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Nradfori eporter.
irqwands, Pa., Thursday, August 8,1878.
Dealer In
z awrens,
- .TONVAIIDA., rA. • -
Towanda, Jan. 18, tan. '
YLOCAL ----------
JUDGE WILLISTON if; -a Greenback can
didate ter the Legislature iti Tiogacciunti
F,Drrox KEELER and ante, of the Owe
go &cord, -are sojourning-at Mianequa;
Burn peaches are quite plenty in this
-market. They are small but of very good
DsAwl; JArrts Etammr, now nearly
ninety years old, has joined the Grange at
North Towanda,
.TAatus Esq.,. of this
j)lace, and two other gentlemen, have
g)urchas'ed the Blossbnrg glass works. t
'.PROF, BF.NEDICT, lisle of the HOMO
ticads IliglfSf.thool; ha's been employed as
_teacher of the Athens Graded BChool.
Miss Emw._ A. BnEly an, of Philadel
iphia, will give readings at the Baptist
Church, in Borne, on . Tuesday evening;
August 13th.
Tnr Northern Tier Gazette says VrEO.
B. lisilsox sold during the past .season
thiriti Eureka Mowers to one 'farmer for
his own use.
Titn.Ladies of the Universalist Church
mill bold a sociable at the Lecture 1 !.,
of the Church on Tuesday eveniug, Aug:-;
13th. 'All are invited.
Tits rttular meeting{ of the Murphy
temperance society wilt } ye held at • the
Court House, Wednesday evening, August
14th, at 8 o'clock.
PAsTott Pout tu, of the Universalist
Church, is off for a summer vacation.' For
the present he is visiting his - 'parents at
Morris, Otsego County, N. Y.
Tun members of Co.K., 12th Regiment,
are to have a drill and pie-nic, August
'Alai:, The place of holdthg the pic-nio
Las not:'yet been decided upon.
NISS EMMA As . PICENVER, Elocutionist,
from Philadelphia,. will give a reciting at
Isimth Orwell Grauge Hall, on the evening
of August Irith. All n . le invited.
Ttir,Axtrn of ALoNzo eIIArMAN, of At
bitty township, was struck by lightning
and entirely consumed, together
.with all
its contents, on Monday last. Mr. C's
loss is i.-": 30 0 .; no insurance..
' A lISTTI.V.:SNAKV: nearly four feet in
length, with nine rattles. was killed in a
ed-room in Northrop Iloltow a fewdlays
his snakeship had crawled through
the-"cat hole " in the floor.
WE arc in receipt of the first number
of the Agitato \ t;; - li very newsy little sheet
'vitae(' bypeuXs. lIINToN at Athens. We
••elconte the lick candidate foil public fa_
VLPI, and wish its"Proprictor success.
Now we have got \ a \ notlier edition of the
" Cool; nook," and Ouse of our subscri
bers who arc entitled to \ receive them by
reason of baVing paid for. the REPORTEIt
prior to June Ist, are invieeK.l to call and
gtt them.
T. J. WATSON, Who emigraed to the
West from Springfield tows' 1p
spring, has settled near Burling:due, Kan
sas, and has bought a farm and built
self a house. 'He is a thrifty farmer and
will succeed.
11 1 101. Dort. hs written her nrther
very interesting letter descriptive of, her
voyage in the Nethfriond, and we regreL
that we are not permitted to nublibh it,
not only as an interesting news item, but
as a motlel for other letter writers.
11oN. B. S. DAnTT, of Canton, N. 31.
PomEnOY,.IOIIN DOnlis:s•, Gtont;E: NEW
nullY anti wife, 31m. llorrmAN, Mrs.
;age LoNG - and 3lrs. S. W. romEttoY, of
Troy, nro att i enditg the Sunday School
"Convention at Chatatootu'Like.
W i E. Cuit.sox, Es 1 ; of Troy,
lai.gone to Chic;iigo to visit his. brother,
and the-tiro go - twin thence to Nebraska
to purchase a tract of hind. They will
also visit lowa, and other Western States
before their rehire.
Mn. and Mrs. JAI. Pim; Major.E.
IV. HALE and fanfily. Hon. 3. 0. PATTON
awd Mrs. Gcn. P.ArroN, o.A l tti B. Pow:
TER ind vifc, and - Mrs. Btsoor., joined
the' excursion to[Thousarid Islands Loll
week. They repOrt a very pleasant trip.
Tut: Troy Pahl this fall will have a new
and attractive feature in a&Woman's Pa
vilion for' e exhibition of the • thonsAnd
ingenions_aitieleo made by women, whh
are not -entered . fOr comiktition, works of
art, etc. Mrs. 5.. N. NEAVREItY is Super.
intenticilt 61 thihtlepartment.
l'utv.vrE families in Towanda willing
to board teachers attending the County
Institute from August 12 to 23d, or hav
ing rooms to rent, will please notify J. A.
WILT, G. W. WAN, E. E. ttutiit,AN, or
.IAMHs TAY Lon, Janitor G rad ed 5c 11 60 1 ,
giving price .and•Partieulars..
A_‘• i'LA n bake," under the supervision
-of that pripce of Cattrttg, SEELEY, is to
come off at Weston's on the Barclay Bail-
road, on Friday. A special train w
leave the Court !ionise at 10 o'clock A. at.
.'1 general iltviiation is extended to all
who desire to participate: Mr. 8. 'says
the bill of fare will not be confined to
clams, but a general variety will be spread
on the occasion.
MK free lecturesgiven by Dr. BANNING
dating the past week, have been , largely
attended and - attentively listened to. The
Doctor has made his subject! a' specialty
for the past forty years, and has thorough
ly mastered it. He has the confidence
and suPport of the medical profession all
over the con. try. In addition be has cer
tificatesef cures from thousands of pa
MINS J ENN I E Po Knor, daughter- of
liort.tcf: I'onEttor, Esq.,_ of T.roy, trailed
en Satu l rday with the lifcoAYs, of Balti.:
mote, oi l the stgatne.r Devonia,' Anchor
Line, fOr Europe; to be gone a year or
more. .7he Farty will first spend a month
aniong.the lakes of Eicotland. *Miss P. will
coini,lete her studielsfin Germany
Italy IK l fore her retulln.
CL F.! IlEnt,toTtr4 iaf Troy, died at his
residenee in that place on " Sunday last.
lilr. R. ;had betlii for forty years an'enter-
Prisingiand leading tinniness man of West
ern li s e*lfortl. For die past fifteen years
Le had been the bead of the large mercan
tile est4lishment t or ReniNczox S Lmon-
Ann. Although welt advanced hi years
his loss! will be ecriodsly felt in a large
circle. •
BLAcHBERIUES are abundant, and sell
ng at 5 cents peF.quart in this market.
MR. Hopuzx caught an eel in tha river
on Tuesday last, 'weighing nearly six
• 0. D. GOODENOI7OII has retired from the
Mansfield Advirtiset and accepted a posi
tion on the editorial stall of the Detroit
Free Press. "BEN." is well qualified for
the duties of the editorial chair of any pa
per, and we congratulate. the proprietors
of the Free Press on their good fortune in
securing his services.
belt as the champion fisherman. Ori Mon
day last he caught and safely landeda
black bass weighing over three pounds.
The gills of the fish gave evidence of hav
ing been . on, somebody's -book before. ,
FnArta marched home with his mmister
of the deep" on a string; feeling as proud
as any-conquering hero on his homeward
march after a successful campaign.
WE regret to learn that A. C. ELSIIREE,
Esq., of Athens, met with a serious acci
dent on Saturday• last. Ho was in his
barn, and in passing the horses thinks
one of them kicked at• another, striking
Mr. E. in the side just below the shoulder.
Several ribs were broken, and it was at
first feared that one of his lungs was in
injured{ Later reports, however, indicate
that he its recovering.
KANSAS 110UND.—We learn that an.ex
cursion will-leave Towanda August 19th,
for Kinsley and Ellis, Kansas. Tickets—
round trip, 42.03. • Tickets to all points
West - in, proportion. The excursion will
go via the A. &G. W. R. R. All those
.wishine to avail themselves of a pleasant
trip, will please address H. E. BABCOCK,
Towanda, Pa., or S. M. SuArruc, Eastern
Traveling Agent, A. & G. W. li. IL; El
A JOLLY party of fisher Men . left this
"port " on)londay last. The. "craft "
in which they sailed was brought from Sul_
van County, and launched near the Court
House. The party consisted of H. W.
PATRICE, Hon. GEo. D. • JACKSON, Ilon.
33. Rush J.tessolv, Col. PA TItICE, S. B.
LE X IWIt o W u.i.ra JA CK SON', and
WILLIE WoopuurP. They expect to be
out several thlys, and will proceed as far
as Wyalusing.
PIC-NIC AT I.EllAvsyri.l.E.---The schol
ars of the Soldiers' Orphan School, at
Ilarford, Pa., who are enjoying the vaca
tion with their friends, together with the
soldiers and sailors of the ; late war, and
the different Sabbath Schools, will hold a
basket pie-nic at the grove of STEWART
C,Stssini,n, Thursday, August lath, leav
ing the M. E. Church at 10 A. m., led by
the Leltaysville Cornet Rand. Addresses
will be:delivered by Col. H.- S. SWEET,
Principal S. 0. S., Revs. ANGEL, Mclnnis,
and others. Everybody is invited, and
an intellectual feast may be expected ;
and the old veterans of 1861 - will have . a
reunion ; and it is intended that every one
shall haveia good time.
FRANK DRAKE, a native of this county,
and at present District Attorney of Sulli
van Comity, is m2ntioned in connection
with the ,Democratic nomination for Rep
rescntati've in th-it county.. Barring his
politics FRANK is a good fellow. By the,
-way, we hear another Bradt°id County
man prominently spoken of as the proba
ble Republican Muninee for member of
the Legislature. -We refer to Judge. Pom-
Enor. -Should the Republican Conven
tion nominate Fns, he will certainly be
the next representative from Sullivan.
Tnt Ceentry Genttempt gives the fol
lowing timely Lints on bow Co can peach
es : Procure the largest, finest and ripest
fruit. Use granulated sugar, in propor
tion to half a pound of sugar to a pound
of fruit. Make the syrUp of half . a tea
cupful of water to half a pound of sugar.
Let it come to a boil and skim. Have
your p9aehes pared with a si!ver plated
fruit 'tnife, and throw them into clear
cold water, in a wood or earthen vessel,
A3oil the fruit in the syrup until it is so
ItTner that you can put a broom straw
through it, then skim it trotn the syrup
with a skimmer and place in the tans un
tikthey are quite full. Fill up with the
bo p itzo-rup and immediately screw on
the tops .v possible. You will
, find you w . ll have to-screw theM on again
and again. tzok at every jar for two or
three days after canning, to see if is air
tight. If your\dore cliiset is not quite
dark wrap youran az ound with brown
wrapping paper. \ Light injures all fruit
—it must be kept cool -also..
KT 11.4:.ii G i IlErtnir..A startling report
is in circulation here tha , the emigrants
Fromm this locality to have fallen.
into the hands of the In ins, and are ,
now captives. Some weeks ago news was
received that 0. N. Wltinlt'ri of East
Troy, his 'wife and S.i.o 'Pt nm,Y,;, of the
same place were taken captives by some
roving bands of Shawnee Indialis, who
held them for a ransom. It is reported
that Mrs. Ilmmtsit, of East Troy, \ the
mother of young PURPLE, had written I
that she bad to guard her younger boy to\
revent his being kid rapped, and later
word has been received that Mr. and Mrs.
lIKIMER and children, and RENSSALAER
Po,nrEn, of .Leona, were also taken pris
.ol34B. It is said that a letter from RANT.
