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    tiltgiurgit gazettit.
This Uses oleoppertoooto.
Ulu as iotoblishod ortido is the Emma
omoi peopis, that nothing
limmated iharetstand moot
".1"11 waimtli OA "IA "M AI ; ! la rk
right to rid surselies of them, yet the very
,abborrenoe whiel - Piempts to tie effort to ,
do' so is whillisoite, and collo forth emir
silo and sweigthese babibt of thought sad
pribetkolirldell,would r n l otbarr_isf have
Who can doubt that the existence of a set .
ofpolitleienstgenera ly kionii?offer-,
beads, throughout the lopd stsos, bas
rifted fa higher and aloiiiikeihO spirit
of patriotism Mau could have existed with
out. them!, Antagosirm is essential to de
velopment in-every4epartmeat4ooth 414
Wu* aid =mail :activitleirre the uni
vein ;= iriaisded:theite espieriteads,
these: sympatilaws • vith-rebellion, these
friende.of traitors, - to Was the-pulse of the
station to that healthy torte essential to the
rapport of the govintriuml in this , trying 1
crisis, sad to a vigorous proseeption of the
war. - .L dead level of unanimity would
have resulted in a sluggish: and drowsy
spathY, fetal Lai; suooesiftil pieWeention of
stab:* work, suikiarevalution,`Auch a ref.'
, ormation, u the imeriosui people have now
on hand, BataiLiaying this Ire We offer
ing no aPologY ion that :detailed thing
which soeks to lay the ocourtry dishonored
at the feet of irsitiwi t iailsserilloe Liberty
upon the'Sbigia44.llliviii
- A !Houdin a neighboring county, in a
note; inquired what the loyal men them
ought to do with sille copperhead publics-
Lion that they have among them. We sly
to him, do nothing unlawful at all events.
It the editor lays himself clearly and un
mistakably amenable to the charge of trea
sea, let the law be brought to bear upon
upon him; bat,
,if not, lit him have free
elope: Hie antagonism to all that. is right
and true and patrietiti ,
ly develops
a mere lOfty'Und determined patriotiem In
. -the bs rteot the loyal people of that county.
The time is ooming when many who are
new apperArditigh will greet the met ultra
loyaltir. Gitris dotorj at Vicksburg will
brfag about Manama conversions; so now
is the time to make a record of the position
of men in the dirk .and trying period
through which, we have just paused. It is
• doe to both Use and false men to keep a
memorial of their whereabouts between the
months of Kosember,lBB2, and Iday, 18611.
Whin- rioted pirates upon the national
banner, and the Mullion goes down to that
amend intheueutPerdition that awaits it,
thoosestda who have been plotting in IL G.
O. lodgevand OMIT traitorous conclaves,
,wijilllng up their caps in simulated mile
`Silica at the triumph of the Government
over Ilienemies. Whoa the Itevoluttonary
west tee over there We no professed to
rtes; yet theywere not forgotten; nor will
the eopirrheads of this rester and more
• tertible struggle be suffered to coin their
Tbs Gaberastoried Quesuon.
Tba rel*s &gout, IWast, Chasten) after
staUng the fiat that the &instals from
Philadelphia to the Union State Cowen
lion, twenty-one in number, • will go in a
body for theTEaLlota : Corot)* for ..Gov-
Arson eapreemaihe opinion that he will be
- Aim militant the formality of a ballot.
We art Muhl* lo fed& as to the probabll
', ity suth I remdt: • -
Yana the fact that the delegates from
iteatgosun *matt Ten inetrusied to
eupport Governer -Caurre, - Dome people
think that he is yet in the fled. It used to
lujootOarly sellortke democracy of Berke,
Butt - tlteyiulikua 'atlas for ties. Janzsos
a some of rare after bhp death. Perhaps
ear ktoayresurg -eounty friends same to
their old favorites after the same fashion.
