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    Vradfora Ppotter,
Town:* Pa, Thursday, April 1, 1875.
REMEMBEit Dr. CATTELV ' S lecture next
Tuesday night. !,
THE Sprink term of the, public school
will commence on Monday next:
xnE cOmpelfCtl, for want of room,
to petit several advertisements and obitu
ary notices, Which will appear next,week.
THE PreSl) . Yteriap Church - sociable will
be at the hone of . J.tlits MACFARLANE on
this [Wednesday] evening, Mardi 31st.
ATTrNTIOS is directed to the advertise
ment of assignee's sale of I harness, etc.
The sale will afford 'an excellent opportu
'nity for'the linreliase of such gS,O(IS cheap.
THE N. 7111.10 will:be gratified to learn
that D. A. OvEni.o.ii, Esq., contemplates
- resuming , the practice of. the law again'.
There is always 'a demand for the legal
services of sueh men.
.DON'isFAIL to be present at the enter
tainment for ;the I)c>pefit of th'e Susque
hanna -Collegtate Institute, in Mereur's
Hall, on Friday Eyening. April 2. We
know that a hell musical treat is in store
for those who may he so fortunate as to
- .
,AT THE annual election for Vestrymen
of Christ Church, held on Monday last,
flit following gentlemen were chosen for
the current yOr ( 7- Mi C. 31Euct . n. E. T.
Fox, 3. F. )hiANs.:l - , - , W. HALE. MC
CABE, 0. I). 8.1.11 . 11,ETT. W. (L TRACY,
and R. T.
: •
INsTiTcrEl.l-3..TVRECOUIt,E.—the next
lecture in the 'course hwilllK delivered by
Bev. W. C. D.. President of
Lafayette r*.lh*e,.,(uiTuesAlay. April 6th.
The lecture is bighly Spoken of. and th'ose,
-who have heard the, I),oetor speak need no
second invitation.; We 11,,i,e to see the
Louse tilled on this i,)ceashm,
THE :it lA'e.4l Franklin: under
the supervishinl..4rf I : ti.i.EY. dosed
on the 17th. with alt Exhibition. that was
well attended. i The, Itoll of hithitn'idt
ring the tl'111) fu iws ; . 4.)[ T
WALTER. 1.1)..91 SNII7II. CAM: IF: .1 EN
JS;l.ti' PLiTT.
WHAT DoEs frr MEAN ?-31r. S. AVICK
HAS4.• lOn r townitip. brought t4l
this office on Tn i esday last.•a 'quantity of
live griNshoiperr. which he iniorined
IR. had taketir fo;;n4is wheat field. The
ohlest . inhalPitanf doe: not remember hay
in seeu insect.; alive and active at
Ilds . ::•e:ison of thi, yea . r. and -the (Ines-thin
nowis. what (1,, (1 .; it iti6ll?
A Tisi•Ft• - icirmi situ 1(..f money having
• :1 • -
tt Avarrinu the committee.
\ a inlietiug to or the
Voiltig. Men's, Christ ian A ssoeia t ion, all
I, . •
pt s Noll , & siring to nielllllt2l.'s. or
,i • •
.1..0' tite finielttl‘in (ic . s i atell a ......,•;, e 4;ty. are
requested to I, iul the Lecture 'tooth
of the M. E. t'llnrch, t,n Friday evening,
April t?. at 71 o'eloek. •
I:vrr.Nl our libtirtfelt condolence
1.1 Mr. of ~ ..thesheq u i,
Ivitot hat, been . called ttpott dar
ing the
. pat taco Week; father,
nii)ther. Wife. sisters. all tif 'whom
,lied at. hi. house. Twf) older s'sters were
lying at the poitit.. „. 4 . tleath at last ae
,oant.,: Siurly. "hi life we are in the
midst of death. —
. . _
M 0 24- - lf
il\tilMl:•SluX ER.
. STuire,
Jan. 1,
TE(T AND 1'.1 . 11.,DER. 111,110, 10 10f0:113
11, ,ilj2en: nT ToNsan43 NI - 11111y. 11.11 h., wit
give partivill:lr atfr.titi"it drawitqz
Iii:11:11-r 103
st-N o.k prinAN 31Erri ;S. LL: l:tie
flat:: far - direvtion of
111, 1.( 11 ,!2•111.t:ilaVe : been ti olerably well
trutieti: The met tile.; vas addressed
;t titttnbri• i speake:r:s who tlisettsed
tit ;,..lvititt:ft:v.,,e total abstinence, the
n—•fulitt , ,, and nt-ed of lodge.
au , l the aavantages Hand (lii.advantageiito
!,•Taper,me, .;f 'the late legislation.
inr:2.- inite to be held _until after
.it ,c itt .1 tale. -t:veyy,
atturtio,ot at -1;.;i,3 leettiremnittpf
N.; w Em . A 11%—A. little a:tug-liter elf
\ N , ttrrit aged only six years.
vlin.hedo pat the wheel of a heavy wagon
hl front of her father's house.
nuday last. unnoticed by theAriver,
I-. who started his train. throw
the child to the ground, the heavy
pa, , ing over her' neck - and breaNt.
‘.l t Was sllllllnolled at ollee,...titd
a cariltil cxauiina Unt. decided that
•criousinjury had itten indicted. The
child NV:I , ir:04 , 11 able to .it up. to the, great
of her parents. who look ni)on her es
'ea If , from ileatii as I:ittle'y,tliatt a ulici
1.,11,,,, v i ng carer; were ehoto.ell 1
I,ailic,'3iite Society Of Christ Church.
ol 'their Itwioting •
Pit •itl: D. 13.%itTl.ETT
7.• T. JUNE.
•itfFr fJ • • •• . e , G, TRAcy,
. E. )1. GEO.
-.Mrs. 1)r. JoliNsozkz. Miss cAmtri:
Fr- ('. MEncun, E
Al--% It
`1.1:v! , Ls at Christ' Church. oil Easier,
l'y erestißg'. The thlraliteeora-
wcre arran:red' with artistic taste.
-;••;11,1 tin% niusie was exieeptionally got . O.
of two excellent bass voices.
')1 „+., 1111-.. v an&,. aas
n , 'lireal•le' by the Whole congregation.
Aft••r• an al.ipropriate nii4l eloquent dis
-1,10,V by the Itect,,r . , 'Rev. E. 3 1c4-
t" hi the i i Irnitig the conununititi
Av.:- ccleliratell. evening anotlipr
sermon on the subjtiet of the rest; :
n•.•th was ilelivert.A. •
'. The offering at the, itiorning service
- Amounted to $1.27. rts: follows : foreign
domestic missions, (includ
ing for the Indian rnisiiion. anti *l5 for
1-Inn to colored iieople) $3O:,
' ; .
• •
I] rector suggestett ilutt Inentlx•N of.
the coogyegation - should ,enclave the
i.f his or Ler offering in ail
•. it shouldye ap . -
plielr The idea waSI a Iwise one, and
givt. , . r evident - T' that - I . llr. .31c11.-
I'AiNE is a practical Clittreh as
well as an elnquent and sdccetisftd preach
,. •
er of_the WOrd.
Orri Towle—lxis REsouncEs—Solcz op
been 'Written that villages, cities and na
flank like individuals, are born, grow and
die, and in the records of history wn flub
this thought verified. Our own borough
will not, can not' prove an exception.
