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Altilik*:; bail just reioraed
• &a* the Citywith iho -
hipag44,; edgopesto "god ,But Sgieetgi Statfr ty
Sprint and Sumner Goods,
-*ever befog* offered to the town or country.
consisting - in part olGermari, *French and Do
-mantle Cloths, Black & Fancy Cassimeres,
Satin & othoi-Vestimphltalian Cloths, Coats,
Gill:whams, Tweeds; Rye Jeans, Barege De
Lames,• M-i - De Laines, Ginghama, and
n great variety of Goods too numerous to men-
ANN a large assortment of Bonnets,
Parotids. &c.. •
Otreall and see, as I am determined to
undersell any establishment in the !Conn or
County. • April 3, 1854.
INCO3II 6:AM/to.
VIBE subscriber baa. alai a few more lets of
AL TIMBER LAND for sale, which will bd
tlicpeseetqreasonably. For information apply
to ' ' I. D. PAX'rON.
'Also a lot of LOCUST POSTS for sate.
'Gettysburg. May 15, 1854. tf
/PRE 141Cnow Nothings" will meet at the
_store of .1. S. GRAMMER, not to sunder
former parties. but to examine his extensive
stock- o f ,
We* Spring and Summer Goode
This being his second arrival, which consists of
Ladles' Dress Goods, such as Silks,
Deregest, - Derege de Lain. Jaconet and French
,Lawns, Debage Alpena, Alpaccas, Linen
ri. hams Chambria Ging-
hams, - Cambric and Swiss un in, tuen
4Carabric Handkerchiefs, Collars, Sleeves,
Mack Lace Veils. Edgleas• Gimps, Ste.
'ltalian Cloth. Cashmersts, (of .every eolor,)
end an assortment of Vesting's, ent:onsties,
Linens (of every Mad) and also a fresh sup
which Will be sold' very low. His stock of
goods bur) been selected with great cars and
-boutht eicinst rely for cash, a nd_le guarantees
to dispose Of them on as reasonable terms as
they-can-be-purcbased .elsewhere. Terms :
Cash • or country produce—to punctual cus
tomers,' a - credit of six months.
' - d. S. GRAIVIMER.
Gettysburg, May 22,1:854:
Nal ©©UL
HAS, opened and is now selling rapidly at
his. Store in Volk street, opposite the
a very' large choice and cheap assort
ment or SUMMER. GOODS, to,which he in
vitee the attention of the public. They have
.been selected with great care in the Eastern
,Itnee- been bought -cheap for cash, and
will be sold cheap for cosh---cheaper than nt
any fuller establishment in Gett.yaburg, His
ittoeir-consists in phrt of 'Black, Olue, Olive,
,Green CLOTH COATS. with frock,
dress.and sack coats; also Tweed, Caeltme
mt. Italian Cloth, Linen Lome, Cheek. Ging.
NUN. Sea Grass, Duck and Summer Cloth
coats; also a superior stock of PkNTA
ZOONS, consisting in part of excellent aad
well,made French Black Doe-skin easel mere,
Fancy Casstinere, Satinetts, Velvets, Cord.
Linen, and Cottonade.—The stock of VESTS
cotnprisen every variety of manufacture—fine
black Satin,Si!lt, Velvet, Italian Silk, white,
- fancy and blff . Marseilles, Summerclothi &c.,
_ &c.
Fly Nets t*Ply Nets!
of a good quality, excellent manufacture, and
offered. at low , prices. I have already disposed
of a large number.of these articles and always
1e the satisfaction of purchasers. Also on
hand A large lot of Tat, N KS, Hats. Carpet
Bags, Umbrellas, Boots and Shoes, Window
Shades, Violins, Accordeons, Guitars, Flutes,
Fifes, 1114:Aeons, Mirrors, Razors, Npectaeles,
Revolving, Single and Double Barreled Pis-
tots, Watches and Watch Guards, silk and
cotton Handkerchiefs, Cravats. Suspenders,
Gloves, Stockings, Spring Stocks, Shirts, and
shirt Collars, and a splendid assortment of
JEWURY—in fact every thing in the way,
of Boy's and Men's furnishing line.
SifirFirsurate chewing 'Cobacco always on
hand—a tare article, which chewers are re
%pasted to try. MARCUS SAMSON.
July 3, 1854. tf
No. 240 Pratt Street, Baltimore.
ISRAEL KNODE, Prnprietor.
JOHN G. KNODE, Superintendent.
May B, 18&4. ly
Tiffs WAY.
JP POU W 21 1 1 71 d V E RICLE T1147'
THE undersigned, having purchased the
Caltiage•making establishment of Win.
'Graham, respectfully inforini the public
generally that he will continue the said
business at the old stand t tn Washington street,
half a square from Chain tiershurg street, where
he is prepared to maoufacture to order, at
Ithott notice,
Carriacese - Rookaways Baggies t
He flatten himself that his stork is a little
ahead _of any turned out by any other estab
lishment in the place--having none but the
best of workmen employed, and using none
but the best materials. His prices are moder
ate. Sarß EPAIRING done at short notice.
