Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 22, 1875, Image 1

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taw oninuanzotr.
Ate"UvertiaLag In a:Titian exCluaire of fobsecip.
times to the paper ;
SPECIAL NOTICES inserted at Firrarat cans,
per. line, for the Ilrst!lnsertlon, and sTra carra'
per line for scinenitt Insertions.
LACAL NOTICES same style
. ns reading mat-
ADVERTISEMENTS will lie inserted accenting
to the totiowirig table et rates -
lOm I cv 1:in1 8m 16m I - 13 - r
— B.OO I Coo 1 - is
1 Inch..
4 Inches.— !2.00 1 8;50
It Column.. 17 - CoTi t 2.93 I
70.00 [o4oo 1 30.00.1 410.0068.00 1 78.00
column... 1 Zl.OO 60.00 1 60.00 80.00 1 100. - 1 150.
ADALINISTEATOES and Executors Notices,
'2.00; Auditors tiotlceit, x. 50; Itasinesa Cardh fire
lines, (per years 15.00, additional lines. *l.OO each;.
YE STILT Advertisements are entitled to quar
terly changes.
TEANSEENT advertisements must be paid for,
- -
ALL Resolutions Of: Associations, CoMmunlca-'
lions of Malted or individual interest, and notices
of Marriages and .Depths, exceeding five lines, are
.1013 PitINTING,-eit every kind, In plain and
fancy color?, done with neatness and dispatch.
handbills. llUnits, Caids, Pamphlets. hillhead.s.
statements. &c. 4 of eve& variety:and style, printed
at the. shortest!, notice„. THE REPORTER tact Is
well - supplied With potter presses, a good assort.
mentof new type,. and ;every - thing in the 'Printing
Ilse can tie extruted in the most artistic manner
and at the lowest rates.:
,Profeisional a4d. Bus:bless Caid
Office over SlositanyeeSiore. • Duas67s.
3iEYS AT IjAvv.—Ocoee. corner of Main and
PDke St.. opposita Dr. Varter's Drug Store..
• NET AT LA' Troy, Pa, ..erdiections
made and promptly remit led, • trelils-Gatr. -.
e r i.Aw. Otriiv.-3.lerciir's Mork, next door
i., Ext; ss Ortice,krowanda; Pa.
jlyl7-70.•• i: •
1)111 S. M IY( 1 01 - )B1711N, Physi
ohn and Sti:rgett.i °Mee oter 0. A. Ittark'r
t•roekery store.
Tow:titan, )fity 1572r:4.•
AV 001 1 . .INO. F. 5.% N DEI:t 4 4 IN.
10ECK &
LAW !)1 , 1 , 1ii1.1., Tow.vs DA. 1.),
, ... . .
, _
V.". ..1.. PECK l [Jaitit, 7.1:;:. 11. STI:I 7 ..VT El:. i
, .
I_,IF Illy:Act:ins :Ind 4444172:e0tiF. °fare over Dr.,
Porter S - ..s"tl - 2.11r,'1g stitri.. Ttitramla. l'a:
r. 11..1(11INSi IN. Zil. 1).: 1). N. NEWTI)N. )t. 1),
t •
FJ• -r.G II I 1),I .J.,17. .
J ,
.: , !:
: .
..\ TTiIIiNEY AT 1,.V IV. . -
April i.i . i'',;. - t- ' i ' ToW. I O;DA. PA."
. _
1 E 0 It G E W. BRINK: .111stive of
ir Ow l' , -.:ii:il l' , ..lTil.3" 7... t 11.0 in , itrance
A gviit, 1. , 11 . ny5 - v - 111 0 .. Pa. :, • . -
31;11111 1 .0, i7. f 1
..- •
Al 1). L. 1)._)1)S - ()N. DEN•risT.
1. i ( 111 :Lll , i ;,0"141' S.•lrt. !I. luny 1... rompl-ill Ihe
ilf.g:tt Ile`W 1 1 N;IfIS 104 'lrl.l 11 1,0 1' . 0 . t . I hr. Pratt' , new
0 1 1, 0 0 11 1 . ..1a1‘ . SI reel. 1111...11ie,s ,•011011eil. ,-
SIMI. :,-.; llf: r r
" .
i • ~1 e r 7.,1. 15., 1i , .-4-itfi , •l , i',, T..wlaulo. 1`11„ - •
'i'•-•••.!i illsorivrl ia th,lit. Silr., V. , 1111,1,1". 7.11'i Air
iot:liiti ha- , .. T.' , rizi .x a. witli,mt ;tilt.
.! •
r) EET I V I
' M E R (IV-11 1;-I, 0 (7 li•
Ipril 1-74. • ; T,,w.%):t% 1. P.A.
..111.•.• o'4 tr Tw.randa.,-P3.
•i• i? l :E* E.T. AV MVW
• , LiV I."
"s1 , 1":.1771.
1 :Nit; :7: 4 ( IN. .V E D
rronNY AN
• rot . “ 1.r."1: k 1. Mc.
.7 , ! . . 1 , ••• Tr:l , y & Nol.le",t. New Wool:, :ioityl3,
It. (% M. SI'AtINI.V. 111-INTIST,
I 11,111:4; r:;(1 hi 4; !,in 0k:1,,•,.
N. .Cl' • !'- vor rot. %ton%
kir..l. of (:vo:d! work
v() V.‘INIEIZi cot:NT \
4 :l t y - '!tlI ( 1 ).;11, 5 ;:() yi•TuRN'Ey
T. Al't!l at) , !;161
'.it ti, .3n• iti
: Igents
N I.{ TP•il t.l yr. IN:-1 - 1:.‘st . F.
- A . .wm •Y.
woh 1:1".•14 1:i
li;. (;..1. I:ir~lt
Al rry I:I:1 Vi• .t - N T .V \
„ . „
- ,
I -
(A V El: T( liS 4 l; 1: F. E. .1 iTnit
"i EY , Al I. NY, ' ,AI ,11" 1. ii:nittgcu
hf. 4.
• giNen to
fa 11, 111 ( . ”110 4 .
- (Apt 1 ;fjo, N, ( .VEL,I7.I:EE:
.A.1)11.1, ,k 7
AT I: ‘y.
. '
i 11 1 :4• , • \h , .•l - .. of Vit,t
, I.putt;
(1 S.
I \ S A N . .(7 E
V. , t'M M - , I”N
T 4
l'Nl l l , :i*i(;NED. ARCM
! F• T '; to ill rort,k
,t,;( !ha' ho-I% ill
t1• , .1•; , f1t • 1.4 ;. , 1
• , • • ••,•11,•`.,; , .•/1. at 1••••••,,,.'1,1•1 N. 1..
• ; ..; .1 .014 11/01,4, ,11.•01-.
1:1X1;1.11: (.'
of I \ r t Ma.
"; ( . .:11,1, i frw
.V,\ U (•,
alai:? N Stat.,
• •II!.•1•0•,,,,I;;;ng
Ni) .)'l - t1 ED
.`ril•ro •11!,1
Pit.ENI X.
I1•rt11 • F
111.11;c11 4 .1"-..
". k.
V_l N Tio `7 , .: A 1.11.1 NK
}"ri iw4t
„ , ,'r
, •;fers .1`; 1"-T 1; P%cl LIT! ES , . for
~r .
4 ;1:\ i:.l 11.1 NRINI;
[1:1 -1' I*. %111 tel)1:01N(
c T.l At:l:Er-Ail-2NT.
' 111 , J 4: I "s; TIIIN (117
a'' , .1:1,1
,1,1:1n;_r SEN 310 N ET to any fort or
0r.. , ;.t0,t, of too/, or
A 1 4 .1.v0N t 2 j . hore
• f.l Ihrtt itorpo •
rAss.te;E Ti(iK Errs
• , 7.1 t,n,.1.1:u1.1.
r ..
