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    TIPS 3 OP - CatTP3N.
, girAdvertielng In allleases exclusive of sobserlp•
%oos to the Tope r. I
SEZCLA3.l‘l3TWEfeeerted at FfIrTILEN CENTS
per liae..tarribe tmt theertion, ?ma CENTIS
per Ittlelar eabtoqoatit insertions. •
• LAe.AL ' NOTICE* einto, tare ex reeding mat
ter 4 TIMM? MINTS Alitrg, • , •
AltrEllTltr.MEllll will he ltniertrrl Act ailing
to the follarbatt table of rates , •
I inch
8.00 1 1.00
2inclies.... 1 2.00
3 Inches.—l 2.50 I 7.0 q I Imo* 13.00 120521 lo.oci
Inches.... Lc* Ito)! um I moo I 3soo
column.. J 6.0011 • Imo =cto I 30 .0 e I 45.00
20.001 20,00 150.017 1 40.00 55.00 1 7
20.00 UM 60.00 I 80.00 100. 1 1
1 column
ADMINISTRATOR'S and Executor's Notices,
2.00 ; Auditors notices, Business Cards, five
tines, (per yea), ad Menai lines, fl.OO each.
YEABLY Advertisii . ments are entitled to quar
terly changes. • •
TRANSIENT inivertirtients must be paid for
ALL Reigifutkma of -Associations, Communica
tions of limited or Individual Interest, and notices
ofMarriages and Deaths; exceeding five lines, are
charged TEN CENTS rEn LINt.
JOD PRINTING', of ere* , 'kind, in plain and
fanev color* done "(Rh neatness and dispatch.
Blanks, 'CardS, Parnphlets,
Statements, etc., of everygarfety and style, printed
at the shortest notice. Tim REPouren office is
well supplied with power presses, a good assort
ment of new type-, and everything in the Printing
tine can be executed in the hunt Mila il. manner
sn."l. at tbAlogest tatet. t -
Professional 1 . rag tininess 'Was.
Office over liontanycs Sire, . pmay67s
-10 NEM LAW.—.OM Corner of Main and
Pine St.. opposite Dr. Po rt 'a Drng Store.
. ?CET •AT LAW ra. Collections
made and promptly retnlttfid, trebl,s49tf.
w. rxerittqx, .ATTOILNEY AT
0 LAW. 9111ee—Merptr's , Block, next door
1•,- Kress OMee, Towanda' Pa. •
jiyl.43. , 1
Ir)R. S. M. Wogb.l3 . Physi
cian and Surgeon: (tree fwer 0. A. Black',
Crockery store.,
Towanda, May 1. 18:21y..1 •
J., W 001). :mar..7l F. SA NIMID.oN
"W. A . PEC K. - Jacil;i:743
rhysietan,4 and ,tAurrc•ons. (Mee over Dr.
Peri - ten...Si 'ore, !kn.; Si•nre. Tnwail
na, Pa.
T. n..i(oitxsON.. M. to. to N. NEWTON. M. It.
4.- i -
• . .
I ! .
\ TTlliN'q.l' AT LAW:
A pril I, V , 73. ' ' 1 TIOVAXItA.y.I. _
G . '
EORGE W 11R1SIC, Justice of
, .
the *Peace an. k`iinveyaineer. : . Inaimanee
%gnt, Lena). , lllll., Pa. .__.
Ntaech 1?-.57. • 'i 1 _
:•,, N •
.. F.. N...P.iT.
-I \l
.1. 6On and a ft..r Sept. 21i may I.e found in the
.•ieg ma t new ~.m, 101 l '2114 11 , •.r of lir. Pratt's IteW
t.Mee ell State are -I. lii , iniss milli - lied. '
:••••111.:1-7-1If. i
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...-iit- .. ~ -.•I
W B.- 1 . .1 4 .1., I, i , ,, irENTlST.—orrice
• over M. E. It.....iifieprs.-Tnwanila",,Pa.
Ti-lrii iii-ettefl on Grail. Silicer. Pill•her. and Al
nvlllittin 1.,i..e. T. , etlt I..tiiraetit wille•nt vain
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pI.:F.T &.D A VIES] .
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\ Oil 1-74, Tow t • 4, %. l'‘.
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- Fin. C. 31. S'I'ANIII7:I)EN'IsIST.
,T, rett
la‘inll , ked 114 1),.1 into
s, Moor', to NI, I,lork. mem, Krug Watrou,' ,tor”.
I- non r ter..,t,l to rlo all kind, of denial work
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'9a} 411 n.
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Treat. Chronic lael%
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pp . 1 MTEIt A N I) Also ,
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the 1:1 - 1...t: I LI:
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1,11-!•43. N A TIO\ A BANK
TIIWI ' .S9.A :
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2 . 3• • ,. .ft•ls UNUSUAL FA(III.ITIES for
I P I)FiVit`4ll."
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at low iteniembkr 1
BLOCK, uppusiti• COUItT 1101::4:
i j ie:~o_~ :o".00
The recent revelations .
deed foraeries at a criminal trial in
Chicago, , reminded me of an incident
that occurred a few weeks ago in the
vicinity otSt. Louis, that seems to
me to he Worth relating,
Clara.. and Mary Nterwin, sisters
and orpliao. were inithe sittinzToom
of their phiitsant hoe oh the `edgeof
a village near the Missouri, - Their
mother bad ; been dead Aeverni rears :
their father; had lately died, leavin! , estate. as they ;•lipposed. of
the value Ql' ;iome forty thousand
dollars. but they had-learned quite
recently that it was encumbered to
such an extent that they were likely
to be deprived of:it all: This dis
covery. :tA May be supposed. filled
them with anxiety and sorrow, and
they were heated in silence. unable'
to read. to converse. to work, to 'do
anything 'brood;.over their areat
While they were thus occupied .
with sombrr. thoWilits. a buggy drove
up in front of thc house-. and a man
alighted. and the buggy drOve away.
The man!mast haVe been a little
on the shady side or filly: to judge
frthll his fzniyliairs.althott ! th his thee
was fresh and unwrinkled. He was
dre4cd with remarkable neatness:,
and his thee. indicated briskness. a s
welt as prMsion. In one hand he
cttOied a sufall valise. and in the oth
er au mnbrella..and lie stepped quick,:
ly to the dhO:i . ran! ,- the bell.- tit
a IrwThitnnents he was wltered into
the tresence't if the youw ,
"I'm to introduce myself."
he said. smiling and bowing in a
courtly manner —" Abner Pierce.
Here is my 'card—professional card.
You will see that I am a lawyer in
St. Louis. and-presumably. a respec
table man. Don't be afraid. 1 am
not here to hhrt you. but to int)
I have-the honor to call myself'
friend of yflur ramily'—that is to say,
although it is many years since I
have seen tiny Member of said family,
I always had the highest possible re
gard for yottr sainted mother, and
nothing would please the better than
to Ite of some service to her children."
are happy to meet you."
murmured Clara.
" Thank yOu. I happent;t Ito hear
—no matter how—that yon were in
tntulth., and haVe come up here in
the belief that I icon assist you.
hope von-will feel that you can trust
me.. I ant aettiallY an 11(1111.'4 Mall,
although a lawyer. and mean well.
although I e)press mrself.chunsily...
-I am frt.c!t.o admit." said :Clara.
" that we need assistance and advice.
anti that We haVt . not 1010161 tA
to lank rol; it; "
•• cry Nvel! ' ; ' it i- a :oto.l thin_. uo
doubt. that Have come. Now, sit
- down. and tell me all about it."
