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• :': IiI43.2IDAY 1110113r110, JUICE 24 1863.
pgabseri# i chstrekinthe Valid Stet
of America, midis rooriNiulnpis, main;
sad was opened with a sermon by Litt Muf
- erste? of the last lisembly; the Rey. Dr.
' Beatty, of a LeUbeinelik, Ohio. The roll be
ing MOW, Othuidethatrt from tweety-ere
Synods responded. . Bev. Dr." Morrison, of
the Synod. of Xothani'kdbis :Witt= 0
hiediritor • The - add' Stimihteeduumil ;
tees wereespioisted.l., Want af - apace will
not permit ,us. to give fully details of the
DituMuttuy, but, simply !!PFtef WV*
as follows: The rarest of the Secconlyees
bYtaithir Church of liiateftlele,he:teiemp.
thrtud ea the rt°l-
ems granted. Committee on Overtures ft
eounsemied that; es a general thin& the
shot& not be permitted, natil the catiple:
*los td their source of stud* :which was
; adopted. The Satiety forthe Ballet of Die
althd Ministers and their femilles, was
commended to congregstiois es worthy
-°1 loPOrt of colgoolitoo,tO " 6 1' 1
cation, elicited a lengthy diocesan, mainly
as to , certain changes in its atanaga
gement, with a view to radium the expenses:
' of oondusting its affairs. The capital is ret
presented to be5287;600. This can be used
actively only for shout $160,000. Average
sasualprotit for tkliteen years,six and four-
Mks per cent. The report was Snell
edoLted. Action was taken detaching all
the churches in Wad Uinta's,- south by
Yoaasilvanie,from their respective P re p.
bylaw's., 'end them tisTlluo•
brar74 0!.W1,1 Report 44 0
uni'Asieinlty thowe the ie.
. Maple firr the -year ending May' 1, 1868,
" $25,672 A . . making together with $7,898
56, the Winos in the hands of the Tress=,'
urer from the , last year, $88,506 29. Bei
panditureaslB,si7 8% balance intlui hands
et Teses9xlr, $13,048 . 97; Bandutious were ,
ikatidelito the Annual RepoAlf the Board
of BitteMion expressing alarm at the de
s • :erasesof candidates for theiLospel
i:lll%*s .bodies to hii°
seadarthal insiltutiOniundor`their ;Control_
shrill of academic culture,
sad eimminidlng t e Asthma - begirds; for
-the education of colored yourtginen4ortim
mthistrY. '`The 'Report of thi Committee
On HMO lithalons was quite lanithy, from
;width it_appearks7...l,ooo has been contrib.;
cited for the 'support of thrs deportment
of labor. , Iran the Report of the Board of
Foreign Missions we learn the total receipts
for the past year have been $lBB,OOO ; ex-
penditures, $187,000.- Bight missionaries."
- have been appolated labs: seat forth.. 'A
meddtlon was adopted to renew efforts to
increase the interest and contributions for
this muse. Acconlissic the report on net
elegkalthasismies, the Waken Scrobtary,
Allegkenrally, had DM students enrolled
*year. Completed mina 20. Trustees
_ report:V/2,485 raised, by which the whole
debt I° lii° ll °t 4 4 and=hur,Protiusitoldes
summed.; answer to the : ;question
whither, is case cestokness, the Lord's
Supper may not be administered in private
it was decided that the standards of the
Church prohibit it may in eases of pro.
treated sickness or eppreaching death.
Committee on the Union of the Old and
New School churches reported that it was
sot expedient tot ks, at this time, any de.
aided sakes, which wad adopted. The As;
sootbAY wood the role:the rietts of the
trustees end session in control of the edi
fies built for church woraldp, that the see
by-ths--coastitution, ILA:barged_ with
the imperththit of the spiritual interests of
the asegregation, sad this includes
. the
,right to direct and entre' the use of the
building the the Purpose of worship, and
las trustees have no,,sligid, .It a nefnes con
vier of,Traiar for out-pour
ins of the Holy Moat and the conversion of
the amid was fixed to commence Sabbath, -
jaanary 8,1864 isoluding liabbtithil9ol
- si early period of , the . - seadesi okurni
kir uk070 1 140 Atairlusu die biltOlot.
ed ever the thumb.. Alsbate ensued, and
tketritate: 'questisarns referred to
- a committees whosubsigthutli in their :a.]
Port made strong avowals, o .l. 3 .• lo 7sitY, but
reoommended nit'fir th ericitlint upon the
resolution. Titi'reiort was renewed and a
day Axed for* eensideratioa.' Meantthe
the cdtisess,caused the " Stirs and
to be ever several churches its Bab.
bath, while some raglans inditidctile an
Saturday ran up a rebel lag ea the church
wherelhe General was in session.
It Arai takin doijii early Sunday miming.lbusAsT, morning t 3. trustee, bof,. or e the
Assetably sast,Nrsised the Stan sae Stripes.
Themopert et thathumnltawnen amended
'by thanglag hoe clause, to rear Ai
41,thlt.tratailwi thurokothilltirlui In
.the desire eattressed by many member of
this 4siethblyi,have &Payed from .this
inlet the *Ainslie= flag—the symbol of
lathe* .iindiethnt, witty and liberty--, ,
: Aa4Dr l s - A ° Pqq° l llr_OPA":c d igit a n l O ted
la the O&M resolution oto, thither
urged !pox the attention of this body. ;Bat
port, as 113163404116214: Only 211
'posing votis. The sedan orlBlB on the
slavery quadrat iris , nassirinea. Dr. Ly
nisa Atwater, of Maestro, -wee elected to
, the _meant_ Brafesecuald
Seminary.' An interesting ` festers, of the
• promedthge was tbS ouraitoo at . the 00-
maim of ..the preseatntl . ea of delegates from
otioriniigtotil baths. 'The 4ormhly, after
a semi= of eleven days, adjourned to meet
the third Thursday of
Tbs Ossond Assembly of tbs Com
' tnirliraPiiii*iiiiid ! obnitiliinit st Alton,
To, cc iM Insti-Thetoll being millodtiters
siviskporren members present. Itey.
