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e iiraqs, Thursday, April 211674.
josEra.ascerm, a highly respected
,t izen of Windham, died on Sunday last. •
J :,',TrsiicEs of tlie Peace can obtain
ccmmiasionl by Falling at ibe itegitter's
Lece- - "
THE pyoceedili . tge o f the Senday
-1 111 '
r ,h091 Institute at porn I Woe*, w appear
r ,cit - neek. . I
Tim 'Osamination
. of classes Con,-'•
v e:ra mtb the Busquetutnna Collegiate Intl
!lie, begin yesterday.
IVE raiz pained to learn of the and
l o,et4h of ex-bemnilisioner Joseraus PON.
r ill', of fiarlington, which occurred on Mea
l*, List. I • ,
[ " ,
THE dwelling HOllBO of . Mr. Mrsoos,
jaEit below Col. 1450:1'k - was busied on Sunday
evening bust. The fire oriensteil in the !not
31, 1 . 3 t of the inrnittdOilte removed.
DE.DicAiioN.--'The new
.. Methodiet
rpit , co pal:Church, at Troy, was dedicated kit
month, and Kumla LoNn presented the
congregation with a beautiful communion ser
ri,:e on the occasion.
W. A. CIUMBERLIN is Rutting a
I ,!ate-glass front in-the store recently occupied
by HABILIS, or the Bankrupt Store. Hr. H. will
c:ecopy the place again with and entirely new
stick 3ldlinery r and Ladiei' Furnishing
&oda, in a few days.
• t
N. N. Egrrq,. Esq., celebrated - his
.E.ercnty-fifth birthday on Taeiday; Be has
,been a resident of this place for filty-four years.
There sr's but three other men now living here
who firer in in the ,town when he came.
.TEithElliliCE MELTEco.—There will
lc a. meeting at Temperance Hall. Sunday,.
!Avill 5, at 5: r. u. Th e former and present
mcral:eris of temperance organizations are spe
cially re 'nested to be present:
ipamense throng of peop,e •
itencil for over WO hours on Monday Owning
kiit to one of the most eloquent and pOwerfal
ti - ..ipeiarice addresses ever delivered in this
p] e. lre wish Mi. Ives could repeat it in
tvay town and city in the United States.
TIIE ,newspa:per teptat bat' Hon.
G. A. Gants is aboOt to Like up his residence in
Binghamton, is, incurred. Mr. G. is now en
gaged as' President of a large an& wealthy
road company in 'reps, but—retains his resi..:
dene Susquehl , na county, and trO believe
has no intention oe deserting the l Keystone
State. His sister residee in Bingbatnton, and
is building a new house:vr , • •
A 13b,11N, OWTIOCI by. N
=2rr, in Sheshe gain township, was burned on
Thursday evening, 26th inst , with ill of its
cintentaa including a span of horses] several
et.lof harness, 'and a quantity, of hiy. The
loss on building was about $700; iris Urea for
There was no insurance on the horses or
,other property destroyed. The origin of the ,
tire is uhknown, butt Was probably the - work of
an incendiary. •
\\`t.lishorough, is.s.iaiting•her friend ' s!' this
- -Capt. H. P. GOODRICH and GE). t 3. Koos-
C.Y, tire. graduates of this office, were in tows; = wick. We are- plcascd to ',announce
that fortune has smiled upon huthr of them,
aryl tbsttheilare prospering in business in
. 4 ad of Starving; in a printing office.
—Mrs. Eficriiiio Et.*E.r..i., of Bear l er Darn,
Iyts.) is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.l C. Rid
TERRYTOWN.—AnotIier one of our
; •
c'i.tizens is itreparipg for a trip to Nebraska.
At a donation on the 20th inst., for the 1.
W3r. Josrs, Bapt4t minister, $75 was recei
The store of ULrbSES Moony, ETK I A.SSIIIM,
3nr -
l entern one night laiit a9Cd l fanr , or 1.. o
dollars in monpy,a pair of bonts,', and quite an
amount of clothing was stolen. N , 3 clue to the
rubber has yet been obtained. Six.
::larch 29,1674:
SPRINGHILL Grange; Patrons- of
lim.bandry, was organized with twenty-tbree
charter members, by Deputy S. W. Buns, on
Wednesday evening, 31trcb 2.5, after which tuu
flowing officers were duly elected :
- Mister, FEEKIS ACKLEY; Overseer,,W.u. Spy.*
war: Lecturer, H. B. ACKLEY; Secretary, A. B.
t;rmsett; Treasurer, - ALFRED ACKLEY; Steward,
i;rl)F:r.; Asst Seward, ADIN Lros; Chap
_Lain Si-U.IIEN LYON; L. A. S., Miss Etna LYON
(.7t7Ce, Irs, HELEN ACKLEY, Fiora, EFYLE
Pomona, Mrs. S. LrOs.
nEpora - ,1 with a La
ze:tap county paSper, to the effect that ROBERT
A. PACKER will! be 'a candidate kir Congress
I:)iezt 411, in the'Carbdri district, has been quite
extensively copied in'tbe papers of {his section.
We are authorized by Mr. P. to state that the
paragraph has no foundation in truth. While
Ivo shbuld be es well pleased t• - i seed Bone= oc
capying a seat in the National umnbils is any
pomo-crat we sot of, We should be }loth to part
Lita - asa resi4ent of Via play?, and we
think tee railroad comptiuy.would seriously ob
. i ct tgrehnquishing'their cliims upon him, - as
their most 411cient iifficers. • -
5.j N. ROCKWELL nod wife, formerly
1T been appointel managers
Lav indastiLl St:Leal at Middleton, Conn.
vit e both bad large experience and are
I!..).'mgLly competent to cliechcrge the reepon=
datiea of tho pnliitions. ' The Seatinel and
11. - iptc.qs, or-Middleton, refers to tho 'arrange
m-:nt fo:locrs :
".fir. and Mrs. Rockwell, the new superin
.fielideut and assistant superintendent, have ae'•
mniied their duties A t the school under very
favorable snap - cr.:, and we have no manner of
-doubt that. ti vier. their management, the
school tunic ifs influence for good thro'-
congratulate the people of Connect ,• it
u eecnriug the service's or t.vo suth able Ll
i.trnetors s.• Mr. and Mrs. 11.
THE Wyalusing correspondent of
14dependent Republican says :
"The Farmers' Union of this place vise; On
the tavored with an address on
nrJnivoile... , by Dr. Turner, of Towanda. HIJI
ilddresS was !very fine, and all present were do
lighted and Instructed. The meeting
itayablication, and it will probably appear
in the Towanda Journal. This. organization
. will, for, the next half year, bold its regular
meetings on, the third Saturday of each inontl,
• ' : at 2 o'clock , The sessions are open, and
everybody is invited to attend. At Alio April
' meeting the President will read a .Oper enti
tled "The Farmer a Drudge;" the respective
claims of grain and dairy farming will ha-dis
cussed, and the remainder of the time will be
devoted to the exhibition of valnable-Aeed corn,
potatoes, and seeds generally, and tobrief re
marks relative to • the improvement of the
• . •
• ME fair for the benefit of the lec,
tqre commiitee, promises to be a perfect suc
vesi. The ladies have been untiring in their
c.^T an - d it the , gentletien do their part, the
e will belelieved from their financial
citlarra'ssment. One striking, feature of the
t-r. , t , -.:ltsinmtnt will be a table spread in old
;tyle, with stilistantiagreresbinents, and at
which it is expected a goodly number of aged
;." - Aile will bb - seated, 'This table will be under
Lc airection 'or
in m 11 , ra. Low, who will spare no
ak a
ing primitive repast, ,
1.e•3 ' , silo have not yet contributed any
fed inclined to do so, are informed
liat cu meats,l,l chickenotapdwiches, biscuits,
'tuts, , etc., will be ieis leceptable; Those
have prTareit fancy articles are requested
thlm at the residence of Mrs. G. 11.
an; time previ,ons to the morning of
t.,r, ji r• B. T
hose who base promised to
°wail - Atte material for ice cream, will send
Frrcit - 's, on Wednesday morning.
Coricrum-Ae ~"Itinerant_Trio"
of the WyoshigOonflerence Rees.
W. B. WINTLIRII, J. B. Broom and J. O. Laa
axars wilt laid tienic4` of wag la
co in% as follow, via:.Springhill, Tuesday , '
evening, April 7; Wyalusbig, Wednesday even
ing, *Pal OVEalliel Thge&Y,lleolnic. April 9.
Elekettoes from a programme of fifty pieces
will be sang at sack entertahuntati-eomprising
sacred and select trou4; inch as ullow. can I
keep from singing?" "Beautiful Hands," " ify
Ain Oottatce." geoid of Bunker 44
the„ Brier They'r e waiting foe 'neer
The objied*ltiesei concerts is 0 orailia p,
interest relqicm to eekirod mosaic i so thitsa
the people erlll " sing unto the Lord." Pro ,
ceeds of concerti for benefit of ;the °buil.
.Doors open it 74 y. w. Conceit at 8. Admis
sion 25 cents; children 15 mats. •
As THE time for, cettitig ayi
prosching space, it became the hrmer to be
on the lookout lot the beet labsi-saving im
plements Sebring, as we do,- that thei"Esre
kit. Mower,' marinfactuied In this place, has no
superior among the niaeldnes before the pub
lic, we take pleasure-in directing attention' of
farmers to it.' We are Permitted to Dopy the
following letter &mate of the most ostensive .
farmers in thSBonthern Tier. It• aliould have
great weight :
! ; iloaanto, Stentiom M o ho. 9,187.
A. D. Madden, Esq., PresideeiEurika . Motrfng
... if icliineAmapany: !
' Dean tits Year Laver of the sth instis4e
oeieed. - Yon ask my opinion_of the Eureka
Chine sent me for trial. I will say that it was
my first choke Ofthe 27 machines at the
trial of implements in 'July last, and that by
Mating it upon my farm in 'cutting over m re
than 300 acres Of nearly kinds of grass and tot,
I find that it more than fills the recommen -
tion. yam gave. It will cut a slow math, pt
itself to uneven surface, with one-third Ligbter
draft. , than any side-cut machine 1 have alter
seen used; and do the .same *meant of work.