'Clara Mervin. who was the elder
the orphans and leader in even - -
thin". t 01.4 how she and her sister
had taken 4cltet s 'of administrltion
ti pop their father's' ! estate. when - tt
man of whom they had never benne
heard put in an appearance. and pre
sented a mortgage, with bond includ
ed. executed by the late Mr. Melvin:,
upon his real estate, for the stun of
forty thousand dollars. Not cOntent
with prohibiting them front :attempt
ing to sell anything, lw had tied up
their money in the Itank, leaving them
absolutely penniless. They had used
their credit. brit tradesmen were be
coming impatient. and some had re
fused - supply them any further
without pat - .
" That is a bad case," said •••Mr.-
Pierce. ....You need money--sthat is
the first thing Otte attended ti:. You
must_let me act as your banker until
I get you out of "this scrape. and that
won't be long, I hope. How much
do you owe?"
" More than :one hundred dollars,"
answered Clara. •
The old gentleman counted out
two hundred dollars from a wellstilled.
pocket-book, and handed it to her.
" For your mother's sake," he said,
when she refused to receive it, and
he forced it uphill her in.such a way
ft - 4 she could not help taking it., Ile
theh accepted the young ladies' invi
tation to make their house his home
during his stay, and went in to dinner
With them.
" Is, there any place where I Can
stroke ?" he asked, when they bad
returned to the sitting-room.
" You can smoke here," said the.
impulsive Mary'::: Paldways smoked
here. and we are used to it."
So he took a meerschaum and some.
tobacco from his valise, and was soon
pulling away with .an air of great
contentment.' .
" I can think better when I smoke,"
he said. "Did :you have any legal
advice in the matter of that mort
gage. MisS Mer Win ?"
Yes, sir," replied Clara. " Our
liwyer said that it was a plain case
against us, although it was strange
that we had never heard of the-mort
gage before." ,
" Very strange, What is the name
of the man who holds it ?".
"Alexander Campbell:"
" Hum ! A gOod name. but a had
TTolt N Er
W ill attend
car, In Bradford.
with 8,11.
FE I Ns1"1:.1 NUF
E. TT 4111-
rnkft , A4,l,:a
t tootton give it to
n.tor, l'ottrtA.
.17 LAW.
rIIW %NIP s.
, of 111,.Pint
.1. N. rALIFI.
(:' - I.: N C Y,
1 . -'
k : Eri
MO 25;f am
N. N. LVT,
- -
S. W. ALVORD I Publisher.
el rfrd Parhy.
The kok .%/ 1- npatik, - tbelefitlu i tvord, •
Spukett k lour that - only antrla beard:
The secret art of pure self-eacri fire,
Viiscru lit men, brit Market by ailed', e•ye•—
These are not log
The saeresl music of a tender NIT7IIII.
W runt from-a poet's heart by grief and pain.
And ehanied timidly. with doubt and fear,
To busy ei-owds. whn <careelg.panse• to hesr—
These are not lO6t
The ' , Hen( tears that fall at (lead.::s4 slight
(leer rojle4 rulws:that once wen. pure awl white
The prryern that rlae like incense' from the soul:
Longing fin. Christ - to make it clean and whole—
These nee• not lust
The happy' dreams that glathlent4l aft our moth,
_Whet' &rims had les. of self abet muse of truth
The childhood's faith, sO tranquil and ter Wt et;
Which sat:like vary at. the %taster's feet--
ilkse :lie iii;l rst;
The kintlly plans devised for ,tthers'
So 'sel.lom 4ueAse,d. ~ link liti,rstoo.) :
The Talet,'steadrastove that strove to win
some 11-anOr,pr front the wav
TlieNt. are taq Icksi
Not tor. In Thy city blight
Our eye:, .IUIII see the past by eteat•vr 14110, ,
And thltig.Opng (null (Jur parr helow
Thou -wilt ri;i eat, and it e shall stirOv know
The6e are not iwq
inalijitth afraid. When and Wl;
can I see hint,
"liebe here this afternoon,''
answered Chan. ittopdscs if We
will make_him a deed of the real es.
tate td give tip the bond.and most
gage, leaving purmonq itt bank aiid
the rest of the - personal
"Very liberal. Introduce me' to
him when he comesos an old friend
of the fatally; and not as a lawyer." ,
Mr. Alexander Campbell called in
the course of the afternoon, and was
made acquainted with Abner Nettie,
at whom he looked suspiciously; but
his eyes fell. when he met..the Old
gentleman's intent gaze. Mr. Pierce
glanced but slightly at the deed that
.was offered fox the considerntion'of
the Indies, being ,occupied in study
ing* the eottntenanee of the inatt'litt
whose drattli:
"I Can't decide upon it juk noW,"
he said at last. "As a friend'of these
young ladies—standing, la: I May
say ; jit loco pcirenifs-1 intist make; a
few inquiries Coneerin,, ,, the - value of
this prilpetty . : Slippose you come
`after supper, Mr: caMpbell, and stip
you. bring that mortgage. with
you. I have no doubt it is all caiir
rag, but I would like to see it."
Mr. Campbell assented to this and.
withdreW., Abner e filled his
pipe with nervous haste, and Mary
brought him 'a light.
I know that you have some good
!toys for us," she said. " I can see it
in your face." ; -[
" Not bad, My child. , I hope :tad
trust that it is very good. A good
name, but a bad man,. I said, and
that is true, I think I see my way'
out of this difficulty, and the money
that 1 lent you, is safe, lint yon
milk not hiterfere - me. young
ladies, or be surprised at anything
may-say or do, or object to it. Yop
must' trust me, and let me work in
. ,
my own way."
A ft. - er,upper, w hell . Abner Pierce
had enjoyed - another comfortable
smoke-, and conversed with the girls
concerning their mother, as he had
known her ini her youth—a subjeet,
upon which he grew quite eloquent-1
Alexander Campbell Caine .iu
ing the deed and mortgage to 3lrj
Pierce fig examination. -
• ." I have made inquiries concerning
the property," said the old gentle!,
man, " and am satisfied that it is n 4.
-worth more - Alum the amount of the
mortgage, -anti would probably - bring
much less if sold at a foreclosure.
Your otter
_is a liberal one,; but
must first look at`; the mortgage.
This appears to be correct," he con-J
filmed, when he had 'examined the
instrument. " It is properly acknowl-;
edged. and the signature is undonlgi
eddy that of Philip Merwin. I sup-,
pose the young ladies will have tol
go to the county seat to.. execute the;
• The girls' countenance fell at this
sudden surrender on the part of their
This - reminds me. - said the ohl
lawyer, picking up the mortgage
again, "'of an occurrence that fell un
der my observation in Tennessee; not
that the two eases are alike,, as the
Tennessee case was undoubtedly a
fraiulttlent,i,allitir, but tII(I Was a
similarity in the ci retunstances.
Dun't lobk so - down-heartcd, iyoung
ladies. What will be must be.
it is useless to cry about what can't
be helped. As I was about to say, a
man died in Tennessee, leaving a
widow and one daughter. The.widow
Was a hula to administer upon - ,his es
tate when l a man Ivho was unknown
came forward and presented a mort
gage siMilar to this and for exactly
the saineraMount. It was examined
by lawyers who: were eamiliar• with
file. signature of the deceased, and
'flounced correct. Although there
was something strange about? the af
f4i.r.,they could find no flaw in the
instrument: It was partietilarly puz
zlhig;to one of them, who thought he
had trausacteil all the law business
ofl,llo deceased. 'lle got hold of the
inortgage anti lorought it to me when
I was iir . Nashville. happened to
have in my possessiont a eery power
ful magnifying *glass that had been
presented to me—the most powerful
lens I have ever seen. With this I
examined. the mortgage, and soon
discovered that the 'forty' had been
raisol from • four.' There vas no
mistake about it. .1 could easily see
nnytks of chemical erasure, and the
ilith•rence in pen awl bytwtTn
the • raised • awl the rest; of the 'in
strument. (Tow the iraseal got into
the Iteister's office I don't - know,
hut the rceorki had "been altered in
the same. Manner. db• ran away, and
it wat'• not considered win-di while to
folloW him. Strange circumstance
was it not. Mr. Campbell r'
mr. Campbell was fidgeting uneas
ily in his chair, and made no reply.
