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    MONDAY bIOBNINO, JUNE 72, 1863
,To Saturday's Evening Edition.
Letter from Washington
Mune pertained to melte the following ex
- ,
lisoti from a private letter mitten from
Washingkrn, by a gentleman of this city :
WPsaausotoz, Jane 18,,1863,
I tutdis long, ion "'interview with the Presi
dent to. day in regard to the establishment of
• 111111011 among the "Freedmen." lie gave
s t y papers an autograph endorsement, and
neommendeth• War Department tees, sub
facilities u may be consistent withlhe public
eervieet -
.1 was ushered into the Presidential presenoo
compasy with a auditor of gentlemen from
Connecticut, who had no business, and whom,
I suppose, the Prosident sunned to get rid
of by giving his attention to my badness. He
.'ufailltedurkllithey entermi "Why, we have
been cal li ng - oat the multi lately, and there
ar. sq ;I?oiny,hore front Conueotiontas would
tt make 'Obmpasy." (I thought he
, sentnt more than he. said by this.) He eon
' flayed : "But as the man said to Noah, when
ite tefusad to givellua - -paSsage in the ark—
'lt is notioing to be much of a shower after
ir. Mr: Litiooln's last
I remarked, slum j.instrated my erodes
. nine% "I am not golig to preach to your Ha -
FuZ: it bat merely: to make provision for
-wpwirl Can aid -you," said
be happy tudo to." I taw Olathe
did sotutake sp,",ead after the gentlemen
left /Add him that, It was reported that he
had laid to's mishear : was afraid you had
sobs to , preach to me." He said: "I don't
rnessater ttlisie said so—they mate a great
. of imo."
The President:talked • good deal about
-Pittsburgh. He tad that it was more an ob
/ j!et both to therebalz and the country than
Hirrizburg, u thire was an Usual, some
/ gun handl-les, and a good deal of boat build
The dust and heat here were intolerable,
bet adrenehlag rain has just fallen (4 p.
sad allayed both. There wu some Mal, too.
I was aISIIMKI to-day that Gen. ' Hooker is
in the right plum.
I visited the Navy Yard to-day and saw
Some prattles with a boat howitzer.
The '•Yeaee" Democracy--el Pitts
burgher on the Stump.
The Jefferson Star reports a meeting of the
puree democrats, held at Brookville, on the
9th inst.
The lint speaker, George A. Jenks, Rm.,
made the assertion that eight millions of peo
ple, lighting (as the Southernors believe they
an) far Glut, could not be °ono/eared. He
said nothing in condemnation of the noel
.lion, but was very severe on the "unoonotitu
tional" Odds of Mr. Lincoln.
hearth, from Pittsburgh, followed.
He bad something to say about sympathy,"
lad had the impudence to try to, make the peo
ple believe that he and his like-the copper
. head einn—have sympathy for the friends of
the fallen in skis war I He uttered to wotd of
disapproval of the slaveliolders' rebellion, but
aMrmad that he (the great Pitteburgher) could
brove that the abolitionists of the North had
rought on the war. He called Prelident
Lincoln a quack, at which the peace men
shouted. He represented Mr. Lincoln as the
weak prince surrounded by forty thieves, via:
Chase,Smener, Wed., he. Be bad forgot Bu
chanan, and the thimu, Floyd, Thompson,
&a He is an unmitigated, antyCing, copper
head demagogue.
Judge Gillis wu called out. We did not
hear him, but are told by those-who did, that
in his few remarks he said thatihe rebels were
deeply dyed bothers, and that the abolition
ists were doubly dyed traitors and should be
doubly damned. The peace men ware quiet
whindhe spoke of the Southern traitors, bat
r sleeted aloud when he spoke of the aboll
Rebel Prisoner Arrested
Capt. Either, Provost Marshal of the 23d
&street, yesterday arrested a rebel prisoner
named Thomas IL Daunts, who jumped from
the train in Allegheny City on Saturday last,
while a large number of prisoners were being
carried through to Port Delaware. He was a
member of the 12th Louisiana regiment, was
taken prisoner at Champion mu, Mississippi,
by the fortes under General Grant, sent thence
to Young . ' Point, on the west aide of the
Mississippi, thence to Camp Morton, Indiana,
sad from theses be was on his way to Fort
Delaware. He is an intelligent man, a native
• of Beaver county, in this State. • He has been
melding in the South for some years. Upon
the passage of the Conscription law, he mut
he volunteered in the rebel Barytes, rather than
be conscripted. He expressos himself as tired
of that service, and is desirous of taking the
oath of allegiance. Gm. Brooks said he bad
no authority tankage him on that cendilion,
awl Mimed hieita lie,nant to Port. Delaware.
When arrested he frankly acknowledged that
he was a poisoner, and gave all the facts of
his being taken, his travels, and the manner
Of htr escape. -
Arrest of a 4eff. Davis itaiinter
...A man named John Bradford, residing in
the Third Ward, was arrested on the street
to-diy, by Dr. MtMeak, Br, while engaged
in the "Inneeent amusement!' of shouting for
Jag. Davis. Bradford was somewhat excited
with liquor, but the doctor nevertheless
deemed it proper to stop hh.ohnoxions shout
ing. Brad'irrd became very valiant when his
"freedom of 'pinch" was questioned, and
drew a bate in defense of his "eonstitutionai
rights," now about to be abridged by an
The sight of the weapon
aroused the doctor '
and grabbing bold of the
"myrapatilmte " he dragged him befire Alder
man Belly without further parleying. The
doter did nordissire to prosecute this bracelet',
but was ratlieedispesed to excuse him on the
seen of druakinness. The magistrate, how
eveT,nquired Bradford to take the oath of
-. "'allsgLeateet, and' to enter into bonds to
keep the pease. be thankful that he
was net banded into the custody of the Pro-
Volt Marshal.
Pittebnrgher Milled in Arizona.
Thomas C.MoOlelland, the young man who
fell In the late gallant expedition against tho
Apache Indbas, noticed in yostarday's piper,
was a-son of Mr. James 11. MoClelland, arch-
Itiot i Tef - Ildr - eitY: HO left here irk 1861, in
oompany..isith Cof. Lallej, to insist in man
aging' UM bisfosii of a large silver tartlet
oompany. The. death of .Col._Colt, of Nil/
York, led to a suspension of the work on the
&nisi iire-sitsinted a few miles from
Tacsoc, Arizona; and in Mara last Colonel
Daley left for Snit; placing his business
.N charge ofloung McClelland, together with
the clerk of the works. It appears that the
• ApaohurlisorbecrEfrequently - troublasonse to
• the settlement, sad a company of civilians, of
which MeOlelland was one, bad volanteered
to assist In chisttsing them, bat he unfortu
nately fell mortally wounded in the conflict.
11,i1tilleabliaistirs Sol Jtri.e.—A first. rate
amber of this popular unigasine appears for
the deleetitonOCitsinly Wallin. We have,
as the opining piper, the 'mooed of the Side,
steepen. !thornier In then. War of 1812,.
whit% was tiommenoed last month. Thal one
stern is interesting" - sleek& of Harrison's
easepaigne, with numerous illustrations.
Egial in Interest will be found the lively,
,watt-written wrath* which follows, entitled
aAs hawks& Yawn, Is harmsny,"—also
profile/7 Marna — ta. We might thus go
through the whcai. taiga of contents', and fled
mall wetter . fer 41mM:a anywhere, bat
. stern the reverse, 'had we either the time or
the ipso. for snob a review. As we have
settner te. 1 1 1 4 . we • just... War our readers to
/lfdieles:J. W.. Pittook, opposite the Post-of
leer. fanny Miner, next door to the Post.of..
Ilse, and W. A. Glidenfouney, 45 Yilth street,
for iiegdaierhlidi they ean rod and "sots the
entestet se their. own tut* and judgment
sesy preeeribe.
, ,
Doman Anasesan.-7 hawse Lay ton. an
igdbldnal wsU known la this *immunity, was
wrested by s squad et the Prated Guard yes
- Vaddb had lodged In iay. lle to a &water
- drew ii•ii,-11th -Pa. - Buena, and will be
Istwaitisd to his 'salsify 1n s fels,lays. A
netwilwissui Road, beicraglaCte Allegheny,
gdaltadup .as a deeettss, and given
site she eastady-of the Preiset Marshal.
1 11 ;4 0 0oi
4.. LID Comrstosors.—Fiftoss
-:-- ,--aot Irlorttooralt offfrom :G.m;l Afilroy's
• t osiikilliii ittWhlgitHisr, rod fourtma issa,
whip rim .01046ipltal it Citobstiaadi but
Will by tbs Itorpos for ts&
P iablili to ' 'lllrd the tray of ths Moll:
ty4bls:aminiog.: -. Tlkey until.
