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l EgtifiLl§ltEt IN 1786.
LAWS OF Till infirm) STATES,
rated at the Third - Bmi= of ti Ili:V
-erve:ea Otreerest:
[PmiLia4o. GO.]
lean icritaiieu
Ax Aar re _ __g _ emus au- reg
'sting judicial- lireeeedloge in artain
Bit by is Sault; and BOWS Of
Repreendstiou Wale Vaud States of Arm:r
ift in &norm assembled, That, daring tie
mint rebellion, the President of the
he Ilitatee r wifenever, in his • Judf;
mint, t public safety may requlis it,
authorised, to euspeutti the. privilege of the
. Anabeassorpstin ekv-Calie 11112141/-
~oat thaNnited States, ar any part thereet
And whenever an&wherever the said priv.•
• Hey shall be suspended, se aforesaid, eo
.military or other dicer shall be compelled,
Ininewer to sty writ of habeas anus, to
_ Mum the body of any person or persons
debated by him by authority of _the Presi
det§ but upon the certificate, under oath,
Of the officer having charge of any one Co
debased, that such person is detained
by him. as a prisoner under authori
fp, of the President, further proceed
imp - Under the writ of habeu corpus shall
bespapeided by the judge or ,court having
PIMA thellll4l writ so , long as said nom
leltlibythe Prtaident shallremein in force
andmild labelkit'Oonigums
Seit."2;Aseriti ettletriber =acted, That
-lheikerititry of tilefeAltd the Eiscrita of
War be a nd they axe hereby dire* Is
,soon as atm be practicable, to fla n to
.114,111irges erthe circuit and.latffig — inats
UMW States and:of the Dist:tot of
liedottliOnameeogidi Threads,
Sinai a Stafieli which the - administer.
Sewall tie Loge bail continued unimpaired
ilttp&lp au tdekal ,
I ra, who are Intl
priseners of. e
3=AMarte"? authority ;ink,
of laid Stated or either of
maid ilearatizies, in any fort, arsenal, br
other place, as State or political prisoners,
et ollitenthee than as prisoners of war; the
laidliet to Waal& the names of all thole
idea reside bath* •respetative kuiedietietur
i fi da lackor wittr•mo he deemed= try
"._theilabLSetkiboW-or *Shed them, to
have violated any law of the United States
. 4 /teeny, of sill Jurisdictions, sad also the
- 411biltreackhhiel4•14e aciorsUrifit Watt
furnish a list of such persons as are la
pp authority of the
actin *eighth* State Depart-
Ant, '' the
ac yar list Of
cadlain fit : au:
,thibet4tY.them 4 g=to 0 10 504
•Deperunatt of-Wert—And•w-au eases
where greed-jury; having %Smiled ay
of said occult 'having jurisdiction in the
v:,geriabie4lteir the4piesigiof Alai/Ai* ,
. I.:vgier.shatordshing .GL said list, an aforeL
llmalteeminatedo session , without
-- ernelomstwievet . -ar - __ltresentnuted, br
other proomedieusgalast any molt person,
shall-ber liar-cety- of the judge of said
• '-o(kriftititteiWteliake -- an orda4,kapany
• ..Prillamt ,ilesit4inUt h t 1 him
iiiirry Olen yog the
":1; ijiGttiahhrtnn puitocky.'et such Iprio
r merle hereby directed immediatelyto obey
.and - execute said j enter; and 111 ease
o to he , shall
bilitifeed kr amisd emeanor,
an't hiptuttativi by a fine; of:not leis than
dew hundred dollars and im ant In
_thiaitintAlLiedlfor.e.Stoi *it bon thin
--zireetalltsvia tor ellianstitard - the cows
_ , ..Prepeds4 bowerver',Tballea'peariosioluell be
iiiiimiged by, virtue of the provisions of
01140:4111attfterkbillr iluDlSTO taken
, wreath of thee tioversnientl:l
• timaiped that he or AP Will
• cot bereidier in any way encourage give
ii,ll4partienethereof : And provided alio,
asks*, judge or court before whoa:tenth
L•• 100. 1 1. 0 i 8 7 • Wirii*JIV 4 m. alsAfrOlS
Abala :her from shall have
• Ow ! oat miassft the owe, and s if
,ihrpedblic•loo shell,,require 5a shall be
r`frii negs egalitleisoMe hill' or into
pulautr, *Pithier without In a
101/1134‘).thitiKOrtchati to
,--AsePt-e&fewoafX-14 of =feed. ihivior
toirasaLthe "United Sfatectantila vitiates,
sad frosieliide to-timec'itiVal suedejbaes
• i"Jos• 6 • • ••f - 1. 4 1 , 04 -
..-- ..aandee slid JOdearouia te-belar.
Cher dealt with, according •to law, iii the
eireumstwee atty_soiluirkt., , And it shill
be the duty of the district attorney of the
Maid States br , attend such' examination
• : ' l4 r- 4 49 .41 r irft /salad etlac ' tat ''ilui t
in ease of any such prisoners shall bounder
indlototati Or reecututent for, any offence
• againtatailirs' if disAlniqa-States, and
by Wain lawn bail or a : recognizance
may be taloa foi tiii **arenas for trial
-of roislipssetai ft suanw UM duty of aid
~4411L0tAi;44•14, 4 40.4rd0 , oak WIPP
...,-atcw•tm itribiassafored,
• lailtr! ' taft s ilar i akySries 4 44`
ittitiiiv Aidijk rmitin
luo gisanee
. eadudidtv Oirnole - - Ammons
' - -11101lial l adoilithinktie -time
; ;;Cifer pitAiliW'ot Wl' sof 'Wftldiejefaity
boater may be atrese tty
qamikan l .l* a..the a.i 4 fei,
as iniY,lltile eland jury aftli hare tez•J_.
xmleila itransics• - witionstading an g:
..suestig: um faas touarg say
of as paeans es as aforesaid imprisoned,
.Verairiketmhpsy4p... or
paean, obtain and be
• ''lliatbadifiariv'ebs - wild - judefeerfker to
discharge such prisoner on , the
and auditions -prescribed is the second,
..- • ateasmeradltuottvtittiosi.Tliat
= ,
..,..;-doiltallgqgoiPo‘l. l o l / 4 4 rah Itli4e
szelrie: - " 1 3.:.
