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AliOnd iit` the Taird.&asioes of the Thirty.
,> weigh Cbsfreu.
[Puma—No. 97.]
An Just making appropriations for the no
_ . xek eeryloe ,for the year, ending June
hthirtY, *lateen hundred and sixty four,
And tar otbarburposes.
the &sate and Hours of
Roproostiative . ilarlisitod theta of Amer
iosio Ortpries ainatbkd, That the follow
ing sums be and they are nereby appropri
ated, to be paid out of any looney in the
-Tromp sots:otherwise appropriated, for the
year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen
hundred and sixty-four:
" • For pay of commission, warrant, and
petty ofHars and seamen, including the en.
glans ,00rps of. the navy, fourteen million
seven hundred and thirty-four thousand
three hundred and thirty-two dollars and
• seventy cents.
For the construction and repair of yes
" sell of the navy,nine million two hundred
sad aisevpeight thousand dollars.
For, the wane and building of addi
tional steamers, repairs of same, charter of
raw* extra labor and materials, and re.
pairs of vessels on foreign stations, fifteen
%MIAOW of dollars.
For tiro armor-plated sea steamers of
trotted the site, three million dollars:
Provided, "All ho =tract shill be enter
-44:11.4 for the comitaustion of esideteamers
until after public advertisement for,profts
- Dale to tuud the . same, published for at
least thirty days, in two daily newspapers
,otganeral circulation, published in each of
the cities of Washington, Naw York, Boa.
- 7 -4014-and--Philadelphia, prior to such con
:west being made.
For the purchase of hemp and other naatrh,
rigs for the navy, three hundred sal Ewen
710 Z. 4 1= the nary, and for the trans.
, .
expenses thereof, two million
-11110939115ettairsetisiety-thausanAl dollars.,
- got thirlapdpment of veosels in the navy,
liorh - trilliroluise of various articles of
equipment. -canvas, leather, cables, and
le=and furniture, and stores, in the
, bosiszullne, and sailmakeri de
, partments, two million dollars.
- -
Par provisions for commission, warrant,
and potty offmers and segmen t in cluding
_ . ;WWl= and marines etteoluaL to is
for sea service, tire Wilton. tour hundred
and seventeen thomrandseven hundred' and
: leitY-Ilve dollars. • •
_ .. . For construction and repair of machinery
for vessels in five million seven
hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.
: - .Itotioug6onit necessaries and appliances
for s theniok mid hurt of the navy, 'naiad
frig the engineer and • Marine- corps, one
- . hundred and fifty-seven thousand five lnus.-
• - illsordollari.
For cumin of all descriptions, field and 1
• boat howitzers, gun carriages, shot, shell,
and equipment of all kinds, - powder, our •
chase of nitm_small arms, eranance labor
- li--isiepil L "-psi - freight:J.- blln - rtaticitr,
books, inspecting insuumenti r tratchmen, 1
assistants for fabrication and inspection of
gime; sad contingent expenses of ord-
-statue and ordnance -bureau, six million
' - ihree hundred ' thousand dollars. •
rc - roft three powder tugs at Boston, New
lark, and Philadelphia, and repairs of
ordnance steamboat, forty thousand dol
t , ' For repairs and addition to ordnance ms
, .:. ~ aidnery in shops and forth* establishment
by purchase or hire of two ruagalinis, and
repairs and additions thereto one hundred
. ~,.: ..,-..04 'Ay_ thousand dollars.
Yor, pay of photogr a pher for ordnance
-' - -4 u" baininailMee hundred dollars.
- . .. . : Cone, books,
stations and magnetic devi
ations, books, binnacles, flap, signals, logs,
• -
- - -sand-lgnlasestlitudes, tables of
ntiasa=of meridian dis
ant* and experiments with night signals,
_ - t'i...- t bnialmadred and forty-nine thousand dol
, ‘..: .• t_iphig; ~..,_ _ , .
, For eontingent expense of the navy, one
iinitirsd - thousand dollars.
innUtirr or slums AID DOCIVIL
1 -Fero~niLexpeasesthst may acorns
`401143-iinglurpotes;" For the
:snit iiiinspertatioa of materials and
1,: . fir 'lardy and doblt;--for dockage ;
:.= (; 111 ; POSinik la sti4 o o. l l; for book':
sups, Inislels, and - drivings; for 'the pur
' -1:-?--elsese-and-rep* of ire enginer,l for ma
- obinertilTei " trrdescription, and the patent
_ •,: i.ites...ilm-samaz icy the repair of
rga - -n.- -
• -• ---atisazwwlifir!oof andattendantt on the same
.11' t.Tufwaly!', yiiiiiii;',for - daiiking ;vessels ;
, , : - a bribe pa'o l lll4 ind maintenance of horses
-_,:r gasiertettnad driving tams: On earts..and
- - ---iliEliWill*Selliand:workutin't tool, of every
disariptioni end repairing the mime; for
.., . .... . .:r r et- lelitemein :pub
for Aloyernmint hosier 4or coals
17 irs
',?. ' ' - spat ; '.. tOtn' candle. , Wad e tor -use
...:::::`;:lizill.liliti4Sirie -ictti;itationi; for cleaning
- Imws-eirnirirl",Flll4-flit ; PITTI7 tot water
~.7 ~..L"- ' ''A„_
L ....5*0
_Lilitg.. zfrz-P4.49•lo:Virlaizo i for
L ,, ~,,ntlywoospe aid I,pooking."- bonnu ,foT,
,-..-1;:..4 .- 811110, Grid tor irmidontal tabor at Itsiy"
~, •••:, al .r. ltok.-sPitliolible t0.. 1, 41::* or .BilPro' .
lasu.ilz.:linildre-11 tand,seventy,-nine
'':' , "'"' t46 . 01110 . 14 5 11 0 /0 5: ',
:., '!:::::::::iiiii : :J414/614 1 2 AID _ EZ9KirITIN6.
f : ;::.„ 4 •-- ~. n11416/10/644 1 , flit May scam
to : ~:•,-;,.AwAlli Efaipplutposes, "di: Expenses
•e- 5 :-.•":- - ,l, I:4lllrellitts,lutpendes of offi
-4.4fi11' '' • ' :ei:Da; Printing and
; :-+."• , i.illigitiabif.; in .: apes;
'WM* .weptiblie- lettere: , zuki4%ge and
„ augurcar; •• • ••••" 1 exPensesi'Lapprehend
l2Ndeserte rs; pilotage and towage of Tee
and assistaaw to vesselsia distress;
pot diem pay to persons attending °surto
_ ... intrilth, courts of inquiry, and other per
d Iv. law ; .tnd - .1-__
~-.41111111= if t , ' a nd ite
r of health qualms
. lire egoism of vessels of the navy, one
' mUll en dollars.
