The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, July 25, 1863, Image 3

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'ltioviurso tbo amyortiat pN r As
'dadisp tbo si valuable rsoords of
tie Baste, Wei her wltlt Abe portraits el. pit
• llstaram.ta Possryivoslo, pod Otillef vslli.
"WI palattisr, am looks is do Soto
bosy s itaito bow maned to As *vital sod
irortsos loasy tarstosislis ad :no
- • ' Om& =tb rotas.* Raub tea
el rodayeatiosol woo sassed, it Au
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.pstosssod •• by Raj was lossilan
• mit us lassarad pars ast, sots slat bees
sod soot campy tbolt Attaistolod
blab A mot Wormy room.
,tl/0 following
at spissosi to atalsod'am my not be
L . 1119110 who aro drama
Ride ',vows isbatitilltg, bat iiera ii
kia.,dltootoi ors •to bo ass.{ IS, tidbit
asia. bowity. 1. Snit/ dratted maza IS 30
a 1 11 400411 1 .0 tooP"s i is a Pit Wl*► • rik
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11,4,1 4 011 DAY 1 40 .RN/Nb. Mir 25.
CIII 417 1(.4.28AY: -`
or orytarat. Nirst or Val'arre.
• UnionVoisete Ticket.
P•r Na idew -) •!sp.4 w Deets teem
30 1 / 1 1 111 ‘llOlll4.
c 71L'
na MX .11.-61111110 N.
04.4 q r Gm,
• DAVID Liget. la.
" Pro avordin,
• Aszint scoLuie
'Orti. 3. 111011.% It=
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P, O erg awasam..
•+ - 4 - ; • Aar Draw. tp la. pocr.
. .
LGemara' Mow. Hay..
! elan of the army of the Potomac,
iii to"titi Bata* Omeria. frog th het
i . .. _ , a •
eau at. e lythereuditdes at somehow%
to be gaUmitautistousgeens hamtegof floor.
al NM el. this city, who had toommand
. Heys ,
of sin Third Didaktn, Beeoad Corp.. We
qi . ! oe mann s '
Sass Spoken of our C.. Hays. I with
yo esald inn seen' a porous, just at the
so of not - 1, nay. home, on the left of
our alatteiof oaten his spostdid figure fora.
sal Apromdie at patt. - Oar !aline, whisk lad
bat Iplag,oa ihasoutii . iiils, wits ottiend ens
my,.Mit,patitn ., in at wag. to swohaatip bat un
• dia‘mstitly eltarydlay Pitnott's rebel dials
' ' fess7.lfti intitietc tlwe'throwilt a - storm of
Atha mini - ihni, Statialy'anithia ti tiata to tea
aik, gnat law the Wham "haw, , and,
akie, , Mloroess, - as the • moor of ai. -drams.
TIM tinily!ii hotted's ware still playing brisk
lyi,:sit Wren *hap olootato kept up a booty
- /ma bah Moir totaatry, wonsulod sat routes,
wen posing into our lines throusbout their
whole soma. Tina ester Aum. limns, Bel.
adtue...lhassal U. ii. A, the brave Amain*
neddar.„ 'Biz last or mere la Itelght,ersat and
sating, trams: Lamas Moll to &ant his
lito ''''ttoo:.abid until Ratite a hati.houris noble
itstimac his links -bespattered with blood, he
dodos thltupg our Ones, now lashing tali into
the apse 1. d, a math for a homed eismap-
Oholuers, be; menu amemmi, aim qelotly can.
tediliiimm to our to OS IIetOOMOI With
'to soma Of Meets. I lemma hum me 'road-
Mitaleir iililptibk. lam cot /biers. It
Wea Mo . a , eh optima glorious Yams, wild*
frlasapatel over no tallita toe.
Tee *Saha 1.44 I met tii.a. Hay, again.
Alin Q. Foot Ot /map attenicaa. we bald
the betime , aelo, oar asumusten fortelag a
also ow tair'aable-oosto ei it. Tau Lid has
aim Witt tvbal *model. /6 woo uspostit
lito for us Ito la log bow is Emery mist, am
17eposeop for • nospiwi btusg ore 'rasa, oar'
sea orbabdoo, la amity d 0..., *lag _oat ail
hien. .: hot - dottuaop saocaubg 'oman's&
owe meet oat aim lltutt• Ito brio' la tno wow.
dodlowtritmod meek. d yea es as• rebel 'imp -
CliMmihsearlortmelp dm is out to.pnittos to allap
4144; 7 r tlibties sender to Mu is had elm..
beach, bait twin biding& Tlus oosus nada
hor rodioesereautsa. do all oiy danuday
lb. pier fetnes toy them raying tot amts.
Whomilitilitteitommitheu other of my -real
. meat alas Myself totals, Volantoots to go
Sit with as.. Ututatoc awe - want be .oar
lino *mid !Nog taw marimaii - eapperied, on
*Mar Moe. by,oao of tith"- ." " • • -..
Kay Om peewee air - from tub &position
asatal , We omit do 011OOlt amain& Of a
tlinueod Inseam men we road Gas whom
we earned taw our luau is ambiaatet. Omer
poet souls would Mal they milt ameasplimh
It, bat at the ingluoit onongti ot brooms,
woind fall boot, eareamLog la atrial agony.
'Litton heron cone. Toes appeared tileseral
ANL asp in aa•tbor lien. n oat two
toonpanteo, wag Seared inn robot aka:F..24*ot
, en ham a position tem NM iiiaruined
,bailittag,tm 114 human la proaanag littera
Mist bearireimmed beton manias may of the
poor *SLUMP WOMlsato amino oar uses. Ii is
met my sdaliortaite to be personally saiamat
ed wan utut • den. abn. Hoye, ton 1 "ph
miry one, as tar at I eon dint it, to besot'
Ida as it. bravest, ot soidiars, and sorsa= I
as the host hearted tf men.
