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P*rel , w, 4 / 4 1 ,-, wmAlmr , fil
- rmi . Yestattre Evening Genett'e..
The Reported Rebel Raid--Tae Ex.
clone= it re trsio , Border Renewed
` ' "As riper& Wallis relit& had egaininrossed
pee of il l , Mattaply and Ohio Railroad,
j iiirinweVilianiiiirliarii Eargantown Mid
Il o reAteViii.:4lol tithglikkO . Ibis 'olt7, _this
110210 11kbY Wien from Morgantown I and
• sitinigh li Illit not =bin mush exoltetnent,
'' - ••
still thercwaa a Arens! denim =Wrested ,to
'':`"' 'Au i eell'lte Itio..!t* fensible fotele4mmi.
ts . d fr f ; el dfdorPl l4 lol4 .
11 `4 ia
~ ... inenteg a in .inbanneo. d:lveiseoipik"n
Wedessday owning ;Whims had seeitilel that
bee from Morgantown, and reports 4 th a t a
- b iota a t reb a te. estimate d between two end
,„, to e • ber„....maria,moving on
- --- yrwoodpitlCKEElTelrieteitinnlitlon pt rt.-
tolgotgrmtain,' Ili hid no positive 10-,
, <-6diatran era - Sr it rover. He bad'
-4 ,. : #oltTesiCAld till* bi y who hour seen
s ,-- .} . l .eleleNlilh'...444triti , 4,y Who . hid sa g a
-e- ..:widgitioUnke,_ Ad‘lten - Vd.,irboro was, on
She e s k er band, goodsunthority (or stating
' " ' 14...119L10true, as
,-, °:? ;.trial oodilderaidahodbis of troops stationed
.• , ~.. sir Rowleiburb-Mekttero New Croak, sod
..0, titbit vothitibr tibilnitp- Stilt he deemed
flgittiaelltiC tiecctibt 3he minor, and
#Net ; . 1 1 )%44 ' ' ffiso-t.i
e m
•lt - Mos Mr. , Aindins‘inergantoWn, ',rain
- rival SAO Oil =tits - city, mans , that
`,.:j f l ee el;7 ll 4 ol binf(pMelmally abbilhe raid.
. * 1
tO. 4 , V0;r4i 02 4 1441 1 11 . whom he
- - A... o/4 11 440eVelettg Aet Rory% we, from
, •t n-, Ensweed, =Ai_ ook Wednesday morning,
,_,...L, lionidtl;crandggin-bie,-16irike-,adtance
gureAl the rebel, were reported *Old eight
.millesi.sif_Eingwood wine in left. 4Watilei
guidon= who had reached: liorgagoirn,
sated tint When he left the rebel, were ;Bow
leg 014 MbItIVOSOAs piid.wer• only eighteen
miles distant. „ ptegblid divided their forts ,ir ,
wiSolt were supposed. to large, and had
, sent a body of MOO .
,towards Uniontown, by:
the Bras&nvElo toed, . '
10 ; brillusi ihto*eke'oolllllteeSloll with
:armed Union vieccon, remetlY from glob_
need, who Informed him that asotber and a
much more extended cavalry raid had been
talked of. So far as be could learn, rho pro
volume motto sweep down through Pining!.
lame, septum Wheeling, cross into Ohio, as
duce whet plunder they. Gould. morose the
• ' Akele fit. ibe nalmth °C an lug Kenawba, and
aleaPalato.thalr eine lines through the Ea
vatotta,,vatiat„, The expedition, It was be
- .. 14 1 •94 11 feeld beeetanandel by Gen. Stuart.
A gentleman of llite, ohs, holding a high
Peretlellanui log infOnuwa, inisi . lei hod o •
seenrematbn with, General flohenek, at Hint ,
, sew =Corns' insured that ample prepare-
-•- ' :- fiellnikeen wide ter the successful defense
•• 'of f header, and that the line.of the Beni.
.end ,Ohle.lieirroad. would be protected
•-• by Ihie•militory. authorities ; %intake rebid'
- -7 .lmikwraiw weturef- that Ilse, and it would be
.1.110141V0r th, 7 oiiquimetit. to keep them
geloUrkfil -gentleman Jn thi absence of
• . .pind information to tee =Wary, Uneven
It heponible that tlos sebehreould have moss
- osi Ike lino of the railroad forty-olght hours
• —A. I liewitc f .gentleutan belcinging to
'butdoingbusiness he-tbe South,
.:.',.'.sirntSed here it **art, tAilkll 11111011 bold
through the rebel lines.
.. , :lisinfezined OMR :of ear..leading merohanu
.• •thVi nt asa t Ling been thalatention of the rebels
'P/tielAr4ll:lll)t,bSeili it has the
reptnitioi if 'tieing an u sbolitfonlole," bat
beisue at is entinspartiutt satiorial point, smf
readers melt valuable ail to. the army in the
vessafietere °Poisson, 'hot, shill, and other
nettaltlennof war. He wished our citizens to
ha en their guard, as the rebels Weald certain
.. c.tealoneee taw Irsi oiirr,tinity „to destroy
A , Plitebtirgitsr•engertd . , lti th o il . ball,
mu, end who had his property destroyed on
she Kessith. river; by late' raid, bad •
1 1011 1 / 1 11SlitiOn - with* rebel aaar, in which be
SWIM shMtit .thstr intention to destroy
l'qns wattnen feeltki - Jk'lttilseigh as soon as
tree ;towable for then to do so.
efbe ionnitisidilatrasion be LS tlootiao
,, pieties, dr b pregreia ii some believe, under
`istring kissed*/ as'fltuarti tat effort to reach
- MtbiburA tiontd no doubt, be .made. The
iPitheciag of - rebel cavalry at' Culpepper, for
sone alas past, is looked upon as a roisohiev.
• ode sign; and boding no good to the Pennsyl
vania border.
2..Alitiwitrapkig_dbipajoit, just recoolved from
Ilitteetingistedee-thst no reliable news of Lite
taut had tweirreoelwed thin. The telegraph
had not keen interfered with, and the
railroad wai all right. Let na hope that this
ki sal, "another lure."
State Sabbath :School Convention.
.The Come* 101 wet on ThMake at nine
• - lIIRMIR i.mOgisk &peat half an lour la duo
* final atinoises, Dr. W. Renney in the chair.
: A nuitios-waii_tlien-madi- equating the
T ' - Hentiltteiet Arrangsments td &stagnate the
tit PONS of meeting of the * Coggention.
A. inasstituti was then Offered making Wil
liamsport the next piece of meeting.
S. Mr. Robinson Glared an amendment
to the substitute, making Harrisburg the
e • platelet netting.
..,_ The original moils* was withdrawn and
ihe Convention proceeded to vote on the
. _.'....:._ Aneadatinik:____ .._. .
It was woad th at . lb. next Convention be
hold in Harrisburg on the Ant Tuesday of
Juao r lll6t.'l, • .-
Amodsod.„intat the thanks of this Conven
t:. , tinionwlhin sad ars hereby tendered to the
Commilltot ailL•Arrangements for the kind,
. ..„ % m g= Mid allerient winner in which
leendbiduirgod Wit duties. • -
, That the oordial thanks of the
T. - Otmetatton ariliiiiindsTind to - lbe oltisens
of rittilourgli aid vicinit4the Christian
, . -•' 11 01fid=tint r ilfi l421. rale "their P t 7
gates g stay
In thokyOhtt.
/ Thaw resolutions were adopted uoanbnoiLl ,
4 lyiand Majir William Frew responded on be
...,' balfJof ..this Collia(ttee and the citizens in en
, ~ and eloquent 'terms.,
_ Mi -- ennutsittsfilswet - iTAßtsdalplas, of
:e.' 1-04.17/ nagadiAg tkht a commit
- tee be ' appoin ted,`to be - denomiriafsd' a the
.Reasioattee ot, gerrespond , noe of the State
ilabbetit School Contention;" that it 'hall
Rielglingsg•With ;mitered superintendents and
x asz ki h i I, tiff glut, throughout the
ti. vi .
ow of ceiling County Con
. oi t•;vantionepoimerbie tho appointment of town
.g:7-1• sweeitsaial, and obtainiegstatistioal infolms.
.• ~.. ACM sa,sertwesses, to - 134hati - EkhOolm; and
that it report annually to the Convention the,
~,,. : : Mak oLltk operaliellS.
