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    4'arni and Toehold.
We bought btm a box for Ms books and things,
And a erlcket bait tor bls bat ;
And he looked the brlghtestand beet of kings
Under Ms new straw bat. '
Ni a banded Dim into the railway Mein
With a troop of Ma young compeers,
Awl 'remade as though it were dnat and rain
Were filling one eyekwith team.
We looked In bls Innocent face to sea ?
• The sign of a sorrowful heart;
he only shouldered his bat with glee
And wondered when they Would start.
'Twas not that be loved not as beretofore,
For the boy was trnder and kind;
But Ills was a world that was al before
Aud ouri was a world behind. . . •
`Tim not his ftutterlng heart Was cola,
Vor the child was loyal and true ;
And the parents love the love that Is old
And the children the love that is new.
.I:Petr,?,' ft Free Press
Rural Economy—Various Hints.
-The work of the season is now
fairly on the. ftk-rther, and it is impart
ant that every hour of the farm la
borers be' economicallyij filled. The
heavy and regular - Work will of
course be well attended to, but there
'are many minor items liable to he
overlooked. •
The farmer should
_go-over, every
thing on: the farm—in-doors and out
—regularly, at least, once a week, to
see what is out:of order, what needs
attention, and make minutes of ev
erything on the spot for his Memo
randum book. A card in his vest
Locket, where it could be quickly
reached, will prevent any item from
being forgotten . till he can transfer it
to his more 'permanent book.
Among the smaller items,. import
ant to be attended to, will ; probably
be found. :broken toots, implements
out of place, rubbish where it should
na be, rails or boards lying on the
ground;",boards off of fences, gates
saffaing manure nnpiled, carriages
or rniggfes unwashed, loose stones in
-the farni-: . road,.etc.
Many'of these things may be put
right on.§rainy days; or during acci
dental Fenix° moments; and• to - facil
itate thiS work the following memo
randa may be plainly and largely
Written. and posted up in a work
shop, or under a shed, where the
workingmen may see it at . any • time
for directions:
1. Clean, polish and oil tools.
2. Repair any broken tools.
3.. Clean and oil harness
4. Shell corn. -
5. Put all tools neatly in place. •
6. Sweep floors of barns: and out
7. Grind hoeS and spades.
s. Sprout and sort potatoes.
-9. Keep cellars sweet and clean.
There are many other matters
which should be timely attended to,
such as examining kitchen drains to
see that - :no unwholesome air comes
from therm ; repairing leaky roofs ;
providing perfect cellar drains ; mak
ing dry surroundings. Of the . house.
using gravel . for walks preventing
slop puddles at the kitchen door, and
keeping clean •surroundings of the
The farmer should - 'know the con
tents of every field - on his farm,
which, he easily Hnscertain nen- .
rately et:Qtl ; !ii for altLcommon par- .
poses by the tt!,e of al tape-line and
the multipli , ation 'Cable... Measuring
poles, of different lengths;. from six
to twelve feet, Will be useful . for vari
ous :mailer .irpos'es. such as meas
uring poi i ions of fences, ditches,
gates, buildings, timber, and in gar
dening and planting trees. A grad,.
uated pole eleven feet,,long, is a con
venient length for:'measuring small
portions onarni, as three lengths are
two rods, a_ length and a half one
rod, ele. It Would be too short if
only 'eight and a fourth, or WO cum
bersoniC if sixteen and a half feet
long —Clnrittry Gentleman. .
Th 6 barns are usually empty at this
season, and now is the best time=to
make the necessary repairs. If ex
polence has shown the stables to be
inconvenient, let the improvements be
made be!ore the barns are again fill
- , ed. Thcre may be some holes in the
roof, and a little patching may save
many times its cost, if done in season;
in short, leaks of every kind about
the buil,lings should be promptly
stopped. Look well into granary for
mouse holes, ilfrough_whic% the pro
fits of a whJle field-may pass. They
may be closed with a strip of tin.
,The work of half a day in looking
and closing these places;-. may
be the. Most profitable of >+ny done on
the farm• a The roofs, the floors, the
sides, the doors, and all other_ parts
'Of the barns, should now• beiput in
• good order, and another coat of paint
'be applied if th , !.last one is beginning
to Wear through. A stich -in time
saves more than nine in such repairs.
—American .--1!/ri , oll a risl for May.
DfsrosAL In the
course of years there will accumulate
.on every ganden, a quantity -of un
sightly stuff. Broken crockery and
glassware, old fruit and tomato cans,
worn old saucepans, and other wastes
of the household. These can not be
..or turned to any useful
purpose, and if allowed to be scat
tered about, make the s.utrouthlings
unsi:itly. ()he of the best methodS
forgetting rid of such stuff, is to dig
a dry well, and provide it with a
cover too heavy for children to dis
place, anti deposit all such rubbish
in-this.. When tilledtO within three
feet of the top, take a piece'of timber
and pound - down the contents as cow=
pactly as possible, and fill. hp with
'earth. - The well- thus covered can
be planted over, and answer a
good purpose as : a local
another receptacle can be made -for
future accumulations.—Agriculturist.
pound lobster and
. .pick it to pieces
with a knife and fork, do not, chop it,
but cu., Op fine. Add to it half a
teaspoonful of ground. mustard, a
pinch of cayenne pepper and' a tea- -
spOtinful of salt. Jake half a pint of
rich milk and cut into piece of
- butter the size of an egg, -..and let it
boil on the fire; then put-in the beat.
en yolks of two eggs and stir rapid
ly. When it begins to thicken turn
in the lobster and let it get heated
through. Then put it into the opened_
lobster shells, and sprinkle bread
crumbs all over if with bits of butter
Over them, and brown in the oven.
Serve in the shells. •.
STEW,—This is the stew that
is mostly made in Ireland. Put some
slices of cold boiled corned beef (nev
er fresh) into a ste*pan with a good
deal of water, or thin stock, two
large onions sliced, and some cord
boiled potatdes (whole) - and a little
pepper. Stew gently until the pota
toes.are quite soft and have taken up
nea ly all the gravy; some will break,
but they should be as whole as pesai
ble.. Turn all out on a flnt dish allot
An Investigation of Ike Causes of
Those Dark Forebodings Which
Wake Powerful Men Weak.
Goidtrii Ru le
Much apprehension
.has been occasion
ed- throughout America from the 'an
nouncement nsade by Professor ,Proctor
that the return in nineteen years of the
great comet of last summer will cause tire
destruction of the earth. But while nc4-.
Tie are becoming so strangely exerctid
over this_atinoencement, , an event of far.
more serious importance, a ich is taking
place to-da_y, seems to be almost
. wholly
overlooked. The nature of this Most. vi
tal subject can be best explained by,rclat-.
lug the folloWiug experiences :
Bishoit. 'O. Haven,.knovru to the en
tire land, wits unacconntably awateireti
one night Out of a sound sleep, and *lay
awake until morning. His mind teemed.,
Lunesually active, and he not only 'review
ed his last life, which had been "airevent
ful one, but laid extensive plans for the
future. He did not feel especially ill,
but could not account for the unusual ac
tivity of his brain, nor for the.restlessuess
which teemed to possess him. In the
morning he had but little aPpetite, but
, was apparently welt in other resPects..:ln
'3, few days; however, lie'le,:au — to feel
restless an Morbid, although' he tried
earnestly to overcome the feeling which
had taken - possession of hint: But try as
he would the shadow of some evil seemed
to follow hire, and he was conscions of a
gradual sinking and wasting away of all
his physical faculties. Ho had been an
earnest and diligent worker, and in his
zetq frequently -ewer-taxed his strength.
