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    pittsintrffit oSauttit,
NT% AP1.41.8,5.
ear 01770ZAL PAPER
.0? nu 0117.
iginessumnasz OBSWATIONI foe the o.
bi B. Shaw" °Adak No. U 711th
otomrs—oomood dap s o•
El SUL Zi sum
12 ll *Week, A. "....... -. es . 76
.0 Y«.......»,...220 88
4 • - 0 r.N.......--... 83
Eszetata...." .--...—... 29 6-10
Meeting of ihe.Execntive
Tlrs Comdttee mot at thensnal hoar in the
mobs, at the Konoogileebt House, when
the followingreport was handed ls as the re
sift of Th day's labor:
Nerros's W. eempleted.
Ye/Learn ,s 11111.--..—.....—. 214
Tonle Oreek.--.—,--....-- 205
- DsoW 11111—«. ..-.. .. .. 495
Scathed Monortilala' persistent - Diy;sa 196
• u .1 R u b =
Haslett's 1fi11..... —550
Scielnel HUI.--------... ..... . 271
Lowrie's Hill.- .. .... .. .. . --- ...... -.....- 400
Moeslues MU, (110 of whom were eol-
Med sties gth )......
ousiss ar i
Boidasea's Hill.- —....--
Total-- . 2,808
Gen. Georg* 'I
r: 'CZ reported that he had
made an examination of the works upon the
aerth aide of the Allegheny river, and'reported
thefollowing additional force needed for Jelly
34 and 4th. to finish the works :
No. I—Five two horse teams and four
No. 0.-250 men and tools for 100.
No. 4=400 men and tools.
No. 6-500 men and thirty to fifty wheel
JoespkPlummer, charm= of Committee
oa supp li es, report ed for Friday
120 men, Capt. White, Squirrel KUL
100 mon, Btu township, Capt. Shims, Has
kW' Hill.
50 um. Joseph Pennock, Davis' Hill.
40 ma t t. B. Lyon & Co., Davis' Hill.
206 mai Wood street squad, Squirrel HIM
The report of the Committee of Arrange
meats was amended so as- to place Spans,
°What & Co., and Lewis & Daisell'e hands
on Davis'
Joha Heittl,
to S with thirty men, were ateigned
quhril Hill. •
Hr. Chess reported that five hundred men
geoid be assigned from Birmingham.
They inner requested to meet at the tack
factory, Bhaningnam, at seven o'clock this
Oa m otion of Hr. Chili, thr force from the
Foist. Ward; Pittaburgh, was assigned to
troth* of hfr. - Bakewell, it was
Sesotrel„` That the commandant of this dis
trict, in connection with the Mayors of the
two cities and burgesses of the vicinity, be
requested to appeal to theproprietore of drink
trg-boussa and taverns to close duds estab
lishments from Friday morning until Satur
day afternoon at Eve o'clock.
Oa motion of Hr. Bennett, it was
; • That the thanks of this Commit
:Mum be tendered to the press of the city for
their attention and irritations labors la tro
llied*, g the good muse, and that they be ro
gues led:to publish the list of marshals and
arrangements on Friday and Saturday.
Ake. Legpte was added to Committee an
North/tido of Allegheny.
Hark Watson was added to Committee on
South side of Allegheny. ,
The fort oa Schooley'. Hill was named
Fort Crolian.
On motien-of Hr. Bennett, it was resolved
that Nr. S. L3OW be requested to continue
Thesuperriden of the 'work s en Squirrel Hill.
gentleman being presen
willingises to attend so the duessignified his .
On motion it was resolved that Hon. W. P.
Johnston, P. O. Shannon and W. hi. Hersh
be appointed a Committee to procure fire
works, and to make all arrangements for the
eidebratios of the Fourth of July.
On motion of Mr. iii'Keight, the following
ppttbl a preamble and resolutions were unanimously
Waxlike, The entire people of our cities
and vicinity are united to contribute their
labor for two days (Friday and Saturday) as
a free will offering for the purpose of 001A
=the splendid to:tilt:allow projected
0011121011 protection • therefore,
o Assoleal, Thitt this - HZCIIIUTO Committee
Pubikt Safely "request that all intoxicat
lag beverages he kept away from the. works
ien the day. above mentioned."
itesehred. That the Marshals be directed to
divides any men, or squad of men, violating
this Mulatto'. ,
- Neioteed, That the Commandant of this Dio.
perteeat be requested to Ohm a military
upon the wade Ilse of works, suldelent
- to order and prevent all violates.
' That we endings Invite'all the
LdiY std Whims to
_Malt the entrenchments
en sad niter twelve o'clock, on the Fourth of
. 7111 7.
Adjourned to meetat eight o'clock en Tri
e 4:
Orden • frost General Brooks.. The
Bale et Liquor Prohibited on the
sal and 4th.
The following important order ham jut ,
been humid
Pirreaurez, Jetty 2,1863.
2b tho Mayon of die crai. of Pinstrinh and
littglowy, and Anew" o/ di adjacent B.
I Sin dir.eeied by Maj. GM. Brooks, to say
that for thoperporoof presuming good order
la the elder and borough, and orpodaby
arsositthore elitist's who ta rn out to wort
on the fortileations in thii vidnity, on the
3d and 44 [iota That all ban, saloons, and
°Umpteen for idling hillier, will be aloud
oat there dam end neither the selling or gtv
faraway-Of thole *nicks allowed. The oar
an,Aitit bier, al* or any kind of bow to the
nor partial la `also forbidden.
71:16 rovonYanhal.and Onardrat the dif
ferent pslat, will be Inatrnoted to assist In
etegtiig tits order.
• Thisordor will manta In tons With, work
' Is ihrpanded ea the tieing of the 4th hut.
Vary zetrethlly your obedient arrant,
ilwaribtors,-d. d.. G.
• " Afavoes Orinoe,
Allogloany, Inly 2, 1862.
.111 gersnanas at the above order, I buoy
,-'.cable ell farrow engaged laths ado of apt?...
' Malkin nail flirter; hi the ow of Alloghoey,
Seadarillide Wilda plaaotof Wines' daring
Pilday sedßateidsvolely id - seddek. it is
esswestly hoped that Au good dames will
oheirteUrsiogeire 13 this order.
