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    of fact on the part of the State Trea
surer. The House has been extre
mely lavish in p:roposect approz
priations; the TrdastaTer exbei3dingly
frank in his statement of . the ability
of the treasury—what he ban do
under certain eiriumatences,and what
he cannot do if shorn of his power or
his resources are cat 'short. Bnt the
House seems deter Mined to go to
the goats' pen fo : F 'wool—to gather
figs fiem thistlesL - 4tnd to make
political capital by indulging in .a
series of mons;:roaitieii t 6 delude the
ignorant. In this state of affairs the
-t,of the'Republioan members Of
the Senate Finance Cpmmittee,which
your readers hava alieady sear, cuts
to the centre of this` whole bn-iness,
and places it faiily to the view of
the people. If t 4 State Treasury is
to be deprived of kevenues, or of the
legitimate use of the leash On hand,
the appropriation's wrist be cut down,
and a' large number of deserving
institutionirdeperlder4 on State aid
for existence must close their opera
tions, or be so restricted as to be
rendered useless. I Th:ere is no other
escape from this - dilemma, and what
' ever injury results to Charity, or out
rage to the beneQ,olent, sentiment of
the State, must be justly chargeable
to The mad party iwhich, has reigned
the House - from. , the' } hour of its
organisation. i
From appearances to-day there is
every. reason to ifear:, that a large
number of important 'will fall
for lack of time and 'disposition to
_pass them . ftually. i The fact is, there
were too many bills read in place in
I).,th honses this 13,ession, too much
legislation of a covert t character in
favor of-corporations attempted, by
;which what is reallyrecinired : to put
the new constitution:" into effect in
`statute laws has been 'so rntich frus
trated as to render the work of the
in many respects a total fail
ure.. Though not: generally, known,
and, indeed, not Sven; partially un,
derstood, it is nevrtlaeless a fact that
Ihe Democracy of the- House have
been endeavoring so tb shape results
as to force thZe Governor to call an
`extra session of the Legislature: But
tht-ir machinations iii [this erection
will' all prove faiiiires,l as under no
state Of 'affairs which; can possibly
out of the pti:asiort and blunders
of these damagogues Will' the Gov
err call a,n extra session of the
Legislature. For the evils w_hich
sprithg from that! which closes
tit nicrrow the D' e nioeracy, are re
sponsible,and on that iisue they ntitist
before the people this year at the
ktliot bax. 1 PA XTON.
March 21, '7-1,
En. liEroirrrn : I Emil snu r. scrap
I.•,<u tiie Virgil:jct. i Citroait-le which.
v:i,ll you would, publish, and if I
la ~vrito anything worth a place
:LI your paper you are i at liberty to
Heti have been rushing here from
evs-rywhere, almost:Lr weeks, look
' `or work and wishing themselves
home. I gai - e poor fellow
-Ikes•Barile ibits breakfast one
hi..-riiing;.he said had money he
g.) right hahk; i bat he had
-• oven to boy 4 breakfast. Hun
, is arelstor.ding haT corners, about
111::;es, and porticiolarly about 'the
I.:oath of the sh tft., watching a chalice
t•• ask the foreman ; forl a job. One
r. fellow was in the :Consolidated
" , ,';i:ginia Works thiS morning at half
i.a' four.. O:chick., Watching for the
man ; had no Pionev, nothing to
. and nowhere . to bloep. Very
are in the same predicament
all through the farm of the: "great
which is;owUed- by' a few
iu h•••idtials, coLpr t ratiely,— is as
nl!!e l :i. private property Irs a' 111:10's
or horse, -_anti ±i poor mau Las
a.) chance to get anY of lit except his
it:I:: wages, if he !sit:mild be
et:7:11410o te in plOytuen LinLi
i s sur e ly carried . 'llere on tr large
sitl!, ; ; a great druciuiitEof bullion is
Sliiflped weekly, yttl it is not for, the
(51 - , u l imirs; 'Truly, Men
made money` irl the recent .qock
• i•; . !; , , toit it was mostly' those who
. r.= already iv , ••iltl, - ,L--lneli as know i
to boy and- Men, tO sell. Yaps
ice, n mode their lipti.dreds of thou
's :This, ar:11 a few eiven !millions; as
• aml,sin4a others in the
1..0t as eiceryhoiV, knows (or
know . ), thoso did Lot
c..!or'l ht:' of bilt out of the
t• •elit who.had but lit
-. •ti . all the bi i . etiness'dono, I
...II re eXce•it 'what gro,ws mit of it.
..I. , reuirore is' nut thool ,, bt• of, and
-er: i,a CsAiforniais at - tend-A
te. Wag-s are and t'i'les are dull
;tilere, :Ind all the .11.^n zrho iv:int to
aird eln get . Wi(ges; colert here
t. higtesi: wage!s, tab ma! ter if
ti:; 1.- do have to, ps_.• it all for board,'
following is the artiele.referr
-1 tr, by Our eprrespotadcut.! - •
Gua'AT BaNANzA rhos
r:::•:aeie of Any plet t e.,t.hing.:„ man or
i. ha , .; (Ifett the tifft.'t6'ri of crewtitv.
- notiriAy than ; v•oluines cf
1- • - t .
, ra*e deseriptions.;o simrl'
bonanza,"ai - Tlied to the
:e 71' ni;nerul development in:the G d
Ut -,, rna and Consolii4l;Ati - d Virginia ;'
s, th 4• COnastoek lode
• rilmtuitiofii and it is in
1 4 bundrpdS . .i.d thousands
viho neve.r bet - tre heard of_
city amt probabl.y scould
never have beard it, were it not
t l l.t' the ter t th has een' universally
tylopt€ d, In. the Easteru-;States there
are bonanza hats, 'bonanza eolrars.
,hone nza jewehry, anil - ;e7en romantic
mothers are `narainv.; their .
(.Ittm.Otters bonanzi: The fame of the
kinanzlAtas ven . crossed the
,Onblie , press both
F,t; ; _ , ,ien , i end on the Continent
renders of the
wonderful ' recently
v.•;iteh pit in 1o :
C diTorni:r.„ and declare is
with el bilittb:S of gold in
of silver. 1
•• '
.- • !
Anorr •.sinvnit MINES.
idea bf spvenm l ine enter
in a7ricalture and - marinfac
- iurir,, toimininities lin this country
is selroe!v Icss riclienlOps. A letter
received froiln an'old resident
• Vilrginia, bat nowiliVitig in
hta.'es. that be was nnahle to interest
one in the sui - silver min
until the gre l at:ltipnanza -was
s . triick. The acconnUri of nienlinal:iing
buieWeds. of thdusaluds and millions
of 4,,11ars in a few.thOs set the country
a. ;4 6 witle excitewent,l i and a number
oryoung men are' preparing to emi
' gmle to the 1 - k.nd f Ipromise when
opens: _Most arO of the opin
- th'at the Conistooi.ia• in 'Califor
• 1. where wiNter never tomes ; that
the litres:lns in its Vicinity are lined
lincuriant forests ;_that the hills
coved •with witvinC fields; wild
ciover and wild . oati3, .a.nd that the
silver is washed outiwitit cradles and
%10n,..; toms. Other think bonanza
ar,t LeIDA upon tho 4 54r4face of the
ground and that till that will be nec
...e.iry for: them lo 0.0 rgc.n their er•
rival will be to chop off solid metal'
as is the case in some- of , the copper
mines of Lake Superior. The o=pened
and uncertainty of; silver mining;
that not one mine out; of a thousand
proves to be of value, that it is nee;
essary to sink Binds hundreds and
thousands of feet beneath the. sur
face, that the cost of machinery is
enormous, that the ore must i?@
crushed and reduced in immense
mills, that the • good mines , were all
corralled years ago, that they , are in
the bands of companies and rings
which generally manipulate them as
they 'please, and, above all, that Ne-,
wide is by no means a new counta
and that already probably $400,000,-,
000 have been expended in opening,
the mines on' the Comstock are facts'
which they do not comprehend andl
,cannot be made to comprehend until
their arrival.
