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    padforil pporter,
Towanda, Pa., Thursday, Marsh 33,;1879.
Towanda. Jan. 18, 1877.
The Post . ,jli utters et TroY, Canton, Ella
;Sr 'NAN anii Athens, teal remit subserip
itions for thee IlitroniEn, by money order,
ocur'.etvsse, ,:r
It iaow said that the hotel at *lune
«qua will be speedily re-built.
►i[E weighing is mid to be 'still good
back on the hills from the rivet'.
QUITE a number of people in- Wiltnot
t•nsnship are talking of migrating; 'West
ward when the spring comes. „
THE Standard is the title of a new
Democratic paper soon to be started at
Tunkliannock, Wyciming County,
WILLiASE DlTTnicii has comuiencod the
roundation for a large -dwelliug house,
mew. the upper end of Main street.
IS leas than three weeks fr( in now you
•can go trout,fothing and not break the
rovided,tbe day on which you go is
nest Suuday. , : '
7,suttAn, of Orwell, bas been ap-
Ointed 14:the doyei nor, and confirmed
I* , the Se#ate, as a Justice of tbe Peace
Mr' that Owuship.
IL M. Ptcx, Esq., has . puichased Mr.
Ilatausn't -halt interest in the brfek block
'corner or,. Main and, Poplar streets. The
znice valid was $4,000.
THE citizens of Canton are nUt content
with tlie Bose Conipany organized theie
last week, and aro new talking of organ
izing a Hook and Lander Cuthpany.
pe'rt - Ons who have been rendered
total•, thud while in the military or na
val service of the National Government,
will be4aftcr receive ri . 2.00 per month.
At,. Nict,soN has removed his jewelry
establishment from the corner of Main
and Pine streets, and now occtipies a pot•-
•tiou of the store with FITCH, thc Confee-
'TEN young men of Wilmot township,
who thought it not well for man-to
live alone,-have each led to the altar
young Lidy of that township during the
past *inter.
TIIE river at this place' is nine feet
above low water mark, awl the ice has
moved down the stream with no damage to
:property along its banks, so far as we
lave learned.
HENRY SNMEIt,' brakeman In the Pa-
N. V. R. lb. gravel train, had big right
wrist dislocated and the arm badly bruised
whila coupling:ears at the upper depot
one day recently.
THE next sociable of the Universalist
Society will he held in the lecture rooms
of the Church of the Messiah, on Tuesday
evening, Match 18th. All are invited to
itcutl. •Ilefreshmenth will be 't.e,rved.-
Rev. 11. TAYI.OI: 11119 L. F. GAunNiut will
'hold religious services in the Univ`crt•alist
Church it Atbeng, onL the evenings of ) i
March lbth and 19th. Public cordially
DECK ER Brothers, Clothiers, removed
their stock of goods nolo their old stand,
. oin-Mer of Main and Pine•streets, on Fmt
, nrday last, to the commodious store for
merly occupied I.4'the, a few
.loors south.
C. A. Cast wag quite severely injured
"while running t circular s saw at FitosT's
Factory, on Friday; last. A large sliver
was thrown by the saw' from the:board he
Ip(ts. holding, striking the back of his
&Ind, lacerating it very badly.
If. BURNET was convicted at the recent
term of the Sullivan County Court, of
441ing liquor to Minors and on . Sunday,
ind was sentenced by Judge INGtmu to
htty a line of Slllo and undergo an impris
ment in the county jail of '2O days.
REV. E. P. HAMMOND ha's been con
ducting revival meetings in Brandford,
Ontario, for several weeks With consider
able -- stiCce'S. On a recent evening he
preached to a congregation of 6,000 in the
(kill shed, the latgest building in .the
emuittn of the'll l lessiali (Uniiiersalist),
Pcv, Wii.m.tael'Ayton, Pastor. At 101
o'clock A. M.. I sOject—'t ADAM, Where
Art Thou'."" m., sub
juct—" PoNTIi.I: PILATE, 'His Crime,
Character, aA t 3TU dert' Followers." All
cordially welcome.
LEWIS WA ELVELAEII, President of the
7s:ew York Ihnning Pigeon Club, is soon
to attempt the dying of birds from Butla
) to New_Yo.k; and would like the ad
dress of a lequonsiblo ' , arty in Towanda
v.1i".1 will kindly care for and liberate birds
from this !mint. Mr. W's. address is
l)o N. J. •
A rouNG -man by the MIME! Of VINCENT
'14) . 0 VlkOny of Mr. I.ll.7 t Ann,
of Canton, vtliile drawing logs a few days
since, was struck in the face, by a hand
spike, bae brci:tking his jaw and'sever
ing an artev, nearly bleeding to death
bilftire medical aid at rived. lie is - reel - w
ering, howevefi under the treatment or,
THE Grand Army boys, of Watkins
Post, gave Comrade 0. D. LYON and wife
a "surprise," on Friday evening last.
" CEPIIE " ints, liaving contracted--a
litary cold, was unable to sing as sweetly
as usual, but otherysil l se the " meeting " at
Comrade I_,YON'S is spoken of as among
the most pleasant Of the " series " thus
far. • -
A lIRAVY thtder shower visited this
section on Saturday evening - last. The
stMin - began at 'about half-past G and con
tinued until 9 o'clock. It was one of the
heaviest storms experienced in this vicin
ity for sbveral years, and we
,believe the
oldest inhabitant does not recollect a like
'Leciirrenee'at to early a season of the .
WILLIAM GRIEU 14(7[0c, an old and
bighly respected citizen of Columbi
County, died suddenly of heart disease at
his home in Itiipert,,, on Sunday, March
2d. Mr. QUICK was well known to many
in this county, who will regret to beat• of
dt•at It. The deceased was: Supciin,
tendent of the Pennsylvania Canal (Wy
oming Division), which position ho bad
occupied fur many years. -
M 1 Wm:110;1s, of , this place,
advertises in the Elmira papers Tor infor
mation as to the whereabouts of WILLIE,
her son, aged 14 years, light VernPlexion,
'dark halt. and biti6 eyes, weight about 90
pounds,teiglit about foisr feet and too
inches, left his mother's house in Towan
da, about the first of December last,- and
was last beard from at Waverly, when he
said he was going to Elmira or Bingham
Tun papers of Danvilln,liOdtour Vor -
tyare agitating th guest bit of buildin 4 : . '
a narrow outgo railroad Irma that' place
to the lanibttlincl coal regions of Sullivan
County. A survey for such a road has al
ready been made by competedt engineers,
and efforts are. in progress for getting
eastern capitalists to engage in its boil=
structjon. c Tbe Anitriean thinks that
foreign capital would be More readily ob
tained, if their own capitalists would in
vest in the enterprise. •
• Moats ROGElts, zln old' and respected
'citizen of Forksville; Sullivan County,
died at his rest ence' Pebruary 20th, at
the advanced a of 72 yars, 10 months,
and foitr days. Mr. TlooEns was • born
and had alway.slived in the place where
be died, and was the last of : a family . of
IS children of one ce.tlit, earliest settlers
of whatt is now known as Sullivan CoiintY.
His proverbial honesty, constam, good' na=
tun?, and industrious habits, had endeai
him to all.
Duititio the thunder 'storm of Satur
day afternoon last, lightning struck it
barn belonging to JAMES KENI4EDY, in
Spririgfield township, setting it on tire.
The flames communicated to two other
barns belongiiig to Mr. K., near by, iuid
all three buildings, - with Most. of their
contents, Were burned to the .ground.
