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Towandty Thurs!lay,'Dec. 3, 1874.
. cerr. liimqvu.LE bas erected .a tow
er on, 'arid othe;,ifire 'l' mproved, his residence
n Third street. '
,THE Orpbani ;Court sale of the
Dicnisr. estate, bas tieen atljoutnecl until the
22(1 inst.
TUE ladies oi Leona recently pre
,..tlted their pang - toes a, - tfe, airs. Wiu.ints,-trith
a hartdsome set of dishes. -
T ll'as:erly :Advocate is posv Iq
catcd in pleasant. convenient and commodious
quarters, .over the Poet• Office.
M. M. • SPALDLNG, oh= the firm of
T4yLon Co, is now :in NpW York OiTarchasing
goods for-the holidapi.
• Cor:7nz convtnes on Monday nest.
AiY i of our and patrOn3 who may be in
town, are cordially invited 'to give ns a call.
ON WioNrsoAi- and - Thursday of
DE it :wee4; - the New Xork State Dair)men'irAs
sociation and Board 'of Trade, meet's ttt Bing-
f.ra toa.
0:7 STRICKLAND, a native .of Can
tun, and art extenaivei cattle dealer in Texas,
was drowned in the Rin Grande . river, 'on the
ith of June last: He teas 53 years old.
THE MeESyB. BEAbDSLET; of Wair42lll l week sold ten ent,ughtered hogs. the aggre
gite weight of which tJC•af4 'about 4,0 pcinnds.
Utro of them weigho.2 200. 4 -
. H. L. RuGG, an employe' in. the
Enrcta abope, met with quite an accident on
3.1 , ,m1ay, while ,emplb3ed with eome portion of
the machinery. His fobt was quite badly
bruised. .
Out poprilEir jeweler,: V. A. CH.1.11-
_.Bziluzi, will present env of his numerous cus
tomers who mat, call , upon him, with an Elgin
tiimarise;a very truniiing as well as interesting
clecuort of Chief E.lgiover and Assistant, of
Towanda Fire Department, will take place
Monday crethnizi_ D:-centber 21, ly_tween the
Ifoors of G and .9 o'cli)ck.
-4 •
- ,.T1.1E Canton Sentimi says ::" Aftet
"suffering several rilsun., Mr. Jots SPALI)-
" iNo is Once more' con.Kalescent.' JonN has
tu‘nyfriendsitt the `county who will be glad to
Lear or his restoration to health. ' ' c.
GOOD resolutioue have been liken
ed to.tho first we of the Reason, which looka
streairi and yet can .:lerß sustai
.D even its Own
Th6y are Cagily formed, but oh, how
extremely brittle they turn - out to be. •
TARSIERS VIU observe that the an
cual tueetiog Dradford Couuty Agricul
tural Society, fpr the election of cdtkerA, comes
(len Monday etening nest. Let there by a
fait i'Lltentlance. •
' • 3.IANY people; Nvito ,tall: most about
-- m - Lat (tail call thew rights, li - fluid, as a general
thing, be the most ,unhappy iu the num-
Munity, if they only ohtained them, h cOrding
tie Opkuion of their neighbor;.
A FAT:artas Cl.ib has beeu org,au
i_ce I in Troy, with the folliiwing :
P -- L.
J'rt.siden:-21. C. 31eliEAN. .
Si - ft/a/1.-1 A Piece .
iIS r— M.; CoI:NELL.
• TUE Salt Late Daily Tribune,imb
lirlieB an interesting and coite I.•ngttiy accoutot
.cr the tir,q .tkain - icracher 'ever cst.
tjl t. city. i Oar old [new] and fun:. r
ty , .usrilac), J. M. PARLIsp, 1a one"or . t.he pro,
r,f the new crS'ablibt.nielit.
. sus. Eloi.LoN & FLEauNu, our
eoterprisingbuildoa, iirff , ented each or ter
ernployca with a turkey oa Thanksgiving. We
are always grantiel o i t..) of
- or gdoci reeling anil naiitual interests. betwo_
'employer slid .empl,lyes.
• . ,
.Na.iadsi aie preparin't; for
171.•,,ant time on Yvar'e. The: siNat.nnt•er
6(.1.1.,;tra w:11 furn:E l b
iNatucts has e rn ILEAr proraptner - .s and efli
: ..y -in be.'4llll,.;Ahe e:ement, rich•
lr e:.r:led the nppt , .bltil,:t - ant substanTial en
nunt :4(11r cit!.zrrr....,
Ir ybr want t , ) snbacnbe for Ilai
v . r'.; 1!"t. ;, 13,1: 7 , 1 r. 4.'1;1 at this
tr at 11i Prat 01112 e. 1.7, furninb
rut tt.,l. se ;14)1;,..11:1.,c, u: our sub
:ro.., fur three'dollar, in additiou to the Ellb
p'..lo:l price of the Itt - r,:r.rf.r.. free cr
C.' C. Mow :;!epped nut of the
(2 , (1. cf lf I FID1111Q; (t,
4i- f . lll d 11,r, sre It
i•N Ftreet. t tit as brre 'A% ere
ht, fell to ti a! gtpuntl, a of Fc
t-:,•• het. It ped 11:t: i'rjurlia are not .2
- _
; - _ •
Cil k11.1.1:.i DAY, of Iti.R.tis; writes us
that tll.l - ii- i; uth Oil, reit.rt
last ref t Lis
ledge cr'.' a murder committed same time sil.6e.
W e the it. 41 fr..r.a wh t w.. gitppoiel to
awl dicerfaily giro Mr.
D:•. ;Li
Ert . ,s - on Towdnda. Grad
ed Sell,' 1, or 6t 6ttilelit+ with p , :rtuct,,
record In attrndgn, r , 11 , -T , rtEn , ut and studies;
for= the wp.-k N..v. 27: AltDtk
3.1 , A114.. Tho fullowinz, Dam , B
, g,r t • , i f Wce.t: ' WILLIE Bktil:4):.:, ‘VAI,
1' • ...s, Errv.-..lrAng..
twiuty-two teachers i at
- • •
tL , •:(.I/rithjat_ba in tilft, p!aer-, the
ethcr (Lx, ot,Ly f correcti;
and ascend
r., f..iNt - -,1 on e'to..'er and tcri-
Mrs. Jostim ti)i.4 plftee, who
:, :! reach , ..'r,)l3,l tbe , b. st reeor , l iu orthog•
liE - PrclN'teritins held their rogu
i.,.!,- 3lde S. cu tyiree sting at th; , . pleasant and
eurr,modi o re; Ortntoi;,
u)1 jveiiing ttendance era,
.•:• r : . l.udy 140 , 4 -natured, and the Tiles (pita
rr.d.:lllt:tqt la the aggregi - te to ore:
. 11. e t.:13;.; ou
Dc:. t„ at the Parir)nage.
Slif:El' N.lf-LED Dl D0G4..:,:-bn Sun
_ ,(I.)gs entered filo elit . eptold of
Wtodu - r, nee.r and tnede ead
to Lts Wit, 1,i11i0,4 ux, rr.o:.diog two,
lons » rui.ilug. As EOOl3 as diseureied, Mr.
Vir.rittr zostaOteot !earcti f.r the cautoei guilty
tots tre,psss up lu Lug prom its. HUI trouble
fives rewarded Py finding the -clop and hach g
. t , em .hot, an 1 82curing oomoeusetton from
the 01:vipers %the dogB Cr the .beep
• •
Tse olddr studeata of the Graded
school,. male, and ferda.:Te,Liave orcluiz-d a
ithrary society, which is in a' tlmiialiiing‘ con
, - The rneellii4s are held in they Direct
ors' R00m.," Whieb ha 4 been handromely car
aud UR; walk cleeor4t,4l.. C 1.1.1 , Tus
is Pre-ideut, and m:08 .Icu.A 3 u . svEzt„ tic ereta
ry, of the SUCtirtF. It hi bigbiy gcatifi ig. to
see the EC I / 9 a r., m arlirt:Oing 81 much Ibtelefit,
res' uf due benefiis to be de- ,
rued I :!.iiii:vi4•llB... organ zstion, the good re
ot aLicii ‘c , •111 be experienced by many
after TearE. •
Os WsesEl3l2AY evening hst, the
Episcopal Mite SoCiety met at the liictory, and
the parishioners of the popular Rector were
out in force, besides *goodly number of Mem
bers et other congregations. Many people
have an idea that these weekly gatherings are
Very dull, but we are sure that nn one who had
the pleasure or meeting the Rector and his wife
on the occasion, went away with any but the
ph aaanteat recollections. The collection was
a good one, =Tinting to *Oat twenty dol
lars. The Satiety meets again this (Wednes
daV) evening, at the house of T. C. DaLaito.
The invitation'is general. Something new will
be introduced. I
Nursery - for December, the
most charming of monthly magazines for
youngest readers, is ready and, proMptly on
timn,,with its freight for the little people, that
6riugs out the happiest of feelings. Where
there are children, this magazine is ae useful
and More valuable, than any toy, and its ree
'omrnendatiims are patent on every lest and
Page.i .It i 3 published by Joni.; L. Sumac, at
39 Broointleld street, Boston, at only $1.65,
(poStge prepaid,) a year. It is worth that
amount about three times over for the
good .-Mct it is sure to produce in the family.
We will furnish the ...Vorsery to any of our
suhscribers for $1..15 in addition to the sub
scription price of the REPORTER.
a little colored girl, aged about se en years,
living at W". B. Down's. tell into a weil which
r. D. is having du in his woodshed, on Fri
day last, and strange to say, escaped uninjar
ed. I.. : Tbe will is twenty-seven feet deep, and
tberiwas obont two.feet of water in it at the
timci. There was also a large bucket, with an
irontide, it-the bottom of the well.. When
diecOvered by 3liss NELLIE. DODGE, the child
waafstanding up and - crying for help. J. N.
Cazirr and E. C. DEMERS were near by, and on
being called went to the rescue. Mr. DEws.os
desc'ended into, the well, and fitted a ropo
around the cbittrs waist, by *Licit she was
drawn op. She will undoubtedly be more care
ful in looking shout hereafter.'
JOY riVITATION of: Superintendent
we. attended the examination of teach
ers at the Graded School-House,, in this bor
ough, on Saturday last, There were some
thing over twenty teachers present, mostly la
dies. The examinations were conducted in a
very thorough manner, and most of the appli
catita for certificates . were richly entitled to
them. All the teachers in the borough school
passed exceptionally good examinations, and
no patron of need feel aiiy misgiv
ing as to their gnaliflcations, so far as an un
derstanding of - the branches tanght is concern
ed. Mr. KEENEY pco—sesses remarkable tact
and slid/ in dischargingthe onerous duties of
his utlice,—his ru;thod is such as to mete aim
p.e justice'to all, and no teacher can cora.
.ier Lis instruction without being improved. •
A MYSTERIOUS disappearance cans
ed excitement in onr town last . week.
