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    -Emir -RINE 26
From Yesterday' s Ihr:eu g ' Gazette .‘
The Arsenal Cfike.-fithiirtiug t.,,,
the Lath. .
Our readere are familiar with the toots sad
oirannutancus which led to the dismissal of
Mesa employees at thellidirl States Arsenal,
for disloyalty—we say "Wallas with the
ratite, • bemuse we bare been careful to pub.
lash ovary material . eirosmstszee (unseated
with the caws. It Would•isessiii, hoverer, that
there is still gassier sympathiser with treason
lift in the -Aliefilla.;•411111 who, although well
known to the Catialtteedf Investigation, was
it ared - on aeoottfit of his age and many infirm
: lipa, i r on • the 'profile' of ait tinvestigation
• 'which might bans cost him his long-time sin
' Wave. ' When the chirp of disloyalty against
sag. Utley and others was preferred
' laY talent th e employee!, (Mr. Moßarland,)
aid 'pm his authority made public through
our eel i hfeJ. Whiteley addrested • note ,
to fdr. 11.1 die, dedrbgl him to name a com-
Teats* or vei. to WM" in' aonjanation with a I
seams Use tole santedle , the accused,
into 'she d investigate these charges. The
commit 0 was promp tly designated by Mr.
Biddle, n his part, ut the accusod, who at
first • soda willingneesto hale a full and
- fall li" of the testimony, never responded
•••••4a named their ooknittee--but shrank
heath* Investigation-behind a criminal pre s
saution of the Calton of this paper for libel.
-" The prosebutlen for libel will instigated by
the whi -headed "positions? * ' above alluded
'', 'Wand •it wts who manlike& and advised
Oa on behalf of the licouietwith what
- " mein public already know. The prin
.._ Mpg par who charged as with libel fled
from t city —abandoning r their situations,
- - Tends lag quietly aw4-like thieves or pith
laskets The tioneequence was that he grand
lury ign red the bill and put the costs to the
seeount of Thomas IC. Lalley,for whom a pro- ,
case is now in the handset , tine oaten. In
___:::thenteantinmseiveinvtattigetion went on ' and
the charge . of, disloyalty Wag ' been fully
mad* oat by sworn testimony, the whole party
of "sympathisers with treason" wet disease
id by Maj. Whiteley. When we announced
this gratifying feet we thought we had done
with the "Arsenal a se." But not to.
Boon after - the dismissal of the parties, a
scurrilous anonymous handbill was leaned,
bearing all the ear- markref the superannuated
dolt who sought to screen those disloyal em
ployees and retain them as fitting company
for himielf. , Thelandbill was full of a ba se,
awl sought to defame those respectable men
who had taken an -active part in the inroad
gallon, while at h ' sa me time a sickly effort
(such as befitted a f ble- minded old meal was
made to bolster n the traitors, and mate
sympathy in their '; 'elf. That the libelous
publication was pasted by unheeded, as it de
-served nothing but contempt.
_ . Having failed to accomplish anything, and
still smarting undakthe lash, the meddlesome
dotard has written I column and a quarter of
staff, over he signature of "Wayne " and
very appropriately'addreases it the editor
of the Post;
"in when paper it appears this
morning. Prom this communication we learn
lot the first time that reformer one noupab
. Hatted to the Weekly Pat, the proprietor no
• . doubt being reluctant to admit it into his
daily isms, where the aliens hero, who know
all the facts, could get an opportunity to
• wad it:
The last communication is, like it. first,
abusive of Meier*. Riddle, Howard, Barr, Mc-
Farland, and othere•who aided in tie intent
--' gation, and who axe denounced as a "cabal of
-'•• .'.. oonspiratore; who met at night and examined
*Messes against the accused, wilioue gulag
' -• thwa notice or, thu digit estintieutriou that they
were Chariot with any offense I" The public
Ithow how bald a lie this is. The parties
were publicly accused, and at their ow* rasngeg
IdniosWhitaley asked for a Committee to to
. .-*1 Instigate th e charges, but they refused to
make even an start to defend themselves. In
`:'feet, they eould•eihke no defense.
Reid slew choice extracts from the couunn
• •., ,' McKim : "-•
- -- -ale utter ignorance of any impel:Amens,
• and entirely 111001110101111 Of any offense,
thit an inquisition n bad been bald, and hat
. ~- they had bea condemned as rebels, they went
:::to their work as usual I They nevi told that
they were discharged by order of Vol. White
- 1 9 7 1 "
_- " May Gcd help and defend the right! We
• hare fallen upon times when men are not per
mitted to defend themselres t"
" Mr. Editor, I sincerely believe that to
• man who have thus been traduced and victim
' bed to be good men, and true and loyal sati
nets; therefore do I interpose in their behalf."
' Abuse for the committee, and special plead
ing for sympathy on behalf of the dismissed,
eonstitute the subject Matter of the communi
_This gentlemen assailed are at present so
•'' ' oworpled as camp_and on the fortifications that
- ' they cannot now attimd to this aged libeller
and thi papas which renders itself liable for
: the pablioetien, but in due tins both shall re
ceive proper attention. We would also warn
the writer that he is not " above suspicion,"
and thas even his age, i
which has heretofore
protected him, may yet prove insufficient to
shield him from merited dismissaL
• Latest by Mail from Harrisburg
The lierrisburg To leyraph, of Thursday
Moraingicentaltra the following:
The rebels are at this time (ten o'clock a.
m.,) in the vioixdty of Shippensburg, in force,
steeling everything that can be of any po
ble value to them. Large wagon Wm ac
company them, and all - the wagons and horses,
together with the bemuse that can be found,
Are taken from our damns.
As ire go to press we have • dispatch from
Gettysburg, stating that every thing It quiet,
and that the rebels have withdrawn from the
vicinity. The citizens of -Adams county de
serve great credit for the courage displayed in
- the present emergency- Whilst the maraud
ers were seeming South Mountain in search
of plunder the farmers tuned out to drive
them off, and whilst &party win', about steal
ing bonestroni some farmer he fired at them
when' they Ten about entaing„the barn, kill
ing one of their number on the spot. This
was so unexpected that the balance of them
left without their comrade. They hays not
been seen sincein the vicinity.
Lawn-10050 r. x.—The operator remained
at Newville until four p. m., when through
Scouts - , who bad been - sent to the pike three
,auks distant, he learned that he was almost
scriounded, the rebels being on both sides of
the railroad. ^
Unisasid.up_his Instrument quickly and
' ' eatug &Oration's fitatton on Shand ear. Teti,
• fob!' hAdz lifleg from :Cattalo. Upon his
-ardrsi hem, ho at oats, by means of mounted
m.i, pattilmself fn ognitaaniaatlon with Capt.
Boyd, wko commands the molting troop:And
-whowas-retreating as raptißpas the enemy
idianoed. Through thig wane it, was Its
rebel &dialog had halted at
tunk,gangfrfOintown, eight' miles west -of.
. ,
Captai Bij
b a has a strong guard In front of
fMrabsil,aadwltl ewe early Information of
their advisor. This . la the' state of affairs np
. to gi.
Brigadier General Kam ha been "orders'
to make a stand at Oxalate, sad has sooord
innly tam apoaittoaak the south side of the
awn. Be lisa been reinforced, and argil:Lake
a stubborn - raraistaacm IA any advent» which
lasi be attempted by tim ntrels,
ilfoulder Close his Shop.
