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    ,`_.ltadforti Ntpotitt.
7 o wnaa, Thnisday, Apra 20, 1870.
THE "North tar" Fanning. Mill Co
are building one hundred mills.:
RE+. DAVID CRAY; is N. 'G.tkf- White
-illy Lodge, I. 0. of 10.1 F., Wyalusing,
• •
Pa. .
T. V. GEIGER, of this place, has been
secfetary of the Republican., club every
yOrsince 1856. .
1)n. E. .D. PAYNE has purchased a
souse and lot on Houston street, from Mr.
WArtsne., of Owego, N. Y., f0r.!4,01210.
THE State Line and Sullivan R.. R. Co.'
are meeting with most gratifying success
in the sale of their superior "Loyal Sock"
coal. •
BISIIOII HOWE will preach and adminis
ter the rite of confirmation in Christ.
Church, next Wednesday evening, at 7j
k_experiment With coal from the
Schrader mines, convinces us that we can
run our enginewith it at one half tlxi3 cost
of anthracite.
Ora excellent friend, D. L. STAiiti.s,- of
Lime Hill, had : the misfortune to!lose a
good horse, while in town on business one
day .last Week.,
Tin Eureka Company shipped on Mon
'day last, a six feet mower to, W. 11. Gonna,
a leading citizen and prominent Granger,
.0 - f Columbia, S. C.
T. A. EDWARDS occupied the pul
pit of the Baptist Church again on Sun
day last, and the congregation hope to
secure hiin permanently.
- !
THE music at Christ Church on Taster,
very artistic and elaborate. Those
posted in such matters say it has never
been excelled in this place.
SURGEON E. D. PAY E, U. S. ~ has
been placed on the retired list, by order
of the Secretary of the Navy, having been
found inc illacitated for service from cauSes
originating in the line of duty.
A Co3lmyrrEE from the fur department
went toOwego this (Wednesday) morning
to attend the funeral of `•Old Soli.", I:YE
IV tyr, who • was a fireman Tor 4Q years,
and their Chief-Engineer for 15 years.
IVE DIRECT attention of: dairvitien and
Prodi ce. raisers jenerally tol the card of
FREDERICK TAFT ilk CO., to be found in
another : column. Their references are
good, and it may be of advantage to th6se
having butter, &.c., to - sell to correspond
with-this firm.
ButtxEn.-,On Friday evening
- last a tenant house owned - by TILMAS
BEA RDLS:LET, and . occupied •by .TEFF.
31.ksx, situate in Pleasant Valley, Smith- ,
field township, took lire and was totally
consumed - with all its contents. The loss
was without insurance.
. •
OT, IWTIISTANDING the fact that the
I gateS of heaven " seemed,- thrown
open and that the rain fell in torrents, a
large concourse of people followed, the
remains of L, I. MOODY from this place
to the- cemetery in Rome on Thursday
'last. Ile NT `s buried with Masonic honors.
Tut large nuniber of our people 'Who
formerly found the grocery store in 3ler
cur block such a great convenience, will
be gratified to learn that Mr. J. L. Counix,
of Athens, and one of the most energetic
business men in the county, is thinking
of putting a large stock of goods in the
said store.. •
THE United States Fanning Mill Co.,
is now fully organized, and ready for ope
ration on - a large scalfl The following
'well known reliable gentlemen have been
sclectcd as officers:
-- Proc:dent—Capt. C. 31. MANN - lux.
,q(o . l.ftary—Go. 11. Wool).
Trta surer-÷\\. A. CHAMBERLIN.
- In vector—. J., W. .IOITNSON.
TIM "hard times'! do not seem to affect
the, hgsiness of our enterprising tnanufac
turers'.:J. 0. F4osT Si SONS. Their estab
lisliment" has -been kept in- operation on
full' time ever since it was opened, afford-
Vag eniplilyinenf to a large number of men.
Snell enterprising business men are enti
tl :1 - to the•generous support and unquali
fr4i endorsement of all fair minded citi
zens. •
AT the regular annualelection on Mon
day last, the following `gentlemen' were
4.-losen vestryineit of Christ Church:
Maj. E. \V: HALE. • ,
.I.ks.,3lcCA '
E. T. Fax.
H. T..H - NE.
'. W. Ahronn. .
Tin: May number of Scribner' s Month
,v; ill hare among its notable articles, an
extract from Mr. BRY_U'iT'S forthcoming
of _United States, entitled
'• T!,e True Pocaliontas." . 'The college
will have to cop with Bowddin Col
leg... and a very interesting article on
The Vortraiture of WILLIAM PENN,"
will he illustrated bk , woodcuts or-all the
p , rtraits • in existence of the founder of
We take pleasure' in rceommerding to
minters and dealers in stationery, :Itir.
-Di:vAl. F. Potts,
salesman for C. A. Dtx-'
ie. & Co.. Philadelphia, Mr. POLF, is .a ,
nest reliable gentleman, and the house
he represents possesses peculiar facilities
for purchasing goods. From an acquain
-tiiiee extending over a period of • more
than a dozen years; with the senior mem.
iter;of thi;! lirm, we do iiot hesitate to',
Arante , ...lentire sati -faction on the part
.of tir3se who deal
. wi i hi i'..
- ,
Wit tLE we gladly welccrne all reliable
business men to our gr,Wing town, we
trust purchase's will not forget that the
hoil,es which have contributed so largely.
1 . . t
,the growth and prosperity of Towanda
have elaims upon them. , It is never a
good plan
.ko "desert -an old friend for a
new cue." Remember this when you
start for purchases,' and. not allow the
tempting allurements .of a "Bankrupt
St• 4 . k " to induce you to invest your money
with transient, and ,often: irresponsible,
I leZtle rS ' . -
Tim anniversary exercises of the Epis
c6pal Sunday School came off on Sunday
afternoon lust. The programme arranged
by the Superintendent was not Only.very
interesting but was carried opt to perfee
t iffn. The singing was excellent, and the
"Emblematical Light House" exercise,
was beautiful and instructive. Mr. Fox,
the Superintendent, has just reason for
furagement ir.• the laborious and often
thankless work in which lie is engaged.
The interest manifested in the school by
parents and scholars on: the' occasion,
must have been cheering to all concerned.
The, missionary offeringli for the clay
amounted to about $lOO, and for the year
5•;"*.24: - 0, . ,
the.series of Lin-la Concerts will come off
Monday evening, May 1, at Mercur
This date has' been decided upon in order
_to give out:Of-town maple attending
court an opportunity to, be ipresent. To
-iv:ma:l's well known and popular "Home
Arleta" has been engaged, which, with
the band. whose xeputaticiu as one of the
leading musical organizations is second
to none out side of the large cities, and will
use, for the first time in public, their new
inStruments, manufactured and imported
expressly for them, at a - large expense,
wS4 make' this one of the finest musi
cal concerts ever given in Towanda.
PF.ILSONAL.—CoI. llowroN is engaged
at present in the.ollicx , of p W.V. STEVEN -
SfrN, Superintendent G. I. A., H. k, in
Ithaca, N. V.,
,but -finds time to come
lion_ oe every Saturday. afternoon and drill
his company.
• —Mrs. E. 0. MACrARI,Isn, of Roches
ter; N. Y.., is visiting. friends here: The
••yonng gentleman" who accompanies his
mama is enjoying his first visit to "grand
-1 1 ,11 . 1 •
-- t—Col. and Mrs. 3lmaris returned from
Florida on Thursday last. t We are pleased
to know that both feel greatly benetitted
by the trip:
—Jolts 3>,c3lAno.*“bas returned from
. his visit to the old country, and is again
prepared to give his customers." fits."
—Rev. J. G. MILLER, of 3iCuitrose, was
Fin town last week, visiting his daughter,
one of the teachers at the:lnstitute.
By invitation; ludge Moiattriede-ivered
a lecture before the Elmira Female Col
lege,. on Friday, evening last. The ad s
dress was well received - IT tile audience
end the Actrertiserf says-of it: •
"The course of 'lectures on law was
opened on Frkdaylevening in the College"
Chapel by a vert able, interesting and
profitable discussion by Hon. P. D. Mon
now, of Towanda::- . His subject was "The
Legal Relations otParents and Children"
with special reference to the latter during
minority. It treated of a minor's com
petency to makei.:coiltracb4, to sue or be
sued, and also the general liabilities of
children and youth to, civil or criminal
prosecutions. The -topics were most ad
mirably treated, n clear language and
with illustrations from actual cases. The
attention oT the yOung ladies was held for
an hour with eagle interest, and many
took careful notes,iof the lecture. They
will give the Judga a most cordial wel
-sxme when he comes again, as ho has
. promisdd at some time during the.nest
year. -
Moxsorrow.—The same fickle weather
that has been allotted us for the past six
months continues ; sunshine and showers
alternating, give !:promise • of an early'
spring, , .- some have already commenced this viiinity. Farmers have
commenced plowing. Our merchants have
received their spring stock, and trade
with them has commenced in earnest. I
see by lookinr , over the Jourhal that Ed.
Fowler has been i sci venturesome as to in
vest, to a limited extent, (by way of ex
periment, I suppose,) in printer's ink !
Possibly his example may encourage other'
business men to do likewise. Increased
activity is manifest:in all the departments
of industry, and cheerful faces greet you
on all sides. Mrs. Wilson of
Towanda, have beet engaged for the past
three weeks inStr4.ting 'a large class in
vocal music, in Alonroeton. The term
cloies with a - conceit, on Friday evening,
April 21st. , A pleasant entertainment fur
the lovers of mirsie3s anticipated. Some
thief, on Friday night last, lentered. the
cellar of the hotelj kept by' 0. Kellogg,
and also the cellar of D 1 J. Sweet and E.
E. • Miogos, belpinr , themselves to an
abundant supply of. liquor, canned fruit,
cakes, pies, and whatever else they chose.
JOHN W. Mx, S. Commissioner, has
furni >hod us with tare following decision
of the commissioner; of-Internal Revenue
which may be of interest to our many
IVAsurNwrffx, Feb. 14, 1876.
Slnt—ln reply to 3 , our letter of Feb. 8,
in relation to the liUbility of a party to
special tax as a - dealer in tobacco, I have
to say that by ,ref*inf., , to paragraph 8,
of section 32.44 of the C. S. Revised Stat
utes, you will obserVe "that eVery person
whose busiwtss it -i's to sell, or oiler forf
sale, manufactured .:tobacco, snuff or ci
gars is regarded as dealer in tobocco."
It is not necessary that he should sell at a
profit. For furtheinformatiiin I here
with inclose copy ofia letter to A. Tow-
BEILILAIsr. Veii - respectfully,
D. D.•P1i.:07, Commissioner.
To John W. :En., C. S. Commis
sioner, Towanclo,:Pa.
WAStwibfrox;',April 30, 18;5.
yotir leiter of Mara 2,_9, you
state that you faritiers have organized
yourselves into a Fiiimier' Club, for the
purpsoe of purchasing. your sups lieS at
wholesale rates; thtft you have raised-a
fund for that purpOiii,, and, appointed an
agent, whose business it is to parchase
the goods and sell 4licm to members of
the chili only, at test price; as other
goods are . sold, a special tax stamp will
be required.
In answeri have to say, that 11 - Tien sev
eral persons unite in purchasing° a caddy
or pacs-age.of tobacep for their own use.
and divide it aniongtheiri, they incur no
liability to special tax as dealers in tobac
co, for so cluing.
But if the agent: referred to makes a
business oncepiag piannfactureal tobac-
CO, snuff or cigars, - - on hand for. sale,
though he sells. then o only. to members of
the club, he would t ln the opinion of the
office be' liable to a Siiecial tax as dealer
in tobacco. . Very respect fully,
I. W. Dot - Gt.sss, Commissioner.
To A. Trherman,Clierokte, lowa.
sion, Monday evgnin4, April 17.
Meinbers present4HurgessFox, Coun
cilmen Hishop, Bryiint; Betts, Dittrich,
Henry, :Means, Pratt and Woodruff.
Petitions were presented for -sidewalks
on the south tide of fine St., from :;i1 St.
to Westavn Ave, ant)-on the north side of
Division St. between :1d
.and: 4th Sts.,
which were referred to the Street Com.,
with instructions ti - ieport. at net meet-
Councilman 13ett4-Tjered the following
icsolution; .
liesolroT.' That tlie order passed by the
Council Oct 25, 18T1. 'with teference to a
sidewalk on the caste-II side of Main St.,
,Rarclay St. tO: . the south burough
• line, be recinded so:jar as it ,requites a
side walk to be built on the east side of
the street froni E. T. Fox's south line to
the south borough line. Adopted.
