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    f - N'L 1786.
O'FF'''t di' A L.
. Lima oyt. zar.:. , um:Ep.sTA.T.s, -
Passed at the Third Session of the Thirty.
seventh Congress.
~., 1. ~ ontm—No., 39,1
As icr to'tviderthe 'Stott; Of illicilian'in.:
~ ~,,,. , : . to judicial districts, and to provide for
holding the district and circuit notate
therein./ .., -• • -;• .
li fe
Be it ted by the Senate and Houseo
.Repreten I:ea rel the Milled Slates 'of ielmer
fed in ngress assembled, That ,:. , 1 Stiff”
- 2„ of„Mie an be end the f..r.t, iy hci,:by di:
Tided - to two judiciildiArtate , tt the fol
lowing nner nem ii •
1 t- • , - -
The este rs district Eli .11 - Jinbinice all,
thaterritory and waters wi,hin the folle'w-'
ing boundaries to wit; Comm, neinglat the
southwest comer. of -liilledsle ~._oeunty, in
the Staten( hitehiganeancr- rem urn from
thence north, on the west line of salitcouny
ty, to the south line of Calhoun cciuct ty ;
thence bast, on the smith line thereof, :0
the southeast corner of eaid last Thawed
• county; thence north, on - the rust bouoda
.. ..:. tidiff.44 09tuktYi to 'Ommtit
to, • hoe 4 Ea
ton county; th ence coo' , on Said south line
'lii3o,#lol.:ooll4oUPlgr ffiii4 county;
thence north, on the eas t bon dary of Ea
ton county, to the south line of Clinton
_. v. ., 1L panty i' . Mance west, on _the south bound ,-
. ,:l. fareyeitsaideautlYi tit the"-'soutimwt, tomer
thereof; thence north, on the west houude.
rrof Clinton and Gratot counties, to the
' . month boundary - of Isabelle County; thence
watt, omits south boundam,to the 'tenth
whet corner of said last. named :Ninety ;
thence north, on the west line of Isabella
' ,--
' --;and-Clare coundee,-to th e l south' boundary ,
nfldissankee; county; thence east, im" its
f . - south boundary, to the southeast' corner of
-,-.Missatthist 'Monty ; lhente. nor th ,' on the ,
~.j'ealtlinkof,Missatthet, Raleistia; and An
him :senates, to the month boundary [of]
~. limmet equity; thence east, to the south
..;".. 7', iilitt corner 'of Eanel - t0.P. 2 0.. thebee
north, on the east boundary of - Emmet
'County, to the Straits of Mackinac; thence
north to mid Way across said straits; thence'
' Watery, in a direct line, to a point On the
"..ittore a Latedichitan -where the north
• : ,
.boundary of Delta county- reaches Lake
...``•-,:` ' .Michigan; thence west, on 'the nor th line
a ,f, .1.:,-.lflioata_Coludj;.to the northwest corner of
4 '' .4 -14.144De1ta county;.thence-south , on the
' " --- efeitbeandary of said - county, to the divi
ding Hie between the States of Michigan
eat Wiseoisin in Green Bay; thence north
- • --resetwardly,•on.the. said dividing line into
: . - ,, Lake Minhiganc- and •thence • seutherly,
- through lake Mich igan ' to the ' southwest
* 'caner of the State Ofillichigan„ . on a line
-- - that will trufintle within: - sad boundaries
the waters of Lake- Michigan within the
admiralty jurisdiction of the State of Mich
igan ; thaws , east, on the south botindary
of the State of Michigan, to the intersection
of the west line of Hillsdale county: The
judielibellair of which district shall be at
Grand Rapids, in the county of Kent,
' 171 6 1. 1 447. "-n tit. ;In i t d rier stl t l te
hallta `e mbrace
all the ether territory of the State of Mich:
lean and all other waters of said State not
embraced within the foregoing boundaries
of said western district 'The judicial ten
ter of said eastern district shall be at D.
troll, in' the county of Wayne, where the
courts of said district shall be held.
Section 2. And be it farther enacted, .
'- 1 Thiktliere shall be two terms of the cir
cuit s t ud district courts begun and held in
each of said districts to wit: At the city of
Detroit, for the eastern district, on the first
Tuesday in June, November, and March in
.._ _ each .year; and at the city of Grand
.Itapids, for ,the western district, on the
third Monday of May and third4londay
of October in each year. And the said
courts' are hereby authorized to hold ad-
Seamed terms when the business before .
the:courts shall in the opinion of 'the court
reizi i t.
• 8. Antos it farther enacted, That
all suite and other proceedings, of whatao
_ ever name or nature, now pending In .the
circuit or district courts of the Unithd
&Mon for the district of Michigan, shall be
tried and die - paled of in the circuit and
districts courts, respectively, for the east:
ern district of Miehigan, in the same man
ner as the same Would have been is CBBB
said State had net been divided into two
districts; and for that purpos6 the juris
diction is reserved to said courts in .the
eastern district. • And the clerk of the cir
cult and district courts for the present
- illstrietaf Michigan shall remove the rec
• ords and Ales of the said circuit and (1,18... R
tried courts to the_ city of Detroit, and 'do
and perform all the duties appertaining to
- his,otlice within the eastern district; and
all tiroliele and other proceedings taken or
issued, or made returnable to the circuit or
. district court for the present district of '
Michigan, shall be returnable at the next
term of the said courts, respectively, in the
eastern district of Michigan. - • . -
Section 4. And be iffurthcr enacted, That
, J upon the application of any party to any
-, eutenew,pending which _would have been
', ••• einnumussediathewesterndis this:a if this act
- had been in form before the commencement
. of said snit, the pietfor Court may, and, if
..... 1 all Parties Consent, shall order that the
same be removed for further proceedings to
`. the proper court for the western district;
and thereupon the alerk shall transmit all
, ...- the papers In the cause, with ' a transcrip
of the orderof theremoval, to the clerk of the
, court tol which the said suit 'hall be remov
ed; el; sad allfarther proceedings, shall be
- Main said court as if the sus /tad been
'''.originally commenced therein.
" Section 5. and be it further enacted,
: •lhat the present judge of the district of
• Michigan be and he is hereby assigned to
-.-:hold said court/ in the eastern district of
... Michigan, and shall exercise the same jn-
. risdiction and perform the same duties
*Rids said district as he now exercises
and pat:muss within his present district.
•Illection 8. .dnd be it Ardor enacted, That
Anil process upon any judgment or decree
attend in the circuit or district court of
'the United States for the diitriet of Michi
• ' gan, and all other process fir the enforce.
g runt of any order of , said oburts, respect
linty, in any cause now pending therein,
cerpteanses renurtedits hereinbefore pro
Tidal, be issued from and made re
. ..
turnable to the p o ro pe r oourt for the east
.. eme district of MI 1•41,n, and mar run and
be wanted by the marshal of said eastern
district in any part of said State.
Bastion 7. And be it Armee. enacted
- nil Min be apypooiinnteda district judge for
eresternllistrict of illphigan, who
• Well Posseas theasine powers an ;do and
perm sA such - duties In .his district as
...'uttizaw enjoined or in any: wise spear
- ." -- taittiagto - the* Mont district Judge for the
• &Cadet of • and the : dlstriott
judge e mit dbetriet ;hall be - entitled to
the rams exeniantation as by law is provi
ded for the present judge of the district of
*1= 1;
And be it , further enacted,
• nig than be appointed ene person as
distrienntierriv r and one person u mar-
br said western district whose terms I
. • el appointment a service, as well as du-
iliesnd emoluments shall be: the same
those respectively appertaining to the
nsikeinces In_ the district of Michigan.