Some farming iMpgmrents, including a
mowing machine, and ahO homes *were
saved.' A few head 'of young &dile per
ished in We flames before they could be
rescued; The property was insured at ,
EDITOR REPORTER—Str : I would bort
leaVe to say through your excellent col
umns, that the teachers ani pupils of the.
Pond Hill school, assisted by several of
our generous.friends, Will give an
•tion at the Pdnd Hill school boils°, 4-
day even'ng, March 14th. Also, that I
return thanks to the patrons ofloud Hill
District for tte generous and pleasant
manner in which I Lave been entertained
during my.teachiuglere.
Very respectfully,
'Pond Hill, March 10, 187:1.
.THE fourth meeting of the Wyalusing
Teachers' Institute, will be held at
Hill, Saturday, Mardi 15, 18711.
All teachers tire iespeet fully invited to at
tend. The programme for the meeting is
as follow:4; Greatest.CoMmon Divisor and
Least C'onnnon Multiple of Fractions, IL
V.kuiutAN ; Heading, Miss SARAH
COOK ; Adjectives, 31AEY ELLEN STAL
voRD ; Allegation, G. I. BUCK.
PrOosltions and .Pronouns, Rev. 11,
CUAET ; 4mittities, U. L. Mental
Arithmetic, 11. Dun.txn; Analysis ; M. T.
lltxFs ; Mathematical Grog,raphy, J. .F.
A GRANO musical context is tq,t,ake place
at Wilkesbarre, hi• the, latter part of
May nest, open to the whole world, when
wcr $9OO will be given in prizes.: As fol
loWs is , theiirogramme in part : To the
choir of not less than one huntdd in mint-.
ber of mixed .voices that will t,ing the best
"Why, my soul* "from 42d Naltn,by Men
delssohn ; also, "Stone him to Death,"
from St. PauLllendeissolin; $4OO and $5O
to the leader. To thee -\ ehoir of the•same
number that can sing th4est, "Hear us,
0 Lord;irom .Judas Maceabious,llandel,
$l5O and' $5O to the leader. \ Also other
choruses, quartettes, daetts,\solos, for
mixed and male voices ; piano solos,
brass bands, &c.
-Tottxr IluttLEv, who has resided iu
Standing Stone township, this county, for
the past 40 years, was born in Ireland in
1714, and is therefore in his one hundred
and Nixth year. He is in the possession
of all his faculties, both mental and-bodi
ly, and would not be taken to be a man
beyond 55 or GO years of a , ',;e. 01d men
now, who were boys When he came to
Standing Stone nearly :•alf!a century. ago,
say that he apiwari at the present. time
nearly as active as he did when they first
new - him. He has ever been a sober; in
dustrious, hard-working man, and has
reseed quite a large family of children,
who, tog - ether with ripy friends, have
reaseut to indulge the lope that he will
live many years yet to . enjoy the fruits of
his previous toil and frugality.
BY. reference to au advertisement in an
other column; it will be seen that the
firm of McINTYnE Sr; lhissm.i., hardware
merchants, has teen eiisscilved, Mr. Ws
stn.i. retiring.- 'The husinessswillhereaf
ter be conducted by MCINTYitE BROTII ,
EMS, Mr. PETEIC M.FANTYRE., tliq senior
Member of the late firm, having immedi
ate supervision of the establishment -The
members of the ucw' thin have had many
years experience- in thislianch of bade
are active; go,ahead business men, and
will secure a large share of patronage.
They arc already engaged in re-stocking;
their large store, and confidently antici
pate being able within a few days to ex=
hibit tri'custiimers the largest and best se
lected assortment of general hardware,
stoves, &c., ever offered in this market.
TILE Athens corresiiondent of the
Gacate, -writing under the ''date of
March l'th, says " V. RYLAND, JANE
VAN, J. 1). Ksto ti.r and several others of
this place, left here Wednesday for Fort
Steele, Wyoming Territory, to erect an
iron bridge for the P. H. B. KELLOGG .
& DM'AURICE are getting the material in
shape and shipping for their destination.
Twenty-twd Oar loads . leftliere about two
Weeks ago., After this'hridge is complet
ed,Azto and his company proceed to
Sualte \ itiver, several hundred miles west,
to eit4t. another structure; of the • flamekind, in th.,Westcru part of Idaho. Sev
eral I - lindl miles of their route is
thr . bugh the Cbiintry of the nostilei. but
this ehterprisitiOirm, with S. 1 7 ..fiv.5.N0
for their pioneer, 'overcomes all dangers
and difficulties; thCy \ go .well armqd and
bare to make about fOO miles on foot or
in ox carts."
Two tramps were arrestedsi \ n.Owego last,
Thursday,. for breaking in tli windows
of the gas house, and theateningo shoot
the 'man in charge. They were taken be
fore Justice liEwia.r,, where they\gave
the names of CONKLIN and Cuter's, The
Justice lined CONKLIN $l.O, or 20 days iu
jail, and CURTIS $5, or 10 dayS in jail. In
default.of Payment.' of fine both were lock
ed up. The night, before the tramps ar
rived in Owego, the post office situated at
Laneihoro, Susquehanna County,. was
broken open and robbed of a large (lan
tiv of copiwr rnmies, two cent pier i f s ,
etc, and the store robbed of plug tobacco
and cigars.' §otue of the Property was
found ou the trumps when arrested. The
Laneabero authorities were > bld of
'arrest, it nd soot' as their terms are out
in Owego jail, they will be - taken ; Ai
charge by the United States. authorities
for breaking Into the post bffice. CONK.
LIN Is a desperate 'character. He is. aiso
wanted by the Lanialbotli atithnritieS for
shooting at a hetel-keep,r in that village
about u mouth ego.::
—On Friday last, I. tibildicAti,' Spe
cial A g ent .6.f . the Net bite° Department,
took out a Warrant for -Ceram, and Dep.
uty Idarshal•Dunss went, to Owego and
rought him to this plaw on - Monday, and
llodg,cd hint in jail to await a hearing be
'fore United States Commissioner Mix te,
-day, Wednesday.'
COI:LIN will also to brought here for
a,hearing as soon as his tem of haprison-
Metit at Owego expires.
DEA'rtt Or Jon M.ANE jOnbA.N.L;-Geri-:
oral regreat was Mt and warmly express
ed miLthe announcement of the death of
Jon MAN Jonn.ts, whleh took place at his
residence,Third near Brigg's street, at an
early hoar this Morning. Heceased was
for a number of ycunr engaged as a clerk
in the Executive Hepartment, but was for
several Months Confined to his house by a
pulmonary affection. He - was a son of
Col. FaitliK JORDAN, of this city, and a
grandson of. the late Jon MANE, of Brad
ford county. Few men of his age - were
more richly endowed in intellectual power
and certainly hone more genial and gener
ous in his impulses, which anabled him to
make friends in circles, and who now
most sincerely regret his death.--/farrfs
burg Telegraph Fbbruary e 5.
Aratiouou the following paragraph co
pied from the Kansas, Blade of
March 13th, may seem far fetched for a lo
cal in.the RF.PORTEI:, the parties ref:cried
to formerly resided in this county, and
.have many friends among our readers,
who will periue - tlie item with Pleasure :
Mayor and Mrs. M. 11. Case, handsomely
entertained a large company of friends at
their spacious residence .corner of .Elev
enth and Van Buren streets. It was ono
of the most brilliant social occasions that
have occurred during the present season
—the entertainment being noticeable for
a refined taste and quiet elegance through
'At 8 o'clock the guests began to arrive,
and by 9, the parlors were thronged with
a merry groupe r who scorned to enter into
the spirit of the hour with a *lll. The
toilets- of . the Ladies; were particularly rich
and handsome. - l{efresliments were serv
ed at 11 o'clock and the enjoyment ran
high until a Ltte hour, when the company
dispersed, each one carrying home ;the
happy recollections of an evening well and
profitably spent.