Reports of Committees:
The committee -appointed to a. , certain
the grade on Main:?St., from the Ward
Ilouse to Episcop4 Church, would re
spectfully repot tht they have carefully
examined the gradq-as established in ac
cordance with profile of said stre e t. and.
in theirjudgment the grade is correct, and
they would recount - end grading the street
in accordance with said profile
r;'.l). S. PRATT,
\v. ]3lSluoi',•
On motion of Clittneilrban 3leans, the
report was p refetTed%back to the Commit
tee, with instructions to have stakes driv
en,'74howing the ,grade from WykotY pave
ment to the Episcopal church, for the in
formation of the citizens residing in that
The committee 'appointed to confer
with Naiad Co., on the subject of
new engine and juniper, a4ted and ob:
to.ined,thrther time' in which to make
prirt. !
On ntotion, the street committee were
directed to open the:drain on north side
of td stveet between State and "Poplar
streets,, and if expedient leave . said drain
The Burgess was - authorized and direct
ed to take such action as in his judgment
is necessary to recover the money unac
counted for by the Cbllector on Duplicates
for 1,175. . •
On motion of councilman Bishop, the
regular monthly scisions of the council
will hereaftCr be held on the <first Mon
day of each - month; ;at 7 o'clock P. 31,
THE EUREKA ;310 . 11 - E){. • '-Our fre
quent referrence in these columns to the
,celebrated and Mrs- world renowned
i Eureka Mower, w . eiloubt not is sometimes
attributed by thoSeimacquainted With its
sto the fact tliat the machine is a
1 home production.f:alre same cannot be
charged against those living 'in other
states, where the !.old school " mowers
are manufactured, and where a strong pre
judice exists againSt any inovations on the
long settled notionS--regardin g agricultural
i implements. It is With pardonable Pride,
therefore; that we ;extract the following
paragraph from . the proceedings of the
j Elmira Farmers' Club, as . corroborating
' our often expressed' views upon the sub
" The subject fof4iscussion selected for
this meeting is and
IMachinery. Mr. 1 4'+N DMEaI bas= been
t requested to present such ide r as as he may
Iconsider useful to (antlers who at this sea
son of the yew are looking about in
search of the best tools to use on their
I farms, or for machinery to help forward
their labors.
. .
J. S. VAN Di 77.111. .What implements
we can afford to smni and- what can we
afford to do without, are questions which
ordinarily receive tto►• little ithought. In
fact we are not enough inclined to depend
on our own thought, we have been wont
to be ptided by the representations of
sellers and their agents.' Some imple
ments are cicarly!'findespcnsible, as the
mower. It is indeivensible, yet on small
farms the investßent is worth consider
ing. The interest:On the cost of a good
mower would pay',-'for the machine and
team to do the work. The only objectfon
ko hiring such is that we cannot get it
done just at the :light time, but I have
mentioned the mower simply as an
While some small farmers . have mow
ers, who, perhaps; could make Letter use
of their money, there are more large far
mers who would fiiid lt to their advantage
to own two, for then work is not impeded
if one is accidentallyd [gabled, arid besider,
work can be crowded ahead in faiciable
weather. As a rule, if two machines are
kept, it will be better to have them alike.
Last season we tried a Pirect Draft Eureka
mower, manufactured at Towanda. With
a Eureka twn machines are hardly neces
sary. 'That is if a six feet cut is secured,
and no large farmer sleuld buy a smaller.
machine. With the- large machine, to•
mow fifteen acres per day is not a difficult
task, and it will be done With n 8 great
easf, as ten acres by the Ordinary four feet
machiLes. As farmers, we are afraid of
innovations. As I lave said before, we
are not independent enough in our judg
ment. It is well, too, that we are natur
ally cautions of• new things, still it be
hooves us to give more care to investigat
ing the qualities of improved machinery.
If. 'I were to depend on the opinion of
mowing machine men for my judgment of
the Eureka it would certainly be unfavora
ble, for the reason that there is a direct
antagonism between it and all sido•cut
machines. I confess that before trial,
having heard all imagionable objections
•to it, I Aid not expect such complete suc
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E.:7" TEN DAvs EARLIER.—We have a
warranted ten days earlier than the Early Rose.:
Now is the time for. farmers to supply themselves
with ibis superior variety".
aprl27G. . & EtiW4iRD3.
Mrs. E. J. 3lisoos wishes to in
form the ladles of Towanda', and siciulij that she
is now settled in her new Mire, next door to KENT
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Or The ladies will be pleased to learn
that L 11.annis has concluded to remain In To
wanda, and Is now receiving a large and attractive
Stock of millinery and fancy goons. and invites She
attention o 5 his numerous customers. (ruch9.76.
.at their coal yard,
keep fresh ground Cayuga plaster, by the ear load
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New York State Geologists say It Is the strongest
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car Hrs. E. J. 311scos is this week in
New York and Philadelphia selecting Millinery
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&larch 1, 18:641.
larl would resiiectfully announce to
the public that I have removed my Boot and Shoe
shop from PArrixes Block 'to the building lately
occupied by, B. V. Bianca as a Barber-shop, one
door south of the Wins ilonse, when" I em now
able to watt upon my customers and the public ,at
large. I, manufaeture All styles of melts' and la
dies' boots and shoes, fro m
, the finest sewed boot or
gaiter to the coarsest. All work dOne in the nowt
approved style. -Good tins guaranteed, however de
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twice. Thankful for p4st. taVevs, 1 would ask a
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Asthma, linmehltis, Catarrh, and all throat and
lung affections—also ars' Dive and radical specific
for Nervous Debility, rremature ilei•ay and all
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known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this
motive he will cheerfully send (free of
_charge) to
all 'who desire it, the seeps for preparing and full
directions for successful!' using this
discovered remedy. Thci.e whew 'Ate avail them
selves of the, benefits of this discovery without cost
can do so by return . niall,hy addressing with stamp,
naming this paper,,
No. 53 Niagara. St., !Sorralo,
1uct0676 I y \.l
Ciinnity.-The standard remedy for'the curs of
Cougio. Cold's, influenza; Bronchitis, Hoarseness.,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup. Sore Throat,
Diptheria, difficulty of breathing, Quinsy, Phthislc,
pain In the side and breast, spitting of blood, Liver
complaint, bleeding of the Lungs, and nil diseases
of ,tlin throat, lungs and chest, Including even Con
sumption. It seems hardly necessary to dilate at
length upon the virtues of this favorite remedy for
alt diseases of the Lungs, Throat and Chest. Il
was Introduced to the public by Dr. Wt f.txt: nearly
'hilt a century since, aid by the wonderful cures
which It priortued gain:. lan immediate and envia
ble reputation, which to this day It has fully
From the gulf of the St. Lawrence to the
shores of the Pacific, and In many countries:inroad,
there are few vlllagJa or hamlets without
testimonials" to thn raphlity and certainty of Its
curative effects. The proifrictors, mindful of their
r'esponstbility to the allilcted, exercise the utmost
care in .he selectionland tiomponnfling of the lad
en.. Ingredienta of which Ali. Balsam is composed
and the sick are assured that the high standard of
excellence on which Its popularity Is bawd, will
always be inalntalue l d. Sillt W. FowLt &SoNs,
Proprietors, Burton.,
SEXT(IN.—In She . sholttlit, March 7. Net t le, danglt
to.r of N. ek, and Eiit.abektiSexton, aged 13 years,
1. month mid 5 dap.
Being a unod Te4lar shrt w:ci burled according
ttthe rides of that Ord..r. On the 9th day of March
the f• preamble and resolutions were 11113111-
; mou,!y adopted: I
It has been( tha wilt of an
God to take from our mitt4t our beloved:A:4er. Net
tle St`N ton: therefore
. ,
1:0:o.1 r, d. That we teniler our heart fo , lt.sytopa
thy and condolence to o 4 worthy brother and sis
ter ; p.rtvots of the th , ceasedr and her many friends.
Pcsoire./. That m hile:w+ how ht humble 4nbuth—
Mon to the dispoosati ! niaild Will or H lm that doeth
all things well. we decp,y,r feel her loss to the tem
per:toe, cause' and our ONVII ( )61t.r. . •
1:,,,,1rcd, That .he nitin Lodge, No. 108 a.
de,lor mourns „her los:, 1 4110 v. a, an honorable
.rnetul;er of said iudg . an, that we cause our char
ter to in drapd In 11104 'Ong for 'the. period of
thirty ;lays.
1:1,o/reff, That a c py ok these rescdutlnils he sent
to the parrots of th; deq.a,ed; rtl.o to the
FURL) ItEPOIZTAR a id rdritperan, rbiliirwlur.
' .. E. *limettis,,x,
.10K. E. - AL SN YI,Elt, i' Coln.
7,1 t: " Briggs ,S:. I
or eolottietlo. , the J
,1 , :nol; le world. are tt,
'wh;ch they Will gl ye
rut: ttrat puldle the i
experience in the ci
seeds. The w , 41; it
Its ,everat how l ref! ' 1
numerous cuts. tier
!vet ions iiitie .tegarel
erythlug known 14
7 ,We know of 310 Mil I
hIJUV , SIII , iCri th an I
are sohl tit almost e '
let In the United St
ern or see4l , , aml 111
nate from eminent,.
G ti ti
reels to ,h, ',lane
lit other are to see:,l,l,
publi , heel whirl!. it 11
the price per volume
right will only )iii el
ers of Briggs & tiro,
on the purchase of s
go to press about Mt
engaged upon the is
and apart from the!
he i,sueel in Deceit
pullleal lons of thls 1
of flatierulture or he
or burnt( In the was
Briggs & Bro.'s
'Webb, Atha, Pa.
' .New
s_, day
6... Augusta, 11.11
.Stockh o lder.
Coal Company will
Mallory,.lo Towap
o'clock p. m., for t
a Treaburer and
other business as s
such meeting,
April 3,76
is hereby give,
the estate of Eilen
tap., deed, are rift
went to the tinders'
claims against (he s
duly authenticated,
• l GEO. H. WE
apt - 2041
twwlerslgned, 14vifir, purchased the bull
"Date of Romulus,"' pit by "Royal Duke of Wa
terlod," be by "Royal lake of Oxford;' dam,
"Flora." by "Duke of A rdrle," will offer:hls ser
vices, at hls farm, mi l the following •
• ITEITSI . S: • •
Three dollars to
bringing cow; i libe
ix. Case yx. E nod
nlOll ilex& di 143411
The undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
court to dLstribute ft nasalising from Sheriff's sale
of defendant's real e tate, will attend to the. duties
of Ills appointment a the (dike of Smith and Mon
tanye in the borough of Towanda, on FRIDAY the
'2Blll day of April, 1 75, p 49 I o'clock p. m.. when
and where all pertot haying claims on said fund
must present the, or e forever debarred from
coming in upouthe
March ":-...
TO all whom lc m
citizens of Itoun
that they Intend to c
Pleas of Bradford co
a charter to ho Meer
corporate In law, wt
the name, style and
sociatlon, for the pu
talnlng a library for
It. E. IV lIIT7gEI
. L. It
Rome, Pa., April
NO. 9, Sth
1107 4 ;. JUDG E
Supt., A( ama Express Co.. New York.
JEREMIAH WALKER., Erg, ',Philadelphia.
DOS. D. S. BENNETT. ButIMO, New Yolk.
JNO. J. DATE, Corn Exchange. Sew York
. Post Odle° at I
for the week endln
Cbllson Cha,
Cotter Mrs rhe
Cone 31rs C
Caswell Subery
' 'Coolbaugh L. le,
Dewitt John A
Hickey Cattorin
Hoiden F
'Hackett Miss £1
- Persons calling f ,
My " advetUieo,"
1 DliO.
f*trr Times, OH. .11. 1.47:7,)
Bro hers, whf) can boast
par, ; .v sr N.,..1 busine,s In the ,
,langing to coinpu.. a 1 ,,, r k I D ,
to tte floricultural and horti-i.
I env! I of 111 , Ir thirty Year. of
Iturt of vegetable and Slower
I ill h!l• substantially hound, and
pagri, will. beilltisl tated with
ottatre 'plates and t•ucclact d 1,..
I to t le 1 . .11r0 and culture of ev
tiora and vegetable kingdom
I , ett r tinallfo..l to treat on the
rlggs St ItrLdltri. whose seeds
•ery t , l ity.. town, village or ham,
tee. ; They are practical grow•
furthconting work will curia
prp.thival sources. What Seth
! ry ortl'ortly !I, fruit:, itrigs,,lt
A very large editloa wilt be
Is well will lessen
v. Puri lmsers of the work out
harm4l ernt, while the custom
will receive it as a premium
The lutended work will
y ner, aml the artists ate now
iKtiaming9. It %Oil he separate
January 'Catalogue, which will
her, ia from any . other 0C the,
'ell ktiowu house. Every lover
,rtlctiltund should put himself,
of Oidaliting it. •
reedl are fur sale by Geo. H
dve i rtiseaents.
I - I
t home. Agents wanted.
nd ,terrns fret. True &
-. I Elsen'B-764y.
The annual meeting of
of the Fall Creek Dituniinoni
be he `d at the office of Wm. M.
a, 41 the 26th of: April, at •:.'
