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Towanda; Pa.. Jan. 20,
IT is definitely settled that Senstor
litr►lNE iS to take the position a Secreta
ry. of State in General OABIPIELtef Cabi
net—an announcement which gives gen
eral - satisfaction to the earnest Republi
cans all ovcr the country.
Onto honors herself by sending ions
SllElitidAN to the Senate; Connecticut will
be ably represented by Gen. JOSEPH
lIAwLEv ;- Indiana elects an able lawyer
in the person of Bssvarts,lisnrusos
while THOMAS C. PLATT will do no dis
credit to the. great State of New York.
'Tar people of kflaio called for low:
SHERMAN !Or United StateilSetrator t
be was nominated by acclamatien ; the
people of • Conticcticnt asked for,General
li.s.wLE.r,,...and he was chosen without
opposition. - In Pennsylvania there was
'an equally well-defined -public - opinion
favoring Mr. GROW.
s:Ale his warrant in time for a successor
to Senator ECKLES B. CoxE, , to be elected
at the spring election. It Was at first pro
poed,,to declare Senator Coxes seat va
cant 'by resolution; but that was covered
by -the constitution, 'which says a refnsal
to'take the-oath of office vacates the seat.
IT is announced that General GRANT
bas accepted the poitiOn of President of
the Committee cti. Permanent Organiza
tion of the International Exhibition,
which js to be beldria New York, or rade.
r New York, three years from now,
iu czusideration of his having been elected
the I.lace by a unanimous vote. The
itrtjectots of the prolosed Woild's Fair
arc to be cmgtatulated. upon the circum
Tun Republicans of Maine have acted
honestly in connting the votes for Goier
nor awl declatin,g PLATS TED elected:They
c:,uld have made a different result by
• PALA% lug:the example of the Fu
sionists iu 1):9, but
,they refused - to avail
themselves of te . chuicalities, and gave
PLA WI En all the votes which were intend
ed f,r hicn. lie will he inaugurated, and
the Republicans of Maine have'the
scioasness Tcf Lavin;: been honest.
Till: experiment (f appoiuting a Demo
matie 1 - sited StateOlarsbal iu the South
llas nut in the caN'of Frrzimmt INS of
Geor:2,ia proycd- successful. He-de
clined to co.operate. with the Internal
otliceys in klieir attempts at sup
pressing the illicit whisky business, which
lionfislies to such a remarkable extenein
the Scrith Atlantic States, awl is now in
default to his- dePuties to the amount of
Furzimoox . 3' is a pro-.
tege of ex-Senator Goarm.s.
• TM: llcitise of Representatives at Wash
ington wa , i the theatre of a disgraceful
exhibition of inebriety last week, the actor
in ‘i hich was lion. 2 1 bi1:.1looKEtt, of Mis
sissippi. The tonoriible gentleman took
pi)ssel•sion of the floor 4iirl appears to hare
held it:for hours, gapite the efforts of
members to stop the cllsFusti ng exhibition.
'When riot drunk he is said to be a gentle
man. The House
_}Gould have sullicient
self-respect to squelch such disgraceful
members. 7
conitEpoN DENT of the West Chester
/;(I,t4 l lceris. aqvhcates• the claims of
WilAlattN , Jc, of Philadelphia, for
Secretly of the Treasurriu Gen. GAli
rtni.v'enet. lie is recommended . as,
a practical, Arewd aud upright man, ac
customed to systems of financering, and
able to, grasp 'intricacies with clear-sight
edness and:rjudgment. We • fear that
Pennsylvania : will* Utif, he honored in the
selection of die Secretary of the Treasury,
but that it will be a Western man.
Tuf: !louse has made considerable pro
gress perfecting a refunding bill. The
main features are the issuing new
bonds to the amount of $100;000,000, shall
.ledectuable in twenty mull payable in
•forty can., and bear interest at three per
pill. It provi4's for the - issue of Treas
toy thice 7 Ter-eent. notes to the amount
of s:!oo,ootonpayable at the pleasure of
the- t,vernment. These are to be ex
changed for the . $700,000,000 five and six
per cents. dile the present year. No other
bonds will fall duo until the $2.50,00d,000
4! ? per cents. mature in 101. .
1111t.4 . 110 11.V3 C. PLATT, who becomes
the successor of -Hon. FRANCIS KERNAN
as Senator from New York, is well and
favorably known to many of our citizens,
. having been born in Oi?ego, where he has
resided mostof his lifetime, being aetively
engaged is business. lie was County
Clerk of Tioga for three years, and served
tivo terms in Congress) from December
1S:13 to March 1g77. !le has always been
a. stalwart Republican, and though a
quiet, unassurniiig gentltman, has- the
reputation of heti* a shrewd,
active politician. lie will be a worthy
and acceptable colleague with Senator
THE Philadelphia Ledger makes a fair
Lit at the character of the members of the •
Legislature wheit it says that if the Rep
resentatives from that city were as solid
on the candidate for U. S. Senator as they
are on the pasfers and fOlders, a Senator
might be made from Philadelphia. It
seems manifest that to the average mpre:
sentativc at Rarrhsburg it is of more int
portauce—tia wiu a pa.ster-and-foldership
than to elect a statesman who shall'honor
the i ,State and ably. serve the people, to
the t. .5. Senate. Representatives falter
and halt and play all things : 4o all Men to
secure wine paltry positian, when the .
question of the magnitude•of the election
of a inan to the U. S. Fenate —the highest
representative body in thC - world—is to be
determined by them.
THE House Committee on 31ilita i ry Af
fairs, Thursday, by a vote of six to three,
decided. to report adversely ou Mr. MC-
Cooietz Lill authorizing the President to
place Gen. I'LYS,SEI4 ;..GRANT upon the
list of the army with tlie rank, and pay of
general, the six hostile votes being cut
by the Dernocratimejnbers of the com
mittee. The mcjin
_and narrow-minded
spirit by - Iv:Web-this action seems to have
been prompted will subject the controlling
majority In the committee to general con
demnation. Considering the signal ser
swhich General GIIANT has rendered
to tlin country and the greatness of his
military genius, it is very little that was
asked, and that it should have been re
fused will give fireign observers good
reas'ou to accuse republics of ingratitude.
THE following is a summary of the law
governing the election of United States
&nab*, under which the two houses wilt
net : *sett house votes **tritely "on
the third Tuesday of January - at 8 o'clock
x., If the Legislature shall have organ
ized lefore the second Tuesday." On the
day following at 12 o'clock x. the twd
houses mee t - in joint convention and the
journals of the two houses Are then read
and certifimkes signed. If, however, the
same person shall not have relieved a
majority of ;the votes in each house, or ,if
either house shall have failed to take pro
matins at required by law, the -joint
assembly shall then proceed to choose, by
a viva vote vote of,eich member present,
a person for the purpoie' aforesaid, and
the person having a majority of all -the
votes of the said joint assembly (a major
ity of all the members elected to both'
houses being present and :rating) eluhrbe
declared duly elected ; 'and in else of no
-on the first day the joint assembly
shall meet at 12 o'clock x. of each suo-'
cceding day during - the seision of the
Legislature and take at least one vote Un
til a Senator shall be elected.