WO tried it in the sad field_ with several new
Machines, and found 'it could lead them -
We like its manner of working backward and
fordard on the land aide of! the field. The
large driving' wheels and direct draft make It a
eery durable-and light-running machine. With
one pair of small horse', we cut over 300 atifes. -
-120'of which in one field we cut in 11 days. We
harvested 60 Weil of ; oats. with less labor- and
expense and did it better, Mtn any fieit- - tie - -s
reaper have ever used. There is - no runnini
over the grain or cries after cutting, which 1
consider a very important point gained, and all
ordinary galas does not require a 'Udder. It
leaves the bay in nicworder for curing, and the
use of the horse-rake. It Is just my style of a
_machine. . Very Truly Yours, .•
Ww. llusdar. •
_ SHESIIEQUIN.—The following officers
were elected . to posittorui in Valley Lodi° 41G,
on Saturday evening last:
K. G., FELICCIS S. Avgn; V. G., Waursit 8.
EtABIZE; Treasuter, ,Wu. ENYDEll;''6ecretary,
G. W. Hamm; Asia Secretary GEM L. Far tin;
Trustees, Gui. W. 111..ACXXL'1, GEOINIL 'Curtin,
&mamma Wkraust. i
- The Lodge has been highly favored since Up
re-organization; very little sickness and no
deaths having occurred during
. the psst two
years or its eaistence. Its civilizing and chid
'Able influence ought, and we think hap, pro
. aced a marked on effect the young men of our
town. , .
OECAIL F. Aim takes charke of the Hills, till
father retiring for a time. The mills are doing
a successfurbasiness In the hands of these en
terprising men, who are constantly adding new
labors to be performed by their:untiring en
_gine. Indeed, their mills hive become -India
, pensable to the existence of our little "huddle,"
and the liberality of the ATEita, If generally =7
itated,would galvanize our town into new lire
and prosperity. , .
Our 'toad Commis goners, yea:notice, pro
pose to have something cesides a •" sled-road"
to our county -seat. 'lf they arc not in dead
earnest, we are mistaken In the men. With t
town to back them, as they will, that narrow
road will either be closed up or made a decent,
l ir
lawful public highway bef c the expiration of
the coming summer. Au why not? Can there
be found another such a apology for a road,
at the -very doors of our county-seat, iu any
populous and civilized community in the Con
monwealth ? • It is a chronic nuisance, and we
propose to abate it! .
Early sowed winter grain has a premising
appearance in this vicinity. : ' That sowed later ,
passing through such a erpricions winter, looks_
sickly. The Grange may , bring it out alti.
right(?), i
, - '
Oar retiring merchant, 0. D., Ii ,- is still in
our midst, chafing like a caged tiger. Such a,.
power of /vital business energy cannot lorg
remain inisqlve. It is "
.an eagle or a cat-bird"
with him; he is bound to be the former, or en!-
lapse. The bei4 wishes of our people will go,
with him, whatever or, wherever the niadertak
' ' DIU&
Toned at Troy, on M9nday, If eh 23, 7 lion. P.
D.. Morrow presiding, and ssociate Judges
Harkness and Russell on the bench. •
The case of George F. RAditigton vs. Geo._
N. Newberry and Charlotte U. Newberry, his"
wife, was lion-suited.
In the matter of tae adoption of Julia Jenk-.
ins, as the- child ad heir of Julius Gee. On
reading the petitioq and ,on motion of Delos
'Reekwell, Corn 4 grant the prayer of the .,
petitioner,-tind make the usual decree of adop-'
Rodesea Wright s. H. W. Wright,. Oa mo,
tion of H. N. William, EN.; Court appoint
Chas. Stockwell a Commissioner to take depo
Thomas Msxwell et al. vs. E. T. Fox, Com;
mittee or the Person and Estate of 0. P. Dar
lard, Lunatic. Issue.' :Peet d: Davies, E. B.
Parsons, thdDelos Rockwell, for plaintiffs. E.
Over - ton. ;Jr., W. 11. Carnochan and M. F. Elli
ott for defendant. This case was commenced
on Wednesdwand was given to the Jury on
Saturday-afternoon. On Sunday the Jury came
into open Court and said they could not agree
on a verdict. Whereupon they W-re discharg
ed by the Court.
In the Matter of the admission of Win. E.
Chiron, ts au Att9rbey-at-Law iu the Peveral
courts of•Bradfard county, March 27, 1871. On
reading and filing certificate, and on motion of
W. H. Carnochan,;Esq , Court admit Win. E.
Chilson as an Attiiiney in the several courts of
Bradford county.
In the matter of the alleged lunacy of Sophie
Brown. Oa reading petition and on motion of
Delos Rockwell, Esq.. Court appoint and select
the following tamed persons to make anextru
'nation of the truth of the facts, set forth in the
pelitibn, viz : Dr. INVin. Corey, James E. Yerkes
and E. B. Paisons. - -
The Court adjoibed :•i,pe die om March 29.
• DEEDS left.for record in the office
(Or recording deeidd, neck ending March 30 :
Mercer, Jl•ni in k Mo)dy to Edward B.
, -
Lent, Wyaox.
.C. L. Anthony (.t al. to B. Reeve, At:lons
C. L Anthony; ct at. - to' Martha A. Seger
Athena. ;
A. D. MaTtiu ,-to DeWitt C. Stuart, Ebuth
. Byron Aikin to J. L. Pbtrnix, Alba 1,13
James H. Lewis to . W. W. Magee, Albany; .
James Crowley to John Bastin, Shesheqiin:.,
C. L. Anthon;'et'al. to L. H. Anthony,' Ath'
Howard Elmer to C. L. Anthony, Athens.
C. L. Anthony to .Elsa M. Fritcher et :1, ,
' 11. H. Taylor et al. to D. P. Denedici, Troy,
.I.foro. ,
- - _
L A, Pierce and C. C. Nine to Robert Yonng;
Trop tap. -,
•H: D. Pomeroy et al. to S. and IL Pomeroy,
Troy Boro.
E. Pomeroy and D. Lilley to H. A: S. W. Pom
eroy, Troy Boro.
E. Pomeroy et al. to S. W. Pomeroy, Troy
Boro. , • ;
Heigh Crawfoid et al.-10 children of Mtg. 8.
E. Palmer, Armenia. •
• John Grist to B. P. Green°, Troy.
John J.:Grifliths to 8. M. ickerman, Bur
David Gardner to Moses Gittleman, Athens.
C. IL Ames et, al: to Bathsheba Dickerson,
Bathsheba Dickerson et al. to Jay 8. Dicker
so. Marren. • • - •
C. M. Manville to E. T. Noble, Towandafße
rough. '
! .
. Wm. Lawrence to lilertitnerliaiton, Canton.
Jacob Emery to Jonathan Whipple, Asylum.
Spencer Webster to Lyman 8. ,Wright, Bar
' .gton. .
F ED. Buell!. :On Thursday, the
19th inst., Mr. A.l'vmsm, of this Place, led
his horse out of the stable to roll on the grass,
holding him by the hitter while rolling: • The
horse suddenly sprang to his feet, wheeled and
kicked Mr. Portzsta, with fall force In the face,
anifi cork ontthtgA deg gash la the - . -. pint
of the fonbilenpliglos hillrlig*Splpther
6*:taring tike:sippeir Jew. He was canted
44edifitilittk ibillitotin4Ot 'gr. erfAILIA Opavi.
Whio.was a witness of the'. scene. • - - :,--
Dr. CrAaarrr Was summoned at ionce, and
Dr. Msmu. telegraphed for; the latter however
Ibilfid to arrive, owing 4 sickness in his own
family. ;The former did all in his I power to
lase the , life of Br. P., bit samba rain; Be died
early Sunday morning 422 d inst.), after suffer
ing rAci 'boo ean tell bow.- ,Thfs etbsily were
pained by the sad accident more than their
looks betokened. Toniday, the day; of the fu
neral, was we cold, the, wind blowing , almost
a hurricane down the river whieh the proces•
sign bad to cross. , Ttie Brat *id,: wi lt the
il.titly of the dead, oniteed over In intet but
Wing to son mismanagement ort• the 'Part of
the ferrymin,Ue second time the boat left the
Shore, it was beaded &natty:scion the stream,
which, owing to rho Wind and current, was
very dangerous. 4 The ferryman saw-Ads mis
take, but frozen ropes and the strong panne
prevented him from - &Beg it. They water
now began to splish el ar over the; boat. An
'ax wu loon hacking at the ropes, but did net
I 'succeed in cutting one r efine the boat 'tipped
from - the tipper side an a fearful scene ensued,
',the screams of women minilizg with the Angry
howl of the wind: A "retail death resoled in.
!evitable to all, but a few cowardly men jumped
in the skiff that lapponed to be thingsi de, and
lowed to shore, leaving women, children, and
;old gray;baired men to sink or swirl i in Wit
ice-cold water in the middle of the river; Bat
they did neither. The boat soon swung around
, sustained•by the one anent rope, which kept, it
from sinking, and hopb again revived in the
bents of all. Allei remaining about , ' thirty
minutes or more standing in water from two to
three feet deep, all wore rescued. One wagon
was on the fiat-boat; fortnnatety no horses were
attached, or e 133 all would hive been drowned.
There were eighteen penons in all on the:boat
when it left the abort; amertig -whom were two
daughters and a sotto the afflicted widow,' who
was an observer of the slime What eonid haie
•been her reelingil - We will not attempt to de
scribe them; -surely she must have thought that
Este wiutigainst her.' , litio hat since, remarked
that the exeitenient4ll6ie 'felt "days almost
killed her. . --.- ED, W.
Standing Stone, Mat
. •
1 .,, . '-• '
Low. outerpriso is always worthy
of.notice, and wiltecer meet the approbation 0f
business men, practical thinkers : and . wclt
wishers ofihe count/41 especially nhen . derot
ed to the interests of ach a largr proportion
of the members of a mmunity, •t , rentesent
ea by the agriculturis • and in i& instance is
this criteria° More forcibly shoii.n, - than) in
the operations of Onr Towanda Eureka', Mower
Company. _
Theintroducaini o i any machine which les
sons the labors, and iiMplidCa the Various °Fe;
rations in connection with farming, can never
bo lookbd upon but as a great boon to the pub
lic at large, and will always be reqeivea
l as each,
by all thinking men.j I
The Eureka Howe la a machine calculated
'to do away with. much of the trouble: and -in
ocitiverdence usually Connected with harvesting,
eriahling the farmer to, gather 'his bay -in the
,simplest and most es;pedicnt manner, as many
fanners can testify frloin experience. • •
We think it much 6.tipericr to icy machine
previously brought *!pro tbe pnblie, and inch
is it• simple and easy method of working, that
we are surprised It lal•not been introduced at
s much earlier date.
