Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, December 21, 1876, Image 3

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ThiarrAtay, Dzc. 21, 1270.
In- ordeu to give !Our subscribers the
benefit of CI,tIIIIING RATES for most
of t* e popular publicatbns of-the day, ice
Lave:in:n:lu arrang,etneuts by whiat: axe
can furnish the B.F.VORTEIt and any of the
following; plpers and magazines at prices
named. All orders must lie aceompaiiied
by the cash;
rzromw, and Harper's Magazine, $4.50
" Harper's Weekly, •;. 450
" Harper's Bazar, ?' 450
" Galaxy, • 1 4 70
Lippincotts' 3lag., 450
" -" Littell's Magazine, 750
- • " Appletons' Journal, 400
Pop. pci. Monthly, 5 51f
,Godeys' Magazine, 375
" Nursery, g.O
" American Agrrist, woo
" Country Gentleman, i 75
" ;Atlantic Monthly, 470
" ISerilmer's Monthly, 470
" St. Nicholas,
" Ecle;Aie Magazine, 550
" N. V. Weekly Times, 2 IR)
" N.Y.WeeklyTribune 260
" Semi-Weekly Post, 3So
" Semi-Weekly Times, 400
-" Semi-Weekly Trib'e, 400
Yr.s.ft:lloAt• atd to-day are the shortest
days of the year.
.TonN ADAms is gathering a large sup
ply of 0:conk:of ice.
Cm,. PlOtil.7.T was chosen Mater of
the State <=l-:ltie at the Annual ,Jl.e.eting
Ist week.
ltEmEnttEn ,that nur.•rarrier boy will
present you with a beautiful Address on
New Years morning..
Frliper'&. SONS . C . A.abVitillillCllt k ill lqC .
all C xcellt..r.t place to yurchase use
' rre,ents
Tnr. annual elect huOlf Trustees of the
Presbyterian .ClunelCin Towanda, and
the renting of the pews, will i.e ou Mon
day. Jan. 1. AS77, at `A ,o clock A. v., at
the ehureh. •
o C — ” , sroNDENT informs us that
Sp-ar nun is for an 01A-fashioned
Sintting Scitool. and smztr,ests that tit( re
Nyould 11.2 a good cluilme for an e7--.:.erienc
ed teacher.
Tnr: Pan - naps will celebrate. the :New
'Ye:lr by a hop at Moody's Ilall. on 'Mon
day evenieg, 'January I, 1-z7zL :
P ra . :•• full band of t Owego,
("Itin , •rm ~ s Tnr.E. are in‘ ited to.
the (11;h-tn. - a:, Tr, 0 festivit. ie:z in the
t, t ian (1.11.re1 , .:1 1 . , q,y , ten, on 1 4 :it unlay
e%, ;lin'''. Dee.•to the (1 1 ist;n:ts
con'ecrt ru 5.,1.4,:tth eveuint.:, ° l.
T111:1;1: NCEI be services -in CluiNt
ClJurat on Claistintls Day, at Ito, o'clock
A. A.
Suud3y-scbool FZ•stival - itud Chri:tmas
Tree on Till:A:llYcrcuia zt O'CIOCk.
T:11: enteil:liurn cut v;i - vett by . tfie
t•ttult..nts er the Stv.. l uyitatuta
lusti;utp. (I% . itlay) ev,nin,z, lii
:::11ercur tl:, , ultl be \ re', 1 pat rouiy. , ., 41.
pro•rrattue ill 12c varictl au4i entt-u
-tilinimz. but n,t kti;4t.ity. cot i isistin.z, large
ly .q*elt.tioe vok'al ;Intl instiumenttil music.
intelspoist.(l etc.
EN , , - '1, , c1; 77er q. ,. .:ct!c says :
Sri E. 1). 1).. of this
lia.!4 flue .\ Lirv, iu the't
(4et,‘1.4..r numinn•
publislit.qi at (I t iuuai. 1t is
'lt 7.. - 10 say that (1 does
ti: v va •arit s tlaory ln:
li:fht on ti.e its
i;;-:(-11; - !:::. A.P, S , trot.r.y, of
lowa, and I.i.‘ciiircr of
a lect;:: - e, : t t!,u
in t'
DecciubL,r 04 tit .v
Me. S. is Arne of
the mo,t talent'A_4l ami able
or the pri.. , en: we. hope a e
may 6::t !W.I. house. XII are
Wor.EmEN' , are pottn...; 1110 noi.l.liroz
. t.q:,•;:es on Mr. TIETr," tics. 11 , 1 Ne. Thc
Itlti:4lin.4 Ina' 'Of t,tsty,l
s t:ii .1: OH' arti,tie
1010'ton. L.
( inmoti.•ii a N-6',.., - , of th.lnl;:s. \vats tender
v,l lo .1.1.1•4.. 74(......:0v.... to .I,lr.
1. , i:5,• f.o: 1'.... .0)1: it-mter in - winch It•tt
tea , 1 t'a.• artirle. ami tilde tlm hain,! Itzt
10,11,1 i -11. A in the•r,trottgli irri•urst.
T . .., f• :low, iug. ofii,•,•ns r‘r tlii . eustirm::r,
•ve;:r N•. - ere ‘ , 1 ,, et,... - 1 : I'P:'. •:• ill, G‘sn, W n , ,
Parr.•,:: Vie.. Pl.( ,i(1!:111! , .,' (14 , 1. WM.
.:"4 i: \ ' l.l-, 1 1,11. L.:'. SrAmom.n; S'ecrrTary,
IL ....:. Miatt Fn. 1:,1 1 .1 I ', T re , t'•anlling See.
iumr.v. E uvv.kii,it 1 1 - 1• A K
lltil , 1 . ..,. 1.11Trt'11.,111'.
r':•, T . •,1...1•tuN ~.\.. (...ofmr..f•• • Litii . arian• .1,
A. ('. ini - vtir.; (:'-ni. of Library, i Hon. IL !.
1,. -,.. - ., FT , li r , (•, F, ITol•ToN, 1)r. li. P.: (%)2:1'.1' 1'!:F t::: - .DINf;s: l'oNTiNt - , - .1).
• ' ,
i' vE a ir ~- ;lc , ~,,,„„ wi „ ~,,„..,,,e , .A1.7.,-.....:: (•,0),..,1 viietne,.. S. Nvircri.,,,.., , ..,..i., , nao.y. De:2. 11.
)„,, ~...„4 ., k b y t h e „,i„,i„i,„ „ f 7 ....
.1 . A. ,... F.- ! , 1:-,.:1. E. ca. ; - 1: . •.)• , :. Jr :Ma.; .1. E.:1`,.. 1 Cum ':3 .1L ...:. ;Lee and .Ltines Taylor_
.•: ... iv 1:•• Las 11,1 - II par rilliiP4 the SI lIIIV C•f. !! : ' '-• ( . 0111. Of Pllidieat iiim, , V t . W. !1. (:city. :.; ca 5 0 ... . ,. tfonrt sus;)end !,...11-
EiN1:„ : , :.1• , .y: F.-11.. I' l . W. Al.l•-1 - "ilD. ./1 . 1)- 0-•11317 ill i(1111- Cll- , 1-i-1, and seideatee .1 N. 1,e.;
('-:::=: mid 1::.. , . , •h5 - DlNl:s'itirler the dila. e
ti.•••• or. 11.... t. la.- .i.. 1 "., I:Ne . 111 . 11 AN. 1 liS I.N- ..")-. 1 . " 2 '" .- ‘ 1 1 1 ; ; * „. „ 1.1 tl .3' ". li'll' or ,zl4O, the e,,, , ...,,,i . p1.4 , ..ert1...
... A . .)LF.P.CI:I?.I Se.,;*y. , I t10r...1: all „... 1,- vest-. awl iirsier4o impris
initi:iti..ui Iva, .... , iitirt ly sati.-IL to 1 1.0
, t ' ' onment I4f :', r,..mtl:s. in the v , l,Laty jail,
c ,, n ,,,,i1,•, , :1r .., u.,•,.;:t. a fact -.... li , ciilp , '• . . --.....---,.. .
, '. an I TAvlor to 1 , ...v -1 tine'oli:v:;' , the cost .
, 4 10... t (:,...lit it 3.1-.1 his :;tl)::ity .111(1 thoro- 1,, ) ,.. .;:••••xvis F.t.tottuw , i;, a irroininent •,. ' • ',, - ',, , ' . '-' •''
died i ••••-cetirom in a •I Inv u.nots, ;110,1 undcr
re s.- in unislurim , the iz,ll:cale 3u - obit:mu: cif i..• ti :••1( . . I,llllauthr.•pist ~f Eilnira,
;2 :0 :an 1lllirrt,I)11111Cht Of C, i_nont Its ill the
of i•.... - ,a'..1. , ..... :VI,: c. .n_f:i . ...!al.ite the bar .on SAfterd...y afonatoon higt. lle was a''
, emnittiad.
:-.• ii'romi. r ini a !nein- mail Of -..13 - _ wei,ire. :in.! 1.`1.-.llerlll.lli i1113.1.1,';- 1 ' •• -
1•93;1'1 1.1 y,V-3 "1 1 Nv•••• , . Court alt
j. on i•is sz.l.,:utior, of a, , •:••••• • • Tu i.l , 1,.,miti,0141, Ihe city :o1 Elmi- :, '•
' .- -:' : : : ' "-- '
.v.: , ..i., , f,,:. NN-Li,_!! 1:v '.,: .s. r: , ii 1114 , 1. \V e s la oNVi , it: 14:',.: -. .nfill:l Palk. "aild many ' i''','“, J ',''' " 1 ; 1 ,1' '" ''`l'' a c°l "' l ' 2 '" l4-1 ! I :
itrii,tve it i:-. 7•11....`..... int:tution to len: :11, otl,er r - 11 Th e . N e -,,,- y,, : -2 ;
....,, i , , .." ‘-'-',' "' 1". , '" , "1N.
in tlii..'id,i,... . - says -1 the ile• - •••ii, , ed : . : {'Dort 41, , ,-...,-.• the :1 , 10 - pt.ioti of --knee A.
- ' 11•Nelier, :in.': direct she 'shall assume the
' •• Iliit it v. - as not his ‘-r.•-tt, N. - .•ealtli and
T. o:l :fi vn i , ,,,- o f I). I), 1 1 01 ,,,, ) N, E-,1. of ~,„
. .,,... 0 ~, ~ c, ,.....„ 4 ,..-i,, , , ei1 ... , t , , , :t , „ name of
_Mice A ;;r1,111:aill, a 9,1 Lave all
N ,,, c , T „.,.. a ,,i . ,..„, ~i , a ~,,y I , „.,.„.,,- „,.... ,
,: i,1, . ,,, i ': - .: : :: ,...., ' N ' ‘ ' ,.p. 1 1.:n " ,1 ` ‘ 1 •;; . 1 le A v. `, :i
,`. -,, . 1 ' . tile ri2lif..t: ~... a child and huh. of James E
, ,4,..11.- . 11 - ' .'•
I• 311' 1.'.31.11 11-0311 . 111 (11.1.1! 11 ou.• ni.-:ht 'l't - ot',.. , •• , ist of t'cv.•11;. , 11.•-1 tvve .t•i..1. ,.. p. t1 : 1 , • ' ' 1 : 11 " u ' n •
-....:••;:. A.- : ..1 ...: ,, v, had been cv..',..:. , .61..t1, , ',.., :;• 'l.
t 1 .11, , - - ..--,•' ....' ' ' , -t-- ; L 1 \V \Vill:'lll. , ck Vt. 11; II Cann.-... ("mut
. 2i11....' nt•iltl .11, r.ll'i.`. 3 ll , ,1•1-1.;/31 Ctl.tri 1 -. . •
1 ~ f i wi:1 1 tilc,110;11; 1-4.413i:i1l 2; 1• . - 1 II': tilll.: tii , L:in i- f .,, 0 .. 1 v 1 • 1 • • • C.r.10111 1'13,11-11 - 1 . from 3411.1ceviiii:; on writ
~...1-0i. . •(, ono; ),: )::-. invom..-. t
.•... i ~. , i ,
1 , ' ,. .Q 1 ''.'.i ., --7 I I, ' L:A. , •" ='' , '•'l- , ~€. ,- -•"• :Nit 4.1.,• ~.., r erwlent awr. - : It ii him 4:)nt,tV- : "'" N ';' ' II ' L' lll( L' .. ~1 ,
11. ;;• .', 1,. s‘ il k , 4... r t :-.....,•i311.1 -: Ili 13 11 l'lll- 1 .. 1 ,. ;, .. 1.,
.1 pi ,, , , , , 1eci ~,•] to vain. flit:
~ t: n , ,t.hen ,iir,,i ..N. t. o. Ns 1 ..3.0i 4.4.
