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    .'l'lig. 7 ---.=', 1 - MLY -- ,":-' -- 'PITTS :.-URGH.,...•:.GAF:T.--:'
Passed at as TM' d Busks of the Thirty
- • -:. tevertiv Cbnpeu.
• [P unic—No. 69.]
.., , ~
An.Aoi, to - proteot the lien upon rissole in
certain Came, and for other purposes.
Be it coasted' by the Senate and Bow of
is Osnress assembled, That - in ' all Mee
now or heseafterpendingvherein any ship,
n o w prod's? property,ahall be condemn
etin sly proceeding by virtue of tholes
abevetmantioned, or of any other laws on
that subject, the court rendering judgment
of,•eistimstnation *ill, . notwithstanding
such etridetainatiim:and-before awarding
111144 aldpi'rebel; orrother property, or the
proeeedz e r n eof, to the United States or to
any er, first provide for the
payment, out of, the proceeds of such ship,
vemiel, , er other property, of any bona fide
olatinelsitioh shall be filed by any loyal
Wizen-of the United State% or of any for
eign State or Power at Peace and amity
with the United States interveningin such ,
proceeding, and which shall be duty eetab
lished'hy avidente se a valid claim against
such ship,
_Wee], of-.othar proPerty, under
the hewn-et:-the United States or:of any
loyal State thereof: Provided, That ncrettah
,Itti alloTed,tri „eny. can where
tbe - " aliau t yl jEtoristrricd,-
rmaneigelAse afintele Tee*
or Otheiiiropertr- -Aid provided,' , That
thli ea Altall etWidite such claims Mils
as might have been enforced spastically
stainit stuirshilt, vessel,Or other - pry
in any loyal- State wherein- such lA=
s :TliteXii,:::'4lsd:Ws it fart/ter , 0 1 4 1 4:C.rhat
allasi ,juilisent, or decree in any. suit in
.the higiteet conktioiliy tot . atittllyef a State
iiiishWecin-tlie suit could - belted.
In any tees spoil/led-in: the twenty-fifth
&ma bribllittetAlltled 4 %in act to es-
,llit i fWMiT'atrartsi of 'the United:
teileikr iskinsied lliptitiabertweirsty-foa* ,
seventeen Inadredand eighty-nine, may be
re-examlnal-and-revarsect_ or affirmed 'in
the Supreme cbirt clef the United ;States
upon *Mika! errorOts in said stet proild-:
e“rrespeciiisiof the cam or value of the
medalist dbpute.
..APPrinids - Mvioh :3, 1863.
7 ,
Rosta o 7 4o . 7 03
As - Ak* to - *cognise the courts in the die.;
trier of Columbia, and for other purpose,.
Bo it matted br the Saga and Bouts of
Roprou r ittstioes of tie United/14W of Amer,
&sin- .opagnsu ausisble4 That there shall
district of;Columbia;
a mart An her_ called the .I:leprous Court
-or . es District of Columbia, 'which
shall hate : general jurisdiction in law
---Itcad- aiy . - eks/1-occulai of fou
justices, one of*lm ilia' be automated
as chief justice. Theis justice, shall bd
appetite& by the. President, by and _with
the'airlee.aut--coaseat of the Baste,. end
shallSoldtbeir duringebabsbaelor/
--Bask jtistios, before his inters upoit - the du.
ties of his oillesolltall take the.oath pre
betaken by judges of the courts
Lot Ateilliated &aka, Any three of said
Pitiless isay , holl a general term, and : any
Oat of them may hold a special term, or
court, as -hereinafter proviled. A
may-beheld at the same time
idtliA : - Atioalr:court. aid by the same just
gee .... .
diestie- it turtkeritalete4 Thal
41 1 1 114 194tirliehUlhi70 power to '414 00 4el
a clerk wiis 'bath tab* the oath, endgive
_ eureetesilst the- - manner pre:
by., lair Ter 'catlike of district courts
of the United Stites. I
131071f. - 2.1W - Se it further, enacieW That
the supreme court organized by tbif act
shall possess the same powers and eureka
' the same jurlidiction as is now possessed
fadeserolsed by the -circuit court of the
, Dietz*, ,Columbia, and the justices of
the Court BO to be orgehisid shall sever
allrpoister the powers and exercise the
jurisdiction now possessed and exercised:
bylise judges of ,said circuit court. -Any
, one of madjustices may hold a distriet
— wort Of the united States fortis District
of Columbia, in the same manner andwith
the same , powers and jur isdiction possessed
sad exercised by other district comps Of
_the Vatted &aka -any coma said justlas
may also hold a criminal court for the trial
'WI crimes and' deuce& arising Within - ,
said district, which court shall possess: this
sanielowess and exercise the same , jar*
noir penalised and exercised by
briniest court of the District of Columbia.
