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    !4.lradford, lepotter,
Towanda, Pa, Thursday, April 10, 1879.
Towanda. Jan.l3. 1877. =
In conformity with the general de
,prpriation in values, the subscription
to the Rep Otter will 'hereafter be
ONE POL LAB, (payable in_ ad
ranee), making it the cheapest news
paper in the State. While making
this reduction, no exertion will be les,
:;tined to make the paper worthy of the
name support it has received in the
past, by fearless editorial comments
upon current topics, and by a copious
.synopsis of the news of the day. • Thu
Ayricultural Depart azent will r ' eeire
.carrful attention, and no Pains nOr
c%rpne.e will be, spared to colleftthe
local news of I1U? - town and county.
The Reporter shall merit, and kapes
lu reeeire,?he cokliden(e and patron
aye of the friends ichohare for so
enn ny years been ilx readers.
Cot - Nm. i'reia4dings in another en':
"now.- Likewise the doings in Court.
THE firm of LEE & nous, grocerymcn,
Troy; Ims lean dissolved, Mr. LEE retir-
it was not until the 45th tiall4A, that
the Council succeeded in choosing a Bur-
- Tull firm of Wurrcomu'l SIIAUT, deal
ers in books . and stationery, has been dis
solver!. Mr. SuAtrr retiring. 8
t-rzctm.tetrn of Court, to continue
Circe weeks, convened on Monday last,
.111(1ge Monnow presiding..
En. in Williamsporttbey. • arrest
tramps put them to work breaking
.t.,ne for the streets of the ei.y.
Tun 3lereantile ApPraisenrent of Brad
Loral County, for the year 1879-, will ap
' iu the REPORTER-
A. F. Tnorr, of Cantor', has abou
c.mipleted the repairs on his store build
in 4 made necessary by the recent fire.
Tut:. litate Line and - Sti a Raitrostl
shipped from their mines at BClnice 4,474
tons of coal during; the month of March.
Tun Troy Ga:ci?e of last week Says L.
(;. VANIIous is building a saw-mill on
Armenia, which will be in operation soon.
A ,oct.kimn will be held at the Lecture
Room Of the Universalist, Church, on
Tuesday evening, April 15th. All are la-
311:: , .1.1011% CARMA'N, of this place, re
ceived l a seveto fall on Monday last s by
nhieli her rhzlit arm Was broken near the
IF• the Wayuc County papers are relia
ble there were snow-di - Main the roads of
that county last week, "from 10 to 12
feet high."
Un: correspondents are requested to
write ou only one side of the sheet, and
Lt: particular to write \ all proper nines
thstluCtly. -
-Pte lie l'aik is 'undergoing its
l,ual r. n•wiition, awl no (tOirlit will pre
-3 tidier appearance work is
c• qll plet •
11. IL et.Anu, of Waverly, it is
Las moasCrea each snow fall during
winter in the aggregate, it
,tut:o.tuts to G 7 inches.
A rein; race betwec n NAVANAri;(I,
, r d r , A ms, considera-
Wo interest hereabouts. Ka vANAtxht
1:1. to be the favorite.
Tor. thin of IlitAtTsp who have
efevlectol the meat ttrirket corner of Pop-
Lir all.l 'Main streets, was dissolved last
‘‘et Mr. ITILL retiring.
TwFNTY panes mere added to the sub
:.l:l,svriptiith lists of the REPORTEU. OD
A.l-I.lay lasi, and it wasn't much of aday
1.1 takintz rew FLA)SD! ibOTS, eitlier.
covEnNort Ilorr hai issued his probla-
Matim ile laying Lackawanna County the
- '0) Judicial District. s Judge HANDLEY,
' , •11111ti 11, is the President Judge.
' .1 I',\C. NT house, the property of JAMB'S
H.T. of Springville, Susgnehanna Conn-
Ay, was destroycd by tire on Thursday
Lot. - Cause of lire, unknown. Insured.
A eNctirsi, o west to Kansas, Nebras
ka :tisi (14oratlo, or ally other point
A\ to start from pOints along the Le
-1 .:41: Valley Railroad, wilrleaveubout May
Ti:i. public (lett statement for. Mari
`l+ v. , • an ine - reasf‘ of iearly a million of
(i.,11:11:, nut this is only :temporary,.. and
(.1 causes which do not exist every
1:1 ault.
T is E Temperance Union Reading Rooms
'1t..111 were dot-ed Marcht29th. They
Lave been a fuccese, andlwere organized
ate] Lept up by the efforts of Captain J.
JI. , •
r a draw lug of art in Troy at the drug
s' , .. “f B. B. MITCHEI.j. lately, A. S.
Ilu"!•-En, editor of the G4:ette, was the
Lucky man, drawing a large picture val
Tun changeable weather of. the past
f-w weeks has just been the kind for
c'ais colds and excruciating neuralgia
Pains. We've been there, and' "know
1 ,, W it is ourself."
"C. M. 31vEtt, w1,05 , e place of business
Sus burned ont on Thursday night last,
re-ipered trade in the rooms recently
'"'ent , it.4l by IIuAEND tE •lltta., opposite
the Politic Square.
11 , 0e.v. thieves aro vigorously laying .
dim calling. in some of the eastern coun
tif.s 4‘f the State. Owners of good stock
410 well to keep n top eye open for
those dealers in horse flesh.
IIIEICE was sbipfied over Abe Barclay
dtiring the month of March, 37,-
470 toes of coal. Of this amount. 22,145
tons were mined at. Barclay, 15,227 •
. frons
at v eatbon ltun and 98 tons at Fall Creek.
DottxrioX.—There will be a donation
at the rooms of the Colored Zion,Chnrch
on Wednesday,' the 23d instant, for the
beiefit of their pastor, Rev. C. 11, .4.l4nTn.
All6i invited to attend. ". • "
A.Afou, who has been at the busi
ness or ucti9ner for 35 years, has been
selling gods to large , audiences at the
Morgan s fore. Asa prompt, ready sales
man, tilt. OE is a * s e uceess.-- Troy Ga
zette. ` ..
THE new pa ,
nger depot of the North
ern Central lla kway, in this place, says
the Canton SenttKul, is to bo erected on
Railway avenue, spar Carson street, and
will be 50 feet in 'length by 25 -feet in
depth. • •• \
Thursday morning last
known politician, and
teims iu the State Legisla
one of the oldest Mason,
SEVEN tramps who have bean commit
tin7, depredations of divers kindn South
Towanda for some days past, Were arrest
ed on Monday last; by Officers BURNS,
DIMMOCK and- Mothrr, and • lodg din
jail at this place.
WE did not have the pleasure of list
to the lecture by Mr. AnusTuoxa,
Elmira, at the - Court House on Saturday
afternoon last, but understand from those
who were present that it was an excellent
one, and gave general satisfaction.
Tioga, Tioga County, Pa., March 22d,
aged 88 years, was a soldier in the war of
.Ferving in General Mut:tames com
mand and in the brigade led . by Brigadier
General GEORGE Mcettmr, of Bath; N.Y.
Tit E emigration from Pennsylvania this
spring is beyond parallel—most of it bound
for ICansas, although very many are
stricken • with -the Lcadvillo fever. On
Tbesday the emigrants who departed
from Harrishtir , numheree quite 3,000.
Citunctt oc_the Messiah,:' (Universalist),..
Rev. Wm.* TAmolt, Pastor. Easter
uttday A. It., Subjea—" The True.
Meat." CommuniOn .er l irices at close.
At 7:30 r. m.—" The-lessons of Easter.'
'Musk. appropriate for the season. Al
PAUL ThlnnlNGTos, the old man at
Austiuville, who recently - attempted sui
cide by gutting his throat with a razor
while in a fit of insanity, produced by dis
ease, died on Thursday last' from the ef
fects of his wounds. lle was about 70
years of age.
Dn. NETATISMI SxlTu, Df Canton, who
is chargel with Navin? produced the
death of ALICE SCUDDE%; by an opera
tion for ahoitiOn, was drought to this
place on Wednesday last. , and was admit
ted to bail in the sum of - f1,300 for his
appearance at May term of Court.,
TUE Tunkhanno - ek •Rept'blican is to Le
enlarged several columns this week. We
are glad to note this evidence of prosperi
ty in the affairs of our neighbor. It is 'a
good paper and deserving of all the pat
ronage the people of Wyoming County
choose to extend to it—aild more.
THE Rev. C. B. SrAnnow, of Canton,
will deliver his lecture, entitled "Sher
man's March to the Sea," at the M. E.
Church, in this place, on Tuesday even
ing next, April 15th. Let him be greeted
with a full house, as none will regret it
who attend. Admission 25 cents.
TII E next session of the Bradford and
Sullivan Pomona Grange will be held at
North Orwell, coran►encing May 7th, at
half-pa-it 1 o'clock r. M. There will be
an open session in the' evening. to wl ich
all are invited: • A. T. LT
LerioS', April 7,'1379. Secretary.
31irs..LUCINDA Nicuois, of Elmira, was
found dead in her bed on, Thursday morn
ing of last week. • She had been ill for
several weeks, but had seinned to be im
proving for a few days • previous to her
sudden death. Sho was about 79 years of
age. dler remains were interred at Itidg
hury, this county.
THE Wyalusin Literary Society w
give an entertainment at Academy Hall,
Friday evening, April 18,.1A79, consisting
or mays, resitations deelam•itious, tab-
Icaux, vocal and instrurip-ntal music, and
cntlinz with a dram.). entitled "04 the
Stage." Admission 10 and 11 cents„ MI
are invited to attend.
who has lately removed into his
new store:opposite thC Public Square, has
jest added to his already largo stock of
eigars a new brand which the Editor has
hesitancy in recommending to lovers
ofVn3 weed. And wo make . pretensions
•at being more or less of a judge as to the
good'lnalities of an article of this kind.
FiroU a certified statement from the re
cords of \the Commissioners' office, it ap
pears Oa\ the amount paid by the county
for bridge \purposes„ from 1539 1878,
was $109,7401,. Toivanda borough pays
one-eighth of\ the taxes collected for coun
ty purpo , es,
.and not a dollar has ever
been expended within its limits for In idge
FROST'S SONS' advertisement was hand
ed in too late for it*rtion in the 110-POR
iy.r. this week. Ilet\we would advise all
wlio contemplate pu'e)lasing furniture to
give them a call before making such pur
chase, as they -now have in stock the
largest and handsomeSt\ assortment of
goods in their line ever offered for sale in
this couuty.
