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Nuifori Itgortit
Towanda, Pa, Thursday, Nor. 23; ISM
TnArss-begin to run "oil time" agaio.
NEviThursday is Thanksgiving. Re
member the printer.
THE heavy rains of the past week have
raised the w.►ter in the river very percep
DEuocn.vrs don't think they have
much to be thankful for ,this Centennial
year. • ,
SUSQUEHANNA county polled 8,808
',rotes f(l . r. ?resident this year. HAYEs'
mijority l is 038.
TVILKEYS are "roosting high" now-a
-" days. Those that are captured will prob
ably be selling high.
.TITE City Fathers are putting down a
terra-cotta sewer from .Main-st. to the
river, on the south side of Park-st. •
A UNIVERSALIST S6ciable will, held
at the house of C. L. TRACT, ou Friday
.evening, the *24th inst. All are inc=ited to
IF Tat person who took. the December
number of Harper's from our table, will
return it long enough f._.r us to peruse it,
we shall feel under obligations.
THE union Thanksgiving service on
Thar , 4lay morning next, will be , held iu
the' Presbyterian thumb. , A collection
for the Ladles' Benevolent Society will be
taken up.
THE Wardliouse which was burnt a
few months since, phamix lik., is rapidly
rising from its ashes. It will grobably
lase finishml and thrown open to the public
some time mat spring.
•-E „Mts..; HELEN Husz, of Scranton, be
ing aftitnced to a Scranton merchant; one
of the impels there mtys it.-4 a strange
thitiOn- SAr t udon matt to i';-o to Helen
Hunt for a wife. Wicked fellow.
F. 11. lIAGEr..atA*, of Asylum, Ftarted
West on 3londay evening, for the purpose
of puichasing a ear of sheep for him
self 4.1.1 Itroirrr.. He intends buyirf.r,
the best breed. fit. li. is one of our best
Firrr.r..N hundred and four Centerritiall,
-tickets were sold at the Railroad Office in TcscAnon.t.—lt has been some time
tlii place. As many more, which should. sipce your readers beard front Tuscarora,
have been boualit here, were purchased in I but do not suppose we are all dead : the
IVaveey and Elmira, b ecause * t b e pr i ce i ele.lion returns will tell you better than
was lower, _ Ithat. People have improved the bemiti
. _
C. 11. SIELEY, of the Oyster Bay, plac
ed us under especial obligations the other
day by the, presentation of a bountiful
supply of the largest and fittest oysters
wa have ever tasted. Mr. C. buys his
o,Vsters Wine shell and open's them to or
der. s.) that hislcustomers arc always cer
tain of getting the bivalves:
PnoF. McGRANAir,‘N, and wife are en:
gaped in conducting Mu Teal Institute
at St-,:ventvitie this week to conclude. ne..t
`week with two concerts on Thursday and
rri.lay evenings. The repntatiou Prot.
..Mo.3ltANAtras has established as a tho
t-oncl, patient and systematic instructor,
!bakes him a great farcirite wherever
known. The concerts will afford a rich
musical treat, and. we doubt not will he
well patronized. -
017 a-friend, J. A. Ifteorim was pros ) -
fr4tal in a most singular manner on
Tlinisday last. , lie was feeling unusually
well. and in the best of spirits, when tol
dertly be experieneed a singular feelim.f
and noise iu his head, and 'in a few min
utes fell back in his chair senseless. Iris
-,4tre apparently partially paralyz
ed. Ile has so far recovered now as to be
able_p,i.sit up, arid, if mtt overtaken by a
relapse, will soon be about town again.
TriE "Compfiny K" boys are gettiM!:
aloag finely •with their arrangements for
the entertainment to c.nne off next Wed
nesilay.evei:ing, and iu this their first an
vil:ll rce.-ption,:ivill spare no pains . or eN
-1,1211;,e make h successful,pleasant and
agrevaitle to all who may attend. Guests
-deshin!r carriages.mill be furnished with
them free of charge, on application at
Ktitnv's Drug Store, or to in:y of the
Comn.ittee. Can iages NNi I commence
ruatiti; - :, at 8 o'clock. Sniper will lie
t‘erveri in the Green Room of the
Prica ticket. 2:10. Company is cm - -
o very line tmcanization. and a
creiLit to our hiwn, and we hope flieS• may
inea `with suit ilhe encoto agement hum
our ell tzars at their reception.
eases of the lever. Stomach, Kidneys ti e d ' . -........-
Sl•inC; ZScrefilla and all d3190(1 DisC:.SC-; G R EENE . I. j,-N1 11N(::•-••• We give yen
cur e s Nt reuses Pee.tration and Weak ne -, ; some Hems from our sitess-rotini, and hope
of either sex, Ifeetering Tesw :el Vieer ;hey iney interest a fete at least. The
,to the wiceile system. Read the following ex, itement, o f the •‘ c an v as s ' , has given
; cure -:- , •j p 1 tee to sespinse, and tedious' Waiting 141
. ,Pri.l. 11. A. - Hi i.eON, Saratoga, N. Y..' know who; is to rule over its. but we hope
1101 - e• HEL Mee lee STEWS 01 - sTERS. ',4';' . ;5.'-lelY , k Dow it :Is l'tb, ei pal of one our nti the beet. :and it pi epared to accept
Take .ire (wart ef liquid 1 - , • SLUTS, put the leadvieg it utiotis of learniue, says the: the tvere.t with good grime, as becomes
liquor (a teacupful. for three) in a stew Ms wife-has usteillw •‘ Medic e l Weeder" good citizens. 'Our chief interest has cen
pan. and add leer as much more --- A mete- • for a cemplicatein of eiSeMeei with ti•e 1 teed in I.llr `: Centennial" Seltnel House.
self: a good hit of pepper; a te,ei»onful , most haepy effete. No other remedy ever We have been a long time waiting for it,
of reed creeks r for. each. Put on the touched the case like it. ; 1 11(1 new that ive have it, would like to
stove Menet it. boil: have Vent sestets,- De. A. Demros, Morrieville, N. Y.: eve the township school board our
reedy is a betel. The mom e nt the liquor sister in Led two years with female and li etn e- s , and eleuffest our appreciation of
begies to peel pout- in all your oysters, say nervous diseases; cured. - • the model building just erected. It is of
tete ter each pet sem or six will do. Now 1,1 NORMAN 111 -NT, Shcds Corners, N. - Y., i wood •26.1,:40 eeet, 14 feet in 'the clear,
watebearefully, ate Las soon as it begins Wonderful cure of dyspepsia and heart I slate roof, cellar uuder the whole, for
to le; take Out your watch, coma just disease. i. wo id and coal, and to protect the house
thirty seem:des take your oyetets front Mits. I. S. leemeroN, Ilile s eoro, N. 11., I fn.:lie:Mee. as Hell as add to the-warmth
the st; ve. You will have your big deli spinid dieciSse. '- • . of the nean. The building is covered
ready with one and a emit tablespoonfuls' Mite. Z. A. \Vw - re,' Sheds - ('orncrs, N. i with snatched sheeting, then siding of
of Oold milk for each person. Their your Y.. terrible Scrofula and kidney disease; ipine emtside. of that; windows hung with
stew cm this milk and serve immediately.- gained 40 lbs. . weights, and provide.l with shutters. In
-Never boil au oyster in milk' if you wish Geo. lIAIaES, Oneida, cured of terrible side is a bull nest the door, live feet wide,
it to be geed. . - catarrh. - ' clear across the end, provided with
- Eetzene.Tit Wool, Sheds Corners, N. shelves, coat hooks, etc.; main room pro'
Os TIIE retirement of the Hon. WlesoN Y., ovarian tumor and dropsy, reduced 15 rids d with Mark board across rear end,
MeCeNrieess ' from the United States inches around body. also raised platform .the same, and patent
.„ 4 ,
legal fraternity, resolving to present him loathsome scrofula; supposed to be in cup- j jag same wen will scat sixty sholars.
web a testimonial of their esteem. decide stitutien; cured. I The . stove is to be a base burner of late
ed epi n tendering lapewith a handsome A. 11. lIAWLEY,.Sara t9g.t, says that design. A belfry.' containing a
; bell
- Silvis urn. •Thtenen. Wrought, in the - ren- "Medical Wonder gtiee liim e ehealtli f (bought by subscriptions of our enterrn is
nrdesanee stele, is of coifs silver, weighs i sti-ength and appetite. itie.neighbors) surmounts the whole. The
eel otmees. and is ab nit thirty inches in 3111 s. C. P. Oenwer, Concord, 3:• He bell can be heareP distinctly two miles.
heiebr. The base represents a shield sup- confined to bed with ten-tale and kidney' It is pronounced the best house for
perted by fasces. At the toe. of the body disease; cured. , ischool purposes in Athens township. To
ott sue side is an open law book, and its- No space for osoo other cures. ; the clintractore Mr. ARCHIE MeVercle of
mediates}' above it, forming the chief fie- Ask your Druggist for ".eledieal Won- 1 s a y iet ' the boai a gave much credit for the
are is a perfect likeness of the face of the der," and be eured Prepared by Dr. manner in which his contract was execut
jielee is profile. On the ether sideis the ; teeter & Co., Sar ite ,-, a, N. Y. eel—all firstelass work. To the president,
Ileum of Justice, and beneath it, ow - the For sale in Towanda by 1)r. 11. C. POI:- nf..the hoard, Mr. .11:1.117s' IIAYDEN and
bees- of the urn, tile switch of the s: L nle TEt l ; wholelllC, by lIEMIY CuRR.AN ' Mr. .1. P. OVENS/III:E. tf , Cey, melt credit
gollese. Teo insceiption, which will be Co.,-N. Y. 1 - ; . is due for the convenient and comfortable
as simple in language. as possible, will he ; „ • nienner in which they have been largely
_. I'o THE P-VelteiNe ov Blteen'OnD AND
pl wed, on the shield. tinily has been instrumental in providing , ft r the school
Jet - eI.:VAN CoeNTies : The' 11: 1). I'.
engaged on the urn for three months. ceildren of this district. They intended
Granee convened at the hall of Highland . s ,
12,?.--- r .
Grange, Litchfichl r efon the lath lust.; eh i .. 0 he a model house, and have succeed-
e'eseseNel e -.-nee. HALE TOWNSEND, i aolteabbi to melee. .Notwithstandingei , and they have not neglected to pro-
wilos;i - erfoillied misehiPare work In ihee.the unfortunate. Mut seemingly unavoida-
ebbe proper nut-boa'-e , : ! s• n,tase penny
intereet of the Episcopal Church, in this.' liete-eiumble in 11Xing the time of the meet- weei ones do. This district having some
SVetioP some sixteen Years since, \vat> . in 1 ing, the ?diesel:thee was medium; and the seiterprising people volunteentd to grade
tiwn lest week. lie was the guest of iilr. 0 . e . Si-ters
' Br - ther end. of Highland had the S l°ll'll ' ll4 ' and -Wi l l d°l . -ibiless see that
E. T. Fox. - _ , made ample arrangements tcreaccommo- 1 proper shade trees are put out in the
1 sprang. Total cost of abovteabotie eleven
_R ev . F. W. BARTLETT is spending a l date mid sumptuously emelt:fin live times 4 . nuc e
ee s fired defiers, being very low for such
sliert time with his father in this place. ; the number. Supper was, served in the
Hall,' end the supply and variety of sub- . ,
—Mies Aft - NA SIIIPSON, dam:fitter ofThe ;alit of Our strays have returned,
i s , istantials, and deecacies for replenishing
' Col. S. V. StiteMAN. of Chicago, 1 111.,i and newly all have visited Philadelphia.
visiting frierels iti this place. and refreshing the inner t..ranger, seemed ; , leel lady had her picket picked while
endless. Sister Lreetet preeided at the , •
—Tee, friends of Rev. E. PAYsON ILktl- ' , thvre of upwards:ref thirty dolLsre.:
organ, and led the, singing as ; occasion re ;
Some most, iu this, place, will be interested in ; (mired. BM. E. R. DeLoNG oave instruc- ' improvements are to be made
the f elm:Ville from' the Philadelphia le- 1.
tous in the work ,f- 1 P '
) - ill i De ;rt e to sevene 1 here soon by way of moving shops and
Taxer: ' " The reviviel'emeetiugs couiluct- Brothers an d sisters, et he numerical. . I ..u_ - • es-se:nine them into deellingese Then
by Rev. E. P. HIIINIOND alld :the pas- in '
entl, meted. political, Mel pee:tie:try in- ; we eetpect Greelleffle to settle •down for
Ors in lieneiegton, are, attracting crowd
, arrests 4 tlranee ' were, liberally and ; themext cesqury and remain quiet as a
• (el - coagneettions. Nearly twenty-live itter disois , i et• 11 L. 1 , lamb.
N., .. _., .. _...teoiere. tak- ;' e - • t Seetst.
