The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, June 06, 1863, Image 4

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88race BlinciiWMlLUT.weloofnedAte:
OJAI on pelfalW.o#ll ? eagwe. Rerzidr.
Llgitasi, - of Dailvillaf . ?l, briefly and elo
quently S:ensecied t .::Aiiiiec6f were also
made by7ltsv e 'Brooks, Rev. Mr.
/WM. 0 1 / 1 0!rT -7 .5 Mallon. The
- • Xemmrellomi here* MiloWttmusen4 pissed
, - nest an
-1/1/111 #0 11 .4 11- OVIOtt bed in
Drsk, midi hat. Jittei filturehifikilds city.
, 'o! the
Peissylisals Blble : t3tiotity'44 held some
days slime ci the of tlw . tplphany,
Phlledeliddsiaet Cterelfiriel *slant.
— 4.4lfisiiit;_iters Jude fagrt J. XL A.
R e 4 4 *aid in;
MoiaJoh4:G)spielw sad
, Cow. - - AVXinling4o.okieilimultrello#,
putt year was '21,655 Bibles; 2,286 boobs
of the Bible; 74,834 Testaments; making a
total of 98,675 volumes. The amount of
Cash received, 829,441 07. The - society
maintains its eiliclint, agenoyin the general
work throughout the State, under the care
of their ante= sad,Western Secretaries.'L.
bi stated a new form, of five oral* .
,tet,timu, in installing a minister of the
Lutheran Gtr ,
Sts :=just been adepted,
each of which is audibly =intend, "1 do so
?manse, 'with the help of God." Six'ques-
Sens are also answered by the 00110410.
tire, in one of wbiohthq solemnly promise,
to stake all due we in raising and nevi.
lathy giving the entire promised 4 theft
minister. - -1
—Upwards of Mien lumdred of the
English dery reply to the anti-alavery
litter of the Frenol,Preteinant olergymeb,
"that it In honorable to France and French
Protestantism Suit it' so heartily wishes the
dentruinlaref a - slain system 7rid#l mats
four ailllion of Itegrossivrehthed,
tiw tiddiniantein, td which diatoms
WA Auto* of the Dew School
Peekbyterian Osier Assembly fe to be
• talti at Dayton, Ohio. "
Tke anpunimeeting of the Wesliien
• .! 14 1‘ 1 1 4 1 1 4 a4 In
lizaterHalf, London. The receipts for the
Tear =mated to .£l4l,6B9i'apial to - $ 7 4-
' • DA'. LArbir Tespindittniti irem - 1145,537.
Twenty-nine ndielanishe kw* been sent
out by the Boolokr,todiiferent points. The
Sty Ise 605 antral or primoipsl =beim
stations; 6,618 oluarohei and other preach-,
hiiplioes; 'and 889MilitslOnsriii; and u.
_lsmn bn
prevenient on laid jeer: - Aar*** were'
made by Ar-Andzow! Agnew, the •Ber.
• Charles Pm;liev. 'aka. Otoodston,
mations)) Bev. Wes. IL Punshon,*t."
Dr. linnaskand others.; The curd= mt.
ouptid eve lows Ind a Ulf. •
thwbAs oesaloti4 the Old lohool
,Pesekytety of ISt Lonb, a - f4ort represent
tei s Ma, was'iabis i rate
-415 against 9.- -Ittalibe t rib, the
brag . rehired lapel:vise treanonitid
' belga& as (Misting within theta...hem* • •
—The Presbyterian elves =Matta front
- • -ika °mind itigittraps4 itiolunond,'.
kote"rbiitt trf kept 44 Gitaligiteuiebly
Of the COntederste States was to meet In •
----Clibuoble r tio , ----''ltk - ' .
May, to be opined ektit'itiertnon Au.
Dr. I: Li:
.. ,, , theiftdaltor. ! Pite i
1 riPtl i Cillkil - -,- ff,#IPPOI i ft,
imitated 'tiiiiterci Interesting debate 1
• •Ia Us lunesablr.i ,The-inpott, A is
"oil irililsieri! ,
be ;IPVII I O IO 4 Wow- . 1 Beikisil Abis• Pki*
'llitttereiiiiiiitittdatiiiitte on - P s ailtiiiajtlie"
mooted at Os Amtealgy r and olio al ate-:
01 , 114211121 / 01 Thiai OS! lam et- Aseefgeto:
Esfoload. Clip*plt lluk Amiably.
- meal ritival-workAbolpon
= 4 'Mk Illistob, over ::
professed coitualikon.