Born in 1812, we have had our puling,
feebleiinfalcy, but strong with hope even.
in.our,tender years; ive have, by nature's
law, appropriated and assimilated; until
now iu 1875, we number thousands,
where thirty or forty, years ago we num
bered tenf;. We are growing, and our
growth. like that of all things, is deter
mine by our natural and artificial ad
vantages. The river, as a channel for
trade, was eclipsed liy the canal; and the
canal; 'in turn, bir the .railrmuls. These
roads put us in easy communication with
the -commercial centres of the, East and
South, and the grain depots of the West.
Added to ouP vast agricultural surround
ings, imn, - coal and timber, of fine quali
ty, are conveniently pear for 'our use in
manufactures. Business men'
recognize .
these advanta ges:and know that 'as -we
are put in right relations with these rich
es of nature, we. must grow. And the
(lay is not far distant, -when our present
thriving town of 3,000 inhabitants will,
through. the introdUction of manufac
tories. become a prosperous city. Our..
natural advantages invite capital, andite,
only needs proper encouragement on the
part ocour real estate owners to convert
the banks of the Susquehanna fur milks .
into a manufacturing city.
Prominent among. the many maamfao
teries and workshops which have . of late
been springing up in our midst, the
stands at the front l Among the later
corners in our midst, it shown itself a
' sturdy and promising child. Three years
old this month,- and yet with all the pre
cocity of American products, 1138 courted
and consummated its - first marriage;
having since the last harvest united with
the original WlLnuft's Eureka Mower
Manufacturing Company of Poughkeep
sie, N. Y. In this consolidation the old
firm name,lToiranda Eureka Mower Co.,
is retained. This cOmitination brings the
whole business of manufacturing the di-„
rect draft Eureka Mower to Towanda.
The Company are now become full own
ers• and proprietors of the patents and
territory of the United States, for the
manufacture of Eureka Mowers. This
Mtitver deserves more than a passing no
tice. It has been in use about ten years,
and when first put in the markets of the
States, was.a lone child, to be mocked
and laughed at. To seem, rather. than to
be, is the prevailing - study - of mankind.
and so outward appearances and looks, 1
or any strangeness, make the farmer very
! PowELL, A; Co.
shy at first. What ! draw a mowing ma-
senior member Of the firm, Hon• chine direct, instead of at arm's length ?
do-Ern, PtiwEr.i., while quite a 3;'.oung ' Have the knives in front of the machine; 1
Man. in 1852 struck
. out from the' old
—not off en one side ? Have one horse
beaten isttlt
. of business in those days, ,
,actually walk in thk grass before it is
anti s toek a •.new departure". He purchas- cut ?• Nonsense ! And off "walked the
ed gOodSfor cash and sold them so much Man that always plowed, planted and liar-
lower than other ..dealers, that notwith- vested the satire kind of crop from the '
standing the fact that 'he kept mi books, same field mai in the same manner that
lie soon: took the lead in -the mercantile his lather did. He would lose one guar
business; and .in 1857 found that the ter of his hay crop by exposure, becattSe .
!tinkling occupied on the north-east.cor- his father did, by always stirring his hay
tier - of Main and Pine streets, was too with a fork, putting it in cock, and then
contracted and be erected a large store. 'opening anti stirring it again; -- instead of ;
Oil the eppOsite side of the street. ; A fel%; testing the.. merits of the Direct,Draft
.years later, he was compelled to again Eureka .dower, cutting five feet with !
enlarge- by the purchase of the corner same power and time that he could ent,i
store . frt; - in F. T. Fox. At_ this tine his four feet with a side-draft mower, and
trade had become so large that he admits- l eav i ng the grass in the best possible po-
ted T. C. DELallo as a partner in the sition to cure, without the use of a "ted
totsiness. In .February, z. 1870, the store er." saving. expenSe of Stirring the hay;
was destroyed by fire, but the firm made the machine-mowing back and forth. on
no delay in securing the l a r g i a new build- tite side of, the grass-plot, avoiding the !
ing width they now: occupy,, and in a - Very net...essiry of mowing up and down hill:1
short time Opened a larger ;and more at- This mower conforms to the surface in an
tractive stock of goods than ever. Suffice admirable manner; has special advantages !,
it to say their bitsiness lias . i:ontinued to on stony, stumpy ground, and low, wet
increase _each y ear. until no w th e i r sales bottom lands. In fit, is every way a
reach aliOns:f $300,000; ammally.! The first-elass mower.- As a direct-draft j
basemenytory is oceupieff by the grocery mower, it became at once a common ewe- ;
department; the Main floor by .the; fancy my fitr the-makers of - Side-cut Machine's,
goOds and - (notions, cloths, ,dress goods If the principle of "direct-draft" is right,
and common dry goods department;: The and.most feasible, then the side-draught
second floor contains. th e car p e t s , boots and side-cut principle is wrong and ms
and- shoeS. .and hats! and caps. Three tenable But like the staunch oak; stand
years :•
since, E. Thomas Nom.E. was ad-
~, ing exposed to the fierce storms, and !:
mittemt as a member of the firm, and ilk!' 'striking deeper root because of the blast:
whole business management is entrusted s o has the direct-draft Eureka Mower, in ,
to the two . ,junior members. The store is spite hf opposition, taken firmer hold in
the favorite resort of town and country th e judgiTit of the farinar; and to-day '
people, and stands at the head of the thousands are owning and using them '
mercantile - establishments in Northern giving cumulagve testimony of its great
Pennsylvania. practical henetit\in saving time and nui-
Near by, is another large establishment, ; ney, At the trial eld by the Verintint
which confines itself strictly' to the dry Stite, Agricultninl St iety, in 1 . 872. the !
goods trade. We - refer to the well-know Grand Gold 3ledal was . warded. the En:.
and .successful' firm of reka. In this trial twenty-Mree - side-cut
.T.m.on & Co. • machines were in competiOak. In the 1
'Twelve or fifteen years since two of the , State trial: held by the Agriculth -it Soci
most truSted and popular salesmen at sty of St. Joseph, Mo..:in 1572, th first i
Pow Em.'s Were ~JAmEs W. TAyr,oß and i premium *-Silver Medal—was awn led
M. M. SP A I.DIN e. After becoming tho- , the Eureka. There were' no -State triaa,L kind, ; and now after a period of nearly
mighty acquainted 'With the business, , in 1874. yet.the Eureka won and receiree"k wt i' t Y Y ears ' is toiug a
r large business,
they determined to embark in tntde on mane preaniumS in the'honest coavictions 1 elf.'o"YmAr from fortYto seventy-five Men.
aorwert-, from Mr.ll. is known far and- wide for the isn
their own account. Mr. Tavton opened of the people. and many
astore here: and Mr. SP:II,DING became 1 the ranks of its enemies. To-day the fat_ perior character of his work.
partner in a house in Athens. In 1807. - tory is like a busy hive of bees. Fifteen , In connection we take pleasuni in this
, r attention to the rV
they form rs
formed a-copartnehip., and erected - full car-loads of material were reeeivedat ! calling
.: " cart( ' t'aeto •
the store which they now occupy. The , the works during the .hoist week. Aof
new : . .s
building is three-sboried, with a basement, : iron frame mower, cutting 4 feet :flitches - ,
,every niche and corner of which is filled : is one of the latest articles of manufac
with goods peculiar to their line. It has -, titre. This mower was well - tried in-the
beeinne a matter of eomment, that Tax- last. harvest, and will commend itself to
Dot A; C 0.,, always have the best goo d;i, - ; the farmer cutting few acres of grass, or
and sell at the lowest figures. The pro- having hilly, stony, or stumpy ground.