W. do not Wish to-be understood, however,
es saying aim Governor CIIIII3 is dead
either literally or figuratively; but his de
tained= to be a oartildste was too ;wilily*
to be terrlobW
A Goal ltaa:Departed
.1a the death ell.. D. Mentos:ex, Neg.,
of 0•111• ad, this sounatty has lost ono d
fv,4 11111.11_,0f IV*, is • buboes
akaa, a larg• koala I losadsdar, • zealous
prowtor d onatitig osloalstod to nix tit
adiasiks , illiptsvid. midis sa Now
oss,setivo, lot wok sad lowly Obristisa,
Kr. into soros had to oquL. for way
saes be Mod with gtost:'lbltbfalaila
ollso d Whig olebe It tb Turd Proobyto-
iiss Minn& a eds . elty ; sad knowing Wm
Iqg Aai lathistoly wino dld. . wsibseented
hallitar-40 I4llmlltk l d.'uttrds* by
ud, that 0 1(.1. Lawrims lad an& Wa
rns Wisp Is
clan. Jamos.Watois Weak:Ai Mum.
Rhi °Said the
• diMeti4 :Amadei'
and British 'are jest published
• in Bosun& Christio: impistmi the
owes of:bitiditiabble with.llsm..Webb. It
, appears WA , evening in Witter last,
the two,..leascms was mod' in a game
of whist a& *hi - Mime of WYE Busista - .IIV
bessader at Rio Janeiro, that 'Oen. 'Webb
'2 , /wardatindi3ily - 14a Ninnia
terrupumlitiarereation:interfered with the
progress of the same, and that Mr, Christie
`;sally said to him; I.Yon talk io muck
osualit • 11 Vain 'dor"
is am ad itt•Kr. Christie's sista
sem, all that , was add, bet Webb re
needed in Um Waal note which declared
tlial:lrit was language far meridian' an
Zaslisk grim than an 1400 , likihner,"
widhvg, with* Written_ m 4 1 IV ion ever
mai* are IMpert4M_ LUC pen
big Tai" -_3[ - itoolmat of the
affair l iiiiiberatod - by notes Man the
Bodes sad Preseranifinhans, appended
go up 'iwasusenti'.4l3*Glin. WAWA Lust
eseaPaai grew ent of * quiet whist party,.
sad-inn" that lhe , stdatr 'finally- got into
Pasilantsat, where Lord Palmerston sald he
`• had Mit thus- pleasure of Webb. solnain•
A,Nixtosas Biz 111,0ociicio.—Prailm
-bury sum Amines -Was tor lototillati
his so IsitUotkot itstiltid the Dolma Outtes
Ilavisipt,Boolt Wow, with a Ofiplial
$OOOOOO, sod thi Itootooll7 oortithato mid
12'.0apifttultr with Owl
ofigoi of du Nittosl Boollag .lowdutto
id to the Comptroller of Cortioototyloolv
*gap iknescurnon so A Russ Nsws
itioi/L-t-This.Jiabon (1024.) Appai, for
rose deo past; isnipi at 60.4 of
. itf
*wig alum" *v.logee fiat
ifria;be aar fi'laggstr, tens
themi*P - , 11***•!' ( 710 d7; thl .l ol l we
salt dpriumtl 4hisais
* -11 aseb."#.9os
, .iiiimar• •
- 'xz. , ,,,,.......5.-:•-•• .......,si. —.....--, 37 - •,•—••••••••.;
..: )„.„,......,.....7„.:,_......,,,,r,74,....„,_.._,....,n,
..,,,,..._,.........„....—, ,--,-- 1 . - ---,-,: 7-:::!1-:"....-- - tz . "- -- ' - z! J .:„..,:,.....
,;%\ •-- `, - ;: j.q . , ,1• , •::::-,,, ' 44..0aigtgVk-Tl4 - '-443a,rtift"Sfh,,,..”
'7- - r -i
' -4; " ;41- '''''. a l'' T' ;' 7 I'' CJ )1' 4. ' 2 Z-s''lt . : - ,T, ; 7 r- 5 '.l• , :c.-^-,'•` , :-1" r • iktV4:'7`.4.:.-,W_1V;1:11.•c.4:••7.,?•z•..u.-%,--,,,,,, • • - • - •• -, ..5, •
'4t.::irVAsr%',s3l4;;'4T-4-1-,!1.- ; ' f.k-4,-`l,--, .. , -.-.
P -4'. 4 .1414-.4t4i4',4*.X. , ~ 1 .1? 417; ' ''.., .• , •-..
