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'oradforti Pp et,
Towarida , Pa., July 15, Mkt.
The expiration of subseription is print
ed on the colored Jai noticing the
date every subscriber can tell when his
paper wilt be stopped- unless the nitacrip
tion is renewed;
fillE REPORTER will take an active
part lu forwUrding the SUCCCBS of the
Reprailican National, State and County
nominations, and will be sent during the
,campaign at the low rate of
Subscriptions will be received singly or
in clubs at this ratl. Send on the names'
W. 11. WEnp, of Smithfield, is a duly
authorized agetit for the REIORTER,an4
will receive {new subserii)tions, renew old
ones, and transact businesS generally for
this office. Mr. WEBR canvass the
County for the REPORTER, and we ask
for him the assistance and co-operation of
our friends. ,
DID llANc l o9i ever "ipeculate in Oil,?
DON'T stop your vehicles on the CrO§s
prospects for a largo potato crop
are good.
:rnAT wan'a heavy shower oc Miinda.y
night last.
ME days are growing shorter: and the
nights longer, .1
Now is xhelinie to subscribe for your
local newspaper.
WAS lI.ANC : OCK a Bull or Bear wlien . lic
dealt in oil stocks?
-SOME of our farmers have already fin
ished their harcestitt.
'rur.un are live Tltursdays, Fridays,
and Saturdays in this month.
THERE has been a conspicuous ittnience
of harvest dances this summer.
THERE are 426 names on.the new regis
try of voters in Ridgbury township.
THE crop of chestnuts this fall will be
enormous, if all the' signs prov:e true..
31. E. Coomit is putting steam power
into his shinglefnMl at Bentley Creek.
N EA - M.IZ two hundred kegs of nails per
day are manufactured at the Nail Works.
CI ittlEN apples are io market and invite
customers to partake—of the cholera mor
As interesting letter in .reglird to the
Poor house, will be found on the first
THE. Water Works contracfors were
offering $1.25 per clay,,for laborers last
Pr is estimated that aver one hundred
:tons of hay will be cut on the Poor House
farm this season.
LET's see. Was it one or two hundred
shares of stock Which ILtscocs owned in
that Oil Company ?.
SET a cup of water in the oven while
baking, and it will prevent meat and
bread from burning.
THE llarrisburg Telegraph's suggestion
for a Democratic club badge : A barrel
pierced by a bayonet.
Tlinilog?daVo will soon set in, there
,fore keep a sharp lookout for canines suf
feting Ncithrii.):(lropbobirt.
, DAvis - 'MAYNARD, the pioneer milk
man, has recently put on the road a
handsome new delivery wagon.
O.t'rs promise to be an exc.-Dent crop
and corn is gro% ittg rapidly under the im
Pens given it by the late rains.
A uousr. in Smith Waverly, belonging
to 'PIM) DocilLh, NVIVS tlestroyed by frre
on Monday morning of lant week.
Now ive 'know why 'ur Democratic
friends call him "President IlaNcock..”
was President of an oil company.
IN printing the regular editions of the
newsi.apers of this place,•it require!, over
fourteen tons of white i.aper each lyear.
THE annual meeting of the surviv.
the l'eunsylvania Ileserve Volunter : 7orps
will be held at Harrisburg to-d 4, Thurs.
tiun merchants aYe displaying much
taste : in arranging their wares, .and: many
of the store . rooms have a very , attractive
D. F. PARK,, of Athens, has removed
his stock of goods, from his former loca
tion in the lower pail, of that village to
the Stanley block. "
t.'ut - nen i)f the 9les4alt (I.7nivenialist)
'ley. finster. At 10.
A. i Nf.. stibjecr, Is Life WOrtb Living?'
No evening service
Itrutunr.u- the excursion to Maucb
.Cliunk- and Glen Onidco on Saturday Of
next week.' It will ben l splendid oppor
tunity to visit those polnt-s.
TIIE brick • work on the Poor' House
buil(ling is being rapidly pushed forward.
Alie3tly the first story walls of the main
have been completed.
(11n._; , PITT. of Gilletts, cut his . foot
quite.hadiy with an axe while engaged in
pealing bark a few Jays• since. The
w:11 lay him up for borne little time.
Or Course you intend to go with the
excurxionist s Mauch Chunk and 'Glen
Onoko, on Saturday of next week? The
fare for the round ttip is but. $3.50 from
JDAN's meat market had the firs
leftCla2s'of the season last week! They
!Nem from the orchard of our former
town,inan, Guinn!: E. Fox, at Cordova,
t --- -- -.0
fr. is remaikahle how. iinorous fisher-
Men are. When you meet a .man who
has returned from a rushing triPr ho
wall tells you that he gave War - atutte to
fir other (Mows. • '
A GAMULD sad Awn= _Cuspid/In
dub was orgiugzed at - Leßaymelle estam
day evening bust. The names of ita °S
eers rat be found in our Leßaymille
Tub names of the jun= to nerve at
September Term of Colut were taken from
the 'wheel Ob Tuesday of last week. Jury
Conimissioners Wn.sow and Surf= par
ticipated in the thawing.
Tnicpamphlet containing the premium
list °kilo Bradford County Agricultural
Society for 1880, has been issued. The
Sacretary, W. S. Viiicsim, will accept,
our thanks for a copy thereof. ,
A MACIIINE for digging ditches, invent
ed and patented by H. H. thermic, of
East Troy, is being used by the Water
Works Co., in d igging the trenches for the
water mains, and gives good satisfaction.
Wm. Z. CuuFsitaw, tag., of Troy, has
purchased the building lately occupied by
11. J. Cumzv, on Canton street in that
village, and is having it neatly fitted up
preparatory to moving his law office into
HARIIN MomioE, of Troy, won the one
mile swimming 'race at Chautauqua Lake,
July 4th, beating WADE about 20 feet.
The time was the best on record for still
water twenty 7 four minutes, nineteen
THE people of Waverly will. vote to-
WednTday, on the question of ap
propriating $1,600 per year for ten years
for eighteen fire hydrants. The Water
Works Company offering to furnish them
at that price.
Tut: asurtni.n 61nb, of Troy, have
Suspended from, the top of the Troy
House to the top of the block across the
street, a very beautiful banner bearing
the names of the Republican candidates
for the Presidency.
ITANeocK is Pennsylvania's favorite
son.—Dent. exchange.
"Pennsylvania's favorite son " owns
property in Mississippi and. Missouri, now
resides in New York; and has not lived
in Pennsylvania for over thirty years.
HARRY MONROE, the champion swim,
Mcr, of Troy, _has not returned as yet
from Chautauqua, but when be does re
turn, a correspondent says, the citizens of
Troy "will meet him at the depot with
the cornet band, and shoot off the big
WitEN a young huly of Waverly heard
that a 6rtain young gentleman who hard
been introduced to her was " a great
criminal lawyer," she was very much
shocked and said she cold hardly believe
him guilty, ho was such a .pice young
NEAnnv every Bourbon Wito listened-to
Mr. LANDox's speech on
,Tuesday of last
week, says it did not amount to much.
Pieeisely. But, gentlemen, if that is
why do you keep sq busy trying to dis
prove the gentleman's statements on that
occasion ?
THERE aresix persons in Pike town
ship who are over eighty years of age,
the two oldest are LAURA BEAMAN, nine
ty-six years, and JosEPrt PRINCE, ninety
four years. Atiii BOSWORTH, of Le
flaysville Borough, is ninety-font. years
of age
GEORGE D. NEIVIjALLS3 Co:, of Cincin
nati, • bio, will accept our thanks for a
copy of the Words and music of a cam
paign 'song entitled " - JUL GARFIE.I.D'S at
the Front." It is an excelh•nt produc
tion of its Ichm, and will undoubtedly
meet with a large sale.
FAIMMIS and others whO hesitate about
encouraging agricultural fairs shOuld read
and think over the following hit of news
from Chicago : Fort, -three animals from
lierd of "short horns" wVii sold one day
last week for ;i:38,7,25—tw0 of them bring
ing s's,ooo, and a third. $3,900.
TirERE will be a meetiq,of the G.tip-
FIELD and AnTura Cita o'f this place, at
the office of W. J. You.No,: Esq., to-mor
row, Friday e%ening, at- ii o'clock, for
the purpose of perfecting the organiza
tion, and for the transaction of such oth
er bitsine . ss as may come before the meet
THE Grand Army of the Republic 'of
this State will go into camp, under can
vas, upon the hattlefield'of Gettysborg,
from to-morrow, July
. 10tb, until Friday,
july . 23d. On Tuesday l July 20th, they
will make an excursion 1,0 the battlefield
of Antietam, by the way of Frederick
and Harper's Ferry, and return by Ha
ge rstown.