The'direof draft :ea [principle in its manufac
ture,. which has lorig, been thought of, and
wished for, but never practically adapted, un
til the advent of the i niachine in question.
Its recerstbility alloWe the farmer tOmew en
either side, and work backward and forward on
hillsides, at option;wqrkirg transversely across
farrows, yhich is of i grcat advantage , in point
" • ;
Its 'case of draft, and caistquent economy of
labor, and its 911;1/14 of coring, which is arriv
'ed at by the peentior action of the machine,
which leaves the grass atter cutting;; almost
upright, are matted;, the value of whiciaWill at
onee be seen
With this machimo, Toildera are superfluous
and would be rather a drawback than other
wise; while the ;foaling finger bar, as practi
cal addition to tlEi• efficiency of the motif
;machine, gi%ing al hitherto unachieved c ia
formity of surface, is a principle which not
• ..
be too highly *Atm of.
There is no doubt of , its superiority 4er all
!other machfries hitherto in tho held, in general
construction, durability, and facilities fort:tan
ing out good hay,l in the mintaam PpaCo l of
!time, and at - the smallest cost to the, farmer.
,IThe'many euPeriaities of the marline manna
Ifactured by the Eureka Mower Co ,-have al
ready I een; acianiwledged by, men alio have
[made use.of if, and we have no daubt It will ere
lung be the only 'machine used in the country.
The coxipany deserve great `plan for their
!hitherto most ST.ccessful • management of a
'large and complientiA establishment; and their
efforts we may ta,y have : been most successful;
as we were- inforined, they have as much as
they can do to ken p pace With tho constantly
increasing demand. -
- The manufactiity of the Earelii Mower Co.,
;superintended Mr. Maomml,--al most bug
, ness-hke, practical and intelligent! man—is di-,
vided into live branches : the feundry, where
the principal machinery is constructed ; the
carpente'r room where the wood-work ia . man
` ufactured; the Machine ;mp —set part fur the
!final putting , together of the wel l ed and iron
calistittient.4 of ',the Eureka,—aull the finish
iing room, whose 'apfiellation explains itself.
The establishment is arranged gn a plin
which combines eomfort for the workmen with
great facilitiesgr Manufacture. 'Die machinery
is driven_by a_ . lioise power horiinntal engine
built by the Eilredni Co.. It is, ifify simple tit
constructicin,lini amplifies the fact that now
ful machinery is naEof necessity a mass of in
tricate complications.
In conclusion, a e may bay that' the Eureka
117 wing Mai:bine Company Is comducted in a
beisines-lke'and independent matipmj; and that
,they life well deserving of all the patronage
the public may bestow.
ate object for which the Ristoriof Society of
Brad - ford er/111.10 . Vt i A3 formed, was' the gather
iug and preserving of docurnents.l papers, etc.,
portainin,; to the early sett!ementiand the pro
press of the eJetiti—mstertid which ultimately
might b used in Compiling its gclieral history.
Thu fact that this material was: rapidly dis
applaringr many ;of the first se lers having
passed a.way, and !valuable papers being c•ia •
gently lost or destroyed, togethei with the ap- '
treadling Certtenaiat, aronted Ea 'deeper hats:r
oot in this week: , "Accordingly, the Society ap.
p:intei a committee charged with the work of
collecting material for the County istory. Sub
sequently the l undersignel'was with the appro- •
val of the Society, appointrill a. sib-committee
tti prosecute this work. The business of wak
ing this collection has already Open underta
ken. While much valusble_rnatetial is still ac
cessible",,the committee is constantly reminded:
that clinch is irretrievably los*, add that all dil
igence most be used to secure ilia cow can
be obtained. To this end tile earnest co-opera
tion of every ono interested in the'work, i 3 µr
gently sohcitedi
In almost every neighborhood dre old people
who, while their recollection .ot_the incidents in
our early history isinstinct, are! so enfeebled
by age as to make writing •by them extremely
burdensome.. The younger members of the
family, or others in the vicinity, 49 record the
stories which these old people Cell them, and
thus preserve fO, the use the historian, chat
otherwise will' aeon be lost beyond recovery.
In doing this, the more . minute: and circum
stantial the narrative, the better. Apparently
trivial incidents have, their uses, as well as
those which appear more important.
The history of
,a locality is the history of the
people who have lived in it. This will enhance
Items like the following :— the fi4t settlers of a
given 'oddity; the time of their settlement; the
.places from which they came; iniidetifs in their
removal; the location and present owner of the
trams, on which each one lived; of whom each
. rt.ttler purchased his land; theirlatinggles, pri
vations and amusements; their +lino's, and re
ligious meetings; deaths, marriages,, etc..; who
thee their famnins still reside in the neighbor
hood, or havi3 removed—lf removed, the- date
of their removal and who have stteceerlnci them;
in short,.the whole account of teach fainily as
minutely as it an bo given, frorn the time - they
first came into the county until ;the present.
If every one will interest hisriself or - herself
in gatherkkg this information, and will fOrsird
it to me, the work will be taistepol and made
more completelthan otherwise it possibly can
be. If more than one account ba sent from the
aims loolatity. Ulm to blngin hat the more , 1
inch accounts the.belbfill *et
All these facts thus collected may . net - be cite
used, at bast in the form and connection! fo—
which they, are raseleed, but it Is of great lin-
Porters* that they should be In the hand, of ' l l I
the compile:before the Idan of the. proposed 0 61
history can be fully developed. It is compare.
suety easy• to condense Statements of radii
but to procure them without some aloe to be I
parties cognilant of them, well nigh Impossible. Mk
11 is the purpose of the cam' plies to visit ewe- new
ry locality In the county, but-this
will take time. . 1 The Loom& here sought toe
will aid in Tadao. We. Ts. BY them parties
be tedicated eh* aui lurid* _ desired infornia. I
icon, facts will be preserved 'which may be bet,
through the death of. aged people,' before the
compiler can see them, and work will be done '
under more bearabie circumstances than the
compiler em. - da it, froti the iliet that in snob
inatters a neighbor or friend has idrailtages.
over la" stranger.
As this-enterprise Is not undertaken with the
_ _at h.! in accordance
Tiew fol pecuniary profit, but io accordance with
a Widoipread conviction that of & county
which his attained the po sition Bradford now
holds, the history should be written for the
generations who will folitiw n& AB, theiefoie,
have a common interest in a wotirsettendeci for
the common- good, for us and for air childrea.
Wyaltssing, PS.
• , ••
WE Ewan that the crowded state
of our columns compel us to omit part of ' our
Athens letter. We give the last pintgraph
"There' is much interest just now manifested
in the pending scut between J. LIDDY Cannel
snd F. T. Nor, which is to be tried before ir the Gth. of April. Mr. Dora Liss
DirmsoN constiyed NOM tour hundred acres
of land in Sheshequin to J. LEacir Conant, and
took a bond of t 20,000, continued for . its siipr
port during life. Comic afterwards contrictr
ed to sell about 200 saes of the' lame land to
F. T. Pans, on which contract payinent was to
.be made by Nor, to DOBION of $1;000. on the
15th day of March last. Pans now sets ,n 0
title in Counts, based on the alleged inoompel
tency of DAVIDSON at the time he conveyed' the
!audio Consul. Hencethe,
_question -is as to
the soundness of Mr. DAirosou's mind. NT T
aim S Evess i and Ecturtitis SMITH are attorr,
keys for CORBIN, and. Davits J and Bum for
PAGE, and the snit is to enforfe the contract.
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Friths, Tery,cheap, at the Third Ward Grocery.
lir Fine, flavored Teas cheap, a
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Groceries of all hint's cbeip s
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IF* , •
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oleo Family Flour 'cbelp,'a
Oar I
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ter Field Peas, Garden and Flow
er Seeds, fresh, at CALKINS' Grocery, Hermes
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sac' schooling at the Institute, in return for dz
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Sewing Macbine Needles and
Oil, at 0. A. Bums's.
la. Apples, Potatoes and Dried
Fruits wanted at C:winta' New Grocery.
iegt— The office of H. B. MoH.For,
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over 31cCine A; pmettos', Main•st.
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• ta. For the best Roast or Steak
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- ter Several valuable , Farms ;and
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over 31. J Loso L s storo.
C. F. Cuoss has the best and:
largest asSortment,of Bee - Boots over acrid
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tom'; Pure Blnestone Cayuga Plas.;
ter, on band for saleat 31yeraburg Mille. Well
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its. Ladies, we advise you .to try
that prepared dour at F. J. dArruss' new Oro
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ter It will pay yon to call and
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Trunks,Traveling nags, etc.,
tVosite tho Court Homo
stir Take AM.'S Sarsaparilla ' l to
purify the blood and puke out the humors,
pimpleg, boils and sores, which merely em
blems of the rottenness within.
ger WM. J. Moms,' of the firm of
TAnan /4 DAVIES, in the City this 'week' pnr
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, ipst,, A fino : assortment of Stono
liVare, st the Third Wsrcl Grocery.
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A lima% Mop Store. •
D' i leq. —Finn) very, fine Light Brah
maic White Leghorn and Buff and PaVtridge
Cochin& Price S 2 per aetiing'of 13 *ell packed
and delivered atExproas office. I
ToiLads! Psi, April 1,1871.
Largelea* 01 :TrPUnt*ind
silWarrannaeutree, Ka.
all 1 , Paper
and Ourtiiiiii
E. ,
t; pock.
ye you Singer Sewing
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useut Ittactuninta; which illi add to
• nen aid value of your 'machine.
2au a apecialt3 , / at 916 , Red,
Bine Store.