, _
• . .
• ' ' ' ' for aostingest menses of the :bureau
at Navlgattosjonathoua,d dollals.
''' - .' - -;,,i0:441101a*j.0.• Oi s ., , ".rla i For tran5,'."•,..1:11•110.,
,'."•,.. 1 :11•110. , - - . station
r iam
F .'.•:, 4,- -- ,..til , stlra lantsge, and
.., 4 40,- . , d dol
. :.......4 , ~:-.10. a1..-1,-...:.-4-. -,,,
oalllo9/1/01$ li*oicinmera.
•• •.:r...., , p,..tiii • - , -
, cro atian i m , v iz ~:for can
t . • •", 0 5, n 3 11 u
110 -ttilerelostallOnsl tranepor
'-='!V-1--- laifila Itidlila:: . iitittitie Within the
Uwiliallktaleal . .anelPeeffelf . P Yif allglia;
—....iMIWAIMOIS-1-1101' MP'
Rilitra ..—F*l4lll,WM4iterri )lanke; and
.. ,i,,:--'—iolllo6lllol744ll,lllleernili**-Ihree han
.-...:1 ••.. ic:
-• tligihr/04.4*nriJ....._..__"'
- , ..r.r C 4 4,4 '. -I. ' A‘":4l AVIVAZWAS AND SllACalti.
fli'4s:etilhaol#ol4l/4PA of tili Bureau
•- ~;i1 rowtilitegillitiVaC 04MM:forty thousand
' --.'" - 114 - 1017. .41 -. iint4onantakinrid officers,
1 7 -'
1.':.---71 lialle - inatiii Pirates, - elerhei. ll ieelengerei
.stawal44llll4-..wanie, and sent* for r 5•,,,,
•,,,, te==tng ;or alms' iserrantn
. • to aeon for lye years' ~
3 ; • SesAlailliallnellOPlP. li nnitnntheter
Pa:" , g lat,i ,e .u . fae-swwiste,- - seren hun
,g,,,, l . At- •• • ' Pentland , : wan 'hundred ,
'-V • • ' !ac 4 0.11 ,1 4 ciente..
"''i`Olf. - 1-• i • *Aliens, vita Wale, dad thirty-
1 --.,; .' 4 ""' ''!li •• • -•,ji twenty
1 ;=l,----e , - _ 0 ,6 hatidied thouland-twa•
... .
', --- ....fii , .llTaitltaeittkeirdellars and r oSt•
,0:0•4.....-ea aliiiii:,!4'. _ •
' i '' '' I ` ' ld lalittilltrlreae thcianual • four htut
44-.=114 'Ware ' and. stirenty-fire
-For military stores, vii; pay of inechan
itiklePair of arms, purchase of accoutre
ments, ordnance stores, flags, drums, fifes,
and other dual:turnouts, fifteen thousand
dollars. •
For transportation of officers, their see
manta, troops and expenses of recruiting
twenty-two thousand dollars.
For repairs of barracks, and rent of offi
cers where there are no public build
for that purpose, eight thousand dol
For contingencies, via: freight, ferriage,
tell,' cartage, wharfage; pore:hats and re
' pair otboats;.eompensalimi to -judges ad
vocate; poi die iii for 'sanding courts-mar
tied, omens% of isquiry, end for constant
I labor; house rent sullen of quarters; bu
deresOul marine; printing, eta
! tionery, postage, telegraphing: apprehen
sion of deserters; oil, candler, gas; repairs
of gas and Crater fixtures; water rent, for
age, straw barrack furniture; furniture
officers' quarteray - bed sacks, spades,
'ahtmilsoixes, -- pieker, earpimtereinobi; keep
of a horse for the messenger: pay of mat
ron, washerwoman, and porter at the hoe
pital headquarters; repairs to fire engines;
purchase and repair of engine hose; pur
chase of lumber for benches, mess tables,
and bunks ; repairs to public carryall;
purohaseand repair of harness; maven
-gating, galleys, cooking stoves, and ran
ges; stoves where there are no grates y
gravel for -parade grounds; repair of pumpt
furniture for staff and commanding offi
oers' offices; brushes; brooms, buckets,
paving, and for other purposes, forty-five
I lhouaaad dollars.:_,
-Firths oanstructiOn of 'marine berracies
at Mare Island, California, one hundred
thousand dollars, or so, much thereof as
may"be necessary; Provided nevertheless,
That said money shall not be expended un
til the plans for said barracks shall have
beeit, .submitted- to .14d. approyed by the
Secretary - of the Navy.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
For boat-house and carpenters shop;
Wat shop; Bishop's derrink; railway ;
ktneo•dock-wall; repairs of floating dry
dock, and repaus of all kinds, one hurt
dredtind thirty-two thousand three hun
dred‘and sizty-two;dollars.
For rebuilding porter's bowie at Porta
toouth navy-yard, two thousand dollars.
- Bodo..
' For repining around dry-look and re
laying surfacer wattir drains, joiners' shop
int& painters' loft; extension of shear
wharf; additional expenses on house for
heavy forsteg hamster, and for repairs of
all kinds, tefo infrared and seventy-eight
lltotoiand flee'lmndied and Sixty-six
Nets York
For continuation of quay wall; for
new. foundry.; drains, wins and flogging,
lister-pipes and , hydrants; - filling low
place; repairs of dry-dock; chain-cable
shop; railways; officers' houses; machi
nery for moobize shop, foundry; boiler
shop and.pattern shop; for large chunk
lathe, for turning lam rings for turrets
on gun bonnets, and - for repair's of all ,
kinds, three hundred and seventy-seven
thousand and eleven dollars.
