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m Saturday's linating Edition.
The Mitt In tha'2.3ll District.
?hi . draft la this ,- District geminated at
sO' le day. The 'attending dug' the
p.. 4 'ln*• day. lug ben rather slim. On
Mendly the
,Beard of Barra: ma sill sem
agog reeeiving a;4ll6ations for enemptione.
atbeethan ptiyataal disability. Baby sill
bitaand tite!namas of theta parsons drafted
It Anita:int( county this losanoon :
ItriTllll3l2 /WWI:MIL
iaWm. Mallutar,
Allen W. Oattardare,
Ind. .lialtahoar,
: W. Patihald,
Wm, Pplloak,
Witiajdzk e .
. P..Hatatia,
Jtikft :noltsholir,
• Albert Bablaso3.
to,to itini,
I Ittlro ma . l i
koDripm, 4
D. B. D'Dinutell,
J. isr: - Drok,
Jotaplt Priam,
Jas. I. Eatiastita,
1 11.. IL Esltyi
R . udolph Bonder ,
: A inKt"
Lee III•ohHog,
G. 006111'6m1,
Wta,411.. HareNife
Guy' K•ohling,-
Otto:MO.6re, ' -•-
Vitinfini Nimbtit,
Jams B. Sawa, ,
Hugh• WWI.
John Ltadirman,; -
...4..i t sibMer. •
Jams Outlier, -
AgArsitHi; 4acily
Y. KeVres,
-Pleming Brows,
- Wm.-J. Neale, • •
'George Whitehead,'
_Henry Wii
• Joasthan Reedy,
--Michael Best,
• Aadrsw Wells.
'Wm' B.Wilihusul,
'Mathias Boots, •
:::Peter B. Titus, •
'Zahn Borontpormr,
Di F. Hull,
Juke Mbar,
-Josiah Hoppe,
Jahns o. , T;allter
SUM Leasure, • '
M. D.. Density,
B. raLitChey •
- -Jacob Hood,
G. ONLake
Robin . K. 4 1'hompson,
BM:on:L. '
Wm GeorlA,
Wm. P.; Boated. •
Conrad Barimstook,
Hammel Wine
D. IN Criswe ll ; , -
ALB. Bowser,
Jas. P. , Hendsrepa,
Michael Campbell; -
David Brawn. - •
Peter Altman, .1.:
`Wm: Olinger, '
Btootdale,' •
J•en SohrookenjOst,
Georg* H. Spears,
Philip iteasman,
Joseph Clever,
• BlideliaMitall,. ' Peter Bradsbough,
David Madras,
J:. Mcßee Marshall,
: CameellEnßlhaney,
imnas,L. Armstrong
Daman Cis% '
14. Simnel B. Neal, '
GOI:1 - :.‘.M. McEntire,
A ll 4 l l4.4llallaghei,
olia - W..E. Borland
Edward Taylor, '
ra, Neff
Earn EWA,
liiidiseleampbell, Jr.''
John 0&19p1mal,
iiiiht.'.l 4 Borland,
: ETV: Irwin,
K. A. Suety,
Jeremiah Bowser,
Jefferson Gess. '
lßobert C. Garvin '
alai/ hant,
John Ya ger,
Jilitli R•dingir
Jamb Wells, '
IR t Kancelman
Priin Hermon,
Jam M. Riming,
Henry Cherry, -
Joh" Itunoelman,
Abraham Guyer,
Imam' Kuneettaan
Aaron Saipan,'
Daniall Gearhart,
William Snydar.
Natal Henry,
gooneY Candi*,
tionrl liartlass,
Michael. Ityle, a
Jamb T. Anthony '
iJaeob Andress,
Jamb Shumate?
kad.isen Roo!,
William Petterhoff,
Job.ur S Hamilton;
harisi Maria*,
Itul ir a d Steokdil,
David Criteson,
Philip Loothart,
Loris_ yergenthalirr,
Samuel Wolf. -
,Joseph W. Luker,
ipkir W Gook, *-
Same Smith,
.T4oeb Task
George T. Wbeatoreft,
Samuel L Walker '
Jacob pnsiy
:ohs Coleman,
Jobs Bobreakeagoet,
Soloisor Stalletaa i ,
Bellew' Enna, '
Suanil Gelilik, "
Ilene /Leafage:,
Berme! W. Miller,
Nathan Bo:risk,
..Libanna Eistriais,
Henry dshrookongosi;
Georg* Stamoker,
.lirataklin J. Adams,
SmaN.Bim_le a
John Downstate.
- Anthony Clorminh;
Lama El Bhanskor, -
Miss BOUM,'
-Adam Woolonly,
Dialel Bang,.
Wag' I,
8. W. MenhaLl,
- Maar d Ritaluirdton,
doki Csnataghaik...
• • reia,apd 211,„
- Bomplas Boraimpt, ;
i rigifairrivb
.3114mbom Baum,
„ Lori Bahrealmagott,
7 B Gialuaigt.
Millar, .
Bannarrial, axed WI
Jamboa Maladuth.
- WM. Ttionipaaa,
Ammo 7.13m1tb,
• Rabat Buy k,
/Aura Btowart,
! Jame B. Moor Lat,
" Maas' Chisma . s, f
O. BthAolmapag
John 07ia:i,
Sao..Br. Bagley,
Geiger, •
MAIL' tiartmaa„.
Wm. Mar; uro,
Jicook Straight,
emu S. anus,
John. P., Roomitorgor,
Jain= Moohling,
WM. Poirin,
Berlamln S. Illoohllng,
Alm Richey,
Jacob Marti!,
John 0. IClng,
Join McGregor,
Thomas Moore,
Abriliam Hill,
ilosoph H. Patrick,
L. 11: Belden,
Andrew Sontimorth,
Jacob Boyer,
Jacob Me!Mos,
Thos. Rottarson,
ijAldso.o. Baden,
oh* Koldtan,
Frauds Noon,
Alit, A.. - 9.l4 g bfa,
ro. tiliiiison,
as:. A. Tkompsoa,
Samuel IL moors, iolll;lirbittaker,
lion T. . litik part*,
Asiti,oo, Soksoas,
Hoary Tsolingstr.
Illathew Lot4an,
, Dip:l44 Yonne,
, Bliss fiskial,
~„: ''. - `'Diilet Parma,
, • *hire" W. eififft;- Adam, Wentsel,
--- lilabnal Odin:- :.. : EL ..S. W. &hosts,
~ /Nth /111.47, . : Andrew Cramer,
14414'W+iltubstsb i : Leotard 310 W.
4 .3
I,,,'lThailpe Johisos;, : &lily p. lidialli,
: 4„..Tcskas limmett f .LL - Obssibitr
' - ku I naslisnekr i- . Win.Vibad,
' .'"' 'DWI Houk bna. Shaw,
miaow; zoe s .
'' asset Hartman,
' 4 . ben.Atleman, • , .. 4 .= ,. imp.
