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Towanda, Pa., March 2, 188 a.
3lo!sixty was a beautiful- day.
iiALPII, Tuesday evening.
St:curtn your seats for Widow &cloth.
UNTIL Lent is over, weddings are no ,
• .Tnis. is thought a god time to clip
grape vines.
Sr. PATRICK'S day in the morning will
soon be here.
Winow 13Enbrr Monday evening next,
at Mercur
TiiERE aresevcral persous sick of dipli.;
Iberia at 'Grover.
Tits, knowing ones - prediet a good fruit
crop nest summer.
SynsentnE for the ItErotrrEn - and. get
all the. home news.
T4RE is nearly twelve hours of day
light 'n each day now.
SMITH BROTHERS have purchaßed II
Eh:lnee's milk route.
SEnvlcEs will be held each day during
Lent iu Christ Church.
Tut: new bank building at Athens is
nearly ready for.uccupaney.
Anse STEmnuno - has purchased the
Watto Island '7 at this place.
E smallpox--scare appears to bc,suU
o-uling throughout the country.
TENtriznAlicE Meeting' at the M. E
Church this (Wednesday) evening.
C. L. TILIC' lost a valnable horse Bun
day Light. iti'dipd of '' pink-eye."
• Mum. lIINGn.6I, the Boy Orator; `at
Mercur Ilan; Tuesday evening next. .
Mut. BrimEss as "Widow &Ott."
,Mercur Hall, Monday evening,_ March 6.
THE peach prognosticating fiend starts
ont with the assurance of a fine prospect..
CONsIDERABLE matter prepared for this
department is unavoidably crowded out.
THE crossing between the Ward House
and the Argus building — should be ke
paired. .
.I,ENtoN juice, -in
water, taken
twice or thrice a day, is said cures rheu
matic gout.
ANornEn year of peace ro the ward
lletan join Vendor and the
-LA Pont F. had a thunder shower, a snow
storm aniir its Borough el•xtion ou Toes
day of last week.
. .
. ,
.10sENt A. BET.T. has been appeinted
Pnst Master at East Troy, and T. B.
Moore at Fassetts.
FIVE hundred - feet of new hose has.
recently been purchased for the use of
the Fire Department.
Tun Presbyterian S. elable meets at the
residence-ot James Macfarlane, Esq., this
(Wednesday) c,enina.:
Tun letters of our eorrespondenta at
Troy and Sayre. did not reach us in time
for insertion this week.
TUE Sunday stlbools at Burlington and
West -Butlingttiii are reported as in, a
very 110 m -billing condition.-
,\s3O United States' Riker cer
tificate has been counterfeited and Abe
cotinterfeits are - in circulation. . .
Tux Canton Sentinel last week enfer
ed upon its twelfth year of publication.
It never was beau than now.
• SA 7F.1. of Loßaysville, has
chased Ilahlwin's farm in Pike, and
11 take possession April Ist.
DIPATITERIA it very prevalent in Owego.
There were three deaths from it on one
street in that
,village last week.
Am. the nrchins'have - taken advantage
i)1 the mild weather - and eammeneed s- the
spring game of playing, marbles.
lookg now as if four persons would
he convicted of murder in Susquehanna
County at the next term of court.
Tim census Of 1889 ranks,. Pennsyl
vania third among tobacco rumoring States ;
Kentucky first and' Virginia second.
Tun Tunkbannock Reptblican, is now
printel from new type, which makes that
ex-ellent paper much more easily read.
FcnnuAnY aas a mouth_of almost un
p3ralclled mildness, notwithstanding the
grond-hog - predictions to the contrary.
Itunort says that thred children of
Patiick Barrington, of South Waveily,
are now sick -With smallpox, in a mild
- Tor cditof of tie Argul has found the
editorial pencil lost some months since.
There were two origitiarCdirofialS laSt
‘‘cek. •
Cuenca of the Messiah, (I."niiersalist).
I:ev. 0. L. - .Aslienfeltee; of Jersey Cit4r,
will preach next Sunday, morning and ev
ening,. • •
THE Cornet Band at Wyalusing. will
give it a grand *concert in the Academy
Ball, in that village, to-morrow, Friday,
CONSTABLES elected on Tuesday of last
week, should not fail in 'attending the
special term of Court to be held on Mon
day next. _
Ttm tanneries of Tioga .County con-_
the bark front thirty-five acres of
l - ,and every day, or ten to twelve tlkOusand
acres annually.
•lNTn•t:s cif the Peace n•ill bear in mind
that they must file acceptandes in writing
to the. Prothonotary within fifteen days
after their election. '
nt' was brisk at the Court Home
last Creek. Judge McCollum held court
in the Court. Ilooth r and,Judge Morrow in
the Grand Jury boom.
TEE next Presbyterian Sociable of
)T ctuto9 Wilt he held 'at tho house of
Mr. .t. M. Gliggs, Tuesday - evening,
MArell :tli. All are invited.
—E. M. Farrar, of Orwell, gave us a
pleasant call on Friday. lie is the man
who makes "led*, the nicest " maple
sugar of any person in " these partS,"
T - trF: disease known as typhoid pneumo
nia prevails to a considerable extent in
and about Owego. *Several deaths Have
occurred fromjt within the last few days.
11E- Lellaysville.Adrerti.te.r nays - that
Miss Laura Peek, a li;tle girl of ten years,
;did daughter of Rev. L. Peck. has
. just
finished piecing a quilt with 1340 p woes
iu it.
Tim Argus man wants this Deputy
Pkiithionotayy put out. Better . try put
ting him out yourself, Ashmun, it would
be a good excereiso and I - elieve your
TiH friends of Rev. A. W. flood of
. Athens paid him a donation visit at the
thald room on Wednesday - evening of
last week, the amount received was.near
SAYS , tile, AtiltlllS Gaulle of -last week :
"There will be a meeting held at the
Bch, of Iroti.e at Greene's Landing, on Sat
tmlay, March 4th, for the purpose of tak
ing up the matter of organizing. a new
township from AthenS, Ulster and Smith:
Held, Alt iutererted ere requested to be
sAliorf ..TswELL and Percy Maxwell of
Troy, lost their clothing etc., at-the're•
cent burning of the Chester Military
Academy *here they,. were - attending
ROSENFIELD IS now opening his spring
stock of clothing. ' It is a very large an
tine one, and t he invites the public to call
and inspect it. See his new ad in anoth
er column.
TEIE Post Office Department has ruLd
that no advertisement or band-bill shall
be allowed to be put on the wall or any
where in a room the rent of which is paid
by the government.
. • _
cOL. ON:WELTON and N. CI? Elithree Esq:,'
propose to put under Cultivation about
hundred acres of cranberry marsh, 'sit
uated ou the Barclay Mountain,. which
they aro the owners of.
A RECENV donation for the. Bev. Ales
MacGowen, pastor of the Baptist Chnich,
Canton, held at
. the residence of Burgess
Estell, in that. village, netted the •Rev.
gentleman the sum of $lOO.
ME case of Brady vs. Lock - wood, which
has been in our courts for the, past twen
ty-one years, was last week brought to
trial and resulted in the juryfinding a
verdict in favor of the defendant.
' .- Tur, prognostications are that we • are
to haye an early spring i at least the
meagre amount of frost in the ground
will not require many warm days to get
it into condition to commence plowing.
is rumored that several of the husineSs
places of Waverly wiltere long start branch
stores in Athens. Better have tue main
stores in Athens and the branches in Wa
verly, in our judgment. Athens is a grow
ing town.
RPX. C. 11. Mtricul,t)tof the Reform
ed Church, having,ticieTted *a call from
DieVton will. preach in the M.
E. Church at Pusbore - ou 'Sunday March
the 6th, at DI o'clock 'A. 35., and at Over
ton at 3, P. 11.-,
ITE.xtry SrEau, an
. emploic , - in .the
bridge sniws ;a, Athens," had both feet
badly crushed Saturday, February 18th,
by a large piece of iron falling oa them.
Fears are entertained that he may lose a
portion of both.
1 •
, .
1 Dsn of the OWego Divines announced
as the subject for his discmirsc the.follow
ing : "The best man in Oliego." All of
the editors of that place atended, each
one feeling impressed that he was the in.
dividual referred to..
SPAERIFF DEEGAN, of Sullivan county,
last:week, brought back from New*Jer
sey, Itemsnyder, who was committed .to
jail in that county last summer, on a
charge of highway robbery, but made his
escape before his trial came on.
Yoe m: Hickey, of Canton, who had
his skull fracttuyd and jaw broken by a
kick from a horse two weeks since and
who did not - regain consciommess until
four or five days after timaccident, it is
now thought will get well in time.
, Um - does - the mythical bear that came
out abd looked at the weather on Canille
mans resymble a newspaper man ? 'There
is a conundrum that .sonic of our contem
poraries can wrestle Ac it Thentington
Jour4lll. Because he cannot toll a lie.
Tut : : revival- meetings of Ihe Waverly
Baptist. Church, which juivo been.,held
since the " week of . prayer," closed
Thursday evening. About fifty have pro
fessed conversion. Seventeen' 1144 thus'
far been 'received into the chtirch by bap
tism. _
IT cost Pittston SS2B ,to pay damages
where a man received injuries hy a fall
upon a rotten sidewalk. There aro pit
falls in Towr ndalready to inflict personal
injuries, and it is 'only the town's good
fortune that accidents of a similar nature
have not occurred..
A. W. WILRON, now a resident of this
phiee, - was employed as en,gincer and
blacksmith at the oil" well that was . sank
between hero and Alba smite years ago,
and lie asserts' equivocally that oil was
found. Deer.trl drilling - and torpedoes
might have produced oil in paying (lan
tities.—Canten. Sentinc/. • •
THE Wellsboro Ayitiftf.i, says "We
understand that 31r. A. 'S.; Turner, of
Elmira, has bought all the hemlock tim
ber of Messrs. Hoyt Brothers;•in Morris,
and Will at once Wild- a large saw mill
near Babb's. It is said that' Mr.
will Manufacture about twenty Million
feet of . timer . annually." •
- • -
FRANK DATA*, of. Leona, has bun pit
ting new maChinery in his carriage
shop and fitting' it up in lirst class style.
