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cam!. H. actsx,l.ocia: =biros.
Tworada, It.,Tharrotay,reb. 20,1849.
-• DasWin
; 711TCEES,
Tcnrandn. Jan. IS. ISM
Dun, sister village of trey 2s soon to bo
rs u p pll e d with pure spring water.
-EustruA had a twelve-thonsand-dollar
( lice on Monday morning last, supposed to
bj tho work of incendiaries.
'THE material used in printing the late
Bradford Gazotti; at this plat), is adver
tised Air Sheriffs tale. Resumption did it.
'Maul! L. Locsn, an old and highly
respected citizen of Canton, died at his
residence in that place, on Saturday, Feb
ruary Bth. , • •
Scow to the depth of about 10 inches
fell on Monday last, and, judging from
appearances,. this, Wednesday,
.there is
" more to follow."
A. gocrAL Hop, for the benefit of the
Catholic Fair, will be given in Nereur
Ilell, tomorrow,_ Friday evening, to
ishich all,arei cordially invited.
- Tur. Board.of Health of Waverly, , N.
issued orders that where death
(fixurs from dlphiberia or scarlet lever,
ito public funeral will be allowed;
I:lAu!uY S•rn...E'rEit, Esq.,. bas purchased
The property just north of Patton's block. ,
The pmpertyThas a frontage On Main
s t reet of 234cet, and the, price paid was
A MITsreAL Convention under the con
ductorship of S., F. Acuir, will be held
at Frenchtown,, comMencing February
Mb, and closing Friday evening follinv
lug with a concert.
THE Sociable iven by the ladies of the
Vlinrch of the Messiah on Tuesday even
ing last, was, notwithstanding the inclem
ent weather, very largely attended, and
enjoyed uy all present.
Ti' next meeting of the •esbyterian
Mite'Society will be held at the residence
of CilAni,ES lIVALPIIIitY, en Wednesday
evening, Fel ruary 2Gth. All are cordial
ly invited to attend,
Board of Trustees of the rroy Par-
Club have decided on September
I r l'd 24th andr2Zith next , as the days on
• which they will hold their Annual Fair,
lon the Fair Grounds at Troy. t
• PIIOIVPSITION has been made to intro
duci Miss BLACKMAN'S "History of Sus
q leha i nna County" into the schools of
that county, as a book of reference, The
Republican favors the proposition..
.1.1:w ticket stamp has been adopted
'by the Eric Railway Company. On I all
'tickets sold the name of the station, the
year, month and day of the month, as
as the hour at which the ticket is
b(.1(1, will be Stamped.
WE are under many obligations to the
friends who so kindly sent us pictures of
thmselves on Friday. Although no
names were attached, we could readily
distinguish each donor, •as the artist has
bt'en true to life iq each instance.
Vnuncn oS the Messiah (tnivemalist),
WILLIAM T.tvion, Pastor. At I%
o'clock !►. 4.—" The Philosophy of .I.lni
versalism," and at 7 o'clock P. sr.—" The
Devil and his Angels; What and Whence
are They"" All cordially welcomed.
A"NiovEnENT is on foot to get a mail
• latito established hetym;:en Troy and Fall
Bre*, as also route from Wellsburg.
via Centel-61k,, Pennyville and Big Pond,
to ,Fast SMitldield. Both of these s routes
vi , d'uld give additional mail facilities long
GEonoh lIKYT, the well-known propri
etor of the Rathbun House, Elmira, N.Y.,
died in that city on Monday last. Mr.
HAYT had been IR for some 4 . ittlo time,
but his condition was not considered dan
gerous until quite recently. Hewes abotit
years of age.
store 'of M. E. Ittis, the
well-known elotbii)g inerAlbant, is being
re-painted, papered, and' otherwise iw.
proved, preparatory to the reception of
hi s spring Stimk, which he has already
ordered: His business locals in another
column' will repay perusal.
Delegate Local Option eptivention is Call
ed to meet iu Harrisburg on the 2itL inst.,
at hall -past 10 o'clock A. IL. and at half
pa,,t 2 and 7 o'clock rt if. The counties
are rt quested to send it least five dele
gates each to this Convention.
J.rsr: Dot.-tx, a well-known citizen of.
IN'sox township, was found dead in his,
1 , 3111 on Monday afternoon last,- at about
o'clock: He had seemed to be in hip
usual health during the' day. Ho was
ahent (its yearsof age. Apoplexy is sup
i sed to have been the immediate cause
of his.deatb.
• 5 An attempt was burglarize the
resideuee of M. Jolts C. on Troy
Ntreet, Canton, Wednesday night of last
week. The '.sentinel says, a window,
which %Ls supposed to have beau secure
ly fastened, was raised about - a foot, but
before the burglar accomplished his pur
pose he was frightened away.
1- •
TnE'Corning Democrat says - 'le Glass
Works of that village are filling an order
Air WiLuma B. 'Anon, of N'etW' York,
for a pair of pitchers in imitationief some
rare China ones which became 'injured.
They are unique in design, and when
they leave. Captain Mau's finishing
I •4oms, they will excel, in esguisite work
manship, the originals.
Wc . !earn from the Troy Gazette that
.T. 11. LA3TENT has been granted a patent
f9r Lis improvement on sewing machines,
%hereby the little hand wheel is secured
In place by a racket- attadhritent,,so that
when rutbackward, the sewing machine,
will not move its needle, thus allowing
bobbins to be 7wound without danger of
brealting needles, It is simple and cheap,
and we hope J. 11. will make a million
.uut of it. . •
lit ions having become rife that diph.
tlieria to nu alarming extent was preva
lent iu the village of Trot, a correspondent
writing fForn that plass) to the Elmira Ad
tertiaer,:bas this to say:, "Many false
hoods hare been circulated as regards thci
preralem of diphtheria: in onr
There has been one case
_only, and that
some time since. Proper:precautions bare
been taken against its spreading, ant i
there are no new cases.
Twit Mane* Assoclatiors'or. Owego
pistriet, will meet at Waverly, on Thum
day, March 4tb, at '7l- o'clock P. X. Ser
mon Wednesday evening by . Rev. G. L.
War.rairs. tfie duty of irrtiy
lister to be present,,ifilcsalbis•
8. F. BROWN.
*math Pebruary,.43, 1870;
Tat glmira Actrertiser of last week,
says: "The family of Micaaal HARM.
HAN, living on Dickinson_ street, near the
canal, has been'sadly afflicted lately. Last
week a boy 13 years old died.; oh Monday
afternoon another boy about fire years
:Id died, and on Monday night a daugh
ter about 13 years oldalled, all with diph
theria.' Out of a family of nine children
only one is left, eight having died.
As the season of the year is at band
When people, who have been unfortunaM
enough to have frosted their feet during
the cold weather will suffer from the in.
tense itching of these members, we pub
lish the following recipe for their benefit:
Dissolve a lump of alum in a little warm
warm water and bathe the part with it,
at the same time warming the part at.
acted before the fire. It is said one or
two applications are sure to give relief. .
LUCRETIA. MUTT is' now SG years old,
and seems as vigorous in mind and body
as over. She was reeently elected Presi
dent of the Pennsylvania Peace Society.