Amusing, hrsior.,.,
Ascarewors To via Cossyrnmow.—The
Piettgloss Conseil," which was sailed some
Gag Wawo to soadder what imesures shotld
b• takes to have the Gosslitotlon of the DWI
-Bthaes so as ceded as to give a more dis
tinct- reespiltlea to tho supromsey of God,
mei to the Pint U. P. Charob, eonwr of
fleveadt,stnes sad Cherry alley, on the Ca
id July, at tia Vetoek A. We have beta
reirmesod So slate that all who are favorable
to the millet - ate evadlally Invited to be
lu . 'W3//101U1 KUDILSON. —Tb.
-paireamstaskimma,aad the parsonalfdends
4Cillsltiptilsodlarson generany will bear ht
";- faun ImE takes a eompttmeltern aenellt
- tainpreaheip: Yr. C. L. Hodekter and troupe
lame vehateerid; ma will giros pater:nano*
oatttea. S saw drama, entitled The
frehiphi" Win be produced. 10 Clamp Joha "
aad sing a corals song. Mr. Ren
ames trespowim perform the nautical dr*-
. of u. Oaptbi,
Kneen' i w
111 MI -ZOOID ...41.D.—The tab
Pia bold nossdng a<the Duquesne Engine
lionsos to orgooko u squad to work on the
forttliasitons oa fklultral 11W. Minas Ladle
sonoshiod, m 44. L. Lytlo:aotisll ao asoritary.
On =Won of Mr. Vilna It waa agreed to
nista the Elgin* Swiss Pridsy morning.
at MK -put seven ceolooh, to mond to wort
w 'Foy of the Connonsraio Railroad. All
&imago. Join She squad us Invited to be
pcNoas.l4 Ma duo ono ph" dosispuitaL
. .
. ADMIT 07 N. ..1 Wara;.:-Tals %Wont"
rlisztur paikocchrOktake brads at thr
stathrrios Sobotdor doll:41Ur ath, whoa
A-bujier skalifal .Straotioa - will tor offered.
*AaUtlkereUht;fratiarirlitil be a Airier b..
taw ono; WAAL. NA others, for a d m ,.
plea belt gotten hir_ler gr.' Ward. Of rearm
MW tbie bee! halal to If* the fee.
Report of the Army Committee of
11. IL Clutstlaitosualesion.
Dining the :South . of Jim, four persons
Lire been commissioned as dehigstes :
Rev. B. B. Higbee, Theodore A. Smucter
er, and J. B. Miller have gout to the Army
of the Potomac, and B. P. Lewis to the Army
of Clomberlsad.
Oar dolmans in Tanana, and at Viet,-
burg, all report that the lina are open to
than and their supplies. The authorities,
omit, military, and needioal, approve and
oommend our work. The moldier' In the Br
Ilona smite weloome our delegates, Hain
eagerly to their Instruction, thank God for
their good aloes, on bet Us golds, In hospit
als end amps, and are eater for their testa
ments, books, papas, tracts, and hospital
comforts. Many have been saved from death;
many comforted while dying; many cheered
for recovery and service; many oonverted to
God; many eared from vise and &striation;
many reolamed from wands:Jag: Extensive
revivals hays been enjoyed, partionlaely in
the Army of the Cumberland. The field wi
dens, and theprospeet brightens. The Von
mission has rent to the seat of war trip BIZ
hundred dawns. About one hundred and
thirty are now In the Dad. More ministers
are now greatly needs 4, to take** plate of
then who are compiled to return. Roney
and stores of all kinds are also needed.
The Troescrat thankfolty aoknowlodgess the
folio wing cash donations:
Collation at a meting in Cenral
Church, Alleghany. .1185,00
Collation at a mailing of the Luther
an Church 275,00
Collation at B. Banal Convention 112,00
Union Relief Assootation of Western
Pennalerania and North Western
Soldiers Al /Satiety, Cron Oran Vil-
lage--' -.. .... 153,00
Borten' Aid & -
len of Mt. Pleasant. 26,00
" Riders 26,00
Elosaktalile.. . , Unity Prubytaian Church, 11 - trobe. 4700
U. P. Church, Rural Ridge - --. 15,00
Presbyterian Church,
Saltsburg-.... 16,00
Centre Presbyterian Chunk, Londori. 14,00
Chardon Chur0h.....—......-. ... 20,00
N. B. Church, litonosphela City-- 9,53
Cilia= of Uniontown. ---. 30,00
Capt. W. 8. Craft.. of Sedgwied — t's
Staff.. 5,00
J. C. 1,00
A friend .. . .. ...»..... 10,00
afro. N. J. T........»»........«»..».5,00
A friond....----..—.. - . 1,00
Ostharine and Barbara Didenbaugh... 1,00
Dr. John R.,.
- 15 ,00
All contributions may boa . ent to the Tram
tint, Joseph Albrse, No. 71, Wood street.
R. H. Mills,, of Washington, Pa., 111141 sub
scribed for 20 copies, and W. B. Lusk. of
Brownsvilie, Pi., for 16 copies of the Chris
ofne 4Entate, bs lent weekly to the Army
tho West.
The Army Committee beg lure to ac
knowledge the following contributions of
hospital starer, during the put month:
1 box of traits end reading matter, from
Mrs. B. W. and Min E. W. Wllson, Jefferson
1 box of fruits from ladies of Stawartrrille.
Abox of clothing from Ladies' Aid Bodst7
of Wellsville, Oldo.
1 box from ladits' Aid Society of McClel
land town, Fayette county.
47 cans of fruit from Mrs. J. Miming.
1 box containing 83 cans of fruit and 66 lb.
•drlsd fruit, from Ladle• Aid Society of
6 cane of Malt, 24 handkerisbinfs, and 12
towels, from sokolars of Sixth Ward School,
1 box from Ladies' Ltd Society of Free
dom, containing 72 amides of *lodated and
1500 books from a Prised of the Soldier,
1 box of Mocking from Luna' Aid Society
of Freedom.
2 boxes of fruit from Soldiers' Aid Society
of Miller's Ran, Allegheny county.
3 boxes from Minns of Vanport, Beaver
oonnty, containing 58 Mae of fruit, 7 crooks
of butter, 1 lack of dried peaches.
2 boxes from Lieldieee Aid Society of Mt.
Pleasant, Westmoreland county, containing
57 ordain of clothing, 141 lbs. and 7 cans of
1 box containing 179 articles of clothing
from Lidice of Danny townablp,Wastmorgind
1 Arkin of butter from ladles of Ring's
Chapel, Lawrence county.
1 Arkin of butter from ladies of 3fahoning
tows, Lawrence ootosty.
1 box of sundries from Mn. T. Simpson
anti friends, Brownnills.
1 be: of clothing sad traits from Ladies'
Aid Sudety of Connersville, Botta aunty.
