The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, May 26, 1863, Image 3

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The Conn.'
sooner—ssinsla ItlLLlelle.
a .O "- , II[OIIDAT. May 25.—Heary A. Collins es.
AbagMeHitni Earle, et aL, late partners as Ang.
. 4 - k Co. Aaron for reoovery of damages
- for alleged breach of covenant made betirgiiri
-Um parties on the 25th of Catcher 18111,q4
` i• -' 'which **defendant* ,
agreed to deltvid trie
L igligatlf. as du , month of Bey Mal An
thalitblo river. 'between 15,..1881.1and
4...iJai01,0853, ow thonaar.d bonsai seltiOs
..eleeireseiL Jammu.. - ;
llandeve..Jaeob Ktehirly,
—.:-:llnetter Jams Aetton on prom.
tem homy ma% 'egg also (or bottom, of ecenonti
11.1.;-erar Oa triaL'r 3
-erar i t heill'orlowing tenant an, wlthln rose for
-All•Stie). the 2411 s
VT : Jao. Alton, tor nee of Beej A, Horny,
JP.. Logan.
183. butiericas Sohn% vs. hlicheel
1. The County of Allegheny Ti. Thomas
Iffiftbspa and it B. cirnshan.
1 t Cason A. Mon dorff vs, John L. 1).1-,
jlaaiii Afars Stith-boa
-14. John LOS Tit. l cart S. Arlen.
16. Jacob Hoffman vs. llob'sl3. AP.n.
511.4441A.151. P. , Ooknir and
ct 0 , 1,045fi.„ - All•l;'partrega.. A r t•th e of
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lrrlHans ClAbficivia,;tal. 01 1 ,,r1 ter.
441.4 kite* xes.,Cherits_2llll.4k
eti J.? ' • r t .
111.--2 he _Allegheny , land -Non ~ - 13 Lige tor,
Teinplkeroad Company i vni - Vvigtl. - Fternlog,,
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.....e.MAZZAXitiIaNT4ZSIV=tba Molten of Itembione Hi
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11:11srbobst. :WNW Vitteberght #ehry /1);:k. r:lfth
- Is-a-atorytty
" i tiaki t 9l l lt..lur...tlut..:l4lld of asithoraPii;
ainealtrithlte I laid lay Iprotuolryi
`'OS.:ootbi; iofn R i IU. iugg ut to many a reader
taf..a.aAtlit aticeat Intoner., whloh-will;iliotly on
*We claim attautory.
war aasorialated with .thsoototeryland peo
.;%,:calato of "Old Houtaak i l! can road may pagesi
watts book.where - lo with-althea' bona- -
e,-i?tagplatatootetl la both, aa the- Shaping hand
g ,- ..': , olaltlroaaidar-warkere Yawn priteilate than story of • malarial,* they; or, 'the '
04** ,1 lteistolit,lll4l„"t* • -..•
Piped of Pip.
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tas,jndjittur. , STIPA ..12asee,o;,, 1,,
ItWieft tat ,4 kJoktriti , Pipon btPl
ban faTetili 1611ditit# a veritable booleor
T• :h Tila a whieDarill bw, we Tuatara: to prodleit,
noiialtion:With• Lti .
Allt.:=2 atmpan 14 4.1 k faCtilb:wittbitolutil all Quit
,kos ought. to. - tur-rtnt,
-t7tuteietorsey of spoeob,sudr somewhat of a got
'The 'EWA tear' of
. aropo ant
an now !!porforausd' by faihioaohla
. may bei tamed by lama. good. poi>,
tlillanidgmeashaagu shall be faror ,,
any idleadvaatagOfwe would
::,Vi a PTOT. l 44frihst.*ii*s
lbs tame rood
7..”*/1 1 Ch&II.; *.ftts Oat!. and dut ,!*
a Samoa Plruilaileltite vielted. !
rasa= rift 47•121eitir). New -Yolk : Iona!, *viz,
• beir tcl.* 1883. for labs by fle,ry.
--Mhter,./frat stneu 610.pp.1600.."
tho'aiiiiiii4Oliitilly - graostai and
seeeklagstariss suet 'Mae . It it traidated
Sus -c
'Pronolt: I'lleorgo Elaad"L-whipt
; 13owniag banns - Wolf cdutriattorisid or,
, frostooosiebterehoenefileaf4"
,1. - v.104 , 1w Yore Allettyle reteriet:.43oreittelo':
tilillitf4l o 6ok, S ometimes oaltad ." tan..
u.te Ifseettee_lis
- .Stew bust of her wrorettitis wort.: Tito pat!.
tits brought oat We edttliin to a roiry:
ti7los rindeitlig tt kOoltOkii - ktfik for '
to 'out young titende of: both
iber ea a hollslity' or Jay. othiXoosa;*
k•• - -
' illtkanf . : _ a . .. an. AIM M in - 7 Cilews.v.—The
-- ' 7 Irstoeppeasseee .of Ht. and lira. Conwey.
ikon weals& was .a worked ,1113C4011. Do
.. .ac iymikimidreass of tb• . "fluids of the 'Alps"
'5 , lh 11111
at ths i of the display 'or their vat ,
``ti,,a7e' flwas:Weithy of these. -Melissa t.t.`
.;his sate a • play •is which: she Damn wati ;
5!..:.= es more eastaiart: *-The ollerectiv 'ot
lloabser.,tha genie,: ir, - drabit'po wet ,
_- t altkanasitte 4 with wonderful lila AY'
Ydf•sgullully. , 7.als - hied act in 'Web he- dia._
.. • • Wawa as child to the climax of: sniterwal pal'.
thesis estbig—and the estannetioseatiurre
.. . Vealiatituthe villain, Count D . ' ArliStrija the
" `MA wt . , Ti. inputs, end left nothing to be
. desiraf, .11les. Conway,- as the:sabot wife
. , ;Mad= Boehm, and the ' deceived' medlar,
the Costatess D' ammo, waiadsnireble , alike
sti.illaiiisseat and lb . . noble. Kiss 4,bez/e,
t i miras
...1 4 / 1 1. lfosteraid Mr. fleftonably impperted.
~" ` . ...5114 aid added meal to Shia season.
si . play, widsh is a:postal to-bight."
Comrimv Strita4roin
sto gash, at fluetwood But.
Saimaa/I; tea be
allaititentensee mixt T hnrsdap afherideei
fort D
. IMA . Ancrthrniters. Tani,
°l ke 4!*114r,001; th ey are biyuld
'",l4l4 thRMIP4I.I **Monongahela Taney, add
the Pasigkienithod heap improved with , ib.
&L.ithipmedwalihep sad - grounds' of Mazy of
emr.beateldsens who up, the advantage of
Jelthetirr ft/4VMM tim eonmenience of sawed
bnitheis. . A train will
INtl the tiapo‘ eirmar Bois and Float stritet,
men , Tharedah-for .the fres Gen
masa et tither attending thaoale..
