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Tinnis64 b., Tinumq, hi 33r 1876.
A )t herntsa one wined soldier, has
been iimA Post 'Muter at Canton.
Da. S. M. Wooer:mut bee been appoint
ed Pension Ezronfaing Suwon for t his
- place. -
Tap Towanda Military Company will
bo, organised and mustered on Wednesday
evening next.
Farman:atm Lome I. 0. 40. F., will
be instituted on Saturday next. The cer
emonies *ill occupy the afternoon and
evening. _
Mira ladies of the Canton Presbyterian
Church_ pram , nted their faithful pastor.
Rev. S. r. GATES, - with a comfortable and
may chair, on Christmas Jay.
A cussox has come o'er the spirit of
the weather, and instead of the balmy
days of last week; we ate now experienc
ing good, sound winter weather.
IT WAS the '_pastor and teachers in the
M. E. Stu:slay-School. and not the schol
ars, who presented the retiring Superin
tendent With a handsome chair on New
year's Eve.
REVIVAL MEETINGS are going on at the
'Disciple Church in Canton, under the la
bors of Rev. B. S. Rzsx, of Smithfield,
and RSV. B. H. RAT . DEN, of Canton. A
number of corrrarsions are reported.
JAS. C. RIbOWAT Esq., of Franklin,
has been lying'dangensnsly ill at the resl.
ileum of his aon-in-laiir, Wu. flowsno,
in Wyaltuang,. We are, pleased to learn
however, that he is now on the mend.
TEE members of the proposed Military
Company are. requested to meet in the
Grand Jury Room to-morrow (Friday)
evening, for the purpose of making prep.
stations for a complete organization and
election of officers.
WS ARE sorry to learn that Mr. JOSEPH
GLAD/Mill, of Columbia, was very serious
ly injured last week by 'falling from the
second story of his barn. He is still in a
critical condition, but hopes are enter
tained of his recovery.
8. W. POMEROY has introduced gas into
his elegant residence in Troy. The Ga
. setts says the new Presbyterian Church
has been "piped," and will be lighted by
gas. The gas is manufactured by a patent
THE appointment of GEo. W. BCCK as
Deputy Sheriff, gives unusual satisfaction.
In, addition to being entirely competent,
his pleasant, genial manners will be ap
preciated by those who have business to
transact in the office. --
MRS. GEO. B. DAvinsoN,"of Troy, died
on Monday evening last. The deceased
was a very estimable lady, the very light
of a pless.snt, happy home, - and the life
of a Lirge social circle. Her, death leaves
avoid in the community where she has so
long .been lolled, that will bet hardly fille&
THE First National Bank of Towanda
is an institution which does not appeartto
be affected by the "dull times." Accord
mg to the statement in another column, it
accommodatta - this community to the
amount of over $300,000 in discounts.
The large line of deposits indicate that
the concern possesses the full confi
dence of the public. ,
Puma, who:died in this place
on the 10th ult., waA born in Glouchester,
R. 1., and came to this county when a lit
tle.girl. She lived for a short time in - the
township of Smithfield. and afterward
came to Towanda. She was a devoted
and active member of the A. K. E. Zion
- Chuch, and died in the full. triumph of
faith. She was in her r.3d year. tier
afflicted husband, Ant PRICE, has the
sympathy of the entire community in his
Tux membeis of Qscalnwa Grange were
surprised on Friday evening last by an
invitation from tiother and Sister hitrn,s
to repair to their house and partake of a
most sumptuoui repast. A goodly number
accepted the invitation, and in addition
to getting an excellent supper, enjoyed
several hours of pleasant social intercourse
unrestrained by the rules and regulations
of the lodge-room. The old stone tavern
has seldom (contained a more joyous com
pany. •
—We.are pleased to announce that Chap
lain MCCABF, of Chicago, whose lecture
on the "Bright Side of Life in Libby Pris
on" was, so universally admired by our
citizen; is to lecture again in the M. E.
Church next Tuesday evening. His coin
ing is sufficient to crowd the church to its
utmost•capacity. The subject of his lec
ture will be. " The City of the Desert."
The price of admission is 35 cents, and
tickets can be obtained at the Music Store
of HotacEs Sc PASSAGE.
THE Northern Tier Gazette says: As
MINNIE WARRIeIER3B being 'shown off'
on Friday evening, at Troy, by standing
a . number of children beside her, as is the
custom, the youngsters were presented to
take thelady's hand and kiss bcr. 3las
ter FRED PoUPILOY, ageefourtyears, came
last in line. Gallant like be gave Mix:cm
a tremendous hug with both arms; and a
"bus" loud enough to be beard distinctly
by all in the house, to the infinite amuse
ments of the guests?'
Psatsosst..--Colonel OvEwroN has been
tendered the position of. Trustee of the
Danville Insane Asylum, by his Excellen
cy; OM: HARTRANYT. • , •
—COL HARRY HOYT, Chairman of the
Republican State Committee, visited the
RKPORTER, office on Wednesday after
nOon. He-was in excellent spirits, and
•is confident of a Republican victory sett
Captain P. P..GOODRICH is spetiding
a few days in
—W. R. FAKIErr, who has been em
ployed in this office for nearly seven years,
left fop, WashingtOn last evening. Mr. F.
is an eicellent compositor, and moet esti
mable young man. We commend lihn to
the fraternity ,at the National capitol:
JurwiE P.tssston, of Rome, who is
quite noted 'for generens hospitality, : last
week invited Mr. and Mrs. BustINELL, of
Black Wslmit i Doctor and Mrs. NEWEL! '
of yalusing, and a couple of Wfriends
from Towanda, to spend the afternoon at
his pleasant and cosy home. The brief
hours of the afternoon were whiled away
in a manner so agreeable that the shades
of night stole on before the company were
aware of it. Mr. and Mrs. B. are both
quite literary in their tastes, and most en
tertaining in their manners--just the kind
of people whose company is enjoyable to
the Judge ; while Dactor N. and his good
Wife are able to sustain their parts in aly
Ennars..—ln the obituary notice of
Mrs. KEELER, printed last week, the age
should have been stated 84 years and 7
months, instead of 64 years. Also; read
near Amsterdam for New - Amsterdam."
In the notice of the death of Mr. Tow
xEtt, also, were several blunders. In the
first place, the 'name should have read
GEnsur - N TOWNER. He died on the Vith
of December a'; the residence of his son,
is Smithboro, N. T., and was in his eigh
ty-fifth year. Mr. TOWNER, nearly the
whole of his useful life, fartrer in
Rome township.. A few years since be,re
moved with his son to Smithboro, where
he passed the remaindetof his days, kind
ly cared for and ministered to by loving
and filial children.
-;DITOlt : It is true, that all who
pass through this world have more or less
experience with its difficulties and per
plexities; hence, it is pleasant to occasion-,
ally note some of life's pleasant incidents.
This we" wish to do in this article. It as
dur good forum on New t eases day to at
tend the family gathering of the ROCK
WELL family; of - West Burlington. To
say' thati this is a remarkable family, is
only to say what every one will realize
when we tell them that it oessalga of nine
brothers, all living within a distance of
six miles of each other, and ail well-to-do;
eight of them fanners, and) thrifty, as
their surroundings indicate. The young
est is a lawyer, who is well knOwn in this
county—Hon. DE Los Rocrwatt, State
Emator. iThe tables were bountifully
rat onAilmnosamioarf and what {{little
me - We edukriosifiriii • making obierva-
Vino*, indicated to ns that these brathers,
their wivesand offsprings, aro good fiea-1
on. •
'u Jan. 7th, we were invited to be. pres
ent -at the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of
the inacziage.of Mr. and Mrs:- JEksz B.
2ikKkas, of West Burlingtima' Isere we
ftaind nearly forty of the friendi of. both
sides of the house gathered. A moil:, en
joyable occasion : we have never
tiessed. These thirty-five years must have
been pleasant years to our dear brother
and sister in the Lord. , When we view
ttie past with the present,' a feeling of sad
ness comes over us, in view of the fact
that of this once-numerous family only
font remain, viz.: WILLIAM, Jons, JESSE,
and Mrs. JEssz RUMSEY. The other mem
hers of the family have goni3 over on the
other Shore. For the past few years we
hnie noticed aiat'Sister 316Kgas was clad
in *warning—mourning for a fathor (f,nd
nlpther (Mr. and Mrs.' VANDYKE, of East
Canton) who have recently gone to their
final resting place; but .not mourning as
those who have no hope... In the midst of
out joys these thoughts seal in upon us,
but the sadness disappears when we re-'
member that those who have gone before
are not beyond our reach. They cannot
come to us, but we can go to them; there
fere, these reflections do not detract from
otiejoys, but encoitrages us with the hope
that, families shall direll together. in the
"beautiful beyond." I will not fail to no
fief; here that the West Burlington Brass
Bind serenaded the happy couple and.
their family. May' the happiness of these
friends never be less. May such pleasant
soehil occasions multiply, is the prayer of
G. S. L..
Barlingtfon, Jan. 8, 18711., - ,
Al*Yrliti B I:NEM - F.—The many friends
of . Prof. COFFIN in this county n ill pe
ruse-the following notice. from the Easton
Delay' E,cpiost of the 20th "ult., with in
terest :
"On yestert* afternoon, at o'clock,
the marriage _Ceremony of Prof: SELDEN
J. cIosTEN - , of4afayette College, and Miss
Malty A. ANGLE, of Belvidere; were per
formed in the Second Presbyterian Church,
at the latter place. Long before the bridal
party arrived, the church was crowded
with the friends and relatives of the hap
pyttwain. and_ many Eastouians were
there. The ushers were Profs. RING and
Xmas. Rev. Dr. Cattell performed the
duties of the minister, assisted by the
paStar.of the church.
"After the marriage, a :reception was
given at the residence of the bride's uncle,
Mr, MAcsEv. The Professor and Mrs.
Coteox stood at one end of the large par
lor,' the bride being dressed in a light steel
silk; with bridal veil reaching to the door.
After the congratulations of all had been
offered, Dr;CATTEM. announced that a
poem, composed in Latin by lion. N. R.
SEITMERS, of Dover. Del., in the first
graduating class of the College, had been
received, and that Dr. Cot.EmAN, the Pro
fessor of Latin, would read it, together
with . a translation. The plem was in the
Metre of the second •• Ode of Rorae."
Following the poem was an invitation to.
a bountiful repast, to Arhich all did zunple
justice, We will not atteMpt to ilimeribe
the table, but simply say, it looked and
was . elegant. • •
" Tlea Eastonians left for on the
o'clock train, and at the Phillipsburg
depot a party of students gave,,the new
3ouple; who went on to Philadelphia, a
parting song. received a 'Merry Christ
mas and 'Happy New Year' from Prof.
COFFIN, and withdrew with a cheer atd
Among the many presents from admir
ing and loving friends were a cheek for
$.lOO from Utah, a set of silver spoons
and cake knife, set of furs., silver soup
tureen, fancy - eentre table. and an elegant
oil painting, together with other silver
ware,: and Tome elegant and llnely-bound
Nt VIM Towanda has never before
been favored with an entertainment so
tine inn artistic sense, as were the read
ings and recitals given at the M. E. Church
on Thursday evening, Dec. ;list, ; by Prof.
A. E:FnomsitEtt, of New York. AS a
delineater of diameter, as an interpreter
of the- . passions, and as an actor, he is
peerless. Wo fancy a Bourn or a F.‘t - sT
would be puzzled to do a liner bit of act
ing, in: its way, than was hi, inimitable
rendering of " The Vagabonds." Ythr
saw before .you. not - only in the matchless
intonation, pathos and power of his voice,
hi, perfect facial expression, but in every
Motion of muscle and nerve of his entire
body, the wandering,' homeless,-half-intox
icated outcast ; and the 'presence of his
dog "Roger" become a reality, which you
capected - every moment to see -take a tang
ible form and utter a veritable yelp of de
light: have heard "The Raven "
cited, ;We have read it again and again,
hut wh e n brought out under the illumina
tion of.his wonderful rendering it ~reined
a new poem, a new revelation- r -not only
of , its extraordinary merit as a literary
produeficm, but of the m arve l ous power
cif pooti:. POE ill depicting the agony and
remorse of his blighted life. We have not
time farther to particularize, ; but in the
dramatic, the pathetic or lounorous, he
was ever alike—the master of his art.
Yet, whether the people of Towanda were
not aware that -the gentleman who came
among them unannounced by flourish. of
trumpets or any other means - of attract
ing 'public attention, stands at the head
of his Profession, second to none in the
e ,tire country ; whether from his quiet.
unobsrusive manner (which always char
acterivis.a true artist), or from a lack of
appreciation that sbows a lamentable
want of'taste on the part of the public,
he was greeted by a very small audience.
Let some sensational •`show." or a troupe
of second- or third-rate "star" theatrical
peat:lra - 14s announce their • coming in
splasheaof printer's ink enough to cover
half a block (which is by far the best
claim they possess on public patronage),
and prtiSto ! the hall is filled to overflow
ing. But so long as that class .of cuter
tainmentS are the only ones that "draw,"
and until the public taste is educated to a
Waller Standard of artistic excellence, we
must expect that the visits of true artists
in our midsta with like angers vistit-=
"few and far bet Wen." L.