CII.IIILES CLaaa, who has been a resident n
Granville for the part fifteen •years, c.kme to
:own on Alrinday, sold has lint ter to MIMING ,
TON & LLONAIID, received q Chi.•k=fur af.X.tit
i7OO, got it cashed, forgot to pay $24 that he
pad promised Onnn Fct.t.rn, left his team wi
der:M.le shed uncared for, paid a bill of VS at
the Enterprise Company's store, called at this
and advertised a note, and took the
aft4,.tecion` isittn to Canton. He said nothteg to
theiinen who came with him, and it was feared
he pad,beur forilly.dealt with, as ho 'Cibibited
OA! money to several porsuns. It has
since a ecertained that he left Canton the same
night, remarking that he 'was going down to
Wot•acesport "on a tear." Ho leit,e, wife and
IWO ch . /Wren in Granvn! Ttrr GIL?
LEN, of - RostBl , ., is st opping at the Werd lluuse
—Rdson ' 3 ol.coin, E-q , 1 . .. 3' Washing
ton L.:l Tuct , lay morning fast.
—CCEUMlrbintlir SNELL and f.nily atre visit
iii frlor.tis in Sew York.
—Mrs. PEortar, TuAcr, of lifousocton,' will
apend tne'prt-aclt.lll7inter in I'hiladelpina and
Macs potseiNs, fonecrly or , Troy,
a popular coodueler to the Oil Creek 11,ilroad,
-life partner, ;or wlioM the Dally
Derrick . s.Ta s he `• oue or the sweet so
"0; Oa City, mid Icsh, , , a 1m obi?: of the choir of
" Christ Church."
—(ol.MAboz; h.,st it tarne,l fnutt:.a•tr:p to
Colur. do, looking hale acid Leorty.
BIG INvENTI9s., , Lthyo, the famous
map man, who m+.ll+, all the tuapa Cur G,heral
GaAs" and the am y, certilleatta
wniai he i:culished, hue jri,+t inveuiol a way at
getting a relief pate from ttlel SO ae to print
Lt.trilis Anierican C attitelp . : 7 frotn ocean ,to
ncean—o9 en. 2 ot b.inkhute paper, -
-I!ixc+i) i ? ,7l++ larg , , en .‘ Egntning pre:4;l:llnd
Inetiltd for 'ten cents, plain or colored, slzed
and vari,id„,l La- the mall tu. ztand
kr 25 Ceuta. Ibis map tliowd :Lc lintr
ed St,tcs'and Ti:rrltirli:s in a group, from Bur.
vt)a to 1874, With a ruill+on 'theca on it, elicit
res tt,1nt12.., cities, villages, mountains, lakes, riv
es-7,+-, stream+, ndne.,+, railway 'ktat etc.
This nn•p:i•L'ould be in every Louie. Seed 25
ettite to t he Lloyd 31 +i)
nd 3in mill t a cuTy by return malt.
• TIIEItE is more if - nth than poetry,
well as a ncL veal of )12 The f“llonzvg
Meth ,, d pro', r , ,q- , d 41'.:r: T. DEwlrr
Tu• ke._,lt.g up," Lard Luc- , 4 :
"L.:t ertryb ; r ; ! y dei irben any
• o.• iyun m Lus)uet.s, put it al in the psp,rs
L.tri,Usti,t ss7n.a be.-p up a- - -perptdual corn
s:Kit. Le: un Lave t. ,,aledirordos
oi,ol ii. t ai.A .e.ret - chrs 01,41,e
tid• clat.s:,. Let tianlicht3
r. phe "s bard truer —s very bard . "mier--
u s...tul food udder:' Let us all talk &Iva'
tv.testi ot.hp. Let us tyke ni, ac,:onut of the
set. that titur is cheap and tut ball'.-et IF
Urge, aid that GA le g, , ork Wv shall in this
to usLe: tagg 4 4l.4rouf'il,r
msh's hearth boyar, a bother pane ui
;Ices out or tits voudlivr, surf- 45ticer the ruauti
.se,nrer Irma etiipio7.itig bdzi.
" All toge_her,:wm, mititsterß, editors,
and lobort ra 4.4 us a loo+g, d•-ep
vrosv, and kriep it Izotria.till. peat spring, sad
times will be as bard rt , eafrreatenably- be ex
_ TaANtiso,lirrNc3 —Our national holi
day !Nag geuera,iy bbserved in a becoming
manner to this place. Ali buaineoe places were
cio-e 1, and a goody namber attended church.
Tile union se vice at the M. E. thnrcb, Wa,.•
Con by M.:vs. J. S. hinkvar.., S. J. Lukg,
G. W. CIIIiNDLrE," atld a ammger. The dia•
ee by t i bc past cr of the 31. E. Cburch, Itee.
CIPCSDLL, from the ttit, fie !rata not
"dcad 5) with any nanon.'i was able and Inter
esting. .Th:> various causes ler Thanksgiving
vete referred to in appropriate" language, and
the people incited to greater watehlutnesa
and diligence inL di-charging the, duties and
meeting the responsihilities entrusted to them
by a ta;iintiful Creator,
A collection amounting to $3.1 Rai talterihnp
LA- 0 , 2 Eletics - o!eut Asioctati.m, of filig
At the E.piFeopal Church, the Rector, Rev.
C/lADLES E. MoILrAINE, read the aerrlce and
deltvrro . 3 an exct-lient d! A collection
Was t.kLu tip for St-. Lake's . Hospital, ttethle
bem. .
TIIANXi-CiltViNtli AT TRUY.---The 1013 T
Proteosut churches of our village -.Prebytert.
an, Epuimpalian, Baptist and Slethodist —gath
ered to the hnnae of the latter. A more than
andte..ce greeml the speaker 3.
It mast bo pleai,inir to bar fathers to eee a peo
ple vt.liintt:rily celebrating, a second Sa6 - bah iu
one week. (Jr the year. The audicuce, compos
ed as it was, largely o? bnrictess mem mechan
ics and farmera, proved that tuts lay is gain•
lag hold in bur Tillage on the public mind.
itositatSil and work. paused fur; the entire day.
Toe•rtii , conrie was preached by the Bev. Dr
rector of our Episcopal Church. it
r ~ well re'reired, as it des , rvd , l to be, since it
was SO happily conceived trid SO becoming the
Alta the discourse a caw:Ale:l tree taken up
tor the Lsdies'Aid Society at Wichita, Kansas.
Thos aroouwed in routed nurabers to ninety
dollars. •
The day F.:s fitly ettszrecsl ale-, at the Cath
olic Church. Pitt r bt'stt preached a die•
coe - 131 , a titer! Fe Losri.rai.. e i trgwy. lite pe o _
ph , turaed eta itl Titre tau. ourn , ,ors.
c.v. nu.. 2 our ::ex O_:e•ra lied was
crctw.led witit as hudieueo e .gor to lost. the
Coucet C,_,rreslowleitt
ra AdrertiAr. -
"TELL rr Ain.."—One of the most
interesting and entertaining productions of , the
Preis the preeent>esson, Una T. 13. 1:1 enuf
Jamul; new boot, entitled "Tell it All." An
i'lt is with great pleastire that we hail this
remsrkable .iyork—the Rennin. history of •
real Moreau woman. Tait years ago the Au
thor published a little pamphlet on Polygamy,
which attracted considerable attention. and
created quite a *wasting among the Saints.
The Mormnn pavers' took 'up the subject and
alluding derisively to the delicate reticence, so
natural - to a sensitive woman. displayed by the,
Author, apitefully invited her to 'Veil it all.
Men and women of position, in all parts of the
country, who bad visited_her in.Balt Lake City,
Urged her to, siege the ooportuntly. write a
book, and lay the whole truth before the world.
Mrs. Has Beecher Stowe, whose earnest in this volume is a guarantee of the,
delicacy as veep as the parity of the work, ad
ded her persuasions. Mrs. Stephens° ttlti-,
mated, - consented. and choiLefor the title of her,
new volume, the words of , dension need by het
illormen.opponents—' l Dll it All."
In this way thti singular work was intro=
&Iced to the world. It is a boa utterly unlike
any otheri , ork on the subject ever peened be.
fare. And although we would not spoil oar
readefs' pleasure by tolling Mrs. Srenhouse's
,fascinating story, second-hand, we will ssate
that it hilted what it professes to be —the his
tory of a life in Mormonism, erritten,by a lady
of edudition and refinement, who, through the
influence of religious sympathy; misdirected.
became the victim and slave rif one of , the most
extraordinary snperstithiris which the world
has ever seen. In her slap fascinainglityle she
tells all that ca be told oftbat strange'system,
not as a visitor to Utah might relate it. but
with the tending eloquence and pathos of one
whose whole lt.e has . : sheen darietrid by its
deadly shadow. Real men and women—the
story of teal lives--the sayings, the events of, among a class' of ear own conutrymen
and eremite, much talked of, but little known,
are painted baler° as by this talented woman;
with tonchiug fidelity ; and when the reader
lays down the volume, his only regret is that
he his arrived at the last page. The book pos
sesses all , the vivacity sod thrilling Interest of
the finest works at fiction. Infpoint of me
chtuocal-skill, it could not o earpassed. The
binding is elegant and substantial ;'the Olga.;
nations, on wood steel,are costly, and fine
ly executed ; and altogether it is one of those
.nbscriptiou hooks. winch one so rarely-meets, *
which gives the purchaser full value for his
- - -
Ties will be sold,Lonly to those svho.order of
the agent, who ant - lino:3 introduce it to our
catzt-us. We hes iesk for it a moat Cordial re
ception—for It is worthy of ii "
For. E. Baonos,- of blonroeton, has been
appoiuted agent for the work in this section..
Persons deeiring tho book will address him.
Sr. tiicUol tB. There are some
thirty articles upon as many different topics,
given 19 the boys and girls iu St. Nicholatt*
month. The foist is a capital description by
EL z. GIIE...TOMEI—and well illustrated—of the
Garden of the Gods in Colorado; and among
other instructive papers are some by Mantra!
OuVaTaomar., kith a pict,pre of lin
African dandy iu full costume) EMMA D. SOLlra
wicx, and,Hrs:S..B. C. S;*.tuct.L.s, who supplies
some instruction for making a. card-board city,
which will afford amusemei:t tiering Winter
days:. The strange advehtnres of - "fehunapin"
are concluded, sod there are some lively ajoriis
by U. C. Wear, ]Anus Pnas.cozr, Datil C.
W SAMUEL CozeNs, and others, besides' a
tr:ins scion !nzi the Strede , h by that Llridttnti
ga,,le translator of S4iitlinavian literature,
Set.att Boao. Mrs. GODOE, S. G. Waist.fl, and
A. M 3licrian contribute some veracb , :md A.
H. MAXIM has a short piece of poetry' on dogs,
ail the illustrations of Which, we should say,
were hot drawn from Saturn. " The Jeweled
Tree," by A. M. MACMAIL'• is a tuneful plece
with an excellent moral. We must mention,
however, that the January number of the mtg.
azine is to be the bolid4 number, and for it
great attractions are prOmised:
We lurnisla the St. .Mcholas in connection
with the Iterouran fir $2 25.