I ",`;'ilskii 3601 a a ..- . ;T: Alla, H. Ellitalir
:..,. Or - ilfr.l.ii ,•sJV. A. Lambing,
,-,, ,4456.c„ .. .ur it „ ! r.. 1 „ r 'Am.!: Barnaat,
laokibatleydnist i i. , Emil:look;
" 01 # 41 t 14 •Pri;-,W.f, WAntanr Blum
~.,,,pme...., ~. ziaam.D...h.
...r. , Xeittouil4 . .-JainiAlndald,
..,,, bite las Henry, TTltomni Robb.
ringwellylai '' ' Hellirt Ginn,
ifinfaltiffian. Mimi Hill,
1 1. 040,0*Nalrere m-2, Swine& Shoults
r-A 4114X61:11104, , .. - • ....: 11-1 ~.: ... •• '
. • ,
BlVA'Clekeia . ; •
' t'Xitaass lialloirogbl"
Madveri • -
Mfatimil Llogler
W iefr brij°64 l 4
tikli T.; Gray,
Wei Osage,
E alac it s 'f „ : , Orals,
8440. Ziltt,
r Jitkailisa
401•01 . 41:7,
h i~L °-'2
..__ •
•—ksr :two.fwiwboopo,k_cdtton Iwo toes to
,'Oßid txiiitwAlr a - tato lob- .qtei.parporttag
toenv thilddighiliblo MI6 4tllll day ; boy
al ittnylood who hakoww3loost knot/6,14,1y
" 'TR, a moit alsoiablattopotittiot ow; CU pet).
lido 1,, not ,oattOod to, and do
not 'Yodel ri'tho 1414Foplio iholddwidd:TinUf
' I W ll4l ;dFdrittio7y, to stotwowspopod pablialw
,stii, :who- potato dowiardessa hamlisgod
s...tdowlit-owoolootowl, idllitdO to - Moly to be
I lit s
tioli tglo . Tluty:Wast be ow *hair
- - si - ow
,try, eadentgod , Ntothor
t ,
...titifirwill be laud tomorrow.. , -. v
a aid Ray IMMO of liyie• le widogidiV .
41 itiU too 1100thisdLIV vi Wu oirortoo
DO that till . 'atrillitt. 11 (9111,4"10 , 10_
00 ea' 4
- ,e,„1 . ,1,r z.:9 ,- , t -, r - E •••• ~ • •
. ,
The Drafted Alen.
I want to know, and I now call the atten
tion of .the Department at Washington to
what I am about to say,—whether we are to
be put into organizations of ear own, or sent
to old regiments Aro we to be scattered to
the four wind, as if no ties of neighborhood
drew us nearer together ? Are the thirty men
of Findley township to be 'ant to as many
regiments, and are the twenty-six of South
Payette not to know the few who are drawn
from the adjoining townships of Upper St..
Oleir or North Fayette? Door it not seem
reasonable that those who itakve lived together
should fight together, end if need be die to
geThther in oommon clause.
ose who are not drafted oppose our idea
of company organisations and regimental or,.
genisttlens, with a few good alcove detailed
irom settles to command -in certain 01110,
bat were Bey drafted they would - never dream
of shouldering a musket. They are the last
men who would present themselves; and as
the Government wants men, the true princi
ple Poems to me to be to hold out every Induce-
Meng for men to enter the service, rather than
pay their three hundred dollars. It is cer
tainly very near the truth to say that twice as
many will go if they are assured they are to be
put with their neighbors and friends who are
drafted, than will go if they know they are to
be sent to any old regiment In the field. The
War Department will consult the interests of
the UlllO/1 by listening to this reasonable de •
sire of the drafted. W:11 we get a respoctable
hearing, or wtli we be snubbed by a lecture
on the importance of drill—brwraion drill, for
sooth, by men who wield the editorial quill
and am as ignorant of the requirements of
field terries as ouryreschnr is of euchre? I
em p leased to learn that the General com
manding this Department favors the plan,
and ear Representative in Congress, Mr.
J. IC.. Moorhead, although it first not
dispoted to favor the idea, admits that the
claims and wishes of the loyal drafted ought
to be heard and rospeotiully oonsiderered.
The drafted men are in one settee volunteers,
and they ought to be allowed all the marks of
distinction and consideration that aro bestow
ed en them. Hundreds and thousands are
about to respond because the government has
officially and legally called them,and who be
lieve they ought to respond—men who have
moans at home and are not coral:nth*, to go
because they have not $3OO. These taen
ought to bes heard, In preforenos to those who
are to stay at home.
David 01&10%
John Ilitehay,
John clampbell,
'Wallin% Sanford,
LOWii btside,
Elsorve Young,
John Roltionagar,
Samna P. Oliver,
Comilla' McCoy,
Patin B. Bati.
Alln.:.X.ln;illllLe, jr.,
ntilllate. 1 , enott,
Beni. W. thin,
%Gate Austin,
Itlati4 Derendra,
WA; 'Moen,
P.,D. Lenglelin,
James Gallaher,
Earthed neasl•y,
Jr mss lh nun,
Nalhaalil Neal.
.I . A3 =k ,s t, f -i '
It has been my misfortune, if I should Bo
term It, to be one of the dratted, and I can
safely say that I Earl that I am bound to swat
out for my oompaniona of fate. A , word to
these who are willing to consider this matter
will perhaps impress upon them that we are
only demanding what In reasonable, and may
urge our Influential citizens to intllic,io in
our behalf. Shall it be so?
Donations for Sick and Wounded
The following is a list of donations received
by the Allegheny Ladies' Aid Society, fo:
sick and wounded soldiers, daring the week
ending July 16 :
Fifty-sight new merlin shirts and 27 pairs
drawers, made by the ladies; Mrs. M. B.
Brown, Mansfield, 1 can currant jelly, 2 outs
pleat bettor, and 1 can tomatoes; Mrs. Wil
ton, Hayetille, box eontaining 1 jar pears, 1
jar cranberry wins, 1 jar bay water, 1 .box
ginger, 4 bottles blackberry wine, 1 cake soap,
from Miss Tillie Wilton, 2 bottles extract
raspberry from Miss Sallie Wilton; also 1
package rags, 1 package corn starch, and 1
mu q rite net ; Mrs. A. Kramer, 21 nantalnen
Mrs. Mary A. Davis, one-half do :an pairs
socks; Mrs. John E Patterson, 3 shirts;
Mrs. R. D. Cochran, 4 new shirts ; 12 bands
gas and a paper of lint from 4 little boys, Al
lred and Reese Lindsay, and Wet. cod Clifford
Hutchinson; Mrs. Campbell, 1 nartequito net;
Miss Spear, 2 shirt., 4 pocket handkeroblefs ;
Mrs. Dickey, 1 can pinches, 1 pair slippers, 1
shirt, and a number of newspapers; Mrs.