1t1.3,1 to h 11.4 1 .; calls , : why plainfiti's
i'" . "'. ''-"'i t''''''''''''""''"- • • •• • lie i' 1 : 4 • 11 : . : o l d -Air is one t•f the most 111•1;_:tilliet_tilt 1 r ''
.1 . ,-:.:10 .I, k, but tip: ii..!.;:•tai.,:.., :old ••,,:aphito that ever math: fu
. I. ''' l3 i ''''' I. “' en i''''''''' l fr. " I III;ue(.4(ill g
lurtlier Co.'',..rali. :',Tado - na •k: C'o... vs T.ty
in th , to ruin: ; 1i. ,, ..:; , .- :,,, f,..11,-.W 113.111. .1'; i... ill till. SllnVt! of a,
1-. c tv. - .• 4.i.1114 - htels, ....evi , m,_: . 11, a ~,,.1 ,, , i, ,
. 12 ,.„ 1 , : . , , , i .
,az titr, , , , imnar, ,, l
act.„s 'for .:: T.'.t. T.I 1:(0,vils :.t.:, 1' .. is SallW.
" ' i L i ''''' tf.: " . s Yr the ' l "'"' " 3 “ I 1 "'“ I L 11 iII 1' . .!(.31L I. ' ild l' 1
.3 1 .1 L 13r his name. I Iti I '" l '' t " l '''' .: cduse "-13Y‘t the llN Y' lra i "
•.:- in the boor.' ;NOV, ;iT11 . 1 . 1 11 4 . y ! ris : s .,.. ii iL d i T, tint il , " it'll w . a ih s, (II ice.,
12:4 0 h Ca'. `•; . ...P. not be st. , l aside.
,•ol tit,' •!,,• I,' 11l sin t' . . , l e. • . '‘l 1: a vs 1-"l' Hall :old TT S T•IIITI
• - L " `• ' ; ' -';;"" • ••'•.111:.. - airl.,,anii statuary, it Id fonts - like ,
tit I . ...,,ttiLicd •••••1 v‘ithert:A. - i ,,,,, ~ , ,..e ., : 11 i , f
,1 . 1 ,,, 1 ., i .. c , 1 , - „,,... t. D . Ii „ s " ju, , •,...111.11ll.;-. • S113.1.13•1113:111111i1 A iitlit•lr's• I:el,ort
" oi'• 1.1 , .. , 1 i;•• 01 v
at the ,olt-lrirts (ic C 0...! city' c... 1.: I:lmira, ' I c ': :' ', . ' ' •.'
•. !.-: 5..V.N!,:::!..-...-1 ,,. .1 -Jews is 1- , :ilei..
_ ad t1i , 11 , 4110, ....
(1 ,.. 1 , ,, , ,,1 0 0 1,,,n 1,,;III ~.„„ .ttNiriiit z -t i,. 11'.... I.'S Gi. , (41. , 4L, •LeLp.):.z.
i ...1 I ),,:,), cr ,,, ic f, i...,,, , ... I,,,we‘er; are , ~,„ '• • ' ' t ` . . T - ,".' .luliiorl's I Zupolt confirmed ii.r..113, C •
K 1 .. Id It , 111.11iV 1 4- ,1111 II S.. 1t 1 C1 4,.. 4 . 41 . 111 i . , ,
V. • :I•1C1 IICII; alarClt •ll, ' 1.:`.. 4 . , I • •;,,'' t!.at Nv....i. •is (.t 4i-1111 hal/ . ~ i . i l i nl -,,, 11 i , c , , ,,, m , i ., , „ lel he ~,.. . 1 cep.. •-• ',inose
,111.1!„oitents to la hi....ii ett,c,:p-
Ii• ui.,•..!., :,11•1 ',lint T. it,.% s. T lee, oider.,Tl 't t•• flu:- 1-11!1L With a in:mired , thous:Hid 1 I l ':,,'' s 1-I "',. A ; 1 , 1 ., I ' ll ' l ' , „ , ~, '
it... 1.....ite•1 St•lt.., ti.e , •;•••• to Wi•shin::,ton - 1, ,„ .ii, ~ •. t —, • t • . Com '1" , 33..1 3-31111114—e421101141.U .4 .k•liSillii...
1i . _.11 . .! nit<•rest of whtva is t o main- T., ,
I. I, VV. - ,I T 1 4.:.!::'; fivin ~c,! ; l,:rin•_, . . the 1 . 1 . •.,,. , . • ' t••••.r .vti - yc'taliff, J 1:` Slmierson and I;
• • •.• . ••10.,. I or, t--cd••ws . I• •,,, ••• Dr. ;;,.. iir.: .,,, ,1 ; 10:0, .. ,..s no male 1.. ) „, r ,.... OyertoP, jr.. 1: , :,-. 1 ,:., for Coln.; ~...; I: l'Ayac
I:sq. - . for 'defendant.
I,- 1., , ,, , i I 1 ......:, -- Nvill g...t c.ver I.l.eir scare, - ::i • -•,• l.r.J.:::n- , hrs oti-11 itame. ll
1:,,a''. 3(( ' 14) (' I"'. ,Girt.
M I ;Cr. .IdiV 11.114.1 V tic lesult i'. t:,...• (1...:1,t- ~, i ~, , 1 -. , . 1[ , , . . 1 . 3 , ~.1, .fury linzl the defeialam. guilty or ait as
-1 .. tzt:tt.L4-r„ Is • is. :s. ~ . O.A.
,241 1 1
ii ,•,. . ;l1:d ~ : t tlii...,r usaal amoallt. I , ' ":": ' "" :
' : ` ; `' l ' l; ' , " L. Ellnir '" ' I 1 ' ;(14e W. " 64 Y e: ' l% : ; '' :" . :1•,;1e. vs Sim, -, li I',ltssell A-ssault and
________....,______ . 1 Irittery. 1 114'y Calif:: Li .1 Madill
''ii -I'. 1111 uN alio Jc I 1 \ll- t - :
have •.pen• .1 a store at • 'West IVar- Evi - -I.• , '...!;: .. :K.—There is a littiti•. to w n • and 1: 1:' Gati, E-a•s., for ('oni. .Elhatiaik
••• wta:lT: \ "4. I: _ 111)11. mid aa, , ,,, , ..* t 11.? ', hill,'" 4.f I;r:u 1 1,1,11,: whi c h • Smith aml 1.1 It' .".% . laynard, 1:s•r:., for .
-. ' -• dll.-
di " .Ith.-
1(''114. 1). 1,,
Vi';ll\ :,Y, 1N TV111:, L. S.
:1101 V.llO !!:SIC ex.2e1,tc.,1 ti:e
x ~ ~tl~
, , •
Ni• dto t' ' tiro
MC With
ill! )Ir. .1,0.:
h . ., a
x, ~_ ~ .:::: u:.
.l u:•cr 1:: n:—
, .. ...„, ............ _ .
fair business. SIICCVSS to I liliti's: realii ,. ought to be noticed in your l fend:mt. 'Fite jury !hip' ;Ile ill lenik.nt nut' ; , -•••9 •-•-•
W. F. Li, :e,,lirrk.lis. The toirvn Itov gees 1). - the guilty. but that Ire Fly. two-thir..b. of the I lne •Vnerable po,t, 'Will i.i.vki lI6wiTT,
• a',:no ••i• 1:vt.r....1(.ca Litt is 1.),:tt...... known i costs, and the prosecutor, Lewi,C»)ll: the contilbates a " litter to i. Young Natu
. . a- itilitsild 1:.;',. (_t l.; thing 1, think is »:11er thud . 'ialist" full ))f insti uctioi and. anecdote;
. and Prof. Ito A. I nocron has in
(');, -' , l"'N I tAt."roNt. whi, died in T. ‘ . ...11iv of: mltt. : there are but tiro ,or !' Fitch LC: Kinney VS Sitno:l GiltitSl.. Court
tti . . gels -;.1.M) -, I h.,•.- ti. v-n-, a yoi:1;_.1 :lir, ... 1),•1;1 , ....iat.: in It.-ci. vlbile ti - ilVli, alai ' apisiint I) I) I:iiiiii..y, Esq., an ioutitt,ir to article nit "The Stars for
rannary," illus
n• .1: )t ).‘,•niplary In),Fits, g,...iiialidispo , i- ttley . dale not say a .void - not beelin e disit Rime funds raised by the Slieritr's trattd with five Ilandsettn i . engravingl t ,.
::!inci. :did at.p.o.eiti'l..• roluist health. Sev- they :0,2 ;1:i ;:id Of :110 Iniyonet. as the ..,:Nabh of defendant's real nuirmE is represented 112,-
t...d In, 1 1 .11, sine, Ir-,. „.,.:,. :„,„.1:,_;,1 with :, 1:, i .,:i,:k.,,,,s w::•...,,.. ii, th., south: -but ,in,_,;: .N.ithatiiel Mutt retal vs Jas M 1.1..)-s- the - second:installment ofi his new *serial
This story
,c),-1,) pain it. the !!sad, V. Lich soon affect- ply bccume i 1,..r.- is sziell an example set I - man raid .1 It I'm)liirtlig . ll - I:,.i,ctinent. fl ir boy. "His Own .31:aser t "
1.1 Id- (yes and thrill , : rea, heti the brain. ' t.)) :lot)) them in the Itepublicin party that ; E Smith, J I.' t3anderson and 11 r May- i con-tautly grows hi interest_as it pro
t:or many week he a ;•rt at suffer: r, ;hey a»! 11-)l..docil of th, toselves, and go naid, Esos., for pi, ; t t ,tillis, 11 I M ai iiii, i O'SSe.S.
.;.Kris he I)“.elr,.tr.elllllV. Hi:. f:lnerai \%:ts :1*.t.r.1i.•1 \V ith ;Lei: . lit ails dAwit like a t i»l., for defend:mt. Verdict : the Lind I The author or ‘ . llk.lcif,. tables '' gives
;;t eitded,i,v A L tl , z,i, ! e oneours e o f r e opi e . !whit i....d i 10.2:. And well they !mays for-: in )pacStien for latintiffs, though iiitig- us ]lodge's amusing "Stl)ry of the Ceti
telinial.".and HionTil lliiyr.-
'n, ~., . .vl„,' .itz Illc •, 13 . 02 . v,*;ts e . ..11(111:*1.2.1 11!1'.:. - C , ....r ''''''r have reason to skulk. out of : inent to he entered i r defendants on their
I.y the N.: i,f .t;.-, of w Melt t.rder to) n. as s`-!a. One - of 1)111. I):ading Democrats r,:iying tO the plaintitls i , ,t-FIS.";•3 ou Feb, to! - ."): furnishes a tine fairy tale, eutiLled,
_a wetal•e!...: 7 l - lie i's .:':l'eii le:11‘ 5 a wife of w ,, ,11 , 1 1, , t vote fah. and give for , Ins ' 1:'1.., I`i77. "MA bel and 1. - r
"nly a few no t ialts to mourn lits loss. 113. reason tliat,:».: ii..ari. ii Tii.DEN wetilii be : E10, , ,e11e Underhill vs .1 DeWitt s .:. t nni r 1 oaLit-glandfatl.ei s peeks and Pie
el) )14 d. -I: sues Patriek & Foyle and E Overton, 1 I tire.-.," are well decrtbed by!' I. E. Scut)-
. , ()ill. is ef.rnii iscd of a gci t - ally intim) jr.. Es),l., for plaintiff. l).ivies & f..'arnii. I ma.. Tlii , .• illustrations t) this article are
•P - r.rt.tuN 1;..--- . Mr. izor.\ iiN, or sa•4iliavr, • I,Cr II: line. ( 1W01:11._;: , :111.1 one or t`.o peer char, .1 1' Sanderson and 11 F'..Maynatd, I Liken front the I" New England Primer"
dirt,.. nits vi,itie.. ft iemb, in this vieinity , lion,c:. it,: su).;su led by ( ' the t.,,mity. Esq.,. fut. defendant. • Vet diet
„for plain-; and " Wi.l.Atees Spellingilb)l)k;' • and the
1 ist '0.....c* - . :Mr. : 4 . ..- a :Oliti:2;mill: of :add,. , 111 , ;:t•VeT. - AVe Lace a line i_litu:ell edifice till. . . • -coutrast between :heir ;toil the other pie
manners. and pieasimg
. a,hitess. l He jcilllly OWIIUiI a:ii.l supportta by the - Earkin'S vs - Larkins. Court i tures in the number is very striking.
