The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, June 05, 1863, Image 3

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dlotfripWa for Po.' a i st
ItartokTrOlulaq ~oar to Co._u
iriariiii.this alas arildtbdrawn.
- .74vmem - • iriatalOsoal on tdaL
Mk* itinowbiOire- irldlirrial for Prilay,
Jim 4111 B.
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' 4 Tt. Mori toilet vs. IL- 11.1.10=Play.
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John Colo .C. k Boro•
COVION PL111.—.77/001 stairs.
IjlnialosthifinicaitlavaMary Jane Warta.
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for Veltigkaasi 6th i'
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60. A. Dabbottnilohn-Eftora at '. • •
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• '10:111121.111 MD and wife Ts: Y
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ST._Jacab Assatback and Binh blonde an.
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!S. Iffaorg WtWoas tr. Y. 0. White sad =Joh
TS. Pltraiorlah 'Bait sted4Mrifia Railroad Co. on.
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Tho following o ur : Imre - dhrlikta of biz
. ,
Thos. N. taleyat a1t.,,T)1. 8. alddli k Co..
. Action for libel. Mitigated, and the prosc...
' Bator ordered' to pap the costa.
Cosa. vs. Robert IDA for insult and Whi
tley. The deleadaat olaskod guilty. I
vs. Cluistias gals, Is: &midi and
battery. The dafendant pleaded ;silty and
ordered to pay a fine of $6.
Con. vs. Christian Stub fir keeping a-for.
oolong dog. Sot ; guilty[
the county to- pay.
oda- TI. Nan Biel, for keeping 11
doily tone on Pifer street, Delon Smithfield.
• Douai guilty; aped IRO aad oasts of prose
, anon and sentestat to sixty dais impriji:nt
sod in the musty jai).
Com. vs. John Danford, for the larceny of ,1
- St. Nomad guilty ; not yet sontateed.
Cam. vat. 9. B. Bnaw, surety, on oath of D.
t. The defradiat was hold to ball In
$o k ee p the pesos towards the promoter,
D'N.l4l, towards 4 1 .godoi 'Willem it.
pooMai)la*inky, fur mu year; Mid, sink,or
deed ui pay ids sorts of postman; - ,
Thy c o ucecmg - Dim bills . were *alcuntal
the Anal Jury tri-isy.
Clem. vs. jes.lealinh for lolling littler , /
oi Sandal.
fp; son. vs. Jot. Lapin for Maslow
80. Con. vs, Jos: Loink for ulnae' liquors!
-es Banda- .
ea. Casper Nallfbart and B. Auth
lei soma aad battery.
. ' Cont. vs. Chas. Jonas for larceny.
. Cosa. vs. Danl. Cheolifor Jeremy.
Si. Coat. vs. B. lath it. at. for riot and
Cors. - rs OWlas Pertain et al. for
• AIL arm y& Okada§ go oy,toi highusy
Bing ' • slim Ka*
,7 4 •1111 a, for kosphill bawdy holm.
Con. TI Ames W;Orati, for slabaule-•
$316 TO
The report wee remised and ordered to be
Mr. Branch
_presented the report at rho
Committee in Wharves and Loadings, with
the following resolutiona:
Resolved,. That the Committee on Wharves
and Lauding, in connection with the cicy
Solicitor, be authorised to Wet into an agree
, meat .with Mr. MeSse,.srantlog him the es
''shahs right to thetas:gasman!, on Chartism
Mr" AlleghenY, as contemplated by the sot
of Anlnably—mid contract to be anoulloa
upon` either party giving three months'
notice: Mr, McKee mazy annually, et a e peal
gig tiftle r tha mum of ;WO, together with the
1 1pmt assomad rate of wharfage, or such
rate as ma lirseafter be estabiished.
, That the Committee on Ord!.
imams be sad they are hereby, Lwitruated to
report at the, nest matting of Coosolle, on
ordlna ' ace regulisting 'the landing of oil, In
barrels or bulk' at the wharf , and establishing
tbaritu of wharfage.
Report wooepteff and resolutions adopted.
Mr. Stockton Presented a resolution refer
ring theafelti ol Thos.' mi l
legal in
viola rendered the airy, to the °maims on
ffinases , ... .- . : -.: , ,
. ;The resolution was adopted.
. - W. Xisirket offered the following ;
Refoloeti, 111, Seleet and Oonmoon Comnalle,
May. the.GM Committee be and is hereby la
stronimi to prlt ,tlOl gas in South Warden
:Ow noise. , ,
-111:DIS snored to - bsert, if also In the Bea ,
ond Ward Smiths Mouse."
The 'aniendment was agreed to,, and th•
moieties at mended was pained. The B.C.
ou4seseened. The Commas Council rep-
I=thrse membeml a gounnittee of COS,
In ILA. laid onUe table.
Yr. Barker offered the foulowing :
Rseoleed,, IA ,Seleot and Common . Connell,
, that the report of Moe Committee °Adam'',
of May, T A 3803, b . mturned to said Com
etulltels. - , -
The siolitioil was adopted. '
ISA liuttihfainis presented the report of the ,
Ominaltme - Mir Coumbe,lo whom was re.
feria thii troPettLreletivo se Us numbering of
,Thultenissilito. ; The Demists , reeomutend
attarwso of -. the. following msolatkin;
.• the Amenities , on:Numbit
int..aelteve: be soOkArised to- coutnee with
Au. ileileadrY ,le primers, it his, own ix.
, peamep-iegidar.nmelers,and puftheat in Pie!
1- kij all the laisko b ts i , stores, shape, dr i Ap r
I die l ti4, * "Prot ti rdig 0rit.7.10% tu....,!::.
-,,,..„..,..."ki1l inieatided to mums
westy4tre emitedrrofitbir outer or owners of
Aeld.walkolteer:smilw slob Awaiting-Ito - use
.orbtiter building; for each and; very regutii
number se put upt.Ztovideid,, That the said pal uP,lll.9ause to be pat up,
in. OW pfeeiglarna the names of - theeow
ral Amite,. . ' , and - Op; nada, the- lu
'ellilittiiek getansbam - uate iild pieta's&
bilmilicketi itAtite, oloPenstr, el the city.
ads fiSofVfiva itt i taii; and*. repletion
itid.:•44 ff. = fk :troneurritd In and re-, i.0180'40/4 a eat 1"1"1" fond biekti tlieVoliffttee:' CI: 0. , adhered,
swim --.. s obs; sid, fapiii stride& .ipaggpolztad aro Mashers' a' mumaittoe - of
la w. _ 2 11664 ..... " 7 pia, boroiik a BinaUsl. sostaakaw. :In S. 0 lades the table:
I ' ""'" *-- pgpagesti - I *era .../S mg "roar 1 Sr:Barker pineentedo bilk pt the Young'
Mal ' la Basing of IMP alvias d k ilia
offs OWLS'S AUDidetialle far r the enoYorg
af. the Met laf;
... cart at air atentiy. s iCi A lso yaptersoull4Werh,dor,46l), ~.lisfeemd
taw all °lls gull " ' - '; 4 4loo" are the reliable bads' the 0,....0urei on Ury 44 111:0.(ifild
Ad i das stais Tugg piggpag 15,,,,..- fo - 7 . " - '-' ', - • tr,- '• • , ,
a in real estate.
hr 1111"11114 optima lola Um fulsehitin4' ni.ritolle , i, s jorithijklii-iii)jaa
,t i , e i e i ii
datproyeas kil - .'c Lot pg *alp Willierer : g t a to"' wion - 00anfdlo . id
lag 011og i tr ana i sioi • • ° tree . til ass - so g o mpg, S ir
,a io
ea. ~, .c.. 4 ..:-A.ri ..,... • ••• 4 ..--„ ':.,...
