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    *ad *porta
Towanda, Pa., July 22, 1880.
The expiration of subscription is print
ed on the colored label. By noticing the
date every subscriber can tell when his
paper will be stopped unless the subscrip
tion is renewed.
_ ,
11+ „
, ,
, .
THE REPOHTER 'will take an active
part in forwarding the success •of the
‘Republican National, State and County
nominations, and will be sent during the
campaign at the low rate of
• Subscriptions will be reteived singly or
in clubs at this rate: Send on the names !
W. 11. WEBB, of - Smithfield. is a duly
authorized agent for the REI'ORTEII, and
will receive new subscriptions, renew old
ones, and transact businesi generally for
this office. Mr. WEr.n will canvass the
County for the REPORTER, and we ask
for hint the assistance and co-operation of
our friends.
Go on the Excursion
AIIi.kNACS for 1881 aro already out
C. D. T!As§AoE has ripe peaches of his
own raiiOng.t
THE Leona Band are about purchasing
a new uniform.
VENNOIt predicts a frost on or about
the :Nth of this mouth.
" the name of a new
po4toilice iu Berks county.
Iri the ligroirrEn should fail to reach
you regularly, notify us at once.
WHAT a crown, thetu was in town
"dhow day." Advertising did ie. •
AN . eiliirt is being made to re-organize
the'Universalistdltrch, at Athens.
O. F. VIELE will hare .his new mill in
Troy in full operation in - a:few week's.-
- CANtuDATes for county offi&slktre be
cmnipg anxious about the honiinations.
Tiii population of Pennsylvania, it is
e4tiniateti, will aggregate nearly fr . ,stoo,-
WAvnutx eoted almost unanimously
on Wednesday of last .week, for water
works, .
Tnr.. populatien of 'Wayne County is
:33,2013, as against 33,190 in 18.70,. A gain
of IG. 1 - _
THERE, was a large crowd iu town ou
".! Thursday last to see the elephants and
calitele. . •
TILE liarvest this year is one of the
earli •st known. since 1627., So say old
' A NE'.V brass band has been organized
at Troy, and have already purchased their
Tim Reriew says that the km of STE
TENS LoNo, groecryinen of this place.
oy.q. one thousand barrels of sugar
each Vicar.
Tun bonded Indebtedness of Towanda
Borough School District has just been re
duce': $:3,200..
TEE CCUSUS just taken gives Columbia
County a iMpulation of 32,402. A gain
of 3,(,,0 since-PS:O.
Tut: population of Lyetimin.; County
is 57,463. In ISTO it WaS 47,6'zti. A gain
in tei, years of 9,83 i.
' Ai;ctuT a dozen i workmen are engaged
in paint in L : and frescling the residence of
H. A. I'Ackl.:4,.at Sayre.
•To Mau& Chunk, Glen Onotto and a
ride over the "Switchback''; Railroad,
t 4 .aturday next,-fur $1.50. •
IT isn't the first time t e Confederates
have used the "Union uniform to attempt
the capture of the Union soldier.
Wmer 4,W0110i Company think
they will be able to ,) , litiply our citizens
with. wattt by the !cid( ie. of August.
A GAurtfil.n awl A umuit Club will be
organized at the Aliyeisf School-house, in
North Towanda, this Walnetday evening.
THE, Northern ('tit ;d' R. IL lay claim
to the Water of the e FilltsE spring, urar
Troy, now held by 'the Water Company
of that place.
. karn from the Dnshore I:alere that
the Bark track 14 WIELLEs & ACKLEY, of
that, plaea, for the present season, w ilt
amount to t12i1,000.
A TEEM of :=elect, tchool taught by G.
G. V EItIII:YCK, will be beld, atTerrytown,
this fall, commencing August 23d and
combining. teu weeks.
THE new Fei - 1001 building at Sayre has
E. 1,,!..•,11 completed aud . a 'school opened there
in, with 11. q. GREEN; and Mies VILLTE
.31Eilc}:121 , -Al7 as teacher*. . „
- -
11Ascoces election mould mean Free
Trade.' Lthoring met) who desire tip
merit fot flap cents a d.y should support
the Ft ;:z Trade c,tuti-itlate.
a -g,ppdly iiitinber of young men
ill ea,t their first votes this
f.lll. A targc‘ ijority•of them, will vote
fin f; A - 1 - ll;i . i ELI) arAl ARTHUR.
('u:•rrtt of the Messiah (Universalist).
Lev. Wri.m.tii T'Avi.ou,- Pastor. At 101
A. M . .; ;.tiltY et (possi.oneil from last Sun
thy), "Is Life .11:4. , rt1i Living?"
TOE work of enlarging the Prothonota
ry'r .41.1 1 e ; :toer's 44ritles, is progressing
the buihiiti will be ready for
occirii.owy in about three weeks.
1; 7 % . 1T..T....1111.1„kui, of South Warren,
July 4th by iiranersing seven
wlio • united with tile Baptist
at illat place On that day.
Tun were kepi very busy on,Pir
d:ty„ fifteen wayward mortals
\%•,1:•2 up it: the StAt ion lions° on Friday
lot.; nae.f, s:ulder, au.l let ms Lope, wiser
, .I . IIE 'fare for the round trip front To
ivawia .to Mauch Chunk and return, on
24 . 0), will be but 1'i 4 3 1 5 0 .
tickets can be.obtained at the
MI7:1: 110 s t. ENS! :ie...., of the Eagle'lie
tel, flung to the brec-ze last week a bead
tifttl flat, on inscribed tbe . pames
or Gu,viEl,t) and MTBUIt . Lot t may
it Wave. .
TII F: itcholars, ehers
atul riivib,l,,l the African 31. Ik: Zion
will have 3.1 ha 3 ,shet
1.1,n.ic, in STF.vEN::'. aiid Lo c's Glove,
Tit (nibaek Club milt at Pation'a
ilal;, , IIJ Friday eveuiug last, and were
add, ,
by F. C. .rottwsoN. The Club
will 111:.tet at the saute place :Friday even
ing -of this week. •
e ,
TEM I.eTtifi wine Adeertioer skis :that
J. M. Form, of Pike, killed Gear bis rest
dashe s recently, 4 black snake that; mean =
4red six feet and' fouvhlehat In length:
That's a No/helper.
Is , General.liatooca is ,"Permsylis
nia's favorite so " why does Pennsylva
nia allow him to ; be credited to the State
of Missouri on the Muster-Roll of the
United States Army?
Timm has already , been formed in
Dumeratie "old Berko County,_ sixteen
GARFIELD and Almon clubs—with a
number of 'townii to bear froM. That
looks more or lesilike a boom.','' -
WILLIAM Placa; a boy about fifteen
years of age, residing near Illehoopany,
Wyoming County, bad his skull fractur
ed by being thrown from a horse on the
Bth instant. Ills memory is doubtful.
SETII ANDRUS, of State Line, while
loosening a hay fork from the roof of a
barn,' one day last week, where it had
become fastened, fell to the floor, striking
a beam in falling, breaking his shoulder
AVERY flattering article in regard to
the extensive carriage manufactory of
REirsor.ns & F.v.txs, , at Alba, which we
clipped from the 13loasburg Induetriat Re.
gister of a recent date, will be found: on
the Fourth Page.
Mutt Btiow-s, aged about twelve
years, daughter of WILLIAII llnowl4, of
'funkliannock, run a small sliver in'
foot a few days ago, and the wound pro
duced lock-jaw, of which she died on
Thursday last.
Mu. A. STOREtt, of South Warren, says
the Leßaystille , Adnertiser, left at this
office on Tuesday, July.fah, two hard ma •
pie saplings ,which 'hid grown together
solid about two feet from the ground,
crossing each other:
THE excursion to Mauch Chunk on Sat
urday next promises to be one of the larg
est of the season. Fare for round trip,
TILE portraits of GALFISI.D and An
'mutt are not allowed to bang in the poSt
oftibe without being mutilated by Demo
crats ; but they do not hesitate to tack up
notices of - Democratic meetings in the
postoflice without lief or license.—Athens
. By the falling of a platform attached
to the Leona carriage shops, Leona, on
the :id instant, FRANK" DAILY, the propri
etor, and his blacksmith, B. S. PowrEni
who were ou it at the time, were quite se-,
verely injured, although it is thought not
ANTIIONYSEELEY died recently' in the
town of Brookfield; Tioga County. in the
eighty-second year of 'his age: He 'had
been a resident of the town where he died
for more Nan sixty years, and 'a member
of the Methodist Church there for more
tban!lialf a century.
Tit first Quarterly Meeting of the
BradtOrd Baptist. Association, for the cur
rent year, will be held with the Barclay
Bailtiwt Church, cmnmencing Friday eve
ning, July 23d. Meetings held Saturday
and :Sunday. Preachers-11evs. J. B.
Tity4t-it, A. TILDEN and others.
'Trig Postmaster General has decided
t , at advert:sing cards Sereth,rough the
mails roust,be paid for at the letter rate.
This.wili be disagreeable news to those
who adopt that particular way' of adv:v,,
but if it teaches them to trust for
publicity to the columns or the
.peis6they will be gainers from the change.
Mits. ALONZQ JACKsON, of Keelersbufg,
"%1 Inning County, was instantly killed by
bein4 thil,Wa from a wagon in which she
. was riding near that . place, on. the 13th ,
instant. She was about sixty-seven years .
of ape. The accident resillted frnnr the''
horse that I she was idriving becoming
frightened and unmanageable.