•Sur.suxquts. Mr. CnAnt.t:s . Mu's -
WF,I,L, Who has for the,past ten days been
suffering excruciating pain from the ef,
fects or a bit of steel which penetrated
the eye, - partially iu the sight, left for El
mira this Morning to undergo the very
delicate operation necessary to its extrac
tion.. Riot thought impossible to save the
eye, although- the skill of the self-exalted
Dr. UPDEGnAvv . is to be tested - h. the.
case. It' hoped he may be eminently
successful in affording relief.
Our Conunissioners report sixteen per
sons under the care and protection of the.
township.authorities, with the pray.pectet
.having the number increased totwenty.:
We have large-hearted officers to look af-.
ter our ;Poor, and l their condition and
treatment vrill be considered with proper
delicacy. It seems as though that class
of people took au especial liking to this
vicinity. It Is not proposed to change: oar
proverbial. kindness to. the destitute at
thisinclenient season, •as we don't know
whose turn may . come next.
The fire in thewoods last sprit , did se
vere dainage to many reserved tinier lots:
L. S. KlNG:int:lcy had one of the tinest in
`thisvieinity, having a year_ or more ago
cal ed out all the'difeetive pine trees for
ma mfacture, and now lie is compelled to
go through the same operation, with this
didereneeit• thek •pinetimber now being
taken out is represented as being of very
superior quality. because taken just in
time. The lapse of a few years would
demonstrate the sante injuries from tire
as that heretofore cut. The boys repre
sent the trees as "Old setters," making
each front. :tire to seven cuts of sisteeni
feet, ,all sound and bright. They eulrOn
ly such as have been badly burned.
Politically, we are seeming to forget the
late localbluster. The old lire-dogs re
main wintered at the third-rata blood and
thunder which the Democraeybateh out
of a hungry dinner-gong, •‘ becau.4!;', as
Mr. LAl*lti would say, -"the powder has
been burnt too often to create any serious
1 -alarm." Tes, the "wave" has again sub-
Sided, and the submergeduse resuscitating
(tight smartly. It will require an altege,tll
- different , guise to foal our boys a third
~titne. • They are so prolific, however, in
'expedients, that no Prescience can head
them off eieopt by plant, straight voting.
We do. not preixste to make , any:titere
Congreisicinal blunders just as at present.
Th e re way lie those so stuPid au believe
the place occupied by Witt.mor, MEncrn
and•GuoW4 is 'sell tilled now, and that to
throvroverboard one of the soundest lie
publicans in the district wag a very aunts
mg perforMance. If, before the curtain
fulls 11=4.= they do not abuse themselves,
we may say, God pity them !
Sheshequin, Jan. 3, 1810, •
[ - i.
I P 3 o* Tag Be*an.Bortimal, BE
&MONO' WITH A BOCrit:Thlkotri.--olirs.
Biuskasei.s, who is an imp t inctor.
in a:doibastic compact td tihidt i r *lO4
indifferent, is desirous that I iihceifid'om
a corresOudence with the Birineonn Bs.
rOirren; In that' eorreawndence she is
especially solicitous that I should bring
forward' certain subjects she declares to
be intimately connected with 'the Matri
monial Success of theyoung ladies of the
present "generation. In case I:should ap-.
,over-zealous in my undertaking; my
apology "must be, that Mrs. B. is a most
effective woman. Early in our acquain
tance she give mo to understand that an
active c4urtship was most to • her liking,
and having abated nothing in her vigor
ous rnetod of administration 'since that
time I teem it advisable to - Bay as she
may suggest. .Bhe is sufficiently' in:earn
est to allow the most practical freedoin of.
expression, and I shall therefore begia-by
being confidential. Allow me to say, once
for all, that the good woman has nothing
to reproach herself for in this, her miiifor
tune. With the first symptoms of intelli
gence, she begins to train her daughter in
those branches that Would 'render her . , de
sirable as a 7matrimonial ally. A romantic.
name was chosen to this effect, and plenty
of sentiment incorporated with her- first
music. She was early taught dancing,
and no novelty in the accomplishMent
was perniitted to escape her. The plump
and shapely hands were kept sedulously
guarded from dishwater and Wm ' labor
taints dis?greeable to the masculine taste,
and ever sweet temptation of manner that
could be 'skillfully adopted was enedur
aged in her. youthful deportment. With
all this care, however, and after giving
the subject frequent and often recurring
eonsiderlion, Mrs. B. has been " unable to
arrive at any
_satisfactory conclusiou "re
garding the -prolonged delay of her early
hopes, urtil she a conversation
at a social gathering a few evenings ago.
31.0 i I'm A JANE was there, in as charming
a regalia as the combined efforts of three
female heids and six females bands could
bring to hear upon one person. She was ~
crimped and powdered; she was whale
boned and crinolined ; she was flowered '!
'and flounced and fluted,, and played the
• piano to tle extent of being considered
profession. 1; and yet, MaLvria JAN a
won to lie anxious mother no sweetly en
croaching, preSeniment of a beautiful and
bewitching_brother-in-law. Mrs. B. sat
against the wall, and became lost in ,
painful abstraction. i !
-Now, there was a nice young man at the ,
party, born and reared under "her mother- '
ly'eyes. lie was a good boy, with unques
tionable littbits and a manly bearing;
whose prospect of success was as certain
as his prespect of life. Mrs. B. and I
had often discussed his nuinerou3 merits
in connection with - MaLvisa JANE. Well, '
to ha brief, the lad , declartki then and I
there, in easy range of her matronly hear
biz, that he had no matrimonial inten
whatever—inatrimony was', too. ex-
pensive a li l ying for a young inan who had
his future to make ; modern girls were
reared in such extraviig,ant hAits; and so
helpless in themselves, that a man mu s t I
nuke a martyrof himself to keep a wife I
iii presentable trim. A sorry picture it .
was that he drew' of the !domestic joys
from wliichdlis sex, w-ere . &barred in coil- 1
sequence of the time, money, labor and
cloth it took to properly attire the house
hold angels., Mrs, It. ventured no retali
ating remark on the parallel ex'ravagance
of masculine accoutremlonts, but came
home with la fully formed resolution .to
change her matrimonial tactics. 31at.v1:4
JA',X..t. afte ' listening demurely to her
proposition, gave a' smiling assent, -
Thenbeforti began a vigorous impinnink
of skirts and unruffling of flounces,. until
two dresses Onti a-half could be easily eon
strncted outt of one. Some well-preserved,
but 'rather antiquated, laces and ribbonitt
were.. brought to the surface, and last
winter's bad and sacque were remodeled
into a stre4 suit, whose simplicity anti
grace Was inipressibly pretty in any fatbers
ly . eyes, but; by no means up to the de'i
mantis of fashion.
Mal.vix% JANE has a good flgare. and
moves well When freed from her fashiona' 7
ble restraints; and as she walked lithely
down the st;reet in her new and economic
cal attire. I fondly hoped that other•mas -,
culine ey e s I•ould regard her as favorably
as mine did, Mrs: B. ,was hopeful of the
result of her, new scheme, but
JANE, who ijeems to havira surer insight
iuto society and society ways, endeavored;
ito check herlenthusiasin. .
Time patied, and it was evident the,
girl liked. li r simpler style of dress and'
the doniestiel ways she heel adopted. A
genuine relt' fm- the household duties;
she had lig htly assumed crept into her:
life, and a dainty expression of character;
revealed Abe. 't in all her little home 4 - aye,
as pretty as it was in her deftly-adjusted
dress and so -coiled brown tresses. MAI:-;
YINA :JANE was actually getting to be just:
-such a girl ai tire bop; talked About for
wives and nu_ reformers advised the bop ;
to Marty ; but deary me '. the lads *in t,
anti coul dn't, I and w.toldn't see it. . They
even began, to cool in their attentions, and
by-;end-by ;IC Wasn't invited to, go with
thein to patiV:s and lectures, because she
didn't -light up their brcadeloth with a
shiimuer of gossamer, and jewels and
silk; She smiled knowingly, and went on
cooking the dinners, until one sorry day
311 i. BRISKII ! 'sets came home with a face
full of dism. y, because she had heard
that. it was out among the gentry that our
spasm of economy and MALVINA JANE'S
garde at industry were in consequence of
redticed circumstances. The dear soul
takes it to heart, anti has gone into a
brown studyver some new project:that
will; be more 1 t
keeping with the modern
deniand for wises and mothers-in-law.
I , (';..1.:8.
, .
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covens gra
of youth.
of Watche. l
Into this to
air I y
We worth
Enquire of
always om
fir Gold,
Glasses, In
rT Store.
sir The est and best selection of timing and
Bummer gocids 7et brought to this Inasket, ts-being
received daily, at H. Jscons'. .
. les' white Party Slippers and
iafaata scri Sole Shoes, They are beauties. Just
[veered at ' & COONS'.
. P , •
to their ode
wands De • •
tar Th
Brackets err
re tu,
where you
Wring pried.
r3r Go
Shirts, and N
drst door bel
Poll 2 -014.
• O' I f y
New Tears p
vprware., tall
list What you!
VII" The
Issues policie
lightning Or
0 2112 land.
re- Soli Silver, Pie, Ca#n, Sutter and
Tea-Knives; 4able, Tea; It.m-ry , Ail J'rlly 'Knives,
n Inuutlfni birxes for bridal st# tiondny gifts, at
- _
N• 1
M P ' Gitral; BAIIGAISEL-011 anti after
this date, I skill sell my surplus STOCK OF
FLOWERS, at reduced prices: at ;triy Green
on 3lal street, north of Episcopal Church,
, JAS. C. I tav l t.Nia.
, 7 _•----
rgrAu e perieneed young lady, deal
;oas of a striae on where she may pay for her !ward
at school by "lug general 1 housework la a nrl-
Ta!e family', !limed apply Immediately * to Prof.
E. Ei:QCINLA I X, nusaaebatuss conegtan) institute
Towanda.' 1 1, -
~irx Mrs. Joirs 'CIiENEN
would Inform t e latliee of Towanda and vicinity
that she I. a nano for tlta sick. and time winhlng
tier servicee wLi be provided .with rxntieferen (vs
If required. A l i'dross 3frs..itittx CHIMICY, rare of
D. f.. F. sxvuin, Y.
. . .
ritr Powz,u, it, Co. - 11.3v0 the exclusive
sale of the 'SUMO celebrated 'and popular James.
town klnhatra,j Alpacas, and Poplins. which are
warranted to keep their;color, and will not shrink
or crinkle. Vita hate NM received direct from
the mills a complete assortment of their excellent
fabrics, to whloh they call the particular attention
of their customers. roarkt,t, a Co.
It - lE.—The tetrad Whiter Term of Oda itistltu
lion uill begin otday, Jan. 21. IV& Fight thor
ough and espeinc•l teaeheis. Fine atqantsges
In English, I: merest, ttetentltle and Classical
Studies. CUL:OIs will prokably commence the sm.
dy of PhyNSolosiy. Ch tnagtr7, and otter branches.
A large corps c) teieberz, is employed Ussquil 'ma
iled may ho' to er 17 shr dent. Foi, , i further
particulars call cm the Principal., F. F. (~VUtNLAN,
or and for cot ague.
i l . (plasma
Clr Amon g
all the cl othing hones in
Northern Penn s
s Mania , none stand higher Wats !t:'
E. Itotig art at It popular Emporium. lii always
keeps a large alnd elegant stock, manufactured
Iron the very 144 materl2le, and his pricietre the
lowest. We eln erfuily recommend tan as au hon
orable dealer. and assure purchasers that they may
SaPplicitl:i rely upon any representations ,he tnay
mato lunching Iris goods. • .: - . !
, s. • '
1....--....—......------,, . L.
lar NEW GOODS.—M. 'E. Soho*azi
SON have opened a large invoke of , Yalt and Win
ter Clothing, width was selected with great care
especially tar this market. These goodi will be
sold at prices which will astonish the closest buyer
as they have been purchased for cash at great ad
.ITearyiWbster Coats, at $3.50 ; Pants at
0; Heav y Overcoats at 0.50 anti 0; and all wool
Heavy Beaver Overcoats at $10; and everything else
in proportion, ill are invited to call and satisfy
themselves that we cannot be undersold. goods
tgr FHA 7,10,11, * 8 C ESTE": N L Pt/CHET
book containing over sixty besuttful
Illbstrations of I ahlbltlon buildings, FairuitTunt
Park,lntlepende&e Ball In 1178 and 18741, Carpen
ter's Iran, tilrarQ college, Miusionte. TetnPte. 'Cla
thodral. and WI Mher places of Interest . Male Bea.
tentilal City, witbt hl!?,rleal sketches of eseti„ and
a compedium of all other Information absolidely
Indispensable for !the centennial visitor, who ought
to make himself ,horoughly familiar with Its eon
tents lefor nailing the Exhibition. lent any
where by retmit tit mall on receipt of priee.Tvtrn.
ty cents. Addrtiss John W. Frazier, 80. 16:7,
:North tech strceti l'hlladelphia. Big discount to
,country dealers. [Pala
A Musical Convention will be •Iteld,st the
Aulunt Gnioge commencing 'T nes*. Jan.