For many years she has been a public
speaker, and has advocated thiC Abolition
of slavery and woman's rights. She be,
came, when 26 years 'old, a preacher in
tho Society of Friends and has always
been distinguished for her eloquence and
intellectual Ability: r She , may well be
ranked as one of the remarkable *omen
of the age.—Exchange. '
ANNA E. DICKINSON' will, deliver her
lecture, entitled "Platform and Stage,"
in Mercur Hall, • Wednesday evening,
March sth. Our readers are too well ac
quainted with the lady's reputation as a
lecturessAp need a word from ns as to heir
standing in that regard. Those whO Lave
once beard her will not 'fail to embrace
the prese r nt opportunity to repeat, the
pleasure, and those who have heretofore
been denied the privilege, will no doubt
improve the present occasion. Tickets
will be for sale at KIRBY'S. •
VEnoteT m.:putt:yr.—The coroner's
jury inquiring as to the - cause.of death of
the young woman, DORA NEW.ros, an ac
count' of whose sudden demise at the
house of .Mrs. BENJAMIN was giien in the
REPORTER of Inst week, rendered-a wt..,
diet on Thursday last : That the deceased
came to her death from the effects of Med-
Line administered, and am operation per ,
JAMIy was committed to jail by. Justice
Yousu to await, the action of the Grand
Jury at May Terhi.
Tug Ilev. S. L. CoNDE, of Troy, this
county, hats already gained considerable
reputation as a composer. Ms last pro
duction, entitled "Forget.rne-not," is
thus referred to by the Elmira Advertiser
of a recent date : "The words are by au
unknown (?) poet of 'Elmira, and theli
exquisite pathos is finely bfought out by
the music. All of 31r. Co:OE's composi
tions are to be highly colunended for the
soul which seems to breathe forth from
the. sweetest of melodies. •",:Forget-me
not" is one of his best efforts, and will be
sure to please, whether in tbe z concert, or
iu the home.".
following is the holiday calendar for - 1879:.
St.. Valentine's day, Friday, February,
14th ; Washington's Birthday, Saturday,
February 22d ; Shrove Tuesday, (Fas
nachtj, February 25th ; Ash 'Wednesday,
February 26th ; the first Sunday in Lent,
March 2d ; St. Patrick's day, Monday,
March 17th ; Palm Sunday, April 6th ;
Good Friday, Apiil 11th ; Easter Sunday
and Monday, April 13th and 14th ; Roga
tion Sunday, May ISth ; Ascension day,
Thursday, May 22d ; Decoration day, Fri-
May 00th ; Whit Sunday and Mon
day; June Ist and 2nd;- Trinity Sunday,
June Bth ; July 4th, Friday ; Christmas,
Thursday, December 25th. •
Wedding of Mr. - EDWARD F. .I ! uslatts, of
Philadelphia, to Miss KATE DARE, of
Troy, took place at the -residence of the
bride's parents, Dr. and Airs. C.V. DARE,
on February 13th, and;is said to have
been one of the most brilliant affairs of
the kind that ever took Mime in that vil
lage. The house was , nstefully decorated
with flowers .and evcrgrechs, and the
bride was the recipient of many handsome
and costly presents. Miss FANNIE E. F.
LQNG, and Miss lilisstE C. GROHS were
the bridesmaids, and Mr. _Wr.r.t.rsm F.
STEEL, of Philadelphia, and Mr. A. 115.
JtiwETT, of Troy, -groomsmen. The hap
py couple took the evening twin for Phil
adelphia, where they will hekafter reside.
THE Alert is the name of a .9x15 news
paper being issued by the Alert Bose
Company, of Towanda, Pa. The 17th of
February is the fifth anniversary of their
organization. and they aro going to have
a - ' wooden wedding " and festival to cel
ebrate the event on the 17th and 18th;
Perhaps with the exception that there
is mil such paper as the Alert published in
this place, and no such company as the
"Alert Rose Company;" the aboveitent,
which we clip from the Elmira Adrerliter
of the 15th, may be correct. The Adger-
User is not generally given to "mixing
things," but when ft does, it makes a
first•class job of it. All first-class papers
are the same in this respect, Our read
ers are no doubt aware of the fact.
COMPANY K—0.1.--We clip the follow
ing from the last week's Williamsport
-, When the companies of tlie ( Twelfth
Regiment were on their way the inau
guration of . Governor lloyt, t. ey passed
through this city and some f the troops
got drunk and raised are at the roller
skating rink and a more rious disturb
ar.cfr at the Herdic II use restaurant.
The Banner was informed that the mem
bers of the , Towanda Company were the
guilty parties, and commented upon the
case. = ,-
Major BUITOWS, of this City, informs us
that the Towasida boys were not the guil
ty:parties, and that the real offenders be
longed to a company located in the , soft
coal region's of Tioga County, and, :that
the guilty men were at once discharged
when the company returned home Mfter
the inauguration."
.. f
clip the following froth the lirorthera Tier
Gazette of February 6th
The question of an additional law judge
is agitating the minds of legal and other
people, impelled by the fact that there is
such an accumulation of legal business es
to demand some relief te the courts.
Among the names suggested for addition
al law judge, there is none 'that seems to
suit the nceessitiess of the case, as well as
that, of W. IL. Carnochan, Esq. Careftd,
well.versed in the intricacies of the law,
clear-headed and capable, he - has the con
fidence both of the people and the mem
bers of the bar, and would fill the place
with dignity and
,ability. But while the
subject is up, would it not be better to
have a just division of the 'county, and
some provision by- which the records
could be of some avail to. the people of
Western Bradford. This would make an
equiMble adjustment of the accumulation
of work in the .courts, relieve them of
their pressure. and givens an additional
law judge_itt the best form. • . < -
Nalr atlO:Pann,,_ •",1 11 !;14 11 4* .:":
of the Ikea-Barre Daily' Bee,otd of as
27044, wes issued their prospect= for s
new : morning daily paper, yrbkh will
reach Towanda and all stations along the
"Pennsylvania and New York Railroad, so
as to be delivered to subscrib ere between
6 and 7 o'clock A sr. It Will -
ouitain full
associated press dispatches from the en
tire world. -. ,
It will contain a daily letter from To-
Woods, giv,iog complete local new&
It will contains daily letter With full
legislatlve proosedin,gs, continents and
gossip from Harrisburg. -
It will be essentially a local end general
newspaper for the people of Bradford
CountYs served vegularly - every day to
subscribers in eveyrrown and village in
Bradtcird County at- tbe price of 30 cents
per month. Mr. J. It. KITTRIDOR will
represent the paper la this oorraty,; to
whom all applications for agencies should
be made;
Tint Rececption of Tioga :Hose Cornpa
fly,. Waverly, N. Y, on Iciday evening
last, la pronounced by all who bad the
pleasure of participating as being one of
the finest affairs of the kind over given in
the Southern Tier. • The Opera House, ill
which the Reception was given, was very
handsomely decorated, coneerning which
a correspondent of the Elmira Advertiser
says : "The floor was carpet!crl with white
duck and supplied with the most elegant
ly upholstered furniture. The walls were
festooned with flags and hung with
oil ;paintings. From its center of the
coiling hung a large fire bell made of ev
ergreens, and from the tongue of the bell
was suspended capita° seats a beautiful
dove ofpressed flowers, the handiwork of
Mts. R. A. PACKER."
Among the guests from Abroad wore
the following from To*anda : Mr. and
Mrs. C.l.itex B. ronTEn, Mr. and Mrs.
Jolts WARD, Mr.. Julys Contuse and Miss
Misses ELSBREA LLswzr,r,rsr Er.snazz
and wife.
t..txr„ Esq., who for the past 12 years ha's
been the General Sales Agent of the Bitu
minous Coal Association of Northern
Pennsylvania, tendered his resignatidli on
the 11th inst., and another one of our
townsmen, J. M. {Ginn, was unanimous
ly chosen tiro all the place. Mr. ltrieFku,-
LANE, during the periol lie has held the
,office, has undoubtedly defile more than
any other man to bring, these enais into
use and in the furtherance of schemes for
their development. His successor, in the
office, iBsminently qualified to fiil the po
sition, living been identified with the
coal interests of this section a number
of years. Ile succeeded Itlrd Mitcran-
LANE as Superintendent of the Barclay
Coal Company, when Mr.-31.sexanuasz
accepted the position that he has just re
signed, and held the position up to a CC*
years ago. Ile will make a courteous and
obliging officer, and the Association is to "
be congratulated on 1? happy choice.