LAST week As. 9. CulvEß, living about
two miles west of, Wellsburg, N. Y., Was
kicked by a harsh in the abdomen from
which be died in a few hours. The un
fortunate man suffered untold agony
from the moment he was. hurt until death
relieved him from all pain. Mr. Cur., - gn
was a poor man and leaves quite a family.
IT would seem that the average of bu-
Man life is being lengthened. It is very
common 'nowadays to hear of men and
women who are over 80, and frequently
of people almost or quite 100 years of age.
Last week the Philadelphia Ledger pub
lished the obituaries of eighteen men and
women, all of whom were 80, fourteen
being over S.
PETER lIF:RDIC has moved his carriage
business from Alba to Philadelphia, where
the business will be carried on on a large
scale. A correspondent says : " HERDIC
has secured the services of 43IES HENRY,
late carriage ironer for REyNoLns 4.k, -
EvAINTs. lIERDIr pa;ys Timmy $1,500 per
year, and paid REYiNoLns & EVAICS 4110
to let him quit their!service."
Wa learn from our excilanges that a
new enemy to the potato has made its
appearance. It is said to ue an Odd look
ing worm resembling a snail in shape and
color, and from a fourth to a half inch in
length. Thereat the leaf of the plant
very rapidly, and if they were ball as
numerous as the ordinary potato bug they
would be much more destructive.
31.0 s a man goes down for bass and
returns with nothing. The fault all lies
in one's skill. At least so say those who
pretend tbknow. Vy!,e , ppent frren dollars
One day in trying to *tare 8 bass down
at Nanticoke dam, 'but all woOt bold of
was the dam with a iPeiy big p.-
Barre Leader. Respectfully referred to
nunAerless fishermen hereabouts.
SAYS a Troy correspondent, writing Lin
der date of the Bth instant Mis. A. E.
Wothi, of Waverly, N. Y., a sister of Dr.
E. G. Tasef„of this place, had a carcino
matous tumor of the left bitAirt, which
rendered the removal of the Wirila gland
necessary. The operation was,Perforined
on Tuesday last by Dr. Squints, of El
mira, at the residence of Dr.-I'llAm', on
Canton street: Dr. Si:winks was assisted
by Drr. PATIM of Troy,' Pala. of Sylva
n* Curreot, of Pennyville, and WRIGHT,
of Mainsburg, So far the results are
highly satisfactory, Mt s s. Wool? being in
good spirits, with - Elie ;giospecti9ff ecWre
TOO ( itid 0.4111,10'
A. Oma " sa ys aurrespondent "s that
-thnstab appointing tnespsrieneed parties
'to, discharge the firemorks'at *Wigan.
on 60'8,01414'0t the thirst; theyeaphided
them all at mei__ Thligive a large num.
her from w Manua* that bad remained to
see the grand display an opportunity to
go home an hour or two earlier than they
would it they had been diesharged one at
a time. .
Tit Athens Post Office war terminat
ed in the United States Ooirt by the sen
tencing of ELT Witiour to pay a fine of
$l5O, and costs amounting to_ 4279.6 . 2:
total, 429.62 ' for illegally earryirig
the mails. Oa - the remaining indict
won't on which trial was still pending • a
nolle prosequi was entered by: WRIGHT'S
counsel, the costs paid and the matter
Jolts Scpri, of Wellsburg, N. Y., says
the AdverOur, while felling trees, was
struck on tie left arm by the axe of his
comrade. The blow took'effect near 'the
elbow, splitting the bone for several inch
esl and' Moving his arm useless for a
long tim . This is the second accident
Mr. ticoT has had in a few months.' -Ho
had just recovered from a broken leg and
now be is again called to perhaps a deeper
Affliction than the former.
THE Review of a recent date says that a
swarm of bees lighted on a tree in the
garden of W. A. CIIAMBEALAu, and were ,
promptly hived. Mr. C. says soon after
he occupied his present store a similar
event occurred, and was folloired by years
of unusual business properity, so be nat-.
urally feels very good natured, not only
that he has become the possessor of the
bees, bat looks upon their coming as a
lucky omen. We hope his anticipations
may be realized.
A rem of horses attached to a wagon
and owned by 'WASHINGTON STRONO, of
.Tarrytown, Were frightened by the street
sprinkler just in front - of STEN - ENS &
LoNo's store Saturday morning, and up
set the wagon. The vehicle contained
two ladies, one of them weighing nearly
tw i o hundred pounds leaped into another
wagon, thus saving herself from injury ;
the other one was "spilled" out but not
much hurt.—Reriew. •
; WE learn from the 'Elmira Advertiser
that while Saltur.L . GßEElt, of .Wellsburg,
N. Y„' was trying to subdue a vicious
stallion,. a "few‘days.ago, the infuriated
horse turned upon him, seized his arm
with his teeth, threw him up from the
ground quite a distance, and struck at
him with his feet. Fortunately . Mr.
GILEEN did not fall to the ground, other
wise he no doubt would have been killed.
His arm was broken twice and the flesh
nearly torn ed before he was rescued.
THE memorial services a the Old
Church, Burlington, will occui the 16th,
17th and 18th of Jaly. Rev.. C. C. WIL
LOB, P. E., will preach at 2.P. U. on Fri
day, and Rev. C. H. \MIGHT, of Towan
da, id the evening; Rev. M. HAMLIN, of
Troy,. at 10} .t. sr., on Saturday, and Rev.
I. W. 'BARNETT, of East Troy, at 2 P. IL
°thee ¢brethren will be present. Former
pastors and brethren of the District are
invited. PAUL &Mini.
Sass a correspondent of the Scranton
Timea : "It is said that diluted atuthonia,.
to be swallowed in considerable quanti
ties as strong as can be taken without in
jury to the mouth, is a certain antidote
for poisonous effects of rattlesnake' bites.
We give this as a timely warning to iier 7
sous going to the mountains to pick ber
ries at this season of dui year when these
reptiles are partiCularly venomous. Whis
ky, drank in large quantities, is said to
be equally efficacious. And some people
have been known to'apply the above rem
‘ before being Britten as a precautionary
measure." J•
Tgr: Secretary of the Agricultural So
ciety, W.'S. VINCENT, J;(1. - , informs us
that the Society have purchased theiFair
Grounds in East Towanda, and that the
-price paid was $5,000. The purchase in
cludes the
.pre ent enclosure, aad h por
tion of the grove north of .the buhdings
—making ai out twenty-three acres in all.
The Society also - contemplate leasing
about sib acres of land adjoining from
ofthe purchase money is to be
!paid at the time of the conveyance of the
property to the Society, and the balance
is to run for fifteen years, secured by
nnbrtgajo on the property.
C. B. TAYLOR, census enumerator for
Canton township and Alba Borough, gave
us a pleasant call on Friday last. From
him we received the following fags in le
gard to the census just finished : The
population of Canton township is 1,837 ;
an increase of about 100 in the last ten
years. Alba Borough has "a population
of IS9—a loss of nearly fifty from the last
census. In the borough and township
.Combined there are families;, 450 ; dviel
lingo, 427 ; farms, : 239. During the past
ycar thirty-four !deaths have occurred,
and these were fifty births. The oldest
inhabitant is 13} - Irsi:v I)tmstso, aged 100
yearslast June. There are eight persons
over eighty years of age.
L M. ALLIt4, druggist, of Wyalusing;
had quite a narrow escape on Saturday
last, from serious injury, if not of losing
his life. He bad 'occasion to lift a large
bottle of sulphuric acid from a counttr,
when the bottom of the bottle became de
tached from some cause, and the acid was
precipitated upon his lower limbs and
feet. lie at once rushed to a pimp near
-by, and tearing the burning clothing from
himself, proceeded to pump the water
therefrom upon his person, thereby pre
venting the acid from. seriously, injuring
him. It was a narrow escape, and Mr. may attribute his escape from se
rious injury, if not'death, to his own ex
cellent presence of mind.
A WALK into the country at this season
of the year is delightird and refreshing.
Nature is clad in robes of living green.
The , trees 'on the mointains and in the
valleys are heavy with foliage. Oceats
of grain are waving 'Over the broad acres,•
and the flower gardens tinge the scene
with loveliness. There is nothing that
conveys so correct an idea of a tasteful
and loving woman as the interest she
takes in making homennd its surround
ings pleasant by the planting and culti
vation of iloWers, aiding the Supreme
Ruler in His works of nature•to remind
men of a happier future. In traveling
through the country, we notice many
gardens and yards giving evidence of the
finer feelings of the ladies by the hand
soniely laid out lawns containing brilliant
and fragrant flowers.
