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Towanda, Tlnwathly, March 18, 1875.
Cusinant Fox has 'reit appointed
MW Agent on the &Mean ic Erie road s in place of
0. M. Witeoi s resigned.
THE Bradford Vounty Council P.
of it: will meet at the Coma Hone Tenesuda, on
the 25th day of Karen, l8s5 • at 1 o'clock P. id.
THE Spring term of the Susque-
Imps Collegiato 'lnstitute; will commence
April 5, 187:. - New sdrerUsemont next week.
. _
Eimer • Orrarox, of Wilkes-Barre,
died in that city last Thuteds.T fropi 21"PcV°17,.
aged 68. He wits tinionselotui from the time of Lis
attarA. and died in abort two hours.
How. C. R. Brcrarmw has entered
Into partnenthlp wlth4onst LMICH. Esq.. of Wilkes
. Barre, and ea attend to legit bui3iness In the courts
of Mikern• connty.
r" A TE!SPERAECSI meeting will be held'
at 4.g" P. Id., In the Lecture Boom .of the M. E.
Church. Sunday afternoon next, under the auspice,
of the Good Templar'. Everybody ie invited to
Marrilo will be held at CARL ' S
Lellaysoilleon Paturiley next, at 1 P. M., for
the pnrpor of taking action in regard to organizing
a National Bank ai the above place. All Interested
in the project are invited to' be pre mien.
Taz Mends of Dr. S. Cnrssucx
a RAU% presented him with i beautiful and val
uable-gold watch, on Patnrday evening as a
testimonial of the high esteent le which the Doctor
tie held by his Seighbors. -
A. - A., KkENt.i, County Superin
,tendent, has a supply of SCbool Laws and Su
perintendenta' Reports for. 1874, at his office
with NOBLE & VINCENT. 'Sthool Directors de
-siring copies mil please can when in-town.
WE are pajned to' lara that a min
of H EMIT T. DO:4N of the Gold Spritig Fishery.
was drowned in the creek near Laddsburgh, on
Toe edgy last: Tbo deCeased las a bright. prorate
] ing boy and his sudden death Is a eveie blow to hi s
a Meted parents. The body had not been recovered
; on Wednesday morning.
AN EFFORT is being made to, organ 4
ize a Yonng- - Men's Christian Association. and
free Reading_ Boom, is this .place, and i wo trust
all - good citizens will Aid the enlerpkise. If one
thonsind dollars cm be raised to fit np rooms,
purchase papers, magazines, etc., the Assecia
tion.will be organized at once.
JUDGMENTS were rendered in the
Supreme Court in the folln , wing cases on Mon
ds):;.March 15:
Covert v JODC.3.' Affit Pa..k. N. Y. E. P
A Canal Co. vs 11. J. Madill.: Affirmed.
The latter was a Bradford conicity case, which
was certified to Snkquehanna county.
WE are pleased to 'sse our young
friend Dr. D.'LEowaiiPar. 7, : at hone again. Dr.
P. graduated as the recent commencement of Jeffer.
son 'Medical College, Philadelphia, and Wall one of
the few who rPceived apeefal mention from the 'ae-
We understand he will : enter into business
with hie father. If he_rroves : la successful a prac
ticioner, and useful D. 8 Pasar, the
time and , money expended 'ln fitting him for hla
profession will not hare been thrown away.
. THE people of Asylum' township
bare derided to erect a bnildig far township int.-
po6c;, near the center. Tbe . house Will be two, sto•
riel,.ttie;first to be used" for school purposes, and
the upped room for a .Grange lialland other public
meetings. KOGSLXT is: the. contractor and
Col. W. U. STOEIII, Hon. B. LAPpitTE, Cal. ATERS, F.
H. 11.slizamsN and B.icsttnn are prominent
members of the building committee. The building
will cost about $2,500. ! •
THE wardens ,and:reery of St
Paul's Episcopal Chnrcti, of Troy, on Saturday,
passed the following resolution :
"That in view of the rem, al of Rev. Dr. L
D. Ferguson, from this place, we ; express,our
regret at his departure as a serious,loss to our
church and society. We:consider it our duty
and privilege to render this; testimony of our
love and esteem for him as a man and a Chris
tina as well as that of our appreciation of his
ability and eloquence is n preacher of the Gos
pel, which his church , and Congregation have
unanimously espresseil during his labors here.
Meanwhile our best wishes and prayers attend
him and his family to a tiff; and as we trust,
to a SlaCCOSral field of labor,'
'llr.v. L. D. FERGUSON, hector of
St. Tanl's Episcopal Church, in this village,
preached an able au.l finished_ discourse, at the
Methodist church, on Sunday evening, to a
good audience. Dr. nuonsoti is a 4ue speak
a man of pleasing presence, and his floishecl
delivery and elegent prceiion of language,
coinhine to make his pulpit efforts very enjoya
ble. During his stay in this place he has
ed. many warm friends who will Wish him sne
'ess in his new field of !abet . ; ono of the most
promising. in Northern Michigan. His eon,
Ecniicnr V. 1. l'Enotrsos, young• roan
y tastes and ability, who was formerly
editor of the Wellsh3rO' ././2ho"ci - af, we under
stand goes to Northern New York to engage in
th.e‘MoriilprOfes,i on again. ; —N. T. Gaz2lde.
THE Pisgah Praying Band, ten in
number, mea who have consecrated their time
and hlbor the Lord, under ; the leaderiship of
Joss W. MILLER, responded to the call for
help !row the pastor of ;the Presbyterian
church toWel,e. Nobly did they heed the cry
ef,"Coine up to the help - cr the Lord, showing
by their walk and conversation that God kas
iudeed with them, ready and wilting to bless
their !ahem The- Holy Spirit seemed to -be
their gMde and strength. For. 3. days they
strove wi b God and man, ' and the Lord tri
umphed gloriously, while 181 persons hawed at
the altar as seekers, nearly all of whom were
happy in GA, through 'Christ, the ever
living S.viortr. It is the kreats.Ht Work ever
dos . f,r. tio Master in this section. Msv God
ble , :t the Pisgah Praying Bank' in their. work:of
WE CORRECT two or three of the
rainy tyoographi;4l errorsSoccarin7, in the pa
-1):. published in the educational column -this
Tno corrections were - made too lite' tn
hppear in-their proper place. Under ttnidis
cassion of Normal S 4 chools r it should read "oar
county Bnporintende4t says that scarcely one
sixtieth [instead of one-aiatemithl -of, our
teachers come from our Ncrinal Schools."-'
L Aga'n, "And yet.onr State is annul - 11y spend
ing one hundred. thousand ($lOO,OOO dollars,
more or lers, in six or eight,itivored localites,
et c., 4 istead pf ono mil:ion, ($1,001,000) etc.
Again, nn•lEr the head :Common Schoo
" Itafh , ±r, the" .34,rd4 of. president Ecmorr,
"Let u. 3 cling fast to th. 2 grnnirle American pys•
:tip." etc G,rtn3n-Atherican,
4S AN NitPmpt is ,being made by
thi dentocraizy to make it appear that Sheriff
mirEt is eule:.v,iriag to postpone pr prevent
tLe executiOn of BUOWS, the murderer, we are .
t4esge I to gel the following' contradiction, in
the lit journal:
"47;licriff Smith eimes in for a shim of con
dcrarhita,:: also. He Is charged with being an
,. iliing to execute this man,: sod with having
alopte,l thni.Means of seenringla postpone
ment of it unlit after his term of office has ex
pired. lie has been attacked and limited
through the newspapers of gross derelictimi of
duty, an, with a want of sefftaknt huaithond-to
parry out the requirernants .; of the law in this
ease. II the allegations are true, he deserve*
/t all and more* ' deserves to be held up to pith
he contempt and condemnation, and should do
—as some of his tierce assailants adiise—re
bign his O .
leo haudicapable and willing to
perform all its duties. r • t
"But no one has a right to attack and eon- -
demo on mere suppo-itions.' Wishing to trzoiv
tonnething of. the truth -of Abase charges, we
have made some inquiry iq regard to them . ,
and we are glad to say we can find nothing
whatever to warrant them.. • We are satisfied
sheriff Smith has had na part in these proceed
I"We say this simply as a! :natter -sf jueti 4 e,
feehhg it to be nothing more than is due. (Yur
readers can bear he witness we have - never
ecibeise the 0131 , Nal career oT our
Sheriff, and we cannot, therefore, be open to
the accusation of endeavoring tV phieb hnn be
e:iv:Fe or partisan vyrapithy,'
hivdr.ever given t!•^,dzrge.a agaiult 040
S'unt. 7 , #4yl Attention,, frrigt ttie plot t , t4st ae
' 6 A . 44 , 4 3 415!
