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    Xitaifina Nipottet
Towanda, Ps., Thursday, laa. 27, 1876.
THE law firm of Woon & SANDERSON
hag been dissolved.
A osxo of Italians r employed on tbe
-new Elmira and Lawrenceville tailroad.-.
Eon. C. F. NicnoLs and Capt. Max
Fitt); recently addressed a Grange .a
Ovid. N. Y.,.by invitation.%
THE 31. E. S. S. has a new Superinten
dent, in theperson of our worthy 'Pro
' thonatory, 8. . N. PECK, Esq.
Jonas D. MAXWEL7I, who died last week,
held a poliey . in the Odd Fellow's .111itual
Life Insurance Co., which will leave his
family nearly eighteen hundred dollars.
THE ministem of Wellsboro have ad
dressed a pastoral letterlo the citizens,
asking them to suspend public' amuse
ment of every kind for a season , and de
vote their attention to religious•matters.
arrangements for running sleeping cam
from Geneva to New York. This will
prove a great convenience to the'. patrons
of!tliis popular.,route to the Empire City.
Mn. I!ADLEY LA NA, who bas been em
ployed in Dr. Powt•En's - Drug Store for
the' past several years, has embarked • in
business for himself at Pittston. Mr. L.
is an accomplished, druggist s and a most
examplary young man.
2." C. Rtne.wsr, of Franklin, is still
prostrated by rheumatic fever at the
house of his sign-in-law, J. H. HOWARD,
in Wialusing. zWe hope by the skill and
strict attention of Dr. PRATT; to soon be
able to announce his recovery:.
A SERIES of Vnion Meetings, under the
auspices of the ,Y. M. C. A., are now in
progress in the Presbyterian Church. The
pastors of, the Episcopal, Methodist and
PresbyterMn churches'-all take Olt in the
Ijiceremonies. Much good is anticipated
fromsthe effot t.
rested and brought to this place on Tues
day last, MOSES DEPEW and Wife,. of Her
rick:township; charged with perjury, for
geryand p in.:: counterfeit fractional cur
rency. • The accused are hawing, a' hearing
before L. S. Commissioner "Aix, as we go
to press.
• Jon:: D c ." 14AXWELL, who has been a
great sufferer frcim pulmonary. consump
tion for several years, died on Thursday
evening last. His remains were taken to
Elmira for interment. Superintendent
PACIOER furnished passes for the widoW
and pall-bearers, together with the corpse.
SYLVAN Loooi:,.No. 929, I. 0. of 0. F.,
will be instituted 'at Sylvania. Tuesday,
Feb. Ist. Members of-the Order - are in
' vited to attend. Dinner will be provided
for all who may wish, at i 0 cents each,
Proceeds for the.bencfit of the Lodge.
Per °order of Committee.
WE find in the Washington Chron iele, the
following notice of a resident of this place.
The complimentary meAtion will he ap
preciated by, friends of Mrs. 11. here
"Among the recent arrivals in the city is
-the talented Mis. 2 M. IP. BUYIN, of To r
wamla, Pa. .Mrs. Brigs is a lady of m.
questionedliferary ability, aid as-eorres:
pondent at the present time repnrsents
three influential Pennsylvania journals.
'• Mrs. B. is the. guest of her friends, Cap.
'• Min and Mrs. TALL, of Capitol Hill.
AT a regular meetin , r of- , Bradford
Lodge. 167, I. 0. 0. 1"., held in their
ban on'Monday eVeuing,, Jan. 24, 1876, it
was unanimously
• &Jared, That a vote of thanks be, and
is hereby tendered Mr: Ronr. A. PACK-
P.n, Superintendent of the'Pa. & N. Y. C.
H., for courtesies extended the fra
ternity, in passing, free of charge. the re
mains or our late BrotberfJonN Max,
wm.t., and rtiatives of the deceased,. over
his road:to Elmira.
Reitoithi, That ! the above 'resolution be
published in the:Towanchl. papers.
PE!ItzONAL.—COPE., DYE IS: Co. have
purchased . the, "Towanda Hardware
Store," l conducted by C. H. BAnnos for
the Past.few years. The new tirni come
well recommended, as honorable busineSs
- B. and K.-H: lit7mr•nni are east,
itilichasing!stock. '
LANIORE4; is visiting
friends is Oneida Co., N. Y.
—Dn. and Mrs: DR. M. Ai.' Bnowx.-of
Ithaca, N. V., are visiting at GEO. V. MY
Tun .I".irtliein Tier Gazelle of last week
says: There is a strong religious inter
est 'in 'the Presbyterian Church in this
place, which has already' resulted in sev
eral ; conversions, notwithstanding there
• have been few extra meetings held. The
Baptist Church have closed their revival
meetings after a continuance of eight
weeks, the result of which has been a
v,_!ry general strengthening of the tone of
the church, the reel imation of many who
have e licen clinging to the church .by.
verb, light tenure, .and a number of new
,convtrsions. The meetings at the Meth
. otlit chnieh continue tlsis. week.• The
results have been liter. those- in the'Bap
tist church, though. there has been no
, general revival. We believe it has been
an unfortunate - thing that the various
churches dint not unitelia a union revival
movement under the lead - of 'the Y. M.
IIEERY B. Iksci - )74.—.1b0ut
lstO or 151 1, Rer; Lonrsu GI-14NT. was on.
the:old Tioga 'circuit of the old Gencste
M. E.. Conference. While priNtehing at
Captain Ct.Alm's, id, "old Sheshequi4,"
(now Ulster) he was heard by a lad of six
teen' years or 'a little over, Avlto, during
the Iseneon, wept; in the class.rneeting,
professed conversion; and joined the
church as a probationer. lle became
knoivn, subsequently, as Hisb()p I.l.ksroi)r,
of the M. E. Chtireh. South, and was dis
tinguished as an orator and preacher.
Can any of our old citizens give Any
count of this noted minister's famil?r n ho
now owns Capt. CLAIM'S Mace,
little sketch of the Captain, also, woto,l
he in tome in this ekntennial era.
Josnt.x It. Gtnntsns baying been born
in Atlnlns, if U. B. Bascom was born In
Ulster, the irvsent , Sheshequiu will he
- challenged to pi•odude their equalthen
Towanda, thea ‘Vysos-Hand there I rest.
How TO - MAKE COFFEE art of
making good coffee is known to - compara
Lively few housekeepers. Coffee should
be . browned at least twice tv wee-k, and
kept in air-tight canisters,'and only be
ground . immediately tbefore -using. Pick
the green coffee carefully over; shake it
in a colander to free it from dust, and rbb
is in a cloth. While' roasting stir it con
stantly; the. inomenlq the berry
and 'becomes crisp enbugh to pulverize, it
is sufficiently roast d . Stir in a map
piece of butter, the size of a walnut; and
put the eofti!e stearg hot into an• air
tight canister. Fo making, put yfmr
ground coftVe into a l bowl with just suffi
cient cold water to Moisten it; beat'in an
egg, shell and all; mix it well through
the coffee, and limn over it the requited
amount of boiling water. Let it boil of
teen minutes. When, it begins to boil,
stir it frequently, an never leave it until
the grounds sink. Irma a little from the
spout in order to remove Atte grounds
which may have boiled into it, and pour
it back into the pot. It is very much bet
ter if served without decanting it. Allow
one tablespoonful fur each person, and
+me for the pot, and add three pints of
boiling water to seven spoonsful of coffee..
AN INTEnE.sriso special
meeting of the Presbytery of Lackawana,
at the Presbyterian church in. 'Towanda,
on Wednesday the 20th inst., received
Mr. LEWIS Wot.yEttz, a Liceutate of the
ItefMmed (Dutch) Classic of New' York
tity, and after a very full and perfectly
sati - ifactOry examination on, all the course
of literary, and theologic studies,
as regniticd, the Presbytery -ordained blur
thelull work of the ministery, and as'
signed him to the eastern part of Sullivan
county, to labor i amting both German and
English speaking, people. Mr. WOLF Etta
has received t he full'course at the classical
and theological seminary at Bloomfield,
J., and besides his diploma, has let-
tern of wniin eainmendation from the
KfetlBoDrB. PEW . E.
Kox and llc
fintount. Ile won -the CUM
of the reverend gentlemen who examined
him, for kiiiiAirilliancy, cogent
thoroughness and as well for his ardent
evattgelianL We bespeak for this tak'n
ted and devoted young clergyman, happy
success.iri his interesting field:; P.
fl. Bitoonsi: of Susquehanna. tiepk.. as
Moderator,' was assisted by Revs. ' Ton.
REV, COLT . i;Coltss, Buon , ox and CALIF?,
and EIders , WICKILAM and WILLIAms.
• FATOIrIi,4•OF BRADFOIiD:—As Februaiy
7 is the time : appointed for the meeting
of the Agrit - ultuml 'Society, for the elec
tion of oft:leers, we, as farmers, should at
tend this Meeting and assist in electing
such men as; feel an interest in the farm
ers and mechanics of the county.. Where
rests the blame for the failure of our last
fair? ItwaS simply our own fault. We
took no interest in making the agricultu
ral department a succes, and as such it
was a disgrace to the many intelligent and
prosperous: farmers of the county. All
that is needed is united action on the part
of husband:rim, and without this unity
we can not expect to sueceed-. To make
our annual:gathering beneficial, each per
son should:bring forward his snperior pro
ductions, hiS . 'finest stock, his latest im
proved untOtinery, &.c. It is a very poor
farmer• that .cannot produce either from
his farm or household, something 'that
would be of-interest to to the exhibition.
Bradford ecifinty, hosting of more Grango:'4
than any other county in the State, ought
surely to stiStaill their agricultural associ
ation. We should never permit this een
tennktl yearri, to pass withotit making an
extra ellbrtito establish our reputation tis
an intelligent and industrious farming
. j _ .
yALt-siNG ITE3rs.—"WhaCthangeful
weather," the expression in every
mouth; °tie day mud :ludo the nest hubs.
The irate society and singing; school af
fords pleasing and useful entertainments
for our yoting people each weep:. Busi
whieh since the holidays has beeil
dull, is beginning to revive.- The warm,
open weather has played mischief with
the coal trade. Our friend PoirrEn has
got fairly establishedin his new quarters.
and - is doing better business than ever,
and when his previous re•anation Is taken
into account, this will bet' rogarded as no
mean praise;
'Yes, Wytdosing is to have a bank, which
.is to be opened about the middle of Feb
ruary, and front the well known financial
ability and business energy of the parties
who conteniplate running the histituti3Or
we are certain it will command the coMi
denee of WO voinumnity. A large num
ber of the frlcnds'of Rev. D. Cu:: - e - r, pas
tor cf the - Tresbyterian church 01 this
place, assembled at the p:lrstulagd on Fri
day evcning.,last, Jan. 21. lenviog him
gifts which amounted to about A
very pleasing. epito , .ie I:ecurred in connee
lion with this unusually pleas:,:n patty.
It will •he e ,nembert (1. that 11r. ('r.:.: r
h, t :Monday 10 eVi, .(A:vered
the first anduallit S:4 •fore' the Wyo
ming Comity 13:u .s,ociation; just as the
r:unpapy were seated at the table, and lie
biess4; hail .hues asked by Rev. J. 13.
SumNbt. of 41:e :11. E. Church of this
place, W. 1: ers•Fellidc,e..
neck. areso:itild -C. said:
" Your frilends here as'serubled are pr6l,:rr-
My aware '.'of the fact that you hare re
cently delivered hen:re the liar As,ocia
tion of ..videb . IL am a member. an :::Hlc:s
upon a . sublect common to y;111
Mon and to inns. We hat,•e in ell at a los:
as t) how - best to lc: lily our re:4 - .1101
( . 11 . ..rt in Oil: . Ilt1 ; ,;;Or.
11e •tinaily`, eonduded that this . hook,
, Greenleat on the Test iino;:y .tile Evan
gelists," tin , : w - o; 1, of a mall emn.t.nt in
our:prOrt_ss,iiin. upon a sn . hivet hd, )
to uuls. 7,Vould ht appto . priate as;-the
tne,semzer . :4if our 13,..r. 11 nor,- 1 , 1<: : :•21lt
on with 14' book. in NI hien we ha', - e in
scribed, `l 3 l 4 emmte'd to the P.ev.
CI:AFT, ',Vile a - a ii hers of 'the Wyoming
County fiai.Asso, - -iation, as a t•,k(n
. their. regard and as a memento of his
ehola!rly anil eloquent addres;:, latel d
livered hefOte them; to Wilieri
of us has al,} .tuled
No ono i - jarty mce 0 eon]
ly surprised'thalif.ho pastor
whom the inatter had heed
fount? seerei. butwho ext,,ress
ing his thanhs foi. the ;lilt. and the man
ner in W - hief..:l it liad I:r,pre-,,entcd, aril
added that Fhe his-k w , ,uld be valued hy'
him not onli on nee 'lint of its jut' iu,io
hilt :15 3 token of the
intereourse ktv, - ,en - Limseh' and tho As
sociation, - arilla memento ~ 1 . 1 :!1• h,11,11 teal
the oceasiOn h.. ,
been presented. •
It is neiAllei-s to fitld tic. , - were all
delighted ta that
kindne:is of Ite:irt in ii-n• v ,`
Lail SO /:11P,:_1; '. 1,.\%1i .11)C1 ;•,' t I 1!„ (1,.•
vas appreeilittti otl , ey,tl::.:l oitrzelves.
THE St . :. , til v EHANNA CiH.l vrn 1,-,TT
TUTE AT T0W.1N1,' , ..1'--!?
LIM( , after,.1 . 11.;.!....unry, t.. II
at the instithte fr'.:l;ty. ,t.-
of teat .lets in
ixt the elt , .e (•ill:c .1.i:11 tt:e
Our I.:. :•,.,11‘ . •• NV.t, %t holly
. 11 1 . 11. , rll,lt , s've ~i•
and pupil, ite u!:
.r u,,
- It made us - : . -,t.111! . .4 ;;••:
Only ,11 - :• . 11V t`. 1111 t
flui,,ingin, • i;, 11!“
Institute i4:1(.16-liin.4-
tllthir.zherura6tu.ic_curie, !him :ld :land
ing that fri!i 11. e fh.q. .T,;..1.:161 it
would ill ro
c,ivu. 1 it
Beautiful fin situut
grounds, mid and slo•!.!(
access, fO :!nd
ciy the,'ln .-.
,titute at To‘cnd:t t!H ro•.ir
future is i.:ertain to take high , r
to, be tuort‘ fully sustanu.d• t
increasingly, be felt t o be no 'Ft' n f ,c. anon ,
needed to satisfy - the dcmand I:!._;!!er
culture. The Graticil S..liools
ty, s o far rr,,.. n a takin g it,
in :: it .n k t, 31 :n worki,nglip
who en ye 3 hi : in .a.
in,titute is to
s . uplAy this t.lavinil. Tlicu, to
ts , unty. :ts lisaltl thirty sears it• b. -
coining xrealthy. alxl the i,r
sruk :.annul-.;;;,
;'tvidity. With al•ouialfm..; ev , ..1•.1., 6 nee.
idiuds of the 1ti..id6 , 1.‘1
wilhaterem-itigly seek'
with - the biftier r:lnges t .ri e n,•6 aw l
learnin . g. 'l i e - institu6 , tir,:fst .lit
to farilltate'tlivir,,Nitch. This i.ising (ii -
niand this Institute in 4 th ,
very midst Will itself ively increase
and its nio . st e((iii - enienti, 4 and
eeoumniealli. , -culture and gratity.
I am surti; they are horn who will :tee
elegant alai 'SU italde ure,•:l'(l
either:side of the, prez-elit editiee, sta
dent rol(ms: and ilormiti , rie,, the .wii"le
furnished With the best i.i" in.)tierir t 'at ph
aloes. and the Institute SO 1111: pIV i latowed
that its disliensing• of th.:eful
may go nu for all time.