DEEDS left for record in the office
for recording deeds, etc., week ending Nur. 28:
D Q flail to Thes Muir and T Meredith, No . v ., ,
Is . '74, Towanda; Henry Ward to Miles Mack,
N. v. 23,'71, Towanda Itoro; 3111 es to Mrs
Elh-n Ward Miller, Yuri 2,3, '74, Towandießoro;
G H Vand:,Lia to Jactb Tome, Nor, 11. "74,
1.714 , r; James D Barbour to Alex Barbour, Nov
4, 71, Clider; 44.-,tigla.s. Davidson to James D
Barbour, August 10, 71 Ckter; Elecabeth Bar
'oc,ir et al. to James I) Barbour, Aug 10, c 71,
Coiter; Hugh Barbour et al., to James D Bar
bour, Jolly 14, '7l, 1.74,r; J.lln C'Tompkin§ to
Geo D l ouriie, Oct 26 '7l, Durlington;.Franeis
Ealutt ,o Pautly 73 j D , .%vc - nfrort, Oct . 21, '7l,
Canton, Bea Fairchild to John A. Fairchild,
Jane 27. '74, Windhuni;D L.F Clark' to Achlie
Oet‘7,- '74,, C Crofutt e'er
eie:, to Xiatialr Crotutl, Jan 18,'72, Leßoy;J D
McSee, guardian, to M L Wooster, Sept 30, - 74,
Loltoy; Henry Wall.e4 to A Itec,;rd, Oct JO,
.71, I.7ibta; Henry Waia !o Ellen Ward Miller,
Nov. 27 74, Towanda! Boro; 0 D 'Bartlett to
Samuel Il.ple, Nov 27,1'74, Towanda Boro; P C
312rgan to .I.3rtztll Teoer,,A , lg 27, 71, CAtini- -
1,:;;; A C Lining et alto Geo M Lewis, Nov 4,
'.72, Wilmot; Jas D Cummings to Iloranxia A
M .e. No. 2q, '74. 31o!hoe. _
Tw.civErt's AFti , :;)ci.vrios AT 'racy.
'll ,, Bradford County Trcielives I.?,ociation
ra ,, t .td Troy, •n the PreAiyterian Churct;;Tri
(l..y A. U„ 17L. Devotional exercises
‘rt_ re et oduetecil ; y 114 s. S. L. Conde. Minutes
of laiit tucetimgA - cadi and spr ; rova. o.i mo
tion, A. A. Kteuey, J. T. ILctollorn,.and W. 11.
TL , ,oirson were aucliottd ttcommittce on tos
- repoitcd ttllows :
—Res°lett!, That teat boots for usn in the
schools should consist or tint two ellen, on the
subjects of ari , hmeqc and geography, and of
but one on gratumer.i .
I:tsolced, That drauibg should be taught in
~u r.cumm.en rehoole.
Rcso/red, fbat thr•rb are ulna/Anna! aclvan-
D.get.hil.,rde-d in our aounti 03 a par with chum,
of our N,Trioll
Resulted, That corporal punishment is pro
-dncto e'yt emir° evil as a means of behOUI dim-
Clritle, than good.. 1
Resotred, That-no Moro money should be sp
it-opt wee ‘ tor maps snd chart . .., to any seociol
Ciotti the school buil4,nog is provided with at
lea=t tqnare feet 01 hitcLbbaYd
'T:isolcid, That the; written method of teach
iug t.pealog. is tp the oral.
Fin.t re,ohlf:ori Irks clisPubFee by J. T. 31c-
Co!lorn, A. A. H-erti;:.i and.W. H. Thompebn.
diaemin,u 16, resolutbal Continued by
J. A. 31outgomery, E. E. Q nulat, 6;W. It an,
s aid W. 11. Thumps* Parried.
Second rcsolutica i adopted ihtiletit diEctia
- •
Fi tix reacdution diacnased by J. T. McCollom,
A. A. literey, G. 11 . .43: - rarz. Carried,
Third. resolution ri,h , eut.sed by E E Qoielan,
A. A. lieci.ey, J. A. Mentgorurry, W. H. Thomp
son, G W. Ryan. A S. Wok( r, Dant _Rock
8. L. Conde, J. T. McCalorn, and J. S.
'A committee of five on the nomination of of.
ficritt for the ersuilig year. RIM appointed, as
I , ,t'f•ws : W. H. Theo - von, J T.liteCaern
E. E. Qoinlan, A. it.ilieetiey..L., W. Parsons.
; DeciTirn<•ti..n 1y Frcil .1 5 ;erce; Prof.
31eCollom then read a paper entitled "DISCI-,
pline." Music; pr. Silas Sheppard then de
livered .the lecture. Id the evening, Pu - ject.
"The iffil , lonce of the study or. the Sciences on
thz , Eluinah Mind."
. . -
Devotional exercis i es, conducted by Prof. G.
Sc: Ryan. Towanda was fixed upon as the of-It
pi , e of meeting. Committee on nominttiona
reported for Secretary and Treasurer, Mies
Mary Lubara ; Vice•Preeidenta•: G. W: Than.
J. C. Crawford, P. Cbrippell, and iboy were
duly elected. On motion E. J. Angle was elec.
fed Pre.ident for t r e et sninz year.
The aernout of the Treasurer basing been
dilly audited, there appeared to be. t 27.00 in
the frearSry. Disay by Sfi.ts Lsma
laud. Prof. Bran read a paper on the iubject
of '• Natural Seiene l e." Discussion of fifth es•
olution continued by J. S. Lemon, W.
Thompson, I T. 14.-Collorn. O. W. P.yan, S. L
ronde, A. S. Hooker. E. E. Quintet], J. A.
31.intgomery, and E. J. Angle. Carried.
On motion a vote or thanks was tereiered to
Dr. 41irpli4rd, for ins entertaining and instruc
tive lecture.
The followirg are the appointments for next
meeting: Lectnrer, 'Rev. G. W. Chandler;
Paper', E. E. Q.linlan. G. W. Bran, J C. c raw .
ford, E. L Hillis; Evaavtate, Milts F. C. Mills,
Miss Mary Merritt ; Dectaimerp, Chas.- toton
trm. Gee. Partiomi ;I Bneineett CfIMCIIMPP, E . E
Qninlart, G. W. Mtt). A A. Keeney, I. McPher
son, J. N. Califf 0 J. Chabbnck.
After alining thedoxologv. and a benediction
by Rev. 3. R. Lemon, the Aimoehttioo adj•nirri
ett,"to meet in Towanda . on the secot.d Friday
in Feb , ISt. E. J. ANGLE, Pres.
M. M. REENtr, SceY.
ROLL 0F Holion of the Blooroeton
&tool, for term ending Ni , v,l9 :
L.tva C111713111:Cg, Awe: 31.4ncy, MART Mn,.
Omni : MART MARCY and NV:LLIE l'Ang, set.
precept carry day.
L•CRA earrunrct to uk t o llrdt prize, $1.011;
HArrlx. MIND m, second prize, 414 1 0; 4VOILRLF.
User, fht,nl priz,ll.oo',
Mir Go to Worzskoss & 1 &stria;
Mercer astock, fur yoar Books sod Btatioaeryi
1 i
Fos SALS.- 7 -W—A. llocstrELL has
one of P. E. Dm:suss & Co's. 0.1. liorso Power
Hay Presses for sale. The best theie G.
June 1, 1874.
•11. They have a choice line of
Foreign and Domastio Dry Goode and Notions,
all new, at KENT & WATII,OI7e. Tewanda, Pa.
Oot. 28,
Why run the risk of sn fie&
dent, when you out get a ticket good for *-
KO in cute of death, for 20 cents a day, by ha//-
tug on FUNNY 8117 , 118AN11, at upper depot?
mgt. You can find the beat of
School Shoes very cheap, at Coasts & Coos's:
, iil The largest assortment and
latest styles of Millinery Goods tan be found at
Mrs ; 3. D. HILL'!, Bridge-at.
. ti' McCABE & EDWARDS &TO pre,'-
pared to sell teas of every variety c 4 eaper than
any of the leading houses in the city, which are
seeding out their circulars broadcast
. over the
country. Grangers will do well to give them :a
call before buying elsewhere.
Auxin's, 1874.—New Goods euitil
ble for the season, now opening at Monmusk
FOB RENT.—House situabid . CorMitt
of . Loenst and Cherry streets, Towanda.
mediate possession Olen, Terms one-half t4e
usual rental until the lit of APril. Address,
Athens, Pa.
IS. C. F. Caoss has: just received
s very largo invoice of Books suitable for 8.8.
Libraries, which he will furnish at a discount
of 25 per cent. to schools.
kir If you don't want your wife
to buy the new patent Bad-Iron, keep her &wit) ,
from Jose's. It is the best and roost conveni
ent invention for lessening the tedious work of
ironing ever presented to the public. No one
who sees it will ever go borne without it.
ing, Spinning, and Weaving, also Manufactnr
ing, Cloth-Dressing, etc., as nrnal. Stocking
Yarn, Flannel and Clothe for sale. Machinery
running _in good order, and work warranted
and dune with dispatch.
Mr, in the Arcade block, opposite tbe Episco
pal Church is prepared to do dress•making in
the latest style and neatest manner on short
notice and at reasonable prices. Pitting made
a specialty. Stamping done also.
To TUE PIIDLIC.—Since Sept. 1,
1874, we are selling tickets to all points West
and S tuth-West E-ie Railway and connect
ing linea,at reduced rates. Pitisengers pure/ma
]t% tickets through thut agency insure ghod
connections and baggage checked throtigh.
Apply to either of the undersigned at Touren
di, Upper Depot.
ter From a plain Gold Ring to
the finest diamond, go to flanDEzatane.
`sec- A large line of Parasols inrall
be now shades, just received by
se%. If you wish to see fine gold
!Jewelry, call at HAIDELMAN . I3. •
A large stock of Ladies', Miss
aud Gents' Underwear, µt
Evat:s IlmnnualL.
Several -valuable -Farms and
houses and Lots for sale by BARTLETT &TuAcr.
tig. Wall . Paper and Curtains
cheap at Wiarrceain & gmatrVa.
Wrenn) Bloc k.l
Fon RENT.—A store building, with
counters and shelves c ,, mplete, for rtMt at; My
ervburg. The location a good one fur Wham
all kinds ' I merchandise. Inquire of R. R.
Oct. 2G, 1874. ,
Aaisuen The annual
mr•eti..g of tho TOWANDA, IRON 3SAND,FAC
TURING COMPANY, tor the elewion of oil.
core, will be bold at the Grind Jury Dobai in
the Court House, in Towanda Dom', on 'race
day, December li, at 2 o'clock r. m.
H. L Soon., Sec'y.
vs. The best place to buy Sash,
Blinds, Doors and all hinds of Lnmher, is at
FROST & Sotis Factory on Charles street. Of
dee 107 Main street. They sell cheap for cash.
ter New goods just recited at M.
ter All - kinds of black horn, rub
ber and real jet jewelry at very low prices, at
Well you want the best Cook Stove
extant, call at JUNF:d, in Mercur's Block.
Mk. For the best Roast or Steak
go to Mrsit.& llnrcnrta: r.
ierlf you want to bay Dry Goods,
examine 'AVAIL ct Co's new stock.
Re- A. full line of Guipure Lace,
Yak Lace, and rassruentry Trenatinge. jest re
eeived by EVANS A: EI/LDRETiI.
lllir A complete assortment of LaR
dies', Gents' and Children's Underwear; at .
TAILOR ,11 CO's.
stir A very large .atock 6f Men's,
Boys', Yauths and CuildAiis Boots, Jost te r
eeived at COIISER & Comes, opposite the Coot
i American and Swiss Watches,
Ist 7 ;est. stock ever brought to this town, n i t
ler Mrs. J. D. HILL has re r
turned from the city, with a flee assortment cif
Fall and Muter Millinery. Store on Bridio
kir Spectacles and eyo g,lasse
warranted equal to any in the market, fro
the cheapest to tho boat, at Eir.rtnumues.
