Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 22, 1875, Image 2

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    /ROIALL NATiO i 4141 ---
! • prituioti ottet
mirmyKes Rambiet,nian is .
,200 stallions.: • • - - ---•
, FLORIDA ianeil 10,000 anigatirs ESITOROt ;;
their hides last ydar. - F •r 4 O. GOODRICH. S. W. ALROHITh
Bo's.ros paid out $9,889,540 in July qivi .
!lends and interest on loans.
.I.7r.x.rucEv election is the first on hand i 4
..iotgiast 2d.. . . t FOR GOVERNOR.
..THE Wisconsin Republicans count on . a }l;N. - JOHN T. 11.A.RTRA:VFT,
Sangnine , vietory. . . Of Montgomery.
OCTOBER 12 Nebraska votes on the new, 1 FOR STATE TREASURER, 4. i
* ConstitiltiOß.
. A frontier paper thinks that the trouble t
With the Indian Bureau is its hiving too t' Of Eri County.
Many Arawers.: - . ..
• .
. .
'AT the great fair held annually at NIJI4 REIP:FIBLICAN COE:WY CONVEIITION.
Novgorod, in Russia, commodities valued
The Republican County Committee unit at the
at . $9Q;000,000 are annually disposed of. ;
ani II on Thursday, July Ist, and appointed
, Ot
TIM Saratoga trunk. which the Duke nie Vigilance Committees for the several Min:whips
and Duchess of Edinburgh took,to Ilus, I an d hprougni.. in the eoukty. it was intaMmonaly
pia, held 80 tons - . •
. . 1 , trt.rof red. That the County Convention this year
' THREE Democratic papers,' in Ciilifor be held on TUESDAY. AC UST ties, at
....: o'clock
Mi. are edited by women.l That quite r : u., at the court House, Towmads. -
j4o f 6feed,'That we recommend the Republicans
exceeds comprehension. , of the several election districts to take such action
a 4 thee .sitall deem best of
the primal meetings in
• tiiiiiEVI:IIORT, La.,, aspires to be t oe ;.
rt7ani to the adoption of the "Cnrwford Cooney
cotton centre - , of Northern- Lonisatia, System" In the nomination of candidates and In-
E6tern Texan and Western Arkansas. , - ceashig,the number of standing committee.
..- ,:, .nerroirei, That meetings for the election of dele
. OF the 255,000 headstones to mark nip 1 rites be held on Saturday, Augast W; In e the town
. - resting-places .of
. 1. - nion soldiers in. mi.. '
l' g rlii i ir een h t ste . ill:leers') of
=of ;an . and B k o' r il o'clock
tional cemeteries, 105,000 are for giave t s _
1 r. , . '5,.. and that delegates be elieted by ballot. The
of the unknown. : 1 ~. lions shall - be - kept open continuously from the first
named hour until aftet the expiration of he time
NEW YORK policemen make money liy gained. , - .
,barging keepers of- panel houses in their : t
t Candhiates for the following offices are tO be nom
precincts $lO a week and half the money ' t i,„ t ,...,i ,
stolen from victims. . ..
• , '-. One person for Prothonotary.
- ,
. .
Titi: Alfensists and Carlists continue ! .. .
One person for sheriff. . - ;. -
o;e permor for Register and Recorder. ,
very active in the field. The artillery oft e person for Treasurer. .
the latter now numbers 120 guns, mid i , Two persons for County Commissioners. -
More are expected daily. .„! i Two person., for County Auditors. , •
' , i One person for County Coroner.
- Sixer. Tilden went to Long Branch for' 1
~ it is, ..nrnestly recommended that the inmost cart
the i summer, the World and Sun , have Una caution be "bserseti in conducting the primary
fippressed leaders about the peripatetic '
, L„,,,,., 1 „ ; ,.., ~, thacthere need be no Just 'cause for
President. ' -- ksoup,aint on the part of any. ;
Ev.t:ltY-State has about a dozen candi- ' it;tl.A E COMMITTEES,;
~bates; who would not spurn the Preside:n- Atltiqu• Tnwiliblirpiik Weller. J.
F. Ocen-
Matt . - Carpenter has been named by
. rhit'r• ;r !I.• no r . Ito K r...L-C T. Bull. C. Illnton. Ai If. 4,319-
elithasiastie: admirers in Wisconsin. : •
kiUg .of Saxony has conferred the ulehla Twp—C. Welder. D. Sherman; George
title id: Knight of the Order of Albert on .Abanv—J. 1 tested. A. 'fever's-, C:Cor . bla.
Dr. •A,,- M. Pons, the naturalist.; of To- .%.ylutli—r. E. Anita'. E. Felhitsb. reed; Kerrlek.
! Albn It,nv—lntrl Wilson, Geo. Webb Ilvllooker.
• 11;trvlAy—Jtolin Ditchtotim. Dr, M:, N. Thld.
i .
3.,...p - IN . .Nltt:t,tat has roinidetvd a tidy- F • ._ lictrUngl4." T S ‘"P --4. .. Bellnar , Alex. I:ine, Ilallt
', 1 1 1: 1 {k :-' 6 I s ii i:k i i I ( l; ;l fi l . i r i e ' 74 l . l t i : l l,l E l l i i i ( ,: n r . :: vti h i :tis i e t lio ll iCi 4..' i 15, .. 11'' T 1f r.,, r111 , '"" B""—W.
Green' j* Rice,
"Efli.n. . ! Burlington West--John Blackwell. S. I. Stiles,
,is t Oillg :May with Canton Twp—Win.-Lawn.nee, C. B.ylor, I. Taylor, .' . Jut: el.;.t.rit fluid - I• . . . 1.1"" " all. ' r
H ill fetagyed traditions. It singed la cat i s“nand. I t i •
:at Alton Mini - the other day. Clippin..
, , ...: cant,m in,,,tohn spat/ling, E. 11. Tfi?mas, G.
~r. ' IV Griffin
'. , n , 111.41 Illlt have bettered the job. 1 I i•,,itonbia • = A. 31: Cornell, G. 31. earl!. Dewitt
. -
i Wolf
\Vito say:: - "Lo l ! the poor hull:in. -
, The ; Fm . olkllo lathe , . C. Rldway. F.
• - •_.1,. Itegis,,tribe. living in ,Canalaa. Just i sterile McKee. '
.o,; t •r the borders of Franklin t•ounty;lutve 1 tiraavine—y. saxton, L. D. Taylor, II:: Bailey.
i Herrick— '%V Ilfi,bltt. John Woodbnrn, James
tiouldeti their number , . in ten years. Newer. _ • '
A' Western - man. reading Of a cricket l Litetifiela—W. ll.•Carrner, .1. F. Stn:Tple, C. 11.
lob in a Nen t
- York paper. writes the ed- 1 7 e . rr e;;!..v—it: meKee. it. M. Holcomb, Ti Bowman.
nor to know if the club is go l A for any- 1 '• Leßaysvlllt.-1. J. frloiham. J. P.-Carli dames H.
thing for 1; rasshorpers. 1 Joldison. 1
. I pomp,. Tit - 1....4. W. Irvine. W. H:lll4wes. .1. L.
A New York lady. fond of •inmic. but • Rockwell.'
with a constitutional dislike to perfinan- Notre ern e o—D. J. f;tweet B. B. Ilidlet, J. 0.
iii herself lias• - taugla her pet tom cat to
.-: th i' n r i iNl:ii —II. L. case, Geo. Corblii, Jo4plt Tuttle.
Ilay the piano by note. . • '. -' overlok—ham Mottliews.- Chas. ?dolmen'. 0.
A ' expedition of ;11111 or 17i0 piand I ( o p ik ,.— c . w "
V. i t i.„id,, s: I'. 4•„ pi i,, r , r , IT.
Wel,li siligets - is I wing' org-arnize4 "to pro : . '3 Crandal. 1 , • . L
0:eli to the United States in July next.',on 1 11.1g 4, ilEY - - . E. A. !‘tw'Per, ti., AL [burn. E. It.
tht . OCVasiun of the (centenary of the II" - 1 ll 'i'it i - t ...w!--w. W. Mrxxly. 11. Md - abe, I. .1.
I:iration of American IndepenthMee. . 1 I Seeley. i - •
Bore-- A - I'.Yonin , bun" ' Allen• Mont-
TII E lie:4 ina . rksMan at WimblethuLtlie i ~ , !!:..n c l ; :iitronnini. 7 : 1 . • •
table : informs its. is a Japanese. totallY,'l" Sprlngfield-,James 17.. - Verlie - s. L-Borge,s. \\'.A.
ignoritrir - td .. the English tin,ruage...: - Thev :- ,' 11 "'" - '
- • ' 'Smlthffrld—A. a. Tracy, I% G. Hurley, - It. It. Her•
ae he make .I"ng range that are
!Si •
Ma: - Vienna Pitc,“ report"; that the
:weavers im strike in llrunu havwassuMed
,1 threatenhm attitude. Five battalli;ins
troops areheld in riiadinesq prese:rve .
