Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, August 26, 1875, Image 1

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43-Atlt•Crtlslng In all cases exclualtre or subset-Ip
i•ms-to the paper.. .
mr llne, tor the first insertion, and Fro: cars
or line for tmbsequent insertion=,
LACAL ,NOTICES, same st,yle as readiti: Mat
A WY ERT 1%111 be inserted aremAting
the follotying table of. rates •
1w , tvc 2nt 3011 Gin Ivr.
a.OO a.OO 6.00 I 10.00 115.00
12615 1 - SAITI
i1C1ie.!..%..1 _.501 .- 7.00 10.001 - 13.00 f - IO.OCTITIO.OO
I I 35;150
'; 15.00 1T1.013 E1XT13070(T14554
coliiifin. • 1 io.oo '2 . - 6 - .0 - 30,00 f aeoo I 55.00 I 75.00
1 cl;iiitOn...l 20.00 I bO.OO I 6 EOO I
ADSIIN'ISTBATOWS and Executors Notices.
2.00 t -Auditor's notices, $2.50; Bualness Cards. live
(per year) f 5.00. additional Blies. fl.oo'eacti.
YEARLY! Advertisements are t.ntltled ‘ to guar
lc ly eliiinges.
TRANSIENT advertisements must be pald r ,for
-ALL !Resolutions of Associations, Cotunitinlea
-ns of limited or individual interest. and notices
r 31arriazeS and Death& czcfeding five lines, are
JOB PRINTING, of every kind. in plain and
colors. done with neatness and dispatch.
Blanks, Cards, Paniphlets Blithe:l4s,
tistoinents, kc., of every variety and style. printed
ut the slinrtj•st notice. THE REPOLTEU °Ma I%
;\ ll ;lipplleCulth power presses, a good assort
emit of new, type. and everything in the Printing
line can heexecuted in the must artistic manner
at the lowest rates. .
Prcifessional aisd Bad= Cards.
-J • St.T.!II,ETEII.,
i k !
~, , ,g 2 ,,, r. 'Tow AS: il _.. VA
(11 .- EirFON . k MERCUR,
i 1 1r.;C Mel" .I.tozitanye., Store. (may67s.
4 -_—___
.I NEys AT I, A.W.--Offlee. corner of Main and
One sr_ oppyrite Pr. Pwter's Drug Store.
~. . .
-1 • 7;:EY .\T LAW Tilly. Pa, Cialections
~ade •
nll.l,Throlnirjy . remitted. i [ fehrrotf.
. L.M.:, Ortle(4—Meiellei, Illiri-1:. it,NA tliu,r
tyl7-7 :3• :xpre, °nice, r..wancla. Pa. __
.;4 I •
a- ; !
TV. S. M. \I - 061113171.1N. Plyt'si
-1.!..‘11, t r ial' ant! :7 , urg, ,,, n. I )111,1•.:,-,N,r 11 . I‘ . I:! a de,
'I . "11:11111a lil, 1 l• - .fv•
ANT - 001 i &SA NDFI - lISON.
. ,
! T ,
.IN4). I,,SA.Nl)}llt,sws
r ~:ol.:4 t irgoot., office ov,i . Dr
i!, •• r .‘; SZO: 0" ,
It. D. N. NEW - DIN. M. It
!.11. •
• ,1
1• AT-zoo:NE)" Al' I. \\l . .
11". BIZINK.-.Ettstice of
Iii;; ;01 , 11 Com - ova:lcor. .% 1 -11 I to-tiran,•,.
' , I ,roll I .
' I
( -1 1 )2 :1 ' !• , t ;, 1 1 :11 .7 ) ‘ 11
1 S(11 : :C I ii , !.
~ 41 TWA\ 011 !1! ,, ,r ur 11r. now
- I
i) ENTIST.—(Miet.
Y • ,"••.! Ttill;l[l4l:l.A..l.
I t , •, ;1,4 \
It .1 NN
E. • 1
• \T
:"Z 11. I, (,)
\ A \ 11 . L I
7 AN T \ 71. ' 1
;- r :.i:N • :1 -
N 11 . y. WM. MA X Vv .
I 11:1 . /1EIZ:''()N
`--I.i hi: NT 1. \
Ng. !,1.... ithoct..
", 1
1 )
, )1 „ :, , S:1 1 :, \ ... N;!.
K, NA At
••• ••: 0.•;t: .1.. q
I.i• : , _
4 EU. V. 1"E I:, ('. 1."... '‘.:. ci I "'N •1 . 1 .
1.• i -.4 1:1 :.) r•I:.-1.,r,o.111:11....11,4ii.t gi•.•li :!„.
; , ~...., .
Tilom ) N.' _1 ro , i:si:v
v -•
11 .1 F.E
, Tr, 111 ll u. Li FY I\-I'l;\\
. •
1 r. 1;1-:•:,11
% , ..` ll. l'iv% • 1.. Y.
.1`; , •!:.,‘";4•;14;
, F .• I.v - 11 f. T.. s
.I‘l , A. PA. It.iN
. .
• I .:t•
1" \ t • 1 , .N.
\I .\ 1 ) 1 LI! t.: ALIVI
AI A 1,11.1..
A l•
1 .\ N 1: (; E N
11111 11"..M IN.
VT"/: EY TA, \
T, • f 6. P t.
I. •7
'1'111.: 111xDERSICINE1 ) 1!11 . 111- .
I. r;
.1:14 I.'ll/I:4'. 111,1' hr 41
11.•t1.1, r 1
•. ' • s 'h' f•• 1
BEE.. - C.1111:1 AGE
•;" 1,1,1;1:0 •••114...c•1-. a I.•v.
• : .1. 1:-!:•.•4:!, n'“!1: • .
NV. 1;1.\-11;1.1:1
1 1: .1 \"''1:.:1l'::\"{' }
I . l:.l\'(E .1(;EN(;1
1 \1;1.1: 1N1) FIFE TIZIED
l'Uti - s 1%.
-'l' NATIO NSA 1., K
' I l ND. .
1. V \ ("MITI rtrt
ter any pall 44
• :1
S:"; I; f 'l‘"
1:11. I. Uontk
(; , 21 , 1
0 h I .0
1.1 . 12 . 7 .' 1-- i-ON:..uNif int t)IiN),I
, •
_AN! Ttir_tcco.
'• - 8r.." 4. 1,1•0 ( ~1 1:T
FiP "I:ND , ‘ N.
S. W. ALVORD, Publisher.
100. IMO
Hariware, Crockery ; t,e,
- -
. 01,1? AND POPULAR'
II A R IV Alt E T I k') Ii E
lin he the attet i fthni (.1 the public to t4eit algal
111.111WAIZE (i'OOOS,
or ;A. md , :
- 1 •
v.trlrly.; I
4, 1 th.• ~ .-.1..11,1, t r0• :tut...llW' 1%: tr.11. 1 ...•1.
1 CA 1:1'11NTEI:S' 'l'i )
• (;Al Fix . TrßE.s.
Ili . lid'
1 , .
. 1
ll , :lith, , I 1., th,• 1.• 1.
. 1 ,
; 1
L. A4' C 111 .1 N EN'S & l; LOBES,
iti:lllllf... Is ye,
.0; t t , ;•11,11-
.1, ,1 ti.. n r; 1 1 0 t 101 Ilp in illt•
nt , ••l 111 f.g. :to. ? 111.1111• i'...1 -1,, 1 if 4'.
11 11 %VI, I'I4ACTI
' , •;111 , ! 1,1'41. 4 !1 . •'./11 ,
". LI ill Vi•• ~• 1! :' . ••td • 1q11 . % r.. 1
. ,
1 A A . I' A Y
it , •ni: l . -,.,1,111 i• Ili , 11 I,
!....1. , 11 1. 11 f , tll I nll , l .11Id
•i N.•t ,
it .1 1• 4 •11;i 1
111.1114 . .. 0 '11 . 0.011. nit /1 .I`• , / .