Enemylour. DEPAIrrIfIiM The
ehairman of the editorial erommittee, desires,
through the local column, a word with Edema-.
elates first, to the reading patine afterward. •
The editar in chum intistfortoard his incit
er 'an that it my rem* the 'printing offlee ou
the Werinerdai preceding its pe2'Zkation—one
week in,adrance. _
Excuses are unpleasant, but sometimes ne•
oessary. The4sditor of the educational column
last week failed to send his matter to the office
in time for publication. Another took his
phi:a), and haatily improvised a column, giving
the delinquent 'one a chance to exhibit this
week. The,same tardiness repeatedlio doubt
his articles were good and practical; but tinier.
tunately they are. in the printer's drawer, in T
stead of the educational department, being two
days late. We trait hereafter:each- editor will
carefully do his work in time. It se, the col
umn will be invaluable to tin; teachers. The
anbwers to the problems and other interesting
matter will appear nes week.
•ED. REPORTER': Well, I -see your
blood-thirsty corre s pondent is again on the
rampage. Ris harangue about. the repeal of
the 'aw of God, is u weak as it is ridiculous.
Does not the same law, given by whom he
quotes, demand,
.`lEye for eye, tooth for tooth,
burn for born," etc.; - . hut Chrhit said " I say
I unto you, Resist not evil; but overcome evil
with good." And this he cslle mawkish, sickly
isentimentalient. Who pretends that there is
any evyenie for the crime of ALBERT Snows?
But thiiblool-thirsty animal (for it is the ani
mal, and nor the man) demands his life without
delay;-entirely 43noring the power and ability
of God to punish forsin; and he even goes so
far as to slander the good fieople of Rome,-by
saying that they demand there shall be no de
lay in having Borne man kill this molt misera
ble creatura. It this is Um) of the Romans,
(which I du not believe), their bad best send
their "Justice," who, I have no doubt, would
be much more in harmony with his 'nature in
the performance of finch work, than in teach
ing morals in tho commnnity.where ho resides,
in accordance With the teachings of his Divine
Mister. Very Truly,
East Smithfield, March 13 : 1875. •
T#E building of a new house of
worship by the Presbyterian society, seems
now to be. a foregone conclusion: It was an
nounced at the coegregatiorial meeting last
Wednesday evening, that the twenty thousand
dollars teeded had been fully subscribed. A
- meeting Of the subscribers has been called for .
this (Thursday) evening, at the church,
ning at Dr o'clock, to take immediate measures
for the new building. A site will bo selected,
and committees on plaooii caul bonding bd ap
pointed. The choice. of location will probably
be made from the following lots, viz : the Lewis
lot, neit to the old church; the Ballard lot, op
posite; or the- Herrick lot, on- Canton street.
The last named lot will be thofight by wally to
be the best rite in the town for such a church
es will undoubtedly be built. Some, however,
':re much attached to the vicinity of the old
building. By th- terms of the subscription pa
pers only bon4file subscribers will be entitled
-to vote, and each person may 'deposit' one- vote
for each hundred dollars. subscribed by Imo.
The new building is to be. in modern style,
probably of brick trimmed - with stone. It will
consist Of a main audience room, and suitable
Sunday-school - and prayer-meeting rooms, with
elmrch parlors. The Presbyterian church slid
congregation are to be congratalured on the
suceoss of the undertaking thus far. It augurs
well f-ur the future,—X. T Gaz••tte.
With the various temperance societies now in
existence, it *Dahl hardly seem that there is
room for morn, and yet we opine that. the new
order just inst)t7ted at Caapenter's, will pro"e
-a success. From a cursory examination of the
constitution and ay-laws, we feel justified in
pronouncing the "Patrons of Temper i ance,"
cqualg not superior to any other temperance
society extal:l; Our friend, IL .11.51cNi..i - r, his
been largely instrumental in bringing tlio new
candidate for public favor into existcnea
the care with Which the thrall, by-lawJ,
have been prepered, bespeak his earn
in the cause. The large stiope given to v
in conducting the atnirs of the - order,
surest guarantee for its ultimate Tripti
the sanguinary war it Lae engaged io ,
the monster vice, intemperance. We hi
bid the organization and its fouudera,
speed. The following aro the oftiaers o
penter Lodge for the present year:
Worthy Sire; E. L. McNerr;Tatriarch,
MeNE - rr; V. Matron, Mrs. N. hence; Ch
C. B. 'alas; Marshal, A. 3lownr; Assl
sbal, M. MeNnir; Lady Ass% Marsha
EMMA McNErr, Guardian, airs. is. E. J. .. 1 1
Sec's. Miss Mame E. PIERCE;, Treagurfir i l
C. McNntr. ; , Lancr Guard, I. F. Cooy;._l
Guard, S. L. ittrry.
DEEDS left for record in the
for recording deeds, eto, sepek ending M u-ch
- C Stockwell to G W I Griftin, Match ia, 'cV:l
Canton; G W Griffin, fo!Anna M. Stockwell, Feb
17, '75, Canton; M ('barn to Samuel 0 1 . burn,
Dec 30, '65, ti,4esilegnin; Moses Je.fferal jr to
Erastus C Qa:ck, May 1, '74, Wilmot; A Vicki
' zer to Alice OSboru, April 24, 172, Albiny; A
Wickizer to Andrew Osborn, Dec C. '73, Albari;
Amos .0 Bale 'to Eno CalitT, March 30, 74,
Springtiolt; Enos Calif to Justin. E Mai
30. 74, Springfield; Justin E Calif -to EnOsCa-
Jur, March 30, 74, Springfield; Wm 11 Forgawiti
to Chas P Forest, Fe,b - 13, 74, I'lSter; TH Hal
comb to Chas P forest, . Feb 17, '74, 'Ulster;
Aaron Yann - attsn to James Higgins, Ma!rch'9,
'75, Win[iharn;Wm El Darling to, ,L P e.
al Febl% '75, o_rwell; Josep'i Yetter to A G L
.F.)rd, Oct I; A;hsny; Dancers Hourne to
Geo.D Borirne,: March 9, '75, West Burlirizton;
Peleg Peek to Josephine Peek, /pre 1, T m i r l, Syl
vania; Peter , Pick to Jo•ephire Mosier, ay 24,
Svh - ania; Wm Conrtney to W H Mosier,
Jan 1, '75, ColatAlA.; C B Strait to David iS De
-Forest, Oct 31.':70, Armentry„ Pomeroy Bros to
David S Dn Forest, log 4,, '74, Troy; David •
Palmer to D S Da Forest, March 26, '73. Arme
nia; Crirnwiti Brush to Giles N De Wol, July
17, '47, Pike; 2)hPrt • T Brampton to Giles N
Ds Wolr, Feb 20;1'5, Piles; Ame.ia. A Baratrir
to FIJI Johnson, Feb at, '75, Tuwandal B 40;
Commonwealth t.) H W Hughes, Jan 16, '75.
Shesh4quin; Chas Wurternburcer to Ge i lirge'L
Wurtehnrger, March 11, '75, Wysox; • red H
Owen to Hirriet F Cole, 'Ararch, 10, '75, Ny;: - ox;
Ilarr;i•t F CuletoCh ad IV nekernburger, March
11,'75, Wysos; J M Smith, Sheriff, to N
lb. '75, Windham; N C Elbl.reeltt
John L 14weit, Feb 16, '75, Windham,! John
Beidieinan to Q Essenwine, Starch 11, '75, To•
wanda Duro; Thos Pert to Wtn Watkins, Jnly
16, '72. Athenslloro; Timothy Collins le Ellen
Danoran, Nov 1.1.'59 ItAgbury; IPiiiiam rtyan,
gnardian, to Michael Ityan, Dee 13,'74. Caetcm;
oe:o S EetElle to .nary W StAnley et al, March
13, '75, 'l",)wcals Barn; Geo C 141 A to AI IV Al
ger, 31 ireli 11, '7l, Orwell.
ON Fridiq night last, "Myers'
MCI," just north of this piaci., was enteied 'by
Imr,glarswho 6A therefrom twenty.ond sacks
of flour. they; made an entrance thr,dugh a
window, and earlied the fiiur out throngh an
opening in the g i3ngine room. A team of horses
and a sleigh were on the outside of the mill,
and after loading up they drove off. or iltauree,
the next atoning the, proprietors, Messrs. Fos-
TER S Co., discovered the lons. and at once in
stituted measures N capture the thiev i esand
'recover thellinr. The first clad they laecer
taine4 was from a man named Baker, who lives
np on the plank road a little way from! here.
Re said twdmen left a team of honest at his
barn on FridXy night; about 12 &el° k the
samo night they came 'for them. Thki men
•'put up" that night in the Glen House near the
entrance of Towanda Glen.
