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' 'rowan;ls, IltOrs4i ) Nov. 5, 1874.
THE Wintei ,quarter of the
GrtOed School, will open Monday, Nov. 9.
WE Els= attention to the new
business focal- of Axfl. 801.4:4163,i beado i d
"Nlection tows." '"
G. B.f DAvisON, of Troy;:recentl4 ,
sold eight! lainc44l barrels of apples in.ithe
Shamokin oil region.
L A wnExcz Sze a, a fortner employe
of this offic l e, - has:otir thaas`for late copies of
N' r x Orio .3 papers'.
[ .
, i
ITi friends of las. J. P. VANFLEET
1 .
will bo rejoiced to learn that she is :rapidly re
covering frearter late dangerous illness.
1 ; .
Rxv.- d. S. Fox, formerly pastor o
the 31.. E. Chuich of this Otos, is no* t Presid
ing Elder of a district in Michigan.
preach at the Scoir School-Rouse, Toaranda
tour E 6ip, on Sund4, Nor. 8, at 2 o'clock r. s.
I .
. A sisEr and pillow-case party was
given by Mrs. M. M. SPALDIN6; on Tuesday
younglaid. It wig, largely attended by the
people of tbia place. ,
Ray• J. S. STIRAILT will address the
Towanda, Total Abstinence Society in the M. E
Church, on Wednesday evening pest. All are
Invited to attend. :14
TEE Presbyterian Mite Society will
meet at the house o! E. 0. Gemiltrett, en tea
-day evenfing next, November 10. AU areeor
dially invited to beiresbnt.
REv. C. E. Illcir-v.trxr., Rector o
Chrid,Chnrch, returned froin the General Con
vention on Saturdayi last. The Thursday even
ing - services will beti reanmed ibis week, com
meni:lng et 74 o'clock. 1 .
i -
' , 4
TUE generja ;agent of one of the
Istge fire inimilineeiernpazifee,4nformed ne the
other-day that hie ',company had paid out on
leases in this conntofly thousand &Alin more
than they had rece4Tcl in premiume.
WE-OLLras, klcome to ,the *busi
ness and social circles of the cmu'y, the
Mes.srs. Snozalastt Brothers, who hare par-
Classed the Masofi Bill property, near Monroe
tan. Weicommenfl them to the patioriage of,
the people of this ct
, LIE pacers, teaclers and iclolars
of tho Macedonia:: 13un2ay-achool, tender their,
tratinert thanks to Profeasur WILEON and wife
Protersor Va.l4Ess and daughter, for the
cry excellent- entertait.ment given
It Et week.
-- •
, I •
ROLL' OF HONOR at the Towanda
Graded School, or denies of stn , lentstrith per
fect record in stieudance, deportment and
studies, ter the creel: eadkry, Nor. 30 :
- THE : many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
lif et N ..
iTtosarb, Cr Concord, N. C., will ha pained to
learn of their severe , affliction in the death of
their eldest child, a beautiful and bright little
girl. The sorroiriing parents veill receive the
lieart felt: condolendo of a large circle of friends
in Ih!i rilace. '-ii. i
.1 A 31 T uttai, Insnrance.Company has
teen- organized in Tuscarora township. due
provlsion of the By: I -Laws will protect the orga
nitttion From. frnallt it that if build
iggs own'ed by may wieinlie.• of the company
who is in debt, are burned, the amount of his
policy shalt be applied toward repairing or re
building' the psropqrty destroyed.
MR. AND -Uri. R R. DELoso . entt7-
!aimed iu a most hospitable manner, •st large
nnall-erlof tliel.r Granger friends, on Tuesday
eveninght had week. The evening was spent
in a- very pleasant Manner, and the collation
would have retielte - a credit on t a professional
caterer.' The occasion will long be remember
ed with Vlessare 11.7411 who participated.,
TUE lecture on temperance deliv
ered by D. C. DeiVrx - r, *Esq., on Wednesday
__aveniag last,. was listened to by a largel and
delighted audience. It was pronounced one of
the vc-rY - best arL.uments on the eriblect . !ever
gifen an audience fa this place. We cordial
vtdc4nte Mr. D . to the noble barid of philan-
IlinJpiste;.nho preceit and practice, are en
deavoring to rid g..e tvorid of the greateit
valise under thotran.
Isioun obituary department we to-
I • •
day. 4:immune l ithe decease of two old arid
respefted rest:lents or •Towands town
ship. I On the I.lth GI August, tiaras Ibicawat.t.
-Bow - is died, ind two months afterward, on
the li;th of Oather; her aged hnsbau l d - follow;
ed h4r. kr..alid Mrs. 130 - tvSIAN ' , ere ~inarried
in 1S:16, and rii,!e. - 1 fur marl y Ilfiy-eiglit years
on the fare; niiTowa., tawio, they
died. friends Trust that although they
were t tel fur a aliur: t ms herei they -are
re-united in the better world to which they
hay^ , one
. --
• PEItSDNATit — Our able .and interest
iing - Wishingtdn porrespondent, JoEsi :!..1111.y.11,
accorapinied la his wee, his Inca spending
in thi s count-. ,
VI —ll-i B 1 , 4E3 ' rare.3.l 31.;; c - ra Tn.srox, .is
isiting 31. SPALDIN6, in this Owe.
--Dr. A. SE.Saa and wife, of Texas; aro visit
ing Mrs. s.'s n'arenta, Mr, and Mrs. M. S. Wag
ing; or Milan ; and oilier Nen& in this comity.
F R. Sum; is absen% as :a= visit lo
her children, who ire at reliliol.
'.--D. 0. iinta. ,, N .11:1 daughter, and N. B.
OrEnArcx ?riend.9 in the city of New
ED. REI9RTER : We notice in your
pa•per of the42l mat., as avount of a " re
markable feat "of sawing, at a mill at Ileattop-
AX.4I, NT run" o! 18,328 feet teas made in
9 haurs and 45 Minutes. The mrinthly report
of work of the Wolcott Hollow Mil,' in Athens
township, thews that in 22 daYs, 301,041 feet
were sailed; and on the 24th the large amount
of 22,314 feat; of l+nards were cut with one circa.
tar eaw in S hours atul,S minutes; without antr
picking of Coke. )Ir. JO9lllll CAAP,DII.I., in the
same c•nt do one day - 10,900 lath, with the
help of a boy. The mill is ran
.by Hr. Das T.
Lreso. BIIADLE7 as head sawyer, who
claim to be able to make the above figuree
look Inuitl when beaten by any other mill.
- •
D. P. Pats.
lAttaca-c, 6 --t
fs9 •
A. CLIF, Folt that TmEs.--AVe clip
the following. trona the Lyearning Gazette and
Bulief in, and commend_the course of lir. Bin
' sac to other ealfitalmts throughout the country.
By such means much 'of the wagering incident
to the "hard times" could be alleviated:
, "Thursday, Peter Herdic closed a contract
With Meier*. Bnbrtgbt & Dorman, builders, to
erect thirteen new brick residences in this city.
These buildings are to be first-class in every
'Articular, and when finished will be an orna.
ment and credit io.Williamsport. Work will be
commended immediately, the ;dabs and speci
fications hiving already been pf i wared. Mr.
Rill have charge l ._ th
C. A. Ruhright w at work,
which is a gnarantee;that it will well well done.
Arrangemeuts have also been concluded with
David Steumpfle for doing the brick work on
four additional buildings to be commenced at
once alto. These seventeen reliidefices, with
those already in process of construction by Mr.
Herdic, make over Ittenty first-clue bnildings,
which he is now putting up in this city.. He
_has engaged in these enterprises with a view to
giving work to as many as possible, of those
who have been 'hrawn out of employment, and
thuirsare them from sulforing. It is estimated
that over two hundred tenons will be employ
ed nponAhese structures during the greater
part of tb - e - Winter, and the wolf. wilt be kept
from many a door in consequence."
Bnumum ran Itiol.—How many.
housekeepers in this place. and vicinity, have!
reinembered . Stitt UAW .BenevelenEAkettclaol
' non, as they have been putting away their:
_stores foithe season 7- A can of fruit, a glass!
of jelly or iireierred - fruit, a bushel of apples,}
potatoes or turnips,—Mie or more of these:all-,
dos could be spared from am; families, and!
be scarcely missed. Yet they mould add great 4
ly to the enjoyineat and strength of the invalid ;
a nd the aged poor. Few persons know
necessary it is to have something to tempt she;
appetite of the afflicted, and how mach they.
think, when .eonvalesoing, about their food.'
Let the good work begin now, and let such ar..!
tieles be put aside for that purpose se -win',
awaken the appetite of the' sufferers, and mg.:
gest to them the pleasant thought that they:
hare unknown friends, who 'are obeying the .
command, "Love ye one another," by minister-:
ing unto their necessities.
DEED left for record in .the office
for recording deede, week ending Oct. ql:
A J J. a Stnner, Feb2s, 1871, Wy:
&lasing; Elmer J Stuart to John 11 Sumner,
Oct 19,'71, Wyalusing; 11 Gaylord to Amelia A
Porter, Oct - 16; '74, Viyalusing; Lucinda 0 Oar;
ter. guardian, et al., to Ti. Sullivan, Sept 12;
.74, Albany; T P Brown to Jame§ Sullivan, Aug
13, '74, Albany; Minerva P Haman to N
Oase, Oct 23, 741. LeLaysville Boro'; Samuel
Lyon to 13 Goodwin and 13 W Pitcher, Sept 2, 1
74, Pike; B H Beardsley to Caroline Beardsley,!
Aug 19, '74, Lelliyaville; John Etberts to Mu
the Taber, Oct 26,'7.1, Wells; Hiller Van Dozer
et al. to Miles Coykendail, Oat 27, '74, Litch
field; Daniel Bensley to James Wood, Oct. 27,
74, Liiheshequin; Harry Parks to 8 T Cass', Sept
16, '74, Wysox; A B Cass to B T Geis, Oct 20,
74, Wysox; J Wheelei to 0 L Wheeler, April 19,
'7l, Troy; H liomeroi et al_to Lydia A Hull,
Sept 21, it, Troy Boro; Win B Chase to Lyman
Porter, Sept 21, '74, Springfield; Win B Chase
to 11 CI Chase, Oct 9, 11, SpringileldCE P Rock•
well to Elizabeth Lockwood, June 11,-.'65, Alba
Boro; 04e Elliott to Win 11 Jones, 08t..27, '7l,
Towanda Boro; W W Decker to Oliver M Brock
Oct 21, '7l;' Monroe; John Utz to Benjamin
Williams, Sept 14, 1872, Albany; John Utz to
Win Brown, March 27, '74, Albany; Geo Ear-
fort to John Utz, April 22, 1874, Wilmoti Wm
Brown to John Utz, May 20, '7l, Albany.
