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    Frons,_the Citinge Nolunteer: TO TIIE PUBLIC,
An Outrage by Carlisle Kno*Ziethings. the undersigned, Hotel keepers - in
On Tuesday night last, as the- members_of 1 Gettysbura, find it
the Know Nothing order of this borough were necessary, in order to 'sustain ourselves and
sneaking, with stealthy - steps , to their place' of ena bl e us to keep
up our houses, to raise our
meeting-(-Education Hall,) one of our most re- j prices, owing to zhe lame advance on-all kinds
spectable German citizens happened to be pass- ;of provisions and produce. Otherwise we will
ing said building, when he was accosted by a be aliNed to shut up our houses:- • The:refore
balf-dozeU of cowardly ruffians, who demanded we have agreed to publish a list of our prices,
what he wanted? The German, not knowing
,which the public can see by reference to the
the character of the men who.surrounded him, ' , hills, and thus guard against advantage being
re - plied - 1 "wanted nothing," then seeing the V tali/ of them. G. W. MICLELLAN,-
hall lit up'he inquired what was going on ? H. D. WATTLES,
The Know Nothings who held him a prisoner, JO H N •L. TATE,
made no answer to the inquiry, but asked him, i - ' R. SHRIVER.
"what is your name, where do you live, what 3t -
do you follow ?'- 1 at the same time taking hold
of the German by the shoulders. Receiving
po satisfactory answer,' they shoved him vio
lently from them, ordered hitnao be gone, and
then pelted him with stones. Four times was
be-struck_with_stones, _once- on-the-head-and
three times on the body,-bruising and injuring
him in a very serious manner. - The German
'thus wantonly assaulted! is, as we have said;
one of our -most respectable and industrious
cilia !its, and a member of the Lutheran church
--of this place. A more peaceable man is not to
be found 'in Carlisle, and the assault was as
uncalled it was cowardly and dollish.
Because this Nor man happened to be a Ger
man and a Lutheran, - (for be it known the
Lutherans are as much detested as the Catho
. Tics by a full-blooded, Kniiw.:Nothing,) his life
was put in jeopardy. Can villainy or devilish
ness go.farrher ?
.- -While on this subject, we would just inquire
by what authority our School Directors of Car
lisle grant the use of Education Hall to these
Know Nothings '?
This building belongs to
the people of Carlisle, and we, .as a tax-payer,
. protest against -its use for any 'such unholy_
and villainous purposes ? Are our Directors
all Know Nothings, that they grant the use
(free of charge, it is said,) of Education Hall
to a set of men who skulk through alleys, over
fences, and through stables to attend their
Tuesday night meetings ? No man who is not
of the order, is safe to pass that Hall oh a
Tuesday night, for he is almost sure to be in
sulted or stoned. We therefore ask our Sc - cot -
Directors to abate this nuisance, and if they
-fail to-do it the tax-payers of the town, who
own the property, will abate it _themselies.
They have no notion that a set of men, some
of them strolling strangers andgamblers,.and
but few of them tax-pavers, shall take posses
-- siorr of one of the public buildings; to hold
their traitorous' meetings. Let, the Know
Nothings meet in Dickinson College, or
other place; but let not old EduCation.' Hall be
longer polluted by their. meetings.'
Q :`,l riot' occurred at - Newark, one day last
week, between a "Protestant Association" pro
cession and a number of persons opposed to
them, when one man VVOS killed, and a Catho
lic Churen- almost demolished by persons be
longing to the procession.
UEJ Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio
and the adjacent States has passed a resolution
not to admit to church membership any person
belonging to secret societies.- _ _
On the '24th ult— by Rev. J. Ulrich, Mr. GABRIEL SMITH
to :%Irs. ,tA.HBARA tIARBOLD—both of this county.'
On the s.uoe day, by the seine, Mr. JOHN SNUFF to Miss
CATHARINE: WALLET—bothof this county.
On the 31st ult., by the same, Mr. JOHN LEHMA'& to
Miss LYDIA. (ikNSLElt—both of York county.
Near Frizzleburg, Carron county, Md.., on the 31st-ult.,
LYDI MeDEIIMOTT, wife of John McDermott, aged 37
On Wednesday morning last. WILLIAM HENRY, infant
son of J. 7- and H. M. Hollebaugh, of this Borough, art 4
months and 29 days.
On the itit inst.. MARY OLEVIA, daughter of Henry and
Ann of this place, aged 10 months and I day. "
oo Monday last, GEORGE . HOWARD, ~ on of J. G. Frey)
of this place. aged 1 year 10 months and 25 days.
On Wednesday lust. at the residence of Col. J. D. Paxton,
in this place, FRANCIS HERRING, infant son of Rev. Wm.