For building floating dry-dock at nsvy
yard, New York, seven hundred and fifty
thousand dollar: Provided, That if, after
extunliaatinn and Nanny, the Secretary of
the Nsvy shall deem it expedient.
For repairs of all kinds, twenty eight
thousand eight hundred dollars.
For Bishop's derrick; depot for coat for
steamers; machinery and mole; and for
repairs of all kinds, one hundred and thir
ty-one theasandeight hundred and seventy
one dollars.
Non Islamb Califonsia.
For compieeing officers' houses; grading
and.paving: foundry; machine shop and
equipment; completing Bishop's derrick;
repairs Of sectional dock; fitting up boiler
shop in smithery; portable engines, with
matitdaery-for hoistiaglor yard purposes;
cistern and holder for ps works; saw.
inil4 -commencing stables; commencing
coal hone-and-wharf; commencing sea
wall on west aide of island, sad repairs of
all kinds, three hundred and alxty 4 six thou
sand three hundred and sixty-thrie dollars.
Sackedle Harbor
For repairs of allkinds, onithousaud fore
hundred dollars. •
Navy Yard, Norfolk.
For repairs of dry .dOok, sad pumps, and
general repairs, eighty-ilse thosuland dol
lays. . .
/or reair. of _hospital d ground at,
Ohelsese p two lhousand fire an hundred dol
New York
For repairs and Improvements; repairs
end inoreaso of miniratna in laboratory ;
*44 Far.l.tomporary addition to.boopltal. so
iraaandatlcine; • tortrati•tiro" thotutand dol
• - :, :
Pfukdelphia Aryl= and iforpitaL.
Forlarniturb and repairs; hoots clean
ing and' white-washing; repairs to fur
naces, grams, and ranges • gas and watrr
rent;improvement , Of -olititel and grounds;
for library of asylum; and for hospitals and
repairs of all kinds, two thousand ninehun
dred dollars. - -
- For support Of teneliolaries," thirty thou
sand dolls=
For' the bripport and repair of the naval
hospital at Norfolk for the 1e:194411er of the
current fieoal year, and foe the years eigh
teen hundred and duty-three and, eighteen
hundred and eixty-fonr, eighteen ft.oistid
dye hundred dollars.
- ' Monad atm
For supporting hospital, repailly rent,
and !mature at Mound , ! Bev
' enteen thousand five hundred dollars.
Mere-/s/on4 ailiforna.
For commencing hoipitit' twenty.fiee
thousand dollars.
Portsmouth, New Ramphinr. -
For Ordains.% and store
house for howitzers, thirty-one thousand
Ave hundred and twenty-two dollars. '
For repairs of building and care of
- groundictiro - aumuuardollarr.
For pay of superintendents, naval con
structors, and all the civil estibllihment. of
the several navy yards and gallons, one
hundred and six thousand aeve' hundred
and eighty-four dollars : Provided, That
hereafter the maw of the civil engineer at
the Washington navy yard shall be two
thoutirid dollars a sold the salary of
the civil engineer of the Bureau of Yards
and Docks shall be three thousand dollars:
For uprises of watchmen and-ethers;
and contingencies of the United States Na
val. Acwiesly, twenty-four thousand eight
hundred and slghtkone do ll ars.
Fos the posshase of. nenticanastruments,
repass 'Of the eame, and of astronomical in
strameate,switios the paraltast of nantiorl
books,g4pet and charts, and for , backing
and' binding • the same, twenty-tbsee • thou
maker, watch
=in; Lorton" and - 'Amin i _for In:aping
in order and main to bathulP
and egoknineß; for fuel, Ugh% &API,
truipportationiand postage, and stational
and incidental enema, twelve thousand
For preparing for publication the Amer
ican Nautical Almanac, twenty-five thou
sand eight hundred and fifty dollars.
Beo. 2. And be it further enacted, That
there shall be paid, out of an money in the
Treasury not otherwise ap ropriated, the
several certificates issued by the se
counting officers of the Treasury Depart
ment to the officers, sailors, marines, and
(trews of the Congress and Cumberland,
and other persons provided for by the act
of April second, eighteen hundred
and sixty-two, entitled " An act to provide
for the equitable settlement of the accounts
of the officers and crews of the frigate Con
gress and other vessels."
Bea. 8. And be it further enacted, That
the second section of the not entitled "An
act for the temporary increase of the nar
vy," approved July twenty-four, eighteen
hundred and sixty-one, shall be so construed
that the temporary appointments made or
which may be made, of acting assistant
paymasters and acting ensigns, are hero.
by ratified and confirmed as temporary
acting appointments until the return of
Um vessels in which they are respectively
employed, or until the suppression of the
present insurrection, as may be deemed
necessary; and the rate of compensation
allowed for the several grades:specified 11
hereby legalized and approved.
-.:fteei.A. died be is fewther atoned, That the
Secretary of the 'Navy be and he is hereby
authorized to purchase, in such manner as
he shall deem most advantageous to the
Government, the flour reqfdred for naval
use, mid to have the bread for the navy
baked from this flour by special contract
under naval inspection.
Bee. 5. And be ,it further enacted, That
every assistant paymaster attached to a
vessel of war shall be allowed a clerk,
with the compensation and privileges
which would be given by law to the clerk
of a paymaster it attached to the same
vessel; Provided, That clerks shall not be
allowed to paymasters or assistant pay
masters in vessels having complements of
Asa than one hundred, excepting in sup
ply steamers or storeships.
deo. 6. And be it further enacted, That,
the act to increase and regulate the pay of
the navy of the United States, approved
June first, eighteen hundred and sixtv, be
so construed as it respects boatswains,
gunners, carpenters, and sailmakers of
.he navy as to allow to those officers snob
arrears of pay or difference of pay as they
would be entitled to had their see service
been computed from the dates of their ap
pointments or entry into the service, in
their respective grades, instead of the
date of their warrants:
Approved, March 8, 1868
Poiwo Itssownws---Fo. 12.]