Mr. Scorr went to Officer Barns for assist
ance, and that night (Sattirday),Scorr, litundis.
and FLUNK ATEVENB started' co the wait r Mb*
They first took their coif's° east to Win ham,
and about' five', miles from the "Stone Jug."
near the State line, they discovered whore
men whom they wero in search of bad been
staving, but, could learn nothing as to their
whereabouts; from herelluasillfoio to Owego,
but could find :nothing of the Ibievee. i - They
learned, however, of their bad character, and
that they wcroWell known as thieves by the
people of that , sc , cttoti. • . 1
F- 0 x r .hi'
rrom , regn Mime in parstut fume dOwn to
Factoryville. Ni T., hoping to meet the!baig•
lan on the toad. At Tozer bridge, in Athena
sowuship, on 3pechay night, the imrstiiiik patty
got on their track. 1, From the bridge.tender it
was learned MA..the men, team and sleigh an
swering to the description °Niacin* bad Passed
over a short time before,ZArrangemootar were
! 1 1!! 4 !' P!Mi! !h°Y T'rPle took !!1° ti` . 04 04 , 1 , 5 .4 4 1
should follovi that ind fed" ont'thati hiding
*eel this he tile, ued mon after Officer BMWS
and his puffy -taro notified, and tit , a short time
Were on their track and followed them to Wel
oott's Hollow, in. Athens township. arming
htar.ed from some of the inhabitants of the
nedghborhood where thesuspeated parties were
living, thaws and companions cautiously sp•
preached the house as near as possible without
being discovered;and !hen Urging his horse to
its swiftest pace, drove up to the door of the
house just In time to 'Nag/ out and seize one
of the men who bad seen him coming end was
endeavoring to escape.
The door was then brnken in, and his com
panion, who was dressimi, was also arrested.
They were Informed that dune guilt was hally
established; an&the,place where the floor was
secreted was demanded of them. After some
protestation that they did not know, they made
a clean breast of It, and took their captors to a
barn near , by, and from, under Abe hay drew,
forth the 21 missing bags of flour, They were
pronght to Towanda that same day—Tuesday—
Ind had- a hearing before Justice 'Tidd, on
Wednesday. Both plead guilty and were lodg
ed in Jail to await their trial.
The pursuit' and capture of these criminals,
reflects great credit on Officer Bumes and his
associates. .Froml2 o'clock,Baturday eight to
Tuesday noon; he traveled over 200 miles, aid
although starting in the wrong direction, with
out the allghtest clue to guide him as to their
whereabouts, ho overhauled the criminals in
the short time above mentioned. The names
of the pri t saLors are En. Thoturreat and CEUX.
ValgrE4 T .Tourrica. '
Tag following letter from one of
he veterans who escaped death by the sword,
during ih`ei lito war, but =returned from the
battle-field In a helpless condition, will touch a
sympathetic chord in many breasts in PAN
enmity, at was not penned for publication, bat
we take the liberty of giving it a place in our
coltunns in order to direet attention to the
large eltve to which the writer belongs. Oen it
be that the people of this country can again
trust the affairs of the government in the
hands of those who wore the cause of such
misery and suffering as may be witnessed in
these National Homes :
'Montgomery County, 0., March 10, '75.
Eli. -REP:Nana : Please tied enclosed ten
cents for two copies of the Hamirren-the ono
of week before last, containing my friend Hew
ett'e letter (rein Hampton, Va., and last week's
paper, which has missed us from some cause,
and I'must be permitted to add that its ab
sence seriously disappoints mary besides your
humble servant, as-It is the only paper receiv
ed at our reading room that is published be
tween Harrisburg and Elmira; except the Agi
tator. Wobave no fund from which we can
pay for papers, and have to depend upon Law
liberality of maths':Jere. There is hardly a
towt.ahip in old Bradford that is not represent
ed here, and all are anxious for home news.
The donation of your paper is pure benevd
lence, and you have our warmest thanks. !.
"I am not a native of your county., , I hare
been twice a resident of, and a freqnont visitor
to it, and count my friends. from Herrick to
Wilmot ; The last resting
_place of my father
and mother is in the little cemetery at Wyalri
sing. I believe I can count relatives by the .
tive-score in the southern part of Bradford. I
think I am the first school teacher of the male
sex that ever taught in South Herrick; it was
in the Winter of 1538 -the happiest of my life.
lint what a change! Then I .was passing from
boy to manhood, and the country was a wilder
ties;=; now it is almost a garden. And reading
the.prorince statistics, reminds me forcibly of
the prediction , made by Capt. Huff at a log
raising in the Winter referred to, that Bradford
county would be the greatest dairy section of
l'enusylvabia.' I believe the verification is ap
parent. But I suppase lam bothering yon.
If the amount enclosed is enough for the pa
pers and the postage, please forward as soon
as convenient. Any way, It is all the =Loco. I
have; but 11l tell you what I will do, if you like.
I will as•soon as I can. write you a careful de
scriptioti of this beautiful place. I am one et
War's victims. :Of all my limbs, I have only
the use of my left arm and hand. Rheumatic
neuralgia and paralysis is the cause. Std lam
only one in the many. Think of 44 deaths here
since Jan. 1. That is the WV old soldiers go,
There, now, throw it in the wastebasket and
say -"bosh." , Very respectfully, •
; <. Isman Batirnev.
IIEAL PUNIBIII4EIT.-40 and Jl3l has been to a
dnicuAi , ton on corporeal punishment. A smooth
faced, ginut : ruanhered gentleman, that did ti l t
bristle a Lit for Lis claugo in the argument,
intimated that this method of government sa
vored too strongly or brute force to be a very
reliable or t inctnal means of resort, either in
family or - sehooLadministration. He said that
dome%tic or educational institutions, where it
was used most vigorously, was n't always nridei
the Lest subjeclion.
Jilt nudged .me,, and I nudged Jur. We
IiDOVI , 4 all about it. We've had corporeal apr
plied in every available manner. We's gone
through all the stages of coffin, and spankin',
and switchinl z as regular as we've gone through
oar pantaloons. We expects to bear •it jilt en
long as we ain't the stoutest, and has to. Then,
says we, well, find who does the subduin'.
I've Bern mhrder in Thee eyes, when a whip
was plavin' over his shoulders, and I've felt ki.l
- inside me when I heard the blows fall; and
we 's afraid, we can't go to heaviin; if we has tO
go on conditien of Irwin' folks that, has licked
is the
1 ph in
• artily
G ic:-
111. B.
M :-
n ELT;
We'd a been glad to iiaTt• h od 'em spare us
the necessity of such hard work 'at forgivin*,
but they wouldn't, and they had the best °tit,
when we was too weak and t• -, o little to help
ourselves; and ifeverit turns out that we get ,
into paradise, they must keep clear of us.
The g'entleman that was against raw-hidie;
wasn't any soft-rnnscled fellow, either. Hei
managed Teat BECBE by the sheer force of cool
gray - eyes, that said, "I'm the'reaster, boy," as
unmistakably and elnctnaly as if there had
been a whirlwind of birch-witha whistlin'. over,
his weather-beat back. -
It don't hurt a boy to "be - collared, and
brought up short, when he's goin' wrong, bul l
forty or fifty ferule blisters on- the inside of his,
banes, don't do much for Mtn in the way of ed
ucation, and me and Jim has gottbo whole lot,
of 'em--school-ma'sms and "pro term" stud
divinity students that-are expertmenthe on the
imail fry,—with good, stiff black marks tot
set down . against their conscientidns acd re
opon . Oble names, for future consideration. We
wants to show 'em hefore they go hence, what's
t'ae experience, of belt' overcome and pat .down.
tinder 'ho fantastic toe of a physical intierior,
and thein Mikes stcalsite theology,, and educa
tin' NI. tha means of promulgatin' it, will get,
some gratuitous and enlighteniti' advice on the;
way thev are to represent the will of Him they
c!airus as Heavenly Parent, to the understand
in' of lads who.arc lookie for the -Fatherhood
of God, ,through the smutty medium of their
tyrannical administration.
sir; we boys is n't fools. Beatite don't do
as much toward goveruin', .as it aces toward
comprerisin' reliellimi,tbat's sure to break' out
some daY, with the full force of its suppression.
One day there were some nice, ChrietirtoKo
.men to our bongo • sisitin'. They and ino\tier
was talkin' about whippite children. Blothier,l
and one'ef the mildest of 'ern was sort of ron- 1
trite for limn' smacked them nore'a they'd
seen the particular benefit• of; but the other
one, thit - was smarter and spunkier; and had
more Ei r idipiciro at band, come down on 'em
promiscuous, by dee:rain' that if there was a
plain command in the Bible, it was to "lick
young ones." Dein' young, epee, and havin'
full faith in the good woman, wile was a lively
Sunday-school teacher, me'u "hat hasn't been
very anxious about inibibin' Bible doctrine
since, We gets along with the creeds, and the
collects, and the hymns, and the Sermons on
the 4onnt, but when it comes to the law and
the prophets, we skips 'ern, and leaves 'em for
them that holds on stricter to the letter than
the spiri t. •
Me. Euston : ' Have you ever heard
of the Dickens Club? Not? . Well, I am as
tonished. Most tally is the old saying vended,
"A prdphAt is not without honor save in his
own country." Well, Mr. Editor, such a &vie.;
ty does exist, and flourishes finely,
sod ibis
said cab was invited by Mr. 11--; of Green
wood, to accept of his hospitality. Last even
ing was the one atipointed. The " gods" were
propitious, and seat us a lovely night and mer
ry hearts, as with bright anticipations of plea-;
sure we wended our u-sy to where the "iron:
horse" ;was standing, pairing arid blowing,
eager as ourselves to be off. How.many thanks
the party owe to DARIUS, whoso generosity and
thoughtfulness provided such a comfortatifi
mode of conveyance.- Who will dare to say
!again, that BAIIIIIS is a 9ittle'near ?" not Pea-
Garry, I keel, who has before had proofs of
his kindness:of heart, in golden fruit; and how
ungrateful to still persist in saying, 'that Mut
ate, though the best of husbands, is still a little
near." Arriving at our destination, we bad to
take IL sliest walk, bat it bad been by the pa
liteneill of our beta rendered• much Moro
agreeable tillU'altr street crousiegi in taint
the 4 91 • W. l ?! TA..1 1: ! 11 .! E , 4 e4Pit fat 47
beilwe the whiter kiosk* irhose !ampler
bin doors were soon thrown open to admit as
to the light and warmth within.
