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    TU. E LT 7
Prom Yesterday's Inning ease Me.
Antiidusat to Uto Constitution
The Connell resssembled in the First 11. P.
Chumlt, Seventh itivei, Oa Monday morning.
at 10 *Week, and wag opined with prayer by
the Chairman, Dr. bully. -
— Mil Bedtime,' 'Med the ideates of the last
asatlog.whbh,attereoarotloa , wenad o d lead.
The Comm*ute to wheat Inn referred the
the remillitien and auerndmilit bi report bud.
ease 'Di Council; presented
their report, OD& was unillionsly adopted.
It is ma fellows:
The Committee to ebb* wen referred the
resolutions and amendintrat before the poem:
oil on fiatnrdsy.lrlth lustruations to report'
mediations for ohs asdea of the oennoll re.
sportfully report.
Marianas, It is all 'intpertant that in ail
conventions that may be' idled; in lin ad
&ems to the people, and In all ortitions •to
the Eitat• Legislatures and to Congress, thole
ahead be ureationit thio - owfaoof of the
amendment proposed to"&i'ala,tilit Con
stitution of the UnitedDttiteLA
'Aloe/led:li 'That thlgeoithell adheree sub
stantially to the statement of the mundinent
u-ut forth in the tuition of the original meet
ing in the alty of Pittsburgh, Its 8.11,1863,
sad that all foprro eoneentious or eminells
arirstraested to do the tame. -
The anteadment,proposteVia in • the brash
eta, and feu follows Lc, 7
We, the people of thillJnited tatee, (Temp
shies the
God, the Milne - authority - of iluelftffy Scrip
tures, the law. of:God Al a par : amount rule,
-and Jesus tirs'Yessiah;Alie flemier -and the
List of all,) la' eider l 6 fa& a mcriperfect
union s. (to secure the Impanel righti-offailmen
to life, liberty ; and the patsy-it bf luippl
noss,) no.
lloao,ireci 2, That, be, and they hereby
are appointed a central- Committee' to have
charge of this whole matter, with poker to add
to their number, and that it sha/1 be their
lit. To issue, immediately, as affirm to the
people of the United Steil on this subject.
J. -To appoint, .frea-tim• to-tiari c entr• eom
=items la the chief townie and ellisiof the
United Pintas, with power to add to their num
' ber under the supervision of the Central Oom
mitess, have charge of this matter in their re
spective localities, to present the subject to
the public by addresess and newspaper arti
ekw, and to tall oonventiona of the people in
their neighborhoods, at snob times and place.,
~.aa they may think promotive of the object
3. To call a national convention, of persons
friendly to the cause, whenever and whenever
in their opinion the object ,ought will be
promoted thereby..
ffesofect, 3 That this convention does now
adjourn siCe.die, with prayer, praise, and the
apostolic benediction.
A Ceitral Committee, oomporad of distin
guished . gentlemen of different evangelical
'deionffiralions throughout the country, was
then appointed in scrotum* with the second
resolutiori in the report.
Rweleed, That Ave members constitute a
quorum to transact basins's.
RwrobsA.Tkat thelharstaryntimmunicate
&Midi gentleman appointed on the Centred
Comvittse before their names are published.
00113314unleatIon was read from the Bey.
0.8. Preach, favoring the amendment.
Mr. Alexander presented a paper, which
was read and referred to the Central Commit
. On motion ot Mer.,Dr. Douglas,.
ifesolecd,* That special thinks be returned
to Almighty God, in the eineluding prayer,
for the tare =trued our arms
in the recent battles in Perins,ylvania, and the
glorious victory achieved by the Army of the
Potomac under Gen. Meade.
Rev. J. M. Wallin, D. D.,' then' led in
prayer at a thrOni of greet; and returned
thanks to God for the recent victories.
The meeting then united la ringing part of
the 122 d Psalm from the 6th verse, after
whltih the Chairmen pronounced the Benedio-
Mon, aid the Couseitadjourned-sise
To trio -Ladles.
The Ladies of - Pittsburgh and Allegheny
are requested to meet to-morrow from eight
to twelve, at the different Soldiers' Asso-
Mations, bringing with them all they can for
the benefit of the doh and wounded soldiers
on the battle field in Pennsylvania.
Lotus all remember that many of the brave
hearts that ham under God's blueing, been
the instruments of tido treat victory, are now
prostrated in anguish and pain of body, from
terrible wounds. We .feel we need only say
now gives to Ao_minister
to, their wants, and as soea as goods
can be gathered together, they will be
slipped to the army fres the Sanitary rooms
oa 4th stmt. The artbiles most needed, are
. bandagea; pads, oIA linin; =Win, kilt worn
- ,abuts, ..drawers, stockist'', linen mats can
- dried : trait, illeita,"pillonn, bed ;icks,
meelalti sits, abOlisteverribe is "idol for
the sick at home, t will, of contite-bit „doubly .
°SAC housibiCsbajtki - •
, : he let out at the rioter,
se that all can remain tei'imew with the 'midst
, arm of Sawint•liskirtinis, or take the work
,rATllhat is desired is, that it shall be
'Aiins-Preerotly and well.
The ladies of Steubenville have been before
as in offering their mikes as nurses ; are
there not persons among as eminently ain
toted for this duty ? Mr. Itnanot left last
night with a company of surgeons, and under
their direction, mach good Might be 11000216-
pasted by lady nurses.
The Fifteenth Regiment
IMO oeoupies Its beautifel encampment In
McFarland's Grove, near East Liberty, and
is daily visited by large numbers of its
AlWiden-the battalion _.drill at two nlalock
and the dream parade at six, securing par
s/by a large turn out.
Os Friday, Col. Galway resigned his post-
tics for reasons of a private nature, when at
a meeting of the line onions. Lint. CoL
Jas. M. Cooper was unanimously elected
Colonel, bat declined, profaning to retain his
present position. Major William Frew was
than unanimously elebted Colonel, but for
similar reasons declined the honor. Colonel
John B. Club, late of the 1111 d, was then
unanimously chosen and a Committee, con
'Wing of Lieut. CASoopar,._Capt. Midis
sad Adjutant Haswell, waited on him and
neared his acceptant* of the position. Col.
Clark wanted eoznand this morning, ad
two companies from Camp Howe, Capt. Me-
Hares and Capt. Bare, ham a jobed the lath,
aad we to enter camp wistinpa this
Tim. .
lath Is now splendidly Miami la
laid, stefand line, and offers the may- beet
'adamant to the young men of oar malty,
and ought to be Ailed a • to the maximum by
ArriC)Ogigir ill
. •
,The Matiosal! limlattmk.