Tin Elmira Gazette put a three line
over an eight line notice of a: recent
Democratic meeting at Troy, with the
iOea, no doubt, of conveying the impreg-
Aon that it-was a big meeting if the no
t;ee Was small. The meeting wa3 held in
Dt - Les llornwELl,'s law .effice, and we
Are creditably informed that then; were'
ju:it, twelve persons present._
monEt. IltrrEt..—One of the pleas
antest of Bradford county's many thriving
places is Wysanking : , not far from
Towanda, on the, Susquehanna. What
makes this place more favorably known
is the fact that it has one of the best kept
la r it ls in all that section of country. It
is known as the livtlett House. The
I!..titTLETT Brothers are proprietors,—
Elmira Gazette.
FORREP,T, two phials of dusky hue, were
drunk and alisOrderly on Wednesday eve
ning, They were arrested and put into
Fort liottertiron to cool over night. This
morniwz CAuTER was tined $7 or teVoys
in ; he chose the latter. CoLt. Bus
was fined $l5 or stay in jail for a month ;
he has inafie up his mind to board with
the Sheriff for thirty nays.— Otrego Time
11EN.L1xtiN WILLI/oils,. of Neath, on
Monday, July itch, suirentlered himself
to Ctristable M. S.I:ENTICE, who con
ve*ed him to Towanda for the disposition
of the County Judge.. It will be retnem
het eti that he was found guilty of the
murder of SAMUEL rtnl.l.ll'S 'before the
Coroner's Inquest, published in the Art.
rertimer June 30t11.—Li , Ro prate 'irer
tirer. Can a coronet'?‘ jury convict a per
son of a crime, neighbor?
Tun excursion to 3laucli Chunk and
the " Switchback" takes place on Satur
day next, July 24th. Fare for round trip.
have received from J. F. Itvueln'ti' Att
( y, • s.). tuperior street, Cleve
lard, Ohio. 3 Very leandsome picture of
Gen. JANIE!: A. GAnytEhn, the Republican
nominee: for ; President. It represents him
as a youth, goldier and statesman. In the
backe - romat ill ;he rear of the youth is the
small cabin. •ullile back of the state.smau
is the Capitol at Washington, . with its
(owelint dome. The picture is said to be
an excellent one, and no doubt will meet
tit Lugo sale. Copies c.m be pur
cli.l:.ed for the small sum of 25 cents. •
l' Statements, we are told, base been
promithrat«l by Democratic speakers in
Sayre, stating that the Postmaster at
Athens hau rtceived a_regnest to contrib
ute to the campaign fund, auli,dtmounced
the authcrities-in severe terms', etc. We
have - it from good authority that the
whole thing is a canard without one par
ticle of reason for the statement. Mr.
MOrtsri is a true Republican, and the emp
ty sleeve at his side peeves- that he has
contributed -in a good cruise, and he is
still willing to contribute of his means to
aid the cause of liberty and freedom.
MI:. Lawn Kt.:.tvlitt.t., of Burling
ton, in getting into his wagon on Main
stis•et, this place, on Thur.sday.afternisou
List, in some way struck his aoltio against
the point of the scythe of a grain cradle,
which was in the -wagon, cutting quite a
gash in 4,l,i ‘ e ankle and severing a large
artery from which blood . tlowt.d very rap
idly. He was taken to IL C. PORTF.Iet3
drug - store and Dr. l'itarr called to his
assistance. "Before the doctor arrived,
how,evr, he bccame so weak from the loss
oftiMod.that Stimulants were administer
ed to . liim to keep him from fainting. Af;
ter the doctor had dressed 'the wound,
Mr. -K. was conveyed to Lis home. No
serious insults are entertained from the
wUund, although it will be some little
time before Mr. RE.NUALL will be•able to
use the injured limb.
— Tyr: celebrated fish case of NORCORS '
vs. IlviimANN was tried before 'Squire
HALL, in Towanda, on Friday last. It
was proven that Netiemix bad nut com
plied with the law relating to private
ponds for the propagation of fish, and
therefore could not claim damages. About
fifteen witnesses and others marched from
our depot with a small flag on top of a
fish pole, on Saturday evening, as an em
blem of victory.. Noueorix has been re
ceiving fifty cents from most every one
that fished them for three years past, un
ler Abe supposition that tee pond was
private fishing grounds; but this trial
lirus killed the goose that laid tte half
dellir eggs, and also leaves him to
costs amounting to perhaps a hundred
dollars. The Supreme Court, of-Pennsyl
vania Lai r t. ctntly rendered a very V:ite
rate and plain opinion on the fishery laws
of the State.--.PusAerf Iktiet J.
- . ' '::.-.-*-
Y{ ":*:; '-,-:.-
A &raw svia AuvgnralMl.—The
cnsthat visited this Owe on the sth
did , not adverthie in the BXgottra„.-and
itAid not pay expenses here. Thevircus
and menagerielbat exhibited here on ths
15th occupied-two columns of the REPOR
TER fot two weeks previous to its coming,
and . its mammoth tent, was crowded to
oveiflosving both afternoon and evening,
and its -- man ger* received over $2,000
above,. expenses by the, two- exhibitions.
A, * word to the "iso is sufficient. Plant
yoer advertisements in the REPORTER if
you wish to reap • a boneteoui harvest
from business ventures.
Oun. Orwell correspimdent under the
date of July 4th says :
• On Monday last, .Tonti W. Mu., of,
Otiwar.Loras drawing hay for his von,
L. M. litta, and as he drove-in ,the barn
the timbers under the floor began'4,o give
away, and in the horses fright backed the
load part way out of the barn, and they
then went down through into the basement
the depth of eight feet, one falling on the
other and upon some sleighs which were
in the basement One horsd , was not
much hurt, only bruised, while 'the one
under-was severely gashed and bruised,
but Mr.: H. thinks with good care Will re
cover again."
WEr.str Sz SAN ns's menagerie and circus
exhibiterrin ;this plat's, .on Thursday last.
The menagerie. part 'of the cOVICCTII was
not as large as have been.t l liat department
o f
in other shows that have a pealed here,
although quite a nunibeti the animals
exhibited were fine smi ens of •their
kind. In the circus department the ring
performances were, As i a general thing,
good, although we have snen much better
riding. The tumbling, t4lancing, bon-,
zontal bar exercises, etc., I .were i excellent
and far above the general! average. iThe
street - parade- was quite a novelty in its
way, and withal a fair one. The man.
agers of the concern are gentlemanly and
courteous, 'as are their employes. all
In all, it is ap average , good show, as
sbows average._lt did a large business
here and, gave general satisfaction to
those whb patronized it.
TUE Board of Managers of the Agricul
tural Society will meet on the Fair
Grounds ' at East Towanda, at one o'clock
P. at., Saturday.
L. M. HALL, Esq., made;'. a speech at
the organization of the GARFIELD Club.
His iemarloion that occasion Were print
ed in full in the REPORTER, and occupied
about one-half of a 'column. Our Demo
critic friends have been very persistent
over since in trying to convioc? people
that the speech was a "very weak nue,"
and contained no argument.. Not being
satisfied with talking about i', lie observe
that some . " big gun" discharged a whole
column in the .4rgus of - last week, in an
attempted rody which proved a total fail
tire. In the whole article there is -nut a
ingle, solitary refutation of any allega
aion made by Mr. HALL —not one. It Was
Simply au article tilled with peridnalities,
devoid of wit, and utterly barren as to ar
gument. That portion in which its au
thor sought to give advice to a young
man just starting in the race'of life, was
entirely unnecessary, as we have no doubt
Mr. HALL is just as capable of taking
Care of himself in they ears to come, as is
the gem leman who penned the article in
quest ion, of looking after) his own future ;
and is no doubt as well satisfied with life,
as far as-he has gone, as is the individual
aLo seems so solicitous of his weliaTi.
IT will be remembered that in the great
fire that nearly destroyed the whole
nof .Milton,' some mouths ago, the
o 'ce building, and all of fha material of
the 3filt,mian, were consumed. It was a
serious loss to its proprietor, 11!aving
him as-it did with scarcely a penny in the
world. 1 But nothing daunted by the ca
lamity,. this energetic man went to work
to regain what had so suddenly been lust,
and this N‘eak we ate iu receipt of the
Miltenfon, larger in form, more beautiful
In typographic-il appearance than ever
before, and . tilled to the brim with excel
lent reading.matter. There will be. no .
doubt, many of the bunted industrial es-
tablishments of Milton rebuilt in better
shape and with aW:the modern improve
ments in mastinery, but none wilt' add
more to the jkosperity sit' the new town
is the future than the bright paper that
lays before its, and none will have been
rebuilt under more adverse circumstances.
As the old .1./af , print began its life when
•the old town was lint a it3l/liet, and grew
with its growth, strengtheued by and
so-tug:belling its many industries, intuit
time dtshoy l ed village had become one .of
the most prosperons in the Stare, so the
new paper will grow with the new town,
and strengthen with its strength. Its
weekly visits to the surrounding country
and to distant pat ts will ever be a silent,
yet speaking, messenger of the enterprise
and thrift of a people who are not daunted
by obstacles nor paralysed by calamities.
Ls collimus now will contain a history
that will be almost invaluable to readers
a few years in the future—because the
tors will be 'written while the inci
dents they contain were fresh and vivid
in the Minds of those who penned them,
and' were actual sufferers in one of the
most terrible calamities that ever hefel so
fair a torn: The Xi/to/tea:, should re
ceive a hearty and generous support from
all who have a desire to see Milton again
become s thriving and prosperous town,
and we have no doubt it will.