Buz. Miura. Scan To
- Aitairt.-.Tkiii avinclag, it a o'clock, Davis
Jlicearala• mill nil, In tacit. iscond .Iloor
v illakaii widnabla city t.roparty an Gnat
4*IA. ,1 7 /Mar , Waist; gati • on, Ponosylyania
mean. Alga, by, ordar of aracutora, amy
Mega lid *l' vaatablo sax**, *gnawing
o xick o a d kill goy • bridge' railroad 'and 'Warsaw
Connellgrilla liagriad. bonds.
TRAsiiiiist.-?.' Mr. Jobs Maddsa, of Maw,
py.atopsl at No. 6 Conitioas street, twin
yoarsogo ascddostilly wounded his right
total blladaoss of both.. Oa but Monday Dr.
AWES . rammed' the ostarsot. patient
oasis as to; the lasstvriat.'
dal iatartataa t of
900 0 18.Vaittwarat and Motto, Alraalea ,
saint ;tai w,tli ald rair7 litc!ti t lan At
tiraz at , Masonts , 400.4
tiraz No: seskstpi.4 a. A. moo imit,
Haarn, tii• -1110th"P j , a;
Artgisathstr j , imbed Am from thi critti
INtaimeloscluddi, and on! .OWD *tin!
*a. ,
1.• Mew Atiort ,
- ArfifklipefO (not the most sellable eutheeity)
'AMINO doh , art lticli.,,tebit prlvatieti hire
. 14 - it oii 3riUi poita to qt. ILthili4lll 01114
4#ll477siiiiiiolliejles upon Atairicasi
lathi 3 / 4 444at tsarina the gip*
tato to ialisigion ships tot gins! to
flatpairtittelf Meat; , , i
soh probabli that matters will math
tr_ eentalit'gnlet to front of littraaesbero.
iallitery Known 'thin' littown or twenty
• ;Mx :have 140,14-Rithdrawa from:
Other for ravioli in suit Ton
thaspessoft ce anwirdpol. tir In loam "Arta. It
pt st•Soroi
•••ontentell: Eat , Tannoitoo with dm .low
torabirXiostooky; sad - that- the with r at
hoop. from Bran was for thii par-,
• "73Znite1l6'roliirriWiiiwW40AnisT
:iieflurfnlibleisC:',4onailis, • or :.tbo
: - .11 4 0 ( *tat :olosaii ftrft.lo - ..t.'•fornied into
Wilnllillideekw• lbil:lbiblassi et tllll city - *omit
lfosuolcinolsik*fotbar of *bob' odd br as
''':*lll44o4.Alem tbi Etch/liana do.
,itmiii.!4l,ll;ioMleo - gumption. ens to be
SAL Z r ls sub* manner ss will
I . nuOISMOI Witak Pales business.
.^~- cn ':.. ~ e. _~ ~u ~_~ . `; i `~. *~ ^.?*art .r~: ~~
..-s ..
~; - .:i ,f„
e ~ is...zr ' : tsz;'~z~'~'~~Ti..~,,='as.~s* ~'.~ ' k3s~„ZS '~e~ ~' ; -
~. ,u ~v~4%w~""d~~S. -d,,^'';^lc 'x{. l r c 3~ ~'e.~. ~r~*,~".r,..~~"~`f.x s{.ti.'raxs~+:`~;','~3 G-,~~s..~~~z~Fi~
~, v .. . ,~t.,-- , .a az, " r
-.e sy .. tipsy ~"'.. r
`----- 7;ainenai e r,..piuiolls.
A Mei la nk tads t of City gooli i iii4 '-
- *,-IseidTefir: seeningilletgitls..,.. .31
I *'ecf, Present,-- , Mesui.' Allen,ditrows, .
De*let. lierdniaa, Meearthy, Miller. Mali Li
lian, Morrow. Phillips, iltdriniii.,,,.. , ; gods D
11esa,-B ees , Thorepsertal t ednOall'itisidisit
McAuley. .
The mlaidel of th e previous meeting were
road and approved. . ,
Mr. Rerdniert. painted 4 memor ial from
the Preeldent slid:Dusatariet the Pittsburgh
a iiitAbilliiatiiiibei/laibxed Company, asking
Omumili - terstrike • out wain objectionable
features in the ordinenee granting said oom
-pay. the righi to us' Try etziet, to connect .
With the karinfj/111•111 B,allroad. The, me
facialsea forth that the city has made such
Mangos in she radii et Try street, and have
-made seek bisircesexadons *friths mamma,
that itraditiot beak:Wiped by tie company.
The communication was read and +turreted.
A petition for the erection' of ten gss posts
on boom's elley,vms read and referred to the
Gas Oittiorttose.
Petition - for tiollalebsion, of water pip. on
'Diatoms° Wity,from Itwin to Ramiook street.
Rae* and referred to the Water Conimitaa.
Petitionfor iltii grading and_paidcg of Pas
ture'llliedl,yead Mid mferrello the Committee
.0 31 streets. - . .. ;, . • . •
Petition Am the grading end paring of Pens
street fromaiipteiteet terminus of the pave.
'meta to the' dity'littil,"uak read arid ,rearrod
a the'lltrat MminTice . e.
.4.,retatirtetrance.againessiny alteration in
:tie gads of "High street, was 'Mad and re
ferred to 41MM:set Committee. '
Inn President •annennatsd the appoint
ment of Mi. Jame( Ileid, es Auditor on be-
half af•Select Comic% to audit the acaeunte
of the Omani ,Boaid of lalost.on. . I
The, ordhionse passed by GolisiDon Cornell,
'April 27th, entitled+ “ati ordinseoe for the
distribution of be appropriation to , the Pine
Deptirtment," wee oatlel up by lir. Mo.
D ...P1A11; *IQ. li'iratud. a substance providing
at the dlstraation as follower To the Niag
ara, Rep nee, Allegbeey,lFfegle, 'Vigilant and
tioquesne Steamers $1,500a '; ola to the flood
Intent, Relief and iidependosioe iloso Com-
Palliest 53 0 0 each,--aud that any ordinanqe
aosfitounglerowitn teiropeeled.
.-;.Mr..Motley mtved is emend the subetl
tile bi, making tha epprepriations to the three
tioft' o :sl Off'ule4l.44DD liaised el 000. sash.
3..9.2 93"'") 0 1 was read.lhree times end
pastcd ander a Inspenaiert of applies.
Mii ildittsaa efored,the fano wing, which
was road ureaMinea and'passetl:
Readead, - That tialikkestittaie on Piro Re
gime -add Mose be 'lad they are hereby au
-lb./heed to procure 500 Giet of 10.ineh leather
!un a pt the best quality, for each steam Are
engine/howls use to the °icy, and charge the
same to Approptistion No. 4
The ordinance panting certain privileges
to the Pittsburgh and Stenbao,villo Railroad
Compiny, poised by Common Ooziest!, April
27. h, was taken up and reed twice.