After divesting ourselves of numerous wraps,
we proceeded to pay oar respects to uer ea
tandners„ who, we could see, made us trakoute
with cheery millet and hearty haraelispe. Our
worthy president introduced the distingulalted
coapany, Who lbrthwith proceeded , delight
the' assembled multitude' with ipeoimens o(
elocution. Who can say that DAVLD RAS not
there,' the weak, effeminate DAVID . , so undecid
ed and dependent •on the stronger laud aid
w4ot his gentle Aunt ' Demo was al
waye falling in lore, and when the last fair one
disappointed hinf, be eschewed "bear's gratis.;
gold chili* and his best clothes." Now spoke
up MisaiDlOVlNlVlrboso horror of boys was (a a
merture'overcome by the submissivenms of
her' nephew to be led by her strong good
genie: 'Jana; too, ever on the alert for -"don
keys"—the avenging - Ns:mu* of Aunt Oilier,
for. they would trespass on her one sacred spot
of green. Look at Mr. Dam, poor Mr: Dicg,
with his "Memorial" ever unfinlibed,Abr
ClailLTA L wee forever rising before him with
his headless trunk. -We also heard from Mr.
Wairria.n_and his lovely daughter Ione; the
tender friend, and counsellor: Of coarse the
irrepressible 'Old Soldier" bad her -say:. kihe
alwiyi had, "In season," but mostly "out of
masim," totally oblivious of the tact, that her
meek daughter Aware (who sat meat toter)
mold Possibly object to having her inmost
thotights and feelings exposed to the publics
gaze. The coachnron, I imagine, was trying to
have a little fun at the innocent DAVID'S CX.
pence. The waiter, t,o, evidently considered
the Youth of little importance, until his friend
griiisrowra (that unprincipled young man)
used his influence in Divas behalf..
We were all a congenial company ;
therfsitting in the corner (where else would
her 4 ...nmbieness" allow her to sit?) was Mrs.
HEirp..llasts was there too, with his horrible,
oonthrtions and grimaces. I think I saw Boca
Dams on the watch for a Chance to fling her
sarcasm at some benighted mortal. DANIEL
Peciciorry, too, was there, accompanied by little
"Bollix." Of course Mr. and Para. Mumma
cannot be lett out—he, with his pompons style,
always, waiting for " something to turn up;"
which never did. Mrs. ?ificawnsii, the would
be fine lady still harping rpm the "foul lona
my family.'.. Mrs. Otraotiooe, the "lone;
lorn crater." Jaffa MIIIIDSTONE, whose ono
idea was firmness, the echo of that wretch of a
1 wish I could tell you of our suhiptaous en
tertainment. Could DICKENS have seen the
way these creatnres.of his brain stowed away
this earthly, food, I think he would have sp•
peered in bodily form. After supper we amus
ed otirselves after our own fashion, a good one,
too, judge, if the peals -of laughter and babel
of tongues he a sign; bat we'did not confine
ourvelv'es to the "(cast of reason and flow Of
soul." Can you imagine lIBIAII BEEP, Bai9s,
JANE MIIItDSTONK, Mrs. 00313110 E, and Mother
Hear, tripping the light fantastic together?
You can't, so don't try!
Beforo turning our faces homeward, we ten
dered a cote of thanks to our host ;Led hostess,
and also electeil them honorary members otthe
Society, after various brilliant remarks by bur
in, Mr. Blicvtiten and others; we departed;
for, afi all,things terres trial must have an end,
so hail our pleasant evening. Our journey
home was Oulivened with songs, from the sub
limo and ridiculous, witty puns, and shouts of
laughter. But the crowning success of the
evening was the brake-down, as performed by
a member of the club and his iqia a vie, who
shall be namele.s. -
Wirsoon arrived in town, and all wended
their way through the deserted streets to their
respeztivo horneF; there we trust the,DiCSEST§BB
were soon wrapped in sweet sinlaer. •
Guess Wno. '
sem.Boys' linen collars at
se- Neatly printed town orders
or sale at this office.
ter Don't fail to call. at HENDEL'
NAVA; if ran wish in boy .anythinp
of JuiVelry, Silver and Silver-Platad Ware.
FO'n RIO:T.—Ten Dwelling Hoasee,
in Towanda Boro% Terms reasonable. Apply
to H. 1 .. ...L881112:6, Treasurer's Office.
W:11 take Luniber for pay. Enquire at. Faol4'
do SoYe' Farnituret Store. pnar3 3w.
i For all kin& of goods in the
ewelry line, call at M. HENDILLIadIegh
; 1
torNel goods received daily at
Oki-Switches ' : made at Mrs. Hrsair
luxosimar's dross miing rooms, Arcade Block, of
cnt hair and combings also. ' 1
Dec.l7-74tt. . I
• i
/ter Tawitte Cloth, Black Alapacati,
Brillhiplines, Blare Mainlra, Black Cashmeres,: itc
March 17 3w.- 4
lam- If you want to- purchase
LAND, read the 8...5; M. advertisement in a -
otbei , column.
. ,
siti- limy Prints just opened St
. t
March 17-3 w.
itir Opera, Field, and Spy Glasses
in a great variety, at RENDEIZIAN.S.
. .
have just received their first luvolos of §Pririg
Dress (},cods. (so and see them. !
Mare1i . 17.45.1w3. ' i
WY" It is not generally known that.
H. C. 'Wnrriment, at the Book Bindery over flee
REPoirran office, makes Blank Books :in asp
style Of ruling and. binding deaired. If you
want a new Ledger, Journal or •Docket, gite
him aeall.
Foiz REN-r.—Houso situated corner.
of Lecnst and Cherry streets, Towanda. ICl
piediito possession ginen. Terms one-hall the
usual rental until theist of April. Address,
Athens, Pa. '
A SPECIAL meeting of the Historical
Society of Bradford oonnty, 1011 be hold in
Redtagton's Hall, in Troy. on Monday s March
1875, at 7r. nt. A cordial "invitation is al
ter.d.....d to all who ire Interested, to attend.
R. A. Mama,
Towanda, March 4, 1875.
[Athens Gazeette, Troy Gazette, Canton Senii
net, and Towanda papers, please &spy].
ice°' T. C. Cowrs, of Towanda, ban,
just received thelgrgest stock of China, While.
Granite, Iron•atone China, and Prench,l3eighin
ind-American Glassware, ever brought to this
market. And the best of all he, he bee procur
ed them in such a way hat ..he is selling then,
full 24 per cent. cheaper •than; they were ever
bagori mil in Trninneic
Narks To CLOTHIWG Bursas.-14.
E. ROBENVIELD has just received a new invoir
of ready-made clothing for men and boys, add
a large stock of overcoats of every description,
which I offer to sell regardless of price, to'snit
purchasers. My entire sleek of clothing arid
furniehing goods mast be sold within 131:1 &pig
therehire, I will sell to snit each and *IL Conic
one titsd ill for bargains to M. E. ItiownEWS.
so- Busy mothers will be gratifl , ,.
to hint that there is one establishment To
wands, where they an bey good, irnbstantiZl
clothes for their boys cheaper than they Can
get the material and have them made up.
Joutis Wow; realizing the wants of comma..
pity in this particular, has purchased and Is
selling yeti cheap boy's clothing of every
War WHITCOMB & &MIT have the
lair g est, and best assortment of ,elegant station
cry eier offered in this market, Their stock
coulpilses everything In the line, from com•
mon commercial note to the latest and most
4 'nobhy. styles," such sS 14potoh Granite, Bahl,
Rep, - eta stoeet make per putotmeq peto
c`9!!" . . - Te... ) o l Aliftl 0.41 OA, I •
11116 Wall •PaPer - '' -11 na
. . .
cheap it ' ' Wmoon & Elagrfa.
9 fletuigg, "and
Brutus. at wattanta Baavra, Kor
eas/ Block. •
io & a..s 41A Per Dar at tome.
, 4Tv 'Seems foe. A 44...: 0,
arm . ox 41e0o l'otgand:*ll . :4 04.17.