SavEncom. was arrested in
Canton on July 3d, and brought to this
place on the sth and lodged in the jail
hero until the next - day, when be was
- taken to Sayre by Policeman Brults,
where he bad a hearing before Esquire
BISHOP. on a charge of stealing froth the
Pa. dt N. Y. Railroad Company. The
Squire held him for trial at September
Jere of Court; and itt *Audi of ball he
r0t1MF441. 3 tbb. .4 0 4 1 04 1144 14
jail. The Canton - oorrespeudeut of , the
Renew 43abinir of the arreekof.l3arsa
-00or, saya tkatt when he iris Wpm to the
lOok:ut. he thoroughly - searched*id
ererithluidiegerotui removed-freak his
person, and then he was kept under strict
snmdlance• When ell wee made, rally
to start for. Towinda another search wns
institnted, with great ancxxsas. le"devel
oped the Act that in the abort time that
was in the look-np there had been
piamd in to him the following friendly
tokeni: One vial - of aqua•fortis, gone new
ly-made 'easeknife saw, one sit of 'fine
wedges with which to start bars and bolts
du looks and fastenings, and two - Nicked
jackknife—showing that lie was near the
place of his nativity ausi among frieinis
reliable. ,
- °NOVA AND aVirrennACS, "
An excursion by rail from To wand* and
intermediate points to Glen Onoko arid
Mauch Chunk, under the auspices of the
M. E. Churches at Wyalusing and Camp
town, will take place on Saturday ; July
24th—one week from next Saturday. The
fare for the round trip from Towanda and
return has been fixed at the low figure of
$3.50 for adults ;, children under fourteen
years of age, $2. 'The excursion will be
by special train, and will leave Towanda
at 6 A. U., Wysauking 6:10, Standing
Stone 6:20, Rummerfield 6:30, French
town 0:40, Wyalusing 7:00, Sugar Run
7D5, and Laceyville 740. A baggage car
will be funfished'Ap carry picnic baskets,
and a special agent to care for them. One
or two bands willaccompany tiff,i tbc excur
sion and furnish excellent mic. To all
those who desire to visit and view the
magnificent scenery of the Switchback
Mountain, and ride over -the famouerail
road' from which it takes its name ; and
also view the beautiful scenery in and
about Mauch Chunk—justly called the
Switzerland of America "—and view
the wonders and beauties of Glen Onoko,
'no better opportunity will ever be pre
sented than that of the 24th. No doubt
the excursion will be a very largei,one,
but all may rest assured that
eemmodations will be provided Air the
comfort and ''safety of each and every one.
Remember the date , —Saturday, July 24th.
-. There will be a.nieeting at the MvEtt's
nboolhouse; North Towanda, on Wed:
nesdai evening, July :list; for the. pur
pose of organizing a GARFIELD and
ARTHUR club. The meeting will be ad
dressed by L. M. HALL and I. McPnEnt
sox, Esqs.
A GARi'IELIIiand AnTnun Campaign
Club will be organized pt Monroeton on
Tuesday evening, July 20. L. N. HALL
and iii-vny STREETER, Esqs., will ad
dress the meeting: • •
• The well-known publishing house of
lltrananD Bros., Philadelphia; have in
preparation, and will soon issue, the life
of General JAMES A. GAnFiztio,i 'written
by his cantrade in arm and personal friend,
General J. S. 13ntsur.V, of the regular
army. The career of our_distinguisbed
candidate has rarely been equaled in
points of romantic interest, and the more
closely it is studied the more wonderful
and inspiring it ,appears. It furnishes
material for a volume of deep and perma
nent interest and value. We are glad
that its preparation.has been placed in
hands so competent. The brilliant quali
flea of General Muslim . , both as a soldier
and an author, are well known, and his
personal relations to General GAurtErm
are such as will give to his narrative the
utmost fullness' and authority of state
ment. It will be a book of more than
passing interest, and in this respect wide
ly different from ordinary campaign liter
ature. It will be sold only by subscrip
tion, and must meet with a very large sale.
At a meeting of the Bradford County
Medical Society, held in Toiranda, Juno
23d, 1880, the following preamble and
resolution wereadopted:
WIIEBEAP. Cerialn men, calling themsetres
doctors, teacher* and professors in so-called toed!.
cal, electropathic and eclectic schools in the city
of Philadelphia have, during the past few years,
given or sold diplomas corveyirg authority to
practice medicine to persons ♦ho have attended
their teachings from a few liours to a few weeks;
and • -
such action'.the general public
has been greatly deceived and nil tired, Itt suppos
lcg that a diploma purporting to be dssned by a
medical school conveyed the positive knowledge
that a person holding It was in all respects capable
of Intsillgendly practicing medicine and its allied
arts and sciences: aid
Wit ateaws, Wu do not consider such persons as
111.11111 H the brotberluxml of reputable practitioners,
and dojnot consider such short periods of Instruc
tion eat qualify a pereon front any school to prac
tiee ne•dielue ; and
WttEttllAS, Nyt only the etty of Philadelphia
bet th"t !'"ii ate of Peun,vlvaul.b mid the whole
17nIted . St.ttes of A merlea hare been sescatulallzed
by Melt actin. as to call for publle denouncement
expo,urt at home. and the attentltln of •.ur
geverhuteot has lweit called to it by our repre,tett
ta,lres ; end
WIIEREAq. The Philadelphia Rerortl hat Rue
eroded in breaking up and exposing' wine of these
bogus eoliegeu and hringlog their sreallegl prote:is,
ring ui J ost lee ; ther-ton, be. It
Rewolreet That this aoclety appr,rres the action
of the vlittadelphla nrcord In exposing and break
ing up of certain bogus cidlegt In that Otty ; and
this society rondetnns the actin of Any member
who cottons or acts In a profesqunal rapacity with
the'graduates of or pere.ons holding diplomas from
those soalletli schools of Medicine.
The.meeting was miusually age and
animated; and the objects and aims of
the society were discussed with a spirit .
wuiclt piomised well for its future useful
ness and prosperity. •
The next meeting will be held at the
office of Dr. D. N. NEwTox, in Towanda,
July 21st, .1880, at 1.:10 r.
E. IX PAYNE, Sec'y.
—Macon: StiF.LL is visiting her grand
parentS iii Athenci.
—County Treasurer, J. GRANT, was
in town on Saturday last.
—Mr. C. E. KEIT', of Keene, N. H.,
is visiting friends in this place.
,-Capt. Mitzmiwar. and wife are visit
ingt.friends at Penn Tan, N. Y.
—Mrs. Dr. JonNsoN and children, "aro
spending a few weeks at Bernice.
-16 s. J. .T. Sratrimo has returned
from her visit to friends at Canton.
—Superintendent BLIGHT'S family are
spending the " heated term " at Bernice.
- I .lltv. I'. 11. Sstitn (nee Et.isitm.), of
Wisconsin ; is:visiting friends in this place.
—Mr. CIIAIII.Kti . PORTICH is rapidly re
cxwerin,:: from his recent attack, of mala
rial fewer.
OF9IOIINF., of Townson.
town. Mlqland, is visiting her tnotheriti
this place.
W. EmEt.t.'• and family have re
turned from their visit to friends hi
—Gro. ErrEvrks and family have re
turned from their visit to friends in Co
lumbia county.
—Miss Nitta,rn LAMOILECTX has return
ed from her visit to her uncle, W. 11.
WsTsms, Esq., in Kansan.
—T. M. Woovirtwy and daughtm.
Fnsstati have returned limn their visit
to friends In New, Jersey. - i
—C. B.- Tsirton =and of, Alba,
mere the guests of Mrs. E. it. DALonn
for several days last week. •
—The oldest person in Wysoi township
is - JosnuA Snouts, who win reach his
one hundredth birthday in August,
Vonnts and Mann D
!f! 43 - I C I I 14.4014-1/4Pg,141t T;
T., are spendiniticattoi with their par
ents in this playa.
—Miss Boast Ihian, who has- been at
tending sekiol at the Cortland State Nor.
Mal School, is spending - :nation at he
home at State Line.
—Fas.NOis Mtrarav, the eloquent tent-
Pone) orator,: oitrimerteed a series of
nieetingsne-the Academy of Massie, Will.
- iamsport, bat week.
--Professor E. E. Quramanr, of -theln
stitnte, was initiated to membership in
Oseoluwa Grange, of North Towanda, on
Friday evening oflast week.
Ptnnson of State Lino s gradu
ated from the Elmira Commercial College
last week, and received his "diploma"
as, a book-keeper and accountant.
