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    pitaferit Neportn
Towne.s. Pa., pitred&y, Dec. 26,,3878.
T4wantla, Jan. li. 1.1177.
Reporter Clubbing List for 1879.
We bare made arrangements with the pnbliehen
of the following periodicals by which - we eau offer
any one of them I t connection with the lianinTaft
e't greatly reduced rates. We will send the Rs
roursn• with any of the papers named lielow s for
one year, at the figures Indicated :
neys?rlkee , and Weekly Tribune.
Weekly Times ..
" • " Semi-Weekly
Weekly Evening Post.,
" Semi-Weekly
" Philadelphia Press.... 300
Times.....l-.... 2 73
" ";,. A Mcrlcan Agriculturist- 2 30
" ' "! Country Gentleman ' 1 330
floral New 'Sorter 3 23
Harper's Weekly ' 470
- . " • " Buser • 4 00
" . " Magazine
" 4lde Awake
" Maity Land • .1 VO
" Living Age is 25
The...linrsery - CO
Atpleton•s Journal :4 00
Popular Science Monthly.... 5 SO
•• Peterscus's-Magazine 3 nO
" Greeley's 175
" Lippincott's e• • 470
" Atlantic Monthly • 4 70
Sacs; seats,for-the Charlotte
_son troupe, at KIRBY'S.
MAJ. H. W. BAnnwi:t.t..bas basbce re-ap
pointed P. M. at Tunkjilanuodc.
Ttin new .unifoinis for Company - H ;
were. made by HENRY . HAnnts, of this
Cm.. D. C. KITCHEN, a newspaperwri
ter of marked ability, died in 'Toughan
mock last wt ek. . •
No paper will be issued from this (Ace
next week. January 9, 1879, will be the
date'of our next issue. "
Is tour days list week \V. B. DOD GE,
agent Central Express : shipped from this
place twenty tons of poultry.
Tiir celebrated C'harlo to Thompson
troupe will perfortn at Mercur DaII 'on .
Tu silay evening• next, December 31st.
•.liss Cool: b w
as closed her 'millinery
shire iu this place to fill a more important
station in life; as the wia of a prominent
New Yorker.
.loci ili - cl, - condtictor on the S. L. &
S. flabrfinght
a number of
Chi trues to this place. The one
pieSented to the 'Episcopal Church was
vety fine. Mr. MTN:as° shipped six hun
dred 'Christmas trees to PhilUdelpia. -
1 1 11-msoxs from a distance who may de
sire to be-present at the pesfoi mance . to
be giyen by the Charlotte Thompson
troupe on Tuesday evening" next, can
have seats 'secured by dropping a line to
C. T. Min% (,=`"
THE pimple announcement that Cuau
- LCTTE TUOMPS6S, supported by a star
\ company, are billed for Mereur Hal! on
Ta4day evening next, will attract, play
goers, The, reputation of the company
stands high among admirers of the the;
M. P. Burr, formerly of this place.
dictl at Portland, Oregim, On. the.:Cith of
November. The i deeeascd was a son of
the lak; D. 31: Dim, and learned the
triuting business in tlia \ ales. For a
number of years past he firsid been con
ducting a paper at Pendelton,\Oreg.n.
THE 11'yalusini ; ',ite,rwry st: iety will
'give an entertainnint iu the. A adetny
Hall, on Tuesday -; evening. Dec: 31st,
11;78, consisting of 'vocal - Wu(' instru uen
tal music, speecl.cs, et-says, riettati6ts,
and closing with a side-splitting fare
entitled "My Turn Next.,' Admission
Icn cents.
,THE opening of an insurance aud pen-
Or agency at Lellaysville, Must prove -a
great convenience to the people of astern'
Bradford. Mx. Bt•tx is thoroughl) ,
in the business, and all who intrust their
e:oes to him way rest assured died inter
ests will not L be negleeted.., .. --
l'EnsoNAL,—Gen." - A. ti. DI% E and his
daaOlter Miss ELL.'. - 1)1% - EN were in Own
one day List Avrek, the vests of Col. and
31r5..1. F. ME.'.s•.
—Mrs. Captain MANVILLE is Spe,taling
the bylidays with her parents. in Penn
):an, N. I%
W know of no moreAtigefur arnt h:ter
e. .ting inagazitti: than the Popular :Feieuee
Noi,fiy published by AryLETtiN S: Co_
Nt•w Yit k. It is alWays full of both use
ful and cae c a ta'ining reading for the young
as well as.thii old. Subscriptions received
at this office.
TnE Towanda Musical Sociity gave is
rp interesting entertainment to a •sclect
etimpany 44 friends on SatuOdy evening
last, at .the residence of Mrs._ CAtITER.
We.regret that we catinot gile a detailed
votive of the performance, Vat our special
rep , ,rtei has failed to report. nutliec it
however, that all who took part
..acquitted - themselves well. _
Itrv. GLonnr. LANDas happened to be
in t• ii last week while the jury in .Ihe
ea•e Mrs., b.ivTot.: vs. the Railroad
svii.s being empankeled, and was
conscripted' AS the cause jas not cotn-
Ideted Sat tuday be had to remaiti in town
over Sailay. fact, being known to
Rev. f;E:6I:(iF. c:JoNES,Mr. L. was drnft
j id again and compelled to do stivice_ in
the M. E. Church in Om evening:\ The
house was densely, packed, and er
imm is sp iki.m of as one of Mr. LQ;no..'s
very ablestpnlpit . efrorts. •
are infonii'd that the one-half interest of
the late Csian!...Es.L. ANTIIOI% T 4 of New .
Yolk, in the large tract of laud and build
ingi and improvenients at Sayre, Pa., at - 1
the junction of th . evariousrailroads, own
ed in , connection withlllowArtn ELMER
and It. A. ELMER, of Waverly, N.Y., bas
ven recently purchased by Rt.OI.IENT A.
PACKER, of Sayre, - Pa., and Hama
PACKER, of Mauch Chunk, Pa., and Iton
'LßT. LOCKHART and E. P. Wllaw . s., of •
Betlilehem,.Pa.- It is one of 'the largest
trausferi of real estate occurring in this
,section for several years.•atut is of great
moinetit to that immediate vicinity. It
- cinterti the interest of parties represeniug
• great cpital and railroad and inmate- •
toeing prOperties in that locality, and the
Waverly gentlemeuzare to be congratula
ted in having such strengthening part
nera.—Etinira . . Vtiertiser. •
cued last Week in stating that the
restival at the Nail Works Missitin was
for the Sunday &hod, and thitt ft word
eon* Off on. Wednesday. ilia entertain
ment is gotten • by...friends of tlts
lion services and will include the congre
gation as Well as the EChOO. It will come
off Thursday and not ;Wednesday 'eve
ning. "'
LITERATVIIE.—Brief biographies of all
noted British_pr .A.mericarlAuthors, from
earliest times to the p4sent, with speci
mens from their work
nottonly thoronghlrentertaioing and use
ful to\ali intelligent - readers, but nearly
indispeusableitii people of' culture. The
newly reised And beautiful ;edition con
pins over, 3,000 pages, Ticl the entire
wink, in ei
ed, free of
$2.00 in pal
half morocco,
, subscril ,
to dealers
percent. (11
accounts foi
Special indi
sending ea
with full p:
postal card'
cies BOOK
New York.
..ip 50
. 4 00
. 250
. 2 75
. 2 6S
ast. Isgito
4 70
4 70
with the S
for le - Siting
4is reports,
some bellied
Imes of ti - , PPea•
pint that sonic Past Master of Oscaluwa
Grange was elected Win tby Master of the
Pomona Grange. It should read Worthy
Past Master E. R. I)eLoug. I am not
filly satisfied but ad at my manuscript
yi'as":right i ,uor shalt I o until 1-see it.'l
Ma going to lay it On the printer if- Ucan:
l know they made one mistake where it
speak's-of Brother 0. Loomis opening the
doors of his spacious house and barn to
fifteen brothers and sisters for about Ax
ty meals. It should re:1(1131.011er O. Zeal
is. I have no doubt but what--we shall
have to make a similarreport of Brother
M. 0. Loomis at our next meeting, as it
is to be held in- his neighborhood at his
invitation. Sol thiuk it is best to rectify
this mistake made hi-his favor.
bout p.