The influx,has already set in. Ful
ly two hundred persons have arrived
from Salt Lake City daring the - last
three weeks. There is also a large
immigration from Maine and Canada,
and a great number of miners from
Cornwall are on their way hither, all
attracted by the fame :cf the great
.bonanzo. The population of the city
will be largely increased daring next
Summer. Many of the new comers
Will be Wok'lly disappointed, while
others with ability and perseverance
will in time accumulate fortunes.
The demand for houses and lodging
rooms has already commenced, and a
large number of new dwellings will
be required to accommodate the com
ing multitude.
The following is a copy of the offi
cial letter of instruction 'sent from
the Post Office Department to all
Postmasters, in regard to the observ
ance of the provisions of the lute act
of Congress concerning the change
in the postal rates on matter: of the
third class :'
PO4T CZ - TICE DEP ARTIZENT, Afro M-rstr.vr Arm's,
WASBIAGION. areb_6, 1875.
To Postmaster at
Sra: -lon are hereby' instructed that, tinder the
provisions of the act • approved March 3,1875, enti
tled "An act making-appropristlon s for sundry civil
experisea of the tibrerument for the fiscal year end
ing Vine 1876, and for other pnrp'• ses," the post
age to be hereafter charged on all mailable matter of
the third clasi referred to in sectten 133 of the act
entitled "An act to revise, consolidate and amend
the statutes relating to the Post Office Department,"
approved June 8,1ti7;, shall be at the rate of one
Cent for each ounce or fe.:etionthereof, instead of
one - mut for each two ounces or fractioh thereof, as
heretofore priividcd by law.
First A esigtant Postmaster General
The following articles are included
tho third class : _
SEC. IsB. That mailable matter of the third data
shall en/brace all parophlets.occasional publications,
trans - wilt newspapers,maguines, handl:Adis. pott
ers, no&a:ed circulars, prospectuses, books, nook
want/scripts; proof sheets maps, prititsr-timirav
ingQ, blanks, flextb:e patterns, son plcl of fwrehan
di, not exceeding twelve ounces in-weight, sample
cards, phou-s„traphic paper . , letter envelops, postal'
envelops and wrappers, cards, pliMa and ornamen
t/1 p+per, photographic representations of different
types, seeds, cuttings, bnlbs, roots. sclons, and all
othermal - ter which may be drelsied mailable by law,
and all other articles nut above the weight prescribed
by law; which are nut from their form or natort‘,lii
bie to dentroy, &face, or otherwise injure - the -con
t..nts of the mailbag cr 'the person of any one en
'gaged in the , postal service. All liquids, poisons,
slays, explosive materials, and obscene books shall
be excluded from the mails.
IN TILE old times it ivas usual to
decimate a conquered army that had
fought against its own flag by shoot
ing every tenth man. ,To-day we dec
fmate the vanquished Confederate
hosts - by sending every tenth general
officer to the . Senate of the country'
he fought to destroy.
DEMOCRACY is showing the cloven
hoof in . New York - . The Secretary
of the Mayor is an ex-rebel officer,
and the Commissioner• of Public
Works (TwEED's lucrative position)
is Yrrz-Joir.s.Poirres, an es-officer of
our array, cashiered for Misbehavior
in front - of the enemy.
711.tsqAcuussrxs, perhaps, has men
of purer character and loftier aims
than General Batler, but a great
many people ss'ould rather like to see
him move into Mr. Buflington's dis
trict and go to Congress. He ciottld
be a very lively minority member in
the next Democratic House.
New Advertisements.
s T X E S'!
NT:ty 1:1•71.1;) - .Arr1l 3f), 15713
11 - tilted Nalra , S.
:z1:1,, 11,1 - 1t39. 11luire v‘ery perz4kit
In :my elnitloylllV4lt.
r,11,1 , r, Lint 11:11,1e ,t,.
1)110a7IIE :ix D PLACE
01V...1'1(1'01'S - I.Y IN
'VI. ACE OF Br: 4 lN kSS.
A -.TANI!' noting til , • paynnuit of Kai , ll.;•Prel At.
T X-. tor 111.• 'fax hvginning 51:ty 1,
1-71. Lids r,• ,onimencing or, continuing 1nt.11:, ,,
flvr April 30. 1 , 575.:
Tli T.\ X F:l 4 EMIlitA(l-1) 'WITHIN THE FRO-
, or TM.: LAW A ItoVF
tlUirr ED ARE THE'
1 , 4 )11.
1 t-alors. retail !Vigor
Ifoafer, vitt lt•=ale Jftritioc
1, in ni.ilt figwort, wholesale
sealers in malt 1111001,. retail
Dealer, fit loaf tobacco -
lfetall floater , In 'war tobacco
lilt sale: of„,over .1;1,000, fifty cents for
tarry 'Pillar exec's of '1,060.
Ifea,lers in manufa!lnrod tolmern . --
)tanufation•r....r nl ills - - -
Aivl for ,-;1..h still manufacture;l
•for cads worm manufactured
.11.mufa,mrvr,•,,r - -
lta , infact flyers lit I igar3 - - -
of t.,1,3cr0, first ejater (more than
• VW,. or Other . - -
Pralaner , of toll:teen. seettni class (two horses
nr oth..r 7 7 -
peddi..rr •tf thinl rlass (one horse or
ni hor :m1131411 - - - - -
Ped.ll-r- of t..1 , a , <• - o, f.ttrth etas (nn foot or
pnhlir ,onveyal“.•• - -
Brewcr , f d Ir. I hate barri-ls
11rt,‘, of :WO I , :trrel• or more,
Any semon, so ;table, cvlio"-Miall tall to comply
with thr foregni 11,7, repticontent: sclll ho suoject to
Per , on , or firm, Millie to to par ally of the Special
Tax., named nuts apply to 1:19 VELA
\t oNTANy C011, , ,•t0r of :Internal 'Bev nue at
Tx .. 'Penna., and pay for and procure the
i , *clal-T-,vx Stamp or Stator - A, they need, prior to
May 1. 1,75, and,WITIIOUT Frit.THE NOTICE.
rontinl,,loner of Internal Revenue.
AAIIINGTON, D. C.. Feilillari I, 1975,
••, • .
I E. MC E . 13, It A 12 . N
Having bought the business ot a kr. P. Powell,
wotl resp,effully eall the nftentlOn of the people
of Towanda and S icinity, tei their place of h0510., , 5.
Wlier , be P , llllll at all tithes 3 lash '311.1 lull
stork of
. •
CICA):?•N &IS.
\V pn,1,0-4 , to desple our whole time to our busi
ness, and 114rpt , nwrit a Aare of virrouage.
, Please glye lig.a call..
'r. It. BRAUN D.
Man fit. , tWI , dour', : , outh or Powell at Co
March . -
C4I7T I 0 N.—Whereas, my wife,
Frances Powoll. has left my bed and bccml
trithout just cause (Jr provocation, this is•to caution
and -forbid, an lemons from .harboring or trusting
her on - my:account, as I Will pay no debts contrac
ted by her after tills date.
?itarch 187.541 V.
TILE PILACELIO commancer; Alalansiiirance
Agaat, ießartrCl. , Pc.