and being absorbed in his duties failed to
observe the conmiun Symptoms with
which he was afflicted, - thus permitting
the work of destruction to go on unheed
ed. But the end finally came in a Most
pererriptory manner. Shortly before his
death l he wrote a letter—the last one he
ever indited—in which-he sp-grks as fol
lows : " A belief that death is near affeits
raids differently, but probably all who are
in aliir condition of physical and mental
strength instinctively shrink from it with
an indefinable dread and horror. A. dy
' ing man is, no more able of him - tell to
foresee his own destiny or the destiny of
those he leave's than he was before he be
The recent sad and sudden death of
lion. Clarkson N. P6tter is one of the
most serious warnings ever given in the
long list of inntimerehle cases of fatal
neglez,•t i . It is not iiufficient to say that
_many other brilliant men, including, Ever
ett, Stnuner, Chase, Wood,: Wilson • and
Carpenter, were swept away by the same
fatal trouble The question is,,weie these,
men sufficiently careful of their health,
and could they have . been saved ? .The
Albany Argus, iu speaking of Mr. Pot•
ter's sudden illness and death,.says :
One of the physicians. who attended
Mr: Potter here was interviewed last ev
ening.' He stated - that Potter's
bility to converse had for some thineserv
ed to baffle the physicians in their efforts
to determine the root of his illness. It
seems, however, that Mr. ,Potter,' some
two years ago, suffered a slight attack of
kiduerdiseas.e. Unwise dependence upon
a robust constitution- and naturally per
fect health, and neglect .of proper cloth
ing, doubtless sowed the seeds of a chi
ease that •needed but sonic such personal
neglect us that of Tuesday de-
Velop. From the symptoms at first shown,
it was thought that hi?s'only trip* was
nervous prostration ; but his hng cOutin
nancdin a semi-unconscious state led to
the belief that his illness was sated in a
chronic difficulty more mysteiions and
dangerous." •
Up to the latter part of last year Mk
Edward P. Hook,.a member of the New
York Stock Exchange, bad everything to
encourage him, and make life h4ppy, but
was the victim of unaccountable uneasi
ness. His experience as described by one.
who knew, folltiWs%
," At unex
pected times, and on occasions when he
had the greatest reason to feel . joyous he
was irritable and hhunted with :strange
feelings of discontent. He endeaVored to
check these feelings and appear_ pleasant,
but it required a-great effort to do so ; af
ter which he would again relapse into his
former Morbid mood. This feeling con
tinued for a number of months, when he
came conscious of an added sensation of
lassitude. He was tired even isa'rn rest
ing,-and although no acute
pain, bad dull, aching serisatim.s in his'!
limbs and
,variouli parts of. bis
Shortly afterward his head began' to ache,
most frequently and his stomach failtid to
digest properly. : Being told that he was
suffering from malaria he consulted an
eminent physician, who informed. him
that his kidneys were slightly affected;
and gave him medicine to restore them.'
But he grew worse instead of better. Fie
then consulted other eminent doctors of
another school and was info: med that he
had a brain difficulty somewhat in the iiia
tme of a tumor. but in spite of all efforti
to the contrary,' he continued 'to groW
worse: At tins! time his condition was._
terrible. What Were at first simple symp
toms had devehiped to terrible troubles,-
ife.was flushed, 'and feverish, constantly
uneasy, and yet always weary. He had
anintense appetite one day and very lit
tle the next. His pulse was irregular,
his breathing labored, and every moment
of existence was a burden. These discs
trous symptoms continued. his face and
body became discolored,
.his heart was ir
regi'ilar in its action; and his breath came
in short, convnlsive gasps. He grew con
stantly worse, notwithstanding the ut
most precauti : ms of his friends and final
ly died in the greatest agony. After his
death an ,examination as to its actual
cause was made, when his brain was
found to be in . a perfect condition, and
the reason of his decease was of an en
tirely different. nature:7 • ,
. .
The -experiences wliich„have been cited,
, .
above all had a common cause and were
each the resift of one disease. The dis
ease, which so-deceitfully, yet surely re
move-1 the .pcmple -aliory' mentioned was
Bright's disease of the kidneys. In the
ease of Mr. Rook the examination after
death, while showing the brain to, be in
perfect condition, revealed the terrible
fact that he was the victim.. of a slight
kidney trouble, Which had gone on un
checked, until it resulied in acute Bright's
disease... The leading physicians and sci
entists of the world are fast learning that
more than ore half the deaths which 'oc
cur are caused by this monstrous scourge. -
It is one of the most 'deceitful maladies
ever known to the human race. It mani
fests itself by, symptoms, so slight and
common, as to seem unworthy of
Con ; and yet these. very insignificant
symptoms are the tint stages of the worst
complaint known in the history' of the
world. Thousands of people have died
from troubles that are celled heart die
eiv.e, apoplexy, pneumonia, brain fever,
and similar diseases, when it was, in fact -
Bright's disease of the kithiesß. The ray
;Agee of this disease have been grtiltly in
creased front the faot that nail l Meat
" 17, :i
• 2.! :
tsig4,,..Eg'4err`ft7A 14.,
V r :A77
Y '
' -
years no way was known to prevent .its
-beginning nor check its increase when it
bad become once fixed upon the system.
Within the past two years, however, we
have learned of more thin four hundred
pronounced . cases of Briglitia disease,
many of them much worse than those
shine described, and most of whom had
been given up by prominent physicians,
who have been completely ourett The
means used -to accomplish this end has
been Warmer., Safe ; Kidney and Liver
Cure, manufacthred in Rochester, N. Y.,
a remed, that bias won its way into the
confidence of the public solely upon the
remarkable merits it poties:es. As a re
.it is more widely used and thorough
ly praised than any medicine which has
ever been before the ierican public. In
deed there is not a drug store iu the en
tire land where it cannot be found.
- .
Although Bright'S diseage• is so..oollm=
mon in cities, it is still more prevalent in
-the country. When eminen' physicians
is the largest eitiest are not able to recog
nize. Bright's.oiseits,•, it is only natural'
That in the coimti y,: where there are few,
physicians of any kind, i-nd those few so
unaegimiuted with the disease as to call
it by seine other name, it 'should rage ter
ribly and yet unknown to the ones who
are suffering
-with it. Thousands of peo
ple can look back ana recall the death of
friends from what was_ suppokti to be
some common compleinti - when it was
re illy.l3riglit's disease; AND NO ONE KNEW
IT. The terrible pleuro-pneumonia, which
has teen so dreaded,, is usually the result
of uremic or kidney poison. Lung fever
car be traced io a similar source. Most
cases of paralysis arise from the same dif
!lenity, as well as innumerable feireis;
lung, throat, head and bowel troubles. A
-vast number of ladies have suffered and
died from complaints common to their
sea called, perhaps, gene - ral debility,
when, could the real cause have been
known, it would have been found to be
Bright's disease, inwiquiraiiing under an
other name. In marked; cofitrast to the
sad cases which have been above deseribJ
ed are the e..periences of mmy prominent
people who were as low as any of:the per
sons mentioned; but who weie remarka
bly restored to forfner health and vigor'
by this same remedy. Among this num
ber are the following prominent - names :
Col. John C. Whither, Atlanta, Ga.; B.
P. Larrabee, Boston, Mass.; Gen. C. A.
Heckman, Phillipsbnig, N. J.; Rev. P.
D. Buck, D. D., Geneva, N. Y.; Dr. E.
A. 'McManus; B &More, Md ; Edwin
Fay, Davenport, lowa ; Rev. A. C. Ken
krick, LL. D.; Rochester, N. V.; J. S.