To what nobler lienineenee. - 4a. tc what
more pl.:let:cal and lasting goed nary num
ey or lands t)e given or devised, than to
the putting`np of the much needed halls,
and the end;uvinent of professorships in
the Collegiate lii4itute. There are good
people in Bradford county who have ma
terialmeans, they must soon leave
them,' who .Suild "ennoble I heir .names and
forever emhalin their memories grateful
ly for all tune by trecting a hall and giv
ing it their iname, or founding a profes-,
sorship and let it be called after them;
Let all such: reflect. that if this insti•ute
were well Crulowed.,many a bright youltt
could and Wouhl obtain a very snperi.O.
education, :incl ntted to do iminemie
good in thi.4'world: .
14 Idle libi rai Tou'anda is doubly favor
ed with hi,th a_graticd school and the in
stitute in her midst, it, is mistake to
reckon the hitter as a Towanda atildr. It
was :founded for the higher enitnr,.
youth front:a broad area of counii ;;T:Ci
veryriutielt has it done to elevate that kind
of tuiti o n throughout the country.' -Pu
pils front of this m.gion have Leen t mint ft•
and well inWected at the institute. and
more than a thousand have g,orie forth
and arc noky 'adorning every professi,:n
and active pursuit of life. The Ihtittne
has not Cci:l7l,lclCd it,
it.. A On iim-; future is ol•yi.lieg _t; a
higher usfulitess, if that be possible.
Let every Bradford county mail and wo
man seek its prosperity andicherish it as
their own home institution.
Bear .a *Ord as to the examinations.
The'first noticable thing was - the perfect
keeping of time and place and movement
in all the departments, without fuss or
bluster; the 'second, the agreeable accord
and decoroas intimacy. between pupils
and teachers; third, in every elass,, new
racy and piomptitude of the pupils, Trott d
loving care t patience and devotion of in
structors, both i.utraining and furnishing
the ininds of the scholars.. Principal
QursLAN was. at home in every. branch
and took part m 'every &lase - sanitation,'
and so magnetized all, that teachers and
pupils were kept 'in lively unison with the
topic or example, and no time was lost.
But specially, the minutia requisite to
good scholarship , are pertainly 'and per
sistently attended to. Time evidently is
devoted to the clear acquisition of funda
mental prineiplesland the rules. - By inti
mate knowledge lof these, young minds
are shaped into habits of accurate thought
and expression, qUick discernment is de
veloped, and while their minds-are receiv
'the faculty of retaining,
classifying and recalling for ready use is
Lfdeveloped; an inalculablo benefit for all
future progress in study or in theAtetivi
ies of useful life. Girli and' Wys so.
trained at the start become qualified for
clear conception, i, easy acquisition of
! knowledge, and f4r" expressing it. fit re
! juices me to be able to say all this for
teachers and pupils of the Institute. • ,
• 1:713"We
:713"We lime jlist receivcd a large in
yrd;-,, or etivelfipeg andlpaper, which we will furnish
I •
to our patron.; neatly printed, at very low prices.'
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I'3" Tin. 11l -zest . and lict assoliment of
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PoNATiox.'—The friunds of Rev
U.' '4.431. lit , ";,7,•• is: Mf.rryart,
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- 7 (1" To IiEN T:---Proposals for leasing
tla i; •.n• in Stp•shtfinin, nlil L^ rvrelver: un
til 157.:. For Nrilit.r partlenlars InpnlrF:
of Win. 5H(1... , r. Sliet-nequin. ur A. 11. 'Kingsbury,
The friends of the Rev. 1.1:. T.
Dtr( giV2. Wm :I donut lou at the house of
Hu, tt MO' Lu Itot,e twp.,
Fob, 2. atiernot:n :t!2 evening. Al! are invited to
)""Multitudes of People require an al
-I,rliro, 1,, 1 ., ,t, , r.• the heallby p4.:hii thrir sys
t vorn et ill, .lorarg , eneritt that overthin
11.;rllh s , ,
and vaitrtl, until ton*
cr.:! p Cat "fl 1;pon th.' pul.•!ic
U 741: this Lame.. Ayer's far>aparllla Is ito.linpt•-
: - I)oNirlos.'—The friends of Ray.
J. :t. DAvt , .crlll n'rth. Main tionat!on nt the bonso
0131 r. nnoWN. In stir:hey:ln, on the
evevior: of Fvlyruary I". The panne are ..01 - 111ally
P,lt:uly of r.}..oi la 111.! hrut‘e. aI.!A/ plenty
of r..ont for s^e what , thlc good
pup: ran <l. lit the way of g •ttlag up a supp,r.
' Yer Order Ci m.
%;I:1 . 1 . 2. ;ill at on
y. ...••••area ramaaw. • ro,t.
• 1 , 1 foe ain.ile•r y: ar. cli.anty, no
i, t4i !•?ttied verdiet their
feirvt, th" arprural of th
mu. 4 vory !..att,ractou U. the
Verii:ont i•eale-LiaLerr.-1.0 1i 102 Pest. Jan.
:11" Among all the clothing lion , es in
X..rth:•ra Pennsylvania, hor.e sfand higher Mau M.
. E. itesitisrint.n's po l imlar EmPuritan.; lie always
keep-. a ;arg- and elegimt snt.ek manufactured
Trout the 'ry 1.. t materials, and hls price:tare the
hear. t. cheerfully recommend li!MaS an horn.
dealer, and assure purchisers that fhay may
Implicitly rely upon !any representations he way
I make touching his goods.
I:. E.. C. SI YEI
-7- Ladies',
fr,1 , 11 I,t
IN"Solfd - Butteind
Toa-NaltesVrattle. Tea, and JellyKldTU.
; nattatlfatbotda fat mad bolittai Ott., at
-C11.4.11IIEIII,IN'S.! 4 .
igie To suamt,
bee offers for saki =sixteen quart, !rem-bound sap.
tubs, hell, and made of the beettuaterial, awl every
one Warranted perfet. Also si full set of cooper's
tools, truss.kliops,4Ml, A good 'kestion for the bo-
Orwell, Jan. 2.1.711.
• far PowEL,F. S Co,,have. t .the exclusive
sale oethe limn,* celebrated 'and popular James.
tdivw ;:aiohalrs, Alpacas, and Poplins, which are
warranted to keep their color, and will not shrink
orfti;nkle. Thor have last received direct from
the mills a complete assortment of these excellent
fabrics, to which they call the particular attention
of their. custotnera. , PowELl. & Co.
VOE.—The accond,tyluter Term of this Instltu
tioit will begin Monday, Jan. 24, 1876, Eight thor
ough and experienced teachers. Flue advantages
In . English, COMtner l elal, Sctentllic ,. tinii Clasilcal
gtkulles. Classes will pr4b3bly commenee the stitt
ay' of rhysiotogy;Cilemistry, anti other branches.
A large corps'of teachsrx Is employed [lar/of/Jus
tict may ho dono to
i t student. For fur , tlier
particulars call o t n thh Principal, E. E. grINT,A,e,
or end fur catalogue) ()antats3
W . NEW dooDs.-3t. E. SowimoN &-
kiwi have opuned[a largo ' lnvoke of Fall and Win
reiCluthlng, width l i aa selected with great rare
especially for this iket. These . gads . 11'14 be
t-old'at prices which will astonish the closest buyer
as they have been pulthat.ed fur cash at great ad
latagt. Meant Iter Coats, at 13.4 c; Pants at
Acavy OvercOats t e 1.50 .and Li; and all Wool
Ifmv r y 'leaver Overcoats at .10; and everyth lug' else
in proportion. ar3 Invited to call and 'satisfy
themselves that we esmnot be undersold. All gOods
warranted. H
S. F. C.
ta7 I DE.-2\ Look cop lll
tillistratlons of Extit
Park, Independeilee I
:les Girard Co
theitral, and all otlrer
tesintal Citr•,'eith" LL B
a cianntlum of all ri
for the
ni.tlce 111, - ;ri
tents l‘efore:vls!ting
Irliere I,y return (if :4
Cl cents: A;(l(lress .
"North 18th street; I'll
cOttniry dealers. '•
of a comparatively nen
:•Ithir:ll , le attenthM at t
in tr.ta-territag pletut4
upni I , apee In high adl
prt ono may wish to
bcces, va4c,, [bower 1,111
transferred the's!!
t.lOlll the artirl., en:natij
attl'a(.tlytt 71141.1. Y
Et 111 44 11 Ith a
r't hlfut artist;
Diire!ect• lite r
I lig lit 1:1":".;„
; T . :It Variety
itimah., ihavci
~rt'liea.ity aoptliedi
onu• espe•.t
• tbarniing p.ts.:lnte; fn'
1:1! Rat.: :t for
• vivs.l.l Fran: J. L.,l'at
Crw• !Vork, Who are
.onw halnisuksie swipl
I.•mrn ulll, fox lii :
rui:au:l•l Llt •!1
eu hatidsc.nlw
waits tiler hi•n,l
- .
I — A Timt.tTo It.icE.—Among
. Pally t•xcerent rtlet.'S W Will our f Hem, Geo. 11.
• eet.i., e.f NMI, P.a.; h. 2210 In hls Shoe K, 111:1, , ltr•
t•nin ...,1 seet-. ff. n 1 that Justly celebrated itrnt,
Brig :;•- 4: Pro., - ehleng , .. 111.. awl IC••••In••t;•r, N : I' . '
• Jo. argest seed rhonl, In the world. It will sur- !
rot • ill.ttly if our• reader- to learn that m ••r '2. - 1,0)0
MC eltants In the 'United Islates handl& !..1.1. (tom
• lel ~ .:7, . 2 ,2 Ilea's. Whise hose:: ~,, , , , do g n e. ,„ Lop•rs..
chit outos, .to.. ari•lez Ire litelY Mir:Wily,: In WO 'col.
or t ing, and atitsti • titth.h , tme of the te•wese'i'd... ;
si!,;•rts from the M tdslhf their artists Is what is eall- •
eii - ler - ltr„ II ro hevstireat Toni:III. Rae(' o!I th;•lr
'Grounds, - and : ! ?•pres••nis a race course with per
felt rei•reset .4..%thts-Of t lie di tfer..o. s arlot tes;ot U.
:11:1IOS striviM,T for the honors of leadership. The
tl••sigla Is extrenn•ly hael.. - and pleasant, besldes ;
c•••hs , Ying to the fa, nelr or horth•niturist eonsider.
at.!.• Mho mat'.•-n ;ITO:1111:e to-tits Of the dlger,•ut
t••ma:os. 'll'ls seelthat they 113-0 as Ch•lr leadlnt:
sat leties the Glem. Gsge. Conqueror and hfalltri-
way's Eacel;.lor. *ldle they rats oth,r hailer ie., 111
MO ftIV.I.Ing order • f 11 :11: Tz.•te y, Ileflanro,
General Grant, ll 'JIM rd C . 1171. - tt 1....3r, ll,ppors
Goliath large E;,trl;, ; 11‘...1, Guar( Grang.• Field, ;
Dwarf Early lietE Keyes's Early Prldltle, Sluttits's ,
Cluster, snit In the re: r, milk reins 'thrown to the ;
ground and n telerr,l2e at his eye to Nee where ti,
roil are, shufties 42p the Largo Yellow. The whole
scene is laid In H
the e 2e22t humor, amEntione can
glee the litho:Trio at Webb . s an exantletailon
55 1111‘.11t hreakh2g , out I Ito a hearty laugh. E 1
WV I'3ll assure! our readers who destro to order ;
Ilrlg•gs & tiros. arets that they call secure them
110:11 J2o2t as advant; etilla terms of G. li. \Veld , . ,
mill of jll , l a' gulrd it inlay, as If ordered direct.
1. , -.• tart;;,. ..I: Brit's..l. nuary number and order it 1
62:0. IL 1V aftn, eithi, l'a..
. J 2222271.2.2.2.
, .;
. f Fr,,o, fh, R4;eheiter Time,, OCC V. ri7.:.:'
j.. 7 frr iiriv,gs
ti l: Brothers, who can boast
of I ,o.ductli,g t e largest seed two:Mess 111'0o
kt:own wm . bl, an! arranging to compile a nork la
n idol; they will give td the ilorleultural and W:M
-t-idiot-3f peblic the benefit of their thirty tear. 14
c sp-it. •.ce lo theieultfire of vegetable and 11On ••r
seed , . The nark, wilt be substantially hound, and
Its se‘ era! hundred pa es .will he illustrated With
numerous rills, clime' Life plotessand sueetuct di
rer:lon . with reganilt , the cam
~ and culture of ev
eryito,gl,,wil in; fin al and vegetable kingdom
NS e I:non`xof no orto he ter qualified to treat on' the
31,0%, -übj-et than ltri gs & Brother., whose seeds
ar , .odd la a:it/u.C;'errl• • city , town, village or ham
-1,1 in t h.{ Unit6l-14tate . They are practical grow
yrs of went
ilk. and the l ,rthcoing work will ems
mtle from momently p aetical sources. What Seth
tireen Is to Inds, harry r Purdy to fruits, Brigs &
Ilil. l h-r are to seeilsi k wry large edition still be
puh:lrhed is Inch, It 1 ell understood. will lessen
the pt :••.- per ‘ditime; 11'1141dt:1.1er% of the Work 'out
t I t..: ti c wI , t •n It In. ; charged cost. while the custom
ers of lirigg ::,,: Ilfo. 'whi 'receive it as a premium
cni the purchase of, needs. The Intended work'.wlll
r. I,• 1.r.•:-. :o,ml Max next, and the artists are now
cogag ~, 1 upon the • engravings. ft will be separrte
and ap in trout the . anuary Catalogue, which:will
L. , ...•...:1 ht Decem ,e'r. or (min 'any other-of the
panin .1; ion, of this el known house. F.very lover
of Ihrit altnn. or. 11(41i
culture should put himself,
m l.:-.4..1: - I. ,he waylo obtaining It. . .
1,, 1'.,71:''! & Iiro.:1 se 'ds are for sale by Geo. 11.
'IV chb, .%11.a, l'a. - Ilan2U-Gm.
:71 - 1(011: FQR 11
"have .."11:.:11Itig II
V. for If you
:it me . ° the Draig
aad g-t a buttle of 1 : 1,
NV I:al I 'll(Try anti 'to r ,
otin•r nt-.ll.•lnti act
and I, hest, lelid
lip 011,0 thougl
ram- have been rCst4,l
:Crlin•Z maxle
,!... :fie
0 Trial size IU c
.11:nwiAlr—uoultx MA
ri ., ill4 . llCe of the
nonfh... Jan. I. by I
viler I% Brigham, of
. .
lts • fat h.•r lii Alu
I&P'n, Mr.
tince Miter, All4 o
' •
11 - 71 IPP F I I
Rev. .1. 11., Clark, M
.Mary Fell, all of :d4.4.)
bride's sint:•r,
Err. E. J. MorrlA, M
Mks Matilda Lein,
"A home of tuip
We Cr:lry for!iii,y,
Ilfe of
,Aud pleasures
• i
N'angGrAvr, aged 7.4 1
...Blessed arc tar
D VI f Apart , k
Va., pn thr fst or b e ;
i 4 Willow Mary 1.). 1 1
and 13 day,.
Iteutlt fat in forml ,
ways, villent Ulm:0 I
All that medic:o
Jf IN F,S.—Of rnetimor
Pa., Jan. In, DAnio
TIMNIAS.—Of (It pthoil
Mx days, at Neath: I
17th of Jaunary.
and Elizalr:th Thoin
I t Is said that death I
think that In the nine
Ing was truly
tinting, and a broth'er
(M:3 other re:dives r.nd
Ills afflicted parent
lic,^ community.
the Post Offleo'4
ler the rasek unt111:1
iVollont. Peter. .