Nonoz.-;;After the Ist of February,
1875, lifcClass to EDWARD/ close their books
and will do 1 cash bosinesS.,,,
iir GO to %motto 14 Sane%
atercuer Ook, for your Books "ad_ Eltationory.,
so. For the , best Roast et Steak
to to Isno t & ttoototwo.
Himozram offers a great re
idnotion in Bilver-Pinted Ware.
-air Music -, boxes wind Musical
cocks, at
1. Romagna:LA the fashionable
Clothier, with his usual enterprise, has already
opened a largis assortment of silk anti soft hail
of the Spring styles.
hand, from 40 to GO horse-power, cheap for
cash. Address, 11th fall partiealare, , ,Box 601,
Towanda, Pa.,
want Five Thoaeind Stood, hi Veal Calves, to be
delivered mir time before the-drat of July next; for
which we will pay the highest euh price.
Towanda. Feb. 10. 1875.
ED. ERTDRTER :—E. -T. (nnsi
will deliver big great Tetopenince Lecture at the
ißumptown Church, No - riliMome, March 20. Rev.
E. T. Dutcher, of Wyeoz, and other, speakers will
be there. .7 wo beautiful limp., by B. B. liaison
mayl:t expected , Lecture to anzonsnee at half
put se en. Free to ell, B. B. BRUM
Nortb $
80/110, MAlreb
Viir The largestand best selection
of Spring and Summer geode yet brought to this
market, is being received daily, at S. Jacopo'.
may- Engraving done at HEliDEL
tu.'e Jewelry Store.
CHOICE Pommy Fort SALE.—Bnff
cochius and White Leghorns; also Partridge
Cochitui and Light Brahma Cockerel& Apply
to C. D. Can.
.. ter M. IfEseiLmelsr has' the largest
and best stock of ladies' and gentlemen's gold
and silver watches ever, brought toTowanda.
i If you want to secure a good
article, add got the worth of your inottei, the
place to go is jil t HENDZIAZAEOI.
M.• American and French Clocks
in greit vitriety, at very low prices, at HENDLUD:3I.O.
Itirlf you want th l e best Coo‘k &Crib
extant, call at Jusea, in Mercer's Block.
set,. Miss Y.LLA. J. Ppwria. is .now
prepared to receive orders and make all kinds
or Hair Work, Switches,
,BraidsrPtiffs, Curls,
and Frizettee.
ler Keep your Met warm by buy
ing those woo -lined booto,. Arctic:al. and warm
shoes, at Canaan & Comm', oppositio the Court
Stir A very large stook of Men's,
Boys', Youths' and Children's Bootie, just re
calved at Cousari &, Cosy's, opposite the Court
H )1. se.
IS. We e l ball be prepared in a
short time to manufacture kimber 'and Shin
gles. bring IQ= Lora and. Bolts to Panar.
Bois' Furniture Factory, Towanda, Pa.
Jun. 19, 1875-3 mo. a
Your wife, husband, daughter
pr son, and perhaps that "other feller," will be
expecting a pair of slippers about these days,
and tho place to boy -them is at tonsr.n Lt.
Coosa, opposite the Court Rouse.
OWING to the extremely inclement
state of the weather. on Monday last, the meet
ing of the Ladies' Mite Society of the Episeopal
Choral; was ajonrned until Tuesday afternoon.
March 9, at 2 o'clock, promptly, in the church.
Mir4..T. M. Wenn, Prea.
Ho FOE- , MOVING DAY 1— Having
purchased another Dray, I shall be prepared to
attend promptly to all orders. tipecial atten
tion will be given to moving household goods.
Oharges reasonable. R. 8. Taranto.
March 16, 1875. .
ing, Spinning, and Weaving, also Manufactur
ing, Cloth-Dressing, etc., as usual. Stociring
Yarn, Flannel and Cloths ler sale. Machinery
rtuming in good order, and Work warranted
and done with dispatch.
is. Never buy a Cook Stove until
you have called at Jonx's and examined the
'~New Empire,* a -stove, "which has never
disappointed the expectations of the most fas
tidious lienaewife. ..
LIVERY FOR SALE----We have a Liv
ery of eight borers and good carriages, back,
etc., which we offer for sale cheap and on rea
'mumble terms. , Enquire of our agent at the
stables, or at one Music Store. -
TE.uss.—The first house south of J. F. Coop-
En's tow store, Warren Centre, Pa. A good
location for millinery shop. -No establiehment
of the kind in the township. Applications by
hittek; or in person, will rer r eiva prompt alien.
Um). - J. F. COUPES.
Stir Every reader of , the REPORTER
will receive free a copy of the best Agricultural
and Family Newspaper. in Ibis country, by ad.
drevaing Moore's Rural New Yorker,,7B Duane
street, New York.
118. Gold, Silver, and Steel Spec
tacks, and Eye .Glaemes, great variety, at
EtwnstwaN's Jewelry Store.. .
NoncE.--The Building Conicnittee
of Asylum township ere now rowdy to receive
scaled proposals to build a Town Hall, in said
township. The plane and apccifications• can
be seen at the residence of War. R. groans, np
to the first day of March nest, at which time
OVA& mnst be presiftntail.
at the Bee Hive Store,
has the gayest looking show. window in town,
and his custemerif say he his the best and
cheapest assortment of fancy and millinery
goods ever ofterid in MS market. Ws storwis
a favorite resort for the ladlee, who are noted
for gcnal Judgment in :the pire.hass 'of goods;
A word, to the wise is sufficient. .
Tim RIMDEZVOI7B.—To all Whfi 1111311
operations performed on the teeth, we say 'go
to Dr. Dousoll's new office on State-at., below
Male, in Dr. Iltarr's new eface building, see•
and Ton may rely - 'upon ood work,
sore:ni treatment, and a pleasant instead of a
diaagreeibla time in the operating chair, '
Ihalui- . liornich-Mrs. HIRST HOGS i r
. .
irtorr, is the Arcade block , oppositethe Episcii,.
pal Church. is prepared to do dreisqualbig hi
the latest style aid neatest manner -on' dhoti
notice and at ieseouable prices.' Fittleg ocide
a specialty.. Stamping dwie also. '
BEADY PAY—eILtP. X11.—AuR:111:117
mal deser bad in the last chapter, raised
big bind The women dropped the bniim•
stick, and brought to her aid woman's most
powerful weapon tears. Tbo Wog which
paint ON groin under the — bed, when fairly
righted up, and bad cleared his month itom
tithsWe end feathers, proved to be the defend.
ant-rthe hnstwold who was not at home only a
taw tniaateii bags. And while the With
4iie44lNl it her teitril eN4
ben foe sayinilliir -v finaras not at
Ititne.. Poi 1,b01104, - 4^14 intik n . 4 1, ,:. • , a ;
, felt incte`iinerhifi Nome beide • I
he planned this eowardlraffalri and dl•
g his wife to tell a lie, *bile he look to
, hole, and W r_kh
tried in intO, "II his bole In
se F
er him. He looked ibeiriiia and the cow.
agel. But as i sheep before her theater Is
dime, so be opened not his month. We seat- •
- ed =selves and be an to tell stories. The
info dried up her tuts. The husband bright
eeed. .We asked him if ha ever heard the
"Bear Story." He said be had not, and my
fieh l Ati IP:ht.:RIP". 1 '4. 4 1 1 9* ! I !P ee
Irrit 9j ".:: s • '. , ' '
"once Oon i - 'time, twe friends;; made an
agreement,tof ,tiettu444 o l4ll l P . 1 4- I .;sh" , the y
*Mild alwayiUslittvidhrofbietin 'ease ritdan
iiir. One day when they were together, they
tiw a bear coming towards nem with great
range. Ono of thenkliertlig ) 41 ?just coward,
sprang under the-bed. The other threw him.
self upon the ground and pretended to be dead,
harng beard that stole iircharnot prey upon
a dead outage. The bear came up, and after
smelling around him for some time, went
sew. When-be was fairly out of sight and
keeling, theigifikiimifent,4ll.o bell alliga ant,
"Well, my friend, what said the bear? He
seemed to whisper you- very closely ?"-: "He
did so," add the other, "and he gave me thli
g4aditeai otadviailiNetpAgEll 10 Twister:
with "a wretch who would _creep under the bed
when freebie comet The wife smiled. The
Mishap& looked small.' Arable moment an
elderly gentleman entered. Ho was the father
of the defendint ge h'ad beard of hhi eon a
embarrusnient, and came just in time to help
hi . m.- no 091L- T Q 4., 1 11 P9e l o l rbOok i 144
debt aid - bees solbe , eitisti , iOn a.' --
faiher gave the son some advice. Among the
Many good things he said, we remember the
following ; - • -
i breiei eettli'delli; -'c' : . - -
Lei the first rays of the sun shine upon yonr
Mid in the ita*nittfi.:lititfyou atilt bbi Want a
pica] hat to cover it at noon.
Baru yonr breakfast before you oat, it, and
thil sheriff shidlnel devil:re Ton of your dinner.
4ying rides on Debt's back. ;
pay your gooda where they. !ell focottala.—.:-....
Don't teach your family to tell dies, - nor go
under . the bed when ►rouble comes.