SEASONABLE HlNTS.—There are two
matters which it becomes housekeepers just
now to look after. The first is the comfort of
their residences daring the change from Sum
mer to Winter. There is no house which would
nut be the better for tho heating of ono or
more apartments,-especially at morning and in
the, evening. In' residence( supplied. with
grates, or with those taro but moat desriable
conveniences, old-fashioned fire-ply aes, a great
deal ofAltivering may be avoided by utilizing
them. In any house a stove may be placed in
some room and tend greatly noCinerely to the
comfort but the health - of the family. A great
deatis said of the "capricious" character of our
climate. But the same is said of nearly every
climate; and the difficuity is not in the weather,
but in the little care that is taken to meet tit
mospherie changes which regularly happen. -
Childhood and age are peculiarly sensitive to
cold and dampness; and in the Autumn month,
are laid the foundations of coughs and lung
diseases, which continue through the Winter
at least, and perhaps permanently weaken the
constitution. A little care and trouble xonid
obviiite this evil. -
Another precaution to; be taken is in the
examination of flues, stove-Pipes and
other heating apparatus. Many fires (more,
indeed, that cause public alarm being fortu
nately discovered in their beginning) are caus
ed by defective heating apparatun. The disuse
of these things lc the Summer season leaves
them to decay or disarrangement. The great
difficulty in the way of early houie-heating, is
the goodly terror which the laiihea have of thee.
'They say thittit keeps the pists alive' to pro
tract the warmth of 'Summer ; by artificial
means. But it is scarcely worth while to sacri
fice certainly the ce;mrert and probably the
health of the whole family, merely to permit
an atniclii)ie•e in which thee will become tar
Hon. Gnottas Larinox found himself literally iy
a fog on Monday morning last,, under the fol
lowing circumstances. It appears that he had
been called to officiate at a funeral on Sunday,
at Wyoming, and remained there over night.
In the morning he was anxious to take an earb
train for . Bradford county, and in order to ac
complish thin, he resolved to cross to the east
side of the river and take the cars at Port
Blanchard. He was furnished with a Canoe,
sud feeling configeut- that ho,nonld pull aver
safely, ho pushed oat into tlie_ river. A dense
fog hung over
, the waters at thti and
. when ho was a few rods from shore, he found
himself' enveloped in its impenetrable veil and
completely in the dark, in one sense. Still Le
persevered in his tack of rowing, believing that
he would find the oppoitte bank in time. 31an
fully he worked away at the oars, castiug occa
sional glances around tp see if he could And
anything indicative of a landing place.' Nothing
ryas observable, howe'ver, until he had pulled
about foi over half an Lout, When the bailie'.
tinct outlines of Lending trees and sloping
meads revealed themselves in the distance.
He now increased his efforts, and in a few mo
menta landed barely upon the bank: Taking
up his overcoat and satchel, he made haste to
find !the depot. He plodded across several
. and finally came in sight of a house. one
orwhose inmates ho discoVe'red and inquired or
him the way to the Lehigh Valley depot. The
man laughed, and' informed him that it wa
some i
,distanct over the river. L \NIA scratch
ed Lis head, iisa . ,; ',lowly asked where he was.
"Wyoming, to be :tire," replied :he sturdy yea
man. Tile grave and reicreml ea-Senator
made no rsply, but continued
„quietly on hie
way to the lionse'of a friend, whereto tad hi
story, enjoyed a hearty laugh, and managed to
take the neat L14.:.t train far his home.—Pilts- . ,
fon Gazelle.
/he Reverend gentleman has been, in a fog,
politicall3, for same years past.
THE C.ccroN BArnsT Clivacn.—The
follerrirg eketeh of the Canton Baptiet, Chnreh,
w7ll provo inteiresqo t s to members of that de
riominatioh '
" Towanda 'Creek Cburoh, which originated
as early as 1798 or 179:4 extended its labors to
the-bead=waters at the creek. As early as 1810
an Albs Baptist Church was formed, located on
and between the besd.witters of Sugar
Creek and Towanda. That interest was in
visible state shoat Piro; years, its Member's
thee joining other churches, or remaining
lated notit 1817418. when the first Canton
Churcla was orgiiiiized, having Canton and Alba
villages for its principal planes of worship.
flourished until its diviaion (1828-301, when the
acting majority seemto have become Disciples
Campbellites, and retained the Church
books._ The others were, however, recognized
as the regular Canton Baptist Church by the
old Chemung Asso dation, and reorganized tin
der the game name., but 'having Alba as their
principal rallying point.. It should also be
slated that under the labors of Elder 3. R. Bur
dick, about 1844, the Union Church arose al
most wholly from the Canton Church.
"Early in 1854. Elder Wm. H. H. Dwyer
commenced preaching in Canton village, and
ttei-few Baptiste there formed themselves into
a conference. Nov. 1, 1851. a oonneil,.compos
et of messengers
.from Alba , (then Canton).
Union, Springfield, and Towanda churches,
wet in the Disciples' house and: recognized
eighteen baptized - balieners as the Baptist
Church of Canton village. The constituent
members numbered eighteen, viz: Wm. H.
H. DevereAbrabam Randall, James D. Hill,
knaprin, Goodwin Faller, George Mean.
Jamas C. Parsons, E. Q. Greenleaf. and Sisters
Anita Parsons, Mary A. Rundall, E. A. Homo,
J. Dwyer, Knappin, Miller, Lucy
Hill, Anna Griffin and Lydia letters
prom sister churchee, and Sarah B: Parsons by
experience. Of these all have died or been die
missed. excepting Brothers Rmodall, Hill and
"Elder I/nails labors ceased May 3, 1856.
About that time, Elder 'Ebenezer Looniis be
came 'pastor, and remained such for many
yams. There was little advanne—the number
ship - being reduced to thirteen —until the
spring of 1860, when George T. McNair, then a
Licentiate from Lewisburg, aided lb a series of
meetings which resulted in an addition of elgti
teen members to the little band. In 1864, Vld.
Edwin A. Francis aided a pedl effort
- When eight were baphzed in
April 19, a
1865, Eg
giestori Barrows was ordained lb the ministry
while a member at Canton. Elder Loomis re
siir,ed hie pastorate it. 1846, and James McDon
ald, (iicentiste.) supplied the pu.pit fora time.
Oct.. 25, 1867. J: L. Watson was ordained so the
nth:list" and pastorate of the church. In the
Ander of 1871-2. without any bniside help, the
ft:arch was cheered by an addition of twelve
by baptism. He resigned dept.l, 1873, and on
the first of January, 1874, George P. Watts=
commenced his pastoral care.
4 ',Ah ahem Randall, James McDonald, and
James D. Hill have served as Datums. and
James C. Parsons,- Wm. W. iipauldusjc. T. O.
Hollis, W. V. Bleen, and James 0. Whitman,
as Clerks.
"The. - ehtr . oh at first aided a Uniun Sunday.
school, but in 18G7 commenced a aspirate
school, of orbieti Jas. Ifebonald, Judson Dann,
and J. B. Shaiapeare, bare been returned u
Superintendents. -
'Thertgtyetrinitnmoese&sregtafter lie ,
onnnicatarmiand an early effort , was made to
:build a hnelte of W 01; gni=
.thaiihaillitektred its theta; trite
and the hall in which they had worshippedWei
001;1101214 by Are, end, for a Uwe, they had the ,
use of the Discs*si niestinpholue. There is'
no record in the church book, but it is stated'
that the Baptist 1100e,orinrahl, p was dedicat
ed Oot. 9. 1861.•
"In 1860 ; the church at Albs having chaug
ed their name from 'Clinton' to "AlliS ° the:
church at the village dropped "Mime brim
their lupe, .alul has am been known ae the
- Canton Church. The two chnrciies have gen-.
erally co-operated in maintaining a pastor.
"Towaras the house of worship, at Canton.:
Elder E. Locale :eiwitribulear shoot $6OO, ands
his devoted labors - to Oankin and Alba are
fondly remembered. •
" There have been 114 member! _of gm
church durbajgbitteto yeall Of Wilmee ile
an independent body- Of these, eighteen were
constituent members. thirty-nine (two a year)
have been added by baptism, twentiosight by ,
experience and former baptism, and fifer-nine
by letters from other churches, showing that
its principal increase has been along with the
growth of the village. From those, thirty-usren•
have been dismissed by letter, seven removed
by death, and a few by erunritind exchision.°,
ED. REPORTER One of the most
pleasant affairs of the Season, csme a at
the residence °I'M.. /111 AC Wimp!, in Highland;
on Wednesday evening last. It was a donatiOn
party given for the Windt of BeT. Elikr*s
Aattamooso, of Monroeton, who is highly es
teamed as a moat worthy Christian I gentlenien
The evening was plumed very Pleasantly, MI&
_variety of games and entertainments, until a
'late hour, when It was crowned with a delicious
oyster supper. In - this connection, we should
not fail to speak in praise of the graceful man
ner hi, which the; daughter of the host, the
beautiful . end - accsoropiished Hiss W., received
the guests and conducted the ceremonies j of
the evening. The receipts for the - paster were
quite large, though we did not-learn the exact
amount. A faztvithri•Wr.l
WAIIRM 111118.--As there'
been much Said in your paper about whit lies
transpired in our town, I will give you 4 few
iteme to lot people is adjoining towns knew
what is golngjon here,
The weather has been very : pleasant all the
Fall.' Last night, however,. we had a little
snow "squall," reminding us that Winter islet
hand. " *
The crops are nearly gathered. Apples
are Plenty:and eider•making la . In fall blast.