We believe in political parties as an
organized force, and that without orp
ganiz2tion a pOlitical party cannot,
have any dominating form. But in
so believing we do not , lose.siait of
the fact that
orgasiization Of a
party is not merely a mechanical
process. All organized force; in
which human passions, ambitions,
and publi2 needs constitute elemen
tal factors, in order to be
effective and lasting, be based upon
the kaolin will of ,the people. This
will may be made known in various
ways, but however it be made known,
it 'is the highest wisdom to respect
it. The clearly expressed will of the
people may be ignored in some easeS,
and the'p'Gsition of a party may be
forced by an .arbitrary exercise of
power. , It may be done once with
comparative'. impunity. It has never
been done twice without creating po-
litical distempers beyond the power
of quacks to remedy. And when the,
patience of the people has been ex
hausted by such arbitrary acts. there
follows to upheaval Which burieslbe
authors. of 'those . acts out of sight.
The Republica - n party in this State
has now been forced 'to the limit of
it 3 patience. It would be folly to
ignore the situation or to deceive
ourselves 'as to the inevitable conse-
quenees of the arbitrary course of
Republican lezders touchipg the
Senatorial contest. No intelligent
marl denies that Republicans of :the
State . had indicated their preference
for Mr flaw as against any other
man for that high trust. Ills follow
ing was not limited to any
It:-• was ,• distributed very generlly
throughout the State. A large•nnm
ber of Senators and Representatives
•had been instructed for hiin . .by the
people .in C4nvention_ assembled.
Still others were personally favorable
to his selection. And upto a period •
'within ten days of the assembling of
the legislature no other-oar.didate
had been designated- whose selection
was demanded by any considerable'
number of Republican-.voters:_
When the- LegiSlature convened
there was soon developed an inten
tion. to- ignore the, indicatedprefer
ence of the people . of the State.'7The
fact—which was not because it could
not be denied—that so • far the
masses of the party had any choice
it was for Mr. Gaon', was conteMptu
ously set aside,. and a few disorgan
izers clubbed their resources to de
feat Mr. Gaow. how well this suc
ceeded is now • a
. matterof history.
But the defeat of a man indicated by
the masses of the party is not a mat.s
ter of slight importance. It is a mat
ter of serious importance, and. so
Serious is it that' it is ingiossible to
discern the end. • The' methode:by
which this reversal.of the will of the
people was effected ;need not i be
explained. No matter how 'it
was done, it . was done, and the
consequencis - cannot be escaped.
These consequences,, will lie
spread as to their effects and fatal as
to the political future of
_the parties'
who invited them. It is the last
straw that breaks the , camel's back,
and- sane gentlemen who seem to re,
gard the party as a -spire horse to be
used on all occasions 'for personal
profit or .:advantage, may have to
learn to walk in the future. Fo one
thing is pretty certain, — this attempt
to overthrow the ,will of the Repub
lican maS4 - s will not. be forgotten,
nor will it lie-forgiven-by the masses
Will men never learn that it is
possible to force the masses into an
aggressive attitude? Do men sup
pose that the , masses care a farthing
for the private ambitions orthe few?
The political history of this county
may be studied with profit by such
mistaken .persons
, if there be any
such. More than once the imbecility
and wrongheadness of leaders have
wrought the end of thodominance of
a great political "force. • The Demo
cratic leaders did this in 1854. The
Whig leaders had done the same
thing a few years earlier. The Fed
eral' leaders did the . same thing in
1812-16. If any remain s keptical as to
what the consequences of such reck
lessness were, they can be enlighten
ed by reading history. Let no man
suppose that any but the universal
law will operate today. , The Repub
lican party has a grand past. It
ought to have a grand future. But
the events of the last , month do not
brighten that promise of futite great
ness. The party sprung from the
loins of the people,. it has been main
tained by the People., and its future
: is in the custody of the people.
Should the people stand apart for's,
single year; and refuse to obey the
arbitrary mandates of a few reckless
men, or to' submit to a nullification
of their will fairly expressed; it needs
no prophet's vision, to disiern the
consequences. - When men-call and
the people refuse to rally, that Is
something significant. There may
not be much noise, but the execution
'will not be cr.ritemptible.
The put week has been fill of itn-
Orient incidents resulting Ikon the
(Maks of hawed* and aen*nenta
uto the-candidates for _
Rhstes Senator, -and the Indio&
which have been etiphled tousled
the action of the Republican caucus:
The Preliininary caucus to organize
the Legislature showed that a um
ber of- members instructed for' Mr.
GROW bad been persuaded, by the
peculiar influences which were em
ployed, to disobey their. instructions
and disregard the will of -theircon
, and vote in such a way as
was etrimental to , Mr. ( ;how's in 7
terest. But the triTing point of the
contest was the transfer ofoe Phila
delphia delegation to OLivErt. This
was done after much dickering, but
was finally- accomplished, and the
Philadelphia members, with _the ex
ception of four or five, were told to
go . for OLIVER.. When this fact be...
I come public, a caucus of Mr. firrowis
friends was called for Thursday at 3
o'clock, Which was attended by about
fifty members, and a lengthy. Wit
temperate discussion was had is to
the ' proper course to be adopted un
der the circumstances. The conclu
ision : rived at was that the poPular
will in regard l:J
to the .olted States
Senit(m should be respected, and
that as the managers had attempted
Co thwart the popular expression and
reverse, , their` deCision by means and
influences which were dishonest and
disreputable, that it was the duty or,
the_ fepresentatives to vindicate the
wilt of the people. The caucus finally
'adopted and signed the following
declaration : • '
We,,the underiigned Repeb!lean Sena.:
tors and members of the House of 'Repre
sentatives of Pennsylvania, being oT the
opinion, that in the existing condition of
things it is not for_the best interests of
the Republican party or the welfare of the
State that we should co into a caucus on
a selection of a candidate for the United
States Senate, decline going into any pre
liminary caucus and intend to give ex
pression to our indifidual preferences in'
,the-Senate and House or in joint conven
tion of the two Houses :
G. B. SEAMANS, Lucerne. -
I. D. McKEE, , Philadelphia.
C. S. WOLFE, Union.
GEoune. E. MAPES, Venango.
JOHN H. LANDIS, Lancaster.
W. L. Hatunsos, McKean.. •
W. B. ROBERTS, Montgomery.
C. W. TYLER, Crawford.
JAMES .NE.ILL, Philadelphia.
JOHN N. EMERY, Lawrence. .
_ CHARLES Tuims, Tioga.
C. A. HUNGERECHID, Susquehanna.
C. H. ELLIs, Susquehanna.
J..MIL.LIAZi, Wayne. .
Joux S. LATOUCIIE, Lackawanna...:
E. L. Muds, Bradford.
Joscrd TiIOMASi Bucks.
C. S. KAUFMAN,Lancaster. ,
.1. W. LEE, Venante. •
N. McGrvrii, Washington.
JAMES GEORGE, !Luzerne. .
L. TAGGART, Cameron. •
ELLIS Monursos, Lawrence.
J. B. BnowN, Indiana. .
W. P. BRAHAM, Butler. •
R. L. WnivE,•Potter.
.S. M. LOVELAND, Mercer. '
A. W. HAYES, Erie. '
W. WAYNE, Chester, •
Tirkononz K. STUBBS, Chester:
L. D. TAYLOR, Bradford.
G. V. LAWRENCE, Washington.
W. B. HIERLIHY, Lackawanna.
I). V. DEBRICKSON, Crdwford.
••• -• 11. I). Lowtiro, Crawford.
The signers of this declaration do
not bind themselves to vote for or
or against any.