Prietors anti clerks are a obliging, and , The company is making, a tine assortment
seem to haie the faculty of Pleasing all. of plows, among which 'appear the ism-
The establishment is an ornament to-the, . beams—" Eagle," "Champion," anti "Pa-
Proles: 4 °n il - na "tie of the institutions of- tron;" the celebrated shifting-beam Plank
the town. :
,-, Plow, so extensively used in the Cumber
Just across the way we enter the mans. ' land Valley; (the company receiving an
moth hard Ware store of , order for 100 of the lattert ploWs. from
~ -
- Coormsn, lirssem, & Co. • t; one grange, a few days ago); the wooden
The senior members of the firm bought ! beams, Blatchley N 0.., 1, and Blatchley
out D. C. Ifat.t. about 1860, and at once ':-No. 2: the No. 1 Green, famous in East- ,
eemmenc e d to enlarge theirborders. They lent New York, etc. It does a large job
were doing is prosperous business., when, 1 bing business,—always holding itself in
in iStiti their establishment was destroyed ! readiness to and accommodate the
by tire. They then erected a temporary farmer. . -
letilditet on l'ilie street,. where they re- I Near the works of the Eureka Compa
niained until the oompletion the next l ny, on the opposite Ade? of the street,
year of one of the most substantial and
,'stands a handsome story building, with
i ornamental buildings in the StatL It is mansard roof and basement. This really
100 by 4.2 feet, with - entire solid iron I model structure is the
front. The, other walls are brick and fire ss !
proof, and the entire cost wilt . s3o,ooo. ; I'HHEY BROTHERS &- TRACV. '
They usually carry a - - stock of $40,000, i
1 It is situated on the corner of Main and
and do alwavy wholes le and retail laisis !
, Elizabeth -streets.- Is five stories high,
mess in every department of hardware, ,
; anti fronts Ai. Main-st. Its dhnensions
employing allarge capital and 15 to 2
.-° i are 40 by SO feet. The first door is (welt
employes in manufacturing, selling, etc. pied by the oat ee and sales-room; the see-
The establishment has no equal in North- I old floor by upper-leather 'stock room,
ern Penitsyl6nia, or indeed -anywhere •
cutting room;: fitting room 'anti crimping
outside the large cities. The present firm room; the. third floor by bottoming (le
is coMpoStia 1 ; d• the following named gen- 1 partment and inspecting room; the fourth
Heinen : CoL J. A. Ciinnoics, lion. C. S. i floor, by bottom:finishing and • treeing
11u55,41.1. J.r.t. 11. Conumo, and • C. 3 I 1
' roonis; also roost for storing boots after
I -
I laa.. t
II• T JITNE ' ! they are ready' fur Tihipment; the base
-, • . ! meat is occupied one-half for sole-leather
also owns and controls the H Store ardware
! cutting room; and: storing the leather,
founded ley ,Msiat-suatt.. BROTHERS, in !
• and the other half for . storing shoes and
Mercur's Block. Mr. J. is one of those i •
prudent, ca re ful men who always succeed. • - I rubbers. An elevator, in centre of build-
By '
close attention to business he knows ! in "g ' runs from basement to top floor. -
always'; In July, 1871, Ina B. Ilustcuntsv and
just what his'customers want, and ,
etas. D. liestennEv commenced bttsi
. keeps a "in. piily-of the very best goals in 1
n '--i-ness anti manufactured on a somewhat
Ids line. which lie is enabled to seThat very !
limited scala; until Jan., 1871, when C. L.
low rates, owing .to the fact that his ex- ,
TRACY was admitted as a partner, and
penses are small.• His customers number , k
t ,
'some of the best and closest buyers in ;the new firm porch sod the present bnild-
• I in and greatly increased their facilitieS.
this community, which is pretty good cvi- . '• •
deuce that he can make it to their interest. Their sales now amount to about $300,009
For years past old fogies have been i . i
I a year. The pay-roll for labor averages
' prophesying that business would soon 41 be I , a. week, which is distributed
overdone, and; that too many stores were I among about 75 employes. 'they turn .
, being establighed in' our midst ' Every '
i 0
out about 100 cases per week of all grades
m reverse new corner prOves the to be true, i gls
. fiv t-ed boots, from a fine French calf
;In the spring` of 1871 two young men i n Ito heavy kip and mining boots. They
search of a good location to embark in I make nothhing but first-class work, and
• the mercantile; business, were directed to I use none but the best of material. Their
this place. They came, they saw , an d goods are all - band-made, no machines be
were pleased, % The, result was .i ing employed in pegging or sewing. The
EVANS &" ITILDRETH 1 reputation which the "Towanda Boots"
. Soon atmounced to the p u bli c th at th ey i have attained, bears witness to the care
cycle prepared .to sell dry goods at their with which the material is selected, and
new store on Bridge St. The firm took a ,
;the goods manufactured. -
- strong hold on public confidence from the i . The different members of the Mu have
first, and to-data more prosperous is not 1 each their particular
. branch of the busi
to be found auywhete,in the State. By l o tte.r.s. to which they defote their whole at
personal attention tolusiness , aud a care-. 1 tention. I. B. IlcurirnEr bilis all. the
ful regard to the wants and interests of 1 Stock and looks after its manufacture,
t- their -customers, they always find plenty ' C. L. TRACT has charge of the office, the
to do, and those who pfirchase goods of '-books, and: the finances. C. D. Hux4
them are sure to refura. - . " *zinc cbivatei big time to "rololikoAry"
.Our educational facilities are not ex
celled by any town of the sameisize in the
ciintr;i, while the six Out:Qs indicate
tlitt the moral and: reliOous training of
our people not neglected.
Among 'the many buAness establish
, which have contributed to our
present: prosperous condition, none are
more' noticeable than the Large l geneMl
store of.
In the Jewelry line, -
was the pioneer, and still continues to
lead the trade, although the rapid growth
of our town has made room for several
other „establishments in the same line.-
Mr. CHAMBERLIN embarked in business
in 1840, and after thirty-five years of in
dustrious attention' to business, finds him
self comfortably well off, with a store and
stock of goods, which are seldom equaled.
His long, experience and honorable deal
ing have'won for him the confidence of
the entire community, and have done
much toward giving our town the envia
ble reputation which it everywhere enjoys
of containing reliable, substantial busi
ness men. •
'work among the customers, his 'time bes.:
ing principally taken up in the( mining
regions otthis State L. R HEW a
ITT er
0. G. Fads are also engaged inlooking
to the wants of customers in_ other fioe
tions of the State. -,The shipping i depart
ment is in charge of C. W. PAS.
The foreman of the freely - is 440.' ii.,.
SXrrit, who has held the positionl for the'
last three years, and Irom his lon expo
rienee in the manufacture :of bp , ots, is
well qualified to fill the pIace..REDJ.
1 - I
tnvaEurrouu has charge of the so e leath
er department; JOSEFILt OCRS, of the fit- }
_tang room; and W. H. KERSHNEI is su-
Tenntendent of the bottoming epart-
nient, and inspector of the work.
'• - Every part of the work is doll in the
most systematic manner, each •rn has- ;
ing his own particular part to dO, and as
m i
every department is under the Supervis
ion of an experienced person, thelgoods,
When .finished, will compare faVorably
with any in the. market.' In connection
With goOds4of their own nianufactUre, the
firm also carry a full line of Ladies'l, Miss
es', • and Children's fine. shoes aid also ,
rubbers. Everything needed in theline of
lic•ots and shoes by-retail dealers may be
f'ound in their stock.
We must not neglect to notice tlie mord
ridepf the 'employes of . this extensive es- :
tablishment. The reproach and odium
which has attached to the discipleslof St
Crispin, is certainly undeserved by i Ilym-
i ODIEY BiOTHERS ft. TRACY'S opartives.
