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' . .
''' ' ilEWS 11101{ ALL WAT/OBIL ; 1 M om - r at e d
1 ' Otter*
—Gold cloSed in New: York Yes- i titi..o.o-11111141 .
terday,aol.4. ' • : li i . . ~,
~ _4l : onroe county, Ohio, has a .i 2 5 ,, 1 ; E. 4). tom ; Bicne .16. R. " . "D.
isninit girl. who is still growing. 1 i I , i„ ___ . ,
T - --,The biennial spring election in 1 r ircrwaida, Pa., Thmeay, April 1„1875,
Michigan kill be held on April 5.
--The petnocratic California State
Convention has been called for June tr.
•- 1 i : The reader will :excuse us for in-
Beading has eleven base ',ball I . - . I .
!• • ! dulgingtn just a little self-gratulation
dubs. More's the pity. i. ' '
• • this week, in presenting them . with
----a.' Coat famine threatens various i :„.,; ntpo ,
lass in an entire new dress,
places in this ; 7 1A - other States. • I t"' `,
' and we - trust the neat, tidy appear
-There are ;M m
O more Mom , '
. , Mice of the paper will compensate in
than men •in the District of Columbia. •' •
' I Some degree for the very shabby look
—The.Wooster (Ohio) Thilver,sit ' ,37 ' k has had some of the time during
has 22a-students. exclusive of the ineditl ; ,
department. - . the past winter. No one except a
• ! . :
! ;'printer can understand how poor
—Youtyrstoivn.: Ohio, is to have
two !miles of street railroad. Work is ; type and bad rollers cause such an
:soon - to Isl.tin On it. - ; .i , -
- • ! noyanee to both publisher ,and read
, .
1 —Aboid -$ . 11,060 has been sub-sub-lr. We hope hereafter to give entire
scribed towards building a tMtv Methodist
, ! 'satisfaction in regard to the mechan
chary], at Cadiz- Nilo. t
i • • -: : ' ical appearance of the REPORTER at
The Kansas Legislature pro7i least, and we shall aim to make it an
.'poses tt) distribute WOW among: the 1 • . •
destitute in its border counties. • acceptable family visitor.
.._, * , 1 , For our political course we have
• • ---....yina1l pox has broken out in the 1'
Eleventh and ' Twelfth wards of Phila• i no make, to apology
and shall k.: - Con-'
, delphia. ''' ' ' i'tinue 'as heretofore to advocate - the ,
_.- . • ;-, ~ , .
—Philadel dila hi
teves '
I amuse I, great principles of the Republican
thetuselve:by forcing and robbingstreet 1 !Nits - believing, them to be in accord
, .
letter-boxes. '
! , with , the spirit and genius of `our
I -:; —Charles R. Cutler is the Demo- * institntions, and calculated to work
clinic nominee for Governor in Corniced. i th . ;
e "greatest good to the greatest
-1 --.
- , - (number." -' - •
l'—The ':State Senate of Virginia (,
- - ' lied George W. Ginham. of cadet- i -
ship-sale notoriety.
. .
-The Prohibition State - ticket; 1 The Louisiana investigation has
nondnated in Michigan in - January. for the 11bet_:n. the Occasion of mtich difference.
spring election. has been withdrawn.•
- , -. ~ t- i f oliinion amongst Republieans,,the
—The United States pays twice
•zeiti l
enient of which has been -too
N itwit in pension, as ally other natiim in '
•Ithe world. - -i•: ' long 'deferred for the good of the
~ 4 -.. ,;• . ;country or the peace of that. distract
-hi:Ake Oluo :senate 'the npuse i [ i _ •
bill to provide fdr compulsory education i ed State. But however much divisiop
Tins been defeated by nisi votes.
• l i of sentiment there may have been as
. _
. '
=The net clout of as i i ",,. NI . if ., ito which party
, Was rightfully-and
is :$275:5:10., and the valoation ti... 1.470.418. ',legally entitled to govern the State,.
an increase'of ti4A-I IS in the last multi, ~
eipal year. - .it has always beed - ti matter of regret
„ :111(1. surprise-that there should have
. „ ,
George r.. Gay. of :Viborg. me• • ;'. .... • •
-” peen any disposition to find fault ;
i, raising i.4•25 . .ti0n by *lb shares to found , .
:the Ebenezer Knowlton - professorship in :with the President and his- adviseri
Bates College.,
' as -to the course they adopted. Sworn
- ,
~ •The Boston Tra wile?. nominates !to see the laws respected and obeyed,
Loverett Saltonstal as the Demoeratie
the President would have been false
candidate t:/o- governor of MassachnsettS •
next year, 11 :to his oath and regardless .of the
best interests of the country, had he
—The 'i,t,-inoati Go:cti; , Pi's inu- •
mime.; that many pl . the Democratic incin- hesitated fora moment to use all the
l ''''' "Ithy Indiana_ l '"l•f i ' lature h i a d -a 1 1poW•ers of -the Government to pre
•-ta4ing— way. • .
• • i • ' serve order and put down. insurrec
-11i-ere are tint r teen b0y.5 4. 11 , 1 i the it ion; When constitutionally • called
''texas. penitentiary, there being no house . ,
•of i,orrertion or other reformattn, - inlstitu- Mpon by the proper authorities. , , .
tioti in the date. • . 1": rong,ress has. acted in a timid and
: •
' The Nia York "canal lin.,-1,- " s Hvascillating manner ill dealing
s with
_ i.: ,
1" he investigated. IT a eothlnissiol; aP- - the Louisiana: - question, and if the
, pointed by' the Governor:ma Legislature . ,•,. •i,
of that State. • rresn ent. had. 1 teen equally irresolute
. ~,,,, .. • . and cowardly, that unfortunate State
—The ('artists •have - again
- _ been,:
whipped.aecording to the cable dispatches. • w ou ld have. been del u ged with blood,
But they don't stay whipped. , And that's and .the Confederates, in the guise of
what bothers Alfonso. f - •
IV:lute Leaguers, usurped the - State
; . .
- —Twenty-six freifrlit train , : were "Government and tyrannized over the
sent . east over I,lle Erie's newly built i loyal Do - Du l a tti m ;• But fortunately,
' iiriile. near POrt Jervis, on Sunday morn-,0 , :, • ' • -
in.ghist. ,- • :-, the President was equal to the emer
., • .