,totte! . , Leetiard.
Jones. Leonard.' •
Mitchell, Miss A.l.
l'orsuns eantlig tor,
ny advertised, givi6,
f firm of Corbdr •;
by mutual Ninsent. T
e , ,nduelvd by John
demands due the heal.
the firm.
Tovanda, 413/2. /2;. 1 1.5!
Itaining over sixty beautiful
ktiou buildings. FairatiOnnt
all in 1776 and 1576, Carl en-
I%;e, Masonic Temple, ;Ca
daees of Interest In the E'en
, orient sketches of. each,and
her Information abinhitell
entennlal visitor, who ought
nghly familiar with Its con
the Exhibition. Sent any
11on receipt of price, Tlven
hti W. Frazier, No. 1627.
delphia. 1 . 1:7, discount to
• ijr.1,13
INlF.—This is the mtine
art that Is attracting rot).
present time. It conliists
which have bees pt lilted
CI taut I rut Cu9,l's to any
irnament, such 43.4 fans, stork
its, ankles of furniture:Zit%
pictures look, as If painted
ttented, anti theY are much
autiful than theY would he If
exectit,,l by
. a very
1 Mb; beautiful art offers a
• , l* the process of low.' villa-
The pictures sibs.
sac:: as 4 latolscape.4,
if's, eon& figurt!,, ,ke„
lend children even 51•111 1,:.-
isft.rring these pictures It. a
"NI or young. :tog
flu b , autifttl. Nye - It.tve
;ten II Co.. in 2 William street,
dealers In transf.r pletnres,
es of thelu Thos,
sum .If tea ocnts . ,
1 1 1 , beatit Hui art, tel,r.,t 11.• r tit
k of thrricture.:, or Cr fifty
our hundred attractive plc-
winter and begin to despair
ave taken a Irma cold, go
re of Tt:ltx}:n & nOttboN
r; Mounts' Syrup of Tar,
mund. Take It and be well.
so promptly and effeetnally
all di seam's of the throat,
tig to ConsumpUon. Hun
k they had that dread dl
ed to health by the nee of
ly. It Is also the beat known
I never falls In Whcapiug
nos. Crnayr.
.—ln West Burlington, at
bride's father, Mr Dativer;
el. G. S. Transue. Mr. (tar-
Smithfield, and ]ills
At the resldenee of the
I,heyttsi, Jan. 19, by Itev. S.
r, Ili. Writ, and
I In Wavolly. Jan. 20. by tho
Lorrt and 31 his
' r —At reslilonee or ; Ihn
l'a.. Der. 23. 17,4 loy:11.
`r. livniaintn ~l'ltltaw:, and
all .it Ne:1111.,
Ldnmi and lai;r,
yst, we've Lathed afiove—;
ss and peace.
t 111 , .! 1 never ceay.,."
tsylum, Jan. 20, Matilda
who filo In the Lord
..•r, at Neatlt, Bradford CO..
ember. Jolla Isaac, only Boa
Wei& uged 4 years, 1 mouth
i d
fi•ntliro. Lrcing ht a!1 it
itensc , ring—he Iu gotw,
con:II kl , •vlse con!(1 ilut taro
la, at Leath, fitadfor.l
Jones, aged 7: year:.
after a severe Illnessof
,a.,„ on the Morning of the
oddest son 'of John ',I),
4 ts, aged 12 years and a not,
hos a t.litntng mark, and !we
Allirrt Thomas., that :•11y
, Ile leaves a' father and
,1.;ter,,,a.;: well as notmer
ftleln4 I mourn his hie.s.
i re the synipathy of the cm_
TERS iemaining in
owanda. Bradford Co., Pa,
num y •
31e11:0,.. Annie.
Ridgway, J. D.
Mn.. Eliza.
Rid, Peter. 2. . I
Vatiritiiip, Abu!.
NV hat,nii, i.,•ut
R CIP , TAtIy:
liostan, 3fpss.
a above letters, will - pletts l a
ate ut llst
coons is this day dlasolvi.d
tephicsamlll hereafter he
cor:ter, who will collect all
and pay allcleruantleiazaißst
- 1 - 7 -. :,. ---- .
Di EGISI T T R 4 S NOTICE.--Notice
is Itereby given that therebare been filed fa
the (dace of ite later of-Wills in and for the county
of Bradford, a counts of administration upon the
following eats* al VIZ ,
Final necoms of Edward M Pitcher, adtaintstrx•
tin' of the tonal of Susannah Pitcher, tate of War
nut twp, deed. ;
Float &croup of A kewman, administrator of
the estate of Jo u aleitougat, late of dratrville twp,
dee'd. •
Partial aceou tof 11.1.15e0tt, administrator pen.
deutt lite of F cla Tylerelate of Athens, deed.
Account of 1 enry Warri,lguardian of Christo
pher L Ward, I 'nor child of Henry Ward, of Tit
Final acecouttt of C if Johuson, and George P
Taylor. adruint.trators of the estate of Martin
Johnson, tate efiTusearom, deed.
Final account' of Catherine Lefler,"atiministra-.
trig of the.estatit of Larrtson Lefler, late of Ridge •
burr, dee'd. '
Final aecount i of David' Thomas and It Morrell.
executer's of the estate of Wm Evans, late of Pike,
' Final account of n tapers, administrator of the
estate of tillb.”l Miller. late of Asylvni twp, deed.
Also the appralsetneut of property set off by ex
ecutors or administrators to widows or children of
the following AI edeuis. via:
Estate or Lo renz o Watkins. •.
" " Larrence (l'iteron.
" " Ett ha Bloom.
" "Mt .e a es Wimpy,.
‘.• " Slia A For.
" . " Jlt Snyder.. •
Pat Irk tViieette.
" " Atn u Ward.
~ . —. Doirill McMahan.
•'. I)et nis Driscoll.
. .
" " Get go Fairbanks.
to ." .1 Elliulkwk. . .. .
- " 1" Tin nail Maxweil. . .
" .'" Jat es 3lel.ane.
", Joh i Johnson.
And rho same will be presented to the Co phew.'
Court of Ttradfo d County on e T .
E horsd As a r y ;l: f t 'o 7s b : IS,
at 2 octock r. 31 for confirmation and allowance.
given that
reuses for tare
dealers have bee
same will he pre
stow, nn Slonday
of .said Court: .
'the is hereby
'the following applications for
ns, eating houses and ineieTrint
tiled in lilts °Mee, and that the
ented to the court ofiltzarter Sea
rch. 7, 1 , 576, for taw consideration
est. Ulster.
WII, Towanda bore
hens, twp.
yym, 1%9).
Marcos A For .
Sylveiter M B
C II Alv9rcl. A
C E Bartlett,
oanal Kellogg,
U 11.P1)131)fol
chaA Day, At
.1 \V Wilcox,
Daniel Keikl,
T W KnowleA,
C 1) 1110.0.D1N
Toscatic.l lion)
:%liparm boro. '
TfAvatitla Loco
Itrany twp„
, 111 , auv.
I , nth Creek.
Atlwni fig,
'Redmond (':it
datuei J /fanu
Alpheu* Ist
I D I T4nyanila bias°. 1
• U. Orertoii tlyr.
A t he ns
N 77 It iit - .l:ti
Ton:11103 lwro
.111 Patterson
Sylvester M It
John Fltzgeral
Tll E111111011:1,
Jolm Grllllll.
.lawns Cannot •
sparry .1c pr,,n
EA : humid G
I IF, Athens bort':
•• '•
31. 1•1:(:K, irrne'y
January IP, '7' I
"NCO it.P(
j Tara' whom ]
on iz , 11.: r.o , gh
clatly. hereby
to (It,, Court Of I
or a law J•nlga•II
corporatod Into:
al ,olocc.,,ion tyl
Flr , t
era:-k." far i'
and to
playa far mnzin.
It A. Tl, 0 N- - " orrit;E._ .
It „my ev,..,,...: .The underh!go,l
Cro,r. I:roltor,l.Co., 1 . ...., aiol ti
•e 11011 co that tho'y,lntili , l to aHoly
~ 1 1110011 p:t•a• or Itl:oirord tooffly.
,•roor, for :1. rllart...r an ,I to 1— 14-
1.0.1 y po:Ilte lit late, With 1211 . ..ti1•
nkr ill.. nano% ,tyl.. oil Ilth, of
, t... , .: Chord' a. , :d ,: , . , ..I.r.;y 4.f , 0 , 3111
arpose ”ft•Ven,ll:l;.: tho el , rl,llMl
afirlilP the:ll , 4elvt.4 With It Sqltalpl
is worShip
li ILL
A. 'C. Mt - INK
J. M. Itt:1:1C1
(11:0. TURK.
South Crt...1:,: 1 a.. 4::a. p-'76-314.
To all villo:o It way e:qo ern: 1 10 , trol.r..tgoNl
ett17 , 114 of Mo:lyoeton hoot, Ili',111(1,111 (011:,ty. l'a.,
211,1 viriolty.'gil'• ootiee this: 11.... y ii.te l, .l to :INA) :
v. the Court. Of ( (41108 , 1111,,s of It roc 11 emialy.
of a T.:lvr . Iholg • tit( roof, r,,r a .1r.111.1'. to 11 , Illcor
pfov.:oki Ito a 1,, , ,1y posit le and ..orpora: , In law, -
mitllV • , "1 , ..i11ai twee:Mon. under tlo, to ainv, Ktyle
and ;III,: of the Ma• , ,ille ' III!! Ar,,o,laf:on of the
i:or. , 9gti of M. , 0: - o , •too, for fly. plop* 11
,of , 11L.I .N.
1.*:1 , 0. affit j.: l at , , :l , q; it,:' prloriph , s and 01l , el, of
Fr:, .I:iL.oiliy. ar.,l 1., T.r. , vi , l- thent,vlv:-. with a
sui::o , i- t.,:iiiV7.4, rt.,•in ...I . v...,1... , , for the vari. , .s,..
11. ( , TI:A4 - 1 *
I. li. 11 ,1 1'1Cv
, Tit Et)I). Acl
cli.k:•o ii.•;Ti,a
'EI.I. H. W. 1:11i•IC
ti. 1.. BULL.
IN. A. F. 111.1..1:1:.
I. 7 r)in
evr )r.
Picas of I',
11.'S NOTICE.—U. 'Ater
r. )I‘ , lcar. is [lv . (" WI•N Of cern
adfonl wily. N”. Dur. T..
nu ittnlltor appt,lnteti !It. ,
tt. Ittints,ttri•t:tg alto: t. ,00
•at.t.,tatt., 11.111 attend to tit. , ottli , .•
tit at los ottl,, in tn.. In:rut:it of
IX itAY. t:s.• ttAy
•k A. ' 31.. it-ota r,tel mltt•rt. all
Lone uu ttata futol nito.t
- er donArt'a et , 1:1111g iII 1111.11
The undor•lZl
court to etbd:Alh
oC d •ferlaitt's r,
or ios
at in "'rt.!
irwr ,, ht has IL::
th..!to, rr Ike fr,,:,
I:I:, N4lllO.
Common rmas
Sept. 1572.
The unollrig'
court to rll , trlhi
ung:l. On FIN I
A. U. 1 , 7(: : .
whorl all iwrs,
lug :Inv simr, hf
jAliti 'X 1.
vtt. A.. 1. Ilvers. In the court of
of Bradford County. No. 1002,
ed. an auditor appointed by tio,%,
I to money ral,ed by sherlirm xdeiff
,•?.late, 1, id .t:t••al 1.1 ine tlittio, of
I at onloii in Towanda 'tor
)A Y, I! , Tri day of January,
1 r. n., when nod
in!oro,iod Cro roiito.steil to pee
f,•it r doharroil from claim
N OTI E.—A lbert
1). M, etany. No. 572, rep.
Court to II tr:6
gale nt the tier
Ito. ant ieS ar hi
Jan. '27. 1a76. at
place all person
present them, 0
led. an audisor appointed b' said
[ He fonds al king f Ron the Sheriff',
• ntlantN real °slate, will attend to
appoint rent at the iffier of Smith
roWanda Born., on Tilt nsDA T,
crelork r. 31— at Which time 'and
having claims upon said fund must
he forever debarred Therefrom •
U 'rcit , s NOTICE.—In re
tbo estato of 17vo. A. Jolito,on.
'.The tinders' ned. an. anditiir appolated by the
Orphan', court of Itradfordreounty, to It.dtibute
all the tnoneys In the hands Of the inlltilnlstrator4,
raised by the le of the K2lll Gerlract A Johmon's
real estate (tha Is to say, all such finally confirmed
by the court. It Is also directed that the andtt ex
tend to 311111 111.4Udt, all rdillgatlons given by any
per.on a. pnrehlase money, who 1. entitled .by rmi
s4li of Ills JudOnent to have said purchase money
applied on his seld Judgment) will :mewl to the du
ties of his app.. nt roma on Tt7EsDAY, the Ist day
of February. at In o'clock A. M.., at the oftlee
of Overton .1t Itereur. In. the Niro of Towanda.
When and where all persons having claims on 2,31.1
motleys lutist present them, or be forever debarred
from coming It 1111,011 the van,-.
•jatillw4 R. A. MEIhCVIt, Auditor.
'A Imun NOTICE.-S. N
Bronson James S. Parks.
. .. . ..
lit the Court' of Common Fleas of Bradford Co.
No. 213. Felt. T, 1873,.
The untlersiAnnol, an auditor, appointed hy said
rood% to distrl tuts the fonds in the hand.; of the
Sheriff. raked Iron, sale of defendant's real estate,
will attend to title roues of his appointment at his
office In Towan la Item, Its MIN DAY. January 31.
11378, at 10 o'clo0( A. 11 , at which time and place
'all itersons lur)ng claims against bald funds must
pres-nt them tl• be forever debarrmi from coining
In upon the sat 0. , I. 31'PIIEINON,
lanilw4 ' Auditor.
A . ITDIT It'S NOTlCE.—Towan
ixa Eure a Mower co;vs. S• W. Chapman.
In ti` , Nourt of Cotnmon Pleas of Bradford Co.
No. 99, 11i4t.T . ISi.l.
Tt under;:4 Bed, an auditor appointed by tire
Court te(illatr NM the hulls arising from the
'Sheriff's sale o the defendttat's real estate, will
attend to the .1 Mel of his appointment on SAT
UR I) AY. the " 1 14 day of January, 1974. at In
h.i.g A. 31.. a 111111.1!ii., of 05,1.11,11 .A.. 2.1 , r.•0r. In
the Bort of To tantla,.‘then and al p..rots
',having clainis t it said' font must present them, or
I lr.• for, ..r deb, rod thou coming In olvol tho ,runc.
' Jutirnr 4 It. a. MERCUR. Atoll:or.
1- S i 1:1) IT()11'S NOTICE.—AIex
; n Ot i T )1 1 - ' 1, 74 , r . t . o a f! it .v: t ' t : m i t F i ' ;o fi t r i . l ll l. • .. ' a u S 'l Of Bradford Co.
1 1
0 , eta: Dee. T.. Is7l.
! The untlerlontal, an auditor appointed hy the
(Marl to distri tun. moneY arising (min Sheriff' ,
sale of Defend: nt's real estate. will attend to the
duties of Ids al pokritnnint at the office of Overton
p... Morello. In . ! • manila hoe., on FRIDAY. the 25111
flay of Jantriry 1 , 70. at 10 o'eltwit A. M., Avls-n :trot •
wlinro all FT :0 Is hat hi . ..: ehlilll 11130 a Sa 111 fund are
requested to present the same or he forever debar
red tier; from ; D'A. OVER tN.
jatolwl Auditor.