"..."Ald said marshal shall give the same bond
that ether marshals are required to give,
Übe:approved and recorded els now di
' ,`,ssined by law: Provided, That, the present
Astrid attorney ofdistrra lot Blichl
,, gin shall be the district attorney of the
,eastern Cadet, and retain the 'charge of
• Mat already conitneacad Ala
. .
- ..
; y .
*tt r .„37 5 4,74, 4 1-: . : •!% -• . , : 7 :.:17'.!.'7 , .' , .. , ;. , :".; - .7.• ,— A.; -;•: ".,.• ,:,,[7.7.--1,...”. i ; *:• , ..r . . , .F; . .f. ~.';.•;::
.•-• '.' -:-- • -.:-
-- -. .41,..c. :4;::iy:;;,elgiT:4-ii.e.::t;.:f..,,i,TX,-.:::J.,..t!,,,;•1"4;•':::.fV-,?f:;-.-.:.;---.‘,.,.I.:' '
•- • ... : ''. ''' ''''' '---4'3151.4:1,;?..i;r2,24'.1..ffit.3NX=.7.,f,r,..i.,;&7•Q.:,%;:if:.;•-g:i...q.".:::-4,::•j.5.,'11i',:t.4..51,te-,.;:,1..-.4,..,..(N-.....•
.. ......„,. ~,. ,
.....,4 ..„, .
~.., _
-~~~ ~~~
..... ~T ~, ,:.. .-. - .:3F , 44 . 4 - - .1 „. . ,
~,' 1 , , 1 . - 1 7
:1 g R
. ,
~. . •
IPITT:. . . .
16,-: . f , ~..i
u ~..:.7,..-
_ _. . ....
termination, unlestr'the President of the
United States shall =otherwise direct, and
the present marshal of the district of Mich
igan shall be this' marshal of the eastern
district daring _their _ respective official
Sec: IX' -arid be it itirtler enacted, That
all suits hereafter to be brought in either
of said courte.not of &Jogai nature shall
be brought , in: Uts _court. of , the, district
where the,defentleat4raitles; bat if . there.
be more than one defendant, and they -re
side in' 'differeist districts,' - the plaintiff
m ACM *her and, send a duplicate
tlkairiletht Cellitdarita,=divected to the
marshil, ofdho ether district, ea which an
'606 - genie& e`..h . slThe made that the writ
this sent We copy- of .a writ sued oat of
. the court. utiles proper__ distric't; and the
some writ.; when e.xeauted.and -returned
into the office from whence they issued,
Bhali constitute s onc.tsuit and be, proceeded
in aearrdinglSU.: •
Approved, February 24 1803.
itftrunia—eble. - 40 . 4
Xt.:r t 6 post r oads.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Howe of
Rep:wee:tat:thee of tie &lied State., of Amer
ica in Congress Assembled, That the follow
ing be established as post roads:
• - •
From Colusa to Bear Valley.
From Folsom to LiiiooLu.
From Trinity Centre, via Summerville
Cecilville, and' Centreville to the Forks o
Salmon River, in 'Klamath county.
From Warrenton to Troy.
From Warrenton to Pinkney.
- Front St. Chardea to Eilaah,in Jersey
county, lllinale Tia Portage de Sioui.
From Wellaburgh, by Chain of Rocks,
rßailey'a, Chantilly, and,Snow gip, to New
:Rope, itAinColit county , . ' t
From Mount Vernon to Carthage, via
•Solver3ii Mills, i -
ILLtuois. .
Brom Peiv Station to Blue Giaits
From Knox to Hamlet.
From Bristol, Indiana, via Osborn's
Cornerti,lo Brownsville Sliohigan:
From Wilmot, via Indian Village, Crom
well, to Ligonier. •
From Brookville to Sumanville.
lOWA. -
From Dee Moines, via Adelphia, Vanda
lin, Bennington, and Red Rock, to Knox
From Sioux ( CR,' to the Yaneton Agen
oy,.Fort Randall, Fort Pierre, Fort Ber
thol, Fort Union, mouth of Milk River,
Fort Benton, Sun River Farms,, Deer
Lodge to Bitteti Root Valley,
From Masonville to Marion. •
Frorn-Vaneeburgh, Hinny 'Mille and
the utouth. of Laurel, to Olive Hill.
From Omaha City, via die Witt, to West
From Omaha City,.vis Hazleton, to For
Prom 'Fremont, via Jalapa to West
From Columbus, via Monroe to, Genoa.
From Columbus to Camden.
From Nebraska Center, via Elm Creek,
43a - ale Creek, mouth of North Fork of
Platte River, and Lodge Pole Creek, to
;Boulder City, Colorado Territory.
Frore - fort 'Laramie, via Deer Creek,
Platte Bridge., Green River, and Fort
Bridger, to Salt Lake City, Utah Territo
From Cottonwood Spring➢, via Republi
can Fork, to Fart Riley, 'Hatless.
Ftom Plattemouthy via Plattsford and
Forks of Salt Creek, to Camden.
From Brownsville, via St. Frederick,
Tecumseh, Vesta, and Austin, to Camden.
From Beaver, Till Greenville and Fort
Adams, to Minersville.
From Payson to Goshen.
Prom Boonville, via Bast Boad; to Port
Leyden, and titen6e, via %yet. Rolid, to
Lyons Falls.
From Pittsfield, Pennsylvania, via:Free
hold and Lottsaille, to Broken Strain
From New England to Arnesonle.
From Braceville to Farmington.
Frora Gremlinle, via Clapboard Town
Dill's Station, Beanavill, Nevada, Brook,
-to 'North Star, in Darke county.
• From Mapleton, the present terminus of
route number twenty five hundred and
eighty three, to Newtown.
- From Pittsburgh to West Middleton.
From Germantown to Silver Rock.
From*New Germantown to Concord.;
prom Quakertown, We; Itichlindtown,
Pltasant Valley, Springtown, and Dur
ham; to Itiegleirrille.
From-Pflce via Wyulusing, to Dushore.
Prom Pleasantville, via T4nostiv y .to
From Now GermantownOrt 'Perry corm-,
to, to Concord, in Franklin county.
From Milton, Northumberland - county,
to Lowietonville, in the county of Mon
From West Nanticoke, via Harvey's
Creek, to Silver Hook.
From Strondsburgh, in Monroe coon ty,
via Snydersville, Kelleraville, and Fount's
_Tille to Brodheadville.
From Kelly's Station, on the Allegheny
Valley railroad, to Cochran's Mills, in Arm
strong county.
From Reading, via Adams,' Brownsville.
and Hip's Stdre, to Womoladorp.
From New Germantown, Berry county,
to Concord, in the county of Franklin. '
wzgconsus. '
From WSIISIIII to Jenny.
Prom Wanpamia, v/n Amboret, to Plover
From Kingwood, via Albright, to Port
From Denver to Bear Canon, on the,
headvatere of Weet Plumb Creek.
From Golden City to Baleton oreek.