Is stallion to the shove„ i have the testi.;
sear of la diets who spoon a:stood In this
altiy, sad who was ass's-wits= of the dialog
lrsn of Oen. Hays. 'He states that the
Genital tad Arisen smutted iirdszllso when
the oOlitioPinto d, aid it Um (doss only two
maimed. Oae of these Lost his horse, and
LW otter Oda standard.bearoj had his lag.
staff sot la too. At One illlll WI pistols, Oho
Aiirateui boards,) *hi wen, posted Lear a
bbrb lulf a alibi Isola the front, VIM repulsed
.by Sabel iitoryi : shoUt‘rs, and :skewed la
it IV*: The Oderal, observing this, dashed
onus tie plain, followed by his a tailor&
Nadi, a reeilins, deoll.any.esre Irishman.
11:0Spaita , irsin prinopliy rallied sad pat li
„ aith len spin, staking the barn. This was
i ottleat exploit. It was performed la
wpm ; „);* bolt lines, and Ise fats ha& of
las mo w, loterries. Oar men looked oa
In " Lamm% a il with breath's/1f suspense,
iz ia tja i ar a y. air oent to woe she intrepid
„ w i g "Li ll *i sm/u lna's abaci this sharp.
shooters,ild Wald to 0•101 by thesis/11,i
batteries.. Tie 'sabots tbourseloes seemed to
have been taken* easprise, as not it gait was
rimed anti the linural Willed his **sloe
sad pkwithia • skirt disterad of our
whew-the bounds opened slmelteaduli,
-sat did • perdet shower of shot sitif
otter hiss. Judo ha evaded hd Bees, and
es sae al oar ellesd advattosA to eossnitit
ids hi oa his willsatry, • deg streaks tine
isting" . tied, &mad el/,and htilid several
of blinuoiloho had Men StitlClted from be.
bladshe &basis byrnadesity.
All donuts aged Iq iiplunung
shove exploit as on. of the mint howdahs.
ali thrUnag which the war his Petfnrabhed,
aad the wonder lathy, the hero sarolood to
Isis the lawnds skull lu so brass', won; 's
elty losulaty: -
no amuse of &asks Is thlg city, frau
Jay Ili& to Jay IL b r as sgportid by Dr. A .
lloOsodbmg, ybydaian to the Board 'of
Egoltli. lass follows:
K01gg....-...501 White— of )
../esehm.::,..tb I aohnea . T0ta1. . ...,„ 36
DUNINISr.-20 pillolo 141144 nUJOIId
119116./ I &Pain's' ../
idg; S; tooggsptagg. 3; ago, I; di, on ;
lin. I; Isogon of War. I; broils t.rori ;
itorroggsi t 6; amok. gushing, I; Solo
goo -twist.- 1; show. tj
I; oiggptgg mill. Si goblisty,ll . l .
I smoggy, I; trgegsgur;
7 0 1; / ;:kologgii Wile ogre Molts; Ili VIII
Irmo 34.
Boaz ma . agates , for tbo norof pbystglitag
saa be obtaft " et lig Agog of tbo Bowl of
Loath; es *mini s SieNS. Ta o alaglitati 3 Of
utii soars hi. ail
.ogirsitgil to direst tbo
BspislAtOisdiests.: el 0111.‘,tangs to nails uy
*Wet tkasi tbe PYglolosg beg
reopospoliz ntiaggtod 0t 41 1 16 to tilt sag-:
-swum_ Bi gr.serot the Boa:4
Pktits;as to lisqL
elbow la km/ Pay
11 4 1 -0 1 , 1 , firigo is,st
NNW. • , •
Irttrlblvf b : TJtOOlOllO,
04a- W 443, Damao 0 ;. Jobe .B
Kaaren; 14:14411,:r1d, 0 ;'J. 0: W. Barkley,
B. Pro. 0. ; all of whom passed an honorable
nomination. and those who keels the unroll.
log eaten of thi examination la this institu
tion. eontlaned Is they are 'for several days,
will accord to its graduates the dMtinotion due
to superior proksalosal &Waimea& Bach
median was !awarded the ea/mu College Di.
'plates, printed upon fine parehntent; and
lack was presented by Dm vacuity with a
copy of the Ocilege Gems of Peentanahlp; SS
Memorial of his exemplary deportmeet and
applioation dudes his attendance at College.
of our wounded here been removed from Gm
t aburg,to the northers and eastern hospitals.
'lneptly a number here hem sent to - York,
aed others to Harrisburg. This rebehi, when
they retreated from G•upbsug, left behind
them six druaken. ineMoient and worthless
surgeons, and 11 , 0 00wonnded. Reny of &hue
haws been removed to the hospitals co Staten
Island, N. Y., and other glades, Mating but
a few thensaud at Gettysburg.
AI M° a Disszna.--Illrani Barshberger,
debit bulimia with A. Pink. clothier, on
Wood etroiti Wu beton the United States
Osmiladoner yostarday,charged with oldies
the wisps of deserter from the Unfold
States unto', knowing.ldnt to be sash: Be
sold the deserter, anew snitd clothes and al
lowed him to exchange then ter his uniform
in the clothing store on Thanday. He was
hell is $l,OOO ball to appear to-day at tee
air lloarrasia ix Ditassettesvaci.—Two
P'• nil hospitals have mostly' been"started
is l u mbertbart. One safer charge of Dr.
8 stiseny,la the Aosileosbead the ethos nadir
Dr. &dowdy la Pisaltlia H.U. These hos
pitals ooat►ta about One hundred awl fifty
patleato,amineipally sick ass frets the lUD-
Time ls also a, hospital la the Pullet
School handing,. Rader Assistant Burgeon
Datable of the label army, cantabiles about
one hawked rebel siek sad wounded.
A Pucemoo brarr.—A, stupid rumor
was rationtly pat afloat that loins days ago
us GUM waa born in Greensburg, la this
State, with tall grown whiskers, dotal, tooth
all round, and Wormed those presoak that
Wawa, would- Woos' IA threw mouths, aad
than would follow throe years of balsa," si
tar widoktidaentraordbtary child disd. No
amain.* poor thing Cad, afar snob an a:-
libidos of prooooiti 1. -
1 '
Penentirr or STATI Curtin
eras pretest M a recant meeting of Beak
Creakiest@ la Philadelphia, sad arranged for
UM mama of aU the dune troops mud one
during the late itmergrutoyt They will all ite
paid before they are muttered cat. °rod Am
in prevails seOntif gierties, sad the Bald
President@ ails.* . tie"lest disposition to aid
the Bate ia her stiletto,.