. ,
~ f 1 , .- . !,,,• .• tit Art
i ;;
yrick , paiti S., iknuis,
, W ELL.
o :. C
snfrizt: •Itp:UNI) mitt (1) : Ele
:lit sb,,t p:ary Iu Towaut in buy gaud
at I,;w rates_ I:i'methirer
oppoi!te d - 01"1:T Ileft'SE
F1 , ;,.4 - or 'nu-. -IND! N S'9L'Air
Ul. - 23-7)
18.25 . 1 25.00
is.oo Fr=iirlio.oo
Aminal Exhibition to be held at Towanda, Pa.,
_ Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, September 22,
23 and 24, 1875,
pook4of entry VI be opened on and after
the seienth day of September at the office of
the Secretary in Towanda, and exhibitors are par.
tieularty requested to notice that the Entry Books
will be closed On Tuesday, the '2i st (layer September,
and that entries must be made before that date—
Ihr earlier the Idler. This regulation Is Intended
to Insure better arentnntoditlona and arrangenten
and by pre'venting delay and confuSion at the open_
ing of the 'lair, : to enable Judges to Make examina
tions aiid award premiums' on the first day. .
hibitors will thin; derive the full benefits of the
awards made to them.
Exhibitors can enter good's without extra charges
upon the•purchase of a membership ticket, but uo
article [;hall be.fittered for more than one premhttn,
except Upon payment of one dollar 'fur each addi
tional entry. 'these regulations apply to all entries
except repeat tej.t of speed Is required; In which teat
per cettLof time whole premium will be . charged.
All persons who intend
, to exhibit horses, cattle.
sheep or should have them entered upon the
ticcretaXy's book; as far asPossible;at least a week
fi,fto P the Fair,
Exhibitors will receive a rant for each witch.
entered, ilesignattng
; the class anditumber,of the
entry, whhit must be'altached to the article.
No minim! nithoot a card attached eau he in the .
stalls wci s hout the col or the committee to
charge of that department: nor can the Society
assure :My eihltdtor. who nekl e ets flits
meat, that they will Ie passed upon by the Sudges .
In Jostle,4'm thins ho comply with the roles of - IM•
So-lety2they. shall In all cases first receive attention.
Art icier or animals removed from the grOund,
le fore thg close of Ili-lex:WM(on. tv per.
'mission of, the committee in charge. cannot tier eke
a prim into. though awarded.
: 1. co pirwitnn wlll be Awanled MI :illy article or
animal _ln; tl o • absence 01 comp -LIT', tlu
Judges derm it meritorious.
rtieho: or animal' entered for exhibition must
... b e oft - t h e - „,,,und s 110011 of the first tidy or the
Fair. or u 111 hot rerelye a premium. ti rn tho'
?.Irlr, ..ntered ,•‘llll,itima nlll
not lw tw removed .111,nt tb fah*
lif11111111.:. I'y IWrilli ,, b.ll of tli,..,antnice” in
:1. N.; pr..piiittil ‘vill 3,*ant..l nn :99* arli.6e
animal nult•-• entry rani In :fita,ll.4l.
ita..•!oo, eottf..f.tiottery, or otlwr staiols
wag, on.. and 'bows or ex Itlbltiotts. may is ;olinltted
to tho• Fair to Ow PreNhtetit
ati , l plying a I ,, a,ottahhe rotnpensatlout fort h ,: :Quo%
th.. alvtrr mill tr^ ont,hl.• of tho
Otclo , tt , twar the greinele 4 . ,
n. , No -piriltion , nor
galikbling alloircel on tilt , gro 'not. 'luring the
dace of tim Fair.
.7., str , :out ',.fthictit poll •• tore, n 111 Ito nit
ground 4:13 .17tri0;.%; the }air.
Steci..l y n ill car.lttaly Nvi . ve all article .,
on c‘lel! el doe!, belt will not IM resp o n.ii,i,
tar :thy :it rletclet, that tear
_ (held alt
rved for hw furnished ltv
the (re, of charge.
10, Al: anlmol.• val,•r*,l fi (14,, 010 , 4 I,••
pteA hiNhie the ti kat the holm,
tianicat tef flu- not Ire a - 111 P. givt•to i. i.r they
will in. t tb..
11..1q pr•mittin< nit liy tirq of
.1:111113ry'111.‘t HIII 1:.•1 Mello, (~ thr :••••elety.
• 41...t5: 4 1.
. .
11 , 1:1%'. 'l,ll, WO, PIM ❑n API -
• viol,' I
• E I
'IA— I. •
. .
- •'.‘1,.1.F.t,1N
z ti ..r.•111013
11 Vlll4
aw• prrnqum 3 , (,13- I.
. „
Swn • inimn 4
Ei..l):-. - -\\" , vIIKINO.; ANI) F Vf
roke ,;,u1.4
F•';. 7';
11 - I,w olvvr fotir.:yean• 01.1. f roil) stlilrit tarz.•-t
1111antil - made iu one week
,'ow under foqr p•rir, wit la
tilimitity I,itter 1,3, made 11: oft. meek
• -
T 4 W‘ \II 1. I'
11 , t: .lean till. V.
:Za • • fi‘t•
rnm•. IT.•si.j::.> I , v' rn;.l inl..; ~'u ~. ~ ; ~nq~-llin
',ite kcir
•-• , 11
folk, a • ror W bite.
. 'l. AS , 11. .
TIR 1 1101... 1 ;11 1 14:1:1/ AN 11 111,10( ol)E1) 111,1:Sr.-
11.•?-1 -..t:1111,m. .1 . earn viii,l ovi..r T ., on
7 , 1 1 .
L 1)
i' ,, 11 tlii,l , l*•:. yr-al,
!I; E N TT
TitwA N PA. r",
•LA:....5 .
It.•'t pair serfage borNeN no
roar.. rimier I years 3 .
Ali:: rarrlig, bor.. 3
mare 3
M:rs , or mare or saddb•
Aw.irtlisqr, 'rretnimns I
,tyle ;,11,1 arti , m, will I, coriA.ierr.l
• I'Ort.TRY.
Brit glisp'ay; not lers thin 5 varlet h•-•
trio dark bralmma.
ttuß. •••
• white '
white Irvin 711 •
1013ek white-tat 1••1 h
• • IL R. ii. ( ;; Attle
tiookin -
bruwu lirewteil red•
gelger re I game
' - white game
Hack game
• uhire
rt. N. BETT. An.
Best trio'bro=e
Best trio geese
S. W. ALVORD, Publish°ri
. M M , .
tai! but k
pair ..1%;! , •
-%‘ r.
1;e'1 II"; le, , 111:111 3. 1111 , 1er ai
~v. awl pig • !i.,1
yval ,
horx colt
I.•oI Ii
It • %%init.% rat , and ot rr
im; tz4l-r ear,
L•afr fla.,f 310^,1,
<1..15,..; 11.
.lA('.li.: A.'S!) 111-1.1.::.
Yt , t Jack
pals' litu'm
i olgtreil
golden spanglcd Itottle.ttg
silver " -
while "
silver t
black• white crest polish
• white ••
' l ' bantams
- . tiontittique .
' frizziest •
snit's ,
ref i•Lr.yi
Best trio ronen
Befit mil guinea [olds
Best lot pigeons,
' CLASS to.
Best display agrienttaral Implements '
reaper and mower combined
• mowing marnine •
' -
threshing inaehlue,.
clorer huller
• tanning mill . .
grain drill
- horse hay-fork
hay. straw, and fodder cutter
. vegetabki cutter
hay rake
corn Sheller
portable elder mill and pre , s
td e -It ill plow •
field roller
bay tedder .
hoc loader •
Rest ploirman
i'luithqr under 18 years old
nuas con ast.owiNi:.
1.: The quantity of ground for each teat
one.loorth acre.
t. The time allowed todo,the work sill be
3. The team 4 to start at One time, and CIO
man to do his work will t a driver or asst'
1; Each plowman to strike Ms own land, a
Independently of the adirduhig laud.
A. Within the fourth of an acre plower
plowman will be Tog - aired to strike two I
rowed lands. and tinlsh with the dead furriii
I:est porialde steam engine
eytimler !ogler
tubular steam IsAtcr
holler lire front
marlitut, •
edge fo+3l,
fi r - ; • 405.'24 and 1 luware
: • hardware
illumps fur wells, ,
1 • • 'straw holler
lb•A aiut 1arg0...1 : di...0;4y of, careage,, bug.
zie : •,, and Nl4gils,
it , ' ,l eurrtage
Ili buggy • ,
iumber Wa ;VIII .. .
• platform Spring srag,,il .