WE heard the coimndrurr(propounded
the other day, of about how Much mile
ago a person should charge - for,\traVeling
from the door of the Senate clia \ Mber at
Harrisburg to the Hall of the Rouse of
Represeatatives, provided the jOurney
was wrformed by an offioial. Of Course
editors of papers in Bradford County \ are
not expected to send in answers. V \
LARGE works have; recently been orect;\
ed in Williamsport by E. A. Paxruts, late. ,
of Philadelphia, for the manufacture of As.
phaltum Paints. This is the only estab
lishment in the - United States making these
paints, and as they arc made at a cost of
more than 50 percent. hiss than other paints
for the same use that these are, one may
readily. predict that this enterprise will,
prove Successful.
FIRE.—On Thursday evening last, be
tween six and seven o'clock, fire Was dis..
covered in the basement of the wooden
building joist north of P.►Tros's Block,
Man street. An alarm was given and
the firemen were promptly on the ground,
and succeeded in subtitling the !lames in
a short time, bpt not, however, until -the
building was considerably darnaged.- The
building was -owned by: IL STREETER,
F.N.,,and was occupied by C. M. M YE*
38 11 meat market, and L. T; fttirtsW., -- as a
restaurant. 'Sir. STREETER had an in
surance of ftl,ooo ou .tile .building, Mr. .
Mims $6OO on his stock, and Mr.
;200 on his stock; which will fully cover
the loss they severally sustained.
Et*BAis cridougygetting to be a t bad•
place. A young woman and a young man,
inhabitants thereiu,-attempted to shuttle
off the Mortal coil" list week by tlid aid
of poison. Your daily papers. aro now .
published there, but we• had hoped that
the mania for self. destruction would' not
extend outside of r.ilitical circles in the
beautiful city ',tare time boasted au
Eldridge Part
PERFECT lollar of the date of
LSO4 is said . north 1.500, -and the
Wilkes-Barre Record of the Times says it
knows of a gentleman who will pay that
sum for a piece of that denomination and
date, that is free from all blemisbos and
from the effects of wage. We are sorry
to inform the Record that our collection
of ancient and modern coins does not con
tail' a dollar of the date requireit—nor • of
any other. •
ied at Pittston on,
lio was a well
kad served two
tife. Ho was
TILE LAW Exsers- laws oc
this State require the auditors of every
borough and township to meet annually
on the second .3fonclay 174 April, to audit'
and settle the accounts of the supervisors,; :
overseers of the poor, and all other town',
ship and borough °inners, excepting that
of school.directors, whicb comes off annu
ally on the, first Monday of June. These
accounts aro Jegnired by law to be pub
lished in at least two newspapers, under a
severe penalty for neglect.
in Luzerne
As - ingenious resew has been caught in
' Varren County, He need to' lniy chick
c ‘.7 from the farmers and write out a re
ceipt for them to 'sign with a qietteil, the
poit4 of which would break just before
reaching the signature. Then ho would
produ a - fountain pen from his pocket
and ha the farmer write his name .in
oe \
ink. S M after he would erase all the
pencil wri 'tig and write promissory notes
for $lOO or. 130 and get them discounted
at a bank. -
Enwann Carr II; of Iloutzdale,
Clearfield County, this Mate, died' at his
hunie in the form r plaw , on Monday lasta
Mr. CflArFEE.was or a leng time a resi
dent of our lown, ud left hero about
three- yt auk ago, to begin business in
lionttdale. l7 lli3 was a native of Bradford
County, and was well own in this vi
cinity, where ho had may friends. lie
bad been married but two or three:6as
at the time of his death,:a his illness
wll3 of short duration: Iris. riMids here
will learn of his death with arrow and
retTret.-4o urnal.
WE are not, at present, offcrin premi
ums or prizes as wgeneral thing, tut to
the first person who will 'sew . ' us a solu
tion of the annexed conundrum, c. nod
from the Towanda correspondence orthe
Elmira Gazelle, of a recent date, we. WI I
be at least grateful. Any answer that ha:
atendency to prevent the "cause of lin,
Man events taking place," will bet ruled
opt as not germane to the subject
f 6, For some time everything possible
at, could be done to prevent the spread
ing of a contagious disease in this. place
has failed and iris at last upon us iirsuch
a form as is impossible to get rid of only
by letting the "course of human events" .
take place."
Monday evening last, at shndOwn, began
the Jewish festival of Pesach, which will
continue for eight (lays. It is the celebra
bration of the . (lay " when Israel came
out of Egypt,'.' and is observed by the
Jewish people with ell the joyonr fervor
that . characterizes American citizens in
the celebration of our NatiOnal holiday.
It is a season of rejoicing over an event. :
which, according to the Jewish calendar,
took place am years ago. One of the
observances of the ikeamion is a thorough
house cleaning, which is cortimemeirative
of the setting of-their.houses 'in order af
ter the coming out from the land of
Egypt, over ZlOOO, years ago.
T. L. OLMSTED, of-Towanda, is Bradford
County agent Kir the above named pat
ented appaiatuA. It consists of a porta
ble vulcanize rubber sack attached to a
strong, Wooden . rim; is constructed to
rest on two common chairs ; can be used
in any room, requiring for a full length
bath only one-third of the usual amount
of. water; makes no ship, affords overt'
form of bath except the shower, and
could that with a very little additional
'expense ; unaffected, by beat below 110
ilegrees - Farenlicit, and by acids or medi
caments. Its highest value, is in sickness.
After use it dries quickly and needs -no
extra rno:n for stotar. Ample, reliable
testimonials to its m••rits and durability
can be procured from those who have
used it. The price. brings it within the
reach of all. • .
Mn. Goonutcii/tcar Sir: The paid
tithe of my paper expired 'Mareh 1, 1879,
but still it comes, and I am cot very for- -
ry for it. I' could not content myself with
out it. I subscribed for ;the HT:rot:l'm
I think, in the spring Of 1845, and I can
not remember any yeais that I have not
taken it since that time, and I still wain
the paper as long as I am able to read it,
and it holds to the principles that .it. has
sirce . lS6o. I think the paw was not
called the BRADFORD Ilimoterma in its
early, days, and if not., I would be glad to
be informed what it was.
• Yours,
[The original name of the liErowritu
was Tax BRADFORD PORTER, and it was
publislied under that name until 1842- 7 -
about two years-- . --when the re was added
to the last Word. The REMItTER expects
to continue in its advocacy of the princi
ples which it has battled for in the past,
in the same fearless manner that has here. 7
tofore'cliaracterized it, and, we. earnestly
belie our aged 'friend may live many yearS,
yet toperuse its cialumns.Eu.)
14:Dflunty, Maich 21, 1872
On two or three, occasions advertisers
have told us that;:n gentleman in this
place had informed them that the circula r
Lion of the BEronrrarliad "fallen off un
til it wally. amounted to nothing." For
the information of the, individual who
guesses at something he \knows nothing
about, we state that:the Weekly - circula
tion of the ItErotirsa has not fallen off
but little from whirt it has been during
the past three years, notwithstanding
`nearly one thousand papers worn stopped
`on the first of January last for' lack of
\ \
payment in advance. And at the Present
titre&our list bidii- fair to reach larger pro-
portions than ever before. We do not 1
proem* to brag or bluster about this Mat-
tor. 'Those who feel disposed to exarnirm
our subscription lists will be cheerfully
accorde4i\the privilege, on calling at the ,
office. Wiv t ihall endeavor to print a pa
per worthy be patronage of the intelW
gent people\ Of Bradford County, and fail
ing in this\iespect, shall not attempt
to beg favors Where the merits of our pa
per do not corarrand them. 1 1We inere
ly adviirt,to,A - amtter in justice 'to
selves and on? imr, and that advertise' s'.
may know Iv re to get the worth of their
money. CV this, slut nothing more.
VIE terrible calamity. that I t :recently
swept away Abe property and destroyed"
the lives of so many peole at Szegetlio;
in Hungary, has
,already bccn noted in
our news columns. The 'mister was so
great and so i effects that
\ ,i
it at once attracted the atten ion_ antlas.;
cited the pitv Or i. tbe Civilized world, and
measures have been taken to send aid to
the destitute and t bouseless•peeple of the
devoted city, - Vlie following card . giies
notice that Mayor Coors% of New York
city, has 'contented to reecho subscrip
tions for the relief of the sufferers by tbo
great flood, and - we trust all 'of our raid.
era will forward to New York such sums
as they our spare to help the stricken
people of Szekedin :
tpuvEnsitx viz over op Nrw ions,
- Ilareb 2S. 1879- 5
• Mn. Entree:—There is already inter.
est shown in Europe in behalf of the poor
flooded Szegedin,.in Hungary. Yester
day's papers rep ort £7,000 subscribed to
the Mansion House Fund in London. We
Americans, always sympathizing with
suffering humanity everywhere, should
certainly: Fasten to add to the number. of
Szegediu!s benefactors.- We therefore re
spectfully beg-you to notice the fact that
his . _Honor EDWARD COOPED, Mayor of
New York, has consented to receive sub.
seriotionh for the relief of the destitute
and houseless sufferers of Szegedin.
Etow.tun epos .
IT is probably generally remembered
that some years ago—ln 1873—Congress
.passed a law providing for the erection
of durable headitones over the graves of
soldiers of the regular and volunteer
forces of the United States whose remains
are interred in the National Military_
Cemeterie l s. This law himi ken carried
out, and the graves of the Nation's dead
in these cemeteries are now permanentlY
marked, At the instance of the War I.
partment, Congress bas recently author
ized the erection of similar -headstones
over the graves of the Union soldiers who
are buried in private and Till rge cemete
ries. This will be done as soon as the
necessary, arrangements can be made. In
• the meantime the Quartermaster General
at Washington, will at once proceed to
collect the necessary information as to
where those headstones are required. All
per's Navin; any know lop of the burial
places of Aohliers in private cemeteries
whose graves are not marked, are re-
'quested to. communicate the fact to the
.Quartermaster General, and give regi.
went, company, and date of death of de
ceased,. if known. Similar information is
desired from parties in charge of such
cemeteries. Of course it is not intended
to furnish headstowis for graves over
which monuments have already been
erected by relatives or friends of the de?