Matthews, Portland, Mich.; C. W. 'Bast
wood, NeW York ; : Dr. A: A. Ranisay,
lowy ; Chancellor C. N. ilme, D..
D., Syracuse, N. ; Dr. S. P. Joites; Ma
rienette, Wis.; T. S. Ingraham,
0,; Henry - T. Champney, Boston,
Mass.; Elder James S.' Prescott, North
Union, 0., who is a prominent merhber
.of the Shaker comniunity, and man* oth
To all candid minds the force ofithe
above facts must come. with special Ov
er- They show the importance of prompt--
ness - and attention to the first symptoms
of disordered health bofoie 'disease be,
clines fixed and hope departs. They show
bow this can successfully be, done, and
that the daiigers Which await neglect can
only with difficulty be remov.d. •
Some Importent Statements of 'Well-Known
r, People Wholly Veriftel.
In order that the public may fully realize the
genuineness of the statements, as well lithe power
and value of the article of which they spark, we_
publish herewith the far-simile signitures of par.
ties whose sincerity is beyohtl question. The truth
of these testimonials is absolute, nor can libel/acts
they announce be ly cured. -
PiIILADELPIIIA, Pa., Mar, h 19, 1881
H. H. WanNitt & Co.: Stra—Theaindersigned,
member of the staff of Forney's, Prom etc has
been a sufferer . for years with kidney troubles.
The use by hint of !your Safe Kidney and Liver
Cuie has been followed by beneficial results.
I know the gentleman whose signature is above,
Mr..W. H. Brady, and I can say that any statement
made by him derserves to be considered the exact
• • ''
Rociitsrtht Ti, Y.;Jan. S, 1881.
11. 11. Warner et C,S., Rochester, 1.: • -
Uxxrt.ssi EN : Having received from the use of
Warner's saw Kidney, and, Liver Cure very marked
benellt, - 1 can cordially recommend It to others.
(I). D., Professor of Greek In the Rochester Uni
versity and New Testament reviser)..
`Thousands of equally st tong endorsements—many
of them In cas e s where hope was abandoned—have
been voluntarily given, showing the remarkable
lamer of Warner's Sate Kidney and Liver Cure, in
all disea es of the kidneys, liver or urinary organs.
If 'anyone who reads this has any physical trotible,
remember the great danger of delay. Feh.l6-S2.
la a Positive Care.
for fill limos Paha Cal complaints mid W;balinsaassi
suroatison to eeriest Camila impelstleaT
It will cure entirely the Word form of Female Come
plaints, ell ovarian trottbks,lnflaMmation and 17leers
tl en, Falling and Displacements, and the consequent
(pine! Weakness,. and Is particularly adapted to the
( bangs of Life.
It will dissolve and expel tumors from the ukase in
an early stage of deve!opment. The tendency to can.
etrom humors there bebeck ed very speedily by its use.
It removes faintness, flatulency. destroy...l:terming
for stimulants, and relieves weakness of the stomach.
It cures Bloating, deadaebes, Nervous Prostration
General Debility. illoolessuess, Densondan and
4resUon. '
That hellos ot talartny down, eapahtqt pathoralatt
and backache, ta shwa permanently cared by It, us.
7.: will at all Urea and' underall ciretunstratore aet
haniony with the lows Oat, govern the female astern.
For the (woof kidney Complaints of either as this
Compound b connriassed.
LYDIA E. PINEIII.IIIII Trorrikinz cot-
I'OUNDIa prepand at MS and Weston( Avenue
Lyna.Mass. Prieasl. I xbottlaforlS. Boot by
Inas form of pills. alp Lathe form of lozenges, on
receipt of prim, IM fir box for ettbor. Mrs. tinkbam
frooksanswees all letteroof tagclr. Send for ptimpb•
let. Addtat• so *Mom. , Xastios this Awn,
No faadly_ should be without LYDIA E. ITRIBLEII
LIVER pus. They awe eonetipetica. balcouwen
ma_ torr e :lty of the liver. .116 cents per hex
Soh) by an DruggistaMib
tent testamentary having been granted to the
undersigned. under the last will and testament of
Darwin P. Gillett, late of Sheshequin twp., dee'd,
all persons lndettisd to the estateof said decedent
are hereby notillett to make Immediate paytitant,.
And all baring tape:. against laid estate must pre.
sent the saine - dulY tkehelautliked to the Under.
skguld allttleme" Vitt** titurrr,
Illtepibqulth Ps, teiniteiwo, Xpostork
LLI i 1 01 1 0 1 Z it,
-=--- . F01t..:-,-=
,r 25 -1111101 4 1'111i
J lmi.l .l CR A MPS, '
• -Sprains , , Bruises,
ummi Burns and Scalds,
= Sciatica, Backache,
Ina Frosted. Feet and
els Ears . and all other
Paw and aches.
It is a sure cure for
iIIIE Gas, owns, s F atdies,
ca 180198 31 kg.. an ..
mom One trial will prove its
merits. .Its effects . are
Every bottle 'warranted to
• give satisfaction. Send ad
dress for pamphlet.
Price 25 eta and BO eta. per
bottle. Sold evetywhere.
lIIIIIC IN* Jobsash Ist treprhters,
laribita. Tt.
Contagion destroyed.
Sick Rooms punned
and made pleasant.
Fevered and Sick
Persona relieved
and refreshed by bath
ing with Prophylactic
Fluid added to the
water. -
Molt White Coma
plezions sneered
by its use in bathing.
Impure Air made
harmless and purified
by sprinkling Darby's
Fluid about.
To Purify the
Breath. Cleanse
the Teeth, It can't
• be anrirassed.
Catarrh relieved and
Erysipelas cured:
Boras relieved in
Scalia prevented.
Removes all unpleasant
. . .
In fact It Is the great
Disinfectant and Purifier.
Manufacturing Chemist!, SOLE PICOPMETORS
February 211. 1882. •
Agricultural Machinery
Best and Leading Kinds
Spring Tooth Harrows
These Implements are unequaled for thorough
preparation of all plowed ground for crops. They
will cover at one operation broad-cast grain nearly
as well as a grain-drill will put It in, and should
precede the drill In preparation of the Soil. These
Harrow's should, by all means, be used upon Fall
plowed ground. They are remarkably adapted to
rough arid stony, as well as for smooth, ground.
Township Agents Wanted.
Wiard's Chilled Plows
These -are the very best chilled plows In the
market for general purposes and upon all kinds of
ground. -1 ask for fair and thorough tut•trialt
for these plows in competition with other leading
chilled plows. Decidedly unequaled for hard and
stony, law!.
Forme's' Favorite, Champion and
other dialse Drills. If you deelro to buy
Grain Drill, let me quote pekes. • ,
Auburn Farm and Lumber Wagons
For either one or two horses.' With either
thimble skins and wood axlea. or. with Sheldon's
best whole-piece ' , Anchor Brand" Iron Axles.
These wagons are well proportioned, well flni3hed
and painted. easy running, best In quality, snit
cheapest good wagons in the market. They hare
my own Improved brake:And are Warranted in
every respect. Call and see them;
Enterprise Adjustable Traek and other
Churn Powers. A full line of Churn Powers
adapted to any sized, dairy. Powers dellteradiree
of charge at your nearest railroad station.•
Improved Tompkins .Connty .
rotors. These Cultivators are unrivaled for con
venience and utility. Are of my manufacture.
Are just - what every farmerneeds. For sale at
rrbotesrle and retail. -
Tompkins County Leader Wheel
Rake. This is a truly valuable Wheel Rake. la
adapted to a greater variety of work than any oth
er. It is a good, well made and durable implement.
I will warrant it to give satisfaction. Is made for
one, or, two horse's, and Inter-changeable.