THE excursion to Mauch Chunk on Sat,-
urday next is under the . auspicfs of the
M. F...ellurchel; at Wyalusing and "Camp
town. }'are, .$3.50.
A large and enthusiastic meeting was
lipid at Mentoeton on'Tues. - lay evening,
and a GARFIELD and ARTHUR Chub Ginn
ed. 13. Ilot.Lort was Chairman of the
meeting, and J. G. Ilo3tET, :S , ecretary.
Estp.z., delivered patriotic and stirring ad
dresses, and-, the 3lonroeton band dis
coursed excellent music. The ,
named gentlemen were elected (*leers of
the Club : • .
Presideiii—Dr. 0. IT. ROCKWELL.
rice Prexident—D. J. Sw EET.
&err - tarp—F.. Z. lintGGS. •
Corrpponding Secretary—A. L. ROCK
Treasyrer—O. P. MIN . G - B.
.E.ree 'trite Comm if tee—losi N' SA TT F:
ronoitz .Sulci.hy, W. S. CA .
THE Athens Gocrt:e says that thd fol
lowing. is a rerbatint copy of a "Aleclsra
tion of rights" adopted by , the Ha:woe!:
and 1 ,- .Notasit Club of that place, at a re
cent meeting :
" I - suppose the object of this meeting,
or; the objects of these meetings are for
the purpose of discussing the political is
sues and topics of the day, and to transact
such other business as may be hiought
before them, to educate and enlighten the
minds the people. I the efore move
that the Chairman appoint a Committee
to remove, to iwarul at the entrance dOor
of our meetings and not admit thoSe who
are not in sympathy with the muse of
democracy, nor those who have nritten
the seurrilouS articles that have appeared
in the infamous sheet published in this
borough and other papers of the county,
and that have viiiitied, slandered and b.:-
lied o"r speakers and meetings eitbin the
last few Weeks."
to deo ws • lum - a:lu tV. VA
he thirteenth, fourteenth and .fif
eenth amendments were passed, the
emocratic party declared them void
nd entitled to no respect, and almost
Immediately afterward found itself
:ompelled to admit that for the peace
14 the country, and as a basis for fu
ture development, these COnstitu-
Aonal amendments bad to be main'-
Clming down to more recent his
•ory,lwhen the Republicans in Con
ress• had passed the Resumption
et in 1575, and the fruit of the res
• ation•of specie payments was al
ost ripe to be plucked, the Demo
cratic party in • its •National Conven
ion of 1876 thought it a smart thing
o declare that the very act passed
1; or bringing specie payments was an
impediment its way and must be
pealed. And who is there to deny
now that had the act been repealed
under the pressure of all the inflation
elente.nts in the country the confusion
of our financial policy necessarily en
uitig would have prolonged the
4' an irredeemable paper currency,'
ff: N. Brits, sr., is at .0046
. .
.."-M -re. Plaint' Nernss bi
inOtifO, , .
- - -1111. L. D.- _MOM — rams.has-lona to
he Adironflacke.
—Mrs. E. U. Pinter, of tellaysvillo,
is danprously ill. '
—3lrp. W.ll. CA'; and ebilclren
aro visiting in Troy. _
—Rcv. F. W. Bairri.wrr is .visiting
friends - ill this place.
—llrs: B. S. Di AN is visiting her old
friends in Smithfield. ' '
—Miss . EMILY ALYORD i visiting
friends at Moore's MIL
Wuat.oir and wife, of Plattsbnrg,
N. Y., are visiting friends here. -
—II, W. PECK, Esc . and wife, are en
joying a trip to tho ThOusand Island.
—Hon. P. D. Monnow is ,holding- a
special argument Court at Montrose this
BESSIK STROUD bas returned
from Philadelphia much improved in
health. .
—Rev. GEORGE D. Smoun, Of this
place, preached at Bloomsburg - . on Sun
day last.
LAstonnul and MAY
Connucosare visiting friends in Coopers.
town, N.' Y. - .
—Res. J. t 3. Brans, Rector of • Chtlst
Church, is homerfrorn his visit to friends
in 'Connecticut. ;
—Miss Jenvi j s of Cooperstown, N. Y.,
visited Miss 1170 , stE • DAVIES, of this
place, ktsi week. • •
—Mrs. GEORGE A. GUERNSEY and chil
dren, are pa)ing a visit tto friends in Sus
quehanna County. •
—lts. B. HANSON and wife, of Boston,
- are •speiding the summer months with
friends in this county.
.W. GUERNSEY, cashier ofthe Citi
zens National Bank, is visiting f*fids in
Susquehanna county.
E. Catunues, cashier a-Ecass
& i 8 enjoying a week'S vaca
tion with friends in Orwell.
—HENRY WALDRIDOk, who has lived
in the West for over a year pastOs visit
ing relatives and friends here. •
—Miles IPA JUDD, of Dunkirk, N.
Is viiitiug her uncle, Supt. .1. B. JUDD, Of
the Barclay Bailroad, in this place.'
P. CiAnsyrow;lif this place, has
, been appointed-Assistant Surgeon, of the
Ninth Regiment, N. 13.,10f Pennsylvania.
-F. W. CLARK, Esq., and family, are
ott visiting at Sheshequin and other points
in Bradford Counry.—Mansfield Adver
• User.
—Misses JENNIE . JEIVELI. and Lou
POMEROY, have returned to their home in
Troy after an extended visit to friends in
_Ol.. J. PEALED ent to. Towanda
Thursday where he has sa situation in the
telPurapietace of the S. L. -S. R. It.
—L. D. Tavt.on, of Grativille,.will be
a candidate before the Republican Chn
viniticin for the nomination for the office
of Representative.
—tiinecAps election to (Alice, County
Superintendent ltvAx has traveled nearly
9,009 miles in the performance of the du
tieS of his position.
—L. F. G.tRDNER occupied the pulpit
of the-Church of the Messiah on Sunday
morning, 1)r TAYLOR having been called
away to attend a funeral.
J. t 3l. INTEwmAN, -wife and family
aro rusticating 'W'ith their friends and rel
atives at Warrenhate, l'a. The Doctor
will remain about it week.—Elmira Ad
—Senator DAvrEs, wife and son Tom,
Mrs. Judge Monnow, Miss ETTIE 31011-
How, Mrs. R. M. WEta.r.s and daughter
Exist". ' and Mrs. E. D. AIQNTANTE, left
for Asbury Park, N. Ji, this morning.—
.geriew, ..Monday.
-Mrs. J. W. 3tAsox, Accompanied •by
her son and her nephew, Ouv M. WAT
KINS, started for Wyoming Territory on
NVednesday of last week, where she will
join her husband, Colonel J. W. MASON,
United States Army.
—Captain W. -H. CAR:WM:AN and
daughter BELLE, started on .Monday last
on a trip to Janesville, Wisconsin, where
they will visit the Captain'S sister, Mrs:
They wtnt by rail to thin
ly, and thenee.hy Vat.
—sirs. SAHA!! P. Mclic.Ax, of Marion,
lowa, widow of the late General T. J.
MCKEAc, is visiting hien& in this coun
ty. She is at present the guest of Colo
nel McKEA . a, of this place, who
was I.rar late - husbaud's brother. '
—As Mr. GEonon Wthr.tAms was
driving into town with his family on the
his horse became Lightened by lire
works arid ran away, throwing them from
the wagon and badly injuringlMrs. W mfr.
rAms about the head.—(Janton Sentinel.
—Our Old friend H. H. CLARK, who
Went to Leadvillc last spring, has of late
been attactedWith fever, and is now on
his way home. We are glad to announce
that he is once more to be a resident, of
Pike, and in time to, to put in a solid
vote fore,GAnrisad3 and Afrintru.—Le-
Rape/Ile Adrerti.fer.
-Mr. and Mrs. R. A. PA'crtErt, of
Sayre, accompanied by Miss Marty LEE,
of Philadelphia, Mrs. JOHN MONTANYE
and Miss.JESSIE WARD. of Towanda, thia
Mr. and Mrs. It. F. GOODMAN,
,of Sayre,
and Mrs. It: A. EIMER of Waverly, have
gone to the Thousand Islands, to occupy
Mr. PACKER'S cottage during the hatted
.term.-;—Elmo a Cht:efl.
It. A. PACKER returned last
Wednesday frOm the Trim - Band Itbands;
and left on Lehigh 15 last evening for
Cape May, •where he will spend a few
days, and from there go to New York,
where he boards his yacht "Emilie" for
a trip up the Hudson and on the Eric Ca
nal to Oswego. from thence on Lake On
•tafio to the Thousand Islands. The yacht
is as fine a pleasure boat as was ever
launched. It was built at Poughkeepsie
after specifications and directions of Mr.
Harting:rt.:, of Perth Amorry, and hails
flour Oswego, being large easi•
1y carry quite a - pleasure party and built
rA) as to, pass the Eric Canal locks and ply
between Cape May and the Thousand
Islarkds, where he has cottal,es.— Waverly
—Osnons --..CLAPP. =L. M. Ositottx,
one of Towanda's most exemplary and
highly esteetned young men, was! united
in marriage to otte-'5l - Erniira's faimst and
best . yonng ladies,. on Thursday of List
week. ' The ememonies took place at the
residenee'of the bride's parents, and .we
take the i flowing account thereof from
the Elmira .eld.rc ratter of Friday : " Yes
terel.iy:4fternoon at the residence of Mr.