Yours Fraternally,
w. 11. Straw
'I nil Philadelphia ..Voeth. Anzertean re
views Mr. MACFIRLAN E . S 1!101j book and
pays this the work 1:
."Assuming that travel would be light
ened to all if hey wire accompalded by
a geologist to explain the changing forma
tions, and remarking that observation is
better than much abstract study, and that
geologists will be helped in selecting and
observing their routes of travel, and•that
business men may gain by knowing the
nature of a district having railways; Mr.
Macfarlane has clasSified- all placli on
American railways which yield useful ma
olve peculiar productions.
Dana's table of • geological
. formationll,
from the Arcluean to the quaternary,ls
so explained that all can understand it,
with particular'tl of localities; when, pre
fixing a list of geological formations, every
railway in every State is followed, and the
geology of eacli considerable statinti tin
each in marked against it. Numerous
notes hold that intelligence which cannot
he so conveyed. It is rather interesting
for the most casual reader to learn that in)
the few miles between West Philadelphia'
and Kensington the whole geohigical
gamut, from the Arcluean to the quatern
aiy. is scaled, and every formation crops
out somewhere along the Pennsylvania
bi acing plenty of fossils at places.
The Louisiana roads, rest almost wholly
f_lll alluvium, as ito those of Florida, while
all in the Indian Territory traverse coal
measures. An index of railroads and ge•
ologiCal charts of this country, Canada
and Mr xice give more value to ii_work
that wilt be appreciated by many and may
he 'endured exceedingly profitable. Trav
ellers should add this to'their.otherequip
ureuts. It will be of more use than a Jo.
W I:1)N 1i,1 , 13A1*, Dec. 18, 1878:
.1 C Va.ner. vs Jolly 0 Ward.—Verdict
for 1l14it.1111.$5:13.
Jolt!, Uvlau vs Luke Dolau—lssue.
.1 Madid, Esq, for plaintiff; I McYlieryi
for defendant.• Verdict for plaintiff.
Ulysses Mercur use vs C Sanderson,
et al.—Rule alsulute, and judgment/for
matu of sufficient affidavit of !Jr:fence:
Elt DeLong's use vs James Elli and
E W Report fil dAnd
confirmed ni si.
Overton Mercur vs dame's
W Mix, r-p q , appoipt.t.a iruliqr to dis
trillune fund raised by :Merlins sale of de
fendant's real estate. /
;quire vs L F Cleveland.—W E
Esq, appointed ;in Auditor to dis
tribute fund; raised by Sbei(ars sale of de
-1& Mart' s personal property.
1, L Peach vs Henry /Patterson. Rule
'o aspen judgment.
I% ilson vs 0 P/Young.=Rnle on
plakntiff to enter jtoynent.
01 motion or John l' Sanderson. EN,
Cofirt admit Ileum; IV Painter, Esq, a
membi of the Luzerne County bar to
Traci ice 'u the seVet al courts of Branford
County.. 1... /
In le the 4
—lngnisit io ,
wherein they, i
lucid intetvals.
•,, 1,,
In re the,allr,..>,
foi 4.-11 tit'Y iitai '
interval.'' Elmer :
alleged lunacy .of L K l'eace:
filed and confirmed ui si,
find Min a luttoic witk.ut
Lithe Knapp %s CIA Knapp.—Sherill
dirt ete'd to nctke prctilamati.m. -
Con] vs ilitant Klinanan and George
Thernas—Abortion. Each defendant scti-
teneeti to 4 )ears, and 't; months in the
Eastern Penitentiary. ;.
Nam: vs Le. Wis Vaigeson—Laoceny.
fund:tilt schtvueed to 2 year:, alai 10 inns
in the Likein
vs I) IV Ilainer- - --Lareeny.
sktittneid to two ')'ears and six
uk.ilths in tlitt Ea,tt In Penitentiary:
The filliming Si:L.6ll's Detrls stere ac
klioaledged, :
,To L for house and - lot in To..
wanda bow', tiOld De*eetuter 6, 1878, as
tie pinl i etty Lynt
To N C Elsbiee, for 7.7:1 aciesof land
iii Smithfield twp. S6ld
: Deceniberli. 1878-,
as the property of James rich:: :32,380.
To Wm Hand and Margaret-!land, for
30 acres of land, iu Windham twp: . Sold
Nov 29, 1878, as-the property of L 0
To ii J for 2 lots in Windham
twp. Sold Angirst 30, 1877, as the prop
erty of James Elsum Hi. • $1,875.
fo CS II Mann, for acres and 141
perches in Windham tap. Soldjune 13,
1878, as the property of Franklin Hassell.
Coin vs Randolph nought, Mendota
Rymer, and Philemon McCrackem.---Burg
bury. . Rule fir new trial made absolute
as to Rymer and McCracken, and sen
tence of Rought deferred., •
Corn vs E Elliott—Embezelment.
Coin vs Benjamin- fail and Il Bail—
Forcible enure and detainer. Each case.
continued to February Term.
Com vs H 8 Ingham—Assault - and Bat
tery. Defendant sentenced to pay a fine
of and costs of prcsecutiOn. CA/111 V 6
::me—Surety of peace. Sentenced to•pay
!oats of„prosecutiun, and give security to i
ep their:ace. •,
lf re We alleged lunacy of Eliza. Her-,
rick.—J W \Mix, E&q, appointed Conimis-•
P J Thomas\s Anna Thomas—Divorce
granted. • • \ •
Filiuda V'auFleet vs Gilbert - Van Fleet.
A G Hill vs Anna M Hill.. Merrick Og
den vs Loretta Ogden.—Alias subpcena iu
each' case directed to be issued.
H Little . vs 0 W Stevens, et al.—
Judgment against 0 W Stevens for want
of an appearance.
F G Hall.vs.George Fiire. -- 11Vir *Lane
vs J II Conemy, et to open judg
ment in each case.
- E It DeLong's use vs-'James Ellis and
E W Report coutimed
L S Kingsbury, Trustee, ys J J Griffith,-
et al.—Bute mode absolute. -
Dumas M Dayton's to :e vs the Pa S N
Y Canal 4: R Palmeri Over
ton Sanderson and N C Elsbree, Esqs,
fur plaintiff. - Davies pS, Carnoeban, .1 A
Sittser and H,Streeter, Esqs, for defend.
lent.: On trial. - • • - •
• Mi. BitiineuiLi6
sa announced that hp was in the luinde oi
a Lecture Bureau wliOnsually annexinced;
the subject of his leel'ine in advageit.
usual experience had : been that seleition
of subjeislit were m:uie,'and be .Wiu(noti:
fled whialf.etures weiCpriferred.ti7
times hd . spoke Of " Antnsement4 l ! again;
upon tlio Ineign of thaCtuntnon
and thermion tbe " Wastptaud Iftirdenaot
Society." There waslituan in his belad l
for several.. lectures. Tti : night he.proposed
to spealCon "The Reign of the pcntini-ou.
Pcpple. - .•
7 : at is a cause for congratulation_ that the,
human met, is, and can be educated. The
stilts of human intelligence compel' a
ipartnership in socicti; This Cad alarms
aiistonitcy. Thp' prpg . ress of intelligence
is thO growth of democratic ldeag. After
(*And straggles aro past we see what is
Leir profit: Fifty Yeitricormoro ago At- .
ExiilDE . 'l i oquitylia.z maimed thoirovern-
Molts ofDircipe that demoemay.
beep over everything. DE.ToqiIEviLLE
waspotudemocnit ;he was it noble, an
ri49crat. Monarchies grew more facile
and; on the whole, more favorable to the
common people, by degrees. The shadow
df DeMociacy lay behind it all. Democ
xacy has come into life ; everywhere Maas
found a foothold. The intelligence ofthe
'human race has increased so that all girt.
ernments; all philosophies and all religions
ire bOriteron the swalFof;the popular -un
dercurrent. The imPulan of chisteudom
is edncation. This is accepted
and de=
mended ly the great masses of Europe.