Jotvr ftssoLtrrros authorising theappoint
nuint of a commissioner to revise and
codify the wrist lairs' of the United
_ .
Resolved by the Senate and Bowe of Rep-
ruestatives of the United States of ;America
in Congress assetabied, That the ,President
of the United Buttes be and he is hereby
authorised to' appoint (by and irith the.
consent of the Senate) a commissioner,
whose duty it;to revise and oodiiy
the naval laws of the United States, and'
report such revised code to Congress , at ltd
next session. The annual eatery .of said
commissioner shall be three thousand dol
Approved, March 3, 1868.
JOINT ItICSOLVLION fixing the pay of MB
Commandant of the us , / yard stAtiere -
Island, California.
Resolved by the &sato and Rouse of
Representatives of the United States of America
in await assembled, That the pay of
the officer of the navy assigned to the
conunand,cif the navy yard at Mare Island
California, shall be the <eea pay of his
Approved, March 3, 1863.
A lisounirrico t fioattate the payment of
el* ind wounded . e . ordierii in the hoepi-
tab and convalescent camps.
&rebel by-,tlie Renate and nounliii
Repreeentatives of the United Statetiof Amer. ica in Conpea asrestdcd, That the Pay
mUiter General be and lie iiereby is author
lad and direetedlo take imumdiete meas
ures for the prompt - payment kg Ithe sick
sad wounded soldiersin the conialssoent
camps, hospitals, - Ind' "elsewhere, so that
they may be fully paid within eiaty days
from and after the passage hereof.
Approved, March 8„ 1858.
A RESOLUTION to egediate the printing of
the Rresidents message anti accompany
ing documents.
Ranked by the Senate and Ilougo of ReP
retentativerof Ma Units& Mau of dewrica
in . 7 Coniircss auabisd, Thai, instead of fur
nishing manuscript copies to each house of
Congress, the head, of the errata depart ,
mania of Goieniment be required to fur
nish the Superintendent of the - Publle
Ilinting with copies of the documents
tun:Lally accompanying their annual reports
on-or - before.. the host _dap of INovember of
each year ; whose duty it shall be to print,
in addition to the numbeinow required by
law, two thousand copies for the into of the
Senate, and - five lhouearid for the use of
Souse, in volumes (bound in the usual
manner) of convenient else; and to deliver
the tame to the' 'proper' officer': of each
house, respectively, on orbefore the. third
Monday in December of each year. It
shall also be hie duty to print for the ore.
I . of each of said heeds of departMenta,
thousand copied of their said repOrm prop
-1• and -for the cut Of tor' Connlisionors
of the',Gehtitillinii. Mae; of Indian Al-
Will, and of 'Penn* Ave :hundred cop- ,
lei of each of 4417 .repciiii, reolentltoklr•
And it ehall not be lawful for Wald Super-
I intendant to print any greater number of
said reports, nor Abe reports of! heads .of
any bureau to their respective superiors,
unless directed to do so by either house of
Sec. 2. And be it further'resolved, That
hereafter - the number of any bill or joint
rejoinder' ordered or required to be print
ed by either the Senate or Hone of Repro
sentatives, under any rule of either house,
shial 'nor exceed:llx - Winchid; ifiitloes ape
directed by . .the hone ;ordering the
StN•B. And be if further rooked, That
it Thal be the duty of the. &notary of the
Treasury to.furnish condensea statement
of the aggrogste amount of the exports to,
and imports from, foreign countries to the
Superintendent of the Public Printing, on
or before theilret Aver November of each
year shall. print , . and bind as soon
thereafter as paatiosble ten thothand cop
ies thereof, to be 'distributed al follows,
viz The usual number ,one thousand
fivtlitfidiell - WV) fice - Alni,tiro houses
I `or Gotigreiter three hundred copies for the,
Treasury Department; two !thonsand for
the use, of thp members of the Senate; and
six thonsand one hundred Ad fifty copies
for the nee of the members of the Rouse of
Representatives. _
neck That 4. Anal , * if further , That six
thousand copies of. the u Commercial Rein
Lions," annually prepared under the dine
ttes of the Secretary ofititte, be yriate&
and distributed as-follows, Us: Ths rein
number (one thousand Ave art&
and fity),for the honeshundred of COMM" fOr ,
ltundrianna fifty for the State PoPariaosuit
two thousand for the-use of the intithitslf
of the Senate, and thiefthit for the
use of the members of the House of Repre
Sec. 6. sind b& it further resolved, That
all lithographing and engraving when the
probable cost exceeds three hundred and
fifty dollars, sbalLbe awarded to the lowest
and best bidder for the interest of the Gov
ernment, after thie advertisement by the
.Superintendent of Public Printing,. under
the direction of the Committee on IPrint-
Sec. 6. And be it further relayed, That
the form and style in which the printing
ordered by either House of Congress, or by
any of the departments, shall be executed,
and the size of type to be used,
determined by the Superintendent of Pub;
110 Printing, having proper regard to econ
omy and workmanship.
Sec. 7. And be le further readout, That
all or parts of laws conflicting with
the above provisions be andthey are htrytt
, by repealed.
1 Approved, March 3, 1883.
[Puma's—No. 981
An Atrr for the removal of the' Sisseton,
Wahpaton,liedawakanton, and Wahps,
koota bands of Bloat or Dakotah Indians
and for the disposition of their londe in
Minnesota and Dakota.
Br it enacted by the Senate and Rouse of
(R epresentation of the United States of Amer
kite comma 'assembled; That the Prod
dent is autherized and hereby directed to
assign to and set apart for the. Sisseton,
Wahpston, Medawakanton, and lireispa
lcoota bands of Sioux Indians a. tract of un
occupied laud outside of the limits' of any
State, sufficient in extent teAsnable him to
assign to each member of said bands (who
are willing to adopt the pursuit of agricul
ture) eighty acres of good agricultural
lands, the same to be well adapted for sig•
rimiltmci purposes.