Tats.-Latiou want a, set ol
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u opportunAy that doer} not
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,111,000, ini iiliehaUPtheamonnt fa
samitily L Nosts it Co.
,• • •
stir Fan, Goods and Stationery 't ot
for the holidays, better and cheaper than else
where, at C. lf.lesossi. • I
• TA(
Girl; of the Period " is DIS
Kllarie. of I t ivoirs Holz' palace,
I. J. D. If tu.'s Fanc7 Moro. . • .
to 14 Sea In
on Iridgast:
'Towanda at
kery. -
. airWh run the risk of an acci
dent, when yo ,can get a ticket good for $3,-
000 in cue of esti', to; 20 cents a day, by call
ing on rums Bunn:yr, at upper depot?
ifir It is not generally known that
H. C. Warrsmut, at the Book Bindery over the
Itsporrei oft, makes Blank Bcieks 'in any
styli of main and binding deftired. If you
want s new • dger, Journal or . ,Docket, give
him, a catL . • '
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I da
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be sold at 25 pes cent. leas than Now York
pricies. Call and examine at E. B.avotes Branch
Hair Palace, Bridge. 4., in Kra. J. D. littr.'e Fancy
; • I
Fos So
—The new house n Blain
etr i eet seconi door north. of Chestnut street..
lot:About 100 eet front, I Terme: easy. Enquire
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mg. Dealers in Strings will do 'well
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flails large assortment of French, German end
Italian Strings,,at Now York price!.
Hour,_often .4he question,—
Where is thehest place to buy groceries?"—is
asked. by prudent purchasers: The answer
hereabouts ia almost universally—" At licesne
A, Enwinns'." •
se. Do yon want. Shoes for a La
dr, Gent, Misr, Boy, Youth, Child or Infant
Then'go to Coma dc Coosa, where you wil
find ix large crock to select from, and at exceed.
ing low prices.. Opposite-the Court House:
Mar Go, and see ELIE LANOIE, who
bra just returned from New York with an immense
stock of Hunan Hair, which , he- bought at bank
rupt gala, and which will be soot, at lowest cash
prices, at LAvorrni Branch Bair PiTace of Elmira,
Tow**, Pa. E-
has alieady opened
his sPring'styles of Wall Paper. 'llia assortment
has been selected with great care . and with
special reference to the wants of 'this commu
nity. purchasers will find it to their interest
tc give i blr. U. a call.
I ter Why is it that TAYLOR & DA
visa dress men and. -boys better and cheaper
titan any other house in Towanda. The reason
Is, they stocked their new store during:the
money panic, and are sathtled with very smitll
'refits. -
'liar Lovers of the weed will be in
te!resbid in learning that llidlans S EDWAIXD9
aie se ling tho best brand of cigars by the box,
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NOTlM—Parties having an mule
'tied account with the lite, firm of WILSON at
lifaxwELL, or with the undersigned, will please
settle, the same with him it his office in Towan.
da, ma or before kpril 1, 1871, or the , accounts
will be placed in proper hands for immediate
collection. T. 8. 31axwm. •
Tlje best.-place to buy Sash,
Blinds, Docirs and all kinds 'of Lumber; is at
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fice 107 Main street,: They sell cheap for cash,
*6 Gentlemen, ,we would call
your attention to our new styles of Shoes for
Spring and Summer wear. Prices low.
Co sr.r. COON S.
Opposite the Court house
E/4 NICHOLS a selling
all variotios i of coalvery cheap. Tt •_ are sole
agents for thh sale of the celebrated Barclay
coat : Coal ty car load at a discount.
Stir Thero is one establishment in'
town which is neier affected by dull times.
.The reputatibn of the Arm for fair, honest dealing,
and selling good goods cheap reaches far and Vride,
and cuitomrs aro never scarce. It is hardly netts.
mark to may vi , e refer to ?demi. McCals & EDWAiDS,
our principal grocerymen. When they evil a cus
tomer a bill once they have no trouble in retaining
his patronage. Such business men are an honor to
our town, and do credit to our common humanity.
Cousin S: Cooxe
.n,E.a. NW Fos HARD 'TIMEiII.--Ntre
Wish to employ a large number of women and
Children, seating chairs, this' winter, and will
pay cash for the same, after a few days' in-
struction, which will bb given gratis at .our
Factory. The work can he One at. home, if
parties prefer to do so.
Towanda. Dee. S. 1873
Susquehanna Wcolou Mille are now open for
business, and no respectfully solicit the patron
,ge of all dealers in wool and woolen goods.
Specialties, cassimeres and flannels. Farmets
'having wool for sale, to be cirded or nal:misc.
wed, are invited , to call - at the Mills. •
J. F. ilonxoN
Waverly, N. 1., Feb. 16, 187,1. .
i consequence of the death of 3fe. FJAVIN Minn,
iof this city, the stock, fixtures and implements
of the Heater, Binge, Stove, Tiowaro, Peddling
and general Jobbing business, formerly carried
,on by him; and recently by Waive & Dawn,
is offered for sale. Established eight years.
Bales last Year $72,000.. Building for rent: Ap-
ply to or address - It. H. TAYLOR
Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pa.
Noncg.—For stif f icieni reason, .1
think it desirable, just and profitable, to make
permanent redaction in my 'prices. - There
fore intending nothing but business, and that
firithent loW ) ering in the least the high.standard
of honor and eicellence which I always aim at;
I annou4 my determination to sell my press
tint spring and manner stock of ready made
clothing, rarnialdng goods, hate and caps, all of
the latest atyletiand novelties for the ensuing
season; consisting of the very best of all the
Tariciaglitas of goods, from Sue dress to ordi
nary buid , ess snits; which can be Obtained at
my storel on Main street. . They have been
Cetera : lly selected by myself, with a view . of
supylyingl the wszts of my customers and the
public generally. You will please regard this
card as an invitation to all, Yours respectfully,
M. E. Editsprzwi.
C. P. WfTillfs
,• ..
est stook of cigars in A
Thltd Ward Grocery and Ba-
J. 0. Filen Sr. Suss.
Jewelry Moro,gififiKaii4dad price Ids
goods. You '0 111 01 1111 4.4 114 19 1 1
tope:dude: - • - ,
s n ', l
stir Roll Butter wanted at Gus- te
; Vat
q- Yon can bay everythiog in
' dita
the Groce,ry and Protdelon litte lit ch e aper bar .
Mild:Una 4t. EDWASDIS Was ;any other place%
FIIIIN;TUIiE AT Cosi—Hiving '
010d,to.l'auge my bailing' , silk 'On 8 0 01, ats.
at castle the next thirty days. • „ dens
NIO.NIO. 4 updgerst, Tosrande, I:4‘. tc
' ;dal
, , , , drm
!fir Mrs. E. J. Mt nos is still do- A 4
mad a lively business.; t3ho, o keopi a' supply hi '. '1
everythingthe ladies need 6 wear, in the latest
style', and sells at honest, living priCos. ---
Booms irrer O, .s..Buum's 011MadEitore. 4 ! '
1/IkOftTANT.—Peopte living up-town TI
n order 'keit. , grocerieb •at CALKI2OI, now rim
re, thus saringtonahletiblo trivel.. , stain
• ' 1 , • and
• „, he b -7 I ":
iNgt. Test plaao l 'to buy ready
.. ,
de clothing Is at No, 1 i dlors west of coifr.-
10, Bosszt.t.&•Co's.
Teachers pf - music , Can par
te-Shied Mule and Masio Books at Teach
rate , at the Temple of Music, Towanda
BpAUND, Mu.; liftrixocg. are
lying dilly_ supplies of fresh'altaif and other
Iso vegetables. A firm. so
euterprise are entitled to a generous
,ofas:e I":.
The . SpruT 'Term ,of the To
.da t raded:4cbookwill oxen Monday, Aptil
St dents desiring\ admission, should bo
sent on or biro: ertbit date.
• • . G. W. I.lsa , s, Principal.
HARRIS,. of the " pee Ilive,'_ts•
n or York, Purchaqog &largo and do
nt a:florin:tent of Spring 31illinery Goode.
dies ieep a einirp loolz-oui for lika "opening
BE HIVE —The ladies of \ To
wanda l aud vicinity, will find it to their interest
to' defer purchasing their 'Spring ,Millintry and
Furnishing GO:s,ds until they have an. opportr
nity dfiexamining the stock of 11r. Haunts, late\
of the llankrupt Store. 31r. H. is now in the
city, and Will open in a few days the most com
plete assortment of 'gcrods for the • ladica ever
establislieJ in this town.
ser Exlmiations of Te4chors for
the Sommer Terra,of Schools, will be , held ea
follows',: Rome, 31inday; April 13 ; TroYiVed•
nasdai, Apiil , ls; East Saiithfield, Friday, April
17; Tdie trora, Edinger school noose, 31ouday,
Towanda, at Public
,School Hoine,
Satur4iy, April 25.,
. . . .
Applicanta will' pb aso ; come provided with
Sixth Reader, pen, ink, lead pencil and fools
cap, tzercites to' begin at 0 o'cleek a. M.
' . A. A. IiEtIcEY, Co. Supt.
. Tow , tida, March 28, 1871. •-, , •
042i , -TAIZTNEICSIIII! NOIICE.- -2 filt G ro
-1 f . .1
eery and Produce lyigineßs, late in thp,nsme or'
DI. J..,c):.-;o, at No. 1 Patton's Ittoeb,l corner of
*tin !find Bridge streets, will be continued
from this date by the undersigned in the firm,
name i:if STEVENS'S; LONG. • They will pay all
claims against ttie former bnsinells, and with
them all out-standing accounts must be settled
witlio: t delay. They will continue to pay cash
for co l ntry produce, a;nd will jeep their as
aortal nt of goods at alt times complete.
~, Gr.. STEVENS, j onGE
To Wanda, March 2,1874..
1 •
Atir" Tlio, following ladies arct here
by appointed a committee to have char, -0 of
the Lecture Committee's Far and Fe -- t to
be held in Mercur's Hall, April-7 and 8, 1874:
MrsiE. T. Fax, Mrs. S. W. Alford, Mrs. Dr.
Port r, Mrs. J. J. Griffith, Mrs. E. Hi Smith,
Mrs. ,Wrn. Mix, Mrs. James War , Mrs.