In times gone by the ' undercurrents - did
not care ; no wEurope cries out Tor educa
tion. By suffering they began to find - out
the screct of Gon. It is brains,not Mus
tthat rule : muscle has power, but not
alherity. As long as Gon lives and does
not hang,e, intelligence may cruel, but it
will 7 W
rdo it. With education comes
emanei Afton: The crosier and the crown
Ile in education. Why - is this?
, ernorauc Was once counted necessary to
absolute go ernment. Crowd and crosier
have footid o t that *education which prof
duces iniellige eels more subordinate than
ignorance. In a 1 European countries this
iit'found to be tru -; in this regard in all
European countrit. . there has grown a
common agreenictit. '
The drill of the facu ice is the augmen
tation of the power of in elligence. It was
once declared treason to eddlo with the
government.. As the noble began to be
educated they' sent the influe coof educa
tion. amongst the lower clas• a. Ih;fore .
this revolut ien, the children ergt ius were
educated and the baser stack left 'n igno
rance. Tho education of the toss es is
the expansion of the sun' of ImMan t tel-
hectic°, Educated .people arc far ni ie
easily governed than the ignorant. lie
man who marries an ignorant woma i ex
pecting he will be able the more ea ly to.
manage her makesn mistake. Y a can
open the way to motives. in met - minds
through the medium of Out, ion, and
the more education the more nys there
are. Educated men are be er fighting
men than ignorant men. his fact has'
found it way to. the mind. of European
governments. Europe hi s not done with
fighting yet: she has O fy just beguitia,„ It
takes money to raise mica; war is ex
pensive. Invention upplies the Means.
There is a ,--conflic of ideas going on
abroad. The drea of peace is the' dream
Of the future not f to-day.
'Once it was 0 ought that bone and mus
cle furnished V e materials - of war. Now
this is changed: the Macedonian method
no longer c - (sts. Arms of precision and
inventive enius applied to the ini
proV-eineu of the machinery of war, have
changed/ its methods: The intelligence
.of the fidividinil loss grown into an agen
cy in /War. Improved appliances of war
vet; ire education i the use of them intel
lig ce; •inteliigence- depends on ednea.,
i i n
ti ii, - hence the governing power educates
)is subjects. Ds:- Toocr.viLLE dwells on
' the power in government of education.
War is education, though battle is brutal.
in an army there-must be discipline and
tliai- of itself is an'educating, force. This
kind of education finds its effects in Eu
rope more than with us. The pi ooerty
producing classes are ill a ratio with the
spread of education. Europe wants itio_
uev fur war, and hence European govern
meets encourage the education of the lOW
er classes. The need of Europa is money ;
'her - governments-promote the education
of the masses to obtain it.
The &mond for education comes from i
the people themselves. 11l this process I
ideas, not, things, begin to express theM- T
selves. Reason is on the side of educa
tion. The climate Of this country is stim
ulating and craves .education. Shipmas
ters_ appreciate this characteristic of. our
climate : the spirits and stimulants which
are used on the other side of the water
are not to be used with the same impniii. i
ty here. Our climate burns up nerve
matter : it stimulates Mimi . . - Every man
in New England by a convention Of ideas
must take care of himself. Weakness and
shiftlessness are crimes in New England.
These ideas drive whole masses of people
'to enterprise. Men find themsehtes born
to do something. The whole• movement
of American society is fervid.—Baseness
.men beim up brain night and day,-/ The
political atmosphere is- likewise fervid.
Business and politics are the heritage lif
all men ; and politics is alWayg in a blaze
with us. We reach a crisis every four
;ears : both sides give us this asssurance.
We are thrown into a -tumult of excite,
mcnt by these influences, every election.
There ought to be some place in the midst
id' all these exciting influences where a
imutcan keep cool: once in : seven days
we tight to cool otT. The Church is the
place, pit that is perhaps, the hottest
Plac4 -all. The Church stimulates the
brain with those profound doctrines which
continually tempt men td know, but uev
ur give knowledge. There are charitable'
Churches driven with whip and spur.
Emotional or ecelesiasticalit is all ex.
citement. _ - -
al lunacy Of SAnnel Stal=
\pn a. lunatic Ns itti lucid
gorton appointed Com-
All.these things pfotinee a Brain •Age::!
What results from a .brain itge? Enter
prise breeds doubt. Everything now is
sought to be tried by evolutieh : doubts
prevail in science: No intelligent man re
jects the theory that evolution is the Meth
od 'of Gott—that the method of GOD is
the Method of the te:•rayueuus earth. Eve
rything begins .in the germ—from the
lowest forms - : —from germ to form. What
is true of the individual istrue of soMety.
Society, thus, begins to climb the ladder
frimn the lowest rungs. Bearing in mind
these changes, what are theireffeets upon
The Reign of the Cot:onion People';
The first form of government iy tiiit of
the few over the many. The great mid
dle class makes its way "amongst the gov
erning classes In an aristocracy : tire rest
* are coming. Revolutions and evolutions
never go backward; From the beginning
.popular suffrage_has 'enlarged. The old
Massachusetts lan . , provided that no ono
Could vote unless he wasa member of the
church. The next step forward was that uo
one could vote without a property qualifi
cation : finally, it came to be that all men
could vote, if not born abro l id. This; bar
ring sundry objections from: the opposite
party, has been abolished in pinctice in New
York. Voting is education: the right to
vote is a partnership in society. We have
base taken' , -bite sauttleaship-4000,000
eliiewpbeer wewiel , 'Deintailiefitetweek -et -Jaintary. - we
illa bon ves' nd to ata dea lkiPlilud bittibili Idea ' laige edition of tbe itait '
wisely as their waste* One '..step. ore 41manifc, to be distlilnited , * grata _
and the aglit I nt -t etikrage will be eaten4edk . to our subscribers. A: few pages of -
.f! '"! rtisenienttWill bet inierted. Persons de
la Wonaeo: — ' Ve
Now if the end` of goteininent is the
perfuet administrutionuf atrairs,lbe-seigul
o Cbietuoiti peopleltait beetWalkiriki
To `Rut a great country, like this ipAlto;
handhof the people fr soleliii to'derif the
value of experience and expertneits in'
public iitplirs. 'would ritatir your-i
watch,. yolk must go, to a watch maker ;•
for your cede at law you must go to a law.:
per; :How hive theta inillioni 'eV *pie
prepared themielies to administer the goy:-
ernment. They du not know how the gov- ,
eminent is ran , -64 . changes and notselsi
ties.' Their representuifiesditermine these
matters ;but how are Alie people to pick
out their "representa6es? If you want
thelteektr a - bridge you : must go to. some
one, a builder. experienced \ in snob mat
tors, tir'Y&A. 'bridge' 'will not sten?' the
strain that come tiptukit\When trots
comes.upon a country the Liiepple • fall
back Upon individuals; when tiker is no
need for their services, the people tetsctele
power. The poisulai'peliticiail is the In
dex of the capacity of the people to golterm
-Half :he people vrtmothe time eivote comUS
around don't vote at all. Publicists laugh
ed at the Plebiscitum of Lou4Naros.r.ox,
when the government w a s sustained by
'three-fonrths of, the, vide c a st : it was
know that but a -fraction of the people
voted at all' If you *ant to revere the
yon bad better nets* to the legisla
ture to see how laws are made; In this
regard I trust you are much nearer to the
kingdom of ht.aven than we are in Now
In our legislatures , we find people
who have not been trained to such
'less, and know nothing-Of what they are
doing, The police of the largo townit wißnot
go against the uudereurrents.: the under
-currents repiesent the bottoth and not
the top brain, in sin, age of brain. The
genius of government in thS large towns
is to fees the animal, and the. governing'
Classes are not fit to govern.
,All this shot's that our giavernment is
the best government on earth,,, Every
,step in government is education : \ it, utf'
folds men. Knowledge is the sum orblun
dere : knowledge has found out thinge fay
running against them. In the light of
this general declaration -we pan not expect
, men of vagrant notions fit tre govern. The
cominunityis running trough a distinctive
I ,
growth. Men never have 'government
created for them, they must obtain it by
natural growths. Ministers must think
on the structure of society : , to make, the
millions think you mink agitate a subject..
