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vi= iaoi &:*;imre.
Tut , time - altnciat' , Urrirst to come
to the garden, Maud. i .
Mns. Lureotar, the widow of the ex
, resident l is flow in Europe:
Tux recent-Tictibmile Foe emion :in
' London cost elmut,s3oo,ooo. :.,
, THE City brAtnissels has been beird
Von, and-the public suspertsik is over.
Titu shadow of gloom rests upon nilic 4
circles in Constantinople, they,say. '
A TIGOIIOt'S opening of the campaign
on ,the Danube is rnotnefitarily expected. ,
Thorn sides were stincessftil in gaining
..nnimportant victories on Saturday. .
- TuE scarcity :of sitpplies, is - likely to
give the Ritssiatiajn Ana great trouble.
A. Rtssrat.: colonel gets 4400 a year,
about as much ai, a section mail gets on a
raj'. road.
• THE President will name Boger S.
Green to he cue(' Juttice of Washington
'reftitery,; •_ ' ' . ,•• ,
;Mas: buooss, the butter modelar, is
;411ing aligure of" "The. Marchioness"
la her game of cril?bage. 9
Tcs - millionq. of dollars are sail to be
1 - 4-ested ih the' culture of flowers in and
Iroand New York.
IT F.NIiT. WARD BERCI= has made O'ert
44: 1 .000 MIS season by lecturing, and yet.
tie are `lhard-tiines."
. 'fp ; estimates %nil actual receipts of
internal revenue for the fiscal year ending
June 30, will tally._• • I
• IT begins to look - miff the weather bad
.1 finall beComeTsettled, and was going to
behave for a while. • - •
THF. latest French fashions are all in
neutrid tints: Thus does the war affect
even the'dress of - the people.
Tun 'Willard brothers, of hotel fame,
-- ave. uniolig the- wealthiest, if not the,
• ‘i,calthie - qt, wen in iishingt n. I
AFTER ail what
.thewomen of this age
long forali roach :as anything is a bonnet
that will Make. them loule young.
"frit youngest Fen of the Turkish
Prime Minister' is studying in Berlin;
net the care of a-Protestant clergytnan.
3loour _is • casting ,his eyes and
pr..l,yer toward Baltimore ' and has partly
pf.tailsed t - .) hold a revival there next Fall.
Tun Sultan and the Czar will call. it a
holy- Thel, inf the: view of the
tiej.;_li /6, will sanetiff the consequent
nvirdeis. - • -
EvEiftnon - T is waiting to see Turkey
iir'pe.l - ,tut. ;Russia, promised- to do it.
:Int-Inez, the wiping out - sberus,to be all
en the other side. . -
DUISING tie last seven years American
IccumotiveA have been exported to the
liiiniber of 20u and tc; the value'of $5,494,-
t U+.
A rooNEI, in the Russian .army can't
put 00CCry iiueh style, after paying his
I) ! Jurd and wash bill,‘, on a salary of S4QO
per annum.
.WFIENE7ER architects cease to sacrifice
strength'forornament then may ek-•
pcct to hear of no-More'disasterslike.that
at Rockford: •
• 11,EIN neutral, it is impossible forus
to extend a helping hand to either itussia
or l'uricey, but either of them can have
all our arms—for-cash.
• •
:TUE rumors of ,a contemplated pur-
chase of Ame ricau-Vessels for the Russian
Terkiiiipavics has created a lively
Air among Our ship owners. -
Tim widow :V Orville D. Jewett, the
natlior of the habd-grenade tragedy, has
riven birth to a "son, with the prospect
that boar mother and_child may live.
RtAi. estate in Great . Britain;* and es
peeiatly a Scotland, . is, at, a decided dis
erint. Lands in the very heart of Mid
• Lothian pan he WTI for a mere_ song:
THE Turk clods not now "lay dreaminr ,
oi the hour, - when" eta, Russia hasinade
`it- too hot for him even to think of sleep
ing or dreaming either. • .
" ED Dot7oLAizts says le•only meant it
in fun, and he essays to Booth the.worind
ul feelings of the wrathful WaShington
.' Lois by a sympathetic card.
SErnEr.kitv Tifosi - Psos, of - the Navy
• Deortment, who is d native of Culpeper
comity ; Virginia, has promised to go on
nit old-fahloned li)ossum hunt there this
fall. .1 •
Tun Southerners have .been coming
down like Wolves On the fold for offices
r.ioce it: has been ,hinted ; that' the Presi
dent ilesired apPoiui only.ttatives to
the ofilcq. r . . . . •
• , .TrsT as paterfamilas - was congrattda:
tine himself en the cud of-the costly win
ter eaipaign,
.the price of paregoric •is
doublcd . by the war, and the, green fruit
sc:i.S.lll;inst coming on. .
.Cotor.cq., ROBERT Ixor.n.for.l,. has re
fair aiegal fee a one-third interest
iva lo6;miotive, but,divers creditors took
he.eughlo out ,of -the country and the
ciolouel has lbst that dainty. bit of pi4er f • - •
ty. I • , .
, 0..4; of those rare occasions a diamond
iti^,;' was eclebrated• iu Germantown,
New .Icrev,. the other day, by , lliraln
.0 ut . "4.,kalia ',vire,' who are ninety-seven
, unfl`ninpty-'bur respectively.
A 'lloSON,liaper remarks : "One cannot
Lc ton careful this weather. A swell ex-
chaill:ed his heafy winter cane for a light
bamboo and:' t tho consequence was, a
S t•evOe'rLld that laid him up fora week."
Nits. ti A Y ES • Won' let . the female
correspon4nts come in and
overhaul her fwardrobe and get descrip;j
ti,.11 , :.0f her iinderwear, and now they are
, diFappointed iin the present administra,
, .
? 4 ,--.
.r.‘QulpsAiti.E. New 'Yorkers who have
bail clothes made: by London_and Paris
tail irs have lately been obligd by Uncle
'Satii',..: officers to •pay penaltles',of :$lOO or
:::!.sEfor receiving goods known •to have'
been smuggled. .
Tifi - . wife 'of Consul Van Buren, whO
h:s recently been sent home from China,
lia: b4igun.a skit for divorce ou account
or 06' peri4ohal immoralities which caused
his suspension. She was a:Mrs. Sheffield,
Of New./ laven.
A, NEW YoAs - piper states that a young
troy was seen , complaCently - taking a
". shific '"on. Broadway at the hands of a
i . pr. ireSF:ional boot lilaek. There are few
. - sli , oies that a New York girl is not up to, ,
al - A most of Thera , are. looking after .the 1
shiners. - ' ' . , • . •
A FA suroN 'report saYs that gentleillpn's
bats ;ire. provided with a new kind of•ven
. tilator Whidh will laSt much longer than,
:41E, liiile style: Anything that will out
,,• last i a hole a valuable addition to
111 , 24 esonrees of ii,people. .
PmtsoNs engaireitin the manufacture of
• 01.)::ceo, snuffs and cigars in. the United
• 'tatcs are 125,..1ii5, and in the- sale . and
fliNti.ibution.of the liaihe - 24,9•11 persons
-I,;i• ~
~1 ;firms, ,making • ari aggregate of 450,- .
1.439 persons as firms engaged in the busi-.
itess. .. -1' ' -
Ott of t't3e sequels of the stringent pro
.liibiti6 lal s in Maine is that hundreds of
. . dollars are ,
niefery.Week from Portland
to llostonfo r liqubrs by people who wore'
ferinerly in the:habit 'of drinking ,at the
sll , -,on. One . ik*ess company has been
inflicted for •Ibtinging liquors intki the
State presuniably knowing - themliolhave
bccii for sale, ,
.Ten - Att PETER BERJAlinir,' the . Most
p.)puhir lawyer in London, and whesein
• is over sloo,oo_o-a, year, was farmer- .
, ly . secretary of State of the southern
`cnf,deraCy. 'He is sixty-five, was boin
. 1•;t... Domingo,- is a Hebrew, went to
NV Orleans after graduating at-Yale,
ivas Wilig,7then a •Democratic 'United
Stafcs Senator an,d then a Confederate.
• .1114.sivEnvitt,i1., CARLtsi,E, for,
to:my years one of the leading members:
0' the old bar of.the District of COlumbia,'
toullolsrf of the Supremo Court of the States, died on Saturday morning,
`about 'sixty-six years. Ile' stood
very at the bar, and was known and,.
• fi - apl , reciatett by the leading ju rists th rough
tot.t fife country: Lie was counsel tbr
• eral governMents., • ,
-4 A. vOrzco, Lady clerk in a Philadelphia
(Iry-,oetis store fainted, and in the presence
!, Of a: pitying circle - of easterners the gym
.3,:tstiefic proprietor. sent for. a -carriage
• tokl - liad her taken home. her
' woges ..we're - six dollars, but that week
Cte envelope only . contained one. The
ex illanation . given 20 reply to her question .
was that the other five went to pay for
the earriag4 •
• . , • , • -
• k kr the Pails '4OOl ofArta 'and Triclei
• experiments were lately made with
paper: allegcal to beincombastible.'l3neets
. te..*. it' were exposed simply, to the • fierce •
fi;;;;oes Of a sPirit lamp, wittfout any other
etLet than to slightly wither it. When
1111, vapor was exposed in bulk .no. effect
was arpriarent. "It was thoiskfit very de
sirable • for the naminfacture . of bank
•`=•s.: The secret 'of the miumfactore
,ota with tbs •
ratitom (Itittt
S o. 000nitiati.
Tovindsh Pa, Thrsday,lity . 'lll, um-
Tax foreign news is of the gravest
hnp_urt. Fighting on. n grand and
bloody scale seems imminent in both
Ehropean and Aelatie Turkey. In
the latter the Ithrians are hbont to
Uttempt,the passage Of the broad and
rapid Danube in face of the enemy.