172ssi naliti of 114 . '4Si:141as' n
1111041ouiri thipait year, htyn
- beeikslo4.BB4 2 SWAINIO4 hal 17 . 8# :
ai~t—aigre- Vrerent
ionitothic• Twit—iimabsr of
, lag & as spri, b M 5 - 711tere
-powidocio the shuiohes
- °a Pati4fs. o 4 l /4 6 /37 , ii".!* • -Thkrty
" * 44 ,mir''/Tfitkcatta with "
-----I•ll ** 6l 7.7 44 "teklorrirtirlitgr th a'
`V IL -Chrll / 41!lrAi m Pu l drO BT o
takeisiteinris to raise one hundred thous
'sad At* to complete the eidowiment,
fad of the Isititute: , • -"; •
- Aditt'Adiecipi4 Mar* at Offle,ll &TA not
faa tamer ill sstklbtur•iliv-;I
_ ?* 1 _ " 1
: , , , :::easecoant osmium torpiloyai tie &atlas
ot IThs. tiabittp ia i :l3l iar
__lnetioaliknalk:!o 4l4 l o / 00 4
‘ 4 ** - re AltNitsff
PUY uktigotds46 ligiala 611 '
00 . 1 .5**** 444464 rids
t,ls 1$ ono of- tonnsonniv ,and
wows sadlimilidiugninimissimiza
sodatitaffidi t pi WA; has
Preb 11 0 11
_I I 9V 6 TiI
• • sal, to Biigi ibiatas."
ieeeling of the 9:thedez
1. "r 14P04 'ee ass r
.•• "T'At the 'Mel* 'of the
' JUNE 6
within a tetriestc, At the vecent session
of -Conterinuettr aultatemitk - _ - of .OTeT
304 iidth 7,54:14:011 tviit, "Atari :Veported.
— . Tye Catholic - titchbisbar of Cineizt=
esti has weed a eiranier : -annotutein his
intention of . founding i Citholla Normal
SchooLin his Moats/. - The. iaterraise is to
be inaigitated hi a convention of dele
gates, .to 'be Opened Crineittoti, on
Wetytesdey, August & '• ''
--theincorße et the Atiptietidisskanary
iintOrtithatiii ink !acreage 'Over lift you'a
- . •
Ilstofling for the Draft ...As mpOrt.
• wairtilllegvelliarri in the several dis.
blots fhryaghoul t 74 eoanb have iseat i busily
engaged for the Oast ten daye lir taking the
:neuter of persour liable to - b. drafted, and it
Is expected - thit*Psifiak
,wIB be ambled in
• few dark Brims of thsiretnnes ore already
Ta; and tie s areheing
pared. • • -It BOOM th ee no . ptinision his been
=editor taming these district lists. i
revsed or
odirrectsd,,and as - the carolling °Meer snakes
his return, so the names must remain. j It is
not presumedtbat in any o ne district the ca
get the will the name of - every man ;liable
for military duty, and it would. seem but just
and .proper that some provision ,be
made for correcting the lists. Por instance,
if the entellheg °Boer for each district Would
give notice when his Hetl. completed, and
that it could impublialy martined at a:given
time and place, for the puipoii of making would afford on .opportunity for
everyman to see that the name of hi. able
bodied neighbor war. enrolled, and it would
d• cuabtedli result le the MUM*, of many
odgers and pkulkom. „Barry_ Apace is : now
00104,t0.0.04er to sniff giving the name;
sad aa every.: name omitted, inaremes the
chances - of. these stnrolled:for bring drafted,
every m a n on the list is intorestid in having
his neighhot's name there also.
Itaeenu,however, that no additions tan
be made he the manner indthatied, as the law
does uot require it, and-when th district lists
are returned; as 00134110.0 AV! ore 'at ones
placed epos this:oonsotidatod t.• That is, a
complex alphatatioal list is to be made of all
the names returned from the al sub .dis-
Biota In sigh ,ffoogreetional district,. and this
emiselidatatiliterltiLtata-thi- buff for. the
draft , •Tbet consolidated Bit-for the twenty
-Aided-Ditch:4 (imposed of :that part Of. Al
legheny Poway South of tkirriversnad eta.
braclegthinountlai of ThalirindArastrong)
Dios belt prepaied, and hale been
geestd emiaake a suggestion, ,we thintwor
u7 the attention' - of the %trolling Boards of
the, reveral'distriots.' Ws' gar thit.when
IlMseramat &lib:Bets have; beim, traniforied to
theisonsolldoted lisle, they Is ret u rned to the
suboslear . and plawa to some oonvenient po
sition for public intpeetion,and that the of
bo instrnoted• to . add as many names as
my be,reported to him la "oltissions, but in
no sue to male any erosions. These addl.