Opposed to this condition of - things are
the European notions of patriarchal gov
ermitent. It is the distribution of poWer
—the power of that makes
110 result's of natural growth.
Living no experience iu finance, there
are men who'have determined this and
that or us concerning the currency. It.
is pro sett to make the govertinient the
sole disi user of money. ' This is a dan
gerous po cr to delegate—to invest the
whole fisca power iu the government is
to create a p ternal governMent, and re
vive the patri. mita' notions of : Europe.
Men-are delude( on the question of me.
ney : the science f finance is not their
forte. • Money is ho representative of
property : property is everything that
serves the *ants of m n, or is made by
skill or labor. ' Gold a - silver are pot
property, but the represe . tatives of pro
perty. Having property y u must have
something which represents operty, and
that is money. It is a historic. I doctrine,
live thousand years old. It has be n agreed
for five thousand years that gold nd sil
ver shall represent" property. You must
have something to' represent propert - Mt
you have representatives. rnni
in govee t.
As commerce has grown, we have found f
gold and silver necessary representatives.
Paper is good so long,':is it represents gold
and silver. Gold and silver are of such
bulk and weight that, convenience de
mands paper : mere ' convenience, there-
fore, leads to paper.
The best results of the greenback agi.,
tation is that thereby the. intelligence of
the people is increaSed.. When millions
begin to think they must think up:higher
and higher. Discussion and,agitation are.
the natural outlets of intelligence. Let
the people keep their months' open and
they will never blow up. Plow deep, be
patient, have confidence. It is for the in
terest of men to do what is right and what
is just, and they will come out right in
the• end. 'Great a g itations are necessary.
Science is playing its' part, and, in some
houses, making\ mischief. Everything has
got to go up higher : We ail- in the labor
throes. Thought itself is unregulated.
There is no great interest in the land that
does not bow down to - the reign ,of the
common people. 'Learning bows down to
the common people;. Learning must aban
don its sesquenetlalian tendencies. Dr.
DRYASDUST illidOitimself on the platform
before small audiences ; ha must come
down ; .he must abandon the pride of
exclusiveness to make a living. The war
wasa revolution 3 it touched human na
ture on every; side men were inspired by its
glory and its pnrpose.• Art alone wasun
inspired. 'toms:HS did something for art
out of the war ; he has Made a fortune by
'his workit. The old masters are at a dis
count,; something in art that touches the
popularpulse is what is wanted. Aid is
coming down gradually in its needs. If
any man would be a servant among you
let him be your' slave ; . art is your slave.
Learning should be like the mother of Gott.
Look at the effects of the reign of the com
mon people ou the Professsions. That
which was the special to the professions—
the exclusive fitovince of a few, is now the
possession of the common people. Distri
bution, liberaliz It ion are going on. Profes- -
sions must Le leVelled to the common peo
ple. Wheteunto all this may tend no one
can tell. What has been begun ages ago
will go on and on: . Where it tends no man
can tell. The race is On a voyage of des
tiny brighter than,the sun, more beautiful
than the \ stars. . - • .•
VETIYTIII.Im—No parents know whit
their descendants may come tu.. The
cliildren , and grandchildren of tile million
aires of to-day may be, paupers in the
next or following generations. '
Rev. Jo
sErn_Coot:, in a recent lecture before the
dile of Boston, began by saying, "your
daughter is not at the looms; but her
granddaughter' may be pacing.thought
fully to aud•fro in the city slums, for.your
descendants may live there." These facts
are a constant Warning to those who swell
themselves with family pride, or isnagina
they stand on a solid rock when they have
wealth at. their command, forgetting how
very often wealth takes to itself wings,
and flies away, • leaving :dieapPointment
and utter sadness and . preSsitig poverty
[ behind. . '
THE steam mill at Skinner's Eddy,
which has been laying idlb fJr some time
—and was .somewhat damaged• by the
late high water—has been purchased and tir For tickets to all points West,
put in running order by. Jos. E. FRENCH, North and Southwest, at the lowest posits le rates,
call on or address, 11. E. HARCOCE, Agent,' at
of Laceyville, which : opens up a good • Upper Depot, Towanda'.
market for those having hentlock,logs on _
or near the batik of the river ; for which t L. B. RODGERS et
he will pay the market price either on thentititin fa
otes, n z L quall ,..,, A t7 o t i g „ w ,,„ n , s a .. nd
hankitedelivined at his MM.— . •
airing space must give immediate notke,
aswe eapect.tabaye the work tray for
distilbutiOn the weekti /aorta*. _
Ulsrza.—The diphtheria is raging at
Ulster with terriblei,effect., Sunday after
noon 'three -were interred"; two -of Mr.
Kline's children, (he having four more at
oree sicked% the*liid fllsease), acid
ite,koreol k iy!sonr, 14kfilittlif dettb from
diphtheria Sunday night Mr. Roberts'
eldest daughter. In consequence of this
epidemic the school has closed. Some
thing morwthan w dozen deaths f are re
ported from the same disease' 4ithin a
year, and.many are still {suffering from
the-saniti disease, and new, :eases arti
ported almost every day.
TROY IvEits.—Mr. L. Eigbmey who,
sold his business in - Troy some time ago,
and went to the Bradford district to ope
rateiti "the Oa business,- b
tends spending the holidays with his fam
ily. Mr. Eighmey bas I five wells in
activitoperation in • Bradford, avenging
about a hundred barrels of oil per day.
Mr. E. has Many friends in Troy, and all
vougratulatO him on hisimeeess tibia new,
field of business. . .
Last evening Miss Annie Ponieroy, only
daughter of E. Pomeroy, was married to
`Mr. G. 0; Mplcomb, ticket agent and ex
pressmatfatlbis place. The - well wishes
of \all her friends( and acqutuntances go
with Mrs. Macomb for her life-long hap
pine 4. She w-as ono of our most respect.;
ed ancLiceonitilished young tidies. ' -
Mrs. \ B. in W. "Pomeroy lately returned
from a so ewhat lengthy visit to friends
in-the Easto, She. visited both Connecti
cut and .111aiihachusetts, and reports things
there much the same as we see them
every day at ht.
On Sunday t o congregation of. the
Presbyterian Chnrch listened to two ex
cellent sermons delivered by Rev. Mr.
Lowell of Canga, Y. I think they
were both enjoy,ed and appreciated..
\ •
Mrs. Buckbec, from wego, iskin town
visiting her friends, Mrs. S. W. Pomeroy
and others. \ .
Troy, Dec. 20. 1878. `OnssitvEn.
EASTERN' BRADFORD.-" C ange " is
written upon all things earthl and we
are soon to say good-bye forev rto the
'rapidly waning 18113. • - , •
Substantial improvements have been.
made in our village - during the past ar,
and business changes- have • taken pl. ce
that may be noted. Mr. F. E. Case h
exchanged his hotel for property in Sag
naw, Michigan, whither he expects to re,
{uove•in the spring. Mr. Case has been
a popular, landlord, and be goes away
withlbe best wishes of all.
Mr. P. C. VanGeldei• has piirehased.
the drug store of J. G. Bensley, which is
now neatly fitted up and the familiar face
of our old friend J. F. Bosworth is to be
found behind the counter as in days gone
.The prospectus of the newspaper, (the
Le.l{Sysville .4 dcertflter), is to be seen upon
the Counters . of our merchants,,and a con
siderable number of . sUbscribere have al
ready beeh obtained. A job press is ex.
peeled to arrive this week a9d the publi
cation of the paper is to commence May
Ist, 1879. I . ' , • -
The Grand Army Post at :this place is
llouriEhirig condition, and old corn
radce 'of the "tented field':'' are "ntus-
tered !' at almost every regular rrieeting--
longilife to the boys who wore the bine 1 .
they should ever be honored by every
truelArperican patriot.
Mrs4ll. "INT. Brink is visiting friends in
Montrose, and Mr. 0. IL I:linkwater, of
liansals is visiting relations In Pike.
Leltaysville, lieo. 24, 1878.
BOrs CERTIFICATF-S;--It is no vile
drugged stuff, pretending to he made of
wonderful foreign roots, barks, &e ,
pufled up by • long bogus certificates of
miraculous cures, but a simple, pure, of.
fective medicine, • made_of well know*
valuable remedies, that furnishes its own
certfleates by its cures. We refer to Hop
Hitters, - tbo purest and best of medicines.