Among the distinguished guests Iren
tionoii were the Governor and wife, and
several Senators and other State officers,
and Dr. W. F. BAKER.-
AT the meeting of the Bradford County
Agricultural Society, held Friday, 7th in
stant,. the fel:owing gentlemen were cho
sen Executive Committee for the. ensuing
year : G. 11. YANDI - EF., GE.o. 11. Fox,
I. A. PARK, L. J. eckytut and Ild,u.teb:
IlonTox. The premium list was amen
ded in some important particulars and
will be published soon. Mana;ers l Of de
partments Were selected as follows ;e
Superintendent of Horses—G. I.I. I VAN;
DYKE. Ass start, N. V. WELLES, of
Supeiintendent of Cattle—L.. J•. CUL
VF.11 . , Assistant,. It. S. BE.UtDSLEE, 0
Superintendent of Sheep and Swine—A.
P. )IL - Nx. Assistant ; J. W..Nicnoi.s, of
Superintendent of Poultry, 11. L.
Scorr. Assistant, C. .1. E.l.sTli BROOK'S,
of Orwell.
Superintendent of Farm and Dairy—l.
A. PArat. Assistant, F. H. HAGEttm.kN,
Superjniendent of Domestic Dejart
meat—Gr.o. 11. Fox. Assistant, G. W.
RYAN, of •Towauda.
Superintendent -of Machinery-A. B.
CAFS. Assistant, C. W, HoLiilmn, of
Superiutptitlent of Forage—Hon ACE
10,11 TON. Assistaut„ S. W. BucK, Of Le-
These' gentlemen aro to have the con
duct of the Fair, which is to be held Oc
•tohn'rq, 2, and 3.
THE funeral obsequies of Ltlie late Mrft.
V. E. •1 1 1‘Okr.IST took place at the family
residence, itt , WYsaaking, on Thursday af
ternoon fast, 'und were conducted by Rev.
S. F. Corr, D.`D., of Laporte, forme?ly
pastor of the First Presbyterian Church
of \Vysox, (of whivh the deceased had
been a member) aksted by Rev. Mr.
STEEN, now pastor octske same church,
and by Rev. J. S. STEIvAiKr, D.D., of To
wanda. A large concourse f people were
present, tilling not only the sPaUiens man
sion,•but the groundi ‘ i-gurrutind'hi it. The
floral contributions Ivere abutla;
beautiful in design. The services
house were •conducted by the • Re'
COL; who Made some very thoughtl
appropriate remarks, founded on Psalms
xiv: 2d verse, The following named gen
tlemen, .eitizens of Wysox, acted' as pall
bearers : Messrs. ALLEN CONKLIN, G. W.
tittEEN, Noults:i WHITE, L. T. ,Ltyr,
Player was olicred at the grave by Rey.
Dr. SiEwAyr. The-body, was interred in
the cemetery at the First Presbyteriau ,
A thong the many distinguished personS
present,y‘ere the following : li.II. SAY ItF,
Superintendent, and 11. SAyitE, •
Superintendent's Assistant, L.V.R.R., both
of Bethlebeuii . .Mr. RE /BERT ' LOCK II
Bethlehem ; Hon. TllO3l AS NViltmAx.and
family, Harrisburg ; Wtm,r_ot STEyEiv;.
Stiperintendent,G. I. & S. H. E.;
PRANK GooimAN, ASSistant Superintend
ent Pa. &N. Y. It.I?:1 Hen, JosErn NV-
El. L and Hon. Judge Ituk4t.t., Towauda ;
Hon. E. REEn latefifreaker of the'
Pennsylvania Legislature.; ,
DANIEL 13. WALKER died at his resii
dente in Ulster, on Wednesday:A:lst,
March sth, and his remains were takciiAo
Y., the place of his birth, and,
interred on Saturday. )Mr. WAnKi.e. had
been in ill health So: some time past, so
much so that-he had been confined to his
house since about the first of December
last. He had resided in Ulster for the,
18 years, and was, at the time of his
death, about GO, years of age. Ile was an
active worker In the - Republican party,
and was elected for the second tuna to the
office of County Coroner at the election.)
last fall. Ile Was a genial companion, an
excellent neighbor, and a man of sterling ,
integrity, and leaves a wife and three Chil
dren, together with a large circle of ao
quaintauces to mourn his death. The fu
neral services took place at lataresi
deuce, and were conducted by IRev. C. E. •
FERGASON. The following warned gentle
men acted as pall-bearers : G. 11. VAli
COM 11, JAsins Mint.ka and C. 13. Icirciins. ,
t a meting of Ulster Lodge of Good
Terripl. , -ris,"Of which Mr. WALKER was a
member, held on Wednesday. evening,
March sth, the following resolutions were
adopted : ,•
WHEREAS, \lt /lag pleased Almighty
tod . to remove by death from bur midst
our worthy brother; D. B. Wulke? ; there
fore, be it . .
,Resolved, That iwthe lcani of our broth
er, we recognize the hand of our Heaven
ly Father who doeth all things and
that In his death lora riionrrithelosis of
Who possessed the respect and esteebi
ni s all., =
.Rob:betty . thattatits PrOVldettse,s•
deeply sympathize fiththeberbaitd taunt
iIY2 and;',l3eceb
,tendllr tbeet.tie
dolenaa of th is bodieC
Relsgelitt ) that our charter and Lodge
room be draped in mourning, --and that
the members, wear' the customary' badge
for sixty days. • - -
Rooker!, That a copy of these resolu
tions be forwarded to the afflicted friends,
and that they be imblished iu the county .
papers. \ .
&soloed,' That ive\ctose this Lodge at
once as a mark of respect for our deceas
ed brother, t. It..SettoornuitEß,
W. It. WELtutt
Cohullittee ret
'lnstal) thrth 5, -18 it
Tun Meeting of the Foreign
Missionary Society of the Presbyterian
church held du Saturday, • was •
one dr
great interest and -blessing td its mem
bers: Ai it,Was the annual meeting, and
election of Oillee,m, there was a large at?,
tendance, and every oil% was encouraged
and cheered. by the .way in ' which the
work-had been done, and in feeling, that
Gm) had proiperedits meinboni td give 8d
well: The Society, compdsod of three
Bands, vii I Ladies Band, Qverton Baud,
and Stewart Band, have during the past
seven yearB raised for missionary purpo
ses $2OBO. By this citort the church has
been enlightened and strengthened iu this
part of GoD'S work, and tidint,s carried
to benighted people, who have accepted
the way of salvation, and so proven to us
that our moans have done: everlasting .
good. The officers for the/ ensuing year
are as follows : •
Mrs. N. N. BETTS, President.
Mrs. P:1). Montfort, Vice President.
Mrs. Dr. J. S. STEWART, Secretary.
Mrs. Jos. KINGSBURY, Treasurer.
Miss LIZZIE OVERTON, President.
Miss ETTIE MORROW, Vice President.
Miss MATTIE Secretary.
Miss Bot:AnT, Treasurer.
Miss JENNIE CENT ELT., President.
Miss FRANCIS Woontronn, Vice Pit
Miss MABEL BLAcx, Secretary.
Miss LILLIE STEIVALT, Treasurer.
-NY. HENRY STULEN, or, this place,
eaves for Topeka, Kansas, in a few days.
-31110 'FANNIE, LEE .MYEn. and Idiss
31YElt, of Ralston, are visiting
relatives in this place..