Mout could subsequently be made to tbe con
satiated list, use while adding many names,
it would at the sun time place all upon an
equal footing. -Maus something of this kind
is done, many will escape all risk of the draft,
to the greater risk of those who despise dodg
ing and skulking.
The PubliC Safety 4
Yam. : Auk sidourner in 79 at oity
for the - past few months, I have - been struck
with the perfect sane of mouthy from rebel
raids that pervades your community. To a
stranger, acquainted with the geographical
position of Pittsburgh, but ignorant of the
extentive preparations made here to repel an
invasion, it would seem that -the people of
Alieglieny county did not realise their pool-
Ont. The herculean labors performed by, the .
I Committee of Public Safety in organising
"regiments et infantry and cavalry and mon
pades of arena Cry for the defer ,. of Dorton
and property , am a
worthy . al Falls, and
'Merit the approbatiotiof au inttittgont people.
What would be the position of affairs in your
• ty to-44, for defensive "operations were
Lt. net: for dm labors of this committee? It
would be helpless in the extreme, and a re
proadtkO a people possessed of any degree of
semidryy. Let the work already aeoomptisked
brositosuilitte• be appieciated_by: all irks.
efah.-to fed aware in the possession -of ‘thelr
-Mame and - Ambles, Seek labors &odd, not
Ass for Men - by a gratsfal- ' people .':, Through
the la leemutlona of them patriotic
Men, Mithlke ald.of the others , of
the Mate, theeltisma tPltmbargh eon, -to
day. Seima to all - TOW - ruder,,icome '
treat what diredtion they may. Allow- 2 e,
the,-through tite-stedium of- year parer, to
engoduiste She Ismikeil, massafactmers and
claws of Pittsburgh generally upon their
good fortes* In laving itetuted the Fervid,
of these self-samillatag men to lOtik . bier their
• •Weifase.r. A. B.
A BitiAltsiir of - Artillery-tor Llama
' - •
etreitratithst - to- barn thatthe Commit.
,lea Whit this itostei# fa ollarse asbinakthg
-nay favorable program towards the formation
.et a Bittoo k ot Aron fol. lb. 4it nil of
the GUI: ben kin bans age dI&olly what
*gl:fffat Ai = W ./lunge' ak.4 0 1, 0 4 fita7the
Govendient bong able and triangle supply
fbi ttaries. 'l - i=t=blis :: been
ire Pito now
bees as tiraly obelated,and r fail soseplaannt
of boron for drilling sun new.inind at epos
u wi t lirstbattery I. artimiut '•
.44 ji propoinel now to enlisloni itnndr.n and
km J
mem and - ttrbsainilisilliair
one*. All peinens - wisliths tto I I nonant
themselves with _the first WWI, - whisk
will owlish% • of sLc-punders , art
rosnested to *ll on Mr. Wm.. MetAilf,.nt
thwitort - Pitt - Workt.7 - It.trudithlOod ; th at,
- when limbo** , Is ergablied; It :Oils nu
' • the ooninand oreefU'
lit, ofitdip suktofv.ufu lerixionand
ifilsifeirb, a few: weeks; It is desirable
that the battery be termed as soon akpossible,
laid all doaii. faitliiiiiitonsation upon
tie ankles; will please call non. Mr. Metcalf
who Is anthosind by:the OSailaiktee enrol
tie amass of thine sin wiebto Join.
Beltidiithig t et 8 crip.
Avoid dal of thosorip lioned by pivots
_1011 7 fb•:-
Inifinatioo, hos ipit into onyx 144: mat.,
wing Uttio # 1 ...40* gill• Mot owl
engraving, and tcttee tut thdy kambion,
Immunity oiiiiitenWidaa.oltif :tiny
oongrotnlata• liminalvisrilob!thoy did not
Ijop i nooolh tirOrini•lbOiihy.mooped an
gtartM t r trii`hitronnoirAinttoid of
4144 . 41717'' lissi=an d ::
' 417 "44 • Ilia dillionib , to distissnlah
lionottmar , th• The business ;inn
°Mato of YouszttowaDftdio, itarejoallad a
itoetiag and resolved to.talta attutoreeerip of
aay_kiad after UM lAMAW./ and it w i li n"
be tong before Qs evirlif acelp •
will -14/
repudiated irrirpleturtc-`,;: , " :
`Aiitetuia. A,
'llttussuctas ioz
ihiluvArtiMalt•• o 4 raiiikttl Pro
-441/7,7inuipla towed.