,Machinery from the shops of the Elmirit
Stati, Reformatory has been procurred
which will ado largely to the productive
)(over of Mr..Dalv's establishment.
TIM Dirnoelr correspondent of the
Montrose fiepnbrican, writing tinder date
of Feb. 20th, says : "Oliver Cage of
Standing Stoue. left this place on '.'nnday
last, rather inysteriowdy, without the
knowledge of any one.. lie -laid some
money, and it isTeared hr, has been foully
dealt with." , .
Dunrxn , Lmt (until Holy ;Week,) ser
vices will be held at thirkst Church as
follows ; Sundays, (except! the Jirst Sun
day of the Inonths,lo4 commindon
at 9.a. nr.; other services as usual ; Mon
days, TueSdayg, Thursddys and Sittur
days, evening prayer at 4', , Wed,
nesdays, Matim., and Lenten , 13,eading at
11 a. M.,
THERE is much excitement, and kpros- I
pect of considerable 'trouble over the re- 1
suit of the recent -election in south • Tlra-:,
wily. The bridge party elected their en-1
tire ticket by, fourteen majority.. It• is ;
now unllettooll that warrants, have been
itsued, and nine of those Who voted in fa-11
vor of the bridge will be arrested for ille
gal toting._ -
ON a clear evening - during this month the
heavens present their most Magnificent
display. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Ven
us, are visible, while in the soutlkern part
the Might star Sirius. the grand constel
lation Orion, the Hyades and Pleiades are
all on a line westward ; in the north the
POlar star with .the brilliant constella
thins add toile lustre of the vie A'.
' Tun Literary Society of. the Graded
School elected the following_ officers for
the ensuing term- On Monday evening :
Pro'llident—Martin l;ennis.
President-11;*rxy L. Burns, -
Ttary—lienj. Knykendall
The society meets 'Monday. evenings
Tun Waverly correspondent of the El
mira Aderribter sent that paper the. fol
loiving under date of Saturday. last : "It
is reported that Miss Place died quite
suddenly at•her residence near this place,
Wednesday:* It waz, her I birthday, and ar
rangenioniS 11 - ad:been made for- an exteti
sive social orcasion•at her residence that
night.. Miss Place moved from ,Tovranda
about a year ago.'' " •
THE matinee, yesterday, • was very
largely attended, and at night the opera
house was crowded,-not even standing
room after the curtain rose. At both en
teitaititoetes he audience *as delighted
I )eyond measure. Neil Burgess arid his
compauy will be sure lo halt at Toledo on
their return from-the Pacific coast, and a
royal reception wilt await them.— TOM'',
Commercial,- May 2,1 e. .
Two barns arid a tool. house on, the
premises of Bacon, Delmar town Ship,
Tioga county, were destroyed by fire on
the 17th. About 10 tons of bay, 50 bush
els of buchwheat, a ton of feed and. a lot
of implements were burned in the build
ings. Mr. ;Bacon estimates his loss at
$2,000, upon which there v; - Urinitssurance
of $1,300. The tire is helieVedJo have
been accidental.
ONE of the largest' audiences ever as-_
rambled in 111ercur Fall, was that of Moo
ney evening, to, witness the production
by Gorman Church Choir - Company, of
Gilbert and Sullivan's ,u.l'atieuce." In
our judgment the piece is:. pot equal to
Pinafore, yet it is nevertheless ;miming,
and contaitis-many sharp hits nt the as. !
thetic lunacy. - Although the solo singing
was not remarkable, the cliornsel: -were
_excellent, and 'the acting, for "church_
choirists, ' very good. We -believe the
audience, an a whole, were -pleased with
the entertainment.
13amai s we psibliithed brier titre:at
Isom an editorial In- the Ttufkhannock
Worker, the editor thereof says we have
beetilaboring undara avert) attack of
o damphoolkihncas.' " We acknewlddite
the own. ; and had we printed the whole
article lima which tbe' extract Was taken..
we doubt our , readers would., be
at q* present time clamoring tor:our in
=Oration in an insane asylum.
A. O. Etenniels building , several new
toruses in Athens.--111rournu. Correct,- exception': Al• cis building no
new houses In Athens, although 'he
couldn't do better with Lis heaps of mo
ney. Seth Elsbree, one of our most ener
getic boys, has built four new houses.
and has bought a lot on We‘t. Bridge
street.• and will build three more this
spnrig. Such men are worth something
to a town.—Athens Gazette. •
JOHNNY WATKINS, a littla son of Clar
ence Watkins, of ercone's Landing, came
near being seriously injured on Thursday
last, says the Athens Unzettc of Saturday.
Ile was with his graudfather'in the wood
yard and by some moans a polo rolled
from the pile and kwucg around striking
the boy knocking him down and bruising
his face severely. Fortunately he fell in
a depression which preiented • the. stick
from crushing out his life. •
. TliE next lecture in. the Institute course
will be given by Prof. E. C. Eldridge . . of
Elmira.' His theme be Art. Long
study on this subject in this country and
Europe especially 'fit him . for . :its discus:
sion. Competent judges have pronounc
ed h;s addresses very.. fine.. We trust a
large audience will 'greet him. The lec
ture will be on Monday evening -Mar&
6th, at 7:36-,p. in.; • -The lecture like
others of the kind will be fine.'
AN infant eltild of. Peter. Welch, cif
south Wavorly,'died of small pox Tues•
day afternoon, and was-buried that night.
Mrs. Welch. the mother of the child, is
dangerously ill of the dread disease laud
recovery is very doubtfirli. Tho
are in poor circumstances but the _wittier'.
ties have secured two nurses for them - and
render them all necessary assistarice
The three children of Patrick Barringam
who have been ill of the disease, are
doing well.
S. N. HAVENS, editor of the Plostsbiirg
.Regiiiter,. narrowly escaped .a journey
beyond, the riser," one day last week.
The Wellsboro Agitator gives the follow
ing pattietilrs; Not . feeling well, he
Went to the drill; store'of Dr. Ingham and
called for someinedicine. It 'was put-up
acccordingly and laid on the counter. On
leaving', be piCked up the wrong package,
carried it home and took a dose, and,. but
for the timely ' aid of a physician,. Mr.
Havens would .:probably have "passed in
his checks.P
TM:RE hasheretofore existed a preju
dice against "snow ice" in favor of char
ice, which would seem from a test report
ed by an exchange to - be not very well
founded. It says that two cakes of equal
size, one of "snow ice" and the other of
clear ice, were "placed in a tank of Water
to dissolve. The cake of snow ice lasted
three hours longer than the cake-of clear
ice. Prim that test it would look as
though ice harvesters.bad been rejecting
as worthless that which;is really the most
Br -special request, Ralph Bingham,
the Boy Orator, will visit this place again:
oti Tuesday - evening next, March 7th.
Mcicur Hall has been secured for the en
.tertainment, and no doubt will be well,
tilled. The progriumne of readings and'
recitations to entirely different to m
that ;reudercd - by Master Ralph on his
previons visit here.. The price of admis
sion,will be )5 cents,—no
_extra charge
for- reserved seats. Children under 12
years of age 2 cents. Tickets for sale at
SAYS the LeßayOille Aiivertimr of last
week : "John roster, an employe of Jas.
Marsh, While rolling logs on Saturday
last, accidentally let the log roll on
his leg,. and in which position be was
unable to - extricate himself. ; He
yelled to the • full capacitytof. his ivoice
when Miss Hattie Marsh citric} to his res
cue, and rele:ised him from his uncom
fortable position. Mr. Foster got terribly
Squeezed, (by the log we-mean) and we
are glad to say that be is, able to hobble
about. . ; :
Or Wednesday evening of last week
ex-Sheriff VanFleo, P. ,Keeney, Esq.,
and GeorgeTairehild, escorted Mrs. Su
san Mann, William Brown, Sherman
Bradley, and Judson MeCarrick, to Cher
ry -Bill, near Philatlell.hia. The last
named four, will be guests of the Eastern
Penitentiary for a number •Of months' in
the -future. Mrs. Mann for four years
and one month ; Mr. Brown, one year and
three mouths ; Mr. Bradley two years and
six months, and Mr. MeCarriek two years
and one month. •
arousing, says the Eimira Adrerif
aer, to watch a mail when he is about to
wot k off a punched coin with a hole filled
with tin foil. tie takes it front the handy
place where he reccutly.deposited it and
throws it down, while his eyes wander
far off in another clirecti:if. The surprise
depicted on his countenance when the'de
feet is pointed out is Inlaid to witness.
He 'wonders where he grit it and fumbles
around for -another' which
; goes a scrutiny quite la contrast with his
former sang froid r -- I
SATURDAY, the 18th inst., was a day,
prolific in accidents for the Aii,waga gri
cultural Works at Owego, as three of its
employes were injured w:that day ;
Frederick B. Gould,. had his right hand
caught in a belt. The forefitiget of his
hand was Awoken and the - thash of the
second finger was crushed. Earl Fergu
son cut a deep gash, thiee and one-half
lincliss long, in his wrist with - a knife,
(with' which he was whittling a stick.
Frederick Vali, Gordor, . Lail bis ,- hand,
caught in the Machinery and Injured,
THE Grand Army Boys of this: place,
commemorated Washington's Birthday,
by "lighting a campfire" at Military hall
on . Wednesday evening of last week:
Capt.' Wilt presided and..comrade Albert
delivered an address apptopriato to the
occasion. lie was followed by Senator
Davies and Col.. 11. li. McKean. The
familiar camp-lire . ; . song "Beans," was
sung and then beans, hard . .tackand cof
fee were served. The occasion was a
very pleasant-one- to all present. , Com
rade Albert's address has been solicited
for publication. - .
