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i ,
RON iALL 1if.6T101113.
f: wrecks along the coast,
recent great storm; coritiq-
ml-alts of till
uc to come in.
-Triv„exi•Confederate survivors in West...!
ell) Louisiana have lately formed an asso
-ciation. - .
' hundred and- thirteen colOre.d per
'song - were baptized at Frankfort, Xy:,
Sk;:i - Aroit WILLIAMB.tum.r.I4. of
Counectieuf, is-building a 520,000 house
Pir Icjs sOu at Lime Rock'. • •
ArSritta declares - that she will remain
mutraldtirbut the Eastern. war only as
her interests'arci not menaced.
• TUE p Holy ,•ynod hastiublisheit a Rus-
Fiau versiiih of the . Bible—the result of
twenty years labor.' g . •
-7• I f 'l' tit English revisers of the Old Vesta
1M earrisd their worleas Su. as !had
'11114.. have held fortyE
Till: Si ee - ake rshi p is again. the . topic of
di-eit,si6n, at Washirigton. Sayler is mak.
i!ez ;: AO - ermined fight - against, Mr. Raii.•
ror the Democratic eaces nomination.
it p:lLl',.arq 3,500 Stre'etrlamps, in Isltng
,P.ll and, on iii avertge, there
I,UiIJ SIIII.Ares . or glass broked in these
c-r-y,Werek bg street . boys. :
pheilorilenon - Ts report
c.l Grim .11:1 is 'that fo r
11111:w ,lays in` 011 e week there were no.
1.11 tint oli a populiVAicn 0r..500,000
Tizi:ny. is a ! movement in-England, sng
g.•,-:,..,1 obvL:uNly Ly' the. Librarians' Con
f-.:•nr.e, h•Thi six month , * o aqr
, at Philadel--
o:'.-; far an InternatiOnat Congress ;of
.r.,it,:..t.,.i-Anet -.
. .
rt - NG.wonrin employed as a riveter
.11:1. , ,s;i , .:IiiiseitsfacOry last week acei
tt:ly.l):vl a rivet; driven thzough her
f : 0
jt:l;:er atiO., ditched. '
I.,+c-i inv. ' FAI‘ , ET' - .:31C31 . 17LLE1 "of Vir
na, ha.; .j; . ritioil t i (;rangers, and has
1•,.. iiliri.olii lecturer. le.iands the farm
vi, ,;''.l pitches into ti . lawyers in his . .
\ l / 41
iq I,il vig , froas w.v. . I . -
: .. .4-1.:A•T0% 'BooTit, -or t qalifornia, told a
~ u
h rrineicco repurto ,ie other (lay that
I:.e`thin l 7.:' th'en; 'loll.llel no trouble in pass
..•n•:.•.,):: lot cs' Silver` bill • through the
;;; , •n:' , .z...:..41!t1r•_, next k.sslini. .-.!
- . •-
%. ft I il'r 1".1::: years ago. a. negro burglar
a man ia a house irr, .Allaria, Ga.
^:1`I:/CS wrote from Kentucky
r.;;Oiripg if the man. Oied. of the wound,
'.in 1 tter has led . to his arfest fed. the
, 1..r.' •
BuTl.Eit does not believ'e that
t. of Mas'saelmsetts, is going
i 'C:i l tbinet, fior that Ger.eral De
ishe.i to leave the Attoipey Getter
i. • . .
A. SciiNFinEtt, president. of
t 1.2 ii - : noisTalik of thigago, and_a. man
Wealth :Ind Gonsiderableliterar
:- ti l ltore, proziti!iently mentioned in COll-
:Dcy!:t : .l3. , with the Swiss trih4.ion. _ •
. M,. MCC LOS fi El * , whose
brr ire' the. civil strifti was called
t!i.• •cotto'. - 1 Ei,i -of the
in t..lAirt; of
Vo l k to f- . .et - ithide luttary proceedings.
1 :vviinst her by her,Qhildreu.
_, •
ilrt•4 vet lilts been im' - the :United
by an- e_utlinsitstic. German,. who
Le; . a series of .receptions
.gotten pp'for the Brine?, as have
w!, hew; . sineo - Lafayetto was-
Nati , u's gnest.•'
4 : rttEat . tiuils3 parties are the IM:cid
-erianonents . for small children in New
bcgin at 1 otelnek in the
saran:: ili' eitl at : •eiglat. - Each little
t'iS'iliossca in "the d eliaractk...rof a hero
lit , roinc _of tilo ip-rlet.ery tales.
. .
1)1;H:raw:" Jul y.% I;11,1,1 - os, of Now
rOclered . a favorable
the caqo nf Clark Gaines,
.millions of dollars .011 property
the t 're,ont - City." This, ends forty
ars rat" litigatinn in favor ? of: th 6 chant/IL
~\_::7!NA..l),: i 6inssi- t .N. is o kn it in a • letter
~- ' ,iier,vivriolis-eltarizes ag:titts4 :Ntr. Fart,
... ,, i:f , .. of. the• 1.;:y...;113 Theatre, New
,;lc. Tbe . ,, inune.iiitte c.tni ) -ci . Of Ili d os
'city. elositi : :4-4.f iti , ;:- engag - cinent was
'.... 4 u i?,: ,•,1,:11 or cl".e.;'!.'r.tet., ttniil !thtt, mat-
r ,, :, ...,. ~t) go iill . ) ilieCoUrt.S. - .
,i- ,
it \I:TI'101:',': y 0 .1114 li.ts been sent to
11 f ir ' _steatite.; , -- la:•f.tulier's overcoat..
,a• t;itllt..r,.,iv.tir) witt.l . the only witness
-:i ~ .1 1: e taiy4nat.linitted that the sun is :
•:.:1;;;Iil. ; 'di.. and - that his phyS•ician has
i 1. 4 : pioli:t.hi w.ll not lit!e'ineie than
f. e - inotrths.
. ' i r
T ill: 1 1 :ii-t : 1 . , itt . l / 3 o , if says tit. t alxty near
Ili cite 1tq1...11 , t,1y plane:ea a - arving-knife
i, the br t east of his sister it (I killed her
he-- e ic,i , ate ' Of .spillittg'.• t a, kittlQ tea ,
.1.,: , 1 at the table, .0.13,1 illO atttlithi
•-i. h••-r" 1191 . tl , !ettleti . tlic...cirOmstance
,• ii • • •
or , hy ,Q. r Licir notice.
`' '!
1 1i•i . Cinetutiati CoPnm 1
eri!lar s , coites
;iele.ii›tys tut: at the !titeeting of the
Li . , I:,.plibru±: , ,in State t,:ontrnittee, the
•ili • it' iiiiini;ni, sit far as - one Could
, 1i.7.- !Toni outsi 'e tii , :i7uss•Vins, wit: in
V. of .liiilge. Taft foii, Got:Titl9y; not
-it iist..adifig his announced refusal to be
-% . I inn -. 'ittie Ciet many
4 '
i tt• . any person it; . injured' on a rail
.i....intiil 'teilisequentl;,,l diet; -from the in
iji ~ s I neeived, the ticcui.tetice is not
isie.l :i . acei.leitt!..iutiess death
d.-i. is ja ithitt 1 weßty-fou r hours.. i ' ,
I\ • ipf erentatbm •has just taken
1III:111. The ajTaratuspsed. was
• ~ ••.--tovo ju - v!ait•N - 1 Tor tI trpose by
•.'!••••• Ulerieetti. The body
• ;;at of a than of iseveitty-one years,
: the previous evening.` It
•• tn-O hoursttntl a
l' , ll I qa-s F.o
w.has notch to learn ol'thc
from prang A.Morio:i.
the 'United Stales ii-eue
pa,len• ears, sleCping-cars,
-aTel 11 , 3`,V the Elie
l' l . - 'i'":`ez 3 to pill baths in the palace-
litave.bron!ilit instruct
:ttitl • ('ape Colony to
, i , l Ilip; ; Litul
lt.2ttlw.;ro Ctont Ainerit-an and
rdr.,)(lnets. l'ilert•iliants in
ciiniritlr; aro captirareci
tl:l,` 1./F!,lllty 0.114 10W Itrie,S . OZ.
' 4 1 .. t ,•Nc. to the Allmny! E.rpre,s9,
1: 1:..1- 1 ,ohyt; D01f . ,- . 1 1 .1. , t0r oil!. John:a
1!ii.i,...i (.:ith,,h,‘...C.,,, , ,,,1, in (11 — tr - Tttbusit.
h .1. .iinount:ethrirat• he will , not' hereafter
.. :„.:ttly chibi in Itht pariNh to intrtalti
• ~.. .fir,t o-nronnnion? unless . sfich
.....e: at t'en ,, c , l a Catholic 'school for
- 1
. . .
Ty, r.. tpinirn i+;
. ....-tst.era aniong, :111 the
1,. i. , -.,...ll:teril'ail 11,1111ierS I LOuilon anti
, o ..,,r1 or- Cite 11,0.4 in . .nniajnty-English
..,:teiA ly;o 'teal in Antorican .sectiritics,
in . , - - oonte..l ~.1 • with Anteriean corn,
eo. that thn 14 . ..imate effeet. Of th
.- , lprn I ,, Miltii - iti• A 4 :utast be favorable
Itnef - inan scent .
. ^ '
0:1r preil.ou,
I.VIT,?.Ltm Ert . .l), aged 42, foreman
: .;eorge. Corliss Co's steatn•
1 : Nvorks, and-who set up and; had
t•tana..Tinent of the Brea •engine at
i;rounds, died ( n i nesday
-in ;Pro%ileare, I. 1., front A .
ti rgruith=. (if Afiorp4ine, adtninis
-1 by be tuktake A ,of a drng;.,Tist.. Tli y
called-:. ten grains of tin
. . • •
I 4 / :•01:1 - 11••:, the lillela . liiirsz ridden y
it I . :arty at the beginning of tliti w4r..
,Ijl: 7 :lKiid in Virgin •t at the age of-fn
.q,-.. • lit. lost -an e4:k at Williamsbtirg,
,Iwonifiled in tleffie;rat Cedar Run,
,11%% a, pernute-ntiy disabled. for war purr
.z.i, a`. - ilk - batik of "ShApsburg. ( 134
i: 1 .:•itiintal hi; -3, - e-;;••ite and vivae4
c' l •- osi, 'and 'a Virginia paper says that
wm - -confined to his bed only 26 .
.n.i.-..befoi-c he died," - - • -. • •
vr.Of t ,( 'I m, i's Fet!..'y staff, while
. ..i. , ,v 01 Cans a feW weeks since, visit
-':7l tile. •:1 1 iiciard" and.'" Nichol "
-•:iI viires, and was surprised to ind
1. • as Secret' of the t'quate'of the
ii•lia• fulbblooded - negro, . lio was
i‘ii.,‘ utvd•-by the 'Senator; as being one
" j ciost, useful, well-informed,. and
.., , ilq.:.7lily competeatAfficers that had
7 : qticiated in that capacity ili-Loilis
iiiia:. lie enjoyed the entire. coitidence.
~1 iilspect of everf7tneinberi of the
t.,• . 1
1 ,1
• .
_ .
,1,: 3te Farm at AV'arren . on which,
tio : asyluin is building, ig.- more
qI ;table Alian-wast firsetitipposed: 'The
ii.zr - r;ayg it. prAittecd Uhl clay
gravel for, thd .hriek :Which have
:.• ir;:lile..
cot tbeffarm. It also produced,,ne .1;1 - flue quality ift great supply. Now
n;}-welly are in (Iperation close to
f,nee, xielding largely; showlng
the farm is good' oil -territo 7
and :cute, if properly worked, .to fur
-1,.,.,1; to completo the immense
iitliog ;tat* feat lout. • -•
TowaaBa, Pa., Thuraday, April 26: 1877,
The Republica!! County Cpmmitizemet
to adjournment on Tueputay aftereoen, Mare/
After a felt dlsetpolon of the matter the follow!
resolatlffn was adoptixl :
Re*nliecr, That the C'hnirman calla Convention
to meeron,the second Tires , 'lay In fiitny for the per.
pose of ehods.ittg delegates to the`Repnblican State
Convention ' A. neminatilag such candidates as aro
to be voted for ht the election In Not/ember. •
Iu pursuance of the foregoing action I hereby
give notice that a 'convention for, the pueixises set
forth In the yetolution tcitl be convened in, the
Court Ilottse, Tonianda: on TUESDAY, May 11, at
I o'lock, p. m„, to be. composed of .tweidelegates
!r lection district.
. r 7lO Vigilance Committees 10.11 call the primary
,incetings on4:aturday,May, 5, at such hours as, may
'l,oAteemod Nst. Said tall, should sot forth spe
cifically the time the pollevill' be kept open, as
well as the place of holding the caucus.