et,a-,,, :1 t..; idt an tinp..itant ,Ilice I'd' the CM istialls ni:ii Baptists.' in whiHi can be direct an alias sabpoma ti issue. I,eander, I Among the most notable of the stories
lasi . - l). etiselt Vi - e!hotse he nt.ty visit us . bear!! one(' in two %%Pelts the word of Cod Smith vs Ella Smith. Henry Mannvs'!i ale "Katiukit," a Itusoau story, and
raja.- •?
as pr..,•laihicii, Iy lice. 31-r. F: ! ts;Nl:v, of 1:0.:4'y Malin. C,iiirt il met ISherity t o i The Two porothys. a eery interesting
-Miss f;F')11:1•1 1.: (:::1 1 .- r4Tl:lias gone to Fl.tuktlii. and :he :Neck that the pulpit is in:ike ',roe:a:nation ill each case. , ;,, ) Centennial:narrative. I
(ihh)lo s), - )end the wfstiti'.i:, vacant the time is occupied by I)rayei- Si Il
Ml'l Phillips vs S C l'hillijysi..: Court i Lucy L A C:" m has a
• _-. 1 ) It. co,•Lnamin and family, iof. tut, )tioe.. S i.zlit ditlerem_)es have now app;iint John Hepburn. Esit s , : : , h cumuli*); called "King , I,em!sonul
11 ilkes-it.ti r e . wi l e i n town hist week.. :::iil they. arisen bill V: , ell the Bar ists and sionee to take depositions: t . I BALDWIN ColltriblltCA th
. 7 t . . /.. t . .i.A1.;,:(; :.1:t1 IA Kt. called' i on (tbrist Lite , . but we hope thlit in the future C' 1. Chaapel is jay * ell:lapel. Court -I ern and Medi j'N'ili Ballkd
~1)elr frie H os in ltd.- pliee 1.1)1 w. elf, While they will he h a rmonious grad use the same •Appoint W S Virlcott a colmilissioner to I with fourteen silhouette
. reilimlig Hon! na-itin4' at State i;rMige., house. as iii the past. take depositions. . , i kills. MIS. DODGES • (
--: :ii t. M AN . i I I.!', V, ill 11 , 1'1111 C!S•er' , ll' " ,-, have a line selteol-1,11,e, ,the school 11) Traver v.; C .31:,,TraVer. On line- 1 "The :Minuet, ”is bands
In"I'II2S :It. IL 1 lutkda for tite he m :it of his b e ing taught by a 3putig. (11:1.1.1 from 3101/- ' thou of Oavics :At Car015.11111,-,Court initke I, by the frontispiece-a col
h,altl. y6 - little he i: , to go alone Or not roetOu. t f the usual order aril decree of divorce. ! tbyJ. E. 3lit.t AIS.
' tit•lK.l4'llt raith 11,1. Our store is kept by llENttv ,Snrrit, as Cunt vs L3l Itobertsi anti Eugene ('ar•
- i" - -II Enst.'s* W•ATKIN's, Esq., founder Or ' ne,7,,,nnicxiging a feliew as ever "bung rier-Larceny. l Continued to Feb. Terra.) Mn. a.Nn MIS. JAUFS
: the it - !•»".;•e, at - Independence, Kansas. ' over a counter '' in city ter town. 11e has Coln F •s 6 S Post - Forgery. Coin ta.; courbilence and sympatlr
has sold mit the paper and retired i'roin i a fine varlet:: of dry goods and prOvisions, i ,C; VCo entan-F e . or ,, erc Court Reuter Cu !in their sad aillictinn, rtl
the - editorial management.:. - I..which Le sells-at the lowest prices. E. I each ern to pay R
a fine of $lO, costs of.' litile dattpter BELLE.
11:1 . 1a.
•,, 1,74
r - : 11W
tie*lNtnlinspiieted ° n a long .
eemiterfeit veins, and several •• atterdpte
have beep made to trap the ,iatspeeted
parties, withoat avail hoc everlast
week. Pbliepnan 13Fims having 'work
ea- the ease up" to his satisfaction. ar
-rested JoNAs BENJA.mIx77.V.IEs SicKutn,
and two women. After a full hearing be
fore( U.S.. Commissioner Mix, the two
M2ll were held in $2,000 bail each to an
swer to the charge of making and,passing
count i er . feitAt cent pieces, at the next ses
sion ikll2 U. S. Court. Deputy 3larshal
D.r.LoNC, will escort the accused to Pitts
burg. next , week, they having failed to
give bail for their appearance.
EtWENE C. VANDYKE, of East Canton,
died 'in few dayii since,
from the effects of a wound received in
the army. While a soldier he received a
gun-shot wound in his leg above the knee,
but partially recovered from the effects of
it. The wound has troubled him'at times
ever since, and a few weeks 'ago be went
to Philadelphia to receive'''tieatment.
After an investigation,• the doetoks deeid
ed that the limb must be ampuLited in
order to save his life. The operation had
been too long delayed, however; and he
survived it but:a shun. time. The deceas
ed was 'an estimable gentleman, !and, his
death is;tmirersally mourned among his
large circle of nliatives. , . .
tla Bol'o' Sluwi Board met pur§nant to
call of, President, S.aturday afternoon,
Div,. leo,' }'resent: C. F. Ntt . it0r.,..7,.
Scorr; Jolts lloi.mEs, C. D 1113irunF.1 - ,
S. W. Ai.vo?.:D. ,
The object of thetuz.cting was the con
sideration of the question how• to drain
the vault ;it, the school-hou,e.
On !potion of Mr. lll:virtu:EY iG Wa.4
That a well lie dug eight feet
in diameter and deep eitom. - th tit reach
graNch and connected with the vault by a
311.-=,rs. Ni-mits awl llor.NtEs• Nisere'ap
pointiAl a committee to attend to the
work. S. W. ALvoLo, Szey.
:s•tat....-Pox is Timv.—,We are! glad to
be ahle repkul so favorably of the cases
of this disoase. 3lrs. Gt:t;r, wholhas had
vat ioleid. able to sit up•, her youngest
son. AN lulus, who has had the sinall-pox.
in a very mild form, is able to be about
the house. At the 1 womis house all are
well-except who corm:lnes very
weak .frow the exhaustin attendant up
on the disease, but is able to sit . up for an
hour at a time. and will only require time
!o ba in-outia a,aiu, Them aro. no other
eases. :.::d there is not the slightest like
lihood of any more, with the same care
that has be( n maintained. The process
orthoroughly disinfeetingthe house awl
pi:wises has been. commenced, Rnd,will
ho thoroughly Mum. The exeitethenthas
long since died away, and as alunist gYery
one in this Ileinity ha, been fully proteet
ed by vixeination, we may consider the
smak-pox at an end in this place.;— 1. 2'.
Uoz,_ •
My. (7114,14iee, published at Saguaclic,.
loratlo, rei . Cl-1, to the good fortdne of a
fornwr resident Of this eil)unty as 7 7'follows:
-•:tile. P. It. Wit.cox.left at our office
tlt week several fine :spechnen. of ore
tle• IViiciut lode, situated on Silv •
creel:. in ilulmws ;!‘This ii said to
be nue he best nrincs in the t*tn Juan
- country. Yr. WiLeoN and A. T. It. C;_litT
f S3guaell , .., are the owners. - .A. cut ( - i;f
forty-nve feet was run ;:long the entire
vein the past season, and is at a
depth i - )f about lifteen feet. The cut is
live feet wide, and only one wall r ock
been found, so' tlna, the width of ithe chi
is not known.
- The crevice, or pay-streak . increasea ;
one foot in width in the last. iiVc. feet of
the ent...-1 . I: is a well-defined lend, easily
traced rot' liistane:: of three Onnisami
eet. the croir e ings showing g4)04 minera
the entire: length or the claim.
••Sev,n'ai assays have Leen male, NAIOII
,Lave tile following risults ::,At a' epth of,
tive fcet. ' 1 :1` 4 .67 ill e;o1 , 1 an41..57 , 1j12 in sil l
r: at a th',ru of t , n f...eti'i•zl4l.s` 4 in sit=
crl at a ciel:th of tin: feet, an'
or the ;lye width ran
(.1,4 , 16.! izt
IA-St thi.Le
~ .evel g0..(1 1 , 1 , r ,,u rc, - ,vs
r.; , t is the 1 wst ;it:rehire:l.
S•teir t , i 1; regular
1nt.:1.0u.; iu roe bran.' .Tarn on
.Nituttlay, Dry. 11. Th.) (en.
i'l :I. 1': '^ru):,
). 1). 11:,:rri.r.r: wa,...1,-etetl a. tu,trlt•.r.
( I ,4.ath flt Y. 1i . C. PO -11 , 111 E;., an
Irh:r.11.;•1, A:111t , r1:1(kid t.i rile
5,;,-it tY. Itcy. Was aititu:,:tlol
an ol , it;•
11. re r 1 rr,!l
fql;tle (:::6;;;;I: I).
V. - !ittc❑ by th e
: 11:.r
i:{t•-C :11'2 (Milers i):
- 4 1 1
• ' 1,4*
40-fir& set:4r 14w/11.617i the
order at
t e ns dodger ";
interest by teeitnbere
rind •with.
"On Saturday evening last a company
of Odd Fellows,-of this cityticoutdstiog of
Messrs. C. 0. FAIRS lAN. Wt. L GIBBON,
J. M.' Tru,if.tle, 3.. DavipSox,' FLR.,
It. Downs, and' k D. &nth ' visited
Wells Lodge, No. 021, I. 0. of o.' F., lo
cited at Mosierville, Pa., it being the first
anniversary of its institution. The com
pany was taken thither by E. D. BIXBY;
the "ice man," iii ; a very • comfortable
manner. Upon.arriving - at theijourney's
end, the party were captured in maioe by
mine host, Capt. JUMON, who,, with his
amiable lady, completely supplied the
wants of the "inner man," after a cool
ride of ten miles. The hospitalitieS of
Capt. JtmsoN and family were duly ap
preciated, and will never beforgatten, be
ing equaled only by the 'kindness and,
genuine friendship, of the whole house
hold. The secret work of the Lodge was
pei formed mainly by the visiting friends
from Elmira. This Work done, --theri3
came the •• free fur all" itpeech-making.
Happy and well-timed addresses were de
livered by Messrs. *TA1.101.1:'7, 1 G InsON,
DAVIDsox, Dummts unit lILAIR, of Elmi
ra, and Messrs..lCoso:c l HULL, STIEPARD
and others, of. Wells Lodge.. This Lodge
was organized Dec. IG, 18";5, with twenty
one charter Members, incurring a debt of
..$3:)0. Now 'the Lodge numbers lifti•-tive
member: tha debt paid and a' handsome
sum in the treasury. It is made up of
tirst-class men, and its , condition speaks
well: for the activity of Capt. JunsoN and
the noble - men who have ben so instru
mental in the establishment of Wells
Lodge, No. 921, 1. 0. of 0. F'. Gentlemen,
"May you all live long and prosper."
Gm_ NI. PritE.,.;ENT.
TILE LaTr; RED'. Taos. P. 111 - Yr.—We
find the following brief biographical
sketch of Father. 11UNT. the well-known
divine and temperance . lecturer, iu the
Tunkhannuck Brp , fWicaa, of last week .
"Hgv. ThomAs I'. ItusT, was born in
Charlotte county, Virginia, Dec. f, 1;94.
lie lust his father when about three years
old. A violent a pi
. tack of whoong cough
accOmpanied- with fever. resulted in leav 7
iug him deformed in body. The greater
part of his youth: was spent in a sick
room. This pro - .ed,a 'great blessing; for
it left him continually under the. atchful
e of an intellig . ,:mt and prayerful moth
er, to whos.erfait Mel discharge of duty he
considered hi:list:if indebted fur all that
he valued.
' lie graduated at Hatnifden Sydney
College, is P.31: : l. He spent some tune'in
teaching. Then rkurned, :as 4 resident
graduate to Oillegi% lie afterwards
studied theology; under the care of the
Her. Drs. .losEs lion': and Jon.:.: B. Wei%
While under the care of Dr. Incr., he
promised the Doctor that when Itemised
to preach, he "would ase all proper occa
si,nis to 'preach agaihst Intemperance,
which at that time was making
raVages. This promise was made in I`_ ; w
and was faithfully'kept.• When the Tem
perance Ilcformation connueneed it found
Mr:lit:s r ': laboring for its object. He
was licensed to preach by the ili - esbytery
of Hanover, in ItS2-1, and settlit.ti shortly
after in Brunswick, Vlrginia. In I 3 he
emancipated his slaves, and voluntarily
passtal from affluence to Foverty. 11,2
:,... .le .car he was called as pa:Joy to the
cal ! , of North Carolina. Ile remained
ta re until is:to, when . he accepted the
offer of Agent tor the Atate Tempt.ranco
Society of North Carolina. Daring his
lab n.; in t this office a revival of religion
I conducted by Lim at
. WilmingtOn„
North Cal'olina. Mr. IIuNT remaincd
there until 1::', I. .
wa't izr:et as.