See. 2. And be it Ardor eeacsed, That the
several Miele of. lend within the reeerva•
lions of the said Indians shell be ,surrey- ,
ed, under the direction of the Commission
of the General Land Office, into legal i
subdivisions, to aotiform to the surveys of '
other public laids. And the Secretary of
the Interior shall cause each legal subdi
vision of the said lands to be appraised by
discreet persons, to be' , appointed ;by him
for that , purpose. And 'in each butanes'
where there are improvements upon any
legal subdivision of said lands the improve
ments shall be separately appraised. But
no portion of the said lands shall be sub
ject to pre-emption, settlement, entry, or
Location, under any set of Congreis, unless
the party preempting, Bettling upon, or
locating any portion.of 'said lands shall
pay therefor the fullappreised value there
of, including the value-of thessid improve
ments under such regulations as herein
after provided., ' '
Sm. 3. Arid be it 'further enacted, That
after the survey of the said reservations
the same shill be open le pre-emption,
entry, andaeltlement, in the same, manner
as other,public lands: Pro-vieled, That be
fore any person shall be entitled to enter
any,portion of the said lands, by pre-emp
tion or otherwise, previous to their expo
sure to sale to the highest bidder' at pub
lic outcry i lie shall become an actual bona
fide settler thereon, and shall conform to
all the regulations now provided by law in ,
oases of eee-cmption, and shall pay within',
the term of one pear from the date of his
settlement, the full appraised value of the
land, and the improvements thereon, to the
tend officers of the district where the said
lin& are situated; and the portions of the
*said resermitions which may not be set
tled upon as aforesaid may be sold at xi*.
anntion, as other publics lands Ire sold,
after which they shall be subject to sale at
private entry, as other public lands of the
United States, but no portion thereolfrehali
be sold for a sum less than their appraised
value, before. the first of Jantkoryanne
Domini eighteen hundred and -mxty-five,
nor for a less price than. one dollar arid
twenty-five cents per acre, until otheririse
provided by law.
See. 4. And be it furthez masted, That the :
, money arising from said sale stall be in
vested by the Secretary of the Interior for
the benefit of said Indians in their new
homes, in jthe establishing them.* &piani
sm:et poen* : Praided, !he; itt shall be
lawful for said Secretary to locatelasy mer
itorious ihdividaal Indian of said bands
who exerted himself to save the lives of the
whites in the late massacre upon ibid. lands
on Which' the improvements arc situated,
assigning the same to him to thel extent ef
eighty sore ,e to be held by such tenure` is '
is 'amity lab provided by tel :-'l4nd provi
ded, further, That uo more that eighty
Ames atoll be. awarded to any one Indian,
ender this or any other sot. I
Sec 8: And be it further ersaele4 That the
money to be annually approprepristed . for
the benefit of the said Indiansitall' lihet-,
pended in such manner as will, iii the judg,
went of the Secretary of the Intirier,-beet
advance I tie said Indians in agricultnril
aid ilsetheraelli Purstitta, mid enable thim
to sustain themselves without the aid of the
Government; but no portion of staid apprci
pristiosie shill be paid in money t tol said
iiiiiishelltud in elatkexPemlitneele sa id Sec
retary may male reasonable disedminatiem
in favor of_ the chiefs who shall lbs' found
faithful to the Governinent of the United -
States, and efficient in maintaining its au-:
thority and' the peace of the Indians. Said
Indians shall be subject to the laws of the
United States, and!to the criminal laws of
the State or Territory in which :they utoy
happen to reside. They shall alio be sub
ject to shohlules and regulation* for their
government as the Seoreter7 of this Interior"
m prescribe;but they shall he incapa
blerf making any valid civil co t. with
;any pep* other thmt-a _native mbar of
their tribe, without the eminent o the Pres
ident. - The &mw
e, of the In or shall
also make reseenoble pro:Oi l iest:t r ibe the ed
usatimaof :Sad hciisusi is avxV i * thei r .
capacity and means at h co lt
_Approred,. Merck 8, 1888. i
JO WE 11111.11•1111.
80. pi 711TH LiT4IBBX. j
Th . E. h i Estate, Block and General dboibin-Snel
nem. eatitteldied In 11143 by the IntehA DArie,
•Dlb•bOntinuodat Meck! stank Do. lalr kg.
cin der the My& of.DAVD3 & manow4zsz, ke
Q. DANIS bobtg_t_ble day Mooriaged !dm
7a= IOW& knout ief WNW -I•:
the boom tor may years. Devoting tdmiteolvite ra
iguises•ge aDemoiltotan Auction Basinowls..mbloi
mg &IMO bee Ion& alPoriollmo DIvY Mitblontly er
u e m eeneimuneatta of evory daatiptS4 et Irois.
Li beral advances mode whoa &Wind.
/i ot a,
. el ainik In moor moond dour so)ee room.
Libreria ind-mistelbuteone collsetletot of Books
m,.taley &Osmotic I
_hang ii.Generil COMMINIIOI itYeltall.
i moRANDIaI insomei t - , _
ALA dada' 1.0 ma, of ootram PiODIRIL — -
• ''' , -111 V. 179 LaIIBT 1Y Brartri
inmay Prrwrhu. Ta.
10 ir '1 'Li to insai c hletti— b e
~„emiersd Waal&teapeethdly (Invi the at.
wat iirt 'pi all ranitat• Dealers to hie P d. TIST
I mmo DID, width le unltenally ktioon to be
th. sw a i wronitag Mediu the market. 1 They map
ma a:ant bar-4" 0 1.0. Peat and dpoANr o e• -
stosturod sad for We by tElthlt I'UCLAii ,
• - .arrosire....—.YAso, iq.e.411.11.4.4 MM. ,
O'N 61M0N !.1
4 1 ...•
~.~. ~,5j5 ., 4 ; ,, r.~ : l
`.a -. ~ ~ .v. .