The eatorldates to he nominated are District At,
tonieY and Cotmty Surveyor.
• ' W. IT. CAE OCHRY, Chairman.
J. F.. M. lll\:fi4X, Secretary.
Tlio following named persons bavo been nppnin
ed Vigilance cf,nuolttees for thp current sear. _
via rca.:a.m, commrrEEs
' _Alba Itoro—Drllt C !Tooker. J S 'Reynolds.
A Ittany—Alttx Engitsb, Boyd Willcox, Ster •
' Armenia—A WSevria, Norman Smith, William
Toting+. • -
A tl ll l lll- -N:P - 3Toody.itleo I errtck, E d Ayrtts.
Athens boro— 3t Ely,. John Carroll, 11 W
. Itarelny—;Thos DlTchbprn, L rntnam, D ItWll.l
- -
.At hens twp—W A Plummer, S 3t Layton, John
G Brink. -
Burlingtonoro—J V Rice, -W II I) Green, N W
BUrlington twp-11, C Spencer, S P Gnattn, W P
- it tirlin gtion west—Alford Ili3eltwett,'Sll Ballard,
N C 51eKean._ -'
canton Lore.—Theothire Pleree; A M Ayres, Ezek
Nowtlan. .
C3t Uirl crp—lflrarn`_!..iiidley, lelmbed
- rt . :as aylor. • -
i r
rolluabla.—lT 31 Fergneon, C E Gl , p4dlng, ~
FrAtekati—Sterrie McKee, Ross Vitraest,Wrn xt
, fre.SElvell..-
11 4 ,
Grarmlte—Orlando ' Taylor, C D Row', 011 era
! • ,
. 11 , !rrick—lr iCesbitt,,Jamei Newell..Tes Lee.
Leftaysvllle-4 0 Bewley. 11% B Payne, •31 S
Prentice. .
Lemy—nß Palmer. Levi Sanford, Reuben State,e
E McKinney, Levi Mune, Jame
r,kve I .
, Motlroe boro—M M CoulbFigti, Jqbn Dougherty
Orlis .
- Monroe twp—T T Smlrey, 7 11 Gale, A L R . Ock
orwp:l—A FrIRV", A D L.rft g. D C Potter.—fas Mulletieaux. On in Chase.
Pikc—M E Beeelleti 9tH Gregory; E S Skeel.
1:1,15-Ifery—J I' Squires, G M Owen; Eugene
Reme Ele . key. 3f 'I; Towner, 0-F Tnung.
lt,,lne•Orp—L D Prince, Chas II Stepheus - ;:r B
Silvehequin-77,11 II Gore, A J Thompkm, for
star:ll7T, Sztnn , 2—.-Peter Landmwer, ItOnry
.Stoi ; ons. Hiram (inr,?..,ir:
T Deep, C 'l' Wood, Clarrenco
W A 'Brown, OP Ilark
qies7,.nth.Crerkz,,S- aniuei Thompson, IV II Moore;
. .
sviva.!!ja—T r om Arnold, Leroy . Scontin, Ftniy
Terry—Fillubal Bowman, John C Dyer, JOnathati
Troy,horo-111.Grant, CCD L Peck, N 31 Porno-
Troy ovl--John ,1P Hunt,
- Chales Manly, 31,0
Wart—Judson Italcouil), Ed
Stever„{. Ira It Iluniplirey4
2,1 ward—lt A Mercur. 1 D Lynn. D L Pratt..
ward-1.) L Sweenylllrain, Elsbrpe, E Ire
erly. .
Towanda twp—Geo Fox,Geo Scoville,lUM David
son. • • \
Towanda Noilh—W H Smith, D 0 Holton, G
Ikl •
Tnke:l - rora—W Ilarroweihr, Pat Mahoney, I L
1 7 1,ter—G'en B Enekwell. E B Mlner..T G
Judsiii, Wm nelyea, Mortis Simi.
Wlimot—C A Stowoth Johu S :Quirk, tr Meeks.
Warren—Cyrus G How m,-Geo Roilgors, N4than
Wind ham—Geo, illratn sllahree, Jacob
A '
• . Wyant,lng—L Il filles ephens. fi E Stone.
Vt H Conklin, 31 Stn•re3, A'F Eddy.
Of•iroy, is a candidate toy
to ie• ao . tnlnated I'y the It er
ventisei ell?lit! A.L of 3t,ty.
'017 , ...;TY, SUIIVEI - 91L—J.
f Orwa-l!,. Is a eandldato for
re nominated 11,„ Om Rgpabll
lon_on dm Bth odlay.
1 SP iqui..Arteiv.s , in dulged in. on
all hands as - to - fhe circa on business
sin this country of the threatened En
.,ropt.kin War. It seems•not only odd,
brit unnatural, that bur hope of prbs
perity Should be built upon, the ruin
and devastaiion wrought; by two hos
tile arms- and that, instead of
building . y business up . the Sub
stantial basiS of merit, we hould be
placing all our hopes,upon the pre
valence.abr iad of war, pestilence or_
famine. :The - good. that 'comes to
this counfiyfrona the injuries inflict
ed upon oibers can hardly' be''of sub
stantiafserv4 to us. • ' .
T 11E M .zuci'vre'ment Phila
delphia has not only the chatadteris
ties of the work in Pittsburg)), but the
same enthusiasm and success.. The'
Time' refersto it frequently, and it
moves on grandly and triumphantly.
We are confident that• the moveinint
will prove of lasting iienefit. The
attempt has been made to create the
iMpression 'that the Fork'was react
ing,-;and, it. has—beeU frequcnqy an
notMeed that it is a failiite,in Phila.
Both asseitihs are incor ,
eet. • . !
THE New York" Tini e a warm
friend" of the President's Souoern
policy, charges WADE ILiMPTON With
'an unscrupulous disrvgard of his
pledges made to - the President,' in
the demand which he hasinade upon
the Republican State ofGers to sur
render offices ,to which they were
honestly and fairly elected. Ile
1 romised .tfrePresident. not to dis,
t trh-thf...m until the Supreme dourt
leas dedided against them. •
1 •
; .. Tim MaSschusetts Mine Of Rep
iesentatives lasweek
.ordero to a
bird resoling in g by .Imajority oftwenty.
1 .,
t ' prohibitory . .law 'imssed in 1869
'sni -• aled in 1875. The Prohib
.iticinists say the success of the bill is
a . tired. The law is said to dif
fer -.,,ery little from tike one repeated.
in 1,75.
.. -
. , •
Tnv 'United States - troops , have
been ordered': : to vacate ...Niaw Orleans;
and , Nicnous is now., the -.linowl
edged Governor. Governor PACK
ARD, who was without cloul4, the
homest.clioice of the people, ha k with
drawn. Let' - us yave peace. . -, .
(IT is announced fr?mlN . rashing,ton
flat the prOclamationconvening the
special sessio'n 'will be issued this
.6rOLD closed iri.NewYork on Tues
day at .10 7,1 , but fail road. stocks. have
a downward tendency. -
. . _
Gen. ciumer is , spencVng .s few
clays in WaShingion v ,Pri?r to*(em
barking for Europe.
17LChirit IV:►s quoted in the Buffalo
market yesterday it from $ 4 B t 0 .512.25
ver barrel. '
?The April statement of the condi
of the crops has been eotnpleted.
at the. .A.giicultural bepartmOnt.
!The following is that 'portion refer
rings s to the wheat Crop in the differ
ient counties of thiii States - •
, ,
• Lehigh—Wheat looks pale in some la
lalities; badly winter killed. Rye appears
remarkably well. i
CameronL 7 Wiuter • wheat and rye in
gesid condition. '' • , .:•
Delaware—Wheat and rye:present an
unusually healthful appearanee. • . •
Indiana—Wheat and ryetpront ai s itizia
sually well. The must trying tim our
winter grain is frord, the 20th of .11,are to
be 20th of April. \
Perry—Flentyof wheat on the ground,
but short. We are having weather now
that is t y nay make a short crop. '
N oming Wheat and rye wintered
g00d. 1\...E
' . , • 1 „ ,'
( Clea eld—Wheat arid rye looking well,
as far aikthe snow wilhlet us judge.
' Clinton • 4
sly, sortie fine; late wheat
and rye, .sonte backwird and much
ed-by-the whiter. . • •
Union—W at and rye, about two
thirds of-a cm ' L I
Cambria—Wi ter whey 2 5' per cent.
better than last y r.
BradfordWhea And lye in promising
wheat and rye good.
Wesimhreland—Winter wheat and rye
look good; blades brown, but roots appear
uninjured.. ==- • " -
ra • ' i
Adas Wheat is short, though
healthy; some late. - _,,.•
Berks—Raily, some winter gi*in su r f- ,
, fered from Hessian fl y; late, somelealthyt
'and promiljng.
Snyder—Great deal of winter wheat de:' •
strnylkl by the fly'; -what remains looks
well. Rye about averagd. -. . •
Fultou—Wheat and rye stand well, and
with favorable. spring may have - good
crops, althongli some late.
Sullivan—W heat and-rye n ever.better.
Chester—Wheat and rye. in average
condition. 7, r' : - • •
York—Nitwit andlrye good with tine
Prospects. .Pe , ,
ets•j_ .• • • - , • .
, Tioga--wheat and rye looking first
Somerset;--Wheat and rye in igoodeon
Luzertie—"Good, five per cent. above av
MontgomCry—The comparative
tien 'of both good. • • s
:Monroe—Wheat and rye never looked
,:lietter. • °
, Juniota—Condition of wheat; 90:
• "Wayne—Not looking wellas last year.
Mifflin—Early,- some wheat in. good
condition; late,,does not look so well, btit
withfavol • able weather may Make a good
:. , .
. ,
Metiean—t-Injured by freezing.
ForeAtHWinter wheat and ..rye in ex- -
cellent condition.- - ( ' .
Dauphin— •intergrain in fair average
condition. 7 \ ',
Budpr—tvery \ thing is - backward; win=
ter grapi, however, looks encouraging.
.• •
. Blairln .about\average condition.
Armstrong-4,oek well; above average.
Coluintiia—Wheatooking good; rye
same. .
WarretkooVery good.
Mercer—Good;-much above the average.
.•, Northumberland—Winter , grain :looks
remarkably good: , - N
Brie—Wheat - and rye came out of the
snow very fine. .
Beaver—Nerer had a lkterap arance .
than this spring. ,
Montour=rlV heat and rye a full a rage.
Lancaster—Looks well over the hole
eon ,, ; try. - r - I
6., trawford-,-Wheat and 443 in the ve v
bes 'condition.
• •
JUDGE 31.CDFR.M.ITT, of iMereer
has flecided-that the [lt:4 Law is un
constitutional as far as it relates to
cases in which an agreement to waive
a stay of execution. was madg . The
J udge say s:. 1 • . . . ,
" The act, so. far as it ,gives a stay of
execution • oil contracts , 'waiving- it, is
`clearly, pLAnly and palpably' a violation
of the 10tli seution of the first article of
*the -C.onstitution of-, - the United States,
• and of the 17th section of the first Article,
of the Constitution of this State. Uncle'-
these sections Of‘said'articles the Legisla
, .
tore is prohibited from passing an ,ezpoir
.fueto , law impairing the obligations of a
`.ontract. We regard the Cases of -Bill
eyer vs Evau.s, 4tlr Wright, 324, and
Lc vis vs Lewis, 11th Wright, 127, as-di
reef vin point. Italie first of these, the
Cour . inter cilia, 543-s,:‘ so when these de
• fendanistiPulated for twelVe nionths
credit :i d agreed that there should be nO
stay of exveution beyond that limit, can
the,Legishikure say there itif.a// be a stay
beyond thafklimit without impairing the
obligation of \he contract? llow would
it be possible i ore directly to impair . a
contract? Wir is it but setting aside
the contract, ma ki by the paitieS, and
'substitu n ing a.di ent one for it? To
say that 'a contract- hich waives a stay
of execution is not i paired by a Law
which gives a stay, is o, talk language
which is. unintelligible."'
. The Merber Dispatch myS thatthis
decision,•in effect, 'retire the 'new
stay law almost wholly i perative.