°Hmm us Pasurat.—H Shrives.. W.
S )a w ed W. Mawr: wareenry
before Comma m .
Moser Bailey 'awfully. charged with petj try
in einerias that Shrivel. was the any Ban of
• indorsed mother, nad that she war depand
eat on him for support. Buhr nod Boyd
gave ban in $l6OO emit to appear at a umber
matinß to-dy. Barlow was tumble to sire
Teri - Panetta. Perna —4. W. Pittook,
opposite the Poscollee; hes rsesigett slue Mew
York Illastrited Weeklies, fa Waal' the
triklag and la iiirescies man of eke late
now on laity redereed, both inewbbaily old
geographically. ISiuthliehe sad Barpee•
W 044, eta , will be very iseeptabie tau
west co both young sad old.
Ness Bansatn.-Soy. Alex. Clark, pastor
of She klettiodist Protestant Chnrah, ll.w
Brighton. Pa., dLL pew& nest tlibbsek (D.
V ) morniagaed evening. at New Brighten
seinioos on Pharisaical Arid.cad Pe/chew:
Nasality ie the Ammeriogis Ciersese." Ike
paella are cordially lorded to attend.
- Tau Ha mar —Macy of our thrwitni (gals
the Harrisburg Hdrwropk) Sr. through stub'
their harvesting, and taint are bat low who
hare not gait. Sashed. The grain crop will
bust heavy oleo' and the corn, judging from
prison appaaraloos, min be. better. *hap ham
been Wad is tAili Hatton for years.
Sr. Loots BTZ.Lilll son Nair Oetwons.—The
mazer Sectional!, Coot. Patriot If -ro—the
tint boat to load at St. Louis for New Orissa&
shwa the °psalms of too liWelsoippi—eow
raetwad loading with Goirertuient freight loot l
Tassday, and wan to depart wlthoat delay.
Woo'. —About two-thirds of the wool ollp
of Crawford rounty, Ohio, his been sold at
from 70 to 76 writs. Boxes sellers asked 80,
sad haws their slip yet on hand. .The fell of
Vieksbrug and gold has brought wool down
to 60 for best, 66 for mulles, and 50 for cow
Naar Corral Miaa.—A. saw copper wino
hu rocently bona dbooverad &boat thirteen
Alba Iron Bomb? City, which bldg fair to
*dim all others yet diamond la that local
Gmr. Ifoolea.-11 *jar Gummi Hooker, fats
eons mender of Um Army of the Potomac, ar
rived in Harristeen on Twerday evening, and
is stopping at Loohlef, the °entry tveldenes
of Gen. Blazon OsIIIII?oll.
On &mei Cud Photographs, ont, orm
tar, of prominent aos.. sad worms, aid crop
hie of ha paintisp at Pit:Wok's opposite Um
Bast artignasin—Tlio Mit National Bank
of Girard, Pa., will conamonew business about
tlio lag of September. '
ison..—Tip mid vateraellosi hen
already appeared hi sae Norfolk, Va., markmt.
Saws variety a Lodi's' sad Mims' Map
Skirts, at IlloOlsilskes Aviation Hem,/
Hwta ittaaznin for August; at Pit.
*We * oppodto the Post-oSes.
ILtzen's illstory of Om Ea%anon, pelt
Iv% ao, zsady at Moors oppolitaiitke Post-
Pootirt boat at'.Pntoek4, opposite the
PICITOMPINI Alban at Plitaak's, oppo
site the Pant-ours _/
. sal.exat—imitorinl lb:sada mola r ,
-13. hiss by 144 -
I AI 101`es. at 'be to sideso• el
UR Miles • puirf• :0 CA BLI/ . 0. 1111.1ibion ass
~•. • • •
11, 111 1 711 17 8—^a - hid', ~hi& Jaly ISM. it
7 Vewelc. - 0 . pt. OZ EA ribs* s, to U1•41176b
jokr of Oki .
~ fli ea 11l
Tbe loam' •It toks t* tivssal. at
"'Sett:fhb Ws Ka% rioldoook o 1111 111111 SOW.
„Ibit tiro& ot tie Ittaily ato tospiettoll, lavistd to
itond _
No001,10•04-41a /Miry ovireltg. .161, Eat.
JO of st a.s...usas W J aid Y. J. ad:law*,
liset - lbeortln •
foo 4ttl-do ofta US/ ire totited to attend ttu
Aniyinli-tdd4 Idettitdede).,llllllolool4 at a Oink,
non $7 Denote amid. Allannony.
e oak p. 2k U rs r e . y JA LAM%d , at
LtiSal m rr p
MI mg.
OMed.atw batily aro Invited to sttaa4 u.
town 1
from Ida tad ns diic.,llo. 15 IL Caidt. St,
tlitobatalt, BISOIDAY, Jay 114th, at 10. a .
O. Mottle ...Qs noisy ..w& Ja:, Ma. at •
o'.tos,JA I HaLaZall OLr, lao.a.teaata.6
lss.rd.raWfL J. Wiens.
The birds et Met Weill are levittfl to 416166 the
bated boas the p4ssl nelbeee. Seeebnaillee
PikeiTeffersetellni, op/argues isuardes,tha.
ilib tut.; 4 ticket. '
les teudadsee 6 diet bet ofII. Jo.
re 6, Co lb. - Ma be atm 14 &I VA ASIDI/111
WA111 , 116 Mal ST Pm**
, )11110111T—Toto woolos MI pod on o'clock
at bli boo re-Idiot. corner of Ma a.d Bead
ovioto.llr. Allis x.otist. Is am Tiat year oi
Neap e 4 lb§ fazionl will givos V ihs wraiths
VI Kai /0 10011.00 X:0 • V 0.10 Alta.
th• foroasublo 440 401014 Oitoimo Da
boOPIPIt obd II 1. Du lint nutter tin
OROMIIITT • BOW ins elesohof
W osfl.l moon. Doolil
sWillsrt .814110oisit000vo nil Mks Out tour
by do Oolopoff. 'Dont. b
- ta. L 11111Allrf.