' Vikkai''liaal it isqiittier , 'aitictsCAllat
any area ,of tke fradder4,..a pada Ml'
anaafty made at any Vino /Mile the
• - -' l oolPlift.putimiewaellialc andlibi
..-et, is'lsll courts to
~ , x.a st_i y =lo o i r .
4: — liaiiiiilientaffiiikitay .eisielr, aire,,
, i w • • "Udeile, los
,10 MT.* - -
•,,::-„!.- =4 , 4..."?.. l - t w %Fws+. ::./tioidet
- 1; * . 491 9114. 0N 1 1, 4°.
`,.', •or . . , - Vier*.
.4::..n . • ' - Ante za. I . 7 1C,;.i ~.t . :`,..r.r.., - i
JAE: 10 ,4474 l irliditeffaiiiiik 4st,
enpressadiesoirli et Medea,
:-• 411 '' ' ailine.ocannieneed in . .
• . .
saw •. •- .• - potter, chili:"
L . imii..41 . ,re...m-Aikir. ; • ' P rom t a ta
, f.i . • Ove s :,- 't 'iiiiilr • ... -. t r i k ,
•. V. .
i •
~....• • ~„, . of
" ... '....'.. ' ~,- • • - ~,, trincVnetof 4:2
' ' • '• .• . %..- T.' i i 1 1 1-401( third .
t ' . • - - Mhiattime 'bon '
, _ - .., Of ildrait, thsiat the
, mine mat in which such suit
•i 4 ia . . :101Ararlattib;
' ! 1110111.44.1 7 ,..44 . 4 4 1it,
g;, 1 1116 " 41 • •41:ff aigict, the
• . . AttiiPti litots,' to
.-• - .:liebel.lok -lohieftitesat is
•,,, , .: . - • afaipmalandisficientwority
.. .• . . altelits , .. :or Aidt:Pitass, mid
-..t. - :'. • • , • issuisY4lniztd;siso for
a s
* 4 "• buahantrt . +wai n
. • bailimacauseArtkPalabWifts
Olrilll. ifilskaii then
\t'i= i l li e l y- ) 2 1 0/3talitilitasiatrit tit
„.„..„ L ~, p. ... , , :41-....- s 1. , - .., , .s 1.- •
- •
surety ansi . prooced no further in the cause
or prostAirtmoo,„artZhe bail that shall have
been originilly•tedult shall be discharge &
And snob copies being filed as aforesaid In
such court of the United States, the cause
shall proceed therein in the same manner
as if it bad been brought in said court by
'original ' peons,' Whatever ma . be the
amount In dispute or the damages claimed,
or whatever the citizenship of 'the parties,
any forester her the contrary notwith
standing. Aislany ittedpraint of the goods
or estate of the defendant:by the original
prixieu 'ilikll hold its goods or estate
so .. attacks 4 to answer ;the final Judg
ment in the same manner as by the laws
eisu9kett io ad-hip.l B 44 l _ ad"
to 1 1 bilesi-ren
dared in the omit in which the suit or
prosecution was gosmaentieli : And it shall
be lawful in any such action or prawn
lion which may be notiliending, or here=
after commenced, before any State cogr'
whatever, for any came aforesaid, sitar
d e a d do
final judgment, for either to remove
and .reha b appdik case during
the saisioatt Um dead at which
the sain ted aokore - A,por * from sixth
court Walesa:Kt circuit oenrtof the tinned
States to be held in 'the district in which
such appeal shall be tan, in manner
aforesaid. And it shall be the duty of the
person taking each appeal to produce and
file in the said circuit court attested copies
of the process, proceedings, and judgment
,in such cause • and it shall also be compe
tent for either party, within six months'
after Uts rendition of la iselement in any
such canssoby- writ et:Tenet or other pro
to reetove llesiinswitp the circuit court
of. the Trakellitiiiiii ,ot3liiit district in
which such judgment elan have been ren
dered; and Withal& itesietehall thereupon
proceed to try and,determine the facts and
the law in such - action, isrtho same manner
as it the same had been there originally'
commenced, the judgement in such case
notwithstanding. And any bail which
may have been.takenompropertyattanheil,
shall be holden on the Mud judpsent of the
said circuit court in such action, in the
same manner as if no such removal sad
transfer had been made, as aforesaid. And
the State court, from which any studs ais ,
Aizne.stivilist_ celestas), itiol bo removed
and transferred as aforesaid, upon the
parties giving good and sufficient security
for the prosecution thereof,ahall allow the
same to bo removed and transferred, and
*raised no furtherin the wart Proutilged,
smear, That if the party aforesaid shall
fall duly to enter the removal and transfer,'
as aforesaid, in the circuit court• of the
United States, agreeably to this set, the
[ Ilteteoenrt i , bz.vrlttcdt iedgemest *ell lave
Wmweindinac anillteskivetkiek the trans
fer and removal shall have been made, as
aforesaid, shall be antkerized, en motion,
for that purpose, to issue execution, and to
,own itt e t t A °l7' aut)Pdium's4 the
same no rime and tranafer
had been made. And molded, also, That
no each appeal or writ of, error shall be il
lois' in any &Ladner action or'prosecution
where final judgment shall have been ren
dered is favor tithe difendanto 'r:ivispond
eat by the State court. And if in any suit
hereafter coluaenesteka-plaintelif Es -eon.
suited or judgment. pal, the
• aii.6tst
defendant shall recover double costs.
Sea. 6. Aid be it feeder masted,
That any snit or prosecution =.littm . oil, in
thil act, in which fiial e jiidgment may be
rendered in the circuit court, may be carried
,by writ of error to the Supreme Court what,
ever May be the amount of said judgment.
Sec. 7. And be ii further t
il9-124:"1111 •1 --.
shall be usu.' for' any or itn
prisomomat made, of feat* impasses or
wrongs dons or committed, or tot omitted
.to be done, at any time during the present
rebellion, by virtue or under color of any
authority derived , from, or exercised by or
under the President of I the United States,
or by or under any act 'of Congress, unless
the same shall have bees oommeedidirithin
two year! next after such arrest, Imprison.
ment, trespass, or wrong may have been
done or committed or act may have been
omitted to be done: Presided, That in to
case shell, the imitation herein provided
otrinniettee ie red until the passage this;
set, so that no party shall, by virtue of tide
act, be debarred of his,reonedy by suit or
prosecution until two pare from and slier
the passage of Ude act
Appmmed, hierih 1865.