—Mr. William Walter maiips has ;• ,••eiley,
, and hr his promptness and
,one tie Me X icA s. Mr. l'ltarles Notqlhitti; the i decision has battled the schemes of
washington vorrevontlent of the ...New the traitors and restored peace to the
Ykk 41( raid, being his companion. • i :
i Commollwealtit. :••
While the nation has stood by the
President, and admired the .linuness
and Wisdom with which he has treat
ed - the question. Congress has been
slow to take such action as the emer
gency ,llemanited. The Senate, how-1
ever. Ins at length done justice to 1
the President, by the adoption of the
'following resolution :
1 R.,,,,tri4. That the action of the Pre,hient iu 1
protecting the Got eminent in Lonkianit, of which,
W. P. Kellogg; Is the Executive, and the people of
`hat State again -t donte , tic violence. awl enforrhig
• has beMi
- ii iMamitii.s at the Nutch M I the White I
Nlmmtaimc N IL, in 1
,vlt4t known as
the •Trail I ken'te-in
the revivalist. is said by
a London writer tit.have shrewdness and:;
iireSence • very familiar style, •
Mid a 141' 0, 1 d ea liifiYankee
. ,
. .
—h i Loiv4.ll J
(91 Titesday 'Oliarles
,I. Low shut his wife-fatally in the head,and
then killeelliimself. his wife - bail reftts- •
eft to !ivy with him, and Os a domestic ::
in a INllltingr,-Inn..e. - .:.;---• ..
! . • ---..„ :
,•, . .
—lln Oc. ISth of last ugust a
i•oting niatifleclined to pay a li l / 4 :ery stable
• Lin o r ~3c-,. at Providence, It. If, because. 1
as be alleged. it ma.: etiorbitatit, and he
. 1
has I wen in i ,jail . ever since.
=The Nor York Sib/ 1 . opposes
Bev. Mr. -Vntley, the English revivalist.
Mit is unit Stimige. however. Patin likes
• ' tin Ime but . himself. and he has even, hee.n
_ known to with his shadow. •
- 7 2 1.11(. York Sunday Iferahrs7;
last N4; . bet , -!
ter babeati(m coulti be hives, that busi
ness is reviviiiir. :1(1"N-erasing patron- 1
age , wa , .trcthing intipense.
—I ;i)vernor Ileveritlfre. of Illinois.'
itn the 24th inst.. approved tlif bill ap-
Nr upriat nig i:.8011,000 for the eomplet ~r
the new State Capitol at Springfield. It
will lw in IsTri:
—Prolessor F, r V. Hayden. the
well-known geologist and exploorer of the
Western crilclerness,•has recently Written
a letter in which loesnyS: " I do not be
lieve then• is any gold in the Black Hills.
think it all.: speculation."
—ln.the suit for-525.000 damages
brought by Mrs. Margaret Grace. Atlniin
14i-tat-ix 4 Grace (deceased), against the
Memphis inni Louisville Railroad ('tint-
I• pally. the juro; returned a verdict of 0,-
i OW agoittst the AkeelFlantS. • '
---,At ilarriSon. 'Ky.. a . few days_
ago lialitning- struck the residence of a
f tinily cinn.i.tirig of eight members. with
the, singular effect. a..a local paper says.
of, causing theft all to become, crazy." in
which contlithlw they have since tem - villa
. i ' ! ,i •
' —Anderson Shelton. a young in4ll ; PRACTICAL RESULT OF THE CIVIL
about It 4 years old. living with his brother- L TI f ollowing
lit HITS 31V.— te extra Mr: George AV. Slaughter, near , , 1. ,
C 9 ld , Watfer. Ky.. committed suicide last _pri inary announcement is from the,
week by shooting himself' through the 'Bradford argue. of the 25tIt' ult.:
bead. . D i s appointed love was the cane. ' • '
1-. - t , 1 i" lion. L . Terry, with a family of colored
---Xice-President Wilson has en-' individuals, who he engaged in Harris
. gaged pa.sage on a European steamship. him; to work on his farm, liasscd through
. and will i .tart for a three months Towanda last Saturday evening, on their
tour in' Ehrope . next - month. Ile genes *ay to Terrytown." - •
iin seareh :4 health, so that. he may be 1 What is still more wonderful, the
'able _to complete lds book on," The Rise -, •
1 '
am Fall of the Slave Power in America. - ~47'•i/ its has not a word of remonstrance .
- ~ nOr rebuke for the importation of
11' l,-- Last week a !rentleman . tin Mil- .
['i • berry Tenu_ hada IlOek o f e i g h teen s h ee p " individuals' of the colored j)erstta- i
• killed in one night by do‘vs. Another
. skin." --, lint the- most extraordinary
, en lei wlio had purernieil• and he- ..1 ,
ii i ported eight line sheep for breeding pur- part of this affair, was Major TERRY'S ;
-- t . .- . 1b4v4 , lost .o'en of-tbein in one 'night by 'eliftireement'of the provisions of the
worthle.s e m.. 7,
. . : Civil Bights Law. The "family of
- ,
colored individuals" - were taken to
:We Means - House and seated at the
Supper table, to the great disgust of
the proprietor thereof, whose regard
for -colored individtuds" is a matter
. .
—Loth in Philadelphia .and New i 61';: public notoriety. We congratu-
York the friends of the late John - Mitchel . late the Major upon his graceful com-
have coruAnded -to abandon the public ; . ;
Wince witiltthe laws of the land, and i'
procession in honor of the mennny of the • • l'
Irish. patriot. : The - money • thus. sayed 'trust it will not bring him into dis
with intuit 'impiety.
be del'oted credit with his Democratic friends. i
to the relief' of:Ilic 'want. of Mr. Mitchel's , i ,
i'igc.kl widow. ! '
~ , • , _ _. _ _______ ._. _ .
• ' .
—A kit 'of, loafers were !riving a
ilneyrus. (Ohio) ix - trty a clntrivari..
the other evening.. when the ,britlegmorn
appeared among them and tired the con
tents of a revolver in their midst. All of,'
them left but one. who had lunch lead in
him that he couldn't. -
1 - .