The barns are well filled, and we . don't oare
how soon Winter puts In an appearance.
In answer to the strUclein our paper, bead
ed "Brutal Assault," I wish to is; that I knew
it to be false, and feel very indignant to think
that there should have been be anything of the
kind published, as we know AttNOLD to be a
man of good moral character; and has been an
'acceptable member, of the M. E. Church for
many years, and bag been connected
with the same. ARNOLD says (and his atate
naent is borne oat by aye good witnesses); that
he merely went into the field where WHEAT
was at work, to ask him for .pay for mast `Srld
potatoes, which he had owed 'him for oeirty
two yeays, and WUaAT rehired •to pip; after
which they bad some words, and Ansou, start
ed to leave.: WHEAT followed bim, for some
fifteen rods, with his hoe in band, threatening,
swearing, and ordering him off his plemiies.
When they came to the bow, Aswan stopped
and said :- "Pay me, and I will leave; where
upon WHEAT made an assault upon him with
his hoe. ARNOLD they pulled out some lof
WnIT'S whiskers. If any people in tbe.neigh
hark od are indignant, (save one, A. J. Naw
aux;the malo-driver,) they are . indignant too
canoe Ansoix did n't punish him more, severe.
lv. But A. T. WHEAT is tco well known to re.
quirt) any eulogy at oar bands. Seiko to say,
be has moved away from Warren, and peace
and quiet reign throughouliatio** -
Warren Centre, Nov. 2, 0174.•
Irmts from the Northern Tier Ga
zdte :
HonAc BALLLUD, of Columbia tetra
ship, met with a very distressing accidedi, on
Monday afternoon.' Re had• moonily pnrebas
ed ono of PHILLIPS' patent corn huskers, and
after husking his own crop, had begun busking
the crop of Pzuro FteErum, when along' ter
ward evening, in working the machine, bia left
band was drawn into it in someway and crush-
ed between the rollere,' up to the wrist. Doe
tors Truce and Aiitu. were called in to dress
the band, but it is hardly probable that Wean
be eased.
--Judges Moimow, of Towanda, and BILVILEY
and MAISABD. of Williamsport, and Lmat, of
Bellefonte,' were present at the court this week,
while candidates were so thick that the suer
tion of one fell)w, that he threw a eione at a
dog and hit five candidates; was taken 'al an
unfortunate circumstance, and not as it joke.
Maim. M. L, Scorr, 13., J. Powirm.,
J. N. OALirY, J, H. WEnw,.ll6anta SaaPmit?, A.
Sulu., Dr. V G. Tascr, and a host of others
supposed to be on the aisle, hay. suddenli ac
quired en intensei interest in the Troy court.
Glad to see them
—Tho Methodist society of East Troy,lhare
purchasedlhe house and lot of J. A. .11ti.c. for
11,000,`•tor a parsonage for their new, min'isler,
—A Mrs. CASIMAN, of Fox township, had her
left leg above the knee broken by a runaSysy in
(Anton, on Saturday last. •
—By acarious coincidence, little Nanl Hoe
tar's,dog was killed by is train et tlii; same
place where the little bny receivedids injuries,
a diy or so , after the boy's death.
—B. F, DEEDS has been.using - hie brush in an
artistic way of late, producing some fine pieces.
One, fall of rich colOr and good work, entitled
'A Morning in the Tropics," has been purchas
e" by a seutlenan in Canton. A little sketch
in oil of the Troy Catholic church, hangs in the
Post-OPacc. - _
--After Monday, Oot. 26, 1971, the following
trains on the Elmira and Canandaigua Division
wilt be antialled : Niagara Express north, be.
twe.en Williamsport and Carivadaigua. Niagara
Express south, between danandedgas and El.
• r
Furs roa 1875.—Th0 Coimyry Genflman Is
published wzievr on the following I terme,
when paid strictly in adrinee-: One copy, one
year, $2.50; four dopier, SID, and an additional
copy for the'year free to the vendor of thoclnb;
ton copies, R 2 p; and an additbnil copy for the
year free tolhe sender of , the club. -
The Counte'y Gentleman possesses, an nn
egnaled-corps of corresPondente, regular, and
occasfona', among the beet farmers In all parts
of the country, and constantly reflects the prep-
Coal condition and progress of the husbandry
of every section of the United States and civi
lized world.
The 'Country Genaent'on gives in its HOrti
cultural. Department a continuous Sitriety of
information and suggestions, equal or superior
in the aggregate to what is obtained in the
monthly numbers of most msgasines devoted
to Hortic.lture.
rite Cour,lry Gentleman has - probably done
as much as all other. journals combined, to in
troduce and disseminate Improved Stock of
every kind through the country; and Com
mands, to a greater degree than any contem
porary, the contldenco and supp-irt of breeders
and purchasers. -
Ttu , Country Gehtleinan contains ;unusually
full and trustworthy Market Reports, and de-
Votes special attention to them and to the
prospects of the crops, u throwing light upon
One of the mostiimportant of all unestions,-:-
Man to Buy and When to &11.
The Cbuntry Contleirtan embrices numerous
minor departments of a practical- diameter,
such as the Dairy, the Pon.try Yard, the Apia
ry, the Vineyare, and'so en, and : weekly pre:.
senttka column or two for the housewife and an
interesting variety of Fireside • Reading. It
contains a well editedrciicir of current eventa,
and its advertising pages furnish a directory o
all the principal agrictiltrital and bortionitur
establishments of the country.
Speoimen eeptes tree. Address
Lrnnat Tranta k Box, Publisher,.
A3bsay; N.Y.
Tni Parrs or 'lnEwa:o.—We hay'
bad occasion to refer, ones before" to the elo
quent and richly Imaginative dfseonrse on "Zr
land's Poets and Poetry." . . se even by the Bey
Easter Tows; of Towanda, Pa.,. At that ti.
we raid. "it is but fair to mamas _thit c 'had o
'Amens known of the rich pticeet,um 'tree
thus offered them, the lecture•roona 6)00-
Institute, Urge as it is, would sparsely eon
ons.half or those who anntd gladly , have .
tended." Owing to the remarks of the visa
this city, which gsre the most
Praise ta k es Us; Father Tastils elfert,
was tsulnoTd to give onr oltiaena tho oppor
ty they longed for, and, on %Masada main ..
bet. 21, the leot!ft* ,_ *lea b e ftwe a t!'
dance Noah as hea not gatbm4l that half
since the eloquent Madigan, rather Bow,
drew **masses to bear "The History of Ire.;
laud told in her Ruins.* Every no,' and cor.
net of the Institute hail Will oomplvd, and
when, owing to the density of the msemblageo
as entrance wu no longer posiibla, a very tai;
arable endive°. retired, &appointed, from the,
hopeless task of.crushing in through the masa
crowded doorway. Of the lecture' itself we
need say nothing. Aulrish'endience," (*forte
petriotio and eloquent priest, knows how to
vs vent to its entl:Mstenni , _ =WON
lather - Texas andatioi was not tis all °bay
of their demonstretane is this respect. Tat
lecture was, in eTery,respect,,a Intitiant
nem—lrish kinerica'n: ' ; :
• • ir usnas&''ziocto
4111 14 Tba- Novegiteritleaticm • an tikes
Ineek in the low *no of gooddiit Mmes.
1081"Ek• to . WErroomo & Stun's,
Dieraita /slack, for your Boots and Stationery.
The wonder to purchasers is,
ukoz eaa son tisnape so
,0 1 / 1 " A specialty in Ckoaks ! fihawhy
itlaatets and Felt Skirts, can be friend at
Evans k Etmeaarres.
/®r Large stock of Pictntes and
Picture Frames, at Warrooste do Su t ures, Iter
our's ; lock.
The largest assortment
styles of Mill inery Goode can tut found at
D. Hun's, Bridge•at.
ser An immense stook of, Ladies',
Hisser, Children's and Gents' Hosiery and
All geode Bold by us will be
teed as lepresented. Oar terms are
and our prices shad be low. -
KOXT & Wswoous.
My stock of Toys and Fancy
la large. 0. A. Bunt.
I . A. full lino of Bleached and
Table Linens, Napkins, Crashes, Towel
late , at ICZ3V t WATEOVIe.
Trimming Velvets, Velveteens
Cloakinge, way be found et
. DIES !—That Silver-Plated Ware
o going to get, either in spoons, Forks,
:rs, Knives or Oaks Baskets, Buten is sell
! Ti low for cash.
Cu •
tog v
ArresTioxl—We have a
largelline of nnderwear in all grades, bought
cherti,, and will be sold low for cash.
The largest assortment of
g at low prices at Honnaatsw's.
Plain White,. Red and Cheek
artnels, In all grades, at lowed prime. •
Yon can find the hest of
ol Shoes very cheap, at Column Coos's.
r- The cheapest place in town
to b y Millinery Goods, is at Mrs. J. D. lizza.'s,
!kid . e•st. - -
_ Dna and Cloak Trimmings,
ea' Ties, Kid Gloves, andis full sleek of
notions, all new and °heap, et I
/r 'saran.--L . Miller: or would con.'
• a proposition to lease thti mitt to a Baca.
or), applicant. G. H. W.m.i.Es
yaltiting, Pa. ) Qct. 8,1874. _
Mir A large line of Parat,ols in all
he new shades, jest received by
lie.l# you wish to see fine gold
3. efry, can at HENDELMAISI.O.
M.. A. large stock of Ladies', Mies.
and Gents' Underwear, at
EVANS & guzatrnee.
Stir Several valuable Farms and
uses sad Lots for isle by Bram= 41; TRACT.
For Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis
d • all affections of the Lungs, tako Anna
erry Pectoral.
Ile. Wall Paper and Curtains
eap st Warreoun Busres.
1/Serew's Block.
FOR REST..--A store building, with
I waters and shelves complete,.for rent at My-
I slnirg. The location a good one for selling
kinds of merchandise. Inquire of E. B.
Oct. 2G, - •
Fon Sprit.-150 acres of land, in
later, near tho Depot, by .TAcon TO3IE, of Port
epoeit, 31d. Enquire of A. D. fhurn, Uhtter,
is.. The best place to buy Sash,
DoOrs and all kinds of Lumber, Is at
nowr & Sons. Factory on Charles street. (H
-ee 107 Main street. They sell cheap for cash.
seirliew goods just revived at M.