1:111 .,• ,[1 • It ;.:1•711,
111.0:.lny : • ( lll'' ,V••
Ci)1)1)Ni; 10"SELI,
11)()N7 !
1I -
...,t:t ,,, ( : n,• 1.
1 )\ : • ' •
.1' 1: ,s S 7' 1)"1. 1:
I ;HI 117 , :.11:111 t
I:. 1 - 1.1 - ql
. !
PA LI, A N iw N'rEl: GuOlis
\n ill y•-• tt•qk ••I Iri. -t•••6'3t7t{l•'
•.t!i-fy all ltrat Lr ran indn••-tn••nt.
11 4 1 Ar,l „k Ni) NV IN !I OF' I
31_ 1:. !;'LI? :' S
. .1
, ..
l .%.UtU
h••“••• liar w.WIr adc Otac [he iji,,••l
(11 , 1hiI/
3.1 1 , 3 itiat
hat 1 it tii
• i
FArnmE4s. . 1
. .
. :, ! mEi'll•Ni
1*,,,,,,•• .$l , • (..+. i, IV 1 , 0 — '1 , 4 dt
of my •t .l. and . " 1.1111iiii • 111 .. k' :i. li n g •Iy11 • • •
F rew "I. II! and .t literic;ol I fort
11.,•y• .1!! , 1 n It 'dill l.'
111:11Ir leading, •Iyles the (*.wing' sra,,it.
Dont,le ihi•
onver the lin77rir Vt. , 4,111t,; the Cuntrunlal
all of whiall 1 a,l: a oreti)l •••iaminati.,n.
I,: all Who art. In warit of cheap and •111,,tai,lial
HAT: ,
1101,ESA ND 1Z ETA I 1.,*
s .Vl' I,
ap,;l' 7
emtsi,tin g of
1;171.I.1)11Nt;lATI.:11) A 1.:_•;,
I - ill . ~ , oly ,„le.
f Of i•i. 5..11
! &('
‘.. , 10ty...! :nut
nl; . nt
K\It)SEN E 1..011'5,
gr , ,:11!,,‘ l• .•,
'll\ \VAR'
II ki;II
(;()(11i7: 111:,
\I r. (' I 1 I; :4
;\NI) EI,E6AN:i
1:• , 01; MLN I
AIEN . .IN!I BOYS' tyr.ll;,:
[N(: (;( 1( PDS.
DESOI 1 l'T I oN
cl.lPs. ,;;LovEs
31117 ENS,
sefrrictl fork,p,,
Awl so the farmer found a n Ife.
Ills mother fottud a tlanglitet;
There looks too happier home than hors
On Wasant Ileareamp water.
Flowers:spring to bbmsoni wio•r• >ln• u;iik%
The (*ern! way6of duty;
111 ii i• 61111 lilles of lire ix ills 11,4
lii` flora'{tip curve:. or beality. :;;
I lar homes are cheerier for her rake
Itar (194 , r-y'ards brighter bloom lag
laelall a 1 out the sarlal air
;verter for hel
7.11.9kep liffitillWs or f' lee
ner daily lit' , is prrachlng:
The ...tlll:refrt,huietit "(Alit' 11 , 1S'
Iti her 1 1 1110.11•Cf"Ils ieae Ling. ; ;
In•vi'l j l , •lnltyer hand than kern
Ileknit<;tho brow of
Ifi•r gar r'pent In the Ark man's var.
li:AVS. 1011,ie in trailing;
\N 11.T11 vlea,aut lutri r..t taforn.
'flue bliNkers gather.
$l. , leigh-!irlYt‘s tyn the mon - Main way.
Defy Ili.
I z,ligat wht.:l atrl warm
of 'Mal ch ar' Mowing..
from lb. thawing vein•
T ll, hittitte't 1,1(.4 I• flowing—
1!t -nunucr. 1111( . 1 , ' , MI.' 11114 . 4 reqvl
i Nirgin 74 , ne I> bearing.
i he rta.l , lly autumn fire
I.lgltt itp (Ii apple paring—
Tll.- r•i - a riirki - 111,0
ti••r titmr mirth di...phi,.
A t•ttlittfq• scnu• At1t.:1,111,. tilt,
Ettult rtri7r yea t ,h.• t.tta, c>.
Iter 1-14 , 6 in I%,triiit!,
To . 411 , Ah0 coin,. !wrote it: It
I. woman 11,t it, Eikti. -11.•11
A 4 sit , . Nloto• re.tor,• If.
For ah , l:witter ;th ,
The carnwr i. her 1 Wert
Al ho hohl, to tmuthet !wort
1111• I net , l. IHr wor,e or better.
i Lightning expres!4. gi.ntlemen !
all alioare." :shouted a vok;e.: in the
static kit at lluchestcy, at eleven o'clock
at nklit.
1 steppuil Ull lloard the traiii;lchoo
inr,, a palave aINI restatiraut car.
—.through to C'hicago...
Section:'" said the coMluctOr.
with a rising retievtion. "Ought to
have telttraphi.d. Only one
berth leftomfl that'sa mere accident.
- Here it No. Gentleman who
en:_ragea iVinissed.eonneetion4 at S--
; 'ongratolating 'myself on my good
f or t ne . I :,,speeglily crept into
—alower berth—and fell faSt asleep.
When I Opeiwil iny eyes. the. gray
d a w n of an o c tobey morning—the
October of I 86s—was stealing, in
through the curtained window.
I lay some minutes in a half dream,
listening)to the midtitttgliotis noises
of the, tritin.'with scarcely a thought
.‘here. 1, wos. Alien. as the light
grew Stronger. I raised myself on my
elbow and looked about m e ; only to
fall back a moment after with it start
of ,ttrprisv that was almost glismay.
Igelore my eyes hung a white,
shapely hand. - with a dark 'seal ring
upon (by thin] linger, It took' me a
moment ~j• two • tll, sra t_
re(l 5e11 .4 4 - 15 enoierh to discover that
it belott : .•ec .to the occupant of the
Upper berth. dropped carelessly from
his - quarter to my own. in the heavy
abandonment of sleep.
1 lay and -looked at it -8 whlte,
~; . !egpt-ly hand. its I have said—a ltatid
ginnlB! re d iii unglOrilicti—choose the
sword f , tr yourself —by the seams and
i•'_:allotts , s of matmal labor. The tini
, rers were long 811,1 taper. the nails
oval :111 , 1 11 - ell cared fOr. The lyrist
w a s ; k w, but well knit and sin
ewy; and 'half lutried in the linen of
the shirt -I caught the sparkle
diamond, •
The liitud Itatia strange fiiseination
ine, half itucanny though it looked.
in the lieird. uncertain' light of early
Intuiting. I : watched it. vaguely won
deriter Mutt: manner; of man the own
er mi , dtt be'. and what kind of a fitqc
1, - 480 , 1 assort with it. till there was ti
slit oVerheicd, and it vanished. j Then
I made inv toilet as Hgest might. and
went out on the platform far a breath
of fresher air.'
When, after an absence of half an
Fleisni-ely strolled back to my
place again. all vestige- of the night
were removed. and a gentleman in a
plain. gray travelling -suit occupied
one seat in the compartment allotted
to me. Ile hod, a news Paper in "the'
hand. • I recognized it at once.
• He lifted his eyes long enough
; to
salute me With a corteous bow :13 I
took the opposite seat., and then re
sumed his reading. I opened my I,a
-per also: Ind the attempt to engross
myself with it s'e•Ontents was a vain
one. My eyes and Illy thoughts eon
stoutly wondered to my a rip.. •
Deseftbe ? Nut itn easy mat-
ter. Neither is it easy to account for
the fascination that he wore as an in- ;
risible mantle. 1 might tell you that
lie was tall and slight; Ids.- complex
ion. clear and dark ; that his
crisp locks 'curled closely round a
well-shaped head ; that his eye. 4 were
large and litjuid ; that his moustache
w as li g ht and graceful penciling upon
the firm. thin lip. and that his impe
rial was above reproach. But
told you this, coUld expc4t you to
with a glance of inellable mean—
that you could find•his coupter
part in any harlgePs shop on Bioad
, way : or. if not there, in your siiher's
. French glancing , master.