7,, , • :-brosirdolatbsiiii l of MoJor Owing Brooks;
Tax following donations have been received
by the Allegbcny Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Soci
ety, for elok and wounded soldiers, for the
weekending June 17th :
Mise Mary Patton, Butler county, 1 sack
dried peaches • - Mrs. B. Mite, Butler county,
luck dried blackberries ; Mrs. Jas. B. Day,
21 magazines and a quantity of mosquito net;
Mrs. Gibson, 8 cans fruit; Mrs. B. B. Bru
net, 1 'piece musquito net; Mrs. Bebt-Hays,
2 quart cans carnet jelly, 2 quarts tomatoes,
1 bottle currant wine, 4 =gluing/ and 1
Work by ladles of SoeletY-4 shtru and 5
pairs drawers.
• 8111.101711 ACCIDIST raom 60111.NAMBULISX.—
On Thursday eitalatug, about one o'olock, a
little daughter of Col- James Lindsay, aged
about nine years, and residing in the Dia
mond, fell from a third story window, a dis
tance of over thirty feet, upon a brick pais
meat, dislocating bar left arm, breaking the
shoulder blade, and receiving a slight ant on
the back of th e head. She had been in the
habit of walking ln,krec sleep, and the aoel.
dent is attributed to canes. Her mother
was awakened by the noise of the Dill, and
calling out of the window, was answered by
the child below. The little sufferer was at
tended to by Dr. Hamilton, and is getting
along well.
Cow Satin.—Daring the storm on Fri
day, a fine cow belonging to Mr. John Mc-
Millen was killed by the blowing down of a
portion of trwin's rope walk, in the Plait
Ward, Allegher 7.
FLOUR A GRAIN—We have but few transactions
to !sotto& In /lour. calm in the small way at $5 for
Superfine; $5,37g5,50 for Extra Super Ana; $5,76 to
$6,25, and $0,5003,76 for common to fancy broads of
Extra family. There to but little doing to Grain,
and the market Is dull cod prime are altogether nom-
Inst. Sales of Wheat from wagon at $1,20 for Red.
end $1,20@1,30 for White. Oats from But hands
may be quoted at 00 to 650, and from storo at 70 to
79; according to quality. Gera to doll and prices
J are Irregular ranging from
.75 to Va. Rye remains
Coulter, Provost Mar
she' of the Twenty-first District, this morn
Log brought to this city eight deserters.
Stuart's Cavalry at Warrenton
The Rebel Army Preparing to lace
Rebel Officers Killed by Indians
Colored Regiments
‘E-c , &c
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette
WASHINGITON, JllllO 19, 1963
The• Star of this evening contains the fol
lowing: Gen. Lee has not force opposite us
sufficient to attack at this time, as a oonsider
able portion of his army is yet up the valley;
but there is an impression here that his
object was to move by a sudden dash upon
our detached forces at Winchester. Berryville,
and Martinsburg, to do an affective stroke of
business thereabouts, and at the same time,
by a feint at an invasion, cajole Hooker into
transferring the bulk of his army north of
the Potomac, by which maw:cane he (Lee)
could reclaim the sacred soil to the line of the
Potomac, and perhaps by a quick movement,
gobble up supplies, and any detached forces
of ours south of the river, and not protected
immediately by tko strong defences at Wash
ing ton.
Two deserters from Stuart's cavalry came
into Union Mills to-day, and say that Sto
ut's cavalry is at Warrenton, twelve thou
sand strong, and Lee's army Is mused near
Front Royal. It consists of four corps, under
Longstrut, swell, A. P. 15111, and D. H.
15111, and numbers about eighty thousand
The troops sent to capture Winchester, have
mostly returned, they state the whole rebel
army is preparing to march, and will try to
turn Ilooker's right flank, and cross into Ma
The rebel soldiers have no confidence in the
success of this movement, remembering the
issue of • similar plan last tall.
Wealthy men from Louisiana, one of them
an owner of 300 slaves, are now here: They
pretend to represent 40 out of the 50 parish
es in the State, and promise to bring the
State once more beck into the Union, if her
own constitution and laws can be guaranteed;
that is to my, slavery restored. It is pre
sumed that this proposition will not be =ced
ed to, but the planters are still here.
A letter to Commissioner Dole, from W. S.
Collin, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, In
dian Territory,, dated Port Scott, Kansas,
June 10th, says a party of rebel officers, Con-
Meanie of three Colonels, one Lieutenant Col
onel, a Major andfour captains, were attacked
by 'the Osages while passing through their
country, and killed. Them officers were on
the way to ; ,Colorado and New Mexico, to
muster up alithe rebels tney_could find there.
They were armed with four revolver", a carbine
and sabre each. They made a desperate re
'Wanes, but were overpowered by numbers.
General Order No. 171, from the Adjutant
General's Office, provides that when an Ohm
is detached In any way from the army in ac
tire service, he will hint over to the Chief
Quartermaster any horse belonging to bins,
which may have been purchased from the
Quartermaster's Department under privilege
of paragraph 1143 of revised regulations,
and will be allowed the YIIIIO at the time re
turned, fixed by the board of officers ap
pointed by the commanding officer of the
troops present. In no CMS shall such value
exceed the original price paid.
No cheers will be permitted to sell
serviceable horses which have been purchased
of the Quartermaster's Department under
paragraph,ll43. Officers applying, for trans
ported= it authorisedlorses at the expense
of the Government =attend else a certificate
that inch horses are private property, pur
chased at a distance from the scat of war, and
never belonged to the United States. With
out the certificate, no application for trans
portation will be considered. Such transport
ation will not be allowed when officers are
transferred for their own 'convenience.
Land for agricultural colleges is accepted as
follows : lowa, 240,000 acres ; Kansas, 00,-
000 acres; Michigan, 240,000 acres; Minne
sota, 120,000; Wisconsin; 240,000.
The Secretary of War hu directed Captain
Poster, el the Bureau for colored troops, to
melt oolored regiments In Illinois.
Thirteen hundred applications have been
made for a commission in colored regiments
before the Examining Board.
Bart, commander of Battery A, First New
York Artillery, who Wall in the Peninsula
campaign, has been made Major of the first
regiment of New York colored troops.
Gen. Martindale has organised a commis
elm to examine tke cane of colored soldiers
'Maltreated by whites.
Iltiehip , n has received her land sections for
railroads as follows t Six eilisiMmits, Introit
_and. Milwaukee, 6,4 89 IR= y. Moen Wks
!BON, 211,91! again Inotrogt,llßwinkno;Ank
boY Lending and' Tratirie Bay, 1057 sail 3'
Grand Rapids and Indiana, 23,226 sores.
Total. 31.,694 sores.
The Commissioner of Internal Rivet's, bee
decided that predawn of coal are entitled to
as exemption from taxation where the annual
product shall not exceed $6OO.
Christopher Morgan, of Anburn, N. Y., has
beau appointed Comma General at Havana.
Orma or ee• P 1:•ILY G/1.2221 . 1,
SArnan:r. June 20
Gold opened at 143% to New Turk to-day, and tom
gradually to 144, on rumors of Lee•. outage of the
Potomac, and of a rebel raid ort Baltimore. Toward
the close, however, the price wt reduced to 143%.
Bore, our bankers are paying 140 for Gold and old
Demand Notes, and 12701125 for Silver. Eastern En.
change remains-unchanged.
Seminal, generally, continuos very doll and re,
stricted,ht consequence of the foot that most of our
merchants have almost entirely impended trade, and
devoted their time and energy to the completion of
the ketibestions around the city. Although our
business men teas fond of money ea those of any
other city In the Union, yet they are too patriotic
to neglect their duty to themselves and our common
country, to remain Idle at a time when we are me
oared by a treacherous and unprincipled foe. 41 one;
making, for the time being, has been abandoned, and
all have have been engaged directly or indirectly on
the defenses of our city.
PROVISIONS—Bacon is dull with .mall sales
former quotation.. Sale of 40 pm Sugar Canal Dry
Beef at 13c. City Lard la selling at 1030, end Coun
try at 9%ogilOc. Men Pork la very dull, and, in tke
adorn:sof Mks, we omit go Asthma.
BUTTER & EGGS—Butter Is dull with mail
sales at 12e for Packed, and 13014 e for Prime Roll.
Sale of 10 bbl. Egg. at
CHEESE--linn with sales of 75 boo at D,Sio for
Common, and 100 for prime W It, and 10%c for Ham
POTATOES--steady with • good demaudat prt
• naming from $1,50 to $2,00 par bbl.
Pittsburgh Oil Muskat
Jona 20—There ix no new feature to notice lb
erode, with the exception that the market Is hardly
*a firm under the unhootalds *drum from New
Tot It, and the prospect, under the induct. oe of the
recent rains, of a rise In the Allegheny river. As
yet, however, the re 111 no particular change In value,
and we CotitiOne to quote at lsKal6e, packages re-
turned, and ilittaatn, perhaps Included. There was
not • bin& transaction reported.