Mr. Melliillen moved that it be referred
back to the Street. Committee. Lost.
- ldr. : ?bompsos mowed to refer to the 0rdi
.444-o•Commutoe. Lost.
Theurdianno t was then taken tip seetios by
Mr. lifodulay Moved to amend the arse 'mo
tion, by providing that the guago cf said
reed, withta the eity malts, he four feet ton
Inches. Adopted r ,
- Also, the foiloiringstatidteent-"at'd that
nothing herein contained shell to construed
a, granting 'any right or privilege which
Dountliar may not legally grant." Adopted.
- Mr. _Read, an amendment ..providieg thet
the oonsometiotibf -sold lniteel and railroad
track 'shall not - interfere "with the grade, of
.Parmaylasile since, fo,be hereafter estate('
disheddi." oOuneils." . Adopted. , -
_ The ant anim as amended was adopted.-- ltiri'Modeley Moved' the fallowing aufeed
mat td sealed issued: "..sadehst,said Bell
road Company - , shall, at their, own expense,
°mistreat proper and substantial bridges over,
aloes otr across any - time which they may
traVerse, to as to afford full and ample provi
sion for trade sad travel during the construc
tion clae, work." Adopted.
Theseconcisection was adopted as a Minded.
The uhird seetted was adopted without
iinstadrittilit.' ' " ' ~"
Ilft, Rdeiroffsred the following, as _ a substi
tute for section tonne, which Whieerlo:.
Cao, 4. That the pia 'ltallroid tlogi ay,
before: als - hreleanhe that take elbes, e II
give ample seentity.tia the Mayor, Alderman
and citizens of Pittsburgh, Ito be Sled with
tbiresitiveller, for -the um of - reek nova or
violas sir may„isgir Mater ;actual or corile,_
qtlential'dartsges a th eir properly, by seamen
of the location and contraction of mild road
sad usenet es 'bait be authorised by tbis qr.
fiesitiort Aftirwis'Alen read. t , ,
' Mr. PhllliKatared ha &tithe eat the -Pio.
den Oita requires the company to pay an
aartestreeenue of A3OO to thu city for each
aunt crossed. and insert .41,000 for the ma
of saidetrotits.",
Mr. Vitae moved,a standby making the
imie43.000., List. ..- - ,
_ idr....rotag_incved a fle e the r am at $2,540.
Mr. Phillies nu stlmte wee Allen' adopted,
wader a aulehritrit of
„ the rtiler,''by,ftas fel-
Arians ro le ; ', - `: : - ,
Ayes-- au ra..Alba'aire we, liarier,_Serd -
man, alicOax hey, Morrow, ,Paiiiips, Qatta;
.1. Reid, Yeantend Sloattiey,Pnmilint-ii,
115 ,• -- aidssr_c 'mita,' mem l 4l•n,' l'z'' ) &c.P
sod, neat and N. Reed. ,
Pending the constdaration ot.aos don stub,
Clonseileasjouned unlit :Amidst evar. e t,p,
• May 2511-5. ,- ' ' ' .'" '
In ' : ,
Obese , » dosititil, ittslaak gat ;zespf 1
Mesere.Arday,eameron, Voila end Pertsell.
Toe minutes of the preeedeng meetang . ireas
Mai Lend abated. .... _ -',
Prayer, by Mr. MeGawari. .- 1, 1
_. ?Ake ,Cr"iloappointed Rosen. Naakey and 1
Steel as a Comouttee of Cloilfereots on as 1
Pollee ordiesnoe.
A eettimunication to the corn of City
anuaells appointed for tha psalm* of !aqua
iag into the expedient* at dodattng a poectaa
of the basin - property, so the Rita Ward, as a
site ler ship school, was »i%' by Xt. crlsteu f
Who also adored the to iowtag meafadeas ,
Jitesolesd, Thai Mies City • Sedelthr be sad is
hereby ussiameted to prepare at, his earliest'
oonvmdeeessia ordineatte dsdirg orldoitating
no the (Must Board of, Aftiiiidtpcwas solleismi
is their corn munlcatloneto3Joinediegrhs sapper
portion, of. the . .Batin 1 , 11,t • in the Math
Ward, ralaing.frona Prospect 'treat ,bo'Ohlf
street,and extending frozaldinaitteldwit
Prospect a alstamee of ,one hawked etmi fay
*Set, said property to be le ettleilldr ado
a t
to be used as a site , fora high inhcief, 8;14
_ ,
for DO other pupae*. , , t,, , • t
Mr. AloOsuellets objected to UM palladllee
the rerolutioi, Mid upon the . 001 for, tlas ilnes-
Moil he cotiled - lor„ the ilea, *Olt Ailify Vial*
nisaitsd as Sollows- 4 / 1 41. Idsinla . 12 .-. =''' 1 I
The resolution mai troutderod, - reed three
times easpagaid.l , , ~• ~ 0,31.. t .I.i .
, . • . I• . .
Mr. 'MeCiadhai thin'aeltol.lf:ssidei - lhh
rules • ooludon or ordisiniovitidah..wai
objected „m le, d 41 not 111 aver .0W the neat
meetiag„ , ~,. • + • . , • i - a:,:,, ,1
The President decided adverse bci iri: Mo.
Casabas, who then entered leprOtellimslast
thiapassagelof the resolatinti.- •
Mn. O'Neal sated thit'aeAlinitages. apt
pointed to examine into thaeondidoiset Rena
street, and to report the 11111•111_1111,1thle t , to
e revocation, of th e prielhop7s.ftwht , git,l
WWI PUS" 4 / M lll l 6 l /a aeat W,iiirepal
ay had to eciteily wish.. WI matlitlone
of , their eves:meat with the oity,ifietkpe,•re,
_port to watt. witcaoant a lkie.Us*U two(
~ ,,,,„_the Defamiu",, &PP ol os l bXiliateek r agasia%
souses ra B ee t.-•r .... 'J ', t.;',^o I: r i
Mr. Steel offered an ordlnanortalbe , What
that the: City Tresattrertse empowinkilfiti del
1 signets some pollee officer, tadulAble t ili,eilicat
ponon to hunt, tip fliiiintliteate isailemi filledi
to pay their Beene* on vetdoles,ellowlng snit
Whose or other parlor' Shy maul teen' eh ems
to be Mixed and collected as part of the oasts
Mr.. °Nail „offered the following antendl
•• lints That no fee shall be allowed enosptla,
ote asses where natio, has beetrgleinlo:We
delinghenti by the person appointe d Wider'
the, ordinance. - ; ; r '. .