The headquarters of the Agency will re
main, as now, at Syracuse, N. Y.
INAL CASE.--On the trial of JAMES DUET,
in Columbia_ County, last week, Judge.
ELWELL, in his charge to the jury, said :
"It is my duty to tell you that the de
fendant being intoxicated does not alter
the nature of the offence. If a man
ehooSe'/ to get drunk it is his own volun
tary act. It is very different from mad
ness or insanity not caused by the act of
the person. That - voluntary species of
madness which it is in a party's .power to
abstain from he must answer for. How
ever with regard to the intention, drunk-' ,
enness may perhaps be ddverted to ac `
cording to the nature of the instrument
used. If a man uses a stick you would
not infer a malicious intent so strongly
against him if drunk when he made an
intemperate use of it, as you would if he
had used a different kind of weapon ; but
when a dangerous instrument is used,
which if used must produce grevious bod
ily harm, drunkenness can have uo effect
on the consideration of the malicious in
tent of the party. Here the defendant
used a revolver. ' The question for the
jury is did he shoot at lieu:int. with
tent to kill him."
most delightful gatherings and surprises,
'in whicli we have been so happy as_to he
a participant, on Friday, Jan
uary 24th, at, DAVID Anmonosn's, to
celebrate his Willi birthday. 'The day
itself was perfectly delightful, and
sun pouted forth its glorious rays of light
and beauty. Dear friends came from vt!
dis ( bmcq to join in the surprise and make
the occasion a joyous ono to all. Four
generations were present; seven children
with theramilies, and 10:grandchildren
and other invited friends. At 2 o'clock
dinner was announced and we had a feast
of good things, and then the children were
ready tO_suprise their father with such
things bs they thought wore more pleas
ing than a good dinner Mr. DAVID AIM
STRONO was seated in a big arm chair
presented to him by his sons Uncle JOE
_BLACK pretiented him with gifts from
each•of his children and friends. Aiter
which Uncle Joe entertained the company
with'a comiciong and speeches. Grand
pa AIOISTRONO and Great-grandpa LYON
presented each of the grand and great
grandchildren with a silver piece. - The
brothers and sisters sang their closing
piece, entitled, "Then Wake Again the
Songs of Old :"
We'ce met again around the hearth,
Where oft wo used to come ;
We've gathered from the wilds of earth,
• To this our• father's home," etc. •
Herrick, January 28, 1879.
. WAVERLY correspondent of the El
mira Free PM* says, that. "Dr. Wir.rasu
11.1pEucz-Baring come to the conclusion
that he liked Mrs. Woos better than his
own wife,and Mrs. Moos fancyinga man
with long flowing beard better than ono
with no beard, the twain left ono night
last week. for parts unknown, taking with
them the only child of Mr. Rtacs, a - little
boy about four years old. The Worst part
of the whole affair is, that just prior to
the elopement, the Doctor had obtained
his wife's signature to a bank cheek, Spur-.
porting to be for $l5, but which proved
to be for $1,500, which be dreir from the
bank. Mrs. PrineE is the danglter of
Anus( Tfromas, of Sayre, and is onci. of
the finest women in this place, and lias
.the sincere and heartfelt sympathy of the
whole dommrinity for her loss (not of the
Doctor, but the money).'
From the Elmira Advertiser, February
17thi "Mrs. •Msatitr. PIERCE, Wife - of-
Dr. Wirazur.Przacs, who ran away last
Week With the wife of a Factoryvillo car
penter named Meets, died Sattirday
ing from paralysis of the brain. It iv be
lieved in Waverly and Faetoryville that
her death was caused from some poison
t 1 villainous doctor bad
. beein for some
time, dosing her 'ivitb...The feeling against
him is very strong, and just , at present
either of those places . would be -an 'tin-,
healthy locality for hint to be - found in.
203.Fr/ries was 35 years old, and leaves
I :ono child. . .
—.Re tie. Nauru: has been in
inns for a feti, days past.
P. Wm; the well.ltnown lutist
I Tie y has gia to Maui. N Y
- - -2-70" shun WOOD, of thia place, le
visithw:friertds in WillhantsPazt •
Amon; • cif Lateh4o,•'gave mar,
sauchant a pleasant =4 on Monday last.
—Hoe. U, Menem' piaided at the Le.
high University. Moot Co - au Thursday
/set. .
GAltnt*, of ;Will iittumort, la
ter a . service of ten .years, has rtired remi
t/le bench.
—Mr. and Mrs. Damn Eutestanr,
of Elmira, aro visiting Mr. and G.
M. Maui, Of Ws - place— ' .
Diviu Ci ii, of 'Wyalindng,
occupied the pulpit of - the Presbyterian
Church—at Waverly, on Sunday • last;
morning and evening.
--Mr. and Mrs. JoSEPII D. MONTANYE,
of this place, will celebrate the .50th anni
versary of their wedding day on Tuesday
next, February 21tb.
STEnsi, of the firm of STERN BROS%
has returned from New York, where ho
has been for the past ten days purchasing
goods tor the «piing trade. • ,
—Mr. W. D. TYLER, superintendent of
the Minuegna 'Hotel for several years
past, will take charge of the Logan Nouse,
Altoona, on the lst of March.
—Mr. ALFRED BIERLY, for some time
a resident of this place, and a prominent
member of the late Lin-Ta Band, has re
cently .writtett, an exquisite sacred compo
sition for male voice.
—ltiss NELLIE C. BiI.ADPOIID, of Troy,
this county, is, now conducting the music
in st Geneva, N. T. Church, and lias been
appointed teacher of vocal music in the
Geneva high school.
7 -Miss LtINETTIA A. BENNETT, former.
ly of Elmira, but now of Milan, Pa., was
married on the 13th inst. to EDWARD A.
Itkvaxs, of the latter, place. The parties
are greatly respected by numerous friends,
who wish them any amount of wedded fe
licity.—Elmira Free Press.
—Mr. Gm. W. DUNCAN, of Lockport,
N. T., who hair been carployed in this of
fice for the, past few weeks. is an excel
lent printer and a genial gentleman, and
we have no hesitancy .in recommending
him to any establishment that may be . in
need of a tirst-class typo. ,
—Fun) Goan, who has so long held a
clerkship, in the Towanda Post Office, has
retired from that office. A more compe
tent and obliging clerk than Mr. Golfs
has never served our public, and every
body will regret that ho goes out.--4our-
Whick sentiments wo fully endorse,
neighbor TVUNEIL
The country is ouo more safe; at
least, the friends of the successful candi
dates for Borough offices yesterday (Tues
day) say it is, and we suppose it is the
•bounden duty of every good citizen to be
lieve they tell the truth. The election
was quite a spirited one as regarded one
or two offices, but everything passed Off
quietly and pleasantly. As follows is the
vote : - •
Judge of Election—Jai. Bull, 115. ' Asa
Honglags, 88: Inspector-11.. 11. Rock
well, 120; A. Kline, 85. Council—J. Hol
comb, 84; P. Beebicb, 69 ; Wm: Henry,
54. Wird "tumor—Henry _Walbridge, :13;
11. A. Cowles, 101. Schood Directers—C.
IX Humphrey, 147; J. P. Sanderson, 78;
S. P. Whitcomb, GO ; H. A. Prince, 81.
Justice of flee Pe(ke—Q. 31:1 J Hall,'l44; C.
E. Andrus, 59; Constable—. Wells, ]27;
I. E. Stevens, 81. High Constable—Geo.
Moffitt, 73. Assessor—Allen McKean, 440;
P. C. Gore, 75. Auditor—H. T. Stevens,
79; Thos. -Merideth, 82; Geo. Stevens, 47;
Overseers of Poor—D. S. Pratt, 121 •, F.