-7-31:ss 2cEis). SPALDING is in-I - link - ham-,
ton, visiting .relatives, wliero also will re
main several weeks.
—F. E. SEwAnn, of Athens; has migra•
ted to New Mexico, and THOMAS EN
SIG HT, of tli'same•place, to. Colorado.
,—Mrix. M. L. Buims, Washington cor
respondent of the 'Elmira ildrerifscr, re
turned to her Loin° iu this 12 lc cc on Sat
urday evening- last. .
—.l.kmEs B. BRAY, editor of the Waver
ly Free Press, Is seriously ill,- and in con
sequence the paper will hereafter be is
sued considerably reduced in size. '
—The friends of 'the Rev. bus
MAsTEn, Athens, made him a donation
visit on WednesdaY evening of last week.
The receipts were 6i.
—Mts. SALt.v.llunioN, mother of Mrs.
P. C. VAN -GELDER, of Le!?aysville, died,
in Jackson,,Tioga County, on Wednesday'
of last week, at the age of 90 years and
four months.
—IL A. ELMER, Esq.; of . Waverly) in
spoken of iii'countetton with the vacant
State Senatorship. The Itepublicun3 of
Owego hold their convention at the Jib
waga House in Owego,lto-day.
—Hon. IttcitAnD Buiwoun, of Sullivan
Coulity, delivered an address before the
Teachers' Association of that county, at
its recent; session, which elicited hearty
applause and a vote of thanks from the
assembled teachers.
. —The many friends of FRANK MAYO
will be pained to learn of tie severe ill
ness of the family in New York,—Mrs.
MAYO. with dipbthefia, Miss Nia.LtE with
diphtheria and scarlet fever, and Fumis,
Jr., just recovering.
—Major T. P. OVENSIIIRE, of .Say►e,
left hvmo last'week for a visit to Callfor
lle Crosses the continent by way of
Chicago, and Omaha and the Pacific Rail
road, to San Franeisco and other places
. ip that far off State. He expeeta to spend
few weeks visiting his vlu friends front
the East.
—We are much pleased -to learn that
our friend and thriller citizen, 4r. J. J, ,
KRESS, who was for some time in the pm:
'ploy of the Northern Central Railway,
and who left to accept a position on the-
Jackson - and Pomeroy Rail
road, at Springfield, Ohio, has recently
been aprointed to the position of Superin
tendent of Telegraph and private Secreta
ry to thetieneral Sui.erintendcnt. Mr.
KftEssis ably fitted for the position, and -
the 'General Superintendent of the S. &
It. It actedwisely, asbetter E• 1
.no( CC
tionmfuld have been made.—Ca 'don Sen
\ •
i9cal Corre;apondence..
Troy, March 10th.
EIMTOII REPO kTER :—Mrs.•.lostli .To
notxmAN was thr4wii from a sleigh last
week, and her anklewas so badlY'sprain
ed that she Rill not -be able to Walk for
some mouths.... The firnof .14:wmt. &
I'ONIIMOY has been dissolved, and the bus
iness will be carried on by il, S. JEWELL
in the future. Mr..lE.w.nt.t. i salerchaii:
of long experience in this town, and will,
as heretofore, hold the trade of a\ , arge
number of customers Judo.° T. el
who has been seriously ill for some time,
is imProving; and hopes are- entertained \
that lie will Smedily mt . :over— —Through
the negligence. of a paper dealer in tilling
an order for paper, the Gaiette did not
appear last week—au event which has tMt
occurred before since the fire of 189,
when the office was burned down. Wo
all realize the value of our - local paper
'When deprived of it, even fora short time,
but since no fault is attached to the edi
tor,We submit gracefully to the privation
~.11..?. litz,nitio.roN is rapidly pushing
forward' the work on his 'new . bouse,
which, when completed, will be a fine-or
nament tO tlie , towN. He is . already one
of the largest real estate owners in this
borough, and is of our most public i
spirited citizens.;, , .. ‘ lfon. DELOS Hopi.
Irma; and E. B. PAusozi,, Esq., are! in
Philadelphia attending \ the Supreme
Court. They will argue the famous KEE
.LEY & DEA N. E suit for a new trial. Messrs.,
DRAKE and ti'ill have much sr thy
this viciniti.....Reir. Mr. SAE
logical student at Auburn. so/
max tbrrrn, of Elmira, preads
able sermons at the Presbyter
Sundhy, larch 9th....1dr.
of Elmira', has frescoed the Methodist
Church iu a highly artistic manner, mak
ing the interior oho of the most attractive
audience rooms in the country....Satnr
day eight, May Stb, will be remembered
for the most t!riflhit!t, electrical storm.
ever witnessed. The heas:ens blazed for
three hours with flashes of rose-colored
lightning, accompanied by' heavy thuu
der, and an brunetniCtittOwer of . rain,
snow and hail properly miXed" .. A 'barn
belonging to JAstßa Emapv, iticltpiiirix
flaki, *as earned, aild also, a corn house
standing near. The .iktoek w as saved,
with the oieeption of three calves. Then
ty bulb hay *Ord, Slonsuhled. There
waif ail ottilo4Yen th‘
Aside from this no damage was done in
this vicinity by.ibis lightning. ...The at
tendance at the Trek liiititute, which
held its last session March Bth, was not
largo,_owing to the riticasoofible ,breather
aid fad traveling. • tiALt.tir, A..CTELL sxin
ducted a class In history. i MUTIRITT CASE
a class in English language. EMMA. An-
Ams gave a lesson in leaf fortati. The re
mainder of the time was devoted td mental
arithmetic and ihe discnagetkof,probiemsi
Tie next season, March 22d, Will begin at
o'clock A. and it is : expected that
Superintendent ItrAsi will be present and
give instruction to teachers. Ali are in
vited to be present. The regular appo:nt,
ideate, for that time are iis folluars I . olijekt
Lessons; J. T. MeCoLtom ; Petimanslip,
I' TELL :teal* Forms, EmsiA ADAMS; Men
tal Arithmetic, 31. 0. Loomis;. Reading,
SARAii BALLARD; Grariimai: and Arith
iiietie, Professor G. - W,-)trAm....i An' In
stitute\ will be held at West . Burlington,
Saturday i 3larchlsth, conducted by J. T.
McCoLLoM, M. O. Looms, Miss ELIZA
EMMA ADAM. \ If successful the institute
will be conducted s at:regular intervals....
The spring -term of the Troy Graded
School opens with a large attendance, and
everything connected With the school is in
a very prosperous condition. The growth
of the school during the Past few years is
a matter for congratulation. X.
EDITOR REPORTER.:-The - friends of
Rey. PAtiL Sstt tit, of Burlington, gave
him a donation visit on Friday evennig,
March 7, 1 . 879, at. the parsonage _ in Bur:-
lingion borough. The evening was beau
tiful, supper grand, delicious oysters,
(fresh from Towanda) were served up in
first- r class order by our "landlady," Mrs.
W. H. D. Green, aid our pastor was made
to feel, although among strangers, he was
not forgotten, as noble hearts and Willing
hands respOnded to the call—in the •neat
little gum of $53....Mr5. ...lons • Btu. is
now lying dangerously)ll at the residence
of S. M. DICKEIBIAN, under the care of
'Dr. E. A. Evr.nrrr....We loam n that our
old friend, ''ffon. C. F. Nictrorls, is talk
ing of going.itito the mercantile business
in our Mtge town. Gladly would we wel
come him and his wife Mrs. I. F.
Loxo, who has been in poor • health for
some time, hag gone to Towanda to spend
a few weeks with her son, M. J. LONG.
: Yours Respectfully,
tielgbboring Counties.
From 11le flepubllcan, March 7th.