The Tusks are likely to, dispute the
passage - with desperation, and a
bloody engagenient--or„ rather, a
series of them, at various points on
the Lower Dtlllllll momentarily .
expected. la.4siStie TuFkey, an
assault by the Rhuts on Baton*
a city of twenty-flvithouiand inhab
itants,-and an important port on the
Black Sea„ is thre.atened, the out
'posts having 'already • had severe
skirmishes. Operations spinet the
cities of tars and Erzerourh seem to
have been suspended for the time. •
Rumors of the interference of En
gland and Austria in behalf of *Var.
key are renewed, and with increasing
probability of truth. A Russian de•
tachment having entered' Little Wal
lachia„ Ausiria hai. entered a formal
pretest,'to Wliich -. Russia has respond
ed with theplea, of military necessity
and a promise to withdraw at the
earliest practicable . moment.
In France there has i been a minis
terialcrisis, and the excitement' is so
great that revolution 'i predicted.'
President MitcliAnos requested the
resignation of 'his - ,,Cabinc4 though
they had not been' ; defeated in the
Chambers. He has refused' :toap
point a new Ministry from the ranks'
of the Left, or . Liberal party, which=
is in a large majority, but :has, eon.:
trary to the custom if not to the law s
taken them - .from the Right, com
posed of IMperialists,, Monarchists,
Ultramontaneso, He has also pro
rogued the Chambers for a month,
and it is expected will then' dis Solve
them, making new , elections necessa
ry, which will undoubtedly bp carried.-
by the Left; but in the meantime,
during the -many months that Anust.
elapse, the reactionary party will be
in control of the Government. If the
change be interpreted as a_ clerical
triumph, it is believed it will , lead to
dangerous complications—likeli to
end in war-with 4Germany. Presi
dent MACMfriinoN's course is account_
red for by the correspondents by the
underanding that he believes a gen
eral Etiropean war inevitable, and he
wants a government which will not
be disturbed by parliamentary fac
tions in the great, struggle about to
he inaugurated.
The opinion prevails among the
leading coal men of New - York that
'Mr. Gowen, presidept.of the Philadel
phia and - Reading. company will not
consent to the proposal ma ne a few.
days ago t to suspend mining opera
tions during June, the time to be fur
.ther extended if it shall be , deemed
'advisable. _Snell a moiemenL would
defeat Mr. Gowen's plan, -formed
some months ago, to get out a.s.much
coal as possible during the summer
and throw it on the market. No sus_
pensioncan take place without Mr.
Gowen's co-operation ; and as his
scheme of increased production was
certainly not adopted 'without due
consideration, there is good , ground
fior the hope that he will not consent
to the suspension. Although Mr. G.
Is in Europe, he has been communi
f,.:lated with, his and reply is expected
enxklionday. A general suspenSion
4n the mining region interested would
work great hardship just at, this junc
ture, and we but give' expression to
the hope entertained by all save the
large operatoys, when we sayAhat we
trust Mr. G. will not it.
the contraction of nati
the present month, wh
in notes will be with&
culation. The banks of New York
have a reserve of over seventy
ions, seventeen million pollen more
than is required by law. In view of
this the prospect of selling four per
cent. bonds for currency 'is good,
and so is resumptlon,.before the spec- 1
Hied tipie, , January Ist, 1879.
WRAT the country now most needs
is the statesmanship which can 'de
vise ways to hasten the revival of
business. No depression.that here:
tofore' prevailed, equals ,that which
now parses business in all parts .
of the n' n. The amount of capital
idle in m chinery is unprecedented,
and the loss of interest on this has
much to do witliAhe general depres
sion., The statesman who can "put
this' machinery' in motions is the rutin'
for whom the country now looks.
Washington highly pleased with the
flattering reception :accorded to him
by the business men of New York:
In Philadelphia, his reception by\4ll
classes was no less early and unan
imous. In many resPects Mr. HAYES
reniiinits the people of the great and
immortal LINCOLN. •
1r is a gratifying indication of the
faith of financial circlet in the success
of the nesi admihistration, that, the
banks of New ,Yoglc , are willing to
advance funds for: the payment of
the army and navy miatil the meeting
of dongress. •
Tns election of , a Republican as
Chief Justice et §ofith Carolina *mid
indicate that WADE Hem Prow is in
tending to keep fitith - wiih the Presi
Misr will the demeeratie organs
do for something - to find fault about,
how:that everybody ismtisflO4 tith
rresideat Ilan) -
r. •,
The 54th•*nualse.ssion of -*•
.00 1- 1 4 k 1114 04*- o ,•t e to4.4'i
"I ii l the city or MAY
,tstb; ** N 514::GrtiA,
- 1 4 a 2 4* : j*qing.
accompanied eel ,
eral COnneilinen, appened . in li r e
hall; and ntre conducted to seats on
the VitigeT . ACV:
Grand Sire of the Grand Lodge of
the Fitited: States; Introduced the
Mayor, who delivered an appropriate
and eloquent address -of weleorne.
\ Granif s lfzuster 801191 reipOndedin the
following elogpient retnarks:
.11. W. AILVOWD:
"Ms. NATon: Representing - the -Grand Lodge
-of *Odd \Fellows of the State of,Penisylvania, the_
distingidshed honor devolves *leonine to express
the sentiments throbbing in the hearts of.' the rep
resentithres, of ninety-fire :thousand Odd Veltman
scattered over this Commonwealth, lnackrurrriedg-'
big the compliment:you have so eloquentlybyst6w
ed aim; in accepthig the welcome you,
as the chief magistrate of the:City of Erie, bait so
kindly extended to-hem.. Indeed. ,yen nave truly
said- that they represent every trade; occupation
and business; for hero are gentlemendistingulabed
In physics, law and thealoand ever t department
of these:knees: aria , mee antes, and every branch
;..of Industry. These men: have,sssembled for the
sole purpose of devising andlkerfecting such means
as in their Judgment are best calculated to diesenr.-
!nate fratdrnal love, elevate miff Improye the char.
aster of man. and promote the welfare and happi;
noes of a common humanity.. Odd Fellowship has
done more to aleniate the sufferings incident to
human life than any other secular Organization,
The contributions made to relieve thennfortunate
Incities and towns donated - by Are and plague.•
and. sections of the country afflicted bYlaartne.
- stand out before the philanthropic world 115 4 111 pen
-bitable evidences of oer liberality.- We are-nu
-joined to relieve the distressed. bury thedeachnisit
the Bleb. and 'educate the orphan; ard .we pot •t,
with pride to our record of fifty-elght years,
showing our fidelity to the trusts -of our order.
Firmit me, my dear sir, to quint you from the in
uermost recesses of my heart, for the cordial:wel
come you have so kindly extended to us; Convey
to the members of Councils and your citizens our
acknowledgments for their hospitality. and assure
them that our sojourn- in your midst wilt be re
garded by us as - an oasis In our Journey through
life, and that in after years our memories will re-,
vert -to It with emotions of sincere pleasure and
gratitude." • - • ~
The committee on eleetiOdo made
the following report:
• •
R. W. D. AL. Simnel Haworth. of 'Philadelphia:
R. WO. W., John A. 10ler. of Allegheny City ;
G. S., Jas. 11. Nicholson. of Phlladelp h. T.,
ht. Richards Hackle, of Philadelphia; G.H.G. to G.
L, U. S., Isaac P. Shopper* of Philadelphia. '
.Grand Master EllifgH made the'
following appointmente for the ensu
ing year: °
W. G. C., Rev. At L. Laverty, of FM 90; W.
G. M., A. N. Price, op No. 203; W. G. C" G. W.
Illackman, of No. 440; W. G. G., Isaac W. Hoff
-man. of No. 183 r - W. G. H. L, F. Baley, of No. 23.
• The session was the largest ever
held in the State, over eight hundred
Paii.drands being present. It closed
its delikerations Weclnesdiy evening,
at 101 o'clock.r" -
DEATH or\Fa-sEsievrom Firm.
We copy from the 'lndependent
Republican, the following' notice of
the' death of Hon. P. Prrcu, of
Montrose.. Mr. F."formerly repre
sented this district in the \ State Sen
ate, 'and had many warm frlends in
this-county : \
After a painful and severe illness,
borne with patience and resignation
to the' Divine Will, this excellent,
man has passed from the scenes of
earth to the better land on=the'other
We do not desire, at this mkt
hour, to write an obituary of the life;
excellencies, Airtime, and abilities of
Mr. Fitch; that Work will be done
by some friend who has known him
longer thfin ourselves,,,and who is
better acquainted with the facts to
make such an obituary complete.
We are simply satisfied to take up
the salient points of his life.
Ile late Mr. Fitch was a man of
sterling integrity, whether as it citi
zen, a lawyer, a statesman, Or a Chris
'thin. In the dignified retirement of
his 'late years, he ever manifested
an eminent - example of modest talent,
substantial learning, and unpretend
ing wisdom, with exceedingly affable
manners,' strong social s airections, ab
solute fidelity in every 'telation' of
life, and probity beyond the'
est suspicion of reproae,h; as :ra.rely
adorns even the highest walks of ino-,
fessional ex4ellence. Concerning
whom it may it . be more appropriate
ly asked than of him :
His'publie services in political-life
were both 11E011 and incorruptible.
His Senatorial career at Harkisburg
was earnest, beneficial, and patriotic.
The member of the bar of this coun
ty have lost a 'companion , who was
.an ho - por to his. profession, „a model
to themselves, and an example of vir
tue and excellence to all.
Mr. Fitch' was a man of ardent
feelings and' of ingenuous' tempera
ment. He was strong in his attach
ments,to true men and to opinions,
and was not easily turned- from any
course of speculation or action which
he had\ once satisfied himself was
"right. He put on no airs and assum
ed no,superiority on the ground of
fhis intellectual , attainments, ' but
'placed himself on a level with every,
one with whom he had any concern:
He was ever's. 'conscientious man.
He was always•trde to his , moral' as
well as 'intellectual convictions; and
`followed them witithersoever. they
Ile Ek His straightforwardness and
-franiess were among ' the secret
of the . remarkable influence.
Which h confessedly eiercisetrover
the minds' nd judgments of others;
By his hont ,as well, as by his res
oluteness and ecislon, he was the
mainsprini of e rything with which
he was connect . By this moral
influence he control and swayed
all men -with whom he s associated.
