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'TbwanaaP. Pa.; ThundAY, Sgt.' 23, 1375.
t :.. t:~~ tit~.y t:t:yy: Yt ;t ; eilt~~~
Desiring to Largely bicrease the circula
tion of the _REPORTER, WO will between
this tin* and the - iirst of January next,
:gi.v.eA new Sixty-five Dollar Weed Sewing . every person forwarding us
Forty New Subscribers, at $1.50 each.
Such a club eau be formed iu every
biwuship. •
WAtiTED.—Two or three copies each of
the REPORTER, dated November 10 and
f 26, 1874.
T.IIE ladies are invited to be present at
the meeting in the Court house Otis even
ing-. •
DON'T neglect to be present at the
tneeting. this Thursday . evening_ - the
°mut Muse.
Tnr. gentlemen who are to address the
mass meeting this, Thursday evening are
said to be very eloquent. . •
Tits fail opened yesterday. As we lia"Ve
loot been able to visit the grounds yet, we
cu•e unable to state' what the display is.
THE ilaitrauft Club will meetou Tues
'day evening next, in, the store formerly
.occupied Mcq.kmi. EDWAIIIV4 in )ter
.cur's Bk•ck. •
ME next Sociable of the Presbyterian
:,society of Monrceton, will be 'held at the
Douse of Xr. OnviLLE BROCK, on. Thurs.
, tlay tiverting, Sept. 30. All are:invited.
J. 1. Moony has' opened an agency in
this place for the improved I\ll,cox
Glnus Sewing Machine. Mr. M. is a re
liable business man, whose ekperience is
worth much.
TUE first num - bor of the Larayette
leJe dolt,rnal i on our table. his a neat
1y printed 32 tmge quarto, devoted to' the
interests of the; institution. C. L. STE
VEN., of this county, is one of the editors.
E."TnomAs. of this county,
• i,vho graduated from LaFayette at the Last
-commencement - with the honors of his
has accepted the 'position of Princi
pal of the academic department 'of New
Windsor College, in Maryland.
J. PugsCirir ELbRIDGE, the popular
Anuiriean Iteeitationist, who has appear
ed bi , ,fore delighted audiences in the large
cities, for the past ten years, will present
his entertainment at Mercur's Ilall, on
Wednesday evening next, Sept. :29. A
- .perusal of the programme convinces us
that film performance will be both instrucl-=
tire 'told entiTtaining:',
WurrmaN_, :Esq., of
the Erie oi/ mercer, paid -the IthPownm
•oiticeTa vh6t on Wednesday. Mr. W. is a
tlycd-in-Vae-wool Bourbon, but a sociable
gentle:P4an and tliorough business man.
11. TAYLOR, Esq., an old resident
'of Troy, and now one of the leading busi
41.ts men of Williamsport, is in town this
—Rev. C. C. TRACY ata wife are
ink friends in this county, after an ab
sence of several 'years in Turkey, where
31i% T. has been laborh4las a inissiOnary.
Tuv. Nal:A(113:1nd will give, an open-air
cont:ert in the Park, this Thursday even'.
ing. The public are respectfully invited
to 'attend: -
111:0t ;I: A M ME. • .
I. Wivolt;:- 6:0011 i AVartrr.
. 0 :1 11.• - kez Dltty. Qaid:•:.-p - Keller
. 7;.1.-,.111,:b (roan La ZiOlatta . . , llia Ft-IMO.
:.,sv. tynickstep 'iellor.
::. I ;....:I,:i 3liAlivy. rozpotti i lielle;..
s.: •It-,1tt0.. .I..toLiut. , . :lAA W altx re'ts.r:.
_l-1 . 1.. ri:A:Ct r:. c0m113,t.-..r.
LIN-1A ,kind will give a concert from
tAzuul tin Si Imlay evening
next, t ' . ..eittmill)er 2i. The' following is
pitt;gramme - : '
124.tu1l 1,11 'Mil!, 14••Ve1hth;C:: 0p...1 16 .Nr
I:.K}: '
Mask Fanta_Aa. Ar
rang...l • .............. J. ningleber6
Echo Polk?, .•
f•-i Potpouq..ELßA.y,r.
is au , era peculiarly prppitions to
Ow growth of soeietieS, - and tin secret or.-
!zanizathin has made . !_reenter strides than
udd `Fellows in Pennsylvania. The
teachings-of Odd Fellowship,are eminent
ly clkulattql to make its adherents better,
mei to okert a beneficent iniluebee in , ;nny
e nninaiiiiy: In this- te , nuity orddr is
and numbers:some or the very
be'4t men in every emnimmitY.
_. .•• ~,ery etermn. .1, _ .11 comma-•
. .
ny with quite a •tuntllt'er of the members. - Titresoav,. the 16th fast., was the day
of:Bradford Lodge, we last:week visit e d appointed for the laying of the corner
the :s,elip, 2 , , ntni vi,ronos . Loilge:at.. ; Burling., stone of the new Pt esbyterian church at
ton. Although only about six Months of Troy. 1" came not iii warmth and- sun
ag.., this organization has - Math: such ; shine, but itt_cletttls and cold and rain.
progress that•its.membership'are counted ' Neverthelcss a very :2, -- Trryd andience ;gather
amotigi he best informed in the county, ed in the old (hovel' at half-past ten-and
i ~- -,--.....-- -- - 1 the services:bexan with singing—
'', \ se' BA I-L.—The- Farmers Ft 11. U. Of ~- -Not to the li , rrctrs of me Lora _ -
Thett3apc,,t, tire an.] smoke. -
:••'!lores: - iiill was :iefeate.l by the Fanners
1.;.. D. C. or wp:!inkitv , • the second rime,„lt was real: eerieezational _sing
.e., Htord, iv la-t. for a ba: ami ball: The Mg. led by the clarion-yotee of the pastor:
rnw mr.. J. s., LExtoN. of the M. E.
tirst eaute tray played Saturday, Sept. 11.
Church. Troy. read Psalms cxlix. and cl.,
at 'tl - ‘ 4 - saultin- . ., resultim: in a vietory lot
i l„. r iii . i „,, i . s. a ) 1 ,- . b y ii se ,, i . e a ~..I 1.0 . 41. after which prayer was offet-ed by the
Rey, .S. c. Melitatov. of Mansfield, Pa.
.Iml be rite way, \Vv . Vi ere '', , ,l:ttl to nit'cf
PothoN ing the devotional exercises were
_:h t oat ortho nine I)l:tN'ers'zit - the 1.-ir.inge
is I 'z, e crii . Cji•r. and to extend to them the ad ' h. ""'”" l ':` .. pr. J. s• STE'V.tnT. Of T.-
I ,,, thi „f f c ii, iws l i ii.., Ti.,y gem l„ . . y.:ada: Judge Lon; and Eyler Pzek. of
T hi ,
, „; . _, eollo. ~, , , me was „ layeii „ ii i , rey, and Or. W. E. Bros, of Elmira.
~.i . „o od s i „ i si i , ires . Lim ..' the ii i.„- I ha- last address would have been deliver
• " lir j uu j ugs o f t h e . 1.. , : a in were , wo , I . ery dose, , ed . io the open air . but for the injunction
...4-h sl i t. ? ~.„: , ,,f i n . 4 f„ur . a w l t w „ "chi e, ,,_ : "t--" the rutting ram.; Thu; speaking con
,-.,, but on the s:...venth inning the elltd:...i, letters were read-from Rev. IsAAt-
Tor:11. Rev. .1". CHrAeNocit i tN and Hey.
Partners of W.. 'seceing sev, i t rai l s th-c •
E. li. C,t MP. former paStors of the church; !1.,ce., 11111 g - ruclually became !...(!,41:1j'aged.
Thi - •:. phlyi'd Well lilt" ninth inning. ;the and then led by the venerableYitolge
1 , , - .,•., o n ly s u ., win g - t..:.-t, i•.,, n -•:, Tine game LoNt:. the coiwestatiou crossed to the
5.t...%1 t4.and :J3 at the mid of the ninth : rising* trails ( If tiff rww edifice, where un
inning ill fa , .iir .of the Farmers of may_ -, der umbrellas.they witnessed the eeremo
sa al; illg._ , ip p :ny of the laying of" -the corner-stone., This
- • , . ~ ~
was done 'by tlk• pastor, Rey. lit: - L.
, •
l'i:m•Eo.—Perhaps the poorest exhibi- ' Cosn,, in a'soletnn and appropriate man
,. i , o' of ball tossing. hat the WMonas have ' ner: Afrer prayer and the benedicti6n,
) , eca guilty of this year, was in their the congregation dispersed, well 'pleased
_game with the Gazelles 6r. Laporte, on With the C'KV reises,but a trifle disappointed
Wed:Ay morning. last. Starting with the- that the day alts not, fair and pleasant.
•-trong lead of sto flit the • first two in-' - ', • We heartily congratulate the Presbyte
• ; itt:::: . they seemed. to imagine that they runs of Troy on the prospect before them.
tre.:e ,itre of victory, a.ud farther ef- After examining. the plans and the work
tort on their part le!'entirely utineeessa- asfar as carried on, we say unhesitating
,-v, and then began' a series of muffs, over- •ly - that a - inure tasteful and complete
:I!ri tt..s. ete., surprising to their' autago- church edifice cannot be found anywhere.
and humiliating to their friends. - Externally it will be an ornament to the
- ', The' game was fairly won by the Ga- . town:while internally it makes full pro
. Iles. although we 410.
not belieVe that - vision for the comfort and operations of
lI3PY played near as well as they could. the church; the Sunday-school, the prayer
iif the runs made, not One was earned by meeting and' the ladies' societies of the
''' ll ":r Party. -Nt't eyelta respectable play - congregatien. The auditorium_ will seat
~% as made by either nine. with the single 450. The seats are arranged soni-eireu
c •-• cept;on of Dr:anow's running catch of,. laity, so that every one will be in full
..• toil. 41101 adouble play by the LxottAl , l 'shirt. of the preacher. The ceiling will
, ;others. Disnnow has : the credit of be of corrug - ated iron, and the wainscot- -
‘l,..cen passed halls—seven of W
Which per- ting of light gray stone trimnied with
a,!tied tallies. The fielding errors of the brown-stone. A large organ, already
k", item is :lnounted to . ...1.7•", whilst. Om Ga- promised .by generons friends of the
11'. lane 'Tcdited .with 2 4. Annexed is church, will stand behind the pulpit.