Thomas Smoothing Harrows and
Acme Harrows. These are valuable Imple
ments and cheap.
- X Star Hydraulte Cement by barrel
or . f ar load. Imported libperial.Portiand
Cement. .Thi. Is several times stronger than
thcbest. American centts.. I would recommend
11 for tarsi coat finishing , cliterns . and other spe
cial work" Where great strength is desired., !tor
sale in any desired qnantity.
versible glows. I West Oneonta, Clipper
Chilled. Dyer, and other good ones.
barbed wire Is well Worthy the attention of farm-
It Is cheap. erncient, yet not dangerous.- It
recommends itself at sight. Send 'for specimens
Platform Wagons, Open and Top
Wagons, &E.,- cf best styles and makers., I sed
no shoddy work ; will Warrant to my customers as
good wagons and at lower prices Mao they Can get
wagons made to order. •
Chain Pampa. Good and cheap. Madly set
Carriage and Buggy Tope, •GoOd tops in
every respect and at very low prices. Made to At
any Buggy or Platform Wagon seat.
Are you•Goinit to Paint?. lan supply
you with Nixed Paents of may dulerd shade or
color ready for the brush that I will warrant to be
bitter and cheaper than any leading Lead Paints
that you can buy. LIIBRICA.TIXO 01L8, NEWTS
Fgl , T flit In any quantity, at wholesale and retail.
Prices low.
PULLIAM'S Warren Bolster Springs.
Very desirable. .
Threshing Machinery of Best and Lead
ing kinds. C. Aultntan & Co.'s Monitor Tnetion
Steamers; ailller's_New Model Vibrating Thresh
ers and Cleaners; Harder% Wheeler's. and Gray's
Horse Powers. Threshers and Cleaners. I - would
especially bats attention to Gray's Machines.
Balky 'Syrtis; Teeth Merrowe, BEST
LAWN MOWERS. Will • deliver -most kinds of
my goods at any railroad station free of freight.
PRICES. or what win be Oil better, VISIT MT
To,ande, Pa., Nara 22, 13r.41.
enure Toe SPRING MUM Inn bents ONDAIr. APRIL tett, 1112. ZoomsOs for
baud, tondos and foroisbetl room, from $172 to
proper yrorst ear. o
Tor eatelocom or bialkor mem ,
„ma . 1517 nfelLiathltiktir
Pitting of SMALL
PDX Prevented.
niers wined and
Gangrene _ prevented
and cured.
reort=heafed 41d.
Searvey cured fa a
short time. ;
Tette! dried
Itlperfeet!r harm
For Sore Throat, it
it a sure cure.
Cholera dissipated. -
Sbtp Fever present.
ed by Its use. •
Incases of - death lo the
house,lt should always
be used a'out tho
corpse-1111 prevent
- any unpleasant smell.
An Anal?tope -(or Anl-
-null or Vegetable Pol
lens. Stings, he.
Dangerous effluvlas of
sick rooms and bosplt•
ale removed by Ks,use.
Yellow Fever 1
IL M. Welles.
Wm" rAi doubt, auuhdls.
Olaf & 301111•011'1 Arnica and - Oil
Liniment, for external use, is equally
gocid. • •
&am fates sire MUddllg as anitage-
91500 per year can be easily made at
home working for. E. G. Hideout., & Co.,
10 Barclay Street, New. York. Send for
their catalogue and full particulars. 1 yr.
Witoso gives trifle meanly, is meaner
than the trifle. r •
TnE result of my use of St. Jacobs Oil
for rheumatism is L.have been recom
mending it ever shwa, says the Mayor of
Chicago, Hon. "Carter H. Harrison; in the
Chien!) Times.
Daintier is a school in which truth sl
ants grows stronger. • • -
I Jamas keep your medicines in stock
Downs' Elixir is selling better than any
Cough Medicine I bare, and with good re
sults. C. M. SMITH;
Druggist, Clarkston, Michigan.
Wit believe a business impossible is the
snreet way to 'nuke it so.
Da. BAXTER'S Mankrake Bitters give
the best satisfaction of any Medicine I
sell. They have, advertised themselves;
said I warrant every bottle. , • .
Druggist, Zeeland, illchigan.
Tbe rolection of Gern;ral Roscrans as
chairman of the Democratic Congression
al Campaign Committee hiis caused
much dissatisfaction in the party. This
has readted according to a dispatch from
Washington to the Louisville Courier
Journal, in a decision to reorganize the
committee'• by adding four outside mom- ,
here to it, and forming them in a separa
te committee with Congressman Flower
as chairman.
Mattis Disease, Diabetes, Kidney,
Liver or Itrinary Diseases. fear of any orthese diseases if
you use Hop Bitters, as they will prevent
and cure the worst eases, even when you
have been made worse by some great pnff.
ed up petended owes. •
A Harmon') man went to a lawyer for
advice. After receiving the retaining fee'
the lawyer said :. "Stite your case."
"Well, sir," replied the client, "a man
told me to go to h--. 1; and I want your
advice." The attorney took down a vol
ume of the Connecticut:l statutes, and of
turning over a few leaves. answered :
" Don't you do it. The law doesn't cora
pel you."—Neto Haven 4',,owrsat.
Sensible Adviee.
• Do not allow skepticism to overrule
your better judgment when an, article of
true merit is placed befoic yo u. If you
are dyspeptic or your kidneys and liver
are affected, delay no longer;,.procure a
bottle of Swedish Bitters, the infallible
remedy. It will-do more for , your case
than we can say about it. See advertise
inept and testimonial•in this paper."
Mn. EVAIITS says that a sentence go'ng
the rounds , attributed to him, is an at
tempt at condensing one of his dispatces
protesting against the dismemberment of
Turkey. It was founded on an incident
Which occurred at one of his Thanksgiv
ing dinners at - home. "I had a roasted
New England goose, well stuffed f with
sage, with plenty of apple sauce and the
usual accompaniments. At the close .of
the meal I said : 'My children, you now
see the difference between , the condition .
of affairs before and after dinner. Yon
then saw a goose stuffed with sage ; now
you see a -sage•stuffed with goose.' "
Whitehall Review.
Tooted and Found Worthy,
In order to bring mote fully before the
notice of the people the valuir. of a true
and tried remedy, we hereby give the fol
lowing reliable testimonial lrom - one of
the many who haie been cured and whose
reputation for veracity cannot - be ques
awed : •
WOODBURY, N. J., March 20, 1882.
GENTLEMEN : I have suffered with dys
pepsia and its horrible effects for many
years. Have spent hundreds of dollars
with physicians and in patent medicines,
with no avail. I have been unable to eat
meats of any kind, and could not retain
water on my stomach, and could net sleep
at nights. I was indeced to procure and
try a bottle of your Swedish Bitters, and
can conscientiously say its use was follow
ed by beireficial results. • I can now sit
down and enjoy a hearty meal of meats
and vegetables cf any kind, and have
gained sixteen in three weeks, and can
cordially recommend it to others.
Yours respectfully, •
Proprietor of Woodbury City Coach Line ,
Preh's Livery and Aocommoilation
bles. aprl3-lm.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Serene:: of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ingsland Sprain's, Barns and
Scalds General Bodify -
Pains, . -
Tooth, Ear- and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals Sr. Julius Ott.
We a safe, sure, simple and cheap External
Remedy. A trial entail* tut the competitively
trifling outlay of SG Ceuta, and every one
with pain can have cheap and positive proof .of its
• birections to Eleven languages.
Ralthsem*,•llM..; 17: it 4.
, 4 . 6 G4II,I3EITAI'.