' A. German carpenter named Peter Mets,
whose shOP L lopatod. on,. Po alto, In the
Pseond Ward, Ailegtustry, and who resides on
Mends strust, 'has 'persisted In • keeping
• shop open,evory,o4, and has all his men an
whUo his neighbors are dosed np and
- ' at west on the fortilootions. The mai prs
' ;de in the efeinitf are vary indignant, and
BO it his midst - eionduot. Ile has been
siiPealed to by .his' neighbors, but elan neither
be oraMid not 'honied into a proper souse of
iiimuneaut, two ladies who re
id!Ja spp.irsd bears Mayor
o . .; end& and =as aotaFleint ageless him,
t thif worthy semi could only refer the
• . ladies Loth. Provost Marshal, as the ease did
• not' some within his jurisdietion. They
threatened that if the MIX did not do their
- duty is this roauer r the looms would be eon•
polled to gather together and shut up the Shop
themselves.. The contemptible skulking from
duty the hold dellinoe of publio opinion
" askihitodir Mott, Isloserving of the HUl
inalsturers, salt trouble comes upon him he
'Lleilldrave_butkiniself to blame. Ile Serially
enact ask- the, protection of: a.,orimmunity
...• - • whisk ke-refoose to aid la defending, and be
• *. s •-• Monet hope for the emmterianoe or patronage
sz.. *beef seittbnents he has defied
• 7 -Eska lao bois
- of
sa d ti,-bat
lna b allyer
'l- drod' o •ob
of-soomildss ion of Clafollso gasp.sit•
:4 , z„, :i • - ,f ._, 2 -,,z;.4i.5.'4,tik1k,,,,,,_7-'_,::`,-*.,..-.3`.,_;;;::,,' ,_.524-:,1-----i':1Z::;-_'-',..,:.:,..,,,,Z4''2:::::;!,217-.:/-7,---. t
' , A ,;::-;!,, , L.:'..: 0 - 5,. , „ '_•.'.,_.l-_..i.'*l'.-'l-- '- ' .
...:74 ,-- r ----, ' • ,
Nato Convention. Postponed.
After consultation with as many members
Of the Union Stake Consenittee u I have been
able to see, it has been deemed advisable, in
consequence of the disturbed condition of the
public mind. Miring out of the rebel inva
sion of the Pennsylvania, border, to postpone
the meeting of the Union State Convention,
called to mast at Pittsburgh on the lit fey
of July, to the fifth day of duped sera The
delegates to the Convention will accordingly
meet at Plttsburgh on the sth day of August
next, at eleven o'olook, a m.
CYRUS P. IdAnnus,
Chairman 11eion gifste Committee
Attest: kt. B. OARNAIIIIN, Bee'y pro tem.
SOLDISIB.—In 011 r notice
of the Commencement exercises of the Pitts
burgh Female Collage, we forgot to mention
that the young ladies sent the bouquets, whist
were so plentifully showered upon the plat
form by the audience, to the sick and wound
ed soldiers in the Western Pennsylvania hos
Railroads Destroyed and Bridges Burn
Capture of over 500 Prisoners, Three
Pieces of Artillery, 1,000 Stand
of Arnim, dm.
Crounswerr, June 25.—The following die- 1
Pitch has been received by Burnside from the p
expedition tent into East Tennessee :
Boston, June 23.—1 arrived here with my
commend at 11 e'block this morning. I struck
the railroad at Lenoir, destroyed the road
up to Knoxville, wide demonstrations against
Knoxville, to as to have the troops drawn
from above, destroyed the thick, and started
for Strawberry Plaine, burnt Stale Creek
bridge, 312 feet long, and the Strawberry
Plains bridge, 1,600 feet long, and also Mas
sey Creek bridge, 325 feet long.
I captured S pieces of artillery, 201110 200
boxes of artillery ammunition, over 500 prig
_onerra, and 1,000 stand of arms; destroyed a
large amount of salt, sugar, flour, meal, salt
petre, one salt-petre works, end Other stores.
My command is much fatigued. We have
had but two nights' sleep Once laming Wil
The force in East Tennessee was larger than
I had supposed.
I did not attack London bridge for reasons
that I will explain.
At Mu I
Mussy Creek determined to return in
the mountains. I had very greet difficulties
that were unexpected. I feared that the gap
through which I intended to return was
strongly guarded with artillery and infantry,
and blockaded with fallen timber; • force was
also following in our rear. I determined to
mots at Smith's lisp, which I did.
I will report more fully as soon as possible.
Very respectfully your obedient servant,
B. li. 8.1.13111D155, Ca. Comd'g.
The Illinois Legislature-. Eby Wa
bash Horse 'railway
Sr. Loons, June 25.—The Dew.rot's
Springfield Dispsth says A session of the
Illinois Legislature was held. yesterday. with
the view of 'spitting the Wabash Horse
Railway Swindle, of Chicago, and testing the
legality of the Governor's prorogation of leg
islature. The Democrats sont•nd that the
Assembly Is still in session. Four members
of the house was present and two In the Sen
ate. A oostuniture of two was sent to the
Governor to ascertain If he had any commu
nication to maks. The Governor replied that
he had nothing to say, and that he didn't re
cognise the meeting.
o.v. Yates offered the Secretary of War tea
thousand six months' toes, to revel invasion.
The owners of the "MARL MAX KILL," b.
Ing mercy thaegad in other prasnits, and &Mee'
to stake • diebion of their Interests, offer tar sale
this tarp and nimbi* establiehmant, on terms that
&net prove attnntamats to any party whiting to
In the milling basin." L eP person residing in this violet, a weeds:
drectipeon of the property may be ilinmansan, as
tits 11.111 Is in fun and sotamfrd operation by the
Lamm Meas. B. T. KILIfIiZDY t lIROTHEB, end
rpm to the examinseon ct anJ who way Mere to
look through it. for the information of tartlet at
• distance, a beef &mention is hers given _
The DM monis small Kure of ground in the
City st r e
etsy, at the eaten of Tama sad Dar
raghe, which bound the 'property on the ecesth
wad The Pennsylvania Ordeal forme its north- -
ow and western boauidary, turning et the lath end
running sonthwardly about one hundred yards.
where It empties Into the Allegheny liner. It is
thus completely belated and protected irom ton
risk from the surrounding property, having streets
on the south and east filly feet wide ; the Mud on
the north the asnio width: while on the west dues
is a basin about 100 Jest eiguars. Just eases the
Penzury legate panel, Sheet lb get from the tura
end of the KW, rani the track of the coneolidsted
Pitteburgb, Port Wayne i Chicago and Cleveland 6
A bridge &crow the canal, recently rebuilt, brings
' the Mill into-easy annenunicstlan with tame roads,
end make, the receiving or grain from them conve
nient and cheap.
to eubstantially built of brick, sad rooted with
slate. It is 187}4 feet long, 65 feet wide, Ave stories
high, and • sixteen foot garret, making six doors so-
Wally to nee. It' wits completed to the spring of
issa. Them is T he int of Stone sad dm complete
toning chests. stschlnery for desalting end
scouting the Wheat is extensive, and the last that
can be procarsd. The mime* of fie Nal may Le
fairly pm &IA 01 850 bared. per day. Am many ss
i,OOO bends per day have been made, bat ruder sr
' dirutry clicanutoams 860 only zooid be reined spec
I m an average product.
Wu added to the WII shortly snub, got Into fall
operation, when the tworasity for Ineresied roam for
statist Wheat, flour sad Bartels became apparent.
It is 60 fat bog, entetantially built, bk. the Kit,
end raged with tide. It
the KW, and silk
'Simms th• Mar L, the teas reetiog on the renal
sir mirth dda.
Of Wheat are by the Ohio Raver, nom Southern
Ohio, leelleasi Illinois, Missouri and Kantocks, and
hi time of pasta front Tennessee and Northers
shalppL By the Pittsborgh, fort Wayne Chicago
and thireland k Plttaborgh Railways thus b e di•
mot mid Gamy semi to the greatest grain mutat
'The world—Tag CITY OP Cialamlo—u woU u to
an Immense grain grOwlng region femur at hand, la
northern and &sisal Ohio a Indiana. During the
low 'tenant water in the Oldi nd
deer, in the months
.ofJsdy and August, supplies of Wheat are obtained
from Southern Ohio Cue Kentucky by rail. •
The Pittsburgh a Stenbantille Railway, now near.
Is completed, will afford an additional scum of
suPP I .7.
A market — kr the poodnot of the Mill in thrteastern
dabs la reached by thetTen leant. Railroad, while
all mound ft it a and 11016111.0111/f
Mint, roquirluglarp quantities of Flour and offal.
