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niranday P a, Thr,Saar May 24 k 18it.
W.,k, 0111111011141 N;
Towanda.' 7au.18,2877.
40C/9.,-Attitl CE.t4ERA.L.
• DON'T fail to • secure 'a ticket for the
school exhibition to-morrow evening,
Bll3llol' Bows-will preach and adminis
ter the Rite 'of Confirmation in Christ
Church this evening. •
, •
:•Iloict. C. F.' Ntenots and Rev. , T. A.
Enwmtos, are spending a few Weeks in
Ohio, before proceeding to California.
• SzvgnaL of tbesofficerti and atoOkbold
ets of the S. L. it S. R. R.:6 Coal Corn-
pang, have been in town for•several daya.
• 'Ws uorSthe - entertainment, to
en by the students of the Graded ffahool
n Friday evening, will be largely attend
, -NIES, Captain ,CABN.p,criA; Q. D. larncEy,
and. C. L: TRACY, are trying their luck.
fishing this _week.
--- Tun regular meeting of j Pomona Grange
takes place at Wyalusing next week. _ it
is expected thia.v . will be the largest - and
best meeting Ok the kind yet held.
ATTENTIO. , KI4IGIITII I .—A full attend
ance is , rev, sted at the next regular
meeting, to'r ke arrangements to attend
the memorial services on the 30th. •
Tnn gentlemen who are to, addresithe ,
teinperhnce .meeting this evening Are
Messrs. CALL 111.11dSMITAI, Who come high
ly recommendetnind- will have much of
interest to say to the people., `
N. S. FRAZER, of Wyalusing, addiesied
the- temperance meeting . on Wednesd ay evening last.
_A fine audience listened at 7 ,_
tentivelY to hini r rapparently plc:wed with
the effort. He was followed - by I. Mc-
Pnhnsos'in a shOrt address. • - 4
A WOMAN, giving her name aiBMSETT,
crazed by ('rink, was arrested - by Consta
ble 'WaLts,..near the upper depot on Sat
urday evening, and lodged in the kicklup.
The morning: finding her sober. she was
J: DAL SWEET, of Monrocton, has gone
to Minnesota: for the benpfit of his health,
lie will spend the summer • at Rochester;
Minnesota. We earnestly hope he-may
return in the autumn with healthfully
Tun next meeting of the f Presytetian
Mite Society will beheld ati the house of
TIIEO. MuLt.ocK, oil Monday evening
next. These weekly gatherings are'ben
eticial pot only. as a means of raising
funds, • but. in \ promoting good feeling
among the memiieri of the congregation."
REV. L. F. PonTER, through whose,
efforts the neat and substantial church
edifice owned by the Universalist fAociety
of this piaco was siStected last ycar,dhas
accepted a call to the pastorate of a
church at Morris, N. T. Mi. F. is a
preacher of good abilities and great ener
,and perseverence.
.A Vous° man nailiedGonpnr.r Ili OvE
was drowned while bathing in the Sus
quehanna river at: -.Ulster, oi n • Sunday .
morning the 21st inst. tie was emplOyed
bY Win. Irving, I:sq., as a farm band,
and had been a resident of the pladp .. 'but
a short time. He- Was formerly' from
Dinalian's Ferry, Pike Co.,‘ Pa., Where
his friends now reside. CoronerWat e imit
summoned a jury of inquest, who, render
ed 4 verdict as above.
GEOIW,E F. PAnsoXs, son of E. A.
soss; of the Argux i ,has been appointed to.
fill the vacancy now. - .existing . in tlio Na
vall Academy for this Congressional Dig:.
trict, s and will report . for examination
some .time ;next - mouth;, GottoE is a
'yiing - inan of-excellent habit.4;"and we
have no doubt well qualified tor the posi
tion. Thatfbe may pass a creditable ex
amination and reach the highest:ran'k in
thelidval service, ;is the ahlent desire of
his many friends.
OntiFuLLows-:= Membpri:ofßrad
ford'Lodge will Meet at the Lodge Room,
at 1:50, .r. it, on :Wednesday, May 30, for
the purpose of .takhlg p4rt in the Deco
tiOn . services. .All members of •they. 4)( ge
are requested to be present. A cordial
invitatitin is also extended to other
! Lodges, to unite with us hr paying this
tribute to our Nation's Dead.
Byrorder-of Bradford Lode No. 167,
O. 0. F.
Fllin.—Shortly after 1/O'clock on Wed-
nesday: Morning; a houie occupied ,by
GEO. V. MYEU, on' Pine Street, was •dis,
covered'to be on fire. Bet.we the alarm
was falily raised the inside ...of the build
ing was a mass of flame, and it was found
luipossible to remove any of the furniture,
Mr. 3lrEfi lid not been living in the 7
house for some ,tinie,'l)ut was preparing
.to begiirbouse,keeping again. Ilis f‘rni
-ture had been stored there durilig.;: - Vi i e.
winter. Mr. 'M. loses _the whole of hps
furniture and his an insurance of spoo..
The new dwelling of COVERDALE&GRE•k i t
was damaged to the amount of •Sever 4
hundred dollars, Which fills very heavily,
on them, as their house was destroyed•bi
fire only a few months since.
The house occupied by . Mr. 31virtt was
-owned by 4. C. STOUT, Or IVilkes-Birre,
and insured. in C. , 8. RUSSELL'S. agency
for $1,001). •
PEnsoxit..-316. J. B. .BAUSES„for
merly Miss META TILESTON, is paying a
visit to the , family of her uncle, Gen.. PAT
TON.. Mrs. B. resides - with-her husband,
at San Rafael, California,• and made the
jouraey, occupying seven days, atone.
She has a" large circle of- aconaintances
who .will enjoy her visit.
—Col. J. A. CODDING, whOrIISS been on
a business tour ,througli Nor tai New
2ork and Vermont, has. returned. An
interesting letter trom his pen will be
found on the first page of to=day's
CnssrEL is in town on a visit to
his friends here.
li l a
7 -Our young friend, C. M. 'tut.,
passed a highly creditable exam tion
, before the committee and was ad itted
to the bar
.last week. We congratulate
. CII.IItLEY, and predict for him success in
• Lie profession. ' -
rs .
—I. . s icPuunsoN; Esq., will deliver the
(oration at Sheshequin co 'Decoration Day.'
The Posts at Ulster pn#Eheshequin unite
in 'observing the ceremonies. Mr. ,Me I!u . zasox is a good speaker, and 'the eiti 7 ",
zees of that locality are to be congratulte,
cd upon vecuring.hiel. . -
,"" _
-Our- ruder' wilt
ber that 'aome•:tinte`, , in Igor* laskihe
410004,1RO : in of Gnonoa L. Rai, - via
enteted dniingthe night, and the money
Ariviel, broken off and robbed. *ll4
tilting; irsiaNc oolOred man, inuligrest.
ed AM* afterward,susidelon of rob-
and bia-lainjaiksbme
time until the May. Term of Court ) , when
the Grand Jury ignored the bill, and . On
motion of hisimansel Gtonos &novo,
Esq., , he:stati dischaiged,' and is now;
working at hbi trade of baiber.`
„ numonwm—lnvitatiims have been
issued a marriage . ceremony L to- come
off at the .llniversilist Church this live.,
ning:•. The contracting Partin= are two of
our most populUr young people, HENRY
Robswam and :Miss ANNA GORE. The
ceremony': will , be performed . by Rev. G..