As Ben. Johnson says o Lord fttßa
con, "he commanded where spoke."
He has left an' example, Sul of in-1
structron and encouragement t the
young men of our county, land s
pecially those of the legal profession.
He has shown-them to whatheights
of greatness and nsefulness they, may
ascend - by' truth; temperance, and
toil. He his left to all a most glori,
_us andn preeious'legacy in his exam
'pie of integrity,' Moral courage,' and
independence.. Ile: has taught the
Oting men that there is nothing so
grand'and beautiful as motalininci
ple, nothip•
to truti,
as intet
day atte
many. All
a heart
and loni,
Post and
He has num,
more enduring than marble ; and his
beautifutlife, and his true and,affec
tionate character, have bequeathed
to his family the richest ,legacy.
Many will commend his tmderstanci
ing. His Memorial shall not depart
away, and his name. shall live thro'
future - generations, only to be revered
and spoken of with affectionate ten
Some Oamma. , Our!_neighlicou of
the Amus"will:nevei cease annoiring
the • editors 'or ibis papet, becsus4p
they hl'lPPettOht
"Cut Pador. et Jurtilla torar.
/ncurrupta IYdes,:ntidesiese veritao
Quando taiam inventint yiirem "
Nreirellif ilip' `v - 2 .. -.
.......•• •
: ' - " - • 'S '',, f-' - ' ,4,1, , • N!inr.,
, (On. iliCeA 4. -
y-r44,' ,- ,
,;.. , 1.. f. sidled:or
Pe , i n, - ,1 10 0 Ot idindelphliC
busph t .
- were 1
COSOtiliii ,= , . _ift.
_ , ,,4 :- - :Sean*: 6
—..-, by e
,v‘ul,°Wit,,„Ar-v. and other
ick t eit4ing. The yr-President
°e9 'lll3!°a4.olittling with him - tfin
esteem And beet wishes ei'l4 ids
:--- - 1--7- - •:-.:-.------ ------==
countrymen. A-..,coremporary wyna
n iiiii - ' itioolorifetiod . •
the fo o &pa 0., --
parlors_ of of the disthigninkid put VI
Tiii'erowinin' iltioiirtesriiibeiting
list of-civilities notaferred-OntOesersi-
Grant by,the city people of Phil
adelphiii duringlia -slity'in the city
was the escort down the Aver Thurs;
day, on the,occa s ion of his dirta \ rttne
by the steamship Xidiann 11::r T.fiveiv
MA- -. Thte. .irss \-- hindeotneiy • -• and,
tastefully • done, roil respects , both
that part of it whioir was in.ohilrge
of the city ind Goverilreent author'.
ties and thatwhiah'wee \ the &port* ,
aeons act of the public. Tbe day_Yria
a lo \ velye May day on .the Delaware,
and the scene 011 #63 river waebeau-
On the steamer Twilight, in chirp
of the Council Committee, - wawklen.,
Grant; 'accompanied by the Mayor of
the city and a delegation of Conn'
tails; with other oilicens of the eity
government, the Govezvor , of the
State and other State officials;`: the
United States Senators front Pepe
4ivania, ithe Philadelphia Congres
sliaud delegation, the . -Judge of' the
United Circuit. Judge, several of the
Philidelphia Judges, the Gerieral-in
chief otthe United States arrny, with
oth'er oxilisr . officers. three members
of Gen. G and g large
number of ,
At the Mli: Twilight
speeches rl Mayor Stokt•
ley, Get Governor
Hartranft, Fish, Chan
dler and 11 aator Cam
eron and :'.Gen. said:
- \
Mr. Mayor and gentlemen, I feel very much over.
come by what I have heard. I content to being
overcome at many undeserved complluietttlL 4a a
soldier, they are not due; as, Executive ; lbey are
iti ksitc
not due. No man could fill theplaces Isa filled
without able lieutenants to assist him. Ibe eve .I
s he l , e f)rt ' t i e t r h t o hlt w lt e l o gg s f v . e l a t i l l e , v d e riatt ir e Ac r:a a t
self I was entitled to credit except for selectin
excellent men, and I believe that I did generally
succeed in finding the best men to aid me. No
doubt Shermap or Sheridan could have filled ,The
place 1 Oiled equally well or better. I believe men
are bora for the emergencies which require them,
and. Ilk! had failed, Sherman• would probably have
taken up the west and succeeded, I thank yen for
all your kindness.
On the Revenue steamer Hamilton,
in charge . of Collectbr Tutton and
Captain Irish; Were, Mrs. Grant and
fanilly,,.accompanied bra large cir
cle of her lady friends in Philadel
phia and from Washington, with the
gentlemen who were in waiting on
them. -
• Both steamers were handsomely
decorated and enlivened by music,
and they, together with a squadron
'of twelve-other stsatners, all gay with
bunting, gave a holiday appearance
' , to the river. . The warves and ship
,ping also were ndecorated; and all.
along the shore &mut() Wilmington.
flags and signals. were displayed and
salutes were- fired.. When all the ves
sels got together, near New Castle,
And Gen. Grant and his family were •
transfiirred "roar their steamers to
the Indiana; the scene was beautiful
and impressive;: that part of the river
being covered,bytandsomely dressed
vessels, with:whistles sounding, can
non firing, innumerable flags flying,
hats and handkerchiefs,waving, and
'cheers, following cheers, as the great
ship passed upon. her way towards
the sea. \
Gen. Grant will probably receive
the most. distinguished welcome \ in
England that has ever been extended
to any American. The London Trines'
announces that the Queen and the
Government take the liveliest'inter
est in his visit, and 'that he will be.
received- with every distinction.
pions speciaLtelegrams printed, this
morning • in -• London, describe `at
length - the ovation that marked his
departure, and the• keen interest
taken in Erigland in his contemplated
visit will result in a reception befit
ting the distinguished visitor. The'
period of On. Grant's stay abroad
is uncertain '
his present purpose is
to'remain at least a year, but beyond
that Ids,stay will depend on circuit-
stances . not foreseen at present. ,
The London, Times of March 17,th
contains an editorial leader - on ex-
Preqident GRANT. The I:opinion of
the knglishjournal will, we have no
doubt, be interesting to 04 readers,
and vref. 'reproduce it in otit.colunins.
below, as follows -
. ,
" General Grant's eight years of
will probably be regarded before
long -.its comparing well with' most,
Presidential administrations. It may
be that We judge him in.this country
fromfrom= a favorable point of View, for
his errors were mainly connected
with doniestic affairs. His Home Of
fice, as we should say, -was his weak
point ; but in all that relates to the
external affairs of the Union, to in ; .
tercourse with foreign nations; and'
_to the dignity and credit to the cowl-.
try tOroad, he has not fallen short of
his reputatien. He has conducted.
all negotiations between the' United
States.. and ourselves with teinper
and patience; and the mutual reiptict
to the two nations amid circumstan
ces not a little trying has 'been
strengthened during his Presideney.
For one conspicuous benefit •his
countrymen unquestionably owe him
gratitude.• It must be regarded `as
mainly due to' his influence that ex
periments with the "eurrenci,which
would have, 'antonnted•to something.
11 e repudiatkin, have been defeated.
On this queation Gen— Grant\saw
clear where - the interest 'of 'his
count, ay and refused to coMpro
a:dew .it,' nd , the pectmiary credit
of 'the Tlni States abroad is new
miring, in a t degree to his firm
ness. \Even witiespect t _to internal
administration, i must 'be remem
bered - that he weed to the Presi
dency when\the cou ry Was still
distracted witiqeh i e p ons• of the,
ofvil war. He d not 0 opportw
•nity open to his au essor; o adopt
ing a strong and clea pcdiey the
outset, and heniust at t be-gt en
the credit of, having b tight the
e tt
country safety through -a' ryeritt
cal period. On the whole - he would
probably be one of those cha teru
to whom the generous saying-will . ,-
applied': 'He was a areat man, an,
I haVe forgotten his faults.' _ No
thing, it-all events, but his virtues
and his gteat achievements: will be
remembered,. when he visits', this
country. He; will, be welcomed as
one or the tio4 distinguished men
the United States have yet produced,
and he will attract to- himself the
hearty friendliness With *Mali -En
glishmen regard, the greatrepresent,
tatty° or their 'race in the New
World," ' \ . • .'
• - f. A .- 001 , ,,(gilleretsfe 't_thifieghei . t
liitioiti - in oimiiietiite44 . ..0. the ton--
ti,',*littilitiMl:;";: , :' - '::-,- •,-:-Z-L....:.
D 33
eago,X 4 ine; new I,lmriger-Pztu,te
which offers to the public a cootie-
on i line; Xi* 10itY
With Out change of cars,
the only route ' by, which
• I .:';ts can enjoy the' Ininti`iiit
th4i , b,raMk guago Pullman palacf3
katalinci idping coaches, through
withont change. Por families this
is the mast desirable:, route =to the
IFest,aialtmealtinen be taken with
'Out letiviiigthOminwhile 'QS sleep
sing\Ooaches used araOne-third •wider <
than thwe in use an any other
and tke \ aection of clkunt*triversed
by this lirs'4a acknoyrilited by. nil
to offer the most beauttPd maerOry
ir4 the world. "Fri im:s 7
pie were transported over th
last:year, and not aiingle perso ati
injured or sesingle p.ce of bag
lost. - • , • '
Tram leaves New York'daily at
7:00 p.m., Tin the Erie itailivar.
need:lg at Salamanca with th
untie and Great. Western Road, and
at Nansfield with the Pittsburgh, AI
Wayne and. Chic4go,' Railroad for
Chicago, which is reached in advance
or 00 - y . other competing,fine.
• -Through tickets byway of this
line are to be obtained in every tick;
Otoffice on.the line of the Erie R. R.
'atia.kte'verystiperiotadv g ita g es have
- onlylpbe known to .those whci con=
template journey to the west, be
it for business or pleasure, to be pat
ronlied by thr,. , for it has no equal
in point of eorh•cnience; while forfe
males.traveling alonc, or with chit
dren for, broad guage ptd-,
ace, hotel and sleeping ,poaches offer
CoMfoitS' never before realized rin
railioad travel. .
