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SUM' Askil.ll -- firivo - easeKThat
alieiniireibatabrofik sect et
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!..Iliarptroprperelirsopg. ll32 °
*kV, ,41/1144i4141/604.1 . Att. AUtihree;'
aid) foe tholoareridle_tiirty, - eigh - :
-.--7...*141-hilditkitrY•lpoonsii-for other,
•" approved July sixteltliOightien
• -and nutty-sirtsionali.hil conotaed
f.....-So_Werressesho'indadesof-theibiperinte nd
dotal Übe Comenwor the 'Alielstant Post
' Aliprifed • ebrnary 26,1868:
wa: 447
atrilo prating coirespondenee wha
sl'enticied the =bedew aid - Houle of
Hof eluratited Mates al Amen ,
keen (keep* I dieorabkiC That Kerry Ter..n
.31/01/111tibillito(dthit ftf she:TaiLea. knifes, pr~petng weal= thereitiastd itaiding in
.nay foreign conater, Mali Without
sitseffoi-orontitority-of-thVGdielwient of
= ,ens United Wows, and with the : inlaid to
:11.eiess thet , rneashrerr- qbh!said- - Govern:-
way their eel
- Mu, li - hottl - lirimaitheinitOrmttror
, nutty; itatOotriyandetreeor
- -lid rehet Goverunusat i er with say officer or
_ -'avataskaard, or_orith Roy crime:individual
aetiag Or sytriparhieing,. therewith; or if
day meth personabore mentioriedinotdoly
, authorised, atudi -conned ca. aesiet in any
--:litiolelorrespondenee or-intercianne, with
- IstWat as. ofonosidi' he van be deemed
:vilify of a highinisiwireatior, and, On eon
.- viatica before any 'court' of the -United
_ Shites hwrin_ig jurisdiction thereof, shell be
, punished try a furs not exceeding ten then
: . nandrioltars, and: by imprisonment not lees
nix months - nor exceeding Aire yeara.
2.` dad be it Jurther enate4, That
- 'idrowerthe-offento isoonntritied - in -any for
eign country, thir district west et the United
Illtows, for the - district-where the offender
doll be first Writsled - alien, have juriedie
-';‘,40#.081-704ari 28i-1888-
. _
- .4s]
IiNTACT 4o amendan act entitled "An sat
-0 to prevent members of Congress and
aas of the Gorerament of the ljnited
octudderstions for
'iproenting a•sracti, ollosi, or Ilse* ftoto
tint • and for otherpurposes."
'Saab: and Bouts of
•a *Use as Stater, of Amer
, ism- in' -Cbsgreas tussah/a, Thit the pro
: 'Tido= of Said act sheathe so cosstrued as
---- temslasnecivigentittptellolernineht of
the'lldted States. •
- , Apprc!*,:F4trairi 25,1868.
001Tellia011 - of liietliMist layme;
which - Met In New York, en Wednestley,
thill*itiddipt measures for the intro- .
duetiori`of lay-representation in 'the Gen
eral Confereito• of the M. E. Church, is re
-Irsess atid as having -been a grand affair.
llimiliais of two . hundred delegates, were
mint. doe. Cannon was called to the
::sad after-devotional exorcises,' the
alai:roan, and Judge Bond'of
the only Jurist in liiryland, it iiMaid, who,
hid the courage and decision to put his
hii upon the rioters who had killed the
Miiimohnsettii Soldiers:—lnade brief ad
dresses. The • permanent organystion
placed Es-Gov. Wright of Indians, recent
ly Minister to Berlin, in the chair; smisted
py t. "), Tartics:CrVitte Preeldm4. among
irhom we nolitieEathankiitiolmes of
burgh. The only PlttstOrghtirs present be
sides Mr. Holmes, were Alex. Bradley, Frs.
Salem, J. B..lHabley ant_k J. Horne. The
froomedings were quite harmonious and the
dismumlons were -conducted in' good spirit.
During its seition of' Jiro days, able speech
es were delivappribi.Bialtop Simpson, Judge
Bond, Ex-Ociv. Wright, Bev. N. M. Hatfield,
RE-Presidenl Allen of Girard College, Alex.
Catiminp, -- Esq., and others. The Com
, adtiee - on Resolutions. reported a preamble
- and resolutions, whisk we And condensed
to our head by, the Pittsburgh Advoeau.
' presilable ritiords — with — giatiutde the
. 'prosperity and growth of Methodism, and
msoimis. the Identity_ of Lyman with all. its .
intiresur. This is followed by eight rm.
, I *ffirt. l-44belleved that the time has
folly come for • more intimate union of
411, laity with thistslercr in managing. the
Interim* of the Church, and that prevision
should be made for an equal represents.
tlersof the *Uri* the General Conference.