MikTMl3 IVff. -
lot , a
Tharadaj," March 25, 1875:
Cirqmp,, Mcqui4 leOup , iti ‘
the MA. Chareb; nail •
TEE Repataicatt Stailingßonußit
tee of this county, will
_mocit on Monday, May
M.: F. Vaux-rri will deliver a lec.
tnie in BlerCtir's Hall, April,4, 1875. Subject
"Cronin and Clmaier."
Manta has a bonded debt of
1281,810, and a floating debt of $29 . ,290.74; aa . a.
result of Democratic Misrule.
Now is 'a good tine to 841)13Cribe
or the Next week we altll present
t to oar readers in an entire new dress.
port SonthAri tourists, .-Judges
Monnow and litreszu, and wives, and Miss'
Tn.acy, are en:leetad bona this evening. • •
A LODGE of L 0. of 0. :F.,
organized in Brirtiagtoo; on Friday afternoon,
commencing at 1 r. its. District Dep.
ate BLacrairas.wikt;cossduct theAccernonies.
THE recent ibaireabet made a total
wreak of it.Ltrrucals aawmill. His flouring -1
mill was onlpjared, hOwever, and customers'
are served promptly. as usual.
Onn young friends, E. B. PIERCE,
and T. R. RUAVND, have purchased the tininess
and stock of P. Powela., Eeq. We trishthan abun-
dant success. They *repel, the kind of young men
who always do succeed.
kir Sealed proposals for the eree.
tion of a frame i chtreh at potterville, will be
received up to - April 11. Plana an speCtiflcst
tient may be aeon at the house of A. G. litaiii-
EWs, Esq., any time before the time of letting.
THE city of
. Elmira employs 82
teachers in the public schools, at an annual
cost of 146,50623. The whole estimated - ex
passe of maintaining the schools for tho cur
rent year, is $95,783.78, They ought to hare
good schools.
Tug HistOrical Society bold a spo.
Mal meeting in HEMMGT4;?.eB beautiful Operallouse,
Troy, on Monday evening last. Editor Hooxtrt of
the Gazette read a very letereettng and entertaining
paper on the early local history of the county, as
c:untianed in the adveatiaemesti of the drat paper
ever printed in the county. We shall Publish it
THE Dickens Club were elegantly
entertained at the ?cadence of Mr. Jos. Vowid.L. on
Tuesday evening last.. When the meeting r djeurned
subject to the call of the committee, it was unani
mously agreed that the' pleasant gatherings of the
Club during the past winter, were appropriately
closed by this, the last one of the season. Ate very
early hoar in the morning the happy partielpanti
sought their respeetive homes.
returned from her visit to Kansas.
LtNxto'.nd daughter,3lre,Thenop,
returned from t hfoHot Springs of Arkanpas, on
Similay evening 'art. WO regret to Itaru that
Mr. L did not find hie health materially bene
fitted by the trip.
'Two Postmasters, says the Elmira
Advertiser, have recently been appointed in
Bradford comity, P. JAW MATEIF.II at Us
ter, and George L 7. P 1111.1.11.3 at Sheshequin.
The appointees are both wide-awake -Republi
cans. Mr.'l'llll.lll'3 has been especially active
in promoting\the cause, by aiding in -the circu
lation of reliable Republican papers, and by al
ways talking for the party of liberty and prog-
TILE trains on the Lehigh Valley
llaiiroad are again running 'through. Ttke
first train came up Yeiterday morning. Super-
Mtendeut PACKCIL 1188 shown a remarkable de
greeref energv in getting the track clear from
t,the-ice. Ile' had t , hree hundred men at work
'on the job betwoon Ransom and Pittston, be
i himself overiecing and - managing the work.
The lith water hal pnahed the ice np on the
trtick,; and receding loft it there. It varied
from eight feet to thirteen in thickness. FL) r
thrce miles through this mass gap work was
I t
done, in a measure building the road anew.—
,EZzit;'m .Acirertirr.-
7 -The Spring, terre of this institution will open
3louday, April 5. This is one of the moat
pleas wit and profitable terms in the year to at
tend school. The days are long and pleasant,
and the student is obliged to tax thii, eyes in
stud3ing by lamp-light less than any other
iart . of the year. .
The custnmsry new i..4asses will be organized.
Flue opportnnit:es in' either the ancient lan
guages; sciences, mathematics, or common
r.n,triish studies. Tuition from $4 to $lO per
term. Board and tuition with furnished rooms,
lights, washing, etc., from $44 to per sea
T;n current number of Pick's Fib-
}hi Gaide,.coutains aotre valuable information
relative to "plant enemies, . which we repro.,
duce for the benefit of those of our readers in
terested in plant eultare. The Guide says :
"Foremost among the enemies of house
plants I would place dust. It sups the pores
of the leaves throngh which they all breathe.
It!smothers them as effectually am though buri
al a toot deep in the earth. Smooth, glossy
litaved pia like the ivy ;or wax-plant, should
be wailied as 'often as once a, week with a
sponge or cloth dipped in avatar; others, like
the ornaniental-fnw
oled begonias, primfoces,.
nd cyclamens, should be treated with a Nat'l
droter or Ppouge, as they are very impAtient .
if moisture over-bead. Gerauinma„roses, etc.,
shoull be showered frequently with a small
4ytinge or. a .whisk-broom dipped in warm
water, ..The aphis or green-fig t - oning upon
the tJuder, aneculentshocita, sucking the vital=
fry aml materially injuring the plant, can be
le,.troyed by inverting the - plant in-a solution
if tobacco-water, _whale-oil_ soap,: or even in
common soar', made warm. Toey" ehonid be
rimed after the operation. The red spider,
white worms, brown scale and mealy
bug can be di,posed of In the same way."
- 1611 Oti
-1 (M)
- 211 VI
- 5011 611
- 3 00
- )
DECISIONS in thn folloiing Brad
. county ctr:es, wen; renderedby the Su
tirenie Court on Monday last :
- :.0 CO
- 20 ( I
- 10 09
10 00
Heverly vs. Merctir. Judgment affirmed.
Chase vs. the Comnionwelth. Judgment
affirmed. This was the:caso in which an at
tempt was made to a ct aside Verdict of jury, bn
the ground that there had been, informality
and.negligenee in keeping the jury wheel.
j The case of the Central It, of New Jersey
vs... Cook, carried up trout Lozano county, was
also dezided ii favor of the netenlaut in error.
Tji:a was a cause br,m4lot in the c:unmon pleas
o' D1Z311119 county, by Clara COOK', Esq., -of
Or wet'. thiccanuty, t.) reo over damages fur a
serious injary 'received in en accident on the
New Jersey Central oilford, Some time since.
The company took the case "to the Supreme
Cotirt; on th 6 ground that the atatutb limited
the amount Of damages in such eases to £3,000.
The Supreme Court- pronounced the act of the
Llgislaturo uncomititutintal, and afflitied the
verdict of thejury. Mr: Colk. _Sustained inju
ries which will afffict him so long as he live.,
acid the damage received is but small comport
fiatlon. We congratulate him that' in his case
law and equity go together.
In no
rX) (X)
- - 11.0
A GREAT deal has been said about
the enortrras Income rcuived by the National
Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry in Wash- .
Mgt in, from subordinate granges in all parts
of the country, and mach curiosity has been
exorssed as to the disposition made of the
land which accumulates fraur tho sale of "
penes-bons" and the contribatiotri of dues,
which it is estuntted, must reach several bun
ched thousand dollars per year. A correspond
cot, who is an 't,fricer
,of a grange in Tents,
sends us information on this subject, which is
explicit and interesting to those who possess
ettricsity as to the doings of the Grangers .