Mir All kinds of bbick born, rub
r and real jet jewelry at very low prices, at
If you want the best Cook Stove
Matt, call at J'vaa's, in Bermes Block. '
M. For the best Boast or Steak
o to Mtn k litriguau.'s.
gee. Reversible level land and side
bill Plows, improved. Bobber Paint, all colors,
durable and cheap
Sept. 28—tf.
you want to buy Dry Goods,
examine TATLOIL 4t, Co's new stock.
re►. A full line of Guipure Lace,
ink Lice, and Paasmentry Trimmings, jut re..
ceived by EVANS & Hanizsru.
Mr A complete assortment of La
dies', Gents' and Children's Underwear, at
Tartim S. Co's.
ler A very large stock of Men's,
Boys', Youths' and Children's Boots, Just re
ceived at Come & Coax's, opposite the Court
SIS.. A. B. CULVEB, Wyalusing, is
the agent for the New American Sewing Bra.
chine, which is taking the leaf of all others.
War American and Swiss Watches,
largest stock ever brought to this town, st
I irlifts J. I). Hua, has just re
turned from the city. with a line of
Fell•end Winter Millinery. Store on Bridge
sir Spectacles and eye glasses,
warranted equal to
_say In the Market, from
tha cheapest to the beet, at thanmaamale.
tor New Goods this week, at
- TAvcos cote
Lawn is not generally knovot that
Wurrastat, et the Boot Binderyiner the
lizroirtsn' office, makes Blank Books in any
style of tiling and bliolingjleelred. If you
wants new WE; bozos' or Docket, give
Wm a eats,
- .
Entholy -nii* Aka of Dit
110311 Jost os i rned by Stria k Waxon.
and elle them it Na. 3, Tmtort & Moont's noq
Towanda, '
Fon 0
one or P. R.
Hay prey,
Jane 1, 18
i ..Thy have a choice line of
Foreigo and Domestic Dry Goods and Notions,
all ndw, at liirxx. h W.172011:71e, Towiods, F.
Oc 28, 18 4.
Black Alpacas, Mohairs, and
Cashmere,, • . 'all qtutlitiet, c h eap, at
Fos • —About 20 ewes and 12
hada. Thee are very fine, long-wooled Lei
cent4 Sheep.' Enquireof G. D. BARBER, LT/11.
tor, Ps.
NO. 4, 1871
stir W#y run the risk of an scot
dentf when yhti can get a ticket 'good for 13,-
000 in case of death, for 20 cents a day by call
ing On FIIAN Boanann, at upper depot?
Drrrnics, music
dealer, has o.langed his. bue, and may here
snit be found at the corner of Main and Pine
etre le, in N new block. , •
iar-BICUABB it EDWARDS are pre
pared to sell teas of every variety cheaper than
any of the le Wing housee in the city, which are
sending out heir circulars broadcast over the
country. Grangers will do well to give them a
call before bnylng elsewhere.
Arrtnlyi, 1874.-=-New Goods snits
ble for tho sksott, now opening at NO:STAMM.
lies to itdop
quire tame
Fox R
of Locuat a '
mediate po:
usual ratite
On and - after Thursday, Oct.
15, Mrs. Moos
s cltsplay 'the gaest assort
ment of rescly-trlrrune&Flata awl 'Bonnets, for
the Fall anll Winter trade, ever on exhibtiion
io Towandi. Also Ladies' Furnishing Goods
In'erary vaiiety. - •
Oct. 15—
Fort S
China Pigs
Back. En,
Oct. r ,
over M. E.
removed t• .
she Is pre $
on' reason
a !cry baru
'of 25 per
OP I you don't want your wife
to:buy tb new patent Ssd-Irou r keep her away
tram JuN 'a. It is the beet and moat conveni
ent invent on for lessening the tedious work of
irening ev•r presented to the public. tiq one'
v:ho sees t will ever go home without it.
Kvcr h WATAOI74,°.
ing, Spin
ins, Clot
Yarn, Fl.
running i
and done
sox end
with "Jo
rember 6
Bun; in •
pal Chttr.
tho latest
notice an ,
a specialt
1574, we
and Son
ing lines,at reduced rates. Passengers porches
ibg tickets through this agency insure good
connectiods and baggage checked through.
Apply to either of the Undersigned at Towan
da, 17ppe Depot. J. W. Bum); •
ser rom a plain - Gold Ring to
he fines duunond, go to Hiatontarstre.
those of
filled sto
even equ
ket, art!:
goods bed
at the 04
mos, 123
ford Co
et Troy,
Nov. 13,
r rointments are as follows : Lecture!.
Roy. D Sanwa); Papers, J. T. McCou.trat,
G. W l4 a ll
: wt, and E. E. Qui...max; Esoansta,
Lamm McCLELLAND and Mawr SPeruncri 1
Dac • era, ; Readers, W, 14: Tao:imam?,
SWAMI . BALLALD; Business . Committee, S.
11. Tuoursox, DELOS ItotawELL, Jonx enawf,
M. H. Ezmisr, Sec',..)
E. J. ANOLB, rt6l3. , ,-
ice' I. K. liguns, at Ow new hp
linery ,itore, next door . to ,CLIAMBEILIXN'd, has
more than realized the expectations. of Our
peopl 1 His stock of goods would do credit to
to a st-class city store, and his prices are
lower ban most ordinary country establish.
The adios of Towanda, and in fact the slole
county, withal:id It to their advantage to visit
his stOre before purchasing. It affords us real
pleas4e to recommend such an establishment
readers.' I ,
0 Ott
ago 01 l the independent thinkers of this vim
ty are under no obligations to those pla'ccil be.
fore he people by tither political party ; 1
hereb respectfully_ ask . their' support, and
plea myself, if elected, to any out the vrish
els o f
y constituents, to tho beat of my ability.
issoLunoN.—,The firm of H. S.
s iTh Co .,
th dissolved
e fim s i o a l t red r bm
by .m u t ual
Cone will be
cond led by 8.8. Hou.os.
debts due the late Lira' will be collected
by e subscriber, and• all demands against
the e will be settled by, him.
H. S.
Ac 29, 18741 ;
bout the ()aunty are about openingiMnd
mamma of school books will be crated
in kowlng that O. F. Coosa' store'is bead.
qos term for all the different kinds of, ,
d in the schools of Bradford and adjoining
' , mi.,. and that his facilities for purchasing
s him the "inside trtek 'in selling, Conn.
'merchants can got Wet supplies of 'hint
as cheap u they tan in the city, thus saw.
Ight - .
Oet 28.
Aside • Gas suecose
the extraction of teeth.
W. B. KILL; Dentist,
Towandit, Pa.
1 1
—W. A. Rooswzrz has
zDENAKA c 0... o. X. HMO Poser
,Or sale, The best there ie.
~--Some respectablo .
children, agod 4to 12 years. En
lately of Towanda Township. '
.—House situated corner
,d Cherry streets, Towanda.. Itn
session gluon: Tering one-balLttie
until the Ist of April. Address,
Dana. 11. W. PATutca,
Athens, Pa.
Thursday, '
‘`.l gar
-LE.,—A Churn Dog, Poland
a Durham Bull, and a Cotawold
rime of B. F. Bow - maN, Towanda.
1 4 w
isa A. E. Purr, (formerly
liosrNrino's Clothing Store), line
TnacYl4 /Joplin's new bionic, litter°
ed kid° all kind/ O(4Am-tasking
ble tonne. She le also agint for
F. Cuoss has just r ec e ived
e invoice of rooks suitable for S. S.
hich he will furnish at a discount
nt. to schools.
. •
and Weaving, 'also lidatanfactur-
-Dressiug,•etc., ae u.nal.. Stocking
, nel and Cloths for sale. Blachitiery
good order, and. work warranted
ith dispatch. .
LET'S SLNG !—Prof. C. WlL
dy, and Mr. VANNEea • and daught e r,
, „ will hold a Musical Convention in
.tone, commencing Monday evening,
2d, and closing Fridafe:ening, No
b. with a Concert. • •
he Arcade block, opposite the Episco
. ,is prepared to do dress-making In
[style and neatest manner on short
at reasonable pricer. Fitting made
Stamping done also.
E, ' PIIBLIC.—Since Sept. 1,
re selling tickets to all points West
-West ria Erie Railway and connect
BALL.—The largest and best
1 tof goods in the country. None but
xperience have any idea of the ad
13 1-
cwe offer to — the whole Community to,
from our groaning shelves and well-,
e. Fall Goods, not to be excelled or
lied by any ever odered in this mar-,
h must be sold .to give plaoo to othert
T ore I make the change in my flrm — .'
lyAnd get the worth of your money
e-Price Clothing Store of Aux. Sono,
Main-st. Delays are dangerous.
!The next session of the Brad?
sty Teachers` Association, will•be !tell
beginning Friday, a. u., at 10i o'clock,'
and continning two days:
berelty 'announce myself as ED LTDE-
T CANDIDATE for the Legislature of
Mania. Believing that a large percent•
The Fall and WintAr schools
8116 The:
7'riager In malted l i re . 4 /stxpitte - e "
pi war p1in: 1 4.44- 1
Pureittobaire, I
Black Cashmeres,{
Mourn:ln Dregs °coda,
Tot opened, and will bo sold !or cult only; a
i Towanda, Pa., Oct. 28, 1874. "
••:•), •b
Ser. 0. Gawk; of Towanda, hal
Just received the largest stock of Chine, jWhite
Gran% kon:Ntonetkinsi ith4Reticb, Belgian
find American Glassware, over brought 'this
market. And the best of all is, he has ;rocur 7
ed them in such s y way thakle is NUM them
full 25 per cent. cheaper than they we e ever
before sold in Towanda.
, - IS, Busy niothere will be gr : tified
to learn that there is ono establishment in To
wanda where they can buy good, enbatantial
Clothes for*eii boys, oh:a:weir 'Oast they can
get the' tottekar aid have lhihri up.