2. loy representation in the General Con
ference is asked-because it would exert a
benelicial influent* on all the interests of
Iktethislism. & It is raked because iris
right, ai well as expedient., 4. It is asked
because no siffirdimt reason exists for ex
. 4,lo,ol4 c lholaity from the General Confer.
rtes 3s'ref~ieaoe fo the itineracy. L. It is
604 because a co-operation of the two
..,olsaiel would ba abetter security Igainst
'AMMAN& The sixth resolution
appartita • tioivention of lay delegates. to
belteld,ht Philadelphiadday 17th,1564, to
take such cation u may then be deemed
pupa. 7. The seventh appointed a oom
. —..ogtiettoUtlftion to confer with any similar
• 'Otaisaii•
y appointedby the
Ositesild Conference. 8. The eighth ap•
plated $ committee of finance. The Fi
• asnesk_Committee reported $ . 15,040, =es
-114 to 'Carr* in the Present moienient.
Thai= of $7,750 was immediately sub
' Seethed. The report on the State! of the
eaudzy wairihe!k adopted. The Ocrnren
,A;'...) ,1,4111173,41161,414,1A!0rf1* ' •
t reporicc, 'Oa the 1114-tero Con
,Chprohes in Minnesota, only
Aims, tilt is self-supporting.
—The Pittsburgh Synod of the Evan-
igallealLutheraz Church vtll hold its nez
-- anitteroonventlon In Trseport, Pe. , cam
tosnatipg the tldrd day of June.
--Os New York Obsenvir states the
fifteen yeses ago a reddens in Boston made
"`" 4 le g gme one fialf of • ten
• • -es tirsa tyelollar library, on condition that
Lw:Odra applying should raise the money
far the paysien4 of the half of • library.
12issosult is that. 2,048 schools have now
bests ...applied. with libraries under this
:proposition, oostfng the founder of this
11,869 - 111: . These schools hoe in
-14,474 teachers and .80,176 pupils.
• - • , -41wForty-sixth Annus' Convention
K the Protestant Episcopal Church in the .
. • Dhows of Ohio, will be lulidatt at Akron,
bblo,o Wads - 185day, June 8(1.
~, • w0......Thu5..1,18th - ;4l.4uktiO Meeting of the
" Idlilsteritun of
Wlll be
. hold Valli Blinds*, mei 3114 in Btl
• : :;Istileitittrob, at 149.aingiya;•_
ulihlissionary Confer- -
asp, held last December, quite in animated
astern es took plsoo on Polygamy,* 'AA
• . 7 ,rlibriP
_MI: g . , .- -;--, ' . , '
-: filf Mutat ralwardes rai d apa kest Oa
pthiay, is whisk he ' advocated tie A1e
.1117 oettrerta of ell but the flretwite,
• l. °meal dime* ou any ground but
illotAiUttl.:: The ..13,0. Mr, Rata
teek* 4ffilieltigier; Caudiuriii ths!Poir
• " 4 before eoutieultut should be no ,'la
• ustibe ltted
~an:.,: ..• 4: 01-:.-
11 - 5 - ,
,--.1,,,,:••,..5•••.4dtP,0;•••;.--.:-.4;•yA-,v‘.c: • • •
?..3V• - • 7 ZP%-.'.7,y- "
to commence the poetics, or . to odd to the
mother or theist'terairßdi iad rtiC:':
PgYEarittshi*X4lol-4-44enll* • '
office the . thurnh. 'The Volfirerich -
!bout 404 1 0 al'ildetkOnthe *Neck
gie g 14 - tita Clis»
iceralately held In, Pitualbripl4% , a brother
watirepriccanded by the meeting' for "haer
itrga piano in his home, and a tarrespond
utility, that had. he noir& been mien of
wealth and •Hborredifynruld - Probil l l l 7'
hare been expelled. He protested against
such internment% and says that it,la no
worse to heep a planolhan to 'keep 'hors*
' -
—A merchant of 'Bolton Theloiging to
the Cell gregationallsis) bas 'recently erected.
sills own' expense, and. dedicated to God;
ilrotts'e Of worship, which : will - Seat 750 -
iilllollll. Be distract/rat te stain may
ways. remain free. _ ,
—President. Bannister - of Ala bleat°.
dist College Jet- Banta
,-ChmB Califor n ia,
states that More thiiii'fortj students pro- ,
taxied amanita and tailed ;with .the*
M. - Church in *Apt's e
diet Episcopal Church, bra easureed . tharer:
sponsibility of purchasing ifillierirne
rersity, located near Xescia,:-. It will
require $14,000 to pay Arr. It. Asti* mea
sures lurre T,been adopted by semi' of
annual. conferences of that body to raise
the money. ' - • •
-A pew easel*s decided in the Con
alstorial Court lately by thelter. Dr. Todd,
Vicar Generale( the Meese of-Derry, Ire
land. The Chrcith. Hardin& Of Tondender
ry had, with the consent of she' : Dean and
Chapter, allocated certain of the seats to
Parishioners,,Whieh - wis objected** other
parishioners, and the proceedings were to
set aside the allocation. In regard to the
rights of pew holders generally, Dr. Todd
laid down the law as follows:
"There is but one observation further I.
desire to make, and ilia addressed to those
who shell be allotted pews. I wish them
to understand that such allocation glyes
them no property in the pew. All the pews
in this church are the property'of the Bleb
op. All a parishbuer acquires by en sack,
cation of a pew by the oburelwintraeus. is
a right to sit In it,
.a mere easconen4 he, has
no right to exclude others from it, if he and
his family do not occupy the entire Of it.