Laid oa the table for the present. I
T . : T ••••• •T:Titiiiimession of the series of resolution'
wee theereattnesg. They are as followt :
• In. Tboyecesen were fa On taboo& &lea iambi
._,__. - . he berf. shopni mad - egionvekts te th•
--- --- eesesur The reforextrianatia n o a r /be yeatupet,
without being wearisome ,r looomprebensible, sag
Worill* Idea • th a t the ,cleat t lied, aw mica
/T 1 ' - ' ," ..ELi , . . .
. re& qf Sasensoure - biqueetion and answer
allsoaKfteme‘me ter es pnennble, in all clenein
W the 1101 0,114•10 &kg tailors sodcdotter Gal.
....I.ll4lootelL • ~.
111. That ahtlet a my.% schant barn" is • val.
waelektailleast Who esbosA School, the de
...............,riate te letroduee worts of Settee, L Wham
ittiiii .--- - - uss tease, eel parson th• stud S i: OS:I I d i al o
wboienewsilorlstnral trot Ah.
IL Mod tie Istotioatf . e Ida. aid awe elremeed
NW" s Wog a sem /nicknames to the Sabbath
:Z .' BOW/ 0041•11airsbligh mks 'bat/ be lotteden.
t,.. ,, ,,? =e , iced ot t. penal tasehen. w Adult slum
c . ',TM** th•pirlik alnal kl and • ellse=of the
) prnlialek- Ma Una the institation Is deslomet
sae* ter tee e Allense.”
fit That Ms °emotion metemestiy nao -
ass/ the ergedsatien of Men nit:bath &boors.
- ..ersereree their establishment I, plecticab* sod Mt
- - —ll .lMagilmtitniligeltsia reosoislcooltbe made
wliglgpostal reirease to the Woke( enslette et tr. ,
.- et Thetieryetnett la thoneesisoraestdethgekted
Oyu& u pon extent Is which the Parlors we 4 1
that la the
'' *** )liladla r beet then tbs "4 l'setar oases its tatooeV
. Ran = n am = l ii dd loolilioli WU;
sad esthete an moselonal dlecoarse tope dblV v i
bra aid mak eft& ehiltp•
_AIL Tbes ale *flaw= tbe_tescbtui o f
A - :.`j, ..,..,,ww tlie,./fustes whale end
Wartil,,.. will teat petal 7 tilsetat• )
-.---S il kinnott imet of thlr duties. sthaalst• ibeir- i
o..4lo .finagosbets hearts end promote theft ell
,. o t . 1,1 s• tethei+Mlllitiliitiff ri biked" for
-- 0 -..wwllidr• co , , -,, r, , I
" f ' j i4 L attillOda• 8;lilt '44446001
......WI" •5 ishlieportanoe la the j
-"- 'esiggijeis iditemilobef shit yemis a ' t
are suit to_rts_m um i ndui rt,y est {
tut itrAdettfeuty be adwou,ket . " datt • 11 : 1 111 I
sr orb
EMI* inal• "Mite
1,,,, ____, i
, 7/14kireit a 1 syk et A mi n o =
1 614 that tli itivol atkimusi e SZ I
Ilesebtlitit lutes** to
t aw
Salo* it iswafts -410,- aelegui n of
49110E1111011159.11011ii whisk are rallibed by
."c-Watil~t/tillefilVella p-Ileiimal•
• • •
, natlonl and the l- AntSrient Sunday School Tremendous Meeting, it - .Erie sad
Milos. - r .',
.' '''''. `,•,.- ''- ,' • - Readerilie...Entliniastic Reception
The last pars; sounamenog,^•fand that • to ot the Guberatttonal Party.
aeon/, was strioltoo QM!, at tt *mad east a Disarmus, hint, 3.--A tremidthona ....t
-teneeei" '''''' come- ewirweitiibli WI blishhi g of citizens took Ine t ut til ht t Brie,
Muse' it the country. - - log P_l a
- I
The substitute, at amended, Wu then i Idal moiler Willits' and fireworks. Speeches
AnaMelldnienrwat offg
ed to the filth res- I ware made by Gov. Curtin, M. B. Lotery, G.
lit.'ReCimp, John H. Walker, Lint. colonel
olotien to subitittite . ' , Bible?' for °adult" in -meet. d others. The °opinion was
ar Jo all
the begLopingsEf_tbe_.seeond sentence, and glorious.
that the • 'thole sentence road thus: "Bible The gubernatorial party left Brie at prim
°lasses noubl be fornied in everrsohool, end o'cil ok this morning in a epeeist troth lily
everyficirithle M oo to sintildlxi taken to Ln- provided by W. 8. Baldwin, Sittirin ndent
P h Pla all Still 'oath of the awe within the ..- of the Western Division of the Philadelphia
linslthe orgies Sabbath Bohool."' -
end Brie Railroad, apes minuted by Mayor
- It pm tikraid to sztand the time of ad- Metcalf, Senator Lowry, Rey. Whalliz .7. P.
jOurpettent Snobs o'Slook.
Vineent and many other diatingohbod gen
-,Altabitituta was then offered for the Sad „i on .. k B r i o.
i ,
rolottitithr. It was adopter, and Is is follow,: An enthnslastio crowd or people ere in
"The dissemination amtingst the Sabbath wo i t i n t int n i l tan itopp i ttzpinwit 1104
School mamma of Pennsylvania of sunset ljnin'afills - and o Vorroy, at moil of w meth.
ideas as ty th eir,dities by . the eireniationof On
delideretta few appro .- Pilate rsmarks
the Variont Publications sawed especially for from the platform of the oar. Salami were
that ptinoto, aid yroottliirly adapted to ths- bred and flag. flying to th, souse from every
need of altabbath Bohool inattnator, is by point.
`M I, ° " i vebtiol urgently ' rft°/ " ldild•d, " • A aPidal train awaited tho,party It Borny,
means to stimulate their zeal,endoursige their which brought a large committee - of °R is
hearts, liforni their minds and promote their free hi es d,pa o among iihoto ware rt,,D.
taloloiL,./ idgelloral-u . Finney,
Duet/Lod Mr .111 ' . An
A motion was made to appoint • Central elegant °citation was gain bi the Me rills
1 Committee - 10 eolleet otathtlos and' ca ll anoth
er Coneentiott. Adopted. Committee aboard Oscars. Elie party arrived
at Meadville at two o'oloak p, m., Where*,
A resolution of thanks Iris then offererto rtemettdons crowd awaited donn. A plitiorm
Dr. Bomberger, the President, f or. the swills- snared with carpet and adorned with Unions
wanly, imPartial ' and di v ined °ineene hi ' of natural !lowan was erteted, from which
whirl' he hae presided. , ' - eloquent "peens, wen - made by the Borer-
A motion was made . that the °Moine or Com
mittimi of Artangementaillitribute the rtioln- nor, Mr. D. Camp, Senator Lowry, Mr. Vin
cent and others. The meeting was most Sa
tins adopted among the Sabbath_ Bohoola of ta, s l iati ,
the Biota.
After the meeting the , Governor and , party
The followlik delegates were appointed to proceeded to the maiden°, of Hon. D. A. Yin
attend the Now - Yorit-litato Artooiation, In nay, where they an being most handsomely
Troy, in August next.: J. H. A. Bomberger, entertained.
D. D., Inv. Alfred Tayler, Rep.T. H. Rob
insoni W.,..g. Kincaid, B q'b•Oltristliti Lloyd,
.?oz.jucioli,,anallait t ,BlxlatiM d ore, D.l).
.kt tr,llil_Pilitirk , Jho Boom
,tartes.,,thq maroon Alin ettetuted osiertesiee
—thee trusting-4f thii , church in !which the
itoiVention;iesiirlitsligthr Ilene of their bean
tifesittidltiii'Vtirts lir Pittsburgh for
Y e ,esSin....B dif Pf&eidhltil• "-` -, `-- •
oYriortql,ftgar dollkond lteefoquent and
.a pi sa i l tiatOValodioLefi. *Bar which the Con
'nation adjourned sine dis, by singing a or
don of psalmody, prayer by Bev. Mr. Mar.
phy, and the benediction , by the President.
Destructive Fneisa Water Street.
On' Thursday morning, betwean one,and two
o'clock, die was discovered issuing from the
large warehouse, No. 6 D - Water- street, owned
:03' Mt. John add oocupled by Mr. J.
Morringten Loa prodatie and feed store
The.entitti tfizeli 'Whit high, and
extendink back tO.Pint attest, was destroyed.
Mr. Doningtonloses heavily on his stook, aa
, ,
amounts. to' but $3,000, Thb
bbilding was inured In the North American,
-for 1,000.