414 • 14 4.‘14t. .4 11 P Solo' maw wiltaissi Tamura. AMA-
Kitianalas; Commisidona. NAM SIR:
lis i V e r ui t StAcedemy, B.
• lamigr
seam wasting , go ..dte , - Itoog-tke Maxi ex
cept that aU shisroyer!ki-smoot be
fogs. Theron* ilk loth. ie the npartod
_l* 311 d Iwo tad patties 14.
fo itilaymintbjest ere thlo. Ike good
PlALMOkAdi i .i.**: • ilflkeitioinks and
.41f.Saxasiftirfarw—Thomso BOodi of Yong
ZghttlafftlikagfaloJalfr_difyi op,
tromesbatotornmpansAagoril i w
Ittrit.2;ti l tt
woo of thoClotavolif big's,
"177 . 47 --- ii4jol;4ofsW .
Nit wymq ,- . 1 14!!" iwposatt
„.• -
4 ,4 3 0 ›.4.4•4' •
'The main •f
the Alleghsay rirer, for two days pelt. lee
beim entirely free from oil,aa4,t3e3ater ls
now akar, as crystal. To be sore, Uteri U bat
Hills oil being .ohipped by rim now; bet it
would arm that the waste feels the wells
would'.* sagielest to spot the who,, sad
still she It that greasy appearsaostrltioh it
has bona- wont to wear for two or three years
Aurooia has beam flvoded : with oonaterfeit
BS'i on the Bank of Nortbamberland. The
oounterfeiu are welt ezeontmi and "Ugly to
deceive. The but way to prevent being itn=
pored upon would be refirte .811 a's ea thja
bank. Quite a number of business then have
more of them on hand.than they will be like
ly to get rid of very soon. ' '
OOPPIIIIIIAD T/CCler 7011. Omtamm....Ths
"antenrided" of Gnome Smutty hare Read
natod for Assembly,„ Dr. Abrandir Pattoa;
Prothonotary, Justus P. Temple; Treasurer,
Jones B. Jennings; Register and Resorder;
Peter Brown; Commissioner, John 0. Dias-
mom; Auditor, John Clayton; Poor Director,
Daniel Pallor.
daaavirs.-3. S. ()apples has -been held to
bail by Mayor dierander, to =ma a °harp
of asianlt and battery prefened DJ Okada
flensebeek. Linked -Zekert,waa before the
name magistrate; on • 'lathe vasty, prefer
red by Jatob Meisel, bat the am wu settled
by the defendant paying costs.
The French Reported! Again
Severely Repulsed.
$2,590,000 for Europe.
Now You, Jane s.—Thiitaamer Nat/tarn
,Linht, from Aspinwall, on the 2711, has ar
rived at tido port.
A Panama letter, of the bYth e state, that
I the steamer Origins arrived on that dui from
Ben Prancisoporith a minion and a qaarter
in trauma. Ina has late news from Dinka,
Aespnloo, but the date is not given, Co the
eforotchat the, Prewar bad met with_ another
severe d'efast::at Pastas, and were air - !zr to
pnised,Vornonfort having added.hic forces to
those of Ortega''
The British steamer Tribune had mailed it
Panama, from Ifaxierii with two end
millions of dollars for Baropw. The Baited
States ships Lancaster an 4 Bt. Mary were at
Thins la no aura of importance from eolith
or Control Marks. •
Heavylleconnoimnee bythe 4ebeis
Prospect of Capturing the Enemy
MUI11111113101U), Jane 4.—Tke rebels have
been noonnoitering in our front. Yesterday
Wheeler appeared on the Itanohester,soad,
and this morning on the Shelbyville 'road.
Brisk skirmishing has been kept op all day.
The 24 Indians awake, on pplokstdaty, eras
first attacked, sod the 39th ladWo, Beloit'
Harrison, of the lot brigadey of GU. Davis'
eras subsequently sent to their as-
The rebels was driven *best •
tale. Oar Jou she only. one ass killed sad
seretst. wounded.. The 4th .esvally wadi en.
gegen ost .the time on the Middletown road.
In - this last fight seven van killed sad
'vomited. •
Colonel lie Cook reporti fieap flrbg 40.
direction of Trillium.