. lon think so': Perhaps it is not
strange. ion see 'I cannot put into
words the individuality of,the man—
!,the certain undefinable something
Ohat set him - apart from the crowd
and made him potable.
1 , . 1 1e dropped his paper presently
, ,tlt
anO ,;
- nco, t.c, tie with some remark
;,'upon current, events made With a
slight foreign accent. Thus IVi• fi ii
into conversation.
•I " Breakfast served whenever you
; please, gentlemen.'' said the porter,
passing throllgli the ear. .
My companion bowed smilingly.
".As we are to be section mategAr
- day or he said, :" it is
that we . shOuld know each other.
Shall I do niVself the honor to pre-.
sent 5-ou : with my card ?"
I read from the little white parallelo
gram. So I !had not been mistaken
. in supposing him to h e a . resident Of
France. I may as well tell yon here
that he readl from the eardi gave
him in return: "-Edward •ilipkon,
New York.". •
We breakfasted together, at his' re
quest. I found, my " chance aivi4in
tanee " to be a most intelligent 4ncl
cultivated man; .And a
great traveler.
So much of the world had been sgen,
that to my comparative inexiierienee
it seemed / little' less than marvektus.
He was yleal4- older than myself,---I
was just twenty-seven—or ayeast it
seemed so. A Frenchman older
than an American of the :same
always,. But allowing for all that,
M. L'Estrange !was doubtles eight
or ten years my senior. He I was! at
once reticent and communicativeas
related to his inner self ; eon= ni
catiye as to his plans and projecti I
soon discovered that lie was onhis
way to SanFranciseo—so much fur
ther off than now.
"But what a circuitous route !'l I
exclaimed; " You are troin , ;' round
Ilobin Hood's barn.'"
" Robin Hood's hare,'; ie reheated
with a half laugh. his eyes gliSteniUg
as he caught my meaning. l " BUt.
my friend, I had just coUte fropt Pan
ama. I was tired of the ship, the 4a,
the monotony go this way.'
ON'erlanti the N;Itole distance
I asked.
- " Oh, no' Look here, I sliall'h4ye
the honor to show you," awl'he drew
a folded map tram his pocket, .! I
leave you here at Cithnut "--noting
the point with his peneil—"ytin see ?
There I take the lightning train for
-Cairo ; thence by express this way •'
—pointing to Memphis ':oil dae);,son
—"down to New-Orleans lihat' is
right, eh''"
-"Yes; but you will have tot to to
Ve'ra Cruz. how about the steauler
across the gulf'!"
".1.11! there :fonial your 'lltoltin
Ilootn:; Igtra!" he sari, howithifr.
-see! I go across to Ilavaßa. .:no
thence to Vera Cruz."
then—T" lIRV Jyes fOlowed
his pencil.
Then I go by diligence Co the
City of Jlexico, where 1 take the
saddle foi' Manianilla. • There, if the
good fates befriend nee. I T catch a
steamer ahead of the one 'that left
New York when,,l did. So. I like no
time; I see you great vount4. and
1, escape the dot, monotonons sea.
of which I have had too much jor
ready."- •
The lionrs flew on silver Wings.
All day long we` 11o8ted on a tide of
talk, sometimes
,sparkling with nit
811(1 humor: sometimes takin . a
deeper •t(me as •we touched upon
themes that gave to each brief. paSs
ing glimpses of the soul of the other.
It seemed to HUI th:it there was little
worth knowiTr t h at my companion
(lid not know : little worth seeing
that he hall not seen: little worth
thinking that he had ,IO(t. thought.. *:
\'et I leavued little of his personal
history save that he hail mark
time•iin South America. and that ,he
had large interests in the pearl tish
qies-at-Lima, on husinwis connected
with which" he W:1:, :":91
We Itad said nottiin:±! in any wa'y
relating to the 'war, its i'.auses br its
results. But sthblenlv lIIV. friend
turned to Hie. I I,!
• '• Ion have Leen in the art ily . " lie
" Yes. - '1 - answered. •• 1 served
thrott:dt . the war: But why dq you
think so r •
h. you have something—file air
tnilil'tir''.• I 11 t
I, too, ain u.soldier,nnd notl need
that you should ,it•e 11W the eotinter
;,- .
Arit - tther night passed, and iltour
after hour of the •secontl Alay.J \V't!
wert , .; forty miles from Calumet.
deep , i,itvitee felt nllOll us two,t Who
On these days of choice compinioit
ship.• had grown so St E:lo, 7 grelyi neap
carli other. SOtlll on Nyoulo
divelige. never in all probabilip
ertf,ss' again. 111, L'Estrange
urge d ni e to prolong my junrnty, at
least as far as New-Orleans.
We must not part as stranger:4.l'
he said imhnlsicclj. "My he;qthas
gi)3le out to you—fur we are 'a kin.
Somehow—somewhere-hall 1 , not
meet again ?"
My retieent northern nature stirred
within me. i
" I trust so. I hope so: I respond ,
ed. "But the world is wide. lishan
never forget you, M. L'Estrano.7
" Ali! : you are young,," he isai4l l ,
with a slow shake of his hand." Yon
are young. and the young have:rliort
memories. But stayt, hold! Itshall.
'dye von a sirn—a token. So [shalt
you keep one on your heart."
Taking from his„ pocket a tiny bo.!,
lie unlocked it with a key attached!
watehguard. A numbi , r of
'pearls „gleamed and shimmertid ip
the sunlight. Ile selected four pf re;-
marl:able size and purity.
You shall wear these for my
sake." lw s:Od. placing them ii, my
But I denrurrefh 'savin , r it .wa's t(io
costly a gift.
" Are. we not friends?" he. 001,
curling his lily 'w - ith superb srorn.
"Hem talk von then of cost
-Two then to be mounted as sleeve
buttons '!," still I shook my heat" anti
still he persisted. 1.
. - " Ilere, then, moo ami," he slut at
last. "I I' yon will not have twfp you
:shall have one;" and takin! , my band
he Placed one large, pure, lustrous
pearl on. the palm and closed ni,- fin
ger's over it. "It shall be motnited
like this," drawing tho desi,, ,, t on the
lid of the box, and you shalt it
for; a sign. Then you see,- I :shall
Inyt; - e its mate set in the same manner.
It shall be a token between tis.. ; and
the_ pearls shall bring- us tog flier
a (rat n . i
" Ah , I know it ! The pearls--they
are charmed !" ! . I
. .
" Ali, 1%1. L'Estrangre , !" I answe l red,
"; I C3ll resist no longer. I avill wear
,i , autr pearl; and it shall at leasti be a
Onvenir of days never to be forftot
ten.• •„
As he was replacing the. box. a
card photograph fell to the floor. I
picked it up, and was handing it 'to
him, when my (ye fell upon a face of
such rare loveliness that I held the
littlC picture as if spell-bound—a
woman's face, softly outlined, ;len
cately rounded . a pure calm Tore
head, crowned with - braid c d tr,; ( .sr
darkly bright," tem/et - unsmiling
that wore a sweetness deeper and ho
lier than' smiles; a chin, and cheek
that might have served, as model: for ,
I, ; , ! 1 1. .-.
1 ~. . ~..1
f ._ 7. , 1
~ I 11 : , ..'
.1 ,
: .