The front room of the second story of this
building was occupied as a coal odic* by
Messrs. llcenswe. & Stone and McGrew, &
Blealrinout Their 1'001111re» locked up In a
small safe, and are believer to be aware.
They lost about $5O worth of furnitare.
The lie communicated to the adjoining
building, No. 00, occupied by Mr. Porter R.
Friend; anti owned by Musra.Tßoatettar dt
Smith. This building was completely gutted.
Mr. Friend had vitt Widnes, here, and had
no nook on hand. Tlirbuilding was Insured
for $3,500, In the Pittsburgh ofßoe. The
owners, Messrs. Hostetter & Smith, had a
large stook Of perm storedln the mooed story,
which leitlataboyellilahuntalraid. at over
45,000, and was not insured. Several large
tanks, just ready for use In the manufacture
of Elloqnwoh Bittere, -were also destroyed.
The next building towards Market street.
occupied by Mum- Brewer .b Sill, escaped
with very alight Wary.
The bu ll dingrNo.-.6l3,q,joining the tore of
Mr. Dorrington on:the west, and owned and
oocupied by Messrs. Hostetter & Smith, as a
nmanfaetory and storeroom for their Sumach
Bitters, caught Are but was extinguished be
fore any material damage had been done. The
!iodine" lb the second store were blunt, but
the - roof - temeined'irititet: If this - building
had got fairly on flu, it would have bean de
s troy led (together with the large repo warehonse
of Messrs. Irwin, Faller & Co., which adjoins
owing to the amount of liquor in tanks,
barrels, bottles, eta.. Messrs. Irwin, Puller
& Co. lose somewhat by baring tueir stock
damaged In the cellar, where some eighteen
incites of water accumulated.
The firemen worked mentally, and to their
efforts the safety of the remainder of the block
between Market street and Redoubt alley
may be ettributed. It la worthy of remark
that this is the third time, within oar recoil
tuition, which this property has been de
stroyed by fire.
The origin of-the Ore Is not clearly known.
Same allege tliatithe 'fire eingkt In the frame
casing of the stairway leading from Mt. Dor
rington's storeroom to theseoond story, while
others say it caught in the second story. It
is laid to the account of an incendiary by
some, while others believe It to have been se
cidenial, a the doors wire found tightly look.
el when the alarm was given.
The Chicago Times... Judge Dram.
moat's Opinion..lmmende Meet.
t?•Resolotiont of the Illinois
Cantion June 3. 7 4 motion was made In the
United 'Bit tee Oonol olds lamina by the Awao'
MMUS! to defer the application for an Juliano
lion until mottos of the applica tion °aid be
gion to the military - oMumandaist at Camp
Douglas. Judge Drummond, In granting the
motion, said, "I may' bi pinioned for Saying
thafpetspally and °tidally I desire to give
.trary aid and asabtanoe in my. power to tb•
government and the administration in Miter
ing the Union, but I have always "lowed the
gtvonminit at &government of law and Igeo
orniont of the .3o:inflation-and not of mere
physical form. I have personally oentcudid,
and shall always oonhind, for the right of
free dims/ion and the right of commenting
under_ tic law and under thip constitution upon
the acts of radon of the governetelt.!"
During the diy the Now,. otle• souned to
be the ant:* of attrattion, and was visiod by
dlarge num - loor of Tisitiordance with
the all ;Issued. this forenoon •an immense
• Meeting ssambled ' sight o';ulght
lit front of the Mies °Moe' The crowd soon
11111 d the - stool, rendothig itimpaisable. The
liintiiitlidleutoed to the COUrt House square,
aid tias there addrasaid from the . north side
entrance by genthunes et .bdth pante& The
opoeithes_etinniiidedan obninbinoe of the laws,
but dinotiomi:ths pant order:of flan. Bunt.
'lds as :arbitrary, and - dinpotki.- Dazing the
afternoon the militia was under arms, hat at
the present writing the meeting Is orderly,
and nothing of • sedans nature 1, antlolpat•d.
Judge Dayi4of-the-tlnitedi-iltateetiourt for
the Distrlet Of Illinois, Is expected
to night to not In the matter of the application
for an injunction la connection with Judge
firsottieurt.n, aeries of ro•
iodations were passed by Itto item' of Repre
sentatives to. day, byinto of if to If, after
wagoning debate. They are, In anbatanci,
Si 10.130Ws
• Allaalah pitonaaticel has Mocked this
body - that - St order has teen, Issited,by .lisa.
Dare ter the gapinsialoir tof thor hloago
Arment and, whim!, *eh order Is 41 . direct
violation and,
tbil . ,oeastltatteit 'ot Abe United
States sad alias* sail duonetive of those
God-given • vorineiplenWhotw enhance was
"reoestilsed for tea tad,* any, written
`oOnalatilifOn Wad mad', and which are r much
a part et oar rights as the lite wldah rattaina
Fri 6iflf'__
• 841 .itearlty gitt , woof • IPfliwittstlins
310 lionitaWoncriirt4,3fitnlin 33/ ,
stminethe order twltlah7threatans. an act so
revolatleairk/ and l, deeidi troAir' contrary to
Oath diettotirint kited peirahunt, tad
onlnnwilie antalitatioail, Amid Laatiosal
rlglitsiand which, - if posahnl:7into:efoot, we
madder equivalent to an .Ortuttirdw of our
form of government, sad thiOitaldishment of
a minter/ deepotion lit the Visited States. ::
Ruched, That la view otthe atonatroas
eonserinenees Mitch "nut Inevitably follow .
!row each sottini, 3 # 3 gona
gorstanteit, we reekeettan7, Tel firmly, re
quest the/ wlthdtawafof guidon,
and disavowal thereof ity.thomija power,
ate mu, m. idi
awfeb:tan bs , permed to rier
ware oar people that theociattltational &Mei
don, so dear to their Mar% him not 0084.4111 i
be. The attention d:ther:ffirrienor Laloe
said to thislca riigeaat *ior the popular
moao te d
lerellon of thn:tiortnelpo 'of
obi' Adrices..Vicksburg Not Ta
ken-•Gea. Pembetton-•Rebei Sol.
dieri" Vote—Otani by Wen. Hook
er--. Rebels Strengthening their
Picket I.,ines,
Heanomion,June 8. -Passengers arriving
here by boat from Aqnia Creek report that a
lag of truce last night" brotight over two
itlobmond papers of yestardey. There were
in them no dates from Vicksburg later than
already published.
The rebel officers informed the bearer of. the
flag that they had later advioes to the effect
that Vicksburg was not Wren.
The papers, it was said by those who saw
them, contained no intelligence of interest
from any part of the South. Ono of them,
perhaps the Enquirer, editorially .deprecates
the newspaper attacks upon Gen. Pemberton,
and says this course tends to demoralise the
troops; that frequenechange of commanders
causes delay and produces other dinistrous
elects, and refers as a case in paint to pooh a
course upon the pert of the United Stabs.
One of these papers apologises to It/ patrons
for not giving the votes of the soldiers in Vir
ginia in the late election as it would afford us
an idea of their actual st rength.r
An army order, issued from the Headquar
ters of the army of the Potomac recentli, Jaye
that no. horse should be left In the postession
of a disloyal resident of any part of the man
try occupied by the enemy, this ' apeniei •of
property being contraband of war, and! liable
to be used by guerrillas, spies or snessingers
in the enemy's service.
The rebels on the southern side of the Bap ,
pahannock were yesterday morning strength-
ening considerably their packet lines, where
they ware lately much weakened.
Dismissed the a ervtee..eteim . Ma.
chinery Proposal..
Wesumaroz, June 4.—87 direction of tha
President; Second Lieutenant Charles Lyman,
Fourteenth Connemienst Voll:tattlers, him been
al:tamed from the service for fttnaish4g the
descriptive f it of a man of his oompaaj to an
unauthorised parson, in dieregioff of thollool
Orders on the subject. This order, as In ex
ample, was read at the head of every company
and regiment to the army.
The Navy Department has advertised for
steam mseldaery, proposals to be receivid
tit the intlpinst. The Department will eon
tither propositions of parties who may choose
to - offer fot machinery of equal power of plans.
and speeifleatione of their own in place
those advertised.
Rebel Raid on Alexandria Contem
plated -.Expedition nom& of Rich
WABEILOTON. JUDO 4,—Boma excitement
stiiiexists in Alexandria apprehending a re
bel raid, which is certainly contemplated,
but La what connection none can tell. The
colored folks, contrabands and all are tall st
work digging pits, entrenching, kr., it that
and other vicinities. There's no aprehtnsion
in Washington. The military authorities are
OD t h e alert and preparing for eontingvnelas.