J. PoaTuir, and will be witnessed; by 11,'
select company. We extend our cungrat
ulations in advanee, and congnstnyite our
young friends on their good fortune: May
long life, happhiesi, and ocintentment be
their lot. • • • •
Mu. A. 'RAFE; who . had the: misfor
him to lose his bank while employed in
the pinning mill of E. C. Dirws,,eB,\dis
abling bier from pursuing ,his :avocat
asks mechanic, has opened a confectionery
store one - door south of . the; National
Bank, and-will keep a full Supply of frail
candies, nuts,' fad* cigars, tamed, sar
saparilla, birch beer, lemonade, etc. • He
also fras a gOod assortment of green -house
Plants and • flowers at the lowest rates.
Dfir,H. is a temperate,.: industrious and
worthy , gentleman - , and ire 'earnestly Tee
=mend him to the support and patron::
age of a generous public.
3 usipa, Co7Ermos— Prof. J. WILL
IAM SuFFERN, of New York, Principal of
the Western Norinal -Musical Institute,
and author of nume \ ms — works of merit,
has been engaged to conduct a MII4ICAL
CONVENTION in this place ; comirePce
ing Monday, Eveiring r May 11th; and
closing with a Grand‘Concert Friday eve
ning, June 15th. The high reputation of
Mn. Strmatx as an instrUdtor. his success
in conduating conVentions
. „*ft as a teacher or vocal n ne
to make this -convention or )st
important ever held here. be
and we doubt not will be improved Droll
who take any interest in music.
COLLOM, a native of this
county, was arrested in Elk county last
winter, charged with a murderous assault,
on another man, and lodged in jail. Some
time since he escaped, and the Sheriff
offered a . reward 4:)f• for his arrest.
Policeman Bemis and Constable IVELis
suspected that the prisoner was concealed
at his father's house on the State Road,
and on Sunday morning' lagt about 4
o'clock proceeded' to the house, where'
they found him, and after a lively ads°
succeeded in securing him. He wag
brOught hero and placed • in; jail. On
Tuesday Sheriff Scutt, of Elk. county,
came on land took COLLO3I back to Ridg
-1 •
way, whereho . will be closely watched.
ColLom is represented as :a most desper-'
ate character, and the officers are entitled
'to great credit . for - arresting him.
ThE Board of Manageri of thd Agricul
tural Society,
.meton Saturday, 19th inst,
and completed the revision of the premium
list's, rules etc., for the Annual Fair- in
The work of, publishing the list in
pamphlet form,ls now under . way at the
RIE:PORTE I / 4 aCC, and will soon be read
for distributuT.
The 'Society \ talk of, 'enlarging - th:
grounds to embrace the Hotel and adj .
cent Grove,- and also, of putting up an
additional building fOr the awmodation
of those who have already signified - a de
sire to display wares, implements etc.,
Tho arrangetheas for the • exhibition
seem to be well advanced towards , . •
pletion, and if properly : carried out, can.
not fail to be' of lasting benefit to four
'cominunity, as well as success to the
organization which has them in charge.
The choice if A. D._ MC.,NN, E$11; to fill
the vacancy in the Board was an_excellent
one in every respect.
byterian Church was crowded on Satur
day evening last with persons anxious to
hear Mr. Wm. 31*8LY.., the Elmirane
formeii notwithstanding the fact that the
evening was intensely warm. Mr. MAx-
Witt. commenced' speaking at ,abo4 8
o'clock,' andmntil half-past nino held the
attention 9t the audience by one of 'the
grandest; if not the grandest, lectures for
Total Abstinence ever delivered , iti this
No 'Cheering, or clapping of
hands• attested 'the approbation of the
udience, but the tear-dimmed eyes and
'whispered "4104 bless hiio," were a trib
ute far mire worthy the grandly eloquent
,discOurse; and when at the close, a num
bet of those to whonethe wine cup has
braught sorrow, stepped forward and af
-fixed their tomes-to the pledge, .truly it ,
seemed that the "silver 4ining to the
great cloud was becoming visible, and
then-it was that hearty. cheers were giVen.
The meeting was one-of the most success
, ful that, hes yet been held here,.— names
being secured. There will be many pray-.
ors offered in this community, for health
and long life to la BILLY" Mexwmt.,-
and a warm _welcome extended to him
should be over visit us again. With our
entire community, we tender him aboart
felt " God bless and'preserve you."
T , T rsr,
quite iek, and has gone to Owego fat
treatine t. Mr. POMEROY has 'just re
turned f., a visit there,-and reports her
- • , -
Bishop Ho I: preached at St. Patin;
Church Tuesda • veniug. . , ' ~'
been repairing their oases. -
.. . .
-Mrs. S. W. 'Poiten. • has been quite
sick, but. is•remevering.
1 The young people of t . : High School
called on the Principal one , voning last
week, and presented' Mrs. , i cCoi.Lo*
with a beautiful iiair of Itasca. '
• It. :P. REDINGTON 081)8Cr8 to Vial eh.cp
ningo county; H. Y., this week, in ~m -pany
pany- with Wri,j. PIERCE, Of . Smithileb
- .SitrAnT Bros.,
successors toll. F. .I.SED
I* . GTON, are getting up a large trade.
They are fine young men and deserve sue
Mia ANICIE _POMEROY has returned
from HoChester, where she has been at ,
tending school during the past year. • •
/ Mrs C.S. Bisanvoncs has a fine dais
iofjavenile singers. Her pupils are Snak
ing rapid - progress. She win give i f con
cert here next week. The weather is be
coming very dry, and frequenteomplainte
are heard s cosiceming the severe droutb;
The citizens; of Troy met in the Opera
House, Satuinay evening,. 19, sad
made arratigesnents to observe-decoration
day in animiiretive maaper,,Capt B. B.
lirticnnix v'scas chosen ktaisbal, J. W .
QOIILD Assistant. Prof. T. WOOL-
Lou was choien:t President ( of the Day,
and Hon. V. if' Lena, Hon. Duos RoCa ,
watt, Hon. :11. ;1146 . and 'a'
roltelloi, VicePrrdinata.,, Rev. L
CONDE and Cap. - CAU . NOCUaIf
!ere V1) 0 11414' water* _ -0160ixisioD.
Iteue - Tillawnnusoraselestai •
`, Aziats intkappObarmen bt
A 9 ineir 481 IerVICW I Will baldigirrea kr
this Post'lllcy 80,18'7 pad • the fcerwhig
will be tlin rof the daYit - 1 -
- The Pos - laths, Seltoobe and - otlir
o , Terai na tare
Nt k
part in the • - s •• of•the'clahlwill time'
at the publio• sq.\at, 2-": - Wckicb P.
Procession will move OM ,P. x The
line of march will ber , 0 . ~ It Street to
North Williani Street,. .. . . William
Street toliew Cemetery, vr , - • a 'square
will be fonnea, • and the folio . ! - #
\ observed . : • , . : '- ' :
8. Address by commander ef the'' .
8. Dirge by the Baud.. • ' . \, 2
.4. Pt4yer by.the Chaplain., ' - '
.5. •Decoratbm &Moe& '
8: I:fymn--"CoVer over with beautiful
flowere. 1- - - '
7. Decoration or the Soldlerigriveri and
Dirge by tbe Band. , • ,
8. Address by Rev., DAVID Cam. -
After witch the column *ill •re•cortn
and march back to the Publid-fiquare,
where they will be dismiseed with the
benediction. • •
All honorably discliirged' soldiers and
sailors are invited to meet, with thei ',Post
and take part in the exereiseli of the day.
- By otider of Post Commander.
\ D. W. Scorr, Adjutant.
11E4OAL SOCIETY.—The Bradford Coun
ty Medical Society met at the Means
House, May 7, at. 2 o'clock P. M. The
President and Secretary le-ing absent, tite r ,
meeting was organized by electing,Dr. T.