Nearly all of them are sober, indu strious
intelligent men, who would honor any
profession or any station in • life.l Such
men -7 .38 ALGER, the Mow Ens,• fiiMITII,
elevate the mechanic's calling to till
itAfOuld always occupy.
: ; Teil years ago CflEsTEn WELL
carrying on the cabinet-Making ba
in the brick store fronting on Court
His establishment was thought i
1 ..
unite extensive for a town of this
Mr. I ..CarNsos also carried on the
business at the lower end of the
The two establishments combined
142 y reached a business of $ 25 , 000 i,
mini. In' January, 1865, J. 0. ruosT
succeeded Mr. WELLs.'and at once f !itlfled
largely to the stock; he ° at the 'mine time
pnrchased the two buildings occupied by
J. O. FunsT & Soss, 1
and gradually increased his stock nil
.had one of the finest Surnitureempd
in the. State.: The - same 'year he i
small steam engine in the basement
Court. street store, and commence 4
manufacture 4 bedsteads mid- table;: in a
small way, for his own retail traria. - In
January. 1831, he admitted his twoisons.
EDWAqn and LESTER IL, as partners in
the concern. The new thin at once let to
work and erected a large brick. building
on Charles street, and fitted it' up with
mdeliinery for the 'manufacture of all
kinds of. furniture. They now employ
abOut sixty men; and it, is greatly to their
credit that notwithstanding the " ! tight
times," r they always pay off on the fist of
theinontlf., The concern consumes near
ly :,',.000,0(10-Ceet ,of lumber per annum,
and the manufactured goods find a inar
ietall through .Southern New York) and
PennsylVania. They ' make large ship
ments to l' i biladelphia, Scranton, Elton,
llarrisburg, Baltimore, etc. They Make
a specialty of extension tables and cottage
chatuber -sets. Their jobbing , ,eflule
amounts to nearly $1'.25.000 annually.i
In addition to their wholesale latsitiess.
they have a very large retail trade, Aviicli
is constantly increasing. as they are en
ableillo give their customers - better pri
There are several other ilxtensive Mall-
Ufa&OrlieS,Willeh are entitled to credit for
aiding in earning fur our town its preent
enviable reputation.
large plaiting• -mill and sash itud
door. factory_of
L. IL flonnEns,
was one of the first establishments of the
This establishment was started nearly
forty-five years ago by G. H. DHASE.,_
who continued to conduct the business
until IW, when it passed into the hands
of BitviT & STUI.F.N. After a year', or
two' kr. 8 . . became sole proprietOr.
Shortly afterward the establishment was
burned, when the enterprising proprietor
immediately commenced arrangements
for the erection of a building better snit
.ed to the wants and requirements of his
business. The building now occupied, is
1050 i, and three . stories high. Mr. !B.
occupies the whole of it, and has none to o
much room. He is a practical inechani
and : superintends the factory in pers4ii
which guarantees the best quality 14
After retiring from the firm of I3itv.t;4
Sirt / EN, Mr. llENitv ,STOLEN erects:
a lai+ge building on Pine street. where
has since carried on the same busineS
Mr. 'S. is quite an artist, and the superi:4
finish of his work makes his establisl
ment very is Tula r.
We also have the large and prosperol
foundry and machine shop of
employing a large number of nnT,
fine lind it necessary to continually
crease their facilities in order toke(
pace with the demands for their wo4.
AMong the more recent industries
Towanda, we opine that the
is soon to occupy a prominent ix)sitioil
The' establishment was organized tat
fall, „and commenced buSiness in a careft l i
way, but we learn that nearly three* hue
diva of their mills have been built, arti
thatithey find a ready sale among inte9
gent farmers. The company is compose
of C. M. M.vsvu.r.E., E. E. Burrisorol
and J. W. JoimgoN. The latter gentl
man, is the patentee. and it. was a forte ,
nate day for- him_when he succeeded
interesting ('apt. *S - vtLra: in his inveil
tion. His capital, and practical busineS
qualifications have ;11riatly made the no
candidate for publidjavor a success.
MONTANYES also continue •to carry o
the dry goods had crockery business a
the old stand, and do not seem to be at al
affected by their young competitors.
Although new-comers, having been amoni
us - mily 'a few months, have establishl'
a large and paying business. They keel
noneibut the best quality of goods, tun
their;store always seems neat and attract
In .ho clothing line. we have a titimbet
of ;first class houses. Among thine
is not the least if he is the last. Mr. B 1
has just established a store in the room
rkerktly occupied by Mrs. J. It ibtx,auti
is now displaying a stock of ready made
clothing. of the very best quality and thel
latest styles: There is always room fon
just *rich enterprising, intelligent merJ i
chants as Mr. Busu, whose excellent: so-.
of goods clearly indicate that he
"aadaditands ids budnesk." We venture
the prediction that ho will not only be.
come'a pehnenant resident but one of the
sterling business men of Towanda. 7 '
In addition to the establishment refer
red to above,
gas for several yearn taken the lead in the
clothing business, and "holds his own"
against all competitOrs. Ms establishment
is too well known to require more than a
mere mention.
The old-established house of
A. Sountos
hi 4 for more than a score of years been
tlaresOrt of close buyers of ready-made
. His large store is alwaysL sup
plied with a large stock..
DEcKEnlinos., . •
successors to Junius WOLFF, will not be
ifogtten .120,those in• search of stylish, as
!well as durable, goods. Both young men
have served a thorough apprenticeshiP at
the business, and what they, don't- imoiv
about buying and selling ready-made
- Clothing, is not worth knowing.
Mr. LEWIS and 11. JACOBS are both
well-known to ready-mule clothing buy
ers, and always command" a fair share of
Makes a specialty of gentlemens' furnish
ing goods,'but always keeps a large stock
Of clothing manufactured especially for
.1. L. 31c3LtuoN
keeps a full line, of ctidhs and trimmings,
and makes ;.tari . nents to order on the
shortest notice. Lie is an experienced
workman, and ,never fails to suit custom-
onicceeded A. Hart in the candy. and:confec-
Honery busihess, and in the few yearS he
has conducted the establishment has
earned for himself a most 'enviable repu
tation, as, a sagacious, honorablk useful,
Man. , His goods are always fresh and
new and command a 'ready sale. His ice
cream especially has a wide reputation._
and is pronounced by the' best judges
as plus ultra. It :Mulls us much pleas
urs' to call attention to his establishment.
s was
o be
Jrt rim-
taco years since
purchased the Book Store. and News
Boom of F. J. ('Aid ENS. "rhey I%e - re
both strangers but their cotirteous man
ners, intellig4,,.nre and :sterling busins
qualities soon won them not only a
'IRO of friends but a large class of
toMers. They keep everything in the
liiie cif hooks, stationery, wall paper, pic
tures and franO. and have the pleasant
est way iu the-world of waiting upon ens
tOmees. They are entitled to the'eoiiti
deuce and patronage of all who desire to
purelmse goods in-their line.
1.. K. 11Altuis,
next door to W. A. ('n.\Mntetu.tx, has a
large and elegant assortment of Millinery
and Fancy Goods, and. we are glad to
know is doing a successful business. I [is
customers are 'Mine - ions, and his Manner
of doing business seems to suit the people.
COuntry merchants will find it to their
interest tit call and examine his stock.
TIM c l roekery business as a distinct
tratle, was first engaged in by WiII:RAM .