- ' -T
in that county, i
as in almost. 1 cases
judgments are entered on wa ants
of attorney - authorizingjconfessio of
judgment and waiving exemption, i ,
quisition and slay e execution. :k.
bill of bxceptionsAo the deceision
was filed, and the , case will accord,
ingly go to the Supreme . Court. •
S.EtiA.TO. BLAIgE. has addressed a
letter to th:e Neuf York herald in
which he denies that he has held any
communication with Governoi-Clum-
BERLAIX, dAcce• or, 1 indirect. -11 e
makestno cohcealm.ent o; his feeline:s,
as the - folloWint; extract frOm his let
ter will 'silo*: - •• -
" " But I , am. sure that GoV. Cham
berlain knoW,sthat . he has - the
loundest syMpathy iff the heroic tho'
unsuccessful struggle he'hastnade in
South Carolina for civil liberty atid
constitutional goVernmett. I . am .
equally sure that. Goy. Packaril feels
that "my heart and . judgment are. both
With him in' the contest he-iss.till
waging against. great Oclds for. the
Governorship that he hOlds by. a Title
as valid as that which= justly and 14w
fully seated Rutherford-B. Hayes in
the Presidential. chair. ••I- truSt also
that both Governors know that the
Boston preSs no mOre.repreSents'the
stalwart Ilepublican feeling of New
England on the pending issues than
the same press did when it demanded
the enforceMent of the Fugitive Slave
% • •-
Law 41'1851." •
• • NorwiT..ksTANinso the hard times,
and the general cry for ecOnomy, the
city of New York continna-io spend
a .good deal of money, one way and
another for luxuries. Under this
head the Board of AppBrtionment
lately: voted to issue bonds to 'the.
amount Of ,$140,000 to push on the
Museum of ;Natural History. Under
a 'recent adt of the Legislature' the.
lloardimay!yet vote a further $60,-.
000 for the same purpose. This one
instance deinonstrates`how-silly it is
to' attempt retrenchment and reform
While' the power to create debt is left
, open and. unobstructed. There can
be.. no • esCape,from ruinous taxation .
until the debt creating power is abso
lutely destroyed. i .
TAE war between Russia and Tur
ley has already begun, 'at least -the
army of.Oeli nation 'is , being mar
shaled, and thereis llttle, doubt. that
•a.prolonged l bloody Struggle will
the result.
HOW 41114 DZIIIIWIL1111111: Ifo T ' gig
IX THE 1110117TIL: ,
. .
- The Democracy on the face of the
returns,earried the. State of Alislnunti,
at the Igt *Vat eleetion by about
42,000 tthijority, the total Democrat
re vote being about 98,000 and that
of the Republicans 56`,000. Tere- -
port irditaitted to.: the Senate from
the Committee on Privilege and
Elections, shows . bow this pia ority
was gained.. One, of the plans, watt
not to open the polls in what is sail
ed the "black belt" of the State,
where the Republican majorities are
large. 'Tills was extensively practis
ed in' nine counties; and that it
might be done with impunity, Oe
Democratic legislature of Alabama ,
repealed the law 'making it a penal
offense for inspectors of election not
to open the• polli at the time and
place legally established. The re
port estimates that this failure to
, ' pen the polls in certain - districts in
volved a loss to - the Republicansnf
not lesri than . 20,000 votes. We 'give
two specimens of a large number of
counties,' as suggesting, how the
_Democrats' obtained their . oven
whelming majority. Bullock county,
according to the censns'ofj - 1 18,70, had
1 1 223 white people and 17,251 color
ed people. In 1872 the . Republiclor
majority in that county , was 1,850,
and about 'the same in 1874; but in
the electionnt last A.ugust:the Dem
ocrats had . - a majority of 2,300.
Barbour county, with an actua
majority of 1,700 Republicans; poll
ed only , 171 votes, while the Demo- ,1
crats had a majority ':'of more 'thaif,'
3,000 votes., 'Numerous other coun
ties present , similar, contrasts and
changes. 44 The evidence," says ti4e
report, "shows that , the Democrats
of Alabama of every class were de
terminal in their oppoSition to the
exercise of sufferage by the Freed=,
men." The friends of equal rights,
will, not and should ..not be quiet so
long as the white people at the . Bm7th
perpertrate such enormous abuses
upon the elective , franchise 'The'
Constitution guarantees a. free vote,'
withont any hindrance on account ofl
"race color ort previon / s / condition of l
servitude." ' President = HAYES' - IS ,
pledged to a policy which will guar
antee the rights of all classes, and he
will see that it z is enforced.
rative condition o
While we do not fully agree with
the very prevalent )totion that
women, arealone responsible for the
ninous extravagance an dress.into
v 4 deli the • country seems
~to haVe
plu ged, we belieVe there is thud;
truth in the following remarks from
the, Philadelphia Times: •
" Whatever Mistakes the, President
may make,
,Mrs. Hayes undoubtedly
deserves the thanks of - every true
Avoman-:for the, stand .which she-has
taken Against. extraVagance, in dress.
Slic has,carried to the White House
the same quiet dignity- and ladylike
simplicity for, which., she was distin
6iglied at home, and her dress on
public occasions , - while inVariably
handsothe and beeomin. the wife of
-the President, has alsb been, invari
ably -unostentatious.- At the .inaug
'nration.sho wore merely rich blank
silk `with 'real .laces, and' no jewel
save the at her throat.\ At
the State dinner given by President
and Mrs. Grant to Mr. and Mis.
Hayes, her dress was a cameo-tinted
silk, high in the neck and trimmed
with fringe and lace.. She wore no,
:jewels, and her thick brown hair was
brushed plainly over her brow and
fastened at the back' - with a tortoise
shell comb. A,mericaii W:omen . have
'become a proverb for extravagance
among the nations of the earth, and
even. royal visitors to - our shores
have remarked upon the costliness of
their garments. When Nellie Grant
was- married ,the description of her
trosscan was brought 'to every farm
house in the weekly mail, and the
farmer's danghterg StroVe vainly,
copy irt`calico the reported
and putlings which adorned her silks
some defalcation, the temptations tc,
which was rooted- in the desire for
display. °Yew York actresses spend
no sMi4l portion of their large sala
ries on the costume for their parts,
and these superb dresses, intended
to dazzle on the -stage, are copied in
drawing-4.°ms of fprivate life. : 7
lt , is high time fora new_departure.
The refortn ( must be ' slow at best,•
but to insure success it can haste no
better - starting Point: than in th
White House. True; the wife ot the
President holds no higher rank than
other Women, in America; but as-the
"first lady of the Republic." she. is
as "a city set upon.a hill which can
notine hid.'. Let Mrs: Hayes
tinue • the cearsc.'which slie has 'be.'
gun, seconded .hy the ladies around
her, and we shall soon- see the good
effects. of her example. .Indeed, aci
cording to- Washington ,correspond
ents, this is already y showii in the'
aimpler and more m`l\lest tone •of
. sOcietY at the Capitol.• We hive no,
desire:to lead a crusade against dress;
pt ,
nothing so improves personal ap I:tr
ance, and every woman has'-.ari ht
to Make herself as attractive as pas
sible. But the folly of, overdresing
has become, a serious evil in the land,
and reform could -Come : no bettr,
time than now, in the - present ilrian`i
•cial depression throughout the Conn-I,
try, the general ,reduction of-incomes
and thotonsequent necessity .for Fe
trencliment. Mrs. Hayes is reported
to Have said to a laily the:otherday
that ' she bad • some old4ashiOned
*ways, but -she 'did not think she
would change them. For" the sake
of. the country it is to be bowl that
she new wilt.
.- - • • , . .
RiMIMMIEI3 by maim . are fallnent
Berke county. , •
romans stip two dollars, bushel at
Scranton:, . •„ •
A www 'Dietitian for puddling I= is
being tested t
•* Ow: hai been .resumed in :the Ern
brick works itt Cataasqua.
Tile State Sunday , School Convention
will meet in Hattisburg in June. \
Tux average attendance at the Reading
ichoois is,3lS4 gieater thaalast year..
• • ••,.
A 'FATAL disease has broken out among
the cows in some portions'of Beaks ou.
t kr. Beading police take the corn
Milers o ff the street and put therm_ in the
loCk,up. • ' •
thy. Farmers and 'Mechanics' Bank of
Sliippensbvrg will fix up its affairs'at fifty
peas on the dollar. • •
THE capital stock of the First National
Bank of Hanover York county, is to'be
b) : 13°6)31).
Lssiwee the steel-rail the
Laeko nna Iron and Coal Company reit.'
ed 6,173 rails. " '
,THERE are now between thirty and for
ty millions of feet of logs lin both booms'
at Williamspo i rt. I i •
Ilazi,wrox well No., 3 at - East Warren,
in the oil regions, which Was Started three
weeks ago,. flowing plump 200 bar
rels. . ' •
GOvr.tmon.ll.4nTna.Nrr and Attorney-
General Lear are giving their attention to
the unsigned'acte passed by the Legisla-
• Tut: rake 'factory' at CoWl:tibia is dgain
in.operation, and, the , prOspects• are that
be running to its full capacity in a
short time, :
COLONEL 8 1 11117 EL It." lizthi's residence,.
.Nfeadville, was entered by, brirglars on
Sunday and a tpiantity of silverware car
, • THERE are, sixfpriners in 1 the'lktnial,
kilLeoUnty who liaxe.beSn sett:tenet:di
to the;Penitentiary, but - could not be, re'-
ecive,d there ;for want of accomimclatidris- A
31. 1 ,s named. Mru
illichanip,, of. thefirth
of Milliebamp Brotbeeuena.Vista, vas
instantly killed the o . er day by, 'being.
caught in some` eacliinery of his
J. C. C,00x,. e:•Auditor,} of Luzern°
county,..c.onvictedof stealing public funds,
has been sentenced to pay al Lino of $6,400
and. be 'iniprisOned fol•two years and twi.4 -
.Tarnrr T Trmtn surviving4nembers
ebi-ated , in Reading on Monday night,the
.Sixteenth' anniversary Of. the ; Ringgold
Light Artillery's departure for the. seat
of war. . , ,
TIIE nineteenth regular messi9ti - of . the -
Northwesten District qenventiim, I. O
G. T.,of Pennsylvania, .ITM-convene, pur
.Stiant to adjournment, iu ,Titusville, on
'Tuesday, May 15: ' 4.
A nEt.EGATIONI of Initiinia "county farm
ers lately Went to West Virgiuia, for the
purnoSe pf looking hp a locality - to...which
to.ohjgrate. They'returned better satis
\ tied . vilth. I'ennsylVailia. • , ' , '
` , ..Coisr...t.'for tax-ipayerS of Wayne noun"
tYscati ' Mi.all persdns against purchasing
lAmids f the county; iSsued•by the.'dotA--
TriisAb s i Os in payinentpf the new Cocifirt
house •tiew being bitilt, . ',
.Som. , s tine:ago in It&uling, on a. .dark
night vhn the street lamps - were : not
' bur , rig .. Mr. Dechert - walked l into the
riv • and was drowned. Iris widow nOw
_s es the city, for $5,000, which 'is cheap
• neugli for almost any kind ofa hiiSband.
ROBERT GI uspikx, of Lat)ilisburg, ferry
coupty, was appointed Justice of the
Peace by. Governor Wolfe,' in 183:4 and
IMs Continued in the riflit,'C by appointment
and election auinterruptedly
,ever since.
:This beats Tioga cannty:\
SONIF. ,Of the Lancaster„ briCkinakers
have been on a_strike !for higher lwages.
31!nilders have beep, receiving\ iron! $1.40
to. $1:75 ,per day; Wheelers fil.n- $1 to
$1.15 and ,off-bearers 14e.nerally\tniners)
from 30 to •00 cents.
4 TRE works of the Lehigh Zinc '(:om- ;
pany, at ' Bethlehem, are, running night!
and day.on New Jersey ores. I,,ast year
this company filled an order from- Ger
many for 500,000 pound of spotter and is \
going to ship,3oo,ooo pounds More:
, JA:M 31.tam.x, a notm;ious. ,of
Pittston„bm•ke jaLl,a few daYs ago; - bat
was re-captured. The Wilkes-r3arra.7).
says he has iadi , Araentsenouglragain . st
him to give him two life=times m the ka
itentiary. •
• 'run city of Philadelphia has instituted
stilt in' Centre County against ;Smith,
Rhoads - Smith, for the possqsiOß•Of a
large tract of land in Burnside. ow
in that, county, Some of the be4\legal
talent hi the',,State - is; empl6yed On'h
APTTSTON debtor,H,wishing to take the
benefit of the new' star; law, made - oath
that he -was a (recier and was -admit-,
ted - as his own security on his 'bond for
ritifilitg: the - Amount i;if th. debt. It then
-:traiisPired that his :real ,estate consisted
o.l• a .p) 1t in time cemetery. -, , •
MAUI - 3 AST qtgON; •7 yjears old, who re
sirlediwitl her grandmother in Philadel
phia was buctcd by an old woman, giv
ing her n, me as Fannie ];rows, On the
11th inst., - and neither the. child's friends
nor the police have been succesirful in asr
' -taining the whereabouts of he Ocre
li little Mary.' '
wit-in shipments from Leek Ilaven
'ek atnounteil to 1,475,000 feet. The
ti says that but little Will be
re mantifacture of lurnber this
i'many men •-who have heret6-
On the ;milk for sup Port
ded to turn their attention
^rich of industry in 'order
tooth ~ , . ,
t L
4 L.
vac t
*Tat e,
bast •nt.