111. Paxton., of Pittsburg, aged 3 months and 4 days.
In Fulton county, Indiana. OrNES MILLER, daughter
of William 'McCreary, aged• 26 years 2 months and 10 days,
formerly of Adams county.
On the 2cl inst., Mrs. BARBARA KECKLER, wife of la.
cob Keek.ler, Esq., of Are.ndteville, aed 72 years 2 months
and 14 days-
On Saturday morning last. after a short illness, Mr: JOHN
POR mt., of this borough, aged about 46 years.
Near this borough s on Saturday morning last, Mr. HUGH
At Baltimore, on Tuesday last. IDA VIRGINIA, young
est daughter of Andrew J. and Harriet Miller, in the 4th
year or he • age.
Corrected, from the lateqt.Fialti morejork& Hanover papers
Flour, per barrel,-
Wheat, per bushel,
Oats, c 4
Cloverseed, "
.Tintothy, , 4 374t0 4 00
Whiskey, per'gallon, - 39 to 40
Beef Cattle, per hund., 550t0 8 25-
:Hogs, • “. 550t0 6 75"
hay, per ton, 18 00 to2o 00
Want), Peruvian, per ton, 51 00 tos*2 00
HAN OvEß—runts DAy LAST
Flour, per bbl., front stores,
Do. " wagons,
Wheat, per bushel, •
Rye, t 4
Corn, 4.4
Oats, t 4
Cloverseed, "
Plaster of Paris, per ton,
YORli-FitIDAY I.lst
Flour, per bbl., from 'stores, $0 25
Do. <<. from wagons, 8 50
Wheat, per bushel, 1 85 to 2 00
ltye, 1 05
Cora, B5
4 4
Clowerseed, " 6 50
Timothy. "
Plaster of Paris, per ton,
To the Honorable Jur!Lfes of the (mart-of Qua,-
e •
' ter Sessi.ns If ~*;ams county. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., on about 50 Acres of which are Wnoilland, with
of the said day, when attewlance will be- Riven and
f. , THE petition of Isaac HoemoN,
a due proportion of Meadow. The improve
ii township of Hamiltonhan, in said county, terms made known by metes are a Two-Story
t.! respectfully showeth : That he occupies a .1 AC', 013 Elf CH 0 urz, .9(int'r. if!re' :'.
e house in the said township, which has hereto- -Ely the Court—Eden Norris, Clerk. Double Log House, wias ',611;.
ii II 1 ;,,...;:;
;:. fore been used and occupied as a public house August 28, 1851. ts A GOOD BARN. AND SHEDS : . 111 ..- 1 •:a!
. _
of entertainment, and ii - s desirous of continuing -- --- ----
a never failing well of water near the dwelling,
t:- ,
o to keep a public,house therein; he therefore . .laA.l! I.:‘lr--u-- 4 two excellent springs on the farm, also ;,-1 Or
r prays your honors to grant him a license to
chard, together with Peach, Pear and Plum
keep a Public House at the - piece aforesaid, ~
trees. Kr-Persons wishirer to view the farm
WILL be offered , at public -sale,-on-tile .
from the date of the preseift session of_ your are requested to call on the . I;:xecutor, residing
is honorable Court until the expiration of the 1- premises, on .1 Itur6day,lhe 28th day rf
in Ntourojoy township, or on Mrs. Trostle, re
resentp license year. License having been September inst.,
siding on the farm.
tt: , ,
._' granted, at the last April sessions, to Peter . A Tract of Land, f ;nig,. to commence at 2 o'clock, P. M., on
Sehively to keep a public house at the place (late the property of LUDWIG MILLER, ! said day, when attendance will be given and
!- 1 - aforesaid - for - one year, and- the --said Peter deceased,: situate in-Germany- -t - -
t.nwil-snif+ -, Ad — terms - made known by Schively has removed from the said house— wits county, on the Baltimore :urapike, 2 miles MICEI tk Kl. , _-TR-OST-LE T LIEV
4-----and-lie-will-ever-pray-,---- i we-st-of - Littlestown, adjoining. lands of David ! August 21, 1851.
I. ROBINSON. , buck, JOhn Miller, and others, containing ; _
: .
The subscribers, citizens ofthe township of 33. ACHES, more or less, under.good• fencing -- 110114thq ll 's Ointnitnt and Pills, the only in-:-- ExecullOrN Notice.