Sor rn alts' G HAVE STON ES. —The United
States "movernment now prepared to'.
furnish neat marble gtave Stones, free of
charge, for all soldiers of the late War
who died prior to .14:eb. 3, 1876, and Whose
graves are not •already marked. -The
Moms of all such Whose graves arc focat-,.
.-ed at Towanda or surrounding townships
,should be sent to Capt. Geo. V. Myer of
this place immediattly,with the following
information Soldier's fa name, age
when 4i lied or 'd ied;; ti ate of death, rn n
company and regiment, name and loca
tion of cemetery in Ivbich. buried. •
• Tug return of .Widow Bedott to this
house is one of the events of the season.
in the impersonation, Mr. Neil' Burgess
certainly luau no equal. The sallies of
aighter which nearly'• every moment
break from the audience at the expres.
Rion of featureb, or - of speech by the Wi
dow, fully attest the great pleasurt, , af
forded by the performance. Mr. Burgess.
is supported by his own company:. Mr.
Sttiedart deserves a goodly share of .hon.
Or for his artistic impersonation. ; 43osion
Poit, December 1:1st. Will appear at liter
cur .flall, _Monday evening, /Watch. 6th.
:Tickets may be hasp and seats reserVid. at
Tar: dwelling house of 0.1. Squires,
of Pike, was destroyed by fire on Friday
night, the 17th. It is supposed to have'
caught from a spark of fire snapping from
the stove into some shavings which were
in front of the stove. The Leßaysville
Adrelliser says' Mr. Squires was away
from hoine at the time, and , Mrs. Squires
dud the children slept up Stairs. They
were awakened by suffocation , from the
'smoke laud Mrs. Squires,' who 'is always
thouglitful, at once tied a . sheet to
the children and . let them down
from the chamber window, and - she
slid down a plank which was placed there
by Barbara Garris; the, hired girl—thus
escaped without injury. Nearly .i 1 of
the household goods were -destroyed, and
the-loss largely exceeds the insurance..
_ s
• Timm, were very . in4renting and en-:
tertaining services at the traded School
house, In this place, on Wednesday or
Jost week, ttuAt were Ilotolied to bj
!Arils and '"=The '
:services -*re . in-,inertwer-rk
Am and Longfellow, and werohn dinlbe
high achoOl - room, whlels-wae*PPrePriett"
lj and tastefully deobrated for the mow.
ion; , :The programme: was somenbst
lengthy but >WCI , sustained' throughout'
Bev. 1)i, Ta3lor, didivered au 'address in
thenilerneon MaLongfellow. In `rich:
nem of thought ; in beauty of nerd paint
ing, andilinish. in illustration, it was
one of the Ileverened gentleman's beet eff
orts, and was listened to with that close,
attention, by both adults Nand _children,
from beginning to editing,.: that ;0017 de
notes interest in an understanding of
a speateri words. - -
A fiumrvAir county correspondent of
thequnkhannock IfepuNican mites thus
about the country in the vicinity of where
the "Wyoming Oil Well," 1s being bored :
"Theportion of Collet township not
"the MOuntidn," lies idong theLppey
waters of Mehoopany creek. t in
cludes a part of "Sciota Hollow," bleb
If being made famous by , the (fit well
recently- -,On one side of &iota
is conical hill known as "Round Top"
on the other side is the -narrow. but
high rito, known as the "Tyler. Moun
tain." ' This mountain was once covered
with magnificent white pines and was the
paradise of the shingle makers;_ for the,
owner of the land lived abroad and col
lected no'rent. Those who love 'a fine
prospect should visit this mountain on a
fine day. From its northern brow. it ap
pears as if all northern Pennsylvania
and a part of York State were visible
Ai interminable vista of hills and "wood
and waters and the abodes of men," are
spread'ent before the spectator. The eye
is delighted and bewildered by the vast
panorama. The Tyler divides Sciota
from Coney Corners, which is the busi
ness centre of the township and the - place
where elections aro held."
—Ma. Henry 'Walbridge is quite ill.
it. 8. Thurber is ill with rheumatism.
—Sheriff Horton is still confined to his
—Miss May Adams is visiting friends
n Rochester.
—Ed. Walker has returned from his
trip to Tennessee.
—Mrs. 74. 3. Long is visiting in Water
bum Connecticut.
—Mrs. P. L. Hinman died in Elmira,
Tuesday morning last.
—Miss Ida Blood, of Athens, is visiting
friends in Albany N. Y.,
Delos Rockwell, of Troy, is vis
iting at W. A. Chamberlin's: • • .
Heaverly has taken a position in
the Citizene National Bank. •
—LH. N. Allan, of this office, has been
quite ill for several days past.: L
Clarence Hunt of Orwell, who
haubeen dangerously ill'of late is, conval
-Lix-Sheriff Van Fleet is assisting in
the ;Sheriff'w °nice during the illness of
Sheriff Horton. I
—Mrs. Henry Carpenter, :of ..AtheaS,
who has been ill for three :months past,
is coOvalescing.
—There is no truth in the reported ill
ness of Mr. H. A. Packer, at 'his winter
borne in Florida. •
—Rev. C. LI. Wright, of the M. E.
Church, has been a sufferer for some little
time past from'astbma.
—William Phelps, one of the oldest and
most respected citizens of Smithfield
township, died on Saturday night last,
of pneumonia. This is the-third- death in
the family since January 'loth' from the
same :disease. • • 1
—C. E. Terry, Esq., of the Tunkhan
nook Denaoorat, was one of the pleasant
.at our sanctum on Monday last.
He is* genial, suushinny companion, and
swings the quill on one of the neatest
printed and best edited county papers in
the State. ? Come in again. •
bad the - pleasure. of meeting
Lieut. Califf, successor to Lieut. Adams,
Quartermaster of the Regiment stationed
at Tampa. Ile arrived - on the Matchless
Saturday in company with Lieut. Adams
on a tour of inspection ; also to relieve
Lieutenant Adams. They both left here
Thursday for Dry. Tortugas ; on their
return Lieut.; -Adams will take the
first steamer for Plattsburg N.Y., the
'scene of his new duties. During the five,
roars that Lieut. Adams, has been sta
tioned on this coast he has won a host of
friends who sincerely regret his departure,
but as duty calls him away, we know no
man whom we would be better pleased
to see occupy his position than Lieut.
Califf who is a most worthy successor
to a tried and trusty man.—Key Wiest
Tluimas Whitney, a resident of this
ace, employed on the State Line atd
ullivan Railroad as brakeman, met with
an accident'-on Saturday morning - last
that resulted in his death. Just before
reaching the summit this side of Dushore,
Mr. Whitney attemptedlo set a brake on
a-car, when the chain broke and bo fell
to the ground, striking against the bank
along the track, and rolling under the
ears, a wheel cutting one of hie legs off
near the thigh. He was not seen to fall
by any one, and was not missed until the
train arrived" at New Albany; station,
when Conductor Lull telegraphed the
facts to the agent at Dushore, Mr. Blair,
who immediately 'started in search of the
missing man. The injured man was
found by Mr. Blair in the wagon road,.
Where he crawled from the track after be
ing hurt, but it was an hour or more of--.
ter he was injured, and ho was nearly ex
hausted from loss of blood. • He was at
once removed to a hotel at Dushore, and
his parents who reside in this place imme
diately hastened to him, Superintendent
Blight kindly furniShing them a special
train. Everything . possible was done for
his relief, -but ho gradually declined until
about one
,o'clock, Sunday morning, when
he was mercifidly relieved by death be
fore I.:action from paralysis' to the system
had taken 'place, so that be suffered no
pain, while his mental facilities were clear
and" keen. He never lost his conscious
ness and explained the cause of the acci
dent as above. The remains were brought
to this place on Sunday morning by spe
cial train, and interred in the Wysox
Conetery on Monday afternoon. The de
ceased' was the only child of Mr. and Mr 4.
L. E. Whitney, who reside corner of Lo
cust avenue and Cherry street. He is
spoken of by those who knew him well,
as having been a dutiful son, and an ex
emplary young man.
AT a regular meeting of Columbia
Grange' bold Feb. 22d, 1889,. the following
Resolution were adopted :
~..,Whereas death has 'invaded our ranks
and removed. one of our most highly es
teemed and useful Brothers and whereas
we as a Grange desire to place on record
some token of our regard for the de-ceas
ed Brother.
Rerolved, Thit in tire death rit. our
Brother, Dimmer Lilley, Who departed
this life on the 18th of February,, we' re
alize that Columbia Grange has 'suffered
an irreparable loss and 'that one who ad
ded so largely to the enjoyment and profit
of our Meetings has been called from his
sphere of usefulness here, to the reward
which the Groat Master .above bestows
upon those who faithfully discharge theii
duties in this life.
Ilesolved - --, That while we rdourn our
deceased BrOther, our sorrows are allevi
ated by our faith that our loss is , his ines
time ble gain, that having" performed Ids
labors faithfully, he is now permitted to
enjoy that hliSsfuluess which his active
Christian life Prepared for.
R%ftotnetf, That we can best show our
veneration forfour Brother's memory by
striving to emulate his many virtues and
by a close devotion to their - precepts of our
order which Were exemplified in his daily
walk and wer4 so dear to his heart.
Resolved, hat as a Grange we tender
to the bereaved widow and children our
heartfelt condolence in this time of their
great sorrows and . affliction and point
them for consolation to the only sure re.
fuge of tbo afflicted, Him who bath &Aid
that be doth not willingly afflict or grieve
the children of men. _
Resolved, That the "amity of our deceas
ed Brother shall ever bo objects of our
deepest solicitude and we commit them
to him who tempers, the wind to the
shorn lamb.
Resolved, That as a mark of respect
the Charter of this Gr.inge be draped; in
mourning and members wear their mourn
ing badges during sessions , for . thirty
`days rind those resolutions spread. on the
the minutes and published in the .liur
IPlndmon and countiApers.
C.E. OtAtilillioj 00111 c.
The Sidewalk Backbit, and - -Dance 'Will
rni Friday - evening :Mardi 11d. All ` ate
eonlially invited, to attend.
. ..