'B. Jourrsoi, President, pro tem; and .pr.
" . C. Bum Secretary Ipro Om, ',after
wh ell the meeting adjqumed to Dr. B. 'D.
PAYNE's office.. Dr. 41.1,5. x - having' as.:
rived, took his seat as Secretary ot .dm
Society. , • . -
:Dni. J. W. LYMAN , and :E. D. PAYNE
were proposed and elected, membe - i of
the Society., pi. , f141, presented t" o /in
teresting txtsesito the t3ociettfor . ' min
ation and counsel. - tone was a ' 'of se
vere tonic contraction iar• the, exer ten
dens of the extremities of \en side, espe-<
'daily those ()the toes, whi were dra.wn
completely into the bot eo. the foot.
The other was a little y about three '
years Wage, who had large haitl\ umor
in the right flank, *ii
• dropsy of th 'ab
domen. The question - Was • what was t o
'character of the t mor. Some _difference\
of opiuion was anifestcd, and an inter=
u4ing discuss'on followed, participated
in7by Drs. PAYNE, ALLEN, , HULL, and
JoaNsON. ifim.the size and firmness of•
the ttimo , it was believed by some to bel l
the live , that the misplacement was con
geni an had been.uverlooked until re
/ •
cent 7. A
nother view was - that the liver
mi t have Ircu gradually disphiceci by
/g l i
pressUre from above. Others thought
hat the enlargemr' night -be lused
froM excessive cub' mes
sentaric glands. II
ineithe case 'faith&
the great_Vistentio)
the fluid contain(
Ments .
Of the caso - w'
D r s. E. P. ALLIt
were elected delegates to- the Ateeriu
Medical Association, Drs. LYMAN; lIULL
CONKLIN, PAYNE and QUICK were elected
delegates to the Pennsylvania State Med
ical Society. _ •
Society adjourned to m"et in TOwatida,
at Di. PAYNE'S Office. tho t 11th of July,
at 2 o'clock P. 31.
Wan Mars.—:Schedler's Topographical'
Map of the Bobrudsha (Eastern Bulgaria)
Central Roumania, and Bessarabia,--the
valley of the Lower Danube from the
Transyliania Mountains in the_ North to
the great Balkan 'Mountains in the South,
and from Sistova in the West to
mouths of the Danube in the East. Col
ored. . Scale, 1 : 800,000. Size, 23 x '24
inches.- Price ; folded =din cover, $0.40.
This is the beet and most complete
Map - of this important section of country ;
yet issued. It • has been prepared with
great care and with a view to minute se.
cufacy;giring the;location of not only all
the eities and towns, but
, also of almost '
altitiniillages. ' railroads and highways
are distinctly sh own, while many, even,
of the less important roads' are else indi
cated.' The lakes, - lagoons, swamps and .
imarshes, of this region, which will 'prove
of great importince in the military move-
Men*" are givrn. and .the map is also
'very accurate and relialile in regard to all
'water courses, as.
,to mountains,
hilbr, etc. -
-This - map is, in .f.act, so - faithful as to
detail that it might be safely used by °S
iete in the field. It will, therefore; be of
Ifieatirehie to all who desire to trace the
inovements of the opposing forces under:
titaunlingly andminntely. , .
reinarks4ply, also, to. the fol.
lotv, r ing Map t viz :
Shedler's Topographical Map of Wesi
eni _ Bulgaria , Western_ Roumania;aid
EasternServia.- Colored.' Scale, 1: 600,?
000. Size, 23z24 ' inches. : Price, folded
and in cower; $0.40. •
- Both these maps are drawn in the same
style and on the same scale; they fit into,
each other so closely that, anted, they,
ferm one large map orßoumaida,
rip, etc., that is, the valley of Lower
Danube from litilanOviti the Iron
date" to the
_Black Sea. Size, 23x44
inches. This combined rnap presents, at
one view, the principal seene of the:Con
test between the-itussian and the Turkish
armies. Published by E. SerzwEir,'32
• Frankfort.street, New York, by whom
len 101 he *ineptly -Taal • npcl
cei of price. The same publisher will
keep • e market fully supplied .with all
other Maps that "nia.f 'needed,
and wide. we expect to mentien in theta
GOLDEF W Met Quo' who tidSs
over South Monn non a clear day; can
see fro, the yonder = de a - white farm&
hew:With a brind p 'near, tit& &s
-‘quehanna. lt is in .Oida, directly
oppOstie the steep rocks, o from
Wywrz to Standing 13tclyi. ,
In the house mentioned hive- - it'd fOr •
over forty-two years, ,Mr. and' - B&W=
URI& X BLUM'. Theirtr_M,go mei >,
brated eight years eaelier still in Glas
Connecticat k where - . Miss': BALI;
MAMA ethWELLAwillllo, MI& , 100.t.tri l
the Rev Mr. HbrnaxY in *60141
minister,. Pfikliatinii• - '
;.,The nth inid evrfOT 'O ' ccin* 'Me
, ,
spring r and was celptgited bit hp r..
. ~ . ._ ..
.. :: ..., .........
m of
E. P. Autaw, t3etoiy.
------, ! ,1- _ , ?: ,, t• ,, 37',
A.•ilimbe4iin bad -. '
- , - - - -boa Asp&
Oni,;„ Iti 'II th el 7 00 Rai OAT Wi iilii rips*
" Al :* fe i r ns f , :: The -# 11 7::;; ,1411 !*
" 11 4 1 ..,. 0 _4 8 „, „ ,l':•res,..r inont wait
COMO izethisky timilthiut media; Mel
triPPikalitit'alid tbOwides
sated it - .74and4rl;lll#lolii
hid trethiiiidtappy i liacrito date. Wei*
so, being in the_rutrieWorthree of their
'oldlclien,': two ilaughters-ln-law" foyer
OM xlehildreb, and irmity . tAluir ;:liditris t
lOW.' tritlkiliOlL:'... 'lc; '''''' ' '' F -
i rl4:l Oneedinge were Illin — lict:- `Ch ief:
upon the linimfmo3 was samietidig
which all seemed equal to : eatlwrires
OTell_the Al!b 1 4 1 ! ktadOlN: .igarA°b ll
' dePleted bY tholf - IRcalgabre companies Or
guest. - =Betintei the 'Oeiiiiid:and third
filling of the tables, the boinpany 'assent:.
\ bled intkolarge puier„-where the bride
tAI )ridegrooni were Baited beneath .a
fully arranged legend upon the Wall:
••••••• • • a • • •,
• .It. psiitairwigliD) ' •
. .....• 3832..1rn. • -
. d''' • , • • • • • • 1 • • • • '
1 Rey. J. a mis a llect, or Christ Church,
this plict' .Y .1- rsomeireinarks,--iutd in: .
troduced wq,cessi .ly Coh PIOLLET and
G, en., ,Psriwit., Col. PIOLLET spoke Of
ids long aCtltud - ntaiies .. ili Mr. and Mrs.
ICituttr, and - Of -their . -.. plary coarse
lil \
Offilfiklleii., lYsTriOn, it pp*,
spoke of the past and wish
the couple
many more happy years togithe
Judge RtriistrAiMr. erbium of Stand
. . Skns, and otfiers,'. were eipected \ to
Ape. • , bat owing' to pricir engagemen
d o or cinmmstances, : did not; The
la r .-. of the time was spent in social
con •kmati.. abdut old times and kindred
subjects, andlo wore away the &Mtn
' loon
and eveklngo ta happy day. - - . '
Mr. and,Mri.%re well knownin TO
\. • -
wands; He itlit ..i. su tantial and thorough
farmer, and manyfriends here who
Will echn the kind wishes expressed on
the day of the Go .m? We " ding. . •
ED. INPowritft . \sre are , atop,
this Locality a short tim f • in the t terest
the "Boss .Fanning. Mill,'\ I thought - a
short letter'from us, inigb \be• reaii\by
some of the many, readers 'of - Irth7
paper with interest. .