1 , !
per )09e - of electing Dlrectors,
Lett:,, and attending tii bitch
all ;pitperly be brought before
' • i
J. B. Wpm., Sec'y.
'S Non c E.—Notice
that persons Indebted to
J. Welles, late of Wyaluslng
Ired to make Immediate pay
. gned, and all persons basing
s. W. tistap.„ must present them,
for settlement.
Wysluslng, Pa.,.
El.l/ES. Wilkes parre; ra.,
Inure, and If paid at time of
discount swill be made.
-1 B. F. BOWMAN.
Se:lard. In the Court of Com
rd No. IA Feb. T.,
c,ncern: The undersigned
ti siClnity , hereby give notice
rply to the Court of con nine
uuti,ora Lay:judge thereof,fot
porated into a belly politic ant,
h perpetual succession, tinder
[Went the Bonne Library As
, e of establishing and main
the use of its"melobspi. •
13, 1876..w3.
A FT, secretary of
TTERS remaining in
Towanda, Bradford Co" Be.,
prli 19th:
Kuhuley Godfrey
2 ' AlllaleeJames
Beeler Sarah
MeMennts Bawl
' Ross If
Scanlon Hanna
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Frederick •
Stockwell Chan B
to Werthian Daniel
r the Above letter?, will please
lying /ate of list.
, p. W. ALVOUD I P. N.
• ELL k CO., Bankers and Itrakers, No. 2;
South Third Street, rhaidelptsla, Mand l 13, we,
U.,E. 1681,e 122 12106
66 MI 44 , 65, .. 111 118 1181 i
" " •65, J. and I - ' 11876 119
4. .. 44 •67. NI 44 inat, 12t
3. .. 64 .6 8, 64 • i . 121 k 1221(
" 10.40, coupon 118. 11834
'' Patine 11114 ey.oo ' 1 ~- - .IZIII 12834
Nett 6'a, Reg. 1611 - '11614 INS
" I ' i " 'C. 1331 _ 1
1 184
Gild 111 13M
Pettasylvania, Ex. Div. ' 5314
Reading L lig
Philadelphia A •Eries. i .. 1974
'Lehigh Navigation ' 4871
f., Valley, Ex. Div.—
Untied R. 11. of N. J.. , ...
oreek f ?t . ..
N ll ort C hern Central. r.
Central Transportation
0014, 1 1.. Mortgage WA, '3ll
1 .
-I.for Country Produce, for the week eudlng
Aprti 11. 1876; Reported expressly fur the Mean
roan Bann:Eno, by It. K. ik-F. B. Ttionnatt &
Co , West Broadway, !Leads, and Hudson Streets,
N 4 York.
llllTTER.—Receipts for the week 11,641 packages.
The demand continues gad for new State butter
and the market steady for choice lots In atlYz afro
package. Old butter is scarce ~, and firm for all
grades. Wiquote:— • .
State Dairica, entire extra 34048 -
" i " " fair to good 3.12145
" I firkins selected . !.. - - 3 00:48
"I " fair to gocid 3324.3.5
" half firkin tube, chtdce 'elected .400)11 •
"•*" , " " fair to good ..3324.}36
" Welsh tubs, extra fall.. 36437
" •" • 0 eutirm dairies - aigts
' creamery tubs, good to flue 441(4 It
'IS, State and Penna., choice 40041
I " • " fair to good itl(dtai
hero tubs, flue selected , Mom
I ! ~ fair to good a3tha4
tern early made, selected ' 28030
fair to good 23426
0 pour W.,21:
f.'ESE.—ltecelpta for the weak, 0,000 paekves.
!ere Is a fair demand for exportat following
. 4 421.4
factory, fancy 134013%
,Fern factory, cheddar line • 11 lsgoi2
flat, fine 11V!. 12 4 6 pOn rto gond • 5 ®
O.—Receipts for tiro week, ll.= barrehr.
Telpts'have been light this week and as a con
enee prices were advanced until 20 cents was
bed, but with the liberal receipts of to-day
ere have not been
. able to prevent a decline.
and Penn
terne lino
fair to good
ntr tale .demand at quotations. Meal Is
reac •
We •
M., I
muds, cxtrt
i fancy
f • family
medal, yellew
• white
IN. •
heat is foist, with prices ',early steady; corn
ree and higher; outs are moderately active;
# held for higher figures; bailey dull_
nt,,Spring, No. 1 1 3fira
Chicago, No. 7. 1 =4,
3111waukee, No. 2 1 2501 27
Red winter 1 15a1 17
Amber 1'48( , 1.4 47
White 1 3;fitl 48
1 Ma
4 7 q - 4. 48
470 51
Is ac
rve I
-*Corn„ we,tern Mixed
•' yellow'
iteecipts continue liberal, but a better export-de
mand has imparted strength to the market, causing
prirds to be held with considerable steadiness.•
Peadtalr to good 1 :eat 25
Medium . ' ' 1 1001 16
1113fl'OW I Setnt 55
Whit. Kidney ' • 1 25601 40
Red Kidney - It lte,l '25
110PS.—Tite market Is quiet at quotations. •
Crop; '75, State. good to prime ' 136616
1 Wis. fair to prime...
,___..---- 110,16
Crop, '74, poor to good 5€6 6
. ,
". 4 1.:FiltS.
Clover continues In g.xxl demad/4nd commands
toll lirleet. Flax Is quiet. Timothy is In fair re
quest at prlcos quoted.
Clovr, I M 75 . 16 ! 16'4
Flaxl western rough . 160 GO
Tintothy•per bushel.... - 2 GO (c. 2 75
TA 1/1.11W.;
Mr.rket quiet; prices steady.
Good, to prime Vi@ 9. .
31arket steady at 411d/fano/is.
Apples, State, slleedi f 9 01 Olti
4 " quarters- 6,6.04 9
Wesiern, sliced., ' " flyal 9
.i quartrrs....., i . !,. se 9
Southern, sliced - ''.
.."1:01 1 0
,± quarters. , ' Weal 0
, reaches, peeled, fancy 160.'17
" fair to Good 14 5
' .1 * unpeele.l, halves- „.12 (it.12,1'
'1 .'- quarters 9 (iblu
Illariberrieg. per It. 10 en
ChrOle:‘, pitted. per lb 14 67,20
Plums, per lb Is 6120
" ItaNilie nits 24 (,2.5
I B. K. &F. B. TlItilBER & CO.,
Importers, Wholesale Groerrs & Com. 3terchantft.
IlVestliroadway, Bead.: & Hudson Sts., N. Y.‘,
Product, Commission Department In charge of .J
S. thitesi: : We receive and sell on Commission a!l
kind* or Country P1 , 4117CV: make cash advances on
consignments and furnish stencil plates and mar,
ket quotations When desired. Correspondence so-
SIERIFFS yirtiie of
o:miry Writs P; out of the Court of Com
mon Plcas of Itraft ford county, to me directed. T
will 0-1,1,4. to public sale at the rourt•house In To-
Watoia. ott Amt! Y 7, 1a76, at I o'clock, the
following desertbe,l prop.rty, to wit: •
On - lot of tarts. in NV)alusing township. bounded
as fo !ows: ilegtiming at an oak, the north-west
corn, r of Calvin Camp, on lii,e of lands of .f. Lewl,
thent 1,1 the east line of said Lolls and Cl. C. At
wo., nor , li a ° e 57p. to a pine. corner of 0 lot deol
-1•41 b' st. it. and S. A. Grown to Si 1110 n glamor , :
tle.•l4e west 2 ti-lop to a pOst. corner of Mrs. Van
gor,if is lot; !hence on line of Mrs; Vangorders lot
north 45 -i s ior, to a yoltow pine; thence. K01101;111° el -
IC 4-11 , p, to an oak corner on the old Manor line;
theme by 501,111n0 multi 53° east 4op, to a corner
of a lot deeded to Israel Camp, In the try:dosing
Creek; Motive atung said creek and south line of
sald Ito% south' 72° east 551,, to a corner Of' Wm.'
Caloric: . thence : long the line of said Wm, Camp.
south sr° east tap, to near the north abutment, of
the new bridge across the Wyalusine, creek; thence.
by the east side of said bridge south 12 0 west 12 5-top
to th• south end of embankmentthen-of ; theof; .thenre
by th'
center of the public road south 43.! 7 ° west Zip.
across the miti rare thenee by the south side of
said frilll race northlll, o west np; thence sonllll3l o
west Illp. to a butternut fora - corner; thence south
11 ,, ,,c west e 5-1 ep to the smith side of the min road;
thento along the south side of said road south SS°
westl3sp: Ittenc/south 111 , 1 0 west 227-110 p: thence
south 55 0 west lop, to near the east side of the mlll
taro/ thence by the Sala race south 141. 0 west 31
6-101 , to where the north line at-Galvin Camp In
tersects the said Wyaluslug eretik: thence by said
line 77! . ° west 44p to the beginning; containing .110
arr.* more or less, 14 - Tether wit! the free use and
oteupfromd W
ancy In tee simpie of tht g At Mill rare f
1 ,
the .• I:1 creek to _win e it enters the
land to:reby conveyed as said mill rare Is new loca
ted; also the dam PerOSS Paid Wya using creel:, and
the . water and water privileges at d use thereof as
full.,- and effectually as the within grantors have
and hold the Raffle. together with the free, use and
full tight to go on (081111 to repair or reconstruct the
same: also all the within grantor's rights or inter
est pertaining to a full use of the water of the said.
Wvaluslng creek (or the use of the saw mill; on the
within granted &outset , and all other uses of said
water privileges; as held by them; provided they,
the Within grantors, shall not be made !Wile (or
any damage sustained by the flowing or barking up
of the wattw in the pool of the dams beyond their
ownlpremise, , ,,, or from dams, In consequence of said
ere,* being a public - highitay; Wing the same as
deeded by J. D. $ ..1, It. Camp and S. Y. &S. A.
ItroWn to within grantors; about 6 acres improved;
with OW grist mill and mill .pheds, one trained
houSe and one (ranted barn thereon. .
. , ,
ALSO-O ne other lot of land in Wyalustnetwpa
boutoled as follows: beginnlug In the center of the
Wyaluslng road, al a corner of lands of S. Billings,
Chas. Stone and C. .1. Vosburg, thence. In the cen
ter lit rat I mad smith 7:Il1° east on Vosburg's line
1014 then,-', north Vi° east on Vosbueg's line 80
1-10 p, to Ill.:. centre of a pie stump in stump fence;
thence I.i , rth 78° west on said' stump fence OP:
thence north 4.t2°, east 37 lip; thence north 77'14 °
west on the wall 255p00 Bramball's line; thence
north 12tu° west on Bramball's line 38p, to a pile of
stones on north bank of Camp creek; thence north
35 , 4 0 east 42 4-lop, to a corner of I'. Stone's land:
thence south 52 0 east on P. Stone's line, 84p; thence
south 64.6,P° east itttip, to two maple trees, .a corner
of land of I'. Carr; thence south 5S° west on Carr's
ilne'2oS.p; thence south 65° 40' east 13 4-10 p, to a
hemlock tree on bank of race; 'bedew to center of
Wyatusing Creek; thence down the center of said
creek its several courses to the corner of S. Bil
ling's land; thence north 7° east on line
about 27p. to place of beginning; containing 126
acres, noire or less, about 115 acres Improved, with
3 flamed dwelling houses, 2 2, 1ramed barns and
sheds,'l wagon house, 1 woolen factory and all ma
chinery and appurtenances belonging thereto, and
portion of said factory building containing one
planer. and all machinery and apptirtenanees be
behinglog thereto or contained In said building:.
one-sate and lath mill with ail machinery and ap
pnrenances belonging thereto or contained In said
bin ding: one office building, and all out buildings
.and; fruit trees thereon, with all the rights and
prirlieges of water power, dams, race and waters of
Wyainsing ereek.'as used, held employed or en
joytti by 11. B. Ingham.
ALSO—tine other lot of land In' Wyaluslng and
Tinicarora twps.. bounded as follows: beginning at
. a poet; the corner of Edward Smith's land, on line
'of Luther Stiumway's land, thence on line of said
EdWard Smith and A. Lobar, north 7Dli o .west 168 p
to a corner: thence north 24 ty° east on line of H.
B. Ingham's land 112 p, to a post fora corner; thence
south 70t4 cast, online of said Ingham - Aland ISOp,
to a birch on warrant line; thence south 2,ta° west
on said warrant line 30p, to a post, the corner of
land occupied by LtitheriShumway; thence, south
46 1 4° west 05 6-10 p, to the place of beginning; con
taining 131 acres of land, strict measure, Inure or
lesis ho 'reprove:llllsta, with one fmmedifniuse
theon. Seized an 1 taken Into execution at the
suit of Geo H La lon vs II It Ingham. *Geo II
Landon's use vs II Ingham. C S Lalferty's use
vs lit - it Ingham. Sante vs same. Same vs same.
C S haffeny vs ITS Ingham.