, -
1 llr. JohnW. Ball, who lives on ; -fiox. JOHN H ICKMAN, at one time
. ,
Lit* Creek. Tenn.. while an ill mak- 1 One of the most prominent men in
.i!tg preplariati.nis tO`,.inove to Kansas, laid I 4 . 2
i I : .ta l e, I ' tlit.4l at his residence ht
1-1 ,, ei , tf,l 'on a - bo.v. His little child, a i _.` / 1 , 6 .-' 1 " .
in o f alwillt lice -•-;if - -.4,r - -,,z... t.wk it off l'West Chester last week. Altliptigh
• thP I..tx.ran4l. - while working, with it, it
:1 t.letnoerat. lw refused to submit to
wont ,rn. the hall penetrting ! the, brain:, ' ;
:foil c.ithit.i. , in.- tat,l de.itti. i . the? chive power in regaril to_ KanSas
. '
' -,..,• ,i:. '
11 - . i;; 1 ilnus) Nebraskit aifaii;', in !Ss`'4, and
k, ,'.. t ., i I, A ' A/Pi re'ii . •lidal , oll ts.tike the' fittl . . r . voted to elect Gen. :.11.mms
1 711111.11 iiili, W:Li tipped from a load of hay "• ,;
onto a stump,- hurting ,his head so be t `p-lik er of the house. He united
conld- nut 'talk. Yeats after, when his 1. with the 'Republican party at its or-,
. gkull gas repaired and the brain relieved i z'au' ization,ltd was always 'looked
f EOM thn pressure,he finished the fiptieth r.
, ' he was tittering 'ivben be fell, i li UFO= as an ISOfiest;inco' rrnptibleinin.
that 311,...
the law + 14 Ow IThitt.ti States, is apprtryrd.
The resolution was adoptefl on the
2321 lilt., by a vote of - 33 ' yeas to 24
nays.* the Republicans voting for it,
- of Boom of Cal
Wit lie exception ‘,._
not remain Idle vlille our CIIVIllie . ; Shah have bound t '
ifornia..and the- Donocrats_opposing I 'is hand and t ,;i : what w e a At'ind a a we,. ! aSsnmption that a Third 14-m 88-1
it. ~-,. . - . - 1:. that your representatives art trill us and not ' ~.1 ii, i,, l ' , r .1 •i 1 a us, that when the Mule routes they favor, ( LOC A aratota s no.N. trom'anicit , aowea
1 tubes old friends and not your and our anelenJere
all the mistbrtunes that (Tondo . ' so
' The good .etfeets Of the I
fiat' course, of which this is a too' - •Wie presume Mr. CARNOCIIAN does ' thickly upon us. We venture l l to sitv
- ~ i
tong-delayol endorsement. -may bw not intend to insinuate that Mr. Mos. , that the question of a Third Term
, ~.
seen in the quiet and order which I.cate intentionally votedjn the inter- ! WO- ao more to do with the tentpora-
Stfeceeded klen.SitEatnAN's advent-- i est of HERDIC, but sucii'a conclusion , ry reverses of the Republican party
411 d in the ,
probability of an amicable i may be dra'n - n from his article. Mr. ! than did the transit or venusj or if
adjustment Of all the diftiettlties.and 40SCRIP opposed the Senate bill be-; it 'hall any disastrous effeet. it was
questions that 'have caused so much ' cause he, believed if adopted it would ; !)(3'altst, Of the weakness and ;cowar
.disturbanee in : Lonisiana. , 'By the L resnit in a division of this county: .dice of Republicans in not standing
I prompt and : energetic action..of the There appears to be.a wide difference :stpetrely and boldly np by the Na-
President, revolution and bloodshed in his understualing of the question'; tiOnal AdMinistration'and it; policy:.'
'ha re been: prevented, and the plans anti. the explanation of Mi. When a party:- becomes so weakened
CAttXO- 1
i of• the rebels frustrated—plans which caw, We accord them both. j u te g ._! and dcmoralized as to b 4 frightened
*ere doubtless intended. to inaugur- ;ray of purpose, and 'shall prese 'h t ,, from its endorSement Of whaOs just
1 proper, because of the elainor of
ate arnachy and rebellion upon the' I our readers With_ the otifcial account ! arif
oil 1 ' i its enemies, it cannot expect anything
soil of : : „Louishina, and to light up the i of the proceedings of the Legislature
e i t ,„„ but defeat.' The Republican party
tires of secession ' throughout the :if the LegieNtireßceoi•d ever re a' . ,
b e lithe to. J o ,* exhibited its we:tlowss When it - allow-
Confederacy. That the cottutrY has ! us; when 016'8-will
i• .i ed its opponent,s to raise the qm•stion
escalad this great peril, is due to the who of our epresrentatives acted
•! • .
wisdom of the f
President, :coupled I wisely in the matter. ' iof a Third Term--and it did an in-
With an inflexible determination [
i ermination .to ; We certainly desire to (IC) ull kis-decent thing When it proceeded in its
conventions to pass reSolutioas upon
see the laws faithfully executed, ! lice tothe Member; f'roni,this county.
- ..
- I . the subject. That there was no pop
'. Messrs'. ROCKWELL and . TRACY un
ular feeling against it, was Alcorn by
doubtedly occupied a perplexing pO-'
the result of the ilectiOns, and to-day
sition. It was no mOre than reason
to there has not:bolt an i - expression in
bee that thev.should be. anxious
reference to it Which May serve as a
secure the passage,of a New County
Bill that would defeat the Schemes of ;guide in the future.
HERDIC, and at the same time be liter- ; It `is .: too early - yet to say- who
shoold_be the , candidate of the Re
al enough to allow theformation of :,
a new county at some future time, Hdubliean party for the Presidency. in
n-hose county seat should he at . Troy. 1878., Alen. GRANT lias twice .led
We have no criticism to make as to that party to victory; hawing been
either, being willing, as at preSent called upon. by the peOple to be its
advised, to concede to each the desire standard-bearer. Is it: too much to
to faithfully represent the, interests say that 'a combination of ciretun
and_.,., wishes of their constituents. 1 stances might arise 'f;,whieh . would
point him out , as clearly as the best
11 - e have copied the concluding
part of Mr. CARNOCIIAN'S, article that and ,most available candidate for
ourreaders may know the perplexi_ 1874;; as in 1868 andltri2.? Where,. 4 ' LICENSi.S ,MANTI.D.
which- surround this questiOn, then, -is the wisdom of following a The Jefferson Medical College, of this oily, tee
tieseently graduated t?o, M. D,'s, to bleed and Idlide'r,
and as an index to the feeling of the cue giN'en 1)5 those who' hate and fear t_physic and powder the people 9 r 174) different* 10,
, . •
Troy people. They are harassed, him above all living men, antLorhose eanties or our routtry. I looied In upon these
1 • ' young gentleman as they were ecelvintheft •
year after year, by the persistent ef. greatest apprehension is, that liemav • g l ust
'. - eat-right to the degree of IL D., and If I had been
forts of the pestilent IlErtruelto pass possibly be at the helm of govent- 'a grave-dlgger or Midertalc6r. I confess I should
a bill in such shape as will make a meat, for another fourYear,i? The have felt happy ill the promising pro pest of an
noisiest claraorers aoninst a Tl I touocaute Improveinent lit business.
i'lle-W county and allow' hum to have ,
~ . r ,.