JuunaWusrp, realizing the wants of c nimu
nity in i this particular, has purchased and is
Ilq//4'ileYl cheap Akti)s cgot,bbag..o„4 ry de
to The etectipp ie over, an. the
'defeated candidates are busy e splainin : "how
it all happened.* M. E. Rosmuu-DO takei
pleasure in announcing to the nosudcessfql
codhlttes . and pverybodr pitifi,- t Wit".iitccrais
tinatfotift the thiet of time," and idvti g them
to call now at his store at.d supply the settee
and boys with suitable and elegant oaring
fpparel for .the cold west , ur ic ,
•, 0 - 1. J . ,. . , ., It • r — -.. 7 - -;',., i la •
119—Aelikember Abat ptir,stick
all new and fresh. Eierything in the line of
Dry Goodi will be found at oar store. We de
not claim t h at We viii sell goods lower ban an
others, bat bitilug 'just bought oar. entire
stock since the reern.t decline in 'tie II; York
markets, we feel warranted in laying , at we
ciao offer "nem and deiirabte goods at bottom
i?rices. We shall sell- strictly for Coq& We
invite all to come in and examine goitds and
prices. We shall endeavor to merit a 44:0 of
your patronage. Kr= & Wrfitotrs.
Mir 3tICCABE & EDWARDS, thP4 most
enterprising grocery fi rm in Northern the
vents, are rapidly increasing the . r business.
Their store is centrally located for town cue-
tom, and so large and commodious, that the
farmers always find a ready sale a d good
prices for everything they have to set . 'They.
are agoats for the beat brands,of.Flcfat, Tea,
Coffee, Tobacco find Cigars. They also Make
a specialty of Canned FrnitS,.the very) best of
Which are kept 'lc large quantities, wii l eit they
buy at rates that permit' them to sell t exert
fow,price to their customers. Their shelf stock
is ilk) worthy of notice, embritring, a It does,'
everything known in the Lae of a No. l l Grcee
ry, being kept neat as a pin and cm espond
ingly attractive. They invite an-insp,ction of
their stock, and feel satisfied that they} are able
to supply anything in their line - at sabisfactory
. .1
/ - _
ELEcrioN- NEws.—The only princi
ple in 'just legislation is the greatos' good to
the geotest number. Gentlemen, n seeking
your patronage, lam no stranger a ong you,
bat one that has teen well •tiied or many
years, and has given complete satisfadtion. To
those who have patroriiaed toe in tile .past, I
return my sincere thanks, and %void ask, the
public generally to call and exanina my itm,
moue stack, which I am closing oat at lower
prices than over , as I contemplate *Ling a
change, iu my firm. Ho call early a d secure
bargains. Undershirts and Drawers at 25 cents;
each; All wool Deaver. Overcools a sll; . ,ali
',wool 13lock Overcoats at $9; good common
Overcoats at $5; other goods accord ugly. All
who coma to bay at my store wi:l b honestly
:dealt with. Call on the ono-price Clotlitei for
bargains, 123 thin-at., one door north of TAY,
l aolt & Co's., , ALE:. S
Nov. 8, 18744
29, 1871, by Rer. P. Holbrook, Mr.
Parks, of Wysox, and Miss Stella
arty, of Orwell.
BRINE—POLLI.—At the re s siden.
bride's parents, in Asylum,. Oct.
J. J. Tattoo, Mr. J. W. Brink, o
Pa , and Miss Emma R. Polli; of
deuce of the bride's father, in War'
ford Co., by the Rai. War: Ma
Chas. E,dward Wheaton and Miss
Datthara, eldest daughter of Mr.
PITCHER.-At Warren, Bradford Co., on the,
17th October, Susannah, wife of hlr. Gilbert'
Pitcher, aged 59 years. • J 1
ALLYN.—At Warren, Bradford Co. 1 , Pa., Oct.
17, Sarah, wife of Mr. Caleb Allyn, aged
years. .
CASE—SIRES.—At .the Methodist Parsonage,
Troy, Pa. by .7. S. Lemon, Oct. 21, Chas. P
Cu', of Ilorseheadr Id Miss V'
is, am .11 a A. Bikes,
of Troy.
BIXBY—DUNKLEY.—In Wyalnaing, Oct. 21
1874, by 11ev. D. Craft, Mr. G. M, Bixby 1
Miss Clara Brinkley, both of Wya
I •
BLOCti.II-41INE-3.—At the remideriee of th
bride's parents, Oct. 22, ' 1874, y Bev. 4.
Craft. Mr. Henry W. Skr3um, o Scranton',
and Miss Frankie L., oldest dang ter of Thor'
odOre Hines, Esq.-
UcDONALD.—In Concord, N.C., ot;Thnrsda' ,
membranous 29th ult., of e up. SalliO,
daughter of John A. and A. F. McDonald,
aged 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days. !I
BOW31&&-,-In Towanda townshili,, Aug. 11,
' 1874, Sally Bowman, wife of Jacob Bowman,
aged 83 j'eara, 6 mouths and 12 days. !
BOWMAN.—In Towanda townshi; l , Oct. 1
,1874. jacob Bolman; aged 82 y ars and,
'months. •
ril C. COWEN
Is now prepared to supply country merchants w
CROCKERY WARE of all kinds,
And a thottrat4 other yaristlea /1 0 4daY Goods
from 10 to'2o per cord-lees. than they ran/
either from New York or Or
. any agent sb*l itilr
for orders, besides in endless rarioty l mi • 2 a
*TA,N . EIEC NO71600.;
lig igly.g.9l,
. - • .1..
And Luxe Ito& at best Ametiqn :TWA sad
Pocke4 efitio:3 4 •PolutUOl Tea . ;wiri'4 3l 4 L l ifoheris.
:with- !topical) fall of other goods all nay Gait dears.
bh% and dumper than ever was knOwttiti this ot
:ant To Wet money nha , la tltctrue,
and I'. C. COWEAriI is • the place to tual3 l a
money get it big ' Old. 20 1444 -
TO THE PUBLIO.-H!iving.had
n lit c Anon yiesre ermine:olU bortOg round
ono I utrer ml serftest th
o e ipt w or k
Mon to any poi a tap =at% rtmoiiir
. .
Also the largest assottuaeut 191
131101E1 - NG SETS.
sums AD intswzas.
. nosreuir OF ALL 14.‘1:0 i 1 3, .
New' 'Attellama%
pow-.i•JL. &.Ico4
a z
We are daily receiving additions to
Having a buyer constantly in New
York, ive ar© enabled at all times to
get the
, NX4W - E,Sl' . 11":1TNPS
In the market.-
We eitoeelaV , attention to our
stock of
Ntre havo_jast =civil - direct, from
Importers, the bestrline of
M CO 3E3_ X rt. ss
Ivor', exhibited by us.
Also the best assortment of
„ f
To be loud
We also offer Great Bargains in
-.l3lEtcals. Mil !
Oct. 12,,
Pa.. Oct.
Oscar N.
. Dough-
, .
• t
- A
:e of the
, by Bov.
: Newton,
No store was ever offered so cheap:
the rest
en, Brad
bean. Mr.
Annie B:
Levi Dan-
Also, a great variety of
Nickel Plated STUDENT LAMPS,
Oct. 22, 74-2 m.
virtue of an order Burned out of the Orphans'
Court of Bradford County, *het undersigned, admin.
Istrator of the estate of George Violins," late of
Smithfield. deceased. will expose to public sale on
the.Premilies on THURSDAY, November 20, 1874, at
10 o'clock. A. K. the following described piece or
parcel of land situate in Ridgbury, Smithfield and'
Springfield townships, bounded as follows •On the
north by lands of Thome* Sullivan, Thomas' Butler
and Calvin Chamberlain; east and southeast by land
of Calvin Chamberlain a..d the hlghwsy; south by
land of J. W. Sconten. and west by land of J.W.
sconten, kfrs..fiester Koons and .T. B. Brosn, sop•
pea d to contain one hundred and thirty acres,
mosrly improved, with Audio house, frame : DM.
and trutt trees thereon. ! •
TERttiti —PIOO on' the property being - struck
doirn,S 400 OA coafirmaticm of sale, and the balance
in patty payments 01 0400 each, with Interest at
each payment on all unpaid; first psymett to be
come due In one year trom confirmation- .
O. R. 20
virtue of an order timed out oi the Orphans ,
Court of Bradford county, the undersigned, Admin.
' 'traitors ot the estate of Perry Burt, late of.Ridgbrim
deceased, wilt esporo to public sale on the premises
on SATURDAY, November 28, 187 t, at 10 o'clock, A.
: M., the following described piece or Parcel of lane
situate in Bidgburytownshtp, bounded as follows
On the north by lands of J. C.• Burt and Dude!
Chambers; cut by lands of John' Herbban; eolith
by.hide of John Hearley'd ©state snd‘bl, Timothy
Desmond, and west by lands of J. O. Burt. and sup.
posed to contain one hundred acres. with &Dame
house and barn, two log barns and fruit trees
'thereon;, ..
, nalillk—sso on tho pro i .-orty l being struck down,
$lOO on confirmation of sale, the balance with in.
Weft in two equal yearly payment!, the first pay.
went to fall ace in one year . trom confirmation. '
Oct. 29
P 11131,1 0 SA 'UR—The Qrwell Edn
eatimml duodenal will Offer for sale on the
preaelsoe. to like highest bidder, on '3 umnAv.
vamber 1011W1H74. AS I o'clock* P. M.. their Mee
4 0 27 school banding and lot. containing one acre
of land, and situated upon Orwell Bill. Possession
given April b.187L Terms made known on day of
salt. ' S. N. BRONSON. I
• ' - E. C. BULL.
J. I. prarDLErox j
Orweit Pa.. Oct. 3. It.
!(odes is hereby even that:all pattern; Indebted
to the estate of Daniel A. Carey, late of Warren.
deceased, are requested to make immediate
payment, and all persona having claims" against
aid cicala must present the May authenticated
0499 "id, • " 4oltrataktrittrr.
hi„toil .
K. .... ,
o -.
I • !
• -
es •
k! 1 !
02: - !
in the market.
P0wEi,11,',54 CO.
' , I
[Trustee e.
:~~~: .