~ rdt•r. '
TII-1. Nova pe a
,Scotia coal oCators rc
aboutaont to invoke (the aid •of . the British
' ,, tiverinnent in an effort to - secure thelre
peal of the.'.liiiiricati tariff touching the
• imputation of their 6imunidity:l
Tut: Tilden leaderslhave called a groial
.—terpt council of Etistern and !Western
A)imuieracy to meet in New - Yorkiand
,tli• timpreAmt 1111(1,4 i(InS in Illirl . renrelW..
tWl'en tIWIP. •
B. B. WI LI ox. of Ilornellsville, recent- t
iv plo'wed up halt' a bushel Indian;ar-
Cow heads on the Brower farm, tijoining
.the c‘nptiration, including a tlitft hatOet
and. a pestle finr pounding corn.
Mt. - A kirrlN will lase to make holster
v. ith ltis preliminaries of reeoneiliationi
between Mr. and Mrs. Tilton• for the lat-1
t cf . has taken steps for an absolute divUreel;
from her lord and ;master. 1
SA VD k unhappy over the after-1
thotlight that it might have eelArated al:
- ffegatta Centennial, thi , first ime,
havinf 'been rowed in Englad. on
Thames. June •23, ;
(•111mlNkLs have. sweethearts, invaria- j !
bly. aDI the. - Alai? detectiv es now ilogf
their If )4,tsters to ,et' on track of their , }
erimil al lovers.. In two instances of-late!
thisinethod of tlett;Ction has provetltcer-I
t-tin sure.. , ! !
. !
A towir in Ilti!tory 'has been taxed at
tiolltnislty a eontract4 for a debt due blur
-for paveriients: Etell'of its I.ttoo inktibi4
tints is to give hini all egg daily diking!'
..:ix yf•ars. paying bun in all 1.19;(1011
, 1
• !:
THE rctimis of the election fiir . ntem4
.m-s- of the ProVincial
,Legislature have;
received front the entire Province of
tjuubec. The government - rrty claim
mii,jority of lei. while the opposition imlV ,
concede - dam a majority of
' Tilt: Prince of Wales visit C-41cin:
T% be wholly devoted to sport—killingi
Oephants, visiting the kraals andjungles4,
bill the English people don't see the ;real
son for giVing away a couple of milliorut
pounds to enable the Prinee:to indulge?
iu such. Sport.
'• Tilt: Conewango - Swamp. containing'
-.4,11;6 " acres of wet farming
. ,
tit:nit:mina and Cattail - nig-us counties.i
• \'.'l'., is al tout tit he reclaimed bydraini
age. It is i‘stimatell that by this inean...
I over Fithotio.oott witrit, of land Will he got
a atlt't• cultivation. I
• THE - Mormons have established a Initneh
of their church initl a• newspaper called
the :pircitißer, at Clarksburg-. West Vir4
finial The Fairmi quit I i,,le.r says: Then .
is gline a number of this sect in Mann,;
{ tagton district; in this comity, and in tiff!
neighborhood of SilinnstA me. • • i
- I •
' Tae t bvernor 1)1 Illinois ha', hit upon
•-a klirewd met - lox! of avertin! , the epiderii4
it orlswearin g that tltreatened to folloW
the taking of notary commissions by woi
'mill in the State. lie requires the applii .
• . ant to testify: that she is /troy twenty-onti.
years of age. '
• - THE Raleigh. N.. C., „Vertig says, that
• over 1,:i00 citizens in Wake county stand
intliqed before the present-term or Wake
•-• superior court for the offense of failing VI
register- their, poll in 18734"4, an act of
the I tgisrature for their relief hawing been
roiltuna(' unconstitutionhi.-, 7 - '.. 1
- , T 1 resignations `of H. T. Munson,of
('out o ectieut, and M. B. Phillip. of 1)hiol
prinitiple exaMiners of the Patent Offieei
• 11,1.•• e been accepted, - - • They rot) to 'New
York to practice patent law. ' - Within the
- oast 'Year some ten officers of high grade
have resigned ; from this bureau for a lils+
puipose. • i
I 'inxi• Scliouv xi.oFF. the Russian
hassador at the Vourt7 of St. James, - re
ce t.
I: ' i
ntly gave a grand ball to the Prince and
Princess - of : Wales and the .thike and
. •I Duchess of Edinburgh. In the openin
riaadolle the Princess of Walt•s danced
with Illit ambassador and the DuchAs or
- Edinburgh - - Wit li the Prince of Wales.
1 •
P4tmasti,r I ;..neral- Je w ell captivat6l
halkinaptlis. <•• _% correspondent. a :44
.r.:1Sti i `11111:14/4•1' says that "his i•oniplexion
vi-as'os litre and fair as if the winds or
tieal'"en had never visited it too roughly,l
and that •ilie, clear blue eyes and matelli
It•s's teeth' were admirably set off by the
t. •silvery hair and white moustache and
rte:, rd..' '
.. , I; EN. 1;1 nwn,i,..: the candidate iti the
IndePendihn party : for Goyernor or Cali
' fornia. has pulled tip all till- wine-bearing
. • vines in his vineyard and planted i raisin
Mapes-in their stead. hecause - behrould
... not lie a party to a business whicht was'
•' rcspeinsilde for more than two-thilds 0T
the crime, dest it iition and misery eXtant.'l
THE Secretary of the Treasitry lilts Stilt
under advisement a question presented
• . by Sir Edward Thornton to Set'retarY
Fish :fir
by him referred t 4 that depart.;
-ti - tent relating to a supposed conflict bcs
twcen•the Treasury regulations and Rini
Tteaty of
,Washington fits to Canadiati
•• ,n.fehandise intended for export and fori
xv.trilkAl in transit over the territory of thti
• I.,:niteil States. -
' - • iltivirrs just made' by Third -%. • • •tsistsut
PostrbaSter General Barber,' sheiw that
InTAQ,OOO postal cards were issued 4u:
.Ting the fiscal year which ended June 30
. last, against 91,0:9,000 issued for . the
Near which ended June 30, 2874. The In:
crease 'is equivalent to about 18 146 pet.
eon., vnich shows that the postal cards,'
are growing in, popular favor as a Zueani
. of inter-orulannicationr
. . ,
Towanda, Pa., Thursaill, itay 22, 1875:1
-5 , m.111 creek—S. C.- Tionupson. Ira Cfane. 1.1.
I:. Tracy. Leroy S'conton. T. 11.
She.4ll4:goln-1. YOung.E.llintkins, 11. Horton.
Standing Stone—A. Taylor, 31. E. Hied. Nelson
Coe. -
Terry—W. T. Horton. Clmrles Thomp , m, 4: M.
Towanda Born. Ist War 4 1 7,1,, 11441ronh. 4. Stone
man. Geo. McCabe..
- Towanda Burn, Ward—T.,Mulloek,t C. F. Tay
lor. c.
Towaroin Born, ad Ward—W. S. Nevlnq, It. A.
Chamberlain, E. 1%11:welly: . .
Towanda Tcrp—T. 'Ackley. J. J.-Semi - 111e. G. D.
Towand.l Nortl4-4a, Fo.ter. (. B. Mills, W. A.
sluyter. .
Troy Tµ'l.--C. Manley, 1.. Itallant, Win. slim.
Troy Bore—A. Newinan. .lohn Grant. E. Pom
Titsearoray. S. Culver. Wm.:Cklstlan, S.
Ulster—S. S. Lockwo.d. John Dixon; S. Hovey.
Wilinot—.l, W. Ingham, 31. T. *lottery. C. S.
towell. • •
ly . arren—ll. lion ell. Wio. M:nicln•iter, .1. 11.
'at y.
Wltotham-Win. 11. ek,rk. M titer. 4;,...rge
Wyalushe:—Hr. Home?. B. Tailor. B. T.
WysoN—B. E. C. Myer, Miles Shores, Geo. IN'oosl.
Wel 1 , --Wade Beardsley.A.Judson, Ilse , . Baker.
We last Week published an article
from the vigorous pen of Col. Mc
' Cm:RE of the . Philadelphia Tii frs , in
relation to the Democratic charges of
fraud in the Treasury Department.
In, another article upon 'the -same
subject the Times sums up the rea
sons' Why the •cOimilittee appointed
by a Democratic House does not
complete its work. 'When the truth
is known, - and the people understand
that the affairs of the Treasury are
right. and that every' farthing of
`the funds is honestly accounted .for,
by Mr. - MAcKEr, the', stock trade
of political demagogues will be gone
and their villainy and deinagogism
made : apparent to those who are now
' their dupes. AlthOugh the defeat,of
the Republicans would afford no'one
so much pleasure as Col..McCLuttE,
it is still to his credit that' he has the
independenee and candor to tell the
truth in regard to one of bis:mcist
bitter political opponents. We
shoidd be pleased to see thoi:e Demo
cratic sheets - NM So much admire
the Colonel's the Republican
party. print some of his articles . like
the following':
" One of the yast promising evi
denees of Democratic. fitness to avail
itself of the gteat opportunity proff
ered by Republican debauehery, in
al4tost every department of authority,
is the narrow, groveling asperatiOns
of its leaders. They dare not be
truthful and honest, and ;therefore
truthful and honest nien- - .distrust;
them, and they proffer only , the gath
erings of the political• scavenger to
people who are hungry for states
manship, unfaltering • integrity and
the fearless diScharge.of public trust.
A political scandal makes their eyes
•brighten and their hopes swell with
,fresh pulsations. while he: who lie
sires to be truthful on all questions,
and would win political battles in be
half of competency and fidelity, is
seouted as a pretender: For several
years a howl has passed .along the
line of Democracy that there is p de
falcation in the State Treasury.