PORTER to his father . .lonli PoitTEn, was
written from the Indian Camp asking for
money to redeem them to prevent their
being sold as slaves to the interior tribes.
The place where they were located is not
far from lodgma r, and but a short distance
froM the country infested by the roving
bands of Commanches.-2VWI/tern Tier
Gazette. . . .
MR. EDITOR:—AIIow me to 'make my
very best bow. It has been so long stitee
I have seen you. We have been very busy
with our work, but are getting along so
well that I thought I Would look around
a little, and Kee what I could find that.
•would interest-you.
Last evening I rode down to Centreline,
our sister village three miles from tore,
and found the Temperance wave had
just :struck. CuAlet-Ey'Skitm of Elmira,
,speaking in, a happy, spirited_, man,.
ner, and was listened to with marked at
tentiou. lie has reformed—and can pro.
duce evidence from his own life against
all concerned, u or with the rum traffic.
Then his brother
. SMITH, of Wellsburg,
was inspired to speak, appealing earnest
ly to the old and young to " - Look not up,
on the wine when it is red." He bad
scarcely taken his seat when, in the midst
of the excitement, loud and repeated calls
were made for "Plutarch ! Plutarch 1"
whom I suppose lived in the, second cen
tury, when to my astonishment another
Smell( arose, and in a. rapid and . telling
manner, recounted some °this past histo
ry and added much - to the interest'.of the
mectipg.• If all the :inn% family would ,
be co-workers in the. good cause, what a
mighty as well as glorious reformation
there, would be. There was a crowded
house, splendid music, and while many
names were kik; milled to the pledge I
was thinking to myself, "A chipli amang
ye,..takin' notes, an' faith, he'll vent
•.• SuarELl—•
gOlTrille• J 4 17 22,-1818.
EDITORS Rairowcipt—fl in
Towanda`a fewtleyelNieo •/#llOll, the
Commissioners' Oincey - taid irnust sty that
it is" - pleasant to do business with their
able and obliging Clerk. BO seems ever
courteous and s alfabloto-all. finch kind
ness, of heart and urbanity of manner,—
show that ho is possessed of every attrib
ute of a trues gentleman' Efoarmuch bet
ter we feet, to be greeted with•politeness,
than with a sardonic' grin and a surly
growl- that we isamotimea meet: with
among officials:
The County Comnissioners would con
fer a great favor upon those having busi
ness to do with that Oleo, by \ retaining
LEwrs-in his present positlon s .s,
Rome, July 29, 1878. DEBUTANT.
MAL CELEBEATIOIL-At a meeting of
repiesentatives from the- city ' of Elmira,
Waverly, Chenrung, Athens and Fyaltt
sing, held at‘Weverly on the flit day of
August, instant, to consider the subject
of commemorating in a suitable _manner
the hundredth anniversary of the Battle
of New Town, which Will occur on the
20th day of August, 1879, it was resolved
that the Chairman rind Secretaries issue
a call for another - meeting.
In pursuance, therefore, of that resole..
tipn, the undersigned give notice that
there will be a meeting of citizens `inter
ested in the subject at the Fishier House,:
in Wellsburg, County of Chemung, on
Thursday, the 29th day:of August, inst.,
at '2 o'clock r. st., to further consider the
propriety of commemorating-that event;
and the laying the corner stone of a mon
ument upon the battlefield, and also for a
permanent organization by appointment
of officers and conimittoes.
The day named fOr that meeting is the
hilth anniversary, and the place in full
view of the ground, and it is desired that
a largo representation shall be in attend
ance from the valleys'of the Susquehan
na, Chemung and Genesee, and from the
borders of Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, and
from the entire extent of territory em.
braced in the expedition under command
of Gen. JOHN &pavan in the summer
and autumn of IVO.
Aug. 3, XB7B. W. P..WANER, Chm'u.
C. G. Eitustms,
0. U. P. KINXEY,
attention to the proposed Centennial
of the "Battle of New Town," , the Elmi
ra Advertiser recalls some of the incidents
connected with the battle : "The import
ance of this great and desperate contest
between the Indians and Tories under
BRANT and Btrt.un, and' the American
Armies under Sumaxax and elm:Tex,
has never:been fairly or folly appreciated.
The Indians and Tories were strongly in
trenched in what they supposed to be an
impregnable position. The work which
SUI.LiVAN accomplished was, aftet a fierce
battle of six hours' duration, to drive
thern from these entrenchments complete
ly routed and broken in pieces. Their ar
mies wereever rallied in force again.
Soma v.tN, after the victory, marched
with.his a my, from the Susquehanna to
the Genesee, as SHERMAN did through
Georgia, destroying. and laying waste tho
Indian towns and villages, and put an
end forever to the power of the Iroquois
in all this region. The expedition was,
sent out by Gen. WAsurtio•rox to avenge
the massacre of Wyoming, which had oc
curred the year before. Never was work
more thoroughly accomplished than the
Owl: of this expedition. It opened a new
country, that of the far famed and beau
tiful Genesee, to the knowledge and occu
pation of the white race. Hundreds of
St•nnti . .‘x's men came back • and settled
in the land which their prowess had re
deemed, and their descendants stag live
upon it. ' it, is proposed to renew the
memories and gather up the scattered his
tories of this important event. The Bat
tle of New Town was no secondary or tri
vial affair. It was a decisive contest, and
is entitled to be ,brought np to its just
rank in the confli:to of the Revolution.
This proposed celebration, properly to be
held upuu ground mado classic by the
blood of patriots and heroes 'a hundred
years ago,
.will do much iu this direction.
We are sure that all of those who are so
fortunate as to now possess this
heritage, especially those who holti it by
inheritance derived from their 'fathers
whose trusty rifles rescued and conquered
it, will take earnest and active part in this
commemoration. 'Let the response be
prompt and universal. '
All papers through Out the territory em
embraced in Sl't.t.n•.tN's march are re.
quested to publish the notice elsewhere
given in this paper, and interest them.
selves hi the success of. the Centennial
Celebration." •
EDITORS La:POUTER :—The almost 1111.
bearable head'' of the past few days has
somewhat abated. Qnr•farmcrs - are get
ting about through with haying and har
vesting, which has been an exceedingly
abundant one:
The repairing of the old brick Church
is completed. it has been thoroughly
done from foundation to spire, newly car
\peted, painted, etc., and is now an invit
htg and attractive place of worship. It
wilk be re.oPened on 'next Sabbath -wi
impiTssive 'ceremonies. Ilev. Dr. ST.' 11
ART, will preach in the evening.
The l jwifo of Ex-pity Treasurer Co. LEY,
of Elni ire is spending thc summer in Wy...
sox: She's an invalid, and tinder the
medical ein\of Dr. T. P. MAtuta., and
we are pleased to learn is rapidly improv
ing. Mr. Coo ,v, who is one of Elmira's
most popular citizeus, spends most of his
Sabbaths with us.le is a gentleman with
whom it h a pleasure to May be
come often ?
• A number of cattle buyers from the coal
regions are here - buying Cattle.
GEonoE OTT is about tinoccupy his now
house near the depot. •
D. C. DElVirr, Esq., of Towanda, J.
E. Piot.i.F.T, 11. 8. Moans's, o\ll a dozen
or two others,' held what they te , rmed • a
Greenback meeting at the Academy last.
WedneSday evening. It wailevident \ from
the slim attendance, want of interesOind
enthusiasm that this so called Labor 11..
form party hive already had their day,
Men Will not long follow a sot or class or
broken down
_discarded politicians , be
'cause they go about the country howling
and prating of the sufferings of the poor
oppresied.labOrer. -No ; but if they will
go and do something to alleviate swab suf
tering, and irnprove'and elevate his condi
uon, they - may ask, and not in vain for
his siipport Attie polls. .
Prof. W..IL' OWES, of Lafayette Cid
lege, is visiting his parents in this place.
Speaker MTEu lea successful bass fish
erman as welt as a successful Legislator. .
May his shadow never grim lets&
Many of our people will attend the .
State Fair at lElmiraiieit month.
The sewing society of the Presbyterian
Church meets neat .Wedueitiay at -the
house of Mrs. J. D. ALLEN.
"FicitnistAxn Au.s.s, Es ti, of Nebraska;
is visiting friends in Wysttx.
There are about ono hundred and twen
tyBHAD111:01111 iticrouTaus read in Wyaex
I--believe. Its reliable comae makes it
• Youre,... • -
Wisei,August 5, 1878.
excellent CRACKLE A3UVACTOIY IQ tow*
at COWLES , BAXILEY, sliete Tim tan bay the',
best task-baked avian* ' •
- • , '
•-•• • • -
Tan Pretbytertin . Ektrabr &hoot of
Troy Oa -niched "atillintemini,`
last week. iiinperintendent„ S.
iilevezz, hie letter to the fiernistrt Tier
Beret of Mineeina" k - veri core.
t plimentary "- Be saw-
W. D.,Tyler,\ihe exeellent- proprietor,
gave ns all the aid - needed as well-As the
privilege of retjoylitgell the means of re.
creation so elaborately furnished A* the
guests. d more beautiful or
fora plank or recreation generally,
1 have never seen, and se a placefor city
boarders it is only necessary , to be known
to be appropriated. - We reached home
safely at a little past 4 o'clock, every ono
being will pleased with their trip. =
worthy and molt respected eitirenof
bany township,. was , found- dead in the
woods on Wednesday night last. H ead
sent a little girl fOr the cows, and she te- \
smvined away so long that Mr.
came uneasy in regird'to her, safety, and
started near twilight accompanied by his
dog in. onset of her. The little girl return
ed soon after, nottaving met with him,
he in turn was goa6" so long that , the
neighbors were aroused and started at
aboteeleven o'clock in search of hint.'
The night was very dark, and after pro
ceeding some dhatuun therbegan to call
and were answered by the dog barking.'
Taking the direction of the sound they
continued on, calling. at abort intervals
and each time promptly answered by the .
dog. In this way they were enabled to
hind him without much trouble. Prom
his appearance he had fallen instantly dead, .
supposed from heart diseaae. He • was a
man of sterling worth and integrity.
PERSOICIATA. d. EssTstutoexe„'of the
Treasury Department, Washington, is
spending his summer. vacation with his
Wends here.
—O. D. GoonEsocou, late of the Mans
field Acisertfier,,paid us a flying visit last
mmi, of ,Troy. aro at ang 13nuich..
—Miss FANNIE JEWETT Spent last week
as the guest of Mrs. 11. F. Goonnan, in
-4udge - ICELLi is spending the "heat.
ed term " at 31innequa.
—Mrs. HENKEL, of Illinois, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. GEORGE STEVENS, in this
—L. D. LArros, of Wisconsin, is visit
ing his brother, Sheriff Lsrrort, in this
place. ' .
—Mr. and Mrs. . 0. A. SALDVFIN are at
the Chatauqua Lake Sunday School Con
vention this week. Mrs. 8.. was invited
by the committee to assist in the singing.
of Hamilton, Ontario, are guests of Miss
Cnoss and daughter, Scarz, are.
visiting friends in Owego. •
—Our young friend, FRANK -Mews-
FIELD, who has been a resident of this
place for the past two or three years,.took
his departure last week for the " Lone
Star State." FRANK is a most genial
companionable fellow, and carries with
him to his Southern home the kind wishes
of large circle of friends.
A Wisa Dticos.---" Deacon Wilder, I
want you to tell me how you kept yourself
and family so well the past season,
all the rest of us haie had the doctors run
ning to us so long?"'
" Bro. Taylor, the answer is very easy.
I used Bop Bitters in time and kept my
family well and - saved large doctor bills.
Three dollars' worth of it kept us all well
and able to work all 'the time, and I will
warrant it has cost you and most of the
neighbors one to two hundred dollars
apiece to keep sick the same 'time. I
guess you'll take my medicine hereafter."