' huntired.pereans were seated last evening t • , e: , . ,
I '-' O % - . 2 0 , Lee). ,
I l e a H ewing arm promment pale nestle •
in the new' chairs in the Reformed Epic- I • lotions and meesures, looking toward a i Sv.NICROLAS is ENGLAND.—The pith
' copal churels corner of York and Sepvi
. tie:sough canvass
va.streets, and ' a large number were un- , . . •
and 'general awakening : ushers of tie Niche:rat' have been sending
among tue enuentmate Granges in
, ; thei an edition of st. Niehotiv, to England du
able to be accommodated." 1 . Disenet, were unauimously llf•Prerleli ; sing the past year, and this is what they
..---....e.. ,- furt•'er particulars of which will be : com- say about it over there f
A SUstICE/lANNA Cowry Hoe IN LUCK. municated by the Executive Committee, "Se Sicholas is the king of all publica
; —Mane of the old residents of this cbun- with which the tirene'erS are expected to 1 Cons issued for the young on either side j
ty will remember LEWIS MooDY, wh o , co-operate, in tint e r that ; the emeasures lof Atlantic. Its pages contain a fund
formerie- resided in Springvire, and wbo, ' nese- prove succeesful. llarmeay, utillell - 1 et-amusement and information that must'
with !es family, moved to Michigan soma -' al good feeling red unlit: Meese • retailed 1 insure it a bratty w. Mame wherever it is
tliiityeive yeah: ag,), and SCUll'd in Gran- :threw - ghoul the 1024: .*11 , 611 , 0011 and, 0.01- ' kioiwn. and it oueht to be known CA'..Yry•
Vinc i . Kent county 'They will also re- : sag sessions, the eniee eereesions of me i where.',' The soutledapton Obserrer.
mein er his eon, Hets - ne Se who for the gret and disappointment beieg at the ab- I 7'he Dvoll Chronicle speaks of it as the
past fifteen years has been in South Amer- - sence of so many of the Brothers and Sis- i "very paragon of juvenile books," and
ica e at and near Rio Janeiro, and in New ters, whose presence we had i's right to e , - the Daily Nelcs adds : "We wish we
31e*ico. While -in the letter place he re- peer. . could point out its equal in our own peri
eeited word that his fotiner parteer in iThe foll Owing officers -were elected eedical literature." The London Literary
Bra it hid cited, leaving his property to unanimeuely for the eneuing year. to re- 1 W”rld says : "There is no Magazine for
hint. Mi., Mooer has been making a vis- ' port at the FebroarY Meeting for installe- 1 the youn"-that ems lie said to equal tide
it to his old home and relatives ,in this tion : \V. 31., E. 11. DELONG; W. 0., C. i choiceproduction of 'Scribner's press. All
eeunty, and while here is getting the ne- i 1). Ross; W. L.,. r e J. Allele; W. C.. B. ; the attic) e. whether in Pane or Ithyme, l l
CeSSary papers from the propsr, authori- , F. Bowen. s; Iv • S., 0. •I• WErt: W.. A. ! are throbbing with vitality. * e The' ,
ties to enable him to settle up• the estate_; S., J. H. CALEINs; IV. T.. G. L Fct.wr l literature and artistic illustrations ate
in Brazil, when he will ! mime to his for.: W. e.. 1%; Wm. IL SuAve; IV. O. IL, WNt ' ...l both superb.''- The Weekly Timex gals: .
pm Lome in Michigan. The estate of - C•llANSlSElrlekiti; W. C., `:';ter V. S. Less 1 "Sf. Nieholag is 1,4 tilled with nambye
W. y„ i Pat . stby literature, but he. 17 •
solidi he is the sole leg-a' ce -js valmetat ; DoNe W. P. Sister A. D. :III:NN; a ~ aninsvie;
— 0„- e , .dependentße- - ''' - 31. a - IV. L. A. ' -s• :,---'• ''.
. . .
alga i4,o,ol.4).—lndependentßepabliran. :Si ter A. H. Connor o; •. -. S., Sis- and eicver writin: , fills every pal:0" .* * * ' — ** ---- r - 1
air. 3loonv came to"-•tids - place last : ter EtAtt.;-Kixost.Ert Executive Commit- "far beyond l anything of the kind we get or See what you can do with a little
week on a flying vied, and while here dis- I tee, Bros. B. LAPOUTII, V. S. LANDON, ! on this side of the Atlantic." money at the Main Street Crockery Store:
covered that his funds were ; vetting low.. !F. H. .loitiisoN, B. F. NEWDEItItY, WM. I An English critic says: ' Stand Lamp coMplete ter as cents.
He accordingly drew a draft for twenty- 11. SMITH. I " Boys and girli will range with glee Krareit sMd Forks at 65 cents.
Jive dollars on a Bank in New York, 't A resolution of thanks by the Worthy : through the pages of St. 4Vieholas. Tho' ' 0 Gallon Stone Churns for SO cents.
which his- friend, C. C. Worn). endorsed i!Marshal to the members of Highland i written es.,ecially for the youth of the i Doz. Iron Stone Plates for 0.00
very cheerfully. 3lr. Wool) did n't feel .'Grange for our kind reception and hosl- 1 New World, the :Magazine is as fall as it 1 Doz. silver Plated Knives for t. 1.00.
so good-naturedly about the'matter,-Pow- : table entertainment, passes unanimous' . I can bold of .entertainment for all who. 4 Gallon same Butter Pot tor OD cents.
ever, when he learned a few days later 4 Adjourned at 11:40 P. )1., to meet at speak the ,English tongue. To indicito ' - moms ens; Batter, Cream and Bpoen Bolder,
that the draft was dishonored by the Itame, on the first Thursdayin February, what is specially attractive woeld simply and Ij itox. Gaits. au tor ?Leo. - ._,- - ~
beak ..
_deura tweet RlS:Wrikittukrebted• 1671. _ ,
.- :. E: O. Owa l !Ref; j:b to pupas. un, itnittintit Usti- libit,thati t.l".coettiii*jes Diagold r uii m thi;
_•., , ::..1 1
i i
- ir *imam - -.-..„. -, ..- . •_.:- _ .1144--wpfl igi_lirtth ,;:....„ *--, . Alibioislittert' _ ,,i. , , ; -i k -i--..-,
-..-, - -_ , ...1- - ,i- -- -,• , --t'.. - ,- - ._ -- ,- -L.-:1- .... - :---;. - 7. --,- -;:-.Ni_ -- - - _,,.,,3-- - - .- -_ ,-, ; -- ,e -,,,,,- ;;;: - - , •- - 1 - 4--,:;-:43 - .': , ;-1:::-- , *4 , :. - ''. ,- ',- -, 14 , -f-;;•‹-F- - •Pik-4,-f4...:;e:;: , ‘'.7-41; , ' = -1 - , , -.',
-_ - _....,--.,-,„-; -J , -- - A.,-- , :zl=-3 - -„z, -, f-t.-_ - ,- , -,:, ,- -,-ir , ---_,.4 .- ---- , _; , 1,z4v„-..F 1 / 4 , ,, -.,.. , :-44 -- .-4--F, ' •.1 A”,.. „..-o ~',..„..,' ~ ~..4k , . 4 Y, ..f --
~ .... 1 .-:y> ..t .- -.
~ ,--.'::._',;,-', -, - - -4---- ,; i4-t- -- ,- . ..3-„,..6 .4 :?.:.. `F ,.. h.- - ---s o . - .. , =~ . 24...-.7,,.. ‘4. - ..,-- , 4f4tJ . - ,..k :.; - ---- ~.., .-:.!.;. , N= .‘,::0 ...-: ~ ,- --:,-i=-,-?--;.g- - .-..,---- -- - - -,-1 .-- -.-/ -- ---t- - - - - .
.et 2, g g ......---- 7 .'";:- ~ '-... "^,- " --....-.^- : - '-' , .......,,,;:" :.f . • , - - • - ~‘.., ~ .-- - ,
non - intervening , between - autumn and.
winter, denominated "Indhm fituntner,!
*thus beautifully described by a part
Oh t these days._
Autumn days! •
When the languid earth Iles dreaming
• in a sort of golden haze;
When amidst the verdant woodlands
) Stand the maples all ablate t
Gold and crimson, brown and prangs,
tiow they rise. ti
Glowing pyramids of color,
To the skies. •
When the summer tasks are done,
And the song birds southward gone,
Aud no sound
t 1 rs the voiceless, breathless forest;
Have when, far away and seldom, •
The ripe acorn strikes the ground.
ilr st.hen leaves, ,
With a melanctrelly rustle,
And unstirred by any breeze,
Circling downward Irvin the frees,
Spre.d arennd
' A rich carpet, brighter tinted •
Than the cunning Persian irk:ayes&
Oh these days,
Autnnin days:
Who can paint the glow and glory
Of these haltlon Au, orun dna?
Eateric 3Lsosimr..—The Eclectic for
DeceMber makes its tribute to the inter
est felt in the recently-closed, Centennial
Exposition, at Philadelphia, by presetti
ng; its readers with an excellent portrait
of Gen. JOSEPH R. IIAwLEv, President
of the Centennial Commission. The por
trait is accompanied by. a brief sketch of
Gen. IrAwLEv's .; t •
The literary contents of the number are
unusually various, there being .no less
than seventeen articles, besides thelonr
EditoriatDepartments.: A mere
list of these-articles will, be sufficient t
"chowaherr value, interest and variety:
"Auiomatissird EvOlUtion," by Cif s.
ELAM, M. D.; " Daniel Deronda;" "The
Two Chancellors : Prince .GortschakolT
and Prince Bismarck;" "Astronomy in
America," by Richard A. Proctor, B. A.
F. H. S.; "Primavera," by W. W. Stony;
Kafir Weddings and Kafir Kraals;" by
. BARKER; •' Ctiarlotte Bronte : A
Motigrapli; 4"The American Centera
ry," by lionicE WHITE; the Sea
was Young:". " The Story of a Life;"
"Fairy Plays;" "The By Ways'of Book
making:" "Isam.:," by L. MAsos; " The
Planet Saturn's Dark Bing ;" by Brim
Alto PHOCTOH, B. 1•3:; "Au
American CO-operative Communityp" and
" The Waiting Angel."
It will be seen that several of the arti
'eles on the list are peculiarly timely—the
flue one on "The Two Chancellors 7 ,7,_
throwing a flood of light oni the recent!
amteurrent history of Europe.
Published by E. H. PELTos, Bond
street, New York. Terms. per year;
single number, 4S ets.
ful weather of the past feW months in do
ing up the fall work, and minding their
own business. - S. F, ACNLEY conducted
a musical convention' of two weeks, clos
ing With concert' at M. E. Church, Spring
flill. It wa a success. hey. E. F. Hon-
Eirrs,Ch l aplain in Sherman's Army, has
favor.d t i tle `prang 11111 people with two
very interesting lectures, entitled "Hook
er tig,hting above the clouds at Lookout
Mountain," and "Siege and capture. of
Atlanta, Ga."
November 1, a goodly number of the
neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. S.
F. ACKLEY spent the afternoon with them
very pleasantly, It was the fifth anniver
sary of their weildilfg:T7The guests ate a
ii~a,diwuer; and went in for a good social,'
musical tune generally, and left score ap
propriate presents.
The entire community 'were shocked
last Thursday at the death of liosmEß E.
CM:SWELL, the nw.tcla at Silvaria. 'lle
went out hunting and shot himself acci
dentally. lle was buried Saturday. Ile
was the son of, BELL Coo!.AVELL, Esq.
The bride of six'months ago is left a with
ow. l '
On Friday evening, Nov. 17, the large
barn and sheds,of C. 11. & D. Dosor.ks,
were burned t4i the ground, with :form.
thirty or more tons' of besides grain.
farming tools, et r., etc. It was undoubt 7
ei ly tL work of an incc tdiaiy. We up
detstand the loss• was partly or mostly
covered by ins•nrance. ANON
Nov. 20,
A W(iNn]s'. -Our ex
changes are .... t .uts Of most
v. - ondert'td cares etActed I Dr. GAGE's
WoNnEn.",, It is said to be
the gicatest vitaliser 'vet discovered. giv-
ing bit yttney,to the spirits, elasticity ttr
the step, anti; the invalid Iteatt, , ,
coutragt:ons and strong. It ernes 'all ths
Griiiiiit &hod were neither tard-inor
lent during the Fait Terni 12 weeks;,
Which closed November 10 : • ' -
FRANK. Wmunzu,, FRANK= Plumps,
GEO. Moorm, MIRY 1t05A,34 , WALTER
- GREI.r will be the wailing among the
little folks this month, for St. Nicholas
for December, which has ordinarily been
issued on the 20th, is to bo held bagklui
til the 25th; but it is then to be the Grand
Christmas Holiday Number. '
We have not had a peep oven at its pa':
ges, but Editor and Publishers promised
to do tliair,.very best; and that means a
great deal(where St. Nit/colas is coacern.
They tell us, among other contributions'
to this number, will toe 'a paper by Mr.
Bryant,: "The Boys of My Boyhood,'
the boys of the latter part of the last cen
tury or the beginning of this.
The number Kill have" nt.arly one hun
dred pages and over fifty pictures:
Pro Pitorrott, the 1 lightillapstrono
tier, Contributes a paper called :TA Clock
in the Sky," illustrated by drawings shi m
ing how the tail of the Great Bear points
out the time.of night.
Then there is the account of the'great
"Horse Hotel," with very spirited pic
tures; an article by LUCY L.tncuM, "The
Poetry of Winter," besides lots of Christ
mas Stories, accounts of curious Oriental
Spirits, and more good .things than we
can find space to mention.
Besides all this, .1. T. TROWBRIDGE be
gins his "new story for boys; " His Own
Master," in this Christmas Holiday Num •
ber of tit. 9tas.
Nerd we say more? Could we say
more to interest the young folks?
died Sunday mornitig, Nov. Is G, at
the Lome of her daughter. Mrs. Dr. E. I)..
PAYNE, in this borough, was a daughter
of the i .late ElAsna CoI.E, of Monroe, who
was very widely known in the early histo
ry of this region of country, and wife of
T. M. WILSON, who survives her.
- She was married to Mr. WILSON
May, 1834, and after a residence of seven
years in Wayne county, in this State, and
fourteen years at 31,phroe f and the addition
of four children tOheir family—two sons
and two daughters—they moved to the
State of Illinois, and settled in Ogle coun
ty. There, iu the soziety of family and
friends, she was happy in ministering to
their comforts and ;necessities. The war
of the rebellion came, and to it she gave
her two sons, who died in the service—
on. of sickness resulting from hardships,
the ether shot at Chickamauga, Georgia.
The lo.s of her sons was a great shock to
in r nervous system, frinn the effects of
Which she never recovered. !ler last ill
ness began in July. Pi7s, -since which, to
the time of her death, she %%as a constant
and patient, though helpless and hopeless,
During the etirly period of her sickness
she had the watchful attendance of her
eldest daughter, Mrs.lll,lt: Rums; but
in January .01 the present year, urgent
business called tier husband back to Penn
sylvania, who, with the assistance of her
0;11pr daughter, Mrs. Dr. PAysr., brought
her. to Towanda, where, at her daughter's
reidenee, on Huston street, she finished'
her sufferings and her life, aged 73 years ,
and 2 months.