1111110101 rd, elsoted -Moderator.
...ThS.AdOct if ...!buremsallndisloir was
berm nobody:: 'nu ModusWAwardei
is ihi 4aMtkori thoitiAidri
shaky said Linputiallidlstsppoistod
sontbdtts• to s=amba , 14'oompcsed of
ass sonusloloasslinnt - snob Synod 'repro-
• dismarlot iris** tbni* nazi
asWa~'oft a Adlmbly,b4,Airso ttnallj
11101 _. _i°4-41610:#44*-010/* the 614.
...4117 3107, 186 E r .
.11 6114116 D ' ik Y°l4
.9141iP;mod 3d. ..About' Ono bun-
Any _cadeSsiW yen Prenints
",X i g i ff O lf irrt". 44 t
6.'1:-'loOrtetfifiailikolUtl9lol. 821 4 tb airs
-'., . I 7
'nide ' l7 '
47;47,1;;=.:454407.440g - *N igatift T sttt‘ ' 'l4:4 3 - 5 *
aistiozdoing for yr
youtowAsUos .do
WOW' ainsldernible
biteoll44 reehala
rktiee on , fyitfonal
- .
. ot ob j eky Va;
to i4u
44.9 114 i 11 4.Cc41' 4
BisteseitV - the tWork Of
cwzodliaini bia,:oUsayi".
gave sn alisqUent dueription'of the --....
hi- c 0 , 4 .: 1 4 1 - .Palkell * * 211 4!.. Fi m i' N =
eitisd . Attention-tit Die deidipin of God to.'
l i - 1 1 *' 06 T 4 0 0,4 soo4obunst*lt4" , noble
iiiisol itti tho:floi of - oir, OOtoi;tifiirliOt
uPon the nudism°, rose and sang 4 1ffhts Star
' Spangled. Banner." Lieut. 'whitile,i; ihth
his , ann ‘ in a-ilingifrom Viciillbirgi and
11103tritell, of St. Lotds,l mode brief re
-311FU.;Y.? air** 11.444-#s*4o,Yroo given
teas interestiokihe Citiistian.Coniiiission
: 6 0 , 0r 2 .tlioPlithel i roPeaft l i Fl9.lwee
-804.14.,toliitrk *.4oo.*:,99lilill
tion idicintsed mills night d the 7th. ~
7.-- ':. P l6o i , /4"1111.ef Chiallniti, _Us 1
announced his Intentitim to' enforce. ,here
after the ruisof the &MUM 01401i0 0/111111%
, , _
limiting the number oi ourisiessin fuural
=The Gtiiiiinlynod of the Reformed
li* . Chitieh, - which ` had, been:iri 181111 a
ifearburg,.N. T.,Mijoirised
Lon Thtneday. 'Li& In mbiltion tts. many
inciden4lanattens pertaining to the routine
of .. ,Oodicel !delimit denotainatienal in
taint, ,Dime - 4eie . @Olin I,Pil . public
idsiontinisinti,. - Tha ' Committee '''on' !The
,ffine,fo.isit.iii . Oilitiitene.repoited a
inpitarne 814,0008)X Gan - Pique. Rev.
Jobs De Witts,D. Ditiras elected SWIM
sor of •Biblicsl. Dtterstuot - la of ete of 83
out of .322.-. ' The , calitumr, ';of.;„'4ln-j ,
atiguration will takellsain Ns* Bruno.
Wlel4 N.J., on the 22d of Septenitmenext.
sajaryi PAO- ,134.ittblact;:4)44.,*Un
get& fund was referred to arlipsobiltiom
'Mittel, toieport at the next Synod: ' The Rev
;Todd= Elnunelorf, of Elymicuse, was oho
iett-*xiiitlili, :44 :Ai*. 7, .4- 7) *.: game;
of BrcOkni, Seoundukta musk-the 5er
:40:10.44; la boitf. :#9 lo aLolon'AiLW' le boo
tam' the next tiytbd.: . . Rev.: Dr:. Pinner
- wan irrestatim s-delegate froniNse New
13464 'Apteinbly. Rev. Dr. Vermilye, of
NeW Tork,Mas appointed to represent the
flitiod in next N. 8. General Assembly;
Rev. Dr. Dentarest, of Hudson, is 0. 8.
_body. The Synod. endorsed the efforts of
tin-trustees of Ratites College to suture Its
-endowment, .An 'Olga is 'niaking LI/ raise
sioo,ooo • for this . putpost,x' Committee on
the State of the 'Country reported strong
resolutions in favor of sustaining the Gov
ernment, which was adopted with but one
dissenting voles. The_ cause of Missions
received the &Gentian worthy of its impor
tunes: - A novel feature in connection with
_thininesting of the Synod, was the holding'
of a subsist' aria' convention thd last two
amino. - Educational' matters occupied
a portion of the -time. The last evening
addresses were delivered on the doctrinal
itanduds of the Church. The spirit of
the meeting was High Denominationalism.
- —The General Convention of the New
Jerusalem Church in America, commenced
its forty-fourth annual session in Philadel
phia, on Wednesday . of last week. Dele
gates were present from several stites.
—According to a Boston piper 400
I persons have recently been converted in
the religious revival now going on in Ha
verhill, Mass, _
From Yadardars Brazing Guatte.
Terthic BidlstOna.
Om of the SWIM, hailstorm which hr
Melted this plan for pare; lama over the
elty ow Friday - - Margo* barn* - sae and
two *Week. Tits Mahal**, fir ansfa.
her prwriouly, tad len very *pa
oppressin, what *reds arose la the *stand
nallealy pared eat arrests of rata.
mliater attewthstatramarmad,
hall began to fall, sad Oratlaird taereser
isplala, - both la else sad *shah *el It
whitened the reefs 'ef the homes sad the
grand: Tha hell alwatroa , : - the of
m r alt s imartaal Ofurler' It was not
to tariff , Mader -41sari.,exespt
fallarila shy-lights; but It:fill is ran la
imam qualities that.wr fear the fault sad
'ether maps rill - refer ray .serwelv
Tha stria 'May lasted. start , Afters , *hp,
its., but lt :. aaa..-hsir bees samk more 'ea
ts& dabs*** elsewhere.