E. Jayne, 135; R. R. Rockwell, 80; S. M.
Voodburn, 75. , . .
Judge of Election=—D. W. Scott, 142;
Warren Bill, 41 ; E. T. Noble, 92. In
spectors—flarry T. Gray, 142 ; 11. W. Mc-
Gill, 134. . School Direclors--Cbarles D.
Humphrey, 233 ;J. F. Sanderson, 137 ; IL
A. Prince, 44; 8. I'. Whitcomb, 97. Jus t .
lice of the Peace—C. N. hall, 188 ; C. E.
Andrus, BJ, Conslabte--Jobson Wells,
210 ; Ira E.. Stephens, 61. , Council—James
McCabe,.los ; William Keeler, 167, As
sessor—Fred C: Gore, 133 ; Allen McKean,
142. Auditor—Heury Stevenny 142 ;
Thomas Meriden", 38; George• Stevens,
93. High Constable--i-Georgo Moffitt, 235.
Ward ..4esessor—Will i mii Keyser, 127, M.
Menne, 40 ;J. L. Schoonover, OS. Deer
seers of Poor—D. S.: Pratt, 220 ; F. E.
Jayne, 182 ; Orrin D. Wickham, 38 ;.: Ro
land Rockwell, 97.
Judge of -Election---Otis J. Chubbuck,
73 Charles Fraley, 89. inspeetors—James
31. Mitchell, 90 ; James Lewis, 24 ; J. W.
Onan, 46: &hoot Directors—Charles
Humphrey, 136 ; J. P. • Sanderson, 8? ; S.
P. Whitcomb, 49; P. A. Prince, ;J.
H. Phinney, 1. Justice of the Peace—C.
31: Hall, 94 ; C. E. Andrus, '7O. - Constable
—Johnson Wells, 109 ; Ira B. Stephens,
51. High. Constable—George Moffitt, 143.
Council—W. G. Alger, 75 ; C. T. Kirby,
55 ;J. H. Orcutt, 33. Assessor—Fred C.
Gore, 96 ; Allen 3tcKean,, 70. Auditor—
Henry T. Stevens, 93; Thomas Merideth;
22; Gorge Stevens, 50. Ward Assessor
—.I. H. Nevins, 91; A: W. Graves; 24 ; G.
S. Smith, 49. Overseers of Poor—D. S.
Pratt, 129; R. It. _Rockwell, 78; F. E.
Jayne, 83; Orrin D. Wickham, 21; Wil
liam Mix, 2 ; S. M. Woodburn, 3.
School Association of the western part of
Sullivan County, held a - convention at,
Forksville, February- 6th, afteinoon and
Rev. R. BEDFORD is • ChlkirMaD of the
Association, and W. T. PAnnoa, Secreta
ry.. Both officers were..; in their places
ready to perform their part in the Con
The afternoon session was not largely
attended, but the evening exercises were
well attended.
Several persons were present from Wit:,
liantsport ; also Rev. Mr.-Calr I'ENDEN, of
Bellefonte. Mr. end Mrs. Div - Tex, and
Mr Curt-rm.:l)Es . helped much by their
singing ; also the two gentlemen gave. us
abort speeches full of interest. We hope
good was done ; certainly rho speaking
was good, as were the essays that were
read before the Convention. -
It is the'intention of those engaged in
holding these Conventions, to make the
Sunday Schools productive of more good
to the young people and children than
they have been in the past. •
- The temperance work in Sunday Schools
receivd considerable attention—Rev. - Mr.
TourNlNs having the subject under spe
cial consideration, and was iollowed with
remarks by Rev. R. Bniwoun and D. T.
Ibitv. Mr. Msreu r read an able essay on
Duty of Sunday School Teachers." A
number of other subjects were before the
Convention, and advoMited, or denounced
as required.. S. B.
Local Correopmdcuee.
Ttoy; rem:laq VV.
EDITOR. REPOWI3II, :—The quiet of our
town has remained
.mulisturbed by any
startling events for some days. Indeed,
tbo peripleiere hare acquired so strong a
habit of minding their own business, and
have prospered so well, that we seldom
have muchthat contributes to thn litera
ture of the local columns.
Oa Eaturdarereanag a caucus was bcld
at the Troy liour, for the puriPooo of
notninati,g boroughs4l)Fri roe. tOe ocus
pig year. Judge tatiolikiretiotei Chute.
Flap, opt A. C. PANNING and -4.1,,DE8T
Id6uoix :were eueictatiee. follinr=
tug noilduatipua were made:
Judie iof Eketione-4;
Burgos—H. M. SP
' Inspect*, of litection-4. Paaranta
and W. P. , ;." `: • •• •
Couneibnen—O. 1,.. Pam E. 0. Dew .
Cotsvaa. and N. J . prAirr.
OitrEars of Poor—Cla,up,u °nous and
L. M. Woos Tan. '
&hoot Dirsators-a P. Rantatpron
The teachers' of this vicinity attended
the Aiscwiatiena bead at Canton on Friday
and Saturdarof last week. Aff wen": - well
pleased and much instructed. What a
pity it is that all teachers
,and School Di
raftons do not attend, and thus rnake — tlfe
wo* done more generally beneficial,
Professor qUIRLAN as Piesident " ' shone
radian," but as this is his first appear.
acme in that rapacity, some maybe in doubt
whether i is his own• light or borrowed
light from his predecessr. Still many
hare faith tat the Association 'Will _be
managed with , bility under his 'adrninis
tration, even as \,n the past. In all Ids
duties he mord , hlmself worthy of
. the
trust reposed in hire, and a successful ses
sion was the result. \ •
R. F. listurnaTox, .).% S. NEWMAN and
GEORGE NEWDERY, ha 0 just concluded
their duties as appraisers of the estate of
The wedding of. Mr. EEDR'TR F. Loosi
ng, of Philadelphia, to Miss XATE D4 - nn,
was celebrated at the house of tho bride's
father on Thursday evening of lei 'week.
It was a pleasant affair, and a larg , com
pany of , invited guests were pre. nt.
'Many beautiful and costly gifts expres
the high
_esteem of the bride's numero •
friendsi yet more precious than these to
her memory in the future, will be the_
kind expressions of regret at her removal
from this society in which she Iris always
held a high position. After•a most sump.
tuous feast and a pleasant - evening, the
happy couple took the train for Philadel
phia, their future home. The best wishes
of all are with them.
The schools of this vicinity have been
favored recently . by visits from Su
periatendent RYAN, who leaves every
where high opinions of his elliciency and
faithfulness as au ellicer.
Mr. A: 8. Ifoourm is maintainim.r. the
Chautauqua class in a very able manner,
and is in a fair way to become as famous
as Room BACON, far his learning and ef
ficient teaching. The class numbers more
thaw thirty ;members, and the interest
sloes not seem to diminish, Wit rather in
creases from week to week. C.
Neighboring Counties.
FA= (ha Democrat, Fel+. 12th
—On Monday last a number of our chi
•zens•left for the West with the intention
of making it their future 'ionic. &nue
of the party go to Washington Territory;
while others have determined to settle in.
Kansas. The party going to Kansas in.
tend settling near Cawker City, and were
made up of.the following 'gentlemen and
their families: Mr. ENt McKrunr, Mr:.
LIN:. Mr. ions W. ItErsoLus, Mr. WIL
LI:In BENNF.TT,. and a Mr. SoLLINGF.It In
tend settling in Washington Territory.
There were one or two - other families who.
aCcompanied•the party whose names we
have not been able to learn. - • .
. —Reviial meetings arc being held night
ly at the N. E. Church in this place, and
much good is bein, done..
Mansfield Advertiser, Feb.
—Dr.ll2,nsunlminit, late of Towanda,
has settled in 3fansileld.