- tamer. enacted, That
• gimerst banal. of the supreme court shall
be held at-tlsi silt times at ;which Waits
- of Moja:l:milt Wart= of :lite District of-Ca
lizmids k ars. noierktdred to be held, and at
the sareevlsoa:.Disitikt courts sad cried
_rig *Mats shell also , be held by one of
said bodltle, at the several times then such
eouitsatreaow required by law to be held,
Sen;.A. :114.1: it lurWer enacted, That
epee= terms of said: supreme court shall
be Judd by _one said justices, at such time
• cellitilias this said court, in general term,
asUeliblax --- Ntin-anaraerstadmotiolusin
and: iroosodinde at; law and In
-*TOT shalirtmarbe heard and determined
."..itsurksper* term. Saila equity, not
byjaryi shall alio be heard and deo
i~rriiaed'-et'seek :special tains ; but the
, tole*
. ttf : such special term:Thy, in his
inuhnuidonorsult tell*
aiimdil in , the ,) insteu-at a general
term. - Abtr '&of isWered by say order,
jadgmenti.or disi ts 44 ee,i pronounded
• , stitsteemth 'geoid term, may, if the same
inenlys, ths Inariti oflist action or proceed
:, ~,- . lmmted-2 r bstrailemsi - to: the primal team
the aisaernVestisealtalrierietesizeh order,
~ riseditr. d itrwei sad ethrmirevene, or
the seared shell WOK:
; faitleercesectief,,That the.
said court, in general term, shall', odo
.; soh Itizawthink - preper is • rota
late and auntie/ at lashing
Peels the specialterm to. tie general
and mar -PrgioribC tbs lams' and
conditions which ouch APpeilis may
be;a - • • disi — oooll may- also. eitablish_
• awitather sulaa as it: may deeps necessary
• (or *lvelf_ thspractioe of • the several
~, l ephiteig 6y this act , and front time
to tlas crisis sifeic4sok ides: Unsay
arts ~N by.rule whet motions dull
,Ikaikirlt stir lam, ashen- enume:
raptiostiaea,-and- what motions shall be
=eV a general term in the fast ;la,.
- S*4. -- -And be- it further enacted, That
lUdesr all of. feet treble by a jury :or;by
tied shall be WO before . * Jingle Pill.
; Tl '.'“siertektit the trial L by jury, at a circuit
•toitiitrind wirier the trials Without i 0 17:
at, a eiriadrioartbr Issues
:of lair ay be'tried • at a -dread& isart or
APlstial terici4'At spy timeatler issue, and
a :lee la days before 114 silting of the
dlireleet#ce or, a
" the, notice shall fah
the , !SAWA ha' :diyi before th e, I&
thltik mart, with a note of the Jaime,
eentabmairthe title of the sction, ihe n a mes
of 'the sad the time whencethe
'last pleading lrae ceased : - and the Clerk
:Ammo. upim
arias- doto
tie mai ef Ar. amuse, an mention be
it be reduced to writing at the time,
beentered on -ruminates of th
Settioci eZutatte
qateseale4Viletweided Arthe,rid tbe
:4014 nithea stated in writing in a cash"
s of exceptions, with so much of the
evidence se may be material to the ques
tion to ibe.raised,,bit such case or bill of
exceptions - need' not- be. sealed or signed.
The jutice who tries the cause may, in hie
discretioni:entertain • motion to be
grantl& minutes, to est aside $ verdict and
great a new trial upon exceptions, or for
iniaffielent evidence, or for exoeuive dam
ages. Prooida4 That such motion be Mad"
at the same term or circuit at , whieh the
trial, was had. • lyhen inch motion is
made and hesseupen thitoltintea; is ap
peal ta,the general term may be taken from.
the decision, lit which case a bill of =up
tions- or cue shall be settled in the usual
800. 9. And be itistrther enacted,. That a
metitailtittal. on - silts:et maw
exceptions, and an application for judg
ment on a 'pedal sadict ors iierdicttaken
subject to the opinion of the court, shall
be heard-in the first instance at a general
;term _ .
• Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That
write and process leaned out of the court
bester7. ol !Plthed =VI* 00 1 44 1 Y1e awn e
of any Justice of said oomt.
Sec. 1/. And b. it -fwiher • enacted, That
any final judgment, order, or decree of said
court may be re-examined Mid reversed or
affirmed in the Supreme Court, of the United
States, upon writ of error or appeal, 4 4Ataid
issme oases and in like manner as Le now
provided by law in reference tei the final
judgments, orders, and deems of the cir
cuit court. otths United States for the Dis
triot of Columbia.
Sea. 12. dad be ii, further. enacted, That
appeals may be made from the judgments
of justioes of the peace to the :court hereby
organized in like manner and in 114.043.
cases in which such appeals are now &Vi
ed to the circuit court of the United States
for the Dislaiot of Columbia. Such appeals
shall be heard and decided at a special
Sec. lB. And be it fatrib4; enacted,
That all suits and proceedings which, at
the time this act takes effect, shall be pend
ing in any of the courts hereby abolished
shall be transferred to the courts to be es
tablished under the provisions of -this tot,
and may be prosecuted therein with the
same effect as they might have been in the
court in which the same were commenced.
Process ,isecuid. 014 of any of said courts.
shall also be returned to the posit :hereby •
Sec. 14. Ara be it further enacted, That
justices of the peace may be removed by the
court to be.organized under the previsions
of this sot at a general term, after due no
tice, and an opportunity to be , heard in
`their defence, and for causes to be assigned
in the order of removal'•
Sec 15. dad Iv it lignite? misted, That
the justices to be appointed by virtue of
this act shall receive an annual salary of
three thousand dollars, to . be paid guar-,
terly at the Treasury of the United State&
Sec. 16. And be it further .alacti4 Thai
the circuit court, district musk and °Amt.
nal court of the District of colambia, are
hereby abolished v All laws and parts of
laws relating to said courts, so far as the
same are applicable to the courts created
by this 'lot, are. hereby oontintted in farce
in respect to such courts, end' all 'other
laws and parts of laws relating to said
district, and criminal courts are re
Sec. 17. And be it further ensiled, Thst
the President of the United States be *Ad
he in hereby authorised and empowered to
appoint, by and with the advice and con
vent of the fianata„ a imitable pertain, learn
ed in the law, to revise and codify the laws
of the district of Columbia.