Mrs. M. B. Mann, 43 altar of clothing.
1 box from Soldier's Relief Assooi Mini of
School District No. 3, Brighton township,.
Bearer. Bearer Gouty.
lfriends at Sowiokij-6 bbls. of potatoes, 1
box of clothing,. and trait from Ladies' Aid '
Society OVVross Creek, Washington county.
On. box of books from Unity Congregation,
Latrobe, pit Bev. N. H. Gillett.
Two boxes,cif bedding and clothing fronrthsi
Ladies' Aidaulety of tit. Clair Station, West
moreland county.
One. box from the Ladles' Aid Society of
Rim Postale% Fayette county.
Two boxes of fruit from the Away Commit
tee of Bearer county.
Oulu: of clothing and fruit from ladies of
Sorterwrille, Butler county.
Fire hundred copies Littell's Living Age
and two barrels of books from W. Thaw; also
contributions of clothing, fruit and readin;
matter from Mu. Josiah Copley, Miss Copley,
Min M. Semple, Mrs. 0. Jordan, Kisses At.
kinson, Mr. M. Taylor, Mrs. Jones, Dr.
Brown, Mrs:A: Bidweß, Miss Craig, Robert
Franklin, Mn. 0. Piiquiat, Mr. W. A. Mil,
Dr. IL Dopey, Mn. Joe,* Mrs. Coffee, Joe.
Rom, Mrs. OW, Muter N. GUI, Mips Gill,
Mn. Carnahan, of Tempornownille..
Thelollowing articles havelock seat to tag
hospitals _of our armies daring thenat month:
C0mf0rt5..._...._.... 111 Slippier, pa1re4........ 2 , 4
abate .......*. IllTinselag_ airwa5........... 18
Paltner-- .—...—...... 27 suaserctins ...........140
Piliow aloes.-- It ;Yu of tru1t—.............1500
ablria--....—......—.411 Potatoes, traid4.--.. 43
Drawers ......,. ..............47t Dried troll, lbs---906
Towels— ..—.llO Uraoemo 105—.4.... —2OO
Pads and Btu lb, ' —llO
Suttee', lbei—... Otropo and leasono--190
ins, d 05.........—.—.... ik *rimy lapse, rams 12
Velum', gal —.... 46 Boots raa 'mots, p 667,700
Lead peaciladaa.......... 111 Miles— ...—.-10,007
Bondi,* id Uat..... Qs:solid% lta—i—..... 21
Molts of teeedraes..4...63t Oont 5tar0b,....„........—. 46
daces, prirs—.—.l 7 / 7 11tartna ..............._, CI
- -
- 49antriltatIou beiiiltal stens are to be
me to W. P. Wqmak No. 99 Beiltalsbi
1111POISos tit so eruas 00111U171114
The Subsistonee Committee beg leave to
malts thefollowbg report for tbe-month of
Janaa 7,280 soldiers hare bees fed at oar
rooms at eltylial, wieklag r elaile ear twilal
satin; 118,M. soldiers who have ben fur ,
Mated trimmest by oar Oostaltiee.- Ai the
nioldiare kat," Dia: 341, Liberty street, 880
Sick and wounds& soldiers from our astern
armies hare boon &mishit& with meals and
medical attendance. Transportatioabesbon
given to six discharged soldiers lift la our
oily without mans wrack their hems, and
Are have been mat to the hospitals.
While we gtatsfully aoknow/edge the many
wattilialloas Of the past month, we appeal to.
our friends for aid to carry oa our work tubs'
the coming mouth,' whisk premises to be' as
unusual bury °avowing to the number of
troops that will be passing through Cur pity.
The, Boldlin s . Amt, on, Liberty street, Is
open daily on the .ardval of the trains from
the Bitst where tme Jneals are Oven to all
solder* irriviug oa the trains. Ooatdbations
of ,rseass,iegmbleread fruits will be MOW.
ible all hums, and can be left at thezoomi,
No.ll47.Liberty that, awry day from P to 3
o'oloolt, or at lllesus.- Alines; Boa & Co.,
Wood street, or Weprian k fion, thelthAeld
This following contributions hoe lan re
ceived during the month-of June. Balaton
of ammo eollated for the reception of Cot.
Banda regnant, 125 88; ong S2D Pen
nock, Ball & Co. i , 180; Capt. Brows, $10;
John C. Mahn. 935, oak 59 at.; John
Kersolar, 93; R. Baum 13; Zullas
$1; sea $0; also, contributions Of, eatables
from John A. Oanskrf& Co., In.B. A. Wil
son Mrs. W. Barka, kin. Garrison, Mrs.
Khig, Mr. Janus .T.rwin,sokobui of the Binth
Ware Bohoolairs. J. R. Malin, Mr. Charles
Mellor, Miss Patterson Bala, Park & Clo.,
800 loaves of breed, 9 clasesed.ll luau; tar
tea Ban Iron Works, 3 bids bread, 3 luau;
Clinton Iron Works, .1 bids brad, 1 ham and
3 slam W. P. Winnow,
,Jos. Amman, Er. Com.
B. AL Alwoon,
Aitsoosirr Coliiinu.—This body . was to
h•n hold • intlat- statittily mooting Lot
maks, bat there Sobs no quorum prooost
so buys= 'mild be tesassetod.
Oar Book Table.
Wow or Camas Dumas. Household Idllion.
illustrated from Deming!. by P.O. 0. Daley and
John Ohbert. A Tale of Two QUID.. Two vol.
tone& New York t, abeldon d Co. 1863. Pitts-
burgh: for gal; by IL. B. Da Oa aireet
This may be Justly called the edition of the
works of Charlie Dickens—for no other at all
appreaohu it in taste and abeganom If our
dilettanti, whose exquisite sensibility may
sometimes make them resemble the Sybarites
of old, can care to read any of the ordinary
editions of Dickens, after using this one, we
shall acknowledge that we bays been greatly
mistaken. The Tale of Two Cities "is one
of the latest productions of Mr. Diakena's
pen; but it has - eilready been read with de
light by thousands of reader.
Tim Jur Caesura's blanirm. Designed as a
HetOhaplaina In th e Discharge of their Varian.
Du both Temporal and Spiritual. Containing,
slee, the Lain and itegtilations In regard to
Chaplains, together with the Proper Steps to be
Taken to Kenn a Chaplain's Appointment. By
Her. .1. Pinlmey Hammond, H. A., Chaplain E.