DEATIL—Mr. Hiram Van Tnyl,
an a;;ed• and much respected citizen of
South Eaton, died suddenly at his nesi._
donee on Monday. He was clearing frime
ice ()if of the walk around his house, when
Lc fellin ionic kind of a fit and died in a
few minutes. He leaves a large family of
children and many warm friends.
From the Mansfield Advjrtlser, March .ith
• Frank 'C'Eck t of this village, bad one
bone of his leg broken by a log falling on
him last Sattikday. Dr. Moody attended
the case... .A son of IT. M. Shaw- fell
from a horse which he was riding to - wile
ter, on Sunday, and got stepped on. lie
was badly injured. Mr. A. L. Rhodos,
of Chundlersburg; met with a painful•ac
cident and da'y last week. While remov
ing the cylinder from a revolver, one of
.the cartridges was discharged, the ball
pasidng entirely through his hand • kti
ont.buildin,g of the Orphan SehJol was
discoveyed to be en fire Saturday - night
about 1.2 o'clock! Timely alarM and a
few pails of 'water extinguished the
dames. More carelessness with ashes.
.From the Agitator, *arch 4th.
The revival Meetings at MiHorton con
tinue with inci easing interest.... For the
past month, 'Rev. Dr. Week, of this vil
lage, has been confined to Ins room by an.
injury to one knee.... Mr. 31. V. Mudge,
of Matiqield. is about to move to Kansas.
We wish him abundant prosperity in his
new home Mr. James 'V. Worthier, of
Stony Fork, has gone to Minnesota with
a view to settling thete....Pour persons
united with the Baptist Church in this
- village last Sunday evening.... The Dona
tion to Rev. N. L. Reynolds, of this
Lige, last weak netted the sum of $lOO
..Several families have recently left tic
vicinity of Mainsburg for Kansas, among
thorn that of Mr. Joseph Robbins... .A
young man wo , king at the Park Rotel at
Tiuga, was recently detected stealing li
quors from the cellar to Sell about town
TLo residence of Mr. Henry Seytnom,.
a mile and a half from Mansfield, caught
\fire in the roof a few'days ago; but the
- flames were extinguishes before they had
done much damage...lA Tole .named
Heain \ lioske, jumped into a vat of hot
water,\„ by mistake, in, the tannery, at
Blossbtirg,- last Wednesday:hiorning, bad
ly sca.lditd.t \ his legs. Atlast accounts he
was doing well.... Last Friday morning
was the coldest one of the season hi this
region. The ihercury, at 7 o'clock, stood
at from 14 to fl'.\ \ degrees below zero in
• different parts ofthe village. It was cer
tainly a stinging
‘ ti morning. ...Mrs.
Dunn, mother of Mr. kihjahDalin, of this
borough, died last Satorday titStning at
the advanced" age of 91 years. When the
_family arose in the morning \ she was dis
covered to be breathing very short; add
_she died almost immediately
'without any
apparent pain, her death being \evidently
caused by extreme old ago. HO home
had' been in New York city until\a ‘ bout
live years ago, ;when she came to tlitsvil
-- larr.,e to live with her son. She vas a very
devout Christian woman.
From the Dushore I:evicx, lfarcll 6th
Martin 'O'Neil lost a child by diphtheria
this week. .Ire has three others sick, but
it is thought they are improving...
would he Much easier to enumerate those
who have elseaped coughs, colds and kin
dled ailments, than the grand army of
sufferers in and . about Dushore,
Dennison, of Genova, N. Y., has .been in
town several fhiYs visiting' his daughter,
widow of the late Dr. Fairchild. Mrs.
\ Fairchild bad - a sale Tuesday, and this
nnfrniti4' acenmpanied - her father home,
to ircside Periintuently. She has many
'`n, ore who will miss her, and
ing cl
aboa, They have been sawing
for ! ins, • and have on hand
cherry lumber to tit value / of $6O to $7O
- at the present advantageous prices.
'From the Montrose Democrat; March Mh.,
Slrylock, who demanded his pound of
flesh, was no more itihuniati than the crei.
.ditors of our worthy citizen of Bridgewa-*
ter, .11. r.. Daniel Stuart were,. who could
not wait until he could perform 'the Ink
sad rites over his dead wife, but in, their
greed they sent:the Sheriff to his in.,
While his wife's remains were lying there.
Is. there a God in Israel? We beliede
there i5.....At a meeting of the citizeni•
of Springville, held in the school house in
that place, on February 24, 1879, to con
sider )neasures for re-building St.' An.:
drew's Episcopal Church, lately burned.
After- adjournment,- the' subscription
paper was passed to persons in the vil
ism who-were not present at the meet
ing; with an addition of sloo' as a result,
witii VA,. as Bishop flowe had sig.
it his intention of, giving,- brings. -the
subscriptions up to its%).Oo„ ..FOwler
Pea . , of Farford, has gone to Nebraska
....The wife of 11011. - .11. 11. .Tones, of
llarford, has been quite in for,snme time,.
...The dwelling house of William Ilep.
born, of lisrford, took lire awl v,...0ti.1
have soon been consumed, had it not been
for the promPt and efficient aid of the cit
izens of town. estimates his loss
at $21)0; it was insured.
" - •
Mims miToN, 31arc01, 1919
TIOGA 01.72,;11
scant home
seat Many teams haul=
T from th'e North:4mm-
nice, where it is loaded
tars so so fret eittnnivnggscon WhaVertissed'itilll . itin PaPe pi %
secular and religions, are having a large
`gala, and are supplanting:alfrottier
celiac's. There is no denying 'the *trines oC
the hop plant, and the proprletons o
the s e Bleat' batle'abotiii .gieaV:abrhtd
nets and dbility in nompontiding a Bit.
tem *hose +ditties artipalpable to eve.
ry s 4 .41rv.ation.i7-14.rehentve...
fair r foachere: oraudig‘tions for Brad
ford County, will tie Laid so foltoira a lltorea
Aiyalusing 114.4111rara 17, tidier ; Mt; Burling
ton ; Rl, troy ; *dairy, so, Now Lamar ::s, wo
wed 13i, Monroe I April 2, Granville, Center; 1;
Canton Orailed fletool : 7; Mist , SmltAlleld In,.
Mildly Crock; It, Asplumill Openers; 14, Lanka's
vine ; 1a; 'Warren -Crentetr; Mt, north Orwell ; 21,
Iterrlekrine; Wynn—, • ,
Examination* will_caturrienceprompt4 at Cf. in.
Wife& idtittinate,.rtie day 'following each
examination stray . be:deroted to instruction necoa ,
airy for the greater efficiency .ot the summer
schools. - .3A examinattolia an , tkbe le l 4 Ins ma•
jority of the townships for the convenience of
teachers, Instead et a few towns, extra and private
exandntitins wilVhe discontinued this spring as the
endorsing of certtlicaies *is last init. tilreetors
are earnestly.tarited 'to be present. -
' ' County Superintendent.
Towanda, Pi, Much a, 1879: tf
tar A pretty aSsoftinent of EMBBOI
rirlust :'received--tho latest styles
at Spring flits and Caps, at 31. E. itosattrtELD'S.
Feb. 20-4 t.
rirsakrru: BROTIIItS,„, will sell
* MILK at.FOUlt CEtiT4-PEII. QUART after May
tat, :wk
in," 'Ladies ! buy the " SPOON " CUR
SV.T at 1321:0Phl, It is the test.._
Ladies Dress Trimmings,. all the
New Styles, it-13,rsta, k PAntinAbtll, i,ftir doors
north of Mereurs Block.
In great 'Parfet; at STElttii.