VittOurgh 6auttrt.
B. RIDDLE it 00.,
EDITORS 4171) rsorezzross.
Pat)Ligation Office No. 84 FM Street.
aorroisroto TEM IaTiBT HIM VP. TO TUI
The New York Rioters in Sympathy
with the Slaveholders' Rebellion.
Of course the truth of this is well known,
even to those who may nevertheless for pru
dential resoonsiohoose to deny the feet. No
paper barite Tait, or elsewhere, knows that
thi late itrooleas 'SPA was instlgatedend ear
riedliti by rynifiiithisers withgeff. Davis and
his " governaient Platter than does the World
of that city, inilyet, as might be expected, it
has strenuously, and with the usual effrontery
of • renegade, denied the impeachment. The
N. Y. Tribes', of /friday, contains the follow
ing interesting statement by • responsible
on this subject:
The ' World having made a show of denying:
our statement that sympathy with the Slave
holders' rebellion was the chief impulse to the
late riots, we are favored by one of our most
intelligent and trustworthy cdtteens with the
following testimony :
lb tie Editor of De N. Y. IS-Theae:
Bra: The World - has the effrontery to deny
plumply that this riot is got rip and conducted
in'theintcretis of Jeff. Davis and the CobeUlont
and this morning it attempts to bluff the Lune
by the following paragraph:
"But be is pronasionalty a seeker after truth. and
we beg to recommend to him a practised Way of as
certaining what them rioters really meth. Let him 1
go in preen into the first crowd of them he may
meet, and g-t up a good hearty about for •JeIL Doris
and Lee.' Usher thet he ever returns tothe beware
of his family, It will be, we TOPtlate to say, as both a
adder and a wiser mon:"
I. have had emarion to be presentamong the
rioters during revers' ofthe Most molded sense I
of these disturbanoes, and I am to the position
to mast equate!' the proposition of the World. ' 1
I know that there hes thus far been -no Miler
passports through these mobs than the exprse
sion.of sympathy with the rebels and cheers',
for-Jet. Davis. I (ionises that, desperate and 1
unaompalous as I. knew the copperheads to I
be, I was mumbled at this discovery. Bdtl
when. I. myself heard the rioters give three
sheers for Jag. Davis, and when I heard from
their own- lips their wishes for his mooess, I 1
could doult no Conger. On Monday I was .1
present at the sack and firing of the houses in
Lexington avenue, going through the whole
mob from its extreme verge to the very front
step! of these bonsai.
There I yew a man known to many persons
as a Rebel sympathiser, hand and glove with
the rioters encouraging them, in consultation I
with their , ringleaders, a nd w e by them I
wherever he went. There I heard Within en
pressed 'for the idecres of the Rebellion and
the destruction of "the naygure." e There a
man'of demur exterior and apparrat
genes exclaimed, as• he sew the hodoes'burn.
mg, " This is the most glorious sight I have
ever sean ; this will pay Jeff. Davie for the
lose of Vicksburg." On Tuesday evening II
'heard among the rioters, in the upper pert of
the Third avenue, cheers for Jeff. Davis but
it was dark, and I could not see the individn
els who'propterled•Or 'who gave them.
'But early on Wednesday afternoon, I was'
in the Second se -a detachment of the
7th Regiment marched up to disperse the
mob which had been maltreating the negrow
near Twenty-seventh street. The rioters
vanished from before the detachment, but
closed in behind it, and began to hoot, and
then to stone, and finally to Are upon it. One
of these very rioters who made , this attaok,
when the- detaohinent bed moved . about •
square off, tilled out, "Three dame for Jeff.
Davis." The cheers were given, and :tumor
only, though not very loudly—for the bayon
ets were tee near. I stoodiuititen feet from
-the man who proposed: the chiers,l and.face
itc hod with him In tan minutes efit
saw the crowd which be then led oning
the 7th's men.
Merely to deprive the World, and the Reb
el sympathisers for whom and to whom it
speaks, of the benefit of an objection, which
it may Make, that my evidence is te be taken
with allowasioe as that of an Abolitionist or
Sadioal,./ gay that I am one of those who
have constantly opposed your wars, upon the
negro question, and denied both the right and
there:ha:of theilanuicdpation Proclamation
-and that, though , / now heartily sipped the
President, I.did: net euppert Abraham
eoln as a candidate for the President'!.,:You,
I believe,: can testify: to Alm trith f this
statemeiß,^eadirlia-te-the trustworthiness of
any oihes_thet I may make. las ouldeign .
my nemeibot_it the Dina toryi; and Ido
not wish/nylons , to: be find by ttiov. Bey
mourb(entJel/ Davis's) '4,tiondri on the
day -wham this is pabli eked.:
Sirs -Wirsizas.
' 1.72;v 'LOU, 31117 16,1663
Moro About "F. F. V." Andrews.
This " distinguished" Virginian-I-peon or
ster--iiab4eader-rnegro-hatet, end ;regrets
admirer, stir, rte., deserves • eitepleta plata
than we hers yet been able to make oat. But
'in ,
addition to what has appeared la our sol
emn, already, the following will se: far to sat
isfy pehlie curiosity about this salon of the
P. P. V's.--One of the N. Y. papers of Pd.
day morning War
Andrews was arrested by detectives McCord,
Perky, Redford:and Dusimbnry. • They found
Mato bed. Uith V; colored yowl at No. 10
'Seventh Street: Mt "was sinee'whitt Macon:
Botta at first ; by the time he dressed
, self, however, he become calm, and laid had
ti karma the object of the visit, theta - would
bus beereseme lahliselly in atiestawkint.
"[swished to:be tikes at once before a magis
trate. so that he might be &di:Mar& to ball;
declared the* dui- wren: 'Meat ii--Wirrint.