Bee another column.
lar The Grand Central is now oilbring
unusual lndueements to business men, families and
binrists. The prices for board hive never been so
low, and the table Is Mlll kept up to Its first-crass
high standard.
HARVEST PIC-RIC :—Grand Pic-nic and
natee at Buttonwood Orme, near mouth of To.
Creek, on rut DAY aftormrn and evening.
AUGUST oth. lee Cream and Supper xerred by
H. CowLts. Mitatc: ClaMln and
,Rogers Qua
thine Band. Dancing beglniat >t o'clock r. a. It
- it. Compton offers to students a Normal course,
College preparatory course, Ake. The Commercial
College has a well established reputation fur fitting
young min for business and positions of trust.
During the fifteen years of Its existence It hashed
A constantly increasing patronage, and Its gradu
ates are round in nearly every State irf the Union.
The course of study Is SI comprehensive as passible
wititinA period of thirteen to twenty weeks. The
appointments of the College are of the highest or
der, yet the expenses are much less than . at, many
caber drat class business entities. Next term opens
August 29. Caminur , .lsl students address: Prof.
L. L. SI'ICAGLC. All others, Rev. D. CoreLann,
rkr DRESS. GOODS at reduced prices
at J. L. Nroprs. may 2.
rir Go to SNELL & FAANIIAM'S for
nest Millinery Ggod*.
a" Misses ERIELL & FARNITAM do all
kinds of DRESS MAKING.
or Everything in the lino of station
variety at .1, 14, slll.lrll. - may=-
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cially at Ssat,L & Faurrnau'a.
from e 2.00 up at BUMS Woe. 1.7.
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- .
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titionlor quality of goods and low prices on Bash,
.Doors; filln4and Noldlnia, and all building UM.
terlal. (aura-tn.
• \
I We. E.lifinoos• baa returned
trot; the City, and has decidedly the PINRST
this torn. spell.
fir Mrs. B.l.ldrzume has TRIMMED
HATS for ORR DOLLAR and arra*,
rir Nu. Mom* • bas the -best Skirt
Supporter, also the Skirt anther.
The Largest, and Cheapest
line of Shea for Ladles. Have and Chß/Inns ,
wear Is found atththatalt ans sten, corner Man
and Plswet4.. Tray I Noble% Mock. apr4'le
\ • 4
- yr. COwtta' Bakery W ili on, of ' the
Ist Ward Bakery; Will be as I daily el&
Irma Cracken hot-from Ike' ona, Breed, ries,
Cakce, Am • .' .
ar Don't -- yon forget ft. We c
sirrnamtwan . 4
orrnymil i iiiWtiCk.linii4fil *
admitted/op Jittlfremllo Erfcrugges. 11
'CiiiiiPailkitre :0411eistlitiopinkiii sad Norma
Comes of litany. *ale *specialty. MA tor !k
catilie g alh L, .' fr4G,C l ,ualAikao:V,lnutillft
OWL ' - ' *MINI.
!ditkiiiiiiiits eiitiiit,6-- -11 3 : virtue,
lio of smutty Write lowed ant of f the Comm of
Conte= e=0414/1 Me tie
!need, I er 0117318 DAT.
'the 210th day of AVG ST Is7ll, at the door of the
;Court Houle. do Twitendaßotoogb, st 1 o'doelt, F. 1
in., the hatertegetselbed froperkli lomat
No. 1. One lot, plea orpareel of land situate In'
" . B . lten a •
R eiff,
iQe'let, T ad !d
least, north and west by bads of Jame Espy, per
t tens te line meteor less, ill Intratethrthlatere
-1 No. S.
sa ALSOOne lot Innate In Standing Stone
a botelded and described as follow: Iliggiela
rkingowtist ulemoottia“ k 1
of Litwin super to the red roam; thence
'along lands of Patrick Bed! 12 pen to eor; thence
non WeV a t a lands Of Petrick elieler theepellike
•I mmi l li drtfrie RidolWßl,wef At
tens M i lfeiwtrelteetere lan ' the plate; o begin
-Wog ; contains! scree mote or less, all improved,
withi s teettet dotty ? , axed sad talteula.latheilele'_;
sand'thilleliteilleammt Ileurteta N lt•Deree•
and W Defter. ..
No. L ALSO-One lot sleets in Ineatlla twp.,
Id Lidifilaa. lop the nor th by hattilerif•Male
:rlTniderene and Mosta Vangeder; on the east by
• lands of John" Wagner. Wm Wagner red James
`Roof ; on the south by lands of Burton Brown , Mo
ses Walters and Elijah Make, and on the west by
'lands of Jno MeDaniels, contains 120 acres mote or
;less, about Mune imporred. with 1 finned house,
Al tramedbereebein. 1 other framed barn with cow..
shed attached. end 2 orchard, of fruit trees thereon.
No. S. ALSO-40 11 e lot situate in Franklin timp
bounded as follows i On the north by the public
highway: on the east by lands tte ',meal) Ilidg
. was : en.thiabwili 14 the rttlwatells ettielkand on
the west by !adds of James C Ridgeway, contains
3 acres more ones* ; all improved, with 2 framed
houses. ' 1 framed barn, and few fruit trees thereon.
No. 5. ALSO-One lot Maple la Towanda Bo as
bounded es .follows COn' the berth by lands of .1 0
-Frost, east by lands of .1 F Means , &nab' by lands
:of Wm Welch, and west byCharierst; being about
50 ft front en Charleroi and 140 ft i deep, With i ,
Mated house thereon ' • •
No. d. ALSO-One lot iltiste in . Towanda Biro,
beunded north by Sprneseat, east by lands of Dr.
Weston. south by an ally. and west by lands of 0 D
Bartlett, being - SO ft front wiliprarrat WO .131 ft
deep, with; 3 trainee tame; and tfeerelrell trees
thereon. Seized and taken into execution at the
suit of Ward it Hanle vs John Lents.
No. 7. ALSO-One other lot situate In Smit h
I. Creek twit, bounded north bylands of • John P 011.
Sett.., east and south by lands of Allen 8 Parsons.
west by lands of the Northern Central Railway Co;
1 contains 8% acres more or less, all improved, with .
I i framed barn and orchard of fret- trees thereon.
Seized and taken into examinee at the Snit of Wit
I Cant:when vs Mary A Joist. • -;,, • .... , 1
No. S. A LI3O-One ether loteltnate lb flatefegtde
twp, bounded north by lands of Carey Horan' arid`
Isaac Dull, east by public highway. south by the
Berwick turnpike, and west by lauds of Carey Mo
rass ; contains 57 sere* more or less, about 50 acres
improved, with 1 framed house, I -board house, 1
framed barn and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Selsed_and taken Into execution at the suit of Ed
ward Overton vs. Charles Alexander.
No. 9. A Leo-Oket other, let situate fn linttleleht
twP.tioniattil earth by /and/ of Adam' SAKI, east
be. lands of Andrew Campbell. south by the public
,Ilighwer, and west by the public highway; contains
;40 acres Word or lea -. about 35 acres Improved, with
log house, I framed bouse.3. trained bums bleed
iitnith shop and orchard el trait trees thereon.
No. 10. ALSO-One other lot situate in Smithfield
twp, bounded north by lands of Adam .Schell, east
by Lands of Mrs. Eliza A Ford, south by the public
highway and lAndsof Herr 711 nd Horton,
A ti ttle
ustin, find weal by laid of Pete rad"; eon::
tains he he red` mercer MOO:bout 40 iei im preemie
with 1 fraenectlonie, 1 framed born, and orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
No. 11. ALSO-One other lot situate In Smith
field twp, bounded north by lands oftlackenn Wake
'ly. east by . lands Of. Adam ecelli,,eunth by 'ands of
.Teter Brady. si West toplandsof Wm Iletnenway
and David Soper; contains 50 acres more or less,
about W acres Improved, no buUdlnes. Seized and
taken into eremajon . at the stdt of WUltausitainell
ye Donnie' Fed. .
No. el. ALSO-One °lberia situate in Athens
Born, bonded as follows: Being lotw.Nos 218 and
219, according to Vet on visit made by Orsen Rick
ey for the lion Edward Herrick, recorded In Brad
ford Common Pleas, it being the same lot deeded
to E M Clark by N C Bards mid wife by deed .la.
led Dec 1,1875, with 1 dwelling house thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the snit of N C
Harris vas Z M Clark.
No. 13, ALSO-One etiZter lot situate in Athens
top,p trowndeellorth by lards ofsetent7.llllo,l, Mist
anti stott be lands bow of forinerty owned by John
I) Ryser, and weal by the public highway : contains
11 acre more or less-with 1 framed house and few
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution at
, the suit of Friendly Bro th ers oat vs Nary F Car
nee. • ,
No. 44. ALSO-One other lot ,situate In Wynlns.
,lug twp, bounded as follows: ,Begitualeg at. tea,
northwest 'or 014 V Taylor letaki. 3, tet".tise out:.
'side of street running on the line of II & Joseph
Gaylord land ; thence south 65 0 east 7le. pen to a
.stone ups ; 't
betty north 4 0 :east 10 peketo at cur;
thence north 86 0 west 714 per* ton stone coron side
cf street ; thence along said street south 4 0 west 10
viers to she place of beginning; contains 75 pereOf
11 0 more or less, being lots Non 4 and 5, according
to Craft's soney: redden to conditions In-regard to
fences mentloned in deed from henry Gaylord and
wife to C. C. Burch, dated Aug 29. 1870, and rez
corded In deed book No 103 at page 451 Cc; all ine•
proved, no buildings. Seised and taken into eee
eutioo at the snit of G P 1.131 e, assignee, Cc vs C
Church.- . • _
Nh. - 15. ALITO=Oni ti th e/. litlidliiate In Asylum
twp, hounded north, east and punt by lauds of E
J Ayres. and west by the publle highway ; contains
one acre of Land more ur less, ail Improved, with I
framed house thereon. Seized add taken Into exe
cution at the suit of 41 H Sutomere use vs:EtlasPh:
trick. t -.
No. 111. ALSO-One other let sttonte In Litehffeld
twpobounded north by lauds of 0 C Everson, east
by lands of Eugene Underhill, south by lands of E
Wolcott, anti west by the public highway; contains
40 ems more,nr terevabout 33 aereattopnared,,With
I framed house. i Crewel bat - band few Milt trees
thereon. Felted and taken into execution at the
suit of Win Snyder vs Allen Stanton. '
No. 17. ALSO-One other Sot situate In Towanda
Boro, bounded as follows : Being lots:No 30 on the
allotment and divlslep of C L Ward, beginning at
a cot of lot No :frowned by John °e'en on Division'
• st s thence south tlVyl 0 west 58 ft and 1 Inches more
or less, to a cor of lot No 321 thence by the same
and lot .No 3l'north 3 , 1 0 east 1244, ft to an alley:
thence along the alone, north e 7% 0 east OM ft to lot
No 29 aforesaid ; thence by the same, south 4 0 west
123 ft more or less, to the pieceof beginning; helms
she. whole of lot No 30 aforesaid, with I framed
home., I Untied barn, and few fruit trees thereon.