In she identified herself with the
Christian church; and during her subse
quent life she was blessed with all the
J' Vs and performed all the duties of a
itm , st conscientious believer devoiity„;
herself to the cause of Christ by a life
c6rresponding to the,liikh profession she
had made,—so that when death came it
was with no wavering she. met the great
destroyer, lint with ,trustfnineSs and tont , -
ing, as one.who was to relieve her Tr,im
pr,,bation and suffering, anti lend her to
that rest in eternal life she was sure must
. lier Christian life supplemented a nat
ural eheerfulne disposition and firm
ness of purpose, a hieb. agacti t.O an undy
inz :lifer:Gni for ha: husband and ehil
di en,. enabled her to overcome all the vi
cissitude:. of life—all hardships and trials
—:i!l doubts and perplexities:
death C1:11e, in the'eomplf,teness of life,
in the_ fulness of age, in tinwiolisnes4 of
immortality, slut w.ts gathered in. like a
sheaf fully tilt'. E. IL
Sr New •;a rectilf,d tsP3 at AI Fi.tlio 40,
air Etigravlng &Jai is lisnost.itasts Jewett.,
r/r. New Dress. Goods at Karr &
irraiNtnalt&N Offers a rest reduction in SII.
ter-Panted Ware.
air New goods in every Department
St KENT t fiLligr.jeept
tar Bnttrick's Patterns at Kirr &
far Dollar-and-a-half books for 09 cts.
Mercur Block.
Vir Ladies' Tics in great variety, at
JUN? h BLlBB`.(llep7 t 4 , L
Ladies' Collars , and. Cuffs at KENT
f New Bazar Pat erna for December
at Mrs. Mnsi:or. •
rr Look at Mrs. 311:mos' Gloves and
Hosiery fur the ladles.
lar Mrs. MINCIOS has new French
shap....s In Hata and tiounots.
tar Call at ,KENT & Blass' and see
heir new Donee Corset.plep7
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Now Cloth': and Cassimnres at
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Vr One more case of those cheap
quilts, at KENT &
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car Call :.t KEIIT & Buss', and look
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Alargo stock of games and toys;
at cost, at WHITCOMB li HIIACT's.
rg" All the Lltest publications, very
cheap, St Winicouß & SliArrg.
Of - Everything in',the lino of station
ery at WHITComti h 9►►icr'B.
rgy- Call and see the latest Ladies' Ties,
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lu colored arid white, at Mrs. 111N00. •
WHITCOMB & hell the best
`Bliuk Books manufactured In the country.
44, .
nr" You can get all the latest styles of
Stntiunery, very cheap, at NV iiircomxi 4Sn/tura
The largest and best, assortment of
spr;og clothing In town, at M. E. franti:Nrittars.
M7..A large stock of School Shoes, very
chap, at Conste.'s, oppoAte the Ceurt Iluuse(eeta.
ItrnnEu PAINT, price reduced to
02 per gallon. In 5 gallon pails 01.90.1
R. 31. Wicctr.s k SON.
'rjr " You will be surprised to learn liew
muih yon can buy fq 99 conle In 3ler ur Block,
Ur Great reduction in American
watch - Es at CIIAIIIIKILLIN'ts , .[JiIne 5.
Elr To RENT. A house u n College
street, near the Institute. Enquire f N'ATHAN
air Gold, Silver, and Steel Spectalea, and Eye
Glasm,s, In great variety, at 11ENDEL3IAN . 8 Jewel
z •
Nrs. has Ladies' Hats,
tilnaued fur one dollar and nrty cente, In good
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summer h a ts, just received, at 31. E. liosirm-
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I h?se Coatluental Bouts at Consta's, opposite the
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P.ddeet time keeper. WIII take borough orders In
paylntmt. Enilulre at this tare.
a- A new stock of Trunks and Trav
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liytiees than ever. [Aur.
HEZ , MELI , if.i.x has the finest stock
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into this town, Call an.l seeit.
Cam' If you want a suit of clothes cheap
er than you can buy the same hit Just
eall at 114E.NFIELW5.
Aar Don't fall to call at ;lea:Dr.emaN's, If you
wish to toty anything In the line of Jewelry, Silver
and Slicer-plated Wiry.
Mr The largest and best assortment of
Bruck4,s ever brought to this place, can now be
seen atiTIMST & 5.):4; S. • [Oct. 20—tf.]
Or Take Notice, there is a great re
itsql,,s In tVilthatil and 'm on Watches. Call at
llrsnta,mAN . F. and yeti Will be sure to buy one at
the prices he Ss offering.
A large supply of tine :white pigs,
rrooi of ChoAter AVhlte and Suffolk. two months
old flu, 15:It of Oct., for sale ctieup by Wll. J. DEL
rt ECII, ra.troel23.
're-04 iuong ,gentlemen will be ae
conatualiied with a pleasant Boom and Board:
First-class family and location. Addreis Box 1,000:
Towanda, Nov. lati.
TO"" NEW RALTIMOItY. REALM —llm been used
a few times oily one winter. Is comparatively
new. Can be Ilan at a Magian. Address P. D.
Dos 1,113. Towanda. I'a.
car A. KLINE, the .11erehant Tailor,
Iran moved his Tailoring establishment to DAVIs k
Co';4 Store. Clothing Matde to order; also cutting,
fitting and trimming done with neatness and dis
patch. Give him a cal.
CLosiNG OCT SALE. —1 am now
closing out my entire stock of Ready Made Cloth
-Ing and Furnishing GoOds regardless Of cost. A
good and rare chance to purchase fz.r those who are
In necil of clothing.
Towanda, Oct. la, 7G-lf
Toddle ar.• hereby notified not to purchase a note
given by inefroi the 21th day of October, 1876, to
the order of jotlBr Ruin; s, for Idle. as by arerird
agreement lite - fald note Is pnyablo, 211(1
wily negotiable ou those terms.
Nov. 3, 1976
ura RARE CHANCE.—To procure a
raluaidelinto property en reasonable terms. Ow
ing to 111-health I will sell my Hotel. known as the
International lintel. 7 his is ono of thonest eon•
structed buildings in Totramia. being 3.i feet on
Main srreet, are 64 feet on Elizabeth etreet, tiro
stories high, with all the modern ImProvemonta
and contains one of the best ball rooms in the Item.
If not sold by Mandl' I. It will be Girl rent. For
further itiformation enquire 'Oll the premises.
ar CHRISTMAS Itt COmmo.—What nice
present can I ..?„A for tny wife. sister. or sweetheart,
or for husband. brother, or friend. as the case'may
be ? What wilt be more acceptable than a nice
rhotogrAph at Wootc's? They are very nicely re
touched and painted tu neat styles. Or If you want
a photogrgtpli, large, from life or copy. you can also
get them there in India Ink, Water Colors. or Cray
on, lidthing like it made In this count}. Remem
ber. at G Ea. 11. WO. IfirS. Gallery. There is so much
cloudy - weather, you need to, think of it in time.
Only a few weeks to Christmas.
.... - P7' Every genuine article hasits coun
terfeit: cry honest man has his !pretender.
Such Is th - se with our estimable and honorable
Nothing cadet. 31. E. itosksirlkErr. having
made!the bus, a study from early youth, and
being controli I In business transactions by the
strictest regard fin tr nth. and the right or his eas
terners, who aro not prrsumeiralways Ilassobe as well
lasso a., himself, others who have no regard fete
the precept of the "golden rule." seek ro prntlt by
his ruv table reputation, by engaging In the same
business, and mate large professions. 4 .4 00 k out
for them...
S , - - -WA • • ` , • l' . ' • • • - ZAVOTVg4= - 0 -
13010,60/04911if 0109th it Sall
la 63,111241 ii NON; and
coattisaTiestwo, Thureds,ys so d SalstdSis. TOn
best assuie ever offered la Taws:ids to buy whiter
goods ebesp. - ' ' A. 'gams
Merears Block appellate. the Mute. •
or FROM A PHYSICIAN.-•—Great Bend
tiaipteitanna County, Pm; soy. V., tels. Messrs,
BlVfit W. Fowls # 5 0 Net Boston:
Ottwrs.xstmx nearly two years my toilful!**
troubled with a long difficulty. After endoling
the trial of much tomileine, ' she was persuaded to
use Dtt, WISTAIt'S BALSAM Or With CUltitir.
After using two bottles she experienced great re.
Heti a4affer sbe had taken six bottles she was
freed of her cough. 1 with pleasure commend DR.
J. T. l'Axst, 31. D.
54 cents and it a bottle. Sold by all drugolata.
- - .
Mr"' The large ready-mado clothing
business, built up by M. E. noststriat,D, Is attract•
lug other establishments to this section, but the
prudent purchaser will bear in mind that all deal•
ers are net possessed of the sagacity, liqtalom. and
strict honesty that actuates Mr. R. in his business
transactions. Most men who pretend 8911 cloth
ing Y'sbeefl." are 'Caere pretenders, which the trod.
ulous buyer learns to his cos!. Our advice is to all
who want good goods at fair pricis, to mitt on no.
SPNFIELD. It =hell no dlffrrence whether you
are a Judge of the article desired or not, he Is, and
will not deceive you. Above all things beware of
the man whip never Invites you through advertise
mente to call.
ur To •CoNsVUPrtvEs.—The adverti
ser, a settled physician, baring providentially dis
covered, while a 3letlical Missionary in Southern
Asia, very simple Vegetable remedy for the
speedy and permanent cure of Consumption, ssth.
ma, Bronchitis, Catarrh, and all throat and lung
Inleeliontr--stso a positive and radical specific for
Nervous Debility, - Prematera Decay, and all !Cry-
Vous Complaints, feels It his duty to make It
known to his sulTerit . ig fellows. Actuated by tins
motive. ho will cheerfully send (free of charge) to
all who desire it, the recipe for preparing. and full
directions for successfully using, thli ptovidentla!•
ly discovered rem ly. Those who wish to avail
themselves of the benefits of this discovery without
cost, ran do so by return mail, by addressing with
waterer, naming paper,
EbottN l TltY GILSTI.EXIAN Is published .weekly on the
followitsgrerms, when paid strictly In advance:—
Oitst Copy, one year, 11.50; Four copies tie, and an
albiltional copy for the year free torhe sender of
the tin's, Ten copies, ¢W, and an aalltlonal copy
ter the year free to the. sender of the club.
All new subscribers for lea, payteg In advance
at l ter November I, 187 a, will receive the paper
weekly, from receipt of remittance to January Ist
ISM 'Without charge.
Thu Country Gentleman possesses an unequaled
Cot pa of correspondents, regular and oecissional,
among the best farmers of all pisrts of. the country
and constantly reflects the practical condition and
land progsess of the husbardry of every section of
w I lilted States and civilized worm.
Tho Country Gentleman gives in Its Itorticultu
I Department a continuoustariety of information
ill suggestions, equal or superior In the aggregate
what Is obtained In the monthly numbers of
lost magazines devoted to Horticulture.
The Country' Gentleman has probably done as
quiet' as all othea Journals combined, to Introduce
nil disseminate Improved stock of every kind
!trough the country; and commands ton greater
even than any contemporary, the confidence and
.up port of breeders and purchasers,
The Country Gentleman cooilus unusually full
,nd trustworthy Market reports, and devotes spec.
al attention to them and to the prospects of the
reps, as thrust log light upon one of the most im
rtant of all questlons—When'to buy and when to
The CountFy Gentleman embraces numerous
'nor departments of a practical character. such
+s the DaLIZ, the Poultry Yard, the Apiary, the
'lneyard, and so on, and weeny pre - sents a column
r two; for the llougewire and an Interesting varie
yof firesidereadieg. It contains a well edited re
, levr of t urrent events, and Its advertising pages
Furnish a directory of lathe prinelyal agricultural
n.l horticultural establishments of the country.
Specimen copies free. Address •
IXTHEIt TUCKEIt & SONS, Publishers,
• Albany. N. Y.
'HI:AT—EATON. —ln Towandh, Nov. 111. by
Iter:'T. A. Edwaril4. 31r. A. C. Wheat to 3163
Lydia G. Eaton. all or Towanda.
EWIS —SECOIV—At West Franklin. Sunday,
Nor. 19, by Elder Calvin Newel', Mr: Jacob Lew
is, Jr.., and Mtss Addle 0. Secor. both of Monroe.
IIEECE—OOOI,' EY.—ln Owego, Nov. 13, ism by
itl`v. W. IL King. Mr. Frank L. Pierce. of .F.Ftst
Smithfield, and Miss )Tatt le Cooley, of Otre
go, N.Y. •
DOrd LASS.—In Wllthot, Nov. 13. Is7f.. Mrs. Or
cella Douglass, wife of J. P. Douglass, aged 33
She jeaves one little 4laughter of four sears.
The undersigned offers los farm for sale. siteuetrid
Wyalusing, Bradford Co. Pa.. /111:I eon.
talking 23 acres. The (ann Is well adopted for
snral fruit culture, V I miles form Depot, and
from 'agar Run switeli. On It IN a dwelling house
with good cellar, and a good weir of water at the
door; small barn. and some 35 fruit trees, and ';
acre set to strawberry plants last spring.
For ptrtlenlars enquire of W. 11. BRoW IMr•
Mee, Sullivan Co, l'a. [Nor. 23 4w.)
Notice Is hereby given that all one In
debted to the estate of D. O. Newton, late of Ath
ens twp., dce'd, must make Immediate payment t.,
the undersigned, and all persons having clalins
against said estate, must present them, duly am.
thenticated, fur settlement.
JOHN HMO, hdin*r.
Fast Smithfield. l'a.
Notice N hereby gtven that all persons In
debted to the estate of GeorgeeMrtabe, late of To•
wanda,must make immediate payment to the under
signed. and all persons haying claims-against bald
estate, must present them, duly authenticated, for
vlrture of an order Issued out of the Orphans
Court of Itradford County; the tholersiguml, ad
intnistratrlx of the estate of Ira Adams. late of
Smithfield tall, deed, will expose to public sale on
Saturday, Occenther If„ Is7e., at two o'clock tn.,
on the premises, the following described property,
situate in Smithfield tw'p and botiduled as follows:
on the north by lands of Clark McClelland, west
by lands of James Voshurg. *mob by lands of ,ten
ley and east by lands of Robert lie Queen and Tem
pleton, containing one hundred mins, Improved.
TERMS :--(110 upon the properly being struck of the residue upofi the cntpl na
tion of sale and the balance In two equal annual in
stallments thereafter, with Interest.
TN BANKRUPTCY.—In the mat=
ter of George T. Granger. bankrupt. In the
District Court or the United States, (or the Webt,
eru Dlittrict of rennsyivania.