Tor further partlosilars and for reran apply to etq
of the cumfaritgeed. SRO. T. LOLIAN,
;h. her 11.108.9. JAhlease
W and I Third strait, oppoille B. Edmondson t Co.,
and 11l fourth drat. tohlo
6 Samos hand Batas;
164-horn do do; '
10 Charlie ma do;
MoOonalok's *ashlar. ralf6oll nay dad It an ob
ject to avail thaludrai of taste madams to hurry
op their moth. 164 TAX Dl *T 6 00.
oiLe.-2A) bbla.lio. 1 Lard Oil;
10 bbl.. Mita Stained Winkle OU;
10 do 'Bulk OU•
!AK nod lie Merin stoat.
•M • y i 14-100 1 bb . on - con.
slgameat, Whit•Whimit iszaUF nor for ago by
riTTssulatiii Wit
Ovm or mi p . . 11:=11111.2 Dina GU;RM. }
Tumult?, June 25, lb®.
As barium. It almost entirely mumended, sad the
great majority of our meat prominent Madness
bootee closed, we are obliged to omit our renal
market report. There L. scarcely anything doing in
say of the leading articles, while so far it :prim
are concerned, there is no change whatever.
Money matter are quiet and dull, with no rum
feature worthy of notice. Gold in New York on
Wednesday, ranged from 14d to 143)/ a c. Our beakers
here are buying what little offers at 140 for Gold and
old Demand Notes, and 127(411S for Silver.
Pittsburgh Oil Market.
Jose 25—The market for both Crude. and . 11ellned
is decidedly Amer under the favorable advice, from
blew York, and holders, generally, are asking en ad.
Vance. The Oil trade, like all other brooches of bos.
bless is much affected by the war excitement, and to
make matter, etlll worm, the Pennsylvania Railroad
will not at present roc elve through freights; There,
consequently, next to nothing doing at present,
and no improvement need be looked for until - Oman ,
citemeut now prevailing enbeidec Crude may be
quoted at 18)4617c, packages returned, and Zigelita.
Mickages included—holders, generally, making the
outside figures. A sale it tend of 800 bbls *fined,
for July delivery was reported at 420.
New bra retroleam Market.
Special Dispatch to the Pitteburgh Gazette.
Now You, .Tune 26—There Ilan active epaculdive
demand for Crude, and prirs have advanced to 29c.
Retinal, in bond, to Ina and higher; eider on tbs .
spot at 033996.; 69kk62e for July delivery; Melo for
August, and 157340 for September. Relined, tree, brio
advanced to 97059 c. Depths Is dull at 229ii2ne for
deodorised. The market invery mock excited.' 0.
Allegheny Live Stock ilatket.
Joss ?..5-I.t to almost useless for no to attempt to
mehe out a report that will canvas any ides of the
dullness which has ehareeterissd the cattle: market
during the past week. We are satisfied that those
who were here will remember it for years:to come,
and we do not believe there ever was on unprofitable
kot for dealers before. Thera has been An over
supply o I cattle for several weeks put—many more
than there was any demand for. Then .add to this
the large number of thin inferior cattle that have.
been forced upon the market, and the disinclination
of dsalers to do Waimea to these exciting times, and
It 'shut little wonder that so few cattle are wanted.
We know not what is to become of some of our large
shippers who hare several thousand head contracted
for at as much la Illinois se they will bring hero—
many of them to be delivered In August. Such
men, Judging from preaent ludicetbms, cannot ex.
peel better prime this summer, and • decline of It
beast one ant per pound below the pretest dads
NO= elmod inevitable. It Is folly to try to conceal
the fact, that it matters not what mem pay fbr their
cattle, they are obliged to WI at market atm.
the • ripply and demand will fix them rates. Many
dealers labored under the Impredio• this last spring,
that cattle most rule high all summer, and Instated
the supply was rapidly being exhensted. It must be
admitted that there was • =deity of good corn fed
cattle during the early part of the spring, bet what
do we see nowt The yards are hill of grad rattle,
and many of them egad In quality le thaw that bay.
been fed, and the inevitable adult la a depredlon
The demand for 'government deck wee limited, •
few hundred head only changing hands at low prism
—40434 c being the ruling agates, thOugh some ex
tra lots were sold a shade higher.
There Is no demand for stock nettle. Boma few lots
*ere sold to speculatore at extreately low pricer-2
orals for 70n to KV lb steers-24*e being the rel.
ing fig•ree, and it wee only in •limited way that
these prices could be obtained. We do not ballots
that this grade of cattle will again command high
rates this 11.501:1-•-00% so long at least as there is so
mush excitement throughout the country es at pree.
The following ars the current quotations of the
differ. tit grades of cattle :
Prernitun--nons in market.
----------- 5 .3,s>in o
Extra ..—.
First quality 4X41 c
Samod 4 01*
Iran-law 1 fg}3 0 o
abote number of cattle sold aggregated 101.3
head as follows:
ZVI head from Illinois.
ldi haws from Indiana.
43d head from
lel head 10J131 Pennsylvania.
Below. VIII be found a correct report df all the
Wig rale. Then Wen, 10,SPO mall lOU amounting to
I . Ju head, retailed that we do not notice
O Ilndson, sold 4 head of fair Northern Ohio
.teen and oxen to government .ntracton at 43%n.
II Burry, sold d 7 heed of tone, Wimple Moen
4% , ..
J biaments,eoldhetwl of Petinayiranie cattle—
mid to- 11 Merrick at s)ic —balance retailed at
II Simmons, Totalled 16 head a Penciayloa.ta Mott
at!6e3moor, Totalled • ralood lot a small Ohio stock
4) A Thayer, told to head of good Ohio So Merrick
" Ittsy. sohllB head of inferior P•uusfrlran.ta stock
" I n itsteliff, void 21 helot of rough Ohio .rock at
Qom 3 to to.
W klshou, oold 17 he.' of nice man Ohio steers
at 6,0.
L tomb, told 42 bead of mall Ohio stock—mall
coos and bolters—at 244 c.
Narks & Co, sold 70 head of Illinois cattle. at 4.
53 tarl to q u o , "" e y . 72 head of Ohio stock at 3IP.
Joe Myers & 800, sold 36 head of falr Indium stock
" VrAutms & Oa, 117 bead—oentracrad to bet de.
11.7."4 "t his "I" — " Wer- Ths some cattle could
be bought no. at 4%c.
Geo rdnerlek & Co, retallo3 121 had of fair Ohio
stock at 440.5„%c.
Oreenoalt & Co, totalled 42 hold of good Ohio stock
at 4U
A )0.5)4c.
Herrick, sold 19 heed of Ohh, stock for Jonas
& Co, at 460%4 also 30 head of small cattle as hki
own amount as 34/4)in, as.. retuned 60 lewd of tst7
Am Ohba steers at to average of 6,40.
J Dickson, sold 31 head of fair_ I odium atoms at
about 6m
B 64 Grua, old 34 head at 34Z66, s to quality.
Bockhill & Go, sold 16 bead of emulate; Peurayirs..
nia stock at &Wr
ite:a-There is but • Molted demand for Hogs,
sad the tars are entirely of a local coaratter. lo
prices, than L no particular change—rauging from
to 4c for inferlor to fair, and 4)4,iitho for read to
Bow—Shen memo to he a littla better feeling
among sheep buyers than last week, although no
batter prime can be obtainad. Mott of the shippers
of late hare lost moony, and they ma not dimmed,
amaequently, to boy only at what might meta low
prices. Shore were about moo head chasipad hand.
as. 9464 e, and we give these so the ruling agorae for
Lir to good quallths. Inferior are not wanted, sod
can ho sold only at low prima
Cleveland Market.
Joss 24—Wbest—The markst Ism mere Wive at
about peaterdeg's priors. The sales on 'Quango were
—6 cars and 2O boat red to bat 124 m 1 car and
IMO brush few Pittsburgh 'Water at 193301 car on
a p track at 121)(,c; 1 car to lob at 1223ia.
This altarneea a car of amber an track mold at 122%.