See. 18. And be it jurthir masted, That
the person who shall be thus appointed shall
receive ten dollars pei day - for hie melees
whilst so employed, and shall render a final
report of his rev Wen and oodifioation to
Congress on or before the first day of Jan
uary nem
Approved, March d , 1863.
[Puarac—No. 71.]
An icr to amend "An act to establish a
court for the investigation of claims
against. the United States," approved
February twenty-fourth, eighteen hun
dred and tifty-flve.
!kit mass by as Senate and -Sours of
RezTesentatiou of the Waited States of deur-
Ica-in Congress assembled * That there shall
be appobited - by the Prieldentiey and with
the advice and consent of the Senate. two
widlihisialrudgegler - the. said wmt, - 2o hold
„their ollical - darfisslg*helasildOeb shall
be quililled in the,easal martierif4cluCrlle
the same dud* and receive the same Isom
pensatioa* as now provided in reference to
the - Jsulges ititaid tourtirind Amble= the
whole number,olk add 3.adget thes - President
shall laths:imps* appoint 6 chief justice
for said c0ur1..)., - ...), ~ .
See. 2. tint ifir itfilifkr enacted, That all
petitions and billipmaying or providing for
the satisfaction Of 'private claims against
the Government,' brunded 'uponany law of
Cceest um
. or.upon any sovietism 4 an Bi
oett r vs* iv speaAny exam*
anticess:O ;
z, ' int; litif, the 'Government
d .ths United latii‘eltedl: iiiiisti elbeeiririee
ordered by resolution of the Holman which
the same are . presented or intrainced, be
transmitted b ythe - Secretary of - the Senate
at ibiererli of theArtise ontepieratativee,
with all the accompanying lioiniants, to
the court itemised.
Sec. 8. Atiaeoeltjerthsr inactsd, That the
said omit, Iniiddition to - the jurisdiction
now conferred by - lity, shall also him, ju
risdiction of all set-offs, counter Maims,
claims for damages, whether liquidated 'or
unilquated, or other &Mande whatsoever,
on the part of the Government agaiast anj
person making claim agianst the Govern
ment in said odaripetiCipost the of
any such cause it shallbear and determine
such claimer deroaildboth for and spinet
the Government and itratitint ; and if upon
the it nada that the claimant is
indebted to the Government, it shaU weir
render] judgment to that effect, and such
• • •• halli:oe fitt4 with the sight of
sppetl . ,rat in ttlher e4nfplVelf4gyided
for. Any transcript of eaohjudgment, Sled
in the ,clerk's Mike of any district or cir
cuit =got the VnifoiNewshall be en
tered upon the records of the same, and
shaipso Leo become and be a Judgment
of inch diStrlot or ofiCalf cialpf; sad shall
be enforced like Manner letther ;sag
ments therein.
Sec. 4. dabs i further ausete4 That the
said Court of Claim shall hold one-alumni
session, commencing on the first Monday*
October in each year, and continuing so
long:as may be neochary tor the prompt
disposition, of the of the court.
!The saidoat '2ulY2twieril*lules, and
regulations for , promos therein and it may
punish for contempt; in. the manner pre
scribed by, common law.- It may appoint
commissioners, and may generally exercise
such powers as are necessary to carryout
the powerthereto rankd to it. 'The judges,.
solicitors, and olaU of nail cart shall be
admitted'to the use of the OagiessisnaM
- 144 - alse the: liw library, until . law
Illue4.lie 'provided for `them. The said
Muni mOYuppolif a bailikAiho shall hold
ithrofldo during forreyears t taxless stoner
resoaretibrseldceottlit lbr oat*, 'and who
aharrocisive-s eatery of one thousand dol.
ban, Parabla — firlartear.'"flaritidiaa and
alerts of said court thejldstihister 'oaths
and offhonationk, take :isanowledgments
of instruments in wri_ling l and give °era-
Cate& of thorattme=:erld etouttehall have
a seal, with' ouch 'deiloslfe it 'may order.
Members of either house of Con gre ss shall
not practice in said Court of
- I.; dad ba a foram axished.Thii idtka
pert the_ Supreme Court or
the vated .- Mate from any , linal judgment
or decree which may hereafter be rendered
.. ~ _i.~aEr::~ ;
in any caaa by said court • wherein
the amount in controversy exceeds three
thousand dollars, under such regulations
as the said Supreme Court may direct:
Pirevidr,4 That such appeal shall be taken
within ninety, days after the rendition of
such judgment or decree: and provided,
furthzri That when the judgment or decree
will affect a class of cases or furnish a pre
cedent for the future 'action of any execu
tive department of the Government in the
adjustment of snob class of cases, or a con
stitutional question, and each facts shall be
certified to by the presiding justice of the
Court of CLIMB, the Supreme Court shall
entertain an appeal on behalf of the United
States, without regard to the amount in
Bea 6. dad he it further emceed, That the
solicitor,, assistant solicitor, and deputy So
licitor of bald court, shall hereafter be ap
pointed by the . President, by and with the
advice and claimant of the Senate, and it
shall be their ditty faithfully and diligently
to - de fend the States in all matters
and cases before said Court of Claims; and
in all eases 'taken by appeal therefrom to
the Supreme Court ; and no - other fee or
compensation than the salary of said solici
tor, and assistant and deputy solicitors,
shall hereafter, in any ease, be paid to
either of them, and no fee or compensation
for services in either the Supreme Court or
Court of Claims shall hereafter be allowed
or paid in any case by the United States.