Tim amendment was adoptsl;a44 a motions
made to premed to al:lineal/if, *Mak was',
objected to by Hr. Crolsillif; ' The hid oe ware;
suspended, and the ordinance was reed a, third:
time end Ault, passed. ,- 2, i' ' - : ,
Mr. Daley presented's petition,from.ll
number.of Odium of the Ninth• War d, for a;
spurn; Cotton - fa 1,500 fest of 10 had hue for
the Independence, Sire Cempenj. -Rebated
to the Committee on Piro Engine and Rose,
with power to not. I
Concurrence having been asked %he Re
boot Council in.a substitute for Mr upprepria•
tion to the fire companies, Kr. McCandless
objected to the same and ender the voles it
would hero to have laid over. A oil wee,
made, to impend ths piles, wirloniaidolielty
hedge of Saes Al, nays 5; "thi:eyes shfifo
IsOrtds , boon called fir; b,r;ll4..jfegan dime.
Toe 'question was thin JusGisall-115 0 idhlak•.
tam was soaoarred in. 4 7 _,..,' ? 7 1 7 : : .:-..
- Wt. I Dar/ 414 Pad the iwili.,_.- 1 P)!
whoa 1 / 1 14 refined to ths &net orissew
listened, By the lieleet anjitiownweeeiw
, e he - 0 6 4. 4.11. # l . Cl as c l ll o,. tkorina ldr4 l 2 ,,
~4 0 9 -41/0 10t Ols igni
I .tedeted with, ehe,nawee of . odd', *was uo,_
illeyettleite Weelatary,' to lid;
_Sued et the .
reereide Wherever ithiliwietirsj bireeedef: •
~T he . rweettionlatetel by - B•l6Koaittioll, for'
the wartime . of.hew far the setstel gnaw
enittuel, - wer then taken add tioesidered. "I
The following amendment whir offered sad
adopted "And that boo test of euttebleshose
be paw:hued foe the Good limn, Belief end
Independeaes, amt." Ina. 0.,. matfett war
weds to muds and eon= with the CT,. 0.,
tolitela oru lost by the Ihllowing vote
Ayes-141km ' fierier. ReOerthej, Morrow
Thompson, D. Iteed,,lfoons-.1.
Neyi-Brown, Herdisan, Rake, Meßillae,
Plaitlipi, Quin., Rees, Reed, Madeley,
A Odeicatinfostioa was read from Mr. Allan,
Wtiarfaxiister, giving his reasons for not re
porting to Cannesle &tooted, Bootivad and
ordered to be plat - 4;40n file..
A communiosmoa was read Item Mr. &a
vant, fitting forth that by' in aot.of dmeni- .
tily,-approrad the Bth of Dowirither, 1857, the
accounts a the Central Boord of Edwestlon
are animal, to be submitted to three Audi. ,
tore, to be appointed be. the Sabot and Om
.mon Oonoon of the otts of Pittiburalt; In
accordance with thoi ifinesald so; abs Common
'Oen:mil wan toqiiistod to appoint a committee
of two for the purpose of the above melted.
The Pnisidestcaltpciinted Mani. Hearris
and Hob:ninon.
Mr. Kearns Wined the following resolution t
~That the/Unit Oemmissionei be
and n• le nanny anininised sad insinliatad to
have removed the large lot of empty barrels
Dior/4 on the
_premises 000piedlby liathew
Math strestfand‘ Ohorry
Atter considerable dintission, motlens to
ankencr; ant enplanstituis stating that the
(my Collator:was ;repaint an ordinamie to
cover the, case. The resolution was itad over.
It *mamma tiuttaheCormilittee appointed
to.i n tlaira into , the condition of the streets
ever which the pasiengeiriliwys passed, be
disaliarrid. Lod:
It Raba then moved that the Conunlttee be
enlarged. Canted.
A motion was mails by Mr. MiTisho to op.
paint • Special Committee to mate Warns
ciciniagemst the owners of oil and oil barrels
aPee the 'heelYekit2;therry alloy and Sloth
TIP knowing aniculinsat was canted .
Mr: Lugo: And all ether plasm within the
A motion ines slide - to lay the whole mat
ter upon the thole, 'which - was Mai by the EA
lowinglote: Ayes Bj, any. ie.
aloOaddiess Moved to strike oat Um
words "dolma lloosmitsee" andituartillayor
and police."
fdr. 0'N.131 elfin& the following ordimanne
as a subsumes.
• Be it ordained andonieted by the Mayor,
Aldermen, and eitteo9s of .81suburgb, eMd it
to hereby ordahmeland mewled Cy mithortg
of the gamy that it shall not be lawful- lsaris
attar so mom, any -made 01l In barrela,; Of
amply 911 barrels on My esoant lot,or in any
house; or MI gay pavement within the . oily
119894 alder a penalty of ;SO .for mesh af
lame, to be mannered as all fees of • lles„
coaraoternre now mmoverid.
Sec. 2. An - dnitnikamo. or pate of ordl
ntaces outliOing liiewith ate Itueby se
- A motion to o4joasawos lost by • ioto of
A great-Awl Of.', l lAs7 PEWS folloWad.
ale.. O'Neill tasted that ha gal/ prorated the
orgiastic* to rat thaalnoirlty ol , Oonsalla la
the tauter, aad_lar-trithd:Ow the oritaaaoo
......Actiort of Select Ceestdl;eotteinsCht ex
cept in each placer as oshorwlao
- "Coated, the. adjatuatat to mat again ebb •
evezan. _ • 4 .
Bridgeville Us:lea iteetlig.
A les . :ge Uaion contingents held MO. kopil
Briderelle OR Bstatdej OVOLIRS.
COO/bOi of aged men then sasiunided slowed
tae interest wltiehtlsat pert of oar , loyal Goan
ty,'s sating In - ask caulk of thWoowatry. lt.n
Itoti Onnik *ad ten know how to appreatais
a gat:anima under. ertticar. they bare tiptam
theta youth, Manhood sad old age, fa tappi,
noes and plenty, and hence Um mehlisMi epito
me/a se Inch the . 000saloa and - Mar hoiitivedut
Wltsa the hour of too e'dook UMW,
rettor_llmictlttled to_tha
• • iiipkr tito,7
A wthe thanitaivritatuu ;
Id - CZ - usik wai`then introdtmed, - dad
tartan:m:l4U andsonokfor mom than an hour
won hus iguana to m e and vigor. lie Mae fol
lowed by D. Q. Mammal,B<q, who alto spoke
shoat an hourotint Miring wand: time It• sus
was listened to with swami aussatten
_ t a .aouea of. De.,abaors„ thr. Oftwetary
was eatiod upon to prestat toms rirelauone
w mon wore preparw.t. _They -were than raj
and itanunonly adapted. They read et MI-.
iteeolvect, I..ltuit we will light rebels at
heeetaee retails tires= astir eats blab= le
le Data:au:ad.