As Aar to authorize thi bveyetting of vo
=tear. lied other *raceme in the United
States service.' -
Be it muted by the Benato and Rouse of
RePresattatins Thaw/luta 0/ Agur ,
tea as Cbarestiatiesisbiel,' That Qui Pres
ident of the United States be and he hereby
is antharbatai by 'antilsith the advice and
consent of the Senate, to confer brevet rink
mzrtamissioned otios
ii i z ini r e Lt
States service as lase been, or may he*
ZAM t l iz tertitiodf==
not entitle them to any Increase of pay or
emolomenta. , „
Approved,Marchl4 1868:
Asulantalle_rolisf_ of_certain_persens
Idabine .perfannet the anis al assist;.
- eat ns
sargeodnotvalry: - _
"Be W ainfai by th 'l34t ea
eett;nntAton" Of.,
/2rosentatins of the United Bads trAzur,"
losr.le'.. , ,
"lift . 4o4' #o,oolti' noond
ay „take 3optointed sad
commissioned 's' suistant surgeons
in volunteer' • Of cavalry, and al - ,
such have into the mili
tary service dal Sited States And octal-'
by enfeitield 141410011 •. • . Win&
Orwell I ,P4a 1 ' R.* • ilk. zlkanne . r.„
4 . g, .1.„,
,-._ p....-
*An ... , .
,:•••• • °''. -9 ' Aire
*lint ihillleslielibid
performed at onaand
.1. - Apprned,- Ranh 411,-Ifn&w-q.
~7,7:, 1 7:. a ip i -,; A af. Ei
As 441tttioninik an eat entitled "MI net
to 11143!_hettf_Toluat.
' t 3 T oarnk
P,?rko'P,LTtirNgi i
44e Zi 1"4111
Bo u osootod by Lis &nab and House o/
Ropromatisliva ofAo Mite 1 Ariake of dolor
iosialfhoirogiliellibbliV Una emery non
rt li Zah=
al4Lkd:L Sto i
within from 2W ofl
meat by .releltt at welfulivitoeitod in lit
tle shall be entitled to_ !WSW* the Nine
batty es intimated oiinar bejtitttod to
" ".1; 11d0dW1=
ai A l 4 r o44lh
:vow Y6L
64,] •
tqt `; ; A;Or-'. oonatining. lettere of morgue,
.-prlsoand.priee - -
its it cometed by th. tai Wolof of
Rgrologiiiioes oftie Thertatiliotes of door
iaa to Chewed claireibac That In all de
omitftireigairare..stiti_ Praddent of
the United Satiate iitiOtaritee to inns to
Pslntp armed T• 01 4, of the United States
commissions or *tote of worm andigen
pprrooper, und.; 3 ll4•rikai sold , of WWI
Otitis, sad • all Vital Sala sad rot
ulatlceittoithiPioviiiiMalt sad sond.._,uot"
aim; 01410.111,-.14414100, AIM auP''
posat of the prizes and salvages made by
such vessels: ProvidW, that the authority
conferred by this act cease and ter
minate at the end of three years from the
passage of this sot.
Approved, //Sarah 3, 1868.
[Panto—No. 6.3.]
AN ACT to further regulate proceedings in
prize cases, and to amend the various
acts of Congress in relation thereto.
.Be it enacted by the &nate and Howe of
Bepruentatiou of the United States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That whenever
any prize property shall be condemned in
any district or circuit court, or shall at
any stage of the proceedings to be found
by the court to be perishing, perishable, or
liable to deteriorate or depreciate, or when
eter theettste Of keeping the same shall be
(llsproPortionate to its value, or whatever
ail She parties. in Interest who have ap-
Pattetiet . thMtmee Shill: agree thereto, it
shillteraui anti of .11is . court, to_ order
sate them; and no appeal shall operate to
,pgerietthe Making ,or mention of such
'order. - And Upon any sale it shall be the
duly of the marshal forthwith to deposit
the trolls pproceeds of the sale with the As
salami- Treasurer of the United 'Stabs
nearest tathe place of bale, and.subject
thtiorder of the:court in the pardouler
case; azid.the court may at any time erder
the payment from such deposing the ea
louses and diaburseMents necessarily in
curred in the custody, preservation, and
sale of said property, audited rnd allowed
by the eeurt , in, the manner provided by
law. And when a decree of condemnation
shall be made in any cause, the court may,
in like manner order the payment froln
said demit. of hie costs, fees, and charges
decreed in the cause. And on a final de
, etattef distribution, after the payment Of
I inch' Malta, tees, and expensee, the residue
'af the dePult shill, by order of the court,
be paid into the treasury of the United
State-for distribution according to the de
area. And the Clerk of the court shall
forthwith transmit to the Secretary of the
Treasury and the Secretary of the Navy
certified copies Of said final decree of dis
-tribution;* and in case the final decree shill
befor restitntionwithout costs, the costs,
fees, and disborsements allowed by the
court and unpaid shall be a charge urea
the fund for defraying the expenses of
suits in which the United States is a party
or interested. And the Treasury Depart
ment shall credit the Navy Department
with the amenutheld for distribution • and
the several Wavers, Marines, esilas:'and
other persons in the naval service entitled
to share in the prise money, shall be cred
ited in their accounts with the Navy De
partment with the amount to which they
are respectively entitled.
2. „dad be it further enacted, That
the rtiecrilirj of the Navy and the Secretary
of War shall be, and they or either of -them
are hereby authorised to•take any captur
ed vessel, any arms or munitions of war,
or other material, for the use of the Gov
erment; and when the same, shall have
been taken, before being sad In for adju
dication, or afterwards, the department
for whose use it was taken shall deposit
the value of the same in the Treasury of
the United States, subject to the order of
the court in which prise proceedings shall
be taken in the case; and when there is a
final decree of distribution In the prise
court, or if no proceedings in prize shall
be taken, the money shall be credited to
.the Navy Department Who distributed ac
cording to law.