Seised and taken into execution at the snit of Cath.
urine B Cook vs Westley Payne. -
No. It. ALSO-One other lot 'innate in Wysoi
twp, bobuded north by lauds of Horton Vanness
and John Lamphire • emit by lahrls of Gorton Van
110.11M, south by, lauds of Bent Bennett, and on the
west by lands of John Lampbter ; contains Marten
of land more or less, abouttl acres improved. with
I framed house, 1 framed !barn and few fruit trees
thereon. Seized and taken on execution at A suit
of .7 M ficoortin vs Josiah Smith. '
No.lll. ALSO-Defendsttt's undivided one-half
interest In one other lot situate In Canton
Born, and bounded as follows: fleginneng at the
southeast cor of lot formerly owned by J K Seemis:
thence north S7lO west 25 ft; thence teeth 114e
west 113 8-12 ft to the centerof Towatulaat; thence
north 71,%* eat 187 ft to the lot formerly owned by
W J i r'helPsthence notth lie west 57 ft to the
norttorest cur of said Pheire lot ; thence north 71 0
east 32 ft to said Phelpe northeast cur; thence
north 11° west 120 ft to actor on tbe kweph Beaman
laud : thence 89 0 west along said Beaman•s south
line el ft to the west line of land , formerly owned
by C A Krtse ,trhenee -south Nue welt 183 It to the
place of beginning ; contains IL6 acre of land with 1
two-story framed hotel. I framed barn and framed ,
sheds, other outthelldings, also NI two-story, framed
Store build irtk and outthultdingsbelenging thereto,
and one other two-story framed building bnillt for
• a meat market. and a few fruit trees thereon. Seiz
ed and taken into execution at the suit of Caroline
C Hattleys use vs 8 ANandan and J. S Manley.
' No. 20. ALSO-One other lot situate In Canton
Bono, bounded north by lands of the James Fox
estate, east by an alleyr, south , by Towandsed, and
west by lands of t he - kitties lthlestate.theintrdrottl
36 ft neaten said Towards-at and 100 ft deep, with
1 framed building used for a bent, 1 (rained gro
, eery store, end tin shop thereon. .
No. 21. ALSO-One other 10t situate le Canton
Burn., bounded north by lands of Win Owens a Son. •
eased ylendsof A'V - Tretst," tooth by lands or-A 0 ,
Kelly. and west 14 an alley ; contains !‘ acre more
or improved, with I framed house thereon.
Soused and taken late exeetalon at the mai of 0 0
Strait rise vs Noraian Rockwell, , •
. No. 'IL'. ALSO-One ether lor altrtafo In Smith-
Seld Dip, bounded north by lands .of Adam
Schill, oat by land* of Andrew Campbell, south by
the public his sway; entitatrof 40 acres more or less.
about 35 acres Improved, with I log house, I framed
barn, 1 blackenithehep.-and, orchard of fruit trees
.. ,
• No. 2.3. ALSO- 7 0m other lot situate In Smith.
field twp. betutdmi north by lands of Aden 50011, -
ease by land* of Mrs Ellie A Ford, south by the •
public highway and lands of Herman Tuttle - and
Burton Oredea, anifwest by lands of Peter Wady;
contains 50 acres more \or less,.about 40 Acres Im
proved, with I framed house, I framed barn and
orchard of Dial trEea thereon,-
No. 24. ALSO-One otherlot situate in9mithneet.
twp, bounded north by. lands of Jackson Wakely,
east - by lends of Adam fiddle emit by lauds of Pe
ter Brady, and west by lands , of Wee Hemenway
and Daniel Soper; coittains HY' acres more or less,
orb ont 20 acres Menem,. no buildings.
No. 25. ALSO-One other lot situate In Burling
inn twp, tepeded Isorth by the public highway,
east by the politic highway, south by lands .Uf
S I. Gusttn • on the west by lauds or Herman
Tuttle ; cent:4ns 2 Acres more or less, all im-
Proved. I cooper shop .and board shod, and Jew
fruit trees therion. Seized and takeh into execu
tion at the snit of William Russell T 3 Dot villa Ford
and C A Ford.
No. 2d. ALSO-One other lot situate In To
wanda Bout and Towanda twp, bounded east by
the red leading front Bridge-et, south by lands
formerly owned by William Patton, west br lend!:
of Led y ard Cbaapel formerly of 'Brilliant Illifrei... -
and notth by lands of the heirs of David Cash. de..
ceased, being 9 rods Denton said road leading from '
Brldge-st, and running back teem said - road on a
line phrallel with the line of the said heirs of Da
vid Caele deceased : contains 21.4 acres more or ten,
all 'metered, with I Minted house, and a taw troll'
trees thereon. Being the same piece of land con
veyed bj demean Phinney and wife to-Jno.f Grif
fith., by deed dated March 25. 1103, and neorded in
Deed Book No 115, it page 2011, Cc. ,
No. 27. ALBO.-One other lot situate In Towanda
are; bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a a post on the west aide of Ball Deadest ; thence
by lot owned by Mathew Rice, north Who west tan
ft to a post; thence by lands of , 0 -. F Mason. north
53‘e cast 50 It to a post;, thenei ' by nt contracted
„to MethLas Mantas, south SOO east 150 ft to the
west side of Rail Road-sti tbenee Mont the same,
south 6 1 / 6 0 west 60 ft to the place of beginning: It
Icing a lot Net 87 of 6 F Mason's parrot South Tee
wands, and conveyed by Warren Hill and wife to
Jno .1 Orielthe, by deed dated Dee 19; 1873, and re.
corded in Deed Hook No 118, at page 464, - de, with
1 framed bonze thereon.
No. M. ALSO-One other lot -situate In Athens
Bora, bounded and described as totems : Begin
ning at a poet en- the west-aide of. Mained, the
northeast actor stemmed by WS Shaply ; thence
along the north Rue of the sed•Sidpiers tot, north
7714 e wee 1214 pen; thencebtort, h 1214° west 3 2.10
pen: thence south 7710 1 east 12,4 Ten to a post on
the west side of Diane ; thence south 121ee east
3 2-10 pen to the place of 'beginning ; contains 40
. . pets more or less, with I famed house thereon: It
hie BANNING. of Neal -Toth,lefortesedDinel ;beta. the santepleee of tend eotteeyed by J D Hill
from spinal weakness and curvature ; a drooping eb 4141044 ant's GrEdlbe by deed tilted• Nov le,
and weak chest; indigestion, constipates. pen. 1574, and recorded in Deed Book No 123, page 255;
Weaknesse s sa d degdueeesents of th e f ema l e :No. 50. ALSO-One other lot situate Is:Towanda
system, that„he may be wratuitonsly consulted for mere. bounded and: 4ei set tbe d a s t °ll ' c ' w *: ° n i t"'
a t a w d a y s . as jr. peerezti.. p i , eed u . s t,. f cm Ding at the narttorest ter of William Patten's back'
their prompt teller by mesas of his system of ' bleed: thence :web ' 23 ft Wag Mallon Ohenee
ed u e l e s , oc.„ which ease long been so *W e ir u se d_ ewe to the Susquehanna' river; thence down and
by the protesalon here and In Europe,. In forlorn 1 " Id rtrer .45 it ' ti 4 tuiel " t linuilmi Pattm ;
ease& "oe distesrupned_ eas es o r sp ect a t e :l fem a l e t ewe along said Palden's tend to the place of be.
'displacements (with but • single temporarytuuuse) ginning, with 1 framed bundling aged for two stone
he refers to Prof. E. P. Allen, of At hena. - 'Call 'Cali for on. Milne. 1 cooper sbop and 1 tdaeluoulth's shop
, th ereon. Excepts ` relining therefrom
Itterrato, July 25. 157 C l
fin: T P.4l4 ' ldd ' 1 -. ' ' rtght ef way B a li
the Petillytratila and Neer 'V*
, •
Cansl and Ball Read Company through said tot as
[ I desire to stile publicly that while I was fast It b now I •, It beteg the same piece of land
sinking she crippling down under a painful spinal Venveyed ,It Patch end wife to Jno .1 Griffith§
de r
terrains, and irritation, notwithstanding eminent by deed ',llltsreb $4 issa,; , apt *worded Itl Deed
treatments. 4 Dr.l Banning. by - hts Spinal Prom Book Neb 'we 170. Aire all the right. title
has so suddenly sitaightened and strengthened me yid Jute •t„ , Eid John .1 Griffiths tn and to, a
es to remove say Wins and enable me to do mare thralls rip Jaandine Wile north Ode of
work Ina darthan I .could In a mouth previously.- ;lOW Less.,:s Ins aid, 1 funned building used
I advise such saterers to Consult Dr. B. • fqr mr - l• - • - ks forth Loa contract Dons Sele
. , MRS. HANNAH, MINN, ' . Seloosott t r - -' ' J 0121BUts, needreed le NSW'
ri: - . - • No. IS South Divnitne !urea. - zar•*o r -,i s dl,ll,,Ne. s eeki 01w:d .j ./towage,
' lrir Da.ll.oollsfito is as .I , lerfiX% - litala. • Hee die - '-• eft , bik-lasst* tr -1 • 7 4
me. Umilidiatrai' ,- - t . , c• -; •••• 'L' - sodlootpt. *-- .immoiwitsig - fbilcsw.- 1 11 '
..- - ,;., 4,- .', 1 ------: , - - ` , 1- '. ,_,.. - -t-55,--",-5„.4-f2-- - ‘l`.:-r
'„•rl:.' - 'Z'•,...-- , .:.:,5' ~..aj,..i„,, 1..,0, , ,,.....e._-::,,, , ,i.„.... , ,..,,,,,..:,,m7 1 , i.: .. , -,..51,- , ,..,„,; , ,,-4:4,7*,-4, ,, ,-" , z,,-;-, , Nl7pt-ce - A
-, ,, , , .7 , ,, ,, ,,1,e.., , ,,, • - •- - .4`":er3l , e' , .i- --% we'v:•l , i , e - ;.:.• Lr Z ,- .7kher:l:<..44 t : 'e ' O- -,„1-- . .t4sr'•*. , '-'• c ,k` I.
-- ce,'";,...44e.3. - ae.i, - t,'"15% •••...•;." . - t - A- . 1, 5 1
, -- ••- ,2. ,47 • .t: o 44 , etrz,e,i: - ' ' , ,,r t s,, : ,-1 ,
wr J. C. BLUM baszeoeired aIiEW
wrocut t op.
.LADINS , ' AND - 01111iDDSW*
WICAB tar uisSaanoer 'DIRK ; which he offers at
priest fatless ties 'heretofore tole, and at lower
col"Petit, 4uPlial"
atitadie aid eoathramt; Dore bet Maid !Kiva:
aositheY l ! l4 : 4 f:Nridtleadill K (111ibalitd
.tartiostm ow SALE otOcrid sod
duet Walchne t Chains...Yaney Omuta, ete.- tar
ondisilined hailajjpotehasad let sheillriiidle the
entity stack et Watches. Chaos. Elver sad PUted
Ware, In the store touserlynecopted by X. MIX.
vulvas, and net wtahlog to nomad In the bad
ness, has concluded to sell the entire !lock regard,
eu of cost, to onler to wind up the Witness. Call
early saillatigaltss. .
The. - 16dtord Mufti
instltuteirfil tw Ste/il fit the Gritted Scheel ftas e ;
Term's. cosintmelair Aeinst 1211 i and dodos
At tbe, &mud orantnidlon the stipertisfeuisik
wiltWitte *Watt* eittleeste or each benehir
'NU been\punctitat and„fajihful •jp the Institute
work such*.t..•aim; urge dlntotois to pity these
teachers wages.' ' - •
The 'counties of our itete• wet ;prosperous In
edur r attna use iiiptliods tgalisicri,t I to this to Alle
great piorement, , aint pmit Of . the sehocds; and
nearly all teachers attend, but scarcely bne-quarter
of the Bradford cmitY triehera attend the heti.
Board In Ovate Cam lee and at hotels it re
duCed prices. * lb'innieititat - rinted for
rest tiiatd
lag cheap. Teachers.. directors and friends of
'edneatina are cordially. Invited. •
G. W. 11T41,i,,, 1•-
Countl thipeitnteddeat.; •
ur In the, whole taster? . 'of Medic*
. .
p!eperielog haseperperfonnedsuckuntrrellaus
cures, ,or maintained so wide a reputation,. as .