2. Plot Cratititatkothesta gip tams of
reeehetrueiton, and the only terms at own
penalise which freemen CllOl entertain.
3. That the Adattatittateoa and the Uri
ernment are lniepirable, lnd that the stumps
et thus )anon et one eoluttry's treaties lo
;Iraq • nualsotlon between- - theta 13 den/tr
em, and only exonnatee Utak the ttet
4. That woaridoris tlu acts of the Adnh
ittratlou ut tvin-y odors is his put font cur
midi out this rob.liten..ood all oats of lova'
gross ponied for ski Was pationmo .
our. bine.v/ishos. and ;doers ors
soot with .Co. S, lit Pones nesszvas, Gov
./04; sad 00. D, 1411.4 Panes Volaktiarr,
taatry,and wit& an oillori whifkays onaotod
and ars still to tti intwito Irina this indent',
6, That Las thanks of thts mating antics
to I/R..1103°0k and IL" o:Maditall..Tork,;for'
die good soma, that they hays On ovoidal;
moored amines* to our tillamiad iliac wr
_sin annoy! noncoms Jinni when rJoky Tull 111
to figgtlatitotth . "
7. The; the atiettlecet this meetiie s i aih.
jJuttedthi.Pittobetyl allidolllllll l
.altee slues reestitemin for pre &lob
the netthyt saijoitikee,*hg *Ai of the.teist
'deeps - 1;4 41nd ofiteely ih4he Wimp.
'is Alsuisotanox.
of belifintbellta lailieuroalstik.ultist_tna
npoie of In. Cantaltille 'Oa Confammes omit
inspection was semi and' anepted.
subnormally Inseams so that silroady punt.,
Hatted in oar columns. with the eXasptioll tbat
tists atadition of the balonsging, to the
genial oolapsates*Nisivealsl dingt.
ikinnotel3rnoun.blotton.—Do your duty .
to yourselves, prow' yone twalth. tug BoOo
wity's Pits and Ointment. Irtn. womb,
nolo, Wool. complaints and fonts, they Aro
• • • • gazwlL — lnil dletattotailOw`to
cue them with ovary boa. Only 2 pant. 2L
Mona sad Clasitua Cams will be Ulm
M Plis Onalasosaide, /A 44 411 i Libart7 stropti
day of Agin. 411 orders WI at Os •
pimp *SI be ;mpg/ Atimappi Ipa An d
must ba pal 4 *mum"; Oa
Dar ras. Irratirra:—A.ll work um at 1141
astaallskaantia gooloatiod to be better sad
&saw taan out: MI luld It thoOttg...` . Ro. 361:
Paw stria&
. . .
• DIR.!!
'Cl'Vfitcirrciii Oatlial, oaJ
lloaduatonatoit. mildnrimesteN
aoad_filrant.lis tinnag trittlatipnwe en WO
ammo; at 40 *Ai* si;a44 to paoto4 to - Allailmov.
out alith issw asid.lll:ll7, l ll7 d7sinstf. 34- ' 1 9 .4 4047 7" 001t,
" ' •
WAN . TBD.--allsoldiailltii, Id outdoors and
i ,•
„:11::=-7=4. whims...v.
- suit owbse,
viriacnat4a;ffiliontas i tolaks °aro
-VOApied; LW
th. at? , mitommmainess taidireoL , -
Cletranglig KILL.
tartar Mon, sad Main i
NTELve•47S myna to
vv- 1,1 0, 181 04 41,1 11; =ow it WM lainth,
ensues pm, uu ..0 my sew akrimp Vaally SAVA'
s. Adds", NADJ44/111, r
4014kini• r , Medi Waft%
Vrapekkgh 4,.112 .4„. 1 rj-,4 W .
• n liz v ut flo,ppagte: kw!. H.•• 11
(Roil* w., aloud post
oho , - *eta eke roc/my? #161•441,M4104
woltirs• • AddriCoor rx
or4. 3 WV gat' *-s.l4Um.folaPorb
4 vi r
• _ A i
1 .
ro,lll - I th• r000:o •,,W,,,A. (4 4 4.11144 OM.
so Mk Pool Vllloo.
'!~:, ^. rah ;: Qy r.~
-~--*,: -
. _
9 4 %1L0K111 a re-. 7 _.519 . r r
„yercli- k• '
Thafiea 4,7lM,ltsfornisd nos
byteilettOlaitiltmat Ohio, On
Wedieedly, the 32 bit., sad itariponed”
with a Hiram by the SM. 'Sohn "Ditighis, D.
D ,e(tltiestitY. - theisplifst Moderator.' The
esbjeot otilisoourseUtlis, lapatiab a bi a
. ,
Name,”*Lbilijostlounind'oni , solut 72.
17. '274 SO:id I foralair.,. • Ba the,l
name 'here is widelltecot Phtld'i ;Sea , and
DaeuraiLord; Christ UMW Si the pinion
and oharseterol the Sedlia,M. Thins is a g o :
sorlption. Um /dorsi
.Stopire of the Lord Jeans lariat; whgse tams
es King et Saints, , the.leld of Zion, and the
Gr Ir7gt4l4fhalilnt!f9:
4:t.,:4iiliiilbit esfai77l:
format 7 Be sue woodsrfed &pr.
seta. - There motet was
s mith ti name. It is
not the Miss et a ,froCicirl the:aims of a
man,. bat of the Ited•etum.lllsityz things Dam
**aspired Wen Christ, tie- Mediator, an
immortal, and- Imperishable title.
SU tamusathworkiisollrtageititleiand
hoaors wow all wonderibL ;Me tame dual,
M nailed wonders:lP Seamen st his ;im
ps:stetted philmihrepy. ' , Howard 'lminertat.
tied hie name by MI phUsitthropy. BO
here HIM' - Dix and Piorshee Nights:4Mo.
Hundred, of- wobleypsarbitliijuld phllantaro
plo women In AMIIIiGISTO new 01/041th6 their
names with a halo of Immortal splendot
their anteing exertions In behalf of the doh,
wounded and dying eoldlisi who hem laid'
their lives on the, altar of:their 'pantry's
honor; . Bemuse at his brilliant solderemen is,
,telamphisted ristories the earoquat a of m ax .
ander werenothing In 00110110140/1 of thou of
Christ, who. spoUodpriaolpeldhlas sad powers
sad made a show of than opemly.trimaphing
&idea* on his crow, •
*Jilt *Siam* Is there:that It than m
aitre? The inoutb of
llm nt is Ste,Lbrdhstk op - ahem
gdolatimeyol tag en e ma _
lag: •Xs • hal- eajoyed a, idea reputation la
tha pate. It lives and' it 'hailed Li the pre
sent. ' ' ' - '
What ace Alm instramenkshties outplayed
for ito .lorpetaatioa, " The treashiat of the
rlitlaillii: gospel. The . 04Pahtistration of
the Secramsuno of bapOpsai sad the Lord'e
Supper., Th e °lathe_ Bible. The
traltorstion feOusiopery'told. , The
- ohureb, Ind p nick ovule' which era consti
turd in hit mane. - The `holy with; sPirieuni
life, evangellealitdavertitiott.‘mad indivldual
efforts of his people. ' -
Be then concluded by Warne* to the great
names in the Betbriened Preablumien .obarch
•who have passed. to their attodaat. McLeod,
.Black ~,, M M aster. sad
others, iontrieited mach tbetereetnetlon
.the DUO, of 'the Mediator. _ They hue
passed to theirreward, bet fbe Flame of Joins
still itadolis: Ala whiff thilist Utica shill
'have bola contend Milts..4u, end shiver
ed into fragments. When. 4, rah/ . shall Wive
defected the W a Wrist Baen ofearthlY epiendor."