Will make the anion of IBM able turnery stable
In Milan, Bradford Candi, ra. TERMS
1115 to insure mare in foal ; !near
- &nee money due April 1, left.
At a test of the qualities or heavy horses, made
In New York City In August, len. by request of
the Western breeders, before the , following named
committee, the Norman-French horse far excelled
the Clydesdale or any other large horse ms account
of feet, action. endurance, ease of keeping, ke.,
and Wing In the market from till to .100 more
than the Clyde; farmers were advised to breed
nothing but Nointaus : Signed—J. H. Dammam.
A. M. litlem.• New York City ;
Itiebardsalrooslyn. N. Y.: P. J. ROM, J. D.
Decker K. Newarais and Jo*. Lamb, Chicagoan.
"OAXBETTAII. • is a dapple gray. a years old;
It bands hums:o we!gbs late pounds, rub SAO
style and act kta His cotta are In good demand at
u s. He le owned b_y - •
Poi • 111: TAlMMlTHNintkunii.
. • .s • •
dt :v
Symptoms are moisture, stinging, itekthg, worse at
night; seeing as it pin -worms were crawling about
the rectum; the private parts are often affected. Ass
truant, economical and positive cure, Swatwal
TNRNT is superior to any article in the market.
Sold by druggists, or send 80 di. In &et. Stamps; 3
Boars4l2s.Address,La,swsraa&Sea,P6ila 'a.
A'Never-Failing Cure for Burns,
Scalds, Bruises. Cuts, Sores. etc.
After Ibrty years of trial, Perry
Davis• Pain Killer stands unrivaled.
It is safe! It acts immediately ! It
never fails! :
Editor of the St. John
B.) P a in s , so r es
inflesh wounds, aches, pains, sores. etc.,
It 13 the most efectuat rancdy we know ot.
, fatally should be 'without a bottle of it
for a single hour.
Prom the Cincinnati Dispatch:
- We have arra its magic effects, and imam
It to be a good article.
Prom 1.8. Potter. U. S. Consul at Crefe/e,
Rhenish Prussia:
After long years' of use, I am satisfied ft
is positively eßicient as it healing remedy
for wounds, bruises, and sprains.
W. W. Sharper, Valdosta, Ca.. says:
It is a panacea for all bruistz and burns.
From R. W. Adams. Saco, hlo.:
It gavermo immediate relief.
R. Lewis says:
In forty years' use It never has failed me.
Wi W. Lum. lticholville, N. V., says : •
I use your PALN KILLER frequently. It
relieves pain and sor enests,ana heals wounds
film magic. .
J. W. Dee says • -
Forscaldsand burns It has no-equaL
a new untried remedy. For forty yeah
it has been inconstant use; and those who
have used it the longest are its best friend.;
IN *access is estirrfybeenuseof its merit.
Since the Pain KMer was first introduced,
hundreds of new medicines have come and
gone, while to-day tide medicine is snore
extensively used and snore highly valued
than ever &lure. Every family should have
a bottle reruNfor use. ?Much pain awl heavy
doctors* bilis may Often be Bared by prompt
application of the Pain Killer. Ihdiir inonf
medicinal. itism'reitylVe - even in the hands
of a child. it once fboronghly, and It
will prove Misvalue: Your drneeist has It
et 25c., We. and $l.OO per bottle. •
PERRY DAVIS & SON. Proprietors,
Providence. R. I.
0111SOR1aPk&e. o. k
€ . l-1 ICAGO ILL.
- 1 -.'=9 ORANGE MASS. r?
601iii18 Rewarded
-Olt TUE--
Stay of Searing
1 7
A handsome little pamphlet, blue and
gold cover, with nuMerous engravings, will be
To any adult person calling for it, at anY branch
or sub-ottlce Of the Singer 3fanufacturini Codipa-
ny, or will be sent. poet 'paid, to any person living
at a distance !cora our °Mee's
Principal Office, 34 Union Square, Near York
COAL! -1
Stove and .Nut, per ton,
Small _.Nut,
Until furtlicri-notice we will deliv
er Stove and 'Nut sizes of .
at 2 5
_Cents Advance over Yard
SmAll Nut to remain the same as
as formerly,
1. 0. BLIGHT,"
March i 6, 82-01_ Supt.
' . By - viitaieptimildry irrittiojrn out of --
ttie . Coosiot_goaitoos , Ploal Of Bradford coolity
and to me directed, I_ will es toWale saM,!ltt
the Dena Hedlle 1n INiwantaaouitti. on
-i - : Fruovt . MAY ilith e. , j 8132, : :- i . '_- .
. . . D .- ~__ . .. . . - .
: it 1 otlocik MX., Os fol lowing 403einbaProPer''
is, toWlts •s- '.- .•'-- 1.. .. :- 1 - - • .
No. I. One lot, place or parcel or. land, sans lir
Towanda borough; bounded north bY4atnila of •Wi- •
jow Lewis, east by River street. South try lands of
am: - ulthrao, andtest by lands of .Elsbree a Da.
use and otter !midi; of B. A. ebantberlls i - being
100 feet fronton Hirer - street, running back 11 . 00 -
feet, with 1 trained house, trained barn, and a few
Zluit trees thereon • treated and taken Into eseee:
on at the suit of Pre hick Merril e executor of
stab A. Mercer. vs. Bs r...n ChsmWr.ln and Dena a
, Sweenv.
No: 2. AMlD—Defendant tit life estate la a ant ar
and In Athens twp., bounded north by lands of A.
oVaugh flat-No. b), MlSsqray (lot No. 43). and ,
Hiram and Susan Thomas, (lota Nos. 54 nod 71);
east by lands of Hiram and 'Masan Thomas, South
by Sayre Land Company sod south Virst street,
- d west. by 1 bones avenue. Excepting and re
mNaing therefrom lot N '3 .sold to J. A. Wood
ward, lotlie, 4 sold to Park_Wolcott. lot No fr.sold .
to A. MeVangh. lot No. 47 Sold to BIrs: Anna Tut
hilL•lot No. 48 sold to Etyriu. let No: 50 owned
by Nowise Shaw. - lot No. 62 owned by.lirs...Atina
Tuthill, and lot No. 53 owned by Andrew Zeller ;
being lots and parts of lots No. I oast hairy Nos.
. 44. 45, 48, 49. 51e54; 71, 72. 73, 14. 73. 75 and 77 ae
i cording to a plot'or enrvCy made by Z. F. Walker,
for Thomas it Pierce. June 23 A. D. 1431; all -11n
' proved, with I twoetory framed hensothereon.
No. 3. ALSO—Defeintant's interest in a lot of
land sltuatein Athena:township. bounded Borth by
lands now or late of Sjia.4 Fordham. east and .4-nth
by lauds of Hulett. and west by the Su ettehrintia .
river; - contains 42 acrns , more or'less, about:lo !m-,
proved.; the said land having been contracted
Wm. IL Pierce.: H. W.' Thomas and . Howard El
mer to Elijah %%reorder, by contract dated Jan.
31, .1878. with a two-story Dotted house thereon.
&late] and taken lute eseetition at the butt of 411-
rem Thomas' mar vs. Wm. It. Plmee.