From Mankato, Minnessota, via Madalis
Aahipman, Randolph Lake, Stevens 'Like,
north and !math bends of the Dee Moines
river, Lake Graham, Blue Monad, Sioux
Fall, Upper James Crossing, Yankton,
Smutty Dear's Camp, Bon Roque, Wanns
vi, Tuffsville,-for Neshudu,) Philbrioks
Crossing,(or Choteau,) and Greenwood, to
Fort RandaL
-From Elkpoint, via Ernie Creek and
Valley of Big Sioux River, to Sioux Falls
From Great Salt Lake City, Utah, via
Ogde. City, Cache Valley, Snake River Fer
ry, and Banusok - Clty, to Fort Benton.
-- • -
From Chios, California, via Bussaililo,
to Humboldt City.
From Fort Laramie, Nebraska, to Hell-
Gate, Washington.
Bee. 2. .elnd be if furthirt enacted, That
the true intent and meaning of the eighth
section of the sot entitied , "An sot makiag
appropriations „for the eervloe of the Pest
Office Departumnt &mini the _fiscal year
endhig the thirtieth day of; June, eighteen
huhdred and pixty-twq,':iiipsit,likiv, taken,
'deemed, and construed to lei ,clireot4eVito
tho Postmaster General toveske'tho
service on the route tharldiAl*Oeild"-
sal-Weekly for the period ehreeela prOlded•
For eons!, time past an advertisement has appeared
la no polwrs bare, elating that Flee Gold Medals
had been awerded "the HOwelievrivi Itlackdatel at
tee late World's Fair In London, 'visa for the beet
on "3hihit'on for all PtirODlVill, and the others for su
p-tier cranial.. of sowing." Theneh aware at toe
time that the statement was wholly desola Of trntb
ands grow Ineraeltlon en the pale ; we toriar e no-
Vieille It until '
melt time at! d get an edictal
copy of the Report of the Judges in the matter, to
teat we could glee Its POWs. and antherithe non
Wis.:lotion. That Report, pubPahed by authority of
the Com minim:lore of the Exhibition, le now in our
posetelon, ant shawl how utter untrue are the
!Mateo:tem In the adeertleetnent laded to
At the Vicrld'e Fair the Witt RR • WILSON
COE P.. N Y tad but a sh.glo Machine oo exhibition,
whits of the Power Ilachlne there were !leveret on
hand. Lu the °Eclat copy of the award, which, may.
be Ileen at oar rooms, :V bTfLEIGT,
atat.d that a Gold Medal was bearded the Nowa
'awing liu.d.duu Company, not, 1,01.11•01 . , !meanie
their Mandan woe Letter, or as good as others for
al purposes, bat Sancta* in the I.guate of the
award, they exhibited - .the be,t cellectlou.•
'I he 'lour medal... g..d to bare been awarded
for superior ape:knees tf era log, were wear awarded
of all, nor did the a Oreeilid "nopenor sewing" rt.
calve area the berme compliment of an .. hOtturabla
mention 'ln the J udge's report, Compare this with •
the sigh compliment bestowed on the WILE [LER
WILSON MAOH.INE. Though the °company,
deoldbag all prelentioue display, -had tut a Lelegte
machine on exhibition, It was awarded
A COLD riFDLL ()it ns?assiTs As .1 YAM
Thrse are the facts of the case, as exhibited by the
official report of the OlMlllts.loupra, and in Jo.ttem to
onrs•iv. a, as troll as to extols a parpable and flasTant
irttecopt at impoltion, vet have felt constrained to
lay them before tbo poi tla We repeat, therefor,
(het the WH6&bdtlB WILFON MACH? N 6 I. LA.
olds machine errata repaired a LAULD MEDAL °. i&
ra-rias at ta. info Worbes Fair, and pronounce all
atatomenta to the contrary, no matter from what
'mule they emanate, s• wholly unworthy of belle,
Will. SUMNER at. CO.,
Wheeler & Wilson Machines,
W. 'er r i.L.l..l .;. ),
Pant L.VSn floir•Li; 'rid -4-it
lenchitme a, (mot /Moon to treaty dollen
&mayor than any mime tonminto, to the est!. Tiny
w;11 do all kln,b of vote, •ad ere 'mama led for
Qat. 'Gaza. They an to altori* that ant child it
yarn old tan tom them to martoettom Oonste..tly oa
hand IWO* 4 daaitot Machin,* lisedion, owning
I , ottot., tn. ai toreat ideate: prima.
Jolt r_ M 241.1 1l:. matt
. fi.1.7-IFea
PIANOS. I • t r ;
Jrtat °nailed this week, ► choice supply of them
beautiful (untrue owe, beyond • doubt tb• emu In
the country Thu (set Is now edraost universally
conceded. For bale =MOM* peat we hay. Dot been
able to 1311 ona-haff cf our orders.
43 BI FTf4 /3THErT. 2/1 dew: above Wood,
Bole Asrut forKNADES PtANOB. roy29
The beat cheap Pianos mere, /or sato by
Bole Afoot Cor HAINES BROTHILEB' Nelms imd
PRINU6I9 siztoptohre. • ,serll:3
11A190. PIANO& ,
A 7 octavo Chlotrering, twautlfel bleck - erabu9
case; very tittle CO
at 7 octave adekertog, rosevned, retard cot
'nen; a frit rate inatrunteirt..;......-a.,.:—..1 1109 00
A 7 octavo flays" a Go., rosewood; • Land:mob
Plano, to good onier—..- no 07
A octave btodart., roaewo'rei, carved panel'
1n... 166 00
A OK octavo Oats A Co., rosewood, round
trout; an azoelleut 180 Le
A 6 octavo (Thlckertnsr, roe:l9°od, round cor-
A 6 octave (ballet. Utak A GO, rasewocd--.,196 CO
A 6 octave accalart, mah0gany......_...........,80 00
A 6 agave Swift; " . ..... 76 00
A tl octave Ciernsau. " GO OD
A • octave Denham, BO 00
A 6 octave Loud, 60 00
• 63f. 0011.70 Englteb,9o 00
A 6 octave • 711-60
/or sale by Jfitte , rl9. BIEL4OII,
fat 81 Wood `toot.
recelrod the FIRST OGdeS P BIZIA I - 11111
MEDAL, at the {Volum'. Irma. London, 116.1 L
Bar Warranted experlor teal others In erten, re
spent. A new stock of the stem jut errleties.
115 Ir dole Agency for this dletrict Ibr the fitelnwey
Plana et H. 151.318Z1t &HEWS.,
Be. 53 fifth send.
poseL ht.w.rera
Inaorpor id try thy botiolOtaro of Porautylmott
10pett Mr- Dopoirits from 40 a. m. to 2 o'slook p.
dally; .10 onjATtlit.DAY XIVZNINOtI, fron46 to
9 o'obtolf.
DAM ITOB Y, hr Mocbarda, Laborers, Marks, sad
all those whom , means or whip are mai It aim
commode hay if to Executors ; Adtzdolutdre, Gut.
Warp, Agent., voluntary 19cidatira or Annelationc,
and perilous of affolooes.
',name at the rata of BIZ IA MIT; par as.
rum to bald on depoelts ; width if not , drake, will
be plaood - to tlia cradtbof thidapordtod co the And
don of Hay and Norambtr, and thereafter bear the
mania intarati aa tbd principal; At this rata, mosey
wilt double in Lea dan Rocha Foam
Interact will 006=61200 on all dopadta theftrof lad,
made.Meatth dart of nut month attar inch deposits are
Boot% oontaining Chatter, ByLa.a, •a., Ambit
mappllcation at tho °atm.