SEEERIFFIS'iatifiBp'-irirtnet- 0
sundry emits Issued ono og -the. C at Cetn•
id t
mon Pleas of Bradford Candy; end to directed,
will be expiated to publio ultet the C art Houle.
in Towanda borough, on THURSDAY. eCember '3.
1874 e at 1 o'clock, p. 01. the felle larlaSdbed
; piece or parcel of land sit uate In Wilmoadownablp,
bounded salchows: On the Mirth by land of Ifitam
Ithseket -east by lands of Jacob Bernal and Widow
<kitten south by lend of Widow Hullo . and the
1111bIkt highway, and west by lands of D . lel Sidles
sod B, M. Abrams, contdizing 105 - a 'tares of , land:
more or less about GO scree improved. nth h plank
house, log Ivies, log barn, board shed and s few
fruit trees thereon. :Belted and taken itit,o execution
at the nit el, Welles ar. Ackley vs David Swank. Aim) ,
'it. the - snit , of lidattlitu• H. Welles told es - David
'Shank ind Mallet Siete%`. '• -- • -
'..t - AUG—One other lot, Owe or parcel if ,land situ
ate in - Canton - two., hounded as folio sr On tbe
'north by landsof Frederick Williame and A. 2` Den
tare; east by the Northerdedutral Railway Company;
smith - by the magic highway; end !west by land 0 ?
Trederick Williams, containing 60 acres of land, more
'of less; about 30 acres improved. With 4 log house,
board barn and few fruit trees thereon, levied upon
se the property of Jamb lacitnittg. Seized sandhi-
ken into execution at the snit of E. Moeda Ve Jacob 1
Horning and Ellett*: liockwell. Also ati the suit ; ofl
Mary Goodspeed nu vs-dactib frorninl and Ehalis
Rockwell: . ' ''
''' ' ' ' 1 1
ALSO—One other.kitaadenalar pucel f land situ:-
ate to Athens township bohnded WS follows: On the .
nettle by the public highway; twat by land'of .S. H. -
Firnesworib; south by land et William phelps t and
west by land - of - A.4M Lionard,. - containing 36 acres ,
of land, more or less, about 2S sores imProd , with
a frame hodee. trams barn:. twohoird shanties, S
steam caw mill, shingle , mild and few fruit - t: en i
thereon. Seized and taken into eicentio •at the an.
'of A - . 11. Elabree nee vs James IL Rice. _
ALSO- - -One other lot. piece or Parcel of land situ;
ate in "Monroe' bora. bounded es hillotes: On-the.
north by' - lands of A. BM - ; east by ldnd of, J. 14
Ilbeiritcll; south by land fW. A, Rook veil, and
"Pest by Main street, conte ning 'ote-balf of an:arrat
of land. more or less, all I peeved eri a trained
dwelling house, slab shed send few limit :trees thud'
on. Seized and taken into: execution at , tto ante ea
!-I. Ii: Schrader nut es Emanuel Miller.
~ , l'
' 'ALSO—Otte - other lot. pi ee et parcel f land citt.
ate In Granville township, minded sar inflows: On
'the north and east by the •pnblic hlghtiny lending
fromOramelle -Centro to oya tooth try land be
longing to the estate of latichard ater, .deed ' , cud- wait by land al Polly %Iles, 'containing theoe'
fourths of an acre of !anti, sine' a or. less, all tm;.-
proved, with a framed b rn and few fruit hoes
ALSO—One other lot, piece or li,,,Trel f I - 41 si • -
Alto tu Grabeltif township torinded is lOn
I` o vs: ,
the north by land of- Cha les Kinyon; east by the
Deciphs Church lot; south ; the pub le la;lai.iiit one
a l ,
west by the public bight , ' am:ling Dann 0 ret.: We
Centre to Trey. - iontaining one-half / r f an sire of
lean, more or te, all Improved, with 0 Arne Iton , tt,
frame wagon 'shop , find a ;few :rule trri thereon.
Seized and taken into, excOntion at the ,t it . C.f . Wl9.
Thatglin's s,d,ministratore ve J. M. Ileac . - , -I
--,ALSO--:One other lot, piece or Taarael . o 1 4r4tifiti
ate in Wyalusing township, been:tied and amacaitritl
as follows: Beginning, at' corner a pogt at the end
of a wall. 'Chang 'a -corner of _land Mill. S. Camp
and Lathan Hewitt: thence on the line of H. Et, Carm,
l on said wall sonth'7s 4 a' de cue west 1511, - perches to
a corner of 31ajor's lot; thence ;Crab 72' . deg Arc it
on - said Major's lino 11 and 1- 1 0, pentocOnire of road
Mechanics street); tit nee south 3,1 deg west IU
centre of said street 3 and. 3-10 per; thence north
81!; deg east LO and 8-10 per to a post op the line cif
land of Lathan Hewitt; thence north 21 deg east op
said Tiewittie line 123.1 per te the 'place o beginbing,
containing 2 acres and 78 i perches of la d, more or
lees, all improved, with a framed dwe,ling hone('
thereon, reserving the rlift fora IMMO nd fight Of
way as now fenced .to an from IL S. Camp's lot
!seized and taken into execution at the It, eft 31
Hewitt vs Russell Gibbs.
• ALSO—One other lot, r, ece or parcel I !Ina
,-ate in Wysox township, kg:untied as follow+, to wit:
Beginning et a corner of the Jesse Smith lot on the
line of the Joshua Shores'farm; thence 'south 99 de
greet mat about 200 perches to a corner of lands of
Richard Shores and Harry Morgan's heirs; ttfene
slung line of the same and lands 0/ Wen. H. Morgan
and M.ll. Lanning. south G 1 deg west,27s per to:s
corner on east bank of Snsouellanna Diver; Diener
up said ever the several' courser' and distam - es
thereof to the northwest corner of the 'audit hereby
dasoribed a thence by land. of the Permaylvavis .1
Sew York Canal A Refirend Company, George Gard
and the Jesse Smith , fama a-northeasterly direction
about 243 per to the place of beginning,' co - ntainiris
shout DOO acres of land, more or' leek being, lots
known as Nes 124. 125 and 119 to the Claverock arer
vey, about 100 soros improved, with three dwelling
houses, threebarns, two gienarlea, other unbend
loge and orchard.. thereon. Seized and -taken into
execution at the gull of tlyesea Mereur vs 31. C
Mercur. - I • , i
. i
ALSO—One other let, plelco or parcel tof nand sita
-ate in Towanda hero, bonlided as follews. to wit.
Beginning at the northeast corner of !Phillip Pee,'s let; thence westerly along tare of ) 'PLitilip 84e- .
blch about 140 feet to an alley; - thence. ; northerly.
along cold alley 25 feet to a corner; th ence easteela
a lice parallel with first mentioned )tae about 140
feet to gain street; thence along Main'aireet 25 fee'
to the place of beginning, with a three atery Urfa`
building thereon. Seized and taken Into emeciatilai
at the snit of J. A: Um:net vs E. A. Cowles;
ALSO—One other lot...piece or parcel. otland sin
ate in Towanda bore, bounded ad toLlowa: ' Beg in
eking at the northeast corner of Main amr Park, Sin:,
thence north 4 degr-es and JO minutes eat aline
Abe east line of Main-st 142 feet 'to .J.:r. nendtde.
line; thence south 85 deg and 10 min east by land 0: ,
said J. F. Bender and other lands of IL C. mercer ;
the defendant, 150 feet to an alley; thence algae train
alley four deg and 10 min west ,0 feet to Elwell Inc'
Montanyes line; thence by said last mentioned him;
north BS deg and 50 min west 141.1" feet; , thence
eenth 4 deg and 10 nain ; weat 48 feet; thence north ',
aI deg and 50 min west by lards oil:liven and lion
tanye and D. D. Smith 35' • f. et; thence by land of
D. D. Smith smith 4 sea, and 10 min 'west 83 feet fa;
Park-at; thence along - the north line of n Ora:
85 deg and .50 min west 96 feet to the place of ! be ! +
ginning,' with a large three story brick block anc
other outbuildings thereon erected, and said block
known se aferern's Bieck. Seized and taken Into el ;
ecution at the snit of The Penn 3lntual Life Insur
ance Company assignee of Clarence X , Etenders'on
vs Mahlon t. Mercer. ;--
ALSO—Ove other lot, piece or parra of land situ
ate in Towanda bona, bounded aft fetiows; On tin;
north by lands of Mary S. Griswold faarmerly Mara
si Cash); eset by land of W. Bramhill; south t.
Bridge ov Spruce street, mid west by Mechanic,
street, bring 100 feet op' said Bridac or Spence street
and %boot 200 feet on Said Mechanics street, with
a ce lla r and fond dation for a dwelling house there
on. Seized and taken into execution at the snit o•
william S. Pierce vs Philip W. Cowell and Ditrleigh
.Myer. t.
.. ..
At....40.- , -One other lot, piece or parcel of land situ
stein Burlington twp, bounded as follows:'!On the
north by lands of Peter Brady; east by land of Bur
ton Dustin; south by land Of James, Wiggins, and
west by lands of Jamei Risley, containing 50 acres
of Pane, more or lees, about 33 acres improved, •-ith
a log house, framed barn, log barn and few fruit'
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution at
the snit of Henry Kendall and P. P. Burns va Lo
renzo Burton_Rundell,and Darius Bennalt.
ALSO—One other let, piece or parcel of Yazd eitn
at ern Columbia township, bounded as follows: On ,
the north and east by lands of A. B.; Austin; south I
by land of. Levi Cornell, and west lay land of John
Benedict, containing 23 acres of land, more or less,
no improvements., I - 1
ALS. I—One other lo t . piece or Pireel of land attn., i
ate in Columbia township, bouridedias follows: On
the north by land of P. C. Morgan; , .land CI
Di. 8. Morgan; 'south by land of _C. P. Slade, and
west by C. Morgan. ;containing 7,41 tiaras of land
more or lestr..abent G acres iniproved, no buildings.
Seized and taken. into execution at the suit of Petal
eroy Bros. use vs John Morgan.
ALSO—One other lot piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Smithfield township, bowl ed as follows: OU
the north and east by land of Morello Ford; sculls
by land of Jacob Wrigley, and %Tat by Mrs. Mary
C. Dibble, containing 70 acres of land, more or less,
about 20 acres improved, with a hig house and few
fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution
at the snit of Peter Brady vs M. S. Dibble.