Yams 'lpp. fraftesseea at . tuff f 1 , ,.. ~ i lu-c4,;.4.",.'"---` -"
‘..---;.. noels I 1110.11Ingie a lutiom 11 1 . 1 Wanda kd Pannart,flonnass, Anus AID
O'llto....iliiiifitaaaa.-,- ,':, ,- „'f,..; ''..', ' 1:i: 4 ' atii•exani -,lriainintam.-• - ffer Merlin o
1 , 0 '"•"" .". '—__.......iest.e•••"-'-' • , ' , •'; imethalli tesionakorAingliklpsiftef ZOO St
----11 work done Ulla gay --, edeg) ka4hafiaryelkter Pell; 0141 et
--.........1"1", - w - be bow, *ad _ . n , in ;sl4 . li . i .
- Visa bl re shy. 'lWal 00 . . 014...Aalsr,dIn. riiii6,.
asiaLL lloolll . , . ... . .• - - 1 'l7:, 100 4 4 4 11 0: i.-..- ,
' Ns " 1-77 . '.
,r - L , A4 •,- . .'.i.l • v 4 1 •: - 4 tatsuail t.,; :I 1.'...:1.1 ,C , .....:n1 4 .., '• ' i •,•••
Wi t '
82, G m. vs. awry litopr sad /021 . 11 Horn . ,
In wadi ssii battory. •
.10. Com. vs, W. S. Bulta szol WM.
ilisilionon, for moult sad Immo.
91, Clam. VI. Wm. Yullroliss, for smash
• 11;:ilors. vs. Jolui Mitaisr; for mush sad
..iorral. •
.gs„ rkin,orm Jams" Mort, for smash and
. Danny l4rsig
fonoruzig from Mayor Allman •
for di sci/ deify andnot, inn mods:
16. Oom. mt. Jot:
• IT. 01016•1. Phllip Ballston.
The worms a ria smo was Mania :
90 • Goa . TI. 11110616 71111141#8
• Asan ad Bunts dahnial. •
- Cam. Oborlos Jones for no isrony of
' sold (or beau) locket from
Nonsody i s
*mad as Mtn street. Pound guilty mud ro?
eassattal to jalL
Qom. n. Matilda island, :anti ofgo
- "Mao on oath of Mrs. SahlogeL • Defendant
inalliold to bolt In ttnnam din to lmost sti•
peon for Aslx
Clow Tll. las. Mort, and Oom. vs. J. Nat
dmir; insvoldlo of unman and battery.. On
Mlle lioridersoa.
Thu abated mid inset' , " .setraes, dais
lor setars'Aes he: moseee!lai Zero** tear,
low boa repotadly 'abated to plop "Op.;
seats li radoWilloulO of the °Ocala, aadtai
. - dully esseehoid de appear la Hostas cot the'
4th of July. la the .101 tesposee to
*sawed requeele , the will - Pig. • •••tt , • ll.
sewelmatheie, eosaleardaw ea mailer evea:
Tag wit. lefuoswoota Uwe
each bees lan
.dsred ter tre - arlr err Ink, Philphia, rad
wiliox prosiseat rides. giw mean in
. Se-
tamed wag byroad the sees esagria• expeeuk
.. aleas el her WNW% Ia Ludes she plipid
fortraiwe wwwwwative lit•t.laii' war
ellsaill Midst bi Dhlifesil 480#1•311*••
wta., where slie was !snored with thipitres .
" difil Ge • idel diglit." awl 111141 'Mu
leap hose with her a amber al soda
sadlatereeting dream, slash will be.pat
upon the liege is the ..beet stile, with-saw
- .erwurry awl sibs% and ber eassomeat will
.' , . deabtleas prove wettable to babel; I sad eiti•••
-tartest to the WWI et the drams:
. .
, .
latego Agpoodwo illoriateal. , , .„
TINn Ma Is rmot la saslPt of a
_Adler fa* Wiaokoota Iron an Mgt oatkot•
. • it& able% sop
• - Ali ft *lola la Utlo vidaikr , jail faiwltlitik
lidlostoo a twatosioao otwoostattoo of UN
wobel flow aPlart Hooka. Iwo It about to
000nto tbo *growth* , NA I! , kProws b. boo
ilotscalowl to stoke tie latat sumo 'woo upon
sZw sal battle, wkllb wUI OW plias soon.:
2 , 10 tirltoc alai ' ''
. • , ..
low km boa atm& to lUolataia ID lir
'.. Fi sh ga eau taloa la Wool TUstabb, Oat
1, 6 , boss sseadod by - Joaklas:ta„wautwa r l .
Ti3Okb, ganeffigi "Allegheny
.UOllteibi 'whoa aL Tharsdaprienb ) gt Jane
Sits' Ci •iv .
''.l2l,'Sateg,lptesoni-Moson. Atw I Htddto,
Hinx, , Hirtpstitet, Hopttni, trOin, Waght
I . liationron, and' Prioldent Morolna.
' 'Phu rebate' of the preceding meeting were
ma. and appiorsol.
ili',,liirkpatriek presented a petition for
att•nsion of water pipes on Franklin street.
Referred to Water Committli.
=Bill of E. Ildmerodrion, for two pots, for
Mayor's dice, amounting to $l. Rafeared to
Committee on Polies.
_ .
Conimunirstion from Mr. Bolioyer, City So
Uter i in response to a resolution ;liking for
his ophdon.npon the alleged trespass 'or mi.
.37„uPPn lbe Booth Common, at the ; Woe
of ownalitreet. Bolloitor, steer 'Arafat
ensmination Of 'the law, gives It as his opin-.
lei, fiat the city' hie no ground-of 4 action
Against Mr. Gray: Tim communication was
received and Med.
Mr. Biddle submitted a communication from
Mr. Molistadm Reoordlng-Beidistor, it/sting
thathe had estimated the excatating done on
the.Weet Common,.known as the. old grave
el;r„tle' and finds that it'wonld require of
zrew± Adds .yards ,t,o_ make the grads as by
kgroement between the Chairman of the Com
mittee on City Property and the genital:dor,
and also 'tri the' trade pins given him to work
to. Cr it would 'require a All of 1,500 ,oublo
yards to make s. undue.. grade batmeen the
curbs of Marion avenue and Webster street.
Oa molder. of .Mr. Wright, the matter was .
,sinned back to-the Committee on City Pro
perty, with instruction to proceed against the
contraotor„ provided the contract was 'drawn'
in asoordanen with the authority , of Councils.
Mr. Riddle submitted a propositieti from
Mr. B. Drum, to lease the triangular ; lot be
tween the. Railroad, Bank lane, and . Marion
avenue - for a coat yard. Referred to the
• Clezunihee on City Property, with power to
In 0. C., concurred in, provided the words,
"with power to sot;" be strioken out. B. O.
idhere:to their planer action ' and appoint
Messrs. Atwell and Biddle a Committee of
COnterenoe. , In C. 0,, Isid.onithe table.
Mr. Kirkpatrick presented the report ,of the
ConimitUti on Water; with .arisolution for
the payment of the following bills
D. ffiorboll'p¢t ixal end 97
-liarpaTua a Bed.; lard 37 76
Ilnenrdy a lleGinnise, Ore plug 15 25
Jain 38 10
WAlaton. tojimynunn 2LB
Report siceepted and resolution adopted.
hir...,Wright promoted the pay roll of the
letrosillommtasioner for May, amounting to
'pa 13, with resolution for the payment of the
!lade!, which Was adopted., . .