.=--1 - 14-iiiiltonhan f -latheecomity-of-A-loins,--ree - oirt- - and g..ui t:ti itivdai - . 11 1. 1 fallible Remedies for the Cure of Eruptions : r A It Y McCONNELL'S ESTATE.—
E! mend the above petitioner, and certify that the rate Woodland, and - 10 acres excellent \lea- ; and Blotches on the Skin.—John Younelove , I_,lelrers testamentary ,oi b..- es_i a tp,,,fm t ____.
inn : 0 - j- - ; l4. y ern ab o ve mentioned is necessary - dow. The improvements, are a Two story (aged :2.6) was a great victim through the fol- ; r y M c C oll - i - o -- TIT,-late of Gettysburg, Adams co., t
to accommodate the public and entertain stran
gers,And travellers; and that the petitioner
v above named is of good repine for honesty and
- ' 1,01...1 HOtSE. . 4:71,1 lies of youth. to eruptions on the skin, being deed., 'invitee; been granted toile untlersioned,
a good 1.13 , 61. Barn, with Sheds, and other 1:::: covered with these` unsightly blotches; in fast, t residieg in Muiintpleasant twp,lie hereby gives
out buildings ; a neverfailiref well of ''' he was utterly unfitted by- his appearance to notice to all persons indebted to said estate
temperance, and is well provided wits house- water near the dwelling, and variety lif fruit enter into society. This young man, eight to make immediate payment,and those havi n g
room -and conveniences for the lodging and. trees. e:-i'-Persons wishing to view the pre- weeks hark, tried'Efolloway's Ointment and claims against the same to present theni
; accommodation of strangers and travellers. liaises are requested, to eall uport--Mr:-.1-ehn--Pillsand - by - the - joint -- nse - of - ltiese - remedies, properly authenticated_fetvale ceart o
-•• Peter Schively e _Rialus C__,Slwope..._.A.,,_ 11., Miller,tesidi-n-g-on-the--adjoi-rang, - fa - rm. — ll%-blood - was so cooled am• pi - iFffied, that the ; -WM: H .'L 0 TT, ger.
1 -7- 1 - InCreary, John McCleary, D. B. 'Blythe, J. Sale to eminence at 1 o'clock.TP.-M:,- on whole pf _the blotehes d isappeared cand he - now -- 6t
! - . --- 1 - 3ririkerbotr, - Wit - L - stii - dyi - Thornas New filar', said day, when attendance . wilt be given and enjoys excellent . health. - These menfeines
ao. t/Kaugh,-J-ames- HJ Marshall, A -{id rest.- ten Is made kile‘ . .,n -- b - y --------- "DHE Li Ents-:----- 7 v-virr
Dilarshall,larnes Wilson. ESePt- 11 .1 1554 - . l"! September 4;-1854. ts
$8 75 to 9 00
1 60 to 1 90
1 08 to 115
80 to 80
4G to 50
6 75 to T 15
K 75
1 GO to 1 80
1 00
6 00
2 50
7 00
Sept. 11.'1854.
ft-E. f s elected - at-the last Spring
Election are hereby notified to attend at
the Commissioners' office, in the Borougif of .
Gettysburg, to receive blank Assessment Du
plicates and the necessary instructions, as 101 :
lows :—The Assessors for Union, Corrowago
'Berwick, Oxford, Hamil ton,' Reading, Mount.
pleasant, Germany, Strahan, and Motintjoy,
on Wednesday, the .11t1r - of October next; and
the Assessors for the BorOugh, Cumnerlan - d,
Freedom, Liberty; Hamiltonban t
.13utier, Menallen, Tyrone, .Huntington *and
Latirnare, nn Thursday i the 12th rf October next:
By order'ot the Cotnintssioneri, ,
Sept. 11, 1854. td - •
Clerk of the Courts.
THE undersigned will be a candidate for
the office of CLERK OF TFI E CO URTS
at the next election. JAMES RUSSELL.
Franklin twp., Sept. 11, 1854.
fall Dr!) Trocrobs, full Stuck.
YR.E & LANDELL, Fourth and Arch
11 1 A Sts., - will be able to offer
extra inducements tb Country Buyers this
Fall, as their Sidelc of Goods wiH be very
full, and bargains from the New York and
Philadelphia Auctions, daily received. Full
assor.ment of the following : •
Owing to the excess of Importations, we
shall be daily in receipt of GREAT JOBS, from .
Auction. EYR,E & LANDELL,
Fourth and Arch. Sis., Fhittuielphia.
TERMS NET CASH, and 'prices low ac,
cordingly. Sept. 11, 1851. 3m
$5OO to $l,OOO a Yiar.
Book Agents Wanted.
E subscriber publishes a number of most
valuable Pictorial Books, very popular,
and of such a moral and religious influence
that while good men may safely engage in
their circulationohey will confer a public bene
fit,and receive a fair compensation for their labor.
Kr To men of enterprise and,tact, this busi
ness offers an opportunity for profitable em
ployment seldom to be met with.
f)7P-Persons wishing to engage in their sale,
will receive promptly by mail, a Circular con
taining full particulars, with "Directions to
persons disposed to. act as Agents," together
with the terms on which they will be furnish
ed, by addressing the subscriber, post-paid.