No. 4. A LSO'-Defendants , Interest hi alot of '
land striate' In Towaiela borough bounded and
described as fellows: Beginning at the sontheast
corner of landa Fri, H. C. Porter in the centre or the
highway : thence westerly along the eolith line of
11. C. Porter's&Rd MI ,reds to a corner t thence
southerly stung the buds of Joseph Powell 0 rods I
moreer lees to he corner of lot of the ree-er,ves
try and warden of Chi lit Church .
t, thence twit
...; s
warm . ),
along t 0 north ',line Of said; church lot to
l c
west corner of V. M..Watts' lot; thence northerly
along the west line of said Watts' lotto the north
eorneeof said 1 'atts' lot; being It feet south from
south line of said Porter's land; thence eaxtwardly
along the north line of said Watts' lot to a corner
In the centre of sold highway ; thence .along the
centre of said highway It feet to the Vireo of le -
ginning,' reserving nevertheless the right to raid
W.. 51. Watts. hlirheirs and assigns, to use. the 12
teat In width between his north line and said Por
ter's south line front said highway running west to .
said Witta'llne as an alley. Being same land Cob'
veyed by B S. Russell and wife to Harry Mix arid
John D. Slontanye, deed dated Oetobee I.lB6e:unit ;
recorded In Recurder'soMee for Bradford County, ;
In deed book No. 111, page 35, ate.; all ImproVed. 1
no buildings. ' . .
, No. 5. A LSO.t. Ine other lot, piece or parcel of
land situate In Towanda litirough. hounded and':
described as fodows: Beginelegat a point on Wes- I'
ton street the northeast corner of a lot lion. ()woo
by Mt At Stiaw ; theme' easterly along Wfitoit
street4l.feet to a Cursor; thence southerly along
lands Of J. V. Wilcock* alinut 85 , ret to a center
MI land2of estate of Mrs. 11. C. Ward; thence along l
lands beloeging to estate of Mrs. t. C. Ward 41
feet to a corner, being south-act col tier of 31. At-1
Shaw'ai_land ; thence northerly along lands of IL
A. Shaw about 55 feat to place of begitintro , 3 said ,
lot being 41 feet, :strict measure , on Imo of'We'ston '
`,street and nit line of lands of Mrs. H. C. Ward, '
grid about-55 feet deep. Being same piece f land I
sanveYed by .1. V. Wilcoeks and wife to John H.
Monte - nye by deed dated June 24, 1873. and record- . '
ed in 'Recorder's Office for Bradford Cennty, lii 'I
deed hook No. 111, page 37. &e.; all improved, with"
I board faro thereon. Se zed and t“ken into exe
cution at the suit of William Steveuson's me vs.,
Jno.D.Mentauye's atiml nlstratorx,w blow and Child.
No. 6. Ali —One ether lot of Mud, situate in ;
Athens tap.. :and being le,. the Southwest cerner ,
' of 1.4 , No-8 lo Bunch \Waverly', as distinguished on 1
ama made for Wm. W Shepard and ot ' , ers, cum. I
'emoting in the centre of Bradford street 111 the ;
i 'Nebt tine of sal lot No. 8. runtile,e math 014 ,old
no -t 1104, 80 feet ; thence cast ' mot parallel ' with '
Bradford street 50 feet and 3 inches; thence se,th
andiparallel a it h the west line of 1.." No. 5, 50 feet
to the centre of IT millet d street ; thence west In
the centre of lirmifor street to the place of bi•giu.
, nine; he the sine Its*. Being the s,ute
. premises deeded by party of first pa 3t hereto to
, party of the second part, by deed dated the- r,t,th
day orA pal, 1877; haviug a t w•-slory flame dwell
ing and oto hense thereon; all Improved. Sidzed
and - taken into executien at the' suit of t.,:tuot
Divers use vs. C.Tultlo E .Meeker
. .
' N 0.7. Af.9o—tine other lot of" land, situate in
Orwell township. bounded north by - lands of 6. - r..
and Caleb Allen, deceased : east bylands
of Caleb Allen. deceased: John Bingham. Leatorer
Maynard and Aurora itobinsoii ; south by lands of ßalph Pickering. John I. Eastman and S. A Chat
'fee, and west by lamls of S. A. Chaffee:and . Geo.
_robtains 1:13 Ler's. ;nor, or his., ahont 125
Improvori, wltll - 2 framed houses, 3 framed hams,
sheds, other ofttbutkling,, nisi fruit treto.thereon,
and being sante land as described in deed recorded
in Bradford county deed book so. 83. page 23. &c.
Seized and taken into exeruttoosat the suit of Ruth
Ann Boyst's Lse vi.. David Ford and <leo W. - Ford.
Also at the suit of Ruth Ann Ittiy,st'a ifse vs. David
Ford. 1
No: 8.. ALSO—One other toe (`l' laud, situate In
Monroe borough. bounded norill liy hianis_ot It n:
Mullet t„"east by'llain street, and,!. a• 'd nest by
lands of Henry Tracy : contains 3 acres, tome or
less, all improved, with I fr-nied house, I. framed'
barn, and a few fruit tines thereon.
No. 9. ALSO other ot of lard, slinate in
Monroe township: bininded north by lands of Dr.
Newton, east Ily ti.e turnpike, sot:lii ..1
Zack Nor:limp. and went by 1p0i4.4,_
Smith; contains Ciacres. more or less'all liopmvel;
no 1111i:dings. Seized and taken Into execntion at
tins suit of Rowena S. Kingsbury's Use 1"... Jobb
Daugherty. =Also at the suit of N. N. Bet r," uaa
vs same.
yo. 10. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
Canon township, bounded and nescrilwd as fol
lows: Beginning In the centre of the highway In
the east lineof Murrey's lands; thence north 30 0
west.4o perchesM a post ; thence north 51 0 east a
perches to a post; thence south 50° cast as perches
to the centre of the said highway; thente along the
;centre of told highway south 54 0 west 8 perches to
'the place of beginning; contains 2 ecre•, alt Itn
proved, with an orchard of - fruit trees thereon.
!Seized and taken tutu execution at the suit of' C.
C. Manley vs. Wm. N. Gregory. '
'No. 11. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Canton township, lxtentled and deseribrd as fol
lows; Iteginniug at a post and stones the northeast
corner of a lot of laud now oretipled by N. Smith;
thence south - 88 0 east -15 s}}lo rods to a post and
'stones; thence south 2 0 tee t. 2IS perches to a post
on the northbank of Towandlla creek; these" same
course to the centre of said (reek; 'thence up the
creek as It now - runs to the southeast corner of a
lot of laud now occupied by 8 - rid N . . Snit it; thence
north 2° east 232 perches to the pace of beglitnlug;
contains 75 acres, more or less, all improved, with
a framed bares, I framed house. other ontitulid.
logs and an orchard of fruit !tees thereon. St-Ized
and taken into execution at the suit of J. L. Mee-k
-ers use vs. J. S. Manley. '
No. 12. ALSO—One othor lot of land, situate
• In
ToWanda township, bounded and desei hied as fitl,
lows: Beginning at the northwest corner of a lot
ehmerly owned by G. F. Mason; thence north 5 , e 0
east along the east side of the public hightvliy bet.
lug t"to Towanda Brireugh 5:1 fret to a corner;
thence south 841-6 0 east 187 feet to a rorner; thence
south s',i o west - 53 fee- to the northe:w eus ner of
said G. F, Mason lot aforesaid .;• theuro ntoitg the
line of said lot north 84% e v•*st 157 feet to iln , place
of beginning; with 1 two-story framed Ito ise and
several fruit trees thereon. 'i ,
Nc.'l3 ALSO—One other lot of laud. situate lii
Towanda Borough. bounded 'north by let of ,, John
Griffin, east by Main styeet,south by .01 of Patrick
Kenedy, and west by an alley running parallel
with Main street; said let being SO feet In. width,
And having 1 two•story framed dwelling house
No. 14. ALSO—One other lotof land. situate In
Towanda slorougb; bounded north by lands of lieu.