Atilt% CUlltirr 10:67 . 0*AL, whlclihs reicatibuid
as the world's remedy for all diseases of the throat
and lunge, its kingumitioned series of wonderful
cares Mikan climates has made it universally known
as a safe and reliable agent to employ. Against
ordinary colds, which are the forerunners of more
serious disorders, it acts speedily.and *Usti:, al
ways relieving suffering, and often saving life.
The protection It adonis, by Its timely use , In the
throat and lung disorders of children. makes It an
Invaluable remedy to be -kept always en hanein
every home. No person can afford to tie without
and those who,have once need 'it never alit.
From their knowledge of its composition and of
frets, .Physicians use the CllntilY rXCTOTIAL
eztenalWely In their practice. and Clergymen lee
=mend it. It Is absolutely certain In its remedial
effeet o g, and will always tore where cu rea are posed
We. For sale by all dealers.
SCITOONMARER—WEST—At the home of the
bride's parents, Smlthfield, July 2-11 h. by Rev. P.
8. Everett, of Wellsburg. N. Y., Mr. It. I. Schoen
mike r, of 171stcr, and Miss Alice West, only
daughter of G. C. West.
PVITII--RtBBELL- , At the Baptist parson
age, Wellsburg, N. Yz, July 28th, by Tim r. S.
Eterest, assisted by Rev. C. T. Ilatiotrell,' 'Mr.
Perry Griffith and 311 alloys Mussel), all of Mb.
ens,- Po.
McIIRIDE+In Towanda. JoWaist. MaryTerosla.
daughter of Mantel and Mary Mcßride, aged "k
year 7 months and 1t days.
MORRISON—In Ulster, July "ad. Mary. Ataughei.
of Andrew and Anna Morrison, aged 8 years.
s •
Corner Lake and Water Street*,
Elmira, N. Ir„, April le, 76.17.
re E. P.. KUNKEL'S 11qtra n NVINE or
Ilion' gives tone to the stomach, Improves the ap.
petit - y.Bnd atudets digestlint, excites' th e (swell to
healthy action. expelling all the foul humors that
contaminate the blood, corrupt the iierretioni and
offend the breath. It excites the liver toe healthy
"tenon and strengthens the nerve*, Imparting that
Blew to life that proceeds alone from perfect health..
Thousands In, alt walks of life, testify to the virtues
of this e*ceelleut mhdlclne Ili correcting the de
rangement of the digestive organs. Get the gene.
Inc. gold only in one dollar bottles. Ask for
KONntb's Brrrxtt Winn OF inoN, and take no
Dyspepstal- Dyspepsia! ,Dyspepsiat
1F!:. F. Kunkel•s flitter Wine or Iron. a sore cure
for this disease. It has been prescribed . daily for
many years In tee-practice of eminent physicians
with unparalelled sucress. Symptoms are loss or
appetite, wind and risingof food, dryneeslutneuth,
headache, dizziness, sleeplessness awl low spirits.
Get the genuine. Not sold In bolt, only one dollar
bottles. -
Dolan want sontetblig to strengthen you? Do
you want a good appetite? Do you want to get Od
of nerronstiessil Da ion want .energy you
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LIST OF LETTERS remaining in
Post Omen at Towanda. Bradford Co., Pa.,
tot the week ending August 8, yin:
. i
Bush, Mrs. Myson E. !torch°. Ella
Bradley, Mary ' Kennedy. Kate
Brasted, John Lynch, Michael
Boyd,--Lucy Langan, Annie
Coyle. Casale ' Lynch, Annie
Carl, P1e11311,. - Pratt, Tr. U. Jr.
Chltson, Manny * Powers, Mary (4
Jackson, Stella 4 ' Wolf, Mary C. , '
persons calling for any of the alstve will please
say "advertlised," Miring date of list.
.S. W. ALVOItD, P. M.
GeneraldaaleralnOreeetioa and Produce, PaGotrs
Block, corner Main and Erylgo pert& '
. • W 110414441.5. IttrAlL.'".
Flour pei• Lb/ . 5 7 501 11 7$ • '6ma T if
Flour per sack 1 500 1 15
Corn >lea/ per tOO 16s .. '
. - ' 1 2555
Chop Feed 1 2065
'Wheat, per bush 1 0065 110 1 I 120
Cern 4 41'0 45 ' ISW
Rye sre) •65
Oats •- Zeii 25 WO 22
Closet; seed,medlunr.... 5 CVO
Timothy, western, • s • 1 754
Heans..62 Ms, •;•.. 1 0065 125 tataßioo
Pork, mess 12 5® • 011415 10
-Dressed hogs - • . 05 •
12M .
• us
Shoulders , .• N 06
Lard • ONO 02 •,..
Butter, tubs 12(4 16 . • 1411 111
Ras, f
Rolls ' resh - . 11® 12 13® 16.
10 12
Cheese lr® 11, 12
Green apples, bush - 4 C(i6 , 50 , • .
Potatoes, per bushel.... SO -
°mons • $ so, 65
Beeswax 2 2
Veal Actin '..40040
Deacons . 21030
Sheertate 10
Tandy ' -
ol (041011
r , .
re nn
• al 4 , , !A s. 1
fah pee lthettee 'l4 Held hi
the ereethathe Mem 4:UMW* DM irleth 71* east
ifTetreg oose a lopetWi tele est o a nts o ; theme by land I
n n the
Nge mid
gre ul tglooa s er aka O w =g t .7 6 P ga=.
" I C i ° **P° l4 “ 1664666 swift be land, in. the war-
On Milne Mkt:bed Shaw, :de pets to the place
efileglindzigi costal*: 417 Sever more or tees:
Mrthigtherefroin Clacressed 110 pees thereof sold.
to J A Moths/ the equal undtvided orso;
half of lath tract after deducting said' CI acres and
PO Pert MI aforesaid and In the same erect that. was
paella:se:lV Hata Beekwell at , Tteunter*osais of
drummed lands In and for saidalunty of Bradford.
Omit Oates, IRK Mid wile etioreped bkrintereit
in the same to the saki 'lrons Rockwell who has
ogle purchased the outstanding claims thereto of
and from ;Ward :Ore, den t : W Patti*. and the
heirs et Jobn N Weston. and being the same piece
Weise einrreyell tylittram 'Rockwell sod 'wife to
;Ito,J Grißths by Odd dated August- kith, and
retorded Deed . litotßOll7,- at pep He.
Bra 1:14:33.00.4the other lot innate „Leßoy
twp bounded and described as follow': All the
risithltithandintedpeedlkem the said Abraham`
Ruth; end Soap his wife and their heirs arid se
dges in Ind to lards said Wince Of the land re
malting unsold bp said Abraham Martin and Susan
his 'wife, which le contained or einblaced In all
theetthereend tracts of land respectively ; In the
Warranteeoemes of John Barron Jr. which ass
patented tti Jan Barron. Frederick. Bates, paten-
Seto Frederichßates, Henry Beck, patented to
John Barker and George Pfeifer, patented to WU-
Min Bartle and situate In Leltoy, formerly Can•
ton' twp. Bradford county. State of ennsitronLa
aforesaid,' the line to which aforesaid several
tractesboiro named. by subdry conveyancee duly
arstuted acCording tolaw, became duly and left:n.l
vs:Red In fee sinapie In them the aforesaid Aber
bans Roth: and Swan Ms wife, said lands remain
ing ansted as ateressid, sad herein thtended to be
conveyed by the said Abraham Martin and Susau
Its wife to the said John J fee siIPPle
as aforesaid. la supposed to contain or enaWirith the.
quantity of 406 acres more or les" ; being the
a me nd Ogee of land :moseyed by Abraham Martin and
wife to Jao J Grifiltha by, deed dated pct 4.
and recorded in Died Book No 102,5 t page 331, he,
so_lmprovements. ,
No. 32. ALSO—One other lot situate in Towanda
Vero, bonnded ‘ and described a* Begin:
Meg at *post on Stateot as the inter:section of said
street with an alley; thence southerly along raid
alley 100 ft; theethwesterly and parallel with paid
(greet SO ft; thence northerly and parallel with
said alley 300 ft to State-at thence eaatirly along
said street to thiplaceed beginning; with 1 fram
ed house thereon : being the fame piece of land
ceoveyed by B McKean and wife to Joe Jr Grit.
Atha by deed dated Jan 11, 1671 and recorded - in
Diet Book NO 10 2 . at pige lee, ac.. •
No. 33. ALSO—One other lot situite in Asylum
tarp, beentlek and dewribed as folkows : Beginning
St A stake at west cur of Van dennork's lot adjoin.
log lands of John Westbrooks : thence south 42 6
welt 10 pers to aataire for of John Westbrook "and'
Chines Zorn : thence north 2* west 64 pent to
stake In went highway : thence north 5$ east 34
pelts to a stake In said road ; thence south 63 pets
to place of beginning; contains 1131 acres more or
left, portly Improved, with I !rehouse thereon; he.
leg same laud conveyed by B F Borman and wife
by deed recorded In Deed Book No 109, at page 331,
No. 54. ALSO—One other lot Weide in Wysox
twp, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a stake and stones near the turn of the road teed
inglewards Towanda Eddy; thence south 75 0 east
35 pen to a stake and statics on the bank of the Ca;
nsl; thence-bounding Afpon the same, south 34 0
west abont 55 pert ; thenCe on the Westline. of the
Shepherd Pierce Vann, tanning north 7 0 west 55
pen to the place of beginning; contains 5 acres
and 137 pen of land more or less, with I framed
house stud few fruit Dees thereon.
• No. 55. ALSO—One other lot situate In Wysox
twp, bounded and described as follow': Beginning
at a post on the east bank 'of the canal, and run
ning South east 33 pen to the Slyer: thence
north 21* east 20 pen to a con thence north 37°
west 40 pen to the put - bank of the canal; thence
np said Canal and - bounding the same, to the place
of beginning; contains 4 acres and pen more or
less. all Improved. The said last two pieces above
described being t hesame land conveyed by James
Saisimry and wife to John J Griffith hydeed dared
June 13. 1822. and recorded la Deed Book No 111,
at page 201. 'de. •
• No. 35. ALSO—Twoother iota sdinate In Towan
da Brno and Towanda Mt. bounded and described
as 'follows: The first of said lots coannencing at
the northeast our of the lot Intended to be convey
ed, at the eastern terminus of the line fence salt
stood when the adjoining lot was occupied by Mrs-
Bennett ; thence soatheardly along the west side
of the rted note known as Bridge-st Extension. 20
rods to a cor; thence westwardly and parallel with
the south line of the lot lately occupied by Mrs
Bennett as afot . isald. and now owned by '
Norconk, 40 rods to a cor on the line of lands lately
owned by • Gedyard Chaapel ; thence northward!,
along Said Chaapers line and parallel with said
Beidgenst Extension. 20 rods to • car; thence east
wardlyalong the south line of the lot lately occu
pied by the said Mrs Bennett and now owned by
William Norconk, 45 rods with the jog hereafter
mentioned, to the place of beginning; reserving,
however, to the said W. Patton, his heirs and as
signs forever, the spring near the north line of said
lot, and whirl: is some 15 rods from the aforesaid
road. now Bridge-st Extension, together with one
rod square of land embracing the same, and also.
the right to convey in pipes into and 'from said
spring, the water of the two other , springs above
and southwest of said spring, so as to connect the
three springs in one, or to such other point or place
as the said Patton. his heirs or assigns may choose.