S. G, CLarr, 63 West Fourth Street,
was the sectmol a most happy event, it
being the marriage of their daughter;
Trssw, to Mr: LEWIS M. OsnOltN, of To=
watida, Pa. The guests were limited to
the immediate friends and relatives. Af
ter the congrattilatioas o the assembled
company,. the partysat down to a taste
ful and sumptuous wedding repast. The
wedded pair were the recipients of' nu
ritrims presents, comprising those that
were butt useful and beautiful, all of
which were intended as tokens of testeein
mid good will for the young couple.. The
bride wass beautifully attired in cream M
ore(' silk, trimmed with- satin and point
lace. Mr. and Mrs. Osnous took the 6:30
train West, for•ati extended tour down
the St. Lawrence river., Oti their return
they witl tuake_their home, at .Towanda,
where the gloom holds an important po:
talon in tltt First National4inok. N. N.
F. 141., Cashier of the
,bank, and
wife, were among the many out of itown
guests.. The is one of Towanda 's
most esteemed young geutletnen, awl
his fate is linked to one whose many wot
manly virtues have endeared her. to a
wide circle of friends, and they take with
them the well wi,dies of all, for their wel
fare and happiness. Mrs. Josnett Pow-
I ELI, wile of the President, - of the Bank,
Mr.:and Mrs. L. B. RODGERS and daugh.
ter, Mrs:i, W. 11. Donor. and daughter,
end others of Towanda; Jam uMIT,
of Liornellsville, and Ilanß
Y - T E 4 rB Lun, of
Ithaca, were among the guerWs.
ceremony was performed by Rev - . Titon•
13. K. BEECIIETI,. of Park Church, he hay.
ins come from his - retreat in the woods of
'Ulster County, where he is sporting with,
his , brotherJestss, and where he returns
Hon. 0. H. P. KINNEY, of the Waverly
Advocate. who hits been in ill-health for
some months past, but is now, we are
pleased to say, as robust and gdod-natur
ed as of yore, speaks thus of the. beauti
ful valley, wherein be formal his renewed
vigor: - ' '
_ l' Eittesbequin hair beeii called the "Her,
aiiet'i =dile." but wad/ Wee In*lne
;iT. `i'
,---".- ,'7.;•c;,: - ,'", -, -',.,r- ',::\,''',; ' .',ili''::i7'4:-1.-1'
we'r :
isejorini - in that bosntiful - valley satisfied
ma that ft Ira inianomer:' It is , a lively .
business &mahout harvest-.times, and
uotabattlntely'dullat other.- Brim& But
it Is aboutibe crops we Riopose
is a rich farming 'district, and
may be an index to the Susquehanna Val:,
ley. generally.... • ,
"The wheat:mop, which has long been
a tavarite - NIT in the vailef, is good—
aboie the'averige, anti by this time is all
harvested nod in barns. This harvest
was never known so early. ticaree an
acre.! of grass had been cut when the
'wheat harvest_Warr completed. The grass
hair - recovered from - the - damage of the
spring drought,. and will be an average
crop. The old meadow's have thickened
up, and from appearance will be about
average, the n , w tmeadows are not so
good. 04s are just splendid, as large as
they can comfortably stand, and the pros
pect now is thatlthey will - be" harvested
without getting down, If so, they
be a Very large crop. Corn is on-the ram•
page, a few laps anead of time. Unless
appearances are• deceptive' the crop will
be unsurpassed. Boma tobacco is being
raised in the valley, and much more will
be planted another year. It looks well
thus far. There is no better soil is the
country for tobacco than the Valley of
Shesbequin. The fish crop will not re
ceive mtich attention till after the hurry
of harvest." - .
Tug Iliermunia and LC - Rap:vine bands
will accompany the excursion on S3tut
day next to Mauch ebu4r.
Prof..T. D. BTOr.l.ow, of Clinton, N. T.,
has lien employed as ',am) of the teachers
in the Institute for Wel ensuing year. Mr.
BionLow is a graduate. - of Hamilton Col
lege, in which ho took mm of the first
prizes; a teacher of several years experi
ence and one who makes teaching his
I.rofessiou,. lie corium recommended in
the highest degree for scholarship, christ
ian character, and succes•ful experience.
,The,next year commences August 2341.
Every 'preparation is being made to ac
commodate the large attendance expected.
HAR111$111:110, July ):,
To ,tlis Beards. of School Directors :
The State Treasurer, Ilon, Samuel But
ler, authorizes me to give, notice that all
the outstanding warrants issued to School
Districts for the *appropriation of ,181'9,
numbered up to 1,5U0, will be paid as
presented during the present month ; and
that the balance of these NV:hiatus, IMII3-:
bered from 1,300 upwards, remaining un
paid at the mid of July, will be paid dur
ing August.
I congratulate the School Directors and
all interested in public schools, that the
long delay in theltaynieutof the Money
due from the State is thus happilyended.
1 ' J. P.
Superintendent of - I'ublic Instruction. -
-Our neighbor of the Journal has made
a compilation of the census returns of the
township and boroughs of the county, as
drown by the reports filed at the Prothom.
otary's office, and the result will be found
in tile following table. In several instan
ces where districts included, more than
one towns:rip or borough the enumerators
base returned the population of the two
as one item, and in these cases it has
been impossible to separate the names so
as to give the population of each town-
Ship : .
Asylum township
Athens township.
Athens burottgli .... 1600 9,13 633
Albany townatttp.... 1369 1329
New Albany bomugh 219 219
Barrlay townablp 2615 2009 606
Harlington twp. and boru•. 1310 1529
Cantou twp. and 'Alba born 2026 N 1,2
Canton horn
Columbia twp and Sylvania
Granville township
ilerih t0wn5hip.........
Franklin township........
Lel:4o. tgals4lttli 1198 1111 Stt
Litchfield tOwic,hip. 1t ST 1256
tiorp. and bone— 1763 I:it 4 255
Orwell townNhip...
Pike Iwp. and Leltaysyillo
borough ..... .. ... . 1837 2c98
Cl•lghury township ' 1490 1170 14
Runic township 1041 1.113
Rom - a borough tan 330 . •0
Smith Waycrly borough ... +53 853
Slie4iirtptin township 1457 1599
Smithfield township 1025 1790 33
Smith Creak township 1111 107 D 41
Sp, logfiehl to .ii..tilp ... ;i .. -152 u 14:5 t 5
Standing Stone townsiiio.. 814 .A 1 _
Terry te.rnshlp 1146 1079 197
Towanda I K th ju gh.... 3913 2696 1117
Towanda 14w11,111p........ 1141 9;6. 114
-Toriatida North 715 593. 153
T ti.e am ra t.wvirtudltp....... 1191 .1214 'll
Trt.y and Nelnenla twil... 1915 1870 64
Tr '•,y borough " i , 1141 1041 162
Ulster - 1164 1174
Warren 1331 14,11
Welts 11:2 1:07
West Barn:4oon 916 100 1:0
Wilmot " ' l .. 1660 1265 315
Wlndbain . - 1164 ' Iltqi
Wyalusl,ng 1540 1707
Wysaz .. .......... ~—... 13118 11 , ./9 16
. -----------
Local Correspondence.
The terni.uf the Leitrimllla school will • explie
on Saturday, July 21t h.
. It lot reported that Dr. Thayers great show ills
rg.inlzed at Providence, Luzern° County.
'rho fanners ate in the midst of their flaying I
this section. Hay Is • light crop, but of escsileit
Mrs. Pierce. of ourborungb. who hai,• been con
fined to her lied for a long time; Is slowly falling.
t 3 be 11 a very patient sufferer.
- A S. Ibilitwin Is soon to erect a new dry-goods
andigrocery More, which will be a great improve
menu W tha pl see
July 19, 1810.
Mrs. John (4. Spier died on the t7th, of puerpral
convulsions, after an Illness of only-twelve hours.
She was the'secend daughter of William Tuttle, of
this town.
Three children of Corporal Tanner, of Brooklyn,
got Y are rpe n dlcg Several weeks at the house of
Mirman Morse, In charge of Mien Maggie Holler
. o.
:( Mrs. Adatit Cram( in prostrated with sickross,
4and her recovery Is •conNidered doubtful.
• !laying, harvesting, and berry picking. demands
.the attelltloll of all ages now, and, cur merchant,
Armstru• g, is kept busy supplying the de
mands or. these Industries. - Syxt.s. •
Litchfield, July is, lass.
. Haying and harvesting seen' to he the principa
business now. Grass is generalsy light, out 0,
gss.4.sluatity venter wheat was good t oats any
barley promise a good harvest.
A hoot two weeks ago Drs. Pratt and Cowel it
wooed a very large tumor from one of the Ilfnba o
\Y: E. Voorhis.
Tile graded achno) or this place sill ollifussiq
234. Mr. i;rawforl has boon regained as cipal
E. Z. Wow! and 3[is Amelia Unix rt, asSLSLItittC
A sulaeription is being circulated for the pur
pose of tabdt.g money to (quail and calcumine the
whool building. ••
Smithfield, July 18, 1886.
Hut weather and frequent showers are in - order
- Our lartnera have harvested their wheat, which
glves theist a middling yield; would have been good
had it net winter-killed so much. They are now
In the tnltl4 of their haying, aoll thslr meadows
are producing far more than was eaKt ted to the
fare part of the reason. Corn and oats are looking
finely, and we expect a bountiful harvest. If pe.
Woes and buckwheat do as well we shall certainly
not starve during the mining year.
• lion. .I.mes ii. - Webb Is improving In health
very much of late. Think he Will enjoy life for
many years, notwithstanding our people have
thought him dying for the last-two years.