Pr idea-100.0 JOl.OlB.
Vta Presidevu—W. H. 00PNLAIND
...mgr.'s: - .
Flom 29208. M. am..., Han. J. K. llocatt MI,
ism ;OW4. - 'Os Q. ammy,
W. 11. - Clopelm-d, ja..,/, mu.,
Barmy .ob.Mls. - Uldsolim Voeirtly.
• .;., , ;
_. Wm. El. amith. - •
geormiry mid Treammr-.A.A. 04371111 L • '
Mokamitir , ' . - . mriManwir
, 14A1KUM. tezatuutiuN,
ant= OF ti - AIGIL TB /.11/);.lticlAß4.4ms;
. . . .
• omos, No. 4. 0041144 • 0 4 Energy and . illth
Eiseki•Velcaopea mut- stsfp.9aAne v aad sa d ,.
puma, 1.210,10.
See. 3. And be t further enacted, That
the Overland Mail Company now engaged
in carrying the United States mail from
Saint Joseph; Missouri, to Placerville,
California, shall haYe tha privilege of oc
cupying the public lands where their sta
tions are fixed at the rat* of not more than
one for every ten piles of the route on
which said company carry the said mail,
and shall have preemption right therein
of any land not mineral ? and not- disposed
of or reversed, or to which a pre-emption
or homestead claim has not attached when
the same shall be brought into market to the
extent of one hundred and sixty acres, to.
be selected contiguous to and to include
their " iiaprOvements; said pre-emption
right being in lieu of the same heretofore
granted by,the twelfth section of the sot
approved'third' Aleph, eighteen hundred
and fifty-seven, entitled "An act making
appropriations for the service of the Post
Office Department dating the fiscal year
ending thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred
and fifty-eight.
Approved, Februst,ry 24, 1863.
enetrzav .irt.ica,Gratv.
&terns ALONE
Yezxtitif aetriNr ,Vachtnes.
ea.wrara, >. tior.rth • treei,
onest.cirrE i3xiumm, 43 lllda I.ltree.t,
• AAphraiLTVGl2lo.Lee 0117icl.
authe iorysaizThation of an' Invalid Corps Le beraby
This Corp shall consist of Companles,end if it shall
berufter bethought beet,. of Beeeafeen.
The 0 mandate admit be Med* tild tan the fallow ,
lag soma. viz:
Fine, By attar tared awri i ‘ad enlisted men of
commands now td t 6: Wald twee ter sanely present
or temporarily absent,) who, from wound. received
in arisenorowes , . contracted In the inle of duty,
ars molit for field weir*, bat are still cspabla el et
fatly* garde:in dot, or mach attar light duty as
may be required of en Itt•elle Corp., 4•Ktre.etel
Oommenders shah at .4:ce make ppt, *Am
Mon received fans their Medical ano Orman, ROL
are, and from their own 'knowledge, rolls (accardlng
to the Port. furnabai,) of the names of ail the gig.
cora and enlisted in a auular their arog agg g i w h o
falai the following condition*, Mr: •
L That they are unfit for active field service on
account of wounds or Masao contracted in the line
of duty; this fat being certified by • Medical Officer
in the service, alter personal examination.
8, That the+, are fit for garriann aut ; this 'fact
bebag likelvies wilted by the Medical y
Officer, as
above, after personal ameba:on,
*. That tbe,y,are, la the opinion of thafr Con°
aseding-ORicems, meritorious and deserrlng
Thaler rolls shall be cartilad by the Reamboing
gammon end Regimentel Commander, and triamita
led, through the °molar alumni/le of military corn
ogedepoe, to the Provost Marshal General of the
Mated states.
The Regimental Commander 4801 enter to the col
umn-of mimics, appetite aeon ogicart.lll=ll en the
roll, a statement n to the garment clanniter Of the
officer for Intelligence, Industry, iobri g t, a n d
tine to daty ; and all tatiatualtata Oommandazi shill
endorse thereon each fang Y the, may pepeasln the
ease, or If they here none, they 6'll stator how far
they &remitting to endorse the opinion - of the °Moir
Cr officers tasking tee ra7.6lo3eildlltiClD,
reiJs shall be forward.d from tbs. to t5.„.0i ne ,,,,,
the number of loon fu flUing - the lunatic= enema.
and or the exigetml.e of the saran* mag-renderit
Second. By Laing those damn • •tid enlisted mew
. 0 111 a... r m. e and burns on the rolls, Brit who are
Lent from duty, la Licepitele tr Coot:hies*
Camps, or an oilier wise under the co trl of '-tredlcsi
Olden. In these t 0.,. the ldadiciel °Meer In at •
tendance eked' prepare the' 'lotto' according to rem
entering the names a r- ollkiereend-lecen. _,yen ,the
11•1110 regiment on a roll by themselves, Mid send
them, with the mrtidc .tent the Von, ddly Man
ed, to tit. proper iiegluienoal Cu m ander, who will
Lumen! them, as horoMMA el:ocif.ed, notlect MI the
came condition, nod r.quiresomfta. If. in any cu;
the limbo. end Commatiorr .ball think an ofiloer
mat, In pAn. 1.1 character. to continue in the ser
vice of th.antallil Oar* thengh disabled and oortli •
fled by the SurroJii, he will state hisobJection in lite
ooloma of remarks, and note the niceptian belore
dyeing the rental:am It any onlomorejimed man
one le tho earthier, Vitt shallot and bate the reach
of • ittedical tiftleer In cbaNe die Hopi ot Coate
lament Camp, Metre. - ti enter this Corp,, be will
take the tonne Indicated below for MOM who hate
been honorably diontarged thisertina
211 - d. By accepting. those °Mean and el:dieted men
who bara,bsen hone, all ) dttchaini cn a*onat of
- wounds or dismiss connected hi tha . Una of ditty, sad
who dredge tote:roes the serelca.,_ baba cam of an
ofSser, mmucattoe for appeiotmeat mast be snubs to
the Prone: Blush& Loheral 61 the United Onion
th,.... g ritt ie emcee e.t.a.r., Acting Aniettutt Pm
vat Blanbal timers: or the State. Be application
of tnge land will be orniatereil unless the following
conditions are completely halted t
1. That the appl cant predate tta auttanto of t he
Surgeon or the board of Enrollment for the &meet 1
In ankh be rules., that he M 0-51 mr acne* Bell
cozy on account of vor.folf or Maims, anthle not Ila
hie La draft, MIL M a: Ilr p.mlacm duty.
2. That be furnish evidence of nonorable discharge
on account or moulda or dlmbUlty contritelid Is the
Los of duty.