—Wir.soN Pori'Hu, of Colley, Sullivan
County,..has purchased a farm_in Wilmot
township, this county, and . will occupy it
this spring.
—Mri. PAGE, an old and esteemed resi.
lent of Elwell, died March 2:ith. Though'
e had been sick Some days, the an
incement oflieteatli was sudden and
une pected. - She eaves a husband and
ibree \ childreh, besides a large, circle of
&lonia and acquaintances to mourn het
loss. Bev; Mr. CRIPPEN, of Terrytowni
preached\to a large audience on the occa
sion of he} funeral, from Phillipians, 1:21,
"For to lii is Christ, and to die is gain."
—Hon. Ur, •esm Mttniant has received
the degree of Doctor - t of Laws (LL. D.)
frodi Washingt m and - etferson Colleges.
—Mr. JOHN K TTAIRGE is in attendance
at the meeting of the Grand Lodge
Knights of Honor, tittisville, this week,
as a representative TO Crystal Lodge of
this placei • • .
—Tit EononE PIERCr of Canton, who
has been seriously ill, is slowly recover
*—GEonon 131..tesw mt., f Burlington,
bas accepted a clerkship wi la GERNERT
& NAT.I.IIID, Troy.
—Rev. S. L. CoNnE, of the first Pros.
byterian Church, Tioy, we unlerstand
leaves that piace about the. first Of May,
for a new field of labor. lic will be sore
lyt Missed by his numerous friends ere.
—Rev. N. C. DEAN, who' at' oue *me
filled the N. E. Church pulpit of this
town, with great acceptability, was cal -
ing on his friends hero, last week. 11,
preaches at Brockport, N. .I"—Troy cht
—J. E. EquAnT, of STUART Brothers,
did a handsome thing' the other day in
giving Lea-atilt]] wall paper for the •sit
ting room of the Parsonage, and
then hiring a man to put it , on:—Trss
Gareth. •
ALLEir, of 'Mansfield, .has re
ceived an invitation
. to hold a Teachers'
Institute at Lamed, Kansas, next July.
—Nottat.tx Kitw.t.imitomi,- of Mans
field, Ohio, has accepted the position of
bt:)a-keeper in the hard ware establish
ment of McINTYlet: Brothers; of this
place, and has entered upon the discharge'
or his Antics.
—E. C. SIIIMMAN and party start for
lorado to-night, leaving this place . ria.
the Montrose Railway. Toe party is com
posed of the - following named gentlemen :
E.C. 511E1111.114 C.B. POTTEII 7 , TuEoncot
Itinu),..lst, A. WAIt;En, and ono-or two
others whom we .are, unable to nalfie.;--
Motron Republitan„4pra cq .
In conformity with the lavi of the Com.
monwealth of Pennsylvania, the Borough
Council met at their chambers on Mon
day, April 7, IST at 13 o'clock at. for
the purpose of le.organilation, all the
old members . were • present who.e
terms of taco bad net 'expired, to :'
Councilmen Dodge, -Jones, Kingsbury,
Montanye, Stevens, Snell, and the new
members, ludson Holcomb, W. G..Alger,'
and William. Keeler, who Were duly qual
ified and took their seats:
Assistant Burgess Snell was called to
the chair, when on motion of Councilman
Alger the Council proceeded to ballot for
the choice of Burgess.
Councilman Holcomb moved that a ma
.1)1.4 of alt the votes cast should be re
quired to elect. Carried.
Ch4irman appointed Holcomb and
Keeler tellers,,
9n.the tirst.ballot W. 11. Jones hail 3
votes, W. llii • Dodge 3 votes, A. Snell 3
votes ; E edoint ballot the result - was
the same. .
On the third ballot, Jones bad 2 votes,
Dodge 2, Snell,2 ; the candidates not vot
motion was then made to take a re
as till 7 o'clock r:\ 31.. which was lost by
as, 3; nays, 4 ; Messrs. Jones and
Dodge not voting: 1 Three more ballots
were taken without 'electing.
A notion was then made and carried
to Mkt a recess till 7 o'clock 1.. ar.
On re-assembling in the evening all the
members were present, Assistant Burgess
Snell in the chair:
The balloting for choice ofDingesa was,
then resumed, when on the 44th ballot it
was found that no cheicihad - been.niade,
,Mr. Snell withdrew. There being then.
but two candidates in the‘ilelethe 45th
ballot was• taken,
resulting as 'follows :
W. U. Dodge ' ha d 5
.votes and "W. H.
Jones had 4 votes.
~- Burgess Dodge then
tnoll\the chair, when on motion, W, H.
Jones-was elected Assistant Burgess by
Recta/nation. , , \
There being-some diSpositiiiii manifeSt
ed to postpone the election of the remain
ing officals for the current 'year, Council- .
man Snell\ moved that the Council Tiro.'
ceed at once to elect a
,Secretary. The
notion Was,earried, mad 'nominations be
ing in order Mr. Dodge read au applies
tivn from W. S. Tina M. asking for , the
po-iition of Secretary and Treasurer. Mr.
Jones nominated Josep:i Kingsbury. . Ur.
Holcomb nominated J. B. Kittridge.
Ou motion the nominations were close.
The:Council then proceeded to ballot, the
result was as follows : Kingsbury bad 5
votes, Vincent 21 yotek Eittrlage votes.
Ringsbutt ba4lig a majority of all the
votes cast was declared duly elected: •
. The; llftcss paid the Cobncil *mid
nowt pro&bM 'to elect it Tresiturer, when
on motion, Cduncilman Holcomb was au.
thorizedlorOittalle-erlitif?,riate of the
Council for Jose tat Singsbary for Tama:
urer for the ensuing-year. kr. lialcOmb
thus , voting M. \ - )Kingsbari was duly
John N. Califf and Lewis \ Ball were
nominated for Borough, Attorney. The
vote being taken resulted as follows : J.
N. Caliif bad 5 votes, •Hell bad 4 vdtes.
G. A. Burns was re-elected Chie(Of Poi
lice. ,
C. W. Dimmoek 'was reelected Night
A. Wickham was re-elected Collector,
of Taxes..
_then proceeded \ to name
the ininsmittees as authorized by \ the reg
ulations : .
Finance Cotninittee—Jones and Snell.
Sanitary Committee—Montanyo;`, Ste
vens and Kingsbury.
Streits ,- 4First Ward—Judson Holcomb.
•' r r—Second Ward—Willism Keeler.
" =Third Ward—A.H. litngsbury.
Gas Committee—Alger, Jones 'and Hol d
comb; •
Fire Department—Stevens, Alger and
The minutes; ere read and approved,
and on motion the Council adjourned to
meet-on Saturday evening, tho 12th inst.,
at 71 r. y. i, -
.1. Kmasnunv, Secretary.
_ 001 JET P11.0&-ED11102.
Arknnvint Court' Monday March 31,
. 11.8. Holton vs. G. B. Haines ;Stephen
Morley vs. W.P. Payson ; George Landon
vs.' Nathaniel. Platt; " E. Gillet vs.
L. H. - - - Post at al. A. and J. Morley vs.
11. B. Wilhe'ni ; F. C. Gillett; vs. N. C.
Elsbree et al. In re voluntarY assignment
of H. H. Hump hrey ; M. M. Coo!bingh
vs. Pa. & N. Y.H-Y C. &R. R. Co. Daniel
Shoemaker vs: J. K. 'Russell ; Central
National Bank of 111., vs. Thomas Buch.
aiian ; Reuben 11. Farnham vs. Charles
Crowley ; John Clark vs. Ellen . Clark ;
A. L. McKean vs: Williani
topher nett vs: Lyman Blackman . ;' V. R.
Jones vs.-M. It. Jones_; Coons & Blaine
vs. the ilinnequa Springs improvement
Co. Elhanan Smith vs.. A.. J. Goslinc
F•liasltobinsen vs.. A, L. Cooper. • Rule
discharged in each case. •
• M. W. Wheelock vs. 8. B. Canner ;
Daniel, Shoemaker ;vs: D. F.i Parton ;•
J. Gustin vs. I. Harmer ; A.. T. MeClin
tuck et al. vs. S. 11. Coirey ; Daniel Hen
sley vs.- Charles ,E. Noble"; William
Ponklid vs. M. J. Coolbaugh ; Addle E.
Wilson vs. 0. F. Young; Sally Davidson
-vs. C. P. H. Cole •, G. W. Plummer 'vs.
Hosea Califf ; E. Dunham's use vs. D. F.
• Barton ; Mary C. Mier vs. W. A. Sloytor
et al: It. K. Ilulett vs. J. P. Perry et al.
Rule made absolute it each case.
P. A.-Johnson vs. L. A Califf—Rule on
plaintiff to give security for costs.
Samuel Kelce's use vs. 8. J. Hickok—
Rule to enter appeal.
R. C..Sinsabaugh vs. Wm. Elsibree—
Rule to pay money into court. •
In re petition of Helen M. Spencer' for
the -benefit of her separate elinings 7 --
Prayer granted.
In re the adoption of Eugene Ely as the
child and heir of H. C. Tracy—Adoption
Silas - Moon vs. Alice'Moon ; C. M. New
cOlb Fraueis E. Newcolb ;A. 11. House
vs. Louisa L. House; Fanuio E. Sutton
vs. Abraham Sutton - Subpamarin divorce
directed to be issued in each case.
Henry Trumbell vs. EmngenoTrumben
—W. S. Vincent appointed . ommissioner.
Samuel Huck vs. W. U. Hardy—J. N.
Caliif, appointed Auditor to dig.;
tribute fund raised from sale of defend
ants real estate. •
J. A. Woodworth vs. C. Wheelock ;
J. P. Jones vs. W. P. Payson et
Bute to open judgement.
N. C. Elsbree vs. Citizens National
Bank of Towanda—Preliminary • injunc
tion granted.
Special term Monday April 7th, 1879.
G. C. Atwood.. vs. Bela Cogswell ;
Pomeroy Bros. Vs. C. D. Cash et al.
G. C. Atwood vs. Lyman Watson—Rules
made absolute.