The tarp shade meted over thelaew lam
baste, harm sf *astral** at the math
- 1111"-111.-111."-.$406- - bfialer *we
Moira stid-Odastai hoirdi Ile
la a slispaleu heap. - Berms/ plasm Mae la
ifilleeetesam=l. al la -s- tle malk Blatrirerd -I , l ria
had s foghorn.
'Suicide of a Soldler.'
Linn. David Ludwig, of Linsinottosity, a
=saber of the 58th Posaglaittia BagLaisat,
(late Col. J. Batter Joao) and who had as
oonipanisti thi body of the diestaid to PhDs
dilpitla,-ontared the saloon - otlf akar — Oottiai
on Chatnat strut, on Wolassinurtaiag
last, when a earl was employed to whoa he
way.vory mask attitokod— ions alloy llamas_
WWII., and asispd at the saloon &plait'
his wham. Hs *patina towp ath s baif.
stiliteirtiViitir fat Zdtilif **dot and
attempted to kill bar. Oka nod, sad the shotfind at, haisabwo4 itintark. Soma trail after
bp :iestaad ad iestaailpOteseei bat
Collin rifest( to litAiinbt. Vaired thrOagh
Ow window - and
twons4 - thoriaillotlging - Www — tho 7 spiW ina
pnaaabir avoluid ithigkwillytoliabbi, Oen
korai: Ludiril that' timid thoPistof
own:jaw!, sad iced, blotting his kolas rat.
Jealousy aaa witiky *al Os sane of the
. .
ensigndrat wdUig Ina Banoli Pod
Mies annuli's% this Miran at Chartres
fitation,va thir Al/Wear Valley, Railroad,
hand this body of is Ran In Sirsr
at that point on Tessin. Domani vas
about II foot -In lidglit,,and had as • whit*
shirt, Mimi outlasts panty, Jun mat, whits
wools sons, sad light shoos. TM Idtars
"R. 8." wag priabill on his arm. Is
pond was found a, sttplloa,papsk for
miming money. MOM,' bow a man swan
asiiii.Rsiln,winsias lying to Me hospital M
NashrßM from rinds remind at the bottle.
of Nufnadsons. ;Tustin Information inn
b.,thget, the
loswer thrth it'olthrtiars
WIMP, AnotbollPhilley italiroad.
Important litallrowd Amingearai;
The Meetlead Meiid States 02 wkatition
alien re d as tiorit7, that the Atiaatia
Gnat Woun /WM Coellow7 UT* itulewt
theCiisselawi and . Sahoatag Relined foi
10, -.0-Amtids•--w§-.-paruktristA
o n awe orto:theameketilars of
sitionida4 that will.p*Ogy Ore • hood;
tune disidealli.:ebt/Pa•A‘tha the At ,
L eaC goat ,Wiwtapit- -SaMis - has
'grettr,besesse peseessediftiaAnittealas
tenetantleliwi l the m ag,
14 1 ; littlatlf0A 0 : 111
Olitelesti llMeidatreal,t d prob.
ably !peltsee
ktwow with
0411-XXlMOTAl7propese ~.1 i
• Mingo Duns • Itiesi , Asn. Lkan, bins.
lasseda Jhaii YU*
jatratihsa: Ode sWieVite;k - belk . 4116
mtplaillofti ti tiktiu;
sap prwilatidpar b's sterivid46o4ll 4.106.
To the Ladle..
Whilst you are naturally feeling and ex-,
pressing contempt-for the men who are stay
ing at home in use, whe heir country so
preadagly oafs them, are yen doing your part
to help on this great struggle forfreedom
Onevisitto the reams-of the different soldier's
. •
.aid societieslll thetwo cities, sadly assuming
_ , , ,
you are not.. 4.4=11 that his been the most
flourishing, yesterday at the weekly meeting
only three ladies came with the offer to take
home work; and none is:done at the rooms.
The Sanitary Committee have decided not
toeid any bout to a distance Until us sera
wh;l= timbodlltrio•.
ma c Ahlit isprbe tear of
none being ready-IL nudfd, and I think every
pits a borab tidy,saight bluh we Um to
'aerial - suit things - our abroad, where' any
tabor syslimaticatly, fr net spumodieally.
II it mar, nci,for . She sirieties , in the, Nun-
Itry;"thalipit: sodas - woad' heti long dime
'Wen empty... Will not every lady who his a
sewing saaohine invite half ill doun of her
friends to suet with her to-morrow afternoon
or Monday, to make up shirts and drawers.
Money we need to perdue =tattle," but
this will basally obtained; we want far mote,
loyal and willing hurts to offer to snake up
the garments.
Many we know are absorbed In making up
elaborate 'toilets for watering places, and
many, we are "sorry to bear, are hastening
away for teazel the approaching enemy. This
is doing great injury to our cause. if any
are too faint-hearted to remain, let them go
quietly, and be ashamed to tell it to those who
eamot have the means of retreating.
Our city is In great danger, but the 'nobly,
• will not be able to take it; we have too many'
bravo and noble defender" in our Hama
Guards, and it is the duty of every woman to
send forth her husband, sou, or brothers.
cheerfully to this work, then to labor untir
ingly to administer to their comfort.
81.111• All.
Lire latacznioa.—The Mutual Lilo In
amazon Company of New York hare agreed
to take the war risks, withont extra chirp,
apon all its policy holden who are citizens
of Tenntylvenia, and who nay 11111/ TOIIIIIL
tear for Its defence from the 011111111 t rebel in=
vision. This is one of those patriotic morn
meats for which the Dinotors of the Com
pany donne the thanks of the commanity,
and we nut they will mein them In the
shape of a Jihad *roans. The Company
L well established, and noodi no spoolal own.
ssendatton Iters. also. W. Blealutoski, the
Apst, No. IT Fifth street, Is pnipared to
famish fall information as to the peonniarp
state of tkp company.,
young man named John No-
Clonal's% et. Buffalo township, Armstrong
OHM% was drowned at Charley's OM, on
friday. Met. He woo tiding a horn attached
to, and towing • boat down the river, and in
attempting to make • crossinot into deep
water; becoming frightened, ho reined the
*one so tightly tannin were both drowned.
was the *Wynn of . a widow, who was de
pendent upon him tsr support..