The rebels or. more frightened that ever.
EUpatrioir's cavalry is new on an axpodition
south of Richmond, probably to damage their
From Bermuda.
H•LIVLX, JUDO 4.—Later Bemuda tidess
state that the rebel stoornerlL.B. r l4o, formerly el
the Giraffe; altived on the 221 hit. from Wil
mington, F. ; alto the steamer Marlon,
from Ilassen, with cotton. They milled on the
23d for Liverpool.
Arrest for Tr ble Correspond.
Nannvn.z.z, Tune 3.—The Chief of Polies,
yesterday, arrested C. H. Jones, formerly
oonneoted with the New York /I;iririof ehs
24ems, but now a local reporter of the Nash
ville Dispatch, for writing treasonable eons
'ponder's, to the Prteasaa's Journal, of New
York. He will be sent south of our lines.
reader, will de well to remember that J. J.
East, No. 100 Federal street, V tall sprit for
Allegheny City, and general agent for the
sale of there celebrated mediolnes.
ri 'I TBl3 Uitulli AIiKILATa
Urn. aa SAS recraroaan DAM Guam
Tunisian, June 4, lter. t
Gold hat declined slightly in New York, being quo.
ted to day al 14k Here, there to no change, as otir
our bankers are atlU paying 14441143 for Gold and
Demand Notre, and 130 0/ 3 1 for tlllrer, Nailer,, No.
change and Goranunent Oertlitostas of laden tadpole
reheah a lad quoted. .
iLoug—ns reosipts of floor ?notions liberal
and to the absents of any ablpplng demand, :P71565
ors nonstrtsl •Aatsil Wes to the bout trod* at $5 for
flaperdne, $5,25 for ltstro floperani, and $0 to $5,76
fiai scrod to choler brands of lCztra Family. Sys
Lour $4,60 to $1,78.
I GILLIN—What. la not (Caro holy; rho from
wagon at $1:20 to $1,25 hr Bed, and $l,BO td SIX
hr Whits.' In Eye and Oata hare no chop to
note. Prieto remain Oath vitt Ilgkt nalpta.
PHOVLSIONS.-Bacon 4 Tao with mall Ohs it
hour quotations-63(45%0 • lot Moulds* 7
for Ribbed and 0.. L. tido OMB,* for Plain MOO"
and, Idello tot Plats and CanTaard Sager Mod.:
Lard and Mo:Pork cony* doll and ancluoted,
6 / 1 00111111L:t—dall but multiage& Baer ranged.
from 113 to 123(A Dodos rogi t y,
_ sa g wi mps.
POUTOZEI—are Wrung entirely w.
note eaten it Irregular rates, wording to quality. u
Flom renting from ilbo per booted Co $1415811,60per
DRIED /41717-80100 of 46 beta, Poochr se from
p 75 to AIM pot busk. Appian may bo voted lit.
j 1,2601,50.
WHlSlCY—qulet; tie of L bbls Common Bootided
at from Q to 1130.
011111414-s..s of 40 bas am NV . lit at from ato
ttl4i to WWII/.
Pittsburgh OH illarket.
Joss 4—Then appears to be hat /I halted doused
dor Crude, sod the market le vast, while tutu re..
main about as tut quoted. Nelms sad holders an
still spar{ la their vim, and the result is dr timid
madam are izaiidingly light, and oliellelhdr Sdati•
Ws ootatirme to quote at 11142160 le bulk, sad tOttUo
la bble—.osie holders 'eking 220. lase Small Wei
were made at 1.53 , sad leo In bulk. 3011111111 Mitred
lbo Maly, while holders, geasially, are lehio g
There is, we balm, no raw datitardaeaoik• la
Itellued. The otsrluet le quiet sod steady. though
the inmessiticam ers rath.r Hulled, sad priaelpagii
"41.../°040401464 ini,retriaosuftr. sad
shoat impossible **Amigo cdnirdir. Tbkty,
gnaws he good city broads la, boa* Li Guar of.
hired. ;ohne thiripilsbt to hrty la giesiohy. dolma.
did. Ws aide a oda WOO bids to band, elt7 broad;
Jai* sit Add dainty, pc{ 20
,btols shaded, kw,
at Yo, sod 11 Was did* fro, at ito.
Ta•auwasaktatit t watra;aha t t ta.a va t th.•
thaarts, - .rate 4.-734 mast L droiiiistoVia
144 *, b oS• 14 011obid. 01. k .40 .firrril emir.
.`!"s_ $ 11 9 60 t Solltoj$84"10;
d moor Qo o6o Ytvasisidedo , m .Ibitaidtatir i
radardsliat tbsissiiluir, Air gialtdlit We
to 14 itemised within her Otra• •
_ .
New York Patrolman Skukee : ' , l ? . .
Foicla Diann tow Picinarga (Jenne.
Nay Yotoßdj ;aaa--Xlsmiag—Ortls 'Wald, bat
tuir-4npa. vita we.. the q.t.: Men
taiiiisaittrisad firioraliest la bisdfor immediate
&limy at 42 to sad 473 to 600 for autost bed
September driliori7 Nape's Is entirety soottaaL
4 4 ilegbeny Live Stock BLarket.
I l vvvi. — Tientioesusto coutbaned dullness that
has cliarieiMizestOur nusikM. for eive'rel Weeks past,
aiid white PS/MS continue to rule very high, the di
mindlSsineidhigly limited and 'almost entirely
nal. 'The whole number of cattle offered and sold,
bet up but 070 bead, toeing 270 bead more. than - lest
week. There were quite • number of Ohio cattle
tfiA l 4,w,in7ld hair dons south better to base renMiHisd
on pasture for the next two months, and why, men.,
'4lll pottiKM bringing stook to market to 0011 fof
'bail 'Juin Itis r barely In stock order, Is more tbmi
we can conceive. There were some lots of ;toot cat
tle offered and , aohl at front 8 to 3„Xo for 800 pound
2 r ° 114 1; allures for the different grades of eat.
tle were km snows:
innthnnm e In market.
Third guaUty.
'llea**Atria billatiod a correct toPorrii 2 the 251'224
atMarital co retailed 120 head of far Illinois steers
Jo. Myers It Brql. rotaLksl 40 head of a mixed lot of
Muds stems, not muood. at 4305%.
9 Hudson, so kl 18 at green Ohio steam not
good beef but of good quality, at,6.
.1 Beldomrldim, bold ItiCo.oll9l"bead of vary Clue LW.
nits-MOM meighLog each 1300 Its, at 6.
B Seymour, sold • mired lot of 18 Weatern small
cattle at 63i. -
WmPlelunasold 42 bead of Missouri oxen, fat but
2 °F,7 roSlghs at 93.10 per met.
trA Merrick mid for P'T Prederlek. 28 bolo' of
Tif7 8 9 1 . 2 0b10 Mock, at Intit).4; Mao, IS bead of stock
cattle for J 11oti4 at 3Ri; .leo, 18 bead of thin Ohio
mock for Sonia.* Oa- at 434. mud bought 62 head of
very Ana cattle for the "Hoteliers Association" al
fivergee sl9s per cat.
kebell ix, said 20 heel of commoir.Paunsylva._
,ole Mock at trout 3 to O.
Hoot—Thep la so sees little doing in Bop, Mat it
is scarcely Milasamp to notice the market. They ars
extramely dun 'admit eery slowly at about former
ditclatlan MEM heavy Hop can be sold at ay.
but as tbla clam L not plenty, see quota the ruling
figural at 3 to 4 for inferior to tar. and 44 to to for
good to extra.
BMW—Ain arming In nary fracas. but all good.
fat sheep sell readily at 4 to 4% for clipped, *bile in
ferior 001 slowly at 3923 X. about 2000 head clanged
bauda attbeabore quotatrom.
Pittebargll Wool Markel.
Juan 4—There la but little doing is Wool, as the
hawing% es yet, en very' light, end the clipping
,this season is tautenally late. home small lots of
the new clip ham been gold during the pies week,
and the receipts are slowly Improving. Gomm, Wed.
lam Nieces, end tub waehed wools an selling it from
OS to 600. flo for se we can hem, there it no diopo.
dila in hie pirt of Doyen to exceed these figures,
whileoa the other head, produces manifest a Mapco
spina to hold oat for higher Oaten The market, as
Jet, le so unsettled that It is impassible to quota with
any degree of owectaess.