.man— i tneysimply
decline to go into . a caucus the; action
of, which had been forestalled by in
ducing members ,to disregard their
instructions, and by • the bargain
which controlled , the - Philadelphia
delegation. They believed that the
hest interests of the Republican par
ty demanded that they should not be
parties to the consummation of a
plot 'against the integrity of the par
ty, but on the 'contrary they should
be left free to adopt such a course as
would satisfy the public expectation.
- The caucus called/ for Thursday
evening was attended byninety-seven
members. • On the third ballot Mr.
OLIVER received 19 votes,' and was
declared nominated. The instructed
GROW men who voted for OLIVER are
Senators LANTZ!, of Lebanon, Ron-
MIMS, of Crawford, and Rovaa, of
Montgomery, and Representatives
Of Montgomery, KLEIN, of Lebanon;
SEELEY, of Luzerne, and SEIDEL, of
Lebanon. Senator ROBERTS, after
voting once for. (snow, said he thought
he had filled the measure of his in
structions and went over to OLIVER.
There were fifty-three absentees and
three others withdrew during the
The Democratic caucus was held
Monday evening, and Senator Wm,-
LACE was nominated by acclamation.
The - two houses of the Legislature,
at 3 P. m. Tuesday, proceeded to bal
lot for Senator, with the follow' g
result : ,
House. Senate. — Total.,
7E; 20 , , 901;-
Brewster .
RUDDIMAN, of Philadelphiaivoted for
BREWSTER ; LAW, of Philadelphia,
for MCVEAUu,and Waiettiof Sehuyl
The result of this ballgt shows
that there is-to be a prolonged con
test, the issue of-which is difficult to
foretell. The members voting' for
Mr. GROW have signed an agreement
not to votefor Mr. amen, under
any circumstances, and there is little
or 'no probability that Mr:throw can
command enough votes to secure his
election. The situation, is full of
peril to the , Republicanputy, and
needs wise counsels and great for
bearancb to avert „disastrous conse
quences. Already the Democrata
are calulating upon advantages to be
gained in the, apportionment of the
State into Congressional- and Legis
lative districts in 'return for Demo.
cratic votes to be given to Oitirsk
Intrigues and conibinations of any
. .
character wilt Ordinddintansly to
the feelingsbnvOidnullY
- - -
&iced thin rupture, slid - Will in the
end corer;the partiaoidth petit.*
contempt` and pitAIO 4eprobation.
Surely, them, sr, ways out of. the
***ft.without coalescing wi th, the
Dentocntcy---ptd satisfactor y end
frig can be found, provided there is a
desire to -consult the popular will,
to harmoniie the party, and not to
run the itepubican machine in . the
narrow: guage of personal interest
and selfish and nu-Replibllcan hose-
ritiesesirsts. anus* It;
The Board of Directors and the/limn
ers of the Permanent Exhibition bare
striven nobly to make it a success, but
without avail. The International Exhibi
tion, with its million of visitors, and its
great and winiderful o display of rare and,
curious exhibits, 'seemed ,t? sattsfy the
public curiosity, and- that the show was
continued in the Main building, bag quiet
ly passed out of the public mind.- There
was much contained in the building worth
seeing, bat the recollection of the immen
sity and variety of the Centennial exhibi
tion dwarfed it, and made is . loOk cheap
and common. The Permanent Exhibition
was started on thn same great scale of its
'predecessor,' and time soon demonstrated
that it was a' line and expensive elephant
on the ban ts of the manager s.
. They
have striven nobly to keep the concern
above linter. Misfortune after •misfor
tune hai'been experieheed, and overcome.
In 1870 it more than paid expenses. Last
year, with the. most rigid econnay, it
barely paid . expenses. 'Now, extensive
-amt expressive repairs are needed. The
floor has rotted away ; the roof . leaks Ake
a seive, ami the immense' building, re
quires painting. The attendance is an
occasional straggler,' whose memories of
the Centennial induce him to pay the
building a visit. Naturally enough, the
Directors hive concluded that It is impas- .
sible to overcome all the difficulties in the y
way, and, have Concluded to cloao the
building, remove the exhibits, and- sell '
the property. It seems a great pity that
the building cannot be kept permanently.
is so far,from the business centre,
so huge in its Proportions—so costly to
keep in repair, that if: is impassible to
find the ways find means for its preserva
tion and maintenance.
The Republican Convent ions nominated
Mayor Stokley for re-election ; Wm. Nel
son West for City Solicitor, and cieorge
Pieria for Receiver of Taxis. The
nominations were made with great unanim
ity, the friends of Ml. Kelm, vireo; com
peted for the Mayoralty, declining to go
into the Coaventions. Mayor Staley had
already been recommended by ; the Citi-,
zee's Committee of One Hundred. but it
is understood that his letter of acceptance
is not satisfactory.-th the Committee, and
there is a prebabilitif4hat they will with
draw their endersement, and substitute
the name of some other well-known citi
zen.' Mr. Caven, Who was named by the
Citizen's Committee for City Solicitor,
clines the honor, because he does not be
here there can be' any Reform within the
party - tines, and that it can only be
brought about by the joint efforts of Re
publicans and Democrats-acting as citi
zens and not as partizans. .What the out-
Come of the present complicatiOns will be, difficult to accurately forecast. The.
Republicans have made a strong ticket of
Unexceptionable men, but the same inde
pendent elements_ that gave Pattison
(Democrat) a majority of 1 4 , 000
. in the
heat of a Presidential contest, when the
pity gave 20,000,Itepublicau: majority, are
anxiously striving to strike a blow forte
" form, and honest. municipal government,
and it is hard to tell where the blow may
fall. -
Gen. Robert,Pattersontritered upon his
ninetieth year, Wednesday lait, and
George W. Childs. commemorated the
event by a complitnentary , dinner at his
residence. Gen.. Patterson. is still as
active:as if but half , a century had pass
ed over his bead'; ' gives his extensive
manufacturing enterprises i his personal
supeiyision,i*rerenjoys a goOd dinner as
'well as the youngest.
John W. Bear, better known
,as the
Buckeye Blacksmith, 'rwas Wednesday
morning found dead in, a chair; at his
home, 1128 South Twentieth street. De
cease Was well-known throughout the city
and State. For many years he was en
gaged in the daguerreotype business at
-Fifth and Poplai streets. Although an
illiterate man, tie gained a reputation by
stump speaking during . political cam
paigns. He began this during the liar
orison campaign in 180,0, and at each cam
paign since that, time, he has_ taken an
active part against the Democratic party,
He was very popular throughout the
State. Mr. Bear, who was about seventy
five years old, died, it is thought, from
heart disease.
Simon Brolasky, formerly as extensive
retail dry goods dealei, t died Friday morn
ing,at his residence, on the east side of
Broad street; near Locust, at the age of
77. Owing to successive strokes of pa
ralysis he bad lost the use of his limbs,
and when he purchased the Broad street
property a short , time ago ho had con
structed a dumb waiter by which he
could be carried from the first floor to
that on which his, ehaniber was located.
A few evenings ago, wishing to go up
stairs; he crawled on the back of his col
bored servant and was carried to
Waiter. - The apparatus, however,was o .
the floor above and hence the servant
stepped with his burden into the open ing
and fell to the 'stone fliwn beneath, a dis
tance of Weave feet. Mr. Brolasky sus
tained a shock which has,proven fatal,
While the servant sustained a fracture of
the ci -\ dtsit bane — end shoulder blades and
other injuries from which it is believed
that he cannot recover.