When the heavens shell haw hum mapped
llogetker as. scroll, sad thewleseats malted
with fixviat hut. When,thisan skill hivi
been altramtl4.ln- the Wolf reateMesof eterstal ,
night; the moon tuned into blood, sled the
Emus .have follehrlrom thole ;sookstsE...wheit
the 111111' shin hire been'dieitraji,And the last
monument growth,: renown utumf
amidst - tie rash of dissolving Worlds, biasing
sans,- batelegitatim' ad oolkEliot tiemets, the
name of Jens /bell endure ' ekd, high above
the v two! • elements"' shall be bawd the
choral swell of scrub's redeemed ones as chip,
pus away .intoL soulless WO Mau him that
turd mu pad washed us from our sing his
own: bloods and: bath made so Mingo mad
priests nato OodAnd his Patna kto ills, be
glory and dominion for over eat ever.. , ...•
Dr. Ticinglaig then constituted and by
Troyer: ' Oa matted 'of Dr; 11E4 /Of faso
journed till Thursday teoritst Alt If ' 4 / 0 .'0 44 14
with the view of itroosedint in a bad, to the
Mural of Dula Mel[llles, luiltonored
and worthy' mama theitsfiresed .Pmeityter
tan eleuela. • ' • ' I •
Oyaul mit om. Thursday- mitaing. sleight
o'oloak aad patemode4i to *Wed thoilanerat of
Mr. Idoldillam.. dlidteues NOM 4ollutrod,
the "house by gni/. J. A. Crawford, sad Dr.
McLeod, and at the grave hy,Dr:Lotagime. the
M • tleritaT, and it.. Stickel Milli and John
MoMastor. •l• '-•
• o.'ltMoto Ailiassit 'lfrobaw ttt d Dt.
Crawford were soutiotstsci =tor thi stederstet ,
skip. Dr. Ornsrioni wet eleotod.:De. MoLeopi
was eppokate4 stated. clerk, sad EAT. J. R.
11.11 ssaiitoo. ,
Atd.°?4-PissFied.lP 4 Pir.UrSiat "IP
to be taken writ . the
.111IIII . S411tAL, at t9B
Nat194.911,09914i11: 99. 49 94 •tO dii.
tines' fsiokiritteif et the betig siipreetioy
of the Gad • ilf•ro#Aiitein:''Douglis, at
this ally. preieshid a piper the tame tub.
jute. Boutpapets were laid es table lot
The seamittee appointed Way the result',
ttons mkgse fitate_ef the eountrp Wore UM
- Prodatiat. ntlitPettl4;gisnigh thar.Cdtelrman,
'Dr. Dortilas, that :they bud dinAuged MOS
dug, and -were trordtally received by Ain
, „
„lb" awn .a,deltrialtroi
the dire School Grasse Amiably, appiared
sad, Ids eredentMUe - haTing biiaNed, look
AdJonmertiil Fridq morlilptat ' 4..o'riiek.
Synod met on 'shiny mends% an 9 o'clock,
and spent half an tom widevettonal emsreiser,
ander ttli oondnei of tb• Mofidastor. %la
rogation of the"puldiss Ration was gong is
,hitting Priibywd&l reports.
estoras,Alp4Sizi 8,
laxly sad • mathicturtnit
, P , t . 6 are ' ll
hut #. '
, • assanbi Agwar.,
- • r? , Lb,
-,1 110 1 1 !.. P-AltaTsPiklik •404AssuifsiSIAte
mast, astgitsibipt Ver.
Isom it of 6,1).4 9na4.m-.616 nise i
emigres Alm Latetthet; air ta.
llNAhlbittilmusbkrt.", wheal
OM" Cunene gas Nam To BUT Tama :
—The eetetplieleg Ape of. Wu. a..1[ 0 0,,
Co., Wettest Wien, mine .42" Paldella ..d
Mowed :.leleeW , Attiihe* Wet telly
seam et the ereeecedltnet +Wrestle la (aria&
icedseArriCithirreeett s thetfitn:l l **Ufa/
Ntgetteeetttgeliab . ,,4l l lll4llbelifflelltblie,
lad Ufa ere soy ram* °to *pea I their spin
belezetratter setk*e, .171,417 t,.
thl " F ilet"
thipi teeP,eat-L
ItiteW4theilKitattg• 1 11 1 1 147 nedp•leido
41411111&41110DINEN ma be aeousseedated !op;
!detesalloor lan aesei that inOtit Ord*:
The wetk , lsiell dettreitft• thetreirevillon . ,!
sad slims Wareeabed 4ciparnaimet;.k •
'WooireerosuttPoeteme4--por ithbloiew
ma i d s apakkodig this ,Itto of JOWL We* A'
co;ape Tahoe 74 AS tadetiloweeLl
• Mishit olieolLthe nosh Wel:,
stye and tralispshs stook of-opriog mid ammo
ever•sahlbitetlitot tho nontsks k
of **Vet beeetlfel 'Plum%
aligitior% ilinths t panima ss ,
botouad to the sea
m umiak Pfrisottorpriolowatin ago
eszy lerge l ;rest Qs 440 Woe o 1
rittgeklis sod it ionshiershio iineattal
nottl-Oolejo alba of. saPerior 4 154 4. We
advt. ow 411 1 4 . 01 , PlOrcal ea St gib
trilibliotiooettAgM', B6 !.to, 4114,45 e•
011141 MIMED MOM "In ti 14l7.8,aftsel
Solbulabotboot ltory Irtnitelpoottattf
bitotia ttbatlt . 114 d -the 'l 4 O la gest*,
tut lid Itio NAY:palmed, terns As Bast with
vow/ steak tdibtiog,sad Admit Goods;
=of ail Os Watt 0
otoot *a,
601101111 a dipsithj
0 - 110***SkfrOILII0 *imbibe
- o t hw tst threi;.
jommi otodOligto Rot_
woad do lon to et* ma it all tiotets - vu:
&mug dwtriaa. —_
64.11 d litotkit otztotrooo dew from Th4d.