'! Here is the glass." continued the
old gentleman. taking it from' his
pocket. "and you can sec" . for. your
self how well it magnifies,. NOw - as - I
look at Mis • forty '—why.„ bless n%
the same signs are risible that I sa w
in my Tennessee mortgage. ! I think
you will be obliged to drop this, Mr.
Campbell. My Tennessee man's name
was Alexander Belt, and he has add
ed, a Camp to it since be came to
• Campbell; his face red as flame.
reached but ,his hand tor the docu-
men .
• 1 believe I will kil.cp this. :?Ir,
t'ampbell, for fear of accidents.
Why ! do you think you could take
it by force? Here's something,,,that
shoots five times! Goina, are
,you ?
Very well;
_I don't think-von will be
molested if you Will leave this part
of the country.and never return to it.
It is barely- possible that the estate
of Philip -Merwin may owe you four
thousand dollars. If so. 1 advise you
not to try to collect the debt, as such
an attempt might land you in the
penitentiary. Good-night, Mr. Camp
bell, and farewell.- (
What is it ine'an
;Isked'elara. as -rubbing
Ilia hands and smiling, bustle about
to, fill his pipe. %1 71: you so dull, my child ?'W hy.
hq fellow is a swindler and has been
found out.. 1 guessed as much when
heard of-the affair, and was sure of
it when you told Me his name. You
Will soon be able to pay me my two
hundred dollars, and then we will
straighten up matters. Thank you,
Mary; your are very kind to give me
a light." • •
- . TOWANDA, 1*14 1 01,11 COUNTY;II) . A..; -r.fItURSDAY *041 , 0.0, ~ jkijrVB7- . „. ‘,i,,..,:187*.
--- - -- 1t"----- , 7—'1-4--- --- - -
44 Don't yen mean to pUnisk him ?"
usltUd MON: ' ~. : .. •.!: -..: 1
It wctidd hardly: tiay.: l ifit.4
wit him in the penitentlitry f btttia' ' u
Might lose taut. thiin Witt !tkillikiiiilliy
tin) je t lx Ily
_trying- Ail fort' tti'otisitid
tf-has iqst the 'four that ; may .have'
eii jus tly hig die 16 will • biifar
Roil here 'by - murninfri .. l - intreipo
doubt; and 'gitidd-:..riddlnce to hitn.
Alit this is'eomfortable. I know that
I ifeel better, and r lionethiit you Oo."
- ) The girls were sure that a great
!eight had heen lifted from their
minds and hearts.; Alexander Camp
*bill, "alias Bell'olecitniped, and 'Abner
Pierce stayed 0 week •with the or•
plians, during which.time he arranged
all their affairs satisfactorily, and
won thelr lasting gratitude and . love.
'r_llow can We •et'er titanic' you for
all yott have done for tiS ? " asked .
Clara, when -he' was abOtitito leave;
- • i‘ It' was for-yotir mother's stake, my
child: Alid for bet sake. if I ever
help you, all naive is at ,Votir service:':
,h.lnier Pierce has made visits ,to
trig orphans frecitiently since the event
narrated above, and they have'always
hail a cordial *eleoiiie rw• : ! iiia's 0
have struggled with my :guilty
conscience until I can no longer static'
upjunder the' heavy burden, and I win,
n•om ,, to make a confession.
I am a murderer !
Within a few hours I shall go and
deliver myself up to officers of
thei law, plead guilty, , and hail my
sentence with satisfaction. NO one
can i conceive of ~t he weight of my
mental burdeft—Luo one who has not
stained his bands witlchiiman gore.
to was a sheientsiket—ivy
I entered his Ow: or business one
night in search of a pair of bootA. lie
smiled sweetly, remarked abmit the
wea i ther. and sa4l-Ile would make
the best pair of hoots that even :
out floor.: . It, Was•Mondav, : lid II(
WaSh(l have them ; done
I called at the appointed time; rand
the -
were not half finished. llp said
Friday, when Friday c: ii
saidauesday. I was there Titi.sdalf
and he said . Thursday, and,. When
Thursday came he smiled and 6.7 plain
ed I
" }ye've been rushed to flodli--4
onul 'in Tuesday."
.Ti ley were finished when I called
gaith'and that wretched luau worked
air he?ur and a half to get them' owe'
lle ?said Off were matte tt
tit, and he Was dytermined that they
should do so.
, When I :rot on it seemed:as if
ert'r )1 Lots .nati been driven bark am
inehlland an if eachloot was bent tip
in thi shape of a raihhow. I had to.
drawanyself along by seizing hold of
the +miter, but he assured me that
the Lots. would fit perfectly easy by
the time I . !rot home. 1 fell down on
the street; awl had .ride home in
a hack. I destroyed three Loot jacks
and flilnolished two chairs getting
the biota off. and it' took all ni“ - ht
for my toes to get straightened out:,
NAliing - in.. the world - ails the
boots r 'said the dealer,. when I limp
ed do •n the next day. and he insisted
that Ilput,thent: on. lle said tluft if
I'dk.osne Lark there at the end of!two
hours I say tlmt the boots weren'lt
a tit he'd !rive time fifty dollars:
went cut on
.the street, and the •hoyF
followri me, belie ! lIV s drtink'i:
men stopped me and Wallt d to know
if had run a nail in m 'foot; two
women turned around.
,nd one . Of
them rpnuirkeil that it atways made
her sad to see a man c ork
boots. want treeing; oft."
.renrarlied rho dealer, as I crawled
into th'e 'store. •
lle tired them out. he oiled thew.
he diTlawav at .the lle
they wilre a petreet fit. when
I IWaS rriud o the store On'
door; and his eghlilets had temoYed
the boi.itzi and left the room, I killed
hint. !le didn't fumpeet anything.
and war rubbing, chalk down inside.
Ithe le.ri determined to pull the Loots
;On again, when became trumrdero,
Ilie nevo groanef rand he didn't nudee
a strug:ite. I shouldn't have doneit,
,Lind were ltei,d o ite over ,a! , :tin,
roi:w Ht% haunt. His face
lilt day and night for
iyears. audit will be a relief ft,r
to hear Yufid.
1 - - 4.. 41 411110.. • . .
. :
i,ltte' i v Smith rut :Lice.followitu
'min a ilewspaper :old preserved 'it
'or Itinuiejr: .-...• .
-Ivii,,iii yoli rise ill tile month'.
ono thti resolution to make the :flit\
. .
a hapßylone to a fellow creature. It
' s easilyl done ; a left otfgarinent to
he mini %Ott) needs il; a kind ; word
To the sorrowful ; an eneoura!riii , 6:-
pressionl t t o the striving—trifles in
khemscli,es,as liLfht as air—will do
t least fondle twenty-four bout-s.4_
Am!. if you are young, depend on ft,
it Will tell when you are old. rest a .-
Ore(' it !will send you gently all 1
rappily Itiown the stream of life to
ternity.l lii' tin' most simple aritlit
t tetleal ittin, look at the result. If
11-ousetid one 1)iA's . 011 . : : away happily
brough ihe da - , that is three hundred
nd sixty-five in the course of a year.