Shriven, 2 mosquito nets ; Mrs Jno. Dean, 30
maga:lnes; Mrs. Josiah Copley, i package
papers; Mrs. J. C. Kirkpatrick, swine and
towels; Mrs. Blevanson, 6 shirts ; Mrs. Red
path, 1 coverlet; Mrs. Trevor, 3jars jelly and
$5; A Mead, 4 shirts; Mrs. Boas Cooper, 40
yards muslin; Miss Annie Cooper, 40 yards
merlin; Mts. liai s ed, Gallinder Graham, Mho
Jaw Graham, Mrs. Elisabeth Graham. Mrs.'
Mary Graham, Matilda Graham, Mrs. Nanny
Vonaivost, Mrs. Mary Patton, Cranberry
township, Butler enmity, nars warrant jelly.
1 can raspberries; Miss Bailie Sprott', $5
Allegheny Tract Peolety, large number tracts
and Messengers; Morning Glory; quantity
=ingrain net.
The Three 'bleared Dollar Clause-
It has boon announool, time lied again,
_that a drafted man claiming exemption on
the ground of physical disability, could not
pay the three hundred dollars, nor offer a
substitute,after he had passed an examination
and been pronounced able. bodied by the sur
geon. This decision was so manifestly no.
fair, so contrary to woman sears, and so
plainly in conflict with the object and intent
of the sot of Congress, that It gave greet dis
satisfaction. A man might feel reasonably
certain that be woutl be exempted tittliedeallt
of some bodily infirmity, bat the very fact
that he amid not offer the regal o coma tation,or
present a substitute oft., he had been exam-
ined, would deter him from running the risk
at all. This dial:tilt, has at last been settled
by the War Department, alien it is held that
a man claiming exemption by reason of phy
sical disability is entitled to an examination
without manning the risk of being deprived of
the privilege of paying the Iliae hundred dol
lars or offering a Mutilate. It is held that
the party may deposit the commutation with
the Collipotor of Internal Derentie, to be with
drawn if he shall be exempted, or furnish an
acceptable substitute. The decision 1* con
tained in the following words :
Wazategrox, D. C., July 17, 1863.
The drafted men may, if they desire, deposit
three hundred dollars with the Collector of
Internal Beal:MO, edited to toiddrascat, if
exempted by the Board, or thetraubstitutes
pass examination and are or:dieted.
New Nont.—Messrs.Peterson, of Phila
delphia, have just publielied a now story by
Gustave Aboard, entitled " 214 riper-Maier.
e Trele ,• the /naafis Danl." Like all the
woe,' of its anchor, " The Tiger gayer" le
fell of adventure, exoltement and the strong
est kind scene-painting, so that for eensatl^
A effectiveness, if the reader demands that
characteristie in the highest possible degree,
ho may confidently resort to 14.. .Slmard's
Tiger. Slayer." The book is for sale in
Pittsburgh, at J. P. Rants, Masonic
glith:tniet, W... 11. Gildinfennero, id Fifth
shut, and et Year, Miner's, next door to the
Pat-elllee.. Mee 60 cants.
Tau PIISSUZY Casa.—Wm. Jaokson, of the
Eighth Ward, obargid with `perjury on oath
of Capt. Fester, Provost Marsuai, had a hear
ing before- Cematissionwr--Bsiley, on Friday
sfiernison, bat owing to.the amass of a ma
terial witness the ow was oonculued until
two *Week Saturday afternoon. Several wit
name ware examined, And their' testimony
;went to show this Jackson had giveralls age,
when signing a military roll last September,
se twenty-ZISSIIMM, aid that he had fre
quently made statements whial4 if true, fixed
his age Mahout thirtyyean. Es swore before
UM Basra that hilt./ over thirty-fire.
Seaoms.--The Dirmtors of the Ms charter
Pattie &heels at their adjourned meeting
tut evening, :Meted the battening teachers
for them:Luting year Prineipal—Wllitint
Marsha& Amami to Priaeipel—Miss
A. Woodborn. Grammer PrparLaitnA-41INS
Vloiet Wila on. lot Luerwediate—Mite Mute
MeiCee ; 2d hterisediate —Miss earth
Bally ; Zd baterstediato—Mina Lida P. Gilson.
Ist' PriniaryrT-Miss Mary J. Methane; 2d
Miss Mary 0. Yam; Zd Primo ry—
'E. Wilson ; 4th ey•hactry—lates
Barak A.,Tirtdi• '
ARMIN CnAanz or PranaY.—Pattiok
Ittannan,who_was enrolled and dratted In
this city, made _oath that ha Is a regldant of
Wittutotaland coma% and uniollo4 Aare.
Oapt. Mallinry upon information substquani-
Ip received, made a chugs of pa/ tux agnizit
Bnuanon,tt being alleged that be Is a Telt.
dent hent, and wee properly unrolled. lls
ALcosgagi“ to—{upland-unthaw
lag Wow tlonandtilOnat Dint" this attar.
ADITITTTD TO Pai pTlO ll- •011100f1011 of Goo.
Ships, Jr, Esq4l3. 4:Johnston was. en the
liltkinsa:reutinittedl to -prude* in the &Ns
oib Sonia Alleg .1r covey. ;ohn
e** passed a Ter" creditable e.tandnation
tore the Comndties e and aatiehra young gear
- Una= of eilll q l3-0 4.440iiihe bids fair to
Idirewittlge profes
, „ -
A Difficulty tiettledi
Jrß. Pry,
Provost Itsrultal deneral
The Town and Forts Completely
&a., &a., &a.
Barron, July 17.--A letter to the Boston
Herald, dated off Charleston, the 12th hist.,
says that the grand and final attaek was as
signed for Tuesday, the 14th. The letter says
that ovary thing is working well.
Morris Island la ours. Charleston and the
forts Are oompletely besieged !
Flee iron•olads and Aileen gunboats are off
Tea ganboata and forty gun-frigates, and
the haw fronalder, will go over • the bar to-
night at high tid..
Versa &ore lron-olads and gneiboats have
arrived from Baltlmore,and with Shoheavy 200-
pounder rifled guns erected on,idorris Leland
by our troops, will take part in the bom
bardment of Sumter.
Naw YONIC, July 18.—The steansir Yalta.,
from Port Royal on the 15th, ham strived.
General Gilmore had commented mining
Port Wagner. The siege I. programing fa
General Poster has taken the fertilisations
on James Island as far as Geoessionwills.
[lt will be seen that the 14th, the day fixed
for the assault according to the above, is the
very day mentioned in the dispatch from Gen.
Roseanne to Gen. Hellen, yesterday, as the
date of the surrender of Charleston by the
rebels, as learned from hie scouts who had
their intelligent* within the rebel lion. This
news, therefore, is a strong corroboration of
that *hie& we reoeired with euolt doubt yes
Corday, bemuse we thought it premature, o
perhaps almost too good to be true I" Yet
aster all, it may prove as trne as we oortainly
wished It to be. The country will rejoice
abundantly when it can be
meals: that the wicked city bas fallen 1 . 1
Pattazurras., July 17.—The Washington
Star says: As we go to press to-day Pinasyl
vania avenue Is wild with the rumor alleging
the reception by tha government, this fore-
noon, of information of the fall of Charleston.