, Pow soDommatunto atutistait.:si rr i ,
5. @Odd. ilwOossordelig whs..,
allavln c tstado so up, at
alloeft fkek, torff.4.4.X/
Itito;:e ,Nif9tAttßk
veldtk , Vs_ tkom ttOprid to
. iooodultotk4 tboot, to ,
Oftbitaio tbi •bitfirtliddi'yot"dhottotod`toi
hat. Sold by &outdo!
thrviddlit ltitrh atolooatint TOW. tow
: orfo>l Ito PIwrILITYIS4I4O44BP.AXD
tsUolu to stliiilnitiagal; 4 100
" At
‘ S t , t~iall !be , I ft 1140 1: 4 9 82 Lilia#•llll4t
o . lll4bitt's
abeTh awa SaltUdi Weds. Au abr. - oo;
0. Bnc, Dodd, ma isisiksirt, stile&
r#111,111111401101110111111.4.4a 4.1
. ,
250c1al Dispatch to thea.Pittakorgb Gamma. •
Waintharox, •May 25, 1863.
Mr. Richard P. Ocrburn, the chief Westscw
correspondent of, the New York Worqi who
has Just arrived here from our wrath mar .
Vicksbarg, 14/I: Vicksburg itself, Jackson,
Miss., Barna and Montgomery, Atlentai .
Ge.,,Snoxillie, East T 01411., and. Lynebharg.
and IttohnsonO, Va. ,He tarnishes tbefoilo*:
Jig narrative, which Is ell the more import
ant from his entire reliability and bablts.of
atecturate and, unusually onellent opportuni
ties ,he enjoyed, while
_passing through the
country, to so
,with the people, and to.
laurn,whasccer walk bean Moog their route.
On *eon of Bantay, the ?Id inst., three oot ,
roamidonta—Biohardson and Browne, of the
Bribes.", and Corinna, of the World, anxious
to neck. Okada& nos ookisasi of Orant's army,
thin =ear firandi.ialf, took adventago of the
eipid(tiop to ran the hattiries.toyloksbrirg,
*uremian and Orand Gulf with provisions ;
for the troops. - - •
TM ingaturgle, towing two barges Militia
with hay bales, stetted at 10 o'clook ftqui
Alidikkes 83414 ; with Armen sharpshooters
'lra:6ll6: 13;41th crew of
the tug, and four others, besides the corres
pondents:all valutiatitit; At 1 Alai*, they
approaehel the batteries above Vieltsborg.
Just as they roaohed extreme range, the reb 7
eiasent up a rocket.. In tea minutes they . :
began drieg, the beautiful moonlight giving
them a patiently distinct vlays,;, In 701XL1C414
the point,.the ping imams way heavy. The
firsi shot they Psi stnaolronifof the bargesi
and soma! 'Miters soon eftio. At- 1:35, . mss .
they were piasing. abreast of ,Voisborg c•
a., as they were exposed to •••oOneentisted
Are of all the 'entrounding batteries,: a
104rioh' shot strhok the boiler and fur
naces of the tug, blowing hot to atoms - , with
a terrlflo explosion, s shower of cinders
from the flimflams letting 'Pi to the hay on the
barges. At the same lest/int severab-shells
burst on the barges, adding to the Amiss.
The Are 'rimed rapidly, and the unaided and
wounded men, began oryiag for, help. The
rebeLi oaths binds were yelling like demons,
shots whistling over the barge's almost oott
'eta:Mi., the Artie seeming tohi only
id at the did o vary of our helpless <muddies.
Bales -Of hay were. thrown• overboard for the
mew and enlister?.'When all ware provided
for, the correspondents leaped into the cur
rent and swam to the neersetbay bales, and
than endeavored to make the Lotiniansahore..
While floundering about & , MD bffoo; the
rebels tetanal boas to Was us: Attnor hey.
ins been in the waste about . an -hour, all the
sarvivors were Joked op: Four persons were
killed by the - esphisiOn, or drowned. Tete
rest were all sand, (are Of whom wire WAY
eoaldad and on wounded by it shell): • .
In ell, no hundred
. shote Ware fired,
at Neat twenty of wrath were died at thy.
burning vessels and at the crew and panes.
sera struggling in the water. • ' •
Oa Loons, he surivorswere taken to
. ,
the Vieklbutg jail, a horribly filthy place
Alter • few 11011 a' eartody, Capt. Ward, ElorL
goon Davidson nd, the correspondents were
transferred to t s oityeourt-honee, where we
remained two ye, wnsa it was tisaided to
creed us to Slab - old.
~ • 11
Wit lea POinted it this rani weakness.
of .Vinksburg. Not soft that 15,000 men .
non at any time been there. The dofencos,
both front and renr; ace :vast!: lessnTinids.
bits than pin:ally appoied. Tile rear de
bates are rude and -unfinished; The big
fliaok bridge is almost Ohioans'. Tia
oituttry aboni Viasburg is hilly and broken;
and tha toads everywhere bad. 1.
Wham Gan. Sherman /laded ei ‘ miuneete,,
'Bond; 4 Dioanaboriat, the rasa" had in fora.
of 1,300 au; in.inksborg and the arenas' .
bet they rapidly reinforad it; tlif:the hay: Of.
Ga. Barmen's assault, when Clog hitdo,ooo.,
'At the ilia Wis was thorn thi any was: half
deserted, and the whole military foreeensist
ad of 15,000 men west of' the Blab river,
under OSSIII. Farris, ant Loring,. and_6ooo
'ant Of_that river, nude' Ga. Boost,' They
were bringing supping by - railroad as rapidly
as possible. Col. Grinson's ;aid did not at:.
skull dui railroad' anti than. forty-eigt+
Jaekson, on the 'l3th -inst., Goy.
.t °Gus
lined a proolanatten, assuring , this; oltlans
thit then was no danger. while at the same
Limo hewn removing. the noords end patine
Pr?f,n l, 7 Goa. Grarit'O
lid4ne ;Alit twins ruthatol ths-pini
when we wire taken through, and great nu;
hanwitlo&prorstUsdia:the ••
On tillll3 : ,h'lre ti.lti int roDettiopotis, Ma.;
tbehoo Go4th!, lad than 1 5 0,m1100 ap
the Alabama. river to Montgomery, through
Central Alshana - :. The wheit awl - corn non
IPPotif ,
It is beliend that sionsidtrithle"-Uolon
fsilldgralstsflia that region. Ilipr ‘ slottoit of
,q 14414 :Than vino bat few i
. that• region' or say ;
other part af thir laterior of - ttdildhfsdnitoj
through widoh " ; Ttn"jkoploi wit
Proolul • Pr_librOor-PolOo, dad 'Toll inn =
!only !squids/ gibs' Quint would In!