...MA'. Wright submitted : the reports of the
oie#ers la.; dm matter .or the opening of
Baena; Visite. Basswood Monterey strews, in
the Second Ward. with the Illsessadat of dam
ages and benefits. Also, resolutions approy.
Jog I/Weans - Siblifii were adopted, eel the
• Clerks of Candle' instructed to canny the
same to the Otty Sonetter, to be filed in Court
for oonlissithnen. In CI. C. laid on the table.
,In the matter of the opening of ' Palo Alto
Moist; in the same ward, the Viewers reported
that they failed talthdetaffietent property ben
qaetWl to Maths damages, and:rofened the
matter to Councils for, their action. A rem.'
linen - we. isethpthlaioridiss for the pay
melt of the fees of the Viewers, had other ex-
Iteinet. 'fit: C. concurred.._''
In Cumin Osee4 preient. Meurer Zar
ker. Bereithd..,oampbele. Donley, Yfill4l4,
illadanSOn; Patterson, - Millar,- Wm. Smith ,
Stockton. Tate, Thompson ' sod President
Brom '
, .
' 'llte Dilute's - of 'th. Meeting of May 7th
were read and Unproved.
Mr. Pranedi Without a• mmonstranu of
eightesaitroputy holders of the Fourth ward
against the epeales.of Virgin-alley.
Mr. Dankow-preseated a petition of about
twenty-three oltisens preying for an ordi.
num to.,pere and grade Virgin alley, west
of Rory ; street, as sow as possible the com
fits season.
The remonstrance and petition ware referred
to - nth Bunt Committee. with. ir4tniqrlEto
etirpreoestlnge fir %hi preieitt; •
Mr. Entchinecm • puisented - ie bbrolininiza
tion from.Wea. - Lemen reputing Outwits to
take some steps for the reznemd of a wooden
•boilding adjoining hls property on Pasture
`lssue. befernot to the Cummins. on Wooden
Buildings.. . -
Mr. Deuslap maw . tad avommunlostion from
W. Isiontepotery,
• Constable of .the rcuirkity
asides for an lacrosse of compel:mottos—his
present andpensation Is only VS a year. Ba
nned to the Committee en Martins.
Mr. Barker presented a bill and petition
from James Peahen . , for serving of -firemen
attached to the Reliance Hire Company, and
also a bill of Wm. Robson, for house rent.
Referred to. the Committee on lire Engines. '
Yr. D 02111111) Ingested the report of the
Committee onMarketb_with the Totems of
the weishlastens for the month of May, se
bikini : •
Rfas..-Soaddretts Diamond Soils/ --MU; 31
John A. White Si WerdSoalea... ...... 177 45
• •:• • • • ÷: ••,• _
4^',Vt'tiPAWiaillo4l4P3/A;N:44*-0:474;,;440.-A7 ,').,agfW*44*AVIWI
Our Book Tablet. - 7 — L
Elrivinges Ili To Weal Puce m Maass Sy Thos.
H. ouTiel. P. R. 13.. 7. F. Profaner of Natural
11 letory in the Jen:l3n &hoot of Mines.. New
Tort: D. Appleton Ca. 1803,, 71ttsburgh : far
an% by IL 8. Davis, 93 et out street. 188 pp. lima
The author of this volume tenpin o promi
nent piles among the men of science of our
day, and ei CUTCoher and expounder of natu
ral history especially, his popular leaturesi as
well as his dhounions at the mailings of sev
eral learned societies, and more elaborate pa
pen printed in their Mareputati on nsaaticma, boar ample
testimo that his
tained. ny
We lately noticed a work ofwell
his on
the origin of wools*, (also re-published in
this country by diners. Appleton', and form
ing a companion.Tolum° to the present,) and
bad °cannon -then to remark that Mr'. Huxley
adopts the views of Mr. Darwin and main
tains the •• development theory,' so eloquent
ly set forth to that eminent naturalist's work
on the earns subject. Those who hare read
the former work of Mr. Huxley, will probe
bly feel incstatibly drawn onward to follow up
the consideration of the question then opened,
by "%stover facts and arguments the -present
volume can supply. For OUT own part, while
we freely admit that many of them are both
ingenious and plausible, and many of those
exondingly interesting, we are as far from
finding in nature endows , of this develop
ment-power, ammunting.fortha diversittee of
the specific forms of pleats and animals, a'
we could be, if, instead of reading Mr. Hux
ley, we wort.again reading Ovid's ' Metamor
phoon,. or Lucretius 'De Baum Hattire.'
110sKT. By Ovules Mom:. New Turk; D. Apple.
ton 6 Co. 1863. Pittsburgh: for oils by N.B.
Dayls.93 Wood street. 223 pp. 12tno.
It requires ,only a very brief examination
of this volume, to impress one with • high re
spool. for t the author's ability and the thor
oughness of his preparation for the work he
has undertaken. lie hes evidantly de him
self familiar with the writings of the princi
pal authors. English and Frenoh, who bine
treated on the ouojeot;—and not only hes he
done this, but he has earnestly and snerelia
fully brought his own independent juigment
10-ben on, the questioninTolved—so far, that
lie has examined and tested the processes of
argument, or, rather, the soundnese of the %-
duodena from certain aggregations of frets,
is 3110 h IL 11111111111 . 118 to stamp hie .1517 throagh
out with unmistakable anti most honorable
marks-of independent thinking and original
0209111 ani Bpi Zie . l ClllllllO 41.01t1Jii, kit
meastt.torattats r,:yiposse, s» tkie
V. . aszirsl Agety
Sa: rett street.
TROILLII PLILLY, Min and Ornamantai Slat*
Roofer, and dtalsr Powaybrawls and Ver
o:amt. dote of the best quality at low IM4III.
011tos at /la:. Longb Ow's, near the Vatic
Works, Plttobasgh,l`w.
Jim 11016 yrs Somr.—thsostml
grahim, tdorotant Tailor, would raipoothilly
inform his Wends sad th e palls. in puma
that be his kilt retained Itrom'the Bast With
Marrow Mord Spin and Suwon fiords,
consisting of all tM land styles of gels,
ossOlmarta and Tooting& Gentlomon desiring
• stook to solos Mon that cannot too surpass
ed by say °thin. In the city, and IMO pr
otasis ma& in tie most tashionable ouranor,
would do wall tm. eye blue • 11 / 1 bolus P RI '
ohasing alsombors.
Banos& ilmsium, tdorchant.
gyp; td MI-hit ;Moot. ono door from Third.
011 AP CIPTISINO LID Wilma to BIT Trim
.The istarprisiss MA of Wm. B. Illisase is
00-. merchant tailors senors of Isderel ard
Diamond , Wen, tailor,
beisg folly
sears 'of the extraordinary &dune" In Spring
goods, hare purchased hut fall a beautiful
assortment of clot's, cassiMerce, TGIUII6II, ko.,
'and they ars now reedy to open their Spring
trade with superior artieleir, at greatly re
cites& Pete& The, NW wit their goods by
the yard if desired, :and as they keep un
steady oultand a large supply of reedy made
clothing, resumers ean be accommodated on
Thdemand eor , Of dire a neatly fated snit to order.