_ .
thamminzy NOT shall employ an
auctioneer or auctioneers of established
reputation in that branch of merelandise,
inalmsalss of all goods, under the di
rection of the marshal of the district in
which the property skull be ordered to be
sold, and ate rate of compensation not to
exceed in any case one and one-fourth per
confunimpon thergroas amount of the sales,
indent* elabewehall be advertised in Me
fullest and most conspicuous manner, and
to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the
Navy; and say grat, collusion, or combi
nation, or way cot of fraudulent device or
coptrhuutoe in the tale and disposition of
*iii.ptize property, by which the captors or
the eloverateettt are or may be defrsuded,
shall be, and' is' hereby, declared to be •
felony; and any pablus' officer or agent, or
any other person engaged therein, upon
conviction thereof by or before any wart
of conipateritJorisdiction, shall be liable to
• tine aot exceeding twenty thousand dal
larsoind to iniprlsatunsiti not exceeding
tawyeara, or to both, in the discretion of
the amt.
See. 4. Anti be it further enacted, That
the 'third section of the act of twenty-fifth
March, eighteen hundred and sixty-MN
entitled !'„Aa act to facilitate evidence and
proithdingsim and afiludiostiene upon cap
lurid property of prize," be and the same
is keseby,mtmaded, sothat the compenso-
Irmo-of counsel to the enters to be *Ousted
sad-determined by the court, and paid and
iiildned . ",. as cats, shall ,be confined
to compensation for such eervioes 'as
nay be rendered necessary by reason
of the Cares 'having thlsteeta conflicting
with the United States, end proper
in the opthithuf thesottrt, to be represent
ed - tram those repro
einang the United States. And so much
Of the twelfth **foe ot the net of July
'atmenteeig Alglathili hawked mid siaty-iwo,
kthat act tenths better government
cf . the navy of the United Stites," as so-
Who'll.. the 'Pnotetiry: of the Navy to
employ an agent to counsel for the captors
and to Ax his compensation, is hereby to
raged. -
- britlerther meted, That
thicollitillitui . ern ie prise shall not exoted
Amain say ilistriet• of the courts of the
United Stella,: tebe appointed by the dis
t:W.4mill Of olio of whom
shall be trretireirnaVel?killoer, ' id be ail
.le.(lly the court and approved by the
of the Navy 7. and theOtnnwal
=in each district of:loth ':semithi
skuraraball not esheedaix Atouseatd dal
larso44loll'oo3l4l- fteklitllfirtrOilei hi',
thigurenni Court of the Veiled Mateo,
which b&T•i3IIIII •or • may be incurred or
authoillek raylepartment of the Ovv—
Aniigkelli Oran* audited and allowed
theAtizenerthmertdrattlloildtcr of the
Treasury, and Shall be 'charge von and
paid out of the fund appropriated for de
fraying dm exponent of mite in which the
United States are parties er intimated.
Ow. feit_firrOser
ifhenU• • court - that allow' witnesses' fees
to any witness ins prise cause, and the
court has no Money subject to its order, in
the cause, the game shall be paid by the
=COSH Of vritsmass in
Tiftetriteteittii par
ty, and shall be repaid from any money
deposited, to the order of the craft in said
Bic" 7. Thtblibe it furthirasacie4 That
appeals from the district (louts of the .- Ifni-,
ted Stater Wiese onuses shall be directly
to the BtlProme Court, and shall be mode
within' thirty days of the rendering of the.
decree sppealedircm, unit= the court shalt
previously have extended the time for ague
shown in the particular cue ; and the &-
mate Court snail always be open for the
entry of such appeals. Such appeals may
be claimed whenever the amount in con
troversy moods two thousand dollars, and
in other cans on the certificate of the die- -
Wet judge that the adjudication involves
a question of Xillionity and general im
pep fig ,-
- 2irof Exit /imam enacted, That
.ail poi/lons of law which are inconsistent
with thisworthis act siteJl be and autism
;llllPWllol • •
Approtrimi; Mardi 8, X 863.
[PUBLIC-No. G6.]
AN ACT to equalize and establish the com
pensation of the collectors of the customs
on the Northern, Northeastern, and
Northwestern frontiers, and for other
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
B,epraentatives of the. liniteciStatee of Amer
ica in Congress eusentilled, That the collector
of customs of eaohoiltino districts aforesaid
shall render, with hie accounts of the ex
penses incident to his dice, a list of the
clerks and other officers of the customs em
ployed by him, eietii* the rate of canipen-
Batton allowed to. each, the duties they
severally perform, sad oleo et account of
the sums paid for stationary, fuel, end all
other office expenses, including office rent;
for all of which expenses hts shall submit
an estimate each month in: advance, and
shall state the purposes for whielkany pre
mises are used; and ehall also render an
accurate :account of all fees and com
missions wilco ted-by. him. .
Bea 2. dnd be further enacted, That
the district of Beelett's Harbor be and is
hereby annexed to the district of Cape
Vincent, and the district so annexed is
hereby abolished and, constituted a part of
the district to which it is i annexed; an d
that the district ofriagnra' is hereby ex
tended so - as to inc lade the. entire county
of -Niagara to the channel iof Tonawanda
Greek; and that Lewiston, in the district
of Nimes* is hereby dlieontinned as a
port of entry, and that the l port of entry
for the district be ankhrherehy established
at Suepension Bridge.
Bee. 8. And be it /nether- enacted, That
Plattsbnew, in the district cifChamplain, is
hereby discontinued All Out, of entry, and
that the port of entry for thedistriet be and
is hereby established at limise's Point, at
which place the collediciittif the dietriot
shall reeide, and a deputy collector shall
resident Plattsburg; and all vessels pass
ing through Like Chartiplonn, from Canada,
shall hereafter be required 'to report tc the
collector of onstomeiat Bowie* Point. ,
Sec. 4. And be to Bertha. enacteci i Thee
hiichillroaokinack, in the district ef
imackinack, is hereby discontinued as a
port of entry, and that the port of entry for
the district be and is hereby established at
Saulte - Ste. Marie, at which place the col
lector of the district shall reside, and •
deputy 'collector shall reside at Michili
Sec. 6. And be it Bram. meted, That
all acts and parts of eats repugnant to the
provisions of this act be and'the same are
hereby repealed.