.:. nd supOose you live forty years'onlY
sifter yore commence that course of
medicine; you have Made fourteen
thousandi six hundred per s qns kappa
, 1
1 at all ckents for 'a time.;
T ,
____.-..1'..1.- •-• - 1
A ctn. ,3 pcit in Brooklyn, New York
devotes Ovo hundred , l and fifty doli
lrs caeltlyear. to supplying the pasl.
tors libriry with books, he makhig
.the, Scleltions. We - commend the
Itactice to all. other - Churches. :Mai.
it .. a pastbr, sptinds the earlier year*
i.. 1
ot his ministry in it sort of . literar:st
dt.stitiutio l p. He labors uncle - 1 . ...a great
disadvantpge. lie has not appropriate
rading, :ind he is without such book.
o 'reference as are necessary to hi4ru
p .oper stiidy. A verrsall amount;
o utone3i from each one: the can
c , rationi. would furnish-him. with a t 9 s. ,-
f.ood supply, and_ the people wouldl
- be great g i ainers loth in the lappyl
e4periencc of haying done a - goodl
deed, and in providing
wlth fresh and' • abundant thought
th l
Inlrough the.scrOns of their pastor.
"Why, Jeunie, you look good enough
to cat," sail a 'loving husband to his wife
one morning at breakfast: , " Well, I'm
eating as fait as I can, ain't I ?"
_ _
`A Deseripati of the Wei BeVeraii4 it Cepeltav
The fat &flied Cape MAY is at the
ektrethe southern end icd the State of
:S , l ew Jersy—althoUgh", CiiPe I.4ftytilty
and capa.Al ai lln are constantly
", ;o • t
enfoninle4hotinitbstanding the fact
ti at thereitit - distattte of about two`
mles beta-telt' ihetie plates. It has
en a triattetotottrprise that soni '
o e had not — ert . PtOi :evert small
b i
cOttage.- for gtiests at this point,' and
a ood reason - van scarcely be given.
S veral, years' ag,o n number of -New
Y rk ge ntlemen undertook to organ
i7 a company — for . the development
o this Site, but the enterprise was,
abandoned for 'the -want of sufficient
fu ids. Years • came and went,' leas--
in Cape May Paint itie mule . dreary
wi derness, - until ' this Spring,. when
M . Alexander Whildin, (the well
knon-ii -enterpilaing Wool Merchant
of No. 20 South )+kont Street Phila.
delphia,). becamt - inspired 'with the
id4a. that an Incorporatedeompany
might eStablish at this 'spot a Sea-
Sic e itegortcfhere The care-worn
ant Weary - Minister, the Merchant,
th 9 Professional Man, a lid the A rtist .
could recuperate their energies and',
spread a portion, if not all, of their
suthtuer months away 'from the heat=
eel' city, in the enjoyMent of liberty
and the pursuit of happiness. To
this end- an organization was hitt
mediately effected, under the title' Of
the "Sea Grove Association." .Mr
NV iiildin was chosen President, and ,
contracts were at once entered into
for, laying out the town, grading the
streets, building a largtrhotel, also a'
number. of pretty cottages and a lung
hilicent Pavilion to he dedieatrd to
relinions service. '
These operations wer( , , accordingly
commenced in the latter part of the 1
month of March.-of this year (1875).
andl behold the !• What was
then a complete wilderness is now a
most beautiful village, with line broad
lics;, that would do honor to a
diverging from the Pavilion =as
'ter, and .extending to the Ocean
ie east, to the Point at the south,
to Bay on the west, and the love
resh Water Lake on the north,.
nd Which a fine carriage .rtiad i i s
completed. At regular Intervals
avenues are intersected by
Its, varying iii width from 50 to
S', Which extenifin a somewhat
itotts form around, the centre
L .
the Beach 4 venue is reached i
Itue drive is being rapidly pusheil
thipletion and will inalw,. when
ed, one, continuous carriage way
the upper end (rf Cape May City
1 d the Point to the Beach on
vare flay', thence' on to till!
ibo:it Lauding: l i -e can im
no more elegant, rule than
this magnificent Reaeli just -as
in is setting across the Bay.
I' hotel is located on the ocean
f the town directly at the shore
i commodiOus building, contain
'bout 121 rooms, and will he
• the very lust of management.
lots upon the Junin avenues
r ! sold lOr the erection of dwell
qic intention of the As sociation
to avoid, if possible, the erect ,
any store, buildings upon the
s leading from the l'avillion.
are cross streets 'of sinlicent
for business purposes, as thCie
one less than 50! feet wide
the present limits 'Of the Sea
t el
.1 Ce
011 t
to tl,
Iltm ,
lit. s
silly 0 1
it is
in :►
11( i
will I)!
ion of
A v
ry fine eottagei.los just been
ted in which Mr."Whildin and
lily expert to spend their slim
mer. Wannamaker, (with whom
nearly all mankind are directly or in
directly acquainted.: through their
knowlildge of his mammoth Oak Hall
I •
('lilthi ng Establishment at Sixth and
:Market Streets,'Philadelphia), is now
erecting a handsome dwelling house
on the Peach, very near the,
A manlier of lots have been 'purchased
by Philadelphians who are, now busi
ly preparing fora pleasant sojourn
by the ? Sea.
The IWest ;Jersey Railroad Com
pany has arranged to grant special
privileges to those who erect cottages
at Sea drove this season:
The ]organization of a horse Car
Company is talked of, which will run
cars aCregular intervals rr( v n the
\Vest ii7sey litailroad Depot - to the
Steandpat I,anding, a distance of two.
and a half miles upon the .Turnpike
road. which passes directly :llong the
northern edge of Sea. (I rove. ThiFr
road.has lately linen thoroufddy•
paired. I
In 011 1
r e - stimation. with the pn-sent
4s management and, the cr.fn
iriprovement exhillited on
le,, the town of Sea Grove
au nom' other than the Fa
-a-side 'Resort for all
niet Slimmer Retreat from
and lairdeas of a )aishiess
isional life.
soek a q
the eare
--.......-...- ---
Moo - DniNKiso LAbir.r:.—lt re
quires pretty firm nerves in ladies to
stand b' a bullodk beingslaTrhtered
and drink down the warm blood as it
tlowp . from the dying aniMal ; „and
yeti - according to the Ef:///i', here is
'the way they do it inAZeading: • .
Those who are aware of the cm-.
phatic Prohibition of blood for food
from the'l earliest times, which we find
in the holy scriptures, will be aston
ished WI learn that about ia dozen
ladies.onthis city, married and single
meet regularly twice a week at Boy
er's slaughter house, rear of I OS South
Sixth street, 'and quail' the blOod of
steers that are killed there. W(ml
is sent tO the ladies that an animal
will lie shilightered at a certain hour,
and when the time arrives they as
semble and stand in a row, each
holding a wine glass in her hand.
The throat of the animal-is-Out with
a large knife: by the butchery and its,
the lite )flood flows from the wound
it is caught in a large: circular silver
pan. by Mr. James M. Boyer,: who
then „passes along the roW Of ladies
and fills,their wine glasses: . after - the
first roiind has been drank it is quite
t sight toseet 4
ie dozen ladies stand
ing .with !bloc.. v mouths'andbloody
glasses waitiog . ior the second round
,of gore. 1 Vario'us chemical prepra
tionS containing iron and other con
stituents of blood have: been. Used for
years :by i persons in this , -eity, but
very . few drank blood' itself. ' How
ever it is quite a conntion thing for
delicate ladies in Paris, NO .York
and even Philadelphia to drink blood
under the advice of prominent; physi
cians, .-
' . '.' 'Manna REAnnie. - .' • '
~.:71ixie-teriOi or the reading_ done' is,
prothibly; airaply i to, pass away time,
Or procure it ideassiit excitement, for
unoccupied honisi. New who : retul .do .
It `oirith. - ail: definitd purpose -of - In-: .