Bea pair coar,e
Mt... hand. $Olll.-.1
fine, pegged
Largest and beta Jlaplay of 11,41tA and
Bea aniflarge , t display of ha rues
set light doted... haniess
heavy harness ,
t; ti single harness.
,shin tole iratlii..r
A(;1:11:1."L7'1'llAL • DEliAl?Til.
14. 4 111,11.1 n It Ste wlic:it •
p•ch cjotcr scvd
peck tion'ithy sec•l -
and larzest display of ivraili+ and Nerds.
not less than six rarit•ties
•ael; white wheal floor
red • •
corn inval
VA ETA 111.1:5. . •
.11•pl.ty inq lhan
bosh-I 27.3,
sts - .4••
display tario,•.,
lot vinipki,i
1 cso, . • 4
li.tti 101.1.,! 11•141.1•••••
1 ` 11..1 s?,
t‘t•• Itt•
.1,1•!.., .1, A ,
Y'ri• 13 1-1 , 1••• • •
IS•_e -1.3,t . % 1..11 •.o. li
• , A i • lt ;111, 4
011 , 0. t: .Itl . l %Al 1• • t), to ..,.p
IS. • :1 %MM..; m 7 L. li •• n I . II? . 4
,1"101' •.F •.i'+rt ft
..1;1 S a it•l
iv • ~,13
Tirol I. rg.i crir,rll•4l.
N.,!nt.1.• erAl. 10-
finit _
11 ,, 5t 1 1 .4 thatf.7, 4 linitirheP
Liana, I 'oneopl, Drlawan• t;iintoo
vot viairtip•
p•.t .1. vorath, , .l.•-hvt -
10,4%1 t; it i Il•tm rrs. • '
In r.~tui4 01 Ihnt.•t.
.•f ul%i;:rn..u. ,'.'.•r.
ti•m 113tigit17,1,44,•1•
r•.:1 , :...6. t
.4 1.11:141, nat.
1 . 0;1..1 %ZVI
:t,tii‘t•k•lti• '
lint 3.1
pi.N %at kit,
11,1. tit rt^•
ik•Y ~ ~ ~.11 ~•~ ti ~ n~i
1:.^1 ,til•
11911.; bEr.aRTMF;ST.
N el 11:1)1.% IJn
: \\
, i
, •
- • i
Itou tu•La..;:;,.1 , • ... K.iiiii”;: ui....., h ; 4 ,, gn .i., "I
rhubarb 1 I. . .
Ilinq h t g:011141.144.1.;113. I•ot t liki, I . .. rntlyftl, Ile:-
au - are. 611 . 7. - urt,•'4l:avkiwrry, ItAldfß•rry, 1•1144-,r
-1,..rry, Bla 10,11'3 I %11•Ii.lIcelirli
I;r4 .11r.trt .. ty ~tll,r r... if .1 •
tit•lttv•ct tin. L•ar.
let:wit..) nip
wali.tit rt.l..r. vilt•••;• - • -
Pre., r,...., t(t.
Ik•"t , -,•••rs. and j,:1114-..
ur.Nc 1.. k t ., p
nr,t vrAcli, - .11111711.
•w With I. 1.1•11,t, ••,u'tt
is 4 own, Mid r !Toa.
tralsero .rlO 10 eit, 11
girl under In. 'without aid
itrst rohk,bokot.rtisk,lrirrettit,l..altrst
Iratirorrieri ireol. forgo..,
prerrorsed turkey. preserved chicken,.
loan-Kra.. fruit rtkr, Lily rake r pound rake, :
remits in, jolly, Whit.• moorotmlo, rho
colate dako.,l•ol
r 6 0 , 4 j 166161.1 1.4
are y ' 3 ,
tatieliy 01
rliihie of ira:try
nr. , 1111 , 11
AIM!' •fatl e10 . ”.A. 6
isarko^e larrtor,•not t o rsi than ;titfresh Cutter in ruits or prints
hotter made a'ziri underirs, without KR tt
. . ni • -
rqsreron of churn, firkin, or tub, each' I
All rirti , :lo eta , . 211 t" Iwo oiTonitorti...l will
,•ipt frernaking or curing.
4 .1 (
„ ,IM
PA a Es i• Round,
thAto Imbv.s
- i'LASS•27.—.2t:ILTiN4:, IC;BWOlili , kc.
. I t
Wot silk; delaine, calico, or stole' : bed quilt,
uarni coverlet, woolen blanket, each : , ,2 419
11 , 4 lounctuade rug, linen, wooden shakings,
iiiien sb.,cl.lng , , pact, display 1
Ileit pair stockings knit by girl under 12 years I I
'meted woolen stocking yarn 7 ,or
pound linen do • ' 74
woolen mitten. and gloves, each pair . 7,0
knit spread'- 1 to
. .
Best embroidery, bureau curer, toilet mats, cur. 1 1
tains, band-made shirt, Machinequade shirt, I
boy's shirt, girl's shirt, yoke and sleeve., collar
and Tuffs, display of Jetting, each artir,h, 1 00
Beet carriage and sleigh afghan 1, - 2, .1; 3 (lit
Best sofa, cover, chair cover, knitted chair . cover, I
tofu pillow, /dippers, crocheted zephyr shawl, .
knitted zephyr shawl, silk embnaldery, child's
afghan, knitted lady's hood, child's tap, child's 1 1
socks, needle Look or housewife, watch chain,
work broker, each - ,: 100
Best display of burr work, Lest single sperimen . - •
of burr work • ; lOd
Best display hair work '• 1• ol
Beet display was flowers„nax Borers ur leafs:,. i
-. ~
....1 I
' Dock.
I'LAS, 17.
t: IL IT,
, ;,-11t1:1:Atr, ItUTTEI!:c.s,K 1.1. 4.
leather floviem
Best wax tiorrera in design
displly of shell inlet; bead • work, :or moss
- walk, each '. • • • I 00
Best catch-all, enibitddered tidy, knittedi
toilet cashion, lenitted taste "rtwer, nig/11=1mA;
case, display, of feather. lowers, each : rto
. Iot—FINE AitTS, ae. •
Best collective oil paintings
el pp
, original landscape • :
.copy lanitscape
original 'demur portrait
• •
copy piety or portrait
• specimen of print in oil
specimen of flowers In Oil
.rtiiieetian of water rotors
single specimen
portit, or colored crayon
Wit - hitch crayon, sepia or Indl,i ink, Pending,
pendia; done by person under. Pi, years, pem
mannmihhip, penmanship done . by poison nm
der 16 years, each
hest display of plain nod rololvd pliuti.graplis on
paper, metal or other material, display of lint
brolyis4, doloarr.aolypes, lyorytypits, tintypes,
display 'ad' pint log, (nal
fleet and largest display
- .
i ' t'LASA :10.—Vri:NITIIII:.
Dal and larp•st divlny of fnnitlitre, ' 11
• .
'Kirke. oryyttsge o‘,t, each I)
drat tuatfnis, ~oIJ, toringe', couch, IT I:l4'A tear 4
lug rhalf, each --4 10
CLASS :,14.—5EC0N11.1.1.1.V4 P. 31..
For Titn't IV OA Pa/ea IN MN (SINNIy
t 1411 N-
C: tant.
11 !dolt'
hi MO
SEriNI) 10.% I*, 3
For - .l:4Ntlea M., in !Prim.
1 1
t• tut,
1141.1 •
Tun; P.M.
flad Nerrr rrot,,ty,
} ir•t
t:i.4 1111
T1111:1 , 1 , Ai.'11 6 •31
po Ui /1:V1111'31121
Lmt 1
10.:1;11..V11 , )Ns
_J . , , , . .
In :111 j.,111 - t..111.1kt• , tit'or, now to 'tail
Entrant - 1i I . in iti7r r-ttt.l. 1.1 tt premium.
'II-latolft;:r Ito rvl,l only to
11, In .
, Ent :Ilf IVIS Intl! lin all r.i.a s 111 . 101111%1r1Y I Ile, entry
Mi .
n - ,no :and f ter , Crit.tioll of 1111trso., awl Halm of i tA
oN% tri.r. ' ..