I:Adjoining the auditorium on the east tire
. „
' t:'.../.4:t.i.r.5. 1:. o. the pray4ir room and the ladies' parlor.
3IV an -011,4 . 2 3 Over these AS the general Sunday-school
12 3 Lyou., c ' :'
1 3 tiag.:.3 f) 1 5 . room, and near by the infant-class room :
• r ; : : a ,J Inglom. ;EX s 5....2 4 ' while in connection with the parlor there
i•• • 1 4 )lawn, r L.... ... : . ...2 2 : ais kitchen, china closet and cloak-room.
'', ~P I. 3 1, .........0 ' 3 :Cotnstocic, E c 1.....0 4 . .
~I. rfl . - or, '1„ g t,,,,,,,E I. .. t,:.. 2 The front will be or by a tower
-1-. .. . ... 1....1 3 omistock,_W 1 f.... 1 a with a lofty -spire, while a lower tower on
. ..... :•1 :: Dunham.' 1 b.- ••••• •2 i the west side will serve, to ventilate the
ii T.,lar
..... 15 , *7 I auditorium: The material is brick, laid
si I:1: iNSINCS. , in'black cement, and this rendered imper-
I. 23 'I .:' 4 7 9 • . Violll3 to dampness. The entire cost . Will
'e 1:. , c: , ... a o'4 0 0 0 3 t-31 . be about V 2-1,000. This, we understand, is
1 u :e 4 1 , 1 1 .4 Q-15 ' nearly all provided for. The building will
1: , ' , . ,, •ata..,1-Lone. First tia-sn on errors-11 - i no.
G:L.o•ue , '„ z 2. • be completed July 1,1811 i.
1 -,, a4m—raa•Ns n. more. or eniclainot. - The Troy Presbyterian Church was or
1 ~1 .,• ~ .r.v011.. Imam ganized in ISIII. The first edifice, on the
—The. lied Stockings of. this place beat lot where the -new one is now - uilding,
-I: , sheqttin "boy-:," on Saturday laA, was erected about 18138. • This same year,
• 11, gr•tunds of the former - .by a score Rev,
~301:to was installed pastor,
, a - itt 1,,, iii." , who served in this relation until 1851. In
V I \ (I,
1., I,
-I' he licd.So . .cliings and Actives play- , 18-18 the present church building was
~1 ~ fr..: innings game on Satunlay last— cream: iYht to be Tory coin
-1 • i and was,thou, . ry
,--. ~'.-,- cto -tit' feting o r the lteds. - I rinidious.and - complete.. Now it is com
. ,
-f, pletely outgrown, and the prosperous con
-1 1 , - I:, imrter hays the score in the -,, anie ! gregation requires larger and more eon
,i, )I,.iltiay Ivill. s ‘ tincl . , Wilionas, 100, and venient quarters. Great' credit is due the
!,;'-:, lks fI. That , s. prOty hard ' 4l us is ; present pastor for his Zeal and energy in
t - :11 - ;:ilvics?" . Cotibrnt yon change i directing the .now project , and we hope
ii. t:. til t 0 1, and lit -j - our brother :printer that pastor niul people will long enjoy the
;, score for the impor of the craft: We 1 nevi - and beautiful. church tether: - - , •
,:io r .. ! generous -nor yon ar'' we won: t l i , ..-.., f . -,,,..:: - r 4... ,,-......-„,-...... • -, f 1 ...!• -.:-". '-
I'. 1 :'. V.lll:•Ver • `CriSjillr."—Frce Prexi. , ri , 'T mu kit;zellea, of Wi
. - ---
vie 're content to call ii99tol; ELLORY. ; atonal. o :Toirande!ogit,;..3ltinday. The
;',lit .1,. you ',think our slimmer clothes Will
. i. - 11x.roitirEit. - -sarllbe.79ttretStWitt :stand 109
do for winti:i wehe? (if eolirse we ditl'ut s, to 0 in favor of -Towanda. -Here's our
he: the Willonali WOtillt beat the Gazelles, t 0": on a-bottle of blackberry.B,4liran
Ina if you should happen to meet:: a - fel-
.i .Dettlocrui. • - - . . .
l'"K about. our sizi, with a linen duster on 4 Demoeratteas usual. , 3lbung the batik
al ,, ng in January, you -eu ascribe it to ; into allquestions..; -:' Too bad, JEStiEy too
Ba. , e-ball. - No reference to that "muff" ( bad Cand rota so young: But evil coninni
at ..:€l7 "Wise nieu" - ete., "Fools" etc. iniatiotts corrupt geOthinanners.
THE ArillbEl adieu ,6fore the Agelenl .
taing Soctety gill be deliveted this inoropsg
et 11 o'clock.
.. •
pursuaneo : of a
call the youn g men of Towanda. Bone
aSsetnbW in their room Tnesdayreliening
and organized a Hartranft Club: Gs° D. -
MONTAN - YE, EM., called the meeting to
ordet and briefly stated ita,,,object. On
motion L ZtlcPaititsox was elected-tem
porary President, and 3. V.. ()morn Sec
rotary. A Constitution and byelaws for
the government of • the club was then
adopted; . The meeth* then Vrooeeded to
elect permanent officertN and the folloWing
persons were elected to serve as the offi
cers during the campaign
President'--.T. Es Conntwo.
Mee-Presidents-Ist Ward, W. G. Gone
DON-; 2d Ward, It. A. 3funcmt; ad Ward,
Seerdary—J. Onualn.
Tredsurer-=-W. IL DODGE.
A ia#go number of members then signed
the constitution, pledging themselves to
use honorable means to secure the
election of the Stati and Connty tickets.
The meeting was addressed by Messrs.
(MAN and 31cPuEusoN. The brief ad
dresses of the gentlemen were received
with the utmost enthusiasm, and the audi
bum signalized their approval by entering'
heartily into the campaign. On motion
adjourned, to meet Tuesday evening, 2Stli
Never was a preliminary meeting better
attended; , and the enthusiagm exhibited
reminded us of the memorable Presidan
tial campaign of FREMONT, in 18513.
Bradford will do her whole • duty this fall.
We liope!onr friends will organixo - in eve
ry bormigh and township in the county
iminediately, and work energetically until
the . Polls close for the success of as worthy
a ticket as was ever presented to them for
their support. See to it, friends. In or- -
gauization there is unity and strength. •
interesting family gathering tsf the chil
dren and grandchildren Of ALMON Lt; No
(deceased), of Rush ; Susquehanna county,
Pa., on Thursday the 241 inst., at the resi
dence ofijostAn HonToN, a son-in-law, in
Allis !Inflow. Bradford county.
ALArsoN Ltlic was among the pioneers
of Susquehanna county, from Connecti
cut.. Five boys and four girls with :24
children survive to perpetuate the fami
ly. Hey..A. B. LUNG. .IklAltY
TON) and BEnepen. A. (FnosT), reside •in
Bradford county, Pa; Anntsox W. Lt - xn,
in Kansas: B. P. LI - Nn. in Ohio: Dr. J. C.
Luxr:, M. I)., and famnr.t.i.‘ - (P.m-
Diunal), in New York: SA itAil E. (Mt ;
ABE) in Pa., and Bev. A. H. Ltncu, in
New 'jersey. ,
, .
Only 19 were. present.' They dined be
neath the beautiful shade trees adjoining
the residence of llonrox. After
partaking of a sumptuous dinner, they
lingered at the table an • hour lot-, more,
tracing genealogies. rehearsing' -reminis
cences, and telling stories tvhich produced
both weeping and mirth. Several formal
speeches of a tender and serious charac
ter, and singing and prayer, concluded
the exercises. The whole occasion was
one of rare interest, and will long be re
kT i ti I.: following account of i surgical
operation performed by a native of this
county will be read with interest by the
medical-profession everywhere, and lits
skillful rind successful performance will
be especially gratifying to the numerous
friends of Dr: ItE.EsE Davis: in this dun:-
ty. The paragraph is from The Pittston
"One of .the most. remarkable opera
tions of the ,kind known to our medical
men, was the - removal; laSt Monday after
'noon, -of an ovarian' tumor from ADA
SIMNON &mutter of ...11D;1. JEA*FITTE
'Simrsoti, only nine years old. The tumor
was first discovered by the mother last
jannatz; It grew rapidly, and during :s
recent visit to Wilkes-Ilarrre, the child
Was taken very sick. - Dr. D.tvls, of that
city, was called in, who, pronounced it
ovarian, and advised the removal 'of the
tumor 4 as it would have been certain
'death,'as it was; and on arriving - home it
'was arranged to perform the operation.
which was done on Monday last, as stat
ed. A large number of the profes:4ion
were present. among whom were Drs.
DAvis. Gt - rtium Entissmzu and another
thysician of I.Vilkes-13arre; Dr. .N.
tittnitxr.s, of Turbotville, Pa.; Dr. 9:Mal
ley (cousin of our townsman, his name
sake), of Massachusetts ;. Drs. t
N :-
Wool), 1
I ANT3I AN, - O.
3rA LE
Y. MO,: and
Kitt:sst.tin, of Pittston. Dr. DArn't con
ductedthe operation, which was success
fully performed. in about half an hour.
he little patient was kept under the in
fluence of ether timing the. time. About
a quart of The contents of the tumor was
first taken away, ant: then the sac, which
also contained considerable water, was re
moved. None of
. the medical gentlemen
present had ever met or heard of a similar
case with one so young. Drs. DAvis and
r.snEit w ota) are attending the child. She
is reported to be doing well, with every
prospect of recovery."
Dit24o *Mailer, an old and highly .
• • • • eititin of this plsoq, die c .
$ w
kust, aged 65 years. He
was ou Smday in the Catholic
Ceinatery,Avery, large concourse of pa?*
pie followhig hls remains to the • re•
Tige ftWof the oth inst. the barn
of Urns Mksizre .In Stantling Stone
Was burned to the grernid, tngether with
all its eontenbr, bdrusistihg of ww, grain;
ae. It *as only through the greatest ef
forts that his dwelling was saved. Tho
Ore was undoubtedly the work of an in
Avisrui Womes.—One of our Denni;•
crath subscribers says he . don't like the,
political - tone of the REPORTER., but he
has to endure its Weekly visits in order to
keep peace in the family. We guarantee
that our friend's wife is a woman of
sound judgment, and we cherish hopes
that LEW, under her teachings, and b3r
the rd influence of the REPOKTEII; may
yet led to see the ZrrOrs df Dsmocracy.