Thar saw' *or Saii
fourth, wet* throe to maraber,,Aad- wen 1111•_
Sri the dliectlon of_the
_c MUI a Nola% of Shiftier.
sans was Ired-Watter Oa. anodes' of IMpt.
Loosals.Capt. Rasp sad Capt. Tpler. 4 ,-.
Irma Moe -11114 theltrtair *as iiiby the
eltarwe. of Capt. Itraiitiarltk al; ran from
the Diquemta Mire Caraway: c. -
• Prom Pont Katie/ oa:tho AMegienp MO,
the salute was Madly °Apt. IthaaMoa. aa
- • •
Capt.-, Swap also Andre agate of thirty.
foot gam, from a motion of two pima hosted
at the taut, ender -chary of Capt. Metcalf.
Found Drove/is&
The body of an unknown man was found
is the Monongahela rim, on Saturday,
short distance beiowittglio...L Eli clothe.
wore frond tylng on the shore, nearly opposite
to whore the'body Will diIOOTONa, and it Is
oonsessently Inferred that he was amaidentaliy
droned while lathing. He waa, apparently
-Iroulwestyaira twenty:ay. years of she.
Olsten dollars la roomy and a slim watch
weri head In Ids clothes. Coroner IhOlung
Malawi Ake body for lamegaltionlnttil,Sna.
day, when ha had It aseenUy waft& The
Ooroaor thinks thso Os:m=4 was • Oarsman.
BLeorzort or Tatorese.--,Eit r meet m e et=
lug of the .54thooF Dhietois pt:the Fourth
, Ward, Allegbiay, - ea Wawa
were sleeted for the mutes Jou _
••41•11•61 Howe, - No. ez-Nr; G. Neater,
also J. Need,, ithe Dorldsoe v hass - White,
Wee OsWlUs• 'B. - Wltherow. Mos IL E.
Eallinoly Stu S. Essetttos Mrs Wallsee,
Mb. Joluu,ton, •Kiss !kteitol, Ntee
ji miftl24o64l.,,a4g e s ei i.iti l d
- •
‘llllMClferiNiri. eletel• , Ore, atot
Altlie'Zikizentalli" seek to ''deemthet
suet podties se et the sad et liet oe._
Annual Exhibition' and Distribution
of PtClainale to -the pupils of lit.
Xavier'. ilnalibelTs! near Latrobe,
Pellasea. .. ...
The annual examination and public exhiiii
den of the above flourishing institution, took
plate on Wednesday, J ulyl , 1853. So* sm
all's:lily samessfal this institution has been
was folly exemplilled in the-interest attached
by the unusually large 401103Orge from ail
parts of this State, and many from adjoining
ones, with many distinguished clergy that
thronged its portal!, and eagerly "ought
admittance. Bt. %%viers, under the immedi
ate care of the Sisters of liere7s although 35-
cent in its origin, has gained an enviable
-pimp, and confidence amongst the.-American
people that now entitle it to thilii - it class
female institution in the United States—here
ednostion--that bright luminary of our land,
whose thearing rapt fill the soul with joy ; by
Whosilnfluence the innate qualities,of nand
i ,
era thrown into lotion, adds Manif Soto the
adranciensant of dor aspiring - yotut to kn.
pediment obitruots the humblest in life from
drinking deeplyof the well of elassio-lore, and
the fotuitaintif inniversal valence ; hero a spirit
of fairness affords similar opportunities to all,
and anifaughta wlldi,v sweet unworidlinwe
-Of Airtight; tit 'lLWileri,le ilideedl:‘uttries7
of Virtue--where gesius;-taste and the " Ma
ter-Arts" are cultured, with wishes pieced in
the garden et Paradise above. The day was
bright and beentiful, the sun the Bait-adorn
ing, threw its enlivening rays o'er valley and
hilt-aids, and blender In beauteous tint, the
colored mass; the oat-break into beauty
which nature make' when summer frilly bars is
forth Into mantling new life ftom the " sleep
of winter and the lap of spring," with its
_deep bias skits, its. balmy, caudal air, its
grassy meadows, velvety sward, in flowering
hedges, and trees already green—every bough
burtboned with wild birds, making pure and
happy melody, as wind-waked moose's tone,
all conspiring to throw a halo of enchantment
around St. Xavier's, exalting ajoyfni and ad
miring feeling in the human breast that make
us loot " through nature up to nature's God."
Bt. Xsviar's is delightfully situated in Unity
township, Westmoreland county, Pa., nearly
adjoining the flourishing village of Latrobe;
the location Is healthy, SC diababrions ; Prov
lianas Intended it for an " earthly- home-per
atillie"--art approved the plan. ' The grounds
attached to the Academy, are extensive, em
bracing some two hundred and twenty sores,
admirably laid cut in fine, (dean, wide
promenade walks; many summer-houses desk I
the same, whose bright wreaths of clustering
Ivy intercept the rays of the mid-day sun; I
dellalects gardens, with richly devised.
flower beds of all hues, 'whose scent perfume
the breeze through:every passintday, the
orchard, with its choicest oollootion of fruit
trees, circle round, while many majettio giants
of the forest are still left-standing, and forin - ,
grates, overarching whom; cool. recess, one
might, more appropriately speaking, denom
inate "breathing plaoes,'! which add much to
Bt. Tsetse's beauty and superb grandeur.
There is also attached to the Academy a kr
dies' gymnasium, ten-pin alleys, ball-alley,
pleasure grounds, etc., in fact every thing
that would add to the physical as well as te
the moral developments of its scholars, the
water, sparkling, cool, refreshing, perfectly
pure and healthy, invigorating as a tante;
free from the slightest obnoxious taste, both
springs and pampebeing on the premises, the
medical qualities not equaled by many of the
would be boasted watering places in the
country, while the atmosphere is at all times
free from nocturnal infections, the Academy
being far removed from all densely inhibited
places, enjoying the rural quiet and blessings
venolitafed it. The scenery is impressively
bold, and it is indeed a happy rural seat of
various view, the raptured eye cartgase be
yond the green valleys to the range of satire
mountains in the. distance-whose sunbright
! summit mingles with the sky—crowned by
primeval forests—woods ever woods in gay
1 theatrio pride, and these Canned by dewy
clouds—hill and plain ire studded o'er with
dwellings, whose modest while struggles with
vivid - green; while the cultrlatid farms, where
'simmer spreads profusion round, with their
luxuriant meadows, and waving, golden grain
smiling near, upon whieh the eye rests with •
sense of redoubled alertness, ail combine to
form an exhileratiag swine fall of charms for !
the mind of the refloating, and presents a
delightful picture of landscape beauty worthy
of an artist's touch.