Banned Is firm with a fair demand at our last qno.
tattoos. There la, however, bat Ilttlo offering, and
the market, comparatively vesting, Is Limpet barn
Balsa of WO and YOU bbla to bond kw immediate deliv
ery at 40r., lees the usual commisalon.
She following on the present petition of Petroleum
from the Circular 012 the gallant, leaned by Ur. C.
J. Turner, ku oil broker of New York :
.Th. stock of Oil here now le estimated .t 50,10.10
60.000 bb!. of both crude mid refined, and the
stock at the vette imd at Plrtsburgh is mid to be
very little if any, more than ueual. 11.0 borne trade,
It I. well known, me entirely bare of .cock - , and tbe
supply of •tree' Oil is now &Imola exhausted; ao that,
at feat, tbe government is beginning to realise
some income from the fax on Petroleum. It is well
known that the export trade has absorbed the notion
- product of canned, duce Jan Ist, as well as the three
months' accumulation of bonded made prior thereto,
fally.boip Dy the fact that, until witbln
few week., the =arena! In the price of üboudid.
and 'eras' Oil has not been kreatar then tire coots per
gallon, and dozing a large portion of the spring there
mesa scarcer soy difference between tkent.”
New York retroteem Market
Spocial Dispatch to the Pittsburgh GAZOttO.
New You June 21.3—Evening—Crude has de
clined to 27@a7%e ea the spot. Mined to bond to
nomival at lslat63sic kr present delivery. gamed,
free, to scarce, and the market is Arm Lud higher
vateo are asked.
int and after J all lot, 1843, the privilege 01 convert
ing the present lune of Legal Tender totes into the
National Six per cent Lunn (commonly celled "Ike
Twentiee") will ream.
Chicago Market.
Jr's. 12—There was more Inquiry for No 1 Spring
Wheat , and the market wee etemly, bet No 2 Spring
war dull and lower—with moderate sales, at 111,12•11
I,isy. for No 2 Bed Winter; SIAS/4/4,01 for Ileiestad
Winter In store; $41041.14 for No 1 timing; 924291,c
for No 2 Living; and 76(g)79c for Rejected Spring—
the market claming dull and drooping. The demand
for Flour was eery light, and the market remains
dull and unchanged, with very trifling Wes. Corn
declined % r oper buhtiel, and rimed firm et the de
preciation—with sales of about 272,000 bushels at
49KAgqi i ie for Ether sod Ossiel nixed Corn afloat;
120* for High Mixed .0..1; 42,044T%e fog Mixed
Coro in store; 40,4,%485(0 for hei.ted Corwin store
—ths market cloung with biome of Alined at 47%
and sellers at CMo, Olga wero in good supply, and
the market ruled eery dell—prices closing about 24
per bushel lower—who light Wes of No 1 at 64%0
ark—claming .f the inside quotation. Bye tholes an
improvement of Mlle per bushel, with min of No 1
at 46X44,610. Barley wee quiet Llighwime were
generally tied u 44.3ic, with • lair demand at 40c,
and light sake at 40/0.40%c. A lot el city wham, to
extra alcohol packaged, was sold at 41Xc; but that
sale was DO Critarloll of the market.
Loans on Gold--Offielg 1 Decision.
The following In lb. ()Masi declalun of Air. Lords,
the Oommlorintler of lotorma 11 .roorio. rolotlro to
the paeanee gad ulo of gold sod ollver coin or
las. thereon:
let. •ll contrects for the purchase and sale of gold
and Over min or bullion, sod ell contracts for the
lout of money or currency sem:deal/ the pledge or
deposit or other dispoeftion of gold or Miser coin of
the United Staten, If to be peribrmed after a peritsi,
exceeding three days, must be to writing, or printed,
and aligned by the parties, their agents or attorney.
Id. Snob cantina. meat bear sdhelive stainp.
equal to amounting to one-half of one per cent of the
price to be paid, or of the .moron of money or cur
rency loaned, and in addition thereto, etamps equal
to the amount of interio.t at the rate of nix per cent
per annum, upon the contract, for the longest thins
named therein.
Sd. A renewal of the contract would be subject to
the same conditions; and if •contrect originally mule
for • period not eteeding three days he reoewed or
fn say miLraztended, such contract m st be duly
stamped when so renewed or extended.
4th. No loin of currency or money on the security
of gold or aline coin of the United States, or of any
marinate or other evidence of deposit payable in
gold Or Wirer coin, can be made fur an amount ex
carding the per rattle of the COW pledged or depos
UAL Child and silver coin, loaned at the per vain.
thereof, is Subject only to the duty Imposed on loans.
6th. Protract. loans or mien of geld or Hirer solo,
or bullion, not Dude In acsordance will this decision,
are wadi sod to addition to existing penalties for ci
tation of the axolotl law, any party to said contract
may, within one year Livia the date thereof, bring
salt to recover back. for his own we and bowel, the
money paid on any Each contract.
7th. Nothing In this decision ahail apply to any
traneactions by or with the government of the Uni
ted Stated.
Imports by Railroad.
1T1V11.01.811. VT. W4lllBB A 0 )810800 ILI mem.,
Jon. 85-21 bbl. liquors, L 11; ,rts .k. raga, McCal
wash, smith A oo; 36 bblooll, A Lyons; LA bge COM.
la) bbl. Pour, 1 car corn, no moudgmee; 200 bdls
paper, Lupton A Olden.
Pnviatrhot A Ounruann Hattwo4o, June 19-
117 oil Lute, Clark A tiumnor; 20 boa dream, 1 bbl
elm 11 . Yangorder; 25 bbla Poor, W P Beck A co; 51
boa cheese, L 11 Volgt A co; 31 cks pearls. J B Lyon
A oo; 9 bas cbeeao, J Ilrownlse; 26 do do, 1) Haworth;
40 do do, J Al Almaden; 415 Mrs corn, Bingham, Stu,
you A co; 7 tar edam, J Daub; Bdo do, W P Beck
oo; 10 do do, Al W Hankln; lu do do, O C Balaley;
20 bbis tobacco, Little A Trimble, 18 balm tor, 8808.
ad, A Childs; 46 Du abeam, Wm Hadap; 50 bbl.
whisky, Ju Little; 22 cks clay, A Gordon; 40 thle
lud, 31•Mee A Bro; 6 hhds tobacco, John Aruba; 9
bbl. butter, 3 bbl. .gp, Jam A Vetoer; 12 boo wine,
John McDonald °roam; 101 oil bbls, J C Hirkpat.
rick cm; 2 litids tobooco, J Murphy; 4do do, John
Greer; B .k. rap, !lowing A Torrenw
The7t, cheapest and beet of the United
States pays for a hill Commerciel tonne, In.
chiding Ming and Commercial Arithmetic.
lie ised and extra charg es' Bo ok ntsat.
urers, Steamboat,
Beak .kesplng
Miniature ems at one-half prim }Redeem enter
end reviler at any time.
This InstitatiOn le conducted by exper i enced
Teachers and practical basher mien, hence the prat.
mace [or graduates or this College by bugloss men
thomerbont the country, as well ea this city.
Prof. A. OOWLAY, long known is the best PUI•
man of the Union, teaches Ormunental and Rapid
Hosioesu Writing.
trrror imsclmene Of Prof. Gelder. unequalled
Writing, and Catalogue 000toinlag MI information,
oaolotelitotity•Aro coati to the Pan
Na • 14,
,Sr riminred to RAW' law Build/mg,
93 Diamounkruselletiot atm
Levu Direareisarr,
Baran of Tgeipeural aid Barettieg.
Jett 8, isa
BEA LED PROP ;PALE t furnish asaterbis for
the Navy, for the fiscal Tear ending 80th June, 1861,
be receive t at toe bureau of Squipment • d
seeing, until the Ecru ott. Y Or JIII.a N KAT.
Them deila's and ankles end , aced In the chosen
ratilen are particularly described In the printed
schedules, any of which will be fynaiehed to !wit es
d-sire ro offer, on application to the commandants of
the reuective yard., or to the navy sgont 0..1001
thereto, sad that of alt the yards spot application
to the On eau. This Maiden-into arises wing for
the convent:ow of dealer. In each, such per/tone
ouly •dl be furrilstai so are actually r. gutted for
bile. Tee commandant and navy agent et ame eta•
don .14. in addition Le the scheme or chew, 01
th lc own yard., hate a copy of the schedules of the
other ra•d, eisMtilatiOn only, tom wroth It may
to Judged wt ether It will be dab die to make ay
plicate° for nny of the claws of then yards.