.Iffonag IS ItßitaißY WEN thii I
4.1 kale mosololol- Itilfo=2 , 040
*oft toosowareetirosoll solo of IPwooswoo. too
ispiO 'of $ll4 ono f 0 to-0. W. I mar; tha
p *As t i* Foos JAI Wit Pa• -
liisaiessi. • • 8 ..10.7t1
cbwe ppirifem immix 4111 , '
- /01111 ST DALLILi oci
~~r~a % ~i .. _ ..
By inizolera.
Spada Digatch to thii Pittsbasgh Games.
Women; July 24,11768
The following Is a full text of the Pe -
tareburg Egon.' account, in its yristerday's
issue, of our raid into North Carolina:
Prom pommy?" who reached here 'outer
day morning, on the train from Weldon, we
gather particulars from the raid en Rocky
Mount; N. a.. The gang numbered Woven
four hundred and six hundred, and came up
from Washington, N. C. This is the route
supposed to have been taken for Rocky
Mount, though kbont the same Cahoot' from
Plymouth's Washington. Either road would
bring them to Tarborongh, a flourishing Mlle
town in Edgecombe county, about eighteen
miles from Rooky Mount, . and where, until
reoontly, the government him had Immense
supplies of boon, corn, *o. The raiders
reached Rooky Mount about 12 o'clock, meet
ing with no resistance.
A small squad of fifteen or twenty men
guarding a bridge over Tar river, near Rooky
Mount, of course did not risk an engage
ment with sail' odds, but we presume, rallied
is good order. They immediately: proceeded
to bunt the deprOs, destroy the water teaks,
and commit other SOU of vandalism . in the
vicinity. They alto burned about Ant thous.
and bales of cotton, belonging chiefly trial
rate fndhidaW , which had asentoulated at
Rooky Moult, and the squad repaired to a
large cotton factory new by, owned by Wm;
S. Battle, whererhey applied the toreh, and
that spacious building with all its valuable
machinery. was "speedily .reduood to altos.
'This is reallyta cation loos to all that por
tion of the Stets, as well on . the South side
of yfritnis. A very large quantity of ea
ten yarns made at this factory, iron purchas
ed by people of Eastern Carolina; and on the
South side of Virginia, who 111101? the war,
have been largely engaged iI the arinufactar-,
log of clothing for home ocienurption.
The regular mail train for Wilmington;
passed just thirty minutes before the or=
rival of the raiders, and thus made a parr's ,
escape from capture. The train on the Ter
borough Branch of the Wilmington road was
net so fortunate. It was captured by the
raiders, and two oar loads of ammunition and
over thirty. thousand panda °t , heca' were
dutroyed. They also attomptid to destroy
the Cu, and locomotivo. Thiry only parttally
hnomeded In this latter port of their ander-
The train from Weldon, which retched hare
yootordiy atiornoonibrought no IntoWnenon
later than the spool. Travel sad tolographio
oonnanalostion 'batmen Weldon and IV if-
mission are ',now nnlatenepted, and we un
Inn no one who is abbe to Worm as when it
will be roamed. Military;anglisiently lugs
to pre»Dtarepetttionof the destrutionetrat
e4 ozvhionday. le now on hue, but unfortu
nately they are jut in time to be too late. The
&Wage has . been done.
The bridge destroyed by the raiders span
ned Tar River buts short distantie frost Rooky
leloaht. It was • most saostaatial struotora,
some three hundred yards in length. The
track for • distance of • mile or two was torn
up, and other damage affotted,. whtsh it will
require a weak or more to repair. Travel,
it Is Owned, will be simpended for six or
sight days. , •
It is nodentood that the raiders have only
fallen beck to Tarborongb, • distance from
Rooky Mount about 19 miles. If they Sr.'
allowed to remain at Tatborimgh it WO*
thee thrown away to repair: the Wilmington
and Weldon Railroad, for the Pasha" cavalry
will be enabled to reach in two hours time'
whenever they feel so disetwed, and so destroy
the track that it will be inelsse: -We hope,
however, that Gen. Rolkairt Ransom, who la
now in that direction, will / inlaid, clear the
Insane out from Tarbortneh.
The statement that Gen. Grant Is to receive
the Major Generalship in the regular army,
made vacant by the mating of Gan. Wool,
Is believed to be,* yet, only a tumor.
L. M. Sehwarin, bearer of tibPatehes from
Port Hudson to the Governmant; arrived here
Ten arruanow IX mamma. •
Thls,roothes Rdpetbikas contain, ths tot
lowing: The Impressionis that IMMO and Lie
a:Varian with theirs:miss Mous the west=
backs of the Upper Potomac watching *soh
Uther, and that the headquarters of Ghmeral
Meade are at Harper's Perry, or in that re-
glom, L dooldod mistake. Both analog are
active, sad Meads U whore he can 'hike Los
• Wow when Le please& 4 beetle is Wrel7 to
comet any moment.
On the same sables*, tide evening's &or has
the following: We apprehend there can now
be no little doubt that on Saturday 3111011114
last Leo commenced to move most of hie army
up the Virginia Valley, from the position It
tad movie/ since morossing the Potomac.
lie had prevlouslY made a feint to sucrose the
Fatal:wt. by seeding Riven toommand cep
cementer Cumberland. • Is is to be 'presumed
that he regards the movements of Ifsedi'e
army, which has been by , no means idle of
late,., making it necessary for him to hurry
off for the protection of his contauanloatione
cub Itiolussond. We feel very sue that 01111.
Meade has those communisations already at
his many, when and how It is not prosier
that we should state. At any nits, we may
not Improperly say that Gen. Meade Is de-
Mintstratiag that all apprehensions of tardt.
sees on his part are entirely groundles&
Lm's advance is represented to hays
been at Strasbare on the day , before yn
terday, and we trust, as we believe, that his
whole dank la Whig daily fell by Meade's
so that all his snovomente are Imme
diately known and provided spinet. •
To them statements of local papers it need
only be added that them is a plat/fat lick
of knowledge is to the army movements on
either side, and that the Moloney is being
'lmplemented by the vaguest mum.
On. Bob Wraith has so far mowed
from his Gettysburg Wales as to ban for
his Moulin Indiana, to-day. Be Was furnish
ed with a speolal private ear by the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, direct to Philadelphia,
and was attended by Col. J. J. Jena, Conn
Holloway and Col. Bragg, of Wisoonsin.