Cam bt.
-Tile • 1,
7 1
t •
last Avt,
done in t
season ; an(
fore depend(,
will be compe)
to some other .
to obtain I*.livelL
.16. A: M. WELl\s, editor .. and krtner
. proptlietor of the E. ' miner, .died -at his
residence, in this plae on Friday evening
last. Mr. Wells had bee fdr several
yearS, and the bad teat or of the past
springy it is thought, bast •ned his death.
lie was taken to C . or !Arial : —
Nicholson Item. , • of Thomas Cam bell, who.
was to haw been . hung on -Tile • lay last
fir the murder of Michael McNtilt a writ
of error as grantedand reached N
Barre in time to stop the exeCtition. The,
case will be arguedbofore the Supr me
Court the' first Mon'day in stay.
'A 1'4 , 1.711; man
maa . named Harrison Litt:
Was struck othe - head with a stclue, when
coming ptif Kingston
1:t17-erne Ounty; oii Tuesday evening of
last week,iand died' soon afterwards from .
the effects of the blow. Four persons hayq
al t ready been arrested, charged.with com
phcity in the, murder, and the police are
in pursuit of others.
• CONstniaantac anxiety has already been
manifested • by. the tillers of. the soil is
Becks county in regard to the reappear
\nee. of the ))otato-lnig, which has been a
s'.irce of annoyance awl cause of short
s for the past few years.: .Sinne . con
ten that the " Coltado beetle " lia4 gone
toWa o,s the Atlantic coast and* will not
trouble \ the farmers this season, while
others aN r that they will-be as plenty as
ever. S. ev', l live bugs have already been_
dug 'up this pring..
A Won
ffil earns
,ver, Stone
al 1;104.11/
to tt who:
11 111 k
some sc
Prof. II
knew u as
tionA of le. ming. says that his • wife has used the
"Medical Wonder" for 3 Cornplitatlon of diseases
with the most happy efTeet., So other remedy ever
touched the cape like it.
GEIL lIATNY.:4, Oneida, cured of terrible eataritr,
..r.LIZAILETII Wow]. Sheds Corners, Y., mail 1.
tambrk ar.d dropsy. -reduced 15 .inches around Lod..
\ Mrs. I. S. APPLETON; 11.1,1sboro, N. U., spi .1
A'. - PALTCLV, Morrisville, N. 17.:•sister in lied
two 'years with female and, nervous disease a; carp.
M,rl. ot
sp. I'. nbwaY. espeonl, it., .confitiO
to bed with female and kid r iley disease; cured.
spa .at'ar 1,000 other cures.
Ask your Druggist for,' Medical Wonder," and
be cured: - • i"epared by Dr. GAGE & Co., Barati%a,
• For sale iu Tckwanda 'by 'Dr. IL C. Pj
wholesale, by lizalci Cumas k
L 1
. •
Saratoga, N. "y„ Tri.tely
'rinellui . l or oner of our leading lusiltp.,
l' .:. -1 - :..-_/140liti.71\::
":" U 44. re porteroJta
r "
non)i Spencew
Itespeettally ataionnee to the politic that.they aro
prepare* to MOM all Ideal o[.
TOP AND OPEN nuciazzl,
Media , of the se material and 1n the best stile.
All *tort trans/nod to give 'perfect aatlillsctloo.
ri) -PAixarrse 9PLCIA.CTI4
Wo have one or tb - o best Carriage Pain! re In the
ri*nitry, and de work In ibis line at; he lowest
rates. • '
AU kinds of
ly and promptly done at Sodueedyrlsea.
ig Dew springs and repairing 4 old. , ties, a
Ly. syutl: guaranteed. Please glee us a
Towandi, A \ pril V1.;.-1.87 •
• - '
. 8
J. REYNOLDS ..k,SON, • .
, Nortilstest corn ‘ er, ,
. • itazufactirerls of pa t tnted
. ' •
• 1 \
and Citaker-Drinillcc Eli:ates for
burulug,A.nthracito t,r liitumlitous Cu4l \
. „
• • Far Illturranous 6:41.
• Cooking*KuiOs, p:osi•-Down Grates;Etc.
' Descriptlvo etroulara,SOrr, PREZ to Auy - iiddren•
April 2.6, 17-Iy.
. •
TLo 1 1 4 test sfyles In
Pricda lower than- any Limps:: In tho Country
013 Arch Street, P4tiMelphla.
Aprlll2,. 1841.
gtrtt 4 Min.
1 8 "-
• \ Nen vnlne In ' -
• • •
Tho largo,i,gt anti hest a!s,,ortruent ever lirringht to
to this town now selling' freely at our telling low
Grand bargains In
- AND GRE . II , ;:; DINES
LOWEST 11?Rl . C.E,S 1
.Flnclot of
Don't. fall to call, mil see the
The 'test - In tlio market.
. . .
JTE RIF F'S SALF;S . .:.=By mrt i tke
ki - cif -- sandry-airlts-listted'-"imeirtb° ;4:itafrC_ol
Common PloaS Of IlfadfOrdOmntl. till fie fl_2' ,
Meted, 1 will-expose teptibio.o4l7lll t, , : • AY;
the ad day Of •WAT: 1 617 i still:le d.' ,Od - the
Court flotW , In Tosrastda,'Skl O'clock
.14 fits
following described property,..tottlitt . 1. -,' . _ • - •
' One lot of land AMMO* to nib:iv/fp. s • • --•-• it -, .
o:i the north by lands of 0 licogirwelt, ols the - r
by , land_sof .1 W 'Merl and Vhf3' MAIM highway. on
the south 'by lands of alto Alderson and A fl Pratt.
add - on the *est bytands of A p Pi - attar:4 the pub
lic highWay.s. containing 60 acres of. land more or
less, about 46 - acres improved. with! framed house.
1 framed tratis k `sind orchard of-fruit trees.. thereon:
Siflzed,a/id'Utken,ltito execution at thti snit of John
Ahlerwm, Jr,. vs JolinW Addison.
if 1.1 , 10f-flne other tot of land situate in Burling
ton twi), and:bounded on the north . by; lauds of
floral Morton and TrS,Latte, on the .east hy lands
of 'l' and .1 011folle andlhonnts Plynn,‘on the south
by lands Of 'il Traver«, told on: the west by dot No.
2, E Kendall and 31 Trarerse, Containing 141? acre*
.of-taind Moro or leer, !itoont flOiterestipprovetkrrith
-1 framed house ant 1.2 framed barns thereon. \ .'
ALSO—Ohe other lotiof ten,situate-in: parlfng:.
ton twp. and bounded on the mina by lands of Plan '
• Kendall. on the east by Lot No." 1, on the south 14\
' lands of - M.Trarers, and ott the sioe c t by. tho-pnblic
highway, containing'4 acres of laud more- 6r lefs . ,
sill improved, with I framed house, : hl barns
and orchard. of fruit trees there n. \ Seized and
- taett Into executtoa atilt° sult of W A„Laue vs P
P Burns. - . . .-.. • • , • ' \
_.•• .
A LSO-rOne other lot Of fan ir situate-In 7uscare
ra twp, and boundedon themorth by latialisof•lt F
an= and Win Peet. on, the east by lands of \ Sam
uel Teirkslit: ry.' On tho south by lands In pence t on
of Samuel Tewkesbury and Owen ..acernssen, mt.
bu.the west by lands of S B Kinney,, containing . :"...
acres of land store or less; no Unproven:el:its and rap
.buildings. ' "'• •' , ' '`• -. .
ALSO—Lot No:2-31MM° hi Tuscartira twp, ands
bounded 'on'the, nortlf,by funds Of C 4:, Benninger.
on the east by lauds or Miner C Tntibs -and ;Wm S
GmedVon the south .by ladds now Iti po,ses_slon of
Samuel Tewksbury, and on the west by lands of
Wu: Peet, containing 60 acres of land more or hiss,.
about. :1 acres Mtprored,' with one bm.rd hi.dts'e
there:Mi. ... , - • , -:, -' •
A No: 3-;-Situato In Twig:-
boumbsi on tho north by lands, of '
on Meeasthy lands of Charles
stint * hydandlt-of Vinuent Owa
by linds Mirain.Thylor, cord
/and more or less; uq itupruyetui.
!ALSO--Lot No. 4—.3ltuate in Tit .-4aZp. and
bounded on the north by lands of 'legit. Ctevens,
Waltman and Wear. Myron Stevens
.estate, lands'
In Imssitsttion or Elmer Green, Nathan Strlcklep,,
Jatnes Sharer, [tutus Pottei•and V;nl II Cooper;
on the east by lands of Avery: Pickett, lands lately
owned' by Win limitsingeralatitis. Earns- Potter
Attnnit Pickett; Judson tirarilevatit,lVra It Cooper,
and Theodora it'lltrara, on th- t•onth by land:tor JIM
,on Ste rdevant. Oliver Warner, A.l Si a ars , T
'Attn. Charjei Howland. II and 1Y nortorsu and
ns, mid on the west by lands orc rigid Auk
kly,-(; II and I) Ibmovan..todina Pitliner. Waltman
and Wear. Regiiis Stevens, Jtyrtai 'Stevens estate.
containing 1.07 Nieces of land more or le , es, about
40 acres' impravcd. with 2 plioik. !muses, l•brvz house,
'2phink "thantles. 1 hoard Lam. and a Cott:fruit trees
A 1.).).).). , -tot . No.. - .....--9.llnate r.
To , arora •twp,
and loonoled • on the. north by land= of. ttad,on St
Yetisand thu by land: of
Cho tits Pat ittridtd on thd Youth. by,
tool °tiler,. aril 0o the
westl..y rand: of Airretl* Ae kloy atA
wk. D. rot:talking .24).acres of I Ind' resit
about 31) a) re 4 Intlirovitd, with t stvant 2a , ti•lntp ,ar4V,
ail ulachinery .
tliture)), Including edgt),
:".-01/ $41.1V3 and lath mills. 3 fronted h0w . ..0N d log
lt- , ), train. , " barn., I tdaekt‘tnith' p,1101) and or
eLarit)4l* frith :liso botird . t;llittlths•
and 1 store loalse thereon. St•lzed :and taken Into'
ex.);)))ttotit at the suit of tit trki 31(ttt)t' St I) eni II - vs
A\V itrnlan. suit of ),a)11 , .., .pant , ... •
A LS , )--t Inc' (It ht.r lot - (4 . !and :, , ltintte We Bur
lington tali. and Isselfitl'l4 01. - 111 , tt SS by - !Mid.: of
.fatties Fotilk and Thottiag.iiJztetcyl: , !;', on tit , east
!Anasof 1,111,•,.. and Tho, ii ts, tOriefmeli;
nn I!i soul lii ti:tgar - Crrek'and !and.;
.9f, 11,;;Ibet
It:image, and on ilo; lby of;Titoina ,
trackwell And. o:lver iNsuffsining Llsa.
ton - e, of land !n0r...! or less. aimilt )50 1 3nri's imprnv
ed, f:ra,aeq fratriuti barn' , with'
shod, atta,tiel. and 3 imehards of fruit't: ,, ,..s there . -
ou. anifialion Into e....A . ritioti at ',tit of
IL l'otto•roy's•use'v, B A Pratt and L s do.nii , ..
LSO—line r II!: or .at - ,(1 r:::7,; t i ?lie - co.)
twp, and demlylhed
at a hitch on the tank of Towar,
south Sc,o,ea,t'a`ot.g lb.- :in- of 'Tit:to:Air
,Aldeisf, :
''(hi +^P S
to a p , st: fin , neei , outh 15 0 , we'sf p" , r to a po - -t
the line of Sand' ssf 111 rain ,`ac - --e1: tin:ll,i - 11,..4
north 196 per 10 'mark
main bran l F•li of the row:111,1a thence
cal s d creek'4'2 p.•r to
Jug IA a('re•.; amt C.)1.: retie; i.f !awl more or Ic,s.