B. Army. Philadelphia J. D. Lippincott & On.
lila. Pittsburgh: for sale by B. A. Davis, 53
Wood street, 289 pp. 12nio.
This book bas had the emphatic imprimatur
of the Burgeon-General of the 11. B.,,Army,
and doubtless meets a want which has been
felt, more conipletely than any other work to
which an army chaplain could resort, and
Amnion may be regarded as one of those
work' which have a special mission of useful
awes, appreciable to some extent by any one,
tent more particularly by the class to whom
they are addressed.
A 9ctirrai a ran Wotam.—By the Author of Herbert; elo. Dew York: D. Appleton A
Co. 1883, Phial:lush: for We by D. 8. Dee% 93
Wood 'met: 438 pp. 12Ato.
The author of " Amy Herbert" has given
an • quiet, pleasant, uneassationai story In
this yobarros—(which itself Is a handsome
thing. owing to good type, good paper, and
the convenient size of pap, judloiously cho
sen by the publishers in the interest and to
the great comfort of the reader)—and yet a
story of real, living interest, worth mon, ao
sending to our appreciation, than any dozen
of the now-ruling class of favorites in this
inutile department of ffteratorre. Whoever,
then, would prefer a return to • truer, purer,
healthier state and standard of art-produo
lion, we advise to take up this volume—and
snob a reader will find refreshed and strength
ened by one more instance of a successful
story, without the unnatural exaggerations of
modern art.
Ix tag Timmy. By s &Ulm In Santo Domingo.
With n
Introductory Notko by It , chnrd B. Kim
ball, Author of "ot. Incr." "Undaturminta,"
Ito. Nom York: thisieton. 1883. Plumbargb:
for rat by Hcnry Miner, 711th ntrott. lOfyp
In thisbeautiful volume we have met with
one of the treated, most delightful narra
tives it has been our fortune to fall in with
for many a day. Not only are we carried
along with this modern Robinson Crneoe
through rich and gorgeous Bruner", mob as
Nature, in the "alarmed circle of her tropi
cal home," delights to discover to her favo
rites, to show what an enchantress she is, but
we are equally delighted with the aspects of
„meals own life, in the strange and yet fa
miliar things it presents to us in that 'clime
of the ann." In a word, the splendid tropical
emery amid which we move, as we follow
what we may justly mill the Defoe-like touches
of circumstantial narration that charm us
' from drat to lastokerakene many a resonant
chard of memory and fancy, which had often,
long ago, thrilled when the voyager or trav
eller, flushed with enthusiasm, made his page
gorgeous with the maw and hues of tress
and liswers,and birds of the sone which "le ad
the sun's." This book le certain to be one of
the most popular of the season.
Boom=; on, Emma oico Socouo.—By Mn. LB-
Us Donn= tbastoot. Author of ..boothoold."
Slaw : Oar stop. 1163, rUtobargb : foe a& by
Boozy Meyer, lift& Most. 101 pp
Them is something In this story which an
aounps the mid's, who has once got entan
gled in the meshes, to go forward in the reg
ular and inecessive involvements of the plot,
to see the lune, and how poetic justice is ditty
administered at the end. The scene of the
story alternates between the quiet of a Sew
England village and the gay scenes of fash
ionable life to Hew York city. The moral
of the story LB good, "hosing that misery,
sooner or later, most follow wrong-doing.
Varctente SCHOOL Boom.—Messrs. Harper
k Brothers, of New York, have recently Is
sued the following excellent educational
works, which are for sale at Mr. Henry Ml
nor's, Fifth street
1. limisca 701 THE &moot AID FARM:T.
Parr L NATURAL. Pamosorny. By Worth
ington Hooker, H. D., Profsuor of the The
m and Prudes of Medielne in Yale College,
author of "Human Physiology," "Child's
Book of Nature," "Natural History," eta.
Illustrated by nearly SOO engravings. 346 pp.
}Sao., inbstantially bound in cloth.
2. 'LIR Emmy" or ARTTRITITIO ; designed
for children. By E li as Lomat', LL.D. Pro
fessor of National Philosophy and Aster:sooty
in Yale Colley, and author of "A Couto of
Mathematics, eta. 186 pp. 18mo.
Warson's Ptuacar A simple
and progressive emu's of lessons in Spelling,
with Beading and Dictation Exercises, and
the Elements of Oral and Written Composi
tion. 80 pp. 18mo.
We have ezaminedeach of these books with
some doves of care, and And that we need
make no exeeptien In speaking of them--each
deserving, Wits place, the highest oommen
dation we can bestow. They are certainly
well worthy the attention of all engaged in
the work of education.
Jule, 1863.—Thls quarterly review takes rank
with the very first of the Beropeen reviews.
The indefatigable labors of its able and learned
editor have been meardedle the now acknowl
edged position of the Satiesal Quarterly in the
literary world. Let any one she doubts the
feet that we have a review equal in every re
mot to the quarterly reviews of Great Brit
sW, take up the present number of the Na
tional Quarterly and the number preceding
this one, and central, them with any two
numbers of any of the foreign reviews be can
dad. If the result will not be highly oompli
plantar, to the American competitor, we are
greatly mistaken-03enersi agent for the Na
tional Queterly, B. Tense, ' 120 Minot greet,
New York. All communications to be ad
dressed to the editor, B. I. Bears, 42 Bible
ma foam.. Wel UAW to tL merits of Ws
Tho 0111114[0011 daily reports of sotagollilag cum
awl its volts.
Is has edvaatsp• era say caw remedy, at ease
earlog she alms" sad latpeethas taw sad stessath
to the mhos.
Ia ate and lianslat to the lottak, sad poutsfal fa
lb. Molt ease:
Ta the =War,eepodelly, It h htestaabbh balm
apprepeistely timed by that, In way ohnithates,
"The Soldiers' Friend."
Notion led It towbar to any soothher @pupils
&Urea iodide& Med hots the Warless *thou of
111A2,0011011. Ores reel to the rafter by teatotlng
the Costae.
Sold ti rensettiblir drama imirywhers.
Prloo, Q 6 MN= a. BOTTLE
• omannun, o
M (IOU) S.--liaving just returned
Joi eon the hit, re hays nod In atom an Wan•
dire aasortuant of saws sod dadtabia
Adapted to the owes.
/Wan as be sapplisi with L•DIW, KUM'
mad ORILDBIUMBuO2II.4)•ITZ3I3 mid 157A02
MONA s& aslight whasmas by auk at
QM. ALESSI. BOA i 00:8,
Tl. ammo Wood cod Toort/t do.