_l—Mr. W. H. LEONARD and family for
mmjy of this county, now-of Sugar Run,
Pa., spent' the National Holiday with his
father in the town , of Nichols.—Owego
—Mra. Judge J. P. LOBO, of Burling
ton, meither of M. J. and ALBEET Losn,
of this place, celebrated her seventy-sixth
birthday on Saturday last, with a family
re-union at the old family mansion in
—A correspondent says It is rumored
thatJ. 11. HOWARD, Esq., the much es
teemed haidivare merchant of Wyalusing,
is to sail for England on the 17th or 24th
instant, in company with his father from
Elmira, to visit an uncle of great wealth,
— Philadelphia Telegraph - of a
recent date "C. C. Dirrnten, Philadel
phia's popular tailor, left for Europe yes
terday- on the American steamship 1/fi
nals. Mr. D. visits Europe- in order. to
preP,arc for the coming fall trade." Mr.
is a brother of WU. DITTRICIL Of this
place, and has many friends here who will
unite in wishing him bon coati&
—Says an Athens correspouden: "F.
D. WOLCOTT, of the firm of WOLCOTT k
Gout., left this morning for Welliboro,
and intends spending'a few weeks in the
lumber region, on Pine Creek:- Mr. Wm.-
corr's health is greatly impaired, having
lx en confined to business for' the past
eight years with hardly a day's recrea
tion in that time. He goes by the advice
of hi, physician, and we hope to see him
return in full health."
MoIpAY EVEMIII3, July 126, 1880.
i In putivance of au adj9urutueut the
regular monthly senion of the council
was held July 12th. Present—Burgess
Jones in the chair ; and Messrs. Holcomb,
Keeler, Kingsbury, Montauyc, McCabe
and Parse's.
On motion of Councilman Montanye
the minutes of the last regular and all
the special meetings,
since held were ap
proved as published by the Sccretaty.
Mr. Bull, from the Franklin Co.,•asked
the Council to purchase 40 newicape foi
said Co.
Action on the request postponed'for th
B. E.. Aldrich complained of a swin:,
nuisance located be!.ween Poplar an''
State stieet.,,
Sanitary Committee directed to abate
the nuisance.
Jai - nes Wood, Esq., called the attention
of the; Council .to tlu3 bad condition of
Bridge street opposite his premises.
Referred 'to the Street Committee of
th't3 First -and Second Wards.
Policeman Burns asked,for the appoint
ment of George Britton as special Police
• I
The Committee appointed to examine
and report on the condition, and what
action should be taken in regard to the
diaiu near )Ir. Muir's, were discharged,
and the matter referred to the Sanitary
On motion of Councilman Kingsbury,
the Secretary was authorized to coaract
with Charles Bowman for a lard to em
pound cattle. Said Bowman to be allow
ed ten dollars for the use of the promises
to April 1, 1881.
On motion of Conncilmanjllolcomb,
the Street Committee of the First Ward.
was antrum ized to perfect the-stone gut
ter recently laid down on the South side
of Bridge street, West of Maio.
The Street Committee was authorize 4
to put down crossings on Poplar, Mechan
ic and Chestnut and Second streets, near
Elizabeth, and an oak crossing from Wil
liam Henry's, across Elizabeth, West of
Tbe , general complaint in regard to
Ilenry Madill's side-Walk, and all matters
connected there with were FC fen ed to
the Street - Committee of the Second
Petitions for a lamp on corner of State
and Fourth streets, and on Franklin
street, were referred to the Gas Commit
A petition praying for a bridge or cul
vert over the ravine ou South Third street
near th • Institute. • •
On motion, referred to the Street Com
mittee of all the wards, with power to
employ the Street Engineer to give correct,
street lines, etc.
Councilman Kingsbury submitted the
following resolution, which was adopted
WuIf:EAR, A resolution appears cu the records
of the Connell at adopted June 7, ISSO, requiring
the Burgess to call* special meeting of the Conn
ell to hear and Inveitigatu certain charges Wade
by tr. W. Afyon! against G. A. Barns, Chief of
pollee. and
Wilt:texas, Said Burns has appeared and ex
pressed a willingness to meet promptly any charg
es Mr. Alvord•may have to make, and Mr. Alvord
having given notice that he velli not appear to
prose t tude any charges said Bums, thereby
virtually abandoning said charges, therefore
Revolccel„ That no action be taken under the
resointlon of June 11h by the Council, and that
Chia of Police Burns stands entirely exculpated
from blame In said case.
The request for the appointment of a
special policeman was then taken up, and
on motion George ,Britton receivcti the
appointment, without pay except when
placed on duty by the Burgess. •
The following petition, presented by
Mr. Holcomb, was read and referred to
the Sanitary Committee :
Bonn -able Burgeter and Town Council :
We. the undersigned. have suffered for several
months In our respective homes from the flue ashes
and dust. from the cool dust now burned by the
Eureka ]tower Company. The annoyance is too
great to be borne longer, and', we hetes Ith petition
your honorable body to cause said Eureka Mower
Company to either cease to use this fine dust, or to
tot manage Its use as to stop the flying ashes that
now shower our washed clothes, .vlctualt, cooked
and uncooked, milk.-ete. We arei not free front
this plagne one hour to the day. We respectfully
urge that tmtnedlateaction be taken In this matter.
signed—Mrs. C. M. Mi'ee, Mrs. D. E. Stone,
Mrs. S. Kin Aston, Mrs. Makinsnn. Mrs. J.
Mrs. T. MerMeth, Mrs.'''. T. Sieveni. Mrs. W. C.
Collector Wiekbam'j and was approv
Bills allowed by the finance Committee
for expenditures during the month of
June last, to wit :
Gas—L.4oa engine hnuEe 30
St%Tion Lett se
Franklin engine house street latupe. It.S O each . 01 50
Lighting and extinguishing same.. 0 00
' Repairing pipe, etc,. musiastand.. 1 69
Repairing lamp on Chestnut street. 2 00-re 29
Repairing Bridge strret gutter
Grading for sidewalks
Labor on streets, sidewalks and C.P3Mtitlp
'Pollee ditty
State. tat on Inane
Repairs on Station house
Town ekx-Is to June 20..
Fire department •
Removing dead animals,
Treasurer on account,
Total... 41t
Bills amounting to; for work done on
Bridge street gutters were rejected.
By Councilman Llolcotnts : - •
Reroteed, That no Iteenses be granted to Itiner
ant peddlers or showmen on the lath of tiny tnst.,
to sell goods or ntatutaln shy llilf , Wit-011 Maui street
or within ten nide thereof ota any other street of
the borough, on said date.
Councilman McCabe, after w few re
marks, in which ho spoke of the danger
to citizens from dogs running ,at large,
snbinitted the following, ordinance, which
was by a unanimous tote Adopted :
Be It ordained, and it Is hereby ordained by the
Mimosa and Town Connell of the . Domini' of To.
wands, that It shall not be lawful Jr. dogs to run
at large Within the Walt* of the borough during
the period commencing May 1. and ending Boreal
-berlrtlh of each year. Without a seems muzzle, and.
the polireettirers are hereby directed to ktil all
(inglanund without l secure - milzsle, after notice
has been given of the passage of this ordinance In
conformity with-the lairs of the
,Cemmonweatb of
Police Justice Young submitted tbe fol
lowing report of CAACR heard and disposed
of, for the month ending July 6, 16180 :
June 14—James Graham, by Berns, charged
with being drunk on streets. Discharged.
Juno 15--(1. P. Pitch. by Berns, charged with
being . drunk and fighting , on the street; rued 0.00;
Justice; 70 c ate ; Burns, fveo. Pine and cost paid.
Juno is—Michael Dwycr.bY Berns, charged with
being drunk and fighting on the street; tined
justice, 70 cent;; Burns. 11.00. Vine sud coat paid.
June 21—Daniel illeGarty, •by , Burns. Ichargcnt
with being drunk and dhairderly on the street.;
fined kto.oo ; Justice 70 cents; Burns. 1 1 1` 00 Le
fondant committed in default of payment.
One lt—James Durand; by Bern, charged with
being drunk and :lighting oh Gm 'street! , i• fined
$lO.OO t indite 70 chute eantteble 41.00. ,
—Anne IS—Cbaries 11..1Am, by Diniock; diem
ed with bathing hiked In the deer inside Borough
Itmlt In day thee; titled 11.00; potter
etmetetee Pslo.• --
/One V. Jebnweu, by thimeet, blamed
-want Wider ,osked lip the diet 1110141 of ibe Bor.
enk Mate is tee der time ;teed 1111.40i3astice so,
• --
- 11# 1 r.PrAs: P1 1 10c:Pt -11111Wei1Nto
wilikjba. this. if=
nada; ia day Wadi !hod I € 0 I
constable SIM. ram-
W. w. Jolsome, ay DI etainiedarGh anted
bathing In the atter laalde be bungler Undid in
day time ; tided $l.OO ij ee SO cents ustMeWe
.1.00. Paid. .