ALSO—One other lot of laud sattat 1 - oliroe ;
twp, twandtid and QrScrltM,l and fo'irow.,: Begin
' 7
at a pot on tlitzlvost si.b! of IL ,
4 , 41,11; Incise , : north - V. O , ctn..: t" . 4 per:ht,to a Intitup;
t !nit s , tu I h Tfi per to. 'a ssts - szie envier:
thence' north. 12.,",..' west. la 1.1• to.a po , t; tie'nee
eaq 159 5-16 per to a thoure south 34 0 , wott
5-19' ye . ; to a po.-tt tj,-to-tt 15.5 5-10 to the ii;:tet
oC b,giiining; containing 7's perch. , of'
:111+1 nissris or leS , .T11;1 tiro pls•es. , , erin-sl
glib Hr-1.11 acre and 13 , 1 per of nand
ire.rt4r le,. about] ') nerd. tu,Kovr.d., with I f
droll. 1 frassent nail:. I fr..res•slo37.ll 11. size; 1
essrsi aTtd orelersi of trult trees th , reen,
aria taken into e'teentictt at tit:l - suit of Chas.
Perrize & 4 . 0 vs Win \V I) , •eket"..
1...,4 - 1!-1 other !fi n d 0.1:1114111 — T
ra In,bsninilesi and Vsslg•w-s: 11 , .g1:1-
nnez si;pa,l corner snip:S:2l - 1:g tao-I ;, , s1
and os:etifsisssi In - .1, ipi „,,th
r -r2.i 11 , 21 - Is, n'. suel ,t.,rie;•; 111.51.1: :o-r• c":.
tk•r to a I,e,i , ' e 11 south wet t:1 , 1
lietu'ooekt•tli , -ne.: • 'Ili!, 4 0 . :;.•,,t I,: to 'a
/ . .1 4f . r.,-;:.:tild Cr. per
of or t>s
I trained 11.. w.,.. I fr.itue4 Lan :1111 .Sle.'llF; L ant faro;
frail tree thereon.
Al.„ , ,so—linst.,lLLlta• lot of huni.sltuate . ln.Tr,,aro.
i1.4011!”-I ropow, n ;
tang at it 1• , -.4 on tin, tr,a-• 117
TaSiort 10
rit\ ,. l; tlnqwe south 40, ict,, l t
look P•itri‘ i 0 . ...1. t‹,l4 to' a
lie•ny” n..r11 r t.l a :r , Q,7: ilin`nro
north r~~ t sve,t t 23 rih-t; pO.l
:13 0 4,-, tf, p1.t0,, i r ginnl gg:
raining 1(4 ,nee taus lure or
aihi 8 rk , iiiclioni :21 \
Wei lea to;Verri A..l;tc-y. :tbonc.:O ;u :c lutNrecrd.
with 1 feannl4l \ l,tou , n, I framed barn. and t:w.- fruit
A1.1,;9-41noothor lot of land sift:at - Fin",ar,.,
.ra [top. I,ont) , lo,laNk
ci) , . k a corto of Ilk : , II:an !hi: and
tlienee no ; ,( , :! , I,r to a oiinito
ost the purr of 1
of Tail , '" more orh‘nd a. ,o a .
v, - .:d to tl:t o .111r..ta i`tiy; ,, r I.y. well
and %tie 17.• dta.+l dat , d Ang itt..A and t
f•0r.1.,.1 In ttio oni,••• for 010. la ant
for &A 4 county of Ilrad ford inl t-t-1
•PaZ at.oni'll'.:l , r , ,dial.r.•vr.l; no do
Svkzed and taken Into otecoition at On. ,to:: of \ I:
Cl.liree; flue liar tir.o
c!:ltttaut Tayi•nr.
Inc "trier lot of lan.l in Atheli ,
trip; lioatatiiil
111 Zit. lit, cent ro (4,Tholnas st *Ca
Ito fvet -t o a roratoridli,w,..l,,d 'a;,/ par4fd:d:
With said Th'onnt, a r;
righ: Thorj.a,• e•T
re of Wile iv
iceillee 'of 11_.1i.f
tang. with I st..tni,ddaoin;t,.lll n
tvri, and ina-hinory t
•. • . • • . .
htort•!p.ti", azol 1 , 111. , r
atit: taken L.
ini!r c. S •
of j;Thtl. ,-.1! 1n Art,.•:.;l
tarp. and 1.4.,;1.1.1,• - d ~•!, rho tn- , ,11 ••;: ~ •!
111t2.••1,:!... , 1 tae r: •-t Ltil.l:.lh 4 4r
ttv' St/Ilth by; 111114S•41:1001 ‘ 11 rtl4 4/!1 !1•.!
trees ny
Innrt• •
A 1..! , ‘ n•c: otlxr !•:" !I!! :dtwo•• • l).N\
I,4inndi•d 4•Ti thYt:•.:•! , .••••••(
Ittnyl.lil, on Ow s
,th7ti4l l 3•lght.r 131,1. t Tlrt. !fi , e
.1,5 4 3 -v -,,,d I,ft). an:l on tn. , w.•
livt.ll, vont:titling tfr terel nt 1,3 n. •.,• \
and !,,,tr, ritrp, 7.,•• 0r act :1.01.=
t1(41ti;:, rratll,ll . l , Arn. 8:.;! :t fru:: !r , s.
thor-rm. t ,, t,izef; a:l4 tal...b :1,,
('11:t. A t.';'ll,
AL:, )—"a” ofji.. , r lof of I , ;:41;z1fri :': • ::i T.! . ..!.11 , •! , 1/
lwr, r . , / , m1 , 1...1.:1;o1.1,,:“.1.•.1 k. f,.7.,......: 11. .....!;;i0.4•
at a pth• of srotivN ak:il a In.", ,;o : - aplitag. I hi!. :wri)i
-4.:%,: ronter of li , nry A 31 i!:••r a , load: try iii , ,•1.•
I ih•.:Iol • ilortf-,2. , ;‘,:.g..1.:t!:y :up. :7:: 4-1" I .:. •a
lt" , t 3:14 ,`...t . i - O.P.'i ` or a ...1.. - r:111 , \I., . ~ .v Imp', , c'..11.1
'Mill,r4lll4l .1••bn , ny•1••r..•...1 A. 0r:g1:.a11i.,....G3
fwr t. 3 po-t tor a (v ter: th"t.., 19,-)aw l of ,/pr ;,• 3.-
in P. , :;!
' ,
-' ,lol i nr J , 1..' 13:1 /i3111 , ,C1i 314 .. , :h.t'l -.
, tl..ft as orl•thially roil 7^_ • -VI p..r t•, a r)At It , r a
~ ,•orio•r: t 11. 1 .0 uwt ivroff . , _7l:::::iy tali s ffylv tvr :. a
p. , fora, , : ter: ii1 , .'3::.! ..!::!.. 3, 1/11 . !'!1:11,' 1113
4 ,- ; 1-10 i•-•r td, a i•o•••t and ,tott . e, in the ( 4 . ....: ito , or
Wit arr:s•ziot: Ilit•two i1..i 1 / 1 A 3, ; :%,1 11' wo.t,
4_ll-10 p.,r ti i thi• 1)!3 , ...... or 1-g1i,0rg , . 1. , ,,,i,,i 0z 7,0
ners2f.v of lawrznore br 1••: , :q., :Vow 40,,•: - lor, !, traprov,••l.
A 1.54 - 1-06) •••• t.:r lot of LI - ••1..;•14:iato to 1..1i.1..11P101
tAN p. :o:4 1, ,, u41c , 1,rt: lit t. , :rtlt /".,v 1:::.,1, ti.., - if:
p,....., , 1,:n . 0f I Io :10ta.,.:, ,01 the t :1 , : - I.:: 1t4 , 1, of
Al.) Aintot., 11; .fim Mule.. :114 .741; A 1-:•,f7,,r,... •,n lit, ~,.1:11 by 1;:,1.1, of A 1) Mqi.a-and nal.a, ....o ,0....
tat , . tut-1 01; 1fit..11 ,. ! by 1.,,,,,r, „f tit,: :kf.r:lt-oof es
tate. ecl:lt:iltaing al,:,:a. :::t
,Aci - r! -, s or i:111(1 nt , rs or
less, all improved, with 1 ri,mted tootso, 1 fr.aned
barn and id'eltird.: ofroSt 1113.3 Ilt-:reoti; s:, : w.l
and taken Iwo exl , cotbal at the. salt - of Way- rev
National Rank to n-ee i? , f A 1) Munn v.-4 John. Me-1
Keaii, • . s !
• ALSO—One other /wt. ,- land situate In - 11, - etc
twp, limmled aml'd(scrtbe‘.l ~e.,,v,..,,, n e gi,.,,,4, 4
he northrnst i. , -rnkr of S I. I:arttes' :of at s stak, ,
and •dom-s;„ tionice suet at,ll7,. r tin.`" 'llne of S 1.. 1
Itarnes• t' 1 -, :r if"' a ,mind- la r\a, - 0 lirook - ; then... ,,
M. 110) 111` . Of Ali I. - I ; im ~,:: tkrod, and II
to a c,:rno da:;.•
r a'iin or sten,. n o\l a:,•1 line of clia:o .
I: 11,-,.%,0: tir_ko.,_ . •::,:t ak,, , :f7, :!,,, din; said Itri.wn
pi p a r t o a:corncr in- Ca:, lint of.,
‘ l , ol.ii trom;111.;
Owner: south along the 11r1i• of John X, on,- . 1:1:41 rods
'and 11 frtiO.ltt , i•orlier o . ls 1, 1;:ir:i.•• 1 . 1 - ',l phi., of
le•glimlngtContf.taiug.24 a'cr.:s 14 .!:1111i non: or less.
about 20aerys Int prv, ii. n lift I'fra,m,l \ hrs.% 1
twined barn, and-a CoNt fruit trees t. he r..,di:,,,5,,• ,, zed
ant tatim Info execution at Ilte suit 4 .latikis Mc
f; rogOr V, Martha A. Met: re,., ,, 0r. '''•, - 1
Al. Sn—one other tor of laid 1-I'..cito In S;mtlt
('n:•.:„ . 1: top, and 1.011.1 , 1 M, Cc. nidth by lands*
satoderd , a,o;:t,i•ntb.• ea-, b:: a x , ...,-1.1 I , iiting (rota
Now York State line to liamtle:„.e. fit the Smith liYe
lands of tse . i more Smith atil,A. hi-sett, 'anilson the
Si., it by lands or taco Dunham. co:darning wiere',
14 land morm'or leas. al ont 10 ai•ci,-; Improved, with 1
'1 framed bons.% 1 trathed birb. I wo,foil slo' and
falier outhilycllngs..and• orchard of fruit , trees
111 re on. Seir. - - , 1 asil taken In tii I.:Veen:lon at the.,
sail of (1 W Itrlnk vs .1 A. Val:Wert.
A 1.8!)--One other lot .01 land Otoate In Towanda.'
boro, and bounded on the :mit It by - landA od Mrs.
4•,,,,,nur. F:•. , euivlne, on tlin eastibP Mal!: st,.on th
sroth by lands of the Tow,dola Err-.ta Moe, er co,
al , d on the west by at, alloy...being about .24 ft front
do slid Slate st, and'll7 feet sleep, with 1 two-story
',tic - blinding with in I, ,enema and, also a.f ram,.
addle in met few fruit trees thiweon:„,' avid
taken'.[ do ixecutlon at the snit of Wm Bolan v 4
M hruhaid ',sue:
• A LSI The other lot of land situate LTIPIke in - p.
Imuuiliiil - a
it de-iC•rlbed as follows: Iteglablng at
the west co ei ON: sehoot house lot lately deeded
by Wet tlrlit to the School Ildrei.dors of P ike tw,
011 the rOad,lca ling from Lolrdysvlllti to Pratt vlflii:
thence along sari road westerly BC rods to a Ilde of
Sands fornierlyi o mid 'by Jeiiso Gregory: thence
northerly along'sal Ilse., 123 rod', to "a corner of
Wm Davis land: thence cast-along lands of salt'DaVls and Platt W0I01,71: roils to ills. highway;
thence south along thela.d mentioned highnaY 110
rods, and 05 rf . .s9 the MIT: cotoer of said wheel
.honse lot; thence along sa 1 sehool hottie - lot west 41
rods to a corner; !helm! s nth along said seli,>ol
house kit f' rolls and 10 - ft• t the Brat' Itienllllll- .1
It Igh way,t he place 9f beglnit It ^ , :e01113111Ing 51 a!•res
7\ 41
of land hours or Ise,,, about a 4mproveil. With 1
ff . :tined house, 1 frlmeil barn, an orchard-of -fruit
-trees thereon. - Seized and taken to - execution at
the salt ii'Plillif) I' Sharples. , , cx'r f. the estate of
Sarah Cartralt, olechl„ vs Henry Jon(`.