~ • nn. The. same day the 23.1 Atinupl Commeneeme;tt
of the Wornetes Meilieal College, took place, and
Term are the bitterest enemies of the
:tcomplett control, with full power to
st rei sL ere . t i •o t t . it c e , r o r , LA .r up 3 i t ni the T fol n lsl i n q g t ra „ il l u ;
Republican party, and the weak
locate a counts seat,, erect buildings, ;
kneed and timorous in our: own or.
i• Sze. This is particularly distastefidClara Marshall and Emma K. Ogden, of Peuin t yl•
rto Troy, which place naturally and!,ganization‘ who are 2 alarinetVat . the 1 v - ania; Chari°tte r ttehead l it°BB ' Ce°ll" A '
Stevens and Jenny K r Govanlock Trout, of Canada;
reasonably should be the county seat, i specter thus raised, should quiet their 1
Lll2/0 W. Needhan(and Ertidna it, Pollard, of
1 Mary A. D. .tones anti Emily A. Tefft of New York:
. . .
in the event of the erection of a nap
ew : prehenSion and rest their souls in k A
. I Rhode Island: Ilarri. Bottsford and Aemiudd
county from parts of Bradford .and r peace.. If the country : wants Gen. s 8-.seott; N. m., of - bAya; Essimy s. sty36e, o f tie-
Tiogp. At the same time, we are'! tituNT fur President ',for a Third • ''"sk' Mary "i'vPar
I , tl Danforth., of. New natal , '
shire, and Imellla U. Orem of kew Jersey.
1)01110 to accept Mr. (Vs stateut./ Tenn, it, will be bet luSe there is a ' As I . loOked upon the retinae 'AI. PA. 1 thotilit
that ".co far as our people (the 1, , !4) ~ . L . .r.cucra I ii,,;14 , f that hc . call be 74 hold h i '''' , l " rdanHat" for awl dill' felhiu ; glib the mea•
arc coat nett, we believe they are the - yelaions elements Of ill.. scow, I r.„h, .ftn"c",f,:;:tlTi. l ::: e rb r .:::::;f',l7:7l ) ,:,:','„?',;T, e ,:
satisfied with : the county as it stands,: in subjection, and that - So long-as he i abut" k P r aetk e n4lne• ' 1
1 '
provided there was any guarantee i shall be at the front the `standard . Of; ror i a the 2re p ri ra ln ye ffi r V i rro ree m l i e d il i 'le
I tZ l i the-nec i n4
that it should so remain." - ' i secession will not again: he raised. Irl So pestilence Mod Lord deliver us," an as ge , w r il li en th e e
, .
Thisrattempt of HERDIC to mtke the people call him again to the r unentswer " u " the " v i ) " n P 4ul3/ ' D 4,.. 14
, : , J. IV: ar.
! , J.
.• , ,
Contrary to •our expectations, the
New County .I3ill failed to beenme . a
law.: The Legislature which his just
adjourned, seemed to be so entirely
subject to the manipulations' of Hrt-
Die.; that we bad little hope that any
proposition he might submit would
not be adopted. We have - waited in
vain for the official proCeedingS, that
we might give our readers an accurate
account of what transpired in regard
to the bill; but it will probably be
some days before the Recb?;d of the
desired date reaches
We find in: the Troy (Millie an
article upon the subject, written by
our friend C AIINOCIIAN, who was up
on the gtonnd,and apparently speaks
by the : We presume that the
'provisions of • the different plans are
correctly stated, but it should be • re
membered that thiwriter is speaking
in the interest - Of Troy, as affected
by the proposed county seat at Min
It seems that the -"
Act for the es
tablishment of New Counties, in this
Commonwealth," aftei having been
passed in , the lower house, and
amended and passed by the • Senate,
was referred to a conference commit
tee upon the refusal of the House to
concur in the Senate amendments.
The conference committee inide
report, signed by five of its siX mem.
bers. This report was voted dOWn by
the House. And of this action and
of the course of the members iocallv
interested, the writer remarks.. ' •
Every line of, the House bill was - redolent of job
bery. Every letter was inserted in the interests of
Herdic's county. The very propositions which
seemed to protect old counties, were deliberate In
ventions to thwart the people. Yet such mean as
Messrs. Strang and Mitchell, of Tloga County, sup
ported it a' against the stringent, bill adopted by the
Senate. -
The limitations of the Herdic bill were bnt two;
First, That no old county should be reduced below
thirty thousand inhabitants. Crider this. Minne
qua could be erected, because that project contem
plates taking the hulk of its population fromßrad
ford. the mass of its territory from Lycomlng and
but little of either from Tloga. But the only county
which should ever be set up In this vicinity, could
not be erected, because that would Include five
towns from Tioga. - which would reduce that county
below the thirty thousand rafaimun. •
Every vote therefore, In favor of this proposition
was a vote for the Mlnnequa King. -For this reason
our Senatrir and one of our mem b ers opposed tit{
provision. Had our 'other members been .as fully
,Informed on the subject, we have no doubt they too
would have opposed It. Its effect is necessarily to
take a greater population from Bradford arid KO*.
bly to give a county to Herdic.
The second limitation contained. was it effect
that if an y township, befog on the hoondory line ,
of o propooot new county, should by a majority,
vote against the new county, then such township
should not he Included in the new county. In other
words, in the new county. which the people of
Western Bradford would erect, Canton and' Union
being boundary !Ines towns, could Tote not to come
In. and thus defeat the erection of a new 'county,
because their not being Included would reduce the
new county below the constitutional requityments
as to territory. . •
But Troy, Columbia. Springfield. Granville and
other towns not being boundary lines [owlish - a Her
• olle's scheme. must go in, whether or no, unless t h ey
could combine and make a -majority in the whole
new county.