Jane SS—T. ac Jana° by .Dlmeek. ebar fed
with.nakettalUdela In the rhea Itedds_qt the Gov
cough Malts fhday Wm: .
fined 1.09: i!Dt!elO 40
neatly Constable #l.OO. P d. '
July , Police Jetties..
On motion the Council pdjourned.
J. KINGenUIIY, Secretary.
/ Local Correspondence.
Mn. EDITOR :—Please allow us mein in
your columns to give a brief account of
our school picnic.
At 10 o'clock the happy people of Rum
merfieldbegan to . gather in the pleasant
grove - at the Woodland schoolhouse. The
school at this place closed on this day,.
and was taught by Miss Eitza,Dnenw,
a well qualified. teacher who called the
people together at 101 to view the beauti
ful maps and &her drawiugs in the school
room. Miss Mem is so skilliful in draw
ing,- that the- Mapi drawn by the pupils
tinder her direction can hardly be exceU2
ed by the most experienced geographer.
The people- were then entertained with
declamations by the hummer schOol chil
dren, and spirited addresses by.the neigh.
boring gentlemen. Joon
first took the floor and expressed hie deg
light,in associating with the friends of
education. Ills speech was short and to
the ',point. Mr. Con was - followed by Mi.
Hatt!, our regular . minister, \Oho sire
with great warmth and !eloquence. be
people were -surprised and delighted.,
When the minister took his seat,, Jill.
JENNINGS was balled upon. Fie began by
saying," Children, your teacher has been
m teaElter," and praising the pupils for
their progress and improvement in con
duct. A concert vote of thanks was next
requested for Mt. IlanT. It,canie with a
hearty good will. The congregation then
left the house and Marched to the grove,
in which the table had been set. It was
covered with an abundant variety of
eakCs, pies and nicknacks •of - all kinds.
The people ate until they were satisfied
and carried much home.
nummerfield, July 10, ISSO. -
Tim hay crop is to bQ light. Oath look
line, corn promists well and the condi
tions for a good start for buckwheat are
very favorable.
The enumerator has got around. "Ile
gives our population at 1157—as against
1230 ton. years ago. Number of 'farina
211. • Productions last year over $lOO.OOO,
or over $5OO for each farm.
The oldest per Sons in town are Mrs.
CnARITY Wlitowp and Mrs. OLIVE
lIASELioN, each being 87 years of age.
Miss FANNIE , C3lnus , who has been
dangerously ill for several weeks with
acute rheumatism is reported convales
cent—which will -be welcome news to her
many friends. •
Nothing exciting occurred here on the
fourth. We noticed a few small boys,
embryo patriots and statesmen no doubt,
celebrating in a quiet and orderly man
ner with torpedoes and tire crackers.
Gmtrimn and Anrnurt will be sup
ported by a united party. Not One Re
.imbrean soldier will support HANcocx—
because they say -OAI4FIELD is as good a
soldier, a great deal better statesman,
and is training with the right parry.
Miss KINGSnURY, of Sheshequin,
preached at the Grange • hall on Sunday,
ABIATILS. ANN is a - representative
Mother. When sheiwants her baby to go
to sleep, she takes it in -her arm'S and sits
in a creaking chair and pounds away with
all her might. - The baby yells at the top
of its voice, evidently thinking the house
is tumbling down. Then AirlS.TitA Atix,
.soothe the baby still .More, sings
"Dixie" and . "Yankee Doodle," and
"Old, Dog Tray," so loud i 'you can bear
her half way to Goose 1101 ow ; and she
keeps up the, motion and oise until the
baby is awed into silence, and being. ex
haunted by over-exercise at last Jails
asleep:- !Then AMATITA ANN yells to
JOHNNY to 'shake up the .cirib, and this
done, shd deposits the baby into its re
ceptacle, but-when she, jerks her hand out
from under its , head,- the motion rolls it
over on its side and it- begins to yell
again. ABIATIIA Axx then strikes up
"Yankee •Doixlle" again, and begins to
agitate the crib until the baby goes_to
slcej. Then ABIATNA ANN thi n ks the
baby's head isn't sunk down halm pine*
enough ; so she puts-her hand on its fore.,
head and throws half her weight on it to
make it go down. Then the baby yells
again, and she sings "Captain .links"
and jolts the crib. Then the baby goes to
sleep again, and now ABIATHA ANN sees
that the baby's dress is all hatched up
under the poor little thing, and then she
takes hold of the skia and,gives it a jerk
that almost makes the baby's neck snap,
and again it yells,. and this time gets wide
awake. Then ABIATLIA ANN says she be
lieves that baby is sick ; so,f3he gives, it
some peppermint and 1 aregoric and go9se
oil and Sweeny Specific; and -puts a mus
tard plaster on the back of its neck, and
says if it don't get. better by night she
will send for the doctor.
Litchfield, July 10, ISSO. -
A -G.titrw.r 17. and ARTIWU 'club was
organized - in this place on Saturday even-
List. President, P. C. VANGELDEU.; Vice-
President, M. AI. Cop u' ; Secretary,
i. liuswonzu ; Treasurer, LEltuir COLE
A. party orthirteen•young.couple. from
this place, pienieed CARNIALt's Lake,
Susquehanna county, on Friday-`of last
BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, whom the officers
have been unable to find since the inquest
of B.4.mtlEt. l'utt.tars, appeared before
G. W. Bnta x, Esq.. on Monday itternina
of last week, and was taken to Towanda,
where 'he gave bail forlds appearance to
Mr. SAMUEL ' BUCK, of Towanda, spent
a few days with his parents in this place
last week.
But very few attended THAYER'S circus
in tins place. • WILL LAKE.
Leltaybville, July 12th, 1880:
Our farmers have been very busy the
past week,: but the elongated faces of
some of then] who wore compelled to at
tend Court last Saturday, suggested that
•the wheat crop was nut all taken, care 'of.
The Jubilee Singers were greeted by a
full house here ; at then close of the con
ceit a complimentary resolution offered
by Rev. D. CRAFT iNfas unanimously
carried. 1 t • ~
11, S. Acßil.F.r and • family have return
ed from Dela'srarO wheri3 they have .been
spending some time for their health. Mr.
ACKLEY'S many 16)1)4 in the county
will be know that be is much
better. ' {
Druggist, Attu bad a very narrow
escape last , aturday ; while pouring sul
ptiuric acid ut ctf a glass reservoir con
taining abut one huudred'and twenty
five pounds, thn ' weight of the liquid
(broke the glass, sending 41e fiery fluid
all over him. By quickly getting under a
pump ho saved his life, although he is
badly blistered ;.his clothing, with•the ex
ception of his collar, was entirely destroy
ed. •
... 58,03
... 17 SD
. ~ 4: 00
.... 82 00
.... 17 54
... •04 91
... 12 90
... 10 00
.... 7(0
0.. 65 00
Saturday. At last accounts be was getting
- G. M. LEWIS, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, is
spending a few days in town.
are spending their vacation at home. -
At this writing, JosEPir M. Bitows and
his little daughter LorrtE are both quite
Wyalusing, July 12, 1880.
. .
A GREAT Etvraumusr.—The Rep Bit
ters Manufacturing Company is • onel'of
Rochester's greatest business enterprises.
Their Hop Bitters havo•reached a sale be
yond all precedent, having from their in
trinsic value found their way into almost
every household in—Graphic:
Ate.Onr goo& are. NEW and of the
0ct.30 Dscaurtn & Vouatirl.
tier ColtsErt has tho best:viearing Shoes
for Iter4.lloyelool leothe wear ere, offered In
Tommie: and el prkes within the reecho? ill . ,
Rte" Provision of all kinds, of the best,
quinty. at - ..,a ~ Mica*** Voaaura. 1
Ur, 1 , 1 9.!, 11 1 1 h: 110 1$ 01 $1 l': . . t t!
WOOO - le,.:nt
*ol= - '-f .:'', '' . P.: 74 :- - fl Pit I , ll * - i ., t- 1 i
sir AU the Emir *terns in 3fAioinA,
aet oPensd thte west, St QS mcent stare.
Cr. Try one New ZAP; TEA.. Batd — in
an n. • Ducks k Vouawir.
HAMMOCKS, aU ;Vials and pricea,
at the In Cent pore. - July Itp2er.
Choice TEAS and COFFEE• a
apettatti at . Itznicin t VOTIGtErn.
:It The only place In Towanda to Ilnd
a toll asaartmeat of JELLY TUNELESS and
IIIISBEES; la at the Meant Stole. 15-Sw.