Sed " Truths " and Proverbs," in an
other column. •
orlll be.a New Years party at th.:llarilett House.
Wysauking, Pa, on Ilie.evening of Wednesday,
January Ist, la7a. by McDonald & Ideacrs_
band of Waverly, N. Y. 11111 f 1.50. • •
1 \ •
. . Proprietors.
..' - 747 WO NV ANT ED.—I desire to loan
'Po f.o• hue or p
five lirs. Beet of mai estate se
entity, ' A.,11. SMITH-
I ,
, Dec. 16, 1878
• tr" B. . PETTIS of this place lie agent
fdr.r. ?I TON . t.4,dying establiebutent.of Pitts_
ton, I' , and an, person wishing anyartlcies color
ed, N ch is 1.a.11 \ !Shawls. dresses, _or any other
attic! sof Ladles wear—Gents coati pints or vest
or any article of naerl7ear. ran leave therrth
_him and they will be °mulled and retur dto
them frre of charge. P yes fur reason
ahle rates. EmAdence. to .door north
. of Dn.
Or You . will 4 jlml handsome gift books.
Wpirromn S SZIACT'S.
ts, Ilandsonie CUPS and 8!
DISIIC3 and To; , sat WitticOxtD SHALT
New Tears Party at the Union Ifatel,ltome.
Invitation Is extended to all.. Musk : findth a Par
Band, Owego, N. T. •
• a' . ( Io tt W lIITCOMII s MAUI'S
fur year Jr ve.l , :it.t: and FANCY tiOOKS. .
rfr M. I F.:4I)I.E3SAN, Agent, esires to
Inform his rimy customers that he ni y still 1*
found at the old stand 'and has a full st k of new
and destrske goods, su.tahlo for Mild' y gifts, al
r•r l y lute prier*.
j i• -.4.- .
We have got them l Whiit ? The
o1,:.1 tOt of tioltdav ohm. ---
finpg Ipt of lloilday goals ever received In Toan
da. Ctinfetionery, Fancy litotl4, Books, Toys,
Cutlery, Fraines, Boa Papers. Japanese ; Goods,
Toilet Bottles, Pocket Book!, Cigars. Pipes, Bivin
res. &e. Come In and look. CLASS B.PORTER,
Ward Illpuse, TuWalltill, ea. •
Ca — oto XORTRI:P2S Restaurant for a
Warm teal or a diskor oyMers cheat,. ncni.
- ~r
Zgr A Inttof secOnti-band Cooking,
9ttling-liovta and Ited-Ito"tn Stoves for sal6,
ply - t5. 13. KINNEY.
V6 - * Mrs E. T. MiNnos has TRIMMED
HATS f'irwit. DOLLAR and upw•
Dr e liss E. J. 31 - taos is jut opening
a new 61. k of Autumn Millinery Goos, to' which
1110 Intl 6 the attention of the.indies.l ape%
pr Ladies Dress Triratning4, all the
New Styles. at SNELL & FARNHAM'S, i tel doors
north of Mercur•s Block.
ryr COMER has the best wearing Shoes
for ?Alen. Boys and Youths' wear ever offered to
Towend and at privms within Om tenth of all..
`a"Housp Fon RENT.-Convenieititly
located In centkal part of the borough. .Faniulre at
this ornee.., I nor7-tf.
Mr A full assortment of Fancy Goods
At k FAIMI.111*&, & rest doors north or
Stereurs flock.
. .
ir GIVING. LP - BUSINESe.:11:111V ,13G013.,
:peeling to give up thdr shoe 01 lirlilgL: Stmt.
. ILI 'clove out their eutlie !stock of girdv &elute
oat. Call early and secure Bargain..
- or The Largest,' Best and Cheapest,
pne of Blies for Ladles'. Misses• and Children' ,
wear Is found at Cosssa • e new store, corner Main
and Pine-Mi., Tracy k Noble's Block. -anrelll
VW' CowLss' Bakery Wegon, of -the
I also keep dressed; White and Yelk2w Plus on
let Ward Bakery, will be s tet hind daily with 1
hand, seasoned . ready for use. at Reek Prices.
Fresh Crackers hot from the oven, Bread, Piet, I , ilirtilve me a call. satisfaction guaranteed.
Cakes, he. aprll. 0. If. AYER.'
-.....-...-...- • - ' Sheshequin, Pa., Dec.l3, MM. . =mit
tom' Don't you for g et it. We have a!
n' IN BAN K RUPTCY.— ! In the Dis,
excellent CRACKER If ANCFAC-TORY in„tourn Court of the totted States, for the West
at COWLES' BAKERY. where you can buy the,eru District of Pennsylvania.
best fresh-baked crackers. Winfield 8. Kinney, of /tome bonrough, Brad
- ford county, Pennsylvania, a bankrupt under the
Act of Centimes of March 2d, MO. having applied
. for a discharge from all Ms debts, and other
claims provable under mid Acb r ,by order of the
Court, notice Is hereby glvin Joel creditors who
hove proved their debts, and ter ' persons Inter
ested, to appear on the lathd -d *j of JANUARY.
' 19 7 ,5. at to o'clock. A. w., blieflatei . It: A,. Nercur,
rallenges doulPe- Req., Register In Bankunw i y. It his once. In
l ow . v i on , on . s as h. Towanda. Pa.. to show cause ' if any they have.
r whys discharge should, not be ;Canted MIMI said
id 1! baudipit wa..,,b,.. 4436,14.
' ' - - tisiihri - t - .. Mit. -
rr'Plymoath Rook ?owls for aile by
Ans. rah, oeu ,
.0 ! or TOIIII6
or In
.tbe whole 'history of Idedielni
ms preparation base/or peetorsedeuebschnslions
curet or Maintaleff ers, n 440 e terffedell. as
ATMS'S Cannier rearintAmlarbich U recogaised
as the weriChremedy heel diming of the throat
led tangs; ..tes sersesor Insulted
erre. to all cilmateil bite asadet k enhere
as a sate and tenable
,agoarieveepbot. 'Against
ordinary cold., wide' rte the terannners of more
serious dime/M.' helm Readily and surely. al-
VIP 401%714 Meering.. , and often saving Ulm
The 'protection Itaffords, 14 its timely use in the
throat and lung disorders at children. makes it an
Imolai/4e remedy to be kept time= band in
every home. No person can afford to be without
it, and those who have once used never will.
Prom their kiowledge of Its comps tite and d
ices, Physicians me the Clizarr-Pneronm.
ettethively to their praettoe, Clargymen rec
ommend It. liabsolutelytertain In its remedial
effata, and will always cure where cures are pose
Me. For sale bytil dealers.
PADELYOIM—SVOLVE—AL She boss* of the
bride near Towanda. pee. tn. b the Row Rat\
lark' annsturiur. Mr. ~ E noeb
,W. P, of
East Taunton. Maso n and Mtn Ural 31. Wolfe_
acconn—bi ulster,- Dee. - 40. Of diphrber%
Georgie, dray son of Almon and Mary Record.
aged la years. •
Corner Lake and Water Street.,
. , •
Vint* N. T.. April 18;`711.17.
Goneral dealers I n Groceries and Produce, Patton'.
'fitoet, corner Main and Bridge Street':
- -
dour per bbl 5 bi* ti. SO . 0 000 7 7 00
Flour per sack ' 1 40441 00 1 3001'173
Corn Meal per 100 lbs .. • 1 25
cbopareed ...... ... ...... - IWO - -
Wlu3at rn . per bush
P. 400 41003
ILS 330 1 000
Co .
Rye ..... 4Si3 . , 60 00
Oats .... 234 3
Buckwheat Flour
Clover seeitmedlum...
Timothy. western,
Beans. elt
1 5(11) bbl.
Pork. mess ...... ...
Dressed hogs
.... s@ f 0 IC. 12
9® 9 10® 12
Ducks '
Gewe 1 64. 4
Lard ' . 2. 8 7 to
Butter,l4ubs . 11. HI lie 20
Rolls. 344 15 ISO 20
0 L s ;Z esli . .T 24 • 24
104 11 12%
11 u apples, bush 25. 30 404 SO
Poll o;s. per bushel.... • aff 7:4,.