- E. Thu broproanceneamairsessilstiene tom the Fio•
&mental, brigade mod Interim Commanoen guider
ahem he formerly arrow, that he le eottliyhA beleg
thus provided be end carob,. of /titan:anyrquate
senile to the Govern meot to ..alit she be la.
practicable to get this lm: erld.u.s, he ma haring
astahlahad the Bret two points above; •• eft the
Board of Ifdtrollment that be 11l deserving d ore
sent Its oarritcate of the fact. o hlll (We ce matt
gi he obtained by the avollcant, and raVa trap
milted with hlsapplirsten Mr epanoteeenti m
el there be co Acting Essimant. Panel l . rend General for the State, tun •ppliat
cion ma te to:-
warned 'brutish the A •Jetsot bestial ut t • aim,
who is deeired to oadosaa Memo such fart. In the
mi'llery him ry of nha applianon as be may Boole, or
m Ikon afforded oy his remnitc.ati I tormire 4. same
to the Protmc Se 'tribal Derretaluf theylidliolintatn•
konatent man, hottorsobi elashar.ed au arcount of
of cllaadllty de Ina, M te enlist le thla Corp. will
mascot chommaii a to the Dowd of Lare/lto 01 MC
the In which 1401 ,olds, fur esaraltimion by
Ma Surgeon thereof oho than .zafalm them and
_ .
report the 'MOIL to the dcard at Snrutment.
a. he Board than th-n Ids:elder *eat owe.. ahil If the
applicant to totto4 to 'olitl/ (be ooealtion• ' opociftod
below, the Board etutl oleo !tat s orrtlncati to that
t:Ldt, eta:
L hat he It neet to se,lee to the II:Id
. .
Y That be b 1111 .122 v. , lima du t.y. 1.
12. Tn. Go I. 22.21t01i./1.111 Wad ale.urrig. 1
4. That Lo wan h0u,r21,12 dmch•roxl from th
• tea
he Provost Marshal the Di. riot attall then
scud lb* appilcation. with this , ertinoate or the
Dotard, to Me acting /sisals snt P. 1.1,001 ldlaeohal
General of the 6tilita, orb aoall procure such lorldance
of oeruoe and chi:vont, r u it. record. of Lbel Comp..
of to .bleb be hetonsel. on file arlhe Unatignartoto
the etate, may shalt., If sfied tel Fit ts
mernoriam cam, sal that Ma man le deemiring, he
will owleb him to atol..lance with etch epeOal nuke
Y the Proems Ilanhai mneral n •.t.'Ueh
laadlt al Imiaetorz, normems la, charge of humph.
tale hlllttary Waanmadeet, and all atm» harleg
sathatity to discharge, nailer ealethig , ttee Mad mfg.
alaUoto, are forbiddan t. grant .alomergen la any
men under the r control who a.ap be fit for .pence It
the laralld tairpe.
The ertrcet alarthal Golluild ill charged 41th the
erocalkm 01 this order, end the troop organ}sed un
der It Bill be under the a. , ntrol of hhi
kly order el the ban etery-of War.
n.• AdJutent GeromL
'O. 421 BEWOBIE V.
'rho laibecriber reepectf4lly Welke the attentloo
of h Meade and the public generally to hie Piano
forte Netehllehment, .t No. 37 Broome *Met, oar
ner of ()roan) street
Having withdrawn his interat, stock sad mate
rials fr Len 14. arm Of "Mesta d liredbur3e,"
which brut was diasolvad co the illst Amin, nit„
and having purobanad the tonna nosh a video.
Porten and rtano•lort• material owned by his
brother, Ed lard Ct. Bradbury,: in the said arm, he I.
now prepared to supply the Incased demand Aar his
adebrated Haan Forte.. imidophgths mast skill.
tot and exparientectanorkund,• with • largectock of
the beat and inowgtheconghly senatuod molar W, or d
as abantlanoWof Capital,. ca Wm taken in hand the
personal rnimirvititos of the whets , budicae of.rnann
factoring Ole instraments, and ts enabled to turn out
Piano •Voriee of &nap:Willed lois and dreakinsen.
BilADDllltir 8 NBC' Baits PEAR 0-£WITS.
In the arrangement of cur pew sdsl 4 , dlosn add
prepared with the atonst case, expressly fo tdr now
instruments, we hove added nosy improvement
which can In any way tend to the porGietidd of the
Punno•Forts.,and tss can confidently asierthbat, fcr
delicaoy of touch, solo me, pate, brilliancy .4
avatars of loin, comb. ned with that strinigib and
solidity of frame neornsvry to' durability, tad. in.
strumenta ma unequalled , •
natation( Lan Blatt*" ia oar mutt°, add we In.
vita the clods{ initicVm of fhb best inlithinal Judged
In the land. • ••
iffirEvorr instrument warninied Tor !lesions.
toh7:2m 427 Broome et.. oar. of Oroeby, B. T.
SNUFF Anorontwoo meNureortraray
16 & 18 0114M1411118771118T,
(Tormer)y 49 Chchim street, New York,)
Would call the stlentlon o d Ave N the Miklos of
tda manulectore
' BROWN saurr,
nacaboY , kin° it•PPeo. yowl. &VP., American
Gentlemen, Dankly., Pare neve* Neobltochcs,
Oopubspo. •
YGLLOW snrurr.
Scotch, High Toed tlootch, Irfah High in.,. a
Li:apiece, Roney Dee Bootch,Treah &met Boatel,
Slech Scotch.
tor -Attention la called to the btrp rediotlon In
Plow olinnei:Mt Chewing end Smoking Tobacco',
which will be found of •supertor quality, ; •
_ , TOBA000:
Pun err Onownii—P. A. L., or pink; 01rta
dial, or sweet i Swami Scanted Oron000; Tin Poi
inivondloh. •
Flamingo—S. Spetabb. Canuter, Tufkish.
N. a—A dredge of prime 1011 be eLot do open
cation. 4110:17
H. U. At A OtR6LL,
.11 . 1tomprel- , Lase and Okla. Aglow.
No. 114 TENTH.IS . 2BIIXT, Pttesbarab,Yee
.oollectloya to w
Allegtieny uldmottunit ander
• Prosecuted IP:neDIREB . 014,1. Ed, of crar7
boo; BOUN3IIO, for ill 42nbar,yeet Beleteila dw ar
410L18., tor woandsd.Oalcore "lif &Mem' NOUN.
.Trittt and_IPISSION Witham ratiatoi Wybax
ghtktrenßrotben *ad S
Biatent, for pr otberjegal repro.
ieutstived of tbose.wbo bay. died la taSeerrttes or
have died. attaadleobarge, from Olean coittreetee to
eirtto charger until collected, mud no Wear all! be
&anyone note. • flexor I. wadded- ' ee.e.
11.0 The JANUAiIIr LIST. of United Staten
dee Tie" tbr the TenwatpThird DieUtict. Pa.; bin
been teeeteed:ind le now toe iduriwWabli the
Internal 'brivonne OW*. WATZB • flair, sed
door IC lbo cuy Trawars. DA Mia* rID N ,
0400soit !Min .
]-' - {
Vittsburgh Gautt.
P.uhileation Offiee No, 84 Fifth Wert
'l,lo.Np . MORNING, MAY 25
Dimming Limnos, bb um% per year-011 00.
month... 70.
WOOL.— la.
• siiigio
1.7Z/lINO MDITIOIII, by map, per year-- 4 60.
month.— SS.
week..... 10.
•• 'lngle 00p1ea,....
Wwastr Eatrto•, 'lngle tipples, per year.. 2 M.
dubs of sto 10, ~. .. 1 150,
clubs of 10 or more" , 115.
—and one extra to the party sending dub, Toi •
_ deb of fifteen, we wilt send the Evans° Quarts
daily. Per ■ tint; of twenty, We will send tbs
bloats ilaserra daily. Single espies, 5 cents.