A singular homicide occurred on Mon
-Iday at 826 Nokth Fifteenth street, caused
lby . a three-Year-old childi forcing a red
hot poker down the throat of a infant.
The mother of the deceased child was at
work in the lower room of the house, and
hearing it cry ran up stairs and found it
in convulsions, and on making an ex
amination,discoveredis number of bilms
on the face and month. The only one in
the room with the child was a three-year
old colored boy, who innocently remarked
that he had been making marks on the
baby's face, having the poker in his hand
at the time. . .
Conrad Meyer, senior Partner of the
firm of Conrad Meyer & Sons, died Mon
dak in his eighty-eighth year. , Ho is te- .
liered to have been- the oldest manufac
turer of pianos in the country. -. '
The largest order for locomotives in one i
block ever placed in this cnuntiy has just
been received by the Bakiwin - Locomigive
Works. It comes from the„Denver and
Rio Gninde Railroad Company, and calls
for one hundred'and torty-fourhxximo-
Ryes, part of which number will be de,
livered nest fill and ,the lenudnderdur
lng thehoow
lling winter., These pronto-
12, 54*
18 0
onn briOnied ta mast the
eiutiamtwiquitsa iff:thea****llK
waked timi.poner gad Rio
Thelleliddime "Ermonihe 1- 4 0141 .
of emAighes Waal met as tletiwitifert
nine, and Pima snixdtagalltadthilfaill,
Seniteeksliciseiatiol inid# by tha An;
Legislatin caucus and asking
Representative Law of the' district to
stand by the same. Zr. law,Was nodded
of the action talteu by the Ward Commit
tee and _in answer -declined to comply
with the request, basing his rifinsd upon
the grounds that it will be impossible
elect Kr. Oliver, the caucus nominee,
without the aid of Democratic TotisOind
sume one should be selected , upon whom
I the discordant elements could unite.
4 petition is circulating among Reptith
liming• which bas 'received a large sumber
of signatures approving the action of
those Senators and Representatives who
refrained from participatiug in tile party
caucus at Hamsburg on the 13th inst.
J. Berry Robinson, a clerk in the Pro
thonotary's office, was found at noon
Saturday, in the basement of the build
ing, weltering in blood which Sowed from •
a self-itillicted razor wound in the neck.
The wound was sewed up, but he , jerked
his head around so violently that the gash
re-opene d. nil was , placed in arr ambit
lance to be taken to the Pennsylvania
Hospital, but died' before that institution
was reached. •
Prof. William' Pepper has accepted the
Proioatabip of the University of Pennsyl
vania, made vacant by the resignation of
Charles J. Stine, Li: D. Ho will contin
tinue to hold his chair in-the Medical De
partment, and to practice his profession.
Special CorrespOndenco of Tux BEPOIITIR.
HARRISBURG, Jan. 15, 1881.—The sec
ond week of the present legislative session
closed yesterday, without any - I:articular
progress having been made idthe business
of legislation ; and it is not expected that
anything of consequence will be acromt
plisbed in ' this direction runtil after the
election of a United States" Senator,—
which should take place on Tuesday next,
the 18thinst., but Which may continue in
dispute no one knows how long;
The elating event of the week—the
one compared with which all others paled
into insignificatid—was tbd meeting of
the general Republican caucus of Senators
and Representatives, to t nominate a can
didate for Senator to succeed Mr. Wallace.
There was a brief cessation of hostilities—
a kind of breathing spell Indulged in—
fer a day ortwo since. my letter of the
Bth inst., but the battle, narrowed down
to a contest between the friends of Grow
and Oliver, was renewed early in the week
and carried on with renewed energy, .if not
bitterness, until the caucus adjourned on
Thursday evening about 10 o'clock. Dur
ing the forentxm on • Thursday rumors
were circulating that the Grow men were
contemplating a " bolt," "kick," , or
" revolution ". (the reader.can name it),
and that they would not go intdthe cau
cus or be bound by its action. The post
ing up early in the day of a call for a
meeting of the supporters of Grow at his
headquarters at the Lochiel Hotel, at 3
o'clock in the afternoon, was taken as a
confirmation of these reports, and there
was great interest-manifested, while ian-
gnaws much more emphatic than elegant
was very freely indulged in. Very little
attention was paid by any one to the joint
session of the. Senate and House, which
L, had convened to hear announced thd votes
for Auditor General. The. Senatorial
question was the only, pun talked — about,
the Grow men denouncing .ithe machine,.
the sling, etc., while , the Oliver men in
dulged in very uncomplimentary remarks
about the Grow • kickers, bolters, - etc.
The thing was getting redhot, and serious
trouble was anticipated. At the caucus f
the supporters of Grow held in his - rooms,
forty-seven - gentlemenwere present. An
organization was affected by electing
Hem. Geo. V. Lawrence, of Washington
couty, chairman, when the situation was
ini t
ly and freely discussed. After same
time spent in considering several -proposi
tions, which were not adopted,, a declare
-tion was agreed urn and signed by forty
seven Senators and Repreitentatives,, de
clining to go into caucus.
When the proportionsef this "bolt" or
demonstration 'carde to be understood, it
surprised almost every one. and added
greatly to the excitement already existing. i
The: Oliver 'men, however, were plucky,)
and determined to proceed in the regular
way. The general caucus, advertiad to
meet in. the State - Library at 8 o'clock in
the 'evening, 944tibled at that hour.
Seats had - been placed for a full cornitle- -
tnent of legislators; bat they did not come.
Strangest of all, the reporters were allow
ed'to come in, which was a departute from
the well-established custom as to caucuses
of this kind. Ninety-eight Members and
Senators answered to their names on the
call of the roll, *hen Senator Hugh Mc-
Neill, of Allegheny,: was chosen to pre
side. Representatfie Law, of Philadel
phia, called . attent ion to the fact that
there was not enon members present to
elect a United StateS Senator, and *anted
to know if, node . be circumstances, he
would be . allowed to support a comprcs:
miss candidate if. it. Should at any time
become evident that the nominee of' the
caucus could not be eleeted. This matter
not being settled to the satisfaction of Mr.i
,Law, that gentleinan withdretv from the
caucus, and his example was afterward
followed by Representative Rudd iman, also
of Philadelphia, and Senator Smiley, of
the Perry county . ;listrict—these gentle
men stating that they did not wish their
action in going out to be looked dpon as
showing disrespect or as a threat.
The caucus, after the names of, candi es
dates were announctd, proceeded to the
:first ballot,- - with- the follovrin - result
Henry W. Oliver, 4.4 Alleghtur a :sl ;
A. Louden Snowden, Philadelphia, 1 ;
It H. Bingham, Philadelphia, 5 3 Gain
sha A'. Grow, Susquehanna, • 10 ; C. W.
Gilfillan, Venango, 5 ; Congressman
Ward, Chester, 4 ;W. 11. , Koontz, Som
erset, 2 ; Harry White, Indiana, 2 ; C. W.
Stone, Warren, 2 ; D. J. ' Morrell, Cam
bria, 2. - ,
The second 'ballot reanited is -Oliver,
; Snowden; 15 ; Grow, 0 ; Gilfillan; 3 ;
Ward, 3 ; White, 2 ; Morrell, 2 ; Stone, 1.
At the end of the second ballot the names .
of Snowden and Morrell were withdrawn,
Senator Jones protesting:, against the
withdrawal of Snowden.