Owo .. .......... ~... M. 60 - 254 40
Beesw 22 , .
Bides - • '
Veal skins.
- \
ibeep Pelts... \..•
• \
Theie is nothing' that will giue•xo
teh. satisfaction and remain fresh
One's viiod so long as a nice PAR
'ender that all ' , nay purchase, we
have decided to sell our ENTIRE
STOCK of these • five goods at
'ROLES:ILE PRICES, until qt-
er the HOLIDAYS. Be•imre. and
COME AT ONCE, and bring the
be a
r wifo has been afler for a
- / /
long 'time, i d ronember z you will
SAVE MO,NEY to paying CAM
and buying before Chri i
liain St , where yOu will find just
chat yo
Towanda, Pa.; Dee. 12, U 7&
Thankful for put patronage. and hoping for an
Increase of Indnese. L have pat In increased row
er, all sin prepared to .
an Wads-of Lumbei.-
is chespasiu t*Te Wets Nina*,
P04 . 077,..t 47, co.
Offer.. 4iB " week 2:.,6ISEAS ;
in alt colors OXE 8111 -
D, soktwi
to this tinte_ at
These goo& aretheo
350 373
1 506
456 50
2 00
1 Mg 1 30 1 506 2 00
OW 10
64 10
61 1 2/ R
V 4140
Nov. 18., 187ar,,,'(;‘
. .
are this week ope Sing
From six and a quarte'r cts. upwards.
Towanda, Pa., Nov„ 26, 1878.
Is now opening a large and general assortment of
Hardware, Cutlery, Stores, Nails, Iron. Glass,
'sluts, 01Ls.. Varnishes,. Tinware, House Furnish.
i \l..
I Goods, 3c„ „ purchased fot cash and o ff ered for
sai at Bargains to ilmse who pay cash for goods. t
NOES and Cool ing Stoves, for
cial and Wood, tt low prices. at JUNE'S.
rlMlE\Graphie -and New Jewel l the
..1. most •rfect and ornamental heatintstoves in
1.110 world, at JUNE'S.. ''
'lliossip; - the best low-priced
stove rut offices and chambers ever made, at
VOR'llorse 7 Shoes and Horse-Shoe
I. Salle, go to JUNE'S.
. . .
_ __—________ _______
TINW A RE--.a large and general
assortment at low Prices. at JUNE'S.
A - 141t13E stock of Bar, Square,,
Round, Hall-Round, Oral, Half•ural. Band,
and Hoop Iron, at ' JUNE'S.
OR Paints , Oils, and Varnishei,
go to JUNE'S.
NDOW OLASS, from ix 9 to
24:36, at; JUNE'S.
CREWS I and Tacks, direcilfrom
the manufacturers., for sale at wholesale and
retail at reduced prices, at JUNE'S.
LAMPS, Lamp Burners, Chimneys,
Sbages, and Wicks of every variety. at
I • OPE, Sa U, Cord, Twine and
wick. all aim, at - JUNE-8.
A N TERNS---a great variety at
low priors. at JIINE-8:
CKS, Latches, and Bolts, every
riety and kind, at JE'S.
CA 'T and Toe Corks (Steel), at
D 1 S 1 \'S Celebrated Saws, at
T ABLE a , dPoeket Cutlery, at
ishing Goods, at
:NAILS and Spies, all sizes, at
N oliWS:Vind-ST-eed's—lrodat
IVIECHANICS will id a goc a a i.
•ar t ment or Tools at
LARGE stock. of. P • iladelphia
Can lan and Tire Bolts. at JUbi
IRE Cloth, at
'J 'Ell.
10IVDER, Shot and Caps, fo \ sale
at J UN 113
B LASTING Powder, at
- PILES and . Rasps, a full assort
nava, st JUNE'S.
ESIMERY Cloth and Paper, au
Sand Paper. at • ,JUNE'S.
BRASS'Kettlea and Hollow *are,
at loW tvleea, at JUNE'S.
Towanda, Nov. 20, 1575. .
Is heresy Oren that all perscMa In
attboxl to the estate of. Reuben Atwood, Late of
Herrick; deceased, are make immetil.
ate paym-n4 and all persons basing claims actinst .
salt estate must mount them duly authenticated
Var t AaiArbl es 4T Ege
Igeepa s. Sioelret Goods for the Parlor, Bed.
Moto. illuing-gross,llititaknotan and Kitchen.
In Common Goods Uwe Is
Arc, &c., kc.,
We mike a specialty it
We bare . •
Of all kinds:and slaw. A large it ak of Trim
mings. and ttte (Vest Improvements In Cotipse Pre: ,
@anent, Palle. AA All funerals are attended by a
competent. expetiimeed undertaker. •We mate a
apec•alty of this brahcb, and GUARANTEE SAT
ISEA.CTION bath as WORE AND ruler.
PICTURE fluxes, made to order from a aloe
Idea of the West. styles`of moulding.
• . N.P. RICKS,
• Tewtusla,koy 30, 187 a. . ' . •
1 - 1... District Court of the United Btat for the
Western District of Pennsylvania.. In t e matter
of Winfield 8. Kinney. Bankrupt. In Ban rig tcy.
Western District of Pennsylvania. . •
The creditors will take notice that a second gen
meotlng.of the creditors of said bankrupt
will be held atTowanda in saki district, on the lath
day- of...JANUARY. 'A. D. Ina, at 10 'o'clock \A.
31.. at the office of Overton k Mansur, before R. A.
Mercier. Esq., one of the Registers In Bankruptef
In safi2Dlstilet. for the purpose named in the 27th
Section of the Bankrupt Act of March 24, 1867, to.
wit, a Anal distribution of said bankrupt's estate;
and at that meeting I shall apply for a discharge
"from all liability as assignee of said estate, In ac
cordance with the provisions of the 25th section of
said Bankrupt act. . _ .
Tovanil•hilee.l.7. Aolgnee
Assignment by the kureks Moser C 0.,. for
the benefit of creditors. No. 1105, Feb. Term, 187 V.
.The undersigned, an Auditor appointed by the
Court to distribute money in hands of E. T. Fox,
Assignee, will meet ,the claimants on said fond at
the omen of Williams k Angle, in Towanda Dom.,
FRIDAY. JANUARY 17. 1879,, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
when and where all persons baring claims on said
fund must present them, or .be for,vei debarred
from coming In upon the said fund.
Towanda, Dec. 15, 16713...Z52 Auditor.
O •
RPRANS' COURT SALE.-By virtue of on order issued out of the Orphans'
Court of , Bradford County, the undersigned, Ex..
ecutoref the estate of George A: Garrison, late of
Wilmot twp., deed, will sell at public sale on the.
premises. on FRIDAY, JANUARY 31. 1379, at 1
o'clock P. 31., the following described property, to.
One lot of land sittuitrd In WilMot twlx. bound.
ed as follows: Beginning at an oak stake on the old
Frevy lot; thence north 13° east '302 , . perches, pi , a
stake and stotios: thence south 67° west 62 perches,
to a corner of stake and stones on F. W. Froutch
era la-.:1; thence south 13.*east Si perehes, to a
to a stake and Mimes; thence north 77 0 east 10 per.
chic to place of Beginning; containing 20 acres.,
more or less. . .
ALSO—One other lot of rand in Wilmot tiv•p.
bounded as fallouts: Beginning at, a post and stones
nearly 2 perches south of the north east corner of
lot So. 3, Springfield; thence north 30?5° east 96
perches, to a post and stokes set for Kintner and
Frutchey lot; thence south 77° east 122 perches. to
a stone heamthenee south . 135 a west 66 perches,
to a stone heap; thence north 77 0 west 122 Ferches,
to- the place of beginning; containing about 50
TERMS OF SALE:-4100 to be paid upon the
striking down of each lot; thirty jper cent of the
balance upon confirmation of sale, and the balance
In two equal 'annual instalments, with interest
from continuation.
Wilmot. Dec. 17, 1679.