We regret to be compelled to discredit the
rumor. A dirpatch reached hare from the
West, stating that rebel prisoners taken say
that Charleston has tallest. These prisoners
doubtless allude to the fall of a .portion of the
defenses of Morris Island.
A dispatch received this forenoon from Gov
ernor Tod, we ken, exprenes the confident
belief that John Morgan and hie raidingband
will very 'barely be coptared or destroyed
He to ',mounded, and all
escape are effsotnally closed sealant
Over Two Hundred Houses Yls
lied by the Mob.
do., fa., die
Raw Yoac, July U.—About S o'olook to
day the military wore withdrawn from the
scene of last night's fighting. Over two hun
dred houses had previously been limited, and
a quantity of arms were seised.
Not a casualty hse boon hoard of la the
Seventh Regiment.
General Kilpatrick had a long eonfarenee
with Gan. Sandford, understood be in rata
loner to the arrival: of cavalry from Washing
ton to patrol the city.
Gen. Sandford has ordered all the liquor
acres in the vicinity of the Arsenal domed for
three days. Cannon remain In that viotaity
with a strong force or military but there le
no probability that they will have ce be toed.
A dozen persons who attempted to extort
money from Jame B. Taylor, at his foundry
on Gorok street, to-day, were ail arrested.
The military still had nouession of the 13th
Ward, on Kist river. Zfrorta to effect a with
drawal of this troops from, the 18th Ward,
failed, though recommended by the Governor.
Pollee Cotandisioner Acton was notified to
day by some lunatics selling themselves the
Committee, to prepare to meet hie God. Mr.
Aatotl is not partionlerly affected thereby and
antiiipatin the exercise - of the pardo ning
The number of prisoners *spirited In the
city are thirty in number.
It is not positively known when the draft
ing will commence, but itis intimated that
when it dais the goverment will sot have lOU
then 36,000 Winne in New York.
All is perfectly quiet.
New Yuri, Jai, 17.—There has been no
disturbance up to dusk.
The call it John Hoene, Archbishop
of New York, to those persons whom the
'papers call rioters, le
. genuine;_ and in re
sponse to it, some 500 Irishmen asiembletat
his residence this afternoon, Inoindlig many
known rioters, some of them ansisid. In Ids
addrees which was Bette foititthy, be said he
addressed than or Will haler,/ and detained,
osi the ground of beltig A priest, going' into
the question Whidh bilhight - about thit - present
unhappy state of things- He refined to 110..
land, and thanked God he had time to Mt
country, where no 'snob oPprei einisted.-
He emu:relied them to hair np nia nfoioi
deu their .
supposed evils rather than commit
In th is aunts; goveratient Isla founds
thin net to be 'destroyed, litirything is in
tin Nandi of the people, dhe bilid3he super
stririture livery four years: Whittles the ma
jority of the people maken blundef or -not,/
am willing - te be govesid'l4 that niajority.
He exhorted them to - go to WO loam, and
stop these pm:mediate, and support the laws,
which bare not been enagtad lapis* them be.
0/A26 they were Irishmen an Catholics.
The orowd Visa peaceably divvied,
-brim 'loin; July / 7 .—lierythilag ii quiet
hem to-day: -
Th. 13M and flat reginanna - arrived tlila
' Tie 21-arwor's wait diagstob state list'
sororil tkoussud pdsosoro, es rout* for Now
York, yteroloestrid totil'ut thot sft,
Tint ibe'nioliiro4o4 . ol,ooodikerorrom.
4toOlirpiriash umi:StuscAl iouwy oak
dull. Mousy, 6 var 00r51.! , -111satfungo.
end bur:. - Gold 109 X
Brit, 98; Treuturi,lotX - yibras4 and Au
gust 1 your otrtiAcalot, 99.
The Claionne of Yen Radon.
Haw You, July 18,-.The itoanier Land
Point hail orriyod. •
Thrtra,;of the Blb, /14111041111111 Übe neon-
Cuomo ourroador of Tort Halmos theldti.
zoo pulidasfusadlo please of attglary wan
wen. The garrbou hod,iotint ft/ Jut mute.
Thi lajal oitietiii of NOV OileikuiStre about
owebiatfut tlia - euszituidt triad turch
Proueuelau. Thumb so motto* 046 of &IV
-uf firint'utrooprroaebfas Port limbos.
. .
From the Potomac ,
Wrauramoo, Jay 18 —A letter from head
quarters Ariel of the Potomac saym s No
debit. informalioa of , Ise'd whamabiarla
be obtained. - • •
Aa jut arrived from Waikkolitosi,
-st aiss-thst Cialu-Nregivirko artruid ',Taft
Waters; trairoatalf for ehtlioarri bit •7 •
lane Marto, goi elear.kalitarimli a !Inv
imiberof priesams, - Wm Moro, Awl fait
P l "" ef aniamr7:
Rebel eavaily Dna .Into ;
- Quasi, Ally 17.=fl8nstty Nobel malty made
a dealt Cato- Hlokman est alifsidliesday eight
and robbed all the stone. They stepped until
after daylight yesterday, during which time
a steamer landed but was not molested. Our
toms now occupy the town.
Lairoz.—There is not say other shape
in which to much of comfort is packed in so
mall oarsman. We say that if ones an egg
is taken from Its shall, no human power can
put it entirely back, so closely has nature
stowed it. Bo of a lemon ; we may trnlysay
that so much refreshment could not be con
trived by the most Ingenious and loving art
-within the else of a small bud-grasp as I CB
within the fragrant rind of what is almost as
00=01 among us as water, yet as precious
to the si ght p of the wounded as anything
but thet of home face sr the haldwriting
of the loved ones far away. All eurzonses say
"send lemons."
An a house in Penneyirania, where Gen.
Sloths bought a refuge after he was woutdsd
at Gettysburg, he was obliged to pay five dol.
tars fora night's stay. Doubtless Gan. Lee
wbnld bare been entertained sumptuetts . at
that house, without fee or charge.
trrTBBl3litia MAKAntr6
Omer or nto Perrarsou Dma-Zurrra
Ihrimems. 14 MR
Tiara Is no material champ In mow* , rillttflfi
Worthy of notice. Gold deellned a Milo In Zia*
York on Friday ,rioring at 1260125%. while our
bankers are baying Gold and flllisr at former quota
The produce market continual exowellogly dull and
inacUve, the transaction, in the baling articles being
limited and altogether of a local character. Flour
ea d Greenlet-are in but llsoited demand, without
any change in rats.. There is a limited bruins=
doing in Grain, and we note emall,sale., mostly of •
rota!' charecter. Pale of 300 bosh Oat. (=maim.* at
670, and 100 bush Shelled Corn at 780. There I. a
good inquiry for Boger Cared Ham., and we not.
sales of Cincinnati brands at 11%612e. Baron—
Btioniders and Sides are doll but =changed. Whhi.
by is steady with sales of 47 tibia Common at 434 i)
44e. There is a regular demand for Butter, Oh ease
and atone list quotations.
In Petroleum, thaw ha. been but little douse to
day. sad the market was quiet but firm, with brit •
limited supply of either Crude or Refined offering.