T R'S NOTICE.— In the
matter o the Estate of Goo. l'. - liore, dent.
In the I trpitani Court of Bratlftiri Co,
The itiviersigled, tut auditor appointed by said
. 1
Court to tli,t. sor ea, - -pt ion, to the a:.cottot of
la.' Alil:llnlstrt'orS of t. ;id estate, and to drit t i me
fonds In the II:tlots of administrator, writ attend to
the duties of his appointment at his office in the
littrougn of Totyamitt. oa FRIDAY. January Vt.
1575, at 10 o'elot k A. M., at which time and place
all persons having chins on said 1.11.11 Must pr• seat
'he same or bet forlor debarred (riot coining In
'Tun tit- saute. If. PEET,
jandwit . A titlimr.
_ __ ._.... .
Acm 'rTolt'S NO I ClL—John W.
Bollmbn 4: vs. } . .117:111(!th Welk,
I n the ('curt
No. 773. May T
of Common piens of Bradford Co
'rho tulor.A.;
court to (HAW.)
!Wiley of 1114 a ll
I.nro. on S,Vi'l3
10 e,•! ~k A. M.
hrlIS having' efa
present them, I
tu upon the mai l
e ii. an audit' r appointed 117 said
de the funds arkinn front the sale
Or , ollal prOpPrl C. Avid atlL•nd to t he
l i point mein at his °Mee In Towanda
WAY, tho 2.9 th day of January, at
.. at whirh time and place all per
ms upon said fund are required to
r he forever dehared front coming
!natter (.1
§ Ot
It'S NOTICE.—In the
tL•i: Pstati , of Danl.! Rally. deed
(.4 urt of r rd ro.
The titider%lgl
1111.0 e 1003 I
eAnto6-, will lilt,
446 F1:11)A
4.1:11.,.! or 31:01111
lcn.:MA auditor appoilitill to (115-
tlio handl of the t , x,eut, , n, of 5:11(1
p.l tho thittec or apv•lnimPht
knonty 2.1, at 10 o'rholt 1!...n; the
11. J. 31A1,11.1.,
IL Phln
In the Court
6S.J. Dec.
I 11'S N OTICE. —James
ny vg. J. NV:lllams Means.
a Common Pleas of Brzifforel Co,
The undersigned. au auditor appointed to distri
bute money In the Sheriff's band., arlfing frotikthe
sale of defendants personal property. will attaid
to the duties hf his appointment at the (ace of
Wuxi SAllil t in:74lll, In Totru O
da bore, on MN
DAY, On 3ls day of Sanhary, IS7B, at 10 o'clock
A. 'I., at whlctil time and place all persons having
elaicas upon sal 1 fund must present them or be for
ever debarred from coining In urn the same.
jan6w4. JN(. I . FSAIsDEUSON, And.
F:.i. A N
I!. E. e11..1"E.
H. vr:Er.
1.. El.SliitEl7. Auditor
H. PF.ET. Auditor
1 4 P 1 '
v ::
virttie" of
writs Issued out of the Court Of Coltl
mon Plea., of ftradfoilt reentyi I will eXPore , at
public.rale at the d,sor of the Court }louse. in Tow
anda, on .0 171:14DAY, Feb. A, 1879, at I teelnek
P. at. the following described pieces of land:
' licit No 111 TOVrapda for
'County of llrad turd, Nate Of l'eunsylvarillh hhilreied
as fellows to wilt fleglntiltut at 11 corner on state
street 111 feet *est of the eoruer of said state and
rtiiitth I thence nottl6l4o reek to a cortlor on
ad, alley': thence westerly AO feet to a earner on said
alloy ; thence Southerly IM) feet to a corner OU state
street; thence easterly along state street 90 feet to
no; tdaest of beginning het tur lot no. 9of If. Ward's
suit-division of lots In Towanda Rom
A Lsirt.-I,ot N o 43-1 n - Towanda Boni. aforeeSttll
all fellows to wit t lteginning at a honour en north
stile of Ward avelitir 1 thenre northerly 110 feet
wore or less, to An alley; thence westerly along said
alley 40 feet to a corner;thence southerly 110 feet
mom, or less, to a corner ou Ward avenue ; thence
easterly along said avenue 110 feet to the place of be
gluning. itdng lot Ni. 43, cu 11. Ward's sulmilvis.
lon;of Towanda Dorm
di .So.—Lot Neil—ln Towanda Dom aforesaid,
1 otind.,l as to:ltnys to wit: Beginning at a corner
on tiondlt %MO of Ward avenue ; thence northerly
I.l.Vtoes, mt'' , or iess, to an filley I thence virepterly
aluirg>aid aVey nO feet ton torher: thenr. sunlther
/Y fin fr, 7. ni'd'n Or less, to a corner on Want are
undl th nr^eaotlr;Ya;elg sald areinte 00 feet to
fr, or beginning: - . - Being lot No 4-1, In 11.
I{'Eir,l*, sub-:11%1,6n of ter.; In Towanda Miro:
ALSO.-I.ot No, 4- , -In Towanda norm aforesaid,
bottuilA as follows t 14-ginning at a corner on Lunt
bard stfc,t I thence sontlterlY %long lot owned by
N. N. Beti
s Jr., Trustee, 00 feet, to an alley ; thence
easterly . Meg sal.l alley .54‘. feet to a corner;
thricco no therly U 0 feet tU a corner on Lombantst ;
thtitco Moat; the stoith side of Lombard st., wear
erly- as ;,.; feet to theit , :tee of beginning. tieing lo-
No 4, of C I. Ward's sulsqllyiskta of lots on Lom
bard sheet.`
.11,,iii).—Lot No. 10—in Towanda 110 m, bounded
as follows: Iter,lniting on Ma norl.b side of State
st., 'at a point So feet west or Yount: ii:i : thence
along State st.. 50 feet to a eornert thence norther
ly tto.trot to en alley 1 theneealot4 said alter east
erlfile feet to a corner: thetwe southerly ISO feet
to the plaee of beghtulng. Being lot No. 10 In IL.
il':ll4r4 sub-division of lots in Towanda Burn.
ALSO.—Lot fiolln Towanda Born, txturidad as
- (0 1 36.W5: lleglimlng at th-• north airy. of an. alley
running at north side of lots No.
.1 . ), to, and 11, and
tMcwest side of Fourth St.; thence westerly along
t heitorth stile of sabl_alley about 187 feet to an al
oy 'rowing north and south ; I Imoca northerly
along salt last fuentloraril alley 50 3.10 feet to the
south west. corner of lot Nm la: thmch eic,terly
along line of lot No. 13, aboui 187 feet to Fourth at;
thtitee southerly along west line of Fourth at., 80
3•i Rifest to the place of beginning. Being lot No.
121 n 11. IVard's sultssitylsion of lots in Towanda
Al.:•10. ltd No: —to Towanda Boro, hounded
as billows: Beginning at the south eivt corner of
lot N 0.70: t how., northerly along the cast.: mil of
IotS . INo. 69 ;Intl 71`, 75 feet, more or less, to a corner;
Itte4ee westerly 30 fret. Moro or leSs. to a cornt'r :
th-lwf. southrrly 7.1 feet. More ril• 1e,..1; to a corner
on south line of lot No. 7n: ,tlimer ea.terly a!eng
i80 ., 011i1l line of ssl , llot Nd. 70. 30 feet, more ur
I , st, to the place of beginning.: Being parts of this
74.,, 0.1 and 70 In 11. WaAl', :,itly-dIYINIOI3 'of lots In
TiMitmla 11.4*t.
.0..510.-1.;;1‘ , No. a7— -as follows: 11.-
;.7,10111,g In the the north line of W: , ril avenue: Al
Ihe ;tool 11 west corti.:r of a ltl't sold to Michael ge-
Nalty. tle , oce north act 4 0 West, the .or t th
Ilte r tpr ;lid lot 112 fr.". to the south line-of alO 1.,)1
31),W: th..:! , ' , . t e nth in '.;`' along. 11:0 of same
:,0 fi-et to the north out -brace of 1, , .1 No. 34..‘:
Ill••/“.” .r.tith 3 , 0.. t t't ,, l alo:12 er..+Cllr.t of 8.1111:. 114
leetto the north line of WM./ a Yoluo ; thence
north t",ttt„,° ettNt sing tMII.• :Al ri•Ct to, place t•f be
gloAllig ; with a 2, :dory framed dwelling louse
tlej,: on.
.N1.51,-I.nt No •44--ttalin•L•tt a' lotion , : Itt•gln
lit•if la the tior:11 lilyy of ward avenue, at 111:e
,a•'• tort we.: anntg
I l oe. •not- I I , the ,tltl . ll 111, of a Ten
titon•••r •:I ~° n.NN ft.
1:11-N vorner of l•.: tli..w•••• ,'.tilt
•:‘ , l'alotlgt east :Inn of , 129 ft. ftn t!t , N Ilha „f
11l 'TM' tier: c-a,t ring Sante W.
t. of I. •;Zi,: , i:tg't 1:11:1 a tau .t.tnry
.1.---nouti , l , (l an follow:: Ilegitt
['log ln 1.:••:1111111 •of Ward ay.% of i . ISenr
r.t..of lot N.• ; It, elee oortli we••• 1 along
F. 1 1 ,14 •••:•It• • lit ft to a 1f Metter!
\r.•-t ft to N E ern:t:Tor
Int :No t •;tih .• en.t al••ng the on,t
i,f•o• Ili: ft I•• in•rth Ilto: :IVartl,-are .
t. 1,,••••• , ft :h.•
:with a ?..•••I'.•ry traitor , ' ,I.l,lilng
foiloW.! Thttsitt
rt:: I.: 11,. , I h f 11'ar•I'::%ento , at tile S NV
rnrr nP lo: No. 3s : th-hro
tt •it !1:, , • .mne if t, 11, • a line of ahl ft
li;{., ll•••no • • •:1111 Gl' . 0 :rt.!..t.: • 1111” f
E cot' .•r lot N•• 1.% ill nie.• vaq
F:ittr• ft It. : n In.. tot
h 7,•)•,0 rt
to it. • p'•:,• ,t 101 4 1! t.,ry ;nun: 1
h tb,root:.,
N" —1 /o'oll4:its re , t In :Intl 1,1
• 1 •1:1141 1.• :1I,•,! L, 111 • ~ .1 .4.1•11- A Nnal, 111,-r
I)ank :
v..;ll.tlit!toz iti , tr•• or
A 44v 4' !. IF,' 1.! 4 .4.4.411 Tomla,
. 4 :4 - 4•744 11444 4•44141:4 4 . 4 444 - ..:44:4.!4:4
has v. tr. rt..,r.! al tarp
N 4, .. ❑. r1.2:111
“.•,1 1,. for 111. •;1
t,l y I TlilVallaa I 'VII.
i• •.:. r ,V 1 ;11i.
•AN•t, • ,:,•••, • lb
•;:i,ltl!tig at a pc• , t on no; 111 :2
ri , 12! ',1',76 F.! " !Ili 1:1 • :N'il : 1 • 11S • .:7 •
r rt , lo,:tr • i .11'.
to lin•• cr W T 1),o, i
::•• • tr• • ••• c.' •'.' ort fi•.4 ft t• NVitt Wa.:k11:,•4
C.-11. .•!. 13^, 4.• is•rth ..r •.ald
i• •:•.• • •,•ol • I..r.'t • I'. e•t 7 - , ft, to i i.
•or !• i!ll Iwo fr,:tt •Iwollitqr boa
P , 1 7 :0 •:
"•h••1 . !‘ • I:1 nn 1,1 nor. r‘,l
1:-'1' , :•tra'g1.-t
::.•11: 17 , ) ft to a p•o•I •
If: I t o' • - 1 •! t a I. , irit in4..:l'••r
1 , : , 1 (t to
I line fit t‘..r , t of ti:.
fkt. ft t. ,
tv,tll , .tory II
(1141,t0y :ot. ' •
1 ,, ••••••, nf
ONI:11 ,. .1 p., co to
ikg1111111) . ..; : •nrr, oil or
"1 : It r r 1.1,1
of 'llrs, 1:1 , 1,.,:d N. r:!;:f , i , , lt -
E:131 p , if , !at; , l 11 M Nag
it.t. iif Le •-r
saiif a I,,tst ;
111•11e0 Ity It.: - p•• 7,11., it, a
ttt• - n• .. 1 , , ~,.• 1:t , t•a-t 7 pnrtll, - ,
tt , tro
to a ; itotith 7li,
71 7.10 p.iti-h • itt , til
: lit ' itt .. •ai4l r.nd .910 h
RI. 1°0:1,2: 2.: , • .° p
Cln tat. ~ a .,:ern
Mtt. Of 111.. ear- t.n r la . fort• ta.l'n
tlonrd: 111'41,, a -..rg .74 , tv: a .!,or: td taut
rolltiwln:z thy ; ,,,, r.ll - ,Tar , t• -, 11, .1--of, In a
(11rertioa ;9•h-, t,.1; 10 place of
h, 'CI ,
Or Ir.. t
tt;: t•tt ":1111 :1 ~• f
6t,11,110z, a ' a
hri t ktitiitS it at. tit ,
( • ,•11,::••; .• 1 1:1 - •I 14,1 - 11 : t> kV: . I:121111111 SO, -
era; Immo' too•itit'at
Al,S4l„—Lt4 - port' , -latct - ,.." a a o 'rtaln lot
of fat.d. ,Itanto 13. %tar. , t‘rp.. aid" it,:rl-1 , - , 1
11.11,,t‘•1 17rt tat . .llo north 1 . 111V:111:13 :11:4
1 4 4 . 11? - 11:111.1 . 1 . ft••4:•, 0n 111'• o.• t !O .
I ht , :it+tiitth Le ¶ll.. 1,11/ : Jattit;z; frOill Ton .11 , 1.1
to (11111.q1 'iy land: of Jar .1.-1,11- ,, a
1111 rite we-it In' !fttt,l• - .ttf 43'4 .I. , ltason a;-,1
rroolt, • I li••
or I , ;s 4 . , crep , t t f !,1 rr^ t • . 1 t llr 7:l
to $1 r, \ V a • • ,1 1.1-n
.•xtsf , ‘ltt,,t, ar 111.• •t•jr .; v
11 , 11rY Ward : ihr
I , :dr of .1 liir!,y
.1—\1! il•at n• lanl In .\.t'-
tw . p. tht• • u
ii.r,ll.•r of Ow s! , uarrani. th..rero niiri It
caitt' ill- co:11-r or Win and i4arali
Nl.jrrisort;wi.rt h t. 3
tint!: thrne,.. n.fh .:1 , 0 In warrant
of Jain., Tit - li' Von ;
nt h•:211...1.1f:. 10.01
a I rained lia:a and alwut Itti
A I , s ( ) _ \ „ „Ili, lot lam: In ~ . .!..vintu
twt. Lonnar ,1 hog , ,:m!n• oil I, 1 -- ••••: en-4
. iii• Win M.,r, I fl‘m Han ‘varran;
thf•nc,. ,s! , , 111.Zsai:: xsiirrinit lint•
In Znrn,' cort.t•r: 111 , 4i1.1. ,0:1111
171 , 111 hl>afd 7.;11'52: S V' .;'
p hr w_..1.111: aorta ‘‘i
p to 0101'; hian'th
14,411 topl.u'e•iir
v. - \c 1:n. a two ,t , i*y
111111,0 Ci
tzll , .r it' , tylont hvp,
r•ogt;latting :11t . V.11:13.11 itnr. , i WIII
.Tattrt Torltltt tt, Itt.• rill th , trttor.