~lcCalse estate, east by lands now di formerly of
Win. IL' Morgan's estate. south by WAshlligton
street, an 9 west by lands of John Pine ;* being 19
feet front ink Patel street by 42 feet deep, with one..
half of a framed dwelling house thereon.. Seized
and taken Into execution at the suit of James 1%
Hate's usitv.s. John J, . -
No. ALSO—Ono other lid of land, situate In
Orwell township. bounded north by lands of Man
son Lung, east by 15tls e(.l. W. Park- and Lynas
Robinson,south by lands of Litinsßoblnsen and C. S.
Darts, and west Lyl e lands of .1. W. Pat ks and A
J. Taylor; contains tot acres, more or less;
abut 1151wres Runic:veil. relit! I flamed Ilfkl7,C,
fratne'd barn, and.- or, hards of trait tr, es thereon.
Selzerland taken into execution at the stilt of D.H.
Coon's Ilse vs. Alexander Keefe and H. L. Parks.
No. 16. ALSO—One other lot of tand. sinja!ti Lt
Stalthfie:o township. butilided - north and east bv
other kinds - of :11w-shall Oarlock, south by the put;-
Ile highway ruining east and west through Smith
field Centre, and west by Lauds of Mrs. Natiey E.
Flvie: contains 3.1 of an acre. more or less, with
trained bons .1 framed store, ; ! (rained str•relierise,
and a few fruit trees thereon. Also the right of
*ay from the highway iir.the storehouse. as - con
f4lned in deed of Jatues H. Webb to D. Bullock,
In - April, th 77. and being the - Satne.proporty con
veyed by bald Webb to said the afere
said deed.' Seized at" taken Into execution ar the
stilt of James H. Well's use vs. Marshall Itneock:.
No. 17. ALSO—One other lot oft land, situate In
Standing Stone township, bounded and described
as follows: Ro inning in the centre of the public
road leading from Towanda to Wyalusing on the
line of Henry Fisher. south 76,4 12 west r 9 rod. on
said road , rta stake; thence south 11ii'veld. 1066-109
rods "nl.iltring latels of %1)ion Ktugsle); tlietire
ner , h 71154 1 : 1 east 15 refry the : theme Perth
23 ; i 0 ea:A.1066400 rodstlie..; the line of Henry Fish
er to the, place of beginning; contains 1 afire, strict
measure. Seized and taken Into execution at the
stilt of Jonathan Stevens vs. Jared Hart.
. .
No. is. ALS ).—One other lot of land situate In
Canton borough, bounded and described as follows:
Beginning In the centre of Union street at the
northeast corner of Thomas . Iforigan's lands ;
thence north al° east along the centre of said
street 5 4-3 perches to a corner ; thence south 3°
east 20 540 perches to a corner; thenco south 8: 0
west 7 perches to said Horlgau•s line; thence north
3° east 201.10 perches to the centre of bald Union
street, the place of beginning ; o-ntatoing 130
equate perches of land mom or less, with one
framed house, one framed bare, and fruit trees
thereon,. and being the same lot of land as dercrth
ed In deed recorded In Bradford coanty deed book
No. 141, page 468, etc. Seized and taken into exe
cution at the suit?! George E. Buttock es.iLeriry
No. In. ALSO--One other lot of land, situate In
Windham township, bonnded north by lands of S.
Hlrby -esiale, east by lauds of Lot.: Shoemaker,.
south by lands of Samuel Shoemaker: and west by
lands of - J. S. Madden, with 4 dwelling houses, 1
framed barn with sheds aittelted, 1 wagon house,
granary, and a few fruit trees thereon ; contains
Sip acres, more or less, about 170 improved,
' No. ?.f. ALSO—One Other lot of land, situate In
'Windham township. hounded nortlf•and west by
lands of Charles John sou, east by lands of J. S.
Madden, and south by latuLt'of Milton Johnson;
contains 15 acres, Inure or loss. Seised and taken
Into .execution :at tho suit of JameS H. Coddinfi,'
assignee. and Poineroy pros. vs. S D. Madden and
J. S. Madden. _
$3 So
WI 1.L1A31 T. HORTON. Sheriff.
Sheriff•a °Mee, Towanda, April 12, 1882.
2 00
NOTICE.—Thai 'undersigned here
by give notice of their intention to apply, at
a Connor Common Peas to be held in and fur
the Countyof Bradford on the first Mondayar May
neat, for a charter of laeorporation of "The Stand
ing Stone Cemetery iksFociation,` , the object of
amAl A asociation being the maintenance of a public
cemetety. , MYRON RINGsLEY,
J. J.- - S t EVENS,
2oniarma . _ J ARE it II urr.
if 0/3 PRINT.TRG .
. ...topITS A?
-.... ; r.
:• -t
-- • . _ , ,„ , • - •
20 YE.aiRS 20
J. 0. Ftost's Sons
Are now better prepared than ,evet to
supply the public with first-class
;'• Of everrifesclipOon.
- We manufacture our own goods and
warrant them to bo as represented.
PARLOR SUITS In ill the loading styles.
• BEDROOM SUITS In Walnut, Ash, Cherry;
erwTTAGR SUITS In all desirable styles
While we furnish the finest REARSE
and Forilpinents, a larger and better stock of
CASKETS and TRIMMINGIii, with a large-eiperi•
erica in our busiuess.;we guarantee as low, if not
lower, prices than these who have not as' good
facilities as ourselves. . , .
And then purchase where. you can do-the best
Towanda, Sept. r„,,
Drs. Angl e Hollister,
(Over Dr. Pratt'. occe,)
Dr. Angle having returned from the West, has
,forined a partner:4llp with Dr. Hollister in order to
meet the requirements at their growing practice.
Special-a/newton is given to the
Preservation and Treatment‘of the
Filling, Extracting, and the Correc
tion of Irregularities
Executed in a careful and gentle manner.
Case Ether, or Chloroform Admin
iusttrted on Gob!, S.lcer, Aida!lnum, Rubber, Cel
luloid and Continuous Gum, and guranteed.
Alt the latest Electrleal and ether Improved In
strument-, a hien faeillmte operations mid render
them WAS IClthls , to the patitnts are employed - .
Esiv,rlat palm, 11 taken with nervuus mid delicate
• E. 11. ANGLE, D. D. S.,
, P. L. HOLLISTER, D. D. 5.."
'racy:l,ll(la: Pa., Heir., 22. 1,041. -
Manufacturer of all kinds of Upholstered
Work, wholes - ale and retail.,
Over Myers Meat Markeo-sJan,B2.
.~.:~. .
Has removed to
tasking It his
Towanda, April 29, 1880-yl.
General Dealers in
(The old stand of Fqx, Stetens & Moroni.)
They Invite attention to their complete assortment
and very large stock or Choice New Goods
which they have always on hand.
And Cash paid for desirable kinds.
Towanda. Aprl 1 1879..
.. •
The understined having puhased I the MAR
RLE TARO of the late GEOR rc GE McCABS, de
sires to inform the public that aav'ug employed
experienced men. he Is prepared ec . I , slllElnd. o
workln the ,
- MANTLES 'and
in the very ben manner and at lowest rates.
Perms liesirlng anything In the Marble line ars
invited to call and examine work. and save agents•
commission. . . •
Tewases t Piot .
Artingement of Passenger Trains to tikeeffeci
EA 81,94 BD. 91 / 8 879 , 490.
.159 7 - 3 STATI"s. 8130 2 . p A 31 A.Y. P.M.