Cam' Men's-Wool Hats at Fifty Cents
at E. ItogENFtetb'q. Feb. :Mt.
As you want the BEST &Wing
arnine, your only course is to get one of the
Xew Davis Vertical Feed,"-agency at Madill's
Croekery -Store.
Or Large stock of liata and Caps 01
theilitest !styles part, received, at M. E. HOFLA
Feb. 20-
F[ELD'e. -~
'M .- No pucker, no change of stitch,
and . yet you get these condltlints with 3 Sillipileity
of machinery and
.ease of oueration on the vertical
Feed Setting Machine, that you e..uttot ou any
jr4' Call and examine my stock or
Ilats and Caps. M. E. lioscs YIELD.
Feb. 20-It.
Jar A little money will‘buy a large se
of IlbstLes at 3Lattilre Crockery St 43rc.
CO/ISEII 1l:15 the best wertr)g• Shoes
for Men, Boys and Youths , wear ever 'offered In
Towanda, and it prices withlit the r6ach Of \ al I .
A. Bronze lamp for 63 ds, at 'Ma
dill's Crockery store. '
ra — Ladies' we will cheerfully show
you tne SUPERIOR merits of -the New Darts Ver
tical Feed 'Sowing Machine. Call at JSadtlVs
Crockery suite.
A full assortment of Fancy Goods
at SNELL & 'FAItNIIAII . S, s row doors north of
'Sten:nes Block.
.M" When yoU go to pick out that
set - o! dishes," be sure and call at Aladlll's Crock-
t•ry Store
re .. NOME. —Theaccounts of the late
firm of ALVORD & Hitt:11E1)(1K have Wen as nod
Viand shoetd be paid to J. r.tirrentecir, ht the
ItErottiEn. Office.
Vir For tickets to all points West,
North and Southwest. at the lO . West possible rates,
call on or athlress,'3l. E. DAECOEIi, Agent, at
Upper Depot, Towanda. . 17tt
it? I' L. B. Rona Nits challenges compe
tition for quality of goats and low prices on Sash,
Doors, Hilocia and K01c1411,,5, and bulidiut
- CIF - The Largest, Best: and Cheapest
nuo -et S&es for LadleS% Misses' and Chlltlrens'
wear Is foniallt Constnl's new store, corner Main',
and Plne-sti., Trey & Noble's Block. . apr47B
.Cowly.s' Bakory Wagon, of the
Ist Ward Bakery, will be on hand daily with
Fresh Crackers hot .from tho oven, Bread,' Ples,
Cakes, dm. april
t 3lns. E. J. MINGos will remove her
Millinery Store on or' about the 15th Inst.; to the
.store occupied by At lITTVO3III 5G Sitsxl'. opposite
the public mare. She already has new Spring
Shapes and Stoles.—hr ,
Lam' Don't you forget it. We have an
excellent CRACKER MANUFACTORY le town'
at COWLES' It AMERY, syltere you can boy the
best fresh-baked crackers.
ItEstwmt is a scientific combination o l f, some of
the most powerful restorative agents in die vegeta
ble kingdom. It restores gray hair to its original
color. It makers the scalp white and death, It
cures dandruff and humors, and failing-out of the
hair. It furnishes the nutritive principle by which
the hair Is innrished and supported. It makes the
hair moist-, soft and glossy, and Is unsurpassed as a
halr.lre,lng. It is the most economical prepara
tion ever offered toThe public, as its effects remain
a long time, making only an occasional application
necessary. It is recommended and used by emin
ent medical men; anti odleially• - undersed by the
Istate Assayer et %iassachusett, .The popularity of
ti ll's lialr Bellew : et. has Increased with the test of
many years, both to this country and in foreign
lands, and It is now .known and used in all , the
clvillzed countries of the 'world. Fon SALE . BY
lIILL—E; IN FEY.—In Warreu Center, at the res
idence of A. A. Able, Esq., • February _7th, by
' Rev. M. I:. Itrmnhall, Mr. Owen I% If 111, of She-.
shequln. and Miss Annie A. An - titer, of Warren
"Center. •
I.ILUU R-11 ART F0111).A t the tarsonage,
ourryttoe, March 3, I,y Rev. 1131loc It A rtu-
strong, Mr. Ira Wilbur, of Tuscarora, and Miss
Debbie Hartford, of %Wilmot.
31EItSEItilAIT-110LCOM11.—In Ithaca, N. T..
i.v Jicv. it. liegoboom, at the _residence of Mr.
Charles Hovey, March 1. - Mr. E. P. Mersereau
and Mies Lucy 11. Holcomb, both of Ulster, Pa.
• \ i DIED. . .
DA PL111101..7.—1n Ghent .•.lifAreta 9, Rev. 5: "David
.stn, ii,ed 7,1 years, 8 months and Id days, •
liAl - FIN.—In Wilmot. February nth, Mrs:
"Cathertta.liauffman, aged 78. years, 11 months
and 1 day. ' .
Arwoot). = \
eimptown, February 22, Stiles
Atwood, aged lil,years.
N \lt
°;w/ki DA L
0 ne rat deal erv . ln G roe e rle s*l P roduc ej'atton's
fta corner 3laln and B Idge Streets.
- Flour per hid 5 f:• - va tt 2:1 \5 75(a , 7ioo
Flour per sack 1 acca 1 50 1 ‘ so(a 11.75
Crew:des/oer 100 1. , \ tto
Chop' Pent. I 00 e , I 21 , 0
Wheat, pet! bush - 904 100 1 oeqk 110
Corr 40r6 5544\
Rye 41•550 5555 \-50
Bnekwhaat.. - .....
Buckwheat F10ur....
Closer seed.meilhun..
Timothy. western....
Reuss, s: IhS, •
T)resseal hogs
Butter, cults '
Exp. fresh
Groan q)plee; bto3l' -
Potatoes. per bushel—.
Veal skins \
Deacons \
Sheep Pelts.
WOW, '
Cornet' Lake and Water St-eetl,
Eluilra ; Y., .4411 19, 418-1,
:.VISSOLUTION.--Irhe' copartner-.
thlp henrtnfore . eiftrtind betgemi , Petar Mc
' mire and George g. Reared. under the Ann name,
et Zclatyre g Beaded{, to" tv. day .dtmelr•
ed bhautpal emigre t.
tioli atectunte atel note. are
placed fall* binds of In debte d.vq... ftfr eat
%cam upon whottl all toe s to the Iltd
Arm will Mum cad ter settlement. Vic busloess
win he conducted In the future by the undersigo
ell,' at thtial4 Kind; -: -•• . , .- -..- :' : - ... . -
for put tastes. we would tbtpeCtiiitly
scalcit li_share o ‘ putille pa
Towanda; Jan. 80, 1879
ASSET'S noarly 54,000.000.00
• This Association continues to insure from Loss
and Damage by Fire. Buildings. Household Fur.
iilture, and AlercbantllN generally. •
WIIEWEAS. lion. Paul D. Morrow. President
Judge of thu lath JudiciaLtilstrict. consisting of
the county of Bradford, has issued his precept
bearing date February 22, 1879. to me directed, for
holding a Court of (Solomon Pleas and Orphan's
Court at Troy. commencing llonday;March 17th,
and to continuo two weeks.
2AQ , , .. ..'%
- 45(4 so
1 2.7.(3 1 "(4 1 77,
5 00
1 6061 1. 75
... 0001 150 1 50(a 200
1)1)1. 12110:
PO 9
9® 10
90 10 19631 12
9 I'o 12
70 7 10®
12® 14 16t1.0 20
14® 13 15® 30
12%; 15
IC®,. 11 12'4
• 50 ;; • 70.