Atlltongontery'pati.:Tas johtitfoit &Wing
puad.tAlljue! ba initeAdinwig. ,
artan,gtootgoriny, we;ware sent to Wan
G&, and oa the 11th to -Atlanta, Ga.,
whOfei -00 attfaT to Aar *Utak
oilidifikia a. atilt ciiir rhos'
on amain of .frostgallat that the* diens_ it
lie palmist Indlautilaind tie 06141'14' Co.
B *S k ti%. o *.4,,,a_ Aid:l44 . ',mud aiih
to "minim '0411 . 4 by the populace. At L . Gds
plan the sowspapero inviltopt fro*, us ind
the food Was ettnislf,i,,lielalf iSaiontilinad
dittitnty ink:,..Xu:oGaildaesalsewore-par
iiilthsi is pan through ;the towns at willkhat
hush meats "dther pr b m sra hadtisen obsend
1 44 114 b 7 the Poloqiaii; Nosioatbli
at~lngneJ.ln tae Gale.
• ,
2At Ana% are lardy nuteldria',Saops arid ; :
ordtleinfouadry oonotaatii.oapiod oa Goa ,
tea; smati arms and sainualtioa. i II all
these townuaud threigkost,tho' esatt„try„ths
Ale; iSkdiittiaeu hataGHIO a4l44 4 *igiuleio
cAdtdreu alone time iefto ,o 2l.
Ingram were @amigo' In t'P t"ilie'is is
roads; also thifotint*s a 'arid lanteillisigAstg
spay trouportoGn4
'Ambles formerly imported by: the: ihniti
hate almost disappear - lid. Nast eorarandit*
of ser*ldYeato !enth_ it;rtbo l .
era eoNoeolteseworth:;ss !pot
grist Amnia oboes US yek pits des:
the phdaest sad ocrirrieet gibrhis)Seitito'.b•
had any prim • - , , ,
:04:414_13;th we. Pew mkt via Daltelii +264 ,
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They only eurrenderd.d —r oOsiditqoinyt 613 4 4
were allowed to 'retain Choir inioaliCX:Coce. '
It le thought Vircinin'oroniiie Ode,' bat little tobacco is being' ittliiid;:thiciatton:
tioln n being mainly devoted, to ;thin: inn khibeaCtd; we weiothiain'
Prison, with , oae hundlud.Alig, twenty-ace t.
,floors front'. Hit:4M's army, S trate, L's Dorn
umiak -and . the .sttuboat - Intliaaols. Tits
treatment th Libby pilsonTitti peihaps ii
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, Of our prisoners ocimplithcbitietly; hot it Remus
Undeniable 'the, foerti firrniche'd , us' war
better than that Moir, own ettlfeerti had. Tbe
'rooms are crowded, and -in -hot weather. ex.
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released:y.2%U °oi icro Of the
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surgeon, lad chaplain,: ,and
the 66th pluois,inhhirre d at- She/mated re-
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naii‘ininzmisiloned officers and crew of the Iv;
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Bed firer, tine at GratidGio!,f,eheei Cggtbake,'
; wail:ire* at ffarrenteq.end ten .the.,Ye- -
atm which loft Mee 'IMO force; still
posed of them to the but adventage..•"t ' ; 1
Oa the 18th, at soon; bring was 'heard; in'
the mar of Viekeburg, w Web eieured'ase - that,
Gen. Grant was appreachieg Ate ottp:The:
cannonading kept up ferlonely fer sennitinie;,
when, by the aid el' -patios; I- diemirited
eompaup of;our artitleryddirenelag,'lnking
position and driving the rebels before •
I immediately sew that 'Gen. Sherman', at-
Via= had come; into Abe 'loft of 'Bolder's .
Bluff, and that the rebels at that plebe 'bad
Men" eat off from their tomes to the city. • I;
despatched the Do Kalb, Lmute; Ilimaninder
4Valker; the Choate', Lteuti•
R. moan and the Romeo Petrel , anetrovreat
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Ocanmander 13 , eese .up Gue , Yageo_, , ` - tO ; open
communisation in :hat tWay•witti'Griitt'O'
Sherman. I suemededeo far and eo well;
. chat in three hours :1 7 reesiVesi , fetniti WM
Gana Grant,. and Sitermat,‘ and ediehiqt ,.
forming tae.of their vast stweese; end-4Mit
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raking away'orteatroyitig larg e trienift'lot
aisunanition•nu. head. tteft , tifiy
_gunboats they ran and:left tiverithing gold ,
order—gags,' terita'aud ecraliil , gteriiil ll
hinds, which fell into oar hands', Awildtre as
the capture of Hen9eier Bluff and the (orifices'
for" wee reported/-in Pie r ' I chow they
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bat blisiollfierotriich fire wasltept np for led
or three boars./ At tutdniglit/they - inoved or.
to the 'town, and opened/on it fur -about' Sr.
how, and continued ayisiervals , Ouriug 'the
night to annoy the garritun i , 4 •
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with' erdere to firenigittoend, dwpaa, zap idly
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rebels jagient4t,eosay for - come time. Theile
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thiAllem a nd WI; irez.rind•ora nicest La , an
hour. :".,,nisooti,azi I get;thni .. iigh.l94 the del.'
'deitxnetion' of the 011111144,11 ainriitAir lot
.Infested On der Wangle
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property in that hintietinti, with nnnire to vitt.
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time 9, lPaarl4 sksaYttg w/A4.lBlal*aswfmaiwi
attar the, ; m*.l/41: 4•40.•ft•••••00
that ever attended in Isom, !Ant, qv , ;
Thirellieneigil?k•A sii4fluzing thcoor
when 'the - MAIN hero Jitent,,ini,, , ineaceetally
beaten at all Pidntsj and 1.-:,9litianlnfihnd
endanha ehown by over exam And -nney.,lo .
s.° many Z4°60,4:4 abJO; to bc , • l l4Erikd,:4l
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'heat With o h s lizotPtiVi 0f4 , 4k dltidrpa
which`.i•lll(ollorr,~iaaebnrg, : thp -d iteipp
(Bigred) , E • —,/t. D
/letting !tear A.initralcoutineddieg.ttie kits:
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Luxuries fur- hiitrfsiOd i
Loves, a. • o , Aaut•T AVIA! .
was milk near Dewitf; in the bliseo4i , f
on Priday Thil beat Ira total
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mirdorod. ,- The loaall - liriai?l'olatiod of every- ,
thing that cloutd be dart tea iw
„no *name .
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night. ° .They robbed peaft4 . eiiiei.t
000 bahiagti; to . lb! Stite; ' •
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Ides, Mats and other lintorlialiorthirlirrid;
ed.soldten Artll bait) toe Vtahiiharetq=diar=
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Nov Toi . „ May, 2 ty7,Ttle„bilkiAli , At
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