ECaltilliabnl/ Vu. • Oldlatin, on
anat. inaWag and noonnt—or bat*. brava.
drab mama sad fA aalanr tate at fa awl 11
IL OMIT ataaat, L 14 mimes.
'7l • ly u bOn con
diment, WNW Who& rasallr ka. ads by
- wigs= avo.
~. _ _
Dispatches hae been received in this eity,
this morning, stating that a sharply contented
battle was fought at Gettysburg, in Pennsyl
vania, yesterday. The rebel General Long
street made an attack on the first corps of the
army of the Potomac, under thcommand of
Major General John P. Roynol s, evidently
with the intention of diverting he attention
of Gan. Meade, and preventin his grand
movement against the main column of Lee,
but Longetreet utterly failed in accomplish
ing his pirpose, and was completely routed.
Lose on both lidos, it is reported, was quito
northern Traitors Among the Rebels.
6,c ce.c
Special Dispatch to ths Pittsburgh Ciaratta.
Ptau►ncz.rttta,""Jaly 2,1853
Information was received this evening that
heavy and continuous firing was beard in the
direction of Carlisie. The supposition is that
a battle is going en between the forces at this
point and Lee's advance, nada. Ewell. The
object of this movement is to force the rebels
back beyond Newellle, and.oeuie the force
stationed to the Gap at Doubling Gap Springs
to evacuate, ite It would be 211111110110 in 'our
forces to attack the rebels in front of the Gap,
from the manner in which they have fortified
it. Our information also hada us to believe
that part of Bleade's forces have by this time
occupied York, and are in offinmunication,
with the Department of the Siuquehanna.
This would show that Meade intends driving
the rebels back and not ant off their retreat.
This movement is caused by the position that
Lee occupies between Gettysburg and Ship
pensbarg, having his tier resting on the Blue
Bldg. and holding the gaps in the mountains
so that if defeated be will retreat In that di
rection to Cumberland, Md., while if defeated
from the front he will have to fall back upon
Harper's Ferry, which our forces hold.
The senior Colonel of Early's brigade that
oecupted York, was formerly - a Major in the
11. 8; Army, and commanded at Carlisle Bar
racks. He is well acquainted with the whole
country south of the Stuquehanna, while s
Colonel of one of the Georgia regiments, is
Charles L. Sehlother, a Pennsylvanian, and
on engineer, formerly connected with. the
Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad; so that
the whole of the country is familiar to these
men, from having surveyed, t. Col. Sohloth
er's wife was Miss Espy, of Harrisburg, and
his sons, who are Captains under him, have
molded In Harrisburg at various times, and
knew the oountry
A telegraph operator who left. Carlisle this
morning states that the excitement of the
citizens, during the bombardment yesterday,
was very great, and that they were leaving
on foot this morning in every direction.
The enemy fell beck on the York rand, after
sanding the flag of truce, and their pickets
were seen this morning in the rear of town.
Every confidante is had In General Smith's
ability not only to hold the place, but unless
the enemy rapidly retires his flanks and rear
will be obstructed, and his force probably cap
tured. The citizens in the vicinity give his
force at 3,000 cavalry, and one battery of six
guns—light 12-pounders.
Oat loss yesterday was slight. Several cit
izen, wore wounded.
Permanakrnia, July 2.—General Dana is
still very active in organizing troops and pre
paring the defenses of Philadelphia. The
danger is by no means past.
Forts Delaware and hfillin axe in good
order and wall garrisoned.
Troop, are constantly arriving from other
quarters, and leaving this city, on their way
to the capital.
There is a constant arrival of rebel prison
ers here from Harrisburg.
The body of Major General Reynolds, killed
in the battle near Gettysburg, is aspirated to
antra here to-night.
The city, although quiet, Is doing much to
wards organising and pending forward troops.
Nearly all the workshops and stores remain
The Battle Dear Gettlebnrs..Arrlval
of Prisoners at Baltimore.
BAITIXOII, July 2.-11 r. x.--Detail of
yeast:dare battle near Getgebarg unseat a
more olmoring aspect. It 11 reported that
9,000 prisoners have been Captured, but this
may be exaggerated. Goa. Oaken& has Just
'snout:rod at the Eataw Rouse that 2,400
prisoners have already arrived in this city.
BALTIMORI. JUDO 2.---Theinerleon has the
following in regard to the bathe at Gettys
We regret to learn from °Goers who brought
the body of General Iteynolds that Brig. Gee.
Paul was killed in the same figit, on the south
of Gettysburg. 001. Mons and 001. Wien/ are
both wounded and taken prisoners. General
Newton took command of the Mit corps on
the fall of General Reynolds.
I.s.ree.—Ws learn from odlarn of Generic
Reynolds' staff that our forces passed through
Gettysburg at ten o'clook yesterday morning,
and when one quarter of a mile west of the
ton encountered. Longstreet's and
corps who attacked the corps of Gomel Rey
nolds, which was in the advance. This corps
stood the tone of the attack until it was 's
nored by the third corps and a comniandleg
position secured.
The rebels made an attempt to !link the pb
'Mon we had pined, but were repulsed.''
Gans. Reynolds and Paul fell under as vol
ley from the rebel infantry. Both °Seers
were mounted, and at.the head of time.
In the coarse of the eeediet, we 101 l bask
before saparior numbers to a stronger poeiticin,
and the fight Closed for the day.
At *Wools, and at the close of the Mitt.
Int, -the. whole Army of the „Potomac had
reached thelight; and , MO. On. Meade had
all the our strongly Posted for bimetal of
the battle this morning. •
The loss of the enemy is contidired: fay
equal to ours.
The Army of the Potomac is in a fine condi
tion and very enthusiastic.
'Oar less of aliens I, severe.
Om. army fa regsrdedaabetter temoentreted
thin the rebels for the sedate of to-tlay...
From Gen. Meade'. Army
WAIIIICITON, July 2.--The laud dls.
plebes reativsd from Gen. Abab a dated last
night, Mato the Corp. onnspd with Gen. w
-ell's array, were Gin. Reynolds' and Gin.
esn. Pleasanton sufteeded in latilating a
Isms Wary upon etuart's °miry. •
The reports melted from all Tartars a re
Mrs. Lincoln was this morning Wallaby
the hosts running away with, tad breaking
the carriage In whtoh she was traveling from
the Soldiers' Home, to the Lucrative Man.
Urgent Calls for Troops.