The 'new Colony Exploits via , the
Atlantic and Great Western .. Rai
l from all • points on the E‘rie
Railroad to Texas, Kansas and the
Northwesti began running may 13th,
through \ withotit change of cars.
This.trainleaves Waverly at about
6.00 p: m., t` i onvenient 'hour, and
run on lightn'ng express time-with
first-class cars, Sioeg pin coaches and
all modern imprc;vOments. •
WIGHT. ' •
A most . extraordinary ev lit has
occurred at Oban which I give In de
tail, having been, an eye with • - : to
the whole affair. I allude to th •
stranding and capture of the verita
ble senserpent in front of the Cale
donian hotel,- George stMet, Oban:
- About four o'clock yesterday an cud
nisi Or fish, evidently of gigantic
size, was seen sporting in the bay
near Heather-island. Its appearance
evidently perplexed a large number
of spectators assembled on the pier,
and sevemitelescopenwere directed
toward it.: A. careful look - satisfied
us, that it was Of the serpent species,
is carrying its head fully tWentiflye
feet above the water: ' A number of
boats were soon launched' and, pro
ceeded to the bay, the crews armed
with such weapons as could be got
handy. Under the lirectionnof Mal
colm Nicholson, - onelniatinan,\ they
headed the monster, end smile of
boats were within thirty yards...of it,
when it suddenly made for the*open
ing. A random fire from severat,Vol
unteers with rifles seemed to have no
effect upon it. Under Mr. Nicholson 'a
orders the boats now ranged . across
the entrance of the bey, and by their
screams and shouts turned; the mon
ster's course;: audeit-leadeg directly
:for the breast...wall of , he Great . West
ernhotel. One .boat Containing Mr.
Campbell, the .Fiacal, 11 -a moat
narrow escape, the' Anil , actually'
rubbing- against it. Mr. ;Campbell
and his- brother „jumped loVerboard,
and .were picked up ,unlitirt by Mr
John D. Hardie, saddler, in his small
yacht, the Flying Sciid. The animal
seemed thoroughly frightened, and
as' the boats closed in-the „Volunteers
were unable to• fire, owing to the
crowd asse:nbled on shore. At a r,.
tie past six' the monster' tcsik ti
e c
ground one-the beach in front sof; e:
Caledo kin hotel, in George street,..
and •hi proportions were now fully
visible. In his frantic exertions, with
his tail sweeping thebeach, no, one
;dared approach . - The- stones 4 -were
flying in all directions.; one seriously
injured a man called Barney Barrow,
and-iinother breaking the window of
the CommerciaLbank. A party of
Volunteers under, ,Lieutenant David
IMenzienoW assembled andlired vol
ley after volley into the 'neck, accord
ing to the directions of Dr. Camp
bell, who did not wish, for scientific
maims, that the configuration of the
head should be damaged. is there
was a bright moon, this c Wined
~‘ till nearly teti o'clock; . w en Mr.. .
I n
Stevens,- of the Commercial 'bind,
ivaded in and fized'a strong rope of
the animal's head, and bythe exer
tion of \ some seventy folk it was 'se
curely dragged above high water
I mark. - Its exact appearance. as it
lies on the beach,* as follows.; •• The
-extreme length* 101 . feet and th
thiCkest part is about 25 feet fro
i t
the head, which is n feerin cire •
ference. -At this part is fixed a air .
Of fins, whigh are 4- feet 'Ong bynear
ly 1 feet across the sides., yurther
back is a long dorsal skin, extending
for 'at least 12 or 13 Beet;, 5 feet
high in front, tapering - t o kfook.'.The
tail is more of a Bette ed. termina
tion to the body than i arkything-lse.
he eyes are very , small in propor
-03 i and elongated, gid gills of the
len _ li of 2-i• feet he ind. There are
no external ears, and as Dr. Camp
bell did it t wisithe animal handled
till be com nrditated,With some eixti
neat scienti ' gentlemen; Ire could
not awe to; r there vmre teeth or
not. -(1 ;"exci meat .is created,'
and the c,iuntry . le are Sicking
t isi,
In to view :it. . i TIC :morning; - Mr. .
Duncan Clerk', writqr; took Paw*
sion,oftbe monster, in the rights or
mlitireo; Of Apply, and Mr.Jitiiicii
NlOl, - wrlter;.`in the . . thane Or the:
prwo—okivow Boot - '
r eing _ _ir %. _ _Aires,,,
otheis witit ligs aid , arms tore off.;
The Ship yard is th*sgeil with relit
tivennt the ; vietims, and it, presents
'S - disfresSing *HS. Thhi`is the first
sucidotsince Roar too ` the yard.
and-. he bas ban ed some forty
vessels: ~ -- , 1 --"- ' "\ • '
Cuanza, *ay 22.-:—The istunber
deisdis seven. /In addition' tothose
already repoilied, 3. J. Crew was in
, stsintly- kill 0, and George O. Woli'
and Barnl L Cannontilied at eleven.
Thicepeonti_sete wouided; bit will
PrOstdl" mover._ •
The killtici and wounded were work
men / inipsged -in : knocking blockn,,
fronyunder the keel. The scene dur
ing'the time the : ship was . going off
was heatt-rending, men being seen
istruggiing ti) 'escape, whilis the huge
blockik rolled by the ship; crushed
them to st,j lly. No assist:nice could
possibly be rendered. Flags sin at
half-mast t roughout 'the town and
;, work at the shophaset4cpped- I!John
Roxiche has ordered money furnished
the families '.of the victims.
John Faundation, who, had entire
ch. rge,Of the launch, makes thefol
lowiligt;atement: I found the ship
ready be moved, and called for all
c a t 6
hands t o , et out from nnder, before I
common cutting loose . The men
who. wore . d Trn , after the blocking
evidently dM bot-hear the order, or
did not - obey,,hey had full five
minutes to get out. \ I remained un
der, which is frequently the case, to
attend to the forward \ pocking."
Car.srza, -Pa., May '22. ---All the
;pen who were under the Saratoga
previous to launching her, 11 ve been
accounted 'for. No additional Ba ths
have occurred of those injured, Ird
the limit of the number killed ma
be set at seven. ' An inquest will b..
held to-morrow. . /
THE DEATH OF MISS 0111130 ii
\ MERMAN, MI88:, May .—Miss
Cernelia Chisolm, who w wounded • ,
in the Kemper affray, d' d to•clay . of
gangieue of the arm ulting from
lack of prompt sur ' lattention.
Miss Chiacilm w Wounded in the
defense of het fa her,.Judge Chisolm;
on Sunday, the] 9th of April. Her
part in the e ft of.that bloodY day
was of \
an heroic haracter. Judge/
Chisolm was taken the jail at De
pi/ i
Salk, and six men 'we e placed n'
n r
guard over him.. Feang foul tiY,.
his wife and daughter 'CorneliNwent
n a p
to t he jail with cl him.. His tighter.
then discovered that the gu "s \ f
guards were' emptY, and that the re
tectinn accorded to, her lather . w
sham. " A
,large crowd of armed Men;
abont 200 in number, had gathered
outside the jail. - C,ornelia pretended .
that she wishedto obtain food, and,
passing out through the crowd, went
i ome„'and co ncealed in • her dress a
iLak of powde, ,i. some shot, arid utew
ne , pera kir wadding.. Taking
some pod in heiland she' returned
to the jail, Carrying safely through
the. crowt store\.of ammunition.
When.. the , ail , was attacked the
guitrds deserted and the family were
leftridOne to.d ed. ''
s. he
Judge fought Wel , but would 'lave
been killed Outrighthad not Cornelia
between tliguns ~ of • the
crowd and her- father. \She pushed
the guns away with one hand while
-hanging around her fathe e neek
with the other, and siver 4l . l o ol Peat
edly. The Judge was finally shot r7
- 11 , places, however and fell,and Co
nelia in the '
rain of bulle s fired at
the-Judge received sabot in the hand
and five in the leg, Even then, she
had the' presence of mind to give out
that her father was dead, and by this
means influenced the crowd to go off, '
and :secured a chance to have tfig
Judge earyied to his hcinse, where-his
wounds could bedressed . and medi
caLaid.given to him. She showed a
coarage and devotion of . the niostox
alteit type throughout the irhOliday,
and it was due to her reckless indif
ferenee to her 'own life alone that
Judge' - Chisolm`" was not massacred
On the' spot. He haa-since,died, how
ever, and lloWllll3brave daughter fol
lows him, . ' - ' '
LET*wrlov,,otrs, cowvoilmarrs.
The dreary oil; Carnival has been and gone, and
hundredii of FexTle today are exclaiming over It as
as ebeat. If any came froth rile town to bei prea
ent at thleezienstrely and gratalteusly advert,
,fraud, we . New Yorkers pray their patience. W e
I do not think many residepte Mott much stoi ; ei
ther In the screened Carniva4,t its father, if I
may so designate COI. St. i u
t still thef hopxl
It might be something bead • • e mere a eitislng
64in proved to be. "With • except • n ofA few
brewers' teams In the' mo •re pared - - them was
not one which was not familiar • • ;Caw Yorker
biedind born, as the City H i k' Or Trinity
Chtirch. \ln spite of the morn ••;,-. .there was
still hope for the evening, Whe 711. • rii*d bon
bons thouldbisabstituted as • • unlti• • of allude
warfare in place tradelni/ti cards.' . dietary
biscuit... Alas wean° tune with
all the paraphertudla of his exposed. to w ,
eta then, as if to mist ra,Oropergloom over the •
emu then the lights t 004 84. that only now and
then a glimpse ottla tinsel, the bellsaed the mask
-should be vidble. Broeklyn; all Jersey City,
and large delegat s Dorn other places, asslstekt
and grained or • it. Any MMus It= couldn't
make a better tree into* countrytown than that
processloy ed Tueiiday night, Wouldn't get
patronage ough to pay its bill poster.