LODORD 11 Lat.—Pardee amity con
victed at the late term of the United States
Coot, at Williamsport, for aldbag and advis
ing boys to tat• Moan oat of the post °Mos
at Jectsoa,..Basgaehanna oonath end
teased to time veers In the penitentiary, Wu
Wed to jell to.dey until the return; atthe
11. -B. Zetslud from Waddaston, where he
will be placed in the penitentbui.,,
Taut Voariosrma --A-13siwjar. "'naiad in
.Waahlantois ally, shout ont'liar ate, on a
r obsrimd foribig land Warrants, la Um nano
olosstain partial in Waiters' Pannrybraais,
lad wius las been in 'jail in oliis • city my_
dim, vat Mimi owl* Williamsport a tow
dicra agb,lot trial in the United Blabs Dis
trict Court. Tim trial was esittlansol. and ha
is now bast in ki t old qua:tars.
, •
GoLusaillzsacteue kostroinco.—The anni
versary ' 'studies of "Allegheny College
(Yeadvitie) have been postponed' until the
world week in August. The students
hate nearly ill taken up arum for the defense
'if the Stllt44
Itiumnin of Sam.-4Mmon &lbws, Don
liniment Hilt Moon, Ckintro county, who won
strootod a few ihip ago and lodged in ow Jon
for lila on I chirp of inntuzsling totem,
lam boon Tamed on giving bail to ontwor.
PALIR Patna.—lesse B. Casts, of West
lubetb; was eonunitted to Jell . u.-day by
Justloe Blip, to wine a charge of obtain
ing & shot gas by fessutolent soprani/ideas,
on oath of lease Brans.
BUDDPIDnifis.--OlMonday nosing, kir,
Asking, **erg old gentiesson, who rHtds on
Viekroy street, Eighth Word,'whils sips.
rutty teflon* heath, raddsaly dropped dind
widhr Wang is stens. •
- .
Vicklirtor 07 Onneuxon.-Basnuol T.
:Owns; for drivfsg his Ursa over lie doo•
/oak, ioaa yostarday dnad'ono dollar and costa
by Mayor Alexander, on coniplalst of `Atea.
flout_ -
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i hftlo4 bliPamilSit,.l64s.
sesspisS t Oet. ismitanhipi se , moss
~,,...Sstsedm Joss*:
MY Or 111.110 . Jags ST.
01TY 12/r Walaniltnen.t... - " 147 V
sal orirs ear %' imitat,araszr..,4ol,4 .
Apo. 4 6144 oe is ottioottot (a Oostor. ,
0 1
filterAlasili;.. - 4 Woo liblitlitmac:- . ...-oss 61
' as to Lootkow. , 66 "toi to Loo4oo-,.; Si ft
die to Porto ...... 96 OO .4o •t01'ati0....6:.: 400
do, .to Ipdatitl:6o it& or to tiotootri.. n (6)
radiajo~lotoroolail Rao* 6totan.loo
- .061.. 6 1 0 , 1 66 10:3 0 0 ,4 40* , i -
-• *ot i tl , jAtoo{.'shttr fclimii ao
NI Balite orrillsotb Vett lotto
iltoto ,- ,44146 61, tt'00b1t0
P511041110k77/Porstottottlindorpootilldo , l ' 61, 0f 1,
, datiostawo M. •'?:.::.: - .1 - •!'- ~, I -,,,,
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loos olted)Skilli
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owbidg=*a Dat e ,•xt.l,,
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5.., - - - i. .'*.•*pa'NO,Ail intl4 t
' . ihi'a ltri g. Ain)! i ''"#:.M i t l
' iliklitog
Woactoorms CAT Mak le UM j
tAllitlaaki OP , :., era
isrftollo frog, - ith it itee . tteeoeorp.
sa. ileoli be Mlide,, .., k. ,.,
A i l o rd ti P hIPOII .c.T•.zIII A t # 4 4 I I= t
auTfftsE , f ,; lr4ll?Af 3''' qllPPuld. --
wbiligt._2l±r _ol ,
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41". 0124 0444 .......".. .thitrrilitladah — Wi ".." '. fang.
br INV* ;10 01, th. niat ei
6 .4 stir.
skomosool4Sl . = t 4 k Pim the eillueelle
oroald pular WON& et
. Owororot rogretrearroef pl. ; *do of
elloAsidorao~o notiotillot, ato-tionotta- to
mai koomtitritoiMptittutat oil 'memos io
their moat rout wasp dry wig-lop stubs to
inst. WM Oro got price Weida mil jai b e w id,
il lu each Upton ohOtiki be oddrourd so the (liar.
tuna/Mit Orostiol ottlso Uotiod Biota% st Worm*
elte. IS ehmeleheilleeteot t lteTeeeb kit Ur obit.
ter or saliot Stooasonr : .
WWI loodoollaos milt somidolid„'ond tad
"Wort dill oodusw to Moot taw ban
pule Waft* mkt mlOlOOOO ape nit mien
sod ttdomotors by pbsotd tfog;ria.neu NI do
so, avdoddilf ippg ofriprtse those odd
e;. y•. '
• • 1..1141!u!..L.9.0*1111-
rah' DbPatott to thrillttitcrlttk Uasette.
linuaussozo, Jane 18,1863.
Thera is nothing new at this point.
Tho innihintimeof:Dfongli faillitatt'dov
kreor'of Ohio watzeosised with =oh appro
}Uttar' by, the Oblo troop!.
/ Cant. /Mini& DiScirdi, of thli 14th Moi, is
annoyed front duty with the tonsil. Drigade,
Lid ordered te join his us ant. Lint. W.
jHaok, of the same- regiment takes his place
iwitli the Pioninstr. ' '.
.ri The following risignations were accepted
10-day t 1 '• '
itLieut. H. tipsy, of the 49th Ohio; Lieut. W.