The lather's advice, waa taken. That man
wiio, white in 'debt, was a coward, Is now a
thrifty and reppectable citizen, oat of debt and
in 'Con tortable circumstances:
FAIRCBILD—HAND.—Ai Windham. centre,
March 11, 1875, ho Rev. W. 0. Nell . , Mr. Bela
Fairchild and Mrs. Adelia Hand, both of
Windham, Pa.
204riiDELL—wELLA—At Windham Centre. March
13. by Rev. W. C. Pock. Mr. A. 1.. Antladeß and
*lea Eveline !Sells. of Oriel!, Pa. .1
AtLYN--J0NE 4 3..-At Windham Cenfne.Marrli 13, by
Rev. W. C. Peek,Mr. Caleb D. Allyn, of Warren.
Pa.. and Mies •Pbernle Jones, of Middletown.
fineqnshanns . • '•• ; : .
THUBRUCK—DIMON.-LAt the M. E. Parson•
age. Leßaysyille, - March 8, by Rev. 8. Elwell,
Samuel E . Chubbuck. of Warren, to Bliss
Fannie E. Dimon, of Pike.
annage, .Leßayaville, March 9, by Rev. S.
Elwell. Geo. L. Pendleton. or Sheaheqnin, to
Mtn Eliza J. Rogers, of Wairen.
CAMP.—At Camptown, Pa., Feb. 20, 1875, Elia
Genevieve, only daughter of Wilmot and
Margaret Camp, aged sixteen months.
GODDARD —ln West Burlington, ra., March
• 4, of pleurpy, Mrs. Betsey .61:Adard, aged 76
LEONARD.--In East Troy, Pa., Mardi 7, Wil
bur Leonard, aged 17 3 - ears.
FELLOWS.—Neir Mansfield, Feb. 26, of eon
sanafiti on, Rev. Nathan Fellows, aged 67
Sears. •
Corrected every rreonesday, by O. b. PATCH
subject to changes daily.
Wheat, 11 bush
Rye, Usti
Corn, It bush
OW, it bulb;
Beans. 9 baidt
Butteetrolls) tittlb
do (1114.) It lb new
EMI! P doa
Plour 1 54 barrel ' 575 el 800
Ws.sonrs cur Onsni.—Wheat 60 lb. ; Corn 66 lbs. ;
Rye 56 lbs,; Oats 32 lbs.; Barley 46 lbs.; Buckwheat
614 1b.,: Beans 63 lbs. z-Bran 20 lbs.; Clover: Seed 60
lbs.; Timothy Seed 44 Ibi; Dried Peaches 33 lbs.;
Dried Apples 22 lbs.; Flax Seed 60 lbs.
ELL &' CO.. Barricerta AND Swarm
oath Third Street. Philadelphia, March, 15,
U.S. 1881;c 120%
.., 9.90, c. '62„11. and N., U 7
.. ' .. .. '9l, .. .. 117,, , ,;
la 4 la as P 6 3. ~ ~ 119;
.1 .. " ,G 5. J. azpl J IliN
41 11 1, 'ea. .. - .. 119 ,
. 114 . 1 . 40 44 ••68. e• /0 .. 119:3i
" 10.0 ; coupon 114?
0 Pacific 6'a. ey 1199.
•• rll,ll.est 1811 - 114
Neis 0 c 1881, . IlliS
Gold . 1137;
.131tver lir
Pennsylvania, SP;
'Reading, - No!:
° Philadelphia & Erie 10'..'i
Lehigh Navigation 49,7;
0 Valley ...6.3;
United It. U. of N. J ' 1' 1 3.N•
011, Creek , 11,C
Northern Central. • 3334
Central Transportation 44, , .c.
Neivinehoning dt .Vl.!
Clo.;A: A. Mortgage irc rep -' ' 103. .1
—l --
it; Welt WILL You Couort ?,-Foi the
put year we have sold Immense quantities of
Dr, Mortals' Syrtip of Tar, Wild Cherry and
Horehound, and have heard but one opinion
coqcerning it—" That it is the best thing we
have over used." It receives not only the en
dorsement of the people, but onmerons physi
ciuni, who aro acquainted with its composition,
give it their unqualified ikkiroval. Try it fur
coughs, colds. croup, bronchitis, asthma; or
any form of Throat or Lung disease. It con
tains no opium or other dangerous drug; and
is - pleasant to take.. PIP'S° call and inquire
about it. Trial bottles 10 cents. We are sole
agents for Towanda.
LEVERS: remaining t in
iiiiroseoinhoe. Towanda: Tia.i Mutt Ittt
Einrke, Miss Kate 2 ilfolynena, David
Wise Emma :07111ein,•dgnee '
Bander. Mrs alien Payaion. C W 3
Duel. Idris Jennie ;I L lianas% iofner
Hoagland, Seward Shandat. Jenale'T
.11cCaulaYi, Wan L 'F )I . I / 1 41 1,4 ,! 4 ` ' T
rettaiii , tot' snit ol the itioire letters' wit!
aaj •advertlsed' and give date alist,
ri_EORGEN; BRlNfcJusricE OF
Tin PLC!. and Conieyancer. Also. Insurance
anent. I 'Maysville.
March 18 75.
MAKE NOTICE. —Whereas,_. my,
sire esareitsikb at teft tnit;ed aid beim d iitthdat
any came or prorocattoo. these aro thatafare to !or
al' persona barborlos or truth:licher on tor account.
ill will pay no debia,her contracting after this
date. -- cam is -a. Ia:AMORE.
Pike, March 13. 1875.2 w. •
Go To
. .
Anti arrazirt,' '
0 1, 1 1: , F•4:
FOB LAITEI3T fifflLll6.lX,7 1;..;;C.).p.hd
T. -r LI LI a .a
SPRING AwßgrillAFßAl4o7/11803.
• wow saminszo =TIT DAT. e 0.:.! p.;
•T a eatinn Inwa cT it •sii;a6idCo
80 the "' t , l l 4 t i «!l ba, T I MA I t t "2/Paell.PP/4,
the Btatr:"'
Mille very bodge= land; inlkhdrfotedi io_ralinq
and grain; about IlifQ aorti;finpronid; a wailful
limply of water; good dwelling house. hose. .
lards, fife.,An excellent looaticm for
tag idg in itclG CM Ma *idle - road from
Towanda to Dutton. 11 =lbw swath of Towage*
on the ifulliiran sad State Linallialimad; half • sotto
from :teptiti, a tall o tuna the village of hew ilJbutyl
Cheroh4and Schools. convenient. Title perfect)
PQPileoldoU hirut whecarerdadrett. -
War bil abid-foh MOIL
- Dm , !I mlcu i
1 1 04 ) 0 1 .4i ;1 0 PI t "
And as Time's car incessant runs,
' And fortune tilled their store,
They raised of daughters and of sons
From eight to half a score.
TtniE3& 1311 DON
New 'A dv ertisetients:
i1:.•,;1 , :zfr. - ,,,i,7.: - ..T': . i , rOl , ,'H ZZI-1);,',
. ....:. :!•r.:::...-:: , . e
... 4. - .1 14
r,,,,, , i,?(,..:,, t., - ..' L'1.',.:.. , 1 - r!:.• :1 , -.:.-:-a ..1.-v•ar
215"[Aam i gam'
P 10) 131 1 1 41r,
- - bestbdryeastein
e‘ (km :Of dee lb
Track; aid bent on )aid,
• , Olegr m*.. "e fun Its
. • tbe best fluejebteto'
be Amid ba
• w 7.
itattirid Ike
Irroni j2ilio`to $3OOOO, ma►tng
• • t
. /1.20 0 230
.. 1 SO ei 200
• • 23 49 25
U are: fr lusi4, of aliig in tbn.lllie of Vn
.• • • - • ,_• •
B 3
sr Remember. we are setting geode cheap, tor
4.)a at
_ , ,
or Melt
Ws lame In stock
Whi!iota auortment
pourip-Es, &c
Was wirer better
:4!!!iiiki , i , !g,,7oit y 1 I flcid y the
. . :
• •
. • '
AND , . . ,•.
an, 16:w6ll; iiiis eoatir.
Gtvit vs A CA
d. 0. .4101' & SONS,
Maig Streit,
L a. nom.
,- ta r ^ ,
The uedirsbrned harlig purchased the dpOd• sad
lesbed the store lately occupied by laity Wolff. re
spectfUlly Invite the atisubou of the Public to their
large stock of .• • •
From our experience in the huslueu we are eoa•
tldeut that we shall be able to meet thi wants or
ou oustorixtrit
clam ot be 'eqtutild by mai _other its tabliApien
• ,
ALL 000D$
yyir Remember; vrti keep everything in the Line
I Itimbir the place, the old stand of Yoz k
cnr corner of Main and Pine Streets. ~:
Towanda, March 17.1876.