' ~-.. t:',..,".4.-\,..? ,'•
OaNISNAC...N--Z.,‘,1",3' V
t - ''? ''. .--E . 4 -1 N?1 ,
Akl*4‘ • '''• ''''' = . 7 '
Worth Carona& Rebels Threatening
to Withdraw from the Confederacy.
The Ealaigh (N. C.) SCmdere4 the spe,
gin organ of Governor Vance, and the
great leader of the appendix . ' party in
this State, which is now In the ascendency,
by a two third vote, in commenting upon
an article from the Richmond Enquirer fa,
voring an - "imperiel despotism" like that
of France, says :
ti iriAnoersinolotilcityl despotism is
making rapid strides in , these States. We
kriow that no people: ever bit their Un
tie. at once, bat 'tip by siep, as some
'deadly Await steals upon the system and
**dually bat surely saps the fountains of
' life. t"- We know that tyriets and their
minions always prepare the popular mind
In advance for their usurpations, end that
these usurpations are always bend upon
the plea of. the 'general goof or 'military
necessity: , argument now is, we hate
Lincoln sebitterly, that in order to resist
bhriettecessfally we must mike slaves of
~ T he answer of our people is, 'we will
be abbess neither to Lincoln, nor Dee*
nor li'ranoe, nor Snglind: North Carolina
is a State, not s' prorinoe. She has eighty
thonsand.aa brave troops u ever trod the
earth. When she calls them they will
come. If the wont. 'should happen, she
will be Ws to take eare of herself as an
independent power. - 'She will not intuit,
in any snit; to
.t law of epigrams paned,
in deliberate violation of the Constitution.
She will neit sabinit to Err„ Davie being
iniested frith dietaterial Powers; but she
; will-reecut suck ,a law by withdrawing
from the Confederation, and she will fight
• .way out against. all comers with a cour
age and an ardor which will ealipse - even
any former achinvemenui of her sons do-
Aug the ellattag war. For' nie we are de
termined net' to - azal,angei one despotism
for another."'
SIGHT oppoeitian papers are also de
nouncing the "destructives:' The Hen
derson (North Carolina) Times, in epoch
lug of the approaching Congressional else
tion, aiyr:
"Beware of the Fire Eaters I They are
the fag-ends of the old defunct democratic
party, who fight theilbattlee in bar rooms
or in the shade. They - aided to precipitate
the cotton Buttes into a revolution which
has made a breastwork of. Virginia, North
CaroUno, Tennessee and Missouri. Lot
them be anathema mumethai .Give them
the mime of Government,' and after peace
they will quickly carry us to perdition.
Let them be marked es deeply as Coin wu,
for they cannot be trusted• in politics as
tar as an ox could be thrown by the tail."
From the Mrporthanoock.
The Washington Republica's, of Friday,
has the following interesting news from
Lee's iirmy :
We Use information :from • highly In
tel-1401R — gentleman who was captured at
Chancellerville, sod who is directly from
the south side of the Eappehannooki in re
beldom, to the following effect:
"The enemy claims that he has, altoge
ther, eight thousand three hundred of our
men captured, which includes the wounded
left upon the field. This number embraces
one thousand and six wounded men belong
ing to the Eleventh Army corps, all of
whom were doing well day before yester
day. At least one hundred and fifty men
of that corps Vire killed on the field, or
base since died of their wounds.
"Awarding to the rolls two thousand
and six hundred men are missing from the
Rumen* Army corps since the battle. Af
ter deducting the number named above, as
killed and wounded, from the. total miss
ing, it will appear that one thousand four
hundred and torty-four were captured by
the surprise resulting from the rear move
ment of Jackson.
.The rebel offirdals acknowledge diet they
het altogelltertn killed, wounded and miss
ing about ten thousand men. They do not
hesitate to say that the battles at Chancel
lorville and in Fredericksburg, under
Hooker and Sedgwick, ware the severest
and meat expensive that the Confederacy
has yet'experienced lb the war.
"General Lee expressed himself to his
officers very freely that. Hooker yams much
abler man than he (Lee) supposed. He said
he did not think that Hooker could handle
so many men so well as he did. Lee don't
hesitate to tell Ids officers that Hooker is $
man to be hind andlestolted closely..