Offers taw he made for the wh le of the clam at
any ford upon one of the prink =bedlam, or in
stAiet koatormity therwitr, or the an In n tat °w
ade ad In coinputlog c the price stated
la the column of prices will be th standard, and the
• of the claw will be a out accenting
to tee polo,, stated.
The coatroom will be awarded to he lowed bows
Me b.dder who gives ptopor away for its inlllll.
aunt. The bureau resew.' the right to reject. all
Shahid/ for any den, If deemed exorbitant.
All enlace must be of toe very beat quality, to be
enlivened In the nay yard. k. good order, and la
alitabie etude and pack 'vs, proPhrly nal:la with
tee alone of the conasekr, as the Caen may be, at
the ripen e and :Ist of the contractor, and in all re.
epeere (ob)eat 10 the illeptet/011, Mtattllttnntlcln ram,
aright. k, of me ys:d whore revived, and tithe
enter. °natation co thei nommondard.ilioteoL
!Md.o ate r. f:rred to the commandant et the re.
.I . °'•tto lards foe earapee,trostoustious,or particular
dosariptl.n of toe uwalece • and. al other Whip be
ing equal, puha:once will be emu oo articles of
America, mandrecture.
I rely offer, as requited by law of Ifith Augast,
1815. must be accompaded by a written guarantee,
the form of which le hereinafter given, am alio by a
certificate signed by . the collector of attune" revenue
tor tos district In *lda he that t aebar
license to deal In the ante:es which he proposes to
furnish; or by an affidavit signal by him& If and
sworn to before some magistrate authorised to ad
minister Koch oath, that he is a manafacturar of, er
regular dealer In, the articles he Mitre to supply, nod
been (Menet, as ouch manufactuier or dealer.
Thou only whose off:re may be accepted . will bo
twilled, and the contract will be forwarded se soon
theratiter al practicable, which they sill Le rehired
to caseate withip too days after to retecpt et the
pat Maw or navy mutiny roamed by them.
Toe (outrun will War date the day the rootlike
tiou le give/ sod daimone, can be demandal.
dureties In the full amount will Le required to sign
the con tact, and their leeponalellity certified to by
ca Cubed State/ District Judge, United !States
t Attorney, Collector or navy A gent. As addl., 'wady per ceotum ° wtll to withhold
tom the amowt of the Lille moll the contract shall
have been completed ; and eighty per centuru of each
o 111, approved In triplicate by the commandants of
toe Impeller/ yards, *:lt be pant by the usly'ageut
at the pultita of nolivery—unlea nmicested by the•
°oat/actor to be paid at otter navy agency—within
en days after warrentilahall hare Wen passed by the
But etera of the Trenstuy.
It le stipulate,' In the contract that lf default I e
made by toe puns. of the Ara pert in delivering all
or any of the articles mentioned in any class hi I for
In the contract, or the enmity at each tine and
places above proalded, then and In that eau the eon•
tractor sag his ursine will forfeit and pay to the
United /dam a BUM of money net eauding talc*
the amount of ouch clue, which mar be !wavered
from tome to time, accord'. g to the act of ,]engross
in that cue pcovidad, ',pineal March 3, 1611.
' No bide :or more than one pull moat to enclosed
to one envelope, and we um, must be d is tinctly 10.
domed oo the out rtopoulis fur meteriala for
the navy, lot the aavy.yaw at" (name the yard)
...dew he ,t' ems the clack) sod !anthem, "To the
Chief of the Boreau of Equipment sad roacrultlng,
liar; L'epartment, Wahltagton, D. C."
Form of Qffer,
Which, from a flutr, mutt be afford by all the ma
-, of -, the State of -, hereby
agree to forateh and deliver In toe mpective hary•
yards all the ert . clee named to the elan es hereto ew
e axed, agreeably to the I minions of the enhedules
therefor, and to coref.reotty with the reve rt. anent
of the Borten of !Equipment and Ifecrultlng, dated
June 0. 1603. thooLl my offer be aocepied, t ...feat
to be eldr.e.,ed at end the contract Dent to
ohs parr agent at t r to -. for elgaature
(BiguatnAo,) A. P
(Dote )
Thy schedule which the bidder 'patios most be
pasted to his ofkr, and each of them Mined by him.
Oppcslte each oracle la the schedule the grim must
be eat, the amount carried out. the aggregate hooted
op for each clam, and the amount likewise written
In word. if the parties who bid do out rodeo near
toe ram where the articles are to be Gollvarad, they
says& name In their offer a persso to whom cress I on
them nos to be d.ltrered.
• . -
Fares al Guarantee.
The undersigned, cf -, la the !tate of
-, and -, of -, to the Etat* of -,
nereby guaraltee that to awe the /creasing bid 01
- Icr aty of the dmea therein named be ac
cepted, he or they .111, within ten days after the re
ONO of the contract at the poet otto. earned, or nave
agent designated, execute the contract for the same
lotto cant and sufacleat emetics; and to case the said
- email tall to enter into contract, ea aforesaid,
we goaraatee to nuke goad the dletermw between
the otter of the meld - and tlud width may be
ao.wp ed.
(olgostoree of two gnotantora,)
P" - )
1 herons et rtlif thst the above namo..l - ars
known to mo as men of m,p.rty,knd able to - make
igtoll Mar inarutoa.
(1114notnre.,) 0. IL
To be signed by the Uuitod States District Judge.
United State* District. Attorney, Collector. or Davy
SO :don 14. 4.1 G It fhrris enacted, That no con .
tract or orter,or any inures; therein. shall hr trans•
Erred oy the party or wile. to •hom each contract
or order may be Shen to ary other patty cr parties,
and that any such grander shall came the ananhastit
it the contract or order transferred. so far se the
Utited Utah.* al, oonnertea i Trorided, net all the
rfahte of action are hereby removed to the United
Matr rot say breach of such contract. by the con•
ever any contractor far subsistence, clothing, arms,
ammunition, =tuitions of war, and for every de
scrlption of supplies for the army or navy of the
united States, shall be found guilty by • court mar
tial of fraud or willful neglect of duty, he shall be
pro:kilted by flan, imprisonment, or suc h other pun
ishment u the court-martial *kali adjudge ; and any
M‘Twho shall contract to tarnish supplies of any
is description for the army or navy he shall be
deemed and taken nsa part of the land or naval Issas
of the United elates for which he dull contract to
furnish such seppliss, and be subject to the ruins and
regulations for this government of t h e land and naval
loran of the United Staten.
apprOved- July 11,11343.
I. d.d all fart U r. rooked, That rite chief
of any bureau of the nary Depute:lent, In contract
ing Or naval lopplue. snail be at liberty to react the
afar of say paean, who, a. principal or surety, has
been • &bazaar In any previous contract with the
Mary pecartment ; nor shall panics who hare fallod
SG pflatipals or motto* In any former contract be
noalsed ea meths on other cmtracts ; our shall the
copartner. of 11111 y Ann be termed se suedes for etch
firm or for cash other; nor, to contracts with the
mine bureau, shall on. cent:actor be no lived ma
mutely tor another ;and emu contract shall requhe
the delivery of a specified quantit i a i nd no bid. Oar
nouttaal or fictitious prime a be conalderaL
That If more than one aid be Mimed by any one
party, by or In the came of hi. cr their clam, part.
oar, or other pesos, all such bide may be rePtclem ;
and no parson shall be rooked as a contractor tabu
not a Imantectuar or, or dealer In, I t , articles
which Le offal* to supply, who has not a license as
each tamintactimer or neater. and all prima offer
ing bids shall have the right to be present ahem the
bids ars clued. and inspect the soma
Appreesiitarch ISM
'The 6Lcortag ars Du dame reqalred at the re
!wetly° wary yard.:
LIT MET, Mittlilra
No. 1, Flax Canvas and Twine; 5, Sperm 011; 7,
oo.klng litandin; 8, !naves; 1., Leather 11, Loath
sr Low;-18, bantams; 16, ; la, Tallow;
1...wh0a. dualunary ; 13, smears; it. tidy
Ukowidlery ; 28 ; Copper pica; 67, try Goods; 69,
111 . 7,0 0 d; Tarfl and Ntatatoot Uli.
No, 1, Ilan Canape and TO11:10 I b. Spoon Ott; T,
Cootics tanidle; 8, Moves; 10, Leather, 11, Leather
Hue; Is, Ox Uldet for hope.; 15, Lanterns and
Lamp.; 16, ',an 16, Soap and Tallow; 10, Bradlee;
12, lindlonerr; 25, ardware•. 8111 p Olhand.ery,
26, Copper Wire; 07, lay troods; WO. air. wood; 61,
%halo, fish, Tar and NetataLot Oil.
BsooKiarti, time' roux
No. 1. /lax Canvas and Twine; 6, Operas OIL 7,
Onollut Wend's. 8, Stores; In,Laather; It. Leah.,
lima; IS, Lama, n. Lamp•; )6. Tall 18 . Boap and
Tallow. 20, 111.nahea ; 22, ;stationery; 23, listdvislin
II 611 p Clutadlaty ; VT, Dry Don:.; LY, Ylrownod
MI ; Tat Oft and lit.ataloos 011.