The church-wordens have a rightio; fall the
pews, even those allocated to parlshlimere:
A man has no right to heap -• pew
—During the session of the New *hoot
Presbyterian General Assetebly in ' Phila
delphia, • spirited and prolonged Pens
sion followed the reading of a crommunia' i
ll= from the Secretary of' they Union
League, in which it was stated - that the
:Israeli of the members of this Aseenibly
had been placed upon the roll of the League
as visitors, and that a cordial invitation
Was extended to the members of thobody
to visit the League House.. . . Heys. Drs.
Smith, Skinner, Brainerd, Albert Barnes,
and others participated in the tileaussion,
during which a spirit of the most. enthusi
astic patriotism prevailed. It yes finally
determined to visit the Union Liao, Club
House, as an ecclesiastical body.
—The Preebytery (0.8.) of Allegheny
city-will meet at Pine Creek, Allegheny
county, Pe i on the second loudly of June.
—lt is stated that $16,000 has been
secured for the purpose of sustaining • Bib-
Deal department in Allegheny College.
—The Bev. John C. Blise, for several
years a resident in this community, and
well-known from his prominent connection
with 'the inauguration of the l'
Business Men's Prayer Meetitig movement
in the halt, was duly installed pastor of
the fiticond Prestirterian Chinoi4 Carlisle,
Pa. Prof. Samuel J. Wilson, D. D., of the
Western. Theological Seminary, Alleglumy,
Pa., preached the sermon on the (ocarina.
—The British &yaw& says a number
of the edifloes in Eogiand alarm us
by their. *lmpiousness And splendor, and
'adds, that the temptation in that direction
is to overdo, and that probably, in -scone
eases, this error has &beady . Wm commit..
Th► Boston' Pilot says that st sister
of Horace Greeley is on the eve of becom
ing st Catholic. -
—lt is reported Ms relish:ma interest
in Haverhill, 'Masa, still continnee; one
hundred and fifty having Formed comer
elan within sixteen days. . .
LOCAL . iNTELLiaidvez
From Yesterday's 101n1Pst
-- ... Coa t O il , ....
Important - Ur . - 11heflmeri.- • , •
We hare been furnished with the following
sop, of • letter from the Doputi Oonmaissien
sr of Tetanal Bayonne, annonsoist s decd
sten ray important to she Martuhicturirs of
oli, to wit : -.' , " ' L .
TUASIIIIX Derszensar, • . I • •
Wssaiscrror May 27, 2863.
Bra : Tour litters of April 21, smiths nt h
~. , ...
lust., her been reeetred.
In mayor I hams to say that ander :What
96, coal illuminating.oll, mad, from l'anigise.
.and Sanaa*, Which are the prodeetii otabe
.distilistlon of noel or other bitiminots tab-
stsnees k enumeratel in asitiet 76,1 S indieelto
4 duty of Us essta•per galion. •' : ! .
Sento% as s product of distillation, litnib-'
Seat to soduty of Ana per oiaturn ad redereie.
. • .- Yours -
zespecifolli, L • , .
. • - YD. -11oPirsemi l " 1
. .• - - Deputy Cloiltmbi i
sienar.' ' I
Davao N. Warr. -. 2 . . 11,9,4 - . 5f0l 23d. phi- 1
' • tiled; AlliteaiitY ' ,Ta:- - - -- !
Motu tble.otheisl IntapretatiOn of sion
96, it appears that U- Parallise.:autt Ay
cube promirmiesaestsireigrodstettip that
dlitWatiou - then the Wahl Of thill liogether
without disilliation tor uliail 140(444,
will subject the i roduiltiat' 2o )Ctat Of 003:
per matt: id . r . OnSui.... , ;ilit .11 Ilte Pitrohno,
and Beasolosra the' predoets of disidlietloni
.an illumlnathie oil made: by !OWES Ait
subject to a tax of tad Oita pstr islio , _
is no doubt, ands; the jaw , thlitAll ill ~,
? tr
int oil made from smalipartifeultis • *am ,
uuderroos distillation:3a any 4mist of pro..
ssss s is abject to a duty of ten eats
ion, and w• 'ntidniidsnd that Ahh',Colloolor,:9!
the 234 Dlitrist .14144 Maitre" to thhif PA-.
olpls of intnivii44,lom, ~..L. . . :;: ~..,,,,..:
Chaigo of Milbazikoneitr
Kr. J. W. Creft, optimist's* imerolsoi ft
Smithfield street, has Wilt arreitod add , cow.