Having come to the determination to refire from
ictilis business, I now offer for:sale myentirestock
And all other goods constitnting my entire atria In
trade, together with the s gnod will of My basinees—
having in the short space of two ;ems built up a
hicrittat and good-paying business.—which makes
t a rare opportunity for any one wishing to go Into
trade.. A small amount of money down, and first
class notes payable in /My Or abort time, will be.
taken - in payment forthe goods. •
Frpm this date I shall comti;leree solliOg off toyer'
tire stock of good, of all kinds, regardloss of cost, at
Now is the time for Country Merchants, Pedlers,
hotel and Boardlog,Nonse licepers, tew•marrted
and . old-married people, and everlbedy • else in
want; to lay in a supply of all or any of the . above
goods. at prices unparslelled in this soctian of the
country. Those coming first still hare the best op
portunity to make theft select:oat.
cr Store on Main Street. First Bdor South of
'Pleat Wa1b144.1.172.naar.- ,
N; B.—All pandas 'lndebted 'ta tbei snbseilber
will Save costa and trouble by calling Inateediately
and settling that; accOnfits, by money ler 'note, as
all account., must be settled before the let of 11 :•(:b
Lest. T. C 4, COWES.
• .
Tnwands. Pa.: Jan Li. 1875. ,
' Tim growing Importance of dairy farming, leads
Dairymen to Inquire
,for a ,more economical and
labor-saving way of arrmsa min( therithat now in
. .
K 1.,
So extensively need id the New York Dairy County,
is the most perfect. arrangement for leaving labor
and getting alt the cream contained in ?milk during
hot weather that is now before the public: can con
trol the temperature ,of Cm milk at sti/1 by our
patent regulator. and save two thirds of the labor.
We defy* competition, and guarantee to surpass it
weight and durability any pan in the Market. En
tire satisfaction in every case, or the pane may be
retnrned. - at our expense. atter 30 days. trial.
• -Apply formirculars and information to
. . R. L:BEABDSLE'R, Agent.
~ . Warrenham, Bradford Co., ri:
Jan. 11,13 3m. ' ' • -
■ w. sc.orr & co.,
First Block North of Warld House.
We have added materially 10 our /tack, and now
offer a full aaaoriment of
Our Entertiel are,l* ht, and we are selling: pods
VEET . LOW FOB 0 • All are invited to call and
be lonTtneed. GOODS DE IVERED rEP,E.
* ' ; • ;. •
• ,t , :-.:'l l e rk i„• ol o, A r k. ,
In connection tali!' the above, and .MEATS
Towanda. Pa.. Jan 13. zerTS.
, .
. ,
. . .
-._ .i'
. For thelale of tho boat
in the W e d ) . • '
.• - ' I '.
' *
. ,
. : .
Addreee ' C: IL TABBELL.
Iffifrel)l.7s.lt2. , 1 ',, • ' Totten!ls. Pa.
.11.4Ntittoo Lateral given that ill persona Indebted
to the • e stalk of Julius Wolff, Ate. Of Towanda
dceseo. ere requested to make taro tiets patont
and W palms having claims agalust said
utsks Rise meant to Nal dultsaihentia.
tiIdLOYS sitdissot i
-Mt ell
NEW ma
suitable for spring ttada
Our assortment of
Ind our prites far
deg! compellUou
such as
&c.; &c Itc
- I 4-
D. W. SCOIT'ei Co
; to
lion. PAUL D.- 11011BOW,President atidge
V/ the 12th Judicial District, consisting' 4 the
cbanties of Bradt:all Sitsgtiehanne,
isociate Jiadgos, in end. for said county of
asters, have issued heir precept bearin
da the let day of Maestri. 21)75 w to no
rtic for holding a Court of Oyer and Timid+,
n4r. cent Quarter klessions of the Pale-4
Column Fleas and 06)1=4 OM, it"Tror
fcir - the inity of Bradford, on Monday,
March !V,
*llea is ti
Ors, ithd Jun
of Bracord,
their propar
noon, of said
other *mom
tri thgig oftice
who are ixiur
b 4 in th
bO beinnd to ,
then and the
shall 1' he Jul
pitnetnal in
hcs ettr .
iST of Jurors : 1 drawn . for Troy;
point, Xarell Tarn, F , 75, a • .
1 - FM= woks,
. , A
rrn'enia, Coral 11 Webler; . Aibane, trnan Lee;:` , ,
Aeilain, John Obilmon; Athena borojleo Nead;;
twit) Phillip Crane; Canton , boro, Abner Doty, David;
James Pinner; twp, Hiram. Goff: C 0.3 , ' '
1 •
in '4. Joel R Within"; kranklln,,Geo Ii Park, GM ,
Pe ry, David Smiley: Gisnvil e,, ; Prink ilcue3mo ;E.
Liriek, noll.m Taylor; Litch fi eld. Charles Cuup•V
bell, John 1? btruble, Worthy Brink, John Rradley; 4 ; i ,
Pi e. James Goodell: RoMe 174r0, Bela IE Adams,
Oal•ar F Yonng; Rldebury, James Stirton; South 2 • .
err( k, ;David Dunning, ',Geo Aweigh: ,Stardinfel , '
fi'dur, Retry W Stews:lei:Tows ado bon,. ,Vitiltauu,
'llstf : two. Fred 31 Fiske , : Terry. IR licboono.q
ve ; WyFluslng, Blum Detria; Warren. J2co 0
Itogvre; Wyaoi, Edwin O.? Owens; Wells, Bradley .`
warner,,Geo Noble; wurabt, Jobo P Ely, Georg
rtifSrliu: '' G eorge-
.. ,
4 thotp tyro. 0 ny I ST Tozer, John W Themilii Aare
Mut, Jacob Herrick; Albany, John I Wilcox; Bar-7
clay, Charles Green: Burlington West, W D damage,; •
Nile Fzonkez Canton tarp, David Berne., Tr, Jacobi
Rvi.villey :Columbis.llenry:Gerrett:Granville.Abrara I
T Shoemaker; Leroy, John-,.-}• Maga; Orwell, Simnel?,
N Bronson. Ala Friable; Pike. II A Roaa, C El Cran-!-
•dai ir itidebury„ Donuts Sweeney; Rome, Orlando; 1
R pr; Smithfield, Lee Tboma‘.Lockwood Thomp.
, Walter Scott: Standing Stone. Jelan Ennis,/
jar., 4 Venue 4; Towanda boro, Geo 1.. Itlddsugb;
Joaapb eommtaker, !Fedora Solomon, 'Michael Can-r.•
irletr; *awn. P L Ward; Troy born, Frederick Hoerr;
man. Oita Arizona; twp, Milton 0 Loomte, Edwil4
Borkenrit; Mater, Edwargl P Lezerr; Windhato.l
stilton 1.1 Johnson; Warren, Stephen 'G Chaffee,4
W ils, Dprld McLane. if
1 i
NOtiCe le - -hereby gicefi that •Llnta Bose and
sttu Fire Engine Cotnpany of - Towanclk•Pa.., has t
pr sented to the Court of f7omintm .Pleaa of Brad-
NMI COnpty• a petition ptltyln.; that Article If, of
.thair , conatitutfon by Inori - ing the word.;
hundred . and fifty." in puce of One handfed:ln.
' number of active membere. , The cothlii
molt having examined the4ame, and 'finding it e0r..5
refit, mill decree that the Coo stitntlon be so smendeci
ae prftypd for, on Monday, the t;th day of A01.1.15:5,
at o'clock a. Mi., traces F.bactre he phowp to the;
ceCor ary,' i i B. M. PECK. •
• e b,024„3,, c . • - ProthoOtarY.
rp UAL LIST.-11 - arch Teria
i 11.1Trb . y. 1875. •
Fl:laY.el'! Pomeroy vs. C. C. McClelland
F B Perions vs J Viol'
IA C More vs John Cnmmirs' .. •
wl.:lnone is,Wm R FcsteN. l . ....
ITC ..