(ahead.:Vi , sembly of .the;...rresbyteriaa
and - alsil . 11st the-1 Teniiierane
C uhvenli , ,n hem in the wir.rld. Ile It-ft
Wilmington on an agency fir Donaldson
.Icailemy, Fayetteville, North C;;,ro- I
lina. ' was iiivitea to New Voi,k; his
labors while there wet.! greatly blessed; t l
and it WaS it 'to 6 , e:intl.!lee uren t.ii ,;
Teniiieranee itl that city. Ile .reinainedli
there nearly two vealjm. re then went.4eA!
Philaderphia on the sante business. Ile
Icq't Philadelphia in for the Wyont
jag Valley, whet e he passed the reinatii.t
der of his life; was : tlevotial to . '
prk:at•llia!z:lmiltling - a t ) Felii)4lls, and lee
tnrii:g un teinlierituee. owned a fa to
imliingstott at the ',time of his death. but
haul : for some yirars resider', Witkta,-
oriL; the 1:,i1(1 water ariny
lie wa--; the tit.t leetui - -
et in favor of total alistinene.2. - anil
pludge 4,1' total al; .aiutncc is; 4 llt bet.:ll lii first ncu~rally
cit ciliated ploige of the
•• year he e.t.a.:lN-:A :tic State,
speaking. r.tia woriting in tin! interest
prohibit ion. v, it list' im• his ex
-La me age, endircii the fatigue of
travel rein tri;,:lily In
C:1 Hier Cid) s NIII/IN! front °tie
to four thin s this; wits oat t e st. for
mouths t•eaother. lie w:i Ma
as ile "th friend anti (:it:
. ti VoX:ti iotl.l lie was ctlung and
until ahout !ft...nth before
i his death, the primary cause of
helm,: a. cold c•-intractt cl
while witnest,ing a display of lire
: works :,t, .tic : Centennial. Mr. II L'NT
*-as mut-it'd to a I .if hisrn,lti
ill 1-:;'2. iit; had 'rye children, all thtil,fii
cases.:' Couit. iuspe ~ n nEaa hi 1.410';
case, arid in tliticithersintencihint to
a fine of slo,' coati o f proscution, arid-un
dergo an imprisonment,' of 4' months' in
the county jail.
`'Commonwealth ja 111einia
cony. 2, cases. li.C'olirt suspend son=
.tenee i 4 one Case, and is the other sen
tence lim . to pay a fine of $lO, costs of
prosecution, and undergo an imprison
ment of 0 months in the county jail.
Corn v.; AlexAnder Cameron—Larceny.
2 cases, Court suspend sentence in each
Case. • :4'l
Corn ivs same—Horse §tealing. Court
sentendo defendalt to pair a line of s—,
costs or prosecution, and undergo au im
prisonment of 0 mouths in the county
jail. - .
On reading the certificates of the Board
of Examiners, and on motion of Davies 6. - ;
Carnochan,; Court admit E J. Angle .o
practice in the several couits of Bradford
county, Whereupon he - Was duly sworn.
Thomas Matthews vs Henry Ward.
Auditor'S Ileport 1110 and confirmed ni 81'. •
Ethlin Lucas - vs Thomas Lucas. —O5
motion of Jas Wood, Esq., Court make
the usual order,and.decree of divorce.
Philadelphia Trust Company vs 31 A
Carman and .0-A.Black. Judgment for
want of au appearance.
h Hornet's . use vs 3i Vanderpool.
little ilischirged, and Cratat direct levy
'to be amended. ' '
Monday, Dec.. 18.
- .Thcna9 Matthews vs Henry Ward.
Exceptions to the Auditor's' Report liled
by Mrs. Ellen Ward Miller.
Amy Fairchild vs Fairchild. Court
direct an alias subpcundto
-In re. the petition of Jane J.Wilcox for
the benefit of her separate earnings.
Court direct the same to be filed and re
corded. - 0
LII licraft, Adm'r, %It Lyman Ash
craft; A.ssnmpsit. H Carnochan aii
11: 11 Thompson, Esfp4.,. for plaintiff. I;
J Madill and E Smith, Esqs., for defend
ant. On trial.
position of President ;iff the Citizens' Na
tional Bank, recently made vacaut by the
resignation of J. P. Ninny, has been fill
ed by the unanimous election of • E. T.
nix, Esq.. It is-only justiCesto the bank
and to Mr. KIIIIIT to say that his retire
ment was from purely personal acotivcs,
and that' the . -institution has-been even
more successful than its •sto.•kholders an
ticipated. The fact that Mr: Fox has ac
cepted the Presidency of the Batik is a
sufficient guaranty of its soundness. Pis
sileCtion was a fortunate thing for the,
hank. No man in this community merits
anfrpossessci) the entire confidence of all
chts •ces to wgreater degree than Mr. Fox,
and it Will be a source of pleasure to busi
ness pen to know that he will give his
time to the business of the bank, and that
during business hours he may. be found
behiad the counter. t
The perfect unaniniity with which he
was eliosen by Ithe directors, withont . any
solicifiiiion 00 his part, was a high but
'di served comtpliment to his integrity,
business experience, and correct know
ledge of men.
Isasmrt - ti as we issue no paper next
week. it will not be cons'idetritl, Out of
place in its to mention an important event
whi:'ll is to transpire, in this place this
evonirig.lrefer to the marriage of
Miss Many, only daughter of lion. U.
Mt•alcuit, to Mr. IL Esur.t,mAN;aprom
inent young attorney of Lancaster City.
The ceremony anti reception come off at
I the residence of Judge Mmtcrir, and will
be a moiit brilliant and enjoyable affair
; to all concerned. The` bride elect is young,
beautiful, gifted and accomplished, the
itlol of her family, and adniircd•of all who
know' her. I ter departure from Towanda
I will be regretted by a very large circle of
warm friteids, and stio carry with her
to her nii`w home the wishes 'of this
entire community. 'Fite fortunate. young
gentleman who has won the heart of Miss
MEnct - a, has already gained some emi
nence in the legal profession, and bids
fair to reach the pinnacle of legal fame.
'lie twain si) soon to be made one have
our hearty congratulationS.
The ceremony will be performed by
Pirliop nowt:, p.,ssisted by ltev. J. S.
EE!:,', Euetor
Srit'T.P.N 1 , 011 JANUARY, IF_;77. —Prof.
InViIiSEN, of Cotnell, by birth and early
resitirnezi a Norseman, by choice an
~t:iericau, has by combining the points of
Niew of both nationalities, done much in
his magazine stories 'to interpret the
Norse character. His l'aper on "N orway
ud Sorsewi2n," in Sr n 7, e for anuar i S,i
mueli o f the wane impartial qualit\f,
and, with the of the illin.tratiods,
(mo:.tly after Norwegian artists), will gi‘e
the reader a clear idea of the life of this
interesting . nation.
The tnipies also receive attention in this
munlior , the sut t iect being "_1 Winter on
Om Nile, — antl the writer, Etna:r. IL
LM,,q't,•,...t,!..kx. 1 discussion inrluiJes
MP: khedive's improvements, tie organk , -
:, zat ion ath Egyptiani army, the sla‘`e r
Ir:'^% etc., with picturesque description
of the Nile, assistA by a, number of v. - ood
A third illustrated paper;
Workingman's Ibene,f
IBAEN Alto, descriptive of ce
'CO--opere. I ion a plan I
iinttch attention as a pc ssib
communism in '
Pork Bulilding Associatio
descrils at length, and
surprising illustrations
Louse built (rilr the lvoikti
InutselMid doeoration eon
thor's'reasons I', it preterrin
Nvilite, grate fires to furl
kerosene to gas, and deals
other illustrated articles
of JouN Buitttotju us (wit)
.!ttEt. 111:NnoN; "Liverwonl
by Mrs: •4. 111-tn . ruck:
.poem of New England '1
Nail IL'HuusoN; Ur. 1101.
01:ts Mititurn," in which
wieek; aml "Papa 110Orn',;
y, C. )Ii v!: an -roar
laughable silhouettes' by .
Ina I:gbt via also aq
110,e5," by 'buff: flAttitt
lIELEN's Babies; a tall:
Chcaptio-ss," f y CHARLES
“Chto:.“S " a short story b
r..t T. llof , m - Ns. "What
-cost us," by .J. , :nr.s. M. W I
eoloi orison, the.relatilf
titan-cif work. Mrs.
BIAINET'S sorial, .That I
goes on, IThele Somity C
a "i'riend coort."
'there are poems by 11. IL STommitp,
"11. II.," Dr. Ilot.t..vxn Cuaut.Fts rat:
KAY, It. W. GILDF,I;, and C. E. 'llftooKs.
In Topi,:s of the Time, Dr. lbataANu
di.settsses,— The Chinese it San Filmeisito,
" The Moral Value of Physical Stivgth,"
and "The 1)i-tease of 3 , leflicand.” The
I ),h1 Cabinet is about CII : tiItDaTEI
•:Savage Life in the City," etc.
1 , 411 t JAN :AM - - —COnt4lillsl
sever:4 contributions by noted writers,
:.:',„„:, - '_ - : - ::,'-. , 1',..'i'..,:-: - .'',;,_:L:'.l.:-:!,_•-::-:.,h,.;: . L.,•„;E:
*fa:l:tut:Ora rieatottid•
tie r Ule."Centnil" Will_ hardly be
found . hero in the -, country. It was
our totem, :WI be - agm*, at this
implore:canal, and we cOnsiderit*Adain
fecommend It to all who have oe
ea:don t visit Ali}ons: The , new proprie
tor, SmidusAtoit, has kilned and ;
refurnished the house throughout, and is
prepared to accord, a hearty welcome to
all who may visit him.
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SHAMS Store, opposite tho Public Slum. "
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and Silver Plated Ware, n: If EN DELMAN'S. ,
Don't fall to call at IltNnr.t.mmc's and see
Lis goods and leant ILa prices.
MI gt,ods suld at M. lIENDELM.‘N'A war
rant, 41. as represented.
°":`:S - Fvervtliinr , in the lino of station
r i ng Call and - see the latest Ladies' Ties,
CLillarl and Cuffs, at Mrs, 316:005'. ,
n Allow arrival of Ladies' Panniers,
lu adored and white, at Sirs. MiNGOS'.
C'ar WIIITCONIII SIIMIT sell the best
hia.ll; hooks mann faeturc.l In the country:
car You can get all the latest styles'of
staters, very cheap, at WHITCoMB tiItAUT'S
"..tZI - The largest:lml best assortment Of
spe.:ll7 clothing to torn, at M. E. nosENnr.mrs,
A large stock of School Shoes, very
che.K., at 6.ntsEics, oppo.lte- t:t• Court kfoirse(m•s2.
You surpaied to learn 'Oil'
much con can buy f. r centsln Mcrcur
Great display of Toys at BLAcii's
sfaild, next, Dee. [fled[
EW - Go to tlie.o' oh stand of 0. A BLACK
and buy your 11011 day Preseias cheap. plyrl4
1 is "The Eng.-
.rtain phases ;if
cur attracting
e preventive Of
'be Shaftsbury
i in London is
there are sonic
r the kind of
l ignien) by this
,Lise.os ims Ladies' Irais,
ti tamed for one tio:lar and fifty Cants, In good
style. '
ir4r Silver, and Steel SNetacles4: awl Eye
la great variety, at ItENDLLIIAN'S Jewel-
ry :st,re
t" . ..,=g". The (Finest Display of. Holiday
uthis In Tovjanda at the old stand of 0. A. BLACK
itui lect-eIC. [(lcel.&
ith Taper on
.litins the au
bloc china, to
•nice-heat, and
also with bed-
:Y . ' A. large assortment of spring and
summer hatx, Jut recelvA, at St; E. EOsEN-
FIF.L6 •
are : a shetch
portrait), by
is anti Ferns,"
Day Dreams,"
'Life, b),'
" Nich
bore is a ship
' TUI.II', by
ivaganza with
I -
"My Friend
:minor of
't Concerning
Cinnom.; and
y Miss Ismno.-
our Churches
arroN,r' shows,
e cheapness of
ass.o' Lawrie's
luldock finding
Zgr Every little boy wants a pair
those Continetitai Boots at CoIte:EICS, Opposite the
Court IlOus..E.el2a
6 - Tr FOR SAI,E.—A, good Gold "Watch.