mlttad to jell by the Mayerito sliver it
charge of embesslemast,•prefinid by iGiSerih
W. Walsh, of /bark' musty. _TM ail/let*
Is that Kr.,Welth poasliaodl,i9t Of h t i oes>4.,
Ors% iriMtts betasia and tarsal 'arid
dellemosidek- wag saidAiitfi site -rsta Mil
made of the moat,. Mr. Craft edioittaditity
ill sold the ema, toot iralqi, es 44 meson; forgot
pails)" ilisr 14:preelletMitlf, ha had not
men Kr. Walsh;:-.14:1* pistdao *NM, yet,
sad satbalatalgiinnb llwassoimluad
for trial: Thessooased ,. asase here from Jay-
*its ematyiand boa bearjfp'Wlialla Oa% 41
Latonso vs 4 Wiaaar:lia4 'Laois sad
Thooloi Thomae,, W (both WS as tlair,dloalao
maim toilleat4 )aio. baisr **OW So Par
biJostioi Xo/17, . W so
mar fop ties laraosy of a Goal Wipes asap,
tie piety of Pa7l4Aforai ,surd at oaf
OP" !laY
D _ ,
of VaaA, 2d V ,
'. 1 4.4 4 P 101
1131 0 01 *
Sod Otaal.
General Synod, of the
Tll4L,P l itineklAt Ul t agi rMe MIL).
he Msousion on the intaiiiiats 6 thi
consimitlop prtpritl, atter ,th. litspatch of
ourepettliro Monday... , Bit. JAllot( user
was followed-by-Sea. J. W. Morrison, who
said' he 'UM tiallo for euyeeedematuaion
somMidag ine maid about thesuitiet of de
on. It Ine_theit moved that the pupen be
takenwp s pitiably its,tl;sisi : Rsatibsg which
Synod adjoeite/..
• : , - L,
In ttis eitirnote dediseseiou ere tans
ea, wheb a*Mittn - to ,I4fer that Whole suite'
ie spetsriogeHtie 'erendied: The Moder-
&tor .theauffshintail the tfbikrunr penmen
ma utemben of thekclenelpe I fine. gated,'
Donee, and We/ k ik:4 ir,iin. EltimetitV
Bretueuerillortinik: " L'`
2 )&eoleatjalbit eleuliiptioltedisuni fi nally ;
it bee nekis tleXite, iieforeed Prely-'
tareaChsvilip,Philadmipkison,..tie.lid - Wiii.
`aeldie of May, lilat;lVlN p. so.Pilibetua.
.a IrioLemiumAr_tbs - §bduilto -nt
Jokallelaietor to be Waiter:tato
Rii. a: 1i: EMMA" zata., was appotitiki
delepteto tarniqtftlarid.4owsibly of the
-Trirstehtiralt tomistia nOtdo,,Okle a ,
Mated 1 - a '..
On Tamiday, thilistai, antenatal at ` iii.
tar/ CO • tht Intoktimel/ *attend mi.. -
. Ohaplabt Wyatt la MA than:
ifho l :4eudisis was
Thule Seminary wall.
roads estoopto4altd mod e . e oak/i4 the day
for the afternoon.. The reports _of Gm -Otto
mitteice Presbyterial ItopOttiriiira l rtutere
of Domestic Missions wars mad sad salvers&
In! the afternoon setae. Ma Cranford
asked to:be snug from- thawing kis Mi
totic"' address untll leaf pear.. He woe an-
The report ef the Bead at Foreign MIS . -
steno Wetted to_ the , duck of Dr. Gumboil;
recommended the Dworman of the !UM of Ile
inisiionarles," and 'poke" of the iodising.
health of Bev. Jos. Caldwell: Itulse stated
that thopropriaterd dm Bauer eltU Commit
woo-desirous of disposing `-of: Mud-giving it
bask, on certain terms, to the Egentire Com
mittee of the Board. • TMs , ocasiderition of
this report was nada the ordsr'of the day,
after the disposal . , of the report of the toil
mitts. on rho Theologies' Betsipur. : -
Thersport of thsßoardof Domestic Minim
tudiamendid that ROT: Johnlioarlasi D.P.,
and Bor:J. A. Grawforttbeimpointsd • com
mission to proceed= to Washington and Wm
points But, and aseettals.whot can ; be don*
towards the . utalibdtment, of a Minims
among the freed Men, sad report, at their
.earliest convenience, to the Bzetative Com
mittott7tihrilme utherind, should)~ho report
bilivonibli; to establish Ttidi mission. Bor.
K. Hataltaw wat-noosumanded' togo to the
fieathwast on a similar idedon, and, on ma,
lion, the name of Bar. John_ MOWS' vets . added to the a eithateitena ogatioa. -:. TIM
mitt ~adopted.