The building is an immense brisk edifice
situated en the most elevated spot, is of strik
ing architectural deals', imp, convenient
and commodious, conducive to the health and
comfort of the pupils. It contains a beautilui
chapal, surmounted by a neat turret ' which
points the way to God; while within its hal
lowed domicil are taught virtue, humility, pi
ety, and the savingeternal truths of salvation;
At the same time the Sister' respect, and
never, tinder any cirocuns Mims, allow the re
ligion or secular principles of non-catholic
unglue to be interfered with.: The fine ven
tilated dormitories, in which they sloop, the
speedo= study and school roems,the abundance
of good food supplied them, the gentle, gaga
clout; yet atrial discipline °braved in studies,
the liberal, yet watchful regard given to mor
als, the happy social relations existing be
tween thegood slaters and the echelon, which
enlist" thew:best. feelings, who even impart
Justine - don" to the pupils while walking in
the shade of the pornoo or. the trees, Masi
advanced In thli way are accommodated to the
comprehention of the pups - by mutual good
feeling, rendered attractive, end brought di
rectly within the embraoes of the mind. This
instruotion leadathom to observe, reflect and
disoriatinato; . offers the soleness under inter
esting assoclatione, end faspiru a natural
thirst for instruction and luxuriance of idea;
this was the method the Greek masters pur
sued, and enabled them to bring their youth
to sash noble, high perfection. Of all results
AWilstlcaddatition Can prod - lei title Is the most
Medal; the young thus trained will he:dis
tiaguleited by the early maturity of their rea
son, and Instead of producing fatigue and dis
join, -they will every day give birth to now
ideas., and new pismire!. Education, as •
Millinne, in yet En its teensy—the system most
in yoga" la very superficial, in literature, as
morals, there is a certain taste and gram
which confers dignity on moderate acquire-
manta ; fini sensibilities like woodbine', de-1
lightfal luxuries of beauty, to twine monad •
solid, upright stem of understanding, and
there is • negligence and grossness that dir
gait and creep along asgresal even when so-
eomenied with incontestible _superiority.', ,
The ever-visible, sell-sacrificing spirit
the sisters manifest to leave nothing lin
dens in the noble design of making all their
young ladies accomplished scholars—laving
sipped nectarious draughts-from truth's eter
nal sprtegol-ernaments who will sheds bright
hilly and bii useful 'member; if society in
lifee aciiiiii i Nid. as Gibbon says, ',content
plete the must duties Incumbent upon Gunn to
-perform"' New academies present much char
' acteilatics: 'Oeteptuisens are,. odlosa Vita
nords,Xio eider. .piuicil. .Wo speak
git'Bl4l Xiviers from &stand point, we judge
it according to its transcending " merits;
ili..'trooillt an unviPalrited_detill_..OL its
itiwitif aii, Unbiased,. unasked or
fought; however - to state facts Imperil
say, to land the ordinary ustettses la acad
emies and colleges, even when - circum
stances warrant approval, has beams so ha:-
Meal and puffing-like that notlses of exhibi
tions, speaking In plain . simple language of
truth, have, considerably lost stfoli, and non
unfairly oonsidared as the outbursts of beak
neyed compliment, amplified through inter-
sited motives in favor of certain institutions.
The ezoellent lest:notions of the geed els-
SeD_Plalilly manifested itself-intherbsoorous
conduct and dignified appearance of thepir
pile, showing that their trielidng was of no
ordinary character, when such marked lin-
prevenient was visibly awn: Taking them all
in all, they . were a very pleasant eight, all
wafting: rickcwhito *meek (emePtingleers
Who were allot:edict - deep intuning), with blue!
eibbous testefully &sleeting. the same; and I
whi a glove :.
TheyOnngladier neti foimui in "proimilon,
astilebrolbscrillexhapet and took the
'Nati dui athd atini,na the plattorni erected •
- hie lho.Oteniii*:. - -..- - ' .
The programme Nal Irsited's:id well-select.
_ • litempasodmien Inullio ; _dcietta r ;bonnie',
* pow _
~. eunipri le ilittsiAlilogase, Mo. ; . i
-- hi first piece was a Merck parlor:net on
four piano!, by ilissesilitilley, Duane, Kart
Flood, OnnitingkamiFollard'i IC ifoOloslq,
Mary Ifillhether. and Keogh , while ' the pupils
were sintering aid Wag meted, -
• ; Tienldlloeted `Prilici its Guioryls Gie ' Genfeig
'A r wars Ilk. bf o#Dititatis. ertegby Mies Ms.
.DonsValniasOre 'Mist 'Nellie !hetet!,
of-Fitti „- - Mul - litardiary - Clailagker, of
Pkiiidat. " Won , Olnliniitt: MO Annie
111004;4 g SiLlneilvid'esith tinilenutlienal
entien;-mig-la-eplimiliVelyberand - pnt:thei
'inissial'eseissiMaWert the . per.** for tk.*
insetin oaf fOi ibhm iilli•-entertalisAintf
zi t (m o os ga , fffp la reakoNste-bi,
/Niel owstioU**--by lltiia AialCeal
41 41NNY 4116 • 1 DMA PfilikKANNerig•
. .
Flood. Qulgke, Dllll.llO, Satle .24•Dawltt. and
Swarftwalder. To wry It wan numbly grand,
would be like gilding refined gold " hwaa
pandered In nuagoinweat ety e, ly dainty
log the well merited enoonduks pined upon
Bohemian Girl, bj Missed Raffleid, Dan
dle°, Acnia McCullough. Rourke, Quigley,
Layton, O'Retiley alms Thompson. It le •
charmicg ballad, end was charmingly sung,
with high artistic effect, the melody symPa
thetically. pretty, which eleetriled the mull
Oar Land is Pres ' ehorns from Moses In
Egypt, by Misses Nellie Ihmsen, McDonnell,
M. and A. Gallagher, Dotfield, Keogh, M. and
A. Flood, Bodrigue Wilson. Bead, Bourke,
Kirke, Annie hicOtillough, Quinn,.Anplina
Moenllougb, Donahoe, McDevitt, ?deem*,
Cartoon and McGuire; acoompaniment,hilnai
Dann. and Woods. It was well dons; the
chorus was full and particularly good, excel&
'ugly well given, and there Was proportional.
satisfaction expressed.