ALLUnr, N. L I , July 2.—A Wiegman has
jut been ressired from ttor. Curtin, addrused
to Gov. aryirsonr, stating that the UM, near
Gettysburg was not deelsive, and assint him
to send on all the troops ke can raise without
delay; that the used of them Uprooting.
Tomos, N. J., July 2.—GoT. now has
riodyi4 a dispatch from Gov. Curtin, miring
for more troop, and sayiug that he esanot
magnify the important , * of. the amend:
Gov. Yates Shut at.
Br. Lotus, July 2.-4 For. Yates wee shot at
through his window, whits writing in Ws of
nos in his rssidenesp, in Sprialisld, at
hour hatnight. Ho was not injured. Thom
!ono ohm troths parpstrstos.
Whereabouts of Jeff. Davis.
- Pettreztost&, Moo dlopstek to the
.hosreinr ale Jeff... Davie Is k Gressoastle.
~>W+:.a~ ~4.
~. w t.t .Lc-..-uv.l+ •ri:~+t +-^;?'-:.b.~..r: ..S`~e.}i
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette
WAsnisaiox, July 2, 1863
MI BATTLE IT 011791111t7.0, r•
We regret to be compelled to announce that
Maj. Gen. Reynolds was killed. He led his
men in person, exposing himself in the thick
est of the tight.
The result of the battle Was the total de
feat of the objeote of the enom i end to gain
certain points attempted by the rat corps..
Baltimore papers, this morning, report the
evacuation of Maryland Heights. In order
that this may not be interpreted as a reverse
on our part, we would state that it was about
the first act of Gen. Meadkafter he assumed
the command of the army of the Potomac.
The man who garrisoned the heighte were of
no service to Gen. Meade in executing his
piing for a movement against the rebel army.
The evacuation was executed in good order,
everything of value being removed, and the
works blown up and destroyed, so that the
enemy cannot use them
Under the enrollment act it is ordered that
wherever regincemts are reduced below the
minimum, that infantry regiments be depriv
ed of a colonel and awl surgeon; each com
pany deprived of 3d lieutenant; cavalry and
artillery regiments deprived of oblong!, major
and assistant 'lagoon. Cavalry company de
prived of 2d lieutenant; each battery reduced
below the minimum deprived of Sdditional of
ficers, the minimum fixed at 1,044 as aggre
gate for a regiment, and 86 the aggregate for
battery. All the oillocri in the enumerated
grades now properly in service retained until
grades become vacant by casuAltiee. After
the reduction the roduzed proportions will
be maintained, and there will be no appoint
ment' to vacancies in ennmerat# grades, ex
cept on notification from the conimicsioner of
masters that "cement is above the minimum.
TOO Dims re PLIMaYL *AU.
No particulars have been re eived of tho
battle to-day in PenasylvanLy up to this
hour, 10 o'clock r. x.
Letters from Frederick say t the seces
sionists of that place looked blue over the re
ports of yesterday's fight, ani admitted a
iOlll of liftmen hundred.
Gen. Weirldge Is going to deliver the fourth
of Jaly oration here.
Gen. Pope telegraph' that several Winneba
go Indians, who escaped when the troops
were removed from Minnesota, are killing and
plunderidg the people In the western part of
the State. He desires an Indian agent to
take eharge of them immediately, as he has
no troops to °enact them for removal.
There was something of a sure at and
about Tenaally town, by the sudden appear
ance of one of our regimente, mistaken for
Gan. Meade telegraphs that he expsets a
pitched battle to-day.
Reynolds rode far enough to rrevent a pen
le by the disclosure, before telling any one of
his wound received early in the nation.
Lieut. Thomas C. Baldwin, Ira' lowa, dis
missed the service, drunkenness, he.; private
John Hardesty, 65th Ohio, asleep on outpost
duty; private W. Dodge, 00. 1,14 M Michigan
convicted of desertion and theft; private John
Doper, Co. 0, 114 Indiana, convicted of de
eartion,—all sentenced to be shot. • The first
commuted to forfeiture of six months' pay;
the second sentence, remitted under the Pte3l
dent's proclamation; the third remitted and
the amused discharged on account of insanity .
Capt. Jag. Starkey of the lst Minnesota
Mounted Cavalry, convicted of making false
muter, to be cashiered.
PllllOOll conversant with the muse of. Gen.
Booker.' removal assert that the grounds of
action on the part of the government were io
similar In both mass, that the mall of Mo•
0 'ellen would be simply wilf:Mulltioation.
The steamer which wu to have left An
napolis yesterday, with several hundred ladies
for James River and Dixie, did not depart,
owing probably to mUltary operations.
aurora or TEI 114341.1. 01 m'orausLir WITS
The current rumors of the President's is
tentioa to recall Gen. McClellan to the eon
mind of the Army of the Potomeu, ars to
tally pound's's. -
Tree Herr P 08 7 ,0171011 LAW.
The Conuniationer of Internal Reverine
construes the new ,Post•oftioe law to deprive
golleators anlAaseasors of the parer to frank
*finial documents.
Four eopnerheed clerks were removed from
the Pentlon Bureau on the let day of July.
Latest Southern News
Yoram Monsoi,Juie L—The lUohmond
Zarin,. of July Ist has am fallowing
Adios. Jima 290-11delms from Vicksburg
jus state et a t mosiee dffairs report no th ing in regard to the'
Oa the Right of the flit the enemy-sprung
• mine to blow up an angle of our works.
The effort wu • complete failure, and killed&
number_of their own men.
Ti. Vicksburg Moises, of the 18th and 231,
has been received. The Mires says that for
twenty-fight daya an incessant shower of
shells hu rained upon the city.. On Tuesday,
while working off this editionut our paper, a
13-Inch shell passed through the °Moe, scat
tere&ring our oases and type, yet no one was in
• • "
One of the enemy's gunboats is fast aground
below the oily. A-number of transports
loaded with troops, have onto dowtt within
the put few days.
The 'mew has been firing incendiary shills
for three lbw, bat no dotage has been done.
Major Headly, of Arkansas, commending a
water battery, andliijor Martin of the 26th
Louisiana, won - killed last Sunday. Col. M.
Laurin, of the 27th Louisiana, was severely
The (deism confirms the news of the balmy
bombarding of Saturday, pad says our lon is
comparatively nothing.
All now feel tint Johnston will arrive . In
The punt tons of the editeriale of -the
Mien is chonfaL •
Goa. Parson's battery at Gypresi Gnat,
twenty zones below Napoleon, fired on Ave
transports, loaded with treble, on Tuesday,
°rippling thsmhadly. The troops landed ind
attempted to storm our batteries, bit were
driven book. •
Alamo, Mira, Ally 214-011a1s1 dispatohes
from Dick Taylor, datad Alexandria,
June 20th, says he stormed ani carried with
unloaded guns. the sumny's position M Bar.