After t melancholy parade Came the still more
IDs bell, too slow and stupid for anonyms ,
who there in force to enjoy, and toe - free and .
easy or even ordinary respectability patrentie.
hi • • prOmesl i tded with their bate on. Gilmore's
d did Its it, but the conviction of 'a that-class
Met was upon. them. They essayed a Modolled,
some metalled It a s' Noodey-Sled"can can, and it
sounded like the Dead Derain Said ; a polka re.
called the melancholy howling of the dogewhi had
just left them, and altogether the favorite 'band
seemed tole undo, the inguenee of some malicious ;
Dfakka who had a ,spite against the Carnival.. I
don't belie*" another one will4ser be attempted In
New York. l lf We ever , should' get up, an annual'
poiri•wow, It will have to be done by, ourselves In a
thoroughly Iltillhlarway, and not , he, a • worthless
espy of some rarity Of the-Latin races.
The Brat of May le the genuine New York taint
satin which nearlyovery resident participates and
brings all ids personal property out to add 'variety
to the show ; any other attempt must prove a fall:
The President, or as a greatnianY New -Trailers
persist in calling him. Yr. Hayes. was la town. He
cattiobn here Ant to ao i little junketing with the
pond toes of the city from the Chamber ,of Com-
Mice. ata anemia to indulge in s Utile. lirliste
git ihitswith SOW a ear citizens. public
Maras the uncovering of thestatoe of Vitt Greene
Ealleck, the post. which bas - been place! in CM ,
tral Park. The ytnerabla post Bryant i , traduced
tbe:President.'do facto, to the peciple, la apleaSant
speech.- /111...14yes then presentedlthe statue, and
Mayor Ely accepted it.. d'pom by. Whittier,. the
4.twerinan ;wet hiniesic;isto antiviruses upon sill
osesoko4, vas nevatadoilles itdet , 111 r. Saha
°IOWA** PoetHanso, k ihe ineldb heel"
• of th e PPP* maw* Wag the Peet Cods the
illdliaa! ,B NothborloWear "Ate:opting tvciotb,
fisw Tot* May 18th, 1877.
- - . ...
acareelY be , reverted , ~.......- aka..
eldielied Apoilderldoeoon. `li potent font„ablbet
ether Way, that the seeders masculine dress lent ;
!SIDS tif, WOW, Of at all &Made. The Sanaa'
ti& li
Itestiesst, -as welort:: to the President,
Sid Parched,, ,y, as they' elways "do. As
Setting esen,tt quite Probable th ey would each
Want await *onto carry th eir „vats,. black.
their baits, *ad dai other odd jobs, but for Me'
Weather MarchlngthOldi'lnnt darlings aFe iir ' I
After a Period'of six *door bindaelit inactivitY,
Dr.,llenty T,llemboki Me jffapoidoit. edri,Miaer)
WW II , °ln"! 01144 to IS kagg
ileal ' Onlil,, Vilth his I
wane Lusted wffitatin,":4ll de prime, bf life (44) 1
with all his i!ito; unimpaired;as eigorons and
hint m over, though smart in ig 'under mull , _
dies persecution, the Iktetor tuts again set his fae
tory in motion and is priirdred to. supply the world
with hts Illeithring prepartitiorl•'- Ho bat mused*
' tad with him his tie . ::Old and. tinsted..numietters.
Ilfessit. Ifeareep,iinl le weiti . tdartiotej tut issued
to his old Mende of the press he Wye * that in order
to make asearanes doubly Wire, I hate toads a Cont
i pate change in therwrappets and labels of my rem;
edicts; whith jail be - maasfaetered in faun under
y hnmediate supertition. "These wrappers *hi be
.. , led In carmine Ink all others are spitriouS,.ar
'miseries titbit my name Alin be held amilis 9
to the \ l7. I ask my frinds, the friends- ot • the
Unitedtatiis, to mist APO' itt my. undertaking.
With yourdroperation my vi . ctory Isi,t foregone
cenelusion.\ ' -
_. ' • : ,
The last storyr a 7m itorth, tho' than mililsei, Is
O llie e ff ect that lady whose,rabe;s* mot'- stun=
eluntlY suit per, wanted to tiier:: if It
couldn't be made ellittlOinere epidernibkihe: - . "I
can do tiothing moil, e, unless', !heare r— is is
to be gummed on you."\ i ,
.;., ' . •' \,
A. hint to Your houseAtteP rle rearlirs. An enik•
nerd French autllcaltY statesthlt , otioelghth ,borax
added to stitch will give 'thin to linen. It will
do no harm to try,
, at all erentirilted colt‘
'produce profanity. : ' . ' • ' • ,
WAIIIIINGTOtr, D. C., MayiTt . ' 1877.
The spin hater to Washington, does not4iter
golog caret ly ththugh the public h Ildlogs\and
&troth:4,on, ur finest' avenues,: (th substahce \ ot
most vlsitorly work ), gO away wit an • estimate-4\
public b
• intpresslOn, 'a lingering re mbranco—of tk
city such , as W•ti like to have
.pt is place we visit.
That Is,.he has neglented Undone source et ailpth 7
ela, which. t im appreclatile person, is moat re
plate with a loymentedestrian trip too ar sub
urbs. Ills tmeis ge rally is en op , Willi hurry
ing f rein building t hollding.•'examini4. various
imprOveculi:th progress, dodging /around for
pagan" glio*se of th e Presidentandiauth oiSclals
as may bolu ocity, making anft*ntances from.
whom be s a tolerable anion - tit/Of bliorteatlee
respectin Congreisiaad Its win
/ kings, for eve r y
one he is aparliamentarian) /and then lul goe
'mu! lal the Idea that he haaSeen all therO Is to
:be ala and about Was legion. Someheir, or
o e
te di
n too, he gets the imp stiouthat"the Capitol.
leveed from the eastern kls a - Structurept vast
area, squally appsaratice, and saiuouniect lry a (Hs
iircipirtlonste mass called a dome. A ride or two
be,may take, to Arlington. where he hasnue clews;
to the Soldierly Rome, with which he 1a: or should
be enchanted. . . •,/. - , ...
, .. ,
But nbtonly eie visitors earelesa of tie pleasure
to be dent. 'l' m twilistrLen trips to . the suburbs
of our city, b tWestungtonissatisaisth, with very few,
esceptions, u It iii de justice to the
n I C \
'natter. True, inelleatton must precede an appre
clationctither:Walte; andto thoie lacking the in
clined It is,leleas Iskspeak. -,. -
• iteccently the desnabilla constitution for mere-,
/ ~. . .
Wen leitinwts . me my a nal \ spring Walks, and
• tint well knqwei pound hazy \teed rune over -and'
/ralpsitSWlthin the pest two)ireeke, i I
Leaving the\city by- the rolat:ii gockslitallrnad,
a leisurely tramp of an hour brings to Brooks'
Station, three nsileisett. Striking, In :a country
mad, leading - lathe west we ;dough chee tly alert
breathing the fresh, nui”lr, which inapt s into
1 us new Ilfe, : and Isveifnewend thou shying/oar hat
Into space from pure eshillradon. A few nilnutes ,
Walk, and we are near I the - Glenwood €,enseter
Here, just off the read, We stoop'end drink of . the
1 coolest water in the-District, a berrelsprlng. Then
proceeding Westward„, it little farther through roll
ing meitilows. we ~reach, a piece bt rising ground
\ froniwhich a glorlopa view of the Capitol Is to be
had.. sow, standing on this eminenee, WTI a
three-quarters view of that noble , structure befor
hins,hat. man most have a st ra nge task inilel,
who thinks it squiity, dtsproportionate, or topped
by an ImPenderable mass of a dome. • At each sue
cesalve view \ We are impressedmore and more , with,
its grandeur- \Look at It froth whatever point you
will, so that pisinl\l t ss et a 'considerable distance,
you cannot bitt b9 s ruck with Its symmetry:. It is
only when one stand's immediately beneath Is
walls, and reallzesithe incomplete stato,or the eest
tral portion that one thiniathere Is a disproportion
between dome and base.. ,
From this mound we move on e few more rods,
entering high pasture fields; arid as the 1*..51 rays of
the declining Sun shine rosily . areu.i4us, we walk
.. . • ,
silently through the gleaming ; the veS‘per sparrows
\ -
'rise from beneath our icet, tittering theirfaibt and
\ - 1
skeet protest, and the far-away. boil-like notcs' \ of
the wood thrush strike the ear like a happy
. ,
branee of the by-gone days.
Other voices of Mb 'JO:Bight comlngle In it‘
'bannonl: These upland meadows appear; to be a
favorite resort of the vesper birds, and we always
linger a short half hour to listen to their low chid.
lug notes as they dispose themselves to rest.. An
effect. which in its-character is altogether .
'aubdaed attends these birds. So small, so, short or
ilight, so fegille.of voice—they form a wee 2 link in
thelealthelogical chain, tonimedovrn and 'leading
fls toontented with larger and' harsher fOrma
of birdlifx . . ',
Again, w&ltare the city toward the northwest,.
stopping on 71 ) ,tridian hill fora glance over the city,
Arlington, the tire rivepi that eye-sete- l a Trait..
meat of a monumenkto the. immortal Washington;
—and'above all, - thal` i *gratil old . pile, the Capitol ?
whieh, from this point;ds seen in a specially favor- .
able light. Rock. Creelt),\thon reached: It is well'
named; rocks hinuMerahle adorn its bzo,3 and MI
ter its bed, .- • . N, , ' 11 • '
Adhimrs , walk in the, iicinitii i re stream pre.
seats to one every varlety:of. tope ‘ 'TMeal feature;
consequently the flora and art faun as varied
'as in Mani more extensive districts. 7 I
is not un
usoal,to ceont thirty or forty species offb s dar
tog walk, while the flowers seem withi" ' Jinni,
ber. Sogie of the most romantic, spots ituagth We
are to be found along the banks of this. creek, anti
thither wend their way on the **Scorching days oP
summer tdc-nic parties. ,
.. \ ' • '
~,ATialle or so up stream, thee is fa gimp bend
arming an acute angle. The area of 'this triangle'
is of a rich mould covered by luxuriant, growths oft
swamp grais sitdmildflOwers, with an occasional'•
tulip tree rearing Its thaPisly form in -the sunlight;
while the apex Is an abrupt rocky bank. of 'a hun
ftetin height, don which dashes a lively lit.
tle cascade; . The creek la about forty feet in width
here.• Pieta' the verge of the southern hank there
has fallen a' giant magnolia—undermined by the
wat4--aexces the 'stream, Its top resting in .the
spray of the ilvtlet coursing down the stream." Up
the sinooth, clean trunk of this grand old tree one
may!crand, and reatingsecurtily among its branch
es within a fesi fmtof the splashing, water,' a fa
vorite volume In hand, the"blisteriagleat of a mid
scimitar's day may be inocked \ at. .'. " •
• Returning to the city by wafer Georgetown, we
pass the Oak RID Cemeter*Y . 'T.,a'delightful cord and
shady retreat. A walk to the ruins of ,Port Bun
ker, noitheast:of the citY,ls alai'. fall of interest.