Yu i. , %11 , 4i. in the comity iillowi+l to
entt.ri•il 'cxi-rpt in Ow." ire, to all."
tior•••• in 11.44 f.t tin.) .rrr• r•li;ildr
r rtrirurn•
n ill 1. 4in• nt tht• S••cr••t.rq''a
Fair the titNit. , l,y .•f th, Fair, Iv4.thi,,lity,
• , N W. MEANS,• 1•1••••i•I•oitt,
i '
1 1
We Ix ti
And a
And It , I
t ht
hits a boN fig* Ills I.4,Sis 26.1 thing's,
rrleket-bag for Ids !rat;
,r4c1,1 thl• brightest awl 1..,1 of king,.
pew ..traw hat
Wi• 11.1,1(
him litt" the railway
troop of hls young .
!lade a. though !flyem fitf,t and rah,
AMIN our ;ye?. with tear._
H Ul,l use.
\ye fool.
Id )u farce lor
'n of a son OW rid
ely Aiiinblervil lib, hat with gli.,
n•h•'n tI. v woalii start
Th • 1
But he I,
1111 A
It 11131 /11.. 11. e 4 dot a. Ip
boy wa...'tebiler an I Ma:
ai a n•orbl tlaat.was all b . •fore.
rs IV:11 a IA orld !island
For thl
I But ilk r
Awl ,m
1 .14
/f that Ih. lltalvting lioart rca. oald,
011111 r.:l , 1.,3•81.13T1 , 1 trito;
I mroill , !fire 111 , 111%, that I. v. 111:
eti,o,reit 11w that 1, new;
'T xla
I;tit th.t
I t And II
till IT •
%I V! cvr
nut- to that Lore h 0 flnwer
outs g,roweth duo ti:
•areoly ,Jl..lke for the ',pal, M . ;tit hour,
rov,. hack throng!' lit" town
..t I'l
the wet itersepf pnlejtt-
-,. . .
r l'i - 11' V. thernt sense is a vizor without A
handle. -
" l'• MAN r men of many mint s , in Neva
(la. .4 ,
_ .:,
il i
i i
the'diseomfort of life is the result
offgettino+ tired of ourselves.
I.4.:NEvi tr;:vcr. is the cream on the milk
of human kindness..
of good sense are those whose
,gree with ours.
always lowers a great 4nan, but
elevates a little one.
arid auxi••
sure is purr, or without
ty is mixed with all our joy.
a short day, but it is ai working
ivity may lead to. evil; but inac
not lead to good.
Unending to coMplimeut
uly by calling her a gentle lamb
e is one mutton as iS small r
book and a 'good wOmaware
things for those who know just
4neciate their value. There arc
'ever ' who judge of both from
l• of the covering.
s old being asked by her
tat she thought of the doctrine
epravity, replied she thought it
.xcellent, doctrine, and had no
l ad been the means of saving
!..IFE Isl
tiOty can
a 'young 1
said "SI
A good
110:iy to al
the beard
ot:total I
dowbt it Il
111:1,oy sou
T 111: ed
spent $: 4 9(
the: prize
brass rim
Itor of the Vicksburg , . Herald
on a church fair' hoping to get
f $3,900 in gold, and he drew a
in and a photograph of George
n. This world has no further
or him.
AN 11114
:ince t 0 ti
to' the hal
fo4(I thett
fathers !
iginative Irish►nan gave, utter-
Ids lamentation : "I returned
dis of my fathers by night, and
hin ruins I cried aloud, "My
there arc they .And echo
" Is that you, Patrick :Wear-
THE, go ,
. ner l
putting Iti r k
to Apologii4
when lie
see Pie
unman who asserted that his
l er opened his mouth without
' r 4 fool in it, being called upon
?e, said he was very sorry. but .
(flade the assertion he did not
'of his friend's foot. . i
ampshire family has trstql one
`.. venty-eight years, while a De- 1
as kicked three to peiees with- •
Some men, as swill as they
lower-hearted, go for the cook
away. i
.I.2.Ven - -
StOVC for
troit man 1,
in a year.'
• I.irrz
decliire N(hi
r.• girl ran out to inect her
he was on his way home to
terday - , exclaiming : Pa I
ebody has broken kitty all to
n examination diseloSed the -
onrteen little Thomasses and
d been added to the feline
fact [.that
puss e!+ hi
llyn, did you ever stop to think,"
said n Mieihgan !venue grocer yesterday,
as hti meastired-ont a Half a peck of pota
toeS, ''than these potatoes, contain sugar
mater and starch ?'Noak, I didn't,"
replied the boy, "hut I heard mother
cry that you put peas and beans hi your
Icoffe, and about a pint of water in every
lquart of roilk you sold." The Subject
of natural 'philosophy was drooped right
there„—Detroit /We Prevs. ,
. . .
A io,Eia.ow in -Kentucky ran away•with
a fariner's - .daughter and horse, and was
ihotly:', pursued. The farmer got. vrithiu
!close range - andllourished a revolver.
".I)on't shoot, for heaven's sake
Shouted the lover.
l*on't.'" was the reply, "'cause I'm
feard I'll hit titer hoss. Jest leave ther
' WAS auil take titer gall." !
!: ! .
I That com Promise was accexted by the
young folks, who walked on to a preach
er's house, a d the father rode hoine on
hts hcirse. - • . !
J ..„.: . _
. .
......L. 4 . m .kr 1, as a delicious day. It was
nature's grand overture. The. sunshine
was s palmy land brilliant, the air Was as
gentlefas an angel's touch, - *mitt* birds'
melody thriled earth and Heaven. !. Man
walked forth into the country, breathing
pi. the' delicious fragrance, bathing his
soul in the !blessed sunshine, apd rejoic
ing hr the glad music of .the birds. ! The
next. Morning he was the top of
his vdiee. " Where in thunder is
thick Mulershirt, Maria ?LC:kir/orlon ;(Illy.
.1 . , .
5411 C
1 "
' -
Ir I
" •
1 00
2 00
.S.O 00
r:Drl r *75
5 . 11.11
Fr It,
,Il (w.
t vt t
lac ~d #otko.
no* stiontilt Irll lie, lore,-ho4wsirangt; whin we
tt►v ' • '
shaol e.what i 01,loscrs become—
tots ft : l;l44lnd faithless,. I mid and untrue,
You thoughtless of me,*anill careless of you,
Our pet manes grown silent with flatting lode, '
"Loves bright web unraveled and rout and worn
through, , •• ,• •
4MI we sit,ln life's twlligttt gram
' me, • •
now strange It will be
How Orange It will be, when the: witchery goes
Which makes mu seem lovely today;
When your thought of me loses Its color of rot 4.,
When every day serves some new faniCto disclose;
When you find l're'add eyeS and an everyolay nose,
And. wonder you could fora moment snymosc
I Was o u t, of the commonplace way
Ali: me, '
How strange - It Will be:
'foul strange It lore,—how strange when
.wo meet, c
. wtth jy3t the chin tenth Of the laud—
When my pulses no longer delightfully bat
At the thought oc . your coining, the wound of your
When I watch not your Wring tar down the long
When your dear, loving yoke, now no thrilling y
brows harsh lit reproach or ronimand :
Alt : Me, L'
How strange it will he; ,
•, . •
low strange it will In, 'tvitelt we willingly ;day
' Divided the tlfear± day throttght
Or getting remotely apart as, we may,
tilt chilly and silent, with nothing to say, . .
in a wearpotne "old married folk" :ion of a Way,
I shrink trout the pleture.4,ton't you? _
th : u n •,
'flow strange It will be:
..DeAr luve, if our hers do grow torpid and cold, "
As so many otners hav;. .
It we let our love perbdi froth hunger and cold;
If we dim all lire's diamonds; and tarnish Its gold,
tr,We Chinn to live wretched, and ilk unconsoled,
'l'll4lllm strangest. of. all thNiss II:at ever were
As happening under IN: =
Ala: mr,
lluw trtirge it will l.•
•I►t "
"Good mg , paw, said a sweet,
childish voice.
I lookt d. down hi surprise upon
the little girl that was standing be.
side my friend's knee; for though
tlds was our first iueeting after a
separationpf sonic 3'ears, 1.--,had sup
posed him to be childless.
She had entered the room so noise
lessly that until she'Spoke, neither of
had‘been conseions of Tier pres
"flowl night, my daughter," said
my host, a Smile of infinite tender
ness softening' his rather stern fea
t res, and holdin(r out his arms as he
s mke.