This was Mr. Mitchell's pet plan. Whether.di
,rectly inspired by the Herdic interest we !no not
know. That its effect was so. there Is no manner of
These were absolutely the only limitation* upon
the erection of new counties, (aside flout - the con
stitutional proxlikitins). contained In the House MIL
Cnder it a majority of the people in the territory,
could establish a new county leaving the erection of
public buildings, and loeallon of a connty seat to
commissioners appointed, and not chosen by the
Largely through the efforts of Senator Rockwell,
this bill was amended In the senate, so that two
thirds of the people In the territory, instead of .a
bare majority, mind vote for a new county. and so I
as to leave the erection of buildings awl location of
a county -seat to a rate of the people; AS amended,
the bill further required tio* population to be gov
erned by the last Cnited States trews instead of I
being &tenanted try the creatuneS-of appointment ;
—that notice should be_givetriWfore commissioners
should lie appointed—that township( sld not be
divided—that the new county should be compact,
and symmetrical that forty days notice of the
eleetion shmihl be given (Instead of a reasmiablel
time Y)—that returns of election should be made to
the Courts of common Plea , l , f each county affected;!
instead of leaving Wunder tile of the return,
judges exclusively.
These provishMs„ while they did by no mean in
sure a new county from Braadfoni and Them, but
on the contrary left it very much In doubt. for the)
reason among others.that one section would he likely'
to rote down the other In a strife for the county seat. •;
at least it left no lip hole through which jobbers
Could crawl. This-101- the people of our section.
we I,OIOVP. desire.
To the people of Bradford county we say We are
content to remain with you. Your history is our
history—your public men are our public men. The
public buildings we - have helped to build we are
not anxious to relinquish—the pdltical associations
of years we do not want severed. The great reptile
Beau majorities which we have aided you to roil up
'in the past, we wish to see kept up in the future—ail
the feelings of traditional pride cherished by you
are equally dear to us.
That this county quftsthin Is forced upon us. Like
- -
Itammo's ghost, It will not down. „,For six yeara we
have been oontending ith you against it. Each
recurring election has marked. more , plainly its ef
fects upon us. Under - the new constitutioti. other
- I,..alities are agitating it hi their own interests.
t‘ooner or later. some 4aw taunt be passed for the
erection of new counties. We cannot afn with fold
ed hands until that which Is almost fatal to our
prosperity shall have been accomplished. We
'a co - 6V seat at:Minneeliii : ia one of
the most iniquitousandunreasonable
•tirojectsierer conceited bithat un
scrupulous - speculator.' It has . not a
- single merit; nor does it merit the
approbation of tuff'.considerable
number of our .peo - Ple. Yet, year,
after year, the people of Bradford,
Tioga and Lycoming counties are
harrassed' by the schemes of .this man,
*hose project emanates from selfish
motives, and is sought to be consum- .!-:
mated. by corruption and fraud. The 1 Tit Argus and , other kindred
history of the. attempted legislation ! sheets hereabout, are very much
in regard to Minneipia, is a disgraee- ! troubled abOnt Sheriff SMITH. They
ful page:in our Legislative annals. I are continually asserting that he is
That such a scheme should find anv ranXious to get rid of hanging BuowN,,
supporters is amazing, and its ap- ';l
the colored Imaii. Mr. SMITH has
proach to success shOws how donor- f twice been' 01 -PA by the people of
alized and corrupt' our Legislatures t this county to - the office of Sheriff
have become. i and has never been known to shritik
While we would' never willingly i from the diseharge of .any duty, and
consent to the dismemberment, of i , whenever the Governor orders the
Bradford,—while we .would deplore 'execution of linowX if the tine fixed
any act i on which separated us from i ,occurs before the: expiration of our
our old political friends in th e West, I present Sheriff's 'time, the order of
to whom we arc bound by long ass° . 1
execution will be promptly complied
elation in political , Warfa'ke,—while ; with. lint it does seem a'. pity that
we should very much dislike to see some . Democrid should be deprived
Bradfcol pared down until ' she loSt ! the - luxury of banging . a "nigger,"
the weight and prestige of her grand ` nigger,"
We consider that it !•L'ETTE33 Fsol Otra CORRESPONDENTS.
.! •
is the duty of every good citizen to
lend his slid to , battle, the nefarious'
schemes, (It 'HERDIC. ;HOW to do this
effectually, is a question, of serious
consideration, and should unite the
efforts of all good citizens.
Whatever causes may have oper-.
ated to bring about the Republican
disasters)ast fall, there are none so
deinented as to believe that the'voters
of the .country seriously contemplat
ed placing the administration of our
.).;ational affairs in the hands of the
Democracy. And the signs off . the
times indicate that the people have
-already taken alarm 'at the faet that
the Democratic House of Represen
tatives will be led and controlled IT
-the hundred or more ex-Confederates
who will have seats in the next Con
gress, whose achievements dining
the Rebellion secured their election.
There are indubitable evidences that
the reaction is takiug.PhAce, and that
tire• triumph of the Democracy is to
be transitory.
TLe reverses to the Republican
party came as unexpectedly to the
opposition as •they were humiliating
to the former. , The natural result
was that the _leaders land organs of
theparty were inventing all sorts of
excuses and promidgating, sundry
reasons to account fir their over
thro*. Naturally, more or less of
crimination entered into these at
tempts to set forth the causes of de
teat, provoking ill-feeling and 'bad
blood. - It is gratifying to know that
the animosities and jealousies which.
have had such free 'sway amongst
Republican leaders, and the disap
pointments and chagrin_aroused by
defeats, are fast giving way to a
more cheerful and healthy convict hin
that it is necessary for the welfare of
the:country and the 'success ; of the
Republican' party—(and the two are
indivisible)—that pers - onal feuds and
petty grievances should be forgotten,
and that,.. joining our • shields, we
should march upon the enemy mu.:
divided, and inspirited with V I M• cer
tainty of triumph.