181 William Sired, Mw York.
Tn press, and ready for Agenls by the
Ist of Oetigier, 4 tSears'lilastrated De
scriplion qf the Russian Empire.'"- Fur further
particulars address as above.
Sept. 11, 1854. •
At Public Sale.
THE Subscriber, Attorney in fact for the
Heirs of . Feronica Hoover, Magdalena
Hoover-and Sarah Hoover, deceased, will offer
at Public Sale, on the premises, on Saturday,
the 7th day of 'October next,
A Lot of Ground,
situate in Mummashurg, Franklin township,
Adams coumy, fronting on 'the turnpike, ad
joining lots of WidoW Stoner and others, hav
ing an alley in the rear. Theimproveinents
are a One•and-a-half Story )
LOG 0 US E,. it
Log Stable, Low Shop, with a Well of 1.
water near the door. The lot has a variety of
choice Fruit Trees on it.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock in the after
noon of said day. Attendance given and terms
made known by JOHN BOYER,
Attorney in fact for the Heirs.
September 11, 1854. is
At Public Sale.
IN pursuance of an Order of the Orphan's
Court of. Adams county, the subscriber,
Administrathr - of JOHN 110TH, deceased,
will offer at public sale, on the premises,
Saturday, the 30th day of September next, the
fuliowing Real Estate of said deceased, :
containing 8 ACRES, more or less, situate in
Butler township, Adams. county, in the imme
(hate vicinity of Middletown, adjoining lands
of Francis Knouse, William Bream, Henry
Hartzell and others. • A portion is in Ti umber.
The improvements are a one and a half story
Frame Stable, with - Threshing Floor Nl' ft
attached, Log Shop, and other out,
buildings ; an. excellent Well of- water near
the door, and a first rate young bearing Or
chard. ('Persons wishing, to view the
property are requested to call upon the sub
scriber, residing in the same townahip, ,or on
MN. Roth, residing on the lot.
$0 56.
7 50
al 0 USI " T.lll.1 6 1:4.1:119 5 -
enc.:97 - ch-e...s" , mxra - a r—ta' . .aDegf3 a
' T HE Subscribers, Executors of GEORGE
DEAR DORPF, deceased, will offer at
Public Sale, on Friday, Me 131 h day of Oct°.
; her; next, 10 o'clock,, A. M., on the prerni, part 'rthe
of said deceased, situate in Latimore township,
Adams county, Pa., on the State Road, two
miles from Petersburg, (Y. S.) adjoining
Al landS of ,Henry Lerew, Jacob Livingston an'
oth - containing
50 Acres, more or less,
about 40 acres beinc• good Timbeiland—the
. i
whole under good fencing, and the arable part
in excellent cultivation. Latimore creek pass
es through one corner of the tract. There is
a One. Story DWELLING, a' never failing
Spring of Water, and a first rate young bear
ing ORCHARD, on the premises. The tract
will be offered in one or two parts, as may
best suit purchasers. -
- Alto, at the same time and place, will he of
fered the following Timber Lands a• • ' ; •
Lots: .
25 Acres of Good Timber-Land,
more or less, situate in said Latimore town
ship, adjoining lands of.loseph Hoke!, Henry
Rickel, Warner Townsend, and others.
8 Acres" of Timber-Land,
situate in Dickinson township, Cumberland
county, adjoining lands of Jacob Sipe, Fran
cis Coulson, and others.
THREE to ldtlWN LOTS; -
situate in the town of Petersburg, (Y. 5.,)
near the West end, and bordering on the Car
-1 lisle Turnpike. The lots are well calculated
1..1 building purposes, and one of them has a
never failing Spring of Water upon it.
- 7'
Also, on Saturday, Me 14M of October . next,
at. 1. o'clock, P. M., on the pretnisei, will be
•T x.
situate in H untington township, Adams coun
' ty, one mile from He'idlersburz, on th. old
CarTisle road, adjoining lands of Peter Miller,
Michael-Fissel,-John—Bolen,-and uthers,-con
75 A eves / more or less,
With good proportions of,Timberand Meadow.
A considerable part has been limed. The
improvements are a , _
. 111 1” 0 ".
0 ii ii i!
iabac.. ll ar:,(ij tub? 4 aEi V!!
.9 Good Barn and Sheds,'
an excellent Young Orchard, and a never-fail-.
ing Well of -Water near the door.
.Persons Wishing to view the property, are
requested to call upon the first named Plxecu
tor, residing in Huntington township, two
miles West of Petersburg. '
Attendance'given and terms made known by
Sept. 11, 1854. is Execators.
TN pursuance •Of an Order of the Orphan's
Court of Adams
_county, the' subscriber.