The child sprang.; quickly to the
shelter Of that broad breast, laying
soft Cheek lovingly,against his.
As he held her. this, stroking as
t nderly as - a mother might, the in
i , g hair that mingled with leis own
jetty locks
e seen a prettier inetime., I thoughtthat I had nev
i seen
was in form so ipetite, with fea
tures almost iittantinein their delica-.
Cy l . of outline, he so strong and state 7
iy . ; her complexion Was exquisitely
lair, and'her eyes of the‘softest blue,
while hiS were black' and piercing,
and his fatic bronzedlby,exposure to
sun and storm incidental to his -ad
venturous life.. 4
A matronly-looking woman 'opened
the door, pausing upon the threshold
as if reluctant to disturb them.
lAs soon as my friend observed her
he arose, and blessing the child with'
a i solemnity and ~ tenderness I kid
never witnessed in him before, dis
missed her. -
1 " Not your own doughter ?" I said,
as soon as. we were left alone.
No ; but I could not love her bet
ter if she was. She is the most pre
cious of all my ;earthly possessions,
as 1 well she might be. My darling
little Kathie ! she saved my life."
What! that tender,delieate child ?"
• 1 ' Yes and when slie was smaller
and younger than she now."
1 will tell you how, it Was," added
my , friend, replying more to the eager
inquiry in my eyes rather than to any
thing I had saiij, "It is not a long
lnd pushing:toward me a eut glans
dish, of some quaini,. and usurious ,
pattern, tilled with heavy .clusters of
grapes, my host settled himself back
in his easy chair and Commenced as
follows ;
About.: two years ago iinportant
buSineSs called me to ,A—,. in the
we , Oern part of Canada: Partly be
calsel was more accustomed to that
kind of locomotion, and partly be
cause public conveyances in that sce
tion of the country were slow and
unCertain, I started on liorsi!back:
1.1 had been about a fortnight on my
way,'and was beginning to congratu
late myself that I must be near the
tertian:dim of my journey.
It was near sundown, and the sky
Megan to look as if a atom was brew
ing I had ridden 'many hours thro'
a rode, thinly-settled country, and
beglin :to look anxiously about for
some hunrin habitatiOn. It was,
therefore, with a .feeling, of relief that
I !, •a few rods ahead of me.what
seigned to be'a public house. It was
so fling since I had seen one that, in
spite_ of its dark and dreary-appear
ance, i t had a pleasant look to me:
There were neither trees nor any
signs of vegetation around the house,
in front of which a crazy looking
sign was creaking iu - the wind that
was rising, upon which could be seen
a few letters of what evidently was
once r --." Entertainment for Mao and
Beast;" now .nearly effaced by ex
posure to the weather.
AS I rode to the'door I saw a stout,
middle-aged man • sitting.' upon the
rude' porch, cleaning a gun.
good evening; friend," I said.
" Can you tell me how Ilir it is to the
villa4e of .
t'? •
The man gave me a quick, compre
hensive glance, and then. dropped his
eyes.l .
"It is a matter of eight miles,” he
replied; "just beyond Black Forest,
the edge of which you' can see from
herer •
"You had better not attempt it to
night" he added, .as he saw I hesi
tated las to whether I had better stop
or push ahead, now that I was so
near my.journey's end. " There is-a
storm coming up; besides, a goOd
many travelers have beeti robbed in
, .
Black 'Forest lately." .
I believe I won't OW it .then," I
Said ; " for I have'that about,me that
I shouldn't tare to lose.'
• I recalled, afterwards, the sudden
brightening of the eyes ail I said this,
but it was so brief that it made little
impression on me at the time.
• Remarking that his hostler had
gone away on an errand, he took'
charge of my horse; and taking my
saddle bags iii my hand, I entered
the house.
•It consisted of • a large hall, with
a good sized room on either side. As
soon as - ,I stepped •in my attention
was arreated'by a little girl, in spite
of her neglected appearance one, - of
the most perfectly lovely creatures
that I ever salt.
I learned afterwards that she was.
nearly nine, but so small and delicate
was •she that she, looked full three
years younger.
In one of the rcolus was a large,
Coarse-featured woman, with. a. 'pecu
liar disagreeable expression -of coun
tenance, engaged in • some -domestic
duties ; the other was' vacant; and
ntering it, I took a seat upon. the
The little girl came and stood by
the open door, Axing her large, 'ear
nest eyes upon me with nmournful
intentness of expression that I never
Saw in any child before or . since. I
smiled and : heldout my hand to her.
To my surprise she came directly to
Me. Touched by. thit expression of
ConfideUee in an entire stranger, no
less than by her exceeding beauty, I
took her upon my lap. r '
.'You are not my pao,',' she said;
regarding . me- With tho same wiiitful
loot:, "but you look like WM." .
" Where is your papa ?" I inquired,
More for the sake of talking than be-
CanSe I cared to know.
The child shuddered and turned
pale. Just then the landlord entered.
He frowned as his eyes fell upon the
Child, and looked uneasy.
You muse not trouble the gentle
man," he said, in a, voice whose
harshness was in'marked contrast to'
the smooth, oily tones he had • used
in speaking to me. " Get down and
go into the kitchen."
The child. shrank. hi mortal fear
from that look, and in spite or my
detaining hand; slipped 'quickly from
iy knee and left the room.
After partaking of a': warm, sub
stantial slipper, I requested to be
immediately shown to my room, as I.
was desirous of taking an early start
in the morning. The room into
which the landlord took me was an
tipper one, of good size and epinfor
tably furnished: I observed that
there was only one window, and that
one very small, and providefl with
shutters. As I was examining my
knapsack. with my back to tlm door,
I heard alhint rustle, and turning
saw the little girl I had observed be
low, standing in the middle of the
rOom, , with an expression upon her
countenance which . startled me. as
Much as her unexpected appearance.
"A re you going to stay here to
night ?" she said in a hurried whisper.
- Yes," I replied ; "wouldn't you
like to Lave me?"
!"No. oh no!" she said with the
same look awl tone, shuddering. as
she.spoke. •' This is a dreadful place.
POn't stay; if you dt they will kill
you - ai they did—r"
'" Kathie, Kathie," screamed the.
harsh - voice. of the landlord's wife,
"Come down here this minute."
Kathie's eyes dilated with terror;
turning,, she glided from the room as
quickly and noiselessly as she had
entered.. Listening, I heard angry
voiCes below; then a sharp cry,•end
ing in piteous sobs, which gradually
died away, as •if the -child were con
veyed to some sliStant part of the
honse. Filled with indignation and .
ahirm, I oPened the door with the
Intention of interfering; but feeling
upon - second thought, how useless.
'any such attempt would be, in my
present situation, I closed it and
went to 'the window. I placed my
hand. upon the shutters; they were
iron and firmly fixed into the easel
nicht. It did not take me long to'
decide what to do. After examining
lily revolver to see.
.that it was all
right, I took*y traps and deeended
to the bar-room. Tbe landlord start
.ettWith an angry look when lie saw
I have concluded to resume my
journey," I said, inns careless a tone
as I could assume.' " Please bring .
my horse - directly to the door."
" Every one to his fancy," said the
man, glancing sharply at me, ifrem
the corner of his • eyes;, " but I
shouldn't want to pass through Black
Forest alone such a night as this."
"ri - ou forget• my : trusty friend
here," I said, touching my revolver
significantly, as I spoke.
The villain cowered,. for he saw in
a moment that I understood him.
s'pose you know your own bu
siness best," he muttered sullenly as
he Went out for my horse.
It was with a feeling of joy
.that I
found myself again in the Saddle,
though gloomy and lonely was the
way, before me. Yet my thoughts
reverted sadly to the sweet child, to
whose timely warning I owed so
much. I determined to obtain a
.search warrant and: rescue her if pos.
ilde from the cruel handS of those
whom I felt could have no legal, claim
on her.