There were a hundred wayslby which
the truth -Or falsity of the accusation
could have been ascertained by those
Who proclaimed it ; but, as a rule,
they either did not dare to test the
issue or they did not want, to do so
Beyond the point they supposed
might make silence profitable. And
now a committee of ,the: House is
floundering 'about oh the outskirts
of the Treasury, pretending to exam
ine it, and apparently determined
that they shall not be alloWed to do
so, whereuponPartyorgans denounce
the a'defaulter, and in
sist that all who do not assent to the
charge should be sent to the political
guillotine without the benefit of eler
"The Tilnes will play no nonsense
on this or any other public question,
merely to oblige a lot of driveling
political leadeia whO can't remember
when theyo)vei won - a contest, and
wouldn't *one in - a generation if
81 1°,4 . i 0: 41 1 * fi'the*: 4 ilirgite4 :
tomb., There Is iiait now; ftilOiete ,
never T l r was, a flefaletatio* in jhe 'Statii
Treafiary wider-. 31r. 34.471E1T::*,
speak advisedly ,of it during OA
. .
years 1872,'73, and '74, because it
was our official duty then . to know-
something about it; and we *assume
that it is so now, because w 4 have I
several times had other impressive
teachings of the fact that Mr. Ming:-
rr is not a fool. With . an unques
tioned bond to the State . for half a
million, with the capacity as a bank-.
er second to but few, if any, and with
from one and a half to three millions
otresources for five years, the_ . man
who expects to find a hole in the
Treasury must have an appetite for
clap-trap that defies all rules , om-
mon sense. i There never was a day
when the books and aceomits ! of !the
Trersuiy could not be examined by
1 any one in authority, anti the' House
committee can now go into the Treas
urer's office, verify his cash arid bank
accounts, and ascertain exactly
'whether there are fictitious.represent
atiVes of value counted as cash. We
fall Y agree with the Infrlligencer
that-' immediate examination of .the
assents of the Treasury be made,'
and have so insisted as a matter of
justice - to both the Treasurer and,
the taxpayers, ever since the commit
tee was appWnted, and it is not - done
only because such examination would
show that there is no defalcation, and
would end the clamor of a lot of po
liticans who would be without occu
pation if. they could not clamor about
• . ..
F. Farchild,
Another gift ; of land has just 'been
by made. AsA OACKEtt to Lehigh Uni
versity, Bethlehem'. Through that
gentleman's mwlificenc this institu
tion is now one bf the best endowed
in the country, and s already. begins to
attract hosts of students to its, balls;
Within the last few years several of
our older colleges have received hand
somel additions to their resources.
BWIINER, 31-iRQUA'ND, and others in
New York, have come liberally to the
assistance of Princeton, by the erect.
ion of buildings, and by cOntribu
tions to the general fund: Harv
ard, ;Yale, Dartmouth, and other col-
leges in New England are continually
receiving bequests ; from old gradu
ates and generous friends. •
A rich man can make no better use
of his money than to endow an insti
tution of learning. It is a monument
that will preserve ltis name long after
it would otherwise be forgotten.
Men like GIRARD and STEWART must
make some public disposition of their
wealth because they are?ehildless.
Rut our remark applies alSo to mill
ionaires who havut families. Instead
of bequeath i nga collossal fortune for i
few heirs to squander. it would be
' infinitely better for men of wealth
after making ailequate provision for
their 'households, to set apart the
bulk of their fortune for the estab
lishment of some great charity or
seat of learning. l'osterityWill arise
and call them ble4sed.
Two WEEKS SINCE ill commenting
upon a paragraph in the Artiu. we
incidentally referred to a flirt in : the'
history of a prominent Democratie'
office-seeker and professional pOlitt
cian—a man who is spurned by hon
est men of all parties, and only, re
tains his position — as leader of the
Democracy through the 'sycoPhitney
of such men as furnish the • Aripoi
with editorials. In the last issue of
that sheet the individual referred to
makes our Paragraph the pretext for
a most malicionsindecent and ca
lumniottl fling a his Honor:Judge
31Enci - tt.than when no man in Penn,
sylvania stands higher as an upright
citizen, statesman and jurist. • Judge
MEa - cra needs no defense, and we
only refer to the subject to show the
groveling and debased character of
one who has for years sought to be a
rival, and thus make : capital. from
having his name associated with one
whose private and' public character
is withont a stain or blemish. Judge
MEncrit's fair name is in no more
danger of injury front the assaults of
the .Argtti than 4 his "ancient po
litical rival " is of being regarded, as
an honest man, or the Arfpfx a re
spectable journal. , .1 •
ONLY about foui - weeks now remain
before the Republican priiiiary meet
ings. Let the time be improved by
the judicioUs,- sincere friends of the,
Tarty, in a fair and cordial ()iseussion
of the merits of the several candi
dates and the courSe - jo be pursued
at the COnvention.. Individuals, their
'claims and interests, must be over
;looked, and the good of the party
my kept' in view.. With a ticket
iairly nominated, without eveli - . the
appearance of unfairness, we shall
shoW,the.opposition that the people
of Bradford County are still true to
the party and principles which have
• made us , the most prosperous -nation
on the face of t•he earth...
TitE Sunday Tribune, ofyhiladel
phia, has been resuscitated and now
seems to be established, upon a perm
anent basis. It was always an inde,
pendent and outspoken paper, .ex
pressing its opinions without fear or
favor. .It criticises - the acts of both
parties, and, during Gov. HAUTRAFT/ s
first campaign, it took strong ground&
against hiS'election, being persuaded
to this course by a belief in the bold
and villianous charges made against
him. It now honeitly admits its error
f • •
by • enthusiastically supporting his
nomination. The Tribune Wilt be
. .encouraged in its course by thous
ands who were similarly mistaken in
1872, and all ReptiblicauS will wish
it,'" God speed" in its new,work.
. .
•.. :we rtmentini. - _, ' I
• This. is -jjlk , 4ll9Wion in which
c tit t ' ~..
-„ p tA e oplo--a4ti r i.?..t, .
i.i.-., ust .mak e
SOms.Ppi . re sort, and .pro
lificiafashlo fir
beginning to
fdlloiii thee to a coisidera
ble,*xtent;:',-Evet is resorted
to in order to justify the folly and
expense on 'the part ofthose whip feel
the pressure Of the tries, wile oth;
ers upon: whom fickle fortune has not
smiled lament their ",miserable coti
dition,".).s..9nse they ;are compelled
to stay at home.
WedOribt if 6 - en city people geti
erally gain _muck either in health,
amusement or comfort, by al sojourn
at any . of the faShionle sea-side re
sorts: A-trip into the country where
•tlicatmosphere IS pure, food whole
some, and aeconimodations far supe
-rior to the seven-by-nine rooms into
which they are I stowed at. , ill first
class , honseS, "down by tie sea,"
would be far more sensible than in
in the round„'ot fashionable
dissipation, which Is inseparable:from
:a sojourn at watering-'places. l l
The lot of country:and tc!
'plc who are compelled to n
home is not so bad after all,
will promptlyaccept - the
and provide for it. :Unless
can spend their entire. sin
some cool resort, there is n
L gained by going, away. The I
frcim the Pittsburg Comioni
think,' is an dieellent argu
this point: . .
." The fatigue oftravelingl
taut watering place;: and I'4
the inconvenience of contraq
J ters whilst there, arid the ri
felt in getting back into har •
a shortsojourril of freedom_ I
must be placed; on the debt
exceptionably unfliYorable
mill animist deStrOf the pl
the entire experiment. It i:
j wealthy, or well-t O-do bath
can amuse themselves as t 1
during the whole summer .
fatiguing excursions. do not
contribute much .to ‘-: - either
pleasure. To those men
pull the oar during the hi
I there may be some en
1 words.said whiCh will show
I they can at least very nun
I whatever! hardihiPs there :i
I circumstance.. : And; first,
I attentioni to food, ;drinitj
j bathing and other !sanitai
I will always bring a rewar
I food, coOling i drinkS, in nri
I suitable 'apparel; and care
exposure to the , sun, will
I keep the general health 4
i other things being . even,.gc
will bring cheerfulness an
lion.: There is usually, id
itimes durina the 'day, a
pleasant nook alio* you
or your dwelling place.
'spot and you are a 4 well
woulpe at a summer :re
you are better off-4you e:
'modate yourself in I varion
easy ways that are I impoi3:
watering place crowded w'
ers.!* ',..
fru: announcement of t
'AMP ill LOlOOll 011; . S1111(1
last, although' not Unlookc
: be sad news to- the civil'
• I
This lady, Who is known
her life-long devotion t( I 1
band, in his ; life and afte'
was- the daughter of .Joi
Esq.. and was born' abuut,
was married . to Sir Jou.
in' 1824, that being his second mar
,riagc.• Ten years later, i on his ap
pointment to the_ Governorship of
'Van Diemen's Land, she l sailed with
him to that distant' colon3i . . In 1845
her husband departed on his•,third
polar expedition, and Nl•hen three
years later the long absk
Erebus and Terror. exeitei l
prehensions as to .the sal
expedition, Lady 'FIL
14ge rewards : to - stimulat(
Mr husband's party. •Th
she touchingly appealed
pie of
_this country to co
the search . and the dui
difloil has the result. t I.: 1
LIN herself, at her priva
fitted out an expedition
assist those sent by the C
anil'one or two, in later 3
heart , and soul were invo
seater'', and hope never di I
breast till 1857. Capt. I,
CusToeK. commander
one of the vessels fitted I
FRANKLIN, brought back
.Sir .li - ins and his : party
less Wished ten years pr
not before realizing hi
the diseovery•of the Nor'
sage." he House of Co_
.£2,000 for a: statue of Si',
the Royal Geographical ociety eoh
feiTed- upon : Lady FiIiNKLIN the
honorable db4inetiOn of the founder's
gold iiedal. Lady 1' n.% 'MAN'S life
will always be pointed . as one of
wonderffil wifely 'devOti n, no less
than of :the di!ei)e4t, -soricfw. , f
L- -" • 'IIE A rgits! is very much troubled
( t
abo it the extravaontiee of Republi k .