Tiss all derr .
done un.tbeir super/Woo,
always es--ranted to parohasers,
attention of oar country's brave defenders re
eently resumed from the seat of, ar .. and of
the pobltrin general, t a again direct ed to the
very extensive and hendsomeass rotment of
the Surest Etyles of French. English and
Amerlean plot* goods, for pants, coati ind
Teets, lately received by News. John Weler
A Co., Ateroharkt Tailors, No. 126 hand
street, Allegheny. A tactefni catalog,: of
gentlemen's tarnishing goods will also always
be fantrci an the shelves of the establishment,
together with • lot of ready-made clothing,
.00 np in the best manner.
Two Monts. Uee.—Miss Penny Robin- I
son, of LonOonderry, Vt., under dem of
gperbait 21,1858, mites: "I have made an su
:tent with Mrs. 8. A. Allen's World's
Hair lisstorer and Zilch&immure. I have
Wad them two mouths• I now have, new
growth of hair coming out, end my gry hair
is eztinot. bold by druggists emery where.
Depot, 198 Greenwich it., New York. mew
Arun:ton, Co XXXXX I—Volunteers, who
expect to retain their health uniaired da
lve r
ing the campaign, molt tee to mp h os,
do not trent to the Arm, Burgeons, end
'gooney** with HOLLOWAIVB Midi end
•01.51T52135T. Scary gnashlinsp
'..ssok contains them. Only 25 s weats per box
:or pot.
(mown cad CAZZIAGI ch.i.zo win to Lola'
at tte Matra can, rio. 4 I Lfbray Etroot,
day ci otgl t. 6. ordozs loft at do Stlbl•
vral be orbb2ol7 bnctlice 311ili
;MA em
O. BILL, DoWit, 246 Pena otrooh attend to
all kclinOlO of his profession.
aost,sy—on wees...d.7 m•ndat,ba kok. et
the residence of he mother, 10 Binaloihkm. B. 1 .
.11.Q111.111', aged x 6 lean.
The foaer.l mill lA* place et 10 o'cloak 711.D4T
11101111)0; to FOOlll4 to Alitabool C.:Llama. The
frleuda a the fondly me telmettolly Ineltod to
NonfaitalAli.--On Randy storatel. Juno Id.
at the Potomm Creek notpitikl• of wounds realm)
at tee battle of Choneelloreilhe. on 000da7, Ilay id,
Adintitut W11,1,1M6 la. IIo6RLNLEILD, (grand.
II•12 d the law Wm. Mackey, Zvi ,) of the did F. V.,
In the 131 year 01 kb op.
Funeral Irma the resides° , of hie to T. T.
ler, IN. 12 Jecidermik street, Allegheny city, on te
cameo* (aarokust) tucialrlikat 10 o'clock. 'lke
-Mende et the fetidly atelpttfiel to Ones& •
ED—A second head Szirwa
IT maomm, (flowe•
126 S hod re e D a.fitioTnd& Anquho at
0 No.
* /1110--A situation so Aluntsits,
bj • iftiffs Aso who azdenttada tho stow
Int of 1' La
dt soif
rosblss, Truitt and Iowa&
fuo, 3.41., wtoillo Y. 0., tor two Alp,
L4113v bizx
sumo. on Ow lino of the 10.1 Clootl• and
Pollaa liaftrood, Lawrence bounty. Woo's.
ww. St 00 per 4* rompt isobtlay.
d 00041021, Sulam 1,6 u.
Now 00,10:11116$- mrfiroddw
W Arel:lii , , latitikUleil-AiLi If ,-pUood
' ltp Train% Cllttiilll. alnuthee Ind./Unmet
'tOr white: the Menet emu Intl he Xtrell, end il
drifted exemption mill . be obtained to r ill lig
netkmen mho remain until Owen:A le completed.
Apply imosedlotelx. el the Gunboat, Tun of TOII.
tradtell,11&1111:11%11 k Cu.. ea the Itlonoopbelk
11411111.. W the ai.'— ' -'ll-'-"La. ll/46 ii
b A
his• &pat' to irnri %Wa y at 1116 . a
mimes pstd. wadi MI new olsitte :way flowing
beats's. Actilms,s, B. MAMMA,
miadlag ' ' ' Alited,llllalso.
111TANTS1).--460 MOTS 1!. • VIM
Aosats 1160 month, 'expiable veld to on
oncloorlatiamp FroalL, (Moto{ Aff•effh oat
Witt LON puha sod 0114001 IF44 1 10.: ;Mr!' dr •
teat int/rm. /Wimp, _
arsolmit 5E1491
X/ Atte th 0.3444.r-41.11..petions inter
• Nue fa' !Mapaatog at "Tata At*. la tint
Ircatta,Wattl, Alhalbtar Cltyi fatal larsot
Anti to a ...NA allti,lasalag hem :Obio Mos,
Amy Davit, and wallet malt loittloastsiboa,
atitoaco of reinf .r biribi "Med tb".".
tiottltatd fliewottioopotatst to sow_ mat
tasollto [lto molar cud* Olin% isostell
the ~tvnnd~ on fla:ttlattalf. Jana 10144663, at II
eat:dip. m. W. PURIM DST,
' • • ••-' 71111118 1:15411Alt, ThWors.
. 11 " 2'1"6rHMDI:ri
-LW bi Was* osi Minim All" ratable:ler
ml on. lor pa*
CB a :
to , •
1---leu"114( ('
TAfroll l + lo . o tit _7 l ",
m ai s a ficit rum, , „mum..
amb !Vistas sow store osillosaits
14 • . barroom-ea
_ ...... r
._.: BY TIII.EG H, , •:
ihMeteli to the Pittsburgh Gnats.
WAIIIIMITOI I I, Joni 4, 1863.
exourr 01 r.sort. 711101111 'OTIS, rro.
The Amount of lewd tender notes now out
is $381,000,900, and meetly $4,000,000 de
mand notes.
nztoirra rot rattostar. suss.
Deposits were made to-ds set National
Bulks at 010 Ohio, Niw Asysa, and
Bole, Pa.
• JIIDID 1110111.
Genera Hooker lime an order opening the
sales of nteipspere, and parttime for oil
come' mein% to oompetition, Hie highest bid
der to be taken, sad to pay the anima °Phis
bid for hotpita ands. the. pries of news
papers it filed at doe cents.
GU. 111717.113 . 8 MIMI TO tRIT. DAVIS.
°Some of Gen. Hunter's:staff deny that he
nut or intended to send Jae Dias the letter
published. It woe a
drat, enbsegnently
mach aimed, not yet tent, and vat stolen
from headquarter..
unremmmuirs TO easemose.
Commissioner Lolls his instructed the sr
senors not to 111011 in Ware articles man
lectured mid delivered to the Mated BMWs
under conducts made prior to July lit, 1882
Capt. Wallace, of the 79th Indiana, has been
ceshiersd for wombs a Major's rank, and
forging a hospital plait
vs.l.l4.llDiaaax. •
Rbli mon:duel National lafelliposor, is.
fining to Its controversies about Vallandig
ham'a arrest, has the following j
"We find, toffees, in theOlasinuati Chissa•
a rigorous attempt to simelata opacity on this
'abject, but- with all his efforts to do some
violonce to his undaistanding, tho writer stor
med' in donionstratingitlibtability toimpose
esti' own intilligonoo, the obfuscation' with
which he welts to dim ibevision of Ws saga
cious readers."
The above is no joke. It &stagily appears
Word for word as floated.
alltrional. lanai. lac SQLD4II/.
Ths Medical DITULMIIIii Li now making ar
rangements to furnish eolillars with amyl'.