Adiministratur 'of JOHN STU VP, deceased,
will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on
Friday, the 29th day af September next, the fol
lowing valuable Real Estate of said deceas
ed, viz :
Containing 96 Acres, more or less,
situate in Butler township, Adams county,
near Fisher's till 11, adjoining lands of. Adam
and Wm. Gardner, Jeremiah Diehl, Esq. John
null, and others. The improvements are a
Two-story lraine Weatherboarded
.16 • fit
Sr, Kitchen, Log Barn, Corn Crib;
and other outbuildings ;'a Well of never•failing
water near the kitchen door, and a good thriving-
The land is under good fencing and excellent
cultivation. Also,-
. A Tract of Woodland,-
containing 14 Ac res , more or less, situate in
Tyrone township,,. Adams county, adjoininv,
lands of Widow Eekenrode, and others. It is
well covered with Chestnut and Black Oak
'rim her.
Persons wishing to -view the preiniqes are
requested to call lipon the subscriber, residing
in Butler township, or upon Mr. Abraham
urst,residing on the tract first mentioned.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., on
said day, when attendance, will be given and
terms made known by
By the Court—Eden Norris, Clerk..
August 28, 1854. Ts.
821falbirc . 5
rrHE subscriber, Executor of HENRY
TROSTLE, deceased, will offer at Pub
lic Sale, on the premises, on Friday, the 22d
day if September next, the following described
Real Estate of said decedent, viz:
situate part in Franklin and part in Cumber
land 'township, on the Mu 111MaSbli rg turnpike.
3 wiles from Gettysburg., adjoining lands of
Jacob liankey, David Beecher, Jr., E. W. &
H. J. Stable, Widow Gintling, and others,
CoMaining 142 Acres.
cure any lease o t es in, even of
twenty years standing.
THE subscriber, .Assignee of THOMAS
BITTLE„ will offer at public sale, on the
premises, on Saturday. the 30M du,/ tf Septem
her inst., the following Real Estate of said
Assignor, viz : —
71. $
of Patented Land, situate partTy in Germany
township,' Adams county, Pa , and partly in
Carroll county, 244., 2 miles south of Litties
tovn, on the Baltimore turnpike, adjoining
lands of Philip Kohler, and others, containing
150 Acresonore or less,
of which about 40 acres are covered with
Wood, about 20 acres of good Meadow - ,and
rifie rernaiiider arable - land, in a good state of
cultivation. There are strong indications of
the existence of COPPER and IRON ORES
on this tract. There is also on the same a
young thriving Orchard of choice Fruit Trees._
The improvements copsist ,of a Two-story
Dwelling House; 1; i‘
Spring House, with a neverfailing. spring of
water, and all necessary out buildings there
is also a good House and Siable for the Miller.
There is likewise on this Farm an excellent
The Millis 60 by 40 -feet, three stories high;
the water wheel is ovetehot, 24 feet high, run
ning 2 pair of Burls, 2 pair of Choppin r ,ff
Stones, a Smut Machine, Plaster Breaker, and
all other necessary apparatus belonging to a
Me;chant Mill, all nearlY new.
;.-•-•A LSO--
situate in said Gdfmany township, one quarter
of a mile distant from the above, adjoining
lands of Jacob Bost and others, containing 75
Acres, more or less. The improvements ara
TcVo-story D welli ng
a good Barn
.. and Stable, and an excellent
spring, •near the dwellinos.- 20 acres are good
_Woad land, 15 acres : Mcadow r and- the remain
der good farm land.. There is' a hank of 'IRON
I ORE on this property, supposed to he of good
quality. Also an Orchard of chtiice fruit, and
A Carding and Fulling Mill. '
, ?:-Capitalists wishing a bargain, will do
well by attending the sale, as the property
will be sold on the day above mentioned. Per
sons wishing to view the property will please
call on the subscriber, or on Thomas Bittle,
residing on the firSt mentioned farm.
Sale to commence at I o'clock, P. M., on
said day, when attendance will, be given - itrid
terms made known by
-A MOS LEFEVER, Asixnee.
():7 Also, at the same time and place, a
quantity of flay, and a pair-of Rubber Burrs.
September 4, 1854. is
run E undersigned, Executor of the last will
of A BRA HAM BIEHL, late of Union
township, Adams county, deceased, under the
direction_of the Orphan's Court of said coun
ty, "writ offer at Public Sale, on the premises,
(in Friday, Ike 291 A day of Srptensl;; inst., the
Real Estate of said deceased, consisting of
a A 4 1 4 it 4•414 z
'containing 96 Acres, mare or /ess, situate in U
nion tp., adjoining lands of CI ark, Zell & Co.,
and forming a part of the Tract from which that
was purchased in consideration of the valuable
I ICON OliEu pin it, and several'hu nd red tons
of which have already been mined by those
gentlemen ; it also connects with the-lands of
Enoch Lefever, and . forms a portion of the
same Ridge 'how.. which there is now being
taken, on both sialtof the Farm, an abundance,
of as rich Iron Ore as can he found in the State.