C. M. Myer vs. Patrick Constantino ;
Commonwealth Vs. P. II. Sherman—Rules
CommonsieaPh vs. E. T. Elliott—Em
bezzlemeut. Court refuse to order Com
monwealth to furnish a more specific bill
of particulars. -
.11. L. Scott vs. Citizens National Bank
of Towanda—Preliminary
P. W. McDonald vs. A. J: Layton—
Trespass. S. , W. 'Little and 11. N. Will
lams, Esq. fir plaintiff ; W. IL Carn
elian and I. McPherson, Esq, for defend
ant. On trial. • •
Prm......prx.rulA, April 7, 18;9
It is pretty well established that the
pleuro-pneumonia wasted amongst the
rttle in the connties adjacent to this
eq. Thomas J. Edge, who is Secretary o
he State Board of Agriculture and has
bee appointed by Governor Hoyt to look
after the disease among cattle in this
State, as already found 'some infected
cattle.i five different places. The disease
is very i ectious, but r.ll that can be done
in the absabE rico of law is to quarantine the
infected he s and endeavor to prevent
its spread . he disc:tie is supposed to
exist now in New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, onnecticut and Virginia.
New York and ... - ew Jersey have, already
secured legislatio on the matter turd are
busy trying to sta it out.' Pennsylva
nia has a bill pendin before the Legisla-
trim which if passed, will give the Gov
eroor power to inau g urate a similar
g \i
stamping-out process to that which is in
operation in Now York a d-liew Jersey
—that is, appoint inspect° with power
to seize and kill all cattle fot tr d infected
with the disease ; issuing ce • ificates of
value to the owners , who w ill,
be reim
bursed by the Commonwealth and 'to
quarantine the healthy ones to 'try and
prevent the spread of the contagio \ n.
Willa Ridgway , a brother of .* E.
Ridgway, President of the Union P *ten
ger Railway, committed suicide at the , 1-
leglieny House, 'Market :street, on Tu.
day, by taking a quantity of cyanide oC
potassium: Ile was about 48 yews of
age, of intemperate habits, and bad lately
been impressed with the idea that he
would have to go to the nynshouse.
It costs 28 cents a wcck to feed a pris
oner in the Eastern State Penitentiary.
The table, is not supplied with all the del- .
icacies-of the season, bOt the food is clean
and wholesome, and the boarders ill that
'institution appear to thrive upon it.
During March 226 foreign and 427
coastwise vessels arrived at this port. In
the same month of last year 118 foreign
and 500 coastwise 'arrived. The number
of foreign for last March 4s the largest
that has ever arrived in that space of
time. •
An explosion at the Belmont Oil Works,
caused by a leak in the still, enveloped
the workmen in the burning oil, roasting
three of them ilia terribla manner. One
body, when found bore no tesemblance to
the human form. The damage to the
works was about $ . 160,000. 'An oil refine
ryls as dangerous a place as a powder
mill, and when accidents occur 'they are
quite as horrible in their results as an ex
plosion,of powder. '
Thieves broke into the Moravian
Church at Fiankliri and Wood streets, on
Monday night, and stole two lettles of
Communion wino, but did not disturb the
silverware. The First Reformed Presby
terian Church, Seventeenth and Filbert
street,', was jimmied into but nothing
.taken, probably because there was no
coin muition wino handy.
About this time the tramps begin to
IC \ ave the pity ,- and depaxt from their win. :
- tec qurters. One hundred and twenty
retired from the Chester County alms
house on Monday.
Thi \ reeeipts for cu tom ' s dudes at this
Out. for the month of March, 1879, were
14,4Y53*.C6. TIM; anuMnt exceedi the
eollections.of any. month sink, 1870—or,
possibly, in the history of the port. The
increase is due to active importation of
the commodities which enter into a gen
eral spring trade in:good times, but es.
pccially to heavy arrivals of sugar and
molasses, in which articles trade is just
now unprecedented. ; -
"Es-City Controller Samuel 'P. Ifancccli
who has been in -a precarious condition
from the effects of a boil_ upon his toe,
died on Saturday. The eruption necessi
tated amputatio n, and gangrene Eel in.
Verily, our lives bang upon a slender
thread. . • •
The Supreme Court, after a'continuons.
setting 18 weeks, rose on Friday, and
\Judge Mercier returned home to Brad-
The number of cases on the:ea:en
der, is unusually large, though a greater
number Dian usual wore diskised of.
The Board otrardons has recommend
ed thee,onimutation, of the death penalty
to Imprisonment for fife is the caso of
Alexander Sayre; who entered a churcli
\ and shot his Wife as she was leaving a ft er
the services , - The grou'ods were, 'the
steak einkitkiii of the prim - mei:Bad 4=11 7
itiat the time \ of the shooting.
Two thousand operatives are now en
gaged in the Baldwin Locomotive Works
fitting put engines\for Australia, some of
which will be on exhiuition during the fri
ternationai Exhibition at Melbourne.
One of the "swift witnesses" before
the Wallace \investigating - Committee is
'likely to answer for his \ false swearing.
1115 name is Diiddy,Wiid be Was foimerly
employed in the Custom Mouse,' from
which he was disOarged foritter worth- -
lesttiess. This Mused him \ to eeo the
wickedness ofithe Republican party, and
the purity of the Deinocracy attracted
him to that immaculate \ olganization: fie
was anxious to earn the three dollarif \ eash
in band, Paidao witnesses; , so ho volun
teered.\ to give evidehoe against William
who was a Deputy United
States Marshal at the late eleCtion. Con
sequence : Mr. Duddy found himself be
fore Magistrate List on Friday, to answer
a complaint for perjury, and he hi \ likely
to experience the dillerence between bear.
ing false witness before a Congressiona
ComMittee, and substantiating his stato
meats in a Court of Justice. Other wit
nesses before the Committee will proba=,
bly be treated in the same manner, and
the farce at the Girard House will turn
out to be more than a comedy to some of
the notorious blackguards and rounders
who so numerously attended, and were so
promiscuous iri their charges against . - the
Supervisors and Deputy Marshals.
Periodically the fire fiend visits a city,
and in a . few brief hours destroys hun
dreds of thousands of dollars' worth of
property. Every city has its record of
"big fires," which occur with 'alarming
frequency, and notwithstanding the effi
ciency of the firemen, rage for hours be
fore the flames are subdued, and the pro
gress of destruction stayed. Sunday
morning occurred ono of these disastrous
cnittlagrations, which , at one time, owing
to the high wind krevailing, seemed des
tined to spread over a large space. It
occurred at Race and Crown streets, in a
building erected on the site of a sugar re
finery destroyed in 1569, breaking out in
the office of the Philadelphia Burring Ma
chine Company. The building and those
adjacent were occupied by heavy dealers
and manufaCturers, and the losses will
probably foot up at three-quarters of a
million of dollars. - St. Angustine's
Church was in danger, but saved, and
fortunately no lives were lost, nor inju
ries sustained. •
One of those mysterious happenings, in
cident' to city life occurred one Sundae af
ternoon, *lien William C. Martin, a- real
estate agent on Fifth street,' was found
by his brother in his office, unconscious
with his feet on the table and his head
over tl4:back of a chair, a deep cut on
the left temple and his clothes saturated
with blood. The diamond rings on ~his
fingers and his watch in his pocket were
untouched. The doers leading to the of
fice were locked, and the keys missing.
The whole affair is enveloped-in mystery;
which as Mr. Martin is unconscious, is
not likely to be solved., ti
The redestriennes (we believe that is
the correct, term) who have been for some
days carningtheir pay at Concert Hall,
on Saturday night became belligerent,
and two of the female walkists got into a
wrangle, which threatened to end in a
prize fight. The audience enjoyed the
diversion, and we have no doubt would
have been delighted to witness half a
dozen rounds, but the managers interfer
ed and separated , tbd irate females,. who
finally became reeok]eiled, and again be
gan their tramp, Possibly the. scene was
only ad advertising dodge,-as the walking
mania has about run its course, Mid the
refined and enlightened audiences wli o
witnessed these matches, will require
some now sensation. What more likely
to be popular than a female sparring
A water-proof saved the life of Mrs.
Topharui,wife of the less° of Smith's is
land on Friday last: She was in a boat
rowed by - two men, which was capsized
near Walnut street wharf, and the three
persons were thrown into the river and
drawn under one of the freight lighters.
The men came to the surface and were
immediately rescued. Mrs. Topham not
coming up, a boat hook was plunged un
der the-lighter, and this caught her and
she was drawn out. It was found that
t , \1 143 "hood. of her water-proof cloak . Inid .
n washed over her head so as to en,
close sufficient air to prevent her drown 4
She was much exhausted , but was
afterward able to return to her
Pao , $1,200.—"T0 snm it up, six
long yea s of bed-ridden sickness, costing
$2OO per year, total sl,2oo—all Of this ex
pense was topped by three bottles of • Hop
Bitters taker b) my wife, She has done
her own housework for a year since,with
out the loss of . s day, and I want every
body to know it, for their benefit."
lar Mrs. E. J. Ningos haaall tho latest
stylekin HATS.
Vir A pretty assortment of EMBROI
Ur Ladies ! buy the " SPOON !' COR
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In great variety at STEBNIS.
COVISER has the best wearing Shees
for Men. Boys and Youths' wear ever offered In
Towanda, and at prices wltldn'tho moth at aU.
Vir Mrs.' E. J. Magog has returned
train tho city with a full lino of goods and all the
Laden Styles of Millinery sad nisi? Goods:
re NOTICE.—.-Tho acpaunts,pf tlie late
Ann of.A [Nein & 11 Fre Room have been assigned
to and should be paid . to J. E. UITCUCOCE, at the
Itzeoniza,Ogice: ,
or For tickets to points West,
North and Sonthweat, at the lowest pseslble rates.'
eat! un Ur address, it. K. BCOCK, Agent, at
Upper. Depot, Towanda. l7tt
I L. B. RODGERS zballonges.comiet
titian far vainly:at goods and law' Prices as Saab,
111101 sad Itoldin‘s, aid al building
. iaagwttli
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and Pine-r 4., Tracy k frobleit Block. ' sprain-
filr Don't you forgotit. We have an
atrowLza , 5A1E13417 1 wherejon can boy the
beat fresh-baked crackers. ;
• Nir,Mhis- N. PARMTAX; WM: vhsit the
city and, reeelyn next week s 1611 assortment of
1111111nerj goods, splint styles of ifses, he.•
itlf The Red, White and Blue Store,
coo Bridge street, is being thoroughly reWrect land
Painted and will be completed in a few days. It
will be occupied by Mr. OZARGIS Minna/LT as •
first class Grocery Store. Mr. l. understands the
Malaita, and will put in a good assortment of goods
and will soil them at fair piton. He Is now in
New York buying an entire new *bat.. •
Mr The Bridge Street Furniture Store
now, occupies two stores with a new stock of Spring
(Coeds.' With law pleas, good goods and , a large
stock to select from, we feel sore we can suit you.