We left home on Monday
this month, went to Florriellsv;
nosed up some business we
temptation for the oompany,
there came direct to ;this
March wind was blowing on than
anti it continned all the, week, makihg a
he‘vy winter overcoat comfortable( Da=
ring our- week's stag at that place, ' , we
had clecatilop to go up into Allegany coun.7
ty, N. T., about 15 miles fridm Hernells
vile, to do some business, and suffered , as
much with the' cold .as in mid-winter.
The country looked as forbidding as in.
Member. There' were no signs of
airing, or at least not much; etcept that
the ground was not covered .with snow as
in winter. The warm• rays of a spring
sup s or the gentle Showers of April mid ,
sy,, bad not visited-that section so boun
tifully as in thcisemere - fevered, 'I thitik
vegetation there'of all kinds is two weeks
later thou along the valley of the Susque
hanna river, or in many of the back town
ships of Bradford county.
"We left Hornollsville for this place'on
.and reached here Saturday at 10
A. .' c There is a marked thauge in
the west ker and the looks of vegetation.
We came rom a section where' snow
banks were le sight, and a cold piercing
wind was - blow g, with-little prospect of
wheat or grask-a d bat very little
plowing and Seetlin *lib done, to a sec
tion where all, this - w ' k was finished up
some timeago, and . fru trees ' of all kinds
were in fu ll bloom; and 1 . n and gnuia
wo or three weeks earlier t . an in Allega
ny county, N. V. This city ( . .n) con
tains upwards of 17,000 populati.; and is
surrounded, by at rich•a,gricultural . , tiara.
"I never saw any better farming len , Ia
any part of the country than I see he
or a section where the farmeis seem illo
proSperous than from Cleveland to this
place. The staple crop is wheat, ' and I'
faucet that grain buyers on the streets are
offeting for seed wheat from $2.05 to $2.109
and IC white seed wheat $2.00 to (4;1.20;
cm', 5 cents; oats -from AO; to 50
cents, an \Barley 90 Ceuta per „bushel.
This is a g oo d: market for all kinds of
grain. • Imineses quantities of •flour, is
manufactured . h and sent to . an eastern
market. The fletding inills---and there
area grelt many-lof\ttem—are all rue- .
ning on full tithe, and aye all they can
ds. This city is manufac4uing quite ex
tensively, so much so that thksmoke from
manufacturing _ establishments settles
dowtroirer the - west part of thsity like,
that of - .Pittatnirg. or Clevela . The
.Buckeye Mower and Reaper is marinfac
tured here,. and
.they have
_an' imme nse
budding otbuildingsconnected with thei '
works. Mr. Mum, the Owner of• the
Buckey patent, lives inprincely style, has
, ,
an annual income from royalty alone of
near a hundred thousand dollars, Is said
to be a very liberal man, and gives. of his
abundance° to the churches and .in sup
port of Sabbath - schools large sums annu
ally. As to Other manufacturing es
tablishments:in this place, I will speak in
a subsequent letter,; if we remain here
"Ong. .' . ' - ' . , - •
Now as to the sale of •tho "Bose," in
this section, I. know. they need, it, and I
hope we shall be able , to convince them to
think as , we de in that respect. But I as
iiite you we have a population of German:
descent. 'Most, stlf the .people I meet talk
German and English fluently, but I Sear
retain some of the prejudices of their fore
fathers; still,_ they look and act more pn:s.-
gressiveihars in their earlier history. The
Germissis are the best farmersin America,
lied tbey have the most fertile . sections, of
USE; different States. With their industry
add Siperioijudgment on a farm, they
would make the. more ;sterile portions of
our country blosSom like 'the rose. All
farmers would do well to Jmitate their in
dustry a n d *dance on Atm farm. It:is
Well known that'thati'eheist arid most f , -
tile farming lan4 in Pennsylvania are,
thebatutcef. the ;Germans, 'and no
can travel through those sections wi out
admiring both; the buildings andfa cul
ture of the Essnittsern and waste • of
C. F Nrots.
- Akront Obi% /WA A Bl l. e
Tolter./ 74 --".estolisat"
“oitt. atra.tY sy of your
douse """
,i6ll Tilitih big!,
Aiiiiil:-*'."7-thel !frilitJ'l%
Apoii****. 00610catt - alicuth
kointaittomkopwarou g t
- youriiiiiiiiikitiatidOos — froth
by 4 " lOUbir,k*iqncropoiis
la .
our &din.
thir 71. 11 Tsinsr aisa-10 our itnif
woaid'airpeeo 110116iglit
gr od. genius,thcbachelor of hisemibund.
nEpaity, had . not: deserted': duty to his
Ciedgliags;ael rues' tun bribont, to do.
dil-0 411 c 4 440,14g TesPlaces'
alarming 'symptoms- were reasdfested, I
heanl the wind ,
uLt*ntern at work.
PO" wall udneliald with lavish Mild
upon his :buildings Indoors and out; Sexes
being hunt and 'encloced, , and rnunds
teantified. Getistps pleb* Assert ,
would not inn* forthe truth or their , as
sertkm, tor the p, "(matures have been
disappohmdmany times in their maim
tures in this direction) that at last—et
kit, his dreamt eit bliss 11‘) tO be jeaiiii
. ed, and that a raystio:belog of c etberlal
lorelit‘s is to reign supreme in his large
heart andbrillbukt Tethers. Friendship's
claims *MAW bnociunall account, and
,we might as well begin to paddle our own
the minding the spring by meadows
fiagtant with cO4slips and violets, inspir
ed'hy.the Music of hiidsin the , tree-tops,
d of peepers and frogs beneath. the war
te\of the ponds, we: expect to boast a
cold our cheeks equal to those of the
sun-b -traveler, and a voir, by con-:
stant use • : the dairy home, become .
like Oheri i amines, clear and; ringing,
,the voice-of t e latter - 'become El i
by crying , on' so nob proport) , ..
It would aim . •-m that the whole of.
'Byadford is , to c . .Plisnas, and that :th e
fonper_ d la! -owners, will sink
into, hypochendriS: "
.One of our .pleasant mea Ofreereatiort
-our mite micieti=ii now d ie4l ns We
understand that the funds were ppropt
ated to buying futwitnre (Or the arson:
.; Much credit is due to the eff! of
the'APJ ortby President whose 'untiring n
:"rigilnhusiness, and vivacity of mane
make tie always a welcome guest. _ _
Our Sabbath-school is now superinkinii7 .
. 'WA. DR., st, man or fine address,
Mannors;\and earnest
,desfri to do
. .A new linpetnes is given to the.beL
, • , . ~ 1
fore vi , 1-rogulatedAnstitutle • . ~,,
..' Thik .t,, t Templar 0 . 0 -
.The presen ' eorps,, , clothed - in authoritY,
are striving - magnify th ..:-• I - Aces. ' Sy
the size of the : 4cliel carri bYtbe trea
surer, I - Should , nk the An cialv.coridi
tion at its maximu ~. A . se , of tem
peroncOmeetings or , roppsed., " , - hope
the result Mayto
.so' ~ *offal that •-• : • Y
of our ‘ frierulay be pl'e , ! , , so solem • ly_ least as inany r as o ! , in:ten thO t :
and Towanda' or Troyo bnsi-
ness Sndlmi able to resist the , , wi biog .
enticomente of salo ons , that, ca , . . every
man to be thought -a dehu' as he'
~ rives
furfouslytomeward,—his 'wife or s • • ,t
-teartwith,fast-beating beart,: clutehi ,
with despair to the fragile articles bought,:
at the store, or . with difficulty balancing
herself as the wagon fettles . over a preci
pice.' 1. - - -
I ' - * .., T OSIAIL
May 12, 1877.