A LSO- 7 -tlne id her lot of laud situate
lug twp, and bounded ;,11 the north'-by
,nun Puller - and elfrlstopher Wtiod, , 31 . 1 t.
landif of Ditilley.Cattip,' I. It Camp and thi
highway leading from Iferrlckvllle to Wy
on the audit bv - .12 - tls• of Almon Full;:r , I ',
LeVls, atorGe . o N ',Ativisl. and ;vest to'
(if- Currln Camp, containing 140 acres-of lau
or lasi.' about A 3 arms Improved, wall 1 trains
barn, and iTorchan.lrof fruit treesintsrpon. Serif..4l
and taken littogsecutiortattlios'Ult. of 11. W Camp,
vs WmtearOV, Jr. - Also at the suit of-C 8-Lafferty's
ttse'VS Wm Vamp, Jr. Also a; the salt of ti D Fra
for k Covalpil Camp, Jt. ' .
• .
-,.ALSG—Orie other icit bind sitnatti to 'West,
'Darlington twp, and bounded - on the north by lauds
of Bourn:L.o4oer, on the east by lands of Nathan
Decker, an the south by lands of Allen floury - rand
Ott _in west by land; of Stephen •Stiles. containing
'5O ' res of land more or less; about :50 acres im-,
' 0, with I framed house, botndbarn s •and feet
t trees thereon: Seized end taken KW ,e yen
-flint at the cult of Pomeroy Bros vs Daniel, Perry
- and G Perry. ' • - • . .
, ALSO-One other lot of-land situate in. Warren
twp, and iniunded on the north Ity the , pnblic high
way, on the east by lands,of Daniel Iting, .on the
south and-west by,lands of Miles ?rine!, cotaining
SO acres of aunt more er less, about-50 acres . fm
proved. with - 1 framed house,' frantedbarn,and few
fruit trees' thereon. Seized and, taken into execu
tion at the mutt of Miran Brian* vs • Mielmel Mege
trick. - . ; -
, .
ALSO.—One other lot of land situate .in Athens
hom. and bounded on the north by lands of J Le
roy Corbin, , , on the east by lands of Ann flannel. on
the south by North st, and on.the west by the Uni
sersaltzt Churehlot. being altaitt feet front on
raid North at by about 105 ft deep. with 1' !twined
*Misc.. I framed barn. and four; fruit trees therebn.
Seized and ;alien Into eneettlien at the snit of Ann
Itunnell's use vs allehaeltVaiSn. • • . .•
~ AI SG—One otherlot of land 'Slitiate in Wish's;
ing twp. bounded and follows: Begin;
.. leg at the center of the Camp road: thence north.
aleng_lands or liirana Washburn li'i°,,• east 43 per.
to iviiost And atone*, fur a cornerrthetree along lands
of olnns 3iCerassen. east IS per to a black oak
cerner: thence along 'huul of A S Coletnan's .estate,
south •P4°, west 4tl per to:centre of the Camp road;
thetice along - the centre of the aforesaid Camp road:
west 17 per to the place of beginning; containing
4.5. acres of land more or tau. all - improved; - no
intildingc seized and taken into , execittion at the'
snit of Geo C Atwood , rs Grlnle Magee.. '
ALSO—One other lot of land. situate in Franklin
twp, and boundel 4 on the north by lands of John
miley. lia the eat by the public highway .leading
fivin, West Ft ankllu to Granville' enter, on 'Om
so.t it by lands of Leonard Morse. F.estus Fairchild.
Jolil\ Packard, and Crantner and Kelly,on the west •
by in ids of Mrs l'epper, containing nacres of land
'nert:: Cl•ess, about all improved. with 1 framed
house. I"framed barn, and a 'few fruit wins,
nn-.'Selz d and taken into execution at the snit of
Nelson G )ett's use vs Ira Morse: terra tenant. • • •
A T.Stf-4 other lot rg land situate •In Monroe'
flip, and bonded on the, lands, of Dwight
Dodge, Jaines\,)laftittrd, "Win Irvine, on the'
lands t.t Elias Park, on the soot Why ;ands or cb t ts.
ter-Northrop and, Anthony Joynstm. and on the
l i
west by lands of lll,iti Kellogg,n ntaining ISO acres
of land more or It'S,tlEr Imp entents. •• : " •
. AR 50:—Gue otherlot of to d sitnate'in Monroe
tFpl. and boundedjm the t e r by lands of,Jillin
Rai tot and-.fames El 114; o the. east .by land. of
. . •,
3ioses JOIIIIIiiII and Amer: f, land In warren - leo hatne
of iatues W1i50n,.,•4 Ind south-by buobs pt :Wax.
'user and Gen' , Friung,land 'on the. west b) , lands
of J.PIIIRA , TI anti ,I IR/ Brbaol, containing 330 ae,res
of land more or lets,taliuut 3 :locus improved, vekttt 4.
log house - thereon. - 1 .'.
ALSO--One othertlot of land :situate In lf(airoo .
'two ; and bounded on the.north by lands 4: IWM
Ketiog . on the' east by lands of Cbester,Nu thiop,
on I be•sou:h by lands of ja..4., V.ldgeway; it'd on the"
West: by lairds of Wnvand 1; tarenee Gellogl. 'con
taining 230 acres of laud tiuU•l3 or less. aline t So acres
improved. iiith 1 framed house. 1 framed barn, .1
horse barn. 1 saw-mill. and all mill fixtures 1,, torig.
fug to same: 2 old framed buildings and Orchard' or
. fridt trtes tbereon.exceptitg and reservlng•thern-
. •
. twp. and .
rl in Ackley,
• ow 'nd, on the
Cr,an the west
tig 73 acres of
v t.s and no
from about an aere :rtf land nsed fig- a schoel
hoes.. lot and - ceinetery. Seized and taken.into ex
ecution at the bolt of J Silrby'&use vs E C -Eel
17..F.0. is other dof land situate in Burling:
ton trop. :tint hounded on the north by Stigar Creek
and lands of S 31 l i tlekerrultMoti the.mist hr the'ller
wick turnpike add iambi of Frank . 3101'111e. on the
south by lands of . Lyman, Wright anitfloilb.ter
Compton. and on west by lands of IS M Dicker
em,tAlning aeres of land more.oaess, about
:11)aeres impimeed. with I,7ramcd tionse. - 1 shanty.
and fe . w' fruit tr,!6; thermtn, excepting and reserv
ing; therefrom ;shunt 1 acre ou the norihenst corner.
nt said Lot ittMl to - 5' AV fora tannery lot:
Seized and taken ;aro execution .at.! he - salt of C E
Cat Pbell's () and A T-Wheat..
A Ltla)—One other lot of land situate In
tivr..and boundedipn the north by lands of P s,
tiquire.s, and Laval Artnstrom:t. on the eastby lands
of Wm - 111Il1s, 111 A-Leit and floory lllocher."`tot
south IN lands of 3obn Ne, , ldt„ and o'. the .west by.
land,• - •f .I"bn La f. 4 ,:rty and Pl>: Squlrrs,.coldalnlng.
s,; acres of Intei mime Or kis, al,att Gt 'acres
prov,d, tctlll I framed I framed ik:frct` aml
at ta...10 , 1. urger outholitllntt , :' and' orchard of.
friiit trea.4, theroott, t",17...-dand.tak , tl Into ~x .eett.:
ti on st ihc. sn! l t vs David ;Nesbit..
L=it—on , lo7ler,lod of land situate in Canton
,noro, and ho'imi!tti , 4lthe north IN
,ervlc. on
.tast by : Fools .if , Dunham, on tIRI .sontit tie
121:ion .It, and lilt the wr:st .lands of' 3rrs •%V It
cOn't - ninittahiott arto rif land .more
Intonw6tl,l.lvlth 1' frathe house, I' , f ranked
'nartt:andiwilie.rolttlotildings, and a few fruit trees
thereon.. Seb . .t,l and labli into etecurkn. at the
stilt of Wm Taff....l'. vs W.W tznalth..,
othe.flol sof land situate ill Towanda
twn. and dc:; , erlbcd as Tollows - : At th 4
ttogthea.t:oUsa lot . c.ontntete'd to. 'Wallace siweed ;,
ttwitce son th .('O5l Is rod,: to a jwst ;thence
south 81cI wt.+st abtint 14 rodsi On-nee/malt tl3°,w,est
rods nr then:lo6llN to a on the malt. road:
thttre along - s3ld, main (l. 1-ta , : ! ,
• ~, nla:nlng acre.t , of 1:41,1,- more
• or less, at,ott 2 Inkiin,wed; wl:h ,titall
a fey frill; ,frves takol inao
I. , .voeution at the suit of.tiamtwl Vanderpool.vs Dor
tor deems. •
• ) ALS;(I 7 -On , l - other lot. nitnatn In Tuseatorn twp,
boutat.,4 :11, , ,,n0rt-11 by land , Of Jerentiati
va.o. IV (ands or other OliverWaiikei; south by binds- of
3lar i thallcClee, atid we , : t by boots of Mortis Lane:
c.,ntalnin..! 17 , 4 acres of Jana, taivre or nbotit
Itnpr.ived.wltlT 1. tranted Lonse., tfratn,(l I,arn, and
IC NV fruit trees t!to'reoli. 'taken Into
the star„( Wllbor.•
.A.1.51 1 -oae other tot .ituat , !'llt...ll.oini,^ twp.l.,ouLd
( 4 Oil Oaf! norllt latoli± and'
.1(.1ko ntrobb..,. ea , : by pubitt\ ithrhwa:cr, ..,ottth
!ar::hof 4 Wn..b1n,;. - 1 , 41 Townnr and Ifni
nod by burls of ..Cle:ll , ,l'orlk,.s.'arn4 Itither
l'ok: co:lt:cluing .16 arri.. - i-nrldzinb perchi , , , . Of kind,'
11'.0,r, . t ilnnroyed. fratti.,l I
barn with sited attr.efizfd, and :en; 'trait.
Ito•re.••b.. •
A her lot altunte,ln licit-Cwp,bottn+l
ed ..n tll.- ce , Tai he last is Forte, , ea.:. by
laod., of IH:t:'ti itSarnes.....nttit pul.ll.
and try.,t. byol l rols f Ha'? r;ett. 11;r1Vti: contiOulng
l';;;:te, I:nnt, tnori'. or I , ,s:..l..e.tutpr..venntt , .
an,l taken into e_v • etiti..,:; at thesalt of .1 W
NVlA,:::.urtt r.11.45e - of 11 .77: I.7ilrks
A tic.. at zuit of 11 fieOrgo Strlibl - e, •
f,s()—(lw . . tor !.itliate • flyert.owit taT,
boinf.l,,l and .le-'-erlbed • 11.... i ginnIn1:: a; a
In•tnic_wk (re, the Ott beast eortrr Uf.a. lot of land
in p0., , i ,. en,10n of Daniel (r tlwneo. nnyth
*44 p.e.t the
o , l' • A
said Ja6:-
.'IW-:.V1 , 1, SAIIIII .1 . ;' , 2 °1..L;1. 1:i 0 rod, to itpo4 a cor
~f Mi.i. !I Well:ltd., lot; tlielli-r 1.-y tio;:',...t:a, ~..,ittl.,
f a 7 k, , .' , .‘ 4 ~,'• p•.,ls t , ', a T ,, ,,t, fill Tir.fttiv. ,, sf..o , r ,;f• -....1i,1:
.•11:.) . ,1,4,.% t!t-n.', hy th.• It.tchard., , 'Sr. Vatil)yke•
nl.l-. ri , )L, a 42.1-.. t I 9: :••••:9 1N , .}5i.:111.1 , 0. - -. - , t;':11,41,e. I,y 11.,
1 :,,h1). L.:, lal-.11,-, Qouth. a'... 3. ‘1, - ...,-. 7 S.I roli 1.3 a Chcal•
"fO. O . nit: 11.1..11",:1. , OLIIII F..° Ir . :IA, 40 rV...lii .to a 1 ,,, ,t :
Vi - n.•.? 1 , ' Wy. , 1 , . of .1 VaoDyl:e a:A,1.0th.,. , r land.;
~,11,:-..2, , ii, ; ;,.:,, .22.1 a-t) fo.l, 10 a Lead, sap:llig on
r.,.. i 1. ..,•. ,If ILA:1 , 1- , 0t J.:.Slcil.iv.:rn : tliv-11;1,1..y.t1,, ,
11 , 0% n orth -" ,, a.‘V , - , 1 24 rol, to a Inil , : e. .tito..lnt, on.