I\ • ~,. I
can-.oicials. and some one has taken
pains to took up the expendititres (),f
other, at linitiistrations. he author
I of the table however, forgot to state
! .
what .the real cost per I cad to tax
i payers has been under the various
. ~.
administrations. 'Here are some fig
-1 ures which throw's little more light
upon the subject, and we respectfully
commend them to the r Ittention of
i the 'astute'leOrps Of amateur .writers
I who_ not oohsinspire bit indite the
1-non§bnse which is ,weekV spread be
! 1
1 fore the readers of the Argits:
nistrathins. !: Expense per head.
Polk, Dernocral :: / ,r• 05
1 Taylor and Fin lore, Whig " 199
Pierce, Denuhr6t ' ' 233
Buchanan, Priuiwrat 2 29
Lincoln and Jolipson, Urpuhlican :-.: ' 1 91
Grant, IhTuolii-an : I, ' 1 Cm
IT 16 ally i l liting but cre4itable to the
nominees . (?r the PioMbitiou party,
that their ] warmest advocates are
their ancient - and undying enemies,
. r
the Democratic , press. Of course,
all the votes thrown awa on BROWN
and PENNYPACKER come from Re
publicans. - TemPeran Democrats
are like ancre l visits l fe and far . be-
tweeu. • , ' •
Mhe completion ofl
l' • 1 ' icte2iO rent •Tif
f e
!,,• . • 4 . ...' '.- 1
to . ''Jfiln t;It T` i'• •
t i a
' ri ; is linfn ..' •
4 61073nanaent 3 ',;''
the honored President, ....._ .
humblest brakeman, ii 'Coniimed of
,the most Obligingntlemen,
e t
passengers* assur - that nothing
which will conduce to their conveni
ence, or .comfort wil l, overlooked
by any employe or officer: In the
ElMira Adrerlisel• - of llonday morn
ing we fintl the following notice of
this route : . •
• " QUICK, TRANSIT,T . The popular
Lehigh Valley Railroad, running
from Elmira to New York, passing
through the most delightful and his
toric regi4fs of Pennsylvania, cer
tainly invites the Attel tion of travel
em ;going ; eastward, whether for.
business or pleasure, to the great me-•
,tropolis or bathing tiesorts; in fact,
all points 1:!,r1 the sea-coast are equally,'
ael.wasibleby this route. As a 'sub
stantial, well-Manageroad, the Le
high Valley has no superior. Its;
.palace coaches, powe fill machinery,
engineers:, conductors and intiperin
tendents are nowhere excelled. Speed,
safety and Comfort - are assured by
this route. The newly completed
extension from • Eaton to . Jersey
City, calleil Eastern Amboy Div. of
L. V., R. R. C0.,.c01. Harry E. Pack
er superintendefit; , i e. ' the crowning
effort of this succe fill - and enter
prising company; bb it a most agree-,
able and rapid transit is made frono
this city to,New York with Ont change
of cars., leaving here at 9 o'clock r.
• M. and arriving in Heir York. on the
..ieturuiag, day following at 8 o clock .t. m: By
ted guar- daylight the travehr or tourist can,
-reach the city in same time and en
less after
and ease, • joy the beautiful si..enery en route.
, As an evidence of ,quiek transit, and
sid e . 311 " iwe knoW whereof w write. Messrs.
weather , Charley and Billy ('iinmings (whose
'" sure " 1. , names are synonymous with the Le
only the , high Valley Railroad, as ever, ably
hors who ' conducting on East{ Amboy Div. of
et/ please i
nil Short
generally :
• L. V. RAI.), presented Alderman
Worm' Of . the Third Ward with a
loaded salver of delicious blue, fish
ealth or
and so ft shell crabs, Which graced
ho must
his, table yesterday morning at seven
of season o'clock—the same I .ere sporting in
..ouraging t h e wa t er ' s of the ~ tlantie ocean on
them that . Saturday at 2 o'clock r. at. 'Rah for
mitigate Lehigh 1 7 alley Railroad. May it keep
i r er in the . its•Cutmninits and kOep coming"
la . wooer, I
Iwu pea
otuain at
- if they
nmer in
of ►inu•h
•f_./ . (1/, ne
ment on
to a dis-
. ,
HERE are a few extracts from the .
1 - )ay Book. an orthOdox Democratic
paper, published in New York. Those
who imagine that the era of good
feeling has dawned upon the South,
:old that, the• late rebels have forgot
ten their) treasoriand intend to accept
the situation, will please read:
"If I refuse to recognize Lincoln as the
Martyr President, etc.'. it is because I re
ganl him !as a huge human grizzly bear,
MC of the cruelest, Meanest. monkeyist,
and most hypocritical despots that ever
bestrode the seat of pincer.'
"The individual or !family that equal
izes, harmonizes, andmates with negroes
i .,
is lost. trl7ncli A sin against God and out
rage on nature is, in t to nature of things,
impossible ; at the must it could only be
an approach, and therefore just to the ex
that mutual massacres occurred
would there be evidence of vitality still.:
left among such mo 'grazed humanity.
" God has made n .groes different • be
ings,. with di ff erent in tures and different
wants, and therefore I designed them for ~
different conditions of existence whenever
or wherever in jrtxtipOsition. •
"Thus when the Aholitionists appeared
in our midst. the instinct of self-preserva
tion prompted • our people to Massacre
The above is from i Wanviel:, Le
County.L The edithr says. "We in
dorse '
eVery nttenince;of that patri
otic worker."
y matters
1. Light
[rood; and
•od health
cool and
r business
Find that
off as you
sort, nay.
an geroM
s free and
Isible at a
ith strang-
he (lea th . of
Ahicli took
ay evening
l e l d-for, will
izeti world.
Ise, well by
her !is
his death,
1805. She
" The White Republic or no Repubtir."
"The naked heatheo' who live and
multiply,their kind, are immeasurably
better off than the colored 'citizens ' of
New York.".
"But the day of jtidgment is at hand.
With a Million of wOrkinn people out of
employment, and milkatton rapidly dy
ing from the Potomac to the Gulf, we are
all standing, on a vokano that any hour
may involve forty Millions of people in
horrors onpaailleled in human annals."
"In the whole history of_the world
there never was so foolish a thing as the
War for the tnion."i
i nce rof the
, (1 grave-ap
fety of the
;LIN offered,
iiearell for
le next year
,o the peo
)1-operate in
NELL expe
141y FRANK
ill 1850 to
Nothing is more common than terri
torial changes, and if, the great Mississip-
Vpi Valley and the great St. Lawrence
alley were made the centres of two Fed
erations in North Ainerica, it would be
the happiest conjuncture in its dekinies
that one can conceive of."
Daily, since resumption took place in
the Pottsville xegiOn, there have been
mutterings of discontent by the
miners in the employ of individual
coal operators against the ten per
cent. reduction, they averring that a
compromise Would be. more just to
all' parties concerned. Though the
dissatisfaction ii . niong the men has
existed in various arts of the coal
region Rome time,here was no strike
inaugurated until - last - week, when
the miners turned out at St. Clair to
a man, and at Wadesville all the out
side laborers- struc . It 7 was under
stood there would be a compromise
at St. Clait,
,butt despatches from
there cOntradiCt tle statement, and
report they. will not go to work. A
despatch from Wt desville represents
the men as, dissatitified and that the
miners will not return to work. The •
colleries at' both places are owned
811(1 operated byl individual enter-,
prise, employing a large number : of
men and boys.
ears. iler
yell in this
1 die in her
prom) Mc
'f the Fox,
!ht by Lady
proofs that
had doubt
1 - ambition
h-west Pas
mrins voted
JOHN, arid
Pitiro.•lllow.Ds - 4
and nnother gen
tleman ascended in a haloon from
Chicagaon Thursday lasi, since which
time they have no -- heed' heard from.
It is saippoSed that the high, wind
which Prevailed t9ok the balloon t -
ward the lake, and it is feared that
the aerial voyagers may have. perished
in the water. , Cal?t. letamoNo, of the.
steam-Large New ra, reports seeing,
shout fifty miles 1191. th-east of Chica
go, a life-preserver with the straps
pulled oat, floati4, in the water, and
something near by which looked like
n basket. lie did not know exactly
what 'ft was, not getting near enough.
He had not heard of • the missing ba
loon. Capt. CAST4LO, of the schoon
er Queen of the West:, reports that
on' Saturday evening he saw 'some,
thing like' a balo?n sticking out of
the water. about.L .four miles from
; .i .
Grciss Point. lle'eoidd not get near
it. '.