Grand Etude GaZop (a Quidant) by Mimes
• Pollard,.Mary Flood, Eltalla Jones and Ihti
ningb am, well performed In the most splendid,
brilliant style, and rapturously approved.
Merits and Demerit', by one el the pupils,
Miffs Mary Gallagher, of Philadelphia; spoken
by Misses 8. Jones, Bwartswelder, banshee,
Bourke, B. O'Brien, McDevitt, Layton,limith,
L. Jones, Fwetwangler, Friel and J. McClos
key. A vigorous and very original produo
lion on Me padialous choice and mes of books,
rep's!. with pan and lefty seatimente well
expressed,. &acting rapidly at many objects
of the sublime and beautiful; delivered with
spirit and intelligence, to a pleasing, feaclnat
lug manner.
Le Galop pour Harp fa Piano (by Boehm)
- -harp. Min Dunne; plena, Miss Quigley—
was performed with peculiar sweetness, and
was eminently snecaseful.
After the first part, crowns in senior and
first classes were awarded, and distribution of
premiums. Milo Mary Gallagher, of Phila
delphia, received the crown In the mentor class,
and lain /11.11oOlosky in the first Mash while
premiums were distributed to all in each elms
for proficiency in study and exemplary good
L'Aonabilits Yds. Brilliants, by Misses K.
MeOloelry, McDonnell, Rodrigae, Pollard, H.
White, O'Reilly, Thompson and Roark., was
reodered in good style and well reoelyed.-
ket /fork and Song (duet) by Mies Annie
flood, and Mill KittWl, of illbuneblarg ; ao
oompanimerit, Mils Quigley. A duet of re
markable boahty, with a beautiful aecompa
titnent, and elleiteti a Ware by the cadence
of its nosiodions fascination.
Como Gallop, by hlbises L. Jones, !doDevitt,
J. MeVloslry, Kelly, Mackin, Kenney, Head
and , fierartswelder, was truly delightful end
Untamed to with numb satistaation.
The Yoram Pais, (by Venseno) by Miss Ho
/Jennell,.ol,Bsitimore; athompeniment, Miss
Dearth,. wu a brilliant production, sung with
great tastedridgment, and parity of:lnto:La
tiou, and displayed throughout much =dos!
0111111421. Conecrsation ? by Misses nary Gel •
lather, Gorm a n, Woo d s , Ehrhart, Annie Mc-
Cullough, Smith, Quigey, Nolan; Rourke,
M. BloOlosky end Annie flood, was delivered
in myth sweat accent and Amoy of style that
for the. time-being transported the andienoe to
"Father Land," hippy Switzer hills and the
banks of the Rhine.
Musidor9 Polka /kfasolgrica, by Minna Har
riet White, gtells Jones, Wilson kloGuire,
Stoekdals, f wetwangler, Maggie punshee and
Doubler, was grand beyond oonoiption, fetal
liar to all, end remised with enlivening de
Phaoicass Choros—from Bomnambuls—By
Misses McDonnell, Keogh, K. and A. Flood,
K. and A. Gallagher, Thomsen, DoField, Rod
rive, Cody, Annie and Angeline llioCul lo ugh,
Dammam', Gorman, Carroon,MeGuire,bleo raw,
Read, Kirke. Wilson, bleDevitt, KitteU,
Rourke, Qainn, and Donaghne. Accompani
ment, Warp—Kiss Dunne. Piano—Miss
Quigley. The performance was Inn and most
effectually complete, and reflects the greatest
amount of credit oa all theyoung ladies.
Overture to Sessirsaide—By aliases Quig
ley, Dunne, Woods, K. and A. Gallagher,
Pollard, Annie. Flood and Bodzigus. This
performance wis fine, effectire and brilliantly
Nemo D' Orrors—Dret (Semiraseide)—My
Misses Mary and Annie Gallagher, of Phi's
delphia. Accompaniment, Harp—Min Mc-
Donnell. Piano—Min Dunne. They wire
in excellent voice, sung with peculiar sweet
nese, and lit an easy graceful style.
Polka Ds Count (F. Warier. )—By Misses
MoClosky, Annie Flood, It elite Ihmsan and
Keogh. This was a gem in Itself , and th rilled
the auditory with pleuureable emotions.
Gaudy:mu (DiaCaU)—By Misses MaDon
nail, Annie Flood, Nellie timbal, Mabel Da&
field, M. and A. Gallagher, Keogh, Flood,
Annie McCullough and Kitteli. Aocompani
ment by Misses Dann* and Woods. -- This
took the midlands quite by storm, and drew
from the appreoletisi. &nimbi'se the unite
quint compliment of whispered praise.
Nails** Walser—icy Mary Flood, Me
tall, Keogh, Conway, Cunningham, Ihm
sen, Layton, Qainn,and Johnsen . This fell
upon the ear with familiar delight, and was
excessively soy and pretty.
Ti Sot Quat
Misses McDonnell, Nellie Itimaen and Mary
Gallagher. Accompaniment by Miss Annie
Mothailongh. To say the least this was grand
in the extreme, and vis.bly displayed that
the young ladies were ao novices in mule's
heaven- born Art of Gong.
Cones,. Gallop (W. Masoe)—Dy Misses
Deuce, Quigley, Bedsit'', and Woods. This
was beautiful, and added much to the enter
tainment of the hour.
Tae nrse Salm, or TesSokool of Advnii
ey—a school drama—by Misses IL A. Galla
gher, Mabel Duffield, Nellie Ihnisen; Mary
Flood, M. MaOlosky, 011des,;Quinn, McDon
nell, Keogh, Conway, and Angelina McCul
lough. This was a very creditable perform
anceance • vigorous and pithy production, abound.
lug perform
whimsicalities, delivered with - admits.
hie elocution and a style of reading marked
by refinement without any loss of fore, and
impressive offset, la the middle of which Miss
Mary Gallagher ung"Oltin theatilirlfight,"
with harp accompaniment by Miss McDon
Waisted, A Goessua—ciong—by Missals Ma
ry Gallagher and McDonnell; accompaniment,
Miss Quigley—was charactuistloally Immo ,
esti, wreathed allin smiles and it will long
remain stereotyped in the m inds of many, led
was a happy amass.