Bee. 7. dad be it farther enacted, That in all
oases of final judgments 'by said court, or
on appeal bythe said Supreme Court where
the :lame shall be affirmed in favor of the
claiment,' the due thereby. shall be
paid out of any generalappropriatioa made
by law for4he payment and satisfaction of
private Claim, on presentation to the Sec
retary of the Treasury of 'a copy of said
judegienl :certified by the clerk of said
Court of Claims, and signed by the chief
justice, or,ln his absence, by the presiding
jitdp' of Said court Add in cases where
the judgioSet appealed from In in favor of
said claimant, or the same is affirmed by
the said Supreme Court, interest thereon
at the rate of dye per milt= shall be al
lowed from the date of its presentation to
'the Secretary of the Treasury far payment
as aforesaid, bat no Interest shall be allow
ed subsequent to the affirmance, unless pre
sented for payment to the Secretary of the
Treasury as aforesaid: Brovid4 That no
interest shall be allowed on any claim up
to the time of the rendition of the judgment
by 'aid Court of Claims, unless upon a con
tract expressly stipulating for the payment
of interest, and it shall be the duty of the
Secretary of the Treasury, at the commence
meat of each Congress, to include in hie re
port or [a] statement of all sums paid at
ther-Tinainiry bn such judgments, together
with tae names of the parties in whose fa
vor the same were allowed: arid it is further
presided, That such payments shall be a full
discharge to the United States of all claim
or dentand touching any of the matters in
volved in. the controversy: and provided
further, That any final judgment rendered
against the claimant on any claim prosecu
ted ea aforesaid shall forever bar any fur
ther claim or demand against the United
States arising out of the matters involved
in the controversy.
Sec. & And Se it further enacted, That
it shall be lawful for said court, at the in
stance of the solicitor for the United States,
to make an order in any ,catie pending in
said court, directing that the claimant or
claimants in such ease, er any one or more
of them, shall appear, upon reasonable no.
tice, before any commissioner of said court,
and be examined on oath or affirmatioe
touchl i ngany or all matters pertaining to
said o al , n And the examination of such
claimant or clainuutte shall be reduced to
writing by the said commissioner, and be
returned to and filed In said ceurt, and
may, at the discretion of the solicitor for
the United Stites, be read and used as evi
dence on the trial of said ranee. And if
any glib:mint or claimants, after such order
has beertmads, and due and reasonable ne
tt:* - thereof given to him or them, shalljf.di
to appear or shall refuse to testify or an
swer ft:lly as to all matters within his
knowledge material to the issue, the said
court may, in its discretion, order that the
said tense shall not be brought forward for
trial until the said claimant or claimants
shall have -My complied with the order
of said court in'the premien-
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That
the juriadictios et the said court shall not
extend to or include any claim against the
Government not pending in said court on
the first, day of December, anno Domini
eighteen hundred and sixty-two, growing
out of or dependent on any treaty stipula
tion entered into with foreign nations or
with the Indian tribes.
Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That
every claim against the United States, cog
nisable by the Court of Claims, shall be
forever barred unless the petition setting
forth a statement of the claim be filed' in
the court or transmitted to it under the
provisions of this act within six years af
ter the claim first accrues; Provided, That
blillns which have , accrued six years be
fore the gunge of .this act alma not be
barred iI the petition be filed in the court
or transmitted se aforesaid within three
- rots after the passage of this act: asdpto
meted, further, That the claims of married
women first accrued during marriage, of
persons under the age of twenty-one years
first accruingBdring nilidrity, and of
idiots, lunatics, insane persons, and per
sons beyond seas at the time the claim so--
crud, entitled to the claim, shall not be
barred If the petition be filed In the court or
transmitted, as aforesaid, within three
years after the disability has ceased ; but
smut* disability than abase enumerated
shill prevent any claim front being barred,
nor shall any of the said disabilities oper
ate cumulatistdy.. „ •
Itoi. : 11. Add ha It further' entsettie4 That
any peutenspr persons who shall =raptly
practice or attempt to practice any fraud
against the United States in the peat,
statement, eetabliedunent, or allowance of
any claim, or any part of any claim
against the United States, shall ipso facto
forfeit the same to the Government; salt
shall be 'the duty of the COirt of Claims,
in such oases to find specifically that snob
fraud was practiced or attempted to be
practiced, and thereupon give judgment
that such claim is forfeited to the Govern
ment, and that' , the claimant be forever
limed from ptoseouting the same. Appeals
may be taken from the Court of Claims to
the Supreme Court, in all such on all
questions of law, in the manner herein pro
vided for appeals is other cases.