; °racist. of the 10th Michigan; LiUt. Ju.
comae; of the 1234 Illinois ; Assistant
leost Robert Eituar3, of the Second Cavalry;
W Themes - Doinisian; of the sth Kentucky;
• :pt. Pied. T. Malelerf, of the 86th 'Owl&
4be lut for the good of the LorthU:
Lient.Oeo. D. Diner, of rhi IM,' ii: stn=
tented by the °girt l in be disitonaribly Ms!
I rilitingthe service for disloyal ty and . other of
The Chattanooga Rebel, of the 17th, re . -.
*rived, hai nova word train Vloksblirgi - The
telogratddo aolumn_ls filled withnews through
Northern &sane's.
. ,
Mamma, Jake 16.—A dispi,tati froin Qaa
Lee on the 15th, says :
God laas .again crowned the valor of our
troops with moons. Early's division storm
ed the intrenolanonts at Winchester, sap
taxing their artillery dro.
Advice. from Vicksburg.
Sr. Louts, Jane 19.—The Democrat's Woks-
bug dispatch says: At two ceelook on Sat-
urday morning, oar approaehes from Sher
man's Carpi were lashed throngtto the rebel
pits, and to within twenty yards of one of
their bastions. The enemy threw lighted
shells ever ; the parapets on ear approach, and
received in Altura, twenty-three hand germ
adat, twenty of which exploded, driving the
rebels out. On Miley, the enemy cat away
the timber in the rear of their lines, and
evened on us with eleven-inch shell, and two
or three serge guns. Oen. Logan elleteed
their mortar with his thirty pounder Parrots
and ninety-two ;wander.:
Thirteen gunboau were on the rive be
tween Helena and Young's Point.
The ganboat Marmora was dutroyed on
Saturday. •
One Date Ding Officer Pelted with
Ens-tuid another Shot Dead.
Oructuien, June 19.—1 n Boone -county,
Ind., on Moaday, simnel persons captured
the enrolling aeon and the men held him
whlie the womenpeeted hlm with eggs. Four
teen of the most scare partiolpenrc have been
11Wetter Yeoman, enrolling °Moor for Bed
livan.eounty. fad,. Wag shoe dead YeolardaY•
while riding along a oonnts7 road.
Or r ice Or tam Pariurcm:: f i lAzi r
an► assirmi,
Tien Odd le Mau dttoPing In New Tea, print' die.
patches received today atuAing at 143. This is re:
Larded as a ferorable fiat:atlas of the marenteate or
Cur maim, and gime the lie at once to the rumored
dleasten mid debate. Nen, our hoists are paying
140 far Geld and old Demald Notes; mad 14701211, for
Silver. Waitron Ruching* and Goranticurnt
eats, of ladebtediem remain about as lad quoted.
That. 4 next to nothing doing In the produce mar.
Mt, the =OM: of oar Dullness boom. being etill
eland, and batistes menthe* roundly, Emended.
As the excitenspat producad by the apprehended
rebel mbablie, tads !Id gredislly ha resumtd„ and
VS &ipso! to me buslows entirely resumed withla •
very tow days. There to hot a Untried demand for
Flour, Clialn,,Pierle lose or Groce ri es, while prima
are without material change. •
DDT YU Jr IGGS—Dotter M nominal with small
mks EAU. for Packed, and 13810 for good to prime
Boll: Sale of ID bbl, lop at 130-'a dorilse.
DEIND )FAlT—unehanged. Bale of 70 bath
'bright Apples at 111,05, and 30 both Purism at WS.'
O111"3Z—O with •We of 66 bza W B at 70c.
Hamburg may be quoted at Malls.
POTATOltit—lo fair &Mead and the, with but •
Malted supply of prints qualltise In waiwkot. Baled
NO bath at 60e pr bush.
BIJOI.WHILT--Bele of IS bush Sad Buckwheat
at PAs per bmh. •
POtsbazgli Oil lltukel.
Joao la—Shan is an improved tkulandlot etude,
with s Usti supply and nay Malted receipt'.
the Mutat L firm though without malarial dump
in prioes. W. quota a t 111340160 paws Muria%
int711169:10, packages !secluded. Bala of 700 bbla at
Ho, getups Monad. AAvkma notalvad froui Oil
0117 *dub sport ths market {hare . doll and an.
Than Is mashie mid* twalry for &fined, thigh,
es vs knot twins stated, dot =areas Malmo the
slows Okays:l and sellers rsstiicts trsassetloss, I,s
the ants trout New Task is mai isvondds, holden,
asairstly, do Dotal= &masa to us% =toil at sa
Musts war Mentes of Ms put kw dap. We slots
iris la toad °ISO MIL Ught stns, to lambaste
dogmas, at hag sad 800 bbls s ialts, to b• delivered
ttdsty dam at tag
Thom sPassisto bs DO &MIA TheaTOO DC Vas-
Was, and, in tint strew of Was, vs omit soots.
New York ' , Mole= Market.
erda Dispatch to as ritutonli Cbasetna.
Itsv You. Jane 111—immtat—Thos ts as *D.
Ilsodemand Int Orade. and price* bon advanced
QUM Waco Um spot at 808200. Yenned Is bond
la arm sad blew; Wes oa tG spat at 40 to,48o;
Jao delivery 490004 4,agtas 69068 E and Septem
ber. Mo.. baud, freo, my* from . 55 to M. C.
- • New Volk Coke* Market
Jhrsa 17—The mialmt lb/ ttio nlt part Ma Wen
doll Man fat WI, bat witblet • day or two, owing.
paa t. tote advance In Itulungs. o bona Or
maud. bee sprung up. aud coseeqemit spoil the ao.
tirlip.faller ;Mum Wm bon realittal. the. market
?deg Itri MOO& Wit• • temlester to Improvement
1 = I=l .l44 bolsg b a w a i robti s ki:uvh
than bare ems Mbar tramactioem but the partic
ulars an withheld for Ur protest. The aelm ellowett ,
ntmeltrearolte4o Moak par Laps U 7113(p1
=OW la Pon•
sit so J (omes7ollGeaadbo 8,. 41k
lailaulas,11(11 aglooln•AI. , 11X1 nate teed-1 1 6
J0ra371137,56 it awe es lese Mumma tor ombl Bt*
tip IR Douala/a 97541121ein sod 100 do OW%
bl baudirmsh. , taw emit • In the Cloontty.