- Country produce taken for anything in his
line. J. BARR
Gettysburg, March 13, NU.
Picture Frames, &c.
Wg invite the peblic to examine our Inv
?prior stook of Plain and Ornamental
Wean manufacturing every description of Gih
Work and Fancy Wood Pronto. on the most
pleasing terms. Also, Importers of French
and Gentian Looking Gies , Plates. Old
work Re-Gillwilt *vainest and despatch.
pay-Persons Baltiwore will do well
---- Vretaraiiie oar atwortraent. -- 0 - rd ere - front the
eountry'iwill he attended to faithfully and
ETT - & - Biti3 - .leters;
82 Recarit A., unser Baraboo,
epiguhle "Westecalitetet e n litstOluaore..
nay 8, 1854. 13?
.IriRESS - GO 0 DS, of every style, De Sage
flange deLaines, Silks, Liana, with
"frialetinceAe suit, for sale,ekesp at _
Apoil a. GRAMMER'S New Store.
*Mee Dress Gosada.—Ladies who
_LA wa nt splendid assortment of
INIESS - GOODS,- -finb-it-to edvan
-, twee by latildt ea the insdersipted and
are pwistasio
r it. AR-NOLO. 1 eized.
mHR gabs:critters would respectfully an
nounce to their friends and thepuhhc that
they have opened a NEW HARDWARE
STORE, in litaltiosore Sircel, adjoining Me
residence of Antic! glegkr, Gegyslnsrg, in which
they are opening
t;/ 41/1)) ED 2d 2.1 le. li g 9
ki • •
debar-mart, Olioc Lfittbittgo
Paints, Oils,. and Dre.ituffs,
in general, - -including every description of arts
cles in the above lines of business' to which
they invite the attention of Ceeeh-makers,
Blacksibithi, - Carpenters, Cabinet-makers,,
Shoe-makers, Saddlers, and the public gen.
Our stock - having been selected wit great
care and purchased for Cash, we guarantee (for
the Ready Money,) to-Aispose of any part of
it on as reasonable terms as they can be pur
chased any wissre.
We particularly request a call from our
friends, and earnestly solicit a share of public
favor, as we are determined to establish a char
acter for selling Goods at low -prices and doing
business on fair principles.
Gettysburg, June 9,1851. tf
A RE willing to certify that the .i.-lATHA.
alt. WAY COOKING sTovii is the very
beat Stove now is use, inasmuch as they will
do more Cooking, Roasting and Baking, and
do it withiess labor, and last as long again as
any other stove now-sold. These celebrated
stoves are constantly kept for sale at a very
reduced price, at the
Gettysburg Foundry & Machine Shop
where the - subscribers, - feeling - determined-to
snit all persons; have also the Parlor, Sexton's
Baltimore Air-tight, Peakskell, and Cabi nob
Cook stove, and Air-tight end Ten plate Par.
lot Stoves, of the most beautiful patterns.
The Seylar Ploughs,
which cannot be surpassed for lightness of
draught, or in the character of their work,
are constantly on hand for sale, and view
ofthe fact that the Mouldboard of these Ploughs
is one fourth heavier than thatof otherploughs,
it is decidedly the cheapest that can be ob.
4- WITHEROW PLOUGHS and others,
Coatings for the- Woodcock Plough, Wind
mill machinery, Castings and Hollow-ware,
with every article usually mad e atFoundries,
can be obtained here.
ct:rBlackamithing and Shoe Making as
usual. T. WARREN & SON.
Dec.22;1851. tf
Cheap Watches Er. Jewelry,
WHO L ESA L & RETAIL, at the Phil
adelphia Watch and Jewelry Store, No.
96, North Second street, corner of Quarry,
Gold Lever Watclies,'loll,loweled, IS caret cases, ezg 00
Geld Lupines, 2$ caret, . 00
Silver Levers, full jeweled, • • 12 00
311rer Lupines, jewels, • . PO
Superior Quartiers, " • • . . 7 'OD
Gold Spectacles, • • • • . 700
Me Silver do, . • • 2 60
Gold Bracelets, • . . 300
Ladies' Gold Pencils,. • ", . -. • - 100
Silver Tea Spoons, set, • . . . 6 , 00
.Gold Pens, with Pencil and 81lrectiolder, 1 00
Gold Finger flings 373 cents to $80; Watch
Glasses, plain, 123 cents,-patent IN; 1,9 net 25;
other articles in proportion. All goods war
ratited-Ao be wfiarthey are sold for.
s.rA U F 'l4' ER Oz, HARLEY,
Successors to 0. Conrad.
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers and
Lepines, still lower than the above prices. •
August 29, 1653:. ly
IHE undersigned has just returned front
the City . with a large supply of FRESH
GOODS, which he is prepared to sell at prices
which cannot be beat. His stock consists of
of all kinds, Sugars, Molasses, Col Tees, Teas,
Fish, Salt, Crackers, Cheese, Pickled Cu
cumbers, &c. Also,
Fruits and Confections,
Oranges, Lemons, Figs, Raisins, Prunes, &c.