.1. 15.76, under Attila, direction of Prof, G. F. VAT*.
7.ern, of Herrick, *heisted by the papule!' Monist,
Mrs. Wit.soN, ofl Towanda. The bookettied will
be the "Choice." '
Admittance, Gents, 7.1 , cents, Ladles, ,50,eents.
Board free. By order of Committee,
The Finest Slime.
The Sleest SJlppeea
- Elegant Toy Trunks,
In fact everything In the line of r,
Boots, Shoes, ; libbers, Truett; Travelhig
Bags, Sha • !Stripa, 3c., ate.,
. ,
a lowest prices. : • :
Opposite the Cot&tlloose, at • •
6f games and toys,
or Steak to to HERE
Tut I:twin A %. IV6WrItIER.--Ttin Illte.tdon,, of
our readers la realwftftilly called to this well known
and reliable oewspaper. 1 ts, unqaestinne it position
Is that of the leading newspaper 'of the Southern
.1: ler of comities. 'i he year virile in be one /id nn
usual interest for ti wspapset. The facilities which
tilt. ,frertiacri are r gathering news of in nt
siarp6seti char ade and the determipatkes Of Its
publishers Is that ese facilities shall ire conitanl
ly increased. Besides Its regular telegraphic die.
pit i o
tches. It has parr 90 - tide:its at all the principal
points In the neigh etioad, and f it the State and
National capitals. 4 seeks to make itself complete
in all the dipartnestits of Journalism, end tritfeees
to the
reader within'a hundred miles
Eaters. t IS nine 'valuable than the enetiopoli
tsp Journals. , It ghee careful attention to the, Ifsr
lets. the t proeeedine or the Legislature and of Con-
Von,: anitnerects to tople of general Information
orluterest..Not.only its reading but Its -lidter
ifiling colutnos me redly- guarded against every
thing which ea. offend the tonsycnit ghtened . ' taste
coi the highest grip of morality, It belierei that
the newspaper Is far he family, and Its lest theught
It. to be worthy of tb,.. place where it • ought f o bk .
welcome. The Wee ly ddrestblei, which Is Ail test
large paper. and con Ins more reading mafterthan
any.other of its class not of the metropolitan C l ines,
devotes oorwiderable!smtere to the p dedication of the
reports of the Elttra Farmers! Elul), *Mei are
Wand to be' a Tablet feature . ; mid will be (pintail
11, - Thdprlce cif th Weeklyilp:lr.Pellarsi ',Ponf•
age paid, and for th matter it gives is the cheap
est country weekly I , *the Trotted States, , Thiallai.
tyk ;Advertises; Is; no lweft Itnesin ilisif It heeds no
chnintent, It fa emtkin that Its standard wilt not
be lowered, white If possible It win be made heater
as Its age Increases.
~ After Iyolii lobe, Pa*. la.
*Sys take the .4deerfiter. '• ft
The old, and reliable Book Milder*
ceinnected with the iddserther Establishment s IS
Midi titan prepared! dia turn out the best of work
ittneassaabie prima. Thom who want the best will
'Arm tad IS them. • - ' " , Outwit
i . , ,•.,. :-; i
at '
tI for
SAR covered his bald bead and
na a latte4erown • Ayers flair Vigor
beads with the, still assre'yeleome locks
ItDEI.3IAIi has the finest ,stotk
. Jewelry and allverwarei ever irought
n, Call and see It.
want to secure a good article, Ana ge
t your money, the place ttorits !t. Htilt
•euing Houses to rent chap.
Silver. and Steel Spectacles., owl Eye
neat variety, at Ilaxpa6tax .6 Jewel-
ttgera to ilia West *rill Arid' it
tags to puMtase ticket ' . at the Ta-
Rates !nom Sept.
_ _
largest and best assortment of
i t brought to this place; ran 'now be
T t Se's. • tort.
your clothing of 11. •TAirt.on,
always get good goods at the lowest
o 11. TAYLOR'S* for Irmo Hats,
rck ware. Entrance street ,
,w old bank and. from tionth able of
• - 4.•••
u Watt to give Ch , Stmas or
resent, In the lino: Or Jewelry or Mt
, t tirxrpsweean-e, and toe win And
Phamix Insurance ! Co. now
Insuring against k*. or damage trtim
re. This Is one of the bt companies
0. A. ISLA K. Agent.
41141 M
• MlAMilltile
iihrtsr=A -Arne lettlatmee oe 'Xr.
lya. la Warms, tam I, by Rev. W. Peell.ldr.
t e llVetut a rrrn .111 1 1111 ••t 9 1!)
RZATIf CAMPBEIri..—At th e aorta Of the
bride's father. In westiturtlecoo. Jan. sth lard,
by Bev. 0, B. , Tnumoe...llr. Horace Huth; 01 VW
ter, and Ulu bathe Campbell. •
ROetWELtintr. ' Wk. • Intent child of liestley
and Emma Rockwell, of. West Burlington..
riraO r E OR THE DlterDiDElSio-Ityoll
him toughing all winter anti begin to ties Pair
of recovery, or It you have taken I recent cold, go
at once to the Draglitcon of Tor! gra ""I Doanotr
and get a bottle of Dr. Mounts , Syrup, of Tar.
Wisigherry sad HoPhellnd. Thke Baal he erelL
Mother medicine acts so promptly gad eteetually
In coughs, colds. and all , tilsonies of the throak
Songs and Chest, leading to Consumption. Hun
dreds who once thought they hid that dread; di
sease have been restored to health by the use of
this *hued mule remedy. It Is also the beet known
apccltie for Croup, and never falls In Whooping
Cough. Tent site lb cents. rota
ELL & CO., Bankers and Broken, Na 42,
South Third Street. Philadelphia, Jan.-10„ 1570.
BID: annum
.: El. ISO, e . ' ' 121
, 4255(
" 545, c. , 02, M. and N OE(
4 ~ 6. . 6 . 4
. 4 - 4 - • 11E' -
66 66 4 . 163 . 66 " 114 Nt 1116
, .. ... `O5, J. and. J , , 117% 417 2 ,
14. '4 . 4 Ist, "1" " ' 1110( 120
61. .6 66 . 69„ •4 44 12)1( in
" 10-40. cooPoll•Mk, Ile!! "
Pacific re, cy , . 122% us
New Vs, Reg. 1851 t 105( Ili
“' " c. 1681 , . 1101( Ili
Gold 115 . iv
Silver ' • • 1071 10
Meadi nsyleania, Ex. Die. • . SE( :11
ng al( /
Phriadelphla it Erie* 20%.
Lehigh Navigation ' 5036',
Valley, Ex. Div e
Malted R. B. of N. J 135 • I
Oil Creek ' - 11(
Northern Central 3117 i
CentralTransportatlvn 455, 1
Nespuehoning 554
C. & A. Mortgage rs. litt 105,
Carr;eited every Wednesday, by C. B. PATCH..
[subject to changes daily.
I Whesd, 71,1mish • -
I.llye, 10 bush
(Buckwheat, (bush
Beaus, Stbush.L.
Butter (roils) 10 14.'ir ,
-do . - (dairy.) 10 m
corn, t9l hush
'Cats, iill bush
lEggs, 10 doz -
Pinata - s, pi bush,
*lour, it barrel 800 0 il 00
t10)178 OP GOAlN.—Whelat 80 lbs. ; torn MI &a:
Aye Se ; Osts lbs.; Barley 45 lbs.': Docktrhist
66 Inc% Deans 62 tb.; linan 20 fts.; Clover Seed 60
tbs.% Timothy Seed 44 RA.; Dried Peaches 35 ibtia.
poled Apples 2:tdba.t Flax Seed 60 ihs,
rj_IST OF LETTERS remaining in
i the I 'ost - 01Bee at Towanda , Bradford C0.,,P9,
the week ending January 31:
• Benjamin, Ceylon L Pont Maria E 1 .
Bleteher, 11 J ' Lane, Mary
Battey, Jerry • Itoelnrell, Ella
Clark, C 1 ThoinpalM, Mrs A I.
'Emir, H 11 "- Walla. Pal
Essenovlne. °Millis Warner, Francis
?crown. I, E ' Warring. o:mama -
Goff, Emery ' • Welch, Geo
llmmni Carey Warner, It It
Hawley, atlas Elm Watson, ti ti
• Johnson, J 1.2 Watters, Agnes'
'Webb, Susie.
• - Miss Jolla Sletry. Wyalaslng. Pa.
Itachael A Piper, Towanda, Pa.
Persons calling for the :tm... ----t---; e letters, n4ll please
ay advertised, gli In; date of list
1 " S. W. 4SI.VORD..I'. leil.
. Y. RAIL ROADs.-Arrasitgemerut of Pis
stizer Trains. to take effect May an, 1675,
11.06'u - want% •
imittetrak 4 .
-O' Nu. , NO STATIOSIB. :NO ; .N. 148 !NO
_II 9 17 I -, 1 2 I 4 1 8
Rai i au, rm ! I
/MIAMI rat
7 15 : -4 60 e3O :.141 - lagara Falls..; 114 ....• -112 63
2 50 5 2510 15--....11a -0 , ..
ffalo 12 .... 12 23
6 5 0 , .., 0 ,, 1 ...... Anlmrn 1 1 45'....• .1 020
7 15'12 011 1 7 151 • Ithaca i 712 t - 6 54
a 5912 Vl 1 Ow e go • *s4 a l 600
9 MI: 55( 5 30: Elmira $ 14 9 10 8 IS
I 35t t 2.11 9 Oil • Waverly 140' 8 2 4Ad
9, 44; 13. Y *I: . iayre 253 8 18, 448
8150 1 38 1 9 191....... Athens . it ,B 0 8 10 4 42
10 25 2 07,19 00g.....T0WAN1)A.. - .1 500! 7 35! 4 10
.. • to 50... Wyaluslng....! 1 6 40 1
11 1. 3 3 02 II 12 ....Laceyvllle....i 4 02 6 201 3 07
1 -
12 32 .. -31...ehoppen.. - ..
.. , a 90' „ ~..
12110" .4 531 i. 25 „Tunkhanneek...! 2 22 -1 5. 30, 2 24
12150' 4 35" 1 SO!. I. k B Junction . 1. 2 40 4 35! 1 40
12157 4 42, 1 30, 1'1Ettr1011.....: 2;32' 4 = 1 1 32
1120' 5 00 1 2 001..... W. Barre.... 2'15, 4 00: 1 IS
.2133 6 321 3 27..... W. Haven• •• • 1 05 2 32 12.05
3113 7 101.4 131.... P. Hans ..i.112 10 1 50.11 25
3 1 40 7 23; 4 a5,..-DtaUch Chunk. • 11 45 I 301 06
4 45 8 31' 5 50i.... Allenteern• • • •.10 4712 :3'lo 06
• 48 8 341 5 53(..48'. P. Junction.:' 42 CLIO 00
5;90, 8 451 0 al. -Bethlehem .... Ilo• 3012 10 1 943
5 301 9 15, 1 835 - 1 Button .. .....10 05 11 401 9 - 13
6145110 30: 8 20 ...Plilladelpha... l 8 30, 9 45' 5 00
$ S3l I 9 wit- .Now York ....1 it 15! s3O
ant rat I Ist •l 1 . A• i Pit,
N, ctl'.liimves Elmira at: 4S, p. m.; stopping at
all isintions.. arriving at Waverly at. 3 20, Towanda
at 4 . 13. anci'W 'lkea Dare" at 8 03, p. m.
!so. 30 leaves Willies Marne at 1 20, a. in., stop.
Ping at ail stations, anivit g at Timands at 10 5.1.,
Elmira as 12 go. And ithain: at 3 00 p. in.
No. 32 leaves Timanda a* 7 10 2.1. m. : stopping it
all ';tationa. arriving at Waverly a t 03, and Elml..
ra t 9 00 a. rn.
No. 31 leaves Elmira at 3 30 p. m.: stopping stall'
stain:ma, arriving at Waverly at 1 15, and Towanda
all JO p. m.. ,
Train 6 lens's. Phltulelphla at 2 10 p. In.. New
York 12 43, arriving at Tunkhannoek at to 00 p. M..
Illittil 3 ltarta Tuaklrannock at 7 00 a. to.. aril.
sing atTblladeiphia at ; 20, and New Tort at 3 28 .
P. 'lt
Tinalni A and its run dilly with Pullman Sletipini
Care attached.
ttrawlnir Room cars attached to Trains 2 and 2
b3tWeen Ithadra soC Philadelphia.
. IX. A. PACK ER. Superintendent.
Powell it Co,
Would respectfully inforni their
Cu i stomers, nnd the Public generally
tha i t they are now settled in their
with increased facilities for doing
business, and laving add6d
to each of their several departments,
lave noir the moat
tack . ever, exhibited, by, them,
, .
will offer their goods at the
To close the Winter Stock.