Mated limber artificial arm. It has been sup
plying artificial legs all the time, but arms
they Ws jest introduced. Ths Depart
ment ha* made a contract for arms at $5O
a Vase. Solace, of soars*, are furnished
free of sharp.
The officers having control of
. exchanged
prisoners, announce the following 01 our
prisoners ail dull •104 1 .3104
150. au olhaers, naval and military, deli,-
end '404 Point op to May 11, 1887.
U. All *Moats and man of the steamers
Hatter, Mataidits,Qaeon of the Wass, mar.
riot Lane, limo Smith, Columbia, Indianola
Lad schooner Veasor.
31. All calipers and inllitad men 'claptarod
and paroled at Holly
in December, 1881.
Ali officers and.allatedmea of the 71st
_lndians captured at lfftitrough's Hut, Ken
tuaky„ to Deoarnbes, 1662.
6th. All officers and enlisted men of the 91st
IlLwls captured at Bacon Creek and Dans,
lielabsoky,Dsoonsisor 26, 1861; Edrebeth,
Kefitaokj; Deterniber 17, 1862, and Wilder
ness Mill, Kentucky, DIPPLUINIt 28, 1861:
Bth. All officers mud enlisted man Leptured
at Hanoi ti Lading, ICsmuselsy, in March, 1863.
7th. Alt enlisted men of the 61st Indiana,
of the 73.1 LZWILIII, Of the pd Onio,ol the BOM
Illinois, and of the las Tennessee cavalry
terming a part - ef Sizaight's brigade, captured
sear Oollier's Bud, Georgia, about the lured
May, 1863.
81. All persons especially exchanged, and
who hare been specially notified of each en
chant", either ladirootly or through their
commanding *Moor.
Private letters frozo the fleet Wore Vicks
burg, up to May say tlnint WSJ steadily
solids:lg, and that both the feet and army an
confident of the rpedy captors ofthe place.
The mortars haws destroyod many bulldogs
and two batteries. Deserters reported Pam-
Gorton's troops on half rations.
!ILIA or LIQUalt ?maximum
Tao tole of thrum Is forbidden to toataititts
and other omployoso of the Quattartattatat's
Dopartattat, is aostogotaos of tae twanal at
took on nogro tolfutots yostatday.
or= 112111011 D.
The 'enema of Wee. S. Walter, Is Bars
side's Department, convicted of being a opy,
and sentenced to death, has been approved by
the Prosidont ; that of John J. Dooley has
ban• oconnerted to imprisonment during the
wouitaD !Mt T 101131710
The Assistant Eanyou
.Genersl telegraph'
from St. Louis that the wounded from Valk.-
burg are buglnalog to mules at Memphis.
PITO handrail an ap already, and the balance
are eomlng as fast as passible. Ho represent'
t h a t Gn ashing for them is abundantly sup
plied. Largoleautities of to are being sent
LATIIIT Kaow •io:aaaao. •
NSW' Loom Vtoltilnirg up to the ilat ult. to
Wesaiscrroz, Jane 4 —Thersoblion of tie
Army of the Potomac will be gratified to Mara
that • Mama is to he made In the molter of
(applying ■erngpsrs end periodleals.
-- - - -
to not to exceed lee emu per oopy, or OW
half the amount now charged by the enter
tionnta. • The privilege of sating as tiewspr.
per agents is to be waked to dlsobarged or
disabled soldiers, and given-to the Inginst'
bidden, the amount of the offer to be paid
tot° proper hands 'as a hospital feat ;It is
understood that the riving* of supplying
1 1 provisions and other stens te eaten'
et headquarters is also to be awarded to the
highest bidder, on similar terms. , •
Yesterday morning the eneon'aplokete were
unsidetably atungthened on the front of the
A rebel deserter in reptessated as stifle'
that since the prohibition to Ash in the rlier,
the enemy are antaiderably curtailed of 'their
fresh 'narks. , ' '
eau Nyth Gonna of Novida, and Judge
Nora. of-:taw York, are yliiku at headqur
ten the gusts 'of the gild N. Y. Vols. _
i4j. Granville O. Sailer, of the 7th N. Y.
Infantry, left Imre tools,
_to enter upon his
duties u Proved Mental for the Stare of
Maryland. - '
It is usderstirod la olloial alleles that Ad
miral Deposit Will slimily be relieved by Ad
miral l o om, An order has alread y been for
warded rellerlng Aetiag Admiral-Wilkes, sad
g es i g gstiag Commodore Lardaer eve his sae.
eMmit. . ' i - ,_- ~, •
Waluirmirorr,;lolll 4.—001. Kilpatrick hal 1 1
b i i ks isticelyeuseessfal ia his raid book from
el og oestor Pant. Its erased the eoaatry be
' Wen the Yak sad ilaypaaaook riven,
tug es allusive *salt through the prim
soo t ortrirginia , • motion where our troops
bad serer - Were . blieD• h large amber
o f woes, yegrosiViov were brought la .-by
him to iu t b ai ii. ale raid spread great alum
smog the rebels. At tirbarm le was Was
*arose theAlePtabozolk by our-gunboats,
and theme prooseded to oar U.
, • ,
womovorraJime 4.—Tki U. tt.,gunUoit
i ....iiisi de* et AprUikl alt.i reports
1 k 7,14009, , iik allot kora) of the little Cul
hams 101 l of tit• Brill& ''sgloteriag
114 POW lets kids ftibiata•imoda
imatti d wit ba•tainias - aigllel and tobit
dig Ovarbostd lichisho stew. illorkuill '
1 1,10 11 .1 0 . 00, li• _ ~._, Of,. ; ,I,
kalx4l I
.11 J.. -i,.; -b., —t .:,, : .1,4 — . l. ',:
The thibilehnl •,- .tae ,Seeelee4 - 11$ the
litiV7 rkitikee,4 l tP t P4''4* 7 e
_-...-1. ;
penes Attalla ilietr--Da- Boto,
~ . I'. Geltel lie eoi May 18,1883. }
Sint I have the honor to Itiform you -that
. yeste day at noon we discovired th e smoke of
a eta
f a
or, and stood for it. Soon ' after we
mad the lamer , and pressed after it to th e
Tar extent of our power. At sit p. m. she
stopped; and two boats pushed off from her,
carrying her °Moan an CROW. I immediate-.
ly lowered and took out of the steamers' boats
her ptinolpal dicers as a sethrity for the lithe
el my own men, and then boarded the Moam
ar. As soon so the bolts hid got alongside
of her the Ilameiturst out; ea I had antici
pated, when I h idea the recall. Afterward,
having had. the assurance that there WWI no
danger of her biewing up, I went near enough
to the burning ship to lead our hen on board;
but all efforts to suppress the flames were
Cu and by sunset the fathous rehel ship
Cuba sent beneath the waters of the Gulf, in
Ist. 28'47, long. 87° 50'.
It is estimated on reliable authority that
the cargo of the Cabe was worth in Ilene
nearly $400,000. and, if hided in Alabama,
would have been worth from $1,000,000 to a
I have her °Others and crew on , board, and
shall deliver them to the custody of the au
thorities at Bey Wes ry t.
I am, ve retpeetfully,
Your obedient servant,
[Signed] Wu. W. With's,
Captain, United States Navy.
]lons Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy.
WASIUMIO3 I , Jane 4-;slidnight.—A tele
gram was received to.right, extracted from
the Richmond Sestina of Jane ad, a follow':
"Jackson, let June.—Grant demanded the
surrender of Vicksburg on Thursday; giving
Pemberton throe ditye to °snider the demand.