Couwr PRocEEDRiGs.
Virednesday, May 116. 1
On motion of Davies & Carnochan,
Court admit W J
,itoptig to practice as
an Attorney in the several courts of this
county, whereupon he : waa duly sworn.
• On motion of Madill& Califf, Court ad
mit Arthur HOad to Practice, as an Attor
ney in tbe several courts of this county,
whersupon he was duly sworn.
_On motion of Patrick & Foyle, Court
admit Charles hI Hall••to practice as an
Attorney in tha several courts cif u i this'
whereipon he was duly sworn.
1n motion of D C Deyiritt, Esq., Court
it L M Hall to practiCe as an Attar
,'the several courts of this county,
he was duly sworn. .
application of Henry Whita
ioption of Lilian Chaffee as
lir. In re the application'
• the adoption of Emma
'ld and heir. Court
'lO petitioner in each
/ 1 ' • L
rieh ,
whereu ;n
,In re th .
ker for the suk
his child and
o'f - C R Martin,
Morley, as his
grant the prayer of 1
C Atwood vs David 1.
ca Hancock vsDavid Al)
Roberta vs Justus Lewis 2d ,
10 open judgment and • let the 1..
into a defense in each each case. •
B M Iranduzer vs Allen Baldwin: , I
to set aside Sheriff's sale.' • \
. John Holmes vs W Rul ,
for judgment for want of sufficient adds
vg)f defence.
bany township vs , l Bibanan Smith.
Co tt direct keC,otd to ibel amended.
In te the alleged lunacy of Briah H
Wrigh i c e ourt appoint' A 1 J
CoMmbisi r. /
B . B Rose vs C Hunsieker. Court
r dist,Oute fund raised _ by Sheriff's• sale of
defendant's real estate. . .
:Comstock . ---- Couisteeir l Court
direct an albus sulipcena, to issue., '
Win Crooks vs Elizabeth Crooks: Court
direettlieriff to make proclamation.
• _Amy :feirehild vs ginsr. ce . Fairehad.
,Court•appoint.W J Young, req., a tom;
missioner. •
'letter to a
people of
Sunday' I
Dead. It
Ih-west of
trine.' - On
log or the
tutry froni
Charlotte' D Dewey vi Hiram Dewey.
Oa motion of 1$ vies, and Carnochan,
Court make the nival ordbr and derive
Nancy Morley *Reuben 'Morley. On
motion of MnPhereeon & Kinney. Cotkr
make the tenni order and decree of di=
yore°. •
Airgusta'B Bennett va J Bennett.
,Julia A. McCarthy vs F T McCarthy. On
motion of J'}:. Bhorsysker, Esq.,, Court
inake the usual or4e and decree of/di
v,orce in each case..' ,
John V Batteries vs Jacob DeWitt's
4dm'r. "'feigned, issue. Hon/Edward
Overton, jr:, , apot;Potricic & , Foyle ter
plaintiff. I'favicat..t •Carnnebin and .T,F
Bandersonj Esq., for deferubart. Verdict
. a 1111011tIk
-lost ihno
iny Netter
tint lie
Thelollswin deeds,
ottbrei 810/A.MI7
Tulltsisir Poirism
QlN 37 7;"* , dinth)ih_.4A
1.11.-kotO in lminp
a W., 'ciliuriot 3 ; conslders-
.To Philmider CAMP; 140 Semi In Wpa
lottlikifii the piops .
eity. of WmPsinit:eenstdalution, site%
.7 T 6 George Lan- acre in Wytduw
sing tn., sanitaiktkikroPert7 of Win'
Camp; consideration, 41,085.
To egi Wait . SereAi# AirribUting
twit.; sold May 8, as
,property oft :
Camp; considerationi r 1150.
:, To' ;Campbell, 49 scree in
BuffineCui tirp.„'SOld Nay.% as the prop
erty of P P Bums; consideration, $1, 9 / 5 .
W*Lane„ too acres hi Burlington
township Sold May B,,as , the prOpertyof
P P Burns; consideration, V*l4lo.
To•Enphena Jobrumn, 15liacres In Litch
field tys t itold May 8 as , the property of
John ilia consideration 0780.
To Joel Steventandill Laporte, 41 acres
in Towandatwp, sold May 3 as tbe prop
eft" of Drlsaias, ; consideration $75.
To Athens Building and Loan Associa
tk.n, I acre 11213heshotinizi twp, sold May
Bas the property of 8 R and • B
consideration $726. '
To G C Atwood, 45' stem in TUsearora
twp, sold Ma .8 as the property of Wm
S Hall, consideration
•_ _
To Groat Kellogg, 150 Sera in Monroe
twp, mid May Bas the property ot, C
Kellogg, consideration
To. Allen Jayne, 100 acres In Tuscarora,
Gold May 8 as the property of Lewis and
Wm Roger, consideration $1,050.
To ft ,L Parks, 2 lots , iu Rome twp,
sold May .8 as the nroperty of 0 S Struble,
consideration $960.
To Francis Stuthers,acres In Her
rick .twp` told May 3as tiroperty of
David Neibit, cousiderati $8,775.
To G C Atwood, 44 acres* Wyalnsing,
sold May Bas the property o Q Magee;
,consideration $125.
To Henry Hickeraer,l lots in t verton,
sold Maya as tho property of M a (eke.
mar, consideration $1,505. _
To N A Graham, 109 acres in WI d
ham, sold May 8 'as tha property of
Swart, consideration $2OO.- -
- To Stark, .Miller and-DeWitt, 1,531
acres in Tuscarora, sold May 3 as , the
propertyof A Waltram, consideration
To Jas McGregor, 35 acres in Rome
tarp, sold May 3. as the property of 11 A
McGregor ' consideration $375.
To C E White, •57 acres , in - Litchfield,
sold May 3as the property of H D ck.
Wolcott, consideration $230.
1. To J 4V' Alderson, Jr, 60 Acres in Pike,
sold May 3 as the property of J W Addi
son, consideration 41,90/-
To Ann Bunnell, 'house and lot in Ath
•ns twp, sold May 3 as the property of
Michael Walsh, ponsideration $lOO. .
To John Kelley, 2d, 35 acres in‘Frank=
Ho,csi , ;l May 3 as the property of Ira
Morse, terre tenant, consideration, con
sideration $5O.
To A D 3lunu, 2f nerds in Litchfield,
sold May . 8 aa,thesproperty, or. John Mc-
Keanyconsideration $95;
" To J 13 Schrader, 22 acres in Moine°
twp; sold May 3 as the property of E
ler and S Brown. consideration $550. •
To Mrs. M ' A Squires, 2 lots in Towan
da booz4 and 1 lot in Wysox, sold May 'll
as the property of E N McCormick, con
sideration $8.15. •
To 011 Swain acre in West Burling
ton twp, sold as the property of M W
L Williams, coniideration $25.
To E W Halo and .C!'M Maniille, 48
resin Terry. sold .Mayll as ,the prop;
e yorSmith th Shores, consideration $lO.
' •I l 3 Blackman, 100 acres in Monroe
twp, •Id Mar 11 as the property - of .F C
Sweet, consideration $l6.