--Also, Powder, Shot, Tobacco, Sega ra,
Gail's celebrated German Smoking Tobacco,
and a variety of other articles—Also, a first
rate assortnielit - bf the best qualities of
Wines and Brandies, of different kinda,N. E.
Rom, Holland Gin, Old Rye, &c.—all of
which can be had on the lowest terms at the
Store of the subscriber, in SOuth Bultiniore
street, next door to the "Star" office.
!"Also, always on hand a variety of Stone
Jugs, &c.—Give us a call.
GettY4burg, May 15, 1854.
PERSONS entitled to Bounty u
under the acts of Congress of the -
nited States - can have their claims prompt
ly and efficiently uttended'to by application
either personally or by letter to the subscriber,
at his office in Gettysburg. Claimants whose
applicationsimve been suspended on account of
deficiency in proof may find it to their advan.
tage to call.
Li e co. ,oi __.. x ; _
buildings, Bridges, &c.
Dealers supplied on• liberal terms by their
IVholesale.Paint Dealers and Importers,
N. 'W. ear. 'Kith& Market sta., Philadelphia.
April 10, 1854. 6rn
___ • •
TACOB SH FIADS respectfully informs his
tj friends and the public generally, that he
continues the Tailoring business,
in West Middle street, south side, a few
doors from Baltimore street, where he '
will be happy' to accommodate all who may
favor him with their custom. Thankful for past
• r favorsOwsnUeits a continuance of public pa
AN'T'I-NEBRASKA I tronage. ett - r•Country produce taken in ex.
FARE It Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. change for work. •., • I
Gettysburg, August 8, 1853. ly
fr LIE subscribers announce to the travelling COME ON E, COME ALL, and tell your 1
1 public that they are mow running a neighbors to come, 'to the Store of the 1 HAY WANTED
DAI LA .- I. IN E --0-F—ST A G-E S,- •'-`Two-Extremes," and see the splendid stock 1 .
between Gettysburg and Chambefsburg, leav- of HATS, CAPS, 800 PS AND ---- SITOES. iIERSONS having Hay ts-s-eltwilhi-o-well
ing Gettysburg at 7 n't:lock, A. M., and return- j now opening, of the latest style and of every 1 by calling on the subscriber, in Gettys-
Ti g m-y-7- 6 4-etoct i -la ; - 1 14--- i -a-same-day- i —ariety,siiniblo fo r _thgi,_•,•Sprino and Summer burg, who is desirous of purchasing. The
each way $1.50. s %i I season, for Gentlemen, Ladies and Calaren. highest mark - et - Rice will ho petit" at .11-times--.-
Stage Office in Gettyshum. At the '"Eagle 1 have made arrangements to have Boots Ctz:r•As he intends having the Hay, after
Hotel." GEH lI., r. TATE & CO. and Shoes made to order, by the best of work- beity t racked. hauled either to Hanover or,
Aug. 16, 1852. men, and of good material, in the quickest Baltimore, the preference - to hatil will be given 1
Gettysburg, April 3,
,pespible time.
1 1g 8 V 5 . 4 1 5 . V.
i,, PAX , ON. to those from whom - he may purchase.
-..,-„1-4, SOLOMON POWERS.
-- --- -- -- - --- - ' - Dec. 6, 1852. tf
ei_rocerieg land Queensvrare.—
county to produce cheaper and better Groceries V) —The Gentlemen are respectfully invited
and_Qugensware than he is no's selling. Sugar to call and examine coy stock of Cloths, Cassi
a &Pate - qualiky and hard to beat, for un/r,ateles and Vestings, direct from the Importers, -
42.-Ri-P-a_poutcand_e • ..srliing elsr in p_rsvor,before purchasing, Qs I • cannot he undersold.
(lotio [Alar4 10.
Kr I he fee charged is $5 i n each caiie , pay
able upon the delivery of the warrant.
The subscriber will also attend to claims for
Pensions for Revolutionary or other services
and the location of lands. The sale and pur
chase of Land Warrants attended to, arid the
highest cash price paid for the same.
' May. Li, __tf._ _ Attorney_at law—
lat? GlaTlßil.
T " R sabscriber hereby gives notice to those
who have - . promised him WOOD on an
eotint, that lie in in want of it, and that unless
at is - delivered forthwith.,---without any- further
notice, the kecou sits will he planed the hands
. nd the-tnoney
va an o cor or
FAWN EST° C IC & SON S,haire Jima re
ceived and are now opening one of the
largest & most complete assortments of Spring
and Summer Dress Goods ever o ff ered to the
public. ` Our selection having been made with
great ate, an& our stock purchased at reduced
prices, we feel prepared to present induce.
ments such as are rarely offered. Our stock
of Dry Goods has never been surpassedi.and
witb the addition of bur last purchase, Com
prising as it does Cloths of all prices and
qualities; Cassimeres, Vesticigs, Kentuebt.