(ued Caprice Moroi, (Ketterer)—mesio.
ale—by Miss Dunne, was sprightly and play
ed with commendable execution, and highly
esteemed. After whioh Misses M. MeOlosiry,
of Port Perry, and Annie Dann*, of Ducar ,
tar, received gold Crosses of honor for
plary conduct, and Miss AnnteLaiton received
premiums in second division, second elase—
Miss Mend Kittell, of Ebensburg, premium
in second °Lass, and Miss Harriet White, of
Lawrenceville, premiums in the third class,
and Miss . Buy, of McKeesport, while
the Wane, of the sehelass melted pre
miums for improvement in study, for exem
plary good conduct, AA.
The exercises were closed by all the young
Ladles singing, suudiag, the national song,
"Bed, White end liine'—ecoompulment
Wenn Misses Quigley and A. McCullough;lisitp, ' /disi Deane, and was snag in vigorous,
grand style that fairly made the wooden-sake
buck the - strain again, and was enthneiast4o- .
ally approved. - ,
The Udders teak their departure while a
march wee perforined on four piano, by Misses
Pollard, M. MeCloaky, Cunningham, Dunne,
Quigley, Keogh, Mary Flood, and Mary Gal
All the young ladles rendered their parts as
If their hearts and soul, were in the work be-,
fore them—the rendition improving on each
occasion, If possible, as all concerned warmed
In their several-parts, and seemingly inspired
themselvel—they inspired the endue, with
equal fervor. The most perfect order was
meintained throughout, and the exhibition
was one of the most pleasant Whin that we
have attended for years. All seemed deter
mined to enjoz themselves. in a rational man.
*f Taud
they erfaitT,r , susid r adbair
-termination, lb. pilrformienees
were highly ; creditable to both pupils tied
teachers, and gave great satisfactinn to the
parents and friends in atiandanee.
The needle-work of, the pupils as exhibited
in the drawing-room; was well worth seeing,
and fatly demonstrated that they know eiso
heir to ply.the/media, -the BarplisertLAWle,
- BlrmTh - retalnant , *ha
- Thouspioe,-' one by Mir lanai', of 'Shahs.
bug, one by /ilia Magi ItaDilanalj; of /Wil
mot% and. Miss Dusk*, of McKeesport, were
finely wrought,sequiring an elaborate amount
of needle-work to eotopleta mi the sante; the
pines of Misses Annie and 27 ; Mood, Ma
hal Dtiffield; Miry And Annie Gallagher,
Dunne, McGraw, Oarriion,,,,ka l were sagnisttak
amply of handiwork, airy - soas7nd
a dtu meed.of prelim—while !Weeper, Doi,"
as skstabed by Midi XaCloakay, of Pott
yvary, was most exionsotty. doses lad 1111-
pmjod'apsh a !M Sao so yOung .
r . Urn gii liated sissts rof as-
AsOolim limbs -SU pisissoleklis
Ittglitßev. *shop. Domstio u 'dlistrilmlii the
IlfeM111•14 amis as , Um doss IIM• the 79tail
J .
.:'c .~Y~s O~~t.n Y.
-.n<.. '~1.3~ ~.~r.E4m ~. ~. :i1,4.. Y (.. I:Ye }'~. r . ~•M. , ~.;
ladies a wheleeelau.- 51 /4 0, - - at, some.
which spasm prevents is from giving area a,
97i0Imis—clostag r wit4. the seasiment that if
the good Sham keicy do not ineceed in
=Wag thein ebialag etas ors earth, that at
tamale hoped they would be arstilli in heaven.
There wee seventylelght pupils la attendans,
we understandlait lea?, and *Creel coat'
dent that Its calenffer of mstrieistation will
far erased Dist. the Coming mason.
The guests,, were invited to partake
of a sumptuous dinner in the large dining
hall; the tables were "Wad with a perfusion
of mtbstes,tlal, and luzurioui viands, to
which foil_ aeon Was done by the assembled
crowd.. The after part of the , day was "pent
in kindlj words, merry greetlap, friendship'
reaswed, delightful promenades in sweet, s
alai converie, while groups here and there
spent the heur in mirth and song—thinking
the July day as short as Deoember's, till the
sombre shades of eventide admiinished all of
the days decline, and that the dragon wing of
night would soon o'erepresd the earth, when
all quietly dispersed for their distant home',
having "peat a day within the portals of St.
Xavier's, that will long litre entwined in
the imagination, and be to memory . dear.
Action of the SaoHuy Committ: 0.
At a meeting of the Sanitary Committee,
held to-day, on motion of Mr. Von Bonn
horst, It was resolved that no more surgeons
be sent forward until dispatehee were received
from Gen. Moorhead, or soave of thastrgeons
who had gone on, se to whether their 'micas
would be needed, and whether tbey can have
transportation to the batik- WIC
It was olio resolved' WA' hOiloe be posted
OD the Poit-ciliee, for all oggeOto wi gto
volunteer then melon, 10 give in their names
to the - Postmaster; that a list may be made,
and that they may be sent forward when no
On motion, Messrs. Loomis, Park and
Slagle ware appointed to receive subscrip
tions, in Allegheny, to the hinds of the Asso
Messrs. Wm. M. Edgar, Isaiah Dickey, J.
R. Mantle, J. D. McCord and Joseph Ma-
Knight, were appointed a committee to ool
len funds for the Anoclation in Pittsburgh,
with powerto add to their nuiaber, and take
snob action as In their opinion will be noses-
SM. '
. J. P. Pears, John Brown;A. Chain.
berried Augustus Ammon were appointed to:
collect hinds in the dlstriot frOm Monongahela
bridge to Brownstown,
Messrs. Wm: M. Gras and Robert Adams
were appointed for West Pittsburgh. ;
Mesas. Richard Perry and Moses Walsh
for Mononrahela E borough.
Mean. Joint Hill, Geo. Gray and A. Law
son for Remperszoeville.
Messrs. John. E. Parke and John Phillips
for West Manchester and McClure township.
Messrs; Charles Burroughs, Weskit! and
Reynolds for Duquesne borough.
Messrs. Ohas. Drove John Winn, Jr.,
Geo. Irwin and Be,. L a for Lawrenoeville.
Messrs. Jos. Woodwell, GOO. Findley and
Robert Dickey for Wilkins' Postoflice.
Mr. L. B. Davidson and Dr. J. Carothers
for Wilklusburg.
Messrs. James Lewis and Alfred Lloyd for
Sharpsburn and Rana.
. Boothe and Wm. M.,Gormly
for Minersyille.