Ou Saturday morning laak In- Burley
Chilson was agitating - his , father, Hiram
Chilsok4.Awho lives on 'the iLas just- le. .
tb ß il
low the. Nail Worts—lw operating a -
rir straw and stalk cutter, his - hand
caught between We feed rollers of a
chine and the band and a portion o t q
forearm wXs:drawn .beneath. ; the knives
and cut intolunallideces before the ma.
chine could be stopped. ' Dr. Pratt was
called and at once dressed the wound , ,
the, young =an is doing as well as ~ ld
be, expected. Young Chilson is a.," t
twenty years of age, and a very industri=
ens anti exemplary young. roan. A wide
circle of friends will regret to bear that
he has met with so serious an accident.
C. L* 8;C. e
The next Meeting of the C. L... 8 ., C.
will be held at the residence of Mrs. d.
Hitchcock on Pine - Street, Friday, March
84, at p. The work of the evening
wllbo a review of the first two chapters
of Mackenzia's "XIX Century ;" also
the questions and answenfon "XIX Cen
tury," from No. 1 to No. 25, inclusive,
contained in March number of Cbautau
quail. Essays will be read as usual. All
who are interested in - the work of the C.
L. S. C. are cordially invited to attemd. •
Mackenlita "XIX Century" Seaside
Library Edition can be found at Whit
combs book store.
L. M. Hall, Esq., of Towanda, lectured
here on Wednesday evening last, on The
French 'Revolution." The lecture, though
delivered ; in the midst of pressing de
mands of business, revealed--a -tborough
investigation of the subject; diserimina.
tino insight into the character of the act
ors ; and a right view of the orig, rela
tions, and results of the revoluti . The
speaker entered into the spirit of his subject
which is full of solemnity. Re is a young
man of great promise. Aside • from his
intellectual ability and training,-. he has
an extellent voice, alluent slow of choice
language, earnestness o f spirit, and a
pleasing Lidress.
Thia wan the last lecture of the course.
The table of our intellectual feasti which
-were well provided for at the w*mence
went by Dr. Stewart, continued to be
supplied with:every - *ariety•of provisions
in rich abundance to the last. As a corn:
mitten, we sincerely wish to return our
warmest thanks to all the speakers for
their promptness and liberality. And we
wish them God speed in their woid.
loex Er.wxr.
Peter Brady 'vs. E. Lockwood, -et • al—
Ejectmeni. Verdict for defendants. Br-a.
sone tiled for a new trial.
Batt Golden vs. L. S. Oates—Appeal.
Evans Maynard for plaintiff ; Peck &
Overton for, defendant. Verdict for de
fendant. Reasons filed fora new trial.
David Wainer vs. Charles Coykendall,
et al—Capiaa; Evans & Maynard and
Rodney A. ,Mercer, Esq., for plaintiff;
Peck & Overton and Arthur 'Read, Esq.,
for defendants. Verdict for . plaintiff of
$25. Reasons tiled for a new '_
,Richard Bustin vs. W. F. S qu i rt * e t a l
—.Seim•facing. S. N. Calif and ill. C.
Elsbree, Ems., for plaintiff ;.H. J. Madill.
Esq., for defendant.- Verdict _ for plaintiff
of $111.75.
Wright Dunham vs. Elsw orth , Gabon),
et al—Trespass. Case:_settled.
B. W. Lane vs. J. J. Griffith, et al--
scire facies. Rodney A. Mercur, Esq.,
for plaintiff; James Mod and James T.
Hale, F.aqs., for defendanti. Verdict for
plaintiff of $1,250.48. -
Citizens' National Bank of Towanda
vs. A. Conklin—Assumuilit. Peck &"
Overton for. plaintiff ; Gridley & rone
and Ova rton & Sanderson for defendant.
Verdict for_ plaintiff of $164.92.
The First National Bank of. Towanda
Vs. A. Conklin—Assumpsit. L. M. Hall
and Rodney A. Mercor,'Esqs.,, for plain
tiff ; Gr:dley & Payne and Overton & San
derson,jor defendant., Verdic for de
Pearson & Company. vs. Atwood Jab
way7-Appeal. New trial refused.
bray & Stern vs. M. Hendleman—Debt.
Rule gmnted.for a new trial.
In re the alleged lunacy of Watson
Tripp. The jury find him a lunatic with
out lucid intervals. W. Russell ap
pointed Committee. -
Wesleyan Church vs: Samuel Powell,
et al—New trial refused.
Wheelock vs. A. Williston's
Administratef. E. D.' Buffington, Eaq.,
appointed an Auditor to - distribute the
11. D. Ingham vs— Cyrus, Avery—Rule
for a re-hearing refused.
Hiram L. Scott vs. Mary Le: Scott—Case
referred to L. Elsbree, Esq. - , Master and
Examiner in Divorce._ •`=
Luther K. Comstock vs. dary H. Com
stock-L-Divorce granted.
Myron _Armstrong vs.. Dolly Armstrong
—Court direct subwerut in divorce to be
The following Sheriff's Deeds were ac
knowledged Saturday, February 20th,
1882 :
TO John J. Webb, for horse and lot in
North Towanda. Sold February 10;1882,
as the property of Michael Dermody.
To John J. Webb, fOrlot in North To
wanda. Sold February 10, 1882, as the
property of Patrick Ryan. $2O.
To Mahlon C. Geronld, for house and
lot in Towanda Borough.. Sold February
10, 1882, as the property of. J. M. Mitch
ell. $l,llO.
To Citizens' National Bank of Towan
da, for house and lot and coal yard; also
anoti.^.• house and lot all in Towanda
_Bore Sold February 10, 1882,as the
property of James Phinney. $1,610.
To Henry Streeter, for house and lot in
ToWanda Borough. s&d February 2, 1882,
as the property of James -H. and C. M.
Phinney. $3,050. To N. H. Cowles, for
house and lot, in Towanda Borough. Sold
February 10, 1882, as the property of D..
V. Stedge. $l,OOO. •
To Morgan & bloody's Administrators,
for two lots in East Towanda. Sold Feb
ruary 10, 1882, as the property of John S.
and Margaret Kennedy. $125. •
- To Ella .T. Herrick, for lot of land in
Athens Borouqh. Sold February 10, 1882,
as the property of Edward Herrick. $lOO.
To E. T. Fox,. Administrator; and . N.
C. Elsbree, for a farm in Standing Stone
township. Sold February 10, 1882,• as
the propertyof S. T. and Sarah E. Bish
To E:-Overton, Jr.; for 'oriel lot in New
Albany Borough. Sold February 10, 1882,
as the property of Thomas A. McCraney.
,To.f. M. Pike and C.. M. Can fi eld, for
one lot in Athens township. Sold Febru
ary-10, 1882, as the property of Abram
Hunsicker. $1,200.
To Mary T. Longt, for three lots. in
Troy Borough and township. Sold Feb
ruary 10, 1882, as' the property of Fred
1.0111:. $10,680.
To William T. Davies, - for house and
lot in Towanda Borough. Sold February
10. 1882, as the property of C. C. Wood.
$116.50. .
To Edith C. Bullock, for two lots in
Springfield township. Sold February 2,
1882, as the property of W. A. Bullock
and J. F. Bullock,. Administrator. $BO.
To. Denton G. Lindley, for one 'lot in
Canton township. Sold February 10,
1882, as the property of David and Solo-
moo Lindley. $7O.
To Edward Overton, for one lot in New
Albany Borough.' Sold February 10,
1882, as the property of P. W. McDon
nell. $lO.
To Jesse Sumner, for 112 acres of laud
in Smithfield township. Sold February 2,
1882, as the property of John Bird. $650.
To Morgan and Moody's Administra
tors, for twtylots in East Towanda. Sold
February 10. 1882, as the propertY of J.
P. Cummiskey: $75. • '
To Ildward Elmer, for one lot in&Oath
'Waverly Borough. Sold February 10,
1882„is the property of C. W. Farley.
To George C. Atwood, for one lot in
Wilmot township.. Bold February 10,
1882, as the property of N. P. Frutchey.
To 8. F. Robinson, for ono lot in
bury township. Sold February 10, 1889,
as the property of Milton R. Cooper.
To Isaac N. -31essInge, for oho lot is
Leßoy, Township. " Sold . February 10,
1882, as the property of Edward Folk.
To James Foster, for one acre of laud
in Towanda 14ironglu- , Sold December 1,
1881, as ; the property of fiftitoom Harnett.
to,atotiri-Mildwilir for Sad
tit IA Booth Watit Boreuittu - floki no*
"miter l,' 1884 Irpetl§l: .;d
To Prowls A. i )linuk i,_l for 42 - mos
or bat to Orwell towtatip. SW
or Doom.
bit 1 1 as-P/0 Mtie,tp.
BOROUGH Azip Towmanp °MIL:IM
OttMin elected. in the several Township",
Boroughs and Electiis atria: hi, Bradford
eetanty,st. the election Wild retortion' 2114 IMA
letfollovie. to ' ' •; - -
Judged lUdon—WS Dunned.
Inspectors-1i W littendelk . C. Domed.
School Direetent—J D Becker. r. Seaford.
&Wee of the Peace —Walter Bair&
Oundable—Alakatta ankh, _ • •
Road Conuriesskoner—ndelho Ilkddle. •
- Amman—SP Van Bide. - •
:..Auditor'—B CI (overt... •
'hemmer-6 L Coved.
Town Clerk--O le Coved. '
• *imam
• .
Judge of Eleetkru—Dwight Kethun.
bupeetorw-0 A Gilbert, [ ion School Directon—F N Dtwors, That- Kluffder•
Ounstalde—Matike Mks. •
Road tkinuniaddrier—K II De Long.
Assamor - --B e• Chinon.
Auditor—Rtissel Miller.
Treasurer—ll L Haight.
Town Clerk,Meary Westbrook. .
Assenacw---F A Allen. ' • • '
Cotistable—Charles Fitzgerald.
High Constable—lD F Jones.
Audttont—F L Khmer, for 3 years; Lee
;dank 2 years; F M Writes, I year.