Approved, March 3, 1863.
[Ptramo—No. ca.]
Aa Acr to facilitate the colleetion of the
revenue in El Peso county, Texas, and in
the Territory of Nor Me:l3w
Be it enacted by aortisnote and Howe of
Ripraentorivu of tio'Vstited State of AlSili
ca in anviklas aosombled, That the tenth
section of an act entitled'4Anaoi makLeg
appropriations for thelegislative, °neatly°
and judicial expymau of the Goverzuneht
for the year ending thirtieth of Junes
eighteen hundred and Afti r ttlgitt," approv
ed March third, eighteen hundred and At.
troeves, be and the same 4 hereby repeal
ed; and the ail act creating
a collection , and New
Mexico," approved Augnskieeetretd,eighteen
hundred and fifty-four , Is hereby revived
and re-enacted: Provi ded; the Oolleqt
or shall reside at El Pose r fisxas, Instead
of Frontera.
t.-elgef—bs-ii mute , That
the jurisdiction of the district court of - New
Mexico shall extend over the citizens of El
Paso county, Toxin, only in cases not in
etjtuted by indictment, and the trial and
proceedings for giolstienslof the revenue
laws ID said district court of New Mexico
shall be the same win other district courts
of the 'United States invested with admiril
ty powers; and this act shell take effect
from and after its passage.
Approved, March 3, 1863.
I (tame —No. 68.]
An Acr to authorize the appointment of an
Aesietant Treasurer of the United States,
and to fix the pay of the treasurer, as
sistant treasurer, clerks and gem
in the office of the Treasurer of the United
IL it enacted by the Snots and Rouse of
Bepreatostatives of tAclirsittS States of Amer
ica in Cowen oesembk4 That the Presi
dent of the United States be and he is here
by outhortzed to appoint, from timeto time,
by and with the coosent and approval of
the Senate of the United States, en Arei•lt
ant TresSurer of the United States; mid
the Treasurer of the United. States may, in
his discretion, with the consent oldie Sec
retary of the Treasury of the United States,
authorize the said assistant to act in the
place and stead, and at any and at all
times to discharge any or all the duties ie
qtdred by law of the maid Treasurer of the
United States.
See. 2. And br it further enacted, That
the Secretary of the Treasury of the United
States be and is hereby authorized to ap
point, in addition to the clerks now author
hod by law, a cashier, with an snug sal
ary of two housand four hundred dollars
per annum • an assistant cashier with in
annual salary of two thousand dollars
por annum • four chiefs af divisions, with
annual caries of one thcusand eight Mk
drat dollars each per annum; and also a
messenger, an asehdantmessenser, and Iwo
laborers,'ln addition to those now allowed,
at, the compensation now authorised by
Bea 3. And be it feather. enacted, That
there shall - be paid to the Tressurer of the
United States, in lieu and stead of his pres
ent compensation,' commencing with and
including the first day of July, eighteen
hundred and .'sisty-two,i the • sum of Are '
thousand dollars per annum; but Item
which amount there shall bededucted all
sums of money heretofore paid to, or to.
mired by, the said treasurer, aceount of
his compensation for services rendered as
• of the United States,- since end
Including the 'day aforesaid, and the /n
-em/ lax 04 lush additional compensation
as will bars - monied Aire the diet day of
-September, eighteen' hundred and silty.
two;, and there shall be paid to the Assist
sat Treasurer of the . United Stelae an an
nual compensation of twenty-five handfed
dollare. •
Sena 4. And be it freither enacted,' That
the compensation of the 'treasurer, deputy
'trauma,' clerks, ind messengers afdre
said, for the current and next fiscal years,
shall be paid out of any • money is the
Treasury not, otherwiae appropriated. Es
limatore for all such oompensation, spar
the next Atoll year , shall be submitted' by
the' &oratory of thi; Treamary wltkhis an
nual estimates.
- Approved, Marsh 8, 1863.
NABS & 00., P 1 aliqii •
_Jog 0p...a *la, 14 ige #
me , of lbw benaliM b anal sat,
beyond AllonA4,lbeylnon In no pliantly. OOW
li - won Anent unlnianily;:copenod. . Yor nom
moons yea woo: 10 e. tow s .44 to in 6.0.14, - cc •
ouir ard•re,—Ausaiirmauls.- ,
Hausa saaranir szoiliinog - 'alto.
YORTWI, the bost.obsep Pll{oo. MOO. .%1149 by
vatugres llrmilLi. if itftb '
8010 Apol OW Basle is UoTiOner:pu! . lied.
Pitleilre, millanFase -: 1 , i • ,, . )113
rtosivid Oki rain OLAPL4I PRMBTMI,
NNW 4, at the Wol fa* laregenipSt
mom A lam
-issrwarra a
0100/Ipto MrDn fer Tl i4liar-1-644 PIN
0151000101.10 ;11110;0110.
Er WU AiPurr kr
• — II'. VW atm oast:
wis t
L •
Vittsintrgh Onzettil.
S. RIDDLE & 00.,
iiblication Office No. 84 Fifth 14111.
1101711 or PUBLICATION.
Emil Schalk and t eßebelCampalp.
'Whoever has happdned to see Emil Schalk's
last book on steatite will see a very remark
able Riot In the mac te nts of thehumau mind
strategy will
as armies. T e fact Is, that thsrebels
Trove followed esectly literally, Chivies/OmM
pointed out to thest,,inMisli our armies persisted
In their mode of operations. H.noWing this, all
we have got to do Is to see how far they have
progressed In those p ens-and with what sue ,
our. Schalk's opinien Is, (no matter whether
commit or not,) that ant plate are wrong, the
armies being on the tin:tumbrels** of a sleds,
Instead of concentrated on radial lines. He
then suggests a rap A conoentration of the
rebel armlet Cif illisuoiessive points, occupi
ed b* our armisi etdiat with the capture of
Washington and - Biltimoro, and .of owns a
brilliant tad tremendous triumph of &eyebolt.