ANDILENV, an employe in E. C.
tiEwErt's factory, met with a severe and
I painful accident on Thursday last. While
employed in the shop he was in some
manner drawn in contact with a circular
saw. In his efforts to extricate himself;
his left hand was nearly amputated. The
teeth of the saw also cut through his vest
and shirt, While Mr. 11. is maimed for
life, ho feels thankful that ho escaped
with his life. Mr. H. is a pyrid cut, indus
trious man, and should receive not only
the sythirathy of our citizens, but their
substantial aid, if necessary, as his injury
will of course prevent him from earning
any thing for some time.
Ir ors all explained now. For some
weeks past, the friends of D. O. Hoi.Lox
have been sorely puzzled to.neeount. for
his strange performances. Ile wandered
about in a half-distracted, moody state,
tnit his countenance was always illumined
by the pleasantest smiles. An announce,
.thent in this paper explains' the whole
'Matter. Cupid had wounded him, in - fact
had succeeded in so throWing a Net
around him that he was unable to control
himself. Now that ho has done the only
sensible thing to be done under such cit ,
cumstances, we have no dOttbt.that when
he returns from /'that trip \Veit," he
will .be found clothed in his right mind.
lie has certainly found a prize in the es
thimble young lady whom ho led to the.
hymeneal altar, and ought to be proud'
and happy over his conquest.
TIIRNE new attorneys were admitted
to the bar of-this county, this week. The
new candidates for legal honors and re,
tamer Ices, passed most satisfactory and
.creditable examinations, and we doubt
not will realite as practitioners the highest
expectations of their friends.
LLEWELLYN ELSBILEE, one of the young
gentleman referred to, is a sou of N." C.
EtstMEE gsq.; and , a graduate of Cornell.
lli • legal studies have beenpursued under
take Pleasure in recommending him to the
confidence of the public, and predict' that
he will become a a successful member of
the legal profession, and an honor to the
-E. L. Hii.i.ts, *ho has pursued Ws
office studies in the
.of - PEET it DAVIES,
iS a graduate of Princeton and is one of
our most promising young - men. Ho
possesses talent of a high order, is indus.
trious, studious, and strictly honest—val.
nape traits of character, and indispensar
ble; to'ii - sucoessful attorney:•,_ -
• Wtta.ttat LtrrtE, the other accession
to tho tar_, 'has also been a student - in
PEET- it DAVIES' office.. He inherits a
liking for the legal :profession. ; Bis two
uncles arc eminent members of the bar of
this State, and his brother, S. W. LITTLE,
a highly esteemed lawyer in this county. ,
In addition to his inherited inclination for 1
the laic, -lie has been carefully educated
in that direction, and bids fair to become
a fit sue6es.sor or his distinguished reb
THE- Grange Pic-nic in Franklin on Sat- -
. ttrkay last, although not largely attended,
owing to inclemency of the weather, was
a very enjoyable affair to all who were
present. The meeting was held in a beat
tiful grove near the residence of JAMES
Boor. The generous fhrrnerS brought
welldilled baskets of the very choicest
Viands, and when all had been well fed
the store had not been appreciably dimin
ished. To - Mrs..J.tmks Boor we were in
debted for the grandest dinner a hungry
man. ever sat down to. The lengthy gable
Merally groaned under the weight of roast
chicken, roast beef, vegetables, and deli
cacies :of every discription, while the
spacious dining room was well filled, and
our generous host and hostess only re
gretted that the guests were so few. Such
a dinner, served in so generous and hos
pitable manner, did much to recommend
to out- friend RIDGWAY and his excellent
wife, the Grange; and if Mrs. ROOF'S
culinary art is the result of her connection
with that .Order, we advise every lady in
the land to join. By the way, we caught
an occasional glimpse of several very in 7
teresting rosy-checked young ladies dur
ing the dinner hour. 'lf they are Mrs. R.'s
:daughters, our opinion is, about the same
"number of young rmen will some day be
blessed with real helpmeets. The feasting
over, speeches appropriate to the occion
were made by J, E. PIIIT.T.ET, C. F.,NICH
-01.S; Capt. MANVII.i.E, W;11. SMITII.,and
Hon. E. R. MvEn.
Rev. E. P. Ifs.n.uomi and wife spent
several days in this place last week. They
were on their way to, Connecticut. Mr.
11. has been labming on the Pacific coast,
and during the past month paid a visit to
Alaska.. lie kindly furnishes us with the
following interesting 'description of his
tour to this. new • and , almost unknown
country: _-' : , ' • lived; and Mr. Linvis learned ''frornltherci
Day before yesterday, August 17, we ,' those lessons of kindness and 'hospitality
, ‘-‘
left Fort Wrangle for
4 The pig G hte i er , i which eminently fitted him to be the no
iasit is called. Eighteen of us chartered' I blest wor' of God. Intellectually and
- many year like a sthall steamer which 'we found in the morally, he stood for
Saul among the Jews. head and shoulders
harbor and sailed up the Stickeen river.
above his fellows. His hand and heart
We had to Leave at midnight to reach the
were always open to do good, and want
glacier as early as possible. At' nine
went smiling from his door. He o'clock we saw an immense 'field of ice
ed to relate to the young the history of
stretching in each direcrion farther_ than
the early settlers; and to have the privi
the eye could reach. We were astonished
. also to find the mountains all around cap-• lege of ligtening to his narration oil pio
neer life,strUggles with poverty ,in the
ped and patched with deep snow! But
wildemesS---•wild and strange .storms of
when we reflected that' we were nearly in
Indian depredations—of alts of heroism
• latitude 57 0 , and away from salt water
and the inflUence of equatorial currents, and fortitude—was truly vvrand beyond, r
we ceased to wonder. Though but corn- description.most
a husband and father, lie was a
' paratively few white people have ever
seen this glacier, and nothing has been
perfect model, As a neighbor, e
peter .he was
• written about it that I have ever seen, always the good Samaritan.
passed by on the other side, where there
yet it is the mostremarkable one I have
was an opportunity to render assistance.
ever looked upon :The face of it - at the
Of such men the world produces too few.
, base hai been measured and found to be
fire miles is extent. The Indians say it is Jcs.rus LEWIS was born in WyaluSing,
90 piles long and it is known to be at Ilmefo . nl county, Pa., August 24, 1787,
and died at the house of hid daughter, in
least 40. We saw and talked with a white
man who had ascended it twenty miles. Wyalusing, in 1874, aged f)7 years. IHe
In the distance it appears to be about 50 was married to POLLY KEILER, De m
feet in ',height, and when we were told bee ;3,' 1812.
His 'remains peacefully sleep in the rd.
that it was 500 feet in thiekne.s on the
et 'churchyard • near bis oldlhome—tbere
face, .3VO.could not' realize it any more
than when in Egypt we were told that 1 to rest tillthe dead in Christ shall rise.
the Pyramid of Cheops was nearly the 'Life's Work is done. We cannot see. his'
face nor hear his voice—bnt{ his example
same,height., After a long tramp through
Ind influence are with us hi
will con e the brush, "and over' millions of tons of 1 • -
tinne forever. •
,1 • , , •
rock& and gravel which it has pressed „
Bev.; DAVID CRAFT maul an ouitnary
down, we reached it, and began to ascend
notice', of HENRY GAYLORD: OR inotiOn
its slippery side. Then. it R';:ts that we
it is placed among the filesrcif the Society.
believed all that we had been told My
wird and Mrs. Major Bort.; of Portland, The Secretary announced 10 the Spciety
the death of Vs it. A. FUR , Esq., one of
Oregon, were of the party, and with some
itti members. On motion knwAnto Ilku
assistance Succeeded in making part of
the ascent 'of the majestic glacier. A
Rieg, Esq., is selected to write an obitua,
; •
young officer of the Fort, more daring, ry notice. f 1
It was agreed that the Society hold a
Min the rest of us, made his way into
special meeting in Canton;
'on Fridiay,-
dangeronS places, and before he - was.
aware of it was off his - feet, and came near October 8, 187 at 2P. IL;
On motion adjourned.
sliding into an ' ale hole,' hundreds of ,
feet in depth, from which he could proba- I It. A. Mzacir-
bly have never•been extricated. Wellnal.
ly gathered around what looked like a
deep, deep. well, and throw stones into it.
The sound , indicated the long way they
tiaveled. We could hear the rushing of
water as if a deep, swift current was Bow
ing hundreds of feet below.
• "This glacier is between two moun
tains 3,000 feethigh, covered with sprucii,
and he_mlock more thin half way to
the top, and- then streaked with deep
green grass to. the' perpetual snow; the
whole forming- a landscape of grandeur
and beauty such as I had never seen in
various tours' through Switzerland. Be
tween thig glacier and the winding river
Stickon, is first a• lake filled with gro
temne little islands, a lofty ridge of rocks
and a deep fringe of small trees. Just
opposite are three streams of steam ing hot water from immense boiling springs
bear the river. surely extremes meet'
even heroin this arctic region. The -icy
"Old water from the glacier pours into the
lake nearly opposite where the three
streams of .hot water , empty themselves
into the muddy, Stickeen (or Stichien, as
the Russians' spell it).. This river has
never been explored above 200 miles from
its month. It is thought to be about GOO.
miles long. In- the winter it is frozen
solid to the bottom,' and men pass up and
down on the ice drawn by dogs, sorre of
which we saw. They draw from two to
dues hundred pounth."
i ,
TEit. society held lits regular
wining .irt ;the Gted' *ay I ROOM, on
Sept. 18. I The Freeideo,lDr.
~14;.R... . ha the t .r - !:•;•I c ,:- - .- -
~ r . ,_. : . - -i, • ( kit' IhAD iVii,
4)l t
11L - Oli:Ow :
.%, • 14.07:1A0* a Clic&
IL 11611 Tort, were , eaten thatlihers.