- 7 z,
Well and favorably known the World
over as the. RENT.Religious Weekly
'Newspaper It retains all Its Most
desirable features and adds new ones.
We shall continue to print articles from the beSt
writers and thinkers in the country. The Depart
mentsof Religious News. literature, Sunday-schoe
Fine Arts,selencr, Missions. iichnol and College.
Markets. Farm and Garden, Financial, and luau
ranee will, os heretofore. be contributed to by sped
alists In each branch.. These departments are la
mous because they are able and trustworthy,
• Th4se famous Lectures, delivered In Boston ev
ery Monday, by the !ter. Joseph Cook. will be pub
lished In full, together with the introductory re
AL. D.,
Will contribute .10 to 30 article's on Socialism and
In \
CO munism, the most Important questsons of the
by eminent clergymen In all parts of the country.
will Continue to be printed. .
We offer Rev. Joseph Cook's valuable new vol
umes, entitled "Biology." "Trancendentallsrn.•
"Orthodoxy." "Conscience," "Heredity," and
"Marriage," embodying, In" a' revised and correct
ed form, the authors pgevions remarkable Monday
Lectures. They are pubissited In handsome b .ok
form by Moughton, Osgood & Co., of Boston. We
will mail a copy of any one volume, postpaid, to
any subscriber to TAE INDEPENDENT Who remit%
us, ea for a year, in advance ; or any subscriber may
remit 1150, and we win send him THE INDEPEND
eta for two years, in- advance, and two volumes.
Postpaid; or . any three volumes. postpaid, io
one subscriber who remits IRI.OO for theme years, In
Bound In nbeep, MI pages. over 1000 Illustrations.
Issue of 1878.
We have made a' sseciaLcontract with the great
priblishing house o' .1. B. Lippeneott h - Cu., of
Philanelphla. by which we are enabled to offer . the
must desirable premiam ever gilts% by say, newspa
per lu Ibis country.. -We will send MIN the b st
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Any one volume of the Household Edlam of
Ccarles Lichen's Work•. hound in cloth, with IG.
Illustrations each by Sol Eythige.
111.Oody and Sankey's Gospel Hymns and Sacred
Songs No. II:
Lincoln and his Cablief; or, First Reading of
the Emancipation Procla.nstion. Flue large steel
engraving. By Ritchie, Sire 281.311. .
Anthers of the United States. Fine large steel
engraving. 44 portraits. 5ize,24:38!5.
Charles Sumner: nue steel engraving; by Ritchie.
Gran or Wilson; One steel engravings; by Ritchie.
Edwin 31. Stanton; steel engraving: by Ritchie.
The linter Life of Abraham Lincoln. By-Frank
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_ .
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' ..I,ldtess . THE I.NDECENDENT,
P. 4). Box Vs; - . New York City.
/Er Cut out tblikuctrertlsoment; as It will not ap
pear again.
The undersigned having pnrelisied the MAR
ULF: YARD of the late GEORGE MccABE. de
sires to intorm the public' that hating employed
experienced men. ho Is prepared to do ail kinds of
work in the line of
• •
In The very best wanner and at lowest rate..
Perseus desiring anylbtrig In the Mathlt; line are
Invited to call and examine work, and save agents'
• Towanda, Pa., 'Sor.lll, 18t8. 2-itt
If You wish toren Jour •
generally tbraltatm Cram, at the highest tnariet
rlcea tall at, \
',beret oe tit alw nd a sell ael'utedateck tt
"1 . 1 4 1 V e1. •
It coodats of
lo tho
CH .
ERIFF'S BALES:- - -By viitue
of Pawky writs issued oat of the Court of
Common Pktait of Bradford County. and •to Me di
reeled.' win expose tib public , sale at .tho door of
the Court House, to Towanda, on .11117118 DAT.
gibillany ad, i572, 1 o'clock r. aL, the follow
tag described property. to-wit I , -, . .
.10.1 ONE- Lot of held, In lonsada borough,
being the. - -uedlrkted one-eightb 00 Intesma
of defendant In the following described 401:
dad on the north by lendkof N. If. Betts; seat
Main- t. and N. N. Setts; touthbylltatost., and on
the west by Second-W.; containing one woof laud;
mom or law, with a large frame dwelling house; a
huge Irma barn. a number of grape aloes and.
fruit and ornamental tires theme. '
No. 2.. ALEIO..The defendardn equal and midi
Tided 34 interest in one other lot of land, striated
partly to Towanda bona; and partly In Towanda ,
top.. bounded as follows On the north by the row.
ell farm, so celled; on the east by lands of the Bar. .
stow estate; on the south by Me public hlgh_lri ly eand on the west: by the public highway anClande
of the Ward estate' ' containing SO serener land,
more or less. Monet alt Improved with a, Dented -
Awelling home. framed turn and orebard of fruit
trees thereon. Seised and taken into execution at
the snit of WYd Mallory vs Charles liercur. Also
et cult of James Mercer vs Chattel Slerentr. '
N 0.2. ALSO—One other lot of land hrTowanns
nom., boarded at follows: Beginning at the south. , " -
east corner of lot No: 18. thence along the south
line of said lot in $ westerly direction 124 ft, to .Ist
Ave; thence along said avenue south 400 ft to cos Of
lot No IS; thence along the north line of said lot
lo an easterir.direction .124 ft to an ally; thence -
along said alley north 10011, of beginning;
being lotallos 16*17 is plan'ed lot alaid om by B. S.
Russell, with a large framed dwelling home a
framed barn, other out buildings and few fruit and
ornamental trees thereon. Seized and, taken into -
execution atthe suit of W. N. Math:my - vs. Charles
Meteor. -- -
No. 4. ALSO—One other lot of - land. In - Canton
twp,, bounded as follower Beginning at a corner in
the center of the main read leading from. Canton
bore. to Towanda, anCon the line between said -
Rogers and Hubei Manley. adjoining on the west,
and running then& raprth 234 0 east by a present
bearing along the same 4t perches to &poet said
stones on the north side of a small stream of water
running to the , right; and thence north 8134 0 east
56 540 perches, to a post on the north bank of the
main or mill creek, and in theta of Solomon
Lindly adjoining on the east; and thence south
234 0 west ass cannoned bearing along said Llnd.•
lye line to Me center a the Cannel and Towanda
road ',crate mentioned, a distance of NI 4-10 perch.
PE and thence by the center -of said raid north.,
8534 0 west 541-16 perche,s to the place of .beglaning;
containing 16 stressed WI perches, strietntemure,
be the same more of lesi, all improved with 2 fram
ed houses, framed barn and orchard of fan treat
No ft ALSO.-Ons other lad:WM/141n Canton
bounded as follower beginning ate corner in the
the tenter of the main road leading' front the Ta _
wands toad to the born of Albs, and adjoining -
lands of Horace Webster on the north, and ran.
tring thence south 11734 0 east by a corrected besting
along line of said Webster a distance of 2,540 per.
chea, to a corner in the ltne of Solomon Lindly's
laid adjoining on the east:4nd Menge along said
Llndly's line tooth 24 0 west by a present bearing
30 perches to a corner adjoining other lands of the
grantor In reservation for Minerm Bogem, - .widow
of ft. R. Rogers, deed, for and during bet life
time. and thence by and with the same north Me
west 32 peribes to the center of the Albs toed; and
thence by and with the , same along the Center
north 7;4 0 east 30 perches to the place of begin
ning; containing 5 acres and 120 perches. IdrlaL
m•asure; all improved, no buildings. Seised and.
\ taken into execution at the nit-of Mrs. B. G..BM.
k's use vs John (1. Mason.
\NO. 6. ALSO—One other lot of land In Wilmot
twit. bounded on the north by lands of A Waltman
and\M lehael Carl: eastby lands of A J Stone; south
by lands of A.B Mc Kinstrey , and west by lands of
Jamer \ Leonard; containing 72 screant land, mom -
or less,4bmit 35 acres imported, with I board house
Ito barn and few fruit trees thereon. Seised and
taken Intnexecution at .the Salt of Small H Bat
ley's b-irs vs Elmer W Scott.