Unlace iffirth 4 1 0- ,r,:t :thou( Ittop to a e 0111 1 .1,:, ;110 11. ,
north i;t° 6,1,t 1. :o, a thon—
rw,t inp to a th , •tit 0,,0tt It 01',1° wrst ittp
to tilatt , t of lt,LlitttAttg: ,totttattlittt; lott 7-tO
.11111 , 1'0, ai,la :,prtlV,d, with a
frAlt 11146,
titt.Sl)—No. i— 0:!1. , r :41 itt At.ylitttl PAT: lit.-
ajoi,to.r at a1.,1 ~ rr.! t.' o: o: th •
W 31.0 111 - l'atrftlV, ill .1: I, \WV
- 1.1 1 1) t.. itt•rtlt
tatt•l tt , tlootee itot . :ll ~0
1 , 11, to'll warr.o:l th• pct.
t.oti:Jit 1,, a 1411 to i
thr , ,fl't It. 1M er
-4•5t:,,1 ths 1 . ,, 1 143‘, li, Mt. T.m.amh
thr 11.. t I h ea , t by ad—a,
math V m ftt 115•: and w, an alias.
tt ibb a Ihrt, al, ry thve:ih:g and
tl—One other lo; In To%vanda
hontohol oo north 19' Matt.-a. na+t by land or A
I. jlatd; south .by 1.,:0t 1):1%! II Gordon and tee-t
hylrand of Atm.lla Itert , cr, cold:Offing a two story
[rained Ilweithrg
other lot In Towanda hero,
iyatli 1,3" Ppp!ar-st, vat by AVe,terti a% e,
smith 1.% . laud Of A .1 Solar and ',rest by land of
IlenLV, with a cellar and foundation for a
n—The undivided tierce-Iliths inter
cqz3ll ti:Tls of unseated land in Barelay and
116,rton contniarn , t about 19-13 atal
wairanteed In the following names, Hugh Ladky.
Anil ter: Ladle}. l'eter Ladii2.y. each containing .100
aerps, ar.d Jik , cl , ll contaillthg . , , aaa
waher sielo
rt, ma.)-aerc,; - ' and It II
Cunningham, find:lining 113 arree, 'with a saw mill,
t tN) 1111 P 11 , 14 , c. NIA i.arn t lolrron; ,aid land cent:dun
Iron ore pod fire clay. Each third
In• •old ,eparately, the right alto teeing r..,
e.0,f tldrd of each lot separately.
S.d.i.A and tai( , n into ex•n-at lon at the suit of N
Vaf,l., ti.? CII Cash, George P Cash
lotr A Ca-11,
AL :,•41—one other lot of land In North Towpnda,
bottntled nh follon,d Beginning at a white oak i•or
l!'g. It belt;: the n,:rth corner of the Myers
lot, , owned by it Ilea! h: (honer matting north .9'(°
It'll( 17 3.10 p, to a 14,1 and ,totter corner; tbeneo
::LV:ng la Jrnnes Nl.•t'ariy north t3l nl ° east 97
tov to a po,t set for a ei , rtliT of Wm )13 , ii.f. , TS. let
111191 e, ahmg lands formerly owned by )Vol
;IV or t!o•ruaiumt s to a corner post and :,tooce:
I hiOtee suath fit ° west 2-1(4) to the place of bn
gilfolb,z; containing 2i acres and lo^p more or less.
:4,4-zed and taken Into r sec utlon at the bolt of J C
Solloonovors use vs :St !4eott. .
3 1.1.30--One other lot of land In Orwell :up. boon
dol on t Ito north and east by land.; of ‘ziotunion Sib
ley; south and,t by the public ilighwity; contain
ing ot.a acre of land. mot: or leas, Itnproved,
NV a framed toni,e and few fruit tree, thereon.
Stiizil awl talon Into cv elithn th.• :Alit of E W
linflito II v 4 J4111'25 I..tolinmia, ali.o at the :4 u t of
Sallie c, xnnr,•
. . . •
A i.So—thic other, lot of land In Towanda born,
li , ihniled on the Loral by S:ate st. east . by lauds of
IV;lirattilian now In pOSSVS.IOII of Mr 41 if It NV Mt
•iyttli by Poplar st, and nest by land of (It o
reataltilug one half of an :fere of land,
their.: or Ituproveil, ulth a largo ft:sated
houso thereon.
Geo IP Cash's, undl% I
/led one fifth in bon other: lot of laud In
Tti,Waiibla bow. bounded on thri north by Poplar'st.
cat by Third Nt, smith by land of Nvni Unfit and
wuat by an alley, Wing about litfi ft front ou Third
st fatol about to ft hack on said :Poplar st, with a
tWif story gothic brick dwelling house, framed barn
;mil other out buildings, and a few fruit and orna
injintal trees thereon. said lot known as the }lonic
-B:§ati Lot of the Cash estate. .1
i*LSO—lliti defendant's undivided I i interest
in into other lot of land In Barclay twp, containing
1%4 acres of land mum or less, In the warranted
natant of 1.) H Cunningham, with a sant mlll, 2 mill
hoses and a stable thereon.
ALSO= - The - defendant's undivide4 1 Blnterest
in one tithe? totSif hind Id Barclay P.m containing
400 arms of land, nude or less; In the . warrantee
name of Peter Ladley.
ALSO—The defendant's undivided 1-a Interest.
In one other lot hi land In Itatelay t*p‘'enntolnlnif
330 acres Of leool mate of 1e.53, !ii the Wafrantee
ladarlColloseph - Ladley.
ALSO—The elefendatiPsnndivided 145tia interest
In one other lore( land In Barclay tarp,,:moitaining
a 3 aeres of land, more of lets; In the warriintee
name of Walter. P 41241111, ,
A tf. 1 .0.-tihe crofendaint i trumilvididl-Sth Interest
one other lot of lantrin Barclay and ;Overton
twps; containing 400 acres Oland. more or leas, lit
tile warrantee ;Daine,i of Andrew Ladiag. Seized
and taken Into eltimailitta at the shit of .1 If ?Mu ,
ney Vs tteo 1' Cash. Also at the snit of WAV heel
oelz vs Geo P Cash and 11 L Scott, assignee; &r.
ALSO—One Other lot of land lu Tuscarora twp,
hounded as follows;' beginning at- a pdst corner in
the south east 'corner of a tract of land belonging
to 4! N Itnwlnnd, thenceilmig the line of said tract
boric 7° 30' raid 71', 5-10 p, to a white pine in the
south line of a tracb of land in the warrantee
name of At-97 4ivrimp; thence by the sante north
83°30'-wea 40 3 , 10 p to a corner. thence t(rali 10/
west s2p to north line of Jedson Stevens: thente
'moth 140 . ' east 140 &lop to the place of begin
ning: containing 70 acres of land. mere of 1084.
about 4 acres Improved, scan 3 dwelling houses and
framed steam saw mill thereon. Seizt d and taken
into execution attire snit. Of Jackson Lewis vs A
Ifunsingeri also ea suit df .same sante; also at
milt of same vs Sante,
ALSO—tine other tot of land lo Standing Stomi
twp, hounded on the north by lands of 'l' tieboon-•
over, east and seuth by land 4 or T J Roof.' west by
other land of defendant, mantsining in acres of land
more or less, aljitnproyed. :with a traniettant, tug
house and few fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—one other lot. of land In Standing Stone
twp, hounded north by lands of John A Keene, on.
the east by landS of —Powers and other Wills of
defendant, south by lands of ktrs 'Mary ilriggs and
west by lands of Geo Vanne.t and T s Lundy, con
taining 71 neres of land, more or ices. 5 1 1 :Tres int
prove,i, with a framed house. framed harn, other
out buildings and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken Into execatiod- at the snit of N
F:isteree's use vs Il C Vostnirg and Frank Bowman,
T T; also at the stilt of P L, Ward vs It C Voto
ALSO--One other, int of land In Towanda twp„
bontobNl on Ilia north-cast by thy Susrochanrah
rivir, south-ea, by Marvin and Miller Fox, south
erly by Marvin FOX. north-we'd by Barclay It R
Towanda Iron CO and 31 C M Tcur,! containing 30-
acres cJ land, More or less, all Inirm'etl, with a
board .panty lhorcon. - Tiding and re.crving
titcrefront lots
-rd-9i1l1nC-101-114tnd 2 acres ',old to I' considlite:as
iv..c map or chart of the lands of C and .1 Win
Means, made by W II Morgan. 1 1 1::-.1 and taken
ludo ezocinion at the stilt of Frork Mortar, & -- x'r of
Sarah A MTN*. dec.! vs .1 w Z•atis!, at so at flit.
stilt of J Irby vs .1 W Means: also at atilt of L
L )foe 1v vs .1 Win Means a. 1,5 17 3lnans,
. .
LS(I fine - other lot of land in liarren Ivy?,
(rounded the north by lands of LOY{ Duthain. on
latultigef S Chaffee and A n , cohura.on
tfir• sou :• . 11 by 460 of ,leretnialt Itag,n, tliv , we.t
by the Rattle Ititthway,e,mtaluing +it) acres of land
nr•ro or boas. atq.ut 59 urre:t Sc)th fratutd
!limn With hhetli attaeh.. , l and orchard of fruit
tr•'es hc'r , ou. 1, ; 4 41.7.ett taliets Into exernt lon at
tie 'nit of Frarire., .1 adin'r of Alex I b,,r
-+ JiSrantAll tremumr :OA der•tniali cr.
Cenunr dr.
A Lstl—One 'Other lot of larnl In Warr-n' t %cp.
binnaled fonnws: beginning ant corner of Ben
main cornell'aEland,-In center of hlghway loading
rfore; Warren 17.") tor fall"!, t:,.•nre
mo,i. by said btr.iliw..l? 15', ro , h nrol , t , 11'N
for a rorttert tlimme wrath intra;lel with Um atm,-
r , rnell'seaNt Illio.l2srlotteorner. in nor 'Atm r.f
H Inn/ales lo: thene,; %veil hy Nat , ' north ;Me 17i'i
rol., to the emits:Ml II CorimlP, ett , t, line: tito . riee
not 00 , y stthl flue 125 rol, to the Mayo of hog-M
-.112g: emttainitrif 12 :term. or land, more or,ltts)t. all
in,provoa. a A-mm. ( l fmmt.:l !tarn anil
few frill; tre,l thereon. S-1/.,..1 au l l:te:61
into ey
ttt!••e a; Ca.` ;I:itlt of t' 11 111 a v , lirrin Path-.
A I f in I, I.ft Pt lopd fri bre',
56:111(1.4 tih• 1,11..1;i4
I,v ! 3 41, Lc or w I
Tlspy st, 'wing 2s C y feet 'fro•tlnn
s.1;1 strevt slid: Ps fret dap s mu! frannsl
S•ii;-11 a n d
snit Wrn ,t TT.
tot of Ir.nd In ;
h t tti t ot .4 on the[Ttrtli De !and, or 1..•
;and. of .1 I. I:titi.:;weil....aatti nyth or W A ;
w,.:1 and a,•1.0
:111;1:111;atv,,,L Midillado - rt 11..vo111:1;;
qi..11 and fol*fltilt trevs th..roon. ;
tol r.a.l takott ;Into ox.•,.1111,,11 at ,ttit Jlf
Svl)"...r•, ie. • -•;:, Ewan-WA \I 11ler. •
Al.•io—uto• Ober lot of 13%4 In To vnnda lion,.
of folfow,i ft.:l:inning at a point la
-a-t Fltrvi.t ft tnt tit.. corn .1. of
• northerly
rt, b'n ,, •i - t+torly "f
i.t ft 1., aia•tirai , r pg:R.:Yin' to )I,ti
ihl•tli•t• tvitst , trl!. , 211 r liar. of ...aid ft. to
io , •4i1111t;IZ. 'Wing 19! 1 . 1,11,y , Iso .1011i1 ;
\l - aril win,
1173 alai wetiFil•til lit • 1a4.)
at Itii•
it... of I,totba Waril n ifc tt dint F
tOltrt; I. of latol In 'Eros horo,
tI on tho rovli tatol. or Frink ea-t by
i•not..o Itytl.o.o. or
, .•r E 7t Tlloortl. :00l Ottotaittiog
of :to :o.r • with it fr.lttioil
oxeottriiiti At- IIi.•
..11;otot pi re.- M omr:,,lnrin g co vs
I.Sn—Otta otb-P3 lot of land in 1.1te1111,1,1 tsvp.
1,1 on try .I.lltraltlido
o 1; . .
.511 Stottllel rartoo.,
~f uhtiP 41 , 3. m•r
of laud, m r. L•.:. all thipthved. I 1
fouled har:, and few I'r-tit 'rt..,
:rot tal:an 1:tto - t at the silt of A t'
og . tt.toot
it,; .1f ti TOW: M . 043 :taro,
1-1 N1.1:" 1 `..Xo di, tl l . ant( as aloonn tool 11e-lutlt
-1...t1 upon plot ;tlOl nviit of, the .I'zt , ll t....tate by I'
Yarn. ;old
W 11r.ottltAllatt , 11% . 11"...,att 1'1::a 11;tight r t.r do t ol
%1..1 1) awl r.• ,,•:1ttl the
olt for ,tlll comity at
Tow:lt:A In t1.,01 1t..t.1,1 . .N0t ,, i png.... .1
and Lite .a at lie ttit. of .! Rit.„l,)'s
t—' 6:1x,•1 - 1,11 ~f 141114 tif t‘vp.l,olm.
Is•gintithz , :it a poi! it, tho tt;11
••f. roa.f. ICI - ;:g
r 1.0., th;• 4 , !luy .
U ft. Sirtoo.• by land . of fltarks
s ~a-t 1.1,1 ft. to the
tlt 3 ^ , vost ft:1 , 3 , 1 11:11?` `Witt!:
th,•nr, :hr
0,,r111 , 2 w-st too ft to thr tt , ""
t an ~f ;;;..,,yor
1 stoam az , : 111::1
•t/ ;I:Eti 1:IkIttl t`•,•titton t:1:• ,tuft V...l•,!yk •v z •:t, invlia
.\ L. , . ti:ht•r• LI; ..f lam' In I , vp.
to"bm..: hogliining at a yo , t. 11.: . ..0ut11-
:04 t of : , t.l" of • lit Si 0 ti 7, now .if
141' :11 , +.4141 11•464:1 rant 40 p, ti, a po,L
ony:, t ho.:lvkion Ila.• of thoSatnuel
1.1 1 , 0 anti t..•ing not t 6 wk.- , rurncr
I ,o 4 ogitig to nary IT. r o. thew:, by
- 101 l I[ll o ••041 . .11 044: it s . i• to a
. . _
1.,,f 1;i00.01) 4. S:11.1 No ,;;%
‘,„; :7 ; .4 0 ,`II c.rrn , r ~r it•t oq. ,
nt.r; I: rapt- r, to the' piat!t! taltin ,
4,fita;nltrg 25 ;11.1" - , 111nre
111 S •I• 1••;. au4 tai,. 41140 CXoce4l'2:l at the
•1114 or I: It 4 4 1.1.11 Vi 1 , 14: WC:111111ln:
ink. other lot of l.n.d hi .1-ylnni
hounJrd n• follow.; I.•Kinning at IN- n.srtli-v , :t.4
corner of Ararrint no n Warrattt.••• n2nh.