The tidid intllot, upon which the nomi
nation was- made, is in detail as follows:
For Oliver--Senatore Anglo% Bog Pi
Grady, Greer, Herr, Keefer, Lantz; Me 4
Knight, McNeill, Newell, Newmyer,
IteybUrn, Roberts, Royer, SMlth,
Upperinan. Representatives Baldwin,
Bell,,Billingaley, Boyce, Cariipbell, Clark,
Colbiro, Davie, Deveraux, 'inwards,
Eshelman, Flinn, French, Gelman, Gin- -
winah, Graham, Hall, liarvey, Hazlet;
Hewtt, Holman, Hoffnagle, Hugh, 'Klein,
Kneass, Knowland, Long,- Mansfield,
Marshall, McClartan, McCleary, lteCoy,
Myer, Mitchell, Mulieeaux, Moore, Iforri
sea, Myers, of Snyder,' Nebinger,
Pada. noun" _Pollock Posmigh
rort• mcs, mai* 114mIgt arair, BO
del, 8111014 8011401 4 8 1ingtec 81 0 1 MV 8 'Om
141k Tbia4l o o, Diva*sud ThillsP -
Scm, of Ans*Emit Town , Volgtiri Volg-
jso4';wilf*iiii.tlYiiii4l-4-; . _'2•.: ,2 :,.'-' l. "--' , :':_. -
.. .
chard, Holing* and Riese,Of ago.
For. Ectowdcu—Seriatcriloues aud Rep.
resenUttive Server. •
For'Ward--SeastorCilopft and Repro
aentativo Garrett - •
?or White.4-Representatties Brounand
For; Stone4:llapreeentative Benaiint.
()liver was thereupon declared the nom•
inee for lienatpr, and upon motion of Sen
afar Cooper 'it was made unanimotui, the
ninety-five gentlemen voting, thus pledg
ing themselves to stand by the nominee.
What , the final result will be •no one at .
this suiting can tell. ,The Oliver men
seem to be confident that their favorite
will come out all right, while his oppo
nents iiipress ttiemielves as equally cer
tain that he.cati never get the 126 votes
necessary to . eject.. •
Very little has heen.done, .so far, in the
Way of, legislation. In the, House, on
Wednesday, a reaolntion providing that a
committee of five and the Speaker, be ap-
pointed to revise the rules of the House
was passed, arid 'Messrs. Billingsley, Hall,
Wolfe; Fauna) and Provens, were named
as the committee.
The Speaker announced that Rev. B.
F. Beck; of this city, would act as „Chap- .
lain dining the session. .
Resolutions relative,: to the death of
Resident Clerk John Smut', and. Repro
sentatives44 , lect Boyd, of Montgomery;
and Whaley, of f Clinton, were passed.
The Speaker called the Sergesnt-at-
Arms, Doorkeepers, and other officers to
the Speaker's stand, and instructed them=
in the duties of their positions; adding a
little lecture to enforce the observance of
the. rule against smoking iii the-Hall: •
jAfter naming a lot of candidates for
Halted' States SenitOr, the House ad
journed. ,
In the'!.. 2 .enato on Wednwsday, the . ap-
pointmcnt of 11ev. Mr. Irvine, of Steel
p pas ChapLiin, was announced; as were
those of more subordinate officers by the
Chief Clerk. Several bills were also read
in place, of which proper notice will .be
hereafter,' when a large number of names
sere announced or nominated far tr#ited
States Senator.
' The Senate and House metin joitifton
xention on Thursday, at noon, hear
-read the tireturns for. Auditor General,
which have 'heretofore been published.
The House adjourned until Monday even
A resolution offered by Senator Cooper
Was adopted in the Senate, on Thursday,
requiring the' general appropriation bill
to be reported to the HOWie on -or befoie
the fusti Monday in March, and that it
take priority of all
*solutions of emadolence were offered
on the death of Senator Paulson, of Alle
gheny, Jackson, of Sullivan, and Elliott,
of Philadelphia, which will be called up
hereafter, and eulogies pronounced.
A resolution Was also offered providing
for the appointment'of an executive ap
pointment clerk in the Senate. Laid over
for the present. -
, The Senate was only in ses.iion a - few
moments on Vriday, there being only
twenty-seven Senators in their'. seats.. A
number of petitions wore presented, And
Senator Davies read a bill to po,y
Benjamin S.,Bentley, for services as Pres
ident Judge of Lackawanna County.
Adjourned until Tuesday morning, at
eleven o'clock. Cussw.W.too.
—Mrs. Meyer. 'of Juniata county, has
nine.sons, all of whom aro ministers.
;—Judge . o,‘ Meyers, of Easton, re
ceived severe injuries Thar eday by a fall.
—Hattie Moyei, aged four years, was
fatally burnixi at Mahanoy City on Mon- .
day. . t ,
- —A paper pulp manufactory near Potts
town consumes ninety cords of wood
• —There Acre twenty-six murders in
Allegheny county in 180 and not one
murderer hung•
—The Dauphin car shops, near Harris
burg, have been purCliased by Brush S;
Co., Philadelphia.
—There is a balance of $34,000 in the
treasury of Washington county after.phy
ing all bills to date:.
—At 'the present time there are kat
flight collieries in operation in the entTre
Schuylkill coal district. ,
—The body of JanaCs Hamilton, of
.Greensborough, was cremated at the
Washington furnace Friday. '
—There is so little for the Sheriff of
Crawford county to do that he has d _ is:
charged all of his deputies.
-:-An old woman-named_ Murray, who
was taken to the almshouse in Pittsburg
last week, had $l7OO in bank. •
—Mr. J. S. Ake, of WoOdberry, Blair
county, this year 'raised '6OOO bushels of
corn from fifty-one acres of land.
Chambersburg ,oustable served a
warrant upon Jacob K. Myers while he
was attending his father's funeral.
—The pay-roll of the E. &G. Brooke
Iron Colnpany, at Iltrdsb - dro', amounted
to $21;060 for themonth tof i . December:
,Bro. & - barlington,. of Ches•
ter county have received an order from
England-or .504 . ..1 sets of carriage wheels.
—Edward Seitz died at Easton Fr4lay
afternoon from injuries received in the
merging by.the bursting of a glass siphon.
—Last week 24,000 pounds of cheese
were - shipped from. Frederick , Station
Creamery, in Montgomery county, to New
—ln the Bradford oil district there were
On the first of December 8,845 produCing
wells, .213 abandoned .wells and 130 -dry
—William H. Picking, aged Vs years,
died in Somerset a few days ago: He was
well known in political circles in that
county. • -
—John Cassidy, a young man-of Rock:
dale, Chester county, was frozen to death
while out sleighing' ow Wednesday night+
of last week. ,
—John Brambley, of McKean county,
lost four of his six children by diphtheria
recently. It is thought the remaining two
will recover. /
—An' nfisucoessful attempt was 'made
Thursday to throw a milk train of the
Reading road off the track - near Perklo.
men Junction. :
—lt is reported that in Luzerne county
alone there htive been over a dozen Lind
League organizations started within twd'
• L
or three weeks. t
—Separate libel Seib; were brought this
week in Northampton county agahlat the
Easton Argus, 'EaSton Free Picas and
South Bethlehere Star : , -
-The ainton.Dentocrat, formerly edit
ed the late a. ' C. 'C. Whaley, has been
placed under - the editorial management of
Henry L. Dielfentath.
—E. L. Watson, State chairmae of the
Greenback party, has called a convention
to to held st Oil City mita@ 1041 Insint,
and Reading on the 20th boat. -
- 4 30orge &W PM a tanner Ming se.