Vir JOHN CARUAN having removed to•
CerroUnlock, Main !Rivet, Is now prepared to at
tend to the wants esti who desire anything In the
line of Stoves, Tinware!, Cutlery, ete. JobLlng
and Repairing done in the most expeditious man
ner and cheaper than the cheapest. Remember
the place, Carroll Block, Main Street, opposite
Bra:44ms Eiropean noteetr
UZNZWItt is a scientlne combination of ionic; of
the most powerful restorative agents In the vegeta
ble kingdom:* It restores gray halt to Its original
color.- It makes the scalp white and clean. It
cures dandruff and humors, - and failing-out of the
hair. it furnishes the nutritive principle by which
tie halr . ls ultirlshed and supported. It makes the
hale molkt, soft end.glossy, and is unsurpissed as .a
hate, dressing. It is the most economical .prepara-
tiott ever offered to the public, as its effects remain
a long time, tusking only an occasional application
necessary. It Is recommended and' sed by emin
ent medical urn, and officially endorsed by the
State Assayer of Ilassachusett. The popularity of
Ha I's Hair Renewer has increased with the tesZof
many years, both in this country and. In foreign
lands, and it is. now known and used In all the
clrllized countries of the world. • Fog SALE DL
e fegaL
BRIDGE •NOTlCk—Notice is
hereby given that on THURSDAY, the 24th
day of APRIL. A. I). 1879, we the unoersigned.
residents and tax payers of Bradford County to-.
gother with twenty other residents and tax-payers
of said County, will present our petition' to the
Honorable the Court. of Quarter Sessions of Brad
ford County to be then hoiden at Towanda. praying
the satd Conn to.appoint viewers agreeably to the.
Act of General Assembly approved May 8111,1816,
and its tupplements, to view the bridge crossing
ltie Susquehanna river at Towanda. In said County,
owned by eke Towanda Bridge Company. and pray
ing said Court that the said Bridge shall be taken
as a County Bridge.
N 11. W. NOBLES,
GEO. STEVENS and others.
\Towanda, April 2, 1879. awk.
SALES.--By virtue
.....fttf sundry wilts Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Pradford County.and to me dl.
metetl,l win expose to public. saki at the Court
Ilown to Towanda, Branford County, Penneylva.
via, on THURSDAY, HAY T. at I Welk - mit P.. 31.,
the following described property, to wit:
No 1-07.4 IC lot of land In: Wilmot townsidp,
bounded as (chows: Beginning at a tleralock knot
and stone heap In Daniel Crandall's pasture; thence
south s:l4;° west 190 perches, to a hemlock knot
and stone heap In the line of lot • deeded by John
11.SpaltlIng, 1;stl: thence month 2S° sea 76 per.
cites to a stone neap, northwestern corner of John
It . Parker lot; thence by same south 81 0 east 108
perches to a stone heap; thence east 38 6-10 perches
SD Ftuue !wapiti the4olin Crandall flue: and thence
north 2 4 2%*east 124 'perches, to the place of begin
ning; containing 72 'acres of land. more or less,
about 15 acres lm proviul, with 2 board houses, one
board stable and few fruit trees thereon. Seized
and taken Into execnthin at the entiof It If Lyon
C F itovecrunts. Moo at Plat of Samuel Spence?
vs C V Ito.!ecnintA
I'CoY2 ALSO—One other lot land In Towanda
floroUgh, bounded as followi , : on the north by Hus
ton street; east by lands of QF Nlehols; south by
an alley; west by lands of Mrs Huston or C
Nichols. being about 50 ft front on Huston street,'
and 2.2.3 - ft deep, with a two story framed. house
therom. •
No 3 ALSO—One oiher lot of hind In Towanda
borough, bounded as follows: Beginning at north.'
wcEtern corner of C F Mello's' lot, now Alex Al-
ieu•s estate, on south side, of HuStonort; thence
westerly aiong.tontlr side of said street 25 _feet to a
corner of land contracted to C F Nichols; thence
southerly along the east line of Bald I"C= 5-1,0 ft.
to Ilse of land formerly owned by M C Mercer;
thence easterly along staid Meteor's land 2S ft, to
corner of lot of C F Slcholsnow the Alex Allen
emote; thrnce northerly along line of sold lot to
the place of Lep:ming, with part of a framed barn
lot •of land - In Towanda hero, bounded north,by
Huston street. west by lands of fI Chaapel to the
possession of W M Mallory. south by an alloy. and
east by a lot of C F Nichols, now Alex Allen's es-,
tate: being about 50 feet front on sald- c flUston•sf, ,
and it= feet deep, with part of a trained barn
tberenn. Seized and taken Into execution at the
suit of (4 F Taber's use vs C 8 Nichols,—
\os ALSO—One other lot of tend' In Athens
township, bounded north I,y lands:of Henry' Kirby.
east Arid south by lands now or formerly owned by
John I) Keyser and west by the public highway:
centarning ol'an acre of laud, more or less, with
one' framed house and few fruit trees thereon.
Seized' and taken into execution at the suit of
Friendly Bros' rise vs Mary F earner.
NO a ALSO—One other lot of land In Burlington
born, bounded north by lands of Ifollister erniipton
awl Long Bros, east by the center of the brick wall
of Lcing Bros' store, being centerof the wain hultd,
leg, south by Troy street, and west by lands of G
Tracy, being about 33 feet front on said Troy st,
and II t feet deep, with one three story brick build
ing thereon. Seized.and taken Into
the suit of A I. McKean vs William Biles.
. .
No 7 ALSO—one other lot of land In Burlington
township, bounded north by lands of W Grunage
and Treat Shoemaker, east by lands of Treat Shoe.
maker. south by the public highway, and west by
the public h.tghway. containing 63 acres of land.
more or lean, about 40 acres improved, with one
framed house, one barn and orchard of fruit trees
thereon. Seized and taken into execution at the
suit of E Pomeroy vs Ce Perry.
\oB ALSO—One other lot of land. in Franklin
township, bounded north by lands of Hiram Thurs.
lon, east by the public highway, south' by lands of
I.eonard Brown and on-the west by lands of Luther
Smith; contatning an acre, more or ,•less, all im
proved, with one unfinished framed house thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the stilt of 31
W Taylors' use - vs Hiram Cole. •
Nog ALt o—One other lot of land In Albany
township, bounded as funny's, Beginning at a point
on the east line of the Sullivan and Erie it It, where
the line ofiand of .7 • S.:: Campbell crosses said rail
road line, running thence north 31° east '32 G-ip
perches, to a post -anti I stone corner In said Camp
bell line; thence sofeHt 87% 0 east I_l.B-10 - le rches
along the lino of S Chapman and W Davis'
lands, to a post center; thence south VS° west
127 5-10 perches along the line of A if spear's land,
to a corner on the east line ut the S & E It R afore
said:.thence northerly along said last mentioned
line by the several courses thereof, 118 0-10 perches
' to the place of beginning, containing 35 acres and
11l perches of laadonore or less, about 23 acres
Improved, •Itir one framed hence, one framed barn
and few fruit trees thereon. - Seized and taken into
execution at the suit of W. A Rockwell vs Robert
No 10 ALSO—The Interest of the defendants In
one other lot of land in Overton township; in -the
warrantee name of Hugh Ladley, containing 400
acres. more or less. Seized and taken Into execu.
lion at the suit of N N Betts, cashier's use vs C
Cash, Geo 1.• Cash seeyrunbr A Cash see'y.
Nu ll ALSO—One other lot of land In Leroy
township, bounded north. by Towanda Creek' s east
by lands of Pierson Holcomb, south by a vacant
piece of land owned by E. T Ituitum, and west by.
lands of Jos-Holcomb, containing about 53 acres of
Land more or less, about 45 acres improved, with a
framedhouse, two framed. barns, one corn house,
other out buildings and orchard of fruit tree
thereon , . -
No 12tAL130—One other lot of land In Leßoy
township, bounded east by lands of James 31cCra
ney, south by lands of the Schrader Coal Company,
west by lands of Jasper Holcomb, torraining 45
acres of land, more or less, about 40 acres improv
cd, no buildings. Seized and taken into elocution
at the suit of rummy Bros' use vs E T 1141Stitn.
No 13 ALSO—One other lot of land in Monroe
-township, bounded north by lands of C A Fowler,
east and south by lands of Liocas or -Lyman Mar-.
cy, and west by lands of Samuel Lyons contalumg
is acre 3 or' land, more or less. all improved, with a
framed • house; framed barn, a mill or ahoNand
. few fruit trees thereon. Seised and taken Into ex
ecution at the stilt of Selah Wickham ad-versus .1
I: Cowell and Mahlon Stirope.
No It ALSO—One other lot of land in Ulster
township, bounded as follows: beginning at a post,
the southwest corner of a lot this day conveyed to
Amelia Wells, thence along the - east side of an al
ley south 14 0 west 378 feet; thence south •!i° east
103 4-10 feet to the canal; thence up the same north
east 177 8 10 feet;" thence up the same north
25° west 100 fee; thence up thesame north 5 0 east
100 feet; thence up the same porta 3° west 312 ft,
to the southeast corner of lot this day conveyed to
Amelia Wells; thence along the same north 32.i°
west abbut 130 feet to the place of beginning, con
taliting about one sore, Wore or less, with a steam'
saw and plaster mill thereon. Seized end taken
into execution at the snit of G F Slaseu, Guardian,
vs Chas Wells': ' •
No 15 ALSO-One othet lot of - land In Columbia
township, bounded north by lands of Stephen Gar
net and James Strong,east by lands tlf Caleb Bush,-
south by lands of Henry Gernet and .Fayette Kett
eon, and on the west by the public highway, con-
Aalising 110 acres of laud, more or less, about 80
acres Improved. with one framed house, one framed
barn, one granary and few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken Into execution at the suit of A E
Comstock n E 11 Williams.