11 , 1111 11l ea-. 1 p.
r the warrant
Jo. '214 1:1111c. vol tiann• of Nfo:
;!: 1:.7 ; or
111,411,ffii ‘varr.ll,i,
t 111 . 4,4. r th • t il
rat , r , f •ai.l NV:I
I p 4' th'!..:4)101 , ". - ,-1
R'tn Nton tli--•
I,.. , ;dary ,I , lle v.,: 11 , 1.111
I. I! , ;p.n..
inffiv I in :11: - 1"t , 11,2
irn,•• , T 11401.,F,1 I;-!:, 311,1 4-1, :1;:rd frrAt •
j... 1
or Hie wart:int fiwix, viz:
I :La% oceliple , l ;•5. :Livros a,l
- said Wrati.r,,,,l; 1 , 11 Illt 4 1.1:1•KI, e Ilin - I1 Ih (0 , 11-
(1,•1•7•11n1 , . , S:1,0:11:141 . takt•ll
I i , •11 :11 111, •nit.t-f .1 iiirby Ws P
rothor - lot or lah - d In I - hdt•r. twp,
1....1.:211t.411 , 11 Hof ea , t 31111,i,
~:u.l Lc lanfl., I.f l'a.i:trk M 'Murrey, we.,: by hind
,t 1 W.tra
arrr or all improv , il, nit!' a
fru", •I '.ire awl fow fruit trot. thor....A.
add •Ii into:exe,,ution tho ctii( t f E
ItAi, at alt of 1' 1' Arget,lnger
i' •
'ollarr lot of lawl Tray:went
pry. i twgl:lolng at 111 w cur
w•t- of lot no 0 In tlo.. Cinvoc;‘otr air,ev. tlww . e
wri :t1" 110 , we:tlitrly Ilnu of said lot
ro+l, to ;10... n to ,orp,r tlo,nf. tb,noo
on,t nu tr,,j , ba1,y,,11 Ili, aa , l ii of
..:1111 min ey. y.. 4 14 or tiloronlp.:!ls, I. the woor
nor , L In: on 01. liii o. n• ::to ..1,4t
ttr 11, ti w ..t•rtit•r ~r lot
izortn Z4 o n:•l,rf 111,1 . :''Itglt,, lit 1::IfY
111 twgit.tilt.g'. ;14 ro, mutt
7.t res liapruvcd, ttitii a frallf
I: top tt bars, aril orrlotri of fl :it
:1.• , - '
:•1.!" , )•--(P110 fyilwriGt of land In •abl twr: brgin
niug ;t rk
1 a ~ 4`,1
r , 1 11 ,1 lour .:: •by 1;a:11. m m„„.
sE,,. :wills 61. e:: .1 77 7,111 p. ;,• the pithily laced:
:1:”It!: ,alll, ,Wlth 7.-I(*1, hi a
: :11 ,. 11‘ .0 by Ow •3111 , . 6-10 p. to
:it..nee :mouth t'.4', o Wr,t along lanl4or W A
to a 111/,:: them, not It '2•i'a
a!,•!. g the Of the' lot tirNt tie,eribed, S-Ittp, to
the plaet of le..gtotting, containing 14 acres ator.
I Lqr, al,ont II aeres linprove.!: alqo a right of way—
ahoul lii fret loer lands of Win A Sluyier,
front the corner of the lot !ast deserined to the
nearo,t ',lnt I the ptliPitt• Said Strip to
is a l loiuiug nil , ltTon the lino of said lot.: it being,
the land ronveyed to Daniel flares and .16tin
Lv ('ha; t1e.,(1 dated Nov 1, 19; I • and le
ror.led In 41 , 1,11 I,ook 'lOO, rageA 39. 40. suet 41. to
o. :Tito al own lots to be soli togel tier.
:17,11 taken into execution at Ihm stilt of Cii;l4
NS :111.1 John Itaye::.
A NIMEW J. I.A . TION. Sheriff.
Towandit Jan. 14. 7 -
, 3,
-- • --
lion. PAO, D. Mint now, President Judge of
the 12th Judicial DiStrict, conskting of
Zl,4 the,
county of Itrailfoni. 'and 110. : 2 : 1), ItA ifIC-
N and C. z‘ssochtte Judges in
and for said connty of Brad fio if, h. 1.4. issued thole
prevent tearing date the toil] day of January, is7u,
to me illrectcil, for bolding a Court of Dyer and
Terininer. Genorat 11)..livery, cuarter
or the Vu tee. Common Pleas and Orphans' Court,
a; Tee anda, for the County of Bradford, on-7,1, m .
day, Februar.• . :th, 1576: to continuo three weak&
f'Colice is therefore heroby_given to the Coroners
and J indices of the Pent' , of the county of Brad
ford. thatlinTlio then and liter, ii, their proir
rrsnti, at to ii'ehick In the forenoon of said day.
writ feeords,rinqukitli.ns and other remelt/lir:lives
to it:, those ttllug-t nditeli to their idtbn appertains
tit done: and tion,..x Who ate hound by recogni
:mutes or otherwise, to prowcuto agalu,t the Knox
nil,: who are 4ir may be lit the Jail of said county,.
or echo „drall bj Jioultd to-appear at the said Court,
ar..4, to be then:and decry' to prosecute alutinst- them
as ;hail be just: J urors are roquestril to be pane
lout in their aitendibee agre.iably to their notice.
Dated at Tpwattils. the 10:11 day of January,';
year of our:- Lida, one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-sll, and of the Independence of the
[ States, the. oat; htimitedt h.
, A. J. I..tvros.siwrift.
X T OTI.C.I.: 1N :BAN KR II prre
_Li. In the mattnr S Snorer and .1 if Snarls,
krupts. In the District Court' of the United
Slates. for till Western District of l'enn'a.
To the en.,dlon*.; of ,ald Latihrupts, and all others
Take notic.rthat a.seeond general ',meting of the
cneltiors of !Aid bankrupt 3 has beemordered atSL
will be held in the hor n ' of Towanda. hi said dis
trict on the 2d day of February, A. I). 157 C., at 11
o'clock A. )t., at the olllce,.of Edward Overton. Jr.,
or of the Ile:Aster In Bankruptcy In said district.
for the purpoes namo.t lii the 27th Sec.of.toe Bank
rupt art of 31nrell 21, 1687. And 1 further give no
tioo tlett I haV, , tiled my linal accounts as assignee
of the estate of said' hankrupt,c, in said court, and
On the day named above I shall apply to said court
for the icttietitcnt of my said accounts and. for a
diselialge from all liability as assiglieo of
tate, in accordance with the provisions of the 'Zatil
iSce. of the Bankrupt Act. of March 2d, 16G7. Bc
'present theroat
Towanda, Jin. 1046.1gn0e.
Logan, .
. :
. : ~...,
. „ A l' 2l sa" :I-- - !.
ilt lIT'S SALV.—lsty , ''' •i - t,s he foTr Ing desert lot ere
virtue of ot ' A ia . n - d " - I ti or parintif
'situate - 17.-----Twns.ri„ ..rsdford Co..
sundr . writs tinned . brit ht the Court of Com- , and state of Venni * Bounded snit described, aslcd,,,,
inottPlens Of Ilradfpwl county, to Me Wrenn.. I
, : --4 i, -I. lOWA •On the moll by lot Non , of the allottment
will eapos4 p in publisa,le at rho Court hoime In 'o. . '
of t he Itlnghim lands 104 Sprite:Pohl Township,
wanda, on; thin, February II; at I O'clock , 01 at., „ 0n ,,,,,,a4 to ,r , 1 4 f l i nch , ad d t N e i 190, Ittnithfleid,
the-telonsing deperibed property, to-wilt .. , ' conve ct] to r ton i:lw ge r j' A y : 0 0 the.etast by lok No
One lot of land hi filleshenuin twit', bounded on BA aforesaid :On the ',meth by lot h.intniSmithfield
the north by land of Chas flew/tier; eristlby land of eon . ro .. ed to Ga i ns r Vernon, and r o e m e w .s m i t h„
B;dnuel .11earner, south by public • highway, :and nem i' tosprin i fte t tf. 7 i mm .y e d 1 6,66 st ere ht aw l
west 14 land of Platt Itoger's estate' e.enteining en the w'est by the *est line of lirirrante Nos lOU
abtmt lf of as acre: more Or less, all improved, and 1014, Containing forty eight..ecres tied nine-
A LfitYllila etfier lot In ethl tarp nonndell'en t h e tenths of an acre With the mina kkiwants of Pint
north by land of parts lieVetr.cest br, land of Sam• per cent for roads rte ; , be the same more or lest; It
uoltrleratutr, south by public highway, l ‘t*-ft by land
being to '4,011 //e,:of the allothrtent of the Bing....
ord l Will containing ebolit 4 0 scree ,; Atom o r hani lands hi ispilngfleld and Snolthfleld To,wnships
lest, about acres Improved, a framed - tiptoe and • and part of warrants nnatimateredllolll3sed 1014.
re* frith t gee thereon. Seized and taken - Into ex•
I f o
, „ About 20 acres i mproved' I smillframe d houseafid
emitt°P 34 , the suit nr Mil lijolom°11*'8(41 v 4 Cla t' a few fruit trees thereon. Seized and . taken into'
A Benne . Also at suit of Ii Elsbreo'adte-i's C A execution at the suit of Win Bingham; as ' Jakob!
Itehrner. , I : - . ', G Fleteher I i • .
.I_. [ • _
(LSO—The - defendants interest In 'a tot . of land ALSO...One other lot of land in-_Totranda Isolos
in Attune twp. bounded. on the north; by lends of • Bounded as follow;; north by latidsrof .1 'Y Sander..
lienry•lilrhy, east by lands of Jlicob] rangorder: rani ; east by lands of 1)1 it aryl,' senth by Locust
south I.y lands of Martin Rogers, and'west by land l ' ,
tvermo and west by Centre Street
i heing 73 feet
of Isaac N 'Evans: containing al a-10 acres of land, front o n ~e ld centre xtreet, by , SO f e et d ee p .
more .. or 1e... nbOut 11 acres Improved, With a i f: with a story a d 'a! halfV.othle,; framed dwelling
trained luoisc thereon. + e teed and taken into exe- 1 house, w s ot barn and other out buildings thereon.
rill Ina at the suitor IV X Walker vs elmoci Hod th. i
_seized and taken into execution'at ilhe suit of the
,kt,so-....4)ne other IMO(' laud In lintlingtoil twig. ; Toiratota 3ft:teal wending and Saving Fund Asses'
boonded at
,tollowst beginning at a post, OW 5W ! elation. vs mary.S Myer." • ', I -,
" ( 1 0,1 ' or lot'"fi7, now of C ar- 1 ' /I " 2l ' n ' lh "P c " kr ' At J()—(yrie 0 ttfer-lot of land in Orwell Township
the said Moran lot south tts- east 400, tip a post. a Ilmdford Co. Pa. i Bounded as follotts : Beginning
rorner, both: the division line of the SWIM& NV lino. at a stake and tones In the Ilighwity icadlog feint
head lot, ho cl, and .being the ti cr corner tliereof. Leit ,,,,, , , 0110 t " eh um, and h o ng t h e nort h
now belch; Mg to Cars !loran, thenro by said di. t ea „ . "
J t of J; I. Carrington lot; thence north 2.4 4, 30 Y
rtsinn Nonn i no west Itr2p , to a post, a corner Of sand t cast fifty:One perches to state and stone In the'line.,
divisionalte ot said lot no 03 4 thenee north SSP west j of Franklin .lohnOtt Ilue 1 thence:florid 4030" West
Wa eLr"r 01 lot no 6.2 ' illeneg ,”‘ 4lh ... o° ' t I '2o'pe„bes to stake" And stone In line of F Johnson,
let'. to the vary of beTinnlng, rontaming :?,acres ; l icence
south ~,,„ an d et y oast 4.,1,
plat ?; licence
allt! SOp of land. more or. less, being the western t '
J 4 7`..i° east 14 la and 'two links to the , I place of begin.
hair of bit .0 li3 in Edward Overton's. mai); about 4 , :lng Contalnlng riacro.more Or ess,l wtth. one .
.-.ei es. implovcd; no Minding:. seized and - taken I franit„,d puss.; th e w m , Reserving: IS acre , oat of'
Coto oroten lon at the stilt. of Ann Carman vs Chas I the sonth east ttorner of said lot, Be.
's Camay.-
A. t 14 , 14 or 9. said Jieed given to H Cii,Velis; 'which lot
,s C wells now oernplos. .. 1 ' 1 - 1
hottiolinrt/ t • ALSO—One other lot piece or parcel tif .of land
, utlx by 14
lands Of th , being situate I; (Jewell Township. County of Brad- .
Pod, Pa, Bonn led as fonows: Beginning at stake ..
50 woes of ' Id s - the *est line of 'Julius Gotham's, thence
, ... ,
:toe other lot of land In Caritoo tyrp,
tho north by lands of Adam f!ini,+,
ad of Patrlek Ityan, mit and by
-Sehrafler Coal floinpan y 4 c'ontalnlog
land, mom or abma :arfr3 !In
k a log holm, therein: S'Az.Nl and; tat on
lon at the salt of 31 etton LandOtt TA .1
PP I'M nit
Into ex,r• ta
r i
A I Sr ,
Ixntndeft ()
cast kr la n
Atop zo Ft
.\liic,4, cmi
aer .1 Ilnpr,
amt fox fc
One other tot of lard In Smltlyfl,hl twp,
the north by kinds of James Y lottborg„
Is of James E Jenn.ty. fllllth by lati.lA of
burgh - and. west by landi or Emmons
laintlig, 3n acres, more nr le;C:tttont an
l evod„ with a fflllllll fr.VPM tied
It trees tlo.reon. Seized and Lateen Into
t the snit of J If Welt!) vs ti 01 , orr,st.
lne otli-r lot of lani,l ;In Athens twit,
: the nitrih•hy vacant tot of Cyrni War
lan•l, of Genrit:s Pante., smith, by Tn.!.
lan. west by Futton st, bMiig-lo ft ftont
!tett; With a two story frant,l.lweilt:,a
a. ft-w fruit trees th,reon. tie.lz.M and
aPrill ion at the stilt 11f II A Ettnets Ile
actin. ,
rue other lot of land to canton , twp,
fi.dlowst begionhtf, , , at the goi h - tiidaof
tl;twe solttb we,t •,•...."p to the
ltoning, by font formetly Inliwti as
thence south 2 6 west :p; 111,:tte.:1 , out
tip, to the Hoe of Inn.l. of .10 , p 1yi1,04:
Ih 2.2 6 east 4tip„ to Towanda rreek:
t3',. 3 . east Sip to place, of hp•giituflitt;
e to have 9a:n , • A,a Pratt had
water fpnil ,al , l Tori • aada creel for the
aahh,g a triiii: u'•:iut 1 - Narres
w,lth.frarned hones. fraintal grhst
wiz h shtql attached, ,::her t4at hathl-
tnv fruit trees thervon.
ua otnot lot of land In Ca:00:i bum,
boglnnlng eollter
of T.c
-t [wing n.vo oortior Ilf.t.
alon o l• south Um, of t,-;14 1 1 / 1 w1(1:',. lot
7-1 6 1...t0 a post •In Iltio lands
C Dt:l:l,t, .1 C IVright..lA,on ' Hat
:4tu'd, John 17 rtlUn and ottl^r,t 411,fire
st 7.10 p, to a poi , . bolng a 4^ornof
I by F' IS.laok; Ilkone,, by
55 0 wo , l 24) to a post: !11t•v, , , !,y
1:';';! ° west Or s W torin•t!of lot
II Itlx. hr smith ;I:1; , ' lands
at.rl A II 3IIT.
7-101 i to the A e ),,t
NAVI. to (:!,•:',•• 1,. , t ra, ! ,,,r . , h .5 6 0
14 st. 33'.' ea, 1 , 12 :;4017 t.i
e.nlttlu!ng scree. am!. 7.1:;:40p; ni6re
ftunvil lain and
ye] erliam batal treei
te; 4.ther lot of land in , aid hour,
,4171 Nt , and !.1.::.,I;IRY.1
ic.,winan and rtr 0 ,,, ! ,,k....,;
]seaming ;er p of
C!,3.. SZo..kwel!. e , e)
[r trial
U. tad ;t1.1:1 , orchard
r!:# 1
irmrrly 1.
m.i:11,1 am
1;v6.1,1 , ,•
fr.ti iI 1, 31
•••14 I aT3II
t,,v Itr
M # I
aken 11,1 t; th', j . :.: 1:1•
.., vs It \ 31,C1..1:tirtti on,r:ntAl
.02Prloi of 17:n.1 to it o..rrt,k
h.-ginnin7 nt 1: rrrt:s• th-
Joh', Urn ford' _!:inn. th~~y~rt+m•n!i
. 1 “
11V 'll // •
..... .