J. X. Holloway, Chief blesseapr of the .
United Mato. Patent Olin, has remind a
Commuslon as Captain in Col. MamsOWs
Mounted Riess; and will leave for Indiana on
Monday. An award was presented to
him by his friandaOf the Patent OMee.. .
Commissioner Bolloiray now has all his
sons, live la number, ionneeted with the army.
on younoso eartusum
Makial Isapsesor Tolima :stomata to-day
from Gittysioarg. Be repute tliit
iroudid Lime ben rellumpd,usial4 tkom too
switsly:wosida to be lemma.'
Tip Abbas* liyiliena fkrolVinsidease
elf own the boom iscesiuNd fa last
Speed Dispel& te.theittsebarsh Iteestie. _
Pritr.sonpat4,ly Z 4 1843,
A special from Sayi 1t Ii 1Y•
lined there that Lee's *may laei tWltaws.
ter. Lis equally reliable that a put of Ida ,
army I. far down the Sheninileih
The rebels know that Geri. &mocha's to at
Rome, Ga.
The resignation et Gan. Wadeworth will net
be accepted. He will be translated to another
In dew of the increase of piraoy, the soy
liniment Le strongly urged to tine Otters o
marque and reprisal. • .
Borne strong action i about to be taken rela
tive to the tron.ols4 t being Attila out in
England& .
The pries steams Este Dale, with one
thousand bales of cotton on board, arrived at
the Navy Yard to. day. The Captain, officers,
meatier aid crew, nearly all English, are
prisoners. The Kate Dale was captured by
the DOW States gunboat Culler a short time
dm, in an attempt to ran the blookade at
Mobile. She is • vary valuable prim
The draft le all quiet in this atty..
Immense Capture!' at Jackson, Xlss
Pommes Monson. July 24.—The Itleft
mond WA:), of the 23d, says: The GYIKItIlo:.
tiou of Joann, Miss., left In the hands of
the enemy the rolling slosh of the New Or•
leans, Jaokson and (treat Northern, the Mil
eteelppi, and Misalesinpt and TOODUSINI Roll
roads. The motive.power alone eoneletsdnt
over 40 engines. Thelma' fe
important and irreparable. Nothing goal
wail in thieenthweet.
The Federal ' cavalry raid (rote NeWbour
N. 0., reached Rooky Mount, on tie Wil
mington and Weldon Rallreadion the 20th,
and captured two mile of the Molt:
The bridge over the Naomi river, 1,000 feet
long, was burned, thereby
.outtlig off ernmon
nioation for eonte•weeke. -1 .
Items 1 rom Washington.
• Wssnuanosauly 44.-It Is &lonely as
certained that Loa's main army Is at or near
WinohesMr. .fie havinade no general ad
ios's* ddwn the vanity. ,
Gen. Witdswortlni realguition will not, it
is laid, be omitted, but owing to the number
of general efl/ the First Corps, he will
be trunferred to some otter command.
An olliolal i order puta the monthly pay of
Provost fdinhals under the enrollment at
$ll9 60, *ad that of the Burgeon and Com
missioner at ;Ili 83.
The / Siiverstnent has decided on active
measures ragardisur the fitting out of the rebel
Iron-tied E»t In' Hogland. The authorities
are urged to hen. totters of marque and re.'
print, In view of the Mertes* of pirates.
Successful Cavalry Expedatiolt.
Ctemaxesr, Joy 24 —A osvalry expedition
nudes (fol. Tolosa, 34th Oslo mounted In
(Ants!, and 2a Vaginiteavalry,
sent by Brit, Otto. Beamesou.from Charlestown
Va, to oat the Virgiote Mad Ts:matte* B lli
mad at Wythestile, has bon samessfal. They
oaptured• Wytheville attar a sense Aght, and
took 700 stand of mom Oar loss ow about
65 Snood and wounded. Col.. Tpland pod
Capt. DaLsney, of Cincinnati, wan killed,
and Col. Powell setruely wounded. The
lost 15 lulled and a large mambos wousul
ed. Our troops wen Aced on by 'Muni trait
boom. The town war totally dutro,yed.
The command cowshed Payatterilleyestazday,
altar a had march of over 300 milts. /
Skirmish with the at' Wash.
logien, Where.
ab ruts.
CIICIIINATI, July -24.,;,1115j0r EMU,
had a skirmish wits the rehab this morning,
dri.lag them out of Wealth:woe.
Whan /apt heard from, Morgan was at Win.
chests', 12 miles totihriasaot Cambridge,
mooring towardi tha Sirehatitilis and Indians
Railroad, eloiaily purativitipy oar forms.
Market" 'br'lelegiaph.
• ,
Now Foam, Jury 24i-4/ . lone .. hose) and cloaca
gllgbby 100 freer/Albs barren $4,11.506,70 fur Trod.
Luso& W Wally favor buyer. 45445%. soda small
lot at 4534 4 . •ettoot op:teltdull owl clog d belay,
woos 'of '0 .111144412 gr-dai our.. 61.a* dlepored
0 room. dt,IAM,I,U7 f.r bp .Ind, 41.10(51 e 01)
for Malraux. tool, 111,21.1040/ be. Vela ter lied
Westseoe. sod Ilt e llr %liner !Ltd Illinois: Vora is
f.dr r. 4 ewe s'lllourt any &tided charm* Id
m, 0460
Orq 61 , soda brdentte.dittabd 7%276.
garb' end outbound. huger active and flow. Pork
upoo • dull sod .pled a *owls ea.ler. at 811,60*
~ 1 1.1.62% for old cost, Ifia,alhou,c2,4 for new town,
Illootwall 12% for old and base prime sod $13040
1114.00 for brw proms. bacon .id,. dolt sod
Laid dull sod lower at lralr;%'c. Utateio dull sod
lower; firallo for Common to {nine.
litunry . contitinee easy at 6 p, cent. Steedlig E.w.
along.> tiLdet, at 133X4gt36. , niold I without a de
cided change. %suing .11,33Lan,telarieg stead) at
2d premium.
FROM 1, Ari JUN Ili TON.
MaU Dlspechei to theilutsbargh Gazette.
'Nimmons. Jiily 23, 1863
TUTUS sinsrans.
Mr. James D. &dos, the well known 81.