From the summit of these earthworks a fine vie*
o the Capitol demands the attention, first.. The
to a a great resort.ef_thelitUe gray rabbits,
here, . wing the fail and early winter, score
sable h > tamer' may be seen' poking round withah
tiqtuited >kets. - I have seen one of these gun. :
ners" fire at d miss a rabbit in," form," when the
muzzle of his .
' et was only three or four feet
distant ;neverthe . . rabbits are a drug In the =T
heta: - ..- r • i r ., •',
The visitor should n t failto goto the President's
grenade' on a Saturday afternoon. The marine
'band playa for andloor and half on that day ; and'
Washington may then be see afa promenade; for
everybody gdes to ,the "must " ,The President .
and• family occupy the soothe portico of the
White : Reese ; all grades of society,7 l\
m diplomat
to iteeroteui.; all sexes and ages, fronit, tint oldest
member.'of the eldest inhabitant's secie to. that
iltzdanlinate ttatttantty In baby carriage a tended
by ditsk,y nurse, areall there. The.uutrine dis
composed of slaty istrforniers, and' ranks c > >tit
third among the great bands ofxhe country. Aa
specimen of*"the. music to \ which 'we aril treated
eaep, week, I= give the', following . recently played
programme t
1. Nitional ales.:
'I. Ccirenktion March; fromtt f tpFrophet.lfyerbeer
8, Overture' Carl Booth
1: 'Fantasia, from Lacreee Borgia " Doulzetti
- t.. Watts. Tour du Monde Metra
& Lorelei, (Song) Joseph 'Nesvadba
7. Turkish. March • 't - Mozart
8. Medley, Peace Jubilee F Boyer
V. Selections Irons Opera L'A.friCiaa..3leyeriseer
10. 'National ids&
1 havp said little. concerning Washingtonians.,
Trod. Douglass has accomplished a good' deal in
that; line - In his Baltimore , lecture. People hero
thin& he waaspeciall7 unforiunate in his choice of
descrlptive expiewdons, and from present Indies
.tions'his place Is likely to be the price pf his •alleg
ed ingratitude. ! lie says the lecture delivered In
fialihnore was tfie same that he read" to a Washing
ton audience two years net, admits everything ro.
ported by • the liantmore 'pipers, but thluki it:
'strange that such a rnmpastshould be trollied by n t.
teritees iihl h attracted little atteistion at the tine
of their Ant delivery. Evidently helsills to tom
prebefid the altietenee In the tet4tlen that It t.
• ' : •.; , ;,..•, - -os-m•A6i- . l"pyripri ,
111118eiliery intrasereits
eiehatigesiire filled with recounts:of asost
14.0*.egicte,iug:. Ph 9Ausx
woxpru - ..“, it Is said to be the Itteldrit TitOlzfr.
7114,1***A it!thirliklorumviu old r . , " cos!
ticuy to the step, and mating the Invalid hearty,
eetiageons anthstrong. It cares** dtseases the:
laver &NOW* pdni , is And *toe; :iServrai. sail.
Alt Bided Dtsiales; titres Servals preetiailast and
Meats= of *ter 80 4 7ests oll2 o*'" 4 .
to the whole system,. Reid the tetanal's' tares t
NoarfAX IIuUT; - ebediCorners, L Y. l woielAr
ful cure of dyspepsia Ind Lehi dbeeee.-
Mrs. Z. A. While, 13hedii Conieeil, ^H;N.,4, tent*
Scrofula and Kidney Disease; pitted 4 0 ponds..:...
A. U. Ilatir:ax, 'Saratoga, says Hist "Medical
Wonder" gave . him health, strength's:ld appetite,
AtnErir Taucsnazit; Tuncook, it:' H., Icat
low: *winds; aupf•iabd .ta be la
' Prof, H. A: Hitson, llgatogii,. X: - Y,. ertelelY
known Aeirrincipal of- one of our leading Institie;
Hone of learning, says that his wile has used the :
"ace.o4sl Wooder",.for i complication of dlseases
wash the Most happy effect. No other remedyever
touched the case like It:, _ - . - ~
Out !Luxe's, Oneida, cur . terrible catarrh.
ELIZABICIU W?oD,'Sheds Co: N. Y., ovarian
tumor and dropsy. reduced )3 luches'arcitind body.
Mrs. 1., S. Arletitton, Millsboro, N. ti., spinal
disease- / '
• Dr. A. Dacron, M 'DM, N.Y.:. slater In bed
'tiro years with femnlo 'end hem= diseases; cured.
-- Mr. C. P. OauVAY, C0rm0rd,.2 4 4 11., cot:Angel
to bed With re ' ei and kidney disease; eared. .
2. , No 'space for ,000 other cures. _ . ' •
- -.)Lak your rugglat for 6 . Medical Wander," and
be cureit. / Pepared by: Dr. gias lc CO., liana-op,-
IC y. . - z ,
Por/ale In Towanda. by Dr. - H.D. 'POrmiti;
who t4sale, by ogNicr intii AN k CoWN. 'Y. ,
tibtii of Persons engaged In the sale of Goods.
Wares and 3rerOlandlse in the COnnty of Bradford
for 1877
, .
, . ...
• . .' - C/asa. LleenSe...
. . ,
. , A
ALTIHOIIO'-0 F Young,: . . 14 . •r 00
c,eorge\Wehh, _ • 'l4 400
ALBANY TWP-r-F.F bochFan, - .12 . 12.50
• 3 T liestett ' . • • 34 700
\ ' ti LI Sterigefe & Co. , 12 - 12 50
AHYLHSI. TWP 7-13 Moody-A/30n. 13 10 50
Al )ENS TWP—Ansou Beldellnati,'l4 " , 700
' Jil Vandoson &,C s oz . s, 4 . . 14 -. 7 00.
' French & Hulse; •.. ` 14 ' 700
H Whealloc, -• • 14 : -7 too
. - Wm'Coiy. . ..' .. ,34 . - 700
.ATIIENS 110110:—C S Drake, 74' '7'oo
• ; J L Corbin, .• . .. ~11. - l5 00
~. W ()Thurston, ‘ . ' '
.• 'l4 ' 100
' • .311tehelIABKos',' , . • -14 ,'. 700
.' Nl' Cha e.„ ' l4 • . 7400
John c arroll, • , . '. - • 14 --• 700
,' . Wolcott & Hohl, ,' • l2: 10.00
- ;.• lgalah latter, N; . : ' ; , 14 - 700
.-, • II 1 Grailke & C -• .' .• . 14. : '7 00
..,, . , Chas II 51,L05e, - • " , ,• 14 .• 700
.- .: GT. Eastabrool4 -. • la . .., • 10 . 00
• ; 'Fitch & KlnneY, 11 . .15 00.
• " ' Frank V Hull, . . . 14 ' = -700
• • 'F T rage, , • • ''l3: .• 10 00,
Joseph Hine, ' • ' 14 .• 700
' , A'A Kinner,' ' . ' * \ll_ .15 00
, ' 7) L•l'ark, ' •• :11 . ',-.15 00
, .., •
, I , II ,Lyon, - .
- .11..1in Carroll, • . , ' *.14 ' 700
- • -:•., KclOgg St Maurice, I • 14 - . • 7.00,.
It Wilaston, - '.• • - 14 - .7. ~,
- 11 A KM. y . • . T 4 • 00
BARCLAY TlA'l"=-R A Abbott,'. 2 • ' 00
',I W Thompsoni Agene,... ' .. 4 ' , ,110 . 1.,
- - Ilititehininul & Levi. • •: • ' •14 7 Cti
.BURLINGTON Twr —St Knapp,. 14' •7( i
WEST—Sh r yloe &Monster. 'l4,
.' . 7.00 .
',. ~ 11(H10.--WII'D Greer!, : :13 . '. 10 00
E A FAerett, 'l4 7 00
P Tracy. 14 .7
C Meeleftnd, , 14 t , 700
Gee M Carrick, „ 14 700
Strait & Iflbbard, 11 15 00
P Wortentlyke,\ 14 7 00
Jetty Ryan, 14 7 00
Reman & Collot.y, \ 14 7 00.
Idnurhe.l & Stew - art. 11 7 00
CANTON TWP--Inhn It Wright, 14 700
R Burnham. 14 7.00
CANTON ItoltCr—Kilmer & 'Moody, 13 10 no
4, II Estelle, 13 10 00
E Nessmon. 14 7'oo
Mix & Whitman, •14 700
:111 M Trout, li; 700
Craniner, 14 7 00.