,'• The Librarian repotted a donation of
booker Col. G. F. MASON: On mo
titar- they:lWecteeepte and 4 vote of
thanki tendered to the donor.- i -;
• The folloiritifrofticers .for the ensuing
year were elected i . • .. . i ... :. ,
President; - Gen. "WAL:nrrint ; Viiie
rieddents, COL 3. - Frlltsas, Rom L. P.
13vAilionti ; Seb,rebarY, It. •A. Minima,
Esq.; Corresponding Secretary,! EDWARD
HERRICK, Esq.; Treasurer, Col Jolt's A
CODDENO; Librarian, Joint J. GruFrerns;
Com. of Library; Hon. IL L. &PTT; Hqn:
.F Hontmir',_.Dr:. B. P'. ALLt-W Cogs.
Of Matte; S. W. Liviik, • Esq., COL Ei.
OVEivrox ) ._o
aj. E. W. lisLy.; Comf
'Publication, jr., iV. W. Kraosnimq, Esq., S.
Rev. DAVID CRAFT, Chairmim of the
- Committee on History of the COunty, pre
sented the following report, We: ,
1 Fait or- BELADFOIU) COUNTY : During the
qUarter just ended, the committee on the
County History, have prosectited their
work without interruption- Bomb valuable
• Material has Web bollebtedi and substan-'
tial progi, ess been Made iii
.piitting that.
- Material In Shape fel-publication. 'History
making is like house-building--ithe work
is never finished. Facts will i now and ,
then-come to light in unexpected places,
which materially modify, and surprisingly
connect facts previously ascertained.:
There is evidence which places the fact
beyond a doubt that from 'Wyriox north-.
ward to Tioga Feint, quite a number Of
people Were settled during the early part
of the RevoltitiOnary War—buti with the
exception of the family of Jon.N. Steen!),
'I have as yet been .unable t d find - Alie 1
names of any of them. They were royal- I
ists, awl after' the chose of the war went
some of thorn to Shelburne - in Neva Scotia
and hi the . counties West of Niagara.
That theitook with them valuable papers
there can hardly. he a doubt;-but whether
theycan be found, or, indeed, irsearch
Should be made, it is doubtful if at this
date Much information could be gathered.
' From the British war office Copies of
papers relating to the Battle of Wyoming
have beep forwarded, but contain - nothing
new. The census of the British Provinces
in North America for 1790 to 1806, to
gether with the papbrs iii the wai office
there, were the destruction of
the l'arliament House in 1845. It is very
probable that from foreign sources but
little if any information can be hail on
; questions relating to our local hiatory,
1 - An examination of the recordi at East
on,. which are in a very confused condi-,
lion, revealed nothing new. One 'of our
members, Mr. .T.iv CILtAPEL, haS kindly
consented to make examinations of the
public, records of Nortlymberland county
for My , use. • ' 1 ,
The records of Lycoming county, of
which the northern part of thli county
was a part for about nine years, are yet
to be examined, where it is hoped valua
ble information may be found.. . i
There have been from time to time va-i
rious articles of historical value phblished
in the,:newspapera of the county, which
demand considerable work in copying—
which with little expense could be
done by other hands. Thus far committee
have not felt Warranted by the action of the.
society in expending money in this direc
tion, but it is believed such : an eXpendi-'
tore =might be Made with advantage to
the general work. • . ,
, The work is now in such shad of fdr-
Wardness that the Sotiety may begin to
take, steps looking toward its . publica
tion; and determine as to the site,, and
general style of the work, size of . the edi
tion, etc. I ,
'Ali of which is respectfully submitted
' - • DAVID cRAFT,
, •
Col. Joifx 'A. ComstNu. read the follow ,
jug obituary, notice of J 7.srus Lnwis :
Again our ranks arc roken. - Another
pioneer - has fallen.' J sTus LEWIS has.
finished his labors. One of not eldest
members of the Ilistoriad Socieiy—one
dearly loved and highly honored thy all,
; has. passed away. And while with sad
hearts we mourn the losS our soci4ty, and
the world has sustained; we point, to his
exainple'and record his Many virtues, and
emulate his Christian character with feel
ings bordering on adoration. lleWas one
of nature's noblemen. The embodiment
of honest sincerity andHtrnth—het bated
dissimulation and despised every, evil way.
He early espoused the etivse of freedom,
and for many years with tongue and pen
ho labored faithfully to secure a legal rec
ognition of the civil rights', of all classes,
regardless of race or edit.. He grappled
with slavery at a time when a man's life
was in danger if he were knoWn to'be an.
Abolitionist. A kind Providence bounte
ously lengthened out his life to see,( enjoy
and realize the grand fulfilment of the de
sire of his life—the downfall of American
Slavery. . 1 1 •
• A devout and faithful Christian, be had
said, like Joshua,. "As for me mid my
house we will serve .the Lord." HO kept
his covenant. Faithful and true in .all
the relations of life, hell; Jremembercd as
the honored. head of a model amily.
While thdy were living in their plf.tsant
home—the intelligent father, they kind
and amiable mother, surrounded by; their
five sons and four lighters—the !Visitor,
could imagine Paradise regained..
His early life was with those braVe old
spirits who left their Eastern helm& and
came to the wilds of Pennsylvania to hew
anti carve out their fortunes amongst wild
beasts , and Indians. Braver* men never
September 'l5. - ,
Corn vs Samuel Berry. COurt sentence
him to pay a tine of $lO, costs of prosecu
tion, and undergo ari inaprisoinnent of aix
months in the county jail. 1
vri 4 3
In re. the petition! to inc ase the rate
of tax in South Creek to hip. Conirt
order the Commissioners of_.the township
to levy's tax of one'and a half cents for
town putposes. - • . 1 •
Eliza J 3lcSerrick vs Thomas MeKei
rick. 'Rachel Landon vs Joseph Landon.
On motion of Hon. Delos Rockwell, Conti
Order the usual decree of divorce, in each
of the above cases. ,
13 5 Bentley vs S P Wallis et al. Court
ditect a writ of habere facia* possessionam
tole issued.
D L Holden vs M S Allen. Court di
rect the record to be amended.:
PEr Milrei vs' A. •T . Dunbar. Buie to
ahow ; „canse why judgment shall not be set
aside se to the Gattishee. ' : - i
E W Bale .vs W Brandinll. Auditor's
Report 1110 and confirmed nisi. Exoep z
tions filed.
On motion of Wit Foyle, F.5q.,. - Court.
admitg Dunham, Es 4., a member or
the Sullivan county bar, to practiceln the
several courts of Bradford county,
upon be was duly sworn; • '
On motion of Wm' 1 1` Davies, 'Esq.,
Court admit B 8 Bentley, jr., - Esq., a
~e-: i.rnn.~xa~F.o:ator>Fi~:~tiY+d*~yx«6~. ~ µ3ioiCae+?wf+4ww+~r,~.~..~.-.:a«.x :,....n.'
member of ihe !looming meaty_ bat! to
practice in the several oonrtiof - Br fold
county, whereupon be wadry won/.
The folkoring Sheriff's MW,a , _yrore ac
knowledged, in open Court, hydro Sr
J litunroe Stith
George'W Lettexs Piety of laid in
Albany Var., obe.fotntb acre. So ff.t ki4t
10 a v the property of John W ;
ernurideration 14X). • - r
To A Ar'shree. Horne and lot in 4th,
ens Rao'. Sold Sept 2, as the_ property Matilda gnell; consiileratke 425.
To stifred Yhmian. House and lift ip
Canton. 0: Sold.l . Lpil 22, as property
of R B .', rk; considertiUon
To Benjamin Xtiyicaulall. Mune' tied
tot in Towanda Bore'. Sold Sept 10 as
property or P Cash; consideration is,-
a2o. .
To Cariplino Maley. - House atrd lot' in
Canton Boro': Sold Sept 10 as propertl
of Randall '
.anti Manley; consideration,
$BlO. •
_._— • ir •
To Delas Rocklell; Piece of land in
Columbia township, containing three
fourths of an acrq. Sold, as, property of
Wilmot and. Ruth Soper; consideratcon,
$5.00 } ;
To James; Foster. House and lot in
Towanda Bolo'. SePt', lo P m NitY
of Henry Harris; consideration $2OO. ;
To En:aline M Houston. Lot of land . in
Towanda 13oro:. • Sold 6 92t" 2 as property Al' Cowleir; consideration $5.
To Hiram -Ellis: , Pleceof land situated
in Shesheonin township, one-fourth facie.
Sold Sept .2 as property of Alphonse Hill
and Moses Watkins; consideration $ 1 ,20.
To W II !Morgan, and L L Moody,
House and lot in • Wysox township., Sold.
Sept 2as prop erty of James Sickles; con
sideration $4 OO.
D L Sweney and II A Chamberlain..
House and lot, in Towanda Bone. Sold
Sept 10. as property of Charles Fraley;
consideration.s7lo. '
To James Wood. House and lot in To
wanda Boro'.l Sold June 5 as property of
W Bramhall; consideration $1,142.
To Edward; Overton, Jr.' Piece of land
la Tuscarora, township, containing . 120
acres. Sold Sept 2as property of John 13
Pliancy, excepting 12 acres heretofore
convoyed to John M. Franklin; consident,
tion $25.
To_E T Fox'. Piece of land in .llonroe'
township, containing 260 acres. Sold Sept
2 as propezty of *Delanson Kellogg; con
sideration $1,600.
. ,
To Win : Snyder. Piece. of. .land in
Litchfield toiviishiP, Containing $4O acres.
Sold Sept 2 as property of Allerzgtantetti;
consideration $520.
Tolle4 lot 'Of land in. Alba 13owi,
sold Sept 2 as, property of Jefferson A.
Witlierell and SS Reynolds; consideration
To Stern McKee: lot of land in Frank
lin township, Containing ,26 acres, sold
Sept 2 as Property of .'Michael Murray;
consideration $405. •
To Caroline C Manley; lot of land
(fantod township, sold. Sept' 2 trOperkf
of S A Rundall !and J S Manley! consider.
ation $103.. ,
To Miller 'Smith; lot of land in - - Albany
township, !sold June 5,; as property of
Henry,Crandall; consideration, $2,050.
To J B M llMman, executor of estate
of Clark Sweetd piece of land - in Monroe,
township, containing 4 acres, Sold Sept 2
as- property of J C Wheeler and Frank
Melville; consideration $2OO.