No. 1, v.: Caavaa and Twins; b. Vperm ;
41 °. 10 .1 Wratda. 15, Loather; H. Leattar Hole; 15
Tar; 15. Soap and Tallow. 50, Drusbea; VV. ot.tic..y
ilardwim.; 24, 81.1 p Chandlery': 21, Dry Goode
1711 wood; 81, Tar Ltd sad Desist at oil.
No. 1. 'lli 04111.1 and Twitor; 6, Spann 011; 7 ,
00-Alna DtansUs, 6, Stoves; 10, Leather; 11, Leather
and Gam Hen; 13, Lantana and Lamps; 16 Teri
13, Soap and Tallow; St., Brash's; 22, Stationery; 33.
Hardware; 34, ably Obandl•73; 3 3 . 0,, PP 07 Wlre; 26 ,
Iturnlturs; VI, Dry Goods; 28. Wnlor 7711707 1; its,
thy/road ; 30, o°6l 011; 31, Whale, Nish, Tar and
Neataloot OH; 32, Galley and Dewy Iron; SI, Main
boa; 36. Plg Iron. jalLlad4w
BAAL= paoposup wilt be 1 ' 1041 . 6 at Ike
office of the Baperintendsnt of 'Potato Printing, for
sopplylag the paper need by the. State for the year
commencing 'ltaly Ist, 1661. Bold mar to be Dock
Paper, nossouting 24 by 40 Incase, and to weigh, is.
opectiveiy, to and gp pounds to the rem. Also.
Double Plot cep, mousing 17 by 26 inches, weigh.
such 26 pounds to th e ream. 1,18, will be received km
kind sepiustely.
Sidi can be handed In op to WIDNIBDAY, July
1, at 10 o'clock a. In., ad must elate epeclecally the
price per pound of paper.
liesapies o i f a c i iirdred will be ant to any par •
dee spin to the undersigned, end can
an be seen on the day of letting.
100 boxes 00
Carr Ammo= ittiAlazuwens's
Corm of Ilth and 41 stmts. .;
Wathitsgbs, D. 41:01Ine' PUN
88ALKD eIIOPOBAI.B era{ be received at.thig
office motil TOEBD&Y. June 621. et 0'444.,
"trCbLlG:lhe.eltY:ol,. Washlngton,,st
encla coat as the Grpotliositermestry may dtield.,
of the following kind and dencreptva, vier
Slght beret led thoruiehd
,(800,000) het 44 or coo
loch white Pio* Common Gelliop.
f4ty thou.. ut (.50 000) feet dressed, for glad sad
grooved White Pins.:
Thu thousand (60.1.01.) feet Scantling, 3by 6,16 feet
long. Hem cck
fifty thensand (mow, feet lauitilng, 8 by 6, 16 Stet
long, thernloole.
fifty thousand (60.(00) feet Elandlng, 8 by 6,18 bet
lone, Hemlock.
oil theahove dsertibsdho b. good merchantab's
Lumber, voile. to the inspection - a en peat sp.
tad an the poet of the Goveenment.
All the lumber to bo delivered by the Elth day of
July, 1853.
Teis full name and poet office addrial of the Udder
must appear In the brewed.
It .a hid h mule In the muse of a flow, the names
of all the puttee mut appear, or the Hi Ell boat
el/lend as the Individual preload of the party dip.
toponalsfrom disloyal parllas will not bs canakl.
end an oath of allegiance natal accompany Mots
Prapcsal. met Is adAresW to Capt. DDWAIID
L. HARTZ, Assistant Q rimmatar Untied States
Army, Washington. D. Cl., and should be plainly
marled ..Proposals for Lumbar."
• •
The responsibility of tbeauralttors mast Leehowit
by the Glacial certificate of the Clerk of the neared
District Coat or of the thilted States Barnet At.
The deity et the bidder to tall the arirtractolinuld
it be awarded to. him, eat la guaranteed b) - two
reeporalble perinea, when signatures are to be ep.
Beaded to the guarantee, ins weld ginnatai neat
accoompany tie bid. •
mast be present to person when the bids
are opened, or their propelledl will not be =addend.
Bends to the son of Live thoorad dollars aligned
by the connector and both of kis gnaranton, will be
reqdred of the raccesital bidder clan doting the
Awn of amrastes.
We, —of the amity of—and State of
and of the minty at sad State et do
hereby 'narrates that = le abbe - to MC • oett.
[not in eceordsooe with the tamed - kb
and that, shoal hie proposition be ma=
at once enter Into . a emitted In eapordance *NIP
with. Should the contoten be awarded him we are
prepared to become his wasuritien
cro this summits* SULU be appended the &Okla
ceettelcata awes torntionsel.)
Thu right' to reject any or all bids that may be
deemed too Id& Is retested by the Depot Quarter•
informal proposals will 1* Mock&
lalp:SA Captain acd A. Q. M.. 11. b. Arm
Aistrmar QVIAZTIMSIIII . II Ounce,
Deigns Derannuurr
Comer CI and Twenty.weoond street%
Wammerton, D Apr 1 1 ,111,110..
WI/ATTU! PtitIPOSALS sm . invited ler linnish.
_OATS and CORN, Mr thi Me of
this Depot, to be laliveced at tha Rallroad= i r
at any of We Government Wharves In th is .
The proposali to be Vdtessiel to the no
and they should slate tbSicantlty .6 each arta,
shio the pries and the data of daft .
Dropcnis will be teesimi Dv fin sr
booboo of then or Ws, and they (60). tom at or
btraw, and upwards, soles It Minh! be for the to.
tenet of the Govenment to entrain for a Ins
AU grain to Co pat In good Sacks. of 'boat two (1)
tenni gen. which are to be finniabed at the cat
of the contractor.
Thu flay and Straw to bt secriveiy baled.
MI Grain and lin offered to be sat)ect to a rigid
Inspection by the Government Inspeour.
tootracts will be awerdsd from time te time to the
lowest tenoosible bidden,. the intsinte of the err•
vice may make. Good enmity will be required for
Ms faithful foinhant of any meant made ander
this advertisement.
Pitymem to be tone at the compl etion of the coo.
out. hnOWN,
.pet Om Onion sod A. th U. S. A.
/rank Warrington. By the author of "The
The BIKINI of the (Ad Wed& Be Chae. L. Brace.
P. tee'. Nxtise Tax Lava. 1 $ To.
~ . .
Ll• In the epts dlr. By AUL WLsthrop. (8 TO.
Life of Chrhitopher North, (John Wilsoo4 1 voL.
'session of the Orinea. VoL LBy W. Magleks.
Annual Sclentlio BleconnaL for 1862-'63.
The Two Pictures. By Sleds J. Nolstonk.
Vol.. sad Sketched By Hugh 1111 lier.
for sale by HAYS OW., 66 Wood merest.
2.1 Wyandotte of Parley. 9 Toth
Lalaad's Deistical Wilton. 2 rola.
Dr. Pottery Loaves on Henaltler.
(bancWo do Trento, In Ilyealsh and Latin.
gooses Troatlan. 16 too.
fridanos of tba Basarnsatton. Honloy.
laws and Batas' Works. 1 roL
Klopttook's klemialt. 91041.,16 ma.
mayors Laotarre dnYßlptnn.Paefa • Prophesy.
Howa's Works. 1 rola.. II re.
all 6 J. L. Mk% TS Fourth gust.
411.111M1W71111 lia/314.11 . 11 °MCA }
Waremioroz Orrr, Mita 19,180,
v-r hatted to owl to the Priortoramator Oonorarr
aloe wider' for thatr charter or lola
Tenders should ovate;_deastlptlons of the math,
their dlmenelons, enrolle d or reglaterad,, Sounetp.
actualoarrylng ametalty,matarbleatether eepplosed.
wheheel or propellor; whether at
iron Wined . tbse and power*, *Mem and
and shonkl ebsta the price at which they am vault
ter long or short charter, with the asetmallad value el
the vemel la as of lces, or in me the government
mould ptehe to purcham Instead Maenads& •
Owners of stem mewls already in the meta of
the Quartermaster's Department. me m united to
make known to the Department say glidnaticar In
their pretreat rates which that may be :Win to
grant, and also tho price al whisk they will be yid-
Leg to sell them.
All such renders should be arldmeed to the Quer
tensteaterfkoneral of the United Itstes, at Washing
ton, end should he entire md ll.Propossia for the cher
tar arwile of litesiten."