101140 aP by Sear* W Boon aeon. a now ow,
116;960 bap bign, sad ups at Baltimore.
TO11:11011111B 01 . : .
Jan 17Sloar.-Thte' OA kopeks' $4,0201,60;.
"8itra114,7606,114 Do oble =us. and Yaw dd,608
0 , 6 0. No wee incept to nig' Moto. What-'rho
tralreale reported to-day Is I,OOtP bosh Ned Ilkhlo
Mt oat amigo at
c o. Tble fedi Miami b•
effected except al a cotentolon olio on tho pert of
holden; Corn-MW belbre the'llOw York Mort"
2600 bush talented at OW bosh No I,Whke
Ott. / bolder" 'mold hoe to ileld at ,leirt
to to idled letee„,-;,o6o4lette I,koo bosh at, (12e;
bOO bosh at 010. 44ist mar as- 00 -
. 2911111-Wheat-Med doll souks& On
- 'asuP t O4 / 1 1• aid WOO kale lbws Twin
mono thinks ammo% and tot I* for laris
1 ear rod an tmlial 19tor and 1 of chains do'st
/ 28 )(o. Corn-klarlbet 411•11414 - tux:hanged. lestib
, II• oelw SUMO hpr bero Co
ed•• ibr thi pad tin; doll, a d
noodati-thinddi. • irt :
I'ttkiipkai-64 Wanes' Damao aUllitklllh
a do
_ 444 . W-400 ago War. elholoolow -UMW DM
' l4 " 1,05 / 4 thon 1d too butra_Mmi Oo ow. 6' bbl.'.
Ikea r I Minim 110 dodo,•WW8M 8 on 8 ; a- do
4° . 3 •WO bide IMM. OWN • mon .sse t
ILMB 64 bblo lob D Haworth; Low COM 1184 8.
°wk. 1150 : 644 7t om 4 bag dirboa.O,^ Wm P Bock
*ma ado do n Noma; Boa _lllB' 404,.6 ago SIM, 8
*Jl'26 dodo, w g KaapolMici 1 bz imam • au
.0410 8 5 cba ow% OW Onliddi DM NMI
Saar,goodomma laaasom DXI 6o dm U p t 6
04 ail bbl. mgiky. /41804 4 4 AMP_ tow Sty lard..
1 oat booomtdouo Totagmll au chwoo _ '
w 8 Mal WWI nop, Mark* 10 NM oW W 8 No•
UN 6MO lboo, oollisioog E do de, War Meek
•2BlB Igo bamm v 4 P Duna Cm.
. Promo: * Ossosouk:L ooo ic : jatut
goat ,
osamoo. A gam& 606pko ia aig bed, Jo Dar.
Wst 60 agoalato Brm Os too,
kbypaPitrick a do
JimorkitOdumpidoOdo gam . 51 =ow
do dAldtito Mitrimalm IMM 64 - I/m% D - 46. 4 .
do• willwO WoDot 44MMMoliatt* Mom; It do
Wi l tr
1846 Um= -Wrobt, 404 MO
OVA li roklOtWerlfektaai tib,
111 MAW butes*, Irriokh**lBo Ulla to
took Llt :lOW oo4 , 1311:_ agmatoomo Jo
do maid a Ll*. •
:.-^.•':. - :t!"• , :- ---'.544,'-'h7-,-,;;.4,44.,--,'-iw-4.4-:,. -: ~.. • . - -
..-,.:.;__.',,,,J-,--.,,..4.4ii,;1:;',.-- f..!•,,-:•:t..--,:-.'l''-': Zr'''r . "- 7,-, ''' : 7,`,'_:-.'1544,---`-v*7-0,.,,,,,,.
. ... . .. ~.........,... . .. .
f,34W?L—F•4*! LIIMBEB
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,fwgdaffig"-Daki Jaw ,kub.-pie.
, 83AblITI 111040861,8 , he smelted et tits .„
.T1713D laite Wl= et 12 Web,*
far .41elilno tat Di :the C , lty-ot :Ifiellagtoo: et
each votnt es the Divot. laustterometty. ttisy &rot,
01 , 11 11,t,c0,1X0E inf LUtaßlift.
of the toil:wino lottotand desoriptron.mis . ;
Sight Mildred• thooond.oo,oooi feet 4.4 or ono
• tooh :while !Ire Common 0e111.0gs: -
kftyAbOttaiiiil , (60 00o) het drreeed,, tor plea Yd.'
grommet While Plne.::
witty trin4 15QA 0, 1 hot 3 h 7 0, it hot
bogm cob
Slily "-triad (110003., by 6.16 (tot
Silty iteodia4 ( 10 ,1 00 ) ketßaugllse, by 0,18 kit
All ahglari&diir.b. 4 sraktWir
iumber, au! ea. to -.tht Iheyectlon of spiat'sp
lisote4 on tailed 00th. esytabscht: . • - • _
• AlUtbstatoberti . iis dellilsreO by ths!2tth di* of
Ja1y,10164;,2 tt.; : •
Tie - fa wms.nd pat a% 5 74111. 0 the ladder
sit 'poser the prop '
It • bid b made la of i tut,:the claw
of ell the puttee soot apprer,st the bid will Deism-
Wend artheindirldnal prepaid of the petty' siva
~Tzopcoafroni disk,*
ered:sniren:f nth of allighlasniatt seronipinty !oafs
1 mot be addielosd to Oept.
. 1 .r 1 = 1 .: As/Lisaiisertermater 17altaiiiitated
Witibletion. end timid of , /latn!,
-inFlied."keppose!".wr . -
- The reeposilbfiltyot thssausintemnset bestow;
brthetdhottl certtettsteof Out at the amid
Illatelot thud or of the Mailed lila* p1ei1103 , 3 3.
- "The nbfllyot tlie bidder to eniiicitttrestAltiold
It b.' strerlet to hits; attotter'ssitrsateed Dr two
responsible wool* *lois iiipletalle ere toulaup
;leaded to the tustiateyesta este getersatte Allot
Shirk:a moil ea priamt oboe 'Abe bide
• are' drost,d,"or their propos% will not beoxidtlared.