Briefly, his plan is, 1. A. , rapid opaisentra
tips against. Mosta at Nltibirar brrehlforoll
mints trout Charleston end a amps of,Leels
amay. which is. of t oinuie,,,tu sad Las defeat
of,our troopi, l'ite reader Imola . that ,this
has best dorit,,eximiting _ thedefeat ' of oar
army. .LotrstrNt's maps wu ' detaated troln
Lee's army to the Maskwatir, where it - was
repulsed by Gen.= Peek, im was. another divi
sion at Newborn. 2. The next vest feat was
to ommentrate trdops from Mobile, Visksburg
and Illohmoul, under Bragg', till itsmountml
to More than .100,000 man, which .was to at
tach and defeat Bosserans, who offered him
self 'as • brillisat prise to the enterprise of
Beata. This, alio, was attempted. Several
03•60908if.1 attests were made on the ad
vance posts of Rocectrans..atid troops ware ad
vancing to Bragg under Johaiton when Genf
Cipla so sittiousljhaterfared with the scheme,
that both Braggand4oltostod were rendered
imam. ' Instead Of Bragg advancing, he is
now in retreat{ irid Johnston Is utterly un
able to-do anything.. '..'' -.• ' . . a ..
la the mesawhlle Gen. Hooker cloned the
itappahannoeind ' Lee was oompelled to re
call Longstreet's e and the attack on
Newberg became ta tter failure. 3. The
third mind solteme f Mr. Sabath was a tre
mendous raid of L la Maryland, which was
to be undertaken an r these cdremmetanees i
that there should be a defeat of the Fed
eral army ; NeogicUy, stud Richmond should be
I "
garrisoned with 50, 0 mea—for Mr. Beall'
was not blind non h to overlook the fact,
that Richmond ati lt tin the meanwhile be at
tacked ; and thirdly, that Lee's arety, te-ea
forood from every quarter, should advent
180,000 strong. Whether we (madder Hooker
defeated or not Lee has advanced through
the Shenandoa h Valley, but with not over
'two-thirds the force Mr. Schalk imagined him
to bays.
This morons gentleman was kind enough
to advise the rebel generals jut what to do In
detail ; and they have followed the advice as
far as dory had the power. Ilievinguipposed
the national army utterly defeated, a corps of
30,000 ems up to Centreville to wait; in the
meanwhile, the 'grand army of Lee passed
through the gaps of the Blue Ridge, crosses
the Potomac (east of Super's Ferry) sad
marches on Washington, on the north side.
This brings us to what we may consider the
present moment of thee; and se-the Medi
pumas Schalk's plan, to the minutest detail,
let us take his account of the small matters to
be done hereafter:
arrived at Duckistown, they would marab raw,
and thereby prevent tb• garrison of fierper's Terry
escaping west or northwest. Tbs main body of the•
arm) bee meanwhile moved along Loudon Valley; at
Mae Gap about 100,8C0 per through It; the re
malodor (some 40,000) move to Bed= ; a detachment
tan London Nalgida ;10,000 MOO move to /Yoder
eaktovra, and the remaining 10,000 march into Plew.
ant Valley, take ilaryiend Ileights and form MS
.garrison of ilarper's Terry one. more to =mender.
lumudietely after the amender, and if in the
meanwhile Weshingtere has been rap tured, the entire
corps move toward Cheatham/hug far an loved= of
the North; if Washington has not been captured,
Wen It moves &gaited Baltimore. The main body
having pawed through Mille Oap, advances In OM
rd'. terry, mama the POUIONA, and immediately
proceed/ toward Washington, which bisoe ought to
be Wicked dosultansouely oa the right bank of the
Potemse, by the 30,t00 rebels coming from Center
rills, and by the IMAM coming from Courad'a ferry
act the left boat. One or two forte carried on the
left bank =add open the way lath tha city, and this
=red the giurbion la the Ws ou the right
would prOchis be obUpd re sortioder.
This is a splendid operation, and it is very
!statist's( to tram It. progress. It has
ed in metal Particulars which a good Genit
al eight think imporkist., Vint, the Nation
al army was MI routed ; next, Lee has act
180,000 ines• allZti . in oanospenie of these
loom he could send no 30,000_ men to Conti:-
ville ; next, hi:did sot get through Aldle'a
Gap bemuse Plouanton defeated Start at
that point pmxt;he did .of. arms at Conrad
or any point mat of Marmt's Parryjbmanse
he oonld not, and bymusqueno•tho pillion
of Maryland Hightail mead off. Lastly,
does not march' toward Washington broom
It not at all manning ; . Thee fillureN se
far, are, not doeisin.. of siitiang. •Ko•Ps
very important straptis hat that awaits/1i;
which was evidently int ended on Wathisgtoa
sr Baltimore, Das fallod.. At Ift,Mmil
has not .Imiglaiii iiii3llll4 ,i{tilik . of Chair,
benign. th• abets mast at, alba
to know what to do zest.
An *Week on Pld'adapt's might be at
tempted, strew as II map seems' but the
wagons 'lash went on empty and returned
tall, mom probably Indicate the oitieSt'
of the rebel army.
On the wheal, it dam not seem that Kt
admire advise to .theiebel Gnash ham bees
so far ,verp profitable./The 'faint* ;sabot
Nowhere; the failmsag elan Itoeserans; the
Winn to rest the Potonsse arab do not point
Ito any great seams In the: end. ' It. Lego
*any should be fiend btilielia- the Potoeteo,
and the thiquitarina whet:resole riven rhos
the result Will more protabl,,:be .`
NaPtilooli!Leistok sok,Stwootri then that oft
Vieaan«y mom area great luny more .eta
masts to be oensidered in war than the ergs.
nizatlea'qf 1* azasy,or a pert plan of shaW
•Whitataz mwr be the malt, the - :thud.
armies Aare apt yet sageeeded la ealtAbiala"-
lortant; white failure will wary. them dowws
ward with mistlen fenor—Obrrapposeclosi tif
els efeeisesdi Gana.
AdJutaat General Taoism and
Ilstassai of Colored Troops.
AdAtant Gala* ,ThOiliSp of tai United
States army, was present on Koaday et a
meeting of the Philadelphia oflopervlsoi
C o mmittee for Itemnitiog ' Colored Tog •
mints," sad expressed ilp'prObefloa of
the enterprise is which ' they were "enplaf.