ALSO—true other lot of land situate in Herrick
twighouuded as follows: Beginning- at the south•
east corner of Elizabeth Durand's lands.. thence
north along the laud and line of said Elizabeth Du
rands to John Coleman's land to a post and stone
fora corner thence easterly. to the highway lead
ing' to pbetilah Titus's 2d land, thence along the
said a beech tree for a corner on the
line of Sideman Beardsley, thence smith along the
line of the said Iie3TLISIey and Obedsh Titus 24 to
thelland of Burton Camp to a poet and stone for a
corner, tLeuce west along land and linnet said
iturton Camp to the place of beginning, containing
80 acres of land, more or less, shoot 40 acres 1113-
piuted with 1 framed house, I framed barn and or.
ehanl of fruit trees thereon; It being the whole of
tbeiand sold -by John Durand to Hoses Depew ex.
cep that part sold by said Depew to John Coleman.
Seised and taken Into execution at the stilt of Geo
Landon is 3loseti Defeo. Same vs lame. Same
va lame.
ALSO—One other lot of land to. ToWands boro.,
bounded as follows Ou the north by Poplar street.
on the east by lot of I) V Sledge, on the south by
lands of J F means, on the west by lot Calmed by
Bradford county, being about 50 feet tread and 140
feel deep, Lot No 64 as on map Cash esetate„ with
twatitory framed house and framed barn thereon,
uow In possession of C A Orfswold.
ALSO --One other house and lot ln-Towanda bore,
boded as follows Oa the north by State street,
on the east by Western avenue. `(socalled), on the
south by lot now owned by John Holmes, tforuierlY
by F A (lash,) on the west by an alley or lot owned
by X J Heeler, being about SO feet wide and about
100 feet ion& with 1 frame house' thereon. Seised and taken Into at theault of John
Holmes vs V ItnunhaH. W Gillette vs same.
ALSO—One other 'tot Of land In Albany twp,,,
boarded as follows: !forth by lands of David Yam
east by lanthi. of John Dolitho, south by lends of
Aaron itdisl and Frank Wileux, west by lands"
D Wlicor a cotttalning 173 acres, mote or
about agree improved with 1 framed house. 1
of fruit
log hous e
noel thetwon, fnuned banns I granary ,an d orchard
ALSO—Ona Other lot of land lie' Albany tarp..
bounded MP:follow* f North, by lands, of James
Peelers, east by Linda of James It Patch, south by
lands of Geo Lenox, and on the west by lands of
David Hake", containing 14 acres, more or icast.fill
Impr stet
buildings. Seized and taken into e
ecuti tosult D P Welles use vs Geor ge
Lenin_ ,
ALSO—Oita other lot of land In Monroe borough.
bounded as follows : On the north by lands of C S
Russell au Jared Hart, east by land of Hiram
Sweet, south by land of A L Cradmer, and west by
Main streetZeontainlng 3i of an acre. more or less,
all Improved,: with a (tuned house and framed barn
thereon. Sassed and taken into execution at the
suit of If H Mace use vs Sevellon W Alden.
ALSO.,Oee other lot of land In Tuscarora top.,
bounded as fellows: Beginning at a white stump
being the southwest corner of a tract of bind sur
neyed the 6tlf day of September, A. .D 1792, In the
warrantee spate of Peter Grimes, thence north 106
perches to a'stake and stones, thence east 160
perches to *take • and stones, thence south 106
perches to apost in lace of a white ash In the or.
Iginal survey, then c west 160 perches to the place
of beglntiThe,i costa ng 130 acres of land, more or
less, about 3t pores ktuproved, with a framed dwell
ing house, board shanty, framed barn and board
stable, with other out buildings and a -few fruit
Ireei thereon: Seized and taken Into execution at
the suit of Allen Jayne vs Justus Lewis 241.
ALSO—Orin other piece of land in Towanda top,
bounded as fellows: On the north by lands of the
Susquehanna Collegiate Institute. on the east by
Fourth street ' , on the s.uth by lot No 10 and on the
west by an alley, being lot No 11:1u block No 5 on
Horgan's map of Elliott's addition to Towanda, the i
same being 40 feet front on Fourth street and 114
feet deep, with t framed house and few„,frult trees
thereon. Seised and taken into execution at the
suit of 3formin H Scott, vs G J Burd.
' 12%
' 60%
1 Ti
i lam
ALSO--Otte other lot of land in Litchfield twp,
bounded as fhllows: On the north' by the highway
leading froniCotton 'follow past Wm Cotton, on
the east by lands of Z F Walker, on the South by
lands of widdiv. Everson and Christian thins, on
the west by:lands of Lameroux and S B
containing 01) acres of laud, .More or less.
about 11 acreetmproved; no buildings. "Seized and
taken Into execution at the suit of M W Wheelock
Ye W K Oreeii and A P Wolcott and E 31 Iladlock.
ALSO—One. other lot of land in Burlington twp,
bounded as fellows: On the north by lands of Lieo
II Davison, of the east by lands of David Phillips
and IYA 0k .. 1.. on the south by. lauds of niche
Ilemengway ., and on the west by lauds of Martin
Carey, containing II acres of land, more or less,
about 41 acreetinproved with 1 trawled house, log
burn and few Srult trees thereon.. Stilted and taken
Into execution - at the snit of U II Mace vs illratu
ALSO—Oni'other tot of land in Towanda horn.,
bounded as fidlows t Beginning at the northeast
corner of al4 owned by Win Chamberlin on the
west side of Charles street in said borough. thence
westerly alottgesald Claamberin'tin line Molt; thence.
northerly along. the east line of land owned by ban
derson 10 feid, to lands owned by W• Brainhall,
thence easterly along said W firamliall's south line
150 feet to the west line of said Charles street,
thenceiouthecly along said Charles street 40 feet
‘o the place beginning. with Al fratned hotnie
Thereon. ' Seltbd and ntlten into execution at the
cult of John Botntes vs Jas Wood.. .
.4 2001 130
.5 2005 - 0 00
16 1.11:41 75
,E 1 0007,1 00
.2 ROO if)
80@3 00
ALSO—HMV:other lot of land In Tuscarora twp.
hounded as follows: On the north by lands of Henry
L Shaw and Jacob sowler on the east by lands of
Jacob Fowleren the south by lands of Simon A
Clink, and on Abe west by lands of Herman Atkins.
containing al acres of land, more or less: alxiut 25
acres Improved, I framed house, I framed barn and
ordbard of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken
into executlotrat the suit of Smith Tewksbury - vs,S
AILSO--Due other lot of land in Towanda
'tap. bounded*, follows : On the north by lands of
Michael Dresl3ne, on the east ley lauds or Michael
Walsh, on theaonth by lands of William Walsh, on
the west by lands of Michael Dresilne, containing
25J4 acres of 14nd.more or less. about 5 acres Im
proved, with f framed house, I framed barn and
few fruit tree*titerron. Seized and taken into ex
ecution at the nit of II Streeter use vs'John Gor
man. John Retorts es. aunt. Clots. I'. Wells' use
Vs. fatne.
ALSO--Onevther lot of land In Smithfield twp.,
bounded as follows: On the north by lands of Jervis
Holley and Dzyld P. tilllctte, ou the east by lands
of S S bakler "rind , I' Brady. on the south by the
public highway, and on the west by lands of
non Wakely, :containing 100 acres, More or less,
about 50 acresimpnwed, I framed house, i trained
barn with s heds attached, and a few fruit trees
thereon. SatiMlo be sold as the property of Plynne
Phelps, Jr. tiOzett and taken into. execution at
the cult of Eiatt Lewis vs Mortimer Vosburg anti
rlytinto See'y.
ALSC-,OneMther lot of land In Orwell twp.,
hounded as follows: On the north by lands of Chas
Baldwin, on the east by lands of Nancy Whitaker;
on the south Id lands of Daniel Baxtoti, on the west
by lands of Albert Brainard, containing 33 acres,
Wore or less, tamut 30 acres improved: nu buildings.
Seized and taken fat° execution at the stilt of Jo
seph Wheatfm, Executor of Samuel Wheaton, vs
Marshall S Rogers and J ti Whitaker. •
ALSO—Ontr:other lot of land In Albany tvtp.,
hounded as follows On the north by the public
highway leading from Wileoxes to Ilibbard Town,
tut the east by lands of E t" Patch, on the south by
lands of John flollthew, and on the west by lands.
of Aaron Edsall, containing 170 acres7of land, nn,re
or Less, about RIO intprovett, with I Irkitted burr 1
log home, 2 fritueil barns and orchard Indt.troes•
thereon.: Selma and taken into execution at the
suit of Sarah *rause use vs George Lenox. •
A LSO—Ontilot her lot of laud In Athens borough.
Wooded as foOows On the north by lands of Mar
tin slack,' or! liar east by William street, on the
smith and. weseby lands of Timothy 'Green, con
taining acre, inure or less, pll no
Seized and taken into execution at the.
snit of John Critter vs Patrick Smits:tn.
ALSO—Onei,ther lot of land in Towanda born.,
bounded as follows: Beginning at the northwest.
corner of a lorSof Robert McCutcheon, on Main sr.,
and rintning atong the north line of said 31cCutelt
eum's3.d In aiCeasterly direction 140 feet, inure or
less, :blot of William Morgan. (laid Out for a ceme
tery.) thence'aiong line of said Morgan's land in a
Wirt holly ,Itretnloll 03 feet and to inches to a LOCI/ V
indicated by a'notch in the fence, thence westerly
140 feet, Inore - iir less. to Mall street, t^ south
erly along•3lals street 03 feet and to inches a the
place of begl ni ii ng. Seized and tak into e cen
t hin at the sult.of D S Pratt .vs II A Burbank and
Angellue Burbank.
ALSO- 4 / 1 4, - 4u her lot of land In W * losing tap.,
hounded as foltom.: Begin tilt‘g at a corner on 'duet
running /rot:1 , 1,1001e road near A ,Fe-•a stun;; on
high hank north of Wyalushig cr.-et: tic the state
mad, thence iiiirth :17. 0 west a pee, hos to a collier
oil ties lire! or t•iilver, land, thence north 55 0
mist t t l•relle ;V,,Dg.the of A It Culver's line
and line of I leXAVyaluslng ;Educational Unloa
laud ((o a corittlr mary S heeler's lot, I hence soil: It
150 eict S perrijes along the line of said Mary S
Keeler's lot ;(10 a corner OD the aforesaid street,
thence south s:jc , west 5 perches along said street to
the place of. Ifeghinlog, containing 4u perches of
land. more or less, with I Pruned house. I framed
barn and Othotimut-imildings, with a few fruit trees
th-recn. SArtsl awl taken into execution at the
snit of Ellax iltog,lin vs John D Swart.
ALStl—One'tdher lot of land lu Wysna township.
bounded as foPows Beginning at a point In the
centre of roafli.t.pposlie the plu., stump by the dug
wayAeading fnent Myerstotrg to Shores run
ning thence ntirtherly about :30 rods to a Maple cor
ner adjoining; Albert Lent and IfcnJ Bennett.,
thence in a northwesterly dtrectlon along lands ar
Albert Lout 14stako and stouts for a corner, being
about 100 rods;:thence south tt,s° west along sand, of
Albert Lent perches to stake and stones for a
corner. thenett'sonth 29?i° west 7 perches to a point
on the hlgh‘fay. the'nee along the centre of the
highway south:Coo east 26 2-10 perches to a corner,
thence south 117 ° east 20 2-10 perches to a corner.
thence sonth east 44 perche,, to a currier, thence
south 65° cast v 6 perches to a corner, thence south
00 0 east to the lace of beginning, containing about
40 acres, morejr less, with a one and a-half story
framed housti:, - -and frami - fd barn and fruit trees
thereon. StlZt:ll and laktln Into execution at the
suit of John \V Mix is FAtvard N McCormick.
ALSO—Onoother lot of laud in . Albany trap.,
bounded as follows : Beginning :no post the corner
of !antis contracted to James and Robert Hatch,
thence south - 4.,.0a 0 east 167 perches to a center,
thence south , 92. 0 west 30 •perches to a hemlock.
thence north MO 4 0 west 42 2-10 perches to a corner,
thence soon tilA west to a corner of land con
tracted to Charles Clillson, thence north 49.'2 0 west
134 perches to a corner, thence by line run by II II
Sic Nett to thy place of beginning, containing 72
acres of land,lpore or less, alsont 15 acres Improved.
with a log house anti few fruit trees thereon. Selzbd
and taken into:execution at the suit of J DeWitt,
wiser. vs Ebriezar Warnar.
ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda bons,
bounded as follows: Beginning at the intersection
of North William street with Locust avenue on the
west side of 4ald North William street, thence
southerly Meng the west line of said North Wil
liam street So feet, thence westerly on :Cline paral
lel with said Locust avenue 100 feet, thence north
erly on a link, ;mallet with said North William
street 50 feetto the line of Locust avenue, thence
easterly along the south line of Locust avenue 100
feet to the place of beginning. all Improved, with I
framed house : thereon. Seized anti taken into ex
ecution at theault of Hiram Eisbree use vs John
Sanderson. '
ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda born.,
bounded its felicity*, Beginning on the north side of
Pine i streetat:the a.uth corner of the pUblic school
thence northerly along calif school, lot 08 542
feet to a conitir of W A • Chamberlin, thence east
erly along said Chamberlain's laud 51 feet to a tor::
leer of a lot fOrmerly belonging to 'll L Scott; now
to Mrs Keellifi thence southerly along line of sante
and parallel with first described 98 9-12 feet lciPlite
street, thence-long the north line of Pine street St
feet to the plate of beginning, with a framed dwell
ing house and a three-story brick and framed wag
on and blacksmith shop thereon. Seized and taken
into execution at the suit of It .J Madill anti U L
Scott rs Iletiq Stulen.
ALSO—One; other lot of land in Ulster township,
bounded as fellows: Ott the north by Lauda of M K
Smith, on the' east by lauds of James McCarty and
T F Holcomlu on the south by lands of Edward
• Lockwood arid Edward Mills. and on the west by
lands of C W`ifolcomb, 0 II Holcomb and Philan
der Holrorntfi: containing 100 acres of land, more or
less, about 73:acres improved, with t framed honor,
2 framed barns and 1 sheep shed theoeon. Seized
and taken Into execution at the suit of James II
Webb, ailm`r; vs J C Holcomb.
AtSo—Onci other lot of land la Arraeutalwp.,
bounded as ildlows : North by lands of Harry Co
vert and C Wtbler, on the east by lands of Andrew
Monroe and Ellsha Knight, on the south by lands of
Janice Lyle, en the west by the public highway,
containing ahout 34 acres, more or less, all improved,
I framed hotike, I framed barn and other out-build
ings thereon,: -
ALSO-00i other lot of land in Armenia twp„
bounded as fellims: North by lands of Harry Co
vert, east by lands of Etha' Knight, south by lands
of Andrew .B.ltrue, West bytands of J MeCeiler,
containing Mattes, more or ielS, all Improved; no
Ifullilings. betted and taken into execution at the
suit of Ellsing Knight's use vs John A McKeller.
A LSO—Chiti other lot of land in Burlington buro,
bounded as follows: North by lands of J S Clark.
east by' the Berwick - turtiptte, south •by lands of
Mrs J F Long, and west by lands of S M Dicker
man; contaii4ng about of an acre of laud, with I
framed houkt, I framed barn'and a few fruit trees
thereon. Seited anti taken into execution at the
stilt of Ascii* Campbell use vs Whiten:eh Phelps.
ALSO-000 other bit of land In Towanda bolo.,
hounded as follows;' North by lands OWN E W
Miller, east Ipy lands of Mary Brennan; south by
Lolubanl alt9et, west by lauds. of William Itouan,
being no feeyront on Lombard street and IV.; feet
deep, with ohs , framed house thereon. Seized and
taken Into eirent km at theault of Welles & Ackley
vs Edward Walker. '
A LSO—Otiii other lot of laud lu South Creek twp.
bounded as follows : North by lands of George Dun
ham and ditairs Itahner, east by buds of George
Dunham, with .by the public highway, west by
lands of Janes Banner, containing 47 acres, more
or less, all laiprored. with 1 log house, I fronted
house, 1 frartiod barn and few trust trees thereon.,
ALSO—OnS other lot of land In South Creek tap,
bounded as follows North by lands of 8 St .ias
sett, cast by.' lands of Valentine Miller. south by
lands of Seymour Ifiblth, west by lands of the or.
them Central It It Co., containing /3 acres, about
all Improvedi with I framed house and a few fruit
trees thereon. Seised and taken Into execution at
the suit of BR'S Manley use vs Lentil.l litter.
ALSO—Ohe other lot of land In Meade bcrough,
txruntLxi as North by lands of A Bois. east
by lands of L Rockwell, south ty lands W/L
ROcktreU, wilt by Main street, containing ;i t an
acne, more tie leas, aLL improved, with 1 Mimed
fdwelling arose, slab shed and few traits/us diem
on. seised ladtaken into execution itt toe salt of
Thos 31 Wilson and tk - D Montanye, , errs of J L
Rockwell vs E Mills .
ALSO—One other lot - Of land in Trivanda bore..
bounded as follows: ening at the northwest
earner of J r Benderllland on Stain street, thence
*lig the east side of Naha street north •ta and 10'
east Safest to Dr C3l Turners line, thence by the
tame south SP a nd 80' east. 013; feet to John K
Bingham's line, thencell the sante smith 4 0 and 10'
west 41IS feet to said Bingham's south line, thence
by the same south 85 0 Saul 50' east 57S . feet to an
alley. thence along the lame 43 feet to other lands
of said Ikt 0 goner, thence ; by lands of M C Stet.
cur north 85° and 80' west 80 feet to J F Bender's
cast line, thence by thirsame nortiv4c , and 10' east
23 feet to said' Bender'S north tine ' thence by the
same north 85° and bet West el feet to the V'ten of
beginning. : :
ALSO—One other lot Of land in Towanda bott.,
bounded as follows: North by State street, east -by
River street, south by Park street and lands of Win
B Bodge, westby lands:int C 31 Manville, Elwell k
Montanye and George Moody. Seised and taken
Into execution at the suit of! Frederick A 31ercur,
ear of Sarah A 31ercur - vs Mahlon C Nereus.
ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda Leto.,
bounded as follows: Neirth ' , by lands of James 41
Frost, cast by lands of.Tohn - Holmes, south by lot No
3 herein nett descrlbed;ivest by 3feehoples street.
being 43 tact front on Mechanics street and 150 feet
deep, with I two-story trained house wilts, kitchen
attached thereon. I. •
ALSO—Lot No 2, bounded on the north by lot
No 1, east by lands of Jtaid Helmet, south by lot
No 3, west by Mechanies street, being 40 feet front
and 150 feet deep, with 1 two-story framed house
and kitchen attached thereon. '
ALSO—Lot No 3, bounded on the north by lot
No 2„ east by lands of John Holmes, south by lot No
4, west by Mechanics:Viet, bring 40 feet front on
Mechanics streek and 1 . 50 feet deep, whir 1 twos
story framed house and kitchen' attached thereon.
ALSO—Lot No 4, bounded on the north by lot No
3, east by lauds of John Holmes, south by lot No 5,
west Iv' Mechanics street, being 40 feet front ist
Blechanles street and 114 feet • deep, with one two
ittorr framed house and kitchen attache! thereon.
ALSO—Lot No 5, botinded on the bortli by lot
No 4, east by lands of John Holmes, south by lauds
,of Wm A Chamberlin , west by Mechanics street,
• beivgAo feet front on lfeehanics street and me feet
deep. with 1 two-story framed , house and kitchen
attached thereon. •.
_ . .
ALSO—Lot No. 6, bounded on the north 1;y • Lo.
ellst avenue, on the east fby north Wlltiara street;
south and west by fluid of O. M. Turner, bclog 59.
fectffrout on North William street and
,100 feet
deep, with 1 Story 'and ,i-half framed: house and
kitchen attached • thereon.' Seized and taken
lino execution at the suitiaf James Woat vs Jno F.
Sanderson, Wm G dins sei'y. Also at suit . of II A
Scott's use vs Mary S My r.
ALSO—One other lot of lam! In Monroe top,
bounded as follows: beginning at a post corner, on
the east bank oflSehrader or Carbon Creek, It be
ing corner of !land of -",;drs Richard Northrop,
thence north E.t!i° easti:about t,2p, to corner of
land of 11 Nagfee on west: bank of
said creek, thence by lands of . said 'Nagle° north 4°
west 31p, to a ,Most ; thence by the Sallie north 21°
west Tip, to a post; thence by. the same; north 15°
east Op, to al pine; tlienco by 'the same north 60°
west 1.73 2 p, t a post; thence by same north 243 * 0
mat 71 7 . -10 p ;to the public, road leading front To
wanda. to Clinton; thence along said toad south
8134 . sat 9 21top, north std east 10 8-10 p. South 811!4 °
east about to the eastern shore of the Carbon or
Schrader creek before thence along the
eastern shore - of said creek. following the - seeeral
courses thereof, in a southerly direct ItAl, about latip
to the place of beginningi , :coutalning about I saeres
more or less, sill Improved with a 2 :story framed
building used as a hotel, known as the Greenwood
Cottage, one framed barn; one same I/inland several ,
trained tenement houses thereon,
ALSO—Defenclint's Interest In a certain lot of
land, situate in Monroe tWp, Ir,nndrd, oO ttin north
by TUWallea arid Schrader :reeks, Cast by 'Schrader
creek, south by the post. rOad leading front Towan
da to Canton and by lands of Jay Johnson and 61117
crs and west by lands of ilabliJohosan and Towan:
da °reek ; containing 4 *rue ' mere 'or less, except.
log therefrom 1 acre deeded Oct-20, 1671, to Ellen
Ward Stiller.
A LSO—Let No; o—Sibtate iti TOwarida boro,
bounded at.follows; beginning at a curlier ou State
St, 113 ft West, of the corner', of &aid State and 4th rte,
thenco north l6u ft a corner on an alley; thenee'
westerly 59 ft to a corner etl said alley; thence south
erly 150 It to a corner on tate 4st; thence, easterly' along.State st :10 to the illaceof beginning; being
lot No. 9 ur ti Ward's stib-alivlsion of - lots lu To
wanda boro.
ALSO—Lot No 43-110linded as folloltsr begin
ning at a corner on tun* side of Ward avenue,
thence nortilef,ly 110 ft more or less, to au alley;
thence westerly along said alley 50 ft to a corner;
thence Southerly 110 ft tn, a corner of Ward are;
thence easterly along avenue 50 ft to the place
of beginning; being 10t43 of 11 Ward's sub-di
vision of lots its Towandeliore.
ALSO-1.4 No. 44-114thled as follows; begin.
rang at a Korner oa north Shier of Ward ate, thence
not theXy 115 ft, more or 'less, to an alley; thence
westerly along mi.l alley 5o ft ti) a corner; thence
southerly 115 ft more of less to a corner 'tm Ward
are; thence easterly along avenue'so ft to the
plac'e of beginning; lot' No 41, In II Ward's
sub4livislon of lots In Towanda buro.
ALSO—Lot No. 4—lionnded as follows; begin
ning at atorner on Lombard - street; thence south
erly along lot owned by N'IN Betts. Jr, Truidee.t.a
ft to an alley: thence eas,zerly along said alfey's'SS
ft to a evner; thence northerly 90 tt to a corner on
Lombard at; thence aloog , -4 he south side of Lom
bard westerly oi4 ft it, tho'place of beginning; be
ing lot No 4 of CI Ward's- sub-dlvbion of lots on
Lombard st.
A—Lot No. 11t—Rounded as follows: begin
ning on the north stile of State st, at a point 50 ft
west of Fourth st. thence 47.1ng State st 50 ft to a
corner; thence northerly MO feet pan alley; thence
along said alley easterly 4u ft to a.corner; thence ft to the hesitating; being. lot No 10
of It Ward's snb-dirbdon 'of tots In Towanda born.
AL.s.tYr-Lot No. 1 2--11ollud;41 - as follow s : begin
ning at the north side of an alley running at north
side of lots No 9, 10, and 11 and the west side of
Fourth slt thence westerly :slung the nurth side of
said alley about 1.57-'-feet to. an alley running north
WO south; diver northerly along said last men
!Ltes! alley Si MU ft to the south West corn ,r of
lot Nu 15; thence easterly , along line of lot No la,
about 1s; ft to 4th st; thence southerly along west
line of 4: it st 50 3-10 ft 16- the plaee of beginning;
being, lot No 12„in 11 Ward's stardlvislou of lots in
Ton ands Iwo.,
—Botuided as follon's: begln
uln^ at the south east coiner of lot Nu 70; :11nwee
nor, lterly along, 1110 ra , t end of loti NU . 69 and 70,
75 ft, more or 1(.945, to a corner; thence easter:y 50
ft, more or less, to a corner; the tare eoullthrly 75 It.
noire or less, to a cornet; On south line of lot No 70;
Incc we.ot'riy along sant:mot:in - line of sa:(I lot Nu
50 ii mon• or lot.s, w till: Nice 1 f beginning: be
ing parts of lot, No 60-and 70 in 11. IVard'a
viz toil or lots In Toviianda Vow.