No 16 ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda
. borough, bounded as fellows t• Beginning at a cos-
beret a lane on the west Meet Mainstmet, about
20 feet south of a lot formerly owned by Perrin
Welts; thence westerly on a parallel line said
Wells lot to the center of an alley, which alley be
ing half way from Main Street to Second. street;
thence southerly along the center of said alley to
lot sold by .1 P Means Ind wife to Robs rt Meiti
lash; thence easterly along sold Mclntosh line to
the west side or Main street; thence northerly
along said line of Ma'n street Laplace of beginning,
belt:cahoot 140 feet front on aald Main street, and
about 150 feet 'deep, with two two story framed
buildings- thereon. being the same piece of land
deeded by J F Means and wife to J W Means by
deed dated April 1. 1875. and recorded lu -deed
book No 129. page lee. Seized and taken Intomge
cutien at the suit of The Mutual it and S.F Asap
clatien ea John W Means.
No 17 ALSO—tine other lot of land, siteato In
Tonands Ilerungh, bounded as follows: Beginning
'at the southeast corner of 1/ 31 Turners land on
the west side of William street: thence by land of
Il It Turner south 28 0 west 100 feat to a corner;;
thence by land of Henry Harris and A Kingsley
South 3° 21' east NO feet to a corner of J J. Webb;
thence north 73 9 east by land formerly owned by
Theodore Lewis 100 feet to the west side of Wlll
Street; thence on a course of north 8 0 Si' west
alangthe west line of sold William street 100 - feet
to the place of beginning t one board'sbantY there
on. &keit and taken into execution at the suit of
L 1. Moody and 11 it Morgan, administraterot WM
H Morgan vs A S Macdonald.
, Ne 1e ALSO—One other lot - of land; skunk In
Towanda Borough, bounded north by lands of
Ellen Ward /tiller, east by Third skeet, south by •
Ward.Astenue, and west bydands of JobnGrinint
being 60 Root ye Thin"! street. :110 feel on Ward
, anrimue.Aritti I framed ladamatherean. seized sad
taken Into ezreatten et the snit of Joseph Towner
vs Margaret Mack and John Mack.
No IC ALSO—One other tot of land, athlete to
'Athens township, bounded as folloWs Beginning
In the centre of the Cheinung rood and running
westerly along the south line of lauds owned by
Gottlieb Hess 16 rods to lands belonging to D L
Snyder and mother; thence southerly along said
lines of D 1. F itnyder 6 rods parallel with tire con.
ire of said Chemung road ;.thence easterly 10 rods
In a line parallel with Inc north line to the centre
of -said Chetnung roadthence northerly 6 rods
along the centre of said Chemung road to the
place of beginning* eontainingli acre, mere or less;
.b.dng the same piece of laud as deeded to Joseph
Belzer by Timothy Wheeler, with. two framed
dwelling houses, one framed barn and few fruit
trees thereon. Seised and taken into execution at
the suit of Sarah F Elmer Ts Miner St.dubn.
No 20 ALSO—One other lot of land, Illthate In
Wilmot township. - bounded as follows: Beginning
at a beech .the northwest corner of the Jobn Craw
doll lot' thence north 61%%° eastls6 perches to a
post and stonesin Stowell's line; thence north 2354 12
westalle-Mperches to a post and atones; thence ,
south 03 1 4° west 105 perches to a stone heap; thence
tooth =Si* west 6.5 perches to the place of begin,
niug.;. containing So acres, more or leaf, about 35
Improved, with a log house, 'a framed barn and
other outballdlop, and ad orchard of fruit trees
thereon; being part of nil, tracts warrantee
name of Jobe* Fish and Mathias Hollentrack,
No 21 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Wilmot township, bounded as follows : • Beginning
In alttone leap; thence west WI perches to a stone
heap in warrant line; thence south -by same e&
perches to seams heap; thence east 134 perches to
a stone heap; thence by State road north it° east
53 - perches, north ntr west 15 perches, north 4t°
' east 20 perches to the place of beginning; contain.
Ing 76 acres and 83 perches, more or less, about 35
improved, with three small framed houses, a fetus,-
ed barn, a saw mill with railroad track, other out
buildings and an orchard of fruit trees thereon ;
being Lit No 17 Sturtevant's sub.dlvision Of war
rant surveyed in the name of Jesse Fell and run
: veyed to Joseph 112 Gamble 11. y the help of Sarah If
I;Batter and Geo 11 Butler, deceased. Seized and
taken Into execution at the suit of John Spald
ing vs Jos M Gamble, Daniel 1/ Crania and Nor,
, man E Churchill. '
No 22 ALSO.-One other lot of land, situate In"
Standln,r Stone towiiihip, bounded on the south
east by the - east or southeast bank o'lU:timer
neld Creek, north by lands of F S Whitman. west
by lands of said F 8 Whitman, and- south by lands
of James Espey; Containing about - 1 - acre`, more
Or less, about linprovid, with two trained houses,
one framed t,arn and other outhouses, one saw mill.
water privilege, and few fruit trees thereon. Seized
and talon Into executem at the snit of Squires
vs .1 N Coe. «-
No II ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Canton Borough, bounded north by lands of Will
iam Taber, east by lands of -8 '8 Strait, south by
Union street, and west by lands. of It N Williams.
with one framed house, one framed barn, and few
fruit trees thereon. Seised and taken into *execu
tion at. the suit of E 8 Horton, administrator of
Asa Mattocks, deceased. vs Calvin bodge.
No 24 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Wilmot township, bounded as follows: liegliining
at almech the southwest comer of the tract; thence
north 111, perches along the west Ilne of the tract
ton post; thence east 08 perches' to a beech-be the
Bollenbacit roar); thence along said road south 13 0
east in perches to a beech by said road ; thence
114 penile* to the beginning; containing 70
acres and 11 torches, more or less, about 33 im
proved. with a7rame,l horse, it framed' barn, one
granary, and an , orchard -of fruit, trees - thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit of Ilan
norab Cotter vs John Cotter; being the defendant's
oak... Seventh interest in- the above-described prop
'No 2.5 ALSO—One other lot of -land, situate In
Trey Borough, bounded as follows: Begizining
at a post In the line of George kleolter's lot, being
the Southeast corner of said lot; thence west'slong
tee line of said Meeker'a lot 244 feet to a corner in
centre of road leading from Troy to Canton; thence
In a northerly course along the centre of said rkul
60 feet to a corner; theuce In an easterly course
parallel with said Meeker's line 244 feet to a post;
thence fn's southerly vurse 60 feet to the place of
beginning; containing 14.649 square feet of-Sand,
more or less, all Improvedzarith a dwelling house
. thereon. Seined andlaken into execution at the
suit of W (I Sadler vs J B Costello and Julia Cos
No 26 ALSO—One other lot of land. situate In
Troy Borough, bounded north by lands formerly
owned by•F J Calkins., now occupied by Dr Samuel
Shepard; east by lands of Nelson Adams, south ee
lands of Nelson Adams, and west by Elmira street,
with two dwelling houses thereon. Seized and
taken Into execution at the suit of Pomeroy Broth:
eis re D C Lanipmen. .
- No . 27 ALMS—One other lot of • land, sltuatet In
South Creek townshie.-boundeftitorth t, land' of
4 F Gillett, east by If L Smith.- south by J Gil
lett, and we-t by Fred 'Chancey and H L Smith ;
containing about one-half acre, with a framed
house, a framed . blacksmith shop, a framed barn.
and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken Into
execution at the atilt of N E Vanbuskirk vs Hiram
Sample. . .
No 28 -- A-LSO—One other lot of land, situate in
Springfield township, bourided as follows: Begin
ning at the not thwest corner of the lot hereinafter
described, at a point In the Route line of lands of A
J-Blekenson; from thence east along the lands of
said DiekensetelGl perches to a corner in the high
way leading fnmi 31111 City westerly: thence south
along said highway 59 perches-to an angle in said
highway; thence southeast along said- highway Si
4-10 perches; thence east. along the lands of B B -
Gleason 436.10 perches to scorner; thence south .
:Gong the lands of said Gleason 22ee perches to an
.augle; then. 6 southeasterly along lands of said
Gleason tee s perches .to a- corner; thence Abell.
I alorg lands of the estate of Edie in Watson, decel.
, 3ete perches to. an angle; thence westerly alone
lands of 0 0 Dunbar 32 perches tonn angle; thence
south along lands of G P Voorhis 65 1.10 pere.hes e to
1 a corner; thence easterly along lands of e 31,1 Voor
his 11 Coo perches to s corner; thence southerly
along lands of Hiram Potter 123 7.10 perches to a
corner: thence westerly along lands of A S e llereley
45 449 perches to a corner; thence a northeast di
rection along lanes of Dennis Bailey ee perches to
an angle; thencee northwest direction along islets
of W J Wigstea 50 perches to -an angle le thence
easterly along lands of said Wigstea 97 9-10 . perches
to an 'ogle; thence west along the highway-run
nlng from Mill City to the Bordweli school house
79‘g perches to a corner; thence north along lands
of the estate ofeeklexander Clark, deceased, Del 4-10
perches to a cornereteeneewesterly along lands of
'laid Clark estate 107 perches tea corner; thence
north along land of- seta Clarks estate 111 e-10
perches to the place of beginning, and supposed to
contain 227 acres, after deductireethere (rem about
10 acres heretofore sold - and conveyed, which is
owned or In possession of the following persons :
Uri Cooper. Joseph Clark. 0 Saunders ' B S Coal
mine. It E. Leonard, N S Watenn, F. U Wilder. It
W Cheeney, and school house lot; about 80 acres
Impreved. with two framed houses, two framed
earns tele4ehetie attached, a framed horst, barn, a
saw nejet/r, cheeping mill for feed, a cider. mite
3311 an orchard of fruit t mete thereon. Seized and
taken inte execution at the sod of Menet Wood's
nee vs William A Bullock: '
No 29 ALSO—one, other lot of land in Alletny
township, bounded as follows: legi mil r g at a beech
a corner of lands of Luke it Morris; thence by the
s3nte west,l64 perenes to a . post ley a hemlock cor
ner of the 331110 land and fend of - Centel-he W
Morris; thence by miter lanes of Israel. W Morris
north efee* emit 127 ',etches to a peed; thence also
by lands of Israel 'lr Morris; eaet lee perches tom
pest in the line of Luke W Morris; and thence by
the same south 29te° west lel perches to, the place
of beginning, containing. 1074 acres; being ebe
saute piece of land conveyed by Israel NV Motet%
_be deed bearing date Nov 24. 1851. and recorded in
too office for recording deeds. In and for the ceune
ty of Bradford, In Deed Book.leo 57. page 303 J e't . i
No 30 ALSO—One other lot of laud in - Attune
township, betunled as follows: • commencing at a
"sugar stump, the northwest corner of said let and
corner of lot No 7 of a survey; thence south 9
east by lands of Thomas- Collett, deed, 82 perches
to a maces - tier of lots No 3 'and sof said survey;
thence south 112 perches to a beech corner
of iota No 5, 9 and 10; thence . north Sete° west 2
perches to a beech corner of lots No 7. S and 11 ;
thence north-al le° east 112-perches to place of be
ginning; containing 49 acres and 112 perches.. .