In their
OppaSsite their late place of, business.
' 160. 14 1676. r '
SaERIFF'S.BALE:I43IIrtnet of
sundry writs issued oat of the HoWt of. Op-,
mon Pleas, of Bradfoni Conaty. I will expose st
public Bale at the door of the Court House, faTow..
ands, on THURSDAY, Feb. 3, ISM, at I o'clock
• w. the fealsortingliescribed piece* of land. , -
Lot No 9 Situated In Towanda :flora.
County of Btadbied. state of Petinsyrtania,btiunded
as follows to wits 'Meaning ate corner oa-Mare"
street 111 feet west of the corner of said state and
Fourth street ; thence north 190 feet to a em ber:le
an site ;, thence westerly 50 feet to a corner on sald
31 1 111/i4. Mfatitito a corner on state
street; thence easterly along state street 50 feet to,
the place of beginning ; being lan°. 9 of H. Ward's
sub dhlalon of Pots in Towanda Born.
ALSO.—Lot lict43—ln Towanda Boro, aforesaid,
as follows to wit : Beginning at a corner on north.
Isidro( ,Ward avows ; thence northerly 110 -feet
more or less, to an alley ; thence westerly along said
alley 50 feet to a corner; thence southerly 110 feet
more or less, to a corner oa Ward avenue ; thence
easterly along said avenue 50 feet to the place of he!
ginning. Being lot No. 43, on U. Ward's indedlstilk
lon of Towanda Bore,
!MA O -4'4. 0 1 No 44-11 luirtirida dtlfii aforegaid,
bounded as follcms to wit Beginning ate corner
on north side of Ward avenue; thence nlbtherty
115 feet, morn or less, to an alley; thence westerly
along said alley 50 feet to scorner; thence seedier
ty lib feet, mere or less, to a corner on 'Ward' ave
nue; thence easterlyldeng said ermine 50 feat to
the place of brginniug; tieing lot No 44; tit H.
Ward's subsllbistort of lots In Towanda Bore.
ALSO.—Lot No. 4—ln Towanda Bore, aforesaid,
bounded as follows: Beginning at a corner on Lem
bard street; thence southerly along lot owned by
N. N. Betts Ir., Trustee, 90 feet, to an alley ;'thence
easterly along said alley 56S feet to a corner t
thence nettberly 90 feet to a corner on Lombard at;
next along the aouth,slde of Lombard St, west
en, SlN'fh
feet to e'plate orb:tinning. Being 10.
No 4, C L T 'aid's sob-division of. tots on Lom
bard street.
• ALSO.--Le 80. 10—In Towanda Bore, bounded
as follows: Beginning on the north side of latate
st., at a poltd ; feet' litesti,of Fourth st; thence
along Sbite Bt.! 50 fettle a Corner thence norther
ly Iso feet to an alley ; thence along said alley east
erly 50 feet to n corner; thence southerly 190 feet'
to the place of beginning. Belnulot No. 10 in, IL
`Ward's sub-dlirision of lots In Tostanda.l loll % ,
ALSO.--LodNol2-111 Towanda Soto; boun ded as
follont: Beginning at the north-aide of an alley
running st n e th side of kits No. 9,40, and 11, and
OM Mat aid' Of Fourth - rt.; thence. 'westerly along
the north id le 'of bald alley about 'tat feet, to an
• runnlog north and tgrath ; thence northerly
alongiald last Imentioned alley 50 3.10 fort to the
sautherest corner of lot -No. 13: thence easterly
alongilne of isit No. 13. about 187 feet to Fourth '15:;
thence southerly along west line of :Fourth at.; 50
2-10 feet to the place of beginning. Being lot No.
52 In IL Ward's sub-division of lots in Towanda
- ALSO. -ILot No. Towanda Hero, bounded
as follows: beginning at lite south • east corner of
lot N 0.70: thence northerly along the east end of
lots No. 69 and Ift, 75 feet, more or-Ides. no's corner;
thence westerly 30 feet. MOre or lesieto a corner;
them* southerly 75 (bet . '
more or leSs to a corner
on sceth line of Mt No. 701 thence/easterly along
wild South Ilne of said lot No. 70, 50- feet, more or
less; to the ataxia of beginning. Belag parts of lots
No. go and to 1p H. Ward's sub-dividon of tots 1n
Towanda Boro.l
i Z 3
Al a • n
0 /1 1 28
244 - -28
27 80
._ ..
ALSO.—Lot No. 32—Bounded as follows; - fle
sh:Mag. in the the north Ifnebf Ward avenue, at
the south west *net of a lot sold lb Michael Me-
Nult3; thence north-1040 west, along the south
tine of said lot ti: feat to the south hem of a 10 foot
alley; thence Oath 111 So *est along line of same
30 feet to the north east corner of Lot- No. 38;
thence south 30h z east along east flue of-same 111
feet to the mirth line of Ward. avenue : - thence
north 44 1 0 east Along same SO feet hi place of be
ginning; within 3 - story ' framed awelling house
ALBo—Lot No 40--Tiounded as follows; Begin
ning to the north line of Ward avenue. at the 11. W.
coauer of Lot No-39. thence forth Mit° west along
west line of saute 118 fret to.the south line of a ten
foot alley. thenbe south 61,,,,e west along sameso ft.
to the N P. eerier of lot No 41 :. thence south :hlio
east along east Uwe of same 120 ft. to the N line of
Want ave.: thence north -511,l; a east along same 50
ft. to the place tot ,Iwglontng; with a two story
framed dwelling Rona. thereon, :
ALSO—Lot No 54—Botmtled as follows: Begin
ning in theznorth line of Wird ace. at the S W cor
ner of lot No 37',; thence north 30;4°- west - al o ng
west:Rue of same 114 ft to a 10 foot
_alter ; thence
south II '.° west along same 60 ft to N E corner of
lot No 20; thence south 30‘ 1 ° east along the east
line'of same 116 Ft to the north line of Ward ave;
thence north 40 - Itie east along same ;VI ft to the place_
of beginning, with a 2 story framed dwelling house
thereon, : 1 -
ALSO—Lot No39—hounded as follows: Deglp
fling' In the north line of Ward avenue at the S W
tuner of lot 75.10. 38, the'riee north lelsa west along
west line of sant 116 ff to the south line of a 10 ft
alloy, thence sou It 61'f r e west along Sante. 50 ft to
the N E corner of ibt No 40. Theuce south 20'1° nut
along east line ofd same 118 ft to the north line 'of
Ward aye, thence north 59'ue east along same 50 ft
to' the Ware of beginning, with ;a 2 story framed
4Welllng house thereon. . .
ALSts-i-Lot NO —Defendants Interest in and to
il'rtain 'island located .in the Snwinehanitah River
a short distance below the Towanda Dam ; said is
land containing ..2.% acres mote or less, fermaily
owned by C I. WSrd deed and Thomas Elliott dec
by Patent from the commonwealth of Penna. refer=
Sore thereto.belng had will More fully and at large
appear. . .. .
• ALSO—Lot Na —Defendants Interest, right
title, liherties, privileges. -franchises sad herldita-
Mints ofi in, wed to a restates iming ilf water upon
tne lands of —.:-....i Conley. situate In Towanda tap.
aforesaid, together with; all ids rights of Ingress
and egress, to tise the sante.
A 1,140-4Dne othei het In To l wanda Dom hound as fol
lows: tieginni he ate post on north side of alley leafing
from 3LB/n St toltstd at obout hildsroy between State
and Poplar It. theece by the dividing line . of I S
Pont, north 4° 14'.1east 90 ft to line of NV T Darts;
thence south 55 0 Mr east 62 ft to Wm Watklno line;
thence south sa, wost 4 . 11 ft to north line of said al
ley; thence by same torth Me, west l 3 ft, to the
ware of beginning' with Us - oft-anted dwelling hous
es thereon.
A I.Ses-One otheijltri in Towanda Born holed es fol
lows: Benin fling ain't's:olio - da Vottrth &State St's,
thence hrett st north V,e. east 170 ft to -a post;
thence north 86Ii°,1east il ft to a point in center
of well; the:tee south 4'y°, west abont 140 ft to a
post In line fence of State st ; thence. by State at
westerly 40 1 :. ft to the place of beginning - , with a
two story Brick If opse thereon, being known as the
Aeotletuy house it Ms.. .
ALSO—The fnileflOng deteriheil pieces of land
situated in ?flesirne tun_ Bra Mad Co pa., to wit
Beginning rat a post corner. on the Enst bank of
"Schrader or Carbonlercek t It being earner of rand
of Mrs. Richard Northrop, thence North. 124°,
East about 52 perchioi to corner of land of H M Nag
lee on west bank of paid creek. thence by lands of
said Nagtee north 4°. west 24 perehes to a post ;
thence by the Hone north 21 0 west 27 perches to a
post: thence by thelsame, north 15° east 9 rorched
to a Pine thence by the same, north 66 0 west 27% k
nerrhee to a red ; Hamer br same, north 244 east
71 7.10 perehei to 'he public mad, leading from
Towanda to Canton ; thence nom,. said mid moth
.81'4° east 9 2-10 pernhes, north 89 r' earl 10 NO nerch
eti, South 8134.° eat 4bout IS perches to the eastern
shore of the Carbon or Schrader creek beim: men
tioned; /brute aim ,eastern shore of Said creek,
following the sever , 4 courses thereof, in a eouther
ly directiou about 18a'perches to the place of_begill-.
rang. Containing oliout 13 acre', ; be the mine
more or less. All improved with a 2 story framed
building, need as is hotel, known as the "Green
wood Cottagere t treated barn: $ Saw mill ihd Bev
real! framed tenement houseathereon. .
~LSO.—Lot No -L., Deft's interest In a ceHain lot
of land, situate in Monroe twp., aforesaid, bounded
as follows to wit t tin the north by Towanda and
Schrader creeks, on the east by Schrader creek, on
the south by the Post road, leading front Towanda
to Canton and by lands of day Johnson and others,
on the vrest'hy landslot said Johnson and maid Tow
anda creek Containing 4 acres, be the same more
or tess, excepting therefrom 1 acre deeded Oct. 20,
to Mrs Ellen Ward*Mlller. Seized and taken Into
execution at the shit of II C Ward's ex'r es
Henri Ward ;,also at the snit of J P Kirby vs
ALSO—The following desetilted let piece or parcel
of land situate 1n ' . Township. Bradfoni Co.
and state of Penna. BOttlaled and deserkbed as fol
lows On the north Ibv lot No 21 of the atlottment
of the llingham lands In Sprlnglield Township,
conveyed to T M Beech, and lot No tpo, Smithfield,
ronreeed to Franklin TelitcYl hn thaeast by lot No
ISO aforesaid oa t he, south by lot Nei 19i Smithfield;
conveyed to Ile% r Vernon, and Tot N 026 1, In I th
dad and Spit egfield,lconveyed to John itorch, and
on the west by the west line of 'Warrants Nos 1011
and 1014, containing furry eight acres , and nine
tenths of an acre with the usual allowance of six'
pzr rent for toads kel. be the same more or less; 11
being lot No 19 &e, ff the allotttnetirof the Bing
'ham lands In awingi ! eld and Smithfield Townships
and part of warrants unnumbered 1011 :Old 1014.
About 20 acres Improved; 1 small (ranted hodse and
e new trait trees thereon. Seized and taken Into
execation at the HID of liVm Bingham, vs Jacob
14 Fletcher
1.! ALSO—One other hit of land In Towanda Rom,
Bounded as follows; north by lands of .1 F Sander
. imzu ; east by lands of J M Ward, south by Locust
Acennexind west by !Centre Street. being 75 feet
-front on raid Centre street; by 150 feet deep
with a story and a half Gothic trained dwelling
house, small barn and other out buildings thereon.
Seized and taken Int:4 execution at the suit of the
Towanda potent hollding and baring Vaud Asso
'elation vs 11Ary S
ALSO—true miter inn of land to Orwell Township
It rad ford CO, Pn, Bounded as follows; Beginning
Ida stnice and stones In the Highway leading from
Leltaysville to Orwell Hill, and being the: north
east of H L Carrington lot; thence north 24°30'
east fifty one perches to Hake and stone In the line
:of Franklin Johnson tine: thence north 46° 30' west
20 perches to !Wake and stone In line Of F Johnson,
thence south 29° and XO' east 43 perches; thence
S 72° east I l'p and two links to the place of begin
ning., COntalning a acres, more or has, with !one
framed house thereon. Reserving fti acre out of
the south east corner of said tor. Deed bearing date
ist4 or 9, said deed :Oren to a C Wells, which lot
C Wells now occupies.