To Burk, ThOmas Co.; , lot of land in
Canton township, containing • 58 acres,
sold Sept 2 as the property of James Stan
ton; consideration $1,150.
To Cornelius N Mosier; lot of land ii
Armenia toul?sl!ip, containing 25 acres,
Sold I.;tcpt 2 ai property of C G Bailey;
consideration $l6O.
To 1)II ItayWood; piece of land in ller
rick township, Outlining 115 acres 'sold
June 10,'•a' prepe,rtY of A 11 and Betsey
L Stone; consideration )n.).
• To Geo C AtWood; house and lot in
Wyalnsing, twp.;,sold Sept 2 as .property
of Geo W-Woodruff; censideratimtslsl).
To S N Bronson.: lot of lanCiii Rome
township, containing 135 acres, soldßept
2 as property, of W It ; Parks; 'co:riskier:v.
;tion $3,655. ; I
To A L eranmer; lot of land iu Leßoy
and GranAlle townships, containing 42
acres, sold 'July 10 ad, property Of Truman
Roby anti .Tames Storrs, T. T.:. cinasidera-
Hon $l6O.
TC•.01) Bartleq; lot in Towanda Boro,
sold sett property of G W Moffit;
consideration $5.
TO John Melntiie; lot of lana - id Alba
ny township, containing 70 acres; sold
Sept 2 as the property of - Wm W Pember
ton; congideraticoi,sl7s.
To S D Sterigere; house and lot in i Al
bany township, sold June 5 as property of
Daniel Xello,g,g;•consideratiim $250..
To.N C Barrispiece of latiA in Athens
township, containing 2 acres, sold Sept 10
as property Of Ball it Cumming's . ; 4ousid
eration,*s,oso. : •
C W Quick
. .vs;AR Oliver, W D
Mary Lathrop. . Court grat leave to the
defendants to pay the money into Cduit,
and rule•to show cause why plaintiff Shall
not file a deed according- to the terms of
the &rntraet, before taking the money out
of Court.-
0 E Piekett'i4 use vs-Mary 'late
Mary Hale. •- -quirt, 'order the judgment aside,-and the name of 'D L Mil
lard-be added to the record is a defend !
ant. , ' I
Monday, September ,20..
• Joseph Tewner 'ts•P . A TiwitiCri Audi
tor's Report confirMed - finally. •"-
-Sullivan Anthracite `Coal Cci:'e use pa
A Blake Co. j Noble, John Holmes,
and A Wickham- ys 31 J Long. Court
strike off rule to arbitrate in.each of the
above alses.' • 1
*Elmer A Brock vs Alien 31 Brock.
motion of Madill Calhf, Court. ':order
the.usuardecree of 41vorce: - • .
Ulysses Mercur Iva A.B -.Templeton:
Court direct a
.V.e:nif.Fx. to issife
,in this
_ -
A J Noble
..Noble vs Jpi Kirby et. al. • Court
allow the defendants to pay into Court
money.tendered the plaintiff in this case.
IYA Peck's nse !vs Blood & Co. The
death of W A Peck is suggested, and
Jane L T Peck, adnerix, is substituted.
L S Arnold vs Edwin Buie
to show cause why judgment shall - noth°
opened, and the defendant be let into a
defense. • . • I
On reading certificate, and on inatioli of
E Overton, Jr.; Eig., -the Court admit
Llewellyn Ellsbree ito practice as an,At
torney in the several courts of Bradford,
county, whereupon be was duly:sworn.
On reading certifiCate, and on mdtion of
Peet & Davies, theTourt admit t L Hil
lis to practice as lan attorney in.the sever
al courts of Bradford county, whereupon
he was duly sworn. I
• On reading certificate, and on motion of
Peet & 'Davies,
_the Court admit Wm Lit
tle to prantice as an attorney in the sever
al courts of Bradford county, • whereupon
he was duly sworn. { - -
Jos Bryant et al vs DavidAbrams,;jr,
Conit enjoin Sheriff frbni 'proceeding
further onfifa issued, and grant rule to
show cause why - the 4 1* fa shall not be set.
aside. ' • I •
Gyrus Cooky adm't of the estate of W..
• V11,H6v3; Upson and - 0,11 Upson.'
Mary •E: HuniphreY vti 'same. Rule to
show' Cause' why satisfaction in each of
the above cases shall not be stricken off,
and C H Upson subrogated to the
rights of the plaintiff, Same day rule
made absolute. •
Hand I. Brainard Ts. H H Brainard.
Court appoint BAin and J J Cum:
ningham, Esqs., as Commissioners to take
depositions. f
In re. the petition Of S D Sterigere to
increase the taxes of ;Albany township to
pay his debt, Court direct that the tases .
of said township be increased one.oeut on.
the dollar on last assessment - -
7,, See'Y i ,
- Wednesd4y,
•Cm vs. dohn Curran. On reading peti
tion for the benefit of the •insolvent laws,
and entering into a recoirn,„ izance to keep
the peace, the Court, discharge the 'defend
ant from custody.
A H Spalding vs! , Ii W May. , The
jury out.
- A , CORREsvorcesT -of the Sabin:al
BapOse Writing , from' this_ place to Oat
papei says: - . • -
The meeting here 'was small,. but help
ed me to,_make 1 it interesting.
They are - repiring-the house: are pastor
less, and ought to have a first-rate man.
Deacon Wood, the 'exollent artist, whose
fine gallery I visited, is the live superin
tendent of the 'school. r Captain MatOille,
who entertained ;Me', has wonderfully
fine way of making a firaiday Sehool-than
feel at 'borne — Devi President of the , ".tioss •
Fanning Mill Conipany;" ivlis4437
hlow away all chaff and riddle - ont evkry
;spOieecifeheat. I McNiff isoon )riakd to
-patented in' Canada. The farmers"the
Dominion will then ',discoyer , that this
TankeiCitivention Ca n t IL* to .1461±16
pose—. The Captain is teg. ular esubsciiher
to the ../Vittionni Bapti k 7 V •
31m.18.uolihtswasir sustained it serious
iajurrwhilcdrawing water from a
at her emu's; on Friiin
last. - -
• 1•1••••••••
- • •
«p acknosiaigi the noels, froni
em ft orfA ). . .
e .
tic I°lr'
tate, to =biro*" 111411440%* 01 4
th °Ottoberi - ' 77 :t5 -; .
oar DnAtil'hianilw:h3, icristrwideth
st Itame &Hues: ;;“ • -* Eeepett
• ' os , t • -U :
t yetilreitttS:eee:ltteitiers,Ses4
tee %tab, of yuse "obey. tbe,qlbestevelsig.A.lstxi
" ; ... , .
Go toKt ll ** *
BioF and Pee the
1.11 Ptock of *Oa - ago% L0P614
• gta to . Dispora Duos; 'for : trader
Shirts • !. !. •
:to - f-ifeitiletteap
BAQltlfeef 4. -as -4;issiox k" F 14%
'T . '
• . or A. _new socelpicer Prom"...
Vir' A full line of: Black and Mourning
Dress Malt list dyeseasrpcsitiVituier. trove
spy olaisestli c tikrist vs
rioiroi* • ;
, 4 ;. • ► . c I
• '•
311 1 1,4. open a dreal-thakets ; %bop
-to :the *MAL 31 .
.)1144,;:corasie of. Second and !etiair litre" te, on
3iONDArt.', SEPTEMBER" Her 'Meat* and
the _a re tircite4 to 04; 9nttefae-
Uon -taepe
10' . ' A dOOlidoi4 fdri4r *ifllsetilierk for
, .
tlic , Rer. a. B. Taaxgra, Thnrsday ercolngi Sept.
la, at tba: house :at Rev. f.. Iff.,lttlaPitr.t., Bur.
Ungton. : osipawl.
WT6O pLic's to 1,4 Folt and
Shawls of SKYt t BLit9S ' New?,
Au the glalitidpeifs;,*.eiklieli and
nuigashri! elietry, st werircoma,-* SRAM'S:
tirNew Tab Npplrins and Towels
. ,
at EVANS & -; .
rl.?" 4 fine , assortment of Broadcloths,
Doeskluig, and Fancy Settings pat opened at
aepay KZ T •
CLAwsoN, OR t*incA. Wur:At.—A
white wheat, very nice, and cleaned ready for, aoic
lug, at two dollars per btediel. G. 0. WELI.ES..
Wyaluslog, Itradford Co., l'a,. Aug.l6-3w.
'WI - Neatly printed torn• orders for sale at lids
:Ur The REPORTER °WWI has the best
facilities for ; 4lcfnsjolt. w.Ork i -: anti tor" : out more
awl better specimens ihan any Otariistahlisbment
In Northern Pennsylvania. 'Pinions wanting any
thlng In the job printing line. will tin well lo tall
awl examine one work. . ,
M . ' WHITCOMB 8:; SMUT hilvi:OhO.b . eSt
assortment of Miscellaneous boobs . 14 . ;•; Miheni
Pennsylvania, aid sell them cheaper: • ':
-M" Go to DEcKEtt Itl!Loi!. to bUY Your
Trunks anfl Valises.. • .
Ur Passengers to the West will find
to their advantage to tiiirehase tickets' at the To
wanda Depot. from Sept. tat.
;'.... I.' .":"" .. , ... s ., ,f 4. • .
LT' For the best ltoast or Steak to to Miltit &
.. . -
- J Aeons, gie One-pricy clothing Blau,
has Just returned from the city With a large stock ,
of Clothing. "A word to the wise is mlncielat''
10" Go to JACOBS' and buy your boys'
clothing at less cost Blau you can get thweloth
iii - LIVERY Fou SALE.=—We lave 'a
Livery fa
eight horses and good carriages,- back; etc., which
wo offer for Bale Cheap and riai6ait;leterma.
Enquire of par agotit 'it the - stablim:pt pt our
3iuste More. • •
Ear The poorest man in town has got
Miley effough to bur a suit of clothes at JaCOU'a.
iirßoys' linen colars at M. E. ItpsExviELD's
If you have got to purchase school
pooks, coal At WIIITCOIIII & 811Alt-rS.
Or Old pictures copied and enlarged,
or reduced to any slze desired, and furnished In
011, water colors, of trittat the new Gallery o'er 0.