Oorn—ldarket carp quiet and Inardlya. Salo 1w on
creek at W. Oats—The receipts and demand both
continua light; and quotations are Nominal at inc on
Petroleum to Liverpool.
Juno 10-81nee the illna of our lest circula'. n
ook.. has1112d4n01:111 HMS champ, although in
America considerable excitement *mile, sad a wit
great advance In prices has boa' estatdbibed. Sir
tined Oil may be quoted Snit, at 2a; at ono Uwe lb.
market showed signs of giving was, but theialk• bat
been folly metered, owing to the Now . Took Mob.
me announcing a f orther vies of do,' It_ta yin diet.
ads to Judge of the future prolpecki of thiels, as
ou the ono hand, a very lam export demand may he
expected ly In the Autumn, together with an Incremed
consumtion at home, and the fact that
thenpreset pri
me *odd not be remunerative; and on otbM
band It mutt not be forgotten that In February /set
the prim was so low es la Ed; artnalnly this price
cannot be expected again, as, at even to that. It
would attract large speculative Dryers. Spirit of
Petroleum has ban" quiet at former acoratious lad
la mme cases evert lower price. bare bra iken.
trade Pennsylvanla has advanced from Ll 6 to t Lt 7.
A large business was done at £lO. Grew. are get.
Ung loth -more general me. Salm of gam barrels re
ported at from 1.10 to ALS. HOLT A BASINZII.
WOOL TWINE, all kick In balls
VT tatik skeins, in quantlths, Old NAP.
Heap. Vl= sod Cotton funesr WARP, to
dealers °di.
Cott.* and sabotitrato for Cotton. W BAPPITG
TWINTA. /iota TWIN. sad unit Linea. Bed
Cords, Okot
a ta n w d Tw n i es. Li dashWareha clods, m. do., Jo
Cloddy Tw in
H. A. nauvri,
IV AktiilNll AN L) 1./41.11:11i MN DADS.
Tli t l o)
II T —I win tarp s ea hand and make to ardor all
WHSZLE, 111113111,11A1/ . AND STORE
1111101115, all mole of tbil sa WiNkli - Atit Du:
Tattoo!. Alio. thy Mositotay_ , WMIEIIII I EMES.
1 also famish ISTSZL TEST 10 4 NAY BAKED.
■fkloq and °Moe on Stanoti sato, 10 trout ot
Me Penitentiary, A ll egheny i • •1• 4l 00111ILN.
OkilL AND YOH , di11...Nr..
18 lugs Couto Lard;
200 dean Bream;
IS boys .W. B. lthoom
75 bash. OhL, Dried App7er
60 do obotoobslyoli Peectio.;
0 Pup Kole 1104numr,
VOMIT • 00
finsa—UL all kinds.
2: Mackerel, medlars awl larp bele. 11 asleep
Ashrams Herder.
Lake White 7,11 sod Raring, In Ws. A kgrill
60 pep Witte Wrest
1001) M.O. MaWeek
plum do glynrpo
hhde, kph
60 bases
Tor male by (ThanWD EILLSIMMON,d.
_ peke
W%) FitinT.-300 bushels choice
eavdrild Appli‘ tat isitWoloo out San
Oen sou, al In Liberty 11101111 • " l i lo .1 !
wan k
- `" -.;:?
rittSbUrgh, Pa., isms 14, /M. f
1007°148 RAY
_ .
goad Proposals will be yeetred at thtt ord. until
1 m the Urns DIY OP JUNE, 1843, for turttah.
lug and denten , at Pittsburgh, Pa.. ONE, ELG:i.
DUI]) TOria of 00111Y111.CE0/ 1 aIiTAB L>a Ii
la bake well bound, orsighLui &bust two hurvinad
thy Poheds each, is Mimes
25 tone al or ketore the rth day of Ju1y,1563.
15 toss out or beano the 15th day of July, IF6I.
25 tons Oli or Wore the =d day of July, Oa I
. 25 toot w or before the Wit day or July, 1063.
yortala malt toe matkod..Proptada tor WO taws
' 64 day." and addressed to I.t. OoL O. UllOatt,
DtP ll 4 Qtrarteruulter rhytotal, U. Y. Amoy, Pitts
burgh, Pt,
The ability of the Mar to IM the contaset,elte old
it be awarded to him. must be gustwatecl be taro
. perahns. wham signatures must bo sp •
panded to the gee/arta& •
Th. rmpoadbilitv Ot the senators meat be shows
by the otnr.bil cirtifleute of the Clerk ci the nearest
Distri y.
ct Cent or of the Dulled &Islas District Nt•
tO rla
Bidden must be present in person - when Ilvrbids
&reopened; or their prepares will not be curlidered: -
Daeds equal in amount' to half the sum robe reo
ceased on the mitred, signed by the contractor and
both of his guarantors, will be required sf the enc.
manful bidder open signing the oontract. Al the
hood mud aceotocany the'nontratt,
: it rill be %mewi
ng for the bidden to hams their bondsmen with
them, or to hate bands signed in settleipattn end
heady to hat pro DM oontrict is signed.
them of GouroMen
..... of the meaty of —mid State of —,
and —of the Minty of and State of ---, do
..tebf 'guarantee that able to fulfill a con
tract in amordanceWith theta/rasa his propoolthm.
and that, should his proposition be nOcePted. he whi
at once enter bite a" cm:treat Ta socordance there-
With: Should the contract bo warded him we are
prepared to become hirsermiths.
TO this grtaractee - tatrit be appended - tln. dada
birtificale &hose menclone&
Pinpotals . fron disloyal pallet will not be consid
ered, and an oath of siiretancas will be required of
incceashal bidden before signing contracts.
The undets , gned reserves to tamed( the right to
raised any or ail Mai that he may deem too high. .
...Payment te be mode upon the completion et the
contract, or so teem thereafter as the hedonist:tat
shall be in rands. 0. CROSS,
• • isltirtd Lieut. Cot, and D. Q. M, GeneraL
EXPIXI,II7•II2.I2{NAST II tisassaVe °Mrs,
Pittsburgh. Pn,Jea "dt 1863.
101000 BUttIiELS OF OATS.
Badid Proporals will be resolved at ibis dila 'Atli
Wet:WA rot, the iOrn DAY OH JULR VAS, for the
forldstrbog end delivery serittsburgb.Hs , on or be
fore tbeith day of July, 1.883. of HIPHITHOOB,IIIO
strove sacks, evil nerd siv,end to Ira& uffstpt.2o
rim& to the beast.
Prep:loth must be marked "Propped, for 10,000
Wails 01 Oata" end addressed to Lt. 001. U. Cada,
DoDul7 gatrterriester Omani, U. B. Army, Pitts
burgh, Pa.
The ability of the bidder to fulfill it.. contract,
ehould it be weeded to him, must be guaranteed by
Oro iteeponala yarsottor, whose ■signatures must le sp y
panda to the guarantee.
.The reeponaluillty el the gnarautOritansthetehown
tiyelts aided cared:lad of lls• Clerk of the. nearest
District Court, °rata' Milted States Metric! ' *lloo-
reel. Bidden med . !» present In pence when the
blue we opened, or their propianis will not be con
Weed. Send equalto antolust to half the earn lobo
mend an the ocinttanfellighad hy the contractor
and both of his gearinitOtt, will ha required of the
unaeossaini bidder, upon sighing the contract. Se the
bond mod *acme van; the contract, tt wilt be etcoes•
easy for the hidden to have their bondsmen with
them, or to. have bonds lived in anticipation, and
ready to ho produced when the contract is Aped.
Form of Grareatta.
We e of the Ntinty of —, Bate of
end of the county of —, and State of —, do
hereby gronatitto that to able to Pella a con.
tract in 'accedence with the ternif of tin proved.
lion, nod that, ebootd his prepoittlon be wonted.
he will et once enter (eta a centreet soconlatme
therewith. rhonld the Mailed. be ewarded him we
me prepared to become his securities.
To this guarantee must be eppended the ofSciel
certificate above mentioned.