Petroleum la Name-Mall Report.
Jena I—Orreds, oa the spot, hal not roped. since
our lest, the closing quotatione being 214027 e, with
only • niolberats Inetnese—the melee are barely 2,000
bbin, chiefly at 2841127 e, but Including a small lot at
1 23, end • contrset of 1006 bbLe for July and August,
26% casks &deed In bond has been steady and
clews firmly, both (or lots on the epos and tutors de
nim—tales ante nidey 73316 y bbls, Yellow and
prime White, 11501.20 test, at 66.391d0 be Yellow,
and 400423 i for Straw to White; lOW do to arrive,
4_3( IM gallons In tin, 112 ) 005; $OOO bbls for tenure
1he1t5t70 4 11642 for Jobs, 1 42656 for July, and 46
for august; and 10011 deliveratne in Pittsburgh, 36
aseh. Free hu been quiet, And we an only. report
tells ol r 76 bbl. o traw to White, 1106116. net, at
45X430c. liaptits le dull and barer—ale. 21,0 bids
°rude st Mu and geirdo Bearted, 26 4322, elm/Agnate.
Pool at about our quotations. Snick In yard lie inst.,
(excepting N Y Warehouse*
°rode— • 7.037
Waned tinelittUng
eo beer of abed NAB as compered with the met
Lt khkr—httipfityl List.
Toledo /Radial.
. ,
Joao 2—The mar k et tor Wheat, has bean attire
durneg the day at an advance of 2,0, other Grains and
?hoar are gale neglected. iluar We of 00 We XX
at KM. Wheat—Market active and guile grin at
the advance; isle. 9,606 torah Y g Bad as Mfg Igoo
boob No 2 Rod at jlO% 1,900 bah, No 1. Red on pot.
N vats
I tertng 1;1210 bosh No 2 lied at =4l ked ,ooo boat
o Bed at lit% 800 bash No land . . 2 I.3uc
2,600 both No at nag IMO bo th No 1&A at i n.; ;
I too boob B
Bed at 133 c. MOD huh No 1 bednn p t;
.000 bosh 1330. Corn—irarY Utile
doing; able 2,020 Nob White Oton on mow not solo.
yobbo: Oats--Balm 300 bath at 68e,.300 • onprivate
terms. Nye—Nonnnal at 900-21adit
he strutter ItEltattlilf
apt. Jas. Itehom, will term ha ahem* so wane.-
guts part. tak TUfIaDAY, Joxis td. at 4 p. se,
For fre or ight pow apply'en beard
aii3o D LUlflittGaTON 00,Amt..
DuLL44 ......
a& VING.--- . S
BANS, Igo. 63
I - Copan burr.
• CILULTaIi2D' IN 1656.
1 . Opra daily D 0 I tot o'clock, oho as Wedboadier
Saturday evrisittstta Ray lad to Notmober
US, hew .1 M_lP,o' sad ham Namable lat to
lU d e ta roie OtoSo• . •
retarrod 'of 'all roma not jai Axil One
Doily, mad * dmitood of. tho pions dadarod iMoo •
Mr. to Jane sod Dermber.. 'lstereat Itoo bora do.
Cored anat.•••••kr, firlfzuo *ad Dacombot, dace
the Das* mao,ogpaitteed. at tho rat• of otz per oast
It sot ltrmr• sot, to word . to tato otodll
id the depooltor ea principal. 81 beers tie doe ho•
WIC frail MS drat nali of haadi sad , cow
tut, s , year ortChoat tro•bliat tbo
tor to or ma to COL pion book. at CAP
rate, weep win ' is his than twat. path
Books, •couteratag. the Charier, by-1..,, Milli
sode l i i , r 1 •iI 0 z s , ghil4dold dr6Co. on applloattos al 1
VIM raaaromet
John D. MoVeAdm, balsa M. Pennock,
Job* Meham, John Marshall,
Almada Speer Jam.. B.D. Mods.
end. I, Pa!umiak, Pollock,M. D.,
Jame MoAalay, 1 / 1 11 Barrela.
• - P au
W . Andarson.
Peter A. Madeira,
WaDor P. KAMM%
.ilohd Orr,
Moberg Ankh,. •
Henry I. lima:
Wil wait,
Juan UM*
Joh&liam M. slok Allosa Mier
ralets, '
Almada" Tledls,
raisk uk,
Imre Whltthor,
Wu. P. Woltsaan,
.OluissLan Taegu.
iHAB. A. 1:101.TON„
0113 MI Ada
fate Q. Dmialcomma,
eau ema»~
we Black
&Imam Dania,
Williams Clkukos A.. Coteau.
WM**Bal m..
Dielsarg Ham
Jassam D. Rau h
.a. /Arai'
ilsoutuit it Itaamiti
. B ntilth t
sow and. slam{ loWlNvislars Maim
, Inre.A.rt WAIUN our. W.. Bairns
Will - Si 4.44 thp,itifraion ti!tirsito tb. abort Patti
.. w laatteCtittimit Its. legtitWetvlllest.' . itayt
&Why et% taisollag it Pen gilions' .
tort tattstagh.famotar. forastitl* Past !Am IA
Pon Asia iad Tomo . 04y. imin,pow Alf
intatne; at o•cm.L.
. . Letwerthissa. tar Mffitax , ( d .10 104...11.144 Ai
• All Ittilibto colaiguedlost IND MOW *Ai:
Nelhoit. 'Womb amaknieWlaa&A - LIMP ay'
lag tholgLia 'Weiss rad Itoics Vi ;elf stare; ilia
to on tintlait wlttitt,t abaci tti ttomii 1 - .
i itputste - • • •••• t• - "kLAttllttillotto opii.
0M ora,4 0 ra , 4
t 4 a , tB i o m .
olpouzro c
MOtTiHgSailPit U n
Z1..., ..N0. are; INBLOT on PLASM D O lO
ANINALW 444. :Sold by all Draggles anal abet;
3 , 416 /if 111 *mum flatailanc. iPflizalpi pipet
D. via ran 'cif a. I , suci,.
Wass co., 17( lek I(11110) :,risaincrtb. P.
MB RS'MATlllitLaids, --
.- . . : aaraiLis tolUtglic
nartnimisiMweiiiiiii4l - DIWO4 '
, • -; , .".4in oorstsirorpi,mokSiu
Oollaliallgla lisp a ,
ZWltall aad llalD,Plia. •
atg awl 'Kamp
, wairagiag show It'll"
Allgellakrekartrg oorapials.
' , ..Walagtaaraga of airtritemuma-1
- "'sr Dr, : A.,- ,:q.:.t:••i.. - 1
am guas*giakaglilaniallla;da.4raz.
' , Tibias' Maga - Drags Draggles' wad " •
' ,ll llualloge Dew wad Ilia .warp if. " 7- '
R aid iieilla ills 1/14 - agl ag ier& w :
DOW, g laga,. Plartsare . --:.
walla ; a, adAlva% . 8 47 !ZS falba
;-: ~- -, ~ ,,,g t., '-',' , : Mat
-I.lsRpir, 8 .gla, '
*rad sad La oh 17 J. I. CM jayk
, r I,4WS , OF o tIiE , UpITEG, STATpS,
Parsed at the Third Session of the Thirty
segfath - PFeregf7 .
" - "[ruhezo-1101;46.]
AN LOT to prevent ; and punish frau ds upon
- the Government United States.
Be it emoted by the Same and ~ M aws. of
Reinvientatio is -of the Anted , Share* Amer
lea in Goirrear . aesetabled,7bst'any gersoa
in the land or,neval foams of - thy Gaited
States ' or in the - Militia in Aetna' service
of the. United States, in 'Unfit' of *Sr, who
shall Maki or Cause. to be' lade, ors present.
or - catif-to be presAnted . . , for - pan:dent' Or
approval to,oft: by Aziy person or . °Pier hi.
the dill or militarlt'aervics of the Miffed.