OR" New Goods this week,, at
see- Fine Mink, Seal, and Lynx
FurA; also the lower grades of goods. Han..
some Misses' and entldren'a sett, al
lifir The Fall and Winter schoo l
throughout the county are aboukopeniug, and
purchasers of school books will be interested
in knowing that C. F. Caoss' storti i is he-_
quarters for all the different lands lot bo wl s
used in the schools of Bradford and !adjoining
countier, and that his facilities for purchasi i .g
gises him the "inside track "in selling. Co.
try merchants can got their supplies of ti m
just as cheap as they can In the city,! thus 1. v
tug freight.
as. Remember that our stook
all new and fresh. Everything in the lin
Dry Goods will be found at our store. Wed,
not claim that we will sell goods lower than I
others, bu: hating just bought our en
stock since the recent decline in the New Y rl
markets, we feel Warranted in saying that
can offer new and desirable goods rat boll
prices. We F ball sell strictly for ra l eh. We
invite ill to come in and examiue goods an,'
prices. We shall endeavor to merit a char
iota patronage. Kral t WATIoni
ilqr A specialty in cloaks, Shawls,
Blankets and Felt Skim, east be 'mad at
Eiriss it linzinirria,
SOP Large stock of Pictures and
notice Frames, it Wifirdosa &Bowes, Her-
116 T An immense stank of Ladies',
Maim'. Children's and Gentle Hosieg and
Glolea, at Evas's tt Iluttarra'a.
tor AU goods sold by us will be
gnasotoed u, represented. Our terms
coal, and our prices shall be low.
1,16 A fell line of Bleached and
Brown Table Linens, Napkins, Cradle's, Towel
fogs etc., at Jim & WATIIOI34
as. Trimming Velvets, Velveteens
and Children's Clogldnga, may bo found at
• 0 1.111, ATTENTION I—We have a
large hno of underwear in all grade', boughs
cheap, and will ba tro)d tow for cash. •
ter. The cheapest place in town
to biay (foods, is at ➢ire. J. D.
aft. The largest assortmed
clods at low prices st Bitruntstss'iL_
* Plain White, Rod and C4eck-
S:lannels,,ht all 'grades, at loweit prices.
Nri r sox will sell for the next thirty days Ids en.
two stock of line Gold and Plated Jewelry,
Watches, etc., etc:, at cost. '
Dec. 3-3 w.
•usr r ,
aCEIVE:p.--.A. large stoc k of
Trunks, Traveling Bap, and Shawl Straps, for
th ,1 Holiday trade, at Cowan S Coosa, opposite
the Court Home.
oncE. —Br, E. RoSENFIELD Will
eel you, for 50cents', a Winter Cap that will
corer yon from top to bottom, and everything
olio in proportion;
Dr Keep your feet warm by buy-
o tboee wool-lined boats, Aretice, and warm
b. s, et Conan .t Coots', opposite the Court
.nee. .
Tnz RENDEZVOUS. —Tohll who wish
.perations performed on the teeth, we aay go
,F.h.. DODSON'S DOW,Offteo on State-at., below
io, In Dr. Duerr's now ctldc6 building, sec
dd fl or. You May rely tamn good work,
°reml treatment, and I pleasant instead of a
o.sgreeable time in the operating chair,
Pier Your wife, husband, daughter
oi son, and perhaps that "other feller," will to
expecting it pair of slippers about these days,
'and the place to buy them is at Coma A;
C rts, opposite the . Coert Rouse.
3. W. 13teuur,
F. A. ituaßAs*.
Fon StILE.-150 acres of land, in
Dieter, near the Depot, by Jews Tour, of Port
uposit, Bid. Empire of A. B. Bunn, Dieter,
Die- Dr. KELLEY has secared the
r ig 4 t to set it. atchmeut for lower dental
platee, which greatly ;mists inloiding them in
glace. For difficult oases prove tudispeu-,,
tale. Office on Main-at , Towanda.
mecting ofihe Bradford Connty.Agnenltural
tioelety, for the election of oflicers for the en
tling year, wid bO in the Curt Lions° on
catchy evening next, Dec. 7.
' i E. W. Ez.wzr..r.,
Onto Marron, Bradford cosnty, Pa., and J.. P.
40,SZR, Fog.. a gentleman eighty-threo years of
age, of the same place:both entirely- blind
from cataract, were operated' upon by Dr. Vie.
IDEGRAFF, at the. Burgreal institute, thrio
!seeks ago. To-day theyiboth , eturn to their
omen, with their Orion restored, being able
o read.—E/mi -a .I(llertiser.
ma. Black Alpacas, '
rare Itohairs,
Nadi Cat,llmercs,
Monruing Drerg Goods,
Jnst, opened, and will Do sold for cult only, at
Towanda, Pa., Oct. 23, 1874.
*sir It ie riot generally known that
EL C. Wrirrann, at the Book Bindery over the
REPORTER °thee, makes Blank Books in any
style of ruling and blndiog desired. If you
want a new Ledger, Journal or Docket, give
him a cult.
REmorAL.—F. J. CaL4ors will re
move Ins Grocery Store to Beidloman's Block,
Main street, opposlte,lleaus Mum Deeeniber
1. He will have a fresh supply or Groceries of
all kinds, and ;writes his former customers and
the pnblio generally to give lam L . call at his
new quarters.
E. ROSENFIELD has Jost rcce.ved a now pDVpico
of ready-made clothing for men and boys, and"
a large stock of overcoats of every description,
which I offer to sell regardless of price, to !nit!
purchasers. My entire stock of clothing and
furnishing goods must be sold within GO days;
therefore, I will sell to snit each and all. Coo*
one and all for bargains to 11, E. RosiNsitues,
ger T. C. Cowes„of Towanda, has
pia received the largrst stock of China, White
G'ranite, Iron-atone China, and trench, 13elgiati
and American Glassware, „4er brought to
market. And the best of all IN he has prom+
ed them in such a way that ho is Felling theta
full 23 per cent. cheaper than they were-ever
before sold in Toccatla.
igN.Busy mothers will be gratified
to learn that there is one establishment iu
wands where they eats buy good, arlintantal
clothes for their boys cheaper 'rflan they cap
get the material and have them made up.
Jouus WOt FY. realizing the wants of commu
nity in this particular, hag purchased and ht
selling very cheap boy'a clothing . of every de
from this date to the first r..f January, 1875,
Organs, Melodeons, Pianos, and all other Blci:
sical Irotrntnenta that belong to the musical
trade, at grange prices. I will sell the very
beat' organ now made—the Smith America'n,
having seven stops.aud two sets reeds,—ror
S 115; eight stops and two and one-half sets'of
reeds, for $125 cash; or if purchased on time I
will 'add teu per mmt. The ;Steck and oth s er
Piariosl Will sell at greatly reduced prieo,
No 4, Grangers, is your very best-time to buy,
when such bargains are offered , you. Store
earner Slain and Pine streets, Towanda, Pa.
Nov. 20, 1874-4 w.
READ THIS !-At no previous time
have I been able to get!tho prices down so low
as under the present sytfern of close c•lenlat
ing and selling for cab, with ,only one price.
Desiring to reactva certain point in my Dec.9l 7
ber trade,l have marked my stock at sticb
low flgetrea that people must wonder bow I can
do it. The fact is, I am wilting when selling
such large'qnantities to tsko quite a sm ill Prof
it. A little mite on• everything counts up at
the end of the, day. Another fact is, I am for•
tunate in using cash for MY purchases. Be
sides, I do not lose my money when I sell for
cash. and my only one•prico plan makes it ne
ct a.ary for me to undersell ever7body else.
would be absurd for me to allow poor goods to
go out army store, when I am aiming for a
large Increase in my business, and guarantee
to give ,satisfaction and fair dealing. I have
bat ono was• to do Luellen with everybod)
one prion 1n ogle and all. Now; when clothing
Is so cheap it is dm taw to purchase; When
you visit Towanda, oalt in and look at my
emelt and get' my prices before yon pnrciisse.
ALBS SoLOXON, One•Prico (lighter, 123 Magil
-1 street, Towanda, •
Dna 2,1871.
Nitrous Oxide . Gas success
'used for the extraction of Init.
W. B. Haar, Dentist,
Towanda, Pa.
Foes I Foust Ftries I—We abaft of.
far tO the citizens of ToWantlla and vicinity ) a
choi4e selection of f Laditi l oa'. liEssea' ehd Cliff.
;Iran's Furs, in all4iadelq at prices wbich:cao
not be offered on . ipodi bought A year ago.
Every set we offer ,is alt . and fresh. direet
froth the ipannfsetrirer. every set Trfi 801 l will
bo guaranteed prime • itEin perfect in: all re-
spear. We Invite all to examine , our eloell
and prlceL KENT VA:III9U9.
gourmet() ISSABD. The pnaor-
Signed calls attention , to lieveral new things in
dentistry, as follows • •
.Pirvf:.•A new styli of plate for ateriviciaL
man, perfect in ea respects. hai the
color of the mucous membrane, resembling
the lips and gums so closely as fro defy detee
%ion: 2d. It is shsoltitelY pure and wholesome.
3d. It is very light as well as strong, so that
the - plates can be made thhi, avoiding a mouth
full of clumsiness. There Is positively no dm
waist on this plate In any direction. Hundreds
'of them are now in two among the most relia
ble people of this town uhd county, and all call
'them -ottani.°
. Second: Wo have thei Means of attaching
sneherssuotiort Cavities to ldwer sets of
teeth, whiCh bolds thb plate 'arm on the jaw,
preventing any movement of the plate In mas
ticating, or accumufahng or food under it. Dit.
llenit cases completely-Managed. 1
third : The liquid ntqous oxide ! gas—a new
forth or anaesthetic, which is perfectly safe and
reliable, in all respects. Benders tioth-extrrult•
ing a delight, instead or 'a dreadful operation.
Fourth: All manner' of dedtal operations
done in the most artiatie manner, at M. D. L.
DelleoN . l dental rooms, hi Dr. Pratt's new oak°
building, State street, below Main , Towanda.
BLiCKLDODGE.=—At Tarrytown, by Rev. D.
D. Gray, Nov. 25, 1874, Mr. John 11. Black,
of Tuscarora, and &Jibs Marietta li. Dodge,
of the former place. I
DOBBINE3—HINDERT4Eit —At the residence
of the bride's 'parents, Nov. 14, by the Rev.
J; C Scofield, 8. 51.-DobbinY, and Ittit , a Emma
WoderlitPr, both of Oil City, Pa,
PHELPB—HOGABOO3I.—At tho reszdenco of
Mr. Floyd Hogitioqua, in 'llan.vdeld, Pa.,
Nov. 25.187!. by Her. W. H. 11""ell.
Henry A. Phelps, to Ilfas Lneulia Hoga boom,
ail of Mansfield, Tina Co., Pa.
D pD .
31ODOUGAL.—In Granville, Ya , Nov. 12„ of
typhoid pneumonia, ;elm Mellongal, aged t 1
. years.