Propagtte from disloyal parties will not be °eland.
aced, and an o,th of allegnam will be required of
earcennal bidders be bee geing contract.
Toe undersigned mono to tassel the right to
reject eel or eh bid. that he may deem too high,
Payment to be made upon the complexion of the
connect. rrn 90on thefsater ea the madersigned
shall be le tends. O. CROSS,
yesettd Veal. Ctol. and D. Q tl. Ge•erat.
IaILITAST QUARTIlllllriles Orrma,
.fionaaa DMATURST,
Cotner 0 and Twenty.emond Kne 4.
Wamtharoa, D. 0., Aril 10.1683 W
BITTSII DEOPOSALB are Invited far barn •
lug BAT, STRAW, DATA awl coati. lb* tb• cf
Ulla Depot, to be delivered at the &arm' Depot, or
at sty of the Goverament Wharves In this city. -
The proves/a to be Mdremod to the anderalficed,
and they should state the quantity of each article
offered, also dm price and the date of deltvery.
Croptwate will be tersived for Ave thousand (S,GMI
Imbue of Data or Oats, and Iffy pi tons ‘A Hey or
istraw, sod upwards, mama it should be for the la
, (meat of the Government to contract for a item
butigans to be put In good mote of .boat two (6)
amt. whinh are to be furnished et the dot
of lb. mud actor.
The Hay sad titraw to tw securely Ladd.
all Grath sad Hoy offered to to subject to • rigid
Invention by the Government 1131400401.
WM:and with do awarded tram time b time to the
lemma impossible bkldera, se the thwart. of the tar
ries may require. Good encrulty wlll be required Ow
the faithful fulfilment of any 0.111.7 t Mde imam
this adnrtleentent. -
Tamest to le made M. the completion of the ...-
tram. BROWN,
Oeptals sod A. qt. 111., U. O. A.
kJ 11. IL Isasutry Tactios. Authortstd of ltlaa
G •
flumes Manual for Ve
InMines lataxitry sad Ellie Tactics
acotth infantry Tactics. II vela.
lleaslisses Barad Turtles.
Ilegeburre Artillery sail Lultritry.
&AWNS Oa Vldd Artillery.
Cooks U. B. Cavalry Tactics, a vols.
poppyesititld 'Lanai tor Courts Martial.
The tlowyeay Work, ociutsloisi histrortious Wi
repute, rolls and other papas.
Tar sal. b lux GO., 66 Wood at
Dlreralono of Perky. 11 vols.
Lotoad'o Dab/Mal Wrltara I vols.
Dr. Ports'', Lame oy Hondika.
OondDo do Trout*, in ersalan and Lotto.
Scones Traallow. II too.
Moue of Ow Eaoarrostion. Ilorday.
Um and Data' Works. 1 'IA,
Elopotock's llooalah. I tab., II ino.
Oolliont Lootorta onilattpinna facto Propttoq.
Worts. 9 in*, to.
myl6 J. L. lODAD,TS fourth stroet.
lierdbara Iriendi. By , Strk.
=dile Istotatatken in the thew of Cattle
oet the Bolinder, ol another World.
The Gnat Iran Wheel Zsamino& littortdOw.
Benton% Thirty Teen in the IL B. feasts.
lon lLieeraidta. Cloth and paper.
frau'. mad an d the asp - •
Watke and
thea34l, lieditine, do.
Jag. L. Mt% TO fourth Meet.
tonsrasauurras onshant's lends.
'Wnwuntrrow pas, /%1130.
'he Invited to nod to the goertermaster Genrold'e
Mao. widen fee their choler or We.
TeoderiVorohlonteln dewhiptions of Um vismate.
their dinuoilooth smiled Or metered, tonnage,
whether eidelrheel or o f propellrs, Whether ror
two fastened, oho sod powle etOtholo sod
rod attoold state the prio• al which they are offers
brims Of abort tharteri with the eidhosted voliteol
the noel in axe of Orlin.", the dniernatent
thooldpreker to in indeed of charlottes..
Owners of dam esieeis elreod4 resi de
th e Quartermaster's Thisfortath ere .rrehvi .
mike known so the Deportment way ;44)3,in
their pretest rotor which tot.teittloil to
ant, and oho the price at • chi they will be whi n
ine to sell them.
AU rock tenders &wad be eddrelovi tO <OW.
411111111111 c GaDIUSI 0f the Vatted Stet.'. at Weihing.
too, and should he &dor* "Proposals for the obee
tar or ale of liteszesro w •
When received they win eavolditiCiond the
Depertreant was endeavor to rodeos' the heavy sh.
pun attsodlng army tramp *talon open tbcoossa
and tide.watars by inlestituting. 'hoverer itova do
so, cheaper easels of equal for then" now
employed. hth 24 :4 10 •
VOII RENT—The ifiroit-story 'BRICK
WANSHOWNI, No, $ Wood caws, two.dowo
from Wier stmt.
For tonne inly to NiAlitt BAHL
(firkins, Ulm* t
ot to .10511P1 1 WOODW •
coiner 2d sod Wood Janos
rpu LlST—ltoo, Two or ; hroo - Lwow
A. in the third or tot
itorlowet ogrrri Sittd•
Leg. ritth stood, with or without ott,ai poworilt/
ts_sdrw ota_,V°,lb*L. sp
K ~Tho third' story of ape'
.I.4 4lL beialig
-Wit. Char Meet Ina flusinume Way.• •• • • •
Jeliktf SORT.
6 _ u ~,v~usNliL tl a~i.,
18W. alw ♦ND W6p HDYOIF
The niew and *Want low.yrwv •teener
nos dating the wauscat between tab abort port,
as follows:
airfetilla br Segiaa w My. ZMt gwhine
sad By Olty, toaddati at Peat
Port Banns., forartet, ItaradvUla Potat latetkh
Port Audio sad Tofu Olty, arty WM/XI/DAT
annum, at 7 o'clock..
Lama Saginaw tot OlOrislaud ever, 11A.T1PPAY .
An Itralga=conslgned iota will kaiak
imam asitratda nada. inippos
lag trate& tea odd then to caritas
go am gist bait arlthaat olatip tor
yYISP.-450 bbls,extra
Is Mari ifiqii,llll! pir
L 111.41 *MA
L IN ZA lisitri V 11.11
Cancerous Formations,
Outanetras Diseases,
- Erysipelas, Boils,
Pimples on the Pees,
Bore Eyes,
Vetter Affections,
Jrz w• BOOKS.
si,eop .sEskituirsa,
Scald Head,
i -
DriPePgis ,
Old and Stubborn Ulcers,
Itheatiatio Disorders,
. _
Salt Rheum,
Mercurial Diseases,
General Debility
liver Complaint,
Loss of Appetite,
Low Spirits,
lemals Com Plaints,
. Epilepsy or Fits,
Paralysis or Palsy,
Syphilitic Diseases and
°aria s of the Bones.
Odal 01 DASIJL a. BOlv
. naleXCatia Desestber ii, 1801
Da. 0..8. Harms—l take plow= in meking
gbh oeltratery Maenad In fairor of a medicine pr
pared by you called iiLmoOnen BUM fiesactus.
I had staked for Ilse yams with liorofals, which
broke out en my heed and forehead so at to disfigure
as eery muck, and. took tiff the hair when the die.
ease suds Um eppmrsnosi It also broke out at my
arm shore and below the elbow, and eat into tiesakin
and flash mse to top" a fearful yore. Ito &rue
on my bead went to he thai sefersi mall pleas
bale *MS ouL- I OW My Peak sad low spirited
aid lad ahem ap all haps of PM ptting we%
had triad moral eirlilltd.dOoklens and they did m
no good. Is Bedomber lest, 1361, I was induced to
try "Idirdirr's Vern MD 13I0Xdo kiaesnautf • I
mad onion I iledardehtfla poise' atatichme, but
east I Ltd awed the bottles of Diced Bearobor, the
doers on my head and, a= Nis= to best. I hoe
wee taken algtdor tan imitlek, mid my hood and arm
are entirety welt nowt the score nantining from the
ems I Mil alio anode that I had the rbentaatima
wry Ind is my ottl ' s sod hge. Tee Blood Beadier
aim wa=rd the rhonadism. I am now a well man,
Mr kitty year. of elm, and I feel so mph sod young
es I did when I was twenty, and hays inorrased is
weight tereetty minds. I would eine date that the
disease is my forehead was eh bad that when ha
shored and lifted anything UM, tai blood ran out
of the sore. Dr. geyser kid a photograph taken of
me by dr. argo, the extbit, after I boon to pa
Wan. It does not show my appearance ea Dad es 10
eras Mtn I coansersead hales the welkin. Too
tau us the photograph, one of which la now In my
poseeoplnn. and deo at Dr. Heywer,s, lea Wood street.