43sniusl Grsager telegraphs that Ghnteral
Baird, et the 85th radians, la commalid . at
Pranklin, was attacked to•day by rebel car
At the Wad dates Baird was still asktiage
with tome prospects of &spa:ring thesaway.
• Me hear of as robot •lalaatry aped.Theirhewhol ca e valry is eapged la reepanaltettag
t line.
Great Isitional Celebration of the
Anniversary of American Ind.-
pandeace,in Plillmielpida, 2
„, Pinutair.rals, June 11.—A 'great Nailanai
. . ,
Celebrationof'the next Aaniverssirg.or•nier
loan Independeloe will beheld- in ' thb;eit7,
. .. , . ~ . ,
indss:the Auspices of tie Union Leave*
• ThaProsideat of thiNnibid Stags lam , ao
cepted ailiiiitition to Wertisipste In thil oar
anienisa.-,:lhe ansanters'or hti-Oablasktths
Cowmen of; all . Ow , la 1 raaillisa,
Lieutenant esserslitiottiltuM SuerallUl-
Isolt, Han, Ndward ilverattandNesurall Cale
ere tileillatill4ineited,to be PUMA... ~ i 1
Large,dalptitms et loyal nithirtes cots SJ/
part. of .the Union will Most an Nutocculane
Thera will bin pubileireoeptili ,of his Piti
cellenay, President Iditiols, - otitheaftuneal
of the Ed. On the dth salutes wW bill kid
doting the day - from four different batteriek
Ths most prominent feature of the dawwill
be the grand proemial' of all the Neon
Leagues of this city andiron abroad, together
with the - Grey Reserves, Home Onards,'Strua
Rescue, Marines from the Navy Yard, Sint
City Treops, Invalid Carpi, Permit Curd”
to: The whole to be reviewed by the Pratt-
dent. •
Splendid lushes will
processionbe mated at the in.:
tensatiows of some of thettina trouts ander
-ldelithie Will --They tr,.11 boa
composid of Ammissa fill I and ether asNon
alemlitsinsrlaterspersed with natural towers
and evergreens. • badge and regalia will be
asteroid by the Committee to lumen' b the
liaegtter• , ..--..
There will be ceremonies at lade n windage%
• banquet of the. League and their Intl*.
pests at the Academy of Nub, and ad
torchlight proeusion by the 'Seaman 116
i t
oommittas has also bun Skids -to
make= arranounents for fIA inuatitati¢aA
all the pithily 'buildings.. sad ,as zany t:i
denim as pouible. . , : .., .' • `..' '..4
636: ism, Aili'Magoti
18 lli
The new sal Aiwa kniqrsrom itmest
.131713.11QN - 74.1N: 437 or;c 2L at,
Loans Croltabil far, Olt . sat
sodality oltyiloolobtag at Pool intro% •••
Pat ALUM. Ifentstor. FatatalLy Past: As • •
_Post 41111101 Sid TOIIIII 04.
_alley WADS
- 11TMIIIIGVat? Olga: I •
AL tril l.t itscoaahriarl tonsil= tooth* proubtal.
taatic- :
oa aoatracia Shlpposs; bow
bog tratibta ou mot -Ws to 'Oat atop;
go oa firot boot without diary for. , -
apUtam LQALMM6Mift
- median -ox 1/114,LZIALIC DRILLIO3,, _
00,11/1171101 az.
ck,usardlj 01 Cifvp#,'
Mae: triVed Chlvialsed 1144 Tabs. • •
wbitkio4 Narblad at Hha Okra Sodas.
SWIM. Oasts; eamplats.
Watiettiesiti awl,/ ' •
_ _Um uni-ananglat
.11 , !1_,._sellrOmads.
VW** Otabilips.
linowe Ilno• and Platt Wei% .1 inn
Imat Taps and Haab, Plicsat,
Port% 14drsat Rods. .I'hubm' Hooks, HMO
Blasi libber HOMP,4O.i as kr! pal lab
200-LBS. P
_ SS bads Up sadlara OAK '
. , 118 \WAIN* grim rad'alook Tom
- ' - ' - ' , liF,t.ti.jtit,'V.V it ffsx.dpi" -- .4
-- '
.---, 46.t0 " ;Mak. .-,.. •
`' -';:-•'.. oliffacisol,E.l;-,;._ „ ~.,- .• . •
Slinadaliati Oman
r .. .. .10 , ;11s. lobeillarlarblepac4v.:l:2 i
.1 : 3
~. • antas 44: ,• , . 11 1 =g 4 t:
• 4:1'4,2. .11,4i.144 y,l -An
rrrrstsuagett ausKirris
Onus se iitilversamm Dann gismo;
• - Luau. Juno fJ,
- Tboni o chirp irtuiteour to the *se of cold.