This tract shows every indication of possess
ing. great 'quantities of rich Iron Ore. The im
provements consist of a "
w e.
A Large Log Barn,
Hay and Straw Shed, Wagon Shed, Corn
Crib, and other outbuildings; convenient to
xatet, and the land is in a good state of culti
vation, ha vi m^ heen well limed. Ther e. is also
a valuable. LIM ESTONE QUAItRY on the
place, and an Apple Orchard.
KrThis tract well derves the attention of
Capitalists, of those particularly woo are en
gaged in the Iron business, and of Farmers
Sale to commence at - 10 o'clock, A. M., on
said day, when attendance will—he given and
terms made known by
September 4, 185!. is
TN the matter of the Inquisition on certain
I Real '.lstate of SOLOMON ALBERT,
late of Reading township, deceased.
At an Orphan's (lourt, held at Gettysburg,
on the 24th day of August, A. I). 1854.
On motion, the Court grant a Rule on the
Widow and Heirsand legal representatives of
Solomon Albert, fate of Reading township,
deed, to appe‘ar at the next Orphan's Court to
he held on the 26th day of September, A. 1).,
1851, to accept or r• - fuse ttie Real Estate attire
valuation made thereof ; arid also should the
same not be taken by said heirs, then and there
to shew cause why the said Real Estate, or
any part thoreof, should not be sold agreeably
to the intestate laws of this Commonwealth.
Attest—EDEN NORRIS, Clerk.
Sept. 4, 1851. Id - '
hnnd and for gale, a great variety of
1 / 'COOK STOVES—very cheap. Call
and see them, GEO. ARNOLD.
Septeiril,er 4, 1851.
For Sale, very Cheap;
-1 J'VElt HULLERS, together with:the
Right of M omit pledsant, M .flintHr, Genimny,
Union and Conowago twps. If not sold, I will
give the Machine to be worked on the sliares
irtrall, -- or - eitherof the above township , ;.
Gettysburg, Sept4,_lBsl.-
August 21, 1851,-
, inane and Tickinas, forgale I• - ANNA MARGAR
. SCHICK'S. I August 21, 1854; 6t
Se - A Rare Chasee for Capitalists
THG subscribers, Executors of WILLIAM
LOU DQN, deceased, will offer at, Public
Sale, on,the premises first named, on Friday,
the 29th day tif._ September-next, the following
Real,lllstate of said deceased, viz:
r_PLVD. a _
situateviri Liberty township, Adams county,
Pa., 4djoinint.r, 'hands of Gregory P. Topper,
Samuel 11 , 1 cay, the Company Mills, and
others, containing. about 76 4C . gES of Land,
having thereon erected an entirely
[ii.r\4l Ifil3 5 1 LlOll,
- with two pair of Burrs-and one-pair=of Chop
ping Stones, with room .for another. pair of
Burrs. Thomachinery is all of the most ap
proved kind, - and the Millis calculated to do
a large business ; which the neighborhood af
fords. A good SAW MILF. is attached. The
improVements area large-Two4Story
DOUSE, ii•;111
Frame Back Building,, Cooper Shop, 111
- • tone
Spring tiouse„an excellent Well of Water,
a good Orchard, dui.
—A 90 —
‘444 •
Covitaluism 16:1 Acres, more or
less, in the immediate neighborhood of the
above, abniit ono htilf being- cleared; and the
balance covered wish excellent Timber. ,The
improvements tireji Two-Story
Vane bolist pg it, •
Stone Bank Barn,•(nearly new,) Wagon Shed,
Corn Critr, - and other out buildings. There
are tour' never failing Springs on the premi•
sea, one of them being on the edge of the
and an excellent Orchard.
A Tract of Woodland,
situate in Liberty township aforesaid, adjoin
ing lands of Gregory P. Topper, James Moore,
and others, cootainteg about 25 Acres, about
G Acres of which• have been-cleared.
4(•••4rP'ersons, wishing to 'view
„Properties are requested to call on either of the
Executors_the first natned residing in Gettys
burg, and the . laSt named in Liberty township.
131.'rqiale - to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
on said days•when attendance .will he giVen
and terius wade known by
,L. McKEE, • ---
!elf the above Farms and Mills are not .
Sold on said day. they •will be RENTED - at
public outcry, tr.r one year.