The bet aboverdescnibed contains. S acres of land,
strict measure; less the one rod square reserved as
aforesaid, all improved, The other or second lot
lying and being south of and adjoining said lot
hereby conveyed to the party of the intend part,
and beginning at thesoutbeast conthereof ; thence
southwardly along said Itrnigeott Extension 100 ft
to a cot; thenedWeStwardly and parallel With the
line of one Cormya lot 150 ft to a cor; tbentis north
wardlyand parallel with said Bridgost Extension
100 ft 'to a cot ; thence eastwardly along the line of
the Cormya lot 150 ft to the place of beginning; be
ing the same two lots of land conteyetfliy William
Patton and wife to John J Griffiths by deed dated
Dec 26. 1874, and recorded In Deed Book No 124, at
Page 115. de. '
No, M. ALSO—One other lot situate in °vet ton
twp, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a post at cor of First-st south; thence sa}j o east
• 5 per to a post ; thence, south along the line of Wil
son StreesTs lot 10 pen to a post; thence west 5
pen to a port on First-et ; thence along said street
10 pers to the. place of beginning; contains 60 pen
of land more or less, with the privilege of sufficient
-Water from the spring' for family use, with I small
framed bens° thereon ; being the same piece of
land conveyed by Solomon Hewing and wife to Jno
J Griffiths by deed dated Sept 25, 1871, and record
.ed in Deed Book 'No 125. at page 2 5 3, ate.
ALSO-One other lot situate in Towanda
Bore, bounded north by lands formerly owned by
C F Nichols. east by 'Bridge-st Extension. south
and west by lands of J O Patton; being 40 ft front
on Bridge-st and 150 ft deep, with I framed house
No. U. ALSO—One other lot situate inTolvanda
Bore and Towanda twp, bounded north by lands of
0 E Harris, east by lands of E W Warner, Joseph
Doll, Geerge. Camp arid Johanna Croke; south by
lands of J 0 Pollen, and west by lauds of the .
'Moody & Morgan estate ; contains af; acres of land
more or less, all improved. Seized and taken into
execution at a suit of E W - Hale and Overton &
Mercer use vs John J -Griffith, Joseph. CI Patton
Daniel Sweet-and Bridget Sweet, T. T.
No 40. ALSO—One other lot sitnate In Canton
bone, bounded and described as follows: Begin
' ing to the east line of Mix & Whitmaes drug
store lot at the northeast cor of the lot herein de
scribed; thence easterly &loons the south line of
lands belonging to-Lodge No 221, I 0 0 F, Wit to
an alley; thence tooth along thewest side of said al
ley about 100 ft to the north line of A 6 Kelley's
Butt thence atestalong Kellerirnorth line about 40
it; thence tiortitaleng said . 511 - x. k. Whitman's earl
line to the place of beginning; contains about 3,500
square feet of land more or less, all Improved.
. No 41. ALSO—One other lot situate In Canton
born% bounded and described as follows: Begin
ning le the center of a proposed extension of Oen
terest, lit the northeast cur of J K Wright's; thence
west along J K Wright's north line Itsft to Bears
alley: thence north along east line of Beers alley
GO tt; thence east Along the south line of other
lands of S J Hickok 105 ft to said Center-sf; thence
south along the center of said Center-st to the
place of beglnnlng; contains 11,100 square feet of
land, all improved.
...No 42. ALSitaidine other lof situate JD Canton
lion', bounded and described as follows t Begin
ning at the northeast cur of the last above deserlie
.ed lot; thence west along the same tuft to Heaps
alley; thence north along said 60ft to lot of A
'Kelley; thence east along maid alley south line
to center of said Center-et; thence /with along the
Center of veld street to the place of hegtnnlng: con
tains jj of en acre more or less, with 1 framed
house thereon.
No 43. ALSO—One other 'lot situate In -Canton
bora , . bounded and described as follmrs : Begin
stag in the center of Second-st In the line of lands
of •Emellue Levitt ; thence south along the west
line of said Levitt lot 205 ft to Norman Rockwell's
lot; thence east along said Rockwell's line 130 ft to
the e liter of Center-st; thence north along the
center of said street =Sit to the center c 4 Second
et; thence west along the center of Second-st tors
to the place of beginning; contains, nearly 1 acre all
. No 44. ALSO—One other lot situate In Canton
bom", bounded and described as follows:_ Begin
ning in the center of he proposed extension of
Center-st; theme southerly along the center of salt,
street.2l3ft to the center of flecnnd-st:. thence east
erly Meng the center of the Second-sr 130 ft to the
lands of J B Shakespeare; thence north along the
west line of said Shakespeare, A .1 'Sterrett, Walter
Leavitt, 250 ft to the southeastern-tor of Berme
Pitch's estate; thence westerly along the south Hoe
of said Fitch's lot and other lands of Illekot 178 ft;
contains about Lis of an acre more or less, all Im
No 45. ALSO—Ono other lot situate In Canton
hero', bounded and described as follows: Deginnitig
At the northwest corner of lot No 3 described, but
thence west along the same 185 ft to Bear's alley;
thence north along said Bears alley 75:4, thence
easterly 183 ft silting the first described lot and lands
of Norman Rockwell 185 ft to the center of said
Center-at; thence south along center of said street
75ft to the place of beginning; contains 13,875 sq ft
of land more or less. with 1 framed house, and eth
er ontbulldlnge thereon; Seised and taken Into ex
' reutitm at the snit of William $ Jayne vs S J Rick
elt.A 44 Kelley, 0 C Strait and J E SeymOur. •
'No 18. ALSO—One other tot situate to Rldgbury
tarp, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a state-and stones on the public road leading
fronrcentervilleto John 'Attrition's residence, and
on the south Ilne of Jim Smith's farm; thence east
-11 erly along said Jute 8021 t h -a south line to John Lar-
Ilson's land'l7B rodS: thence south 3 0 west along
said Larriaan's lands 158 rods to the 'center of the
erect: thence north 87e west `along the center of
said creek 58,rods; thence north 30 west along said
creek 8 rods; thence north along said creek 32 rods;
tbencenortb 5±40 west along said creek 23 . rods;
'thence north 71.3‘a, west 28 rods; thence noth So
west 21 rods; thettee north 88° west 60 rods to place
of beginninzt contains 83N acres more or less. abtint
65 improved, with ' , plank house, I. framed barn,
old log barn; other outbuildings. and orchard of
fruit trees thereon. 'Reserving the - right of way
across said premises, to , get the timber of 13 acres
of land belonging to Burt on the south side of said
creek; also the right of Way, in the most comretilent
point to get It Lock 's timber across said
premises; said timber situateowthe south of said
No 47. Af.Bo--One o th er loasitaate In Itidgbory
twp, bounded and described as ' slows: Beginning
at a white.oak tree. It .being the wontheast ear of.
land formerly of the estate of-Daniel Dickerson;
thence west on the line of said lands to the south
west cor; thence south along the line eflot No 8 to
a post and stones standing in the line of lot No 8,
and thence north to the place of beginning; con
'tains 45 acres more or less about 30 improved, with
1 framed barn, 1 log house, and orchard of fruit
treeii thereon. Seised and taken int. , execution at
the suit of John Larrison vs Theodore Garrison.
• No 48. 411.80--thee other lot situate in Coltunbla
tarp, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a stake and, stones on the tine of lots between T
A Andrews and Oreille E 'Watkins,: and running
north 8 perches to the centre of load; thence east
ft to the centre of the new store-house; thence
south 8 persiti US, Moe of lots - of Oreille it Wan.
klub; thence Oft west to the .pface of beginning.
with 1 framed store building thereon. • .•
No 48. •ALBo—One other lot situate in Coluinbis
twit. hounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a Woo en the line of lots between Orville. B
Walltl n sand A IV Austin. and running north 8 peva
tethe centre of the road; thence west 4 30; thence
sea* $ pert to The ulna of lots of orrllto .t wow
tiro wet A It As Woos out VI It to &be place
wt twittwittwn matelot l pen attend store or tem
the two lots stare desesitred Wing the , same pear(
ollsod cooveyed by . UAW Irorgosook ender tre to
imi Moults% tet sot orttlltor uosett.doterml.,
4214. MrdeeilisiptJaautag"Jr7„ Ited tecordett
- LegiL
In and for 8,4D/id County in Deed 800 24 Ir.
ore page 564 etc„. • Seized and taken intoexeent on
at tae talk of filtnoes,Saylee k Con No trees
Steleart. • . •• • •
No 55. AL1566- 41ne other lot situate in Albany
trip. bounded and described as follows: Segueing
at s beach in - the line of binds. of. John Brown:
thence north. sorl west 27 pars. to a pat; thence
north Wie.east ill pent to a stake on the bank of
the creek; thence north 43K° esattn pets toe asks.
BY the Creek: thence south 1430 saes 23 pare to- la
make on the bank of the creek; thence south 29,1! )
westwig pert to the plus of beginning: contains 23 ,
Acres and 65 pees more or less, about 11. acres Int
=, with I • plank house sad ler, DWI Ines
. Kelzeland taken into oaf:elitism, at the
atilt of N C Thompson vs Almanac, B Allen,No 51. ALSO. Other lot situate he Alban'z
two, bounded north by lands of T al- Wilcox and
A Wilcox. east by lands of Tautens' Dibble, south
by lands of the George flotrkttur mina^ Ansa hr.
lands of Leonard Carg; contains 40 acres norther
kit, about NI Improved, with 1 Mullett ibturse, I
house, I framed barn. I treated gala bones and
shed *Bathed, and orchard of !mit .trees thereon.
Seized and taken Into execution at the anti of du
II Webb's use vs John Munch.
'No at. ALSO—one other lot situate In Leßoy
Swp, iniunded north by lazily ' Harvey Holc6Mh.
east by Marlin Holcomb's es e south by the
tie highway, limit by lands A Harlines; being 5
rods front and 10 - rads deem. contains 50 rods of
land more or less, with I framed house, framed
barn, and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and talc.
en into execution at the snit of 'it A Case, Assignee
vs N.D Mooney and,ll EI Tears. •
No IL ALSO—One Other lot situate In Athens
twp, bounded earthly lands of N C Harris, east
by the public highway.. south by lands of KC Bu
tts, west by Keystone *refine; contains M an acre
more or less, $1 improved, with I framed house, .1
abed, and few trait trees thereon. Seized and tat.
4131 / 1 40 6 26e101911 at the sbit of Hitt Golden vs Jet.
*Midi Sullinse end James Lambert.
No it.7.lX4o3—Ogse other. toe situate 'in Canton
befo'S. betutdert sad described as, follows: - -Begin.
ohiget dienorthessreor of lot No In; thence east
esti altigthe hue of said lot No Sd and tot No 51,
Of feet Itiore or fees to the cor of Division-street;
theca northalyaloog the center of said street
feet more or loss to the center of CassemArt; thence
Iresterly alerrgthereenterof Cassoest 107 ft to the
.northeast cow et lot No 'so; thence southerlyalong
Moline or said lot No 60'312 ft to The place of be. ,
gatang ; being ths name more or lass, name being
s, No &Sand 60, rte laid down. on the villsge plot
of Canton Wu% by OD WC Oreutt for Kingsbury,
Newman &Co. wlth.l steam planing mill, with all
machinery and fixtures belonging thereto. 1 . store
haulm lumber sheds and I framed tern thereon,
Belled and taken Into execution st the suit of E C
Seymour J Mellott. 'Also at the salt of E C
Seymour vs Jerome Al Seymour.
No 53. ALSO-Ana other lot situate In Tuscarora
twp, hounded earth by lands of Lma and Ilene.
diet Coburn, east by lands of B e ne d ict oburn,
Alonzo - Bray, Joshua Corbin and Benjamin Singer.
south by lands of O W Dexter, west by the public
highway, and lands of Ada Rosencranta and Alon
zo Gray; sontains 06 acres more or - less, about 75
Improved, with 1 framed !loose, 1 framed barn and
orchard of fruit trees thereon—betted and taken
into execution at the lull, of John II Overneld vs
William Martin. •
No 56„ ALSO—One-other lot nitwit. In Breathe
two, bounded north by lands of John Lantz, east
by lands of Burton Brown, south by lands of Boss
Wanness, west -by lands of William Rockwell,
and Elijah Blake; contains So acres more
or less, about * Improved, with 1 framed house, 1
framed barn, and orchard 'of fruit trees thereon.