, -
a sculptor, There here soft lace 4
resting about the throat ; and a lace
shawl throwii 'gfactefiilly titer The
stately head, tested lightts- on the
Shoulders, like it radiant elond.. But
the eyes were the glory of the pie-
Ore; large, dark,; spiritual eyes, that
lobked into yours with unfathomable
meaning in their liquid depths. My
self-possession and my good manners
returned to me at the same moment.
" 1 beg your pardon," I said depre
catingly as I gave the picture to its
owner ; "but it is so beautiful Is it
your. wife ?"
"My wife ? No," he Said, with - . a
low, wise smile,. "but it is my Mar
duerkte—my pearl !"
There- was no time for further .
speech. We were at Calumet. L'Es
trange threw his - arm around me in
his impulsive French fashion, and
kigsed my cheek With ;;- warm " God
bless you!" Another moment, and
our short chapter of romance :was
But Was there no second chapter ?
Certainly, or I should hardly have
thought it worth while to tell you
this. I. t-turned to NOW ]`irk in a
few weelts, had my pearl mounted
precisely as L'Estrange had directed,
and wore it at first with a half-super
stitious feeling that it was truly a
link between us and would one day
draw us together. It was at all events,
powerful in one way. It was, indeed,
as he had said. a sign, a token. It
kept freshand green in my memory
.what else might have faded away as
one of the many forgotten incidents
of a life that was changeful and full
of adventure.
But it was not his face 81011 C that
it reeall&l. • 1 never• wore it without
seeing, as in a vision, the dark, soul
lit eyes that had looked up .'at me
from the photograph, the putt calm
brow. the tender. wistful mouth, of
my friend's " Marguerite' Not his
wife butt doubtless his betrothed.
What other meanin! -, lcould I give to
the sudden lighe.. that illuminated his
face as he exclaOned in that last mo
ment: - It is My Marguerite—my
pea rl !"
" I glian write you from San Fran
cisco." he had said. Itut days. weeks
and months lengthened into vOrs.
and I heard nothing. My 'wad s'earf
pin was the only token that those
charmed days of travel had been
more than a dream. 1 ITlieved that
he was dead. Last-01'11mm. I was in
Paris. Early one morning I went to
the Madeline. and. leaning against
one of the tinted eolumswatelted Ithc
wor,hippers as they came awl went.
The sun shot yellow nqs through
the , rroincd windows iW the roof;
the idianting of a hidden (41.1ir sound
ed far ott; and dream like: the sculp
tured Magdalene of` the high altar
looked strangely rya I in the weird,
uneertain light ; and the
,whole at
mo,phere of the place looked IPVIVII
de ref I.
.1s I stood near One of '-the great
bronzed doors. a lady. veiled, awl
gathering the folds of her mantle
closely about her throat, passed me
with a light step. The : figure was ex
quisitely graceful. and I, watehed her
with a young man's' idle euriositY as
she knelt at her prayers. wondering
if her face w:is ‘vortliyof her form.
As• she rose a fresh breeze from an
opuning door blew haek her veil, and
I ( It in g glimpse of her
tiaturc •
All the blood in my veins rushed
madly to My heart. Surelf it *as
the thee of My dreams—the face of
my frieml's Marguerite! Yet ,it
seemed a younger 'thee; perhaps l eas
liulonna like than in the picture,
haloed by cloud like drapery. Von
see I had not forgotten the slightest
peculiarity' of the photograph. I
could have sworn to,the very pattern
of the face.
Before I recovered my senses she
had disappeared. Tor three days I
haunted the i,fatleline•-in vain. On
the fourth I caught a glimpse of -her
again. stooping to drop a coin in the
hand of a pallid child. • But it, was a
fete day. and the crowd swayed in
between us. After that, I saw her no
more. -
I went on to Switzerland. linerer
ing for a month among its mountain
passes; made 'a short run into Italy,
and came back. I was loiterino• along
Les Champsl:lysees one evening in
a -fit of homesickness, alf inclined
to take steamer for Havre,
when I becathe aware of being wateh
ed—watehed by a dark figure under,
the shadow of the opposite trees.
The -red sunset light fell full and
strong where I was standing, but it
was twilight all about me. I changed
my position hurriedly, and hastened
n. Ilutin a moment I heard quick
footstepbehind me. then a run and
a shout.' An arm. fell aero-zs
shoulder. a hand clasped mine, and a
voice cried :
It is you! I have found you!
modomi ! /non ami! But it was
the pearl, even as Hold you in that
wild Calumet." And Hippolyte
h'Estange pointed to the sear!' pin
I wore that t day. " But on are
grown ',older. monsieur., s Vou are
chan!Yed ; and was not thiuking of
you', at that moment. But the great
pcail shimmered in the sunlight, and
it drew my. eyes to the face above it.
Said I not that it was charmed ?"
It is needle'ss to speak of the hap
piness,of that reunion; all the greater
for the, mood in which it found me.
" I shall not • lose sight of you
again,; - said 31. I,'Estrange. Yon
will' go home with me to-morrow, to
,Strasburg. Marguerite will be glad
to know my friend. Very often 11:Ire
I talked of our days together."
Marguirite! Strati I confess that
for- one moment I shrank as from a
coming pain, a hidden danger Then
every instinct in my manhood rose in
quick. rebellion. My friend's' wife
was vestal to me even in thought ;
sacred as if shrilled and gnarl •d by
inapproachable distances. I wouhl
go with him.
Why had he Writ written me? Shn
ply beeauSe he had lost my address
--" only this and nothing more."
It would take too lung to tell of
our delightful journey, and I pass on
rapidly to the hour when-the town of
Strasburg lose. before ns, and the
lofty spire of her cathedral pierced
the clouds. My ttiend'f; ehatean was
,ontside the walls of the city. on
in; ground. •
• " See he said, with a sweep of his
hand, as the carriage tolled along,
" this Is not so grand . , so fresh, as
.your great New 'World ; yet it is a
fair picture-;" /'•
Ile !night *ell say 10, the seven
gated city lay at our feet; the blue,
Rhine wound along. storied banks ;
thy branching • lll glided through the
town, picturesque with its many
bridges; in the far distance rose the
Vosges—Mountains and the_ Black
Forest of Germany.
And nevi we were at the el:ate:L(l,a
stately pile, ivy clad and moss g rown,°
yet bright,'seemingly an eternal
"Marguerite,.this iaj the friend of
whom you have so often heard. me
speak—Edward Hipp*" said L'Es
tranges dS I entered the saloon an
hour after, and a fair, sweet, woman
ly face, the face at the, Madeline,
looked up from the bit embroidery
over which it was bending.
" Is she like the pictUre ' my
gueriet ?" asked my host, but before
I could reply he went on ; By that
name you first heard of her. and by
that name you are to know her now.
We are to live in Arcadia for a whole
enchanted Month, and, as: a fitting,
we are to be to each other Marguerite
awl Edward and HipPolyte. Have
not the kind Pates pt4ved that tre
are akin, as .1 - 1010 yoi
Why else have they 1
tether ?"
I bowed low above
IRA I did not call her " 1 ,
neither did I 611 her "11,
trange." Some subtle, it
ing prevented that. I
by not calling her anti
I must not make st
You anticipate all I
There was no other , r
chateau. We dace wer
as .Iflnia and Eve in ti 4,
,gardell of
Edell. That was truly:,n enchantett
week, in which we rode, we rambled,
we talked, we read, we.sang—happy
lwellers in Arcadia. .:,And then—
then—l awoke one day ko find there
was ,no safety for me, Int in night.
This- " Ma rguerite " was growing l too
dangerously dear. I. wh pray,da4.
lAA me not lw kfl into
what business 11:1 , 1 I tIPI
I-was not o
illicit;_ I had no more ( I
my fellows; yet. I cot
seeing that Margttelitc's
eyes grew softer still W.ll
mine, and that the long 1
((1 over them with a'
Avhen I grew 11e3 I
fin• this: but it was- thrn
it—l must (1l ent
I made known. to .1.1:
nest morning.