Justice of the ,Peace—Jolni s Williston.
• School Disoctors—Charies Kellogg, fora years
F. T—Page, 3 years- H F Maynard, 2 years.
Burgess---A.A. Prince.
pa -
Borough C fibilmt, St Meath.
Geo. Wail, Di P Murray,- Mirk Thmpson, F A
- .
Overseen of the Puor—F T Page, HF Park.
"Judge of Election—F A Allen. -
litspeeton-A, W Clapp, Geo. Meniek. "
Judge of Election-0 W: Tripp,. --'•
Inspectors--J E Merritt,- H F Maynard.: • ,
: arinna vowniiiir—ornczals AT LARG R.
As S Morley. - -: I
Auditor—Robert M Hovey. . : -
School Directors—N V Weller, AsabelSnapp,
611-mrph H Harris. to All vacancy).
Road CAmunimioners—Thomas Paul,. -W - K .
Green. ,
Constable—lo Pratt. -
Treasutrr—Neeley, Khmer. ': -
Town Clerk—N F Walker. .
Justice of the Peace—Geo. Campbell
Township Trustee in Academy, ete—Manson
El. sbroe.' ,
DIRTItIeT ornent. to—Durnuer O. I
Judgo of Election-41w Pfister.
Inspectors—John Morley, Frank Lincoln.
District Amessor—Srthur L
• oarrnicr O. 2.
Judge of EttliotionTolut Dailey;
Inspectors—hell W McElwain, T
District A ssessor —teßoy Thomas. •Randall
marmer So. 3.
Judge of Election—B F Coon:lough.
Inspectors—ll r McKinney, John DoswOrth.
District Assessor—ll W Thome.
Judge of Election—B U Richards.
Inspectors--Wm E Vandyke, 'Geo W English
School Direetore—C A Brown, J T fleeted.
Constable—John M Jones.
-Road ConAlsaioner—il li Vanloon. - . !
Amessor-James Terry.
.. - - ,:- 'l . l
Auditor—E A Benlamln. -
Treasurer—J T Ilested.
Town Clerk—C A Spear. :
1 .•
ALMA 30101.7011. .
• '4
Judge of Electiotf—Geo D Evans. i
luspectont—D Al Reynolds, C 8 Nilson.
School Directors Goff, Chas
Coluttahle—J fi Reynolds.
Assawor—Chas. D. Crandall.
Auditor—Goo. Dewey and Xll. Packard each
receiving the Name number of votes.
linnzelo-0 Morilipmery.
Connellmen--Geo W Quinan t C e Hookerl
Janie„ II Fellow/I,M I.Pnekard,Williani Reynolds:
Judge of Elekion—C B Wheeler..
Inspectors-21 0 Burnes, Omeara Nichols.
School Directors—P P. Burnes, W P Lnne
Constable-0 S Travis.
Road Commissioner—D S: Lenox.
. ,
Assessor—lf H Allen. -
Auditor- 7 B K Gusain.
Treasurer—R S Lime.
Town Clerk—A Melville.
nunt.tsaTos WEST.
Judge of Election—W D Damage.
Inspectorm—D Ballard. Isaac Perry.
School Directors-OW Rockwell, James Darrow.
Justice of the Peace,—Arthur B McKean,
Cou.statill A Phillips.
Road Commissioner—l 3 L Rockwell,
Assessor—C T Swain.
Auditor—John Blackwell.
Treasurer—l J McKean. •
Town Clerk—Homer Rockwell,
nuttuscrrost nouortin.:
Judgiof Election—Harman Kingsley.
Inspectors —I n Warner; 14 L Nich ols.
School Directors—ft Murdoch, S MDickerman,
COristable—W M Lake.
Assessor—J It Me'echy,
Auditor—CA Ford. • •
Rurgess—Job Morley.
Councilmen .M Clark, Geo. Esnenwine,
Milton }Lundell,. J Hill, , Luraan Parkhurst.,
William S Wright.
Judge Of Election--Oco.
hapecitors—Wm. Dayton, Louis Thtiniton.
School Directors—Martin Lynch, Michael Cos.
Jeremiah_ O'Keefe.
Constable-Patrick Tinitiney.
,Bond Commiationer—Timothy Megindrew.
;A4sessor—John Carroll, , William V Duggan,
each receiving RC votes.
'Treasurer--a W Blake;ley.
Town ('clerk—Win. J Nancy.
Judge of Election—A It Rumen.
Inspeettirs,-F.r.nt Wiliiams, R M Foster. '
School Direetom—C B Taylor, ER Ilickodk
Constable—Alfrett Smith. •
Road Commissioner—Shadraela
Anacmcw—lienry Matson. .
Auditor—Charles Warren.
Treamurer;—R G Brown.
Town tleik—J NReartialey.
Judge of Election-F: IL Warriner.
Inspectors-4. 1 W !topper, 0 tirktekett. .
School Direetors—F A Owen, W R Lewis.
.Inetiee of the Peace—John Meredith.
Constable—lt 'Manley.
High COARiabie—E O'Donald.
AssemsorW W Smith.
Auditor--O F Krlae.
Trotsurer--C.IK bulloek. •
Town Clerk-3 3liiitlitehell.
Councilmen—ioh Wan Dyke, n B Parson:l.J
V Stone, A D W 00014, F A Owcn.
- Judge of Electionl-W P Wilson.
• liavectom—Frank Soper; J . ohn Bowen.
School Directors—Lewis Mow -Horace Wolfe.
Road Commissioner—Abe Buchanan,
Assessor—John Morgan.
Constable : StephenWilson.
. Soper and G L Gates, each re- -
ceiving 97 votes. •
Treasurer—W. W. Young.
Town Clerk—ll. L. Bbidsi.
Judge of Eleetion—J L Roof.
Inspector—Asa Stevens, A B Crandall.
'ScheoLDlrectors—Peter Coranton, -D John
son. • •
Justice of the Pence—Perry 0. Dodge. .
Constable—T F Jennings. •
Road CommLssionerS. , Williams, E H Cra
ton. •
Assessor7—Nelsozi Gilbert.
Auditor—C li Smith.
Trensurer—lra Varney.
Town Clerk—Zero!' Rockwell.
Judge of Election—Wm. Vrinnan.
inspectors—F 0 Miller, Patrick Many.
School Directors—A Saxton, A M Titus
Conttahle—W S Packard.
Road Commissioner-1i li Paster.
fAlismoor—ilenry W Jennings. •
A uditor—SylvesteePutnam: '
Treasurer—S M Manley. -
Town Clerk—PredttayleS.
Judge of Election:4l;6am).
Inspectors—M A Overpeck, George Blocher.
School Directors—John S Angle, ti 8 Overpack.
Road tOmmissioner-Rhel Fuller.
Justices of the Pmee---W A Wetmore, John Mc-
Constable -L-D A Hillis.
Assessor—G W Elliott. • - •
Auditor-41mm Foyle.
Treasurer—J J Anderson.
Town W Durand.
Judge of Election*-I.t Crum end Elijah Mann,
each receiving Si votes. '
Inspectors—W C 'Merrill, Win. Wright.
Con4ahle—W Ili Caroler.C
School Directors-3P. Qu'upbell. P 3 HadloCk,
A E C'atliti. Hadlock and Catlin each reorivir
95 votes.
Itond et miminotioner-0 P Wolcott.
Assessor-3 P Struble. t
A flitor--Cluirlert Vanduzer. • .
Treasurero. C Evenison. - • 1 . ''
TowrfClerk-71.evi 3torse.
. . LEROY.
Judge of Election-=.l I) Ke lley
Inspectors—Person Bailey, L 1) Hobert.
School Directors—E W Wilcox, CT Morse. -
Constable-1. A Wooster.
Howl CommisStoner—ll W
Assessor-EM McCmney.
Auditor-3 V Ulm. • .
Tressurer.-11M Holcomb..
Town Clerk—J N Holcomb. '
Judge Of Election-11 0 ( a dding.
Inspectors-8D Wlll4llllll . ,Gelloy Coleman.
School Directors-41 N. Johnson, C-S [haven
b J rry.
ustice of the Peace—L L Bosworth.
Constable-4 M Benham.
. Iligh Constable—HS Taylor. • ,
Assessor—Geo. W
Auditor—Cleo. W Brink.
Councilmen --James II Johnson, 0. o.Canflidd,
0 H Little;
• sicurriog lowaidoe.
Judge of Election—timinci Irvine. .
Inspectors-0K Benedict, P P Bull.
Sehixil Direetora—T L Vantiorder, Irvine.
Coustablb-4 Griggs.
Howl Cornmiesioner—C N 1 •1
Anse:woe—Charles Scott. • 1 1 .
Auditor—Geo. "Irvine.
Tresieurer—W Scott. " t •
Town-Clerk--E W Stevens.
xcuotor, noaovau, • •
Judge of Election—ll C Tracey.
Inspiwtera—Charles Smith, William B Holton,
School Directors—l. I. Lyon; 0 H Rockwell.
Constable—John Dougherty.
High Constable—U J Chuhinnic. '
Assemor--II H Ingham.
Auditor—E B Young.'
. .
itorgrs4—E 1. Fowler. •.
• Councilmen-11 J Sweet, F L J H Sum
mers, 0 F 3liugoa, Jaime, Dunftv, u L hfcClure.
Judge. cif neelkm--Joeseph Campbell.
Inapeetora—t. Ileverly, Wm. Hahn..
Sellout Directors-1, Haverty, Wm. Babn
Conitable— C C Wood. •
' High Constable=e H Mum*. - .
: Auditor-11W, '
Overieits of Ponr—P P Umtata% - 0.14 *wins.
Iturs-41. W NichoLls, ripp.lltaini sub sew
Ousaailmess-=BAllasftis, Was. Baba, I II M
eas. RS Elabla i Alt &Rah.
~Aseassaak—,Bl3orasaby: • '
sad g e*Oniitiion-at mu.. -
l e =clhomr-A 14 Besitiikin tteargo A w
- School iNreatomp-Oweis nal ofi m ie
flood Comtglimioner-Wsn. It madam
ColustAle-Eartow - JI Hattlea. - • .