Sits. Phebe Philp severely Injured her imb by
a fall Tuesday last, from widen she has suffered
extreme pain. She is slowly improving.
Our -graded school will-open again August
Prof. I. S. Crawford. Mr. E. Z. Wood and Miss
Amelia Hubert are employed as teachers. Many
pupils are expected from adjoining towns, as the
wheel has vs high reputation • under the manage
me- t of l•rof. Crawford.-
Three lads 'about it or 10 years old, one of them
belonging to a Shoemaker, another. to one of our
- preacners,•anti the third to a former preacher of
this place, amused themselves on Saturdayevening
last by torturing a firmly of about fifteen geese and
killing twelve of them with stones and clubs,
breaking thetrarlugaluti legs and otherwise mang
ling 111-111. Farmers, take care of your geese and
other pr. Nrty. •
The Garfield and ArlhurClun Is floerl,hlng One.
ty. ?Wetting Lest Friday evening at the Club
R....en. At its last insisting 0. P. limuen General
Madill and H. Streeter spoke to a large crusted Mt
the Academy ilail on the political questions of the
day. Close attention was given until neatly mid
night. IluaLuxu.
bthlthfild, July Itt, iSSO. •
Amegements ate being made for an excursion
and basket plc-nic from this place to Bush's
Park. near Tema., including a trip .. to Amid and
the *MUIR!, to take place the last of July or the
Ant of August. It Is a union attair gotten up by
the - popular No. t Rook and Ladder Company, of
Waverly... And Protection Rose and Engine &tn.
pany. of Athens, and from the standing of both
companies in their respective towns, it Is see to
say uhateeer arrangements they may deride upon
their friends will nut no disappointed Ina pleasant
social trip la company with them. At a meeting
held in Athens. July 16th, the following commit
tee eras appointed to ariange for a trip either to
the shove named places. Or some other as they may
think advisable. viz: Charles Ealinit and several
gentlemen of the "books," and U. E.Park. 1). C.
Gray. and Miles Mitchell, of ..Proteri tom" &w
-eeps attend the effort to afford a pleasant and pro.
Stable holiday.
The egett ut a concentration of the business In
terests ante town b recent ng evident, en 4 now
the proapret is very good for renewed growth In
dtrvettint. - .
Prover faehitles chant& be Veen fanners to mar.
tat ail their produce at the blibest pekes. and
then moth of the halite that.ts atm given to. WA
tatty wtotl4 be Opt haire;lPd Ware l a'Pl r " . "
Tb' Mat 11 OUC -1 4. 1' :*4 - rieibiblt*
-7-: l .'' - ;' - i':''' ,. ; , '. -:,.',- ;.! :', :'.W' , "4':,VA.7',t':''..'
Mardi. inn thlo bekkisnir total sitpldly up' In
Ibawannot Jana Catioll's pones.
'Mir. Mr. Mood is enjoying alai:Mimi -and -visit
ing in Canada. - Mann services being hehl In hts
church by itemillir. 1111.0 Master. - - -
Neat Bnliday. Mr Samuel !Johnston. a 'former
resident here, but mon a sapient. will speak at the
Baptist Church. -We bespeak a bre .atieudance
of - big friends.
We noticed a Ana faintly -earriaire from a Dom
ton hew, billed to Dr. D. r. Allen. and later at!'
tidied teens of his steppers.
Mrs. John Spear. tieing In Litchfield. died ♦cry
suddenly last - week. - she was burled Saturday lu
the Orange MU Cemetery.
%VIM benies of ail kinds aro . plenty this year,
but blackberries promise to be more than abund
S. J. Morley IsCo., are betiding an addition to
their min, and putting in a elder press of the lat.
est p4tern, thetr old one being to far behind the
times for customers. F.vorytn lug will now uc con
venient for.unloadlngapples and loading barrels.
?ars. Catherine Lyon: a lady aged sisty-three
years, died very suddenly on-Sunday. at the. rest!
donee of Mrs. Saltmarsh, in thli village. of panty-
Funeral to day. At. Tau ECU.
July 20, 1880.-
Our village Is passing through the Usual ordeal
of dullness that to chubed by the farming commu
nity being very busy lo.gathering Into their ample.
Karns and storehouses the bounteous gifts of si
kind Providence, In the shape,ot hay and wheat;
while 'others are enraged In hozing their tobacco.
Mts. Chas. Hovey awl daughter, of Ithaca, have
been making their friends at this place a visit:
l'hey returned to-their home yesterday.
Mr. It. Perk, Sr.„ has been very lit With au at=
tack of bilinualever. but Is now recovering.
A weak awl ineffectual effort was made atew diys
since. to organize a Hancock and Eng,lxh club.
After Wilting 'mill after 9 teeloek, Y. at. in order
to get a quorilini they finally called to order with
twrive voters present; oho-half' of these mete H.:•
,publican lookers-on, awl as no more .• quirt
thizers cuthe they were obliged lo adjourn for
three weeks, In order to circulate the roll and
solicit members thereto; where, oh wivire Is the
Deinociatie boom f t answers *heir r•
A strong Gurfleid and Arthur Club Is to be,
organized Mire lu re'elthrt time ; wilt send you the
officer's tiawee ns aura as - they sr. known.
A blind !adj . fronl the Itatavia (N. Tißlind In
stitute gave us a literary and musical entertain
went last eve. "KARL."
. Litetrr, July 18SO.
--Wild pigeons hive deserted the roosts
n .11cEran ne Potter countle..
—Murphy, the temperance orator, is to
open &campaign in tmetr. Haven.
=Two Indian tomahawks were recent
ly dug up by henry Halbert near the Old Fort, Cen
tre mainly.
Aina Waldron,.of Orwigsburg,
S. hay Mill county, has recently toads two attethins
at suicide.
—Tice Republicans of the First Kansas
district have, ocauloatedbn A. Anderson • fur
—William Fetter, a 10-year-old' oy, of
Lancaster. fell on a circular saw on Monday atll
r r eek,.l fatal injuries.
—John slCAntlreifs was killed-by a Tall
or rink root In the rialtivillo colliery, bear Pitts-
Lon, on Wednesday.' f
—William Steele, of South Strabane'
' , oxtail, Washington county, was killed by light
• on Tuesday last,
—Samuel lia;ng, a deaf mute, of Read.
WaS iustautly killed iu lianiburg on Friday
by a lightning stroke.
—A man who was a wealthy operator if)
the vainly days of Pith Ole bow works a (Tots-cut
taw for a &log soar Bradford.
—Miss Lulu Yeling, the child pianist of
Pottsvlllel has an engagement at 0,000 a year to
travel with a concert company.
—Two- locomotives 'dragged -a train of
fourteen cats containing 300 WeAtern-bound (final
grants through Altoona on Monday.
—Mrs,. Mule Leroy, of Erie, has been
sent to J.lll to to 3 ,, alt. trail on a etiarge of
Tully 11-gglng her n-year-onl Stl3.
—The Ilentingdoa Giohc says that the
car Rork+ at that Naar, IN.Lieh have been Idle a
number of yews, era about to t,o started up again,
—The house of IL K. Fo;rer, in Frank-
was thttrGyed bairn on Friday, making t
firth inei nlinry tire at that place within a math.
—Millard M. Heist, of Ephrati, Lamas
fq. comfy, attempted to board 'a Iteight train at
hat place on Frid;:y aiglit and was Instal/fly killed.
—A seven-ban - el well of heavy lo v ia.
iirg oil lias neon s:rbek Cruwfold, sin-s
beri witlilu the limits of Franklin, Venango cone-
18 , s0. 1870.(;aln.Loss
1242 1155 87
2105 2254 )49
—The Bradfoyd Era sAp that McKean
e , ,uoiy; having a population of 40 (00. a•tll make a
demand :It the proper time for Inerea4ol repremen
—An infant child of John Killian.
en, at Altoona. W 3 acebitlitly slllOttlervti to &nth
Tn,( by an Wiles' sister tumbling a nllluic ou
s pee lit bed.
1196 710 456
—The Lancaster Era miner has the fol
uhin tobacco: ..ot the prevent condition
(a Ibo. growing crop very H the call be .alt, except
that It Is growing, and bi to nopit of rain- -
P. Connell and b. L, .Fehr, editors
untie Easton A rgue, were arrested on Tuesdak for
libel, on oath of Wll4titi'retty, whose ro,litene e
vrai.tleclared . by the paper to be,illsortlerty:
15."0 1723
134: 1370
993 1009
702 705
—At the Erie County kg - iieultuial SO
einty's Fair, Itt t.epteatber, sp.,elal premiums,
ativAinthig ro vio, will 1,, a‘lartP4l for the prettiest
habits het weeti the agei of ti and 18 molt:11F.
—A eow telonging to Michael. Pen t .role,
of rwchlan, coun:y. Cr any give birth
to a Calf which weltned 13.) poutids the day after
Ite I.lrth. This atoitiAl takes the medal fur•avoir
d.ayst 3. •
tnagistrate . in Luzerne county has
nut the I end:a:ten of the hotel keeper anc
responsible for losses to ,thy: The hotel
was; at •slttcttnhtttny, and Mr. INtrkilelser Wae the
--.lolnt Tionry, 11.42nry Ilarman and fob
t Traylor killed 3 lasge Mark hear n•rr the !hie
and It-rown t, , wts•Afips, 1n 1.1 Alibi county.
•n Meriday. Without the hide, the an'alpi weigh
:;.so Pounds.