WAn snbacriptleas strictly is adesaes, sal pspers
slintys slopped when the time expire':
The Situation of Gen. Grant.
We have enough of news through rebel,
sources to inspire a good degree of oettildenoe,
thatiiien. 011417111 safe, and to naafi he that
-he has achieved a brilliant serial of victories.
Leavingthokeon, he appears to have marched
westrard, alums the railroad leading toN'inks
burg, destroying it very extensively In kit
rear. At or near Black river (Which ',said to
be 36.mlies west of Jackson isd.pnly- 8 from
Viokibuig) he encountered the robot foroia
under PEIBIKTON, defeated them, and - drove'
them wogs the bridge—which is said to be
the largest in Mississippi, and which was not
destroyed—to their intrenchments. This all
comes through ;rebel sources; and is indeed
confirmed by the dispatch of lien. J. E. John
ston to the rebel Secretary of War, and Pub
lished in the Rlohmond papers. Ih a rebels
acknowledge 'Ruts of three thousand, which
proves that the battle was i heavy one. The
Cincinnati .Gasetf• of yesterday say.: ;
messenger direat • from Orant'e head
qusitere, stated that the national arm.* would
wove egainet Haines' Bluff, with the view to
opening communication by way of the Tattoo
river, with the base of supplies at youn g 's
Point. ;This informant say' Eliant'd army,
viitTf the rations carried forward and shpplles
captured from the snowy, did not expect to be
under the necessity of tending again to Grand
quit for rations or forage It is almosteertain
that the decisive battle as been fought before
this time. If the rebels ace gained a Tiotory,
we shall doubtles‘hear the news, vie Mur
freesboro, to night. I othtrwiso, tie may
have to wait another da or two.
The possession of the rest bridge over the
Blank river, and the o. upation of Baines'
Bluff, combined with th complete command
of the Mississippi, bat. below and above
Vicksburg, will leave t• • rebel army no ave
nue of, escape, and at di. SUPS time cut off all
its supplies. Wo cannot see how it can avoid
capture. So far, the m• versants of General
Groat appear to have nen conducted with
great Skill and bravery. We hope for glori
ous news from there In 6 few days; but yet
we ore by no means free 'from anxiety. The
movement north to Baines' Bluff, on the Ys
coo, is o very bold one, and is fraught with
General Butler
It appears that in accordance with orders
to reptirt to headquarters in Washington, Gen.
BUTLZI was to arrive in that city on Thurs
day night. Our dispatches, yesterday, stated
that apartments had been engaged for him at
Willard's ; but it Is not thought probable that
hie stay in the city will be pretreated. En•
mor has been busy assigziing him to thle and
that, bat whether he is really to go to St.
Louis or some other point, no one can pretend
to assert, on any' ground more sure thin mese
conjecture. Certain is is, that if. the Govern
moot can not give Gen...rturcss a more
portent command, the country will rejoice to
learn that Gen. Unarm]) ia cot, and that
Gen. BUTLER U, pe have the Department of
Tu■ DLYTON .Jovaa►r..—qt is anziounced
that W. D. Illottuax, Esq., lately clineeted
as army correspondent with the Cincinnati
Cosmerciril, has agreed to conduct the Dave.%
Aurae', the publication of which is to be re
sumed, et soon as the necessary arrangements
can be completed. Mr. Bickham's 'corres
pondence, whiob has been so widely read mid
highly appreciated bylhe public, affords
emit evidence of his ability to give the people
of Dayton a real live, loyal newmpoper:
Tint Twat CLAD escura.—This reseal has
recohed Philadelphia from Fortner Monroe,
for repairs. A number of shots pitied.
through her armor in the attack on Fort Dar
ling, as though it had been wood instead of
iron. She Is malted with thin plates of iron,,
laid on top of each otherlbat the attar} thlitirs
rues lY.not sullionnt to resist thotitreim Elias'
of largeualibre." • She Is to be repaired], It It Is
possible to fit her /pr service. When tor teat
of mail is strlpitedi off, whieh Is to 'done;
aid the Mill sulthltted for Inspeettoa, ; it may
In found unfit fir remitting.
_ i
Carrara or A. RiBIL CllplltAell geromras.
—The household furniture of the nbel Gen
eral Buckner, inoluding Igreg d quantity of
silverware, seversileohvofar, smuts, sea
tre tables mirrairs, and all th a:tida l:tang
ly fourd in a fashionable TO/1 01100, Wes cap
tared atlillsabethtown, Hi., n the leth In
_omit. The welds' captured lied ea's cars,
and were brought to Lonisvill on Siturday
Tun iteiMer D. G. Taylot.arrived at Bt.
Louie on Sunday, with sena hurfdred and
eight rebel prisoners, mostly captured by Gen.
Grant at Grand Gulf and Port Gibson. They
were under charge of Capt. Ewing, of tae 60th
Indiana ;regiment, and were taken tb Alton
for oondnement. There were twenkrlthwee
commissioned ofiloere among the number,
mostly Captains and Lieutenants. •
tention is called to the provision of the aot
amendatOry , to the Tax law providing that all
Instruments or papers which require a: stamp,
made, signed or issued without cue. siabitrt
quench) , to the let of June, are null add void.
Twb daughters of JOlll Bell, of "Beuitiessee t
recently cum through our lines to - 'root': of
their friend' in Philadelphia. It is' elated
that upon their arrival in th►t talky, they were
.mpieicily amazed at the incileet*ni of shun--
dunes and prosperity. , • .
A Ni r kcarroix.—A unlit aggro the' oth
er day, in making his exodus through garwis
City, was driving a - stylish buggy With tho
following inscriptions Bianaipation and
no Compensation," I: Deportation add.:Froo
'COTTON IN Nssosait.-8o =rah geotind has
been planted to cotton laSansas this Spring
that it will undoubtedly become a staple crop
in that Slate, if the present proiu suocessinL
RU IZ* YOR lizwarD.—The stun of MAK
bacihrwostrvitiadod_ko_,sho Bbhcrp of Boston,
who is nOw ix Boom. atilt, solid of ato
solfaciappoor of :Island., : _
, : ~. 'A ; '' , :eir.g.;--
IT la 'said that filstatllla Ilansphraf*U 4
shall has Wen 414thrad of oosa b 7
&IL Davis, awl em ~ P nsfotli put in his
, ..
• .
,-L .":„ . ,77.7",..:-.1.7.7", a ~ ,. ..4..:r., . ..., ,77 . .ti . ....,`, ...-!....',,, ..:, - ,:,... , 7"A.. ~.., ...7 4 44` -- ..i,7,74';'. , , , , , ,1Tc.1r, ,- , :";.7 . ,... - 76„V ,,.., t..);4 . .:,, , : .
•;."...ii?,.,,:,_.E4,;.7, ~.-..;.P,,,,i'''1-:"4:',411-.,,V,tAV4V,,...,-,,i's..4.'4-W..e.3.-4-WI.,,.f-0f. :... p**_ ,,,, 1 15,1,,, W:'n,,,,,k,,, •.:..31:, -
34.14 'W;g' . 4.:; , .;''''.31';;Wf.' , . 4 . 4 ... ,,,,,, .. ,, '',,,
• 1 144,1 0Y.;:ael ' , V - :%r s !_ltt ,, R%„„teA.,.a4,tN' •-• ''',,,,'
..q.......0',-,„4, , ,,,5,an,'•
~,,,, ,- .1 , 44. 4,4 . 1, 0 , ...-ai- - ‘, Ott 1.-.W.Z4V ' • le .•','
...• . -
Davis' Last Grand Project.