To the creditors of Geo. T. Granger, bankrupt
This is to give you notice that a second general
meeting of the creditors Of said bankrupt wilt be
he'll at Towanda. I'a., In said District, on the 15th
(lay of DECEMBER, 1878, at to o'clock. A. 71., at
the oftlee of Edward Overton. jr., one of the Regis
trars In Bankruptcy in said District. for the pur
ple:es mentioned In the 271 b S-c. of the Bankrupt
Act of March 7, 1867. And I further give notice.
that I have filed toy final account as Assignee of
Ito' estate of said bankrupt in said court, and on
the day named above t shall apply to said court for
the settlentent-of my account and for a discharge
from all liabilities as Assignee of. said ,estate, In
accordance with the provisions o the 28th Sm. of
the Bankrupt law of March 2. 187. lie present
tbe rear. • C. S. RUSSELL,
Surviving AsPignee of Es•ate of lieu. T. G ranger
TERM, ;876: •
James Wood et al vs 74 W Whenlock issue
Nathaniel nutter et al vs Jag M Bowman eject
Euzene tinth.rhill. vs .1 DeWitt's adm'r lssue
J V Satteriee vs J DeWitt,s aillit'r _...L sue
Wm Crook's one vs Elizabeth Gable ....Issue
C W Clapp vs 1) h Walker debt
J It Itaymrs use vs W J Ender Issue
A E Comstock va E B Williams debt
W m D Powers vs John McQueen a siou pt
A Waltman vs Wln and Petri' Hunslnger—trespass
A Waltnian v' Rufus Potter
A Waltman vs Justus I.ewl trespass
Jefferson Carley vs Peter Miller ceveLant
Pet-r Brady vs Jane Gibson ...appeal
Thistle Kinney vs George W. Kinney deltt
David Randall et al vs Au•tln Randall. et ai..ejeet
J yt Correll vs Overseers Poor. Atlitiin appeal
S II Hors vs Cornelius llnnsirker S F.M.L
Guy Titter vs Antaziah Kihney eject
31 C 31eveur vs Jttlitlltanst•nt issue.
Andrew Bailey vs Michael Lyneh • appeal
.3 It Cowell vs Contelta M Kelly's natter app-al
James titillivan et at Irs ilanict DMA.°ll....trespass
Mlt hael Coleman vs John .1. TholepsAin....trestat.s
Michael Pp.'s V 3 the ,N. B. Mercantile 1115.0 J—debt
S P Lathrop, adnr.,rs Lyman Asherart.i.trespass
A Lewis a Son vs A Waltiiian s assumpsit
!bear V Ayres mr.lellii 11eQdeeti assmnfislt
LaCerty k Landon vs Lyman Braisem.. ...... appeal
Wasliltigtim 31iller vs Jelin 11 Sehrader......apral
11C Elshree v N Charles Elsbree appal
Harding et al vs Watson Freentan.....4l,:et
First Nati(Aal Rank. Athens, vs H Courll—att. ex•
Edwant Herrick is Henry Coryeli • att. cx
First Not. Dank. Athens, vs Ells. Welles et stale);
First Nst. Illank,Athens, vs Ells. Welles, et aidebt
Marvin Tompkins vs Wallace, Miller • trespass.
Mathew Palmer vs Alexander Murdock dent.
H W Patrick vs Renjamin Northrop eject
Win May vs la T • trespass
Susan Curtner et al vs CV Doane eject.
John Thompson es Michael Coleman.. ..; .... eject.
A Waltman vs Warren Ayer appeal.
Marvin Elsworth n V E ........appeal
Dr Wm M Cheney vs Mark )(1nt0....,..... .appeal
M McDonnel vs Abram and ThotWaltman..cov'sit
Nathaniel Diplion vi J Leßoy COrtdd...allintlajniC ,
1- It Caothangh vs Josila .3..1116111111511t.
T. Campers adieVis vs AWhimple et
:Tuft ,?!iip-lit,i-Attii3o9 4 stive-!1!. - K 414,4,
•::::,,vi,•;.?„,.;,,:0.1.-.44, - laktkiltariaii 4. • :. •
.i.,••• • ,•.v • •- •
"i . "' 4 • , ••P• •
_ .
33 Niagara Street,
Buffalo, Y, Y
Ne 7 Advertisement:.
-.'-'.'' 'fi.... , '-',4r..-z - 14 . 2 .. ,?'
:7,,.<;!.:.;,-*7 r 6. : !7.* V 4-3 ' ; ' ; ;f 4 ... , V:-..;* , -%'5. , :(i'..: . Eff..!„ . ..2:.:.. :,-.
,- .:; ,. : 1 . 3 `;'.q:•,,,,:5 4.--, i; , • ,f -' , : . : , ...• , L,•,.) -,%., r..i-_ ,- ,: ":":-.1.-: I
. 'ELL - - it CO., Bankers and Ilroliers, $0:4, ,
South Third IRree!,..Phlldelplifs, Nov. 20th, 1870
. . .
. , • -- sta. ASKED.'
_ ,
11. s. ma, a s. IN 418%
663-20 66. 103, Go , 41, /lON : 110% -
" "' 'CS, J. awl J. 112i11i3
6* '66 SI la. .6 66 . - litl 1116%
44 44 44 %a, 44 44 117 11173
6, 1040, coupon. - '1144;114, , i
6, • Pacific vs : cy -I=W:24
Neil Vs, Reg. 1851 - kra, - -It t%
ll* "c. 1831 112V024
Gold . 1091 i ; 11971
Silver - - lOO :100
PbUadqlphis k Erie...
Lehigh Navigation....
.` Valley, Ex. DIY
United R. H. of N. J..
Oil Creek
Northern Central
Central Transportation
C.kA. Mortgage a•a, 19
'or Country Produce. for the week ending
Nov. IS, 1976, Repelled expressly for the lIRAD
roSo RIPORTSIt, by 11. k R. Tnint.brAt &
Co.. Weet BroililWay, Redd° and Hudson Streets,
New York.
BUTTER.—Receipts for the week 27,000 packages.
1 There Is a good steady deMand for strictly fine
amid fresh made at mull prices. Other grades are
dull neglected and lower. A few purchases are
being made for export. The quality being decide
ly superior for that purpose than earlier, lit the
season. The prices exporters are willing. to pay
however do hot correspond with the Improvement
In the grade sought fur. Dairymen are as a rule
willing to sell and would undoubtedly accept lower
prices than they were offered a few weeksalnce.
• We qutate: .2 .
State Dairies, pails, selected • ' 133gt:14
" " fair to good 1rq,12
~ creamery, choice 3.'40
good to flue 33034
" firkins aslected 104.:1
" " fair to good '27@::.9
" half firkin tuba, choice selected.— 4.tc2Fo
" :•"" •• fair to goal - v 032
" Welsh tubs, selected • ...370) •e"
'' " fair to good - 23031
Western. creamery, choice 3:14:15
•• 4, .. fair to .good • 32(iivia •
~ - firkins, selected, ' 21 , 0)22
fair to goal reT,l9
Western dairy tubs, selected 2t(0)25
" • fair to good 7.102:1
Western factory tubs. selected . a 24
*4 fair to good 21@:..'3
CllEESE.—neeelpts for the week, o,
Tho market closes strong with an active demand
for hest shipping grades. This Improvement lu the
demand And LICIV34I In price Is sof ~ty the result ,if
Foreign orders for strictly flue• September giroibt.
'Oilier qualities have participated to a.certain ex
tent In the Improvement noted fur the best grades,
though the advances Is not so well (legged.. It Is
generally believed that tim tins.luetionbf ('hers•.
such axis required for export Is barely sufficient to
to supply the demand that In likely tp exist. •
We quote:—
State factory•, fanry
•t-s '• fair to good
Western factory, cheddar nue
poor to good
08.—Illecelpts for the week, 1,500 barrels.
Flue fresh stork Is In moderate supply and sera
rmulny on arrival at moderate Ilzures. flurried are
abundant, dull, and barely steady atmtotatloto.
We pude:—
Stele and Penn—.
Western flee fresh
f3lr to good
Flour In he.eter request for home use. Trinsact
nous for export are more moderate thntr at 'file
eommencement of the week. Meal Is qulet 'and
su r rflne ; 41,„
Sprlug wheat. extras 5 If*Tri 4i
•• fane) , ,,
Coil' meal, yellmv
There has been a falling re In the fleutand fur
local use owing to a lwarelty of freight room. Pur
chases for export are very notch diminished. Barley
Itye kin better request and mote firmly held
Corn quiet,
Wheat, Spring, No. 1....
*s. Milwaukee, N 0...
Ilyd winter.
" White
oats, ......
Corn. western mixed
", yellow
New medium are Fearer. In good demand and
Marrow are plenty and weak. Pea It,
ar• searettand firm. ' White Kidney bail. a
ate Inquiry with full prices. lied la more g-neral
supply anti.lower
Pea. fair to good
Medium J
White kidney
Red Kidney
The market Is In an unsatisfactory rentlitlon.
Brewers and Shippers alike using 'the utinced eau
tlen In purchasing and_htlying 'only to supply int
niedlate wants.
Crop Strite, good to pri me
••'75 Wis. fair to pritue..
Crop 14. poor to g00d... ~...
Clover continues to In active requect at qucia
irons. A Alzp! Improvement In tltn ll.linnatitt for
Time nai Is In modcrate nquest, and firm at
C loveiVt.
we,tern rough
Timothy. per 1)11,hel
4 , Aid to prime
Apples are in fair request for expurt.l The 1 , 31
trade :Mounting to lon mll . O. entiseqttently all qi , al-•
Wes excepting such . ' as the requirement+ of
'the Foreign' trade are thin and neglected.- Peaches
are in monerate supply. firm and higher. The to
rolptg of Illark Herries_art, more and have
eau.ed a decline In Cherries and o:lier
.mall trials are 'firmly held, the tiopply fig un
tore than sufficient to, meet' the requirement , of
Apples, State, sliced
' quarters
Western, sliced
qulrt ,r 1
Soot hero. sliced
reaches, peeled, fancy
~ fair to cool
unpeeled. halves..
1113ekberrieN. per !b....
C.herrles. pitted. Per tb
per ft.
11. K. Si F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Importers. WlttAesalt, Groerrs & Cem."St.nrhants
West Braldway. lt , volt. d Hudson st 3.. N. 'V
Traduce Conimission Department in charge of .1,
S. Gates. We reeeive anti sell on 0111=1v-sluts all
kinds of Cptintry Produce; make cash advances ou
consign men is and furnish stencil plates and mar
ket quotations when desired. Correspondence so
AA, is hereby given that there has been filed in I
to, office of Register of 'WI is In and for the County
of Bradford accotintS of admlifistiation upon the.,
followirg estates. viz:
Partial account of W. IL Wilcox,. Ex'r of A. W. •
-W,licox, late of Leßoy, deed: ••
Final account of rJohtt McGovern, glianlian of •
Alice McGovern, tenor child of John Metlov :to
Final accomit of Charles Daugherty. adm'r of
;Flancis W. Daugherty. late Of Orwell. ti-ed.
Final account of S. C. Ilovey,guartitati of Chas
O. soyder, minor child of Orrin I). Snyder.
Partial account of J. A. and Marla It nmin. ad Ines
of Etislus Bloom, late of Canton. deed. •
Finn account of G. W. Kilmer, atiurr of Egbert
Sies ler ' late of Asylum, d• , e'd.
Filial account a f Levi Noble. guardian of MI,.
M:•Klnney, minor child of Russell 3lcKinney.
Final account of Wm. Wolff. ex.'rof Julius Woilf, 1
lase of Towanda, deed.
Final amount id M. L. Rockwell, adnlT of Bet.
acv Cole, late of Biuriltigton,
aerount of James C. McKean. guardian Of
Chester E. Decker, minor child of Andrew Decker,
la's of Springgeld.
Final accoutit of Ruben Barrett and Lucinda!,
Ann Barrett. adnirs of George I'. Barrett, late-of 1
Springfield, deed.
Final account of P. If. Ifatding and Chas Stock- 1
well. atlntra of Am Pratt, late of I"antou, deed.
Final acchunt of Georg:: C. 'Vest, guardian of
E 1111 l ta West.
Einal account of C. E. White and Laning Whip- ;
ph,. mina's of Jonathan 'Whipple, late of Asylum,
Partial account of II; N. Sif Whims. W. S. Jayne •
and 11. W. Clark, ear's of Charles Wright, late of
And also the appralsement of properly silt off by;
ear's anti ad tars to widows and child:len of the fol•
lowing decedents, viz: • .
Estate of Douglas Parison.
Estate of Daniel P. Jones. •
Estate of Simeon West.
Estate of Edwin K. Collins.
Estateinf Samuel Wheaton. '
Estatelof Rmos W. tvllcox.
I:Matelot Moses. Stiles.
Estate of , Lewis 11. Standing.
Estate of D. Stunievant.
Estate orwhitlug filfferd.
Estate of John E. Rockwell. •
Estate of John 'Keeler; •
Estate of Patrick feeliey. •
Estate of David Rinehart.
Estate, of Oscar Elliott: •
Estate of John IL:urigan.
Estate of Israel Smith. •
And the ?tattle will he presented to the Orpnans
01,11 of Bradford County. Dee. 1'.1676,a; o'vjoek.
I'. AL, for confirmation and alloww:ce.
• C. E. ANDRUS. '
It -glster.
Register's Office, Towanda, Pa., Nov. 6,
tte rvol
matter of the voluntary assignment of Moses
WRIkIIIB forlim benefit of his creditor•.
In the (Mort of Common Pleas,of Bradford Co.
Nr,, 984. Sept. T.. 1873.
The :Dual account of Win. Snyder. Assignee in
Above rase was Thou In fah! Court for Mims:time
and pllfirlln3thin on Thursday of the firm wee): of
Dre. term. 1876, when It wl.l be allow, (I, uuk•sB
cause br shown why It should not be,
LIENJ.;II. PECK. f'roth'y.
Nov. I, 1676.
Is hereby given that all perimot Indebted to
Me estate of Juhn il*.tehrr, late of Atheoz4 , wp decd,
melt wake Immediate payment to the uttd rnlgtn d.
all persons having claims agalunt mild estate must
prrrent , ,them, duly authenticated. fur set:len/eat.