Creasing' their, stO6. l J' r o,liwo,*iedgt 0 1
ideas, s,tilllf;itc tlie,iefote; a o o l 4l4su
any meld. purpose -44.-reading...,,On
r! .k.l
the: Conti% ,' iit - lk.conies t 6 . ttfeni a
.fluid of disc . titut,4e.:reaCtion from
the '. littera " of ::ihial.,: teairei: - them'
more , Ala AO
,uogatlSElecl—tliaar be
fo re.,' 'We blamo.lthe ., ;efreOti :of :the
reuilin fi of novels opon morel-writers,.
witen. really they ate More 'chargeable
upon novel7readete: .1 1 01" ,t l3 l 46l ',liiii
possess sOttio:''Moti*:ivPiik tr4e,liits
some character witlx :Potato 4:lntet
st, If . wcerend it:'ettrcthllraiutwitit
the intention Of .' f firaling‘ Oat" What,
there is iii It. deserving' Of: ithibte,:cir .
blaTne.l But the army Of,:fitorYlead..
ers stop .4 - o
fot . '•nOthinirtill:they- gat. tor
• end-of . the volimei.jand - knoW
nothing in',What 'they tith- 4 e:
read, except' that" all,; the .4roSibleli:
come to
.a happy determination, ; snit
the ,hero and lierbine.trere • mntried
at hist. - Pesetiptionti of nitthral-seen
ery, detaifs :of Indivlduil_ cluiractet;
the • careful wOrl(lOg - 011t Of..te3ults
from ) . the iue,idente! mrl...iudivattali-:
ties grotipeaKtog,ethet.«4ll . - these are
"skipped,"overfOOked," : Uevef thenfglif
of; .in fact; the:hook itself is fotgot:
ten, or at least no clear idea of its.
features is retained, after foriy-ei4lit
hours have passed. : . .
Such ,readingas this is worse than
useless' , ---it iva4tes valuable time, and
furnishes the . brain , with nothing _in
return. If a book is not worth read
ing with care, if it adds nothing .to
Our store' of knowledge, if it supplies
uo food for thought or dismission, it
is not worth all. - Indeed,
this is 'a very good test to. apply to
book. and and one Which, if it could v-be
properly applied bytthe elass.of-read
oo who would be. the inost benefitted
by it, would reduce their stock of lit
eriotkre to a very low ebb. ' •
- _
It is said that when John C. Cal
houn was in Yale Pollego he was,'
ridiculed by his fellOw-stndents for
his , intense application. to Study.
"Why, sirs," !said he,: - "I am forced
to make'the most of imy*time that I
may acquit myself creditably When
in Congress. Po yOn doubt it?..' I
assure you if r were notsoiivineed
of my ability to reach the national
capitol as a . repreSentative \ within
tlnk.e. years. I. would leave college
thi4 very day !" - Let every :voting
man thus have faith in himself, and
earnestly•take hold f life, scorning
all props and buttres-cs, all
. crutches
and life-preservers. Let hint-believe,
with PeStalozzi, that noinan on God's
earth is either willing or able to help
any other man. . Let hini strive to be
a ureator, rather than[ to borrow. In-
Wad of wielding the' rusted sword
of,'valorons forefathers, let him forge
his own weapons, and conscious of
the God-in him and the providence
over him, let him fight his own pat
ties with his own lance. Instead of
sighing for an education, capital, or
friends, and declaring) that " if he on
ly had these he would[be somebody,"
let him remember that, as 'Horace
Greeley . said.. he is looking in the
wrong end of the telescope ; that. if
he only were somebOdy he would
speedily have ail the boons whese .
absence he is bewailing. Instead of
being one of the foiled potentialities
of which the world is so full—one of
the subjunctive heroes, who always
might; could, would;-9r shdiild do
such great things.' is what nobody
can understand—let him be in- the
imperative mood, and do that of
which his talents arc indicative.
This lesson. of- self-reliance once
learned and acted* and every man
will discover within filmset,. under
God. the elements andi capacities, of
usefulness and houor.--"fletting on
in the ivorld."
A Chinaman in los Angeles, Cal, upon
being applied to for payinent of a debt,
replied: "If 1411'11;1%w how,..; 111 ?"
Whz4; is coal the most emit !tub:tory:ill lett.
knt mit to commerce ? Because wheit pnr
chased it goes to the cellar.
,misery' Mt by the child win)
couldn't go the picnic, is nothing to that
of the one Arlin hag been tai it.
A widower was. recently rejected, by a
damsel Who didn't. want [any afrethins
that hall ken "warmed ker.:"
Ira flock of gt.t.c , see olie of their mun
her drink. they will all drink, too. ' Met
often make geese of themselves.
Tim gentleman should alwr precede
the lady in going up stairs,'ant fiill44
in going down. •
Indiana papeN report teat ar,
of Lafayette, has twin-kle. twin-tiled lit
tle Stars for her linsbandlwiee.
The 'Missouri Republieein speaks of edi
tors as 'the non palmate class of men win
grease the wheels of progress at , half
An lowa woman gave lien husband mor
'Aline to cure him of che n wing tobacco. It.
.cored jam, hut she is' doing, her own 'har
A little wart-hacked 114 pp-toad w ll break
up a croquet party quicker than the dark
est cloud That ever gathered.
How to become practieallvtainted
with the "Hubs of Three" rave with
your wife. mother, and mother;:in-law.
A Milwaukee paper says of he air in
its relation to man, "It kisses and blesAeli
hint, but will not obey him." 'Hobbs
says that description suits lii S titife exactly.
Challenging lawyer to a colored jury
man in Clinton. La.: "Do yen know what
a verdict is?" " No, salt " Did fpm
ever see one?" "No, salt. I nebber was
at a shoW in my life!"
A book agent took refuge under a hay
stack thirite , a thunder storm, and the
lightning struck him on the Cheek, glanc
ing off and killing a mule twit hundred
,yards away.
A lhAtuyter cmisits enumerator stuni
ided upon a familyi‘vhose chain - en claim
the illlitetative nainOs of Julia, binatban.
Jame.-;, Job, Jane, JOlia.• .Torgylut
ami Jededialt. : Jertisalem • •
A farmer complains that !a hook
ladder company hasiheen organized iu his
neighborhood.' Ho litutes . that the ladder
is used after dark for climbing into the
hen-house, after • which the- hooking is
On a tombstonein.a 11:mbey graveyanl
the following wry singular im)eription ap
pears: "MaryThiwkins, whol having been
tapped for the dropsy forty-six times, re
rises in christ, September, 1, 1826."
A lady•torreSposident who assumes to
know how boys ought to be trained; write.
as follows: , "Oh, mothers 1 hunt 'out the
soft, tender, genial side of your boy.''
liethers often do-to the boys sorrow.
Tat Ogniti CIEMIO
st.4Vere4 Ay Belo 11. Illevelltil, _
' • ItrInr;APFPF" , -P/ 1 " "wJi Pont
lis;-•-iivolO 13 , his a lama erpoFer awl pe l f unto'
them, Verity, I satunto you; litausuell sot Yg /Me
done i t unto one or the lean or theoe my brw!tht,'S.