Stake; limy claim - 40°n oragainst , the Gai.:..
eritnierit or the United States, or
pirtment or Officer iherisoff , knowing such
clabi r te . bilibiti, fictitious, or fratidulent;
any , Orson lb nal tonal 'or 'seitica who
shall for the'flfrpose of obtainiht„, ot -.aid
ing in obtainitig,:the ' approval . . -or payment
of such. chat% ~ make, use r or -cause to' !re
made or used,•any false-bill, receipt,fioncli
er,entry,-roli, account,, visito r statedetil,
certificate; affidavit, Lir depositionrkzioiting
the - Maine' to contain 'any false or 'fraudu
lent etatinnent or entry; any peril: in
servicesaid forces o who shall le or
`procure to be made; or knowingly advise -
the making of any false nith' OS "anyfaet;
statement, orroeitaficale, ioneher or entrg,-
forlhe purpose of obtaining, or of aiding
to obtain, any approval or payment of any
claim against the United States or any de
partment or officer. thereof; any pain:A.ln
said forces or service who, for the pbrpotte
of obtaining or enabling any other . parson,
to obtain teem the lihrearzanent of the Uzi-
Led Matra, or. any department or, officer
thereof, any payment or allowance, sr the
approval Or eignatureof any person in the'
military, naval, or civil service of the Uzd
tedl3tatee, of or to any false, fraudulentar
fictitious claim, sliall forge or counterfeit,
or cause or procure to be forged or coun
terfeited, any signature upon 'any bill re
ceipt; voucher, account, claim, roll • state-
Meat, affidayi; or deposition; and any.per- .
son in said foreign or Service who shall ut
ter or use the same as true or gentdrie,
knowing the same to have been forged. or
counterfeited; any person in said forces - or'
service who shall enter into any agreeinent
combination, or conspiracy to cheat or de
fraud the Government of the United States
or any department °raffia* thoreo4 by ob
taining, or aiding and assisting. to obtain,
i n
the payment r allowance of any false or
fraudulent el ; any person' in said for
ces or service who shall steal, emtiezzel,
or knowingly d wilfully misapprepriate
or apply to own use or benefit, or who
shall wrong y - and kno winlgy sell, con
vey, or (lisps of any ordnance, arms, am
munition, al g, subsistence --', stores,
money, prop s yof the United States, far:
:tithed or to used for the military or na
val service of • United Staten; any con
tractor, agent paymaster, quartermaster,
°rather person whateover in said forces or
service haring charge, possession, custody,
or control of any money or other publics
property, used or to be need in the military
or naval service of the United States, who
shall, with intent to defraud the United
States, or wilfuliy to conceal such money
or other property, deliver or cease to be
delivered to any other person having au
thority to receive the same any amount of
such money or other public property lees
than that for which he shall receive ter.
Lificate or receipt; any person in said
forces or earvice, who is or shall be 'tither
bed to make or deliver any certificate,
voucher or receipt, or other paper 'certi
fying the reoepts ofarms ammunitlng
provisions, clothing, or other public prop
erty so used or to be used, who shall make
or deliver the same to any person without
having full knowledge of the truth of the
facto stated therein, and With intent to
cheat, defraud, or injure the United State;
any person in said forces .or service who
phall knowingly purchase or reoeivk . in
pledge for any obligation or indebtedness,
from any soldier, °Meer, or other person
called into or employed in said forces or
service, any arm', equipments, ammuni
tion, clothes, er military stores, or other
public property,spediseldier, officer or oth
er person not having the lawful right to
pledge or sell the same, shall be deemed
guilty of a criminal offence, and shalt be
subject to the rules and regulations made
for the government of the military and na
val forces of the United' States, and of the
militia when called into and employed in
the actual ton - rice of the United States to
time of war, and to the provitions of this
act. And every 'person so' - offending nay.
be arrested and held for trial by a cowl;
martial, and if found guilty shall be pun ,-
islied*by fine and imprisonment, or such
other punishment as the court martial may
adjudge, tare the punishment of death.
Sec. 2. be it further enacted, That
any person heretofore called or hereafter
to be called intaorimployed in such for
ces or service, who shall commit any viola.
lion of this act'and shall afterwards re
calve his 'discharge, or be dismissed from
the service, slug; notwithstanding such
discharge or dismissal, continue to be lia
ble to be arrested and held for trial and
sentence by a court martial, in tie same
manner and to the same extent as if he
had not received such discharge or beei
dismissed. •
Section 8. distd be it furl/ter enacted, That
any person not in the military or naval
forces of the United States, nor in the mi
litia called into or actually employed in
the service of the United States, who shall
'do or commit any of the sots prohibited ,
by any of the foregoing provisions of this
act, he shall forfeit and pey to the - United
States the sum of two thousand dollars, and
in addition, double;the amount of, damages
which"he United States 114 have sustain
ed by reasen , of the doing or 'committing
such notitogether with the costs. Of snit;:
and such forfeiture and damages shall hi
Ailed for in the same gull, and every Ind
person shall in addition thereto, on convio !
Lion in any'court of comPiteat jurledlotion
be Panislunitor-lm not less than
One nor more thin iltifyiare, or by tine - of
not, less than one: thousand dollars, and
get more 444 1 . 1 00 thousand dollars.
Soden 4. , And , he it , : letrthef• enacted
I,:hatliwilmnin , Ldbotrictlmurts affrhe Uni
-leaf Mahar; the' iiiitait'AOurt of thif Plittrict:
of Colamblit,Ar:aNthintr(fitersin to Deis-;
tabld : hiving: genera. jurisdiction in
civil cuei r the several district demi& of the
Tereltoriesaf ,- ;thet United I Maio ;within
witotiejuristhotieallittits the 'Orlon doing
br cionanittizqe'en*iit. shall be feud, 'shall
whareeoever ouch sat may have been done
riceffimitted, hatrafull'powar...And Julie;
diction' to • hear, try, and ' determine •atieh
gulf: Seth suit may be brought it,,,,Z.
ried 'on bt Any. prim '', is *slitter -
as for the United States; the same shill be'
at the SOLI cost and 4,1,40.0 f .staltirieli'
and shall be' in 'the . name of the _tidied.
A tatelk - fillt..ebilkuat birvitbdrewrihr din
continued without the consent, in writing,
of the judge of , the court and ' the dietriet
attorney, first .filed in the Case; setting
forth-their reasons for such consent: ,
grotiou A" dad is : ' it farther ':+mitife4l;
ILIA rebel be' erduty ef , theierersi dia.
triot attorney, of the:United • Sta i his'for the
District of llolumbh% sad 'for the. , several
iluatt.-l e - to -- 4w - toitTuileijairiag into
aby, ,, violatilm of the provisions of thia act
bylpeposis liable:to such gilt, sad . !Mint
within their relies:Use districts or TerritiW
rya ' sad teams idm other to be prooeed
a egalait in due Aim or la* for" um iiiixi,
sr': of such forfeiture had; damages. Apd.
h person nay be " arrested , and; held 'to
suc Wain such sum se, the district judge may
[Order, mot esseediag the sale mum of two
thntuend:dollificand twice - di amount of '
damages sworn Ito la the amaiiit,' of the
PeTit .
.: b,dtidt . qi the suit.
tili p ! l°4° W .6 .* l :4 - itihri.itrr swag, That ,
Prroch - said suit had' proms=
~tiag it to final udtossot that be 'entitled
rit•lggjiiitil . tie - amount Of iieh•for.
' . .ftliarrkacirell- ea one the meant 'af
Lintiagaeliershall recoter and collect; add
the other imaillimpt 'hall bek4 l 6 to lad
4 z:
3 ll*
rolorit T.
_ ,
EPull_r 4o 7 - .N9- 4 9 _4
AA. ACIT to amend au act . samba "An W.
to prat& a tamperer". tgoetipnkeit for
Ike Tent,* of ,Uolorsdo., -•-- -, • - -
Be itavadithrthillipziewsillouso qt,
Represattatlitiof tAir:Mittigilltaei - qf Ainerc. -
iea to Chareu Afielaki l 4'Thittihei second
section of the ad to' teldakhdinaC is an
amendutentl*Mteiest alio to rod. ne foh 1
lows: Thoexecaties: power, and authority .