, %.
0: • t;f I.:1:4 1z:to of .14:11,-. t ia`,o., - •1;•1•.!.
, 1 4,tem•ft 4.3,t 111 nnl. to t 111. MI:: (If WIII
i i .:1 . 1"::( I' ' , Mit 11 .11 ; r0 -.! 1i....n..t. v.pzt i I I - , , ! 1::
th I I r.-. 1..., to 15 , .11,24.Wav, thlin:•.t aio:: , .z
i r gliwar ,ve,i IC , 71,,1 to ti"; I,t. ~ t
;:tu)m; 30 :tor,-, :lila 40p. tilter. ,q. 1,-,
barn ;mil fruit :re,, th,.!.rvon; ,1;1E.,. 3;
,p. Ilt• ,',3:!: • i
is ;I! "
tkr . t
. ,
' t( * * 4l )- 6 1... othor Itft. sajd ttcp,.l,olm
.l I,l4f.ftlft:g ai ❑ 1.,t 11(1 I :I i s 4 , 2 . •
lo.r or w farm. milliiilqrfortli tli line
of Durall,` :131, to 3,..e.f.L.
fl-t on I!, lit, or I)
mt Itn.i or Tito, :o a po. , ft PI!
tfir.llll, f.f t , Tit., :ma IS W • tiamp v 39,. y, 1.1 a ,•• of
2 :ten! Drre
a wf. r
.;11 , r.l No toll,* ,
li:;!•r.•st •f 1,1)
Cc , IT' it 2
Or - 0,0 it It-.e vi 31:kry ft I);4-
oth,r laat. or Iln.l In '...;.;,!,;(on‘b
p,:nonn4-.1 north 1,3* !nut, “f a Sala.ant,iva,r..,,t,
and :ands. of 'T and by,otit.-t•
Litl4 contasnin. , f,'F. laud
13.3 , 2 i 3r. Iv,. :111 a " frann,l:!rarn,
and f , ll - fluff_, •
A 1 i,j4 01:.• other 1..7 of land in said t; , . - p,:boun
1311.7.• of .1.13 A KI•4•!1, 13:1 , 1 or
;blur othor •••fer,•l3llt: hr
LOA"; 4:z a:aal wa-a! lay I:lrads
of r I ;a•aa
Valiaia-oa. and T or:0 71a , : isi..s 'and
rior•lor :1,1•,. Imaarmay , l, a'ala h fklapaaaal
1,1 , 1,4 Cram rl h:11!13'1 , i ..: 17 , r 0 , 17 10 .7111!ng4 ana
oft ik3r./ f riC.T i••• •••• oon, al ; I . ,:al;.‘l,
lobo at tier stlit of .1 II Coo!lugh -,
It (1
o:11 , r In' of lalfd 310ar0.• :in- Asy
„law, t.rp-. 1 - aalaraakd.Traararr.,: 1w:011;111: it lar• it a•
~r I , .!ia, taaar , ll . ..,
va - a-a , L)Ca•ip, ta , tli-nre north,
•,::', 3 e.Lat !./ 'hr
1; 4 . ,‘ •I ‘ , l tn -ontli p
t. , ; ley p's:t , ; , • . 4!“.:;nnina, . lid) U. re.,
`Ltilt hi 3 I.
71 , . 01131,', D. and taki.n into ( . 1 .... ktti11l
W p ;
tne Pr 1 ,, 1 11P/1,1 In ealtton:- twv,
.firth hr 11 n1:-. and 'ether
kt,evn aN the . .Dp•rtnutrk
NI 1nN111 , 14 .4 I,:rvnthe..
iT, , I )m:4 ~ f Tnnt..r; sg,itth
Sp•l:nr , land, ,, t , by Anen
I;:tillinty; Pula,
with a ir.un , lrlin - eilinz framed
elntr , l or fruit then-14n. .4,1,... , 1
;1111., "lerntlon at' suit okEi;htaiin
dF•II 5t..;%1 rd.
brr i thrl, I rr
tar i3 irr , A 1
M ill 1111. vrt
'Ark UPI. A
Cu rt r 11,1
anl 11 A
r r sril
lf.l ri 1 r•
.34,1 Irrro rt
C 1' rv' , . 1. r
tur;y!V'+n 14
111•11 l of
.14 , m
I 1, •
:10 , other I.ot of land to riarllnfr• , , a - 1.0r,.
4 1 1111 1.:,* Tr.y :.r by this I . ;ojrnoo , k
8,1. , ontli 1,..fa11,1 of . 1 1 , 0. (to,i npil wet-t
f.: M Dl4 ;:••rm:t.i.. ,, rtallilt.;:i 'j ! of :in
or 1e. , .., all imprOvo,l, with a fr.ini,i
• 1. a • tI: • 1 , :•1.16,y,, ii,tu-, , 1 fr.,.:n0•01
,11,11, - .t •
tl -rot f
d I.'d v
' ,,,r,•:110n at
On, I: of I,:tac
0 1 '
11 11.111
.1 I,,tn
othor Int of land In ronlni.Ll VAT,
WI :n:4l ca.d by Julia (•,.w..1;;• ~....p1!) Dc
• , ly ;ma v..••t• -I.el.ltv.
t •1!! 1.:
r..t r•
anti ir
! oir , or land. mon! los , ; Ali Ont SO
N••.!. 2 (non •r 1 11o:o,•: - .. 2 fraios,ll baron
1-r trot: troo. ;::o1
a: CO • 7 , 1 N'S
.I:.insj , ,, row
~ .ti-floo-b
1'T%,1.1:. ,
. A )---; ti othvt tot of L, nil hi !".thituit r
o,j Std,n6
wii.:l4t , ,i, i t i":ol.Lti 1 , 3 - - hoots of Janie, !r tb.rrou,
lait by, ;air ,of (.1.0 Jennings, swil l by blink of I
Jaiabs liar rat:a : we,' tr.- lauds , 1 Plilfip. linty:: ;
ii.4.'l,',.. , iltititilng lion acres of I;.,,,,L'fai,r , • ,ir 1,•... 1
ablat ~ a : •'1 , .. iniprovol, i%illi a - tranj...l lhon..e, .
• frit:loll ball, V ith at, -it, attached. grant:try 411,1 •,7% .
..chltril of trait t r., • ti0.:.0,n, Sell.oi atol.talirt: into
• ' , l.s'll,libi lit thosuli of I...ittra.F:lsbrar'stis. , ,!r• S T
Itl , hop and : , ,ralii • -', i11,h,,,p1 ~,1,0 at sott 0. , !....tura !
Ebb 4,, ,• :not ', t • I.:lsl.reo,e‘i*, s. ~..,,ino, 2 I .
l i..::. 1 — , la , other lot .1 lair.' In IV In,lhatii taco.
Lo, ,0d north 1,. la , ols of .1 r.; t‘laJolon, east liv boat
of f 1i , . , Smith, , oth by !seat or Je-r•pli E1....',,r.,C; ,, •1•e,
i Sod I ‘Vr.t Ii: :sand, Cr Mozgait', k ~,ntitaln,-
, 1,4 .4 4 ~,,,,.., to.fre- or ;, , g.. a' ,, alt '.::,,.1.1,:rt, :t1ii1".,V,...,::,
I th.,ht 01 lo IN-% I fratit ,, ,l 1.: , 101 anti 1. , ..w (run tree:
!.:" ill , reou. soi/e.t and t:thon Into e,,,q.utton at In,.
't.. ; !,( .1 , ,-pl. F7.1.!, , ,,,•,:r . 4 v. 1t0a,, , r,1 •:;1,•1i,,15..
tot i,l::‘ , ‘ -.1 ha. other lot of ;and in IttirlinFloh bon,.
Jbopyl.ol mirth. ea..: suet sontli by lauos (11l Joh!,
SiaoAin*. a:ol wont by the Tb•rwlrir t(irnplko or
~1 41: i itr..•14 sr. , Ontalljug I acre of; 131111. more ur
le-lwi:li a Jr3ioo.l hoe,- alt few fruit tiot...: th •re
, I nc r i S . -: !Z .. -1 :Pal taken ia:u eXt.Vlltif , ll at 1:1 . ,C,a1i1, of
IiIN IV:V:alli•:: ii.,' v,. .1.4,:i lilt; anti I. 1 E MO:. ' •
ik1,,E...--4 1 .ne other lot of 1::::d. in Taseitrota twp,
E tont ife.l north by lands or 31:-. Leantler,W;",g,, out
tHoo',i'W. , l... e.i, , 1 by lands of Jos li 1 ',,511. ,6 , 1 :!,,1 y
to of ft , lwArrl 31ar1 , .11,r, and Av, ..,t bs; -1 1 1,4; of
i 7`:; 1 1111.:titib•I Dorriek and Italley ‘1"::ge, I o4taluing (.5
i aerei,' More or Ice:, aboat 40 acres itnprovcd. iift,
' a . .k . ii . inoti lion,. !rano-11. sllop,, trained Itartilantt. a
11• V 111.10.1 , tr.,.... th,.reon. r 5e1z, , ..1 an,l litkon into
i..ex!cr:ll lon at the stilt of A.- II l'lther's' use 'ys Ell
iv. :1 . ,1 31aibaK - Ja - c3r. .
; '1E!....4 , - 4 )1,..., other lot of latol In tafiton twp,.
,• Islllo,d as 'follow , : beginning' at a rornef,on do,
oli; W., hie of the sotto stag: road I: ailing from ran
toh 6i . roWalata, ;v13011114; a 101 of !awl; ronve3.ol :
I br 0 , ' ,1 1. 1111 i 11 Landon sat v Ito to John Vantql,, , ,
now deCtl, ana now belonging to libili-lr , ,'on the
1, ea, , fit'..•:ttul running lthent.... ,a , lllll sov..t.stralong the
i salinity to to ths month Net?,t eitentie of Mtn :, vane.
alit Ittk'fire north to west 1 3`i-lop to; a nitrite r,
II0 : :inie. north' le , ea-4. lop ttr,the line of the malt:
re , ii,lVill...nce south-Sl' eastalOng., the same 3f.1 , :„.-101.
i ft:lly piare or beg-nntng, contalnlng ', 'if tin :ter,
I,, , lap,i'la”re Or 1, ,, .., it 111 a framed Inuhllng used
1 for 4 suer'
311.1 41, eliing lions:, a lot of st. , ,,reisto 1,,
I: a)11 frau', II hers,. barb th...reon„
1 , 'A T.S(I-4.piv‘ other lot of tail 1:1•:iltl I.wlr; Isorn
i ,Igil it,: follow,: beginning; at the born: 01tio.of ill. ) ,
I singe road lea,{lng from Conlon to Tolvaa,l3,lat 1.11,
1 . CdttiOr 6f land 1) , •Inn,11lig ti, .I,lni,v, Itmn ~,, im Ito'
1 easl,l,nll,l running thence 1a,r,11l 3° ea.:*,:11 , -)ig :11'.1
1161 91'said Iturnes 8 ri-top to a
p I: , :twr, , lttoncO uvrth
87 !re nt 3 :1-lop to a p.-1„ And it .• orifcr of rail
I tratitor., garden as now fenced, thenve ;omit! 3' 0
1 8-100 Jo Hie eo;',l stifle, iiitniett 11.:: anti with sari Sal 1 1 ,•
, -54,11t4 57 0 east to the plaos. of begliinlng, omit : a:tilt:4z
; 4 4, tlitop 61 lamb more 'or less, an' Iraprov..lS, 110
. ,
1 blilitilllg.,
1. tiiit of El' o ji lt v >
.1;1, Lyoll. 111111
it I)—Oaa other lot of land In snld Nm
dltl 'as fontu,st Iteglnnlng at tips eorner .of a lot
now ;owned be Hiram ttotT, tlienet• not Or. 87••.,.°
wt,stla!ong, sald (tor.; south 21 reads to an Itmt
pin; the 4.4 , 17121" "1 n tram 41,1r0 to!, them, ~011111.1
6 0 prst 7 6'l-100 rod, to an Irtni plit: the !co. - corner
of ..0s":1 rlndie-s le.t, 1.11. , 11(-.1'. east 21
an Itt , n pin in tho public mot le4llitg 11010
l'lltitpn -to Troy, I httnett north C. 7 ,0 7 . :113-IOIL
rd, tto an Iron Oh. p1:1••e• of betzlitnltigt eon
tat na.r, 01 land,' now,: or less all Improvtql,
nOtsqltiliii. ' l, Seized and taker,' , Into exreullon at
tin' ',nit of Eugene VantPy to vs ,Merton Lan
dint. Also at suit of I,oelthietti ltros es •tait., ,
other it 'of land In Wysold brp.,
bin - tutted on the north tee land, of John II f.'ohltlitt,,-
sdoth by lauds of "V &.1 11 I'l•4let. and ra•••t and
wps t t lot lands o Mitt John It Conklin. rontalithier
uti neres. of !and, tnore or less, abOut an :weres din-t
proved.' with a h.g house., fiataed ham, atilt few
frulf . tret•s thrrettn, it bring the same' thro • lotS of
land tlrtstlett tv E N 31sCot Ink& by Delos yarglo•on
and ~ recorded In the ogle,, for reettrillo g deeds Ste,
imps fur Isrtolfont Po. deed hook No 120, page
k' mil taken into., o xet•ut ion It tha
salt of . John W•Mic Vs 11cC&Inlek Da
trertirt•rt. I
A ',so—Ono other lot of land In A thenq twriboun
*OM the norih,by lands of e IS Sanford, cast by
lasi Sof Cornelius O'harry. Henry Farr and C it
Ogden, south by lands of John Farr and Folk Mor
leyOvest,by lands of P B Sanford, cont: ining : about
VIM) net es, more or less, about,- IN acres Immo , . ett,
(ranted Itourms, framed barns, I Saw mill and
- othe'r old buildings and orchard of fruit trees 'there
iznd and taken Into execullon at the cult of
I)linhain cs IS W Whirr and Jamc.Whlle,
other lot of land In Canton born,
Iminded on the north and mast by lands oil Silat
,fleals; south by lainls of Waiter I,eavitt, v,isst by
.*“kli"" st, being 12 ft nit said Sullivan st, and Ile
ft deep, with a framed building thereod. defend
-4404 one-half interest in abevq, lot tti , be sqld. Seiz
ed and taken into execution at ..itte - suit of li N
it cam's use vs Al - . /Jeers. . ,
snits otr -
north rzo ea,d 4.5' SO p to stake aril atone In the }lw3
of --.'31-(lnir, formerly, Wm ItrOwning,- thence
nthso 74! west .1".4 ft to stake and atone l o .the Ilno of
31..,t0w lot; thence smith 49 1 'rr.d '69 p. and 5
lixik4 to stake and.storte on the canter of IS I; Wells
lot, thenee sout h 72 ~' east 93 t. and One links to the
.31110. more 0r•50..:
A 1.504-oOe ,therlot in orirell Tr, hounded - as
follos: 11,,g1n dug , to. the north last collier No 64
-.-st 17 oto where the road tr•—• the acipth hater—
. _
!Toni the r.r..,..,..,.,
se,ts the road ;tear the bri.lge. 9 tuth yy
road t, p we, .7.1
r,..1a pon 'road ',south ; 8 e. westp Ott . south
wen 27 3-10 p ti. posl, son:11.41 =.., ea.st_l4llClo p to
1,....t. Tirol, zo -I, exid 118 road, the It net or be
ginning.' rontaliting 'III aeieN ntoreittr 1. 4 -51; reaerj
ving one'aere and 1,8 p on.ltin noith - igrestl Corner . of ,
,saidtot. I.telngi lot deed to Contelfa I A "0".,e118.
le.arlog .lato Dee al, Ise:. Seized ' and takcii Into
efeeot ion at tne atilt or 'Lola SG'llbeet,a. also To Tito
ron Wens.l ,, 1' ',
A I.SC)---+lne flier lot In tanton tup, bounded aft .
follor, - s 1 nortli'lly latols.of Netst Reytiols.:. cant by
!awls.of John ayitard. South .7 tIUIII or' John
t f
I- l rlttln. - west b!, poille highway. ,otitalibl lg. 30 acres
l' of land, ware or less. all-imprarekt %vizi?* I framed
; ouu:, 1 fr.tled barn thereon.' dented And taken
1 in?o et-entlon it the snit of P . ;3. fe[longliratt
. and
, Delos Rockwel cell 13 Potter. I •., 1
I ' A 1.t...",t--. one other lot of land Ir Troy t'irp, Voutitl.