In neeountingfor the disaters of
last: fall. it
has beelt Slnnewhat the
fashion, yzheti all other. exensel; failed,
to settle down complacentlyl to the
Preside**, whO - shall gainsarit?,.., lf
they Choose same One else f r om.
among :the many true t!iik4 tried men
of the party, as the 'standard.. -bearer'
in . the canvass of . 1870, none will
yield a amore cordial Support than
the present occupant of the Presiden
tial _chair. But we protest against
allowing our - opponents to shape our
policy, or dictate who shall, or shall
not, be. our candidates.
Pit man March 31, 1875.
1401 IN
Our city contaltiB, accenting to the directory, Just
one hundred and thirty-five plain John sliniths, only
one of Whom it Is!my purpose to write. about. Ile
resides at No. 1611 south Fifth street. and when he
scored 101' years for himself, he concluded to super
vise the chiselling of the Millet designed to mark
the last resting place of himself putt 1 M
That tablet has now been finished more than 'three
yearS and It still stands In the marble yard of John,
Cartledge, Northeast corner Of 'Tenth and Federal
street.. It reads thus: •
11(si•it dipliwry 241h,•1772
Tenn,: lover of my sOill
Let me to thy bosom tly,”
..n. A Ii .Y.
Bov January 7th. 1784
hied March 15th, 1852.
ehrbit Li my lllie and Refuge
The date of they , death of Joint, Smith is yet a
blank spare, for the.very gay) MIAMI that the old
gentleman is salt living. aged Ina years, with every ' ------
indication Of witnessing the dial plate of time mark Theihiscinehanna—The West Brand Eising—Csm
too yeari, for the Amerlean gallon . Onee, a week, tinnation of the Tha* — Condition of the Glen
Union Gorge. i •
Mr:Smith walks to the marltit; yard. looks at ilia
tombstone. has a talk with Mr. eartiedge about the . lIENovo, Penna.:. March c 2s.:—.A (lit
news of the day,•and without sitting"down to rest patch reeeived here to-night from
himself at all, trudges off home again, as blithely as ,
.. I tl.l tf near it
Clearfield, which i5% , ..t. . t • I tl •
a boy of ten running from sehbol, making the round
trip of two miles without feeling any fatigue, head.rwalers of the i . West branch of .
As an indication of the pluck of this hale (.1.1 the Sitsquehanna, reports that :Lt five
Mat, I ! v iii relate this Instance.: 'About a year and o'clock in the afternoon the river hag ' ..
a half ago the laborers at our city, Gas Works struck risen three feet, and was still rising
for higher wages: they quit Work, and an amount
rapidly. The 6:4 has loosened the .-
of it was published in the' - i! tad le Ledger, and a ' • . ,
call uas made for workliwn. ;qtr. Smith mad that ice on the tributaries, and the most
account. re.ith , Hrt n?ectfzeleß, nitd , :it once started for experienced lumbermen say that the .
his friend cartiedket arriving there before 8 o'clock, jet. 111114 1110Ve to-night. A t this point .
he asked him where the Point lireem Gas Works the river has risen: during the day ,
were. Cartledge told hint, and asked wherefore ho
three feet. and much (d* the slush ice
intptirqd. Mr. Smith replied, '" I See by the Ledger,
.I.dd: that the workmen at rite W
e Gas o down on the -Plet Union
Works, have , has moved
Struck, and I ant g l uing down there to offer my st. , r- gorge. Great masses of ice detached .
oleos to th., rrie(t.. , s; It walllo.l da John. for (lilt , from the main gorge .by the thaw , -
city to he left 111 darkness; ft will lint d o a t 311 ' ;. floated into this channel yesterday.
5wi11,, •i . awl Within :111 110111 r 11111.41 it eomplete- .
Asllie works were distant about - three or four i .
t The ' wilt er if) the river he low SHEETINVIS A SP"-BLEACII.
~,a,,;. ? ,,,1 ~,, paasehr,,er Cart running to them. Mr. 'Q. " A L
i : e : MUSI,I,N: - .)
. Vl 'l fCl ' E 1T
Cartledge. after much dtmeutty, persuaded the old the gorge has risen ' lour feet to-hiay.
BA. FiG A Lk; ...5 .
veteran fr going down tnere. In view of the i — 7 7 -
fact that the total abstinence men propose running
LOCK. HAN E.N. Pettit. - 'Alarch - 3 8.--
a candidate for tiovernor agaM , lstGenerat Hart ran ft.
I 561 inform thenthat John, milli. aged 103 years, A telegraph (Alice Wits erected at the
takes his lunch of kileeSe awl kilt of ale each day :. Qtleell'S Rllll briidg(!, a short distance
and. rwa-t, fellowi if he hadn't been doing this for :Hine(' this town to-day: hnmediate .
a half a century, he might no* have been 130 years
~ danger is apprehended. The office ,
. • Will be kept open day and night until
:rho old mairsheim Is ai bahlasamiarblestop table,
and Ills Meth harepne by one ileparted, mall all are 1 the
crer 'is past; The bridge • i.S
goto. : his eyesight:and hearing afe as 0(.4 as ever, 0711 . 01 hy the Philadelphia • and . Erie
and the ~lii man oCeaslonally talks of marrying and Railroad, Company, and to-day thir
rearing another family., his two boys and two girls—, 11 4 ..
1411. v e ears loade& with coal were
each past'sewenty rears—being able, In 116. ppinion,
placed on it. The ,rise in the river
take , car,, of themselves. . 1.
mr4uttE's r....p.m. . at Glen Union has produced conster
001.)1Whire's fiaper still banimers away at the nation here; but so, far the ice has
riot.. tieoeral Canoiron, Mayor St"kleY. shown no signs of moving.
and others. who hiive blocked ids political pathway
to riches and renotvn. '
• . 'WILLIAMSPORT, Penna. March , 28
Gill, McClure Wth never let up on item Cameron ;
if it had not been kor the Lochiel chieftain. Curtin --, •
So Put he men eii(ra , red in enttina
.: .