But you are not Quin)
•• It is too soon. Did I
were tO - slny month,? .1.
more guests. if von tire Of this dull
life. and von shall see the' l oid eindean
alive with dance and son!k. My friend
must stay ?*:
"No." 1 answered.
must go. Pp not make',
for him to leave you.-
Inc narro
• " Ilits' gone
isked in a loxV' tone. -
friend !, had thought—
ed. Is
.there anything
ou 1141—Mo nztierite ?"
He spoke in his own 1. 1
as lie always did when.
emotion'slirred him. I :
mine, Illy elleek-; . Whitt' :II
my eyes ablnze :
" .liniss i anything a
traivre 110-r hear Volt
are speaking of the
Ina of one frho
an honor:0 ae mall'. BY
Monsieur !"
Tie looked at me for :t in,tant as
if he thought I had gone mad. Then
a sudden light. lakike over his fare.
and to my anger and astonislunent
he laughed a genuine, hearty laugh.
But, before I could speak, his mood
changed, and he caught me impulsive
ly in his arms
'Oh, my poor boy !"
see it ;tll now: And you ”thought
Marguerite way my Wife. Rut I told
you she was not wilen you asked me
so long ago. Po'you not remember ?
I supposed you understood. The wo
man who should have been my wife
lies in the church yard yonder. Mon
sieur Rippon. Marguerite is my sis
I covered My face with my hands.
I cOuld `rhave 'sunk into the ,d list at
his fret. It was all so clear now, as
clear as noonday. Yet, with my pre
concei-ved ideas of their relationship,
and in 1 country with whOse domes- -
tic life and habits I was so unfamil
iar. 1 (.'011 . 1(1 not so much wonder :a
lny mistake. The patois of the ser
vants, too, had helped to mislead'me
—and I . had seen no others.
I dared not look at him: The gen
tle dignity of his last words over
powered me, even while, in 'spite
my confusion and dismay, may heart
was thrilling with a new horn hope.
I lifted my eyes at last, to meet hip
filled with inetllible tenderness.
" You kliow,--my secret." I said.
Shall you talat me at my word.
L'n,itrange—niiist I ^o away?"
" Nay, stay." he whispered. - It was
for this that we were thrown togeth
er that October morning'. Was it not
charmed, the token I g,a,v4. toll ?
Stay. now; 8101 if you can win her
gentle heart. I will give von yet i
another pearl-ray Marguerite !"
Just as long as I live I mean to re
member in my prayers the gentleman
who " missed connections at r7zvra
ettse;" fur had it not be e n f o r hi m ,
would I ever have worn the rare.
pure pearl that was given me two
months since by my brother h ippo
lyte L'Estrango ?- JIM"-
About two year, ago a young girl
named Mary lladeity bade farewell
to her ehildhood•,4 home i n th e north
part of the Emerald Isle and,
Caine tol America to "seek her for
tune." She landed i
York in
the early
_part of Au:rust, awl anx
iously inquired "the Way to Pennsyl
vania," where she said she had
friends. lie was kindly diaseted to
the Pennsylvania Railroad dept,
and was, soon on - her way to that
small portion of l',linsylvaidalinc.oill
'as Philadelphia: She arrived in that
city late at night, found lodgings In
West 'Philadelphia, and the next
naorni.47, inquired the way tq"Schlityl-
kill," Her relatives at that time re-, •
sided in a little town in Sehtiylkill
county, but tho luemtion as •Wordel
was naturally Misunderstood, and the
girl W . : — iit direetkl by. a. linrried,petles , i,
trian to the Market-Street e:I rt. / and
told to :take the Ithge.atentte earsi'
nt Ninth st+t;.. The bewilderedll
stranger managed .toleollott the ili4
reetions given Iherouid in the 'after
noon found berr.lf at Tails of St:1111;0i
kill, where sh{ , be!rs ' att an earnestd
seareh for her friends; but after tiffanyi'
long 'and' tire: °lnc walks. at times]'
being assured that the personS slte;l
sought lived only a few siihares dis-,
taut._ and then again told' that no
sneh 'persons I ad :'ever lived in the
ii i late, Mary ,ilaued at last. Aired 1
hungry and , heartsiek, before the
door of a, tuindl house, on the; win
dow of which was inscribed the hos-
pitablu wortb4,l"Friendship ' MAO,"
and timidly lihof•Ved. Mrs.: l)ibb,
the. wife of thb • Proprietor. Went to',
the floor: and attracted by the frank.
honest lace : of the stranger, listened
with a sympathizing heart to the sto
ry of a $1;-earyi fruitless se.ire4 for
thoic on tr,homdie had relied fdr as-'
sistance, and,.s/eing that something'
musts be dOne, incited the stranger to
thine in . and spf,nd the night under
her roof. This Jnvitation was.grate-,
fully accepted. 1 The next morning
Mary restitned !her .Aearch, but re
at night ;almost worn out and
utiterly+lisii-ouratred. l ler new-f,innd
frien!l, tinligh [lot Illessed with an
Mountain:el of his world's goods;
prom s,eo to take careoflier for a
while; and in rethrn the stranger glad-'
ly promise 4 to assist her benefactress,.
inaq 'll-:,.k' she t!ould suggek. In a
few days Mary's; w•• : a nds . provol .
her of \ - altie as :41:f.;iNist.: it, and .otni
afterwards l i she WaS given reg,ular
work as a dome.l
years ago?
ought us to-
aflame L'Es-
Idefl tied feel
ory to') loon%
woOld say.
tests at the
t.! as isolated
...I.fii . as a ‘,..,....
While thus (mployed, the •weeks
glided into, mot tit:4, and the months
into years, ; and sitill.Nlltry-lahored on
in her (lail. - routine of duty, 1 ,- rateritl
for the opporttuiity given her to earn
her own living. ; and tittle thinkiwr
of Nikjiat. the fu .nre• might have in
start,. .1 few (1: vs a7o she.wasl,,l;r
-vrisdd lira lette • froth her brother.
'lns San Franeis('o, in which she' l lwas
informed that a laeltelor unde t nanied
Frat.eis Seantlin. had . died suddenly
of hiart diSeaseJand that hiA forinne
of over.i.' , :rOtimnit 'WAS to he divided'
among six ;heirs', Mary being' one of
them. The u4nown Ntran,„ , rer so
suddenly Made an heiress, did I not
faint. 4ro into hylteries. or even daune
a jig. She tintrtly penned a ffilte
asking for ; furtlM• jnformatiOn. :Ind
went on with led. -ivork. When eall
-d upon by a l'iless repOrtver she liviis
Itard at work oil I,Monday's )yashi itg. --
i i 1
nil said site wyltto, -ra ther not
hail the matter get Ont. as t•die - i - did
not want any fits made about, it.l In
a week or two full' directions as to
what she is to too will probable ar
rivn. rntki that. tiine Mary' will llui
etly keep on in t)tc even tenor of her
wa y.— ph /474, ./ph ja .Press. - -
re. flnllying
wits not nn
/one(tit than
1(1 not help
soft brown
‘ll they met
fishes droop,
(tbtler !frain‘
id not look
nwl.l saw
i'nation that
stranu:e the
Lir !" he said.
itot say you
gill ktve
••‘ . olll* 1'6(9)(1
'it t( ) hard
'vron g . r .
'ell me my
hail dream
:l,ll6s with
. ,
• This is an epoiiiol elevators. lAre
do not climb to bur rooms in thel ho
tel; we ride. l'ltc do t not reach the
upper stories of Stew:lo7s: bysilow
anti Patient stepsl; we arc lifted there.
The Simplon is cirossed by a- raill'oad
and steam has usurped the place of
the. A Ipen-stock 'on the Magi.l'he
climb whieh usell to give us lie:it h
04 Mount Holyke, and a_ beautiful
prospect, with the reward of res , is
now purchased for twenty-five ctnts
of a stationary etgine. • .