-Amiamor-Itainpton asampths. 4 ,
Anotltt. ekubbnct.
Town Clerk-4 P Coburn. . - •
Traisuree--11 1. ease.
1 ovanron.
Judge etElettlesa-Jamen Pared!. -
Inerectora-stanas Planing, Daniel Maretiy.
School Efratcas-Patrick Fawley, Mamas
Justice of Pr
Johns Neiman!. •
Road Conamialette-- lee tward Pinery:
Andltor-C M Williams. P
Traware-Fred Heicluner. •
Fown Clerk-Edward McCann. -
- wilco Towner/MS.
Judge of Eleettesi—Korgew Tawas.
Tospeotorn—lillten Tyrrell, B. W. Blerens. •
Bekaa Dinostono.. O. Barns% B.
- ROM Co. A
Conslasioner—Ransiord Brin k. s e e k .
&lake of tbe limos—C. W. Reynolds.
Constable—M. B. Beeeber.
Aaseseor—D. G. Northrop.
Andltor-41. B. Tupper.
Tremaret..4sUas Hine.
ti 'Town Clerk—W. C. Brink.
• MIDOSITIIT Towsraliir.
Jodie of Eleetion—Weilon Baldwin.
Inspeetors-alea. Blibtnalre, nouns Allen.
noel toss— Bug Allen, Coteau Col.
Raid Couniladoner—B. H. Doty. •
Coastable—Peris Brown. '
Asseeser—Dasid Unison.
Ariditos--A.. B. Bambara. , '
Treasurer-0. W. Mesa.
'Town Clent—C.B. Rea.. • •
10711 Z
Judges! Veitloo—L. D. ilium..
,floPectoro—Y. A. Bradley. M. D. Rockwell.
Sellout Directors—W. W. XectlY, b. F. Lent.
Constable—C. W. VanWlnkle.
Road Commtsslottee—Rlekard McCabe..
Assesser—P. M. Towner.
. Audltor--Cbas. Dougherty.
,Treaauter—B. F. Wettes.
Town Clerk—W. S. Murphy.
Roma nommen.
- Jody of Election—E. E.' Spate Mtg.
Inspectors—di. B.: King, A.7[. Wattles.
School Dtreetors—B. L. Smith, C. H. Stone. •
Constable—lL G. Wilmarth.
Assessor—D. B. Barnes.
Auditor—W. L. Moodx.
Burgess--C. Illney.•
Connell—J. W. Whitaker, W. S. Kinney, A. C.
31qCsallne, D. Chaffee, 11. D. Canty
Judge of Electlon—Benjamln Smith.
Inspectors—T. B. McAfee, Leland Grille.
School DireetorsH. B. Lent, J. M. Vought..
Justice of the Pence—Wm. Snider. •
Road Commissioner—E. W. llortin
Assesson—W. H. H. Gore.
Auditor-4. H. Chaffee. • '
. Treasurer—B. C. Fables.
Town Clerk—D. W. Chaffer,.
. - awyrunittro Towitantr.
Judge of Election—James Flra. -
Inspeetom—r. H. Elsbree, H. M. Mealy.
Sebooltilreetorr—A. S. Newman, Jeue Sumner.
To 111 Vacancy—L. T. Adams, C. B. Blue.
Constable—A. E. Blakeslee.
Hoed C t ommlssioner—Eugene Hingsle..
Assessor—S. J. Thomas:
Auditor—A. K. Dutton.
Treasurer—Sansuel 'Hamilton.
Town Clerk—E. G. Garrey.
Judge of leleetton—Shennart A. Gemang.
Lumen:lv—John Thompson, Silas VanGorder.
Reboot Directors—Alvin Strange. W. P. Plumb,
James KcArdle. •
- Constable—tieo. Edminster.
High Constable-Ate/an der Harrigan.
Assessor—Wm. T. Carte.
Anditar—Thomas J Moore.
Town_Cierk —Lee. Northrup.
oVerseers of Poor—Nathata Edminstor, Joseph
B. Horton.
Burgess—Geo. Barrett..
- Donnell—Jaw M. Post, Jno.W.Stevene, Michael
McCarty, D. L. P. Clarke.
So' Inn ciursW
Judge of Election—Hiram Sample.
Inspectors—Jud. Mason, J. C.'McMullen.
School Directors—Walter Mason, O. H. Berry.
Constable—Jahe 8. Dean.
Road Commissioner—T. A. Andrus.
Assessor—David Chase. -- ' -
Auditor—J. M. Berry. '
Treasurer—O. 0. Turk.
" Town Clerk—C. 0., Pitt. '
Judge of Election—A. W. Puller.
Inspectors—A. Trask, Austin Leonard.
School Directory—A. M. Grace, Butane! Hark.
cunstable--A. G. Bailey.
Road Commissioner—L. Allen.
Assessor—A. M. Berry
Auditor—K..3f. Merrill. • -
Treisurer—H. W. Gates.
Town Clerk—P. C. Burgess.
Judge of Election—G. L. Vannes*.
Inspectors—Asa Ennis, Geo. E. Vannes& •
School Directors—T. J.-Roof. R. 31. Bostwick.
Justice of the PeSce—Jared Hart.
Constable—Philip E. Grace.
Road Comrolwioner—Achatitts Stevan*.
Assessor. -Jonattan J. Stevens.
Auditor—Charles Stevens:
Treasurer—Hiram Vannes'.
Town .Cierk—lared Hart.
Judge of Eleetton—A. L. Tlotham. •
Inspeetors—T. D. Gray, D. C. Strait.
School Dlreeton—C. E. Waldo, W. L. &Autos.
Cotistable—D. I'. Wheeler.
Assessor—James Kenyon.
Auditor—Lewis B. Gregory.
Orereeers of the Poor—John H. gillgore, Adel.
bert Ballard.
Coaaell—kdelbest Ballard. P. P. Peet, C. L
Kenyon. W. H. Mosher. 41141301 William. W. L
Bustester Ripley. -
Assessor—Allen McKean..
Constable—William Keyser,
Kip Constable—John U. Orentt. • •. ' -
School Dtreetors—Jno. IP. Sanderson, J.Andreni
tAndltors—C. M. 'Myer, G. 8. Smith.
kounclimen—ist Ward. M. E. Rosenfield, J. A.
Bull short term ; 2d Ward. -Clark E. Porter full
term, Edward Walker short tern ; ad -Ward, W.
G. Alger.
Judge of Election-Ist Ward. J. P. Keeney ;
Ward. 1). W. Scott ad Ward. Isaac Smalley.
Inrocctore—tat Ward, Fred J. II nngerford, Mi
chael Ronan; 24 Ward, Morgan Widens, Jesse L.
Schoonover; 3d Ward, John Mclntyre, Jourph
' Ward Assessor-Ist Ward s , J. Laughlin '• 2d
Ward s Eugene A. Thompson ; Ed Ward. .1. H.
Judge of Election—J. A. Hicks. - '
I nspectors—Jno. Taylor, lfeaiy Lefler.
School Directors—J. DI. Ayres, F. H. Granger.
Constable—G. C. Holton.
Road Commissioner—R. Granger.
Assewor—Samuel Hawkins.
Auditor—Jobe W. Lane. • .
Trimmer—S. A. Mills.
Town Clerk—Thol. Hawley, D. C. Foster=4lo.
Tow/L.7mA Tangent?. ,
Judge of Election—O. R. Bowman.
Inspectors—P. L. Ward, Wm. Welch, Ir.
Constable—Leßoy M. 130wman.
- Road Commissioner—John Bowman, L: A. Mtn
Assessor—B. F. Bowman.
Auditor—G. H. Fox. E. A. Hine two years. ..
Town Clerk—E. A. Thompson. - -
School Directors—lL - L. Scott. Francis Gregg—
tie ; B. F. Bowman I year.
'OT toirnentr.
Judge of Steettoa—Gee. Dillon.
Inspectors—Theodore Stanley, Simon Stanton.
Sehool Directors—Geo. T. Taylor, Chas. Manley
Road Commissioner—Azor.Rockwell.
Constable—U. N. Fish.
Aisessur—Lather T. Loomis.
Auditor—Harrison Graeno. •-•
Treasurer—Myron MeDowell.
Town Clerk—N. A. Maynard. .
JUdge of Election—Albert Morgan. • •
Inspectors—P. W. Hover Edw. P. Ballard.
School Directors—E. 0. Traei. Thos. McCabe.
Justice of the Peaee—B. A.
Constable—A. A. Pomeroy.
• Assessor—B. C. Kendall. •
Auditor-Alpert Morgan.
High Coustabie—J. A. !chock.
Burgess—A. K. Linderman.
Councilmen—lf. S. LeonArd, E. Van Dine, U.M.
Spsuldleg. B. 11. Hobart, L. H. OUver, Isaac
Cleaver. .
Overseen of the Pior—Chirles N. Ctrobs, Vet
C. Porter..
Judge of Election—M. S. Browning.
Inspectors-Ik. J Taylor. 0. J. Smith.
School Directors-8. S. Jame*. H. aboraway.
Justice of the Peace—J. N. Lake. , •
Constable—John Clapper.
Road Commlastcner—Jno. M. Taylor.
Aueseor—kltred Ackley.
Auditor—H. L. Taylor.
Twmanrer—R. K. Bosworth..
Town Clerk—P. W. Loam.
Judge of Election—C."B. Thompson.
Inspectors—John Friable, J.ll. Corson. •
School Directors—J. Warren, J. H. Eeboonover
Constable-81mbel Dworman: — ' •
Assersor—J. A. Elsner, 3r. •
Auditor—etas. Thompson.
Bond Commissioner—J. H. Wines.
Treasurer—H. Titter.
Town Clerk—J. H. Seboonover.
Judge of Election—James liteltortaa. James
Van Dyke—tie.
Inspettore—E. F. Mereefese, A. 0. mien.