& BLACK, and about a year since
' ut a
If the
4 the
0. A.
. .
purchased the interest of Mr. W, lie
ha:• . ; one of the largest and most cimven
iently arranged store in Northern Penn
kiyhfania. It was fitted up especially for
hisibusines, and is ornanicntal as well as
coayenient. Mr. IL keep&i the lar4st
and best assortment of crockery, cutlery
and plated be fimnd in any estab‘
lislitnent in the cenntry. .11e is also gen
eral agent for the Singer Sewing Machine
and diies something the insurance husi
ncsS. Ile is a capital business man, and
has the unliounded confidence of tlni-en
are: community. Ilis business is rapidly
1 1 ,w I years silty%
pnrehased the Old IlumminEy Boot and
Shoe Store; just north of .the Nathymil
Bank. 'llse establishment had limg been
eery popular, lint it ha. lost WM!' its
prertige tinder the immageinent of the
present iina. p6)prieters are both
well pia ted in 11w busino:s, keep a full
stm,k, sell cheap. and are strictly just and
'minor:dile withal. They arc. an 14411110 r to
our town. and a credit to the mercantile
For want of space we are compelled to
forego mentioning many other establish
ments. !nit will continue Our notices in
another issue.
S'cwiety held a special
mecjing in the Opera house, at Troy, 61
Montray. I'dareli 22, C01..1011s F. MEANS
in the:chair. Numennts donations
annOtincell. ,
• Ibm. llENnii W. Wt.l.l,lA.Ms, of Tioga
county, was honorary' member.
Hon. S. I). ILtItKNE;:sI. Hon. V.
W. T. DAviEs, , Esq., .T. MA
Esq., A. C. IFANN 'NO. Esq.,
Ann_ M SELL, G. B. DAvtosoN, IL F.
Itimt.NoTos and A. S. HooKEn, Were
elected members.
The Secretary read the ; following letter
tiorn our former president
TOWANDA, Pa., March 22. ISIS.
To the, Officers and Members-of the Brad
ford County Historir4tl —Gcii
tlewen thmen
As I am deprived of the-pleasure I bad
anticipated of meeting with you, which I
nnich regret, allow me to offer my assur
e ance of best wishes and friendship. The
appointment of a meeting of the. society
• in the western metropolis of the county,
• was a. happy theught. NMI we had prom
: iSed ourselves. the real pleasure of a
friendly interchange and renewal of pleas
' • ;nit associations and reeollectiOns of for
mer times. We now hope and trustlhat
the good men and true of Troy , -and the
western portion of the county, will. give
to the Society their names, : influence and
sympathy.!, and assist .those who have un
dertaken' to preserve treasures of local
history. The Society is yoUng but vigor
oils; its members are some of • bur most
'Worthy, and intelligent citizens. The
right hand of- fellowship . Is extended to
you, our western friendS, in a spirit of
Most sincere cordiality and fraternal af
A local history of our county is being
written under the fosterling care of this
society, which will tnmsmit to posterity
the history of pioneers and early settlers
who lived and toiled and died undervery
different circumstances from what, we
see to-day. And when a true history of
those early times shall' be written, your
oWn borough of "Troy and surrounding
country, whose heroes subdued the dark
forests and changed the wilderness to this
wealthy business centre, shalt occupy
some of its brightest pages. The work of
the Society will soon be handed over to
our children—to those who come after us.
While it is in our' hands, let us make
such a record that our sons will not blush
to read it. Let us not leave our work for
history, like tracks made in the sand, but
lilt& characters chiseled in granite or
marble, to endure for ages to come:
Trusting that this meeting may he pro
ductive of many and lasting benefits to
the kOciety, and of pleasure to its mem
bers, and that you limy Ike to enjoy
ninny social re-unions; and, that. we may
alt live to see a well-written local history
of our county; and that the Society may
be strengthened by the addition of Scores
of good members; 'and that it mat hdve
alimidant success in every laudable enter
prise;' and fully meet and secure the great
object of its organization. For the fur
therance of these objects,' you: have my
bestyishes and co-operation. -
I • I am, with respect,
Very truly your friend,
.To A. Ciesiam.
Tbe - committee to visit Wenn;t6ibrary,
by Mr. S. W. ALVORD presented their
report. On motion, the ,repcirts from
each of the above c,omTittees were ac
cepted, and the committees discharged.
R. A. MEncint, 5 W. ALVORD and
EDWARD lir.unicirx i
sq., were appointed
a committee to7lect a design for the seal
of the &clay.
• Rev. DAVID CRAFT, Chairman of the
Committee / ‘n the History of the County,
submittedan interesting verbal report :
Mr. S. S. HOOKER read an article on
the 41istory of Advertising." On motion,
the thanks of the Society were tendered
to Mr. lloonEn, for his interesting ad
dress. _ '
A. B..lloogyat, R. F; REOLKOTON, Hon.
.were appointed; a committee to assiit Mr.
CILVT in obtaining the history. of the .
western portion of the county. •
After Ternaries by W. H. CAnsocuAN,
Esq., Col. J. F. INIEANs and H. N. WIT,-
LtAms, Esq., the &kiety adjourned.
r! R. A. MERCUR, see'y.
CHAPLAIN WCAIIIE addressed a'crowded
audience at the . 3rethodist Church on
Monday evening Although laboring under
the disadvantages of a severe old, and
excessive fatigue, having spolOn four
times the previous day, he was liStened to
with the 'most intense and enthusiastic at
tention. The fact of having participated
in, and been witness to the horrors of that
shameful reproach to modern civilization,
Libby Prison, gave peculiar interest to
his narrative:
The fine art of the speaker was' evinced
in the power with which -his iniinical'de
i lineations of its "Bright Side," brought
:out every shadow of its darkest sUlfering
and privation.
1 -
the unutterable, pathos underlying the
: . !tietails of merriment, was freigheed and
'surcharged with the con age and heroism
of suchmartyrs- as only a grandLeause,
,lud lofty principle inspires, and th . hear
.e r while he laughed, went bae -, awe
struck, and reverent, into the presence of
'plieirivito could sun ile, while they gazed oVer
the barriers of suffering anti death, into
; the regions of n nation's coming deliver
There was an inspiration in the pictured
enduranee of the loyal prisoners of the .
South. that rose to a strange pitch. when
the speaker. as if borne up on the courage
of a kindred faith; proi_daimed that —their„;
hretheren lived Vi-day." It is ‘cell for
Our hurrying generation, that there are
men who are keeping fresh. the 'memory
Of its martyrs and its faith to-day. and
nobody does it better •than Chaplain 31%
The way, in which " Father Abraham's
gheptering arms of power were made visa
hle again—the swift survey of (Itta.NT's
career—the brief. but just allusiOns to
stern adherence to justice: and
the noble spirit that sustained his princi
in Libby Prison struck us as opportune
and eorrectily of the relaxing sophistries
tif the hour.
Over the amusements of the prisoners.
Pertaiated•with fun and replete with in
genuity, from the getting up of a conun
drum, to the construction of a '• shirt
tjag." one laughed until the tears came,
;Pl tutu unconsciously laid hold of the line
philosophic, thought that ran like frame-
Work through the whole structure of the
'Moral heri)isms that gave to these suffering
soldier prisoners their strength, and forti
tude for maluranee; at a crisis as vital.
aUil fruitful, as were the tefit horrors of a
pligan worhl to a Christian Church.
As the speaki;ic•totiched lightly upon
Bits of individual . history snatches of
6 - imance, flashes of thunder news from
V:irksburg and Getysburg, his own terri
ble illness, and recovery under the !Mrs
ing of a mere-boy, who stood out front
the canvass a‘ veritable boy hero, one felt
that he was retraciUg a pathway through
a: glorious past. Then came the return
home, and its many lined parallels of va
cant ranked returnings, that soldiers wives
and . niother's listened to, weeping.