It' our efforts t get. our boaieJ ill
to the air, by Machinery were not
complynentea by our efforts to get
our lives =tip in I the same way, we
might not find much fault with th an;
lint, in truth, the tkmdency 'every-.
where is.toget up in the world with
out climbing. yearning - s after the
Infinite are in the fashion. Aspira
tions for eurine4e—even ambitiOns
for usefulness--a I'e altogether in'ad
v: nce of, the willingness for the nec
essary , prnlimimiry discipline. and
work. foe ampunt of vaporing
among voting men and young women
who desire to (14- something which
somebody else is doing—something
far in advance of; their present pow
ers-L-is learfill and most - lamentable.'
They: rel artful
'willling to climb the
stairway : they nktst go up in an ele
vator. They are mot willing to scale
the. rocks in a wzdk of weary .hoUrs,
under a broiling 4un; they wouldigo
•up in a car with! an. umbrella over
their heads; Th
elv are unable. or Un
willing, to recogiqze the fact that,lin
order to do that v i ery beautiful thing•
which some - other' man is•doing, they
must go slowly hrough the. disci
pline. through the, maturing proeFss,
oft time. through j the patient Work,
which have made Iliin what lie is, and
fitted lihn fin- 'his sphere - of lifejana
labo l r. In short, they are not wiill
ig to do theirliext dUty, - and take
what connH of it.l
\o - man now Standing on an c ni.
nence . of influoule and power, . nil
doing great 1
workl has arrived at tis
position by 'going! up in an elevator
He took the staii - way l step by step
He climbed the i rocks. often. wit.l.
bleeding hands: i lie 'prepared h'in
:; i_
elf by t workhe ork 'pi' climbing for he
work he is doing.; Ile never ace( in.
i)lished an inch iff his elevation li3
standing at i the Ifoot of the stairs
with' his- mouth ;open and longing,
There is no - ,"rqval road: to anythuo, ,
good—mint k l vi.n ,tio wujath. Minte3
that has not been 'rail 'for in lifC i:
not wealth., It Igtfe - =' as it • comes:
onume n 4 nr,
any strong
tttswervd in
vol (1. Litt
n i ss. ES
right ? (n 1
110 iS ryottr
tun! , amts.:,
.. . .
There js no Clemelit Of pernmency in.
it. The inait . ‘vlia, reaches his motieY .
in an elevatOr t ilo‘l.snot know how l ito'
enjoy it; so it. is, !not wealth to lout.
To get a high , position without eliinb-•
ing to it, to. NV i n lean h ''‘;•ititiQui. ca'n
;tug i t, to d o r me i w o rt, without tille
discipline n i cceslry to. its perfotm
anee, to he famotr, or useful, or or ,
namental without preliminary et st,
seems to 1(e the Universal desire of
the young. The ichildren would w
gin where the fathers.lea-ve oil; 7 . -
What exactly i:, the t.:cret., of t •ue
'success in life? It is to do, with ut
flinching, :Ind with utter raithrillnei:s
the duty that 4nls next • to°r.
When a mal l ' has Mastered the duties
around hiin, lie kileally for thosel of
ft higher grade, :10 he takesicitnral
ly one step '., upwu t rd. When he has
(11166 at the new grade,
he goes on climbing. , There are no
stuprises to the titan who arrives at
I - •
, '
• ,
$2 pin An,
• • t[ .1
emineneelegittma -It is entirely
natural. that he should het there, and
lie is as much at hOnie there, and
littleelated ' , as Wfiea he} was work
lm..; patiently at the foOt of the stairs.
There are heights alxire and he
remains humble, and •
Preachinents are of 'little avail,
perhaps'; brit When One .eonies into
eontaet with so many men and wo
men who put aspirittion io the place
or :perspiration ; awl yearning for
e l arning. longhig ;for lalor, he is
tempted to say to tlie4l: "Ll . 3top look
ing up. awl look 'around . you! Do
the work
. that first (FOulei4 to your
liand;;, awl do it Well Take •no
AN'ard :Atli until put come to it
611 v. awl have power to
hold it, the tip. ih tliis little world
not very .aid patient
cliinhinff will briwr!yO,ii to lit ere -you
are' aware."--I,r. (1.111,,1hnq
for ..10f04,1
iir41712, - ; FROM inq PEOPLE.
• .
' • : Shotthl like tr., intittire
throw,gli the vett:mins of your valaattle pa
pct. •
'1111;lt ILIS been tl1 1
1' l i l l'al IjittSl• , ) 1 . the
!deertiase or Ilepithlieati , V,Y i ter:- . : ii!.l.rimift,rd.
Coutttyilitrim4 'the past few ci';ii-. has
t,lttire !wen any St l'iililS : . (1):11; 1 2,CS ill the
i'pintforin and principle.;tt of the party
NN•ltiell guided the nation ,iliirillg the dark
,days( . ri.1.411i1 HI tVIII . I MO liberties w ere'
iiiiiperiled ? I 1 as not the littpublicatfpart r s.
ilicentettittut enough in .it s s:, i• cmii - so
irl'l'lQiciliug j;lningliittrest:-, thrown int
nt-W - ;ind ttelivate rclationsitips.lof Ving
Iris the:is - Minds of a briiistill anti slta ered.
- ietaint ry? What. them is it — t - if
!so, permit me to inakt. 4 a stiggestiou right
!here. NVt; Will takd‘ it fOr gdinted that
ithere is a " r lig . ' ill 1:.:101 - tov9) NO 110r
linitrli in tilt, county, 0 1 1114.On:41 of a few
qtittl)itioris Patriots, 'NI o, have hail perfect
jsway stclong.. and kiwi I'lo l; so ingen
!ions •in ;h e ir political, tin;modtivres: that
;the r e f ,ph. tititsith. oi . Oiesf• 1 reSpet live
it . ; iiigs - have Ipvcome, , lii:comitgetl, and
rata:, the idea that thii, iititss tit eNperts
. .twill- have their own - Vll.iri at any rate-L
-in'tive, would stit,tgest that the pe..ople form
It ."riot='itt eat:b lIIWiI :Mil bolinigh in op_
' , l)t)iiitit , ll to the original I" rin'rs', - civet
) heirdelegat et- awl itist'rudt thett,to vote
rovectly for the •/"t1 t' ? " d, regmilless' of
tniplimentary votes. an'til this will event
ually have a tendency tit awaken an, inter
-0.; ,in 'primary meetiti,g, after ‘‘ lijcli
1 - S:lit rivt . T rings . ' may , tlcOo. its advisable
r ,
, eott•tflt the will or 111, . 1 .14 1 ,1{.. It, ap_
pcais,,t hat alrontvine-tiftlii'lf the Iteptibli-
Hit voters of Bratlforitt•tataty!are caittli
pates for Siltitriff. thrdc-ilfths l have ,the
promit , e, of - I /cony, caul !the Tetti:Otting
ow, 1„,1 ( 1 ,iii, : ,•, 4 •,,11-e3jetelitly jtlie strife
i i itr Other county ;tithes tit he tilled will be
soinew•hat litoittl. 'Fit's. greater portion
it' the I tnice-seeket - oi l ; li , t e pr , es ent
. !lay
are diving for the most Iticiativ'el positions,
tseentingly heedless ot . , the wirlfarit and
ittl•titdrity or the party' ; and priiteipics Ity
ivliich they'll:lac beep notirittlict 1 and matte
• vliat they ate.' it set`iii, I y,l , 10* that the
' kit:lithe:tit party shunt!' tin. stutters -tlitty
I lioulti he n:tied by int.itiotive of a pri
m • i
vate nature in a crisis like, thel present ;
Ihrty shirtild march iii ; H., ,, ,,1i0 column,
lial. Mg :but Aim: ohje'et-i-that! which is
ftrictly in obedience to, a', sell' of duty
Which limy owe to their e.,imtry mid to
ihe geniiration'whi; are 0 - ,suceeed them.