ALSO—One other lot. piece or pared of land situ.
ate in Wilmot township, bounded as follows; tin
the north and wett bY lands of GL 31, Bixby; east
by land of Martin Sax, and south by land of John
Fla.'. containing 84 acres of laud, afore or less, about
60 acres Improved. with a framed barn, plank house,
Ina barn and few fend- trees theeron. 'Seized one
taken into execution-at the snit of Jphn Holmes vs
Seth Abrams. •••
~. 1_ _ . -
ALSO—Ore other lot, piece orliarcel of land situ
ate in - Litchfield township, bounded its-follows: On
the north by lend.; of Silas Wolcott and Mrs. W. D.
Mann; 'east by land of Benjamin Perlis; south by
land of Samuel Wolcott, and weatiby land of Chester '
McKinney, containing 70 acres oflland. more of liss,
ahout 50 acres ,improved, with! a framed house,'
framed barn with sheds attached and orchard there.
on. Seized and taken into execution at the snit of
M W, Wheelock A. P. Wolcott and, E. AL. Irsul-1
leek. 1
- ALSO-One. other lot, piece or
~lareel of land sits-1
ate in Armenia township. bounded is follows: •Onj
the north by land of Helen 1.1.dd; east by Obadiah;
Howell; south by Charles Crandall,: and vest by Jo.!
seph Ballard, 'containing 17 acr4s of land, niece or
less; about 8 acres improved, with a framed bongo;
framed barn and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and
taken into execution, at the saltier Clark Tinkhain
vs Hiram Button.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or areel of land aitni
ate in Pr:lath!) township. bounii , led lollows; On
the north and west by land of Luther - Smith; east
by the public highway, and ,anath by land of RJ
Cole, containing one-half an acre of land, more ni•
leas, all ler.proved, With a framoil house and bleat
smith shop thereon.; • Seized 'and taken in o erred.
tion at the snit of W. Ingham vs Fzr* O. Smith
ALSO—One other lot. piece orf parool of land sPrt
ate to Troy township, bounded es follows; On: the
north bylaw)* of Bigelow Platen; east by land Of
Leonard Narillorn; smith by the public highway!.
and west by,Thomas Dunbar, containing 2.acres of
land,' more .or less; all improved, ,with a ^ fraMet
bonse and Viw fruit trees therecin, Seized and take
into execuU6n at Abe suit of John A. Parsons vk
Dana Dunbar and S.IL Spalditig. 1 1
r J. 3t. SMITH, Sheriff. ;
virtue of an on is sued ant of the Orphan
Court of Etradfor COu y. the undersigned , adman-
Intrstrix of the estate f John Demerest , late of
itV th indhtm. deceased. wilt expOte to public Rale cis
o premisenon SITURDATOlovember 7,1874, t
31-2 o'cleck , p. m.,( the following described piece r
parcel of land situate In Windhani aforesaid.' and
bounded and described as follows, viz : Beginctiog
at a hemlock the southwest Coiner of a lot formerly
owned by Dennis Sullivan; therme.aeat 83 and 3410
perches to a post for a corner; thence south 95 said
4-10 per to the eortheast corner of a lot formerly 9n
possession of Hiram anseelli thence west 83 a:,.1
3.10 per to a post; ;thence north 91 and 4-10 per to
the place of beginning, containing fifty auroarbe t •
same more or leas, and being the same land cell
veyed to said John Detnoreetiby Daniel Shoeniaber.
by deed dated Awe 27, 58694 and recorded Octet er
14; 1869. in the cake for recording deeds In and hr
said county, In Deed Book NO. os. Page 10, &c,
TERM/3.-1150 on the property brine struck down.
$2OO on confirmation Of saIN and ; s3oo In one year
thereafter: the. bahricte in two equal animal pay,
manta thereafter, tone and taro yearsfpfun'ennflnna
tion.) with interest on whole' num or sums unp-'
from ecnatirmetioe. 31AllY A DEMOBEST.
Oct. 15.'74. •Administratr
A llDlTOlis'iffiCß—Jas.
AM. ter vs. Jay Chaapel. 1 - the Court of Com Mon
Pleas of Bradford County. Nn. 130 Vac. Term. 1372.
Also J. P. Kirby We JaY Chaspel. •In the Court of
Common Pleas of Bradford COunty.. No, 627, rt.
The nude isignact. an Amßtor appointed by, the
Court to distribute money il i the hands of the Sher-
Iff, arising from isle of date dant's real estate, *ill
attend to the duties of his appointment on Triday,
thel3ttt day of November, A1.15:1874, at one o'Clook
r.'sr., at the office of Peet & ;Davies. in the Borer. ; of
Towards, at which time and place all perlions eon
meted are requested to bo present, and they shall
be,heard..• ' ii. A. 1111EBOUlt, AnditOr.
Sept. 21.1874.
• 1
• NOTlCE.—Noti c e is hereby kiyen.
that an application will bol made under the_ act of
saaembly of the Commonwealth of Rennalltrinial
entitled "An Act to prOtide for the IntorporatiOn
and Regulation Of certain (lorporatione," - approved-
April 19,18'14, fOr the alter of an inteudetheor•
potation to be allied 'The nennehanua Bate Stone
Company,' the character a d object of which ;la to
mine, manufacture and did in all kinda of ib l ue
atone. and tar th ese pnrpo ea fa have and :popseas
and enjoy all the 'Vats, benefits and virile of
raid act of assembly, )
. ROY. 5,14.3 w; . P*1 1
,1, 14E4E, B.
I -
. . ‘,.
, ..
. 1 . • ,
I ::::. -7,40114. 1 fiLqi. ' • ,
• •
~---- -
,-- - ---•--------- , h—r---`---0 7 , ----'---- - r - - t.
virtue of art istMsdnulef the , Orphintr
Court of Bradford pointy. the iandosral.A.thialtl=
.fetssfor of the etdate of, Charies IL _Yinsog. We of
/Abby. deceased, will expose to ;alb Wet an the
bravtdsents Asylum lowlnditthetr'ssiaccuthricus
Tll7/Albbilf. Nom:thorn' 18 7 4. ,itl'o'clock. .P. 11.,
the following 'described real estate . 7"" ;°'
LOI No. 1. Beginning at a . tralter, ;tat st omp,
corner of A. D. young; theneasiong the siege north
77 deg. went 116 writes to a pest end steno sober:
theme north 23; deg cut Along thew-let EtionborOr
SO anet 7-10 per to sitionei corner; thence slang land
of Bibs Bons* south 873.1 dog past L 0 4 0 4 &lOW to
a corner; thews along lands of A. D..yrsing sq - 0,0
2m• deg west 88 per to s corner. ; thence Along' thO;
'wide south 87i' deg elit 07U 'Vet tat tarot?;
thence south liti' a deg wed 25 par , to the place of be
ginning, metals:Ong .T 8 acres end 66 porches, more
or less. and Marta Ellenberger reserving thessWing
timber. wifh right to ant 'inherit, off; being same
eters of lend conveyed by lt. Ellenberger' and 4rifn
thChsa.lf. Tonne. by deed dated /sugary 7, .137,
and recorded in beedbook No. 20 , V l O O % Ito- I ' 4 l
' .t.firlfilk 2. The interest of Charlet; If. TottriXda
the following lot In Anylunt : Beginning at A 0 3 10!
sad stones earner of L---13. young. U. IL Job 4 +m
and the said. Charles If. Young ; thence along tb:
said B. M. Johnsen north 87 deg vest ,88 per, to a,
comer; thence north 8 deg east 52 per to a whltb ,
pine stoney corner : lbeitc• across bead of pond'
tenth -87 deg cast. 13 per- to an sae tree eoreer;
thence north 24 deg west 9lhnd 910 per to a blech
-corner; thence north 20,4 itex east 19 P-er to a posit
corner; thonew north 75n deg east 22 par to a•
leek tree corner; thence north felii deg west 24 snit ,
646 , Per. to 4 poet 07 117 47 r 1 in line of- bibs Bo*ser;
thence along the said hence and Charles SI. Young
south 8 deg West 20 per and 740 per to the le of
homing containing 291 seres and 0, per heS. ofa
or less, being the same Vince of 'land contract by
1 11 `"el/ Eilaliberrr to Cb4e4es IL Young; by contract,.
dell January '7, 1870; for the conriderntiop ef,
8220.28, payable in six mall a•annal ; paymenta of
$48:40 e‘cb, with Interest on all unpaid, The laid
rbakies 111; Young had made in his lifetime thej tot- ;
lowing payment's on said contract iris : Jana 2,
1471. 460.(4);,December 21.3871. 462.02: Oethhe, i
1473, 5 12.00; ;in els 8120 02.1 That the balance of la
purchase money is unpaid and the Interest of sal
el:dries M,. Ypungin gait ntraet 'labs sold. and
the 'parchsver take the eta e enbjeo to glad eon se t:
rsll3lS.—s2s on each lot ma th s property
.p Leg ,
tttdek down., one half the balance on confirm:doe
.4 ewe. end the ltalanee 14 ale rettuthe from' utt , l
oblizinailon, with interest. I I .
. . ' • PHILIP STONEMAN; ; .
Ary' lam, Pa., Oct- I, '74. i • ttudnistrater.l
i ~i ?
'k IeDITOR'S . NOTICE. -I-- In .. h'pt
14 ' inatter of the setae dr lierrnan Mlttif,./4t' of
Pll, deceased. • In the t:rnhan's Omit &Bradford
Cot bey. I f .e , • t, 9
undersigned, an auditor appointed bit tbo
court to distraint° money in the wands of .., l
Tells, administrator of said estate, as illaftwa tq s his
8141 account, will attend; to the duties of b ap
ointment at his offieo in Vow-ands borOugh, Pa t ,..:ln
TUESDAY, November 10th; 2874, at 10 o'cloCk. A-.
at„ when and where all paMns horr s lng a .:: 41 .1 1 . 1
;I van slid fund must present them, or else! b 'dr
iver debafted from coming In upon the same. 1
, _ I , JOHN Tr. MU; -;
_Oat. Is, 11 or. . i -- -, Auditor:.