!There are nice people who don't like
clweribg in a Om reit. or laughter fronting
a:pulpit. but they were not hurt in any
permanent degree or incurable place, Mon
day evening. We are inclined to thilik if
their mental digestion'is . healthY.that it
will be helped by the mirthful suggestive
ness of Chaplain MccAnE.
'l'refaciiig his lecture with the vibrating
" Amen Of DF.1,11)1: PIiAWTOICS
'` Lost Chord," and closing Wahl.he tildis-
Cljtlably sweet music "If Iwere a Voice,"
crowned with the final benediction Of the
Pm* ,Lt Mete Doxology, we think the large
loisemblv went out of the church with en
larged proportions and onTesponding
falth in principles that had sustained the
noblest spirits of their generation.
Ti : The time to elect our next County
Superintemleht is &timing nigh. and as
yen are the persons in whose power it is
to say whom we shall.have, do not pass it
by as of no importance, as I am •afraid
'Many of you may do. Try and inform
yourselves of the duties of the office;
what its needs are; and also what has
been done in past years; and then every
one turn out to the election. Po not suf
fer even one of your number to stay at
home;'_thereby allowing a few to have
their undisputed "say."
We need some one who will give his
whole mind and time to the work; some
one who will raise the standard of educa
tion in our county, and give it life and
vigor; some one that will carefully look
after the teachers,- encourage them, and
help them by showing 0101111°w to teach;
which might be done by visiting the
schools. and at the yearly 'lnstitutes. • -
We need some one that will work with
and'for the teachers l as a teaches should
for his scholars. Thefe are plenty of such
mot in the county; he sure and have one
of them for our next Superintendent. As
one of the teachers . of Bradford county, I
I feel that there is yet chance for great
improvement 'in the Superintendent's
work. And lam confident that I feel
just as a great many other teachers do.
Mime. March 2:1
PFinsotiL.--Idiss IT. Evx Tito
paying a visit to her many friends in this
McCABE • was present at the
M, E. Sociable at the church parlors
Tuesday evening last.
• C. I CowAN, the genial, good na
tured auctioneer, we regret to learn is
about to return to Elmira. Ile has Made
many- friends during his sojourn among
us; . .
notice Messrs. IEATJ, Conniso,
KEENEY and IstEn , Tos, of i.aFayette Col
le and .1.A.:11Ei4 R. MAcFinLANE, of
Princeton, at home.
. - - - i
—Miss NELLIE CoLLIM is spending a-I
shprt. vacatiqn,witli her'parents. :
BARTLE-7 & T.R.VrY have (Li:Joh : NI co
the iusurrinee busincSa
Mr. BARTZ:FITT Will continue Lusiuess. ,
FOYLE (k . 3lcPtiEnsoN, Attorneys, have
(*solved copartnership. • 31r."FO1LE will
soon cuter into business with H. W. PAT 7
nicEy ' ESQ.
. .
. .
sir Go to for China.
WOO to B
Si- Boys. linen cola ii at 31. E. liostzwir.LD's
Air New
Engrav I
Sir Milslc-B,es awl 31uslea1 Clocks, at: lltl;
PLEmAN.'s.. •
Q lizNpLp
virtaitatecl Wa
-Yew Tab e Damasks, Napkins ,and Towel
a EVA:4EI & 114tbarrit's:
' 'sip For the' hest Iloast nr Steak to
,to MYER*/
nirSDELL'S. ~ 1
i I
447 "i ' vw Etat rohlerter4 'White (' roods atorLacts
at Eviis & iil bt[ETWB.•
fray- opera. }4l,i, and Spy Giasse's In a great va:':
rlety,'nt I I iiENDELMAN*S.
Sr Now Dre;,sl
fr9....Nev . w (:Io
Oar 1 you Vai
at .1 t• xn's,
we -4i oto wit;
for 3fiiiir Books A
.IArYaB l'apq and Curtaßis, cheap .-ht 'Wm . !
com 4 fill -11" T.. Mereur Block.
~ • .
M . -For ki ids of goods I)o.lleJuNyelry fine
call At I. 111 .N DI liMAN'S.
ar3-I.Arg+stoCkot.l lOures ind Picture Fraines.4
at WHITCOMB ItCSIIACT . Ii, 31eicur Muck.
-6 •.• .
. .
/YR- Anwrlcan'ainlFrench Clneks In gnat vatic.
ty, at very low.prt i ces, at ' . LIESiDIMMAN.S.
. -olio. •
l - Manes. Tut! and Repaired. Orders may lit,
let tat It tilliVA D i rag Stare. (;Eti,ittiii il; Cot.E.
_ (rer New Prin(3 .tist or!iiP4i ai Tiedll. ii . ATH
. .....
31a 7 iett - I
t The TOMNi Wm County folly
erlhlng the new, 114 proved Stdl-1/titoptitgyidopkt
(.'otttity wilt bo sett to all aiiidleant,..
U. )1. AVitt.t.F.s.k. Sox., '
Yon SALE.--A ew Cow,, Itors - ,,, and kheep. on
farm. and drdnL , 11.11., and tads to Towanda
11nrouglo. - It. P.
1-tht". Towaltda.
Fon SALE prick Yard, t'tnitictly
00 . 10,1 'or tom., 31,03- to Ji ) s.
and •
Mrs. ark,
tog jig . ..tit for Ito. f.C f lll , 7eni fi oi r 111. and 11 ,. .111”.
to pr0,...x. intelltgetit "titttl,rollablc ror,tin. to art a 4
B, , ASIP.IIf Ite,l4ll!l!e , ' No. 70 51 . ..0111i
(Mire .110Y - 35'2. TOt'On.LI,
• 4
1 011
C - 1 to ‘49li Per DaY. 1 it
PVP7 ;1.6.17 "r,r1.14
& )13ine. Cjay,3:.-7VI.
Ar 4.• tit .171iiits
Jirst roveixeil theirs fin , / invoke of Spring 11n.:,.
thi - •
Rs Niverhuy a Stove , until con have
at •I 1 and .eti:uulu e d 11w New Empire. — :t
me whieh has lie• er lii-tppAtitell the trileteta
time; of the most fa , I.ll,u,ttolisewtfe.
.01! Wm ready to , erye the paid! e with the iarge,t
and Stovk of
SHOE , , TR( i iN TR.a.Ar:Li. NG .B.A.fig
AVer brought til Priel•S I.i Snit the tildes.
Call awl see u..
Ciii" , ( 't t-ral:T X lt: ns i ll I A NOTICr.—The 1144er:sign
e.I have . formed .lt,itartnership, with the firm
tuittn. of It. M. .1.: •t... for the sale of Farm
Mltelt'inery : :mil will
, earry on their linsine.l. , . with
their ellitat after Alitlfi lit . the Keystone Itfilliling,
oil lately oeruplirtl he 'f.c.o Il
oWEN. eXt south
°II the Nttlional Ilatilit • .
1 • I:. M. VE:.t.t:•
Nfan-11 i 75..
EXAM ENATroNs of Teachers rot thc.siliii
iner term of selitto4s l will be held as fol
Canton, Saturday, April 10.,
Troy, Tuesday.lApril 1:1.
Doty Hill, Thitrsday. April 1:i.
Towanda. Satutilay„ April 17.
Some, Thursda.. APril
SatUrday. April ..14. ••
Applicants . vill Please come provided
with pen. ink, load-pencil, toolscap. and
Sixth 'Header. .4atnination to' begin at
nine o'clock. a. IIT:
A 1 • KEF.NEY; Snpt.
Towanda, March 30, 11.1;5,
SHOOK, -•--.NEWMAN..,-- At the M. E.