- B. 31. PECK.
the renter of the highway to the place of hegi no tea;
' —'7 I containing c: acres of law 1, more or less, about. 9U
, 1t.T,,,e t„,,, I : 01 ` ,,4 IMPFOTOII. with ito rd house, 1 framed hrro,
1 ; ." . "'" ,-. ‘" 1 " • anti. orchar of fruit trees thereon. Seized ntt,
is hereby given that all person* Indebted to - taken 'time
. ecuilon at the suit of the Second Na
e estate of "David Ellnberger late , of -Menai hank of Eitnira. NOW York's me vs C 11.
Wl'inot, deceased. must make immediate payment. • Yenit4. ' I. .
iba undersigned. mad. all persona having claims . AVSO—One other let of land In -Asylum trip.
plata Sald -estate =LW:mama. them. duty_ au. ",. boutood north by lands bt ar Ellenberger and WII,.
sti 4 uticalvs, for aessiestant.:. :
_.,, - ,:-.. - 4 --, . . - . -., -1 son . Prateheyt, east- by land ,01 . ,It timpi P.r.titebOyt
,' ; '4 '?-:(:. • -.--•,-,-- '-_ ' '-'-',-,L - -: , ::::ni41.-wrifwvtiitis:: - .' - . - .. „ .T sonlttr i "W - . 0 laeob , Eettlek and ottottgrAresb
r i. - ,;.,-..* ,, - , j -- ' . 4'.::::::,?,=. - !A
... .,tectiblWityllpiti i : - ; - :;; , .Atas a - 011msLL-peits_.f - isetftt-'lktt Sh
AIRIIP . -,t4. z ,..111r.,
, i ;, -7 c -i , : , :
_- ,, -:fi--?..iii , - . ;?,,, , : - 2 . -p-.! .. ,.. r V. , ;; ; ;;Al.;:**; : tiVe3 . -. - . . ,, e4 , -4 - 02.;Alif t- '! 1 - , 74;:lii.-4 ; ;'•: -. ':! - W . 14i.D . ,:zi.: - W = 4 -- i ,, , ,: • 4 - : -„ ,,
1/44, ,,,- ;4 4 1,2:: ,- '-'4:- , ::-I!,..1,41'.--• .--.15,i, ,, r;„'..i?.;t4it„-f4,07 , 3„..."`5 - `-'t,...-.t:;., ~:,-;;;,.,:„-74:4-,..TZ..„4,-,„"1,-4,-,--,-;..'''AIT
v0y. , 231r6
.. 45h; 4476
Vt 7
.. 49M, :49 , i
isc.i 1126 N
2551' 7 935
soy( 52
107 110714
1:( , 14'
13(413 , 4
74 9
t , . 7- qa 0
5 310,1 65
5 Kritg 7
0. (5,4 2i
2 510,310
1 3.7,60 40
:two. 21t
2:0.1 .10
270 e
2 RI :10
.(a.l 40
(a h 7
Of G 97
47(0 Su
4414 81
.701 GI
89(5, G 2
(at! 2i
I V( (Zi I 111
0,2 21
I 61(ir I .2
Oi 0;2. Oo
re et
, . 7
63.1 , 1
-:;,;? - ',1:',..-,_ , ,;,','..:' , .'f'4 . i , , ?.•;.:'! . ,. , ;-:; - .:
'HERIFF% ; SALE'S...7.IIy : .. virtue
of sundry writs .tuned - Outer the. Court -of
Common Pleas. will be exposed lo.pubile sale at
the Court House, in the borough Of Towanda. 'On,
-FRIDAY, the . . Ist day - of December. 1570, at one
o'clock, P.-M.,-toe following described property.:
One lot of land In Columbia and Armenia twps.
-bounded on the north by Lands of John Kennedy
and James Cowan. east by lands of II and 1' Peck,
south by lands of Frank Horgan and Horace Ha. j
gar, and west by. land of Helen Bird, containing I
VA acres. more or less; it tieing tho same farm now
lu possession of Earl Kennedy under Case,' about
123 Improved, with a framed house, framed barn
and few fruit trees thereon.. Seized 'and taken
into execution at the Suit .of Eleazer
Pomeroy vs II A Case and Lydia-Tomlinson. ad
ministrators of John Tomlinson, decd and Lydia
Toueinson. ' . •
ALSO-Ono other lot of land to Pike twp, bound
ed on the north by the public highway leading from
Leltaysville to Polterville, east by land of Wm
Brink, south by lands of Win Brink and Seymour
Wilson. west by lands of. Mrs John Harrington
Containing 6 acres of- . land, more or toss, - no um-1
provements. ;Seized and taken Into - execution at ,
the suit of Gee W Bailey. ex'r of frontal Halley,',
deed, vs John A Ilarringten. ,
ALSO--One other IM of land in Athens linen. I
bounded on the north by lands of " . .tbe Pa it 3: Y
H It Co. east hy.New St, and south' by lands of-Ml
chael Bourn and Patrick Nell, containing about .7.1 1
of an acre of land, more or less, with 1 framed of-
flee. 16%16 ft, I framed barn 42x60 ft, with ad add!.
Hon 30120 ft. Seized tind'triken Into execution at '
the suit of the First National Bank of Athens vs
II C Smith,A 31 Ely, Jr. .
ALSO-One other tot of land to Canton bow.
bounded north by mill creek, on the east by !and of
Mrs Win Bennett. south by tritton St. and west by
lauds of l'atriek Itonan, containing b; of an here
of land, Inure or less, all inipioved, with anted
house, out building and few fruit trees :ben on.
Seized and taken Into execution at the suit of Perm
mil Bros vs Win Bennett, J A Hooper and E L
Al.BO-One , other int of land in Canton boeo,
bounded on the north by lands of Win Clayton,
east by lands of .lames Fox, tomtit by blots or Wilt
Bleckner, west by Troy St,' being 26!..,1 feet from iia
slid street, depth 98 ft. I framed bultdlng theraon.
SAziel and taken into execution at the suit of Hen
ry Morgan vs Win Crooks, et al T. T.
ALS( i-One other lot of Isntl ; itt,..ifonrbe twp
bounded north byjiands of Eton Wlleox;e3s't by
lands of Itenj North, south by lands of Jud,on
Black Man, west by lands of W i t, A . Ma--611. contain.
lug 37 acres, more Or I.lse. about 23 acres itoprovfil,-
witty I framed house and few fruit tint-s thereon.
Seized and taken lido exerullon at the suit of Welt
aril S Coniii's use vs F l- W tleox.
•,.nniblimr, a 11111.11111 g 111)11:411, Inll.ll ,
ri's high with a ha4ett.ent, hailm; a front of ar ft.
and t i depth of 29 , ..y ft. situate upon a eertale le , of
lam! In Athens twp„ Isiuntled mortis by plety,int st, ,
...Ist by other lands of,•salil Ellen •B.lrker_setiti. by
Moils of 1) f. F Clark and west by Psillon-st„ bring
~ aaft front on Pleasant and extending soothe -Aril
"siring the eat side of Fulton ...trees' 173. i
f..., being lot • 1 ,- ...3 52 In I.toek 0.. on map of II I. F
nark's extenston of South Waverly, made by Z F
Walker, Feb 10, 1473. Cornelius Case vs Eliza
Ilf.rker and Geo. E Barker her husband, repi:ted -
Owners and contractors.
ALSO-Due other lid of land In - - Athens- twp.
hounded as' follows: Iteglonlog at a plus stionp.
thence north 52.'4 0 east fl2o. thenee north ' 4:1 0 3'
east alp: thence north -tso 3' east 34 - .2-101e, thence
north aho 3' east 53 k-lop, to the State line; tle•nee
on the S'ate line 81 0 42 west 134 p: thithee smith 5°
13' west 21.: thence south t 1, 40 42' east 15 0-top; thence
smith 2so 27' oast lap: deice sent') 13° 27' east inn:
(limey south 24° 3:l' west 10p: thence south Slo 33'
west aO-10p; thence south 39 0 33' west 14 2-top:
thence south 26 0 33' west 9 4.dop to an elm tree;
thence south 1:. 0 IS' West -1114 to a point - !ot the
rocks on the dam: thence south 7 0 .36 , east 20 S-101.:
Behr!, smith 74° 3' east 24 75.10fp. to the is e corn.
of S Crantner's loti,ltheneelsouth 17 0 west 4 22-lo
decree north ;lowest 15ft, thenee wrath 170 we =-
a s• - eloop. to the renter of the roast; them... mirth
77 1 1 °wetd In the road 3 51-100 p: thence south 16 0 west
a sl•dr.op. to a white oak sapPog; thence south 75°
east 7.5 top, In the place of beg:toting; containlog
7,9 arr.'s and 115 4-Inp„-more or less, about 72 :sere.;
Improved, alt:: I - f mined 100t5... 1 -, framed nagoa
home, I framed Wan - with sheds attach,' and
orchard of fruit trees thoreen; with the pr‘enege
of the water as. Net fl,ntil , ill 1110 deed 10 flora.,
Shipman: also the Ilydratiiie ram belonging to , :till.
iiorave Sh11,111:111..C. ,, liN11 - 11Cieli 111111,i the 1111:1, NNIIII
the privise;,.... of !ogress and egress for the purpo,e
of repairing the sanso. and 1111, proper enjoy...he or I
the privilege as reserved and set forth In the et--ed
to sal.) llortsee Shipman of the mill prupsrle, being
iht• same likee T..f land as conveyed by said Horace I
Shipman te .1..,-boa Coyk-ushtil by - deed slated
:Mandl 2.0 Tits, and recorded in the office for record
ing .1...41:.te, In and for Bradford county In il-sel No SS, at Page 24(1 s;cexcenting 3114 roserving
therefromsl x; acres described as follows: Begin.
ping at au ,
ettis tree on the bank of CaYela creek,
Denier north 2ao 35' easll,2lft to a stake; do--aeo
south 74 0 45' east 3saft to •s take; 111e10.4.t. 'l.Olll IS.
21',' sees o 3
S 71-10 ft to a sta .cm ter cif a propesed
.k ....
read (Soft wide): thence : og the VIM' Illq'til 71°
-1 , /' NV,-,4 332 ft to a stake Its f a toptof Muff also , -
tis:t slam, thence north 130 Is' ..Ist 1.104 2-10 ft 10 the
1,,, )
place of. begllmlng. Selzer ,mud taken into e 3...eit
-Iton at the stilt of II if Slllitill is (;••(; ttiyk!•:ol,o%,
Sit' , an Coyltelelall. Harriett . (A.ykeisslall. Also at
cult of II E Cuylers, 5a111... .
. A LSO-'4l hie other lot of laud in Franklin twp,
I eelnd, d north by land of Samuel Fair11:101$: east
lc 11111(1 of It I' Crap ots, south by TrMandri creel.
and west by; lands or esutte of Letlyard Chaap. 1,.
(too's'. and Alonzo AErse. containing Z. 3 acre.; and
I_4p, abottt 55 acres hold-% ed, with I frartit,llltpuw.
2 framed - barit,, I framed granite!: and few fruit
trots litelt.olt. , . .1 '
--ALSit--1 i!-.t. (411 , 11- 10t Of land in Franklin tw•p,
bounded north hy lands of 1t a stnith. east- by land
of Samuel Fairbanks, south Icy the ecru of Led
yard Chaapel. west by-land of Ira Sinlth,,eniitztin
jug GI siert , and lap, more or 1et , 5.12 acres Im proved,
110 buildings. S-izod stud tak:M Into execution at-
Ile• suit of ft N Bowe's Itze vs W 1-1 Crofut. Also
at snit of II C Fairbanks vs W II (•reftit.' - .
A1.5(!-'--(isse tabor lot of 1,11,4 In' . A Oleos twp,
hounded ma the north by Willow street, each by lot
Ns ) ls, south by lot No 11 and west Icy lots Nos 5.%: 4 ,
said lot kpown as Tot No ie. In a 1.1.5 t or.survoynmde
I.:, Z F. NI alker coal called ore Al .1 tang 0.1, solo
moiming at a state 154 ft and Tin front iron plts in
center of throning na.l, thence e,7 felize-7411 - nests
-41° 33' cast: then,. Holt sin. 44° east: thence 1.7(1.
7ln mums 440 33' west; IlLonee I4oft hits nerils 410
wrst to Wave or b. ;0110111r, esaitainteg ~., of ;marry
more or hts , . from Centre of 55 . 11 . ... w steee;, I N ':), , T,
111 r same Pit! , e or mita eonveyed by )formula t I. mg
:40.1•';'h ivanail IV Lucas by dee I dated Eel. 27.
1574. and recorded In tint (eke h.r tets,t,ttng ,T,..,1.,
.k• . in :AO for Itrial rord cmm,..-. ii i Deed lick No.
12.spait• tit &v. with 1 I rameir house and few f Mt
trees :horror, - s t nS41:111,1 atiken 1100 - eN.,• , 1110 .at
02'. ' , lit of Athens Itolnlifig and Loan •A50.....k. lon
vs 'risontas W lascas•._
.\ Lee)-(hue othor tot of lard in-Aliens troos,
he•tint,ld on the north by IV:01111: ,, ea-t 1 , . 10:
NI ) IC, south by 16/ No 4, and we s r)o: leis 5-.1.2 , a,
neing lots No 3 A 0. v. hich ts.g,siser With the ilia M
are lots Ire Ina plot did survey nia.l.-heZ E Il'a ' , ter
:ta d known as the Smith it Ely Itch. 111.0 Suit., &
; 1 ' . .-.Y I , '"t , ltolloled on iii? north by Walnut 'sti et.
.vrest. Icy Main genet, east and south lo,' lands of .10
Vonn'a st. N 'V Castel it ftaitroad Company, , lid car
evllVl•yeti 10 the. rt.:till (ir of the .1.0 .1 Icy Chart. - - F
Welles and wife by deed dated 'April 14..1 , 72. .lid
rs:conled in Bradford county Deed. I ,:a.k. No . if,
page 17, Stc.i with I framed seder', j-tramed T, ern
ani few (cult 110,‘ .h. real,. sein,l and taken cd..
,xeentton at the spilt of ,Athens Bending ~,,,1 1. , T) ,
AC/Oda:1On vs Daniel P Weller and Mrs )Tar's J
W.•ller. - . .