L. :....-.! .1 , . t, . 0. ~, , r of ..11 - I.:ratuilt 1. , .!* 10.: - .1101.100 Iv I.lw
• ~".,' 1, ,, ....)1 "•'.. 3 1 . 1:: r , ... r. to a ,- .1 - K“..r•aut fora cornt•r;
-:1i,...:-.. I tat d. of, Aillrane.” att,Llaitil,'la 1,,,,e5,
.... , ..F. •r 1) ......1..: I , ~t i., 3 1 li , , r - .1: l,° wt , t :142 'iods to
ti,' i'' ,,,, .. • , f !.1114f ,,, . } •? ;•1': co:it:titling 1!):1 acres 31141
;.', r .r! .4.,:.•1., :•: , -r, i r 1.-,..e ii , , Yarprov ,, ta,,nts.
1-'; •-• i.:l , z,arl r •:. - 1 , .: t;',1 I:Nr,, , froti: all Clot hemlock
r...:: -,- ..a,d 11, A. - . a: , v , • r : a;;;: - •,,..t.r.ctit I , -rweett - Math
,I , ' r .:.• fl - 1 , 1:'1..• :di!! 7,1.1.1,1, , , e' 4; .1 1, CU1t1.., ri..eol - 4.14;i1
I,i .1 , .. 3. 1.... , 0% Ts, VA: pia, 1t, , ..,41, :' .1.111.• wmallty of
4 . -. •4 ? 1,. , .;/ 1! . 1.•.... d , ou - v;illtin tu,n)t . h . , 51. , , 1 not
t o •..7.1f , ;'!.1,-_,, , --0t.i,,-- 1a ... I fo• F,•ars,, I.•:•73, and .7'o cords
'. , ...s ~ . .1 7:741i..r..", .; 1! r. o
.1:: - it.g thtt,satio• plt.,cc. of•latid
.. .11 .%S: l',,,,Wa'ajoa.,, 1 ,- ..,..,.t; , ... r.h.. , -: 5r.1:45 , 4•11
i• . , d....,1 ,•,.,t,r,i 1.•,•!, 17,, 1..71. ':.r . i.l' st.'r.l•••l iti thib of-
C- . '',. t - '" T ~',,:: 4 Sr — 'l • .` In .I'l c q for I:e.olford
• . ~..,
.i.`- I '.....-,..- N- , It' , .. : r.t I•ago• el, .ie:' S••tiatt
.1 tat , r ,- lial i - ?: - 'atom ..0 tho, saki of Shark,
'.-r ia'--i 1.•••., FIT_ %,, TI:. ,:a,'slan and ,V,
- .
;,..,, .:,.
A L.-rt.... 4 ofi,•:''ifth..i 1 , 11 et: dart , . in ( - 3914)11 pr lv,
1 , .n0i1 , 14 , 1‘ tit , n,, , r1,11.y.1 , ..t. No .1. ra_st by Tr9y-st,
.:.,a;:, hy ~ r ,N ,/ 1. and vrq, , ,: by lot. No 9'; coat:Nl:king
1 a-s , 9 I Ind. In , lrc or 1,5.. all Improved, wllh - a
f...,,, , ,11 ,c,.. , an:l r - ,,,..- fruit trcnir th'ertl?ri. , •
s ,
A1,'.1--1.9; 7.' , .. - .: - .. In 'sabl townshlr of Cannin,
h , : , . ( 1.-.! on Ow I:orth by . land.; of II M (; , ,tr. el , t \.
hv tio:.-St, ,outh by. tot N0 . . , 1; and wost. by AV,llltani '
4;4,Af : V. - Yr.:o;ll4g- 1 acre of-'laud, mot. , ur 1....,,, all •
ittii.,..ved. - *
/ .t1.5 , 1„ 1 -1.-ois No .1 and .7 (the north part of lots
'No .... 1(.;;1.1 and 12), Si Mate ini,sahl to.cnchip or .
I 'anton.; h...ttatl,:d on the north by. land, of Fti Jr:lli
i,tt And .lot. No s.,oalit hr lots No 3 ant 3, south .hy
lc!, N,..:., 9. lb. I I anti I. d, an wc.411.2,- 1,,1. Yo , 13 ;
~n tainlb;:: s :terry of land. I)virt , or I, , Ss, all ttnprov
ed, with: a- fratn:d 11.01.., f: - .l.lnecl harn;• and tow;
1 -, Ili! tr,i \ 1.114rc9n." .
A Ls(,)--rot No 10, ..t.rluabk in • sild town,hip or
4 . 3:1;.'t:. '0; ,, tV1.1i.41 4'.11 thi, Tn,rth.hy - laTol of Ephraim
!...'a , ..., e.t,t I,y li4, No 13; ~:outit by yabli, IligtlWAy,
3 , .1 ~,,,, by 1 0 .vrt.fwtt I=.:qT: cort , , 3 acres of
laud, in T. , lor le's, all improved. . •-,, , .. - ,
'- —. . ._
A 1.`,74.1—The Soilfli half or lot
,No o„,situato Itt
ssl 1. towll , lllp, of Canton, bounded on the 1,,,.rth bS
land of (1.11 (lon, east Ly lot •:‘ , :o-13; synth lands
of :Slurlln Lynch:and west by lot :zo 11 contain
ing. 3 arrus of. land. nn . .lv all. itnrroyed
•A south half of Ir . pt ,No 11, sitnat, In
th" town , hin of Calittur. hounded on the north by
II 31 (Jog, tat by .lot No lA, sunth by lawl
of E Colwell and If,artlit and w.,t by
• 487111 of >Ltriiu Lynch and lot No II: containing 3
of 1.10,1, - mor, , or all iinprvred: no build
sonlynalf of lot N !.:Itrin,ty 10 the
toticq.hin of eunrOn.l.c.unded onito,hortli bylands
of 7I 11 ;,4f, hit \o.'. ,outk,l .I,y 1: It Itodc
well, atofwest by tot No 11 : 3 acres of
Lind, mon, or I's „ all linto oveil; no
. .
..k.L.SO-L-Lot No ft. situate lathe said
s towitiltill or.
• Cilittomtottroled olit lie north by knots of II N tjtilf,
e ast by lambs or Widow Nowell :110 I‘4S Nl's. 1,13'
and - 1, sou al by. land of E Ibßottlineif, and w t , b t, by
tot in: rotitatidog :i• :titres of land, more or less;:tr.l
71 - fivr t .,,d; -wi.:h a bttartl loose and franted.ltarti
' tlo•rcon. .A Hof said lot. I•eing; loom,:ert bed'
. in tiro It:idea - a:A Van Sallee survey:tad patt.,,ic
MM.'. : SttitA and talon Into extteutlim tit the sot
of I.,lnoinv Bros vs John:W Bailey abd Nicholas -
VamNamee.. e ,-
..:U.,:S.)—(ine other lot of laud situate In Monroe
twit, bounded on the, north 'Arlan& of II V rat
rie,h, east. bO Iby lands
y lauds of E C Knit :gg. S
OT II W Patrick, and west
.Oart.t . L:io • ichrge-Ed-'
~,, , til I and 4 c try Riallilll3ll ;l. , .)111:1illinft , 00 acres of
land, bore or loss: tioiropnweinents., tZttlzed and ,
Nikon t ntu execution at tho suit-of It S Ikakes* nse
vs Fr:Hthlin C 51y,,,;. . ~ ~ . t . -
. .
, . .
- al.:s;(s-4lno •othcr not situate in IVinditam twp,
houndedand described as fellows: Beginning at l as
slake en the west stile of the public roml - cor of I' ;
Malt-a 7.; thence along line of 511111 , 3 vast Ili 1•rto a il
pii : ot- s :00e,-; thence south 4s-!,i o „Ive'st - 5.4 , to a
pile of Stole : ttience,north 67'., 0 AVeA-61K- per to
an ironwood.; thence south S ti-10.per to a. , t and
stones: thenee west 247 2-t0 petit centre of puldie
road: tinnes'ilOrth along centre of ktid. roa4 to an
angle on the nor: he ::::t i-Ide of the - road;
.thence be
Can , . i l .orthwest 'shit- of
,salit road north 4V • isaJd 25 -
po'r to an angle in ~ a l,l roadr thinice by the Wide of
said-foad north IrP y° vast Ai per to the place of - be
- glidaing; - coatainiog 41' acreslanil sit oer of land,
snore ur. less, about 45 Improved. With 1 framed
barn, I framed shop, and few fruit trees thereon.
Seletql rind taken into exeention at,the suit of ,it V -
Fattlkner's nsees WM.) /.'u,tl,rook. Also- at silt - !
of saine'vs same. Also at suit of Same es same,
- Al...Sti—tine,other lid, sltnitte in.- - ..tottroo tavg N
hannited and described as follows:- Begin:dm , at - ii
"nn' cormti the north side-of a road leaillnefrom .
the first !whirs on the main hank of the
:l'reek,•alsivo GireettWOOd Cottage In said tWit to
the Berwick Turnpike: Iheiice north 46 0 east Slip
13 per to a post; thence alrig other lends of -the
said David Slavin soutkh 2 ° • east 130 per tea post
on 11w north bank of the Towaittia'Cieek; thanes
up said Creek north .93 , A° %vat 21 per to a eor near,
tlie centre of a road lelsling -frpin still rowanda
en , ek near IlawlVss"Top V• curry to' road - first
above !mentioned; thence 1 th -la °, • :t 44 per;
thence north 1 03 :1 ° M'eat 1 5 2- , Per; 'thence. north
‘.,0 west 15 2-10 per; them Herat 41° west 12 . ?sir:,
thence north 55; 2 ° west 11. per; awned north 44°
west 12 6-10 per r to theiplace of beginning; euntain
log :I'2 acres, strict me:lst:rt.., with 1 framed house
and few Trutt trees therei,m...tielccd'and taken into
ekes - I:Ben at -the salt of 1 , 11. Schrader; VS Scepter
Brown. Also atiattt of .f - . 11 Schrader's u,e s-s 55.1..pc.
ter ;.troivn. Also at suit of 'l' 1, Warira use-Afi 1.: ,
31111 e r ':in.l - See'pter - Ilrewo. , .. . . . . - . . , „
; "il----Thie other lot Miami sitnatz tn. Canton" . ' . • -
' At''
' . - ' A D ALINISTR A 't_ OR'S I N OTIcE -.
..twp, and bounded on tile north by lands formerly ;
, ~ 1 .1
OWned by Addison Beals, on the east by If 111 creek !
_.. --Isltiticela hereby given that perie.i . _
'Land thepublic highway, .en, the ,!; the Mad.... -dabted lto the estate or, Geo. W. ti....f10gg.; late tr
, ford and hycomlug-County lilies, and en the west . Monroe trip. de.rd, must make's:mediatelmY" . . ! ` t ,
1.1 - landisorJentile Poisons, colitaittlag ,50 acres or iut the undersigned, and NIL prisons having cialll.
land more or less; about.4o acres Improveik:wlthA against said estato . nobstpreseat them, dui.y unttec
tad h'ense, 1 framed barn, and an orhhartl of. , ticated, for settlement, . .
1, it trees thereon.: Seized and takenintu elem.. , ^r.. ' . .. - .DENJA.1111111.1.1"ClIORN o
. ,
tlo; at the suit. 91 Durk, Thema* &Cu vs T J Heals. - , April P t '77. • — " ' Miurnistrter. ,
in ants
.wds . of
ea<; by
rut , ne
• ..Legal.
• •
A .
LSO—One other lot or land-situate id's:anon'
tarp, and hennaed tin the north by lands' 0f...i.h0
'Turbtity. Mt the east by lands of Daniel ltreb , sl.,4-
and Mrs Josiah-Carr, .on the south: by lands of Da n
fel Webster and the estantOt ft.fones. afol On ,
the west bylaw's-of the estate 'of John B tones
'and.the potato highiray,nontalning7Barres of laml.
• nanroor less, 70 'Airs improved. with .2 fraincl,
hoitses, t tranicsi Tarn*. and 2 orchards of t r o t
freest thereon... .hteln4l. and taken into execntkes nt
thpousit of Thonms Ytt 3f ichael
A1.,90—.0n0- other lot,: situate in Overton 'up,
bounded on the north and east by lands of W Mon
ff.treety, lands of Henry ifeithemer, and
west by ptibilebighWay: containing :"%, air acre t.t
land, cnoreior less, all improved, with I trashed
•bortife, I framed stable, and few fruit trees Therese:.
,A1.,50.-One Other lot, situate. in Overton tip.
bounded on the north , by . publie. highway, east and
south try lands of Francis Osterhout. and west by
hurls of henry - Sherman; containing 5 a.:rrei
laud. mote or lest,. all iniftruvcd. with I framed •
toisse..l board shanty, apd few fruit trees thereon.
'Melted and taken' In tolrsocution at Bull of- Angel:l..,
lfutteosteln vs )farrtin Ifelehemer.