—A son of Mr. D. H. Coorrn, of Lamb
Creek, was seriously injured on Thursday
list, by being run over by a load of logs.
One of his logs was very badly crushed.
His condition is critical. '
—Mr. MELviti 'llon:rox; of Morton's
mills, Mill creek, had.his right hand bad
ly cut and mangled , to -day, while at work
with a circular saw. fie came to town
and had his wounds ch:eised by Dr. CoLE,
We believe no amptit4ii3u -is considered
. .
Ns'yoursq C.,OIT'STY.
Democrat, Feb. 12th.'
ducks aro said to ba thick as
blackbirds on BOwman's crock.
-The wages of workmen in the tanne
ry were reduced about ten per cent. on
Saturday last we understand.'
—The number of cases from diphtheria
have materially lessened in this place dur
ing the present cold weather, although
several persons are still suffering from
that fatal epidemic.
—We learn that - Mrs. ensr.l.Es P.Vlnt
who lived on the Little Illehoopany creek,
in Windham township, about two miles
from the village of'llehoopany, was found
dead in her home on Sunday morning
last; and it is surmised by some that 'the
had been murdered, while others -enter
tallith° belief that she froze -to death.
Her habitation was a mere hovel, tvithbut
a floor, and illy adapted for a comfortable
abode in cold weather. Rumor has it that
suspicion attaches to her husband, with
whom she did not live happily, and that
officers are in pursuit, although we have
beep unable to learn that ho was Seen
about the preniises on the night of the
sad occurrence. An inquest, we ,under
stand, wags held, but we hate not learned
the verdict.
—Smt7r.t. ROSENCRAXS, of the South
Mountain district, was in town Monday,
- and reported very favorably of the ....coal
-prospect. He says the vein is growing
thinker as the mining proceeds, and every
-indication points to a massive coal-field in
that part of our county. His 54 acres of
land In that locality have suddenly groin'
valuable in his eyes.
GOOD FOR BARIES.—We are pleased to
my that our baby was. permanently cured
of a serious protracted irregularity of the
bowels by the - use of Hop Bitters by its
mother, which at the same time re.,:ored
her to perfect health and strength.—The
Parents, University avenue, -Rochester,
N. Y. Sec another cohtam.. .
Vi' Mrs. E. J..1 1 4:1Ncios. Ims TRIMMED
ttA.TS fcir ONE DOLLATI and tlywards.
Midis.% E. J. MIiGOS is illSt opening
DOW siotk of Autumn 311111nery Goods, to wlttcb
SIM Invites the nttentlon of tha Males. aug29.
LW Just 'received—the lateit styles
(*spring lists and Caps, at M. E. nosisrtmrs.
Feb. 20.4 t.
or Ladies Dress Trimmings, 'all the
N'tv Styles. at SNELL & FAEN.iLtst's, a few dotal
north of klereuf's 'Mock. •
Men's Wool.ilats at FiffyllfS,
At 51. E. nosz.xFzittes. Feb. ttit. •
Tam: NiYncE.—A.ll debts duo 'Mc
axes k Idnvtait.s. if not ftttled by M1=111.1879,
wilt he left In hauls of an of
Meatnis dr ErArAnnß.
. - Large stock Of: Rats and Caps of
the latest styles jest rece/ted, at M. Z. Hosts - -
F4Lifs. Feb. lilt
P •
Der can and examine my stock 'of
fists and Caps. - / 1 . acaltgrttta.ll
Bab. UHL
Flrcostamt. baa the best motiringellso
for nen; toys and Youths , •froar eier - • offered In
?alma* sad at p'nes• ?Noma +tom* of
vir A full lino of Gents Furnishing
Goods at fillitta Bros. 'Feb. iatt.
tar Callassortment of Fanny Goods
at Sxsra, Si •terr doors DOM at
Morgues Bieck. . , ,
tar Inducements in every department
at &ran:rarer . rob. ,x6tr.
t NOTICE.--The accounts of tho late
Minot At.yonn Itticunocit have) been ma:breed
1.010 should be load to 4.E. tirrcilvninn, at the
anrownen Omen.
nr Go to STERN" Bros. new atom. at
Ideatanye's comer, and see the Latest Novelties.
Feb, 2041.
t L. B. Ttononns challenges compe.; ,
titian for quallti of goods and. low prices oa Sash;
Doors, Dlludsand.Moldink.s, sod a 1 ballding
feria?, - taaga-til.
having just received a large variety or the latest
uoveltles in the market, will otter THIS WZEI
an attractive stoat of
a the marvellous low prices of from Two to Twen
ty-Five cents per yard.-the latter being flash fib
bone tin, six and seven inches wide. Feb. 10-tf.
tiriu Largest, Best and Cheapest
line -Or Shes for 7.adlorN Mews' and Chlntrens ,
wear is found at conomvs new, store, clone's* Main
and Pin.o-sts., Tracy trNotrle's Block. aprent
Cam' Cowl. Bakery Wagon, of the
ist Wax," Bakery, will be oq hand daily with
Fresh Crackers but from tho area, Bread, Plea;
Cakes, Ike. ' niwn
ve Don't you forget IL We haTo an
excellent CRACKER MANI7YACTORY to town
at COWLES , BAKERY, whore you eau buy the
'best fresh-baked crackers.
D!!" For tickets to all points West,
North and Southwest, at the lowest possible rates,
call on or address, M. E. 11 ABCOCIC,"Agent, at
Upper Depot, Towanda. 17tt •
gir A Grand Array Pall will -be given
alt c bou of Monis Kellogg, New Alliany,ra.. -
Frill evening, Fab. a, 1$ 9 . Good, music. Bill
• only 5 . 0 cents each. All are Invited.
ruE T.A.1L014
Has Removed to
.--\ __.... '......—.--........ 7 . . , i
Gig" Facts tell o story. There is harti
-17 a prorotnent tontine or professional *Dan in
this vicinity—or in the country—who has not caused
his life to be insured en A to Bernie' his farall.i
against 'contingencies in ems : 4,ot hisAcatii. i
Wm. S. VINCEIiT Matted
month of January amountlnl
Doliara, all In the Menai Life of
Towanda, Feb. 6. '7a-tr.
RENEWICIL is a scientifiC cambinatiOn eir Somo of
the most powerful restorative agents tot e vegeta
ble kingdom. it restores gray hair to its riginat
color. It makes the scalp 'white and el n. It
mires dandruff and humors. and falling-out o \ t \ tho
hair. It furnishes the nutritive principle by w4th I
the hair Isremrlsiled and supported. It makes the I
hair moist, soft and glossy, and is nnenirpaSscd as
hair-dre+sing. It is the most economical prepara
tion ever offered to the public, as its effects remain,
a long time, making only an oceaSiOnal appliCatitin
Iteee,sary. It is reemmnended and used-by emin
ent medical men; tind onittatty endorsed It the
State :ts!•ayer of rasSachusett. The popularity of
tialr Renewer has increa , ed with the test of
many years, both In this country and in foreign
law's, and It la now icnown and used in all the .
civilized countries of the world: FOIL BALE SY
ALL Prtt.Eits.
11,1.F.R—Mc AFFERTY.—At 'the home of the
bride's parents, iretemaryrl2, 1371. by MeV. E. C.
.Quick, Mr. Davltl 11. Miller. or Loveiton, Wyom
ing County, and Frank A. McCafferty, of- Scions
IYANTEII--TrIOMAS.—At the M. E. Parsonage.
Felituary . sth, 1878, by Rev. J. B. I,Javis,
Mr. Charles M. Baxter and MISs nester E.
Thomas, bith of North Orwell,
PilitlTX —BA ItTO t."-=-At West Franklin, Februa
ry 6. IM9. by Elder ettivin Newell, Mr. Seth Per
ry, of Leßoy. and ]llse Emma M. Barton, of
West Burttngion.