J J Thompson, 1 acre in Athens.
twp, sold May 11 as the property of W . H
Dunl3, consideration 4200. •
• TIY` R Fleming,' house 'and lot in Wyr,
lnsing, mild May 11 as the propel ty of
very''and J Beaumont, consideration
$2OO. '
Ta Athenall 'and L Association, twO
houses•and lot' in Athens, sold May ,11 as
the property of 12! P and Wm Knapp; con
sideration $450.
To Athens B and L Association, Noose
and lot in Athens, sold May 11 as • the
property of G H and 'E , Dayid, considera
tion $5OO.
To Margaret and Mary Chesley, 35
acres in Granville, sold Ithiy Y 1 as .the
t ioperty of John Chesley, consideration
To Ak} Kelley, 102 acres in Fratiklin,-
sold May 11 as the- roperty of John Jen-
king, consideration $100.• \
To .E T Fox, adm'r of L L MoodY,\ 2
lots in Sheshequin, sold Feb 9. as the
property of Lewis Goff and M. Osborne,
consideration $1,815. ~
To Howard Elmer, planing-mill in At
ens twp, sold it ay 3 as the properto o S
B Roam, consideration $4,055,.
To John Sullivan, 53 acres in Ov on,
sold Feb las the property of CS S 'van,
consideration $2O.
-ToJ ,G Keeler, 70 perches in yalusing
twp, sold May 3as the prope of Id' E
and J M Elliott, considered° $257.
To Wm Bolan, house' and of in Towan
da boro, sold May 3. as.-t 4 , property of
Michael Pyne, considers _ "en 42,285./
To Butler Heirs, 106 ,;' res in Wilmot,
sold May 3as the pro rty or CMS Whip
pleTo , consideration $1 1.
Lark Bird, 61 •
twp, sold May 11 : '
vett, considered° ."
- To Samuel 0 .‘I
Sheshequin, .. 0
of Asa Frenc ,
To John
Stone, so
Wood, •..s•
. To B . '
.1d , . y
et,al, 4-.1
T. /
acres in Smithfield
the property Wm Ga
. $1,350,/
Marshall,/ house and lot in
Id Slay / 11 as the property
s, consideration $2lO.
acre in Standing
.day 11 Rattle property of Jas .
Isideration $280:.
Smith, 50-acres in Rome twp,
y 11' as the property of E• F Goff
onsideration $450. . •
A L Cranmer, 2 lots in plonroe twp„-
May 11 as the property of W: W
Acker, 'consideration $lOO.
To U Y Faulkner,
31. acres in, Orwell
twp, sold May 11 as the. property cif A W
Alger, consideration $9OO. -.\ •
To Daniel Shoemaker, 40 acresJAßOme
twp,. sold May 11 as the property of Greg \
Struble, consideration $330.
To G, C Atwood, '72 acres in Tuscaror a
twp, sold May 3 as the property of Rufus
Potter, consideration $2OO. •
To John Holmes, _house and lot in Aity
lum twp, sold Feb 1 as the property of M
Ellenberger, et al, consideration $124
To H B ?dorgan, adm'r of W H Morgan,
and E T Fox, adm'i of L L Moody, 1 lot
in Wysox twp, sold Sept 3 as the.proper
ty of E N McCormick, consideration MI.:.
To Mrs M A Squires,. 1. lot in Wysox
twp, .sold Sept 8 as the property of E N'
McCtirmick, considerationll pe oo. ' .
Monday, May 21. •
jr. 0 0
al. Rule
' Corn vs Charles Carter. Court sentence
defendant to pay a fine la $lO, , and costs
of prosecution, and 4 mouths in
Com vs B F Ball and J B Elan. Court
sentence each of them ¶o pay a. fine'Of
$lO - and costs of Prosecution, and 4
months in the county jail. -'
Corn vs B.F Ball and J B Ball.' Court
sentence each of them to Pay a fine of
$lOO. and costs,of prosecution; and eight
months in county jail. • . •J:
Com vs Wm Wilson:.-- court sentence
defendant to pair,a fine of $lOO, and costs
of prosecution; and 1 year and 5 months
in the Eastern Penitentiary. .
Com vs Frederick Seebich. Court sen
tence defendant to / pay a firte-of sloo . ana
costa of prosecution, and
.1 year and 9
months in the Eastern Penitentiary.
Com vs John Taylor. Court • sentence
'defendant to pay a tlne . of $lOO and costs
of prosecution,
.and 1 year and 9 months
• in the Eastern Penitentiary. •
Lyman Pincher va jamesiFiyie; Rule
made absolute. ' •
J Birmingham's use vs It N Williams.
Rule dtscharged, • -
Plsbree aE Kuykendall vs Main Tay
!or. Court direst Sheriff to amend levy.
J H Raman vs M V B' Rodgers et al.
Rule on plaintiff ti give• security for,
B Chaffee vs H P Rule to
dissolve attachment. •
Thos Hesvner et al vs C A Heavner et
ad. Courk direct aw iNSUEIt to beframed.
Court adjournetion Monday tO - Moi
July 28.
WlzAlimo WorrE Anoirr.—We fled m
oak of oar ezehangee from thefismilio
eWit, the Thmton (Or.) - the
following 'in 'Mira tO ' o o l7 ontet
41 . 111 *0i1V 41 7 ( WPM 111 PS ("7
.7 - ,.,2 - ,.,v-.. , , , ,: : ;!j : .\ , :t. - t. - ::53,;-:: . - - 1.-:•f.‘T;=:7' . . -, .'-',
thei'mattor 'NO I
ground . 1 ..
. .
"In eseuriageorralgk
inunie its
'll :no
IS'Almetabli toot
"Therething to
write - about." . For qatbeneilt of our alp
Isepondents in earinnsparts of the 00011-
try, wepiildhilt the following guide._
be seen that there - is ao.forindatkile,
for the o raise., sod that the
mnalleat tion
will afford ample mate*
al for a weekly 'letter. Correspondents,
please cutthit out and - Post it in a COSY
spienous place : -
wh AteldeAm ere, use charact lltl e " r el6itl / 2 6 - ;, W ete. hinestilk4;l4luideter'7ll(nihen:
BeillkaaNi Where & - b7 whom,
amount Malin, etc. ..: •
Chimp or. business fi rms , when add
name orwues. - ' • ; .
• .Crope, resent condition,
_and kb=
, Crimes of any kind, names of offenders,
nature of the crime.-
Churches, cLanges of pastors, revivals,
election of Church officer; etc. •
Disaolution of partnership, names of
parties, - where going, etc. .
Death, who,:when, where, cause!, siFIL
Discoveries of curiosities, minerals, or
anything new or 'saleable: •
,Elopements, names of parties and Mr. !
intelligence;. place When
candidates to be, or h ave, been elected,
Fires, Whose property, when, where,
cause,- amount of insurance, names of
companies insured in. Firemen's news of
MI kinds. •\ '
FaCts and figures; concerning. any pro-,
' ducts raised in the vicinity,amountssold, l
profits, etc. • •
Festivals, held by whoni, for what ob
ject, amount raised, etc. .
Improvements; by whom, where and
Inventions ' patents granted, and to
whom; what for, and nature of improve= :
Lectures, past, to.come_ , and where, by
whom. •
Marriages, whOi when 4 by whom mar:
ried,_when3 going on bridal tour.
MUiders, who, when, where,., object of
murder And by phom.
asks Boxoa at HaNDELsiaa.'l.32;;.:
hen Laces at BERT 4 Blass%
, Cir Toy
. •
Vir Fineench clocks. at HENDair '
•Vir New Pre...s\.Gooda . at ,
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Brass". . . - ~ • & Fri?... ,
airEngraring clone atiii.aNDar. woe's Jewelry
Store. . -:. \
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sst:x 's. •
r eW goods received dad
Or You can buy a plated Ctustoi
cente, In Mercur Stock.