Pemberton replied thee he did not want fifteen
minutes to consider, and that hla Mops would
die in the tenches before they would. surren
der. The enercij's'euthoets fire heavy ahotat
the city: Pert - godson is invested." The
'gentleman' who Wigan this dispatch to the
Governthent adds, there'll' no news in 'the
Richmond Eaquirilr of the ith.
. The Navy Department is hi reeeipt of the
repute of many; of our gunboats, detailing
of r s. The total amount of
vessels' is (mesh able. •
Col. Thomas II Griersest ha been 'appoint
, ed Brigadier ' GOD reel fin.gallant and Walla
swished services. ,
Special Digekh toto Plitabtergh Guist&
M aassioso, June 4, 1863.
• The enemy morel' three hears recorialter.
Ing forces tower!' our lines yesterday and to
demential; by Liberty Gap, Bbotbivillo and
Peaterville road I, having infantry brigades,
atwompsited by iavalry and artillery.. On the
Elhalbyvßie pike, to-day, they briskly engaged
Oarlin's brlga r /o, posted Ave Mlle' out, but
were easily palsid On the Middletown
road, fifty regulars got late heavy skirmish
lig, losing One killed and sin wounded. On
the Salem pike, near Bostervllle, they_,l4-
viand and ineenntered Little's Brigade,
which kept than at a respectable dletance.
Boshrod Johnston was on the Manchester
road, with • brigade of mounted Infantry. •
detachment from Tturohln's Division sent them
back, Gen. Turokin and staff making a recon
noissance several miles beyond our lines.
A deserter; who oleic In this afternoon, says
the rebels are under the impression that Gen.
lionorans is reinforcing Gee. Arent. These
resonnolssances ate made to ascertain the
hot. •
There h the greatest notivity throughout
the army, and the hoops are In splendid con
dition, *akin fine spirits,Over the prospect of
I incline to the. engpoaltfon that no con
siderable rebel forte to this side of Dock river.
General Tinrohin want needy - to Hovey's
Gap, on the Mane/Atter road, to-day, and
found bet Asti doses rebel horsemen.
Onr_soenti went ten usiles
. apen Wertreee
road withou. allocovering a single rebel.
Small formic hate been (moonstone& on the
Shelbyville hilddleton and Pottsville road,.
The rebels are decidedly Inclined to feel for
oar situation.
The sound of cannonading relsoi - consid
erable excitement throughout the camp. The
cannonading Li heavier In the direction of
The weather is cloudy and cool.
Interes `g e ts m Vic Atege. ksburg...Pr o .
gro et the
Cis count, Jane I.—The Gamma of this
morning hes the following from its Vicksburg
oorreepondeat I
• Walesa Hills, Vickslory, via Chickasaw
Bayou, May 28.—Desertere from all paru of
the rebel tines, state the of Vicks
burg at from 20,000 to 25,000 strong; that the
trenches and forts are not relieved day or
night, and that they are now 'think on gear
ter rations of ocanbloadand boiled/trash beef.
Their reserra le only one brigade and a half.
The majority of the troops are willing to sur
render the city. Onr shells are destroying
the buildings, and the inhabltanu
' live in
caves to escape death. ,
Gen. Pemberton tent some families W4ll
their negroes Into oar lines yesterday. bilt
Gen. Grua taut the , former back and kept the
negroes to work for uc. •
The gnertillas have made raids at and above
Lake Providence, and ran off a number of
The gunboat Cincinnati went down and
fought tree upper water batteries to-day, and
after &brilliant bombardment became Involv
ed in an eddy, and was forced to retire. She
received several shots in her stern, and soon
sink. .
Our sappers and miners are progieseing
enetimafally with their work of gradual ap
proach, and In 'some pleas have reached
within a few yards of the, rebel works. , The
rebel sharpshooters do not dere to Ore nor the
men in tha t Atle.plts to show Stairheads above
the works Oar loss in killed and wounded
during the siege which commenced on the
Bth, will of erased 1,800 or 2 , 000, the fast
aotennts a
to be ring been greatly exaggetated.
The vibe may have starved one, but
1 there n be no fears entertained of the cap-
tors ofeltsburg, and its entire garrison.
IWO, , port of the advance of Johnston,
which wrs current on the 28th, as appears by,
the &bore, is not continued by news two dale
la th tir st /1;1 Hebei
S in Oth alk ) "her
reoonn d o b is P s a an teh ee; in llP tht
dinette, of Big Black Bridge; MA failed to
And , enemy. It is said that Gan. Grant
has bean and is being rapidly reinforced,
and by this time his has
,sterelent, troops
under command to • oontinne the siege
*pent! Is without interruption, and to at
tendtc: Johnston, sh ou ld thi robe! genes
vent to make an attack.]
• ' In nguraUea of .Gov..,6l.littore.
Co._ zo,,N. IL, June 4.—llior. Gilmore
aces.:_ angstated to-day. 'His message ,Is
saaini centlued to laud subjects. - The troops
Muds id by this State for the war number
18,000 being an gems over the quote called
for of early 700.
The Governor refers to the rebellion, and
says t , slet suck a contest there Is no Meal's.;
.Ination between the sepport ot this'll/oven:-
meat and the support of the National Admin
istration. It is no Ono now to speoulate
upon the causes of the rebellion. The only
bete we seam that it exists, and that it is
our duty to pit It down. It was the remark
made to mob" a toneer Governor °filth El Wei
ll:a late venerable lease Mil, in whieh I fully
saucer, that a ass mho _will not stand by hie
Government, Is 6 coward and a traitor."
. .
Burnsidefe J..ato Order Revoked,
Nev You, Mule 4.—The foltheing &-
Ptah his Non moiled 3
.. ' .• ' ' LIMIXOToN,ICT4 Mute , 41. '
• fb the /Miter of the Nam York World r'
Serbs been directed by the 'President of
the United Mato to teethe that port of my
erase slthiressing• du Mango Zoo, I hoe
revoked thee:idle order, and your psperiwill
hi allotted its circulation in this Dips: twat.
tlignedi A. B. Banana, Msj. Oft.
A a i eekegef the Firs of this eitp is called
"for the Bth lest, to'oensidir the inkiest, of the
liberty of pnbilo joeinelitti , to - critiolie, the
he those elarePtMlliblitindell of, the
froverellost` In time - q• - ereinitl • dill othittl
dish ollei eill:ir
. idS mit, O IC IL'Prisi%'
13011114“ditab /sour 'Atari Ude '
itinftersda sad IL ~ . .,-.1 ,, 11,
:.,.. t p.i. v ..A.,*: a 14437r:24W , 4 gof 1
Boamsr Juno T, lis,Bestort,linve l eg
contains the' following :.A goolleafin-it olft
New Orleans, bola:t. position ; With Favor
gat's fleet , - gives en account of the expedition
to Shreveport, on, the ; Red riVer, where the ,
rebels had a navy yard. Tiro irowoladi of
great power were found, on the stooti, blown
up, It to believed they were pow
enough to have dlolllolllld 011 t •
fleet. The iron for them , had been sent from
Salo of Five.Twentien. •
PHILADILPHIA, June 4.--Jay Cooke, rab -.
seription agent, report; the vale of $1,367,1 00
in 5.20's to-day, at the various agencies in
Now York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore,
and the West. Thine bends farnith the best
base for banking of any Government loin now
before the people, and large ammints will be
absorbed for that 'impose during tha present
Chester County Politics.
