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I'IIAS. 11. ALLEN, LOCAL 1:1-,11'011
Towanda, Pa, Thursday,. Nov. 13, 1879
MAN KSO Ivi - Na on the 21111
IT was considerable of a boom.
THE trees in the Court 'House Park are
nearly leafless.
THAT was a .splendid fall of rain on
KEEP yokor children off the streets, par
tkularly t t night.
SEND your job work along ; satisfaction
guaranteed or no pay.
WATER in the cistern maketh the tidy
housewife to rejoice.
COM - SIVA eonnty elected the Green
back candidate for Sheri - It .
MANY wells •in this place never known
to fai' before, are entirely dry, -
lisTitc)somEas aramuict meteoric (Es
play for this (I:liar:it - lay) -
A NEW time tahle will go into effect on
the Erie Railway, Monday-next.
TRF. Teachers' Association at East
mithfield; Friday and Sfitnrday.
btritTnintA is pri,-ailing to an alarm
ing extent at Oak Hill, Wilmot townstiip.
TTT E fine residence of GEonoE SiEvENs,
on , York avuenne: is being. piped for gas
and water
TWENTY-five thellS3ed live are
..beihg imported from England, to be- set
at liberty- in this State.
TIIE !then, 617, fte sdyr thtt the
Grand .Irtny'llall in - that village is pro
nouneo the tint•st kitie in the county.
\ - 07s117SI: ('aunty, in this P•tate . . gave a
Republican majority at the 'election last
week', for the tirst)ime in its existence.
THE Catholic Church of Waverly was
rubbed one night last week. The thieves
carried otr pro - perty valued at about $7.30.
'W. H. STlNNV.ainne, has purchased
the l )pera House ',.l;;;staurant, Waverly,
and will take up. his residence Diu that
MT. door to the vault in W. IL Coop-
WP.S pct in
place onc (lay Lis; we.:1;:. It sleirlis 11,-
Ono Pc,untis
LEVI tl:r;lean candidate
for Sheriff in Cliennin;.! Couniy, N. Y.,
ha 1 a majority in every election (.li,,trict
n the county
Firrr men have been added to the
wo:king force in the Erie IZirilway shops
at Stistitiebanna during 'the past week,
awl mole are to f:oliow
Tar. .4,irtesiau beihg drilled near
the 1.1a , t furnace, in I:lrnira, struck a rein
of salt water on Monday last, at a depth
'Of one th,lusaml feet.
SoME orr'A stole a barrel of Feud .coin
from the premises!.if D. L. F. C rac, iii
C ty, otfe niit, recently.
theharvost he
Tun morals of t. ant, , n have so much
piproveil that. ii t policelllen are tio
lote4er roluirect there, and their „ser-
Viee,:ll;l.Ve bt•l ' M
di,pon,ed with
T ar , (•„rnmis,i4,,ners ;IfiVertiSe in anntli-
er column a fax , a ~ shish to locate
the I'4)or ITnuse. Pr,.posa'.• will Ue re
ceived (turiti; , the thirty days:
('..,•tr:wri, was quite 'pain
taffy. th , " - ligh r.ot mu-iously injured in the
n ices at Yarbon Min, recently, by a por
ti,m c f t 4 roof rock falling' on him.
Ter: C.ll;Z:iitivlS who have been taking
'• Nounilings — in t iie Sii , quiihannai re
port that it can be niarie'llavigablF for a
comparatively small extseinlit tire of money.
IT is rumored that an effort will .soon ii
made,to form a new county in thi,i
tale oOt cif the northern portion /Of
ne . :ind the ea,tern I,6rt ion of Susclue
hiuma County.
Tit' . l:ll ;Ire fear, that the Su,qnellainia
awl it:, -remain a. 141 w us
.4 at piesint v,hen the sL•veie weather sets
ip and Cause trouble It, farmers
Trlt: rera:r+ to the t/tholie Church at
till-, plerc ha i ve beelyhearly
The has bece eetioeu(l iii height
several feet: aial hantisome gilt doss
placol thereon.
attu m:uutl'; Let Ut t A
NINE tramp: ‘.-c•re alre , te , l at Waverly
t-Jtlll , nyz,ll; ,t,'lnirpf, a passen-
v!zer ott the Elie. ( :.rate sent
11,10:1..z11 0 , .112 tlf the. wind.iws. hitting a
1:nly an.l eiittinz face.
Till:llens to . wn , ldp board of 54:711°01
1) . 11Ve: ,, 1',. :it a relVllt decilied tel
pay t!te same sal.ti'xs to fernal!:! as t ,O 111 . IC
tCa,..101 s, xLwre the arn,unt of (work per
fonnt.l NtillS equal. Correct.
('nt - Ecn of thy VniversaliNt).
P-v. NV11.1.1 NM TA•u , n, Pastor. -At 101
A. M., sUbjez - t. " Thf• Snwcr and the
Seed.' r M PETER'S Creed,"
What: Thinii,. 4 Yß of.Cnnt,i
rrEn:—The lades orthe Church of
the (1 niversali., , t) will serve
I.y,ters and other refre.dnnents a; the
h•&.114 room of the chureli on Tuesday
evi. 1 , 1 n, 4 , Nov, Is. An ale invited.
W,_r=.l Las lea.-(.41 and will here : ,
ter o,:cnpy the lie:. , licarse. at Can
t ‘n.r" r ions 11.1, L.lcl ,•xper:cnce in " run
al.d I la , ••
n lacaine pt,pular hostelrie un-
(ler his manap,
P. HIATT. Ail 'Waverly. met
'with quite a i , eriotii acvideitt .)Tonday
kirli.v.:Arg . lmber,
team became frightened , and ran
away. dipping the 'load of lumber over on
and lireakiniz
; THE ',el ri.,tri.l7 Mossburg,
a . ; l ,..tuosiltht a lt,wcu it , ,übscrip
-1.!,.n`,:i,t having .1t tained welt 'dimensions
a. ta demand iut i l pinning faciht ics.
Thc (-xi-eller,' paper. an&
Ire a:*e. to note thii; evidence of
crity., „
Ir ••4‘1•111ti Strange that 14 , 11 , 1 e., NC • ill allow
hornt.ligs to get their' i
time tLey come al‘Lufr t brit they are
s'lre 1 , . As an evidence Of the
al—% o f a m,, gll , e traVC11111: frutd
11. t• street corner of his wt.rtli-
-- - •
ar-11. , nnce flu-ieneN.i an
• 1 , 1 \
:t't•iiitig of January
Z - ^•I, INlerciir Hail. The price of
titt,.. 7 , \c ot Notwillist:maing
ih '••••v p:ieethe ,omnlittee
the .. ' alf.l!r ni charge will spare
1 ,1 i 2, -;, or eNronse t make it an
:oral'', and luny up to the high
1.4 t + l , i3:ll 41t.1.1111 . . 1 by the. previous I
.irvln I,y thi,
GEO. i btoonv fell between the two
bOdgeki.thatt, `span the old !I Overton
13.Ssin, 4 ,1ntIns place, earlq - on Saturday
morning last, to the , ground benoAll,
receiving several severe .uts • abciut tho
tread besides . serious internal injuries:
PARTIF-4 ,n ..erestec.
of funds in the hands CAnY Satan, As
signee of S. M. WOOSTEII, will observe
that the date fixed fOr the audit has been•
changed from November 2?th to December
ilk See notice in anotlierucolumn.
TEA MS will be IrCreadiness, at Milan, to
meet the 4 tealhers tlesiringto attend the
Smithfield Association, at the arrival of
the morning train on Friday. Those d
siring to go by rail should notify Profes
sor Cli.k w row, at once of the number from
their locality.
A snocrusaa match took - place between
the Waverly, , N. Y., Ilitte,,Team, and the
Orwell Hill Rifle Team, at Nichols,
on the 30th ult. The Ay:toting was wit
nessed by quite a large crowd, and result
ed in favor of-the Waverlyb9ys by a score
of :308 'fo
EARLS last evening, a. star or meteor
fell to the ground in the field just north
of E. I). RUN Di:LL'S house. It diffused a
bluish light until within 'twenty feet of
the eattb, when it seemed . to hunt, giving
out sprays of white lighT.Rerietzt, Satyr
d44 lst.
. FIRE.-A. barn in North Towanda own
ed by E. T. Fox,•and •icctiipied by T,mistL
AS JORDAN, was burneak Sunday morning
last, together with ips &intents. The loss
on hay, grain, etc., is about $3OO, on
which there is no insurance. The build
ing was insured for $300._
A t•ouNG child of MI% WtNANs, in 31e
shoppem Wyoming County, aged about a
year and a half, died on the 2d, instant;
from the effects of particles of a chestnut
which the child was chewing, getting in
the wind-pipe. This sad accident has ,
brought mourning to a happy household
CONSIDERABLE alaima felt among the
farmers in regard to ttherotting of the pd
tatnes that have been stored. Some par
ties have already 'lost-n - 45re than half their
crop. This will undoubtedly' cause ant
advance in - the price before spring, unless
the r4,t shallbe checked by the cool wea
A CANTON correspondent says that
while Mr. mid Mrs. it. M. 'MANLEY were
it riding last Sunday their little baby was
so nearly smothered that when uncovered
the blood gushed from its mouth and nos
trils. Parents cannot be ,too careful in
wrapping little ones for their pleasure
WE have received the first number of
the Ilp,olpir'eCoy lay School Journal,
published at this place, we have not •had
the time to peruse Its contents. In typo
graphical-appearance, Make tip, etc., it is
i'ar from being a handsnMe sheet, and is
evidently nut put forth by its ptiblishers
as4,spe.•inien of high art in that . respect.
AT a meeting of the stockholdets_a the
Eureka Mover Co., held on Wednesday
of last week. the followinc; directors were
erected : E. T. Fox, N. N.,BETTS, V. T.
DAviEs, Jos. PowELL, R, WALtia ,
JNo. W. Mlx ; and at a directors meeting
E. T. Fox. was elected Prepient, N. N.
Treasurer; and .Totis W. Mix,
Secretary for the-ensuing.,year.
"A welt constructed family newspaper
exerts a salutary intluenc,e : 4lpon the home
Lrl (1.(0r , / iprrter, Permit
us t.. rise anti remark That aside froin a
littiu oriishuess in politicsi, there isn't a,
bet ter '• c•instructed '! family 'paper any
where than the ItnyourF.n.—Dushori-lic-
—Which is abont our_ opinion of the
R•ri, neighbor BOWMAN . . 4
Dn. T. P. A 1.0:N was called on Tues
day to attend the onlychild of LEwo Et..-
3.1-, of Talmadge llill, who was %tittering
with diphtheria, and performed what is.
ter tired in medical terms tracheotomy ;
in other Woids, inserted a tube in the,
child's tt ind-pipe from the outside through
which to breathe. The child is now do-! - ;
ing well, with fair prospects of recovery.
Mr. I:IA.1s has lost one child by diphthe-
Till , . sportsmen of .ItLett to the num
ber of twenty. are to engage in a grand
hunt on Thanksgiving Day. The limiters
are divided into two parties of ten' each,
with Dr. C. 11. Storr and FRAIKA;OET
CHINS as captains; • Ihe hurl will cum . - ,
rnence on the morning,_ of tiny -27th and
end at eveningi The party OW brings in
t , ,e least game is to pay for a supitx for
the twenty, ant invited guests, at the
Gothic Hotel. Both tens expect to Win.
T'ON ,I N ED. - 1 -A correspondent says that
three children‘of M. ALLEN'S, of Gil
let's, were poisoned by drinking a quanti
ty of hose medicine from a bottle that
that they took from a shelf in the pantry
here it had tren left by theft father, on
Wednesday ofilast week. Dr. KTEnstEli
was called and administered the pioper
antniotes, and it is thought the chitiren
wild all recover. Parents cannot be too
careful in putting out oUthe reach of their
children mixtures that are poisonous.