I soon struck into the ifiack For
est which was composed principally
of fir and pine, and to whosiiilark
foliage it doubtless owed its name.
lint • soon the *faithful creature
that bad never failed me before, be
gan to halt, and_ finally became so'
hone` as to be unable to proceed fur
ther. Suspecting some treachery. I
'dismounted. • The sky had partially
cleared, and the 'moon had risen, but
she gave only a fitful light, and now
had 'entirely.disappeared under a
cloud. But striking a match, I. dis
coveied that two sharp pebbles had
been skillfully inserted•lnto' one of
the fore hoofs, and which had been
driveu• with- every .step further into
the bone. Isucceeded in dislodging
one, but the other defied all my.ef
fores.l So tying the animal to a tree
deter Mined to proceed on foot. I
had hardly done so when I heard the
quick sound of 'horses' feet, aloog
the road. I stepped back in the
shadoW of
.a..tFee, and looked in the.
direction whence it proceeded. I
could just discern the outlines .of two
' / r Al
.. . .. .--.... ~
, , \ •
r.....: t,'
I 1 i• fl 4 , " ...;'.,-. ''.. l ' , :.! . ..: ' ''' ! .:,:ki,,!
(..... _
. ...
~ •...
..,.. .
. N .
, ..
• ' horsemen, Who '. reined up within ;
few feet of- the spot where I - - Stood., f
felt that the odds were greatly against.
me, lint 4 was determined to sell my
life denoy. - ~.
- "I SlMuldn't s'pose hiS horse' Conla
have't4"Fen him - away any farther,l
said on of them, whose • voice liii-1
stantly recognized as that of my late
,i`; . •
.. ,
"Ilist! here is his korse,'' said thel
other, as an' impatient movement' Of
.the animal betrayed his proxiMity:
;.. Just l[then - the • moon, emerging'
from a. loud, revealed my form dis
tinctly, as, I . stood, with one finger
on the ti•igger, watching for the' first
gleam or light, to make myaini sure.
The , landlord's eyei fell directly
Anion me and with a: muttered curse
he snatched -a pistol frcnii - his . belt.
But he . .vas too ' late ; there - was a
sharp Whistle, followed by a dull,
heavy sound, and throwing his hands.
upward,jhe fell forward -upon his
horse. As he -fell, his pistol, which
was at4alf cock, was discharged, to
* g lifiig*Fance mortally wounding
his companion, Who dropped instant tlii: ground.' Mitt it seems That
this was merely a feint ; for no soon
er did he see that I was off my guard
than hel tired.. Fortunately he aimed
to high; and the ball passed harm
lessly olier.lay head. I sprang, ' fOr
ward anal after a brief straggle•stic
ieeded in disarming him. Then per:
Ceivitag that the bone of his knee . was
shattered, making- - his escape inipoS
sible, I '.left him, and mounting ithe
fine looking animal he rode. I reSuth
•edmy-j ol rny. - . •
• It wastpast midnight when I reiteh-
A-___, apd broad daylight when; ac
companied by a magistrate, a posse
of constables aml several of the vil
lagers, I lieturned to the scene of [my
niglit'sadventure. - • - -
The landlord, lay .just :is he had
fallen, im{ pale face turned up to ; the
rays of the rninesini. 'The other
villain 14d managed to crawl away,
but was i i doon -tracked and secured.
We then went in a body to the tav
ern: There was no one in the house
but the olit. woman..N . lw though she
seemed at first a littli.• startled by oar
entranceOnanifes'ted . the utmost'Jn
diflerem.,4}'. even when told of the fate
of her linsband. As she was believed
to he an 4eeessory to his crimes, she
was taken into custody. Tolny,stir
prise a ntOstonsbnient, little Kathie
was no Where to be, found. It was
in vain tl''at I questioned the woMan,
endeavoriip- by alternate threats and
i i
bribes, to; obtain smile clue to lier:i
- she Maintained a sullen silence. They
had' all pile but I still lingered,-
thinkiter Sadly of the dear child, who
I was cOni:trained , to fear, in saving
my life !lad, lost . her own, when I.
heard a Onit 'cry=. I put my ear, to
the floor ;;whence it. seemed to pro
eet;(l, andlit was repeated. As quick
as :thought I removed some straw
that was (Ong upon the floor, reveal
ing a trap' door.- I lifted it up, and
there, in ii dark, damp, noisome hole,
was poor ittle , Kathie, almost faint 7
ing from error. ; •
- Ify joy, lit finding her you can Well
imagine: iitnd as for her, she clung
to me as-*e cling to the only. friend
we have.
The man was tried and exeented.,
the woinaii turning state's ,evidence.
Ile confesikd upon the scaffold to
the inurd4 of a number of travelers,
among whindwaS Kathie's father, :
As soonlas my protege was'ahle to
travet,',l lOok - ' • her with me to the
. :
Though i the very, idea of parting
with her teas a painful - one, a sense
of duty incluced me to write to her
nearest m. le relative, an uncle- resid
ing in Ohi i, stating what I had ascer
tained in* regard to his brother'S fate.
and the sihgular Providence which
had given his little niece so strong a
claim upoff my love and protection.
But he liad• a large family .of his
owns and hough `he would have giv
en a home to his-brother's child ' liati
she. stood i . i need of it, neon learning
the circumstances, t ery willingly i
e-1 inquithe.(l • ter tome. ,
She has Ived with me ever since
growing li g arer 'and „dearer to my
heart ever3i i i i day. - . ,• - .
"SO • you.. perceiviy added-- . my
friend, in cnclusion, " that I did not
Speak lightly alien I said that little.
Kathie say 4my :life. , And I have
sometimes thought," he added; his
expreSsive 'eyes
~ growing stilt, and
misty as he spoke, "that she has
dofie muchitorard making it worth
the saVing,• r or -never • until - I
felt the
clinging, ofpier. little arms around
my neck. dill I realize the full import
of those holy words, 'Of such is the
Kingdom of Ileareii.'" ,
And as- looked upon him, and
thought of the one great sorrow that
bud hardemill his youth, turning Co
hitteriUss tfie sweet spring of dotnCs
tie atlectio4 and the life he had led
since, sb ealculated. to draw out
harsher audi,sterner parts of his na
ture, ithanked God for the angel he
had sent to him. in -the forni of• a' lit
ii ..
I.' ~ .
' iioine wish words from the. ,Bus
Comity hiteqigencer4 a ..:
When one man, in the heat of sum
mer in a eroded eityjdieS of hydro
.phobia, immediately there is great 1
CX el tent Mt. .Everyoirly cries : "Down
with the - dog and the poor ani
mals, if founktimmuzzled, are carried the pond and killed. is hy
drophobia s' much more terrible
than detiri.(i' ! frem . ens? And yet cc:
cry day the lost promising and tal
ented yoting Men in our land' sulfer
the imtold,agonies'W the, latter dis:- '
ease,' and cite, leaving dishonored
names behind them. • .Nobody tiS hor-
.ritied; nobody cries : "Down . with
the dram-shbps !"1 -- in? ollieers 'go
.around to liOzzle the rum-sellers and
the signers i.f licenses, and carry,
them off to a pound where they shall
be inearcerat l 4l until they take a sol
emn pledge . never again to place
stumbling-hl ek§ in
.their brothers'
paths. ii l
I. • .
- ' Mayhap th‘signers Of licenses may
object to be classed ',with the runt , :
sellers,,but it i the eye of, God what is
the dilfereucq? 'A man &alma sell
liquor without a license, and so : the
signers are. *rally responsible for
all tha will dine by the ruin 'that lis
~ Do Jtotithiplt to stifle your cert.,
sciences with ithe plea that -a 'publio
'house is need, id in your vacinity; if
- 4
ri ftl ii
i ce . TV,
a; public : house,
binder tutybodj
lie house? Tk
plates in .
house is' neeess
tion a the tai'
the trnito S • •
spot that need
ed har.
yourselves wit
yAin do not 81.:
fences Pome,_b I
by whoni, the e i
may-cheat you
these, but you
and. when you •
meat seat it *I 1
'ask, • as did'
brother's keepe
" In a notice'
Ijarper, one m
it was said: .",,
lefthis office foi
to his home in l
give up
give up -411 ti
matters and ti
business utfairS,
he printed, in wil
background, arn
hting Over, the
ness , man 1 in tli
portals of every
Should , be:, the
W . ollid thrust,bn
'' No BusineSs t
cannot throw a',',
street that yot
Broken in_body,li
in life, thiougl
husiness,' • Winel l
tp• folio* his*
ill ,, till nioht. l l;
Which should l.
This very . ',day,,l!