, poni
ye rum done is unto itiee.elkirtheaixti: 40J i
These whits - Or our. Tiord, flake frm
hiS,Parablc.tirresentatithi .0 . , 111 i last , as
size, set forth 00;04014i wleordhlg to
which divine . approvals ; proceed, Euultinal
revritrds arc' Admhdrilertd., , Thr hcd:been
expOunding tO his 414cipiei the prattleal
character of his religion, and urging l u _
then' a sense of their personal 'resonsi
bility. Ilisiamiest, however, was not' to, i
the) critical faCultyl nor to the curiOns in- 1
telleet, but , to the moral 'sense and , i4-
stinctive affections of the ever asPirhig
and",ecmildini heart., As to what :things
!;4.4r present 4e will sur!"?? #,T• "o' ,
„of i rrne, mulputlast"the rav ages' eV d4raily
Lie !says : Thoy will go into - , therifecia ,
iihOse WI T are ; found trfunmed'l Mil
burnyw-witen the kills returns to hiS ei;
tat* ho- will promote those Sall'antsildiii
not Only kept, but - also friereased,: - !tris
'goods :' when the Son of titan comei - in
Clem& Of gl9r7rand holy genets pith anti,.
be Will recognize and reward as his disci
plerri:•tirdy those persons who have•rreil
the.filllietlileier his reliiien and pu , ,'
th‘aihio loiing =la helpful deeds.
• • "Tii•clay Cbrtst comes to riS, and in air
initnetri'N•e kindof way tells:tar whit! sort
°E,l ) l ' etY Onrs.must Iv6 Lto'h° t 13 4:.." 4 9) ) 44-
'l lO .O Rims, ineet:the metis gt tIIS Pr4Wlit,
life,: and be roWarded S last • • ' 0 come,
ye blessed - 411tIren." fie tells ,tr, itt.4t
such a, piety 'mast be more tin
,m. a #iela: l
PhY4ea l Opinion and'eCeleslastical dCrlicrea;
more than: subscriptioti to tio . cretthr ;'...
more l than "Lord, LOrd;" and more than.
Wordy sentimentalities, ;esthetic and or
thodox. It must not stop short of getting
loving and helpful things done, or the ap
proval. "Well done, good awl, faithful
servaitt !':' will never he pronounced upon
, .
, . .
. telling us this is. a blessed gosPel..
ti< in clear and forcible light the anti=
relation our religion sustains. to the
al needs and activities of our individ
and social life. It takes religion 'out
ilt. region of mere metaphysics, and
i .
it down from the icy summits of spec-:
Mott, where too often we at the first
.d itl, and where we are too apt to con-,
to RI I and shows us that its chief element
character, and its .controling ambition
multi.t. , It dilsipates thus the mists
which!' reasonings have flung
iboutit, and lifts the veil with 'aside)_
philosophical dlstiiiisitions have overlaid
it. It quiets the fever of the intellect .try
renter ng the mystery. , that perplexed it,
and pats upon' the heart, whose tritest
rest islin trustful and obedient activity,
the immense obligations (4 (inistkln en
deavott It shows ns that so far as under
standing- religion is concerned, it is the
simple St thing in the world; that its le
difficulty is not intellectuaVi but
i t;
is not in the logical understanding, but' in
doing What we Very well know; and the
difficulty of, religion in this regard is great
enough ? when considered, to satisfy : the
most voracious 'appetite for that sortof
diet. 'there is, the In" whose ability
for ma tering difficulties is so great that
.he really gets ! done 'all that be admits
•ought ti) be done ? Ile, surely, finds that
the pctieal difficulties: of religion are
enough and until these are overcome.
Wants o other. ; :I"
Chri :never addressed the merely apse-.
ulatA , e `'intellect.', He recognized the diffi
culties of pond*, 'and abundantly -prO
vided fur overarming them. • This. chap
ter refers wholly to conduct. • The coli
demnation in the first instance falls upon:
those N5)10 delayed doing until the fitting
season Ur it had quite past. The cont
demnat on in the second instance falls uPL
on him ho by sophistries had reasoned
himself into indifference and Omega he
knew Would be condemned. The condeni
nation i! i the thin instance, birwever, falbt
upon t lose who, however sentimental
they ntry have heen, failed in the end of
getting any really helpful things done. ,
- Nerti did speech of mortal urge' so Irn.;,
pressivelv the doing of right and loving
I '
deeds, ir• does this speech of our Lord, a. 14
here m(J,ltiled, lie hiinself never rose tol
heights . sublime. The whole chapter
is a most wonderful 'composition. The.
chill eat understand it, and the sage if;
aive.l :ITUd thrilled by it. In its power to'
arrest the attention, kindle : the itnagina
that, alit mare the impulses of the will, it
hOlds a 'foremost pike evetiThmoni the
re c ords tf" Inspiration.. It expresses our
Lord's (estimate of the importance of con
duct, and of the ti j emeinlons peril of stop
ping shirt otit. ' .
It sett
.nI t
kith on
.11ing,us that religion has to do a gospel to 115. be
'r dauber that taking it out of
l ilatiVe region, we will confine it
Intimental, This danger is per
imMinent-to the •• people
.ittoilists,'' though-it is not limit-
the spo
to the s,
called 3
nil to tl cm. Our, c . timmott speech indi
cates the t the "danger exists. It is great-
eSt pelitaps in the beginnings of the
Christial life. •In entering upon this life,
~ rely say,
~that they have begun
and are trying to lire a Christian life, but,
speak of themselves and o f their brethren=
as . having "profe.ow4 religion." The,
stress is put upt in profession as the chief
thing in the new life. Instead of proceed
ing steadily and efficiently with a better
conduct, 'they, proceed to much talking
almmt their beliefs and feelings, litiPes and
opinions, and % - ery likely make severe
strictures on other people Who hold to
somewhat' different opinions. Does the
.mother;inake any profession of hiving her.
Child ? ' She just loves and serves it, and
is silent Idoint it-. Does the chili] Make
any profe'ssion of faith on of happiness?
NO. It just confidesand iiitappy. Its
ten thous:and activities set forth itstrust
and happiness, as words, thongh most e-x
-act and, piing isophic, could not. The. lily
and the rose are silent, but they incarnate
their earnest little lives in forms that are
beautiful and odors 'that arc fragrant.
These :111,! in goltkin silentx, get things
done, anti the things done incarnate and
evidence the life. And all teal and divine
outgoing 'of the ,Chri.stiau life is not ;in
word onlY, lout also, and much more; in
deed. !his the Spirit taken of the things
of tail. and given them to us? Then, ac
cording to Our measure,. we shall repro=
(luta: the! loving and active life of our
Lord on earth, and get good and .helPful
,thing done for our fellow men, such as
they mos need_, to' have done. In the es
timate-01, our only - .3l.iater,, the logic of
better being is, Ora" better doing. .
MI tali 'jitdgments Of °dr fellow-men
must be- i Me& upon their doings. - "By
se. per Ann
• • I_, -
. • :•
' [--,1. '
then. fruits ye, shad
14tt of the lips in*,
glO beg or but
'whollibbiiig, is reiS
Of , ? li. l l - A9t,iv4te 4 •-- I
it'iJ, l 7 7 13 r 1 41 I Ts:Vstil
PrßfCAfiii . ),nsi , but, by
tlitprAleed4 - IV§ j 1
not Fit . ; mach fin; lip
as 'For what; theY'-I
mist let our:light _:
0, 1
'not; fur - the eon it
4 01 4 - . 4 0 - ; li ght !lb'
and. brightly, as *hi
b.f.ulitptipg this 1
doqe, 'that you ,"
workA," and enable
F r :Libor which - is in
here're what - they
/et tkern soe. • _ Is .e l .
thhig for a man'.' ) I
ch.ll-apier. manifest i
Men who beoin
un4r inteniestinin
lare in aangerof Su
thinit'in the, relipol
there are
1 4 611)eagitatefil t
the religion is
agitation. And so,
lirtiiiwbielt the eg
&Med ' 'thoy do not
, .