In and over said Tertiary of Colorado shat
be vested in a ' who shah/sold his
°Ste for fair yea" an nit& Ms etteoeiti'
for shall be-undated Mid quolitiok mate
eoonir einnered"- Wear Ilealdial of
AnitedStatear Thelloverriorahalt *eddy
within intid Minna% gball - bedowituaid4.
in-oblet of the WWI uterig kludEperfoirni
the Maio Wad rioidie s thizoiog*lnic 4_
oil ..**tatlitite atilidinAffairi; lui may
tract *does far offenses ogalmktita laws
of said Territory, lad aimless _foe offen
ces against Os law at.sliealnited States,
until the. dodge, ofzilto Ittoiddnit osn- le
made !mini' the =he Atli tentudtoke
all officers whoaball beatipointed to 4
'under Malan, of maid l'aritOryoutth *
take care t hat tit. iatr s hatitithP,Wat , alh'i
ted. - ' ,u ,
BeCtiOn x - 4,4 il4,. a t w air *44,1
Thu oint WI pMiVittaiwiriiiitiani Ike
Isgislitintilassably ihakbeforki th iscane
:a lazhayitesinted es thadilaitorner,or Nis
Terrikwyglittitearri,th, aballlaliWil;
but it.taot Mt sliall z ritantiligwllk NEV ":
ttnii,. , W tholtaoik4AWlS ,
, with Wnihilifett th iiitikit litial Maarien'oa,
their jebnel Mid 'proniM id WeendilCell4
If, after su roconaldersikoh7.l4ko4fide
~o, thotliotigriiill7poso — tho It
, alfolnii lon - lethoi irlak - akAleotioaxt
I ta4 4 : 0111 1, by:l4llok_ 'UMW I /UHF
MillCallneonddarad; and, If .approeledif•
twatitird, of that iionekit witall , becine it ,
!Jaw. - But la lat , ilitalremaiutteolvoies of
*both bowel- obeli ter ditgeffi
1 andfrietalikWoMent oirtizi I: .:•*"tig of
- - eidt how '"lf,'Wfbill;sliitff
Aorbtfretunkfog.:p . - Atoift-dr..5.1161.1;.
1A4 4 .4414 . _..:_ A i esitlAdruflon" it
4/40•10•PuPoiNiMod*Ari tho;ooloo,i
*bolt be:lokb Am tainsioeitiflkolla4
alined - Itotalaw thameembly;by adjOurile.l
Eten4 I
noiliewliw rat prevent thyinw; is widekLamede ehaa - : ..., . .a.:,.: ;
; •:e4a. 3... die oho w ;fright' r `• aiieti4 'That
Inchon iilhe bf thirtici ta which WI not is
' is umendittdd Dealeti,*r*. OS
felloWselretWil-' it‘ ntaf-.
KUM, theihroallioW . g. - T.nit.-
170ipiegirooigli Oita* UM di. '
[ tri afooll*L e futellkeenetseial lusguss a
44mm .. aupreineoesit sholleitesita
al' azaidefjuithetand twomensistedae
:any two of whom nail omatituten Odium
and Irho oball hold 4 tostoroa. , the ;mis t:of
110Tobilniiii , of odd -Verff4o7,. = laillift
and they tall thozolicol . . ~.
1 pthod otit w yam zu udid mu •
air dividomtoithrooti _ „
an :remit Gout &bind liar* soa,
o f di s t i ass of the - ilstia,o of
hisingthae, atentatwah is elso=la s a
jalludiallYg,==a tat, res•
peodedr , eield ,4 a - Aa; . : . "
eltall - l=oilhalk 2110-; -'
of the &date italbe _ Lfario
both appellate and MAW - ' 'OfMahe*
of the Pal" lb* be a. U 1144 )7 toff ;
_ _ ____ ...
---- t"
be ? paid' Mr tee Abe Ulatid Slatei '
such person diaUlitiriititled tit ; to
his own nee all costs the court idly.
against the defeadaat, to bcallo
taxa according to any provisien w
Or rule Of cone. hi force, or that be In
force in puled between private- sin
said court: 'Provided, That su ch on
dial' be liable for alteosts inborn& I y
ear in the ' case, and shall have no,
therefor Vit th e :United States: -- ~ I,: t 1.1 1
Section 7—.. ibid 6s it further egagicik t
every sUrViiitit shill be, commenced Sr
six years thelAirdolzeor Committin g e
act, and not aftewitzds. -_ .
,_.) . :.v - Section 8. did lw- it' enraged
That noltftikeireniegent of-any g or-
other commercial eorporatioNandid mem
ber of any mercantile or-tradhigilno, or
person;directly or iiidiritoSyilinwitett- 411 1
the pecuniary profits ei contracts of such
corporation or ' firm; shill' be employed or
shall act as an officer or agent:of 'Ude Uni
ted States for the transaction of Weirton
with each corporation or:an; and ;every
such, eiteArefficer, agent, or memberi dr w
son, ici jraterinuid, who shall so' set, e
upon conviction thereof, be punished by • I
fined not more than two thousiuni doll/km.l
and by imprisonment fora term not ex-1
aiding two- *ears. - • - ' -- I '''''' ‘'.' '
Section 9: And 14 - it-fiirtlqr enacted, That.'
oil sets and parte bf ads incourdstent with
'Or , repugnant to } any of the prauleions of '
.thli not are , hereby repeals:di, owing; hot.;
'Oter„ Sid exiepting any andcalb suits ,or
'Prosecutions now. .00nuneactictpanding,iiini
all of suit or proseautiowAinder any
prior act:-of emigres% on ~ abiartint!Of the
doing oroonunitting of any adtl pro
hibited.; and_ all rights andt 'cla iffebyms which
the -Milted 'States, or anypdteen Or persons
Wire lkos, groWing out of 'Odell - 04ot - sof;
all pending edits and' I ;prtisecutions
shall'inliceed and be determined, and all
which rights and claimoshallwenushi and
be: as Wad and effectual as if this 'present
riet-hael not been paned ;. I nor shall; this
act be'so construed as in any wag; to tim
pair or affect the obligationi; -duty, or, I
Miley eV any person who -ad* Is or Wall
hereafter twoome the eurettef_ any person
contracting' with the United OWN. or any
tamer or Moat .thelict ilintilf44;erich su
raity ;hall billablerinA anaweritde fo: the
default of hii principle In the scone man
ner ae if this kat bad-wet ' been praised,
save to the extent t 0... whicithiso - principle
liii performed Ore contract, er,;IL dainages
have beim so recoverfidi ,to thel ascent of
one 4'llll of the:damages se-secovered and'
paid; witch last amount lasy,fori "irilicrrh In
reduction of daniageejtvany'swit brought ,
against the prianildetitt surety, or : prin
cipals and sureties on their' contract.•
Approved March 2,4865: f • - '
, . •
. • .
- • [Pairsc,.4o.• 474. til '•
Ax Apr to luulteriii an inatoasd i h
number of huder,gexiiirils and brigadier ,
generals fir Ammo * the ureic° elle'
United Stites. ~ •
14.0 bor gioLltis Muii
4Zogretattatters of this of Amer
tee in:, amp= ungmble4-That, initddition
to the 'four major•generals aidthis brigs.
diet generahtfor the regular army, and the
forty- major ' f or
; and two hundred
brigadier generals 'for the' volunteer ser
vice, authorized by the 'slitting •liws there
may be -appointed thirty major generals
and seventy-live brigadiergenerals • for.
forces in the , service of the Unite& States
other thin the regular army; Reeled,
That the officers to be appointed under this
act shall be selected'from those who have
been conspicuous for gfallant or -metitori
ens conduit in the of ditty.
Approved 1868:
, • [Ponzzo.-No. •48.1-
Aar to thetorms of Ahe Circuit and
District Coarte in the districts of Me
ow:sir:lnd lowa. ^ ;-
Be it assorsd ty' the Rotate 41,4 T '..llosse -of
Roprosestitiooo of the putted Statei"of Amer
ice itaesebkgc• Tha:t Instead or
the times heretofore hiedVy , law, the Cir
cuit Court Of the Carted Biala for the dis
triot af.Wisionsin (after.tho'huulao. term hundred antisirty-threa) thall
held as follows: At Milwauttlecathe third
Monday in April and Int Monday is Ju
ly, wad at Madison on the;iiscon - Mondays
in Nenfflutter, andel' writa,'.enits;_ pleas,
reoegarancesi indlchatite, Or other pro
oeeding44 cavil or "erisainAllarikid,
men pending in ocnui, shall be
returnable 44:1 1 a saterod; and have day in
court, and be:heard sad teak according to
the provisions of abut. :;-
Bea 2. dad be it flank -rieskiegaii That
instead of theAses haretoforeprovided by
law, the terms of .04 draft: ant'distriot
courts for the district of lotta,lolati halt
at Dee Moines, shall be held on thersecond
Timothy of May and third 'TeteridaY i n ns,tober in each year, and the fall term of tha
district court for aid district, to be held
at Dubuque, shall be. held on' the third
Tuesday in November. • .