Gold la New ..Serk_retzudna ea lest quoted. while
bare oqr bockats instill ming It 2 143 for Gold
WI Anglia Notes, sad =OM for Saver. ..Ea.teno
3 g•charWo ItUdilinorsateut GertilleatO of Isdr.btai
r a t s .ftl l2, 4” ll 4 l 4llA . • •
Edsolddreo at
W.WlStotdPittio triAbed, ad meek for elan
1114 k 1 51.1001oi•Plabi'8d fikelOo for,
Plats. sad Mite Clanymod Saw Oa*. Theta is
" OLIO Lard or . Mastßitt. • "
Y . -
s very 411 them* Died. of
lhttra trom fiat hands at 115,26 6 a d 160 hbli
both litotild =5 6 Th h. Iztra, amt :105 to, 80 5 tot'
aitislasitir. , Bye Ohm la" Batt trithetoall mike.
tiltfitfeegdotatloma" i
L. derat."
-11!Mitatr..lhero • m &Maud, tor'
clrequiii, midi se champ to cots hi titatot• Bogor
Mehra, at groat 11% to 12Xc; Weer 113.380,tand .
MolOmml 55 0600. .
GLUM—The Gra th market Jo eery quiet sod
and la the Mentes of Wes vs omit *tattoos •
POUTIMISdun and dre9gov Wo cote !mall
man .at boa' $125 to MAO per bbl,locuordlog to
iI&LT-11no, with salsa of IMO bblo No 1 lid»
4 " 31 damk 81,741,80, ani bbla do 11t
Pittsburgh. Oil Market.-
JUIN d—nora vas • bettor &band dor Ctudite•
day. ad& rim though. Itto,,horo bid•rilimc
dant. Ma stock la market la thoeidlogli that.
sad with a iiiadorata local Inquiry. holden ote '
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gIaUSTEEI3 , .BAI.E of the nimble
property Utopia i# tha
lI~LIfOHT : N6I L; li ILL,-
I . Sy thesis of a Deed of- oast s made vnthe ilmOday
cf March, lid& totwoin Henry .Moors mad others,
cottonitorthi laterfirm of " tioroinYto othiernill 00.,'
of eke care part, and inytelc at Ittatio,*f lief Libor.
wit, I. will, as the MONTI:LAI flb.).D 4.1..011 , JUDD,
110 5 altha hair of 10 o'cloek a m . offer for savant
'property - lieretnalir - dirdribol; and Will;cion lbw
said sale sreciselp at 4 o'clorJr. p. - nr, - ol thlisiold day,
I .
at front door °tabs Coara one
lMof Oho cironly,
as 44 . f 4ireinb , t. le.. iha City.:44 -Wheeling,
ertec will be eold. to. the: hat andAigbatt bidder
time • tfili folloWilg dieCrlbei repeal ! bt.onto-
Saud diet I. to gay : That panto 'of lend, inethre; of Meaty of •Wbeeltu, Containlmotwo
acne, on kkhifure bout exited t he BalliSitmia.
N•ii.rii(A.Ny..pacow:boildinge:of the a fichiblit
lion Dotka Coinpuiy,
,beloriginc to . the lateDni•of
tforteff,*dxliefoo & tio.,tssibie'iltli" hie owl* of
land, e. landlogr; Inv Ore eat Ddr - of •Witiri event.
and °lobe Uhl too ants,..attending,,freet
sad t to low .waterr mark in the Nifty, which
weft heretofore conveyed by "Joseph_ Cobbrelt and
,2rlfe to United H. Dorton' and others. • • - ,-
d 80, •TIM lot norther*, Di in -tho addition M tha
clarbt Wheellog. ft:laid off by :mph Caldwell. , - 1
. • fliso, , ldi eambered DI In tbitratas addition to th*
- Letnambered MI is tbs sal addition to the
.it .8 Wiwiing
• Alismilut sremberfal Maths aid aldltlon to-this
• ski* Let umber otur Witte odd' odditlen Miles
dire,-Tbe meet of , second NeiCliiitrakkjitt
the rifiltWardol the cat of.WlowaltUtrlsol at •
kollowt iDedisithig ftit lik*oanievir• Otcseti•
at the 111. Wr earner of: thirpeoPuty 'mrlebicolo lit
elected the glaestrotka ifenserly awn& br lattenies
dr Ontsleenoe with Um llm albs mad tetpbety B.