Ihe sum of $lOO was votelf to.sapplemant
the salary of Bor. Dr./3181k of Ilevatileatlii.
i r
Promodod Utile okdst of Yktkli 4,11 '
ablerUloa °flaw report 4011 tits - Theologiesi
Seminary. It wu moved asatiotitato tor.
four of Alteresolatioas that *ear be
referred , totho owe of Chair rum Ma'
*testes. Pending this,- i i woe . that
Inaba bold au Aderfordror aeetlag !for .the
mum .1 fuming istronbitanduago tif,opia,
lens oath* subject ...I:1 - , ~, ..
The Foreign lessioury report wed then
takonap,oad a good deal of discussion -fat
lowed la testi= to tbs ileum. of-rise
._ Orre
wait. Pandits this, Synod loth a :eons to
go into aturfoosau at T,if p. M.
fined met- as Wednesday moralist at 9
o'elook, and engaged in easnalmstercdses
for three quartets of ea-haul , ,
A motion was nudes. to*Frio dela.
guts tamest with Gall-Pi soltlyt to Con.'
moil Xenia this Musa, „num noted
to lay this reeolutierel tai ' table,. idsmtnich
as t h e 11. D. Assembly had not repeidea to
a proposal of this kind umber U. disk some
ran iago.. ,
The Clowatttee oa lflaaaae read *els -
port. • -/t was, after sena diaeaseloa o adopted t
Promoted to thearder of the day, As aoa
eldersLoer of the report_oe the: Theolesioal
Seminary. The roll eras' aid nab
member allowed ire &baW to 'Webb)
114 dlsearelea isia prepares' vs dose 43er
, ,
The Harrigan firleraph sop the follow.
lag 4xusuned o day er two ago, betweth two
soldiery Jest paid of eaailbobargod:
• IFYrse &Mier—Wall, Nod, we have jot our
gresabooks, and we hare woe a little , route
titre as soldiers, so that To oth now go lent.
with sad be metal* of ea koastr , "
able video= at the- bawls of oar Mesa bad
-Seeend Soldier—Hornet go' hose, did: yew
say. Bill? ' • - i
Ara Soldier—To bo we I rethioas. Alai
low gob g- Immo I ' - . 1
' Sewed fiarlisr.—"No I Letae WI Joe
Irtirl "ala's going hose ; I have es Prolth 11
home so there le oa the bealth of_theiLeUgh
—I . have bro th ers too - paterte itiltbroillen
Thoth "Cleve and who are berstWall wi th S
mother wile loves oiled artoal aiake, bat,"
lad no soldier hog his hued fa slialpe,."joy .
father b a bitter oopyertimmid.-11thini s hake
la ray pods* from sae of utilities, - 10__whisit 1
rho mien; th at father bus Went, se Mow is
the nolghberhood for ids tresses INEspethis
that fair shunted fry •ble teigithomi pad air_
1 sylsod by ell lit former ibleads.—Voisitot go
home to than that &t, /- wilethalej4•l
to proems Niehaus I bur troth Ns or by
re•rallsibt sad "-Sitting' Es dabs of .the
Gosersetsat midst ay latiatia Atte Wig to
&rpm sat dishessa.", -. The.:. , i' sit-"
deft,rooted by stissity- ereettelilifiAll
eassyseloas sad was soon tootle, ,thewii
'blob .theaamigo( the abbe 'MEL
: Ifeathat the. fathom of that hosnakry they
yotholsoree pea, for Ls lowa ay
i l i
latilag .to ,theags his • tr. lay.
his soap there. driesa loss to dad
lore eadAsityla thierealts the gloriosa de
!radars of Ala eoaatry, me day fat llte
home of his shlldhoop &eased of elf Salts ,
tress:44le sad ooriardly, Sad bo smlooree&
to it by the aellei of Wawa*" rad brethas„
sad sisters whoa be es sisserely-level:.
garrozgllmarra : •If it, wag sot alma._
wellkaawa *Meths ataAs of hods* strait
ara ,Ziolt3 Commas. arm& llil*lol us
swWail to tiasovorialady inetroula
fool Witt
Meta aIiI OO2 TMCW .- * Idietreal
aktlro , ,aorgai r ausigans44. ' : taao saw
emir, for se me ostragrasilisator
do de 'reptiles goat* at ageeragt %Aiwa It'
this 'today. rola roporgaramst Altaiiali.
taken do emir, -yritykliglatmqa min - la.
aorriale arg'dolot, gall ,16hava oalga
afar* War, lola fii MILS . 5155:0 Aii j wk.