ALSO—One other 141 piece or parcel of of land
fining situate 14On/tell Township., County of Brad
ford, Pa. Bounded as follows; Beginning at Stake
ind a ret the West Lae of Juildstiorhaurs - thence
north 32° east 48' 80 p !to stake and stone In the ftne
of Medow, formerly Win Browning, thence
snnthla° west 53 p to atake and stone in the lino of
4-11fedow let, thenessouth 41 0 -west 59 p and'S
rinks to statanti stooe on the corner of S C Wells
kit thence smith TS:* east 50 p and nine Utast° the
lame, more or less- 1
:‘ ALSO—One other lot In OrweitTsvp, bounded as
follows: Beginning atithe north east corner No et
west 37 p to where. the road from the south Inter
-seen: the road nearthe bridge, south 18= west 21
-0-10 P on road ! south 261=, west 54,p on„road„ south
west 27 3-10 pto post; foonth 41 0 salt 18 7-10 p to
Lunt. earth 110 ettst lit pto mid, the place of he
lining. Containing ft acres, more or less ; reser
, g
one acre Ind ,18 p!sm Abe north ' west corner o
said lot, befog lot! fierded to lflortlelitipA Wells,
bearing date Dee at, 1'162. Seized and Wien into!
execution at rue suit o LotsSdilbert,s, use vs The
:ALSO—One other to In Canton tap, bounded as
fonewa: north by land of Nelson lleynols. east by
Lands of John Maynard, South by lands of John
Griffin. swat by pu bite high tent% Contal sting 30 acres
Of land, more or less, all Unproved with I (ranted
bowie, I framed Mtn: thereon. 'Seised' and taken
Intoesseution at the atilt of P Mellon:bran and
'Delos Roekwell va la Tl Potter, • - •
. •, 'A
LSO—One other tut of landln Troy. tap, bound
ed rs follows: on the north by public highway, on
the east and South andlllrest by lands of Hese:kWh
Lament, Containing •It, acre, more or less; one,
framed house one framed hams and few fralt trees
thereon. Seized and Wien into execution at the
stilt of Delon RodrirelQ Geo B Darts on assignees
or S W Pattie vs 'Win Lament B A Lament and
MI II Lament „ ' I . •
M.SO—One other lot-of land. In Wilmot twp,
bounded'as tattoo - a. on4be north by lands of Jo
seph Robinson; on the east by lands of tindle.tis Eb
el ly and others,'on the loath by lands of John Ste-
Donner and on Melrose by landa of Marshall I: reg.
ory oontalnlng $7 terns of Land, :sore or. len, about
46 aereS Improved with a good :smelting house, a
frowned barn And Orchards of 'fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken Into execution at the salt of Mar.
tins M Wakedeld tow irattettlett Irnammonds: alto
,ar lheLiudt of C.Sntkla Chubbnelk Use V 601340 . •
• ' Alikr--Onietherlotiorlinidifilietth Towanda,
Doi/ideate townie- Beginning at a white oak ear
ner, It bfing Me l 'ferny east corter of the, Myer s lot, lot, aimed by ß illeithOhenee north YO A°
weal 47 11.10 yy W. - post and inbassi,curner; thence
ski* lead of James Realisty north el% 0 east 97 :-
100 to a pot on for It Muer of 'Wet Mangers lot;' ,
thence Wan tends Comfort? owned-by. Win Elwell,
470 or ibereabintta sto A' corner , post and atones;
themes south dike ire ii elt-iffp to the place of be
littling; ebnlattdies 28 eta trip, more or less.
golfed sad taken kit* mettion it the litift Of JCI
Bektsfoomelf tal It Illimmilleett...- ..' t.. •
~ .
_ .
, - -
..11.149-020 Other lot of land hi irwell twp. Win
deft ma the north and east by tind , of Solomon OM
NI faith sad Willa by the publicyhwayr contain-
In one litre ,of Lvid, more of I all improved.
*ll.ll sitratiold boom End few -fr t tree* theroon.
l r
Seised and.tiltenintooreeutt ~. the cult of E W
ligelusrli 'Ve - Jmnes L Johnson, al at tbeault of
sate Or some. •:- - • . -
ALSO—One oilier la of land it
I ; d
ed on the north by State st
.W , pinball now In tcroceradon of./
n so by Poplar st; and west
, 1 1 Itoo4 coistalol4. otaa half of
m or lea; sit improved, with
dwidling Immo thereon. ,
ALSO—The defendant.s, Oro . 1.
ded one fifth interest I n ' one otis
Towanda two, bounded op the not
east by Third at, south by land of
nett by an alley, being about Me f
at. And a b out 211 ft back on said
twif stor y guthie-belek dwelling hot
mut other mit buildings, and a ten
Mental trees thereon. said int kno
Medd Lot of the David Cash estate
AI.SO—The defendant's undivi
in ttfee other let of lint in thirdly
Hi saes of Mod more or lest., le
Waite of b It Conolngitani. with a
Miles unda stable thereon. .' '
•ALSO—The defendant's 'marl ,
In One other lot of land In Barclay
400 acres of land, more or less, In
name of Peter Ltidley.
defendanPs andtvl.,
In one othir lot of lend In Barclay e
330 scree - land, more or was, in
nanin'of Joseph Ladley.
A VG—The defendant's undivlde
In one other lot of land In Barclay
OS dares of land, Moro 'or -less, in ;
name of Walter 'Stewart. •
ALSO—The defendant's ueuttri4F
In o e other lot of' land In Garcia.
IwPis containing 400 act 4 esof land.
the :warrantee name of Andrew
and faken•lnto execution at the su
Hey Ws Geo Cash., Alrco at the suit •
ock G,eo P Cash and If t:Scott, a
other lot of land in
bounded 15 follows: beginning at a ,
the lityuth east corner of 1 tract of
C N lowland, thence along the 11
tiqtri lo V east 77 &oy, to a w
ttotith line of a tract of land In
pains of Avery tiwinli; thence by
illoat? west 40 4.10 p to a earner. Chet
Vrestp2p to north line of Jedson 2
shill); 69 6 east 10 Map to the
ningf containing 70 acres of land..
about a acres unproved, with 3 dwel
Irfailiful Stearn saw mill thereon. Ae
Into execution at the suit , nt Jacks
J Htdisinger; also at suit of Sam' 1
suit Of rime Vs same.
A7780--Ono other lot of land in
4wl), ttoitnde4 on the north try lan +
oveoast and annth by laid' of 1'
other.lantl of defendant. containing- ,
ntorc7or Jess, all Impiored, will , a I
housd and/few fruit trees thereon.
AL:$O..-Ortiother lot of land
twp, ;bounded neirth'by latuts of - Jot
the east by lanitiof — , -...Powers and
defendant, south by lazuls,of Mrs St
West glands of Giro Tannest and T
taintrk acres of land., more or le
proved, with a framed bon:e. fra
olltinaildings and orchard of fruit
Seized and taken Into essential at
lEtsbrg2e's as It r VoMnirg and 1 ,,
't 'T.: also at the suit of P L Wa
A.L4o—Onn other lot of land in
twtuf r ed on 'Mel north-cast IN the
rlver.':rsonth,east '. : ;try Marvin and MU
(TV by Marvin Vox. northtSrest by 11
Towanda Iron Cq anti
acres int land, morn v'tr lens. all tut
bteartlt: shanty thereon. excepting
therettinn lots Nn
61-99-10e-1.01-102:and 2 neves. ul.l in'
ri'r map - or chart of the hands if
Mean; made by Wit Morgan. Sel
Into exeentiOn at the salt of t e retl'k
Sarah Mercur. deed r 5 J w Meal
suit o 17.; P liirbr rs J R 31e•ans; al ,
I. Moody vs J iVnl Means anti-S CMt
--One other lot of land in
Levibouinlo on the north M 1:• hunk of 1
tlie nu, by lands nt i'haff ee, and
the st•tfth by lands. of Jereiniab liagen!
by thertittle highway. containing an
morn or It:as. about .541 acres improved_
barn iiiith shmig titthetted . aila
trees thereon. Seized and taken into
the snit of Frances J Dewing. ad nt'r
tog. decd vs Jeremiah O'Connor and
Collnokdr. •
Al,R(l—One other lot of, land lu
bountititt let follows: be(tioning - at F col
Jatnlti COniell'm land. 111 renter of liigl
front Wereell Center to Jackson V 1
ease by Bald htglin a), 15 it
pads to sta,
for a mintier; thence smith paralel• tvl
ttalaßeinetl's eatd 19,1 r tnoseorner
11 , Bulloe1Clott tner.ce \vest by :.ald
rods todhe afordsald B coma's oa4
north by said• line t 2.1 rods to the
ning; rontaintog, acres of land; me
improrid, with gip framed housei frac
few fruit trees thereon. S”lletl and L.
oeutlon, , , at the salt of C B Allyn vs Orr
ALSO-Ono other lot of land In ('
txtunded nn the north by lands of 11-
east toy lanai of James i'ol4 Pnittl!-ItY I
Kleckner, west he -Troy
said ftet-i.t 'And OS feet deer, tom - frani
thereoni Seized and taken lato nem'
stilt of If enry :ttorgan es Win Crooks,
ALSO—One other lot or land in 'lt
bounded on tJr north by lands of 'A • I
lands og.t L Hoekwell. south by land MI
tr.:it and wustiby Main st, containing 1
more °ries% Impmred,.with a teen'
house. ejab shin and few fruit trees tht
ed and 'taken titter ekeetteem at Idle
Schrader's nse taE.tnanuel 311 iter.
.5.1.50;,? . -One other lot, of land In TON
followa: Beginning at a p
east Ilneiof Center Street 75 ft front t
Locust flue, thence northerly along
sr. 75 ft. thence emterly along itnoofJol ,
bury tScat. thence aomberly raratict •
et 75 ft 10 a er,ftel :Y•ncc,ttd to M
thenrn along 111;3 line of said
the part} of beginning. being bd"roLve
•F sandetorm by .1 751 Ward and velfe tic
par.3o Ifi73 anti • recorded in book it
Seized add [akin into rx..ctition - at the
Ward`to:use of Louisa Ward his wife cc
(i?rsoth 1.
A f..04 , 11 - lno othor lot of idod in"l^ro,x
-ded ou the north by land, of Frank ttrtj
.Cant-u it. 901,1:111,Y lands of Simon Gte
lauds bf k; H Thomas and It s stevens.
tiak(4ll 'Acre noire or ith a .fr.!
thereon. = Seized and taken iilto exeent,
suit of Eaterprlse Manufacturing Cu va
XLSO4One Other:: lot of IMO in, Lite
Mounded the bi - lands of Jehin t
lock. eattrOli Hinds Itagnltd'
lands lii trcdcrita Johnhoti. coat:Oulu
or land. mare or lest all, Improved, 1 1..;
framed Oran and .few (null trees there
and faked Into execution at the :•iii: -
brep , t, wales AN(llettl• Keller. '
• ..I.i.stv=4one other lot of land lu Too :
being tots No Co, GI. and as shown at
led upon plot and unp of the Cash e.. 31
Alden in said Moro. and being the value nj
by W Brat:Mall and wife to Chask' Hai
hearing date Ntsv :i..1 I) 1 , 471. and rev
omen or ree6rding dertlt In and for .xit ,
Towanda In deed (took Nu IoS at paxs a
and take Li Into cietiutioh tithe
.31;4 of J
USG vat: r, moat.
ALSO -4011e other lot hind in bete
ditti as follows; beginning at a !lust In
line of thd lumber road, tieing the noel
ner of OM lot, theneG along the east side
GOnthlie seat fdd ft, thence by land
Wells south A_' , .. o east about 135 it, to
thence along the sante north 3.vres,t tOoft t
aide of thti haunt Mentioned road Inoue'
Ranoe libtlll . o2 l 's west 100 ft to the plac
wing, containing if of an acre of land, m
all ImproViM, with a framed ,train gut,
framed stant' saw Mill and shingle unit
Seized and taken Into - exeeutton at the al
Vantlyte Vs Chas Wells and Amelia Wei,
ALSO-One other lot of land In Burth
bounded as follows; beginning at a post:
eastieOrtier of lot N o g:. now of Cary Itor
by the.iald Boron tot south 33 ° mist 40,1
rofnetybeing the division line of the Sam
head Lot ,ls,"i 0:1, anti being the north w t
theireof;hew belonging to Cary Iforok .
Said division line south S. west 103 pl l
corner of Sabi division iiIM of spittle;
thence north SS* west 40p to a cornet or
tbeace north V.° east 199 it to the Mare
fling. contlittind 95 ittres more or less, in
meats. Stilled and taken into executi
suit if E ri Bennett vs C W Carman.
ALSO-;-9ne other lot of /laud In As
Headed as follows: beginning at the I
corner of *arrant no 013, In tile Witrivtitte
William Morrison. theme north C 1 1,....
more el' lei, to the north-west corns i.
no 2.14 In the warrantee 1131.11 t, of Sarah.
thence south 17(° wet 300 p, noire 'or !
souttbeast `iorner of said Sarah Morriss
thence s.odit i'.2^ West 204 p, more or lees b
west ernerof said 'lVin Morrison warm
north 44.4. west 3972 5 p to the southoresi
the said Whit 9forri-on warrant; theme, 1
West boundary ,of the sae north Iq' e:'
P., to the place. of begifibing, eontalning
of land, moire'or lesi , , about 144 acres It
framed hotises, I-fronted barn anti torten
trees themOu'exectiting arid reserving th
of the slid M m Morrison warrant as ft
100. acres oot of the !north .cm.t corner of
rant, occupied by .r4S AVestbrook,aleo 1.