August 2.1, 1854. •ts
wild. be offered at public sale, on•the
If premises, on Saltardoy, Me 714 day of
October next, the Real „Ks tate of PET ER
PlDLER,.deceased, consisting of
- I:Vmrrcio-e-f\ s , •
shunts in. Tyrone township, Adams county,
Rho' t&lne Mile from New Chester, on the road
leading From Hanover to Carlisle, adjoining
lands of Joseph Hill, Jacob March, Ezra My
ers, Jacob Fidler, and others, Containing
pore or less, abotit 50 -acres of which are well
covered with Timber, and about 2O acres are
Meadow, .and- more can •be made. The hit
provenience,- are
G 17 3 n
Bank' Barn, Wagon Shedi'
Corn• Crib, Grannry, Carpenter's Slui - p, and
other otalmildinge; two never failing wells of
water on the premises, also an
CYPlCr 'e k ‘r ( r) D
4i, 9
!slid Peach, Pear, Plum and Cherry trees;--
:The land is under good fencing and excellent
- The Fenn will be offered in two parts, if
desired : 100 acres. %vith the buildings, making
one part, and 80 nerds-the other. 'Each will
have'ahout 30 acres of timber.
Persons wishing to view the property are
requested to Call upon the subscriber, who will
give all- - necessary information. Clear title
will he iziven, and possession on the Ist day
of April, 1855, and if not sold will 'be RENT
ED.for one year.. • .
dale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M.,.
on said day, when attendance will be given
and terms made known by
GEO It 1 4 7. FUME%
- Agent fur the Heirs.
August 23, 1851. to
IN pursuance of an Order of the 0 Ohan's.
Court of Adams county, the subscriber; ap
pointed Trustee for the.salof the Heal Estate
of ji EN It Y M LS, deceased, will offer at
public sale, on the premises, on Saturday, the
301 k (lily if September next, the following val
uable reef _F of said deceased, viz :
. A .FARM,,
Containing 132 Acres, more or
less, situate in• Tyrone township, Adams co.,
adjoining lands of Jesse Group, John. Ebert,
Joseph Cline and others; about 2s acres are
Woodland, part chestnut, and aliout 20 acres
Meadow. The improve,nacnts are
1 1 f l yl intljfj . , 44
(one of than a double house,) a good Barn,
Wagon Shed and n ewn Crih, Spring House,
&e.. There is a never ftiling spring near the
house, and water in nearly all trie fields;, an
Excellent Apple Orchard,
and Peach, Pear, Plinn and Cherry trees. The
land is under good fencing and excellent cul
Persons wishing to view the property are
requested to call upon the subscriber, residing
in Fluntinrrtort township, or on Mr. Uriah
Gardner, residing' on the farm.
Sale to •:.ornatetice at 1 o'clock, P. M., on
said day, when attendance will be given and
terres-nrade - knia - w - n
By the Court--Eden Norris, Clerk.
Autztist 28, 1854. to
Adatainis•ratriVs Notice.
' (.otters of administration on the estate-of
Henry Oita rhors, Lite of Ninuntpleasant town--
ship, Adams county, deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned, residtlig in the
same township, she hereby gives notice to alt
persons indebted to said estate t_n_ma_lie_imme—,
diate payment; anti those having claims against I • arZU&b,t4 =ALM
the santeto present Clientproperty auth — entioatedl T UST receivedat the Store of EMANUEL
for settleinrnt.
Office, a large supply of Baltimore-cared
Hams. . July 24.
' Adm'r.
ASSEMBLY. - -' • -
To the Voters of Alums county
HE undersiened, at the earnest solicitation,
of many friends. has' consented to he - a ;
candidate for ASS CM WEN. at the next eJe'e !
tion. Should ' - '
the Fre'einea of °Ailarnetoiriity
honor .me with their confidence. it shall be my
to serve them honestly, faithfully and to
the best of my ability. ,
Menallen•twp., Sept 4, 1854.
To the Independent Voters rf Adamtt
1 1 ELDING to the constant importunities
of very many friends, Whigs and Dem
ocrats, I hereby announ ie appalls - eendidnie
for election to the LEGISL AT UR R, indepen
dent of party considerations, and respectfully
solicit the support of the Freemen or Adims
_county. . - g.
NeW Oxford,Sept: 4, 1854.
T OFFER myself as a candidate to represent
the citizens of Adams county ino the next
LEGISLATURE. Should 1 receive their
confidence.and be elected, 1 shall endeavor to
retain their confidence by faithfully represent
ing there to the best of my ability. '
Mountjny tp., - Itily 31,1854.
1 - 4 1_13LLO w.urriz the - reqnest
many friends, 1 attin-offersityself;aa
candidate for the next CLERK OP, THE ,
COURTS of Adams county, and. respectfully =
solicit your favorable consideration and sup..
port, pledging wyself if elected, to discharge,
the duties of the office with punctualityand
!.? ,L J. BALDWIN.
Mounlpleniant township. Nay. 149.1853.
TO the Voters - of' Adams corunly..