The Captain of a lumber vessel
reportS seeing a dead body, wearing
a gray coat, aboj, forty miles from
Grand.Hien. - .
. , . i • -
)1:0$ it flit() AI -1
Why should an f- WijOion be
e • female • e -
ed= 4 lo,
`u stigke
• t ,•
I ni*he'ee eatisfacto•
0- , eyed. • The Bollo4o4,.Repu& - :
licaa, referring to the pay of teachers
in a portion of liennSylvanhi, says:
"!We contend for that justice-that
gives men and women' the same pay
for the same services . :. At this late
day of the nineteenth century it is
time,that the . AmeriCan people, at
least, - show ' that theYlmve . outlived
the: heathenish practice of discrimi- -
nating against, or deprecating, a wo
man's work simply beCatise she is a
woman. Teaching, as well as other
work, is supposed command cer
taih compensation, and the qUality
of.ihe work alone shoiild regulate the
rates. We know it hasbeen custom
ary in many . parts .of the country
to pay Male teachers double the sala
ry paid females for the same amount
and quality of work. The unfairness,
the injustice of such! discrimination
purely.on account of , sei will not be
tolerated much longer. Upon what
principle of justice can such a scale
as this be defended : •
Princlpal High School, (lady)'
Principal, Grammar School, (lady)...
Principat, IntermedLatei (lady')
Principal, Intermediate, (genlielnan)
That is the comparative value set
upon the services of male and femole
teachers in oar schools." • , • .
knom present indications 'IEART
nANres majority in this, county will
be 1000 to 1200 greater than three
years ago. Many persons who were
deeeived then by, the falseand. ca
lumnious chargeta made agkinst him,
now regret their action in either
Scratching his Milne or voting for
BucKALEw, and deem it 'simple jut , -
Ur* to themselves to make reparation
for the injury the 3; did an honest
man, by working and voting for him
this fall, now that they are,,satistled
that the opponents of the Governor
then deliberately deieived. them. Put
Bradford down for an old4ashioned
U. S. MARSIIAI.I' HALL has. the
happy faculty, or - .perhaps we should
say, the sound, good sense, to call to
the service of the United States, as
jurors, the very best, men in his dirt_
trict. for the present term of'Court
.at Erie we . notice such men as llon.
JOns SCOTT, Hon. 3611 N B. PAcrom,
Hon. W. H. Aamsnioxo, and others
of the same high. Character on the
Grand Jury. When Col. lI ALI gets
to be Governor, as he certainly will
some day, if his life is spared, we
Moll expect to see : I t tim surrounded
by just such men, .
Tit 1: Democratic papers have be- ;
some vigorous advocates of temper
ance for Rrpablionfix . . They are, land
ing the nominees of the cold water
party to the skies,, and we warrant
that theSe men are astonished to see
virtues so%Li;hlv extolled by
filen, who. a 1 . 6* years ago, called
them " Lincoln hirelings" and "nigger
theives." The object of all this is. so
apparrent that is disgusting tem
perance men and driving them back
into the. ranks dI their party. They
will not lend themselves to the sue
eo.ffs of the Dethoeracy by any such
t • ,•
THE Republican campaign for 18T5
in this State will be .opened in Erie
this evening by a grand ratification
Meeting, to be . held •in the t►ublic
parks. The Republicans have chosen
a good time to open the Campaign
thus early, as the city will be full' of
people from Al parts of Western
Pennsylvania. Gov. JOHN F. HAUT
RANFT, lion. JOHN: SCI;TT, Gen. It AR
ity M. HOYT, lion. THOMAS M. MAII
11 !ALT., Hon. C. S. Wois, Hon JOHN'
I'AcKER, and other prominent Re-
Publican speakers will be present to
address the meeting.
Wtiii.E the Arijits is complaining
SO bitterly about :Abe extravagance
and corruption of Republican offi
cials, the intelligent reader wOnders
how it happens that taxes have been
*materially - reduced, and nearly half
of the onerous debt of $40,000,000,
whiiih the Democratic party incurred
in Ibis ,State, has been paid during
fifteen years.of Republica rule. •
Tut: July returns to thei Depart
ment of Agriculture are unusually
full, showing an improvement of the
cotton crop during the month of
June tn all the cotton States except
AT UTICA, • on the 13th,
boxes of cheese were sold at an'aver
age price of 111 cents; and at tittle
Fa 1 1 ,77 0. boxes were sold at an aver
age of 141. cents per pound.
WASII I NGTON July 18.—Regarding
,the icharges which have been made
through the press against the affairs
in the Indian Teritory under *he
agents nominated by the Society of
Friends, Agent John P. Miles, of the
Kiekapoo A genet' reports under date
4)1 . July 9th to the CommissiOner of
Indian A ffairs•that the cattle de
livered in Felmary, March and April
were not very fat, yet be could not
say • they were not "merchantable
cattle" and as good ns could poisibly
be obtained in that 'country at the
.time, and particularly at the price,
paid flir the general average—namely
$1,04 per 100 for - the twelve months
of the year. The Military have been
paying for beef delivered to troops
and captive Indians 50 to $3 per
100 gross.. • , •
• -
Agent llawworth writes Aim his
agency that the Winter was very
severe and cdid, there being an un
usual snow-fall. the cattle depeml
erit upon the range would, by the
month of March, become thin intesh
and, classed with corn-fed cattle:
would not be regarded as goatmer
clumtabre beef cattle in regular mar
kets, but for gross cattle he felt war
ranted in saying they were fair beef,
and gave satisfaction to the Indians,
and kept them from suffering.
The cattle fuisisketl on Steven's
contract have been up to the average
of any previous year since the estab
lishment of his agency. ~
.. , . . „
=MU MX OVIVIUMMINITtex . e.. says that !Wars: CoA) . ~
4 .._.-----t' Pardee of Clinton coutY. •
have just , '
, .
_ .
!----.,_• .-. in this seetionof the country. • The y a
....; tered into the largest contract ever y, .
" -^
II ::. LOU I's is s ssisi to supply all the timber: to be uSedby
, Mn. ' 77 ' .: 's ' '-'' i': •7 : • railroad now building ,in Western Ne
of Pee :. ill ~, f
Beecher af ,' ..1 k '
.. 4 Slits `. , -!'-',',, , run rip into millions. ! dive milli. hay
idence,"justor , Iplace . a'• 1 .-1- 7 • , 4 been engaged in cutting for this woe
one-half. - Abetir:eitoCk the ',- , , I and it is not nearly done yet. - I i
Cornet - Band, No:1, began to..'y and ' Tun State Teacherst tAstsociatieni wi
the citizens to gather, preparatort for the
meet at Wilkesbarra, August 10, 111 an
march. The line formed in thelollowing 12. Tickets will be sold km the followin
order: 1. Peekskill Band. 2. C0.14,,16t named railroads, from; lAugust..7 . to 1
Batalion N.-Y.S. N.l2}. • (in unifoim). 3.- goo d -t o , re t ur n :A u g us t Iy. E see o',
Citizens on foot and in carriages. iMarch- ttokeralurbe:proeurediwithe4 Orders ..
ing through , the Streets the p lon the Prineipal stations 'oohe Lehigh Va .
was greeted.on all sides by ladies l iwaving
ley Railroad, by exhibitino
their handkerchiefs and old men Fishing mern b ers ia is s. p ersons ? '
y our earns
having car d s 4
us a happy time. Arriving at Mr. ileecli
ex's farm, we passed through the shadY membership , who pay 41 fare slit fill .
over. the Delaware & litubten road to th
gate, up the shady lane,'Which, 110. so de.
lightfully cool this hot .summer weather, t i n s tolk can procure pa4ses at theniee.
a usa t re e, . !1. . . ;• L ,
and marched, while thee Band !inlayed, 1 f 0 secure th e ab o v e i s i v ra t es , a nd al
around the carriage road' to .the rear of
the to obtain hotel am-miled:diens at 4 r:
Mr. Beecher's house; thence Own
educed figure , teachers , arid others shent
east side to the south side, resting u pon
procure cards of membership, by eitele:
the beautiful lawn in front of the house. ing ono dollar (With stainp) giving na ,
After the hand ceased to play,i).'ldwarti
Wells, Ems- one of the: most prominent Sickly,Germantown,PA 1 - U- -
1 lawyers ofTeekskill, and an earne4 curia- ,„
and address, to the tieket :agent, 4,
, ,
i liT. next annual exhibition of the Su
thin gentleman alias addressed Mil Beech- •
Aorienitural Society, to he oiven atiist
er, who now had appeared urn 9e porch.