, .
Hasidsomost assortment.of Jewelry,
In town ai HENDELMAWI •
t New Cloths and Casslmeres at
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♦er-Plated Ware. •
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Qom' Ail'the latest geblications,
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at KIM? & BA.zsa!reri.chstsp.Al
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it cast. at WHITCOMB k
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ranteli \rePreserit
S. Crackers baked every.
day at COWL
assortment of spring arid
jam received, at M. F.: Boa
111111ILLIer ha
rumirs. A
, .
nrreoxit &"43llAus sent* . bed
manntaiiared W•the count/7.
, •
Blan "r4
r r- Staling • Sllsee and . Silver; Plated Cups at
s'isr.tyieri's; / • .• ••••'‘,
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far HERDELMAN'iII Eitoles .
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Muy n, 1877... , . . _
. .
113r13eautiful -White Pigs for . Kilo by
the subscriber. Mrm. Dlet.reten.
Sheshequin, May 17, tern. .
pr Mrs., Howrox has , refiloved her
Book and Stationery Store front I!attan z 'n Block to
the store south aldeot Idereurlikinir.; : - •
ilritisswomo Ltriauc,' WANTEti;
peatxmed 3, ig, 2,3, or 4 Ineh i plhat. Apply to
Rito2nias„lioivoetan t Pa.
rirliwir is -the tiles to select yeti?
Warrcoza a !kraal' buil $ large
and weU seleatal state`sflifeh tiry-aller very
- -
ti" The Gxsud peamitk Hotel, - Nsi
Yort,win snail) Ittioptaisritre. it* Nee**
nidnetion ot Was Min o.44keiloWtaiN
ill*P 0 4 1 1 3 4 0 Per flop, ' _
-7 , 7 7 .• • •--
duo= wohii•Bas-iusuoratatiw. co lit ,
flawOlitietweliwkiwillaMPars 1 5. i NY Mk.
A; Kum - the literobsiat - -Taikik
too soma its Tinoefolootangosett tobows
Awl Mon: 'oooitiOist) e to OMNI Mob auttinf o .
‘l4thig suttibuniftigitest aritseit r , sad 41*.
- • body is finite& to ea at A.
4f, Iffousirollioterniplf nut"' toppoote Pow.
au, aivoitsfors, , 00ssrey oko:1 scoodao,
mow of I#illlint. You will. be epatisoott st ooia
that theiio lll4o Place See fing4liii *Jim&
• - Bra t imry Yo:crig ilostsit.• 'Nothing
iondueeiliore toadhoopoe* ni4oo rams. ;
ly than fastily decorated rooms, humblest
cottager may, ag gattlauaag Mc Wall 'Paper
* his heats as Inviting
and cheery is Mouiliet. ''mare.
• •
yr -
14*-est• Btlik Cricks=
when inn 4nut tiny the itterriltreth bate& jest-Is
tielpt Ask your grwaer•lor COWL2S 6 Crackers
or el to Mr,:4:Ta. Bakal to the rift Watt( where
you eau pt Cracker? theiWite day they are taken
trout,the oven; , }sass.
• MoiTixtrATtio . public Will bk pleas
ed to mini *it,* liter ina.renside it= of-
TANY*I3 have decided Agitate the CROCKLItt
s tinsels*, and to that end:have . just te l
eeitelilsrge ineetce; 4taipttelng eirelytlttng In
Moline, which they wIII pelt at_ wittediddagly low
tor Tc TEM LiDll2l OP; BORLII . GTON
AN'S) Nrict tn.-4111.E, J. Mission has opened •
311.111deirlitore at the house of Mrs: P. Rosa. Elbe'
Wu n fnU.sOpPly , or Millinery doods. and , all_ thi3
latest'stileit ot Hits and Moneta. Her jocks ito
all .new. :ahe_ letettig :just, ietnnied from the ally.
Valtand see the ptlees before baying elsewhere.
'day 1O 107.3*. " , _ • - -
. .
tir SINGER Etristito, MAciyriirs.
oRsAiIiEDUCTIONII. ..- , T;ie. new Family ginger
..Sevshig litaeldne will hereafter be sold at 304°1-
lars,'and other styles Pt Genuine. Singer Ma
chines aVegually , other,
pricer. Though Mons
machines hare been reduced one-balf in price the
quality wilt be maintained at: its highest standaid.
The gingeiGesdng Machina 'Onsapany;
11:4r FRO* A WzrzaithvarliammulD
Plutiticumi.—llartleten, l trulon Co., Pa..
974.4essrs. 8. W. rowle4 guns.' Boston : Gen
nemen-Alaying received decided benefit 'front the
nee of PsnuvlAN liornuPlor Dyspepsia and Gen
eral Debilitibf . the system, lean recommend It
heartily boa! eases as bling a very effective and
pleasant preparation. It gives almost. universal
satisfaction..: ' nespecthilly yonii, • -
*ld by an druiestS. Amur BEATEII,_
. tom' To - CoNstrArriv.-41e- adrerti •
seT, a - retited physielan,. having providentially die
-7 Covered, 'while. a Medical "Missionary in Southern
A3lll a very simple vegehibla remedy for' the
speedy and permanent care of Constimption, Asth
_ms, Bronchitis, Catarrh, and all throat and lung
iallectiona—abioa . positive and _radical specific for
'Nervous Debility, Eremature Decay, and all Ner-
Vous ,d9roplaluts, feels it his fialf. to =keit
known to his sufiering fellOws.: Aituated by this
motive; he will cheerfully send • (free of charge) to
all who desire it, Diu recipe for preparing; and full
directfous for saccesifullytiMng, this providential
ly disctivereS remedy. ',Those who wish to itail
then/Bellies of the benefta'of this discOvery without
cos, can do-so by return in'ill, by .Aildresslag with
7. a s p, naming paper, \ c
. • , . ' fii Niagara Street, '
at HEN
or 99
CAE TER—IPC4I4EII.—At Montpeton : May 18, A.
D. 1877, by J. 13 7 , 11. Hinman, nil.. Cyrus Carter
to Miss Candice M. Fowler,hoth of Munroe Twp.
MATHEWS—TALLA.DY,;4Zin Monday evening.
the 14th - day of May. i 5.77, at the \ house of George
TalladrAy H. W. MeCraney , ' Esq., Mr Win
n' Mathews to 31iss Alice Tallady, all of Bar
clay, Pa. • ' , - " •
- TEEL—DiIIO AMITY. —ln• Rerrickville.
.MaY 1877, by E. Carr. Esq.:. Mr. Robert
- Teel:of ,New Jerse ;t 7t. Elizabeth A. Daugh;
erty, of Wysox, Pa.
at. ICEN-r
is and Skirts
\ spilt
• DIED. . •
At blaiestdeneei Lu Wells, Pa., James B. Brasted,
or consumption, aged 311 years. ",
-31 EL ' & CO., Bankers and Broker., No. 6f, _ _ \ TAT
. •
Bouth'Thirltieet, Philadelphia, May litti, 1877.
\ , •
vin. ABKiD.
.. . .
17. 80851, C \ 115,1 g 115%
14 5.20 44 165 , \44 46 .' . Cali ed.
i, .‘.\ '4 !6,5,; „k atit i .J •• . 111 1113 ' •A
.44 . 4.4 \64 .. 5 7., 46 \ 66 . 114( 114%
4. . '66 egg fit \
, llB% II illSi
4 . ‘ 1040, coupon. - ' -113 S 1138
" 'Pacific Wall e7 : ' 1 2.5.11;1i25f'i.