(-_:; ~:f ice' ~~ `'"'.
r*Piikeikethli usiistiiiii - alipesoe shall
riot have judsdletion of any matter in con
- _ I log o ,i,j o ,, no* . linpundarica of
-nt diapuie,or wLen h..debt or
sum . % • . eball eieftifire - Fliculdrt,l
dollare; end th said prolate COWL IA
not have jurisdiction of any matter in
travelog when the:debt or inna cia
shall exceed the small two t houser_d
We r*nd ead nePrenie and ct aa , i : t
shell have authmity goo, ir,, „ wo o
wronp committed ~ ogol o m ~,.. , 2 „ n _
lien and laws of the baaa --- :'Z e;
the said supreme, district, ' and probe
court; tiapeotively, shall pomace &moo .
all Well as common /Mr jttrizaption ana
authority for the refired, ot "Wrosis com
mitted egainerthelitwx of said Tadoiao r y
aff "tritieMiut.lidgel ( i'' FrY. Ranh die
t Irbit orctlitteec , shall op.
patients' Irkrath.^ehalliaburbe the red o .
ter in chancory; andihaillseep Ida *do e
at the place wherathiseinrintleT be held.
-Write-a errovildU. of elkoirptitits and ap
peals shall beallinractikain' , Udi bold dui&
iontrof said ilistrictlaid ik t oliintr , votrets to
the supreme court,imderr lug( :Alike =
a* *MIL be_ „Pni*Funxt., - tiY444T t tiV. in no
caae renter= .no ilii.. *Mt aka
4 7 0 .
triellor i4rY be ano wit , " I let itzu murt.
! The - BO:at* court' or, , a ft iulo 4
shall Appoint Ma :o wns' siV,altd every
clerk shall holdhie ofileciptAttle.o m of
At botrre,torMaqh, ineldoklaiivi:been sp
painted/ ..:Irxlta of entietentsPplals from
Isti ar l =l. l4 .la l i r e to w tl u fe t
BripteseaConrt Witte thottal•Statas, in the
same - maniner sad'under Utelkfibeiwpda
none as' the tlroldt Ccrurfelf the Uni
tel thdtet, when the nide 'of tipiproperty
or the amount in eontrovinty-;10;te ucer
:mined by the oath Or ifiriasat4r, of either
party, or other , competent witness, shall
exceed one thousand deilit*l,sita each of
said suprenie ijoilidUdriat.ourliAidl have
and =WOW A* litunel jurisdialian in all
cases arising•:ander: thee Cautstitution and
laws of the United litotes as di Mated in
the Circuit and District Couriszof the Uni
ted States. and the said Supreadand dis
trict court; of said Territorz iud the rea
pestles judges then:4:6:4nd may grant
write of habeas carpus`all" csaes in
which the same are panted by the judges
of the Veiled Stabil be4ellisuict of Col- -
=bier and the Mat aix-idaye of every
term of eald:oottriever,adoetualt thereof am
shat.Nrizeolumary s , slialliwippiopriated
to Cho-trial of obtuse 'arisliSg Under the
1 0d f r onittnnuon Odle* 'l4ll - orrita of
briar and appeals flail 'such coos shall
ltemado to the supreme eourtibVitaid Ter
ritory the same as in tothsx',4l46le. The
said clerk-shall irocelVelnilllsoakesses the
sawed's:a-which the els*s of the district
Soar* 'Of • Oregon Territory *delved for
simile, narytoes. , , ~.,/
.- . it -7
Sea 4. And- be it further 7 , That
the *Slobs. of *oda,* two of
this sot'shall be applicable tri. it.territo
ry of Dakote t and shall have Jilcespot as
in the Territory of Colorado.
APP*Ted: man* 2 , Idda.„
lIIIITSTifiB • BALE of the valuable
siLyogne Nan duLL. , ...
. .
. .* &btu of o Ilineof Tynn ..
ivaiansizi thei tkat &ray'
of Muth, 1163. between-SOO ihooko7ind othatii,
tranapcaing AI lefit'itlft of 1 1 0rItourdina & 04
'all the ridicsa„; ainliiii Mom, Of the other
little." tltiAbo TAN=.oltital..l7.3:o/111/111,
at the mi. oflo o'clock ctiLtoNyelfiqeale lb.
S =A t t yat II tedock bs t.t t ourd dlr..
alrghlibrant dote of tater Aoitsek.!Oblo m ail
end. n kt e;- M ar Wog i.
Midi will he dto •
6 .Z , i d elid NOM Wilber
the' 1)
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. 611 I to It: '
a r t si f Ott: ' -17-"*. ingtwo
crana4mwhich7tavie .. Bonin Will,
:.N.61 Jbafory mad Mfr. handicap on Oa
Lon lgort.9oraolniny.,balongt.
..n. to thit&a e Ire of
, NOrtin,"..tobuOt ,41 nue .701 plat it: az* of
landicr baths& ow M. wart aids or Waite. arm,
mad tataint of thi Willi° sanecoitilerarantog nor:
mi t orro4 - 19 low isilit !Writ Iltairtm. whir' •
wraft letnachwe tionrapied. IT JolePit ' 4 4 1 ,4 11 . 11 bb •
, tab to Xdward X. Borten land Mom ' .-
'Alio, 'the lot nitaiberid ‘all4. thal'aintion to it
city of Wheeling: as fald'oll by .04 .911.0.1dwe IL
. Woo, Lot nmillerasi 711 in tbesawastadditior t
1 sityof Wheeling.
Mary la. nutraborcil7kil ' the sall &nigh t et Wheeling. • '' - •
kl 2 Lot timbered n In nb , yid aldlika to
Also, Lot ht
umber ono in thaneldadditkin to ..
NW 91 WbeintAL: - • .•'.7. , , , •:! ..., .1 ~,
also. ?bigoted ii ,f " - limn oi. Admit, L.
the ilith Waraorthif wit 07 • denutbad cia
itheiner Bath b& ektel.. bun Moot,
lir tlibir.: wrizeraterato ) ota_which la
otinded thes e wracks 1111111811Jrawsikd thrQuartier
On; Limn with tip Ilse of the Mid . IL
Figm. la
70*, WlOO ha; thaws N.19%* i tio . • them N.
Webktent to th. liain mania them B.
''ll7. with mid naralesiliterietherallei of the
imam witiethe Coal :Sid exchuire
rase of cabana the UM undo; sint blithe land
OLJOilal rali. traholobegthe said pinealoth
searnond w IY.
illilstiwoe. & thedpoull
to ITMI &rgrawara
I.adessersf thet - norat. ig
by sain OVA:S --
sad -
4.l,•:aid" to* Mini tity 4 a.m11. - -:Patter, and the
mom Lbw of WM.. Ohaplias, and, alonfroa so
nosott,in Iln Mctollnad clamed br,..19 John Zan
to Z. Jec0b,...1. bo , MAlietweed the'fitirth itne of
Lad Pa 1 1 44 and thirlibtall note 'Wrnaullhapliso
to thi balistisryin Mil Maio •MMielito the seld
Jacca.t.lbuhrthaet Mk of iliattenek , ,,
- abio.".l3steand Laadaymbeatrao glow .i i ,
! Itrcahe ame, Mar the Mot of land puroiramed by K. .
Jacob them John . kora xi* asec . ipsift - an the
wan tkO coal Mai tart daeoribed.- - ~• -
Alao, Three ci* lots in the town of hatitb,Wheal.
Its& sad said : and lemon on Ihera , plat of the
sad km am calat 20, 30 end 31,414 man tote
on MI lad amid plat ` ~ lots 110. II
"ggittrilits 1., end lob ombeerted 9, 114, IA and 111
ha No. IW -.; '. ' ' :.' "',•,- .. : . :-.• .
A - 101 tor "Mad UMW on MI Mu of
Beath lb uld coetry,,kno=dgoat
mama gs Illipultas af haat*. solar.
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momed lir nee saki then of Mat. martini In stook
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1 6. OM= 01 91MailLeits...11doli Mbance is
limas& Oar . . All dairallatloo.37laoh will be
astaborog to orlon& AT good will ot UM said .
711.9.71feitoxfo ih r tniiiMaVtli,:thii tainahim
milai iniattlia.petfliarairs upgaradotag ti the
mess& and the purchtmor"tb&M . bal l - take the '
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lhei Ingoihing to nue. aid Lima •
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add ina at Norkor.oslianran iket i rdsaine cif
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too thalaubviummot of Sad Mlllirlilagid 0:1
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- aantklewalso tir.M: Swames ime. gad twenty.
leak moos &ear t a roof 4 ly; Ism iraith hi.
MIN_ Woo. Oa MU im. d a l e , -Meme co
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