I would she date that I took the Blood Searcher
Mach 11=111111tie beat. DT. Keyser cocerneeoed auk
sig It. Although It helped me some, I did not art
WWI helm:dill . the Mod mode by Dr. geyser
timedL ;One of We did me mote Lord that
two of the old. I ins it to • gnat, dad draws
aid bettor.. libel; - the Blood Ds rOO.
se to • greet miay my fries& lee mimes dlsrasea,
fid I barn h hag dyed the whole of tam. Tors
may publish nth if vi al, sad/ tes =does OM
ail who ape Wilda . iSW may se sand. I lints
thh dty, Be. a Pits shed , sad ma empkTed at Doh
rifle di Anditlinee Won Nara, Works, 01 Wsisr
drain. DAME. L. EOM
011.1111 D
I on to 1111 m), at Campo 11111, sad bare boo
warty Ada& to both ,w for mut, Mar yam.
masa of Or. Moor about Wits monition°. Ima
mamal u lliii.. a.m. to the Lootitattat
.. ..
for tho - to . ft lboltdoldt. no told ma the; I
semi GM go tO • Plifladatptdo to got won. to ho hid
'lndaidot 'ha' Irold °Wm Moos he mad my dtoo to
woo to tho bhiaL I Mill tooted too tt two or tang
thud tattoo booptiol to this city, mid mut Misted,
bat on abeam atityli named Mtn a mow* or bit
"Anal itarbut - OT QM botpltwL I tam& my dry
deroVis Wattrotwd and •1 the MMot ci o
died Mood Math on Dr. Kommor,wba was rottorod
1 ray ditb,s, mot Wfir 'err
_yr* daft r lillii 111. 041
Vimr Doctor wogs* .MOdior ISINNO s
DAVID Shod Immobar" sad
it 'sib. : • ' LLY.
TlMataursti, July d,- 1861. - intitton taus. lum p
Witty--a. T. Mhz" Mamma Matt,
stay OR,.
Predarcraan, September 71.1811.—1 busby wi'
that Emoted a Nom Ing 10 ercer aonr.; It au
tottededla dada and eareaJd that I o=ll tot
IladriblEllentrlS ~Ity latiwolllal so that I woo
waleoll2l to' tat. a long Calk far 0 lead
ft , looney " 1 ratatelotilue best &am lathe
day,' addeontanybonallif IWO I oillsil ce Dr.
prow s Ha. Us Weetritriat alio MeV attendee
: to , two wpb. and Wm me bat two WOW 0
=di us atm WIWI *ell old Dm
well fca dx intadlia: I am entplopel at lb.
Nada 1000 llnaisnec 'Tenrtle stand,
_where eny
eve ata see inn ' Titoism TARA= .
74Pirebt - tiL mad Ltoor do aos ow./ •
loom Pr tifortoid
vondsorid lbw mad motor • *: •
thir--ma - othetiansartam got ft 116111.
;r A iii AKISUPWII.IIIIIIt y .11!!4 No_ t-odkirpoi
.84 t 14 ?! pi p• st- 4'..;%;c•
4 Wiriod itaddp-7'"
- .
FOR 114L1L
LlOll SALR.—Very desirable IRON
.0 rule:lmes rhorzarr, situated at McVey.
town.-111181.14 coney, 1%4 within a short dinauceof
the penasylvanialedirme and Canal— The teneold
property comp:Lei • rutnaos, vithtssaldnu - of
snipe power to blow it, teas aittorreszanal or an
=sem coal; about 1300 lump Weber laid abei — the
celebrate Greenwood pipe it on ore bank, containing
about 17 ere& which produces in abundance the
same ore from which Johnlti Wright,ing, makee
his renowre and Imlay celebrated motive Tire.
am Co; Sent Thies the only availableproperty;
in the owe which prcduces the sate requisite for, es
tablishing& bustmes of like character.
'I here is es, abut. MO acre
un de r land within hall •
mile of the turner*, held undor long lama, tram
which abundance Of mall= hematite ors an be
taken eta cost not -exceisding $l. peer ton, delivered ,
on the furnace bank, and 08 which abets have
Immo been way and which win produce suinclent
ore to supply the furnace. Pet hug ere 10 aim
abundant In nolghborlicod. thiticoal, in any
quantities, can be tee delivetted ft the inmate at 6
to Old ants - per
r011:114311 is irell sit:tate= tke markets, t ay
leg water and nit onatotanicanens with :Philadel
phia, Pittsburgh. Haltimore, Harrisburg, and other
important ruanufattnting towns. -
Yo'. price, term and further wild:dare apply to
H. 21. Blllll3oiniiili.. •
Philadelphia. Pi--
AND AtiCrElls3l tatar, l2 ‘. oboTo Aosiob_,
liehment, in Tdadieon, Indiana, is.lneet *MAW Mt"
stated for boomed: -It ooutsinea large amount of
maohluswy, and ohm averr large amortment of the
most modem pattern/ for 'Wm* mill sad railroad
work. Madison to a very desirable place of radeonee
and pcssessenimptrior otivantstes for manufacturing
—having good tatilitien for uompartation to . art
Forts of the country. :lents are Icor, living cheep,
and the locality second to no other in the United
nudes for good length. The pro/meter will tell the
establishment if applied for 000Z61t a gOoa-tavgaln ,
or otie•baU i
of t only to Rotas comrsteavremort, who
understand. well the ranniatintrinotateaumi cd
such an establishment. Or it obV:dhipaled of loon,
be would rent to responsible parties foe s tem of
years. retaining in intermit or net, as may salt the
parties wishing to rent: There ars two large ship.
/al* in the Plate, with • more , wart icaerbig than
they can do, and many parties tliodrtoit to ?onto
for steamboats, itiginerand machinery. ere eempen•
ad to so to other cities, for the want or woo" high
to do tine work.,
par terms and prim siddreenl3oX. 460, Idadimn,
Indiana. " fee.:lln
Dy virtue of an eider of the Oiphanr Court of Alia. 7.
gbeny County, there will be exposed to Public Eels.
en the premier. on Wayne Wrest,' in the City el,
Pittebnrek, on TIILSDAT, the 30th day of Juno,
1803;s8 Io o'clock a. IA ale prOperty of John
Coils, deceased, all that certain lot of ground situ
ate on the
of Wayne street and Judson alley.
In the City of Pittsburgh, having Dont 21 fect 6
on on Wayne areal and { g in extendi beck along
Jackson alley 80 feet, tieing lot No. • plea a
late laid ont by , Bev. Fronds Herron, recorded In
Deed Book vol. 69, pegs 189;and the mune which uer
conveyed by IDw. eruncla Herron to maid John 0941;
deed, by deed dated January 17. 1337, married. in
Deed Book vol. 63, page 68, on which le created
lavatory brick dealing house. .
Teruo awn. JOHN GOETZ, UMW,
Tor further particulars eaqulrdof 0. lisabrouuk.
Nag , Attorney for petitioner, /90:168 Youth *MO;
Je2wodtd -
• • •
WANK FOR BAL&i-Ailat—sted' in.Bsitr
J: Ira ootattk, abdut two mass from Icororml,
soutolabig two hundred sad ofightraism Tao
l and 15 or rod - quality about ma 'hundred acres
olearett, Oral &ad Ilassetoo• oaths promise& &leo
DwolUag Est" Barn sad Orchard. Outlawed Mad
well Wooers& . WILL bo oold low,-either In of o, two,
or three hams:'
For tarthervaittoolon apply to—
swami's 6 razni,
or, B. PATSION, '
• Pirth street, Pittsburgh:
Or, J. M. OHM. IClttosairm, Pa- mltalat .