SIASON--TLIURSTON.—AIro. at tho same place
awl by the same, February 15. te9, Mr. J. A. L.
31 ason and Miss Marlub Thtultou, both of
West Franktfu.
CROSS.—At LI; resldence In Rockford,
February 3.1379. of typhoid" pneumonia, 'Jacob
fl. Cross, aged' 69 Tears, 9 months, and 16 days:
DA VlDSON.—February 17th. In Ghent; Anna Da
. vidson, wife of Ite.V. S. Davidson, aged 74 ye!"
11 months and 7 days.
Leltaysville, February 7tb. Bur
dew% only ebtal of Itohert and 2iuidah Lane
aged 1 year audio days.
We miss thee at home, darling,
Oh 7 we miss thee satliy there ;
We do not ?war thy voice, darling,
Dut - wo see a vacant chair.
Won't you never comio back, darling— , -
Shall we never seo thee more ?
we're weary of waiting. darling,
And our hearts are sicit'and sore.
TOW.ANDA 31,111KM:5..
General dealers in Groceries and Produce, Patton's
' Block, corner Main and Bridge Streets.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, ixn. is, 1879
751 - 17:0, BELLING
5 230 5 25 6 746 7 00
I zeta 1 50 1-500 175
Flour per bbl
Flour iber sack
Corn Steal per ICO 11,5
Chop Eeod
Wheat, per Waft
Rye-- ...... .
. 1 cs.o
410.50 Sera 60
xc~ an
340 450 50
1 2,.:14 I ct , ® 1 75
5 00
Buckwheat Flotir •
Beans. 62 II)S. .
l'ork. mess
11ressett hogs
Butter, tubs
Eggs. fresh
GOen apples, hieeh.....
PictAtues, per bushel...
Beeswax .....
1 ,000 1 50 1 50@ 2 03
bbl. 12 00
Veal Allis...—.
:Thee p
.1" Ir ,F
Corner Lake and I lVater Strata,
1r;1, N. Y., Aprll.lB,
dew Abvertisemettio.
nee Is hereby given of , the intention to apply
to the Governor of this Commonwealth for a char.
ter or Incorporation for a Ferry Company to cross
the Susquehanna River at or near Sugar nun, inn
ligolforil county. Pennsylvania.
.1. B. WPM:FORD.
• .Cl. AUK 11 01...L1S 13
- February 29•31.•. ' •
WATEIt COMPANY'S Annual Meeting of
Steekhohlere for the electleu of a Board ct
31anagere for'the ensuing year, and for the tran3-
actlon of general hustner.y.wla he held at the a
-1 0,. of the company. -In Towanda Borough. olt
MONDAY. the 3.1 day of MARCB, 1879, bettieen
the holits of 1 and 3 t'. M.
C. S. Itta•SELL, Secretary
Towanda. tea.. .San. an, 1g73.•35w$
FA" .
Fair vitt be held
Under tho rare of the Ladle of the Church of Sta.
Peter and Vaal, at!aitueuciag
Proceeds to be-Applied towards II:061w tdo
cburch the coining rumniur.
. .
ninon. /Wood Wilder Term 'wan boob NON
tu ra
T01AN.27, ire.' 1 tor board, tuition
and lorolobra raft trots iirr , to slllllper pen Nor
estolovso or farther Mars Wilma th e Prin.
eltal. . ED IN E. QUINLAN.. A . liti
Towarolisoluly ll,' Intl. - 41 . •
estate of Is hereby given ttutt all parsons indebted to
estate ot Caleb Abell. late of Warren town
ship. detod, must lista immediate payment, and
all persons having claims against odd Wats, must
present them, duly authenticated. to the under
signed for settlenumt. C. T. ABZLI.,
• Warren, ra., Feb. 20, *Mit. Executor,
, ....Or •
S. Cor. pith and Chestnut Stn..
• Tho first number appeared Not. lath, ICS. All
tho bark amphora can be suppled at the pub/Mar
tian °Mee. Yttends of the paper unable to obtain
It briny news stand or on $lll railroad, are MO,.
ted to notify ,the publisher,
Will be devoted te s Literature, Science, Art, Ft
datiCe. the Drama, commends on Domestic Events,
trod foreign Correspondence. There are depart.
meets of Fashion, Chess, Pilules. Acrostics, *e.
.PROGRESS rr talks chout CiuDitfa at home
and &bread, of Athletic and other sports, of Merges
and Horsemen ; It treats of church matters and it
will not be wanting In Humor. In a word ".Pro
gress" Is a INN: for the Mcrchant,the banker,
the Preacher,, the Actor, the !Mice and the Memo
In. he first - number was commenced an original
story try Justin McCarthy, entitled "Donna Quiz
ote." written for "I'rogress." Donna Quixote"
will be followed by " American Gold and Toren
'rules,' a novel, by Its editor. John W. Forney.' A
serial of the highest order will always be among
the eeetentl4
•• PROGRESS Is . 24 Pager Quarto, printed on
strong, *hit toper, with large. clear type.
4 1 5.00 a year, postage inciuded In advance. '
numbers. 10 cents.
Penn Mutual Life Insistence. Co.,
Net assets, January 1, 1878
Pretuions receipts 1 1 044,068.83
threrest receipts, etc 3a3,064.11 1,408,032.64
Lou'is and endoyernento —090,418.2 d
Dividends to policy-holders -21,330,97
Lapsed and surreudetedpol-.
Ides. etc 246,941.09
Commie uslon c,salatlee, used!,
• cal fees; etc
Taxes., Ilegal expenses, all
vertlllug, etc.....
ASSETS, . • . .
U. S. 51W.iil sla, percent. bonds, Phila. '
delphis and-city Loans, St. It. bonds., . .
bank, and other stocks, worth 1,2,401,- .
• 083.9 x, cost P ^ 309,832.6 S
Morp.iges,• first . liens on properties
worth 05.125,000
Premium notes. secured by polities.
Loans on collate:rats, etc
Real estate owned by the Company,
chit 441,474.0i
Cash onpatol and lu Trust Coinpanles 191,997.1:
Wee during tti?'
Twelve Thous tird
yew -York.
Net ledger assets, as above..
:•:, , i deferred and and unre-
reporLed preml - dins e99,90J.719
Interest due and Accrued... 101,150.62
3larket value of stocks, etc,
over cost
tss assets, Januaryl,lB.7o
Lam 6 reported.lett not due =116.628 66
Hese p, at 4 per cent, to •
reinsure risks 5,477,471.90
D unreported
polleicA etcc.
Surplus 4 I r cent. bads.
Sappldgrit 41i r cent. Pennsylvania .
standard.' estl!nated t 1,346,762.85
No—polleles in Wire , ' . 10,731.00
Amount at risk ), 5AT,N,557.00
S•AItITEI.\'. 11t.T.T. President.
SAMVeL, F.. STlllig, U. S. STEPHENS.
Vice-Preside t. ' 24 Vice-President.
• .tetnar. ? . Secretary.
. Asst Secretary. . .
GEO. A. GITER)., , SEY Ag ent.
- .36ws . 1 1\ktsanda 1 , ' a.
. 41 \ 7/C 0
"Ertl... ,
At a price not to be toned elsewhere subject to be
returned If not satisfactory.
1 2O
:Wig lOO 1 00(4 1 30
4044 wio
A. fresh supply of Dried 'Fruits Just received,
among which can be found German Prunes al our
own Importation.
1 60t3) 1 75
83 0
7 *3(r, 10
90) 10 10(4 vz
.-S-9 0 100 12
r 0 10
7‘ol 7
1:(0 18 14 to
146) 15 150 2 0
16(4 20
10(4 11 12S
35g4 40 4013 50
ccia i 0 7so
SP@ 7 5 75C) 300
.. ago o
. towo
.. (W 06.