Sea 12. And *be it further enacted That
arv.petition filed under this act shall be
acidified by the affidavit, of the claimant, his agent, or Ittlonny, static tha t at no assign
ment or transfer of said or any part
thereof, or any interest therein, has been
made, except at in. said petition stated;
that said othimant is justly entitled to the
amount therein claimed from the United
States, 'after allowing all just credits and
offsets; and that he belives the hots as
stated in said petition are true : Provided,
hessoer, That-in order to authorise the said .
Court to render a judgment in favor of any
claimant, if a citizen of the United BMWs,
it shall be set forth in the petition that the
claimant, and the original and every prior
owner thereof where the claim has been as
signed, has at all times borne true allegi
ance to: the Government of the United
States, and whether a citizen or not, that
he hat not in any way voluntarily aided,
abetted, or given encouragement to rebel
lion against -thelsaid Government, which
allegations may be traversed by the Goo ,
amend, sad if en the trial such bine'
shall be decided against fhb claimant, his
petition shall be dismissed.
Bic. 18. And be it ftaS enacted, That
all law and parts [of la ] intionsistent
with the provisions of act are hereby
Bea. 14. And be it further', enacted, Thdt
no money shall be paid out df the TressurY
for any claim passed upon iiy the Court of
Claim! till after an appropriation therefor
shall be estimated for by, the Secretary of
the Treasury.
Approved, March 3, 1863.
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_ ~ --
Vittsburgh 6aztftit.
Publication Office N. 84 Fifth Street.
Maryland Heights imd Harper's
Yesterday the associate press telegraph
brought us what we at the time thought a
very absurd story, told by a correspondent of
the N. Y. Herald,. to wit: that Gen. Honker
visited Maryland Heighte on the idllt alt., and
ordered that invaluable stronghold to be
evacuated, do. The correspondent of the H.
Y. Tribune, writing on the name day, gives
substantially the elm. statement, but with
the very important difference that iCwin Har
,Ferry and not Maryland Ileitis/4;4114
Gen. Hooter wished - to evacuate. Harper's
Berry has no strategis value, for it is a post
whlekrannot possibly be held by one party
while the opposite party is In possession of
Maryland Heights. We don't say that Gen.
Hooker was right and Gen. Hallett wrong In
the matter; bat only that the question was war a
mere trifle compared with what the holding or
relinquishing Maryland Heights would have
been. Had Gan Hooker ordered thelatter to be
evacuated, we should have concluded that the
man had gone mad. This disagreement.bit
tween the two Generals may have had some,
thing to do with Gen. Hooker's retirement.
Strength of Leers Army-109,000
Alen Across the Potomac•. Dove.
mental of Lee-Capture of his Die•
patch•bearer•..The Rebels Prom.
reed a Visit to Philadelphia--They :
Rely upon Copperhead Assistance.
Mr. Newbold, correspoUent ,of the N. Y.
Tn - bees, to a letter from - .2rodertok, Bid, do-,
tad hum 28, nap:
Lee's army is said to- have now entirely
crossed the Potomac, 109,000- strong, Long
street's Corps being to the rear. Lee himself
crossed last night at Shepherd's Ford, and
sleet at the•houss of a Mrs. Merchant, on:
the Road to Hsgentown, and four miles from
the latter place.
An aid of Lae wu captured yesterday with'
a dispatch to Ewell teilLeg him to push on. It
Is to be hoped that the menu now levying
for the detente of Pennsylvania will not only,
have competent field afloat', but experienced
line officers. Without thou they will cer-i
tabily get into confusion - MU light, and be at
the mercy of the Confederate veterans. • Wide
them, their superior numbers and general in. ,
talUpnee will inure tuoese, and they will
operate to great advantage to conjunction
with the Army of the Potomac.
Several prisoners from each rebel corps, re.
aptly captured , by Moßeynold's cavalry n ear
Harpies Ferry, state that their odious have
promised them ► visit to . Philadelphia by this
day week. The Rebel army place much 1)004
educe in the Copperheads, whom they expect
to rise and aid them ihroegh the North, and
especially Peansylvanis, The Rebel
forte is great and effeetive. The times an
According to trustworthy authorities, Rich
mond Is now garrisoned by about 4,000 milt.
tin, under command of takers mostly either
crippled sr oonvaleacent from wounds. There
are, however, 8,000 men. at Sonserrelile '
ooeld all - be moved to R brand within thin
ty-six hours; also several tionsand at paters
burg, obtahable at very hort notice; and a
considerable force in R rth,Cirolina, who
would soon be on hand in sada alarm. Thus
behind the powerful- fi libations of Rich
mond may render au at kby our torsos on
the Penizeula-kiisardous. Lee has left 14,000
at Winoltester, who could also soon be trans
ported there. Lee's pen tration Into Penn
sylvania appears to gi pleasure to many
military men, who think his army will never
return as en organised body. They cannel
realize that such an old fox should thus ex
pose himself.
Rapid Rosentents of the Army of the
Potomac.- -Last Year's Marching
and Thts.--a Contrast.
A correspondent, rebuking to the late
movements of the Army of the Potomac,
None who spent lisefall In Washington man
WI to moonset with what amazing delibera
tion the slaty advanced. Six mils. a day was
the scamp rate. But two days age the lith
Corps,—ht spite of disaster, once moat sasiga
ad the right,—marabed thirll•two miles la a.
mingle dayl
On the streets of the old-faabioned Mary
land town I met General Beth WlMame, broad
faced and genial looking si ever, though the
stumpy red beard has sadly changed the fa
millu appearance of the working man of Mo.