'IV, It 1(0 fist; thence N. liojr II SO ferenfthanorff.'
-NW-W. NUM to the Mid JuilleUt stied; thenoalt. ,
I=W, with said Carom tattoo tothir pa*. (litho
logetogither with lb* coal 'and - the etioltielvs
pelvilege of .miaing the muntionihor 'idol lithe laitd
of John Lob, edjoinbrg•tbo mid pa , od'of Vaud iy.
tagbdirlleil thegrelatesual gotulages formerly sold
by tbessid Joh* SW terleftilloint datitinon and oh
era. and , tow...tonMd by-Julie fk • torte r,Ond the
south glior Ot William_ Chapintei•and nboo from so
much otitis. tract olland cotropyrt bI odd John Doff
to Z. Jacob, se is included betweeithir froth line of
sebtrorteri-end Me sontirdleitcf -William Chaplin*
totbe boundary of eta traMitio , lionveyed t n tha add
Jacow to the farthest-Matt of that hoot. '
.‘ glso,.lbs coal hob tkivezebistve. Mew c f ninon
for site aamat,ander the tract of land purchased by h.
Jersob-frontJohn lectrEartle: mai adjoining on Ma
eau the coal mine last elesatibea.- . • - A t
:AlO,-Tara coal lots in the town of South Wheel ,
lag. sag said wooly, and known on Cm plat of the
said town u coal lots IS, So and Si, mot town lota
deolgoated en mild last named plat 'slots hoc .11,
111, trioquaro DS. and , iota nutbmed 14-10, 15 and lot
Jaro, ,, A. lot of grand situated In :sald-town of
Saab Wheeling, in said conaly,- - knewsrantl desig-
Missoula N 0...
nated on the ptat
4.4alloferblenp of sad tun eir , let tonsibere
arlay is manl I in
deectibedintheastd dud of. Lost, noordedin Docklls,
4810. 1 211leelldallille , PO 111, to which retattoots
, ham grade Mr:a morerall desariptioi, which will be
sold se above, tamales with the meld villa! tbsealk
Inn of Merton, i.ohawati Co., with abs fraitshismi,
,sadliuntudttee:atdipsiriletes appertainift t* nut
aame,and:tkspaeaba ere thereof alMlligittlake the
parsonalthsttede theatedonsing toths -odd Inecol
of Msuld.projearty who au ail of tha 'late Inn of
Dorton, Lobesandi kico.,except.the fold Bury Moose,
at mappsolsement unload= tab* mud* or thews
Ade, olklntereeMet- telmstoe -um tat - to - be asolot bt
Alm parehusw.anothee. by the remalalag inernSall of
said late Demo( Morton, Acheson it 00., oulades el
thes•M Be:or .Meareiaad the third by thoi lOW
two chonanthe amonsit Of add spwgsentent to
le paid. 'upon a codit of 4. ii. I, T and 1 noon* . 'with
notottablenotes with security. The sale of tie sold
red istliteto be made on ttue following., terouirthol '
'to may: Otor-fottfth rash to bend at the lima ofthe
'edeptturvonrincer to be- veld La foot enpal Mash
mnat, - psysblif 2 r ,......sightsanasidtmenty.
Der molar* tifteir he fourth Of Joly, 1, wits in.
.tenst hoot theOw lad mentioned deter the title to i
be ntobsul by therTrualee until the paschau mossy '
shall___ ~_„__l 4* •._bc, l7 PIA bat Me musision of the
property: I. Pa morale/ le Um patcharron 40 rid
Minh of July, 1869." The'object of the trait and
Write to nuke a disuibutton 'monied they timbers
of lb. totalize of Dorton, Admen DIM . of the Igo-
ands cf the meld property, sotorcing to UMW avowal
jalousie therein. ~ • or, •
felling at Trustee, lerM oily poorly loch title am
Is sorted la tee by mid dud of eonveyinos.
sayllettel 11. °Sonata,' Trusts*.
. .
FOR-SAVE. L '`-,'''
Thikowners of thew/in/1h ertutignii,- Eip.
Log settrety:engemedin other parmaltsomd ilmirthe
to maim a dividoa of their Wanda, oder Mr side
Mb WV end valuable setablishawrit, owterniellist
mum move advanosisoun to - sir
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earila the milling badmen ~+-• - --z• : •,
petsoas [Wesr in. tate idatnity I:Mirtlitaltik'
desmiption of the pooped" may be annewmartry, am
the Ilill is la full snit snmessfal .operstion by tbe•
lames, Yaw& SS itlibrillDt A SEUTESR; End
open fto the ezendnatlau • of so wbo may Mutes to
throvhle- - Tor Atm Intion ot who
a distance, a a brist tton Isforma hers glen: se:
14. 4 .