Crude may be quoted Orin at 20/14210, packages re
turned, and 48e, package. included. For Immediate
delivery, good brands of bonded may be quoted at
4460, although some holds= are asking higher
New or reveler= Market
lambi Meet& to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Etat lost:, July la—Oruds /a dull and nominal at
Sin, an tha cot. Ilethmd, in bond, is doll and loran
at AVM on atm vat; ado lbr August delivery; 6.33 i
®ago for Sept/Wan; and 650 for October. Tres. 55 6
" •
Crops in Canada.
The memory of the eldest inhabitanle cannot Pu
nish us with the date of • year that premised a more
abuzleat yield In return for the labor o r e the ha.
headman than the prawn Crops of every descrip
tion wear a matt map/flung agyearance , and so Ihr
ae we cm learn, netting ha yes appeared to their In.
Jary. The yield of tall wheat promisee to be vary
largo and mild. and fa runner will tee doubt lead to
an increase in the breadth of land devoted to Its cal
-1 Walton. dpriag crop. of all kinds are In excellent
condition. The westner le newt favorable to their
growth; and • very large pont:mai cultivated ground
Is tomcod with them. num Is ales every apprizesa
of a heavy yield at trait—apple", pears, peaches,
plume, and berries of all klncLa Altogether the
poppet& before the tumor I. a moat cheering one.
end, indeed, tt is thornily season of very Busy in the
pass la which they have relieved no from their
grumbling,-4t. Thomas Home Journal.
Toledo /Market.
Jcz.v f7—Thu downward tendency to the pal; tee
th:sable twerp in our market. The tjew Tbrk mar
ket appears to have gone under with o , ld at 126 s
and • teethe, decries tiers will Im the eared:. /low
—gate 3$ btu R H 0 at $6.60401,14: Wheat—Oat.
live last evening 0f6,000 bush latch Bed at 119 c. To-
Coy--kuttl buv
bilfth dodged at 114 x; 1,000 bush hie 1 at
1,360 rejected Bed at 100 w, 600 btu* No
/ 1314/MlLebtish No Bed at lltr l, j 350 bath
Jaded Bed at 100 c; 350 bush mad SAW Mash Bog Bat
at 114.1 1,000 bash Mich Rag at 117 e. Gen—Halm .
350 /ma rr.f.akai at haq 1,000 be No lat 51re 340
bush No lat tam Ogle-811e 350 bush at 61C.—
Imports Or Railroad.
Prrrairman Worn & Chnoorio Ilonsoao.
July IS—Poon Scrod &sorb:o-0 Dbl. lloar, Oratoiss
Thoutsc.l or UMW. Lyday t Ottorpudag; You
bp, .1 8 Liggett t c; 10. bal.. wool, 8 tiarbsagti &
to 8 ral. imothar, G N Noeatota 7 LOU.. kocop i
Gond& & co.
Allegheey Btatlon-300 Wiest, R T Kennedy
& Elm; 1 mote &az. r Heckert; 16 site oets,H Temple;
9 baba. apples sod potatoes. 12 Gibbs; 0 do apples,
T Carol& 0 Odla indoer2 H 099917: 1 oat 0799 1 , 4. A
Teylar,l4l by wheat, Almpeen s Kam; 27 WU GA
hoe, Malt & Old; lot &Mlle% L Ostnahan; 162
bete vegetables, ownera; 2 kge egp, 2 baskets
butter, Geo BOUM%
I - Craossato & Pronstraou Bazraoaa, Lily 17
6 bbls aim 60 MB clam, L 8 Tdat • co; 61 do do;
Webb & WlUUnocou 40 do do, 0 OBahloy; 91 do do„
Elboorabor B Long; 348 bp4boal, .1 6 14/pat & 00,
39 bbls ham, Juarrby. Bab:Mk& ar; 69 oU bbh,
pooesa &eo;116 bp cons, Marahall & McLain; 66
bba oil, Proalock, BBiiUll & or, 4 do 410, Jas raloaor; 00
bas Buck Z Ualataton; 160 bolas oakum, Long &
DEM 18 skis Earth. Maraca k Bro; 10 do do, „I Mao
tbs.; 30 bbis Boar. Mauls 13oBLat, 60 Mdrra, JB.
Iteglaw,4B Idol pew, alagAß ltrerg 215
Agar, J P Tamar; 101 boa W Molokai; 16
Abts molasaa. atoulothan, Wroial • Boil 80 PlaP
MMus, B 11 Bolger; 10 bbla floor, 11 11 Myers deo; 6
mks piton, 6 usalls d;100 thle Bohn Joe MoOolly B
00; 186 tgo whet, 116 E Wallaciu 881 mks mut had,
Masson & Know, 40 eon broods sad brutal. 80 bra
ohms, /Tongordar.
POST 07711
Rio War is 'Avg
; OW. holm 9.
frESEI to mining i# the
IQs et ALLZGELVIT, ol noon
Ake the tlateVritut In whlch
TM A.ll. to 6% r. a
Maw Jacob,
Aadatatua Mars
Axelume Baty
Barret Agnes
alba Clatbatist
Browns lira 0 P
Doubt= Wain
Byen /Moms
Bryan BMA
tt: •
itga . za g
Fanny John
tam MM. Mary
ram, Kiwi A
OaHay Aims
anima Wm U
m .
RamiDen_ WM
Bele Dealol
Kam Clu
L stinah T
= i r
Mhterbrand Omo
Bamilton MUM
Rom Wm D
=U borgm ye'
J V? 81 1
Juba* BM*
Kmm DM:ems /I
BaBIM= tawdry
th* H Z
Dw0721.01 Bush 3ll
ham John H
:Bat Low' •
Bradshaw Hazy
Bluihsaalt Nary
Barra Iraq
Barka-Ms W
La ta ts C
Lat t a K U ra B M
Leonard XIV
POl/17 Worp.
WiClonoin l / 4
/Worlds Hmo
Iklalltroy.Joo :1,
111.031bbou St .
r Walk* Moo if
MoDodo Wm
Mottiiros Iler:Dr
!WU HWos J,
• BAKU i
Mak Yrs
Orklead D .W
***bra 11. D
Orataarib, - •
Marry how
ja. "
Oa goy A
0 . 4 0 11 114118
i r rnat re "
- Obis .
Lib .—Notirith.landhig
f,Sa4. Aden, slop Men
arirmen.c irallaild
tbalb aim to oo
; %on _II Eillueakoln.
Pitk i giAll,.R.q Wog "Ifit
"DUMONT , . Palgaza Wad..
,witactictuxar of, OuNifelealia_Sb . bl. Bpacurilie
WO tutu iih4.4.1 r m.:ow PO. , Boum. ,
11 .
BaO"' MOMIOWA 00.,
Boum aum Aillioi3ll34lFral "num
GIBALMS 0,101112119,
Oa: Si 8,1111 M%
1 4ers4mmt. Pa:
Le • • .-. 01 au EMU •
Itiii*.eriA. Moab" laid I# .