loartialegotatry Madam wawa* r t of
the lovormaaat, aldose' asp wsr ot ap
pear/4f • iaarf iglir OW aila ma-
Plqtalg'-,41.111"t0. .4 oNUiP itim .}
:...Vlii• tr lami r
'Germ of Masi strait gate, a 14.11 1
oraMsa legargirt.Wait '04151 XBD is
.roftsttkii;-40 1104140111:49 . 04 * i lifitl• - •
:atad,wholia moarlaihatgalitesagt wltlr
the Ganalarr of Maim do !WOW t ills
titiviatolthea , er,•di_Wgkarg to or
iiiioq. 4.10040 1 11 -1 A . . b e this
04...4.. - 7 , = .1.1...1 .ir
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Unabated in the_ tilling of one of the'eotn
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and Josopt4 Epley bad Toweled some ten
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Ivan his ientot; load has alto a wife and tam
-1.14..41.,..a fawn in easy eireatastaneee, and
mach seepeoh4ley the nommualq.. '
DoostiOns to"the Allegheny Ladies,
Donation' neeired for theoremic ending May
28th, the Allegheny • -Ladles' Aid Society
- for the ileklifil wounded "Allen: j•
Mrs. Ma MoGonsigle, eons tecnetoos ;
Mrs. John Patterson, SS religious poets, 4
c i rdauf soap, and Clans of l apple - batter;
Y. Outhrie,Vini totrn"hip,l crook .
leattervhfn.aen.- Robinson; 18 bottle" pure
87 1 0 8 •4 810 •3 Mrs. O. Rbeir, ,3- bine jars
plemalbly ;. Mrs. Beale, 4 .copies Rerper's
B 061;, amok deli& 'apples;
, Biwyerk2 lbs.lectuiT A'.Ladyi 4 papb.,
sa.,iinrspipas; :Ladies Presby Win
daireh, Sewickley" 10 shirts, 7 pitra drairose;
Latia. pits Boone, 4drissing 'Tolle
'bandages and 1 of our, and 1 of resdingneat
• tee; weishPhy ladles of &misty, 9 cotton shirts,
lannel:"Mst, and. d pales &swan ; Bowe
Atltde,lB ants. .
Early Closing.
She hissing tad notion dash» of our oity
ea unaalaously amid no • hereafter ohne
dish phew of• hostas.' at tis oNthsh: p.
Wu affording as opportunity to thoir Hamer
.one ersphyoss for reonsithin and onjoymsnt.•
This too'ioment h Tory"oommlidible to the
inerehonteitilteit bone of bullion', and we
Anon thal,their worthy example 'wry be fol
lowed by other hranches of tnida,Sl 'II duns
- shoal hi "allowed 10 - tatjoy the. ironing of
rettoinsr. ire look nen for a stmThilt nuns•
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&eats atilt; with adiantage tainuithes
sad their odaphysla,low tde earlyelosing
Ncrstritarr's Cluisamenflrecarios.—J. J.
list, No. 100 Federal street, Allegheny, is
sole spas for Al leeway silty. and general
apat for the sale of then celebrated speolllos.
Tair SICOID Vtaantta Ittataire.-a litter
frog a lanabir of this mum% under date of
May 23d=_Shat the regiment is again
SRALICD , PROPOSALS are limited till
Paths *Ns DS! or KU, 166;1, ulncrelook m.,
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iieverate Fighting on !thin):
FOR 'aux.
Mg 4 l t t a. .i g4l6 .* /244nLi
O 1 r 'Lois About 5006.
Clem Grantiteinforoed by oneof Get,
BlOtrir Corille
The irmrSonfldenit of Final Tietorl.
The Fighting GUI!, Going on Puri .
may on Monday.
Canto, Max 13.—The steamer Inapnial ar
rived at Momphis, , front below;: an Monday
Writing. -
Prom Capt. litimroa, n passoargwri we lain
tam following
. Tee light at Vicksburg, an Yrbiey, was
Gun. Grant oharpd tbs fortifiestions and
took some of thorn, but this robots"raped and
retook them, Thera was moth band to'hand.
CaPt. Stinn; sayi too lois on that day la .
Mad. and wounded was about 15,090. ;
The rebels lased hand gresadee Liritert our
forou attempted to stormlbe "malt,
It Is reported that on. of Genenal 'Banks'
corps had arrived at Warrenton td reinforce
General Grant
C 29 Th — avoid
. 1114c10, • •
datefin the lisbinsaz Vieltsbiug„ on I fthe 211 d, at
' 9 o'oloek p. m., WWI say; there Ili beesn no
lighting to-day- 7 8aturday.
Our troops are resting from yesterday's
Oar repulse wu eomplete on all parts of the
Ansi hitt no_ discouragement need, Us .eater:
Mined of our final Maass.
We us Intronottlig,ourielvon, aid banding.
rids plia. : ,'
The enmity have been Boit out towards
Canted to maintain:the whontalxints of John
don's tomes.
Our loss wu not for from - thstunad:
Th. Mies' spuds] Memphis dispatoli of Gun
29th, says thostramor finnan'', from Tunis.
Point, L roportod lost. •
Oa Friday the Yodarld forces worcropulsod
at Vicksburg.
Tim Mums Citk of Monipkis, tross!tio vi
cinity of. Vicksburg on Monday, =lied to
day, and pipits Gummi Grant u having
saptarogStary rebel adonlit. .