,kl,sts-One solmr lot of laud in Troy ho,rotszh,
I,..mollest mu the north hy the public Istgliwar, (. El
'lms a acre -t); ease by land', of Franklin II l'er , Ifl,
m.. 011 Icy Sugar Creek. and west by lands of Er:. a's-
Ilr II liersmt, contaltilog about ' , acre of )sad,
more or les-, all itstprc cod. with I framed hens... I
frl.m. , d intra and few fruit and fa - nano:Mal t: :es
01 , n...a S dz..l and , t.keli Into exectition .at the-,
suit of John 3lcKean VA lames It Adams.
ALSO-One ether 10 , of land fit it sill ingtoti,
bmtteled on the north - by land , of II 31 t'tark.- . ast
by lands of Chester i"ampbell. smuts by St.gar
Creek, and - aces( Icy lands of (1 if Trail'. IV )1,-air:
31r, Geo C 11111. Monroe Ayres, S 11.111i1 and Mrs
Mathew Betts, et al. - con ;lining 07 !acres of land.
Inure or less, about all Improved. with 1 framed
bease..l large framed Lam, corn house and orchard
of fruit trees thereon. . - -
ALSO-One other tot of land In Burlington bore
bounded on the north lands of 31rs Honry 111(1,
east by lands of 31r4 J a A ralklns,.lioillster
Compton. Mrs Dayld A .c. .1 V Rice and otb.'rs.
smolt by Stain street. and rat by lands ot . el it-11111-
rant Scutt 1 . 11112.. e0111:1111111r Ix' arms St lats.'. more'
Or less, all Inihroved, no Itaildings. Seized and tr.-
. kett into execution at the suit of A :.1 :Siorley vs
Reuben Morley.
ALSO-One other tot of bud In A. , ylton . INIT,
beginning at the old white oak corner of warrant
In the nante,of Wm Smith; theme by the north lin e
of that warrant nor! 11.51', 0 west iiio perch ea 10 an
old sheaf nut corner cif said warrant; thence moils
2 1 , 0 east 701 to a stone lo•ap hy a pine; thence smith
571.,..0 , east 160 p to.a siono 'lmam corner of John
Bra tuol'i k;: the, s outh 2 ...,:,e. west 7 , 1 , ti , ..{,„
Piave Of 14'011011g, Contaltsing 73 acres-of iaml,
untre or less, about 50 acres Improved,
_M:itil . olit.
/ j am,'
.n„n., i t aim hoard shanty, :nut few fruit
tr.--. , t htimm. 5..11,td andlaken Into execittinli at
tic• suit of It W 1,:ttl” NS Mantes Ilotte•nstein.
1.1.4(I-t me other it.: of land In Athens bor.), be
ginning at the southwest corner of lot Litchi - owned
by M's David Cook. widosy of Vlach' Cool:. dent.
:11,1 now owned I.y N C 113111,1, 131 3(3111 Sll^:3-I'.. It
M1'311,131,1; .9 Own,: thence south 12'_ ° ivestnlong
line or St3to-,t 21., feet to the dot dime partition
and wall ..r Tile tfr;r - r.tore on the borth of the lot:
thence an eas'erly. emirs.. along said ditision wall
and at sight anghts with the street and,the bainling
as It SlOO,l 11‘401,* It was destroyed by' till-. tad said
Inn GI reet to a corner; thence north 12.,0 e; , , , t to
%Mil Coek'slot 21 , : i. ft to a corner; thence along
hard Cook's, s tow Ilarrds , south line to the Vete- of
beginning. all Improved. no building:. Seeded and
taken into execution , at the SI:11, of Danlel Itensley .
vs 13' liancoek. .
. A I.SOOrie.o(her lot of land In Soulli Creek t wp
be7.innlog at a stake and 4: , •131.`A on the State line.
at the mu-Om-est corner ofiGeorg.t Dunham's land:
111.1tre , south 1. west 111014: sail .I)tinhatn•s I:.nd
192 7.44 reds to a c..rner; thence Westerly along
lands of said Dmthatit and 'parallel - with the State
line 41't , rods to a stake and stories . tor a corre.r:
th-twe north to east along other lands or said taco
Kinsman 192 7.10 mds to the Slant lint!: them,
ettderly along the State line 41 k,i.: Todi 10 the pare
of beg ionh!sr. contalM tig 30 acres of land. more or .
lesii, :11 , 014 fl'iler.l'S illliorOVOli. With 1 :'leant saw 11/iii
thereon,belng a part 4f warrant lot No U:31; S..lis
E d, ; I to taken into e%ecutton at tne snit of .1 I'H
Kirby ti=c vs Georg c Kinsman.
Al.s.)--One other lot of land In Athens horougir,
sit nate on 'he north tad , of North street and ko...rn ,
as lot No 74 Oa 111(41/1.:SlIr1111y 01.1thenA lout made 1
icy Orson Rickey, helog, the same property deeded j
by .lel4 ame n d II Stone to .1 It Reeve by deed dated
.Ii: y 15, 1969. and by Idol convey. il -to S'Alli Si try
Stem. Icy deed slated f.attot eat' Skull l'eClPT , i*.,l in
Bradford emnity- Deed' Book,No tr 2, page 410, Sic,
wi•li I framed house and few; fruit . trees theleou.
Seized and taken Intl, exeeution at the suit of *he
-Athens linthilog mot Loan Association ' v3' A 11
S:1 , 1)1. 8114 Mrs Mary,
A LsO-4 )ne otlo•tr lot -of land In Canton 1,..;p,
bohnded north by land., of 17rial WHO's. and .13. old
Ito . serts. east'hy kinds of .1 Lk-Wright and Lort.•,l:l
\Yr 'gist. south tly the potpie highway and c.est .hy
Warren Fitrwater: contatuti.g -10 notes, more. or
1... L aillMt 30 acres in, ; .ror,,e, , P. h I ft:tined hut .e.
1 I - limed ham 1 frane sl honk.' tetra 1/11 , 1 or. ; tar,. of
fruit trees thereon. S.dzesl and . taken Into eXt 'n•
mien at' the snit of .1 A 111ti.oUerr 11*.: V.l" IVltr• ;I) •
AI.SO-011 , , pater lot of land In Pike 1 wp boweail
ed on the north by lands . now owned and o. , eup.ed
t-y Wm Pierce. east I,y bat-Is ml 33: Benham, so [tic
I,'. lands of Win Ii S:eveii - s 111111 1 1 1.1.1 t by the I..T.rft.
avay leading front Lestaysvilie pa*: the that.. of
Wis Pierre to It rustiviLe, eentaini ti nacre*. is one
or less. It bring tilt• same tor votive) ed by Eta •I-al
le:' and VIM, 10 Preso r t Wl:son, Icy' (I.•ed its est
Sept I, 1673, with one trained 113111i:111113111. 51,11 'C'l.l
an 1 taken iwto exeent.on at the s . of Wm S Oa
vh• w- , vs Preston W /ISOM- -
r .91.... , ,0...4.)11C other .0t of bind in Welles I ep,
hoended,as follow.; 16ginislita at the center of he.
hlghway 'running from:the, so-call"! Baker std . - .01
lose to Leonard's. Shtatil milt; th..atee east al- itg
It, . stenth line of Jackson Soeley's lot to ,Intites
'Tv ifeger's lot; thessee south atom: the west till • of
James Twilegio's arid, C II Leount(PS lots to 'its
ito:•th.east corn• r of Nene'l Leon_ rd's lo •:- Medea
west along the north fine of said Newell I.conatil's
lot to the centre, of the highway: thence horthattng
. .
?-=`,l:,;;- 1 :: - .'.'v....:1
-;--,,4,,,et-11-.,,,,,-t•-,„-l'.-----r7,-7,•-•:,,,,,r-7,---!-,--:,,-.,--,-,, ---
esthris*; etinUsinlng 45 acres. Moro or Pnis, a - bout
50 acres Improved. wits one framed bottle and few
fruit trees.theeeon. Seised and 'taken into execu
tion at theatit of Seth Boatel% useira3fastgomery
_Vanderpool. I.
ALiails-One•othertot of land In Athens twp,
hounded as follows:, beginning at a post on tot -
147. the
,s e cor of lot; thence west 1011'01s to
a post: thence n0rth . 14314 - rods to a post; thence
east 1.0_7 rods to a post Dear a pitch pine tree; thence
south 4a4 rods to th•i; place of beginn lug; contain
ing 30 acres or land, more or less, about 10 acres
improved, with I framed house and a few frnit trees
'thereon. Seized and !taken into execution at the
suit of Alfred Bennett vs John II Wiggins.
• ALSO-Ono other l lot of land in Athens twp
hounded as follows: beginning In the center of Pit, thence north along the line of lot do Is 7 to
lot.No 181: thence east Loft to lot No IAS; thenco
south along the Jinni of lot No 185 to;
thence west 46ft, to the place of beginning, embrac
ing all that lot knowit as lot No 186, as laid down
and mapped by Z F. 'Walker, on plot of It G. Crane ,
lands in South Waverly, having thert' 1 framed
house and few fruit trees; all lit:prated. Seized
and taken into exceu iou at the suit of John Ellis'
use vs Charles F Hall ia. - , .
.... _
ALSO—one other lot of land In Towanda born',
hthilided as follows: . beginning at the n e cor of a
lot Old to 3lts,.Kingsttry, on the west title of Main
str.n.t, thence north rly along the west line of
Miln street ifOft; theilre westerly SG(t to a ten foot
lane leading from IM Vision street; thence southerly
along the east line oil said lane Oft f 6 to the.corner
of .11rS Kingsbury's Mt; thence along the:line of
said Kingsbury lot td Main-st, the Ware of begin. ,
ning; all Improved with j framed house thereon.
Seized and taken intol,exteuthut it the-suit of Ella
abeth Itt 3teans• use v5.1131 - riet C Ilowes. .
ALSO—One other llot of land In Towanda barn.
hounded on the .north and east 'by lands of Joint V •
Means; on the south lie lot contracted to Andrew
S , • Lich; west by Seeiind,st; • Iring 40ft front on
said Secontlest, and do //t deep, with 1 framed home
tiler - gm. Seized and take:. Into execution at the
suit John I' Means ••.sS Eliza Gibson.
' ALSO—Otte other lot of .h a d in Athens twp,
boutuf,tl as follows; t,oginning at a chestnut oak
tree h, the sea. havest,corner tj It No Ittl, on war
r.ant. No riia; thence least I lin. to the south -v,est
corner of lot No 147. en, ked in th e e. map to Ai vlu
IMorley;,thenco. song!' 161 6.10 p to i t be bomb west
corner of lot No 152; hence west 1671, to a eten'e.
the soOtle4...ast corner of tot :No 154; thence north
If, 6-10p. 4 t0 the place of Iwgthiling; coot ai r t3ing his
acres. more or less. Selzed am! taken too cm,•cu
lion at the ;oft of :Albert ti Cran3 and , Flora A
Crane. ex i':> of Jolut,S!Crane, deed vs John B. Wig
gin,: a n d Clara Wiggius. .
.11...4)--Oue other Ifj of land In Towanda barn,
Winded on rth by Lon hard-st; east by lands of Sirs
Mary Brennan; tooth by lands of Mrs Ellen Ward
Miller: west by lards lof Wtn Ronan; helog about
60 feet front on said Loinhard-st by 123 ft d• eh,
wl•h 1 framed house and few fruit trees titer, on.
Setzeil and t Oren into lexetoition at the suit of Sam
uel Walbridge vs Edward Wr.lker.
ALsty_...o:;,,e other tot of land in Canton borough.
ismod.,l as follows; begliming at the n e cor of lot
No 36; thence eastcris[aloog ill.? line of Kahl lot No
:".6 aml tot No .17 16711, , more or less. - to the corner
of Itivishaest: liteticlaortlierly ahoy thir center of
sald'strect 225 ft tnbreor le3s, to the ceithe'lsof Cas;-t hence westerl; along tile center -1 o( Casson
Of 'lot No Get Iliew , e sOuth
salli tot Nwegi,J2l: ft to the
tilt:same Inn s• or less: being
lit down an, the village pint
ID W C Omutt, for 'Dog:
lilt Meant planing mill, It ith
tares belonging there.), I' and framed barn th-re-
Hl° exertanat al thb — sult of
to E Seymour.
.st. 11;7ft, to the n e rot'
orly wof{ the of
pare of beglnnlng't be
lots No Zoi and 49. as I.
of Canton, made by 0
bury. Newman & Co.
all machinery. and ti
store house. JUDI hrr sl'
oh: Seized and taken
E C S?ytnour vs Jeron
ALSi/—onc other lot of land In Troy twp. bound
"ell north by lands of Jacob A Linderman and Jo,
seph phinips: east by hinds of .T M Smith: south by
lands of David Sllngerfand and on the west by ihud..
of Juob A Linderman: containing , ' 7,7, acres, more
or less, about .4O acres ' Improved, with I
house, framed barn and idled attached, I (rimed'
horse barn and few ;roil trees I hereon. Settiil
and taken into ekectuloti at the suit of David
Slim:errand vs F Godard:
A t,so4—one other lot of land In Litelifielti twp,
bounded - on the - north tby land of Jelin Rogers Jr
and J II Rogers: - takt hy land belonging In the es
tate of Edward Barton, awl Jay•es Campbell: south
be lands Of A Lawton and .Itom Complicit: west
by lands of S Li garmun and Jurllt. Drake:
ta 4 ol. g Ifin acres of land, More or less. about Ito
acres linpror. 4. with a framed ilOlll- , e. framed lure
a two orrhard.i of. fruit trees tli reon.
aod taken Into execntion at the suit of M W
k ! vs S It Carm-r.."
A yo—One:ot her of land in Troy twp, !mutat
tt,dth by land of G a Hager; rust I v lain! of Dan.
1,1 White; south Daniel. White; sect
ihr 1111411W:1y: 11101.. a
lees, all improved, with 1 framed house. framed
born owl few fruit tree, thereon.' Seized and taken
iMo ev..ention at the suit of Hobart & Porter vi A
A LSO-,The defeAdants. (' D and F A ,Inagrs
11148 - hied two Interes't lii ai tot of atal in
Itarela - Y twp.-contantleg Ila aces. mere on its:, in
the w a rrant e e nan,,of D II thtnningitani, with a
saw 'MIL two toll! Loa-4c, and a stable Thereon.