Being lot No 6 of A II Mcilenry's survey, being
the mine piece of land ennieyed by Michael Bee.
ding by deed bearing date January 7, 1874, and re -
Corded in the ofllce for recording deeds in and fer
Bradford county, in deed bop& \o 119, at page 130,
&c.: excepting and reserving therefrom the follow
descriteel lot: beginning eta beech corner,
thence north MS° east 54 perches to a post; thence
thence south 47° east 72" e perches to & beech;
thence north 88t e 0 west to the beginning, contalti
ing VI acres and 40 perches. , • -
. The three aforesaid . pieces of land being what is
known as the Cullen Boys' Farm, situate in Albany
township, bounded as follows: north and northweet,
by lanes of John Murphey, east by. lands formerly
owned by William Zeiler. south and
.seuthwest by
lands of John S 31cDonald, contatning•l47 acres of
Lend, more or less, ateetit 125 acres improved, with
two plank dwelling houses, one fro , ed barn, one
tog barn. one granary, other out building., and two
orchanis of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken
,Into execution at the sultet.Lewis Ziner vs Daeld
Cutlet' and John Cullen. •
• No 31 ALSO—Oee other lot of tale, situate in
Pike township. bounded as follows: Beginning at I
centre of State road on fine of John Bolles; thence
etetth Vi e ° west 147 4.10 perches along said Belle.'
Mite to a piet and peones corner; thence south fie 'e 0
east 74 13-25 perches along_the line of J Barnes, 11e
ceased to a post and stones comer: thence north
2 1 3 1-20 east 129 perches to.eentre of State road by
lends of Wm Cline; thence north 5.5!4° west.lB 2-10
perches; thence north 31 0 :east. along lands of .1
Bolles; thence north 5550 west; thence south :35°
west along see! Bolles' land to Stale, road, lying 8
perches on said road, ~nil beineexemsive of Seed
e perches deep; thence north - 354° West 53 1-2 e
poaches along State road to ,place of beginning ;
containing (Including house andlot) 66 acres. metre
or less. about 63 improved, with a framed house, a
framed horse barn, a framed barn with sheds at.
tachedes granary, an ice bowie, other outbuildings,
and two orchazds of fruit trees thereon. Seized
and taken Into execution it the suit of 'William
• Shumway's ase vs U II Allen and S it Allen.
NO 32 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate - In
Monroe township, bounded as fellows: Beghitting
at 3 post for a corner on the west side of the south
branch of Towanda Crevice reusing thence north
79te° east 47-2-10 perches to a ellen pine; thence
north 1.6° east 13 perches to a post; thence south'
58 3 f° east 248 perches to a post; thence sontneeee .o
west Ski 8;10 perches to a poet for a corner; "thence
north ;89 tee west 164'perehes to a post for &corner ;
_thence south 10° east 15 2.10 perches; fo a pest fora
corner; thence south 83' west 2# perches to a
, post fur a corner; thence north GI eelewest 20 perch:.
' - es to a corner; thence north 13 tee east 8 2-10 perch
, es to a corner; thence north 704° west 13 perches
to a post by two pines for a Corner; henne'"north
4 e -0 west 40 perches to the place of beginning: con
taluin 110 acres aterl29 perches, more or less,
about JO acres improved, with three frare r e4l houses,
two barns, one corn house , and two o hares of
fruit trees thereon; said lotwill be sold subject to
A life lease to It F Wanck for % of an acre on the
Berwick Turnpike. Seized and taken' Into execu
tion at the suit of Ell= Fowler and Emiline Fow
ler, who survive Austin Feeler, vs C - A Fowler.
No 33 -ALSO—One other lot of land in Towanda
born, bounded north by lands of Joseph 1) Montan
?ye, emit by Main street, eouth by the lands of the
Meld F Barstow estate, and 'west by Seemid-st;
containing le of an acre of land, more or less, with
three framed houses. one framed barn with sheds
attached, and few fruit trees thereonbeing the
same piece - f land conveyed by L 8 Kingsbury and
Wile to Phew Ann Griffith, by deed bearing date
el prli 2, 1866, and recorded in Deed Beek No 75, at
tesge-51, atc; Seized , and taken into execution at
the suit of L S Kingsbury, trustee, vs John J Grit
11th and P A Gritatn. - 1
:No 34 ALSO-Ono other lot, T et India Wilmot twee
bounded north by lands of c F Welles, deed, east
. by lands of Cornelius Donovan and T E quick,
south ley' lands of John Turner and west by 1311113
l ofC F. Welles, dee*. containing - 38. acres of land,
more or less, shout 4 twee Improved, with one
board house and few frit-Lk-Item& thereon. Seized
and taken into executlowee the suit of A Lewis vs
G W Mann. -
• 50 35 ALSO—Om; - other lot of land in itidgbury
township, bounded north by lands of Elmira Voor
his, east by public highway, south by Wide of fe A.
Murnham and west by land., of 0 A Burnham. con
taining about one acre of land, more or •lese, alleitn
proved: with one framedluisise, ono framed stuee
house and (eve fruit trees thereon.
NO 36 AI-SO—One other lot of land in nedgbury
township, ispunded north and west bf pnblie high
way, east by lands of Joel Peterson and south tly
lands formerly owned by Theodore Larrisc,n, con
taining 3,seres of land, more or less , all improved,
with enelfremed holm thereon. Attired and taken
Into exeention as. the sett of V 0 Ilan
vs 4 0 Voor
No 37 iILSO'--One other lot of land, situate In
Orwell tdiinshlp, bounded forth by lauds of J W
POIN east by. lands - of J II Allen, 0 It Allis,-
Vrattluln Maynard and. G U Norton, SAW ii by lands,
of lliram Dougherty, and west by land:tor Isaac
Adam's and 11 V Allis; containing about SO swims,
More et We, shoot SO imposeed, with a framed
house. a framed bate , otnefAxitimikliiigs,' and an
orchard of fruit trees thereon, Seised and taken
Into execution at 'lnc suit eft A Cemi tn refs nWe ,
Allis. U 5 Allis and Miles Allis. T T _
No ALSO -O ne other idtof lend, sine= in
Litchfield township, bounded as follows s Begin.
rang at an ash for a corner on the welthWeid corner •"..,
of lot of land owned by Samuel Onteshind Insane .
north 630 0 east 97 s4operches td a comer on
of land fbratertyowhed by Z Flower: Ciente bent&
1 0 westsiong said line 61 4 , 10 perches to a
on the Mu of Darbil KcEinney; thence north OP
west 98 240 perches along the line of said David
McKinney to a corner; thence south $
,42.10 Withal
to the place of beginning; containing as acres and
te perches , more nr left,- about IS acres Impoveda,
with a bcohl house. a framed barn, an oW tarn,
one shlogle mlll, and a few fruit • tresta•thereen.
Seised and taken Into execution at the salt of.
Adam Rifenburges Fll Sherman, and F H Stine -
man. administrator of Lit SherusaW -
No 20 ALSO-.One other kit of lan4 in_ North TO.
wands township. Wended north by _hinds of famtiM
el 0 and*W H Foster and John Mattel, west by
land* of Junes Hurley, tenth by lands of Mined
Desists% and east , by lan& of alias Milt and it& -
ward Overton, ea - taint eg 51 acres of land, morstor
lesa, about 45 acres Improved. with -Coe framed
house, on. framed: ban, and few fruit tree, there
on, Seised and taken into execution the ant of
J N Czars ; nee re Bartley Heath.
No 40 ALSO—One other lot of land In .13rweit
.township, bounded north by lands of Dr Caddie.
east by lands of • Isaac Marsh and 0 J Chubtatek.:
south by lands of W- F Glenn, and emit by lands of
Barney Clark and George Lent; coeitainlng 50
acres of land, morn or less,abont 40 acreelnipnrred. - .
with one framed house, one framed tarp, one Clog
- pen and few fruit trees thereon. Seized ,and taken
into execution at the Suit of Lucinda Lounsberry
vs Henry B Osborn.
Ho 41 ALSO—Thc defendant's one-half interest
in a certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate in
Alhau.7. Monroe and Otlerten townships, bounded
as refloat( : Beginning at an old hemlock corner on -
the southwest corner of warrant In the name of
Stephen Hollingsworth •thence tiouthllB o- east 292
"rods to the west line of warrant in the lame of
Ann Harris: thence south 32° west about 8.5 rods
to the sonthweat cornet. of said. Ann 111113` war-,
relit: thence south Ws east 158 rods to a post and
stones the southeast earner of said Ann Harris ,
warrant; thence north no east 009640 rods to the
northwest earner of Jackson lot ; thence south &So
east 212 rods to Jackson's northeast corner; thence
south 32 0 wee. 44 rods to a 'post corner; thence
north 54.16* east 57 4.10 rods to a corner: thence
north 443° east 119 rods; thence south 58 0 east 106
4.10 rods; thence north 3750 east 30 rods; thence
tenth beaf crastefitods to the west line of warrant
in the name otliay Walliss; thence north 32° east
- 110 perches to the southwest corner of Warrant in
the name of Robert Hampton ; • thence south 58 0
east 158 rods : thence north 311.4* east 102 rods
thence north 19 0 trait 320 - rods to southeast. corner
of warrant in the name of Samuel Anderion: thence
north 32 0 east 22( rods to the northeast corner of
said Anderson warrant; thence north 58° west 224
rods to a hemlock stump, an old corner ; -thence
south 32 0 west 224 rods to a corner of warrants in
the flames of Peter North and Peterehotts; thence
north' 50 0 west RV reds to the northwest corner of
warrant In the name of John ?forth ;'thence south '
24 0 west 425 rods to a black oak corner; thence
south 34 0 ...zrest 440!S rods ; thence north 54° west
35 rods to 3 post, old corner; thence south 32° west
329 rods to the place of beginning; containing 6,000
acres. noire or less. Seized and taken into execu- -
Bon at the suit of .1 P Klrby's users J F Satteriee.