At one plus it minimalism owing is the
steepseis of the 1111, to seals it with ladders.
Quaid kayo led the usult. 214 rebels
rolled sluellsrdown the tills at the Faders%
which exploded am* t them, itisklak fear
hal havoc,.
The lighting was ins os furiously when
the City of Nemphlileft.
The Federal lossu aH said lo have boils
Spada Dispatch t tb• Mitabargh Gazette.
Kumamoto/A, ?day 28,1863.1
The weather 11 Moldy and soot. Time - is
absolutely nothing new her., lad Lsandiox
a dispatch to-night merely to prere&t you
from Walla; from the Wenn, that re, esik
engaged with the enemy,. , --• 1 .. t
As order mat out to the maps last -night
for the troops to hold thermeives in readiness
to aura eta =mint's maim 'lrish anent
!Ina retipm,tarested some excitement;
The repots M a fannidetble rebel Assam-
Minim' on our right is hardly conlimmd, but
gore Is probably , rebel gores amp In that
Gt0144!..1° keep our rr°oo oil the watch. ..-
keg. rem. Ilarditst has Waxed bfs res
ignation on assesat of disability. I
tradista reports hate some in from two or,
three differeatseaross with roped to 'VIM*-
burg strain. So far as:they go, they )apr be
considered reliable,: bat the news . in demi:*
meagre, es it is probably antielpsu4 tam
*Aar maw. ,
Ili, .
Gen. Grant seeerdleg to the very la
s tall-
Moss, was still before Vbilsbarg. , .
The Mel amounts of six ansatrosufal as-.
malts spin the city are exausratione. They
esemedto kareampinedeverr remark utiles
into an assault. It seems oartaln Iciwever,
that cam sins, Saturday, Grant did Make s
pretty wand &Gook upon the isorkir, , bat
failed to earry them, sad concluded tilat the
puce was too strong to be taken in that way;
Johnson has aot yetattacked t, bat
wee gethariat his for* at a Past tot'hz
thl i
away. He marketed in moms way pent
word to the ganison then lf they would hold
out for Aitken days he mid bring 00,000
to their relief. Thls he d ke would: do; If
he were ootoPoilod to don hest as*
p i t
portion of his de 1. /t wee mkt sap
pondahaitkality could holdout 'astir Shirr
taday at the , futhest, under Um , trvajuidou
Meg of Gnarl ' i Illior vans of
Wit U. 71 Is Area: ' - ' but I em ro•
view. int ta.maticar tihear , : ',• . • S..
26ecilialliiiikanifiliansoa Atililt:l4o4li
. ioVultlloll2kseYansitedrakiri Iko
( 4 P**V' *KAltralfi•••l ll o l ka*LiNksi De'
~,66 l iia•tt
.... flv•Lounis Mg 120;—A llfWatsade spesdai•of
tbs,2Bth. says Uwe tie fralt: let- ofLtreunded 1
lamer/aye army hadarrised,air that: i
Oaf, Ilasveahln. Una. ~17.141 • sad
?maker, olthalltlLlndlana; aid I.Wtt - Oor•
of .-
ablas.tka.24A Adfiona. Theo 11 "Mt
= .l
UM ladlisiaoo ablate 260 =id each: 1 "ous ,
ditfrviabora• &pedal is; ;that. $r
*ides and crAge it 4 6 !***,* [ 1 1 *)°' their
was sonth:„. , '.._" : ' 1
Vallindlighnnils the gash ellbeis, at lilt'
handguns:re s in filtella vitiv. _ .) ' '
los Tohnston I s lap vesitytig iabatitaii,
meats is the *lett, o Inn; wjtli the ta , s
isatlos or attaohlan 9 t anew, 'Us fitra;.,
pertod tibiae WY t tit Vloksaari siali ,
hold otit ittntiiritgiii - 6:1 6 74,111 throw. one lisit) ,
, fired.62oWll4 Pin:l4 14 Wit ` ' ll.riblir-lVf
rellatelitusent eras Coot of lierilotiiiir Ali
„ , 1'
7: • Ilirkiescientii *lO-,Cluemlllakot;;:,'
Ortieseci,lltey 9.=k speak' dispatch 2iomphts - iditk"Ure 26th, sari that a *h
im% of the id I Whionsin:aavOry; a t, ell
the asi•We Ilenraadereitd tea) Tie..