, 1 the
matt: of FrAnela Tyler. late of Athens. ,17.1
the Orphans' Cone, {of Dradford County. Ku-!",
dept. Term. 1874. f •
Thr icleregned,hal sainted! an Inpl,
./e undersigned, hating been appo.._ .a 7i
tor by said Court to distribute money in tfie bands
of .ii: L. Soott, Administrator, pondente llte of RAM
estate, hereby Ores itoties that lie will 3ttertl4o,
axe duties or his appointment ou the 23d 11 1 7:Or
XCIVEMBEit,IB74. at the office of Edward Remit:.
Tr., in the bororigh of Athens, at to - Weioek. A. idr..
of said day. at.which time and place 'all partgis In•
',ere sted are notiAed to be present and be beard.;
wh.F. FOYLE.
. Auditor'.
Oct. 19. 1874.
A .
lIDITOR'S NOTICE. r = 1, the
matter of the eatato of John llittgos, of
Monroe t9woship. deemed. In the Orphans' Court
of Bradford county.
Tito undersigned, an auditor appointed 47 fall
Conit to dispoto of exceptions to the anal aleonne
of lhito Mingo/ and A. L. Crammer. Admintstratrze
't the estate of John. Atine,os, late of thB tOY.•,nehip
;f lrentoe decd, attond to the duties of Ills np•
rohatteent at the office of .1dad1114: Cal3Y, In the
born of.Towanda,. on HONDAS", the 30th ds: of 3;cl
- at 19 o'clock, - A.. 21.. where and when all
Persons intoreEtcd must bn prorent and !heti ntia;.:
he heard' , J. N. CALIFT.:
:NOT. 5. Auditor.
- PX_ECUTOR'S :NOTICE -:- . .l.lptioe
ILJ is licreby given tiler, all persOns indebted to
cfie estate of. William,- Evans late of Ate, :de.
:cased, are requested to make' Immediate payment
did all persons having claims against said rest de
trust present them duly inittienticated for Isclrlc
Nov.u, 1371. • . ExectitorS.
.iixiite- of 'We ord;a: tallied ont of the Orpbahs''
7cpurt. of Ltra..ifdrd County, the undersigned, ,vincru-
Ttrator of the estate of Andrew !Fraley, I:rip at
idgbitry e decexsea, will expose to' public en .e 0. - .. i
lac premh;cs on TilljitSPAY, libscalber 19. 1i2.71,
,t 10 o'clock. .1. M., the following described . o'e-cc
r 'parcel of laud satiate in. Bidgliury af,its: s.i.l.
ad bonnle'l as fiilaws i - On the north by lands n:
B. Ilurnham; east by .lands of fiarver Viy. aryl
).'-nuaS . •• , ar- , ; tion7l3, : kiy hada of Zilicliael Cenl4lm.
3"' .
~nd welt li; land i of J. Dtvidson ind 11.11. cry f'aF.
rintaining one hundred and two acres. - marry !II
~ ,nprovea, with a frame' hops-°, two frame barns an.l
limit trees there On.
. .
TERIIS...— $lO on' the propert* being' strzt'rk
ElO4 on con hr,72.1.ti0n of ss!o, the balance in
I WO Kcal annual pnsments, with interest . , hrst,:r.tty
inent to bezarno tine op-e i year from finsi c...itgsrt . :4-
ri4ni balance in one' ,Teit t'Yersaftei. • . :
.1/111.4.11 W. CARPENTER,
bat". 2)1 Atli:cm:as:la tov.
10 1,01JRT PROC li M . l-T - 1. si .;.
vt3EBEAS, Hon. 'I"A#L 1a..31'011R071 6 , P.r, : i -
lent judge of the lath Judicial District, compos.rd
-,f the Clont7 of Bradford, has turned his' precept
10mulanding proclamation to be made that' an ad
,ourned court of foram m Pleas: for said; conity,,
~tili he convened In the borough of .Towanda; ,/,'1
I%IONDAY. Novemberleth. at 10 o'clock, 1. IL, to
I..ontinne two weeks. this is to notify juryrnen sod
others interested to bepresent avnirding to notice.
I I • , a: M. 5314T11,'
' I.
Oct 1 ! ' I 1. e • . IleFi 1. •-
LI- 1 "
. • .
I .
I '
1 A lIDITORS . NOTlCZ—irolitan-
ye ,
s vs. A. Beverly. In the Cburt of ofaulion
Pies of Bradford County. , No. 47f, Dee, T. 1b74.
1 The undersigned, an auditor tippointedi by said
I Court to distribute money in the hands of the Sher
at raised from the sale of defendants real estate.
wilr attend to the duties of his appointment pt :be
office - of Foyle ,k alcPlierson. In Towandrliarongh,
la MONDAYeNovember 2. 1e. , 1; at 10 o'ctelt;.l.M.
..t whichtime and plea, all persona conce ed mast
appear rpd present their claims, ;or be forever de•
oaaill from sharing in Said distribution.
I .
Oct. 7,'71.
i : . i l Auditor.
i ,
A ... ,
lIDITOR'S i ' NOTICE-Bpip: Z. - .
Clrk te. J. B,; Johnson. In the Court "or
:r.orramo Picas of prnaford Comity.' Nol 93 Feb.
feral, '74. • , I ) ~-
The 'undersigned. an =Alter said
.ourt to distill:rate money in the hands of the
Aheriff, rained from sale of defendants real .estate.
aillattesd to the • duties of his appointmentat the
office of :Dewitt k. Maynard, In Towanda Boit:mall,
'on FRIDAY, the Eth day of NoverOber, 18/1. At ten
;clod:, .t. M., at which time and place all! persona
,Vng claims against said money roost preaent
them, or be forever 'debarred from, claiming the
same. r ! ' P 5.14Nd11D, -
. Oct. 7 '74. I. ' • I _ linditon
Cl. To Mary' 82.4. May' Term; 1r71:-
You are hereby notified' that Thos. P. Big;, your
husband, bas applied to the court of, common Pleas'
of Bradford Co., fora dboirce from the brinds of
matrimony, and the said court has appolbtecl Non-
day, the 7th day of. Dec, DM, for hearin; the said
Thos. P. In the premises, et which time Vace
pen can attend If yeu think proper. !
,1 •
' Oct 22. -, d. hi.'SllTTß,theri.C.
It the matter of tie incorperit'en oflThe First
Wealeyan Methodist Church, of Dome.-L-No.
Dec . . T., 1874..
i •
Notice is herebyrgiven that the above rouned As.
aomation has presented to the Court of! Com,reon
Pleas of Bradford Co. 6 thelr articles of Association,
asking for a decree of Incorporation, and the said
Court having examined the same, and finding tb , nt
correct, will decree that they be incorporated ai
prayed, for. on Monday, the 7th dayf
,of Dec,,
,1874, at 2 o'clock, p. m., nukes cause -ba 'shown to
the contrary. I ' B. M. PECE,
Oct 22. ' Potheiaotary.
. _
In the matter of•khe incorporation' of The Churcil
of God, near Grover.—No. 380. Dee, T., ISM
Notice hereby given that the above tatted At:
sedation has presented to the 'Court 'of Comn
Pleas of 13radford Co. their article. of Association.
asking for - a decree of Incorporation. and the tai
Court having examined the MOM. and finding tlit:ti
correct: will dorren that they be ir.cmorated ar
prayed fol.. on Monday, the 7th day of December,
1834. at. 2 o'clock. p. en.; unless Canso be shown t•.
the contrary. ` D. M. I'VCK. -
Oct :22. .1
—To Charles Williams.—No. lit Deg:. T.. 1874.
You are hereby notified that Emnlah,Willines,
your 'sire. has Implied to tho court of common piezi.
of Bradford Co:, fora divorce from the 'bends of
matrimony. and the said court has apptiirged Slori
day, the, 4th day of Dec. 1674, for hming,tho said
Emma in the .preirlses. at ftrialch time and pl
you esti attend if You • think proper.
Oct. 22. .1 T. SaliTkl, Sherif:.
LA...Note° is hereby giren'fliat all persony indebt c ❑
the est- Mot Milton Phillips, late of pheitieq ain
doed, must naolzo immetit24) payment, and all per;
sous haying claims against said -estate mtutt
them duly authenticated for settlement:
• . Banana PIIII4,IPS •
• , dmirdsrfrt!:,.c
Nov. 5*
, r 4 XECIJTOR'S • 'I4'QTICE.'-4Notice
Li is-hereby giv l ert that 'all persona !Indebted to
the estate of Brocuinah Pitcher, Into of Warm:: •
deed, are requested to maker inamedlntO payment,'
and alt persona hiving canna agninsa said e*tat.•
must present them duly anthentlented for sev.l—
Oet 2 . .) 71. Iv; EDWARD Sf.'PIVIIIED,
ra.Notice is bc4eb7 given thatallperiona Indebted
to the estate of Mathew afarahall, tato' of Fraaldie,
deC'd, mind make immediate payment.: and an
persona loving claiitia against said' oatato mutt
prepait them dutl authenticated for settlement.
Adieinistratriz. -
Oct 29 ' "I
NOTICE; In - ' tau
.1...112 matter of the estate of BMW Northenp, Into of
Monroe. demand. In the Orphan's court of Bral
fore County. 1 ' ! • 1 , •
The underidgued. an auditor appointed by flir
Court to distribute funds and marshal' assets in iii
hands of Joseph B. Smith, administirator of Both
Northrup, late of Monroe; ,dooessed,luill attend ti
the duties of, hie appointment* at hie *Mee In Ta
rim:Os borough,•Pa., on VINUNESDAIS, the atti iIA-•
of 'November, 1574, at 10 Wolock,M:, whet 1:1
persona interested must be presentrind make known
theircishas, or to forever debarred fro/4 the same,
Ptt 1.5,114 w; •; • • 1 • i Anamr.
v STRAY:--;-Came into flan enclos
i,vteraurt7„ll i s s i ub l r ar tT it er g o s tio r r a z b c o o tiNg . !l i t!
spots. The owner is revmstoa to_prove Proltertr
Ind pay dart* 40143 SMILERS.
I ttllerty Corner,o, Oct. ait