At. 4, Lot No. 37-11onntled as follow,: begin
ning in Ow north line of LlVard av&. at the south
we-t corner of a lut o Ito 31:clia , 131.•Nuity; t ornre
north ;:ot t . west along thtt%; cst ,Jf said loi IV!
feet TO the south-110e of 0,10 It alley; thence south
we.4t autn.g the Hilo of ',IMP It to the north
east cotiMr of tot No as;.'l.ltenee south a0!... 0 e.a. s t
along ea,: line of samell-Iftto the nor:b.'rine of Ward
ay..; thetwe 'north :AO, 03: along same. ,O it to
ptae..% of toeginning;.with a= ktury fratnethlwelling
hous:. thereon. .1
ALSO—Lot No 40—Bounded as follows: begin
ning iu the twits lino of '{Cali ace: at the s w cor
ner of tot No so, thence weSt along west
file of saine 11l ft to the line of a lu ft .alley;
thence south west atintg same 3o ft to the it e
eorner,of lot Ni 41; thence s.A.rtli 30 , ,° oast along
east line of saute 1::3 ft 111410? norn Itne of Ward
ace; Ihenee north 30 1 , 0 along .5.11110 50 ft. to the
place."( I•igittilliig; with altuo story framed dwell
ing Itint-ie,tneroon. . ,
A I.SO-4.,t No 3s=ttottritted -as follows: Legit:-
1111. g In the north Ilue of :yard ave. at the t. h eor
nor' of lot No 37: 111:11eW florin 310, 0 west along
west 11n/ or mine 114 ft to 010 - ft alley; :honer sou ti
! : i
ot. west along same SO ft to u e corner of lot No
39; thencurnitri 30. 2 ° east along the cast Ilne. of
sante lin f to the north line of \Vara ace; thence
north 59!y east:along santo 30 ft to place of begin
'tang; with a two story fzitnied dwelling hurts
ALSO—Lot No 39—tionnded . as follows:'
ping In the north IMO of iVattl ave. at then w cor
ner of lot Nu 38, thence north aoS.webt along west
line of saute 110 ft to the tiouth line of a 1 oft alley;
thence south alit.° west along same 60 ft to then e
corner of lot No. 40; thence south aOH- 0 east along
east linecame 119 ft to the north line of Ward
;we: then'te north 59.4...: 0 eist along saute 40 ft to the;
place of beginning; with ia; two story framed.d well
log boast, thereon.
ALSO-.llefendant's interest In and to &certain
lslaild located in the SuSrmehattnaht River a'short
distance below the Towanda dam; said Island von
tainlogltincres. mote ur•less, formerly owned by
1. Ward, dee'd, and Thomas Elliott, decd. by
patent frptu the Coninninwealth orl'eun'a, refer
ence thereto being had will more fully and at large
ALSO—Defendant's interest, right, title, ilber
tieq, privileges, franchises and heriditaments of,
in and to a certain sprint of water upon the lands
of '-Conles, situate in Towanda twp, aforesaid,
together with, all his rights of ingresX and egress to
nse the Mint. , Seized, and taken into execution at
the suit of Thomas Mithow's me vs henry Ward,
Also at the suit of Mrs IL I C Ward's ex r.vs saute.
ALSO—One otherfot of land in Wyaluslng twp,
bound , t 1 on (lie north byri lands of Ilarrimni Itiact
and A C Stevens, easthy the Wvalusing creek,
south by lands of John Keeler and —Scoville,
and ,fes.e Stafford, westj.hy Willi of Levi Stafford
and Taylor's mill creek:Tout:lining 50 acres, more
or le , s, abont co acres IMproved, with one framed
house and two framed barns and fruit trees there.
on; : 4 . eized and taken into execution at the suit or
11W Patrick and Elliman Smith vs J If pack.
ALSO—One other lot `of land in Wilmot twp,
bounded on the north by laud Of Mortimer Pres
ton, east by land of James Holland. south by lands
of Abram Waltman and'ivest by hinds of Abram
IValtman. containing 50 'acreS, more or less, about
40 acres improved, with tine log house and a 'few
fruit trees thereon. Seixnd and taken into execu
tion at the suit of C 4 M Bixby vs Patrick-Ragan.
ALSO—One other lot of land In South Creek twp,
bounded as follows: Cominetwing at n e corner of
lot owned by Owen J trilskin and running by ,^ 0 east
48 rods to the line of lot owned by LyMan Long
well, thence along the line of said Lyman I) Long
well north es° west 110 4410 rods to the lot formerly
occupied by :fort VerrW thence south by 2 0 west
to the lot of Owen Judson 4,1 rods, thence along the,
line of said Owen Judson:to the place of commenc
ing; supposed to cohtaln!3s acres of land, more or
less. Seized and taken :Into execution at the suit
of Thomas 1) Oustin vs Charles A Parsons.
ALSO—One other lotnof land hi Canton twp,
bounded north by lands of Stephen. Roberts, east by
lands of Edward Venally, south by the public
highway, west by lauctrof George ...Madison, con
taining about 75 acres, - nibre or lecs,ivitli a framed
house, framed barn andi few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken Into exicutlon at the suit of
& Pomeroy vs WiillaM Matson. -•
, cALSO—Oneother lot of land In P.ome . tvrp, boun
ded as fellows: beginning at a hemlock warrant'
corner No 9.1, thence, by. the line of said warrant
south 8; Lo east 144 7-10 p, to a stake and stone cor
ner of C Vansice; thence. south 2?-z° west 62 pto a..
stake and stone corner of Myron Osborn; thence by.
the uncut same north $7,c 9 west • 147 7-19 p •to
stone lu the line of --4•Vargason; thence by
line of said Yargason anti Bail and Marshall, It bez
log a warrant line, north .5!., 0 east 62 p to the place
of beginning; containing 36 acres. and 104 p. more
or less, about 20 acres . ..lmproved, with 2. framed.
houses, framed barn, blacksmith shop and other
out buildings and ()reliant of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken hag execution at theault of Cur
tis II Tyrrell vs Simon ItaSsell.
ALSO-4. l ne other lotiof land in Monroe. boro,
bounded on the north lands of A poise, east by
lands of L 'Rockwell, senth by land of W A Rock
well and west by Idalorst, containing 5 acre of
Mod, tnore or less, all ',improved, with a trained
dwelling' house, slab abed and few'fruit trees
thereon. : • 11 .
ALSO—One other toe of land in Monroe twp,-
bounded as follows: bcgilitan. at a stolid corner on
the north side of a wild leading frotn the first
bridge on the stain batik of the Towanda creek,
above Greenwood, Cottage, in said hip, to the Ber
wick turnpike; thence math 41.1.1i 0 east 06 0-lop, to
a post: thence along other lands of said David Ida
son south . ..4 0 east laop, In post on north bank of the
Towanda crock; thence:pap said creek north efly ,
west 21p, to a corner near the center of a road trad
ing from said Towanda treek nearilawes , top fac
tory to the road first alstie mentioned; thine north
40°. west 48p; thence Mirth 19S° west 16 2,10 p;
thence north ho west it 2-10 p; thence north 41 0 ,
west l 2; thence Borth 646° west 14p; thence north
44° west 12 6;10p, to 'the place cf beginning; con
taining 22 acres, strict; measure, with a framed
bons* and few fruit trees thereon. .Seized and ta
ken Into execution at the suit of P L Ward's use
vs E Miller wad Scepter mow n.
Shestra Oftee k AprlU,•lB7e,
S • •
, .
.HERIPF'S SALE.—By virtue,
sundry, write Issued out of the Court of Comi
mon - Voss, at Bradford County L till :expose at .
public Pale at the door of the Court House, In Tow-',
ands; on IPRIDAY, May 6, 18.76, at 1 o'clock?
r the following described pieces of land.
ONE 7,—bounded on the north by thel
homestead lot of the late David Cash; on the east";
by 3d street; , s o uth by Pine street; and west,
by an alley; being about 117 ft front on' said 3d st,
and shoot 210 ft deep, with a large new two storyf
brick dwelling house, new framed barn or carriage,
!muse, other out buildings and . leiv'frult trees,
A I,SO-41solundh blded one faurt interest. In the,
following described lot of Land situate mostly in
Towanda bore, and partly in Towanda, twp, boom'
ded on the, north by lands of the estate of !the
late U. Charlotte Ward; east by Mechanic et c ,
and certain lots 'heretofore conveyed to.l L Schoon-'
over. Tile chef man, George Sledge, Isaac Robinson
and Win Thompson; south by land noir,ownediby
James Woodouul west by land formerly owned 'by'
Ledgard,Chaapel; containing 14 acres of land more
or less, all Improved , with a large' spring of water
thereon and water pipes leading , fronethe same to
the house of GM*.
LSO—One other toe of land in Standing stone '
top, bounded 33 follows: Beginning at a yellow
pine, corneeLot lands formerly-of the Lames ESPY
estate. (now Landmesser), thence north - 28 %* east
on line of said Landosesser 107 rods to a postrthence
south e7!4 ° eastO4 rods on line of said tandmesser
to a post; thence north 49 0 east on said Landuies
ser 72 rout tti a post on line of other Minis of Win
firinis; thence south Vie west on line of, said Grif
fis and )Cm • Squires and ,Charles Squires 14C)i
rots to frpost; thence north 87° -west 1117 9-10 rods
on line of Patrick Boyle and Landmeaser. to place
of beennlog; containing 102'1 acres of :land more
or less. :
A 1.50 . ---;Dras otherlot of land In Standing Stone
twp, bounded" as follows: beginning at a white oak
sapling, on line . of in A Squires. thence north
C 9! i° east on line - of said Win A iitititss 64 beds to a
maple sapitiag;the upperside of the old road; thence
north 21* east t,' nods to new road; thence south
60r.easi along new - road 4 rods biz a isensfock bush.
Upper side of old road; usenEe north 4.1,f.V , ' east isz
tits road 30 rods -to • the Itue of /rands Mt:tilers;
thence nortlfl,l;* east on line of said Stuthers
rods to a posi; corner of said Stuthers and Donlan
son land; thence north SS* west on 51erracken's
line 47? ? ; rods to a post, corner of 'Landwesser:
thence south 2 0 . west 011 I..andinesser and Griffis'
line, :2 rods twthe place: of beginning; - Csiatalssing
about,2: acres of land; snore of less. 'l'he two tracts
above: descrtliesl constitute what is knoWen as Wm
tirilffs' hill .farin, being about- 130 uerei of land,
more or less. about 100 acres 'improved. with one
new framed house, one framed barn 30x40"and shed
attached 18x60 and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
ALSO-=One other lot of- land in Stalni ing'stone
twp, bounded. northerly. by lands- of 3 - frS Whipple
and Linclizteert easterly by Mods (if Lantithe.-Nrr:
southerly by Lauds of the Lehigh , Valley-railroad
Company and westerly by lands of Mrs King; Dan
' lel Jenisingi; - .3lrs Westbrook. and S .Vankusen:
contalning,lso acres of land more or less,. about 100
acres improved, wills an old 'framed house, a framed
bands and ore Mint r of-fruit trees [hermits:. .K boon
as the Wm lifinis river' farm. Seinsti and taken
Into executiok at the suit of JsimeS Mod vs Jim I
Sanderson, Wan Griffis sec ;v.
ALS.I.--One other lot of land la Athens ta - p
Wooded on Use north by 'land otol'artial Quick,
east. by Penn's ave, south and west by lands of I) L
F Clark - . being 80!;;• ft wide 'on Pentia, ace and
extending back therefrom 111 1.10 ft; with a two
story dwe:liiig_house thereon; said lot being lot No
427 and pas tof Tot No 125, block No 10 du inap of
1) I. 1' Clark'si extension of South Waverly, made.
by Z F Walker. Seized. and sakes) into execution
at the suit of the First. National Bank ofl Waverly
,use vs J F Shoemaker. i - . - •
• ALSO--One other lot of land - In Troy tvrp, boun
ded on the north .by lands of Jacob A Lluderinan
and Joseph• east by lauds of J 3fonroe
Smith, south by land of David Stingertandaidl west
by lands of Jacob A Linderman; contaMing
acres, more or less, about 40 1 acres Improved, with.
a framed house; framed barn with cbcds Mulched,
framed horse barn and few fruit treed thereon.
Seized and taken Intoexecntion at the snit of Pom
eroy Bros vs L Woisl, Godarcland T
ALSO—Clue; other lot of land in Ll:cheat twp,
bounded in the north by laud of Jul n t Rogers jr.
and J ii Rogers, east by land beltdiging to the es
tate of Edward Barton and James Campbell, south
by lands of Ail Layton and John Campbell and
west by lands of S 1) Barnum and .lams Brake;
containing Ito acres of land, more or less, about 140
acres improved, Is itb a framed house, framed barn
and two orchards of (roll trees thereon: i'-'elred
and taken into the suit of 31 W
lock ea 5 11 Caroler.
ALSO—One other lot of land in Shesooin twp,
bounded on the west by laud Of James on
the nortlrby lands of ilathes Idtr2sel,-on the east by
land of Debby Vat/winch., on the south by lands or
Silas Jayne. et/menus Vancise and .James Smith:
containing 02. acres, strict measure. Seized and ta
ken into exeitithin at the suit of WitiJ
use , vs lien F Sibley and Cordella Sltiiet,.Lis wife,
and James Russell, terre tenant.