GC® 65. 750
75 G I 00
22 25
Z 1444100
• ...... o!iidolfi
• - ,-,.....,-
Of Philadelphia.
WM. S. , VINCENT, Agent.
- main Street, Towanda, Pa.
once Is tttereforo hereby Oren to all persons
Interested that they be then: 'and there in their
proper person, at 10 o'clock' In the forenoon of said
day, with record, inquisitions and other remem
brances to do those things which to their ofticeap
pertains to be done. Jurors are requested to be
punctual in their attendance agreeably to their.
Dated at Towanda, the 224 day of February, In
the year of our I.ord one thousand Eight bnndged
and seventy-Hine and of the Independence of the
United States the one hundred and fourth: -
PETE:R3, DEAN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, February 97tb,
1879, at Troy, Pa.: ' '
Eleazer rotnerny vs C-C ctlelland..,.
Dewitt C ' Strait vs t/corge Smith.... ... '.. assntnpt
E Pomeroy vs C C McClelland Sri fa
E W Colwell vs Elias Itockweirs cx'rs debt
S It ,& H II Fitch vs C V Dare. .... sri fa
A S'Parssens vs 11 B Leonard' • replevin
S.W Wright vs Then G. Irwin- ' ....dent
Pomeroy Bros Vs Green & Hicks debt
C. F Taylor vs L N Tinkham appeal
N It Voorhis' use vsillt Gates . appeal
N B Worlds' use vs J W Hugginsetal appeal
N B Voorhis' use vs A N Ilarris..:.. - Appeal.
N It Voorhis' use vs John Lants appeal
N 11Voorlds' use vs Alfred McClure appeal
N B Voorhis' use vs'!" F Wilson • appeal
Cleaveland & Gibbons vs Canton top appeal
11 I, Miller's use vs L 1.) rarmenter.... ...... issue
C M Morrison vs 0 lill Bullock ' appeal
C C Manley solj 11 Fellows, gar alt ex
•• ..
.I:ntin °esti)) vs L P Chapman's adm'x.
\► d I.oy vs 1) McWhorter
R I) Spalding vs Chas Stockwell
Lvills Lewis' use vs Pcleg Peck's ex'rs...assuin
S Newman vs James Fox's efrs assamid
Coo & Campbell vs : James }'oz's 'ears vault pt
V C Leonard:a % John Cunningham - aasumpt
%Vm McNeal Ns p C Manley et al eirs....treatnias
Canaille C Manley Ts same o,
Geoi-go Meeker rn tante - ".
James Collins es James Metter - asspfnpt
Coons .k. Braine vs Minnegna Springs Imp Co.l.tres
Caroline :Manley vs Geo P Manley appeal
John I. Pitt et al vs Henry Reed' eject
ILmiel Compton vs L 1) Bradford • appeal
F II Person vs Hosea if Hardly assumpt
Pomeroy Bros vs Witt Wilson • assumpt
F If Person vs II P. Ballard rep
O P l'ailard's ear's vs F II Person debt
Win It Hawkins vs a R Hawkins • - appea
_.• H Person vs 0 P Ballard's ear's ' • rep
Shortridge tc. Co vs S J Hickok assnmpt
ilarnatas Brain() vs .lotrn Youmans ' - Issue.
S A Linderman vs Watertown Fire Ins Co.....debt
Same vs N C It It Co SIM
. .
.N.! Manleyss J fi Fe;lows, gar alt es
E Pomeroy rs A 1 r Furman app
F. P llasouptirt's use VS Loug eject
.1 X Smith re James Fox's exrk. set fa
Ed E Loomis' assignee vs 31 T Shoemaker..asstnnt
binbrst•cas let week retqrnable Monday, March
17 / th. /879, at 2 o'clock P: Subpoenas. 211 -week
returnable Monday, March 21th, 1579, at 2 o'clock
P. M.
. GEO. W. BLACKMAN, Prothonotary
Towanda, Fehtairy la. 1979.
AUDITOR, 'S; In the
Orphan's quirt of Bradford County. In'the
matter of the est*de of .Calvin Lewis; late of the
Township of Springfield, Bradford County, deceas
The undersigned; anounlitor appointed by said
Poe n to pass upon exCeptions to final account of S.
D. Harkness, administrator of tile estate of Calvin_
Lewis, deceased, Will attend to the duties of his
appointment at hia_olilce in
.Tray Iftwough, Pa.. on
SATURDAY, thii'lath day Of Ai'RH. next, at 10
e' a. tn. of said day, at which time and place
all persons having claims against said estate or the
funds arising from the same, are hmeby reqUired
ti make their claims or be debarred from coaling
in upon said funds
W. E. CITILSON, Auditor.
Troj', Pa, March G, 1879, 4 wk. •
JL trlct Court of theXulted States, far the West
tern Disti tct of Pennsylvania!
Clarence A. Fowler, of Bradford . County,
State of Pennsylvania, a ' Bankrupt - under
the, Act of Congress of March 2d, 1867, -having
aPPI:ed for • discharge from all his dents, and
other claims provable under said act, by Order of
the Court, notice's hereby given to all creditors
who have proved their debt's, and other persons in
terested, to appear on the sth thy of
187.9, at 70 o'clock. Aix., before R. A MERCUR,
Esq., Register Ina Bankruptcy, at his office. in
Towanda, Penttsyrvania,. to show cause, if. anx
they have, why a discharge should not be granted
to the said Banknipt. • .
S. C. mcoANDLEss. Clerk.
Towanda, Pa., March 6, 1879. 2 wk.
—Notice is hereby given that ail persons in
debted to the estate of Joon D. Montanye, late of
Ithaca, N. Y, deceased, are' regttested •to make
imtnediato payment, and all persons having claims
against said estate must present them-duly anthem.
t feat. for •settlement to our
- Attorney ; John W.
Mix, Towanda; Pa.
IHAVAIZA AdmilllstratOr.
Towanda, 1' • Feb. e,'79. Adminlstratrli..
. ,
A trDITOR''S NOTICE.In . ` the
Orphan's Court of Bradford County. In the
matter of the estate of Daniel White, deceased.
The undersigned an Auditor appointed by the
Court to dlitrllinte the funds In Abe bands of
James H. Webti, Executor of the said decedent's
estate. atlslog from the sale of the real and per.
sena) property of 'the said decedent.ialll attend to
the duties of his Itppatutment at his office in the
Boxougp of Tnnanda, on '2IONDA.Y. the 24th day
MARCH, IF7O, at 10 I:i . clock A. x., at Which tints
and place all parties having calms to, said fund,
arc muffled to present Br, or be debarred itolll
coming In upon the same:
J. ANA Azur
Towandb, Feb. 27, 1979. \ Auditor.
BEST. i da z y siu m e zr4 ca a n ny cn w g :rre t r n i;t f e S i t g le rs t e x x r
right hi their own localities. 'Parttintlars and sani:
pies worth lei free. 'lmprove 'ran. ‘spaie time at
tlik business. Address Portland,
Maine, I mayho ly.
SGG ..
your own town tt Ou at free,
.Volrk in
st.lttder, if - - you want a busiliess at
which persons of either sex can make greir,pay
all the rime they work. Write for particulars to \ Vi
tt A T.I.ETr & CO, Portl3ll.l, 115111 P. may3o-136,
11..TJ can wako mreley raMer eV work for' us than, al
aaythlae eiso. • Capital not required: we will
start you. 112 per day M home made by the (tidily.-
trims Mon. women, boys and girls wanted every
where to work for us. Now As the ttmo 4 Cestly
Ontilt and terms Inv. Address Mari el tie.. Au
gusta, halae. . .