Louis gunboat builder, has laid befori the
Navy Department'a model, plans and sperrill
lantiona for building a Arai class iron•olad
ooean steamer in his navy yard at St. Louis.
He proposes to 'make a I of the 'same
class as to size, poorer of armament, Ax., as
the New Ironsides, and our other largest
ships-ol.war. The experiment of construct
Leg a navy for man Aar v Ito at points on the
very heart of the c3hticent, and perfectly free
from any contingeney of any iaterferenes
from foreign powers in case of war, meets
with much favor , at thi Department. Mr.
Hades is confident there will be no.dillionity,
in taking snob a ship from St. Louis to the
Gulf, during, at least, three months in any
ordinary year. It , will rivale about two
years to construat a vessel on the proposed
plan, but similar ones might be built at any
point below St. Louie,. cm the Mississippi,
whirs similar familties for ship buildiag have
been procured... The plan of the proposed
I is &rooted eipeeielly to the attainment
of the Monet possible speed, combined with
strength amidships lb.bear .heavier plate of
iron than have besetolors base pet on any Of
our ocean summers. It is proposed to apply
the plating in loogitudlual stripe, thus brae
ing and strengthening instaad of weakening
the venal, by the addition of its armor. The
model embraces many •novelties, both as to
style of plating and amusement Of guns and
maahluery for working shun in soften. These
several points are beatg carefully investigated
at the Department. • "
Separate °rime wort for the Drafted
NNW.. Editors:, I have read with $Ol4ll lll
taut • series' of oommusloatiens In your
paper, emen►tlag from • drafted man, in
favor of • separate' regimental orgenls►tio•
for the new remits. Ills arguments, how- .
ever, are of an •lithely notional cleirseters
•ad do not Nam to grasp the whole subject.
While it would no doubt be , agreeable ,to
friends and neighbors to belong to the same
erganisetion, there ere other sonsiderations
whieh, I' think, - would forbid each ah as
rangearent.-- - la the limited regintimta there
will iota large bicolor' of, copperheads, and
th• only _way:A° make them amilosible,. or
even to prevent therdfrom being miiohl.►eas,
Is to mix-them with the tree patriots Is, the
geld, who, detesting their prieolples, would
crush out the treason that L In them Is,
short time. I grant that snob treatment
might 110 e be required for men drafted in loyal
Allegheny, but stow about Greene l Itiattao, -
Kr. Sfitor, • regimental orgenis►Non of 6011-
scripts from copperhead York—a 'county
whloh I. decidedly hostithio Oki Union by at
lean three thousand majority—or from Barb
or Northampton.! , Thom troops troald be a
seats, of danger rather than protection to the
republic. I might 'say more, bid I do not
think the subject requkes farther otooldatton.
• _Jinni,
THUS °LATIUM lxntrizomi
Oen bays tbak more ibmwn bp by callbag u
wuerss DAY. I:ich 60 Federal a.,
(*netts Proved Itani!kal's Off,
roe me nibs
=limos oaf. AND Lim sap,
Kazoo AronmAssmuto! o* -
UR; 11111 M.
klatt.W.-• •Nor: lUrtide: •
#seiroinipt. UsitimitaltriNociley oast. asp!
44,11,000 banisk;7••• - ,....4AIV.DALIIiia. aloe;
- but':..?; - .. - . 7 .t . i . •, , ,,!.4.7‘;_f5 - ..ll l . l kaltillifileritill.: . ".; ;
• •-•-1
.~. r. '_~. k~:.;u-. :sS.=~r Wit: _r..:
111191110144, )1,110414 !Tress.
quota Asir Xteso's arose liOnalio, to:
Awn, and tothafitetottlit gottPoolog, are the
Nett to nee.
A. T. Cliavort Efaistri Agni.
he. le, itrest.
TROIA, RUST, /11115 end etwasorallal
Roder, and dub? b Penneylvanls and V.
tarvi note of the hest quality at low tales.
0164 e at alue. Lwoktilleo, DPW the Watei
Woyb. Pliteburitit.n. • Pelen
Ohosuro Out ate Amnia nrooz Corr.—
Elsot l l Orahllln, Merchant itallor, hi/selling off
his Spring and Bummer sbookof goods at oast.
They opnelst of all the latest s t yles el &the,
(4111116111111 and ',stills, of which hi Is pie.. pored o make up in the lion fashionable
manta and at oost prise. i The public shoal
slot *W and
to AV/Ili the sleep of this rare
*banes! sod say" money' by living him an
early tall.
Alio; a large assortent of plain and fancy
muslin 0000 0 well 1 d for boys' wear, which
he will sell b y plies far below end.
Mothers should a ds Depot to nal early.
Ihit'Ll / laranatt, Illarobant Tailor,
No. 64 Market stmt.
Arriertoir; Iteroanso Votorrasse e l—The
attention of oar oonntry's brave defenders re.
cent', rebtrned• from the seat of war, old of
the pnbllo In geoeral, Is again directed to the
very speedo* and handsome estortment of
the latest styles of French, &anthill and
Amnion pleat goods, for pants seals and
Cuts, lately received by MOM S.Jobe Wein
411 Co., Merchant Tailors N0...136 Peden,
street, Albribbny . A tisteful 'selection of
gentlemen's furnishing goods will also always
bo found on the shelves of the establishment,
together with elot of ready clotting,
got op in the best manner.
Taw Itisivar or Busher CLOTRIPer. Of.
ten we are asked, where can we buy a neat
end comfort/I%l==e ran; made to order,
thus having the theme of selecting our ow*
goods To all these Inquiries metes uswers
go to illearre. W. ;ff.' McGee * Co., corner of
Federal street and Diamond . figuare,,Allegim.
my, and you will be suited awarding to your
taste. They have Just melted their rummer
goods; and for elegem* of styles they cannot
be simmesed, and for Atom they are the very
parsons, as their , work le al/ done under their
own supervision. give them a . call, and you
canuot fall to be satisfied.
. CRUZ Dentaraw. - -At the Dental Dup.
tote, No. 261, Pena street, sets of teeth for
four dultars,..better than those at fire dollars
et the other dental establishments. Mt pm-
Pant are requested to call at the Institute
after having alaortala d the lowest prices at
the other cheap pla 4 ee. MI work dune at
the Institute to guar timed superior to any
Cheap Dentistry in thetity.