1 It :pnster vs Wm Dranf .
~ 1
$ Delaos vs Marl; Tyler • '
do, I• J 0 Tyler %j"• •
I dobn Civldin et al John fle‘iitt - •• •j
'Latlyelf4 Leonard vs Fanning Cole et al. eject'
1 eirk k coon ye Perry IF Elarding. et al • ..set fa. r :FrinkliniP Pereons vs ll'ol..tit F Itedington case l
43Thes ftillisma vs 1•7 C P.ailstay Co ' - , 345
nidi • rtri ..s ‘iiii•lTlA•To tlil ," do -4,
11. 11. :lOWA vs Eforioe Mirth:rad ' - , " appeal
Smith l'i Ilan vs Wthnot Sofk , r et 11 . iliinie'il
Taps Idaltw..ll ct al vs 0 P Ballard; cam Issue
sr•cp , :o A ELI:- : . 4 1 1
.T .l, Irwin iv,. John G•Nrasoni
7 Psnee itselJnees vs Getman Insuralico ' Co c . P .4 P e ea bf l 1
IPari..kitf , nnlly kc ve J 1i.i..., Gen Drake ' case 1 . . i
e'ortv•llne IlTesbi.r 714. vinglllltioster's eitrit'^ l'is , ,t. !I
4 1 poliNg vs Irwin A (ileison et a 1... ..... ...att'ex
eo - ; , . AV Thomail ear's et al do I:
.Tames Foy'l'e' do 1 , II• do . do
114:el flompton vs T. D Dreilford et al appeal i
Lata,n,'‘,Dtrry vs An.,brilee Un ry'a &leer... assump 11,
:lrvoy. ..k.:,.7sckAon ve B L", - appeal 11
Pe 'r Ntrinroe vs James Cowan. - sasampalt
MAIO , YiSi Jaetraon vo P. I. blights:... . - ......appeal ir
013 VielS vs Fred A Lone. - "i " " do
larlie4Tl.l)3 , lnlc vs freary Miller do •
Ifir.l,l. Titer v‘ John A ren Wert.. ..... ..asenmo p,
F i Persons es John Grlst.'c'„ appeal
. nihivNiwst for first week retnnaable 'March M,
ll4t, at.•.! o'clock p In. Sceond ti•eod, ltfarzh 29.• •
- II
Prothonotary. - 1•,,,,'
. •
of tbo .9 FIRST IC.VII4AL Br...trg.'t of Towanda. R
Pa . atA,se of busiutz.s. Narch,l, 1575.
i , I
P.ESOIICr.B2 , ..:9
Lnprtrn. hnd disconntg......`: ,
nve . ..,. $303.493 Ml f itig ''... r•• • • .'• ... .. - 2.542.1 r. 7 t ,
17.§,.. Bondi to s , cnre eircutition... - 132 OW 00 i:
It. IR, ItOrils on 1mnd.....A......,.... 2,(11 On
Dade from rodortniott and roi3erre agents.. 31.503 nn
p,f r rrnm NationalS .-
aalta..4 " ‘ 2,953 33 1
Tnic from Stab -, Moira and It'ankPia ~..... ' 9.7)1 og r.
E•.O iNtbite.urniture and la xtures ' 22.403 DO .
Cut Tent Ocp.",nsi , s and ta9cr.;,r.aftl..
~..., . n net, 54 6 1
ritt',.l:o , anci other rash itenit) '2 011 41 6 , ,
nil!. nt; National Banita.... , :t.
..... .. 1317 00 ,
. _
Curroney linehultng nickel)... 2Ri497 t,
iMelnding gold Treasury ur i tes)... 3.649 t
..... 29,125 Qo
RetiouMt'n fund with U. B:Treasurer(S. I
or !ei , culailoT ).. .... ct. .... 5,940 00
Di from U. 8 Trerieurer, , ht:her . &an 5. -
.1.250 Od
• • 1562,721 , .EG1
4.1.A.11/tlnri. • 1
Capl • i
Al 4 • • 5
- vital paid 212.5,nn0 (roc
81,rplrai fnnd 7 so,coo on!:
utter nraltviand predlts •-- in.rot 17g
1 , 73U.nnil Dull:circulation otltstainding... 110,660 00,4
Ili riit,. ? - 0. linnai4 , L. ..... 1...... 72 .00
.irrdividnal Pepoeit. 4 I 2:11.14 73 'l'
TiTiek ,i , rtl /lento:, rif INToSit . S . .. ..... ..... 36.41,5 ir !.
In•tn.Nagonal flanks.... ;.1 • als 7t i
Due to State bankok and bardors' - - - 173 is f,
I 1
- - i
. 1142,771.1 .F.O
'1',.. - rri ov ?rYstiorLYANIAOI.,..,
1 rmmtx- of Bradford. - 1 .'=-'
T, ...t .. N. BETTS, Jr., Cashier of filo First ?,fational! ,
Jtaidt of !Towanda. do solertMly swerir that the above i
..taMtnetit is true, to the beSt of my knOwledire and '°
belief. . • ' 1. , .1. N. BETTS, dr—Cashier.
Silbsrribett and scorn toi before. me. this Bth day:.
of 3,1 - uritt..
.1978. , W. H.TiODGE. Notary Public. g
Co lir4.l*—AtttAt : .
J. O. FROST. • ' 1
anent to as order 47 the Orphan's Conti ofg
ErsdPrd connty. Pa , will be sold at public vale: mit
the priorities, in Agyhim tlwriship. in said cotinty,l
en; THLIRSLAT. the 25t115,l_Aity of - MARC:IL A. D.l
igln. at 1 o'clock p, tbl following described real.-'
estate, property of late ;erottlish dec'd,
to.wit; Loonded on the north by lands of W. 1L
Morro: on the east by R Storrs and Reuben
Riefler. on Pte Routh' by BR" then plekler, and, on the y west by Myron W. Kilmt . r; eontaining forty-Mewl 1
Wiser's of land. more orgiless e l The littprcevementa
are nee (1) frame hens , , one plank house, Ili
good Itlrn YeVit a Rood chance-f, •
wrimmi sinitlinz. Said farm is sitnatod
township: on the road leitdi" , g from Tests*Vis tEO,
Frpnch , own. is 4 miles froth Towanda. snrti, 4 :inljis;
from Standing Stone doped, en the Lehigh Vaneyii
R. jR ~is bandy to wheel and meetings, and is in M
oentl k foto of enitiontior . i.
TIM MS of swift: Von. twin the property being;•
struck down; f. 10,0 on con4rinstion of sale, and bal4
ante in three egnal annual; payMents, with intern*,
frero ermarrnatlon. 7 , O.Nr. Fausitre.
Feb, 27-799. .
riL fret:ties vs. Ruth At . Soma. In the Court of,
comirjeri these of 13radforkeounpt. No., 378. Sent.:!
Ths: nrleralamed. an auditor stipulated by midi
Cnlirt : to itletrilinte the Money arialtig from th
blip of Dttend int.. real . ; eatate, will attend to th€ 4„
drato s of ble annointment2st hie °Mee in Towanda;
ram en TITPADAV.3farrh 0.187.5. at 18. O'clock in.. 5
when anti Whereall personti having claims noon said
funds. most present them: or be forever debarred
from coming in uponthe some.
. A ITD . IT OR'S NOTICE. —ln the!
matter of the estate of W.' ,2 cott in the Or.
plyan'aflonrt of Bradforl Cpnnty,
'},'tie understankl. an *minor f.appolnte.d by thj
Court to dtstribote hinds in the hands of ad;
ministrator of .said eat* 'will attend to thee
duties or his appointment at his office in Try
bo.,•nnoti, Pa . on TUESDAY. the eth day or
P. 7.7,. at !p o'clock a. so-. at which time and place;
pervons having `elating upon said funds,A
forst triment them. or' b 4 forever debarred from
coming inamon the fr31110.-,1 1
• WM , E. ctrmsnw.
Mch 4:75-w4. ' 3 Auditor.
A ~59 [GYBE'S SALE.—The under,
APPiCTItO of he estate of Simmer kI
Roarer r Soarte. Rankrnpta. will exPOSO at. public P,
»tAattßeirlate place of hitaineva. Wyalusinh. Pa ,•;,
eaitt.EivrEsDAT, MARIITP 51er, 1975, a laroelot
Reasoned Lumber vnitableJor wagon atannfartnre,3
incindine: about 2,000 feet of prime White Iltokory;;
also: +rotes. hat's, rl ,- s„4alnts, oils, .vartighea4
•nd a vsriety of toatorial rased in wagon niannfart.? .
nre. o. one Lumber Wagon,. one Platform Wag. g
on, one Democrat Wagon, ,O a Buggy, and Bank-1
rnpts' st one Sletib and I.herse Lttmber:
Wagon. • C'
soma under 95, met all Brunei
over SS and'undev $25, three me - the: an llama over 3
1 1 5 e 1 months', with note ilpned, by approved se- I . M. D.'InDOWAY.
_ :
A rrn rrows • Nsti . ricE.—lit the
.... matter of the estate o{Jobnimh, baud. g
The understood having been appointed andltorl
birthe.Orphans' Court of
counrr. to
tribute fund • belonging to said estate-in the handsf,
n• administrators. _attend to his duties at;
the: Ornefi of Peet ; k Davieti in the borough of To 4
wands, en MOIMAY. April IP, IPTS, at I o'clock P.
11..[ st which time and place all persons haring,
ClafToB 110111314 said fund aroi required to present thei
P 11314. oribe fortvrr .tlebarrtd from coming in upon?,
March 17-701-4wi 0
1, 1 Auditor.
- . II
. .
and lot 'on Second Street. Middle-Ward ; desitable4
locitioa,. • Also a large dwelling house to rent to one?,
ur more famines, coavtentfy located and well supl
pia with water.., Ingalre 2 at this office. .
March .1'145 1 v; ' - , i
;CAL tiatico is beieby given That sR peycana indebtett
t^ tins ast- to of Josiah littapio. trte 01.Tuscarctrai •
dcocf.l. rapst naaka inanedlifa payment - and all peri
soa,slaving claims sicalastStaid astaw must . **apt
thogiduty t4theutistgti settlemont. j •
V 7 • arEVENO.
. ilsvue s
.. debt
• .-•