Jeans, Plaids for Children, Berage De Leine»,
Mr. De Laines, Beragea, Berage Alpacas, Cal
icoes, G ngha ins, 'SHAWLS, (Cashmere.
'Tibet and White Crape, of every variety,)
we challenge the county to produce their equal,
as regards quality and price.
Having added _largely to our variety of
Grocerlem, -- vre.are prepared tolurnish the
finest qualities of Syrup, Molasses, Sugar, eze.,
&c., at reduced rates ; our stock of Molasses
and Sugar is regarded .as the most complete
ever offered in the county. We deem it need
less to enumerate, as we have always on hand •
a complete assortment - of Dry Goods, GrOCEM,
ries, Hardware, Queens are, &c„,
To satisfy you of the truth of our assertion,
we only ask you to call and examine for your-
self, if you want bargains, Call early tut
Sign of the Rd Front.
April 3, 1834.
A imosT everybody - is attracted to the
/IL Store of J. L. SCHICK, in the Three-
StoTy bitilding., South West - corner - of-the Di
amond, to see the large and splendid stock of
:i3"CiSKr Cq2.coackcillsze„
he has just broug
.t rom tis cities, an. — 6 - 1
of course making any number of sales. But
"the' more the merrier, "and the busier he is
kept the better he likes it. His assortment
embraces Ladles' Dress Goods of every
descrip_tion„such as Silks, Barege de Laines,
Challi Barege, Lawns, Limp de Beige, Alpaca
de Beige,-Alpaeas, Bombazines, Silk Down,
Linen Lustre, •Calicoes, Ginghams, Chambra
Ginghams; Swiss, Jaconet and Cambric Mus
lies, in every variety; Crape and Cashmere
SHAWLS; Laces,. Edgings, Gimps, Dress
Trimmings and - Buttons, &c.
For the Gentlemen he has Cloths, Cassi
meres, Casismeret, Italian Cloth, Drap de Etc..
Vesiings. (a large and beautiful variety,) Cot
tonades, Linen Checks, Gray Linen, (souse
thing new and first rate,) Handkerchiefs,
Cravats, Suspenders, &c.
He endeavors at all times to sell cheaper
than any other Store in town—and that he suc
ceeds in the endeavor will be• proven by giving
him a call. "Small profits and quick sales, "
and no trouble to show goods.
April 3,1854.
rilfiE war in Europe is largely engrossing
public attention, and prices generally are
going up. But the undersigned would suggest
to his customers 'and everybody else that he
has just returned from the city; with the
cheafissi and belt stock of
011)Zi12123 9 MIT;
Nuts, Confectionary, Fancy Soaps, &c.,
he has ever before offered. Call and judge
for yourselves, and if you do not pronounce
his goods. among the cheapest and best you
have ever looked at, then is he greatly mis
taken. His stock comprises, in part, Coffees,
&wars, Teas, nhoccdstes, Syrups, Molasses,
Crackers, Oranges, Lemons, Almonds, Palm
Nuts, Pea Nuts, English Walnuts, Filberts;
Confectionary, of a hundred sorts; Pepper,
Cinnamon, Cloves, Soda Saleratus, Washing
Soda, a large vatieiy of Fancy Soaps, and
everything else in his line.
.o—Cash or Country Produce taken in ex
change for Goods.
The_Flour _and Feed business
is continued. Highest market prices paid.
In York Street, at Me Punt Office.
- Gettysburg, April 24, 1854.
A l I ,C 11; f
j . ( u i s wi cr . e. s ri e - v -t e i rr - oir a m e d st
it to t c h k e
comity, comprising
25 Hhds of prime SUGAR,
60 Barrels of beet N. 0. MOLASSES,
• 0. Hhds of fittest quality of SYRUP,
together with a large assortment of COFFEE,
RICE, TOBACCO, &c:, to which we invite
the attention of purchasers, either wholesale
or retail. Now is your time for cheap and
desirarile Groceries; the place to furnish them
is FAH N EsToc Ks%
Sign of the lied Front.
May 15. -
E subscribers are daily adding to :heir ex
tensive assortment of Paper-Hang
ings and Borders, some new and beau
tiful styles for 'their Spring sales, to which
they ask the attention of the trade and the pub
lic in general. The assortment embraces new
gold, plain mid rich colors.; also, handsome
designs for Passages, Dining Rooms, &c.
Also, a large variety of common and medium
quality Satin and Common Papers, of new
and tasteful designs. Se - Our city and court•
try friends are invited to view the assortment,
confident tiny will find it the largest in the
city, and prices as low, as we have greatly in
creased our facilities, by introducing many new
improvements in our factory.
2.07 Ualtirnore Bt., between Charles a&1 Light Sta.
May 8, 1854.: ly
27'0' lOM
IS hereby given, that the Partnership hereto
fore existing between Titorthts W mom , '
and Grottos WARREN * trading under the firm
of T. Warren and Son, is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. All persons knowing them.
selves indebted :o said firm are requested to call
and settle with the subscriber, at the Foundry,
or their claims will be left with W. L. CAMP
BELL, Esq., for collection.