"Oen. Lee slso expressed ids wonder Oat
Hooker was shrewd enough to return with
his' army yo - the - north side of the Rappa
"Oar informant says that the leading
rebels acknowledged to him that. Lee was
expecildsg reinforcements to enable him to
get between Hooker and the river, with the
intention of cattang off his supp les by de
stroying all the ferries and pontoon bridges,
with the hope of starving him out.
"Jsckson's death was a most terrible'
blow to the rebels. '
"Our soldiers, who are prisoners of the
enemy, are suffering greatly for the want
of food, although they do not hesitate to say
that they shared equally with the rebel
soldimi, so far as they could judge.
.osr'Mformant says was frequently
asked when he, thought the war would end.
He replied that some of our people thought
it might end in twenty years, some thought
, leiiarat, fir himself, ha was of opinion that
.54r0 jean might see its termination. This
kind of logic was anything but pleasant."
Irmallgurareidey 28. 1888
DIAZ IltlllllAl. a. room
I am snared of the, entire recovery of
this gallant • commander 'front' thrtiounde
rewired at Fort Donelson. He laid aside
his crutches about three weeks since, and
has offerable services to the Secretary of
the Navy,
_ready for a command afloat, and
anxious to again tete an active part In
subduing the rebellion— He is now, as he
has been since his partial recovery, at the
head of the iinpartant Bureau of Equip.'
went and &waiting for the Navy, in this
JIM nnettered. bat unarmed trumpets
of the INVO mdmenta ratted,here were
attacked' while passing through George
town, this overdo& by • band of Pro=
Slavery stains. They.tarned upon their
sesaibuds, rented•them, - end but some or
themiii `Most iholesome raspier. One
of the zoidiesliras bun, very badly.,
PAT 01 TIM 11511,D1Z141.
The payments made to dreamy within
the lass. fortnight have- arnettnted to $21,-,
000,000. There are still unpaid 516,000-
000. The troops -yet unpaid are General
Grant's, Oen. lloseorans' Gen. Schenck's,
Gen. Heintsehnan's, and Oen. Peak's. The
money is all ready !or the Potomao army
whenever the pay rolls are ready. Pl l 7-
masters are now In New York with the
foods, ex ;vote to all the onset expeditions.
A P/IXXLMIN Fairr.-131 a telegrapldo
blunder, the Pinaldent's Proclamation for a
National fact day well set in California for
April 1611, Wawa ,of the 80th, and that
day (the iiith) was observed in California
as fait day—beaks and stores were closed,
sad the Legislature adjourned over.
d uses ma ssin of tiontoolis 'hive Imo
shipped by railway , t
_lonlagtoa, Ky., we
loan from tits elaidariattpapiwa, This mums
to Oat to a asorsaost 111 do right ditsetba
—towards /Oat Tomato's,
birthplace of Daniel .Webster in
lhealclin, N.EL, bee passed . out' of the
Webster name, having been ~sold by the
widotrotPtetaher Webster - OW. D; Cony.
Boaz et the rebel aetrlll:4lWs loped
Alois:WAN La., are•eurietwar , la their
WaYt,bang paper et
teaCeolailt—Will papa
iollllMaili mattornie....
tisessis Mierthiimit — volikisc
fliA asiethow„ • , , •
rva'F:fe Jrorricrs.
O.I4IOTICE.—Tbe do,bainiption Boob
at 04 Coops/ Tice area Ran
catiwi .u 1 continuo open at th 5011037 . 42
Mori It i to.; Baalr. Bloat; 1181 stmt. ease fen!
NOTICR.—A public meeting of
ltcY k7e7 Ca on voters f Birmingham .111
had >a IitMI2IOISTI4S 111.4 L. owner if Carton
and en:Wu she 03,00 =MKT 1222,2100, Mn
26th, at 7Mo'ethek, to mane arrtEpott ate for ho
Hit su alecalm!Q 7 . delogstra t the =Wily County
Cabin Con . r A SWAIM MORT;
Choirs= am eat Orat.-
roCITIZEN . Special
~. Allsetlng of the btxtholdus of Oda Batk will
malt be WC on aTZSDA.I. Yd day at hum next, to
4:on.lder be px.ptir y of nrattlishig, to jar ii pew,
finable, under the set of Abe bat Coups of the IL
IL. =titled Act to pro Tide • Callotud a Car•L
ratty. " Bata caLLaßtt, lend est.