Ina obAtnii7und nectonstittnionaLßeodmit
tad Mut Iti-soutor,eipo 'soh On - Mendel, but
dieleridit•lS&;: Vokeb 1n ribiltrath"
He told on reporter that he made the sena
speech to, the mob that 'We &tithe Piece
hieetlitt*relledi at the 7 ;oOoper
P1W4 611 .4 160111- O to
i t
to-Sirseritliat they
Jiawhimithis make Incendiary speeches .to
the molobitese !Monday.. MI. mons' is John
11: AsetrowOlikurat-bionvia,:Virglais, has
heen'in - this eery 'MOO ?Sig: U. is about
thirty-ST*lw ol•ge4 his.brownhalri blue
eyes. said o fillssandi-oolored beetdi! ,,
speeits.With the -Virginia, or nevo, ,acesnk
He juts • were cat on the Ample; tibiae he
ollegoolukseredved •by dipping et 'eateries
Andrews,tie asB.
;was •Preeldit ' ‘ui:• ,4 filti In th e.
'Eighth Wed in 1850, Whleh contained most
of - the natation. thieves. pimps and gamblers
iothat Wag, - Pars bar thee hihes lived
'with • oelbVidwomen Josephine. Wilson,
Omar S. 3. Smith etatirl ' -that - he. Sew hint
walking in 8116411,117 with bar, arak-lwassi,
last west: - aka luka kept a house of prostito.: -
den t in this city for twelve years; she tome
from Beaks. Akbant eight months ISO'hei
how, then No. 118 Green street, was broken
lipanSompleist Itesisg been made agebtit
*skews went to the Stettin Aimee - In VW
ao:lasi and mooted - pensiolon- of • So
vest_Wilun to take the bleak wow lOW
, serstago. rep to Jariiiiiiliffix*. The sex.
--Andrewelantscit Walked wititter to the
bar of the Daum,2ll4 demanded to be elloired
ti plead kei Tilo.Jiistire, not - setisliti
um, ha hid sny au thority to oPPeatitriflad
to hear A boadves given by tioa biseiti
wo msn-*eppier at Ski Sledel Sessions, and
an indiotaint was' fomul against bin. ' She'
did Sot, hotreilia ippear"whiu Ike. *is was
Jodi-end - 1v Olirmlei!t t-1.4P 1 0 , 4
in ilerder 'wider the' 'Mum! found
is UMW , WO", at' eh OFtotir
No Wok.: Sl* 4 o Aiiiiit'As
wlsizabottli of'tkb hatrahohlwlustiliine
A r ; c in Ai.. 'llO Mauer, et Fotioflt,
gAffuo:_il!A_ Mr. Andrews has a witeitid
AviitgaQ"OsePT *at is WhO hive boa
Ai4 . rJainOphOt
44'74V, tbreszli Thomas Eisair
eoaltroted Voir. E.
. • -
_ „
!:1.14.1 °T,7,1
c• •
Cot. llisetter's Raid in Rigid:not I.
it Ool. J. Winner, who hss been on • a
through Northern and Buten: Minimal pi,
40 - ad
ems reports : Broke up the oomm of
Gin. Elsorgs at Panda, ; destroyed rail -
bridge st the Yoolurrs, and trestle-week just
beyond, and the road from there north.
Crossed Tall.hstchie north, sod Firm a
Chalmers beyond Coldwater, on the Helens
road. He, made for the Talishatchle, to gross
at the month of the Coldwate - killed fifteen
or twenty, and took forty pr....ners. Paroled
thersioir. at Panda, brought. 11 1 / 1 0 , and de
stroyed all army supplies, workshops, milli,
tanneries, depots, etc. Passed north within
three Miles of. Awittn and Cow ner" destroy
ing an immense: amount of forage and auto
Be took from 600 to 800 boons and mulls,
and 600 head of Gatti., mint detachments north
and north.easS front Panola to"destroy or
bring sway ill onhoistincs; forage, horses and
'mules, an., . pasami-throngh Ave aoustiss,-
treveled 300 miles, and crossed three :aromas..
Chalmers hod with him Stoke'o, Blettunezes,
and Blithe't men; 900 strinig,ind throe ple'oes
of srtillory. The remainder.: of hie force, 900
fled south from Penola, via Charlestoh, Hader
Gen. George. Destroyed the ferrhio at Paiiiiia
and Coldwater; loot one man killed sad five
slightly wounded.
What Courage May Do.
The N. Y. VOW", speaking of the ate
riots in that city, says:
The mob threatened and spprorphed a
house. One man, not its owner, nor his
onfriend. stood on the steps ae the Badame
The leaders rushed forward. this
hero: "Yon aball enter this house only over
soy dead body ."
,:. They stoppe
M d, heditated,
ore and retreaed, leaving the house Wl
hanied. • Oni brave heart protected it.
- A negro was Framed on Tuesday by a mob
of 50 or 40, beat on killing him--of *urn for
no reason ezoept that he was a negro.
no of -cowards az* it, and tarred not;
liftedot voies.or hand to defend him. But
there was one man not • coward. lie ran
forward, threw his arms about the negro,
faced the mob, 'drew his revolver, and. an
nounced: "The first. man who approaches
dies." And he saved him.
Citizens who have failed to defy this mob,
do not thrmnoble actions humiliate and re
pros.* yor ? When another such hour oomea
to you, recollect that "Desperate courage I
makes one a majority."
Anna TES BATTLI.—A. correspondent of
the Saw York Cornmcrciat, in a letter
. frem
the battle. field at Gettysburg, gives* the fol
While passing along the centre of Lee's
line, I found a German laborer, and his vrow ,
gathering up piles of clothing which had been
thrown away or taken cif the dead. Yohn
was wheeling away the spoils as his , wife ord.
lectad them. Suspecting your correaporident
of being an ofteial, she began to defend her
self by, saying, "De comes to mine house
and eats • I mine geese and mine thicken and
=WI hooks, but I don't pelleve in that; and
may be shueht them that eats my thickens
killed and 1-tregathering their Clothes." As
strange things hays happeaed,
—The editor of the Fulton 'Republican, nub
,lished at PdoConnellsburg,lays,that t wntio ehe
rebels occupied that town his offia etas point.
ed out to by the eopperheidi as an abo
lition ooneetn. Several of the offitairs
upon him and asked to see his flies. .After
exainming them, the Lieutenant in command
said, "I see, sir, this is • Republican paper ;
you advocate a vigorous prosecution- of the
war, and are to favor of sustaining your Gov
ernment In everything. I like to ice a man
owe tkisp or another.' T skins several copies
of the paper, they left without molesting any
thing in the °Moe, to the great indignation or/
the %Towheads of-that place.