Our correspondent says that tho grange of
whic'i he is a member sent the customary toe
or in to the National Grange, and in return
mottived onwltirr -be:Leith brass toolr and key;
• Wank Itti6klerrtlift
the 'll4teretary; thirteen-imbeds and tbirte n
song books; thirteen copies of the Constittitien
l e t listimial- range ; ate suit of regalia for
and one for women members as pattern's,
together with copies et the different blinks
used in the Grange, all of which cost probably
$6 or i 7, which would reduce the amount froin
one inkbordinato grange in the hands of the
National Grange to $8 'or $9, not counting the
satinet dues. When the gra. aitardatineat*
trealp Louisiana, the National Grange distrit
$20,000 among the sufferinggratiger i s
there, and ourrootrespitndent says that it has
contributed large =MI for the relief of grang
ere {rho hare suffered from the devastation
caused by the grasthopperi tti Kailas . arid Nel.
while th e - balanc e . os, its- receipts
been:lny cited-it! Paltod Watts intirlitt•beFO,
bonds, and held as.a fund from ai s hiat e . to dial!
for saslstinino of 'distressed grangers in ciao of
need; TreaAde That if nil the niozcy - sent 4
his gra nge' o the Nitional Gringo bid entirely
diaappeared, he would have considered it as a
good' inreetment, on account of the benefit
which bend his associates hid 'derived trent
the orginizatkih in -matij different ways,.—Er4.
i Um following aketch_ of one Of the
tithes ) otizans . of ihienentity, will be mit with
inter : t hy many relatives and - friends of the
SPAII INCI family. The.aecotint is from.a late
num rof the Canton Sentinel :
"reaI:LACE SPAULDING.—Mr. Editor: A brief
sketch from the recollections cf an old and es.
teemed citizen of Canton, may be of interest tq
your readers.
"Horace Spaulding, b0w.02 yearn of age, and
in a comfortable state of health, came with his
father's featly from Connecticut, (stopping two
vears'in (Meg° county, N. Y., ) curie on to Col.
John 'Spaulding, at Stieshequin. -. Leaving the
family there, Horace Ind his father Ezrai with
their axes,gnus, and budgets, came up the To.
wands, creek Indian trail, and struck in• on the
place now occupied by his son Itei*w, Bylvanus
Modell with whom the old gentleman, now
lives. In the Summer of 1796, he raised a lit
tle grain and built a log hut, into which the
follivrlng Winter the whole family was moved,
wOrking and cutting their way..iip the creek—
there being no roads at that time. Horace was
at this time 13 years old, and entered at ones
upon the rugged duties of frontier llfe.
••In 1799, his father Ezra was tried and con.
victed fur settling and holding his lands under
the Connecticut title, and sentenced to pay a
fine of $2OO and ,imprisonment in the county
jail foe 00 di*s. -Subsequently. on account , of
the mime thing, the Sheriff of Lyeoming
ty canto up' and levied on all their personal pro.
perty Ind burned their house. At the sale, the
property was bid tlf by a friend, and left for
the use of the famihi.
"While the Sherift was bnrning the ,honse, a i
ballet'from some Delghbor'a rifle passed so
comfortably near that he thonght best to make
a rapid retreat to Williamsport.
A cOmpromise on land title was soon made,
which coded all difficulties In that direction,
only it was carried into politics for some years l
'ltio interest of the Yankees was representi
ed in the l e egislatnre by Col: Franklin for ser.
eral years. Horace cast his first vote for him
in 1804, the same year that Thomas Jefferson
was elected to the second term of President of
the United States, and also _voted for General
Grant, at' his' second .electron, 1872. Having
been a voter tor over seventy years, and seen
big children's children'onto the third genera.
_Cop, he has the satisfaction of knowing that
they make good and respectabio citizous and
WOrttlY members of society. More anon. •
DEEDS left for record in the office
for recording deeds, etc . , week ending Mardi
Denpia Mc3lalion to Hiram Dunn, Nov. 284
74, Sheshequin; Hiram Dunn to Bartley Dunn,
March 13, 1875, Sheshequiti; John C Iles tq
F A Bishop, May 28, '7l, Athens; Chas Stock.
welt to Michael Ryan, March 12, '75, Canton;
Wm H Crane to Mary Crane, March 15, 15,
SheshCquin; Geo W Shores to A J Shores, Sept
17; '7O, Shesheqnin; L B Slado to Lyman B
Stuitti,Rent 8, 13, Columbia; Lyman Smith to.
Robelt, Bothwell, Nov 21. '74, Columbia; A H.
Winterrunte to Robort Bothwell, March 5, '75;
Columbia, Julia A Moore to David Beckwith,
Feb 25,'75, Well 1; Peter P French to Henry C
French, Juno 20, '74, Webs; James Griffin to A.
G Baxter, Sept 24, '74, Springfield; A G Baxter .
to John Nolte:), et al., as'nt, March :47; - '1 4 4,A
A Barstow to John A Coddiug, Feb 24, '75, 1 ° :/-
wanda:Boro; V E A J E - Piollot to A B
Feb.l3; '75, Wyßox; David C Bowen et al to
, tt2l-
ron Van Dyke, Feb 16, '75; E W Colwell t 0 ,4,
Fauna, Dec 23, '73, Canton Born.; H
Kilmerlo David Crowley, May 3, 'soi Moshe- .
gum; J M Smith, Sheriff, to E T Fox; Sept IC,
'74, Towanda Born; Moody it Morgan 'to Henry_
W Goff, Dec 10,13, W3'sox; J M i;
to Philip H Yawger et al Feb a, "75, Athens;
JoEepli Foulke to A P Rockwell, Feb 12, '75,
IV Burlington; S M Bailey to Chas P Rockwell,
Dec 12,'71, West Burlington; Burr Chanel to
B Harris, March 17, '75, Towanda.
1875. Harper 's Magazine 'for April, offers.
fresh attractines to all classes of readers. It
opens with a ueautifol, narrative by Miss CoN-i
ErrliqCE F. WooLioN, amply and. finely illnitr
ed, of a Bummer tour among the -mountains rif
'Western North Carolina.' Tho grand and pla
tiireinitio scenery on the French Broad River,.
is here graphically portrayed by pea and pen
cil, and there are numerous character sketches
—always a pronaluentifeatura in Harper's de
scriptive articles.
Readers who have followed Miss TnacicrmAy s
l chariniug serial, "Miss Angel," will turn with
special interest to the article by E. "AfasoN on
"Angelica Kauffman," illustrated by some of
'that artisia tiny etchings-
'The Stztli Paper of tne First Century Series,
is eont i ributed by the Hon. DAvto A. WELL;.,
and id' an ab:e and comprehensive review of
our pr egress during the ceutrwt to manufac
A new.add very important series of papers is
commenced in this number, entitled 'The
Stone A L Europe,' and prepared by an em
inent irahicologist, Prot. CHARLES Rkti. The
treatra.;nt 411 the subject is saieuthic and mod-—thei first installment ulatio4- to the Drift
Period, and coo tatu mg accurate illastrations of
the human implements and animal remains of
that period. •
Te most entertaining and novel feature of
this number, is the Hon. S. S. CUX'd paper on
American Humor, which is; characteristically
illustrated. 31r. Cox makes his readers laugh,
while bads telling them why they laugh.
JastEsystrrox continues his series of papers
on CsadaaturP, dealing this moadn with the
"Caricatures of the Reformation." It is diffi
cult to decide which is the more interesting,
the writer's brtlhaut essay, or the,quaint and
curious illustrations which ho-has carefully se
lected trom so many Bowies. -
• I •
The celebration' this month cf the quarter
centensry of Michael Angelo's birth, gitca pe
collar intsrest t 0 ED , d".itiD Howt.vsn's paper on
teat artliit, treating especially of his personal
history, and giving prominence to his associa
tion with Vittorifi Worms sod his beautiful
' The two serists, of thg Gamp," and
“Mies Angel," axo continued; and there are ilex
three cajrrat aho'rt stems stories : "rhe Widow
Use,' by Roo - . T: 0:ORE; Lion in the Way,"
by Lisicritur PuEecorr draiTortn; and "Shinne
enek," by EIENLY Eciironpl.