Or For a good, durable and neat4ltting
. 8110 E, call at P. J. BLOWS, oppoelta Sealers
Hotel. • Nov. 27-tt.
setts or open stock, at the ea... Cent Store. Iv. .
Fine had coarse Boots at' BLUM'S, opposite See
ley"(' Rotel. No►. 27-tt.
r An infallibie remedy for Fever and
Arai Is AYER•t3 AGUE CURE. Wholly vegetr
bla and coutairing no quinine, it to barmiest sod
sere. w 1. 7-
I Carter's Little Liver 'Pals will p 9.3-
Itirely cure sick headache and prevent its return.
This le not talk, but truth. Ono . pill a dose. To
be bad of all druggists. See advertisement. 15.
Dr The Largest, Best and 'Cheapest;
Ilse of plies for Ladles', 31Isses. and Children.'
wear Is found at Conks's% new store, corner Mats
Sind Plne.sta., Tracy Pt Noble's Block, apr4lB
:lir FOR SALE !—One of the best Car
riage and Saddle bones In Bradford County ; serY
styllsb, yet perfectly gentle and sound ; can trot
,inside three minutes, wlthont tralntng; sold for
want of use. Address Box Ma, Towanda, P. 0.
Towanda, iiibe to. 18804 f.
L L. B. 4onozns challt-nges conve
ntion for quality of goods and low !i.rfees on Sash,
Doors, Blinds and Moldlohs, and a) building ma.
Weal, Cattg3-tfl.
rgr The Pennsylvania State College is
fortunete. In having secured for its new President
dasEett Stto'nxt.tnatt, A. M.,a native of Chester
county, Pa., and . for Over : 20 years a successful
teacher, Mostly as Principal of Academic Institu
tions. Ile coaxes to the College frcUn Maplewood
Institute, Delaware county, Pa.,eand takes charge
at once, The people of Pennsylvania should send
their sons and daughters to this Collerd t where
they canto as well educated as in the more expen
sive colleges of the East. Yall'setudou opens August
.27th. Tuition free. Send for catalogue to BUSI
NESS MANAGER, State College, Centre County,
ra. wi.
W You who lead sedentary Irves- 7 -
Printers, Tailors, Shoemakers, etc., will had a
great relief for the constipation from which yon so
often suffer, by taking SIMMONS' LIVER REG:
ULATOR. It Is a simple, harmless, vegetable
compound, sure to relieve you, and can do yon no
Injury. July 3.
rat" It is impossible for a woman after
a faithful course of treatment with LIDIA E. -
continuo to suffer with a weakness of the uterus.
Enclose a stamp to Mrs. LyntA E. PINK DAM, Z 33
Western Avenue, Lynn., Mass., for pamphlet,.
f.. 401 by lir. H. C. PORTEII, Druggist, Towanda,
Bunn's Neuralgia and Sick Headache Pills.
unlvertal cure fur 'Neuralgia. Sick Headache. Ner
'ME. Ireadarhe. DyNte psis, Constipation. Vein it ing
of .Blood. Paralysis. Palpitation of the Heart, and
loss of .Nervous Energ y -. These Pills are a special
prkparation for the cure of special diseases, and
are worthy of a trial by all intelligent Stifferersl 7
are harnde‘s and effectually cure 'all cl.tseases
arising from a deranged nervous system : pleasant
to lake. they dissolve in the mouth. Prepared by
A; E. Munn. M. D.. Scranton, Pa.:: sent .t.y. mall
to any address ou'recelpt or price, 30 cts. Fopisale
hrtiLattli. B. Pourtm, Towanda.
KNAPP says: have sell, Dr. BURR'S
Neuralgia and Sick Headache Pills 'tor yearn and
they give uniuersai satisfaction.
" A. KNAPP, M. IP.,
31arch-111. Pittston,
Vir THE Docroits YIELPING.—Evpr
since rent. IGnr.e.s-wrote to the lieffeal. Record
advising physicians everywhere to usu the Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure In their practice, It has
been gaining In fiver with the professioil. They
ran find nothing which Is a substitute for it. I K.
C.►rL.xtrs,, M. D., of Rochester, N. T., says he
would now prescribe It to all who are afflicted with
serious kidney and User diseases.
11. H. Warms. & Co., Rochester, N. F.: •
iIIENTLEItsts : I have tried your Safe Kidney
and Liver Cure for Bright's Disease," with
which I have been afflicted for the last two years;
and it has done wonders for me. I believe It is
the wily cure knoWn for that terrible disea,m, and
It Is with pleamiro that I write this testinumy In
its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any
way see proper, to benefit suffering humanity.
Truly yours; JAS. S. PRESCOTT.
North Union. 0. .
Shakers' Society, Cuyahoga
July 15. Cleveland, 0,
eltA.Wri)l2.l)—SlllTll.--At the reMtlenee of the
brides father, lu Smithfield, Pa.. July ard,
by Itev..J. U. Drake, Alexander Ur:m . 14,
Silesia:loin, Pa., and Mary F.. Stulth,oT
pencraldealere In Groceries and PrOLlnce, corner
Main and Pine Streets.
( 4 44.LLIsa}
Flour per bbl.„ fa 25 0 000
Flour-per sack... ....fl 50 0 200
Corn Meal per 100... (4. ft 40
Chop Fred 0 fl 40
.Wheat, per bush.— fl 10 0 .ft 110 0 1 25
Corn . (4 50 0. CS
Rve :01x7 (46 7.5
. o,lla - . Os (4 ' 0 45
.Rockwheat - 45 0 . 50 @ 5.5
C toy or seed f. 5 GO (4 5 01%
Tlinotby, western,.. : ofa 00
!beaus, 62 Ibs, 11 00 0 1 25 ft 20.0 I SO
Pork, mess
! (3 bbl. 4116 00 al7 00
-0 /237
Lard. —l, 16 4 00 ' 0 10
;utter, tubs
rgks, frebh.,
I S i t, oi 1$ jib
13 (A In,
13 S 4 14
Potatoes. per bush
Diste•l apples
25 Ed 36
61 , 1 06 • ON
2 a 24
Veal skins...
beacon tikins
Sheep Pelts..
03 ar 08!;
50 @O. :0
- 40 (4 05
.41 00 @ 2 50
Deacon Skins
Sheep Peits
Arrangement of Passenger frralna to tato effect
a 4sTwAlto. I witsTwA no.
15 9i 7 3 STATION& 8! 30 9 6 Agricultural Machinery I
P. 41. 8 31A.M. 1 4 .3 t. P.M. P.14. 1 A 311.431
293 7 241 .... 7 18 141ar rarails 103 —.ll 08,9 40 --...„...,
250 8 . 2 , .... 920 . .11uffalo... II 40 .... 1205,8 00
440 7 30,...... ......Reeheater. 950 740 10001._
543 8 , .... .... ... Lyons-. 840 030 9 021....
654 9 561 .... .... ...Gonesa .. 711, 6058 14',.... ,
1 11 1 11110 . •
835 1141 .... .......11hara... 603 2 13 6 40'.... •
5238 05 .... .... .. Auburn .. 825 .... 9 4,5 „..
900 1059 .... ... —Owego... 630 .... 025 ...
• 6 •
9181 33 844 345 ...Elmira .. 523 1235 415 4240 1 ' 1 1 ',`
9 43 200 ) 9 13 1.15 • ;Waverly ~ 443 11 50 a 33 1138 • a
I k $ ' 4
10 1. 2 15 1135'430 ....Sayre- .f. 44211 40 1 25 1144 4'
' IL
ID Is 2 19 9 40 4 311...Atherts.-4 3411 at 0 111 1130
.... ....4 941 ..,. —.Milan.. 4... 1122,.... 4124
.. . 1 838 . ..I. ...11141er .. 4 , .. 11 13 4 3-, 1115 • •
tilt 2 4711012 6 . 02..2 . 0 1 PA1T11A .1 1001100'4 431105 D ,
........ to 25; 513 Wysauklytg i ....ilO 45' 1053 R . M.
10341 ~.Stag 9 toue.l .. . 1 1035', ... 1043 Welles, Towanda, Pa.,
........ 112 42 1 028 lAtuu'erflold . • ..10 Z*1 . ..... 1035
......,. 10521 .1. rrenehtowdl ..110 17.... 1024 ..
Wholesale and Ratan dealer in
„, 325 11 ivy 50 .Wyalu6lng 1 ... 1005'4 Milan
11 40 3 41 11 20 0 10 . Ellaville.; 303 944 .1 4;1 0 52
.„. ....Ai 30 615 81.1rt'a biddy ....1 940 _l9 48
.... 4oil 1 47 a3l MOBllappoll .... 1 A 24330 9 32 IMPROVED FARMING IMPLE
_, , , Isi 030 • ....' 920 .. .14 26
1225 4281249 7 15 Tunkhan'cki 2 18, NSS 3 0 . 3 902 .LENTS AND MICIIINERY.