Parsonage. Melioopvniy. Wyoming; Co..
Mareh nth. iltev. Win. ?help, Mr.
Christain Shook and Miss.:- Elizabeth
Newman. all nfi Mourne.- Wyoming ('u.
T o IV A r n'A 'M A4l K E,T
witorEstAi.E POCES. • •
Corrected every Wednesday, by C. B. PATCIf.,
subject to changes dally.
wheat. V hush I . €4l 20 gi; 1- 3o
lace. % buAi .
!lucky:twat, 1 3 1/11S11 ./
Cont. ? 11.1101' . .
I 13t... 1 4 1.11,411 ' 1 : GO
Beals,, V bush t ' 150 61, 200
Butter (rolls! 14 0) 2l (a: 22
do (dalry,) Vlb new , , 20
Eggs. V doz 24,
Potatoes. 7 14 bush. new
Flour. -e barrel
i - .. 1 7) f.O ... 00
WEittlITF BitAtNi—Wheat*oo tree t , Corn 30 lbs.:
Rye 50 lbs.; 1 lab 32 It.e ,, ir. Barley 40 Zs.: Buckwheat
5s tbs.• Beans 112 lb.: Bran 20 lbs.: Clover 00
Ite , .: ilmothy Seed 44 I tb..: Dried Peaches 33 Ibbs.:
thleirApples 22 Is.: Flax Seed 50 lbs. .
(41.70TAT1q n 0...F WHITErs and rOW-
South Third Street, Phtlatit4jihta, 31arch 29, 1875.
DID. Aslicp.
121't 1 121 , -:-.
117.), •114'„
1 ••
" •• • • Ilk'i - 1 1.`‘',i
121 P,, 121
'65..1. aud...l 119'i 119',
• •• •
t 120'1 ' 120 N.
120'i . 120':(
10-40. 44, 'OS,
111,40 m.. . 115 ~ 115',
" racllle frs, cy I ll9lf, 1119 1 i
New 9's, Reg. 18:41 J................. 115.-, :;.:115S
•• •• c. 18S1 1 115 4 ,1 115•%
Goldllo , i ' 116 7 t,
Silver "
107 ! 109, `
r. S. LCSL e I.
b. C. be/ n.:attql N
Pennsylvania.. 11 3 ,i ' WO,
Reading 17 . 57
Plilladelplila & Erie 'l, 19 1 , , Ifr,i
Lehigh Naylgatfon... l , 14)ti .101" : ,
—VBII,v. Ex. Div
ii:ni..: 62 'i
United' I:. tt. of N. J III) . 1:II
4)11 l'reek !law y',"
N,.rt ben Central TI - 33.4
l'ent nil Tmnsportaflop - 4-1 , ,,,: , 17,
NevueliDilliig ' ' - ' • li' , ' :11
C. St A. Mortgage C.s., NI - 101 . ,103!2
New 'A4vertisements
.. ..
r , 6 4 SALE ( Q ( .lt RENT.—A house
.1_ areLJot on Seeobel Street, Mtddle , Ward : de
sirable toilkflOn. Als,,i a large ,hvellin house to
rent to one Or more nilllineS, COllVellielltiV located
and well supplied with water. Inquire at thls ',Mee.
March 17,75. \ . i.
\ ' r
F O, il s \,., I, -F, . .-..
A very desdratdo lion. l.ot, Burn, &c.. for sate.
LOT 1..ku01; A NI) lirl , DINGS FIRST-CLASS.
Located ott'SoutltlN l l:tht'. treet, Touattda, Pa.
For further partleularF emu' •of the understfpled.
-- - :-1 . it xuv mmuirn,
nprl-75. . . .
. .
CA TT TI 0 N.—, Whereat in 3; wife.
Pranc,es Pore% has left my 44 , 1 and Waist
u It hout just eallSe or cfrovocatlon, this is to cantliin
and forbid all persons, trout harboring Xr fringing
her on toy account, as L will pay no tlehtswontraCt
ed by her after this da e. • . \
Towanda, March 23,11875-wV. •\
A . ~.„, :.
Of IL large uujt Splendid ...took of
.TORE No. n. NElt
150 Sets of
/101. h Light and 'kat . AV..). TOM Mid - Stage
iiTrtit:4l' 4 ISIntaNA T:lsli
• 1•
hunt Rubber, Leathe Gowned aid Solid :Sickle,
manufactured from nre ftiak Tanned Leather,
and by skilled werktnen, and win be war
ranted as represented or money refunded.
This is the largest and finest stock of the above .
named goods ever .011eped
.in this community. - All 1
in want of Harness slumid not !alto 'attend thissale..
V; W. RAA..vB.4i T. D. JELI.NO,
~ .. . All 4 i-. - - • ' Maws ./
.. , .
InCi's for Silver-Plated Goods.' .• I
ted town orders for sale at till
3 received diqy at HENDLEMAii'O
offers a great reduction hr
, .
- ;(.415, and Trimmings* at
E.v.t Ns & 1 t1LD 6 1.711.8. 1 I
3 lind eamlinerm, at
the best Conk Stove extant, can
;rear's block
CC Nlll & Stiwur's,3terciirs
X Stationeiy.
- r
111.0(1:, P.lltli ST
NliA,. PA.. .
rour.s. vonsisting of .
Powell k
pow ELL CO:.
Have just reeelveo ttuAr
800T5 . ,4.ND 'SHOES
Having 4 - fien partleulaeattcutlon to this;
department of our business.. •
- •
haviro , a
• •
I •
MAN AT THE it A 1) or
~ .
I ' '
, .
i ..
IVe. tees cohtlailit that iI.I
. .
. .
II .;
, Call !,e exlllbeted 10 anyottarket
1 . 1
, • ,• •
. . , ,
__ ,... ri RTICUL.),It ."I"I'I.:.S.TION
to iii ~tw :.•f'
314 , h, es pr..,My for our 'air: , ajol jn.f. ulM'ii
to uur::-..uperiorsfurk
rmi/idell{lr/ jN -alhvl
April 1.'7
Evans : Ilildrett.
pring 1 )375..
E yEINS 11-1.1), Tll
ItoUe ever one slht, !way 1:•:purtli;
lau.l (al
Tt call and eaan;Uut
. ,
SislN.Ak AND 61:31 . 311 . !:B. coons,
ktcli thvy a HOW
OPRNING F'OR'D -skrriox
H.SCrt .kkanitleit , will' all that k
%., t‘t II a
. 1 ;
i .
; \ .
t ' ~
S - .1. A,P L E -(3 0 0 IS -
, _ . , . h : 1
~,.\, . ! . .
. .
\ . •
,'.. ,
WU WI! {VILA. RIX W. 1.) AT liFillt)F.t)
• 1 15A.1:4.:A. '.:::::, LIY 1
. ' 1
, ~ .
1 1 . : ‘-\... ' . :
Bridge Street.
I t
i I
10111,. 1,73.:
• .
{i ik . 4 11 E II:F S' ;4.1 1,E.-L:By
1 3. OILi of tho ,'rourt. of C1.111111i)11
44 ltr o lt ,, r t cottoty. awl: to tie itirertet4l
,I;;.the I;releim.q.
w y, A prif 121. 157:4 at 1 ,murk r. '
t h.• prop rty.touch:
ee •lio colotithia totra , l4.
lior!ltfLy 111'11/. ea c t
i 111. 1., e.t F:,:a ...nth I.y Wirt of Sanity! '
1.13.•1 1 1in: by 1'MA...4 Nelltan l'alturr at 11
-113113.31; -If) ;Len,
or 1...•••••• ;it pont Ito aerrs iti.provell; with N.