Cla stall in the earlier lays of the war.
He had jut made filly miles without leaving
the saddle.
• From two inch instacces the movement can
be infacced. The energy hut been amazing,
the rapidity of movement unpresedented in
the Rut, and - equaled only by- snot -dashing
operations in the Heaths Mitcheirs advance
into Alabama. Tilljho rebel' stinky goi thro'
Withlte feintearid blinds, Hooker lay quietly
watching it, Allist II is balloted &ohms
mond—instantly thelikoke Aim — , of the Pe
tunia is again in. motion, and: corps after
porps comes jauntily up in lighting trim, and
.with's rapidity that meat be as antazing-to
themielves sa it eirtabily will be to the coun
try when the facts can be fully told.
The Rebel luteslea.
A Wathingtonnoartpondwitittitest
Ik Is positively stolid .kya parson who &-
rim; his information through 'ohannils tot
sully aotessible„ but generally found to he
truittiotitiy;that the Loudon of the North
is thi wain of tire OoPpielkeldi oiPittoe Dien:
oteatii that - in =lm
U" of • this izaltorello•
faction elelteil Richmond a fortitight`sinne t
and while theieur ZelL Davis to taidolinn
army Into Postrom. and lay wash her
fields and berm her towns. This, the Copper
head Mossonget said, was the only road to vic
tory for Ike South. The latter part of the
imggestion was too barbarous a policy for
OM ZOE Pith to adopt, but combos& by
his visitor's reasoning of the advanta geous.
ness of Invading the North, he ordered Gen;
Lee on his proses' hazardous osmpalspu •
Daiwa the last pussp of the Persia; to
Ltvsrpooi, i southern brass grOislyinsalted
a passenger named Josephs. Josephs demad
ad an &plop, when the diapered° <hew a
bowie knife,,,. did eiglifer ten of hid friends.
Capt. Sedkins, vainly appealing to them to
I s
put up their weapons, at . ngth told flea he
would give them Waimea to consider, end
If at the end of 'that :take their knives word
not sheathed he would pa them in front for
delivery to the American nal atLiarpbol.
They angrily bid him dellanbei Mai begin
ning of the ninth minim — the Captain, atlas
had of his mew, . well armed, mamba au
the cabin. On their appearanoe the kalvii
'went galakly out Of sight, and apologies Were
Tan Niw COMMANDER or ?UM AWE Or Arai
PeTexach — in Ut• army. Gati. Made's repu
tation la's high oaa; it belland tW` a
majolity.of the oups"oomnundua Iraq ate. ta
ism nada him 'ppm, of hla aaleatloa as
Gen. Minket'. sueatabr. Gin. Maks* bin.
Ulf hat yokel of hist sa thu but 'oUr,,,ln
hi. autmand. -Whoa Ghia. anhiddi'MW
b. ratiated, he ruoulasadul GULEJI•atIa IVr
tha pl.a.tta had ptl.d, ; Gon..hteOlialan
bun Aloha of AilanAtitaiettnllltatinteintlu
thihighast tatal.;ltlualingbaulthottike
that ths ocumand would avantn , a4All nun
—ll radiWiiiiiiiiatie4; - • ;..,
za 13vaaare, D. D., ,, ltaa ea sued
the Presidatary al - the Meadville J3aainary
d Leo take the *hair of Profaner of ,
-07 htibmi,4oo#4*-
- -r• - r4r. , „* lrr
Responsibility tor the Rebel Inva
sion--The Warning and its Ne
. .
Writing on the 26th ult., from Washington,
Iqgate," of the Cinainniti Gasono, makes
the interesting statement:
The time has oozes when there is no longer
an impropriety in revealing certain facts con
nected with the /ate and the kruent campaigns
that Intimately concern our jadgmett of both.
Mho Inidenettlittse facts is, thaeneither Gan.
Booker nor the "war men" of ,the, sandals
tration (as theyhave ceme lo be known) are
in anjwlie responsible for the policy tilt has
rendered the present rebel invasion possible.
It wiliberemembered tluak, after the reverse
at tlhancellorville, mach attention was direct-.
"ed by the . jonrnids in'theintatester the Tory
!Demooracy to the promote in . . Washington of
.B •Rators- Wade/ Wilton. 14timner ,and Chan
dler; and the ' , Abolition 'prim" Was deserib.
ad' at - at - once bewildiraf by sithe &Lotto!
their-favorita," and .lindustrious in, schemes
to, elent tha,return, ofr—•the inevitable
The' Senators were occupied , about much
more important, end practical husiness, They
foresaw clearly what the certain result of fil
iation would be, and collectively premed upon
the Administration, the warning that union
the Army dem Potomse were speedily re-en
forced and placed on the offensive again, the
rebels would undertake another etmpaign of
invasion. was: within lent. than WA pa=s
after the Ciaaoellonvilla /Mlle that ttIO Im
pressive warning Was agehi - ind
againiroporated;= - • - -
- The-Administration seemed tolls el:winced,
but replied that it was impossible to reinforce
Hooker: But It is not impeiisibl4 argued the
Senator'. Take year iroo_psilkom'Yorktoint
and Fortress end North Carolina; if
need be from South Carolina eves; leaving
only garrisolut sufficient to hold the fortified
points. Scattered as they Jae, these troops
are mimes; concentrated upon the exhatisted
army . at 02(11), they - mar te 'able to drive it
throrigh-Slehmoid; and in any
event tbay am keep it on 111 440farlsiv•- ;
General Hooker Was of course - eager farthie
course.' Anxioneto light again, with Cr with
out reinforcements, it was, natural that he
should seek as much numerical assurance of
success as possible. He had his plans for
new movement; they wore'disenssed with the
Senators, who wished him to see if hostilities
could not be immediately resumed; and final
ly, threugh their agency, Gen. - Hooker came
110 Washington, and held long consultations
with the President,-Socretary of War, and
Gen. Hawk.