April 3, 1854. , T. WARREN. _
1 .,,7 ,,,
Sold. at their'
--- -. Warehouse, 225 Market St.,
3, It ,
Railroad, Hay. Coal and Farmers' SC ALES,
set in any part of the country, by experienced
workmen, and at short notice.
April 10, 1854. 6 . ..
undersigned have in operation in
11 Goldsborough, York county, Pa., one of
the largest and most complete Saw Mills in
the country, and are prepared to cut to order,
any size, quantity and quality of
,and hare it delivered at any point on the Bal.
e►inore and Susquehanna and - Hanover - Branch
Rait Roads. They have also on hand an as.
sertment of White Pine '
Hemlock Joists, Scantling and Fencing . , Also
-Ash, from It to 4 inches thick ; Shingles,
Laths, Worked Flooring, and Weatherboard
ing, tit,p. &c.
q+ All orders addressed to
SraTiric - e=
will be promptly attendediO:
Juno 19, 1854. Stn
GEOUGE: and Henry Wampler will make
House Spouting and put up the same low,
for cash or country produce. F'armers and all
others wishing their Houses, Barns, &n.
spouted, would do well to give them a call.
G. &. H. WA.MPLER.
April 18, 1853.
QTOII.Y., 29 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia,
►Ntoruceo:Manufacturers, Curriers, Impor
ters, Commission and General Leather busi.
ness e _ Wholesale and Retail. StZ'Manufactory
15 Margaretta street:
August 29, 1853. 1y
If You Want. a' First-ltate
PNF undersigned would most respectfully
inform th eir _ friends and the public gen
erally, that,thTiy have entered into partnership
for the purpose of pursuing the Carriage-rnak
ing, business, in all its various branches, and
are located on Washington street, one lot south
of ,Chanibersburg street, Gettysburg, Pa.—
They have on hand, and will constantly be
prepared to put up, at short notice,
Rockaway & Boat-Body Carria
ges, Charlotees, Buggies,
square Carriages, fie. They feel safe in giv
ing the assurance that their work cannot be
,surpassed by•any other-establishment is the
place, having none but the best workmen em
ployed, and using none but the best materials.
l'hey invite calls trim all who desire to pur
chase anything in their lino—their work and
terms cannot but please.
Repairing done, cheaply and expeditiously.
Country produce taken in exchange for work.
Sept 26, 1853. ly
New Clothing Store.
ALL, kinds of it EADY-NtADE CLOTH
ING always on hand, at lowest prices,
at the stAre of the subscriber, nearly opposite
the Enzlish Lutheran Church,• in Chambers
burg street. Kr Clothing of all kinds made
to order by experienced workman.
Aug. 14. C. W. HOFFMAN.
THE subscriber, thankful for past favors,
respectfully informs the public that he con.
deeps the Coach-making business, in all its
various branches, at his Old Stand, in York
street, (formerly Buchinghanes,) where he
has on hand, and will manufacture to order,
Rockaway and Boat-body Carriages,
all of the best materials, and by the best of
workmen. Call and judge for yourselves.
Gettysburg, April 6, 1846.
One-third Cheaper than White Lead, and free
from all Poisonous Qualities.
having greatly enlarged their works, and
improved the quality of their produces, are
prepared to execute orders for their Superior
Paints, dry, and ground in oil, in assorted
packages of from 25 to 500 pounds ; also
Dry, in barrels, of 200 pounds each.
Their White Zinc, which is sold 'dry - or
ground in oil, is• warranted PURE andunsur
passed for Body and Uniform .Whiteness.
A method of preparation has recently been
discovered, which enables the Company to
warrant their paints to keep fresh and soft in
the t kegs for any reasonable time. In this re
spect their paints will be superior to any other
in the market.
Their Brown Zinc Paint, which is sold at
a low price, and can only be made front the
Zinc ores from New Jersey, - is now well
known for its protective qualities when appli
ed to iron or other metallic surfaces.
Their Stone Color Paint possesses all the
properties of the Brown, and is of an agrees
'll7 lorfor,-0-ottrlstri-DiTet-sr-Got.
,A2iil 3, 18Zr4.
no fie iDittitus of ertbishurg.
PulVertnaeliter's Electric
vaLTAn man -
9 '
CONSTRUCTED to be worn next - to the
skin, producing a constant current of UN
CUTE. PAINS, and a . ,
Permanent cure of Neuralgi c Diseases!
Pulvermacher's Electric Chains were first
used in France, three years since, for the cure
of Nervous Diseases, and after being submitted
'to the mast thorough trial, in every hospital
in Paris, by the most learned professors in
that city, they were recommended to the Goy
ernment of France, who granted a patent for
the discovery. During the years 1851.2, they
were introduced in Germany, Austria, Praiista
end - England, and one year-since, introduced
andpatented by the United States Government.