Office, one I gen,
the getting out
ridor belbre fi l ,
his mail. *idle
was passirfg, fr
the stillet•il was
Ones and; read
Not,. even the sh,,
of lmsines, ,Of,i
Was permitted ii i
engitations.l , 'l' ,
ness 'men Teser l ,
Most taxing par t i
and pass their,
sMall hours; inil
next :day s (Te r
they break (toil
reached the . - inel
while. Harp'er,
. !I
care from W I M I
place of buSines
not necessary, fo,
and ' Vandeilft
for hibi g:
god - 01(1 ag63:
iA (loot)
' •
few (lays ; i
114peninn• t , t 4 1 11'1%1'
iilace, the I:Mk
a smith! o,ai
ration for ate
patient. lie; 11 - :
liiy bill, s'ett:(l
pa la at the next
of s Ablermen.
to coniplain du
being a littlenn
physiciaa took
and said upoii re,!
would 3i-rite 4 prl!
set; him to rights
send by the boy
bill. the. site
cit 3 ,Ball, nti(1 . 1( 1
said the . tlerk,,
paiier4 that 'Nfetl
molt - physicians
hut that of this
a cross betw,Cenl
styie anti tin.!
Chinese astronm
- hen the el&
'thetwo•papers l ,l):
to ntake out Lia r
ion! and which
zag; characters t
one, of the paler
the 4)resvrjption.
drug store and ha
who turned
and! then said . ,l
is tit not?"
the i atlirrnatire
che4rful,‘ and IsTo
a big powder
and 'a .bottle' of
betaken in the,,
day 4 clerk
about the Willa bu
the, inedieine had I
able'good. tI I
At. the nett n
the, doctor's bift F NO .
abent all that on
it :,ilJ ‘ as that itleal
rereryed - usual
inittee, to he
tip4r at the ttex,
When at favotable
$1 was ;at
'lig the otd
morning . .ie
in high thidgeon,
bill? I see
;;; : hoar d only alloWe i
ecl juSt, the Same, a.
:arm* that it ;Ras
i i the irate physi
iookeil at it' for s
then exclaimed •!
. • 1
1 I
May . I be liars ,
board' of alder Men
work for two wee,
tion, ;and have at I
. -
1 4!8, 1 , th ' 6l
eX C. itcid,clerk,," an(l
if I take yO /
the drng store, ,ai
there and gave use I
phyisiced . me to deii
Tlat bestjoke v i
oist'S Clerk quest,lot
up the prescriptlo
get such a looking
I -always put up I
calomel .and" - rhtibli
by .the` black draUg
.first : f l ithe I therei.llt
Tuvr is a good,
who, 'going into *
mother' crept up jto
establishment swithl
have s.4ugot any boo
gotanyl religion in re
. ,
m 16 Advance.
LIFER , 7.
is needed wbat is to
from keeping a pub
'ere are thousandm of
rica whore a:-,_lptipio
I. for the ammoda
ling 'public, butin all
s there is not one
a tavern with tt Heens
-11. dare you comfort
the thought that if
the license others
:t needs be that of
t woe, unto that man
i ease
,cometh. 7 You
fell O w --men, you may
by such quibbles as
cannot cheat'" God,;
tend before the judg•
1 m = ail you little to
in of old. " A m I iny
I'LE rot Businss
f the death of John
the Harper brothers,
liter Mr. nartier had
• the and retired
ifth avenue, he would
, oughts of business
fuse to converse on
'' That fact should
'Re letters on a black
framed in gilt and
desk of every busi
e land. ..And Over the
business, man's home,
'amino . to those WhQ
i mess into that house:
lansaeted liere.'! You
lone into a crowded
will pot. bit a map
if not in mind, early
;1110.11T:a awl tear of
has been•permitted
7ery step from morn
and, even the hours
e devoted to sleep.
stopping at the post
!ennui could no wait
of the postothee cot
must •begin to opcn
another gentleman
m the office, and in
breaking the envel
n«. the enclosures.
I=n:i walk tohis place
! a pleasant morning ;
free ' from business
- o-thirds of our bush
• until evening the
of their day's work,
venings, even to the
Devising plans for the
ations. - Of course
In before they have
(d•their lives.
- ho drives business
s he turns from his
devoting the time
sleiqj t 9 recreation,
•wlio'in the evening
me of winst,—reachound in bQdy• and in
0-,•;j A OdeTon:—A.
t Western city clerk
filet a r physician of the
•_ mentioned that lie
i against the corpo
dance uppn a city
s tall to .make out
in, and it would be
meeting , of the'board
'he 'clerk happened
ing the interview of
er the weather . ; the
i iie of his symptoms,
chino his office. he
scripton that would
and which he would
ho would bring the.
oon - of same day a
clerk's office at the
ft two papers, men.
them. "All right
1, . glancing at- the
thrown upqn leis
ec chirography of
is not, very -plain,
articulai 31. D.' - was
the usual medical.'
limeters used by
rs And Inundrynien
k came to examine
• was much puzzled
i was the prescript
'he bill. Some: zig-
Jat appeared upon
led him to think it
Ile took it to the
xlcd it to'thc clerk,
L several directions
;!ThiS is from Dr.—
eing answered in
is at • once becathe
handed the clerk
taken at night,
ome dark liquid to
orning. Tor two
ooked rather pale
t felt On the whole
alone him consider-
.r , etino• of the. board
1 s preSented, but
d be made out of
ted fur $7. It was
to the proper
ined' and reported
1.( e,
regular meeting
repot was made
owed. The ' nest
L'r came to the clerk
End said :
you put down' my
he papers that the
the billwas
made out, amt to
i fight . handed it to
dan. The doctor
1 11 ,'Ine moments, :find
red if you and the
haven't been at
,son my preserip
ast allowed me $7
now ',aroused and I
may I be hanged ,
ar infernal bill - to ,
ul they allowed it
t dose that nearly
th." 1 , '
as that the drug.
' ed about making
, said : When I
itper from Dr'--
, , big powder of
:IN to be followed
t, and this is the
A bee* any ftiss
ry . of a little boy,
ik store, with his
the of the
e sly query "Say'
for boys that ain't
---1 , ,
OILY 3, ItO. 1 ;., •
ticr, &Inv ill: 7-1:--Gtor.osit TErr;s4r...lonN, :14,
Tuna, grAwfla No. IV . I
This passage is a part of our blavioueff, .
ttlemorabh3 conversation with Nieodemits. ,, 4
The scene is Jerusalem, I where Jesus lied;
/ ,
gone to attend the Passover, and where /
he wruNlit miracles (itt 23) and boldly
put himself forward as 'the Messiah (h. , /
14-16). in consequence of tlarnanifest-,;
atien, Nicodemus visited him by night.lll
- was a Pharisee, a ruler of the Jewi‘, 'r
'(f. e., a member of the ;Sanhedrin). lic il -
* a learned, , influential, wealthy Joy.
Farrar writes of Lim : "A constitutional 1
timidity is, however, ebservable in all',
which the Gospels tell Its atout Nicode- 'I
mus; a timidity which mild not be wholly
overcome even by his honest desire to be
friend and acknowledge One whom he
knew to be a prophet, e4eii if he did not 1
at once recognize in hint the promised
ites4'alt. Thus the few words in which ,I
he interpOsed t 6 check the rash injustice. ,1
of his colleagueS (vii: 50-42) arca:autious- ,
ly, rested on a general principle, and 'be- '/,
tray no indication of Ids personal faith in
1 1
the 'Cialilaean whom his Sect despised. t l ,
~Virl even when the puvrp. of Christ's
Doe, manifested on the cross, had made ,
the numt, timid disciPies bold, Nicodetims
does nut come forward with his splendid - 0 4 ,
gifts of affection Audit the example hail ~
been se't by one' of his own wealth. and 7
and rank and station in society. Sui:ll
aas the Rabbi she, with that mingled i
candor and fear of man which character - • c
ize all that we know of him, - came intlee4l
to Jesus, but came, cautiously by niglit. -
Iris first remark reveals the timid. in
direct character Odds mind. and Asti the
fundamental inrsfake under which be la
bored. Ile does not directly seek inst./ tic.
tiori, as did -Intim: and John (I: ".,4) bat
begins withal c . Olir ditnentary recognition
of 'Jesus as a teacher suit from God. Ile
evidentl thought the kingdom of God
consisted in inere kninvledge. Jesus
avoids all preliminaries. ,and reaches tlic
difficulty iii his tirit and .seeminglyabrupt'
sentence (v. :I) "It is not leandi , lint
life that is wanted for Messiah's kingiliiie.
and life must bgitt by bittlt. - It was'
a bold eliallefigil to the (il, intellect-hard
oiled Plia,risee. ,hence his question. 'V. tI.