The following artiele, which we copy from
the NOW, York Evening Pb.:, irp ovidentry
written hy one who has closely observe&and
who has also (we think) sagaciously inter
preted some recent movements, and iildiCi
' Sons of movements, la their:riles of thl rebel
°adapt-soy, The vicars which the writer
. .
take,, And the policy which he reocuunends,
are. well worthy of immediate and earnest
eonsideration : . .
Weltave some Masons whieh lead is to be
lieve that,' in, the desperation of his fortunes,
the arch-rebel-Darla is prepazing.his last and
desperate itroke :for .101:101:0. lib Confeder
act,. which has boon rendered an exhausted
receiver by thi filbekade, no longer affords
him a good atmosphere for breathing; he is
Mori: .and more stilled *here he fa ; - and
should Grant prove victorious at Viekebarg,
or dev - essraliyitmder the new Hip:Uses which ,
hive' lately been' 6:ammoniated to : 14:1'014v..
a few more expeditions ilkethole of Orlareen .
and Stoneman his: respiratiototiliV become.
still more dilliaillt., Knowing this, and know
ing besides that a bold and Imposing effolt
mullet:a made to revive the dreoping_spizi
of his followers at home and justify the.,per
iistent attsehmenkof his friends abroad, he
hes devised all eggialls&P) campaign against
the North, with* be hopes to execute this
spiiiii;"dein the Minetiof the early summer. ,
Daild Is 'aware ' that another malaull upon
Lea, la his present:ppaltim4 like that reoently
.made by Hooker, though it chould be repulsed+.
as the last one Wei) would neiertheleierprovek
like that a Pyrrhian - victory'' It:Would coat,
him more men then he canorell spare, vediee'
the pro - portions of hie main i artny ce rt ainly to;
siShiasteous ixtent; and f&eliapt elposelt to :
:a speOirextbotion. , Bet ctLthat':anity de
pend& the fate of the sobeg9l4 .Ltit it be dispersed or destroyed, 'and if crimirlAue.
impossible to raise aboiloilethe Tahiti ofee.
cash. .- Three eoneeriptiMmecnibraof g._al l .
persons from the mese& siiteen ter slit ;hive
swept. Its society_ bus of able- hedio men.
Whatever be done , tia 4 AllUitikr WUr
most be doge , by the . preeent mhilaeyliChei,"
unless the toilets preceod to. recruit, tram- the:
ranki of the elites mare Taigiely thin they
have yet done; and morelatigeit'thadlhey are
likely to do. Whatever is' to be done, too,
' umetbir demo quiekly, Demean their retottreee
are running:ft the lees and the •anfferinge&f .,
the ordple getting to be intolersble.. -
llnder.theme OilTIIIIIVILSIIC011• the.wily leader
of the rebels conceives that Macau: protect his
army from a future attack, relieve the noose
attics of its commisse,riet,, inspire the confi
dence of hie own people, and produce an as
tounding' - sensatiore• in - Europe, by a grand
offensive movement against the North. Should
he succeed in' the purpose,why , of coirive,
- everything will be iecomplshed. Ills soldiers
will get food; hie horses forage; hie generals
glory.; his subjects oeurage;and his Englielc
abettors a hope of security fog, their :ioottenn
loan. But shouhtlie not succeed; theic is it
Reindeer in the movement which will re-'
deem even failure' teeth utter &evade: - Like
other great criminals Jeff Dtivia - w111;at lease,
make a game exit '
as they' coy , emblazoned -
With renown, and prods:deg a 'Lopez:dons
There ate unmistakable indications that
Davis ie quietly withdrawing trepps from the
ontlying camps along JIM seacoasts to rein
-Urea Lee, which moveinotit Will be continued,
we think, until that-General •hoe _a command
of from one hundred and fifty to two hundied
thousand men. AO toon as it is ready Lee
will move, we conlentnic, not in the direction
of Washington, bat of the Shenandoah Valley,
with a view to training the Pottimao setae
where between fdartinsbnig and Camberland.
/twill-be easy forhine„should to be labia to
reach the valley, to defend • hie flanks,'Dy o.i
capying the gape which are the only access to
it and to maintain also uninterrupted 600721111-
ninations with Stannton and the-Central Vir
ginia Railroad. The valley is with rapid
ly ripening harvests, and once npoet the river,
supplies stay be got frem Pennsylvania. -
The Southern editors appear in have ob
tained an inkling of this schonic:for . the Chat
tenons& 'Rebel, in a resent arable abusing
"peace democrats," says: "Whai dowe hope
for? Not for peace more than revenge upon
a worthlees, heartless-and *cruel enemy. Wo
hops, and hope it earnestly, to live-long
enough, if no longer, to see our cavalry troop
ing through every city., village and hamlet of,
the Yankees; to see their women begging Pm'
Motion, as ours have pleaded with. mutat eyes
to fiends in Yankee uniforms, to' be protected
from their brutal soldiery; to see the ploughs
torn from the hands of theft-farmers and bro
ken into pieces; their fences laid-waste and
their homes in flames ; their wives andehil-
dren driven Into exile and hooted front their ,
own territory, by an invading' enemy. We
hope to see all this ' and speedily .", .
lent writer , indeed , bet - whosematinees is not
without method. • -
b military authorities.may readily aback
mite this daring move hs either cue ottwo
ways : 'by a — eigorous - issailt °iota on the
army of Lbe before it shalt hive been Strength
ened; er by e previous Occupation Or the yet
ley& with a more donsideriblearmy than we
yet have In that region. Men - sufficient 'for
either purpose caul* procuretfrom the camps.
on hhe seacouti. If the rebel. can afford ,g t .
withdraw troops frouitheir positiolt, we ,eau
do so with mush greater propriety. At tide
season of the year, indeed., wittoo.the stammer
heats are at hand and our soldiers are likely
to be exposed to the fivers of the 16egronnds,
It Would seem to be the:dictate of common
sense and of charity, as of military predenee,
to transfer Otani to peril where they; would
find other enemies to fight than maleria: -. And .
heat. ,
,• •
On the uplands of Virgh,la, amid the
brims's' of the Alleghenies, eLd tear 'the's°
thermal waters to whieltAbe-Airst flu:0118i
need to resort for. summer health, our poor
soldiers would haTe a better olsinee of it than
among thi 'swamps and create of North and
SoOth Ourolina: It is there,' Moreover, that'
the battles of the yammer are-likely to be
fought, it.fought at, all, and. there that *a
Wright to entrap the reninants of the rebethost;
and punish them no long 'w man remains
with arms iwhis hands..- . .
Mrs. Illeviashelm in etiti :Hospitals.
Ina letter to thellew York Tribeie, Biro.