11,e1 ,,, 5,' fr,ttie,l barites will. slo..ts ay-
It, L 3 l, one harit an.i orchard of fritit In 's
3101 taicett :Into exeeottim alt e
wit of 'Potorroy pro.. J. N. Vativalicoar. •
J. M. '
•' I.llteritY.
itEy Ina
_P AIL • • T 4 Xlit:
, , . .• '
1 I ,•,• . ,',
Toe rei i•e•li ,Statut4 of the United State!, Sey' ,
Iti , •:o :: - ..5., - 2. :r.:37.; :r.!:ei. aipl .122 i; require every VTto
k. - eg ,,: ze ri in any intsliteryt, avocation, or entployinqtt
l e - hi..h renden. , him liable to a 511 I .'
•irECI sir, T X.N. 'TO
I i
1 .: 1 • coNsmprorsty IN - '
, . .
, 111. i. - ESTAI3I,ISII3IENT • O}
, • ..-,;
, . PLACE Or BUSINESS. . , 1
" ~
it :-T.'iMP denoting thii paymont of said SPr.CIAL
,r AN. for the Speenil Tax year beginning ltayo,
/ , ';'s, before .corontenelng or continuing blaillq s3
1 . after April no. Rs'is. R .
~ . , • I/U F O O T L ETri tc ArT o TI . E .
Iteetitiel, ,_ _ 1 _
... 1
- , . -4 Wo
venters, rend! ti inon : - _ „.. -..... ~,.,, 00
Dellers. wholesale ligncir --- _ •_, : mi 00
Draters In malt.ll4 - mors.i . w hole ,:• ol ,,, - FA 00
lu.alers In malt liquor
,i i . retnii
___ - ..., iii 00,
I)ealers In leaf tona ,
~,,,i _ • - • - - " 00
lletall dealers In le At -11,1,,i,,,,,, 0 .. -'- . 00
''' ' ‘ nd On sales nit ,iv O• 01.000, fifty cents for •
. .every doll
„•...,1 In'escess . df 11.000.
)..alers in ni '-' . ..actneed tobacco '- - s$ 0
~.., . 4 4, 111 , 4
_. ..- - .... - 000
And for c -"' '
.4...,1h 'Atli! manlifactured - - 7 4 "00
, ‘nd for
•- , , .e.14c,.i. worm thanufacturcd- s , 29 00
76111 ; 1 1 ,3 ' , ,,,mt ers of fat4eo - •••
..- •I- I 0 00
Mal l"! .14 .. ..11 re r , of clgal •--- --- - - 1, - • 10'00
.A.r.„, of tnlmeen, first class (more than . 1 •
. - tun In.rses•e-oehil6, annuals) •-: - 5 00 ,
P , ~!.
rollers of, tonacro, secoeff riass•rtwo (tones i
or otheeanimats) 14 00
i•Peilillers of totrarro, tlilril classV ( one borFe or i
”ther•animal) -:.•I •- - - - .1$•00
l`rddlers of tobacco, foitrth class (on foot or
• ' Public convertnee);: - -- ,- - 10 00
ittreWers of less than 509 barrels . r - - 0 °
;Brewers of 590 barrels Or more ' ••-1 - -. lOd 00
_163 - serson, so liablii. who shall ](ilm to co Iv
Iwlth.the foregoing refitilremetits . 1411 be stioJec to
s•eeere penalties. '' '•;.- • ' r
persons or firms flaldo;tata pay anyy of the Spe la!
T.ixes named above, must apply 0 GEO. DMA
MONTANYE, "Collect& of Internal Itevettuel at
Towanda. I'eltpa., and', pay .for anid procure he
Speelal-Tax Stamp for 'Stamps they—peed, prlo4 to
:tray 1, 1t,7,5. and WITIVI7T 'FITT:THE NOV. R.
.4. J.W. DOUGLASS. -
Cornini.odialer of Internal Rerentt .
W . Vil(I NGTC. , N, U. C4 : YeltruarY 1 0 8 7 5 .
rt. 'Sire* Roekwell anti N. S.
timid:. No. .1;4. Felt, T. 31974. :Ireton Rockwell `ts.
Niram 114.d:well and Win. Geiger, No. 860, Feb.' T., 1 - •
liprkwell vt4 Niram Rockwell, No. thil.
Feb. T. 1874., In the Court oftConimon PleaA of
pradford l'ounty.
The' inoterslgnell. an Auditor- appotntett by wilt
Cottrl'ott distribute nontity In itilierltN handy, ailx
ing from sate of real 4tato Of
will attend to the, tiuties . Fof his argtointtnent at the
one," of I lidos • Rockwell;; lit Troy llonough, .•i
APIIII, 1 1875 at 10 o'cloFic- ;
ichere• all persons', haying riXlms npori &AK '
must pre:sent theni; or be debarred front co pt- •
ing In ujKnt UV,
,m arc h .2 . 1 g•T 7,, . .. I ';. lN 7 1.‘ A .A u l ( 1 1 X 1
A tie
matter of the estate of Wm. Johnson, deeN,
Tlut undersigned haying Nivel appointed auditor •
by the orphans' t'ourt or Bradford county, to dlg.
t ethnic fonds belonging to said' eidate In the hands
if tltt admlnistrators,• mill attend. to his ditties s; '
- the oflice Prit , l & Ballet , . In the borough of To
wanda, Mit, MON DAYa. ..arttlLT 19th, 1875. 201'
o'idtick P. Id., at which Bole awl place all persoin
having chtlms against trail) fund are required to plo- •
scut the saute: or be fOrexer debarred from eamihg'
Injupon said fund, IfESRY PEET.
Marton -
;• it UDITOII.7S: NOTICF,,— In tae
in„,t,...r 4.i the estateC. ;1-. Bt•ote in tke - Or- 1
phatt's Court of . Bradforet.'ounty. ' •
The under.igued, an auditor , appointed by the
court-todistriburo futl.;tdrt the bandit of $14.11111114i.
H Zr.iter Itt said estate wilNsttentl;to the dutl6l of his '
*, apty , lnlinent hi. otnee,ln Troy borough,ift, On
BSDAY. the 11th day of April, 1875; at 10 et'clot*
a.m., at, wide!' thne and place all persons having
H•laints upon said fonds Must present them or 110 ,
forever tlebarrtul (rent et.ijihig , hi upon the game,
• 't; iEt rifILSON. .
March " ; • ..kutlitor.
!•; hereby' gliitri that-ail iierainis
tlettted to the estate of •tlodah Nnrse, late of Tusco.
rota, Oct', nutct make litirnediate payment, until
lt'per_,nshavtpg claims egaintt said estate i muit
:I, , rewnt them tittly nuthentlentettta: vAtlement.,
I, O. W. !a'r E7ENS, •
• ei,
• I MMlSAStrithttr .
tiettce Is hereby given thatall pratfall Welk
eat: to the estate. Of dullas'iWelf, late et Trivrati4a
derelict]. are reqtiested - fo make Inunedlate par.
Men; 'and all persons t.,*rtng claims 'again,' mild
eetatemiist presentAberatuvusbentioated: toroth.
meat,. • •a :
I • \
'l'tby3or k Co. ;
• 3 ;
• 1!
J 1.! 0 E N . " .E
4 -
• - •
• ; I •
;;1 ;of ;;
; ; I
I •
for the. .
- -
SP 1: ( Tlt A k F e .
.~ ~
": ' •
II .1 1)1 C _CV 6:-
*ill of dn.
4 •
p, ea l,
314 1, 1+;7,5;t10 Aprii 1-.576
. .
, I
1- ~ .
I '