A. BLACK'S Store.
JAcpu's has just received another
dividend on his gold mine stock, and has Invested
It In new Fall Clothing, which he is now (dieting
at prices loWer than ever..
Or Go to DECKER BROS. 40 buy a; tine
Suit of Clothes. • • •
rirLadiee wl4te. Party Slippers and
Infants' Soft Solo Shoes. They are beauties. , Just
received at CousEu h Cooxs'. •
air Large stock of Pictures and Picture Frames
at AV ntecoun & SII/hUrS, Were= Block.
notgoneran !maim c.,warrA
viEnt at the Book Bilidoly over thO BEPOttTEII
*Sloe, makes Blank Books In any style of rnUng and
binding desired. If yitu Smut a now Ledger, Jour
nal or Docket, give him a call.
Never buy a Cook Stove tmtll you have called
st 4trzts's and exandae4 the `•New s
alma vrtticli ban never disappointed the expecta
tions of the most fastidious housewife.
M:Fitt:E ! Any :cnie. buYiN; $1.90 or
more Worth of goods at E R4:MilfStri.D`s Clettt.
1 4Sfoie, Will receive free One elegant Alisica Cap,
*threw Hat, both of the latest etre&
Rtlimt AwArl—Evety pluck-tier
climb amounting lo 11.00. or Isom will reeelre
FREE, one striped Alpaca Cap, or
,Str6w. lint, at
M. E. 110st.iir1ta.D'S Clothing Store. '
tiED '
timil IN PIANoa.--Flrat-elasa, large slap, name
grabl, octaie Plano-tortes; gr Orgina In
rap:lol4a ; at ilenatna & PASSAGE, To3;ratuli,i!se
GREAT Paltoitaa.—Ort and after
this date, I crfll sell my :serptua STOVS or
"%OWENS at retinept prieed, 'at icai Gieen
-I}.7uses, on Ilatn street; norttkor4ptscopnr ChltrrN
JAIL 0.-Luvity:
SiuAyED--From the' ptemisee . of
iia*iglffia Sept.
a small llght-red Coal Ave zettfs old; • Any one InM
forming me of her whekeabouts, all*aonfer a (aver,
or If returned to me, be quit:VAT' inwarand.
Towontb,lfept..o. ,
ar: Go to 1;11u:s., to buy your
Hats and Hips.
• .
Of' TheTuhiSt thiiig in tOtin ire those
Phi:bat3loM .eased new Wilcox & Gibbs f4lntly
Sewing arsebtie,ilviti Attomatto
tension to chang e, 'as It tegnianot &kit 4. A.
llooDr, the agent.r,wilt take tilnum* In atonvink
them, to the store recently 'oienilccl * by :Cartes ,
BOcery,•ttearlyeppccdte the Arians Honor: '(5.12.
. -
I :'''l 2 B7 3lll . B ;'Br4f Igni r dlY 3
Inc uric , Fan jrrii;dtt the - Ladei wbkt are !ox.:
ceaillnly.belptlfiAss well as sfie knois
both to arrange'theta to itillt , tho hulei oF ell 'even.
Abo,most fastidious—, " C42:1-#l',:
tg" If Sour LUir is coming ! out or turfs=
Ing gray, do not, murmur aver, a wdefortane
eau so 033113-avert. -At Elll3 HAYS" VIGOR will
tentove the cause of your grief restoring your.
hair to its natural color„and therewith your good
looTts and good nature. , •
$W To secure childreis' pictures—take
them to tho new (Halm. •
air :gm goods receteed dally at Ltr.xDIXIIALN%
or Go to Diciert Bios. to buy line
o" If you 'want a FlatalsOnle,' Neiv,
stylish suit, call at .raccnis. :
IS. New Clocks and Fasaukere f .at „: ,
EVANS a ITlLtrufiiire.
Engraving done at liziiittitsoes Jerelry
.fa , llllaC.lll4toi 'Xiiteselrdlocks, cia!i.
arPictures taketi tliativeak for tbem
selves. Nisir'oll/107:
Ladies Belbt in get"at'rtriety,
sepott KENT a BLISS''
xj-Ilaaararay . at 'fen &great redaallaktt!t3ll
Ter-Plated Ware. - • • -r".• L •'
. . .. ,
Sr For suAinds of goods la theiJoyeyy Um;
cast u;HaYAs - -
••= - 4
• - . . ,
'finest riastortinent, :4:4 , 44te's
& B&t6B'. tooplitt
Or' NinFte White 0601 and Wit
atiih (3 e I:"
1 1 " *O.
E,n/ryiktilg in the MO of atitkat
e st,Weurcoxe, itriiir4.l. f `•
air' All th 4 new shades a Casbminm,
*lli leepett3 Kss7 k Buss!.
emir alou went the beet Cook Steve extant. call
et Acrisx's4 ta Wrenn bleat": 1'
Sp a y to WnlrMik 104 ivroillorcano Block,
tor 'Boob and Beagoaty:
Novelties in SaehltibilOns at
sepOtt,. - ,k , Itivr BLiss.
71AT SAE, -,A good Threshing
xic 111 E, at ont4iai air ighti: e r '• 0: PArtos.
' Or rinishlifg Zhines;ibectind-haini
Act, them); news, Rubber Paint, 4t..
7.73-:! :—......__ 1 " r , , 14 r
Qom` 4'ull aiid see tho new Styles of col
tare ila4 at Nyco' & Arms'. - (sellOtf.
O - Ngw ,(190 E isimostoil
oWnetealaige r iiroiceof fall find Win=
ter Clothing, which was selected 41th great tire'
'especOtily tor this market. - Thesel goods will he
lold it prices whichllliastontiditho closest buyer
s thy vaii both tairclasedior cash at great ant
b~rgeltyY 1 41Tder pools, at t 13.50; Pants' t
l ap iy Overcoats au& and all wool.
fleavj Beaver Overcoats at Ole; and verythink else
in r/roportioni* All tie invited to call and satisfy,
Ittritives ti tie fit be onderfold ! l4.ll kooda.
. ,
1 - far MI.TVIC`AL iIiST!FUTE, —.A. . 4 .4lllSiedl• t; - .
Inatit4O: ii;iDcittiiiiventte kid ad+nced slizgo - ns !. P l : ! ' , 8 7 3(1°1i ! 41
,gill de hold at' Wyalnaliw, ra., conamenclut on 1 _
iftidilbr a eirenltig, Sept.' i.7', eontlintl tig ten' dart,
and.atuf tettlstoneerta ou 21113114 ff and Friday
4elit 't, ott.ra is. Cdlidied. arterntiOnn: mt.
ranee iti
clam, evenings. I •
7 1 .. 1 - a Adirr; 3toGn ANAILCS. 'Director.-
Sept/.tB-2w 4 , - . 1
l' , ,
r }out Lair is c9nung,out or turn
oht•• -. • - • '
[bag etiy,A4 not murmur ovsir i intsfiirtfine_you can
ioeastly avert.. ANEW'S 11,1.111 VitiOit willre
t7&re t le cause of your grief, by restoriug your hair.
Its ilittaral toter. ant therewith ya,ur rxxl funks
4 goi4 nature.
Er ; to DECKtit Maxi. to buy a Alio .
tie of Epp
Goods gentrally.
riyivoß SA'tir..4=-Tho subsefiber offers
fQr saliff a large, .conuodlous and ell arranged
*Mini fur a di} goods Idure; Mao d. lu Leßass
Bindford Co. Pa has good
well-arratt,tdd h es-roont; 'pad .an upper
tdory carpet room, ete. Will beisuld rea?ona
blr nil ferias of Thlyintlit nir.du to stilt parchiocr.
• j. j4:5 SS,
• Neatl4 Bradford Co.. Pa. •
.3t,t . ilixto BOSTWICK . . late of J4B. ALLYN' , t
calibereatterVe found at J. 0. rttOsT & SONS,
Mainlatreet, where ho trin be hailly to flee nil of
Itteniniaronafrieadti. And: any in - n,eed of rurnl
, tnything Fl the fine of tJnd4itaking, win
the best gate% assortulent. and lowelst
14een„ al their store, of nny pine hi the country.
nris V ee tor narself. ' .
ffir•Geild, Slicer, and Ste6l Spectatile . A. am! Eye
°lames* great rarlety, at ilkNoxtuA "ti Jewel.
' . ' Ttil ' illE INDXPENTI7IOICinitr TAX IIANTAtf, AN!" .
:.- ele;ol;lfins littancial stringency lof th e year.'
which causes. a'ultirershl professed 'disposition to
red uce all salaries and fees whetherl of national,
state or +ray officials to the minimum point, and
in 'IOIV of, the fact
~that a resident at khe county
who will neither have to move, biriva clerk tO I
do esinets or- Wilde *edits With matte d can af.:
for to at4ninister the duties of the office of chum
ty asuiriat less expense to the tax;payerkthan
n t e
a I siden4 : of any distant locality, I tak e t this pub
tic ethoit of saying' that if elected SO the °Mee
afo said li will be satis fi ed wjth two per cent ! corn
pen tion,;whieb is three per cent tees than allowed
pre ent (dicer, anti one-third less that ' oflered by i
any otherl candidate s. If' , the people ally wish
,i - only lit nubile affairs; add Wish to re tax-pay; 1
ei a
eratnough to' Midge .setne little:id !, here is
the optteitdnity. ~:. - •]' ~.
T l .ltwantli Sep. 21, 18Th.