, yeals ago propr;etor of the Ahwaga
lhms - e, t )wego.-Was found &lead in his bed,
at the Warford House, NVaverly, on Mon
day morning last. Deceased was' nearly
seventy years of-age. ;le was on his way.
borne from the West, and stopped at Wa
vetly to see a sister Oing near Siliep
ri•rd.s C t eek. in his person was found
moray, "and a certified check on
the F; i f ,t. Nat iOnal Bank of t , twego .".. 4 .'50.0.
Ilear't disease, is supposed ti) have been
the (A nse of hisdiatli.
Witit.E serving as a juror in Esquire
Yol - Nn's utiiee, on Mondit: evening, last..
F. .T. CA:A:is:4 was taken suddenly ill,
1:1(1 f. , r a trine teas thOlight to be dying.
Tainnt , s aft , r the il.ttitelt be vomited
a Lug.. quantity of btood, which
relief, and he was ( conveyed to his
residence on Poplar ,street. ? Pr. %lon
111-RN' was called, and pronounced the
cause of Mr. C.'s illness to. be from the
burstini.:,of a blood vessel in his stomach.
fir. CALKINS. at this. writinsz, has so far
le - coveted as to be able to be about the
MAJoit .VANCI.EvE, temperance evan
gelist, closed his week's labor at West
Burlington to an over-crowded house; un
comfortably. so, and left bAind him
roll of 175 members to the "Union"
formed, with MARTIN ROCKWELL as
President. Saturday 'evening, Nov. Ist.,
the Major was taken suddenly ill at the
reAdenee of pr. E. A. EVERITT, in
Purlington,' where he is now raidly, con
valescing under the skillful doctoring of
the host and the motherly care of his esti
mable lady. Mrs. HATTIE EVERTTIT. Tito
Mijor NOI 'be two weeks :It Smithfield.
Pa.. Now r 'ttlth to her . , lsf ; ma, Pa.,
.one week : Springfield; Pa.,
D e e. 11th, /- , te week ; Columbia-X . -Roads,
Dec. - ,Mst, one week.' rurther annowiee
nients to be made. There will be a large
turn out next Sunday at Snlitltlieltl.
_JONAs 151.shir.iiad his lower, jaw brok
elf while assisting in workinitAmti's
hAy press,' in this place,. on Monday morn
in'g last. He was holding tbeltOer, when
in some unexplained manner its flew out
o 1 his bands and struck him tinder the
breaking his jaw. Dr. Wooonurot
reduced the fraare, and Mr. At. is doing
as well as could be ept..cted under the
TILE new postal card can be sent to all
countries injresented lit the Union, in
cluding about all of Europe, - China, ,Ja
pan, Brazil; etc., says an exchange. The
design necessarily contains more printing
than the present card, and has a border
something like the old one. At the top
arc the words, "1 - UniversalPostalUnion,7
a little curved, and repeated in French in
smaller, type beneath. Then come the
wordstiu bold type, "United States of
America," also repeated in French, add
then the line, in English only, "Write
only the address on this aide.",,,The stamp
is a well designed bead of Liberty,Fur
rounded by an elliptical border with ajtig
ure "2" on each side, , and' the words,
"U. S. Postal Card" around it: The is
sue of the cards will begin early next
Tile Bethlehem Timea gives the follow
ing account of a conversation Which took
place between parties-two-thousand miles
apart: "Mr. Rontarr A. PACKF.It t Super
intendent Pennsylvania and New York
Railroad, is at 'present hunting with a
party .of gentlemen in , the vicinity of
North Bend, in Nebraska. Yesterday he
for two hours conversed pleasantly with
his wife and friends 4§ayre, his brother
at Mauch Chunk, and friends along the
line. The medium was the railroad and
the Western Union Telegraph wires ,and
EnisoN's telephone. At tl+ office in this
place, connection was irjade (with the Eas
ton and Amboy wire, and at Perth Am
boy with a *Western Union
.wire, and
thence to Chicago and North Bend. The
total distance was about two thousand
miles, and every whiS'per was audible.
A LODGE of the 'Knights of Honor was
instituted at Dushore,l . County,
on Thursday evening Tast, by J. H. Km-
RIDGE, D. G. D., assisted by several
membemof Crystal Lodge. of this place.
The following named gentlemen were
elAted_and installed
„officers of the ilew
Lodge for the current - term :
P: D.—A. B. BowsiAN.
Rustt .TAcKsox.
:4. D.—TuomAs luti - JNG.
• Reporter—lL B. Mini. „
Tiea.lll rer— , ,F. P. VINCENT.
Guide—D. tictlooNovEtt.
Guard—B. L. BALDWIN.
Sentinel—D. W. PEALER.
Medical Examiner—Pr. WADDELL
The Lodge is to beknown as Loyal
Sock Lodge, K. of H., and starts out with
every, pro4cct of success
A TIE.Ir - rv. 7 -)lclNrvitE 13nbs , bare on
exhibition, at their hardware store the
handsomest Rangeinvev brought to this
place, without a doubt. It is called the
" Mills Range,"'and was manufactured at
Detroit., Michigaq„ It possesses all the
late and valuable 'improvements made in
ranges, consisting: in part of large and
convenient oven and, Warming closets,
patent automatic drop shelf to oven, large
hotwater reservoir, convenient broiling
attachments, nickel towel rack, ample fire
.box, convenient .dpmping grates- and a
ractical ash sifter and pan. Its nickel
plating is not only very elaborate but
very handsome in design and finish. All
in all, it is really a beautiful Piece of
household furniture and is said, by those
who have used ranges of the same make,
to be as serviceable as it is ornamental.
It was. bought for a gentleman in this
place by the Mclsrvaa 13n05., and will
remain at - their store for the next ten
days, where all who desire to do so, may
examine its many tine 4oints.
. We noticed a few days since the illness
of Judge PassNtonE, at the residence of
his brother-in-law, in Eric, and last eve- .
ning the sad intelligence of his death was
received by telegraph. He died at. 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon. We, 'have
not learned the Particulars: The remains
will be taken to Rome for burial.
.ILWO PlaSek3fOßE was one of the oldest
and best known citizens i 4 the county,
For many years he was au active business
man, and engaged largely 'in contracting
on public works. In lie was
elected by the Democrats to the Legisla
ture., After the organization of the Re
pvblicail party, he was nominated and
elected Associate' Judge of the county,
position which he filled with great credit.
Since his retirement from the bench, be
has lived quietly at his pleasant home in
the village of 'Ronne, surrounded by a
large circle of friends, and universally es
teemed and respected' by all who knew
him. .Since the death of his wife, Which
occurred some twelve years ago, his
adopted daughter, Miss Do.tA IttcKEY,
has presided over his household, and was
with him at the time of his death.
Judge PASSMORE was 70 years oht His
death will be universally regretted, and
will 'he felt as a 'calamity by the people of
Rome, wito 4 looked up to Limas a wise
counsellor, a generous neighbor and e -
terprising Rerieze Tue.;
day. •
—The funeral serli•ices will b held at
Wilkes-Barre to-day, Thursday, from
whence the remains will be. taken to
Forts : Fort for interment.
—SAMUEL BUCK, . has opened a
law office jn this . place. See card.
—it Miss CAMPBELL i 3 studying medi
cine with Dr. E. P. A - Ll,, Athetns.
—Miss 1n.% CANFIELD, of Athens, is'
visiting friends in , Middletown, N. Y.
—Miss KATE IVIsON, of Warren, is vis
iting, the family 'of Professor CARLIN, in
Allany, N. - Y.
'KIRBY, of this place, has opened
an auction Store in Wyalusing, where he
will remain for Several weeks.
—Mrs. C. F. licstomi will go to Kanias
this week. The good f.
wishes of a host o
friends will go with her to het- new home.
-W. H. DECSER, Jr., who went West
about 'a year ago, returned on Saturday
last, and will remain here for several
—Mr. ARTlltril LEwis; of Spring Hill,
this county, visited his brother; 13. W.
LEWIS, Esq., in Tunkbannock, during
last week
—Miss ANNA LAMENT, Of this place,
hal engaged in the millinery business at
Steti•ensviile, where she has ONOti a mil-
linery store
—Jon:: CHAPIN hasremnyed from Owe.
go., N: T., to Leßaysville, this counti
where he intends going into tlu merean
tile business.
one time a resident of Wells, this county
died at Truman?.lnirg, N. Y., October 31
aged fifty-four sears.
—,Mr.. S. B. Dumas, of the .Sayre
House. at Sayre, made a favorable im-
pression,upon our interviewer, who says
he is a capital landlord.
31. BEARDSLEY, an old and respected
citizen, of Ilerrickville, has removed to.
Odebolt; lowa, 'which place he conteid.
plates making his home. -
-HARTLEY C. TAYLOR, of Rome, Brad
ford County, Pa., is spending - a few days
at his uncle's, Rev. C. E. TAYLOR'S.-
TVhiknry's Point.(N. Reporter..
°MELIA Amicrr, an amiable
young lady cf Barclay, is - visiting ber
aunt, Mrs. GEb. li. ESTELL, and 'timer
friends in this plane.--Canton Sentinel.
D. CyAFFEE, of CamPtown,
has sent us some 'tine mineral specimens
,taken from a large collection which he re
cently brought from the West.— Tunk-.
lannock , Republican.
—Captain H. P. Goornocrr,. Deputy
Surveyor of Customs, Philadelphia, is so
journing in our place for a short time, in
hopes of getting- relief from a - painful -neu
ralgic affection of the face.
• —We regret to hear that our old friend
RICILAIII;I3.VENELEY,--nf Sinithboro, was
thrown out of his wagon on Monday last,
and seriously injured. It is thought two
of his ribs werti'brokon.—Owego Times. .
—H. S. ACKLEY and wife, of Wyalu
sing, have gone on a visit to Delaware,
_making the trip, overland by private con
veyance. The journey is made in hopes
of. irirprovitut_Mr.' A.CKLEY'ii health,_
11—Mrs. Runs I) . „rs' loam, and _family,
.and Mrs. Bt a BENzereT, left yesterday
Morning for Dußois, Clearfield county,
Pa. Mrs. DENMARK will reside in that
place in the future, and' Mrs..BENEon-r
will return to Canton after a brief visit.—
Canton Sentinel. •
—Mr F. OVENSIIIRE, of Sayre, spent
last Friday in -showing our Athens tor
respondent the improvements and intro
ducing him to the business men (lc Sayre
and vicinity. We appreciate the! favor.
Our representative partook (if his hospi
tality, pronouncing it bountiful. ":
' PHELPS, a staunch
'Bean living in the simthwestern part of
Athens township, though quite feeble
with age, was , at the polls on Tuesday.
lie says he would be ashamed to stay at
home, and hopes yet to see Atheni town
ship Republican.—AthenA Gazette.
--Jor. - T.' Mointis, formerly'of this bor
ough, who has been stopping for some
time in Golden City, Col., has gone to
Black Hawk, same territory, where he
has taken a largo contract .to build a
lidding Which 1611 take at least one year
'Complete it.-'—Leßayscille Adrertiser.
ter.l well and pleaantly known, formerly
employed in the Adrertiaer office, was in
the, city yesterday calling upon old-time
friends. He reckmtly returned from Eu
rope, and was on ltis way to the home of
his parents at Canton, Pa.— Elmira
rertiaer, 7/0
—Mr. CHAid,ES JOHNSON, Jr., of Ti
oga, has been appointed special agent of
the Census Bureau for Collection of Min-
ing Statistics. ' lie kill work in connec
tion with the United States Geological
Survey of.which Professor U. PUMPELLI:,t
of our village, is the head of the Western
Department. 21Ir..Jou*soN will have his
headquarters at Newport, It. I.—Ottego
--HENRY PAsssionE, Esq., of 'Rome,
died very suddenly on Tuesday night of
last' week. He had been iu his usual
health up to the evening
. previous to his
death; when he complained of a pain in
his chest, but retired at theusual hour,
and died at about one o'clock A. M. He
was an excellent citizen, and leaves a
large circle of friends to mourn bis loss.
.1. P. Kirby's use vs. D. R. Blackman
—Rifle to set 4.shigSlieriff's sale.
School Direct Ors of Burlington, Borough
vs. George P. Tracy.—Rufe . to strike' off
appeal discharged.
Varga.son vs. Amelia Vargason.