111, bbilt. • isheß .
a lli g l =44do4l4:bb 4 •
'lO bbilk. N. IX 1 1 1011 ENN
MS We.= . I • •
•chals6 WV., /PULIH II4OI I.i., '
itai; tiny =raadtik•fria—
sosaar vu calty,s‘l30 3,& _
::L ipat 'a A - 11111 DlClail
0/0104111mailbr esta7
NEW BOOBS-Lost and Saved. By
avn. xtv.. Norton;
At Odd By the Authoress of "Quite' and "Inf.
- -
Warriegten. By the with - ress of ..ltuticdge" end
Paris In America. By Tabouleye.
The Two Pictures. By H. J. Nelotoeh.
Dawes from the Diary of an Army tarpon.
11 /&1=1011.1% Plrysiologfral
VaannomPelif unary assiens
The liameof the Old World. By Brace
Life of iihristonher North. By Kra Gordon.
Tales sid'flketchea'• By Hugh Miller.
Bunlngradeintwes in Pouth d Dim. Baldwin.
Banns le Youth Africa. By Rea
10.1:141011 brififile of the Crimea. Vsl. 1.
b bait's Summary of the Art of War. New ed.
Cum'. Infaitry and BUD Tactics. 3 vote.
Noveltri Hinny ef tbefinpernatniaL 2 Yob.
Drifting About. Br 8..0. minim.
The Avery bay Philosopher. By the Country
Weak Lunge, And How to Hake Them Stro4. By
Dr. D. Lewis.
roc w..l* by
LI My Betdhern Friend,. By Kirk.
History of the Befonnallon In the times ot
Zeothdisnaths.Beandary at another Wcrld.
_The Great bens Wheel Thanked. Brownlow. •
Thlrtylifeits lee the la a flews.
litserablea. :Cloth and men.
Eyes sad Nam Beecher.
The Stare and the Anse's.
iterksln ThookKe. Medicine, he.
myte JAB. L. BRAD, 78 "'earth street.
No. I—for Pinar, Donation and innartunatkin.
ut iffo. g—ror Worm liner, Worm Delis, Wetting
No. 3—Tor WIN Orghtle Teething sod
sea of lama.
No. 4—for Diarrhea, Cholera Infanta:a and at.
mar Complaints.
No. 6-If or Golfo, Griping", Dysentery or Bloody
No. ft—for Cholera, Cholera Nortn, Vaulting.
Ho. 7—for Dangle; OOido, inertias. flora Throat.
No. B—for Toot .sale reocesohs, 11
dales le— Heed. Headache, Vertigo, Host =lnes
No. 10—piapasio PUB—for Weak and Deranged
H atoaniokuonstlatio andldver Complaint.
11—lor fatale n
Irregularities, Iscanty,.Paintal
No. 15—g praise ter Lenood Period s. rrhea, Profuse Names, Bearing
down of Yamaha.
No. gg—Por Hoene Ocugh, Bad Breathing.
No.l4—dish Bass .14110—Por gryalpelaa, Erup
tions, Pimple on the. Pam
No. ld—YYnseße Pith—for Pain Lameness or
games in the Must, Beck, Loins or
• Ho. gs—Bamiaal indaksaanrolunary Discharge
and iforsme Debility.
• Ne.lls—Garelliouthor Canker o• edolia or air
No. 80-17ritory Inoontloonce, Wetting the Pod
No. 31....Paint0l Periods, Prams or alma&
No. 39-43oirotiorg andng* a ritiahm •
No. SS—Nplispry Bporm, Oborm Pt. Vitt.
• A—Por Tyra sod tea ' Chill ihmir, Dumb Ayr.,
Old Irlootormod Amer.
N-Par"PDas, Blrod ei - Mseding, Intirnal or xi.
o—rcii awe, Weak Or Indaleed Ryes .or riel6l4
Intling, Week or Dinned eight.
for Chtarrh long standing or nand, either
With o-4
obi:kb:Woe `
ar m robes dbabarge.
W. Orlon Miming Ocank, abating lb violence.
Pie Ababa or Phtidete....Oppreccea, Meat, La.
bored Breatniag, attended wiCh Droop and Ixpecto•
ration. Prior, 60 ants per box.
, . roe for Dirassign red Deogrees.—Dlscharges from
the War, it,. rends of Scarlet Favor,libeles or bier.
ocelots. For Doha la the Limed, ardame of Hew.
leg sad Ringing ta the Zrus, and Tor-Ache. Price,
60 onto por bon.
For /berotele..—Zaherged Gland; Wu . lamed and Ire•
dantti_ag Tonsils, Itwelbap end Old Ulcers, Oczata.
bus Oer.hoxy of Children. eents pro box.
For Carrot Deldity —Physical or Nemo. Weak
lier, either the road of Stamm Ibcouhe Medi.
cation l-
or lblisaetlng Dbohargea. Prim. 60 ants ts
per bm
ror Drepey..:4ledd Anconallations, Turald
lave, With Bandy Ilebetken Price, 60a. per bOX.
roe Be. Bielnen.—Denthl Wokners, Vertigo, Pan.
Vornittnin sad Woltnerfront riding or trodba.
Prime,. 110 bate box.
Poe Crime/ Nor Gravel, Banal Oancnil,
Mace% Poloist Urination, Meuse ot.che Eldnoye.
Price, GO Mapes box.
lb &wird Exobreees„ - e-Lorobratery Dlechargen
and Ocassgbent Prortratlon and Debility. The moot
Boomed and ollicient remedy known,cend nay be
hdied *Oa es • cede. Frio., 11 par bib.
Nos. 67 LID 69 Fir= 8n m,
EY* Apia be tha Wastern Omar,
its..a.L. llitrfaiii
inoorporgal by the LogMalan 91 roan.,lnnl4,
Opaa Ite iwaltalrom 10 a.,
hoc ta.•
419 4 aka 00 lISTUBDAT IMBEINGB, ato
a o'clock.
Otzs, 63 70IIHTSI EMU=
DIPOI3/TO/T. arr abohnaka.laboorta Mirka sad
611 Slim abort Mina or gulags ara It aim
onworioaa Met to limrom •Iltablarate,
holm* Arra* volaokhry . esoletter or Aoroolatloaa,
ad prams of all'
latarrat at du rata of 1911 Pia MIL par an.
ama la paid on *oats. 'Wk. &p l/ oat drters. viII
b. plaid to flu Of the od tbur
fan of May end Nagai:bar, sod thana ia
ft oa er bear the
raw Intend am as artaalpoL at Ma rata =oar,.
atil 4044' la kw raw foam Parra_ -
.Latanat ramaiarao• all itapadta the toad
Maw,dye ortb• egoelL Mew such damn, on
1 0 Mos.
Si sal
Wof cootalotag Ctartari /*Laws, !a, famirt.,
allAfft *
It4isiii-auiAo Joins.
tiiiv/Prwighst , -IC R.: OOPILABD.