.. 2.-k-v...s
T L. KENT, At t,
. -
• -
! 7 litilieffiiiiiiiK — ' - ' ----"---
"P G 13 5,"
P•lt 0 0 11 E S . S,"
64,710.32 1,178,214.87
asi l ets Jan. I, 1879.
44,25Lr-' 299,205,
. 50,M6.50
(01,1 Kam! of C. B. Patch.)
Wotavo on Laud II large stock t'r
'Which we offer to the public at the
An a Fpeclalty we alter an extra grade t.l
U D E .8 0 D.!
Towanda, Jan. 30, 1079.
WITU A LARGE sToos. or
Which he Is selling at
J. if SZNT, AtiNXT.
.- ,
„M. of Bradford County. from Januar/ lid to ta:ember alat, WU.
To moult Feld Auditor, " • 172 171
Auditors coa for P ets rothonotory and Nosistor.....
2,47 9 0 07
0 00
Bridge ns -
pride Vara 177 99
iiiiircii-4;eis ...
• • 10
Bradford Comity Agricidtural doelett..... 100 00
Constables. tor Making returns to Court and
_ attending at elections 4 • ' , lii 46
Agawam • .i ' • 1,060 09
Costa in Commonwealth sults.4 - a. 4,677 16
Counsel to Commlssloners -'•-• 60 00
Crier andtlp•etafts of Court • Sid 60
Dlstriet Attorney . '• 576 00
Elevtlact_espenses -. 1,201 26
Teel sad lights • lin 46
Orsnd 111f011, ail 00
Traverse furors - - ' 4. - . 4660 is
Insurance cm public bulidlop 7- .i.. In so
Coroners• and justices' !aqui - Ml=6 • ' tat Id
duty commissioners - 167 114
Odic° books .
6611 asi
Postage sad stationery 107 fa
Potato pstnlLag - CS St
Accouist with the itesirat &oiler:ore of Coma)/ Tax for the Candi : of DreaVofst,(ol l .l74e • rear ,V 114; •
.and vet:tout.
. . -
• .
Collectors, • ... ~.. 4 Amount --- A,mOunt Amount At oust Amnia '
Twp's a Boyar - . 7 .7 , Owned, ItecAlved. Ita'Uttsld. P 41.441 DIN.
• -
I ---_.--_. .
• . r
• , ~.. .
Burlington Born. M.B. Phelps 1576 $ 106 45# 100 37 .80 # 11 28
Armenia W. H. Beeler 1 877 242 70) • .216 11 14 70 Ii Illi
Burlington West N. C. McKean 787 33 784 60 • - - •4 73
Cattball Bore - C. L. 'Farnsworth. 1 • ' - 571 . .37 • - ' •
Canton Tw•p,..., Hiram Lindley • . 1,730 521 1,617 74 27 28 - $5 AO ~
Herrick ' James McPherson ' $33 18 .754 45 . 41 02 ' 39 - 70 • ' '
Hawke ?WV... ; D. S. Mingo,,
.' 1,050 79 91/4 31 14 06 .. 61 113 '
Rome Tsep J. 81. - ' , Trink 1,093 72 / 1,034 30 399 ,34 43 • -
Springfield. run Le0nard ..........,.. :. , . . 252 99 1 352 Do - . ..
South Creek - David Chase . 660 84 314 33 - 9 . 53 a 96 • ,
Sylvania 80r0... Janie - 4D. Bristol
.. - 154 15 146 72 . 77 784 -
Towanda Twp... A. W. Dlineek . 9= i 9 796 08 _B3 93 42 13 '
Wells ' Geo. H. Knapp : -_ ' 214 as . 214 3$ - '
Armenia Alba hurnham....., , ...... 1 8aS, 217 86 , 191 15 _I6SI ' 10 12 -1,,„ .
Asylum B.C. ChiSson, in Cl 761 98 11 65 41 36
Alba Bore C. S. Wilson - ' /33 47 .124 78 330 41 41
Athens Boa,, John 11.41osmer - - 1.424 1 1,322 81 21 16 , 70 341 , ..
Athens Tw•p;...„ N. V. Welter . ... 1.. ......-• •• • . 3,126 6 9 , 2;757 57 =2 42 145 70 •
Albany . W. 11', Corson . , ••• 622 40, 496 62 . a 34, -ZS 24 • .
a armay • John 11. Davis '' . _
738 12 CS 30 • .= 88 33 94
Burlington 80, S. K. Bois 1 133 25 1% 10 • 33 . 113 '
Burlington Tall A. Blakeslee - '' I '771 67 'TM 14 13 49 -34 04
11urlIngtou West N.C. MClCean • - 666 72 • 624 00 -" 528 . 33 15 _ .433
Cantos Hero, C. L. Farnsworth , 707 31 ..4137 24 15 42 .34 63
CantonTuop.....{Zdward Cole 1,4211 51 • 1,484 61
columlda. Thomas Colony ' '. • 1,544 43 1,460 34 7OS . 77 04 •
Prankllit - David Smiley • 50.3 91 430 08 - 341 . 23 42
Granville P.S. Batley ' vw 63 865 05, -II 91 45 54 -
Hetrick.Z. Platt 695 01 .617 94' •12 al - 34 7.1
Leßoy • • •L. A. Wooster....'. . - 399111 694 11 • 13 48 44 43' '' - 147 83
LellaysrelNe H. 8. Prentice. _ 274 001 247 92 91 12 12
Litchfield ' Albert Calmer , - 1,008 75 ' 915 16, - 10 64 49 95:
Monroe Born '• B. B. Ilollett .' - • - 202 08 180 ho; 11 73 9 38 1
Monroe Twv"..:. ,D. S. Minges.... 890 51 •=1 001 ' 665 54
Grviell IC. O. Vanwinkle.• 1,162 63 1,094 441 10 44 57 75 - •
Overton I ,John Mathews ' ' 331. 59 302 41 'l3 27 15 91 • ' '
Pike ID. 41. Northrop 1,371 89 1,283 91 19 90 , 67 78
Rome Tol, C.M.: ,Vanwinkle 947 6.5 631 48 , 908 . 46 99
Rome Boro .... ,E. Spalding ' 127 26 119 001 828
Itidgbetry.. ** P. !John Stirton. Jr - 1,101 32 1.038 881 785 - 4.77/' , -
Springfield .. Tim Leonard . 1,450 47 385 00'
: ,1,065 47
South Creek Davld Chase. -
. .142 36 . 400 001 - 8 . . 36 75 •• Mal "
Sheshequln - ,George Childs., - 1,551 71 „ 1,463 28 11 39 . 77 1.45
Standing .Stone.. ',George S *go - . 709 10 602 27 11. 78 ; 3105' '-
Smithfield IDlton .Phe , Ps 1,787 87 1,090 13 •- SZI t 7 ta Cl 7
Sylvania Born-. r. F. Bristol - . , - 93:1 15 63 00 4 6$ 16
Towanda Tw'p... W. W.. Bowman • 754 71 ' - 698 01 19 8: ' 34 88 .
Tuivantla C0r0... A. Wickham ' 4,159 80 3,749 161 212 93 10741 •
Towanda North..; E. It. Dl.urig „ - 421 51 - 324 001 . ' 07 3.1
• Tr9y ra , p 1 11. N. Fish . 1.5140 74, • 1,490 701 , 11. 33 78 71
Troy .Boro ' I N. J. Stewart 1,174 52' - 1,072 1 711 .36 82. 37 99
Terry IS. - Bowman. 334 92 , 461 490( - - ' -93 93
Tuscarora /John Clapper - ' 766 76 715,95 ' , -13 15 .37 73
Ulster. ' • James G. Mole • " 379 40 331 14 4 28, 44 001 '
.Wyaluslng , "0 W. Corbin - .... 1,241 97 1,204 75 13 23 62,97 • .