The result of those consultation& was a de
cisive and sneoesafal Opposition on the part of
Gen. Hillock to every plan proposed. .
Then followed a triumph of the Hillock pol
icy, long weeks of inaction, the depletion 'of
the army by the expiration of enlistments, the
seentiest. reinforcements, continued dispersion
of troops, and, finally, and by the legitimate
reference; the meddlesome senators had point
ed out, invasion. • - .
It is too early, perhaps, to pass any judg
ment en all this; fortanatelY,lt is not too late,
to fix the Mote; and justice alike to General
Hooker, the senators and the war members
of the cabinet, requiies their itatement now.
.Had the counsel of these geitlemesi ptwialled,
it It not certain- that we would have won per
fect success; but- it is attain that we would
not here bad. the -inaction which permitted,
and, Indeed, prodtoed this invasion.
Changing., Cammanders
. What did you mesa, Biz ?" ;tamely asked
& Judge of an Irish culprit before 'him, who
bad jest been brought In guilty of marrying
en slvely fourteen wives and . deserting
th all. Timm your honor," was the tra
m ral but Ingenious reply, "I wall trying to
ge a peed one." The object was worth the
We believe every decided failure by a com
mander should be promptly followed by his
displacement. This rule may sometimes work
personal hardehip, but of what coneequence la
any Individual In oomparison with the sena.
tin of his country. • - ' -
"Hat by whom shall he be replaced?" ask
Impotence and imbecility. "We answer, by
theinst man whose services you can command.
If he Is no Marlborough, no Napoleon, that is
dot your fault.
And here is where_ we think the President
has been judged harshly. He Is blamed for
the lack of genius in his commandant In for
getfulness of the truth that the human race
has in all history_ prodneed but a few rally
great Generals. Mr. Lincoln has been re
spired to Make briek, straw or no straw.
Consider what an assortment of Generals wie
had, after JIIII. Davis ,had inched the lot for
his own servios, sad Yon will judge Mtn 10/111
Bat in every case fallen should be followed
by removal, and that forthwith. The seem
tor can at the wont but fail. And, Nhe be
superior in nothing else, he is superior in that
be has noj yet failed. And -.Malawi - each
clangs brings theihming Man one step near
er. If he fee corporal- et yet,-that change.
may make him geergenat—who knows 7
Glen. Hooker is • brave and loyal 081004
and has distinguished himself by energy arid!
coolness on many a battle.deld. He did well,
in every station below the - highest;' bat in
that he failed—lt matters little bow or why..-
the fret is enough. He should hays been su
perseded directly thereepon. To ‘restiin him
an hour longer worsened kindnes t• him and
little leas than treason-to conntry.
Gen. Meade assumes canon-end at a critical
moment, but we trust he will prove equal to
its gnat respoodbllities. lie is a thorough
soldier, who endive the mildew. of . 11e
brother °Moors, and le unembarrassed by the,
hostility of -the McClellan interest in- the
Army or -elsewhere. While On. McClellan
was his commander, he rendered him a most
hearty and unquestioning supp n,and he his
never since breathed a sentence of disparag
ing °Minim His appointment enema every
way judicious; and hie generalship will be
judged fairly on Its merits. That, we are
eonlident, is all be sake.- His singularly
quiet Inn modest order in assuming command
will challenge wide and hearty approbation.
—New York Trams.
aolaierth Take need. .
Sir, Colin cam pbell, now Lord Olyde r en old
soldier, lad ptherid his warlike expert
mos in many battles of. European and Addable
eampaigns i aildressed his yonn g soldiers in the
battle'ethe Alma belfordowhioh form'a sort
Of eiteoldsin'of.tha soldier's duty In notion.
,N k lnglake, la kin XIIIIMIIOII of the Crimea, eye
.** briiif Maus of the viterin, *high fit oco.
'pled Itereibat printed to separate:liners r
4:-frigog men you are.goinginto action. , Re
. -, 'WhOtrori Is ireunded=l -, don'shue What
is- , ..whoever. -is wounded must lie
where he falls Until the bandsmen oomnto at
bend to him. No soldier must go carrying di
wormded 'men. 11 - arty soldier dais such a
thing, his name shall be stuck lip in the yar
ish church. . ,
,4 Don't abont tiring. Your
°goers wily tell you when It is lime. to open
"fis stead,„
,1 1C•sp s!lonoe
. .