ALSO—The defendants' undivided two-fifths in
ter; -t onc other lot of kind in Barclay t vvp. con
joining ..11.n'arres, lucre or less, In the %varmint ,
name „r Peter Lad
ALSO—The der!, tu.dividod two-firths intv - est
in on-, other lot of land in-Itarefay twp. containing
act arses. more or less, In the waz ranti;t, name m
I.4ll—The undivbh , d two-fifths inte'reSt
in one other lot of land in Barclay top. cof,taining
Cr,-.,, inure or lass, in the Warrantee name yt
'll - 31:cr Sn•wart.
A I.So—The deft's undivided tWodilhs intereseth
uilr other bq of laud In Barclay and livimlon'lnv,
eontaining MO acres, more; or Mali, in the'warrAnto r.l NU:II,W I,:plier,
A P C Interest it
on • 01:ter lot I,f .nrol lu Tonanda born, IrumMl,
street. east IT Fourth street. sowl,
by the line fence .4 F.' too , : ir
aimut :41 f t sat:!4;d
st. and about :;an ft on 'said Pine A.. 1, lib
t i rt. lieu cr4v,o, ther:nn.; T 11,; dert,C 1) Cash's.
IIIt•r .t therelA is also toda• sold. , .
A 1r e !..0-116' t , other but bf tart In Towanda I
to:r11) I,y land, \V to A Cllamhk:illi;l
C -ail[ 1.1" *. , 1
1.4; oat I y
!wing :thont a"ft flout MertiatOirs sr aro! 1. - r ,
ft •1,1) S-Iz,l 1!1:0 ex ,, trlioll at ii
bait of W C I> C. 041. F A f'a.b.
Cash. (;," (!;',11: and 1' W
ALSO—Thed,rt. ti..o oar .
ri in a, 1.4 . 4,f land it flar,Zay
twining 113 :ere!.. mole or In Warr,lntor
drink* or I) !I a .Caw :•tii
lo , lisk•S anti 1 i•taiii,•
,I,f .4 6m...fifth Inte:vs
oth-r•: , t f - lay top, Curitali
4111 arr,s, Dior, or ',Cc,. in tilt; ,warrairter• trano• 0
thlt's undivi4,l on9-fifth int; . `oS
hi "al oilier lot of land in Ita • ,!ay - p. coatal.•:l4
339 tmr, nr 2c,-4. iu ti n e warmatee rr
ALS()--Th.: deft's fulfill - I,l'd one-fifth hilt re ,
In ' , no ot lauti in 12:“.•••.is zv - p, cont.:4ll Ito
raprO tio, warr,critee irallo , 0
Walter SteWari.
ALSII-011.:raher lot eat land hi Towanda I•aro
le:1111,111 north ttree:. ea.,t by laud, o
Bea) Knykendall. sonta.l v Poplar snyet. and t , es
by latnnl or G.-0 II W.: wt. being about 50ft I—,rt
and nt.out I.9dt doll. all Improved. no I,ttii iii g ,
A I.So , —The de,r( 7 -r Pae-11(111
- _
f , lie arisen tot of
,land in Itarrlay 4 [vaunt It 1,,
eontalalog 4ao a. r.- more r len in the war, at:
mime or A Ldr k ,v Selred and to .et
Int" e - x.,.1 , 1a at the ~ a lt of ..).lex. 1),%11.g,'s r . :r
vs 1:1•0 I' Ca,ll and 3I A CaslV,l.llsu at tlitisuv_ c
E UV" Cas;ll.
LAYTON. Slier):2
Nor'. D. IS7ti.
Ql-1 ER I FPS SALES.—By virtue:
ut nundry writs o:surd out of the Court
!Ammon Pkai•vt Itrad rot d County. and , ro to di
rested, I will exp-o, to public 'PH If lit s 1) Y.
I lie 7:lt day of 1 teeewbe r, at the door of the Cour:
(oust!. in Towanda, the.folluwlng descritxal prcp,:r
IV, to-wlt :.
One lot of land in Towanda born, bounded as fol.
loglonlog at a point in the nor, h.line of State
':St, and west line of north Fourth st: thence along
the north lino of - oak! State st 10 fklci the prolapse
t.0111(..r ut State and Fourth tits: tree along .11 ,
north line of State-st, as aforesaid. 50 ft to a out'-
tier; Thenre northerly at right angles to' the afore
said line of Stater-st; 150, ft. to the south line of al:,
foot alley: thenee.a!otig:t he south lin^ of said :filet
parallel o itlr the line ot !State-st a'fore,aid. to a is.ln.
On propo,ed liar of North Fonttla-st: On-tire by
the saw eotir.o. lift to the 'nest line of North
FoOrtn-st. to the place of beginning: ,exeeptlng
reserving therefrom the pi irrkge of tezio
strip (.1 lanst tali in width. nteasuted on State-st,
f1.0:11 the Islet of itttet'seet lon of the Mirth line 0•
said street with the wait line of N.rth•Fottrth-st.
extending nort - heriy tq the aforesaid 17;ft alley. to
tho 1,31..4 said lot tor the purpose (4 . viltlehlog She
aforesaid North Folirtilh.St. whru the same shah, In
g.p.•o:.!111.0 tl e grid ai uC :,vit t ltrongh to Waril ttek.,
and tetrleting the right ok builthog on said styli
of land, or of otherwise obstructing the nse:of
strip of hold for the. parpos,s aforesaid, a ita
fr.t0. , 1 house and fe. fruit floes thereon. Selze..
and taken into execution a: the suit of Ellen Wit it
3111: , ...r's use ns Ella V Myer. •
• ALSO—One other lot of land in ShestoMuin twp„
bounded north by the publie highway: east by l a m,
of Miles 'boom: ,oath by land of Joseph feel.
we - st by boat of 3tiles" }torten: containing 90 ace s.
more or.let , „ all Improved. 1 trained bettor, 1 (tam
ed barn, I flaw6l granary and 2 orchards of Trutt
trees there-li. Seiced am: taken Into executioa a,
the haft of C M 3lativilie 'v,., J A iiitnicr. ,
,11.' , 0 -..-4 Unt- ,tier lot of land lit Wells tarp.
1:o::wleil al f011ows; beghal tog at the s e eor of I
No 125, of the allotincitt 'of the latidti of the Bing
Mon estate? 11l yells tarp afole , :thl, conveyed it
John Strong, thmee anon:; the 5..,,t tit nue of sato
lot north istio west, 07 S-lop; thence along the Eas:
Yoe of lot No 22,4 conveyed to Mo-c,k I) ,IVylie south
tt. l o Witt - 05 2-lip; thence along the cast lino o.
lot No 239 conveyed toll:mit:1h II Colilpton, soull:
I't. ° ii ., ' , ".. 13 7 -1 0 14, lbonce along the north due to
Jot no I't''. hereinafter described, north S9 O , east
09 3-lop; thence atoll the, trust line of lot No 225;
%ho hereinafter de,c tined. north '.!., : t' east 1091•, ut
the place of begibning; containing 03 3-10 aces.
More .4 - less, 'Milt the usual .adowahee
,of 6 per c :
tor riva l &et It being lot No 224, of the allotmem
of the itingliant lunds.lti NVelis twp,, /Ste.
. A I.Sit—One other lit of land In Welts twp, Lomel i
od 3_, folt,ovs., lt,gittnlng at the s e ....or of lot No 12s,
conveyed to Junta str lag: Monett along the eas.
tine of said lot north 2.,° ea , tt 59 4-lop; thenc,
along the south line of lot No ::"24 - i:onv eyed ttl , Th,
, Moore, awl I he , 5151111 line of lot No-215., MU
V..'1C.1 to 1, 1' Adams, south LO.P. , ,i°. etWt 49 SOM.
thenee along the west line tat lot No 214., CU11V . .!....!
to Joliti A AyreF, ,011111 11_ ° hest NO 4-lop; them:
sold along 11th of lot' N0 r 214 anti titt West line o
Mt No 212.monveyed to Jesse Shepard, south 1.1; , .
west 05 7-10 p: thence along th; Iltte, of lot No iT.
atore.ald:south IMP west in 7.10 p: thence along . to
nest line of lot, No 224 'above oescrltvd north '.°
cast Ithp; to the vlaee of Ihegloolugt containing' 4!
arras, were or less, rilth the usual allowance of t
percent for roads, &e.. It beiug lot No 225 tat it
allotment of the Vingham lands In Wells'twp.
ALS' i—tine ~ t ier lot of laud Tit Welts twp.tKei•id
ed as follows: beglonlng at Cu- S W •cOr of lot N.
=I, above tl.!,r.lbeti; tlienee tiloug the south Ilue o
totM m ,s
Mt, coal the otttli Ilno of 1,,t No 225, ',bole t•es
tsrl'o.A. north yl.° es,t ((Sp; Owtiel., Wili,g _ttto V e:
Ilhk. of lot • Ni 212 More-:dd. VOIIVYv el/ JO ,1, ._,•
sOoltard. synth 1 0 nest 65 5-lIp; th% .. are . along - le
tooth rim,. of lot No 1.:7, lit!relnatter tieverlt•:,
north 1,1 0 Vivst. CO 3 , Oup; thenee alo,g thO n, lit
ilne or tot No St :1- ,-0,,N,*,.,1 to 9'llut3s Ho: 011
„s, i o 73 th e t ,
!Inn of lot No 2:21. f,•ret aid. et.hvesol to litttklta'i I;
1.1041‘ • 0.10,1. tit 1,-111p. 10 111,1 0 •
negotning; :.-ID actes, more or I ss. •
til,tl the usual atb:wance (4 61,14 cent for nl:ols Ir.
It I•eing tot No 12n, 6f the al.otutent of
hautbnals in Welts tvtp.
I.S(t—ilit?other lot of land In Wells tv,p , „lol,nd '
ed as lollons: beginning at tle w eur..ut lot N.
12:i, convey: l Al to'..lottu .1 ;tam,: thence along h.
wee) sldo of sail lot and tile wesilitie of lot No
conveyed to jes.S...! Soopartl, Ur. said. north 1 . 4?
east :la 3.10 p; thedce still along line of ~lot .51,6•2; I.
north iu cast 112 10p: thence along the south '
of lot No 129 aboie ilesetlbed, north 89° I%i'r , G., •
9.lop;.thence :Ming the want line of lot NI,
atoresald, conveyed in - Thonnts 1101 ton. and line o'
lot No 244:ronv«yed 10.1 Steele,south west
:140p; thence stilt along line of lot -No 240. south
•89!-I east7-lhp, and, ta.uth 2,49 west 99 1•10 i:
and thence along the .north llu- of lot No 126 vas.
37 3.10 p., to the place of beginning; coutaluing
9.11) acres, Moro or less. with the , Wm*. allowance
oftl'per cent for roads, /cc. it belug No,l 7td
the allotment Or the 111141 tam lands id-Wells twp.
The above described 4 lute of land: being the same
laud conveyed :by_ Virm -, Uingblusen .trustees taste.
peen krannerser,•ey'deed Avid January 11. All
litAtimi.ferntged In- We attlqe' ter m gid
ordineoll •
Mir i tint,ls;ls2s2aka- Ftbill*
• '
- -
115ross MOTs or less.aboot 180 itce.calis4trm+Oorltit'.l •
1 framed-house.-3 framed , bane and Orehstrd of
fruit trees thereon. Seixecrand taken Into SZterr
ti mat the snit of V 0 Ball's S L Varmerter. , •
ALSO—One other lot;of land in ' Wells tarp.-;.- .:
bounded north by lands of Joseph Grover. east by
lands of Charles Suffern, mouth by, lands oflior.
man llulburt and west by lands Of John Salltilin t •
containing 110 acres. more or less. about 70 `acres
loaprcrred, with "1 framed noose '
'1 framed barn and 1
°retard of fruit trees therecui'.Seised and taken
into execution at the suit of. Sylvanus Vanbusklrk
vs IV It Hatfield. Also at suit of Lewis 31
vs W It Hatfield.
ALSO—One other lot of land in North Towanda- -
and Burlington twps, bouteled north by lands,of„:,-:
Martin Flannery and Darwin Russell. east by lands f
of Michael Lynch and John and TM* ifigan Smith_
by lands of John Berry and James Lynch a nd west
by lauds of Morris IteDonald; contsdottlit 80 acres : -.
mire or leas, about SO acres improved , with - -
framed houses, I framed barn, 1 framed granary
and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken into
execution at tho cult of C M 31.1W7firt use vs John
Sheridan. - -
ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda bore,
boundediiorth by, east by lot of. D V
Stedge. south-by lands of J F Means. west by lot: .
claimed by Bradford comity, being about 50 ft
front and 140-ft deep, lot no 64. as ou map of Casts -
estate. with a two story framed house and framed
bard/therenn, now In posse ssion of C A Griswold. _
A - LSo—One other boo and lot In Towanda Isom
bouioied north by State-st, east 'by Western ave._
(q 0 Palled), bOUTiI by lot now owned by Jobn Holms -
(fornutriv A Cash), west by an alley or lot owed
byl , l .1 fleeter. being about 10 fi wide and about
Weft long, with one two story framed house there.
on. Seized and taken Into execution at the suit of
Julio Holmes vs W Bramlusll. -
.1 LSO--One other lot of land In Pike tier, bond
ed north by lands pt W Gibbs, clef .by lands of
Alexander Gibbs; south bylands of William Wblte.
ney; and west bylantli of Lyman Pickett; ctmtritt= '
log Csi woes. more ar less, about 40 acres Improve n,
woh 1 framed house, 1 (rained 1,07 n with sheds ats
, tat bed, and orehare of fruit trees thereon. -Selied
'and taken into execution at tlx suit of Julia
dell'suec•vs Sarah A Clapper and a W Clapper.'
Also at Butt of Julia Canfield vs E L Clapper and J
AV Clapper.