Windham 'Eimer Neal - - ' 983 59 .. 927 95 ' 467 41497
Wysoa -.- E. 11, Bishop - -
.. 1,212- 95 1,073 001 31 77, •• 59 141 41 04
Wells ' .4:ieci. H. Knapp 1,093 74 1 930 00. .12 07 _ 54 15, 93 93
Warren • !James Joke • 1,2741 02.1 1,197 81 1
15 00 • 43 181 ..-...
N i1m0t......... IThos. E. Quick
.. 739 30' 690 32 12 48 - - 36 56
'Reassessments - 274 91! 133 43 • 13 5: 1 i 1= 96
.------.1 • ••- , --- ..... ---•-•- ----.=
t 43,018.470.6
gG,.194. 4 .2438.38'
‘A mount due upon duplicates for - 1877 and '' Amount returned uncollected for 1378 and
previous years ll 2412 09 previous years... 4 4,138 121
Duplicates 0111178 4.5. 9 96 12 Exonerated to Collectors - 1,078 04
I Bank tax 2,413 90 Percentage to Collectors 2„31111 28
, Ittelsic mat reeolvals - • - ,278 67 Pant State Treasurer .
s,. =
1 ...easgessmeuts 14 19 Bank tas - .. .
.. • 1,413 90
llttheated land tax 746 tt Paid for Wilding Teachers' Institute VA 00
Seated land tax - • • 71, 24 Interest laid on loan at City Nat. Bank... 814 21.
lu Treasury January 15t,•1378. * vcs 06 Orders paid 31,711 07
- - ,l'aid nu order No 2el;beld. by City N.B. 4,600 00
per cent commission on .15031.53 - 901 63
. ' 1 per cent. rommiseion on $2335.30 426 as
. .
. . .
In Treasury January 6 . , 1379 - . 626 60
-- .. .
, 2,3140,87.2.17
. 313067.36
^ i . 7lll l: r
• I
iSFORD MINTY ss :, - -
• We, theAnderbigned, Auditors of wet cwinty, do hereby certify that erb bare examined the fore—
going statement, and the vouchers for the same, and dud It to be correct -
t: . ... " P 1i . . 31 w 858 E5 .
r PRATT, t Auditors.
Co/nissioners , Office, January 17, 1879.
We, the undersigned,
reet statement of the re, e r
the :Mt day•ot Decent'' ,
ttnels uhr.hanits
Therei i$ nothing - that :will lice 80.
notch, satisfaction and remain fresh
in one's mind so long as a nice PAR-
iii order that all may purchase, we
have decided to -scl 1 our ENTIRE
STOCK of these fine goods a
ter the :110LI1)4Y,S. Be. sure a
COME AT ONCE, 'and...bring . the,
. ..
on Main St., loiters you wilt find just
what your wife has beea after fora
long Uwe, and remember you wi
and buying bei'ore Christmas.:
Towinda, Pa., Dec..l; 1103.
Jaws C. Robinson; Treasurer, in account "with the County of Bradford.
iimunissiiiners of said County, do hereby certify that ' Ulla Is a true and ear
)(yak and expenditures of said County froui the drat day of -January, ta7e, to
137 a.
nd seal of alio at.Towanda, this 17th day of January. A. D.
f ,e .
J : o [- 1 FROST'S SONS.
Mani inTort, / 4 10 ' ' ;70/ lit - .
11 1 11 son opport. (Deters pmi5m010cy....,... WiloW; ,
, Coofestos prisoners to posatoogiotr -_ s' ON 411
Prothonotary and Cie* WTI, dendines, Rod 404 0 ,
Itepara an piddle bondlnp _ ' WS IS
Doom rent at Trey Court lOO .
Sneed' for eatesnozdng ppm ' - - 'ON 70'' '
Elbert/ for IWCoprinanweiddi Otto. 11170
Tax rehinded
Wildcat ea Mates $ a-- .
Making danneates: to or •.• 40 NI -
Trumann , for attending Trey Coon. - ' p 00' '
T. Z. Taper, stimovspber od C00rt...,..`... ' WS 411 , •
Boo_ nq for the return of stolen tonne ' SS 00" .
on deed book Protnodles -- ' 1211 It
Italanne vying loc ' 4011 GO
G. W. Moor; CA. Com ' ' , ma Mk •. ~
do do nds_ye voilb Anglican,.ld73... SO OD -
IL J. Coolbuigb, co. Can " '41141 SO ' -.
do ' do 3Op with .Itoditan, Irsi...- ,se a
John Baldwin, Co. Com,..a
310 00
do -do i dani Wltn Itainters, lat. . 1010
Willian4oole, Clerk 1000 00
r . • 004,711 .07
:139. 14 4 3O '0,981 91i #2,006 811 114438 OS
.14.211 10
}36,186 41
The Mutual Life
Insurance- Company
Offers the most favorable terms to
hose desiring to insure their lives,'
The cost is now, and has been -in
the past, less than any other corn-
$88,000,000 IN- ASSETS.
$100,0,00 INVESTED ON . MORT-
Main'Street, Towanda, Pa.
JOTICE.—The CountyCommis
&loners base fired upon' the' following
dates tor holding A A Ike Oninkkintionere
Udlee, in Towanda Borough, for the several town-
Alps and boroughs of Bradford Coutsty.
Monday. February 24—Asylum, 'Terry, W,ilinot
and Alb my.
Tuesday. February :S.-Overton. Monroe turp
and born, Franklin, Granville and Leroy. ~
Wednesday, February inirC;lnton Itsep and
born", Armetda and Alba.
Tbursday. February - 2T—Troy tw'p and bore,
Columbia, Sylvania and Burilletow-Wast.
Friday, February 2s—Butllngton tirp and bora%
Springfield, Smithfield and Itidgbery.
Saturday, March I — Booth Creek, Wens, falika
gain and Litchfield. . .
Monday. March &I-Windham, Warren, Orwell,
Borne, terp and boro', Herrick and Plke.
Tuesday, March 4—Leltaseetlle, Twain:ma, WI , .
*lasing, Branding Stone and Wysix.
Wednesday. Afarch a—Towanda Barr, Towanda
Twv, Toenails North and:Ulster. ' •
• Thursday, March a -Athens, tw`p and hero, Bar.
clay, and South-Waverly.
By order of the Board.
ArretcrWllllam Lewis, Clerk.
Commissioners' °Mae, Jan. Mr, IMAM
Notice is hereby given of the intention to ap.
ply to tbe Governor - of Ibi s Cornmonweaßb for a
Charier of Incorporation for The Sugar Ilan rind
Wyalusing Wire Rope _Terry Company, ter the
purpose ot erecting and conducting &terry setae
the Susquehanna River -at or near Sugartitut, tit
Bradford County, Pennsylvania.' (Signed)
ELMORE HORTON. 1 4 1 11 t. Warns.
January 30, Ms. . .
PROVERBS. •• ---• • •
*The Richest Blood, Sweetest Breath and the
fairest Skin in Hop Bitters."
".a little Hop Hitters asses big deter Ws and
loon sickness." -
'That Invalid wife; mother. sister or child tan
bo made the picture of health with Hop Bitten."
"When worn down and ready to take year bed,
Hop Bitters la what yea need." - -
"Don't physic and- idiyalc, for It weaketis and
destroys., but take Hop Bltters,;that build ap con..
"Plustethha of all schools :use and recommend
Hop lintel's. Test them:.
and beauty Is a joy—Hap Bitten dries
health and beauty." . •
"There ant more cures - made withrttop Bitters
than all other medicines."
"When the brain lawearkd. the nerves unstrung,
the muscles weak, use Hop Illtsess.'?
"That low, stem us fever, want of sleep and
weakuesa, calla for Hop Hittrs.
.Ifou SAL% U Puma,.
1.456,1bs al
AGENT. " ,