'f-SI•,hat (rein
fii:ol l PationAnd the
lileObtrOV64; we
admiration fcir •Saint
liariiies, at' Hie expe
1e Consider the Epi
tiT infinite trefunire_b
hut i,hat of: !it. Ja
travr." We are .bo
i,4 ,;'..ivimi by:faith.,"
i"1 Will show you my
Faith without work
1 ' ,
electlatiy favorites f '
!Mists and apostles o
le such as were His
with'piin most inti
eartlit I believe that
than F 4. Paul, most c
,1 • r
eti the spirit and gns
ePistli of Tames is a S
fill comment on the'
i ,
we Live taken for our
gospe) whiekour chuff
need L,,,,.h and knee
who a,re early taught r.
find 41* the . rnetaphys
-saint rani, are in clar
the higher and more i)
°Ur Lard and of His 1
Jainei.. 'they are in_
that tie ` good coufe
witne4s consists iu o'l
wOrdSl what they liiti't
hoped feared and res 6
dcimb Would believe, hi
//hi of'ligion.
i tleg lining' the yids 'hut life with wrong
eniihasis and enoneo s theories, we con
tinue :is •
we began. 1% • hold the feelings
as. i endi l rather than ni ins. We put
.duct in parenthesis, an i consider it not as
1 1 1
;oil lilt niethott We consider the Cmo
ttoinil as the chief elem nt in:religion, l and
einploy every conceiva le method Olin
tenSiflit. Our fires., in ernal and eternal,
can no be kindled too I otly. l Our delight
is ratluir in the steam t at noisily escapes
from the - whistle of 'tli 1 engine, than in
.1 ,
that which pushes Atli pistons of life,
moves forward its - tusk - and carries its
burlen. We not only refer the. preach
ers ;wll excel. inthe ' arousement.s,7 to
those i p -actical men whn . giveus no rest
till i vre . vet good-and he ' ful things One,
tint) we Fonsider'thern t ern as more I ,,tie-
Vol and orthodox . etake infinite
. 1 .
pai sto feel good, and c do, good when
we feel like it. Worhsmercy are often
irlisu l in ; failure to live 'we have prayed
lit le shames us; hu always the thrill
of,dt•vo ion is a suprenie ,satisfaction. We
for,glet .hat our truest life our highest
ideai and miss.sion—is to do and finish the
work iltieli our Father in rteaven lids
, 1 -
.given nn to do. . -, , I •
Tiler fore .it is that 11. proclaim to-day,
the g i
ospel of getting things clone. sit
pot, 1 when you think , of', it, a gospe'
havel re igion taken out of the region of
met. phsic::and speculation ? out iof
mauilli sentimentalism and unprincipled
entlitisiasm ? and put intro the sphere of
our 6 1 iiiiiirei - Cand practical life, where
men I tin and suffer, struggle and die
Where they have actual wants to be net,
evils to ibe overcome, sorilivs to Le allvi- .
ated qul l l griefs to be aSsitaged ? To men
fami r iar with the -bitsiness and pains of
life, r it, not a gospel—a Message - of god
'news/--to know that the piety which Jesus
1 7is not all mystery and, dream, in'
theological philOSOphies and sen
italr.softnesses; but is a
, relig,imi of
1p processes , of practical helpfulness,
if isulculable rasults Does not ';he
requi r
and 9
. ,
.ini a gtispel I who •preclaims a relf
/at- conies to abSol's-e our sins,
lieve o ur heart-aehes, disintlirall our spi
rits, ennoble and nourish our uffections?
In 'our 'World of carklng, cares,: galling
needs, aft(' consuming distness, is it not a
very blessed gospel to know that JeSits
i 1 - • . , ,
apprTed - and taught a religion that gets
;good - and helpful things done for wicked
land suffering hunianity.. I, I
Do rot understand me as implying that
!Our -religion puts au..,extinguisher uptati
the hate led, or -ignores the emotional.
'The ' i4.slin l' ion of Jesus is the source of the
truest pltilosephy and ''of the most genu- ,
' ',I ermanent progress. The revival
;-in has alwaysbeen the Irovival 'of
1" In Christ are hid the treasures
ledge." And yet, becoming right
red and accepted :of Heaven, Is
. , . ,
[ dependent on the accuracy or
mr intellectual conceptions. Onr
i which never "continue in one
•Ie not, in the true Christian econ
eornerrstone of life's temple.
I, and feeling are net the highest
the largest blessing. Charity,'
.and sliuteth riot up its coir
from the needy, isArcatest, mot
divinest andlcSt. The gospel of
of reli.
of km
not 111
i li
.esus a4es the Christian character and
life on thle disposition's and the activities.
it'prononnees a life of loving helpfulness
as the best devotion, the, highest gratitude
it I
and the invfountlest pieiy.,- ',` Love is tir
:iultillititglof the law," and if- we "do not
love of • neighbor whom we have seen,
,ire cannot love God whom. we' have r
, liou may: have raid, " Lor icir
ford" r and uttered your ."Shiboleths"
. but if yen have not been loving and help
ful, ye i
l have been at beSt only a novice.
The gespel of getting things done is a
aospel,l4r it enables wi, _ here and now,
without iralting • for foil* words from
ifielgria `" IC to take our observations
I know thent i ."' • The
belle fruit pr a Mn
'of - life; man's
d only in 'the sum
the political and tail-
to men WA record
• the' tested i•ocoril of
age "and' honor them
t they )lave got said i
ave..dbne.---' True, we
ane, but - shining is
is only for the eye.
os. so. linieh,,i,so far
ing deeds ? 7t is just
of getting things
ow men yoUr good
them to "glorify your
HO:Wen." Men will
You have but to
{aracter the essential
a what ,does genuine
self but in genuine
heir religiffits; career
. tion of the feelings,
pining that the chief
is the stimidatipn.
o.pie who MIA that
o and
n , religious, and
n proportion to the
in days and affairs
tion cannot. well :1)
even attempt, to be
he polemics Of the
schools of theOhvic
ye derived an.undue
Paul and bi*pecu
! NC of Saint James,
tle to the liehreWs
`se of good things,
es "an- Epistle of
d to declare : If ' We .
nd weak to Utter :
' faith by my WorkS.
: is dead." Tf we
' itc - ammig the evati-
our Lord, let,them
avoritesi and ; lived
i ately ,while on the
St. ..Tames, rather
I inpletely reprOdue-
I of Chrifit. The
rikitig and. wonder
' lutpter from which
. text., It contains a
Eh 1 and age greatly
, aml,practice; Men
' nd become greatly
ical discussions of
ger of overlooking
- k..
. tical teaching of
oily apostle, Saint
langer of thinking
lion " they: are to
t i• `Ought atul l felt,
I .,ved. nntil one born
;insetf. imrn in6tpo-
an. .uta e our reekeSif gs
lehit 1 ,/. go
mss:! 11tsert
i o t 4 , 44 #0„14„:67,,10i1t !4ddil!::-
ti 4uesiion.*;!+ can tellyyhethei Christ
co4iders na as.,4ristians, and whether •
oto,ibiOre -proaieCt. ;4--.littaring:4llB joy
hereafter.verything . hinges imfdoing.
:iiittiiiinnelt ] al ye It nave lite:w
yo - il4': ; • • the
1 ,
least og these i -enter iti."
TO; gvistil of getting Oinge done is in
deed gospel,. for, ,t pritsreli'gion: within
reach' of ail. and; equally.. ``Th'r
faring i ' and :the:simplo,.;!f. need let en
emiCering ifrnor;'stumblii because of it.