Also at the suit of First National Bank of Athens
vs J F Satterlee,
No 42 .11:80—One other lot of li.nd, *Beate in
Leßoy township, bounded north by landsof
Mason, east by - lands of al L Wooster, south. by tXI
Towanda Creek, and west by lands of Charles Ml
nerd; containing 72 acres, more or less, ahead 55
improved, with a framed barn and an orabard of
fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken fete execu- .
Don at the snit of Nelson Reynolds' errs vs 11 'W .
MeCraney and 'l' A McCraney,
No 43 ALSO-.One other lot of land In Litchfield
township, boutided north by lands of John 11 Coop
er, east by lands of F P Cooper, and south and west
by lands of Eugene tit.derhW, tontaining about
126 acres of land, more or less, about 70-improved.
with one trained house. one framed barn, one
framed wagon house,
other out buildings 'and few
fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken into execu
tion at the suit of Stephen 31 ory's use vs James E -
Calmer and A B Campbell. -
No 44 A 1.50 - -One other lot of land. situate In .
Pike township, bounded as follows: Beginning at
a stake and stones the northeast corner 'of J
Helen's lot; thence north 9'1, 0 west by lands of A.
lieecher, 11 2-10 perches to a stake and names ;
thence north 2,,ti0 east by lands of said Beecher
130 perches to a stake and stones; thence south 89°
west by !ands of the above grantors 124 perches' to
a stake and stones; thence smith 39° west by landa
of If Manchester It 940 perches to a stake and
stones; thence mute 15° west by land of 0 Pease,
17t perches to astake and stones; thence north 65 0
east by landau( A Conklin and J Haigh 93 percher
to the place of beginning; containing 110 acres and
80 perches, more or less,- about 80 acres Improved.
With a framed house, - - a framed barn, a framed
horse barn, a granary, and an orchard of fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution at
the snit of Cyrus Cook vs Jonathan Oltunn.
_ _
No 45 ALS).—The uinlivided three-fifth part of
a certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate in -
Pike township, bounded as fellows: Beginning at
a stake ,and stones •the ncrtheaat corner of
Haigh!. lot; thence north° west hy lauds of A
Beecher 11 2 10 perches to a stake and stones;
thence north 2'.- i ° east by 1311 , 13 of said A Beecher
194 te.rehes boa beech; thence north. Ea° west by
land of S.muel Whearon 25 6. - .0 porches to a stake
and thence north 79° west by thuds of—
and - .1 0 Chubbnek 32 perihrs to a stake and
stones; thence south 50° west by land of C Chaffee -
24 5.10 perches to a stake and stones; thence south
39° west by land-of 0 Chaffee and - A. Beecher 94
perches 0. a 'state and stones ; thence Bouth,ls°
east by land of 0 Pease 171 perches to. a stake and
stone: thence north east by lands of A Conklin
and J - iia'gh 93 perches to the place of beginning;
containing , 151 mere! and 21 perches, stilt t measure,
about teo"aeres improved,, with a' framed-house,
two, framed barns a granary. other outbuildings,
'and: an orchard of fruit trees thereon. Seized and
taken !nth execution at the suit of A C Cook vs
Jonathan N Minna.
No 45 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Tuscarora towtishltr, bounded north by tarots of
John and Joseph Nigh, east by lands contracted by
Peter Nigh to Jacob Bought, south by lands or u
W Edwards,.now 1.1 Po:es:1 01 1 40 r John ItollCht:
and west - by lands of said John.and Jceeph Nigh ;
containing 20 acres, more or less, a out 15 ImproTz
ed. with two framed houses, a framed barn, a ,
biaekscilth shop, and an orchard of fruit trees.
thereon. .
No 47 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Tuscarora township. bounded north by lauds of W
narroweliff, east by a creek dividing lands from
%% Barrowellff (now owned 'by B W Ed*ards) on .
the south by lands of Jacob. nought, and west by
lands of Elijah Merrill and others; containing S 3
acres, more or less. about 20 improved; being samo
land contracted from -Peter yr Nigh to Jacob
Bought on the eth day of August.•l973. Seized and
taken into execution at the salt of Wm S Vincent's
use vs Jacob Bought.
No 44 ALSO—One other lot of land, situate fa
Towanda township, bounded norttnby the Barclay
Railroad., lands of YhO Towanda him Manufactur.
lug Cempanv, and MC Mereni (lately owned by
Gordon F Mason), east by the , Susquehanna River, •
and south by lands of Miller Fox, Michael Melia. -
hen, Patrick Considine, Joseph-Ochs; C M Man
ville, S W Alvord, 11 E Whitney, AlonzoMingirs
and Martin Croty, anti west by lands Of Hiram
Fox, deceased ; containing 30 acres of land, morn
or 'less. all improved, with no buildings thereon; •
Seized and taken Into execution at the suit of J A
Record, .1 1. Kent and E L 'Hillis, Truitees - of
Bradford Lodge 100 F, No 1137, use vs S C Means.
N 04 5. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate In
Canton Borough, bounded north ty lands Of Miss
11 1) Hazleton, east by lands of Harding Clark and
E C seymonr, south - by lands of F. Dunham, and
west by Sullivan street; being 50 feet front-nu said
Sullivan street and 200 feet deep, with' a framed
house and few fruit trees thermn. Seized - and
taken into execution at the suit of Jiff 11azleton 4 4
use vs' I. I) Granteer and Anna Granteer. • .
No 50 ALSO—One other lot of ; land, situate In -
Litchfield township, bounded north and east by the
public highway, south by lands of Mrs Case, and
west by lands deeded to Eliza Stanton ; containing
about 14 acres pearly all improved, with a
log - hoom and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and- •
taken into execution at the snit of S G Townsend
Y 3 J P Perry and .1 F. Drake.
PETER J. DEAN, Sheriff.
Sheritrs Office, April 10, 1879. -
ttrphan's Court of. itradford.COOnty. In the
matter of the estate - Of Jane Rider, late of Warren
township, deceased.
The undersigned, an Auditor a ppoltited by the'
-Court to distribute the money in the hands of Rio
Rxectitor of the estate of lane Rider, deceased . ,
'will attend to the (Milos of hie-appointment at Ws
etticein Towanda Borough. on .1 0 1t1 DA y, the 9th
da,y of .MAT next, at 10 o'clock. 4. M., at which'
time and place airpersons having claims upon said..
funds .are it...glared to present the same, or lie -tics
barred froin coming In upon said funds.
J A 31ES 11. CORDING, Auditor. •
Towanda, April 7, 1570-WI.
--Notlee Is hereby given. that all persons In
debted tolthe estate of Lydia .1. !Cowley, late of
lierricksille. Petra, deceased, are requested to
mate itbmediate payment, and•all persons having
'claims against :aid estate must present them duly
authenticated for settlement to W. A. Wetmore.,
of lierrieltrllle, Pa:
Vi'c A. W ETMORE. Administrator.
l'a.; April 7, ts7s4r.i.
matter of the voluntary assignment of iFred
A. Cash, for the benefit of his creditors.
. _
In trio Court of - Cowmen Pleas of Brainerd CO..
Nri. 564. December Term. 1871. . • .
The final account of if. L. Scott... Assignee In
the abcrre case, filed April let, 1873. and said account
will be presented to said. CoUrt for final confirms.
;lon and allowance. on Thursday. slay ',"1879,,. un
less cause be shown why said account should not bo
finally confirmed and allowed by the Court.
• EClittl,E W. - BLACKMAN, _.;
Towanda, April 10, 1879-w1.,... 1 Prothonotary.i
matter of the voluntary issignine ‘ nt of Geo.
Cash for the benefit of Ills creditors.
In the Court of Common Pleatsif Bradford Co.,'
No. 5413. December-Term. 1874.
The final account of H. L.Scott, Assignee In the •
above mom, flied April Ist, 18:9;/ and wild account
will be presented to said Coml. / for final confirma
tion and allowance, on Thursday, the Bth day of
May nest, nnless causewe shown why said account
should not be dually conflrm(ell and allowed by the
- Towanda; April 10, lapilc4. rrotbunotary.
'maltyr of the oluntari assignment of Chas.
U. lash for the beneflt of his creditors.
In the Oran of/-Common Pleas of Bradford C 0.,.
No 563. Decen;lier Term, MAI.
The 'that account of H. L. Scott, Assignee In the
aixwe ease. hied April - Ist. ISBI; and said account
*KW. presented to said ;Court-for final confirma
tion and allowance, on Thursday. the' dth day of
May nett, unless cause be showu'erhy - sald account
should not be fleetly confirmed and allowed -by the
Court C.11:0 E W. lILACK)LAN, '
Towanda, April Prothonotory.
matter of the asslgnmeht of .I:Leßoy Coi
btu tor the benefit of We creditors. •
In the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford Cc.,
No. 806, May Term, 1178.
Thu anal account of William Snyder and F T
Page, Assignees In the abovmcase. died, April
; and said account will ho presented pa, said
Court, for final confirmation and alidwance, on
rhittmlas. the Bth day of May nest, unless outs°
be shown why Bild account should not ho finally
confirmed and allowed by the Court.
Towanda April 10, 1879-wL Prothonotary:
matter oftie voluntary assignment of Ed.
E. Loootots for the benefit of Ms creditors.
• In the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford Co.,
No. MO', May Term,
rho final account of F. W. 1110 VEIN ANIEIIOO In
tho. shoe° case,. filed Awl! 7th„ tMe ; and said ac
count will be presented to said Court for enal con
firmatlon and allowance, on Thursday, the sth day
of May next. unless cause be shown why'sald no,
count should nut be finally CCOndrteed and admired
by th•t Court. GEORGE W. BLACKMAN.
. Tuyanda,•Aprll 10, Pratbetw.