ALSO—OnO other lot of land 'ln Towalida Lew,
b•DilutlNl north by Creek at, east by,Center st, south
by lot •No 100,1elOnging to Fojeafty, and on the
west: by an alley, being lots Nos 149. 141 and 112, as
shown on map wade. by Wm 31orgati for the
trustees of the Mason estate, with, a fruited house
thereon. !
ALSO—One other lot of land in Tuwamla Lora,
bounded at follows: beginning at a post on the line
of Ist are, thence Mirth 20° .west 150 ft to a post;
thence north no east 50 ft to a post; theme by
Thus Lynch, south 20° east 150 ft to a pot on the
lihe of iseave; same south 70° it'll Le ft
to the placemt beginning, being the lot doutracted
to Aaron Wood, situated to Sayre & Co'sladdltlon
to Towanda, with a framed house thereoM belied
and taken into executilm at the suit of J 0 Frost &
Sole; rs A Wood.; ,
A I.SO--tine other lot Oland in Arnietita twp,
bounded on the north by lands of Albert I)6i:cyan('
DaN Id Painter, on the east by lands of Dia% td.Pal
tner and Johnlitley; on the south by lands of wid
ow Chapulau and on the west by lands- of A :4;
3100 re; containing • 173 acres of
,land, more or less,
about 50 acres Improved, w WI one
! rained, (rimed
barns and'ornhattl of fruit trees thereon'. Seized
and taken Into execution at the suit
kidwal - ds vs Mites .31 - ack.
A C5.0. 7 .-otte .other lot of land In ,Overton
boon ied norililiy.lantis . of Dennis cast t
the public highway. south land of Nelsen Shot'.
luau, went by Lind of.;Ji Cl 4 Slietnian: containing
A of an aere'ttf land, with a frznied bat it 1116*i:tin.
seized:tit taken lutti execution at the suit of.l.lart
W Lane's use vs John W
ALSO—One Other lot of !and in Wyalusing
•boundetl as falons: beginning at tcptist far nieril
heiu:Oct tree for a coiner, It being the s:w cornet
.of the taint of Joseph Daugherty,•and die linojui
land of said Grattain; thence on sand line itortli s: 0
west 59 4-11.1., to a pttal,' then 1\ cornet aline ta - b1
Itlraitain tarin; thence north 2 5' cant 2.6 7.13 , -sp, It
it,su for a cot :ter: thence south 57 0 55', eattt 59 4-1 , 41
to the line of Lad a Joseph Daugherty: them',
the line of lan ,riff ~aid Daugherty south t t tp
26 to the I-lace . of beginning: con:on:11 10
acre , , ware or tear, all ituprottal, tw inti.thog•.
Al.stt—Ahte other lit , it lend lu Wynlaantg
botenueti toilcivs: beginning at the it iv c, tier ot
land contracted to be mad it, Jan.'s Fee and ttielo
ant Fee (lam Sueli);. thence along line a s.tol hoot
writ 11.414 to a rot tier In due of ;and ntiNc
po,sessioa of \V T Middaugh: Melte.: alo!,g, line o;
saute north Si 5-I , T. 0, it t crier; theitee :03ppr, Out
of stunt: vas, '.:Up• 4111-lieo along nu; of ~a nt, nt ,r;
Gnit. to a corner ili line of conveyetb to
Me hilnneJ ; thence along line of land al said Mc
litnucy and land now or bi t , in p.,,, s ei„,ba
Daugherty. east 5-1 ItettlieS. it. the Pluto of begin
ning: eontatutog 57 acres and sup, iuoce or ic,,,
about 110 acres latproved, vilth a framed tu•use,
manned hart. alttfieW fruit trees thereon. 'D t tli' s
Interest only to be sold. SeLied and talon Into eX
ecutloobt In: sail of Geo 11. Latuloiec nay vs It V
Fee n-ot inettard Graham. .•
A LZOl—Oilk! her /0t of land in Tuscarora twp,
bounded oti the north. by the. lauds of, Ed,,,ard
Brown and tleury Motley's eNtate,.east by laud o ff
widow Whipple, ,outli by lands of Swann! Wood
ruff and Dinnk \ alson, and on the wezd_ by laud:
of Martha 3lec:o,:e, cdumliting acr,s', more or,
aboat 10 acres Unmoved. with a framcd'house,
framed hant and orchard .of fruit tries thermou.
SeiLed and tak,a Into execution at the suiruf Allen
Jayne'; tine vbl) V Brink.
oilier lot of land In Ulster
bounded on tho north by land§ of Norman SllaW,
Charley Ii comb, Henry 'Thomas and, Edtvard
Walker, et al; . east by the Susquehanna river, south
by lands belontribg to .t ho estat& of Clittuncy Rock
well, dec'd and nest bf lands of James Barber,
Theodore Rogers, .Adelbert" Shaw, and the Newell'
lot, rontatning acres of twat, more or te,s, about
129 acres Improved, nit a framed dwelling house:
21ra:tied turns with sheds attached, otherout-Luthl
ng,s and orchard of fruit Bees thereon.
- .A1.80--One other lot of land In Ulster fwp, bean.:
ded on , the uorth by the public highway leading"
trout Llster to'Smitlttl o l,l. east
.by otht•y tau& of
James Meeitrty, being the above described lot, and
Charles lto:comb, south by lauds of Edward Lock
wood and nest by land of Johmlllsbrue; Containing
acres, Moto or less, about 20 aert•s unproved, no
bulldiugx.tzt•d mid taken itito exet:t4luzi at thd
suit of M W Wherlock vs James McCarty.,
ALSO—tine other lot of .Toad in Vistor twr,
bounded on the north by lauds of 'John Slulth, east
by the Sitsquehatina River, south by land of WO
1% 1 111;1'1pol,, decd, and west by the land formerly
owned by C F AVi.•tles, deed, containing:too aeres
more or less, about 18 acres ltnprol ed. noicintior . .4;
Solicit and tabu Into execution at , the suit of
Wheeloe4 vs James Stetarty.
LSO—Oan other Tot hi Towanda born,' ' , minded
on the north by, east by laud of .13ettlainIU
SOuth byroplar-st, arat Aveg loy-lttnds
of Geo II llooctlt' bring about 50 ft trout and , abOut
Igo It deep. all Improved; no brdldlnzt.
• A—Lot No. s—The undlvidcd chree4ftbS
Iciest In the following, described lot, situate in Toi.
Wanda txircybotinded ow the north by Poplar st;
cast by ad st, South by land of Was emits, west by
an alley willta three story brick divelllng house
and framed barn thereon.
A 1..t.0-I.ot No. o—One other- lot hi Tewanda
bolo. bounded on the north by state st, east by land
of A L Hard; south by laud of Itacid Gordon acid
west by land, of Acadia Barber, containing a two
story trained dwelling haute:. !-
.I.l.*ti--Lot No. 7—One other lot in Towontlh
bbro, bounded mirth by Poplar zt, east by Westerfii
ace, ts:onth by land - of A Noble and west.lty land
of Marla C.llenly, with a cellar and foundation felt
a budding thereon_
ALSO—Lot No. 3—The undivided three-fiftqs
interest In six tracts of unseated lands, lit Barclay
and Overton twit's, containing about:l943 acres anil
warranteedin the following names: Ilugh 'Ladley,
Andrew Ladley, Peter Ladley, each coutatninp,; : feo
acres. Joseph Ladley. containing 330 acres. Walter
Stewart,. coataining :WO acres, and II 11 Cnnuittgl
ham, con taittlur 121 acres, with a'saw !nip
mill houses and barn thereon: Said land contains
•Iljposits of coal, Iron ore and fire elay, - Each third
will be sollfseparately, the right alsObeing resetveil
lot...selling each third of each lot separately. Selzeil
and taken Into executfon at the self of s N Letts,
Cashier's use r 3 C I) Cash, (leo 1' Cash, lieu's.; 33)1
F A Cash, Seely. Also at the suit of Mrs. Alma
Gunn to use of N N.Betts, Jr, vs Gee 1' Cash:
ALSO—One other lot of land In Towanda harp,
!smutted - on 'the nort it by State st, east by mini of W
Bran:hail: now In possession of Mrs Of I 11 W hit
' ney, south by Poplar st, and west by land of Cc., tl
Wood. containing ono half of an acre of land tnot,v
or less, all Improved, with a large framed dwelling
house thereon.
. ALSO—The dell, Geo P.Cashlr undivided ono
fifth Interest. In one other lot of laud du the herb
of Towanda,. bounded' on the north by Poplar or,
east by 34 tit, south by land of Win Gains and west
ity an alley, being about lOOft front onlsaid Third
st, and about 22t it back on said rophimkt, with a.
two story gothic brick dwelling lionise, framed
barn, oilier out buildings and few fruit trees -
on, being knowu as the homeatead lot Of
the i'avld ('rtsh'cstate.
ALSO—Tot defendant, t,eo l' Cash's undivided
one-fifth luterest In one other lot of land in Pat-clay
twit, Bent fining Ito acres, Inure or less.! in the sat
native 1101103 o . r I) C00)1r1101:11111,.WirN a saw mill,
two mill houses and a stable thereon.
A Lso—The dert undivided toredl fth Intc' , rest
out' other lot of laud in Barclay twit, (mitt:drib:A -10 r)
acres. more or less, In the warrantee name or Pe
ter Cathay,
ALSO---The der t's tunny bled one-flf thlnterest
one other lot of laud in Barclay tivp, containing arm
acres, more or lest, , . In the warrantee iranteufJtrottph
Latiley.. -
ALSO—The defra undivided fth interest lot
one other Ird. of laud in Barclay Lisp, euntaluing 335
acres, more Or less, In the warrantee name of Wai
ter ntewatt.- •
ALSO—The deft's undivided one-fifth interest ju
one of herlbt of laird in Barclay and,Ottertou twit:,
containing 400 acres, more ur less, I¢ the warrantee'
name of Andrew f.atliey. Seized and: taken Into
execution at the suit of James If Phinney vs Cleo r
Cash. . .
. • .
ALSO—One- other/lot: of land: in Cantor' twit,
bounded north by laud of „Adam laid* south by
lands of Patrick Byrn, east and west by land of the
tlehrader tonal .Company, containing ISO acres of
landononS Or less, about 10 acres Unproved, wltll'a
, 4....
log house( thereon . Seized ar ia ban Into 'eskreca
tiott at the gun of Meth:canna= Int .I . s A.fres.
ALSO--One other lot of land In Rotnelwp4.boun.
fled north, by land, of Jane fleeter. Out', by /and of
Wallace ' lona south by /mad or John Matt,
*Wst by land of Wm Ilicharele. contalnitig SO acres.
Mate or less, shoot nacres IMprOved. wlt i tt a framed
tonne, framed Wu and orchard Of fruit trees
thereon..; Seized sad taken into execution-et the.
sun of 8 D Pitcher's we vs A 0 Park. -,
AtS4}44.lne other lot of-Lend in A th ena twp,
bounded north by land of'henry Kirby. oast by
latd of David Iladlock And ' , l o h Uldetra estate,
south by 'land of ',Joseph Mc/Matey and west by
land °lN:orals 'Rogers and J 0 Eyler; containing
; 40 acrearpore or !ea, *beat JO acres IMproVed. be
Buildings; with the right of way across the West
side of lands sold to David Maillock by Olsen :Park,
not to exceed ICI ft. • ... .., i ,
1 ALSO—One other lot of land in Athens twp.
bounded north by; lands 'of'Nehbillah Miller, east.
by lands of Channer.Wheattle and Elijah Vassar ,
der, south by land} of Elijah . Vangordel and west
by the Susquehanna river, , (mutability 1 0 Acres.,
more or less, about 4o acres ,improved. with two ,
framed houses, a fronted barn and few frult,trees
thereon. ;Seized. end taken Into executiOn at the
lint t Of Owen Park; vs ;,JacoliVaturder 01 Marla
yangorder. I I .'-i , • I
A Ledl—One other lot of land in Warren{ twp,
bounded as follow; ; beginning at thoja w l corrier of
the Lukens tract; thence
„north SSSast 101 rods.
ton corner of lot iNu 11; thence south' :34 0 , west,
long , line of lot ',go 11 180 reds to corner of io t a No
, 12, 13 and 14; thence south fts'.4•west 1M rod& to
corner of lots No 13 and 14; thence north I,li° east
180 i rods; tb the place `,, Of I beginning; I con.
tathing 113 acresi more or less, about 70 acre" her
proved, with one framed boasts. One log barn and a
few fruit trees thereon. Set:Ed and takeola to ex
?ender' at the snit lot N C - Elsbree vs James atc-
Doninigh. I , , r
. . ,
iALso—One °their lot of land in Canton rety.
bounded as follows; beginning; at a Turner on the
south aide of the main stage 'road Lading from
csr.ton to Towanda; adjoinlul a lot ofand convey,
ed by lienpiinin Landon an velfe t i}&Mu Van-
3 1 4
Dyke, now deed. and now belongingt o Is heirs.
on the east and running thenee south G' 3 st St along
the same ' lop to the s, w corner of the met and
thence north 84 0 west 5 vi-ipp to a come ; thence
north Go east lO p to;the line,of the main ; and .
thence south 84. east along- the same 5 ydep to ,
the place or bit:lnning; cOntabilzig N ors( - acre of'
land, more or less; ii at a framed building used for .