-..10hn W. Mix, Esq., appointed Coin
..I.4ttio E. Knapp t-s. C....A. Knapp.—
C. D. Tracy, Esq., appointed Commie
sinner. •
The Pittston and Dinka Coil Company
et al, vs. Jamesil. i'ebb.—N. C. Harris
appOinted Receiver. t
Inj matter of the lubacy of George Hem
menway.—Court dirtict sale of lands.
S. I• iS Hamlin's use vs. B. L. McAfee,
Garnishee of George Clark.—Rule to pay
money to plaintiff.
' Jotin M. Pike's use vs. A. Hunsicker.
=R i le to open judgment. -
os.erseers of the Poor of Albany town
ship [%-s. Elliauan Smith—Assumpsit. Ma
dill t Calif for plaintiff ;; William Foyle
and L. Hillis, .Esqs.. for defendant.
Verdict for plaintiff of-400.
JoSeph Town, vs. Joseph Keegan ;and
B. 'W. Lane—Ejectment. Calif
and W. H. Carnochan, Estis., for plain
if ; 11. McPherson and John F. Sander-
Isqs., for defendants. On trial.
n a street leading. to the - Cliemung
opposite the old cemetery we enter-
ed t
OMPSON & KucuEn. These gentle
ame heroin April. 1878; from Can-
MI purchased the works of Mr. N.
nuts., obtaining the patterns of a
y-five years' business and a variety
first foundry was started - about
y-five years ago, by Mr. C. N. Sum
and was located on a- street leading
ElMira to Main, near the present
of the town. Mr. C. F. WELLEt .
fter became interested in it, and
irm was known as SMPMAN. &.
Es. The present buildings .were
at by a company known as 131.00 D
, and afterwards passed into the
of T
of kin
& C
of Mr. IlAutets :as above stated.
consist of a machine and planing
, fifty by one hundred feet, a foundry
y spvent i y feet, a saw mill forty by
feet, and an engine house thirty by
ect.-I—they being located in a conve
present - firm have made many im
ents and purchased more land, in
a guard ; bank which protects
(from the high water, but they con
ate further additions to their busi
the main building they have ma
for Working both wood and iron,
s turning lathes, planers, morticing
Ines, scroll saws, buzz saws, etc. In
I w mill they have a large circular
1 4r working up logs, a iihing!e - ma-
And machines for sawing staves. In
Lundry they have-a great variety of
for .casting all sorts of wheels,
stove fixtures, etc. They make or
boilers, engines, mill fixtures, And
kinds of agricultural implements,
plows, harrows, churn powers,
powers, etc. Of this class they
acture I. B. DAARE . 4 patent hay
nd carrier, foi which they have
• rders.
=chih e
he f.
mill a
be so
15 , . are at present erecting "a grist
cooper's Plains, N. Y., which will
onstructed that steam can ho used
not supplied with water, and a
saw mill for IIoLLIS TAYLOR, of
GrAville. When not upon such work
they put their force upon sh(ip work, be
fore mentioned, and thus keep running
on full time. As wish the other shops
they are at present Working over time.
They buy logs, principally oak, and
Work them into bill timber for bridges,
cars, and implements, also cut-into boards
to order,• besides d oing custom ' work in
sawing, and-planing. Formerly a large
business was done in making nail kegs—
,negotiations are now pending, lookieg to
a revival of it and "the manufacture of
butter tubs, etc.
. Their finished work from the shops is
Mostly marketed in Elmira, but (pant:l
-ties of it are sent down to the center and
South part of,the State and elsewhere.
Both of the proprietors are practical
workmen; and understand every branch
of their buSiness perfectly, ensuring suc
cess. They are building a dwelling, for
each near their works, and. when com-
Pleted two nice dwellings irrll be added
to the place. They employ from sixteen
to twenty men;and pay out about $l,OOO
pei.month in wages and for material, that
is the amount distributed bore, and . of
course does not include that paid out in
other places. Persons calling upon these
geotlemen will lie afforded opportunity
for 'seeing many interesting processes in
the Manufacture of a variety of article's in
their line, and the working of much
.esting - machinery. t - W. X. P.
"."-Athen‘November 4th.
• -
.i.NoTE.—In last week's article a few se
rious errors occurred, to wit : The size of
the riveting room is given as 16444 feet,.
saould be "66x2-44 "—see second column
near top-for error. In same column, for,
" Nue% off at any angle," read "
etc. Alsd, in same column, for "barring,"
read "baring." Also, in same paragraph,
for "doliig this Work by heating," read
"without heating." W. A. I'.
GET OUT DOOKS.-Tho close t confine
ment of all factory work, gives the ,opera
fives pallid faces, poor appetite, languid-,
miserable feelings, poor blood, inactive
liver; kidneys and urinary troubleii, and
all the physicians and Medicines in the
world cannot help them unless they get
out of doors or' use Hop Bitters, -the
purest and bes t remedy, especially for
such cases, haviig abundance of health
sunshine and ros chucks in them. They
cost but a trifle.? See another column.-
Christian Reeorqer.
CIF Teachers - T.:qintimition at Towari
a, Noventl.r 22; 6tuton, November 27.
('ouuty Superintendent.
Nov,. 13, Iri79
Mr" Call at WOO DF( 111 D & VAN-
Doiri-s, Main street, and see' their
large stock or Itrsas.....lioes giut Rul,bers.
one of thti la l gest stuckm 111 - ItitEl: 600 PS to
Our goods are NEW and of the
Large stock of pure GUM BOOTS
WOOD,' 01:0; St VA NDOILN.S.
nn ty 7.scts, and It At' li. FT,I. ANT E S 65r ta a
the 99et store.
tar Don't fail to i , Nainine our large
sfock of Ladles', Gent,' :mil Missy 514,11.:,.
Nov. 13-n:. Wo , rnroul, S VANDOIt:
' a t.. Try our New jAP. TEA. Best in
town. DEcKEI: Vot
The !Oct store is headquarters for
(no L .X.SSW ARE. 1. A PS and LAMP
fixtures, beet goods and lowest rrlrev.
rir Provisions of all kinds, of the best
iallty, at DE..ttmt S i'orctri-t,
tgr Shakespeare complete, E. I'. ttoE's
works Mrs. Mtd.Ml ,. Cew Fore.t House, -
and a large variety of and f 3.00 books for
eentft, at the to tent nova.
or Choice TEAS and . COFFEE - a
pet - laity at DEcKEIC
M" L. B. IlimoEns challenges compe
tition for quality' of goods and low prices on Fish,
doors, Blinds and 31oldiru,s. and :al building ma.
terlal. (Sug2-tf).
ta•t: 30. DEcKEit & vot-Giirs.
only 25r ts, :11)11 I: ACK ET LANTERNS
RI'CIiEVE I. A. NT Elt.Ns t. , .; Cent : , tore. 7
The Laciest, Best and Cheapest
line ;of Shcs for Ladles', C'hlldrens'
wear is Bound at Couskit's new store, corner Maio
and • Pine-sts.„ Tracy St Noble's Block. - apri7B
Cons'En las the best wearing Shoes
tor Men, Boys an_Youths' wear ever offered In
Towanda, and at prices within the reach of. all.
r UNDERWEAR of all kinds, bot
an prices at 59,1 store.
M" A complete Dictionary for 60 cents
and Dollar books forcrb cents, at the 99 Cent Store.
aged lady of experience as a profe.sional nurse de
sires a sllnatlon. The hest ; of reference% given as
to character and ability. Engtore of M r%. MIJI:G N
Lcwl.: or addre. , % E. S. C.. P. tr. Ih.:s Towal l
da, Pa. 0ct16:4w.•
jira) -- - For fine Millinery, first class Hail
Goods, Java auvas,., Gold and Silver tinted Can ,
Board, and Children'A gelfor liatfi, call on Mrs. M
A. FlScher, No.i, Bridge Street. Bleaching ant
sewing over a specialty.
Mr BLUM sells a superior article in
Ladies and 31Isses Kid Goat , Button SHOES for
yery, little money. Slot ,of the Gilt Boot, opposite
rff'For Gent's Fine and C'oarse BOOTS
ko to 'MUM'S. All Ilrts and Shoes warranted as
represented. Sign of the 614 Root, opposlteSee•
ley's. tf
►„s'liessrs. A. .1. INCHES & Co., Ring
hsniton, N. Y.—C7entletnen-1 found tin much n•-
llef from using the sample bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm, for Catarrh, that I purchased three bottles
of large size. which has almost cured we. I-had
suffered from Catarrh for ten years ; at tlniett the,
pain would he tin had that I was obllg - cil;to stay ID':
the house awl send for a ibicttr, I had enttretr
lost a:I sense of smll, The Cream Itales has
worked a miracle for me. I shall persevere In its
use, fur I can couvineed It wilt etreet . a cure.
C. Z.. A LEY, Blugliamtoil, N. Y.
Gam' Various causes—Advancing years,
care, sickness. Itisappointinent. and hereditary
prefilsisvdtion—all operate to torn the hair gray.
and either of them inclines It to shed premature
ly. A VEit's II AIR VIGOR WIII restore faded or
gray. fight and red hair to a rod) brown or deep ,
black. as may he desired. It sifter, sod eloanses
the sealp,:giving It a healthy action. find removes
aid ettres'LLlndrutf and humors. Ily its use falling
hair is checked. and a new growth will he produc
ed in all; eaies where the follicles are not fle'Stroy
-ed or glands fleraved. Its effects_ are heatitifully
shown on !washy, weak; - or sickly hair to which a
few applications will produce the gloss and trestl e !'
nets of youth. Harmless and sore in [l,4ls:ration,
it is incomparable as a dressing, and is especially
valued for the soft lustre and richness of tune it
Imparts. It contains neither oil nor dye, and will
not soil Or color white cambric .yet It lasts' long
on the Itlatr. and keeps it fresh and vigorous. Full
Am RA.-At his home i SheAhequi Octnher 30th,
Capt. Charles H. AIM,. aged evl 'cam,
Mr. .^..str. was born in Orange county, S. Y.,
and removed to this county when 10 years of age.
where he has lived, honored and respected by all
who knew him. In the late war he recruited a
company for the army, which was accepted and
Mustered Into c... 5. service as Co. 111, 17th Penn
sylvahia Cavalry, on (he 21.1 of October, lin; where
be served with credit tilt falling health compelled
hint to resign In May, 1.80, when he returned home.
The disease of which I.e died was contracted in the
line of his tlutyas a soldier. in the severe eLnpalgn
lo,whlidi he was engaged :land Comrade A3IES
now falls out of the ranks as a saerlii,e of .1 Met:est.
lion to his country's best Ittbrust` , . lie was one of
the charter MC:tillers . of Gilmore INe.t.G. A. R.,
of illzier, where lit. has been 3, LIVCI7 Interested in
the prOmOtion of tite good work or the order a::
-long a9..lllshealth Would permit. and he will be
remembei'ed 331rt . tp , 1101 , 41 comrade or the :is•orin
nun. fits funeialWas I . uttlucted under the Inspires
of the G. A. F., 1 ern hls late residence In She
shetwin. Saturday, 'member Ist, and was partici
pated In by mon! ers of his own Punt. and the
organixations front Athens, Wyaltising and ix-
Itar‘Allte. Another soldier gone. May hi; memory
be - fresh and fragrant In every comrade's heart.-
31h,te tia:,lf,.
o tegaL
of sundry *Tits issued - out of the Court or
Common Pleas, and to me directed; I will expels'.
to public sale, at the Court House In Towanda HQ*
OUgh,, 011
FRIRAT, DECEMBER sru, lib, . .
at 1 o'clock, P. IC, the following described proper-
ty, towit: - .. .
No.l, Orie lot of land sittiate in South Creek.
township, iomniled north by lands of Enos Smith,
east by the highway leading from Elmira to Troy.