611111 NO AND Sti3l3l
C o
Are ow nicely to serve the ,putilie with
g and best Stock or -
800 , s, SitOr,s, "rov,:f Aso THAA£III
biOUßilt to Tow,onda.. Prices to suq
re 4 P Us- • '
G 171 .; assortment of Kid
Tint; and 4olorg; at KENT gkinLlS',,
1101 LOX-1 0 .11AZER.—At the residence of the
• b Lime DM, Tuesday Sept 21, by
Bet. J. 1 Suinner, Daniel o , llollon, of •Towan
da,; and .'"ie,ttle L., .daughter.of 'Hugh S. Frazer.
i ,
i. . ,
I 'DIED. i ' 1
EIGII3II 4 ,Y.—AI her home ln ? ittheus township,;
Sunday, August Ist, MS, Ileurletla'Elghmey, aged
25 yettrs : i a
MissEigloney was foi along time one ,
of the prOminct
. teachers in the , Athens
Grard School, Which position she ably i
fille up to the time she was prostrated
wit the! diseate Maar terminated, her
life.l As ti teacher she stood at the head ;
of h . rlirrifession, she haying received ther
big est eicoinimrot of proficiency ; in.: our
Stet . Added. to these qualifications 1 ,
were :the finest social endowments,. which
around her a large circle of friends
to whom idle was attached by ties of en-
dearing friendshiP, 'Her high intellectual ,
attainmerits are ,the more commendable',
fix:pi the fact that they were the result of '
her unaided exertions. Thrown
'entirely on her own resource ' s id early ,
life, ho hits without the help or fayor of
the • nential, oftentimes undin discour- )-
agin cimmstzinces, lab( Werth a reso- i
'lnto and a lirm adherence to; right,
till sticees4 has come as the merit of true i
and!liefty purpose and exertion. .Her last
sickness w.asiong arid painfid: Poi near.. f
ly a Year, !prostrate and helpless, She has
endured the severest pangs of bodily suff- ;
ering, but through it all her Christian f
'faith - has Showt(llke. a getaiiif belestial,
confi 1'
beauty, developing a soul of unfaltering 1 -
trUstiand dence in the Christian re
ligion. - The..Saviorir, whom she had i
learned toilerve in early life, was a con-
stint:guest in her heart; and as the . '"dread
Messenger!' seemed eaeirday to bring her
nearer they "dark river, 1" the Heave*
Comforter! gave her such assurance-. of.
'His Pr6setace and love, that shit 'felt that
,every triat had its full, compensation,' and
that She cluld rejoice even in 'affiietkin: '
Her many friends were constant ; at; tier.
'bedside, `ministering to her wants; ;and
,:bringing something to add to es comfort,
'hoping and:praying that-if it wore ipos
' sihle ; she rinsr,ht be, restored to lealth and
uSefulnessi - But a kirid - Father that is I
wiserithantfiey,, had. decreed othekvisc,
and on theilaelcof the bavely Sabbath the,
4 ‘st4ol ; boa3psan" came , and transported
''Her pore spirit over to the ‘beautifulikour
i wher 4 the glorified spirits had been 'witch
' ing and waiting' for het • , • ••
1 ,litee . iftt4rtdP: the Ttleiday folloWing, f
was very largely attended. Many of her ;
friends and former scholars arranged i
• wreaths arid boqiiets of timers in
_and 4
around 114 casket , ; showing, - *tore .elo- f
quently than-: words,. the Ngfi i lispect I
:they had for her: - l After aPpropri e re
marki, by Rev. ,liir. Cobb ,- and Sing g the 1
.hymn'sselei.ted by herself for the occasion
("Only-Wajtine' and ."Artgel Boatman"). 1
the reinainiewenk taken tcii Tiogii Point
Cernetry mil there :*posited: 7 iii I
And nowlthe weary Sufferer is at rest-- i
sweet,' sweqt:rest!—for which herloakit% i r.
soul, eppre4sed and 'burdened *Uhl pain.
ands eririg, - has so long
, : siglied. i And
as weter n from her grave we feel t iat it
is onl. the frail weak mortal part that is
buric 'alert.; and that above 'its Clods,.
-.ellsh ,10nr hearts, there is a sacred
treain gai,ed by the contemplation of a
character soe lovley in Christian races and
rich, hi Christian experiance, which eludes
the inter or the tongue or pen to diacribe.
New halvertizementt
T 1 ST Of LETTERS rekliabgi
4 'tno rost inure at Towancla, Dradrord Vo
to; trio ,y(eckpuling Sept 16.
E - • , .. ,
Arnold. mina • ...-, • VOlrlUart: iilloB , -
Keu4il, V 0 Mart lir, Cli4irles
Mc* ;3111430-3,arfth. !• Slrlr ; Annie .. •. -,
' gml 311WAtaggfe . . Brnitb,'ltlrs Iplza
Thom um. Otirylk Thorn?, Alonzo, jr.
, :VI 41'0 :. " ..-"" Vi-sg. "BIN A I'.
r •L'p . 404 for ail,. or'iti;i - iiii;v4cletler
please say "mtreptlserd,rntvlng date of Ust.
KW% I,Von D .1 4
iT'lrf . ri A r 4 r 1 : - ' -,- ' - :r t: , '';'' • '. D. • '
E.A.NOI , TITNING.4-:-T4 . -7— el4t.
- - rioreitio r or . ffttotoirutiolistel,pelkt 19,4 r, of
*sides iti Toldinta.:and. Ms ;muse Is_ in.
tlttilek: 110)iaii comomiur on'. band;t4 sale lair
- MOW udotoutelEPtatto,l."lttoiotteonis am" or atta
at Maui that irwerytiody,latii, Ilford to - pay:l , Mr.
Dlttrlch la au+ mimed.' .'to . Alum, ptanos, and nis
=' , ezPoliour In Ullit nne warrants the etteltsicru
tie ta,,,Tha, test man 'to' be found to Nortbern
Ainmsyl,tsmis, ;to tuna a ptaao up In list dalis or.
den. . - .. • tip ZIO.
4 - T -1
..., , 1 ; i
411. •
r.N :S
Idle Largest
the times
loves in
M 47f IN I 1,1111 I I
nowseeelvltri, oar first l!isialluo:tit of
7 1 4: ri 1 , GOODS,
Icli ill
81,1 A %V 1.1."7,
'ft Es,
'At ISI liAt Y.
• L.
AND NoTioNs,
ils•• 3 laige stork of
•-- : •
: •
- f '
Fine assortment of goods, at low prices, Yu every
palvEL4 &co. 1
i I
.Ca.:ll dealers la
Towindi, July . V.. 4875
.1. K. 11
z cl F-1 2c
O W Pe;
4 w • 4s,
cl 4
0 • al .= w ,
: ~. ::=4
z -4 a; L? ; 7 0 - •', l
it o
X &IP_ 41: E-1 0
g z t 0 7 +
lir g ion
tla Z 02
Er t" Q •—•
- ets t: 4
0c; e es 0:1
Z L 74
re -0 t GTr 0
1 5:
: " 44
' 74
rte'. 0.,
CC "Z rrl
!"•"4 "01
H 8 ; 1,1 if
I. Insure their lives very clie-ip in the
Temperance Mutual Benefit Agee-
g in
~ Po,
. .
' A, well established and well
.oxiducted Life Immo
ranee plan, by which total abstainers get the how
fit of their habits of abstinence, as they cannot do
In ionitianiea tvhich - )tisure ordln6y Makers. No
large premiums to pay; no fine Ontldfngi to build;
high salaries; C.*. M ALL , Agent. •
i 0 SA,LE OR -
vitig Sited aaArreported :oni Brick Enure, we
now offartite aasteeros age arrent von reasonable
termL .Any, pang Mitahtig iwl'elkPB6 l ll the inert
coati].) bisiatal will Slid, Oda a . gm' o Plawiwnii7
„for dolog a ancteastul Medan" PO particuisillt
eV*, (*tithe premises or of IL J. Long, at Ste,
'ma as Long, Town ! la, Pa. ;
Conk} nos. •
saiustos Boroas» Sep 10.
+i -
--Notice is hereby_ f.s/.l ten that an persons in
nehted to the estate of Win. A. Pit; late of To
wanfla,dee'donnst make'iminediate yment, to lin:.
undersigned, and all persona having; claims agate-t
' said estate must present' them . duly auttrebtleated
' Ter settlement. . JANE T. PECK.
• i nur..nv& Admintstratrix.
—Nottee Is hereby given that all persons In- .
debted to, the estate of Oen G. Terry; Intel of
Terry twp., decd, Must make Inunedlate
. meat to tne Undersigned, and • all persons having
claims against said estate ',Must prevent them, dole
authentleated. forsettlernent. ;: ' ,
Eat V.
Iseper . 6. , Administrator
all . l4.inds ut '
0 4 .1 0
t". ...
. g ..~.
. . .
- -); .- - 2-‘ 0 ' ':!.l.''- - “'
- .............::.....0,.-,1A.4.-.......i.
QIItRIPIESui AiLES.--Sry 'idiot'
of iwistity silts - eatidthepaalef Coal,
OM nailS at „OtWitt Camsty *ads° Wie digested ,
will lie esSesed town 4 sale onllttatSDAT Wep
teittbel- 3048714 - al J. tieskr, 0.4 st - the :Coon
Ilatuter to TowstAda, folkilther described prep'
'ell% tOotiU ' ' - '' - ' ; 1
,-7 0tuti 'kit 41/114 , Ils` Winship, bounded
. , atkllitt riatiliby MAL said itaintilfrishit by the
ISasqtuguatss• Met. fgads of if,, C. nod S. w..
lielins;solgth by Of WO Newt* - sod the Te.
winds In= Mfg. Ca4;414 - West by.lands of the/ Dar
elsytEaDroad Co., ecetbtaloglb ales of bad wawa
ter less, all improve&
o ii ii '• .- . • I •
ALI3O-.N0.2-4)no , i total land in iota Tar
wands twp,, bounded 'theocrat by lands tlf 1011.
B. Smith. And Partr, east by butdof Wtri
(Matteis south by ofv.D...Trartltsestste anti'
--, trowst, sad with wens vista& of old Ott
nog sad Deo,
Drittot tetire qitainlng:abaut 143 ser , 4,
.about aliens I ' with two frametl dwell,, I
hOtiseitand two barna uteri.:'; • • , •
I ALSO- o. i--. 11.11 nlefenduirs Interest 10 •ci
Undivided one third of oneother lot Of land Iti
j, the bolo of Towanda Ix/ended eis the north' by
1 Chemmt St., Pat, seat sad west by lands of Wal•
t ter 0 -"R` men being $4 feet on Chesturn street. awl
rarllng trans 52 to Se reel In depth. With x trill
'-, steel framedhouse th?eon. ', - /• I •
tilafli-Nti,4-411 the elepdanrs Inteiest 10 art •
,'othe r lot et•litull •in i e hero of Towanda; and
bounded on the north bq lands of S.• W..A,lv_onl,ll'..
i 6 ;.Tracr. N. Ce Elahreeniadettealaut, stall the tall
by Third meet; cal thelsoutb• bp. the Plank Una&
/ and Lush of. J. Wigan* aid on the west by sth .e..
and ' , tots Of 13, IV. , Altrat& on which Is erected a
I steam nitil,, lased for *Mind ng• mill. ' dear ,-. rash
and blind want/rat-W.l i
r wo dwelling bonier a bare
' and sheds,' being the pnVert: OW In p:o"eigk.l3 of '
L.:. 13. Itogers under a lease., ~ - t
AL:4O-310. /1.-One Other lot of fend Xonft e .