*pierce. Trip & Pierce, 12 12 SO
1 1-^ 1 1 '. 21 " 50
4 Bra ir White, 14. 700
Jm, Benny, 14 7 00
' Stone, - 14 700
W Owen & eon, 33 10 00
lanly & Crippen, 13 10 00
Ill \ W Clark, 14 700
ke'.Thomasmas & Co, 14 7 00
A BeTre,, • 14 7 00
Coons `& Brain°,l4 7,00
White &\Sinclair, 12 12 SO
S Strait.. 13 JO 00
XILANKLIN TWP—L•It Lantz, 14 7bo
113! Walter.\ 13 10 00
GRA,NVILLE T—Taylpra Manville, 12 12 50
\3 T Riggs: `l. 14 7 00
HEBEI( h. TM , P—Geo A\Lent, 14 7 00
.1 , / Anderson. 13 10 00
LITCIIFIEI.I/ T—Win Arm ng, 14 700
\ Gen 'W Lantz, 12 12 50
LEROY TWP—II A Holcomb, 14 7 00
Hugh 31.41alcomb, 14. 7 00
C 1) olimmb. 14 700
LEUAYSVILLE 11-6, W Gorey, • 2 12 50
L L Bosworth, 1 7 - 00
IV F Rabbit's, 14 7 00
R G Baley, 13 10 . 00
.1 Bensley, „ 14 700
(:ray & Lyon,, 13 000
Gorham & Coleman, 13 1!,1\'Clo
G Sr Johnson, 14 00 \
P Carl. 14 700
P Blackman, 14 7 00
A Sa Baldwin. • lO 00
MONRCEirwr—Wartl Haines, 1-I 700
J T Cahill, 14 7 05
.1 AV Irvin. 13 10 00
dONROE 110110.•—Fowler dt Irvin, 14 7CO
lib ( In i e l :a '1 1 1 :11 1. & CO, 141
;0 ( 0 ) 0 0
.1\ Philo Mingos, 14 7 Ott
\.l/ C Tracy,. 34 • 00
JAI. Summers, 12 12 53
' . • A I....,Cranmer. . 13 10 00
..ORWELL L Pendleton; 11. 15 00
.1 P COhnrn. • .13 10_00
Penilteton Bros', l3 10 00
' Potter *Hoolittie, ~14; • 700
E Y Boardman. ' , 14- 7.00
OVERTON—John Coleman, 14 7 00.
F Heietterner&Mosbacher, •14 • 7no
• P Osthans &Co.,\ 13 . 10'00
,PIHE TWPW C.& A.l3\l3nrrowit,--.; 12 12,50
Esterson &Stephens, 14 7.00.
; 11 A 'toss &Co, \ 13,7_ 10 CO
' ti•N Hanky. • . • ....14 • .. 700
35 Thomas & Bias`. ."\ 13 • 10 00
- RIDG BB RY .TWP—Craig & Triton.' 13 . 10- ee
H C Erans, • " \l3 10.00
.1 C Robinson, - . 10 00
G 31. Owens, . . .14: \ • 700
It L 31eA'ee, .. 14 4, i 7 .00
11031E'BORW—Geo Xlcholls, 14 \ .7 00
.1 Whitaker, . 14\ 00
3i L 31ayoard, • 'l4 ' 00
1' T Maryott, • 14 7\oo
.E 31 Frost. • 'l4 ''7 00
ROME TWP—Eugene Lent. , 14
SPRINGFIELD—OD Gatos, 14. ' ;.7 00
• W F Daly, • .34 • 700
FII 31attocks, • 14 . 7' . 00
31 S Harkins, . • 14' 700
• N-S Watson, • 14 r
..7 00
D E I.eonattl, 114 700
•MITHFIELD—M,BuIIoet.k Son, 14 1:0o
- W F. Voorhis, • 13 'lO.OO
• • •
• •
: C Inglis, 19
Ileeby (irould,' • 14 .
NBlakesly & Philips, . . 14
-XS Tracy.& . • 13
SOUTH (41EEIC—H E. C 1430, 14
Ge(kp , Turk, t. 14
- Dyer Pitt. • 'l4
.SY ‘ LVANIA- 1 -V it E . 14
11 P:Sni 11, 14
SHESIIEQUIN-411rdsey Watkins, 14
Osborn & BlNlten 14
E.Busll,- • 13
•T F EspY,\ •-. 'l4
TUSCARORA—A J.-Sileari.,;, I 11 '
• •
If A:Stuith. 14.
TROY TWP,—J It Dexter, .14
Shallot' & Wooster. 13"
TERRY —liver & Drummond. 14
TROY 110110*—E C - Leonard, • • 14
• Reddluston & Leonard, , .
' Jewell £ ronieray, ,
. Stewart. Bros', ' 14
• J 11•Grant.°, . 14
Axtell, .•
-0 F 3,71e1e,. - • 14
Grohs & Lee, ' • • 13.
DAewyraCOon„ : -
. 14 •
E C-Oliver & Son • 'l4
- Dobhins•& Johns on, ,
Bohan - A.l'olton', .2' • ,
• Davisana.3.leCabo, l 4.
.11 P Long. - r.. • , 11
S. Wi Elgbmy , - • •ig: .io
John N Wolfe, '•• 4. :•14
Wie •• • 12..
raniihii - A Loomis, • 12 -
Whitaker, Long &CO, *, - 9
• Bradley, ,
• ' ow bury, Peek & to,\_•,t.
• . I A riereo & San, \ 14 ~
/1 11$itehell, • • 13
F W 1/over. '=• , 14
• Davlson4'3leCahein.',:--,.
7. • 1- AS
TOWANDA BOIZO'. + C . S Cortiwoli t 111
C T Kirby, • • ° \;
„ II T June •.: . ' •
• • 0 D Widths*, ' s '?„l4
, Aortoo, ° 13
A S n Mcdonald. • - 14..
J O Frosts' Sons,- 8
Dl Bee 4 4:?, • • / 3 •-'
:Beeler 8 49 r0s , • • • 13 •
Dayton. - ' • • 13
311 E B scuftcld, , • -1•••
Kolabsti - Aid TM, Dcideasit r .tis
etintr, ban toirsehhigtoo sad (ts
teriPlgrill. both. ROOM= and
'orng z blak irltts a" Tame*
VINO" Tang!. pianos. ~u 4,
NlNsurerat, sadcmief Douglaal
11 7 ine** the reteßobifi
tre the nisi* will 1114 It Ss
A Ennis,
J Davis,
0 . .4, Ageßt.
. .
, 114 it Too
, .14 - 1 700 0
v arier; tr • 14 .700 •
'V PIS 14. 7 00
Cosier,. l2 7 00
W A Cl
It uiesblol24 '.,. : -1 3 10 4%
eltehee; :"U 100
TNTLlZtamonly_ 214. .•
Whitcorahlkegialt.... -10 oo
Parlor; 'l4 7 M.
0 it-Olart,: = 5. u 30
0W 11e040./kCIS" - , •- • - 10 '2O 00
Oto'L Thaw - 11 •'l2 to 7
. Mnif"T. • 14 709
J Mather, = • 14 700
r:431:43 7 4 '• • • 114...7 co
; C S liefgreeN • - 10 oo
• M Olmstead,: . 14 700 • -
• A Walkika4_ - =. - ..14 7to
':'-:'Hairy; BoctensC; ••l4 7 Go
A Wattles. -• 14 700
WELBruir*.t.l ingbam, --33 • - to Go •
, • Dorton Tare% . 11 A 35
•411fOlirk. - '" 14, 704 ;
03044414 & 01 ; 4,0% 13 - '42 00
v IlMesetsi- • 14, • 709
-WilLlosll—legetsol I Hnisted. - 2 13, so 0 0
WYBOX-413313b IhParir,r- • 9 ta oo
Dank Meehan, 14 7 oo
. ' C Bartlett. - 14 7 oo'
WMIAM-.W HBesselij ;. 14 • 700 .
&dilate.= &CM 14 700 '
WABBEN—W &Bostwick, • ' 14 700
•.. ~.J D Kinney, ' • 12 12
-.4,1fC= . 1 - - "1260
r • 7 no
- 1ACTALU1111:11-1 riChsiabeillo,.. 14 - 7Go .
HS. ACtier B ro', • , 11 15 Go
; - Lewis & Orowe, - . . . 12 12 so
s . 0 34 - (0
3t.eune,- - • - 14 • 700
" Achim IX 1 Blocher; 12 .
• li Me' . to -2, to
•\,a- Nathan D Brown, 14 700
C t 3 Lafferty,
•12 40
\Avec I Brown:' '. 14 . 7 f.)O
.P Bosworth Co. ‘. - co
Alba. of persons engaged In the sale of Patent
Medicines County of Bradford ha' tho year
1877: Class : Licens.?.-
.a.TRTNS BOTF—W O' Thurston ./ \ 4 300
' Joseph H ines. ' - , 10 oo
cANTolti 110R0--*lx & Whitman, . s oo
$W Clark. . • . • 4 500
ORASTILLE,-Taylor & 'Manville -. 4 • 0' (xi
'LLTIAYSVII.LE ROIRtF—JO Ben:ley,3 1,0 oo
L P .Bia , kman. ' 4 b.OO
MONROE BORtr—Fowler & Intl?". • 4 5 84
ROME Boll.o*--Elt Frost.' - • ' 4 oos
TOWARD& 110R0•-0 T r Rigby. - a .lo oo- \,
C Porleric 3 • ' `Jo te •
Turner & Gordon, . . '3 10 (,)
Clark . 11 Porter. • 11 to 00
TROT 80120 - -Stewart &Ansa •, 3 lo
- • . A R Axton. - -' 0.00
- Wit Stimbell. • - i. . • •; , -.- '3 • 10 00
WTAL.USINO—J . •y . 10 is)
, . .
A list and classification „gf_pertions engaged in
running Billiard Tables and Bowling Alleys in tho
County of Bra3lord for Hint • -
, Alleys.Tables.Lieense:
- ATHENS lidito"•!-C H Spaulding. 2 • 40 oo
CANTON TWP—Peter 11erdle, -2 ' 40 00
• Peter Herdic. - 1 oo
CANTON 110110=-IV N Gleekner." 3 40 (
TOWANDA 11OHO',-0 11 P Disbrow, 1 30 to
3 Butler, • t 2 • . 40 td
' , Geo Ennis. • - i 3 20 to
A !Ist of persons running Breweries in the Cow:.
ty of BradtorAl f9r 7877 4 . •
Class. ;license.