Seized sod taken Into executive at the suit of An.
drew Crane's use vs J B Johnson. . -
No. 57. • ALSO—One other lot situate In Troy
borough, hounded as follows: Beginning at centre
of Elmira street: thence by south , 'boundary- of
Spalding lot south 34 0 east 19 perches to a corner in
Sugar creek ; thence along creek scruth.47 o west 4
perches to a corner; thence north 34° west'l9 7-10
perches to centre of street aforesaid thence along
same north - 57 0 east .1.5 N feet to place of beginning,
containing 77 square perches of land, more or; less.
No. 53. ALSO—One other lot situate ii Troy
borough, bounded as follows. to Wit : Beginning at
centre of Elmira street, thence by lot ;No. i south
34 0 east 19 7.10 perches to a corner In creek ; thence
along same south 47 0 west 4 perches to a corner;
thence by lot No. .3 north 34° west 20,i perches to
centre of street aforesaid ; thence along same north
57° east 63,5‘ feet to place of beginning, containing
80 square feet of land, more or testi. •
No. 59. ALSO—One other lot situate in Troy
borough, bounded and described as followS: Begin
ning at cCntreDf Elmira-st, thence by lot tin, 2 south
34 0 east2o yi perches to corner in ugar creek: thence
along .same south 47° west 4 perches - to a corner;
thence bye SSicHean's lot north 34° west 21perches
to centre of Elmira-st ; thence by same north 57°
east 4.9 t feet to the place of beginning, containing
82 square perches of land, more or less, with one
dwelling house. wagon shed and hay scales, and
stone foundation for barn and shed thereon.
No. 60. ALSO —One other lot situate In Troy
borough, bounded as-follows : Beginning at-centre
of Elmira street, thence along line of C'S McKean's
lot south 22° east 21 perches to a - corner In Sugar
creek; thence along creek south 42 0 west 6 11.10
perches to a corner thence by land formerly of D
I" Pomeroy, decd, north 30S° west 22 percheA to
centre of. 'Elmira street, and along same north 47°
east 6 1-10 perches to the place of beginning. con
tainkug 137 perches of. land, be the same more or
less. , . .
No. 61. - ALSO—One other lot situate In Troy her,
ough, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a corner In-Elmira street, thence by lot in. pos
session of C Packard south 343° eastrro feet, more
or less, to line of land of Nelson Adams; thence by
the same to line of E Pomeroy's-let : thence by said
Pomeroy north..3'N , " west about 111 . feet to a cor
ner In 'Militia street, and thence along -said street
51 feet to the place of beginning, containing one-
Nth of an acre, be the same more or less . , with one
dwelling boose and barn thereon.
No. 62- ALSO —One other lot situate in Troy
borough, bounded and described as follow?: Be
ginning at a corner on east side of Canton street,
thence by lands of the Fitch estate south 40? east
Itt feet to,cornertn Sugar cree': thence souttf4B o
west along creek 29 feet to a corner thence north
42° west St '4 feet to a -corner: .thence -south 48 0
west ltrfeet to a corner; thence by boundary of I)
Rockwell's lot 823 feet to a corner; thence along
east side of Canton street aforesaid 49 feet to the
place of beginning. contlining.4,9so ;genre feet of
land, be the same more or less, with one market
building, Ice house and.tailor shop thereon.
No. '6a. ALSO —One other lot sitnate In Troy
borough, imianded and described as follows: Be
ginning at a corner In Canton street, thence north
89 0 . Goat 24 4-10 perches along Canal street to a eor
aerie Sugar creek ; thence by lands of it F Reding
ton, and along said creek 9 88-100 perches to a cor
ner ; thence bY line of lot No. 0 north 85 0 west2,s
840 pe_rches to a corner in Canton street: thence
along same . 7!_f perches to place_ of beginning. con
taining 210 perches of land, more or teas, with one
dwelling honse.and a few fruit trees thereon.
NO. 61. ALSO-One • other lot situate iii Trop.
borough, hontided anti , described as follows; Be
ginning 4 at a corner In Canton street. thenCe _by
south line of lot No. 8 25 8-10 perches to a corner at
creek ; thence by lands of R F Redington and along
creek 4% perchei to a corner; thence by north_line
of lot No. 10 26 1-10 perches to corner in . Cantomst ;
thence along same 4% perches to the place of be-.
ginning. containing 'll9 perches of, land, more or
less, with a fewfrult trees thereon.
• No. 65, ALSO—One other Jot situate in Troy
borough, bounded and described as follows: Be
ginning at a corner in Canton-st, thence by lot No
-9 south 81° east 26 4-1,0 perches to a corner :. thence
along creek and line of R F Redington 4% perches
to a corner: thence by north line of lot No. /1 north
85 0 west 27 perches to a cornet in Canton-st ; thence
along Canton-st 4S perches to the place 'of begin
ning, containing 120 perches of, lend, more or less,
with a,few fruit trees thereon. ,
No. 66. ALSO—One other lot itituatg In. Troy
borough, bounded as follows; Beginning at a cor
ner to Canton-at, thence by lot No. 1027 perches to
corner ; thenoe alone creek and 'Mao( It F Reding
ton 4% perches to a corner; thence north 85° west
27 7-10 perches to a corner In Canton-st, and thence
along Canton-st 43 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing 123,perches of land, more or less.
. No. 13:. • ALSO-One other lot situate In Troy
bororigh.,botinded and described as follows: ' a
ginning corner in Canton-st, thence by lot No. II
27 7-10 perches to a corner; thence along creek and
line of it letitetkLugtest 4 12.100 perches to a corner;
thence along IBMs of -tot No. 13 north 84V 0 Kest 28
3-10 pereh.s to a corner In Canton-at ; thence along
Canton-st 4 perches to the place of beginning. con
taining 11l perches 'or land, morenr less, with one
dwelling house thereon. •
No. 68 ALSO —One other lot situate in Troy
borough, bounded and described as follows: Be
ginning at a corner la Cantou-st, thence by lot No.
12 2.8 3.10 perches to a corner ; thence along creek
and line of It Redington 1 24.100 perches to acor
ner : thence by north line of tot No. le north 0111°
west 28 0-10 perches to corner in street aforesaid
thence along Canton;st 4 perches to the place Of
beginning. containing 112 perches of land, more' or
iPSS, with: one dwelling house and framed sheds
No. 69.. ALSO— One other lot situate in •Troy
borough. bounded and described as follows: Be a corner in Canton st, thence along sonth
line of tot N 0.13 ytt 9.10 perches to a corner; thence
along meek and , ltne of It F Redington 63i porches
to s corner: thence north 84tiic cast 29 240 perches
to corner Jr; Canton-st. and thence along same
perches to place of begl nn ng, contain Ing 161 perches
of land, more or less, with one slaughter !ulnae
ADO, One other lot situate to Tim
borough, bounded asfollows Beginning at a cor
ner In rautog-st. thence, along south line of lot No.
14 29 7-10 perches to a corner thence along.. creek
and lands of P. F Bed ington 55-10 porches to to:. cor
ner ; thence slung north line of land of D Rock
well north' me west JO 5-10 perclun to a corner In
(lenter-st : thence along Center-st 55-10 pe rs to place'
of beginning. containing 165 pars of land, more or
less. '
No. 71. ALSO— One . other lot situate in Troy
township. bonMied as follows: t the '
north by the
public highway and lands of Maloney and the
Spalding hd, on the east by the pt bile highway and
of L Maloney, on the south and west by hinds
of the estate of 0 P itallardoleed, containing, as'
per deed to Said F 11 Person, 60 titres of land, more
or less, all improved. .
N 0.72. ALSO —One. other lot situate In Trey
.township, bounded and described as follows: Be
ginning at northwest corner of warrant No. 992
(lot N 0.115 o.thence by lands of T Case and Mr_hee
lor let test 284 perches to a basswood;' thence by
C Dodgelet south 160 perches to post in north line
of V anhoruh4 ;.thence by crime and lands formerly
of .1' 31 Oliver and A Murray west 264 'perchei to a
post: thence by lands of OP Ballard and J 31 nosith
north 160 perches to place of beginning...containing
264 acres of laud, more or less, pearly all improved,
with one dwelling home, granary, barn and sheds
and few fruit trees_thereon. • - • . .
No. 73... ALSO—One other lot situate - in West
Burlington township, hounded and described as
follows: Beginning at northeest corner of lands of
0 Rockwell, thence south 10 0 east 52 a
post; thence by 31 Rockwell north 68° west 136
perches to a post..; thence north 10° west by same
142% perches to a post;thence south 'B6° east by
Stephen'sent - Geddards lots 62 perches to *post ;
'thence north li.N O west by Goddard lot 13:perches
to tepost ;.thenee south 78 0 west by same 20 perches
to a post; thence north 12 0 welt by samo24 perches
• to a white risk ;thence south 88° east 62 a.lO perches
tea post; thence north 10° west GC 6.10 perches to a
.post ; thence north24 o east 16 6-10 perches to a post;
thence north 2 0 east Si Perches to a rat: thence
south Se° east 64 perches to corner of. 0
31 Ballard
thence south 2° east 366 7-10 perches to a post;r
thence south 87° west 38 8.14 perches to a post ;
thence north 88° west 43 perches to the place of be
ginning. containing 360 acres of land. More or less.:
about 300 acres Improved. with one dwelling house.
granary, two barns and theft and a few fruit trees
thereon. . Seised and taken Into execution at the
snit of ronterny pros' vs 'Franklin H Person. •.
No 74. ALBo6—One other lot 'situate In Wyse:
twp, bounded north by landsef E 11 Whitney and
Chat les Dangher34, east by lands. of 'ft -1.4 Parks
and Adolph Hines, south by lands of E Hivilutos,
west by lands illtA L aorsline and Reed -ft- Brown:
contain* 71 acres.more or less; about 60 improved.
with 1 framed house, t board shanty. 1 framed'
bon, otherimthulldine, mid 2-orchards of fruit
trees thereon. Seized Old taken into execution at
he suit of James Moore vs John Sullivan.' • •
No M. ALSO—One other Ist situate in Canton
boo'. bounded and described as follows: Begin
ning at the northwest cot Of slot of land belonging
to said P IST McClelland; and en line of landsim the
N It It; thence south 66Me east iSti ft to the line
of Centeeet; thence south 1214° west along-said
street 70 to the northeast coo of said if Mo-
Clelland lot; themes north UM° west along said
N ilfeCkOland•s north linelM ft to the tine of said
tallrard; thence smsthytMe . esst along the line of
saidirallread 'l6)
vacant sot of
tiort tho r
as aZ i ort4 ll-,1
Wanda Plats: thence 71. east 871 2-10 ft doer .
said PDX line to ar a thenas oath
WY We is 24 , dt
100 feet ton pad; epe e Sonth 71 0 . wee/71,40 •
feet to pmf en t side of the said rend lead..'
Ulf acne* Towanda Plats; thence along the east
Ode of said mad Me, 20 , east100 feet to the . piece
of beillibiligtuentslns 2 serest be .the. mow nwee
Or fees, ail Improved. with 1 framed house, Y Irmo.
ed house; T lamed him and fatten:ft treestkere. ,
mt. :Seise 3 satiates into execution et. the miter
W W Boisman's use vs PatrickCmitiaUse._.• • •
No 7f. AL,80...0be other lot eltuate .I*--11174011
two, bounded north by lots No I and 2, east by •
Felisueltards Menus, south by Vinedt,, west ibiW
radford Th ef tgtote No gaud 7of Sleek N. 1.
and behy front and 1000 deep, aa wiN
more ball, a AMMO .ef Neteur, ..Worgags.