.so t tst, by lands of J. 11. Cole, and west by lands of
J. F. Gillett; containing about ,ti an acre, mead or
less, all Improved, with I board home, I board t.
ble and' few fruit tress thereon. Seised and t o n
Imo execution at the stilt of P. Wortemlyke,
use at .1. L. Pitt, vs. J. L. Aweigh.. Also at thg
suit of .1. 1.. Pitt vs: J. S. Aineigh. -
No. '2. ALSO--(too other_ let of land, situate to
'Armenia township, bounded north by lands of
Albert Smith, tast . hy, lands of Iturr Wood and oth
ers. south by lands of Leßoy;Cease, and west by
linds of ift , sea Scott and Ifenrk Covert: containing
about ttr, acres, more' or lesk about 15 improved,
with 1 framed house. I framed. barn and au orchard
of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken Into exo.
eutlim at the suit of N.M. Ptimeroy's use vs. F. T.
\h. 3. Al:set-011W other lot of land. situate la
Shcahequiti-township, bounded north by lands of
Addison.lieldieniati, east .hyilatuis et 'Litchi:ism
Kinney, west blithe Susquelisaina river, and on the
south by . lands of Ethan Waikinsi'-containlng 50
acre+, nrore or less, all improved. with I framed
?untie. 1 framed barn and an orchard of fruit trees
'thenken.__ Setzeil and taken-Auto execution at the
suit of W. J. Defpuech vs. C..lsLl,Segar. _,
' No, 4. ALSO—One other 14.6 f land. situate In
-Athens Borough,-described mi folluiva: Beginning
at a point at the intersectiodfuf t. & N. Y. It. R.
lands with Main street; thence south :1 0 40' east
-142 feet along the west side ofi Main street to lands
et Novelty Furniture Works;; thence south 70° an'
west W.) feet along the north Side of said lauds to .
P. & N.Y. It. It. lauds ; thence north 44 5 43' east
216 feet along the P. k N. F. ft, It. lands to place
.or beginning; containing about 16,133 square feet
of toed; alt improved ; no buildings. Seized . and.
talceu Into execution At Use sett of Jos. - 11. Webb,
administratoiof C. F.Welleui - deceased, xs..C. W.
Clapp, ,;
No. 5. ALSO-One other Int. of., land, situate In
Towanda Borough, bounded nOrtir-by Poplar street,
east by iatida now or late'of lILC. Whitake,', south
by Pine , street, and West I,3.Vestern avenue; being
50 feet fruit nu said reptar street and about 140
feet deep, with 1. two-story framed dwelling house,
oiler outbuildings and few (reit trees thermin.
NO. 6. ALSO—One other *of land, situate In
Towanda Borough, bounded north II lands of B.
P. Bowman, east by lands of !leo. W. A riustrodg.
south by poplar street, and west .by other lauds of
M. Ct Wells; being about. 25 feet front on said Pop
lar street and about - It) feet deep, with part of a
two-story fronted dwelling house and few fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution at
the snit of J. P, Kirby and Jas. Wont Vs. Geo. P.
Cash, James Bryant, .has. 51cintyfm, II: C. Wells
and U. S. Pratt. T. Ts.
No. 7. ALSO—One other lnt or land. situate In
Athens Borough, hounded north by the Academy
lot, east by the §uhquellanna river, small by lands
of Fitch St Kinney and Fanny Levett, and west by
Main street I, , tug 14C feet .front utt said Main
street and "I:14 feet deep, all Improved, with few
frult trees thereon.
No. s. Al.s.o—One other lot of rand. innate In
Athens liiirough, boutule4l north by lands of .R, 0.
Smith and Thos. Urainhorn, east by Math street,
south by lands of Caroline Ste - phew, and west by
timing river t beim.: 39 feet front and 310 feet
deep, all improved, with a two-story framed dwell
lug[ house and few frt it trees thereon. • Se!zed and
taken into eseentlut at the suit' or 'rho Athens
Budding and I.rati A - sochttb,n of Athens; l'a.. vs.
4:dward Ilervie. 1
NO. 9:- ALSO—One other Int of land. sirs In
Canton thwnrhip, bounded north by Tr:war:do
c reek. east by lands of B. S. I)artt by the 1111 1k
bighway I t .adiner 11,111 Cll4ioll to Lake Sephawin
and lands of E. " Newanties estate, south by tangxbt
C. M. Brown. and west by Sullivan street and Janda
of ]lanais Porter and it... 1. .IVatts containing
;Moot 71 acres, mores or less. ;dont 57 improved,
With 1 framed Morse, framed hams and sheds
attached, 1 shingle and eider unlit combined and ti
orchards of fruit trees thefeon.
So. 15. A Ltsvi—t othcr lot of land, situate in
rant:O. fonn,hip, houtobol north by lantissof C. S.
Sel tard, 1.3 N( by 1311114 it Victor. Rockwell, south by
laud. tho 1101,1.111 Manley eNtatg i . and west by
lands of .1. 11. Ra n dall and r. Set Gard; containing
anont aeri, 7 more or ;05,5; no Improvenlente.
NO. 11. A other lot of laud. xlTuatrdtn
'autoo.ttot.ugh‘hottiot,tt north by lauds of Mee
on & Ifartranft, east and .outh by lands of C. U.
wwat by highway leadlpg",
from Canton to Lake et t awkn :'containing
of an acre, more or less.useti for a inIII yard: nu
leilblings. 'ttzetiell and tat,ll Into execntion at the
snit Of. James I'OlllllN vs. James Metier. -
N o . 15. At,sii—tine other tot of land. situate In
Towanda Itorough...boundeol . tiorth by Court f•treet,
east and south I,y latolN or .1. It. Frolt, and we-4 by
31alti street ; being. about 32 feet front on Male
.treet, about .it feet deep, with I three-story brink
building thereon, known at o Montatlye's Corner:'
No. If:. A I,St)—a the other lot of land, altrlate in
Towanda Itm , nigh, bounded north by lands of 11.
c. forte r'. cstate. cant by 31011 street, smith by
mr,.1.. A. l'irli11:11. and west by',:econd
street: c, , ntrtinitlir 1 34 . 1 ,- , Mon` Or lens, with targe
framed dwetting 1 framed barn; Other Out.
and few fruit tree , " thereon.
N. 17. A the other lot of land. sltuate • in
Toss:l'l,la Boneofts, ' , mooted mirth by lands of the
l'a, .3: N. Y. Canal Si li. H. Co.. east by the''.tesque
ti.Ool3 river, ',mai by irthtlS of .lohn V. Means. and
west by Wett " being the same rdeee'of land
leaned Lc Moutro,yes to Iretyers
~ e 1,(131,4 takt . ll thro execution at iLe salt of The
Crtirelis Bank of Waverly, N. Y., vs. .1. I). Moo
tanye. '
So. 10: ALSO—fine other lot of land, Situate it/
Wyalusing township, described as follows: Begin
tailing at the corner of Prospect alley awl Jelin
street; then., on the Him iir,satil street south 4J :y 0 •
west reli.irelies to the corner of lot No. lb : thence
3i.inthe line of said lot south 411 0 east 7 perches
to a
~f. 4
. nor of itit No. 11 ; thence on lineiof said lot
north 4 - :ro f. 3 ,1 N perches to 3 rtgliVr On I . ll,,peCt
311 , S : thence along the lino of said alley north 46°
west 7 perches to the place of beginning: rontain.
114'; 35 perches, snore or less. all improved, with I
framed house and few fruit trees thereon. :seized
and taken Into execution at the suit id L. L. Lyon's
no. vs. tied: N. Barton, I. 0. tiverton and Edr% and
Smith. . •
No. 19. A1 . ..501-01m or h er lot of laud, situate In
Warren township, thiscrlbeil as follows : Beginning
at a stake and sicoms in the liiii• of laud of .Myron
Prince, corner of .lames Kinne3 - *0 land.; thence
south SS° west 32 perrims I thence south 24° east
117 perches to the Lukens' lbw; thence along the
same north SG° east s", porches to a corner of
.13illeS Kinney's latol : thence along said liiitney's
land 117 perches to ;he place of ' beginning : con
taining 25!.. acres. more or less, anti being the s'imt.;
laud knight of said party of the first part April 12,
1.47, of Clark C. Itusseit and wife. -
No. 20. A 1,04.) s•-rint. other lot of land, situate In
Warren townshin. described as follows: Beginning.
at northwest corner of bit ; thence north Ss ..,° cast
by lands of I'. Kinney (above described Jot) 102
roils to corner: limner south 2'io WVIII. IN.) nobs to
corner of lots Nio. 7, s and too( Lithens'lmid ;
thence south 0..i,. ° west as. ng tot No. , 102 r o ds t o
corner of lots Nos. to, 11 audith; theticit along 11110
of lot No. 11 ISO rods to a ciorner the 046 uf be
ginning : Coln:titling 115 acres, More or lets, and
being 1M Nd. 9 of the Luken land. in Warren town
ship afOrt,3l4l : 51.”051 SS acres Iltiprovetl:l framed
!must% t framed barn and au orchard 4f fruit trees
thereon. :Seized and taken inn: execution at the
snit of N. C. Eishree cc. 31ichael ilann3ll.
No. 21. ALSti—tthe other lot .f land. situate In
Wyalu•ing'rthed as ft . ..bows: Begin
ning, at a corner on lands lielouginggo A. Yee and
lulls road running from the pubq rOad In front
of A. Pee and A. running along on - high
hack opposite thy pnblic bridge across the. IVyalii
,lng creek tothe State road;•tnence running along
the line of , aid road south as° west perches to a corner on the line of sane running front said
road to a street called Cliurell street: thence along
the ilue of said lane north as° nest Ih'rt`tit•A to a
, tone eorrier a.iJeinfng ;and ludniiging t o B. De.
rew: thence iil•ing Lunt ..r it. and.ktp Door north
s."''cast II perch, , to, a stone cornet' on land or - .1,
1)..1.,• :mit A. Fee thence along theh iine of
Fe, ea,t 01.•rciers ticthe ptaCe of begin
ning: containing 04 1”111 . 11e,, st ilertheastire, all ten,
proton. nit!. I framed house andlot of fruit trees
thereon. •
N. S 9. ALSO— other lot of land. ,Ituate In
valuslog toe nship. di-scribed a follows: Begin
;dog on the Ins e.terhi- side of Front ,street In
toe villags of Wyalusing.- at a corner of 'a lot sont
by the amore name.! Joseiih Gaylord to Simeon S.
Its - own: thence tiy the said lot south 31 0 east 3 &ID
perches to the line of kirhige stroet : thence along
said street II porches to a rimier; thence north 34°
west 8-10 of * petch to a - corner of AJolrso; Fee's
land: thence CI, the line of Front s:n•et southi 57°
a se .,l peiehes to the rldee of beginning: con.
21l.i.hetehvs, more or leSs., all Improved; no
buildings. betted and taken Intil execution at the
suit lit v-4. John-Lynch.
...... ...
No. 23 A I.s6—ltefeintanrs one•lialf interest In
one other lot , piece or 'parcel of land, situate hi
Canttin llorongli..deserthed as follows: Beginning
at the north end of the dam: thetitte.easteris paral
lel-with Mill creek to a post dirfictly north of the
eat ,. at tW: entrance of the race lending to the grist
toill ; thence nth to the north bluk of Mill cre e k
at high. water mark thence wtisterly along the
bank of Saud creek to•the dam : thenCe along said
dam to the place of beginning: yontaitilng about
t , an acre. more or less. together With the privilege
of keeping np the dam for mill pUrpwais, but not
to raise the water ,so high as to Injure the mill.
property above on ssill streault,se3eming the rights
reseryed by Elliss Rockwell in dite.: to N, S, Lent
mar h'to tun' the water from salt dam for the use
of the mlll. when blot neetfed for use by the
parties otir , tiiiving the above described premises.
• No. 21. Ai:so—lbw other lot of land, situate in
Canton townshlP, described as follows:
at a post and states the northeast - Icor:ler of a lot of
land now owned by N. Smith: thews. south fs°
I.ast, ilt 5-10 rods to a mist : pieneir south 2° west
21; lit:Vehris to a rist and stoles itti the north bank
of infr'veanda cree k; Attenet , by sailte course to the
centre of- said creek: thence irif said creek as it
now` runs liv Its several ciairscS and distaneel, to
Fontlicasi corner of . said lotalltsr owned by' N.