017 ram Bear.—Rev: 0. A. Buokbee, Treas.
Am. Bible Union, N. Y., writes: "I very
du:Wally add my testimony to that of a:a
men:me tither Mends, to Mn.a 8. A. Allots's .
tiVotiOi lisle Reatoter and Zylobaliamum.
The timer . I have found superior to anything
I have ever used." ' • . •
Bold bkdruggisto ovorldhord. Depot, 198
Greenwich moot, New York. dew.
Twit Wisma r and Rom Yams generated by
thelot snit will be tar more deadly to onr
volunteers than .the enemy's bayonets. In
-the Indian and Crimean campaigns, HOLLO
WAY% PILLS were used in enormous quan
tities. They kept the troops in pedant health.
Only 95 cents par box. Soldier, supply-you.
ALL Orates litrassumno.—Per repairs or al
terations to storm or dwellings, new roofs, or
anything else la the Carpenter line, tall at
Cuthbert's Carpenter Shop, Virgin alley,
above Smithfield streets. All orders promptly
attended to.
As the'
es the County Treasurer has now fitted up
the room formerly occupied by the County
Commissioner. In the northwest corner, Ant
floor of the Court House, we would advise all
our friends to call and pay their tax while
they can have the benefit of the per mintage.
Oanintra and °anat.°. CALLS will be taken
at tne Outaibas oboe, No. 405 Lama, street,
day or bight. All order. Isle at the above
,place will be promptly attended to. All calls
"moat be paid In advance.
°memo sad °anti Wail wUI be takes et
the - Odiattte ogles .e I tree
t* .berty street,
day er night. or arg hilt at theaebove
plum will bi promptly attended to. All °i le
most be pad in sdvan • • .
7... - =• - • Gwyn siIDER
Geseock meets. PI di.cbl
It% a. tn.. sad at 7t p.m.
Natt L uAT £YANINU . T
wren El MO. Paater,
L, ooruer 4 Ir..Fra. sad
11.. 1 . 1 7 LOBO'S-D.% V. .t
Ergot Meet, g 1171 w.
• pulle ars .... ' w6dly ta•
Or DISOIPLINI, Pittsburgh,' meet eta.
corner of Poen and Bt.kale stoma. Pr e aching
LORD% DAY --ktorsing a Mienlog—et the wma
boars. Bandar ached at 214 o'clock
_p. lg. Pram
Loath( every WEDINNSDaT LIMNING. The
anoint are alopecia:thy. invited. 191Wi1t !
41111LIZIRY ;
.SUED OP 11111fROLL1111Nr,
• 12a PUTS= P/311111.111/1114.'
911 Fourth at., Pittshargh; Pa, Jmy 23, , 1153.
MOUNDS°, at b o'clock, and maths* Hob.
Whites twit 10 0 . .10ck, whm the roU of lhaket
Mentor the third Ward will be calk& at which
Mme dopamine dratted from Ursa ward. may— •
Ist: Ptosloos the reolpta fifths tiollector of - /faunal
Mi. Trams an able.bmilsd Babstiinte, scolmtable to
Om Board.
34. Bois y the Board that be In anmept by kw,' by
reason of Physical DisablUty or otherwise •
BICIII• Els netorm Pa and somata at Um
ritaltsrms antUtiacieler4 to thacamp shoat
being established net We Idly.
The Baud wit be in staska mod 5 o'clock p.
ad monks an boor for dinner st t •
Other cirri to wiU M railed to tie oder in ,telfidi
Mop were mows, se tardy ai ta.yore emir. 414,141 eh
aid robe 4 be ea f Awes:
Bat U 6041, Jail 31th. Third Ind, Pittsktrik
from till to 321.
31011Dalf, Jai, nib. Youth ward. Ws No• Ili
30t Undo', Jely 21 b. word, 110 to 110 '
WI:OMb wo T. J , 1.1.1919, tittle lewd, No." 1 to 8 0 1
Thursday. Joly tub, Flab 'ward; No. 111 toile;
friday, Jul, Met, Tifth wwd, be , let tolnUi tot.
total. dal /et. Iflttb.weeil.dlo. 271 to 668. _
IIUdIDAT: dog. U, rizth word bp Its 90 : woo.
day. All 4. 4:9, N..tb ward, Ito. iit to 16U; Wednees:
coy, a tag eitt. Muth we'd, Po. 181 t 3 WS. •-
•rd PlidUa. V, dig. elk. towniti ware..l.ltbblli
rilllidlr..togo.t 10, itabtb este r do.
/1 4 5U846 a. dot. Ito. Moth ward, trove 11. I
to ile; *oder, Ant 19th. Math ward, itoso ltd - •
111 to 118 ' -
T011oD&T;loyeat 11th; Lawrenceville.
wigowylibelr,•itured I,lb. Tem, erseandrie:
TEM/AMAX a o agauun, August Ittly . Weet
Pltiabarak. - -
T , IIII.DAT WORN 5003, August 16 414M00ta•
d al."
valets Har.wglt. . .
TUljbooda ATTICS'S° N, Anon 131 k Broth
1111111 . Y. 6ageal 18tb. II riohlebaah Nal to 11;
astorear. dupes Mb, 8 klia. Iron - So. be:
to ba 193.
Iha da, whets other die to will be tea 114 '.lll
Mete will to almond Woo time to this by
Tor payment of PM mi• bt beaded to tlet °ant et
$O7 time. note for a oiler ewe R.ll be baud
Won the eprekeat 4 cella before dm leatt4.
ardor, at ta War Dipctiaa, d. 44. Jd7 l9.
Any pus= elabotrit esernetlos. ca the pond of
st althea*, th en Ale beide the Board as ating— - _
let. That be la an alleNand setting forth the Qom
erns sot or eh oa he dame to be • easiest..