Most Astonishing' Cures of
Rheninatlim St. Vitue's Dance
Painful and Arena! Joint% Palpitation of the Heart,
Neuralgia of the Face, Periodical Headache.
Deafneite, Blindnees, Paine from Indigeetion,
Dyspepeia, I;teric Paine.
Every Disease, termed Nervous,
is quickly and rapidly c ed, by simply wear
ing', the Chains for - a few h. re each day.
The chains were first intro, -on"- -
of New York, where they were exhibited to t
Prof. Valentine Mutt, Van -Buren, Post, Car
nochan, and others, who , readily discovered
that they possessed
Strange and Singular Power of Instantly
Urging Pains,
whenever, applied, and by their recommenda
tion and influence, they were introduced into
the different hospitald of New York,
,and are
now in daily use in those institutions. in the
treatment and cure of the above named diseases.
No Other Mechanical Agent, •
Wbf. B. STAIR.
thenticated certificates of cure, from scientific
Physicians and intelligent Patients, as may be
found in each pamphlet, which may be obtain.
Pd gratis at the Drug Store of S. 11. RUE:fi
t-RR, who is the. sole. Agent for Gettysburg,
and who will explain the manner of use to all
who may apply.
In the City of New York, at the General
Office, 568 Broadway, there are heing'sold
daily,' from forty
. to sixty "(..1137N5, and the
sale and, demand in Boston is as great in pro.
portion to the population, although they have,
only been introduced - three monthA
The Clf A 'Ns are easily worn, and are equally
applicable to all classes of persons, the child
as well as the adult, and are always ready for',
use—never get out of repair, and are as much
an article of ornament, as they are a valuable
means of cure-. Catriort.—Ladies who are
enciente are requested not to wear them.
. The-prices of the Chains are $3 and $5., 19
and- 30 Links, and can be sent by mail, to 'any
part of the State. by addressing S. H. BUEH
LER, only Agent for Gettysburg.
I. STEIN EBT, 568 Broadway, N. Y.,
General Agent. For sale in all the principal
cities in the United States.
July 3, 185.1.' ly •
1.10Z14VTA7 2 % PILLS.
To the Citizens of the United States-:
IMOST humbly and'sincerely thank you for .
the immense patronage which you have
bestowed upon my Pills. I take this oppor
tunity of stating that my Ancestors were all
American Citizers, and that I entertain for all
;hat concerns America and the Americans, the
most lively sympathies, so much so that I ori
ginally. compounded these Pills expressly -to
suit your climate, habits, constitutions, and
.manner of living. intending to establish my self
among you, which I have now done, by taking
premises - in New,York.
38, Corner of 3nn and Nassau Sta., New York.
The citizens of the Union suffer much from
disorders of the Liver-and Stomach, scarcely
any are , free from these destructive maladies,
benne life , wears fast. The fair sex, perhaps
the most handsome in the world, up to a cer
tain period when, distressing to say, many
lose their teeth and good looks, while yet in
the heyday of life; such sad, evils may be ef
fectually remedied by continually keeping the
blood-pure, and the Liver and Stomach in a
healthy action, when - WWl' flow smoothly,
and resemble plants in a genial clime, where
an eternal spring appears to 'reign. As2it re
gards the preservation of the human frame,
and the duration of life, much may be effected,
and I say fearlessly, that health and life can
be prolonged for many years beyond their or
dinary limits, if Holloway's Pills are taken to
purify the blood according to the rules laid
down for health, contained in the directions
which accompany each box.
Copy of a Letter from Capt. John Johnson, Astor
House, New York, dated Jan. 51h, 1854,
To PROFEPSOR HOLLOWAY, 38, corner of Ann
and Nassau Streets, New York. Str,—lt is
with the most heartfelt pleasure I have to in
form you that I have been restored to 'health
and strength by taking your Pills. For the
last ten years, I suffered from a derangement
of the Liver and Stomach, and was reduced
to suoh an extremity that. I gave up my ship,
never expecting to go to sea any more, as I
had tried every remedy that was recommended
to me, out all to no purpose ; and had given
myself up to despair, when I was at last re
commended to take your Pills. After using
them for three months, the result is that I am
now in better health than I have been for
eleven years past, and indeed as well as ever
I was in myiife. You are quite, at liberty to
make this known for the benefit ia r_others.
I remain, Sir, pours respectfully,
These celebrated Pills are ialinderfuilmfeaciaua
in the following complaints .---
Ague', • 'Debility Read-ache
Asthma„ Dropsy Indigestion
Dilious - Gbmplaints Erysipelas Jaundice
Blotches on the Skin Female Irregularities Liver Complaints
Bowel Complaints Fevers of all kinds Piles
Constipation of the Gout Retention Otrrine
Bowels Scrofula, or King's Stone and Gravel
Secondary Symptoms Evil 0- ..`" 'Venereal Affections
Worms or all kinds Weakness., from whatever muse.