Ferrer t thneykropor. Wilftake borough orders lu
payineut. Etiqulro at this offlco:
C 5 .3 — A new stock, of Trunks and Tray
nag,. Just re'•etvyt at Cunstat'S, and at low
er prices than ever.
VY" If yourwant a suit of clothes cheap
er than can buy tho same in New, York, Just
call at RosENFIELD•s.
tie. Don't fall to call at lIENDLEiI - AN'S, If you
lit:4i to buy anything In the line of Jewelry; Silver
awl Sil I/or-plated Ware.
The Grand Central Hotel, leads in
the palatlar demand for low prices. It 1134 rti,lnced
its rates from til.GO to 0.50 mid {3.00 per ela).
, `'Song Herald, ClAice Encore, anti
ail f I w Contention lloolv, at row ur.s..'s Musk.
Stort 4 „ Scranton, l'a
1 I will buy Combings, or cnt. Ittir
and purchase It, from,' thole log to sell; Call
on 111. s ELLA J. l'olVtLL, Nu 12 Lembard 'street.
In — The Grand Central Hotel, New
York, "I ads the van" among the firSt-chiss hotels.
hr reducing Its rates from', ti.oo to ZSO gad f,13.00
per day
S .
0" Mille Notice, there Ix a• great re
diterlon In Walihant and Elgin Watches. Call at
I ,'s and cwt xvlll he sure to buy tale at
the prier's he is'etrerlng.
r - Fott SALE -- Valuublo linililing
LotE In Duro', nn easy ternm Apply to
.tone W. Mix.. Orace Mercur Block, north sltlu
rubllc Square, .Tott
Zir A.. KLINE, tho Merchant 'failor,
hal moved hit T:‘itort,lg establl,hinent to DAVIS St .
CO'S i.itoro. Clothing Inittln to order; aLsd euttitig.
flttligNot trimming (1000 Is Ith neatness and die
patch. Give Win a. call.
Those in search of .prosents for
their 'notion', wit., sister, or lady trfeud, will save
mcney by buying at 3trs. :E. J. 'Mrs(' co,', as nh^
has reedved a tine assortment of .and
Ladles',Furnishicg li6o t 3, witch will be sal very
.f.'";" 'Mime in search, of presents fdr
their tnoth_!rs. wives, sisters, er lady :rends, will
save money by calling at Mrs. Eti J. MiNwos', as
she has received a him r.s..rtment of Millinery and
1.11 , 111.5 . rlllllll,lllllethk,K Including Tit,F, Gloves,
and Hosiery, which she will sell cheap.
beautiful poem
and lIKsaY
' cOmical." Mod
of Mary Jade,"
ktures by Hop
pening poem of
mely illuatrated
y of a painting
43,000 worth of ready.unel clothing twist Le sold
in 30 days, Sales to commence Nov. 2.. tall, and
condom) Tuesdays, Thursdays and S. aturanyA. The
best Mince ever offered in Towan•la to boy winter
goods cM•?. - •A. .
Tdsreurs Blocic,opposll-9 . tbe tigitare‘ .
ILEwi • Wave the
of their frimlk
o death of ttheir
(u 057.9)
~!- - -.-,-_- ~ -o r 7,+.1 , ••'.' .1 5 *- :, ':.,.. - --':: 2 4.,
..;;.-,,;:,-.,,-;'. .. '; - 'l.•-•:'"i ..'•:: -- , =,..- 7 ,z•...- , _:' , .. , . 3t, - ,:.,
:, .:_,
, trilt;*,*ll4o 4ll g,
Ida tot liare 4
Oet4AtOo to tkirlioMY pir
o• titieT44'64/
~.irt~ ~ .
Pr Cirt Mptmlay;-Deo.- 18, ete , will re
shim owl stand cwiti risgibite
sortmeut Qt Toys and .Fancy... axis. lied s
Fancy China Goods Ma 011gay"OresWitil:" Aft
num close out the stock on hand, we have added a
'flue line Of now goods, 'pad will sell all at prices
that will astonish you.. Dail and be comb:teed.
Oar Gold Necklaces of the latest styles at Atka
for Loos limn.—You will find at the
old stand of 0. A. BLACIC the following . assortment
of 'Bogen Bros. Triple Plate Silver Ware, which
mast be sold before January Ist i 32 Table esatora,
18 Cake Baskets, 8 Buttr !Stahel* Also, a huge
stock of Napkin Rings, Fart' Receivers, Knives,
'orks, Tea and Table Spoons, Fruit Knives. Ice
Pitchers, IC, Cali at once and get a bargain. .
Ire' Fluo Anzerlean and Sii:LA Cold Watille4 In
Key and, Stein 'Winders, for ladles andlgents, at
itzli RARE CHANCE.—To proeutea
valnabid Itotelopilopery on reasonable terms. Div
ing, to will sell my Motel, known as the
International Motel. This is one of the best con
structed buildings In Towanda, being 35 feet On
Main stieet, anc. at feet on Elisabeth street, %he
sterlea high, with all the modern Improvements,
and contains one of the best ball rooms In the Dom.
If net Sold by 'March I, it will be for rent. For,
further Ittremation enquire on the premises.
rar Sterling Silver and Silver Plated
ware at low prices ist lIRvn'•LMAN.S.
Ea' The large ready-made clothing
business, built up by M. E. ROSENF I MD, is al tract!
lug other establishments to this aertlon, bat the
prudent-purehaser Will bear in mind that all deal
ers are not possesKed:Of the sagacity, wisdom, and .
strict honesty that actuates Mr. R. louts WI-Weak'
transactions. Most men who pretend 'oil cloth
ing "sheep," lire mere pretenders, which the creds
Worts buyei lerns to his CWT...., 'Our advice is to all
who want good goods at-fair prices, to call on itO
SZNFIELD. It makes no dillerence whether you .
are a Judge of the article desired or not, he Is, and
will not deceive you. Above all things beware of
the man who never invites you through advertise;
monis to call.
C.N" Goods sold cheaper than ever at
CLIAMDEULIN . R. :1101.193.
Or From J. P ..31C,TILTON, 'Esq., of
Baltimore, 31(1.: • . .
"I feel it to be duo to - you to say that a young
lady, a member of My family, bad been HuTIATInk
for seremi years under a bronchial affection, 'and
the disease hinf made such progress, notwithstand
ing the best medical aid hadbeen consulted, that
great fears were entertained that the disease
her. as with so many others, :night speedily termi
nate 111 death. I was induced, through the Twrsua
stun of a friend, to try your Dr. WISTAIC'S BAL.
SAM Dl' WILD and, after she had taken
three bottles. sho'was entirely Cured."
50 cents and ICa bottle. *old by all drulmists.
Beautiful Cbristmas and New Tears Fes
ents IiEIiDELItAtCS.
Why? Not because It scar 110 t shell built, but it
was wrongly run. Thousands of 111,211 who have rup,
down long before their three semi aid ten year
are aceompastied, might have Leen renewed Into;
sprightliness and vim, If they Iliad, tried the well
known PtiltttAs SYni.:P, which contains among
its coniprtals the Protoxlde of Iran, so combined
that it asidintiates with the blood and;lnvigorates
the whold system. This system has. proved effica
cious In tPoisanda of cases. and will do - eVerybody
Ruud winitises It., All druggists keep it.
t.:rl" A big stock of 'very. line Stone
Ring.: at very low prices at IfeNDELltss's•
present can I g..t for iny Wlro. slst , ‘r, or Kret etheart,
or hoz' hosbaud, brother, or friend, tut the ease htay
be :• What will be mare acceptable than a nire
Photograph at W(nd,'s'i They are very !dryly re
touched and painted-in neat styles. Or If ymkwant
a photograph, large, from life or vole,', yen can ai'o
got them there In India Ink. IVaterColors, or Cray
on. , Nothing like It made In this county. Itement
her, at GEO. gallery. There Ps° moult
•loudy *cattier, yida need Ll , c, think of It In time
July few weeks to Chrisynas.
Fine French clocks lIENDET
-4" a" Every genuine article has its counL
tertot; SO every hohi , , , t inna has his pre tentlor
Sur his Itie else \vil isir estimable and h0n0r:31,16
clothing dea!er. M. E. Itosr.Nri ELL , .
made the Inh.inons a study from parly South, and
brio" rontrol;ed In hnsine.4s trai,rar:lons by the
stitetelt regard for troth, afitfilw:rig - hts of his ens-
tonter;i.lrlis - are not prosurnc.l always to be as writ
I"t 4 tell as blruself, 011t . , , rs who I,:tro ue regar,l for
the precept of the rule;•• seek to profit by
his et:viable ytTatation, by eng:•gin4 In tly.!sgite
:141t1 tpake large piofe : ssions. Look opt
for them.
:7" .lIENDETNAN's store is; filled with
fir:A.4llll4s articles for tti,• 11.)11(1:ty
CoNst - NtrtivEs.—The adverti
ser, a retirPsd physician, having providentially ills
covet; d, Ilille a Medl9l 'Missionary In Southern
Asia, a very simple veg gable remedy for the
speedy and permanent cure of Consumption, A• 5111.
not, fironchills, Catarrh, ant all throat rind lung
allections7alo a lord-live and tadiral tpeelge for
Nervous Debility, Pretnatiire Decay, and all Nier
lions Complaints, feels it Ills duty to make . it
known to his suZering fellows. Actitated LY this
.inotlve, hi' will cli,•crf idly send (free of charge) to
All who desire it, the recipe for preparing, and full
directions for successfully using. this providential
ly discovered reniedy. Those who wish to avail
theinselv'es of the benefits of this di'scovery
teat; can do so by return mall, by atitiressing with
a stamp, naming paper,
33 Niagara Street. ,
=RENDER:AN has the finest stock
or Watches, Jewelry and Silverware, ever brought
into this town, Call and see It:
.TllO PEVA - V - I.IN SYRUP Is a Protected Solution F of
the l'rotoxide of Iron., v.hteh Nitalizes,purifi,!s, at,
enriches the bleed. byspeptics and those szitferleg
from Chronic Diseases. read the following:
1t,v..10113 CI re ory. Pastor ot the IVe.leyal
Churel.t. at l'lt t,ton, Luz, rno c 0 . 1: ra
My Dear Sir. 7 llavlng at various times:person
ally, and In my Own and other families. tested the
great value of the modicine called I'iti`tt TIAN
OE I WIN., I most cheerfully recommetdi It, especi
ailpto who are sit:Tering (rent dyspept In and
r, let votts disorders. As a reliable and is,wet'f al•
tcratlvo, It I think, unsurpas. - scd: and as:yin:le,
free from all the oidect tenable features of ale(114,111
remedies, its a most ellicient auxiliary .to the emu
penance cltu?e. Ono of the greatest hindrances to
the tetnperatice reform at present is, as I think. the
triedlcal use of , alcoholic stimulant s.:Whatever may
be argued as 0 their necessity In certain , cases, we
have. in the PERUVIAN P. a safe apt efficient
sui , st Unto for This te4-
timcny is glven unsolicited, v,ith t 112! hope that
some who are not yet aequainted with the valuable
propmiles of the modlcito may he induced to give
it a trial. Yours truly,
CAt'vios.—Besure you get the Pt:la - VIA: 4 : SYlt
Vl' (nut Perin lan Bark), Sold by dealers generally
A thirty-two ptg• , pamphlet, COSI lataing a tr6atlst
on Iron as a medleal ag:mt, and other valuable pa
perA, testlaionl.tis from distlitg,ulslted"
clergymen, acid others, will be shut free to any ad
dress. I i
SETH W. FOWLE I'rup'rs..
St) Harrison Aventte. Boston,
GuiswoLD—VA.Nool:DElt.—On the 7th Inst
by the Rev. John Sk , PIT, at ItlArn.,tilenee I:4
burry. Mr. Henry t I ribwonl and Ills, Mnrtha Vat
aur.ter, both ut Chennthg, N. Y.
t the r. , 1 , 1t.ne0 of Mr. 3
1C10, 1 , 1 ,!e . , 1 3 1,4 2 1:,,y, Doi". TI, 15:76. by If. K
Enene Smith. of Itranllle, Pa
to MINs Annet`e .lact - ....0n, of Canton, Pa.