A Lst )---One other lot of-hand In Towanda Bozo,
bounded as follows: beginning at the Louth east.
corner of a lot owned by ls.aap 3/IdOlnlign. on the
Dort.' side of Poplar st -extension, In Said bore; -
thence northerly along said Nllddr.ngh's east Brie,
alsoit GO ft to a lot owned by' Mnry Jan:, Sltelp; •
thence eagerly along said Shelp's south- line the
south line of lot owned by John Posey, shout GS ft,„ -
to a lot owned by W Allen: theuze.tssutherlY
along tail Allen's west line, • abbot 90 It to the
not th-lide . nr•PopLar at extension; thence westerly
along said Poplar-st about M. ft, to the place of•be
ginning: with one (ranted • house and few fruit
trees thereon. excepting. and reserving out ;of the
above d• scribed property the nmlivided one-half of
said premises, sold anti conveyed by W Bram - ball
and wife to chat rick Westbrook by deed bearing
da.c Sept 10, 1872. Seized and' taken foto execu
tion at the cult of Sarah E Seovell'S use vs Mahlon
-0 moody. ' •
•• ,t I.So—One other lot of land In Warren trrp, '
Itomoled north by the public highway, east by lands
'bf Henry Allen. south by lauds of Henry Alien,
Ft - vd If Honkers: mid Lafayeile Mlekerson, and on
the West by lands'or Clark Bowen• ' 'containing 112
acretk more or less, about 100. acres improved, with
- I -"framed house, 2 framed Barns and other out
1a01h17,4 an 1 orchard of !frolt trees thereon.-
Seized and taken Into execution at the snit of Ed
win E Chaffee vs Hanson Cr Chaffee. .Also at the
of. .t G Mathews. adniTuf Abram Wood, dee'd
G Chalice.
ALSO—One other lot of land In )(them twp,„:
Winded north by the Pa & Y State Lthe, east
land of D%V C Atwater.lsonth by Bradford-sr, and by lands of Thos'lD - M11; containing li,of an
acre. More or les:a, all Improved, no buildings.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit of le '
%terror and E T Fisx, adagr of L L Moody, deed,
and li It Morgan. miner Wll Morgan, deed: vs
Peter Selmoutnaker and A Ferguson. terre tenant. '
ALSO—One Other lot of land inßurlltigton Wit; •
I ) 4 i/toted:north by lands of Seth Gustlii, east by
lards of Daniel Lane, on the south by lands
as, Mureellus and I' , Burns, west by the public
highway and lauds of Lairreucts Kendallt.contaln. -
It g 97 acres, more or less, about 70 aermcitirproVeds
with t framed house, I new framed bans; I granary
.a,,,,1 3 'orchard, of fruit trees thereon.
A I.r-o—One other lot of land in Burlington MN • •
leeinded north by lands of Decatur Ayres; east by . , .
Mods of -dol; Bollialer and David Luther; south •
by lands: of liavid Luther; west by Ltinds of L3l
RN:1,1 , 11; contai,Edng co arras, more or less, about
all Itnprowil, Iv:at I framed home.
I fralnied barn
with sheds attached, and orchard of fruit trees
ALSO—One other, lot of land In Smithfield My,.
isem,ded north by lands of Adam Schell; east bs '
lands of Andrew Campbell: month by the public
1114/IWay: Trust by lands of Dar - villa Ford: contain-
nig to acres. More or less; about 35 acres ltuproFed,
N': ill a lug hottie therCUU.
A1.,.0.:•-s..sne other lot of land in Burlington . boro,
bootolml north by lands of 11ollIster Compton and
Long Bros; east by the brick .illl of Long Bros' '
cow, being the center of the main huilding;;south
bi Troy-st; west hydands or Gra I' Tracy; being •
aise-it 33 ft front on said Troy-st, and 111 ft deep,
aides three story brick building thereon. Seized
and taken Into execution at the suit of 11111un
thomas vs
ALSO--One other :Ed of land In 'Windham twp,
bounded north by Mutls in possession of Morris
Lawrence and Mlehigh kitillty; south by, lands In
possessionof Walace Nichols; east by lauds in pos.-
E rheeney and Alleit Shoemaker; west
hy !ands In possession of Washington Wenster'and
Ede. and Dwelt; cbutaliiing about *.X., arms, more or
Seized and taken Into execution lit the suit
M Elhanan smith vs Norman Cowles.. •
ALSO—One other lair of land In Tinranda bore,
b , ,,m1,(1 an folloWs: be.ginning on the west side of
Mdll,t at the n e ' corner of, the lot lately conveyed
:. 2 ; Burton Kingsbury and wife to E T 'Elliott;
north 2:1 ft C In-to the-the s e corner of the
of lately pnrcha-ed by-Wm Masnu of 0 D Bartlett;
,Mmim hest along the south lisle of 'salt( Mason's
, i.t 71 ft to an ally, being the a as cur of said Ma
. .;4,s lot; thence. south along said alley 21 ft to a.
oruer sated oC s-.1(1 Burton Kingsbury . ; thence
`",-; along canl land 43 ft. 3 lit to the west line of E.
fallott's lot aforesaid; tirade north along Gild
,tmt,l n in, to the all pion thence east Sr ft 9 in'
• the p lace •begi"uing; together. with all exist.-
kitOWII :IS t
FOlllll In' •.
-w: , ys and
_4:01'1.11:Lill:, excepths , lliliS retaviirg
rvfl'oan 311,1 subject to alt . rtgitt. :Tod interestiv
coto:eyuli by said Bux ua Kiugbat:y,t,o
rrtt,kyvN tlio 31 - nNoule died
.o , 1 31:i . oh 13, 1% 3, and lii ti -ea 1 trot.
f , ... le , . p: pt..? 6.1..te. Also exeetaing Of, ft by 6ft ,
L. tho n. o‘a. of the abo'vedesorthtut hot, which Wa's
, I, ~ 1 ,,,1 tortik; .:Id Cll Patchby 0I) Bartlett and v: ife. on the t.. 311 <lac of Augu-t. 1e64. And further ~.
_ .-
-,11,1 party-or Ifie seet,sii._ part tC uyal. , : hi Ito
ft,r. 4 lllncself.-.1i1.3 Dein a7:11 assigns the free per
tee ci , r of au alto- ruaniug fnci r a Pinrc-+t tothi -
tit et..l of 34 alh.r aria ill exle.t,nee it. like rear • ,
.lie at The szthe Mei
.nth end of s.•1010.:my in :he rear of said Nationzl
• .•k: lids salq • alloy to i.e open to: the public
A mueeor said inartou Kingsbury, his heirs.. exec
❑ •a - s, or a•indandrators shall Km dwelling
loaso en the rumor of Ma:u and to-•t.• n :Mesabi. I '
• '0- slid PAM!: to 1:0-ep I gat., at el:eh end of . alley. melt ouch sale is made. And further,
00.• said Patch, hi. heirs -or assigns has and shall
Mire the right to at tact a pipe to that leading from_
011.• cistern to the dwelling house aforesaid, and
e the use -of the water of said cistern ia the
.•ere, prodded no damage Is dour to said pipe in ,
,ronaii.z sold coon eel lots, dtid without
. destroyiug or
M mating the water In ;said cistern; with I three
-I..ty brick, bulkling - dl•er, dn. *cited and taken in-
execution at the snit of 11 L Scutt vs C'3 Patch. •
A I.sO—One other lot of land In Litchfield twp,
an. follows: beginning at then NV
cur bar..-
•-. in line of Hiram - 31erretes laud: thence south
west 132 2-1(0 rods along Mods of WIS Merrill;* ,
.nome south 87. cast 165 6.10 rods along lands of
Vattloun and Vought: thence ninth 2° •
60( 4-10 rods along lands of Wm Harrington;
to ore north sic° west 1122-10 rods along lands of
Merrell; thence north 2° east 69 2-19 rods;
;item , north Se° west 53 •;-10 rods to beginning; '
santaloing 91 acres, more erlo3ss, about 70.0 acres its- .
brOvod, 1 teamed house. I - framed barn with sheds
„?!.ielted, and orchard of fruit trees thereon.- Selz-
Al and taken into execution at the Suit of John ,
11.•rk le vs ,f 11 Wheaton., •
ALS(b—One other lot of land in Canton .twp,
mmudml north by lands of G P St D C Manley; east --
0y lands of George Meeker: south by-the - Towanda
reek; west by land's of Dr N Smith; containing 75
teres, more or lee., all Improved, with 1 framed
noose. I framed barn and a few fruit trees thereon.
- Seized and taken into execution at the suit of Jas
FOX, ex'r, vs Stephen A Randall. and Jared S
...LSO—One other lot of land in Shestacqula twp,
nomad-d north by lands of Ralph Gore: east Icy .
0:001s of Edward Arnold; south by the public high- •
,e,,c leading from Shesilequin, - to Romm.west by
a, .l of Joea Ellison: containing !„; of an acre,
•amd or loss: all Improved. with I two story framed -
a m., and few - fruit trees thereon. Seized and ta
-am Into execution at the suit of It 11 llulitt vs Ara
• ;
Al...sto—One Other lot 'of land In Athens twp,
lots• 11 No 4 ,& 5 in - a 'plot or survey made by
tbasiden called the Ten Acre Plot; earn
paid lots contninmg 1 acre of land and:lying eon-
- goon). andSirnate ,on the south able of the river
• - •4101 and extending from said mail to the Chem - tine ,
r. having thereon a small framed dwelling • .
.•. - 01se-and few fruit trees; all improved. Seized
- to 1 taken into'execution at the suit of Martha.'
.1••hn Ackley.
.11.4• 0 0--Oae other lot of land In 'Albany twp,
! , 00011:0•Ied north by lands of Codding k Russell; east '
lands of emitting; & RILS,4II and —.Mclntire;
' •n h by land------
d of Meltitire; nest by lands of
ileverly anti Orlando Mere:Vt. containing S .
C. re & amore or least with I framed house and saw
mill thereon: Seized and:taken Into execution at
-;0:. sot; of J 0 Frost vs Jolla lieverly.
2.:A1- , 'SP—Olie other tot of lanb lu Monroe - boro,
north by lands of A'L eraniner, east Ly
ill.. 3143 church lot, south' by a street running from
vain street to the M E Church, west by Maim,sr,
nelng about 91 ft front on Main-st and Mft dello. •
nith a framed home, framed barn and blacksmith -
hop thereon: ,Seized and taken into - rxecutiturnat
: snit of G M,Deeker's use vs G W Fisher. : •
a LSO—One other lot of land In Leßoy twp, .
wooded north by lands of II Montgomery and if
Iteelelland: east by.lards of Daniel McCarty; West
by lands of Patrick McCarty: south by the warrant
'Ube of John -Price tract: containing 100 acres, more
or less; no improvements. Seized and taken Into
-a - et-tato.' at the suit of Charles Wridht's ear's vs,
N:ram Rockwell alui WMGolger. . ' ,
.110SO—OneOthertot of laud In Wyalualngtwp, .
waded uottlerraigisof G M Bixby: east by lands •
d bamuel Howard and)/ W prows; south by Janda • •
f bait- Bixby, Trustee and Geo 11• Welles; west 101 . •
he Wyalusing creek; containing 164 ace.'?, nore th
10.0,;c aloottllCO acres Improved : WWl framed honses,,,
teamed barns and orchard of fruit trees - thereon:
seized and taken into execution at the suit of„Rens , -., -;
,0,, & us,.! vs C. 'it i2OIIVIIIOCk. Mao at
nit M Bixby's use vs e R Ifollenlawli. I '
LSO--One Other lot of land In Athens tut.,
Madaled north by Divlsion-st, east by land of How:-
: aril Eimer, south ; by lands of Hugh iloot, and west' -•
by lands of wi}' ciark; - containing 34 of an acre,
'more or less, ?.villt one framed horse and few trait
,t'n•s thereon. Seizettand taken into eat'ellt lan at
:lie stilt of John Merkle's use vs Clark. Bonham. • .
A. J. LAYTON, Sheriff.
ands, Nev. 14, 1976. -
triwrows NO'rICE.-Geo.,.
Atwood,vs Richard Graham. No. 695,--Fol , .
r. 0, 1 7 n. In the Court of Common Pleas of Brad
dtd - •
Cne untiers;gee4. an wilittor ainiolute 1 by the
art to ( li.orit,,lte thy' fund athatig from Ahrritra
or tteft•ntlaars real estate, will aitet4 to tho
I of his appointment at hls offices In :ToUatteta.
Nuc,•min'rth, It‘74, at o'ol , k. P.M.,
All , n snit ss here a:I rerson• i•Asyteg e.'atuw en Bahl,"
mint present them, or 'W. (wirer dehatred,
nt coming fa ItEuli the same. '
ZA_ —To wtou Phinipe, 48s May T.-18:4
are hereby uotilled that maniantha C. Phillip,
.00r Wife, has: ;Applied to the Court Of. CenThion
in-A8.5 for a divorce- trout the, bonds of Anal rileon,y.
and said court has :Appel:MA 31ouday. the 4th day
4 Dee., 18:6, for hearing the said Samantha
o tiny prendsee, at which time and place you cats
;WOW If you ;14Ink proper.
Oct 26.ve4. A. J. LAYONiSberilt.
1 - 31„. —To Cardona N. Travers. No 100. De. T. '74. . .
Volt ars hereby notified that Changes 11, Traver:, - -
y ,, str hosbaad. has applied tatho tftrt ot Cotaniora i d•„.
riot." of Bradford County tor s divorce trout ttoki,-1
bonds ut moorturny. Lind the said 'Vert' has 10 , .>...r., -
• Pointed- litanotay. bee. 4.1174 ,ta:thol'Antra r itteken:... ; :,
;4 Vowatsdit, for_ kestlag-Aiii*WC*loo 4 l: ll '..t . 1.„
ItsWe‘ illig r i i r0 1 ,4 0 4 t, , ..
ce - Atoll '2 ' ,1 ":,'-'': , -- •--- -_, '-'',- , '
'.- • *,4Fi i.- -. l M,' ":"-, • .-,:: 7 41 7 100N 1 41 '„AI
',. , `,:! 4:.../; ,..:_fj- ,t , ',.,-,: . .. ; ', , ,,,,Zg-ti,q.:'..,: , ..-,,,,.*' y ~Z,..,,,4, - .34,'^',, : ::,,, .., - .. 4r7-1.•
^" ..14-1,-5 • 4 ` . :';4i 7 . -,- l'ili'-'4 tq....'. -A• ~.:".4.t.,z-,ti,