Us desired to bear his hearty
_testimony ; to
tie ie of the. 11,
He woo a
sus, sad his prajejloss
had been oppos black enlistments, bat
his mind had adapt's; a radical aims.
lib - late experts** la the'flonthirest had
proved to.DM that the blooks make as '!Deed
soldiers ea the white, and, la some respect/4
STU better. Tor past deli they at. well
qualified. Toad of Weps thaaegre is lip.,
resented to be pat Iths °slug as a.satinet
at eight, and his wakefulness ad wateliFW
sees male, to *ltieibiL U. mass an ad.
LIMO, moat, and is especial adapted to
ape Ott BegmalUss. kaowiths tumid**,
gad eau ta,irbere to And Hum. - 4 et •i •
To Mastro their Illness tar this dati a ;the
General alatedas eset of a n whigair
Weald by har med
'ired atby Iw-up-with Me me
aid shot thehroagli the - keed, and
then to
the **or two Mai
arms Tistrlaut s I .7Zheiviittlat
insist at theaters naval batileat Said
Gulf, and on p ow board of th e Odnuno
• ones ship alter eagigelassl, found that
• • 1-41-tkagannersvano
sad-h , should ildak—nearly ono•kalf of fft
men on the Aid *eta aegroes.
tin aid iiperionee al its Saiithiisst hsd gab.
isilsiLhlakastsls _cusp said. In the lleld,,ba.
moral avalled• aad beadagi
there wires* nperiors to the blacks in oft
OHM army. f Reams now as hiertily
bid ee. osealltistnele Whir
of erasing the negro. • r••
The Mega of Vicksburg-. Dang
Johnston Cutting off Supplies.
PenbOrtoll golds Ont, etc.
Aeon," a eorruneadent of the Cluinnati
Qom& with Grant', army. write, from " Be
for• ',lobbies," on the 234
We have an abundant* of supplies - for pres
ent un- bet suppose that Johnston, who sea
do awing at Blackwatsr, 'humid move his
earslry.. and artillery to the hiisirlasippi 'chore
of the Mississippi river above as. Mare
would be our brightt bon*, ; whin our easel
donee? Did you will ray "when would the
gunboats bit"
g lt T r thi rosett all the gunboats cannot keep the
I from ' the bank, nor proton the
transport, that bear u sinnliaa How could
they if there wan half ,a dosses batteries tf
dyieg artillery at Menai plots f Thin is
the titular with lisedesdr Orb4XCO of apistral-
Hoe piled on deck, and alleirillom a twelve
pounder through her, pnly two
above the timbering volcano. Two other
holes are through her. The Prime Donna
has over twenty cannon shot "through her—
all this with one battery at Cyprus Bend,
thirty-Ive miles below Napoleon What
would it be if Johnston should go there Y.
In some plates the channel comes to within
a few feet of_ the CAIN lined shore. AU the
ganboatie could net keep them clear. Who
the river is low a steamer is almost hidden
behind the bank--sharpshooters can fire down
upon them, but canon cannot bo elevated to ,
teach them—shot - would go over. I mention
this that yon- may not be surprised if snob a
thing occurs. Each day that this siege is
prolonged adds to the glory of the garrison,
and detracts from ours. Time is precious.
and I fear we are wasting its most precious
mounts. Fate abaft*,
P•mberton's seasons an not those of a mil
itary necessity, but those of "spite and venom
against a city and a people who here done ts
all history Wit us &hymnist have done, (fora
Adam to AdtairalForter, doubted the sintor
ity of a renegade. The p_osition of an apos
tate it stout doubted. n he goes from bid'
to good he is sturpsoted by many. If from
honor to Infamy, as is the case of this Govern
ment foundling, he is doubted by all. Faith
less to the taut that he had sworn, foresworn
he was faithless to all. 'A perjured man has
no rook upon whit* to stand—he has no word
he is veiniest in the halls of honor for all
"You have doubted my loyalty. I wilL
show you at what lidos I will tell Vicksburg.
Not till the last dog (the drat oni) is killed,"
threatening, not the troops only, but wawa
mid children vita /anise antipertilenee.,
Notwithstanding all that he may say Vicks
burg mast fall. Our natal fey will in all
probability tie the Stan and Bolus where
the emblem of infamy, "that bouts a single
star," now themes the morning sun.
Deserters still tell of the suffering If the
people and famine. Men who have to dwell
in tranohae, sad dare not Amu them, eannot
be vecr healthy, tspsoially without suffitdent
food. The end is hot yet.
Lee'. Invasion Anticipated in En
The Army and Nay Gazette, of June 13th,
edited, we believe, by Mr. W. 11. Russia, has
the following
• • • There is an uneasy eeneatton at
the North. They fear that General Les is
really going to - not on the aggressive. It
would disooneedlleneral Mantua very ma
terially if Washington were taken, but that
is, in our opinion, not to be ar-earplidect by
times attach. The 000npation of the North
ern capital would, Indeed, irritate thecitisens
of the free States to an immense number of
speeches, prodigious meetings, renewed ex
ertions to °spume the Irish and German pop
ulation and enlist them in the sonic* ; ft
would also, no doubt, ',ensile - nets of the
Veda angles, aadatir,up: the Mood of do
many honest end brad Americans who think
lois usential to their freedom and happiness
that their Union should add unimpaired;
but such a demonstration of the furs. arid
putpose of the South would drill-thesis& of
the Pennsylvania, New York and roston tap
italists—nay, mere; it maid open the roads
to the sides which supply the means for car
rying undo war by which they thrive and
fatten. Such a proof of (trent/. would bo cep—
prteiated by Europe ago. Gen. Lee was not
(spoonful in his invasion of ltarylaid, and
will not repeat his venture with the object
which led him aortas the Potomac on that m
outonbut he may be obliged, on political cad
waiter; grotsta, to carry the war into the
enemy's country, notwithstanding his Mown
dialthe to an aggressive attitude, and the war
will den assume a most interesting aspect. .
Abolition venous Rocoinition:
Among the Wen rialred in the last Nog
ish mall by Senator Baumer, is one troll
which ,the following paragraphs hire- been
published: . .