Ile meant to say that in his -conceptions
moral ne* birtt i wal as incredible and im
possible as a s&Ond.natural birth. All
Jesus does is to repeat with amplitieation
his preyious startling declaration. Theii f
mtlst be a mortal new birth (or
_spit itu II
regeneration). and this ;mtist bi: eff4 (Jed
by the T)lNine Spirit. ale
,is 'lii I
to tills Je.1.4. from Ohl Te..-
See !Ezekiel xxxvi : 25- 1
sul”;equent •passiges — tir tll
led to concludC that the
also tki Christian
nary 'iziolinistaiices is lo 1
sign !',f spiritual renewing i
- fitin; iii: 7i, fii,l Peter- Ili;
Jesns girq the reason wlti i
is alrsoluti.4,i - necassary. , !
am ie prat tirki i . is, tnieleingeal
Ilesli to the ital. 4 life. 'Sr
spiritilal. we HMS!. Ile ilOrli
, 1 :
WC :Mils! liVeetVe. n , lir Ii•
Christ --=the si.;eand Ada I
Spirit, "'!Liss is sn ;,dear in
meni Ps. 0: 10:ijor. iV :
31, etc.)—that no teaelai
slanild-Winaler at ii. • • )li ,
Tile 4inal trtuislaiial • • lid]
tw - o nVanliy,s,,botti of wl{
ed . I - 1 ',•131,,irn .aga:
titre of the;
alms -.,” as t',
lug criff-rgy.:
iinn - 4rial .
Tin - .._,ernce in v. 1: 4 61411114101 1.11e.et14
Testlimeet tO maitre: Addressir .t tc;O•li!
' 1 ~
cr in Bane!, ',l sillnaturaßy all along rt .
fers•Kick to the JoVish•Seriptures:ifT ll
the reference is to Ezekiel xxxvii: lit
v. q .. Of this ellapter,breath (i. wee s k,'iine .! ,il.l,
spirit) enters iitto the bones and-they.livi.
:The : breath is front the fottrWinds (v. ti - .
.14 thizi passage "occurred tothe Saviotir7r
mind; the night-Wind probably rose and
fell in fitful Whistiel'ingsoutside`the booth
where. they. sat, arid'so Isis thought sliakfctl
itselfjii the wonderful pitraseidpgy-of tlii;.
verse: . : Lange rein:irks : •' Evert if - the,
generalconditions,of its origin he known,
. as they' were
: only in part to the ancietit,7.
'yet the • . Particular Fictial • condfl.. ‘
tions,•and the precise origin In' ' a given
current, are not known. No more the
end of the current, ;its p; iticttlar'-actlza r
effects.... So with the Spirit, both an to i,ts
origin and it.4etteets, in the, matteil of re:
generation.'' '1
1 The three krcit ideas ate
(1) the freedom and indepCndence pt the.'
Spirit:4" hloWetli where , 'T iistetli:',' --.?.).
, . I ;.--
the irresistible elfect—".t on heareSt•tln - ;
sound thereof:,(3) the. inetimpreltensilili: ,
ty—". thou - knoweSt not'',--both as.' to ori
'o-in`ofitilience it coineth' and to o,terini•!
flatlet' , (" whither it goeth '' ). "Soit is
with very olio that is bort orthe SPit l it.:',
Nieitilemusi couldnot dittlerStilOd GIL:
; t..
inystey; v. 9. This ilmorance wal.::::t re
proach :tv. 10), .as this dOctrinc - is sntli-:,
cientlY indicated in tho Old Testament to
prepake,a teacher Of, Isritel ler the fuller. i
revelaiions'ofthe Gtispel-. • But the . trout
arose 'rat front
l ipCre inability to. - com-,
prehend, but from unbelief (v. lt). "If 1
• have told, yOu earthly things," —' the,
tn4ll:+cOneernin s alvation. viewed front
, -
itS earthly - side (oflwhich regeneration is .
one)4•"and ye believe nritr how shall ye
believe if I WI Jon!c'l r c heav i enly things,7"!
• —i. e.,o'c the truths i concerning salVation
viewed - from rite benvenly Side - 4 - -the eter-i
nal plan
~ tt' cfo i q e9l.llifiles •etlemptii- T , of!
which 110 goestow I 0 treat, land especially
in v:10. 1 It istrucpiat if any ono rejects'
the doetrine of regOletatit», he will re
ject the doctrine alno' of , vyarions a:tone-,
meld. l'Aud t 4 reje4 i the w i tness of 'Jesus . ;
Christ I ii;lto reject the only tupetent wit
'leis of Iteaverily ' 1 thing,; (v. t 3); because
lie, and lie alone,
.tirites.a divine and lin,
man nature inlns person—he was at' tlit‘
1, • , .
- same ttme en earth 1 and ,in,• heaven., As
1 11 1 - ,
thus SOU'ef 111:311 and Son Of Opil, lie.i,;
the revealer of,' l God 'i4 mysterious km - amis..
• . • 1
concerning the i redemption of the wcirld;
And what God's. plan of salvation is lie
goes on, state; v 541.1-17. • •
With reg,ard to the 14th ver§e, we give :
Dean 4lford's- r i note 'Which' is the; most
.satisfactor . y e*planatimv•we . have !seen :.
'The serpent is' in scripture syrnbelikn; •
the decid t :-rfroni the Illistoriefil temptation'
in Gen. Ili, .down. iwartls. ,
.But._ulty is the
devil set fortliby the serpen ? How does:
the bite of the 'serpent elle W.': It per
vades felts' its poisott i the fra te of it.; de.-
tint: Ahat : frame heroines. p isoned; l and,
death cnincl. .f.. 10 sie, • the
. pobto n of , the
deal, being instilled nto,on nature; that
nature baSlbeenme a i l , Poison - if nature -a
flesh of site. !Now - the braze serpent was
made in Ike ti4ness Of the rpent `which
had bitten then. Ittreprese . ted to their.
the poison which had gone rough their
frames, and it as hung lip there on the
banuer-stall; asl a trophy, to show them
that for the poisen there teas healing—alai
the plagtteliad beenerereonie. ' In it there
was no 'poison,', only, the' tifeeitess
. of it.
Now was not. the Lord Jesnslmade itthe
'likeness 'Of sinful jfitth„, RoMans viii : 2?
Was note made "sin!for us, whn knew
no sin," 2 Cor. 47:!2"1 . Did not he, on his
aross,•maiki3 an open show of Mid triuMph
over; the r4lanky; it, that.: it' was as if the
Enemy himself 'hod ben Oiled ' to that,
eross; C6l; ii: 15? -rem not' Sin and
Death anikSatan miamed Njlteu hd 'mu
crucified Pk '- 1! : -.- -1 ''
~ . • .ii: ;
'll' . ,' . • ,7 1 i .
change), and' "born froin
.t ,
'ii. - ; otirce ofe . h im'coinpfisil-,
"1 - e, , " (thel i :1161e . pcisonii,
principle) •• wil4 1 ? e," i..,•,14_
e rerelti
$( Logeneratif
Saviour .hpe.iks
tanieut gremul.•
27. . Compariu;::
e - Word, art
Sa. ion r
, Ip
• r(o_.ivesl. :t,4
r (Act; ii:-'3%. 1 ;:
1 :21). lii v„. c,
1 „ , 7 +1
.i' ..i1i:411(7.1 7 4 - birth
he 11es:tly, N(1- .
)1e . .. It refilitiiis
that". to beronw
! or • the' Sliiyll:
Ji.itiii - e 'fro! ,
ii—throngli• his
1 tlilL(/11.1 Test -
4: fael:F xviii:
ii ,of thi - ; .. .1e , ,i'5:
iirvel not,;" elk
Irii agiiiti,". 11 . 11, -
11'h arc hity.ll , l•-
iii, ' (the 114-