Erie; scratched Gaga wilt Sinail a tow
days ;ago. Lecidatractin, and he diet, in
horrible agony a tem dsOisturistabk
--John litorriorgot vait_instantly
And Patrick Sauna and William Brown
dingeroualy injured Thom* by as ex-
plosion or, gni at Lucy
. Furnace, near
_ 40 141 fter, of Meg Bed"
ford-amity, with three loge, attacked a
Wild cat. After a desperate; tight,
which Boyer Was nearly disemboweled,
the eat - was killed.
—Anthon.Kloefel, who killed his wife
at Weissp9rt, on the . 2d / inst ., has beep
acquittedof the chargeof murder "at
I.lsuchehunk› - The jury found that the
shooting was acciden4l.
—The -10-year-old daughter- of Mrs. E.
Dougherty, ts!` washerwoman; living at
Bellevue, near Pittsburg, was accidental
ly burned to death on Monday-during the
mother's absence from home.
—Under the law of this state all physi
cians are required' to register their names
at the prothonotary's office 'in tack comi
ty. In* many of the counties the, resident
physici.ins have failed to do this.
- r Thi!lizias IL Wilson, Superintendent of
the Pittsburg, Titusville and Buffalo nail._
road, his been s appointed by Governor
Hoyt a commissioner to , the World's Fair
tette held in New York in 1883.
—A. J. Gibs,* and Thomas Cross well)
tried and convicted before Judge. Bailey
in Pittsburg, recently, for selling short
*eight coal. They were- each sentenced
to five months in the work house.
,—The body of the man found on the
Pennsylvania Railroad near Lancaster, on
Monday of last week, cut to pieces, has
been. identified as that of William K.
Drown, of IFulten township, Lancaster
county. ,
—Ex-Slerlff Funk, .of Altoona, is build
ing the largebt lime-kiln 'in. the state,. if
not in the world. It will 130'May-six feet
high 4nd thirteen feet in diameter. It
will take $l,OOO worth of tire brick Wino
the inside of the kiln.
Alrtf. Etzegoodivf Long Aland, writes
to tint, Newtown . Enterprz a denying the
newspaper story that the grave of Gover
nor SiIIIOEI Snyder, at Selinsgrove, is un
marked:. The lady is a grand-daughter
of Governor Snyder. •• •
George Herrick, an aged wealthy far
mCr, attempted to drive from Pine Line,
*Crawford county; to Meadville, on Tues.
day of last week when the thermometer
was 15 0 below zero.. He was so badly
frozen that his feet and arms will have to
be amputated.
Two freight trains collided on the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Everson
Siation, near Pittsbirg.
Thomas . Lee, a
`brakeman, was killed, and the engines
and a. number of cars were badly wrecked..
4Charles 'Ulrich, who had-been for ten
years in the employ of 3lrs. A. C. Noyes,
living near Nirstport,,Clinton county, at
tempted to Aseassinate - that lady several!
days ago. He was drunk at the time and
I was arrested. .
-General liar , Xis M.. Plaiited
Thursday inaugurated Governor of Maine.
.—Frank Mars fatally rfitablrd
Collins at ;Parkersburg, -W. Va., on Wed 7
nesciay night'• • • ,
—Hon. 11: IL\Stephenson, Collector of
Customs p at;Cincinnati, a position he has
held fourteen years,' died Thursday.
Opera Irolise, at Jametown,
N. Y., .was entirely destroyed by lire
Wednesday morning. Loss, $12,000.
—Senator Eaton will• be supported for
relection.,as United States Senator by
the Democrats in, the Connecticut Legis
lature: •
Hughes was, probably fatally in
jured at Guelpb, Ont., Friday, while
ging a_ well, by a bucket falling' his
head. , •
—William Wirsini, a butcher, 42 years
old; committed suicide friday at, New
York, by shooting, while temporary in
A. Goddard; County Auditor of
Wabashaw county, 'Minnesota, Wednes
day committed Suicide ~chile temporarily
--It now appeals that General eraig's
shooting.near Marsl4ll,. 111.,. a few days
ago, was a cowardly murder 1j one Paul
Sweet. .
—Thoma4 J. Kirk, • a prominent iron
mean of Chicago, residing' at Lake
Fofest, committed, suicide Wednesday by
tithes' Stevens, an emplaye at Ray
mond's saw mill; Miteliell's Bay, Ontario,
waa instantly-killed: by the bursting of a,
' —The date of the 'National Guard Con
vention'of•the United States at Pl•iladel
phia has been chinked from January 20
to March 7.
.—Esquire lia.zzard, of" Sea
ford, Del:, was struple:by a train while
walking on the-railroad ou Thursday and
instantly killed„ •
—Edward Reinhardt;• the wife murder
er, was banged in the yard of the county
jail, at - Stapleton, L. 1., Friday. He met
his fate with st6lid bravery.
—The boiler of a steam threshing ma
chine at Lucan, Ont., Wednesday ex
ploded, killing Brumon and injur
ing a,number of others.
' 40n Saturday last a little daughter of
William Hazjewood, in Green county,
Ky., death' by her clothing
hiving accidentally caught fire.
=-William Lowry. one of a gang which,
for some time. past has been engaged in
passing"counteirfeit United States notes,
has been arrested near Cairo, Ilk ,-
=ln a quarrel over a billiard match at
Port Bowen, Ont., R. Richar&on, the
stakeholder, was dangerously stabbed by
William Berry, who was arrested. •
—On Hemlock Lali'e, south of Roches.'
ter, led.,•two children of : James o.tßuck
ley were burned to death eiv)Thitruday in
his tibiae, :Which waa . also' burned to
ashes. ' '
—J. A. Verrio-Gazzanio was arrested
at Baltimore on Thursday bight for stab.
bing John Gordian during in quarrel.
Gorman's wound will probably prove
• fire on Tuesday night in Douglass'
shoo store, at Rondout, N. Y., extended
to the shoe store of James, the Rondout
Savingsliank and First National - Rank
and Roosh's law office. Loss, 03,000.
—Near Straitsville, Ohio, on Tuesday
,night, Christopher. Walraven was acei- .
dentally shot and killed by his father, an
ex-soldie4 who' was going through the
manual of. arms with an old musket at
the requst of the son. -
-41overuor Long' has teedered the
Judgeship of the - Massachusetts Supreme
Court, made vacant by the resignation of
Judge Ames, to the Hon. Walbridgq, A.
Fields, rand has 'telegraphed to • Washin
gton asking him if he will accept it. •
—John Davis, while intoxicated, with
out any provocation, shot Alfred Powers
on Thursday at lionard's, Col. Davis
krMeked Powers ,down and the 'latter
tried to avoid him, bat- Davis followed
tbdbilled him. ' •
--arlte Adjutant Otanals otthe merit
Ofates baste beennotified gist th 4 amen-
tk•tk'of the Nittßinal 41natd biuxiation
- sill Teat at the Mercantile,Library build
lag, Vilna&li•bia, Wednesdai; 410 A. N.
Aro on . Wednistay night at Trim.
tiin, Tenn., •destioyed the Ihiard office,
atio & Co's 'outwore house, Kelly's Jew-
elr3r f
re, Ebbett's eotthetionery and the
.s House, which was: the only hotel
in T enton. Several, persorus were injur-
TU anneal report of the Au.
ditoF Charles IC. Ladd,. of Maasailmette,
shop a deficit for 1481 of 4217,511 M;
Ile estimates that a tax of $1,000,000
will meet the estimated deficit and pro
vide for the atihseguent wants of the
--Joseph Higbee killed his son-in-law,
Park Wilion, on Thursday niglA, at Win
cheater, Clark county, 31e. The trouble
arose from the fact that Wilson was soon
to marry, another woman, his first wife
having only recently died'. No arrest hat
yet been made. . .