Bwmansur,afterneknowiedging men
dry.Ofta - and .. 4onatloni for 4h . p Melt , and
wounded soldiers, &myth' fallowing heart
stlrririe pleture of the work In Which abs It
eniaged, and of tlie outreilngs and heroic for-
Utile of the brim, men - iiinone "eth - ind she la.
labOriniwith' the strong aid warm heart of •
true woman:
I have beim Uri, 4i, the hospital, ten dive,.
dressing' wound., .w 'Wounds, ',giving
'drink; and stimulants,Oomforting the, dying,
trying to- save the iiiing. l The , beroto,forti
-tads of tha sufferers is sublime; 1 -W4;l:Wave
bald the' hands of brave, struts . ..ran vhilel
sh a king in a parozism of waspiner. The dila
tors two eommittad tol my.tipeniel „care
wounded feet and ankles, and -ihniel raver:
anti, by_itue:manglid: lluitutif. time; heroes
and thant - Ood - and - xan - TO - r the privilege of
washing them. I •iiiintlildaky—banets , of
whisky—to waah feet, anti thus hip up 01/012•
lotion in wowided knee!, legs,'thigits, hips.'
I want pleklesitilatiln, pinkies, himinue;lem:
ins,. Limon,, oranges.:;` Ile well, men
Or noman'has a right to 'a Visa of lemonade .
We want it all in the hospitals: to . previnti
gangrene. Imill get -lady voluntaars ur go
thrlnagh the War& ,of a. Many ltoapltal*it I
041 0 1 WPAY With: drinks._ M:r 'hillineall la f
.drusing:wounds where amputation ma,- he
avoided bY spiels! ease. I writs ict4i bad.,
side of Arming .Littiallel4, Augustar hira;;.
%oanded ankle--where I have been ayie,4l,tw 9,
o*look this morning ,,, YU lifil llang,inlf „An
' - Four days 001 Umlaut j.d:titti,ainiA bfi.i. , '
E. Smith, of , Babridere, N. .T.,
'from ireuriir.
my nook, where befoul clasped them, dying,:
as "'holt to repeat , the immortal pray* Of
the blind Bartimittlaiddeiri die poorehitiv
ad handl, aid nu to Idr:./h, ties thrOdaiid,
with look-jaw. Oh God, there . plentyr„ek,
work; with the snip advailissi or UM ;RAU
akillful physidians, the utmost elitilinisaand
bait ventilation,:the exesedingand 1:4441ir .
liiidinipssitiii*itsiteilltd nuraes r thert
isinialito d0,,1f VW flew persona .ipirdiAr
to -go, jgDr.114,1#10441V4 °WSW
will itdpizadi! • • avAedbinh_ritilt.mir
:the ausasir4k hi.iaziatatm&
lad the mans hol gm for dedshra
have so; dlipoidtrod ti Volatir wlllfiLealki
Chnillalliell , AI!! . 4•"M i tttarit &$
- _
1 '
VOLUME tX.XVt7-NO.!;-,:1a44
are indafattgablo, int aidin'tb• eabbnation
•or inimatortii tb tki vesnipoi:
lithium,' to ma, hotter% I 40:1", Would
rather haTitralt and wirto,thagliadney. Ali
Suit ttirmeitNo.,24 L **lid gm
, traces storage from thoiliOa. 'DAL lola%
-of nod atprooh;th kaop ao.
coot if all "that 001R05,..1410 ichnowledge It,
wit!toutptiyiireittirk birir,*4 do to to
tumid moos aLo It auttapPiat
torts to have ever trablt ocaSttimita/ 0 7 sax*
Bo to obrofirtiag and our Wounded
Sea. .
~ : ~~s
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lla mama LT; ma( rem
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4mpls beau sinP•
4 : %kW ki4j94
i ~ •I' 4 ,
77-1DIllitIL; V-!? 4 . t 1 ! , 1 , 5 . l'
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' Wiiiiii4OkAIPUXAIA
Antiridaisit: ! lit
exisor ! sum Aso ZTB psopuots, 0114.
69 H 9ND 811 1 / 1 161
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041 ta for theyo
4011E13 raw 160$16 1 W IR AWDLIS
00 - 9 rAin -
flAcva , 19
. 01PMA16.tAigalit,
.4. 4 l6F.ffstid West.
Ob. itiEN4,ineed • not be .vetbarritteed
Iby 4, Iparcmentent 44,9,2tak. Ordlitmea,
Cwheniboy can tibititliett MC - WNW aid shipped
entllMMknolinig tbsCitYqnsorwilroPsobroP) more
prompt, With less Mak, Meebionble; and-jn better
eclat et 1- •
I R 474 194 1 1A R
jibe AUarheny..Valley BaUrcail.ahoralsairrence•
ritta:where OU le pumped trout the boats direct to
to. *Woad' shined to; antlaanti East or Watt,
without; au.draylog ar realityphig.
, tlVotaetrpromptly attended tet.
lairOlßee At Yard, ea OlUseat „Paistregar
- Poet' Oita, addrese, BOX 9 0 2 i rittaliarth or I
litatea &By at the Oft Xsohluwe; -•;;•
E 01T Ull. l'U
ManufaCtunrir and Boinsis of
. 1 '
C1A193011.07L, Bi,EZI2tZ VnlttekTlNO
tr z - rir.p !
sr Work , ' .PPon!te Bnar i4,(•
OlDio,ln YYBBY BLQOI, Duiplana Way,
TETrimpase. P.
11,1 , 9P./144W
100. 1 BT. OLal&BTß=frt Tiliaborgh.
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, 4 11 DM4LEia .P 1.104
. 1 1111 - TI4/ 0 11.1 1 1100.1148,/i1181104.13113,
P/LTSOLZI3.I( 0 , 11.1, Lc, conatlO4y on ,liand And
for Silk St the {MRS 112111.ket-pgfiahl Commuting
W minus roLterrro. , 001.6m
uluisAuDbuN siatuiska &M) . ,
Commission and Forwarding Ilestkants,
; • I Lti ,1;
f..IIiLIDE & .4,ET 411. EIM;
;4.19 rthvi 82117237, Ilninuaki.
f1t4041401 a Muterm
• !' •iL inven4ntem Parn4ces .
Ideiors..L as.Dr.isoaTli di Co.;
Smug's* ,
rnojnioiA K9q., Pius% I:Maßkinr. Banc.
mtaleltat ;T. •
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a natintll7 'an d Mir Arp,' best' 'quality of
BEIBELLtiGI OIL, slesi.ead witholaudor oho. • P 4
glamor, , - "
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ozzair*olkooolima- f:14.94,80a
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imiro4mr Aar omq, NO: 41, Mealnirr
lattsge. 43,; si4 Um& works lit.Linmaponis, will to
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Aft glikeriio4 2 Aro
pr di the best
con a t y ' aunty' rtenadrCtorbor
hhiktikoi muirad hai board of
ihOrita rionhaet
warehoore at Red Hook Polot, lbw k. la. Wit
'Wad dip* tors pros MAO- aboaild
'44, or 'MI BElta ,Liediarr or proroot dud lota oak
Liverpool. alerginr; Illhokdrit.oo4bo-Naln_ and e ts, other - *aroma .posta..; DANA i.oh.ANT,
iqt Potrolite 01/ Worik.Pitrohdrdh.
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i .74,1 4. *•th0r arms Ali iida•••• smaima wixwi:
la , 4 ;at ISSlSYSt*stathisi . About 11%
liesiii. of AOSA:folbo Boron& of &Salo', loom.
1 ;41/itoli q• 44' not goodly teOliki - Okozok, sn4
11 lbs 211 1111 USS Znoddolor/s1 Angulo Igo:
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