5 1 / P.ll. M. 14 14;4.3r
205 7 .... 715 141arralrill , 1 039 ,1 S 1.0 .9 1
350 8 11. lt
920 40,a 10,im's 00
Si 1 005 Rochester.; 9'`..0 209 4(
610 1105 ...• —• ..1.• • Lyckpo.••l 401 i s 50
• 1 130
„...1...4 - 40009/4..1 7 41; •• • 6 14
8311 00 .... ./ 11 410n• ••l a lo • • • • 46
515 1105 .... • • Auburn ••I 30 :* --
So as .... —.cower'. • • 1 , 5 r
10 144 900 345 ...Elmira .. 251240 6 15.2 15
044 2 1411 940 4 15 .-.9rAverly .1,4 I:SA 150 Y. 39 1 20
101' 2. 30110 (30 430 , 4 , 1141 h 2r, 123
10 15 2 31;1005 494 —Athens. 4 30.1144 310 3,
1 4 1 1 12 2 4 /
•••• ..11015 .• • ...JIM._ 03
J 04 6 .3 00l to vr s os —TOWANDA.
• • 6 13 WYBllo3l4gi .
....1..111 03 .Sts Stone.' ~. 404 r „.,
149 528 ItunVertleld • ; 2: 4
10 4 Yrenebtowni ... 1127 12, 7
• L. 17 70 11 301 543 .R - pausing `1"14 ' 4... ca 17.07
1142 1 3 57 , 11'50, 6 037. Lacer/111e. , 2 02 9 501 4G 113',
.... 1 —.lll 521 6 071gitisee Eddyl „... 044 1144
• 1i , 12 10i 423111104h0pp011 1 2 7 '3 . 2 . 7 gin
3 ... 12 161 6 251 Ilehoopany.
12231 35 104 7 tfl i Tankhan'ck I 2 15 SS 3e)
io l -720 1 .La Grange.: ...S 46 1C46
....1.... 1241 7 i„s:
1 05,5 10 1 451 8 os , LAßJunen 1 331. 4 0/ 2 231' 1 10
1 35'6 30' 220' 575; Wilt- Barre I 0417 4s
713,7 MI 4 501110,01 , rd Chunk l l 193 1 .... 2.4
4 4418 29; 512 00,.A.Ilentown h :4
500,8 451 605 12 15 /14. .Bethlehera. 95n' i s
5 3019 001 6. 40 ,12 65 ...E1011... 9 201....,1015 5
0 55',10401 8 401 32 0 Philairlphis' 800 ... :9 00 4-la
. 9 151 3 35;.Neir York.l r3O ....,7 40 340
A.M. P.M.P.M r.l4.s•
No. 3?. leaves Wyalusing at IMO A. M.. Frenrb
-town Mut, Runnnettleld Standing Stone 6:31,
Wysanking 6:40. Towanda 6:53. ITlster 7:06. 311isq
7:16.; A t liens 7:25. Sayre 7:40, Waverly 7:45, arrlv
In 1 1 .:11nira at 3:30 A. M.
No.. 31 leaves Elmira at 5:15 P.M., •Wav4trly
Sayre 6:15. Athena 6:20. Milan sap. Uiwter f:40;
Towanda 6.45. Wysauking 70:15, Standing Moue
7:14: RurnMerflnld 7:22. Prencbtann 7:32. arriving
at Wyaluaing 7:431'. M.
Trains 3 and 15 min daily. Sleeping ears 012 train s
Sand 15 be‘ween Niagara Falls and Philadelphia
and between Lyons and New York
without thahg.-s
Parlor cars on Trains 2 and 9 between Niagara
Falls and PhliadelphLs withent change, and
through coach to and from Rlehester sia Lyoni.
Sayre. Pa.. Jan. 2; 1552.! P. k N. Y. le. a:
'?dew Abrestisonents.
G. H. WOOD & CO.,
Y o 7 O GRA.pnERS,
Are now WELL .ESTABLISHED in tlitir - NEW
GALLERY, and are mak lng all kinds of Pl!iiTO.
GRA VHS and TINTYPES. Tbcyarel:a•.,i,rrog
a new style of Photographs, eaEr' MINE rts,
which they make for el Of PER 141)7.1.:5. They
mate-4 TIN TYPES,I2azd Slz.o, for 50 rut'--I at
one sitting. Tiwy alt) make a specialty in mpyi:,z,
havFng a number of agents' eanvasAng fur flitqu.
Give as a call, and see work and prices, at
Tovairala, Pa.. Dec. R, 1881
Swedish Dyspepsia Rem'fAy
- The chief • ingredient anti life-gi‘ing
eleinsult of this great remedy Is an herb commonly
known 'as Bitterment, although but rarely found
in this country, excepting In the extreme No th
weSt. It is gathered In profuse abundance by the
Lap andets to the bleak and snow-clad mountains
of Norway and Sweden, and has, in connect: , n
-swith other ingredie .ts, been used ansoug ihem
selves exclusively for years as one of the gn-ate-t
remedies for Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver Com
plaint ever kt/OSVII.
lu plsclbg this preparation bet re the Americaa
public we candidly believe that we have filled a
long-felt want, by givleg a medicine that will not
onlylemporailly, relicie but will positively cure
Dyspepsia, libines Liver Complaint, and all
their vallous effects, such as sour ,stonsaeh, sick
headache, pains In the back, 'palpitation of Oa
hear ,enstlveness, Indigestion, yellow skin, swim
mlng.o the load, fullness; at pit of stomach, low
spirits, 'three doses Will relieve the worst Case,
Ask pour druggist for a battle and no convinced
Price, 75 cents. :ir,3an82.11.
Stevens &-LOng
,llaie on hand a LARGE STOCK i f
SEER selected from thO best New
Crops and warranted true to name
They have also a full stock of GAT:
DEN SEEDS in bulk and packages,-,
t •geleeted from the Crop of , 1881 ; to-
};ether with a complete assortment_ of
all good in their of whit Eli
are otTrrrd at tiia Loy,' Es r Jldlai
E r aml Karatted to give
S.ltiSr‘ll , 4 j(pp
THE artirotz 'et CONABD COI
•R nBA -' 1 0 111:111- . E r E N S °
5711712;06.MMi ftmLilltPth,nt3.l°!
12 fee 92. •19 [aril& Vire — red saely bYin 3l /
120 4. •33 " 0 postemid to an Poin to
78-." 10. 100 " 13. -
WE CffE est AWAYln
Moro Rowe m establishments r . an , ail
the only con mating & SPEC IA Mildness
of Hoeft. Over Loran, nousentor owe alone.
Our New "Id e ' a eaa r ae Preatia
or lAA Rose,l'Opp,degoadly i Itsetratedoed
itoseGro D er N k C W &C re O v N eM ARD
n C v O.
will wall FREE their C,:ta
logue fur 1882, containing ts
full descriptive Price-List of
Flower. Field ftud Garden
Bulbs, Ornamental Grasses,
and Immortelles, Gladiolus,
{Lilies, Roses, Plants. Garden
Implements. Beautifully illus.
trated. fife r 100 pages. Add ress
179-133 East Main St. 200-206 Randqltih St
AGENTS dal A r""""
MAKE WllO 1g $40 -PER
Wehaveatoresinls leading Cities,
Ltom which our agents obtain their sum lies quickly.
r Factories and Principal O ffi ce,* viola
rile, Paw sand for OW :4 CI, CalrallOgUe and.
„sant* Addrais
M. N. LOVELL 312 Lackawanna Ave
rtinted and kept on sale Mike Rzroassn 07 ni
at wholesale or retail.
Collector's Bond. _
Lease. '
Constable's Return.
Atticlesof Agreement,ll run
- Bond on Attachment.
Constable's Sales.
Collector's Sales. '
Petition for Lionise.
Bond for Lieense.
Nets inktiorment.
IS•••••• twoUranowelw• Cra
_Done al) the "REPORTER" Otteg
ll3tuat -t