—The strike of the colliers is now al-1
most univer:4l in Lancashire, Byglaml,
principally c.nised by the desire' of the
masters to evade the law rendering them
liable to pay compensation in the event
of accidents. FrJM 40,000 to Zio,ooo"men
and bays are idle.
—A. colored man tinned J. Lewr has
just died at Cambridge, King 'county,
Nova Scotia, at an advancid
-age.. He
was a slave en board the United State'
frigate Chesapeake at the 'time she was
captured by the British frigate Shannon
in 1813 and ,brought to Halifax -by the
• --drhe second span of --the'iron bridge
betvieen Haverhill, Mass., and Groveland,
built in 1874, broke through and 'fell into
the river Thursday. A team of horses
with a heavy
. load of lumber was on the
bridge at the time and went down. - The
driver escrapWuninjured, •byt, one of the
horses was sadly cut. •
r-Captain ; Keene, living eight miles
north of Gallatin, Tenn., - while in the
yard of his residence on Sunday night,
was shot "byan t uiaknown person, supposed
to: have been some " moonsbiner whoni'
be had reported to the =authorities. Ser4-
enteerauckshot were taken from Keene's
body, and he will probably die.
—Bev. Edwnid COwley, convicted of
eruelty9to little children in the Sheperd's
Fold, at New York, of which he was
manager, anti who, on l'brua,ry 28, 188:0, '
was convicted of ill-treating
,Louis Victor
and sentenced to penitentiary for one
.year and "82: - )0, was released on: Monday
list on tile expiration of his time and, the
payment) of 4lls tine. *,
—Timothy Cooper,-colored, secured a
verdict of C. 4200 damages at • Chicago
againSt the People's OutnibuS and Bag
gage Company. CoO„per entered one of
the busies shortly hfter'the great fire,' but
aftir he had'raid his fare w,:iS forcibly
ejectad . by . the driveb who said colored
men were not allt'FWed to ride; This is
the second trial and'a reversal of the for
mer verdict. , •
—The boil r in the Onion Flouring ,
Mills, at, \ Detroit, i.exploded Wcd-.1
n esd ay, en ti wreckingrel,y the structure.
The engin - iier,'n young man
tier, the limit-lan ,
and oiler were instantly
killed and buried under the di:brit , .. A
fourth man, Funding; just outside, was
severely injured in the head, but will pro
bably 'recover.. Three horses 'standing
near were also tilled, ' morning Mrs: Ocorge
Ilkhards l New L , :adon, Conn.,- Was
fonni on the ibur-Of-1:0 house dead, hav
ing, been bitim - ...d to ‘ a crisp. lier husband
had left her- half au. hour before in ap
parent good Thealtiii and no one - knew
anything. the Manner of her death till her:
body was disicivereit-by a neighhof; She
is suppos - ed to haTi - falle - a , on the stove in
a fit and set her 'clothes on tire
—Sixteen election cases growing out of
alleged illegal -voting and interference
with Cnited States depitty marshals on
the day of . the last general election,, the
trial .if which was to have ciommenced in
,the Knited States District Court at Wil
mington, Del., Thursday; were continued
until the April term. on application of
counsel for. the &fence. Several of the
defendants in the cases for interfeiebee
are special or policemen.
Matters of .General Interest.
Stage Passenger* Wrirdereti by
SAN Fakscisco, January 16.
bispatelies from Tucson and Dein
ing report that the-stage coach run
ning from ;Itesilla to Fort Cunimints
was•attacked by Indians on Friday
evening about fourteen mites from
Fort Cummings. The bodies 'of
driver and three Men . and one-wo
man (tiassengers) were folind'mutila
ted and burnt.. The bodies were re
moved .to Fort Cummings. Troops
are in pursuit. The Indians are sup-,
posed to tare numbered about fifty.
- A lininiable Barn Burned.
ErilnlTA, January' 16.—0 n Fri-.
day evening a valuable stone. barn
on the - Eliisbeth farms, belonging to.
the Coleman estate, was totally des-.
troyed by fire, which is supposed to
have bee 4 the work of an incendiary.
It contamed fifty -head-of Jersey cat
tle, all of which were lost, valued at
$lO,OO, - and most, of which was ex.
hibited at- the State Fair., The loss
on the barn was -6'25,000, covered by
insurance; • - _
hero Abnettioetitento.
iSaccessor to Dr. E. A ngf<j. OFFICE—Second
' , noir of I)r. Pratt's office.
Towanda, January c; BSI.
--nsiz bundled acres of land En Litchnehl,
Siteshrquin autt Houle Townshipg,- in lots of from
twenty-tire to one hundred acres.' ele to 1 . 5 per
acre. These lands ate 'null/cumbered and ah un
doubted title will to given: For further particu
lars, address 'FRO'S S3ILELL'S SONS,
• Jan, a, Itsi.m3. Athens, P a.
Prpared; Expressly ter‘Dliewlexcit the
Throat and Lungs.
A..weleome-nlessenger of relief to persons suffering
' , front Coughs, Colds,. Influenza, Bronchitis,
Tightness and Oppression, of the Chest,
Wheezing, Wltooping Coitgh,•Astlitnatt- ,
le and Conintopt ive • Coughs,: and,
lloarieness, eithcr in Adults . •
or Children.
It speedily removzs that difficulty of tireathing
and Setnie:of Oppresslop which nightly tlettrive
the patient of rest give - krellef and corn- '
- fort to the,: afflicted with the above •
• distresiln aud, when neglected, •
fianihrous ccenplaitits.• •
For aged people It is especially soothing. For,chii:
dren it Is pleasant to take; no child will refuse/
• It, but rather crave it.. The BALSAM OF.
IIONEY Is put up in large bottles hold. -
lug three.quarters of a pint, 75 cts.
per bottle; large sample bottles, •
45 cents per bottle.-
Prepared by Wm. Tuekt Druggist. Wilkes-Barre,
Pc For rate by TURNER & GORDON. Main
street, Towanda, Penns. Jan. 20.
VOR SALE.--.L seeoixtUnd en:
giro and boner; in `lrstisittog order.
eleePC IMOMMIfter WW be **l ditsp. -Eafiaire
of Joiawe * Toirsalls4 or ;be sgblexlber.
O. r Avesi.
nesbeinte, Pa,, sup. _
Ito anderstraed . has purcbasiA and pct in
thorough rilr &bolo 21111 Ia and Is prepasP4
ray.a all 111 of Illingioviaptiy satistscw.
Surtax ebeges ;tun th e cbcaplst. it am •
birtnado an object to those wanting. wort In this
line to calls!, these Hifls.U. 1. ATEli v
,-EhaitLe4tiln. Jaa.lo, 1841-Zaate.
. •
_ •
Detery town In Susquehanna. Wayne and firm:
ford counties for MIDDLE PENNSYLVANIA
ton,"Pi• . , L
• Insurance at cost. tiocd Commissions allosied.
Good stratum* , required.
. .1. W. DESENSE NY.
• - _. Dforatcv Aczny. •
34.453 ' • Great Bend, Pa.