Beads In thee= of Ire thoossa loilerh•elignili
by the contractor sod both of Ms prinentots; elm be'
repotted et; the intortesini bidder upon eiguing,the
• ot Yle - county and State 01-,
and ottaulmantrilt^"... and State of do
hereby guarantes_that tO fulfill a pm;
tract to simadaatoe with Os tombs d
slid that, should hh(propeldilon be
at Gum War into It cataract 0 : thew
with. Should*, contract be awarded him Wb
vriptrtdi to tams. amatitko. ' ' •
(To this guarantee must be appended the Mold
uottdcats above mentioned. ) - -
The Tight to miject toy or sit bid. that maybe
'domed too high is mierml-by the Depot Quarter-
Into* propo - Mtiwill M rideotid:
and A: If EL An"'
R 0 P.O B B- POW STBAlti MA•
_ _ June A, 1863.
brood norms will be totettod by the anti boo ,
ootrionnt yy to boo 16th Jana, for BIZ &X EA
afinsatiot tba tbllowtak, OtootoVittn:lninellt
• Gavel nom. two olhadeto,c6lltmotoroOs
-I,9o.lnonan Welts toi a gtr, . *dm ot
voltag e Itt &amour et lobed to,
W tott tfagth *tor il of ,dxlvfoi whooli lt
Rot t lathes: To bancoe lleweSYtatlaoa coaftwoor
with ostoolas tow nano sad an antonottondoneng
noun of T,051 wars not, bong xnttoet Innertottt bottom ltitb otaiolaos tau tube, confab:lag
NO wows hat of gm!. =dim and 366t0u Amon Slot
of besting SiIeSCS. To balm a Baterheatlaillr e
too. To ban coo' bums Env Ift 'lt tot%
wtth 6 blast, and a length of It base: %To tato 4
twos - and swot =hirr. raddor, peal tot shoo. sad
.to to prooltsa with idea locoing upon and Witt
steam pampa. Tba drawings of tftwooffibsos can buf
owaslned abbe Santa of !Heim Itaituaning. , •
Two barlc•letion ermine• for _fhb Mita Biotin
frigate Nranlibn, at MaoHittoryliavvyard; dlaw•
tar of cylinder% 68 Inches; drake on &tons three
het n!no Inched To We ant, dowell's madam con.
denkr with waning braes taboo and an reposed OW
thrdthig Basal*: 6,000 @quad feet.: To lime mil,
cal watantab• holism with anualute brats tate%
&Moisten' 660 Kowa halal grata onclace and MOW
name fan of boating surtioc. To have a agenhest•
log offended Ti have ens brim screw to WA apt
with Orem holden end heisting menden ; the mew
to be 111 bet la Miaow!, two= biofied, owl 6 het
loam Lingo , To be pooofdpa will: two blowing ma
gma and me item pomp. The drawings of an,
mensal= to oraminal silks Barman of Musa Lo•
pookaotion engines. two cylinders, diameter of
gliodon SO Mae% 'treks of piston 3 loot. To bore
ate Beware mho". tondo:oar with imondeet brile
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pose' - OM. To ban twang water tube ooiwn
with omalers bran Intim, =Wain 450 aqua
Met of grationsaloce. 10000 Kure foot of
hotting whim .To haw importieett= .4. gists.
US TO h0,..w bnee tenor of 10 foot
with roorldadea. length°, 33 Moho& To him;
I brow mad toper radder,Toddervott end shoo; and
to be portant 'nth lour .044101 fad tom
Mean pimps. The &alga of them, angina to
similar to that of. th• ober% 68 Inches olamster of
cylinder end 3 lot It bail mote of &too. •
Back-action ionsW mishits ter gnaboata, with two. I
cynataia, each et 33 imam disaster, . ad a Wake
ot ptstoa of 21 lachsa. Each pair to hays cm* dew.
al . ratiana =donna .. with awitalais braes taw;
and an mond ocs daub' mike of LIMO squats
Ng. To boa Tattiest trataMobe boils% vith
mauler beam tato; oantehtlag 11T Kam Ina ot
grata sabot and 4,7 w Kum Swot hiatingatthat.
TO hare a rapahlattns.annstaltm To bate 'dos
btaat maw of 11 toot Alitmam, with Isar blade", and
• las gth of 18 - LOW Tio lista a btua and copper
radish fodder pat and 'boo, sad to t• prodded
with or.• atm* , swap.. Tin desiring, of.
ease on Da waisted at to Ban= of atom Ntitit!
I=llnal haddlembal into= 'dr doahlioital
hulas% RIM las gnats' of 611 =Om dhpassar ot
onloties. sad • state of &sea at I Mt • Ist=
To Mn aso Ihntettle cattosser wtik anal= bow
Was, sad sa exposed optsitstan ot 1000
=we kat. •To ton wass=be bola=
with seamoker bras tuba 1101=4osep
of Pia mins sad MOO I Ilea at Imastig Ica
lea% To tan a war ahasatim.. WO
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tosstaroad paddle. Ta M" -t"
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et the Basta el data naelhaortag. • - .
The atotorbl. orockseasklyratol ltalok of ell the
mow in so be the Naas es duratbal lb ape ,
dicalloas tar tie awn macklarri of Ilto &loops of
the ',hatter; Utah mylla al which are la pmasedcm
watt the pttotipie soarlse Orem abbe ballets, as
talMobablo la Ms ljatted Matte. _
tae porrlacee Nabbed La ths =Watts tor
that amohbatry bawl, to Me entomb whach talkY
be mods mar the woutionciens. The tam nano
bar of byllostor gloom t aatl the rum queasily of
hutrastatai Ortatoota.,yroponbably, IQ be
td, thigh oohed for is Womb oppelbatea.. ,
Yba propoma to be blond .11optools Sabo=
achttery,“ sa-Mattayala them from other bed
• Forum era re - vista to ober for say one of the
&bon oalgtozor for ea essay as May may ambler
The mance sil to l
itabtab tb asul coadltlotoy
and paymusto wDt be made to the mug meaner ea
the work program.