. i:7 4 ince . -the Ameriemil:pei pie have sits-
Oined co great a sacrifiCe. blilaif Of 1o I -
nan liberty for the 4-OM-am* and final
if on suinnutt ion of mil. - fore fathc rs, ••- that
db-men are created eipial)7 it occurs to
,inei very forcibly. that it Wiittlib be ilk-4 in
.-listent With the - rtsag,ii and fulyancement
0* a free, enlightened people, to sit still
awl alliiiy Ilmeontrol of the ti;oertuneut
/ i , b e placed back into thelliands of a par
v-whose purpose was. and ',still is, to de
it roy the ;Union of States. and of dim ev
ery star :of our- glorious' I;tipu die which
4onstitutes (Mr political ; , Mori' on. The
reading- Mien of the Stiutlf. `whist - hands.
.ose - hands:
lie saturated with the Weill of our (Mr 11111 Ye
I jt.;id, are not as_ yet WiliiO4 to bury thc
hatchet - ; should - they fail hp: their eger
ii:rasp for the reins of ; i loVoninent they
Would undoubtedly phufgeithe states into
another War, should
,they be (Mabled to
, i -, sure 'assistance fromianY miler ipiarte r
which Jell; Davis and bisl , :satraps seek.
.:klexander 11. Stephens; in his constitu
thonal view of the late war between the
Atates. dielares -that •i i thn, Confederates
-4o for: from. being brooded' with the epi
tlicts of-,:,'rebels and triaturs i . will be, hon
4red - as self`-sacrificing patriOts." and
their heroes and martyrS iii hiStory will
eke pla4is " by ;Ito side- of. WOshington,
f tam pd6u and Sydney!'? : 1 '
j livery soldier who struck - a ;stroke in
qui , late, struggle--every sehlie . r 1 who has
partaken - of fresh slop in the prison 'pens
lir the .i.outh---every scildier who lost, a
l i m w
b or received awound Which can nev
fir lie healed or assuage'd ter what ,they
have rendefed up in beholflof their eoun;
gry: ought not to hesitoto 'where to, cast
their side. If our dead (.i.unriLides Could.
11 , t'ak who lie beneath the Isod of our no
tiye State by the thousands,. atta whose'
Mones lay 'bleaching MI every nook and
iwamp if the South by the hundreds of
lion - sands, they would not odvic the liv
ing, to desert the prineililes- for which
they died. The history of' the Democratic
jorty is replete with toryism and senti
-1 tents which are not Anferie,au, - Ifende no
fried of liberty and progress should cast
! 4 - voto in their poisonous ranks. We be
-1 eve there are good men in the Demu
r 011ie' party. Whether they are rthere , in
oCKI faith. or from dii.appointed hopes.
r with the desire of gOing to the "slough
f despond ' with an anticipated tnajority,
we are not able to determine : however,
ri is. our huinble opinion tliat they are in
levy bad company. . Therti are go. d' and I
rmive men in the South—',men I who' are
ud tO inhale the pure; airof lii , berty in
nature ti own bounteous 'valleys - eeend to
gone, on' the thee of the earth.—but we
helieVe them to have dant,.: , •erot; leaders,
traders w ho. desire to reach fuel pinnacle .
elf fame, by instituting tlOyernmenis of
their own, at whatever cost of properi?
and lives it may rei s piire. 1 .
i Let the people of Ilradford[ consider
these pOints well, combine' tlMir forces
and.inarch to the polls With a Will. and
B'l iietory is certain. , 1- IV.It.F.
1 i .
i The political teMper:rlu teen
ilionld drop their aistnnitive title'and
assume that of BrevetPentocra4.—
they have .ii hand oned the worli‘• of
i • 1
promoting the cause la teMperanee
in a le g itimate way and assumed taat•
)1.• jackal:-: to the•Demoeikitic iwast.—
instead Id endeavoring.;to 9onvince
I people that intemperance isi wrong,
Itey . ttre'workinz, industriously to de
, • ~-
tithe. awl inisrepre:Tnt Governor
,lari vault ; mid instead Of striving to
take a public *entiinent in favor • of
sobriety, they are devoting UMmselves
i) the 'task of squirtingPplitleal mud
at one of the purest atul' beL; r t Gov
-41-114s that l'entellVatiia has . ever
had.. , 1, '
'Three years ago the Work iJf lying
. bout llartranft7was taken [ up and
iersistently puistied iTyl the Pemo
rats ; but subsequent, eN;Perienee has
t , :
hown them that they Were 'I wrong ;
and now they scorn to Join in defam
ng a man who has 1110 the . chief
'dace in the, State with honor to him
, elf and with credit to the eimitmon
wealth. 'To repeat that :tbusive Cam
liai!..,Tn s) to seem _to he ihemiath the IA ' few 1 volunteer T'fil
-4 .
liininutors n the Prohibition rtinli,
. -
• r ,vho haye taken , upl the thsearde'd
WeaponS ofthe Democracy, and have,
I kmdertaken to help the Delanocratke
i i ' i ,. i
um in Alvance.
r - J - j -.-1-"H-----,--
1. (1111
1 :P. ER 12:
y in a way l Whit
sel !is manly too
the sole reagon
indveent attact
cha:acter stands so
len i ties the admir s atioi
lie pppone is fl
i the . .bill tepta
L laW; Thais hhi
eyes. anti for 11
isuing him 1 for t,
med the 0.0 of 1
fastened thetas&
ennocratielkite. ' '
nd *hat woUld hare. been the 're-.
l i with them, Irlte :1 4 ,11 , 1 vetoed that
.. Would t ley have Supported ,
in eonseqiienee? Why, then,. -.
hey pot stiiii)ort, Colonel
a ? ' lh, c was a teinperanee
, •I 1
I of t,h'e first Water.o . Ile had given :.
i l
,est years o his lite to Vie 100-
lee! eanse. Hel'S'N'as. :in active
eonSikent member of :in active -
1 1. ,,erance organizatiOu, and he . had, ,
As labors anil by pis enterprise,
tea in buil/bug iii a temperane'e
ment in thet•ite ll .lll(l . in Other- ,
: I` ' r • I. . 1
~4 •
proMotingtemper t ineeprincip (..
these, politieill telnperanee. me n
.fI to vote '11)r hill]. They hail
0r:1t..4. Mate tii!ku i of their . own,
•they took ti i' NH 0 0 11 Votes lit .
I ~,:il i :)r'.ite action i. 4.? (lerepttheinl .
ley Ili ,' d hutlone e l i lettse I,'•or this; • '
hat} Was that Col t lleath •wasf 'it,
tblirhi. li(Solid not! Im l dong '''io ,
t separate piv.y. i'hey admitted
Was as 400 d, a lemperanee
as tVeir OWI ran( idate• but .lie •
not! utter- shibb Aeth in their
. I ,• : •
then. they eotibl lio((as they . '
not) supptuit Coonel Ileatli,l4
who p was, ?pen t i O - Au 4.lbjeet ion
ever.i. upon itily i r i t . roinids; wont] •
therivise, how cou r t they support
r rnor 1 Ilarttt.: u even if he hail
• all they ;1,4;01 hint to do? They
• 1, . I ,
L'nly could n 1,, consistently with
• emirse tow ird COL Beath ; alai '
just I:ts eert4in that they would
'T.IteV . would haie Praised hitif
his aetion. and would - have au
1 • ~, • .1, . , . 1 . ,
dd '• tins saenhee of himselt. for .