Closing Out Sale
.- paa4-1111ide
Tlie following inducements offered
to CASH BUYERS for : the! next
SIXTY DAYS, at , • •
In order to make room for next
spring:* trade '1 'Aare REDL'CET► TIM
Unprecedented and. &approached ! (74 , n.
la:tying the largest stock I ever .weed at tl:l•
seance of the year In, to cash at such prices -
as I can sal have never been known
be-fore. The following
Fine Flu Btavei
ISlsek:to(l.7lnJwn 17'00
•er 1:".
+. IS lAI '• 70 ,
Black awl Brown Reaver..:. U.OO 9 t•I
• • Chlactalls 10 00 " —7.50
' 1 75
Slack; rcateh and r,O op
" - 4to •+ 3 1,0
Suits of every deserip.tiun at the sairii—
reilurifon In, prices.— HATS. ('AL'S and YUlt ,
Glrol).S. This li beyond doubt the :MARK-bowls; ever nmile In IL: rrra r .-
tug. -No one lot'of .thsse goods swill ever be ilupll.-
eatstsl at these prices, and, you wlll'find It a•matter
of great • policy on ymtr part to visit Inc lu tie:-
sinierest possible time. I have reerything here
advertise , and things not *here enumerated,
Eq1..7 XL AS 1211
_ _
Vmatpla, Pa— Jan. 13, IX9I
We have a few choice Bulls and Heifers a ;dela
WI! offer at very reasonable prices. AISO pare-bred
IVyaltizit-,7;1'a., 11,
'XTOTlCE.—Notteejs.lierebV given
1,.:11 that att application r. ill be ma,le
era! A. , 4,1111.1:, - ..: Cot:moons ealtit hest
the pa4aage of a pr.
at large in the County of
cattle._ Mtliee. cheep :•?1,1
4. A. It
:vitt irtart• othi.r citi z•ns Ilra(iford Co.. VA.
4 Toscar. , la, I)er. *?...4.w
• Waeltil,zl:: 4en.l pttitivr.s to
i l ik.,cut th.; 6,7r:cral lir
For Sale
A }arm of 140 acres, four thiles north
of Cl.,:mung and onie mile. from Dl ngbani
S'ztlon ou.tar G. 1. It. • .
A- Farm of 13 acres,' five mileo' north of
AV:ierly, N. . .
, l• • • • -
A-Farm of 150 a:4es, four miles•nork
eas: of Warer;y, N. yi 2
: . . . . •
• Will be so:d upon tht fleet jp,slol , trrure.
Apply to A. NI F. I:,
'Jan. , 0 - er;3".. N.
...The foremost iLligious newspaper of the United
State.r. - -Jo..F.Evit COON
Ttte UstnellE . Nc , k,NT leeks th: patronage of the
public tot three . groituds, as foltows:
1.4..1: Is the largeit weekly , religioils newFriaper
published In III?. world. •
sd. It employs aserintributors wore alite writers,
at Mime antralmead, than any other weekly news-,
3d. It gives Its readers a wider range if topics
and more and !tiller; departments .than they can
find elswhere In any pair-nal.
• TIM INPFPRips:NT 32 pages, neatly
cut And pasted. It is painted from clear typo
(we storotype tho pages weekly, and. Mnice, erely
issue is really printed - with new type) and 00 goed
1 , 3 r. and imodianien IN it is unexcelled.
There 1 tim quest lot prominence in ratigtrn,
VIDICS, science. edneat • D. finance. or any other
department of human kn orledge which Tit r. -
riErr.;:nt:l'ir deer 'nut discuss. It tics regular in--
praline-Ms rLivoted to Dibl - Icad Researches, Mis
sions. Religious intelligence, Book Reviews and
Literary News, the Sunday School, Fiducath
Seiunce,Sanilary questions, Fine Arts; the nowe
ments of ministers. Persorialifies'. - : News of ,the
Week, Financial and Commercial matters, hiclud:
log Weekly Prices Currett, Market Deports, Cat; .
tie Market, Drygoods quotatlnus. - Flowers and
Farming. and Insurinee. In Its religious depart
ment it gives news and statistics °Lail denCtruina
lions of Christians. every where. In fulliAiss, ae s
curacy, and camprehensiveneas MIS departnic tit Is
unequalled. Several pages of stories anil . gssitns.
adapted to Old and` Young,.are given every week,
with a colnmn of puzzles.
Front ime.todimeSermons by:eininent ministers
are piddished. The em - rent topics of the day are
dlsetis,ed In our editorial columns. freely and vig
orously. We are not afraid to state our opinions.
Our New Terms For 1881.
One siubLeription. - on4 year. in
Fnr c month:., ;;1 :"..); for 3 months
One SlnsCriptnel, two year:4, in advance....
One.sstbscript lon, :with oue iew subselber;
Loth in advance. in one remittance' 5 03
One subscript u Ith two st:ve subscriber,.
Loth In advance. in one remittance
One.subseription with two new subscribers, .
• ali threelir advance, Inoue remittance..; 01.1
One subscription with three"fiew supscribepi
all four in advance. Imbue remittance ' SSO
One subscription With four new subscribers
all live in advance, In otie reinittanne....lo CJ
Any number.over.gve at the same rate.ltiva-
J tiably with one,remittatme.
These reduced prices 49 per annum, In chins of
five or more) are very much Mier than any of the
standard 'religious' weeklies, thoogh the paper
is much larger mid better,' as comp:wise!' will
Subse'ribe with your -friend* and get 'the . lo*
rate. We. offer no premiums; acd reterre the
riqfht to 'withdraw our liberal club rates at ail
time. after six Months. •
. .
Sample coplea_itee upon application
4WSubserl be it❑«•.
TII Ell% DEPEN 01:3a.
IlroailwaY. New yorkCity, I'. 0. Box 2`;.7
Thou g lit of advertising
.with nir but busines4 ha
picked ups!? since the liolidap, that he elcmgc , l
his mind about advertising., All -that be waufrd
to say, stag that IV any one should send, for hint o,
repair, or make new . .
Our• or thwe NICE; EASY,
(That are made fit any bed) nr anything In his
line, they can depend upon getting last what th.•y
want, and that tiral:tss, and charges ressonslde.
Doping to hear froth' you soon, I remain -
York's Truly..
. . .1.• 01' I'ARSO S,
Upholsterer, South Side - Midge St rest, Towaa - .:3,
Pa., over Myer .t Devoe's Market,
Towanda, ya., January lath, lasl.6reo.
S 5•00 R,E WA R
ti; ie • STRAYED OR
above reward wilt paid fOr the return, or any M.
formation which teed to • tho "recovery of the
Scotch . Cotter Mitch (Fannie). whle,h 1..1; my rot,
tees about the 15th of November.3Sio. In robr
she was black and tan, sable conk on bed,' and ,
tweon the - legs, full - frill and br Mb. au& was very
trim and handsome. She was 'a - splendid cow
driver. , . •
• . . ~ .
ALSO- T -1 base a flrAt.chissl- SHORT-1101:N
BULL. sired by the 13th Duke of Mirk., N0..5,535,
which. I will sell cheapo ,• eiChange.. for Orst•clws
cows. , Addresi C. 11. WEBB.
Jan6; 4 Bl.East Smithfield,. Cs.
. ,
I =
Former •
DO for .0:0.60
Ito " • 1,7 rd)
'26 (.1 . 1 " li 711
14 ( n
I'.! ? )
G. 11. WELLI:i