On motion, Messrs. I. Dickey, W. M. Shinn
and J. W. Chalfant were appointed to notify
the foregoing committees of their appointment
and to request their efficient and prompt no
Th. Committee aoknowledies will grati
tude the receipt of a contribution of PS from
the German 'Dumont° P. Society, of But
Birmingbsm;througliAngnetne Ammon, Eq.
A Pateat Farm data
We have been shown the, model of the
"American Gate," • new patent which prom
ises to be of great utility to farmers and oth
ers. The gate is so construoted that It does
away with the swinging principle altogether.
It is a balanced gate, the panel being so ar
ringed and adjusted that, is the balance
team Is pressed downward the gate rises and
folds itself vertically, clearing the gateway
entirely. The post always remains perpen
dicular, thus obviating the great annoyance
caused by the gate dragging upon the pound.
In case of snow, or other obstruction, there
is no difloultyou the irate rises directly up
wards when opened. It admits of a very se
cure fastening, and can be opened easily
without alighting from horse or carriage. It
is claimed to be the cheapest and most conte
aleat OM invented. At the Ohio State
Pair, held in September, 1883, the patentees,
Misers. Burrthal it Lae, were awarded the
dml premium, and wherever ,the patent has
been exhibited It has met with great favor.
State end oonnty rights Sr. now offered for
sale, and the patentees will give all necessary
information upon being addroued at Bolivar,
Ohio. Yr. Lee will exhibit the model at the
St. Clair Hotel for • few days. Persons twist
ing to parches* Township, County or State
Bights can be accommodated.
The Late Lleut.*Beic•Gough.
Isaseogv, WuT Frisians, June 30.
At a magnet of the "Fairmont Amateurs'
Musical duodena'," the following resole
tlou were unanlmouly adopted:
Wawa', We have learned with deep sot
row of the death of Lieut. J. T. Ban-Gough
meant fallen in the minims of him connu7
at the battle of Winchester ; therefore,
Beeohred, That on herewith expellee oar
appreciation of the oharaoteir of one Into IMO.
date is this institution.
& soiord, That we extend our sincere sym
pathy to the Meade and family of the deceased.
Boadoed, That these resolatione be pub.
Bahia in the Pittsburgh Gantm and Fairmont
National, and that a copy at the same be Tar
nished the family of She deceased, and be re
corded in the journal of this Association.
Ws. B. Warm President.
A. J. Bross, ifiseretary.
Ormassioon Annum ores N sozose.—A
crowd of durradoes, belonging to the
"Bloody Third , ":stationed stationed themselves on the
isomer of Wylie as d,Tntinel streets, on Sun
day eventag, =MUMMA themselves by beat
lag ud abasing every mimed maalsho pass
ed- No provocation whatsur, so far uwe
eassismg, was glum by the Woke, several of
whom um suably Wand.
Mime Piton.—Oar readers will observe
from an adverthement of Y. Derelleld,
elsewhere, that he i reedy to nil his entire
*took of 11111/1121111 goods at _ greetlY redwood
prices., To say smrson -wishing to wakes',
neir le the that "get bergeitul. 'Ms phi:
Is perm of Merkel and Fourth streets, Pitts
burgh. ' '
0111102 Ale Goon was to 'mien fcr a
abort Una tato". No badness of pubno
taatwa traaaata& Tko Court adjourned
natll.lktaoltrtort. triala
boon tposod wadi floplambor. , - . .
t W enali E ta ti g ilm a Y connuumo TO LlVE l { wzii g&
(CO.. gamma) Rho won 11110 1111
_,lttear, • , ~...
Llrorpoca, New Tilt Oa irk l =7 "v ''
Cootpuir ate Wooed to tap
(wry OP SAlTlllolll,.,..,:s—ssigriolOas H.
111 07 eiesevarosi.....= 11 1 . 1 ; I :
im ;),! ,. 7 ,, a7 ,,,,,,, dbig" - r.
szne terao raii:a ii_,eoos, MN! Pier
" a 14/
Poooklo fo, Gad. or Ur 4601 A 1g i. CW"'" AO ao
hart uun......-4 19 D 0 kIT I i 4..,,.. to !al; ::, ea to
00. to :Amami:. WOO ~{. .-1 ,3 a r o w L. 4010
do. , to.Potia—:.: op, 'OO ~t iorialbunow 60
~ o,Nr e .o6ihmoor r o . ,
~ ,0110 ' , . 40 ~,,,,.stoi0 00 ; not.
' "rosoollioro ale° r' r a ralw • "' iiilo r Wmtot." '' '
tirdoot, Ant, 4l l4•Wilt . 7 40 toiroi4tt %Ma,
•_:__ . ramo Dot slfrorPool, 44164/1 41,,,A, , od *lib to
1114,11k1/11 , Stedie......,.,Fivra.a.bona at' Ow
lood'lbrimirl** lll '...! - ~,,
ma p ,‘, .-•-•-= ,1 ,= , 01,tbo:Cloo4Oro
fir blither lofirtoftroti.42:Dmai, Agent,—
oelost -10 %: , '- *V -gidoonfilL'i.
,/ =-. JOSN' 7 t lolos° !L' l lt a l , ...:
/fond • tivet, 11fd . tom. tr,l22.76;ralrii.
•". TAM —OSEAT- &SLR •or Rotuma
Lterec-mbs aus. use
at se animas . bilemlas
up the sews of saloon 11. l d asoorood•will
told'aV tote, on the ptoisloal gborgogoOklb
of lissoisstor earner of IshisiFban• sat the Dlatf
Erhiblask an - '• • :
WIDIZVDJI If, :Mg og ' 9 ° 446 m.
Perms having moan ta Wad will to hats an
.oforrinnity to punitinv haiiShiglots In a
'seimal* location. at roassaabis ragas
Icass--Ons.ind sub, sad Ski Oahu" 1n ono
Isar hoes thiamiliviatioasof the OW
P. of _IUDS' BUM Os ran at tbsallias Of Dr.
TE104„,,,.• O claatig,l4l rhaitidsbi saws. and
Ailho rashissos at Mrs. A. TOAD xle4nr• 15.
2444=4 11 144arrz. g4"54 4 11,0:"1te a t lb° °ftall Ith g the
Um% bairns tit bowel of Saud 4 o'clock". at, or
MIN P4 4 / 2 *tad, tram a to 9 o'oltolk
14 1 rt num e f I
Ai ZINN amid Sooksr•lOs bbis
os — bant li tt br a rar li br=- -
lama litiosod atm% .