Reboot Directors-If. 0. Shaw. JUNI' D. Bar
Justice of the Peace—Jean 13. Anthony.
Constable—Wm. H. Van Dyke.
Road Comet/Wooer—Henry Mon. .
Assessor—G. B. Rockwell.
Auditor—Hooston MeEteney. •
Treasurer—Wm. Mather. .•
Town Clerk—Jackson Hollenbut.
Judge of Election—S. 8. Brainard. ,
Inspector—H. 8. Vanorman, W. IN Chaffee.
School Director—ADel Prince. If. R. Bowen.
Justice of the Pertee—Nathan Toting.
Constable—Willis P. Brown.
Road Commissioner—N. C. Wheatoo.
Assessur—Samuel 0. Chaffee. .
- Auditor—lL P. Taylor.
Tremnrer—ll. Whitaker.
Town Clerk-8. L. Rowe.
WELLS rownantr.
India of Election—Joe. Conrtwright.
Inspectors—Edwin Swims, H. P. Swaps.
School Directors—Emmet Miner. A. Porringer
'Justice of the Peace-O. W. Noble.
Howl Commissioner—Sherman Tuner.
Constable—R. L Wickham.
Assessor—John W. Penal.
Auditor—Asa Wilcox.
Town Clerk—C. H. Titus.
• WILMOT rownenlr.
Judge of nettlon--Jno. Bowman..
Invectore-..1. Douglam. J. J. Glexaersmlth
School Dlrectors—J. A. Wilson, 11. Blarney.
Road Commlssiontre—Sam'l Cloy, Jacobi:Woad
Constable—D. D. Dlelfenbancb.
- Amosielobn Bcbock.
Auditor—lL Pme.
Treasurer-If. B. Ganible.
ToWn Clerk—L. T. Gamble. -
' seletuudX TOWNSUIP.
Judge of Meet tow—T. White.
Isepeeteee-11: V.ltecete i NDlsed Cook.
botteol Dleeeiono.A. D. Isbell% Abel Beard
ruO 11101t017131111.
ULSTER rowssuir.
Jodie et tie Patea-W. N. Oft*, jr.
Cosstabio-.0. G. ELUL . • -
Rod Car sabolow-WUsey &gem
Anitow , -41. Inner: -
Awiltar-J. Jaltway. -
Treasarer-0. 15. Sant.
Tows Cluk-43. B.
linos sfronismr.
Jed* of Electlow—lst Dbarict. Wit.' S. cost
Hn ; sd Dlstelet, Ldw. Decker.
et MOW Ow
. . A. Wood. am.;
C. l i ar= Distrtet. U.B. Peck. J. VArtrmr.
. School Mzleirli...ltobs. ft. Lamb& I. N. Or.
- •
Justice of their eneo—Wlfm. A. Pierre.
Constable—E. R. Blabop.
. Bard Conuntslonor—Wm. H. King.
riorsowtiJoba B. Hind&
Awdltor—Otopien Strickland. •
. Tresomer.-Aibert Lent. - -
Town efork—Chas. E. Bartlett. '
Judge of lileettos—ist Disttict„ J. K. Brown ;
2tl District, B. Brimfull!.
Inspacton—tst District. A. W. Swage, IL J.
Blalock 24 Insfiet, raw. C. Ingham, liirans
ticket Directors—J. F. Balaban Ow. W. Lang.
. Justice of the Paw —L. B. Camp.
bad Onsatissionar—J. H. Howard. .
Asseteor-41. R. Stow.
Au/Mr—L. D. Chamberlain.
Tesuarer—James BeasmonL
'brim Clarke—Z. L. Dank!.
Triz Itay. DAVID CRAFT, of WyAIWA.
_lectured.before the s tudents and
friends of the Susquehanna Collegiate In
stitute. Tuesday evening, February 21st.
" Use Yowl Eyes," was the subjec t - of his
thciught.• " ' •
He addressed the students as being ,in
the - lower departments of knowledge, and
est i ,
not yet havin 1. 1i
entered into the m
and music of bra awl geometry. They
bad not the history of thought.
He won call their attention to a subject
which is a practical crystalization of all
the knowledge they acquire in school.
Teachers have found that pupils in stu
dying-arithmetic often mistake the rule
for the principle. It is aw easy thing to
commit, but it is harder to rise the eyes
of our understanding, and know for our.
selves. The atudent should see for him.
self. and understand for himself. - The
object of all study, the objectof all inves
tigation should be to understand. God
never designed this world as a prison, but
to -be the home and dwelling-place of
man: .It ought not to be a prison. God
bas made it fair an] beautiful. It affords
enjoyment.. It is useful: Those who go
through it with their gip shill, make a
sad,busineas of living. I We need not look
for glorious sunsets. God has placed
beauty all around us. We tread under
foot things beautiful beyond compare,
which we do not even think about. The
little weed is a thing of beauty. Stop and
examine it, and without any suggestion
from a teacher you will find there is won
derful beauty in its slender form, and in
the delicate fringe of its leaves ; and this
is Only an illustration of what is on every
hand. We have not learned Ito use
eyes to enjoy these beauties. In this
neighborhood there are about • one thous
and different species of plants. To ob.
serve these in our Walks and rambleN
would afford us great pleasure, and open
to our minds new knowledge and
thought. About fifty years ago - a alone.
cutter discovered the remaining forms -of
sonic plants. He examined_ them, and as
a result of his researches the knowledge
of the red sandstone formation was
given to the world. Hugh Miller baislue
come famous in the study of the rock, be
cause he used'his eyes. We may use our
eyes also. There are rocks all around
which will till our minds with knowleOge,
and our hearts with joy. When you • use
your eyes you will be surprised 'at what
you will learn. Nature will -open -her
treasures of knowledge, and hidden, and
inanimate formS will glow with a rich ins
tre. Mental discipline is a wondrous ac
quirement. .Man may acquire this when,
'and where, and how be pleases. He may
know his powers and capability ; know in
each particular case what be can do. Man
can do what be pleases. Patient, perse
vering, indomitable will, will accomplish
whatever it desires to do.. All knowledge
is one. In beginning, different depart
ments of studies are necessary.- As we
get farther along all forms of study come
back to one original thought, to God. All
knowledge is one even as God himself is
one. Some one has said that an undevout
student of nature ismad. He who can
not see the traces of God Almighty in the
forms of nature is blind. Going through
the world with ; eyes open to material
things is not the only thing necessary.
We should make use of our eyes ju socie
ty. Misunderstandings would be less
frequent. Society would be more harm
ni and pleasant. Men make mistakes
in business. If they would stop to see,
the mistakes would be avoided. Isaac .
Newton, when asked in what respect be
-considered he surpassed others said-: If
he excelled others in anything, it; was in
seeing, and knowing things which others
did not see and know. • Go with your
eyes open. Have determination to under
stand things, and their relations to one
another. You will gain . broader grasps
of truth. This world will be a new world.
The forms mixed, and• in disorder will
come out- symetry and order. Perform,
yourself, your appropriate work, thus
you will be fitting your work for a high
er. a_ grander, a nobler life. Here in
school you stand on the shore, with the
: wholo ocean of knowledge before you.
When you leave this place, go with. _your
eyes open. • All about us lies thought
which'we can never fathom, heights we
cannot grasp, in the blade!of grass, in the
twinkling stars, in the niusc ofthe storm.
When we learn of God wei will not look
upon this world as a prison. We will ap
preciate its beauties, and behold it as the
handiwork of God,..adorned, and beautifi
ed by him for the comfort and happiness
of man. S. C. J.
Local C:irrespondence.
'Rev. Charles H. Wright, of Towanda,
gave us his lecture entitled, "Knights of
Honor Knighthood," at the M.E. Church
Saturday evening, the 18th ult.,. and the
large and appreciative audience that wel
comed him plainly shows -the estimation
they have of his ability as a. lecturer.
Among those present from out of town
were. the following visiting "Knights"
and their ladies : Mr. Clayton Gerould,
Mr. If. Tracy, F. A. French, and Misses
Laura Wood and Poesy Jones, of East
Smithfield, and J. Mersereau, or Sayre,
who with the lecturer were tendered a re:
ception at the Van Dyke Housekby Ulster
Lodge after the lecture. The itinsio fur
nished us by the visiting brothers and sis
ters was pronounced by all to be excelent
and the thanks of our Lodge - were duly
tendered for the same.
The Sunday School Aid-Society - met at
the residence of I. R. Schoonmaker, last
Saturday evening, and a good time was
ujoyed by all. - More anon. - * * •
6 March 1, 1882.
Sugar-making has been the order of the
past week with many of our farmers. Mr.
Yenta, our hardware merchant and tin.
smith, has been. very busy manufacturing
tin buckets for holding sap,
Last week another of Smithfield's fair
daughters passed from the state of single
blessedness; at the same time she changed
her name from Miss . Emma Brigham to
Mrs, Crittendon. She has the- heartfelt
*verity of her friends.
Mr. E. E. Hyatt's auction sale was said
to have been one of the largest ever
known about - here. Mr. Hyatt- has sold
his farm, and intends to leave Smithfield
in the spring.
Rev. N. J. - Mitchell, of Centre County,
is to fill the aT,pointment of Rev. J. G.
Encell -for a few weeks. Mr. Mitchell
preached in this place about forty years
••Sevend of-our musical young people at
tended a lecture at Ulster Saturday even
ing, the 18th ult.
Protracted Meetings were continued at
the Baptist Church all last week.-
The Elmira Sunday . Tidings is now
sold on our streets Saturday evenings, in
opposition to the Tslegran. It has that
appearance at least. The Orson who can
drive from Milan in the shortest time,
sells the most papers. The Smithfield
communication in the Tidings last- week
caused considerable excitement The
boundaries of the village were given, and
the names of the principal families. The
writer seems to have a special antipathy
for some parties about town. Among
others Silas Zone,. "that literary fellow
who writes for the Athens Canty., and
the licensed hotel." Last week Mr. Zone
presented a card- to the public, stating
that he , is not a candidate for any office.