- Hes. S. F. Brown, Mr. A. Burnham. of lad
:Jury. and iii .s 1.1 0010 f;. Haggerty. or Ativas.
ITevr .417ertisometts.
XTOTICE-1 ' 1 " 13LIC SALE.—.By
irtut , or an order of tIoi" Board or Directors
„( for m u t ua l R i a;ding and e:triug Fond Asi•oeia
uon of the B.11(111;01 o f 'for:anda, wade at t
lar meeting held 14 , 576, titer, n 111 be ex
posed in public side t.) the, highest 1.1.t,;er. for cash,
at :lie Grand Jury Room at Ole 'owl Itoin.e. In T o .
wanda Boni, on \ln\lt.l Y. January •:Ith.
at 7:31 P 31.. Ten Share!. of Stock or the
tratud'erred l'y Mary S. ers to t lie
As , oelation In aceordiitice Olth this con.titatt..o
by-law 44. I N. N. lIETT-1, Jo.,
W. G. i;ORDIrC, Sec'y.—(l/N1.0.)
11 The. undersigned fre 11.5 farm for eat.. 01-
nate.' ,In Itra.l:uid CO; Pt., and ~iit
alnlng aeren. The turn Is adapted for
swill (rift culture, U t : tulle torn' Depot, and !-„,,
' from Sugar lino switch. On It Is a threllltig Jonas
with good etnar, and a good well of water writhe
door; small barn. and vow, 30 fruit trees, ahil 3=t
aerteset to sttawberry idant , a tart spring.
For particulars vlllOlll3 of W i 11.17,11GW1N.
'...llllwask (it' ra, . - yNay.= 4W.3
n,". -- ' , "' V''''''"'"'...7" , " .. o*''.---."- 0 *''. --- ." - - 7, - -,- -,- . 7 .-, •
4,"_ -- the - 1,44* - •_
. 4e: - -
31 6 -- kt ii .%,-: -, . ,.. • , • 2 fyz .. : . :,
' :--,..• •,L .- 7 .1! r oillAirsilli awl 1 - "d • •
nig imelved ttglpitiAfrok it ick ta
inamiessrsd rfSha
at "roWanda,l%..iibeleet , ..Washrf oirtatatMetifi
'for "the following, , .p. , ,,P0r writ - fistula, all
pipe aad cancerous ViandfloreV fdatoril'et 4111:
olescriptions, diseased il PI
ifilltinds, king bones; lameness cured tbutteli hbi
removed); setatches ' or: re ale -heel :-- stfoulder
atralns or founder; contracted feet, and all diseases
except contagions ; cutting at bishoptng old horses
teeth—an operation thatAeservis the attention and
approbation of all horsenten—an operation width
tinwares the age and cenctition, adding years to
their lives; docking, pricking and straightening of
tails; castration of all horses and colts (Dope ex
cepted), Sdr a stable of thickind he has all the
convenictees. There will lx, on exhibition at his
office the only complete anatomy of the horse In
America (crutalning all of the 247 bones), and
many rare specimens of surgery Tiorformpri by him. .
Having secured the services of .1. S. TANI% V. S.,
and by gentlemanly deportment and strict mitten.
Lion to business, I hope to merit the esteem and
approbation of tho public, and solicit a liberal share
or their patronage.
Special attention given to diSeases of Horn Cattle.
Dr- Lima will visit patients at any distance for
reasonable pay. Examinations and consultations
free. . ,
F. 11.. LEWIE!..
Towanda, Dee. ^.1,18;6,
what Induces so many people In search of
go to Xlehlgan andpelint horn the
Qt the And grant of the Grand Rapids and indlanit
V.V. Co.
Strong soils. sure cropi, plenty of timber; 'no
drntithsa grasshoppers, or chinch bugs. Pure water,
running streams, ready markets, civilization and
schnois. Railroad runs through centre of' gratits
PFIC ; C from #l - to to 410 ror acre. Send for our ll
lustmted paniphiet.'fullof facts, in German or En
glish." Bay In what raper you saw tills notice. - •
W. O. utrao ART, !AND CoulnestOxEle,
Graztaaid&s, latch.
fiebtft - [Diss•4l6-13teow/
WANTED.—Active agents '.to
sell our "Great nousehold Companion,"
an Inillspenslble article' In every family. Agents
are making twenty to forty dollars a week.. Price
of sample .2.40. For eI.VO we will mall It prepaid
to agents odly. State territory desired. Address
218 North 9th St., rldra,Pa.
Nos% 304 en
_ -
Trains have Allentown as follows:
(nta Perktomen Branch.)
For F4lladelplds at 6.'0, 11.10 a.m., 3.15 and 5.55
For PhtladelPhla, at 3.10 p. tn. •
(via Bag Pennrt.Branch.) :
For 'Reading, 12.30. 5.50, 8.55 a. m.,12.18, 2.10,-A.20
and 9.00 p.
For IlartistAurg, t 2.30, 5.50, 8.55 a. tis., 12.15, 4.30
and 9.90 p. m.
For Lancaster and COlumbla, 5.50, 8.55 a. m., and
4.30 p. m.
t Does not run on Mondays.
817NDAYS. -
For 'leading, 2.30 a. m., and 9.00 p.
For Ilarrisburg, 2.30 a. m. and 9.00 p. In.
~Trains for Allentown /ravens/Wiese.: .
Cora Perkier/ten /ranch.)
Leave Philadelphia, 7.30. a. m., 1.00, 1.30, and 8.15
SUNDAYS. • • -
Lea* Philadelphia - , 8.15 3.1 n.
(rota Last Penna. Branch.)
Leave Reading. 7.40,.7.45, 10.35 a. in., 4.00, 6.10, and
-10.30 yr, in.
Leave Ilarrisburg, 5.20, 8.10 a. in., 2.00, 3.57 and
-7.55 p. in. • '
Lave Lancaster 8.10 a. In., 12.55. and 3.45 p:m.
Leave Columbia 8.00 a.m., 1.00 and 3.33 p. m.
Lease Reading. 7.20. a. In.
Leave Harrisburg,.s.2o a. in
Trains harked thtis (*) run to 'end from depot
9th and Green streets,. other trains to and from
Broad street depot.
The 6.50 a. to. and 555 p. tn. trains from Allen
towa, and the 7.50 a: to. and 0.15 p. m. tralng. from
ha‘e through cars to and from rtdi
1, 8,6-7
- ,
The pally Edition of the AD is conceded
to he the t;roatest Newspaper of 'the age," 'both
10 pitlut of eirculatlon awl popularity.
elo pays for one year. Sundays Included.
es pays for Oaf` year. wit hoat. d
pays 'for bI y months, Sundays Included.
et pays for six months. Ydthout Sundays. •
a_ pays for our year for aby spedinol day of the w•I:
et pays fpr tuonihs for any sp..elflcd lay of the \lrk
11 pays for one ufonth, Sundays ltwitulerl
puNisfa no 8. nai ar Tri-ireday Editions
•1• . .
Tite r
Weekly edition or the 11 CI3.ALP, 3A Is eV'-
deuced by Its large and CO ustantly increasing elr
tfalatlon, hold, the Name rank among the week-ly
neWlelperA of the country.
4 mpArtial ant; lodcp-ilent of all cliques or par
'tie,. either State or National. it al nut ht present to
the public, with an unbiased judgment, the latest
lows front all parts of i 11... world.,
Each mutter of the Weekly will contain a select
tory, literary and artistic inielligenc= , , and a re
view of Ow tnarVets, together with valuable Infer
ignition fur farmers and anizans.
Buffalo, X.
Jon!: Gnmol:Y
NOVEMBER 25711., 1878
Grnerat Superintendent
Oro copy, one year. r 2. Two eoplm , , 13. Four.
copies, .1.1. Any larger mmilierat el 23 per ropy.
An extra ropy will b sent to every club of ten or
mori% Addition to clubs rer..iveti at club rates,
reeeivo from Postmasters and News
dealer:, ye.irly ,ul)scriptinns for single copies.of our
'Wc.•lity at f 1.25.
ADYCItTI, , EMLNTS. to a limited number, will be
In.crtett iu the WEEKLY HERALD audihe Euro
pean Edi:ion.
'VOLE N T ( . 01:REspoNDENCE, contain=
log important hew., solicited .trout any quarter of
ti.. world; it Iced, will be liberally paid for.
tur Foreign Correspondents are pat tleularly
requested to seal all letters and packages sent ni.
NO \n TICE taken of anonynion,, correspond
ence. We do not return rejected communications.
i postAak
Two And a half cents per Copy.
......'....Four evntS per Copy.
Three ez.•nts per Copy.
Write the address on letters to the NEW-YORK
rEnAI.I, in a legible hand, and give the name of
z , nbserib , r, of Pot mike. County! and - State
lsu plainly that nu errors In mailing papers will be
ftti , l ,, ! to ieceur.
deviation from the above rules,
Dee 7. Tliondwny and Ann Street, Yew:York.
Daily Edition_
Stool•ty Edition.
Weekly Edition
WIIAT .PAYS ?—lt pays every
3lattufarturvr, Mechanic, Liventdr, Farm
or, ~r Prlfesshrftal man, to keep Informed Oil all
the' 111)pr...teems and discoveries cr the-age.
IT I*-IYS the head of every family to Intro , lure
l,tto 11IS 11011,11.441 a ucw.paper that t kua rust Ire,
oue that fitsters a -taste for tovcAti , attrin, and
. pro- .
motes thought and encourages-arleirssion atuong
the inetutters.
Which has neon pithllshed weekly for-the last
y e .ar, to an extent beyond that
of any other iiiilitleathini In fact It Is the only week , .
lc paper palolsheil In Ile United States, illevotod to
'Slatinfactare.i. Mechanic.. Inventions and New
Discoveries 1:1;the Arts and SelvireS.
oy moaner I. profusely Illtudrateil. and Its
contents embrat . e the latest ant most Interesting
information pertaining to tit , Industrial, Meeatif . -
cid and Se:entitle: Progress or ill, ;
tis, with Beautiful. Engraving. of New InVen.
lions, New Implements, NeW Pliieesses. and
proved In-lostrii , s of all.kinds ; Cs litl Nidrit, Re.
sogg , ,tionsairhf-X4vice by Practical Writ
ers, for 'Workmen and Entp , oyer.i , „ In all the various
arts, forming a emoting; r..pertory of Newl nVeur,
thins and Disetworic , , containing a weekly record.'
not only of. the progress of the Industrial Arls In
our own count iv. but a , ,c , .4 all New Discoveries
Licentions In every' branch of Engineering,
Mechanics anti Tel: are abroad.
'NI St:l ENTtric Ast tm ICA'iti has been the fore
twist of all industrial pit filleat lons for the past thir
ty-one years. It Is the I dtlest. Largest, Cheapest,
:mil the Ilea Weekly Illustrated pap r, ile‘elifd to
Engluverlog. Moyltanics, Chemistry. New Inven
tions. Science rid Ihtlustrial Progress,,lmullshect
In' ttiu wend.
'1 h•' prln to a 1 Iteciocq are well worth.ten times
the stiliscrlptiOn price, and lor the Shop and 11011,, , e
will save many times the cost of siitli , utititlon. •
Merehatit. , , Farmers. - .%lectianies, Engineers. in
ventorii, 31anitfac turers. Chemists,. Lovers of
Selence• and' rec.* , of all Profe ,, slons, n 111 find 111(.
:k3II:Ii.trA 11 , etnt to Mein. It should
have a mat, in ,sere fatuity, illirarv', stitify.; °Mee
and counting room; lu cvery reading rom. et en.g i ,
and ,ghoul. A now vOl4lOO Coltillwlftcs 3:11111:try
j Lit, 1577.
A year's'nutniusrs contain 4152 pages and several
hundred PligraVingS. Thousamis of v 011111112,4 are
preserved for binding aml reference, Ttllinz;:l3,2i)
a year
,liy Incitoling pcystage. Discount - to
special circulars, giving chili rates, sent
free. Singh" copies mailed ou receipt of lit cents.
May be had of all News Deaters.
I'ATE Yrs. •
In eonnrctiml Wllll,lllO SCI A3I CI: IC AX,
Mcosr , . MUNN A ro. are Solicitors of Atingle:in
and Foreign Patent and have the largest estalii.
it.ii mem Iti the IA or Id. Moro than fifty - thonFanil
appin-ation% have been made for patentfothrough
their agency.