'a stdre and' dwelling house, a-lot of store s eds, and
1 framed horse tiara thereo nL'Seized d taken
into execution at, the suit-of; Eugene C anDyke
vs Merton Landon. , • ~ : . I
.41,14(.1--One other lot of land in Tows
bounded north by lands of Tont lirennen.l
Railroad ,si, south by lands of ,Thomas Cl
west by an alley, being co ft on said Ratite
150 ft deeKbeing' lot No 7 in 0 N Maim'
Smith Towanda, all ilthproved. no betiding!.
mid taken into execution at the shit of Jo
ddtliers John Deem:: I ." •
. •
ALSO-4/ne Other: !lot of: lan,/ In' Ins er . twp,
bounded, as folio:is:" a corner on the
eest•side of the Pebliel highway leading front To
wanda to Athens, thence southerly to land of. A A-
Khmer, thence easterly to the, water edge of Island
: creek, thence northerly along, said creek to land
fortnerly owned byl, A! B Stulth, thence westerly
.altaig the samtto ; the place of la:ginning, contain
: lug about i 4 of an sere, more ei less, with a trained
store building and tiara thereon. Seized and taken
into execution at the suit of 0 S Russel and'E T
Foz Vs Morris Clair;
,ALSO--0110 "Other lot of !awl In Tuscarora,
bounded north by, lands of Jacob Fowler and Hen
ry Shaw, east by hails of S D•Sturdevant and Chas
SMlth. south by lands of Ildla Cogswell 'andlNsl
COgSwell, west by lands of ' A! J Slivara 4m.lller
man; Atkins; containing 74 ! ! acres,. more ; or less, -
about 40 acres improved, with .3 framed houses, 1
trained barn, I chip mill and all mill hatnres: be
longing to saute, lisaw nillt and all mill lixturea be
longllig to same, and orellard [if fruit trees thereon:
also the privileges; of a ulllll - ace running through
the 1=43 of A J fillvara. and all the water priel
egeS as held, employed or i thiJoyed by Slmon At
Clink. Selied and taken Wit execution at the suit '
of Aimisgtilmby,nz'r of Muses QUitaby, deed ys
S. A Clnik. I ; h:. • I I!
A 1L.E.70:•:-One other lot of land lu Monroe twp, n
bounded as followiii beginning :at u post cOrner o
the Public coat leading along the Schrader, liranch
of the -Towanda creek, thence by lands of Ellen
Waril3filler north (4° 15' west 180 feet : 6
a post;
thence by the same south elilp nest 120 ft fo a post
-thence by theanie,'sout I 64. 1 . W east 181 ft [ea post
on the public roadhefore mentioned; thence. along
said road north 2131° east 120 ftto p/'e of- begin-
Wee: containingl,2 acre, being:the same not con
tracted 6 the defendant by (5 L %yard 31'aY 2, IF%
with! a 'small (rained .dwelling house thereon,
Seized and taken into executibu at the suit 'of John
Ford vs Daniel R. I . l,wers. 'i!
i t
ALSO—One other lot of land in Athe s hero,
bounded as follow,:,:' beginning, on the 'wes try cor
ner Of Chester Park's lot, thence norther) • along
araln st, 50/4 ft to land of Episcopal church thence.
eastwardly along the line of lands of said EpiSco- .
pal church ; los ft to an' alley/thence south-along
said alley 10'It.; thence eastward along theend of
said alley and the SOuth line of a lot now coined by
C WI Clapp 60 ft tO , n w corner of lot dwn if„,l4 31
Pike; thence southerly along the, line, of said 31
l'ite's lot 31 , 4 ft-to the land of Said 31 Pike thence
westward along the !Mid et'ishid H.-Pike and ilie
nOrtit line of Chester Parrs hit 165 ft to f ie place
of beginning; containing if kd an acre f Land,
tripie or less, with la framed !house and fruit trees
thereon. Seized aud taken-tete executi at the
snit of Sarah K Barris vs S "N!Bitxid and Ellen E
.Biodit. •
ALSO—One other lot of latd:in Alba bore, boun
11t41,140ail by land lilt ' liobertillllley. east by the N
.01l.'W - Co. south by land of /rad Wilson, %vest by.
land of Itavid l'afriter, containing 5-acres f laud
Morn of less, all ItiiproVed, with a few fr it trees
thereon. I l:I .
!ALSO—One other lot of lanilin All)a bore, boun
ded north by land; of Charlotte Holmes,ast by
laud'niSf C U 3lanly i !soul II by hinds of Chest r Will
ia and west by the putela highway, co Mining
i f.
, 4' of, au aere or land, more' ur less, allprOved,
:vitae rex fruit trees thereon, :no buildlir - . Betz
eel and taken into etecutlontit the suit of J tferson
Loughead vs A W Fellows tt and A T Lille
ALSO—One other lot of land In Shesheiiin two,
bounded north: by the publin ;highway. eilia by laud
of Chester Child, south by land of L II l' - t.,!:ve3t'
by the higlin ay, ciiiitaining: 13 acres of la d more
or 14s, all linoloved, nu buildings . . with a f w fruit
trees thereon. Sel4ed and taken Into exec [ion at
the Suit or Albeit Lent vs ,103e1,11 and L/I 'osti .!
A I.l3o—Okie other lot of land in Berlin ,on twp, -
bv"'ided .,, "flb by lands of 11'Slieetnaker.' east by
land of T Shoemaker. south by public high ay and"
west by public litt!, , liwaY, coutaining„ 53 ay. 3, more -
or less, :moot 45 u.crels improved, With a Ranted
ittiuSe.lrunicill barn itiot-reiy fruit trees thereon.
Seized :unlit:ll:en Thal eXeklllion at the spit of E
Pomeroy %.IG Perry.!
!ALSO—One other lot of , . land in Loth
boutided nerth by ,lands' or fili,),:ou Willia
5y holds of 'elm , "Millard, .., , oirf,h t , y the 'I
t - l•reek and West by', land of Sr /3 Morse, cot
8,0 to.rcs., mpre or ;c!-: , ., aluitit; 7,1 accts lei
With 2 fr.ttnc.4l hoin,c: , 3frrinied bard. , ,. 1
,iniili shop, olh , ..roiat buildings anal orchard
trees thereoo. seized and taltr:n into exec
, .
b. isuit of C T vy I•'ai nv 111 kok. •
;i; f.A.YTON,
;:xbrriff's Ai)rlll2, 1%7d. • •
ilk_ oraciii aylor, 1 No. 43i , ,
You are 11:±reby nBlll4eil t liat:Jila May Taylir. your
IV f;`, has C
the otill Of Conlin( n PleaS
of Bradford County for a iiivon.e (ecru the Lwnds
of 11 , 1 tri mop y, the sahlF.Court Ita.s
Mt:day the Ist day of 31:131 for .Ix-ntring the
said 'lda May in the pretiii...esi, at whirrh time *id
plan you rail attend I you thilik proper.
—To ; Searl Drown. Nii.i3Fstl, Dee.. .1 ,
you are h , .by noiitied that Oarigella E firo;l
has applied to the Court 'of Common . ;
I.lr4,lford county, for a from the: FF
4:alimony. and the said court . has appoln
,lay, the IS: day; :of May, 457,1, the preml - ,0 - 5, at Ivhleh t't
pla6:l you run :MOO If you Mink proper.
aftti O!,1 - 1 ! A. r.AYTON'.
!A DID' RdE.
To Calvin . Steel. No, Dee. 1875.
!. You aro hereby "itutitied that '"Axinah .4. Steel,
y't•tir has applied to qui Coln*: of Volution.
Oleas of Itradforn county fpri a divorce crtnuitlio
bcnids of inatrituonY. and' thn iahheourt bat appolii
ted!-Mondvi?,, iil ltt • day, May. for; heaing,
thel said Axhsah A. in the preUtbe N at n - hinii time.
and 'place yo = u can 4ttend if you think proper. •
• 1
• '
—TO Jarni...s Wright; No, 139,
You' are htt eby uotinnd that Tcrzah
:tour wife.l has :tpplled tu:;the Court of 11;
pleas for a divorce froze 'Or§ 'bonds of WWI
and said curt ino appsintad Monilay. tlt
of fetG, Ipr hearik the said
in the prcullses, sultich 'time and place
attend if you thluk proper:,'; ,
AC •
LEL To Jamos G. Livt4n. No. 92.
.1s:. You artkhereby notllfed that Emma ,
your %Wei Ir:ti applied to the Court of 1
Picas of Bradford Couidy fora divorce
bonds of niatrimony, and .the said Oour
pointed Monday,', 110 Ist day; of May, fo
thee, said Emma . In the imernt.s....s, at m,
and place sou can' attend if T o think pro
. .
aprllf,o4 I. A. 4. LAYTON,
, -.----ri
I 1 .
, —Th Charles Marsh. , ~ No. 50.3 . , bee. • T.,
1573. Yon are .! hereby - ' hotlfled that Si.i Lids
Ma;rsh, your wife has applied to the Court of 'Com
wen Pleas, of Bradford county, for a divorce from
the bonds Id mattiniany, atOl the said ecnirt has ap
pi:dated Molulay, the lot May of May 1576, for
hearing the said M. Lida ln the premlse; at Which'
Bute and place you can attend If you thl k proper.
apritaal 11 A.; Ji.:L.VVTON, 1 Sheriff. i
Tol l Eitle Oates. No.! 11:7,, Feb. T 1575 ! . N-1
You. are erolay:•nottfied that Ellsha 69te2, !your!
Husband. I his- applied tO..the Court of tomi
mon Pleas of liratiford,County; for a
!tlte.bonds:of tnatiimony, add the ald Co at has ap
pointed 31ONfY,the Ist dayof Ilant7. .fotliear.! lug
tho bald Ellidaa in the4,retuiFes. at Whichltine
:and plareyon cad attend If : you think proivr...i .
apritew4 It
tl A...d. LAYTON !Shettlf. !!
1.... Nollrq is iliefoiq Mien that all persons tif
tlehted to the estate of DiWili Klnsley, late of,Asy
lum twp.,!dec t i,,, must make Inunediatelilayment to
,the undersigned; and all
haelpg claims
:against'. said estate must ,present them
c t dttly an•
I thenticated, for aettlerueur. i • • .
I - '' l . •I' "
!,!! ! J. A. RE p.I.D,
! have, I! . i Adtiiinlstrittor,'
• '
Notice kiktereby Oren that all '..rtmas in
d.t.htetl to the estate of Stephen S. Halm 341, late o
. I
rithighurr. deetl„i must make Immettlate i paymqnt
all (persons having claims: ag:dust ;s:tid e tate Mask
~ r esent theta duly authenticated for sett! meat.'
it - .
1, \l \t. It. RA IsililN..l
—Notice is hereby
,glren that all
debut(' to the estate of Etutlr Jenkins, II
Itaydt Wei lutist 111*S lretnetllatel
the atuler,iguelt, and all; persons hail
!a,7,a1t0.t saki estafp must present tltem,d,
;11ratetl, fur setthunent.
! \V. Adrainti
-..:.Notlee IS hereby 4 4 i tbat alt
'thned to the t estate of. Joseph Clias-
'Sootli crt.ek, der; must matte Immediate
,the underslgnetb and all persons hav
bust said estate must On seut'them, d ,
ticated, f c r settlepient.
A i_rlirrip4's NOTICE.. - -1-1.:
ix. Kirby N. N. lltts, cashier vs Gee. P.
ism In the CunTl of Co imon Pleas orttradford
reunty. 1 No. 410, Day and NO. GT, Dec.
, • -
The undersigned ; an anditor appointed b mid
Court - to distribute fends'arhing from the Sheriff's
sale of the defendant's real estate, will, attend to
the duties of his 'appoint:Lew at tho.othee of Smith
A ',llontanye, in (Towanda; Item., on' TUESDAY,
, April :5,116;6, at .2 o'clock P. Si., at- which tithe and
place aU persominaving claims upon said fund must
• prrtent them, or be toter); debarred tht.refrom.
• I, H :(1; D. MONTANNE,
the 1113,4. ! ; • 'Auditor
da twp,
east by
rdy arid
st, by
plot of
. Seized
is Merl-
bra, k
itioa at
'PI of
►ells of
.11 Moo
ing the
tine and
h.c. T.,
II Wright,
Ist day
you can
Dee. T.,
!. La ten
r nn the
bas ap•
, Ich time
'moms In- -
do - or
layru to ,
14' claims .
i ly nuthen-
1 romis In
, late of
.ayrutut to
ug claim
ly authea