Needy% viikinot Piet Towanda. ', -
in Deed Doo!]f ab . yaia 13. etc. Beteg seine '
laadminreyed ky asi MNlaohland wife lo J C
Sehernew ay er deed August Is7l. Seised
and taken IMP Ike 611 N it 10.inpit - ! i
Mrs use Tel C`Nel sad T Schomer —cr.
Alt9itk 6 On6 otheir let situate inTruemens
Winded /lardy lands ofthine C Atwood.
formerly Alkerkaod godly Xltebell. Dr N J Cock
well, turd Class WA. Mit by lauds of Wm p Co.
burn and 6 molgetir,tlorrnerly the Maxfield
tot), and Wm tian,And tut uncicupied lot
claimed by analist ~tooth by lands of
Wta it CbristLan kngdistant claimed by Samuel
Tewksbury, and larsditetDr J Cogswell, irela bY
Tuscarora Creek and laird.of:George U Atwood.
formerly Albert hiltelsell, cordains 00 perm more ,
or less. about Improved. with I flamed howl
framed barns, =1 Imbed- granary. other outbuild
ings: and orchard of - frnit trees thereto. Seized -
snd.takenletaerttmtlottatthe sate of George .
Atweal.v. Bela Cogswell7. ,
• • ANDRES!' J. LAYTON. Sheriff.
Illberig's Cate, Towanda, Avast 7,.11'.8. ,
Notice - Is hereby even that all persons In.
to the estate of lilt= N. Was Mara later of
Wyanisthi township, deed, are requested to wake
Immediate payment, and all persons having
against said estate must present them dalyanthen.
Skated for settlement. -
JOHN F. CHAMBEZLI'N, Adm inistration.
W 711 1 .214 14. l's., Aug. 8, /811. , HMO
Frio CREDITOREL—Notice is
hereby given that I have applied to tbe Court.
or Common Mae, of Bradford eonnty.l for e
charge front all my debts. under the insolvent hews
of the State, and they bare appointed MONDAY,
SEPTEMBER td, fora bearing of the ease, when
and where you are notified to attend If you •thinic
proper. lIIBAN B. CHASE. •
ppringdeld, Pa.; Aug. 1, 11171. 10wl
IiaIIOCLAMATION: —.W l #Eaxes,
Bon. ?Att., D. MOIMOW, Prerldent Judge of
the 13th Judicial Markt. consisting of the county
of Bradford. and Bon. C. S. Bratigu.„l , Associate
JudgeM. and.for said county otEtradfotd, hare is
sued their precept bearing date - the 10th day of
Juiy,3B7ll. to mu directed, for bolding a Court of
Oyer and Terminer. General Salt Delivery, Qutu
,ter SeSsions of the Peace, Common Pleas and Or
phans'. Court, at,Torrands, for the county or Brad-
ford, commencing on Monday, Sept. 2, 1573, to eon
tinuedhree Weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coroners
and Justicesof the Peace of the county of Brad
ford, that they be then and there in their proper
• persons, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
with records, Inquisitions and other remembrances.
to de those things which to their -office appertains
to bo done : and those who are bound by record ,
=DM or otherwise,lo prosecute against the priso
ners who are or may be in the pit of said county,
are to be then and there to prosecute against them
as shall lssjust. Jurors are requested to be punc
tual in their attendance. agreeably to. their notice.
Dated at Towanda, the tOth day of July, in the year
-of our Lori one thousand eight hundred and
aerenty'etght, and of the Independence of the
•-• _United States the one hundred and third.
A. J. LAYTON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, 1878. • Idwa
A Court of Common Pleas o[ Bradford county,
N 0.1407. May T., ISM In the matter of the vol
notary assignment of Jason S. Smith to William
Snyder, for the benefit of creditors.
Notice La-hereby given that William Snyder. as
signee of the estate of'Ja_mn S. Smith. filed his final.,
account May 1878. That said account will be •
presented to the Court for allowanoe on THL'ItS
DAT of the first week of September Term next,.
unless cause shall be shown why the same ought
not to be allowed:
BKNJ AMIN M. PECK, Pmthonetsi7.
Towanda, Pa., July:3o, 1878
.Conrt of Comnion.Pleas of Bradford county,
No. 70, Sept. T.. 1677. In the matter of the eoltin.
tat y assignment of Moses Bustin to John Salisbury, _
for the betiefitof creditors.
:Vallee is hereby given that 'John Salisbury, as
signee of the estate of Moses linstin, filed Ills final
aeeount May Bth. 1578. That said aecount will be .
presented to the Court for allowance on THUM
IMP of the first week of Sepretnber Term next,
unless cause shall be shown why the same ought
not to be allowed.
- BENJAMIN M. PECgi-Prothonetary.
lowauda, Pa.; July 30, 1878..
• 7.-
By virtue of an order Issued out of. the Or..
pitons' Court of Bradford county, the undersigned
adinlulstrators of I. N. Fanning, late - of Spring- •
fled twp., deceased. will expose to..pubile sale on
the premises at Leona, In said twp., on FIIIDAT,
intrlST 30th, 1876," at I o'clock P. st.. the follaw
lug real-estate Beginning at a Basswood sapling.
being the north-east corner of lands now owned by
Amos Fanning: thence north forty-live and three.
tenths perches to a post on lands now owned
Win. Young th ence nest four hundred and owned
by the side of latids belotiging to WM.
Young and Fayette Leonard, to a pest; thence
west flfty-two perches to a Ibe road ; thence
oath byroad leading to Troy eighty-six perches
to a post : thence east thirty-fire and one-half
perches along the side oft:lnds belonging to (1.11.
Campbell. to a hemlock tree : thence north along
the stile of lands belonging tri Amos Forming. for- e,
ty-cine perches to a post ; thence easterly one bun--
dredand twenty-five perches, by the side of lands
belonging to Amos Fanning, to a stake and stones
in the road: thence In the road sixteen perches
nervy to a stake and stones; thence north eighty-'
three degrees east sixty-cane perches to-. a pine
stomp ; thence Borth sixty-six degrees east twenty.:
seven and eve-tenths perches to as oak tree.: thence .
east along the lands of Amos Fanning twohnndred '
and thirteen 'perches to the place of beginning.
containing one hundred and seventy acres of land. .
be the same more or less. The lane is Very pro
ductlve, well - adapted to either grass, grain, or
dairying Purposes and extends morass a pleasant
valley through which runs-a good stream of water.
It Is abundantly watered and. well supplied with
timber; is on two extensively traveled roads, one • East Troy and the other to Troy, and
only three relies from the last named - place, and
not over two miles from two good attain flooring
mills. it Is less than one-half mile to a school, and
three-fotirths of a mile to a church. - .The buildings -
consist of a good frame dwelling; a horse-barn and -
three other barns.- There is an abundance of fruit,
and may bo regarded as a very desirable property.
Also rha ,-; lot, (lose or - parcel of land lying and. "
being In the tap. of Springfield aforesaid. and '
bounded as folloers Beginning at a post the south- -
west corner thereof; thence ;by lands formerly
. owned by Ezra Long, north elghty-three perches ~,
to an oak tree.; trent* east one hundred and thirty.
eight perches to a post and stones in the east line
of the warrant survey ; thence south eighty-three
perches to a hemlock, the south-east corner of the
'warrant survey; and thence by lands formerly
owned by Clement Paine, west one hrmdred and-. ' •
thirty-eight perches to the place of- beginning
aforesaid, containing seventy-one acres and Wear"-
:four parches • being the south-eastern part - et a
large tract originally surveyed on warrant No. 10001.
and by patent dated-the _first day of 1196, re
corded in Patent Book No. 70, page -1 1 1. and granted
by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania untoliienry
Drinker, In fee, and lacing lot No o 7 of Samuel
Strait's re-survey; and sub-distsien of the said Ben- -
ry Drinker's Sugar Creek lands About -Nacres of
this farm which adjoins this *property alxiias de- '
scribed, are Improved; the balance being heavily
Unaltered with valuable timber, oak and chestnut.
Said farms being located about two and a half miles
from - V my.
TERMS :—One hundred - dollars on each lot on •
day of, sale, five hundred dollars on acordirmation. _
and the balance !mime equal annual payments with
interest from confirmation.
. A:C. FAN'SING. dininlstrators.
• Leona. Po., Aug. 1, 1578. • " owl , -
account of N. W. Teiry, administrator of the
estate of Men G. Terry.; , deceased.
The wider/defied, an auditor appointed. by the
Cotirt to pass upon the exceptions died to the final
account of N. W. Terry, administrator of Eben G.
Terry, wilt attend to the duties of hls.appolntment
ou FRlDAT,.the',23d day of AUGUST; 1878, at to
n when and where alt persons intrusted must
attend. E. L, HILLIS, Auditor.' ,
TdwastiArTa., July 24, 1878. i Bw4.
District Court of the United States, for the
'Western District of Pennsylvania. In the matter
of Eugene Underhill. Challis E. Noble and Thom
as L. Smell. bankrupts. In heikruptcy. Western
District of Pennsylvania.
tenon if-map concern:—The underelgned
hereby gives notice of hls appointment arAwilvteoi
of Eugene Underhill and Charles F. Noble, both of
Athens:in the comity of Ttradfoid, and State of '
Pennsylvania. and Thomas L. Smuliof Caldwell, in
the county of Essex, and State of New Jersey, who
have been adjudged bankrupts upon their own pe
tition by the District Court of said District.
Dated the rza day Of July. A. D. 1878,
• • JAILS'S H. WEDD. Aisiguee. •
EAST SMITIMITI.D., Oradford Co.,.Pa. 81113_
_Ex.—To Omar Wilcox. In the Court of Common
.pleas of Bradford County. N 0.546, Dec. V., BM:
Von are hereby notified that Mary E. Wilma, your
wife, has applied teetho Court of Common Nem of
Bradford County for a divorce from the bonds of
matrimony; and the said Court has appointed Mon.
day, September. Ink in 'the Court at To
wanda, for hearing the said Mary In the premises.
at which time and place you may attend it yelp
think proper. - -awl A. J. LAYTO; 4 I., Sheriff. I
—To Fred. M. Tingley. In the Court of Com
mon Plead of litadfbrd County. .10?, 18b.
1878. You are hereby notified Haat 5107 H. Tingley.
your wife, has applied to the Court of Commas .
Mewl of Bradford County for a dtroree frenitho
bonds of matrimony. and the said Court has ap.
pointed Monday. Sept.:A.lB7B.ln the Coati House
In Towanda: for hearing the said MaryO.l'iogley ln
the premises, at which time and place
told if you thing :proper..
Bel A. J. LAYTON, Sheriff. •
—TO Cioorge Elklor. In the Court of Common
Pleas of Bradford County. 'No. ISO, Yob. L. WM
You are hereby notified that antionett 11: 2 Eat°,
your wife, has applied to the Connor ContmouPteil
'of Bradford County for a dloorce from the bonds of
matrimony, sad the said Court has appointed Was.
day. Sept. 24. ISM In the Court Honer at Towanda,
for hearinw the sataAntoluetteln the;preadass, at
which time and place you may attend It- you think
Proper. ftW4 1. Arrow. Sherif.
t. To flarOrWashbOrn. 'ln the Court ot
mon Pita/rot Bradford Comity.lta 722. Feb.
1877„ :Yon are hereby twitted that Wean. W
Jour bust and, has applied, to the C
Comma. Pleas of Biaidford Conley for $
from the bonds of matrimony and- the fstd
has appointed Monday, Sept. At tell, intbd t
House at Towanda. for fin tho.mild ADP
the poremtsos, at whie,h time and place:jolt Malt.
tend you thialrproder. _ -
/wit A. J.-LANTOS. ShertL