Wrn.t, Mtllory, }lies Mary Bartlett, Mrs.
James Wood, Mrs. W. H. Dodge, Mrs: James
Macfarlane, Mrs. P. D. Morrow, Mre. .3. B.
Judd,lMrs. J. W. Means, Mrs. C. L. Tracy, Mrs..
Dr. 'Furrier, Mrs. GuY Watkins, Mrs: Dr. Pratt,
Mrs. John A. Codding, Mrs. Johtt D. Montanyc,
Mrs.' 3. W. Rodgers, lire. 'IL' Welles, Mrs.
D. W, Sco t; Mrs. G. U. Wool, Mrs. Thomas
Woodruff, and Mrs. Limb.
,ErriOm the assurance that We have received
from the ladies, we feel cot:Mc:it that they will
sees .safely through this Undertak n_'d
Ing, a
thatl hey feel interested his Fair to
take, hold of the same without furtlicr notice.
By order or the Committee
TO THE PUBLIC !—Parties in 'the vi= einiti Of Wyalusirg, dealing in piast r l have
with malicious intent bean reporting t. my ens
, r •
terriers and other's, that I been dealing in
an inferior quality of Plaster; in short, that I
only i.a.l stone from Caynga county, f r which.
I Iraq paid but ton cents per ton. Sit Ii 18 not
the fict, as I can prove by abtludant t atimony;
atidlif Laid parties do not Ftop their el nderoas
repotts tromeduitely, I shall proceed b process
of la. That,l buy and deal In oply the best
Cayuga Plaster, is evident to all who Dave dealt
with l
me heretoforiN and is plainly proven by
the allowing latter from the men 01' whom I
ha*, purchased my entirestock :: •! I .
UNION Sranios, March 10,1874.
M . T. F. ESPY—Dear Sir: Your faVor, of the
17th i lnat. came to hand this morning, and in
anst - er would say that we will certifyl that we
have been selling yon our beat Cayuga Plaster
Stone. ResoectliallY- •I I '
Yawars, Frr9 & Co. '
Itkwill be acen by this that all' reparte to , the
.con,t l rary are untrue, and intended to I;jurc my'
reOitaliotrand linsines.i. I have a large stock
of llte best Plaster at my Mills at Ittunnterfleld
cl ,.
ik, and while I thank my ,tutemers for
thei patronage heretofore extended, d. respect
full. solicit a continuance of the same.
• T.F. ESPY.
Itpmmerfleld Creek, March 24. 1874. s ~
M A .1? I? ,I E D.
ROSS—EASTABILOOK.—In Borlingtop."3.larch
2a, by Rev. G. N. Transuo, Mr: D r T. r Rosa
' and Miss Belle Eastsbrook, both of Ulster,
MINGO ,S*--BICILiItDB.—At the ,reridrnco of,
14v. N Richards, in Now Albany, March 25,
by Rey. E. B. Craumer,'Orrin I'. Mlngos, of
Monroeton, and Miss Angie Itilhards, of New
Albany. - • i
B3IIIII—CHILDES:—In Rome, biro', at the
residence of the officiating clergyman, March
22,1871, try Rey. P. I'. Maryott, Mr. Q. L.
Stnith to Miss Nettie Childs, - both of Shrishe.
.‘ll ,
" 1 *
VANDYKE—MoNA.B.--At the residen l ce of U.
Ili Butt; March 19. by the Rev. S. P. Gates,
Ur. Charles W. Van Dyke, of Canton, and
lirs. C. IL McNab, of Nichester, N. Y.
BEA / F—NrcICEE—In Franklin, March 24. by Elder
Cap Newell, Mr. JogeOlt Ito a and Mies Eta
hi Kee - both of Franklin.
PIPIIER—HOLENBEC!.; —ln Evergreen. March
28, by Rev B. /once; 3. %V. Firmer. of Albany
taTs . formerly of -Warren Co . N. Y., and Cordelia
Hidenbeek, of Athens Born., Fa. • : .
HO lAN —At—.it the Parsonage, Men
' r c eton, March 26, by Rev. Matlock 'Arm
strong, Mr. Jerro C. Motion to Miss Dolphine
t 4
E inii, both of Liberty Corners. .
VA. 'DE3II,II4—BOWEN,At The parsonage,
arren, Pa., on the 25th inst., bpi the Rey.
'1 M *
Mani Mama, of, the First: Presbyterian
C lurch, Mr. Byron W. Vandemark, of Union,
rooms Co., N. Y., and Miss Clara E. Bowen,
a, ngliter of the tato Jacob Bowen, of Warren
Centre, Pa. .
DIED, ..•
HRkilkiltliONY. la WY hi i g, 61ar la 11, 1871,
en' ALl'S:young:A 3 d u anghter ‘ of Leonard
d Sarah klarminay, aged 7 years, 6 months
nd 23 days., 1
• • . ,
Di, RTIN.—At Wyalnsing, Match 29, '74, Ralph
Martin, aged 65 years.
Borrected -every vrecmotioay, by C. 13. PATCH
so i ree to changes
W eat, * bush • • • •
Butr bush
heat. * bush • •
=lt bush' •
.* bush;
Bonus, 1p bush. .
DOLT ilruils) 'OW
_ ( dab7r)* lb new ,
Eggs It doe
Potatoes, * bush,now
Flour 'ft barrel
Onions * btieb
Wuoirrs Ousts.--Wheat GO lb. ; Con; 56 lbs. ,
ll~e 66 lbs,; Oats 32 lbs.; Barley 4G lbs.; Buckwheat
58 lbs.; Beaus 62 lbs.; Ban 20 lbs.; Clover_ Eked 60
lbs.; Timothy Seed 44 lbs ; Dried Pettebes 36 lbs.;
Dried Apyl s es 22 lbs.; Flat Seed 60 We. • ,
$1 0 C.l 75
1 t;t) 200
45 (4 40
.43 @ • 42
0 5 0 r t 111 50
z ' 4, by the u
lOW uumlw rtes ( wi
1Y of tual4weetiee.atttrest
Dr. Dodsou. Area& -,Block
a tri r a l er i ttbt t ge l
• 361.
when th
Pi A
1 7 .
•I • T ol
• '
t f
be coast
e ' 8
s •Q
• th
tie II at
3 11
in v itTz—A: dOpNBEIS4I
able, tat " d; st weak , . nervous , . ex..
ited . "I 1340;108y or animation' COll4
fused h r • , liemory,o ft en with lebilitati.
kits Invol 1.,- dikthargee., Theeonsequeucei
oresesue ' me tat overwork or indiscretions:
The Na n ou return finds a _sovereign cur
t s,
No. 23. t nes tip, the system, arrests dill ;
' , ages. is Is tht. mental gloom and despo*,
3y, an *t . Jt,venites the entire syStenx. It 101
Wetly: find attraye, deafen.. Pritki
or ap ek 0 tiri ONO boxes and a large et
er 4 r,;whlCh Is Important in old, serf.;
case , o 1 per single box.' Bold by ALil
tgb o snt to', mail on receipt of Trice.l
,i I • Owns IL Potirm 1
the 4 Virard House,. Towanda, Pe.
XI 13 ; Mercer's . Block, :Towanda, Ps.
11 -
near fifteen
p log loffer
ded In any
sane .fion' •
or Al any, Id
OLIO =Ha ing 44.
eerviaa to the gi shof i met.
of Ito connty ,
kFtITON,:AGSTS 1 , 01
i LIEE 11 4 181:JaANOE.C12
Patti:es block, Eiidgo StrAel
L' ,
K. D., 11;BADUAT
, r i ßerrer,o, N, Y,,
au RUN, PA. -
tore of J. firowsLL
• 1 77
r 9
4 , 8.. BLOCK,
11A.L31.-;-~,- --
se Colored'Troupe . of 1 I
ies, Songs, Dances, Sketelsesdc.O.'
mid .50 cents. Doors open at 71:
lserred seats for sale at Kirby'.
B. W. WATSON, Irsnager..l
Business Agent. .
Drug Stdrt
'mgr SATIO . NAL Elitrx," . lof Towanclai
Fa., at elt
Incss. Feornary 27,187{
LOlllB am
U.S. 'Bond.
V- S. lion;di
Other stuck
Dukf f ;o 3
Du front
Due oni
Bank!. g
urities on band
and mortmes
n; and reettiWageuts..' :42,838
Banks ' - • , - 6 990 8
dza and bankers...—. 9.007 39
.., .... 15.F.135 . 9 3
.1/11,.3 • 2,000 CO
Taxes Pali
°teas AM
Bills of at
Tractional 1,
'Legal tenoq
urucr cub iteiu
' .1 Dunks ' 1
'ci ey.(inclu4ing nickel)
.1. ~.5....... i .... ~. .. .:.
. . •
Cal) 11 -4 tlP't
Profit and
...$125;000 001
.. ; 80-,000 00 ;
' • ; • 789 03
• " ! 6.300 901
'Ttstauding... 107,405 001
120 CO
\'. 136.912 06
N . i 20.961 30
.. -. .. ... - 14,325 59
11,423 18
. ..
. ' 4 \ $373,240'03
- r 1
E....M. YLV.VSI4, I
)f Bradford. 1 (
Cnd'S, Jr., Cashier of the First National
a, do solemnly swear that the abovi3
e, to the best of my knoitled,ge an
fr.? N. BETTS, Jr.
and sworn to before me, this \ 'sth day.
4.„ r , W. H. DOD E,
, Notary Public. I
• 0. S. RUSSELL,I Direct°
J.,0.-'FROBT, , . ,
Nationals circulation
Dividends unpaid...,
Individual D4posits
Tim , s certifier s of deposit
Duo to Natio al Banks...
Notes and it s.reAlacounted
County . <
I. N. N.l DEI
Bank of Tr
statement s t
belief. I
of BlareI4118".
Comster —At
VOTIC S. internal Revenue
speism Taxes. May 1, 1374, to April 30, 1575.
The LAW I DecembAr 21. 1872, requires eve
person en cd In any business, avocation or e -
plo%ruent,w Leh renders him liable to SPECI
NESS, atlT P denoting the payment of said SP*
CIAL TAX f t the Special Tax year beginning 314 .
1. 1874, befo ei commencing or continuing businc u r
after April , 1874.