'day, kilUag fourand oeptadag inn= 1 ." : , L - '•
.•'' A few days Ilan le detaehoms if -- - „Are s
as 6X
Kans sad la brie' tunnl4, fob re.
report foreez i t s krerdna l men umu b e ad
lia lana s and drove *Small; Iti
' - '2nslK
Os l-I r*** 15114 killed and tlrellWil
+01110 1 1 414 0 01 ,.._ , ..*dtwl**6 o l l l6 billtb*lllb
,oolol4!.Thaptalaai Rau iris - loaf 1 killea: l
nad't*intlieerbilided 'aid "seviitallnjawa r e. 1
• Oa elailatk last. 001. Bata tar si likt
with SW or l 2llll l l 2 4l.oentllite, am} Eleaa
*billable bit 'aflaalble' UMW/ ••• int
is s u b m odzi,,,. , ~.. ..: -.,_..,,-,1 0 ;.. r, v. ;,
...',..71 , ..
c..... c . v.. ~1 .; ..7".." -,-.., 7 ~.> .• , .v:: -•::: )
::::li ! rAe..s , al,- Z.., ,:r.,- - ,:' J 2 1 , 1 :5ret.C... , 11 '
fp* TIM _RAP
aftUrt **Ma
...isw. Tons. May29.—Tkalfircitd4ontaint
the following dirpatatt i - '' '
Ifeadcpurstaie Atlas of the Potoouri 4 - May
IL—The enemyisi v ia motion, their *sine le
illit ohperrkruovipg.towarde. Culpepper, fol
lowed by *heary-ootnnt of Wept. . -- - -
G*9 l ' 14i..3,#' 1, kot hl t .illt.ittlied-on 1 4 6101
to hit army, oongrstulatipg„..tbantripon" their
part sallisrsmagr, *4 AererWeitinir n raid
tete /fariiisi. ,:llitilla—titsta:VeiY) are to
ur' lolfCWlll "liPk Vittrithdit thritagit:*. -
~_. . ..
ooatAry: vithinadrairmtdrAfid liolli open
. 1 2° 111- 7Y .. l 4 .:„oo. 4 Selie ,i t i a , a ertireat
h ihiPi: - - -:. , sz. , 2` - '' '
The trail if tieiealry;iiire ' , kph& ern
for aeveral day, aiiiring,b4,.zeh divot et
ragas', tele, ineetliiete 461aaii; Wen
Pleeendisseewluierillaceivorid a.sarok eol-7.
num pis - bias rapidly in the dirmthe of Cul
peppen,iillartkortite t madam&
craid ilitarr ging' ; to get
114 en
betwerrt iii.trg o IThOlt Air* and 11 , ,aah- ,
tigtieri, me amble to detearinC.L.=. '
. = # Tomo= laen„ , thit:#o.edde;kaid 'Union
r"3l.4"Y'alebilmOte#' .1.#3321.:01i!!•1110i1
.2neyttitarreteleAdir afoas f'tk4
A hr ..44w..1..cpitworipbeltg mown
upenthaßoath bank, but the' rebel pickets
lounge in the abode as anal,' aiparentlytito
'Mous td-all eperette4fieftiticet their ~ own
.5 " 1671ii 31 1,'Mr1 1 #;V *Vihi l ia# 11 '
higton‘dirpateli says: ; , ~.... .1 - ,
It it oonsiderediby more military arim that:
the rebevateatogi -bake to tarrceistug the
trontter;while nary effdtt rball be parterilt
to crash thant'a anny.r If he be not abliTter
take vg4tl.lbglft2 starlit,Aelea:tequirad 4
a leer pariteu morement.o,footha;ailii'
regret the ' eity;whiolenteiribientirk.
sae regtea, - aad , will , tharsby'subli: libli',if
properly putt. liable iltectaber
,bra t° dm dir!lt...rifer,49f—Aiiattainiti' and 1
thirmbfifilllire,the early.l4 of ylokrifirr
sad Port Hadirm: ' " ''
. , , _
New29.—krarreapendiest Ct
the' Ilderalianaie Izehinei writes Bair Per_
nembneo : The Brazilian anthoiltddi ham db."
plaoidAlue nomsaanderat -Serialido del Na
tasha. forallowinn tkephsteAllininin
sit depredations is Braxillazi titers: A'aew .
eeinamular.aza seat to' the pra- -
.nwitedeepeinzt thaAlabanurfornainian
and ordered heri,to isms in ri , lea bat-
eatorensatily, ha Malmo' mud cer.ite- with'
which. re.enierechis , orders. Ulna irappored
fs ROMISIMbIiCICCIaIat gill Alabama Whet youth
on thot 2116, el April. , • , - •
. .
1 4, - n4stiSok
)ilsoinansintan 2 Aassr
M. 27).2/ie
. 1 1 41490 10 . Alcs, MarAIL-oVallanditiniwk :
is now sit Siayvillis, Zona
Ifota s = 4"l. 7=l, '1"--*"ora
.wiskont sooonsplisldng nottilnyk-) -= •
Th. Bth
_l rle
portion of thalitk.zsemont will ro•intiLlCloi
rizoit ifAiniPiceON.!
WAsammar, Mikx2B, 1863.
Oommankrliszbirt Tgniond, ham! beenofi
dg o%te. tiecDPlP*Plotlis ImaAgaii
la gager, te , rPilmi 11441=1620alibrili:
, • , - witrosviatuon; , . :
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