The poems of the numb are by It. H. STOD.
The ".Essy Chair" recurs to the moral of JEF.
YEados's "Sip Van Wltikle,' ; and chats in a
characteristic vein about the ()ravine Memoirs,
St. `dentine's Day, and the sincerity "of tru
aoartesi. The ' Scientific Record' is-.very corn
prehecofive in its summary of scientific prog
ress. and the "Drawer" contains sonic hitherto
unpublished anecdotes of President LINCOLN.
I .
SIIESHEQUIN.—Mr. Editor : Bright
days and warm breezes assure ns that another
oavage Winter has, paased. The drumming of
the harbinger of Spring upon tho dry tree,
never deceives us.
And alittle ripple of news is wafted to us up
on a zephyr, that we hi:e a new Postmaster.
We think the appOintment will give general
satisfaction. And what is very pleasant to re
flect upon, is, that the former incumbent trover
hx)ked Upon the office as his wen, be only a
trust in 'behalf of our pimple:mid 'right well
has ho borne the honors of the position; and
most satisfactorily and honestly have the du=
het beeh performed by him for many years
past. Rnlike many, he will retire thankful that
the governnient reposed such Confidence in
him for so long a time. Tile incoming citlcer,
G. W. : 7PlEtt.t.irs, Esq., will have things tired up
in a sfri‘and tasteful manner, and while receiv.
Mg our Mail will get a cheering_ smile gratis.
Pew teen in our vicinity.have done se much to
spread Republican doctrines as Mr.'s,
few i years sics, When the N.' Y. Tribune was
a Republican paper, he got up for it - a club of
180 subscribers in this town. The 71 : ibune hay
ing,gerin over to the COpperheads, body and
sOut, —withoutso much as eh apology for its
former abase of the rum-drinking Democracy
11,1fok the l'lmAr in hand, and raised
dish of nearly a bundled, Thit Wiest Althea.
'he decided to encourage home enteipriie and
inatuary. He has decided not only to raise an
evert hundred for the linewran.l.whksh lir r pret !
ty iieuirdone- T bnt to follow it :np with a
handsoipo ilbUoi the *overly Adobe afe.
mini° WhY? He says their•past history proves
theti‘to be of the true metal; no Sommer lie
publioaniam abort either, but reliable, enter-
PiltiArtg knurl*. -,lio'bits'a way of doing r all he
(?) should be thanked
for giving nes live P. ' ' • •
'Oomiideiable eioknes' L prevailing jilit sow
in various losalities.lOur resident physician.
Dr. Co, has an extensive rids and a success
ftil practice. Re keeps himself so 'thoroughly
,posted in the various diseases and thtir chang
es,. that he probes himself entirely competent
nage the moat insidious .. and coroplioaktd.
_ .
The Chen:mug Bridge, which Is located npon
the bead of Flab Island, since the breaking up
of the ice a few weeks ago, has been under the
Manipulations, it is salt, of the Utter "Alger.
The trade have dirapptared. Hitless
•th• 'venturesome parties can show pretty good
authiiiity, they may end bolts and bars not so
easiii, drawn. Hastily, COMldgif+.
• Tni readings and recitations of
Prof. ./i.tnnaltriSell, on: Wednesday, evening of
last week, seemed to give groat satisfaction to
the audience. He has many strong points as a
reader, that whose bath eyes to see can see, or
ears to bear can hear. His appearance is con
ciliating, to begin with. He bar a pleasant,
friendly face, looking like a gentleman, as he
really) is. There is no swagger or conceit in his
manner-no assumption of airs or display of
professional tricks. He engages In his work
with all .seriousness and earnestness, feeling
tnat the business of rendering . the places se
lected is an educational and elevating ono,-and
bighls respecting his art. His voice is sweet
and clear—an organ of varied expulsion, dab
oratelY trained and under complete mastery.
His adtiag is life-like and full ot . feeling :ho
seemi to lose his own Identity for the tune in
the characters he represents. In the Famine,
from iHiawatha, and in Ihe selections from
Dicasiss, he showed his fine elocutionary cul-
ture and histrionic talent to great advantage.
In many respects his recitation from Hiawatha
was exquisite.. There was a strong flavor of
the Indian spirit in it; the only exception to be
taken inn the score of congruity being the vio
lent sobbing and weeping of Hiawatha. We
do not believe that LDNOFELLOW meant so to
project him. Itather,,we see the true warrior
these verses :
"t 6 both bands his lime he covered,
Seven long days and nights he eat there,
As it in a•esrnon he pat there,
SmcAles& molioniegs, unconscious
Of the daylight or th. darkness." •
The reader of the poem wilt see that there is
nothing in the previous lines inconsistent with
this outward stolidity. His prayer to OrrcricK
Manrfo, and his cry of anguish when he found
Miwnirtana dead, by nn means imply sobs and
tears. On the other hand, they are the wild
ontbreak of a strong, tearless soul; of a heart
that can burataannder but never break.
As to his reordering, Dotheboy'd Ball , it
was terribly powerful. '
_The horrid scenes Cl
that school - bon's hell lived before no. Rome of
ns smelt the battle ear oft, like Jon s War
horsc,a and answered aiml to the trumpets.
Wouldn't it have been good (gallantry or no
gallantry) if NicaotAs had swung .round the
circle and given the estimable Mrs. A , QuEtirts a
taste Of the cowhide? Let the ladtes.testrain,
their indignation! We do not believe in corpo
real penishments. We once went to school do
an edition of SQUZERB In'"hlne and gold." But
Mrs. 89ITEER5!
We liked rrOi. RICUARD'3OI , I'II. gcriliture read
lt May bo too dramatic for ordinary put
pit reading; but it was effective and interpre
tive to;it high degree. Nra were less delighted
with the humorous selections; but such as they
were, they were undoubtedly well rendered.
I • BCpusoros. Hr. Editor : Bur
' lingtori is up here yet, safely nestled behind a
large bilEl that breaks the north and west
winds„ a0:1 near the confluence of Tom Jack
and 8u y creeks.
We bre very Much elated at one time with
th / respect of a railroad. People's ideas, and
, ; 11 l eidate, shot upward like a rocket for a
few days. But only to come tumblittfi back to
the original standard when it was realized that
the prospects of a road had departed with the
engineer and his corps. The truth, upon Killer
reflectiim, seems to be that we are so sand
wich 4 between, and surrounded by, railroads,
on the Borth, south, east and west, that here
we willhavo to stay. But as we . have a daily
mail andplenty of wood,. we can sit by the lire
and read what is going on in the outer world,
and :taro our money (if we have any), and rep
utation', by staying at home. • Public impiOve
went seeming to be denied to, does not take
from utt the privilege of borne pleasures and
home enterprise. We base a, flourishing Sun
day-school, that has entered upon its tenth
year, with unabated interest, under the contin
ued enierint,:ndence of Mr. DaNvans Bonnie.
Organizstion, order and good muic,l'are the
seeming foundation ripen which rests the suc
cess of this institution. The music is greatly
enhauced by Miss ()MELIA &WILMS, who pre
sides at, the instrument with dignity and grace.
But the head and the life is thosuperintendeot,
who, for•nins long years has scarcely missed a
Sabbath, but has been on band to strengthen
the erganization, preserve order, help the mu
sic, and give life to the whole through his earn
est praYers and his zealous and feeling ad
dresses 'to the school.