'-JY. ~• .....~
Contents of the Captured Rebel
A Junction Formed between the Mi
litia and Meade's Army.
Probable Escape of the Ad
vance of Lee's Army.
ongratalatory Order by General tleade
tee., Be., ete
Rios Genumluza, July s.—The Tinos nays
that the captund dispatohes from Gaols to Lee
contain retrials to mud the latter reinforce- -
meats, and an imperative order to withdraw
month of the Potomac, assigning as reaeons
his hazardous position in Penney'minis, and
the defenselsos post, on of Richmond.
A dispatch to the a says that Hanoook's
Corps, which defend the mitre, was thanked
by Gen. Meade in t name of the army and
the country.
A Harriebarg diapatch werte, that Gov
ernor Curtin received a
.dlapatah from Ma
vier that 20,000 rebels and 100 -cannon had
been taken.
Our cavalry hold all the mountain pus's ,
and have formed a junction with the militia,
almost surrounding the enemy.
It L also reported that a rebel column on
the south side of the Potomac Is unable to re
inforce Lee on amount of the high water.
Paroled prisoners say that the rebels cap
tured 3,600 of our troopi.
We now have the advantage of the rebels
In three main positions.
Lee's whole available form le with him.
The rebel Generale Kemper and Schneer'
are killed.
The Federal Gen. Bsnisworth hi killed
Gen. Butterfatld'e wound, tome but not to-
There is no truth in the reported capture
of Longstreet or Hill.
Gen. Meade issued a cor.gratulatory address
to the army, saying the enemy, baffled and
defeated, has' withdrawn from the contest.
Our task is not yet accomplished, and the
Commanding &moral looks to the army for
greater efforts to drive the enemy from our
Mimi Garry:to:no, July s.—The rebels re.-
treated towards the Potomac. The rebel pon
toon bridge at Dam No. 5 has been destroyed,
by our cavalry. Our cavalry have gone to
Williamsport to destroy the bridges.
There are other preparations progrening to
hater:rept Lee's passage of the Potomac, and
our army le in motion. •
It is feared Lee's advance reatibed Wil
liamsport In . time to cross unopposed.
GM. Lae, yesterday, paroled about 2,000
federal prisoners.
BAtamoas, July s.—About 6,000 prisoners
have been received here, and more to come.
PHILADILPHIA, July 6.—A dispatch from
Gov. Curtin, states that Gen. Couch's army Is
advancing in heavy force, and is likely to
render important service.
The Governor Is satisfied that the rebel
army is in our power, if we are vigorous ands
The means for crossing the Potomac, prei
pared by the enemy, is destroyed, and he is
abort of ammunition.
liunnout, July- s.—News has been re
ceived from Meade's army up to 12 o'oloek to
day. The late victory at Gettysburg gets
brighter and brigliteo.
The enemy was in inn retreat townie
Chamber:burg and Greenmails.
It Is thought that Las will strain every
nerve to reach Hagerstown, and it is thought
his aim is to reach Williamsport, and thence
escape into Virginia.
Intercepted dispatches give the information
that Beauregard is In Richmond, and per
on his "op to Culpepper.
Gen. Meade is harrassing Lee with cavalry,
and folloWing In pursuit.
Pan.eutustA, July s.—The Journal pub-
Whet the following in an extra :
Baitimers 1-11:30 A. x.—The war
correspondent of the Annul has jut arrived
from yesterday's battle field. He states that
the rout of Le. was thorough and oompleto. ,
Gm. Meade his not only captand 20,000
rebels, but recaptured all our own traps,
who were previously in the hands of tho 7 reb.
TAree p. vs.—lt Is really true thayiee has
been totally routed, and is seekintto snipe.
General Pleasanton has mt off his retreat
through the gap leading to Chailleersburg.
We took 118 pleas of artillery, and from
16,000 to 20,000 prisonersSind all they took
from us in the first dayXlight.
We hold the town / Of Gettysburg and the
hospitals. '
It is a'oompletyrictory.
Our troops at7'._in exoellent spirits. They
say universally that this battle is the most
desperate Ole Army of the Potomac OM
tonight. / q
Yrouthe latest intelligence received lone
it is filly believed that General Lee has been
/Then has been no fighting to-day.
The rebel aimyli endeavoring .to retreat
through South Mountain Pus. -
WWININOPOS, July 6,6:111A. M.—The fol•
lowing le the latest omettl &pato% from Gm.
Meade :
HIADQVAI7IIII UN! or Till PosonAc,
811111 71 Jair 6th, 1:30 A. 11.
:Valor Genera/ Bank
The enemy retiredonader cover of the night
• and a heavy rat., in the direction of Pair
field and Oashtown. Our cavalry are In pup.
I cannot give you details of our captures in
prisoners, colors and arms. Upwards of SO
battle flap will be fantod in from one oorps.
My wounded cad'those of the tummy are in
our bands.
Gams G. MUD;
Major General Commixiding
lineation-ow, s.—Beoent rains has
swollen the Proms°, thus rendering the river,
unfordebaan important, fast in viewlif mil
itary Orethea.
Pampa:l4l4July 5.—A '
gentleman who
lives oaths-road to' Payettrilbillfteen miles,
from Gettysburg, and who arrived to-day, , ,
lam st 4 °Wog& .yesterda afternoens k.
beard inievj firthj v wbleheastianed Olt needy
dark: Mb mondas &fan early hoer; itigain:
coommenowl, sad eentinned till ifVolook,- but
not near, as heavy_ as the night before. He
leleat 9 - o'clock, and *firing led not been
renewed. The sound wan la the dims-lon of
PatutatrittiJulf - 1.-4 tilisitlon report
um anent, hero that 20, 100 rebels aid 118
ruts had lin siplared,aad eat Lop saw
mastics at- 411- bum -to -bur y his dead
Oki Amp AL his libmidlida- to' whisk
;1 1 / 1 41.
..1•2111_4 A 12011s.00.: pßoondlilotil
OPUMONAT.E. ilitaiMallie., Nona.
Id 4111•PseLls seletyalz iI. , -
ii i i relroaa, July 5.—A %Abigail - dii.
.to ,Um M , states that It is tow
soalldeage -, aot only ebet Tess la
- .
--- •
- 77
- ' , "7" •
,13 - -
'" '
Z. 4
_ -
completely Tan_quished, bat his army is out
off Mom thwir retreat by a tarp body of Bed
aratatops, which starched Iran Bloody Ban ,
iestarday, to ao-operate with (lateral Belly..
in tpereastogids foal lathat operation.