- . unmet
I/ia. Lice , lif. Bows, ..,, &nu J. Y. Sloortuth
traeionwsk, - O.EL Emmy,
ilifr & Oopehand, he* TWA tat,
&mp.. MOAN i • Mewl= 'Anti'',
.....: - .... .W*l. a. Eadtb..
toviary A.. 1 Moira -A . A. LIARRIZII 1
InviNem. w
Maws Uccle •
/loud. Xt. A J
Newbold A
Memo% Wa
O'Cbanar Etler'd
Pods% Jo.
[kidder Mn Pinkerton . Xi%
Prescott Mgr X
Price Hamra
Packs IVia
I 800 Geo W --
Tberspeoe Ales
Teets Eogb
Tk. a. Bleb's
, s
ImM:it/ NO ÜbllaiAo4llll
ro MALIi
dlesseor, tanaissikad
dangeus -RICLXLD• 8
TRACT BUDIRI; hes tore
leoefted DO the miaow
seat of tbe sold otemalasot theetolsos In the Onitv!
Atoka. Is moo Mend to oh afilkStot humanity es e•
.00tteto eitke &be **wins dliessoi sod efloatotot
:11=1trim: 4leentse obturi of the Wooly
1 0efoute: astiond Debility,. Mental,' ese
'PhYdaa 'D•lareijloofif labeefiltyr Deteitralostlett of
Shod toth. ste an , Clealltledittesti BAWL. Nom:
.krltabllh ittOst*llSca_l ll 4gtellgalMen at litght,
Atlanta 4-suntouter, ; A e Lao of
oy, kotlu,
roPtror L 01 ,41411, DIEM Ao PoIes.
aux . * • alike wpm tieniontlon. PltlPf•
latlon - of the sod Is lea la the r talltualtione
eln nervonab not& of the system.
.donolue, eat , talk oat. Ask for
''''...4TeLfiLeetutt otter. pone
iol n. • aosehdflerl
E 6 typo Bict and Jan OsIr;
hOf air - ^ - • -
!lianas Barbara
Sebooties Dial
Maar Ihunr
liam'l a
iltawart 1 , 1"114
Matta Wm
•• • 11 •
Maple Hobe
Void' Jennie
Wilkstson Cuh
Wilma D
WalMos D
V v =r !nab •
Wagner Henry
Wilson John
Williams Janie
.111 Ws. M. O. Sum
ID DOL. otosbed caul mad ilabr'd Stivu'r.
. 90 Ws. 04111 364.. T. Oosid
30 btds.* hag bbl . . a 3 Macke: el;
ON do 'do" White BUN
BO pow Matohsot
6 bosom pops* CMOs;
• r-I0 Suss Obl ow listasso loop;
, - bX (I,
10 , do , it;
to - do logrodgx ool4tian
Jost mastoid sod t ota l. .
- ~ -7 71117 /4bert9 stnt:
R ub Ifah.
_44k-witims =spike th• largest and
Wit o,4ltat!cca'al p 41 4. 'Plaid& about noon', at
1111771D0011.3 OAKLAND 1178511111".
WOW am i d leak at tbam .
WOOL - TW”----
• of *dm
Ogase of• Ova
TWINB,: all kin_ds, ia balls
. • EU okidasi tuntltloo, camas%
Hosp. Slim end udton OAXPIT wain., to
116gess coo, . ,
Mum sad oatotliodo toe 00411011WEAPPM
TWifl B '. lidoy„..Tutou and fish Lim. 80
oords: OULU Laud SOW , doo do, td:, to
,cUdiyAi 6b4TOlllll:Warebifts,.,-
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jam. _ Naldloo Lam New Terer-.
1011 , 3111 et coif
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thui *lll3Blll'
tiliWiet—.W.e. na v e -s dal irautinat
4.1 04 with no H. n. 11101LRE. In 4.ltw nfta
UMW 01011•1,0; 'Mr - Villa Ow Ann. In
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othir. -4Wornr. O
mr - 70, star strait
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On handl ind Itn" lOn 111 , •-•
60 Ind 70 ain , abut.
Dv.ilibe.laselositl4% —ot
toi l et: l '4 and Si
• AYAIAJA, ArAkimy inuniud,
4:041/1ALIA.IN- 19.054,14P41:04,nd• .
IRP's F! !! 4 ..Tatintaiii; aT wi64 ono..
• •A: r (Obieli•
' 6 • • Mid bead' it se isfil
ze:4.7x-1.2 '
KAY it 00,65 Wood street.
Atli : i
11 12D'E. Nana,
lowrixas an eisouiusmioi
Ipt. sli kinds et itudldtamied manat,mde_tibOr
CIL* on Anamon lmaawimit.
City. ' MD. ••
S t i tigitr d y ...
~i. 4) , ~..-;•-•
woos& , 40""-7- 40 ! pub I =:'-'- r:
100 bbikrackAiliatillkari ' - '-' ' '! "
. 4 , , . cloe N V e tertrit co. 4
s r ~adaSindetteet,„
rip ii.;•La g a ii.T . c -- 1 -- 7 - 7 dm
.‘„ °LOTH, of Lb! Mal i n wa ft . td id Mt*
414 - Okla bttiiit.. ; -, -4 ' '-,.!pattLlak
bun mud. fst Nur kar We by
.431' H. 00t1:17511: '
• rit
pßoPossus FOB RAY, STRAW
4stisfaim Quaariauesumen O rd
- • Young Ds:nature,
Oorner GI and Twenteascond strati,
Wesetworroz. D. O. April 16.1583.
• WHITT= PROPOSALS ere Invited far tarn •
Ins BAY. STRAW. OATS and OORN, Aar eke net o f
thiti)spot. to be delivered at the Railroad Depot, or
si nry of eta Government Wharves fit this oft?. ,
71, • r... 1 culls to bo adrenal to Go undersigned,
and tiXl7 thould state the Tinian* of es& article
offertd.aho the price and the Woe delleet7.
Proposals trill be received for Ira thoonand MOM
bashela of Oora Or Oat, and 1617 Cm tow of 114 7 or
Straw, and wirer*. uzil - ems lt should be for the la•
= tweet txint of • Um ,
Gorerninent to contract for a lean
kligrain to be
hahee each, whh t
a L r c e to m b s a tun e d ,
a o h f
e a d b oaut t t w a
The Harmed Straw to be matiely baled.
4.llOtset. and Hey offered to be ratdect to • rigid
toipealon by the Gcrierament
Ocortraote will be awarded from te to time to the
lowed renessibis bidden, erthe intends of the w
elcomer. require; Good secmity will to requited for
the falMful: folalmeal of any costmot made ender
thla aideartisement..
Peymeot to be made at the completlee of the me
tre4t. ' ' S. L. BLOWN,
aprLla - Captain and-A. Q. EL, V. S. A.
FOB FALIt.—A - convenient two story
brick dweillog homey with back Ind:Wing, No.
tat. Ban street, Pittsbnegh.
Also, • laws, ontrenient and welllabbed three.
itory brick dwelling hon.. with back Pointing, No.
Li Boa atreat, between lint and geoznad streets.