He thinks that he gas not endowed with
natural ability enough to be School. Di
rector, neither boa be the proper appreci
ation of the (Wilde) lily and sunflower to
he a candidate for Collector ; but he
thinks himself qualified to perform the
arduous duties of Justice of the - Peace.
Now Mr. Zone la - either indulging in ear
ailimA or be has recently; emigrated from
the Fee Zee Islands; or the utmost' limits
• orrirsagleland. .
II theme two petsoas wowe o o4 ll .' .46 6
stooks to the topioe el the day, and do
would esenoegre tank the Nelda
to the inaarjy. and
on the whole less annoying to the few.
Winter schools will moos ahem Ihnot
have only one week kager to eonthron.
The Graded School wM IliOle linendsy,
March 9th. Putdie mania to theater.
noon. AU are cordially invited tonnes&
Fetruary 19; 1894. •
Rev. _Mr. Foabluder , audited 'by his
amiable wits, have oomageneed s anise
of meeting; at the N. Z.. Church ht
man a came is a imod oar, Ind wish
them y "con verts. _-
The question of our having h daily - Mail
is being agitated. As no one opposes it
there will probably be a routs fro. Ho.
act's Ferry to Asylum before lone
Mr. 0. A. Gilbert has taken the agony
of the Morris' & Ireland Safe.
Mr. P. if. Hagerman has having
his residence fregooed. - H s i has seven
rooms and two large halls done in the
latest style, and no two rooms alike. Mr.
Hagerman is a men fcir Impecrremente.
February 20, 1082._
spare moment I wiil try and giro you an
item from this part of old Bradford. 13no
deherville is forted light miles from
Trnh in a. Nortisbru direction, and six.
teen miles south of Elmira on
_the "N. C.
R. R.
Mr. W. IL Snedeker - has built a new r
saw and planing mill on the granule
,where the old one was barnixl bit fall.
Rumor has it that Mr. 8. will erect a
grist mill, also a mill for pressing hay,
and a few tenement houses to accommo
date the men employed in the works,
with Charles Mitchell as Overseer, J. L.
Porter, head sawyer, M A. Porter -
raise the steam, and Doctor Johnson to
deal out fun and facts, manage to use 11
hours of every day, and by using part of
the night to good ad
Oar merchant, Ja vi z i Mn, has been ,
confined •to the house for some weeks aw
ing to a relapse of fever, but is again con
valescent, and we expect to see his genial
face once more behind the counter. Mas
ter Jerry has conducted the badness dur
ing his - father's illness. Quite a task for'.
Muter Jerry.
Considerable sickness - prevails in oar -
town, but under the treatment of Dr.
Cole, of Dunsy's, all ate doing well.
Mr. IdcGlen, of Granvfile, is with us
learning theyoung mind to shoot. Broth.
er John has been rusticating in NI/Marna- -
port fora week, but is here again.
- If anything serious comes over us,
you may hear from me wain.
Yours, PAT Houma.
February 19, 1882. •
wm be held as : Nardi O. 01111414; 11, gb•-,
shequin; It, Terrjtown; le, Wilmot P. 0.; le, New
Albany; 21, Wyaluaing ; 13. Aeltley ; 24.-Leßga.
23, Rummerfield; 2a, Orwell Independent; $O,
Rome. April I. Monroeton; 3, Burlington; 4. bat
Smithfield; 5, Austinville: e, OratwiThr 5, Canton:
15, Athens; 22, Troy; 29, Towanda. may I, To.
wand. G. W. RYAN,
wl. County Superintendent.
VISA nriA WlELLicigs
Wyalusf rig, Pa.
FOR SALE.—The undersigned offers for sale his ,
hand press with a complete outfit for & Country
Printing Onice. Material In good condition. For
terms inquire of E. 17.1itrittan, Laporte, PIA-ft
rir By all means buy the White Bewrc
ng Machine of 31. C. • WsLI.O. Agent, Towanda. •
Pit. fable.
Mr L. B. RODGERS challibges comps.
Utica for quality ol goods sad low prfeeson Sash,
Doors; 1311nd s and Moldln4 a, and a 1 ' beans; as.
taigal. taugittl.
cir The Davis Sewing Machipe with
Its Vertical Feed does a tarp range of practical
;work not possible on any tinder feed machine. U
f Cam" REMOVAL.—J. S. LUXE has le
mma his Undertaking Establishment .from.
Bridge street to moms on Male-street, over TlM
laza k 60RD021 . 8 Drag Store, and WOOD7OIII, k
VAN Doas'n Boot i Shoe Store. A fall line of
'Undertaker's Goods from the cheapest to the beat.
jan27,11. J. S. Ap.r3r,Agent.
t If the mother is feeble it is to
sibb that her children should be strong.Lyau r,.
Pinkbanes Vegetable Compound is a perfect spe
cific In all chronic diseases of the sexual system of
women. Send* to Lydia Z. Pinkham, 2 3
Western Avenue, Lynn, Mint.,for pamphlets. 7
Pr You who lead ledentazy
Printers, Tailors„Sheen:tabors, ete., will dud
great relief from the constipation from whichyou
so often suffer, by taking 811IIIMOUr Liner liegals
tor. lit lea simple, harmless, vegetable ea:ppm:nit,
sure to relieve you, and can do you no harm.2mar.
"I Cam Bid Delawe.!"
STNAcras. N. Y. BePt- Is. l$SO
- H. WAIINER k Co.: Sirs—Tbanks to SOOT
Invaluable Safe Diabetes Cure. I can now bid defi
ance to disease. W. CI. Anisirritoso.
?tea jillpurfistantis.
VOR SALES---Wishing to retire
from the retail business. are oder Ice sale or
stock. fixtures and good•wtii in the Grocery and
Bakery baldness, next to Ward House.- The foul
ness is long established and in prosperous =edition.
Possession given immediately. Apply to
• D. W. SCOTT 1 CO.
Towanda, Pa., ittuaraUf. •
tersiestamentary having been greeted to the
on erstgoed, under the last will sad testiness& of
Elizabeth .1. Thomas, late of Piketowpshlp,
decessed,ell persons Indebted to the estate
decedent are hereby notified to make Immediate
payment, , and all hazing claims avinat said estate
must present the same duly soasatleated to the
undersigned for settlement.
WM. T. D.lllll . ZS,
Heath, Pa., Welt:. Executors.
—Letters of administration !saving been
granted to the undersigned epos the estate of
Charles Eons, late of SmithOK deemed, sunk*
is hereby given that all perooms Indebted to the
said estate are requested to make Immediate pay
ments, and all persons harts' claims against sa id
estate must present the sante duly authenticated
to the undersigned for settlement.
HAREM CO l / 7 114,
East Smithfield, Pa., tat& Administrant&
7,etters of administration having been
ad to the undersigned • upon the estate of Xf=
11.01138, late - ot Albany townablp, deceased, tor'
flee Is hereby given that all persons Indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and all persona haring claims against said estate
muit present the same , duly-authenticated to the
undersigned for settlement. •
New Albany, ititebta. Administrators.
MOTICE.—The County 'Commis
sloners have fixed upon the following dares
for holding appeals at the Conindasioaers' Ogee
In Towanda Borough for the several townships and
boroughs of-Bradford County:
Tuesday. March 21-r Asylum, Terry, WllMot.
Albany township And Overton. Monroe
township and borough, Fran Iln nod Granvills.
Wednesday, March n—Leroy_,_ Canton township
.and borough, Armenia. Ann. toweselvand
borough, Columbia, Sylvania and Hattington Won.
Thursday, March 23-1111 th ingtan tewnskip sad
borough. Spring fi eld. Sm South Craildr.
Rldgbury. Wells, Sheshequln, Litehlielik Wind
ham. Warren and Orwell.
Friday. March 24—Rome township and borough,
Herrick, Pike, Lellaysville, Tuscarora. Illeyarns/mr,
Standing Stone. Towanda North and Ulster.
Saturday. March 25—Towanda towashipand Dor
ought' Athena tgmistdi and borough, Barclay sad
South Waverly
Atiest—Wt Luau Lawie, Cie*. bearrt.
xi. —Letters of adtalalstration hasty* been
the Undersigned .mum the estate,' of
John C. Parks. Tate of Sheshequln twp,, deceased.
all persons Indebted to the estate of aid demdena
are hereby. notified to make Inuasillatecg
meat, and all baring agalast and ss
most present the same duly autbeaticated to .the
undersigned fur settlement.
JAMES 0. PARKS. Administrates.
Shosbequin. Pa.. rebruary.
wlrtue of an order isared out of the
Court of Bradford County, Pennsylearda, r ra.
dersliffied„ administrater of lira estate of Adolphus
Slater, late of Burtingtod township. dammed. will
expose to public tale on the promises. on fIATIIit.
PAY, MARCH 11th, A. D. M. at I o'clock, P.n.
all thateertain lot, piece or parcel of land Meat;
In Burlington township. bounded aatchiscHbed as
follows: liegionlog at the southeast maw of
Clark Slaters lot ; thence southerly atom the west
line of L. Y. Minden% tot shoat .1 ti sods to a
chestnut for a borne? ; thence westerly by lands of
Philip Lynch 106 rods to a birch; thence on seam
line alms the lands of add Philip Lyme' sad Da.
rid S. Luther about sf rods to a post and stoats for
• corner; thence northerly - aim; lands of Jobs
Bolayer 117 rods. more c o w ia l= „ to a post sad stomas
for a corner ; thence by lands of Burma
Luther 'af rods to a hickory or a cornet; thence
northetly by lands of said Lather an Inds, more or
less, to a corner; thence easterly aims lands of
John Sheridan about SS rods to a corner; thence
southerly by lands of Clark Water about tared' to
it-corner ; - thence easterly Wow the lands of So
said Clark Slater shout 10e reds to the pion of be.
ainnlnd; contents 154 Sawa store or lees. •
OF SA Llt—ftell on the properfar being
street down. PM oa conansatloo, and rersietadat
in one year with interest.
PaitTlni, lidaiseasaer.
!batistes, re% Yee. 01