Conduct, Which is four-fifths of life, all
I .1
mut and under take:the
ligiati%of,suc i a gOipel is noffOr - seti - dairy,
occrusions and places; is netforcOspacked
pricits, and•narrovi Leviteli alone; it is the
eqnril Inheritance of all, and,theb)easing
,of cOnimon days and of ,ordinarY: oem-
sion4,ll Pompous egotists] entrenched
creecN swollen aristocrat,' in marble pal
aces,] aid leisured scholarSseAted fit their
ancint temples, hive no .itivantag• over
]] •
the Inimblesr. Sarnaritau, in- acting
~as I
"neighborto•,hith that ; fell • a mong
thieviiist . " • .] -
Thk] ] • ;
things required of uS in this gospel'
of getting things done, are4sessibleitio all,
in evert) age and condition," who have true
and ;hiving hearts. "Inasmuoli !as ye.
have If h l ine it.l . Done what? Givenleloth
ing tai Ole ;spin. rind-' naked; waterl l o the .
thirsty ]food t i e the Itung4;, recognition
to th 4 ltrangen visitation and help to the •
imprierieds These; detailed yartiularts .
indierini the +Rs of feelings ire are to ex
ercise l and the israCticat Rork, of 1 1 , what
sort it sl=, we are to get done. in our 10•orld.
" Baste i don [ e it." To. whOp.o " the
least O i fitheie niY brethren.','
.Not to un
fortunate kings ]bid compiered geperals
and priotitrate heroes, .but tsi common pee:"
pie, ordinary soldiers, impisirerished'ipeas
ants, and strugglingneighbeft. • ,
The;roligion Christ urges; upon ti.4 2 and
that sinlvives the test of the Irea'venly
judgnettth,• is One that not only looks up
but iii [ tit up. ;It was (Jhriist.-• who isaid
"BleS.4ed are the merciful, for they ;shall .;
obtain; nierey. 4 t ' : Only he Alfils th 4 law.
who "rp+s his, neighbor as Ihimaelf.y It
was the alms and prayers Of the Gentile -
Corneliu s that'went up an inesistiblO me
morial ].L'efore HeaVen., Dorcas id was
that made clothes for the p*, and ]`was
full of 0:,3d works and alms;sdeeds•-which
she did,'l; who got raised from. the dead
and permanently enthroned in hiskory.
And .lelN l who " sought. - out ihe CatlSt;" of
the potir and needy, was sustained in; his
integritylagainSt utmost temptations, and
in his declining years the Lord "addedall
that hadilieen];:to him, unto the
"Blessed is he 'that considereth the floor;
the Load ! will deliver him in time of trou
ble.- God is' not uorig,* for!get
1 .. -
el( and l labor of love "which ye
I , -
Ted t4ward his name, in that, S7e
ustered to the saints; and do ipin
tlVhatsoever ye would that men
h to yoi, do ye even so to th 6 :
s the law and tI4 prophets .•'
Orange, feelings dielaud are 'fur
rwledge passes away;, but g l ood
Ile ',toy I done, and ' „ o` on working
il 1 1 ;
[re. secretly or openly, -everrnbre.
1 i
has for l, iver allied hunself toithe
. t.lte poor, whom we have alWays
1 ",..
Of e rel l wesents himself as bre,ak
rthe ag,ee wnlr 7 -” Lira.*
cs the puor, 7 H these my
the jAlor 311.1 not timse.
your w
have sli!
have mit
ister.•' I
should Of
for' thiq
gotton ? ,ill
deeds din
for welfi l
Chrisi ,
cause of i 4'
with us.iT
ing the 4
( 0;
also whi)
men wlo
poor ill 4 1
I.ool' ill l
,are w;
ire wr.
li,slt ,
. po4
In chat
I .3,pcvtat l l
Luling in goods, but those
'wing in knkledge.l in
11l graces . There "'lre
r in ideas; Poor in +2*
meter; poor 1 - I..rttemorti - :
Jot's; poor in . 3neettr;
What we lu tor t4se :
Christ wi V I I, consider and reward as done
for him,4 f i . . Tint cause of the poor tni
needy isl Oways Ibis cause; most in its
thought: 11arest lis heart. I e liVed and,
suffered Iltid died .to "save- t•
he. Ti l lie':
work Bgu ilei inauted lie WaUts carried •
forward: ; . - Nothill i k Bin is so pleasing to '
and honoOle to is, as i 'working together
with ilir ! Ir' in Ilis cause. Ilet! us 'not
withhold,i4fir allicinee and endraVor until
, j I •
we feel that we eau i " do soine : gre r vt
thing." IGreat cl:cds are not clemanded
not ineutidned, b t only helpfal deer.i.
I d
By eng,agitig in these, we can best Sholw l '
our • faith illand , r , itittide . breathe die
: t '9 ' , '
ChriStly iturit, and prove the.. depth :yid
• 1.,
fervot of lopr devotion:
. ' i
I have itiad an Eastern story of a pct. '
• I. l' - I
bird that: was beaten to the' gionnd byia'
• 1:
storm. - There it lily weltering f i n the mud
of the hi ;l wit .; lllitoken Wing, unable
to Ilse. Then a n ti, traveling-11111a w 4,
came to 4.4 and - putting ' his hand gently
under it, lifted it np, as if he had been
God, and; took it ti his iionit. There lie'
bound up the broken wing and tenderly
nuased it t soundtiess. , Then.- when it
was restored, be. :Acted the whalowaull
1 i .
gave the Ibird its freedom. Sol.. l in,ft wa i s '
with its fidlows in the woods and Jt home
in the ninnntains. I And the niap wonde.c.
ed where !gtatitude was—,why the bird dill
- t
not return land el l presk its thituks ! 1,i..
uttered nu !word aud sank no souk,. put!
day the - Mari heard a gentle tiApping at
the winlapW. Throwing I open' the (illikr
anent, I thgrq he .saw the ! bird 111)011111k,
ledge; It ihild - come ] back to tell its appre
i l
elation of the man's kindness aid of itS
own rectiveil-, but now there Willi no Itot(i
of gladness only silence. •And yet Weill
was elognenee. • It i had brought with 4
anotliet bitil with brokeiil wing,. l l liich 4
was mutelyl g
liftinlip for healing .-I
My brethlien : YoU may s not hat
for mighty 'le.ells, nor brain forl i
discplisitiaq nor words far eloql
suasion; li . us you
,con. lift up bil
profrate'friiiip . for healing, i
, 0
! !!
. : :.
Each One of kts have a (
Satan. 84tan comes to one
the fori*of idleness, and ma
waste (14 - after day, year aft
until he rhas waited his wit
doing notiin
h g
Satan ;domes tO another man as
work, and!lmakesl himself in ;the op
posite way i by wearing nntlprema
tarly his brain and his body.
lie conics 10 another, as Christian'
zeal, and, the man becomes a biaot.•
full of fire for the Lord ; but the fora
lie serves ;is a God of wrath; a God ,
who cares for triflfs, a Pod l "wl!o pre
fers sacrihte to mercy.
Ile corms to auother' as charity,
but it is' charity which: tdierates
evil and lets it alone, • which ihas no
edge to it, no courage, ;an indolent
charity, Winch is.not lOve at all, but
only eaSyl, good-nature. '
So he disguises mself as an angel
of light, 'calling himself
when he wi'Shes Arolmake nations hate
J r
each other ;walling himself Christian
ity whenl he swishes to inal4e men
persecuteleacl other ; calling himself
honesty When he wishes to ene l pfirage
a man in his rude and over-tearing
ways; and
.one changing ',4imself
into everf 7irtue and every grace,
Jathes Fr`eOptan Clarke.' , 1_
It .is a I ..singular fact that 'cold water,
when introduced inOriahly
becomes one'Of the . fiercest issues that pol-.
iticians or 'eonventions handle.i •
"No," sai4 Mrs. Podgers; very phsitive
•lY, "if I go into the ¶ountry, Mr. Podgers t
goes with ' me. Tins city ain't no safe
place to lead a man alone in." • •
C powel,
rent pea
ihte it au
man in'
es him
er year,
ole _life