1 caster on the lt,h 29th and":loth of: St., - : i
to greet' his neightars,aniid hearty ap- . and October tat anti ' q] in
tember st , ; t
plause. Mr. Wells said : ' li : - :
' - "Mr. Beecher, I appear before you to- ' lersh
old fair grounds. have item' - comic , .
night }n behalf of - the eitizens orPeeks- promises to eelipse all termer fairs. iTi
ill, representing the different churches,
k' to afford :tin le spiahe for the , ..aers i
professions and organizations of the town, 843 . a s , ~ .
enlarged and, improved, in various Was!
to express to you their high regard
1. for mouation of a
A number o f , additional. bnildings will 1
and confidence -in
you as a man, a neigh- 11..eZhibitos . s . and visite '
bor, and a Christian minister. liComing.
into our town fifteen years ago, ith 'your .ereeted, to s e cure the utmost facilities fi
political opinions differing from many of -
e rich , „ agriculturaldis tricts .
ex F hi ro bi n t i in ts o h liv_e stock, Mahieete
Lanenster, Dauphin, i Lebanon, lier ,
ours, and With , the partizan re Bags all
York, Cumberland, Franklin and Chest":
towns have, we ',watched you 'critically
there will bebrenght the finest breeds
and well. By tract aCquaintance and
.horses' the 'best, spech i
inins from herds
continued association each year Once, we: a
have all, without distinction Ofsnarty; or.
church, or creed, learned to le and_re
spect you, and to hold you in reverencei n
swine; the handiwork
and- s orade k Cattle; sheep
Of the dourest (
rtments the products; Of the looni, ti
as a kind neighbor, a loving friend,' and
estiblishinents, and the si
an earnest, honest, worthy Chrhithin man dairy and the orchard ;; the bestSwoi
ofindustrial, • '.. . i ; ari d n
pleat, most economics% d u rable. ,
1 and minister,. • •
, • ! • _l'
" During the past year especially, while
rat implement manufacture, besid
we, in common - with all other 4 not Only chines in the wide range of the agrieuh
works of t t floral deCerations. etc, :
in these United States but throughout the !„ ,' l . ' ,
, ' c entra l , a . n.l the !
civilized world, have been watching with ..' "e l ocati o n- , t I ..,„. ij
intense interest theprOgress of Pie great
• •
trial, our faith has not swerved - nor our . - :
that could be desired' no doubt the f
edifies for transportation e e s ant , .
Rill be (in every respect) one of the no,
confidence lessened, and to-night it is our
privilege and pleasure to tressisiss upon
.. succe' fill In!ld since
the society, '.T.lte exhibition is met es,',
'the organization I
the retirement, you seek here. reeling :LS- ,
fined to livestock and;farm products,' h
' mired we shall be pardoned for tic) doing,
to express to you our unbounded cones- . i• " p elt
e s hiical skill and donnsaie prodnerid
to exhibitors ef !the tine arts, IT
sPence in your Chrisrian integrity. We s „ , ~., mh s , or D onsit s, f i
are glad you have chosen yiitir home : st, ene , ra ,) , ,S."'e- s ",`“ 4,, l c lo 1 ' • 1,2
8111011 g us, anti we trust you rmay .firm I , suoino r mase
. a straw s ; •1 rt to um ,i
long to lift your voice and move your)ien goon ( isplay. in every department. 1
iin the cause of Right, of Truth. and of • Tf;tr. Potter Enter/Wins. says: Sam
Humanity, as you have for thelnast forty , Lose3', of Pike township ; Potter cumin
' years, and when done with iirp may re- , is now 102 years and 7 months old. a l
ceive the approbation of the God whom is, without ,doubt, the nidest, person ii
„you serve." (Applause).l
, living in northwestern! Pennsylvania.
To which Mr. Beceher,
i is hale and hearty, but has been blind
I the steps of his veranda,' standing up o n-
his ficee ruliant .: manySyearsS llis mind is good and ree
and flush with health, while ibis white ~ lection dear in-regard to the persOms
-locks floated in the summer air, replied : ' events of the early days of Tiega a
• " Mn. WELLS AND FELFAMi-CrrizENs ! Potter comities. Mr.'-i's,sey came 19 11
or Psskssii.r. : It is withpeculiarly deep : ter county about (1:1 years ago,andisets
and tender feelings that I thank you for.; where he resides, on line Creelt; li
this, your expression of confideitee anti es- • the first saw mill on the watds )1* 1.,
. reem. To know I have the leonfidence
I . stream ; . before lie 11,0 derived:, any . pr
and gtxxi opinion of my ehurchland of my , from his labor, and expense ,thensill
neighbors, of the citizens wham l live, 0 burned. For a periotiof 17') y - 6
givessne More real pleasure than syiniei- 1 , taken no medicines and lots neVer Call •
thy from abroad. I came_ here fifteen nhysician for biniselfiduring thislongi
years ago seeking rest froni, my arduous' rust, except when his: eyes began tis,
labors, and lam glad I selected my home him: remit iek. were then prepared 1
among you. When lam no' tenger ablethem and b applied ;them. , his Cno i
to perform my public duties, it! is my in- ' sation and history are3nll of interest '
tendon tolive with you till my end comes ; ' romance: his"clear mind and' distinct
and be buried here with you ii so I tams olleetion isf wonderful. Dates,S,'W.
shier that Peekskill is really my tonne." and persons are all tikist and namcd N
Referring to the omit four Aars, Mr. certainty. life names all the first ,Sett
', Beecher said : " I hare 'beenthoroughly, ofTioga. fixes their , Places of nest( .
sifted. I could not speak to a IMan upon. anti can tell Whether they - are 11i-in
the road, at the station, on the ferryhoat, (I,e4d. lie is one of pie very few Per,
or anywhere, but what it is reported more now liyins, that - even saw the gileat
or less perfectly in the prints. i.'or a man g(""1 -Fath e r of his country. and t
who Is lively, jocose, and full'of Ileums, cams Abe Many now lking whir WT."
such is sifting will: reveal the' saying. of , la 4 ore the! rei-olutionary war - act*
Matty foolish things, things said thought- yommeneed. If Mi . : istsey is living i
lessly. things which after-01014;ln wou ld year he slorld be take , "
111 the evnen,
have Omitted." In speAking of the trial. I. Tile. Set-setts' RsHb/Osnt gives A,
Mr. Beecher paid a high tribute S, the ' einua of a diStre.;sing i affair whiff' 'ii I ;
counsel on both sides, and thiinght they red at Its& Park last Sunday. A.
conducted the trial in a manner to bring lour-year-ofd . son of f:. W. Eva Us.,
out as little foul in:Merin pi.inf as pos s i- prietor orthe Washburn Strect 11 ,
ble, eonsidering the nature-Of the of ence. i well(' into the bar-molt :done. Party it,
Mr. Beecher expresseil . his . di,Sregard of morning. and taking: a I.shiske i 11,11
the, newspapers who had; and !ir e , so bit- , from the shelf, issued ' out a glasl-rtt'!:
terly and with such Pertinasity S.ppitsing 1 , (hanky it. i About (Oven ,
liiinand trying to put him dos ts Ile ex- Ids father i l ante thovit !stairs and.ttias I
pressed his surprise and phlasttri, that! rilied to MO the child ! prostrate and s i
such papers as the 11'4/(4! thsq Ilrooklyn :less upon tw th.Or 1:6 IQ the result o ,
Dully Eagle. who had been his hitter pis,' cursed can Ile li;led him in hiS,- a!
litical opponents always, shottld espouse Ind knoWi i g ! how itO account fin+
his cause when his character Was attacked. , strange ciwadition, but :tie bottle ;10 4
He iipitke of theyalue of a gOtxl, settled and the chair beside' the - liar. seon i
character of years standing, Mid said had -their tragic story, and the truth ot,
it not been for that he shouldp have gone affair tlashisl acrosshissmind. Hy C.
under. lie appealedt to the young men his wife and placing the child in the
present to look to it that they tsverebuild- dle haste Mid. for 1/1 4 . Dr. Collie!: !wit
ing;up " ,, 00d characters. As ti.? his future speed. I /it arriving at the seStie
course, Mr. Beecher said he Was . trim, old : learning the cause ; of the sad • calm
to hegin making changes. 11c l :should 'still ! the doct,Wsent 31r::Evans fora .tot
trust men—he had -only been deceived 'pump. After: searching some tune
once in 41' years—am) hive min and works one be retnrued , but vs, late. for the k
for men as long as he lived: He had nev- ? , was deati„l The face anti limbsWe r 're ti
er snivel) for greatness nor fable; but that ' len to a coesiderable, extent. but !URI
be might better humanity. . With many Sees of childish _beauty were still visib
other remarks. and again tletking-them . the wealth' of tints and finely proitot•
fur their kindness and confidence. he ,ed soutlinel of forte anti , feature. I
closed his address amid great I:applause. lad's parents 'were 'almt;st beside t'
After the band played iiisain, Hon. selves with grief, anti yet_the smith
Chimney 31. DepeW was called upon to the child lis the legitimate result o'
speak. IMr. D.'s remarks iodic pert iitent, father's litishiess. i -,
humorous, and expressive cif the good o
..0..f. . .. sr{.!sittess sr! har.: issued the
and"feelingn Widow° he amt his nelgh - . rant for t'he'', execution -on MimilaV
hors and friends of Peekkkilli:enterhtined 901 illy Or I,noustnext..of .P.trity;. l
for Mr. Beecher. Ile saidlthei.e was a eel.- 1 , '.
r • 4 . '1; T r - " '.l
~ s ne, esmynset, at , coming yount, l
tint spring in Peekskill jviiiilli tradition 1:, i l
the .st osv :of 110,: e n i b e r: I" s• 4., ,
said if one drank of its wat rliciwould never murder of Polin Deter, and ish. sott
perManently leave Peekskill. 1! Ile said he
uggested to the citizens 3 , eail l , ago if Mr. eeembei.l3, ',t57.4. ti, lii leuised: AI
, nun for the eX'eentiOn ~r mzroe ',.. 1 / 4 -a,
Beecher had not tasted of that spring lie. viously i!4;ited by OW thwernor, lil y
5h0D14.14 eVell, if necessary, t 6 resort 1111
' force to compel line to. It W ' Court.Vit as "up said warrant ' Was - -recallell. !