The Deportamat neaten tho right to nod asy
or Mt of the pelo that mot he aids aboothbr
adverthumas, to Ma Want, tb publio lobed
~tbMOO or tams of tlei
imp= at which lb paths band to Moab
the madden, ; the number of memo they
to boo the =OM of ths Um la - tila.=
samba ; Oa arum nom for whisk they prop=
to breath eroded la the mama ma. :
plot sad ready bor_elmalas ;
_the Um *op
.d at " a r bs tr a 4l ,. 14 7- ~ rFa ntf .
The poryomal o ro f
pestle. ail Olso . boontiabafene
may abuses to Obi for maehfraty of igoal
piano aadapoodge/lotaofflolt Wilt in ;Mace those
Roposuum 808. HAY, BMW
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N g BAT; BIItAWvOA.T6 end 001111, lbs the toiot
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The tooVeW 1 , Is btadarolittatts its :
and *or shoald..stabothe - quantaltr ot lOW ae . Llale"
Odom; mho Utopia aad the dateer,imtoorr., •,-- -
.rit,possu vtll be tendeedlittflre ltennlllni gt e ooo P
Mahan tdileto, or Oa% and Ales (14 too ot to
Mrs% awl tappiadialnatei It' M. lot.the Is
lanai' of the flneentinrat la - taatrilet tat,. aloe
All Ando Wl* pals goat mita - citsbast. two (11)
bushels eaoh e mbleX ut. be tandehed at the oast
of the eenttettot.,...- . . : -- .
•Tat.stystatnttan t o siciandi baled.' : . _...
.• -..111 an& al Ilay oge' to be sattpi, to- a ripi
laapentetaby AlOntiltindit 4 1 .91/ 90144 -.i , = •
• beets 4% laint*O non I tem to tune to the
trout at thitatanida et them.
t he esti
=My WU be ntqalted en
the bah lalelanit . Odom -00111Z1104 limb ands/
thli adveitleentrat:.•:2•; ,
..: ~ - , - • , .......,::.. ; .- - 1.-* , - ..- -, -
Yeemeat to node salbstooandellou at the' stied,
neat. • , 'tl .L .BLOW t, -^
, 1 0/4/01..1*G.:0i.„ 4 :40 1 47 1141 At Ct. Pkoll a. •,•‘'''..•
.m.Bw Boos.:.;-
. • .
Trask Warrington.' By :the author nor "TM
Lured tWoif Cho VIM Or Sit A CM, Y ard on 4 '
Tu. Ewa of Br Ohio. L. Risco.
Moe( Intim To: Laws. I Tot.. Om
Lisle kw coo Oz. BFKY. Wlathroi. • I's 0.
• Life of Chtfotophoo North. (John Woos. 1 vol..
'imam . albs cruses. L By W.
Anatol ColintlicillooonOloo,for 130-Is.
-Moo Two Plotano., y fr Allifh
~T almo andOkstOhnt Binh J1111h0;;•
• Woolukhobj , IfJO
, JI 004 Oh Wood strut,
Dlirprsim offsik&.• 11 Tots.
.. Liguori Debella Writ** $ll , ll. ; _
Dr. PortaeoliKtaram as Sualtios,
Ofactiki da Tcsoti‘ta Speatailb!.; -
iddingsvethilltenrisidon. Badly
Nem 401 DOW Wialcial •
114= okuta" 's 846.3.4.4406. Mao.
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n—COURT . B A WL , ; OF :14.'
lor Ilthlfill AND LOT ON WAIN/LiftNINZT:;,
I, , , reatoedee of thstayhoos'Avert of alloa.;
,'Oty,"thotearift-be expound td tablif -
en terr,o
_a- Wane striet(hr •=o - Oftyi
l'ittebludt en , SITZSDAY. the • laliedely fitJutie. 1
NA at ia o'clock a. um: aeake_ , . Of Jabs :
Outs, dooateed L ial,ilsl 011411,410 y=a Wu
at. ou the astufe street alloy .~
fa the City tr ' la Italtt llfeit.S.
Who= Wises- ' - -And • bilk 1144
Jackson Orr SO *et; hied kfl4llo. 4 fa a. Pm et
letateblzont by.,Saftelaulda fitesofttulsoffid sir
Deed Beoh vol. IN/. gagolP to t tad the, Illaborldelt if*
waived fry B. lfratichoNtima add John Ouiljle
'deo'd, by deed dated SISIStfr WWI: made& fs:
Deed-Nooli.vol. - .14111, ea loth* fiefeetedN
tvoutory Wick Qv kouia.L -, i.. -. . ....q. I: i ,
.Sertee cadw.:, ,:,- 1 , PlUVOMlNNzecatos._•
Int fasthoe satikulaniseolco of O. Nostouraki
MK Atts:llll7-idslLlsllSSloft Ndaddroorth elteet.
roit".. ULlC;46l4iiii IC kis"' alit,
.a.; . . 1.24,1018 fight aer ofhatty ••••ft,titth.
taw; Ao.: and ' mei of blow- &Man 1: 1 ••
twain Or_ Wipe_ •,...diat IrPhlr i iiil4 ' ea
about ibt brundood *IA jot t the
sates, salookiny.if.wW.ll:l NU ,:.„. ~ a
fur noV., , Tbili. *Pall le Al - .lleip
Kanzbastai illasst.Ballopy, =dna .fh=ostit Ihth
Otatlon at tho,rutt WW l * ill NM& Sallt"All
which thetas li only !tee tansy ' thstrof
A 1,., A; Iwo lot of viand In alinelisiter4o ~
front on tho Ohio elm and,Probki stratot,.with line
.thialling - of _WO* ovum and brie trait tows ma
_fansetly coupled by /ism
lbq.of agrowneed Gardens." , Tbii oos
b• 'totobanitett for a- sultaid• .plipos hunt nano Pio
Win.. :rant* Isdlzmation nativism of , the rip,
arty on to .bo hod at say reddittos, at Woods' Ran
&lan. - - - . - -..- L.*: WM.,:
intilddisox bui " ' '
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