StnVit: thine° north S° oast ;21.1 perches to the
plarte of Istgimillig ; contalningl7s acres, topic or
tons, all improved. with 1 Framed t '"tined
deans and sheds, i corwhouse, t bugs
awl an orchard of fruit trees the
No. 23. ALSO Defendants'
other Or tialcol of
yaidon Borouglwdesct weil as fu ning
at the southeast corner of a tot terly
owtirl by .1. K. !seems; thence' it 113
feet to the ben ire of Towaw ence
-north ;71 ' a ° east,l•l7 feet to the I died
by \V. J_ tthelps : thence north IS° west 87 feet to
the northwest cortter.of said pliftliist lot ; thence
berth 71° east 32 feet to said Phelps' nortiMhst cur
lier t thence north ill.' weal 11:0 feet to a corm r iii
Joseph Beaman's land: the nee SO° west along
said . tit line hi feet to the west line or
land furnierly owned by C. A. Krike . th ence south
2' t ° wiot 12.1 feet to the place of •Leginnitig ; con
talning7la an acre, more or less,' .with 2. framed
store butlillngs, hotel stand, 1 fr:baed•barti, other
outbuildings and, fesastrult - trlies theicon.
No. 24, ALSOo-Ctne otherlitt of land. situate In.
Canton ItorougN bounded north icy lands of Mrs.
Si. 1.7-. White, eakt I.kci•at re street. west by Troy
street, and watt] he lands of Sarnuel . Oweri and lot
of presbyteliati Chits - eh: , containing at out l'acie,
more or less. with I framed house. I framed barn,
other outbuilding's and few fruit and oritainental
tre e s thereon. SCircil awl taken into execution at
the suit of W, S. Newman vs. dames F.. Fox, exec
utor of ,fame's Fos. deceased.,
:No. 27. A LS , other lot of land, situate In
Towanda liorongli, hougded smith hp lot sold to N.
Ilvown, east by Fourl'h street. north ttya lot sold .
tit Mrs. Shipman. and west by an &Vey of 12 feet
whenever opened by John F. Means; said alley be
ing half •way front rioirth to Fifth street; said
lot tieing ail feet wide. Ms said alley,' with ^ framed
hoates,.outbnlldings till fruit tree.sthered . n. Being
the Salllo piece of land :conveyed Mos
erip and wife te'Atidreer,.l. Noble, by decd dated
1572„ and recorded in dt4iti boolt,No. 132,
at page .4l".th
Ai .Sl.l—tlite,. ratter lot of land, situate In
Towanda ibtroutt:ll, tidst.tribed as i follites:
• ?dog al Mc centre 4 ,4 a lane on line ,01. Francis
Walts*lacd; thence by the sato , .ti I t ; s uits , West
1175 Ste feet to a turner: thence by the garlic north'
13° westfr.-7:feet lii :Scorner or Joseph ptiwell's land:
thewe t.y i$ t t Itowell's line north.7o cast 1112
Slim {Oct. to'saill Joseph Towe'l's southeast eidner
the ro e by land of Inertidi arid Bettssouth 17° east.
2.17 to contalning 7 aeres
and t 42 nerehes. more or less. all butiroved. with a
ft. ;turd house 3,11 few - fruit trees thereon. Being
the same piece of land conveyed by M. thereon.`
awl wife ...ktulrew .T. Noble. Ity deed dated Aug,
9. Isfs, and reeerded in deed 1.k.0k No, 117, at jingo
295. ae.
.11.?.iii—tine °vier lot or land, sitilkie It,
Towanda borough, described as follows: 4eglp
lAN; on the east side of Main stteet ou 11th north-
east corner of the Mt of James Mackluson thence
eastwardly along his north line 113 fi-et,
,more or
less, to an alley between this lot and the land of
the- Barclay Cad Company;- Ciente northwardly
Along said Atli/ 70--feet, more or less, to the south
llue.ot a lot formerly owned by 11r. H. C. Porter;
thence westwardly along south line of said Porter
lot 113 feet, more or less, to the east side of Main
Stress aforesaid; thence soutbwardly 70 feet, inure
or less, to the place of beginning. ;with I large
frameddweiting house, 1 framed barn, other out
buildings and few fruit trees thereon. Being samo
piece of, land conveyed by the Trustees of the first
Presbyterian Church of Towanda to 'Andrew .1.
Noble, by deed dated May 10, 1571, and mcorded
lu deed book No s 100, at lege 50, die. ,
No. 30. ALS.the otherlot of land, situate In
ITowande Borough. bounded northi by lands 'of
Marla C. Monty, east by Western avenue, south by
lands of John P. Means, and west by lands of Joh
Morley ; being atsout 76 feet front on said Western
,avenue and about 160 feet deep, With 1 to-story
trained dwelling house thereon. Seized and taken
Into execution at tbo suit of E. L. B. Curtis Ts, A.
J. Noble:
No. 31. ALSO—One other lot of land, alt*i&t in
Athens township. described aS follows: Beginning
,at corner of a lot deeded by Cyrus
Warford •toF. A. Boot; thence nth 843' 0 east
130 feet to the west side of Warlo treet (it being
a street 50 feet wide and connecting , 'ortherly with ,
Bradford street) ; *thence north Vito east gong tts , ,l
western line SO feet; thence north 4410 west CM/
feet to Theodore F.4 l hipman's northeast corner;
g in
thence south 2.36° west , on his east tine 50 feet
to the place of beginning;- contain' - a,OOO Square
feet of lair withwise and few
fruit tree thereon. the Seized and taken HILO execu
tion at t e suit of The Bradford Loan and Build,
.tog Association of Athena Toirnship 'vs. George
Bevies. Also at suit of l'hebe.F , . Harsh vs. same.
No. r t . ALSo—one other lot of land.-situate in
Athens township, described as follows: Beginning.
at the northwest corner of Desmond and F.leventis
streets, and running thence westerly along Elev
enth street 150 feet to e corner; thence northerly
and parallel with Desmond nreet to feet to a cur.
ner; tbeacecastorly at a right angle with Desmond
street 150 feet to the rest line of said street; thence
southerly along said street to the place of begin.
fling; reserving therefrom for highway purposes
4 feet in width along the front 0f,...5a1d lot parallel
with Said Desmond street. Coniprlßlng the land
conveyed by. Nathaniel B. Iteei•isto 'Mary Reeves,
by de4ll dated February 6, 1475, and recorded In
deed book 131. page 4SO ; 1 Darned building used
for - drug store and dwelling house and 1 trained
ham thereon:. Seized Ind taken into execution at
the suit of The Bradford Loan and Blitldlng Asso.
elation of Athens Township vs. Mary Reeves and
David. A. Reeves. ' .
No. 3a. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
We.t. Burlington township, bounded Worth by lands
of Enoch Blackwell, east by other lands of F. L.
Stanton, south by lands of 1% to. McKean, and west
by the public highway ; containing 50 acres, more
or less. about 45 laiprovea, with I framed house, 1
framed barn with 'sheds attached, I framed C - 6111-
house - and an orchard of fruit trees thereon. Seized
and taken imo execution at the stilt of Mrs. Ida
Campbell vs. F. L. Stanton.
N 0.31. ALSO—tine other lot of land, sttuate In
West Burlington township, boUnded north bylanns
of Sevellan Ballard, east by lands of B. L. Rock
well, with by lands of Widow Vruyne, and west
by other lands of F. L. Stanton and Enoch !Slack-
Well ; conneming GO acres. more rlr less, abolit
improved: no building,. seized and taken into
ffi=E=M lIIMMB=ME!
No. xi. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
Litchfield township, bounded north 'by lauds of
Hawkins, east by the Sletbodist Parsonage lot,
south and west by the public highway; containing'
'.. , s an acre, more or les.S, all Tmproyed, with
framed house, I framed wagon shop, I framed liana
and few fruit trees thereon. gfetiell and taken Into
i t
execution_at the suit of lelin Core ;11, administrator
of M. W. Co w ell, deceased, vs. . lf. Ghblo.
!co. 85. ALSO—One other lot ,f land. situate in
Tu.earora township . bounded n rth by the public
highway le:Whig front *Demi, tWyalustbg, south
by lands of A.. 1. Taylor, and w tby lands of Wur.
Coburn ; containing ti'i acres, more or less, all im
proved. with I framed house, I framed barn and au
orchard of fruit tress thereon. SAzed and taken
Into executilm at the suit of W. A. Ilenneti, now
to use - of Stephen Gorham. %o. W Elliott. - •
No. 37. ALSO—trae, other lot of land. situate in
South WaverlySorougb; bounded east by Pennsyl
vania avenue, north by, lands of Partial (tuick,
west and south by lands Of 1). L. F: (lark being .
sit feet front on mid Pennsylvania avenue 'and
111 Idn feet deep. It being lot No. IV and part of
lot. N0..12. in bloek
,No. 10. on map of D. L. F.
extension of South , Waverly, made by 7..
F. Walker. with 1 framed dtveillng house thereon..
Seized and taken intoextention at the ..Ult of The
Bradford Loan and Building Association of A t buns
TownNfilp vs..l. F., Shoemaker.
:Vs.'—Oue other lot of land, situate in
Wy , ox township, bounded n..rth by lands of V. E.:
and J. E. "Monet, east by lands_of d, E. , and V. E.
Pionet and Joseph Conklin, smith by Wysox creek - ,
and wc,t by lands of V. E. and J. E. Plotlet : con
taining - about 99 acres. and 1 0 3 perches of Jail&
Ileing the fart on Wysovcreek'ktionn as the A.
.1. Noble farms; reserving and excepting. however,
tenjandn I)3er. and also pscres and 115 perches
old to Henry nest to said Conklin's
land. and osittifect alto to - tlit , right pf way of V. E.
PM)let ton and acros. the sante uli tb, to.a lot
lately owned loy lielo.. S. StrApe: anol,reseirtrog also
the hots contracted or sold to t,aa Martin, C. S.
Eversom and wilt.. E. S. lions. (Ital. Martin, Ben
jamin Dyer and 11,, Yaw Tor Moody. Burka', & Co.)
luentbAned lots being about 17 avers, more'or less,
uh.,ut,7o iluorovetiL with 1 framed house, 1 framed
harry and an orchard of fruit trees thereon. Sized
itnci taken Into execution at the suit of A.J.
to 11.,e. of A. 0. Notvlv•. It. L. Scott, S. S. 'Pierce,
Philip Seelvich and A siioden, 'vs.- Wm. 310 scrip
and MoserlP.
No. 39. ibuotiler lOt of land. situate In
Mout", towtithlp, hot nvlud north by lauds of Sam
uel Lyon, Benjamin Northrop, Eliot Wilcox, Wu].
Jameson auMlNolson Illtvert .• 'east by lauds of It.
W. 'Judge. south by lands of William and Clarente
Kellogg and Mrs), )drier. and west by lands of G.
Y. Mason's estat4 AV Benjamin Northrop: con
tahttng fineeethal(l.oo) acres of laud, more or
less. al mt •2:30 Improved. with A (ruined houses., 1
I rim - , boost. t water, tr4wer saw mill and Mill fix
tures, I framed bulll Ing erected for a steam saw
111 il I. and ' 4 orchards f fruit trees thereon. Being
the same land purchased be 11. R. Blackman at
Sheriff's-sate, pecember 7. 1 7 47: deed'recorded Ifi
Treasurers and sherirrs deed book No, S. page S 2.
&n. Seized and taken into execution at the suit of
N. N. Betts, jr.. and Win. Mix sa. D. It. Black
man. -
No. M. ALSO--Oneaher lot of land.situate in
Towanda town:hip, deceribect as follows: Begin
ning ma the corner of Mason and Centre streets as
contained arid descritred in G. F. Mason's plot and.
survey bf South Towanda, and running pence
south 7511 0 east along the line of said Mason street
170 feet ton cbrner ; thence south IC.° west along
line of an alley 54 feet-to a corner; thence north
7571! , wc-Xt 150 fret to corner of line of said Centre
street; thence 'north 145( 3 east along I Ine-of call
Centre- street 55 feet to the place of beginning , :
being lot No. 77 or said sji.lion' z r plot and survey of
South Towanda. Seized and taken Into execUtiou
at the suit of Irene Mason's use vs. Ewr.l. Crooke.