to him that it had already taken ef- warrant is issued on., .
feet, and while they permitted Mr:Beech- c tie on jui n. , 5 Is.'s' , by th e I s ul k o
lerto go down and preach oc6sionally to 1T ! I • ' r 7 l ' •' '
en ant in'Tniller 01. , .yemmlig Copra;
Plymouth Church, they should see to it -
1 the Berks . !county prison 1
that thek claim held good. r(Laughter.) A MAN WAS,. rece9tly diseharged
Notwithstanding the quietness with 'where In
been serv ing , a Sentence of ';10 day i s f
which this affair was gotteiti up, vet no
grancy. Who is only' :1.. years of ags
sooner bad Mr. Beecher appe.ared hefore
leis been Ihi 27 different jails, ans
the company than a half-dozep. newspaper
nt °o'
reporters arrived with pencil and paper, I learnedevery h ,. ye trades, seen ears t it . leis 11c!_, 111 . thet;
v • s,
word for the moaning papersji that kill" c'f'lif . • . I •
the concourse broke up, an i4itation was THE 144Aillg Edalf, says: On tile'
extended to them by Mr. Be4eher's near- ices of Mr!, N. F. Ilechtel, PerlciOnci
eat neighbor (Benj,
Kittridgli) to call and enue mid! Franklin; street, is to y lit
have sonic blackberry wilie ;tad lotion:lde - one of tilC most remarkable curit
combined, not less than twoibarrels of it: erer heard of, of the kind. A tarsi
being arranged for the purpose. Before apple tree, is., growing .in - the
.Ortl, a t
10 o'clock all were en route Air Peekskill - the fop Of the tree is blooming- ;
again, feeling they had dischaged a pleaS- White rose, The ;rose stem. wh
ant anti impertent duty. , S growing .
isLion rae
the apple beli. i.
Yours truly,
st-% si yearS lolil, as it has already -
' two yearSj, The newer can. best 1)1
' from the, second Story of the 1
Health Commissioner Miller sayS it
of the greatest curiosities lie , iss
seen. '
AccountNo to the fast agiictiltural re
port, the value of . farm' products in this
State is $2O 80 per acre.' i!
IIoN. A. L. HAviS, formery law judge
of Lancaster county, died gently at the
advanced age of .82 years. :i T ' .
• Joux. C.•lnym, of Jersey'Shore ' claims
to have captured by actualilcount - about
90,000 potato bugs in his fields this year,
and he has not yet abandoned the' Conte t.
Ilex. ELI SLIFEE, of LeWisburg. has
been appointed State Advistiry Member
w A
of the Centennial Committeelogricul- • - , 1111: PEACE MU'.
tine, agricultural implement: ~
and other ° , ;
matters pertaining to agricelture l with B.IIIISIOICE,3IIII' IK.—At the
reference,to the great CenteanialtNhibi- info , or the. peaeh „growers o r
tion. . , • :-.,
1: - laud ancliDelaWalreAwninsitla a
THE Democratic conventiim to select 4 - eton, i l aLnrc ay,... ,
mindidates for county officerli!in Philadel- 11 '''4 '-' 1 it W•ts !wive
pliia last week, adopted the follow n" the crop, ( 11 the Peninsula w° lll
ticket,• Judge of Common Peas, E. Cop- be less than. 4,(10010000 baskets.
pee Mitchell, tsq.: Hecordetl of Deeds. crop is I thattiritig rapidly, and
Wm. Ayres; Clerk of Quarier Sessions,
Henry S. .llagert; City varietieS will he sent to mark(
" inlissi6ner 'S 1 week. blot tile t r:Ule will not ltq„
Thomas A:'Fahy and John IT. Crawford. ,- ;
n earnest before Aug.. -NOtWitil
THE Gazette and Bulletin lif Williams- ) : - • ' - •
port says: Some two montlet! ago Mr. J. ' 'lig -produce
the unmense crop,
S. Mundy had the misfortnite to lose 3 Peet - rea4 , sales and . - good' pro d uce
horse by death. • Soon after Wards he pur- A rrangernents for. quick iransi
chased another in Philadelphia, and bring.
Um: to ,
ing him home placed hitt ilin a•paSture are more !perfeet than in any !
• dew-I - Orli - by Water nn{
field on the other side of the river. • He
had not been there long till ho was stolen. -jug season. ""en hUndr°
After diligent inquiry it was !learned that fifty carSthaye already been lea. I
the horse had been taken nviir the"nmut- • growers ',:and branch railroads
taro in the night time, and time party hay-
used in'
mug him' in charge eluded the - vtgilitute.of ' ,
:u rile NeW-York trade,
(in. Old IDOminiOn Stearn-:Ail)
the toll - gate keeper by leading the animal ': • 1
do he
- avy busineSs he
over the porch and around the gate With- pan y will . t , • -
out opening it. Here all trace was lost,Lewes, :nut New-York. A .new
and nothing more was - heard of him till a prise is
o llie opening Qf direct i cy
few days since when the animal was forbid
wande.ring in., eou band irm, • nication !betweeli . the peach - cc
' t l' .. '
r and by this
where he had been turned aban— antiin e l io , cities,
.., ,
doned. Several of his:shoe* were gone, : growers i anticipate ! doing: 1m;
showing that he had been severely driven,. !nuieker
r mid making'-greater pr I
Mit where" be had-been, 430 why he was . doing alytty with ;middlemen,l 'I
brought to that place and abandoned, re - ariangeinents ekiend as fares
mains a mystery:. } Mr..MuridY is certain- •
and St, 'Louis' and are made
ly lucky in recovering the horse at all. Is 1
it .a ease of Conscience on the part of the . with thc • pennsylvania and Bal,
, • ;land OhiQ-RailrOads.
11 . 31. K. 'I
AN ElSb.tmtif nained Dan CV 0.'3 1
had beeir . diwharged by the StIPFIIi
ent of the -Herdic House.
on account -- of intemperance, atter
to shoot MiSS McEHorny,. an of the !
believing she ,was the cause of his
discharged. lie, tired a shot Simi
volver, 114 did not inflict a ecru
Wound. )Day waslod;:ted
"SCAO, LEVEI... is the name ;
filer resort 'near Johnstown. Pa.
Upon of thelloard of %thou to Wyoming Semi
am sad-Commercial Oolloge, l ions ?m, 1875.
1 The board organized by selecting
1, I Bev: Alex.:M. Wiggins 4t.*., of the
i Philadelphia conferenee;, chairman, .
I and ReV. D. D. Lindriley, of the Wy.
I 1 oming conference, secretary,:
The following Members of the - con-- ,
' ference visiting committees were,
present. :Wyoming .'conference H- ,
4; Revs. B. W. Van Shoiclii 1). D. Linds-
- ley, J. 13. Sunufer, Hon. Lewis ,Puglie, .
. f 0, E. Bnmp, Esq., Henry Alfrev—
f Esq., ainr,lL B. JadWiti,l,Esq. Cell
tral Pennsylvania 'conference—Rey.
John A. Be Moyer. 11Phiradelphia
conference--Alex. M. Wiggi,ii& • A t-,,
',. the request of the 'faculty the i follow
ing, *
who were present; were hied to
I. 1 the committee: Revs. Ilf' it.
• Hair
_i -i- '
. W. 11. Olin, P..Krohn, (4. ef,unfort.
S, Elwell and J. F. Will?nrt • ! 'i
. 1 After a full and freeelcpre . sion or
opinion from the memberS of t meow
:. mittee, the chairman and se i cretary
were authorized to
. preSont thf.trePort
e embodying the Views of the birethreo.
li and- fu:'zish the same te, -; the Chilixt.
inn Advocate and Ninlife6o tilfir;..ifn,,
- Adrocatel for publicaticntr . j 1 -
'• The following is therefore reset
ir; 0 : ": •
! The' !Maid of confer • - i ..
fence visitors '.
1 , ,
Pr!, tO , ,: Wyoming Seminary dining, 0 1 6 !
o ..
' 9
i conimenement week. r i -f.sii. ',r i f ler. r
,f I c areful attention to the silty assigned.
4 i with. Wash re report. 'Hie seminary.
d • under the Management..9f Bev.
i ltr.' ,
!- ' Copeland and'his co-lii lbrers ;f,e : a.
' . , • 1' 1 11
; k e ',• Pies a 'prominent pos on among 5)111 .
,_ : educational
,institut; un4: 4.
I•, .
i t- J . j Three l days spent, iti,_„the recitation
1- . rooms diniw , hall and: Chapel, have
!s '-iven us an opportunity:to Judge , Of
the aovernment of the school as well
t • ~ , , , „ Tuts, I J ;! - r:
11 • as of Its ',scumarstliv. ! g q't. al ,
it Manly beating aiflady-like l dt port
st facia of the, students speak I WO, r
I )I . - the discipline Of, thel- cliittrl. I TIlf.
1 ; 1 lesson of self-goVernMent , '!:eeqe4: It ,
1 , 1 .. ' have been well taterlit. 'awl wt,kir,.