Woo? 01111117116 TODO 3.—A largo Union
Convention assembled here yesterday. Wayne
bieVelgh was sleeted Bensiorial,aud-Leormrd
T. Roberts,. Colonel litegwalt, and Tamer
Strawbridge were 'amen te District delegate'
to" the Ulttabiumb State Convention. They
were unanimously Instructed to support the
nomination Of GOVOLOO? Curtin for rofralso-
Negro Tropp!' Wanted.
New Yolk, June 4.—By the Atrium BIG. ,
Terry, we here Newborn dates to the lit.
eta. Wild, who came to Newborn to organise
an Afrioan Brigade is meeting with good no
oses. Gen. Taster considers this a splendid
Sold for black troops, and would like to bare
as many regiments ai jhe Nirth can send to
him. ,
Diatkefs by Toiegrapb. ,
June 4.—Floor 1.0. 0010, Without any
change to price. Wheat quiet sad unchanged; Bid,
susestm. Corn advanced t 0,610620 for Par, sad
63c 100 Ost. 66a Whlaks,4l.o. Ile change.
In Provision. 130,000 pounds of Bulk Sides mid at
aye, and MO ye, tierce. Lard at licAo. Lsrd is mm orally
hard bilitur than thia. Nothing doss" to Ler Pork.
Groove's unchanged and. uiet. Linseed 0,1 is laid
at SL,OS. 10; 132; Exchange Bawdy.
liaw Yoga: June 3.-sYlotir declined Sc; &COO b
sold at 115,1006, 25 for State; 1111,1004, 30 for Ohio,
so,cogmo for Bouthorn. Wheat quiet; 40,0 u boob.
mid 04 11
Club, /.33../tH r Chicago Spring; $1,3201,48 for
Rilwankee a n d $1,4901,65 lar Westam
Camel ostowd lc;10,COO ban. sold at 7908 CW.. Beef
quiet.. Pork vile. Lord ateady at ii%010% 0
Whisky 1 3
4; 43%011. Stock, betteriC:and
IL • 101%; Cumbarland_coal, 27; 'lntact. Central,
1093;-New / YortsCentral.• 121%t Wools Central
120.;Blichigin Sontliern,3l6%; Pm:moan:Ma
Central, 137. Gold, 148; one - year certificate", 99;
oantszii 168%.
Pgmanizsma,,Tune 3.—Tbar-s.mall oda Satre
Family at 98 151447 25, Rya Timm at 55 CO, and Cod .
Idled M.O
e. Wheat Wadi.; Red .old at 411. &Land'
small iota White at $1 80®170. Coro to fair demand
and 3,600 Snob. Yellow ;old "t. re. Oats Tries at 740.
Proelolooo hays &Imbed ye 10 lb and 400 Gam sold
at lf 010%ot ham se 1 tree y at 834091 In
and 734 In salt Core •ry ou'l. bug. and =R
ae. dull. Whisky sold at 4604.654.
BALTDOOSZ, June 0.-Flour quiet; Ohio extra $8
72% Wheat steady at $14701 60. Corn truaiTo.
Whisky dull.. • • •
We are e•Wig t*:tilaeoe of OCT Firing Moir o
New mid Desirable Goods',
Lt • •eipligft•ide'rege reatlttiCll 111
McFarland, Collins & Co
W kinalasai. & tnli..)suros
WOILEVS 'LIB, Lossov---.
LNLitISIBIAL 211.P081:710.31-, Plea
With vidnablo'imptovciainta.
to only Machine In the Magid =Um CP C
Parana, ISIMIDII2 and Conn's, witroved
Ziery one L re/tactfully Invited ht call at Oar
offices and we the Inaradnee in orzeVon.
area Machine, loarrasted thra rare.
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Loutsvux.l-14o.). bIABOUIO
YLOVOST naYaan weasam.'s v erten. L
Wasbinsten, bley 51, 1883. J
VOTIOIL—The attentiailof all officers
A-N who bats bean honorably dischar
who d ged on so.
t of wounds oe c and
esire to es.
sifts the we Inthe Invalid Corp., le called to
me pemblons of General Coders. No. 101, of 18gt,
Mom the War Department, pubitebod in ths pipers
them:l4oo.lst the country. Mush Macon see
to comply pfoomtly with the - porrbefous ol tin
dor. and to smtd their written applicattoas am thera
la proelded. p anions fo tha Invalid con" (e t .
Mg the Manatee of their aubate7,) with as Me
delay as poseibla, to the Acting dmistant Provost
Kasha °mama of the Mate In wtook - they may be.
hash Action
Provost Marshal General will
at ones lotweed the epplloetione, with his %dorm.
meta, to the Peosost Meashal a.s.r.i of the Guile.
Ofticirs for the Ittralld Corps will be appellate! im
aftdtately area tarnishing the piper. required by
Illitleral Order O. 105, f 1883. frord War Dellarr•
amt. 'lbex pay and emolument wIW commence
from date of 1/1000ptalc• m such appointments, end
not from date of orowoiltaVon of too relpeCtiVO 0012-
moods to which they may to seftyned.' •
J. ft
Trolrmr4or•ool General.
Lik tins ki :IN ra.dat• brAYV !AAA.. -
.1.11. VILLE NOB 9AESL-9 0 acres of loanable
land, 'Atonally situate .ons mile nom Batton
good, well nabbed sod cOnveniently sr:aimed dwell.
ot ' wide ball, 9 zooms and cellar; motile
mantled In parlors; a lame ba.n, iitOno toandslian;
stable, outlay home, toJt bones, sell at excellent
water. two never fslbog swamis; daisy. chicken
boom. 4OO trait woe of every of Irani
abundanonpf email (lulu; Este of two um of gin
forest men nacres In meadow. all wall farmed and
tastefully arranged. • opt, to
8. 0 " 1 " 151 Wirb."4.
N grill—lalltrf I
fl. PLID.—Wei tate We method of Informing our
frlstide and the pobllo ritually ' , het ere 'ere now ,
warred to z.trattiT.Tl ora illaT WAIT PWI •
lei - Um runic. Of Dentistry. 'these wbo„tuie Noes
nottponlng thti latch dreaded , rretion soy now
1.7 &Ws thetr full end glee us a oat. Au Mb .pr,..
riMit we hue toms bee bout thorough y l the Out's Our.
tog the peel four pen, I oily e.tsbailMga
Ira paltdow ohursuer of the oosteetion. 240 Drags
or Ouniludll nor Geleaula Buttery used. All thou
Irilibtag tha unloosed ' a sold sod sellule Dentist
wlll do well to cell and coueult H M •
JialLllB B.M, D. D. 8..
Do ill tittle street , i
or. Da. . 0 SING
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47 81
lialA6l2. pineuance. of
el„,1 Whaler cataternd spec me .7 the becretaip
of the Tseatury. nottob L hnitos stria to whom It
may °aeon. that there will be moiler i s i e s
Petite Auallan. et capture/ and atraztdoed - oottoe
la the Gill al Bt. Lout, on the ; Mot. ettAnale,
end in ape Ott, of Oiailinatt the talllD 11.015..
DST ol every south, lastead'cr the Wu at
pklej el hatewicce deathbed. . . .
• "The first eels tell take P.0.l at Olealaitiitl, etikhe
lava or J 01111,15 11 7. ..Dateek ion. Link.
WIl. P. inita.lll;.,
lupin/an; Bpechtl hp,eutt Trrpol
razia—ueoliii. tor ,Orfai.W, tif•
must be paid promptly to amid mots. y. Poor
and Sudan" 'hug and Wow Soots' mut bo tom.
baba 1110 tat or August sal, to moms a roleotto"
of Imps: mut. *mom *lmo, State • IlusaatUs
Limns tams to paid au at Ware lit Of / oly bout.
to mold Wog lam ui boas it as Alums"
tor oollscalms. 311108 1111111 .; .