KING.—In Springlieldj Pa., NOV. 14. of con
sumption, Amanda E., NI au of ;cois King,
Sgeu 20 years.
AUSTIN.—On Armsnia mountain, Nov. 10, 31r.
Austin, aged about 40. year's.
EVE —in Burlington; Bradford :county, Pa.;
21.1871. of comiumotion, Charlotte .11.;
- wile of J. V. Rico, Esq., aged 45 years.
Sister Bica's last days and weeks wore of in
tense linffering, bat it4ikas patiently borne. Nut
a-Hord of murmuring escaped her lips. Graeo
triumphed. She found ()resin:Hence that
"JesuS can malts a dying bed
I Feel soft, as downyTillow a are."
After the grass bas 'grown grcen over her
grave, her godly exhertations cAI be ;real in
nem memories, May they ncver be forgotten.
The family weep. Their lours are lonely. But
their loss is her eternal gam. She wag a faith
ful witeszand.mothcr. 1 G. S. T.
. I
'LEWI6I.--In Towanda, Nov. 2d, 1874, Sarah
' daughter or Lewis, aged 5 years, 7
;monks, and 11 days'.
MT funeral was attende3 at 13.ater.. She
sleeps In Jssiis, in Our cemetery, beside her
Mother. May all Iht in
TO WAN VA:- - A RicLrT S
'corrected every vieemeaday, bf O. B. PAWS'
sitbject to changes dally. '
Wbast. P bath
Bye, 0 holm , ,
Buckwheat, 0 bush •
Oorti. '0 bush
Chits, "0 busty
Beaus, P bush,.
Butter trolls) 100)b
do (dairy. )P tr. new
Eggs P dos
potatoes. P burh.ncw...
Flour ? barrel S 30 4D 7 00
Armours 07 Grant.—lTheat GO lb. ; Co'n 56 lbs. ;
Bye 66 Lbs.: Osta 32 MS.; Barley 46 lbs.; Buckwheat
88 Deans 62 lbs.; Drab 20 lbe.; Clover Seed GO
lbs.; Timothy Seed it lbs; Dried Peaches 33 lbs.;
pried /Lupien 22 lAA.; Flax 5t.(4 . 60 lbs.
@• • .-
•, , ELL & co. atNiESS AND Br.ONTatfil,
uth Third Street, 114iladelphia. Nov. 24. 187
8.1881. c. aro
• " 8-20;c. '52. 31. 41,1 N ...liVi
~ 4 1 40 .65 .. i 44. 116".
1,5, J. and J ..118 , ;;
, ... .. .. .67 . at i el I 19L1
ig • at •a V . si , aa , 1194-
" 10.40. coupon, 1 114
" Paetfle ti's.. y. , 11614;
" - 3's, 1448 z 1881 ' [ 113
,New " c 18d1 1 113
'Auld ............ .......:.. .......112
:Silver ' .... ' .... , .
x .. ...... 1 .0 4
. T . • • •
'Pennaylaania -
!Reading .
.. 54 !..i
Pbllaileiphla .1: Eric.• .; 1 114 1 i
Lelugh Navigation ...... 1...... .. ..... 47."•,
'Varna, 61'i
ljnlted'll B. of N. J.; 129 1 .1
'oil creek 8.:
Northern Central....; ' 2 l!..1
Central Transportation ~.42, ;
Neaquehuning '47:
Co. di A. Mortgage Ca' 'l9 99
, .
Now Adverts
tho rostoffice. Towanda. ri
Hirhop,H W ; Bilae, flea ;
W C ; aggleon, • E ;
Oscar; Hart, Alice; - Jay, Nola:
Morgan. A; Matlowt. St; M
ler. Eliza; Rn-sell, George; 8
Mrs Jail.; smith, atria Eliza; ,
st,,,nue D , J g ; war4er, Delp
Walker, Ansa M'arren, lira
Shaw ft Co. Towanoa. Pa;
king PCT . ; lira Amanda Brig
-Persona calling for abovo I
Used. giving dato of list.
, bIACHISE to still ahead
sone why it brats t'ni other o
with them. Borne of them • j
lor ; Is eaglet' threaded, liar J
thread in the whole mai•bine, 1
airjusted that it vil i [ pew with a
out changing the teuaion, au
It is more durable:
Any vlrsnct wielegg, pa ,
do well to try
before purchasing any other
• '•
A. B. *CuLTEn,
Itr.,CuLvin alsrsys glad
to any one, and Bella it on ea;
Wyalnel og, Dec 3. 474.
But the v.ry best goods of all kinds kept by any
frinst-cliss grozer, and sold Down, Down, Down„.
STRIC TLY ran Casa!
The choieest4.
Received nallp, Fresh from the Now York M4rket,
mind bought at the Sery
. lo)vest cash price?.
Having been engaged. for the last three years with
Firstol , se Wholesale grocer In New York, I have
Fact'idea for ht.ying my goods so that I ass testae
is to OIIIICT ion!u.f.• QUM BUYELI 10 OA.L.L.LND
DUrchasing eltewhere
for Prodnoe
2 will Day CAB
25 1 16%
Towsnds, Nov
POW ELL & co-.;
We are daily receiving tidditions to
Heiing a buyer constantly in New
York, we are enabled at all times to
get the
In the market.
We call especial atteptirn to our
stock Of
We have just receivei direct from
ImpoitcrA,. th 3 hest lino of
Ever exhibited by
,Also thr :I,? , sor!rnent of
Si 30 €) 1 GO
G 5
1 50 a 2 00
(g 23
35 a 3, 37
said township of Canton, bounded as follows: our
the north by Sacs or F 7, M 04 , tr. east 127 lot No. 13
. .kqitti by lands of Martin Lynch, and tr, s! by 1 , 11. d
containing thr , a.acrea of laud. hiote o:
proved. no buildings. '
AL5O flio south half of 10' :;0. 11
ea!,l'townplrip of Canton, aforesaid. hn:
- lows: on the north 1:1e1 of li. ‘l.
Wo also offer Great Bargains in _
lot No. Bon% by hint or t• Cobv
To be found
0 w-
No. 42
131Eva1s. ISlllmss
Oct'. 12, 1874
The Ltynto Aeg bas been published - for more
than thirty years: with the warmest. support of the
heat men of the• contitry. It ''as admittedly con
monad t o stand •• a tooe he'd of its class," and Its
613C413811 IS now 'greater than-ever before. It has
absorbed ita younger campettitor, EVairf BATITA
DAr, and is without a rival in its special field.
A •Liekly magazine of sixty lour pages, the UT ,
Ivo Age gives more than three and a quarter thane
and double-column octavo pages of reading' mat
ter yearly, forming four lore° volumes. It presents
in au inexpens re form, Considering -its grad
amount of treeing matter, with freshoes, owing tb
itamscekly issue, and with a satisfactory coniplet •
Hess attempted by no other, publicatirn, the best
kesays. Reviews, Critictoonts, Tales Poetry; Eiden - -
Biographical, Historical and F,':ooitCal info:Rita ,
tast, front the etttre body of Foreign Periodical
. remainiugm
a., Noy. 23, 1874.
"tutltig the coming•pear, the,gertil end ehert sto
.riee of the
.ohen, Raul ; Childs,
k. Geo H ; Grover
• ; McCormick. Kate;
Hale. Michael; MU-
Dford. It B; erretla
Miss Qttitha;
I Tanner. Battle;
a; Woh, Mar CIISAC.
. _ .
will by given. together with an amount tinapproacb
ed by any other pe , iodlcil to the world. of the best
literary a d scientific matter of the de., from the
pens of the above named. and many other foremost
iving essayists, ecienti•ts. critics. discoverers and
editors. representing every devartinent of knowl
edge and progress.
The importance of the Living Ago to every Amer
ican reader as thl only satlVacturily fresh and e,m
pieta compilation of an innispenasble current liter
ature—lndispensable because it embraces the pro.
auctions of
W Lewla. Sf D. Wat
t. ➢tlddktown, N Y.
tera will say adver.
In all branches of Literature, Science,' Art and Pol
it.cs—ls sufficiently lisaicated uy the fo,lowlng re
There are many rea-
" Benroduces the best thoughts of the "oest minds
of the civilizsd world. anon all topics of Being In
t-rest "—LPeiladelyhia lugnirre
- In no ofher single publication can there be
foundtm.mich of sterling literary eacellenco."—
[N. Y. EVoLIIIIg Post..
The best of all our eclectic publications.
Nation, N. Y.
,achines when en trial
It Is li r diter ;
g but ono plEco to
be teeelone being so
o. 10 Lo E 0 swlth
And the ebeape•t: A monthly that comes every
SPIN k Advance. Chic go.
"The ablest ess.ys.thernost entertaining rtotts
and the filltSt poesy Or the Mnutieh iitottu.tle arc
here'gsthered together . "—[lll State Journal.
.th it alone a reader may rattly keep np 'with
all that is humectant In the literati:we. history poki.
Lice and g•ZitLICO of thoday "—[rho Idet,odlat, Now
make a perfect stitch;
azg ,,
A pure and perp e tual reservoir and 'fountain - of
oUtertqurutnt and Instruction."--(4031. Robert, C.
I acidne
'• Tho best' pertxUcal to Atuerlea."—[Rev. Dr.
Caper ,
The best periodical In the word.'-'--(Alfred B.
It has no eqsal in any conutry." 7 -iPhiladelphia
neral Agent,
~ Pa.
Its publication in weekly numPers gives to It a
great advantage over its- monthly cotempoeartea in
the spirit and ireehness of its couteuts."—[The Pire
eine dan Francisco.
-• The more noted new novels appear as aerials,
and the most distingttlehsd tereirm •teukera in cra
te-184 selevre..and art are represented in its paßes•
It Is the only compilation that pros nta with a satis
factory completenes. ass Trail as freshness. the host
literature of the almost t"numerabie and genera ly
inaccessible Bari:mean mlartealies, monthlies. and
weekiies_a literature en oracins the productions of
the shield and )post cilltured writers living. It is
trieretore Indispensable to every one who desires a
thorong compendium of all that is admirable and
noteworthy in the literary world."-- - [Boston Post
/47131.1Stign WEERLy at 88.00 p year, razz or
rewrson. Volume begins January •1. New "sub
, scrteere remitting now will receive the intervening
1' numbers grads. - •
-- Acinreas 'LITTELL c GAY, Boston.
to show his machine
,7 terms
p•Pcma-ased of the LrrzNo AGE »act ono or other
f.f our elVaCi.lla• American monthlies, a eubscriber
tindwtU himself in command of the whole aitua
tien."—(Phla Bulletin 1
For $1; 50 t eovering prepayment of poitafta on
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either one of the American four dollar monthly
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ton'. fourrol. weegly,)_isill be sent tor aye r or,
for $9.30, Tux Livri•ei son Dun, Sento:lees St Nich
Addoesa al.a.ZoVe.
TfollowingNCE —Tto following
--L. reli
nble arias
Companies represented.
LJONCAStilltr.,' •
Star Pi '
Near the Court House,.
We are prepared to teed the hungry at all times of
the day and evening. Oysters and Ice Cream in'
their seasons.
March SO. 1870, - D. W. SCOTT & CO.