No, 41. ALSO—One other-lot of laud, situate in
Athens township. !sounded north by the public
highway, cast, Sriuth and west by lands t
flayder, : containing of an acre, more or ess, all
improved. with I brick honse thereon. Slt an I
taken Into 'execution at the 'suit of Th B d o
Loan and Building Association vs. Juttu y
Also at suit of same vs, 'lame
42.- ALSO—One other lot orlatia, sit to In
toivoship, bounded north by lands of Martin
McAllister and S. W. Stevens, east' by lands of
Mrs. Wm. Jones and A. B. Jones, south by lands
rallb Nurss, and west by the public highway
leading from Stevensville to State road: enntalning
li: acres and 40 rods of land, more or less, all itn—
proved. with 1 framed house and othermitbulidings
theteOn. Seized and taken into e,zetution at the
snit of,lohn Litychard, administrator, vs: Henry
Sherman. i
PETEWJ. DEq. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Ottict, , Towanda. b0v.,12, I,S 9.
Don. r VI: 11. MoitiolW. l'reOdt Judge of
the 13th Judicial consistirg of the county'
of Bradford, has Issued his precept' bearing date
the nth day of September, 1579. to me directed. ffr
holding .a Court of flyer and Terminer, Lienenif:
.tail Delivery. Quarter Session of the Peace, Coin
nionlMias and _Orphan's quirt at Towanda. for
the county of r rad ford, commencing on Monday,
DECF.NtiIEft 15T, 1575, to continue three weeks.
liciitice in therefore hereby given to the COTI/IlerS
and Justices of the Pene6 of the county'of Brad
ford, that they be then ,arid there in their proper
porsiins. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of [ said day,
with tecords. Inquisitions mid other remembrances
to do those Wing. which to Weir office appertain.
to be done : and those who are Nunn! recognis
zances is otherivive, to prericcute against the iiriso.
ners wilt. are or may be in the Jail of said-comity,
are to be then and there to prosecute against them
as shall be Oust:* Jurors are requested to be mule
mai in their attendance: agreeably to their notice.
Dated at Towanda, the i9tit day of,November, in the
year of our Lord one Aliousand eight hundred
and 'weentydlino. and of the Inderiendonee of
the r-nited States one hundred and third.
PE T .DE N sber tff
TRIAL LlST.—December Term,
MT 4,
John C'hilson vs E %V Deriter appeal
Danhil Hensley vs Chas E Noble Issue
Na Davidson's ear vs .1 Leroy Corbin asset
J.oep i Towner vs It W Lane.— eject
Shaw & Co vs Andrew .1 Layton, trespass
Cold ing & Russell vs Towanda- Boro S Dtst...cle lit
Pit ix Life Lis Co vs 11 A Burbank et at ..scl fa
..lackson - lx vs SVtn Whitney treSI.:I,'SS
Seth Doane's admr vs C W Doane . Dover
Weller & Ellis vs DeiMis McMabon's admr..asspt
Sll Farnsworth sJ Cobb .issue
1) C Dewitt vs The Schrader Coal q'o trespass
Sarah Jordan vo yUve Fox Elliott issue
F 1: Paimerrs Eugene Keeler appeal
Harrison Black vs Niratu A Mack ' eject ,
Win NI Keeler vs Barrett 11 Eerier ..a.spt_
Andrew Pratt vs John Smiley • appeal
.1 P Horton vs Bold Bennett, et al . IsSid.
J .1 Thompson vi Sr' 11 Dunlap Mg
C W Clapp v. Jno W llMleuback, et al....trespass
'Wm M Platt vs 'Charlotte Wards ex rs. asap[
Lydia Lewis' use i- I'eleg Peek's ezrs.„ isspt
Margaret U Rltne's use se isavid Luther; et al_ trey
.10 , 01 Davis rx B Lacey McA Lei! asset
ys William Braghe... .... .. ap,mal
S Kirby vs H C Carpenter • eject
Arthur Cunningham vs It .1 liousekeurht.trespavi
Cornelia Turk's ailinr vs .1 Turk RCI. fa
Alexander Ennis vs .1 N' Cole appeal
A V Snyder vs ti S Ackley -, appeal
' Edward Overton's admr vs John Conmey '
Frog's Sons vs Federal Ins Cu., asset Elizabeth Drake, et al., use vs S II Fanifwortlt.ep.rt
Brad L & B Ass Athens vs F A Boot , . '14 . 1 fa
D It Walker. et al vs l'a Si ~1 Y R It Co..s.. , .eject
it C liollon vs Elhanan Smith apoeal
Win M Mallory V.l Jas T Chick, et a1......part1i ion
J 4.' Blum vs Andrev.l Layton trespass
C A Ileavenur vl,David Ileavenor's ear . . ..... assm .
J B Bradlee vs Alonzo II ill:it al • eject
AI Cunning - ham vs David Whipple
Brad II & I. Ass vs Nathaniel It Beeves set .fa
Daniel Laggers vs Lewis Biles, et al itrespaSs
Win ft} Barnes vs Win May trespass
II tram Iturton's ink‘A's Exastlis Shepard. _set fa
do do do do
. . do . 'do . do
II 111ngbani vs James MeCrre)sen ,
Catharine .1) Lefger vv Win Letter, et al
I. F tliietehins vs Wm Gardner
Subrioenas, Seennd Week, returnable on l‘itinda'y,
l'secettiber rs 1'879, at 2 P. M.; gulopoeua% Third
We. , k, returnable on Monday, I)ecetnber la, 11179,
at 2 r. x. , _
Towanda. Ps.,. Nov. 1•:::.5n79
N BANKEurrev.—ln the 1)k
-frfri court of the United States, for the. Wpst
ern District of Pennsylvania. In the matter. of
.I.,tin .1. t;rlffiths, Ilaulttnpt, Western District of
The - 1 len crediters will take notice that the un
dersigned. Bankruptcy in said Dis
trict. will 51t auditor on SATICRIIiAI - the
15th day of St PVEMBER, A. D., 1579, at. 10
e'riock-, t. m., at his : office In the borough of To
wanda.. to distribute the funds arising from the
assignee's sale of bankrutit's real estate, when and
where all persons haring ;claims against said fund
111114 present them or be forever deparn.d from
corning Ili 111 , 011 S:11,1
.It. A. MEgl:Ult, Register in Bankruptiy
Towanda, Pa., Nov. -2w
GE0.31 - . RI. kCKMAN,
of auudry writs Issued out of the Omit of Com
mon Pleas of Bradford County and to we directed,
will iizpose to puldic "ale at the Court House In
Towanda, htt
• • FiIIDAT, IiOVE.MBER l'Aru, 1870,
at Errelock,. P. M., the following described proper
ty, to wit: ' • .
No.• I. One lot of bind situate In Sbesheinin
township, bounded and described 'as follows:. Be-
ginning at tt post the, southeast corner.of lot see to
Peter Brooks on the Atop thence south 1* west 100
perches to a poet for a c orner; thence north 32°
east 166 perches to a post; thence north f* east 100
perches to a poet; thence south 89 0 east 166 perches
to the place of beginning; containing 103 acres 120
perches of land, more or less tit b lug the whole
of lot No. 52 , the same as conve ' d by Baron C.
DeCater and Earnes t Delimiter by heir attdiney
In fact, Burton Kingsbury, by deed dated Decem-
her 6, lsak awl recorded Indeed book 73. page 236,
kte.), about 30 acres Improved. with I board house,
.1 , harn• anq few fruit Trees thereon. • :felted and
taken Into execution at the butt of Wm. E. Letfleg
-well vs.:John J. :fewer. ' •
No: 2., ALSO-00e other lot of land, situate' in'
Overton' township, bounded and described 'as fol-
lows: Beginning at a corner of Henry Sherman's.
estate : thence south 4 rods to a corner and street ;
lberiee west slung said _street:di) rods to corner;
thence north. 4 rode along lands.of J. 3. Hannon to
.cOrner..l thence east 10 rods siting lands of Henry
tiherman's estate to the joao of, beginning ; con
taining ;I of an acre of _find, store or less, all im-
Moved. nelzed.and takenlntnezeeutton at the cult
at F. lielehemer vo. rerry.(i. Eply.
No. a. A I.Btr-Oile other lot of land, situate, In
Springfield township, bounded north -by lands of
. sforris Brown and A. 1/unbac, east by lands of
oho Huggins and Wm. Lane, south by lands of
Huggins and Andrus' ljubert, and west by
ands of Lyman Crandall and A.-Doinbar; contain
ing tth acr.4 of -find, more-or less, about 50 SM.
proved, wit - fell framed house,,, : 2 framed barns; I
framed gratia l ry and an orchard of . frult trees there-
on. Seized and taken Into execution at the,sult of
Ponlerok's use vs. William Montanye.
ALSO,-fine other lot of land. situate in
Springfield township, •bo!ihdcd • north by lands of
John Sargtanttuid S. B. Aspinwall, east by Lando(
Ituesell yount.'sauth try laiids of•E. Po l larrol, and
west by lands of Lafayette Leonard arid4olin Sat
grant; rontalnlng Mr acres of land, more or less,
about 25 Improved.. with 1-framed house thereon.
Seized and taken, Into exeeution.,at the suit of
James C: Sargeant vs. Henry l'atterson.
tip. S. ALSO—One other lot of land, sltuaie In
Springfield township, bounded norttr by the public
highway„ east by lands of Calvin Woodruff. south
by iands'of Herrick Gates, and west by lands of,
Harry or Derrick containing n acres of
land, more or 'less, atsiut 15 improved, with
framethouse, I framed barn and an orchard of
fruit t thereon. - Seized taken into execu
tion at the suit of. Sylvanns Van Buskirk's-admin
istrator vs. Job Lewis. Also at suit of same vs,-
No. 6. ALS,O—One other lOt of land. situate In
"Windham township, hounded north by lands, of E.
J. SRAler, east by lauds of ?Syron Nichols, south
pc lands of : Ezra 'Ceylon's, and west by the public
'highway; contalulug.Bo acres of land, wore or less,
abut 6i improved, wills 1 framed house, 1 framed
barn. 1 framed horse-barn, I granary, other
and an orchard of fruit, trees thereon.
Selzed'and taken into execution at the -suitor Hen
ry Gibbs vs. Benjamin Gleason.
No. 7. ALSO—One-other lot f land, situate In
P.ltigbury township, - bounded -north by lands of
George and Daniel Chambers, east 'by lands- for
merly owned by JOhn Hurleyhan, south by lands of
Widow if urley and lands formerly owned by Tim
Desmointond weld by John Chambers: containing
1(.1) acres of land, more or less; about 75 Improved,'
with 1 frayed house; I framed barn and an orchard
of fruit trees thereon. ' -
No. 8. ALSO—One' other lot of land, situate In .
Itidgbury township,_ bounded north by lands of
George 'Chambers. east by lands of James McAsey"
'and Anthony-Allen, and south by lands of Dennis
rUounelt, and west by lauds formerly owned by
John If orleybac and George Chambers; containing
:10 acres of land, more or less, about 25 improved,
with 1 framed house, 1 old log house and an orchard
of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken into exe
cution at the-suit of 11. Webb, administrator of
Iterry Boit, Oeceasek vs. Morris O'Connell.l.l
No. 0. ALSO—One other lot of laud, situate hi
Asylum tosvuzhip, bounded mirth by,lands okSam-.
net Kellum, 'east by lands of Joel Stevens,. oath,
and west by the pubric , highway leading' Min Ste..
vent' ferry to Wm. E. Storrs': contalniur 1 acreof
laud, more or less, all improved,' with 1 framed
brise, 1 framed - barn-and an orchard of fruit tre6
thereon. Seized and taken into execution at the
suit of J.ll. Chaapel and Jane Coles use vs. filter
_McCracken. ' . ,
No. 10. ALSO—aloe other lot of - land, situate in
Athens township, bonneted north'. by lands of Ed
ward LambeFisou-anil L. F. Clark, em i t by the
public highway and lands of - Jacob A. Weler, west
by lands of Michael McCarl and Joseph Hoyt, and
south by.lands of the Wl!Baton estate: containing
ca-acres of land, more or,less, mostly improved.
wt4h I framed house. I .flamed barn, 1 trained
slaughter-house, 1 'framed hog and hen:house. 1
framed corn-house and grahrtry atid °yeti:ll4ls of
fruit trees, thereon: 'Seizeil and taken Into execu
tion at the Suit of A. C. F.lshree's use vs. Charles
No. 11. Al . ..SW—One other lot of land, situate In
‘ West Burlington township. bounded north by pub
lie highway tending from Troy to Burlington, east
by Cant ot tieorge'W.4:o iard. south by land of It.