The polillosi prnjudiou of oar 111011111101**4
aristoondlo, and would-b• aristooratio pow pto.,
against the North, hate barn so strong that
we elan only pt their artearims through their
io=ookia. • : 'she ty-shallying of yourfilii•-
• ant at azikorktine stabot 'or slava,
&prised es of moor to stomp that Woof.
prejudice.' But rallde slowly and surely -
tundsg, whirr itsisedk
ate commas / Mal tq.loyak border
alatt. fat cab gut, ) 1= 1 1 4 1 51 steel, sod
Bill , on oilbsalt mg
inients his staff of ithilelk;Laeiraigasti - cook-,
moepoeplis will iris. in vie' strong Ores of
thif Nort h, and oomph their
'Wain" te folleW •-•
/..z2hero ti co poingr time sue overcome ads
.toteroky sad (apparent) ulidiztototo
bid•batoollitost..,.lkommoU fotza it so. It
Is not is asP:POIM Wad , 011ie* tq1141012, 01
12,01 4.1111P P a tt ‘ tra f ii i o l Ant e t r t b : 4 4;
did idiot" kitimiLsiroui oppOusu ICIO POE
6214 iiitokr) if ea( toy'of frAlNAltioo .
'Got WO CildliOlloloOs artol kltikiigidtion."
Kriersoifjosjot•lo Oise Mr. Lloooht -nosy
"pis OM drill , di Ito 'ondoubtat MAW.
-A Oolmiline iMpitob, if Moirday; mei 1
`l' lbws wee a - yonut4 enoponeton of Indigos
tide riftattoei 'Oa. 3' - O•oloo!, ii'Maponei to
eber flomesiee. protiiiidont ' - The oldMma
est.malemlblot:Meibilimeltintie. of . Lim Stift
Hativwbeemilboy was Mimed by. doe
nraoMitoiltrkettidtkat labia information
itaistioditieubeireliesp .that the Mote do
-111040.9314194:50..01,„...4 that wields
.Ime c orid W, -, to toomeliktrom
titiAio;sid Zwill,try:lt froiiiii Sou th .
' tr-68161 fair zon"
ttlita brew inieb.riblO. _
tor t
braottiallia.'o el UM - proNsit'dinito pm :
'Tad ilia it 'Wald - ifif ildnye' iiiiilsta in
1 :Sow As molted eviry ono ei MEW in rale.
tag slz atemtite—mosr— A oonunium of oiti
seas was empappointed, to adopt • plan of
antion.... They roporlodior t faeor Of yfam
ing' aid'a kaiiwil Malin' tomorrow, whirs
mbiratidegailleito will be iota, -Itoorgiting.
Asa biajapteto4loll/lidefiatflll ilt. lost two -
Tito timid& tie-44;6'1'mi : OIL
wititaweinlimilitreygastilmen f tlitheelanid
iodate martial law qtor,,Ao ,iiiit• Al. laix
morktbs' nun warn not immeilatoty, aim&
Rl' lair -WW I Im iii'ilitt tio' dii`.ioland tine
bibbramplebalt.,t,tl I.: J ~..1 -7 ~., t./.
vCa}adiW t/ - ,as
IrAbArSoftwwbo , tym Oat
ria 1 02:0 1 1 0 atAlsidie
i 14 V:;lfi RE •M io t a osa li
tc=l bZpai
v a lki,ttat Mae iiiirrelb'
hosayeitisti Whir op niattlit:
loonie is thle onntkont nisi it 'would bir
an 4 teoporAs it/titbit& zponerinisetlurl
ronatodi ammo.* iniacelt, In or.
iliA!icar37 ens .Itht snowy stud,
- 41 0 4 &We In PP the Iltv
kgisbAtiltsOrriVßOs• P 2 AciP •
'OM now • • teoAnnisedios
any ditinticia i Chad Unatesitztaftog the,
begun:7'ol*W fie eta tuundiglOn
prorporliWirtntonCll thellisthit
nyiiitan)oppepocioitiatiOll 11 10, *ages,
,011111 2 10 110 04411%.Tingrokscfatt 41117:hk
ti"",lll4l44= l" iierti li t r1iC 1114 411.-i +
NA1P00~241141 a*,
rgt4141 3144 00% 4 =F 0011.-
Aill a eons ins for
own nolnii~llo• 4l iinti
Owe by tint
Sintinnarknnesidaspwelttxt i gi nS W .,L,
'; f lciA
14A. ,
I VI-_--NO. 197.
Ea opinion is etteriabsd
_by some —a s
w be illell,by-ths dlipAel`.6twacheniabbk—.
t • insteedof otiloitittatinthis WIRY niter
eh' le:tabors to glothatthi as a. Meade,
Lee b likoly to push. lb way to Phila.
dolphin by woy ot Weill@ Ferry, wkish we
believe to ba befoi t `COlontlia t It Is hardly
probable, tpwever, rebel general
would venture upoirso deeperste atnevement;
we think It mor iiiolabb ; th at Ibis fatptwo
. .
*km him been Alvin as a Mind - to 11101110111 i his
designs open Balthiore: Ya ft via still be
boo that he is oollowitrating.,.kis t bras at.
Shippensbargtottwaitaho apprciash of Ben.
Muds. Ames the oonfised and oontisting
'report It Is impossible toarrive - atanY Goa
...tuba 'epos -Wok , the wind can rut
With lig digest ofoonidaues.
. .
The following extract from "Carlolam"
hip a dlreetwppliaation :
• • .194 it Imola you have, lee qui,
Thst Uke nor puce ser war I no one afikkleaten,
The Other smokes yen proud. -H• that trust" ktyon,
Whore he ohoold.nod you lion; Undo roc bora:
Wiwi. non". pow :79n arc no fors. no.
1. t6Ocoddef Lars non the ice,
Or Wawa/ la Ursa& roar virtue is,
Tomato kW worthy whale elbow onhilleo
And cane that jsostke MAIL Who (Warn great-
Desenws yoM bstsi; sad your affections >n°
A, slot msn's viand. who /Mins nose that • ;
WAS* would ham* his evil. HI OM &PGA& _
Upon ;one &toss swims with Pis of laid,
And hews down asks with maim." '
• Two °ominous of the 24 Virginia Cavalry,
spanked on Poup-preelt, In the Kanawha
Valley, were turprlsOd by thiiiibels on Sun
day morning, and twinty4lns are token
prtionare. The enemy mho eirried tort:-
Ave horse'. None of oar eten Well tilled, or
wounded. The rebels bad two men Masud
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