1,, township,' binmded as, fellows: ttegiening et a ow
ner of linters land on the; south side. of l'erwatoks
creek, thence down the, same the several ', enstr,• , •f
thereof soon 0 6 pereheS to she line of the AlO.-4_,
fartn., thence alougsal4.line south 75 0 40' ea 4 0 7-10
yerrhes.te the line of llie late SiliWratt 4 FAIV mil' '
toad. thence southerly altulg told rittiowl *bent . :':.
Plows to line of Sweet' t farm, thence tiorth:vreat- .
er:3- m1..0,.; lie' nahlAiltoollt 91 perches to the psi ee et
tegiltolon: containing abbot 1.1: 1 1 atvesomunst of leap.
lii, tiv totems-ed.. Seized and taken Info exeentlnn
at O: init of Ulysses 31/trur es. • Mahlon I, II: r-
A I.lnt- 2 nae other lot t, of land hi Armenia Lisp..
bounded on the north by Lauds of Altre4 Ripley. .it
the cast be lands of Heal Coiert, on the 1001 h by
lands of Roma Seott end other lands et defendant.
.tlanson Smit/b aid on the west by lam/loot Waiter
Cullen., being lot So. M ~`Lan. warrants No. 053 and
055, containing 100 neres•iof land more' or )ear, nod
Is a part of lands of 'lenity Drinker, dee - A, as sub
divided by Samuel straitl Jr. ' • ' other let tif land - lir A ihmnia, ttrp. r
I >ourdled oU the north by (ands of Walter linliant
and said defendant..Abunton od the east
lands of !lowa Scott, on the south by lands of
Furman's estate, now lauds pt Crawford. and Int
the west by land of. Anson. calmer, containing 114
acres and two perches of PAU. Inure or less. 4 1 341
lug IN , No. 803, of warrants' 981 and 983 of the Su
gar Creelalands of H. Drinker. deed, aastardivt
(led by Santneletraft.,./r4kabout 120 acres Improred_
on both of said lots, With . % framed housed; 2 franw_.l
barns, granary and orchard thereon. Seized and
taken Into execution 'at 'the slat of OA'.
exrs vs : Alanson Smith; 11w, at "aft of same %s r
same. .
- • • J. 31. 5MIT : 11:
. 1 • ,
—Notice Is hereby given that ail persOmt
debted to the estate of I.oreuzo Watkf l o,
`Ulster, decd, must make? Immediate payment to
the undersigned, and_ aiq persons, Ictrinn ,
against said estate. must Treseut
thentleated, for settlement, !
' Ia K. WATKINS. I o '
?W. If. nocKwEr..6- -
• Admr.
notice-0 is hereby ittven Matted persais
debted to.' the
,estate of Alfonzosebnant, late or
deed, nust make 'immediate payment. 1.. t
the undersigned, and ttll tiersons having claim ,
against said estate must present therm.duly
Cleated, for, settlement.
sep2w6:i. Administrator.
Take hake that I haveapplled to the IlonoroMe'.
the Judges of the Court of Common : Pleas for the..
Counts' of Prailtord, the . tll bonen' of the Inset
yent fawS of the Ccenmonwealth of pennsylvaidn.
sca they have appointiA the ;it') day of tietob'er
be*, at 10 o'clock A. at., to , hear me Ilrld luy erect I
tors, at ties Court ;Huse, Jul the INrcnigh.4.l T,-
wanda. wheh and. where you may attend if yin
think proper. • 1
§'ept. 6, 1875. 1 JO fiNEE.I
ter. :ORS' A`ClTlCt.—ilotiee
4 ,v
- ~ pi lic'Teby given that all perso s Indebted to
the estate of Dods Vutilly - e, lat of LelloV.,
deed, must make' linmedial mute t to the nil
'der-signed; apd all persons tog, e ins Against
said estate nntst present them, duly ahtheritleated
for settleitie it.
S litivt6 i ?. I' i irtzecittors,l
V •
r, is hete e tn , given that all persorls Indebted o the estate o , tetirjr amend, late, of Asylum dee..
ran'St make Immediate Forment;to thetluderslgnelL
and all persons haying claims - against saki estO!
must present theta, duly anthentteatelt: for setts
ip -
ment. ~ ' • O. S. .310.:605, ± .
4P 16 ' "executors. 1
.(• g ,
--4- H
ALI Notice is hereby given tlint alltteismus Indent;
ed to the estate of Joshua Bayley, late of North ,Tor
wanda,deed,are requested to make immediate pays
meat, and all persons havinr, claims ]again said
estate must present them duly authenticated, for set'
me I t . • . , ' FRANCIS GIIEGO. •'.
. , .
pr. 9. , . , A Zzecutors:
Take notice that I have applied to tht Bemorald4
the dudes of the Court of COmmon Fleas for ti 4
Countp of Bradford, for, the bcnetttot the Insolvent
laws of the CommcmWealth of • Pennstlvaßla: ano
they have 3ppolnted the sth day at October nes #.!
At ten ONAOCA: A. at., to hear- mg and my creditor:l.:
at the Court House In the ikirough of Towandl,l
when and where = yen-may attend te Yon 'think;
per , .
Sept• axis ..ITALE!
OTICg.--Notiee' i 8 here y given
J. that a meeting of the Stockholders of. the
Towanda Tinning Co. will be held at the Frst :ST a..
Ilona' Bank of Towan d a , on Saturday the nut day
of October next, at 13 o'clock .r.*•., for
of taking attlon according to law, In )relation
p acing a mortgage on' the real - estate ot geld Cotn-
Tovranda Angust ISTS. •:1 • •
NERSHIP.—Thc. copirtnership ;heretofore
existing under the name and style 'of-E. - Grant k
Sons, is this day dissolved by initial consent. ,
notes and accounts will remain' with .14 , . L. Grant
for settlement; - E. GRANT at 'SONS.
The bastnese of the Saw & Mill;- VII, 14 "
Carried on by J. L. Grant, whO will be glad to till,
*he orders of all old and new CuStomem ,for floor
ing, siding, and planed lumber of every description..
A large stock of rine lumber ito;ir hand, ant
sale at prices to suit the timo. 4 Persons content=
platitig building 'ill Owen to calf. Airtwork go:lr
tudeed. i •
itnO. o 4.A.1S T
Margaret bas left my bed•rind board without
just eauso porrevicatlon, all Lpersons are hereby
, torbld harborbig, or trusting .tter on mx account.
As I wilt pay, no debt s of her contractlaig after this
date, unless compelled by !arr.! • 11
Ter9r, S ept 1875.3w' . .191INS0V.
IE. If. Jacoby vs. G. P.' dash. lithe court
ot.Common Pleas of Bradford ' ; county. No. 116 It
Sept. W., is:4. . I a ;3 :
Thei undersigned, an aaditot 4polnteil by the
'court to dlstribtite the funds raised by Shertrs sal*,
of defeanant,s teal estate. will attend to the dutie.4
of Ida appointment at the office; of Wilt 4 1 / 4 Maxivell
In Towanßa, op TUESDAY, theilath daY of Oct 6,.
bar, 1075, at 10, o'cloca a. 3r. when anit where all
petsoas having : claims ' on' said, rand mild Present
them, or be forever deb uml Iran coming In upon
the same.
sv4 .'"I31
Price Ttientzl-Fire Cents. 1 . •
! I
. • ,
Containing a complete Hit of all the towns In the
United States, the Territories and the iiontinion ur
Canada, having a population greeter than; 5,000 sic
cording to the MU census. together with the names
of the newspapers having the largest - hicel circula
tion in each of the platesnamed. , Aisti t a eataloger
of newspapers which are recommended: to adept...!
Usersas giving greatest value proportion to pie.
tea charged. Also; all newspapers In' the 'United
Stateicand Canada , printing over 5,000 copies each
Issue. Also, al; the Religious. M asonic,
tide and Mechanical. , Medical ; Masonic, 4trventie;
Educational, Commercial, Insurance, Bea Estate,-
Law, Sporting, Musical,. Fashion,4nd ether special
class journals; very complete lists._Togather with '
a complete list of-over , 300 German papere!printed
in the:Milted Staten. Also. an essay updn advert
thing; many tables of rates, showing the cost of
advertising in various newspapers, and everything
whiehl a beginner la.advertisbig wouldialke to
know.l Address ,
; GEO. P. RtiwELL &
angle II Park How. Netv York. ' '
. ,
c' Alsi.D LIB.
rain and after duly 1,1 wilf.'sl coal, Dane, &c.j
for cash only, and the price ,Mr .'W be terrected
monthly. .
?BICE Or COAL ' ion arLY, rin:Tus or 2,060145. 1
.. - al. Sill:TAatie:i `. '1 \...
Pittston Stove, Cheatnufand Furnace . +...1 4 o 0
411 i p ea ,
~. i 4 3 5a..
Carbon Run Lump ' ' ' 400
. 44 46 smith ' . 3On
Barclay Mountain - Lump , ", ' • f a 50'
64 16 ... th.....
Smith Y LT
Allentown Lime lit bushel •
Lath VIII • 224
Balt' 3S bushel,... • L • • fl 40
Brick tit 11 • r t-10 00
• • ,
I am always prepared' to 'defter purchases on.
short notice at , tbdusnalprleti of delivery_
I also tender my thanlito Mrthatiy ; patt
customers for their Tell - rib;
past and hope muter the Am, *smite larto.
their Interest to continue to'• latter° Ittey - can ,
get the best goods for the least, Millet,'
:Thom Soho are Indebted to nae, vs I takci notice;
that I mast have money or I eatiVaniy for cabbala
pay freights. They must settle Ity• the irstatt Au.
goat next. - • r
• •
'Very Hespeetfollyll'ours,"_
Tovi:iulda r July 19Ti