.rime low. ,-.•
"Noy, neu,,the army will watahus; Pl4O
me twond 014.00410, ;
,". Air IMIWISE;wu given br thus, Presidetn to
the : Ohio . Democratic cotamittle. on. MoatiaTi
The President agreed tO releade'VeUsidlikara
lapin antidhunditioi4 abiiiiis“ to bb the
tleß Thep. Arai ,sot-authorised to
Raps sash t, lead asked time (wblott
was grafted .30 'milder with the NO* York
1 . ! -
Nhpilkff r band
Ma NM=at W ilIDDLWjar Om 111.1111 M
..tyalliliTAL.Wlllll WOIXODIr.nn
• .0, r
, WAR 41aulPij VaßiktflA4 l l. o ,
ir.Lissinia:4l-40anu11re:«, •
BBOWltitig9t l 4Wii4r!-AO, t • -•
nous% ems Amp osnextomPAINVEK,,
is , l4 l (#*
) A ;Fr
>f - .':lip :~ C'?--..
---NO. 198.
orta, bra
And &aka in
Na 66 NORTH asoosi) =sat
our Storm* capacity (wader oner,) for 16,180 bbis.
Mu exultant facilities far Wirt tg ,
and Foreign put; at our whu the Schayikel•
near the platfert• Of tbir Pelni..ll. B.
P 217
Apra& of the
I. Mond cifh admen made ou coadomealf
'leaned, or Crude Petroleum.
Cc". Dosivittg Wii Ititiociai Brim,
wahiss, , win/duals & Ol t
onirraffs or PZTEOI.33IOIII,
- Amnia fanilltaw tar 3TOBLGII AHD SHIP.
PIRO, at their dud and wharf, Aso Hoax.
Os MAN"._noed..ztot_ls -isabarrassed,
bj the estoroement oT the Balk
whoa they cal. have' their 011 -berrated=
without touoldiug the Otty Munroe asap, morn
prompt, with 'lee reit, nee trouble arid' to better
On the I,llseheny Valley/Liked. abovi Lawrence-
VII* lettere CM 11 Mara DOMINI boats direct to
the. Aare. rod. st l Ptact 'ln: an f: point, Kest or West,
without any &eying or
elt ortlarrprocoptly attended to.
1111r010ca st Yard, on Mum Paranger H. H.
Post" 001ce edgings, - BOX 002, I.lttebargtb ; or I
can be teen daily at ‘ tbe 011 lizebenee.
blanntaninrata 'and Ratner, et •
wrwprks. opposite B'4lPiburg
Offlcein-PERZY BLOol4 . Thiquemis Way,
Prrnsosas, PA.
Coramiuien ukd forwarding Merchants,
Wiling, _a aitFEN - ED PITISOMWM,
.64.19 'IS WIN ETBILIAT, Prnsausan.
air Liberal sums autumn {4l oonitiguiseuta trr
Pittsburgh or Lasts= Markets. -
Hamm J. B.ltuaroare a W.;
BrILIPXI6 HAsaitwa, Esq.
Tnaiinoi Hsu, Msg., Pree't Oommendal Boot
m111.0:em • -
acansissiohr mumpari,
errauL3Os Ati.o IID pliginpra,
OANDISS, /icy. • •
61880 AD bTRICZT timw.lfac.
sairAkenti for th• PIATLAIID E 5.12,011101.1 OIL
00111'412M /ka.
.•. • • • Alma,
. • . - 69 Hand stmt.
- No. 1 BT. CLAM STBIZT, Pittsburgh.
Forwarding d Cosuzumuo s n liercluint
TZT,119141311 01V% to.. cowitaatl7 on baud, and
tat Ws at the lowed Nualuk slaw Oftimancons
AND oanzustusairso... ; . :tem
aux iotaptir.
6.110101' W.. HOLDBHIP 1 00.
• annum OIL AND zaresicanaa OIL
Amp constantly cm haM the nu
beat Qual itrs ity oh
Oy Ll clear end witheld edam s reed
- Nermi alders left et 80. BIS ?trim Ream, Bank
Bbxk. second goer. will be promptly attendee to.
.purioait. DII#LAP a 00..
Offee,Voatil Weirs" drawl%
4.1111011111411, PA.
On. ow 171T301..
Orden tutu at • Wilkom Solatot 1 Clo:r OXott , cor
ner of Market out 7bst struts, will rutin prompt
- attention. • 7 ; • oolle
Uxuntrposed by any la 114 arkst.
0r014444 . lark at-ttudi *Mai, No. 41 ILLIIENT
671141 pt 1/T V , or .
at. thatrwoOp to I.s *minent. ion by
pr omended -
nom inn" iurrizzw alum
31.9ffur*iiiiiii nazi Irani cAuox ou, sinfiou
- nib rinownit inzionuis - •
papal" two simissiel wash pererwc •
ABMS 4 , (184.1), Nopriaofi.
attention of oil assissast Wass,* ,calhod to tho
hitt that the unifsillsol Ws a litreS;dool and dry
oxsol‘suitshis f stodarnesziavoil.
Duquissii -Way sad Bt. Mir alas!.
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Baps anitantkirin tiasia a' lay iiitt th =ti l
simoonsi Nook OD 110 T sob
,P__ _ ,LANI .wEIDOW. MIT,. LINTIss.
zusaarrat, -- 201enk pIIMENGIi Lamm; Pit•
~. lis gifts, 81 I' , willi.
- 16111$1111, MOW Z Li. - ,' -..' it '', i; .:, :!.`
-..14. izzase l thlatunia iniunsor rot , .
1 ' Meld to to!ortoolthstpAc,
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Amnia TER , , , i y ) wm th — Amato& rgot,
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