ELLOW-CITIZkNB:—At the solieita.:
r tion of numerous friend:el, I OPr myself
to your . consideration as a candidate for the
office of 81114:RIFF, et the next eleetion:
Should I be elected, -it will be .my . aim tiiac
knowledge the favor by endeavoring_ to, dis
charge the duties of the office. promptly end
.with fidelity. HENR Y THOMAS. .
traban - townshi I) eo. - : 19, - i 853: .
Allow citizens of the county if .Rricrms:
91 - 111 K undersigned, encoura2ed by sulk:its
tions of numerous friends, annOtruces ,
himself RR candidate for- the . office
SHEaIFF, at the next election, and respect.
fully asks the iiipport of his fellow' citizens . .
If elected, I shall endeavor to- ischnig&the
duties of the office wadi fidelity and iattpartial
Cumberland tap.; Jan. 6,1864.'
F.ELLOW CITIZENS:—Aube request rot
many 'friends . 1 again 'elTer rnyrielf air
.for the next SHERIFFALT-Y . 4,
Adams energy,' and pledge Myself.' iftlect.
ed, to dfselwigk'tlie duties of , the - oftice sate,
isfactorily to ell.
Latiittore twp., Nov. 7, 1853.' sott
riIHE undersigned, encottraged by thoefiliCi;
itations of numerous` Mewls. apnetinees.
himself as'. a candidate for_ - the 'o ffi ce of
- SHERIFF at the next election. and-respeCt
fully asks the support of his *flow citizens:
If elected, I shall - endeavor to discharge Ott
duties of the office 'with fidelity and irrtnarti.
ality. • ISAAC NE ELY.'
Freedom township, - Dec. 20,-1853. •-„.
ICONTIN Ull to be a candidatefor SHER.,
!Fr,. and shall tsubtitit :my: claims - to. the
decision of the people. •
Cumberland tp., August 28,1854.,
Prothonotary. T ",
To the Voters of dittams'etitin r
ivi '
R KFU L fur the favore r and 'Rend i'neett
of 'confidence heretofore extended to nie
by my fellow 'citizens, and eneouniged-by nn-
Merolla solicitationa and friendly assurances,
1 ism induced to stmounee myself as a candi7
(I.:te for the, office of 1 3 120 . 1110 NOTAR Y,
pledging myself, it elected, -tti : d'evote my
hest etrof ts to a .faithitil stet 'impartial 'dis
charge of the duties Of the office. '
East Berlin, Dec. 0, 1853. •
Ti the Independent VPlers of aidame 40.- •
I,SLLO VV CITI4ENS:--The ttndersizned
will he a candidate for thR office of PRO
THONOTARY, at the nPxt election, subject
to the Ballot llok.—Should I be lib Ai/inslt°
as to be elected, I pledge myself to discharge
the'dotitta•of the office wilh fidelity par
tiality.- • THOMAS BLOCHER.
Butler twp., April 3.1854. ''• , • :
• To the: Voter's of Adams county 1
tmlerAitrited will be a candidate for
T the office of PROTHONOTARY, atf the
next - election, and respectfully solicits your
support. , RO B Hirr SH EA DS.
Gettysburg, August.2B, 1851.
-, ,
‘,.'Reglier & Recorder.
. .
Ta the Independent Voters of Adams elf. '' : '
ITAVING teen solicited by numerous
1 friends through the county, the under.
signed respectfully offers himself as an Inde.
pendent candidate for the-office orREGISTER,
AND RECORDER, at the twit . election.—
Should I be so fortunate as to be elected, .1
pledge myself to di:kharge the ditties in such
a manner as shall give - general.satitifaction.
W. i'' YALTER.
Butler twp., July 10, 18.5 , 1.' ' •
To my Friends and Fellfito Vat s f Adams ea.
1 N accordance with the wishes-of numerous
" friends, I offer myself as an "boirpiruieni,
Candidate" for the office of REGISTER &.
RECORDER of Atlanta county, and respect;.'
fully solicit your votes and influeoce, at t he
next General Election.' Should 1 be - elected,
evely , exertion on my part shall be madeio
evidence my sense of your confidence by a
faithful and impartial-performance :of the du.
ties thereof. JOHN L. GII BERNATOR.
Coriowago twp.. August 21, 1854.
THE undersigned will be a candidate for
the Office of REGISTER & RECOR
DER, and pledges himself, if elected, to-diti-
Charge the duties of the office with fidelity
and impartiality.
Franklin township, April '24. 1854.
Administrato& Notice.
( - -1:0 Nit it D — W - A - GONIMS ---- KSTA.
Letters.of administration on the_estate of
Conrad • Wagoner, late of Tyrone township, ,
Adams county, , __Aleceased, having been
granted to the undersigned, residing in the
same township, he hereby giies notice to
all Rerions indebted to said estate to make
immediate payment, and thoie hiving claims
agatnst the same to present them properly au
thenticated for settlement.
August ,28,-1854. 6t