P.itelits ate old:lined no the hest terns, ModelsOf
iNew Inventions and Sl:Mt:hes examineri,and .
vice free. -A speelal toditii Is made in'theSel N
TIF it: AM En tuAN of all' Inventlfins Paiented -
Ittrotigh thls .kgency, with the name and residence
of the Patentee.. Patents are often. suit in part Or
"h o w,. 0,p :1 ,m s : 1 111w-0.1 to the 1111'00 lon by such
A Pamphlet, containing full illmetlons fur
obi :lnLtg Patctits,. scut free, The SCIENTII:IC
A StkiltlcAN Reference !took, a volume bound.ln
cloth awl gilt, containing the Patent La w -4, Cenitts
of the U. S., nod 142 Engravings of mechanical
lament:Mts. Price 25 cents. •
Address for thin pier, or concerning Patents,
& Co., 37 Park flow. New York. Branch
lights, Cur. F & 7th Washington, L. 9.
tPktathilera ., B 4# 7 - ,
1 -T - v tip:74
.Ifoivg V 4
itk YE W;• YORKE
ftsleigAT ILMlNTllA,Tip4l,9fitletiLltne.l6(o
''72 . 7f • 1 ,- Ainr.,Y*trat.y tatl • '
/0" 1877.
- Yt litthe standard authority on Agriculeare. for
ticultorc and Domestic Affairs, and is replete with
news apt improvemehta of value to
The Fourier, The Dairyman,
The Horticulturist,. The Housewife,
The Stock Grower, The Girls and Boys.
In tultlition to tLese Practical Subjects and;'its
Market Reports, several pages are devoted -to
Household Recipes. pleasant Storlea,, Reading for
the Toting, - Sabbath Reading, Fashions, News, and
ati.topiCs of interest to the fatally. Thus it com
ae sus
. •
and cuts like a two . .edgedairord-into the affections
of the ladles and children, as well as the members
of the' family who seek Instruction In their daily
avocations. . • • .
;A. S. Fuller, the celebrated liortieulturiat,' IS
Editor:ln-Chief, assisted by E. S. Carman, the
well-known Floriculturist and writer on Rural
Toplcm, and X. A. Willard, the great practical
liairytnan, who call to their Atli as special contribu
tors. S. B. l'arsona, Floriculturist and collector of
rare exotics; William Robinson, Editor London
Carden ; C01,F,4G„ Skinner, Editor Turf, Field
and Forte ;" Prof. ebbs. V. Riley, Missouri Slate
Entemkdogist ; Herman Strecker, Lepidopterist;
Win... Fowler, writer on Farm Economy; Thos.
Meelisr, Editor 'Gardeners' Mnithly ; Jan. Vick,
the grrat Rochester Flintst ; Geo. Such, Floricul
turist li Josiah Hooper,' noted Botanist; S. 134 Peck,
31,. I).4:writer on Hygiene • Henry Hales, thp prae-
Ural Pooltry Breeder; •L. A. Roberta, writer on
Historical Subjects.; and a host of other gentlemen
equally celebrated and learned, as well as an efre
Oent eorps of Special Reporters, td keep the read
ers 14,rmed upon -all subjects of interest to the
Rural .popnlat lon.
Frbm the pens of saeliSeelebrated writers the
PrarilPal and Scientific Departments . receive life,
.while the Literary and Family Departments am
under the careful supervision of a corps of expert,
enced Editors and Contributors, who successfully
devote their er.ergies to making this Journal' the
superibr of any in. tlre land.
It contains each week sixteen' pages of Instrne
tive and Interesting reading. eiribellished with fine
engraVlngs upon all interenting subjects. '
The j reduced price Is only f 2.50 a year, *adage.
prepaid by publishers, and In clubs of ten or more
only c 4 a year.
Thu Rural is so well known that little difficulty
is experienced in' funning,;; club in any locality,
and every end 1# iroßietito Rims a club—thus men
-ring their paper 'cheaper. nd benefitting their
neighbors. ;
Every one can huve a spa imen copy Free, an I,
if they desire to form a club,. a list of Premlutus o
Club Agents, by addressing j 7
The cheapest and most readaLle.if the high-etass
It has," says the Chiertgo.Adeanee, "an indf
ridefra 4/ its own ; its articles are *tort, bright;.
discriminating, and full of life."
It!fleserres," says the Boston Post, "a place
fn the front ran k of current magazine Literature."
"It ?. , (Int , re'rtmongits contributors," says the
Christian Begister, ••eome nj the - inset brilitant
autnet known to magazineliterature,"
o , }••
£rice, i -,5 Cents per '.!;:umber; 13.00 pert Annum.
A i•ii.Era.xs• dot uNAL Is a monthly honsebohl
inagaalne, of a high popular character, devoted to
general literature and all 'natters hi taste and cul
It alms to be bright, entertaining, fresh, and lu
cOntains superior . fletiod. In the form of serial
novel 4 and short stories,. from leading writers In
Europe and America. .r _
It gives illustrated 14ors, graphicatly descriptive
of Industries, recreations, and picturesque places.
It contains' artistes upon ineM of not.,, and rarl 7
ons phases of life..
It - gives essays" upon household ann social topes.
It li l a. articles devoted to tr.tvel, adventure, and
c xpioration.
it Includes papers upor—indnstrial and scientific
:ufdeet.:, written lu a p4u!ar and euterta!nlug,
• I
fan. in' brief,' Ineiroles all branches of litera
ture: toi all imbJ•mts of interest to Intelligent read
ets—lt s pr.-eMinent purpwe- being to keep !abreast
with he times in its selection of themes awl Its
taeatwent of them.
,• • i
by all En , , , kstllers and Setair-Dral,re
Der7.l 549 and 551 Broadway, N. Y .
I or
TITF, ECLETIC reprints from all the foreign Qua' ,
te . rlic,. - Reviews, Magazines—and Journats, their
choicest contents, In,lnkling' Essays, S'clentific Pa
pers.; Itiegraphfral Sketches, Reminiscences of
Travel and,Adventnre,. Talrs, Stories. - and Poems.
The field of selection Is very large. and It Is be
lieved that the ECLECTIC presents a greater rank.-
ty and h:gher standard or Literature than atty,pc
rio,P•al can hop. 3 to do that depends excluslVely
upon home talent.
A I s nowiedgo of the eurroit literature of other
countries is indispensable to all who would keep
pare with the progress of the human rolnd ; and
[lie F i x LIA TIC filers tin. best, and huh:ell, the only,
,pportni.dty for ohtaining this knowledge Withiii
reasonable compass, Lot at a moderate price,.
A wow,: the M
. writers represented In recent an
'kers of the Eci.r.cric are: The 1:i Hon W I: Glad
,,tone,,, James Anthony Frowle, Matthew Arnold,
Calories liingaey,Robert Buchanan, Geo MeHon
aid, John RuSkill, Alfred Tennyson, Thes Hughes,
William Black, Mrs Oliphant, Thus hardy,
MM - ris, Miss Thaeker y , Mrs Alexander, Professors
ifuxley and Tyndall, Richard l'roetor, A„ Prof
imeti. Dr W Carpenter. J .Soirnan
Loel:yer. Herbert :Tenrer, and others equally emi
nent. Reside the regular articles In the body of
the inagazine. there are four c•riginal Editorial De:
partzients: Literary Notice., Foreign: Literary
Notes. Sel,nre and Art, and Varletieti.
. .
. - -
With regard to the character of the selections.
the 31111 PI the ECLECTIC Is to he instructive nil h.
Wit I !OK: dull, and entertaining without being tri
vial.! While each atwitter i'oittatos sminethlng, to
intete-t every member of the faintly Ord.; it ad
otr2s*,:s itself particularly to that great body of in
telligent readers who seek moth as .4ell as amuse
ment in solid and healthful literature.
the pages of reading matter, each
Number of the magazines contains a Fine Steel. En
graying—usually a portrait—executed In the most
Art Ole manner.
Trains—Single capies,..ts cents; one copy one year,
ta; tivo m pies, is; five copies, r.O. Trial subscrip-
Mim for three
The ECLECTIC and any :14 Magazine to' one ; id
Portage Frei io all Subscriber*.
Addres.?, E., I. PE I.TON, Puldsher,
1 Bond St et. N. Y.
, . •
- ' .1. Uustrat©d Magazine.
When Sentntirn issued its famous Midsummer
Holiday Number tut Jul}, a friendly critic said,of
it: •? We are um sure but that Scribner has touched
high-water riifirk. We do not see that other wurids
are left to it to conquer." lint the :publisher% do
hot 'eonAder that they have reached the ultimo
/h ale of exc, , llence , -they believe " there aro other
worl,ds, to totiquer, 'arid they propose conquer
The prny.pectus for the new volume gives the
titlei of more than fifty papers (no%tly illustrated).
by writers of tho highest merit. Under the head of
we have "A Winter on the Nile." by Gen. McClel
lan *, , FMunterings About: Con.Lant Inople," by
Charier Dudley Warner —Out of My Window at .
no:row, — by Eugene Schuyler: —An Ame ri can in'
T ark ktan . ," etc. Three sorlal stories ant atmouuced:
By Dr. Doti—v:l , , the Editor, .
whose storyl,f "Sefenoaks" gave the highest:sat—
istaction to the readers of the Monthly,
The scene of thhi hite,t novel is laid on the banks
of the Undson„ The hero t yonnk man who hash
_been always. "tied to a W. , IIIAU'S apron strings,"
bits who. he the dea:h of hie ntother, Is left alone
In the world,r—tu drift on the current of life,—with
a fortune, but without a porie. ,
,kuothi•r Inheritance," bv - Mt , ,s Traf
tonj 'will begin on the completion of •• That Lass o'
Lowrles." by Mrs. Itodg.on Burnett. Bur
nett', story, begun In A ugu , d,-ha:; a pathos lad -a
dramatic power which have been a surprise to the
Is k be a series of original and - exquisitely
thi,trated papers of Popular Science,' by Mrs.
lerricii, each paper complete In itself,. -
There are to ho, from varhius pens. papers on
Atio. practical suggestions as to town and country
life, village Improvements, etc., by well-known
Mr. Barnard's article on rations industrle of
. 6
rear Britain Include the liPtory of "Some Exvr
iillt`lllS Co-operation," ..A. Scottish Loaf Factory..
fu the Novemlwer nutohcr. aria —Toad Lane, Roch
dale," in December. (wilier papers are. , "The Brit,
Werkinginan's Home." "A Nat inn of lihop
kedpers." " Ha'penny a.Week for the Child," etc.
A richly illustrated series will be given on
"American Sr ore, by Ph.od and Field," by various
writers. and each on a different theme. The sub..
ject '
will have a'promine ,i nt place, whilst the lat'est pre
ductions of Ano , rlean liumorits will appear: from
month If, month. 'rhe- list of shorter storle's,:
graphical and oilier sketches, etc,. is 4 long one.
Tt ie ., 2 .1.,0,rtal &pit men! will continue to einidoy
the ablest rll3 IN TL at home and abroad. There
will !is a series of litters on literary matters, from
Eondon, t.y M r-
pagcs of titc 'magazine wilt b' open, as herr
toforc, far ai ijrnited spare will permit, to tho
(tlscus,ion of all thclue.; affecting the social and
reltglons'ittr (..r the 'world, awl Ispcciallc to the
f'..e.hrst.' thought: of fltd Christian. thinkers and
s.l , cholars 1.4 thiri country
We mean to make the Inarzazlne sweeter and pu
rer, 11 , glies and nobler,: more genial and'l.pwroiti
la all tt, nt teranees :wed Influettees.,:wMl , 3 more wel
roine vlAter tedm ever before to llehles of reflue
noint awl eultur.r.
Seriturer for. December, now ready, and which
contains the opening eliapters of 6-Nicholas Min
turn," will be read with eager curiosity aub Inter
est. Perhaps nu more readable number of this
magazine tills yet been iSsued. The three numbers
ofjzieriblier for
.4 uglist, 'September and October,
citaitilitiethe opening chapters of That imss
Ltiwries," Will be given to every 1113 W sabscriber
(who requests It), and whew subscription begins
with tippresent volume. i. e., with the November
Subscription price, ti a year-3a cents a number.
Speelat terms ou botthd volumes, Subscribe with
nearest boet - ootilef, - or send a check or P. 51.
Money order to .Sc CO..
Det:2l , t 43 Brii2drlyt New-liork.
._,~. ~;,
RURAL putirdstuxG co..
78 Duane St.. New-fork
'yANT.W. , ..
4 ,
;•, / •
IlrCodwaf4 4 ;r44:o l 2.
.Ifpw r Eork.
llGlTElA—EacelpbspeibeWileitlEA4 o- 11 1 140114(1M -,41.