........ II 50 721 •En 6 vaned ...I 844 .... A 30 ,
.. . .... 107 73b• • • • P0 31 ` 1 ..• .1 ...I 828 ....18 37
1 2 0.. S Oil 1 40 905 LAM Jutiero 105, 804 2 21 4 I.S ,
1344 %s :20 633 Wilk- Barre tae! 7zu 2 0217 to WIRAD TRUE CHILLED PLOWS
1416 24 4 fil 12 02 .34114 4 9104vn . 10 021 ::.. 165414 30
300 834 605 12 10 .11ethleheas. 9 'lO .... 164314 20
5 ,9 00 0 .10 12 SO
_. . Ellt 0 11.• • 9 20 . .... 10133 52
6 3211023 816 2 10 P111164'101 800 .... 9"00 1 _ 15
8 01 1 1112; 925 3al . New Yhrk. caw, .... 7 4011 ,08 Mit. It. P. st. , ' A. 19 AM P. 51
h'e.-31: leaves Wyalnaing at IWO A. M.. French.
town NM, Buininerneld 6:in s Standing Steno 6:31.
W . Palashig Towanda C. Mister.7:oB. htlian
7iio. Athens 7d3, Sayre 1:40, %Vim/arty 7:55, arriving
In Elmira at 8:50 A. M.
No. 31 leaves Elmira at 6:30 P.M., Waverly 6:11I,
Sayno 6:30. Attiring 0:36. Milan 0:44. Ulatve 0:33;
Towanda 7:10. Wyeatiltin 7:20. Blanding Ittono
liummeriinid 7:37, Froucbtottn 7:47, arriving
at Wyalosing 0:00 P.'M.
Trains 3 and it, ran daily. Sleeping raison trains
Sand ilibeinatin Niagara Falls and Pbtladelpbla
and between Lyoterand New York.withont gbanges
Sleeping can on a and 6 between) Buffalo and
Mike:4l:nm. Parke* rata on Trains 2 and be
tween Niagara Italia and Philadelptda without
change. and through roach to and train Richester
~1111.yona, It.d. PACKER.
Sept. k N,. Y. U. R.
Sayre. l'a., Jnno 21. MO.
OTIOE.A It personx! fotbid
rutin* 'timber on the tends of the late
vent Steetnetts, to Overton Teiratble, eilboat
the Wrlttett ameettLet, the tutdeiltpett, ender the
'peesitret thelaw.!- ' ' - •
_144,4f..c_t - -..--...,;,,,„,
A_ ACADEMY—For circulars, Address Col. C.'
J. Wilqht, 'A. M., rrinclpal.• July 15 , wit
srtruTz.—Fall Term at the t7tb year
On MONDAY, AUGUST 23D. IEOIO. .Expenses, for
board, tuition and 'furnished' room, from lII= to
(1180 per year. For catalogue or further particu
lars atitire.s the Principal,
•Tewatila, Jan. IS, 18 . 60. 7yl
Mo T ld he tia U ttl n slll e ry e w tl o . u lll, l l .o ll lncri.
the patronage of the community. • Custom Work
done Immedlatelv and In good order. Alt leaks in
the 31111 have Lee)d retpaired and hereafter it .111
he kept In good `order. Feed. Flour, Meal autl
Bran constantly en hand. Cash paid for grain at
Masontown. HENRY W. WELLS.
Munreelon, June 17, ISSO. . •
NATHAN. Tip'. i D )
_._. Dealer In._ •
Lowest prices for cash. °Mee anal yard foot of
rine-street, Toßalicli. July IS, tear).
Not having s eptuplehid the anesurmerit tO Nell
toy Mmie Itualoess to Mt. WALtElkellUtt, It will
hereafter 1. - ronducte.d In my own name.„. E. J.
elialyft. C. F C. l'owet.t. and:
F. 1.. GAMIA) wilt reinain.sit II me as heretofore..
- L . B. POWELL.
Seranton, Pa., jii'y 18;So.
,: ,fv. M\ •
• ` • . 1
\ \ * ,7;
ED) „
) . 1
Either one or two horse. Interchangeable. Mont
and foot dumping. Will do a greater variety Of
port than any other. Every day worthy of tint
voids! use. Perfectly reliable. Easily operated.
Warranted to give satisfaction. .
Wheat Grinding,
05'6e OfiS
75 60 el 25
4 0 54 60
00 0 225
- • ' • - .
Your uowie msy sever . burn ; r
you must surely die.
is, wissto provide against, the chancei of llie; it is mei-,
any to piovideigainst tie ' certainty of death. A fire
policy may never become s,claim ; the maturity of a life .
policy is only a question of time ; yet many a business
man seeks after the former, and seeks to avoid the latter.
He insures his stock of, goods to improve his credit and
and protect his creditors, yet neglects to insure
for the protection of his family. He loves the 'latter
most, but business habits have taught lam prudenee in
the former- ease, while want of thought has made him
neglectful in the iatier.
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of N. Y.
Over FOURTEEN MILLION Dollars- to Policyho!del.s.
- - _
, Ann' Ablinlisentento.
„ -
" The BEST 18 the CI7EA.P.EST
Towanda, Juno ;I, 18S114.1"
Is now running on
Aud is prepared to do
r •
As well as its tteigbbors.
Wyiluslng, July 15. ISSO
• 9alo Chilled - Plows, -
Best,llevtirsiblo Plows,
Adgato and Eineriiriso Omni Poweri,
Ginn Shellers, Farm' Wagons,
Platform Wagons, Buggies,.
- Food Cutters, (Ruin Drills,
Bullard's Hay Toddi3rs, Leador and Gale
Wilco{ Rakes, Tompkins Town,. improves
, : , cautvotorOtosswiaschtnet,
Rcapers, new tWilgys; •
Sprout's May Elevators and Harpoon
• .
, Forks.. • •
Uquid 'Paint*, mixed ready: for the
ot bed, brimids. XX 8T.Al2 , 11Y1)111AU 410
CtlagN't, Sr.. Sr. - can andante tny , Pluck or nano
torcirculars lot prices, Miro O. P. lotellont
001CorritIcarot .11rsettowis dlimetty to ?MC or MOW
in the AMT.
Tr i t,1 1 44"1 4 4 04- )h. 141 0 0 y • „- -
• =" ' • •
'far Alhathingents.
S • •
ERIFF'S §ALE.—By virtue of a writ of Ft. Ea. Issued out of the Coati
Conimun Plewi - ef Bradford County and to me -
reeled, I will expose jo public ear at the Court, •
House In the B.,ruegh of -Towanda, on FRIDAY... •
JULY 10111, A TT. 1860, at I o'ciock 'tire •
fulluet log described lot, piece or parcel of
gthate in Towandallorengh (being tots Nuniberl
and 2 as,:ald down In ,Borough map! of Towaun's •
surveyed by W. IL Morgan. C. K. A. D. 1813.
in a sub-div1:31011 of a larger tiaet known. thereon
as - Ward', addition): itedaning at the corner of . -
Tort and Waverly real ; thence •tinuting, along'
said road norili 19 0 west 100 feet to eurner - of, lot -
No. a ' • thence nortt. 7E O- 33' east 170 feet to comes
6f lot No: 23: Home., south 10 0 east 100 feet to Lo-:
cut avenue; thence soca.: 74. 34' 'Welt!. aTong Locust. _
avenue 170 feet to place of te-gl;.nitg. Seized and
taken frtio execution at the suit of Mn. Amanda
ifortun t ;
PETER .1, TiEAM, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Ofdce, TowatniJ, June _-t, Ift3o.
,a r p 4
• Inted —T1111 1 12 h;
Court ot'COntmon Pleas of Bradford County, Pa.. I
to distribute moneys arising frontl. 4 heriff's sale-'of
the per.onal property of M. L. Ackley, will attend
to, the duties of his appyntnient at the °Vice of .1. _ I
N. ("Miff. E.g., -In Towanda, on TUESDAY. AU
CST 10Tfr. 1580. at 10 o'clock. A. 31., where all
p.O 0n.4 hating clams Upf .11 ea!d fond mast present
them or be unbarred trot .vorniog In u ,on the
S3llle. • • CIF:O. W. KIM/3EIM
Towanda,' , , July 15, 1500. , A titter. ,
i 4 I7DITOR'S • NOTICE'.—In re
the estate of Moses-W. Cornell, deceased.
to the 9rl,lmioe court of Eratlferd County.