The taxes mbraced within th e .provisions of o
law above q °tad, are the following, viz r
Rectifiers $2OO
Dealers. Fet4l liquor ' ' - ' 15 )0
Dealers, wholesale liquor.. '. ' ICO. 0
Dealers in It liquors, wholesale.... ..... . . 50.00
Dealers In m t liquovi, retail,—
20 00
Dealers fn le f tobacco ~ 25.00
Retail dealer inileaf tobacco ' -
And on sales of over $l,OOO fifty' centi for every
dollar in-excess or. SLOW. 1 1
Dealers in Eaufactured tobacco
illanufaetu of stills
And for e still manufactured....
And for eseh worm manufactured.
Manufactur acf toba , co,
Manufactu aof cigars -
Peddlers*f obacco, Drat class Amore than
tiro h 'roes) 1 - 50.00
Peddlers (:)f ohacco, second class (two hones) 23.00
Peddlers of obacco, third class (one horse).. 15.00
Peddlers of obacco.l fourth class (on foot or 1
public conveyance) 10.00
Brewers of I as than 500 barrels 50 00
Brewers of .00 barrels or m0re.. .., 1.00.00
Any ,pers.n, so liable, who hall fail to comply
with the fc going requirements, will be subject to
severe ' pen• Volk, 111
Persons 0. firms liablelo pay any sof the Special
i tuf
Taxes named abovo. must apply to GEORGE. D.
2SONTANY Y} Collector of Internal Revenue a To
wanda,' and pay for and procure the Special Tax
Stamp or, S amps they need, prior to May li 874,
1 rr
1 - Coma Wiener of Infernal Rcreliu
Crru x or sm. RaVrstmo
Was is ,TON. D 0., February 1G.1874.
sh p h(
LIITION I —The co partne4- :
,eretefore ealstinr, under the arm ;us e
gers Es Co. Is this day dissolved by
SI. C. Mercur withdrawing from s
! Rodgers will settle and pay all liab '-
,ate arm . and collect all
of L. B.flc
tual conaent
firm L. B.
ties of the I
donuts Tie
All per.°
late firm: by
with moan
after which
on hand, at
door., thol
ore," wd 1 1,
w, ntlng an
ive can do 1
• them: L. D.I3ODOERs,..
1 • M. C. nrEnctr.
, March 21st, 1811. • '
la knowing themselves indebted to ,e
account, or notes_past due. can set le •
llctime srevions to the first of atavirst ;
, time they will be lost with an ordeer for
Our old business of manufacturing and
be carried on sensual, and I shall keep
. reduced - prices, a good sock of sash,
ge. am., and till all orders prm 9 yy.
t ••deeds are better things than,' w ds
'vita our old customers and an; ere
thingin our line, to come and see what
r yOll. , - .L. B. 110DOV.R8.
' •
.as of study. , Prepares ladies and g n
ollege, for teaching and for business.
.d Higher English, Mathematics, ScienCe
; Modern L nguages, Vocal and Instru.
ic: Drawing and Painting, Scienceand
accounts, Telegraphy, etc., et c . taught
..ced teachers. Expenses reasonable.
opens April Sth. Commerclatstridents
1. L. L. SPRAGIIM• All others'
". D, COPETAISD, 111.. Principal,
t. , ton, Luzern° Co. ,
Flco corm:
Semen for
common 'I
Ancient an.
menW Mn 1
practica l cr.
by experie,
Spring, te
addreas Pr .
Mar 1 1 94 . 1
vnty & COMPANY, Breeders and Shippere of
the foilewiligi varieties of fowls : I 1
PARYRIBGE COOBINS from Crosby's strain of
ConneoActit, crossed with Philander Williams', I, of
Maas.. imported stock- - ' l' l' ,
BUFF OQOHINS from ft kferrp'a imPorte,d stock,
crossed with Philander Williams'. . 1.
Wring PEA COMBED BRAMMAS from,Phil l in.
der Willia a' Deke of york. 1 II
No infer or specimens sent out. I'
OfeW trl 's of each for sale and eggs al so , in their
season: nd to company for price list. ' !I
Fsh. 12
FilitirittiE STORE. 1'
N E7
i j
a new Tarnitrum Store
hr- ; re lac atll keep or. baud
. FIMIN 11
Which NO) bu sold
11. S Tl.lieT !.11.NNOT nut. TO *LEA
All x.ll
i o Hilly favor,birr. Ktlh ttieii pattop3g
i• mai tie wanted in.the Furniture liun
and exan
g „cds cast Pricea ber
m s °r6 i P 2 P i te , ih68879,
1 1 7 . IIEATH.
• - ;
'abed his business at Maimfacturlng and I
all - kinds of . r I•
kes the best STRAW - CIITTEIt . now as
rders - Alled promptly. at - I
TI-414- • ,
flu estab
He also
use. AU
Idp U. I
C °A
The en,
son Coil
dealers w
in the
Vein. A ;
calling 0
04 Fan&
are havi •
scribernsilng_ the agency of the II 'tchl4
ry at liMpsten is preparecyto Of Mob
ith all' sizes of Anthracite Coal, prepared
At inannSt. from , the celetmiod 110oopeS
lall supply of, this' Coal may ha isien by
W. H. liumlaton. at the lie— VoallYarci.
/.'ne bleck south of Main street, where all
.4 to Full • weight andsed quality
.;It Fah. Z. ital.. 13,13
I • . 11
, -. 1 . ' . 1 ' VailigbOistt • , :r -,,- , i e
4,...41,;:; ,:..
ra t t
' l t° l3T ,F 4 141 ! ) - Pfira,"
, . , •,. -' l; -, '[ l
N irrN,ONNEtiaiyistt . '
s: essinautostd4roctlizie to litiadelphia,
Waskington, and that:lMb. Illi • , • i
Paseengera ,tly this to** take 44 nsylv 1 4
a* Tork Itad/road . train, parting TOwanMt at 1 140
it s
8./lir. 4 Ml,":004 nmaita 4101 e enAtteertiala lat
=with . train lot North ,Pana's _
1 arrive a PidladalPtas at 5:20 P. 01.,
IG:op.m.. In time to tak• night trains eithe or
:15) South Or Neat. Palace , ..areattaebed to a
2 Est 40 16 -* • ' I , , 11 1 1 •. _
City pinworm awe i re at e Depot) arriv or
USW Ohre passenger ato the 4a,rious De to
ala tea partsof flo eity'.! ' ;, er l i l le
yell) , - I I 1 , atramMatt: •‘!, I 1 1 '': 1 '
ia North Panes , ludalpad Depot; 2 ip
tad /MOMS .. Pbilador at 80 8;9:15 it..
vrirtag at Towanda 4:07 eg tos P.M. awn, oev P.
Name. Norge &Tit + keel! and ;delivers eg.
gage.;o9loe o. 105 hoot • ,-'- ,Pinladolp
I , i,t I }4. isittoir• s; - 1 il l s :
Preightreoeived k Areal,
ooWp and; orwart, i Freight train
T and ally Aara MI , /
iitit imich 1411101.14
: -
qOl3. N.P I F a ra SM. I
Ti,110,3.'157.. • e1pb.41..
i 1
TEII.-4VOE • ,
• At
• I ,
• At
TZzspda. Pa
#319.170 SS
4 ,991 77
101,0u0 ou
100 00
1,912 50
... 1,127 41
.. :3391 6i3
... 3,010 '0
... 1,810 99
411 CO
2 7,825 00
73,210 0
T.ll - 57011 WISH
_ l l , i • .
money . ; cn teal ketato or of
term or a torm of.yeara, or'
• • •
Or other p opertylCollectO
g e u i s tr t gaztlltlea . forltfie pro i
hai - e now a coin i Pet cJ
thou!eeekiug!- ,
I •
RE i kir ' ESTATE
11 •
In tithir to - A - n or clonnts,
1 . •
011., ~ C I Id
wings, Pa.
50 00
20 00
10 t .G0
In -
In preparingthe presei. , ,- , , .
has wording y been the aim of the 'editors to bring
doWn the intormation to the latest !limit o dates,
and'to furnish an wear* account ;of that most 're-'
coat discoveries-in scien, of every fresh produc.
n or; in libtrature, and of the newest inve,otionii in
the practical arts, as we] as to give a snectnct land
original record of the pre as of political l and hie
toi teal events.
rho work has heel:thee n after I lung ,14 careful
prelminary tabor, and w th the midst amPlerreiostr
?zee for carrying it on to auccessffll terminedien.
Iv - one of the original at reotype plates: have been
need, but every page his eeuprinted on new tine,
forming in fact a new'plopedia, with the stone
i ii ,
plan and cioflapass as its redecessor, but able' far;
t ater pecuniary expenditure, arid with such im
.p Ovements .n its compOsition as have eon 1 Bug
gested by longer experience and enlarged °sledge.
The illustrations uhieh are introduce faethe
first time in the-present edition, have been Wed.
net - for the sake of pictorial effect, bit toligive 1
greater ludicity and force to he explinateons in the
text. They embrace all branches of !cloaca and of
natural history, and depict the most famous grace- .
niarkable features of scenery, and'ort,
ah Well as the various processes of mec lanlci ,and
Manufactures. Altheugh intended for lastr*ction
rather 'than embellishment. no pains havel been
spared to insure their artistic excellenc the' ost
of their execution Is en rmons, and itits believed,
they will And Welcome reception, as a adniirable
feature of the t yclopted , and worthy cr i int high
character.' . - . i L..[ I
tr i m
I This work is sold to S bscribera pnly, i. Yala a on
delivery of each yoluin It will ibei c, otpieted I
,sixteen 'erg. octavo . volu ea, each conitalningabon
$OO qiages," fully inns ted With than,several - 1 n
Wood Engravings, am with ' ziernerdus c lore
Lithographie felspar. PI li
I • i hal= AND STILE or BINDlii 4 - 1 '
, • ,
i ' - J
In extra Cfoth.:per vox.. , .. 1 •
V 816.
I- In Library Leather, Ter v 01,,, .1 . g 1 [ 6,0 '
[',, In Half Turkey Mt roce, per vol., ~. 17.
lln Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol. -,: r . 8.0;
i In Fun I
Morocco, antique, gilt edge , per to .40.
f; In Full Russia, per vol., . . .1 -. ~ I '
.• ! 10.0
Three volumes now ready. Succeeding volumes,
Until completion, willl issued once inro months!'