, 1 ~
that ~
iis not surprised to earn Lib tlierejta's
tt. heen great freedom from. silt act..4" l , ~I
' a i disorder:during the entire year. 11
As •a college preparatory seho4
el the seminary ranks verY birth. -til,
p , •
residentS of V ale. I l iVesleyan,
i t: Di
i)w !'versity awl Lafayette ,colleges , rep , .rt
le ! Wyorningstudentsasstandrnnumg
" I 'l the first in seholarshiii - anirgiltit.:
• ! - !!
I ' t- !manly deportment. The high reptita
-1„d tion of the schooll„in Aids respect. t:
!tt- -largely •due to Prol.i I tandall, of thc
ied •Idepartment tit . Latin and Greek.!l •
Ht. -Advaill,afres• are PlferetlitV. •• ! Wyt ,
' 4 •Initurseminary for• a toareratl . culo l :"ftif•
tilt , ~ , n , • , „71,. r.. , li, , - -
..,,, efiti.v.atinn fo r both cvie- , , ano geritic
ns 'nen: - a re - tWtt con rsch I tyst l p •!!
ill tl :I or ~ this purpose. 1 1. •th rt . le I 3 . ,•ar,..
I;" - :; e(mr , o fin. literatnre and silenecltmd.
' 4l " a i.lasSieal.eoto•se t ifftliurvears. l: , ii 11
„ f cr o .. „of are rarplete,atford-
Id ing"a hnind and. varied' cultrtre. IV
ve- euliar facilitieS are atlqrde(T. for: tit)•
ts• stud °ln:aural sciemJe., 'nit , 1,;,i,f1 , 1
sir tory is l ovelli furnished With 11( M,et , ...
:, sary apparatus for tlu,rougl- insirti. ,
1 li
r tion in this departme l nt. '
- The ein rSe. in Anathemati!,
' exten(ll one awl 0,1, exeell
shown the et tmmittei by tint .turveying gave evit_ence
course is nOt simply.! theort
1 r,••/, - ,•4/. : !
The instruction ilt 111(4
guagt.s is I given' Jty lea el
...,/,•(//.- the language:4.l ' 1
The speeitnens of Arty
paintirtg a:lOnting.the-Aval
chapel were well exncilt 'ed.
that this - department; had il l
due share of attention. .. 1
In instrumental and ''voli
we had fulLin,pr ori he ,ni s i
tieieney 4 . ;he No.:I:It tin
soiree on w - e , ines , i , t: (NI ,
during the pxere,is.esl i on A
'tient day. : i
The commercial coll'ege ,•011,: '
',1:c'1• „
with the setninar:. ltas , an nltle princi
pal in Prof. 1 ..1.. iLl.wague. 00 i.
equal to anv in ithetlountrv. :' nitro_
men are h'ere thoroli_thl;', l i trek!'” I
for all kinds,of ltsiness. d Nlan: - ; I ~t 1
the g6tluates are 'ntlor . holding l it'. , -'-
t;ons of!rreitt trUst at. / u1 1 . 4 sinnisilli!‘-.
all the departnients of study-„- r were pleastal . with the i...xamin:O . ions.
they were f . i . .sf,- ,fif .4,-,, , ,1(tr. , 1ip. Fp; A
drill upon a joreeolmeived set (O l t plc.:-
films and answ4l's. and Oat sttplynt
passt•tl the-ordell in such la' AMIUM..I
' • r r I,.
:AP. to give general satisfaction :. r !
The essays - and dtlli f es4.;: (, I .' ti. , .
scititicnts and ~ I.:Oiti es on eouninene...'
mem day :•Itow(h1 aul l p ! rt. mat untv
thought that is Inswil^4 , ll ,lick !Hwy:,
situ's. 1 II i! '
.1 • • •
This report -1,111 , 1 I' i uplc t,
were. we 114)1 to 'speak ,If the reli.ritn ,
character of thr.isenihrary. t It iittioi.
()uglily ehristian. btit not) sectari:m.
and is largely patroniz i ctl hv :10 ft..ft
nominations. ~',k. l ar!re muitiwr :-0r) . , .
enter here upon' an l active :ed Ifiitk
nil reli , tions life.• • - . 1 I 1!
With words (?t* volatile aloil,o 11.
the board itic trustees fol . ' their 1 1 . ,,....
tering care. to the principal itinl- thr'
faculty for their-faithful discli:4•gc ..t
duty, and I rejoicim , lin theconstaio
increasing prosperity - of th • senf*i 1. •
we hespeak for' it the 0, ronl!,i , r
our memlters• and friends ~as ,hilt'
the best institutiont4 of rtie • kmil in
our connfry. •
At.r.x. M. \Vita.
11. I). I,itist, , Ei. ,S, l ;
'r ! • .•_•.i
, ft
t ra
e in
t .1,
c of
• va
ti on
'l 3 • •
3in E Prviniunl on gold IN ,
tkelining, hi 1 1 " -4
than 13 cts: ! -
T 1.7.111(iII V.VidiF,Y - .1N I ) 1'., ,
Li N. Y. 11 A 11. 111‘.%11p.—Ari:erz..,in.,,,t ,illl,
tenglr Trains,to take ..Ifeet 31 : ,.-, -- 46i . I`%'- ,
sot - I'll% 4 ;Am'. • -1
pne; r At. - I - -- -- i
PM A M ; I'3l •
215 I 50i S3O ;:ciot:;,,,tl r.0i... . 1 1 , • ".-
2 50 5 25;10. 15 ...•.. .1101f.00. .... 12. 1, . l ll ' ;:
51 1 • 9
29 .....: Amltilt 0...1"1' - . 1 • ...
121 2 _ 1 , 1) 7 15'....2...1111.ra l e ''. ~.1
.. 7... s 1.7 . 41NV.1:.v. • I t. P ~, . .
' 1 00 12 5: 2!,
i 39 }:insita l ' :, .'-' ;
9 31 125 9 t. 5 .....-.WaviTly ! . 1 :: I -
9 14 1 3:1 9 12 ... J. . 5a.,),. . 3 ' . ' L 1 .•
9 :'.O 1 35 9 19 ..., '..1111,;q1+ 15 29 _,if.' :II
II) 22 2 117 14 , '0 .....I',l!W .%',.....- 1)A. 1. 1 "" ;i1 1 •
'.... • 1t.,• :111 ~. 'Wy:11101 . ..,,;... 1. • • "
I 12:t a 1 , .! 14' 1 12 ...;1.41 , .. ill , •••: I 1 ' '': ' -',
' I?. 3": ....Me.lieplieli..... .... ..;' , l
12 11, :1 52 11 25 ..Tinikbalinoel: . - 1 3 22 ',T I :. : , .".•
12 50 1 :15 120 . -1.,:k IC .ICiiirtlen . I'2 IP I : I! ' '..
12 :-,7 I 1.2 1' :0 ..... Pittsloll..... 12 32. I ',iti
1 2 0 2 son trlor ...,.W.i i llitrr4. .... '2 15 I
32 I ." ‘''.
232 0 3 27,... :W. 11091 . •••1 05 2 114
3 15 7 10 4 15 .... 1'..119:N , 11 .... 2 in I CO " ".
31 0 7 25 4 :::: ..31fineli ' lititil4. ai I
I:i I :I'ril '
1 15 A 91 5 511 ..., .%114.116.4vir •• • 1 0 17 12 [: - o, '
4 P. , s 91 7. 59 .. E. I'..lnitutimi.. 1 ..... 1 . : i • !'''
.-, 00 S 4.5 II 1 , 5.. .11,11414:11eni..... t; 30 12 . l'i •" !
5 3 " I r ls 0 9 5 ' ritNtin; - o o.i It r;
0 LI 10 31 , n 21 , .....1.9i11adeir1ita... IS 31 , ',, ).: 7 '
s. ;•...: -II 15 Ne'n - I{4!rk .... ~.. 9: i. '
3,it PM 1.,1.; .% m 101 I'''
' 11,1111.10 X U. T11.%1X , '
.<, ' I '
N 4.. 291......: Elmira at : 15. p. 1n.:, , t4 , pp
911 ,tations. arriving at Waverly 30 Cl!. T... r 0..
at 1 12. awl Wilke,'Parn. 415 05 . 1 1 . 1 ,10.
• N! 4 . 9 0 leave. Wilkes 11arTe at 7120, a. ni3 s 1
pliig at all St:111‘014, arr)viniz •at T..wanil9 :it 1 1 '
1111111 a at 12 10. nip( Illl3l'A at Ino P. 111. jl I .
, eutg
a re-
M id
n nt
S eX.-
ii n~l
I r eL
. t('
O be
No, 32 leaves T v svaila 4 7 19 a. nl.: .:
. .4 . 111 !dation:, arriving' at Waverly :if ...I,' e:i, of Ir.
'raat 9 91) a. In. , •
.. I' • ...i :,I
Nn.3l leaves E lnara at :: an ',Ail.; , nao's- •-'
,union , , anis pig al Wavrly at G 1.1, awl Tde,•••
at 7 In Ir. In i 1 '
Train 9 lea\ ei Thihelelidith at 2i to 1 ..
I'"r6l'"r6l2 1:..:u ris inkat Tllliknante , :r: al le ,ci' .
Train :rleaveA Tinikhanuock at 7 1,4..0. I
Vitlg at rilitallll4l4 Olt '2 '2.4). and NC% ,
H l'.. I. .'',
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