Rev. G. 8: Titssiire, our sojourner of, the
itinerancy, is a healthy Christian, and an excel
lent preacher of the Gospel. The cornets of
his 'znith have`an upward tendency, and his
manner, is so winning that his enemies are
necessarily tint -few. Although on his second
year here, hie last sermon seems always the
the itillue.lce of such men, mail
their ministrations, WO owe largely our escape
from this cells of the stone jail.
Dr. 0; P. Taaol l has completed an elegant
new drrig store on the site at the one formerly
buried," which ho now ocjnpies with his goods.
The sigh is of black letters embellished with
different colors—the Doctor's own handiwork,
and as an artistic effort is thought to be tin
stirpi.4l by anything iu the line outside the
city of Philadelphia.
• ' Last Pall. W. B. KLINE and Jourt TOXPEIN•
SON, t of our working, enterprising chin nt,
formed a co-partnership with a view to testitg
for lima the capacity of a certain gray lime
ruck, just outside the Borough limits. on the
place flauterly . known .as' Judge. 3.lclizaN'is.
They a capacious and permanent kiln,
with a commddions lime house. attached, ex•
tending! from the kiLi to the road. They fin
ished it; with the rigors of Winter upon them.
Undaticted by the intense cold which follqwed,
and in spite of the stout resistance of the rock,
which has so successfully bid .deflance to the
molestation of man, all the past ages, they per
veveredlin blasting, filaug and buruing the Bret
kiln, end a good finality of lime is tbe resn't,
and tee' company are satisfied that the enter
, prise is, a complete success. This being the
case, add the resources inexhaustible, why are
they not benefactors, and justly deserving the
conaruiMiation of every son of agriculture,
pecially; those whose lands are near the kiln.
It is thought that 'every acre of laud sufficient
ly coated with this limo. may be made to
double its capacity. for the production of the.
cereals.! The grata Winship on our north,
through this enterprise, may find means of a
speedy deliverance from the everlasting pan.
cake, mad a glorious tiansitsoo to plenty of hot
blecnital and toothsome wheat bread.
There wan some damage done, when Sugar
Creek Murat its ice-locka. B. ,Lurnatt'a saw
mill had a. corner 'post and bull-wheel taken
Out, L aiiii ono cad of the darn a.irept arty. The
grist-mill was not injured, and the. Co:onel
soon bad the water under his control again,
and the grist mill running as though nothing
had happened.
A frnitful revival• is now in progreSs at
Luther' School.flouse, under the supervisor
of G. S4uxtcsuz; assisted .337 A. L %NE.
March ,1875.
Boys' lin©n collars at M. E
ltosrAr cuis. .
Neatly printed town orders
fur sale at this office.
. lier; Don't fail to call at -HENDI6. - -
21.4101, it' Son wish to buy anything in the line
of Jewelry, Silver and Silver-Plated Ware.
FOtt RBNT.:--Ten Dwelling Houses,
In Towanda. Born. Terms reasonable. Apply
to 11. E011214 - Tiensttrer's Office,
Go to Buries foVroitieery.
Wallaud Vartabig
caii •wi
cheap at
Fetcrues Blopk.
Sr Go to. BLACK 8 for . China.
-,llolfr Large stock of Pictures and
Plot= Frames. at Wzmioine Atitaater's. Mor ,
ear's Block. .
may, Go to, )3494't3, for, il.v,er-Plated
'ss to S2A. Per,Paj , at home
leimsfrae. kkiisar.
lirmon & CO., Portland. Milne. Jan. 25-17.
. air BLACK • keepa. , good •an
asaortmont of Halves,:rork Carvers, Dutch erSteela,
and sells low enough to mike it an object for yon
to ca.
Norce.—After the Ist of February,
1875, Bi i
ceaur. Jr. EDWARDS ;lose their Wail
ark! will dos quilt bileinees. , •
jail, Limber for p ay. Enquire - ' at FROST
Jc §Olfstilarqipve _ troar3
fig. The best thing in the market
for • nice Knife Is • the. Boll& Steel Knife, Silver
Plated, which BLACK is selling co wonderfully low,
ifir . For all kinds of goods in the
lewillry line, Failat
When you make your purcha
ses for the fitting of I'..e house, fall not to pays visit
to the Crockprrittore at Q. 5,8 1 (4 4 F ,
Dir New goods received daily at
pir"Switthas mace at Mrs. HENRY
Erm(l9l3tilfeB dress making rooms, Arcade Block, of
emit hair and combings also. . .
ger Tamiso Cloth, Black Alapacas,
Brilliantine', Pure Mohair", Black Cashmeres, kc.,
at Karr & WAlllO[lB%
March 17 3w.
t®' Pianos Tuned and Repaired
Orders may bo loft at limit's Drug Store.
Kir Go to :WHITCOMB & SEletreti,
Iforcur's .slock, fur your Books and Stationary.
.$OO,-; For the best Roast or Steak
gotolvicn k 1117NpF.13,14.
HENDELMAN offers a great re
dri9tion in Silvor•Piated Ware.
ter Music - boxes and Musical
VIM O% at UrSDl.latAteg.
ROSENFIELD, the fashionable
Clothier, with his usual enterprise, has already
opened a large assortment of silk and soft bath
of the Spring styles.
hand,. from 1 40 to GO horse=power, cheap for
cub. Address, with full policulare, t Box 501,
Towanda, Pa.
want Five Thousand good, fat Veal Calves, to bo
deliTered any time before tbefiret of July rtexr for
which we will silty the highest eash'prite. .
L'aikUND. Stu. & Zartrzczc.
Towanda, Feb. 10,1875.
Mir The largest and best selection
of Spring and Sminmer goods yet brought to this'
market, is being received daily, at 11. Jecons'.
ma. A. good, Light Wagon, and
Double Harness, for sato cheap. Will take
Lumber for pay. Empire at nos!' & Boss
Furniture Store.
kir If you want to purchase
LAND, read tho D. A. H. advertisement in an
other column.
Iteir NEW Prints just opened at
KENT & WArnors'.
Mardi 17.3 w.
ter. Opera, Field, and Spy Glasses
11 a great variety, at HENDELMAN.B.
have just received their first Invoice of Spring
Dress Goods. no and see them:
March 17-75-w3.
Gold, Silver, and Steel Spec,-
tacks, and Eyo Glasseg, in great variety, at
Eir.Noacarsx'a Jewelry Store.
Ccictans and White Leghorns; also Partridge
Cochips and Light Brahma Cockerels. Apply
to C. D. Casa.
SW . M. HENDELSIAN has the largest.
and beet stock of ladies' and gentlemen's gold
and silver watches' ever brought to Towanda.
. par If you want to secure a good
artietO, and got the-worth of your money, tho
place to go is M. H ENnEL4IN'd.
in, American. and French Clocks
11 great variety, at very low p Hoes, at HENDLII3IAIIe(3,
writ yot want the best Cook Stove
extant, call at JuNE's, in Merenes Block.
Miss ELLA J: . Pownni—is now
prepared to receive orders and make all kinds,
or halt Work, Switches, Braids , Puffs; Curls,
and Frizettes.
tar Keep your feet warm by bay
ing those woo-lined boats, Areties, and warm
shoes, at COn2/.11 & COONS:, oilman the Court
le - A. very large stock of Men's,
Boy?, Youths' and Children's Boots, just re
ceived at Conran & Coos's, opposite the Court
Da.. We shall be prepared
abort time to intim:tractor° Dimbcr 'and Shin
gles. Bring your Loge and Bolts to Fuosz
Sosts' Furniture Factory, Towanda, Pa.