WhiCreatived they will be considered. and the
Department retil endeavor to reduce the heavy en.
pens attending army tramp relation upon the omen
and tido Teton by substituting; when It can do
a, cheaper vowels of equal severity des thole
nO Simony= ITIUT (oppoono tee Costal
Obartorod by tee . Lees Woo..
rresIdait—JAIILB.PAILLJ a.
H. T. Badd.
A. Bolueraav,
Janina Rhodes,
Job Blackrath;
Alex. Bradley,
Alfre d Black.
W. H. ODOM, t
John T. Jenotoe,
Tim. D. liondar,
Thos. S. Blair,
Wrsucia Wars,
Weary Lloyd,
Jaitah King, 0. Zug, 0. H.:Wolti,
A. 8. Bell, Jai. lworth, D. Ombra",
8.8. Yowler, W. A. Di tad. W E.
m. limit!,
J. W. Woodwal, 8.0. Botunarts, 0. B. Jonas,
F. Rehm, 0. W. Woks:son; B. Y. Jones,
J. hi. Thotuus, 8. H. Hartman, W. H. Phalts,
H. lB . 1 ,11 4, B. J. Anderson, o.t. Hamm,
Jan W. Barter, D. 11,. KoZinlay. W. Mama.
Eaczatary and Trourotar—D. t. ICIELZY.
Open daily, from 9a. to. to 3p. ID. Also.Tneeday
and Saturday Malthip, from 810 $ o'clock.
Deposita receired ai Og I DIND and upwards.
Dividends declared nbar and Joie of sank
Dividends allowed to nmain are placed Is the
Mein of the depositor is principal, sad bear inter
esting tsmpocadlng It.
meadining Weirter,By-Lawa, ile.,finnished
at the ogles.
Olo"rtits Institalksi igen, especially to those per,
eons whom earothp ars small, the appal:many I.
ammoniate, by mall dap:mita easily sand, a mint
which will be •resource when needed, their money ,
not only being eada but beating interest, Imbed of
remaining nuptoductire. nitiflaystosaz
Tunica, admace,)—{le fora full copse.
The girth demMo wall onnaterms MONDAY, July
111, and Dhow NIDAY. Angust..2thi... The 'Moot
pals will be an aNalsat Amps of
among w Web Is PrOL.J. T...WAKILINN e Organist
In et. Paul's Cathedral, a mamerof Sacred euntgeo.
alerhlcale;• Prof. 'ALIN: COMMIT,* XXVII City
Oollese..tbe bast. Writer W tbellaloh, who excels all
...palters la leeching Plain and Ornamental Pea.
menehip ; eta Prot..INAIT. WIND, of Chichansttl,
itystlesuished An erlosti Nicauthoulet.
e *MN of stud' will be ample, embracing all
brand lly taught-IM b
with the ad dl Uonof Phenetie Analyst@ Phone.
graphic lanolin/MI/thy the Prinelpeli Book.kespft
mar Ifferoa.Ule Arithmetic, by Ptak JINK.IOB
BMW ; Vocal Mao, by Prof.l. T.VAMICIAN •
end Practical iirmalcm, in a Imam of thirty
by Prof. 1L1DD.....• As Teacher of illocattonro,
Kidd has fewequals.'!--Pids.Dispshob.. °To ell Flo
enjoy fue, cr appreciate lather, we oommend Prod
Kidd, His docutlautry powers are wondarinlP
Oradea Special lectures will ho r rid/fared daring
the semion upon Peramage,Phydral Oulture,ylm.
cry and !maths. of .Tdair, load and, Moral
Qualidattions of Teachers. s/A ether sublets in.
westing and prodtable to Teachers. by Erma. A. 11.
Tacoma, B. R. Erie sad denim Wumn, D. D.l
Drs. Tninamt J. Gaiarmaand J. W Bras; Prof..
Mums, Dux, OraooD. Hawn%
Doman" and cdtais.'
rot pselloolszi sail at Itsoelsfor Institut* Ha,
Iron Ottp,Oolley 80141138, comer cl Penn and I.
Otelr stn se% or sand for oireildr. -
.I•AlewassrAtisrT - s. Pittsburg& ,
city, h p
ew e i M nt e o n s a*
ew e s i e w s t k w h i the
M maw al t 6
Bteetewilile /iamb lzwelbwi . =nem far immi•
try peete, sadeeield With Goa iielnihe Toot Wok.
TiY peipetty hi ahead at &groat latastaa,
i lrerlig laugh drat. Itre=ra Ltt.
A Bin 011AIRT1 708 A
Thcabfaib. ,, is NAL tLt teantleal woo 4
t tn 217,4,1 ocettabdng about a%
wif ta, 4'l d la the Borough of Bewlacley, bums-
Zady m ta the new Presbyterian Church, and
beautiful ?addend, of Chula Is.
Thle Amon, pissessea many advantanea kw a
rourZradium, Drat swag whirl, Is • new All
abawitaal Osiris:ASV:Ur • litid spring
Ks point' elsvatut to unable
the pa:rehear to WWI thir to dal Peet of the
manila The soil is good, end as this pound b new
covered with Ate aid Oast Usu. the purchaser will
have nothing to do but to ream • ha wf,the tries
tornecllately around the alb he stay_ Mealle
bow* lay out • kw roads. and be will WWII that
can be desired be' • ommtry bmais. That' Bps
surance to Sha-ZaParti bath to" end Wit
of t he
nom, aay_tbiryt
- tbs . destrablebm ol the hood—da WE-
L= 18 , WILLL KNOWN. .
This ;impiety will be sold on terms to reit the
Entdre of ILICKING di Wood
for NUM $4.6 00 .
"DOR - 84.1,11,7—V0ry . .aesinble , IRON
x .rmutioN idtuated at ReVey.
town. Bilffibe tointy orithLa a short Memos of
the Pennsylvania Railroad and Cenal. The freehold
property comprbma a Inmate, with machinery of
amp • power to blow It, using Althea . thareold'es an
thracite call about 1300 acres Maw land; also the
celebrated greenemodpigke Isom owe bank. containing
about 17 acne. whiohjeliduce• In abundance the
same ore fres which John 4. Wiiiht, rag., makes/
his canownadand lastly celshratadlommottv• Tim
and One.Ailea. This la the only amiable property
In the litateurhich prednots the ore requisite for"
tabilahhig • blighter of like character.
lime Ii elm abotn 110 ammo( laud.withiu half •
mile of the , ' terms" held under long lames, from
which ahandatme KA:celled hematite en can be
taken, at a cod not exceeding $2 per ton. delivered
etlythequitacii bank, and on which' shafts have
toemitlyamenannit.and which will protium =Tenni
ore to, ,apply the_furnam. loft food! cre is also
abundant itt- dui neighborhood. Charcoal, In any
tisablatieknem be hid delivered at the tomato at 0
to Wants per bullet.
TM !unlade WWI situated for the markets, bay.
wutm . and Sill conununicatmus with Philadel-
Plttehurgiu galtivacre, Harrisburg, and other
impottint manufacturing towns.
P o or rine, terms and turil i nia . tr a ti=la to
hada. Philadelphia. Ite.
AND 11.40/1111 8110 P.—tho abme sotob•
Ibbment, in Madison Indiana, is most eligibly sit
uated for badmen It contains a large amount of
machinery, andaho a tare large amortment of the
most moderated:erns for angina, mill and railroad
work. ALadison le • very desirable place of residence
and pommies Superior streantsra for otantatacturtng
—buttlattgtKt hottatios for tronrocrtation to all
parts of 'country. Rents are low, Ming chap,
And ths , Unlit, second to no other in the United
ilbstentosical health. The proprietor will sell the
ortablishment, if appliod for soon, at a good bargain,
or oae4half of ft only to some competent person, who
tuttersionds wall the mulling and management of
tub - an establishment. Or ft not disposed of soon,
.howunbi rent to rorpcsmiblo parties for a term of
peers, retaining an interest or not, as mop snit the
parties wining to rent. There are two large ship.
yards to the. p d
lait, with more work offering than
they ma do, an many parties desiring to contract
for ootantbonto; engines and machinery, are compel.
dto go to other cities, for the want of parties here
to do th• work.
Forlndiana. tams and price addrion WS 460, Madison,
By Virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of MO.
lMCount there willte expoetdto Public Pn
y A ian. i onhe(i,y
Pletsbnigh. on *7I3DAY, the 30th day of Juno.
Ists, at 10 e'eloek a. in ,ea the property of John
Carts, derseedotli that certain lot of ground sho
ats on the cotassof Wayne Weir and Isabon
In the Oily of P e
gree t bailing a front 29 het 6
inches on Wayne greet; aid extending teck'Slong
Jackson alloy 90 fret, Wing lot N 0.4 Ina plan 66
lee Lid out by `New. hander Hann, needed In
Deed Book voL 60, page 160, and the game which NU'
conveyed by Bev. liatuis Herrin] to sald.John Outs,
deo'd, by deed dated January 67, ma, recorded in
!Deed Book vol. 63, pie 66, on which Le • acted a
twoetory brink dwelling home.