The Mill ocnipian a square of caround In the
City of Alleatheny, at MUIR of LiaocAlt end bet ,
reeis Motets, which the tirty on the math
and met. The Made Oasa - tents its Donk.
era and western. booa .. turning et the WU sad
Titre i ft . 67mt :iteit 1 010 the 1 cr"
imuand op ..v.
...-6.0,...., isidalad sad . orotecied srom lei;
risk from twa
t ulag property, Miring strode
ea the south sod Nig CV het wide; thehenalum
the north the same width t- while on the wool thins
is a bean about 100 Au . licarli. .114. MO. the
Pintasylvenia Masi, 'boa Ifi Id hoes the earth
end of the lIUII. runs the tract of . the ommolldnielf
Pittstenalt, Wort Wept** libinage sad•tilevelmsd th,
flitsburiti liallesya ~ - • - : - ,'•
A larblie ammo the canal. n ro tatlY rebuilt; bilge
the 1011 into may mmsostWa' with these roade,
end matte the seoshhur of grain ft= them mum.
abut sad einem, • ~.
• •
la substantially bunt of brisk, aad rooted , with
slat% It Is 13tii het long, 6t het wide, Cr. Maim
high, end a sixteen foot garret, making six noon env
Wally In am. It was completed in the miring of
1I 3. Theca is to pairs of Mora sad Ire immolate
bolting sheets. TIM machinery for destudng end
sooting the Wheat is extensive, sad the bast that
min be proomed:“ 1%.
madly 0 Me Yid ass be
arrelsd—,diar bare bat nadir l o: s .
strousastances 880 may could be Med upon..
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Wm added to the MN 'ehtell3fr davit got itdo.fill
=whoa the ammetty for lacemeed room tee
Itestaloor sad Barrels berme apparent.
It halo biet lea& witereatlatly. Malt, Ulm tin NW;
lad roofed TIM idea; It Adidas' tly IE4 mid with
'Whams {he table le, the , twee nabs me the mail
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obappl._tbe Illtabarale. Tort Wane
in 44811 / 811 {la Paharairlfaftways- thera C lM
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the witeht.t-88.11U/TI Of 08101.00—aa we to
adlsamemeeraba growth; neon araxis at, bead. ta
litatlicii aentralOhko sad bedlam - Dada( the
low step of luta la the Obis *Nth br thermostat":
of Jay aad Nowt. sapplhei of Wheat an - *Mabel"
tram Omahas vide atm .Berdooky by ralL
pp ~
Ihe Pittsburgh dilteolemeille Railway. wow =sar
is tollaPn!bel. adll afford an addisioaal Boa= of
ml markatfor the prodaa of the =I I. aw mama
reached by am PISS& Lusts Itadsoed. w.haa,
all mama It le a sad se madly
aid, remming large wzmalate of Mow aad sea;.
Tor farther end for tame apply le any
of ace woderalleaL JBO. T. LOGAN.
Plttaboadt. Aartl. nes Waal
GROVE. ' •
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tba dastraldinter of tho nap 11-431,1141 CUT
in* WPM,' In In sold int tacm. to -anti tit
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elr'allar; WOW. • - = .7
PLTMICG BROIL:150. 24 Wood
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Vots, dammed. ass metals lot 01 Lima cloak .
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town cy Now 00E4 ate adored ler mei. -- Val e ra
loisird'..4 a beantlfel ,watioase col: lea. pm
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it awl aril Pate itmaawaletth all the WNW*
tbaesasyto Ibiesoarbal,wealidaotwy of WINDaW
ELME; alp; vlllt war 111 DWELLING MINDLEIb
and on Mouse land b the Eas onadstone reek from
which tbo Melanie* Wawa la lianabotared, •
,for bozo: nab ettelati b not aorpowed to tad.
ocantry, Alio, tIO or .12 yeer_ftwee et all thew*
an 20 - larwod had, threalbartha of • Elle
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norteld idllbe for rent kw ow year from the Owe
data. Infbraattas and tar= wade haws by eye&
nation to - the inzleadber at Now prtl., or to J.
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and the Wall woa i
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Crates for good The proprietor will oil the
ettablisturunt if applied for soon. at a good bargain.
a coarkelfol it wale to some contestant person, who
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