Badaiong, Jtilyli-4n consequence of the
information that Blurt was about to
inaltela raid upon Our rear this' afternoon,
SUpatriolt -was rent out-on our right. Some
cannonading was heard: Up to frolock, he
had not returned to lump.
e homy limn from the at Ilk liver,
Special Dispatch to the littsburth gazette
TirtakHOPLa, Jiay 4, 1863
Doubtless the people of the tinned States
fully understand the anneal:4 the Depart
ment by this time. The headqearters of the
Departments:sat this town.
Gen. lloseorsons,la mit - id:P/1j iniptoting our
entire front, iriaob =tends ,along - the foot of
the mond range of „the Cumberland'.
The enemy has been entirely driven from
the line at Elk river. •The most rellatanos to
the passage of thetrstreim was offeredon Wed,-
nesdey and Thursday to Gen. Thomas' Corps.
Gen. John Prentise' lodged* en the Win
ehesteritoad, from Nanohestar on Wedneiday
ifterncen, when out as skirmishers, IMO Si
nged and driven =skim a largely superior
foxlikef the entmy.; Ileattle's men Instantly
deployed In lizur,nt battle, =lid also Colonel
Shoughton'e eild Colonel and cohort
conflict ittititi4 Titti!=aity,litirstd:burning
the !gig:ol4o4i behind them: 'The
coarapof , orir -keys: was severely tested, for
they afterwaids formdthat the forte opposed
to theta Wag A. Y. lltewert'e entire division
and Churchill's strong brigade of Claiborne's
division. The First Ohio Vavalry bora &pl
iant part In this light. Jackson Iflointen,
Co. H, was killed, aid several were wounded
of Beattie's brigade. -George Wine, Co. IC,
104th Illinois, was killed, and Wm. Winslow,
Co. 0, 104th Illinois, pump O'Connell and
0. 8. Batter, Co. B, 15th Ey., end John A.
Herron, Co. D, 42d Ind.
The next day, Thursday, BehnWe Ohio and
Heartt'a Bentuolty Batteries, were moved
into position on the Northern Elk river, and
by a rapidly sustained lire quiekly dislodged
the enemy from their works .rested on the
south side of the - iliac to iervid the bridge.
We dismounted one glut and killed a member
Of gunners. The rebel gine *lied fteray for
a short time, but hurt nobody.
In Turoltin's cavalry fight on the south
side of the river, on Thuridaj; Cot. Turohin,
of the 51st Alabama mounted regiment, was
mortally wounded and died last night. An
other rebel Lient. Colonel and 'several rebel
officers, killed in the game light, were buried
by Gen. Negley's men, yesterdaY, after they
had crossed the river. The feat of the enemy
let.sing the dead and wounded on the fleld in
diastole plainly how Tnrohin defeated them.
Turohin has shown himself a brilliant cavalry
leader, and cub regfaent of his glorious bri
gade—Col. G. H. Grosvenor, 37th Indiana;
Col. Hall,l9th Llinols, andAthe 24th Illinois,
.CoL hilholots—has done honor to itself within
the last ten days and honor to iti old own
minder. Cols. Ball and kfiltolots werci both
in the light near 'Bootees Gap on Waltman,:
and Friday, and both foughi splendidly,
Grosvenor and the 19th Illinois were in Gem
Blegley's fight on Wednesday and Thursday
last, and dlscharged'efiiir di* nobly..
The crossing of Elk river, at other point's
than that on the Winohestor road, was not
attended with mush fighting, and was ma
maul at all points.
We now occupy Winchester, Deohad and
Cowan—ln fact, all pests of Tennessee is ours.
During the entire campaign our losses have
not exceeded (In killed, wounded and cap.
tared) 700 men.
There was some rain to-day, but the
weather generally, for the past two days', has
tom tolerably. good. The roads, hOwever,
are still In an awful condition. / P.
Capture of Five / Hundred Rebels, One
insulted Wag* and Three Hem of
artillery, by/Col. Pierce.
G4ryEnon&h forthe 4th of July
Maiming, Ai 6—To E. F. Vos Boss.
ions, Esq.: Tla only way of getthag to Get
tysburg is by hones and carriages. Do not
said any more moron& •
The Bloody
. Biliferoes, and. Col. Zeros,
captand last night,.near. Gremeastle, 500
rebels, one hundred 19agens and three plecal
Lye's Comitateli round, and most
of them mill bemptared. Glory enough *Ten
for Meath of Znly. J. K. 1100nansn.
Dbizatohea to the IPlttsburzh Gazette.
HAusuunme, July 6-1 o'clock A. ir
A report was reosiesd'here on Sunday morn
ing, stating that General Xsede's army had
captured 35,000 men and-110 pieces of ma.:
lay. of Guaral Imes army. The - retention
et °Bola dispites oh to minden the report are
ThirillenblndY l4- .Pa.roM -Pd! ?zerla who
wen captured bj",the`ietialS grit hattli
at w
ill m_ug, an , theist: inst4anind hem.
to-day; and were cat SO West Chester; They
are mostly bidiiekt6
upoide Corp,. - • ' ,
Thirty-We rebel diirtin were segsi'sed
hare to-day from theneighbrehdol of illettel=
burg..' One of-them sayslimtlii Muth Gar
oltna addial. l,lll ..icalliou anti
as men as se pp rten i tyriffeser.,, - •
Goy. Curtin to-day, to tholima
yon General U. B. A,, laquidng whether ke
needed any magical" asdaustts, to take
oars of the wounded je the recent WM% sad
at the sametime ts444ring Aar quittio of
surgeons and Minim - • .
m edical Director o f the deny replied
that he had a muslisiiigkel, resisters* as im
required; that_b,9lol:_beds in Philadelphia
hospitals-CW*o:4lth* that rPenneyltania
sokues u zaki put, so farm possiblaila km
pitakr the filatet- that be: thinks •••• aka
wenuse bongs aerator at presistti
w O / I ,4slGlGondtala lamb, those-Im.
Provir4WAboosoaqiishas., , , _
Themom! •mmdegrommt M. Beadiagliav•
been 'orders} wwaM Oki are ready tome,..
By night timitilit tbtoe t called into
smile will number 48,000 men, the /Waked,
Improrieed army war saute. - '- •
Rumored Engage:gent Progressing
Between - Joanston and Gram.
_Nur Toßt;T__
_ l 4l 4.-7 n• %swag Aron
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