.1 •sakes; hilt, they - c,Votthlno more
' 1 .
supported him ,t' leetion: ;
they did Colonellleath.l I ftlieY
•eut: the thrOat ',of one lot' theti,
men, because hel(lid 'n;ot- train
them. they Wonidl have•been :Ii -
trim'? I towirih4 'a l e who has no r t ..
i , " ~ .
that intonate relation with them. •
mnft 1,0111,1,L in Ili)
. event, hityLt ,
lletter titan lkatlil,l
: Sinl 1 . 7,, then ..
i Wtailti have dppol 71 hin t . in 1.21A6, -
i i
lit is!the Merest u i t - ,eket-F t() . S:ci t .- .
d ev I oppose liimHnow. ;lice:Anse
'11 , 4 to veto the i fepeal Ipf.loeaf
i..l .The . only true l excalse f,116 -
11tr: tnaintaMing l i sepe •ate po
'xiStenec tleitele.r. tilt , ey(ind.
r l = I • 1 .I. 1 1 1 o f . it
mt, in , epem ent
ni, ~t legiSlativi 1 : n •ti (
Ontbll -be - :is lir=e. tol
liiiit;r ) that Is ispa l h h te ex
Ilartranft had d file •sli
hi l l t,) (ii ! . aHthey i at
, 1 4) odo il. lit then,
r 1 d
Iby I theilo.:4l 'on i '
:Ole reileal - iti• the
t i
l loeal optThm. as• not
II ltl l exeept:llis aU, inchb
- --or • • ,
I t torn'
him i
or 01l
cei . ttti
thor I
ha sie
- Lela
t!( - 1
1 r
O T. )ii
)ell I
l lt rt. )
I ,
i li•t 1, f j fr
t~•4 u!il liul.~r;
stand t - ui.
their agsaulil
hd that ()lit
t ;i4; :did,
the 1 161mi4J
Mbilimenf. ,
ze;il ,Pot' t
tfir . attxiet2. - to 11 1
ykito9 , - . w 101 1: isN
, c e z igOlie l ss with wlittl
t •
i i
ible. tailieW to form ti.'j
or ti e ll)emeeratii. aim
i ell titt i ni
,'or a tat!elt
rratitty 1 vimlictit
eratie part oii
Will corthti.fist(L
I I.
tb . :11Qt111 - ,'y, 117,
ii tlierefore be M
1 .; ba'tler ptissibli.r
It the Dembera.
bFhave •Ivitli i i
I ‘y
alti (.11
oe r • ot
‘v II
tht. I'
'll l i
cute.-. 1
aml 1 t f
awl it i
tact vi
-- r -------.......--.- 71
i ' TO MY
I' .;
...1 1 ,,,11 1 ii.• : siii.ii ,leaji
nr . l v I.reatil. ylart• • i?
0,1 gal to e., to ".11,,1
1 •., t
1,4 1 n... around my 4iniet b I iT
11 fil . Tt sny iina) t1 , ..1n 1 l
I .r
w ,. 111 , 1 • ra., ttroltu'er Mi.
to 'Thy. yrill I bead the ),.,
A,rntort• ,halt e4r, f..r it
' 1 I
1;t11 1 .Iip:": Shalfl ,1 , :atIllj,
.?..i tap ' notn , frAn nil - tlil
It no.• 1 , -iltlo t rmill- ~t t...t.t
ilr, largill•ItlIT or gai t
gam) It ,
:LT . ll)g In, away;
. 1 k I H I
an l ' ,ailly. elay I: yy .
' 4 1
.:14 itly eare, ; (4l Tllet •
'II . I
~ ,,,,r . •Italt ear.: l' , .r It.
Wlivukt,..l l l I It ':' Sli'.ll deatlir,
.tnol tit lily i r tlear.on..',all all,ii
Or ,11:91 Me Ito se* lipn
grown rrm
A mad. gilt Innur, o'er him .t
'1)11. I.llirr: weep n. yl.n Il
(v, faller, (o hint priovc :and , Ii
Peartl , : ' rs—l,ntlwrs':lln'tliat
fu •ibl
trr N'l.
IN" ith
I%ift I
q .11%
The tt
T IN Sllthing 'flip,lb. wi
• ,
A T 1 '; - f:e11ow. Mist:thin!
with le t) , rs' on it for the i'il
exclain el ; ‘1 Well, 111 bell i
sorrel fly Intin't. sti4.l:' anli
on flue ',hie) ron '.7:,
'Wu EN a clwas-hit I.:lull
sermon to prove the doetrlr
pravity, the toys grin and
other, 1 " The l Squirt! :: lie.
three-eitr I mlotte_ again." 1
l i tthnoi: inlnni ii.yoUrk,r,
l eent and puni inindedtln4
[1 to her intended the, day
ki marriage: ",.N%v mind r
bvibY brouglit' into the WIL T ,.
E girl,?M reading he. lnitory of
1 ,1 with her mother, ,and coming to'
l emel that Henry. •neveT laugh
the ( eath of his sOn, lo9ked up,.
I,'" What did he tkl wheiiihe NV*
So immi
to theiii
have a i
the stal
ed afte
tickled . , ! i, ~ ' .• !
Tisr. niblisiler of a week y paptir in 11-,
linois, riots ins each' issu 4l a eh, Ater Of
the Bil le, and upon Iking ridiculed for it!
by; his ontemporarie
i s . , reMarks editorial- 1
ly. "I 'e publish nothingr but what is'
news is our readers." - • 11
, II
As miut.LixTriLllmiv (sl'. zsaleni, Mass.
has gileis - her whole mind for severall
years o', the collection Sir buttOuS, of.'
which :li tioW has ;t string twenty-four
feet long.. l'n perfect, this iloble . life-workl
We trot Id suggest thatstuilinake button-1
holes t s match them.{- 1 , I I-
Wu N a. D}aluth woman Wants to know
why in the blazes her ; husband. did n't or-1-
der the word t Ilse looks at her in a
, •
dignified way, and replies,': " lAdo nut,
wish t. go Initial Black Hills, brat do not(
pfess n c—dolnof arouse the tiger
IT LOoKs biter for a man to wear:ill
nosega - in hirsi.button-hole than ' o wear,
a gay i ose mil Isis face. • 1 '
1 \
, l'
A mit. - . .F..50T.5. man, whoiwante to see'
how be l l es worked in-the hive. chit nanagtH
to squeeZe a `number twelVe hat' on his*,
head nOw. .I'l
-,•. I - ,I
Iow, °dill it is,'' raid Part, ash .trudg
ed along on ,foot, one h(?F, sultry day,
"that is Man ;never meets a cart going the :
same way lie 'ls." i!
• A 3I,ANIna4 occasiOnally kiss flu, wrong''
womas 1 by mistake, but when he Makes a
praetic of it; the right woman .,
Out, and ,tliats whatllsat him. • .
, .
A 'i
:". tilitt, ilastened the nepartive of a
lingering gelleman 'yialler i the or her even- ,.
ing, by rem rkiug, "I think we shall
have a I)eautiful sunrise,"
that party it
given ; -for fliehe
a thatt whose
igh that it, ehal
ii Of )06 NlTlO
liat he rettirk;il to
the Loyal
- !
one offence 11l
the purpose' Of
'hat; they have
res . as hob to
1 mere:
I and
nt tlte)'
sinct l 7
Tit lit' a
hut :i •
to in
hi L;b•
c Dein-
the •
1,•% II(
'r:l \•e trp
Iv at Mt
110 t
doniv. , l
ha ye
t• lh
Ip th:l
ill the
, rni
r -mlr
ted lYs
V Lave
It litit
ti wetau
way to
, iin tht
in tl j i
1;11 sepi
nore e t,
lhat. y On,.
they might
; , lio* 'of
II • , • _
at con
011.1 I
pie. -.tart
Sb•ru II
• I Ind
~ f
ittli It
att 1 . I
11 -taw{
I:II A. 1
lest, If .
1 a glo 1
ecit o i
1 (hic)
lath ert
otbes 11.
rktal de-!
to each; I
in atl
ou prel
ne or- t'
•en hut,
I site
I won't