On the question, will the House agree to
the second proposition, the yeas and nays were
taken, agreeably to the provisions of the 10th
article of the constitution, and are as folfows:
YEAe—Messrs. Abraham, Atherton,' Ball, Barton, Beck,
Beyer, Iligham, Boyd, Caldwell, Carlisle. Chamberlain,
Cook, Crane, Cummins, Daugherty, Davis, Deegan, De
France, Dunning, Edinger, Eldred, Brans, Fry, Gallentine,
Gibboney, Gilmore, Gray, Groom. Gv - in. Hamilton, Hiea
tand, Hillier. Hippie, Huusecker, Hunter, Hurd. Jackman,
Kilgore, Knight, I.aury, (Lehigh,) Lowery, (Tioga,) Lino,
Magee. Maguire, Ilandereeld, 11'Connen, :11liee, Mono
-Etcyn---Moritgortery. Moore, Moser, Muse. Palmer, Parke,
Parmlee, Patsmore, Patterson. Porter, P.awlins, Robert'',
Rovre, Sallade. Scott, Simonton, Smith, (Berks.) Smith,
(Crawford.) Stockdale, Wheeler, Wicklein, Wright, Chase r
IsiAir&--.Messrs, Adams. Baldwin, Beats, Bush, Byerly,
Eckert, Ellis, Bart. Herr, horn, Hummel, M'Corrilys. Mil
ler. Poulson, Putney, Sidle, Stewart, Strong, Stratbereja
_So th e question was determined in,the affirm.
HARItIaBIIEG, July 1, 1854.1_
• 7 do - certify that The above and fore-
T .
adies' Dress Goods.—Ladies, do SEAL. going, is a true and correct copy of
l you wish handsome dresses, for Spring the "YEAS" and "NAYS" ttikorton the
or Summer 1. If so, - call immediately at the "Resolution relative to an amendmeik9f the
long established cheap Store, ,shere we are Constitution. of the Commonwealth," as the
prepared to exhibit the most beautiful variety sane appears on the Joutnals of the two
and prettiest patterns of Dress Goods ever Houses of the General, Assetiibly, of this
opened. Do not defer the matter too long, nor !.C ommonwealth for the Session of 1854.
lose the opportunity of selecting from the en- Witness my hand and-the Seal of said office
tire assortment. If you wish to save money 1 this first day of July, one thousand eight hue
and at the same- time- secure for yourself the dryd and fifty-four.- ---- C. A, BLACK, --
p r ettie s t apparel worn, call immediately at ( Secretary of the Commonwealth.
135 - July
* * *Sold at the Establishment of Professor
liott.owAv, 38. Corner of Ann and Nassau
Streets,_Ne_w___York; also by all respectable_
Druggists - and Dealers in Medicines through
out the United States, in Boxes, at 373 cents,
87 cents, and cents each. To be had
Wholesale of the principal Drug Houses in
the Union.
,There is a considerable saving by tak
ing4ha-larget sizes.
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of pa-
Cents in every disorder are affixed to each Box.
tLUA 26, I 55.1. Ly_eonr
S 0
icr I) Intrirou's Irinitt!
anOti. c.lOll PEONY-UM
Amendine is to the - Constitution
of the Commonscetaith.
Storms I. Resoked by the Senate anti Noun
o f R epresentatives of the Cotnmonweallh_e Penn
sylvania in Genera/ Besembly -mei, That the
foliowing'amendments be and the same are
hereby proposed' to the• Constitution of the
Commonwealth, under and in accordance with
the provisions of the tenth article thereof, to wit:
Pitt/POSITION 1,"1.0 BB -ASTMS Xl.
SUCT/ON 1. The aggregate amount of debts
hereafter contracted by the Commonwealth
shall never exceed the sum of five hundred
thousand dollars, except in case of war to re
pel invasion, suppress Insurrection, or to re
deem the public debt of -the Commonwealth,
and the money so raised shall beupplied to the
purpose for 'Which the debt may be contracted,
'or pay such debts, and to no other purpose.
SeCTIOW 2. 'to pay _the public debt of the-
Commonwealth, and debts which may bereaf- '
ter be contracted in ease of war to , repel inva—
sion, suppress insurrection and to redeem the
public debt, the Legislature shall at their nest
session after the adoption of this,,section into
the Constitution, provide by law for the ewe.
tion of d sinking .und,which shall not be abol
iehed till the said public debts be wholly paid,
to consist of all the net annual income front
e pu
,ie works and stocks owned by 'the
i33llwelonwealth, or any other funds arising
under a revenue la* now existing or that may
be hereafter enacted, so far as the same may be
requited to pay the interest of said debts semi
annually, and annually to reduce the principal
thereof by a sum not less than ,five hundred
-thousand dollars, increased yearly by tom
pounding at a rate of not less than five per
cement per annum ; the said sinking fund shall
be invested in the loans of the eenimonwealth,
which shall he cancelled from time to time in
a manner :o be provided by law: no portion of
Me h ali-e-ver-bo-aNdied_4o4ing
pay ment,of the debt of five hundred thousand
dollars mentioned in the first sectiorief - this ar
ticle, but the said sinking fund shall be applied
only to the purposes herein specified.