Jan. 19, 1573--.3m0.
j Your wife, husband, daughter
pr sup, and perhaps that "other roller," will be
expecting a pair of alippnrs - about - these days,
and the place to buy then" is at Cousru .L•
COONS, opposite the Court House.
Ho FOE Lamm DAY ! Having
prire6sed another Way; I shall be prepared to
attend promptly to all orders. Special atten
tion will be given to moving household gooda.
Cuarges reasonable. . Tt. S. Tuunt•.en
itilnrch 16, 1875.
aturrowx WooLLEs MILL.- - -Card-
ing, spiuning, and Weaving. also Igannracirtr.
ing, Cloth-Dreasing, etc., ae tpnal. Stocking
-Yarn, Flannel and eloths for gale. )lachinery
running in.good order, and work warranted
and done with dispatch..
.. Never bny a Cook Stove until
you have called at JoNes awl ea4minod the
"Nciv;Ernpiro," a store which bag 'lover
disalipoiuted the expectatiima of tho most fas
tidious honitowifii. •
LIVERY FOR SALF.- 1 -IVe have a Liv
ery of eight horses and good carriages; hack,
etc., which wo offer for sale cheap and on rea
sonable terms. Dn . /hire of our agent at the
stables, or at our Music Store.
Tanta.-The Brat honie - Bonin or 3. F. Coor-
ErCe new store, Warren Centre, F. .A good
location - tor millinery glop. No establishment•
or the kind In tbajoainship. Applicatkau by
letter, or ln-persoM Fill twelve prompt. Mien=
- 3. F. 000PRR:
•Mr Engraving- done at Hrfam.-
sltivrelry Store.% • -- .
se' it is not generally known that
0. wits:mesa, at the Book Bindery over the
Itaroirilii timoe, niihei Mink - Books -any
style s of
.. .ruling . aria binding desired., If you
want s new Ledger. Journal or Docket, give
Fos BINT.-41011110 situated corner
of Locust - and Oben, streets, Towanda. Im
medista possession Einem Terms on (Ai al I the
usual rental until the Ist of April Address,
• Mn.o It. W. PATRICK •
E. ROSENFIELD Las just received a new invoice
of 'ready-made clothing for men and boys, and
a large stock of overcoats of every description,
which I offer to sell regardless of price, to snit
purchasers:. My entire stook - of clothing and
furnishing goods must be sold within 60 days;
therefore, I will seU to Snit each and all: Caine
one and all for bargains to M. E. !Walnut
ice' Every realier - of. the .Rzroirrat
will receive free a copy of the best Agricultural
and Family Newepsper in this country, by ad
!lnswing Moores Rural New Yorker, 78 Duane
street, Now York.
is.. Mr. Wz. BOSTWICK, late of J.
B. Atzte & Co.. can hereafter be found at J. 0.
FnoFT dk.t3oss, on gain street, where he will be
happy to see all his numerous Mends.' . 1 And
any in need of Forniture, or anything in the
line of Undertaking, will find the beet geode,
best assortment, and lowest prices, at their
store, of any place it the country. al :and
see-tor yourself. ,
NoncE.—The Buildibg Committee
'of Asylum lowruihip are , now ready 'to receive
sealed proposali to Wild a. Town Hall, in said
township. The, plans and specifications' can
be seen at the residence of WM. A. Sronni, up
to the first day of March next, 'at which time
AllJbida mnat Ito-prearnteil.
itg-Hanms, at the'Bee Hive St r ore,
has tho gayesi looking show window in_tewn,
and Ills customers say he has the hest: and
&cake. assortment of-fancy and millinery
goods ever offered in this market. Hii'store is
'a favorite resort for the ladies, who are - tinted
for good judgment
o in the pitrehase of goods.
A word to the wisp is sufficient.
THE RrshEzvous.—To all who wish
optrations performed on the teeth, we say go
toDr. DOUSO,WEI new office on State•st., below
'!fain, in Dr.Pnarr's new office building , ate
ond 11 ior. You may rely upon ood work,
corelul treatment, and a
,pleasant instead of a
disagreeable time in the operating chair, .
IIIIRY, iu the Arcade block, opposite the EpMco
pal Church. is prepared to do dress-making in
tho latest style and neatest manner on short
notice and at reasonable prices. • Fitting made
a specialty. Stamping done also. .
der3igned have formed a co-partnership, with
the firm-name of R. M. WELLES it SoN, for the
sale of Farm Machinery; and will carry on their
business, with their office aftei. April Lin the
Keystone Building, or store lately occupied by
T. C. COWEN, next south of the National Bank.
Towanda, March 29,1875.
z The Tompkins County. Adver
tiser, Lilly, describing the 'new, hoproved Self-
Dumping Tompkins Comity Wheel Lake,.,ll
be sent to all applicants.
Basy mothers will be gratified
to learn that there i 3 one establishment iu To
wanda where they eau buy good, substantial
clothes for their boys cheaper than they can
get the material and have them made up.
Juraus Worse, realizing the wants of commu
nity in this particular, has purchased and
selling very cheap boy's clothing of every de
Sea' WHITCOMB 4 SHAUT have the
largest and best assortment oPelegant station
ary ever . offAred in this market. .Their stock
comprises everytitiog in the line, • from com
mon commercial note to the latest and most
"flabby styles," such as Scotch Granite, Satiiii
Rep, etc. - Don't make your purchases until
yen have examined theft. stock.
CASE—DURAND.—At the residence of the
bride's moth r, in Herrick. Dee, 20, Lewis
Case, of Orange C0.,.N. Y., and Lena J. Di
rand. • .
RUSSELL—PARRS.—In Rome, March. 24. by.
Rev. P. Holbrook, lrr. G. W. Russell and Mica
L•. A: ParEF, all of Rcime.
GRACE—ROOF.—At the !Pareanage, Monroe
ton, MarehlB , h, by ner. RAMA Arrnatrooe.
Mr. GeortrGraca and Mei Stella Roof, both
.of Vranktindate.
DUP-AND.—At 1175rrielr, Feb. 17, 1875, Ida Flor
ence, daughter or the late John Durand,
aged 14 year, , , 1 months and 10 daya.
Corrected every weanesday, by C. B. PATOR
subject to changes daily'.
Wheat, 11 bush" '
Rye. 13 bush
Buckwheat, 'B bush
Corn, IS hush
Oats. it brisl2;
Beans, 11 bush
Butter (rolls)
do (dalry,) lts new.,
Eggs IA dos-
Potatoes '
Flour harm' 575 B'oo
Watomrs -or Gusrv.—Wheat 60 lb. ;Corn 56 lbs. ;
Rye 56 lbs.: Oats :12 lbs.; Barley 46 lbs.; Buckwheat
58 lbs.; Beaus 62 lbs.; Bran 20- lbs.; Clover - Seed 60
lbs. •, Timothy Seed 44 Ibs; Dried Peaches 23 lbs.:
Dried Apples T 4 lbs.: Flay Reed 50 lbs.
3 / T *
ES *OLMSTEAD has removed
4.t0 the rooms r4therly o,,fipied Ly 3te,
netowr. u u the north Ado of Midge st reef, where
she wilt be rtea:e‘t to sett all wh , e tre In want or
.eyin g Of ally deheription. Mell anti-hoy's cloth
ing made In'the lie,t planner..
L D o • N CE. - --Delos
it,,,..k v en vs. Nlratn Rockwell and N. S. Den
mark, No. VC, Tel). 1574. Delo: Roukwell
N Irani Itockell and Win. 1.4.1;zer.. No. tiro, 1 , 01,.