Mehl Bar. The lees in killed sad wounded
glanOWlli . ,
SOMe dl takes say the .enemes position
.s t•gbaidon We was carried, and also, to have
been doni Oen. ,Walker. This gives as
- mite the hilssinippi she'd' New Or
_ _
bash st 4.
• , wlth i voloalsor Indy, esp.,
Mosson? portf if 453 wok oboe
who kid Naas - ilkeirpt - a in s
toed 0 - I
kuuns f • .
Soma; Wu., June 29.—The New Orleans
daily Tres Dettes,ef the 24th -bet a -reports
that a fight took place at La Tourch crossing
on the2t The 'Federal intim' engaged war
six regi eats. The Confederates charged
and cap ad a Federal battery and some
prisoners. The reported lute el killed in .23,
inoluding Col. Walker, 2d Tans regiment,
who was varied under a flag of truce.
The Confederates retired while the Federal
were wafting for reinforcements.
Surrender of Carlisle Deaianded.
PHILADILLPEILA, July 2.—lt is reported that
the rebels returned yesterday to the vicinity
of Carlisle, and again demanded the surren
der of the town. Gan. BOSith promptly re
fused to amply. The rebels lent in a flag of
truce, inquiring if it was' not surrendered.
On being refused, they carried out the threat
of shelling the town, but injured no one.
They were then attacked by flan. Smith, and
driven towards Shippensburg.
party of mechanics, sent out from Har
risburg this morning . to repair the Camber
the Cumberland 'Railroad, had to return unit
their tools and materials, as it was ascertain
ed that the rebels were near the railroad La
force, threatening them with capture.
Farmers state that the enemy compelled
them to bring their earn and haul it to them,
and plundered them extensively.
The raising of troops programs here with
Arrival of the Prize Steamer.
BOSTON, July 2.—The prise steamer Vioto-
Ha, with 1.000 bales of cotton, arrived here
to-day. She was captured on the 21st nit..
by the gunboat Santiago Do Cuba. She was
bound from Wilmington to liana,.
family and manufacturing purports, are the
beet in me.
A. P. CHATOWT, General• Agent,
No. 18 PIM street.
Tacoma* Put?, Plain and Ornamental Slate
Roofer. and dealer In Pennayleania and Ver
mont slate of the beat quality at low rates.
Mite at Alex. Langhlit'a, near the Water
Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. aplizem
Perfumes beComing Classic.
We see that the nose has its loves and
knowledges, and that Jaques, the Colston
chemist and distiller, with his choice Used
kerchief Extracs, ministers to its wants.
"The Pond Lilly"—the unlearnt favorite
from the School Children to the Old Polka.
"This Mayflower." as VillllB says:
breath from Plymouth woods.
"The Bandanna," much esteemed by the
" The Garden Lavender, " . tehese event for
many broad mile Mu ta air of the English
"The Bore Leaf Geranium"—"A leaf for
all that come."
" The Jookey Club" a very superior grunt,
of that elegant, costly and hum:noting w
"The India Patohenli." "The Thibet
Mask," ho., are for sale In this oily by Simon
Johnston, Druggist, corner of Smithfield and
Fourth streets. lime
CLOSIIIIO 017 T 818 Sams STOCK jr COST.—
Bamq Graham, merchant tailor, is selling of
his Spring and Summer stock ogoods at cost.
They consist of all the latest styles of cloths,
eassimerei and vostings, of which he is pre
pared to make np in the most fashionable
manner, and at cost price. The publio should
not neglect to avail themselves of this rare
chance and save money by giving him an
early call.
Also, a large assortment of plain and fancy
eusimeres, well adapted for boys' wear, which
he will sell by the piece far below cost.
Mothers should not neg,eet to call early.
Suez. Gasman. Merchant Tailor
No. 54 Market street.
attention of oar country's brave defenders re
cently returned from the seat of war, and of
tho public in general, it again dictated to the
very eztenetre and handsome assortment of
the latest styles of French, English and
American piece goods, for pants, coats and
vests, lately received by Messrs. John Woior
& Co., Merchant Tailors No. 128 Federal
street, Alter/bony; A tsstefal eclectics' of
gentlemen's furnishing goods will also always
bo found on the shelves of the establishment,
together with a lot of- ready-made clothing,
got up in the but manner.
New AzarraL or lionize Cnorzurra.—Of.
ten we are asked, where can we buy a neat
and comfortable summer suit, made to order,
thus having the chances of selecting cur own
goods? To all these inquiries we can answer,
go to. Messrs. W. H. Mcßee k Co., corner of
Federal etteetand Diamond Square, Alleghe
ny, and you. Will be salted aeoordlng to your
taste. They hare Past received their summer
goods, and for elegance of styles they cannot
be surpassed, and for fitness they axe the very
parsons, as their work is all done under their
own supervision. Give them a call, and you
Cannot fall to be satisfied. . •
His 'Wm Arraoves.—Rev. I. Moore, late
Agent American Bible Union, writes—.. , l
have used Mrs. B. A. Allen's World's flair
Beitoresaud Hair Dreaming, and it has Also
been used by my wife. We ungnallioidly pro
noun°e them the best preparations wo have
ever used—in mdicl declaration austarous
/rime/We me." :
Bold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 198
Greenwich st., New. York. - mew
Caws Disrnarr.r.—At this Dental' Insti
tute, No. nr,,Paan streak, sets Of teeth for
tour dollars, better than those at fire dollars
at the other dental establishments. All per
sons are requested to Gall at the Institute
after haring ascertained the lowest prloes at
the other cheap phials. All work done at,
the Institute la splaranteed superior to any
cheap Dentistry in the olti.
Scum and ilorofttloturEniptlons will Been
corer the bodies of thee brave men-who aes
fighting their country's-battles. Night' ale,
bad food, and drenching raffia will matte sad
havoc with the strongest, tL:reforo lot every
men supply Itlmrclf With ilayoteas's Oiat
meal, It is a certain ems for every kind of
akin disuse. Only 2i ots. per pot. 215
ALL OTEILIIS iNTIREII7IID.-20r ropairs or al
terations to mired Or dwellings, new roofs, or
earths aloe in the Carpenterllte„
Cuthbert's Carpenter Shop, Virgin alley► .
above Smithlleld attests. All orders promptly
attended to.