Ssoruns 3, The credit of the Common
wealth shall not in any way be given or loaned
to' or in aid of ,any individual, eompany. cor
poration or association, nor shall the Common
wealth hereafter become a joint owner or stock
holder in any co:npany, association or corpo
ration in this Commonwealth or elsewhere,
formed for any purposes. .
SecTiox - 4:-The Commonwealth shall-never -
assume the debts of any county, city, llortinah
or township, or of any corporation or associa
tion, unless such debts shall have been core
tra.cted to repel invasion, suppress insurrection,
or to defend • the. State in war. •
PROPOSITION gy TO err' l wricze
- Prohibiting Municipal Sobseviptitms.
- The Legislature shall never authorize any _
county, city, borough or township, by yore of
its citizens or otherwise, to become a stock
holder in any joint stock company, association
or corporation, or to raise money for, or foam
its credit to, or in aid of any safh company or
association. E. B. CHASE,
Speaker of the House of Representative".
Speaker of the Senate.
In Senate, April 2S, /854..
Reserved, That this resolution pass. Yeats
92, nays 6.—Extract from thelournal.
T. A. MAGUIRE, Clerk,'
In-Hoeseof Representatives, April 21, 1854. -
Resolved, That this. resolution pass. Teas
71, nays 20.—Extract from the Journal.
' WM. JACK, Clerk.
Filed April " 1854.
Secretary - of the Covrimonwealth.
Harrisburg, July 1, 1864.
n ...---. 8 A 6
go !
ndg o
l ee n r a t i f i y r
u t
o h a n t the c shove t a
o r
...,.... the original "Resolution relative to
act amendment of the Constitution.," as. the
same remains on the file in this office.
• In testimony whereof I have hereanto set
my band and caused to be affized the seal of
the Secretary's office the day and year above
written. C. A. BLACK,
*S ecretary of the Commonwealth.
Journal of the Senate. '
66 :Resolution No. 562, entitled . bßesoludow
proposing amendments to the Constitetion of
tile Commonwealth,' was read a, *Ant irate.
Onthe question, will the Senate agree to the
first proposition, the yeas and nays were tate*,
agreeably to the Constitution, and were as
follows, viz
Yves—Messrs. Bnckalew, Darlington. Dais ie.,- Intgnsons.
Fonlicrod, Frick, Fry, Goodwinalaldernan, Hamilton. B. D.
Hamlin, E. W. Hamlin, Holster, Hoge, Jamison% McClin
tock, McFarland, Piatt, Qaiggle, Sager, Slifor, and: McCaw
iiii, Speaker-23.
NAYS—Messrs. Crabb, Creswell, Hendricks, Riuzer, Ran.
kle and Skinner—C. .
So the question was determined in the affirm a
save. •
On the question, will the Senate agree to the
second proposition, ,the yeas and nays were
taken agreeably to the Constitution, and were
as follows, :
Yaws—'Messrs. Ihickalew, Darsie, Furman, Fonikrodr
Fry, GoodwinPaldeman, B. D. Hamlin. E. W. Hamlin,
Hendricks. Mister, Hoge, Jamison, Kinzer. McClintock,
McFarland, Platt,- Price, tluiggle, Slifer , 'Wherry, Meta/Ain,
rs—ldemn;. Crabb, Creswell, Darlington, Hamilton,
- Kunkle and Skinner-6.
So the question was determined in the affirm
Journal of the House of Representatives.
"The question recurring upon the final pan
sage of the Resolution, the first proposition
was agreed toastsllows, itz :
YEA,„„,e,..r.braham, Adams, Atherton, Ball. Barton,
Beyer, Bigham, oyd, Bush. Byerly, Caldwell. Calvin. Car
lisle, Charnberl n. Cook, Crave, Cummins Daugherty,
Davis, De France, "ng, Eckert, Edinger. Ihdred, Evans,
Foster, Fry, Gallentine, Oilitioney, (Mowry. Gray, Groom,
(twin, Hamilton, Hart, Herr, Hiestatxl, Hillier, Hippie,
Horn, Hummel, Hunsucker. Hunter. Hunt,. Jackman,
Kilgore, Knight, Laury. (Lehi,gb,) Linn, Magee, Maguire,
Manderfield, M'Connell, M'Kee, Miller, Morogban; Mont-
Fernery, Moore, Moser, Muse, Palmer ' Parke; Faro-ilea,
Pasismore, Patterson. Porter, Putney. Rawlins, Roberts,
Bowe, Sallarle, Scott, Sidle, Simonton, Smith, (Berks,)
Smith. (Crawford,) Stewart, Stockdale. Strong, Struthers,
Wheeler, Wicklein, Wright, Ziegler, Chase, Speaker-44,
• lius—None. - -
'SO the question was determined in the affirm
a ti re.