CAUTION. -4 hereby caution all
pro aeainst purchasing a note Cm one - hutP
&cc! and five WO OW MMus. given by naj 1u fa
vor of Pbaloo McCracken mud dated on or 2100
august td, .1871, as such note WAR ob*alned by fraud
and paym6nt mill not be male unless compelled by
law. NARALt HOdEBOuSS. -
Esat Perini/ Rlll. Wov. 10. IC
I am prepared to furnish Kiln-dried Doom/lase
and dlinds of any style, size, or thickness, on short
notice. iland in iyour orders ten days before you
Wait to use the articles, and be sure that you will
get Soon that will not shrink or swell. Termscasti
on &livery.
; Towanda, July 141,1871. GO. P cesu.
New .&dvertiseracts.
t I
c s')
AND;17 41., r:' , ::
Ll '
;I I
1 ;I.
in thti,rnarket
Merged in
FIRE 17 , R D
SHERIFF S SALE`-By viit . o of
salad?, mils Walet, oat of the Court or Com
mon Pleas 01 Bradford County. and to ton chrrtted
sold he esportel to pthHO said at the Court llonea,
to Towanda - Borouah, On PitlOsY. Drcernbar 11.
1814. it 1 o'clock, p to , the following de embed
piece or parcel of land.'sittulfe th• Canton 13 rough.
and hounded aa - follovial Bratunlng at th e 'roetn
west cerner of thrz•grlst mill tot . fri the ct ter of
the Pall Brook road, thetwe north 2 dtg, Pit Pt
240 to a hickory treo. (aohth side of roll - =MI.
thence north 893 k deg.! weal It 1.10 per. to a part;
thence north 119 deg, west 0 and 040 ptl, fo i n phst:
thence north 80 'deg. West 10 3.10 ocr, to lin - froo
wood tree; thence south 81 deg ; west 4 41 per. to
a yellow birch, .corner off grist mill lot. on the
north bank _of creek; thence by the nor th lank of
said. creek, Its revere! 'coutrOd and distance , east
ward about 33 per to the centre of the no. Brook
road where the suns ' craters the creek; thence
north 83 deg. east by the.rwutro of as d road 3 a 10
perches ,to the plea, °Meg:wring, containing me
and • one halt acres of land more or lees' tin
'proved, with a steam awe gall with engine boiler
and attachments bele:4;lDß to the same thereon. ,
ALSO---4the other lot piece or Dared of land, slt- •
nate in the borongh.of Canton, count,' and ,Btato
• stereo:rid, botinded end described as foil we. to
wit: Beginning 15 feet.nOrth of the hocks/ II creek
blrdg.e In centre of Trey street and Pall $r kroad,
thence by the centre of said Fall Magi/ ro , south
83 deg. west 10 and 6 6 100 perches. %ens° orth 2
deg, west 9 and 2-10 perches to 4 bicker, dr ', south
side of mill rare; Thence north C 954, dog, Fret 14
and 1.10 per, to a post and stones, ttuniee itOrth 59
l c
deg, west 9 and 2.10 per, to a post; teziate Ostia f.. 3
deg, west 10 and 3 10 per, to au iron tiro ti 'tree;
thence suntb,Bl- deg, west ' 4 and 4-10 per, o a yel
low birch tree, east. of the dam (made Pi. :induct
the wider t 4 the grist mill). thence so .th 2 eg, east
3 per. to the centre of the Fall Brook reed i t- theece
by c-nfre of same. north 70 3 ; deg, west f land .?„:::
,per, to the east aide of tle turning - ahem dant,
ence across the creek to the north bank- Of creek
u td g ea-t aboDt -2 per. thence ?long n an cf
creek and the 's line of the before Mentioned turning
shop lot about 11 and 6.10, per, to the sea th east
corner's/ said shop lot to a point ab .nt II feet north
of the ga in the race that conduct. the Tatter to
the grist 11; thews north by rue east Uwe ef. the
turning attelklot to the south line of Ittnfl..of.-,--
Finuell. foruierly belonging to E. It. Cotwe , ther.y.
byllietrontb the of same to the centre o 1 .1 tte Ar
menia moontaiti`road thetteereasterly atom: the cen
tre el said road te, the centre of Troy /44 thence
southerly along c litre of Troy Street to the pian
of beginning, co:Ad:ling three and noir half aetce
efland, more or lees-improved , with Orateed
home barn ` with shed .'attached, frausc.,‘ eteatu
plat 'mill. with engine, hoc: r =f:3 alq 'f.!-+j tth
merits belonging to same thereon. Ij
ALSO—One other-lot pierelr par,pl of '• dill;'' a;
:fO ,
ate in the borough of 0e... , t , 'n. couley :. i I e+• to
afore/MA, and bounded as follows, to,wa :or the
north be Union-•t. teat by'! Tfoy4l,eouth by Lade
of H. W, Wright and IL Wright anil west fby N. C.
It'y'Co,cf.ntatning, three acres crlanll, more or
lest, all improved: with a;,fr - ..rnel do ling; Itov_ae,.
framed barn and fruit trees thereon. \
ALsO—One other lot, trici.. or i,arEr.l etqn:l3 . e;'...
"ate In the bore of Conte . . county and .cite tilwc-
Paid and bounded as •01l AT, to WI r : on o.,rkerth
by l an d of Norman Rock Well, ea,a by N; C.1:11..Y ‘ C0,.
south by lanai Of i limn wen t Eut , h:r and west by
Troy-et. containing cue and out-lialf a.refi•of Well, 1
more or less all finpro. cd, with two frontid hou'ic,,
one framer[ barn and few fruit tre.e; thereon'. I
.. . •
ALSO-Thre other lot' , in tik, t , ti 'a 1, P.:wi l d:4, la f ic , ( o , C . 3.,
or tratcolti of law., sdnat 0 towns iit o Can=
ton.Tcoonty and 'state, :110f :sa::l,,bouuded a foll,ore,
to.wi!: on tho north by r nclA of Aisson F tink, exit
by Troy at. south by Elral Widow Newell ' prid west
by tot No, 9; contnninst ilire. , acres of lt.d.- more
or less. all Improved, with a few frai` tree , thereon.
Al,:if)—Lot 5 0..4. In said township (1 Canton,
county and state aforesaid; bounded as Pillows; on.
tha north by lot No. 5, (last by Troy FtrOt, south
by lot No. 3. and west bylot No. 9 contyLing one
acre of land, wore or 1 .ss. all impruced; u - itn a
board house and fox fruit trees thereon. 1 .
• ALFSU—Lot No. 5 in Said township o Canton,.
and bounded as fullows .to-wit: on the north by
I and of H. 55. Goff. ea.t.lby Tiny-at. son lr by lot
No. 4, and west by t7iLli:ini Goa, cOrttliblDg one
Acre of laud more or less i . all improved. ,
At.'4O—Lot. No. 6 and 7, the 'north p rt rf lot,
No. 9. 10,11 ..ii ` V 2. situate to' the AM C O o , hip of
I ,r,
Canton, bounded as to_`., Wi. to wit; on 'tii. , , n. , :th
I y lands of F. S: Elliott and lot No ,I, ea' , st by lobs
No. 6 and 5. south by lots No 5..9, 10'11 and IZ
and west by lot No. 13 conignitis: P11!1 tr . ues of
:tad more or li-ss, all inion.vFd. with -a framed'
house , tram-d hard and rft•V trait trees th,eretin.
ALSO—Lot Na: S. situate in sold t‘. l , y tiship of
Canton. arid bounded .iis Pdlows. tli.,,tit: on. the
Loan by lands of v. B. Elliott. esad by Trey ; street.,
south by tot No 7. and treat by lot No: , c outa:Ll
-izig on , . acre of hod, more et.' less, ail- ithorovod,
wlth,a framed house, shed and f,,W rat trees
t to.reon. . . .
ALSII . --On ,, other lotitnntru E S the Gaff I , :t. situ
ate,' n say' towns:an of canton bona led al:
to,vit: on the north by Ep:,ratui CtPle. ,•a4t by lot
No 14. tout', and w..At by put4i., higb,val; contain,
111Z7 en acres of land. more le•me. all! ilbproved,
a travel boas'. and few fruit tre-eriv , :.:o:t.
AL3o—Lot .O. 14, .ituate to colt TioY:=E!/ 1 1)
Canton, hounded as fO3O , Ve. to. "o: j the north
by land of rpnraina Casa. (quit 1.,t N. 13. e‘outlx
by the pribli.; biulo 'way end we , t by:Cl:or.noo Goff,
containing Ace acres of 1”.,(1, lucre or tC33, all in:-
.Al. 4 o—Lot No. 13. aituatl in said township of,
Canton, ban - nil-a to•wtt: On wlirih
by land of F. R. L'iliott capt tiy 1.4 4o• V.
the hliztiwa3r and Martin Pt by
lot No. 14, containing No iserca 0!: =Ore. cd•
has, all Itoprovi,d. Lo nuillimia. •
ALS I— . ha eolith half of lo' No.! situate i
'tin L 7. ncti. and weit bp, land nt 11:rtir/
1 t No. 12 qootaignoit thre” arcs /..1
I. all'improved. ne beildlogg.
ronth Orlf of at Yet 1~
the rto , aoship of Cultel. afore ettl,
followw: on thw north by lanai of If
by lot No. 9, Booth bylE. R. ftrx:kwill
Lit No 11, containing three acres of I
less, all improved. no buildings.
ALSO—Lot No. 9 a Mate. In the saldito - mship of
Canton, botindsd on !the north by lands of ft. Xt.
£o,m, F.. 4, Ily talltis o 7 el, - s wunr, :Ne t',l ana Vus
Nov. 1, 2. 3. and '4. aln It by land --,- ,r E. It Ito:ta
n-TS, and westby lot;So 10, vit:tainftl , fire acreG of
land, more or less, 'all improved, 'hit -a board
house and framed biro tnoreon, all of said Into
balm; more fully dean lbed In the Bailey and Van
`Lampe survey and plot of B.[ZIP. Sei ~t and taken
Into mention at 111 , 1 snit of P mer IF Bros, v 4.
John W. holey and . l.l,,ho;as Van San co. .
ALSO—The umlivlSect one-twelfth interest in-t=ie
fqllowing- cescrP•ed lot. pie .0 or pat'eel of - land,
stoat' in the hop of She shevia hekn.led as tab.
lows: en the north by Linde of Ethii-r. Gore and
William Sejder, eash by laud of Denpmi•-_ - SMith,
e.titu by finds belonging to the estat., of Vatentine
Smith, dee .'Abby 151.'Klumy and Peter Wel e. and
the we,t. by tie Susquehanna r,s - Ar. containing
one hundred acres of land 11.1.,TA nr eBB, abuit , 90
acres improved, ~ ;.ith afe mod barnthf reon. Seized
:Ind take.' into execntic at c suit /f titO. Smith -
LER:vs , . a..t• Kinney. , ..._ I ,,
ALSO--One other lot. ii ieci: ur barest of I .I , na, en.-
nate in Ath'-na boro; hounded as fotows: on the
north by land now owned by F. A. lieu, east by
land of Mrs a. L. j brake south 4y laid of It:
cr ,
bite, and Wset by llaple-st, *sing ,lot 27, of
Welle's Plot and slar , e), hasing a fro t on ' said St.
of 75 feet and depth. of 217 feet v Ittt a: framed
hou=e, framed Varnl and few fruit trees thereon.