Toms wish. JOHN 017WELAxecutor.
For fruiter *Oculars enquire of CI. ilasbetruck.
Esq ticey for petitioner, N 0.166 Fourth street.
Jelbsodtd . . . -
FO.ll EIALE—About 20 Lain chola
Lead, just right her coaster erata,' with dale.
Mews, gaisad if emus older, beldam lad: he.
Pena the Waved mad. drer t i s erad Madam tat Wk.
about haedred feet, lad lar
ell or any at width / sell =Pa
for now. Tide property if at the Uftddiculi
Marebarter Street ratfray, sad at the Woods:ltaa
nation of the Wort. Mayas Sr Mow Ilatheed, oa
which the ire b only Ore mate, and time of trmult
only eight artmstra.
Also, itlarge lot of pentad Manchester, so fret
front ore the Ohio river sad !table street, with Urge
dwelling ef twelve roams, aged large Iran trees sad
"Otela o'iidec e b y Irma
be exclmgd m eta n p pudu Mttra
dam nuttier fatereattea sad plum of the prop.
a S rt tatkm.
B. y ere to be bed at my tailgate*. at Moods'
FEM. FOB SALE-Situated in Ben-
Ter comity, about two wino from litonomy,
=tondo; two tundra( sad eighty-otos aorta. Tt.
land ki of good guilty ; "boot htutdoid acres
oloarod. goal and llnwatooo tato grasolaaa. Alao
Dialling Haan, Ham sad d
ttlani. llncloarad land
wall thatowl. Will Do sold low, Whiz in on., two.
Par brass gartlaulars l apa t tio z a
er,-B. PAT &108,
or, j..K. ratu ar bm blitttrests Pittsburgh
'WARM: FOR SALE—eon b 7
A: wow well Impfuesdi Whit
them oroctod, Man gip,to Allosbany
coront7, ow tie Oity Paw Zany Ibnowly owned
by hoar Wlltfakor,
_doom& WM be odd °hoop
for cook. Alma, • ILOUSISO LL, known moth,
"Hatdla MU," with mon nem eland, boos% barn
sad ottwr Impiedromonto. InOntro of
• Da. WS. H. BILL, lialunt. Po.,
MAO MILLI% Broddook's tfoldo, Pa.,
of. T nb HOS. 0.7 ...a o:a. Mouthl2"l-
sal Grant AB..
ttabin. • .IRYGP:
41JTIOCW.i 111001:14.
ben kula .
One eoperior=a,Mß, 89 beim &roster, 8
Th i neabLlTLlO PUMA:4 for named, with
mine ellatninistb
Boma her end isosed-hindliTllll9 ME1G73626,.
tram 16 bah diameter down to 6 Inch, will be sold
low for cub. area M. BOLA
lOW . On the Allanturey Ibid. an. Point Mira. .
01101019 1•1101111iTY INS 154 LE...•
V Muse 104 9) by 1.16 test tech, hunthig On At.
legheny Asensio. Also. Three Lots, 15 by CA
bonthq da Wilmette greet, Hand Ward. A lienbeny.
These ere .ruy desirable, being- in one of t
best Wakes of the city, mid within 126 feet of the
Mistehestsr Paallensor Ditny on shwa street,
(Bapley's Lou.). Ur I will sill tbs Wad tio
one Miramar, vary low. Termer'y -
Apply to .
JelL2st -No. 46 Ohio strut, Alistchenl.
13119 AL Edvan PUB BAIA to closet
Lb the 'Mafia Dr. Doltwiag. ameesett,dtuated:
at etewut's Rua. Timmy moat," Two treat,
—ow of LW and.aaother of ND mem. Thom tea.
mooing soma on thel.l6 um tract. and (Al has
been dboonred within '1 =lle of It. The propmtf
will be wed al nivel. Damb's Noted, on THUS&
DAT, time Mk lin
for farther blibratatlon imply to
P. 3. DAB,TI=, ,findatei,
bahtd CI Warren street, N. T.
VOL% , 14.1)U.K. gAW4 Nutt ISALE;
op:Leasing Daiwa% 176 tem Shirai MA Dtto.
ed.altnate euShe Pan•Naadle, Hab er month Ta.,
Dear the lima. Ike, five Wier tram name% PST
and Iva miles fnea New Otunbettaml.: Tbe Worm ,
meets am • MIMI cottage dwelling. bunk barn and
co:bag. This bras well oeloafatefifor Mem rafs. -
tag, awl . ran Le 00061410 w gad Sasearfileiti:. • •
DU B. IieLAIIIk 00.; IDS }mirth ah
TOUII - ••'. 1• e blialtilOti • 01.1-
it aid ABOUT OMR AOlar 01 'ollollHH,boi ,
tong to their*, of the late Hugh Smith, tem;
Ytn loaeW.ln'tti. bump Of-Xencluster, on the
canes of. Lome atria. end Um hunk of the Ohio
Arm Jiang guts! the:wet/43nm Gnenwool peon
arty. :Yoe tens, WO:* of A. DAMITH, No. 611
Wake street. Pittsburgh......' mayliktg
A titltlll-t) • . ' Ott if Olt Atc* MIMI-
Wic. - -,Tataable Sir aele. site.
mad it the liied ot I.ll=l6 l7 Ettia Steroid.
It hi in the midst of. dourbbtett population. Then
sr* tie
kith twrivid beam end shoemaker
lit axedneersat7 Jeri:varying on the
htieties= SI lel ps• PIA en guy term,
kilIMAIA,l,454k2OOll7•Alat and velt
tesma e. k.
Cei Loots% strut , aistibeit
way, Inquire at MB colnakasito HANSI N.
NOMA% blewt•trieLllssobater. roar .
1863. Ism, AND LAZA HU RO NW
Tbs . ow awl Gloat lowyneore stoma
Win est defog the p. tehnote the above pet ,
Beglnaw -
Lontee Ctiegeteil lax &dor! Can, ilast
eat Beg Oligelotedniat Nem Mood, Lexington,
Poet Ilosilar, Wester, toreettant Petit embarks,
ItelAuetin sad Teem Cith IT I FY WIIDER " A
MIMI% r *amok.. -
'Ldsrio ilegtenqrtiet:cleireisne EATtrilD69
egoill — pea tow will noels prompt U.
oea eleitifoiL. • eleitisete entdo. 4 Shlnem b om .
Vegath.uotrail"-2=61,01!". 7111 11. thg r a TIM 'cl°14" 11 1140 ;
• I.kiitiar I'APICOP
_ .
%AIN MAO Otrellt• Mir •
mar J HOW/U.
Watt: =MUM BtT AD.
MI Darr.? ritsatilL_
nototrea 4000 XIB li
kor!tke Plassaiss Rattan d2j , v#0 13 1 4 18 , , TV .
at all B s Ditiven
aid rak122.1 alfect =sm.
.VVl n i, / • the rw
(m, dli) at
. xe.V..d
Harr. , tor
frx/82.2. vis Ptah.
ttit"trli =kW!
lard* rg is :42111sors ssA
- Nut Tts E.l.Lotown roots
ths 154.10c0 Lag temps
. APPPtcsi 004 a& pancinoi
Alasristnarg to sat on ad
Pidladelshhage New rock.
Da dobnatownitoossonamasis Tram tams tau,
tau &
(mope (Wag) LIP Drs., stopplan at oll,stsots
and imuksion as istinuimmith.
• Mad= Troia Ws Waresdiattralsaves
datty ( iiiill at CM ih.
flaoand' Train tts: Wars dtailea
kaiak. + 2 4 l ol 3 sodsig ti tt ll l 0 a. m:
Ow Wail's *age,
' loam (armpt )_st 400 p. oi.
loath Aoccontardatlas Tinft Pm Wars Staten
Wyss daf i laanoopiflandsy? w atelilp. ra. -
'llea Oh Traps lame alPsEttatinn aim Ilea.
day at Mod a. a.; returning, lean. Pittsborgh at
144 0 6 p. m.
ItstosnlngrsAti ants* hi Plttalserta l i c i to
.. no:a
Whence 11:50 p. O.; Ell Zs
pres, ISM p. za.; sat Was, 12,-* a. -10, t. 1,
MallTrain,ll.lo a. in 4 rohnstairsldtenatodationi
ISod6 a. Es. i Rest WalPEPtation Acannsicdation,
adid a. ,n.; -13scoad Wall% Mathis Puigoorsolato.
8.15 a. sa.; Third . WWII Minor Azrammodstlea
1.110 p. tO, ; roarth Walre.abWk. dawirialaroadstion:
406 p. m. BALtimsr• Impress will artiv• with Ph&
'MAIL Iti-prom SLUM p. an SS UMW&
Teens for Illatmilla and indianasonsecsas Mani.
tills intatesoting with Through Anoommodatlons
Johnstown Areozantodattos and tames Ends last,
and with Baltintor• 'Express and Jotissintra datets.
modation West.