14'1. .1. M. Rockwell vs. Niiani Rockwell, No. $1:1.
Feb. T. Is7l. In the •court of roninion - ri e a, o r
itrwlforel county:
The under:Ogned, an Auditor appointed hy
Court. to dist Wade money In Sheriff's hand.
lug from sale of reai e-iato of Nlrain Rockwell.
wllf attend to the duties of Ids appolnttnent al - the
ofiloo at Delos Rockwell. In Troy Borough. Pa., ou
t - E.”;E9nA - r. APHT :D. at lo n'elOck
A. it.. Whirl tit p,mqv; having claims upon
fund. must present that, or i.e debarred from-com
ing In upon the same.- :
March 22. 1 575-vv4
TAKE NOTIC' E. - -Wheierts, my.
wife klargaret.b as tett roy 4 bed and boned Witbonk
any catue or pratcksition thew are therefore to for
all Revlon"' harboring or trbating her on my account.
as I will pay no debts of her contracting after "las
date. CURI DI R. DUNMORE., l.rarth 12. 1875-2 w.
A lIDI TOMS NOTIOE;,-,-;ohli
nohnes Seth Abrams: In the Court of
Common Plea Of Brsdford 'County. N0.,178. Se - pt.-
T.. 1875. ••
The undersigned, an auditor appointed by said
Court to •distribute the money arisimt from the
sale of Dsfendanta, real estate, will attend to 'the
duties of his appointment at his omee In Towanda
Boro on TUItSDA Y.ltfarch LO.laitat 10.0'elock a. m.,
when and where alt persons having claims upon said
funds, must prevent them, or be forever slebati•ed
from co.olug lu upon the aahatt.
Feb. 2346
Notice le hereby given that all persons indebted
to the estate of Julius Wolff. late of Towanda.
dceaaed, are requested to make Immediate paytueLt
and all 'persons,hawing claims against said
estate pima preset them to him only authentica.
led, for settlement. . W3l. Wor.sT,
March 4-7 S. . ' Executor.
.. .
• Tho growing Imgortaticei of h airy farming. Icaun
'Dairymen to , iuquiro . fora moro ototo.mteal and
labor-saving mig Of .4irTtfici 31LL itiati•that now in
So extensively used in'the New York Dairy County,
la the most perfect arrangement for saving labor
and getting all the crAsin outlined in milk during
hot weather that is now before the public; can con.
trol the tempetature of hie milk at will by our
patent regulator, and save two thirds of the labor,
Reddy competition, and guarantee to surpass-1e
weight and durability any pan to the market. E..
tire estiatiction in every case, or the pans may tar
returned, at our expense. alter 30 days' trial.
Apply for circulars and information to
Warretatamdtradtord Co., Da.
it M. Watts .L• Sos
New Aavaresementi.'
81 20 ijl 130
iliN W. 111 N,
L O. Frost & Sono.;
lug their usual Op
' %ply of Goods for the Spriott
Trade, and bevel an blind. of 'th eir
own make, fall line oc
• the beat turnltureto
be found in
• •
. •
From $28.00 to $:04.401.). inaliing the largest
1 -1- 4 R L Si"ir 8,
1 SO @, 2 00
20 9
-, •
If Son,are in need of anything in theline of
dertaking, you in 1 flan tho'
' _
tif auy Huuao ig Una
ftereemt*r, we are selling
r -
111{11tl 1411 : te8,
r - .
, •
SPRITilt* OF, 1875.
now: recefl+
We have In deck
While etir assortment of
- - 4
-- • •.
Waa never butterl
, I
1 i
~ ~ I
Main Street.
No* Ad.
, 1
Ake now re:celvin
The largetstock
1 -~ ~ .
Mn hcautlful color atul desigtil
I •
! •
WA LL P:A 1 1 E11, 1
j u,t o~~•~jed
Tai all of which thcy
1 , 1.
lar.•h 23., 1..7:i
, ,
The nedersignal hiving pnrchasod the goods audl.
leased the store lately: occupied by Julia. Wolff. re 4
spectrally invite the attention of the public to their 3
- •
stock of— f ic
•-• ' , 1 • - 1 ,._ . , - I - Iri
1 ~..,
suitable or sp4eg tr ,
! de. 1
; L
• - -
From: our experienee in the business we are row.
(dent that we shall be able to meet the wants of
our customers-'
. • i
Our assortment of
. . .
, -
1 . ... , 1
caanot be equaled ' by an, other establiehment
1 t 3.. 1
•,' i ' d
. • in
.:• . 1 i
And our ;niece for _
ALL GIO 0.1) S
defy cmpidition.
/Fr Remember, we ieepi everything in the lino
Such As
-. -- .7
pßeln be r the place, - the 011 'Unit of For & fief..'
cnr, coiner of Math and Pitta Etreets.
•,. . ,•. • • ; • ii
' Towanda, March 17, 11175.'4 „- I i
A SSEGNEE'S SALE.—The utider
11 signed Assignee of the estate of • Einover A
Beaver h'Bwarts, Bankrupt"; will expose at public
vale at their late place :ef bOsiners. Wyantainh. Ps!,
on "WEDNESDAY, MARCH 01er. 1875,-a large lot of
reasoned Lumber suitable for ,wagon manufacture;
including all%it 2,001) feet o$ prime Write Hickory,:
also; I,lkes, hobs, ri s , paints , oils; yarn( hal.
end a variety t material used in wagon mannitict
gre. Al o, one Lumber Wagon, one Platform Wag
on, one Democrat Wagon, O e, Buggy, and Bann
mph' inter% at in one 81ei g 3 . and' Lumber
TERIIB.—AII sums undiF ss.' gas ; all; aims
over $5 and under $25, three mo the; &Ramis over
$ O 5. six months, with note aligned approved •*7
Clarity. ;' . M. D. RIDGWAY,
81ar17.'15: Assignee !. I
- -
A lIVITOR'S Nan' the
.11 Matter of the estate ofliWm. Johnson,
• he undersigned haring Seen appointed' auditor•
by the Orphanti.' Court of Rtadford minty, to the'.
tribute fut.& belonging to 'Mid estate to the tondo',
e administrators, will Attend to his duties at
the office of Peet & Davies,'ln the borough of To:,
wands, on MONDAY, April ; 19, 1875, at 1 o'clock
M., at which time and p'4•3 all persons Ironing
claims against said fund are tiquired to present the
Rams, or be forever _ debarred from coming in upon
said fund. HENRY PEST. .
March 17.75.4 w. Auditor.
A UDITOR'S NOTICE. 7 -7- In the
matter ,of the estate of goon In the Ori
pliati's Quirt of Bridfori County. - • I
The undersigned, an auditor appointed, by the
Court — to distribute !nude fin the hand& of al l
minisirator .of, said estate will attend to the
ditties of his ippointnient lit hic.ofilce in
borough; Pa., on TUESDAY . ; the 6th day of
1}75, at HI o'clock a. zu., at if hich time and place
all persona . having claim, upon said funds,
must present them or be titterer debtrred:from i
coming ite.nn same. . - on the
WM: AL cif MOON.
Itch .4.760,41 ' - Auditor.
FOR-.SALR OR RENT.- houeei
and lot on Second Street, Ward': &winks [
location. rM.o • large dwelling tioule to rent to one
or more tsmtlleu, oonviontly,tocated and well slip.
plita with tater. Inquire at this °thee.
March 1745. .
Notice is herebygiven that all pinsonsindebtimi
t , the eist.te of Josiah Wm • late of Taseezonii;
deed. mint make immediate meat. sad pet.,
smut having claims against estate must meth*
them duly authenticated for isthement- i
Illan4 ISM
AL, - CO.l
• II
0.17 013111110,