ALSO—Me other lot..situate in Toivanday.oro : •;
described asfollowss• Beginning on the north side
Ping-et at the south cor of public school i.A ;
thence southerly 98 9-;12.1t tea cot of a lot for tnetr-p,
bOonging to II L Scott. now of Mrs Keene; the r ,,--;,
Aoistherly along aide of same and parallel wlthlir.t
described lino A 9.12 ft to rille•it 51 ft to the
of beginning. with a framed dwelling tiou--e ;nut a
Story brick and framed wagon and black .tnlth
shop thereon. ',Seized and taken jut° •executlen at
the suit of „TheMuttfal Building and £l,lsing Fuld
. Association of Towanda vs 11.Pnry
ALSO-One other lot, situate In StryaMming twp;
bounded and disci-Wed as follows: ::Beitlalilag'a?
coroflik No 1:1 on the northwek side of isr!coTid--,;.:
thence north 31 0 wet 7 per to a cot; theece s;:!IT
SG° west to-pet to a cor of lot No 10; .tt&erpat oo ill
24° east 7 per foe cor on northwest..tddo
sit - thence on the line of said street aortlfst° rast
\,lO 'per to place of beginning; containing 70 - peret, , s"
of land, snore or less. all itnp - ....edv no bill EflfT
Being lot; :bus and 12 In lowtirlat. Eibized
taken latoexecnaroa at Hui. suit ut
users Mary F.F.lllott and .1 M Elliott. •
other lot SitO3.l . O 11 , Watr,ra
hteritdyl on themnith by pubae, • C. ea.t.
!adds of Isaac Roger and. tat 3 31eVloe, cnith yy.
the estate of .DitnntoeSCV( , and Abram
weitt,byilarills of ILIStil dings and F.,ftwaT , l
(Moe cont4lnlng 100 a es of lifid, more,. or ie
„ L b:n ut *, l in i. r ov c o, v. h 2 hoard house.;. 1 !•diazg2
and orchar,f•Of 'fro trees thereon: Seized and -
taken Into execution at the suit of - Allen v•t
Lewis Ttager and Win : Huger, ` • •
,t1:_•••0--fio•e' other hit,- situate Lettiti'vitie ,
isort.'; bounded oil the: north by lands of NVI•I6w
Ashton, e:vst toy land of • Noble. Canfield, soot {h Le
()rangei4t: and - west by 3fatne,t; contatulnk Nam;
of land, meteor tess.- all Improved:. with. 1 tu,:v k i
shanty thereon. Seized'and taken Into.'executlot
at the sogrof . Samuel !lark vs TTY Ilh'ssett.
Au...41-011 - e other siti4te in s lihesbespilu trp.
bounatul %colt and north by lands of lta4lh
„Gore: cast 5y lands or. Edward „trn..dd,, soon, is
puhlic highstay leading from Slie,sLeqpidtolionu.. ? :.
conTaining of 'au acre of land. niore or lesF, a , t
improved, c.ith. 1 2-store framed 'l;g:use an.l bss,
• teutt trees therepiti tioir.e , l'aml_ialo.n in o execn
[ion at the'-quit of ti K 'Hulett vs Ai.a
,ALSO—Car other lot. sitnafe In Sfiestic:iptin twp,
bonafted-on the norih.bytandsof.theestateuf Joh
dee'd, east and south by taruli of
•Gore,: and West .by public highway leading riot!
'Towanda to sVas'erly; sinitalning arre 4 land;
wore or all Improi-ed. with 1. framed
framed . sittip, and few fruit' trees - thereon. titlft,l
and taken into.exic(ition at. the suit ct The. A th. Ls
Buthitug and.• Loan Associat bqt of Athens Toon- ,
slap c, is: it BM and lletsily.F, 11111.
ALSO—One other int of land Nitwits , in Tuscarri•
iwr. and bou.tivapn the nor;? l.y land; of - .la,
Sharer. on the east I.lland;t of - War
‘ ,I.VIIRney atal
Ainon, nuktft, min thr smith be lands'of A Wait
. frau, and on tie! wesl by landi',f Avery.
- cantaitilug ae.rt,s - 01141:4 Ihs•rt, or loss. ale.otr•
acres log bone.,;-1 log barn. atel
orehaid of fruit tree? thereon. rtized
into exventb)p.tit theisatt of Geo
:NS POI (. • . •- ti.
.4“4 4 1,=-I)ne other Dit of taint --situate. in
rat wp, and bounded ion. t teat ,yr t , h. by flea p: tie
highway, 01.1.*the east ihy the. pub:P:ll4om aviead log,
If. n;iolhrrs Eddy. ,o$ I he.sou: h by of II
Raub and'A and on thr!..xel
to the Q1:1417y grist
of an›.4e.or livir!! n1:11
1.fratii5,41 , 1t0n , .% I f r:11:61, -hara. 2 I.lai'ks ;11
andmilt treed tliertQn.. 4 .l 4 ..fz , -412a.dt-iR7:11 11 1j
ex,,,--,111 . C
11 It.t.,:rtn* IV:it 11.,
of land . r!"triltr In Wnr,
tv.T. fm;i`t,il , : . ;la;ol,lo.4
a •. a corroir of fatalnO.A.
"krgatQ: tlpm..o 3,4 'do , to a, 2;,.. 0 .
2.r2. ptf.t• to a _ilia![ ,701-1,,i•
.ntar , t: tht , utE! , ea=f• t , ;t
hra.p the 'to co;r:o-rof land toi:
of paVid'lMlt!rp"et . t . .li , o ,. .? •okitll - .
tp,i; to a ;•hOiri,...; heap In .aerarttllo
U%li 141o't, 11.11 h "f: 9 l ,, 'r in t h lt ,
If log 1.;,:;:vot a tract...tut - voyeff 11,
mut Tnnti , t ni - LtinY jtc rilt:g_ ant s:t of: .t.) S,trfilt It
Ito tf ion-part then at Itt e,:0?: - of Mat
Ivntkiek., dye% contnitting,lo: act on of- tape! morv.,.r
les,,lahoaf av a,-re , .iinLrovi.ql; with 1 fratto-A
1. 'ratio-.1 barn. I hia,.:kstilifii shop. ansl c:.•1-art1
of fruit - ta;:k•u int-,
the suit leNathaal..-1 Mutter,
Ita 1;1 p
d L.R„7._..4,)0f., other tot of Litrl:ll ,
twp. lonuolccl ;yid folh4s.: Regtnionc - ;
at, th, :onthw?...4 ranter of a 1.4.110 . 6 i Or late 44 f
Park‘a p f,r a e"ti.ner: thtsnve ..3• 1 1
rnrth like of tot U: ,- vi•or lyto of s:shl Park. at . p.•r to
!In'? .f lot js , Lac f.:r
,C . O11101.1110:11,2 ilOr Pa 164 to - a Inapt,. fr
oh.r 61 - ."
Ih,` llorth lili. of !o: fto, of
%-%;•••• .a{.l .Lin tr,a
%o r r .. 4, led to { Ito ; ph,,,:of , P..fltiti W 11.1:
•0131.17.•••: 3,;;i4 per
of ali thr, that , l:ity)”2 f.,uud upon 11.•:' saNl
- •
• A 1...50—0n." ntl.wrt,it 41gt/..!
. t.g
al. Su a t.ot 114 - of CO Ipurly. at
I:ken: or; tio•rit,k+sfk:h 4-lir r,S,
r:ist - '1 1 - Izz:(1 pow or 1V }I .t“
pkst: :11...TItnt.eas: ea rp(l , *, Tv.- - ;: . :brjw.• n0r::,25
.1;10 twi (,;-I,or ~f
144:.iltene,,t1W. .; - r: , 'fsnt , at, Mot' Kin
:11i4 r.a. , ‘of t) 113'n'"':
contant IN; .lo ar!re... of )3,1 J r.,,r,,0r
Of all tha'n:inl•.r.:',4 tilt upon 'Jot
ate/ - 1-ol , je
.3 ats to the .1
i", 71; f,rth itr al-ont rarq Fr. •
two :0;1A . ), uc.rri r.l - ToWaining
:1,41 IS3 - ,out
Nr• .71.
Ithi I fraill,tl howl's.% ' nit
lAlith lIVILVIIed. Other otlthathlll,gs :1!:41
Tellni•dh.Of fruit ',Te1: .. .,
drat the snit. of Mir:lntel Van Ovki•
M M\E-r. .
other 'Attlate in IViLM.tin
p:houn . th..l . anil detwril":4 follpws:.M•gianfi g
mat the '4.prtin-aetvrl . 7
thence eeutli I' re.%.1
In pee to4l;t:r..n.irr• th , l Ctriurf.y
*?1.1): th,..ww•i• n•Jr:114:;; 0 , we , 1.:.t0 :M ( ) th,n;: •
.e.. 1 . , ,j.0ti,T,t0 a it , 2nil,:r•it
.to-of theh,", htpctll. V:, r.a..tr2.:3 1 , 0; :
14.t111 e;1.,.,:".5 107:- thellre: ::•14
thence inlet pLlr; s thoncT north .3
Iter 3., tn... centre Of VI-,
thence I.y . the centre of tit::
to the, 'of the . i•v!,:t
. . .
Donne - , settl 4 inent.tro.fani...s's th:•neo
-41. , rt1i with host nwtitioz . lei.L.roaq to ',11.•
tlerOt ”r
acres itnprc.v.•ll,,"•filt a , fr,itn, 1
3:.C1 'barns. :111.1 Iralt :nere.m.
and la`. et Int. exc.szttiort at`the'luir or N'
AirnltAin .
A o: her lot. of. lan.] sitiate in 514......11v
-41,1111 twp, boutnied.on tee north bv.latoi:v Pf. , t.
Aver. 6tl (be ea't by lauds 4 , f t 1..•
couch I , y•lanils of Rat ph bore, :inll on the roost hy
the plihlle an acre ..r. toyd
more ot;Ie hit V. kit st, , aln
01111 ati nt4lifistur,s I , oli , t,ging thereto. 5..17.,...5.a11.1
takt'tt hillexteution at the :Tulin A t
. N'N F Ay , r„ • • -
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thence north 11 0
1111.1or'saM.:%Ierrel!'s farm 1 1 11 :IN,
east cor of >:l4d .11erri11: 'the:le 11,.:11; e; .t oa
- 11:-..,W;, , tiIfoy of s•aid farm
southeast .e4r of re,ediltly eptives,•4 (,
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7.aid Hicks' as S sr - e,: Flies ;31. '
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1 2 -3 rotk Isi a he'thioek' tree for a 'or: shear • so - I'•t'
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wol.d. t.'s rods to a-post foe .. .tear; t (now, nor tl. •,..4.w ~.r.
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Witty 1. frlllllC , lllOl ;ir,.!., 1 fnoln,d I,a,n, 1' s.t-. 11: -. '
and 01.01:trt1 of fruit trt•es tlwr.. , n., 1t..,.r5i:.:.
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Keete:Lcokeveyea to .iaid 1,7 K,7• by A Isopit.thi , Ilt
andtitlfo t , p , ,,deed datedSiTt :::,, 1:-.5:. and i...r , t.l
111 1:W=Vt-RT rain of hind. Mote ,:r leo , . :' , ... , ,j1
and.taken inftvolocution at ale slat of .later, f'
Lord;ot and Iltoi:ard kl'lntPr. ex...111,1 , s of .11. 11 Y "1
I.v.ggett. dv,.. '.il,; , :i.kNe of fl. \% V:piDttz2r, y's A: . .t:t
..I.laltlivin. • 1. , " ` .- •
- ANDREW 11. Sn't
Sheriff's Ofice.' ..qr,ll 12,1677.
L . 1/MINISTRIT()I-I . B' (Yl' ICR
Not lee Is hereby given ,that all
•Mhtml. In the estate of 'Mica
Orwell; deed, mug: make Immmtlate
umlersitmed; and an pert.ims havlag,v l alms
against ,:al , l c',..tato.-must me-; 1 1.1at ilmmolu'y
thentleated, Coy . settlentert, - • - -
S--Q: A ZOOLT:i Ft%
April . l243w.
.A DMI.NTS'rIt I l'ltl VS NOTlt' P:
. ..4A._.--Is.:otice Is•her..!by glv:tt 'tenet 4‘11.1,.:1- , ..:
I.lo,ted to the estate of 'Cir. - IL (':E. , : - (( •;. T. (IA !;'' 'l •
late of Towittola'6omr„ll.ratlToo t'onory. livi't
otal:e Immediate payint-at to the mpl,r.; ; ;,. : ,,t;:tritl.
all ik , :rsini4.llaviki-g clatoketg.itt . .l-t said ~.,..70e to;r4
prc , (ent'.t . hetn, dory atfilleati,a±c(l, Pir,.,, , :(1..01L'1;L'
' ELIZA: E. yowl - I:1:.
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