I Specimen pages of 1 o AISEVC,A!. , vr tor-xi:ma
showing type, ilhastra .one,. etc.7v'ill b ' eclat gratit',.
on application. [ . I 1 1*
; -
• - Frasr-Ct 1£44 CAN Ar.SING _til.r,s:s V ".-9 , TED. i
. •.. . , 1 1 [ 1 :, _."
Address the Publishe s r • , . ; ~ - r .
' 519 Z.- 551 Broadway.. ._,T., .ir,7;/ [ 5 Snuscim Sti Phil's
_ --- 7 --- '" ---- 7 L c i' -- T — .l - -,.;•[ , j I i
-. E X EaII T 1 R' S ;NOTICE.
Nom, is given that aliperionsindeb
.1 i
to the estate of fina}. - 'lhacer,, !Intl of Catitoni.
deceased, are requested - to ictakif - iminediate
paytueu2, and all persOns having, [cleinns ;against
Bald estate must present -them duly authenticated
-for settlement. • . ' ! THOITAS al -11r 5 , e i:L.T;
1 '• • I 2 , IO I [ LE Mae 'lt', l
. 1 .
at _ Mir 10 '74i 1 , , 1I• ~ centers.
11 -•,:-- t-------"...: - -. ' ' --'—'' 'I - i:• - • - i - rt• - h• - • ---- i
...c - A...sotico4B hereby given that sit per r sous iudeb - ti
~ ~ to the estate , of Danteliteverty, late of Qvu l lon, If
t' . . ceased, are requentod t • make iminediate 'payment,
and all persons hail g claims aitalnfit said estate,
- must present, them -du y authentidafed ft settld
'ISP•• Mar 19'7t.
lETY OF Sllt
., , 1• 4
H . 1
i •
1_ ,..... _ 4 _
[ yoli, are inolti
hr pre.ejat
1 1 '
A 3113
. 1 1
x fr,D,
N . ' H -
.01. . 1 41)1 - ND r
'OWAN, DA,.-111,4
. 1 i 1...-.'
_i 1
I W , A.CE('
• .1'
1. lipE
'.O BUY.
IS 1t. 14 1
$ t
'l,l, to I
er sec-at
..ryou wit
and pal
:rapt tra .•
ill Co well to 11l ;on us.
. /. NOBLE
.tate•and Loan Agt-nte. , .
.site Coutt flank.
,i • •
. 7
, lc 1 I. l•
Ez hely rewritten by tli ~ ablest writers o:
sabli.ct. Printed! from new type, and ilk
with [ Several Thoibend engraving aral Yap
\ l'f.
' The work origitrally nub isned m l ier th (title - of
THAI NEW AMIXICAN CYCL L , P.EDis.- was completed In
-1863 since,which time the wide circtitation,' Inch it '
has attainedn all parts o the United Staths, nth
the Signal developments t hi ich have! taken place in
every branch ocscience t l iter ature and art, aye in.,
duced the editors and pubilshers to eubmi jitito an
°reel and thorough revision, Arid' to iss 0 a new
edition entitled Tlin A.II:6ICAN CTCLOPX.FI , it. .
Within the last ten yearathe progress of t iscovery
in every deportmsut of knowledge, has 132:40 a new
work of reference an inTrative want. -.
.. I li -
The movemeiat of po tip-al affairs, has hTt pace
Witlit.he olsooveries of Science, and their fruitful
&vacation to the indus:ii I and useful art ,and the
contontenCe and refinem nt of social life: Grist
wars and consequent r none have occutTed,ln
voliing national changes dikerdi,r,moml. .1:-he
civil! war .of our own country, which wit at [its
heithtwhen the last volume df the' old tort ,ap
pen ed. has happily been ;endedand ane course
of Coniniercial and indUstrial atlvity lite been
coniturnced. ' ~, ~ , . .!! . 1
Large accessions to onesreographi I kiiOwladge
ha l e been made by the Indefatigable 'end rots •of
AfriCa. , [ , • [
'lle great:political revolutions of the decade,
with the natural result of the lapse of , e. have
brotight into public' viewla multitude of, cw men.
whble names are in every one's 'mon and. of,
wheae lives every one &curious to know the attic.,
Web. Great battles have: b-en fought Etna irunor.,
tent sieges maintained, of which , the detailsas
yeti preserved only i n the newspapers 44 1'2. 1 1 e
transient publications of the day; but while's o g I
noiw i to hike their place in !permanen t and authenti
history ' I .1 ,t,
... ' At cditiOn tor th ipro ii. it
- - ' --- ' , Ai ir
Netleo 1s herd)!
to the estate 01 Al
deceased. are requeg
and all persons hat
must present the,.
'Mar 19 'll - *
ilbrotice is beret
to tho estate of Wit,
cessed.uro requests
and all
,persona -hay.
must present
. - I_
Mar 10'74.
trOwu ye VI:
Common fleas of '
Tam, - ISt's.
The undersign..
Court to distribut , , ,
arlsing.troni - thei dal ot. &net,.
will attend to du es,of su,.
at Ma' oMeo•Iu Tonnudltarougl
'Arita 10, 1871, atllo (facia; a.
persons having claims upon said f
apphem or be (Mel er debarred
the µme. 11114
tlar,taPart ---- ' •
' .
a u
in . Hartitsge - HoO ,IHn. lg.
i, the 224 darer lhaventher. , .
!aillae.for Ina 'aux:ad/nit et
**lvencounty„le iiild liftstei i "
ilrlPlOJolrietkibluatialtre , U( l
.i. N4,1864L - J -' '. . •
,Yrastresseforeinktherel4 V ,
.i, On WHDOINNHAIt. thelll4l ' -
i7t4 at tarsi**, °ilea statimat
change etleir.**.iikia;Niutaber ~,
iCilegonety end-Mato of New. A
A tri t highest bidder. the proPi.'"
tea sunaldees - conveyed WT.
rveyed to me by 0514 llioeigsgs Or . •
leftielf having beet* nwl OD- - -libor •
, the Wale sad condi.tional cdr, *id 1.1
nch defatdChaving contUuted for z '
days, - ted I beteg required inwrit. • ,
!saki •hy holders ot,,et leatt i one
cp, the tide tenured by said lifori '
, --
Trtut ' which were", et On; time Wt . -
test due and outeistlding.' . • .:, ~
nessid unitises some tive • Ow&
t g, ' intelded in Cherry and . Corral •.
An Causal , bathe State of Penn ,
s •
y7l 3 'nl P 4 1 10
110 g named and ' " •
pa iof . ,to rift; John Baker and Andrew ; ~
Envie, am of ,Pbalip Blain, George Roberta._: -
*lneePik P. 4 William Stein. Leonard Jacoby. . 1 '
Philip Wager I How: We."Yeier, Heisler. David . \
Zeigler; Sam 1 ,Carpenter; .lU* Chaim.. Dailey
C. Sliph et Gillet, Thomas Galati, dulcet t . •
T. Lilian, b Ititur, Joaapb Tater*, Collineon
It.- • :Oett ' over end Christian Getting. and he. - '
in ell.ths r !ands of the said Company; and the '
land of Opinsatty. and all the land* of 'the .
. d Cotepsn new octupted for the erection of de-
p. , clan gelignite, fr.g., endure theroad-bed ' •
o said mile ' frout•thets mines to itsill county of "
8 , pi present northern terminus therertf. ; !
at or near th• Borough of Hearer, In the County:of
B • ford. 8 in of Pennsylvania; and all the corpetr-,. : '
* . franchiseof said Company. u -secured by their
C er.l T ether with all and singelar the build-
1 , a' and iwz o r:ernente. rights. Mertes, privileges,
b .I*Utetnen end apPurtenences to the same ip.
!_g, tr
_i reversions and remainders, rents,
if nes and Waits thereof.
or a :or , nil and i napiete doe:4;ll4m of the .
D *Pert) , to ' sold. th its boundaries and lou
t!, 4s ref, may 'hid to the said Martgage,, of
R oi*d as of aid. I . ~ i
crane' cif N e.—Te per cent. of .fhe psi chase • -•••
money la to ' paid cash to head on the day 0 mile,,: -
and the eis ict-:be paid • wiltilti Mt* . 7 - * * "
tL °reeler, a ooto Number 4. In Number 48 all,
1 f
Street in ih ty of New York. State, of WerY k; - I
d ;upon pa cut of • the said balance In toll, o *
1 relater ir receive al deed to the asHi sal t) i'!
aveying g title ails vested in me o •
aforesaid, Da;ted Hsieh Kith, 1074. r ~•
the bond-holders of the .B.le,lllva ft ' '
i ' Coal end liallroad Comps*: , . ', , , ti
C I EWART, Attorney for Teas e, 4,8 all
Park Oitt.,
1 6n2.
• -.. ' .
i vertisement appears In the folio leg • ,
1 pabltsbed in the eityof litter? to
Tvenieg Post vreekly.! "..Tbe ele art*
' ..11golYork Spectator a dWe kly
dvertieer.” , ,•• .. I
thl. thet
r the,
Orb al
day of
=A s
s g
ft - 13.111fi.
the stLli
'Trustee to'
Street, :Slew
IMarch 2C.1
.iTIM alma'
oewapspe I
uat : " The
Xleekly Mail
EST litSi
w. irtrtue 1)
acrort of Snell
!Orators of tb
late.:of •Asyli*
thY 31aUM
lOwino esci
of Aarrloro.
r(orth by tali
on the east
and Charles,
:f. Vol:net:lmi
Wilson Fri
and afly.foit
dno,ot the ,f
rarma in th I
OTOS mule k
Writ ered.i
parts, or to
giooii fraisio
4iDoil. apple
I ,
Place. Tb
m Franc
all a roll° .r'
nil school ,
I' Terms:--,Te
flop of Wet;
taetts,'Fitl? '
ex ''
, GR , Pv,LL
I 1 : . 1 '.', -'•
kT_S 011,
'cod or l7 CrW '
tf"'y for a abort .
H 0
H .~.