Might hart hem; in Ili.' Senateiof the United States (Alt the ice in the river above the
atiil Merhire In Grant's Cabinet. lie will neve.r (lain have loosenocU and sent. adrift
forgive Mayor Stokley fol• deflating him for Mayor 75,000,000 pounds. 'Most or this IRIS
of the I 'enteunial y mty by a' tfority of 12.101, one
(rOrred at the Williamsport nillroad
year ago, and the lilgritu ('lil, mind take liln keen t" _,
thrust, for (misting that he siniuld rentaln In the 1)1 . id(re• The water:la the river rose
moo of the Mt-kWh-an party until he won bin three feet to,day, and is now seven
spurs. feet: above low-water mark. Reports
one thing is particularly noticeable. as marking o f the :
ice moving', - ; received to-day
in strong relief the difference between Glen. Cam
from Clearfield. Ilenow, and other
iron and Col. MeChtn• In their character 4.... politi- •
cal ie:lers. Cameron's patir&ay to political pre points op the river, have created
ferment In thickly strewn Milt friendship's offer- SOIlle . :11:11111, lint the 110 re experienced
togs: friends MAIO:I:U/6a by thel.ochlel chief have men here say there .i no immediate
been kindly rotten:ll;c red and rlehly re-warded.while tiallffer to the towl4.':lt still continues
Mcchin.'s path is Marked with shattered cantles of •1
to thaw rapidly. .
dimppowtaieot. k'altlititi friends. Whikie friend- . . ,
.ship for McClure was w•armenti when lain adversity. 1 . =.....,-.. . .
wa• darkest, who were most faithful when his shads Wilm . msroni. Penn.. Marc(( 28..
owes lengthened, until Ile} had well nigh faded In
. . t. ,
Ima nn was . - cansed here to
the gloom of departed hope, 'Uwe bad their reward •
- . day by the movin(r Of the great gorge -
In - being thrust heartlessly aside when prosperity. . ,
shed tier bright raii. over laim. l that he might take which has collected in the river -be-
to its embrace the eery men he had long professed , twee(( this point. and Watsontown,
to despise. - which is four miles higher up. The INGS, NECK TIES,. i3ELTS,
• .
Statesmanship may thus require a mai. to art. but , Al I).; BELTIN GS,
4rop,r, however,. inoyed but a short
It has lost McClure ninny a battle, while the friend
-1 ''' • )
distance, and then jammed fast again.
ship of Cameron Ids wet for him many a contest. , „,
AffectiMi will never as., , aiii is; lavished mpon 31e- i There was a. rise of one foot in the . . •
Clime; his eloqueno will never again arouse a Iwo- • river above Watsontown to-day. iAt
. ~ .
pleas gratitude ; be ' . iinty dreaM of greatness, but . Lew . i'sbtrg ,
i below here, there wa it i . • - . •
• 0 . . - '
will awake ti flint ,It'tt thorny, rugged rod, and the
• raise of nearly two feet. There May
prize Mily a Dead Sea fruit, tlutt fall to ashes on'tbe . 1 ,• • .
' be more before Midni(Tht.
Ups; I ! , 17 , ' .
• - . r 4 ,—..— . , ' ,
' t- t v 0., witosil.s. .. I _ ..
Mr.s M
Jame. BroW l
n. whose Alice is tiliectly op. : Al
i v;ILKES-BARRE, Penn., March 28. 1 •, _____
poslte Intlependenveleall, had Brut concluded read- ;
The water has risen three feet. on 1 --
hug Bessie Tanner's evidence on ••Tlitonlan aftlini- ; ..
ties." when alap ad his fluor attracted hi', attention; the Kingston Flats since yk , sterday, 1 . • . ,
. ,
opening it, MMus Della Savoy, 17 years of age, pre- and communication Is, again cut oil,
sented herself, having been sent of an errand by a butt there hag been DO iMpreSsiOli
friend of Brown's. pelts Is a i,bright looking, well 7 141 .
ade on the gorres. ', At the saute
. ,-,
developed mulatto, and her yonth and beauty lin- '
rate the water will rise two feet inure
mediately caused II tiro to huMene her Ms -aftlinl4 - . •
'•ti - ITI the The "W'l4
ty ;7 locking the th rhe knocked her down—so , iron, i night . '
.`thaw• , -
( ' i'
says Dena—mid on raged heri person. After she • not as rapid to=day as yesterdaY, and . .
was released, she at - lit straight to her black liwer, to-night it is cloudy and threatens *ENTER IR TRIMMINGS,
Fred. Bostick, with virtu she returned to Brown's
The Stickney'Club have sue- NEW STOCK 3 UST •
place, on Chestnuts reef . BrtAvn was Su his ohlee, :
and prMuldly Micas V.. 85 to !Mince theta-to - leave. RECEIVED:,
eeeded ill digging . - - ottt their boat-
Bostick refused, MR at once -proceeded iui •• putt a house, which was jammed in the ice i
t l ,
head 7on Brown. f r f painting both eyes a bright !tear the bridge, and:removed it to a
Moe, spreading (le nose prontiscuously over the place of safety.- The people are all . •
face, and otherwise Biting the ;features, until they on the 'Watch fin. the comina of the '
.rrsonibled a betTs liver , IS " potting a bend on a --
ltht as he -flood, and there is no reason to fear :_
niaii.** 'Bostick stiecVeded admirably. . • '
couciuded his artistic tuerforittance, a policeman , any loss of life, however great the
put In Ids appearance, took ;Brown Into rustily, ; destruction Of'property and devasta- - ,' •
complimented titiarkey,and committed the white tion of the valley' may, he. A low
111311. Brown, fort rhul.
' portion of the city, `lying , along the
'Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad, • ' 1 .
was flOoded , to-day It. - water from-the
higher points which could find but
slow passage to the river. A great
deal of the drainage from, the hills
ran into the North Branch Canal,
which was within a. foot of being us
~ . high as last week, when it inundated
,! -
part, of Canal street., A number of
cellars are filled with water, and sev
i eral colored faniilies have moved into
the second story of!their dwellings.
This, however, will last but a few
1 hours, unless the, river should get
i high enough to fill the Canal again:
IlAktrOST Va.. March ill, Ibis.
11fdtrOn IttrOnTarki-..Dear Sir : Adjacent to the
Hobe, with only a small ereek between, b the
Ibinptpu Normal school and Indcts - frial Institute,
fmnided hi ISO by .the American 3T,lssionary.Asso .
station, with thfirprinury Intention of educating
colored teachers for the disunion schools of the,
South. This Institution Is slow under the control of
a Ward of sixteen Timsteeri awing' *bout are Gen." •
Jarnes.A. Garfield. M. C.; flop John. F. I.ewts,r.
S. Senator ; and Gen. O.IT. ;lowan!. The executive
officers are fief]. S. C. ,Armstrong, l'resldent, and
fien..T. F. D. Marshall,' secretary and Treasurer.