Selzt-d.a.nil taken into executton at fife suit of 9. L.
East erupt nee vs. E.lfhlell.
Ar,s,)._./n, e other lot pip-e or plred of land, a!t.
uate In Monroe , two.. b bolded as f011ows: on the
Loral, ea,t and south by tang Ili - 1.; ' . Re 1.0:::!, and
on the . ..t ha land lately owned by,(}. F. 3,14,,nn,
iottaining 20 acres - or laud. unl , Pe or levy about
45 acres improved!, with taco fratap.l - lai.tve9, a
frame' barn. a saw 'nod and orchard of fruit trt ea
e ibereon. Seized and taken into' elerlitiOU at the
suit of E Overton. jr - vs Delansoh .ellogg .
ALSO—Ono other lot pi ce or par...l of - land. sit
uate In Towanda bore, hounded as !follows; ,pe.7,ln.
fling at the annib writ corner of a lot owned by
Pander Walleirn on the north side ..;if Poplar-st, iu
sail born of Towanda, thence northerly along said
Whlborn'.. treat line about 130 feet, tO the southlme.
of Stat--at; tears we...tarty along said State-at CO
feet to the past tine of a lot owned by S. W. Allen;
thenc.• southerly alone said Allen'sj cast Iwo about
130 feet to the north lino of - Pi pl4r t.t; thence east.
rrly along the north lino of said Pkilar at 50 feet,
to the - Oa a of beginning, with the remains era
burnt framed 'dwelling h nee and tint hOuse there
on, and being the same Int as een)e)eti to the de.
fandant. Con , datitine Sctiimmets. by W. toramb ill
and woo. by deed nearing auto, Sept, 29. A. .12r. 1872.
.. ..
and recottled iu the oth..e for tee( riling of coeds.
.lc, in and for said county of B.,•dford, in deed.
book No. W. on px.ic 442. kii. ti.r. , 4l , .anit taken
into execution at tile suit ut J. 0. 'fruit . & sons v 8 ;•
Oanatitatme Set/flume le
ALSO-43 o other lot, piece or parer' of land sit
nate in.Shesto.quin twe.. and boutuhil o.ii tollOws:
on the, north- be andsof limits & Pugh, east by
land of Samuel 'II Ise, south _by liind of ATll3with
Sheeler and tioloniEllis, Mid west by land of Will
iam fabeeien. cont4ining 33 acres Of land. more or
leas, about Iff,acres improved..witLi a log house
tberas.n: 'sized and taken into xecntitin at the
ant of Wm. ft C mubell vu . c•
. .ALsO —One. other lot. piece or p reel of hind Sit
uate in Litetill-ld ewp., hum ded as l f. 'Bows: Ou the
north'hy lands of Eugene Underhill, east by- the
public highway, and on the south•and west hyd ands
of said Eugene Underhill; c, ,, ntai tug 100 acres et
land,-more or legal. about 74 acres knot oVed, with
two trained houses , ono trained barn., and fruit
trees the; eon Seized and taken into exe".:ution at
the suit of Adtm'Rifenburg vs. . B Randolph.
Janina Rand•dpb, , Win . Harringte.• , O. L Laata.
brooks and Wm. 9 Merrill
ALSO—one other lot. piers or p reel of laud. sit
nate it the Bora of Tawaniia, nth bounded as
unit's: iosi beginning in the southerly hie of Spruce-at,
at the north west corner. ()flan. heretofore con
taaeted t • be, conveyed to (-• W. MIER by th' party
fit the first part. thence westerly - along the line of
Spruce St., 4W ft , thouco at right angles with -the
lite of Soreen St.. 134 ft., to sm_al ey. thence petal.
Igl with the line of spruce at. east fly 48 feet to the
south west commr of aaiit ki utiles lot, thence north
e• le along the hue of said lot 133 ft , to the plasm of
beginning 1- _
. ALSO Ono other lot, piece Or parcel of land. sit-.
wife in To varda Iloro . and deseimed as follows: .
beginning on the southerly tilde - ,1 Spruce at.. 240
14.,.alting the lino of said at.. trtitn the northwest
et , rner of A. D. ftar .ing's lot. thrince north to deg.
70 min, east alon. , the line of - Said street 4ite:feet;
a',levice south 23 deli 24. min, east 438 ft, to an 41111,
/h 4 ,11,0 westerly along the ins of the alley. and par.
alley with the street line iliP,i ft. bence northerly
parallel with the east line .133 feat to the place of
beginning. all being surface measnreinent; and
having a framethereon; S eriff :s
d - mune ill p w
fy Lobos other improvements ff a y.
Seized- and taken into exe.cati ti at the suit of
A. S. Noble YEI. OM W. 110ffit.
Nov. 10,1571.
. J. 11. dMITU. Sheriff.
:Notice is hereby given that 9n application will
be mad« nutter ths act • f As.embly of the Common,
wealth of Pennstilvania, eatitted l'. An act Co pro-
vide for the incorporation and re.tnittion of certain
corporationa." atioroved April 18, .1473. for the
Charter of an intended corporatfori to be caned the
" PlAtaii"ilqiill and Susquebanite Pine ritone'Corik
party." the ,hartCr End ot,j, , ct of which is to rope,
Mannfaci aro, and deal in all kinds of blue atone,
and for these puiposes to have a l ll possess 40 en..
joy all the rights, b • nefits, and privileyrs of said
Act of Assembly,' • • 'dß,
. liov. 13, 1874. I
-.LI Notice is hereby given that t Genrgn p. Cash, of
thePorottith of !To w anda, Penn /Waffle, has made
an aaaignment t,o mo under ill insolvent lawit,„Of
ail hie property, for the benefi of his creditors
All persnns indebted to him are rrqnrsteil to make immediatel)ll3ll,6ot. and all.po one havitig.c-ahliti.-
cac, , t present ttlero, duly wale) .ticated, for settle
ment 1
i Ei. L. • CuTT, Assigne(.,
Nov. 19, Ig7l.
vatic - It- OP ASS , GNIIIR.NT.
, ,
_LI 1.z0t.A...0 Is i i lereby given tb t Cbarlea IL.CsEh,
of tlie , ltoronglit'- of Towanda, Pennarlranis, bas
made an a.nogrupeut t tan nude the inanlvont law',
of all Us property, ft r the bnneOt of ,his ereditnro.
011 parson. indented -to hint are request"rd toil - lake
;critoraiato p•ayweot, and all peianna baying eb.ilas
must meant them, duly autheittmated, for s-ttla•
ment. . i ' H.L. :0017, antgat et
.a. Iron, • PALI, b. Stil4ltow, Pisaritient
.to the 19th Judicial Ltiir.roit. consisting ,
counties of Bradford and Sustrieisatin
Hons. O. A. ItussuLt. and . 8., D. ant
AAscx...irite Judges; in and for said eon
Bradford, flaw Issued their precepl bi
date theist day id .Nosenzher, 1874, to r
rested for holding a Cionxt of Oyer and I
tier, Goiters' Quarter Nessions of the -:
Oreumon Pleas and Orphan's Court, nVlow*Ari
d t. ,for the County.ll of Bradford; on iallL. , yr* ,
I.) , c..nitier 7, 1E474. to C17131i ntle three wee s.
•I Sotietris therefore liereliy given to thCoro-
ocrs, and Justices of the Peace, of the ounty
ot Bradford, that they he , then and th re, in
their proper person at lt) o'cTeck in tl fore
neon ( 4 sand day, - svth records, intriaitio 9 4n,)
y .
other remembrances; to do those thitig. i v:hie.h _
to their office appertains t. , ) be done; and these
wile are hound by rceogni nee or othe :rise to
i,ioocato against-Ihp pfLioriers - who ro or'
*nay be in tiro, jail, of said - county, -, ,0r Inv 8 linrl -
d bound to appear at the ;said court arh to ,;,, , e
hen and there to prose- to against .E1f..r.1 'AA
shall be Just. Juror/4 are requestedr, I,e
pnnctual in their attendant;oxgrecatily t ./ 4 11,1,....r
27 r,,t14:4). ' , - 1 q L
Dated at Towanda, the Ist,, day of,.`loven. h , .,r, in
... ,the veer of our Lord. ne ;thousand eig..,t i
: lch
uned and seventy-tear, 'and of the In Ic
-1 pendence of the Ileite t i,' rqatfb, Ow ninety-.
i7,titti. 2 . - ..—
. ~
.111Cle EGLSTER'S NOTICE. --- Nntic , ... , ,
_1...p is heriby;..gissti ihot :Wire Ivve - been 4led .I/
!tie offi -.9 - of Itegibter of ;Villa fn and fm• the t:a f: 1 -7
.of Bradford'. accounts of admiuletration neon the . I.
f• - •iloiribg estates, viz: .1
, ~ , .
Partial sezonot at J. B. Lewis, dterlatr - of the will '
of Courson Lewis, Late of Wells, leceased. I •
:Final account of J in/ a South.. uardian of Cliari.:a
LI. S.nifit. minor child of loatph i.nltli, htl of Wy.
i6x. deceased. . •
- P , rusl account of Phil/lain S4ne awl Aitviviti:s.
Lewis, ealcutors of The will of nebecca Henry, 1.1 . .i1.
Of Wyalaaing. deceased.' i I . ,
Final oleount of gellat'Efriq, exe<gator of t e ~ .111 ,I
of.Jo.,epli Doane. late of ; Windham, .1e aced. .
Inual acc,unt. of Eugene fleeter, ridmlnia trot or -.4 i
ti'' e3tat of tterioan Titus. late of Pike. de foam:.
'Final account of J. L.:on/is, simirititwitor of .tun r ;
()kat." of Wm. Johnson, 'Lite a Terry : deceased. .;
Final account of M 11. Dining. a Imlnistrator of '.
the ebtate of J. Durance A-11e. late of WyaoX', dc,' , l.
' Final deconnt of M. .Ll.,lliiilton and M. . Lce3:- 1 '..
v, - .21t. eiteutcira of the will of JOr.eph Z/ellt T.,.
on, 1.-.•:-. -,
of WUat.Ditrlington. deed.
Fin.l riecount of 11. 14%. Itoltenba:k and:alininf.l
il'utcra..a.` dmiaistratora of tno e+tato of Cliarleri'.3. 1°• 1
Laub, liti, of Iturlington. dec,aind. I' . - • - ..;.: ;
Psrtial account of ..ii, ;V. DeWitt ridmialetrator .. • ; :
-I/ nib/ nois of Jacol./ . °BeWitt, late of Towttnil hi/
d-ceat‘ell. ; . • I
Final ti-count of Clior.-lfe Bard, gat trdian •af 1 • . , ° . .. - .1 I:
+wit. vtli:::',r child of Jef ra• ti;With; tat, 01 W.Y , :-. , ::
.deceased. ; . . . ~. 1
-1 ria..9 account of Georte Furman and h i .P. II"':- - ;I
ii,,'', etn; Ilion. of .11. wilt of ee,.. , :r tlct.:Lel and, i 1'..-. , ,
'‘) C^,llllllbl.t, deceased,: l . - • -''.l
.F.o et;.a.:onin: of .t.. H. L. 4 „,,,a1d1ng, a:lrv:Aqui?. , 'verr •
~ .,,, r at the will of “G9r.,:•:- .0 -'es; !ale 91 1t1.,...:..
lT.aatd. c
C. ; •.. 1. ..
\ ortial n^Tint of John ''Vellna. Se inti e1i . ...."° - i1.. , . -
a•th.n lait Aril; and testament of C. F. - VT.les. i..:".