Ist, 1 79 •
- . .
Nos. 4 and 5, Trac:sP's Elm*,
Towanda, February 24,1879.
There is nothing that will give so
much satisfaction and .-remain fresh
in one's mind so long as a nice PAR-
in order -that all may) purchase, ice
'tave decided to sell our ENTIRE
STOCK of these fine goods a
er the HOLIDAYS. Be sure and
CONE AT ONCE, 'and .bring the
-on Maid St., where you will find just
what. your wife has been after for .a
Ong lime, and remember you will
SAVE MONEY by paying- CASE
and builing before Christnuts.
Toviarla, Pa., Dee. 1:,1578.
Fine Cheviots,
Windsor Scarfs,
Silk "Handkerchiefs,
ifirAn inspection otoor stock will col:mined ta
most firtidlous. .
. .
_ Is 7 B -an Street, Towanda, Pa.
Dated Oa
r • . _ Ott
+•The Richest Blood, Sweetest Breath and the
Fairest Skin in Hop Bitters."
••A little Bop Bitters saves big doctor. bins and
long sickness." .
•}That Invalid wife, mother, sister or chill can
be Made the . picture bf health with Hop Bitters."
“When worn down and ready to.take yotir bed
Hop Bitten le what you need.”
"Don't physic and 'physic, tor, .weakens and
deitroys, but take Hop Bitten, that build up con
" Physicians of all schools Item and recommend
Hop Bitters, Test them." •
"Health and beauty Is a foy—Hop Bitters Ores
health and beauty." •
' ' , Thera are more cures made; with Hop Bitters
than all other medicines."
"When this brain is wearied the names unstrung
the tnuscles weak, use Hop Bitters.".
"That low, iiervoris tosser, want. or sleep an'
weakness. calls for Hop Bitters.
- .
, \ --.-
tOli\eALE l Or ALLALL Di -
tOcOlbTs. - '-
J. L. 'Kent and McCabe & Edlicards.
Opposite Park, ToWASDA, ra.
Wool . Diagonals,
and Plaids,
In great variety, made to order, at the
at reduced-prices
Colored - Hose,
Stisi; , o , lders,
Prom 36 io 52 in s!ze
& CV•
EUROPEAN novsz.—A few doom soutbef
the Mean, Home. Board by Mb dar or week on
reasonable terms. Warm meals 1111/Ted at all hours
Oysters at wholesale and Mall. • • tabll7.
II ATZ% PA. . •
The Undersigned . having taken posseiskon
of the above hotel, respectfully sollcittron•
age of Ms old friends and the public
auglt4f. - .
.(8 . 0i17/1 HIM !TEL= SQVAIIM)
• . . This well-known house has been thoroughly ren
panted and repaired throughout, and the proprie
tor is now prepared to over lirstmelass /incommode.
~. Mons to the public, on the most reasonable 'terms . .
- E. ♦. JZNNIMGii.
- r - Towanda, Pa., May 2. - 11178. _ ' ,
T HIRTI-FiasT Aroma, RzroaT
Penn Mutual We - Insurance. Co"
lief assets, January 3, 1838 • 1e,018,470.61
Premium receipts • 11,144,0611.54
Interest receipts, ete 433,961.11 1,498,0:C.64
Leases and endowments....l9o,4lB.Z
Dividends to policY•tolders 2111,3/$0,97.
Lapsed and surrendet ad pol
icies, etc, :413,941.6
cal fees, etc ' 154,144.20
Taxes, legal expenses, ad-
Set assets Jan. 1; 1879....
U. S. 5 and six percent. bonds, Phi's;
dcipbla and city loans, B. B. bonds ;
bank, and other stocks, worth mim e
083.90, cost... ( 0 2;200,11=48
Morfiages, first Hens on properties
worth 15,77.5,0010 "'380,0M.17
Premium notes, secured by policies.. .503,491.70
Loans on constant's. etc 30,587.38.
!teal estate owned by the Company,
e hon Labd and In Trust Companles• 19497192
N t ledger assets, as above 1.1433142884 s
N 4 deferred and and 'mire ,
ported premiums .98494.79 -
I erest due and accrued.— 101,159.62
Ma ket value of stocks, ete,
o r cost 114,2414: . 294,305.63
. .
Gross assets, January 1,1879
. not due .115,528.65
Reserve, at 4 per cent, to
•reinsure risks • 5,477,471.00
Dividends on unreported
policies, etc
Surplus 4 per cent. basis
Surplus at 4S. per cent. Pennsylvania
standard, estlipated..., ' 111,316,767.15
No. policies in force • - 10,711.00
Athount at risk • - 'r3,274,577.00
SAMUEL C. HUEY. President.
• Viee:President. • 24 Vice-President.
Actuary. Secretary.
. HENRY C. DROWN, Asst Secretary.
36v8 Tovianda,
Is now opening a large and enteral assortment of Hardware. Cutlery, &owes, Nalls„ iron, Glass,
Paints, Oint, Varnisbei, Tinware, House Furnish
ing Goods, &c.. purchased for cash and offered for
sale at Bargains to those who pay crab tor goods.
ANGES and Cooking Stoves, for
_LI ) Coal add Nood, at- lot - prices, at- JUNE'S.
. _
T"Graphic and New. Jeliel, the
most perftet and ornamental beating stoves in
the world, at_ JUNE'S.
THE Gossip, the best low-prieed
stove for oboes and chambers ever made, at
FOR Horse-Shoes and Horse-Shoe
Nails, go to. JUNE'S.
TINWARE--a large and general
aniortment at low prices, ' JUNE'S.
ALARGE stock of Bar,Equare,
Round, Half-Round, Oval, Hall.oval, Baud;
and Hoop Iron, st . JUNE'S.
FOR: Paints, Oils,and Varnishes,
Bo to • JUNE'S.
WINDOW GLASS, from. 1 1x9 to
24x38. at JUNE'S.
SCREWS and . Tacks,•direct from
the manufacturers, for sale at wholesale and
retail, at reduced prices, at . JUNE'S,
LAMPS, Lamp Burners, ChiMneys,
Shades, mid Wicks of eveu variety, at
ROPE, Sash, Cord, 'twine and
Wick, all sizes, at - JUNE'S.
ANTERNS—a great variety at
low prices, at JUNE'S.
T OCKS, Latches, and Bolts, every
LA variety and kind, at
(lASI' and Toe _Corks (Stllihitt43,
ISSTON'S Celebrated Saws, at
T ABLE and Pocket Cutlery, at .
ICrOUSE Fprnishilig Goods, at
NAILS and Spikes, all a t
NORWAY and Sweedte bon at
MECHANICS will find a good as.
sortment of Tools at JUNE'S,
A LARGE stock of Philadelphia
Cart lage and Tun Solt& at AMY'S,
FIRE Cloth, at
POWDER, Shot and Caps, for sale
BLASTING Powder; at
FILES and Raspi, a inn assort
ment; at -
L4MMERY Cloth lad Paper, and
Sand. Paper. - • JUNi"3.I
BRASS Kettles and, Hollow Ware,
at low price', at' ' arNES.
Towanda, Nov. 20, 1878."
Having assumed charge of the Bindery connect.
ed with this odlee,l am prepared to &rail kinds of
• •
Consistent with good workmanship.
Flne Blank Books a specialty. Magazines and
Old gooks rebound neatly and cheaply. Cali and
see me before going elsewhere.
BlnierY In iltzPoarrn Minding, Park Street,Towanda.
rdeso by Man promptly-attended to. Born: -
64,730.22 1,173,611.87
so,:sszo is.ess,aeoue