1 trritus.—ali pens= 41.1liernOtilied
not to-hatbor DZSJAIItki.LIITABWIO4
bomb% boy. who waswip hock atUaiber.'
a paim par. pi &boucle pout old. wu Otani% In Kok
mak gni yid sad Dona. Sad liibt lua. Is al
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mow ms. SLIM • +. -
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;AWL Viemeti grow.
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agps i seal is! di 1/310 2110,111110 t. a Wi th Seal.
Itch to cadge 1D thi best svoisar ead asisssessibbi
torsos. liwrlnglirshrliV/Parmsny,ll*llolllll4
for Staff, Yield ,Liss• Oliteees, es 4 is tos
lists, vs era tersivrellt 4th, w
with =Teenage and 61.141 m. • "' • '
teirts• • essy shake etisstki 17172y/Aillbli
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WIDELY itoanuta, u ecup*.
will be void. et th e Ooenaerebl bias bo. 61
111th Cron, one esamSbead !Irbegerldetoelebe, sad
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dalfiales Soma, dd %Ugh stmt. alliWar
117 riving liachfainir idegint: lialKtany B
Okra and ra•sstary: , Wg l aat Eats Sod intlrnair mat.
all4=loatirlaus. Walastfland MAW
say Bums, /La rata. God Table. Itataasion
Liam Tan% as• slant. -11•11101n4,1 11 sttraaa ,
reatbus, Carpet. Wask7B4ll4. Patti ado Ineklng
aril), Hasten Waken Oftaniantal IMOdelcaa. Ida
otmt, Barna Ohba Wink naiad ilialailisad
WM". • DAVI* it WOLIN norm.
akt..uoratiEsL--,Aquuivs, .&u.—on
%.A 01TUBD611" saollBi 00; Jars eh, at 10
tiotook. will be sold, it Ohs Casusendsl Oats Zooms
No. St stnst-,-- _ . . ..•- ...... , • .2,
3 bbls . NOW Orlosas Malsissr.; . • -‘,
' "10 bow Odile's II- sadard (kw ' -
4 do Pgspind Ilostasd;
1 do Gronnd Pepper; - -
I banal Deed Alipplor; .... .: -
3 boxes Indlso; ••• ~ ... • -
5 do 03 ooaloal 011vo !alp; . _
13 do Ecrubbing tom: • _
2 ',2",), tTddal... - 2;',l"' g 1-. -r". --
5 do 010 ectinopm., , .. • , ,•-. •
II do Bitters. L
... , . ,;
IS bbis. sumiAr C ot sad ~ ' '.-
~ ~ -i
- 0o Ittly.s. Baur, •
lA' .' ' 'l"'Anr2ll4 ook'sy.
-illArdira.itarol.otew-Arlisip kill .
... toillS'21:1111YAT" ATTIIINUOV.4.IIOgo 00. a t
2 oclock ; Wilt he told, sit-Aden:et Ok.hi Mall WOll4l.
McKee street,- Ilirsolesh lon. 04: itOwliir4ltidnible
lots, in the Immediate irlolnita arialiLitaelm :
lire .141 • at.' the armor of &01 11 01 - l l Ns hin g tall
street*, each bating a front .1 20 !161262}1v2.111 6 t 8168 .
III:1 " . Itver getts " ;,ATllillosl 261 OfwlT elnage
Waist istront 01244e5t oa V illisatolorssi end *to
. teodles skeet o , sil stool 2021 Awe to rtakilley.
One lot on William toms, VS bee . ned of atsfig
hiving a front of 24 feet on - ilfiliet
snd'eztateing Tack 500 feet to, Tine alley: • et_s trot.
.rwq lots on Manor .ante' sdkentlit.ptoperty a
Joh. 0. xu., .11 lieeftt s trontot.ll) lest Oa
M a“fr eireet en& exteadinetolt 88 fee 6 itt as slily.
Two lota on Joie& street. 19. Net froze lie corner
of Manor street 4:4lthsvms ektrost of 1:1 fat on
Joe , ret 'Ow t sal estendletti boot 68 feettO sa slier.
Soho 07 1.1.1,11111•411t1C101, regalia. 010011 MI
two lasts, wlth intend. ;. . .- - ~..,; ll
Tor mother ssnictilets blotto al Mottos Motes
I _i3O, 1:00118 At lite IMAIST. "opera. i risurpittlr I a
e 17021094-06: 2HUSIDA.T/ /41111111007,
L 81.4 itto, et 9 o'clock. will M. KM, of ,the mutt.
eee, In h serono Mlle; r ite thrseAteir= on
the west dee o frost loma street e.'uteelhot m
86th swings c4 II Set' on tryst ono '
extending peek bolo Sitio-109.1We to ea Wel%
Two lots 64f:defies the dime, esolt :O NO treat out
_Chestnut 'treat sod sztenillasheek flea 90 to 98
teetoo an ass. '-'-, - • , .).-,.
One lot on the south.4lbl of. Belisaistehts street,
st the comer of Zaftroluk bootleg* Ifool o f f 0 Oat
on Orliekutatue strestood tonleleoblSl9o feet,
oil stash Is erected s new grotoel : brUh.lnutillig.
oesteinteg 10 rootheilfhlat, tin Is taf1,4 99 two or
three temente:O. — . ,•' ' '-'-;" " '.' ' ' '
BiDll lota on the smith steSefSeatiseststoetafroN
neer the Ortesebars Into, es& Nodes stereo , of so
feet on Bellalontelne droll esgt tostentljos booklet)
tett to en as,. ~: . ;. -7 . ' ..
Perms desirous of exsesdnhig thi,pitsites sill
be down the expert, eicalllnstos'e. L lister. on
Bahr street, neer /Wen. -, , ,F•.. , r ,
jet - DO:A.l3llll6►set.n.
atTION.—On 17119111•1":119901131,1 into lib.
n'olock sal tlor Si
Noma, Ma. IA I.ltb stood, two lots Wagon
13611 t • hest of 0** 11 . 62
Irtreet,lol. l eiteilaillg book 03 hit to so agaN tai
lota llca. 53 and 691 n Jan 13 .Itwlollphon'
Also. ono 1011 *Buts on Davtllbmwat Bea et.. •
baylog& Wont GUN Nat on Draltoto otrool. and oz.
tannic g 15db 91 Net to ton allay, Iwlll letWo. 511 Is -
Irmo or ti - ' -
Iltddito is coo
and too 511!I, with Wand. '
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another antral
Gums TINE rats= CALI E 4301011120131
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UAW of the Ina of W. MAMMAS , a. 4 : 10, )
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missal m' -
GOLD. auxin, DAVIE wormg,iictruzaw,
AND Air mum or acrmanim sicivirens.
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Produce k General Cotuduluicilersittit,
KEBOaNDIiIjNSO ;A1 , 14 -
And *lir bialdids eI:DMAI:I7ISTUCCIL
/11. LIII,
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11a.000; AEU) iinkft.U.
No.loll FOOD fr) ..7trisiimL P.
Keep constantly es iiind Inlagfot lotpos
an d [moon[ To ,ts e; ;,.-4.1.07t117
TROPES, ho—Milbeat tiorpike s taltiTtßat and
but cantata= of BoldLai Maaaajbe atty. at
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61 210,
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BOW 7717. ' PingiNS n, • • •
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will .• • . t blietiagoisd oir Or
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