,eltia , Arrai Ma. M. 1884. • 1..4:1en
got,Dissa —Pnrazunt to Cleserel Order,
.0. 106. the Board ft Zarrthaent will caret dalty,"at
S nit ,dk p at their Boom., Went nodding, ilth
st 'Plttsbarght where dhoeaard offittre nod
oilers destiag to aster the tarand Corp, oso
sent theateeadr ter ettaalnettod oe tee *upgrade.
J. A. itsatub, U•pwa
115 ima Pn,...t-r.raml St. 1)
Omni:mot Psas. sa logician= co.„
Pausbovats. Mat sag, ices. f
IT DIEMUTOS.S. of Company
Davin& day &alma a Dicsosod Of VI'S II
Pau 01111 T. out otitis polo dew lot di mouth.,
applicabbs to the onto ton a stock obligations
stock not fogy pad .up., and mans to holders of
pald op stock in cash on&mato.
TOOTLT. Pristdent.
I. GURU SPROUL. Pco , p. moat°.
seacirdsooe with the
prowwwie of an act to Incontorate the
"JOHNS & Bta lOt 116.11IITKOTHIlsktO 0011.
PANIC ” approved aped ht, PM the =dampen
*III cps. books to eon vs imbtarfptlons to Um stock
of sod company on 11ONLI&A,111th last, at the
othoo of Jon s, if/stases:o .11 W.. Vorlety worts
Ottatt and Water stress, at 10 o'ciottk a. tn. Pst - that
*Man tabranCou In fogad to stock, plan of
tsaantalloa. &0., as 14,01 so Nallta. Joule, Waning"
ford A Os.
OHA aLIIS A. 9ILLCE, JOHN 7.11116118,
W•141:01:11 . 011D,-JAn. L. HEINS tr,
Nina 4.6, re el. to. h1111...8.,
DAVID MOLINA, &Lx.t.orsgii,
PutitonsA r klay tll,lBOl. • Cosporstas.
110Z4.—The loyal TOM'S of Allegheny mea
ty, sunset I *poetess of the Administrationla the
*mous pro: cation of the War lot ths Unice. are
requested tot n 1 thew Amid plate. of holding
Woctions on B AT ugg, the 30 : h day of Ilay
b th e lass he Imlay of the gaatb.ln 1 /" 1110 *
noon of said de,. to elect two delegente fromeach
oteetcon &steno and precinct in the scanty, to rp!
resent Ikea la the ustior. Oesestalost Ell
usesoble In the Coast
In Use am of Pitts
burgh, on Ttlaiititt I, the Ad day of Jae* net t, at 11
co cloth a. m. of esti day. Tus 04•01 of thle Ma.
windfall la if) pls. to Ilumlubtlowunnillaatea for CLIO
hillowirsg vas:
Preettest iedpe ol ti. f Werke Ceara
Iwo lifswbec q the Bowe of ihrewattaws.
theists Trewsret.
4141.ener 41 Lewd; do.
. !Weis Act
bleed tf Wts asset" do.
Mr bigwig r q ta• • oer ; wad
Gavot e se site NOG 1,711.• “101.1.6.•
p touts a-sem:tom sill o. cow in the Towij
*Dips (excepting r wobble Sod Coelho.) esteem the
boost is. f nod o p. OP. lad to the swards soli
lawtanbte d Yeetcee eneltallus Townittips De:
iwoensh. soar. Of Sand 7 p. m.
lb* altlaii to the tithe and boroodhs to be by
hellos, and m the tonsishlpe by hallo; w marldag,
noon seruship May doterwisa
Bx: ordor el it. gaocolloo Ootootittol6
ih IS :112141T, Ohidratss.
JAYA It alTrElltlite•A D.
ueliOß itAxs B. Bin:
1,011 B L. [LW Of amnion 0 tolrik.
.hip, wl.l prment W. name for nomination for Al.
csinly to %Wolin/. u tamvonkion, to t • Imla Jwiall4l..
tWellEtitillsls WAS lie . *Hs
D WllllO t CuUla —"mum Id4o7ditabw.
bag.. tot Rabb • bleatAnnall) .0 wally d foe boa.
twubn l.r WA abut em.., babya the wring Uslan
()catty Conwaittun, by
sylssiturto 11•a7 DCLIOLIEI3.