SE W*l.4"G macuairiest.
awasar remount, onfonLatCaooli:
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Yievimtiei Pure.
With trait:Luta° 1
Tim °llly Machine in silo world using OcAss (Juni
Puma, Biuunps and Coancs, with Isoprarat
Story awe raelroctitally totted to opa!l • st est
*Mar and Ass dui o.aohlnas fu opankt•Lon.,
!AG If =kiwi ioarrmad ran.
ilirtlead For I atronlu.
WN. SENNER & co.,
Pis:masa—No. gr alria mar,.
Cracuman—RlB&'B OPI/H111g11.01313..
1 ttermuo
C.:l4r.)Vii4atik".l C. _10.1' ,4 .
tam:Alta uoulax 111,1114‹
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.13hImettesei, Ho. 6111 mirth' Mat,
• !Shim Ilhdieii do hos menu t.,+ar azumir
*apse sun , swii>thei , es 44% Min.
RIB .do Wilda& of Walk put Ara )(F.
41 4 1 *Pt i " , :' TM; r01.fiz4 131.1 .r .ii3 1 add
them tawrvettan. Opialtitty ' c i s
said; tl:I Heiritii • ki*** Hakies,teeirtsi
.1104 ecticatAll.. , is lirmstilatiod Welt ,
.ft•l7 s77kr,:tttit''
cii• act.i4v; re'eswOod ease. 'roaild taw. with.
. -merit/Age. =reel =oda disk. boa la as. SIWSEI
ley leak
Coo.Moclar",...rodewool case,- round 3 tiont
caroms, with sawed tablet, made sy . egay.
exte2g,res 'Rork • '
tOzwe *AA Geltwee wage:oo7. Assad, carnets;
Awed. oiTtO4ll , l listser,
Ons • aciavg,rlsB29ok.AlFort.'ponwah frr
those. woe by unbamen-----.,.:..;. - 140.00-
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red" wwerAdl. 14.04.:41.0m"10as -
.by GiftWorr, Sour
Owe Burl* tealeftww*."equarieoroster,
b 7 Milking 4 bilwou
Ow de ri, usehlrear or Lore coroers;tiodo •
by mus. Mgt
On Gain; rosewood were caraers,.eseds ' • '
aswetedren l Ilday.ll.
Os• ovum indb:V l , 3 7o l a,wirS .c QP l F l . lll4
by Otildhertair.. 10) 00
Ons %W. 611113.,11 oo
"Oriel octave Gorman
- , oa.m.a..M2LIVIBE;
-1 4The vate,
trim mos ddTerealqassigeotorPey te.arirlie,dwrink
the - oat 141 'de*
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IscetToo.4TEErr ,ol, "4.
-/Esruz, r411:114 113646:114 4 kifilez
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her Ibt , Ognivey
Pliums et , = Ma MOIL;
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.apply or three beentltut testrumeette. ,
lips; a doubt the Kest II nil
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'mfttlee pelt tee have 'hot heriatiLtdite 111141i4okrof
eetpreere. LWARIAINWID , MA 11.185. -
Banos_ urrazair. imowros - risid '
Immo. the bestebeeelltleane woe:: Tor age by;
• .+. MATMOTTI.IS4OTIT. 43 Illthetreet. _
REP! 4'S IngLODFORIL,, , - , T el , -,. kW
414 : 1 :
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ONO. L ICALLY PsvPrisior.
7iY►SiLlEq IDD6 W►~~g, ~
~llP~7~~`lfEul® .
i . cr, Z yr>t
TT 'E.
........ -:-•
LXXVI---NO. 212
OILS, ife.
NVALLA taff.ll3l3,
Ana dada, tri
muDzeattrum PETWatri
esilestizider illegii,)46r 16,000 UAL
Abo alr eseee aWri see P t 04111 . tar AMOVidall
La 4 lonian poets. et aux wharf es the_llehre_
Bawer near the plat:Ririe of ebb'
BREWBg t IfV.RILS 400.,
- - Ataats tbe • '
gar iibges ash advocaat Sudo os cosslissesto
Refined or,Crude Petroleum.
oo.ramtasioN isttEm9mAirrriti.
sairezas rzeracualsent
G ai their sird and wharf. &w Boom
unliktr - • • .
rwrainuani— rms *mars, onA.
61 111U1AD %Twiner
illirAratstritre. PORTIA/0 /01110111:1111 OIL
- ipll4l 41". 91499Attn=
O• N • need..not‘le iiiburammed
•by tuti entarcestient the'Snlic`Ordnin
when they can him their. Oil -Masted Ydt sh=
...cheat touching %lie Ont . Wiiii,llBl-SeebalPt moo
proingt._nitit ylak..ww.tuiabliveted In better
ardor, et
in 'Mi thL 7idl Dj
• rriSd'ilkiii
On the Litterbug, . Umtata•
villa, when Oil map* Jioss Orpoati Ora W
thb amp, arid shid,t9 , pout, Ur or Wert,
sylitiotit sardiag Of eskiltVglaV
eu ordsas prom y 'Undo! to. •
ilarcdie• it 1 oprOttameTifaantiar B. It
Poo, Ogles bolittwiatCl/ ilgt.; Pittsburgh; 01
cow be aeon dab; at the Ott /Ozehseia.
liaautsocurem lag S+sw+ Sl
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And dsayins to
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egos In PERU BLOCK. MK;Wine W 1/•
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Comdata' and Foritirdhit liankuts,
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iilo" : LSboial, °inn *Dooms on ,anilipnliontm nn.e,
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lerus. J. & /MLR= L Co.;
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THCIIPS011: 41 1 4, 1014 pla% Bask.
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