F l, n 9 ofe.r-tu
cticn of each
A RPI I NB' ',C4I.TRT- SA,,E.-- - .,8y
. ' order o the Orpliin.e' Court of B ford Ca..
will exo . to - pobllc)sale on the pr wises, on,
IIO7fDAY, , t. ' RIL '2o'. 78 qt.' at 1 o'Clircir,, P. St., the -
()Rowing • cribed real testate. Mt - eater 'Monroe
wp... - bound r . and d(tscribed as" follow : On the •
frNir bi. A 7 l . sn o d n % C we C e e t it l‘l t he t t e u;lN t in b tt i ii i e ß l i a
cad„,on el ' onth by dinde of W. IV. Beeker.'co,n
slning ab i ,; of an 'acre of land,lth a framb
welling d stable thereon, being •a to purchased'
f 9. Ws . en, end land of the cid tei of Ruth '
• tiorthran. d ceased.' Terme of alle, I Isso on the
Vrorerty,bilitt etrnelcidown; one ball o tho balance '
On contrmatisn of rale: the halaneein fx months
IthereOffer. I t ' X. 13; TH, ..
• 1. ?i• *A+; adOistra ;or of Ruth 15orth, decd.
ii 31arc1f. 9 20. 574-4nr. 1
.. • . .
for and
1 c yl.
, A P
2 - 3L_T ca
Yon are
your wife,
day, the 4
can at
Pp ICATION IN DrirpncE.—J, • !
. JCL To ealna E. Turk.—No. 148. Illcd. in., 187.1., -
IYou nie ekshy notified that
4 John Turk. pm - .
hn;hand, as applied ;Lo the conrt of iimmon plena . ,, '
H of rtnitlf9r 1 ,„ for a divorce from the ondisof mat-
irimony, a „the said e - itithae .appoid Monday, ~
the 4th da of Illy; lirtlier hearing the sal4 John
In the p iiies, at which time and, plaee "yen
can attend i you think proper. ' - .- I,
Mar 26. J. M- SMITIL Sheriff. ii
_' ._
To 1;t aniel DStevens—No. 146 Peen.. 1873. , / ,
Yon are h re, y iaotited, thatlntoinett Stevensatc..."' '
yourwlfo, rls applied tO the coati of ommon pleas
of Tradfor i l co., for a divorce from the bonds of
matrimony. and the eiald court has appointed Moo
.. -
the [41,11 day ' of May,,, , 1674, fo ; hearing the -
said Antoinette in the premises, at wch time and r - k
place yon ' cap attend if you think r, • . , '.
MarliC. h 3. V. RA . IThner,
To E h
You life le !:
your wife. h
of Bradford
.riniony, an.
do 4th da •
in the pre ..
attend If .0.
Lx:vn l os'eph B,.eichnm. 4 . So. 605. Dec. T..,1873.
You are eiiby notified that !guy A.l.Eetchum,
'your wife haa applied to tho'court of ininnori pleas
of ,Bradfor. Co., for a divorce frond the bond!' of
matrimony and the Said court has akpointed 1110-
day, tie t day of:May.lB74. for htartot the Itqlti
ffiar A: i the 'premises. at which Sme and Saco
you c4n 't end if 7d4 (Molt ProPea: rm
Ifar26. i 4. 31. , Sheri ."
APP ,,
You are
of Bradt'.
day, the ,
you can
PP4CATION IN DITORCEF To Robert Chandler '.
--,No. 419, . any T., 1373
;You are tatroby notified that Harriet Chandler, kc,
your vrifQ, has applied to the court of, tommon plea.,
of BradfOrd Co.. - foi l a divorco from. the bonds 43f
matrimo y 1 and thO 'paid court pia appointed Mon-.
day, the t day of May, 1874. for hearinu the aid
Hkrriet i he tremi WS, at which - Woe and place Ton
can atto d f ycn think proper. I i i •
Mar% l., . -
..I..yiptnith, Bheriff.
ou -FWD.% ,
m comi
mmst p
04 W.
COl e
,2,7, , ...i.... - 1 , ,„,
_JE "cti 1 and.:;
we =tell of t, fillings '
ism ooleted' 'Ttoido , •
01;10111,1mA Cost.. ,
t if the.AtilworAPeingriser' - , I
,A 0 Tro
sz t ori et datiedke !kit , 4:1
1,414' ea Its dem •
co.. 11!,_ . icor 0 1 1'. 0 .5 4 / 11 i7 _at
. 41.......... 0 „
: NS' fl OURT •SA ~--p3y
't an orde'r issued °tit of ' the' Orp424'::
lord Cmuaty. the undersign . il-• -- '
4* estate of Jonathan Whip le„olt,
, will eioose to public' aide on ?RP
0 ,2, ltilt,' at 1 o'clrick, , P.- kli. the fol. ;
d property; situate in the township -
• d bounded as follows, vie :.' Op the ..,
of B. Laporte end Wilson rutthey: l'
) lands of Jaeob Emery. Y. ' Hemet • _ .
terens ; on the Routh by I di; of r: •
il Chance Stevens; and on 't is west by '
4 hey,• eciiitaininn about. on hundred
acres, more or lees. • The„property is
6 , et deelrable ~and beautiful y located • • '
..nty, ,well 'watered and, need. 115 ..
• . nod b tat ih of cultirat on. ha slice well
1. la propetty will ha divided into three
"it purchasers. The h nes' are
.use,s onjiarge bank barn. ith shed - 1
• other outbuildings. The is also .a
. d,veach orchard and other reit °nth* •
operty is located one and' half miles • '.
•wn, station, on the L V. B IL. and
' Asylum village, and is l
ear church
Elf •; ' ' . . - •
n per cent. down : SLOW alt. aonfinaa -
balance In two- equal annual to - still-
trest,l 1.1
. •
%. , 1 C. E. WM I.E. •
, 1 .
1 [ ' - • ,Admin strators.
1 A.110;si IN ]MV '$ BCE.- - -
,Es. W. wilax,—So..2B3. E. • . T.. 181.
krlaby motif:ed. that Eaney i E. Wrca.s.•
't.s aniialito the'court of corcunon picks I
l Co. for , la divorce from the bonds .of
traseppohated Eou
1' xst oLdfay. 1874.for_heattng the said
ni the m•ratlr. itsrhfah finie and place
d. T•cra think proper. ._ _ . . • -
I , d, NI. SUTER Slierig. -
, 1 •,, . .
aim Y Androws—No. 710., bee.T., 1873;
b by notified that Matilda Andrews, ke
apolied to the court of common plow;
0., for a dicorcofrom the bonds of mat
, Um said court has appointed 'Monday,
May. 1874, for nearing esaidMatilda
s, at which time and lace ion can _
think proper.
II J. M. 8 H. SherLff. •
1 r - Button.-=-No. 66: - ;Dec } 1'.., 1873-
C eby notifi e d th at 'Horace, Button, yOnr
h a applied to the "
court of, common pleas 1 ,
.r Co., for ar divoree from thO bonda of
. y and the 'Ala court has appointed Mim
i day oflAffiy, 1814, for bearing the said
be premises . at which •g me and place
tt nd if yon think proper. 1 I
-.. „
..,,,i i v-....- . - J. M. Tans, sheriff:.
L. 1.- -• '
1F..,*-zabc thlvanness —N02:31. FleptT.,lB7.l.
°telly notined that Geor ,Varmaaa. 2nd,,
bind; has applied to the urt of common
redford Co . for a dive from the bonds
mony. and the said COn t ; has appointed
the 4th day of May, 1814 for hearing the
1.; o In the premises. at ,wliteh time and
• an if attend you think nroper..
1 .1, 31. vas. Sheriff.
Yeti are
your hn ,
iples3 of
of matr
-atd Oei
place ye,
Itar2 e
D .
Pi POP. I .A . .TfON Nisri TI 0 E.—:—
be itter o the incorpors ion ot'the First
Ch, web ; of AnstinvMe.—No. Tre, May T.;
hi hereby that the bo i ce named As
ti a presented to the mut of Common
Br ford_l 00., their attic'. sof Association.
r decree of Incorporat n, sad the said
Jr examined the fume, and finding them
11 decree that they b incorporated as
c it
fo • on Monday . , the th - day of' May.
- -•1. m .l tinleSs ase be shalom. to
. U. M... - PECK; -
Pothonotary. '
I " I
In t
rI t2B of!
asking f l
Court Il
_oy given that's!
-,,e of ,Lktin ?Stikine(
I;Sre requested to make t
Tone having. claims I
ne nt them duly suthe
I . 8)
must p
T El
_Li ti
matir t
..Act t•
the Sul
In the
to bo •
ISLATIVE NO CE. --]- No- .
o ii!horebyl given.that an applicatiodwill be
, t
i n
e Legislator° to! pass an act entitled au
a thorize, the Road or Public Highway along
q f banns river on the Aldo or the mountain
oShip of Standing Stone. Bradford County'.;
p red by. the dommonwOlthl"
lag Stone, March 3a. 1574. .1
1 , lIIRAV 6011.D0N,
- ,1 : HENRY W. TRACY..
pee Ls beiiby given that all persons Indebted,
.4. to of Jonathan Wbdpplt. late of Asylum.
must make immediate payment, ant An
acing claims **nit seld estate most pre.'
dnly nnthenticated for settlement.; '
I ,C. E.' WHITE. - •
.tIILT) warepLE
I L .
, - -AdMiniftblitoY4-
d ,,
sent 1
. , .
e is bireby given thaiallperidiutindebted
.ststa at Levi IX Albro, kilts of Albany!
ased. iro regtieigell to make immediate
and ill persons having claims against
Flmust Ip resent them , duly authenticated ,
. ant. [ , WASELEICAYES, ',,
871. . • ' - Administrator.' .
Ar twp, de
papm e
said ert
tor settl
Mar d
rebniven thatallPersona Indebted
/Ibrahim A. Warden, are requested
late payment, and all persons Las
at said estatej-must r present Ake= •
tdr eottleraant. •
with the Win sus= a.
co is het
tato of ,
Ltam di
s kith'
ing 11-1
duly an,
1-* olut.-7
persona indebtal
In, -late ' , of Pike,
• ainte payment
• last said estate.
treated' fdreettle•
1711 Me&