Woo, a two.etory tors* dwelling horse, back
balldloga, No. 214 Second street, war Noss.
dB she above are in (cod order, and supplied with
gas and water.
Aloe, a one Cori Bente cottage dwelling. No. 214
&coed istniet, and the teo atoty frame dwelling ad-
Joining. Both of thew hems we, in good order, and
imitable for sacalt-fasallias;
Also, slot of ground on the northeutwardly aide
of float etre4, batmen goes and Try wrest,. Lon '
Bose etre.t. haylog a bout of M. feet on fiat Arad;
and .:tending back tO fees. • '
The stays property is eluded in a desirable part
of she clip.
for term Mislead particulun incite° of
WM. W. THOM ,Olf,
No 102 Mb street. - '
40i situated in Hancock county,. Wort. Then*
Julie from Hew Cumberland, and Maingesi extent.
tire front On the Ohio river, (drop water). Oontrkts
110 acres Ina high mats aro:titivation; hes two veto.
of cod opening on the firer'-6 foot and 3.f00t etre.
tam ; alio alt toot vela of roam Clay. A corn.
Lutable fame dwelling, burn, and other oral:mild.
loge; • splendid orchard of bat tesctkin of fruit.
To patties wishing to perchers. Ho. 1 fktm, sad et
the same time work the cad end firs May. the ebore
pnvente • rare opportunity for a profitable Myatt
pint. For partacalars apply at the °Moe of
B. 2dcLAIN R Ou., heal Estate Agents,
00.102 Fourth st., Pittsburgh;
Or. 11108. LYObB, on the farm. lyi
"GUMS FOR BALll...Bitasted is BO*,
T.. county &boat two WIN erom Boxitioroy,'
contenting two hundred sod alghtPalete went Th•
land is of good - crudity; about cor, bandied acres
clean& Dael soil Uneaten* on the prenitses„ Also
Da Baas, Bata and Orchard. Unolearo Mad
well Um Will be sold bar, tither in One, :we,
or Dates term.
got farther pertionlets apply to •
Ananlllll,l RAMC
JUDI street, Dittabargh
Or, J. lI.:DTOK. Kittanning. Pa. soglentm
'DOE 8113.11.. tin• sapsrior /aeon&
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1„.." —A It of ground containing two aerie and
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. 10 k0 10 M 2 a. Bab. on the north. sod W. B. Maeda.
Aso., on the west, Os corner of Illegara asd Quake
suede. This lot Is brantitalli located, tsendicient
lpfar from the brow of the h , ll, and yet. OTerlooke
the wine oftbe Wyo.. Is well awed, and eroded
alto flue truitand shrubbery. Apply to
JILT B. el oLA ta. a 0 .09 retire. et.
_ _ •
WWI hellos—A convetuent and well
J. flashed TWO.STORY Beam nount with T
roomy and aced dry cedar, and hydrant water. with
• trams stable back. Lot Gr. 3 lets W2llO,
on Locust stunt, Manchester, near Peseenger Rail
way. Inquire at lain inroads, or to Mitialf M.
MIDDZL.s.,- Lomat civet, Menobenter. • *93(
rixr .141 T—.a .IL'ottage with , five rooms,
JL alma ta eDallas:id busks, at Soak kleivuta.
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apply au the prarafara.
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FOs IMNT—The three-story
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Ins, /UM street, slth or withotat steam power.
lionize on thenrendeee. gate
PUY. KbNT—The third. story of the
bollillog now occupied Ds the sobsouper, corner
of Et. Clair moot and Down= Way.
Jollktt is9arr ASIIIFO&TH.
'G&W URAI.Ner. GE.11k0713.
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man.» Onondau; 87 Water'street. _
1,41.0.10; tiaCCEZRART 01111110111
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bonmuraa Ckna..a.s7,..n Fifth rtreet.. •
Qtrearrasuerna Giumaaan Onrza
Wannest= Cron March 19. Ma • -
, h.• Invited to wend to the gmerteneamer General's
oleos tenders for their charter or We.
'renders 'honk! contain descriptions of thermal;
their dftnensions, enrolled or Militated. tallisse.
*anal carrying capacity, material. whetherooppared.
whether indembeel or propsilers, whether copper or
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and should stets the pries at whkie they are
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annold prefer to perchme Instead et charades.
Owners of steammweis slready in. the sink" of
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germ an Genera of the foiled States, at Washing.
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north A
Inger diatiaattOh. ..0Wal) at COO p. m.
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1.44:4 , 111 dailylarawykymagpy ii p kthiy. rt.
The ChararMyWygwat ',Station SUN
day at 2 01„pyta. krataralag. ma 711
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ta.t. , "41:60 p. at. Irthyggie r z
mara. 12:20 p; , Idasakr ;
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Mloak Ta taao.o 7:22l2l6r_..Am;kAitti4ouatkrorma A
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1:40 p. .; F morommamoam,
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WHILLING allthati&T.
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awl • • Whaittotr Zifia.
.Ids - 1446. 11.00 a. to.l eau. 111. Ma. 1.. la.
do,, ; W 8.1 :Oa o I ihia ti ~.. Lid u
. doBtaiilaaati CI.: o'' [LOT 'o,„• 808 k
do - Wlisathig: 5:10 .... - UMW' " 4 .- UV o
'Arrives Beihdr.,.. , 5:26- o ladliFatte. eclo o
Ootanting at /Stawittatrna dad adhlit with Matt.
Wank dad ladlaas hall:odd sad Oaattal Oldo aiii.
toad lbr atutoutUo, Newark, Clohiiabtl, Xmas. Day.
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'lndionipollt,Oladatiati. - Lonittillai Oath; at.
Loa* Bt. Jeweph,iad an points wait sod sotalwatt,
sad at Wl:maw( with Eatthoo.aand whim liallioad.
alswaroh - mod Chwatawa. 1404
Loaves Pato !amh...,.,„„............ . Lwa 4a' 60 p. ia.
do Weihnrille' -• " - 1:10 ' tr! t. 60 a
do Bay ard: „ . , .....“ - .4.......1..: 'MO: - jd =- toi a -
do Alliaoot ...........4..4.: !MS - :14!.., 6:66...
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axustetto& at Boyatd , with - Tamara btaaah la
New Philadß_phis sod (haat Dowelf AChlaacw vat
Pittabargh; . 8 --- Wilina and Chimp italtroddi at
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:tor. Mullah GrtotiUth,lialoilitilh.. Valoi, CUM.
Jamestown and fahusinca, at audeptt with Mow
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with O.* T. a. a. - ibr iisadatkji Toladoeaad akw
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Eattatting. Codas main at P... 19, hi do 4 &9D ad
p. m., and WO a. au
• Through Tickets - to all iiinutinalte=aa to
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0710a601 ramust. T
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A. Q. Cabaltintlit *blot hind.
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Jamul Hardman, - - Wlllioto4l, /Winos.
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A:Maxim A.
Colton. - i 0100r1041041%
William 1;Soopos, • - :.:,
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- - Peter H. Booker, ~." •.• ..iromoo
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