Joining said Westbrook on the west whit
pied by Chas %ones. Sei.ted and taken I
Hon at the atilt of J 1' Kirby vs OM 1' Ca
ltramitall, S'ccy,
ALSO—One Other tot of land In. Ulf
bounded oicthe north by Biter at, east I
south by latjtis - of rfitrlck Me3rurrev. we
of Ward Easterbrooks. containing Mimi
acre of !arid,: more or less. all improve
framed Store and a few frail trees therms
and taken Into execution at the suit of E
C B Elsbree. - Alsti at suit of Y r A ige.
Co vs C B Eishrec, .,)
ALSO-•Qhe other - lot of land In North owanda
BIT, boutoltitl as follows: beginning id I It .! s w cor ,
net Of lot uti 19 In the elaverack surve -, thence
north A. west along the , westerly line 1! said lot
160 ;Axis, to ilto n IV corner thereof, the me . S 0 ilt il '
M r .) * Weston . 1
he line between lots no toond ta i,r
sald survey.!p., orods or
.thereabouts. to t re 31V cor
net of lot t i 16, thence South 31° east I 0 rods or
thereabouts;,, to the' ti w tumor of lot no i, then ce
north 59° east SO rods or thereabouts, to the Mime
of beginning. containing ti actu,,, 'tour or' less,
°Mau .70 auras Improved, With a (min d" house.
framed barn, (rained stable and orchar of fruit
tress thereon,
ALSO—Otte other lot of land In said ow k: begin:
'ring at a poit corner, thence by !ands or ti M Man
-viliF, north 61° east 17 5-10 p, to- the pulite road;
thebee along the sae south too West 33 ...1111, to a
stake: Claim, by the same soivh 15° east. ti ; -Itip, to
a past: thenge south Cl .;.° west along laud;[ of W A
Sluyter 51 2-lep,to a • Ikst; Ilietice not tit 2sp west
along the hid, of the lot llrsrdescribibl, 3. ,5.0 p, to
tint place of beglimMg, Containing 14 i errs and
llop, about 14'3M - ea - Improved; also a right of way
about 16 feet Wide, over. lands of WM Al Stutter,
from the s *corner of the lot last desert bitd, to the
nearest point to the public highway,-sai¢ strip to
be adjoining and upon the line of said lot It being'
the laud cotrifeytid to HallielltayeS sod J c In nay,*
by Chat flares, by deed dated Nov 4,157 t, and re:
corded In deed book 109, pages 39. 40, Mid 41, In
Bradford Cti.; The above tuts to bo o ,, :ellier,
Seized and taken into execution at the sulof Chas
Hayes vs halite! Hayes and John H t , ,,
ayes. .
A L50, other lot of land In South I' leek twp,
- bounden on the north 6). the ' NeW Yolli :BB( Ponta
Stab, lthe, east by,.K. It Kinsuiati's lands,likouth by.
Mari lands of Maa tionhatraind west by lati' Cof N C
Elsbree; containing, Su of land, intirt erjr, , x,
about 15 arms impro , with a framed blase and
Sew trait trues the on. name to' bo sti das the
property of Merritt Kinsman.
ALSO—One other lot of land In said is
ded on the pOrttaby the N X and Pa Stall
by lands of CI .0 e, southElsbre by land
Dunham ant( West by land of Merritt
contalulng 30 acres of laud, snore or lesl
acti•slmproiro,with a trebled house anti
trees thereoti, Sallie to be acid as the pi
K. Et ig, man: 'Seized and taken Into ea
the zul Jdseph Xtunson's Adam's vs K
ma • llavtland Mitt Merritt Ktnstnan
tic other* lot of land In tier
bonito ed as follows: beginning at it lost it
corner of Jonathan Camp's farm, uowowni
Wm ThornPinuslltence north rap to a bee
east 139 p to it post, south 17Ip to a post, t he
110 p to the Awe of beginning; contalulngl
of land, morn or less, about SO acres luiprot
framed' bowie famed - bara amt orebarst
Up*" thereagio ' .
..AL - 86—One other lot of lind in said twp,• boon.
ded as followsi beginning at a hemlock tree at the
o ix corner of John Cmnford'elfarus. thence north
along the line of land late of James Clark, dec4,
north 45 rnde,tbence east - 111 rods to the line of Wei
Durand, thence tiontb SI rods, thento west it sod%
thence south 14 rods to the blghsray, thence along
"the said highway 100 rods to the place of,begtta
ning, contataluglo acres and 40p, more or less, no.
Improvements. Seized •aint taken into execution
at the suit of Geo If Landon's use vs Diary A Du
rand. • . ; •
ALSO—Otol other lot' of land in .Canton twp,
bounded as rollout's: beginning 'at a corner on the
aunt!' side:of the-main stage road leading from Can
ton to Tortanda,, adjoining 4 lot of land conveyed
•by lientaratu Landon and.. wife to John Van Dyke,
now dee'd, and noW belonging to his Itrirson the
east, anti running; thence south 64 , west along the
same 10p to to the , south -west corner of the same,
'and. thence north $46 west-011440p to Icorner, i
thence north 6 6 east lop so the line of the main.
road, theue,•:. 7outb 81 0 along" the saute 5 SM-10p;
to Ihe"plare of begsoning, .containing ;4 of an acre;
of land more Or tees, with a fraraed building used
fur a stoke and dwelling house, a lot (4 . store sheds. °
awl framed lOW hart. thereon. •
Towanda taro,
east be len& of
a a
by' hind ', , e)( Geo
. acre Oland,
.largo framed.
r lot of land In
itsropla;' ot:
[Wm Griffis and
front onThlrd
oplar at, With a
se, framed barn
fruit ant Orus
, n as the troth*.
et! 'l4 leterest
k! tctttti►lit{ng
the Wiirreniee
Mill, A mill
. . ..
.. . .. .
- A 1,807-41ne other' Mt of , land la said twp, boun
ded at roll sq , beginning at the north side Of the ,
stagertzel ing from Canton to Towanda, at the.'
corner - of lan ,!•bolonglog to :fames Burnes, on the
east. and mnning thence north a° east along the
line of said Betties 8 B,lop to a Orner, thence north I
87° mt. S 3-10 p to`a post, andln e corner of said
Grantors garden as now fence i thence south 3° d I
8-1011 in the =A •
side, thenee - b and with the dame •
math 87 0 east - to the place of Inning, containing i
46 o.lCip of land. Inure or lasi ;all Improved,' nu
be c
buildings. .
A 1..50-9ne other lot of land in said twp, boun
ded as follows: beglnniugat thus e corner of'a bit
now owned, by Stem Gott. thence north 117 i °
'west Along acid Golf's south Ilue,2t rods to an Iron
pin. the corner. of 'Mom GOri lot, thence south
6.i 4 0 end 7 ea.:Me-rods to an - itbn fin. the 9 te corner
of Anson Finches lot, thence ,south: 87!± 0 east 21
rode to an Iron pin In the public road leading from'
Canton to Troy, thence north 'efii° west 7 63-ltd
rods 'to an Iron pin, the place of -beginning: con•
tattling I acre, of land, toots or less, all Improved,
no boildings. Seized and taken into execution at
Me snit Di Eugene ll Van Ryke ye Merton Lan
don. Also at suit of,roetthlein Rios vs 8501 e.
ALSO—One other lot of laud in Wysox iwp,
bounded on the north by lands of John IS Conklin,
oath by lands of V , E & J ri Vlo ll et , anti east and
west by lands of said John l Conklin. containing
63 acres of land; more or Jetis. about SO acres Im
proved,' with a log' house. fr,ttued barn and few
fruit trees thereon. It being the saint' three lots of
land decttid t_. E e 3frrormick by Delos Vargnson
and recordf &In the olliee for recording deeds Ate.
In and far Bradford co, in deed book No 131. Page
e2C. Seized and taken Into execution at the
sultof John'W 'Mix es It N McCormick and 0 Dar`
Al.. 4 ,4o—Oneotherlot of land In Miscue tWp,bdun
sled on On , north by !ands of P. 8 Sanford. east by
Lands of Cornellns O'f.arry. tfenry Farr- and e It
Ogden. south by lands of Jan 'Farr and Seth Mor
ley. west bylaw's off' B Sanford: containing about
200 acres. mora or less. abort 'l7O acres Improved.
2 frauiNt houses, i framed barns,l saw mill and
other out buildings anti orchard ofrult trees there
on. Seized and taken into execution at the et tit of
Wright 111 u n haul No .It %V White and James White.
AT.Sif—Oue other lot of laud In Ton-soda born,
hOtlrllied as follows: beginning at a point on the
west side of Main st. at the center of a brick will
of the shop or V. - Itrontec, running thence
In a westerly direction along', the tenter of said
hrick.wall hu ft to a corner, thence in a line 'total
let with Morn at Ina southerly dlrertion'eri ft more
or tens, to line of laud of Samuel Kellum, thence
along said Samuel liellumli; land in an easterly di
rection et) ft to west lino of Main sr. thence in a
nronerly ti I rect ion along Beet lino of Main at la ft.
more or lees, to place of beginning. being satne lot
rnntrhrtetl to said Morris Clair be E G Branner en
the 251 h dap of Oct 1671. with 'ti three story brick
bending thereon. Seized and taken into execution
at the stilt of G ao P (:rely, eVr vs Morris Clair.
ALSO--ttne other lot of , land lin Canton born,
bouotkni. on the . 'north and 'e.lsit by lands of Silas
Beall:. vomit ov• hinds of Witter .leattit.- west by
Sullivan &it. being 42 ft on :111,CStillivati st. and 110
ft deep..witti a framed building: thereon. defend
ant's on - --balt Innrest in above lot to be l , old. l'clz
ed ant taken into execution nt - the suit. of It 3:
,Wittletw's use. vs A J Beer.. • ' ' '
.ect 1!S inlci^
wp, 'c'ontalning
the warttut tee
. N 1 ,1 4 in;
wp, tient 4ttleg.
Inc warrtitt!oa
I 1.-sth Intersit
rtbe Warrantee
• 34th tnlinist
• an Ovetqm
ord or less. in
yadley. Setztcl
lit of 4 Il lohln-
sfr,nee, &c,
usearorn4lo . 2.
post pornerfn
Ile of 5.11.1 tract
~Ite..plue In the
Ile warrantee
he same north
6 ernuth 7080'
evens: 111..11;;e,
Timm of le.gla.-
. more' or • legs,
ng houses and
IVA and laken
o Lewis 'vs A
s 31116: W , 40 at
taritilnr{ Slooe
of T :40.1c0n•
Roof, mien
of hod
coed barn,Pig
, -
A Kent, on
[other lands (if
try ft rtatzs.antl
S Luittiy, you.
IIRTII, rnhoy
I tYer!i
suit orN C
t 1 vs II Vos-
'nwanda. twit;
e:r Fox; sa,ullt
relay It It ON -
containing' :30
roved. with ti
I nd • rPcm-vinit
.7 2 -1 , 51L-11C-41.-
i rons.idille..,S
r C and .1 Wm
rd and taken
~ rent..ex- r of,
tlq 'a:., at tto
,-, at salt of L,
Varrrn tier;
all 1111 NktfL , ,t
yrt , rd l3tl
with fraiped
fret of frith
nreutlali V:
A LS( I—refineotli , :r lot, or land In fluirllugton born,
bow:fled on tho ncirt lands of .1"; S Clark. east by
kid! Pers. - I,A turnpike, sonlit by lands of Mr.' I F
Weqt Jand, ofd 1 . 1 Illy kertn tr t colltalLlllElf
Ü of an ilefe of land. wit!! 1 Lfrarned - 1!! barn fu:r fratt trae:i. thereon. S
and talzen into eNe , cliticiii at salt of 'Ssru7tb
CatopbelP,, VS Whitcomb Pliu.ips. •
A L'-'O -4 - - f.wne ot:ier jot et Land, in, Tolvanda
boand , l t folloics! ri corner on lir:
of itite•lst, e .Sorter of !fir:tin
C rox`4 estate. throeo of . sartlr,
west 154 ft to a. rorti. , r, ttiOliep north 54', mast 140
.ft. to a corner, tti'mee n0r:11.77.7 east 1.7,3 foet.:to.n ,
corner on the r. - e,t eld , ! of Itaceeit h`eretofore
thniee alon7, tho iveNt. lino Of said Race'
r.:41,11 fit• tii placq of beginulnz.
sentaluing, 2 acres-of land. utore.' ..Tltti one
f hotter rind taken 1111'0 P. 1.;
eVallort at th.;`, Vail of .Nlictia_d ?Faillaa i.e i)dtZas
!," arrp 71 tW . ,),'
n , r nt .17,4,
L way leading
C Iles, tb,rit:e
ttut aforr
n t,vltne
rtlt 1in , ...15A
ce or tn. 4111.-
:e nr le, %, all
,ed barn and
len Int., eJ:-
,r 1 Palnn, "
ALSI . I- , Ono other lot of land in Piko t Ip, boon
on the north. bY lands of J 0 Hensley, east by
lands of Case litio , rs, south by lands , id Curtis Tyr
rell. west
_by lauds of F C.Crandalll eontalnlng tit
acres of,tand, more or lea,, abbot silieres Improved
with framed hnt+„ board shed and orchard of trait
troe4 thereon. Seized and taken Info execution at
lhr , U.: of Jpita Catt:(l - Pai vs (Seo 3faincs.