• 4 Tliire Is but little change to tWtlltilftbe
flesh made having the prefeninee rendethetrillealk_ 4;1;1, AO
elesowlllog promptly:Oisaretkal, I = l %
for tither grades Is dull and rfOs .
• or( 414
state pap, le4eetto 2 ' • •40 :-.4 - .. 4 "4 . 1 , 3 4
• citrtirgera
11 F • ' '
creatrurry, choice,' • r- •
1 61 goo 4 t o fi us
" firkins Selected
" falr to good
•• halt firkin tabs, choke selected . ,
16 16 ..4 .4 ha to good -
" Welsh tubs, selected 030 ,
W . N e . st . : L arril, - cream, " ry fair f. alof t°
fas g or r
" Arians, *clotted, tIN i„
" N - fair to good „ %WS;
Western dalry.tuba, selected. hO
••We to groad. ... . .
Western factory tubs, selected ... •
• - to,L OOO
CHEESE.—lbeeelpts for the week, td,0110,11011111a.,
The market at the close is trifle mare iwlttritirark.l"i;
account of Increased local trade, Badness eqe.ato.- -- J4
. i ,.. ,
port is dull without material change la Iletc& -
We quote:—, :
State factory, fancy .
" " • fair to goal • '
Western factory, cheddar Ana ' 3$ ti
66 flat, fine
poor to good ' MOS - '
EGGS. ' •••
The recent, cold weather I . ,bns a - tendeser
strengtbeu the market and Indrease Oriees.
We quote:— ' • ' '
„- • •
State and Penn ' . Ott,.
ii;;;terulineiresh • O -••• :.'. ' - ''',' ,e ;:` , :n
. fair to good - -, .4 -. ..,.--. 4 4-;-,
Southern . ' , -28461 X .:::. '' , •: - :',..';' 4 !-,
. ~:,-:;+.
' -'' ; ..- 4 ,;;; , -.l.tpri
Flour continues active with an advance of /rota '-.:--,:',','+'.;::
sto 15c per barrel. M ea l in fuller Supply without' -.',,:Y;:01, , :
change in price. - . _-, ...
.;..-- ,, ,..,5,
Superfine' • ' , ' 4 NOW 46 , ' .-,,...-.--.,,,,:_.
Spring.wheat, extras - 3 5 3 84 60: !riv -, 14..f..,i
at. Louis, extra S 6 0605 - 9 0 ::::. ~... -'
. fancy * 6 00666 76 , '.••:::,:.----
. family ' I - t• .;. 7 00148 413_, ,- ';''
Corn meal, yellow ' • 2 &Ma OS':. .
. white - 2 236210 -
Wheat firmly held, transactions small. Barkry :f
dull, • Rye qnlet. • Oats slowly bat Wet.. Cara
firm for new, heavy for old.
(Wheat, Spring, No. I
Chicago, !N0.... , r .. 1 321. 28. 7 . - : , :t •,•.
". Milvraukee, N 0.2 ' 3
..Red winter ' 1 2101 as - --_---,-•
" . Amber - 1 Vat 46 -. :,. -, . -,-;-.-;
", -WWI .. 1 3001 48
Barley r:v..4.,..... 80(3 88 _- -
Oats, mixed
~--. 450 48 - - ' •,':,,..`,..
” white l. r- -`.,,„,,-..".
47( 49 . '
Corn, westerninixeti.:.„ .;; .. r..:i.... : ..:: NO . 58 -,-.-
* yellow • 59(.-81 '-'''',."'
r tithile -- ' l t '• 2
Market for Medium hi'decldedly b etter, _. ..! •-•'-, ..-.4",
kinds remain as last reported. , ~ -','. ~...r7. j. 7 ...77.'..1 , - ?;,'- 1 . - .i . ." ,
Medium f •
2 25air .to geed - • 2 Wdill2 '•,,,',!
':` ..-4 , 4
• ~,
Marrow t 412 25- .
2641 - -'
White Kidney •,...
. 40(32 60 -
__. „
Red Kidney..
Unfavorable foreign adVices have restricted oter- , .•- - *A
ations for export, while the home tradehas allg tly
improved, but with a large supply prices are issrelt,-z
steady ad quotations ,••. 1 ,
Crop 'VI, State, good to
75 Wis. fair toptime . • 1502.5 . '
Crop 74, poor to goal /o®ls
clover active, and whdn pritndr. vsrtes littl e iti
, _
price. Timothy steady. Flaitfiltila•akilmool.94 .*,,,
clover 1878, ....".'f...Aluiliifit . ." :- ., .-..:
Flat, western rough " ' r . - " •-":1 irtlait 644.:.,i4r.f,.
Typothy, per bushel • ....„:..%44R.0r. , ..-.1,,...,;
. • - r- - . ; Aa.P...*
Business moderate, prices steady. . - -
f 4
Good to prime ' Cl@ BM ' - • '
1)111E1) FRUITS. • - , - 114'.
There is a better inquiry for prime 4.apples at •..:?.5
prices a trifle laradvance -of those realized. last' .....ry.,, ,
r. - eek. New peaches are scarce and command out. - .:-...
side figures. Raspberries in more liberal stipply.:', - ;:'..
.and lower. Blackberries ancrotherstball'indtagre-
'quiet at quotations. 4. ' " - • ' • , , 5t .. ..a •
..,'Apples, State, sliced l igr.334- - - f •
" ~. plartersl . . •
Western, sliced . . - -1gt . A..Ag ,. ..., -
quarters '
Southern, sliced ; . .....,....11(4)
41& , .... if
qoartirw. " • ..i . ., ...: .. . t... 4® ,£. ...
Peaches, peeled, fancy:. .... - ....,,.j. d . -. .,:::;;,.' (4211 •,- •. - ..'?--,
~ ".. , fair to good t:.) ...4.1i1 1311) ..;?•,:'-• ...:::.::'
" • unpeoled, halves ' ..'1 12 - ' ft.. •,',..,
44 .• *4
.-- quarters . . BO 9 ' - . 9. .....:
Blackberries. perJb -...... KA 93f .- . t''' ,'-';'.:
Clierriei, pitted. per lb • '.. ' 17(giie -.- ,- , i' , .
Plums. per lb -0 . - ' 15417 .. -,, ,;,
Raspberries *o27 ...:. 1,
. t. ,-...,-,..y.„
li. K . . &F. B.TIIURBER & CO., -- - :. ....,-- ~.-
Importers, Wholesale Grocers & Com. 3terChanta. `l l,--- ' -
West Broadway. lteade & 'Hudson Sts; N.Y... • .
Produce Commission Department In charge of .1., -
Gates. We receire and sell on Cotntlibuirmall - -ti.
kinds of Country Produ,ce; make cash adyancea ore .
con.slgnments and furnish atencll'platen and mar.
ket quotstione when destied. - Correspoodonoe so- . •,
. EI-L & CO., Bankers ifid - Brokers,J3.lo.4,
South TlOrd Street, PhlladelphLT„ Dee. 11th, 1876.
I - - • _ BID. ASKED.
U. S. 1611 , c 117541 - 117,16
••1007010 •
'65, J. and J 113.1 1113.11
.• =
44 44. 44 . 6 7 , 64 1157511163 i
117351 117
113 11135(, - -
121%! 121,41
• 11134'112V
.• -
107 , 4107Y‘
100 100: ,
48V 48f4 • :,
19% 19%
147 i 'l', •
• 48V 40
... 1.27 • - f.t
3371 40
51 513.1 • *:'
109'4,100M .r
44 44' 44 *68;64
" 10-4 0 . coupon
Pacific 6's. cy
New s's, iteg. 1681
C. 1581 '
Philadelphia st Erie
-Lehigh Navigation
" Valley, Ex.
rutted It. E. of N. J...
till Creek
Northern Central
Central Transportation..
Nelpue.boning '
. - En the District Court of the liniterd.
• •
11 States. For the Western District of Pensusr. t
In the matter of G. 4 'F. Mason k Co-, Bankrupts.
No. 1704 In BankrUptcy.
Said Court having ordered .that the Tristee of
said estate shall refer questions in dispute as to
prefered etainiS arising In the -distribution of said P r
estate, to the Register of the District-foroleelsion,
and that distribution he made In accordance there- . 4 ! -
with, subject to the approval of Said Conn. , ' 1 '
Notice is hereby given to the creditors of said
estate. and 411 persons interested, that for the pur
pose of Investigating and determining said Tres- -
lions in dispute, a hearing will be held before said
Register at his office in the Borough of Towanda,
on WEDNESDAY, the 27th day of December, 1875, •
commencing at 10 o'clock, a. , in..and continuing .
through said 'day and other da
s (-1f necessary), and
upon the final determination by said Court of said
questions, distribution will be made of the money
in the bands of said Trustee.
Towanda, Nov. 29th, 976,
N BANKRUPTCY.—In the Dis-•
trlct Court of the United States, for the Wes.
tern District of Pennsylvania.
Harry Mix, of Towanda, Penna., a Bankrupt nn•
der. the Act of Congress of March 2d, 11567, having
applied for a discharge fromallids debts, and other ,
claims provable under said Act,_ by 'order of the '
Court; notice is , hereby given to all creditors. whol.•
have 'proved their debts, and .other persons Inter* '_
e:ted, to appear on the 12th day of JANUARTX-.
1377. at 2 o'cloCk, P.m.. before E. N. Willard, Esq., -
Register in Bankruptcy, at his 'office in Scranton; •
Penna., to show cause, if any they have, why, at .
discharge shall not be granted to the said bankrupt.',
Rica C. MCCANDLESS; Clerk.- 4;
A T OR'S NO TI C E.—ln th e
tl matter of the voluntary assignment Of )lowa
Watkins for the benefit of his creditors. In the •
Court of Common PleaS of Bradford County. NO.'
6511. Sept. T., 1873.
The underslkned, an auditor appointed brthez
court to distribute fund in binds of the assignee...
will attend to the duties of his appointment at Ma" ,„,.*
once In the , horough of 'Towanda, on FRIDAV
January 15, at 11l A. 31., When Intsons having!'
ruins upon said fund must present them, or be .
forever beharred from the; same. _
EX ECITTpit'S NOTICE.--tNotico
is hereby given ,that all persons
the estate of oh niWatic lus s late of Athens twp,deed, ,
!mist make immediate payment to the undersigned. . ;
all persons having claims against said estate must
present them, duly authenticated. -for settlement. - ••
Nov. 23w6
14 1s hereby given that all, Persons Indebted to
tar estate of David Elinherger late of
Wilmot, ileceased.anust make Immediate payment - -
to the undersigned, and all persons having ebilna
against said estate must present them, duly sue- -
thentleateil, for settlement.
Nov3o,esc• JACOB STROUD, Executci. •
F\ is NOTlCE.—Notice
- F A
is hereby given that all persons Indebted 10
the estate of Margaret.Etlenhergor. Woof
decd, are required to Mate Immediate pay
ment to the undersigned, and all persons- having
elaims against the said estate, must present - tbeln,": -
duly authenticated, for settlement. •
Executors.' -.L.
Notice Is hereby glren that all persons
Idled to the estate of 11. B. Wilhelm. late of HlM
dogton twp., deed.. must make imtnediato pay=
meat to the undersigned. and all persons having
claltns against said estate, must present them, dAT
authenticated, for settlement. - _
JA.II - ES H. WEBB, Afters,
East Smithfield,
Notice isheieby given that all, persousirt..
dewed to the estate of, George McCabe, late ot e:;
wantla.maust make immediate payment Witte undeit;
and all persona having claims against saIC-X.
=estate, must preaent them, duly authenticated Inn
settlemeet.. .• •
JAZATS Mee ABE, •• ,
• • Admistiottater,
. . ~
. ..._
.. _
_. _ ~..
TOWANDA. PA.. Du. 14 ism , -
- • ,
The annual meeting of the SiOckholders of this ~,,,.:
Bank. tor the election of Direetore.-will he held an-,' ,,
TUESDAY, January 9, 1877, between, the hours of'. -._"
1. anti 3 P,ll, ' -.
- , N. N. BETTS,Itt., Seelc. 1 ,-
Thu Stockholders of Males's:di Itridge
for the electloo of a President, Treasurer 'and atm; •
Managers, to eerie the ensiling 'year, will be befit
at the ...etre of the Find National-Bank. Torinada,
Pa., s ou WEDN gSDAY, Janitst7 3. Ira, tiutwe . elry:i:.;
the hours (11 and 2P. H . . . • ;.:• •
N. N.
, Towanda,-Dec: Y, 11321. - •
. • -
. - 7
• !)-• •
1 Wel let.
2 1062,50 , '" :
H. L. SCOTT, Trustee.