—A correstiondent of tho
xcrli tag tr , en Santeiry, say'. Join;
faitas all day awl a ork": , his , near.y
11 algid ; also that. lie 1133 no notion of entering
—The Inspector of the - First Biturni-
WAIS coal district. including Greene, Sr:Want:lon.
liyetto, Somerset, Itedit•rd. 'Westmoreland and
A leg terry coin) t-ep"rts that the nunitcyr of fa
tal acci.lnuts Itt h!s district last year was 36.
--A canal' Prifige at Market street,
wiaceshatre, broke down Thursday rittasit,tlo..a,nl
an OraribUl t. itil hi•Tsrs and a el eat % •gon and
11018 es were precipitated Into the canal. The driv
ers and one passenger were injurtd. Thu horses
were rescued.
51162 - 54336 570 1955
-, —A lad named Hannum, living in Up
-1:u). Delaware, county, Med - on - Wednesday wIDI
Im.kjaw, caused by a toy plsmi ea-pmaing In hi,
hands on th., Atli of .tiny. Mrs. Hammtt Royer
.11...1 the sane day and from the same cause at
rott etown.
—The Margie Franklin Colliery, at Ex
celsior, Northumberland counts', operated by the
Enterprb , e i:031 COlilfialiy, was destroyed by fire on
Tit or,day mot nl bg. Loss, E:2 s ,Vin ; fnaurance
co.O Three hundrvil moan and boys aro thrown out
of entployzneni.
—Two traillps,' l4 Wiwi were arrested at
s tr ,m irg , Latthoter enunty, on 74e=daY, were
near bet ug lynched upon aueugation of a 'mall boy
ve_baving: set the to the barn of .fa:rih Rohrer, when
the aforesaid !limit boy. lit ilton 0045 by name,"
confessed that he (Milt in re‘ettgo foi a n hipping.
—The capacity of the Roberts. factory,'
In the. Northernloll field. for the mattnfactere cf
nitro glyeei,lne Is 1,5 - ft) ritinds per day. The de
clan& is so. great that another faetury Is helm:
Intl% att,l the Titurvide Herald saps that when It
Is tlal.dte,l;the two - Jaeturles eunsuine six tons
of avid a day.
—Tie Pittsburg Cot onereiat,ntateB that
the rivalry between the Tilden and Hancock clubs
In that city co/tit/nes. "Met:clap were held by
butte on TneNtlay evening, at.d, Mr ; O'Leary, as
wanagfr of the 'Mien fa..tlon. ii•oultnired..a.s an a:-
tra..tlon a speech by J. N. Cardwell, tixt. , but in
point of numbers the Hancock tueet.b , g , WA..5 the
most succestut.
—The official census Maros of Detroit
show tl.e popula:lon to be 116,027.
—The reaipts from internal . reit line
Wed.eF4ll Tie:At 03:6.319.5;, and from custurns,
4735,3 Ge, Vs.
—RC"; Wm. C. Wisner, I). ' a prom -
Ineat Nett-York clergyman, died ri'cdnesday at
L'oe k pot t.
—lion; N. C. Deering, was renomina
ted for Cokress I.y the 'Republicans of tho Fourth
lowa district. t
—The rendain4 of a man, supposed to
bo those of Harry Hunter, a printer, were found
on Mount Washington.
—Willie Cohen, abed 8, and Fred Hunt.
aged lb, were drowned while bathing in) tho.klud
sou river at Troy. \. Y.
—L. 13.liabests; of Wik , hington, D. C.,
a special rg...fal of the Ceusux Uciream, dm!, pad dead
at - Norfolk, V. 4, from altroko of apoplexy.
—The Japanese 31inibter called on the
,Pra,pitleut Wedn.stlay with some half dozen of his
cuantrpoen who are visiting Washington.
—11(M. G. S. Orth has been nominated
for Congress by : the Republican Comte:aim of the
Ninth Indiana district, on the forty.socond ballot.
--Gen. - J. 4:Chalmers, of Mississippi,
Lae been tiotelhated for re-eleettim by the Demo
cratic Coureetten of the Sixth Congressional dis
trict. .
—Mica Diller, one oC the persons taken
sliro rstm. the ztearner St•iwanhaks the night
of the lbaster. (lied Wediiplay evening at U 1.3
hospital ou naudall's
Charles C . Copan, i x-Secretary and
'Treasurer of the Youghiogheny Odd Fellotcs7 As
sociation at 31citecskurt, Liss I,Zen eued for a ifeitc
icney of 1113,379 in his lemitirs. •
—The failures in the Dominion of tan,
ads for the fir, t six nn.mhs of this year numbered
649, with linotittl6s of 6.1.660.94 i. against 1,907 fail
ures f stuouutlog to 617,425,954 1,/r the sane period
In 16;9.
—Mollie De Jarnette, who was shot by
her brother in a hnuat of ilt , repoto at lianelile,
twit Thurhday Matt Wednesday. electing,
Der brother reaming in jail awaiting trial.
A Foot; ONCE 3lonE.—" For ten years
my wife was confined to her bed with
such a complication of ailments that no
doctor *Mid tell what was the matter or
cure her, and I used up a small fortune
in humbug stud'. Six months ago - I saw
a United btatisaillag with Hop Bittere on
and I thought I would be a fool once
more. I tried it, but my.folly proved to
be wisdom. Two bottles cured bow,. and
she is "now wisdom. - .
well and strong as any
man's wife; tad it gest um only itero: dol
lar.. . 7 Etech-folty ti;;. ikirpit„
Yiehigan., '
..,_,,,...i.L-....:--1.3,-,---...,:'',,:4,-----i.::4::!... -
emir= ruts. commulcus. BALL. MIFION ItAU.
_ .• . • I, . . . ,
„. . ...
. _
The , Seminary offers' to students the following Courses of Study : Commem English, Normal Course, Llteratnre anil -
Science, Classical Course, College Preparatory Course, Course in, Music, and Course in Art. ' Students not desiring to take any
one of the Courses of Study may take anrstudiee which they are prepared to enter. Prices within reach'of all. - ' - •
The Commercial College gives instruction in Penmanship, Coniliibrciat Law, Political Economy, Commercial Arithmetid,
Business Correspondence, Telegraphy,. and Book-keeping as applied do business of all kinds.
_Five Telegraph Otlices,,Two -
Banks, etc. _ --
Fall Terms opens September Ist. Commercial students address 'Rev. L. L. SPRAGI I IE, A. 31., 4 , 1 and all other REv.-P.
COPELAND, D. p., Kingstim. Luzerne County, Pa. • . - ' l' JulyPd-wB. l
tip Our goods are NEW and of the
nEsT Qtvarry. Dacicsa .t VUCUHT.
Oct. 80. DECKER & 1701.7011T48.
t ConsEn has the best wearing Shoes
for Men, goys and Youthe vicar ever offered In
Towanda, and-at prices within the reach of all.
Cr ` Provisions of all kinds,/f the best
to : ainy, at 't °MIPS'S.
Ir Japanese Parasols, at
s tiip 09-Cent
r-a - Au the new patterns in MA.loiaca,
Jost opened this 'week, et the 99-Cent Store.
r." 5 4" Try our New JAP, TEA. Best in
iown. , • . • DECKER & VOI:011T.
rfirIIA.IIIIOCKS, all styles and prices,
at the 99 Ceut Store. July l&-2w.
OF Choice TEAS anil COFFEE
spccialty at Dscxryt k VOCGIIVe.
r's" The may place in Towanda to find
a roll assartment or JELLY TUMBLERS and
RUBBERS, la at lbn 95-Cent Store. 15•2w:'
ear For a good, durable and neat-fitting
SEME, call at F. J. BLUM'S. opposite Seeley's
ILW.COIiALTED !AIME, ('SBANtiE, In complete
'sett+ or open mock, at the 99-Cent Store. 2w.
, Fine and Coarse Boots nt - BLUM'S, optselze See
!ey's Hotel. Nov. 27-it.
M" The Largest; I3est and Clleipest
tine of shoes for Ladles'. Misses' and childrens'
wear is round at. Consign's store, corner Mak,
and Pine-sts., Tracy & Noble's flock,
rff' FOR SALE !—Orte•of the Lest CO-
tinge and Sarld'e Lm slu Ilrltat.rd eery
styll,ll, yet perfectly gevtlo and ; can trot
thrie 3111miteik. 'Without training; 5.1.1 for
Walit of use. Address !Sox 14M, lowawla, I'. 0.
Towanda, June 144 1 f.
L. B. Ronnuits challrnges compel
titirm for quality of gaols ana, tow vitces ou Sasti,, 'Muds n0131°1.114 F. and a' building ma.
rerial. . [aug4-tf).
NT' It is impossibla for a woman after
a farthful - cunoc of treatment with Linif E.
eontinue to suffer with a weakness of the. 11/AMIS.
ESIC'USe a.tamp to )try. tynt.& E. PINK it.t 233
Western Avenue, um. ]lass., for pamphlet,.;.
Bold by Dr. 11. C. PoirrE4l, Droggkt, Towanda;
Pr. Julyl-yrl.
.tX . Tot: .DOCTOpg„ .
since Prof. Gtt laa wrote to Arc,ttera Rr cord
phisicians•everywhete to 1130 the Safe
RI tney and Liver t'lire In their practice, it has
Keen gaining, In favor nfith the profession. they
can find nothing which Is a substitine for. It. IL
CAI:JAIN., 31. D„ of Rochester, N. "1"., lays tie
v. - nutil now prescribe it to all who are afflicted. with
serious kidney and lir er diseases.