No 7 ALSO—One other lot of land. In Towanda
bon), bounded north by Pop tarot, east by Third. 63,
south by landtril Win Gr1012.-and west by an al
le: being abaf 165 ft front on sai. and
= y 1-ft back on ea t
td Poplarst, with d Third-at 2
story gothic
brick dwelling bonse, framed barn, °thereat bull&
Inge arid-few fruit `and ornamental trees ther eon
Said lot known as ' the boniest -ad lot of the David .
Cash estate. Seized 'and taken into execution at
the cult of Alex Dering's ezr'x vs t A Cash and -
H L Scott. TT. . . •
No.B ALSO=Ontrothelot of land in Albany twit,
bounded north by cemet.ty lot. east by lands of S
W Hatch, south and west \by lands of Li L 8011,
containing. I acres of land.;,more or less, all Ina.
proved, no buildings. nelzedund taken _into exe. -
cotton at the snit of J O Frost's Sons use v 49, W
• Hatch. lan
• No 9 ALSO—One other lot-of d In Towanda '
born, bounded north by lands of ',I O Patton, east '
by public highway, tomb by lands Of 0' R Vincent,
and west by lands of 0 E Harris, containing lam
of land, more or less, all Improved, with a framed ,
home the.con. Seized and taken into execution at
the suit of .1 A Record vs Ransom Bennett.
No 10 ALSO—One other lot of land hi Overton
top, bounded north by the public higbwav\, past by
lands of Manning Matkewe, w oth by lands of Jotin
Mathews. and west by lands of Eli Haverty estate;
containing 15 acres of land, more or less. about 12
acres Improved, with 1 framed house.. barn and
,sheds, and few fruit trees thereon. "Seized and ta
ken Into execution et the suit of -J U Hortotes use
rs B J Ilouseknecht.
No 11 ALSO—One other tot of land In Gran Ville
twp, bounded north by public highway and lands
Asa Andrews. east by lands of Jane Graham, south
by lands of .robn, Bayles, Asa Andrews and Cha's '
Clark. and west by lands of RebeccaMorrison. con
taining 103 acres of land, more or less, abOut 90,
acres improved, with 2 framed houses, 2 framed
barns, 2 sheds, other out buildings - and few fruit •
trees thereon-. Seized and taken into execution at
the suit of Poineroy•Bros vs Chester Monroe. -
NO 12 ALSO—One other lot of land in Windham . ,
twp. bounded north by lands of Win Cook , east by ' .
lands of Jacob Griculey. smith - by landker , Nelsoo _
Crandall. and west •by lands of Win Cook sad •
Boardman Jakeway, containing 105 acres of land.
more or less. about no acres impecved with 1 tram.
-- ed house, I framed barn, 3 framed sheds, and or. _
chard of fruit trees thereon. Seized and - taken
into execution at the suit of Barstow k Kirby vs
Orrin 11l Nichols. ' '
No. 13. ALSO—Ode other lot of land In Albany
and Monroe twps.. bounded as follows; Beginning
at a fallen oak, thence south 32%)" west .212 4-10 -
perches to ast and stonen - thence 'north 873,i•
west 317 perc hes to a post and stones; thence north •
37 IS° east 21_4-lo perches to a corner; thence smith
s:?s ° east 317 perches to the place of beg,inning;
containing 420 acres of land, mote or less, (being: .
the Joseph. Anderson warrant), exceptln. and serf
serelng from this conveyance all that‘wtfon there , - •
of heretofore conve - yed-to Daniel Peckham A Chas. -
Brown, by said Lyurm Blackman; this conveyance
is intended to include only that portion of the
Joseph Anderson Warrant - lying we
of the creek. (excepting and reserving therefromdllßV
about 23 acres heretofore conveyed to Daniel Peck•
hail)); containing 525 acres of land; more or less, no
NO. 14. ALSO—One other lot of land in Monroe
top., bounded as feller-a : Beginning at a post In
the road leading from the Berwick turnpike. to
Illackirsais's mill, and on the west side of 8.•& S. 1...
It. It.. thence along the line of said railroad south,
14.4 0- east 20 rods, to a post; thence south 1° east - -
along said railroad 10 rods, to a post; tlience south
west along said railroad 41 roto a post; thane* •
north 8.3)4 0 west 24 rods, t oJa stake; thence -
'2..Sl;° east 13 2-10 perches, to a post; thence north
3014° west 16 3-10 rods to a hemlock stump; thence .
south 77))° east 16 4-10 perches, to south corner of
bridgeuterit abutment on the east side of the creek;
thence north 17° vest 26 32.100 perches, to a fog;
thence north 519 east 6 92 100 rods, to .place of . be.
ginning; containing 5 acres and 159 perches of land.
more or lessovith a dwelling honse thereon. Seized -
and taken-into execution at the snit of Mercy B.
Taylor vs. Lyman Blackman. ,
.Na 15 ALSO—One-other lot'of land in Tasearons
twp, bounded north
. by lands of John and Joseph
Nigh, east by lands contracted by Peter Nigh to
Jacob Bought, tenth by lands of B W Edwards and
now in possession. of John Bought, ant west by _
• lauds of said John and Joseph Nigh, containing 20
acres of land, more or less, about 16 acres improve
ed, with 2 framed houses, 1. framed barn. 1 black. ' -
smith shop, and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
'Seized and taken into execution atthe snit of Wm. -
S. Vincent's use vs-Jacob Rought.
No la ALSO—One other let of lead imitated la.
Athens Bora, bounded north by lands of H W
Patrick, C
east by lands•of Mrs osier, south by .
lands of Mrs. Myra Tracy, west by Main street,
being 50 feet front on Slain street and 149 feet
deep all luiprevel no'buildings. Seized and taken
into execution at the suit of W H Canner vs Jl.
Corbin. . .
• A. J. LATTON,-Sheriff..
Sheriff's Opice, Towanda. Pa.. Dec. 11. 1878.
, (F. S. A. Randall and J. S. Manley. In the
Court of Commou Pleas of Bradford Co. No. 613,
February Term. but
The urdersigued, an -Auditor appointed by the
Court. to distribute th-• fund arising from the She- '
itt's sakfof defendants' real estate. wall: attend to
the ditties Of his appointment at the office of Over
ton &' Met-cur. in the Borough of Towanda. Ott
-Tuesday, the '',2„Sth day of January, A. D., ISIS, at
to o'clock A. If., When and where alt persons hav
ing clainte against said fund must presentttefai, or •
be forever debarred from coming in on said fund.
•, J 31E5.11. CODDING, Auditor.
Towanda,. r Decomber lOth, 1878.4 w
trilt Court of the United States, for - the West.
ern District of Pennsylvania. • In the matter ot Eu
gene Underhill, Charles E. Noble and Thomas L.
Small. Debtors. No. 3431, In Bankruptcy.
Nolice Is hereby given that a Resolution of Com.
position passed by the Creditors of said debtors, to
gether ulth a statenialt of said debtors , assets and
debts has been presented to the Court; and that a
hearing will be had before the said Court. at Pitta
burgh, on the 31st day of December. 1678, at In
o'clock A. 31.. for the purpose of Inquiring whether
such Resolution has been ;tamed in the manner di
rected by the 17th :section of the Amendment to
the Bankrupt Act, approved dune STA. 1374, at
which time they may appear and show cause, If
any they may have, why tile said Resolution of
Composition should not-be confirmed and recorded.
and eald sialement of- assets and delis be filed. as
melded by said section.
Pittsburgh, Dec. 6, 1376 -Ityr
Because It Is a family newspaper of pure, sound .
reading lot old 'and young, and It contalna a Fella
1.,1e and con3ptelienslve summary of all ate 'lnver:
tart news.
Publishes both the religions and seenlar news that
Is desired In any fatally, while all that Is likely to
do harm Is shot ‘ out. It devotes four pages to iv,
ligimis news. and four to secnlar.
the NEV.' YORK Onskytrza: was flrst published
It, 1523; and It Is telleved to be the only Instance
of a Ilenetoms Newspaper continuing its: even
course for fifty-six years, without a change of name,
doctrine, intent, purpose, or pledge from the date
of birth.
Will contain all the Important news that ran Inter.
est or instruct ; so that anyone who reads It will be
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We do not run • benevolent Institution. and we
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