11. Waid, and'west by the public higoway leading
fiont,said highway to Rockwell's Mills; containing
about I,UOO square feet of land, store or leas, all int
-proreil;' I -trained shop and I (rained house thereon.'
;seized and taken into execution at the suit of New
ell At Pomeroy, to use of N.M. Pomeroy, vs. 5.1 M.
No.-12. ALSO—t'ne. other lot of land, situate In
Asylum township; lioubiled north by lands of. Ben
jamin Mingo(, east .by lands of IL L-Scott, south
'and west by lands of.lieujainin ?lingo"; containing
45 acres of laud, more or less; nearly all improved.
with f trained house, 1 large"franied barn, one-half
of a framed barn, one-half of a cOrn‘holisr, other
outbuiplitirs and an Orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit of Eliz
abeth Kipp. to use of B. li. Holler, vs. Perry Kipp.
' No. I:l—Al.sii---One oilier lot of land. situate in
Tow suds Borough; boUnded and described a.s fol
lows ,lteginning at a corner of a lane oir the west
side of Main street. about 20 feet south of a-loffor
inerly owned by Perrin Wells ; thence westerlypn
a parallel line withsalil Weds lot to the eeutre of
an alley, which alley being half way from Matti
street to Second street; thence southerly along the
centre of said alley folk sold by .1. F. Means and
wife to Robert ?felntosti ; thence easterly along
salt! Melittosh ilne to the west side of Milli street ;
thence northerly along said line of Main Street 115
place of beginning.; being about 140 feet front on
said Main street' and about 15n feet deeii, with 1-
two-story framed building thi.reon. Being the
same Pier(' orland deeded by J. F. Means and wife
to J. W. Means, by deed dated April 1. and
recorded in deed book No. 129, at Page IQ6. Selied
and takeuAnto execution at, the suit of Brown,
Brothers vs..l.- A", Means,
'No. 14. ALSO—line other lot of land,
Weliitorrn,hip, bounded north 1,7 lands of Horace -
Griswold and Levi Biker. east by lands of ,Witilain
Itelyea and ielthain, south 11 7 lands of. 'Awl:.
Leonard and Joseph Gale, apd west by' lands of
lemtplt gale. 1,. Swazer :and' llorace tirlswold
rout:doing 107 acres or land, more or less, aho4t
nl owed; with 4 houses, '3 hams and•an orchard of
milt trees thereon. Selred — ard taken Into execu
tion at the soft of Elhanan zitulth and E: L. Hillis
es.Selah Wirkhata.
, No. 15. A 1.5. , 7 -015e- ptfier lot of land, situate In
Noith Towanda township. bsunded and desc 'riftedt
as follows: Beginning at the•northeast corniTof
laud= of W. Barnes In the line the lands
M. Manville;
.therice along the line of said Maniill4
north 27 0 :30r west 199 7-10 perches to a stake and
stuties for a cornet; thence south fir 30' west 6a
pore lies to a,eornCilnthe line of Martin McCauley:
thence :dong the line .1f said McCaulev.and John
and Thomas Regan 26° 26' east ISO perelies to the
.northwest corner of said William Barnes' lo , foi a
'corner; thence•north 6:. 2 30 , east 68 perches.l9 the
place`of beginning containing 65 acres of
strict measure,about 8 or 10 fmproved; nobuildtfdgs,
• Set7ell and taken into execution at the ;tilt of Wm.
81c8loran vs, Edward Soper.
No. I:. ALSO--One other lot of land, situate In
Athens Borough, bounded:. north by land of G. L.
Ea::,tabrook and others, east by Ilatti'str,:rt,sapth
lir , - land of the estate of C. F. Welles, deeeaSed,
and West by land of CheAter Park ; being 42 feet
fronton said Main street and 100 feet deep. Being
the sante piece of land conveyed to said party of
the first part by Edward Herrick. administrator of
the estate of dehp Sattmarsh, deceased. . .•
No. Is.. ALSO—Otie other lot of land, situate in
Athens Borough, bounded and desert bed as fob rows:
Three lie on Bridge street (being lots Nos. 247,
24s a n d 210); being 40 feet fronfon Bridge street.
and rutin litg south 110 feet each on a plot .er plan Orson Rickey for E. Herrick, atid'record
'ed in Bradford County . Commen Pleas, be the,same
More or less: "Seized and 'Liken Into execution it
the suit ',if The Bradford Loan am, Building Asso
ciation of Athens Township vs. Win. Klif.
No. 19, ALSO--one other lot of land, situate In
Wilma township. bounded and described as fol-s,
lows Commencing In the middle of Sugar Bun as
witnessed by a ItutienWood; thence up creek south
24° west 12 perches to hemlock : :thence north 75*
west 2. perches to dr; hemlock"; -thence north 3 0
east 51: - perchesto thence south 2.1° east
Si perches to the place of beginning : containing 5
acres of land. More or less, shout 3 Improved. with
few fruit trees thereon: Seized .and taken into
execution at the suit of the Couindssioners of
toot Township vs. William Winslow.
, No. 2n. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate t,
Canton Borough. bounded add described as fob
lows; Beginning at the northeast corner of lot No.
SS; thence easterly along the line of said lot No. 56
tind,lot No. 57, 167 feet, more or leis, to the ,corlr
orDivislon street ; thence northerly along the re -
Ire of said street 225 feet, more or less, to the centre
of Casson street ; thence westerly along the centre
of Casson street 107 fret to the northeast corner of
lot No: On ;Abetter , southerly along the !hie of paid
• lot NJ: SO 212 feet toltie place of heginning, be the
same more or less; losing the saine!lots No. 51 and
50 as labd down on the vlll.ige plot of Canton made '
by u , 1). W. C. Orcutt for lilngsletry. Newtnan
.4 Co., with 1 steno, planing-mill. with all machin
ery and fixtures belonging thereto. 1 storehouse,
-lumber sheds and 1 trained-barn thereon, 'Seized
;and taken into execution at the suit of Elias C.
-Seymour vs. Jerome E. Seymour and S. J. Hickbit,
No. 21. AISO--One other lot, piece or parcel
of .. land, situate 'ln the village .of Fayre,s
Athens township, bounded.north by lands of How
' aril Elmer Co.. east by the ptiblie highway, south
by lands of Lavtd Reeves, and west by an alley
icing 100 feet front on said public highway. and 150
' feet deep, with 1 framed building two stocietthigh,
used .for two stores, and 1 framed twe.story ,build,
ing used for one store, and I framed barn thereon.
No. V.. ALSo,—Oue other lot, piece or, parcel
of land, situate in the village, of I Sa,lre ,
['Athens township. founded north by lands of how.
and Elmer k. Co., cast by the public highway,
ninth by lands ef William Ellis. and west by an
alley; being 100 feet front and 150 feet deep, with.
2 framed dwelling houses thereon. Seized and
taken. into execution at the suit of Samuel Stunt
vs. Adonljah Hunt.
NO. 23. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
North Towanda township, bounded and described
as follows: Beginning at C. E. White's southeast
corner on lands of Filtzgerald : thence along
hinds of C. E. White 11 perches to James Street";
thence' along James street 13 perldtes to lambi of
Frederick T. Leventrorth; thence slag said Lev,
enworth's land It perches to lands of Fitzger
aid: thence along said Fitzgerald's land 13 perches
Oeplace of beginning; containlng 143 perches of
land, retire erten.% *ll ,improv ed, with I framed
house end few fruit trees thereon; Seized and
„taken Into execution at the'suit et Moses Walton
vs. Pevellum Buss.
N 0.24. Atiio---One other lot of- land, situate in
West Burlington. township,l bounded north by
lands of Eilwaisl Swain, east by land% of Jefferson
Henry, south- by lands of, Gorton Swain. and west
by lands of Job- tiforley : containing, 40 acres of
land. more or less,, all
) iimpivved; • with 1 board
shanty. 1 franird barn. 1' framed dtorie-brrn,
trained hay-barn, other eitHeilldings mid an oreli-•
ant of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken into
execution at ting suit of Estella Swalne, trustee. Vs._
Curtis T. Swalnd mei Edward Swathe, 'l' T. -
No. 25. A 7 —One other lot of land, situate In
Towattua too:whip, Wielded and described follows:
Bet:tuning at the northeast corner of Claverlettlot,
No. 67-; thence south 200,e35t 118 perches Ida post
and stones corner; thence south 60° I perch to
a corner ; thence south 70 west 30 perches to *cots.
tier : thence south TO° east 54 540 perches`tO a cor
ner; thence south 67 0 west 53,perehes to a corner
le - 0e centre of the highway; 'thence north 31 0
west 17 5.10 Perches to -a pine tree for a corner;
-thence north 60 0 ..east-14 perches to a post , and
atones corner; thence north 30° west 16.5 2.10 perch.
eS to a corner on line of land of the H, Charlotte-
Ward estate; thence along line of same north 0 21 °
.east 7P 8-10 perches to the place of. beginning; con.
tabling Si acres and,7l perches of land, more or
about 45 iinpiered. with i tiouW. thereon.
Seized and taken into. execution at the suit of
Chits. L. Tracy,-guardian,' N. N. Botts, guardian,
John W. Woodburn, guardian, and Justin - B, Moo;
dy vs. Orrin .E._llarris and Wealthy Hurts._ '
No. 21. ALSD—Onu other kit of land, situate In
Distrait township, bounded - emit by lands of Henry
Norton, P. C. Maynard.. J. H. and G. B. Allis ;
south by lands of Hiram Dougherty, west by' hinds
of Bela K. Adams and H. C. Alll5, and north by
lands OS J. W. Parks;
contalabarbetween 52 and
83 sires of land. 60 to 65 Improved, wtth'l framed
house, I framed tarn with sheds attached, as fol.
"loss:, I shed 1.6182 feet, used as wagon.shesl and
corncrib below, and for storing L •bay and stalk* •
above; I other shed 16:30 feet„ need for horse-stable -
and for sheltering farm Iniplements ; I o th er shed. ,
16:45 feet, used for stabling, cattle below and for -
storing hay, etc., above, Ira n portion as an open,
shed below, and an orchard of fruit trees thereon.'
Seized and•taken - into execution At the suit of Or- - '
son Rickey and H. C. Allis, executors of Silas *
deceased, vs. If. K. Allis.
, No. 27. ALSO—fnus other lotof land, situate In
"Wysox township, bounded and described as follo`ol,
Beginning at the northwest corberof d. Stakmeri
lot; thence along hls,west line sough W° eaat,.ss
10 perches to scorner thence along Ilse: of said -
Maloney north 1 0 east 15 perches to the southwest
corner of the (so called) l'assmore lot on the right.
-bank descending the Wysox creek ; thence. down -
tbe same the several' courses thereof- about 44 1 4
perches to a corner; ;theists north 54 0 west-105
perches to a corner on the road leading from Plot.
lets to-Myersburr, thence atop the centre of said
road north 85° east* perches to a corner: thence
along the same south/124° east 17 ebtO perches to
the place of beginning ; cohtal tang 6 acres of land,
more - or lees, all improved; no-buildings. ! Seized'
'and taken' Into.executton it' the suit et- Towanda
Building and Sashijr-Yund Association Ye., Myron
Smith and 'Francis M.Smith. .