ULM. FOR BALE--Ckontabling. 67
x sem, will Improved. with LOG DWBIZIEO
therson erects 4 is ItiOlia tovastdp, Allegheal.
county, tiew the City Poor Lam, formal/ owned
by Jana Whittaker, deceased. WM be rota cheap
for cash. Abo, a FLOURING MILL, known tut the
“Bardia HIV ! with ammo scree oftazid, hones, bars
and other traprormante. Look. of
Di- Wit. H. BILL, kleKtespert. Pa., .
_Braddock's Yields, Pa.,
or TUB. 0. LASX.AIt, our. Fourth and Grant sta.,
100.1 i Slant
bond CYLINDER LOIL I 4I, a° Inds.' by 510
feet Ion& ell Parfait
One superior new BOILER, 22 inched diameter, 6
Se" Tyr o "t, Ines ritrazsars, for Mame, witls
poops ell
Beisral new and second-band ISTEADI ESIOLEEN
tram 16 lath diameter glows to 6 limb, will be mole
law for Gish. MOH EL BO
fer,:tl On the rillautrzy eor. Point 6LE,11.14
N., - Thres riol7;l2rby 115 feet each, tainting as hi.
leeway Avenue. Also. Three NI b7l) feel,
hvuttag on Yantis street, tamed Ward, Allegheny.
Three We are very dutiable, being in one of the
best Untie= eau cliy, - and within 120 icor of the
illsonbeater Pueiniger Hallway. on Bblviell Orem,
(Bagalers Lane). Ur I util fell the.uld tin lon to
one yard:laser, vary low. Tonna cony.
Apply to W. GANNON,
No. it Oblo etrest, Allegheny.
eon talning 192 =rot, 175 atm cleared and fano
ed Altazte on tha Pasollandla, Hancock amity, Ta.,
near the Penis. 11214 tore Wks Irma norence, Pa.,
and Are Ingmar= Hew thunbarland. The havoc*.
wan am a Samos cottage dwelling, bank been arid
orakzed. This term is Well celocarded tor cheep rais
ing, sad can Inc honk' low and ca easy term.
B. IeoLAIN 00, 102 fourth at.
leUtt tilLWr--The MAlNtilObt 110USEI
Imetos te the estate of the late each Stalth, fyaa- .
Yftf¢loated In the borough oI Nenahothsr, ea the
corny of LOMA etre.: .of the bolt of the • Ohlo
titer; being tort tf the irell-knovist Greenwood prop.
Tot terms, theatre of A. It. 1511:1121, No. t$
Warr street, littetetteh: make
W's, ituuds--a - may:man% and Well
1: Wawa T9IO4ITOBT
ad =OKlmdtaat DIME% with T
roma mid wool ani maim wait with
I frame asita badr.. ar -11 iota
oa Load ark liattohootor Pealmat
- - -
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Pairabbi is Gad. or 4% 'pivoted in Curran/
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um tlatos.-.... 450 00 erzczat, . ......1135 60
do. to Landon- 85 00 do. to London.. SIS 00
do. to Parb...... 65 00 • dO. to Paris— 10 60
do. to nambarg 60,00 do. to Hamburg ST 60
Pawpaws abo forwarded' to Hama. Breams, Hot.
holism; Astray, to, at equally law Sate,.
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Mom - - -• • JOHN G. DAL*, Monk_
. _ 15 Broadway, H. Y._
. guattlaat, Mid houislomoi likaridge. -. • :
zonlea . - .. ' - ' . .Pitteborohi,
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.rpAts to.. most UNPLEASANT
and dangerous Own% -Itee EIIItHBOLD 8 '
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titian of the Heart, and In foot all Ile aoneoialtanif
Kamer= and debilitated state of ai•Jry1011116.
To Insure the mulls% cut this out. Allt•
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lion advertbentent to mother °china:-
2sslaltisti.--1,000 lbt . prima loath
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fULUIVIC.-20 bozos Oheae,in store.;
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EtE vide street: " "7; *H. PHILLIP&
Orlds and Balined
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WITS. Cu Paluater gamin iljaVeltWPt ataid.7.)
al 4:60 a. rci„ atom= at act gag ; tud green Pitt..
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tat a• ItoPldaT way at pettriv
=WA direct reaseeticen at NAM
mars . m ad lararlinataa, and for Non . Tla
"Ao TERME IDLTNINti 'Mt itarea ;law it
TAO p.m, e=r4 0117 al minp:Tal p mm
Aired azsa la at Thirr r ,
Waahlwala il a. kr New ?ink via .tuantoirn route
and Phtl
12Cialloarae the Etaldtr. (=NS
IrdiddaTiT At' SMS in., 410,, ,1 4 n4 walt vinalPal
WANwpayeownwaidig at Harr:sewnbs nanizpora and
Wa1de......61. sad at YkilielelPlda lor New Tart.
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Adtimararraecosanicustuts mratu mares tail:,
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and running'ss fit ea OmerMans..
lYtestArecatrandatianTrsinint o ifanßtetbainisss
.005. (axas i:nadsy) at Cal a.
Emend AmoMmr..i.stion Train fat: Shirt Mathis
lama daily' (=cep: 6•=fty)ll4oo - s. m.
.Thtni astertiln Train Da Mira Ittatka
haws daily (salmi Sunday) at COO
Women Acoccannodation Train Jar Woe; Rain
!mast dailyArmespt Sunday) nt 6:100.
Thighmah Train harm Wars Station army Ihra.
day at 0:05 a at.; rstarning, harm • Pittsburgh at
Ito p. 0.
BetIIMIDS Wren artist In Pleb:tarp es tam
psithaare Z.....msna U:6O p. to,* P1211'4,44% Tx
crap, IWO p. m; fart Me 'IM6O • Through
Nan Ttroln,lM , a. 24; Joldnxran Ancoxiimodaticm,
10:06 a. ,=..;• Nina Wall's &Mins 0..073M0il
I ead a. in.; nacorrl Wati't Start= Antnnunodatkm
•8116 sa.; Thind-r. Want &Mtn- Antratmodatlea
p. m.; loarth Wari'a OA, *.in Accommodation.
p. m. • Baltitaara Incest Win areas , with Phil.
adaiphis .11inpraiii "Mtn Ptine.von Mondays.
• Trains iceltlainnills and Indiaratmarnta: lol sin.
Intermwitiou - with Throttith 'Atcoutodationt
Johattatwa iotwittmoisilott atsd-Ixptyw Train haat.
and with Waltham Rtnnwa and Sonwtown Amain.
'modation Wert.
Trains for Ibenstinri connect at. CrEL.OI , I with T.:-
pm. Trains and Nail Train Vi'est,end with Through
tincrantandation and inprees Train hoot.
=eat or
will Snin useirry i, r
=eat or W. to travel by slit, ram37lrailla
ar the occor...m.aiatinwi now claret
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basatel with Woo, to entirals ires from dot.
Ws can premise nail. the i r cCinALIS Co Ash.
au.7 favor thla Road with p a irni
To Hew 1r0tt...:.....519 Bare Pe1tiec,re....,„... 1 co
To. Phltadelblibi..... 10:60 To:Levo:co:, - .4........... a co)
To Haroblasoa, ...... T 65
Bacesbe ohookol ar ell EteliooO on the renneatee.
orallon , aollOcEtroiti fat t 4 1.1 - . 110.41,-•.13, State=
ad Thor Toot. ..
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rot to - Ito Motion rotes, cuo2t Tr= atathei
wborithe Oombaoy Dm re 6ge01.-
NOZICEEL—In am of Ims, as Company will hold
-UWIIOIII4II . etirponsible .11s botlonol Laggete ady,
aa4,for ea amount not orcoodiablFlW.