LSI)--11ne. other lot . of . Land Int C:inten tom , ,
blunded on the north by !ands id Sarah A rnont and
t' It NI - 46. eat:t by lands of ('lark and
widow Brooks, soutit by l'i9ga awl lauds of J
C. rqnn, west by lands - of said CR containing
about one :tete of laud, more or Seals. srlth a'fratnea known a.° the Keyatotid froteh framed
barn. meat market andsshuds thereeP. Scizul and
taken Into . exerutien it the suit of-Williams St Ta
ller vs A D Nicernaey. . s
.' I.So—J'o. I—All that tract of land Ist Asy
lum twp, bounded as foretws: bt•ginuiilg• at the s w
rornerOr the - Win Siiirrlson warrant, thence north
'cam '23-to to the corner of wp ands . lrth,
litorrison warrant, thence north MP,Nrest 20.11t0
fret; thence til , a° west %s.4in'to warrant
1;1, of 3,:ltilev Toridtt t thence south 'l,l* east 1:; In.
to i.!aeof begdantn. containing 109 tieres. n4lh
fiam,! hotme, framed barn and , about 100 api.:c
trees t lr-reon.
ant on hnro,
an' CIA ytetu,
!Ids of W'in
tttt front ell
rd itaittlitm
titnt Me
at T..
nk...:t.t by
Ay A fbwl4-
d tN6llibg
bt j It
an la Zorn,
Int In I h
11 King .
•11 •`)
of tna
to Joh I
'• I' l 4 135.
[na. f ~
1.1 F 6.444.
A I.tisl—N o. 2,4 The oth.r lot of latitl in Asylum
fop, hounded a+ fottuws: begintilaon Abe west ea , l
of too w 31,,rrison and Jam z.
b Ilowtuan a'arrant
thcor.rfnurtit6lLt 3 east along !saltl;warrant !In.•
: , :c 4 to (it,t-i urn corner; th.i.oft south Ili° eats
la* to sahl ; 7.nro's alt corner; thettge south 6 , ,Q
we.zt pto warrant north 44' 3 west
p to ::arrant corn , r: thence north 2Y" east
loop to pare of hrgtnnitig: containiug 'about 09 5-10
ZO ai i i improved, with a two story
framed hntoo thereof].
A T.o:o—No.. 3—tit: other kit Aayinm twp.
Nsfrintilng ntl rho AVArrnnt ilno of Wpi 31 orri-“,n and
autn. , s Torititt I. l op - frfird the• tooth end thereof,
I or , r: It 141 went nifout Iltot, tog Pnrner: thews.
cast IPOp to. ri , p thellee
ra.l ttnp,to a tu , ol; theftee. bout hII west, VA 4 top
;r ,;are of bt , a inffinz containlog 'l(3' 7-10 Acree.
'more or 109.... ahout 15 acres iroProved; with a few.
fr Llt! tree:l;th triton..
n, •;t.!;.
n, hs
.n 1 , 11
n at ill
than Fla 1,
six a , r
7, Lint
rt. .1
other lot In Asylum tap: be
ginning at a prof 2 0 p. north of the south end of the
Wort & Sarah 3forrlson warrant: line. thence tionth
411 '4 ° West 103 4-10 p to a post; thenceforth 211:1°
eat 1:15p to land of Chas Zorn; thence north 61.t.i9
'Vast atmitt 75ep to aformiald warrant line; thence
south I', 0 east 110 p to place of - beginniitg; contain
. acres, more or less. •
A 1..r10- \ o. inters
"eft In the following lot, situate in Toii!gniht born,
bounded on the north by Poplar-sr, east by 91-st,
,• smith by land of Wu; Gt iffis and . westtby :ui alley,
• With a thr. , e. story brick dwelling boaseinuil framed
barn thereon. .
1 4 4.lgria,
1 • by P is
cons, vcq
It by 4 , ..4
d in the
S lad
P X111.17,*1
t .00th
f liar!
.th • Now,
alo.o, toe'
of t.
re , or s,
t mill. m!
ltit of li II
ALSO—No. tt—One other lot In ToWardla born,
ItonlitlNl on the north *or gate-.t. east by land of A
T: flank south for land of David Gordon and west
by land of A:;:ella darn::.; co n taining;; two , story
trained &veiling hbllstt. .
A Liio--No. 7—One, other lot In , Towanja b6ro,
hounded north by Poplar•st,.east by Western are,
tough bY land of A J Noble and west by land of
Maria c lieniy, with a cellar add fOundation for a
llialltitne . thereon: ,
. ,
AL51.,7 7 ..-No. S- - The undivided thyee;fifths Inter
to,t In Mi, tracts of noseated land In Barclay and
liswton taps, rontainfil,,o 'along. 19.411i_arres, and
warranteod In the following naines, Itu'gh Lndley,
Andrew Lndley. Peter I.ndley, each eoUtalnlng 400
arrits, ar.4 Joseph . I.:alley, containing 3:30 acres.
Walter Stewart, containing to acres; iand 11. li
(Antal ngham,.cout ain Inglia arrtii,4with a :'.3" . 31 no:
Iwo MI 0 IMAMS and barn thetentt t-ldid land cOnla ne
depo,lts or. coal ' km, ore ntoi tiro ilary. :Each third
win be sold separately, the right.ilso tßiing rrser) : =
ed of selling eaeb third of earl' lot. separately.'
:Seized and taizen into ezeoutionllt the suit of N N,
}setts,Cashier',to , o vs C 1) Cash, tienrge l' Cast)
na F A Cvlt. • , : i
ettel terp
'the • nilit•
01, thence
to a iwt,t.
'el Whitt -
•t corner
thence by
n a linr t.
1. 11,4
!,ot. Ye nh
lot tregin•
lota hap.
A NI)IrEiV'J, LAYTON• sl,etll
- jam . . .
uarao of
:Ist 117 p.
; sYr.VANIA-. Iltt tyroilD Cot
.7s•ry, SS. • I'd
4.lrptlnit, ek,tta ei t•ald. rotuLty. , ,
To ox , entim thel3st aild
Test:un-:it of LaViteHet! 011..r0n, lait• at Stand!lig
orrkt, ;
tit^ Dotitti
'tt, net;
~Irzwr if
aantf t he
ttn petiii‘m of Julio Olicron. wi.low7of • , ald de
cedent cli:Lry,i)47. you with "'neglect of !ley as such
c4c.en:er„ tolyour 'own private use
prop: rty be-toligliag ,
knVe, ucgtectlil,t to pay
th, (h.q. tip. "nin. and/ goileT4l
10d 1.-10
4ey• acro.
I of fruit
tt puntou
lot‘s, e iT:
s.t!:l Arai -
Ii It oc:
to xxv
la Tool %1
anent of the same, y.ou were commanded 1 .9 he and
apli:•ar hi your o.t n prciaq person before our said
lades of Or." gal.! Orphan: cottrt.'ori Monday, the
nth taY of December, A. D. is 1, at 11 o'clock I'.
tiwit and titer: to answer said. Ntition. and show
..efill , s% If any you - hail, telly- you should not be re
looted a, such exeentor: and your let vacated.
The -citation stt tontinamilnit you, tilted Nov. 4.
having lion ?violated by the Slieritt that you
were min .:.:(,thee said Court did on DeCi23,187,5.411:
: rect Mts . :di:AA citation to 'issue so commanding you
to aprstar trot•-rc 'tic said court in your proper per
'. son. on Monday the Chit clay of Felithry, 114715, at 2
o'clock, C. to answer-sald pet{ loin 'air above you, :
were commanded, and directed that n..l4ce of sold:.
;•ritpitloo ho given oy publication in the BItAVY0141)
t REPORTLIC, for four weeks.
' . Witness the Iton: P. D. Morrmr: President of
our con: at.Towanda, Dec. 114:11. I.
' Janet' 4 . 0. J. f flUn BCC*, Clerk.
- .
I; L. .tion.r.avt..l).MOßktOW, President Judge of
itrit Judicial District. consisting .of the
county nC Bratifora.• and lions, A. 1.. DARK
!, I': t'S.4., :tad C.. S. it 11:SsE1.1., Asseciaso Nudges lu
t and for said county of Bradford, ltarr their
precept lemring date thelntimlav'ef janualry ; -1576,
to in,‘ 'directed, for holding a Court of' Over and
Terminer, ti.sitzrat Jan Di:livery, cuarair Sessions
of the ice. Common.. and Orphans' Court,
! Towanda, for the County of Itratifera. on Mor.-, 'February 71/1; tis7o, to continue three week - s.
Notice is therefore hereby,,given to' the Coroners
nod Justices of the Pt!:11i8 of the county of Brad
that thee then. and liter lit their prols,r
person, at 10 - o'clock in the. forenoon of said day.
with records, inpi stticns and other remembrances
do /nose tbingi which to theiConice appertains
to be done; and those who are bound
nces or otherwise, to prosecute mall:Lae:the prise
! tiers who are or may be in the' );all of said county,
'Or who shag be bound to Sprat at the said Court,
arc tic be then and there to prosemite alialost them
'at shall he just. sir are raimestrd: tb be pane
lo their at rltdafice agrevablyto Weir notice.
Dated at Towamis, the loth day of Jar Mary, in the
yearof cur I.ord,:one thousand .elg,ht hundred
and seventy-six, and of the independence of tho
. United Slates, the one hundredth. i•
A. J. LAl"l'ON,:Sherltt.
1: Itt the matter of .11 S Snover and J it swarts,
tlankrupts. In the District Court Of the United
States, for the Western District of .Penn!rt. '
To the creditors - of said bankrupts, putt all others
Take notice . that a second general meeting Of the
rtlitorsof.sahl bankrupts - has' been ordered and
will IJe. hettl,ln the bore of Turfaittla, in Mid dia.
I..triet on the 2tl day, Or February, A. D:'.1876, at 11
Ali l!'rPtitick A. it., at the office of tilward Overton, Jr.,,
Yof or of the Register in Bankruptcy in said district,
inn at 1 fttt The purposes named le the 27th Set. of tilt., Bank.
• Kills.. ~ ritmCaet of larch 241867. And I further. give Ills
1 Ake that I have flied my final accounts tut assignee
Pao( the estate of said bitikruirta, in said Court; and
the n w the clay named' above 1 shalt apply to;sX.l court
bd by Dr ; -;for tiro settlement - of my 8,1143 areolinta anti fur a
balletic+ , discharge from all liability. 33+ assigiteoof said ra
nee west , ntre;in accordance with the provisiolis u' the 28th
/ 48 acre* Ife. of the Bankrupt Act of Match t2di . 1867. Be
ed, with' present there at. I •
Qf trul •
t • . owaudav Jan, 10.76, . • Assignee.
der. tv.p,
y t.
t by fund
'I Ll' an
I, with a
. Seized
eingcr &
p. IN.nui
lue, ease
'f Mar.a '
•Uro,nl.lll, ,
about( 11.1 1
Itt% Droll ,'
k•prty or ,
,eut Willi. J
B Mill-
the eats* 01 JoettOr
Tad 'undersigned, so LI
Orphaw ours 'ot Bradt.
fonds beloualos to odd
etredtor ot said estate.
of hit appointoteht at the
oar, to Tooande t no rsio 1
oary, 1116, at to to , eloet A.
Persona Wind on
theta, qr be foreler de .
the same.
tree.tewi, 114 A.
UTOil's NO
,c - x, cur vs M. Menem,
mon rita.S of Bradhod
The undersigned,' sit and
court to distribute funds to
of defendant's real estate, w
of hbo applatment at .bla
Towanda. on 119b1D4INF, t
1470. pE 10 Wt . /oakA. ;
personstavlng claims oh "
them, ',of be tower ge -
lirp . Mett - : J 1
AUtorroit's INO
.IVililams A: l 4. •
Common Pleas of Bnirfor ,
Sept. T. 4 18714
The, , undersigned, sin ' and'
court to dbarilmte money rat
4efer4ant's real estate; RW ,
his appointment at ills o
ongit, -on Fla 11/1", the 28
. !at
where alt parlous', Interested
sent their - chants or he informer
ing any Share of said 'mid.
. Macomb vs l, A t
T.. les:
The nederiiigiteti., an milt°
amrt to disttitmte fonds ails
Nile of the defendant's teal
Ui dillies of Lis apppistro6nt
.Sc Montan:re, in Townadi
Jan. 27, 1870„ at I O'clock P. X
place all persons having clannt
present tbetu L ar be foreVer ttc
inn/Suit .