24. The thee when he catmint. the bolted Mahe
and where be reddsd eln.• lost dale.
it That be bee nee. r deder , d his Inroad= to
bonne a dttsso of the United Steen, end has net
sisrobed the tight of Wh op! by eating at soy Oleo.
don in any etas. ._ •
Ch. met be dale:alp It“..enaired Mon nillltary
taut* oft las rowed that be is the stit , fert or a lor.
don Botentaist, and hes se , declared Its fatheads
to become • att sea- cf the United Braid; and hat
serer Toted in any Otago. • _
.• ,
• atlldsolt,th De supported by; ay mot
puts MY off t. •
. lithe Boa:Obi saUrned 'bet the pt.q eablitni
armpits= Is folly sett led thereto. ender thorn of
semen's, they wilt diehards elm fr.a drat, NU
if not. al DMA tberalaul nrer lb. we, wUb the at
14;1.1E14 through the, Provost lio fisate,sl, toe.
&dries by tb6 Denteranefit 'ol Bet thrs
*ors eusprudl u oily rs.ort bates eye bolt' the di.
Wien club. State vepertroont be awe. The ar. -
deed* of • tbe agate Department .Mil pooh toe
be coneldrred evidence of the teat wbether.the par.
'sea so. oo fa urtl, sobloot to mitmory
Tagil pair asses.' • •
Ti m , wooed of Burolltoaat will .in Futuna °tor.'
dins. allow al trifle: Wow, allots/ erewrivtloe
a outeettete. , in'tbe 4 0 110100 01011 bears products,
his. Tlll OlOO 0111000.0 es (010.
IWO/ semen tab* saws end 11,0010,10 !bp war
'bee hie sago to aMhd from .tbktoll 'Co hlo - (114..
61104 i 0 prodnee 'an 10 54140h' sabaltute. • -
amts. d. aatwooloir to hle weft% silty hatef .
the aatwo t io n;toprriborttual!uadmid aollsas.
7)twderattihtgtd, c..
• .-• L. ii/ 4 K1 1 •• rtielara;
• 0110 . 1611. 4t 1 . 141 411,6a_ ltaed~t t t 11.
,'. r l • ,
aizrramr xorress.
irsurveraraaanatexurratur.-, - - •
~,, —sa-insticteolvirmihr'a..
' gli "bink it % rukt4 se, Aiii.faiik.Orc -...-
. ... ..
exstarrED .1 0 4 , 01t , PR1a4.-...- - •
ID ascordance sitb ardor.' Rails Sho*
owns We of p mots • soapt , tl tioat"dfol by let
Statist of Imagoes' at ta 4 Plosilti, to , lalo-dosot
obi, tho tarots o id It tz..a.p.lta: •
sr 'WON or rvasuanaa act trunk IV erTrnri
John Kraft, . tiroslugbate. Elteph Imalattero
seam Kea, /id J awn • caalL
„..i.ap Wean% a, 2 bus 1:11,0a.
Joao butfy.
Peter Lamp, 111111 a, "
Mom liar. man, k,matmtl-. Gene Gan.rosavt.
Aud g
.Lieten4Lew, Taw Woltems.
Ilea U a ttermaa,Bittssaitgamu, George ElOaivr.
//aim WIZ 'flan! w a rd, • Hoary
Cbartri Canon. Lad Blzzaingiuun-osth hum .
and Wady non& .
I.l•annun 'Yoder, 'Third ward-aadar twenty.
Wit••••••• , -Ano X Yoder.ll. B. cuopor. .
Homy Bhenania, TairJ' wad-over '
marina, nnian.-X•ltin Bas.l, Adir,•astal.but ,
Juba Dogma, Tbl d nard-vrer .21.d1.•••• a pant •
6barns Yosaler • Tenni nstd-ul•r ibtny•avel•ref-Juna Loin, Chen Botstonla. .
trunk Xl,tnog,Ttilto onni--Over Uattkarionse
fled. 1.1-ctunenftry add. -
&lithos, DAD, Tbird ward-over tliirty.are, mar.
raid. • * llama -Joan sad 'I bonnie K• ly.
John Ckladar, Tidtd wad-over ••• end married.
Xitatons-Ctula IJad•ox•u, Janoti °nadir. '
Darb'Obbr: Thud.ward-unt Warty-ISM taarr
dad.. Whate, ,s-J ohn Lai B
g, Jacob 6CII. ,
Zdvard lo.wlqa.dored-nter arty4l•li.- Initataii•
-Josue X•et.r, WMaud e. .
.1111101 TOO MILTS 1191DICWAXII. /11111Tp1111.
Tbonaas" Pladent,a, Third' War& Witaida&-
Jae Iflonainn, • J , _
Blooaro dailan, 214 witneeK4-IlDa7r.
camas or imam, fumy* Two soar Diana*. -.A
Mantra larwlar. 34 ward. Wiurearas.—PatrAtera
John Iflancrty..
DirilDla;Solf MOTILULtIa CZELDXXX Emma rirktiii
Wm Grin oolond 8d vilbidne—Lieorie
Mixon, - Jobastua. . • •
James Anderson, Oth tard.Wltumit— . . Mother
Jamas Wham 8d wud, Wilma/m-4
Jebn Li thi:
Zdveard MN" INComo„ .
Shaul., Wm. Ummo. - • - .
Wm faupoon;Zl'iratd:ZW=Dtoo—„Daild Wm;
Jos Larry. jr. - .
Alber S limar• 31 ward, '4lhiosoC' Mak/
Jamm-Moab ad rid. 4:141,7,
h:1;31 ward. ::?"/0Pi,q74014 Fi.t44i
imem MLes. , . :
Samna D Lamert,,Thirdwi.d,chilciAM .theme-;
Joial Tblid s = a - d,'lnltini . fiveilimit
iind.ll,lll.ll/I.•ri. Thi.d,a9.11 1 .. T.?? 41,'
dd. ti • •
elhoorldaraeasit,, Third „Ward, pewitardat
Unripe o. bend
Adon hoitroun, Trawl waid, aeicleat to
Jewee ki temp eton.Third_werd, !wish( leollilri:
up pre Jser and large tumor .10 118416h0u1d.r.,
W Mot, Third witg, o narrow! larcoade.>
WO2 •ttromattal,llllKlWirid - ,.d airier.
Petifeic a.liures Toll,l- wird, lust of elght of
rightsre, outithate or* Speer.. ,; - •
E•hribeth ip,, I &le Cidp, KM fa Ip,
Draft , . Buie ,U.ery Larioli;Tersehlret,
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JAS. E. 21111EDOCH, Esq.,
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