AT.llth - S 80110 4 .-4 k Gillett. - Y . Ain
TOW4BiDA.I3OItO*.. A Loder. 2 SO co
the.,A list,of Bankers in he County of Bradford for
e year 1877
' . Class. Liceal:e. '
Atnisti, isciito•—N Harris: 9 25 - 0 o -
TROY BORO'—Pomeroy. Bros'. t 7 1 ; 25, 00 -,
.CA N TON HOMY—Doane, Clark & C 0.9 ,' '2O no
.WYALIPSIN - , -11 M Bixby. - • 9 . 21 oo
ATHKNS - TllKirby. - - 9. ' 2 5 00 -
r. l
A. List of re nitip ed in keeping Hotels, and
selling vinous And spit' us liquors lu the County '
igad \lo
of Bradford, for 1577 :.
~ , ' ~,... Class. License. /
ATHENS TUT—Henry Meg :10y,, .5 .no Pn .
I , Samudl It Briggs. 4. ,- : 5, , 010
ATHENS BORO , ,—Geo $0 L Jordan, 5' 57 LO .
1).31 Sinsatitingb. . -{. 5. - 50 to .•
ALBANY TWP—P Wilcox, , - 5 / no 00
JWilgus.. f . . ,' -• 5 . .3.) co . -
C ANTON TlVrt—Poter Herdic: 5/54 00
CANTON 130110• John Irvin. S, ' 50 CO
. . , 5" 50 00
. - —Sas F Fox.
OOLllMBlA—Warren,Smtth, " ' ..,,,5 2 .51 c.)
\ - • J P Strong ... : .
,/ 5 50 co
LEROY TWP—C.D Holcomb. . 5 50 no
MON ROE VW P. — l 1 S Holland. • 5 •50 00
MONROE'BORO"—OruaI Kellogg. .5' "SO oo
SILYANIA. BORo*—HiCunningham. 5 ' • 50 ())
80 UTIICREEFC-4.3e0 Suffern/ 5 .. 50 Co
StiF.SHIN4I.II.N-41nes 4 Rosecrans. 5 - no oo
,SPRINGFIELD—Joseph Causer, 5. 50 no
, TROY .1301.:O '=G F Vlele. '
-.- . 5 50 CO
TOWANDAJtoIttIe--john Std Bram 5 - .90 00
' -, JohOldUcice, .%. •' . 5 341, 00
. IV .
.. ritCber, /' ' ' '.. 5• - r'. no
- P. B:Suillvon,, / - 5 50 - 1.0
... . .
- ,•01 , 4 ': ..
O lllOlsbrO,., , • ' 5 so
IL caton: \ • 5 , 50 nn
/WlicHenry, - - •,. 5- 30 (0
• TII Jordan,-• ' 4 „too to
Henry Xpblek, . -so or )
-• J C •5
ULSTERIt A Forrest, \ 5 • .54 00
M Douglass S 50 to
Daniel Grown.. , i 5 So eo
' .5 'to 64 - ,
WYSoX—llartlett Bros', A :So oo
• Jabez rfauglierty• - • So to
IV YA L G--A R „Mathews. ' 5 . sft to
O'YEHTON TWP--Jantes4 Hannon.. 59 oo
I,'SABI.NAttEii, 3fiercantile Appraiser of id
C ounty, do ItUreby certify that the foregoing list bl•
correct, ati made., hy meat the time of making my`
alercautile Atiniscnient in—and ter said Councy, ,
for the year 1e77„ \ . • - SABIN A LI,EN,
Towanda, day 13, 1877. Xercantile -Appraiser,'
... .
virtue of an order Issued out of the - Orphans'
-Court of. Bradford County, \the underssgned. Ad
ministrator of - of Olive Blanding, dse'd.,
late of Orwell Twp.. said county. will expos* , to
public sale on the premises, on TFIURSDAY,
MAY 31st.- 3677,..iminmeneing at 1-teclock, P. 31..
the following described teal estate ' Beginning at
the sunhwest turner by lands of A. G. ]Math- es : •
thence -north 6134°‘ easPlos . perches . to a beast,;
thence 'Mit h 12,,ii 0 west 6 3.10 per by lands of `,:i•l
-beit Conklin; - to post and stones;
.thence, north
81,36 0 east 90 per by said Conklin to a post and
stonb t. ihenes north 40140 east by land of said
Conklin GI 3-.lo.per 'to a post and 'stones; thence
south 81S 0 west by John Snell and D. 0. Patton.
222 per to lands of A. (.'Mathews ; thence tooth ••••
12% 0 east by- lands of said Mathews 48 per to a•
post the place of - beginning containing 3dacres
and 23 perches of land,, with an allowance if
per,cent., more or less.
_Reserving and excepting
from\ST: al'ove tile,
.; (l
following described lotegit..
uing the southeast cornerof lands of D. C. Pat;
ton t center of the highway; thence south
west tt•per along center of said highway thenes
north 71:q west by land of Olive Blanding 15 pt.; to
a alike and stoue ; thence , north - 17X.ct east
per to a.stake and stones thence north se eat.elty
land of I the - saiA \ -D. C. Patton -17 4.10 per to m s
place of ibeginnlngi containing. 2 acres; more or
ices, as, deeded- tollarriot Blanding May I, Ks ;
recorded In deed boo Yo. 127 4 Inge 300.
TF1C3111. 7 430 to be 'Todd on the prigety' Iry ing
struck . down, #2OO oh Confirmation , andt te balance
In one and two years wlth`interest.
'Stay 10, - • - Administrator.
ss...l,sidtlee_le hereby given thatall persons In
debted to the- estate of Geo. W. Kellogg, tale.
Blimroe tivp. dec d , must make Inimelltaie payment
to the undersigned, and
.3il:porsouts having clam
ls,gainstsild estate Mutt present them, slutpasttheis
ticated,for settlement: • N
Apill 19, Administrator. •
nISSOLVTION—The co-partner : `
1p beretotore oxistlng berweer, [be - under-
Mimed" •dolog business under the firth name et
1111 - ebnet Rouso s Son, eat been SI +Allred by muto4l
consent. •.• MICHAEL ROUSE;
Albany, May ti, 1877. THOS.-ROUSE.
N •
CtICE----Wher6as my *ire Han .-
• . ash lisfilft my'bedanil board - without just
Caine or Pr (4o e4tlOn• I. hereby forbid all perrmi"
harboring' er troMtng her on my neeount as I shall
payee - debts otheeontractlng after thin date.
Towanda, May 3 ft; MIL, IL 11ESEDICT.,
take notice that sots &or my tools wire stolen
from in'y shop.' I
Alston' aw, 1 Draw Shave, mrillo
by Mr. ti W. Meath, 1 Brass Oil Can, his AIJ of
which have in name marked aeon them..
4. S. 'CARET.
Towanda; 'May 17;1877
7 oo
- DUNN & CO. , Genral Pro -
'A.A. duce Commission Merchants, •istr and 4'2
Greenwich Street, Newyork. are prepared to rt
colve conslgrtnients or buy for C 011 Butter, Fmts
Cheese; Potatoes, AP lea Flour, Grain and Fruit s
in season.l reference given when required,
and all letters of inpulry Promptly attended to .Ized
shipping tags furnished on application. ,
hew Yea, May 17, 1877-m6, • " ' •
• •
LETTER BOOK.--It Is always. ready, anil
Can be used either In the field.- the hohse. or rail•
road, or any place you may be and have tho
with you, It enaldes you to keep a ropy of your
correspondence at a trilling coot. NcibuolnOgs man
can to without It. From one to ten copt••s
made at one .writing; ' : pqn, pencil, int.
brush, water or prism. Agents wanted. Call on or
addresi'd: it. Kirtridge, TOwanda, Ps. hooks
sale at the Bork Stine of Ws:Dorton:ln :Vero."
Mock; Towanda. Also .at the Drug Store of Jo.
seph.lllnes, Athens. ' - . tmayle'•7.)
FOR .SALE..—.Two . Pony Tread. ..
Powers, at - lo each :. I one-horse TreaAl Po=
er, at f 75; Improved Horse, Hoes„ with or without
thins, at 17; Corn Shelleri at r; Straw Cutter. at. '
117. These are all new. of Blood & Co.'s manular.:
tura, and much tmlnef usual prices. Alm: Points
for all their make or Plows, . D.T. PAIlli•
, Athens, l'a., May 0, 1577. • ' .
`,..'", el ti 61. ' 1 7 kent'ever! Mon thin.the Inn I- ..
tivs3 we furnish. but those wlllingto work can C3H
'DT earn a,dozeh 'dollars a day right tn their ev,n i
,localittes.. Hare no more- room to ekplain herr.;.
Business plewent and honoMble. Women, t,o3s
and girls do as well as men. We will furniA i r a
a complete Outfit free. Tho business' - pay's Nit , r
than 'anything else. ' We will bear, expetpe .ot . '
starting you. - ParticuLars free. Write and e. .
Partners and meelantes. their sons and daughleir. ,
and•all came, in need or paying work at home. • ,
should write, to us and learn altabout the woi a 1
once. Now la the -.time. - Don't delay - Aildr , S
TVA & CO.. A ugus t a, Ilsine. . .• janlls,": 7
, •
jr . nortmr. liAt.tits, Or rtitAppliniviir , ..
i- .
1 c
'' AND VVI 1i
X,IT.-...1 have made arranvit , r , ! , -
with...L. T.lllrchard for hia Thorough-41nd nor,..
1 •
. 13
10 00
10 00
10 00
?o be it my BMW sod serve A Mulled nuniNr , t
341eis, toolfooneLlif SLAY tot. IC:. This 11.4 t •
One of the threat 'sod bola brt4 this 44 , untri
rilacP;''' tits relavve tatters ,thiough.
said mares an Itogiiitt. -fs br1;1-Ua t
01 . 4210 0 8 7 iir. Nark pit.' llietclog is y ,V.?
tall, and in oettoo rev' tY telly to be motii
be ttlntirvd. Ten • '
' ' ' 1,. h. Ellt4lAittl:V.
Aril4t. • - F TA.Vi313114. r -
tauten toreneere from Atia.nritht ,4 %
I titer my boons as let in Ni.rib.T.44-apds
for aide itrenori. no property f• 31 Very 11 , .'
airable MR. 11114 wilt he mad tm terry , o) 41 .•
111311111% 1110. T. CA Fit LP.
:loth Towsidi April se 1477
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