Ti: 13.,,an.Ctsvano. Mt , ins be smtloya ts .
ea tv, =I Milts:A' to ari:Lrozo the Do.
1,,,,,, .l chi * c h i * ye, eg, exTread Si mote for each piti%
watt tee pee. Tor ilok-b., sop:: to
01..T0.:Lr. I , .. fat,
'421 oi W l '
- t he is, Cer.o.U,l •1. t. le,asge
al 1 c ft'llberov coot .8—,..:11 et.rce...: aplß
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li V Jr. L A-liD,
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13 11 KM IS It ABBANGEnana.—un and atter, ,
-MONDAY. Aptll2ol6, 1864 Trlilijl Win have 1M
Depot of the .Penanyissitte Vsliroed, In rilinf
bargirsai followe t 1
Eitlebnrgh end Wheeling Litte.
.IwayeliPitiabuggh I:00a. in.t 8110 a. tn.112:40 p.m.!
do Wellsvills. RIO o 1 0.18 o 1 2:55 o I
do Btentninv'e 5.10."0:071 " 1 8:53 e
do Wheeling. 5:10 o 1008 o 4:55 " t
Arrives BelLeir.— 5:73,." leeld' 5 o 6:10 o
Connecting at Sttmbenville and Dollar with Men.;
benrilln and Indians lieitroadand Central Ohio WI;
road tor Zanesville, Newark, Coltunhas, Meats, Day-.
Wieselnlisnpoin Ointirmati, Louisville, Cairo, $l.l
, St. Joseph, and all points vett awl atuthirest‘;
and at Wheeling with Baltimore and Ohio Balm&
Plitatenis and Okeekiri Dian
Wren Pittelturgh....--...-1 1:00 a. tn. 1440 p. m. do Walk/ILL —......--- 5.10 o 2.50 o
do 8aYard.............—.. 5:40 ° .401 et
do Allianoe —...—.—..—.. 0:35 o 4:44 n
do Savanna.... ..1 7:54 .. &11l .
do and50n..,...,—. .«....1 7:55 o RIO et
Arrives at Cleveland— .1 Vag o UM o
at Bayard with Tnecaraime branch 10
Beec:34=plds and Canal. Dover at Alliance will
pittiburgh; Fort Wayne and ChiCago Baliread; a.
HOC= with Atlantic and Groat Western Baron
fa AVIBITLI4 Greenville, Meadville, Colon. Corry
l l and w ne n e v a i n li d e
an te d Ch em si s ni -
aatt Modern
d with Ohne
far Akron
Cuyahoga Fails and klillorettorg, and at Manahan
with C A B. B. IL for Brie. - Itcookirk and Buff*
with 9. It T. B. B. for Sandusky, Toledo, and ala
with steamers for Detroit. • .
Wellsville Acroontandslion leaves at 3:50 p. m.
Betnzning trains arrive at 010 a. re., 3:20 a.u4
8:060. tn., and 8104: EU .
p= ir ttTre
Bt ol iz D po ' l, g b
td. h. -
GROBOB PARISI; Ticket '. Agen t,,
i And et Allegheny City, 1
A. Q. CdtmELBIZIEST, Ticket Agent. i
Tar further tritormation, apply to
WILLIAM bTINABT, • Agent, 'i
At the Company's Office in Freight Station, Penn it
ire Iformw finmar. i
oaramasserei Dm%
Open . daily fore 9 to 2 o'clock, also on Wainer*
and liatinday
hone May Ist to Dimmtlx,
Lt, from T to 9 o' and !nun Ilavembar La f
Kay let tuna 6 to II o'
Deposits noshed of all rams not less than
mud diridend of the profits declared twice
Tear. m June and December. Interest bee b in d
dared eaml•annualty to June and Decembe r,
the Dank wee o at the rate of wiz per cal
4 =Mt; if;A drain out, le slimed to the miff
at the depadttr as principal, an teen the =mob
I Wrest from the first depot June and D.:amber) at!
ctiof il. er a re
w e i zm i r alth r e;;At u tratibling the depot
rata, maw will dour ' in lose P t 4 .h is att Sada yeei
Book* =tatting the Charter, Di. Laws, dot
and Megulatlaa, furnished 'gratis, on implication 1
twamoa Pannisse—CllDEGV , ALBILIL
John & moraddia,
John gelakel,
Alexander Speer, -
Itauf. Ithuestack,
Aimee McAuley,
James Rerdsacc,
adrin Adams,
John 0. Bookofem,
John o:Bindhsy,
George Black.
Alonso A. Carrier,
Charica A. Colt
'Mims Dougla s,
John Irani,
WiMon 8. Hann,
Praer H. Hanker,
Slohard Rays,
Jams D. lastly,
William 8. Lardy,
131KMITIAT &num
isikdiar •
xg ,
.1: .niastois.lscentrrroasimarns 181
6111NAL/3. ke.. &Old sit • Druggists eyeryw
Beware otell w er i w rtblees
, Imitations. Prinetyiil De ll3lllroid Y.
.44.A.MV*TOCEIMSON t 00., B. R. si
Lan ao...iniescau Avant., Pittsburgh, Poi
1100 TOR A. E. - STEVENS, :
- .2.• cui, Pannouz; b iriarini all 0111/01110 D
ZAMA both' Of Lanes eat. (Make:nen, by ek NI
method la theme at Illectrtalty stook without
3tse, at artmany Wm , -
WOAD marbeltail, with ,
Treatment, by Pattel
bow .abroml, at reetienshlti rates, in the Doi
Letters applying bar . greeters or far th er Wm;
tlon will beimeeptly unwired. , Otricesmit reeitlet
ea WO f 3O " - PZ42I. scgrAßE,_ k b
Preartiollrenle, belnig a rentralae well ta=
part ot the atty. •
orCat this out for Sure reliance. f,
NaTIIT.TBREa'--braumunarre TO r
x iplaicsue..KToiir lathe stook of chefee=l
of Inland tallettee to cheese from, with every pq
phi Owe Ptah Whale evet7 variety true to
:- AN Apple sloth . we ' have 176,000-450,000 of w
are thrive year 016,10,000 four year olds. Pear, e.,
600 two to Ihfea . jean el 4. , peach, Plum, he., • .
- altraiDlitflie , 4heprees tit the 'll artery. Call t
„IitrIMMINII from .1 to Meet 61 the hung
ON. isiumwvalaus. atth BILIIIII3II
- inn* TlTTosuaaß IaiD'OARLAIID 11l
1 eilltincrit l 4 l l, l ?lthirli• ' • ''' ' '
i ~ s ellidiser.. ~.. - , : ..TOHN1d1111.110(hf. 7
isailL-41hit inland Lots of Gnome, or
ohlheza, gents pert 1111, 1 Abe Mpg
=lathes stmt.} 14000 Net on the U
, .I:Lock lb. lof the • , i' -
Op Ossnelbiettl•
the Mtn el It.
Pee *SAW tO P. 0031TILY01 NN. ;.
• Dsdonsa - stseet;leir Yorke orof
WM. plil
list, Ike UT Wattle street, Phtelt , strsb, Pt l 2_W
ableeetthavnepesty ma be sees. sesexietsk:i
' worA, tea 3 Naticirel, la % day tr. ki
L!:.Baltbaora sad Bag Woad Ibrans
WilmalliadJu islobt , " ,,,
' -4,int2alsnaux,
; = ,!' Mind 8000Ild Itne4
,O• 11.1111 M3'"'III.ViOSA
fcc snle DJ tb* Ib4
or at Mall by IX
D UN:=.9
WS MEM WWI and ead etrett
Duo IL Pennock, ,
John Morahan,
James B. D. Moods.
A. M. Prol lprocik, K. Di
MS Bun,
William J. Anderag.
Paw A. Madan; '
Water P. MonluS.
John Om
/lama ltobb,
Hairy 1,. Itlarsgg
John B. Shagbark
• Willem N.l3ohaskai
Alexander Munk.
Walton Thai*,
Liao Whittler,
Wm. P. Wam a in w . ;
Chant= Y,