New s'a, Reg. 1681 • ~..„ 4114 1./.2
44 44 . ie . . • 1831 . . . '
.111 V 11/1%
Gold .. . 100,
Silver 100
Pennsylvania 33%
Wade phia & Erie \ ' 8
high Navigation • \. 18%
'" Valley, Ex. Div \ . M 34"
• United B. R. of N.. 1.." ' 130341
'Pittsburgh. T. a sqa.lo B. It" ~.... 5 .
Northern Central • \\........ 18%
0 antral' Transportation 34
'Nespnehoning......% , ' " "44
North pennayvanta.- 1 . .": 44
Co&A.3!ortgagelli'a, '39 • • ' " `,, 103 S
General dealers hi Groceries and Produce, ration's
. Block, corner Main and Bridge Streets. \
• . •
Flour per bbl
c 4 4 4 . stele = • •
.Corn - Meal perloo lbs .•
Chop Feed • '
Wheat per bush 4L vs 61 00
Corn, • 4 • 4 ... .. '••75 0 - 80
Bye, “ • - 75 . •
Oats. 44 44 4S :50
Buckwheat, 4 4 704 (80
Clover see d, pedium. . •
' 44 pea vine,
Timothy, western, ' •
Beans, 62 lbs, 1 5,0.0 2.25
Pork.wiess "
...... 18 . 00
Miura. .10 0 11..
.Butter, tubs 18 7 - 21 . ;
" . • • • " /8 ® 18 • 22
Eggs, fresh.:... 11 ' 14
Cheese... lr r ; 20
Oreinr apples, bush...' 50 .SO _ '75
Dried- 44 ' per lb.. 4® . 5. 6 0 k
44 Raspberries • • ..• •• 20 • 25
Blackberries.... • .8 10
44 Peaches . . 12 (4 - 20. ' 2 6
,Potatoes, per bushel... 80 90 .1•25
Onions, •t 4' . t • 100 125 is 150
filled with
Gloves 65 cts.
and look at
A large stocl,c
Ku? it BLISS'.
,D. s. LAY;MT. Agent,
... 9 00 11 00
2 40 4152 75
1 sq
illdee P •0• 4 . 04'6 i 03 t =
Vests skins 04'0 10,:
Domes-, .... .... 20 p' 40 '
Sheep pelts ' "
'Tallow • ' •' . 06 @ 07. -y
Weal. washed....: ,. 30
' ".•!, unwashed.....
sew Advertisements
T IST" OF < :LETTERS, remainingin
Poet Office et Towanda. :Bradford Co, Pa.,
fur the week ending May =, 077: ' .
Burke, Martin Burdick, D '
Benjamin. David 4trennan. Mary • -
Cumming:4,R C Colvin. F -
Drake; Jane , `Ouery, Mary, i t ••
Rakes, Julia Lynch, Ellen • .
McCracken, Small McDonald. Manricq -
Ragan; Thee • - Shaylcr, Mary'
Stratton, Florence • Sheldon k
e Warren A 11 .•.
Persons calling for any of -the above, will plelise
say.`adverthed,r giving -date of
1 proposi!, to tuna r4zios hireafter for .
When instruments are outside the - perougb, an
extra charge yank be made for travelling fee.
' 1 condi:kw to sell /
Of the besimilinfsettifee, ae teual, • •
Apply to or address
Towandi, ronn'a.
To'lima', Feb..!!, larr.
The enders fined Isdoing
And all kinds of Planing-mill Work,
AWAY pOWN: !! • DOWN 111
• 'Bo tar you caul de It. • , :
tuivp al . s6 c s in tkOk* a !‘#.iri? iioekcit
9 t ,!4.811
VTIFIch I arkeellteg pytees to salt the times:
Made twouiptlrto 'Order, its tow pike, for CAM.
Tux (loop aodEsioloi.
I be'mmed; will be3rePt
undercover ani r. "" re
pw e ,iis /r 1: dri ito
r ta isee telsm_
ficolOedivic" "Lt. Ooteee - -
?ph 14,11771-
c : _ 7",
Kent k
Kent k B 1
Xesit 131
Keit B
.14.0 B 1
Kent _& Bli
Kat &1111
Kent & Bl
Kent & Bliss
Kent ift B
Kent it,l3
Kent MB
"KentAt-B •
**wt.& B 1
Xent,& B
Kent :& Bliss
Kent'& B 1
Zent Ar t Bliss
itensA. BUBB
ICent-4(k Bliss
Kent &W..
Kent & BI
Kent k Bilis
ICent& Bliss
Xent &Wise
Kent & Bliss
Kent_ & Bliss
Keit & Bli: -
Kent & BUBB
Kent & Bliss
Kent & Bliss
ent k Aliso
ent 13143 p
• .
' ent Miss
: ent & Bliss
' ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
ent &Bliss
ent & Bt
ent & Bliss
: exit & Bliss
: ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
ent l & Bliss
ent & Bliss
' ent & Bliss
: ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
' ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
: ent , & Bliss
• ent &BBB:
. ent & Bliss
: ent Bliss
ent .& Bliss
ent & Bliss
: ent & Bliss
: ent & Bliss
' ent -& Bliss
ent Si Bliss
: . ent & Bliss
ent DT,
ent & Bliss
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: ent.4. Ns,
ent &
ent & Bliis
ent & Bliss
. ent & Bliss
rent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
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: ent & Bliss
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ent '& Bliss
1 ent & Bliss
1 • ent & Blis
ent It Bliss
ent & Bliss
: ent & Blisl
ent .& - Bliss
• ent & Bliss
ent & Bliss
ent - &: Bliss
ent& Bliss
,1 • I • •" I
. -
HIS PRICES,' 41.114 .I,OVirEWI
'lO 00
11 00
'2 50
- Ile ft*
, 12 111
I , • Ills goods are ahtsys, '
-• : •
‘80,1713,1HT FOR CASH, i
BOT mseoir tiootis
.• - EvEn ormuttp Tuts-Naainci;
_ .
cioniieisinowuinins - :
..- - - - -, :--" - ~ ' ' •
And they theion tun no Hide dented
at In eases of rely transient 11!" 1111110 , 11111 TOT
continuo long In use piers.. .
.11141..111 bobit .
PClllllllll4llll4ffeti '
5i r = . ?.. , 11','5 7 .':;,.V-*S.V.g7- -1 4aci:W;„ 4 :iTr i
...:-.... : :L=.: '
-. . 44 A , :;* 4 -wl - ii.FA:.;..4, 1 1 ,, A, , ..jf-i." 4, f•r:-" - - . -'‘`-
s ,-.. - .1 . , -
OP! (;-• •'•`!'",;
'•• ""
;.: --%'' .:11:00,.1..,.;.:*,1)
- • ):
Zrew• -' 44-000$
Affs-P4Ng4 4218
- - • ••• .
, •- • I:Jogai nue Olt
~- G eLOVZS,
Beans_ Ital •
Don* fag to an Ind, et. ou
.~ ~ :;
We • , z — opened. In eOllllOO.
wittrour Dry . tieede,s •
I .itizile tni.,, ,.. :
Where will be I complete
assortment of ' t.
(Ee l ife n (U.
Toiraiala, May 10,1877.
Why, the lad that
still continues to sea
Abi - Oobas
1113 stock comprises irrerythlmi
/d nice assortinen $ of
And Mt
:st: R. i-Rosgttkp t
' .- i , r,,:.- -., - :
~ Yr"
-i .