Since opening, abeut fi:100i000 have been spent In
purchase of..tariMbuildings; etc.; the farm contains
186 acres. The land. buildings, furniture,
nients'auil live stock are valued at over IY.:7,0,000
The State of Vigtnta givds to the school one-third
of the Inconiei of the Congressional Land Fund,
which is about 05,000. Tlin expenses of the school
ale about t tO,OOO per ;mum, which, with the excer
don of the State aid aforesaid, is raised by volunta
ry :contributions of friend's of the
_school in
North. There are aboilt ^4.1 students, !fine-dila of
this number being girls. Nearly till are isnirdtrs.
All students work one days in the Week; and are
paid. at the rate ,of six te twelve cents per boor. se
conding to ability, There is an Industrial room for
gtrls who are taught sewing, cutting and Making
dresses, the use of the diflerent
ete. I i
. •
Virginia IlaIL the largest - building, is Just finished
at a cost of about SO,OOO. and is one of the finest
school buildings in the Southern States. It Is heat
ed, and the cooking is done, by steam. it contains
a chapel, which will seat 400; a large dining-room,
large enough to seat WO students; laundries, print'
lug office. workshops, sleeping rooms for MG girls.
and accommodations fir all the female teachers.
Academic hall was built •In Is7l, and is also. a
very imposing building. If contains a large assent
; bly roof*, and numerous Blass-tunes, (Aires, elf.:
the upper rooms 'being used as steeping rooms for
the boys. as they have no iinrinltorles yet for their
accomunstation: For threi; winters pant thirty of
- them have lived in tents, !Mt now all arc comforta
i bly loatsd.
In, addition to these builtlitso there are several 1
houses, Wlalolt are used as Ositlenees by the °Meets '
and teachers. There are eMployed about twenty
tenaers and officers, mostk.f the teachers !wing :
ladles. 1
, .
Students are taught printing and other mechani- ' . l
cal arts. The Southern Werkto on, an illustrated
monthly, Is minted by the students, a copy of %Odell
I forward by this mall.
The library is small, but:the reading-room IS well . .
supplied with the :eurrent periesileal literature of - .
the day. newspapers, etc.: awl I sioluld judge that !
the students improve every moment in ealtWating j• I - .
themselves In all the topics of the day. Military 0 .
, , „ ,
,Itilt F . , taught, :I' , h . (11111VO I , y Wl', ACt. 01 Cong,ress CASE
granting aid to all Agrimiltural colleges. JUST OI'ENED., Al I'4 CFNTS
..d .. , J....
' , The, farm has superior-,steek of thoroughbred VERY CHEAI'
, .10 , 1 and Ablernies: and Is worked. at a pndit, even • .
with tlw paid labor of Inesperlence.l students. I ' _ . •
I . .
r. never KM so much earnestness displayed by white
students In In tlo• academies id the North. as I have ' • .
seen here: you Inok - in upon them lat their study : • .
nsuns,with tlw Impression that they feel as If the . . . •
fate of Empires rested on !bet r heads, anti that the . . .
world would ceast.lo movellf that particular lesson ,
to o u t mastered. Their advancement plainly proves ' . • .
that the D eT oeratie ; oblation that the Negro can- - • . ,
. , •
not leani,--eatin'ot compete! with white children if
• -
. ...
he I- a110.%,,t an eptal ellaqre,-1, a ,0p1,1 , 41, 'it tiltii
any Democrat of • - •01,1 Bradford '' n tutu lie emu- ` . • , .
riled to acknowledge, w,, , ,,i• he to see this school as " •
I have seen It. Vinars,'yery nopeet Dilly. ' . . . I.
. ‘. Jon N . it. HEWETT. • .
PORT .JERVIS. N. v., march 28.- 7
The river has risen lint a few inches
; in the past two dayS, although the
' snow is disappearing rapidly.
The- greatest. moveMent e 1
ever made lay Erie hi: one. day w:e;
rtransaeted in the twentY4our-hours
immediately following the completion
Of, the new bridge over the Delaware,
9,374 cam having passed over the
bridge. in that time.
powELL be Co.
. &e, &e. •
Powell k Co.
, (
O. Tr at e Sou
J. 0. FROST ' I &SON
i s
now it , •
•!fig their moat sUp
ply of Goods for the Spring -
Trade, and hava hand, of their
own wake, a full tine of
• the best furnitun't to -
1K found In
any • •
MARKET INT"4ivoimp
Wu have fu.tuck
1. -
~ .
.. . . . . -
, .
C .11 41. M. .11 }:" it S 1.7 I 'MS I.
From $28.00, to $3UOa making the
_ .
Largest aunt
While our assortment of
TA 131-_,E:-..
{\'a, iievtlE bitter. ' t
. •
1( you are in need of anything in the line of tinder
taking: you will find the
I i
.NTiehl l' , ' !
I r .
Sirßeinember, ere are selling goods cheap, for i FrrT i - ,, in F r u iliA•j:s:;,, i -, .A vs. c,f.titt:s4
cash.Vl, 1
1i: I •
• '
1 :
firmiemiler for p1ae4..t1).31 , 61 , 1!..tati.1...1 Fns .k - . 11' 1 1
env. corttt.4 of sLtin and pine Streets. , - 1
GivE 'Us *CAir..
J. O. Fito;;lT;tv,ON;:c
I <,,,
p wELL & €- 0.,
NEW . ELOOR 6,11, co. Tit.
~ . .
. ,
,e-' .. i To ' ' re,
inept tit wtoplii
. .
. ,
•." : ~ ~ :•....p6.iitl Bate to Country Merck
pixsii.. ittits.lGrangers., , :ind :all l Otlieni " t. 114
will buy in•qoatitities. , . "
I .\
Am) N
- I -
Pitt() 1.;;;;
at., at the school home near 11. L. Svott',. ter the
1-1-erSktion of a st , hoot house on _the 'turnpike hear
FiehiSrs. 'rho building lobe a duplicate et the said
Seat school house. Tlto I)lrectors reserve the tight
• fordeCt . ah'y or all blchs; B. F. Bowx,t.c.
1.1101x4 - I n 3 75. • tretetaxj.
Main Street.
rweii t;6.
• , .
Are now ret l ,tring, and ope:it
largest stock ever ripened by Went
In lwantifillci,,Ps
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