40kt. ASSEMBLY, (North Bidet. of
um Ohio Smi.j—Josis D. Lawry, on
,vrui ba oa.ndldisto On Otto Obovo pod.
oa‘Jool io lb. doeicon of tho Doz. Mika Oaup
Uoavostlasa. . cooto:t
icreUltr-WUZ4/ / .11/1/4/0/nIB4/....
DAVID Aura. Jr.. of Poeta* folfuhlp,
D. mandato tor . %he Am se" subject to as dia.
casco V the nit Cob. Ononnifiet. E37l:te
uNtouliiXoUNTY 0011M1eSION - Bit.
Dinni rittitnirith Dbtrint. Date of
.ba !Oath Vilud4 oul bo • onodlda.a lar uoauti
egatalalloalw, •obJxi to bu &dabs of the Onl.n
County Couvontioo. ayttrto
170.4 1 0).CC00liTY 00M3t1,61.0NES:
—bsfosrf L•a. of tho Ulf, of Pittabargb,
via bf Ware tiff Oak= Gnat) Cosmootion
• offkotdate for tbo above a 1... o•Cto
Gismo tlaiumps, of tlitabergh, will be lk
br 'County_ (kwasklngicousr. sagfect ao the
decision of Ow next lint= Coavestlaa.
WEOki, OuuNT V WhissloblUbliß.
G. Comma. et el:turban. wl4 be
candidate tor the since othoa, outlets to the docialan
oc tb.znzt [Woo Omni, Ociaventicia.
. • Ito
likirOliDElL—Arsons. hto•
cum, of MnMLa towtoldp, oLI W e wag.
Oats for lb.:order, otrojoat to Me aortal= of Mt soot
Unt.a Canal Oonroatora. affritato
amr .FOR ISIKVILUEtt--tisim Satyr
• didatitr a ltador tb , s W obleci P t i o t Ina deiltion Of
that t plat County 0011ventt•in. apttno
rap FOR latilefTElL—aurn Itzsm,
cf Pat Adan.hip. vllll to a chaeldsr• tut
hsectir. sabbct to thstecfslas of ths Dabs Went)
Oucvntcs, • is ft: c
GUI; 01
we?' • Retabson to•aditp, ,1U to a caadfdat• for
Um arm sebitat so a* d.drlo4 of the next
Delon Comt• C•o•tutbri. • • :9:t.0
147 FOR Uln'i'Eii—Ja X ESP;
of Upper OhAr township. win be • Geo.
Olga her liteglater, alb oft to the deotttoo of the
Vows Ilsetsatlos they eodoo• • stblifote
Will to • auldidato tr thooMc• of &east of Wins,
fa, at Alle,Easy, . county, aabiscd to tin &ski= of
ck. Usion 'boob 00.ventme
4 - 4 eitug CLEFS OF Tali COURT&
—Joan N. Laandui, of Martha tow whip,
will to • candidate for Olesk of the oonrta, MONS
IS the do:delft et tab Dolan County Nosaliosing
071V/Oliiioll lahtkto
PM Towitittp, will bit
a can Mr Cat at the Omuta • of Illagbasy
09 SMIN SO shill 411014011 of ea tangos scanty
1101111OSAVILI 11)11•012SOILI. mbltita
w•mo - Goma, of iambi: tomato, Will be
Wore gm Woo Ootuay Coursatioa r • abalblato
tor Mort co Ins Cloorso. biltdo
-WE 1r 410 rEstrnia,fflusAVa.
--- -
—UII Wood street, a few days
a a o,our, boxy BuJA. :the flaw mill be ie.
....el ory laAr nil ts st war attire.
mos WATT A WILIM, MA Lib. t 7 street.
VAtilli FOR 57,
a - . scam well lespro..d. with LOX 11WrzthISO
tam= sreit.44 •to X OW thatonahlp. Allagheity
mum y, hair the Oily Nor Sam tarsisrly *said
bp J.... orblttuater, d.c.avd wil . b..old'eluwo,
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