'...1 rs follow,: on the Borth by pabibt highway. on
tt,- east and South iiint West by Undo of, freaeklabi '
,ani..nt.' Containing . i acre,' !pont or I less; mot
I trained house One [rallied barn and f •ts fruit trees
'tte.re4a. , S. - .lzi-1 and taken Illtfi ex entfon at tho
!'..nil of 1/elos IllYlktiVi , ll. (leo 11 Ditvi on assigneeg t..
, La port of 4 11 - , Pain vs! Win Latbeitt4) A; L. !tient anti
1 lit If ut . .. I I
j A I.S( f- 7 -One Liter lot of lan ins
- Wilmot , top.
1 bontid la
ed -Cfoltw
t os . MI the north by lands of Ju
a'• 101 r: , 4 011.1)17.1 on the east by .latots ;of dodlebs El.'
1 1 . , r1y and Oilier,l. on th•.! runt Irby lands o .Totin 31e.-
i il - M;lin. , ,r amt 6:lithe west l3r !roil'; of ;Kariba!! 11 reg;.-
~...', Tv e,,otainin,g . ,ll7 0.4.p,,0r land; )fern' irr , 41.,q.1 hballt
1 140 - 811+ a I cu I I rol,d IV 1 fII
.3 girl dwenil, . house, a.
inra,a,,i't,ifiri, :Ind orchards of friiit trcfo thereon.
I •zeize.latol tat;n Into ex.ent lon ( ,tt 'le !lilt of Mar
lil23 M tie Wake 41 :0! 4 . :s (lir:tits' il)rntnniontl4: also
.1 -
:at Ilse .! , nb ofj ilattilaVhobbnek p , .... -, lrs same
Ls) .4-r ire e :nit lot of latot lit t.. 3 orttle,lreelt tyrif,,,
,'.4111 , 10 , 1 on I!. north I.y they New' Yt,rlt,ind Penna
state line. east by K, 11 liii,Ainai - A land.t.. south by
Ila , Ol .. of -Marla Irunlioin and weft by lands of.N C
!risl,r,.., ; (•,,:ita n I oft .r... , aeris of lam!. moire, or 1e.,.
...03otit I :3 a -re-s :npro . roff,, w it tin hat red house i and
!11.n !Tait tr,es, thereon.' r I .I:VEY ;to i ' be eiold as tho
I,pr , p , rly!of )1.
4 , 11 Htir
:ty :and •:nf y
lit Om n 2; and '
ettntain:llg 51
. 11
'lt • ..".tit id do:
2f13:1. II f:
11.,.--t-,;,1,1(4 M.
Ih':' Ptflit
50:11! 4.) ftl
, AlO.l ant 1.1
ft It
,zur,rr or j!•,,,
ti ,
• 1,- il.ty of
suit of C
'Fri:l lithstAth.. i I
.thcr• lot 01 land WI verliwcr. boon.
li-q M if.l'
r. N Y ina't:fat Ilir..
I ' f:lsbr.... south ;' - Ilarn al Marla
'fest ' . ..T bend ...f 'ltd"rritt ililnednau.
rc',. re!' land. iill.ritdor. h. r -. iborit trj
..*ltit a fr;ticod hi - rtfir. 210,. fox-fruit,
Milt' to be sotr*, , Ir 6 inN.per - ty of
:.!;.'.17 , 1 and liken fato.r-rerattni if
pi, 'slunsou's adinr3 i v:i K o ..1; Kitts
;:,:ifil.-t,1,1 31• , rritt : lil'it',.4sriarr.
.•11.r lo! of land, in 7 owi43 born;
ir.4s: !wgionlve at . iso',lrt: on 211.3
In o ,rt. am fly:: o.ntrrr rf, a brick will
oe'i Y. liroavr. - r. nult4*, their()
lirerllon ;Vona the ; (..:• l i ti:i. of mad,
20 fa comer, ihciircitri a Out• ratat.'
ID a k - outipirly rl irevt ion r...% ft morn
of tau , : of skin:nil . iii.llitur. tti..rueee
101 'Redbinr.. land / ' an easterly ll
%Y.'s[ ;in- or 3litn st..lli. , nre in,a
ti0u;:e.0nr.fA .. ...4 Illie r f Mriidit.2.s cri
i ,,,,•,, ~f b. ,imlrrg,ll,l:,,, w
—.4lnr• lot.
rid .border.borderflair by t.', 4
!Cronr on
i Yet • 1.: , 71: With - 3 . 1 li*et, St, trs in-!, l;
I. ti•drnd rind taker - into'C'Veention
' 3 11,us , e',1 frrsi Y TI Fox ye 314:0a
. . .
iilter lot of land In : I " , mitlrfl.del t*v,
hydand. of .li•rili, lyFily and Darid
,y lands or t 4 Itakr,r and I' Hrtuiy.,
;bile higliway..anil west by 4 - MN og
y. containing ;to; acres; more of IrsS
F. linrroved. with , a (ranted'
1101,1.1:04s atta.dted I and few fruit
rmvi to ts* ! , 0!(1' n, ;the nrop..,rty rt
l jr.,i S- i zed mad' takeb into I.zertz
}”f. ronwrol• Itri , s k. • c H ft nimpt,
'lit, jr.s--c . v, and II Hoitrue,-FoITSI..
lotloPr jot .01 land In Atlt..:oi . twp.,
How:: oondnentitiC hr a i*nt vu or.
my on the lin•• of a Pit contracted if,
k'r.e north 20 0 3::' . e 3,1 'ln to a
r'rzh r.." Zo' east tO 3 leollirt: thenr.:
abet -{ll . lr-10 rod, tp a ,00rnOrt thrlscr
easy; 11,1 rods to n cOrniFr in pnbiltt
~..i. sOutb J7`' ?A' i.ait CO 7-to Inds to
I:,, , inntng:, rots tat nltt,g ?4 al''s and Of
t. IS liel'Os' :11nprtlVt ., i...tTro ;rained
ivfrif4 trees thr.
eo l n. t , ..lze,intol,.
•ntibtint the salt of If W l'atrlck'kt
' i _
imitturlrgl Ipot th l
I. t;illett'4‘3, ,
-ouch bylh. lil
I -.E.10i-o!r Wat<t•
1:4:11ti :VI: [(VIC!.
fran:,l Ictra 1
:re , ... , ql: .
PI:, (Hp, VIII•Ipqi
:I rl! :1: i Ile ,71i4
t , l Iliy:111" I'T'.
..11.:•“ , -t-11,, ,
b10r01 , .1 . a , • f,
11.•:,r '4ll' IlighW,
II .1 Kiff, th-rr
p.. 0. : th.•ilr ,' 11;
north 87. ni.''*,
!Eghway; thou ;
p:a,•,,t.r . 1. , 1
p,rch , .!nt ab,. 11 !
.x. , 11..t . s ftl
tit:tor lot of lawl tti Tirny born, 1,4111.
1, I [TIITy
'oll.y.lati,l. of Vi Dhre, east bysn
%. I.y lamb of B H Hobart an we,T
Ifavls conveyed ibv Burdin
_ -
AO; Caltril
r al.-man. having ft (mini ; ihx,lling
lemtninlnr, alnynt ran acre, nurn
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i l fn i_
to .1. ,•141 .10
Ls,)•One I oth.r lot of land ; . inl .irinenta tn-p,
I "'und'i I .l o T , '"i' ;t!slig,Ll• tuaple, a
('has ItAwfall's lot, thviice by said lot
Ili; post alol tit•nee by tor,
of IP..njain:n -Will gilt cast 7ip tog p6,t and •stones
11,01 Knights: thence' bY s:ilti Knights'
trot north 114 5-tor to a tw,st in line Of Tifos
Ibet bv inch , ' lot VeSt 174 p to thepiare oC
's..gluniTig. containing a rwros and l fn. of land.
Illore or Iloo.nic.lqiprovrllleritS. i S'lZediand to hen
fintlon,at the suit of Holder! vs Joseph
A 1,5 ,, -;4 +no fi
Itlv4.lot of laud Itt, A ihisnl:boro,bottri-
ainiif cast land: of .1 M Tripp
or ['a N YC. Rlt Co, Wri.4 I.
zitlrtit I, y N '
''elltir. eentathhig l 'i oran'acre,4nor;•
frainetl tht.reon. clzed and
.-tivu at the .suit of 1 , T v 0
• 1
lot of land In Canton boro,
Wirth by lands; of Luaus Wekr,
innzl, 4 I) r
with a
unt1:41.6:1 tli
I y !ands .d r+anipetQwep . s. west I.y .
31..rvirk :oil others, rl.ntalnlog
nf bind. nioreqirless. filmed boom - ,
ftwreo:r. and Itakl.ll Into
of ll P 1.1.17. vs Davld Fe!-
~:tst mid;
third ,•I;in a•-r
~.1.:111.11 at 11,
otber lot of lanai In To*antla to - p.
beginning nt :a' cirier Om
itet , Al,!being the nle rortier ifiratu
thence along line of &Inn. sonth 71 0
corne.r, thence norch aos_ o west too
,rthent north 7,1 0 1 cast I}o feet. it , 3
Iv.••it: Act • of iia , •rist'lli•riloton• 111011-
.I:dn g the West lino 53111.1:ace st,
it.t:lP) ft. to the plaeo. of Ilteginnlng,
land. more: or ltr,st.'with. one
Sel7.lVand token Into Cs-
FAIR ,of Michael
: .
oftor lot of land In ir'll..adt‘Tp. Lona:
Olt l v land' ofd 1I Thindey, east by
couch by laridii it'urilz. Tyr
of F (' Cratldall, containing 65
wire: or Iris. about lip)aerill. Improved
u+..^, Maid shed and.orchard'of fralt
Si.ized and taken into elocution at'
yia 4'antie'd cc tlen MainC 7 /.
'(hoe .10: of land In Canton born.
by of :lank and .
i•ast br Lin , l4 of ItenJaratit Clark anti
Nonth by and land,. of .1 W.
rr laud;; of said N W„lrontalnlng
jot land. more or IciQt. rk It a trained
an a , .,the Keys:.iie lintel. framed ,
;t; r.Orl sheds I tlrrenn. Seized and
~, . ntlyn at the suit] of Withal:Ll .k Ta
- raney•
' Sheri?. •
Iwust s l .lic i 4 !t4
17,0 ft to,
"ft, In 3 r"rnor,
;‘‘..mer oil the.
: , tafitt e
contalotpg 2 a
r•;.mot , i, ,,
at ill,.
~ 10:1 on th",:: ,, t,
aal:4l , ;at' Ca o . , I
',ten.a of tan , !.
,wittt flam-t 1 i
=1t!! of .1.:' 1
A L.:4)-4 ti,..
1 .011101 - d on 0 1
I: W I'4l.
1 1 1;;:31 , 4 Lon
ba:" . .fp41113t , 17111
13k . , 11114.:;s•
ber Ni 1A . .11 yr
(10 - M11( NWILITAII OP PENN . -
syr.v.."; Ls; pi,ADron.: covNiT,
the Orphan t ({Duct of mild guiltily. !• ' •
To i nertia. creettior of / the list writ and
Testament of Lawrence O'neron, late of Standing
Stone, dre'd: i . ,
On petition; of Julia ll'lleron, a - MCl:rot said de
e:dent vnargiritt . Vou with neglect of duty us euett
eN, entity,. appropriating' to your, own private use..
propertYlbelmigni* ("said estate, negleeting to p•a3"...
tti dells of 'the i.,ame. and' general iniiimanage.
no'n t of the sittne, ) yon were eurnmanded to be and
appear In , your owit proper perton hnfOre our said
liotges of tilt: 4)rphans • Court:on illonday, the
6th day of 14,IUber, A. 1t..14 1 5.i'at = Weloodc )t.,
tlolt and (hero to answer said, petition. and show
cansc. any vim had, why yap should not tr re.
moved ap sueli eieentor, and y6ur letters vacated.
Trw .commanding you,_datril Nov. 4,
ie7a. linVlng I 'en returned by the Sheriff that yen
son. on-Nt °mitt
m i l :
eiZ"ttion glt•
onr ,a;11 tour
;11e - salti Court dl on. iec. 23,1 a, 4.di f
1 ,11:Won to issue .." , *'cotnirtandiiig you
un the saki court In your proper per
ty the 6th day of , February., at 2
:to answer said penile!' as above you
deil, and directed that nidiee of bald
ren nv 1111b/fr3til.Li in the iIItADFOItD
r tour weeks. I
e r. I). M o rrow. resident of
at Towanda. Dee. Nth, 1575.
vs, , Daniel Kingsley, A l ,llO. 1
WY. in the Court of eintimon Pleas!
to., No. 1513, Sept. T.,-,105,
.itgned, an auditor', appolntetl4yj sa,hl l
tirlbute the funds-Srlslng:lXotn tht• sale
.Is real estate, wll/,atteu4U to the (tulles
I r nent at the ornee'of at Maxwell,
on - FRIDAY, January 232187 e,
• a„t which time and illare.all per
i•fatuts ulxtn !said; find must prescnt
toreset• debarred theretront. '
of itrailrord
The ttotht
l'out LA - n/11s'
or defendant'
or 11:s appe;n r
Fit Tosvanda
at I o'floek ri
then,, or be 1,
:OR'S - NOT - IC,'
on &-('o. vsi. S. P3Waills.l . •
iof Common Pleas Of Bradford C.
Cs •
Ir,ued, an auditor - appointed by.aaldi
Itihnte . funds In the hands!of the Sher
he sail of detenditnt 4 s real estate,
ilutles of his appolutitrut at the ofttc•il
ln St .I:ltiney, In thelioroof Toiva . ndal
1 1. Y, the Ist day of ]February , 1870, at la,
1, at nitleh time anti ,plaee all persons
ins against said ;fonds mast preseai.
orever debarred front the Paine.
I • ; 0. D KINNEY, Auditor. ;
•.; ;
A um
In the Con!
No 345, spp.
The mule
Court to till
annul to. thy
co ESD
A. St
bavilq," Clati
them or hu tl
ttOR' S
ler vs...lohn il+fack... In, the qourt of Bradford pounty,
il.slgnetl, an auditor appointed , by sal
Ti hole"! the funds In. the. hands of th
y..t by Pate of defendant:a real! estate
to the .duties oflhts arx:intrilenf o
V, reti. - 3, thO •tlinee of Davie
In TOwauda 10. o'clock
',here nil persona.- having claims upo
tat present thew or be Rimer debarred
A 1 7 Di,
V:. 1674.
The nuclejl
court to dl , lll
Sticrlff. ralt
will attend
dt Carnouhan.
ttlfen and
said fund mu