11. 11. Warner Roe:h.-Aicr. N. Y.: '
bare tried your , Sate Kidney
and .Ltrer Cure for •' Dright'A Dltwase." with
whirl) I have been afflicted ter the.laAt two yeart , .
and It has Alone wonders for ue. I believe It Is
the only rare known ror that tetrlble dltwa , e. and
It i;‘ with pleasure that S write this t"stlatony In
Its favor. You are at liberty to use 11113 in any
way you eeo it oiler, An benefit Mliterina , humanity.
Truly yours. JAS. S. PRESeOTY.
9olth Union, 0.
Shakers• Cuyahoga Co.,
Cleveland, 0.
ROSS—VOSB t the Presbyterlan Paratm
Av.—July Ilth, by p?v. Hattori: Armstrong. Mr
Char'es Ibs., ai Miss Idayo,b4rg, born o 1 wy
FITZ SEE—CIABLE.—At the Presbyterian Par
sonage, Wy,ox. July lath On the al..eOee of the
. Fastoe. nee. Wm. S. Steen). by Rev. Ilallock
Armstrong. qtr. 1. - rata:lla IL IrltzNiee, of Lan
caster county, Pa., and Nibs Sarah L. Gable, of
III:1011A31-1tOCKW ELL.— At the lllninan
Munrooon. Atily 18th, by J. rt, 31:
F. M. Brigham and LOOLka ROCIUNtiI,
of Latcy. -
SPEIR.—At her rome.on Frith MI% Litchflett
tou,n,Alp, July Mil, Eiden M. *pelf', wire o
Jt , lth G. Spelt', to the 3.701 year of her age.
Windham, July 16th, -WO, C.,
only daughter or Leroy aud- Hattie Illnes s aged
mutt inr.whs.
Towa.t.da raprrs phase copy.
deneraldeaters in Groceries and Produce, corner
Main and fine Str4ta.
Flour per bbl (47, 28 a S 00
Flour per sack ft:Su ig) 200
Corn Meat per 100... ' Cdt 81 40 4
Chop Feed ('4 111 40
heat, per bue.b......1 10 (41 ~ ft 20 4 125
Corn - 631 66" , 0 65
11ye - 70 (4 ( 73
Oats . 3! l'a ' (31 40
Iltiokwbrat . .j,45 0 r.o (ai 55
C.locrr 'wed ' it 1:L1 a !, 40
Timothy. western,.. . , 1 (14 .13 - 00
Roans, 42 lbs, $1 00 (25 120 $1 20 a 100
Pork. ra es:.. (5 bbl. $l5 GO ( - 4 17 00
IS:lms o'o 1 2 ';
(4., 00 `, v 5 10
itt.ils 15 it • Pi IS at 2kl
Eggs. fresh . 12 @ . Li ( 14
C'heeFe .!
(fi> . 14
Potatoes, per bush.. 25 0, .50 , 30 0 In
Dried apples vii (d) - rii . CI)
.. ett
nepswat 20 (m. E: ® 114
Tildes ! 05 (510c3i
V4l sklns .l '`'. 50 01-„,;,- , ti
Deacon Salim ; •:,,, 40 tal 61
Sleep Pelts - ;- frl 00 A 2 50
CORRECTED R'i 11.43..iT I DO* le BRO.
il MCP • - • 05 A': owi
Veal Skins2s at) tl. 25
I)vaeon Skin' 40 A 63
Sliei..p Pelts Et 00 A 2 25.
OTICE.—AII persona are forbid
11 ratting Timber on the lauds of the lite-td•
nanl 31o(overn, In Overtdn Town,l4, without
trio lerltten consent of the utterslgned, under the
peattly of the saw.
• JOHN etc( ; OVER N, Executor
Overton. May 31, 1880•1y1• '
Is now running on
Wheat Grinding
*propred - to do
As well as its neighbors.
.q. - ...A-11,P4w : i 2 :_ii;.=.,,.,.,}ipyr,,
Wialusitir, 451 7 1 4 W.
Seminar and Cottunesaial
1 ov. 27-If
ACA DEMY-Fer clrctEart-, Mhlrme; Cul. C.
J. Wright, A. 11.,-Principal. July 15, - irk
It . "A
r SQUEI- : - 4.. i -il
S prrrtr K. -Fall Term of the 27[1 year Will he
gin INION t.? Ay, AUGUST 21n, 1450. Ex'penses for
'naiad, tuitiou WO furnished room, from t 172 to
,elfin per year., or catalogue or further particu
lars whir...NS Mr Principal.
Towar.da,, ItSO. . - 7yl
-, -
• -
At i l i e .!::: 4 l . I — l, :I: l lie c ti nl n
~ir , i n c n . r s‘ i i F fi r t, el i3 l ,} avi i n k t: l l
the !;oh 1111,, , ... , , . the community. custom Work'
thaw intim-111:a...1y and in g..1:1 order.- An kaki in
the Atilt tetve - tdon repaired and hereafter it ?tit
,he kept it , roed ortic-1 , -; Fe , d. Elver, -Meal and
Itran com.tamiy ma hand. 1!,13 pal,: for gra! xi at
31:1 , 4.1110% , ri. , HENRI - OV. WELLS.
Mon ro,.ton, dune i 7, Igto
Agricultural Machinery I!
R. M. Wellds,,Towanda, Pa.,
Gale Chilled 'Plows,
Best Rnrersible Plows,
Adgate and Enterprise Chinn Poweri,
Corn Shellers, Farm 'Wagons,
, Platform Wagons, Buggies, •
Feed Cutters, Grain Drills,
Bullard's play 'readers, Leader and Gale
Wheel hakes. Tompkins County I snproieilt
Cultivators. Mowing Machines, _
Reapers, Vim sulkys,
Sprodt's Hay Elevators and Harpoon
Liquid Pairits.• mixed ready for the
of best c IKX STAR firDit art IC
CEMENT, kc., &r. Call and see my •Icoek .a' '.cod
ler 'circulars allli; prices. Office in C. 1.. vv,11,,,, ,
93-cent tote. warebott,.o directly In rear of kame
la the alley: . . Et.LES.
Towanda, March It, 1550. •
. rANII~ I • •
Arrangement of Passenger Trains to take erect
JUNE 7,0, lasn. .
ll 40
8 03
N. 33 lesven.Wyslualng at 6.510 A.lB French
town 6:14, Ituummrfleld 6:23, Standing Stow, 6:31,,
Wilmalag 6:40, Towanda 6:53. Mater 7:06, sll!au
7:16, Athena 7:25. Eiyrel:lo,'Woarerly 7:511. arriving
1u Elmira at 8:50 A. M.
31 leaves Eiraireat 5:30 P.M.. Waverly 5:13,
Sayre 6:30, Athena 8:35. Milan 6:44, Ulster 5:53,
Towanda 7:10. Wysaultlng 740. Standing. Stone
72t. Rum iterfleld 7:37. 1 1 1 one-brown 7:47, arriving
at Wyalias ng 8:00 I'. M.
Traltalland lb iron -daily. Sleepingeara on trains
8 and 15 between Niagara Palls and Philadelphia
and beta - eon Lyons and New York without changes
nieeplat, elirs on I and 0 between Buffalo and
Wilkes-Bane.. Parlor cars on Trains Sand 9 be.
tween „Niagara Palls and, Philadelphia without
boat la; %and Trani Itletestet
. _ B. A. PACKER,_
• • _l • flapt,M.4 If, R . •
C:_ $ 4 110.14 4 4. 11 0. 21,111 *
. .
• • • '
.... ~iw".;"=a~=,.e..
• Your house may never burn ; you must surelYdie - . --- it '
is wise to provide against the chances of fire; it i 3 neces
saty to provide against' the certainty of death. A firp
policy may never become a-claim ; the_ maturity of a life
policy is only a gnestion of time; yet many a businciis
man seeks after the former, and ieeki to avoid the latter.
Ile insures his .stock of goods to improve Ids credit and
and protket.his creditors,, yet neglects to insure his life.
for the protection of his family. He loves the- latter.
most, but business habits have taught him prudence in
ttie former case, while want of - thot!ght has made him
neglectful in the latter.
The Mutual Wei histiratide
Company of N. Y.
. ,
fiver FOURTEEN - MILLION Dollars to Polityholders.
TO - W.A. - ND A._
2Zeiv bvertisentettfs.
Wholesale and Retail dealer to
E :Pl2=
7 r
iiirraFai - Is
I ...f..bw0g0... I
Wy=nk Inc
. Gliceysttle..
31ehooparly. /
Tun lc han't k
i.La Orange.'
i lk-Barrr
1 31'01 Chunk
10 15t
110 :5 1
10 21,1
111 us
11 :a
.I 1 471
'lt ,4
.12 401
E 1L
4 :4)
5 s'l
6 .11 1
^wil:ta , n 4 Al
_ -
d, rAgued. au Auditr7 appoluted Al the
t.:uhrt of Coonnon Plea, of Bradford Count, Pa.:
to dists!bute'.unn-y, :: r::,lug, ft ont I. 4 tieritra swe of
the persOnal 1.1 epitrty tif 3t:l.....Ackiey, will aftewl
In theWiltles of hi, , appoltittnent at tarn nni rt, of .I'.
N. t'a'jl'f. F.t.q., to Towanda. on 711 EDAY • All
li 1::..T 16711, I , saa. at 30 o'clock, A. M., where all
pet soya, lunituig a:2'm.y% upor, mill fund inuai in oval.
them or he tkl.atreil horn coming In upon lba
sa,Jo. 1 . , ti'ECO. W. HI3IIIF.III.CY, '
Towanda, July 15, 1 . 5.50. . , --: _ •Audltor.