Titania—Lori Nina: or .ras Buson.—
Tho Primo of Zolibiiiotors, - J. 0. Sefton, pre
sent/ the "Collins Bawn,'.' and Blanche of
Brondrortno, for hie boneAt Monday oronisg,
July the 6th. -Won't It be a snot night? bt
°imams and Quizmii Roma will be. Wean
ft the' Oaddhiu ogle% No. 4ii Liberty ,Etroot.,
4 NI Ilea: All orden tat et the et•oirti
orotaXiAttitase. ostlo
wool tot raid AID
Two Plttsbussfig wanufsotory aro now
manufaotarbg largo oturtiog nap, suitable for
fort" sad houses. Tboy aro made of this vor7
but of bonito& Depot at Pi tfOok's, oppoitto
thol'oot-oft/co. - -
Fauna or Jl:l7.ll%—Let emery parson deco=
rate their houses with ilags. The place to pur
chase them, is at Pittook% opposite thi Post
Haaaa.--17. S. fair. all elm, for posts,
Cromiatatea &a, at Plttoak'a apposita the
Post-aMoa ' ,
Dor.tist„ 348 PaaiLatreat.'aitoo4 to
ail bosimou ,ot his orolouloit.
MONIM—XORCigt-04 TipizatanlntY 2 4 it
Bt. Petwea Aura, by lay. Dr. Van Dien/2.M4:
GWEN! EL 110N80 sad lils iMLLIT 11011GiLlit.'
WlLlll*3—,Wedneedai. Joy raq hike lfk
DA I.IIISNT, 'daughter of the late Jehu Willies, In
• the f&I petrol ,ege. - r
Hie feasts' utilt sheo ph.% on Iratexit atoitipro,
at 10 o'clock, from the ri,eldellte after peAt,w,!..att..
dttr L. Itoblaseo, ab. Yekaat
Tgost—,At'fkrefekhVok- Wedotailly iventek,
she:fat teat, Mrs. bOP TfIOBN. totzeef
, Ghana* ;horn, MO* alfii pat . facc j ack '
The funeral will take Plies on Ifaiiii,akftiNLicik - ,
p. a, tees thl faddintoe of her eagl-hOaeril.W.-2,
Thtirodar afternoon, at Wired.
diem os Smithfield aunt batman DLit and t mod
Weak JOBS 1). gaLLB,I. at Pam. •
• • Ttie from* tall tab.jtace (14.1417),Ari5a•
zoos, at traceatotti. Ttit Mods of the qa#l ,
moimpotfatly hinted. •
Pith. MAAR— ,pige liana Instal*
and ite oak* 3•43"141134'
tin ::;-^~,.` ..
T i raw/ A. HALE* CO.;
to James-C. - I .re: .
M6rchant Tailors.
Ara new ramifying tbetr - -
Adapted to a Int ohms trade, which has been Wett
ed with great care to meet the approbabon of link
many [rim& and pa•.toay sad huffing, by clam M.
tendon to bullion and strict Antegrity, to meet tba
approval of all who may favor tut with a call.
ornaras , uNrramiq
Made to order to the bort 19111120 r and on rseroneble
teams. Baring Subbed a ease many uNzrottalb.
for Staff. Yield and Line Ofloere, at wsH an for the
Nary, we are prepared to execute ceders In this Hoe
with correctneas and despatch.
Likewise a vet 7 choke selection of rualtienum
GOODS always on band. •
COL, or pros, a rt. orate scram&
mbs _
EST/WU:U:IED 1760.
le a is crHaarazas main
(Emma". 42 Chatham strut, New Toad
Would tall the attautinu of dtalen to Mt attkdouot
lIL tnauttfacturs, ofs :
Ermesbay, fins liappee. Gonne Eappos, Amarkan
Oetalmen, Demligeos, Pon Virgil:lL, Ziao4lbx&ll4
Scxotett, Mgt" Taut Scotch, Ida; Nigh Toast or
Lizadyfoot, Honey Dew Bartok, nub Ilona Boatob,
nosh Eiccrtale.
Harittantioo 4 ceded to the taro redaction In
prim of rine•Oat Obeiring ad Booking Topsccol,
be foam: lof towlor
Fru OCT Carwurs—P. A. L., or plain Cann.
dub, or awe.: Bwat Bornted Orono.; TUC Toil
eficaoo-8. Jam epantib, Canattor,
N. B.—n alveolar of prima will be tent on appli
cation. walla
UkSALLIJII a 0.1.1513024,
Idannfrohnan of
And drams In •
Pig Lead, •
Patent Shot, •
Berm!' Kan urn Brautoss,
folMiewl infgoll4llATl. u.
No. 620 CONNSBOE BT., Pitkohlylo4.
- Constantly in store., • large avertniant of Omar.
Ens, Iron mad Galvanised Iroa Bath Tube.
Whit...sad Idatbled Plitt Basins.
Whits and llarbled or Bine Oldie' Bilabw.
Ship Water Woman complete.
Water Closets of atm description.
Pampa. Dams, no:
- Iron flints. •
Iron and ilnemsllod Portable Wash Bland..
VitrUnrl Drain ripe. Banda, Brunelle. "and Trip..
Plumbers. Brats and Plated Work, of any dip.
Lead Traps and Benda. Pin* and Cedar Hydrant
Posts, Hydrant Hods, Plumbers. Hooke, Marble
glebe, Blabber How, do., as low am any Douse in the
twootry. • , non" Sea
Thh, well known watering place will be formally
open. d on the laza OF JIM C.
The Bp:lnge, tins year, will be under the tmmedl•
ate soperehech of the Pro;rietee. who will be 'w
aisted by. MOM& JOa&Pli L. SWAYNII, and U. O.
lib the Ititen.lon to intake the .holtee, in. W re.
spet,cta, equal to the beat nabehtt places In the coon
tty, and to peados genersUp . for. the conont -ace
scommodatlon or the sleets.
/or terms or other Informatfon addrzsa
0.. WansioN, Jr.,'.
lelodm • lamb Getter T. I pea-are
this day'esnxltted with no Is the Boiling Mkt
bandeau A. J. DULL. the style of the A.JSI to. be
'MESA O msar a DIILL,kbe partnership to take
eitst this dap. The . Oil Wish:ems will ba earsksi ce
by the undersigned as berikapra.
ilay 26:14,1885. PEZ3Z a GILSAJP.
ZAOOII Rios. xoTurw GUM. ANDI 11! I. DULL
No=Adana* •of AU dacripans of Hoop, Eked :a*d
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