The s t :undeitirned. an Auditor appointee by the -
Court fu past -upon exceptions - filed to the parttat
nrcount of John Cornell, A dint tstrator.wtll attecd
to the duties of his wppointnient at the °Mt* of
EV3115 & Ilaynant,-In the Borough:of .4.thentl,..on
rpaDay the lain. cla , Of AUGUST, - A. ISZO ,
at 10 ..*Li whenaecl where - ail persons tuterestad
are nquetted to appear 31:1/ proTe said except:onm.
.•.1 0 11.74 tV. COADISt.f. Anin'or.
Towanda, July hi. tat-A...n-1. •
V.N.ECITTOI'.'z. NOTICV.— Let. r
j .
AA ter s testxi,,,,tary ba-...L0.1.c. r l.. ! te4 to :4
tarlorsigttpd, uthlrr the iir,4. WM a:o1 t-E tan:eta-6f
A itaira Itt,vvrly. 1;:f- of 4..overtoit tot': u• ,Jas.-Sem:to-
t4l. al Nvonls thilehtne to :he es:ta , : - of Inhl decege
eta are hereby - nut.itlt ;o maku ingnetllatp
ment.:and all Laving claims against said estate
must.present the 'sauoi They I . ..'utlien neared td, the, .
umlersfgued !Jr, settlement at Ws reskterme to
I.ll.eity Corners, .Pa.- 6 FORGE 11.:V
Llhetl,y Corners, June 9.ib.5.50,-ells• Emeeutut!' • A
, ..
sta.o, 4 . venusytTanta, count s , of Bradtt.r ..,
sr.; To juthfa Owen! t now dillintS - Wllkillsr.
reshilug in the township of Springfleid. Bratlf /st -
Coentv.P:a: Annetta Owens (now Annetta French (.. •
of A rolover, Ohio: John livens. now decease , ' : If. •
S g !webs; the petitioner,
,and ,Elney Owens 0., w -
Pfney Wormier), residing in Mendota, I.:trsi:o -
comity, Illluois. . -
Peease.> take notice:* Whereas, at an Og s litin'
court, held at totramta hi and for the sal: nudy
of Bradford. tat the oth day of May. A. D. ISSP,
before the Hon, P. 1). 3forrow„ President Judge
.. ,
of the said Court, in the matter of the estate of -
Gris-old Owens, deceased. the petition of H. S.
owein, a sett of Griswold Owens. late Of the town
ship of Ridgbury!'in said County,.deceased, was
presented. setting' forth that the said Griswold .
11,N, ns died in May. A. 14.1°42. intestate; seized
In his demesne taa of fee of - and In two certain
pieces of land. wild the appurtenances, situate In
the. township of . Ridgbary aforesaid. The -Irst" ',
piece of said land is boilujed as follows: On ,jthe .
north by lands of the Gabriel lteyner estate 'east - '4 .
by lands of-Joh. Larrlson, south by lands of Lill. .
Ev:ms..l. A. kilue and Gabriel 'Br:suet's etslist;: -
containing about 33 acres of land. The other pies
of land being bounded as follows: to wit. Ou tao .
north antlwest by lairds'of J..,11...Ev '
ans east by
the !genera Turnpike, and south by lands - of 'Wm. ._
Olekluson, With the appurtenances; containing,
.about three-quarters of an -acre of land, inure ~,e .
less. , And said .Griswold Owens lett to rarriv,l
him a Widow, Annisbarens, now deceased, anon
the following named children, to grit: Juletta.
°wens, Intermarried with J IL. Wilkinson, her_
said husband being now deceased, and the said
Juletta now resides to the township of Springfield, .
('aunty of Bradford aforesaid: Annetta - Owens.' . ,'
Intermarried whir C. C. French and residing to -
Andover, State of able: John Owenit, now cleansed;
IL Is. Owens: the Petitioner. and Igney Owesseala• ' - -
termarrled with liiinewer Wormley, and re/idlet •
In Mendota, Laselle CentrtY. State of Illinois.
... ,
That said Bohn Ow rile died testate, and who by . •
his last will red testament devised his part of said
. real estate to Gripe - old M• Owens, who onside* la ...
lildgbury township. and that the said Grlswo7il .
has aliened his part In said real estate as deallsee ..,.. '
of-sabi John Owens, deceased. to J.ll. Eragre.wle. -
resides In raid township. of Ithighury ; and liti.s • -
said .1, 11. Evans, the aliener of tile partsot the said •
real estate which the said Juletta Wilkinson ru.d ..
' At: French Inherited (mug the aid GrEserelot .
4)eftunt. de c eased . and that - under and by virtue of ,
the intestate laws of - this Commonwealth; and hy
the devise of isahl John Owens, deceased; and the
conveyancesof the said JulettaWllthisoft and Apr -
netta French, by which said .1. H. Evans heecrne
Tint Is the allener of the No last . Deified persons, •
it belongs to said H. S. gswens and Eucy !Cormier. -
each to . have .an equal one-firth par of said real - ,
mdatc. :did flie said J. II„ Eran.uJo shave •three • ,
equal fifth's ' , art of said teal estatd:', No partition. '
ol said real e•t.tte"ha hut been its.ado. the petitioner'"
trays tad Court to ward art tnquest , :to make putt ,
it tau of tire,'s,glit real estate Co and among the afore- '
s.slct parthovaecording to thAr rightS, and he watt .
'ever pray. etc. :And wherentem the raid - Coen,
on due p:oof and consideration of the pietulaes, - •
awarded an Inquest for the parlas aferomdtL.. - '
W e tuor,fot e command you that, taking with 1. wi
tOd :
you seven gi arid lawful men of year bailiwick . - j.. -
you go to and upon the premises aforesaid. and: ',",-•
there, ht 'lle presence of- all .parties : aforesaid byt L.
you to be warned Of upon being warned thlirw - F , .
be present), and harlog respect to the fit vaitta•
'lion thereof. and upon - the oaths sfilial sitinundions ,-, , q
of the salt sewn good and !Awful tOen;: -you -make
part Rion to and among the heira and legal (Titres .
vitnt ties of the said intestate In such manner -
and In suet: prepurt IMO as by the laws of this Cola. ,
mei:wealth is directed:lf ties satut can let so parted'. '
and drvlded.withont prejudice to, or spelling the
whole ; .and if alwii.partt glen cannot he Wade there- -
- of 'Milton; prejudice to or spelling the whole. that .
then you cause the said Inquest ,to Inquird and - v.
esrertnln whether the same will convenietudy arc:
"- .
commodate mere than one or the said hairs and.
legal representatives fit the said Intestate withal% ' ' -
Tit ejudice to or spoiling MeV/bole, and It so bow -
many it will as aforesaid accommuclate, describing'. .
utotex'and bounds, and returning a -; -
just valuation of the 8311111. But If the said Inquest. .
by you hi be summoned as aforesaid to loakti.the
.sold partition or valuation shalt be of Opinion that ,•
the premises aforesaid with the apportenalicee
cannot be so parted and divided as to accommodate ' ~- •
more than 0 11 , t Of tlie saki. hell - sand:legal represen, ' '
mitres of the said intestate, that them you cause . '.: .
the inquest to. value the whole of the told rear -.-.
estate with oho appurtenances, ,having respect la
the true valuations thereof agreeably to taw. • Anil •1
that the partition or ',Meatiest- so 'ads yen Mt.. - •
ilnetly and openly have before our said Judge at
Towanda, at an Orphans' Court there - to be held en -- .
the regular day Of sessions thereof; after attehtai' , -
queatAaJlan be made under yOur hand and val. -
and under the hands arid's! ale of these by wiles.. - .
oaths or atlirmations you ',hall make such partition. '
or salutation ; and ;have you then and there thta
writ. - _ , • ! • .., '..
•. Witness : 1. P.' Morrow, President of . r wild,.
Court at Towanda aforesaid, the toot flay or May, - .."
A. IlL'illtda. I - A: C. Y.lllellll.E. - - . •
?. Clerk of (Mamie Court. . ,
. .
In conformity with the .abure Omer, I hereby
give Itotleil , to the above named hal:timid alt 6ther
per* , n4 Interutttetl, thatan Inenen.wlll be held Oil •
the :thoty ostate, 'au the premises, IIwirRIDAY.
41'1.Y 231), A. D. 1640, at I welock I. 41.1 •
Towanda, Juno 6, 1:4440. •
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IE 3111148Q* CO.
Maine. • • • • ; ',107177.".
,$66...01, lin your oorti.towitr .4 oodt.lN!il.;_ .
NO flak, Itoodory Ifloo.l l olil,l_ . ,Itio -
' at orlOch isnot* of ottiketooktolfr i a ....
trifit* time t
olifiko o . liotf.. .:"Oftt.....Anjpejsit
MON to Kt p4.ltErtiliVlNt , Pot '
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District Agen4--