NgatlA. Al.tifinc other lot of land, situate In,
Albany township, bounded and desert bedas lotto:Ave: --
Begtuntng at a beeCh the northeast corner of the -
original lob deeded to Jatneeltee by C. 1.. Ward'
thence west' 'along done of said lot ,41 perehes•to
,stake; thence south 57 perches, to 'a.bettalock stake.;
thence west 8 Perches - Loa Make ; thence .south -
:perches to a.beech stake; thence east f o 'r perches to
a chestnut' stake the corner of IL - ChiPmert's and
Wtckkiser's land ; thence nortti o on the line of
I the original - :lot 117 perches to the Iplace of begin.
sing containing 3 - 1 acres and 77 Perches of land.
strict - measure! ' about 15 Improved. _with I boatd
' barn. 1 fram e d lutuse and an orchard of-fruit trees
thereon. 'Seized and taken into ezeculton at the
suit of E. T. Fox's use vs_ Orrin U. Emery.
No. Ira. ALSO—One other .lot; Mee, tor. parcel
of land, situate in the vilifige.of South Waverly,
Athens township, bounded and described as fol. -
lows:-Being village lot Nor 6.510 n a . map recorded
in-the °Mee for recording deeds, he., in deed book
No. 74, at page 2:1; sal(' tot being 50 feet front on
Lotter streetand ibtfeet deep. the premises hereby
conveyed extending to the centre of said Loder
street; all improved, with 1 framed house and few
fruit trees theteon. • Seized and taken into execu
tion at the snit of Thomas Ward vs. - Patrick Frost
'and .Alice Frost.
No. 30. ALSO—One other lot of land;situate In
ulster township. bounded and described asfollows :
Beginning at ii,post In the south line of-the timber
road, being the northimist corner of the lot herein
conveyed ; thence. along the east side of an alloy
south 14 0 west 106 Beet ; thence" by land conveyed •
to said Charles {Vines south 82.4, 0 east about 130
feet to the canal ; thence along the same north 3 0
w51,1:106 feet to the south side of the before-men
tioned road ; theme along the :MAW north 82m•
w.,t 100 feet to the'place of beginning' containing
f of an acre of land. all improved, with 1 t steam
grist-trill. 1 steam taw-mill, I shingle-turn andall
mill fixtures belonging thereto. Seized and taken
Into execution at the shit of James Vandyke vs. '
Amelia Welles. .
No. 31, .LSO-One other lot of find, sitnat ' o In
• Leltoy 'township, bounded north by Towanda
Creek, oast by lands of Pletsoliffolentno, sotitic,by
a vacant piece of land owned by E. T..Butffam, and,
west by lands of Jasper Itolfcimb; conlainlng.about
53 acres of land, more or lads: about 15-Improved,
with 1 framed house, 2 Tranio tarns, 1 corn-house,
ether outbuildings and anorchard of :fruit trees
thereon. " ' . 1 • 1, • t
• No. 32. ALSO.-One other lot of land, situate in
Leßoy township, bounded east by lands of Dramas
3fcCraney:, south by the landisl,the - Schrader Coat
ComPonyVand west by lands of Jasper Holcomb;
containing 45 erns of land.lrnore or less, abut 10
ImproVed ; no bulldlr4, Seized andAfakett, Into
execution. at the- sui of IlLmry L. Coburn, to the
use of . Pomeroy Bros., vs, E. T. Bugum. -
No. ;3. ALSO-One other-lot of land, situate In
South Creek townshl „bounded north . bythe pub-
Ile highway and lad 4 of Geotge and Harriet 31.
Dunham. east. sontl mrwest by lands of George,
and Ilitriet If. Dun m:. containing .3.h acres of-,
land, more or leis. all improved, with 1 -framed
house. 1 framed barn, 1 large henry consisting of
-3 parks-and hen-houses, with - other outbuildings,
sad a large orcha,rd of fruit trees thireon. Seized
and taken into execution at the suit of' Patrick
U. Kelley, by his next friend John K.elley„vs. J..
IL Drake and George Drake.'' ~
No. 34. AL.l. 4 o—One other lot of land. situate in •
Towanda Ilorinigh. bounded east by Fourth street,
south by--Logan, west by ad alley, .and north
by N. P. Brown's lot ; said alley to be 1: feet wide
and half-way from Fourth to-Fifth street; all le
proved; with 1 double-framed house and appurten
ances thereon. Seized and taken info exeCutton at:
the suit of James Vandyke's use vii. Wm. Moscrlp.
No. 35. At...Ail-9ms other lot of : land, situate lis
Towanda Borough. bounded north by Poplar street, -
east by (awl now or late of lli C.. Whitaker, south
-by Pine strut, and west by Western avenue; being
"U) fete front on said Poplar street and about 10,
fret deep, with I two-story framed dwelling house,
other. outbuildings and few fruit trees thereon.
No. A. A I.Sti—t %Ile other lot of land, situate in •
Tteif arida Borough, bounded north by lands of 11.11 .
F. Bowman. cast by lands of Geo.-NV. Armstrong,
smith by Poplar street, and west by-ether land of..
Wells being about 2.5 feet front on said Pop.
tar street and about 100 feet deep, with part of a
i t ',to-story' - framed dwelling house - and few fruit
irett,thereon, Seized and taketkinto execution at
the sult - of It. W. Lane vs. Geo. P.. Cash; IL. L.
Scott, T T, et al, T T.
- PETER J. DEAN, Sheriff
Slierlir's Office, Tosiauda, Nov, 6, Iva. • ,
_Lk Is hereby given., that there , has been. flied In
the pflice of Register of Wills In and for the/County
of Bradford accounts of administration upon the
following estates, viz: -
Final areopnt of Israel A. Pierce, Executor of
William It. Peck. late of Troy Borough. deceased.
Final account of - Israel A. Plerce, , Administrator
of Jacob .). Viele. late of Troy, deceased.
First partial accottnt of 'Francis T. I/erring. Ala
mini•drattlx of ATexander Dewing. late of Warren,-
Ftnal accountof It. I). !Salley, one of the F.xecu
tots of Satnifel Batley, late of Le!Coy, deceased.
Final account of W. Lea - is Lintz, Executor of
William hams, late qf Franklinoleceaserd.
Final account of Ml L. lirwitwell. Administrator
of C. Henrc Morley, late of West Burlington, de
Final account of I.u•inda . Hoagland. Guardian
of Illanka Vii. Perry, minor chlld of Luther V. Per
ry, deceased. .
Partial account of N. C. Sexton; *dministrator
of Jabez Sexton. late'of omen, deceased.
Partial account of Maria Wheat.. Admiaistratt:lX
of Lewis Wheat, late of Canton. deceased. •
Final 'account of Bishop Horton • Guardian of
ilatle Manley. (now SCommlnor child of William
Manley. fate of Canton ; deceased. -
account of Ge.lve C. Atworld; t.w.ecutor of
Reuben Atwood;late of lierilck. deceaxd. •
. .
Final arcOunt or Lewis L. Beach and,C,B. Brig
ham. Executors of Nehemiah 31. Beach,' : late of
Smithileld, deceased. •
Final account of William J. De!peach, Executor
of Volentine Smith, late of S shequin,/ckceased.
Final account , of Seth P. Justin. Guardian of
Harriet Benson (late Harriet Vance), minor child
of Chester Benson, deceased - • .
' Final account of Orson Ric y, Executor of Geo. -
Fox. late of Wysox.: deceased.
Final account of E. I'. Fox, Guardian of; Eliza
beth Morrlsoa.
Partial account of E. T. Fox, A.dthinistrator of
1... 1.. Moody, late of Towanda Borough,. deceased.
Final account of lteuben 0. 'Smith and..loseph
Powell,F:xecntors of Erasion H. Smith, late of To
'wands liorouglvdereased. _
, _
Final a - rebind. of .1. W. Woodburn, Guardian of
NV, L. Mooty, minor child 0f4... Li Moody,' late of
Towanda Borough, deceased.
And also the apprilsetnent 'of property' set off by
the Executors and Administrators to widows - and
children of the following deZmdents, viz: -
Estate of T. H. Long.
" " John Terry.
" J. H. Atkins. 7
o . " John Merkle. - .
.. "J. B. Reeve. . .
o " John Cahal.. , .
"- " Frederick Shulenberg.' '- •
"'Paul Herrington'.
' " " F. S. Barnes.
' ..- "-. - Alexandee Ennis. -r ,-
" " Delman Messing. : - '
... " Reuben Hickok. l '
" .. Sylvanus Vanbtiskirlfr-- ' - -
" George Horton. . ' -
" - ...• Clinton Keeney. . •'-' ,
, " " Daniel Livens. --, . - •1
' .. ' " Myron H. Annable. -
And the same will he presented to the Orphans'
Court of Bradford County, pecemlx.r 4, - 1879, at 2
" . .dl'Mk r. at., for'allowance. _. .
A. C. FRISBIE, Register,
Towanda, ra., November 1, 1579. .
Lnry Seeley. In the Court of Co&mon
Plead of "Trafford County. N9....131, Mar T., 1379.
Yon are hereby notilfed that henry Seeley, your
hnatural, has applied to the Court of Comhoon °
Pleas of Bradford County for a divorce from the
hoods of matrimony. and the •sald .COurt has ap.
pointed Monday.. Derenitter.lnt, 1579, In the Court
House in Towanda. for hearing the said Henry. in
he premises, at which time and place yi may at
tend if you think proper.
'23-tw '
• PETER".I„ DEAN,..S4erlff.
, ix.—To John If Fitch. In the Court of Common
of Bradford County. No. 80. May T, 1879.
lieu are, hcrepy notified that Emma Jane Fitch,
your wife, has applied to the - Court _of - Comtism
Pleas of • Branford- County for a dtvoree front the .
mods of matrimony, and the said Court has ap,
jointed Monday; December Ist, 1879,1 n thereat:in
01140 at Towanda, fur hearing the said Emma
Jane In the prengsee, at which time:and place you
may attend if you-think proper. .
26-lw PETEItj. DEAN, Sheriff.
'jl. -To William Maley.' lir: , the Court of Com
mon Pleasof Bradford County; N0..1. February
T., 197 n. Yon are hereby notified that Alice Marcy,
your 'wife, has appliciLlo the Court of Common
''leas of Bradford County, for a divorce from the
bonds of matrimony, and tbe' said , Court has ap
pointed Monday, December Ist,. 1614, in the Court
House In Towanda.. for hearing said Alice, In the
prernisea;'at which time and place you attend
if you Mink proper.
2f-1w •• PETER J. DEAN, Sheriff.
James !Millen Lyon. In the Court of
common Pleas of Bradford county. No. 5A4, May
Terth, 1579. You are hereby notified tharMargrimr.
Lyon, tour wife, has applied to the Court of Com:
men fleas of Bradford County, for a divorce from
ttnt bonds.or matrimony, and the said Court has are.
pointed Monday: DeceuttWr tat, ISVI, In the Court
House in Towanda, for hearing the said Margaret
in the. premises, at which time and place you
may attend itydd think propper? .
:S4w , PETER. J. DEAN, Sheriff.
.. - - To Silas Seargent. In the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Bradford Co. No. 571, May 'P t , 1879. •
You are herebr'notlfied that Fanny Seargent,
your wife, OA applied to the Court of l 4.'lonitnou
Pleas of Bradford. Connti for a divorce from the
honda of matrimony, and the said Courts has ap
pointed Monday, the Ist day of • net. e,nr,ior. in the
court Ilon4+ - lu Towanda, for beartnethi, said
'Fanny in the premises, at which time and i place
you may attend if you thing proper.
PETER J. DEAN,,Sheriff.
X . CRAIN, a innatie.. to the (icon of Common
['leas of ItradfiSrd County, , NO. DS. February
Tare. 1355. _
' Tne ti al account of I) If. Crain, committee of '
the perion.and estate of Isaac Crain, a fanatic. has
been filed in this [Ace arid will be'presented to the.
Court of Common Pleas for continuation ou
THURSD AY the 4th day of DECEMBER., 1..7J.
Application will also be made fur the discharge of
said NMI rnlttee. G. W. BI- AWKBAN,
Towanda, Nor. If, Piothonotary.