. .
ti tDiT,(ln'S. - NOTICE.-=ln' re
the. esiatenof Moses' W. COrnell; dece;.sod„
In :he Orthan's Court of Bradford County. •
'1 hr under , igned. an Auditor appointed by the
Cr trt to "pass upon exeeptionf4 thed to.tte partial
aer,ont of .Irdvn l'ornOt. A dmintstrator, will Rile: it
'4q 11: ‘1%11e.3 .1' his app , lntment at the ue of
F‘.n. & Maynard. In the Onniegli of Alberti. all
Fili DAY the 13 - rit tla: of AU( UST. -A.. 1).18SO.,
at to .% 31.. when a- ti 'where aft per,ott IntereGVd
arv.r.que.t.ted to appear and prose said excepttot.s.
..tatix W. I:AM - DING, Auditor. •
Towanila,.,leiy 15, I 3Se. ii".'4.:
_ .
. .
7Si()TICti - IN . _ lIARTITI9N. -
'State of Pennsylvania, cenuity of Bradford, --
...... tn . , J,,t,„;,,, tt t s, 0. time- Jllitlra, Wilk/1130W. - ..,.
residing In the totvinittrep Of Sprittglleld. Bradford, '
cet , nry. Pa.; .t - one tie 0 wess (now A smelter tench), -
A41(.1"irt.1% Ohio: .John °Welts. rote deceased ; II.;
S 0 1 / 4 V,..n... the pedrioneryand Fwyetwens_oluw
F,ncy - Worniley 1, resitting in Mendota, r.asello -
4 . .) , li:S. niill , 4S. . _ -..., - .
'ht. ase tat -, notice: Whereas. at an Orphans'
Court, held at Tinvanda In and for the said County_ '
of Bradford. on the nth day of May, A - . 1). ibSta,-
le fore the Iron. I'. 1). Morrow. President JUde
of the seta Court. In the matter of the esdate of
Grls s old Owens, tleceased„ the petit:4 , ll,oNi. S. -
()wens. a son of G I , iswoht Owens. late of the town,
ship of Ridgbury In raid County, decease& was
presen'etl. settinefortit that the said Griswold -
0W..11+ died in May. A'. 1). Is-12. Intestate, felted
In lie demesne as of fee, of and in. two certain -
pieces ef land. with the 'appurtenances, situate In -
the township of Itidgitury aforesaid. The trim!
pteerof said ,land is helmeted as follows: Oe i e. thst -
nen h by landi of the Gabriel Keyser estate east
by Wok of Joli". Larrisoit, south by lands of . . H.
Etant...l. A: !{cite and 'Gabriel lisynees a tate t
ete.tai tang about 33 acres of land. The other fete'
of land hieing bounded as follows, to wit. 0 the
north and west by lands of J e n. Evanr. etas by, • -
wroth Berwick Turnpike, and uth by lauds of Wm. -
Dickinson, with the apparteuances: cental ng
Z. , 11t thote-quartors of 'An acre of land, met or
A .
less. r nel said Griswold - Owens left to su vo -
him a widow, Annie Owens.. now deceased, itild -
the following rained children, to wit: Juietta
Owens. intermarried with J. B. Wlllitnson,,-her
said husoand being now deceased; and the said.
Jolene no* resides in the township of Spetigfiefd,
County of Bradford afetesald a Annetta 'Owens, -
Intermarried with C. C. French and residing In
..‘l,4ovcr, State of Ohio; John Owens, now decemtedt. •
11, S. o . ,wen,, the !Ad - Wooer. and Fury Owens, In- -
term:treed with Kenower Wormity, and residing -
in Mendota, Laselie County, State of Illinois. •
That said John On cos died testate, and who by
this Lett will atdd testament devised his part of said "
real estate to. Griswold M. Owensewho resides In .
Ithighury township, and that the said Griswold
itas aliened hl-girt in said real estate as devised_ _
of said John Ottorill, deceased. to "S. It. Evans,who
resides in said toWnship of Itldgiutry : and that, ..-
said J.ll. Evans. the &Heuer of the Parts of the said ... --
real estate whichthe said juletta.Wilkinson and i
A nit dta French inherited from the said Grissrohl -
otveits. (tette...ed, and, that Illiliti and by virtue of -
the inte,:ate laws of this Commonwealth. and b e y
the Octets:, of said .Into Owens. deceased, and the -
eottleyincesof the said Juletta Wilkinson noll-An.
not et French:by which said J. 11. Evani.beettiue .
awl it the sliener of the two last named persons,
it le loogit to t..iti U. S. Owens and Duey Wonniey„ . '
eac h -to have an etteal otiaatth pan oi_said real:
swiss. and the said .1. fl. EVMll3.T,9lllfaye three '-
,deal 'trills part of said real estate. Ste Trartition :
of said seat e,tate Int ing Ewen made, tile petitioner
proses the Court. t-, ward an Inquest to make path.
Iloilo( the tald real estate to and among the afore. - -
said parties aecatillut , '
to their ri , ,(hts; and he will
ever pray. etc.. And wheretirettr the said Court,.
on due p .tot and consideration of the premises,
,asserted an Innutist for the purposes aforesaid. • -
We therefote emu:moot you that, taking with '..
y - on seven good and lawful nom of your- bailiwick,
rt n go to und 'upon the prendsea aforesaid. and -
t 5,„,,, ,, 1,, the presenee of ail parties 3,lbri.'sald by ,
yea to be earned Of upon being wurtiedth 5 wilt '
be present>. - and .hating respect to the true value,
taus thel :tor, and upon the oaths and aillrmittiona
id the said . I..`Veri grail arld.J3Rfill men, you make •
partition to and among the heirs and !egad-septet.
sentatlvea of the said, in . testate In suet' Manner
and In Such proportions as by the laws of Ms Cm- ',
monweatth Is directed, if the same can be So parted -
and divided withour - prejudice to or spoiling the .
whsle ;...oil If such part ltionrannot be made there
of without prep:Ware tome spoiling the whole. teat
then you cause the Bald inquest 'to Inquire and
I...scertain whether the same will conveniently an.
Cetninodate More, than one of the- said he:lreland
legal representatives of top said intestate Without
3prejn.lict, to or spoiling the whole, and if so lOW.
pinny it Mill as aforesaid accommodate d deseribille e
teen pin by metes and beitids, and resuming a
Just valuation of the same. lent If the said funneata •
by you to be faItI3ITIOSIV4 as atoresaid to.ntake
said partition or valuation shall be of ottinlcu-nnt . ,
the premises aforesaid wilt the appertenances ~,,
cannot be so Parted and Melded as to accommodate .
rat,e than Ctne of the said heirs and legal rePresen•
tatives of th.t tald,lntestate, that then you -cause -
the Inquest so nits, the whole of the said ?eat ',.
1 estate with the anpurtenancea having respect to
the troe valuation tnereof agreeably tpelate. — And
flint the partition op valuation so Made yen dise "
thk t iy Ana ~ p enty'have before our said Judge at
Towana, at an Orphans' Court there to be held on .
the reghtar day of sessitins thereof, after such in- .
quest shad be madeunder
, your band and ftaT;
met under the hands - and sca.sed those by whose
oaths or afermatious you-shall make such partition
or. valuation': and have you then and-there this .
writ. • -,
- , I
Witness: £,D. Morrow, President jet oar said
Court at Totrandanre
fosabl, the day-of )lay,
A. D. 1a50.. , . . • -MIL
~(;.FRISBEE, ' '
• ' . - Clerk of Orphans' Court.
',.. .
1 03 .... 1 0$ 0 40
It 40 ,
.."12.05 . S 00
O Ao. 7 40
840 63041 4'....
7 41. D 05,8 1C...
A 05: 14 4 0 40:....
5 25 1245 g 1511255
4 4941 50. h 3511159
4 4 511 40 5 25:1149
4310 31- 5 10 1138
..;.,1122 .... ii2s
i COM 03'4 4.3 UN
• • • •:10 44:.....it6:,:t
....lion! 1043
...)10 27: .... 1535
~..1 1 0 in.:..t1924
.. 1 00954 i. , 511:72
394? 945'a 49 9 52
....I 94 9 ....: 19
...4 929 3 591 V.
....; 921 .9 26
218 8 5 3 '3 039 02
...I 844 SO
..I 838 ....48 37
I 33i 8 OS 2 - 25 , 3 IS
1 08: 730 2 03;760
II OS; 1135.!.3 31
'.1062! 20
9 501.... 104814 20
V:0..... 1013,3 52.
8 00:.... 0012 IS
6 .. 7 4011 00.
P. M.1d.:11. A II ir:
_ • -
^ In conformity with 'the above order, 1 hereby
- give nottce to the above named helm and all other
peraoto Intt.reated. that tat lequeat win be bald on
the above estate. on 'the pgmbani, on YIUDAY.
JULY 23n, A. I)..ttete. at t o'clealt
PF.Tglt d. DEAN, Shill,.
Towanda, June 6, ISO; •- ' r,
BEST;::,--cannrateb7frov'ethe7 4
Capital not required. We will start you. 1121
and upwards made at borne by the ledostliatiliri- - - ,
Men. soften, boys and girls wantedift, erywlteretik 4" ,
work for ns. Now , is the time.. You earfdoyebs.t
your whole time. to the wort * or cnity.ryvart apttM
inuments. No other. business will pay Z_nnillisailk
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