Trains kw Ibensnurg_conneot at Crtmon with Ti
mm Trains and null Train Vitat,anil with Through
Acoommodulon and Sinproo Tr ai n Rust: •
The palatial wilt End la granny so toatr isstassat, to
mmHg W.'s or West, to karat by 11.a.1'ramyiraula
Railroad. u tha catccaur.ostati t. etc row °Vaunt
cannot ha awrpau-Ird so any other raw: Vt. Row: 4
trallionad with Mono. tad Is Wocirriy ham at,,, , , .1,...,_
NVa can proadm Way aped and colt tort to oll , r,
nay taro: thin Boa wills the& iss.x,,,V.
To Sow Tort $l2 801 U 00
Phtbsdalpelo...— 10 'BolTo:Loate . Jl-44..-,.. 880
Harrtobar:;:.... T e;81
Elscrags atamtolt to La . P.noolts:
eta lafeetssi Railroad, owl to INIJ.41:•olle, tlalttizon
ea New York. -
Ponengere crarchentuk tickste car: bt
=tDM exam, eascatlertnaistaxse-Scatebill, to
et to the marlins Intel; en:throe
setters the Oceepany bee no Ageot.
DOTIOSL—In we of tote, the Co4awly, wPi Sala
thetneeivee reepondishe tat . :Ftinf wey,
and to en amount sot ex. .V AC'
D. D. —An Osuffons L. lter'bech eseblesai se
ens cy peafeingete end be cpe to raliktroui the 13..
• pot. at a °ham. not to ez , -Yl2lSoactis L.r
nose/ ea balance. ror ticket 4 ann./ tn
J. n'TZW.L..T L
At the Pentsylvent4 Limns' Ratify.,;
eels.. try E-1,-o, sal 9. - .+l r sole
SUMMER ABRANGIALAIsk - ..-on, , and atter
MONDAY, April SOM. 1863, Traftrt,wlß tam the
Depot of the Palmy hauls Barra, to Pitt
burgh, so follows
Pfahsegl add WAssiket Lfile.
Lents Pittsburgh! LOO ni.l 6:10 1. p. m.
-do Wellsville.' MO 0 ,x 16 0 4.65
do !Reuben , / 4.:10 9:07 0 WS
do Whsaillig. 6:10 cc MOS 4:156
Arrives Beitair.— 6:26 10:25 6:10
Connecting at Stembouville and 13ellatt with Steu
benville and Indiana llallroad and Central Ohio Sall.
road ells. Newark, Columbus, Soda, Day.
too, Onictonati. Loulinillo, Odra, Si.
Loot. St. Joseph, and all Flints wad and maths's',
and at Wheeling with Balihnons and Ohio Rams&
'Plastorph L
aad Choekial ae.
LaveslWO IL m. 1440 p. m.
do 9,60
do I l2 do
do ,7:ht I Ida
d 1706I 706 " 610 0
, 7:10
at Bayard with Tuscarawai branch kr
- 20 0 0
_rids and Canal Darer; it Aillenos with
Pittsbargli;rart Halm. and.adosso fialhaad; at
Itgronno.witHAtkidtic Mid Vela West= Railroad
~Wairlui,Greenrißit Ideadvillo, ,Ualon. Carry.
hismaßwll .
and . Ilaisisantresi arßadsou with Ciao.
and Otrusti Railroad Akron.
7alli Hillarsbuig, and at Clevelan d
8..8.f0r Eris, Doran* and Buffalo
1 with . 04 T. B. H. ,for Sandusky, Toledo, and also
with steam Detroit.
WellsilliaAeciairdardatton.kares at 3:50 p. m.
let sing trains arrive of 0:10 a. m.,. ildift and
SONS 410 a m.
Thzumßh l 0 In pro
Depot points can ha
procured at the Marty Strait Depot, Pbares.
And ot Al
A. Q. CAndOCLBBILRY, Ticket Agora.
Tor farther inicroatke wum ai to
THWART, Agent,
At the Company's Olio. In Irmight Station, Penn st.
BA rye.
Fr an= thosme. , • .
oluarriaucoD usa.
Opera dailyloom 9 to greciork. stso an Wednesday
and Saturdayaranlts . from May Ist to November
Ist,hem. to 9o' and from tierrazaber Lt to
May tat front tto ce .
Doppia' rewired of. all awns nollimis than One
Lic4ll4 and &dividend 01 th. ;manta lidoland tyke a
year, In Jona and Deomnbao . Intendants tam de
dared. scant-annually In June and Dicaraber, dins
the Bank was c at the rate of do par mut.
=ad, Taimiii =mu
of the deposit i _saprlnc4aloued.baars the mmo tn.
tarot from the Ind days °Limo
roculdlogtwizoui yam altheat troubling the deposi
tor to adi, or elan to preamtlia pen book. At the
rata, money will doubts to loci than Jades pea
Dadra containing the Mader By-Laws, hulas
and Begulations, budgies:l gratis, on application at
the ofloa. •-•
Passuiass--GNOBON LIME=
• • - .vion.ramonsurs.
John B. McFadden,
John helmet, •
Alaaszoiar. 1,
Dana 11. Pennock,
• John•liarabell,
hums D. D. Heeds,
A. M. Pollock, M. D.
-Hill Durgwin,
• Wllllem J. Anderson.
Heap L.. ltmliei - dock,
Jamaa Elcutoloy,
JIM* Hardman.
Pater , A. Madeira,
Wolin R. Nankai',
John Orr. ,
Hebert Lobby
Henry L. litagwalt,
Jaws Maas,
John 'R. Meeeaberger.
Wilthua T - o%
oj W yrhil. ilita at. E hitw .V p.4 ll32kh z : .
Calvia-edam,, .
Jolla-G. Backstop,
Jolla o.• Bind
Georg*. Black,
akpaaak. Owlac,
-MMus Donato-
Jobs Sr
Poiss-11. Haaksr,
Itiokbara Alm!, - •
Jams-D. asLoy,
Willbtm 8. Lovely, -
81X118rAhlr 8.T11.1.4311
Ltiu f " 014
ANIK/118. 'Pio.' Bold b''lrenippletr everywhere.
-Beware of altwortbleee Werdlom. . Principal Depot
N0.4311-Drosderty V. •
A 414.11011 'POD DM,
.8. Z. ISZIr
- LIM 00.4-WhollialliApatir, Pletibusb, Ps. •
- 11041M:AL:.11...gTEVUS: BUMF
casi'muunishis. calks-all ammo DI&
INN" • both of Wks and Chntlentsa, by I am
metbod la the use of Zbtotrldty alone, without my
Medicine, or even any Palm
BOARD may be had; with Dreatiaent, by MUM
from abroad, at reasonable rates, in the Doctor's
Letters applying for ,tdronlars or bather lanntele•
lien Till be pros:aptly answered. Delco and reabispos
at litec sou= 'mix SQUAD; PbibrA
Poonabints, baps a tea tt as well as d_
Part of thnetty. —
. ilartnit Strie oat for fawn Irlff
A.T.L 111L1L-LOse bandred Cod of Ground, or say
:muster cf .tboaa,lylnig - parl.Lo tte 011701
lau Pa. r lupin a treat al :LON /1.4112 the X*.
nola SLOT, at.. Look Zio;1. alba 71aolgatka
1761, Tlitlaniqgh Batlrosj
Wawa& the centre b
For-tarlsa apply. to- P. .4:O6TILLTOB, No. 1/1
Beekman .orser i ew Took. or of Wll. N. bUINN,
Sin .110. 131.7ourth goes, Plttabargb, Pa., where
no.p. , 114. o , prat be oe. ll .meb:Smeod
flat' RA
' lb, ha : nasalise ribbed Sides;
. " s„o:rd •a , clear d o.
.404 as, (plain;) .
-rho do Shoubh,n;
rer tak al led r 1 erty street.
WM. P. HUE & 00
L•ldti =Fiblit Fiba 1
r Noa.l, 2 and Slereel, in bSle ,js de, & kite;
Baltimore and Bag /eland Ben trim
On hand and for Gale by .
119 sad 114 Boxed stmt.
if. I .I.\ ' itubys t
LI SUGAR. corn. &ad dne, Jar std. byab• banal
or at ritail ''J. Übl A./MN/MAW,
• Ws' cortior lb rty and. Band alma.
On hariOgud . cor sale bl is. son.
89 ,Lod 70 Wailer 7tre•t.
St • I .1L - tsccs oney z-y ! urc
40 do -
skated latesus
go store eta los gala by MUD* diOrt: t
/01.0 Sid lite 3 Meet,