Ol ltiazna Unto. deeeaed. .. -
, Anio 14. apflraipqqzlent cf." property set c,ff • Ly ~- -..° .;;..
e..utors 6r adromis:ratore to widows or :::ii,Fl::.!:."' :
C„ii:n to lowing decinlente. via; . ,
Entitle nellarton Conrad.. •: • .`l -- ..
• ; - •'. " tin. Bruitorth. , .
i • ' " - L. g. Clark. • '
I - 11 \ Young. -•- 'I . --- l '
~ ".• ;shahsgeoler. :. 1 ...
:I John
t a
S:lraitil ,, s it l•T lan s il ltr.: ).r."
3n. , 1.
- ~ John CrntSley.. - ; I .
• • ; ..
. .
An I the samo will beNpresented to lietOrplioni." or Lruifot.l County.; , er I I.
111th, 11i1S, at 2 o'claez, P. M.. for cnnfir flan met 1
ar.rni - ainnn I \,9. J. Clit'D T.T.K.
t-4 , , ; , ' ' v" .
_t-..4 Not!o , , is hr.irLy ii!ver:that a:l\,per.: :its tu-'• 1 , 1
e'i to tlit: eltat ,- ) of Arwia W. Wilzoo.s4o.--- , - - . - ..k; Leroy, , ircr cv,-rineoted to ato.X., - .:aiti , '
'r .•
atelayna,:ott, and all pso-4111.5 hortrt.; ci-. : 1 .t!...': y
.4:till eßtite w,il in.,:s-.:at those. doily auLICtatIC.. , , ,:. ~
f._ , r Ett.Calot;lt. W. B. WILC , JX‘: - . .
3f..1.1":1' WI WON. - • ~
, . -
1.' , »•:' , 7, P:e. :t. 'Ti. -
... .V.,....2 . ...11. , ,i-:! • .. 1
iisTOTIOE . OF -
Notica is .11:rc-by esot....i;
tot itt.rowli s ..of Taa . ,alll;P n.ylcantai h.f. .1]
efi t‘i ote, no.ter tior insolvtat taxss.;cf:3
an his prop'orty. for the. terleitt o . hit
1 . 1 pore os iwlebred to t/10s are retpost:< , l ttt
1,154 r
ot, sod all porous Itaiort eisiact.l
nn:etpre+et.t auab-nticattit,for ELL:I'4:
L. 8C01.7, lAssigort ,
Nov. 19 11-74
.4 .
OR SALE.-1. i
A ...Ath-ns twr... 1nf1.5 from tit' eLei or'
an 3 Miles :r...ra %V.svprly. (,01)t.5.1L4 rlrl :left 4 ,4,
L 5 .re gr.,.s a , 1.1 g , ain. A
ex,-,•4 bag n It, and tkc. , ro 1,4
t-.J.A.; rig for tti,:t tin - a-,-r„ ft. ; 1.3
116 r, to'tl , . v•lit.b. a:..LI ii •a - ..: r.l. gt.roft 11 . r.1, - 1. "1.-.. • .l' 1
-,:..01 , .1. f c.,. a' a•; d pos , sso , n.givr:zidtn
ro.-4 .t,d7„, '
Addr,..-a . E. L. DREW . , Eispi , a, N. 1 .. ..
'• r 7). F. PARK. Ater l'a.
, , 3, 11'.17 , , t..,n t!..,t farm. :: 1 .1
---- - - .
X E C T. ; T o,_ IL ' S -2.. c) l. ,ricr..L- ', I
_._4,,,...,,e ~,! bf,re,,..- „,,-4rl that ail p‘f... - 5b.7.5f1a10 . 5 . - P. l '
tile nital... , of NI frtin T. Vantiof•..l,: - ...1..
o• •,fon:,• J o T , a - lp:ii , r)•ed, arcs rt.lot-sdP.l , -..1 , .. ,
~..,:a.., floln••:li...l. in,ytaeit t. and all r0.1. , Qa.i LE, .17 ~ ,I :
~7 %1, r 05, egainf.,l said potato wrist prreent 11- 1
dal.y authenticate-(1 :Pr Kftttlealkit.. „
.. .
titnato iii
11ded as fo:. ,
bnd 31,17.1
Ly 4.711, and
:Id, inert,
,eltuata in
I . tanla rd al
~Ciof. els
land :test 14
nd, MOie or
yIiANcIST,, VA,. GOll bER. E
till,PilEN A. VANtialtatß, $ •
• ,
.. ,
P I XECUTOR'S .. NOTICE, --/Notic'e
is lieratiy given tint aft perieni t„, - ,ed 4 ;6;
th, estate of William Eear,s. late 9r ce•
cez,ve..l, Arco rcgnestel t,) ntakts imtged'ate p 5; rt. _lit
a:tti;el e!:.lrtlS agions e.t
trint present tiPIT:I duly authentleati !•L
silent. TE10:11A1.3. ' . I
n JivELL i no w ,
-,a4 13.11INISTRATOR'S
11 Not:eel. beri-bygycen that t
t • tile est to nr: ITlltau Stiestleqsll:;.•!
must in.nnfi,d..ttepayme‘at.,stel all 1.,1 ,
suns ha‘ing a:Aainst sari e-tate :13151 , 1, pre , 3ltl zuz.:l,r,ti,:aled for t;«ttli•mon •
ICA 1131,•.-
Nov, r,"'. •
Nov. 5, i!74
v . XECE T . OR'S ..1";:).f i 4 u' 1
..4...... 0 hereby given that I^btf - iil i •
I,:ia cHtata of- Stutrio,b .. Vi.±r:di,
.iee'd. are, roirlested to makc."'P.a.s7:3-14.
end all pe rgoas having . clain , . - t otinbr sa!t es:: ...
' , lust rre4vut them daty; autherihrited for ret,l:-
!Jcnt. i 'ED .VAILD 21. I
11LTCREll: , 'i
Oct 2f) 'FL __ • EN:excitor:. c
t •
Notice is hereby 6riven that all paisane indeLi
tq e.9tat.3 of .I.lalhevi 111 , •shall, tate ..)1 Fra: , kl •
ic.-d, most make-immediate pa ent,
agamst 681 estate
pre....nt them duly authenticated tor ettleruent..l", •
0.. t. 2' , '7l.'
.n.s . atio. Is hereby given that all perpona lndebt , i
to tlo carafe 61 Daniel A. car / y, late at Warren.
deceased, are regneeted to mate tramedia:e
payment, and all port>ollB haring L'11.1.v..* &gait
aa;tl ef..tate must rresitnt them duly] ti
for settlement. JOTT:S' 1. eAItES,
Ott `l9 Al Ininigtrate*.
N'ottce is hereby given that all pc• mom. itidct6N.!
to 'the estate of Joan McCord, late of Llurlinou,
vlsieaaed.aru requested to Laske ttuturillate car:lll3A
to ..robn xilx, at hia offno in Tostads Borurikli.
aptl all iltr.olati - having claim?) agiinst
9tato nittAt prraent theha to Lim cmly autiv.r:ff i r
tell, fur stAtleatent. " S. it. Mc 70ttn,
• JOBN IT aux.
Towanda r?.. N0c.17, ISTI
JL tri - ct.eirmrt of the Uniteh States
Disidet PPn4sj• rania, So. ISIM
In the chatter orN, 3. fzNOVER au
Th• nndoraigned hereby gives
pointrnoat as szisigooo of ti, S. Sn
Swart, ht,, doing host
t/nir, minty of and S t tatJ
Ida, within sald District, who have
biiikrows nprn dolt own p , tition,
Ciititt of 64141 D strort. MAIM,
\Via us i ng. N0v.23, 1971
o' l -
•V ()TICE ; —ln Order that eviLry
..L.ll cl3Ntmer or4ll have the fr.l. vaino otr: 1-Li
'money. the rimletslttnr.l will opt. , 1 late stur4 m
.‘ONDAY. ther.litith Mat,. on the react) pay a7a1 .,. ..
''rt , nkfal fur past patronage, all argil invited to!. rill
and get the bo-tom perftws of this I. , i and con t.n.
u•-(1 Iltianctal erlews, as my goods a- I'l4 retaitei at
Yew York wholesale prices ; awl al persons kim.e.
in, , ,.: themslvea indebted, are- retp.te r sii to call l and
pay without farther notice. ..
Granville Centre, Ott. 13. '74-2mi 1 l-•
c :
SALE..—Deirleg to change niy rasidelacv.l
, (Tor fo salo my valeal.o6 uow dic Hang bonio, c n
Packer Avenue. tow.n . da Boromch The 1.1.41:)::.1,..
Nruisbca with all malaria ! improlemeats. and tte
l it is large. with good onto
ezo. Fur furthei_varticuLara engetra - en the i , ro::,-
.S.IES. L. 21. DES3IOIS.D.
To•mand4 r . Nor. 1.5.1971 '
il'iL ' r..:1. I- •
cow y.....tit AliD zr.Yr-3L ... zarit. :t .
'11:o Eforgea, Ilarnoss. ke. of guests , if this
house, insured against lo'Ss by rirl, withuutAiy ~ x -tra
tra ellarg,o:
.i. gurreitqr quality of Old Enultal:t Bass .Ale; Just
reaMved., • , ' T. .4 JORDAN; . • ..
Towanda. Jan. 24.' ^ .1. ' PropriihT.
. .
Pe., , • .1 • ,
SOWS C: W 1114014
~ ,
Having leasedthis House: is now ready to aectn:.o
dste the trwvellingyublic. No paini nor oxpet4',l will
be Spared to Env° satiefSetion to those who tnny
him a call. • , . , ,
.11:6 - North eide 01 tha public sq'Altre, etst 11:r
cur's new Mixt. ' • •
Rich interest. it is thia only building in
the country except Independence; Hall..boniareil by
the sojourn within its sails of iFashington, X.sFay
rite, Lee. Bates end other patribta oLtle 4evein.
don. This popular hotel his ; recently' abinoed
hands, been iMproved, entirely refultut eh fl, and
the proprietor cordiallybis friedrs Riad hit , .
slim! public , to give lain a Ml4nci pains :Will be
epareti to render their sew coinfortable. iiPeoP:o •
.en rotas for PhiLidelphis will find it convenient to .
.anend the night here, reaching the city about ei ht
inornitig.o A somple rani; on hrat Maar for
accommodation of cornmercialaOnts. ;I -
R. T. 133 q it
Prnoi; t r.
Sept 4.1873
•&T LAW, W trasii„ ?..t. 4iiohd to
4 bug usaaa entinated to h a care. In Brad'ntd,
tivan and Wyoming (Itnfottes,wittillaciatro
Yvtpn . r MOT, Oi fits
I TEC', Shenl.Y.
e; ater.
the -
or tb.n Wc:ii,777a
ILluxruptcit• •
J, IL, s w, l str.
i l l 1
Ltiee C: hi' rt•T
ver and
4 11.
I CAS at
of Penn4:l-1•
been adj:lLl',tl
Aqz "
• tho
nty ol
I 'h r Yli-