;Differ of 114 of I
In the - Orphans' court otl 8 1
-The Undersigned., an audttol
Court to dispose of eleeptlOn ;
tne admlntstratortof said
funds in the hareliot ado:dots;
the tlntles of Ids, *Malan:ten
boroug# int Towaw
Ism ak to 0 - clock ',A. X., at srl
WI persons haring elaltnson Sal
the :mine or be foreyer de
upon flip
Janolw4. _
itciliera w k 4., Eli •
In the court of Common VI
723, - 1111ty T.. JA7S. ;
The undersigned; an atoll
rt to distribute ;the funds
of defendants pennmat proper
diities of • his appolntnient at h
horn, on SATURDAY, tht 29t
10 winch at illicit thue
sons haring eininisfupon Said •
present them, or* h 4 forest! d
In upon the said fund. j .."
janutt4 . ff
A1:71)ITO11' l iS '..NO
Rockwell & (•,). vs. SI; P.
In the ficrart of flotnnion 11
Yn .143, rep. T., Is7l. f •
The llnfierSiene& an' alifilto
f'onrt to distribute {pads In the
rated hy the Salt i of defendi ,
attend to the duties of his appal
of Klnney,.ln th e
on TUESDA Y. the Ist (12.}1 of
o'clock A. 'I.. at whirti t Inv) azl
hat ehtlins against szilA ft
them or fkt forever debarred frill
• jatiger4 ' 9.13 hI
A uoiTows ICE::—;,
noiroe4 vs ? Daniel &ley, Who sq
ivid King - dey. In the Cofat of Common'
of ltradhird Co., No', 1513, fiept. T.. 1875.
-The und,t;ratgsted, an anditcd. amointed Hr sat,f
( - oar% to ittstrthute shelninl& a ,ing (min the ' , Mi.
of d',:fendant's rest estate:o,lll tent! to the ;duties
of tii ajpointsuent at - the othre; of Wilt & 31.axwed.
ht Tormodn porn., Mg Titl.llAY, January , 24. ;Kg.
at I tirloekir. 11., at which time rnore p ;jet.
•rals hat lug elal/113 isphn &aid fund nolst I resent
them, or he forerdr detrain - al 1110 from.
13licw4 , W3i1,31. XWELL,
Lxßronton vs. James S,
— ln the Court of ei,onnice
No. '241, VOLT., „
The• nutferotgneci, aar ant
COial. to ilistrthuts the fin
;',Sh e riff, rohittl from sate of
I . will att , to-i'S,O the {tortes-of
oftico it Tawatula bet t. on
loitt. at 10 n'eltrek A.. 31 .It
pV•Soils - hating
thenl or. be fprevet
• In tipon tin, same.
jatifisci •
A 1714ITOR',§ N
da'ttlieka MoaTr (_t
lo the Ctittit of Cotnnvot
too. 3*74:
I The ulth-;.riligtted, an am,
Court to clistrit,:tte the to,
Shoritn, %ale .of tho etetendi
! attend to the untie, ttt his
1.7111 l AY, '.the .:1111 gay of
o'clock A. - e.l.. t r.t the office o'
tits Ron) of tAhel,
havlnz elolptsl on Raid food
Le foreverdebernA trust CO
jaiteN' I ' R. A.
Dlreb, et al Y. IleorylWa,
la the I ohrt of Common Pleas
t').!6 ISli.
The uroler%tved. an 'editor
eettrl to (tistrlhotik thotleY itrist
sale of Deftrobtora real estate. w
duties of hie nppolnttnent at( the
& Meteor. ca Towanda' bee% on F
day of Jatofary. 1476. at le o'slecit
win•re ;111 persons harivg rialtos n
requested tctprreont the setae M . I
red tlierefrciar. red.
JoOßwil .' •
mullet,' Of the estate of Man'
lii the Orpna6' Court of BrSdfo
The Tuuleriiginerk, and auditor a
tribute Thuds in the hinds ofj the
estate, will attendto ihe duties of
nn F 1:11).1,Y - „ Januart TS, st ,ltt Wel
office of Madill di paint . iIL
jantin 4 ':- , • i . l
t c Dfrraft'S NO4I
It. P Pl n n e Y TS. I. ITIMAIII3
In the Coiiirt of Common 'fleas ....
I No. Ste. De°, 1.. 1673. • I
,Thz undersigned. an 'auditor a bite,' to dl'
bnte money to the Sheriff's hinds, riling:from
1 sale of defendants personal pro rty. will ate
to the duties of his apimlntmentat, the Nile,'
1 Wood & itandermon,-In Towanda b orn, on 3lf
DAY. the 31st day of! Sailbary, 1 .G,'at 10 o'cl;
: A. 31.. at which time and. plaCe al persons ha
I claims upon said fund utast preset them or be
ever deltarnal from coining la ape the same.
janSws !. 1 ,17.:0, F. 8 A. 1%., D RSON, Au
I .
• 1
it:U.DITOS 1 1
;NOT! T.—ln
, ~1 the es ta te of blecv. A, duhnsb „ deed.
The undersigned. an auditor a fated by
. 1 Orphan's Cont; of Bradford Count ,to distill
all the moneYs In the hands of the ' mlnistrat)
raised by the' sale of the saki ;(Jeor A:Johns,
. real estate (Chat IS to . say. all such lly copilot
; by the court, It is also; directed t at the audit!
tend to aful ;include all obligati°, giten by
person as purchase money, who is. ntitied by lea
reof his Jtit ) gment to have Mid urchase mo ley.
i applied on his .sald Jutipotnent)iwill tend to the In- I
ties of ills appointment on 11.IESD t:T, the Ist lay
of Februaty,!lB7d, at 10; o'clock A. ~ati the o ce
of Overton 4 . 3lercur, in the . ,bo !of Trowatida,,'
'I, when and where all perSafts liartn elsinis on_tiuld
1 moneys Must ;present then,. oritx, f rover debarred
! from ..'Writein upon the same,
lantlmt ' R. A. 3rF:IIC
; .
Li, Tow her vs. .totiri Mack. It
Common Pleas of . radford Count
T.. 1574. ,I. 7' I , I .•
The under:Optedl n
auditor apt
court to distritode the funds :In
Sheriff, raised hr sage Of defendant f
will attend tO the duties of Ms 1
THURSDAY,. Feb. 3, 1376. at the
Si Carno6an.'in Towanda born, at 1
I when and - where all persona hail
:edit fund must
° present them o be f
therefroth 1
. i W. T
—To Alai! C. resibu4.l No. Olt:. Sept. ti . .. ' '',
11'4:i. You are'hoiebv notified that 0 Lelia Foshufg.., •
sisw wife. has applied ;to the Co it, of Coinnion .
:Plows ofitratiford County for a dl note front' he
bond , of matrtntony, and the said IoOurt has 411,1.
pointed. 3fontisY. the 7th day or,FehtMary, fur heat- I
lug the 4,aid tiphelia in the preiniseiat which Mho
and pace you Fan attenitif you!thin
.prOper. I: :
jationg '' •• 'A..I". liAl7,lolV.Slierlirl
. .
—To Elizabeth. H.J Mayo.! NOL 2.3 s S. T,lB a.
You are hereby; notified that .',',/ek,lel Mayo, yo hr '
linshand. has applied to the Colin of Common Phials'
of Ilradtorti County for l a 'divorce from the bonitli
of matrimony,' and the said Churl
~s as arnittntksl
Monday the'lih day of Irebruary. 1 r bearing the
said Ezekiel hi the premisea, t at *Bich time a4d '
place you ean',ittend if youth! kpr pet, ',- ' 1 '
. I janCw4 IS • A. J. 4AY ,ON, Sheriff
IVOR(' , . '
%Sep, T. Isls,
Warner. yorr
Ott of v o ip., ,
t divorce-fnini
Court has at -
18734 for hear.
at which title '
N, Sheriff.
To AIITIA M t lWitruer. NO. 1003 1
You are herel4 potitledlthat
hesbamt, hay 'appllt , d, - to ,the Co:
mon Pleas of 11fatIfortl COunty,ffor
the hood's of litatrltnoiky,hnd thn nal 1
pointed-NIONIIAY.the it b day of Fe
lug the Mohan' it' the pretiitses,
hrnlplace you can attend if you thin •
an6w,4 . A. J. LAYT
ix—To Nathan No. I
1575. You are , hereby, notified that
stead, your 'alto' has appledf to the
mill Pleas of Deadforq epunty,lfor
[h.. bonds of Thaffiffialln anif the
pointed Monday , the 7th day or yirb
hearing the satiltuth E, In the ptetl
time and place ; can attend It '
jour r 4 J. LAYT
—To Philo B. Batley. SoL 2 • 1
re hereto notified that, Ellen
wife, has applfed to the Court or CO
Bradford county, ter a dhoreei Ira 1
matrimony. and the said court has a•
day, the 7th day of February, 18714 t
said Ebert J. ,la the premises, at w
plate you can attend U you think p i
jan6w4 , i : •., A. 0.1. AT
To Janus Fisher. No. 647,'_
You are hereby notified that IF
your wife, has gipped to the ',Coo i
Pleas of Bradford county tor a (It,
bonds or 'matrimony, and the said . 1
ted Monday, the 7th day of Fe • -
the Bald Frattetti M. ln tha vein : I
and place yoh_liat Wendt U yen nip
Antal ," ' A..•41..14A
! ' 1
CnICE. - -1-1, p': ' re
(omen dee d. • . , ,
for appelle e :: by . the '
' eou n ty, t distribute.,
to the h iof the I
attend to MI duthm 1
es of Ove iton it dot- :
If, the 14th tlay or Jan-
when eel where all
tt 4 d
land ..7t present
Irein eons in upon
TERCOU, Auditor.,
-17 - -- .7. -- -
nen,: Mier- t
In the Con cit. Com
dy. Wo. F per. T.. .
for appolnZd by the
ng fronrs nitro sale •
LI attend to the duties
See In the borough of
it MR day of JanOrY•
lirtien and where `all ,
il fund finial present
pens emit. In ripen
/I. EET. •
...._, udlter.• 1„ . :
ICE,. . 1 N.
i j r
en. in th Coin ft of I
COUXIty. , INo, 002. . , •
or •appoluted byl
• by Sheriff's sale of
teed 'to thsidunei of
en In Towanda ;ter:
h day of 43M:wry. ,
4. x- .silien ' 'and.
e requested to pro.: A
ebarred files claim
• I ' -
AIMEE, A i ndlior. t
i ICE. - := ltt
r; Pena .
1 1 rany. - 14
appointed by Said
.g trout the i Sherifrs
tate. witi amend tot
t the Once Ortimith
I: oonTqUitSDAY.
at whit% ttnie• and
upon said ttind must
trod thernifronl.
I 310'STA.
A diter.
ICE. --'. hi -tille
ten. C. Gorr," deed,
urd Co. ) 16
appointed t , ,y, SAM
to the se !mint of
e„ and to distribute
rator, tiro attend to
at his office in the
DAY, Jinuary VA.
trh Alum Id piare
II fund mos prosent
red from rrtmliT In
- if. Pt ET, .
A ditor. .
OE:—Jo n' )1%
I wen.. . Co..
as of Bradford Co..
I . 1 '
ra r Vf n trln d L i t i iia l l ' o i r
, yid aliens to tie
3 Cate In .Dowanda
day of JanVay.dta
anti place . II 'per.
nod are required do
.bated ffldniroxidtg
I TEL 7. Attilltor
I all's.
as of BradfOrd'Cp.
appointedpy said
hand's of the stieF-.
r 6 real estate,
Meat at tlie office
bon of Towanda.
hruary, ticts, at:p
plate an #ettetim
finds must nreaetit
the same.
EY, Aui
irrly o,
l Pie 4
It the
rat hi
M 1?
to .
T. an;
-, -T-7 - 7,
Itlfurd, Co.
ted Iv!Ilici l
froq• the:
estate , wilt'
lt ..\ 1"-'
1.17 f, t I
Ilea, f ri
'all pehoas,
It theta, or,
thy. name:
of Dradro
PPolnted n. tho
j front Sheriff's
It attend fit the
glee of'Or rthn
the gtith
I A. 'll. trheriihd
n told fon are
E.==-In the
el hotly. died.
ppotntett t
'aecutors of Fait)
his ap a. prdotnleitt
lett L i e . 4:l '
n, t
of ,
ON. ,
'ark ,
IVA. ,
'llw r
, t 1 .4
U, Audit°
.—Jose l
the eel r
, No. 759,
I Anted by j
e hunts of .
's rear est
'Oleo of Da,
o'clock A.
g etalnis n
reser deter
081, 800.1 ; 4
Ruth E. Olt
ourt of 'Colli
dlyforce train
mitt has
IT, 1876. fpr
r . 'sea at vihtqh •
, thluit prupo.
11 X, SbeillT,l
Paltry, yohr
!non Pleas Of •
the betets 'of
painted Moin
or hearing the
left time nOit
• r.
Y. Sherlffi .
cis M. Viaher,
t of Cemuipa
ores from tit
rt has appetite
for hearttlg
i which title
s ym,